February 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 2


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ABDX is announcing the February CME.


We present the Tri-State, Province and Estado MW segment for MW BCB DX aficionados. This has been requested in the long distant past and I figure its time we give it a try. Three states, one in the east , one in the west and one central and one Canadian Province and one Mexican Estado will be targeted. 


The US states to be focused on are, Pennsylvania, Texas and Idaho. The target Canadian province is Ontario. The Estado Mexicano is Nuevo Leon. Any station heard on any band or frequency within the listed target areas are available for logging. 


All logs will be accepted, But the focus on the targeted areas is the main thrust of this CME. 


For the many HF DXers, extra-American SW segment .This segment is to receive every signal you can on any meter band from outside the western hemisphere and American islands in the Pacific. All HF logs will be accepted but the focus should be on broadcasts from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia and the like. 


As always we are open for the FM and TV logs, LF logs and your favorite internet radio feeds, just send in what it is and the URL for addition into the Journal. Let us know about tests that are upcoming.


This CME starts 1 Feb. 0000 and ends 28 Feb 2359. Report LOCAL TIME for LW, MW, FM and TV, UTC for HF broadcast [SW].


You may use any format to compile your logs that You wish. We hope to see your logs this month. 


The March CME announcement:


ABDX is announcing the March CME.


LW - Any broadcast station or beacon


MW - Back per popular demand by one of our favorite Florida DXers the range DX segment. This month will cover 900 - 1190 kHz.


HF - Per request, logging of DX programs on such as World of Radio, DXers Unlimited, Bulgaria's DX Program, DX Corner from Japan,  DXing With Cumbre, Allan Weiner Worldwide, Radio Weather, etc... For a good look at the times and frequencies please visit Glenn Hauser's URL http://www.worldofradio.com/dxpgms.html .


FM/TV - This is your time of year. FM and TV should be SMOKIN HOT with Trop Ducting. Any log anywhere on the band.


Satellite - Any logging or program note. 


NOAA WX Band - Any logging. Should be a good month for it with Trop season starting. 


Nuthin' But Net - Internet Radio logs and URLs are gladly accepted.


ABDX will accept all loggings but these are the preferred areas for the month. 


This CME starts 1 MAR 0000 and ends 31MAR 2359. Report LOCAL TIME for LW, MW, FM and TV, UTC for HF broadcast [SW].


You may use any format to compile your logs that You wish. We hope to see your logs this month. 


What are you hearing?


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.


 The Broadcast Band

Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Drake R8B


February 3, 2007

2200 UTC WTRI 1520 khz Brunswick MD with ID and mentions of Frederick and Leesburg

February 19,  2007

0510 UTC WIFI 1460 khz Florence NJ with an ad for Life Center Academy

and 609 ac

0648 UTC WNYG 1440 khz Babylon NY under others but // to web stream


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – GA

DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire / SR III


1430 WDIC VA Clinchco - 02/01/07 1541 - Country music. Decent signal fading

in and out of the mix. "WDIC, AM Stereo 1430". (IEN-GA)



1120 WKCE TN Maryville - 02/01/07 1659 - The Line Score Show, a local sports

talkshow, live from Rooster's Bar and Grill. Good signal (S9) with fades,

but above KMOX in St. Louis, MO. "...WKCE in Maryville". (IEN-GA)

780 WPTN TN Cookeville - 02/04/07 1700 - TOH ID into ABC News. Weak   signal in the null of WCKB in Dunn, NC and WWOL in Forest City, NC.  "WPTN,

Cookeville". (IEN-GA)

820 CA CUBA Santa Catalina - 02/16/07 2325 - Monday, Monday by The  Mamas and The Papas. Spanish music at 2330. Good signal (20 over S9)  with slight static. "Radio Ciudad de la Habana". (IEN-GA)


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Rx As Noted Below – Q-Stick +


Heard on a CCRadio, nekkid:

1440 KPUR Amarillo, TX 2/3 0000 ESPN sports and ToH ID.

820 WBAP Ft. Worth, TX 2/3 0600 with WBAP local news.

1080 KRLD Dallas, TX 2/3 0602 with national news and a PSA about 

recycling batteries.

570 KLIF Dallas, TX 2/3 0605 Singing ID "570 KLIF" after Fox News. 

Only heard in the AM here when available.

630 KFXD Boise, ID 2/3 0607 Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again".

1590 KELP El Paso, TX 2/3 0618 running J. Vernon McGee.

1620 WTAW College Station, TX 2/3 0630 "Our House" home repair show, ad for Texas Regional Eye Center.

1650 KHRO El Paso, TX 2/3 0635 Air America and the Thom Hartmann Show.

1380 KHEY El Paso, TX 2350 2/5 ESPN talking about the Colts win in the Super Bowl.

700 KHSE Wylie, TX 2/6 0340 playing Asian music, sounding Indonesian.

750 KAMA El Paso, TX 2/6 0344 playing SS baladas.

1360 UNID 2/6 0328 playing C&W antenna facing to receive E-W. Heard 

during a short time with local KPXQ off air

840 WHAS Louisville, KY 2/6 0000 with ToH ID in null and under KXNT. 

Weak and rarely heard here.

1050 XEG Monterrey, NL, Mexico 2/6 1838 playing regional Mexican music.

870 KRLA Los Angeles, CA 2/6 1820 with ad for Hugh Hewitt, ID.

890 WLS Chicago, IL 2/6 1825 with an interminably long stop set, ID, fade out.

890 KLFF Arroyo Grande, CA 2/6 1828 "Saving your daughter in purity".

1050 XEBCS LaPaz, BCS, Mexico 2/6 1840 Playing jazz, LOUD, must still 

be on day power.

1090 XEPRS Rosarita, BCN Mexico 2/6 1855 talking about the Chargers.

1180 R. Rebelde Havana, Cuba 2/6 1957 playing Cuban Jazz with a 

tropical beat.

1380 KTKZ Sacramento, CA 2/6 1903 ID and news.

Heard on a Bruce Carter Modded SR III no external antenna:

930 KSEI Pocatello, ID 2/8 0534 sports talk about A-Rod.


1030 KCTA Corpus Christi, TX 2/8  with J. Vernon Mc Gee preaching and 

still dead.

1660 KRZI Waco, TX 2/7 2338 running ad for the Baylor Bears, I think 

basketball. Buried under KXOL.

Heard on a Digital Superadio 7-2882A nekkid:

1550 KZRK Canyon, TX 2/8 2324 ad for bald guy stuff to make us broke, 

'cuz it ain't gonna make their hair grow, and into sports talk, sounds like ESPN.

Heard on a Zenith Trans-Oceanic H500 with RS loop: [Not nekkid]

1210 KPRZ San Marcos, CA 2/26 0002 with ID and ad for www.normandmike.com and their financial show on Sundays. Was unusual as KGYN is almost always dominant.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada

Collins R-392 and 6’ copper pipe antenna or Pontiac Vibe Radio and whip



MW was pretty good in PEI last night.  No chance to do real DXing.  But, I did do a quick 530 to 1700 bandscan on the Drake R8 with the remote control in one hand and baby Timmers in the other. 

The X band was noisy but active, with the news from Iowa coming in very clearly on 1630 KCJJ.  1680 WTTM was pretty weak, but its been weak ever since the new format, loss of AM Stereo and the new transmitter site. 

WQEW on 1560 was very weak, but the other NYC stations were booming as

usual.  Got a talk station on 960 - the strongest signal on 960 since CHNS went dark.  555 ZIZ was solid with BBC programming relayed.  530 RVC was near local strength.  Virgin 1215 was there but hammered by WPHT - I gotta get the antenna jack fixed on the R-390A as the selectivity of the Drake R8 on even 2.3 is very poor compared to the R-390A on 4.0, plus the Drake's audio on 2.3 is very poor, whereas the Collins is quite listenable on 4.0.  1134 Croatia was also there but hammered by WBBR, again, this would not happen on the mighty Collins.

Picked up WGN on 720 for the first time in weeks - i've been having noise problems at various spots on the band the last few weeks - last night the noise moved up the dial slightly leaving 720 fairly clear.

All in all, last night was a good DX night - good from the south e.g. Turks and caicos and St. Kitts, good from the west, e.g. KCJJ, not bad from the east with the aforementioned TAs and lots of hets that I couldn't explore as my hands were not really free and the Collins is temporarly out of action.

Still, as good a DX night as it was, I've had better ones in the summer - summer can be good for MW DX here in PEI.


Last night I was cruising the dial on the freshly re-tubed R-390A using the venerable 70 foot wire antenna while trying to get baby Timmers to sleep.  Lots of electrical interference, but 700 WLW was unusually strong, as was 710 WOR. Checked out 720 to get WGN and got a very strong Greenland [which also rode over the buzzing and other interference that made me chuckle that the neighbours were running a jammer] with WGN in the background. Lots of talk in Greenlandic, and then they played a song with the pan flute. Talk about timing, as I got Greenland just before they vanished at 9 p.m. AST.

Last time I got Greenland it was just after CHTN-AM went dark [early to mid November 2006] - driving home after picking up the kids.  Fairly good on the car radio. Went inside, fired up the Zenith Royal 2000 Transymphony nekkid and got it fairly well.  A little later WGN took over.

But last night on the R-390A it was really strong and kicked WGN pretty

much aside.  Maybe the really cold weather we have been having the past

week or so helped.


I was trying out the Ten-Tec RX-321 black box receiver with new control software - GNRX-320 - and with the new old computer - Dell #2 [the new shack computer].  Switched it to 9 KHz spacing, hunting around through the over 30 bandwidths provided, sliding the passband tuning bar around, and I'm getting loads of TAs.  864 in France was coming in quite nicely. 1377 France fair.  1521 Saudi Arabia was coming in well - I used a very, very narrow bandwidth and the passband tuning bar to get 1520 WWKB out of the picture.  On LW, the only thing I could get was Ireland on 252.  Plus a bunch of beacons - but beacons are not my thing.  If I had used the Quantum QX Pro, I think my LW results would have been better.

Switched over to the Drake R8 and the TAs were pretty good too.  But the Drake cannot split hairs [1521 versus 1520] like the Ten-Tec can.

Gotta save for a multicoupler so I can have several receivers going at once.

By the way, I like the GNRX-320 software a lot.  And, its free.  It is very simple, plain, non-showy.  But it is also very easy to use and adds features like passband tuning. And, I had forgotten how relatively immune the RX-321 is to noise and interference. 


After a long evening working on trying the CME for PA and ON [little success for PA, much success for ON, which I hope to post tommorrow], I decided to surf the X-Band on the R-390A.  Nothing terribly exciting or strong, except for:

A very strong CJRS 1650 KHz Radio Shalom playing instrumental music, with the occassional vocal, quasi-classical to easy listening, then every so often an announcement that they are testing...

Very solid - so solid that I'm listening to them on 16 KC bandwidth on the R-390A - very good audio quality. 

According to their website, 1KW transmitter with a 76 foot tower.  The testing announcement gave their transmitter site location, but I can't recall it.

Folks, tune in CJRC 1650 and try to catch this!

560 WGAN Portland ME [I was hoping for 560 WFIL, but no dice!]

950 [This is where the fun begins, and where I was glad I had the Quantum Phaser and Quantum QX Pro loop. Also, I used both the Drake and the Collins - the Collins having superior intelligibility and tighter filtering, the Drake taking me to the frequency dead on]



950 CKNB Campbellton NB - very strong

950 WPEN Philadelphia PA - not a bad signal once CKNB nulled!

950 WROL Boston MA "Focus on the Family" pretty good signal with really intense nulling

950 WIBX Utica NY

950 WROC Rochester NY

950 CHER Sydney NS

1020 KDKA Pittsburgh PA

1060 WBIX Natick MA [I was hoping for KYW 1060, but no dice!]

1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA

580 WKAQ San Juan PR

580 CFRA Ottawa ON [with nulling of dominant WKAQ]

580 WTAG Worcester MA [WKAQ nulled, heard on CFRA fade]

680 WRKO Boston MA [trying for 680 CFTR]

680 WAPA San Juan PR [nulling WRKO into the dust!, still no CFTR]

740 CHWO Toronto ON

740 CHCM Marystown NL

860 CJBC Toronto ON [CBC French]

960 WEAV Plattsburg NY

960 CFFX Kingston ON - a toughie - first I had to null WEAV, then I

was hearing a hockey game play by play, waited, finally got "Oldies

960" ID which is CFFX now that the other Oldies 960 CHNS-AM, is dark

980 CKRU Peterborough ON "980 The Cruise" - oldies

980 WOFX Troy NY

1010 WINS New York NY

1010 CFRB Toronto ON [I just had to swing the QX Pro for this]

1050 WEPN New York NY

1050 CHUM Toronto ON [just had to swing the QX Pro around for this]

1150 CJRC Gatineau QC

1150 CKOC Hamilton ON with CJRC nulled

1200 CFGO Ottawa ON

1200 WCHB Taylor MI [clear as a bell on a CFGO fade]

1250 CJYE Oakville ON

1460 WDDY Albany NY Radio Disney

1460 CJOY Guelph ON

1540 WDCD Albany NY

1540 CHIN Toronto ON [nulling WDCD]

1550 CBE Windsor ON CBC Radio One

1580 CKDO Oshawa ON oldies

Fingers sore from using the Quantum Phaser so much!  I was getting

tired of the muffled R8 audio and checked out the X-Band on the R-

390A.  As previously noted, caught the following:

1650 CJRS Montreal Radio Shalom test broadcast!  Great signal, superb

audio - I switched over to 16 KHz bandwidth on the Collins and Frank

Mills Musicbox Dancer sounded like I was playing a CD!  What a way to

end a nice DX session!

By the way, second night in a row - none of that nasty interference

that has been plaguing me for the last few months. 

Last week, I was home for a day's vacation taking care of my 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son, both of whom had the flu.  They were awfully good kids though and they let me do some dxing.  Now my wife and I have the flu and thankfully the kids are well and at their sitter.

I had to stay close by the kids, so my basement shack was a no-no, so I dragged up the SAT 800 and disconnected and dragged up the Quantum QX Pro, hooked it all up and starting at 10:00 a.m. AST February 22/07 caught the following:

570 CFCB Corner Brook NL

580 CFRA Ottawa ON

590 CJCW Sussex NB

600 CBNA Saint Anthony NL

630 WPRO Providence RI

640 CBN St. John's NL

650 CKGA Gander NL


680 WRKO Boston MA [Very strong for 10:00 a.m.!!!]

690 CINF Montreal QC

710 WOR NYC NY [their new transmitter site works very, very well]

740 CHCM Marystown NL

750 CBGY Bonavista Bay NL

760 WVNE Leicester MA

830 WCRN Worcester MA

850 WEEI Boston MA

870 CFSX Stephenville NL


940 CINW Montreal QC

990 CBY Corner Brook NL


1030 WBZ Boston MA [strong enough that their was "hash" on 1020/1040!]

1580 CKDO Oshawa ON

End time - 11:20 a.m.!!!


Up in the wee hours with baby Timmers, fired up the R-390A, Quantum

QX Pro and Quantum Phaser, nulled WCBS as best as I could [only a

partial null] revealing C&W music.

Timmers now asleep, returned to his crib.  Went to the CKLQ website,

listening, by golly, the internet feed matches the audio on the R-


My first definite Manitoban!  A few months back I might have caught

CBW 990 but could not be sure.  This one I'm sure of.

And, a 10KWer, not a 50KWer.

I would have never thought to try for this but for Brent's success! 

Now I realize that those powerhouse NYC stations are not always



Alan Willie – Newfoundland, Canada

Yaesu FRG-100 and 60’ wire


2/1 Hearing alternating Arabic chanting at s 8 -9 levels intermixing with  Spain on 999 tonight, presumed  its QBS Qatar  from Al Khasaih , been  audible for last 20 minutes or so.

2/2  Seems like conditions here tonight were good but a lot of noise and static early, pretty decent conditions  now as I heard WFLA in Tampa Bay Florida for the very first time , heard it behind WZAN Portland Maine w/ ID Newsradio 970 WFLA. Also a couple of strong Portugal stations in here tonight on 963 and



760 WCHP Champlain, NY  2/3 2217 w/ PSA's , music and ID then sign off

900 Radio Progresso, Cuba 2/4 0051 w/ Full ID  all alone on 900

945 Radio Bleue, France 2/3 2152 w/ news program followed by French


990 CKGM Montreal. PQ 2/4  0040 w/ Sports Talk, Montreal's Sports


1449 LJB, Tripoli  Libya 2/4 0042 w/ arabic and strong signal

1467 TWR, France w/ arabic programming, strong several nights here

1540 KXEL, Waterloo, Iowa under WDCD w/ ad for Cedar Falls

2/6 07:30 NST 1580 CKDO Oshawa, Ontario Can - News ;story: breakins in

several Ontario towns , 15-80 CKDO ID, then oldies after news

2/7 08:32 NST 1010 CFRB Toronto, Ontario Can - News & "Newstalk 1010


2/7 09:01 NST 1020 KDKA Pittsburgh, Penn USA - Tri Star Motors

Ad / "Newsradio 1020 KDKA " ID

2/7 09:09 NST 1550 CBE Windsor, Ontario Can - News program , CBC ID's

2/7 09:15 NST 1200 CFGO Ottawa, Ontario Can - NHL Scores & games

scheduled " The Team " 1200 ID

2/10 1:00 UT on 1575 khz United Arab Emirates , Radio Farda w/ arabic pop

type tunes , ID on the half hour followed by news headlines and news in

Arabic ( Haven't heard this one this strong in a while

2/26 1310 CIWW Ottawa, Ontario w/ "Oldies 1310" Id and Mamas and Papas song


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Acura Radio and 31” whip / Panasonic RF-2200


2/6/2007 0122 EST - 1,060.0  KYW, Philadelphia, PA UNITED STATES

33333 - English (EE) - RF-2200 - Orlando, FL "KYW 10-60"

2/6/2007 0130 EST - 1,020.0  KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA UNITED STATES

32333 - English (EE) - RF-2200 - Orlando, FL Endless reading of school closures. Finally got ID at BOH.


2/6/2007 0133 EST - 1,210.0  WPHT, Philadelphia, PA UNITED STATES

33333 - English (EE) - RF-2200 - Orlando, FL  "The Big Talker 12-10". Ad for home show featuring Amy Wynn from "Trading Spaces".

2/6/2007 0135 EST - 1,200.0  WOAI, San Antonio, TX UNITED STATES

33333 - English (EE) - RF-2200 - Orlando, FL  Rodeo ad. Sean Hannity ad. Back into C2CAM with "Send in the Clowns" bumper. Was very marginal at first but then started coming in like a local.

2/8/2007 0635- 1,040.0  WHO, Des Moines, IA UNITED STATES 33333 - English (EE) - RF-2200 - Orlando, FL News about alcohol fuel plant. Weather. Mention of Des Moines. Several IDs during news segment.

2/27/2007 0630- 820.0  WBAP, Fort Worth, TX UNITED STATES 33333 - English (EE) - RF-2200 - Orlando, FL ID coming out of "Midnight Trucking" into news. Strong pulsing noise (QRM from 810-WEUS?) made reception difficult.


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop


To anyone awake out there in the Rockies or even further east,

KSTE-650-Rancho Cordova (Sacramento) CA is obviously (from their signal

strength here in San Francisco) running full 25 kw daypower.  Possibly a

chance for someone to log this guy.

Who on 970 is carrying the John & Jeff Show 12-1 a.m. PST with only

national ads on break and a 'AM 970 Solid State Radio' ID around 0033.

Looping NNW/SSE....Probably another new format for Portland but could be

someone else.  While listening here around 0035 I heard George Jones'

"The Race is On"..Dunno if this was a c&w station (who?) or the lead-in

for Coast to Coast (more probably)....

Time to quit.  A few minutes more & I might start getting hooked again..


--Between 1645-1715 PST


 570  KCNO  CA  Alturas....good signal with syndicated NOS music hosted

by daughter/granddaughter of Nat King Cole.

 580  KMJ  CA  Fresno...normal good signal but someone with Talk under

them looping NE.  Probably Boise.

 590  KUGN  OR Eugene...took over 1715 after station with MoR music was

swallowed or (if Boise or Cedar City) switched patterns.  Music station

most likely was Lake Tahoe.

 600  Covered by KEAR-610 noise

 610  KEAR  San Francisco   local with religion

 620  KPOJ  Portland  with liberal talk show.  Trying to remember calls

without having to get up and check my logs.  I still remember it fondly

as KGW.

 630  ???? Reno with sports show.  Forget calls...Remember as KOH.

 640  KFI  Los Angeles CA  fair/good signal bothered by usual noise


 650  KSTE Rancho Cordova CA  very loud with talk

 660  KXOR  Junction City OR, basically atop with SS music.  KTNN Window

Rock AZ also in there with regional (AZ) news.

 670  KBOI  Boise ID...all alone with talk/news

 680 KNBR  San Francisco CA  50 kw local with sports

 690  CBU  Vancouver BC  with news program, assume CBC.  Someone in

english below them around 1710.

 700  KGRV  Winston OR  strongest of numerous stations. News at TOH then

into religion.

 710  KFIA  Carmichael CA  with religion with KIRO Seattle in their


 720  KDWN Las Vegas NV  all alone with talk

 730  KBSU  Boise ID surprisingly atop 1702-1706+ with Idaho News & ID

"You are listening to Boise State Radio, the time is 6:06" & eventually

into a jazz program.  After 1715 it was Vancouver with traffic reports.

740   KCBS  San Francisco CA  local but not using IBOC

 750  KHWG Fallon NV noted atop around 1700 TOH with c&w & loud.

However at 1720 it was KOAL Price UT atop with ads & talk.

 760  Covered by IBOC noise from KCBC 770

 770  KCBC  Riverbank CA  with religion

 780  KKOH Reno NV  having some success overcoming IBOC splatter from


 790  Mixture of KABC-Los Angeles CA & KFPT Clovis CA with a bit of the

TIS from Richmond CA thrown in.  Still looking for the Winchester NV

station but 790 is pretty messy here.

 800  KPDQ  Portland OR  big surprise here as they had good signal at

1645 using LSB filter.  Could hear music below them but not very well.

After 1715 KPDQ still atop but SS talk noted below.  Was looking for the

station KBRV in Soda Springs ID that latest 'DX News' shows is on the

air with 50 kw daytimes.  Kinda doubt if they are on as 50 kw from

southeast Idaho non directional should blast into my location.

 810  KGO San Francisco CA  local & not using IBOC

 820  not much recognizable thanks to KGO

 830  ???? Orange CA  riding atop Grass Valley CA...Again forget calls

temporarily (I hope).

 840  Frequency (and nearby Modesto & TISs from Marin Co) covered by

hideous assortment of neighborhood generated noises.

 850  Nothing yet (but noise)

 860  KTRB San Francisco CA  with music & not using IBOC.

 870  KLRA  Glendale CA  with talk

 980  KEAP  Fresno CA  surprisingly (very rarely heard here) atop with

religion 1715-1720.

Enuf already....


1210  KGYN  OK  Guymon...atop which was very surprising from 0020-0032

tune out 2/21 with rock music & ID 'High Plains Proud-KGYN' at 0030.

Checked my records and appears to be the first time I've heard them

since Feb 1984 (at the start of the onslaught of western stations

popping up on 1210).  Mike Hawkins down in the San Jose area hears them

frequently but I haven't.  Tried & tried but until last night had no


Probably has something to do with the fact that KZTS Sunnyside WA has

vacated the frequency and moved back to 1230.  KZTS was the normal

dominant at night altho QRM was usually fierce.  It should be an

interesting story as to why KZTS moved back to a graveyard frequency

after 20 some years on 1210.......

Logs showed that I was hearing Philadelphia (WCAU) thru 4 or 5 of the

western additions up to about 1984/1985 and then no more.  Too bad!

Nothing else exciting noted on upper band.  South seemed to predominate.


Mike Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Radio and 31” whip


Catches on a trip home from Rock Springs, WY yesterday afternoon.   Some CME logs included – well for Idaho anyway.  Don’t know if I’ll get the other states/provinces. 

Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo factory radio: 

930       KRKY   Granby, CO       1620     Heard country music and many ID’s for “Colorado Country!”  NEW  Fair to good at times mixing with KSEI. 

1460     KZNT    Colorado Springs, CO     1640     Hugh Hewitt show and local break with traffic info and several “Newstalk 1460 KZNT” IDs.  NEW 

1550     KUAZ    Tucson, AZ        1658     Heard the usual “Support for NPR provided by…..” and then local insert “support for All Things Considered on KUAZ provided by ….”  Don’t think this is new, but it’s extremely rare. 

For the CME: 

930       KSEI     Pocatello, ID  1630     sports talk mixing with KRKY’s country.

670       KBOI    Boise, ID 1642     Boise traffic updates and WX 

That’s about all there was.  Not bad for late afternoon skip.


590       KID  ID  Idaho Falls 16:15    talk with ads for Idaho Falls businesses and several KID mentions

670       KBOI    ID Boise 16.17    local talk show with Boise traffic & weather


930       KSEI     ID Pocatello 16:25    the usual sports stuff w/local break w/Pocatello mentions

1450     KVSI     ID Montpelier 16:40    country music w/local ads

2/23 Another quick trip to Rock Springs, WY this afternoon late.  For all interested, I'm the Dell warranty tech for this area (Southwest Wyoming) so that's why I have so many trips to Rock Springs.  Today it was supposed to be a motherboard replacement on a laptop, but turned out to be just a battery replacement.  Talk about a 200 mile round trip just to replace a battery.   Anyways - found a few things on the way home. 

1300    KKOL    WA    Seattle    1820    Heard traffic reports for Seattle - mentions of I-90 and I-5 and the usual local roads plus a few local ads and several mentions of "news / talk 1300 K-O-L "  NEW!! 

1300    UNID     1810-1820    Listened to this for quite a while before KKOL came up and over - I've mentioned it before - same station playing 80s music (Miami Sound Machine, Men At Work, Kool & the Gang) plus a little 70s there too (John Lennon).   Nothing but music and apparantly some SS liners in between each song.  I'm not fluent in Spanish (not even close) so I don't know what they were saying but I'm assuming this is a mexican.  Check the Mexican log on our web site - logical one would seem like XEP in Ciudad Juarez but the format's listed as "Musica Tropical Popular" - so I would think tropical music.  They're the only one listed there as "50 mil wats".  There's XESW in Ciudad Madera, CH .   That one shows "musica variada" - does that mean variety?   They're only 1kw, though.  I guess the "closest" one to me would be XEXW in Nogales.  Kevin might be able to confirm the format on that one.  Another 1kw-er.  Anyways - any thoughts there appreciated.  I've picked these guys up from time to time and enjoy the music.

 1120    KMOX    MO    St Louis    1800    Heard TOH ID - Really good signal!  "The most trusted source for news.  KMOX St Louis" and into local news an earthquake.  I could have sworn this was a local newscast - didn't know they had earthquakes in MO.  Was only a 3.5 but still interesting.


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony ICF 2010



 monitored 1660 kHz on the evenings of January 30, 31, and February 2, and each time I was able to identify the ESPN signal I was hearing as KRZI, Waco.

The strength of this station is much less than it was in early January, and I suspect that either 1) their antenna was damaged or otherwise compromised in the mid-month ice storm or 2) they are now running 1 KW at night instead of 10 KW.  I'm in the groundwave/skywave cancellation zone from Waco; there is considerable fading on KRZI (unlike previously) and sometimes there is a fade to quasi-SSB, which tells me the skywave/groundwave carriers are cancelling out here. WCNZ is still heard here with their Catholic-oriented programming and KXTR is in the background with classical music and rare IDs.  I strongly suspect my previous rock-solid copy of KRZI at night was due to receiving their groundwave signal at day power.

I've also been listening to 1700. Prior to their switch to all-Spanish, KVNS's signal strength was equal to KKLF and both were easily separable here with a loop. Now KVNS is notably stronger and it's impossible to null it enough to get clear copy of KKLF. Thus, I have a feeling KVNS is now running their 10 KW at night.

I wonder how many AM stations ignore their night power/pattern restrictions and run day power/pattern at night. Hundreds? Thousands???


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and Sloper / Sony SW07


Received on a Sony SW07, barefoot, Sunday night Feb 04, 07.

KFAN Minneapolis, MN 1130 khz at 2155cst (first log)

with KWKH nulled and several stations floating in and out.

CKWX Vancouver, BC 1130 khz at 2159cst (logged before)

with KWKH nulled and several stations in and out.


Brent Taylor – Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Sony GR7600 and RS Loop


I start my new job with the Federal government today.  We arrived in

Charlottetown yesterday (Sunday) to hunt for houses and I brought only my

Sony 7600GR.  I had the radio on all night through my earphone (as I have

been doing for 30 years).  I was listening to WCBS get hammered pretty good

by both a LA and a C&W station in the pre-dawn hours, and the country

station faded up to produce the following:

880   CKLQ        MB   Brandon - 02/26 0416 - Fair/poor, u/o a

partially-nulled WCBS w/ country music, "Q-Country" ID @ 0416, followed by

two songs, then female announcer with weather, "2 to 4 cm of snow and a high

of minus 4."  Verified // with CKLQ web site, with web feed lagging by only

about three seconds.  First DX log from new location in PEI.

First Manitoba station here for me since Miscou '05 in New Brunswick (and

that was the first Manitoban for me, ever).

I'm liking PEI so far.

Between Phil and me, we're gonna clean up!


The Whole Earth


Jerry Lenamon - Waco, TX

Drake R8B and Sloper


25m was open Sunday mid-day.

France: 11615 at 1630z, Radio France Intl in English to Africa, ending just before 1700z (didn't this broadcast go to 1730?). 15160 very weak, not even certain that it was the // from Meyerton. 

India: 11620 at 1700z, All India Radio in Russian, in progress from 1615z continuing to 1715z. HFCC doesn't show the azimuth (from Bangalore)but probably aimed north  where the main beam would continue over the pole toward 

N America.

UK (RMP): 11665 at 1715z, BBC World Service, better signal

than //21470. Off at 1800z, with DW Rwanda immediately

taking over the channel.


Germany (NON): 11665 at 1800z, Deutsche Welle in Hausa, from Rwanda with 295 degree azimuth toward Nigeria and  on to N America in the main beam.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG-7


** AUSTRIA [non]. Ö1, via Canada, 13675, Jan 31 at 1622 in English was marred by co-channel interference in French, and SAH, the latter occasionally fadingup when Sackville faded down. It`s the RFI Issoudun megawatt to NW Africa, exactly as I reported Nov 11, and nothing has been done about this collision!

** ECUADOR. LV de los Andes, Quito, Feb 2 at 1459:30 on 11960: as always,

automation cut off last words of the previous program and canned ID played. I

was expecting the Albert Einstein quotation, but this time it was something

else. Without embargo, the frequency info was STILL WRONG, outdated since last March. Said they were continuing on 11760, and closing transmission to Mexico on 9745, and then 11960 went off. In fact, they are not and have never been on 11760, but instead Cuba also closing at 1500 (except Sundays 1530 after Esperanto). 11960 is now the unknown (to the station itself) frequency toward Mexico, and the other one is actually 11690, which was also confirmed a few minutes earlier. Why do I keep reporting this? I try to keep it to no more than

once a month or sesquimonth. The question is: why doesn`t HCJB ever get its act together and announce its own frequencies correctly? Could they axually have recorded a new ID break to replace Einstein, and perpetuated the outdated


** GABON. Jan 30 at 1509, Afropop music distraxion was on 17645, while ANU

transmitter was also on the air on 17630 with news of Congolese football. On

Feb 2 at 1521 check, I found Afropop music distraxion on 17640, and this time

the music was // 17630 instead of Africa Number One! More evidence the two come from same Moyabi site, and others also noticed this convergence ** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, continues to be audible in the 0630 period with classical music, such as Jan 28 at 0632, good signal with usual slight distortion, and also Jan 31.

Also Feb 2 at 0655, and on this date XEYU 9599.2v was also audible with

classical. Later at 2017 and 2133 chex it was audible but poor with het

** NIGERIA. VON, 7255, good modulation and signal shouldering aside the hams, Feb 2 at 2145 in French with a program about some church

** THAILAND. R. Thailand, 9725, lucked out again with DGS Costa Rica absent,

Jan 29 at 1409 with feature on Mongolia and Genghis Khan revival; 1414 promo

for one of HMTQ`s projects, 1415 Information Thailand. 1429:30 cut off in

mid-word exemplifying the ongoing lack of communication between studio and


** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via Cuba on scheduled 17705, Feb 2 at 2015, was nothing but open carrier. Refund to Chávez?



** CANADA. CBCNQ, 9625, was weak but audible, 25443, Sat Feb 3 at 1443 during The House, with a segment on pets of the MPs, cats vs dogs. I kid you not. Much, much weaker than the Sackville transmitters on 9610 and 9650

** CANADA [and non]. RCI, 11870 via Germany, Feb 3 at 1509 during The Blink,

report on a small Québec town, almost 100% French Catholic, which had passed a resolution taken to be anti-Moslem, e.g., we drink alcohol, allow boys and

girls to swim together, etc. Quite a controversy, it seems, and grist for the

RCI obsession with immigrant affairs. Same show was running a few minutes later on Sackville 9610 

** CHINA. Firedrake against Sound of Hope, 9200, good signal around 1405 Feb 3. Nothing heard on the 10 or 14 MHz frequencies

** CUBA [non]. Feb 4 at 0327 I heard a Beatles tune in English on 6100, above

heavy Cuban jamming, making me wonder if Planet Rock was back, but a few

minutes later programming in Spanish, so I assume this was really R. República.

We have discussed previously the DX Mix News Bulgaria item of Jan 16 which had a VT Communications update as of Jan 15:

``Radio República

2200-2400 on 6135 RMP 500 kW / 285 deg to Cuba Spanish

0000-0400 on 6185 RMP 500 kW / 285 deg to Cuba Spanish

0200-0500 on 9630 SAC 250 kW / 176 deg to Cuba Spanish Tue-Sat

0300-0400 on 6100 SAC 250 kW / 176 deg to Cuba Spanish Tue-Sat``

But this was UT Sunday. The signal was quite good to be coming from Europe

under these conditions, so this is what I think is happening:

6100 is the VT Merlin relay and they are using Sackville for the final hour,

which makes sense propagationally, instead of Rampisham on 6185, which was not heard, nor was there any jamming on 6185. But this is the 7-day-a-week service, in which Radio Miami International is not involved, while the 9630 transmission via Sackville is the non-// 5-day-a-week service brokered by RMI, which was presumably also routed thru VTC in order to get access to Sackville

** GABON [and non]. Afropop music distraxion, Feb 3 at 1433 was on 17620, while ANU was on 17630. Also noticed 17610 with a very different fluttery weak

signal, presumably Libya via France

** GREECE. Hellenes Around the World, as promoed in DXLD 7-014 for Sat Feb 3, was indeed repeated at 0300 UT Sunday, loud and clear on webcast, but inaudible on 9420, 7475, nor 5865, which is reportedly testing, if they were really on the air. For the original broadcast Sat Feb 3 at 1400, 17525 was audible,

fading in and out, but improving as the hour went on; not audible on 9420 which

is usually better here, and may have been testing that transmitter on 15630, as

I found out later, too late to check that myself

** GUIANA FRENCH. No sign of the new DRM tests on 17870-17875-17880, when checked Feb 3 at 1437

** ICELAND. RUV SW has survived into another month. Feb 3 at 1455 could hear some talk in presumed Icelandic, on 13865 reduced carrier SSB, and dared to hope I would get to hear their new sounder at hourtop, but it vanished a minute

later. 1455 is a lot later than this transmission usually runs


** ISRAEL. Kol Israel, 13630, must be the station in Hebrew, as scheduled, fair

at 1450 Jan 3 on 330 degree beam toward us. BTW, Kol is just a word meaning

voice, and not an abbreviation to be put in caps

** U K [non]. Some schedules insist that BBC WS in Spanish at 03-04 is via WHRI on 6110 and 7315. Notably BBC`s own page not updated since Dec 15,


But it`s only on 6110, as confirmed here before and after 0330 UT Feb 4; 6110

from Angel 2 had a good signal in BBC Spanish, while 7315 Angel 1 was JBA with LeSEA`s own English programming, Top 20 Countdown. And the WHR online schedule now agrees with this. So was BBC ever really on 7315?

No WHRI frequencies are shown either for the BBCWS morning broadcast in Spanish at 1000-1230 which initially was on 7315, and then 5835 during the first hour only. The 6110 BBC transmission is at 173 degrees, appropriate for Cuba and beyond despite the map at http://www.whr.org/index.cfm/fa/chooseSchedule

showing Angel 2 is not for anything S of the USA

** U S A. Website of KAIJ Dallas, http://kaij.us has added a bit more

information revealing that its HQ is in Murfreesboro TN, near Nashville, its GM

George McClintock, PD his son John, and it seems all the other staff are former

WWCR people too, who have not had to move to Dallas, or Frisco/McKinney, the

transmitter location. Program schedule shows that WORLD OF RADIO has been

added: Fri 1130 on 5755, Fri 2000 on 9480

** CHINA. Firedrake against Sound of Hope, Feb 4 at 1452 was audible on 10400 // 9200

** GABON [and non]. Feb 4 at 1500 check, Afropop music distraxion was on 17660, ANU on 17630 mixing with CRI; also RFI Issoudun on 17620 with CCI from something, presumably RDPI Portugal which is scheduled to collide on weekends only

** GREECE. Announcers screaming in Greek, presumably inspired by spor, Sunday Feb 4 at 1445 on 9420, which had not been audible 24 hours earlier; this time, nothing heard on 15630 or 17525

** AUSTRALIA. RA with discussion of the letters ``gh`` in English (my

favorites) and their wide variety of pronunciations, Tue Feb 6 at 1350-1357 on

6020. Turned out this was the conclusion of Australian Express; apparently

segment lifted from Lingua Franca, tho nothing about that mentioned in outro by

Roger Broadbent 

** GABON. Afropop music distraxion, Feb 5 at 1513 check was on 17625, squeezed between ANU 17630 and RFI on 17620. Feb 6 at 1500, Afropop was on 17635, again only 5 kHz from ANU but on the other side

** GREECE. VOG, Feb 5 at 1520 with Greek music was much stronger on 9420 than 15630, which was stronger than 17525; nothing on 12105, but did not check other possible frequencies

** GUIANA FRENCH. Apparently the latest series of DRM transmissions to NAm on 17870-17875-17880 are M-F only, as nothing was heard around 1500 Sat or Sun Feb 3 or 4, but were back on Feb 5 and 6. Did not see anything in the original notice about their being weekdays only. To state the obvious, more listeners would be available during the daytime on weekends

** INDIA. I often find it convenient to listen to Faithfully Yours, the AIR mailbag, Mondays at 1430 on 9690. Feb 5 the ongoing theme by the M&W presenters was that they wished people would comment more on the programming, and send reports covering longer listening periods. I suspect they are dealing mainly

with QSL-hunters who aren`t really interested in programming or listening any

longer than absolutely necessary

** MEXICO. After having heard XEPPM, 6185, in the daytime after 1500 on two

consecutive Mondays in January, I missed checking Jan 29, and almost missed Feb 5, but at 1521 it was not to be heard

** U S A. VOA Talk to America, Tue Feb 6 again featured Kim Andrew Elliott. I

listened to most of it on 9760 via Philippines, despite Chinese QRM in

background, since this had a much better signal on this date than 11655 via

Germany. Started with recording of a DC station that just ran nature sounds

during Superbowl, and then onto the big news of the day, BBG`s unaltered plans

to slash English and several other languages. As usual, Kim did not overtly

criticize this but tried to explain it. He did mention that VOA News Now would

be gone, including this very program. Recommended listening, anyway, ondemand at the usual website

** VATICAN. Feb 6 at 0648, on 7360, discussion on treatment of women, with

heavy African accent; VR scheduled in `English` at 0630. Meanwhile, Church

Latin was reigning on 7250 with a much better signal

** CHINA. Another of those strange midnight pipeline openings you would not

expect unless you tune around the `dead` bands: Feb 9 at 0639 I found CRI

English on 17710, fair but with deep fades. No other signals of consequence on

the 16m band, and on the 19m band the only SOCs were R. Australia on 15515,

15240, 15160. Looking it up later in HFCC, 17710 is listed as Beijing site, 500

kW at 193 degrees to SE Asia at 04-08

** CUBA. Not only has RHC abandoned 15230 at 11-15, but also in the afternoon. Feb 9 at 2153, found RHC on 15190 with feature on a Cuban composer, // 9550 but the two a reverb/echo apart as so often happens with RHC frequencies. 15230 was open, so the move was not really necessary until 2200 when R. Australia came on 15230 where the two had also been clashing for a very long time, so the RHC move also solves that. Until 2200, 15190 did have some ACI from YFR Ascension. Has this update been made on RHC`s own transmission schedule at

http://www.radiohc.cu/espanol/frecuencia/frecuencias-espanol.htm --? Of course

not! Still shows 15230 at 11-15, but neither 15230 nor 15190 at any other time.

Aoki had 15230 at 21-23, and EiBi at some other times, but not 21-23. BTW, 9550 was again missing Feb 9 at 1454 when the VOA Philippines Korean service on 9555 was not so extrusive as the day before. Feb 10 at 1450 RHC 9550 was back and VOA 9555 was weaker 

** GABON. Afropop music distraxion was on 17640, Feb 9 at 1457, for a change

not QRMing anything else. And on Feb 10 at 1506 on 17655




** GREECE. VOG`s mysterious test frequency, 15630, Feb 10 at 1456 concluding Hellenes Around the World, was OK except for occasional brief audio dropouts, no longer carrier dropouts too; // 9420 and 17525. At 1600, 15630 going from music to ID and directly into spor yelling, no dropouts heard. Noel Green and Wolfgang Büschel have noted these test frequencies, also 11645 and 5865, starting out in SSB as each transmission opens, but then tweaked into AM, more or less. I`d say this gives away that the transmitter was originally a utility

unit. They and John Babbis guess it may be Thessaloniki

** GUIANA FRENCH. You never know with these DRM tests, but Feb 9 at 1457,

17870-17875-17880 was back on with its big buzz. Feb 10, Saturday it was gone

again at 1557 check

** JAPAN [non]. NHK Warido, R. Japan, 11970 via Gabon, Feb 10 at 0628 in German with strange accent making me wonder at first if it was Low; some hum and distortion on Moyabi, which isn`t what it used to be; 0629 going into French

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare`s Sabbath Service, Sat Feb 10 at 1550 via Guiana French 17810 was running 4 seconds ahead of // WWRB 9385, and much better audio from GUF 

** U S A. KAIJ, 9480, Feb 9 at 1451 in The Power Hower, but guess who could be heard in the background? Yours truly with World of Radio 1346, and at 1453

starting over with WOR theme. Recheck 1533 could still hear myself underneath

so notified KAIJ studio. Apparently their production line was bleeding into

their program feed line, or the automation decided to play WOR when it wasn`t

supposed to. WOR did appear at 2001 on 9480 in the clear. Rather weak here, but past the skip zone doing OK in Michigan, Ontario, and VG in San Francisco, says George Poppin, closer to the 320 degree azimuth of this outlet, while not

making it to Germany, says Wolfgang Büschel, as was to be expected. Wayne

Bastow in NSW could not hear anything at 1130 on 5755, so was KAIJ off the air? Thanks to KAIJ for adding WOR and improving our coverage especially to the W and NW 

** CUBA [and non]. The 5025 transmitter is having more and more down time. Feb 11 at 0540 just an open carrier with hum. RHC was OK on 6000 with Arnie plus usual squeal. But guess what --- NO jamming audible on R. Martí, 6030 and 7405. This was during a drama produxion; not sure if that had something to do with it. But at 0557 recheck, jamming was back on 7405 but R. Martí was atop, while on 6030 at 0602, heavy jamming was atop RM. Perhaps a short-lived power failure at certain sites

** GABON [and non]. Afropop music distraxion: Feb 11 at 1508 was on 17660; Feb 12 at 1509 also on 17660, but with heavy flutter, in disturbed propagation

conditions; however, ANU Moyabi on 17630 was steady as usual with no flutter,

altho some CCI from Mali.

This has happened on previous occasions, making one wonder if Afropop and ANU are really from the same site, with such different reception characteristics.

One would expect the flutter to come over a much higher-latitude path. At this

time on the 16m band I did not find any other signals with such flutter; among

the normal ones checked were 17725 Libya/France, 17770 South Africa, 17830

Ascension, 17620 France, 17595 Spain, 17525 Greece. Sa`udi Arabia with Qur`an at 1525 had some flutter tho much stronger signals on 15435 // 15425 and so did a weak signal from DW in German on 15275. Then at 1529 I noticed VOA News Now on 17895 had similar flutter to 17660. Sites for these: 15275 Rwanda, 17895 Botswana, certainly neither of them hi-latitude.

Afropop on 17660 went off at 1531* as usual after a semiminute of dead air.

During this time I had the BFO on and noted that not only was there a flutter

in the amplitude of the signal, but also in the frequency, which I believe is

attributed to Doppler effect in the unstable ionosphere.

Perhaps the amplitude flutter can be explained by the azimuth of these

particular transmissions, not directly toward us, but going north towards a

disturbed area of the ionosphere, and part or most of the signal being

scattered back toward us? 15275 is 30 degrees, and 17895 is 350 degrees per

HFCC. Who knows what on 17660, but it should be somewhere in that area if it`s

aimed from Gabon toward Libya as jammer/distraxion. 17630 is missing from the

latest HFCC, but previously was shown as 307 degrees, which is more favorable

for NAm, somewhat south of due NW

** GREECE. ERA5 test, now believed to be from the Olympia Radio maritime site, Feb 12 at 1512 on 15630 had frequent breaks in transmission, and when

transmitter stayed on there were also quick breaks in modulation. At 1523 I

found that 15630 was off more than it was on. // 17525 Avlis with no such

problems. If they can`t get the Olympia utility transmitter to funxion in AM,

these tests will have been fruitless. Rechecked at 1602, I found that 15630 no

longer was breaking up, presumably after Avlis resumed that frequency, probably

the transmitter which had been on 17525 but no longer heard

** GUIANA FRENCH. TDF DRM test was back on 17870-17875-17880, Monday Feb 12 at 1507

** JORDAN. 11690, Feb 12 at 1501-1503 with news headlines in English, 1503 TC at 3 minutes past 5 pm, ``Radio Jordan 96.3 FM``. Some flutter on this signal,

but strong enough to edge out the RTTY on low side, and no sign of HCJB usually dominating 11690

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, 11785 via WHRI, Sun Feb 11 at 1445 with a

cappella chants and bird, nature sounds. This is really exotic, lovely, stuff

occupying parts of the Sat & Sun 1400 hours, and here on a big clear signal. I

urge people to listen in, if they haven`t already. 1450 into talk with guitar


** U S A. WTJC missing again from 9370, Feb 11 at 1512; at this hour there was

too much noise to decide whether WBOH 5920 was also silent. Perhaps they have got religion and now observe Exodus XX: 10 and XXXV: 2? 9370 still not heard around 0700 Feb 12, but was back on at 1541 with Roloff. Until now, WMLK has been the only US SW station observing the Sabbath, tho in that case it`s Saturday

** U S A [non]. Checking VOA`s new Somali service on its first day, Feb 12: at

1628, 15620 was weak with flutter, and 13580 inaudible. At 1632, nothing on

15620 during scheduled half-hour break. But I could hear neither of them at

next check 1724. What are the sites?


The VOA Swahili service does continue, best on 17580, Feb 12 at 1629 with open carrier, 1630 VOA theme, opening in Swahili, fair. Could only detect very weak carriers on other listed frequencies 17705 and 21480. At 1726, 17580 was fair with hum, and VOA theme, mentioning Robert Gates; a bit of audio on poor 21480.

Also checked the M-F service to Zimbabwe. At 1725 Feb 12, new 15775 was fair in presumed Shona talk; no music jamming audible here tho still reported from

Zimbabwe. Promptly at 1730 VOA ID and into English with Studio 7; said if MW

909 is jammed, tune to SW 4930, 11815 or 15775

** VENEZUELA [non]. Sunday, Feb 11, at 1512, there was nothing on any of the

usual five frequencies for Aló Presidente via Cuba --- 17750, 13750, 13680,

11875, 11670. However some minutes before 1500, there was something in Spanish on 13680, presumably this with an early close

** FRANCE [and non]. Not only are the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES getting

reclassified, but so are Wallis & Futuna and French Polynesia, per a brief item

on R. Australia news in English Feb 14 at 2204 on 15515: henceforth they are to

be known as ``Overseas Communities``, which I suppose is originally

``Communautés d`Outre-mer``

** GABON. Feb 13 Afropop was on 17660 yet again until 1531* but no flutter

today. Africa Numéro Un on 17630 was in normal programming of its own in French around 1500 check, but after 17660 went off I checked 17630 and it was off too; only CRI in English via Mali was to be heard. Finally at 1536 mixing with open carrier, and at 1537 ANU was back on 17630. It looks like a transmitter change was made during this period, i.e. 17660 unit moved to 17630. Unlike the day before, ANU, 17630 did not break transmission around 1530 Feb 14. And 17660, Afropop music distraxion, closed as usual at 1531*

I have not heard the 19160 harmonic for several weeks in almost daily chex

around 1500, but Feb 14 I had the opportunity to look for it later, at 2140,

and there it was, fair level of S9 + 7 but modulation below equivalent level;

thought I heard some English words and then checked fundamental // 9580, which was much stronger; they were introducing some Lionel Ritchie music

** GREECE. Checking again on Feb 13, at 1519, VOG test on 15630 via SVO,

Olympia Radio, was managing to stay on without any breaks in carrier or

modulation, so maybe there is hope; // 17525 and 1520 ID. Nope, at 1527 during

music there were some modulation dropouts, but carrier stayed on. At 1552

recheck, 15630 was off; John Babbis says it closes around 1545. I stayed on

frequency, and 15630 came back on at 1553 with carrier, now presumably Avlis,

and 1557 into music. 10 kW to a log-periodic is doing very well as far as

signal strength compared to 100 or 250 kW from Avlis curtains.

Checking out VOG via SVO, Feb 14 at 1430, 15630 was doing well but still some

occasional audio dropouts. This is supposed to be only 10 kW on a log periodic

at 310 degrees for Pirgos, which crosses: Brittany, Newfoundland, Montpelier,

Nashville, Houston, Corpus, Monterrey, according to my National Geographic

globe with geometer.



** JAPAN. On 9760, continuous jazz from 0715 Feb 14, weaker but separable from RNZI 9765. What could it be? Of course, it was R. Nikkei, as IDed in Japanese about 0726

** ECUADOR. HCJB, 11960 in Spanish, Feb 15 at 1429 was giving their Western

Union account number for donations, but natch, the automation cut if off for

the mandatory ID break at 1429:30 as always giving the two wrong frequencies

** GREECE. Checked 15630 for a few minutes Feb 15 at 1440, the experimental

Olympia Radio relay; pretty weak but did not hear any breaks in carrier or


** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, at 0713 Feb 15 with flute and piano classical music, but at 0715 it was the Ritual Fire Dance. I never hear any announcements. Seems like they are playing some CDs of best-of classics, rather than seriously

programming this.

XEYU, 9599.2, was audible weakly with classical music at 0707 UT check Feb 15; usually it has been inaudible this time of night, but this is what it took:

Solar flux 73 and mid-latitude A-index 16. The mid-latitude K-index at 0600 UTC

on 15 February was 5 (77 nT). Space weather for the past 24 hours has been

minor. Geomagnetic storms reaching the G1 level occurred. Space weather for the next 24 hours is expected to be minor. Geomagnetic storms reaching the G1 level are expected

** TURKEY. Live from Turkey, Thu Feb 15 at 1352 was much better on 11735 than 12035, the latter being weak and echoey, the former fair and steady, the

opposite of what one would expect since 12035 is aimed toward us and 11735 is

aimed east. This dichotomy varies from one day to the next, as if they are

exchanging the antennas and frequencies at random; otherwise we can only blame it on the vagaries of propagation. But since VOT have also been caught on completely wrong frequencies for other languages, why not wrong antennas too?

No callers this time either, so the hosts gabbed and played some music breaks.

Among the topics, bungee jumping, Turkish film industry improving with some new ones lately, also a TV channel plays a lot of them; and this summer`s essay

contest. To keep costs down it has been decided to have only 8 winners instead

of 10 getting all-expenses-paid 2-week tours of Turkey in August/September.

Both frequencies went off around 1425 after less than one iteration of the IS,

so this time the 1430 languages were more likely to be on the correct


UNIDENTIFIED. DRM on 9720-9725-9730, with DGS Costa Rica analog right smack dab in the middle of it, 0709 UT Feb 15. DRM noise could be heard mixing with him, but louder on the adjacent frequencies, so it must have been centred on 9725. Nothing listed on any of them in the DRM online schedule

** ANTARCTICA. Following wide reports of LRA-36 on Feb 13 and 14, nothing on 15, I tried on Feb 16 at 2042, and could hear a carrier on 15476.0 occasionally fading up with music; improved by 2049 with continuous music, some vocal, accompanied by bagpipe-sounding instrument.


Signal seemed to be AM rather than USB, and not 15475.9. Along with the

improved strength, this leads me to wonder if they have a new transmitter, or

refurbished the old one. During previous period of activity a few months ago

they were reportedly running at reduced power, and they were on USB + reduced


We should not forget that we are able to hear this thanks to CVC Chile

evacuating 15475 last year, following pressure we put on them. And there are no

other signals anywhere near 15476 during this time period. Fortunately in this

case, VOG via Delano relay on 15485 is also kaput, tho keeps appearing woodenly in HFCC.

Strength was about S2, but occasional peaks to S5 or even S7, or in SINPO

roughly 25332 at best. Never heard any announcements, tho could have been

during fades. Kept going past 2100 with music, but disappeared around 2106

** CANADA. Liz Cameron, MI, fears CBCNQ is missing from 9625, but I still hear

it, such as Feb 17 at 1404 in CBC news. Signal was 12 over S9 but as always,

very undermodulated. This must be the lowest-priority service at Sackville and

it gets the worst transmitter.

Was also listening to CRI relay on 15230, now free of CubaRM, Feb 17 at 1455,

but when ended at 1500 transmitter stayed on or came back with a few strange

sounds; and at 1525 past 1530 a tone test was running on 15230, altho I cannot

be sure it was still Sackville

** GREECE. VOG via SVO Olympia, 15630, Feb 17 at 1522, very weak but could

detect no breaks in carrier or modulation. However, others are still reporting

this problem at other times on other frequencies

** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599.2, 0628 Feb 16, again audible after midnight local, with

church chanting at first like a mass but then morphing into something less

conventional. Modulation distorted and cutting out, but signal at 15 over S9;

however at 0636 a quick fadeout or cutoff. Also good signal of 12 over S9 Feb

17 at 1536 with percussion, rap (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Looked for the Cupid Radio transmission to NAm, Sat Feb 17 at 1526 on 15070 but could not hear anything; however, at 1532 there was 2-way SSB in Spanish on 15071. At least I recognized a few Spanish phrases and `cambio` but the rest of it was incomprehensible

** PERU. R. Visión, 4790 [did not measure the offset], Feb 17 at 0558 amid

pentecostal service, using that word, giving a website including lacosecha.org

but could not catch all of it, and ID for R. Moderna, 930 in Lima, and another

station in Chiclayo, but I could not catch the name and it may have been

something else, on MW. Fair reception with constant CODAR swishes

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Sabbath broadcast of Brother Scare on 17810 via Guiana French did not come off: Feb 17 at 1520 and still at 1538, nothing but a big open carrier, hum. Meanwhile the service was on WWRB 9385 as usual, tho some speaker other than BS when I checked

** U S A. No signal on 7385 around 1428 Feb 17; WRMI off the air?

** ECUADOR. HCJB, 11960, yet another time to hear them announce the wrong

frequencies, at 1444:30 Feb 20, then La Biblia Dice


** GABON [and non]. Routine check of Afropop music distraxion, Feb 20 at 1524

found it on primary channel of 17660, but for a change there was co-channel and

fast SAH from something in French, an occasional word of which could be heard

during fades; not // 17630 ANU. However, the French was no longer heard from

1527, and when Afropop went off at 1531 it could not be heard either tho there

was some weak carrier remaining

** GREECE. 15630 once again had lots of carrier breaks when checked Feb 19 at 1520. In fact, I counted 13 of them during a 1-minute period, when the

transmitter was off more than it was on. When will they ever overcome this or

give up?

** GREECE. Another check of ERA5 via SVO Olympia, 15630, Feb 20 at 1521 found carrier dropping off about 9 times in that minute; but in the following minute

when I had stopped counting, even more times and it was off more than on. How

much longer are they going to mess with this obviously unsuccessful test?

** ICELAND. Contrary to Anker`s observations, which may have been correct for

that date only, since ISBS timings vary, on Feb 19 as early as 1422 I was

getting very weak talk and no music, which I think was ISBS and not R. Free


** MEXICO. XEYU now seems to be a bit lower around 9599.1, Feb 20 at 0620 but best reception yet in classical solo piano recital, S9 +15, SINPO 44444.

However, it was missing at another time I usually hear it, 1442; just some weak

Asian signal on 9600.

XEXQ, 6045, barely audible with classical music at 1435 Feb 20

** RUSSIA. 7200, Feb 20 at 0641 in Russian talk, than rock music in English;

fair signal but carrier frequency fluxuating rapidly, and even more obvious

with BFO on, the Yakutsk warbler 

** U S A. WEWN missing from 7540 in Spanish, at 0639 check Feb 20. Then I found it on new 7455 heavily mixing with RTTY, despite WEWN`s super-power!

** GREECE. Same old story with ERA5 test via SVO, Feb 21 around 1500 on 15630: frequent carrier breaks making it unlistenable; when on, pretty good signal // 17525 Avlis

** SAUDI ARABIA [and non]. I am again hearing French on 17660, at 1508 UT Feb 21, mixing with and underneath the Afropop music distraxion; something which was not there before yesterday. It is not // 17630 ANU, nor // 15300 RFI. I

believe it is BSKSA, ex-21600. The signal again fades down greatly before

Afropop goes off at 1531. There is a fast SAH between them of about 15 Hz. An

interesting thing I have noticed more than once. Just before Gabon cuts the

carrier at 1531, for a few seconds the SAH level increases. This must be

because the Gabon output power steps down briefly before going off; that is,

BSKSA momentarily has a relative strength advantage. Presumably BSKSA continues on 17660 at least until the French bihour ends at 1600, but after 1531 the carrier is barely detectable. No doubt those further east could confirm this.

VOA, 17895, via Botswana, in English at 1444 Feb 21 had fluttery co-channel QRM from something. Per EiBi, that must also be BSKSA, which overlaps on 17895 at 14-15, both broadcasting to different parts of Africa. BSKSA frequency

management is the pits:

17895 1200-1500 ARS BSKSA HQ A NAf

17895 1400-1700 USA Voice of America E EAf /BOT

** SPAIN. REE had an excellent show discussing US-sponsored coups in Iran and Guatemala in the 1950s, interviewing various authorities in Spanish but with

accents, apparently North Americans. One quite fluent nevertheless slipped and

said ``una programa``. The show was rudely interrupted at 1455 UT Feb 21 on

17595 for the mandatory waste-of-time frequency change announcement. Axually all they do on 17595 is move the antenna beam southward, which could probably be accomplished in less than a minute during a real programming break at 1459. Grrr! Per schedule, this is ``Documentos``, Wed at 1400+

** U S A. Christians vs Christians! There is a big collision between WEWN and

WYFR now on 7455. The night before I found that WEWN had moved from 7540 to 7455, and posted as such on its schedule, at 23-13, and assumed WYFR must have moved off 7455 at 07-11, but it did not! Feb 21 at 0711, found both of them

there, along with the RTTY which should have dissuaded both broadcasters from

using 7455 at all. At that moment, WYFR was on top, with Camping in English, at

most favorable skip distance from here; RTTY was next; and below that, WEWN

could be heard in music // weak 11870

** U S A. WTJC missing again from 9370, Feb 21 at 1438 check, as well as

various other times, not just on Sunday, as I supposed previously

** U S A. Is Marie Lamb OK? I had a report that DXing with Cumbre has been

repeating the old standby pirate show for three weeks. Feb 21 at 1727 UT I

checked WAER webstream for Marie`s jazz show scheduled weekdays 15-18 UT, only to hear some other woman doing it, Jane McGreasy, who said she was sitting in. She is not among those pictured on the staff list at

http://www.waer.org/stafpics.html where I went to check the spelling of her


** PHILIPPINES. In another futile check for CFRX, Feb 22 at 1407 I came across

this on 6070 which I had not noticed before: clearly and slowly enunciated

declamation, presumably preaching, in what sounded like Vietnamese; ``Abraham``mentioned frequently so this is no Buddhist, Confucian or Commie station, and not likely Jewish or Moslem either even tho they are supposedly equally Abrahamist to the Christians. Paused about once a minute for a bit of music which sounded about the same each time, probably derived from a hymn.

Ranges S3 to S9, averaging S6; no QRM from no CFRX. 1423 went to music and kept it going until 1429 when YL ID mentioned ``phat-thanh``, i.e. radio station in Vietnamese, but could not catch ID. Bit of music, IS, sounded like ``Jesus Saves``, but not sure, and then off at 1430. No clues in PWBR ``2007``. WRTH 2007, however, shows 6070 is FEBC Bocaue with daily ethnic broadcasts in various languages at 1400-1430. But is it really Vietnamese?

** ANTARCTICA. LRA36, Base Esperanza, 15476, was on the air and heard again Feb 22 at tune-in 2057 during song mentioning Argentina; perhaps their closing anthem. Ended at 2100 without further announcements, and carrier off a couple minutes later. Was S4 to peaks at S9+5



** U S A. VOA, Greenville, 15185, left the powerful transmitter carrying Hausa

until 2100 on the air, still open carrier at 2104 Feb 22; well, not quite open,

because I could clearly hear at very low level VOA English news, // and

synchronized to 15580, another Greenville transmitter, probably just a few

metres away. This could have been receiver-produced cross-modulation, but the

audio did not diminish or disappear when I detuned the preselector and employed maximum attenuation. Therefore I think it was really transmitted that way. 15185 was S9+25 when not attenuated, while 15580 was only S9+18

** U S A. KVOH was putting large S9+20 signal in on 17775, Feb 22 at 2105, but

this time I could not detect any spurs on 17629, 17921, etc

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. Since José Miguel Romero found Polisario back on the air Feb 22, earlier in the evening on 6380, I checked just before expected

sign-off at 2356, but only a very weak carrier, along with some CW marker

** ANTARCTICA. Once again, no sign of LRA36 when checked 15476 Friday Feb 23 just before 2100. Seems like it is only on maybe 2 or 3 days a week

** GABON. ANU harmonic of 9580 on 19160 audible again, but barely, Feb 23 at

2100. Meter said S9, but could barely make out some speech along with

high-pitched hum, not the buzz of yore

** GREECE. ERA5 via SVO, 15630, Feb 24 at 1442 during English hour with

inevitable carrier dropoffs every few seconds. John Babbis suggests they may be

doing this just to hold the frequencies, keep other stations from occupying

them; so it doesn`t really matter if no one can stand to listen to them

** GUINEA. Following Al Quaglieri`s tip, I too heard presumed Conakry with

music at 2330 Feb 23 on 7125. Only fair; some ham was unimpressed and was

sending CW within 1 or 2 kHz thus requiring no BFO

** ISRAEL. Kol Israel, 15640, Feb 24 at 1604 with Saturday-only service in

Spanish/Ladino, mostly songs, and occasional announcements in slightly strange

Spanish, which must have been Ladino; 1625 into IS for 5 minutes and 1630

without announcements into Hebrew(?) rock music past 1635. This quarter-hour is supposed to be in French, before Ladino-only at 1645

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Sat Feb 24 at 1501, RN was putting in a good signal via Madagascar, on 12080, opening a program about an artist. Sounded quite

interesting, but did not have time to listen for a semihour, so made a note to

catch it ondemand later. But what show was it? Checking the weekly programme

preview newsletter for Feb 23, nothing about it! I had to go back to the

previous week`s newsletter to find it listed under Thursday Feb 22:

``*** Dutch Horizons *** More than thirty years after his death, the work of

Dutch graphic artist MC Escher remains popular all around the world. His

woodprints and lithographs possess a unique quality that makes them instantly

recognisable. Where did he get the inspiration for his powerful black and white

landscapes, clever abstracts and mind-boggling metamorphoses? Join Bertine Krol for a special edition of Dutch Horizons about MC Escher and find out.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1227

(Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N

America), 0127 (Central N America), 0527 (Western N America) Repeated: Wed 1500 (South Asia), Wed 1900 (Africa)``

Which DOES NOT mention this Saturday 1500 repeat! Wish RN would get its act

together on this. So I go to http://www.rnw.nl and figure it must be under the

Culture and History heading: http://www.radionetherlands.nl/features/cultureandhistory/

No, not there! So I search on Escher, and see that the same show was originally

classified as a Documentary in June 2005, but now it`s Dutch Horizons. Was

hoping for some visuals to accompany, as, let`s face it, radio about the visual

arts cannot be left solely to the imagination; and there are some on this page

along with audio linx:


And a rather long article, a partial transcript? Plus the inevitable bloggy

comments by (only) a triad of listeners

** SAUDI ARABIA. Checking again the new frequency of BSKSA, 17660, which

collides with Afropop music distraxion: Afropop used to jump around from day to

day between 17620 and 17695, and may still do so before 1400 when it has real

jamming of Sawt al-Amal to accomplish, wherever it goes, but after 1400 when I

check it`s on 17660. I suspected that BSKSA is opening 17660 as early as 1400,

since that`s when the bihour in French is supposed to start, as formerly on

21600. Feb 24 at 1430 I could detect something under Afropop, just barely. At

1457 recheck, the SAH was heavier, and at 1525 rerecheck, BSKSA in French was axually on top in a bad collision.

After Afropop was off at 1531, BSKSA remained audible and in the clear, with

detailed newscast by woman (help me, help me, not to get turned on by hearing a woman`s voice on the radio; those wicked Saudis!). 1542 martial music, maybe

their news theme, and into a talk about literature. By 1555 BSKSA was

weakening, well after local sunset in Riyadh; bird chirping along with a meditation, again by a woman, mentioning Abraham. WYFR came on at 1559:30 with  IS and right into Portuguese hymn, well atop BSKSA which may have gone into English if not off, but I had to give up. I await reports from east of Enid

about how long the English, which is originally two hours on the domestic

service, may last on 17660, or if they intend to turn it off immediately but

sometimes dally as they did on 21600.

Also Feb 24 at 1549, VOA English 15205 via Lampertheim, Germany, had co-channel with a fast SAH from something in Arabic, a speech, or should I say sermon, with reverb. I can only assume this is also BSKSA, with the Holy Qur`an service not supposed to start on 15205 until 1600 when VOA finishes, and not //

15425/15435 which are the separate Call of Islam service

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare Sabbath service, via Guiana French,

17810, Sat Feb 24 at 1455 was playing rustic hymn, Sweetest Lord Jesus, I think

it is called, but with hiccups in modulation. Later after 1500 B.S. was

screaming irrationally but without hiccups






** U S A. KAIJ reconfirmed with WORLD OF RADIO, 1347, Friday Feb 23 at 2001 on 9480; not a solid signal here in the skip zone, but no doubt so further to the N and W. Rechecked at 2057, playing Andean music and if I did not know better, would have guessed it were HCJB. Fill music? Scheduled at 2030 is The Sower, with Dr Guido. BBC via WHRI 9480 carrier came on at 2058 and there was overlap as KAIJ announced QSY to 5755, but KAIJ announcement finished at 2059:30 just as BBC started talking, a perfect transition

** U S A [non]. Feb 24 at 1453 found a good tho fluttery signal on 11510 with

woman spelling out using English lettering, deewaradio at voanews.com, then S

Asian music until 1459* without further announcement.

This of course is the recently added service for the

Pak/Afghanistan-border-area Pashtuns, the ``get Osama`` service, surely the

most specialized USG SW transmissions. If you go looking for it under VOA

language frequency schedules under P you will not find it, only the ordinary

Pashto service. On the VOA homepage you will only find it in the ``select

language`` drop-down under Pashto - Deewa which leads to:


And thence to a page in English explaining it:

http://www.voanews.com/deewa/schedule.cfm which claims that there is a one-hour break in usage of 11510 between 14 and 15, but this is obviously not true! The latest info since Feb 7 shows 11510 Iranawila, Sri Lanka, now straight thru from 13 to 16. The parallel frequency 9565 from elsewhere has also been expanded to cover 14-15. Maybe 11510 came back on at 1500 after an antenna change, if I had kept listening, as each hour is supposed to be on a different azimuth requiring breaks in transmission

** ANGUILLA [and non]. Caribbean Beacon, a.k.a. Defunct Gene Scott, missing

from 11775 at 1555 Feb 26, leaving 11780 clear for weak signal from Brasília in

sports. After 1600 I still don`t hear Indonesia on 11785 either

** ANTARCTICA [and non]. LRA36 really ought to try some other times, besides

maintaining the original 10 ex-15 hours per week. Sunday Feb 25 at 1436, heard

music on 15475, briefly imagining LRA36 could be following my suggestion, but

soon into Portuguese talk // 15560, so it is only RDPI, which per EiBi is sked:

15475 1200-1500 SaSu POR RdP Radio Portugal P Eu

That and ANO daily at 16-19 are the only other occupants of 15475, per EiBi,

and there is not much on 15470 or 15480 either. What an opportunity for LRA36!

** BRAZIL. DST has just ended, Feb 25, so the south/east states resume UT -3

instead of UT -2. Radio Cultura São Paulo FM program listings have been shifted

one UT hour later in MONITORING REMINDERS CALENDAR. Altho their webcast is intermittent. This will also affect timings of SW broadcasts, e.g. RNA 11780 coming on an hour later in the mornings

Good! Now maybe Vatican et al. will have to take notice of CHU`s existence. I

would have missed the changed announcement as my ears glaze over, and after the same previous announcements every single minute for months and months, I have avoided listening to CHU



** CANADA. CHU has replaced their warning notice with the good news that ``CHU has been licensed to continue broadcasting on 7.335 MHz`` from :16 to :23 in even-numbered minutes, and the equivalent in French in odd minutes. The pips are still missing during the announcements. What if we need them then? This was monitored on 14670, Feb 26 at 1737-1739, as well as on 7335 at 0731-0733

** CUBA. CMBF R. Musical Nacional got some more SW airtime again UT Mon Feb 26 as RHC transmitters stayed on past 0700. Missed ID, but obviously this; tuned in 9550 at 0701 for incorrect timecheck as ``exactamente las 2 de la

madrugada``, then ``La Opera`` (not ``Teatro de la Opera`` as on schedule from

0630) featuring Richard Tucker recordings. Great stuff. Still going at 0716

when I realized I`d better check for parallels. Yes, same thing on the 6300

spur, and on 6060 but they all went off at 0718, along with 6180 fulcrum which

had been playing some other music, source unknown. With DST over in Brasil, RNA is not coming on 6180 so early and there was no clash at this time with Cuba

** GERMANY. There is no final DW DX Meeting as already had been planned for

this week. Could not Uwe have done it by himself this one last time? He was not

even mentioned. In the Mailbag ondemand for this week via

http://www.dw-world.de/dw/0,2142,4703,00.html Margot and her sidekick spend

less than 3 minutes starting at 49:18 into the program talking about the late

Wolfram Hess, and a bit later play ``Time To Say Goodbye`` yet again

** GUINEA [non]. No sign of Conakry on 7125, Feb 26 at 0735, but instead RNW in Dutch. This could be a problem if Guinea really comes back to stay; fortunately

RN is on 7125 only during this one hour:

0700-0757 Flevo 7125 123 500 Dutch C + SE Europe

** ICELAND. RUV, 13865-USB + reduced carrier, but no LSB, Feb 25 at 1433 with better signal than usual in presumed Icelandic news; no QRM from any other broadcaster

** MEXICO. XEXQ is not always audible around 0630 on 6045, but it certainly was Feb 25 with classical music, deep fades both up and down slowly, good at peaks in Wagner; still holding its own when CVC Chile came up on 6050 at 0700.

If I`m not mistaken, neither Manuel Méndez in NW Spain, nor Carlos Gonçalves

down in Portugal have yet reported XEXQ in the 0630-0700 time period when I am hearing it on 6045. Manuel was getting XERTA 4810 then. It should be possible to Europe, tho quite weak. Sunrises will soon be too early

** MEXICO. XEYU still missing from 9599.2v, Feb 26 at 1523 check; let`s hope,

not for long. Julián Santiago says it has been off since Feb 24

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. RNZI gone from 9765, checked Feb 26 at 0654, and instead on 9870 with Kermit and Gonzo in comedy skit with Flight of the

Bumblebee, then into classic Flanders & Swann on Mozart. This cleared 9765 for

Turkey, heard at 0659 with IS in the clear prior to Albanian service, but is

that why RNZI moved? Has RNZI overhauled their schedule yet again? Yes, as of today! See http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php

26 Feb 2007 - 26 Mar 2007 UTC kHz band Target Azimuth Days

0559-1058  9870 31 Pacific 0° Daily

1300-1750  5950 49 Pacific 0° Daily

1751-1850  9765 31 NE Pacific, Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands 35° Daily

1850-1950 11725 25 Pacific 0° Daily

1950-2258 17675 16 Pacific 0° Daily

2259-0558 15720 19 Pacific 0° Daily

2259-1259 13840 21 NW Pacific, Bougainville, PNG, Timor 325° Daily

Noteworthy is that this page makes NO mention of DRM, and there is nothing

about a parallel DRM frequency schedule which is supposed to resume this week.

What was this comedy show? According to the program grid at

http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php this is supposed to be Checkpoint, since

it was UT Monday, while National Radio is carried on Sat & Sun, but obviously

not so. Would it be too much trouble to show the actual PROGRAMS involved

during the long hours RNZI is relaying National Radio, and the real times this

happens? Or rather as it is now identified on air, such as at 0658 ``Radio New

Zealand, National``? Is there a quick link, at least to RNZN`s own program

grid? No, but in fine print at the bottom of one RNZI page we found a link to

its homepage http://www.radionz.co.nz/ which then leads to


So what`s on at 1930 local NZDST Mondays? ``7:06 Nights with Bryan Crump ---

Entertainment and information, including: 7:30 Canned Laughter``

** NIGER. La Voix du Sahel the best I`ve heard it, without really trying, on

9705.0, Feb 26 at 0643 almost as soon as I tuned in, with YL ID in French,

``Vous écoutez La Voix du Sahel. . .94 MHz``. WRTH says 93.6 in Niamey so I

guess they round it off. This was amid chanting and shouting. SINPO 33333 at

first with a bothersome het from 9704, Ethiopia? But after 0650 splatter from

WYFR 9715 worsened. At 0652 another such ID this time by OM and music continued

** U K [non]. China`s demands for frequency hours are so excessive that they

have to run Kashi colliding with BBC`s erstwhile Singapore channel 9740 at

14-16, per HFCC B-06, separate targets, to be sure, but still marring BBC

reception here at 1522 Feb 26

** U S A [and non]. Talk to America on VOA Feb 26 is another one to make a

point of listening to, once it is availablized at


I only caught the last quarter-hour with Alan Heil, VOA historian; they said

earlier in the hour was current VOA Director Danforth Austin; on the occasion

of VOA`s 65th anniversary Feb 24. Good reception atop CCI from China on Tinang 9760. Now TTA ends at 1458, in time for a lengthy list of frequencies to be used for the following hour`s Border Crossings

** U S A [and non]. As noted a few days ago, BSKSA is colliding with VOA on

15205; in fact, Feb 26 at 1552 check, BSKSA in Arabic was way over VOA during enhanced ME conditions. As Noel Green points out, BSKSA apparently have the bad habit of turning their transmitters on with modulation several minutes ahead of the scheduled hour, but how many, in this case?



Glenn: It looks like the debut of WRN on 7385 will be delayed. [from replacing

R. República weekday evenings]

Late Friday night or early Saturday morning, we seem to have had some really

high winds at the transmitter site, and somehow the elevator assembly broke on

the North American antenna, sending the boom crashing down several feet. It was stopped from falling all the way by the guy wires on the antenna, fortunately.

But the boom has some broken parts and was bent out of whack, sitting

diagonally instead of horizontally.

Raúl tried to do a quick fix and get it back up and running, but the transmitter doesn't like the match and keeps turning itself off when we switch to that antenna. So tomorrow he's going to bring it back down again, get some

parts locally and see if he can get it working again. However, our consulting

engineer is out of the country until Wednesday, and the antenna manufacturer

seems to be out of the country as well. So Raúl is estimating that we will

probably be off the air on 7385 kHz for two or three days -- hopefully no

longer than that.

If by some miracle they happen to get it working again before then, I'll let

you know. It's a bad deal, but could have been a lot worse, I guess. I'll keep

you updated (Jeff White, WRMI, Feb 25, DX LISTENING DIGEST) I wonder whether 7385 programming will still be webcast (gh)

Glenn: Yes, we'll keep the webcast going all the time

** U S A. Catholix vs Protestants vs bauds! On Feb 25 I checked 7455 at 0624,

well before WYFR came up at 0700, and found that WEWN, despite its 500 (350?) kW, was losing out to co-channel RTTY

** U S A. The 7455 collision of Christians vs Christians: Feb 26 at 0728 check,

huge signal from WYFR in English, and only during pauses and by straining could I detect something underneath, presumably WEWN, which still has 7455 on their schedule at http://www.ewtn.org/radio/freq.htm

** U S A. Both WWCR and KAIJ carry Pastor Pete Peters, at 0652 Feb 25, on 5765 and 5755 respectively, but KAIJ was about 5 seconds behind WWCR as he was giving the WWCR address. Too much of a thing?

** VENEZUELA [non]. As expected, the Cuban transmitters formerly carrying Aló

Presidente, or rather, standing by most of the time for HCF to show up, were

missing Feb 25 at 1427 check now that the Sunday morning broadcasts have been abolished by Venezuela. Please check known Cuban frequencies in the 0000 sesquihour UT Tue-Sat in case RHC has decided to broadcast A,P on its new live schedule

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. No sign of Polisario on 6280, where reported by one listener a couple days ago, when checked at 0720 UT Feb 26, nor anywhere else in the 6200-6500 range

** ANTARCTICA. LRA-36 back on the air Monday Feb 26 at 1954 check, but all I

could get was a carrier on 15476. During the following hour and as late as

2115, Steve Lare in MI and Raúl Saavedra in Costa Rica were more successful



** ARGENTINA. R. Diez, 710, via LTA, 15820-LSB and not USB, Feb 26 at 2332 with ID, news, traffic report, adstring including Banco Rio; fading in and out but

good at peaks

** CUBA. A few chex of RHC during a time I seldom monitor, Feb 26: 2336 on

6000, huge collision with R. Praga in Spanish via Sackville; at 2339, found

6000 // 6180 in obsessive discussion of Posada Carriles; 6180 was over Brasil

but why should there be any collision here? At 2340, RHC Portuguese was on both 11705 and 17705, while 9550 was in English. At 2400, 6300 was audible with NA and outdated frequency list in Spanish, not, of course, including the frequency where I was hearing it

** CUBA [non]. Had another try at R. República`s frequency change announcement at the end of the 6135 transmission, Feb 26 at 2357. A few days earlier I thought they said they were about to move to 6100 [seis mil cien], but now it`sclearer that they are saying 6010 [seis mil diez]! --- Which IIRC was their

original frequency at 0000 when they started about a year ago, but long out of

use. How can they be so FUBAR? Furthermore, they still have not managed to

coordinate their programming with frequency changes, as at 2358 with 6135 still

on the air, another program started, ``Hablando en Serio``, until automatic

cutoff at 2359:30. Quick retune to the real successor channel, 6185, and that

show continued, having started on the previous frequency

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague in Spanish via Sackville, 6000, is still

going despite huge collision with Habana we pointed out months ago, Feb 26 at

2336 czeck producing fast SAH and roughly equal levels; but one of them had

Slavic bits. No problem on 5990 with CRI Cuban relay only, Prague having

cancelled that English relay via Sackville at yearend

** EGYPT. Finally heard R. Cairo here on 11950, Feb 26 at 2303 with Arabic

music, ACI from 11945; 2307 into disco beat mixed with YL talk in seeming

English as scheduled; reception deteriorated thereafter

** GUINEA. Checking reactivated Conakry, 7125, Feb 26 at 2253 with talk in

vernacular mixed with music; at 2347 recheck some shouting in English naming

several other African countries, mixed with hilife. At 2356 Guinea was till

going under Russian tune-up tones

** JAPAN [non]. Maybe this is SOP for Bonaire, but I still found it odd to hear

RN`s carillon IS on 17605 at 2259 Feb 26, then after some clix, at 2300

directly into NHK in Japanese talk, without any NHK IS or theme music

** MEXICO [and non]. After having been missing for a couple days, XEYU was

surely back Feb 26 at 2314 check on 9599, causing the big het with Vatican IS

but the latter was on top, Christus Vincit! and 2315 opening Vietnamese. Would

Vatican please keep its broadcasts to SE Asia out of North America? Per HFCC

this is Santa Maria di Galeria aimed 72 degrees with 500 kW, yet it is stronger

than Mexico next door (BTW, until 2245, VR on 9600 is via Pet/Kam or

Khabarovsk, Russia).

** SPAIN. Did a double take upon hearing REE in Spanish on two adjacent

frequencies, 7270 and 7275, Feb 26 at 2251, but it`s intentional, as in HFCC,

both dated thruout B-06:


7270 1900 2300 37,38W,46 NOB 350 170   234567 ARAB/SPAN E REE REE

7275 1700 2300 18,27-29  NOB 250  50  1234567 SPANISH   E REE REE 

** U S A. WBCQ, 18910 was on both LSB and USB, and full AM carrier as far as I could tell, Feb 26 at 2255 with Hembree`s Quick Study Radio, thinly disguised

evangelism, as checked on the DX-398 with separate LSB and USB tuning; very

good signal

** U S A. Looking periodically for KVOH spurs as previously reported, sometimes

I hear nothing but a buzz which cannot be correlated with 17775 audio, except

it is on matching offsets around 17630 and 17920, such as Feb 26 at 2258;

however, they seemed to be gone a minute later as 17775 continued with ID;

perhaps this was a result of temporarily lowered modulation level

** U S A. WEWN still on 7455 in Spanish but over RTTY, Feb 26 at 2344 check;

meanwhile I could hear something else on its former frequency, 7540, which per

EiBi and PWBR would be R. Free Asia in Mandarin via Tajikistan, and/or jamming, but only until 2400, so that still doesn`t explain why WEWN shifted to 7455 all the way from 23 to 13, and despite WYFR at 07-11 and despite all the RTTY

** GREECE. ERA5 via SVO, 15630, Feb 27 at 1528 check: usual dropouts of carrier during music, but listening carefully, there were also dropouts in modulation during moments when the carrier was on. What wonderful engineering we are being exposed to

** MEXICO. XEYU`s frequency has slipped back up again, but still fails to

attain nominal 9600.00; Feb 27 at 1455, when the het from 9600 went off, I put

it at approximately 9599.44. Method: counting the 40-Hz steps up from original

punch-up tuning to 9599.00 on the DX-398, (once the offset error was corrected

for), until the signal was more or less zero-beat. Eleven steps = 440 Hz high.

But this is not so precise, so I would say somewhere between 9599.4 and 9599.5, altho obviously less than 9599.50 since the pitches were different with 1 kHz stepping between 9599 and 9600 on the YB-400 once its BFO thumbwheel was zeroed on another signal, such as 9610 RCI

** PHILIPPINES. VOA Korean, 9555, Feb 27 at 1445 with English lesson,

splattering +/- 20 kHz, and especially bothersome to RHC 9550. It was all over

by 1500. Not the first time the 9555 transmitter has been so dirty

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA, 17660, Feb 27 at 1530, during the minute before

co-channel Afropop went off, could be heard with a timesignal running about 5

seconds slow --- not suitable for navigation! And introducing Informations with

a Sousa(?) march, starting with diplomatic meeting between Egypt and France

** U S A [non]. On 12135, Feb 27 at 1535, something in Farsi, but heavy

interference from AFRTS 12133.5-USB and CODAR sweeps; listed as VOA via Morocco at 1530-1630







Allan Willie – St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada

Yaesu FRG 100 and 140’ wire


Vatican Radio 11.850 @ 15:30 UT Feb 10  w/ sign on and interval signal then mention of additional frquencies 9.310/13.765 transmission directed to Asia and the Middle East


J. Armani – Denver, CO



BBC World Service is Booming In loud & clear rite now.  

9480 KHz.  21:59 UTC  


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Kaito 1103


Heard on a Kaito KA1103 ...

7160 ASCENSION ISLAND BBC Network Africa 02/27 0439-0455 with West African news items, music, frequent Ids "You're tuned to the BBC Network Africa")by M/F announcers.  Heard interview with a Ugandan MP. Signals were good but had slight fading.  Parallel frequencies 3255/6005/6190/7120/11665 all inaudible.


Down in the Basement


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Kaito 1103 – Internal Ferrite


245 kHz  ARM  Wharton NDB, Wharton, TX (65 mi)

286 kHz  EYQ  Weiser NDB, Houston, TX (39 mi)

332 kHz  FIS  Fish Hook NDB, Key West, FL (891 mi)

347 kHz  JPA  SanJac NDB, LaPorte, TX (8 mi)

388 kHz  SGR  Hull NDB, Sugar Land, TX  (31 mi)

391 kHz  DDP  Luiz Munoz/Dorado NDB, San Juan, PR (1962 mi)

397 kHz  BWK  Bunkie NDB, Bunkie, LA (195 mi)

418 kHz  CW   Mossy NDB, Mossy, LA (127 mi)


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Panasonic RF-2200/AOR 7030 QX Pro DSP-599zx


2007-02-01 05:00 521    TVX   840   Y   Greencastle, IN, USA

20070205 03:23 206   GLS   2000 1301    Galveston, TX, USA

20070205 03:46 219   AY    0    339   Y WIKET, GA, USA

20070204 21:38 245   SR    0    157   Y RINGY, FL, USA

20070205 01:25 392   ML    500  2343  Y Charlevoix, QC, CAN

20070201 05:00 521   TVX   0    1352  Y Greencastle, IN, USA

20070211 06:17 350   DF    1000 3081    Deer Lake, NL, CAN

20070211 06:11 350   LE    400  876     'Leevy'  Raleigh, NC, USA

20070211 06:21 350   BEP   0    504   Y BAY CREEK, GA, USA

20070211 05:56 353   VV    0    604   Y 'Junne'  Greensboro, GA, USA

20070211 06:03 354   MKS   25   550   Y Moncks Corner, SC, USA

20070211 06:01 356   PB    0    224     'Rubin'  West Palm Beach, FL, USA

20070211 05:51 366   EZM   25   448   Y Eastman, GA, USA

20070211 05:30 395   CWV   0    425   Y CLAXTON, GA, USA

20070211 05:16 409   TM    25   383   Y Tifton, GA, USA

20070212 04:45 340   BIJ   25   469   Y 'Early County'  Blakely, GA, USA

20070212 04:16 349   AAF   25   380   Y APALACHICOLA, FL, USA


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada

Pontiac Vibe Radio and 31” whip or listed below


FM - SAT 800 with built in whip:

91.9 News 91.9 Moncton NB

93.9 Confederation Bridge Radio 38 watts and 40  miles away

96.5 CKUL Halifax NS

96.9 XL-96 Moncton NB

102.7 CBC Radio Two Halifax NS

103.5 CKHZ Halifax NS

104.3 CFRQ Q104 Halifax NS


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

2006 Red Saturn Vue with 31” Whip


Heard in a Red Saturn Vue with mid range Delco Radio with RDS and 31" 


101.9 K270BA Wickenburg, AZ 2232 with REL rock music. 75 mi.


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

DX398 and whip


2/7 11:33 AM  93.7  WBXE, Baxter TN  w/  B-Rock 93.7 id and Upper Cumberland Gun store ad

9:46PM  100.3  WNOX  Oak Ridge, TN   Heard on 2/7/07 with ad for a gun store

on I-75 in Athens TN  and shouting the big talker was also in this morning 

2/8 11:39A WUSY Cleveland TN  us 101 slogan and ad ment " highway in Chattanooga" never id the calls before me and Kevin  called this the WUSSY station


11:48  100.7  WKLX Brownsville KY   "sam 100 slogan"  it's is a relog

12:00P 101.7 WJLE Smithville TN  with  Fox news ads for legelzone.com and

Smithville Building supply new and this a GW

6:33 95.9 WLQK Livingston , TN  2-8-07  w/ Lady Vols game Id'ed by RDS:

WLQK-FM 95.9

6:55 104.1 WCKQ Campbellsville, KY 2/8/07 w/ "....Kentucky Wildcats here on

Q-104""looked up the radio network list and voila  this was the only 104.1

9:00 AM 105.1 WCLC  Jamestown, TN  w/ WX forecast "......from the Storm 6

Weather center on today's Christian Music station WCLC" I have never

heard this before  even it is groundwave  maybe the fact that it has a small

coverage area


9:51 AM  101.9  WQXQ  Central City, KY  "Q101.9" liner  into a Owensboro 

local ad  then gone    not sure if i had this before here at the new place

9:59 AM  93.3 WDNS Bowling Green, KY never heard this semi local before  

RDS: Classic Rock D 93


7:34 AM   102.3  WCLU  Mufordsville, KY    Paul Harvey   into a Glasgow, KY

locel ad    first time i haerd anything on this freq  NEW 97 miles

8:09 93.7  WBXE,  Baxter, TN    "B-rock"  liner and Upper cumberland  ment  

Not needed


Stephen Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX




As we speak, a hefty tropo DUCT to DALLAS TX at 475-miles going strong on the FM car radio. I will erect a FM YAGI in about a month (with IRS refund, hi hi).

0843  105.3   KLLI  TX Dallas "FREE-FM Live 105-3"  morning talk show     475

also heard 106.1, 104.5 & 103.3 Dallas Ft. Worth.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



** OKLAHOMA. KAMG-LP 92.1 finally went on the air in Enid Feb 18 at 1700 UT,and I tuned in after an item about it in the Eagle Feb 24. It`s in Spanish with

seemingly continuous alabanza music, just what we need, from Amigos Ministries.Much more in upcoming DXLD 7-025 as I tracked down their transmitter site and spoke with the proprietor







You don’t Need a Weatherman…


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

PRO-96 and Rubber Duckie


2:33 162.450   WNG629  Spencer, TN  with FX for Spencer, Dunlap and Sparta   

111 Miles


7:40 am  162.4000  WXK 61 Cookeville, TN   forecast out of NWS Nashville 

and climate data from Crossville   NEW!

7:46  162.425  WWF-84  Lawrenceburg, TN   special weather statement and id    



Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Yaesu FT-60 and Rubber Duckie



For those of us east of the Rockies, don't forget that tropo season is soon going to be upon us.

At around 6:45 am Central this morning, I switched on my Yaesu FT-60 handheld to listen to NOAA weather radio out of Austin, and was surprised to find the

Shreveport, LA NOAA station completely dominant on the channel!  I channel-surfed a little more and found NOAA stations at Tyler and Palestine TX loud on their frequencies; normally on the NOAA stations at Austin and Gonzales, TX are audible on my FT-60.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to DX further. (OT, I'm sending this via WiFi and a laptop from the chemotherapy infusion center at St. Davids Hospital

North in Austin-----ain't technology great?!?!)

With analog UHF TV soon to be a thing of the past and FM IBOC becoming more widespread, we're not going to have too many tropo seasons left for such DX.  I hope this morning was a harbinger of things to come this year.


There was heavy fog here this morning and a big opening toward the southeast; the NOAA Austin station I normally monitor on 162.40 was completely

overridden by a Port Aransas station giving coastal weather information, and all NOAA channels had stations giving weather info for Galveston, Houston,


I didn't have to really DX these because I had to be in Austin this morning for a 9:00 am appointment, but I'll definitely be looking for some tropo DX this evening!


Loggings this morning on my Yaesu FT-60 handheld transceiver with the "rubber ducky" antenna, all times Central:

162.45 WWG40, Bay City, TX, full quieting on channel with marine weather info 7:31 am.

162.45 KWM33, Stephensville, TX, with ID 7:20 am.

162.475 KGG68, Junction, TX, scratchy but understandable 7:28 am.

162.50 KWM31, Greenville, TX, with ID 7:25 as serving the "Greenville/Sulphur Springs" area.

162.525 At least three different stations fighting it out on this channel, but couldn't pull an ID for any of them no matter which position I had the antenna in!

No surface fog but still interesting tropo opening this morning to about 200 miles from here, stretching from north to south. The anomaly is 162.475; Junction

is about 150 miles west of here and the path was across the hills of the Hill Country.

With a better receiver and antenna, I should be able to get some interesting stuff, especially when 30-50 MHz opens to Mexico and Central America. Maybe I

should get more involved with VHF utility station DX .


The Visible Universe


No TV DX logs this month…


Nothin’ But Net


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


For smokin hot swing music, try this URL:


I am sure that many of you will really like it.


FAT Music is a format that began in Austin, Texas in the early 70's,

became famous in Gilroy, California from the mid 70's through the early

80's and found a permanent home with FAT Music, starting in 1987. The

FAT Music Show was most recently heard on XM Satellite Radio from 2001

until 2005. Join us for the next chapter in a long, wonderful journey

in free-form radio.


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN



More FM 94.7/100  Wellington, NZ  great staion to liston too  excpolety the

morning show   Great fun


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL


Here's a great net station, and it happens to be mine. No imaging or

promos yet, but for now just great Carolina Beach Music and and

classic R&B music.



Extra, Extra!


Art Jackson – Ft. Worth, TX


Link with pictures of the tower collapse of WCFB:



Kevin Redding - Gilbert, AZ


Sports Radio 950 WPEN-AM Announces Signal Increase in Philly


PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Greater Media Philadelphia announced that Sports Radio 950 WPEN-AM has increased its daytime broadcast signal from 5,000 Watts to 25,000 Watts under authority from the FCC. Final approval of the permanent signal increase is expected next month.

The signal increase has improved reception in areas already receiving WPEN and has additionally brought Sports Radio 950 to new listeners to the Northeast, East and Southeast. In 2005, the nighttime signal was increased from 5,000 Watts to 21,000 Watts."We have been getting calls hearing us loud and clear in center city offices, Princeton, New Jersey to the North and Jersey shore towns like Avalon to the Southeast. It's very exciting to be able to deliver the breaking sports news first to so many Philly sports fans," said Station Manager, Bob DeBlois. "Our investments in Sports Radio 950 over the past couple of years have improved both the day and nighttime signals, fueling Philadelphia's fastest growing sports radio station."

Sports Radio 950 WPEN officially launched in October 2005. The interview- based, sports/talk oriented format provides listeners with a new choice to hear the very best sports variety, facts, information and talk in Philadelphia.

WPEN is owned and operated by Greater Media Philadelphia, a division of Greater Media, Inc., the parent company of 20 AM and FM radio stations in the Boston, Detroit, New Jersey and Philadelphia markets. It also owns a modern printing plant and a group of weekly newspapers in central New Jersey as well as several telecommunications towers located throughout the United States.


Greater Media Philadelphia


NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter Installed For Island Park

Posted: 1:36 PM, Feb. 26, 2007


People in Island Park and the western Teton Mountain Range are able to hear weather forecast and warnings from NOAA Weather Radio now.

A new transmitter was installed at Relay Ridge in Idaho.

The signal allows listeners to hear 24-hour weather information when they tune their radios to 162.450 MHz.

The transmitter is being provided through a partnership between NOAA and the Teton County Civil Defense. Site facilities are provided by the state of Idaho microwave services and grand funds provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utility Service."

The broadcast originates from the National Weather Service's office in Pocatello.



Sirius, XM face static: Merger questioned

By Jesse Noyes

Boston Herald Business Reporter


Tuesday, February 20, 2007 


A proposed mega-merger between XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio was already being eyed warily by U.S. Representative Ed Markey yesterday. 


    A couple of hours after XM and Sirius announced their intention to marry in a $13 billion deal, Markey (D-Mass.) issued a statement saying the merger demands the “utmost scrutiny” by Federal lawmakers. 


    “I believe that the merger of the only two satellite radio companies must be assessed with an eye toward ensuring that it does not have a . . . deleterious effect on diversity on the dial and localism in radio coverage and reporting,” said Markey, the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet. 


    The deal would consolidate the only two companies in the emerging business of subscription-only satellite radio, and is sure to face tough scrutiny from federal regulators. 


     A merger would give subscribers access to Sirius’ Howard Stern and XM’s Oprah, along with a wide array of sports, music and entertainment. 


    The two companies said in a statement that Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius, would become chief executive of the new company while Gary Parsons, the chairman of XM, would remain in that role. XM’s CEO Hugh Panero will remain to oversee closing of the deal, they said. 


    The long-speculated-upon deal would face significant regulatory hurdles in Washington, including a Federal Communications Commission rule that clearly states that one satellite radio provider cannot buy the other one. However, that rule could be waived. 


    A combination would also have to meet antitrust approval from the Department of Justice. 


    XM and Sirius have both posted significant financial losses. Both stocks declined more than 40 percent last year on concerns about their continued growth in subscribers and about softness in the retail market, but investors have held out hopes that a merger could bring costs down significantly. 


    What’s unclear is how the two services will be combined. XM and Sirius use different satellite technology and millions of customers have bought separate receivers, said Scott Fybush, editor of NorthEast Radio Watch. 




Jerry Lenamon – Waco – TX


This information courtesy of Radio Online

Daily News & Headlines

Satellite Radio Accounted for 3.4% of Fall 2006 Listening According to Arbitron, listening to satellite channels totaled 3.4 percent of credited quarter hours during the Fall, 2006 survey period from mentions by about a half million diarykeepers, or 5.6 percent.

The Fall, 2006 survey was the first in which new instructions were provided in the diary asking respondents to indicate their listening to satellite and Internet radio in addition to AM/FM radio.

Respondents mentioned 297 separate satellite radio channels during the survey. Arbitron's recent analysis revealed that the highest share of quarter hours for an individual satellite channel was 0.2 percent. The average satellite radio channel had a .009 percent share of quarter hours, which would not be high enough to meet Arbitron's minimum reporting standards.

The analysis also showed that satellite listeners are heavy listeners to radio in general including AM/FM radio. Satellite listeners spent an average of 33 hours a week with radio compared with the typical listener who listened approximately 19 hours a week. Also, people who listened to satellite spent more time with AM/FM radio (14 hours) than they did with satellite radio (10 hours 45 minutes) or Internet (8 hours 15 minutes). (02-27-07)    


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada


Bob Smoak – Bamberg, SC


Powell Way, who is without a computer at the moment (and says he's enjoying it) asked me to post the following for him. 

WCSZ, 1070 kHz, 50,000 watts daytime, 1,500 watts nighttime, DA-2, which is licensed to Sans Souci, S. C., which Powell says is an area, not a town (essentially a Greenville, S. C. station) has had its MW 50 transmitter repaired and is back up to full power in the daytime. 

Powell has moved to a rural area in Newberry County, S. C. outside the small town of Silverstreet, about 60 miles northwest of where he was living and has not had all services re-established yet.


Mauno Ritola – Finland


From: "WRTH International Editor" <sean.gilbert@wrth.com>

WRTH is pleased to announce that an update file for the Winter season

international broadcasting schedules is now available for download from the

WRTH website. Please visit http://www.wrth.com and follow the instructions.

The update file is a pdf document, and you will require version 5 or later

of the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view the file.

The file contains 13 pages and is less than 80kb in size.

We hope you find this file a useful accompaniment to the printed WRTH.


WRTH editorial team.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


** U S A. UT Feb 6 AT 0354 I had another look at http://www.kxtr.com and find

the website now has some stuff in it, including this perplexing announcement:

KXTR will soon start broadcasting in high definition FM stereo. Get ready by

purchasing a Boston Acoustincs [sic] High Definition radio from Primus Audio

Pleasure today. Click here http://www.primusaudiopleasure.com/ to find out


To learn more about High Definition radio, visit Primus Audio


Primus being a local store in Kansas City, apparently. It will be a neat trick

to broadcast in ``high definition FM stereo`` on 1660 kHz! Or could they be

hinting about a return to the 92-108 MHz band? Or, just as they don`t know that

HD does not mean high definition when applied to radio, perhaps they don`t know the difference between MF and VHF? Or, maybe it will only be an HD channel on some other FM transmitter?

And the calls? Referred to as KXTR all over the place, except in the program

schedule for one entry:


No program schedule info outside the M-F 6-10 am Morning Show block!

Has anyone ever heard them give a legal ID as WDAF? If so, any more? Will they really mention WDAF Thursday at 1435 UT? Stay tuned, to the webcast at least


** CANADA. CJRS --- Yes, that's the official set of call letters for Radio

Shalom. We'll begin testing at 1650 very soon, possibly next week, with a

tentative March launch. If you're interested in participating on-air or behind

the scenes in our unique venture (North America's first all-Jewish radio

station), please feel free to reach me at stanleyasher@.... [truncated]. We'll

also consider some limited programming from various ethnic and/or religious

organizations who are presently not served by other Montreal area radio

stations (such as those on CFMB, CINQ, CKDG and others). Japanese, Mennonite,

Bahai, Bulgarian, and Roma groups particularly are welcome. I'm writing in the

dual capacities of long-time RIM member, and VP of CJRS with temporary duties

as English-language pgm. coordinator (Stanley Asher, QC, Feb 4, radioinmontreal yg via DXLD)

CJRS/Radio Shalom, 1650 AM --- Our tech guru, Michel Mathieu, has promised

testing by mid-week -- we hope -- and we still are interested in news readers

(Fr. & Eng.), journalists, producers/ops, who will be heard on a Montreal

market station. Our budget is highly limited, so almost everyone is

volunteering. We're 1000 watts, and would like to hear reception reports.

Laurentians? South Shore? Hudson/St. Lazare? Anjou/RDP/Mtl. N.? Ontario and US border towns, maybe? (Stanley Asher, Feb 11, radioinmontreal yg via DXLD)

Where is the transmitter site located? And just a neat tidbit that I'm sure

most everyone knows, CJRS was the call of Radiomutuel's Sherbrooke outlet, CJRS 1510. :) (Marc Guerard, ibid.) On Ferrier 3 blocks west of Decarie (Asher,


But nothing further about it in this yg as of Feb 17

Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK


KAKC 1300 noted for the first time today (2/17) with sports programming -- ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio, "AM 1300 The Buzz" and "Building the Buzz Sports Network". KTBZ-1430 still using "The Buzz" slogan as well. Tulsa now has 3 AM

sports stations: KAKC-1300, KTBZ-1430 and KYAL-1550. Dropping its former "business radio" format. Not sure when the format switch happened. Awaiting a response to my email inquiry....


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


As I write this, the three Tijuana stations XESS-620, XESDD-1030, and XHBCE-105.7 (all nominally Ensenada) are blasting away as usual.  If anything has been shut down, it would be the original legitimate Ensenada stations on 920 (audible middays from my home), 1450 (audible if I drive about 30 miles inland) and 92.1 (not sure I can hear them at all).  That would leave Ensenada rather underserved, while the perpetrator of this fraud remains free to (possibly) make a lot more money on his 3 new San Diego market stations.  620 is ESPN Deportes (slightly bothered by KOGO-600 IBOC hiss during the day).  105.7 is leased to XEPRS-1090 for sports talk and Padres games.  I'll have to listen for a while to hear what the 1030 station is programming now. 

They were still running Mexican oldies last week.  Recall that we also have a 1040 in this market (KURS "the soul of San Diego", owned by the same individual but currently leased to a Baptist church in downtown San Diego). 

Nice detective work, SCT.  Inspector Clouseau would be proud.


Bargain Barn


Dennis Gibson – Santa Barbara, CA


I have a mint condition Radio Shack DX-398 with original carrying case

for sale. It is identical to the highly acclaimed Sangean ATS-909.

$150 includes shipping and insurance anywhere in the US.

Please contact me at dcgibson55@yahoo.com if you are interested.


Testing, Testing…


Les Rayburn – Helena, AL


KMTI 650khz Manti, UT Maintenance Test

Date(s): Monday Morning (Late Sunday Night) March 19, 2007

Time: Midnight until 0200AM Mountain Time (2 Hour Long Test)

Modes of Operation: 10Kw DA-2

Programming: Morse Code ID's, Sweep Tones, Voice ID.

Notes:  Arranged by NRC Member, John Tucker, KG7RS, of Mesa, AZ. John

stopped by KTMI during a recent road trip and convinced engineer Doug Barton

to run some special programming during his next maintenance period! That's

"grass roots" DX testing in action!

Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and

snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer

to received recordings of the test (MP3, CD, or cassette).

Submit reports to:


Please put "KMTI DX Test" in the subject line.

All standard mail reports should go to:

Les Rayburn

High Noon Film

100 Centerview Drive Suite 111

Birmingham, AL 35216

*SASE Required for reply.

Thanks to Doug Barton and the staff of KMTI for including us in their

maintenance period! And a special thanks to John Tucker for arranging this

test. This is a real chance for those on the East Coast to put a 2nd Utah

station into their log books!

Les Rayburn, N1LF

NRC/IRCA Broadcast Test Coordinator

Please call anytime 24/7 if your transmitter

will be off the air for maintenance.

(205) 253-4867


I Got The Bird!


No satellite Logs this month…