January 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 1


Editors Corner:


Another year has come to ABDX. The group has increased by three this month and we now have 145 members. Its always good to see the group growing.


There have been some changes at the ABDX website. While www.americanbroadcastdx.com is still a good address, we have purchased www.abdx.org and this will get you to the website. Michael Richard, our webmaster has lots of good things on the site and one of my favorite is the Rogues Gallery. Here you can see our members who have made it to the “Hall of Fame” for those of us with faces for radio! If you are a member and want to be in the Rogues Gallery, send your picture to webmaster@americanbroadcastdx.com.


Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about you and we will consider you for membership.


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The ABDX website URL is:


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We are looking for logs and comments on every broadcast band and modes, but we are looking for them from those of you who have HD radios. Its interesting to see what this new technology can do. It is also interesting to see if HD radio will ever take hold and be accepted by the public. Let us hear from you and what you are hearing in HD.





The ABDX CME Journal is available to all at no cost. Please pass it around to your DXing friends and also post it on other lists as well.


You can get your copy of the journal at www.abdx.org


January’s CME included:


The 1400 - 1700 kHz MW segment for those MW BCB DX aficionados.

For HF DXers, the Pan-American SW segment.

We were open for tFM and TV logs, LF logs and your favorite internet radio feeds.


Here is the announcement for the February CME:


ABDX is announcing the February CME.


We present the Tri-State, Province and Estado MW segment for MW BCB DX aficionados. This has been requested in the long distant past and I figure its time we give it a try. Three states, one in the east , one in the west and one central and one Canadian Province and one Mexican Estado will be targeted. 


The US states to be focused on are, Pennsylvania, Texas and Idaho. The target Canadian province is Ontario. The Estado Mexicano is Nuevo Leon. Any station heard on any band or frequency within the listed target areas are available for logging. 


All logs will be accepted, But the focus on the targeted areas is the main thrust of this CME. 


For the many HF DXers, extra-American SW segment .This segment is to receive every signal you can on any meter band from outside the western hemisphere and American islands in the Pacific. All HF logs will be accepted but the focus should be on broadcasts from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia and the like. 


As always we are open for the FM and TV logs, LF logs and your favorite internet radio feeds, just send in what it is and the URL for addition into the Journal. Let us know about tests that are upcoming.


This CME starts 1 Feb. 0000 and ends 28 Feb 2359. Report LOCAL TIME for LW, MW, FM and TV, UTC for HF broadcast [SW].


You may use any format to compile your logs that You wish. We hope to see your logs this month. 


Be there or be square!


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.


 The Broadcast Band [MW]


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

ICOM R-75 – Quantum Phaser, Welbrook Loop/Ratzlaff Whip


1410 WNER  NY  Watertown. 1621 CST  10 Jan 07.  Nice I.D.  "ESPN 1410 WNER--'The Winner' ". NEW.

990  CKGM  QC  Montreal.  1750 CST. 1/11 Really putting the hurts on CBW.        This has been happening with regularity lately.  Must be strange conditions causing this.

1520  WMLM  MI  Saint Louis.  1608 CST.  1/11 Paul Harvey.  Local ads. Jingle I.D. "WMLM."  Country music.  NEW.

1370  WKMC  PA  Roaring Spring. 1900 CST. 1/18 TOH I.D.  "Music of Your Life.  1370  WKMC Roaring Spring--Altoona."  NEW Very good conditions to PA-NY.

1040  WLCR KY  Mount Washington.  0735 CST. 1/19 Catholic programming.  List            of upcoming events for various parishes around Louisville.  NEW. No sign of WHO at this time

1370  WWCB  PA  Corry.  1731 CST. Appeared out of nowhere with I.D. "1370--WWCB."  NEW.

1410  CFUN  BC  Vancouver.  0816 CST.  Vancouver ads.  Ad for some Island Resort.  Promo for program on "C-FUN 1410."  Mention of John Hadley???  0835 CST into weather.  "Mix of sun & clouds. High +11.  Mention of "Shane      Boxman??? on C-FUN."  Into traffic report.  Still fading in and out at 0852 CST.  Just heard a “1410-KWYO" I.D. mixing with CFUN.  Then "The Shane Boxman show on C-FUN."

1410  KDKT ND  Beulah.  0900 CST.  TOH I.D.  "Fox Sports Radio--1410 KDKT  Beulah-Bismarck." Relog.

1600t KRVA  TX  Cockrell Hill.  1822 CST.  Asian music.  Is this station still Asian?  More music or chanting or moaning.  Asian talk.  Don't know what language. 


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Drake R8B



Just logged WDAE 620 St Petersburg FL with mentions of Tampa and sports

programming.  A new one logged on Craig Healy's copper loop.  At the

same time cx to the west seem good as on the E/W wire WVMT was local like.


Here in Hingham MA tonight I seem to have two stations on 1134.  One is

a man talking at 10 over S9 and the other sounds like classical music or

Opera underneath.  The talk is presumed Croatia.   0144 UTC.



Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Eton E1 and Quantum Loop v. 2.0



The daytime DX conditions were pretty good today in Austin.

Lots of low power stations showing up during the day.

Logged KMPS West Monroe LA, this evening which is either 5 or 50

watts at night depending on where you look. Signal was too good, more

likely they are on 5KW day power, they're 350 miles from here.

Higher power stations like KWKH, KFAQ and XERF were in by 3pm, some

as early at 2:30.

Here are first time loggings.

KCLW 900 Hamilton Tx 250 watts about 87 miles

KGGR 1040 Dallas 165 miles 3.3KW

KWED 1580 Sequin Tx  67 miles 1KW

KCLE 1140 Cleburne Tx 123 miles 850 watts

KSTV 1510 Stephensville Tx 127 mi 500w

A couple of my 'beacon' stations were very listenable. KIKK Pasadena

Tx 250 watts 160 miles in with decent signal most of the day. KKDA

730 with 500 watts Grande Praire Tx, (Dallas) with decent signal even

on Eton 5 around 3pm.

Also, pretty good signals from the north tonight.  All of the big

Chicago AMs are strong, WCCO and WJR solid. Meanwhile, Mexico is

fairly quiet with only a few of the powerhouse signals like XEB and

XEG in strong.


Raining in Austin, but many Mexican and Oklahoma stations are popping

at 12 noon.  KOKC 1520, very solid, KFAQ drifting in.  Check the dials

it might be an indication of good things this afternoon.


I just noticed (11:30am CST) both WLS and WBBM are coming in here in

Austin, Tx.  That was using a Sony 2010 nekkid. Could be a good day for

some daytime catches.


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – GA

DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire / SR III


980 WONE OH Dayton - 12/29/06 1850 - Knights Basketball. Decent signal on

top of the static. "Knights Basketball on 980, WONE". (IEN-GA)

1040 WWBA FL Pinellas Park - 01/07/07 1905 - Best of Boortz, A Replay of the

Neal Boortz show. Good signal at times, but decent for the most part, mixing

with WHO in Des Moines, IA. "Newstalk, AM 1040, WWBA". (IEN-GA)

1550 WAMA FL Tampa - 01/27/07 1800 - Spanish music and programming,  and TOH ID. Good signal mixed with WIRV in Irvine, KY and WRHC in Coral Gables, FL. WAMA and WRHC eventually  faded away at 1804 leaving WIRV alone on the frequency. "WAMA, Tampa, St. Petersburg". (IEN-GA)




1550 WRHC FL Coral Gables - 01/27/07 1802 - Spanish music and  programming, and TOH ID. Good signal mixed with WAMA in Tampa, FL and WIRV in Irvine, KY. WAMA and WRHC  eventually faded away at 1804 leaving WIRV alone on the frequency. "WRHC, Coral Gables, Florida". (IEN-GA)


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Rx As Noted Below – Q-Stick +


Heard on a nekkid Sony ICF-2010 1/8:

1130 CKWX Vancouver, BC 2332 WX for Vancouver and Seattle. Its been a 

while since I last heard these guys.

1360 KLSD San Diego, CA 2341 in slim null of KPXQ a local. KLSD was 

running Air America.

Heard on a Bruce Carter Modified GE SR III nekkid:

1590 XEHC Ensenada, BCN, Mexico 1/11 0010 Full ID with address and 

Mexican national anthem. New #877!

Heard on a Bruce Carter modified GE Superadio III sans accoutrement:

940 CINW[t] Montreal, QC 1/16 0205 news and into weather for Montreal 

with temp given of -12 and giving snow prognostications in 

centimeters. Faded out before ID was heard, but I feel pretty sure 

this was CINW.

Heard on a Grundig S350 nekkid:

1620 WTAW College Station, TX 0003 with ad for Germania Insurance,

United and then a chiropractor, ID. Not heard for some time. I used

to listen to Astros Baseball here pre XM.

Heard on a Sony ICF-2010 and Q-Stick+:

I had a first today. I received different stations on a single frequency, one on USB and the other on LSB. Got a new one too during SSS. Also have an UNID.

879.9 KRVN Lexington, NE 1/28 1706 playing a C&W song from the 80s, 


880.1 KHAC Tse Bonito, NM 1/28 1706 with a man giving a sermon about 


890 KDJQ Meridian, ID 1/28 1708 "To Sir With Love" being sung by 

Lulu. [New #878]

930 KKXX[t] Paradise, CA 1710 running "The Dave Ramsey Show". Looking for ideas  on this one.


Chris Johnson – Taylors, South Carolina

Grundig  S350


840 WKTR Earlysville, Va. This daytimer was on last evening with ESPN 840, and Charlottesvile's ESPN mentions, carrying the Boise St. vs Oklahoma bowl game, and tearing up WHAS in Louisville here in the southeast. They are 8200 watts with a 3 tower array aimed SSE.  Happy New Year to all. 


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada

Collins R-392 and 6’ copper pipe antenna or Pontiac Vibe Radio and whip



Parked in the driveway of our babysitter's house at about 8:10 a.m.

AST - I caught the following on the Vibe's car radio:

630 KHZ open carrier - pirate or CFCY-AM [possibly both!]

620 UNID USA station - didn't stick around long enough for an ID

640 CBN St. Johns NL - CBC Radio One

720 WGN Chicago IL

580 CFRA Ottawa ON

With CHTN-AM now dark and CFCY-AM [or pirate, or both] a carrier only

annoyance, the Vibe radio is pretty hot on MW.  Pretty good on FM too,

until one activates the rear wiper washer pump - shows how "non-static

free FM can be"!


Just fired up the Drake R8 and its a happy camper without local AMers

swamping its front end.  RVC pounding in on 530, ZIZ solid as a rock

on 555, Croatia has returned on 1134 [I haven't got em for a while

now], Virgin radio on 1215 [haven't had them for a while either], 750



Jonathan Watson – Lampasas, TX

Sony SW-55


Last week I picked up KHOB 1390 kHz. It had 500 watts and a Directional Antenna a night. I was surprised that with this amount of power that I could pick it up with my Select-A-Tenna. Has anyone logged this station? They play oldies.


Eric Berger – Detroit, MI

GE Superadio III


For the past several nights, past midnight EST, I've been coming across

a sort of Modern (Or Hot) AC station on AM-1510; they've been mostly

peaking during records, but disappearing into the slush (Or to WLAC) by

the ends of the records. Mostly noted toward the ESE or SE, and usually

under WLAC. Only artist I recognized was Melissa Etheridge.

At one point I thought I heard a mention of "95-3," so I can't help but

wonder if WLKR Norwalk, OH may be running past LSS with a simulcast of


First noted Thursday morning. Anyone else hear anything like this?



Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Acura Radio and 31” whip


1/16/2007 2309- 1,510.0  WLAC, Nashville, TN UNITED STATES 33333 - English (EE) - Acura TL Factory Radio - Orlando, FL Discussion of bad jokes starting with "It's so cold..." Long discussion of Predators hockey team. ID a couple times going to break.

1/17/2007 0610- 1,480.0  WGFY, Charlotte, NC UNITED STATES 33333 - English (EE) - RF-2200 - Orlando, FL ID as Radio Disney 1480. Callsign presumed.

1/25/2007 1158- 1,420.0  WPEH, Louisville, GA UNITED STATES 22222 - English (EE) - Acura TL Factory Radio - Orlando, FL "Georgia Bulldogs Radio Network". ID presumed.

1/27/2007 1935- 1,490.0   WSIR, Winter Haven, FL UNITED STATES 33333 - English (EE) - Acura TL Factory Radio - Orlando, FL Religious, many mentions of Jamaica. Mention of Polk County. ID presumed based on format and Polk County.

1/27/2007 2138- 1,520.0  WHIM, Apopka, FL UNITED STATES 33333 - English (EE) - Acura TL Factory Radio - Orlando, FL Rel. ID during break.

1/27/2007 2145- 1,530.0  WYMM, Jacksonville, FL UNITED STATES 33333 - English (EE) - Acura TL Factory Radio - Orlando, FL "Physical Issues". ID presumed based on mention of Jacksonville


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

R8A and phased E-W BOG


Slightly AU early on tonite and lots of Mexicans on the low end of the band

here in Barrington IL with two news ones logged.

I spent more time on 740 with CHWO phased out and managed to pin down my

strong unID from last AU as XEGF. They play a mix of newer SS AC and some

dance club type mx (although not too wild) and ID as "Siete-Cuarenta" with a

slight pause "Radio" and also have Siete Cuarenta ments. Power was announced

as 5 KW and it had ads for Gutierrez Zamora and a couple for Poza Rica. Also

I've listened to this for at least an hour over 3 different days and there's

no trace of the listed R. Fiesta slogan so change your logs to reflect that

as well as the power increase. Time tonite was from 0053-56 GMT. There was

only a trace of KRMG in.

Also new tonite was on 1060 when XETF faded atop pesty pesty XEEP and oldies

cheat WQMV (KYW easily phased out) with a nice long promo for Radio Formula

Veracruz 0113-5. One would think this a strange freq for a stn in Veracruz

since XEEP must hammer them at night.


I am using my 35 deg. TA Phased BOGs off the back end unterminated, and

being rather short, 341 ft vs 214 ft, this is quite useful until I get up

towards the upper quarter of the BCB. I seem to have a pipeline towards

eastern Mexico and I think there's quite a few more in VE that I can catch

as several possibilities have gotten away from me.

Another interesting Mexican that is new this season and was again decent is

XEVX 570 from Tabasco mixing with Cuba's Reloj with a nice La Grande de

Tabasco and call ID 0033. 590 had a 3 way mix of Cuba's cl mx, XEFD La

Consentida (Nortena) and XEPH. 610 had a strong Sabinas with many ads after

mx. Mexicans on many other lower channels as well.


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop


1160 ????  Mexican music & talk beneath KSL 1745-1800 1/9..Too far down to get anywhere's near an ID but the first time I've heard ANYTHING here except KSL.  Assume this is much talked about XEQIQ in San Quentin, Baja North.

1560 KVAN-Burbank WA noted under KNZR about 0020 PDT 1/21/07.  Woman talking

then into a slow Oldie.  About 0029 man came on with 'Oldies 92.1' slogan ID then more Oldies.

They were pretty far down below KNZR but since Art was interviewing on the Bakersfield station there was plenty of dead air (pun intended) and KVAN was not that hard to understand.

Very surprised to hear this station.  Many thanks Bruce & Walt.


Mike Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Radio and 31” whip


Just for giggles thought I'd submit a midday bandscan - well at least the first half of the dial.  Keep in mind this is HIGH NOON.  Middle of the day.

Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo car radio with stock antenna: 

540    KNAK    Delta, UT

550    KRAI    Craig, CO

570    KNRS    Salt Lake City, UT

580    KUBC    Montrose, CO

590    KID    Idaho Falls, ID

610    KVNU    Logan, UT

620    K???    Grand Jct, CO

630    KTKK    Sandy, UT

650    KMTI    Manti, UT

670    KBOI    Boise, ID

680    KNBR    San Francisco, CA

690    ???    Spanish (Idaho maybe?)

700    KALL    North Salt Lake, UT

730    KSVN    Ogden, UT

750    KOAL    Price, UT

770    KKOB    Albuquerque, NM

820    KUTR    Taylorsville, UT

850    KOA    Denver, CO

890    KDJQ    Meridian, ID

910    KWDZ    Salt Lake City, UT

920    KVEL    Vernal, UT

930    KSEI    Pocatello, ID

940    KMER    Kemmerer, WY

960    KOVO    Provo, UT

980    KUPI    Ammon, ID 

Not bad at all for the middle of the day.  Gotta love winter here in the west.  As far as DX goes anyway


Had some quality pre-sunset DX time this afternoon on the way home from a service call in Rock Springs, WY. (100 miles away)

Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo car radio:

 1410    KWYO    Sheridan, WY    1/10/07    16:10    AC music with Rod Stewart's version of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" then into a liner "No matter when you listen, morning, noon, or night, you'll always hear your favorites on K-W-Y-O." and into Patrick Swayze's "She's Like The Wind".   Not uncommon late in the day this time of year.  Really good signal! 

1420    KGIM    Aberdeen, SD    1/10/07    16:05    Must have caught a local break after the TOH - heard ads for local Aberdeen businesses including Aberdeen Federal Credit Union.  Fair to weak but definitely audible.  NEW!!  Was actually trying for KUJ Walla Walla - may still try again in a few minutes before they change pattern. 

1510    UNID                Help needed on this one.   Hoping Paul Armani can help me out here since he is in Denver.  I THINK this might be KCKK - Littleton.  I remember seeing a story - probably on this list - that they are inheriting 1600's Classic Country format.  What I heard, however, was some smooth jazz.  Heard a couple of smooth jazz tunes - started listening about 1620 and at the BOH 1630 they went straight into CNN news with no id or liner or anything.  Then after the news, right back into more smooth-jazz sounding music.   No listing on Radio Locator for a smooth jazz station at 1510.  I know it wasn't KGA-Spokane...don't usually get them til after dark.  Know it wasn't KLLB-West Jordan, UT because as I was pulling into Evanston I heard Salt Lake traffic reports mixing in - THAT was KLLB.   If Paul could check 1510 over there in Denver or if anyone else knows what's going on.  I spent about 15 minutes listening to 760 KKZN before this so given how well they were coming in, it would make sense that this was the 1510 from Littleton - maybe they're still in the process of getting the classic country format going over there and aren't quite ready yet. 


Mike Westfall– Los Alamos, NM

Toshiba ST-665 and RS Loop



The Cuban 530 was in really strong here in Los Alamos last night. RVC was way underneath. "La Bayamesa" (the NA) played at 0000 Eastern.


I've never heard the cuban 530 this strong before.


Albert Lehr  – Livermore CA

Allied A-2515 and 6’ outdoor loop


970 KESP Modesto, CA heard with IBOC at 1100 PST 01/04/07.

The disease keeps spreading.


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Original Superadio


Just wanted to confirm that KWRD-1470 in Henderson, TX, is on the air.  I did some dashboard DX'ing while my wife and I were in Henderson this past Sunday checking on family properties.  They were playing Gospel music.  Didn't catch any IDs or spots, though.  I verified them from Bossier City, LA, in 1977.



No sign of the Henderson station on 1000 kHz, though.  They were KGRI when I

verified them from Bossier City, LA, in 1976.  I had read somewhere that they went silent, but can't remember when.


Also, I heard KHVL-1490 in Huntsville, TX, on the way back to Houston.  They were airing the syndicated Dave Michaels "Oldies Radio" program.  I did hear several "Oldies Radio 1490" IDs, but they were way below the audio of the syndicated program.  I verified them from Houston, TX, in 1992 when they were still using the KSAM call.  It took almost 3 years to get their verie!


Powell Way III – West Columbia, SC

Ford Ranger Truck Radio


On 790 I heard morse 'rr' under the mess. [Radio Reloj]


While talking to Bob Smoak in Bamberg, SC, I heard  WVCD Bamberg-Denmark, SC...ah they were on 1000 watts.


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony ICF 2010


I tuned to 1660 about 9:05 pm Central tonight as a result of the query from Barry Davies about WDAF, and got a big surprise----normally mega-dominant KRZI in

Waco was completely absent!

Owning 1660 was WCNZ, Marco Island, FL, with religious programming----it was "Life is Worth Living" with Bishop Fulton Sheen, a program I haven't heard in

many moons. WCNZ was strong on peaks, but I heard no legalID, only "Relevant Radio" IDs at breaks.

With some nulling, I caught classical music on the channel but no ID or other announcement. I assume this is from Kansas City, whether it's WDAF or KXTR.

I listened until 9:35 pm, and I did catch a little ESPN radio briefly when WCNZ faded. I don't know if this is from KRZI, but if it's them something must be

wrong with their transmitter and/or antenna as they are normally quite strong here day and night.


Still no sign of KRZI tonight, quite a change from their usual night domination of 1660. WCNZ is still dominant, and I caught a ToH ID at 9:00 pm Central for WVOI on 1480, but not for WCNZ on 1660 (although they do mention 1660 in their "Relevant Radio" IDs). KXTR is still underneath with their classical music, and I did catch a KXTR ID from them. Some tantalizing traces of other stuff on the channel, but nothing IDable yet.


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and Sloper


Vancouver BC, 1130 at 2245cst (7 Jan 07), CKWX 50kw (U4) with KWKH Shreveport nulled on my little Sony ICF SW07. News, traffic & weather reports plus spots. Slow fades in and out, mostly out but good signal when in. Unlike Keith (in Hingham, MA) I heard no indication of anything on 1134.


Alan – St. John, NL, Canada



Seems to be a lot of strong Trans Atlantics here this evening, RNE1 from Spain on 1359 khz booming signal.


Caught "JOY 1250"  CJYE Oakville, Ontario tonight w/ announcer Virginia , inspirational songs , first catch of this one


Art Jackson – Ft. Worth, TX

Sony ICF-2003 and box loop



Just now at 23:50 UTC I finally got an ID. "Classical 1660 KXTR Kansas City"

It also ID'd at 00:00 UTC.

It appears that KXTR is not cutting its power down.

KRZI in Waco was quite strong here and must have cut to low power

around 23:45 UT.  Unfortunately I stepped out of the room when they

did.  I can here sport talk weakly underneath KXTR and a little more

clearly as KXTR fades. 

KXTR and KRZI are linear to my QTH. (about 100 and 10 degrees)


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ 180A and 1 foot loop



XEQIN presumed the Spanish station on 1160 covering up KSL at 6:15 PM PST with PST time check in Spanish and songs. Sounds like 10 KW to me.

Nice call letter ID at 6:28 PM PST, also using La Voz del Valle and Once Sesenta slogans. Playing a program of Ranchera music from the great composers.

Just a couple, heard on the HQ-180A and 1 foot air core loop. 

1460 NV, Las Vegas KENO 4:44 PM PST with Fox Sports Radio 14-60 slogan and sports programming. Regular visitor at SSS. 

1590 CA, San Jose KLIV 4:49-5:10 PM PST with local news, traffic, weather, Community Calendar, Nancy Grace at ToH. Fading in and out, typical SSS reception here. 

1620 WPMW407 CA, San Juan Capistrano 5:58 PST CALTRANS HAR-TIS with loop announcement by a woman. 

1630 XEUT BCN, Tijuana 5:59 PM PST Classical music, ID at ToH.

1380 KWJL Lancaster CA, 1/21 8:53 AM PST tuned in to what sounded like an infomercial in Spanish with a 1-800 number. ID at ToH had lots of sideband splash but I did hear High Desert Broadcasting twice. Into love song program hosted by a woman, Joyas 13-80 AM slogan. Tough to hear this one with locals KWRN-1370 and KLTX-1390. All in Spanish.






Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


I finally logged KDJQ-890 yesterday at 4:09pm PST.  They were running oldies (Little Old Lady from Pasadena among others), then local ads for "Storage Condos" in Boise/Treasure Valley (www.storagecondos.com) and a jeweler in Nampa.  Jingle sounded like "89 (or 8-90?) DJQ." Pretty fair signal at times, on top of normally-dominant KDXU and KLFF.

My other frustrating sunset target is KRML-1410 Carmel, CA.  I often hear jazz programming on 1410 around 4pm but can never get an ID out of them.


John Hunter – Rossville, GA



Tonight WLMR 1450 has been off first noted at 0300. WTAL Tallahassee noted in mix with WDNG Anniston AL and an UNID SS station. Guess I'm gonna sit here awhile and see what else pops up.


KWTO 560 Springfield MO 0605 blasting in here with news about how the weather is affecting things. Ad for Rush Limbaugh then ID "AM 560 KWTO"

KTNN 660 Window Rock AZ coming in great playing CW and 0620 ID by female CW singer. "You're listening to KTNN Native Broadcast Enterprise Window Rock AZ"


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL



630 kHz Honduras Radio America, Out of the jumble just after 7 pm Eastern, promo in Spanish with what sounded like an ID "RADIO AMERICA" clear as a bell, then a man reading a commercial or promo. Then back into the jumble.


Ed MacDonald – Kansas City, MO


At 0330 Z/29

1660 is still announcing "Classical 1660 KXTR".  However, you are correct about the station still playing classical music.  I'm probably in the minority but I'll miss them if/when they go to country.  I like country but we already have enough C&W in KC (g)


I'm listening to KXTR (announced as KXTR Classical 1660) right now (4:20 PM) at my home in Kansas City, MO.  If they are changing to WDAF it's news to me but anything is possible in this town (g)  I can guarantee that the current music is definitely not country. 



The Whole Earth [HF]


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG-7


** CHINA [non]. Jan 1 at 2153 found English on 7285, mailbag mostly from people in China it seemed, with names and comments in Chinese interjected, about NY resolutions. Some of the people were identified by numbers as is appropriate for a Communist state. Constant lo het, from another broadcaster or ham protester? Seemed like a program from the domestic service in English; 2155 said would be back in a few hours at ``5 o`clock``, but then CRI outro and

music, // 5960, both relayed by Albania

** CHINA [non]. Another fakeout by CRI: Jan 3 at 1512 on 17880, a discussion

about John McCain with American accents, VOA? No, a minute later back to news with Chinese accent. Unlisted in EiBi, only 13-14 in French via Mali

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague relay via Canada was supposed to expire Dec 31, and it did. Gone from 15160 at 1500 Jan 2; too bad, as that was reliable and convenient here even if a day late. Raúl Saavedra also found the 0400 relay on 5990 gone, so no doubt the others at 2330 on 5990 in English, 6000 in Spanish are too

** FRANCE [non]. Still tuned to 15160 after confirming Prague via Canada was

gone, at 1555 Jan 2 heard some Afropop and French talk; apparently Meyerton on early for the scheduled English relay of RFI at 1600, which began after a

timesignal almost half a minute late; only fair, but favorable for us as 328

degrees from South Africa toward West Africa

** GUATEMALA. R. Coatán, 4780, Jan 2 at tune-in 1436 to sermon in Spanish,

surely about time to fade out, but was actually fading in a bit stronger at the

moment to SINPO 34343. Wish I could have stayed with it to see how long it


** LIBYA [non]. As if to belie my recent remarx about the Afropop music

distraxion being reliably on 17660, Jan 3 at 1516 that was missing, and instead

on 17635 until usual 1531*, never with any announcements. ANO Gabon was also missing from 17630 during this period. And 19160 harmonic also still missing. 17635 had nice steady equatorial signal; Libya-via-France 17725 was JBA with telltale hum; Spain 17595 was good as usual. Noel Green kept listening and says one minute later, ANO came up on 17630

** SUDAN [non]. Ran across Sudan Radio Service on 9660, Jan 3 at 1435 in

English, M&W speaking slowly, but combination of accent and flutter still made

it very hard for me to understand; also ACI splatter de KBS WR via Sackville

9650. SINPO 33522. Ended at about 1459:30. Per HFCC, 1400-1500 is KCH, Moldova at 175 degrees with 300 kW to zone 48, which is axually only the eastern half of Sudan. SRS` own website http://www.sudanradio.org/schedule.htm STILL has not been updated since A-06, and shows programming does not start until 6 pm = 1500 UT!

KAIJ has a special one-hour show on ham radio and the Fessenden

centennial, Ted Randall interviewing Allen Pitts of ARRL. It was publicized for

Jan 1 at 2000 on 9480, 2200 on 5755, but a technical problem kept it from

airing until 2245.




Retuning at 2247 I found the Fessenden show in progress, wrapping up interview

with W1AGP discussing SW, mentioned website http://www.helloradio.org then

Handel`s Largo and O Holy Night, concluding with MCW ID for KAIJ. Ted Randall

invited mail to comment @ kaij.us so I dropped him a note.

Ted apologized for the technical mixup and says the show is rescheduled for

this Friday Jan 5 at the same times, 2000 UT on 9480, 2200 on 5755

** U S A [non]. Harold Camping on 13660, Jan 3 at 1523 with flutter; no //

found from Okeeechobee, including 11855 which had different Camping talk. EiBi

has this at 15-19 to EAf via Wertachtal; is it still? Wikipedia says Camping

was born in 1917 or 1919 or 1921, so he is at least 85-86 years old. With his

broadcasting empire, and tape library, he is no doubt destined to rival Defunct

Gene Scott as an Immortal of Shortwave

** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International, 7380 via South Africa, heard with

ID immediately after tune-in Sat Jan 6 at 2136, saying it originates in

Washington DC, and frequency, I thought he said ``7 point 80 kHz``, then

commentary ``What would you do now in 2007?``, asserting that Nigeria is

governed by a ``mentally retarded dictator``; retune at 2152, wrapping up and

familiar anthem; I think it was ``God Bless Africa`` in keeping with VOBI`s

quasi-evangelical tone; 2155 frequency clearly stated as ``7380 kHz``, and

sign-off. Is weekly, Saturdays at 21-22

** CANADA. Dead Dog in the City, the hilarious deadpan first-nations humour

programme on CBC Radio 1, was missing Jan 3 from its Wednesday evening at 8:29 pm local usual schedule; instead, Nighttime Review ran another quarter hour until Out Front at 8:44. Yet DD was still shown on CBC online program schedules

http://www.cbc.ca/programguide/radio/ which we have noticed before are not kept up to date. Not heard either at its other time, Thursday 10:44 am local January 4, but this one has been removed from the schedule. Let`s hope it`s just a holiday thing or a brief hiatus. Program website gives no clues:


The other Thursday morning show, O`Reilly and the Age of Persuasion, at 11:31

am local, remains on the schedule but they don`t say for how long. The Jan 4

was a repeat, but is one of the few shows whose reruns we willingly listen to


CBC Hotsheets to which we subscribe have been extremely erratic lately; you

never know whether a given day`s will ever arrive, and anyhow, they are

highlights rather than complete program info.

Meanwhile I heard a promo that And Sometimes Y, the show about the English

language, is back, on Saturdays at 11:30 am local. Its website is up-to-date,

showing a 6-month run thru June 2007, with repeats Tuesdays at same time(s) on CBCR1: http://www.cbc.ca/andsometimesy/

This means we have 10 chances each week to catch one of the webcasts. I heard the first episode on Jan 6, and it`s terrific. Next Monitoring Reminders Calendar update will have it underlined and italicized as not-to-be-missed. Unseems ondemand but check out show site: http://www.cbc.ca/andsometimesy/

There are probably some more program changes with the new year on CBC but I

don`t see anything else significant on this week`s grid

Bob McDonald on Quirks & Quarks still says it`s ``around the world

on shortwave on Radio Canada International``. Must he retire this claim,

unfortunately? Not completely. Per http://www.rcinet.ca/rci/PDF/B06_SW.pdf

there is still ONE broadcast of Q&Q on SW, but hardly around the entire world:

1200-1259 ENGLISH Asia / China 7105 9665 SUN Quirks & Quarks

** FRANCE [non non]. RFI, 11615, Issoudun, with David Page opening English to Africa, Jan 6 at 1601; among programs in the hour would be one on the media,

and into news by him too. Lite echo, but much better than // 15160 via South


** GREECE. VOG, 9420 with MUF holding up, Jan 6 at 0715 past 0745 with

wonderful Greek Orthodox singing since it`s Epiphany; more of same on weaker

17525 after 1500

** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa from the Great Jam., 17725 via France, Jan 5 at

1444, much better than the day before, with ``The Leader`s Mail``, laudatory

letters to MAQ, from someone in the ``southwest of America``, Robbie Ayne

(sp?). Usual big hum but good modulation otherwise. 1447 into ``Unforgettable

Persons`` --- Martin Luther King, whom they have not forgotten countless times

before, probably with exactly the same playback, but at least we`re getting

close to his nominal birthday.

Checking out the Afropop music distraxion, not really jamming a Libyan

clandestine, Jan 5 at 1449, it was on usual 17660, and Africa No. Un, Gabon,

was missing from 17630

** MALDIVE ISLANDS [non]. Quite by chance I was tuning across 11800, Jan 6 at 1600 and heard Jeff White with Radio Miami International ID, the following

program is in Dhivehi, introduced by some horn music; fair, via Germany, but

which site now?

** TURKEY. This Thursday`s Live from Turkey, Jan 4 at 1350 on 12035 and 11735: reception started out quite poor on 12035 allegedly aimed eastward and worse on 11735 allegedly northwestward, but improved slowly. At 1400-1410, Christer Brunström was on the phone from Sweden, talking about Lapland and that he writes a monthly DX feature for Vatican Radio (in Swedish, I assume). After a musical break, around 1415 the hosts mentioned that they hoped to hear from Ullmar Qvick on a future show, as well as from listeners in Pakistan and India.

At 1422 rechecked 11735 and found it was much better than a semihour ago. After headlines, closing, into piano IS variations, still going on both frequencies

at 1427 when multilingual IDs began to intersperse, and both still on at 1430,

opening service in a Slavic language. Wake up at Emirler! You were supposed to

change to 9525 for Bosnian, and 9655 for Kyrgyz!

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. If it`s a punch-up mistake, they keep on making it for a while longer. R. Nacional de la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática was

still on 6458, Jan 6 at 2150 check with song and talk in Arabic, 2200 continuos

talk, perhaps news. No ute QRM at the moment

** GABON. Jan 8 at 1523, Afropop music on 17650 for a change, off abruptly

about 1530:30. Wasn`t paying attention and missed my chance to measure how long

it took to come up with ANO on 17630. But it was already going when I retuned

at 1532 to find two programs in French mixing, seemingly both from same Moyabi


** GERMANY [non]. DW, 6140 AM in English, Jan 8 at 0650 with music feature;

0700 IS and news in English as another hour starts. This has been on the

schedule, but I don`t recall hearing it so well (or at all) recently. Perhaps

the switch from Jülich to Woofferton has inadvertently made a big difference in

reception here, even tho it is now aimed due east at 0600-1000. Meanwhile DRM

on 6125-6130-6135 which is now also Wooferton at 0700-0900




** JORDAN [and non]. 11810, Jan 8 at 1402 going from Qur`an to Arabic talk;

1511 Arabic music, lo-fi; wasn`t sure what this was till I looked it up, as

Amman. Above-average reception from there, as at 1408 I also found 11690

English pop music at about equal mix with HCJB in Spanish. At 1509 recheck

after HCJB quit, Jordan was OK with even more pop music, flutter, but RTTY

evitable by side-tuning a bit high without narrow filter

** U S A. WRMI still has a project for a second 50 kW transmitter in the works,

allowing them to broadcast N and S simultaneously, Jeff White mentioned in an

interview on HCJB`s DX Partyline Jan 8 at one of its many new times on WRMI,

Monday Jan 8 at 1412

** U S A. VOA, Mon Jan 8 at 1417 with Kim Elliott on Talk to America, now

hosted by Erin Fleming (sp?), audible on 17895, 9760 and best on 11655; 1433

John Figliozzi and Rich Cuff on the phones. Reception not so good so I will

listen to the whole thing on the audio archive when I get a chance

** GABON. It`s back! The ANU harmonic on 19160 heard for the first time in

weeks, Jan 10 at 1450, quite weak with generous S-meter fluxuating S6-S9. No

buzz, talk in French. Not audible on fundamental 9580, but // 17630 which had

crosstalk from second program, unseems CRI cochannel in this instance.

Afropop music distraxion was on 17650 at the moment, 1453, roughly equal signal

to 17630, so they are no longer time-sharing one transmitter. Rechecked at

1528, 17630 had degraded to open carrier only with lite hum, traces of audio,

perhaps the previous crosstalk by itself. 17650 went off at 1530:45. By 1532,

17630 was fading up French talk to near-audibility, but the carrier had stayed

on across hourbottom

** KURDISTAN [non]. Having heard V. of Mesopotamia earlier on 11530, Jan 10 at

1538 I checked their 1500+ channel 7590. I could hear some broadcast there, but

marred by much stronger RTTY centred around 7592-7593

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. RNZI, 9765, Jan 10 at 0700 with news, and a low het,

which I had not noticed before 0700 or on previous occasions. What could it be?

PWBR ``2007`` has HCJB in German to Europe, but that is obviously wrong, as we

hear that inbooming on 9740, ascending from Low to High at 0700. The only other

possibility appears to be Turkey-Çakirlar, known for its off-frequency

operation, now scheduled at 0700-0730 in Albanian

** NORTHERN MARIANAS. Another of those weird `pipeline` openings, Jan 10 at

0635-0642, as I found R. Free Asia in Mandarin in // on four frequencies, but

deliberately slightly out of synch to even out power consumption: 15665, 15150,

13760 and 13625. These are all from Tinian, per EiBi; his readme.txt explains

that MRA without the -s means Tinian:  0300 0700 USA Radio Free Asia M FE

15150/MRA 11980/RUS-i 13760/MRA 17615/MRA-s 15665/MRA 17880/MRA-s 13625/MRA

I believe I also checked 17 MHz, but those from Saipan were not propagating.

The four lower frequencies had very good signals, and NO jamming audible, tho

surely there was a lot as usual from China, which were simply not propagating

either. Nor was there any sign of R. Australia, which usually has the 15 MHz

band to itself at this hour on 15515, 15240, 15160. The only other signal on 15

MHz, barely audible, was 15255 in English, which per EiBi could only be Channel

Africa. Another very odd thing: timesignals booming in on 15000, surely WWVH

--- NO, it was WWV and no sign of WWVH




** PHILIPPINES. Only a weak carrier on 9525, no hum, perhaps Indonesia,

allowing 9520 to be well heard, Jan 10 at 1435 with South Asian songs; unseemed

religious, but finally IS and ID in English at 1457 as R. Veritas Asia, saying

next broadcast would be in Filipino at 1500 on 9715; a bit of Copland`s Fanfare

for the Common Man was cut off abruptly. By then, CRI musical prélude was

underway on 9525

** SUDAN [non]. Once again this Wednesday, heard Sudan Radio Service on

unlisted 9660, Jan 10 at 1444 with slow talk in English, but somewhat distorted

typical of Moldova site, and lite echo

** U S A. There may be some disruptions to WBCQ programming. Allan Weiner tells

me Jan 10, that the Border Patrol has a new transmitter interfering with their

900-MHz-band internet link, RF wars continue, so WBCQ is without any Internet

for a week or two, or more? until a satellite hookup can be installed. Programs

now must be delivered to station by phone or CD, etc., including WORLD OF RADIO

Wednesday at 2300 on 7415

** U S A. Caught another fragment of DXPL on WRMI, 7385, Wed Jan 10 at 1537

when Jeff White was talking about WRMI, something about an Optimod, which would

certainly help intelligibility if one is to be installed. Notable this time was

that 7385 had QRM from SSB in Spanish slightly on the hi side, maybe a


** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. RN de la RASD still on 6458, Jan 10 at 0706 check with

solo singing, not Qur`an, which would have been nice to linger on, but poor

mixed with ute

** BRAZIL. RNA, 11780, was also active Jan 10 at 2231 check with good signal

** GABON. I had left the FRG-7 tuned to 19160 in the morning, and when I turned

it on again at 2221, there was the ANU harmonic, still propagating, and with

better audio and signal at S9 + 12 dB than seven hours earlier; French talk now

easy to // to 9580. No buzzes

** NIGERIA. VON, 7255, strange hi-pitched singing in tonal language accompanied

by primitive plucked string instrument and some drumming. I might have placed

it somewhere in S or E Asia, but this was the Hausa service from Nigeria; good


** TAIWAN [non]. Enjoyed Jade Bells & Bamboo Pipes, traditional music show from

RTI English to Europe via WYFR, 9355, Wednesday Jan 10 from 2233 opening past


** U S A. VOA`s Classic Rock hour is one of the few big signals we can enjoy on

the caradio between 21 and 22 UT, since 15580 is via Greenville during this

hour only, aimed eastward toward Africa but obviously with a very large back

lobe; listened for a while Jan 10

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via Cuba, 17705, heard as usual until 2058* Jan 10, and

did not come back after 2100, so I assume another report of this after 2100 was

one hour off. Rechecked at 2225, 17705 had RHC with Spanish music no

announcements, but presumably Portuguese service, and 2230 into Guaraní but

pronouncing 17705 in Spanish numbers (Did the Guaraní not have such numbers of

their own?). At same time, 11705 was in RHC Spanish

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. RN de la RASD, 6458, Jan 10 at 2237 with usual poor

signal with digital ute QRM, but now also with some SSB QRM, I think in

English, on 6459




** BRAZIL. Having noticed Rádio Nacional da Amazônia, 11780, coming on around

0645 the night before, I was waiting for it Thu Jan 11, and it did pop on at

exactly *0645:00 with music in progress. In the past it has been going much

earlier on weekends, and maybe still. WRTH 2007 shows it at 0900-0200. PWBR

`2007`, I now see, does show it at 0645 (approx.) until 0230, but 24 hours on

UT Sundays; does not show power which WRTH has at 250 kW (

** CANADA. Altho still on the CBC online schedule, Dead Dog in the City was

missing again for the second week, Wed 8:29 pm local, when checked on webcast

from CBZ at 0029 UT Thursday Jan 11. No clues on the show website, nor contact

info whereby I may enquire. Let`s hope this does not turn out to be an obit:


** CUBA. DentroCuban Jamming Command goes wild, allowing pulsing to proceed on

6135, Jan 11 at 0641, almost 7 hours after its target, R. República, finished

its 22-24 UT transmission via UK. Not total force, but at least one transmitter

still going, bothering DW 6140

** CUBA. RHC, 9550, Jan 11 at 1408 was out of whack accompanied by big raspy

buzz peaking 10 kHz or so each side of carrier. By 1429 nothing but the buzz

could be heard on 9550 itself, and bothering the Korean language station on

9555. Also, at 1404 the frequency announcement erroneously included 9600 and

excluded 12000

** CYPRUS TURKISH. Don`t you believe the frequency for R. Bayrak I mention on

this week`s WORLD OF RADIO 1343. There was a typo in the report and I failed to

catch it: should be 6150.04, not 6105.04. Tnx to Steve Lare for outpointing


** KOREA NORTH. For the past few days including Jan 11 around 1430, 9665 only

with noise, which I think rather than jamming is a maladjusted transmitter

preventing us from hearing revolutionary choral music from the domestic service

** SPAIN [non]. Once again, REE via Costa Rica, 5965, was marred by another

signal, strong open carrier with fast SAH of, I estimate, 15 to 20 Hz, making

it almost an audible heterodyne, at 0647 Jan 11. Cuba is the suspect as RHC

uses same frequency at other times

** SUDAN [non]. Sudan Radio Service has been heard on two Wednesdays in a row

during the 1400 hour on 9660, but no sign of it on Thursday Jan 11, further

evidence that this is a Wednesday-only extension of the 15-18 UT broadcast on

other frequencies

** BRAZIL. The night before caught RNA 11780 cutting on abruptly at *0645, but

Fri Jan 12 tuning in at 0644 I found it already on. So much for precision and

pinning down its true schedule

** CUBA. RHC, 6000 in English, 0640 UT Jan 12 is using one of the failing

transmitters with its mushy, squealy, sound extending too far above and below

the carrier frequency. Who needs this when we have loud and almost clear //


** KOREA NORTH [and non]. 9665 had the same motorboating sound at 2257 UT Jan

11 as it did some 8 hours earlier, both believed to be maladjusted P`yongyang

transmitter. Fortunately it was not enough to bother Polskie Radio via Guiana

French on 9660 with some nice classical music. That stayed on a few secs past

2300 for one iteration of the modernized IS





** MEXICO. Note recent reports in DXLD 7-004 about an unID around 0900 UT on

6045 Jan 2 and 6: Jan 12 at 0641 I find classical piano music on 6045, G signal

but here and there takes rapid deep fades, such as when brief announcements are

inserted, like 0650, ``Radio ----``, after some Beethoven, into Recuerdos de la

Alhambra on classical guitar; then other brief classical pieces on other

instruments. Slightly overmodulated, same sound as XEXQ has after sunrise when

I hear it, but much more weakly, around 1400 (which I have not lately, nor

later on Jan 12 at 1457 check). Bothered by CVC Chile 6050 after its *0659. KBS

World Radio in Spanish to Europe via Sackville is on 6045 until 0629, so must

be quite a collision then, and 0629-0659 is the best window for XEXQ to be

heard, if that`s what it is. Hunting around the Universidad de SLP website for

anything specific about XEXQ, let alone a playlist, is futile. WRTH 2007 shows

6045 schedule as 12-04, except Sat & Sun 12-24, so this would represent quite

an expansion if running all night now. Certainly gives us a better chance to

hear it when the frequency be clear

** POLAND [non]. Polskie Radio via Guiana French on 9660 with some nice

classical music. That stayed on a few secs past 2300 for one iteration of the

modernized IS

** U S A. I was under the impression that VOA Music Mix, via VOA SW, 21-22 UT

via Greenville 15580, was Classic Rock at least 5 days a week, but on Thu Jan

11 it was instead a (current) Top 20 countdown, even tho Weird Al made it to

that list

** BRAZIL [and non]. RHC, 6060, had some pretty heavy CCI, Jan 15 at 0635; at

first I thought it was Spanish. There was a pronounced SAH, so obviously from a

separate transmitter. After 0700 in the clear with a screaming preacher in

Portuguese, so no doubt the listed Brazilian here, R. Tupi, Curitiba, 24 hours

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake with VG S9+20 signal on 9200, Jan 15 at 1456.

Recheck at 1503, it was off, and then back on a few seconds before 1505.

Presumably vs Sound of Hope but nothing else audible here during the break.

Also at 1514, // Firedrake on 9450 and this one mixing with some other audio,

reported to be SOH from a higher-powered transmitter, and by now 9200 FD was

much weaker. Then at 1612 something odd accompanying the FD on 9200. Another

carrier was rapidly changing frequency back and forth roughly between 9195 and

9225, causing variable hets as it went past other signals, some of them

utility. When it paused briefly on 9205 I could hear some indistinguishable

audio. If this was SOH, it was not an effective countermeasure to the jamming

** CYPRUS. Rather surprised to hear Arabic on 6030, Jan 15 at 1423 with BBC

Extra English explaining the word ``mesmerised``. This is listed as Cyprus site

aimed eastward

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague via WRMI, 7385, Sunday Jan 14 at 1510

starting Insight Central Europe, and mentioning that it is only on certain ones

of their Saturday broadcasts. Last I checked, this relay had the current day`s

transmission, but now it seems to be one day late, like the Sackville 15160

relay at 1500 used to be. Maybe caused by WRMI no longer getting the audio thru


Glenn: Yes, I think that is the case (Jeff White, WRMI, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

And Monday Jan 15 at 1451, Mailbox, which is on their Sunday schedule,

mentioning new 2007y QSL cards --- that broadcast started very early; at 1444

it had been Viva Miami in Spanish



** GABON. Afropop Music Distraxion, Jan 15 at 1452 was on 17685. Usually it`s

below CVC on 17680. ANU also at similar level in French on 17630, S9+20. At

1454 found // ANU harmonic 19160, S9+12

** GREECE. GREEK IN STYLE -- Am listening to this show on webcast (convenient

play link in MONITORING REMINDERS CALENDAR at 0030 UT Monday, soon to be moved up.) which started at 0011 UT Monday Jan 15. A Marina Xranzi (sp?) produxion,

hosted this week by Andriana Petrato (sp?). Starts with orchestral music for Chariots of Fire, then more cinemusic. Yes, presented in English. Presumably also on SW 7475, et al.? Followed 0000 IS/IDs partly in English, NA, sign-on and news headlines in Greek; lasted until 0103, so a 52-minute show

** MEXICO [and non]. I keep monitoring 6045, which is almost certainly XEXQ-OC

on an expanded schedule, testing? Jan 14 at 0604 during the half-hour KBSWR

Spanish broadcast to Europe via Sackville (including DX program Antena de la

Amistad at 0610, including fortnightly contribution from Rubén Guillermo

Margenet), which happens to put a fine signal into CNAm too, I could hear

classical music under, with a SAH. All set for it to be in clear after 0629,

but instead the Sackville carrier stayed on well past 0635. I then noticed that

the SAH rate was fluxuating slightly, just like I had months ago in the

1300/1400 period when XEXQ was mixing with some other station, indicating that

XEXQ`s carrier is unstable, but not enough to notice otherwise. Checked again

at 1448, I could hear classical piano music, now squeezed between two FE


Jan 15, another check of 6045, at 0632 no Sackville carrier, just short

classical music pieces, and at 0650, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, on guitar, at

the same time as several nights ago! So they must be playing the same music

over and over; blocked after *0700 by CVC 6050. Another check the next morning

at 1416 found some more classical guitar music, 1418 YL ID in Spanish but all I

could definitely catch was ``250 watts de potencia``, and into flute music;

still barely audible at 1523 with classical piano

** MEXICO. XEPPM, R. Educación, made another of its unscheduled daytime

appearances on 6185. Jan 15 at 1521 found good signal during interview show

about some ``obra`` being presented for 23 performances starting Jan 19 at

Teatro de la Paz, Cozumel 33. I never caught the title of it, nor whether it

was theatrical, operatic, musical, or what. 1537 mentioned ``en su casa`` and

the title of the 9-10 am show, per playlist, is ``SU CASA Y OTROS VIAJES``.

Steady 12 over S9 signal; when rechecked at 1550, it was gone. Did they forget

to turn off the SW transmitter at 1200, or is this deliberate for some reason?

Wish they would run more in daytime, free of QRM

** U S A. Re: I was under the impression that VOA Music Mix, via VOA SW, 21-22

UT via Greenville 15580, was Classic Rock at least 5 days a week, but on Thu

Jan 11 it was instead a (current) Top 20 countdown, even tho Weird Al made it

to that list.

[Later]: My impression was wrong, as the item via Richard Cuff in a previous

DXLD, when I take another look at it, clearly shows that Classic Rock is on

Wednesdays only. Here`s the full lineup of 21-22 UT programming which is on

Greenville 15580:

Mon American Gold

Tue Roots & Branches (eclectic)

Wed Classic Rock

Thu Top 20 Countdown

Fri Hip Hop Connexion

Sat Hip Hop Connexion

Sun Fusion (world music)

BTW, tuning around Jan 12 at 1918, I found VOA news in English quite loud on

17895, Greenville too during that hour? No, Botswana per HFCC, but // 11975 is


** U S A. I must make a point of monitoring WBCQ starting UT Mondays at 0500 to

make sure all is well with their final weekly airing of WORLD OF RADIO. UT Jan

15 I did not tune 7415 in until 0541, and there was open carrier for 5 minutes

until 0546* Did anyone notice whether WOR 1343 aired in its entirety earlier

than 0515?

** UZBEKISTAN. Vatican Radio IS on 9310, Jan 15 at 1429, Latin at 1430 but only

for catch-phrase, into another uncertain language, but Hindi scheduled, aimed

SE from Tashkent

** AUSTRALIA. RA has changed its transmission schedule, apparently due to silly

ballgames. Jan 16 at 0617, 9580 was already on much earlier than usual *0800

with cricket and tennis coverage intermixed (unless 6-love has something to do

with wickets). Then at 1412, I found 5995 with Australian Open Tennis,

apparently live even tho it was after 1 am local time. Maybe they are playing

late at nite to avoid the heatwave. A bit earlier on the news at 1403 it was

reported that there was a major power failure in Victoria and use of

air-conditioners might have to be restricted

** GABON. Afropop music distraxion was on 17665 Jan 16 at 1458, G until

1530:30* Similar signal from ANU on 17630; also at 1500, 19160 harmonic, 2 x

9580, with news in French at S9 +10 level, but undermodulated

** GUIANA FRENCH. Big DRM buzz on 21615-21620-21625 at 1500 Jan 16, which is

temporary test this week from TDF toward NAm. Demonstrates how this band is

going to waste; analog stations from SAm, or anybody relayed via GUF could be

broadcasting successfully to NAm on it

** INDONESIA. RRI Serui, 4605, presumed, Jan 16 at 1427 with song; best

Indonesian on band, tho on 4870 there was a good carrier, but could detect no


** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBS World Radio (they pronounce the name in English even

during Spanish broadcast), 6045 via Sackville, Tue Jan 16 at 0628 was closing

program ``hasta el próximo lunes``. Therefore they are running the previous

day`s program on these broadcasts for Europe

** MEXICO. XEYU is back after about 3 weeks of inactivity. Jan 16 at 0622 heard

classical piano sonata on 9599.4, a dead giveaway it`s R. Universidad Nacional;

no het at this time. Had not been heard at night in previous December tests;

not to be outdone by XEXQ? Europeans should try for these now. Fair signal; not

so good at next check 1424, discussion in Spanish re festivals; at 1530 piano

concerto. Music does not match AM or FM schedules at


** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, presumed, Jan 16 at 0629 with Badinerie, in clear after

KBS via Sackville went off; also just barely audible with piano at 1414

squeezed between FE stations

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. Unlike 24 hours before, RA was missing from 9580 at the

early hour of 0658 UT Jan 17: just Africa Numéro Un, Gabon, and ditto 24 hours

after that Jan 18 when ANU was quite good. Strangely, had no QRM from it when I

was hearing RA Jan 16.



Jan 18 at 1435, heard RA 9590 going from tennis (live and late?) to Nightlife

chat show joined in progress, apparently both from the ABC Local Radio network,

where that show is normally scheduled 10 pm - 2 am, AET, which would be 11-15

UT. How come RA is relaying Local Radio instead of Radio National? Summer

vacation I suppose has something to do with it, but I suspect RN still exists

even then. Furthermore, it seems to me that totally contradicting its name,

Local Radio is another NATIONAL network of ABC, right?

** CUBA. Checked at 1723 UT Jan 16, R. Rebelde was on 15370, not 15375, VG

signal // recently reported other new frequency, 17555, which was mixing

heavily, almost zero-beat with WYFR, but Cuba atop. Why does Cuba come up on

WYFR frequencies? Maybe retaliation for WYFR using 6000. Anyhow, Cuba has SW

transmitters to spare in the RHC 1500-2000 break

** CUBA [non]. Radio República via VT Communications, UK:

2200-2400  6135 RMP 500 kW / 285 deg Cuba Spanish

0000-0400  6185 RMP 500 kW / 285 deg Cuba Spanish

0200-0500  9630 SAC 250 kW / 176 deg Cuba Spanish Tue-Sat

0300-0400  6100 SAC 250 kW / 176 deg Cuba Spanish Tue-Sat

(DX Mix News, Bulgaria, Jan 16 via DXLD)

We had thought that 6100 was from Rampisham, not Sackville, following 6185

which ended at 0300. Please check whether 6185 is really on during the 03-04

hour. Also, are 9630 and 6100 synchronized at 03-04? 9630 is RMI-brokered,

while 6100 is supposedly not, so should be separate programming.

9630 and 5970 via Germany are brokered by RMI, one with VTC and the other with

TS, so my question about 6100 remains; also, it ought to be 7 days like 6135

and 6185 if it is in fact the final hour of that span instead of 0300 on 6185.

So I checked it out myself after 0300 UT Jan 17: there was nothing on 6185, no

jamming or RR audible; in fact no XEPPM either at least on the portable in the

iced-over yard. Both 9630 and 6100 were propagating, and they are not //, with

separate RR Spanish programs, and both jammed. BTW, aside from the jamming,

6100 RR is rather distorted, much like Planet Rock was a sesquimonth ago. From

this we still can`t be certain whether the 6100 site is now Sackville or Rampisham, but if it is Sackville, they are running separate RR transmissions

on 9630 and 6100.

Then Raúl Saavedra, Costa Rica, heard 6100 until 0359* but unseems Sackville,

mixed with rock music, Planet Rock again? And then I heard from Giampiero

Bernardini, Italy that RR was on new 6215 17 Jan until 0300*, so does that

replace 6185?


** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. DX Mix News, Bulgaria, shows R. Praga still relayed

via Canada in Spanish at 2330 on 6000. Confirmed 6000 with R. Praga at 2340 UT

Jan 16; however, it is still colliding with RHC in Spanish, roughly equal level

here! The former 2330 Sackville relay in English on 5990 is gone; that must

have collided too with a Cuban transmitter, as the squealing CRI relay in

English is again heard alone now.

R Prague`s own website http://www.radio.cz/en/frequencies continues to show

these as well as the defunct English relays at 1500 on 15160 and 0400 on 5990,

both via Sackville

** GABON. Afropop music distraxion was on 17655, Jan 18 at 1500




** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599.4, unlike 24 hours earlier, was not to be heard Jan 17

around 0656 (nor was XEXQ 6045), but XEYU was on at 1448 with oompah band

(called Ichán or something like that), then full ID as R. Universidad Nacional

Autónoma de México, and talk about Latin America`s largest supercomputer being

at UNAM. Usual het until 1500 from something on 9600.0, presumably CRI in

Khmere as in EiBi. Julián Santiago says the nominal testing hours of XEYU are

now 12-24 UT. Also heard Jan 19 at 1440 with monolog on Oaxaca, but not earlier

at 0630 check

** TURKEY. Listened to Live from Turkey webcast, Tue Jan 16 tuning in late at

2000; hosts were talking about David Crystal. Apparently his comment some time

ago that the show was no longer live came to their attention, but they assure

us it is. They criticised how he just wants to say his piece rather than have a

conversation or answer questions about Israel vs Palestine --- but nevertheless

he is welcome to call every week. He did not this week, nor did anyone, at

least not after I started listening.

Live from Turkey, Thu Jan 18 around 1400 on 12035 and 11735, had Christer

Brunström from Sweden, I think, discussing global warming. Poor-fair reception

on both

** CUBA. The clock is ticking on RHC`s 15230, which has been colliding with

China-via-Canada for several winters now (tho RHC was using 15230 for

sesquidecades before). Still there Jan 19 at 1429 check, and Jan 21 at 1450,

but supposed to switch to 15190 from Jan 22.

RHC had been closing 6000 earlier than 1400 for a while, but Jan 20 it was

still on at 1455 as sign-off announcement played. I did not copy the

frequencies mentioned, which never correspond exactly to reality anyway, but

tuned around the // ones. Ahá: 11805 was missing, so that was apparently the

transmitter which stayed on 6000 instead. However, next day, Jan 21 around

1450, 11805 was back and not 6000

** GABON. Chex of the Afropop music distraxion on its varying frequency: Jan 19

at 1427 on 17640, aside ANU 17630 with similar signal; Jan 20 at 1524 on 17660;

Jan 21 at 1448 on 17650

** GREECE. VOG, Greeks Everywhere was on again this Saturday Jan 20, interview

in English concluding (tho it sounded familiar, a repeat from a week or two

ago?), audible at 1455 on both 9420 and 17525 but 9420 as usual better

** GUIANA FRENCH. DRM test on 21615-21620-21625 continues, Jan 20 at 1531 and

Jan 21 at 1447 with buzz sounding like it`s enough to decode. Unclear what

programming or station this is, as not specified in original announcement of

tests thru Jan 23 toward Mexico City. But that`s beside the point, gee whiz?

I`ve looked thru all the posts about these tests on the DRMNA yg and most make

no mention whatsoever of the program content. Just this from moderator

Christopher in Salem OR: ``Programs seem to be in French, Russian (or other

Baltic language) and Spanish. I'd prefer English, but "we takes what we can


** HAWAII. KWHR, 9930, at 1444 Sunday Jan 21 with country-gospel music, English

announcement, occasional quick audio dropouts, but no jamming at all. On

weekdays at 14-17 Sound of Hope gets 9930 heavily jammed by the Chicoms

** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599.4, with a respectable signal now between Australia 9590

and Canada 9610; Jan 21 at 1441 with violin/piano sonata; also Jan 20 at 1459

with Spanish announcement. But still that het from China 9600.0 until 1500



** CUBA. RHC on new 15190, Jan 22 at 1445, ex-15230 which is now clear for CRI via Canada, after many months of collision, in the B-seasons. However, 15370 was missing; no loss here, as it has been so extremely strong that it

desensitizes the receiver for a good many myriahertz to either side. 15190,

aimed to SSAm is nowhere near as strong

** GUIANA FRENCH. DRM test on 21615-21620-21625 inaudible Jan 22 at 1605, so perhaps they left it early as had been speculated; instead quite strong on 17870-17875-17880; 13m propagation was not very good, with 21570 Spain JBA, no BBC Ascension 21470

** MEXICO. R. Educación, XEPPM, 6185, again active in the daytime, Jan 22 at

1507 with arts magazine, discussing guitar music, 1508 ID in passing, obit for

a movie producer, etc. S9 +15 and quite listenable, best signal on band at the

time. Altho I can`t say I have looked for it every morning, the last time I

heard 6185 during this time period was on the previous Monday, Jan 15.

XEXQ, 6045, classical music fading S9 to S7, Jan 22 at 1506, no ACI, much

weaker than 6185.

XEYU, 9599.2 approx., Jan 22 at 1602 with classical music. Frequency is

slipping downwards from previous 9599.4 area, instead of upwards to land on

9600.0 where it should really be to avoid hets

** SPAIN. REE, 17595, at 1607 Jan 22 opening El Vestuario program. When I saw

it on the schedule I figured it was about the theatre, or politics (dressing

room, literally, or cloakroom), but no! It`s about silly ballgames, so in this

sense it must mean locker room. If there is any doubt, their motto is ``toda la

actualidad deportiva, al desnudo.`` Too bad it`s just on radio

** U S A. I think WYFR is the only US station using 49m all day long; Jan 22 at

1555 very weak music I could not // to higher WYFR frequencies, so was not sure

what it was, but at 1559 usual frequency announcements by YL dutifully in

English. This is aimed due south, so not surprising it`s barely audible here.

Scheduled until 1945

* U S A. Someone recently noted that Brother Scare was missing from 6890, but

not any more: UT Jan 1 at 0237 found him on WWRB 6890 // 5745, while 3185 was running open carrier; shortly later found 3185 // 5050 with big band music

** ZAMBIA. Tnx to tip from Ron Howard, I checked the late NYE broadcast of

ZNBC, UT Jan 1 at 0217 on 5915 --- yes, several people talking animatedly, with

some allo`s, perhaps indicating phone calls, but difficult copy and unseemed

entirely in English. This listening session led me on to several other

interesting items at a time I don`t normally monitor much, even on NY Eve

** CHINA. A big buzz mixed with talk in Mandarin, on 11785, VOA scheduled, Jan

26 at 1456; not your usual type of jamming from China, but can hardly be


** GABON. Jan 26 at 1458 check, Afropop music distraxion was on 17660, and

Africa N. Un was missing again from 17630. Suppose this means one transmitter

at Moyabi is down or otherwise occupied

** MEXICO. Another post-midnight check Jan 26 at 0625 did not find any signal

on 9599.2 from XEYU, no longer 24 hours, or just not propagating some nights?

Was audible around 1445, and also around 2100 when it again has a het from

something on 9600.0. Presumed XEXQ is still running late, with classical music

after 0630 Jan 26 on 6045. Has anyone heard this in Europe or Australia/NZ yet?

** ROMANIA. RRI IS Jan 26 at 0629 on 7180, 0630 opening English. Poor signal

but good modulation except mixed with roaring noise which in this case one must

suspect is in its own transmitter

** SPAIN. REE, 9630, starting maritime show Españoles en la Mar, Fri Jan 26 at

2106; heard no mention of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; does it still originate at

that studio?

** U S A. VOA, 15185, extremely strong in Hausa, Fri Jan 26 at 2058 talking

about Singapore, Nigeria, Iraq to abrupt 2059* amid VOA theme music. Current

VOA language sked shows this 2030-2100 M-F on 4940 9780 9815 11775 12080 15185.

So 15185 must be Greenville, directly off the back here. However, HFCC B-06

does not list 15185 for this, but instead 9815 as Greenville. BTW, the 9, 11

and 12 MHz frequencies are also on the air Sat/Sun during this semihour in

French but from different sites than weekdays. EiBi shows both 9815 and 15185

as Greenville for Hausa. Did not check 9815 for super-strength too

** U S A [non]. Jan 26 at 2100 I was on 11845, hearing Adventist World Radio

``Voice of Hope`` ID in English, then into hymn set to tune of Beethoven`s Ode

to Joy, where Schiller`s should have been respected as the ultimate lyrix for

that; then late at *2101 on came RCI with news in Quebecois, mixing, and a few

seconds later, no more AWR. Checking EiBi, I see that AWR would have been

Yoruba at 2030-2100 via South Africa to West Africa, running over

** U S A. Explaining my hearing WWCR-4 on 5765 instead of 7465: ``01.22.2007.

We are extending the use of 5765 until 1600 UT due to interference issues with

7465. This change will most likely remain in effect for the month of January.

This is for transmitter #4 1400-1600 UT``

** U S A. WYFR mixing product on 9750, 9680 over 9715, was not audible when

checked about 24 hours later, Jan 26 at 0625

** U S A. WTJC, 9370, back on the air after missing several days, first noted

Jan 26 at 0627 with piano music; VG signal and modulation; perhaps they were

working on improving that. Now how about WBOH 5920v which has been off

frequency and with spurs??

** U S A. WBCQ, 18910-LSB, at 2055 Jan 26 with preacher, very little carrier

and hard to copy without BFO; must be suppressed a lot more than 6 dB


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony ICF 2010


I'm still working on the current CME, and was going to wait until the end of the month to submit all of my logs. But I have a feeling last night's loggings on 60 meters for the Pan American portion of the CME will be all I manage on that band.

It's really depressing; I can remember back in the 1960s, 1970s, and most of the 1980s when 60 meters was packed until 0500 to 0600 UTC with stations from Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, etc.  Stations like Radio Rumbos, Ecos del Torbes, Radio

Barquisimeto, Radio Brasil Central, Ondas del Meta, etc., were nightly powerhouses with entertaining local music and programming. And now? Here is all I managed last night (January 21, in UTC):

4800 Radio Buenas Nuevas, Guatemala, with Spanish religious music on guitars, etc., and female announcer 0422, Fair signals with fading.

4810 Radio Transcontinental, Mexico City, female announcer and talk in Spanish, fair signals but rhythmic, "ocean waves" fading pattern 0436.

5000 WWWVH, Hawaii, time signals with female announcer under WWV 0441.

5025 Radio Rebelde, Cuba, killer signal with female talking over musical background 0443.

Receiver was Sony ICF-2010 using its whip antenna.

It's hard to believe how barren this band has become; it's like visiting a ghost town and trying to imagine what it was like as a vital, thriving community. If anyone doubts the era of shortwave broadcasting is passing into history, just tune 60 meters!


Down in the Basement [LW]


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA


Keith got this on 505 kHz:



Its K2ORS from Jamestown NY wishing him a Happy New Year! Its part of the new 500 kHz test beacons allowed to the Amateurs.


Ira Elbert New III – Watkinsville, GA 

Drake R8B and 135’ wire

526 ZLS Stella Maris Bahamas 1/1

162 FRANCE France-Inter, Allouis - 01/06/07 2330 - Man and woman  speaking French. Good, steady signal (S4).

183 GERMANY Europe 1, Saarlouis - 01/06/07 2325 - 2 men and a woman 

speaking French. Good, steady signal (S5).

216 FRANCE RMC Info + Relays, Roumoules - 01/06/07 2320 - 2 men  speaking

French. Good, steady signal (S7) mixed with CLB CAROLINA  BEACH NDB in

Wilmington, NC.


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AR7030 and Quantum QX Pro


2007-01-04 04:52 392    VEP   83    Y   Vero Beach, FL, USA

2007-01-04 04:43 356    PB    142   Y   'Rubin'  West Palm Beach, FL, USA

2007-01-04 04:41 338    FJ    88    Y   Luuce, FL, USA

2007-01-01 19:45 275    FPR   93    Y   Fort Pierce, FL, USA

2007-01-01 19:53 270    TPF   70    Y   'Knight'  Tampa, FL, USA

2007-01-01 20:01 261    CHN   68    Y   WAUCHULA, FL, USA

2007-01-01 20:11 253    RHZ   44    Y   ZEPHYRHILLS, FL, USA

2007-01-04 04:34 245    JYL   292   Y   Sylvania, GA, USA

2007-01-02 04:20 242    PJN   176   Y   'Plantation'  Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

2007-01-02 04:37 221    OR    6     Y   HERNY, FL, USA

2007-01-02 05:01 216    CLB   444   Y   Wilmington / Carolina Beach, NC, USA

2007-01-04 04:00 198    DIW   486   Y   Dixon, NC, USA

2007-01-07 05:42 407    BZ    277   Y   'Bullo'  Statesboro, GA, USA

2007-01-07 06:07 350    LE    543   Y   'Leevy'  Raleigh, NC, USA

2007-01-07 06:02 350    DF    1915  Y   Deer Lake, NL, CAN

2007-01-07 06:18 347    PA    2113  Y   PRINCE ALBERT, SK, CAN

2007-01-07 06:37 329    CH    325       'Ashly'  Charleston, SC, USA

2007-01-10 05:06 423    OC    64    Y   JUMPI, FL, USA

2007-01-11 05:44 368    TP    68    Y   COSME, FL, USA

2007-01-11 05:48 366    YMW   1265  Y   Maniwaki, QC, CAN

2007-01-11 05:37 365    DYB   328   Y   'Dorchester Co'  Summerville, SC, USA

2007-01-11 05:40 363    RNB   842   Y   'Rainbow'  Millville, NJ, USA

2007-01-11 05:29 360    PN    1731  Y   Port-Menier / Ile Anticosti, QC, CAN

2007-01-11 05:33 360    PI    81    Y   CAPOK, FL, USA

2007-01-11 05:31 360    HIT   330   Y   SANDERVILLE, GA, USA

2007-01-11 05:20 357    EYA   139   Y   'Eastport'  Jacksonville, FL, USA

2007-01-07 06:07 350    LE    543   Y   'Leevy'  Raleigh, NC, USA

2007-01-07 06:02 350    DF    1915  Y   Deer Lake, NL, CAN

2007-01-07 06:18 347    PA    2113  Y   PRINCE ALBERT, SK, CAN

2007-01-11 04:59 344    ZIY   631   Y   George Town  (Grand Cayman Isl, CYM

2007-01-11 04:42 332    HEG   130   Y   'Herlong'  Jacksonville, FL, USA

2007-01-10 05:28 326    ZEF   547   Y   'Zephyr'  Elkin, NC, USA

2007-01-09 05:28 227    LA    50    Y   WIREY, FL, USA

2007-01-09 05:44 206    GLS   806       Galveston, TX, USA

2007-01-09 05:40 204    LCQ   139   Y   LAKE CITY, FL, USA

2007-01-09 05:54 198    DIW   486       Dixon, NC, USA

2007-01-12 01:19 417    EVB   54    Y   NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL, USA

2007-01-12 04:40 407    BZ    277       'Bullo'  Statesboro, GA, USA

2007-01-12 01:14 404    CKI   378   Y   Kingstree, SC, USA

2007-01-12 05:00 350    LE    543       'Leevy'  Raleigh, NC, USA

2007-01-12 04:54 348    UHA   385   Y   HAVANA, CUB

2007-01-12 05:06 346    PCM   51        Plant City, FL, USA

2007-01-12 05:12 341    FM    135   Y   CALOO, FL, USA

2007-01-12 00:59 340    JES   218   Y   SLOVER, GA, USA

2007-01-12 05:24 338    FJ    88        Luuce, FL, USA

2007-01-12 00:32 326    PKZ   371   Y   'Pickens'  Pensacola, FL, USA

2007-01-12 00:30 275    FPR   93        Fort Pierce, FL, USA

2007-01-12 00:24 269    GN    96    Y   WYNDS, FL, USA

2007-01-12 00:19 260    MTH   257   Y   MARATHON, FL, USA

2007-01-11 23:59 206    VNC   111   Y   VENICE, FL, USA

2007-01-13 05:26 376    ZIN   707   Y   Matthew Town  (Great Inagua Is, BAH

2007-01-13 05:30 376    BHC   237   Y   Baxley, GA, USA

2007-01-13 05:16 363    RNB   843       'Rainbow'  Millville, NJ, USA

2007-01-13 05:06 280    MQW   270   Y   Mc. Rae, GA, USA

2007-01-13 04:55 280    MPG   715   Y   Progreso  (Yucatan), MEX

2007-01-13 04:28 261    CHN   67        WAUCHULA, FL, USA

2007-01-13 04:34 245    JYL   294       Sylvania, GA, USA

20070119 05:04 206   QI    500  2188  Yarmouth, NS, CAN

20070114 04:51 216   CLB   0    716   Wilmington / Carolina Beach, NC, USA

20070114 04:32 248   FRT   400  726   'Fairmont'  Spartanburg, SC, USA

20070126 03:38 243   IAK   25   145   PALATKA, FL, USA

20070125 05:59 336   MCZ   25   921   Williamston, NC, USA

20070128 06:48 379   BRA   0    771   'Broad River'  Asheville, NC, USA

20070128 06:40 379   TL    400  356   'Wakul'  Tallahassee, FL, USA

20070128 07:00 380   UCY   100  631   'Cayabo'  Cayajabos  (Pinar da, CUB

20070128 06:28 380   UMB   0    554    , GA, USA

20070128 06:14 382   YPL   1000 2665  Pickle Lake, ON, CAN

20070128 06:06 382   VKS   0    1006  VICKSBURG, MS, USA

20070128 05:50 384   JB    0    718   Jigel, NC, USA


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada

Drake R-8B Quantum QX Pro Loop



252 - Middle Eastern music, very, very strong, likely Algeria (New) -

no sign of Ireland

207 - more Middle Eastern music, but not as 'pop' sounding as on 252



The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada

Pontiac Vibe Radio and 31” whip


Caught some nice FM trop this morning on the way to work, including

89.9 Hal-FM [CHNS-FM] Halifax NS.  Like MBS stations, the station

brand, but no other info, shows up in the Vibe radio RDS display.

Its warm and wet - well, warm for January.  The tiny bit of snow is

melting fast and will dissapear with the mist and rain.  Makes nice

conditions for short to medium range FM DX.


The Visible Universe [TV]


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

White 13” TV and old RS antenna


Here in southeastern Tennessee, Starting at 1/8 1750 EST, I had KACV-2 and

KAMR-4 from Armadillo, TX coming in like 'Gang busters.' At 2000 EST the

skip has moved south into Mexico. Have no idea what channel 2 I am receiving

from Mexico, but it is strong. The above was with my big TV and outside


Moving back to the radio room, my little B&W TV and a piece of wire tacked

to the ceiling, I was seeing Mexico on channels 2 and 4. There is a strong

floater on channel 3, but can not ID it, with local WRCB in Chattanooga.

Nice opening for Es




Nothin’ But Net [Net logs]


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


Jan 05,2007

Bend Community Radio Broadcasts signal live on the ‘Net by Bend Weekly News Sources

First Bend radio station to “Stream”


KPOV-LPFM, 106.7, Bend Community Radio announced Tuesday that it is broadcasting its radio signal live over the Internet.  Listeners can now log on to the KPOV website at www.kpov.org and click on the "Listen Now" button to hear Bend's only local, listener-supported, volunteer-powered community radio station.


“We are thrilled to be able to expand our listening audience and provide a new way to listen to KPOV,” said Board President Mike Riley.


KPOV has an FCC license to broadcast a low-power, four-watt signal a limited area that is about the size of the City of Bend. The combination of its low power signal, tower location on Awbrey Butte, and local topography in Bend means many people can't hear the station, even though they live nearby the broadcast tower. Internet broadcasting—or streaming—is a new way for people to access the station’s signal from any computer with an internet connection.


We heard from a lot of local people who wanted to hear the station but couldn't receive the signal.  So we set a goal to be streaming by January 1, 2007,” continued Riley.  “Thanks to the hard work of a lot of volunteers these last few weeks—researching streaming, setting up our systems and then testing everything—we made that goal.” 


While the main focus was to improve access to KPOV for listeners in Bend, streaming over the internet will allow people anywhere in the world to listen to KPOV.  “It's exciting for our volunteer DJs that their family and friends around the country and the world can now log on and hear their radio shows,” Riley said.


The Bend company I Love My Wifi is donating the costs of KPOV’s high speed, CD quality stream.  “We really appreciate the support and enthusiasm shown by the folks at I Love My Wifi,” said KPOV Board member Ted Schoenborn, who coordinated the streaming effort.


“We were also pleasantly surprised to learn, after a bit of Internet research, that we are the first Bend station to stream its signal live,” continued Schoenborn.  


Additional costs for streaming will run the radio station about $1,500 per year in increased music licensing fees and purchased internet bandwidth to ensure a reliable signal.  KPOV is a community supported radio station.  Riley hopes that better access to the broadcast signal will mean more listeners and increased financial support for the station over the long run.


About KPOV


KPOV is a listener-supported, volunteer-powered community radio station heard throughout the Bend area.  After eighteen months on the air, KPOV now broadcasts around the clock at 106.7 FM with nearly 50 locally-produced shows featuring a wide range of music and talk not heard on other commercial and public radio stations in the area.  KPOV also features syndicated programming including Democracy Now, Bioneers, and Free Speech Radio News.


The mission of KPOV is to educate, entertain and involve the community by giving voice to diverse cultures and viewpoints through high quality, low-power radio.  For more information or to donate or volunteer, please call 322-0863, visit the website at www.kpov.org, or drop by the studio at 501 NW Bond Street, Bend, OR.


http://www.wxyc.org/about/first/  WXYC has been at it since 1994.....





All the CBC podcasts you could ever want, almost.


http://dagskra.ruv.is/streaming/ras1/live/ Programming from Rikisutvarpid Iceland on RAS1 207 kHz


http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/realplayer/media/lwg2.ram BBC Radio 4 London 198 kHz NBN feed.



Chechnya Free Radio 171 kHz


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


The January orgy season is underway at Harvard`s webcasting WHRB, a feast of music by single composers, performers, or odd topics, mostly but not all classical. Details:

http://www.whrb.org/pg/JanFeb2007.html or


After the current War Horse orgy, it gets a lot more esoteric. Enjoy!


This tops them all: KXMS, ``Fine Arts Radio International``, Joplin MO, uses off-air pickup from 88.7 and the signal is often lost completely. In fact right now, 1710 UT Jan 18, I am hearing assorted noises other than KXMS itself via the play link at


Even when it`s working, it`s lamentably lo-fi for a classical music station. Check their daily advance playlist of original and creative programming.

Also happens occasionally that when the KXMS pickup is lost (like a brief transmitter failure) the receiver scans upward and lands on the next strong signal higher, whatever that may be, such as KRPS 89.9, public radio in Pittsburg KS, which does not stream itself.


Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC


My personal favorite is:  www.957theride.com It's a Hickory,N.C. station , WXRC, which plays Album oriented oldies, real low key jocks, but mostly music.....serves the Charlotte area.... 


Michael Richard – Evanston, WY



Listened to this for several hours while working yesterday.  Really sounds good.  Too bad it can’t be a real station and has to be HD2 / Internet only.

Too bad oldies stations like this are going down the tubes.

Been checking out oldies ( or pseudo-oldies ) stations on the web lately just to see the state of oldies stations these days.  


K-Earth 101 in Los Angeles.  Actually sounds pretty good although it was the weekend and I couldn't tell what normal programming sounds like.  They had an "All 60s Saturday / All 70s Sunday" going on and it was Sunday.  Not sure if they've steered away from 50s tunes and just maily 60s and 70s tunes or not.  This is one of those oldies stations that has stood the test of time.  Really surprised CBS didn't pull the plug like they did in New York to put Jack.  I guess JACK was already on over there. 


Decided to check in on KOMA even though their oldies are long gone from the 1520 AM slot - I knew they still had their FM and were still doing oldies.  At least last I knew.  Sadly, it doesn't sound anything like what it did when we could still listen to the oldies at 1520.  It has gone the typical way of the oldies ( or former oldies ) stations and it 60s and 70s music.  Seems they don't even USE the word "oldies" anymore.  Lots of early-mid 70s and some mid-late 60s.  


KLKL in Minden (Shreveport) , LA.  Oldies 95.7 they call it.  Better.  At least they don't mind saying the word "Oldies".  Enjoy listening to this one.  Sounds more like an oldies station than the other two=============


Edward MacDonald – Kansas City, MO


http://www.kxtr.com/ KXTR/WDAF 1660 Classical music


Eric Berger – Detroit, MI


www.wpon.com  -- this is for semi-local WPON-1460 from Walled Lake, MI. They have a bunch of talk shows mixed in throughout the day, but when they play Oldies, they play RARE OLDIES -- specializing in the first decade of rock and roll, complete with lively, upbeat DJs, the whole shot. With that station, you're just as likely to hear the Four

Preps as you are to hear a lesser-known record by the Temptations.

There's also Industrial Info (I think they're at industrialinfo.com or something like that) which carries Crazy Al's Radio Party and Lunch With Larry -- a couple of more Rare Oldies shows. Crazy Al always did a fun show -- his records usually revolve around a story he's telling.


Extra, Extra! [News]


Bob Foxworth – Tampa, FL


Live and Local takes a hit in Tampa tnx to CC


An interesting and troubling development in Tampa radio tonight, as Mark Beiro, who has hosted part-time on WFLA 970 for over a dozen years, teased an "important announcement" to be made by him at 9 tonight.


The announcement was not hard to pre-guess. As I suspected, Mark announced his "retirement" from his three-hour Sunday evening show, one of the very few liberal voices (Lionel, Saturdays, another) on FLA. The "choice" of retirement was "offered" to him over lunch on Tuesday, and came via Gabe Hobbs, a high ranking local exec in the CC managerial lineup.


Beiro, always the gentleman, simply said that Hobbs merely had to leave him a voicemail, and that doing lunch was a decent touch. The three words in quotes above are my editorial license, BTW.


Beiro, incidentally, suffers from diabetic blindness and his future employment options are subject to speculation, as his vision is somewhat degraded.


The bottom line, briefly is that the edict came from San Antonio, and is part of a "zero budget" initiative now forming throughout the CC organization. This means that, unlike shows such as Cigar Dave (on Saturday daytime) which bring in revenue, this kind of show does not pay its way. It will probably be replaced with another repeat of Hannity or Limbaugh, which apparently create zero additional expense, compared to paying a local air talent. And they DID have a number of ads on Beiro's time slot. None of those stupid HD promos are heard any more.


This is unfortunate as such syndie shows add nil to local content. Beiro, being live and local, always had local content, but this is not important to the CC org, unless it can find a way to yield profit, always a very tall order on Sunday evenings.


Beiro took calls during the last half hour, and I called in (this is while the Pats-Colts thriller was playing out the 3rd and 4th quarter). The switchboard was jammed.


I finally got a free line about 9.52 and got on at about 9:57. I made the point that I believed we "need more local content, the way that 1040 is doing", and I also said it was happening while CC was "spending millions to implement the failed technology that is HD radio on AM".


I have little doubt that Mr. Hobbs was listening. It is to Beiro's credit that he was allowed to do his last show after being cut.  Maybe at the staff meeting tomorrow, when they plan whether to give us the 2nd repeat of Limbaugh or the next repeat of Hannity, someone will mention that "a listener mentioned HD on Beiro. What's that?"


Live and Local. What a concept.


It even works when the HD signal is turned off !!


HD in Tampa, FL


I just did a bandscan with the accurian, and wire dipole, indoors, 2nd floor, NW Tampa, at  28 deg 03.3 min, 82 deg 37.5 min W.


I tried to make this a valid test in the content of Joe Average Listener, by using the stock antenna in a home setting. No log periodics on an 80 foot tower here.


Stations not decoding as having any HD are not shown.


Stations with "different pgm" were all music except WUSF, on HD2. This could be time of day dependent. I did this at 10 AM. WUSF on HD2 seems to constantly be running Fresh Air analogues, but I haven't listened enough to get a good handle on that


There was either "no data" "song title data stationary" or "song title scrolling"


88.5    WMNF    HD    -    no data.

89.7    WUSF    HD    HD2    different px. Scrolling data on 2 only, "wusf 89.7-2

                    The Diane Rehm Show"

93.3    WFLZ    HD    -    song title data, no scroll  50 ms fallback unsync

94.1    WSJT    HD    HD2    same px on 1 and 2. No data. HD2 not always visible..

94.9    WWRM    HD    HD2    different px. No data.

95.7    WBTP    HD    -    no data

97.1    -    -    -    won't decode a HD1, tries to link to a HD2 here but won't succeed

97.9    WXTB    HD    -    no data

99.5    WQYK    HD    HD2    different px. No data. "WQYK Country HD-2" aurally.

100.7    WMTX    HD    -    song title data, no scrolling

101.5    WPOI    HD    HD2    different px. No data.

102.5    WHPT    HD?    HD2?    shows call ltrs only but no HD icon, no data (too weak?)

103.5    WFUS    HD    -    "US 103-5 the new US 103-5" data, or

songtitle data, no scroll

104.7    WRBQ    HD    HD2    different px. No data ("Q-105" aurally)

105.5    WDUV    HD    HD2    different px. No data.

107.3    WXGL    HD    HD2    different px. No data ("The eagle"



This is 14 FM confirmed audible here with HD, and 8 of those also had the HD2 lit up. There are probably "local" stations that do not show well enough to decode here, as well. So this list is not "gospel".


I did not survey the degree (if any) of time unsync during analog fallback as this would involve forcing an unlock of each station, except WFLZ was weak enough to make it evident. I just resurveyed WSJT and now they are not decoding HD at all and I don't know if this is work at the xmtr, or just their less than local grade signal level.


Kevin Redding - Gilbert, AZ


Canada Says "OK" to HD Radio


The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has revised its policy to allow HD Radio to enter Canada’s digital radio broadcasting arena. Using the HD Radio technology, existing AM and FM stations can broadcast digital signals along with the analog, providing multiple channels of programming on the same frequency, known as “multicasting”. 

In addition to allowing for programming expansion via these multicasts, the technology’s developer, iBiquity Digital Corp., says that HD Radio provides improved sound quality over analog service. It can also allow for other neat options, like scrolling text and graphics content on the display of a receiver; and real-time traffic updates. HD Radio’s in-channel, on-band (IBOC) system is already available to approximately 80 per cent of the U.S. population through more than 1,100 AM and FM radio stations; and receivers are available from about 20 manufacturers. 

In its Public Notice CRTC 2006-160, the Commission said it would be prepared to authorize services using the IBOC/HD Radio technology for the AM and FM bands if the Canadian department of  Industry authorizes it under the Radiocommunication Act. The CRTC added that “an expedited process would be adopted for stations that propose to transmit a digital simulcast of their analog service.”  

“The HD Radio system is ideal for Canadian broadcasters and listeners, allowing stations to offer more than one programming stream without the need for more or different spectrum,” said Robert Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity Digital. “Programmers will be able to offer their content in both French and English, as well as create new channels for Canada’s diverse population. We welcome this decision by the CRTC, and we look forward to the opportunity to assist Canadian AM and FM broadcasters with their digital conversions. 

“The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) began HD Radio testing in September 2006, focusing on transmissions from Toronto and Peterborough, Ontario,” Struble added. “Full results have not yet been published by the CBC, but early feedback has been very positive. There are plans to begin testing on MW-AM operations in early 2007.” 

Since HD Radio does not require an additional spectrum, the transition would likely be seamless for providers, should they opt to participate in the technology. 

HD Radio technology is currently being tested and adopted in more than a dozen countries throughout the world, including: Australia, France, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand and Ukraine.

For more information, visit www.ibiquity.com or www.hdradio.com










Published: 1/2/2007 11:13:42 AM


Spanish-language radio station tops Arbitron ratings share.

La Ley 98.9 FM rides the success of its morning show, 'El Chulo y La Bola.'

By Omar L. Gallaga



Thursday, January 25, 2007

The shift in Central Texas demographics — as more Spanish-speaking residents move into the area — is reverberating over the radio airwaves.

Austin's Spanish-language radio station La Ley (98.9 FM) is celebrating the most recent Arbitron radio ratings: It scored a 6.4 rating among all listeners ages 12 and up, making it, by that measure, the top radio outlet in the Austin market for the fall 2006 period.

The accomplishment is remarkable for the station, one of seven in this market owned by Border Media Partners, given that its competition includes English-language stations owned by radio juggernaut Clear Channel Communications.

The score means 6.4 percent of Central Texans listening to the radio for a least five minutes during a 15-minute period were tuned to La Ley.

In the cumulative ratings, which measure audience as a percentage of all persons estimated to be in a specified demographic group, whether they listen to the radio or not, La Ley suffers in comparison. It drops to 12th in the market behind more established stations such as top-ranked KBPA 103.5 (BOB-FM), owned by Emmis Communications, and KHFI 96.7 (KISS-FM), owned by Clear Channel.

Still, La Ley's ratings win caused its owners at BMP to crow at a celebratory party at Opal Divine's this week.

The company attributed its success to its popular morning show, "El Chulo y La Bola" — a high-energy and often raunchy program that is based in Austin but also airs on BMP-owned La Ley stations in San Antonio, Laredo, Waco and McAllen — as well as its popular regional Mexican music format.

Romeo Herrera, operations manager for BMP Austin, said the station has benefitted from a growing Latino population in Austin, many of them from Mexico.

"We recognize our audience, the Hispanic community, and we're very close to our people," Herrera said in Spanish. "('El Chulo y La Bola') gets better every day. It talks about real life, the reality in which we live. Austin loves it."

Although the morning show dipped in ratings during the summer months, it rebounded in the most recent Arbitron measures.

The regional Mexican format, which plays styles of music including Norteño and banda, has eclipsed Tejano and Latin alternative stations in popularity. The strong performance of such stations in major markets begs the question of whether underperforming stations may switch to similar formats to capitalize on demographic shifts.


Some research suggests that listeners of Spanish-language radio tend to stay glued to the dial for longer. The ratings shift could also signal that some English-language listeners might be migrating to newer technologies: iPods, satellite radio or online broadcasts.

Mac Daniels, operations manager for Clear Channel Austin, said he attributes La Ley's achievement to Austin's shifting population.

"They have a very loyal audience," Daniels said. "It appears that the ethnic makeup of Austin is changing somewhat."

Bright spots for Clear Channel include stout audiences for country music on KVET and the 10th-place ranking of KPEZ 102.3, the River, a Christian adult contemporary station from which the company expects big things.

Meenakshi Gautam, a senior media strategist at Austin's the David Group Inc., which follows the local radio market, said that English-language radio stations are more fragmented in the market, with fewer clear winners, and that Spanish-dominant listeners have fewer options and tend to cluster to a particular station.

She said the Mexican regional format is generally preferred by first-generation Mexican immigrants.

"It hands-down beats the other formats," Gautam said. "The format has always been the fastest-growing."

Univision Radio, owner of KINV 107.7 Recuerdo, which competes with BMP stations, would not comment. KINV was ranked was ranked 13th in Austin in share ratings and 17th in the cumulative ratings.

Arbitron Inc. said last year that it was expanding its surveys for Latino radio listeners in several cities including Austin. The changes included asking survey-takers whether their primary language is English or Spanish and whether they are bilingual. It also now asks how many members of a household are Hispanic.

The company conducts surveys four times a year. Data from the expanded surveys were introduced last year.

ogallaga@statesman.com; 445-3672


Spanish station tops radio ratings

By Dick Kreck

Denver Post Staff Writer

Article Last Updated: 01/23/2007 12:14:54 PM MST


For the first time in Denver radio history, a Spanish-language station has finished atop the Arbitron ratings.

The Fall 2006 ratings, released Monday, show KXPK 96.5-FM first among 

listeners 18-49 and 25-54 years old, the two most closely watched categories.

KXPK, known as La Tricolor, recorded an 8.5 share among 18-49 year olds and a 6.1 share among 25-54 year olds.

Industry experts attributed the increases, up almost two rating points from the station s spring figures, to two factors: Arbitrons change in how it measures stations and the move of popular morning show host Eddie Piolin Sotelo from KBNO 1280-AM to KXPK.

KXPK is owned by Entravision Communications Corp. of Santa Monica,


The top-10 stations in the Fall 2006 Arbitron (25-54): KXPK, 6.2; KBCO 97.3-FM, 6.1; KOSI 101.1-FM, 5.9; KYGO, 5.6; KQKS 107.5-FM, 4.6; KOA 850-AM, 4.5; KJCD 104.3-FM, 3.7; KRFX 103.5-FM, 3.7; KALC 105.9-FM, 3.7, and KXKL 105.1-FM, 3.3.



Mika Makelainen – Washington DC / Finland


If driving hundreds of miles just to listen to the radio isn't crazy enough, picture this: I flew thousands of miles from Washington D.C. to Finland to try to pick up stations from around Washington D.C. Well, going to Finland was really a Christmas vacation trip, but a DXpedition to Lemmenjoki was a vital ingredient of it. Fortunately we had some leeway in the timing so that both I and fellow DXer Jari Ruohomäki were able to head north right after Christmas to enjoy improving conditions until the expected rise in solar activity would hit in early January...


Read the full story with pictures at http://www.dxing.info/dxpeditions/lem239rep.dx


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada


Canadian-based radio station about to hit airwaves in Kandahar city

Wed Jan 3, 8:54 AM

By Bill Graveland


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - The Canadian military will begin radio broadcasts in Kandahar this week, but forget about comparisons with the movie Good Morning Vietnam.


In the movie, actor Robin Williams played an irreverent disc jockey with American armed forces radio who used his unorthodox style to boost morale among American troops.


Canada's RANA-FM, on the other hand, will specifically target Afghan residents, primarily those between the ages of 15 and 25.


"(We) want to give them pretty much a progressive station that plays a lot of music and promotes the Afghan way of life," said Capt. Robin Thibault, 32, of Montreal.


"It allows us to demystify what we're trying to do and accomplish in their area and help us to explain to people, better, who we are."


The station, 88.5 on the radio dial, is scheduled to hit the airwaves Jan. 6 and will also provide the commander of Joint Task Force Afghanistan, Brig.-Gen. Tim Grant, a means to talk to the people of Kandahar, although officials insist the station will not be a propaganda tool.


It will play mostly Bollywood and modern Afghan music and would be considered "on the edge" by Afghan standards. And in a bit of a twist, the radio station itself is located in an unidentified city in Canada.


"We have Canadian-Afghan presenters, mostly true-Pashto speakers so they'll be recognizable to the people of Kandahar city," he said.


"We're located in Canada but linked into Afghanistan by satellite and basically we just rebroadcast the transmission," said Thibault.


The station will also provide public affairs programming dealing with international sporting events and include features on Afghans living in other countries. Basing the radio station in Canada is simply part of security measures.


"The station is safe back home. It's because of the security threat that we're facing right now. The reason we didn't have the station here to begin with is because of the security aspect," said Thibault, who notes BBC Pashto already broadcasts into Afghanistan

from London along with Voice of America, which comes from Washington, D.C.


"As you know, I think it was in April or May that an interpreters' bus was blown up on the way to Kandahar Airfield and that's what we're trying to prevent," he said.


The 300-watt radio station will have limited reach by Canadian standards but should be strong enough to hit all of Kandahar city since it is "half the size of west island of Montreal but with a greater populace."


The call letters, RANA, is a Pashtun-Dari word that means light.


"Our slogan is 'Light in your life,' " he said.


"We want to be a factual, unbiased radio station so we need to be credible, . . . we cannot be western or push western views or values," Thibault said.


If the commander of the Canadian task force wants to address the people of Kandahar, it would be part of public affairs programming and with the use of a translator.


RANA-FM is not competing with any local radio stations and will not sell advertisements, aiming instead for a target audience that nobody else has hit before.


But by offering what the military calls progressive messages, modern music and a pipeline for the Canadian views, it is bound to attract the attention of the Taliban. And that is something Thibault acknowledges.


"Once the people start to take sides and the Taliban realize people are not taking their side then chances are the Taliban are going to be very upset by what we're trying to do," he said.






Brent Taylor – Doaktown, NB, Canada


Hi, everyone


After a too-long absence I've just posted another episode of the DX Podcast, if you want to give it a listen.  I'm trying out a new feed.  It already works OK with iTunes as far as I can tell.  I can't promise regularity with my schedule, but I'll try!




Feed is at:



File is at:



John Callarman - Krum TX


Since my post this morning, Fred Cantú has added a by-frequency FM list and a by frequency TV list. Access via his regular address http://www.mexicoradiotv.com


Testing, Testing…


Eric Berger – Detroit

GE Superadio III


Is anybody hearing the WMRO test this morning?    

Here in Detroit, I'm getting a Sports station faintly under WQEW New York, but so far no sign of WMRO. I believe the Sports station may be unneeded WPAD Paducah, KY. No matter where I aim the rx (GE Superadio III,) the Disney station is the most dominant.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


1450 KRSN DX Test heard here, sweep tones and Morse code heard weakly. 12:00-12:10 AM PST.


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Sony ICF 2010 and Kiwa Loop


1490   KRSN  NM  Los Alamos    1/28 0303  Fair signals, quite solid at times over UNID ESPN station (probably Tucson) with sweep tones and fast code IDs "VVV DE KRSN KRSN" etc.   Noted again around 0306 and 0309 but strongest at 0303 (when the recorder jack on my '2010 shorted out and ruined the recording; this has been a chronic problem with this receiver and I must get it fixed...).  New; I now have all three 1490s in NM.  (TRH-CA)


(Thanks to Mike and everyone else who helped make this test happen!  I may have to stay up another hour to see if I can get a better recording).


Mike Westfall – Los Alamos, NM

Thanks to all for trying this one.

So far I have seen reports from 7 listeners who heard the test.

They were:

Martin Foltz, Mission Viejo, CA;

Tim Hall, San Diego, CA;

Bill Block, Prescott Valley, AZ;

Wayne Heinen, Aurora, CO;

John Wilkins, Wheat Ridge, CO;

John Tucker, Mesa, AZ; and

Mike Sanburn, Bellflower, CA

Bob Wien, Fontana, CA

Please send your reports and recordings to dxtest@krsnam1490.com


Les Rayburn – Helena, AL


RESULTS OF WMRO 1560 & KRSN 1490 DX Tests

WMRO 1560khz, Gallatin, TN

General Manager Scott Bailey has done a lot for DX'ers this season. Despite having to deal with a major medical crisis in his own family, Bailey found time to run "inventory insert" DX tests overnight on WMRO's low power, and then followed this up with a full power, 1KW ND test during some scheduled maintenance. We want to offer our sincere thanks to Scott, and offer our prayers for his family. I suspect that we'll have another chance at a full power test again soon, possibly even before the end of this season.

Here are the results:

Due to circumstances beyond his control, the test actually aired one hour before the announced time (1AM Central Vs. 2AM Central) Scott did his best to notify the DXing community of the change a few hours before the test, sending out e-mails to most of the major DXing lists. Several DX'ers also tried to keep everyone in the loop on #mwdx which is a chat room used by many MW DX'ers, especially during tests.

Despite this, more than one DX'er missed out on hearing the test due to the time change. Scott has already held out the possibility of another test when the station does maintenance again. Even with this handicap, quite a few DX'ers managed to pull in the 1KW ND signal.

First to report the test was Jim Pogue, KH2AR in Memphis, TN. He reported the station "fighting it out" with WPAD in Kentucky on his NRD-535. Jim uses the Wellbrook LA5030 loop to good effect.

Next up was Curtis Sadowski of Paxton, IL who heard WMRO fade up over WPAD.

Wayne Heinen also reported hearing the solid sweep tones and Morse code from

the test at over 1,000 miles away.

Maryland got into the act, courtesy of Bill Harms and his K9AY/EWE/Phaser antenna farm. He reported hearing the Morse Code and sweeps throughout the test period. Bill's made some pretty amazing catches with that combination of antennas this season.

WQEW proved no match for the sweep tones/Morse, when Marc DeLorenzo pulled in WMRO over this pest in South Dennis, MA. His Cape Cod QTH usually helps out with the TA"s, but it's also a hot spot for domestic DX, as this logging proves. Dave Pyatt was able to snag the test from his home in Burlington, Ontario. He used an NRD 545 and a homebrew box loop antenna to null the nearby WQEW and pull out the sweep tones/Morse signals from Tennessee.

An AOR 7030+, some EWE antennas, and a Quantum Phaser helped Mike Stonebridge of St. Isidore, AB snag Morse Code ID's out from under Radio Disney's WQEW. Also hearing the test was Lee Freshwater of Ocala, FL, and John Sgrulletta of Mahopac, NY.

The time change and/or conditions meant that a few folks also went home empty handed on this test. Among them was Bob Foxworth in Tampa, FL. I suspect the DX Gods were angry at Bob, since he hears almost everything from his Gulf Coast QTH. Another poor soul was Bjarne Mjelde, who couldn't pull WMRO out from under KKAA and WQEW.

Patrick Martin wasn't able to pull out the full power test, but actually did log one of the earlier "inventory insert" tests---quite a catch from the West Coast! His non-logging supports the theory that conditions were far from ideal on the evening of the maintenance transmissions.

For many in the East WQEW's dominant signal proved too much to overcome. That was the case for Russ Edmunds in Blue Bell, PA.nulling it also weakens the desired signal from WMRO, making reception especially difficult. J.D. Stephens of Hampton Cove, AL also was unable to pull in the test, though I suspect that J.D. lies inside the "cone of silence" of the station, being too close for the first hop, and too far away for groundwave reception.



 Fade up over WPAD right before the sweep tones and Morse. "WMRO Blue October and Nickleback are up next!" I bet the tones and such confused what non-DX listeners they have this time of morning!

-Curtis Sadowski, Paxton, Illinois

WMRO made the trip with a single minute of sweep tones and Morse ID's surfacing over dominant KOCY last night...  Nice tape and nice reception of 1 kW at 1020 miles

-Wayne Heinen, Location Not Provided.

The WMRO 1560 test was heard in Maryland with voice IDs, music, sweep tones, and morse code IDs floating through WQEW with Disney programming.  It was audible about 5 to 10 % of the time.

-Bill Harms, Elkridge, Maryland

WMRO was not heard here, which was the expected result. WQEW has a very strong signal here, and if I null WQEW, I'm at least partially nulling WMRO as well. Thanks go to Scott Bailey for running the test despite my result!

-Russ Edmunds, Blue Bell, PA


KRSN 1490khz, Los Alamos, NM DX Test Results


In recent years our "model" for arranging new test has changed from the old method of "cold calling" on stations with request letters and phone calls, to our new method of relying more on personal contacts between members and broadcasters.

The success of the new method is hard to dispute. This test is a good case in point. The test was arranged almost entirely through the efforts of DX'er "Mesa Mike" Westfall, who reached out to the owners of his local graveyard station about the possibility of conducting a special DX test.

In this case, the BTC provided mostly moral and technical support, in the form of making up a CD of Morse Code ID's and sweep tones, and helping to get the word out. But all the "heavy lifting" was done by Mike. We're very grateful to him, along with Dave and Gillian, the owners of KRSN for this test.

Operating at only 640 Watts into a temporary antenna, this test did indeed prove difficult to hear, but some of the receptions prove that almost anything is possible if a station is sending Morse Code and Sweep Tones! A new GYDX record could have been claimed by at least two DX'ers thanks to this test. Before New Mexico was home to the world's first atomic bomb, it as the home of famous outlaw, Billy The Kid.in that spirit, we take you out West for the results.

Quickest on the draw was Martin Foltz of Mission Viejo, CA, shortly after the test began. Next up was Tim Hall in Chula Vista, CA.he has now managed to snag all three 1490 graveyard stations from the Land of Enchantment.

Nice catch, Tim! This shooting was done from 656 miles away, which would be

a new record reception of the flea powered KRSN.

Arizona Territory is home of radio gunslinger Bill Prescott, who used the weapon that "won the waves", the Drake R8 to put another notch in his log.

Prospectors flocked to California in years past, and it seemed that DX'ers looking to strike Gold should heed the old advice, "Go West, Young Man!".

Mike Sanburn of Bellflower, CA certainly found a nice nugget with his logging of the test on 1490.

Wayne Heinen is certainly a gun that's well known, even back East. He didn't even need his silver bullets to log KRSN on this night, though he did report their signal as a mite poorly.

A potential GY record may have been set by that Tennessee Terror, Jim Pogue of Memphis. Jim reported hearing snippets of code and sweep tones. He was sending the tape in for final verification.so we'll hold our breath until we see where the bullets land. Either Jim or Tim Hall is going to end up with the prize turkey from this shoot.

Searching for distant graveyard stations can often turn into a one way ticket to boot hill, and that was the case for many a gun hand this time.

Mike Hardester used his trusty Icom R-70 and his Radio West loop for all they were worth, but couldn't manage to snag KRSN's test signals from North Carolina. Still he expressed gratitude for the test, and vowed to return again to dig another day.

Pete Taylor can do more with a Sony 2010 than a lot of men can do with a modern, DSP war wagon, but still he was no match for the QRM and poor conditions on this night. Tacoma's fastest gun will have to hope for another showdown in the future.

Any outlaw would be proud to own the arsenal of Doug Pifer of Albany, OR. Packing a Drake R8B, and the always dangerous KIWA Loop, Doug can usually hit whatever he aims for. But even these sidearm's were no match for 1490 on this night.

Another fast gun who was left to die in the dust was that "North of the Border badman", Nick Hall-Patch. He owns the street in the IRCA, but not quite fast enough for the likes of KRSN. Better luck next time, Nasty Nick!

You've no doubt heard of "Quigley Down Under" right? Just to prove that all the sharpshooters don't live in the West or even in North America.we heard from that legendary hired gun, Bryan Clark in New Zealand. Now he and his sidekick, wife Sandy can hear a pin drop on the X-band at 2,000 miles, but even their fast hands couldn't turn the knobs fast enough this time. But they've served notice to Tim Hall and Jim Pogue that the KRSN record may not be safe for long!

That's it for this time saddle tramps.thanks again to Mesa Mike Westfall for arranging this shootout. If any of you other drifters are interested in setting up a DX test, send me a wire.Have Code-Will Travel is my motto.


Les "Paladin" Rayburn, N1LF

NRC/IRCA Broadcast Test Coordinator



KRSN DX Test heard here, sweep tones and Morse code heard weakly. 12:00-12:10 AM PST.Thanks to all, I'm real happy with this one.

-Martin Foltz, Mission Viejo CA

Fair signals, quite solid at times over UNID ESPN station (probably Tucson) with sweep tones and fast code IDs "VVV DE KRSN KRSN" etc. New; I now have all three 1490s in NM.

-Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA

I tuned, and tuned, and tuned.

-Doug Pifer, Albany, OR

Finally went through the recordings, but no luck with any of the tests.  Several KRNR ID's but that was it, though there was some odd chanting around 0108 MST which station was never ID'd.

-Nick Hall-Patch, Victoria, B.C.

Just reporting in that I was unable to hear any evidence of your special  DX Test broadcasts on Sunday morning 28 January despite monitoring all 3 notified transmission periods. Some music was heard on the frequency but too weakly to discern details. In addition, sideband interference from a new "local" 2000 watt station at Hamilton New

Zealand (about 120  miles south of my listening location) on 1494kHz made monitoring difficult.

-Bryan Clark Mangawhai-Northland New Zealand


I Got The Bird! [Satellites]


Kevin  Redding – XM Roady 2 / MyFi



XM 204 with Home Ice NHL Hockey scores and talk.