January 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 1


Editors Corner:


ABDX membership has grown by 4. ABDX Nation is now 179 members. Newbies, let us know what you are hearing and send in your logs. Your logs are what make ABDX a healthy and active list. We thank all of you who have contributed your logs to this months Journal


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January’s CME was for tiny mighty-mite radio logs. People are DXing with little pocket radios and some of the catches are exceptional. February’s CME is for GY DX on 1230, 1240, 1350, 1400, 1450 or 1490.


You all should take a look at Allen Willie of Newfoundland’s logs. What a haul of some very nice catches. It looks as if Allan has a great site to DX from!


We enjoy seeing our members who have made it to the “Hall of Fame” for those of us with faces for radio! If you are a member and want to be in the Rogues Gallery, send your pix to webmaster@americanbroadcastdx.com.


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The January CME Announcement


By popular demand we bring you the January CME [Coordinated Monitoring Event]. The January CME will accept any log from any radio on any broadcast frequency but the main thrust is on small mighty-mite receivers.


This CME is DX using any small radio that is a mighty mite. A mighty mite is consumer radio and not specifically made for DX and the size of a pack of cigarettes more or less, absolutely unaided in any way such as the SRF-42, SRF 59, a Zenith Royal 20, DT200V,  SRF-M35V, Grundig Mini 300, SRF-A1, DT300VX, SRF-MK10, SRF-M85V, Grundig mini100PE, even an RCA 2.5" pocket TV can be used and other units the likes of those mentioned. The mighty mite can have a speaker or headphones, it doesn't matter. It just should be able to fit in a shirt pocket.


These mighty-might logs can be on any band, LW/AM/FM/HF/WX/TV but

there MUST NOT be any external antenna used with these radios for this CME and IT MUST FIT IN A COMMON SHIRT POCKET. These mighty-mites used for this CME MUST BE run on battery power only.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance to DX as you did some years ago before we all got the high dollar ultrasensitive radios we all enjoy the other 11 months of the year. There will be a separate set of logs for these radios prominently exposed at the beginning of the January edition of the ABDX Journal.


Let us all see what we can do with little firebreathing DX eating mighty mites. I am sure we will all be surprised at what we all can hear. What are you hearing?


The February CME Announcement


You wanted GY month so at ABDX, we aim to please. GY DXers, its your

month. I don't expect much in the way of loggings but I am hoping all of you prove me exactly wrong. If you do it will make me happy.


I hope to see you all DXing and sending in logs for GY month and

prove me wrong.


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band


Peter Jernakoff –Wilmington, DE

SDR-IQ and antenna


An initial review of my 7-Jan-08 SDR-IQ RF spectrum sunset captures yielded

the first two new ones of the new year.

07-Jan-08 // 1703 local // 830 khz. // WCRN // 50 kw // Worchester, MA //

Male with end of stock market report then quick, faint ID: "...it's

5:03...WCRN [what sounded like 'news']...". // New. In a brief WEEU

(Reading, PA) fade. A 261 mile catch.

MP3 clip available here:


07-Jan-08 // 1706 local // 870 khz. // WFLO // 1 kw day // Farmville, VA //

End of stock market report then female with "This is WFLO AM or FM,

Farmville, Virginia." Into weather report after which the station signed

off for the day. // New. A 222 mile catch.

MP3 clip available here:


07-Jan-08 || 1700 local || 910 khz. || WRNL || 5 kw day || Richmond, VA ||

Fortuitous fade up from jumble to ID by male: "...sports radio 910, WRNL,

Richmond, Virginia." || New. A 177 mile catch.

MP3 clip available here:


07-Jan-08 || 1700 local || 970 khz. || WJMX || 10 kw day || Florence, SC ||

End of Staples ad then male with "The first choice for breaking news,

Newstalk 970, WJMX AM. Depend on it." This was then followed by "...since

1947, your home for news and information, it's Newstalk 970, WJMX AM,

Florence. It's time now for ABC news." || New. A 442 mile catch.

MP3 clip available here:


07-Jan-08 || 1659 local || 980 khz. || WAAV || 5 kw || Leland, NC ||

Weather report, followed by upcoming program announcements ending with "on

WAAV, Leland-Wilmington, a Cumulus broadcasting station." Followed by "The

Cape Fear's news leader, WAAV, Leland-Wilmington." Into CNN Radio news. ||

New. A 400 mile catch.

MP3 clip available here:


And a double ID on 1000 khz.:

The first -->

07-Jan-08 || 1700 local || 1000 khz. || WRAR || 0.3 kw day only ||

Tappahannock, VA || Fortuitous fade up to "...AM 1000 WRAR,

Tappahannock...broadcast...Action Incorporated now concludes its broadcast

for the day. Please join us tomorrow morning for more Newstalk AM 1000..."

Presumed final call letter mention covered up by a sudden WIOO/WEEO ID (see

below log). || New. A 138 mile catch.

The second -->

07-Jan-08 || 1700 local || 1000 khz. || WIOO || 1 kw day only || Carlisle,

PA || Sudden "Country Gold, [sounded like WIOO], Carlisle, and WEEO,

Shippensburg." Although the first set of call letters are not clearly

discernible (at least to my ears), this has to be WIOO. WIOO and WEEO

broadcast parallel programming per the 28th edition of the NRC AM Radio Log

and both stations are listed on the WIOO website (www.wioo.com).

MP3 clip for the last two catches available here:



John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE



Caught WTMA, Charleston SC on 1250 at 1700 local on December 31, with

"The Low Country's Big talker", then a VERY SLOW and distinct "This is

W-T-M-A" (the way IDs ought to be!).  Got them in the car radio...chalk up another one to the DX Dashboard Society!

I'm glad I was able to finish out 2007 with one more new station.  It was a good year, with 82 new MW stations logged.  I'm sitting at 649 MW stations right now, so I'd like to be at 700 by New Year's Day, 2009!


1420 WLIS, Old Saybrook CT at 2155 Eastern, heard the ID for both WLIS

and WMRD-1150 in the hash before quick fadeout.  My 650th MW station.

1450, WVAX, Charlottesville VA, at 2205 Eastern, "Charlottesville's

Progressive Talk, WVAX".


New log from the DX Dashboard Society this morning on the morning

commute- WDTW-1310, Dearborn MI, with Detroit traffic report and

"Motor City weather".  Was looking for WADB in Ashbury Park NJ (a

station I need) with recent reports that they have flipped from

Spanish ESPN sports to English ESPN.  I hear an ESPN station on 1310

but it may be WGH in Newport News VA, so no ID on that front yet, but

a new station to add to the log isn't a bad way to start the day.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

SRF - 59



1100 KWWN Las Vegas They're in strong, 7:00 PM PST with ESPN 920 programming!


Loggings on my SRF-59. I've only been playing with it a little but it seems selective and sensitive. Times in PST. 

530  WNHV296  CA, Los Angeles LAX TIS 1/14/08 8:57 PM terminal info by man and woman

540  XESURF  BCA, Tijuana 1/14 8:58 PM The Great American Songbook on AM 12-60 and 5-40

550  KUZZ  CA, Bakersfield 1/14 9:02 PM country music

560  KSFO  CA, San Francisco 1/14 11:27 PM Coast to Coast

570  KLAC  CA, Los Angeles 1/14 11:26 PM sports

600  KOGO  CA, San Diego 1/15 8:03 PM

610  KAVL  CA, Lancaster 1/15 8:06 PM Fox News Radio, no ID. 1/25 7:05 PM Fox Sports 6-10, High Desert Traffic

640  KFI  CA, Los Angeles 1/15 8:07 PM ads, wx, Wayne Resnick show

740  KCBS  CA, San Francisco 1/25 7:16 PM All News 7-40 KCBS

770  KKOB  NM, Albuquerque 1/25 7:19 PM ads for Albuquerque business, no ID heard

780  KKOH  NV, Reno 1/25 7:20 PM Michael Savage, News Talk 7-80 KOH

790  KABC  CA, Los Angeles 1/25 7:26 PM Tami Bruce, Talk Radio 7-90 KABC 

Most frequencies had stations, I just didn't hear and ID or slogan so they're not listed.

The radio does well, stations on 630 and 650 next to KFI are audible.


Keith McGinnis – Hingham. MA




at 9:55 EST WUST 1120 Washington DC with Jewish programing under a

partial phase of WBNW .


Brent Taylor – Stratford, PEI

Sony 7600GR nekkid



I have also joined the SRF-59 world.  Radio arrived today by courier and I

just had a few moments to put it through its paces.

Wow.  What a rig. Audio is outstanding.  Selectivity better than expected.

Sensitivity is blazing hot. TA hets hammering in.  Saudi 1521 doing a major

job on WWKB.  1179 whining against WHAM, 1089 TalkSport UK ripping up WBAL.

Domestics in nicely, tuning tight but manageable, directivity with the

internal ferrite antenna is wonderful.  Instant nulling, except for WBBR.

Man, that station pounds in here and defies most attempts to knock it down a

peg or two with nulling.

This radio is a gem.  Will play with it some more and report...maybe even do

a CME submission.


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and T2FD



Tuned in to 800 at 2100 CST for the end of a hockey match between the Windsor Spitfires & Plymouth Whalers so it must be CKLW. Good signal on top of the heap for about 10 minutes with Juarez nulled. Alan & Harry (south of me) have logged CKLW recently but it doesn't show up here often.

UNID: Last night at 2120 CST I heard the Dennis Miller Show on 950 kHz. Couldn't catch an ID and didn't see 950 listed at "DennisMillerRadio" dot com. If this is on 950 in your area please let me know.


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA




We took a short trip up to Bass Lake, CA, in hopes of spending some time in

Yosemite Valley and Badger Pass for some skiing, but due to snow and

transmission problems, we never made it beyond Bass Lake.  At least the kids

had a good time playing in the snow.

I was hoping to get a local weather report from KTNS ("Kittens 10-60") in

nearby Oakhurst, but even though the programming seemed to be locally

originated, I never did seem to get much beyond what came from CNN News at

TOH.  In all fairness though, this seemed to be the case no matter what

station I tuned to.

Thursday night we hopped in the car, and I was greeted with static on 1060.

I had forgotten that they go to flea power at night.  Even so, Saturday

night they were blasting in with 80's music, so either they were off

completely on Thursday night, or they were on day power on Saturday night

(my bet is on the latter, since they sounded too good to be only 23 watts

from 8 miles away).

I heard KTNS from home back when they did their DX test.  They got out well

on day power, so this might be an opportunity for someone to log them if

they haven't already.



Paul Armani – Denver, CO

Receiver, Antenna


I am hearing some type of Gospel station at 1180, what station is that do you know? , I Have been listening for an hour and no ID...

2nd Item, All I am hearing on 1181 is a very loud whistling noise, even outside.   switching the radio to Single Side Band does not help, I Hear the whistling from 1179-1188 KHz, and only in that range of the SW band.   [Denver does not have BPL].

Maybe I am not hearing what everyone else is hearing, Please give me some more information on the 1181 Pip, or Het.


Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN

Radiosophy HD100 and 75’ longwire


1270    KLXX    ND    Bismarck-Mandan.  0930 CST. 16 Jan 08.    Bunch of local ads including one for Cenex and one for Fort Mandan..  Into local weather.  Not new but not a regular.

Well, alright. I'm getting rather tired of getting up in the morning to

temps in the -20F to -30F range.

Here are some recent loggings.  All relogs.

  540    CBK     SK    Regina.  0706CST.  1-23-08. Loud with CBC news.

  620    CKRM  SK    Regina.  0609 CST.  1-23-08. Saskatchewan's home for country music--CKRM.

  650    CKOM  SK    Saskatoon.  0610 CST.  1-23-08. Ad for paint & wallpaper store. Newstalk 650 slogans.

  660    CFFR    AB    Calgary.  0707CST.  1-23-08. Local ads.  660 Newstime 6:07.

  740    CBX      AB    Edmonton.  0706CST.  1-23-08. Mixing with CHWO with CBC news.

  800    CHAB    SK    Moose Jaw.    0650CST.  1-23-08. Calendar of events.  Ad for discovermoosejaw.com Your home for the greatest hits of all time.

  900    CKBI    SK    Prince Albert.  0653CST.  1-23-08. Country music. I.D. Temps for Prince Albert & other cities.

  910    KCJB    ND    Minot.    0644 CST.  1-23-08. Fair signal.  Country music.  I.D.  Local ads.

  940    CJGX    SK    Yorkton.  0659CST.  1-23-08. Absolutely crushing 940 with country music & TOH I.D.  "CJGX-940 Stereo-Yorkton."

  980    CJME    SK    Regina.  0702CST.  1-23-08. Local news & weather with many SK temps.

1010    CBR       AB    Calgary.  0704CST.  1-23-08. Big signal with CBC news.

1390    KRRZ    ND    Minot.  0925CST.  1-24-08. Ads for North Central Feed & Seed and Ballard's Resort on Lake of the Woods. Oldies and many KRRZ I.D.s.

I was hoping to reach out and touch Dawson Creek, BC but WLS was hogging 890.

Radio Shack 12-656A Radio Shack loop.


Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL

FRG 100  and 100 foot wire/SRF59


Jan 2 /08  

 21:07 UTC 1310 khz  CIWW , Ottawa, Ontario w/ Oldies 1310 ID and song "Spirit In The Sky" good 

21:23 UTC  1530 khz Vatican Radio, Vatican  w/ spanish program and ID , strong 

21:28 UTC  1512 khz  VRT , Belgium w/ America song "Horse With No Name and commentary in Dutch or Flemish , strong 

Jan 3/08 

3:05 UTC  720 Greenland, KNR w/ rap music and Greenlandic type language  ; strong at times 

3:08 UTC 1040 khz WHO, Des Moines, Iowa w/ Brierwood Golf AD, and Hawkeye Basketball Game coverage , ID  ; good

Jan 4 / 2008 

20:13 UTC - 1521 khz - BSKSA ; Saudi Arabia w/ arabic commentary and chants , mention of Arabie , ; good readable level 

20:21 UTC - 1449 khz - Libya ; Libya w/ arabic commentary ; readable but interference on signal 

20:44 UTC - 1390 khz - WEGP ; Presque Isle Maine ; Talk program with US Election chat ; ID ; good 

20:54 UTC - 1044 khz - S.E.R. ; Spain w/ spanish news commentary by man and woman ; ID ; good 

21:00 UTC - 990 khz - CBY Cornerbrook, Newfoundland w/ CBC id's ; As It Happens prgrm ; good 

21:00 UTC - 1089 khz - Talk Sport ,; England w/ News items and talk in English , mentiones of England ; good 

21:02 UTC - 1179 khz - Radio Sweden w/ program in German , mentions of Sweden ; good 

21:04 UTC - 720 khz - KNR Greenland w/ song "Help Yourself" by Tom Jones ; greenlandic commentary ; good 

21:06 UTC - 1260 khz - CKHJ Fredericton, New Brunswick w/ KHJ ID and weather forecast ; good 

21:09 UTC - 684 khz - RNE1 Spain w/ usual distinguishing musical tones and spanish commentary ; good 

21:10 UTC - 1280 khz - CFMB Montreal, Quebec w/ Spanish language prgramming , mention of Montreal ; strong at the time 

21:12 UTC - 1300 khz - WJDA , Quincy, Mass w/ ID and religious prgramming in Spanish ; good then faded out 

21:15 UTC - 1310 khz - CIWW , Ottawa, Ontario w/ Oldies 1310 ID's and Elton John song ; fair to good 

21:23 UTC - 1070 khz - CBA ; Moncton, New Brunswick, w/ CBC prgramming about Juicers ; strong 

22:06 UTC - 1270 khz - CJCB , Sydney, Nova Scotia w/ country songs and ID's and jingle ID ; good 

22:15 UTC - 1548 khz - Kuwait Radio w/ arabic and pop music songs ; fair 

22:17 UTC - 1467 khz - Radio Maria France via Monaco w/ religious prgms in English.... sometimes signal like local 

22:21 UTC - 880 khz - WCBS, New York NY w/ News and ID " WCBS Newstime is 5:21 " 

22:24 UTC - 1575 khz - France Info ; France w/ French news and commentary ; fair 

22:32 UTC - 1570 khz - CFAV, Laval, Quebec w/ Boomer and mentions of Montreal in French , pop songs between 

22:36 UTC - 882 khz - BBC Wales w/ woman's commentary ; BBC mentioned fair but w/ splatter 

22:41 UTC - 1008 khz - R. Punto Canary Islands w/ spanish and musical selections ; fair 

22:42 UTC - 981 khz - noted Arabic spoken, but only slight signal; presumed Algeria ; poor 

22:47 UTC - 1050 khz - WEPN, New York, NY w/ traffic report ; good 

23:26 UTC - 1134 khz - Croatian Radio in English w/ Voice of Croatia ID , weather report ; Croatia today program ; good

Jan 5 / 2008

00:00 UTC - 1500 khz - WWWT Washington, DC w/ "3WT ID " sports with baseball news ; solid copy

00:03 UTC - 1170 khz - WWVA Wheeling, W Virginia w/ Fox Radio News and WWVA ID's ; signal good then faded

00:06 UTC - 1100 khz - WTAM Cleveland, Ohio w/ station call ID and then into talk about Cavaliers basketball ; good

03:39 UTC - 1580 khz - CKDO Oshawa, Ontario w / Last Kiss song by J Frank Wilson, and 1580 CKDO ID ; fair

03:48 UTC - 1560 khz - WQEW New York, NY w/ Disney Radio id's , prgming ; Hanging out with Ally and AJ  ; good

04:44 UTC - 1010 khz - CFRB, Toronto, Ontario w/ Newstalk 1010 CFRB ID, news ; fair over WINS at the time

04:48 UTC - 1650 khz - WHKT Portsmouth, Virginia w/ R. Disney prgrming ; musical mailbag promo ; good then faded out

05:00 UTC - 1130 khz - WBBR New York, NY w/ Listen to Bloomberg 1130 ID CMC Markets PSA ; good

05:02 UTC - 1030 khz - WBZ Boston, Mass w/ News and WBZ ID's fair to good

Many others heard along the way also  including Albania and KMOX St. Louis with fair copy

By the way I couldn't hear the DX Test  in Ohio of WIMA  on either the SRF-M37 or the FRG-100 this way

Checking the dial today, it sounds as though CHVO  560 Carbonear, Newfoundland is silent on AM as of today after their move to 103.9 FM . So far have only heard WGAN in Portland, Maine when CHVO was off another night  long ago Should be an interesting night here working 560 if thats it for CHVO on AM. 

558 and 567 with Spain and Ireland should be more audible now  also 

Jan 6 

22:03 UTC - 1510 khz  WWZN - Boston, Mass w/ Sporting News Flash / Tattoo fade ad/ " Boston's Sports Station 15-10 The Zone" ID ; Sporting News Jingle ; good w/ some fading 

22:15 UTC - 780 khz  CFDR - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia w/ "Classic Country KICKS" ID and Tanya Tucker song  ; good 

22:44 UTC - 1370 khz  WDEA - Ellsworth, Maine w/ "AM - 13-70  WDEA"  ID, song by Classics IV - Stormy  ; good w/ some fading 

23:32 UTC - 1550 khz  Algeria ; Western Sahara  Polisario Front's 1550 outlet via Tindouf, ALGERIA  w/ Arabic commentary, mention of President of Sahare // parallel at same time to 6300 khz on FRG-100 ; fair but fading often 

 Jan 7

 1:02 UTC - 1590 khz - WARV - Warwick , Rhode Island w/ Religious program  and WARV ID  ; fair 

1:04 UTC - 1480  khz - WSAR - Falls River, Mass w/ Weather report and then ID by weatherman "14-80 WSAR" , Credit Union ad  ; good

1:10 UTC - 1040 khz - WHO - Des Moines, Iowa  w/ Iowa Bulldogs Basketball

ID "10-40 WHO"  ; fair w/ flutter 

1:33 UTC - 1080 khz -  WTIC - Hartford, Connecticut w/ Match.com ad , "WTIC 10-80 " ID and mention of WTIC.com  ; fair

Jan 9 

23:06 UTC 1110 khz - WBT - Charlotte, North Carolina w/ "11-10 WBT " ID mention of WBT.com , traffic ; fair 

23:07 UTC 1120 khz - KMOX - St. Louis, Missouri w/ KMOX ID, time check Mortgage Store Ad  ; fair with fading 

23:29 UTC 1020 khz - KDKA - Pittsburgh , Pa w/ Kick Nicotine promo, Comcast Ad, "10-20 KDKA " ID  fair w/ slight fading 

23:35 UTC 730 khz  - CKAC - Montreal, Quebec w/ NHL Hockey and talk in french ; good 

23:50 UTC 870 khz - WWL - New Orleans , Louisiana     w/ talk show and ID ; fair 

Jan 10 

2:03 UTC 1540 khz WDCD - Albany, New York w/ Your Money, Your Future DVD Ad , News and Views Program, ID , good but with fades 


21:11 UTC 1044 khz - SER, Spain w/ sports commentary, sounded like a game in progress ; strong 

21:13 UTC 1395 khz - TWR via Albania  unknown language and usual muisc tones ; strong 

21:14 UTC  1521 khz - BSKSA - Saudi Arabia w/ arabic chants ; fair 

21:16 UTC 1467 khz - Radio Maria France via Monaco w/ arabic type music  ; good 

21:20 UTC 684 khz - RNE 1 Barcelona Spain w/ News, mention of Capital of Espana and minister ; strongest signal from up here at the time 

21:23 UTC  880 khz - WCBS - New York, NY w/ new and WCBS 880 ID ; good 

21:25 UTC 909 khz - BBC Radio Five Live - ID same , news items ; good 

21:26 UTC 1134 khz - Croatian Radio w/ commentary not in english ; good 

21:27 UTC 1449 khz - R. Jamahiriyah w/ arabic chants ; good 

21:28 UTC 1179 khz - R. Sweden w/ swedish and classical music featured ; good 

21:31 UTC 1089 khz - Talk Sport Radio w/ LSC.gov.uk PSA, "1089 and 1053 Digital Radio " ID ; good 

Planning on more Dxing  from atop the hill soon again, will try and get some audio of it also.

Jan 18 /08 1548 khz  5:09 UTC Moldova, Voice of Russia Relay Kishinev Grigoriopol w/ russian language programming, mentions of Moscow also Sigourny , ID in Russian before 5:30 UTC  fair

Jan 21/08  23:26 UTC 1575 khz United Arab Emirates - Radio Farda , Al Dhabiya UAE w/ arabic chants and Id by woman; checked back at 23:44 UTC and signal a bit stronger than before w/ man giving Radio Farda ID and then arabic pop type song; fair w/ some fading  

Jan 20/08  22:22 UTC  1008 khz Canary Islands; Radio Punto ; Las Palmas  w/ news in spanish ; Radio Punto ID mentions of Canarias ; good 2405 mi 3870 kms

Jan 24/08 - 3:35 UTC - 1430 khz -WENE Endicott , New York w/ sportstalk format;  mostly basketball w/ audio play by plays ; mentions of Fox Sport Radio; 1430 The Team ID's; fair  1196 miles 1925.9 kms 

Jan 23/08 - 21:05 UTC - 1512 khz -  Radio Vlaanderen International, via Wolvertem w/ Dutch or Flemish language ; News story about President Kibaki of Kenya, mention of programming and times; mention of Nederlands ;id by woman and several songs including "Kick In the Head"Jazz tune; good

2544 mi 4094 kms 

Jan 23/08 - 23:44 UTC - 1044 khz - RTM Sebaa-Aioun  w/ fast paced chanting ; arabic commentary then slower chants and music at 23:52 UTC

woman giving ID and mentions of Morrocaine at 23:59 UTC ; good with Spain mixing occasionally also 2538 mi 4084 kms 

Jan 23/08 - 21:20 UTC - 1575 khz - RAI Uno ; Genoa w/ face paced announcer giving sports play by play possibly soccer  in Italian; fair 2904 mi ; 4674 kms

Jan 28/08 5:50 UTC - 1300 khz WJMO - Cleveland, Ohio w/ ID "Praise 1300 , The New 1300 AM " given by woman ; gospel songs played before and after ID ; fair w/ slight fading  Note : This is the EX – WERE My first new Canadian or American AM station this year.

Jan 30/08 -  4:38 UTC - 1480 khz WMDD Puerto Rico; Fajarda w/ spanish mentions by woman  of Fajita and Privada, Tropical also Puerto Rico mentioned; sounded like local ads   fair ; by 4:50 UTC noticeably weaker 

Jan 30/08 - 6:20 - 6:35 UTC 1341 khz R. Ulster via Lisnagarvey Northern Ireland  w/ program on sleep studies in English then R. Ulster ID  with current temperature by man followed by woman w/ BBC News ; fair

Jan 31/08 20:50 UTC - 1530 khz - Vatican Radio; Vatican State w/ announcement by man in English "This Is the English Program of Vatican Radio" ; commentary and talk the Augustin Text ; commentary on Kenya then @ 21:20 Interval Signal and into Spanish after. ; poor then fair later on 

Jan 31/08  22:12 UTC - 1476 khz - ORF Austria w/ announcer in German between two piano style minuet music  selections ; Osterreich mentioned  then song in German by man ; poor to fair  with fading


Harry Helms – Smithville TX

Eton E5



Tuned around this morning between 6:00-6:15 am Central/12-00-1215 UTC and there was no trace of "The Het" on 1181. 530 kHz was still in well at that time,

so there was propagation to Cuba, and 1181 always is audible for about 145 minutes after 530 fades out. Temporary or permanent? I don't know---I report, you decide.


Tuned to 1180 this morning around 6:45 am Central to see if "The Het" was back (it wasn't), and caught a beautiful signal from "La Romantica" in Ciudad Delicias, Chihuahua. Slogans used were "Romantica" and "La Frecuencia de Amor," with "en punto" TCs after every song that were two minutes slow. Format, naturally, was schmaltzy Spanish love ballads. At 7:03 am, there was a beautiful full ID, including call letters. Signal began to drop precipitously at 7:08, and by 7:13 was under a weak English station with two men, both with thick southern accents, having a surreal discussion/argument ("Kids don't like clowns, they're scared of clowns!" "That's right, all those clowns that visit children's hospitals, the adults

want them there, not the kids!"). Both stations were lost at 7:15 when KGOL, Houston, abruptly appeared on frequency with their usual Vietnamese programming. Normally KGOL totally dominates this frequency each morning, so I assume there was a technical or operator glitch today.


Those mourning the loss of "The Het" on 1181 kHz can now rejoice----there's a new puzzle to take its place.

I tuned around 1180 last night and heard nothing in several checks. This morning (January 22) was a very different story.

I first tuned 1180 around 6:35 am Central/1235 UTC and heard a "zwwapp, zwwapp" sounding sweep tone on the channel. I started tuning above and below the frequency and found the signal spread out from approximately 1163 to 1195; it may have gone higher but I couldn't pull anything through WOAI's IBOC

sidebands and primary signal.

The signal had multiple peaks and "valleys." For example, at one  point it peaked on 1168, 1178, and 1191 kHz simultaneously with the signal clearly present, but at a significantly lower level, across the  1163 to 1195 kHz range between the three peaks. You could almost visualize the spectrum display of that signal as you tuned across the range. The signal was very evident in AM mode but was even more obvious using the BFO. The frequencies of the peaks shifted during my listening but always stayed within the same frequency range. I heard one of the peaks land on 1170 and it really did a number on KFAQ, Tulsa, rendering

it unlistenable here.

The signal sounds like a cross between the old "Russian Woodpecker" OTH radar and CODAR, but with a slower pulse repetition rate. 

By 6:50/1250, the Cuban on 530 had faded out but "The Swisher" was still in well. At 7:05/1305 I could hear it clearly on 1180 through KGOL in Houston. By

7:10/1310, it seemed to have finally faded out or gone QRT.

OK, Radio Rangers! Let's go git 'em!!


After wrapping up my CFRB guest shot at 10:30 pm Central last night, I quickly checked for "The Swisher" using the Eton E5. It was heard from about 1165 to past 1200 kHz, with three very strong peaks on 1170, 1180, and 1190---it was punching through those stations and really interfering with reception of them. It was even audible on 1200 through WOAI's analog primary!

This is a very interesting operation. It sounds like an OTH radar, but why put a system like that in the middle of the AM band? Where is T. X. Thrush when you

need him?? (Another DXing reference from the 1960s thrown in for my fellow old-timers on this list. . . . )

Checked tonight around 7:00 pm Central and "the Swisher" was going strong with peaks on 1170, 1180, and 1190; very good signals.

Checked back tonight at 8:55 pm Central and now "The Het" is back on 1181!

"ˇEs muy weirdass!" as our friends in Nuevo Laredo might say.


I listened last night on 1660 and it was dominant here----even blowing away Waco---with the Rosary at 8:20 pm Central/0220 UTC tune-in, ID as "Relevant

Radio" and for tours to Lourdes (honest!) at 8:30, then into a mass from Relevant Radio HQ in Green Bay, WI. No mention of format change, station sale, etc.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or Radiosophy HD100



Not on a mighty-mite, but on a heavy weight Collins/Teledyne R-390A

with the usual LF Engineering M-601C antenna:

NEW 1350 WHWH Princeton NJ playing Carly Simon's Your So Vain, followed

by an ID.  Normally CKAD Middleton NS dominates this frequency, but tonight the two stations are trading back and forth.

Looking at the latest NRC pattern book, WHWH's pattern is not exactly aimed my way!


Its not often that a CME leads to personal injury, but...

I have been scanning the MW band with the SRF-59.  Pretty impressed. 

here are some higlights:

530 RVC in the Turks and Caicos

570 Cuba

720 Unid spanish language station - no trace of WGN and too late at night for Greenland

760 high pitched 5KHz het on WJR - I fired up the R-390A and was rewarded with Option Musique on 765 from Switzerland quite clear on the R-390A.  Shows that the SRF-59 makes a nice het spotter.960 Cuba - Question: are Cubans obsessed with constantly setting their watches and clocks?

1650 CJRS Radio Shalom Montreal QC

But, my right thumb is sore - really sore.  Reminds me of Commander MacDonald of Zenith fame and the rationale for the Zenith Trans-oceanics - spread dials, many bands, non-general coverage to avoid the need for "micrometer fingers".

Before folks discovered how to tear down, clean and reassemble R-390A RF decks with synthetic oil, there was a real problem with "R-390A wrist". 

Now, with the ultra-light, mity-mite craze, we are likely to see folks showing up in ER rooms everywhere with bad cases of "SRF-59 thumb".

Now, where IS that ice pack?


I'm listening to 1580 CKDO right now on the R-390A.  My old high school buddy, Daryl Maclean, is now the nighttime DJ and is on right now.  Daryl was always an oldies fan, so he is working at the right place.


I hate to say it, but as good as they sound on my R-390A, they sound even better on their streaming audio, which is remarkably unswishy.

Heard on a 55 Collins / 63 Teledyne R-390A hooked to a LF Engineering M-

601C antenna at 11:55 p.m. AST:

870 WWL New Orleans LA with a clear ID.  I've heard them before, but I

believe this is the first time since hurricane Katrina that I have caught them.

Then shortly after, back to the usual jumble [Gorham ME, Ithaca NY, Stephenville NL] that is the norm for 870 here at night.


Paul Walker – Abbeville, SC

SRF59 internal antenna



I heard what sounded like Indian type music on 1040Khz, under WHO.


Any ideas who this is?  (And a fe wminutes before that, I thought I heard carribean type music!)

At 5:24pm, I had both an ESPN and Fox Sports station on 1660Khz fighting it out. I know one station was WFNA Charlotte which is running ESPN but who was the other on 1660 that was running Fox Sports? 

At 6:31pm, I heard a promo also on 1660Khz for a show every weekday afternoon at 12noon on "Relevant Radio" which is WCNZ Marco Island, Florida. 

At 5:48pm, I heard some asian language on 1540khz and presume this to be CHIN Toronto. 

At 6:06pm, I heard a "1290 WTKS" liner followed by the intro for a The Cigar Show, hosted by Cigar Dave (confirmed this information was www.cigardave.com and www.newsradio1290wtks.com

At 6:08pm, I heard a "AM 1260, Your Music.. Your Way" promo which is Radio Disney.. but am not sure if that's St. Louis or Cleveland. 

About 5:45pm, I heard an oldies tune on 1560Khz, which segued into another oldies tune which got abruptly interupted by a man in a deep voice, "1560 WAGL .. Lancaster..Rock Hill...Charlotte".. followed by America The Beautiful..and then a message containing all their technical information, talking about they were on Clear Channel 1560, one of America's most powerful radio stations... and then as soon as that announcement was done, the carrier disapepared. 

At 6:02pm, I heard an interview with Dr. Robert foglesong and mentions of the Mississippi State University Radio Network on 1640 WTNI Biloxi, Mississippi

At 6:29pm I heard a song with the lyrics  "When your eyes met mine......just catch the wave.......don't be afraid of loving me" then speing in french on 860khz which I presume to be Toronto. 

For several minutes in the 6pm hour on 1040Khz, I hear sports play by play which turned out to be WHO 1040 Des Moines. Underneath the entire time, was some indian sounding music... Any ideas on who this is?


I have 5 new loggings, and one ofn them is UN'id. 

Early in the afternoon, I logged WFTD-AM 1080 Marietta, GA. It's 50KW Day/30KW Critical with 2 towers in use both during day and critical hours with a pattern that is mainly SE but a low to the NW. Heard Korean News, commercials and announcers. 

At 3:58PM, I heard the end of a "health" talk show concerning vitamins and plant extracts.... the hosts mentions "HealthyTalkRadio.com" and the show ends, then I hear, "From The Top Of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga Tennessee this is WFLI-AM 1070" by a male in a deep, rich voice..... then into some gospel sounding music for a short minute followed by a male announcer introducing a 15 minute paid religious program. (50KW/3 towers and pattern that's easterly) 

Under WFLI was another station, running Sean Hannity and then Fox News. Was this WFNI 1070 (Ex WIBC) Indianapolis? 

At 4:08PM, I heard a traffic report followed by a weather report with mentions of "Sports Raido AM 850 The Buzz", which is WRBZ Raleigh, NC with 10KW non directional.

Also logged 580 WGAC Augusta, NC with Neil Bortz promos. Nothing entirely spectacular on this one.


610 WAGG Birmingham, Alabama..... heard at 9:18pm with a mention of "Birmingham's Gospel..........." coming out of a song followed by an announcer. They are apparently running a satelitte delviered service.


About 12:17 I heard what I know was clearly an oldies tune, then as the song faded out I heard what I think was "Oldies 590 W....." then the DJ came on. 

It was a satelittle music service and Im guessing Jones, as I don't recognize the announcer as a Dial Global (Westwood One) or ABC Radio Announcer but I could be wrong, the signal wasn't that good. 

I thought I heard an M in there, but not sure if it was the last letter or ot.. I know there's WARM in Pennsylvaia, but I'm not sure it wa them.


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

SRF59 nekkid/Grundig Mini 300


all heard on SRF-59 from Warwick R.I.

session started 9 PM EST Thru 12:15 AM EST 12/31 thru 1/01 HAPPY NEW YEAR

Did ritual of turning off power to house EXCEPT for boiler for heat !!! Many heard at arm chair copy see notes:


560- WHYN springfield mass - good signal

570- WMCA NY - good signal

580- Worestor-boston very good signal

590- Boston - very good signal

600- unided - playing dance music ???? -poor signal

620- Presumed Vermont- good signal

630- local

640- Presumed Springfield Mass - fair signal

650- No trace of WSM ??? 660 hash splatter

660- WFAN NY NY - Excellant signal

670- Chicago ILL - Fairly good signal with some 660 hash but better then Kaito 1103.

680- WRKO Boston - Excellant signal

690- Canada Presumed- good signal

700- WLW - Ohio- Very Good Signal however a little hash from 710 again better then kaito 1103

710- WOR - NY NY- Excellant Signal

720- Presumed WGN Chicago Ill- Fair-good signal a with a little 710 hash

730- Semi Local ??? -fair signal

740- Tornoto Canada - Excellant Signal and Excellant musical treats !!!

750- WSB Atlanta Ga- good signal

760- WJR- Detroit Mich- Excellant Signal

770- WABC = NY NY-Excellant Signal

780- Canada Under/ mixing with Chicago -fair depending on null/fadeups

790- Local

800- CKLW - Canada- Excellant Signal

810- NY - Very good Signal

820- Ny ?? good Signal

830- Worestor Mass w/ presumed michigan underneith- good signal

840- WHAS - Kentucky- Excellant Signal

850- Boston Mass- Very good signal

860- Canada presumed - very good signal

870- WWL under/ mixing with pesumed boston ???? Signal varied

880- WCBS- NY- Excellant Signal

890- WLS- Chicago- Very Good Signal

900- Canada presumed- good signal

910- WAAB Bangor Maine- fair signal

920- LOCAL w Canada underneith - poor signal on canada fighting l ocal however at one point canada fair-good during a fadeup had local 920 in a pretty good null !!!!!  

930- Upstate NY -good signal

940- Canada (montreal spelling) - good signal

970- Unknown- good signal

980- Troy NY- very good signal

990- Local w/ Upstate NY legends 990 stepping all over them - fair/good in mix

1000- Chicago Ill- good signal

1010- WINS NY NY - Excellant Signal

1020- KDKA- Penn- Good Signal served with some WBZ hash better then Kaito 1103

1030- WBZ- Semi Local - Excellant signal

1040- Presumed WHO- Fair signal with WBZ hash slop better then Kaito 1103

1050- WEPN- NY NY - Excellant signal.

1060- Boston ???- fair signal

1070- Canada- Very good signal

1080- WTIC -Hartford CT- very good signal

1090- WBAL- maryland- Excellant Signal

1100- WTAM- Ohio- Very good signal

1110- WBT- NC- Good signal with a little nullable hash- Good Time Machine Treat

1120- KOMO ??? - fair-good signal

1130- NY NY - Ex cellant Signal

1140- WRVA - Fair Signal

1170- Wheeling (forgot calls)- good signal

1180- WHAM- Rochester NY- good Signal

1190- Ny Ny - good signal

1200- Unid- fair-good signal w /some 1210 hash

1210- Philly Penn- Excellant Signal

1220- LOCAL being peppered with IBOC HASH from 1210 in PROTECTED CONTOUR !!!!!

1500- WTWP- Washington DC - Very good Signal

1510- Boston semi local- very good signal

1520- WWKB- Excellant signal

1530- Ohio - good signal

1540- Alanany NY (former WPTR) Exellant Signal

1550- Canada presumed - good signal

1560-WQEW- NY NY- Good- Very good w- up down fades from time to time

Note: Most of the GW channels were packed though i didn't list them in this bandscan.   

1650-WHKT - Portsmouth Virginia- 12:00 AM EST - TOH ID radio disney - good signal- 1/01/08


This battle took place at high noon 1/12/08 on the pawtucket R.I. /

Mass line. both radios were taken above ground into the somewhat open

field in the school yard across the street.

On the MW band the sony SRF could hear 660 WFAN and 880 WCBS very weak

under the high noon sun. the volume had to be cranked pretty high to

hear them. both "clears" are located in NY about 150-160 miles as the

crow flies.

Next i took the Grundig Mini 300 and tuned in the same two test

stations. to keep this test fair i used the sony srf-59 stock

headphones with both mighty mites. both had good batteries installed.

at first with the grundig 300 telescopic loaded whip down both 660 and

880 came in like on the sony srf-59. Next i activated the Grundigs

secret weapon !!! This is UNDOCUMENTED in the instructions !!! I

pulled the telescopic loaded whip up !!! both 660 WFAN and WCBS 880

were heard at just about CITY GRADE under the noon sun !!! A band scan

on both units showed the grundig pulled in a couple weaker signals in

the grave yard freqs the sony couldn't quite touch.

Next i hit the FM band.

The sony basically heard most of both the R.I. market and most of the

boston market. boston is about 40 - 50 miles as the crow flies.

On the grundig which had overload and image issues in the basement

reception improved much above ground. the boston stations which were

drowned under overload in the basement came right in with ease above

ground. it only had trouble with 99.1 from plymouth mass with strong

local 94.1 bleeding and drowning it. some moving around nulled the

overload . the overload other then this was only an issue on empty

channels. If the SRF-59 could hear it the Grundig could get it and

would overcome the overload. Both  contestants had trouble with 94.5

boston as strong local 94.1 hammers it even on the sony srf-59. you

have to move both radios a certain way to receive it. Please remember

i am in a heavy IBOC infested area as well. Both units are in OEM

stock condition and are modded in anyway. I'll leave it open to you to

decide a winner. Keep in mind location and propagation can effect

results therefore the reason i conducted this at high noon.    


Last night around 9:30 PM est i went to DX with the sony SRF-59. the

location was the pawtucket basement apt. a loud buzzing QRM wiped out

all but the strongest local AMs. I have experienced this QRM back in

Warwick R.I. as well. it can come and go without warning. i am unsure

of its cause but am thinking it has something to do with the cable TV

lines and high speed internet ETC over cable. it has a pattern of

happening during the evening hours when people are likely to be home

from work and school. when it happens a loud buzzing knocks out AM,

LW, and SW bands.

radios including the sony srf-59, Kaito 1103, grundig S-350, Ge SR

2,Ge SR 3 are / have been rendered useless when this happens. The sony

SRF 59 has been known for good nulling abilities but all attempts to

rotate it all different ways failed. no matter what i did the QRM

could not be nulled. i was ready to call it a night but wanted to

listen to a few tunes. i dont have my XM so i grabbed the grundig mini

300 as it has better SQ on FM. when i turned it on it was last set for

740 . i could here CHWO over the QRM. I pulled the antenna up and

moved the radio.  to my amazement the QRM was NULLABLE !!!! A further

scan of the dial proved the QRM could be nulled all over the dial as

well and DX was possible. It even did a great two for one job nulling

WBZs IBOC hash allowing KDKA to be heard on 1020 along with nulling

the QRM. Most of all of the skywave clears could be heard as if the

QRM wasn't there. For some reson i can't explain the sony SRF-59

couldn't over come this.  When i return to warwick main QHT in the

future i am looking forward to see if the grundig 300 mini can zap

this nasty QRM there as well. Even more of a question is what is

causing this QRM. In warwick i thought it had something to do with the

airport a few miles away. Now i'm thinking cable or maybe the new

fiber the phone company has been pushing ??????        

Heard on grundig mini 300 Pawtucket R.I. Basement apt. had to work at

this one two nights in a row to catch an ID before they switch to

night pattern at 5:30 PM

1130 WDFN Detroit Michigan 5:15 PM EST nice booming fade up over WBBR

gave calls and said detroit. first heard 1/22 without ID tonight i

sacked them !!!! good signal stepping all over WBBR NY 2nd night in

row !!! 1/23/08


heard on grundig mini 300 Pawtucket Basement apt slicing right thru


1040 WCHR flemington NJ 6:30 PM EST you are listening to WCHR

Flemington NJ your inspiration station. fair signal nulling WBZ IBOC

as best as possible leaving a small amount of hash underneath. 1/24/08


Powell E. Way  III –Silverstreet, SC




1590 WABV  SC  Abbeville  1108  with #1 song from Don Williams... I Believe in You and special announcement from Paul Walker letting everyone know I was listening in Silverstreet, SC  [PEW-SC]

I had to call him and he didn't believe me until I played the radio over the phone!

Legal ID now:


WSB Atlanta,  WSRV HD-2 Gainesville

Right now at WKDK for board running of a Newberry College Basketball game. Snow not here yet.

Early Friday AM January 25......SRF 59 near Silverstreet. SC

1310 WDOD TN  Chattanooga  0818

1300 WMTN  TN  Morristown  " Classic Country WMTN" 0820

1200 WJES  SC  Saluda    Amazing that I could hear stuff underneath on 6000++ watts critical hours  0825

1160  WCFO   GA  East Point  0830  Running Bloomberg stuff and ad for The Lodge at Bridge Mill

1540 KXEL  IA  Waterloo  0850  Local Iowa sports..... AMAZINGLY good

Saturday, January 26   with the SRF-M80V (the current model is tie SRF-M85V)  walking Jolene on Sandy Run Creek road  around 5 PM

1580 WVKO  OH Columbus..... .  decent enough to listen to

1590  WAKR  OH  Akron  coming in over top everything else


Bert New – Watkinsville, GA

AIWA CSD-FD89 / SRF59 and Select-a-Tenna


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - SONY SRF-59

770 WYRV VA Cedar Bluff - 01/06/08 1749 - Contemporary Gospel Music and an Announcer thanking the listeners for all that they do. Decent signal mixed with WVNN in Athens, AL and WLWL in Rockingham, NC. "WYRV" and "We're AM 770, WYRV". (IEN-GA)

820 WCPT IL Chicago - 01/06/08 1804 - CNN News, Randi Rhodes Show promo, and mentions of Progressive Talk Radio. Decent signal in the mix. "WCPT, 820 AM". (IEN-GA)

1200 WAMB TN Nashville - 01/06/08 1838 - Big Band music. Good signal in the null of WOAI in San Antonio, TX. "This is 1200, WAMB". (IEN-GA)

980 WONE OH Dayton - 01/18/08 2000 - TOH ID. TOH ID in the silence a fraction of a second before WYFN, Nashville, TN delivered its TOH ID. Good signal only to fade under WYFN. "WIZE, Springfield". (IEN-GA)

1360 WCHL NC Chapel Hill - 01/18/08 2050 - An AD for the Carolina Car-wash in Carrboro and Do Something Radio with Richard Greene. Weak, steady signal. "WCHL". (IEN-GA)

1570 WECU NC Winterville - 01/18/08 2245 - Urban Contemporary Gospel Music & 1/4-hour drop. Good signal. "1570 AM, WECU". (IEN-GA)

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire

1170 WQVA SC Lexington - 07/11/06 1301 - Spanish Music and TOH ID. Good signal (S8) in the afternoon static. "WQVA...Lexington, South Carolina". (IEN-GA)


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

Radiosophy HD100 with Whip Antenna


Had a few minutes to scan the AM band on my Radiosophy HD-100 receiver this afternoon (4:45-5:00 PM CST, Saturday, Jan 26, 2008).

Here are the stations that lit up the blue HD light ...

790 kHz  KBME

ESPN 790 - The Sports Animal http://www.790kbme.com/main.html

950 kHz  KPRC

The 9-5-0 AM Radio MoJo http://www.950kprc.com/main.html

1590 kHz  KMIC

Radio Disney http://www.radiodisney.com

BTW, all were heard using the "mickey-mouse" AM antenna that came with my HD-100.  Haven't tried using my Radio Shack Loop with it yet.


Rick Barton – Phoenix, Arizona




MW   -  all times UTC 

980 KSVC Richfield, UT 1630 Numerous local spots during break from Dr. L

Laura Show, local references to "Delta", "Sevier Valley". ID at TOH, but

way down in the mud by then. Heard during check to see if Los Angeles'

KFWB was still on . (Barton , AZ)

1130 KFAN Minneapolis, MN 0100 Doing sports play by play , heard references to "Tulsa" , but clear ID at TOH "on AM 1130 KFAN". +   (Barton,AZ)  

780  KKOH  Reno,NV  0020  Syndicated talk show in progress with topic of-what else?- immigration.  Very solid.   (Barton,AZ) 

1100   KNZZ  Grand Junction , CO  talk radio pgm at 1130  , heard by nulling out -and- not being just down the street from 50 kW KFNX. Mixing with another unid.

980  KFWB  Los Angeles, CA   Single pip and ID by M anncr "KFWB news time eight o'clock", at 1600 -  late local for MW.  Good but faded into the mud at 1620.

570  KNRS  Salt Lake City , UT  0100 with "Glenn Beck Show", ID by M "Family

Values Talk Radio".  Good signal.  

1110  KDIS   Pasadena,CA   0400 UT / 2100 MST  Radio Disney pgm and solid

signal after nulling out splash from nearby KFNX 1100. (Barton,AZ  1/26) 

1140  KSFN  Las Vegas, NV  1525 / 0825 MST   Local spots ("Vista Chevrolet")

during break from syndicated "Sporting News Radio".Using slogan "the Spike 1140" .  (Barton,AZ  1/26)

 1490    KRKC  King City , CA  1447 /  0747 MST   ID by male suddenly heard

out of the "rumble", then back to rumble. Nothing else heard. (works that            way sometimes on this band  :>D  ).  (Barton , AZ  1/26) 

1460   KENO  Las Vegas, NV  1650  "Sports Memo Radio Show" and sports promos. Long f/out, foll by Jim Rome at 1715. Spot at 1749 for (who else?) Vista Chevrolet and ID by male at 1800 / 1100A-MST.    (Barton,AZ  1/26)     

1330   KGAK   Gallup, NM  2217 / 1500 MST   Country music, male anncr in

Navajo language. Many local references and Englsih words sprinkled in to

otherwise all Navajo dialogue.  Interested me as singal was strong at local

mid-afternoon.     (Barton,AZ  1/22)


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R8, mangled antenna wires


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Receiver, Antenna



First one from Indiana.  WGBF Evansville, clear ID into news. 776 miles, logging #335.


1630 KRND Fox Farm with Regional Mexican mix La Grande

1630 KCJJ Iowa City with numerous local commercials in break.  ID, promo for Rock & Roll Oldies Show. This is a new one for me (#336) No sign of KKGM Ft. Worth tonight.

570 Radio Reloj Cuba.  Tones and news content.  Rare to  get the full audio on this one. Usually just tones under KLIF.


The Mexican all traffic station heard in the US on 1590 has changed format to Christian.  Now known as Luz 1590. 


Kevin Redding- Gilbert, AZ

SRF-M37 or as listed



Heard on a Mighty Mite SRF-M37V, nekkid of course:

570 KALL SLC, UT 0102 FOX News

570 KLIF Dallas, TX 0105 ID Coast to Coast

600 KOGO San Diego, CA 0108 Coast to Coast

600 KCOL Wellington, CO 0110 Coast to Coast

630 KHOW Denver,CO 0112 Coast to Coast

640 KFI LA, CA 0113 Coast to Coast

650 KMTI 0114 Manti, UT C&W

660 KTNN Window Rock, AZ 0116 Trucking Bozo

680 KNBR SF, CA 0121 sports talk

700 KALL SLC, UT 0119 sports

710 KNUS Denver, CO 0121 ID

740 KCBS SF, CA 0122 news

750 KOAL Price, UT 0123 Coast to Coast

770 KKOB Albuquerque, NM 0124 Coast to Coast

790 KABC LA, CA 0126 informercial

810 KGO SF, CA 0127 Ben Wattenberg

820 WBAP Ft Worth, TX 0129 oil ad

850 KOA  Denver, CO 0130 27F

880 KRVN Lexington, NE 0135 Wolf Creek Express ad

890 KDXU St George, UT 0137 ad stopset

1020 KCKN Roswell, NM 0136 C&W

1030 KTWO Casper, WY 0137 Coast to Coast

1070 KNX LA, CA 0138 war news

1080 KRLD Dallas, TX 0139 ad for weight loss.

1160 KSL SLC, UT 0145 Nightside project

1200 WOAI SA, TX 0146 Coast to Coast

Have to finish the rest later.....


KKMO heard in null of local KPXQ 1360 with sweep tones about 0102 - 

0113 MST couldn't make out much of the marching music. Didn't listen 

longer because the bed was beckoning.

1210 KGYN Guymon, OK 1/7 1855 PSA Stay in school

1320 KFNZ SLC, UT 1/7 1902 BCS Championship game

1350 KABQ Albuquerque, NM 1/7 1905 Air America Radio

920 KVEL Vernal, UT 1/12  0015 with ID.


780 WBBM Chicago, IL 1253 1/15 with ID and time check.

980 KMBZ KC, MO 0100 1/15 ToH ID not once but twice.

1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 0104 1/15 with news story about dead geese.

1080 KRLD Dallas, TX 0107 1/15 wrecked by IBOC.

1130 CKWX Vancouver, BC 0109 1/15 news about a man who lost an arm.


Decided to listen on the Sangean HDR-1 the digital anti DX IBOC radio  and heard something new. Its a case of IBOC taketh away but sometimes  giveth back in return. I have not been able to listen to any sports  programming on KDUS 1060. Its a sports local that carries the Phoenix  Coyotes hockey games [ex-Winnipeg Jets]. When KNX went IBOC, there  went KDUS and the hockey games on radio and they are my local.

Tonight I turned the radio on which has done nothing but gather dust  since the IBOC programming sucks so mightily here in Phoenix, and  when I got to 97.9-2 and there was KDUS 1060 being relayed. I can  listen to hockey again no matter if KNX destroys my local AM station or not.


1300 KAZN Pasadena, CA 1/31 0022 with Chinese language programming.

1430 KVVN Santa Clara, CA 1/31 0030 with VietNamese language 

programming. New #889!


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Car Radio



I'd have to agree about the confused ionosphere.  Not that we're having any

heavy rain here (I wish).  We've got over a foot of snow on the ground and

just about every day is that gray murkey unsettled look.   Nonetheless on my

way home from work last night, I had a rare treat.  This is like a once a

year occurrence.

1130          KWKH       LA     Shreveport                  1/10/07      10:37pm  Signal poor

to fair, mixing with CKWX.  Heard Mickey Gilley singing "True Love Ways" and

into a liner "You've found the home of the legends.  AM 1130 K-W-K-H"

I think the slightly auroral CX helps to block out KRDU from California and

let the south in.  I'm sure KWKH is a pest for many of you, but an extreme

rarity for me so pardon my excitement :)


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Sangean HDT-1



Just got up to go downstairs for some dinner (1956 EST), and as I was

turning things off in my office/DX shack, I looked down and noticed that

my HDT-1, which I'd left on 1030 while listening to WBZ the other night,

was displaying not only a text ID from WBZ but also an apparent audio

lock. Of course, as soon as I reached down to turn on the stereo so I

could hear the audio, it went away...


(And the skywave from WBZ's IBOC hash is strong enough tonight to

completely wipe out any listenable audio from my "local" WYSL



Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA




Ok, I went out and bought an SRF-59, too. Somewhere, somebody in the

Sony marketing department is probably scratching his head and

wondering why, in the Ipod age, there's suddenly been a run on a

cheap, no-frills pocket radio.

No amazing catches yet, but here's what I have so far:

550 KOAC, Corvallis OR. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) with TOH ID,

into NPR news 5:59 pm PST, 1/3/08. Local-like signal; have heard them

before but was never able to get a clear ID.

610 KONA Kennewick (Tri-Cities) WA. ABC news headlines, ID "K-O-N-A

Information Radio," into Clark Howard financial talk show, 6:05 pm

1/3/08. Not that far from me but never heard them before on any of my

other radios. Local-like clarity.

SRF-59, unaided, in my parked car (dashboard DX!).


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver, Antenna



Getting a strong carrier here on 1610khz @ 11:50pm.


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL



These are from a couple weeks ago with my then newly acquired SRF-59 as I listened in bed for a while before turning out the light. Nothing earth shattering, but still not bad. New York, Detroit, New Orleans, Fort Worth, all barefoot on a $15 pocket radio. Times are EST.

2008-01-15 0103  820 WBAP  News. Mention of Texas corridor. Several IDs during promos.

2008-01-15 0105  760 WJR     Midnight radio network.

2008-01-16 0200  880 WCBS  ID coming out of news.

2008-01-16 0205  870 WWL    News with ID going into C2CAM.


Albert Lehr – Livermore, CA

Allied 2515 Receiver, Antenna


KGDP 660 heard with recorded ID loop at 1555 PST 01/15, repeated every

15 seconds.  "This is radio station KGDP, six hundred sixty kiloHertz,

Oildale, California."  Mixing with KTNN.  I checked again at 1620 PST and

they had their usual religion programming.


The Whole Earth


Rick Barton – Phoenix, Arizona




9570   PHILIPPINE ISLANDS  Radio Veritas Asia  1540 .  SINPO  35433. Hrd

Male in RR to TOH, short ancmt in EG, trumpet mx and off at 1555. 

9335  KOREA (NORTH) V.o. Korea at 1115  in French with strong signal, muddled audio.     

9650  CANADA  RKI-World (via Sackville)  1200. Buried under DPRK until mixing, then overwhelming V. of Korea at 1215. Pgm of S. Korean pop music.  43434 by 1220 .   

9599,5  MEXICO   R. UNAM  1545, instrumental music - sounded more like soundtrack to Twilight Zone than Classical, at least this session. Fair to Poor, mixing with slight het and audio from CRI.

4799.95  GUATEMALA  R. Buenas Neuvas  1045. Good, with music pgm under

the shooper. Somewhat better in LSB. (Barton,AZ 1/27) 

7445  TAIWAN   R.T.I.  1105 Fair, with newscast. (Barton , AZ  1/27)


 7355   KNLS  Anchor t. , Alaska noted in Chinese at 1115. (Barton , AZ  1/27) 

5875  ??? SINGAPORE    BBC-w.s.  1145 Panel discussion show , ID's and sudden tx shutoff at TOH.  (Barton,AZ  1/27) 

4750  R.R.I.  Sulawesi  1305  religious sounding music. Fair.  (Barton,AZ  1/27) 

11710  NORTH KOREA  1620 in French and with very strong signal.(Barton,AZ 1/26)

Harry Helms –Smithville, TX

Sony ICF 2010


PIRATE 6950.1 USB WTCR, Twentieth Century Radio, tune-in 0427 1/1 to opening bars of the Twentieth Century Fox movie theme repeated like an interval

signal, ID by man, into "Beast of Burden" by the Stones. Very strong signal into central Texas and a change from previous 6925 channel; this one should be

widely heard.

For the first and only reception report I've sent this century!

PIRATE WTCR QSL card in two months from "Dr. Morbius" for reception on November 16, 2007, 0300 UTC, on 6925 kHz USB. Color inkjet printed outer space motif card with verie info on back. Sent two dollars and stamps to Box 1, Belfast, NY mail drop.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** AUSTRALIA. RA, 5995, clear of Harold Camping after 1500 and still holding up

at 1505 Jan 2 after news, with program from ABC Local Radio, starting with

``Buttons & Bows`` tune, how Aussie. Compere kept talking about ``the program`` but never heard its axual name. So can we find out? At the RA website you haveto pretend you are going to print a pdf schedule in order to view it. The one for Pacific is dated Winter 2007 so at least a semi-year out of date, showing

Australian Express at 1500 (not 1505) UT Wednesdays. I don`t think so. Probably a prolonged summer-vacation substitute, just plug in LR and forget about doing any real RA shows; who cares what the listeners may expect? When we hear ``ABC Local Radio`` on RA, are we really listening to Melbourne, and only 3LO, Melbourne? Schedule at http://www.abc.net.au/melbourne/schedule.htm shows 2-5

am [AEDT] Thursday is Michael Pavlich with Overnights

** CANADA [non]. Another FE collision continues with nobody caring (but me?).

Jan 3 at 1459 on 5965, I heard the NHK IS, but then an ID for RCI and at 1500

Chinese, mixing at about equal level with CRI in Russian. Sorting this out, per


CRI is on 5965 from 14 to 16, but at 15 switches site from Xi`an 73 degrees to

Beijing 55 degrees (and thus for DVR, also NAm beyond), while Yamata has RCI

Mandarin relay at 15-16, 235 degrees. BTW, Turkey in Azeri also scheduled at

that hour, 90 degrees from Emirler but not heard here. Must be fun listening in


** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia, 9526, in Indonesian until 1501 Jan 1, but open

carrier stays on; didn`t keep on it to see how long

** JAPAN. R. Nikkei, 6115, Jan 2 at 0729 mentioning ``tampa hoso`` = shortwave

radio, and list of MHz before closing at 0730* Earlier, at 06-07 this collides

with CRI via Canada aimed due west. CRI is usually on top, but with heavy QRM

de Japan, especially in winter. The frequency gurus at VTC or CRI apparently

can`t imagine that Nikkei would be a factor in C/WNAm. It is intriguing to

wonder what the Japanese service of a SW station in Tampa FL would call itself

** MAURITANIA. R. Mauritanie, 4845, on the air and still audible at 0716

January 2 in Arabic; unlike Chad not on 4905, probably faded out by now

** MEXICO [and non]. Altho someone reported LV de tu Conciencia on 6009.5

recently, I checked 6010 again Jan 2 at 0722 when two stations were mixing

about equally, one Spanish talk and the other music. Both were very close to

6010.0 and were about 6 Hz apart, judging from the SAH. If it`s not Mil and

Con, what else could one of them be?

** NEW ZEALAND. As of 2227 UT January 3, the RNZI transmission schedule at

http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php is still labeled as expiring Dec 31. Are

we to assume that RNZI is no longer on SW, analog or DRM? I think that`s what I

was hearing on 5950, Jan 3 at 1455, but only a poor unID signal in English

mentioning World Book Club. Is that something from BBC?

** PHILIPPINES. FEBC, Manila/Bocaue, 9430, very good big signal in Chinese, and no jamming on this station! Jan 1 at 1505 with singing, ``Happy New Year``. 345 degrees but plenty of it reached OK

** RUSSIA. VOR concluding Korean hour at 1458 Jan 2, good on 6005, IS and off at 1500* sharp. This via Komsomol`sk/Amure is bad news for Echo of Hope, Korean clandestine on 6003 until 1500 too, except I did not hear a het from it during these two minutes. However, on Jan 3 I intuned a bit earlier in time to hear

the het, which went off at precisely 1458:30

** SOUTH AFRICA [non]. Channel Africa, 0726 Jan 2 with ID and info in English

on 6160, via the Newfoundland relay. This matches the CBC Radio Overnight

schedule, http://www.cbc.ca/overnight/schedule.html considering that CKZN is on

the AT/NT feed meaning this was 3:56 am local time, otherwise known at 3:26:

The international program schedule is: Weekdays:

1:05 Radio Netherlands

2:05 Radio Sweden and Radio Australia

3:05 Channel Africa and BBC World Service

4:05 Deutsche Welle and Radio Polonia

5:05 Radio Australia, Radio Prague, Deutsche Welle and Voice of Russia

** SUDAN [non]. Southern Sudan Interactive Radio Instruxion, 15675 via South

Africa, Thu Jan 3 at 1425 with super-condescending English lessons. Are these

only for children? I should think an adult learner of English would be put off.

1425 wrapping up, saying this afternoon (1400 UT) transmission is Tue-Thu-Sat,

while the morning repeat [sic] is M/W/F. From 1429 well past 1430, transmitted

two different alternating tones every 6 seconds, apparently a SENTECH thing

** SWEDEN [non]. R. Sweden`s feature on Wed Jan 2 at 1544 on 15240 via Canada was about the future of SW. A reporter in Paris interviewed participants in CYBAR (sp?), a conference on audience research. First was Simon Spanswick of AIB; then Jeff Cohen of WRN, who thinks that DRM can be the future, first on domestic radio, and then for international broadcasting; altho there have been issues in getting receivers on the market. DAB, however, a few years after it was introduced in the UK, is finally taking off with almost all new radios sold being DAB-capable. Finally, Graham Mytton, ex-XBAR at BBCWS, who says ``shortwave was a wonderful hobby for young people in the 70s and 80s``, but now with the Internet, ``[DXing] is not a big hit any more.`` Show concluded by asking listeners how they pick up R. Sweden? There is precious little to listen

to in English on my breakfast table SW radio in English at 9:30 am [CST], so I

am thankful RS has not given up on it yet. I prefer not to rush to fire up my

computer as soon as I awaken. The entire segment should be found halfway thru

the 1530 edition in the 30-day archive at


** TURKEY. VOT, 12035, fairly good with Live from Turkey, Thu Jan 3 at 1400

with usual hourtop music break. On a previous show the announcer gave away the reason: he has to go to another studio to read the news on a domestic network. Then back to show, no in-callers heard; at 1413 introducing a new program for 2008, much like one which ran in 2006 under a different name, which will be almost daily, ``Did You Know That?``, the first ep about boron, element #5

which is metallic and not metallic, of which Turkey has ``vast reserves`` and

is used in railroad trax, medicine, fuel, etc. This brief but fact-crammed talk

lasted little more than a minute. We shall have another sesquimonth or so to

wait for the printed 2008y program schedule to come in the P-mail, not

available online, and I doubt such a minor feature will be mentioned, anyway

** U S A. Seems we can write off KAIJ as a WOR affiliate until further notice.

Thu Jan 3 at 1600 on webcast, 1386 was still being repeated from weeks ago

instead of a newer edition or even the newest, 1389. The thing is apparently

running unattended until the webcast contract is over. I imagine little if any

of the other programming is refreshed either

** CHINA. On 4900, Jan 4 at 1415, M&W talk definitely in Chinese. Per Aoki this

could only be V. of [the] Strait, Fuzhou, at 12-17, 50 kW at 140 degrees,

axually in Amoy

** CUBA. CRI relay in English on 13740, Jan 4 at 1434 had audio cutting out

every few seconds. Commies vs commies!

** GERMANY [non]. The DW Amharic and jamming situation of such intense interest in Nov and Dec seems to have receded, but I checked this out again on Jan 4 at 1436. I could hear both 15620 and 15660, the lower frequency stronger, but no jamming detectable on either, unlike 15645 where there was only jamming (I think; often hard to tell from ambient noise level), altho DW via Sri Lanka is

supposed to be on 15640. Both 15620 and 15660 are Rwanda, but the latter is

non-direxional, and not always audible here

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, Jan 4 at 1424 with a talk which may have been outroed as ``Focus``. Good modulation level, but over constant hum, also coming out of this transmitter?

** INDONESIA. 4605, RRI Serui, Papua, presumed as the only station in the world known on this frequency, Jan 4 at 1415 with YL ballads, 1418 announcement. Weak signal on 4790 vs CODAR may have been another Indonesian; none of the other 60m Indo frequencies produced anything above the local noise level

** INTERNATIONAL WATERS [non]. Fri Jan 4 at 1422 checked for Don Anderson and the Amigo Net on 8122-USB, as previously reported, but nothing heard

** LAOS [non]. Hmong World Christian Radio has disappeared from WHRI 11785, since Sat Jan 5 at 1513 check it was Lester in English instead; indeed HWCR has also vanished from the online WHR schedule, but Hmong Lao Radio is still there Sat & Sun 14-15 on same

** OKLAHOMA. After tuning around for the WIMA 1150 DX test, Jan 5 at 0705 UT, I found a VG signal from KGYN 1210 Guymon with ID and 0706 ``High plains forecast`` from NewsChannel Ten, i.e. KFDA-TV Amarillo. No Man`s Land might as well be part of Texas, lost to Okie media. Remarkable signal for a station with a null toward Philadelphia, and no doubt yet another case of non-direxional day operation at night. BTW, WOAI IBOC QRM, but could be nulled as these are close to right angles from here ** PORTUGAL. RDPI, 15560, paused in some sports talk for unclear reason to play

``Santa Claus Is Coming to Town`` classic version in English, Jan 5 at 1517.


** UKRAINE [non]. Jan 5 at 1458, ``The First Noel`` orchestral version playing

on 9885, then announcement in something Slavic. Must be the new CVC service via Jülich relaying an FM station in Ukraine, Radio Svitle. Guess it`s Xmas eve for them ** U S A. Frecuencia al Día, the DX program produced by Dino Bloise, with input from a number of regular contributors, has quietly stepped into the vacuum left by RN`s canceled Radio Enlace. I ran across it at one of WRMI`s unspecified, `flexible` timings, UT Fri Jan 4 at 0637 on 9955, which was propagating for a change, and not jammed at the moment. So that`s Friday 0630 for FAD, among many other airings. For those listening an hour later at 0730 Fri, WORLD OF RADIO has been heard in the past but not reconfirmed lately

** U S A. Another US SW station missing: KTBN. Jan 4 at 0641, vacancy on 7505 while all the other US SW stations on the band were audible; recheck at 1408, still missing. Not heard lately on the daytime frequency either, 15590, such as Jan 5 at 1610 and 1716. Has anyone heard them this year on either frequency?

FCC and HFCC are ambiguous about the exact schedule, showing a 2-hour overlap in the morning and a 1-hour overlap in the evening, even tho KTBN has only one transmitter! This gives them the flexibility of switching at 14, 15 or 16, and at 00 or 01 without having to specify which. In deep winter, surely the times

should be 1600-2400 & 0000-1600

** GERMANY. Jan 7 at 1500 found Persian talk on 9925, rather good signal, and

since it`s Persian, it can`t be from Iran. Went to music around 1515; at 1529

spelled out a .org e-mail address in English, but could not catch it all; then

at 1530, P-mail to Box 40591, but not certain of that either. None of this

struck me as religious, so had high hopes for something clandestine. What does

PWBR 2008 say? Nothing! So I had to wait a while to look up online resources:

EiBi: 9925 1430-1630 G Bible Voice FS ME /D-w

Which means Farsi from UK via Wertachtal, altho Aoki shows same as Juelich

starting Dec 1, which explains why PWBR missed it. Probably changed from Jülich to Wertachtal since then, as many DTK transmissions have shifted sites. Doesn`t Iran have enough problems without trying to convert them to Protestants?

** GUATEMALA. R. Coatán, no doubt, on 4780 with chipmunk-style singing in

Spanish mixed with CODAR, 1346 Jan 6

** INDIA. Don`t often hear AIR on 60m here, but Jan 6 at 1342 on 4840, S Asian

music, woman singing, later excited dialog; poor signal and still audible at

1358. AIR Mumbai is the only listed possibility. Not so much from Indonesia or

China on band this morning. Repeat performance the next morning, Jan 7 at 1350. In Marathi, or Hindi?

** TAJIKISTAN. Harold Camping, whose ego trip surpasses even Brother Stair`s,

pontificating, Jan 7 at 1409 on 6225 with echo, so seems both short and long

path from Dushanbe, 200 kW, 125 degrees, YFR relay scheduled at 14-15

** U S A. KTBN, which had been absent a few days, back at usual strength Jan 6

at 0632 on 7505. Sounds suspiciously like a TV soundtrack

** VENEZUELA [non]. "Aló, Presidente`` service via Cuba, Sunday Jan 6 at 1405

check talking about Cuba instead of Venezuela, in usual RHC prélude to the real

show, on 11875 atop WEWN, 13750 clear, and barely audible on 17750 mixing with WYFR. Not found on any other frequencies; RHC mainstream programming continuing on 11760, 11805, 12000, 15370

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Radio Solh, 15265 via UK, enters another month and

another year still playing exactly the same music every day at the same time,

including the sticking CD at 1346-1349+ as reconfirmed Jan 10. The final tune

before 1500* is growing on me. Yes, it is not only the same music, but

obviously a recording of the same entire transmission, including defects,

replayed day after day

** BRAZIL [and non]. There were reports from Brasil that RNA was either missing

or extremely weak on 11780 and 6180, but I found 11780 inbooming here Jan 9 at 0653 check, with wakeupshow, 4:53 am in the DST areas, but mostly for Amazônia at 3:53 am? Nothing, however, on 6180, unQRMing XEPPM 6185 for a change, which had some nice and clear jazz going. But Jan 10 at 0641 check, 11780 was missing, tho Chile was VG on 11805, also audible on 11745

** IRAN [non]. Fair and fluttery signal in Russian, or similar, Jan 9 at 1437

on 5815. Per Aoki this is VOIRIran via Lithuania, 100 kW at 79 degrees,

something you really don`t expect to hear on 50+ meters at this hour, but there

have been some other reports of this from C&W NAm. From 1527 to 1530 they make a beam switch to 259 degrees for R. Racja from Poland to Belarus

** MEXICO. As Julián Santiago advised, XEXQ has returned to the air after more

than two sesquiweeks; classical music, but only a poor, squeezed signal here on

6045 at 1318 Jan 10. Also audible at 1354 Jan 11 but quite weak

** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599+, Jan 10 at 1330 with RFI news relay for about 10

minutes; good signal and no significant het

** U S A. Jan 10 at 2230 I found Radio Weather running on WHRI 11765. I forced myself to listen for a few minutes to confirm my suspicions that Rod Hembree is palming off on gullible listeners not only his wacky religious views, but communications news items which are anything but. One of the topix was a Notice of Apparent Liability for alleged indecency, issued to station WCZR. This is not easy to look up on the FCC website, but a google search quickly found an

FCC page showing that a NAL for that station was dated February 20, 2004! So

here is a show almost four years old. He later included a Stardate capsule,

which are extremely dated but I did not catch what date if any was announced

** AUSTRALIA [non]. Jan 12 at 2320 I found quite a het on 11550. Two stations

of roughly equal strength about 400 Hz apart and hard to separate; even the

SW-07 synch funxion couldn`t help. On other receivers and antennas I was able

to separate them sufficiently to determine that on 11550.0 was Spanish, no

doubt WEWN as scheduled, but mostly skipping over and rather weak; and on

11550.4 something in Indonesian.

Time to break out my brand new copy of PWBR 2008. The only other station on

``11550`` at that time, besides WEWN, is shown as R. Australia in ``other``

language via Taiwan. Doesn`t help to look in the non-blue-edged pages in

country order, since this is too far off-topic for PWBR. A major world language

spoken by over a hundred megapeople, Indonesian, does not merit any individual listings, just lumped in with ``other``.

HFCC? The public file, from which all RA Shepparton transmissions have been

censored, shows no such R. Australia on 11550, but it does show Indonesian at

2200-2330 on 9630 via CVC Darwin, which lets its registrations including RA

relays stand.

EiBi? Not listed there either.

Once you know it`s RA, this transmission can be found on page 408 of the 2008

WRTH, as 2200-2330 on 11550 via Taiwan.

Aoki? There it is, in the 11 January update with more details:

11550 R. AUSTRALIA 2200-2330 1234567 Indonesian 100 205 Tainan TWN 12038E2311 ABC b07

But Aoki misses WEWN on 11550! Which per WEWN website and DXLD 8-004, is on 11550 all the way from 1500 to 2400.

Anyhow, any doubts about the off-frequency one were resolved when I heard

11550.4 ID as R. Australia at 2328:30, shortly before going off

** CUBA. RHC, 9550 in English, Sat Jan 12 at 2330 found CO2KK in

non-copyrighted propagation forecast, i.e. the end of the show, which wrapped

at 2331:30 after the traditional code outro. So if it`s 17 minutes or so long,

it would have started around 2314

** LITHUANIA. R. Vilnius, 7325, English to North America, Jan 12 at 2340 had a

report on the Lithuanian language dictation test, apparently a major national

literacy event. I notice that the announcers almost omit the I in pronouncing

Vilnius, and also almost omit the U in Lithuania. At 2344 began first mailbag

of 2008y, mentioning that most of the reception reports lately had come from

Japan, and were quite similar to each other, concerning the NAm service on 7325 which was making it there despite the usual Chinese co-channel (which I was also getting). One correspondent listened to the Lithuanian semihour at 2300 but not the English at 2330. The entire mailbag had some hauntingly familiar music bed running, which was nice, but not necessary for SW intelligibility.

They also mentioned that RV can be listened to on the internet, something I had

yet to try, via http://www.lrt.lt  But going there one sees little but Lithuanian. Following the instruxions in English comes to a dead end, unless you pretend you are getting a podcast of ``current affairs in English`` from http://www.lrt.lt/prenumerata/podcast.php?chid=234933&secid=2&flt=7345

However, even at 0351 UT Sunday, the latest show available there was from

Friday January 11. That mp3 file displays as 35:14 long, but  signed off

English at :28 minutes in, then filled with nice folk music, 30:00 into

Lithuanian, and then pop music.

At 2354 gave the English schedule as: NAm 2330 on 7325, 0030 on 9875, and

``next day`` to Europe at 0930 on 9710.

We`ve had conflicting info about whether the weekly KBC Radio broadcast via the same Sitkunai site to NAm, UT Sundays 0100-0159, is now on 6255, or like the 2130-2230 broadcasts to Europe, on 6265. UT Jan 13 at 0150 I could detect a weak carrier on 6255, not 6265, but would prefer to have more certain

confirmation from eastward. I wonder why RV on 7325 was making it so much


** ANTARCTICA. Have looked for LRA36 several times lately, but no sign of it,

in accordance with South American reports that it has been missing from 15476.

Including Jan 14 at 1908. Seems like they usually disappear in Jan/Feb, tho

you`d think summer would be the most pleasant time for them. Maybe the staff

are out frolicking on the beach. Whenever I check this I also check for RAE;

** ARGENTINA. Jan 14 at 1907 check, could detect a carrier on 15344.4, no doubt RAE, and an even weaker carrier on 15345.0 causing a lite het, which would be Morocco

** CUBA. RHC, 15370, Sunday Jan 13 at 1442 with ``La Cultura en Cuba`` show

about composer Ernesto Lecuona and playing some of his great music until 1452. Probably starts at 1430, and goes into Monitoring Reminders Calendar; also on the usual // frequencies

** ETHIOPIA [non]. Dimitse Tewahedo, via WHRA, 11785, Monday Jan 14 at 1900 managed to surpass the previous abrupt cutoff at 1905 and continued mostly with music past 1906 and 1911

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690 to SE Asia, Jan 14 at 1455 with closing news headlines, and also hum on transmitter as noted previously

** INTERNATIONAL WATERS [non?]. 8122-USB, Jan 14 at 1415 with Don Anderson`s detailed weather info for the Sea of Cortez, mentioning the southern crossing (for yachts) at 23 degrees north; finished his portion of the Amigos Net at 1436 IDing as ``Summer Passage``, which I think is his yacht, so apparently he was aboard rather than aland at Oxnard CA; his signal was just as big as ever, eclipsing other stations in the net

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia, via Moldova/Pridnestrovye,

Kishinev/Grigoriopol, 11530, good Jan 15 at 1440 with presumably Kurdish music including wailing, ululation, string instrument accompaniment, until taken out by the eerie Catholic choir of WEWN around 1457

** RUSSIA [non]. Continuous pop music on 13755, 1520 past 1530 Jan 15, fair;

some lyrix seem Russian. Yes, per EiBi it`s 13755 1500-1600 RUS VoR Sodruzhestvo R ME /D-w 13760  The V. of Russia Commonwealth service via Wertachtal, Germany. PWBR also shows this but for summer only, obviously not the case

** CUBA. The latest in the never-ending series of operational errors at RHC was

another beneficial one, allowing us to hear R. Musical Nacional programming on

SW, as has occasionally happened before at this time. But don`t expect it to

happen exactly like this the next night, or ever again ---

Jan 17 at 0640, RHC in English on 6000 talking about, what else? You know what

--- was underlain by a coloratura soprano. This was not the case on 6060 which

had RHC English only. Normally there is no significant co-channel QRM to 6000

at this hour, but the same mix was also on 6180, so that`s a red flag that the

audio was not from another transmitter, but from the same transmitters in Cuba,

with a mixture of audio feeds going into them, and consequently out of them.

Sure enough, at 0659 on 6000, just as RHC was closing, I heard a Radio Musical

Nacional ID; both cut off at 0700 as that frequency went off the air. But 6060,

which had not had RMN before 0700, stayed on the air with nothing but RMN, at

full modulation, with program as scheduled ``La Ópera``. Announcer spoke for

some time, plugging other shows including Teatro de la Opera, but never giving

the time, which would feature Thaďs. Then some classic recordings (originally

78s?) of a singer whose name I didn`t recognize or catch. This was still going

at 0734.

Meanwhile I checked 6180 again at 0718. RMN was also heard there, but now

mixing with yet another Cuban domestic network, this one with talk, keywords

``mesa redonda``, ``poder popular``. 6180 had an additional SAH, probably


** ECUADOR. Stop the presses! HCJB may have finally caught on that for the last few years, they have been automatically announcing the wrong frequencies for their morning Spanish broadcast. I checked 11960 Jan 18 at 1359, 1429 and 1459, and instead of the Einstein- or other notable pseudo-evangelical quotations

plus frequencies, I heard all three times the formerly alternating ID break

consisting of quena and HCJB`s mailing address instead. They still don`t have

the automation coördinated properly, as the tail end of the previous program

gets cut off for the ID at 30 seconds before the hour and half hour. But I

won`t be satisfied until I hear a new announcement with the correct

frequencies, 11690 and 11960 instead of 11760 (which was never correct), and


15270-15275-15280 DRM, Jan 18 at 1425, sounding just like the Dentro-Cuban

jamming on 15330, 15710. Presumably HCJB 4 kW testing DRM again on its usual 19mb frequencies. Those who invented DRM should have made it sound less likejamming on an analog receiver; bad PR this way.

DRM-DX schedule checked a couple sesquihours later still shows HCJB DRM only at 11-12 UT, German to Europe

** GUATEMALA. R. Cultural Coatán, 4780 is a regular here in the mornings;

unfortunately I don`t usually fire up until after sunrise. Following John

Wilkins` hypothesis that XERTA might be on 4780 too, I paid more attention than

usual, Jan 18: around 1333 mariachi music, mixed with talk but hard to

ascertain language, suspect not Spanish. 1401 ID mentioning 60 metros, but

could not catch name of station. Musical bed with the ID was, incongruously for

either, ``London Bridge``.

Afterwards in talk segment, evidently preaching, in non-Spanish, except for an

occasional recognizable Spanish words such as ``capítulo``, ``versículo``, i.e.

chapter and verse in Bible quotations. Gradually fading, but still audible at

1410, almost gone by 1420 when I quit.

I doubt that XERTA in the DF would be broadcasting in any native language, but

TGLT certainly does. Meanwhile, nothing more than a carrier detectable on 4800,

if that was XERTA. There was no more than one signal on 4780, aside from the

constant CODAR sweeping by that and 4800. Then I see Scott Barbour`s report of Jan 17 that TGLT signed on at 1129 with ``London Bridge``. That clinches it for


** U S A. 11715, KJES, Jan 17 at 1417, off-key kid-choir with endless

repetitions of hymn verse starting ``A correr`` and ending ``en la sangre de

Jesús`` --- Yes, Spanish meaning ``Run. . . to the blood of Jesus``. Kept

faking us out, is it about to end? Now? Now? But paused for English ``let me

know if you can hear me`` ID at 1430, and shortly into usual call-and-response

in English. This blurs the border between their designated Spanish and English


** CUBA. Checking Jan 20 for the début of RHC`s Euro service: at 2020 UT check, 11750 quite weak in Portuguese, so guess it is really aimed off some 90 degrees from OK. Also same in Spanish at 2110. By then much stronger secret English broadcast was still running on 11760 // as usual much weaker 9505

** CHINA [non]. CRI, Portuguese to Brasil via Chile, or Commies via Christians,

Jan 21 at 2153 on 17645, nice Chinese music, YL announcer with heavy accent;

2156 transmission schedule, but this frequency not mentioned. In a fade, I

thought they said 17625, but looking up


it claims they are on 17615! 17645 was noticeably weaker at 45 degree azimuth

than 17680 in CVC Spanish from the same Calera de Tango site at 0 degrees. The latter is constantly heard, sometimes very strong, just about any time during

its long daily span 1100-0100 --- well, at least during daylight hours here

** CUBA. Checking Jan 20 for the début of RHC`s Euro service: at 2020 UT check, 11750 quite weak in Portuguese, so guess it is really aimed off some 90 degrees from OK. Also same in Spanish at 2110. By then much stronger secret English broadcast was still running on 11760 // as usual much weaker 9505. However, 11760 is bothered by 315 degree beam from WHRI 11765, which gave 11750 the edge on Jan 21

Earlier, monitored the 49m channels around 0700 Jan 20. At 0700, 6000 briefly

announced ``El programa Zarzuela y Opereta``, presumably from the R. Musical

Nacional network feed, time check for 2 am, but modulation then cut off, to

open carrier. At 0701, 6000 resumed same music it had been playing before that

announcement, and finally at 0702 RHC IS and opening the Esperanto service, as scheduled UT Sundays only. They really need to work on smoothly switching

network feeds. At 0702, 6180 was still on with carrier, while 6060 was off

** ECUADOR. Found another airing of Conozca el Ecuador, which was not on HCJB`s Spanish schedule the last I checked – Monday Jan 21 at 2230-2300 on 12000. This show plays more folk music than talk. Started with two pieces, one vocal, one instrumental, then a feature on the craftswomen of Imbabura province. Music cut off abruptly at 2259 for several seconds, apparently antenna change, as stronger signal when it came back. Then timesignal and 2300 news. Per HFCC, this is what happens in those few seconds off:

Until 2300 there is one 100 kW transmitter at 150 degrees.

After 2300 there are two transmitters, one 50 kW at 157 degrees,

and the 100 kW reverses angle to 330 degrees, now favoring us, spelt U-S

** PORTUGAL. The Caixa Postal & Dexismo show on RDPI was not heard Monday Jan

21 at previously scheduled time of 1848, as I brought up the webcast a few

minutes early. Then checking that date`s program schedule at


indeed it shows only at 0845 and 1418, and not at 0030 UT Tuesday either, and

also has the podcast icon, where we may also listen to it and the previous

week`s show, without really making it a podcast:


From previous experience, there is a lot of variation from one week to the next

in RDPI`s program scheduling, so who knows what will happen next Monday. At

least they post advance program schedules for each specific date, which is more

than can be said for many ISWBC stations.

A link to the show pop-up reminds that the presenter is Isabel Flora.

This week`s program was nothing but an interview with someone reminiscing on

the phone about Emissora Nacional; no mailbag, no DX. The new season`s first

show, dated Jan 14, was about the postal system, starting with a song; no

mailbag, no DX. It does appear the name of the show is rather misleading

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via Cuba, 11680, Mon Jan 21 at 1509 tune-in during

heavily accented English segment, about relations with Italy, FARC; 1513 back

to Spanish with Chávez declaring that FARC and ELN should be considered

legitimate armed forces, not terrorists; playing the hostage release for all

it`s worth. Over co-channel which Aoki shows could be either BBC Arabic via

Rampisham, or KCBS North Korea --- but does not list RNV which has been there for months as originally reported in DXLD! EiBi has all of the above, but shows RNV as English during the first semihour, while that continues to be only

sporadic and unpredictable

** CUBA. Following advice in WORLD OF RADIO 1392, checked RHC 49mb frequencies at 0700 UT Jan 25: 6060 switched from RHC closing music at 0700 sharp to ``Compositores Cubanos`` program from R. Musical Nacional, but transmitter cut off after a few seconds. At 0701, found 6000 running with undermodulated talk program about Condoleeza Rice, Neocons, US immigration policy, past 0704; think I heard Mesa Redonda mentioned, so may have been replay of that discussion program on some other network feed. And there was a weaker mix of Spanish talk and music underneath, but this was revealed as WYFR when Cuba finally went off at 0705. 6180 was already off at 0701 ** INDONESIA. VOI back on 9526 after several weeks` absence during the hours I

am awake: Jan 22 at 1439 in Indonesian, pop music, constant hum more obvious

during talk and pauses, but good strength. Transmitter dumped off the air for a

fraxion of a minute at 1440, 1449, 1452 and 1458. Usual format of mostly music,

1456:30 to closing warta berita headlines, 1459 YL singing anthem until 1501:30

open carrier with increasing hum, finally off at 1504*. No sign of CRI in

Russian which usually occupies the 1500 hour on 9525, altho there was a lite

het from something when I first tuned in. Thought 9526 might come back on with

gamelan/English ID loop from 1530 as it used to, but still off at final check


** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9526, Jan 24 at 1439 in Indonesian music, which was

sticking for a full minute until 1440. I did not hear a click or pop, so maybe

it was a digital rather than vinyl problem. There followed 4, four minutes of

dead air --- well, not quite dead, as it allowed us to appreciate the hum and

het unimpeded. Finally resumed programming, and played NA earlier than usual at 1456 --- it`s by a soprano with a beautiful voice. Tune in for that if nothing

else. 1504 recheck, still on with carrier, hum

** INDONESIA. RRI Makassar, 4750, fairly good and better than it has been

recently, as late as 1423 Jan 25, M&W in Indonesian talking over music. And a

quick check for VOI found it still on 9526 around the same time

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. Checking out a report of the jammer and Echo of Hope missing from 6348, I found they were both there as usual Jan 25 at 1416, the jammer pulsing at a steady rate of between 4 and 5 times per second

** U S A. Outdoing VOI, WBCQ 9330 was heard with open (reduced) carrier for at least 4 minutes from tune-in 1512 Jan 23. Quite an improvement over Radio


** U S A. WYFR, 5745, with Camping, Jan 23 at 0640 overridden by open carrier

and then brief tonetest before going off. Typical behaviour of IBB, probably

testing transmitter to be used later by R. Martí, tho not scheduled until *1000

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV, 11680 via Cuba, Jan 22 at 1506 tune-in again with

heavily-accented English segment, over constant bed of drumming, about US

financing of AUC in Colombia, US` double standard about terrorism, unemployment rate 6.2%, lowest since 1991. Segment called ``Informative Short News`` in typically poor translation to English, Spanish ID and I thought it was over, but resumed English at 1509 with ``Belligerence, the Only Way to Peace``,

Chávez speaking and voice-over translation about FARC and ELN not being

terrorist organizations, and must give up kidnapping. This was identical to

what I heard the day before at about the same time; they`re getting as bad as

RHC in harping on the same subjects ad nauseam, but what else would you expect? English ended at 1518. Way over the co-channel QRM

** MEXICO. Monday Jan 28 is another of those rare days when XEPPM, 6185 leaves its transmitter on in the daytime after nominal 1200* Tune-in at 1551 to ID in passing as R. Educación accompanying a report from Oaxaca, and more talk

programming past 1600 when there was an ID for XEEP 1060 only. S9 +18 with the only comparable signal at this late hour on 49m being WBOH 5920, which was only S9 +13 but sounds louder due to overmodulation. XEPPM has a nice clean easily readable signal, and I wonder how long it will stay on; still going at 1610 tune-out. I also wonder how far into El Norte it can penetrate during the

daytime. If they can do this with 10 kW, how nice it would be if they had 50 kW

and deliberately broadcast in the daytime when there is zero co- or

adjacent-channel interference! BTW, this has happened previously on Mondays,

but not sure if that is their doing, or just when I have happened to notice it.

BTW2, XEXQ 6045 has been missing again for the last few weeks, and so has XEYU 9599.3v in the last few days. BTW3, note that XERTA`s new frequency 4800 could produce a second harmonic interfering with XEYU at local DF range; fortunately, XERTA is rather weak

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, via UK, 15265, Jan 30 at 1419-1459:30*, quite

good reception and recorded it to availablize the music in an mp3 archive, TBA

** CUBA. Just after checking 11680, found an open carrier on 11750 at 1514 Jan

29, then at 1515 up came audio from R. Rebelde talking about their 50th

anniversary; is this the axual date? Included old-timer with creaky voice,

abruptly cut off at 1520* exposing some other weak signal on 11750. Neither RHC nor Rebelde is scheduled on 11750 at this time, but RHC recently added 11750 at 2000-2300, so I suppose testing that transmitter with whatever audio feed was handy

** INDONESIA. V. of Indonesia, 9526, mostly missing lately; not there Jan 29 at

1430 check; but Jan 30 at 1403, Suara Indonesia ID in warta berita, with hum,

ringing sound; 1404 cut off briefly. Jan 31 at 1441, missing. Also RRI, 9680,

Jan 30 at 1414 Indo ballads mixing with Chinese talk, SAH of about 4 Hz varying


** IRAN [non]. R. Farda, 11750, Jan 31 at 1445 with ID and music. This is

Lampertheim, Germany, 100 kW, 108 degrees

** MEXICO. After a few days` absence, XEYU back on 9599.3v, Jan 29 at 0610 with classical, deep fades; and at 1410 news about water shortage in Mexico City, and blackouts. 1528 recheck, classical. XEPPM 6185: no repeat of yesterday`s daytime apparition, checked Jan 29 at 1526

Jan 30 at 1412, 9599+ again on in Spanish

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI via CUBA, 11680, Tue Jan 29 at 1501-1514 was all in Spanish, no English, the usual Chavista stuff, as if everything going on in V

revolves around Hugo; signal started out weaker than usual, gradually grew. Re

their poor English when it happens: can`t they find any native speaker in

Venezuela willing to spout the Chavista propaganda lines fluently?


Norbert Ansay – Pawtucket, RI

Grundig Mini 300


Heard on grundig mini 300 pawtucket R.I. basement apt. please bear with me with spelling on this logging.

Note: SW band is packed however finding broadcasts i can understand is

another matter.


6.05 mhz radio ramainia (SPELLING) (pronounced like that) 4:30 PM EST gave 4 different freqs for western europe and north america. said you are listening to english broadcast and want on to news about NATO (north atlantic treaty organization . good signal until i turned on PC then bye bye. 1/22/08   



Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Chris Black – Cape Cod

WinRadio 313/Icom 756 Pro II


ID     kHz    Date    UTC  S/P ITU Station                        Miles

HXF    200  01/24/08 1041  WI  USA Hartford                         936

DMZ    203  01/24/08 1047  TN  USA Dickson                         1004

GDW    209  01/05/08 2257  MI  USA Gladwin/Wiggins                  743

GF     209  01/27/08 1058  NY  USA Glen's Falls/Queensbury/Ganse    206

K7     211  01/10/08 0307  QC  CAN Ste-Anne-des-Monts               542

CX     219  01/21/08 2217  PA  USA Harrisburg/Latle                 372

FZ     220  01/21/08 2219  NY  USA Fulton/Oswego County Airport     332

YAS    221  01/24/08 1112  QC  CAN Kangirsuk                       1268

EPO    225  01/28/08 0940  --  CLM El Paso/El Eden                 2583

HSB    230  01/24/08 1122  IL  USA Harrisburg-Raleigh              1012

ZUC    230  01/20/08 1203  ON  CAN Ignace                          1169

CNH    233  01/27/08 1126  NH  USA Claremont                        162

URT    235  01/24/08 0101  --  BRA Uruburetama                     3666

USC    240  01/29/08 1024  --  CUB Santa Clara                     1441

3E     242  01/20/08 1223  NS  CAN Sable Island/North Triumph Plat  543

LE     242  01/21/08 1129  KY  USA Lexington/Blayd                  811

LKG    242  01/27/08 1135  GA  USA Americus/Lindbergh              1010

FZK    243  01/24/08 1137  WI  USA Wausau                          1004

TWM    243  01/21/08 1140  MN  USA Two Harbors                     1127

CB     245  01/21/08 1155  NU  CAN Cambridge Bay                   2276

UDG    245  01/03/08 0950  SC  USA Darlington/Dovesville            728

GGI    248  01/21/08 1157  IA  USA Grinnell                        1164

PRO    251  01/24/08 1147  IA  USA Perry                           1236

ZQA    251  01/29/08 1030  --  BAH Nassau                          1221

JA     253  01/24/08 1149  MN  USA Hibbing/Chisholm                1187

BYN    260  01/27/08 1144  OH  USA Bryan                            740

EPM    260  01/02/08 2057  ME  USA Eastport                         273

HAO    260  01/27/08 1145  OH  USA Hamilton                         774

JH     265  01/29/08 0127  --  GRL Julianehĺb/Qaqortoq             1663

TM     266  01/28/08 0151  FL  USA Miami/Qeezy                     1254

UCP    272  01/22/08 1017  PA  USA New Castle                       534

ADF    275  01/03/08 1037  AR  USA Arkadelphia                     1355

YLC    277  01/03/08 1040  NU  CAN Kimmirut/Lake Harbour           1463

GPQ    278  01/03/08 1046  GA  USA Carrollton                       992

SI     279  01/29/08 0132  --  GRL Simiutaq                        1646

RBC    280  01/16/08 0140  --  XUU ?                              ?   

DMO    281  01/22/08 1033  MO  USA Sedalia                         1231

DOU    285  01/24/08 0129  --  BRA Dourados                        4502

KU     298  01/22/08 1041  --  GRL Kookřerne/Kook Islands          1710

YQ     305  01/22/08 1043  MB  CAN Churchill/Eastern Creek         1566

MA     326  01/27/08 1051  TX  USA Midland/Farly                   1890

FH     331  01/29/08 0141  --  GRL Frederikshĺb/Paamuit            1641

HEG    332  01/02/08 2117  FL  USA Jacksonville/Herlong Field      1021

PH     332  01/02/08 2117  MI  USA Port Huron/Phurn                 641

SG     332  01/22/08 1059  WI  USA Green Bay/Depre                  927

FF     337  01/22/08 1102  MN  USA Fergus Falls/Hamre              1322

LH     338  01/05/08 0004  OH  USA Lancaster/Caser                  662

PFT    342  01/22/08 1110  MN  USA Pinecreek/Piney                 1346

YC     344  01/22/08 1116  AB  CAN Calgary                         2154

AIG    347  01/22/08 1140  WI  USA Antigo                           981

LPZ    350  01/28/08 0917  --  BOL La Paz/El Alto                  4005

RB     350  01/22/08 1144  NU  CAN Resolute Bay                    2417

STM    350  01/24/08 0151  --  BRA Santarém                        3185

ANU    351  01/10/08 0026  --  ATG V. C. Bird                      1764

HOT    353  01/16/08 0201  --  VEN Higuerote                       2165

LLD    353  01/26/08 1005  --  HWA Lanai                           5125

BXG    356  01/26/08 1024  GA  USA Waynesboro/Burke County          881

IUL    356  01/22/08 1150  IN  USA La Porte                         859

TKX    358  01/15/08 1148  MO  USA Kennett                         1132

CZB    359  01/15/08 1138  IL  USA Casey                            952

SDY    359  01/22/08 1152  MT  USA Sidney                          1711

YQZ    359  12/23/08 1048  BC  CAN Quesnel                         2515

HT     360  01/02/08 2137  --  AZR Horta                           2190

JAC    360  01/16/08 0205  --  BRA Jacareacanga                    3390

JDN    360  01/23/08 1055  --  CLM Jardin                          2508

SW     360  01/15/08 1144  MN  USA Warroad/Roadd                   1311

MHA    364  01/15/08 1152  WI  USA Manitowish Waters               1027

AA     365  01/22/08 1156  ND  USA Fargo/Kenie                     1363

CVL    365  01/24/08 0208  --  BRA Caravelas                       4536

EOK    366  01/22/08 1201  IA  USA Keokuk                          1111

PNM    368  01/22/08 1204  MN  USA Princeton                       1201

LMS    370  01/28/08 0928  --  HND La Mesa                         2095

FQW    371  01/18/08 1028  TN  USA Murfreesboro/Walter Hill         957

PUR    371  01/22/08 1209  MO  USA Marshall                        1225

OZN    372  01/26/08 1052  --  GRL Ikerassassuaq/Prins Christian S 1711

BRR    375  01/24/08 0213  --  BRA Barreiras                       4031

CCY    375  01/10/08 0102  IA  USA Charles City                    1149

GUA    375  01/24/08 0220  --  GTM Guatemala City                  2229

RYB    375  01/16/08 0859  MS  USA Raymond                         1289

UCY    380  01/16/08 0908  --  CUB Cayojabo/Cayabo                 1492

TRI    382  01/24/08 0226  --  TRD Port of Spain/Piarco            2205

UCC    382  01/24/08 0228  --  CUB Jardines del Rey                1406

CDX    388  01/26/08 1101  KY  USA Somerset/Cumberland River        841

EN     389  01/26/08 0128  WI  USA Kenosha/Codee                    918

ZHD    399  01/10/08 0131  ON  CAN Dryden/Thunder/Barclay          1216

FO     400  01/02/08 2210  NY  USA Westhampton Beach/Squir          136

BZ     407  01/25/08 0127  GA  USA Statesboro/Bullo                 899

CM     407  01/05/08 1155  IL  USA Champaign/Veals                  950

PEL    410  01/16/08 0102  --  BRA Ponta Pelada/Manaus             3151

SO     410  01/16/08 0100  MI  USA Marquette/Suomi                  913

DJD    415  01/25/08 1108  GA  USA Canton                           933

EVB    417  01/26/08 1127  FL  USA New Smyrna Beach                1060

CW     418  01/25/08 1113  LA  USA Lake Charles/Mossy              1503

TLC    418  01/28/08 0938  --  EQA Tulcan                          2851

PI     420  01/02/08 2217  --  AZR Pico                            2201

TU     420  01/25/08 1117  MS  USA Tupelo/Veron                    1137

V      420  01/27/08 1026  --  CUB Varder                          1443

PCA    425  01/24/08 0253  --  DOM Punta Cana                      1596

UV     426  01/25/08 1123  MS  USA Oxford/Tunng                    1171

MMT    427  01/02/08 2307  SC  USA Mc Entire/Eastover (AF)          789

SYW    428  01/25/08 1125  TX  USA Greenville/Cash/Majors          1540

CHE    440  01/24/08 0255  --  PNR Chitré/Alonso Valderrama        2403

NEED   505  01/10/08 2200  AL  USA Fort Rucker ?                  ?   

FN     517  01/25/08 1133  IA  USA Clinton/Hillz                   1043

TVX    521  01/02/08 2311  IN  USA Greencastle                      883


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AR7030+/Quantum QX v2.0/Ratzlaff audio filter


Log showing first reception of each signal from 20080101 onwards.

Daytime: 15:00-19:59, Night: 20:00-14:59


Output sorted by date


YYYYMMDD UTC   kHz   Call  LSB  USB  Miles + Location


20080102 00:49 245   JYL        1020 294     Sylvania, GA, USA

20080102 01:07 326   PKZ   1055 1025 374     Pensacola, FL, USA

20080102 01:13 326   UOT        410  435   Y UNION COUNTY, SC, USA

20080102 01:23 340   IWJ        1020 293     Blakely, GA, USA

20080102 01:25 340   BOG   1025 1025 1692    Bogota, CLM

20080102 01:30 344   ZIY   1026 1040 629     George Town, CYM

20080102 01:38 349   AAF   1030 1020 236     APALACHICOLA, FL, USA

20080127 20:51 270   TPF   1040 1032 71      Tampa, FL, USA

20080127 21:03 275   FPR   1035 1037 90      Fort Pierce, FL, USA


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Eton E5



Around 7:00 am this morning there was a very good FM tropo opening. I briefly checked 101.1 on my E5 and found WRR in Dallas dominating the channel with

classical (the Blue Danube Suite, in fact). By carefully tilting the E5 and its antenna, I was able to also hear KONO-San Antonio  and KLOL-Houston. KLOL

was doing their "Mega FM" schtick while KONO was doing some sort of public service programming on credit counseling. It was neat to be able to  simultaneously hear stations on the same frequency from the three largest cities in Texas! Other north Texas stations, like KEGL-97.1 in Fort Worth, were also coming through.

We have an approaching Pacific front and warm air out of the Gulf for at least the next 24 hours, so anyone else in Texas/Louisiana should be alert for tropo possibilities.


Norbert Ansay – Pawtucket, RI

Receiver, Antenna


My house in warwick is undergoing major renevations. i am staying in

my basement apartment in pawtucket on the atelboro line (RI-MASS).

there is one on 104.3 overmodulating real bad in a foriegn language i

dont understand playing music (spanish ????). There is another on

107.7 blasting in mono. the one on 104.3 is tearing up WBCN on 104.1

and 104.5   lawrence mass. the other is tearing into 107.9 WXKX

medford. the 107.7 is running speech in foriegn language. Can anyone

in the pawtucket area pick these up and help ID ????


Brent Taylor – Stratford, PEI

Sony 2010



Heard this morning on the Maritime-wide Saturday morning show, being

broadcast live from Moncton.  Host Stan Carew says, "no more scratchy

reception on the AM band, now crystal clear on 106.1 FM."


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No Weather Watchers This Month


The Visible Universe


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Accurian Box, Toshiba 13” set. CM 4248 Antenna



Well, not really DX per se...but I'm watching WGRZ-DT 33 (2.1) from Buffalo with their own local pregame show for the "Ice Bowl" outdoor hockey game that's about to get started over there. (Our NBC here in Rochester, WHEC, is doing its own local pregame show live from Ralph Wilson Stadium also, separate from WGRZ's show.)

Too much ice on my antenna (a Channel Master 4248 UHF corner reflector

at about 40' above ground level) for the usual solid lock that I get on

WGRZ-DT from about 70 miles away. Receiver is the Accurian set-top box,

feeding a nondescript Toshiba 13" CRT set.


Robert Bratcher – Houston, TX

Receiver, Antenna



Wow!! I can get 29 DTV channels if I count the sub channels.

What are you getting?

Mine are KPRC (NBC, weather, LATV)


KHOU (CBS & a weather channel)

KTRK (ABC, a local channel & a weather channel)

KETH (TBN, Church Channel, JCTV, TBN Enlace & Smile As A Child)

KTLJ (Daystar)

KTXH (MyNetwork)

KRIV (Fox)

KHCW (the CW)

KLXN (Univision)

KTMD (Telemundo)

KPXB (KPXB with some ION programming QUBO, ION Life, Worship)

KNWS (independent english)

KTBU (owned by America One but doesn't air much of the network programming)


KZJL (independent spanish)

KTFH (Telefutura)

There are 4 low power analog spanish stations that have no digital

counterpart in the area.

Either KTXH, KRIV or KHCW had a music video channel of some kind but

it's not carried by that station anymore.

If I swing an antenna to the Bryan/College Station area I can get

KTBX which is CBS with The CW on it's 2nd channel but it's too weak

for regular reception plus the 2 channels duplicate whats available locally.


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

13” TV and conical in the living room



There was E skip messing up 2-4, but WBTV was mostly dominant. There was some French and Spanish audio on 2.

4 WYFF was messed up badly my local NBC from Greenville. It was about to lose sync.'



Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


This month we had Nevada primary coverage and a few logs. There are more primaries, let’s hear about them. Thanks to everyone for submitting the information and logs. Read on…


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


Jan 16, 2008

The Nevada primary will be this Saturday 1/19. For DX I would guess that KDWN 720 Las Vegas and KKOH 780 Reno would be the best two to check for local and statewide coverage, for those interested. If you can not hear these stations via DX they are on the net.



We have no ABDXers in NV that I know of but if anyone might have any other stations they know of, let us know.


Jan 22, 2008

Internet radio: all the music without the awful adverts

Classic FM, the UK's most popular commercial radio station, has just launched another six stations. Obviously these are not being broadcast over good old FM: the spectrum is already full up. They are
internet stations, and play in a browser window (Internet Explorer only, so far). There's nothing to download or install.

Internet radio stations are different. There are thousands, so each can target its own niche audience. For example, you might not be able to get a jazz station over the air where you live. But searching
SHOUTcast.com for jazz throws up more than 300 stations, including variants of smooth, modern, big band, bebop, uptempo, downtempo, acid and Latin jazz. There's even a station called Bossa Nova Samba Jazz.

AM and FM radio stations often have effusive presenters and intrusive advertising, and you'll still get both if you listen to these stations via the web. Internet-only radio stations, by contrast, tend just to stream music. It's more like listening to someone's MP3 player remotely than "real" radio, but it may be just what you want.

Sound quality is no longer a problem. Most serious stations broadcast MP3 streams at 128kbps, which is fine for PC listening; some use 192kbps or even 256kbps. Most sound as good as or better than the UK's DAB digital radio, which encodes broadcasts in inefficient MP2 and generally has poor stereo. Of course, some internet stations use lower speeds - 96kpbs or less - but you can compromise between the appeal of the content and the quality of the sound.

Greatest hits channel

The new My Classic FM service offers six options including Baroque, Opera and Movies (for film music). There's also one called Hall of Fame - a "greatest hits" channel - based on listener votes, and one called Music for Studying. They sound pretty good through PC headphones. (Since Internet Explorer is required, I assume they are streamed via 128kbps WMA.) The major drawback is that, for copyright reasons, the stations are only available through UK-based servers.

Where My Classic FM varies the formula is in allowing users more control. You can pause tracks, rate what you hear and skip or ban things you don't like. Well, up to a point: you can only skip six things per session, or the system might start to run out of tracks.

It does make you wonder how much content there is. I've been listening to the Baroque channel and it is repetitive and omits major figures such as Telemann, Rameau and Scarlatti.

Another problem is that it's an easy-listening version of Baroque: like living on nothing buy bonbons. Classic FM is deliberately not aimed at "connoisseurs of classical music", but it would be nice to have a "difficulty knob" to turn up.

Nevertheless, My Classic FM's web-based player offers other functions. There are tabs for listening to the live broadcast, "listen again" programmes, videos and Classic FM TV. If you get bored, a drop-down menu opens a new window for sister stations such as Capital, theJazz and XFM. Pity it doesn't open them in the same window ...

http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jan/22/internet.radio? gusrc=rss&feed=media



Very interesting Kevin. I have a couple of questions. How are they paying for this broadcast service? And how do they measure its popularity?

- Bill Harms



> Very interesting Kevin. I have a couple of questions. How are they paying for this broadcast service?

I don't know.

> And how do they measure its popularity?

The computer software knows when someone connects and logs it. You can see how many people are connected at any time.

- Kevin Redding



John Callarman – Krum, TX


Jan 25, 2008

Fred Cantú, who is continually adding valuable information to his website, now has prepared a list of links to live streams from Mexican stations:



Paul Walker – Abbeville, SC


Jan 19, 2008

I'm listening to an Ouachita Tigers (College) basketball game at www.obutigers.com from the webstream of terrestrial affiliate KYXK 106.9Gurdon/Arkadelphia, Arkansas with Grant Merrill doing some Play by Play.

He's doing pretty good. He's been a radio friend of mine since my days at WQMA and we've kept in touch all this time. He's 26 or 27, only a few years older then me and good at what he does.


Jan 21, 2008

Was listening to Four Winds at Wells County Boys Basketball on "The Mix 1470" KHND Harvey, North Dakota from 8:30 till 10:15pm eastern (Harvey, ND is in Central time)


Jan 21, 2008
Listening to 1240 WKDK Newberry, SC at 10:32 PM Eastern, just heard our very own Curmedgeon, Pedantariffic Powell Way doing the weather forecast into a song followed by "My Baby Loves"

Good Job on the music slection PEW!

Jan 21, 2008
Powell does a good job...I must admit. I've been picking my own music for going on 20 years. WKDK sounds a lot like my part 15 station here at my shop. When I first got into radio I was told "remember, you're not hear to play just what YOU like...you're here to please the listeners...not just
yourself." We have a mid-morning jock (the guy that's on after me) that seems to have a problem with this. Ego as big as Texas and thinks he "knows" what people want to hear and is pretty much pleasing himself when he's on the air. He loves the sound of his own voice. Getting back to the topic at hand, for NBN (nothing but net) loggings, you can hear me on the air weekdays between 7am and 9am MOUNTAIN time on http://www.1240keva.com/magic.asx . The guy I was speaking of above is on after me. This url is NOT published anywhere so please don't spread it around...we could get in big trouble. I am using an old server running Windows NT4 and Windows Media Encoder 7 so no it's probably NOT the best feed you'll hear but it ain't bad and it is stereo.

Michael n Wyo



Jan 25, 2008

At 11:25PM Eastern Saturday night, I'm Listening to V6AH 1449Khz Kolonia, Pohnpei via their webstream

It is 3:25pm Sunday afternoon there.

So far I've heard an American "Hot" (New) Country tune, a Top 40 (Hit music) tune and now it's a song thats of a local flavor.


Powell and Kevin Playing on the Radio/Internet


Jan 1, 2008

Since he was listening to the WKDK.com feed last night.

Kevin can tell what I did live on the air...

Powell E. Way III


"From Gilbert, Arizona to Newberry, South Carolina, we're WK Dee K"




Jan 6, 2008

There is one thing for sure, the size of the power at a station is not so important anymore. I listen to The Newberry Indians all the way in AZ on WKDK via the net.



And that’s it for January.


73’s, Martin


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding



Stop the music


Jan 06, 2008 04:30 Am



Where have all the radio flowers gone?

Elevators, almost every one.

And the airwaves aren't as sweet. Before the derogatory term "elevator music" was slapped onto it, there was a radio station format known as "Beautiful Music." It was popular, it was very beautiful – audio paradise.

Hundreds of radio stations pumped the sounds of violins and large orchestras out in waves of air. With their hi-fis and their ears, listeners lapped it up like honey.

Honey, it was a golden age. Bert Kaempfert, Mantovani, 101 Strings, Percy Faith (a creator of the genre, who hailed from the CBC) – with a phalanx of strings, these bands and a thousand others made over ``evergreens,'' tamed jazz, softened rock hits into lush dreamlands.

Beautiful was influential. Three decades ago, I bounced along in the back of my parents' car, the dial on CHFI: Ba-da-da-da-da-DA-da, Ba-da-da-da-da-DA-da sang the guitar of George Benson's "Breezin'' (the album of the same name charted No. 1 on Billboard's Jazz chart in 1976). Behind Benson's playing was a rich background of strings, the hallmark of Beautiful Music.

I remember knowing, somehow, that this was the soundtrack to a world I'd know when I grew up and became my parent's age, which at that time would have been about 40.

I'll be 40 in June, and find myself asking: "Where did all the Beautiful Music go?"

Beautiful Music was a radio format born on the FM band. FM's birth owes a great deal to Beautiful Music. Edwin Armstrong created the high-fidelity band in the 1930s, but in the next decades very few people owned an FM receiver, and most signals were an AM station's simulcast.

In Toronto, that began to change in 1957 with CHFI (the "HFI" stands for "hi-fi"), the country's first FM-only station. According to Bill Dulmage on www.broadcas ting-history.ca, a "unique programming concept enabled CHFI-FM to not only broadcast to homes with FM receivers, but also provide a background music service" to businesses. Commercials were clustered, "and in stores and offices were muted by a tone signal which preceded them." (This may explain why the Beautiful Music format today gets confused with the independent, American Muzak service created in 1934).

It wasn't until the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's predecessor, the Board of Broadcast Governors (BBG) began to license FM stations for separate programming in 1960 that FM began to have its own identity. Without spelling it out in its regulations, that identity was aimed at adults: "The sense was there was nothing but talk and kids yelling at you on AM, so we'll create the antithesis of it," Jerry Good, a CHFI program director during the 1970s, remembers. "[FM] was born of a great sea of instrumental music."

what wasn't `junk' to adult ears in the early 1960s? I've always thought that "Beautiful Music" or "Good Music" (as CHFI labelled it) was the result of a romantic tryst between classical and jazz. The two genres had cocktails in the hotel's swanky lobby bar and then went upstairs and got busy; nine months later, a new style of music was born. The combination of seasoned jazz players backed by lush string arrangements on instrumental cover-versions of popular songs written by the likes of Lennon and McCartney or Antonio Carlos Jobim certainly made for something original.

"I think it drew from both elements," agrees jazz saxophonist and arranger Rick Wilkins, 70, an Order of Canada recipient in 2002. "I certainly knew it was different than the music we were playing after hours . . . at the House of Hamburg or jamming at George's Spaghetti House." Vast quantities of materials were being produced for the record market that Beautiful Music radio could draw content from. In Europe, Frank Chacksfield, Ronnie Aldrich, James Last and Paul Mauriat recorded constantly; from the United States came Ferrante & Teicher, the Jackie Gleason Orchestra, Henry Mancini's outfits, the Hollyridge Strings (famous for Beatle covers) and the indefatigable Lawrence Welk. Arranger Percy Faith grew up in Toronto; his 1930s CBC broadcasts, picked up in the U.S., did much to take mood music mainstream. Moving to the U.S. he became a star on radio and Columbia Records. Toronto-born Robert Farnon met with similar success in England. Meanwhile the easy-listening genre, and musicians and music fans of all tastes, owe a debt to J. Lyman Potts and his Canadian Talent Library.

Started in 1962 at Montreal's CJAD and transferred the next year to Toronto, when Potts became assistant to the president of Standard Broadcasting (W. C. Thornton Cran, known as "Winks" to his friends), the non-profit Canadian Talent Library was the most important vehicle for Canadian music ever created. While CFRB and CBC had always hired local musicians to perform live on air, practically nothing was available on record.

When the Bureau of Broadcast Governors was created in 1958, Potts, anticipating content regulation such as finally took effect in 1971, remembers thinking: "What the hell are we going to do? The solution was to make his own records. Starting as a radio station subscription-only service, by 1966 CTL recordings became available to the general public (and other radio stations) via major labels such as RCA, Capitol and Quality.

It wasn't hard finding musicians. Toronto was a hotbed of jazz, and the CTL recorded Johnny Burt, Howard Cable, The Rhythm Pals, Peter Appleyard, Moe Koffman, Guido Basso, Rob McConnell and Boss Brass (created for a CTL session in 1968), Hagood Hardy, the Laurie Bower Singers, Ben McPeek, Jamaica's Jackie Mittoo, Keath Barrie, Frank Mills, and, by 1977, the Rick Wilkins Orchestra. "I used to have people calling me wondering where my orchestra was playing," laughs Wilkins, described as "the Nelson Riddle of Canada" by Potts. "In fact we only ever played one job and it was down at the CNE one time when CFRB had a whole CTL afternoon."

Wilkins, an arranger on dozens of CTL recordings, remembers the process: Tapes of "potential" rock and popular songs would be handed to him and, after three or four days, he'd decide which ones would work as arrangements. Potts and his team released more than 260 albums before the CTL merged with the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records in 1985. That's an achievement, considering this was with a catalogue of chiefly easy-listening records. It wasn't just the stellar musicians involved–"I weep when I hear the talent we had," says Potts–but the success of the Beautiful Music format on radio that made it possible.

"Lyman kept an awful lot of people working," says veteran music writer and radio consultant Larry LeBlanc, 59, who co-founded the music trade publication The Record in 1981.

The airtime, in turn, sold more records. Ubiquitous in their day – and yet today in thrift stores – are CHFI's Candlelight & Wine LPs, albums of content from the station's flagship show. It went to air in 1962 when the smooth-voiced Don Parrish was called up from reading news at CFTO, and it ended when he retired in 1987 at age 69. Don's son Al, a bassist in the band Tanglefoot, thinks the albums started in the mid-1960s. "He thought this was just a perfect little slice of the show," says the 54-year-old. It was "All the stuff that I wouldn't have been caught dead listening to when I was a kid."

By the 1970s there was a demographic "sea change" Don Parrish couldn't ignore. The greying audience was seen as a problem by younger programmers weaned on rock-and-roll, and sales departments didn't seem to know how to sell the format in the youth-obsessed 1970s.

"It's just that, you discover . . . there are easier ways to attract the listeners that the advertisers and the agencies want," explains Good. "You really have to be a pretty dedicated soul to consistently try to sell Beautiful Music."

"The kids grow up with a whole different sound in their heads," Wilkins says.

Younger artists like George Benson and, increasingly, soft-rock vocals, were brought in fill out playlists. The traditional supply of content was drying up, too, as old bands ceased recording, says LeBlanc. In 1980, he prepared a position paper for CHFI when it was called before the CRTC for violations to its license agreement. The title: The Demise of the Easy Listening Instrumental.

Meanwhile the CRTC was asking FM broadcasters to do something they'd given up hope for on for the AM band: educate and enlighten listeners with spoken-word content. This caused the format to "rip apart," says Good, a Ryerson instructor in the Radio Television Arts program for almost 30 years. "The regulations were . . . really, really tough on Beautiful Music broadcasters."

In 1987, an attempt to revive the format in Toronto occurred when "Something New on the Air," Easy 97.3, signed on. I began my career there, working with ex-CKFM announcers Carl Banas, Russ Thompson, Bill Anderson and Don Cameron. The songs I plugged into the cart machines were often CTL recordings; Banas had phoned up Lyman Potts and asked to borrow the records and Potts had obliged and driven them over. Shortly after I left to join CFRB a few years later, Easy caved and became EZ Rock.

In the 1990s, twenty- and thirty-somethings discovered martinis, cigars and swing music. That led them to "lounge" or "space-age bachelor pad music," really re-branded Beautiful Music in eye-catching CD cases. A smash for Capitol Records was the 1996 "Ultra Lounge" series of tracks from their back-catalogue. Other labels began to re-release everything from Jackie Gleason to Cal Tjader.

Was it a comeback, or a passing fad? Swing-dance classes have been replaced by Pilates classes.

Montrealer John Trivisonno, 42, host of "Thrifting for Tunes" on Luxuriamusic.com, says easy-listening music was never about being tongue-in-cheek or having a soundtrack to accompany martinis, but enjoyment. In the '80s, ``when all I seemed to listen to was everything – pop, rock, punk, and so-called `new wave,' I would still occasionally slip on an Enoch Light record."

The Internet offers either the last fadeout, or a tentative sign of life, for "live" Beautiful Music, as it was once heard. One of a few surviving stations is WKTZ in Jacksonville, Fla., which signed on in 1964. It streams its FM signal worldwide(http://wktz.jones.edu). Wikipedia has a detailed entry on Beautiful Music, and one senses website spaceagepo p.com targets curious youth more than greying devotees. Overtones of Beautiful can be heard in Toronto on Moses Znaimer's AM740, and Evanov Group's "The Jewel" 88.5; CBC's easy "Galaxie" channel is heard via TV cable.

Takes differ on whether these signal future life for Beautiful Music. No, says Good; Boomers rock. "The over-50 people today are different from the over-50 people back then." Larry LeBlanc, tentatively, finds Beautiful Music a default "part of their (boomer) taste cells."

But Potts, now 91 and living in Burlington, a recipient of the Order of Canada, thinks people still want "a song of love . . . a song of inspiration, a song of comfort. Music,'' he says, "doesn't die at age 50." Combine that with Lewis Mumford's famous observation: that "the commonest axiom of history, is that every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers."


Dave LeBlanc, 39, lives in Toronto and is an "audio architect" at Newstalk 1010 CFRB. Email daveleblanc@cfrb.com


Anger as RTE to switch off medium wave band

By Laura Noonan


Saturday January 19 2008


IT'S being billed as "goodbye to an old friend". RTE is to axe Radio 1's medium-wave services, in a move which has drawn political criticism and which is set to provoke outrage among churchgoers.

Since 1926, the much-loved service has been a mainstay for people living in rural areas where FM reception is poor and a vital tool to broadcast church services.

But station executives believe that modern technology, has signed medium wave's death warrant, and it will switch off on March 24.

RTE also believes the transmission costs of supplying the service no longer justifies its existence, since the content is now available elsewhere.

Medium-wave shares almost all its content with the FM version of Radio 1, except for Sunday religious services and a mid-week soccer game.

There is to be a public information campaign ahead of the switch-off date. This will highlight the fact that the full Radio 1 MW services will remain available on long-wave radio.

The broadcaster is also talking to charities about providing subsidised radios for those who don't have sets with FM or long-wave frequencies.


The station's research shows that one in 10 radio listeners use the medium-wave version of Radio 1, with the service particularly popular with the elderly and those living in remote areas.

Fine Gael communications spokesman Simon Coveney said shutting down medium wave transmissions has implications for people in rural parts of the country and at sea.

"This is a public service broadcaster and this shouldn't be abandoned," he said.

Labour communications and marine spokesman Michael McCarthy said the decision would have the biggest implications for fishermen working 50 or 100 miles off the coast and relying on the broadcasts for weather reports and for farmers.

- Laura Noonan



NIST Radio Station In Hawaii Gets Antenna Makeover

1/28/2008  Gaithersburg, MD -- Radio station WWVH in Hawaii, operated since 1948 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to broadcast time, frequency and other announcements, recently powered up innovative replacement antennas.

In a seven-year project to adopt a technology used on Navy ships, NIST has installed new antennas encased in fiberglass rather than traditional steel supports, to resist corrosion from the salty ocean air. The fiberglass design will reduce maintenance and repair costs. The new design also enables the flexible, lightweight antennas to be easily lowered to the ground for maintenance, reducing safety hazards to staff who previously had to climb the towers, which are up to 98 feet tall. The improved antennas should reduce signal downtime for WWVH users.

From its location on the island of Kauai, WWVH broadcasts on four different frequencies. Each frequency requires a different antenna; including backups, the station has a total of eight antennas, seven of which are made of fiberglass. NIST erected and powered up the last fiberglass replacement antenna in October 2007. NIST staff believe the project is the first demonstration of high-powered, high-frequency fiberglass antennas on land.

Broadcast Information: 
NIST radio station WWVH broadcasts time and frequency information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The announcer states the time in hours and minutes every minute “at the tone.” The information broadcast by WWVH includes time announcements, standard time intervals, standard frequencies, geophysical alerts, marine storm warnings, and Global Positioning System (GPS) status reports.

Service Area: 
WWVH officially serves the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Rim but has received confirmation of reception from as far away as South Africa, a distance of 19,300 km (12,000 miles) from Hawaii. NIST’s two radio stations, including WWVH in Hawaii and WWV near Fort Collins, Colorado, essentially cover a large portion of the world between them, although reception might be difficult in some areas. NIST also operates a third radio station near Ft. Collins, WWVB, which broadcasts a special code that automatically sets consumer clocks, watches, and other timepieces to NIST time.

How to Pick Up WWVH Signals: 
WWVH operates in the part of the radio spectrum known as HF (high frequency), commonly called shortwave. The station broadcasts on four different frequencies: 2.5, 5, 10, and 15 megahertz (MHz). A normal AM/FM radio will not pick up the signals (the middle of the AM radio dial is about 1 MHz and the middle of the FM radio dial is about 100 MHz), but there are many inexpensive shortwave receivers that can pick up the station. Listeners can also hear the WWVH broadcasts by telephone, by calling 808-335-4363 (a Hawaii phone number that is not toll free).

Information is broadcast at different frequencies simultaneously because these signals travel different distances as the weather and conditions of the ionosphere vary. NIST’s goal is to make at least one frequency available at all times in the service area.

SOURCE: National Institute of Standards and Technology


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX


There was an e-mail in my inbox this morning at work announcing the start-up of a low-power emergency radio station that will cover the NASA/Johnson Space Center (JSC) area (six-mile radius).


Here are the particulars, thanks to JSC's Center Ops Directorate:


FREQ:  1690 kHz


POWER:  10 Watts, normal ops; 30 watts, emergency ops

TRANSMITTER SITE:  NASA/Johnson Space Center



The station is scheduled to go full-time on Feb 1st.



Bargain Barn


No bargains this month


Show and Tell – New Toys


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL


All this talk about the SRF-59 got me really curious about what it could do. After work tonight I swung by K-Mart -- a place I haven't been to in a very long time -- and they had one left hanging in the unlocked glass case. The post it was hanging on said $9.99, but that was obviously for some other item. There was no sticker anywhere for the SRF-59. I took it to the register where the cashier said it was $14.99. Sold!


I'll give Sony credit for packaging. This is the first zip-open blister pack I've ever seen. Like most of those zip packages, it didn't work as intended, but it was still a lot easier to open than the 3-way CFL I got at Home Depot, which had me concerned that I was going to have a toxic mercury spill before I got the thing out of the package.


Instead of the supplied headphones, I decided to try the SRF-59 with my Etymotics earphones. I wasn't expecting it to work especially well because the Etys are fairly high impedence and give a lot of small audio devices a bit of trouble. The SRF-59 handled them just fine. It was set to FM when I turned it on and happened to be tuned to a local station. I was quite impressed with the sound.


I flipped around the FM dial a bit. The tuning seemed a bit sensitive and fidgety, but not too bad.


Then I tried AM. Within seconds I knew I wouldn't be spending a great deal of time tuning around with this radio. The tuning is far too sensitive. I don't mind analog, but it has to be set up right. I suppose it's tough for the manufacturers trying to find just the right ratio so it doesn't take a dozen rotations of the dial to get from 530 to 1700 but still make it sensitive enough to move easily from 1500 to 1510. Sony missed.


As far as reception, I'll have to play with it some more before I render a verdict. First impression is that it's as good as everyone is saying.


I suspect this radio will replace the DT200V as my in the car emergency lunchtime radio. It should be more than adequate to find the local talk stations I listen to sometimes at lunch. And at only $15 I won't get too upset it something happens to it. The DT200V will move up to a position of greater safety.


As for the other somewhat radio-related purchase, the 3-way CFL mentioned above was installed in a lamp in the living room. It emits strong RFI within a few feet of the lamp, just like every other CFL I've installed. The interference doesn't seem to have much impact beyond maybe four feet, so it's not a complete disaster. I'm still dreading the day when there are hundreds of these things within a few hundred feet of my house.


Norbert Ansay  - Pawtucket, RI


Grundig Mini 300


After having the radio for a 5 days its time for a review.

the grundig mini 300 is an am fm sw pocket radio. it runs off two AA

batteries. it has digital readout with ANALOG tuning. It is very user

friendly and easy to operate. i'll start with the good then the not so


The good (MW):

The MW is sensitive and selectivity is decent. when compared side by

side with the sony SRF-59 it was able to receive all the stations the

SRF-59 could receive. I could also hear WSB 750 which the sony SRF-59

could not quite catch. the only problem areas were near strong locals

and first adjacent channel. example 1220 is a strong local. 1210

philadelphia was a little difficult but not impossible. nulling and

rocking the tuner over towards 1208 KHZ yielded 1210. the same with

790 which is a very strong local. the first adjacent is 800 canada.

rocking tuner towards 802 pulled 800 thru 790 splatter. note the sony

srf-59 also had issues with these first adjacents . outside of this

away from strong locals all was fine. also it is quick getting up and

down dial.

The Bad:

Its only single conversion . An image may pop up here or there but

nothing i can't live with. as mentioned above a litttle work is needed

to hear staions next to strong locals.

The Good (FM)


good sound quality on local.

The Bad (FM)

Do NOT attempt to use this for FM DX !!! Strong locals bleed allover

the dial. A filter mod is needed for urban areas. This would proberly

be not as much of an issue away from an urban area with no nearby

strong locals.

In all fairness i was able to get the boston stations however doing so

was somewhat of a struggle. the radio had to be moved around along

with the headphone wire to null down the bleeding from the strong

locals. again a filter mod is needed.

The good (SW)

Tuning SW was easy and catches were quickly found. The telescopic whip

is loaded so this is good for indoors and tough locations where its

hard touse an external antenna.

The Bad (SW)

There is NO SSB. All the SW frequency's are not covered. it starts

around 5 something MHZ. there is no seperate fine tuning its done on

one tuning knob however i did not find this a major problem and was

able to work this out fine. remember this is only single conversion.

Over all Good:

there is a clock with an alarm. there is a speaker. the FM is in

stereo VIA headphones or included earbuds. Included is a nice pouch

toput it in and a belt loop. it is good on batteries i ran it several

hours over 5 days and batteries still good. the clock holds time while

you change the batteries and is easy to set if you take too long.

The Bad:

The only general minus is there is no backlight for the display.

However the display is easy to read. One more thing forget those

earbuds that are included and use some decent headphones instead.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI


My DX-160 arrived a few days ago and I've had a chance to play with it

some.  It has a few mods, such as a jack on the back for attaching a

frequency counter.

Its a fun little 1970s box.  Pretty hot on MW.  Nice and selective too.

For folks on a budget, a DX-160 would make a nice addition to a decent

digital display portable for a mini-shack.  Also makes a nice office ,

bedroom, workshop dx beast. I suspect for now it will be my workshop


Speaking of digital display portables, they are battery pigs but the DX-

440/ATS-803A twins are awfully nice receivers which have stood the test

of time well.  These also can be had at good prices used, just be picky

to get one in nice shape.


Testing, Testing…


Darwin Long – Simi Valley, CA


HAARP It worked for me here in Morro Bay, CA - using a DX440 and 6' whip on my vehicle @ 0640 on 6792.5kHz, I could hear the reflected carrier between the terrestrial transmissions. The signal strength varied in intensity even more than the skywave signal.


Eric Berger – Detroit, MI


Another CFFX no from Detroit. Local WWJ-950 runs IBOC 24/7, totally wiping

960 out.

Thankfully, I'd heard and QSL'ed CFFX a couple of years back, before

WWJ picked up that junk, so at least it's not a total loss.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


No on CFFX. My local is KKNT.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


The KKMO DX Test was heard here in So Cal. 

1360 KKMO Seattle WA 1/13 12:00-12:15 AM PST sweep tones, tones, some of the march music made it in, under and over KLSD San Diego.

Nothing  [CFFX] at 11 PM PST. Too much KKNT Phoenix and the station with Spanish music that uses the slogan La Favorita, maybe KOVO? 

Also heard ESPN radio in there at 11:18 PM with some code so maybe their wierd ad with code in it.

 We were out last night and I didn't get home until 11:30 PM PST/0730 UTC so I gave 7407.5 kHz a try and they were there. Weak signal with a string of moon bounces sometimes at the same signal level as the main signal and then a string of missing bounces. Counting this as a utility station. 

Alaska HAARP 7407.5 kHz CW, two second tone followed by three second break, moon bounces heard maybe 40% of the time and sometimes at equal level, lots of noise and poor signal level. (Foltz)


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


** U S A. Looked for the WIMA 1150 Lima OH DX test, Sat Jan 5 at 0700-0705, but no sign of it, only network news, probably the usually dominant KSAL Salina KS

** INTERNATIONAL VACUUM [and non]. The second night of HAARP Moonbounce tests was much less successful, probably due to diminished Earthly ionospheric conditions. 6792.5, Jan 20 at *0629 started hearing carriers on and off, but generally weaker than Jan 19, and could not hear echoes for sure. More QRM from spoilers on nearby frequency such as at 0636, CQ DE WB --- but didn`t copy the rest of the call. 0650 also noted occasional CW and SSB QRM before quitting


Frank Aden – Boise, ID


KKMO solid in Boise with sweep tones, tones and voice ammouncement


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY



I didn't stay up for the test, but set up Total Recorder and am now checking the recordings (after going out for a big lunch to celebrate Mrs. F.'s birthday).

Nice clear voice announcement from Fred at 0200 - "In cooperation with the National Radio Club Joint Test Committee...," then code and band music. CKOC was almost nonexistent here, and the 4 kHz filter on the R8A eliminated any issues from WHAM's IBOC.

Thanks to Jim and Fred and the guys at WIMA!



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