March 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 3


Editors Corner:


ABDX membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of ABDX.


This month is the Morris Sorensen CME. Morris was an early ABDX member who passed away and was an avid Canadian outdoorsman. In his honor the April CME is for logs that are caught outdoor whether its just on the porch or out on a DXpedition.  This CME is for any logging on any band, just let us know if you heard it outside.


The March CME is split on AM band Frequencies and the whole HF  band.


 From today until 2359 March 16 DX is open for 1110 to 1710 kc.


 From 0001 March 17 until 2359 March 31 DX is open for 530 to 1100 kc.


For the entire month DX is open for HF (shortwave) on any band or frequency. Also open are three letter calls on any band. (this should be good for a lot of LW logs as well...)


March is the time for FM and TV trop to come in. This will be just about your last chance to get some Analog DX on TV.


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.



The Broadcast Band


Allan Willie – St. John’s, NF

Yaesu FRG 100


Some logs to start off the month of March CME 

1251 khz - Voice of Africa, Tripoli, Libya  00:19 UTC  3/4/09 w/ slow arabic talk by man 

1521 khz - BSKSA , Duba Saudi Arabia  00:24 UTC  3/4/09 w/ two men talking in arabic, mentions of Arabie 

1548 khz - Radio Sawa , Kuwait City Kuwait  2:48 UTC  3/4/09 w/ arabic pop tunes, R Sawa ID 

Above all heard on the Yaesu FRG-100 w/100 foot random wire 

1480 khz - WMDD ,Fajardo Puerto Rico   00:30 UTC  3/4/09  w/ spanish talk and music, ID 

Above heard on Sony SRF-M37V Ultralight w/ Terk Advantage Loop


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

As Listed


Heard on a Collins[lower deck]/Teledyne[upper deck] R-390A fed by the usual LFE M601C split 14 ways through a team of minicircuits multicouplers:

Starting 3/4 at 11:45 p.m. AST

1110 WBT Charlotte NC

1120 KMOX Saint Kouis MO


1134 Croatia

1140 CBI Sydney NS

1150 CKOC Hamilton ON with oldies

1150 CJRC Gatineau QC [seems CHGM may finally have gone off air after simulcasting their FM flip]

1160 WSKW Skowhegan ME

1170 WWVA Wheeling WV

1180 WHAM Rochester NY

1180 Unid playing oldies, including Elton John "This is Your Song"


1200 CFGO Ottawa ON

1200 Unid with East Indian music

1200 WKOK Framingham MA with Spanish music

1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA

This revealed two new frequencies to watch: 1180 for oldies and 1200 for East Indian music.

I hope to continue on starting with 1220 another night.

At about 8:30 p.m. ADT tonight [March 9/09] I was fish finding on the MW band with the RF Space SDR-IQ, looking for TAs [with cariers every 9 KHz and recoverable audio on quite a few].  Then, I went to 1180 and noticed WHAM was weak.  I could hear Spanish language prattling, and figured it might be Cuba or maybe Radio Marti's pattern got knocked a bit out of whack.  Then, I heard a weak fade up and an ID "WXLA" and into an oldie.

I'm doubtful that 1180 WXLA Dimondale MI  was what I heard last week on 1180 as by that time of night [roughly midnight or so my time as I recall] they should have been long off the air.  Still, it was kind of nice to catch them tonight at a time they should have been running 2KW, down from their non-critical hours 10KW.

One thing I did discover - with the fairly poor LW propagation tonight, the SDR-IQ is no ball of fire on LW.  The Palstar R30A kicks its keister.  The Drake R8, with its notoriously weak front end, was pulling in lots of signals on LW.  Trouble is, they were all from NYC and Boston.

Some St. Patty's Day DX - March 17, 2009:

Heard on the Palstar R30A fed by the LFE M601C antenna:

1269 KHz Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster Germany - NEW - Parallel to 1422 which is pretty much a regular for me - 10:52 ADT.

Heard on the Icom R71A fed by the same antenna noted above:

760 KHz HJAJ RCN Barranquilla Colombia - with sports play by play with frequent and very proud mention of "Colombia!!!".  Under and occassionally over WJR. 11:15 ADT.

820 KHz - First, it was that pesky 1KW at night "blowtorch" WNYC in, you guessed it, NYC NY.  Then, I heard music in the background and eventually caught an ID for CHAM Hamilton ON - this was at 11:25 ADT.  Then, at 11:32 ADT, strong Spanish language talk rose to the foreground for a few minutes, to be replaced with Carrabean English preaching followed by an invite to write "Radio Paradise" [Nevis and St. Kitts] at 11:38 pm.  Although Radio Paradise reportedly runs 50KW and 555 KHz 10KW, ZIZ is consistently good here in PEI.  I can't recall a single night in the last year that ZIZ wasn't there.  Radio Paradise is somewhat of a rarity here thanks to WNYC, which also prevents me getting WBAP, GGGGGRRRRR!

Heard on an Icom R71A fed by a LFE M601C antenna:

1215 KHz VOR Bolshakovo, Russia over Absolute Radio in the UK - 8:45 p.m. ADT.


Earth hour is in progress right now in ADT.  I'm shuttling back and forth between radio and computer rooms.  Noise floor is low, and the neighbourhood is dark, really dark.

LW and the lower end of the MW band really show it off.  I'm listening to Radio Maria 675 KHz in the Netherlands right now - it has never been so clear here.


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 Pro II, Icom R-75, SDR-IQ 35' x 90' flag loop, 300' long wire


1310 WGH,Newport News VA - 06Mar09 0859 - Recorded ID  ESPN Radio [Black-MA]

[QSL] 1394.6   ALBANIA   Trans World Radio, Fllakë  28Nov08 2045 - Chime like tones, then man with presumed ID in Croatian, a short piano intro then woman singing a short simple melody sounding very much like an interval signal or program theme.  - Recorded - Fair. EMWG shows TWR in Bosnian starting at this time but Mauno Ritola via RealDX received a report from TWR saying it was the start of the Croatian program. Per Kalman Dobos of TWR (email 27Jan09) this was Croatian adaptation of Through The Bible, a daily a half-hour Bible study program. [Black-MA]

I don't usually QSL MW receptions, but after some email exchanges with TWR concerning pinning down the program for the above logging from last November, I received today a nice full color card from "TWR Europe" (mailed from Austria) signed by Kalman Dobos verifying reception.

Last night around 10pm Eastern on 1480 I heard: "You are listening to the Bev Smith show live on the American Urban Radio Network" and then a reference to "Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation". Never did get a station ID. [WJZY Charleston, SC ed.] 

Checking the Bev Smith site, WUBA Philadelphia seems logical, but 100000 Watts says it is owned by Clear Channel and WUBA is tropical and I could find no mention of Bev Smith on their site. 

Other possibilities for Bev Smith are WTOY-VA, WKNA-CT, and WCIN-OH but they don't show a Sheridan ownership. 

I am sure the issue is with my research skills, but I am confident our elite assemblage will have an immediate answer. Thanks so much.

1480 WKND, Windsor CT - 15Mar09 2016 - Recorded - "Glory AM" Christian format from Feb 2009. Promo soliciting ad reps. Gave phone number 860 888-6664 [Black-MA] 

I have been hearing a lot of religious programming lately on 1480 with Hartford and CT mentions. The only 1480 in CT is WKND, listed on Barry's site as Urban AC. It would appear that the format has changed with new "Glory AM" slogan and I found this on the web: 

"God has given Elder Maurice Pipkin favor with the current owner of WKND 1480 AM to purchase the station to turn it into a Christian radio station for the community. He will launch the All New 1480 Glory AM in February 2009"

1296 SUDAN Sudan National Broadcasting Corp., Reiba 13Mar09 2339 - Man in Sudanese Arabic with "Sudan" mentions. - Recorded - Fair - language verified via Sylvain Naud via RealDX [Black-MA] 

Just got this back from RealDX: I think I hear the word "Sudan" at sec 18. I have a recording of 1296 Sudan with ID from last summer and I've just listened the way the word "Sudan" was pronounced and it appears to fit with your recording.

Moreover, it does sounds all Arabic to me so it has to be Sudan.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E-1XM and 150 foot wire.

1480 WQOH Irondale, AL 3/4 2211 reciting the rosary for Catholics. 

NEW! TN294

KWKH 1130 in Shreveport may not have switched antenna patterns. They 

are booming in here in Tennessee on the west banks of the Tennessee 

River. You might have a good chance to get them tonight.

1380 WPYR Baton Rouge, LA 3/5 2140 Southern LA ads and slogan La 

Fabulosa. NEW.

1040 WPBS Conyers, GA 3/8 0800 Indian music and TOH ID. NEW!

650 WSM Nashville, TN 3/8 0742 with church broadcast. Fair.

720 WGN Chicago, IL 3/8 0746 running local ads and PSAs. Poor.

750 WSB Atlanta, GA 3/8 0744 running financial call in show. Blast  furnace hot.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 3/8 0753 Ad for Ziegler Tree Removal. Better  than local.

Heard on a DX 440 and 200 foot wire:

1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 3/8 1820 IA Hawkeye hoops talk about going to the big dance.

790 WMC Memphis, TN 3/8 1830 playing C&W music.

700 WLW Cincinnati, OH 3/8 1840 right wing talk.

890 WLS Chicago, IL 3/8 talking about economic wreckage caused by CEO theft and laws that were removed during the last administration that caused it on the show Beyond the Beltway.

1110 WBT Charlotte, NC 3/9 0650 with ID after a Rush Limbaugh clip. Was underneath a REL station and heard during a quiet moment.

850 KOA Denver, CO 3/9 0655 with a "Ken and Barbie" morning news show and ID given. Weak to fair.

710 WOR NYC, NY 3/10 0646 with congresswoman talking about the economy. Super weak, under IBAC, and other stations, in and out.

Heard on a 2004 Saturn radio in a gold Ion2 on the Harrison McGarrity Bridge over the Tennessee River between Savannah and my home in Cosmic Crump, TN:

1570 WCRL Oneonta, AL 3/11 1600 in a reverse murphy while fighting with the dog coming home from her haircut not one but TWO IDs popped up one after another. One was not needed WTRB in Ripley, TN the other was "WCRL, Oneonta" and that one is NEW!

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire:

1030 WBZ Boston, MA 3/12 0713 with traffic on the threes. Then blasted out of existence by SS station and IBOC trash.

970 WERH Hamilton, AL 3/16 1258 playing C&W then after about a 45 second pause and fears that I listened to a lot of C&W music for nothing, a perfect ToH ID and then news with local ads. NEW #298

1270 WFUL Fulton, KY 3/16 1412 with local ad after "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin and ID.

1400 WBIP Booneville, MS 3/16 1425 playing C&W, heard dozens of times but never put in the log book. #300

820 WWBA Largo, FL 3/22 0720 with real estate program talking to people about ways to deal with Foreclosure.

Heard on a DX 440 and 200 foot wire on the east side of the house. I use this wire on nice days when I sit out on the porch and DX. The 150 foot wire is to the west and enters the house via coax.

560 KWTO Springfield, MO 3/22 1905 with ID "AM 560 KWTO" NEW

730 KQPN West Memphis, AR 3/22 1933 with ad for a place called Hermon 372-3950 and Germantown Hardware. Went to WBC Baseball between US and Japan. NEW

760 WJR Detroit, MI 3/22 1915 talking about baseball.

810 WHB Kansas City, MO 3/22 1924 with WBC game between US and Japan.

820 CMDE Santiago de Cuba 3/22 1939 sending time pips and morse RR under WBAP. NEW

1080 WHOO Kissimmee, FL 3/22 1945 with WBC game between US and Japan.

1150 WGOW Chattanooga, TN 3/22 1958 end of the Huge Show into ABC News, then WX 40s tonight and 70s tomorrow. NEW

Heard on a Eton E1 and 150' wire:

790 KFGO Fargo, ND 3/27 0706 woman announcer talking about the flood and evacuations. Matched to internet feed. Was under WQXI and popped up for about 45 seconds. No sign of WMC in Memphis 100 miles away. NEW

790 WQXI Atlanta, GA 3/27 0720 while hoping to hear a little more of KFGO before WMC showed up, had WQXI give the "790 The Zone" slogan. Matches to internet feed. NEW

Heard on an AOR 2700 and 150 foot wire:

1300 WKXM Winfield, AL 3/28 1720 with college baseball Alabama Crimson Tide v. Florida Gators. 1729 Piggly Wiggly ad and ID. NEW!

Heard on an AOR 2700 and 150 foot wire:

1360 WIXI Jasper, AL 3/28 1735 with ID and then into C&W. NEW!


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100, Homebrewed Loop


3/27 7:45PM

All the other stations are there ,I'm Only 2 states away but,I did find, 790 khz  KXXX  5000w class D  Colby Ka.

And because of full power :

7:58 PM

1100 khz WZFG  50k class B  Dilworth Minn. serving -Fargo,Moorhead S.D.

I wonder if most of the station's up there are'nt on day power they seem to be getting here really well?

Also a few of the raods are being opened back up as of this evening. Sounds to me like the crest may be past ? hope hope!


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

As Listed



I was listening to my SRF-59 the other night, tuned near the top of the dial. I'm pretty sure I was on 1700kHz, but being analog you never know for sure. I quite clearly heard sports talk with mention of the Trailblazers not making the playoffs and an ID of KXTG. Checking the online resources I find there is no KXTG on MW. There is a KXTG on 95.5 FM in Portland. Does anyone know if any MW stations near the top of the dial simulcast or rebroadcast KXTG? I can't even find anything in the vicinity in the top three slots.


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Car radio or as listed



March has not been a good month for me so far, but got one new one last night anyway on the DT-400W barefoot:

890- WFKJ  Cashtown PA, tuned in at 1900 sign-off, heard IDs for “Oasis Radio Network” (a Christian radio network) and gave a station list that did not include WKFJ.  A check of the Oasis website does not list WFKJ but further research indicates that WFKJ is an affiliate of the Oasis Radio Network.  Only a 101-mile catch but this one is not easily heard.  Also was mixing with WLS and WKNV in Fairlawn VA (a Southern Gospel station).Ultralight station # 518 but only my second new one this month.


While munching on my frosted mini wheats this morning, with the E-100 beside me, I got a new ultralight log:

1480 WADR Ramsen NY, with Sunday morning public service program ("wilderness programming" I call it since only DXers listen to them).  ID at 0800 of "This is WUTQ 1550 in Utica and WADR 1480 Ramsen."  Ultralight station #519 but still no new stations for my overall log (sitting at 789 stations heard here in Delaware) this month.


1340-WENT Gloversville NY, 2225, dominant tonight, with "...Neil Diamond, here on WENT...", into sports and weather for the Gloversville area.  Ultralight station 520 and my 32nd ultralight graveyarder.


1470 WQXL, Columbia SC, 0745 with light Christian Contemporary Music, "QXL" IDs between songs.  Heard barefoot on the DT-200VX.  Ultralight station #521 and station #791 for my overall AM log from here in Delaware.  A 476-mile catch at sunrise.

W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK



** OKLAHOMA. For the record, KEOR 1120, Catoosa/Tulsa/Sperry, which I visited last week when it was on the air, was off the air at 2043 UT check March 2, and also at 1630 March 3 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. On a caradio bandscan at 2039 UT March 2, 1600 dominated by nearest station, KUSH in Cushing OK, with a SAH of 3.5 Hz; could also hear Vietnamese underneath, surely KRVA in The Metroplex, TX. But that`s the station I am 99% sure is the source of the audible het on 1600, which at this time was barely detectable. So a third station was involved; by proximity, a likely possibility is the Kansan, KMDO in Fort Scott, which I have never logged for sure (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. I could hardly believe my ears: the ``liberal`` Ed Schultz talk show on an OK station? There he is on 1600, March 26 at 2107 UT talking about how he`s about to get flooded out of Fargo. Usual daytime groundwave signal from KUSH in Cushing, but to be positive, I got a local ad and ID at 2159-2200; around 2208 they were doing local news or PSAs – hard to tell which. Toward the end of the previous hour Schultz had David Schuster on, for whom he substituted on MSNBC`s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this Monday, I think, and Schultz is going back to guest there on Friday.

During the hour, QRM increased from KRVA 1600 in The Metroplex, with a 190/minute SAH (3.17 Hz), in Vietnamese, and also a slight audible het from elsewhere I have yet to nail down.

Meanwhile I noticed a gaping hole on 1580 with semi-local KOKB Blackwell OK off the air at 2107 and still past 2200. Is it really off? At 2201 checked 1020 for normally // KOKP Perry OK, and briefly they were, with a reverb in Talksports Network, but that must have been something else, as not // a minute later when KOKP was doing a Ponca City commercial; and at 2205, 1580 had weather without any local references heard, and then ID as ``The Sports Hog, 103.1 and 1580 AM`` so despite reference to Oklahoma City, a later one to Arkansas clinched this as KKHG Van Buren AR, listed as sports format in NRC AM Log, but lacking the 103.1 and slogan info. I understand some Arkansas sillyballgame team is porcine, and they`re proud of it! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Thanks to the flood in Fargo, I figured I would at last have a chance to hear the new WZFG-1100, which has a 50 kW day rig from its site in Minnesota, but very low power normally at night. Sure enough, March 27 at 0552 UT, there it was with live coverage, giving phone 271-1100, e-mail and toll-free 1-888-598-8464, also slogan ``Talk Radio The Flag, AM-1100``.

At first it was dominating the frequency; then I had to easily null WTAM-1100 Cleveland OH as it faded back up, a slow SAH with it. By 0558 IBOC from KFAB-1110 Omaha NE was bothering 1100, almost the same direxion from here; discussing areas which are to be evacuated. 0559 legal ID ``WZFG, Dilworth-Fargo-Moorhead, USA``, 0600 Fox `News` Radio, leading with their own local story. By 0602 KFAB IBOC was blocking WZFG. There ought to be a law.

Meanwhile I was checking the other Fargo, and Bismarck frequencies, but could not pull anything floody or identifiable out of the QRM on 550, 790, 970, 1130; or 1200 where KFNW also has a 50 kW day rig; just WOAI heard. No doubt the 50 kW-at-night from WZFG will continue for the duration of the emergency the next few days. There had been a number of reports of KFGO-790 getting out on 5 kW non-direxional day power at night, rather than shooting it all northward at night. CBW-990 is another station to keep an ear on, as they are worried in Winnipeg, barely mentioned in US media coverage (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Lum & Abner on 780, UT Friday March 27 at 0548, which I can only assume is the OTR show from WBBM, quite a timewarp and a respite from current `news`. Had a low rumbling het too, I suppose from some Mexican or other LA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

Receiver, Antenna



Last night I was watching hockey, but I headed to the radio between periods.  It was coming up to 2000 EDT, so I checked my target list (actually a spreadsheet) to see what needed stations should be going off day power/pattern then.  I settled on 810, and started working on

nulling WGY... at 1956, up came a guy doing weather, and finishing up with "I'm meteorologist Tony Schumacher, for Sportstalk Radio AM 810".  Hmm, I thought... probably WHB, which is what I often get when sunset DXing on 810.  But no!  What came next was: "ESPN Radio

Football Tonight, on Sportstalk Radio AM 810, WJJQ Tomahawk".  Yowzah, another one wiped off my most-wanted list!

My team won the hockey game, too. :-)


WZFG Dilworth MN on with day power again tonight with flood emergency coverage, ID heard at 2100 EDT.


Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, PQ – QC

Sangean CST-818, PK's Shielded Mag LW Loop or As Listed



I had likely Russia mixing with Morocco on 171 kHz earlier this evening, both very threshold, though it's the first time I hear a SECOND broadcast on 171, besides Morocco ! 

On MW, 2 or 3 run-of-the-mil Pan Americans, mainly ZIZ-555 and YVKS-750. What kind of device are you using, dear Phil, in order to knock out CBGY-750, therefore allowing some YVKS Caracas to sneak through ? They had the VENTANA DEPORTIVA sports px with a heavy emphasis on european soccer "fútbol" and the upcoming events related to Euro soccer.


In Montreal, ZIZ 555 is HUGE, 640 Progreso is fair and apparent weak Coro is on 780. 

However, condx are below average, yet, interesting for MWLing (the mediumwave version of SWLing) ! I really enjoy hearing ugly but entertaining calypso with the slight splash from 550 and 560, it sounds like a dusted 78 or 33 ! All this on my Sanyo MCD-S830 barefoot !


WABC-770 has forgotten their IBOC crud tonight; they are throwing a huge amount of umpenetrable hash on both 760 and 780 and some slight hash is disturbing WSB/YVKS-750 more than local CKAC-730 ! 

How is this possible ? Has Citadel sold WABC to a cynic organisation ?

 555 ST KITTS   ZIZ Basseterre APR 1 0428 - spots for a weekend show on the "Family Station Zed Eye Zed", then oldschool soca, the way Bruce always enjoys. Very good ! YVKS-750 also excellent over/under WSB with Spanish politics, but both HJAJ-760 and YVNM-780 are destroyed, if there, by awful WABC QRM who forgot their IBOC crud on tonight. SINPO 45523, some slow and deep fadings with very good peaks and fair overall ! (Chiochiu-QC)


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

DX-398 or as listed



7:47pm  1080  WKJK Louisville, KY ad for Jeffersonville auto    id "WKJK"  NEW!

8:01 660 WFAN  New York,NY   Flames  vs Devils NHL game  3-1 score

7:58pm  1430 Heard "NPR"   who runs NPR on this freq?


6:02 PM CDT  1090 WTNK Hartsville TN   with TOH ID  "WTNK Hartsville" 

6:03  WAMB Nashville, TN  TOH ID  "WAMB Nashville"

6:05  1270 WQKR  Portland, TN   with TN state house and sentie news  at the end "...this has been Portland news"

7:14  1130 KWKH  Shreveport  LA   Baseball game LSU tigers vs Rajen Cajins   "LSU Radio Network"   gooogled this and found this is KWKH  

7:24  1160 UNid.   a inotuch seris being run ment    any ideas?

7:24  1170  KFAQ Tulsa, OK   bbball game Oklahoma State VS Iowa State.  NEW! 

7:29  1280  WGBE-Evensville IN  ad for  "newstalk 1280 "  ments and tri-state" met as well

9:20  1180  WHAM  Rochcester NY    "Eastview mall"  ment  googed this and it was in rochcester     new at this QTH.


10:59  730  KQPN West Memphis, AR   sports talk   id  "Fox Sports......Arkansas"  (fade during id)  NEW!  238 mi


Eric Berger – Carleton, MI

GE Superadio III


Heard on GE Superadio III; times EDT

23.00 ** WZFG-AM 1100 Dilworth, MN - Faded in and out pver and under WTAM with Fox nx, ads, and flood information. The Flag. New catch!

23.23 ** KFGO-AM 790 Fargo, ND - Poor in CKLW slop with flood information, matched ad with Webcast. New catch!


Ron Gitschier – Treasure Coast, FL




Late last night I tried for 1480 WZJY Charleston SC from outside my home in Palm Coast, FL - just north of Daytona Beach. (Any luck @ Cape Cod??) 

About 11PM Eastern Daylight Time, I had one gospel and two talk stations. I could not pull anything useable to ID either of the two talk stations. One was a female who spoke slowly without a lot of animation or deflection in her voice, on the second signal i heard a male... both were very low signal levels. 

The gospel music station made mention of .... southern gospel station at 1 0 2 7 w g u s dot com... and that turned out WGUS 1480 Augusta, SC, which is simulcast on WGUS-FM 102.7 New Ellenton SC. NEW.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, Phased BOGs @ 273 deg.


3/5 Weds night I was listening to 1180 KOFI's oldies just prior to the SSS switch at 2044 EST and they were fair with oldies and then basically disappeared at switch as usual. 

As for CJRJ on 1200..they do put considerably more signal off the side of their NW cardiod towards PEI than here towards me where I have never had them.


Michael Richard – Evanston, WY

Car Radio


3/12 Little small log for the 6-minute trip from job one to job two just a little while ago.  Still pre-sunset at the time so most night-timers still coming in, however didn't have time to park and listen to the ones not booming in.

590   KID   ID      Idaho Falls                   645   fair signal with local ads

640   KFI    CA    Los Angeles                646   good signal with local talk show

850   KOA CO   Denver                647   good signal with Denver ads

1070          KNX CA    Los Angeles                649   good signal with news

1160          KSL  UT    Salt Lake City    650   very good signal with morning news

1430          KLO UT    Ogden                          651   poor signal w/local ads then back into Bill Bennett


There's a few.  Wish I had more time to sit for a bit.  Reasonably sure that I had KLZ Denver at 560 and possible a weak KMJ Fresno at 580.


1350    KDZA    CO    Pueblo    2008    Heard numerous oldies and KDZA ID's and jingles.  Fair signal.  NEW!

1410    KIIX    CO    Fort Collins    2030    This one mixing with a classic country station.  Heard many nostalgia type songs (Herb Alpert, Willie Nelson, Dionne Warwick) - finally a jock mentioned "America's Best Music".  Matches up with Radio Locator and with their web site.  WEAK and NEW!

1410    KWYO    WY    Sheridan    2035    This one was mixing with the one above.  Classic country heard several songs allbeit very weak...barely heard an ID say "Classic Country AM 1410 KWYO".  Not new but new format for them.  They used to be standards.  WEAK!


J. Neilsen – Ottawa, ON

CCRadio Plus



KRND 1630 Fox Farm Wyoming.  "La Grande" Banda music into "La Grande" ID, then back into Banda followed by ads in Spanish.  Fluttering signal, moderate to weak, Battling with KCJJ.  I have never heard KRND in any other location before.  That is my most western  catch from Ottawa.  Around 1:18 KCJJ completely dominated, then KRND came back.


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Receiver, Antenna



At 0005 EDT, I was hearing WFIR by itself with ABC news and promos for "Newstalk 960 WFIR."

Now hearing sweeptones at 0010...hi there, Bruce! (and thanks...) 960's a tough catch here with local WROC-950 just down the street...


Needed to go to the KFGO webstream to match the voices I'm hearing behind CIGM...but yeah, it's them - man and a woman with nonstop emergency info about road closures, hospital evacuations, etc.

Scary, scary stuff...and what radio does best, when it still bothers to do it.

This is either ND#1 or #2 for me, depending on whether I count 1660 West Fargo by city of license (ND) or transmitter location (east of the river in MN)...


Ira Elbert New – Watkinsville, GA

Aiwa  CSD-FD89


950 WJKB SC Moncks Corner – 03/28/09 2015 – Classic country on Saturday Night At The Memories. Good signal with slight fading. “WJKB, AM 950”. (IEN-GA)


Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

SDR-IQ, Wellbrook ALA1530


8 March 2009


LW signals still fair  here  (for the most part) despite static crashes
from T-Storms stretched across the Ohio Valley.

153      Algeria with man talking in Arabic good signal
162     France with a woman talking poor signal
171     Morocco with Pops and dance music with a great signal almost at
armchair quality (except for the static crashes)
189     Iceland very weak with local QRM
198     BBC  R4 with fair signal
207     Unid...Probably Morocco with female vocals...getting hammered by
local QRM and QI Beacon
234     Luxembourg with AC music with interference from beacons
252     RTE 1 Ireland with country style music good signal but some beacon


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom R-75, 35' x 90' flag


07C 518 - 18Mar09 0034 - -- AFS Cape Town ZSC - Miles 7662


A pleasant surprise from last night.

Not the prettiest girl at the dance, but enough for ID and confirmed by Bill Hepburn.


       Looks like you've got ZSC Cape Town, South Africa as far as I can tell !

      C transmission begins at 0020Z. _ORT NOLLOTH is likely Port Nolloth, which is on the west coast." SAN 

      76"  likely stands for South African Navy. Compare to...

      Great catch !


<00:34:15> _ZCZC CA402_7__)_
<00:34:20> 100648_UTC FX 09___
<00:34:25> COADTALUTH WEST COAST -_ !-)'37?
<00:34:34> _
<00:34:36> 7_2_ _HART SA__JPMZOMLHJHHYI___
<00:35:02> 5. D_MGE_ _GIVE THIS AR_Q__
<00:35:24> __XC_
<00:35:27> __1'2
<00:35:28> __
<00:35:45> 1_ SOUTP _O__L
<00:35:55> QN 8_
<00:35:57>  _ (INT 7510 AND___TWPL_


<00:38:27> A__ CA931__
<00:38:31> 050_45 UTC JAN 09?
<00:38:48> 2. CHARTS SAN 76, 77, 113, 114
<00:38:55> K_ (INT 264:TAND__
<00:39:01> _3. M/V
<00:39:17>  JAN 09 IN THE_
<00:39:42>   D._9-42.2S  05-36.4E
<00:39:48> 5. VESSELS W_LA_B_ T_PING A
<00:39:52> MULT
<00:39:53> PLE

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Collins 51J-2, HQ-180A, Palomar Engineering VLF converter


10 March 2009


Last night I tuned around after everyone went to bed and I could turn off all the noise making lights.

338 RYN Tuscon AZ 3/10/09 0554 UTC
350 NY Enderby BC Canada 3/10/09 0644 UTC
359 BO Boise ID 3/10/09 0548 UTC

QSL in the mail yesterday from Caribbean Beacon Anguilla for a reception report in May 2006, 2 years, 10 months! They already verified my third report in 2007 and this was my second. Maybe I'll get a card for my first report in 2005?


411 RD Redmond, OR 11:19 PM PDT 3/10
332 LBH Portland, OR 11:30 PM PDT 3/10


13 March 2009


I finally tuned in during their broadcast time and copied their weather broadcast.

518 kHz NMW USCG Astoria OR 3/13 0530-0605 UTC weather followed by various navigational warnings and meteorological forecasts.

Heard on the Collins 51J-2 and the new antenna.


22 March 2009


Tentative log on NMB Savannah GA tonight.

518 kHz 0456-0502 faded in and out. Here is what I copied, lots of errors.




BAL BNM 144-09
0. BRWE_TON CHAN LZ_1_ (LLNR_832195)_ )30(3/5.

_____7(+:+: 5-__6_
TSEP NC BNM 125-09
NC - CAP #-55_--' - HATTERAS IM
__T _K_LNTV1!55_
 72_:-759,_HEN TRANSITING ___ E



56580) IS REP DEST_.
2. CANCEL AT TIME//240400Z MAR 09// _



23 March 2009


Here are all the logs from tonight, 2 new NDB states heard.

518 NMQ Long Beach CA 3/23/09 0445UTC in strong, my local.
518 NMBt Savannah GA 3/23/09 0456-0502 in/out.
518 VAE Tofino BC 3/23/09 0510 in strong.
518 NMW Astoria OR 3/23/09 0530 in strong.

NDBs, Morse code
521 INE Missoula MT 3/23/09 0600UTC, fair
371 TVY Toelle UT 3/23/09 0633UTC, poor (25 watts)

All but TVY heard on Collins 51J-2. TVY heard on HQ-180A.
My new antenna seems to be doing better but there is still too much noise.


Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, PQ – QC

Sangean CST-818, PK's Shielded Mag LW Loop


9 March 2009


Trans-Atlantic DX

162 FRANCE   France Inter, Allouis MAR 9 0114 - Woman in French, very poor
and noisy. SIO 251 ! (Chiochiu-QC)

171 MOROCCO   Medi Un, Nador MAR 9 0115 - woman host taking listener's
request in both Arabic and French for Arabic and Western pops. The song I
heard quickly after I tuned id was done by either "Tiffany" and that was
followed by "Celine Dion" and "Habid Mussad" according to the female
announcer, though a Moroccan friend I called told me it sounded like Nancy
Ajram (the Tiffany track). Anyway... Very good at tune-in, though after a
few minutes faded down to poor-very poor, perphaps because the A index has
jumped from level 1 to level 7. Initially SIO 454 and very clean and Hi-Fi
sounding in AM Wide mode ! The only longwave broadcaster with average or
even above-average reception quality the past evening in the Montreal area !

234 LUXEMBURG   RTL Beidweler and / or Junglister MAR 9 0115 - roughly the
same time before I suddenly jumped at Morocco's frequency heard that one
with pop music barely getting through beacon and a popping coputer-like
buzz. SIO 221. (Chiochiu-QC)

252 ALGERIA   Alger Chaîne 3, Tipaza MAR 9 0245 - Arabic talk by a man
announcer fading very slightly but annoyingly from fair to poor and poor to
fair, but unreadable level due to QRM from local UL beacon on 248 kHz and
bad propagation overall. In fact, the problem wasn't as much the slight,
albeit quite annoying QRM, as the propagation which was quite mushy and
noisy. SINPO 33221 really ! (Chiochiu-QC)


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Palstar R30A, LFE M601C


Heard at midnight March 21, 2009 on a Palstar R30A fed by an LFE M601C antenna:

225 KHz Poland - nice and strong in spite of the usual pesky s Meter pegging beacons

261 KHz Bulgaria - fairly weak, with lots of slavic type music.  Female announcer mentioning Sofia.


Jay Heyl – Aurora, IL

AR7030+/Quantum QX v2.0 LW/DSP-599zx/6Hz audio filter


A pretty good month for me in my new location. I've discovered it helps quite a lot to be surrounded by NDBs rather than have them almost all 200+ miles away and in the same general direction. In less than a month, really in just a handful of hours, I've already surpassed most of my NDB stats from two years of listening in Florida. The Orlando location was generally quieter – at least when it wasn't storming in the region – but the handicap of having almost all the North American beacons in the same northerly direction was hard to overcome.


The beacon density here in the midwest is far greater and I have nine states and one province within 300 miles. In Orlando there were bits of Florida that were 300 miles away. Only four states were within a 300 mile radius.


This month I logged 137 unique NDBs in 34 different radio “countries”. In two years in Florida I logged only 190 unique NDBs. I came very close to tying my previous distance record by logging 391-DDP in Puerto Rico at a distance 2060 miles. All in all it was a good month.


Log showing first reception of each signal between 20090301 and 20090331

Daytime: 16:00-20:59, Night: 21:00-15:59


Output sorted by Frequency


YYYYMMDD UTC   kHz   Call  Miles + Location


20090306 06:08 198   DIW   769   Y Dixon, NC, USA

20090306 06:17 200   HXF   112   Y Hartford, WI, USA

20090313 17:12 203   PVB   127   Y Platteville, WI, USA

20090313 16:53 205   CQA   214   Y 'Lakefield'  Celina, OH, USA

20090314 04:30 205   XZ    468   Y Wawa, ON, CAN

20090306 06:26 206   GLS   929   Y Galveston, TX, USA

20090306 19:23 206   IIB   192   Y Independence/WAPSIE, IA, USA

20090314 04:32 206   QI    1131  Y Yarmouth, NS, CAN

20090316 06:32 207   YNE   952   Y Norway House, MB, CAN

20090314 04:43 209   IB    515   Y Atikokan, ON, CAN

20090314 04:48 212   TS    578   Y Timmins, ON, CAN

20090314 04:53 216   CLB   771   Y Wilmington / Carolina Beach, NC, USA

20090314 05:03 218   RL    694   Y Red Lake, ON, CAN

20090309 05:02 219   AWG   176   Y WASHINGTON, IA, USA

20090314 05:05 219   YMG   519   Y Manitouwadge, ON, CAN

20090314 05:11 221   HM    435   Y Hamilton  (Carluke), ON, CAN

20090314 05:15 223   YYW   593   Y Armstrong, ON, CAN

20090314 05:17 224   MO    753   Y Moosonee, ON, CAN

20090309 05:08 230   BU    299   Y 'Boutn'  Columbus, OH, USA

20090309 16:51 230   HPT   260   Y HAMPTON, IA, USA

20090316 06:39 230   QB    901   Y Quebec, QC, CAN

20090316 06:36 230   YBM   589   Y St Bruno de Guigues, QC, CAN

20090305 19:24 236   CTK   122   Y Canton, IL, USA

20090305 19:19 236   GY    53    Y GARY, IN, USA

20090305 19:34 239   HKF   255   Y 'Hook Field'  Middletown, OH, USA

20090311 18:39 242   GM    82    Y 'Teels'  Milwaukee, WI, USA

20090311 18:42 254   BOZ   75    Y WHITESIDE, IL, USA

20090311 18:48 257   PEA   240   Y PELLA, IA, USA

20090311 17:55 263   GR    170   Y 'Knobs'  Grand Rapids, MI, USA

20090301 01:07 272   IK    54    Y Kankakee, IL, USA

20090318 04:33 272   YQA   508   Y Muskoka, ON, CAN

20090318 04:31 272   ZMR   759   Y 'Mirabel'  Montreal, QC, CAN

20090301 01:11 275   RF    48    Y GILMY, IL, USA

20090301 01:23 278   FKR   137   Y Frankfort, IN, USA

20090316 06:11 326   VV    414   Y Wiarton, ON, CAN

20090316 06:09 326   YQK   629   Y Kenora, ON, CAN

20090301 01:49 332   HK    25    Y Chicago Midway, IL, USA

20090301 01:55 332   QT    460   Y Thunder Bay, ON, CAN

20090301 01:58 332   YFM   1066  Y La Grande 4, QC, CAN

20090318 04:54 335   BV    457   Y 'Almnd' Batesville, AR, USA

20090314 17:50 335   CNC   266   Y Chariton, IA, USA

20090318 04:51 335   MDZ   253   Y Medford, WI, USA

20090301 02:06 335   YLD   480   Y Chapleau, ON, CAN

20090318 04:44 335   ZKF   426   Y Kitchener  (Wellington), ON, CAN

20090319 05:06 336   BDB   725   Y 'Accomack'  Melfa, VA, USA

20090319 04:31 336   BV    912   Y Champlain, QC, CAN

20090301 06:25 336   LF    696   Y La Salle, MB, CAN

20090319 05:05 336   MA    223   Y 'Wexford'  Cadillac, MI, USA

20090321 02:26 338   DE    273   Y 'Madds'  Detroit, MI, USA

20090316 05:30 338   GFZ   318   Y GREENFIELD, IA, USA

20090319 04:52 338   HE    149   Y 'Shebb'  Sheboygan, WI, USA

20090319 04:44 338   JZ    409   Y NEWBN, KS, USA

20090316 05:23 338   LH    332   Y 'Caser'  Lancaster, OH, USA

20090319 04:49 338   LM    232   Y ST LOUIS, MO, USA

20090316 05:26 338   SHL   396   Y Sheldon, IA, USA

20090314 18:02 338   UMP   172   Y INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA

20090322 05:14 340   GN    321   Y 'Brindl'  Lexington, KY, USA

20090316 06:06 340   YY    1080  Y Mont Joli, QC, CAN

20090322 05:34 341   CQN   485   Y 'Daisy'  Chattanooga, TN, USA

20090322 05:39 341   DB    124   Y ZILOM, IA, USA

20090301 06:41 341   EGV   294   Y Eagle River, WI, USA

20090301 06:38 341   FO    311   Y 'Barro'  Fort  Dodge, IA, USA

20090301 16:51 341   LDM   182   Y Ludington, MI, USA

20090301 06:57 341   MYZ   453   Y Marysville, KS, USA

20090301 06:46 341   OIN   652   Y OBERLIN, KS, USA

20090301 17:00 341   PRG   145   Y PARIS, IL, USA

20090301 07:02 341   RBE   579   Y ROCK CO, NE, USA

20090301 06:54 341   SB    108   Y 'Misha'  South Bend, IN, USA

20090322 05:54 341   YYU   603   Y Kapuskasing, ON, CAN

20090322 06:07 341   ZLP   455   Y Toronto  (Meadowvale / Mississ, ON, CAN

20090323 05:06 342   PFT   623   Y 'Piney'  Pinecreek, MN, USA

20090322 06:21 344   BKU   851   Y 'Timber'  Baker, MT, USA

20090322 06:31 344   DS    272   Y FOREM, IA, USA

20090323 05:27 344   GNC   1004  Y GAINES COUNTY, TX, USA

20090323 04:48 344   JA    859   Y 'Dinns'  Jacksonville, FL, USA

20090323 05:02 344   SLY   338   Y SEELEY, WI, USA

20090323 04:54 344   TV    672   Y SAVRY, LA, USA

20090304 18:04 344   UNU   119   Y JUNEAU, WI, USA

20090323 05:17 344   YC    1369  Y Calgary, AB, CAN

20090323 04:52 344   ZIY   1603  Y George Town  (Grand Cayman Isl, CYM

20090323 05:22 344   ZSB   507   Y Noranda  (Sudbury), ON, CAN

20090323 05:48 346   YXL   604   Y Sioux Lookout, ON, CAN

20090304 18:32 347   ANQ   167   Y Angola, IN, USA

20090323 05:39 347   MKV   764   Y Marksville, LA, USA

20090323 05:39 347   PA    1132  Y PRINCE ALBERT, SK, CAN

20090323 05:41 347   YK    465   Y CAGUR, SD, USA

20090303 16:56 349   FV    175   Y 'Larez'  Indianapolis, IN, USA

20090316 06:04 350   DF    1569  Y Deer Lake, NL, CAN

20090303 16:50 350   DNS   363   Y DENISON, IA, USA

20090316 06:04 350   NY    1574  Y Enderby, BC, CAN

20090303 17:04 353   DV    120   Y AUNEY, IA, USA

20090303 17:01 353   ICL   355   Y Clarinda, IA, USA

20090303 17:15 356   IUL   82    Y La Porte, IN, USA

20090303 17:20 356   PI    102   Y 'Tungg'  Peoria, IL, USA

20090303 17:34 359   AMT   320   Y West Union, OH, USA

20090303 17:29 359   CZB   169   Y Casey, IL, USA

20090304 06:09 359   YQZ   1755  Y Quesnel, BC, CAN

20090316 05:11 360   HIT   670   Y SANDERVILLE, GA, USA

20090304 06:13 360   PN    1274  Y Port-Menier / Ile Anticosti, QC, CAN

20090316 05:15 360   SW    596   Y 'Roadd'  Warroad, MN, USA

20090304 06:49 362   BCK   216   Y Black River Falls, WI, USA

20090304 06:41 362   CYW   491   Y CLAY CENTER, KS, USA

20090311 16:56 362   MT    173   Y Manitowac, WI, USA

20090304 06:32 362   SB    499   Y Sudbury, ON, CAN

20090304 06:18 363   RNB   709   Y 'Rainbow'  Millville, NJ, USA

20090304 06:34 364   MHA   313   Y 'Manitowish'  Manitowish Water, WI, USA

20090316 05:36 365   JN    190   Y 'Balll'  Muncie, IN, USA

20090315 17:41 368   IFA   258   Y IOWA FALLS, IA, USA

20090310 06:06 368   PHG   590   Y PHILLIPSBURG, KS, USA

20090310 06:12 368   PNM   374   Y PRINCETON, MN, USA

20090310 06:02 368   SIR   965   Y SINCLAIR, WY, USA

20090316 04:49 369   HDI   491   Y 'Hardwick'  Cleveland, TN, USA

20090316 05:03 371   AZ    146   Y 'Austn'  Vicksburg, MI, USA

20090316 05:05 371   ITU   1194  Y TRULY, MT, USA

20090316 05:01 371   PUR   317   Y Marshall, MO, USA

20090316 04:58 371   RYV   102   Y 'Rock River'  Watertown, WI, USA

20090316 05:42 372   ZPA   1124  Y GLASS/PRINCE ALBERT, SK, CAN

20090311 16:39 375   CCY   237   Y CHARLES CITY, IA, USA

20090311 16:44 375   LQ    143   Y 'Licol'  Springfield, IL, USA

20090311 16:26 379   UG    57    Y WAUKE, IL, USA

20090316 04:23 382   IRS   149   Y Sturgis, MI, USA

20090310 19:38 385   HYX   256   Y 'Browne'  Saginaw, MI, USA

20090310 19:42 385   UWL   203   Y New Castle, IN, USA

20090311 05:30 391   CM    315   Y 'Sumie'  Columbus, OH, USA

20090311 05:28 391   DDP   2060  Y San Juan / Dorado / Luiz Munoz, PTR

20090311 16:20 391   PLX   191   Y PALESTINE, IL, USA

20090310 06:15 396   LNL   309   Y LAND O LAKES, WI, USA

20090316 05:57 396   YPH   1237  Y Inukjuak, QC, CAN

20090316 06:24 404   ZYB   540   Y Yellek / North Bay, ON, CAN

20090315 18:01 411   HAE   214   Y Hannibal, MO, USA

20090316 04:19 411   SDA   374   Y Shenandoah, IA, USA

20090316 04:44 415   CBC   1601  Y West End  (Cayman Brac), CYM

20090315 17:56 417   HHG   160   Y Huntington, IN, USA

20090314 17:15 517   FN    107   Y HILLZ, IA, USA

20090314 17:14 521   TVX   161   Y Greencastle, IN, USA

20090310 06:35 524   AJG   218   Y Mt Carmel, IL, USA

20090310 06:34 526   ZLS   1462  Y Stella Maris- Long Island, BAH


137 stations shown listed, including 137 stations new to log (shown in + column).

(Output generated by NDB WebLog 1.1.25 - looks best in courier font)



The Line of Sight and Beyond


Steven Wiseblood - Boca Chica Beach, TX

Roadmaster VRCD400-SDU AM/FM$ car stereo w/whip antenna atop my trailer!



had a great tropo opening this morning and was receiving  103.5 "BOB-FM" outa Austin @ 300 miles w/Classic rock format. Also 103.3 ESPN outa Dallas and 105.3 "The FAN" also Dallas @ 475 miles!


Michael Richard – Evanston, WY

Accurian HD Radio and Antennacraft FM-6



Well guys the geekiness continues.  Decided to peak the antenna - did this by tuning into a station that wouldn't lock in to HD reliably - I actually used 2.  KBYU 89.1 and KOSY 106.5.  Was semi-successful but still having reliability problems so I decided to change out my amp on the antenna line.

I had a 12db amp on there that I bought at Wal-Mart.  I remembered there was an 18db amp up at the radio station on our EAS equipment.  I swapped amps so that I could have the 18db amp here.  The 12db provided more than sufficient signal up there for our needs.  I hoped the 18db amp here would provide more reliable HD decoding on stations where I couldn't get a reliable lock at all before.  This proved effective and I can now receive more of Salt Lake

City's HD stations.  Only one is not showing up in HD - KBEE 98.7.  At one point I did see the display pop in but the HD never popped in.  Other than that I think I can get them all now.  I wanted to get some sound clips for posting however once again this Toshiba laptop proved to be a hash generator.  Wierdest thing because it only did it when the audio cable was connected between the laptop and the headphone jack on the Accurian. Somehow this sends hash directly into the Accurian and the interference is enough to trash the signal enough to keep the HDs from locking.  I know in the past I've tried recording audio clips on this thing on AM and if you get anywhere NEAR it with an AM radio it's all hash everywhere.  In any case, I

have another laptop that I'll try using later on down the line to grab some audio clips.

A lengthy report follows with all HD signals received and all data on the signals and so forth.  I hope someone appreciates the efforts - it took a while to get it done and get it all written down.  Here's the report.


Don't know how other HD radios' displays are oriented but the Accurian has a large area in the middle....I call it the main display.  Then there are two lines available underneath it in smaller text - we call them the secondary display.  The main display doesn't change when flipping to secondary channels and so stays the same.

89.1  KBYU        UT    Provo


Main channel: Classical

Secondary display: Date and time

HD2 channel: Religious (LDS) choir music

Secondary display: Date and time

90.1  KUER        UT    Salt Lake City


Main channel: NPR

Secondary display:    NPR News & Information


HD2 channel: Music (MOR?)

Secondary display:    title & artist info

HD3 channel: Religious Music

Secondary display:    Classical Public Radio


90.9  KRCL        UT    Salt Lake City


Main channel: alternative/album rock?

Secondary Display:    Listener's Community Radio

                                     Program info / title/artist info

HD-2 channel: Talk-WRN

Secondary Display:    World Radio Network -

                                     Program title

94.1  KODJ        UT    Salt Lake City


Main channel: oldies (superhits 60s/70s/early 80s)

Secondary display:    title / artist info

HD2 channel:  KNRS 570 simulcast

Secondary display:    570 K N R S

                                     Program info

97.1 KZHT         UT    Salt Lake City


Main channel: chr

Secondary display:    title / artist info

HD2 channel:  Americana

Secondary display:    title / artist info

99.5  KJMY         UT    Bountiful


Main channel: hot-ac

Secondary display:    title / artist info

HD2 channel: Jazz

Secondary display:    title / artist info

100.3         KSFI UT    Salt Lake City


Main channel: ac

Secondary display:    title / artist info

HD2 channel: Soft Sunday Sounds (LDS Artists / music)

Secondary display:    title  artist info

101.1 KBER      UT    Salt Lake City


Main channel: rock

Secondary display:    KBER 101

                                     Utah's Rock Station


102.7         KSL-FM    UT     Salt Lake City


Main Channel: KSL-AM Simulcast - news/talk

Secondary display:    KSL 102.7 NEWSRADIO

HD2 channel: News Now (loop of local news and weather)

Secondary display:    KSL-FM-HD2 NEWS NOW

103.5         KRSP        UT     Salt Lake City


Main Channel: Rock Oldies (103.5-the Arrow)

Secondary display:    title / artist info

HD2 channel: deep cuts

Secondary display:    title / artist info

106.5         KOSY        UT     Spanish Fork


Main channel: AC

Secondary display:    title / artist info

HD2 channel: ??? 80s deep cuts?

Secondary display:    title / artist info

Only other one I could think of that may not be on this list that maybe should is KBEE 98.7.  I know a few times when I've been down in Utah with the Accurian in the car, KBEE did show HD and did lock in.  However it was

just the main - no HD2.  As mentioned I did get a display of KBEE for just a

second....I think the signal here in Evanston is probably a little weak for


That's the round-up for now.


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

DX-398 or as listed



5:30   97.5  WAMZ Louisville, KY   id "WAMZ" 


9:11 PM  105.3  WOVO  Glasgow, KY   with John Test show.  Id " this is my 105.3 WOVO"   Relog. 


9:18 AM  97.5  WZZP Hopkinsville KY   "willma ruphoph blvd in Clarksville"   relog

9:22      98.3   WQXE  Eilzabethtown KY   gave website

9:24      98.3  WRIK  Metropolis IL  fanded up with  "K-98"  liner then gone.   NEW!  first new one of the year on FM   i am so pumped


7:15  98.7  WHOP Hopkinsville KY  "Lite 98.7  WHOP Hopkinsville Clarksvillie"    relog  it was like it was next door.  wow !

all logged useing a  XDR-F1 HD  with a radioshack  HDTV/VHF/UHF/FM rabbit Ears

times are CDT

5:19  92.5  WBKR  "WBKR" ID

5:23 95.1   WGGC  Glasgow KY    RDS: WGGC

5:25 96.7  WBVR  Auburn KY  RDS: WBVR 

6:30  95.9  WLQK  Livington TN   cookville wx  "Literock 95.9"  RDS: WLQK

all logged useing a  XDR-FIHD  with the good ole rabbit ears


8:34PM   94.7 WGSQ  Cookeville  TN    "White Horse" By good friend Taylor Swift    "94.7 the Country Giant"  95 mi from Hendersonville TN

3/21 Tr

10:24 AM 92.7  WHVE  Russell Springs KY    ad for Gold shop at a hotel in Columba KY    NEW!  139 Miles from Hendersonville

10:30  89.3   WNKJ  Hopkinsville KY    " Chrsitien radio suportted by our Listeners  this is  WNKJ  Hopkinsville"  NEW!   76 Miles from Hendersonville

10:46  99.5  WKDQ  Henderson KY   "99.5  WKDR"  NEW!   149 Miles from Hendersonville

Notes:  Nice first tropo  morning for this radio .    i cahught the tail  end of this Ahfer  i got home from my dads     WHVE and WKDQ were in fair to poor,    

12:57 PM  3/21/2009   92.3 WDEF  Chattanooga  TN   two very poor fade ups    Ad with Cleveland, TN  ment.   WX  lows in 40s  "from the Sunny 92.3  weather  center"   155 Miles from Hendersonville.   first time heard since i was liveing at my QTH during 2001 i think.   XDR-F1HD  is a five star radio  ! 

1:57 PM  104.7  WLIV    Nascar (MRN)  ID "WLIV"  New  110 Miles  from Hendersonville TN  week TR  MRN network af #1

5:18  95.7  WFFI  Kingston Springs, TN   " safe for the whole  Family   94 FM the Fish"    have not logged this yet   GW 

5:22  93.9  WKTG  Madsonville KY    Roberts Staulm  ment   in  PBR Ad     in aother fade up   ment of Hopkinsville and Evensville, IN (Week TR)   this is NEW!  and  is 114 Miles from my QTH here in Hendersonville 

6:53  100.7  WKLX  Brownsville KY  fair   with ID  "the home of WKU  Baskletball   Sam 100.7  WKLX Brownsville Bowling Green " into  WKU pregame show       first time i stayed for an ID  WKU radio Network #1    


5:41  93.5 WAIN  Columbia KY   "WAIN" ID  NEW!  125 mi

5:43  94.3  WULF  Hardinsburg, KY    "Gimme that Wink"   "WULF the Wolf "   NEW! 156 mi

5:55  101.5 WRZI  Vine Grove KY  "101.5 the point"   New at this QTH  138 mi

7:32  99.9  WVLC  Campbellsville KY   "the big dawg  WVLC"   NEW!  142 mi

7:39  91.9  WUOT  Knoxville TN    UT ment   8:39 EDT check  NPR    NEW!  196 mi

7:53  95. 7  WQMF  Jeffersonville IN   presimied with toyota of Georgetown ad   if comfromed it will be IN #1 


2:21pm  89.5  WMOT  Mufffesburo TN   with jazz.  HD lock 


9:52 AM 93.9  W230AD  Gallatin TN    with ads  "WNAZ"  ID     its locel but new!   LP/TR #1

12:02 PM  93.5  W229BG   Hartsville TN   "Hartsville.....WTMK 1090"   NEW!  LP/TR #2


6:55  88.9  WKYU Bowling Green KY    Ided by HD  RDS   first HD dx here in hendersonville  was locking in and out  its new  KY HD #1  KY NPR #1 58 miles from Hendersonville

6:58   93.7  WBXE  Baxter, TN   "cookeville....the Upper Cumberlands rock staion"  ID via google   NEW!  I think i almost have all the cookville staions logged  89. miles

noted relogs    WAIN 93.5  and 92.7 WHVE 


Robert Bratcher – Houston, TX

Car Radio



Round 11:30 Sunday night I had a mix of 2 stations on 99.9 fm. One ID'd as  KSHN over in Liberty Tx about 60 or 70 miles away from where I was parked at Westheimer/south Dairy Asford  & they run 26 kilowatts according to Wikipedia. The other station wouldn't stay

audible long enough to identify so I don't know who they were. Don't you hate it when one can't be id'ed? Sorry I don't remember it's format either. Maybe another time with the yagi at home from my location near hwy 290 & the west 34th street area.


From the pickup truck where I work as a security officer as received from 5 to 6 pm. These were fair to poor receptions of non local Texas stations. Some interesting catches but no rare DX this time.

91.5  KHML Madisonville 95kw ERP KHCB network outlet.

94.1  KLTR in Brenham with a light oldies format.

95.1 is a mexican station I can't identify.

95.3 unidentified English & barely audible.

96.1 possible KKTX in Kilgore Tx with a rock & oldies format way down in the noise.

96.9 KNTE El Campo with a mexican format

99.5 KPLX The Wolf  Dallas/Ft Worth area or maybe KQBR The Bear in Lubbock. Both play country so I'm not sure which one I got. Fading up & down really fast.

99.9 KSHN in Liberty received fairly well.

101.5 KROX Austin rock format

101.7 spanish possible KEKO Hebbronville (repeats KBAW on 93.5) or more likely KTCY which is a spanish station in the Ft. Worth area.

102.5  KKYR in Texarkana with a country format. KHLB in Mason/Marble Falls is closer but I have no format info for them.

103.3 KJOJ-FM spanish in Freeport simulcast of KTJM La Raza in Port Arthur which is on 98.5

105.3 KTWL Hempstead with a country format

103.5 KBPA Bob FM in Austin was totally absent this time. Nothing on

the frequency......


The Whole Earth


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

SDR-IQ Wellbrook ALA 1540


5840          Radio Canada Intl      Horby Sweden   Chinese    E Asia      350 kw            3/9/2009         0045

show about fine art with a good signal

5860          Radio Farda      Irana Wila Sri Lanka  Farsi          W Asia     250 kw            3/9/2009         0050

Music with a good signal


Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, QC

Receiver, Antenna



Warm greettins to all of you ! 

Just as I tried to look for a possible early fade-in of Radio Marti on 6030 kHz, I was welcomed by the French service of RRI with, among other items, news regarding Romanian scientists trying to find life in the outer space and among the Festival International de Théâtre de Sibiu... I don't see it listed in my 2003 PWBR, so probably a new outlet ! 

Also of important note, Brasil on 9455 kHz suddenly dropped out at 2100 UTC in the middle of a soccer game... Weird ! Was it an international service relaying a domestic outlet that has switched frequency ? 

I'm listening to SW today, as condx have been misery lately for both foreign LW and MW...


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Eton E- 1 and 150 foot wire


17.750 Venezuela via Habana 1859 3/1 with SS presumed to be Alo Presidente broadcast.

17895 VOA Morocco? 1837 3/1 with VOA news in special English for Africa. Strong.

3340 HRMI LaVoz de la Misiones Tegucialpa, Nicaragua 0251 3/4 with ranchera and cumbia and baladas style SS Rel MX. Announcer with reverb sound.  Fair - good.

3985 Croatian Radio Deanovec, Croatia 0302 3/4 with English "You are listening to Croatia Today." Blasted to death by SSB ham QRM.

5010 RTV Malagasy [p] Antananarivo, Madagascar 0306 3/4 with music in unknown African sounding language. Fair - poor.


Its 0252 I have been listening to a station not in English, they play a lot of EE music and are on 5840. Who is this? They are about to fade out.

[Radio Sweden in Arabic to the Mideast, 0200-0300, 125 degrees direct from Sweden so it`s off the back toward us. 73, Glenn Hauser]

DX-399 and 150 foot wire into a big Hallicrafters R-46B speaker.

3320 R, Sonder Grense Meyerton, RSA 3/30 0218 with a language that I don't know but sounds somewhat like Dutch. Playing Elton John "Candle in the Wind" then a song in what I presume to be Afrikaans. Solid signal.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** ALBANIA [and non]. R. Tirana, 6110, concluding 0330 English broadcast with theme at 0356 March 1, fast SAH, under Ethiopian singing. A collision to be avoided in B-09, but Tirana will be on 7425 in A-09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. RNA, 11780, VG with all-night Sunday broadcast, March 1 at 0645. This time could detect no spurs, with France/South Africa clear on 11830 and New Zealand on 11725; altho there may have been some weaker spurs elsewhere obscured by local noise level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR [and non]. Missing Feb 28, but RTTY on 11687.5, NAA? was back as usual March 1 at 1357, heavily QRMing HCJB Spanish on 11690. See also VENEZUELA [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [non]. With VOI back on 11785 Feb 27, I was standing by at 1500 March 1 to see if they were still there, as they are totally blocked weekends while WHRI is on, including at first check 1358 with gospel huxter in English. After Hmong Lao Radio, at 1459 OCS theme and ID, then a bit more Hmong hmusic(?) before cutting to open carrier and off at 1500:30, uncovering a weak station, but does not sound like VOI --- just talk in non-Malay-Indonesian language and not English either. Not Guaíba, Brasil; and BTW Brasília 11780 was audible much stronger.

Checking PWBR `2009`, it looks like V. of Turkey as scheduled in Arabic from 1500 in W-season --- EXCEPT, no such listings in HFCC, WRTH, Aoki, EiBi or VOT`s own schedule! Nothing else at all listed during this hour anywhere. So maybe it really was VOI past 1500 on 11785 in uncertain language. No, nothing audible from VOI on 9525 or 9526 at this hour or earlier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, still on 17725 in English, March 1 at 1439; could not make out much but all I needed was a bit of Beethoven`s Ninth to be sure it was this (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA [and non]. RRI Spanish on 6140 in big collision with RHC in English --- March 1 at 0353 tune-in just as DXers Unlimited was closing with coded message; RRI signing off with full Spanish transmission schedule, including this frequency at 0300; and ``9523`` at 2400 --- an old error outpointed before which they still haven`t fixed.

This collision must have been in effect since RRI came back full force last fall. As an outlaw nation`s station, RHC refuses to participate in HFCC, and evidently doesn`t even bother to coördinate on a bi-lateral basis, especially with ex-Commies. (I see Aoki lax RHC on 6140 between 01 and 05, where it has really been since last summer; but Eibi has it.) Tho RHC has a big signal aimed usward on 6140 most of the time, RRI was now atop. O well, serves Arnie right for allowing fellow DX programs to be jammed by Cuba, such as QSO with Ted Randall, checked Sunday March 1 at 0643 with jamming pulses on 9955.

RRI again with very anomalous reception on 25m, March 1 at 1355, 11970 wrapping up English hour, just barely audible, while 11940 in Romanian was much stronger, contrary to what you would expect from the nominal parameters. What`s the explanation? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 17660, March 1 at 1440, YL speaking French slowly, almost at dictation speed, about Allah, birds tweeting in background; poor signal from BSKSA R. Riyadh, but only makes it at all on better days (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. 6020, March 1 at 0357, awful mixture of CRI via Albania in Chinese, atop VOT IS preceding English to NAm direct; PLUS big het from always off-frequency R. Victoria, Perú. Contrary to Aoki, CRI did not end at 0357 but stayed on all the way to 0400* sharp, just as timesignal a few sex late from Turkey was heard. VOT opened English without China QRM, but still unlistenable due to het, lacking a notch. And how many portable SW radios have one these days? No station should use 6020 to North America in prime time as long as Perú is hetting away.

7325 Sackville relay had not been on before 0400 with IS, so checked it after 0400 and now found it on in TURKISH instead of English which it is supposed to carry // 6020, except for the feed delay. Sounded like a cabaret show with two guys talking, guitar accompaniment, audience laughter and applause. So Sackville was getting the wrong feed from TRT; notified. I wonder how long this has been going on and/or how often it happens as I am seldom monitoring this transmission. I know I also heard wrong feed here many months ago (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 7215, with rustic exotic music, UT Sun March 1 at 0337; first guess SEAsian, second guess S Asian, then a talk mentioning Christus Jesus several times, not Asian; 0344 a bit more music, TWR chimes IS and open carrier until 0346* Per Aoki this is TWR, 250 kW, 5 degrees via South Africa in Amharic (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon); Orominya Tue; Sidamo Wed and Thu, all at 0330-0345 only. Good signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. After several weeks of no transmissions at all on the Sunday ``Alo, Presidente`` frequencies via Cuba, they were back March 1: first noted at 1432 on 11875 with ``Mundo Siete``, RHC`s week-in-review program and one of those always played as lead-in to Venezuelan relay. // 13750 but an echo apart; also // 11690 now overriding HCJB and RTTY, another echo apart. In other words, all three frequencies were slightly unsynchronized with each other. At 1439, also audible on 17750 but under VOA music via South Africa --- another collision which should have been avoided. Unheard so far on the fifth frequency 13680, aside much stronger China via Canada 13675.

At 1458, 13750 with Bolivarian talk, but apparently still Cuban-produced programming. At 1503, 17750 in the clear after VOA closing, but weak; a few minutes later built up to strong. Still nothing audible on 13680. At 1505 retuned to 13750 and it was gone, but soon cut back on, still with Cuban programming. At 1510 the show was RHC`s ``Somos Jóvenes``, another perennial lead-in.

At 1513 I tried 13680 again and could barely hear it // the others, very weak and SAH with R. Farda via Wertachtal, 105 degrees scheduled until 1600. Obviously Cuba is using a very different antenna for 13680 on Sundays than it does on weekdays when it`s inbooming here. After this I was not paying close attention, but at 1538 finally noticed Chávez intoning, so maybe he got started around 1530 (11 am Venezuelan time). Still going at 1642 recheck on 13750. I suspect Hugo was eager to brag even more than usual, having secured the possibility of remaining president-for-life. The state, it`s him.

Meanwhile I had checked other RHC frequencies to confirm what they were doing. Mainstream RHC at 1432 on 11760, 13760, and a few minutes later also on 15120, 15360, 15370. At 1505, Esperanto on 11760 only; and the others off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. The AIR National Channel on 9425 surprises us with more English than expected, at least per Aoki listings, 500 kW, 18 degrees from Bangaluru, which shows 5 minutes of English [news] at 1430 and 1530, otherwise in Hindi at 1435-1530, 1535-1630, and the same pattern thru the night. (And EiBi shows 9425 entirely in Hindi.) Nevertheless, Monday March 2 at 1435 tune-in I was still hearing English, just mentioning 31 meters, so was this a special SW-only broadcast? A bit of music and at 1437 discussion between YL host and an OM about fossil fuel vs renewable energy; still going at 1445 and concluding at 1456 as having been some minister talking about global warming. 1457 the YL host says something about exams, so maybe this is an `educational` programme for credit? Music fill to 1500, Hindi announcement mentioning kHz and meter, traditional string and drum music; 1515 talk in Hindi, 1539 recheck back in English, this time about energy.

At first I suspected there could be a feed mixup again at Bangaluru putting the AIR GOS in English on 9425 instead of 9690, but unseems, as that finishes at 1500; 9690 had a weak unreadable signal. Meanwhile, VBS was normal on 9870, mostly pop music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [non]. Altho Fri Feb 27 at 1400 I confirmed VOI on reactivated 11785.0 going from English to Malay, and totally blocked Sat and Sun by WHRI, when I check 11785 on Monday March 2 at 1430 I hear nothing but Mandarin Chinese on the frequency! Interesting show mentioning Taiwan and playing music ranging from solo to choral to American-Indian-sounding with drumming at 1445; a lot of flutter, and off abruptly at 1457* with no ID heard. But this is certainly not VOI! Not in Aoki or EiBi, but in HFCC we find CRI scheduled during this hour via Kashi, 308 degrees to Europe in Chinese. Meanwhile, no sign of VOI on 9525 or 9526 either, and did not check the third remote possibility, 15150. What next? Would others please monitor what frequency if any VOI is using for English at 1000 and 1300 and the intervening hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 9690 with fair-good signal in Korean, March 2 at 1508; what`s this? Eibi: ``9690 1500-1530 CLA Nippon no Kaze K KRE /AUS-d`` so it`s via Darwin (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT [and non]. 13620-13645, Over-the-horizon radar pulses, presumed, this time strong enough to cause a lot of interference to Kuwait in Arabic on 13620, March 2 at 1511. Eibi shows a break in Kuwait`s transmission between 1305 and 1515, but Aoki shows the break 1310-1505, with the earlier transmission in DRM anyway. WRTH disagrees, not DRM and break 1315-1505. HFCC has the break at 1400-1615 with DRM until 1400. PWBR shows 1315(?)-1600 with no such details. Nobody agrees on exactly what is going on here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15435, Sawt ul-Buzz, March 2 at 1513, big signal, terrible frying sound overriding Qur`an. This Riyadh transmitter is getting worse and worse. Erik Køie in Denmark was hearing the same problem earlier at 1010 on 17805. How can the engineers there be unaware of it? A total waste of 500 kW and an insult to the deity (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. RA was not propagating on 9580, 9590 in Dec-Jan, and much of Feb, but by March 3 they are back up to good strength, 9580 until 1358 and 9590 continuing another hour or two, tho with much weaker signal here in the Alaskan service, requiring the longwire, not just a whippy portable.

At 1436, a show featuring pow-wow music from Rapid City, and discussing the innovation of allowing women to sing. Per schedule grid at

this was AWAYE, from Radio National, which airs on RA only at 1405-1500 UT Tuesdays, this ep mainly about Lewis & Clark and the Blackfeet; audio available:

This page explains the show and the presenter, but never what Awaye means; is it an acronym?

BTW, the Feb 7 AWAYE show, repeated from 2005y, was about CAAMA – and ought to have gone into the VL8 shower services:


** CANADA [and non]. Wondering whether Sackville was still relaying VOT in Turkish instead of English at 0400 on 7325, I missed checking UT March 2, but on UT March 3 I could detect no signal at all on 7325. Either Sackville transmitters were down as the 6175 Vietnam relay was also inaudible, or more likely the MUF had plunged? Other North American signals on 6 and 7 MHz were poor, such as WRNO 7505 just barely audible; main European still making it was Spain on 6055, thanks to its southerly location, despite the fact that on the way to Enid it enters North America over Gander, which is about 2 degrees further north than Sackville. ``The skip was long``; meanwhile far-southerly signals such as Russia via French Guiana on 7335, Netherlands via Bonaire on 5975 were inbooming as usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Arnie must have seen my recent report that RHC is colliding with Romania in Spanish on 6140 at 0300-0357, because UT March 3 at 0448 I found RHC in English back on 6180, ex-6140 where it had been for several months. Such `quick` action is unusual. But now RHC is colliding with, altho atop, DW English via Rwanda in the 04 UT hour. I don`t yet know for sure whether RHC is off 6140 at 0300, and/or earlier, but probably. Recheck at 0502, RHC still on 6180 and now seems less QRM from Rwanda where the sun is rising, which runs until 0530 with no change in facilities. 0650 recheck, still on with music, in the clear.

If RHC stays on 6180 in A-09 it will again be colliding with VOA Greenville in English to Africa, from 0500 to 0700, which was the subject of a heated controversy last year as I complained about it for months and RHC finally moved to 6140, pretending it was for some other reason (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. Unlike Monday, on Tuesday March 3, AIR National Channel, 9425, went back to Hindi at 1435 after the 1430 news in English, hard for an Okie to understand due to heavy accent and heavy flutter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI still MIA March 3 from 9525, 9526 and 11785, checked at 1330. Or I should say ``missing in inaxion``. The bands were-chock full of fluttery Chinese signals, except on these frequencies. Also checked 15150, but 19m below 15590 was virtually dead, not yet open, tho a few minutes later it started to bloom, still minus Indonesia. At 1359 CRI Kashi was again up on 11785 with vamping musical prelude, 1400 opening in Chinese, still no sign of VOI. 1436 recheck, still no VOI on any of its known frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEWFOUNDLAND. Tuned 2598-SSB again March 3 at 0743 and found much better signal than last time with marine weather for Newfoundland and The Maritimes; 0747 concluded with ID ``This is Placentia Coast Guard Radio --- oot``. Just as Noel Green reported, the current occupant of this frequency, a.k.a. VCP-4 with a daily broadcast starting at 0737. He says per this is at St. Lawrence-Placentia. St. Lawrence is on the SE corner of the Burin Peninsula, while Placentia is across the bay on the west side of the Avalon Peninsula.

I finally found the schedule on page 15 of this document:

but referred to there as ``MCTS Placentia/VCP``. Several other stations broadcast on the same frequency in rotation, mostly starting at 7 or 37 minutes past different hours (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. 12005, March 3 at 1422 with hip hop, lyrix seemed English; what could this be? 1424, sign-off in Chinese with, what else? RRI website info, 1425-1428* IS. Also, 11940, March 3 at 1439, Romanian service was playing soul music, ``women and girls rule my world`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 5935, at tune-in 0728 March 3, talk in Russian, rudely interrupted by stronger Dead Gene Scott, who was merely in one of his lengthy pauses via WWCR, probably puffing on his ceegar. Identifying the Russian was not as easy as I expected. Aoki shows R. Rossii, Magadan but not at this hour. HFCC says it`s Chita, which I doubt. Lhasa is also scheduled except this was during its Tuesday-afternoon siesta. I`ll go with EiBi who does show R. Rossii, Magadan on 5935 at 1800-1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. Despite not hearing anything on 90 or 105 meters, since I was getting Indonesia on 60 and 75 meters, March 4 at 1333 I tried 120 --- and there it was, VL8K Katherine NT with YL news in Strine, peaking S9+8. Could also detect carriers on 2310, slightly stronger than 2325. This was 35 minutes after local sunrise.

Just for kix, I tuned to the other end of the dial at 1335, and found 16m also propagating, with BBCWS English via Ascension on 17830, and DW Hausa via Rwanda on 17800. Not a bad spread, 15+ MHz.

R. Australia on 31m, VG on 9580, G on 9590, and F on 9560, March 4 at 1357 as Rural Reporter had just ended, into Roger Broadbent`s QSY announcement. But 9560 cut off before he could mention a single frequency! 9580 had it all, plus a bit of Waltzing Matilda before that cut off a few sex after 1358. By then, 9590 which continues, but which he never mentions, had switched to a program promo (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. VOT via Sackville, 7325, was again audible with a good signal UT March 4 at 0445 --- and it was in Turkish again, not English! Discussion mentioning Dubrovnik.

I hear from RCI that they are downlinking the same satellite channel as usual for the TRT relay at 0400 on 7325, so the Turx must have changed the uplink from English to Turkish by mistake or deliberately without notification yet of where to find English.

Also, Sackville was indeed off the air UT March 3 due to freezing rain causing icing on power lines, antennas, leading to VSWR problems. Many other broadcasts were interrupted or intermittent (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. CFRX, 6070, clear with hardly any QRM, March 4 at 0748 with the late-night talk show on both CJAD and CFRB, Holder Tonight, Peter Anthony Holder reporting on a john having been shot in Utah, since evidently there was no guest in this hour per

At first I thought CVC Chile must have been off, but in fades I could still hear traces of something else on 6070. Normally it`s at least an even mix or CVC atop, useless collision (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake fair on 9000 and 8400, March 4 at 1340 against Sound of Hope, but not heard on 9300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COSTA RICA. REE Cariari, 5965, March 4 around 0730 was a big unmodulated carrier, but still too much for Vatican co-channel to be readable; still such at 0751 recheck, but at 0752 modulation cut on at normal level with only 8 minutes to go in the transmission (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. No, RHC is back on 6140 and colliding with Romanian folk music, March 4 at 0345 check during DXers Unlimited, nothing on 6180, where it was 23 hours earlier. And still on 6140 this night at 0445 recheck. What next? Guess they are trying to decide what to do, or 6180 was only a test. See what I mean about this being a ``dynamic medium``?

Tip: in this era of overcrowded bands, and lots of stations using one frequency for one hour at a time, or less, trying to stay on the same frequency for a 6-hour span, or more, is not really viable. Ya gotta hop around like the competition, whack-a-mole-wise. Of course this requires a transmitter operation staff who are on the ball, and good coördination with the studio. Never mind (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Local sunrise today March 4 in Enid was 1258, but a semi-hour later at 1327 tune-in, island music audible on 3995, not too much QRhaM at the bandedge; 1330 Indonesian announcement, 1333 back to music and weakening. No doubt RRI Kendari, 5 kW non-direxional per Aoki. At 1344, RRI Fak2 was still in on 4790 with Indo talk vs. CODAR.

V. of Indonesia back to normal on March 4 after five days of confusion, i.e. using 11785 instead of 9525, languages at wrong times, or being totally missing. At 1342 good signal on 9525.0 with songs, nothing on 11785; 1354 English ID, plugging streaming on website; 1402 closing English hour, IS, opening Malay; recheck 1502 Malay ID, 1503 re-opening English with program summary, but cut off around 1505* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [and non]. 11705 via Sackville already on with open carrier at 1348 March 4, probably pre-melting ice on the antenna; see CANADA. This was overriding NHK direct also on 11705 in Indonesian. Normally the NHK English relay cuts on very close to *1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. The two 75-meter clandestines from South to North were audible March 4: at 1328, 3985 Echo of Hope with choral music, under noise jamming; and at 1331, on 3912, V. of the People, Korean talk, and no jamming audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. JSR still on 5985, March 4 at 1402 check with sad piano music, mentioning Shiokaze, in Korean instead of English this Wednesday. No QRM audible here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Rechecked 15280, RN via Saipan in Indonesian, March 3 for two minutes at 2214, and did not hear any audio glitches, but did hear an ``Inilah Radio Nederland`` ID; still unusually good signal for a service beamed oppositely from Enid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. 6075 is occupied by DW 24 hours a day from at least four sites, sometimes more than one at a time, but by 0750 March 4 its German was becoming overridden by Russian from R. Rossii, the latter transmitter developing some motor-boating, interfering with itself as well as DW. Retune at 1316, R. Rossii strong and dominant with song in English, but hum and warble on its own carrier, a shame. Its 30-degree beam from Pet-Kam carries on toward North America (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. VOT feeding wrong language to Sackville: see CANADA

** U S A [non]. VOA, 7575 via Tinian, March 4 at 1350 in English bothered by a noise, sort of a cross between lite grind jamming and Saudi buzz, but not enough to impair readability, in report from the Navajo Nation about substandard living conditions there, having to haul water, hopes for stimulus money, finally establishing one casino even tho it`s remote from population centers, etc.

VOA English unlikely to be a jamming target and my suspicion is that this was a transmitter defect, tsk. Should have monitored whether noise quit at exactly same time as 1400 closing. If VOA really continues on 7575 from 1400 via Thailand as scheduled, it had become inaudible. Exactly the same News Now Navajo report was heard one hour later at 1450 on 9760 via Tinang, Philippines; 1455 USG editorial (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WWRB always full of surprises. Bandscanning 90m at 0734 UT March 4, I found Brother Scare on BOTH 3145 and 3185, slightly louder if not stronger on the latter. 3145 had been running only at 0200-0500. At the moment he was prophesying that your TV would be watching you, in the near future if not in 1984y. Listened only for a moment, so not sure if he also got into the current silly ``your set-top-box is watching you`` scare (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. 11855, slightly wavering audible het from station in Brazilian Portuguese soon conveniently mentioning Aparecida, just as I expected. Initially it was about level with the collider, WYFR in Spanish, but by 2307 Fámily Radio had increased to dominate. A pipeline from Brasil was open, with huge RNA 11780 signal; 11815 RBC much weaker but in the clear; Bandeirantes audible on 11925 but badly squeezed by HCJB on one side and DentroCuban jamming pulses against nothing on the other; and 11765 good signal with Deus é Amor service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 17705, RHC with yet another engineering problem during French broadcast at 2238 March 4: there was crackling on the audio, the modulation cutting in and out, but also the signal strength was jumping up and down, altho never cutting off completely. As if there were a loose connexion or a short somewhere in the antenna system. I recall a similar instance on RHC months ago. More than wiggling a patchcord will be required to fix this. You`re welcome, from RHC`s volunteer monitor and technical advisor in Oclajoma.

12060, second harmonic of DentroCuban Jamming Command with pulses at the rate of about 126 per minute or slightly over 2 times per second, against nothing, at 2301 March 4. Initially I thought it was OTH radar, but too narrowband, and then the pulse rate clocked in. Collateral damage from jammers against Radio Martí on 6030. These also appear on 3x = 18090 in a ham band when propagation is favorable. Fortunately there were no innocent bystanding broadcasters on 12060 at the moment. There is very little usage of 12060 anyway, and nothing to or from the Western Hemisphere. This may not be coincidental (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. Chinese on 11830, March 4 at 2308, with heavy echo. This is DW at 2300-2350, 250 kW, 263 degrees via Petropavlovsk-Kamchtsky, Far East Russia, the same site that also easily gets VOR and RR into North America when aiming usward.

In this case, the long path goes across the Indian Ocean, near Bouvet in the South Atlantic, across South America entering at Porto Alegre, hitting North America around the LA/TX bayou border. Pet-Kam is not that far away from Enid, only some 4800 statute miles, about the same distance as Brasília in the other direxion. Therefore the long path measures 25000 minus 4800 = 20200 miles, and subtracting 4800 again, is 15400 miles longer than the short path. Therefore the echo delay is 15,400 divided by the speed of radio, 186,000 miles per second, .083 second or one twelfth of a second, in roundish figures. These are always much shorter than synchronous satellite delays, where the minimum up-and-down path is much longer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE [and non]. Instead of the terrible collision on 9420 between VOG and CVC Zambia, March 4 at 2151 I found CVC all by itself, not a trace of QRM. Usual gospel-huxtering in English, for the younger crowd including some revival in Cape Town charging 20 rand admission. Kept listening until CVC finally turned off at 2203* revealing nothing else on frequency. Meanwhile, before 2200 I checked 7450 and 7475 and found only fair signals there, presumably Greece as usual. Rechecking 9420 at 2304, ERA was back on the air. I wonder if they were monitoring CVC for themselves, or trying out another frequency while it was on? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RNW Indonesian service via Saipan, 15280 at 22-23 is still suffering from severe but intermittent audio problems. March 4 at 2215 it seemed OK, but at 2218 started sticking and looping. This is not to be confused with reduplication of words as normal Indonesian pluralization! I taped 3 minutes of it at 2223-2226 and sent it to RN, also messing up some barrel organ music and ID. It was still breaking up after that.

Lots of things could cause this, but I suspect it could be solar transit outage interfering with the digital satellite feed, as it`s the season, the same thing messing up CNN and other cable TV channels as received in OK around local noon. Is Saipan aiming its downlink dish into the sunrise? There may well be more than one satellite hop involved in this feed, not necessarily the most direct route, as we have learned before about IBB (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAIPAN. 12090, good signal but rolling fades at 2244 March 4 with Vietnamese songs, brief announcement and another song which had a more religious tinge to it, then talk in Vietnamese, but including this English phrase at 2248: ``the other woman in your marriage``. Hmm. 2258 wrapping up with website, postal address in Manila, and a bit of echo, long path? Just before 2300* YL with English ID as ``The international service of FEBC, KFBS from Saipan, Mariana Islands, in the Pacific``. It`s the Vietnamese service at 2230-2300 aimed westward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. On a caradio MW bandscan from a hot spot in a store parking lot in west Enid, March 4 at 2020 UT, I found a gaping hole on 690, KGGF Coffeyville, Kansas, off the air! I could make out two extremely weak signals instead and a trace of a SAH. Assuming it was not a remnant of some local mix, nor skywave in axion this early, I guess the prime suspect by groundwave would be KTSM, ex-KHEY in El Paso, 10 kW, and with a lobe almost in this direxion. The somewhat closer stations in CO, TX, AR and MO are quite low-powered. I can normally hear a bit of Midland, TX, KCRS on 550, underneath dominant KFRM in KS. But Midland is closer, and path from El Paso would cross a good swath of lower ground conductivity in NM. But what became of KGGF? Anyhow, it was back at next check 2136. Next time would they please notify me when they are going to be off, so I can see what I can get on a defacto fence beverage (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN [and non]. 9600, March 4 at 2312 under powerful RHC in Spanish, could hear weak talk in English making SAH of about 3 Hz; 2314 much more readable Vatican Radio IS, and 2315 into Vietnamese. So VR is still broadcasting an otherwise secret and unscheduled 3-minute English service at 2312 when it turns on this transmitter early (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 9450, March 5 at 1451, clear Russian broadcast but mentioning Chinese names and bits of Chi music, ``Kitaya``, so no doubt CRI as scheduled, 37 degrees from Shijiazhuang, per Aoki, to E Russia and thence N America; it so happens this jams Sound of Hope, Taiwan, which may have been barely audible underneath, and probably sufficiently so not to pile on additional transmitters disrupting CRI reception too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. What`s RHC doing on 49m Wednesday night? At 0456 UT March 5, 6000 and 6140 in English with music, 6060 and 6180 in Spanish with IS and closing. 6180 back to the weak signal in Spanish, while two nights ago it bore the strong signal in English instead of 6140. At 0650: English on 6000 > 6060 > 6140, nothing on 6180. This is the `usual` situation, with 6180 back to carrying Spanish, weak here, until sign-off around 0500. Need to recheck 6140 during the 0300 hour whether RHC English is still colliding with RRI Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI again on 9525.0, March 5 at 1355 in English, after 1400 in Malay; good signal with sum hum.

4790, RRI Fak2, still audible with music vs CODAR at the late time of 1426 March 5, exactly one sesquihour after local sunrise. I wonder if the Fakfakians are aware of how well their local radio station outgets, really putting their place on the worldmap? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5985, still with Shiokaze, March 5 at 1422, but poor. Trying to decide whether it was Korean or Japanese until 1424 definite `kochirawa` YL Japanese ID, with persistent piano music underneath (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 6075, R. Rossii, still suffering from recently acquired warble on carrier, March 5 until 1400* after 5-second-late timesignal, and no sign of 8GAL 6074 CW marker during next biminute (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TINIAN. Since VOA English on 7575 had a strange noise on it the day before, I checked again March 5 at 1357, fill music after editorial, this time with a constant whine of one pitch; unseems het de elsewhere, as no carrier audible on frequency immediately after its 1358* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. VOT via Sackville, 7325, UT March 5 at 0430 quick check was back in English during Letterbox, instead of Turkish as recently in error. However, there seemed to be some co-channel QRM, which is not normally the case, so I wonder if was mixing in the modulation. I had suggested to Sackville that if they still can`t get English correctly on satellite feed, they could put on the web feed as a backup.

12035, Thursday March 5 at 1402, Live from Turkey, airing caller (or callee) Chris Lewis from England, on the VOT programming he lixe. Rather poor reception so I will go back and get the one-day audio archive before it`s too late (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Like the day before, RHC 17705 again with serious technical problems, during Portuguese March 5 at 2225, both modulation and carrier levels jumping up and down, but not cutting off completely, such as a bad connexion, antenna wires shorting out, blowing in the wind, or the like.

The 9.8+ MHz area is a hot bed of dentro- and fuera-Cubans. In most cases RHC and R. Martí manage to stay further apart, but at 0018 March 6, 9825 had RM over jamming, while RHC`s Mesa Redonda service was causing adjacent interference from 9820. Those in Latin America with modest receivers should have trouble separating them. Then on 9810 another batch of jamming, but no trace of R. República along with it, which started recently in the 23-04 UT period, surely via Sackville. I wonder if it is still there, since RCI English was a big signal on 9755, much stronger on the meter than the jamming on 9810 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [non]. 17630, RFI via Guiana French, March 5 at *2058:50 and into prélude music vamp, not the expected Marseillaise-like IS which I guess is long-abandoned --- no, WRTH 2009 says they still use it; 2100, 4-second-late timesignal, time check as 10 pm in París, and opening in Spanish with news headlines concerning Cuba, Raúl blowing off Fidel loyalists such as Pérez Roque who has confessed the error of his ways(?!); Venezuela; Wáshington. Still going with normal talk programming later in the semi-hour, altho Dragan Lekic, Serbia had observed earlier in the day that RFI was running music fill because of another strike. 17630 had heavy interference from the dirty, distorted KVOH spur on 17631: much more about that under U S A (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. Despite DW`s best efforts to dispense with its SW audience N America, we still hear them in unexpected ways. UT March 6 at 0026 I came upon quite a good signal on 15595, with DW ID and jingle, quiz aimed at S Asian listeners, 0027 DW Asian news. Eveyone had a S Asian accent! Has DW banned American- and British-accented announcers from this service? It`s another service via the ubiquitous Petropavlovsk/Kamchatka site in FE Russia, 250 kW at 247 degrees toward CIRAF zones 44 and 45, which are eastern China and Japan, not S Asia at all! What a mess. If DW is customizing per target zone, they should be using people with Chinese and Japanese accents (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE [non]. Once again March 5 like the day before, on 9420 could only hear CVC Zambia, at 2053 with gospel rap, and neither of them at 2220 recheck, tho Greece was OK on 7450, and weaker 7475. What has become of the VOG 9420 transmission, which had been colliding with CVC for months, and reported as such every single day to Athens by monitor John Babbis in Maryland? VOG traditionally registers a number of ``wooden`` frequencies they don`t really use (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SYRIA. Following several reports of R. Damascus reactivated on 12085, I was hearing something there March 9 at 2103, a fair signal but heavy flutter and, of course, very low modulation. Could make out a woman talking, I think, alternating with a bit of music at 2104. If modulation had been decent, should have been readable nonetheless. The other frequency, 9330 was completely inaudible at this time, when English is scheduled, not even a carrier despite the absence of WBCQ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. I was glad to confirm at 2011 UT Thursday March 5 on 7415 that WBCQ was playing the newest WORLD OF RADIO, 1450; fair reception over all-daylight path. Hope they also played it 24 hours earlier as it was ready by then, as the only later broadcast on 7415 has been reduced to Mondays at 2200, the UT Friday 0030 having been canceled. And from next week the M-F strip of WORs will be in even brighter sunlight at 1900-1930. Should be good for areas close-in to Monticello who find 7415 fading out after sunset. 7415 signal had improved somewhat at 2052 during anti-Semitic show --- oops, only anti-Zionist, as Herald of Truth claims while railing against the Jews.

The show replacing the UT Friday 0030 airing of WOR on 7415 is ``Altogether Now``. I listened to the first few minutes March 6. It`s a guy whose name I could not catch, but who identifies himself as a former human rights judge and lawyer who will be interviewing people, but this time was monologuing about how easy it still is to travel to Europe, frugally, starting with London. Evidently he conceives his audience on this international SW station to be Americans.

Also noted WBCQ on 15420 with the anapestic preacher from Fence Lake NM, at 2055. Much better signal here on reduced carrier + USB, but LSB not completely suppressed, and carrier was a smidgin off frequency, so close that I couldn`t decide whether it was high or low (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. Another afternoon of KVOH providing us eight frequencies for the price of one! Possibly assisted by sporadic E, but which did not reach VHF, 17775 was inbooming at 2035 March 5, S9+20. Except I first ran across it on 17487 in an upward bandscan, as that`s normally where I start monitoring the 16m band, 17485 being the lowest intentional frequency.

In the next few minutes I tuned around to many other multiples of 144 kHz away from the fundamental and found KVOH on most of them, not necessarily in the order reached, using the FRG-7 and E-W longwire:

17055 (-5 x 144): not audible

17199 (-4 x 144): S9

17343 (-3 x 144): S9+10

17487 (-2 x 144): S9+10

17631 (-1 x 144): S9+15

17919 (+1 x 144): S9+15

18063 (+2 x 144): S9+ 5 peaks

18207 (+3 x 144): barely audible

18351 (+4 x 144): not audible

These are all approximately the centers of the big filthy distorted FMy blobs, worst when KVOH was playing peppy Mexican music with a heavy beat, which was most of the time, apparently with a live DJ, with a local L.A. timecheck at 2039, ID as La Voz de Restauración [no la], even giving phone number, apparently for requests.

I was sorely tempted to phone and tell him about his seven extra frequencies, but figured I would be taken as a kook, or he would simply not understand what I was talking about. Nor would it do any good to try to reach their chief engineer, since they obviously do not have one, at least one who is competent, since these spurs have been heard repeatedly here for years and duly reported in DXLD. The transmitter is surely a piece of crap, which ought to be overhauled or dumped. Now which other gospel huxter did the original owner, High Adventure, get it from? Was it HCJB?

I knew the major victim of this would be R. France Internationale, which has a Spanish semihour at 2100 on 17630 --- see FRANCE [non]. So I was standing by when at *2058:50 the French Guiana carrier cut on. It`s a big signal too, 250 kW at 295 degrees, targeting CIRAF zones 7S,8S,10,11S,12N, i.e. the southern half of the eastern 2/3 of the conterminous USA, including Enid; Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and NW S America, while KVOH`s official targets on their 100 degree beam with 50 kW are all of zones 10, 11 and 12, i.e. Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and more of NW S America.

But RFI 17630 was not big enough to blot out the KVOH spur centered only 1 kHz away; it was still bothering when I side-tuned as far down as I could on the DX-398`s bandwidth and still hear RFI, 17627.

Why hasn`t RFI raised hell about this with KVOH, FCC, ITU, HFCC? Why hasn`t FCC fined them on its own initiative? Why haven`t aeronautical interests on 17921 complained, where the spur could be a threat to safety? Ditto maritime interests impacted by 17199 and 17343? Possibly because no one gives a damn about this but yours truly. Why haven`t hams done so about 18063? Answer to the latter: because it`s 5 kHz away from the edge of the so-called 17-meter band starting at 18068! And who cares what happens below there? Anyone who knows how to reach relevant powers that be is free to forward my observations.

Searching my DXLD archive on 17919, 17921, 17629, 17631, for the spur frequencies have varied slightly over time, I get hits on the following issues: 5-014, 5-078, 7-020, 7-024, 7-064, 8-063, 8-114, 8-118, 8-123.

At 2124 recheck on 17921, the DJ claimed to be broadcasting on only one frequency, ``17.775``. When I rerechecked an hour later at 2225, none of these were heard, as 17775 itself had apparently closed down in the meantime, altho authorized to run until 0100, silencing its phalanx of spurs. Until next time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. CFRX, 6070, at 0714 check March 6 during Holder Tonight, the UT Tue-Sat talk show from CJAD Montreal, and NO QRM, not even a SAH, from CVC Chile! The reason is that CVC has unexpectedly dropped their overnight broadcasting in Spanish, just as they did in Portuguese several months ago. Must have decided it is not cost-effective, and surely not in response to complaints of QRM against CFRX.

An updated CVC schedule this week shows 6070 still in use only for two hours at 00-01 and 11-12 UT. More frequencies have been dropped, 11805 and 11970, and others reduced. Good news from the minions of J.C.! Now CFRX is relatively unimpeded thruout the darkness hours. However, in A-09, CVC Santiago plans to use 6070 at 2300-0200 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command with big noise against R. Martí, 5980 which starts at 0700, noted March 6 at 0724 spreading plus/minus 10 kHz or more with modulated pulses on the sides which are unneeded to jam RM itself, but interfering with other stations, even bothering Spain/Costa Rica 5965. R. Victoria, Perú, 6020v, at 0713 was also QRMed by modulated pulses from the DentroCuban Jamming Command centered on 6030 against Radio Martí. The same spread extended to the high side on 6040; this has not always been the case, so we may thank the Commie Cubans for worsening the collateral damage caused by their accursèd jamming, and inability to confront contrary opinions with reason rather than brute force (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Quick check of 9525 March 6 reconfirmed VOI operating nominally, which means about 2 minutes late going from English to Malay at 1402 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. NHKWNRJ, 6145, excellent signal at 0715 UT Fri March 6 in Japanese, so you would think it is a NAm service or relayed from NAm, but this hour is really direct from Yamata, 300 kW at 35 degrees intended only for FE Russia; and // much weaker 6165 at 330 degrees for the next zones of Russia westward.

Seemed poetry followed by nice piano music to 0720 when started new program with English title announced by two different speakers as ``Sound Passage`` -- except the second word was pronounced as in French! Started with sound of jet engine. I am really hankering for a full program schedule, translated to English, of R. Japan`s Japanese broadcasts, but repeated requests have gone unfulfilled. There are lots of gems like this involving music or sounds, which can be enjoyed without speaking Japanese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. Julián Santiago Díez de Bonilla will be glad to know that XEOI, 6010, R. Mil, was in the clear with Mexican music at 0723 March 6; Conciencia apparently off, and Marfil not heard either on 5910, tho the latter was badly trounced by overload from WWCR 5890 and 5935 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PERU. R. Victoria, March 6 at 0713, happened to tune across 6020 as they were doing a local ID, with chords from Beethoven`s Fifth. It was QRMed by modulated pulses from the DentroCuban Jamming Command centered on 6030 against Radio Martí [see CUBA]. Yes, R. Victoria is perpetually off-frequency to the low side, and when anyone else is on 6020.0, such as all evening during prime time from China/Albania, Turkey, etc., there is a big het. No het now. Did not attempt to measure it here, but Luca Botto Fiora recently put it on 6019.4 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. RRI Romanian service to Europe and thence N America on 11940, March 6 at 1417 playing ``Mamma Mia`` song in English. What has this to do with Romanian culture? We thought it was a recent revival by some other group, but outro mentioned ABBA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. R. Rossii, Pet/Kam, 6075, March 6 at 1350 with some weird vocalizations. This station really has some neat music. Like R. Japan, I would like to see a program schedule translated to English. Trouble is, this transmitter has developed motorboating, which seems a bit worse every day. Currently registered at 1800-1400, 100 kW at 15 degrees which is favorable for NAm. During A-season this moves to 5920 or 5930 at 1700-1300, neither better for us due to NAm QRM (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. 7325 at 0432 check March 6 found Turkish again instead of English, Sackville relay of VOT; and with co-channel QRM. I see that BBCWS is now also scheduled on 7325 during that hour via Cyprus and/or Rampisham, in Arabic. That collision will be resolved in A-09, by when we hope VOT manages to feed the right language to Sackville, as BBC stays at 0400 and Turkey/Canada shifts to 0300 --- but why should we have to upput with it till then? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. Checking VOA via Tinian, 7575, March 6 at 1355 to find whether there were unwanted noises on the transmission this day; sounded OK, except now there was Spanish SSB on the hi side around 7576. And at 1356 instead of a USG Editorial, there was an ``International Public Service Announcement`` about a guy wanted in the Khobar Towers 1996 bombing in Saudi Arabia; a $5 million reward is offered for anonymous info leading to his capture. Could not catch his name, and do I find anything about this on the VOA website? Of course not! But four names are given at

And the item mentioned which of course will get you nowhere unless you put in the dot after the www! Why are so many ignorant speakers leaving this out? Have they never used the Internet themselves? They never leave out the other dot. Why is it such a burden to include one extra syllable when you have just said ``double-u, double-u, double-u``? This site has a rogues` gallery, no doubt including the individual mentioned. I suppose VOA defaults to the IPSAs when there is no new editorial to broadcast, as the info conveyed is hardly new (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. Yes, R. República is still on 9810, tho I could not hear it 23 hours earlier; at 2302 March 6, Spanish programming at roughly equal level to the DentroCuban Jamming Command, but losing out to it as time went on; presumed via Sackville. At 0028 UT March 7 recheck, nothing but jamming audible; let`s hope it`s holding up better in the target, which is close to 45 degrees offbeam from here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE [and non]. On March 6, not only was VOG no longer to be heard mixing with Zambia on 9420 before 2200, and not audible either after that, but it did not come back on after 2300, as it had the past few days --- nothing there at 2305 and 2328 chex.

Meanwhile, John Babbis heard from Demetri Vafeas at ERT that one of the Avlis transmitters has been ``severely damaged``, so only two frequencies can be on the air at once (the Makedonias station unaffected – does that mean VOG itself gets only ONE frequency at a time now, or two?).

And so the schedule has had to be rearranged. However, he said that 9420 is replacing other frequencies, and on the air at all times except 2000-2300, so something else must account for it missing after 2300 too. Or it could be on but not propagating here as well, since 9420 is now supposed to be replacing 12105, which was not aimed at NAm unlike 9420 which was 323 degrees. O, there it is at 0028 recheck UT March 7, Greek music, but weaker than usual.

Another beneficiary of this unfortunate situation is that 9420 replaces 15650 at 1500, so Miraya FM via Slovakia should now be in the clear, IRRS having concluded that the collision did not matter anyway in their target Sudan. Since it originated from within Sudan, I wonder if Miraya has been affected or even expelled by the latest developments. Is it still there at 1500-1800 on 15650? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, 17675, UT March 6 at 2206, a YL discoursing in considerable graphic detail for about ten minutes on exactly how males should pee for best results; some helpful tips there I will try to apply. This was the Saturday Morning with Kim Hill show from National Radio. However, this segment at 11:05 am local is missing from the rundown! And no audio available (yet?).

There was the usual considerable inescapable adjacent QRM from the Chilean Christians on 17680, a frequency they have unfortunately not abandoned. In the wide-open spaces of 16m at solar min, there is NO excuse for operating 5 kHz away from another strong signal; or even, any signal. Yes, I know, neither station is targeting North America, so who cares about us? But 17670, for one example, is entirely vacant during the whole time RNZI is on 17675, 2145-0500. A minor 5 kHz shift by RNZI would do no harm to the Pacificans, and be of enormous benefit to listeners in the Americas (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. Kent D. Murphy, WV, reminds us by P-mail that BBCWS in English runs 6155 past its scheduled closing at 2300*. Yes, indeed, as I was reading his March 2 letter on March 6, I found a fair signal continuing past 2300, until cut off abruptly in mid-World Today at 2314:30* This is via Meyerton, South Africa, where I assume they have simply set the automation to give BBC a bonus quarter-hour. Fortunately, Spain is no longer on 6155 for its French hour at 2300, but 5970 to Europe and on weekends only, per EiBi (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Unlike the day before, KVOH much weaker on 17775 and no spurs audible March 6 at 2156 check; fundamental also somewhat distorted with hymn. 2200 English and Spanish legal IDs, and remained on air, 2202 starting show ``Mujeres de Restauración``, signal weakening noticeably. So maybe yesterday it outfaded completely by 2230 rather than offsigned, having been assisted by sporadic E which can go from super-strong to zilch in a short time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. Never mind the reduced VOG schedule they sent John Babbis, showing 9420 instead of other frequencies most of the time: March 7 at 1347 there was no signal at all on 9420, but at 1409 I was hearing Greek on 15650. However, that was gone by 1500 so I could hear Miraya FM unimpeded; see SUDAN [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [and non]. Gone again: no sign of VOI on 9525, March 7 at 1347 and 1455 chex. I could detect a very weak carrier on 9525, but probably something else. If VOI switched to 11785 this date, they were totally blown away by WHRI/Hmong Lao Radio. Meanwhile, India was inbooming on 9425, 9870 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INTERNATIONAL. Some ham DX contest must be underway, which is what it takes to find out if a band is really open for propagation. March 7 at 1413 I found good signals from Ascension on 21630 and 21470 so tuned below 21450.

Several hams were heard with the briefest possible contacts, concluding with ``5-9-K`` or -kilo, apparently meaning they were running 1000 watts of power and the contactee was heard with max strength and readability. Saying ``one thousand`` rather than ``K`` would eat up too much time which could be applied to racking up more meaningless contax.

All on USB, of course, with locations looked up on their pages, as they aren`t about to waste time mentioning that on the air either:

1413 on 21325, VP2E with various VEs and Ws [a long entry all about QSL managing and IRCs finally mentions Anguilla at the very bottom]

1415 on 21286, HI3TEJ, who was only 5-9-100 [Puerto Plata, D. R.]

1417 on 21273, ZX5J [Rancho Queimado, Santa Catarina, Brasil]

1418 on 21332, HI3K [also Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic]

1419 on 21305, 6Y1V [Hopewell, Jamaica]

I then tried the 24 and 28 MHz bands, but nothing at all heard; and on the 18 MHz band no contesting heard, just ragchews; is that off-limits for contesting? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [non]. 11705 via Sackville, March 7 at 1428: once again the monthly haiku segment on NHKWNRJ`s World Interactive show is in limbo, as Shokan mentioned at conclusion, ``I hope we have a next time``. That would be on the first Saturday in April, in a new fiscal year after Radio Japan has made more programming changes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 6075, R. Rossii, another check to 1400* March 7 with 5-second-late timesignal on motorboating carrier, and no 8GAL CW marker to be heard on 6074. I promise soon to stop reporting its non-reception (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. V. of Greece has had a transmitter failure, resulting in some frequencies off the air, altho the true schedule is confusing and contradictory. Anyhow, this benefits Miraya FM, the service from Sudan, transmitted back to the country via IRRS, via Slovakia at 1500-1800 on 15650. Until now the first 50 minutes has been colliding with Greece, but now March 7 I heard Miraya in the clear: 1500 tune-in to some ghetto music which I thought unseemed Greek, 1501:16, a very late 5-pip timesignal, and news in English about Darfur, etc. Still poor reception with flutter and could not copy most of it, but at 1506 upfaded momentarily for a clear ``You are listening to the news from Miraya FM``. 1512 went out of English. I had been apprehensive, since I was indeed hearing Greece an hour earlier on 15650 instead of 9420 where they had supposedly retracted (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. VOT, 12035, Saturday March 7 at 1350 tune-in, DX Corner already underway with Seref reading nothing but reception reports, one from Mukesh Kumar at the moment, complete with his geo coordinates, SINPOs and SIOs. BORING --- except to the individuals quoted, but this avoids stealing DX info without credit from DXLD. Ended at 1354:30. Went back and listened to the audio which started at :18 into the program, to be sure there was no DX news. Correct. Is fortnightly.

I have also just received in the p-mail VOT`s program schedule for the first half of 2009, from which you would conclude that DX Corner is sevnightly, i.e. weekly, if it were not for the unexplained / after the preceding entry, Turkey`s Pleasant Destinations, which must be its alternator (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. CRI relay on 15230, March 8 at 1355, English audio cutting off and on continually, more off than on, and unlistenable. OK during the repeat at 1409 recheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake appearing on some additional frequencies, probably ramped-up jamming to celebrate the big Commie congress getting underway in Beijing: March 8 at 1325 very good not only on usual 8400 and 9000, but also on 7525 where I could hear no other station even during pauses, and // on 9530 where it was atop something in Chinese. Per Aoki the victims are: V. of Tibet in Chinese via Tajikistan at 1300-1345, 100 kW, 131 degrees, on 7527, but I heard no het, either; and on 9530 VOA Chinese via Tinang at 349 degrees. CNR1 transmissions were all over the bands too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check UT Sunday March 8 at 0317: English still on 6140, instead of 6180 where it was one night last week, and no RRI Spanish audible, tho I assume it is still colliding on 6140. Everything seemed `normal`, until another check at 0535 for DXers Unlimited: guess what? 6140 and stronger // 6060 are now in Portuguese! Yes, Portuguese, which is supposed to be broadcast only at various times between 22 and 24 UT on other frequencies. News headlines were 1) world economic situation, and 2) what else? cinco héroes. Meanwhile, 6000 was open carrier, as the transmitter operator there must have realized he wasn`t getting the correct program feed.

At 0538:30, Portuguese cut off, and at 0539 the other frequencies joined DXUL in progress, in English. Arnie may have noticed this too and phoned them. But that`s not all, SNAFU city. RHC didn`t manage to stay in English until 0700 like it is supposed to. At 0622, I found 6000 again in open carrier, 6060 and 6140 synchronized with no echo between them, in Spanish! And 6060 was splattering enough, even during talk, to bother CFRX 6070, which doesn`t usually happen. What a mickey-mouse operation: they can`t even broadcast in the correct languages according to their own schedule.

Listening to En Contacto, RHC`s Spanish DX program Sundays at 1335-1350, on March 8 via 11760 and 12000, one might have thought R. Nederland`s Radio Enlace had revived as Jaime Báguena and Alfonso Montealegre were talking about `marconistas` and the vital rôle ship radio operators played in the last century; no doubt something out of the archives. See also VENEZUELA [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CZECHIA [non]. R. Prague English relays have shifted one UT hour earlier on WRMI 9955, such as Sunday March 8 at 1404, still mixed with totally uncalled-for DentroCuban jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [and non]. 6085 in DRM, bothering VOA 6080 and less so, stronger DGS Anguilla 6090, March 8 at 0626. This has to be from the 10 kW Ismaning transmitter carrying Bayerischer Rundfunk, scheduled 0400-2200 nondirexionally in the current DRM schedules. A rare way to hear a German SW broadcast direct from Germany (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Could not detect VOI on 9525 March 8 before or after 1400, nor on 11785 when freed from WHRI after 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio via WHRI 11785, confirmed to have made the DST shift, Sunday March 8 at 1335 check, i.e. 13-14 UT instead of 14-15; and off the air at 1403 recheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA [and non]. Operatic singing in a Romance language on 15170, Saturday March 7 at 1438, first bringing to mind REE, of course, via Costa Rica --- except there was no CCI from RRI, it was not // Noblejas 17595, and was in fact // RRI on 11940, the Romanian service at 1300-1500 to Europe and thence North America. For reasons best known to REE, 15170 at 1200-1500 is Sunday-Friday only, so Saturday`s the only day to hear RRI unimpeded. In A-09 this RRI Romanian transmission to Europe shifts to 15195 and 11920 at 1200-1400.

RRI not making it in Romanian on 11940 or English on 11970 March 8 at 1354, but 15105 was audible closing English hour, only fair. In A-09 this transmission moves two hours earlier, not one, and on all-new frequencies, so we may forget about hearing it in our mornings. UKOGBANIans may find it convenient during their noon hour starting at 1100 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. VOT via Sackville, STILL in wrong language, Turkish instead of English at 0407 UT check March 8 on 7325; sounds like the cabaret show I have heard before, but a few minutes later failed to find a match on any of their webstreams, while the English one on VOT World was running normally (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** UKRAINE. Whole World on the Radio Dial is still airing on RUI, altho its host Olex Yegorov has reported elsewhere that it is the final edition and he is no longer with RUI as the powers that be would rather hire someone to do political programming; on webcast started at 0417 UT Sunday March 8, after having found 7440 just barely audible. We`ll miss his well-researched info on broadcasting to and from Ukraine, and his unique accent (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. KJES, 11715, barely audible with child intoning catechisms, March 8 at 1406. On the meter S9+10, about as strong as WYFR 11725, but incomparably weaker modulation, and also much weaker signal than NHKWNRJ via Canada on 11705 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. Aló, Presidente service again active via Cuba on Sunday March 8: 1407, 11875 on the air with programming separate from RHC 11760, // VG 13750, and an echo apart on weaker 13680. Open carrier over HCJB on 11690, presumably also thence. Nothing yet on 17750 except VOA English via South Africa, but at 1452 recheck nothing audible but A,P // synchronized 13750. At 1410 mentioned Venezolana de Televisión (whatever became of TVes, the expropriated channel?), and CANTV, so seems to be direct relay of Venezuelan TV already rather than RHC-produced prélude programming. 1450 with news headlines on 11875 not // 11760, so apparently still waiting for Hugo to get started, which last week was around 1530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. The DentroCuban Jamming Command normally doesn`t get going on 5980 until close to 0700 when R. Martí opens that frequency, but March 10 at 0607 there was already heavy grinding, no RM audible. DCJC is either DST-confused, or assumed that RM would move its transmissions forward an hour. Programming, maybe, but not frequency usage, I think. Cuba, a running dog, conveniently follows the lead of the USA in shifting to DST on the second Sunday in March.

Listened to R. Martí a bit at 1401 March 10 on 15330, way over jamming, when they were plugging so checked out --- is it anti-Castro, focused on Cuba? No, seems to be a good world news portal with many linx, including to R. Reloj in Cuba, and in USA to VOA instead of Martí (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. Once again, VOG`s single frequency left on air was 15650, good with Greek music, March 9 at 1315, and no sign of 9420. Also March 10 at 1337 Greek music and talk, but gone at 1358 recheck, and at 1418 could not find VOG on any other likely frequency, 15630, 12105 or 9420. Maybe if still on the air they are already on 7 MHz by then? Wish we could get a definitive interim schedule from them, but may be too fluxy (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. Made a point to monitor the National Channel of AIR, 9425, 168 hours later, Monday March 9 at 1435 to see whether last week`s extended English broadcast was flukish or would recur. Yes, after the news in English, YL announced not one, but two frequencies on 31m, 9425, and could not copy the second one. Per

the other possibilities on the air at the time, tho supposedly with other programming, are 9575 and 9835, where I do not normally hear AIR. So apparently these two SW frequencies cut away from the main domestic program on countless AM, FM and regional SW frequencies.

Nor could I copy name or reason for the program to follow, but played instrumental version of ``Yesterday``, 1437 more talk I could barely recognise as English, 1439 an overhaul of an old Hollies song into disco beat, ``Live for Today``; by next talk segment 1440, modulation and signal just too weak to follow further. A previous inquiry on the dx_india group about why 9425 has extra English has been answered by no one (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI audible on 9525, March 10 at 1320 with a variety of voices from correspondents reporting in English; only poor-fair, with hum, and ACI from 9530 Chicom jamming plus IBB Philippines; after 1330 also squeezed on other side from 9520 RVA Philippines. Less QRM during the 1400 hour in Malay (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT [and non]. 17885, R. Kuwait with Qur`an at 1405 March 20, fair signal but declining. This transmission is eastward for the FE and Pacific, so one wonders how well that high frequency holds up late into the night. It could have more of an audience off the back to the west. Beside it was more Qur`an, but alternating with plain talk in Arabic, stronger on 17895, which is BSKSA to North Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA [non]. Tuned in 7385 just in time to hear the tail end of what must be the new morning broadcast of Aso Radio, back to Nigeria, as per TDP via DX Mix News, via Samara, Russia, M-F 0530-0600, 250 kW, 188 degrees. Tue March 10 at 0557 African choir, poor with flutter, and splatter de 7375 Croatia-via-Germany; 0559 brief announcement in presumed Hausa, no ID heard, then open carrier, and both 7385 and 7375 off at 0600, the latter following a few tones (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. 3990-3995-4000, DRM noise audible March 10 at 0603, tho the DW DRM broadcast via Sines supposedly ends at 0559 as BBC Skelton in analog takes over 3995 at 0600. Forgot to turn it off in time? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOLOMON ISLANDS. Definitely a weak carrier on 9541.5 causing a het with something on 9540, March 9 at 1340; some bits of audio but could not determine which frequency it was coming from; not // BBC 9740. Also a bit better March 10 at 1332 with audio certainly sounding like BBCWS in English on 9541.5. Per online listings, the 9540.0 station this hour would be CRI Kunming in Chinese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [non]. REE via Costa Rica, 15170, Tue Mar 10 at 1349 in Castilian substituting for real Basque, except for standard closing of 5-minute segment rendered axually in Basque, and 1350 into Catalan, for which there is no substitute. Way over the European RRI co-channel this date (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [and non]. I happened to tune across 17790, best signal on 16m, Monday March 9 at 1818, which was RCI Sackville within The Link, interviewing someone from Miraya FM in Sudan, for 9 minutes; crummy quality line, apparently VOIP. He said the station is on FM in the south, has a permit to broadcast in the north, but no frequency assigned yet and that may take another year. Also on SW to the Darfur area 3 hours per day, plans to increase to 6 this year. There is also another unspecified Darfur project.

Is the station endangered, like other NGOs, following the indictment of Bashir? No indication of that so far, he says, despite having reported the event live. Things are ``really calm``, no problem. Gave website where people may listen to the station, but despite having mentioned Miraya`s SW service, this shortwave station gave no details! We know it`s 15-18 UT on 15650 via Slovakia, and hear it here better now that Greece has crashed. Then I went back and found the program on the RCI website:

``CANADIAN HELPS BRING RELIABLE NEWS TO SUDANESE: The Fondation Hirondelle is a Swiss NGO that establishes and manages independent media - mainly radio stations - in countries that are in conflict or post-conflict situations. In Sudan, working in partnership with the United Nations, the Fondation Hirondelle has set up Miraya FM and they've brought in a Canadian to run it. Marc Montgomery speaks with Jean-Claude Labrecque, former Radio Canada journalist and now head of Media and Editor-in-Chief at Miraya FM.``

There are audio linx. This part starts 13:14 into the second hour and I assume will be available indefinitely. BTW, no sign of RCI on 11805 which had been in use temporarily for the 18 UT transmission to Africa, but otherwise well audible here off the back on several frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TUNISIA. RTT, 7275 and 7190 both in open carrier at 0555 March 20, both supposed to be underway much earlier. At 0601 recheck both modulating Arabic, with 7275 slightly stronger. 7190 is doomed in A-09, moving to 7335 for the morning broadcast (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K. BBCWS, 5875, end of English newscast at 0605 March 10, with background noise level ramping up at each pause, as if a limiter is very maladjusted. Have not noticed such a problem at BBC before, originating in studio, or processing at Rampisham? The noise vanished at 0606 as next program started, but then reappeared, an annoying roar every few sex (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. VOA continues to consider shortwave not even worth mentioning as one of its ``platforms`` --- On VG 15590, March 10 at 1359 wrapping up Éxitos Latinoamericanos music show ``vía satélite e internet``; 1359:30 cut the music, start standard VOA sign-off in English, but cut carrier after only a few words of that. In only one minute one observed a gross lack of coördination in multiple ways (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, with R. Prague, March 9 at 1410 talk about ancient bridges over the Vltava; 1415 or so, Magic Carpet music show. Useless dentroCuban jamming continued, but WRMI on top. Running early, 1424 going to irrelevant R. Prague French transmission schedule, 1426 program promos for World Baseball Today (tnx for mentioning WOR therein) and something else; 1427 starting Frecuencia al Día three minutes early; and still jammed at 1441 final check. Strangely enough, RHC`s DX programs in English and Spanish do not get jammed and thus enjoy an unfair advantage.

Rechecking 9955 March 9 at 2122, nothing but heavy jamming was audible, the DentroCuban Jamming Command apparently assuming WRMI was on the air with Radio República, which for a few months had started at 2200, and might now with DST start at 2100, except it was cancelled on 9955 at the end of February! WRMI is presumably filling the time with more innocuous English broadcasts from World Radio Network, between 17 and 01 UT weekdays, but WRMI`s online schedule has not been updated since January, so, aside from further changes not yet appearing, one must treat the Eastern times shown as EDT (UT -4) now rather than EST (UT -5).

Another check of 9955 the next morning, March 10 at 1422, Prague relay again with VG and steady S9+20 signal way over still-present jamming, discussing new press law. Wish WRMI were this well-heard all the time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WBCQ still has a collision problem on 15420, should one wish to listen to the anapaestic Fence Lake preacher between 17 and 19 UT, when BBCWS is also on 15420, 250 kW at 5 degrees via South Africa. Here in OK, March 9 at 1815, found a bad mix but BBC somewhat stronger, and a lo het from slightly off-frequency `BCQ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake, very good signals but with flutter, March 11 at 1343 on 8400, 9000, 9300, and weaker on 9530 with VOA also audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. HCJB, Spanish on 11960 with a health program, Wed March 11 at 1434 discussing the benefits of breathing helium; not to be overdone, I assume. Then talking about genital eroticism, best experienced between a man and a woman and even better within matrimony! 1444:30 the usual incorrect automated ID which they still haven`t fixed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. March 11 I was standing by on 15650 to detect exactly when VOG turns it off: 1352:54* interrupting Greek music. Such a time is typical to allow time for retuning to another frequency by hourtop, but which? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. VOA Spanish, 15590, VG with LA music show March 11 at 1355, nary a selective fade, but unlike the day before, no announcements whatsoever when abruptly cut off modulation a few sex past 1359 as a new tune had just started a few notes, and carrier off a few sex before 1400, audiblizing weak Spain on 15585 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15130, WYFR Spanish, March 11 at 1401, carrier OK, but modulation reduced and distorted, while playing hymn ``Sólo un paseo más cercano conTigo``. That`s a literal translation of the English title, but I have no idea what they really call it in Spanish, which Google translates back to English as ``just a walk nearest you``, while trying it the other way, ``Just a closer walk with Thee`` comes out as ``sólo con un pie más cerca de ti``. If I make it ``solo un paseo mas cerca de ti``, it comes out ``just a walk near you`` --- Google doesn`t quite get it. RHC has a similar but worse modulation problem at same time on 13760 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN. 11850, VR IS at 1413 March 11 with heavy WYFR English 11855 splatter. Caths vs Prots! 1415 VR started up a language but I couldn`t tell what. Per sked folder it`s Urdu, Weds and Suns only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST

** BIAFRA [non!]. As mentioned before, Aoki lists V. of Biafra International via WHRI, Wednesdays only at 20-21 UT on 11785. Just as I suspected, this is nonsense, tho it probably appeared on the WHRI schedule at some point. Checked at 2003 Wed March 11, 11785 was on the air but with American gospel huxter about Armageddon, Israel and icecaps, ``Politics and Religion`` show.


Now to check Friday whether the real VOBI broadcast on 15665 moves from 2000 to start at 2100 as has been reported. Yes, finally got into the WHR program schedule which shows:

2100-2200 5:00 - 6:00 PM Fri VOBI Broadcasts Oguchi Nkwocha 15.665 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** INDONESIA. 3325, RRI Palangkaraya, only signal making it on 90m, March 12 at 1258, even CHU having outfaded by now. Chanting with string instrument, 1300 announcement in Indonesian, not Pidgin, so rules out co-channel PNG on this occasion; I think they mentioned Radio Republik Indonesia. 1302 to YL singing with rustic instrument, rather like Hmong Lao Radio. Still at 1320 with romantic music, by when another 90m was audible on 3385, no doubt PNG, q.v., as the Indo there has not been reported in a longtime.


Of the 75m Indonesians, only hearing 3976 RRI Pontianak, March 12 at 1308 YL speaking Indonesian, ham QRM not only SSB but some CW too, not supposed to be on this bandpart --- possibly that was a sound effect from RRI itself?


Strangely enough, 4790 RRI Fak2 NOT audible this morning, at 1311 check when compatriots were in on 75 and 90m. Off the air, or strange propagation/MUF?


Then checked VOI on 9525, March 12 at 1339, in English hour, YL talking over xylophone music concluding Indonesian Wonders show; couldn`t catch title of next one, but I thought I heard her mention the ``Indonesian sub-continent``, a term usually reserved for India. Usual hum, and some flutter on the signal, plus adjacent squeezes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** KOREA NORTH. After getting Indonesia on 3325 I had to see what else was incoming on even lower frequencies. Nothing on 120m from Australia or North Korea, but KCBS P`yongyang was audible on 2850 with Korean talk at 1306.


Same-sounding roar of noise jamming on 3912 and 3985 against the two clandestines out of the South, March 12 at 1307 check. Much weaker than JOZ on 3925 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** NETHERLANDS [non]. Happy Station Jammed --- Surprise, surprise, the DentroCuban Jamming Command has not relented for this momentous occasion. WRMI just barely audible on 9955 at 0101:40 UT March 12, when a very late timesignal could be heard, apparently as part of the program, but the jamming pulses were too much.


Hey Keith, why didn`t you get your old pals at RHC to turn it off? The webcast server was also full, silly me, not having tried to connect a good many minutes early. I can`t recall ever having had this problem with WRMI before. What is its capacity? Dragan Lekic says the server status shows it`s only ten!


WRMI 9955 reception was OK at 15-16 UT March 12, but I needed to have the computer on, which puts additional noise on SW reception, so fortunately the WRMI webcast was coming thru, tho hiccuping/buffering repeatedly for more than the final half hour.


Sadly, Dick Speekman has just died in South Australia; I participated in DX Juke Box when he was hosting it on Radio Netherlands. Keith Perron made a last-minute change to the 1500 airing to include a greeting from Dick he had standing by for a later broadcast, but that excludes whoever occupied those minutes in the 0100 airing. Keith said the next Happy Station would be in two weeks (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3385, presumed R. East New Britain, March 12 at 1321, music with a beat. This was 35 minutes after Enid sunrise. It had not been audible earlier as I was getting 3325 Indonesia, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** RUSSIA. VOR, English to NAm, classical music feature with super signal on 9840, UT Thu March 12 at 0541, // much weaker 9855. You`d think there would not be such a disparity between Pet-Kam on 9840, 250 kW, 70 degrees, and Vladivostok, 250 kW at 50 degrees; tho Vladivostok is quite a bit further. I would say the 9840 reception rivaled even 7335 via Guiana French which had somewhat crisper audio (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. R. Rossii, Pet/Kam, missing from 6075, March 12 at 1333 check. No signal at all, and this has been a regular until 1400* Perhaps they have closed it down because of the growing warble / motorboating problem, but hope it`s back soon (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. RTI`s Japanese service, 9735, 250 kW at 45 degrees also favoring US, March 12 at 1345 sounded OK on the fundamental, but could not help but notice that there were hets of identical pitch on weak 9730 and 9740 signals, and therefore assume they were spurs from this transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. VOT relay via Canada, 7325, is STILL NOT IN ENGLISH, March 12 at 0405 check, good signal with Turkish talk, music. At least I think it`s Turkish; sure isn`t English. Could be a related Turkic language VOT broadcasts in, but none such scheduled, and in fact Turkish itself is taking a 1-hour break on SW frequencies direct, per WRTH 2009 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 4960, VOA French, fair at 0605 March 12. Via São Tomé, 0530-0630 M-F only; quickly confirmed by // weaker 9480 Greenville with which it echoed. The 4960 transmitter comes back on at 0700-0730 daily for Hausa which also precedes the French hour.

Looked for VOA Korean`s American-songbook music which used to appear reliably at 1315 UT, but not at tune-in 1317 March 12 on 5890 via Tinian; instead a string of frequencies announced including ``AM, kHz``, 1319 starting another show with banjo music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN [and non]. 5985 with VR IS, weak but clear March 12 at 1313, so what`s coming up? Cannot be direct from SMG at this hour. Continued until brief announcement at 1315, but nothing further heard. So it was the end rather than the beginning of a relay transmission. Per the current VR program folder this is Chinese, starting daily at 1230, so now we also know when it ends! But what`s the site? VR won`t say that either, but HFCC reveals it`s Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, 100 kW, 111 degrees, and // 6020 which is via RVA Philippines. On Saturdays only it`s a mass in Chinese.

Also heard DRM noise on 15495-15505 steady at S9+10, 1325 UT March 12.

Per Kim, KD9XB, this was a VR test from SMG at 13-14, in preparation for DRM specials to the Winter SWL Fest, March 13 and 14 only during the same hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALGERIA [non]. Reverent-sounding Arabic talk on 7295, Friday March 13 at 0540, fair signal. That fits for an Algerian relay, and Aoki confirms this is R. Algerienne via Issoudun, FRANCE, since March 1 at 0400-0557, which may continue another hour as alternate to 7115, but not today as gone at 0604 recheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. The VL8 station usually best here is 2485, but March 13 at 1228 I found 2325 the only one audible with modulation, Strine talk and song, 1230 ABC ID and news theme, English news starting with an item about Queensland. S9+12 on 2325 amid T-storm crashes, carriers detectable on 2485, 2310 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX ISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 5955, CRI English at 1243 March 13, but co-channel QRM seemingly from something else in English with piano music, and a third language/station, or maybe just two with one of them doing a voice-under. Strangely enough, China registers two transmissions from Beijing during this hour, 80 degrees apart, so perhaps the theoreticians figured they could not interfere with each other! CRI English at 95 degrees, CNR8 Mongolian at 15 degrees. Chicoms vs Chicoms! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. RRI Fak2 missing again March 13 from 4790 at 1234 check. There goes our best tropical signal from the archipelago. 4605 and 4750 were regulars a few months ago but also disappeared. Nothing heard today on 9525 VOI either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. 2850 with strident Korean talk at 1231 March 13, roughly equivalent signal to Oz 2325; so checked 2350 for KN, but nothing audible; at 1233 weak music on 3250, carrier on 3480, also presumably from the peninsula (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA [non]. 7385, March 13 around 0535, fair signal in language mentioning ``Nigeria`` a few times, pronounced almost as in English with long I. Presumably the new morning service of Aso Radio via Samara, RUSSIA at 0530-0600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. Missing 23 hours earlier, but March 13 at 1253, R. Rossii, Pet/Kam, back on 6075 with the usual motorboating, in Russian talk over piano music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TUNISIA. RTT, 7275, lovely singing by child, 0550 March 13, 0559 to open carrier, 0600 Arabic talk, presumably news but much lower modulation than the singing had been. Checked // 7190 at 0606 and its modulation was much better (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. BBC Mundo Radio, 9410 via WHRI, still filling the hour with the same old classical music, lovely at it is, Friday March 13 at 1258 with aria from Madama Butterfly, excellent signal. Fortunately she finished in time before transmission cut off without any announcement at 1300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WWCR 5070 missing at 0611 March 13, but big signals as usual on 5890 and 5935 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 5920, WBOH, March 13 at 1245 Gringo preacher who didn`t bother to learn accents in Spanish, giving address with ``codígo postal`` instead of código, accompanied by ``Maravillosas palabras de vida`` tune; then YL in Spanish with different FBN e- and p-mail addresses. Once again, there is no sign of any program title in Spanish on their own program schedule in unspecified timezone, whether you take it as EDT or EST: --- and this URL always breaks apart due to the parentheses (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WBCQ has extra transmissions on 5110 and 9330 during the SWL Winter Fest, but it`s mostly just rock music and/or old pirate tapes rather than live coverage of the proceedings. UT March 13 around 0230 I heard nothing but music on 5110`s webcast. At 1301 found 9330 on the air early as publicized, but with ---ugh!!--- Fox News Radio, ``fair and balanced``, hum and undermodulated, cut to hard rock music without the hum at 1303.

It`s always fun to wait for the BFO on the FRG-7 to stabilize when trying to hear music in SSB; it takes a few minutes without switching back to AM. 1307 DJ back-announce as AC-DC. 1311 mentioned Karnataka with a K, apparently in this sense a music group or title. 1316 DJ is Barry on Caroline in the afternoon until 2 o`clock, so live relay of something from UK? 1318 Scorpions, etc., etc. past 1340. Referred at one point to The Boat that Rocked film coming up April 1, so this is something current rather than an old archive tape.

1349 switches to Jean Shepherd routine, end of show and 1357 to vintage WOR 710 newscast from the Vietnam War era, 1400 ad for whitewall tires. After that I had other listening commitments, altho a quick check at 1407 sounded like Allan Weiner and a YL were axually on live. This was also being webcast on the same stream as 5110, checked at 1518, a maharishi speaking with funny accent, presumably another pirate tape, V of the Runaway Maharishi.

On March 13 and 14, scheduled time to switch from 9330 to 5110 is 2200, with WORLD OF RADIO still scheduled at the DST-shifted time of Friday 2300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. Confirming time shift for V. of Biafra International, which had been at 20-21 UT Fridays only via WHRI 15665: March 13 checked before 2000 in case it shifted earlier as would normally happen due to local DST, but nothing there. Nor after 2000. But at 2103 opening exercises in progress, mezzo-soprano singing God Bless Africa, and at 2110 The Orator with VOBI, Washington DC, ID in English, then into Ibo for a while. Sufficient but not very strong signal. So this is now airing at 21-22 UT Fridays. Probably same transmitter as used by 11785 other days of the week, where also heard with regular English gospel huxters in the hour before 2100 this day (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. KVOH, 17775, ditto my report of March 5, again putting out hefty filthy spurs at multiples of 144 kHz plus and minus, March 13 at 2013, strongest on 17631 and 17919, also audible considerably weaker on 18063 and 17487, but not heard on 3x and 4x 144 kHz further out, tho they might have been if I had turned off a noisy computer. 17775 fundamental was also somewhat distorted. However at 2106 recheck could not hear the spurs, luckily for RFI 17630, tho 17775 was still audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. I believe I have heard WWCR via long path, i.e. some 39 megameters away. At 2017 March 13, 13845 PMS/DGS service had extremely heavy echo, i.e. the echo was almost as strong as the direct signal, and relatively quite a long delay. In round figures, the LP is 38 Mm longer than the SP, so the computed delay is 38/300 = 0.1267 second, or approximately one eighth of a second, which I bet would be confirmed if I had a way to measure it. I know it`s possible for 13 MHz to hold up thru the darkside, since I often hear R. Australia there when it is the middle of the night here, including 14 hours earlier. The direct signal from 13845 is usually borderline here due to skip zone, and this was still the case; if it were very strong it would obscure the echo if there were any.

Compared to other WWCR frequencies at same time: 15825 fair with a much quicker echo, like a reverb, which is what you would expect from backscatter, i.e. coming back from the first reflexion point eastward from Nashville, rather than all the way around the world. 12160 had a good signal, no echoes, tho occasional audio dropouts during program discussing Islam, which according to the program schedule at

on Fridays at 3-4 on CT us called ``Warning``. According to the program website, the guest was ``Walid Shoebat, Ex-Muslim Terrorist``. Disregard the incorrect UT time conversions as if TN were still on UT -6 instead of UT -5.

Back on 15825, the Friday airing of World of Radio 1451 started late at 2030:35 after a late-running preacher, making me apprehensive that I might be cut off at the end, but WWCR was paying attention and let WOR play to completion at 2059:20 before starting the frequency change announcement to 7465, an exercise which has been compacted (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Rechecked WBCQ for WinterFest coverage on 9330, Friday March 13 at 2025, but it was too weak, at least without turning off computer. Could tell it was more on USB than LSB, and sounded like someone off-mike speaking in a forum, with co-channel QRM, possibly Syria. Meanwhile 15420 was VG with preacher, and 7415 somewhat better than 9330; after 2100, 7415 with Behavior Night, old record show, but one UT hour earlier now and noisy, so we shall have to rely on webcast more and more for that as solstice comes on, likewise Marion`s Attic 24 hours later (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Very strong signal from Greenville on 15185, splattering even upon WYFR-Ascension 15195, March 13 at 2033 playing great hilife music. Hmm, strange to have music instead of news at the start of VOA`s M-F 2030-2100 Hausa service as per previous logs and schedule at

Oh, oh, it`s not Hausa, but the English service to Africa, in ``The Africa Beat`` show as per DJ announcements, and // frequency which really is supposed to be in English, currently via Bonaire, 11975 tho a reverb apart; most of the lyrix unseemed English; at 2050 heard ``Africa Numéro Un`` mentioned in a song which also unseemed French. 2052 outroed as having originated in the DRCongo. Vocals on some of these were electronically altered for a yodeling effect, not something easily accomplished in the jungle.

Ladysmith music interrupted at 2059:30 for VOA sign-off in English. So the poor Hausans (surely not Hausers?) have lost their broadcast due to a feed mixup somewhere along the line at VOA. Geez, what a mickey-mouse operation; can`t even get the correct languages on the air according to their own schedule. And:

Have been intending to check VOA Creole service this week since DST began, to confirm whether or not it has moved one UT hour earlier as usual despite the fact that there is no DST in target Haïti. I did notice one day that it was missing after 2200. Yes! Finally noted March 13 at 2100 with strong signal in Kriyol on 15390 // 11890*, but unfound on any 13 MHz band frequency, nor in a quick scan of other bands 9-17 MHz.

VOA language schedule website for ``C`` at

claims this is still at 2200-2230 on 11895*, 13725 and 15390. Par for the course. Likely the other two Creole transmissions are also one hour earlier for the convenience of Washingtonians, not Haitians, at 1130 M-F and 1630 daily, instead of 1230 and 1730, 15390 being the only channel common to all of them, if there have not been further unlisted frequency changes too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. All three VL8 stations were in on 120 meters, March 14 at 1257, but this time 2310 was strongest, 2485 next, and 2325 weakest, M&W discussion in Strine thru hourtop, then C&W song. Nothing much on 90 or 105 meters at this time, but one should still check the lowest band. Sounded like same people on RA 9580, 9590, 9560 at 1327 discussion of Angel Flight, free medevax from the Outback, and coördinating with 4WD ground transportation, then ``Don`t Fence Me In`` sung (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Amused to hear the DentroCuban Jamming Command pulsing against YFR in Bengali via Nauen on 13820, March 13 at 1344 --- Commies vs Protestants! DCJC was really ramping up against R. Martí whose Greenville carrier came on at 1347, initially with weak tone tests, but Family Radio could still be heard underneath.

First checked PWBR `2009` by the radio; was that any help? Of course not! Nothing such from YFR listed in the grid, but it does claim that R. Martí broadcasts to ``Central America``. FYI, Cuba is not in CAm. Europeans frequently make this mistake from their remote vantage point, but you`d think Pennsylvanians or Paraguayans would know better. Central America is the string of countries in the Isthmus between Mexico and Colombia. Cuba is an island in the Caribbean, or rather, islands (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY. Just after this Saturday`s scheduled DW SW broadcast at 1530 of the avant-garde music show Muzprosvet, I attempted to hear its audio file via,,4356,00.html 

But what do I get, clicking on Muzprosvet? A quarter hour of somewhat heated discussion in Russian about the financial situation, not a note of music. Geez, their automated audio system can`t even get the right program into the right file. Furthermore the player label says ``Playing Starparade, 15:30 UTC``, which this obviously was not, either. Any humans there paying attention? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUIANA FRENCH [and non]. TDF DRM noise test for Winter Fest, 17540-17545-17550, March 13 at 1342 when not much else audible on 16m, primarily Chile 17680 AM. Strangely enough, this transmission is missing from the supposedly comprehensive DRM DX schedule at,UTC

but publicity says it`s running 13-20 UT on March 13 and 14 only.

I gather it`s in French, anyway, so hardly of much use to a North American audience.

Evidently, HCJB is not doing a DRM special for the Fest this year, tho Kim may have been trying for its regular broadcasts to Europe, Brasil in the mornings. Those would be in German and Spanish, so hardly of much use to a monolingual North American audience (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also VATICAN

** INDONESIA. 4790, RRI Fak2, barely audible at 1254 March 14, talk and music vs CODAR. Could not hear it at all the previous two mornings. VOI, 9525, fairly good in English at 1315, YL announcer with constant hum, also during following hour in Malay (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAIPAN. 11650, VG signal at 1358 March 14, Central Asian language giving address in Almaty, Kazakhstan, chime IS, KFBS Saipan ID, then YL in Russian with ID as Radio Teos, and off before 1400. About which more here once it loads:  Apparently they have a 24-hour satellite service, but nothing found about SW relays. You would think ``Teos`` refers to God, cognate Deus, etc., but Google is unable to translate the word!


KFBS is completely missing from EiBi on this frequency, whence you might list-log CRI instead, but Aoki has KFBS on 11650 with multiple languages at 11-14, concluding Fri and Sat at 1345-1400 with Kyrgyz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TINIAN [and non]. More signs of the ailing IBB transmitter on 7575 for VOA English in the 13-14 UT hour only: Sat March 14 at 1311, jazz marred by continuous whine. With BFO on, could tell there were multiple carriers on both sides of the fundamental, so I think it is a transmitter defect rather than QRM or jamming. At 1312 the pitch as heard on AM suddenly shifted higher and became somewhat less annoying. Should be interesting to watch on a spectrum display. At 1330 I noted same program on 9760 via Tinang, but five sex ahead of 7575, contact info for Jazz America and fulfilling a request from Rwanda (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WBCQ, 9330-CUSB with another special transmission inspired by, if not from the SWL Winterfest: 1318 like yesterday relaying R. Caroline from UK, live webfeed? ``San Francisco`` song, 1323 name-that-tune-clip, e-mail via --- checking that, none of the linx on the homepage work, including the one to ``relays``, but I bet it would be news to them they are on WBCQ. 1403 DJ reminiscing with anecdote about copying news from the BBC. 1404 cut abruptly to Allan Weiner in progress, an old interview from WRKO 680 about his several pirate ships and busts. 1419 he mentioned Pirate`s Cove, so a replay of that show which is intentionally running UT Wednesdays at 0000 on 7415; 1437 into aircheck from 7/23/87 of the first RNI broadcast from the m/v Sarah, as in --- Nothing heard from the current Fest itself.

WORLD OF RADIO 1451 failed to appear March 13 at 2300 on webcast of 5110, despite being in the ``Confirmed Friday Line-up`` for that date, just rock music, but I assume that`s now its nominal 5110 airing time on following Fridays. I understand would-be WOR listeners closer to Monticello would like to have a reliable transmission on 5110 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN. 15495-15500-15505, DRM Noise test to SWL Winter Fest, March 14 at 1343, weaker than 17545 GUF. An exercise in piety, gone at 1416 recheck as publicized for one hour only, but 17545 still running; see GUIANA FRENCH. Strangely enough, both transmissions are missing from the supposedly comprehensive DRM DX schedule at,UTC

I gather it`s in Italian, anyway, so hardly of much use to a North American audience (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Free Afghanistan, 9990 via Sri Lanka, March 18 at 1311 with several Radio Azadi IDs; fair with flutter, being almost trans-polar, aimed 340 degrees from Iranawila. 1327 playing some music very reminiscent of the late lamented Radio Solh, cut off abruptly at 1330 without so much as a goodbye, retune-to-next-frequency, or anything, and carrier off at 1331:10. Initially, WWCR 9980 was no problem but by the end it was starting to build up to its usual daytime super-power desensitizing and splattering signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. The VL8s are still `showering` far beyond their up-and-down NT-only target area. March 18 at 1252 check, 2485 best with discussion in English, barely audible on 2310, and nothing but a carrier detectable on 2325 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. Not having looked for it the past week, I made a point of checking for Sout ul-Buzz, March 16 at 1509: yes, there it is on 15435, the frying sound detracting from but at the moment not totally overriding the Word of God, Who speaks only Arabic (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. 7325 at *0400 March 16 with nice Turkish (?) music, but still not the scheduled English broadcast. Several people at TRT should have received my E-mail on Monday, so perhaps we`ll see some axion on this misfeed which has now gone on for at least two weeks since I first noticed it (not three). I then heard from frequency management, who were going to look into it, but a lower priority than working on the A-09 schedule. So again at 0407 check March 17, Turkish music. At 0450 check March 18, talk in Turkish(?), not English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Yet another VOA/IBB SNAFU: Greenville 15590, which is supposed to carry the Spanish service, was in English at 1304 Wed March 18 ending VOA News Now with Austrian incest item, 1305 to VOA Music Mix, also introduced in English. VG signal here, but no signals on the two // scheduled, 13715 and 9885.

Has Spanish been moved an hour earlier without notice due to DST in Washington, which is irrelevant in the LAm target area? Last Oct/Nov some unexpected schedule changes were also made to this broadcast. Guess what? The VOA language schedule for B-08 now shows: Spanish

1130-1200 UTC 9885 13715 15590 M-F

1200-1300 UTC 9885 13715 15590

2300-0000 UTC 5890 5940 9690

So that is exactly what has happened, but the 15590 transmitter is still being run for an extra hour on the pre-DST schedule!

The program schedule on the Spanish site ignores SW, but for webcasts:

``Buenos días América, 20kbps, duración 00:30:00, Lunes a Viernes 1330 UTC, 09:30 Hora de Wáshington`` --- so that is long outdated.

Rock music in English, such as M. Cyrus, continued on 15590 only, but at 1333 recheck there was an announcement in Spanish, and again a few minutes later, so sometime in the interim, a switch was made from English to Spanish feed, the so-called Éxitos Latinoamericanos show I usually hear until abrupt 1400*

Eibi shows the way it was until March 8:

1230 1300 Mo-Fr   USA Voice of America S LAm 13715g 9885g 15590g

1300 1400 [daily] USA Voice of America S LAm 15590g 9885g 13715g


** U S A. WEWN, 7555, defective modulator hi-pitched squeal getting worse to the point of driving away even motivated listeners, March 18 at 1339 check during Spanish discussion. Why have they let this go on and worsen for years without fixing it? If they can afford the juice for all those 500 kW transmitters, they should be able to afford a replacement part. But hey, the fewer listeners being misled by this nonsense, the better (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake poor on 9300, March 19 at 1223, but inaudible on 9000 and 8400 which are usually best (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Have not noted R. Africa on 15190 for more than a month now, including close check for it March 19 at 2143 next to YFR/Ascension 15195, and still no trace of a carrier on 15190 at 2202 after ASC was off.

The last reports of it in DXLD were Feb 21-22, but in the morning to midday hours. This was shortly after the ``terrorist attack/attempted coup`` on Feb 17 as linked in DXLD 9-016.

My last log of 15190 was Feb 14 at 1555, and Brian Alexander had heard it Feb 13 at 2110-2150, as in DXLD 9-015. So has anyone been hearing 15190 at any hour since then? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. VOG, 15650, Greek music until closing at 1352* March 19.

At 2120 March 19, found things back to normal with 9420 again on the air and clashing at about equal level with CVC 1Africa, Zambia, producing a SAH of 3.5 Hz, i.e. 210 fades per minute, but in short term the fade rate varied slightly, either due to one or both unstable transmitters or propagation/Doppler effect.

Usual collision of Greek music versus wacky religionist talk in English and praise music for impressionable young Africans. CVC went off at 2201, leaving VOG in the clear.


Meanwhile at 2153 I checked the other VOG frequencies, and found both

7450 and 7475 on the air with similar music but not //. 7450 also had that annoying het less than a kHz on the low side. So that means all three Avlis transmitters are again funxional for the first time in weeks, a conclusion John Babbis, who never misses an evening monitoring Greece in Maryland, also came to at 2202.

This may mean that 15650 resumes its previous schedule the next day, i.e. until 1550* and again colliding with Miraya FM from and for Darfur via Slovakia from *1500.

But the days are numbered (to nine more) for the 9420 CVC/ERA collision, as CVC plans to move to 5940 in A-09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. 6350 with noise jamming at 1237 March 19, instead of the usual whoop-whooping. Apparently the juches are changing their tactix; now it sounds about the same as on 3918 and 3985 against other clandestines from the South (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Just as I tuned in RN`s morning broadcast in Spanish on 9835 via Bonaire, March 19 at 1219, heard Jaime Báguena mention frequency 9895, but he must have been referring to A-09 when the 1200 transmission will move back to the latter.


I had tried a few times to hear RN Indonesian via Saipan, 15280 at 22-23, to determine whether the severe audio glitches I had previously heard were still happening, but reception has been poor to nil. March 19, however signal was back to good here, way off the back of the beam, at 2202, YL with ``Warta berita dari Radio Nederland Wereldomroep`` with two chords between items.

I listened carefully for four minutes and did not hear any of the skipping/looping as before, but the audio was still a bit `rough` as if fraxions of syllables were being cut off in the processing; not however noted during the musical chords, which could point to a studio problem rather than somewhere along the long line to Saipan. I never heard back whether the previous severe breakups could be correlated with satellite solar transit outages, which should be over by now, anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Checking The Happy Station repeat of the `Dick Speekman` edition, Thursday March 19 at 1500: WRMI 9955 provided very good reception as it has been able to lately in the mornings, unlike the evenings --- but I could still hear DentroCuban jamming underneath it, a fine way to treat an alumnus of RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. Listened to VOT`s Letterbox Wed March 18 on daily audio archive, in case they acknowledged my report about the foulups on 7325 via Sackville.

Seref Isler read reception report after reception report, praising the programming and hankering after QSLs, but no mention of this problem. The mailbag ran from 37 to 49 minutes into the file, and appeared after another feature, Turkey-EU Agenda, contrary to the order on their current printed program schedule folder, which shows that to be last on Wednesdays. Yet, in replying to another listener who mentioned that programming heard did not match the schedule, Seref explicitly said, ``We confirm every day before going on the air that the program schedule matches airplay``!

Another one wanted to be a `monitor`, but ``unfortunately, we don`t have a monitoring service``. No surprise there, considering that no one but yours truly seems to have noticed the wrong language on 7325, and nothing has been done about it so far. By `monitoring service` I suppose he means some kind of organized group sending regular reports as other stations have, or used to have, in return for small or large favors, even a paycheck.

Chalk up yet another misfeed depriving VOT`s myriads of SW listeners in NAm from the English broadcast they are entitled to as on the schedule, 0400 UT via Sackville on 7325 --- UT March 19 at *0400 sharp into Turkish talk, joining some non-English program in progress. But the TRT chief engineer is now aware of the problem and will be working on correcting it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO observations: WRMI 9955 is usually prompt to get a new edition on the air/webcast as soon as it is available, and #1452 was confirmed on webcast only a couple hours after it was uploaded, UT Thu March 19 at 0530.

Unfortunately, the Thursday 1530 next airing has been replaced by a Happy Station repeat, but Jeff White has given us another airing temporarily on Saturdays at 1530 until another program takes over in April. Next evening chance is UT Friday 0100.

Checking the first opportunity for WBCQ to run new 1452, Thursday March 19 at 1900 on 7415, just barely audible here, being totally daytime path with the sun getting higher and higher, but I hope it works better close-in. However, I could make out it was still last week`s show, #1451. Two hours later during Ted Randall`s program, 7415 reception had greatly improved. Try again Friday at 1900, and on 5110 at 2300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Sorry to note that WWCR-1 is developing a `squeal` problem like WEWN, tho relatively minor so far, audible only during talk segments and pauses in Spanish broadcast, March 19 at 2157 on very strong 7465; obscured when music plays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. After anomalous findings on VOA Spanish frequencies this week, I checked earlier in the morning on March 19: at 1216, 9885 was already on in Spanish, or rather Gringo-Spanish, some official being interviewed about indocumentados. So the broadcast is probably starting at 1130 instead of 1230 due to DST in Wáshington and nowhere in Latin America except the running dog of Cuba which follows USA DST change dates.

At 1229 I was listening to // 13715 as the Enfoque Andino hour was ending, complete with English outro, ``This program has come to you from the Voice of America, Washington``. Semi-minute of dead air to fake out listeners thinking the transmission is really over ---

Then at 1230 re-starting, ``Welcome to the Voice of America in Spanish`` and into ``Buenos Días, América`` the morning news magazine, which presumably ran until 1300 when 9885 and 13715 went off. I.e. one UT hour earlier than during USA standard time.

Rechecked third frequency, 15590, at 1353, when ID in English as VOA Music Mix, 1359 standard sign-off but cut off after 2 or 3 notes of Yankee Doodle. What self-disrespect! The 13-14 hour on 15590 the day before had started out in English but ended in Spanish; seems they can`t decide which language to run on this unscheduled transmission (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. VL8 check March 20: at 1256, 2310 was best with M&M conversation in English audible, // weaker 2325 but no signal at all detectable on 2485 --- either off or more likely stuck on the daytime frequency 5025 as occasionally happens. So I check 5025 at 1308, as always dominated by R. Rebelde, but it is fading regularly at the rate of 40 times per minute, abnormal, and likely indicator of another weaker signal slightly off-frequency causing such a subaudible heterodyne, i.e. 0.67 Hz away. This was still the case at 1339, as Cuba weakens gradually, but so does Australia as we are well over an hour past sunrise here which was at 1235 UT. Never could pull any VL8 audio, however, under Cuba 5025. Has anyone else noticed the two are 0.67 Hz apart when they normally overlap until 0830 or after 2130? Perhaps someone further west will have had better copy of VL8K on 5025 this date past 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 15610, DW in German, quite good tho with polar flutter, March 20 at 1349; kept going into English as they were interviewing someone to voice-over. What does PWBR `2009` say? Via SRI LANKA. In this case it is still correct! HFCC confirms Trinco as 1200-1358, 250 kW at 355 degrees, i.e. aimed right at North America beyond the central Asian targets (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. As suspected, when we found V. of Greece back to `normal` the day before with all three Avlis transmitters funxional again at 2200, the temporary curtailment of the 15650 transmission until 1352* is over. March 20 it continued at 1354, still with music at 1400, and at 1433. By 1502 I had local noise sources going, but there were still two carriers on frequency making a fast SAH, i.e., resuming collision with Miraya FM via IRRS via Slovakia to Darfur (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. Another day of no English on 7325 via Canada, at 0430 check March 20, instead Turkish talk (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Another check of VOA Spanish the morning of March 20: at 1258, 9885 // 13715 // 15590 closing Buenos Días, América show and plugging next broadcast at noon local, 16 UT, sports, which of course is irrelevant to SW listeners. Shortly after 1259 the two lower frequencies went off, while 15590 converted to English, opening VOA Music Mix with newscast. Without embargo, when rechecked at 1350, 15590 was now in Spanish, plugging and announcer giving his own e-mail address at VOA. Also mentioned ``De Capital a Capital`` perhaps the name of the program just ending, and some more rock music in Spanish.

If you go to the website above for more info on the Capital program, first you see linx to audio of it as a musical program on Saturdays and Sundays. But on the webcast schedule it is shown with two different editions on Fridays, at 1430 and 1730 UT! And furthermore, the axual audio linx on the previous page claiming Sat and Sun have 1439aFri and 1730aFri in them. So that was probably the first edition on Friday, which has really daylight-shifted to 1330 UT, even tho a 4-hour conversion to ET is shown on the same list! The title bar of this page also misspells ``transmiciones``. How can listeners take VOA Spanish seriously with all these mistakes? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGST)

** AUSTRALIA. None of the 120m VL8s were audible March 21 at 1312, but I checked 5025 again in case VL8K was still stuck on its daytime frequency at night. Yes, at 1317, R. Rebelde still exhibiting fades of 40 per minute, the same SAH as 24 hours earlier, 0.67 Hz presumably caused by Katherine. Anyone further west hearing it for sure on 5025 at this time? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [non]. It`s jarring to be listening to an announcer speaking what seems to be perfectly good English, and then a common word is mispronounced. OM with CRI News on 6115 via Canada, March 21 at 0611, pronounced ``ally`` as if it were ``alley``! There was also another gaffe a few minutes earlier which I failed to note down. So you don`t have to speak perfect English to announce on the world`s greatest shortwave station where the talent pool must be enormous. Soon there will be more Chinese speaking some sort of English than Americans (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Since I last reported RRI Fak2 missing from 4790, there have been signs of it on some mornings, but definitely back March 21 at 1320, lo-fi phone interview vs CODAR (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [and non]. NHKWNRJ, 11705 via Sackville, Sat March 21 at 1410 with World Interactive, accompanied by lite pre-echo from Yamata direct. R. Japan plans to continue colliding with itself in A-09, despite my repeated complaints, and others noting the same problem, which is worst in western North America. The least they could do would be to delay the feed to Yamata just enough so it doesn`t echo with Sackville fed by satellite.

The hostess, whose name I can`t remember, and whose name still appears nowhere on the homepage for this show,

tho her smiling face does twice, said that from next fiscal year in April, she would not be losing her job, but the show would be moving to Sundays at 1410 JST/0510 UT instead of Saturdays at the same time. She announced this twice, and is apparently unaware of the several repeats later in the day such as the one I was listening to. So what will be aired on Saturdays? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. Altho missing the day before, the whoop-whoop jammer very much in evidence March 21 at 1330 on 6350, tho the noise jamming seemed there too, and no sign of its victim (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MADAGASCAR [non]. Looking for the new pro-Ravolomanana clandestine, via WRN, R. Mada, 5895, scheduled 0400-0430: March 21 at 0405, something there but too weak to copy, probably this since nothing else scheduled on frequency; also some clicking which is surely not jamming already, but maybe leaking from some DentroCuban jammer. WWCR 5890 could be a big super-power problem, but not so strong at this time. R. Mada is also scheduled at 1700-1730 on 5895, from a Swiss NGO, Tiako i Madagasikara, --- I suspect the transmitter site is Meyerton; if not, somewhere else close to Madagascar, not likely from Talata itself (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. Someone reported R. Educación signing off 6185 at 0602 after anthem, which could happen, but they have to play the anthem at local midnight whether signing off or not (0500 UT from first Sunday in April according to Mexico`s slightly more sensible DST season). I hear XEPPM after 0600, and still do: March 21 at 0604 there was Mexican music underneath Vatican Radio; see VATICAN. The usual rippling SAH also points to the considerably off-frequency XEPPM. No sign of Brasília, but there would have been on UT Sunday when RNA runs all-night. Vatican finishes with 6185 at 0620 after which XEPPM should be in the clear (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [non]. Maybe this is nothing new, but not noticed before: REE is ``pulling a BBC`` by keeping a transmitter on a bit longer than its scheduled span in order to broadcast one more newscast: The CR relay on 9675, supposedly 0200-0600 daily, still going at 0602 March 21 with news, 0605 sign-off announcement mentioning next frequency on 16m a few hours later, IS once and to open carrier.

At 0605 also checked 5965, and could hear the voice of Antonio Buitrago in Amigos de la Onda Corta at its true time on UT Saturday, but heavy QRM as always de Vatican co-channel. Was REE 6055 direct still on? No, now it`s BBC French via Ascension. So we are left without any decent frequency for the DX program and REE at 0605, unless we can get 11895 or 12035 for Mideast, Europe.

Note to other broadcasters, which I am sure they are not going to pay any attention to now, as they never have in the past: avoid co-channel with Vatican even if targets are wildly different, as VR really gets out in unintended direxions (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. VOT via Canada, 7325, STILL in the wrong language, Turkish instead of English, UT March 21 at 0408 check as YL was talking about Azerbaijan, Ankara – but this time unlike previous nights suffering heavy QRM from big dirty FMy blob spur. At first I suspected the Sackville transmitter was upacting, but the modulation peaks of the QRM were obviously coming from some other source. Could it be GUF, VOR`s big signal from 7335, only 10 kHz away? No, that`s clean and nothing like it on 7345.

Tuning a bit further up the band, I heard similar distortion on R. Martí via Greenville 7405. Ahá: another R. Martí transmission is on 7365, and 7405 is leaping over that to produce the spur on 7325. Then I confirm on a second receiver that the mod peaks on the 7325 QRM match R. Martí on 7405, so Greenville is definitely the source – but it doesn`t have to be, as none such ever noted before on my nightly chex of Turkey`s misfeed on 7325. The GB mix potentially happens 0300-0500, when both 7405 and 7365 are active, except UT Mondays when the weekly truce starts at 0300. For once, the DentroCuban Jamming Command is innocent. O well, we aren`t missing any English from VOT, and the handful of Turx in NAm who might be listening probably aren`t aware of this unintentional opportunity (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. I hear IBOC noise on 1680, 1690 and 1710, which indicates at least two stations are running it, on 1690 and 1700, March 21 at 1343 UT. 1690 itself was dominated by ``The Talk of Chicago, WVON`` ID. 1700 had at least two talk stations mixing, their AM signals strong enough to override the IBOC on the high side of WVON. But which one on 1700 is radiating IBOC sidebands? At this hour, has to be Des Moines or one of the Texans, but nothing on 1700 shown as IBOC in the 2008-2009 NRC AM Log (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN [and non]. R. Vaticana continues to be an annoyance, QRMing other stations by inept frequency management allowing co-channel clashes. See SPAIN for what it does to 5965, and MEXICO for what it does to 6185. VR 5965 at 0605 March 21 blocking REE`s DX program via Costa Rica on its only audible frequency here; VR with English report on papal visit to Cameroon. Second European program on 6185, March 21 at 0604 blocking XEPPM, in Scandinavian language, but which?

Current VR program folder is no help with such minor details, nor is WRTH! EiBi and Aoki show Finnish on Saturdays. There was a lot of QRM, but I was leaning toward a non-Finno-Ugric one. Of course it`s more politically correct to consider the Finns just `Nordic`, separate from the Scandinavian countries to the west whose languages are closely related, while Finnish is totally different, but VR lumps them all together; is VR keeping its options open, not to be tied down to specific days of week for each? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. DW English, March 21 at 2019 concluding report from Jo`burg, ID in passing, on 15275, fair reception. What does PWBR `2009` say? Site is UAE. I don`t think so; doesn`t come in that well here, aimed at Africa from the other side. In fact it`s Sines, Portugal, 140 degrees off the back, the site having changed from UAE on January 1 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MADAGASCAR [non]. Seems I`m not the only broadcaster uncertain about the proper pronunciation of Malagasy names. BBCWS in English, March 21 at 2013 on 17830 via Ascension, edited together multiple attempts to pronounce the new leader`s name (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RNW is about to put the nail in the coffin of English via Bonaire; after abolishing SW to NAm, one English broadcast remained in B-08, 20-21 UT on 17810 for West Africa, tho easily audible back here in NAm --- but that is to be cancelled shortly in A-09, when this hour in English to West Africa will be on 11610 via France instead, along with Madagascar on 5905 and 7425 for the rest of Africa, neither of which is likely to propagate here in our summer.

So I felt a bit nostalgic as I heard Bonaire 17810, March 21 at 2006 beginning ``The State We`re In``, a co-produxion with WAMU Washington DC, Jonathan Groubert interviewing non-Americans about credit crunch, etc., so I`m not sure how much WAMU really had to do with it.

WAMU is one of hundreds of American public radio stations which could have started a shortwave station, enormously improving the program content of US SW, but saw no need for it, instead leaving it predominantly to the gospel-huxters, pushers of silver as food, and other right-wing extremists (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. VOA French to Africa, 15225, March 21 at 2016 seems quite undermodulated despite S9+20 signal. Watching the meter and listening more carefully, I soon realize that the big signal is rock-steady, but the French audio is fading up and down in normal shortwave propagational fashion. What`s really happening is that we have two transmitters, the stronger one open carrier, and the weaker one with the programming. What does PWBR `2009` say? Nothing. No VOA listings at all on 15225.

At 2030 the programming stopped briefly and then resumed after a couple of false starts at normal modulation level, for the ``English USA`` show of language lessons, nicely done and just as useful for learning French as English, as each sentence is translated one at a time. This turned out to be lesson four-score-and-eleven, part one, subject being modern life and the future tense, followed at 2041 by part two. At 2055, I found a USG editorial (in French) about Rwanda, off at 2059:30*

Unfortunately this waylaid me from Music Time in Africa which I had started listening to on also very good 11975, altho only 125 kW from Bonaire aimed eastward at 80 degrees; but then returned to it at 2041 while some percussion from Benin was playing. Announcer said show is scheduled Sat and Sun at 09 and 20 UT; but there are no SW frequencies at 09 (I think).

A quick check of registrations confirms it. This is another case of nonsensical transmitter-site switching in the middle of a broadcast. Until 2030 it`s Bonaire daily with 250 kW at 80 degrees, and after 2030 it`s Greenville Saturdays and Sundays only, 250 kW at 94 degrees --- I suppose the same transmitter which is on 15185 M-F with Hausa, just corrected from almost five months of English relays by mistake; nothing on 15185 today.

But why run open carrier for at least a quarter hour on the same frequency already carrying a program? Greenville should warm up somewhere else if really necessary, and crash-start 15225 just as the Bonaire relay is ending. Even an open carrier causes co-channel interference, as I just experienced. It could be equally bad with both of them aimed at the same target area, even tho they were quite zero-beat, with no SAH as a tip-off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. While checking out RNW Bonaire and BBC Ascension on 16m, March 21 at 2010, not a trace of KVOH on 17775, let alone its septuplet of spurs at 144 kHz intervals, so off the air? Chile and Costa Rica were also in well on the band (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake check March 22 at 1323: poor on 9000, seemingly mixing with other audio, Sound of Hope itself? Not heard on 8400 or 9300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9425, AIR National Channel from Bengaluru, with very distorted modulation March 22 at 1326. Is no one paying attention at the transmitter site? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. XERF, 1570, UT Sunday March 22 at 0522 with CST timecheck, many informal IDs as ``La Poderosa 15-70``, and show called ``Palomitas de Papel``, reading notes from listeners who are searching for lost friends and relatives, giving contact phone numbers and mailing addresses, mostly P O boxes in Texas. Referred to it being on every Saturday night; 0530 played some dove and other bird chirps, full ID as XERF, a public radio station of IMER, election PSAs from the government, and into another show.

What does the name mean? Paloma is dove, and palomita makes it diminutive, but the word also means pigeon, so apparently alludes to little paper notes sent by messenger pigeon, but a toll-free phone number was also announced. Here`s the website blurb about it from

``Sinopsis: Escucha este foro abierto para la expresión popular, que se alimenta con las cartas del auditorio. La temática es libre, con sólo dos limitantes; no se permite el proselitismo religioso ni político. 

Emisora: XERF, La Poderosa, 1570 AM

Días de Transmisión: Sábado

Horario: 22:30 a 23:30 horas [0430-0530 UT Sun, 0330-0430 from Apr 12]

Contenido Específico: Migrantes

Género: Orientación

Responsable: Carmén Rodríguez``

She is also identified as locutora, but tonight`s host was an OM, certainly not Carmén. He was reading all the messages, no listener voices heard.

I can`t find a program schedule grid on the website; instead an alfabetical list of shows by title and you have to click on each one to find when it`s aired:

I am not at all sure it is complete; lacking e.g. ``La Victrola`` which once aired UT Thursdays at 0200-0400 and needs to be reconfirmed.

XERF generally on top of 1570 but lots of co-channel QRM, a fine example of the travesty which the NARBAns have been made of the clear-channel concept (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TINIAN. Yet another discrepancy report on the 7575 IBB transmitter: Sunday March 22 at 1320 in VOA Jazz America show, with BFO on, could tell the carrier was slightly unstable, but worse, a continuous het. During talk segment, as best I could tell, there were matching `carriers` at slightly more than 1 kHz on both sides of the main carrier, and thus a modulation defect rather than external interference (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. Altho VOT fails to broadcast in English as scheduled via Sackville 7325 at 0400, the webcast funxions properly, so I brought it up for the so-called DX Corner, UT Sunday March 22 at 0420. I missed a bit since it had already started, but Seref Isler spent the rest of the program reading reception reports and commenting on them, promising QSL cards for even the most perfunctory reports.

He also recited the current English schedule once again, including 7325. Apparently he is ignoring my direct notification to the English Desk that it has not been showing up since the beginning of March! Just to be sure, I tuned in 7325 at 0432, and sure enough, that was still in Turkish, but no Greenville/Martí spurblob like the night before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Had not heard any sign of KJES on 11715 for a week or more, but Sunday March 22 at 1350 check, it was on at S9+20, somewhat undermodulated but sufficient, unlike some previous logs. No robokids this time, but instead one adult OM reciting verses, immediately repeated by another adult OM, e.g.: ``May God rain burning coals upon them! --- May God rain burning coals upon them!`` What a nice thought. Frequently referred to Yahweh, which I am sure R. C. Pope Benedict XVI would not approve of; further reinforcing that KJES tho nominally Catholic is run by a wacky splinter group (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. Sunday March 22 chex of the Aló, Presidente service via CUBA: 11875 open carrier already on the air at 1342, along with lite crackle, perhaps cross-mod from one of their nearby jammers. Modulation finally brought up at 1405 with program in progress, Bárbara Betancourt speaking. BTW, she is 51 years old this week, as one of the birthday babes mentioned on En Contacto, the RHC Spanish DX program at 1335 on 12000 et al.

At 1405 checked other A,P frequencies: // 13750 underway, much weaker 13680 also audible and echoing against 13750 audio, so from different transmitter site. 11690 also echoed against 13750 and 11875, and totally overrode HCJB, producing no more than a SAH, but HCJB is always weak here on this frequency, aimed oppositely from 11960. At 1407 found the fifth A,P channel 17750 definitely on the air with strong open carrier, but no mod, a good idea, since it kept dumping off the air multiple times, and when on was noisy. Finally at 1419 some modulation started to appear fitfully, also cutting on and off, and more or less stayed on from 1421. Final check at 1436 found it still going but distorted, in pre-show from Habana prior to expected appearance of the crybaby himself.

That alludes to a very interesting C-SPAN2 show I watched the night before by someone who had written a book highly critical of Chávez, maintaining that he is a much bigger threat to the US than it seems, and we ignore him at our peril. He`s a bully while he has power, but cried when he lost power, has kidnapped Venezuela. Worth considering even tho tainted by Heritage Foundation sponsorship.

Here`s the BookTV blurb about it at


Watch now! [yes, there is video and audio on demand:]

About the Program: A political consultant who lived and worked in Venezuela presents a critical look at the rule of Hugo Chávez. Commentary is provided by Otto Reich, former U.S. Ambasssador to Venezuela and Assistant Secretary of State. This event was hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.

About the Author --- Michael Rowan is a political consultant for U.S. and Latin American leaders. He has advised former Bolivian president Jaime Paz Zamora and Costa Rican president Oscar Arias. Mr. Rowan is a former president of the International Association of Political Consultants.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BURMA [non]. 9670, March 23 at 1333, disco music with heavy beat of 120 per minute, then talk in Burmese, so that`s R. Free Asia via Tinian as scheduled at 1330-1400 only. It`s preceded on 9670 by BBC Indonesian via Singapore and followed by VOA Tibetan via Thailand (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake on 8400 and 9000, March 23 around 1330 were fairly good, but noticeably weaker at 1415 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. It`s incredible how CRI gets the worst of the transmitters in Cuba for its relays, never up to decent modulation quality, and puts up with this year after year. Of course the units may have been provided as aid and/or run by Chinese techs. What a loss of face! March 23 at 1340 in English on 9570, only peaks of modulation were audible, and those were distorted. Wiggle something! Or get a refund (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9870, on AIR VBS, not only the music but the mixed-language ads are fun to listen to: March 23 at 1414, ``Drive to the nearest Indian Oil outlet --- and win exciting prizes!``, then a march tune. Fair reception, and much better than 9425 National Channel, only poor at 1418 but as far as I could tell the modulation was OK, unlike last time I checked (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, good reception March 23 during English hour at 1342, but the better the signal, the better the hum comes thru too. Indonesian words were being translated, but a printed text needed. Jack and Anna were discussing ``What do you usually do on Sunday? --- I usually go to the beach with my friends.`` Must be a lot of beaches in that archipelago. Next program following ``Let`s Learn Bahasa Indonesia`` at 1346 was ``Music Corner``. At first there was ACI from a 9530 station, but by 1353 some spikes from a station breaking up on 9520 were more problematic. Per Aoki, 9530 is Chicom jamming plus VOA Chinese via Tinang, and 9520 is R. Veritas Asia, also Philippines, in Sinhala which does not come on until 1330 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MADAGASCAR [non]. 5895, looking for R. Mada, at 0420 March 23, but not a chance with WWCR 5890 up to usual super-strength. Occasionally we get ``long skip`` instead and WWCR weakens, this late at night (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. 7325, VOT via Sackville, yet another day still in Turkish instead of correct English, March 23 at 0420 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 7235, VOA Korean via Tinian, Monday March 23 at 1320 with English lessons, on the theme of drinking maple sap, which looks and tastes like water, something preferred by Koreans rather than syrup. Such things one can learn by SWLing! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 15050, AIR Sinhala service, poor and fluttery, March 25 1454 with chanting usually heard at this hour. Gives the impression of something religious, but surely that would be out of bounds for a state broadcaster from one multi-religion country to another. This is 100 kW, 174 degrees at 1300-1500 from Delhi (Kingsway) site, per Aoki, so am I getting it long path or short path? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. Dutch on 6225, March 25 at 0517; therefore must be from RNW, and not via Netherlands. Is leapfrog mixing product at Bonaire of RN Dutch 6165 over NHK Spanish relay on 6195. Could not make out any Spanish mixing on 6225, nor was Cuban leapfrog on 6220 audible at this time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. Tuning across 19m, March 25 at 1505, noted Qur`an on 15225, reminding me to check the stronger // 15435. When I got there at 1506, there was nothing, then a few seconds later it popped on accompanied by the big frying buzz. If only the poor muezzin knew what BSKSA is doing to his art (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. 7325, March 24 at 0402, woman speaking Turkish from VOT instead of English via Canada.

VOT, 7325 via Canada, still in Turkish instead of English at 0415 check March 25. And around 0405, 0415 March 26 --- just happened to hear music then, but I assume if English service would have been talking news at least at 0405.

Hey, what am I doing? I enjoy that Turkish music more than most of their English talk which is far too scripted and/or hurriedly accented. But I am afraid that talk in Turkish communicates little to me (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1453, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Earlier heard lite squeal on WWCR-1 when using 7465. Now heard also on same transmitter when on 3215, March 24 at 3215 during talkshow (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 11705, VOA news in English with report from Beijing, March 26 at 1307, under big crackling open carrier, which I assume is Cuba not having turned off the Venezuelan relay transmitter at 1300. From 1315 this would also be colliding with NHK Yamata (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COLOMBIA. 5910, Marfil Estéreo, March 27 at 0612, somewhat rough modulation in talk rather than musical segment. Speaker was enumerating several points, numbering 32, 33, finally stopped at #40; could these be additional Commandments? 0614 ID and into harp music. The roughness was caused by a slightly unstable carrier, as apparent with BFO on, but also messing with its own modulation with no BFO (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. RHC does it again! Portuguese late at night, while it is not scheduled any later than 2400 UT on other frequencies. March 29 at 0508 on 5965, news about Paraguay, Cuba, 0510 RHC ID in Portuguese; and // clear 9600. On 5965 Habana was atop a 3-way collision with REE/Costa Rica, and presumed Vatican. Next check at 0549, both 5965 and 9600 RHC were off.

Per RHC`s own schedule at

5965 and 9600 in Spanish end at 0500. Perhaps transmitter op neglected to turn 5965 and 9600 off, and the program feed line for some unknown reason contains Portuguese at this hour, not the first time it has appeared totally off-schedule for SW. Meanwhile, at 0509 I confirmed RHC English frequencies were nominal on 6000, 6060 and 6140.

Vatican and REE/CR already collide 0400-0805 on 5965 per B-08 schedule, until 0705 on A-09 schedule, with Vatican making a beam switch from 10 to 330 degrees at 0540 in winter, 0440 in summer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9525 in A-09, English during the 1300 hour, clear and good with some hum, March 29 at 1352 playing an ABBA-inspired song in uncertain language, English ID, Sound of Dignity. Ruined at *1357 by CRI musical prélude, tho VOI somewhat on top during following hour in Malay. The two were producing a fast SAH, maybe 20 Hz, indicating both are quite close to 9525.0. It so happened that Brandon Jordan was running Perseus SDR at the time, showing VOI on 9524.968 and CRI on 9524.996, i.e. 28 Hz apart! CRI Russian is 37 degrees from Shijiazhuang, thus onward to NAm (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. Already gone, the superb 7335 Guiana French relay of VOR in English, UT March 29 at 0355 check; I did find VOR in Spanish on 7395 with a good but fadey signal; 0359 announced that the following hour would be on ``31 metros`` --- no specific frequency; then IS, and started another hour in Spanish, STILL on 7395 and still claiming to be on ``31 metros`` only! What do they know in the studio? Their A-09 sked for Spanish really shows 0400-0500 on 7395, 9945 and 9880, but the latter two were inaudible here. 7395 is not registered at all for this transmission, so what is the site? Possibly a relay abroad as it was audible well enough here.

What about English? The ONLY frequency to N America now on their schedule at 0400-0600 is 13775, but that was also inaudible. It`s registered only until 0500, 250 kW at 50 degrees from Vladivostok, and we know how inferior Vlad is compared to Pet-Kam in serving W&C NAm. VOR has made major reduxions in its SW broadcasts, which they are touting as improvements!

13870 in Russian conversation, March 29 at 1320 past 1332, fair with flutter. What does PWBR `2009` say? Nothing. 13870 for A-09 is VOR in Russian at 1400-1800, 250 kW, 190 degrees from a Moscow site, and is the `highest` 13 MHz broadcast frequency in use; later also by IBB Germany at 1730-1930 to Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. You guessed it --- VOT via Sackville 7325 still in Turkish instead of correct English, at 0403 UT check March 27. No, I don`t expect anyone to publish every single follow-up logging like this, but I am keeping track for the record of Turcanada`s grand SNAFU.

Also UT March 28 at 0410: Turkish. UT March 29 at 0350, nothing on air yet; 0415 and 0459* -- Turkish, as Sackville had still not switched to the A-09 schedule when this broadcast is supposed to be at 0300-0359. But hopes are dim that it will axually be in English, as it seems no one at TRT or RCI cares enough about the LISTENER to fix this month-long mistake.

VOT confirmed on new A-09 frequency 15450, for 1230-1322v English to Europe and thence toward NAm, March 29 at 1316, fair with Turkish music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, now on A-09 schedule with all English one UT hour earlier after two sesquiweeks of confusion since most of NAm went to DST earlier. March 30 at 1430 opening English on 13625 with updated English transmission schedule; fair modulation but only fair signal and fading (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRIA. Ö1 still with token 3-minute English newscast in A-09, heard on 6155 March 30 ending at 0612, into French. Remains to be reconfirmed whether this is still secretly included weeknights in the external service at about 13 minutes past each semi-hour 0000-0130 on new 9820 to Americas (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA [and non]. 11585, AIR music from Delhi with talk CCI, March 30 at 1443. Nothing but AIR scheduled, altho RFA Tibetan via Tinian starts at 1500; maybe ChiCom jamming on early? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. I am cautiously optimistic that the long-running radio war on 9680 among VOA, Taiwan and China, obliterating clear reception of RRI domestic service relay despite its 250 kW, may be over in A-09;

at least March 30 at 1348 I was hearing nothing but RRI with mostly music show, Indonesian announcements, breaking to open carrier 1402-1408 when I could be sure there was nothing else on frequency, 1408 resuming programming in progress, conversation, someone singing over the phone, better pre-recorded music, vocal and percussion, etc.

In B-08, Aoki listed these collisions:

9680*R.TAIWAN INT.    1100-1700 1234567 Chinese    100 352 Taipei               TWN 12124E2509N CBSC b08 Jan.1         

9680 RRI Jakarta      2200-1300 1234567 Indonesian 250 316 Jakarta-Cimanggis    INS 10651E0623S RRI

9680*VOICE OF AMERICA 1200-1500 1234567 Chinese    250 349 Tinang       PHL 12037E1521N IBB b08                

The * indicates also ChiCom jamming, so that meant at least 4 transmitters at once. However, note they had RRI stopping at 1300.

EiBi B-08 had RRI until 1500; and even worse, R. Japan also on 9680 at 1200-1600. I`ve yet to find any IBB, RTI or NHK listings for A-09 on 9680 in this time period. WRTH and Aoki do not specify which RRI domestic program is on 9680, but EiBi says number 4 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA [and non]. RRI Romanian service on new 11920 ex-11940, good and clear March 30 at 1340, and // much weaker 15195, ex-15170 so no longer colliding with REE/Costa Rica. However, there was still a SAH on 15170, from what? Must be VOA Somali, due north from Madagascar during the 13-14 hour. RRI Romanian is now 12-14, 285 degrees from Galbeni for France on both frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. Sawt ul-Buzz continues on A-09, March 30 at 1501 so loud that it overrides the Qur`an recitation; still // 15435 much weaker but buzzfree, in skirts of CRI via Canada 15220 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SERBIA [non]. Just as I predicted when the A-09 schedule of IRS came out a few days ago, showing a change from 6190 to 9580 for the North American service at 0000-0130 ---

It is colliding with RRI on 9580, at 00-01, as checked March 30 at 0034. A clash between two English broadcasts to North America, and a SAH of approximately 6 Hz between them. At the momoent there were two male voices, the bassier one coming from IRS and the tenor one from Romania, which helped to distinguish them, but not exactly the best resolution for this problem. A minute later, RRI had a M&W conversing, and the latter station also has crisper modulation, as you would expect from their brand-new transmitter.

Another way out would be for one of them to be on LSB and the other on USB! But I doubt such cooperation would be possible. Moving one of them to a completely different frequency is what is needed. The only reason IRS went to 9580 is that they (or as R. Yugoslavia) had used that frequency several years ago to NAm --- but they should not have assumed it was still open for them after years of absence. IRS is one of few (only?) European broadcasters that do not participate in HFCC, but even a cursory check of HFCC or other frequency listings should have shown them that 9580 is NOT now available for them.

Altho RRI has just started using 9580 at this hour in A-09, the second hour, 01-02, has been used by CRI via Habana for many years, and it still is. By recheck at 0116, CRI was way on top, but I could hear some music under, presumably IRS, also with a SAH but seemed slightly slower than 6 Hz.

According to Dragan Lekic in DXLD 9-027, IRS A-09 schedule is:

0000-0030  9580  BIJ 250 kW/ 310 degrees NCAm  SERBIAN  MON-SAT

0000-0100  9580  BIJ 250 kW/ 310 degrees NCAm  SERBIAN  SUN

0030-0100  9580  BIJ 250 kW/ 310 degrees NCAm  ENGLISH  MON-SAT

0100-0130  9580  BIJ 250 kW/ 325 degrees NoAm  ENGLISH

While looking for a clear 9 MHz frequency, they should go back to 6190 as in B-08, which per a few chex seems unoccupied, altho Urumchi and Berlin are registered, but they were no obstacle in the previous season.

IRS has also retimed the two English broadcasts so now they are in consecutive half-hours. This makes no sense; previously there was a half-hour break between them. Since there are 5 major timezones in NAm, the second broadcast should be much later in our evenings for convenient listening in the western zones as intended by the 325 azimuth. This was once the case, as I recall, at 0430 UT when they were using 11 MHz in summer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. As of UT March 30, the VOT relay via Sackville moved one UT hour earlier to 0300, still on 7325. And it is STILL in Turkish (?) instead of English, checked at 0335 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA [and non]. 11775, PMS at 1337 March 31, with crosstalk from another PMS underneath, or at least a similar-sounding widow, along with ever-present hum. Seemed to be totally different sermon rather than a time-shifted //. Tried 13845 WWCR and could not hear crosstalk, but it was perhaps too weak to tell for sure (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA [and non]. R. Bulgaria was going to do a DRM hour to NAm in A-09 at 2300 on 9495-9500-9505, but changed it at the last minute to 0200. Then 9500 should mess up Iran English to NAm in analog on 9495, 0130-0230? Not exactly on March 31 check at 0207: nothing audible but strong WYFR on 9505 aimed NW; Iran poor on 7235. Weak fluttery analog signal on 9700, presumably R. Bulgaria, and // 11700 not checked. Maybe by solstice these will be working. Kraig Krist in VA could not hear the DRM either, with the same QRM (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. 11750, RHC at 2138 March 30, Spanish with heavy SAH of about 10 Hz; 2143 the co-channel sounded like hymns. It`s KSDA Guam, 21-22 Chinese, 315 degrees, a long-standing collision in CNAm, where neither aims (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. 15630, VOG at 1419 March 31, Greek music. Per latest A-09 schedule compiled by John Babbis, VOG is no longer using 15650 between 1100 and 2250, instead 15630, so good news for Miraya FM at 1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. Besides AIR Sinhala service on 15050, poor with music at 1421 March 31, also an open carrier with flutter on 15020. That is listed as an AIR frequency in WRTH, but in A-08 only for the 10-11 UT English broadcast, and same in B-08 per Aoki. 15020 is not listed at all in which is Jose Jacob`s AIR A09 schedule. But what gives AIR the right to broadcast in this aeronautical band at all? Other frequencies used at one time or another are 15040, 15075 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN [non]. No Radio Farda on 15510, see RUSSIA, but really on 17670, March 31 at 1420 with ID in passing, back to music. At 14-15 this is via Wertachtal, GERMANY (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [non]. NHKWNRJ, 11705 via Sackville, March 31, the computer-influenced YL English newscast now lasts until a quarter past the hour, 1415 to Radio Japan Focus, as the weekday magazine is now appelled, first a brief item about three ambassadors of cuteness being appointed, then down to business, interview with an American Jewish scholar visiting Japan, Sarah ---, daughter of holocaust survivors, who is critical of what Israel has done to Gaza, becoming the victimizer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL [and non]. 15770, March 31 at 1343, Portuguese talk; are WYFR and RDPI colliding again this A-season? Luso accent so likely RDPI I am hearing at the moment. Yes, M-F between 13 and 15, both Lisbon eastward and Okeechobee to Brasil are listed on 15770, a battle of Portuguese accents (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. 7395, Russian at 0342 March 31, VG signal but some fading. VOR is in no hurry to availablize its true A-09 schedule with relay sites, but suspect this is French Guiana, ex-7335; strangely enough, two nights earlier this was in Spanish before and after 0400, so apparently they are still fine-tuning their schedule, or working out the bugs.

15510, at 1344 March 31, rock music with heavy beat, flutter, 1345 announcements, sounds like Radio Farda style, more music with Persian(?) lyrix. Faked me out, as at 1358 gave websites in .ru and 1359 VOR IS until 1400*. In A-08 per WRTH May update, VOR was using 15510 for Dari at 12-13 and Pashto at 13-14. They know how to co-opt a popular format.

15605, VOR making it here on its summer frequency in English, 1418 March 31, good with fading. Quality will likely vary a lot from day to day, intended for S Asia.

BTW, my previous report of VOR on 13870 at 1320, is via St. Petersburg, says Mikhail Timofeyev (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [non]. VOT English broadcast at 0300 via Canada 7325 is still in Turkish, 0343 check March 31. TRT finds no problem on their end and have sent the correct downlink info to Sackville, so maybe at last this will be fixed? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K. March 31 at 1420, two different programs in Russian on 15265 and somewhat weaker 15245. 15265 is DW via Rampisham, and 15245 is BBC via Woofferton (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe


Fargo flood on the net


Very interesting coverage on the Fargo flood here from KFGO 790....

Heard on a beat up ancient POS Compaq laptop running 996 MHZ and 384MB



KEX 1190 Portland, OR 3/8 1312 with Rush.


KFH 1240 Wichita, KS 3/8 1314 Illinois State v. N. Iowa basketball.



KID 580 Idaho Falls, ID 3/8 1708 with the Dr. Laura Show. www.


KJR 950 Seattle, WA 3/8 1717 The ACC wrap up show. Go figure this



KLO 1430 Ogden. UT 3/8 1721 Mark Larsen sitting in for Hugh Hewitt.


KMA 960 Shenandoah, IA 3/8 1811 running a stop set and ads for Webex.


KFI 640 Los Angeles, CA 3/8 1558 with end of computer tech show with

a guy named Laporte and then ToH ID.


KGO 910 San Francisco, CA 3/8 1604 Morgan with KGO news, weather and

into Money Talk.


KGU 760 Honolulu, HI 3/8 1609 REL Hour of Decision with Franklin



WEW St. Louis, MO 3/8 0749 with a black church gospel show. http://


WGY Schnectady, NY 3/8 0805 ID during local news talking about the

inherited wreckage of the Bush economy and layoffs and food stamp use.


WHB 810 Kansas City, MO 3/10 0657 talking about the city budget.

Strange for a sports station.



KSL Salt Lake City, UT 3/11 1714 with news story about teachers

losing it and ending up on the internet.



KWG 1230 Stockton, CA 3/11 1730 Catholic radio with woman talking

about going to Italy.


KXL 750 Portland, OR 3/11 1737 with some right winger named Lars



KYW 1060 Philadelphia, PA 3/11 1740 with local/state news. http://


KOY 1230 Phoenix, AZ 3/11 0739 playing Kenny Rogers "You Picked a

Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille."


KMJ 580 Fresno, CA 3/11 0742 with stopset running ads and PSA's KMJ

news with Blake Taylor.


KNX 1070 Los Angeles, CA 3/11 0744 News check then news about crime.


KPQ 560 Wenatchee, WA 3/11 0748 weather and reports of mountain pass



KQV 1410 Pittsburgh, PA 3/11 0749 running a traffic and weather



WDZ 1050 Decatur, IL 3/12 0720 talking about drugs and the NFL.


WGL 1250 Ft. Wayne, IN 3/12 0726 playing the Beatles "Here Comes the



WGR 550 Buffalo, NY 3/12 0728 with lawyer ads. http://


WHA 970 Madison, WI 3/12 0732 playing classical in stereo and a 96k

stream. Sounds good for radio streaming.



WHK 1420 Cleveland, OH 3/12 0735 with right wing blather with Bill



WHP 580 Harrisburg, PA 3/12 0739 low modulation and talking about the

worlds population.


WIP 610 Philadelphia, PA 3/12 0742 talk about being bullied by sports



WJR 760 Detroit, MI 3/12 0745 talk about the auto manufacturers and

suppliers crashing.


WJZ 1300 Baltimore, MD 3/12 0748 Mike and Mike in the Morning.


WMT 600 Cedar Rapids, IA 3/12 0752 WX forecast and 8F. Sound is very



WOC 1420 Davenport, IA 3/12 0756 talk about the banking crisis.


WOI 640 Ames, IA 3/12 0759 playing All Things Considered. http://


WOL 1450 Washington, DC 3/12 0712 with the Joe Madison Show. http://


WWJ 950 Detroit, MI 3/12 0815 with PSA about A. Lincoln. Stock

markets expected to drop.


And that’s another month on the Net.


73’s, Martin


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


Jay Heyl – Aurora, IL




One of the local NOAA WX stations got knocked off the air today. In its absence I was able to log WXJ75 in Springfield, about 150 miles from here. It was very spotty and took me quite a while to get a positive ID. This was on my GRE PSR-500 with a collapsible whip antenna.



David Slate- Hendersonville, TN

Pro 96 and 97



1:48  162.450 WNG-629  Spencer TN  TN with the short trem Forecast on the Snow and Ice   relog  125 mi, this was fighting it out with

1:50  162.450  KWN-53  Centerville TN  reg weahter roundup.  Hickman co met.  New 77 mi

1:53  162.425  WWF 84  Lawrecebrug TN   reg weahter roundup  Id   relog 101 mi


The Visible Universe


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Receiver, Antenna


** OKLAHOMA. As of March 19, OETA is now announcing that its remaining two full-power analog signals, KWET-12 Cheyenne and KOET-3 Eufaula will shut down analog March 30 at 9 AM [CDT = 1400 UT]. This is a change from the notice they had been running since Feb 17 when KETA-13 and KOED-11 shut down analog, that the other two would continue until June 12! I wonder why they changed their mind? Translators are supposedly continuing analog past June 12 until some unspecified date later this year, but that could change too.

BTW, I`ve always found it odd that KOET-3 in some listings is lumped in with KOED-11 as part of the ``Tulsa market``, while KOET is really intended to serve the area S of Tulsa, and one could hardly get KOET inside Tulsa while KJRH-2 exists if one wanted to, unnecessarily with exactly the same programming on KOED (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

TV and an antenna at 20 feet


weeeeeellllllll, maybe TEXAS terrain is just different then.  Them wide open spaces!

I have a Home-Depot $35 TV VHF-UHF antenna at 20-feet pointed toward McAllen.

Here is what I am receiving digitally: 

 4.1 McAllen KGBT cbs     HD                             

 4.2 KGBT  weather

 4.3 blank ????

 5.1 Weslaco KRGV  abc HD

 5.2 latv

 5.3 retro tv

 7.1 Matamoros XHAB local televisa HD

 9.1 Matamoros XERV "canal de las estrellas"  HD

11.1 Matamoros azteca 13  HD

14.1 Matamoros azteca 7 hd HD

23.1 Brownsvlle KVEO nbc HD

38.1 Harlingen KMBH pbs HD

38.2 Harlingen v-me

38.3 Harlingen maria-vision

38.4 Harlingen ewtn

48.1 McAllen KNVO univision

48.2 telefutura

48.3 XHRIO-2 fox-rio HD

48.4 KSFE-LPcw


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Crump. TN


If you are interested in Cuban Radio, this is one good website....


All the frequency data you want...


This NEEDS to be bookmarked by all who listen to Cuban radio.


Jim Tonne – Oak Ridge, TN


There is definite progress in getting WATO 1290 back on the air in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  They have a 1 kW transmitter delivering a carrier into a non-directional antenna for testing.  Apparently a multi-step process to restore the signal has begun.  I have heard that test

signal, with modulation, today.  As I understand things they have to deliver a carrier, can go black, then make more changes to the facility and finally come on "for real."  I don't know the time frame.

- Jim Tonne   Oak Ridge TN


Bargain Barn


Les Rayburn – DX Engineering NCC-1 (Reduced Price)


I have a new, in the box DX Engineering NCC-1 Phaser that I'm parting with. It was installed in the new shack for a couple of months, before being returned to it's original box while the shack was rebuilt. Unfortunately, my deed restricted neighborhood denied all my requests for even the simplest of antennas including active whips, and beverages on the ground. I hate to see it just sit on the shelf, and besides I can use the money. 

Before I put this beauty on Ebay, I wanted to offer it to AM DX'ers. It's in beautiful shape, without so much as a mark, scuff, or ding. Original box, instructions, etc. This is by far the best phaser that I've ever owned, and it performs like a dream. New, these units sell for $495 plus shipping. I'll part with this one for $325 and I'll pay for the shipping and insurance. If you're disappointed for any reason, I'll gladly refund your money, no questions asked. 

More details at: 

If you're interested, please contact me off-list at I prefer Paypal for payment. If you're concerned about buying this, please check my ebay feedback rating (Paladin1) which is over 380 points, and I've been a member since 2000. 


Les Rayburn, N1LF


121 Mayfair Park

Maylene, AL 35114


Show and Tell – New Toys


Emily Keene – Middletown, NJ   Grundig 750


 I just received my Satellit 750 yesterday (from Amazon) and spent several hours with it. Ironically, the air band ( much maligned in previous reviews and dismissed as "nigh deaf " in Passport ) is fabulous in my unit. It blew out my scanners - and I have good ones! - as well as several other radios that I use for air monitoring. I live very near La Guardia, Kennedy, and Newark airports, and air band listening is extremely important to me. The otherwise good scanning doesn't work on the airband, even with the squelch button adjusted, and although you can auto-scan through memories,  I was disappointed to learn that the auto-scan memory function doesn't work with air frequencies, even when stored. However, the frequencies can be manually scanned by button or tuning knob, so it is only a small inconvenience.  I am, if anything, even more pleased with the performance of the air band after spending more time with it today - I can't imagine clearer, more "present" signals than what I'm hearing. The radio needs some getting used to - I had trouble getting the audio balanced, and the buttons seem small and cramped, even with my relatively small female fingers. The AGC is erratic on SW and MW - some signals seemed to "fall out" while others pumped up almost instantly. As a rule, it took a moment for the system to stabilize, but it didn't seem to be that much bother to fiddle with the antenna or volume to get a good, listenable signal. However, the sensitivity of all bands seems very good -on MW I heard Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Rochester, NY ( usually hard to get here....); and the usual Canadians without much effort. There seemed to be a lot of action on the graveyard frequencies that would have been fun to sort out with a loop - I'm looking forward to some good MW DX with this thing - the rotating antenna works as advertised. FM seemed very good, and SW was easy to tune ( the "instant tuning" I like with the Satellit 800 is here as well - punch in the frequency and there it is - no other "enter" or "frequency" buttons need to be pushed before or after ). Today I further explore the memory system - I will use the memories primarily for MW and air since I use my E1 for SW scanning through memories since I love the country pages and the ability to go through them and have the radio go directly to the frequencies. I was surprised at the cheap-looking little manual that came with the radio after the attractive black books that came with my other etons. Also, there are no accessories included, which was disappointing.. For a radio initially priced at $300 I expected something equivalent to the reel antenna and earpiece that Degen / Kaito usually includes with even the cheapest radios. At least they sent the wall wart power supply, which made no noise and worked fine. The tuning knob did have a slight wobble, but not enough to worry me, but if I had paid $300, I would be less enthusiastic than I am after my outlay of just over $200 with free shipping, which seems about right for this radio. The SSB that many have found wanting was tested today. Yesterday, I couldn't get a clear copy on a ham conversation that I tried to listen to, but it wasn't a good signal, so I didn't want to judge the unit on that. I listen to SSB a lot, so I was especially interested in how the unit would handle SSB signals. Today I copied some ham conversations with no real difficulty, BUT could copy the same signals in half the time with the E1 and with much better fidelity. It wasn't enough of a disadvantage to keep me from taking the 750 camping this summer as my basic radio ( instead of the 350DL or Redsun RP2100 ) since the air band and the mere presence of SSB make it more useful to me. In addition, there's a line-in for my Sirius stiletto and mp3 players, so I'm all ready for the summer camping season! ( As I sit here looking out at the foot of snow that fell Sunday night...)




Middletown, NJ


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI  Sony XDR-F1HD


To my amazment the Sony HD tuner arrived yesterday. I was back and up and running with by 3 PM. Within 5 minutes out of box UNIDed already o0n 106.9 playing classical. with in the hour more unids sprung up. classical on 95.3. this is right next to blow torch pest super local WBRU. 104.5 is back from larwance mass next to the klove sdatelator that cropped up recently. as the day wore on and night set in UNIDS contiuned to popup and pepper the dial. 96.7 "the wave" . 94.7 presumed springfield ???? of course the grand opening night would not have complete without a WHOM 94.9 MT WASHINGTON NH and WOKQ 97.5 keene NH both which were hammering in !!!! around 9 PM WZLX 100.7 about 40- 60 miles started locking HD . WWKX woonsocket / blackstone which has a weak HD signal also locked......with WCOD hammering in on 106.1 cape cod !!!!! the tuner is connected to a phillips phased indoor dipole with 34'' rods. Last night compared to a great summer day last year at the beach with the eton e100........w/o going to the beach and in the comfort of home !!!! i can just imagine the loggings i will drown in this season !!!! Oh and i forgot while listenng to 93.7 boston (mike FM) somebody popped in and tookover the channel from the new haven CT area playing hip hop and into an ad block mentioning new haven CT !!!


The AM side needs work with antenna and antenna placement. i can't expect reception with the antenna on a bottom shelf near the floor and the XM and cell phone wall warts are making whine into the aM band. In spite o this i could here the usaul blow torches and skywave locals under the QRM. A better AM antenna may also be what the DR ordered.


Reviews about the tuner stated a complaint about the backlight was too bright even on the lowest setting. I did NOT find this to be an issue the settings were just right for me. i had no trouble reading the display at all. The remote was very easy to use and i was working it in the dark by the backlight setting on med. the uni runs a bit warm especilly when decoding HD. i think a small tiny fan beside it would be nice to keep it cool.


Testing, Testing…


WHYL 960 Test and Irish 864 Test 3/13


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN


Sweeps and morse only heard at times from WHYL along with WABG from Greenwood, MS here in Crump, TN.

Didn't last too long about 20 minutes into the test, it was not heard again.

The test from Ireland, not even a micropeep.


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI


Heard on Sony XDR-F1HD with supplied AM loop from warwick R.I.

960 WHYL Carlisle PA 12:00 AM EDT popped up onto channel with ABC News about obama after news welcome DXERs from around the world. Said from our twin transmitters towers . followed speech by earth wind and fire shake your groove thing..  3/14/09


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK


960 WHYL-PA slow CW ID 2310CDT 15MAR09 followed by sweep

one! Thanks, Bruce!


Ron Gitschier – Palm Coast, FL


960 - SIlly me, I Left all my radios at the radio station... so it was off to the truck. 12:19 Noted long tone followed by morse code, 12:21 Long Tone. No sweeps noted. 

Radio Relog - Cuba dominant.


Coast to Coast (weekend?)

About 12:30 ".... Right Here on WFIR" Other WFIR Mentions. Uneeded. Birmingham, AL's WERC also normal log here.

at 12:30:30 was ABC News 

Back to the truck ... XYL mistakenly locked me out of the house as I left my keys at my workstation... sheesh.


John K – Indiana


Yes, I hrd the sweep tones round 2:03 here in Southern Ind.


Call Sign Changes


No FCC Release This Month


I Got The Bird!


No Satellite this month.


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