March 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 3


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ABDX membership is now 184 members, unchanged from last month. Let us know what you are hearing and send in your logs. Your logs are what make ABDX a healthy and active list. We thank all of you who have contributed your logs to this months Journal. There were some very nice catches this month.


Spring is here. It’s the time for DXers to be thinking about TV and FM DX. It’s the time for tropo reception in much of the country. Its also the last year for analog DX. See what you can get in this final year. Some of you have picked up a new DTV tuner box courtesy of the $40 coupons sent by the government. This is your chance to see how great DTV is and how nice it looks when received via trop ducting.


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The March CME Announcement


Its time for the March CME and you can send reports on anything on

any band and it will be published.


That said, since baseball season is starting, any baseball on any

band, LF/AM/FM/TV/HF and satellite.


For HF since BBC cut off shortwave to Europe, any BBC on HF. DX

programs such as World of Radio, DXing With Cumbre and the like.


March is when the beginning of trop ducting fires up and any logs via

Tr above 30 MHz are wanted.


And for those who wanted frequency spreads on MW we'll do 1400-1710.


Maybe a little bit for everyone this month.


The April CME Announcement


Some of you remember Morris Sorensen who was from Winnipeg and on 

this list. He passed away in April a few years back and we remember 

him with the April CME in his name.


This month is all Canadian all the time. AM, FM, TV, longwave, 

shortwave, Nothin but Net, its all good. NBN and shortwave from 

Canada should be exceptionally easy with Vancouver and all the stuff 

from Sackville coming to North America from RCI and everyone else on 



So bring out the Tim Hortons, the back bacon, the maple syrup and the 

like and sing the Maple Leaf Rag or Oh, Canada and do a little DXing 

north of the border.


Here's to you Morris, wherever you are!


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.




The Broadcast Band


Larry Wild – Aberdeen, SD

Receiver and antenna


1090. Last night (3/26) about 1130pm CDT I heard a Spanish Language station under/over KAAY. Any idea what it might be? They may have given an ID, but unfortunately, I don’t understand Spanish. It was a combination of Spanish Music and talk. 

1060. WLNO New Orleans, LA. Weak, a little above the noise.

Most of my listening/DXing is between 11:30 and midnight, CDT. I heard a

couple of new stations on 560 Saturday night.

560   WIND         Chicago, IL    5k         29-Mar@11:30pCDT ID.

"News Talk 560"

560   KLZ         Denver, CO   5k         30-Mar@12:01amCDT         IDs as

"560, The Light" Christian music, Heard no call letters on air. Used Google to

determine the call.

Tuesday through Saturday morning (12:05am) I listen to "When Radio Was"

on WBBM, 780.


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Drake R-8 K9AY



0135 UTC         WFUN         970khz         Ashtabula OH         ESPN sports with lots of local ads and slogans

0145 UTC         WILK         980khz         Wilkes-Barre PA            faded up nicely over WCAP with an ID and mentions of being an Entercom Station

2125 UTC         WEOK         1390         Poughkeepsie NY         With Radio Disney


Well the Wellbrook ALA 1530 Outdoor Broadband loop arrived yesterday.

Got it up today on a rotor about 7 ft AGL.  Phased it against the K9AY

and was just rewarded with a new log.

VOCM 590 St. Johns Newfoundland with country music (with local WEZE 95%



John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Car Radio


Caught WWOL-780, Forest City NC at 1915-1930 Eastern on March 20.  Lots of church announcements (mainly from Baptist Churches), a few Southern Gospel type songs, ID (with very rough copy) and sign-off at 1930 Eastern.  Another one for the DX Dashboard Society.

I would have reported this a day or two ago, but I just got back from Bangor, Maine, and I'm still catching up on my paperwork!


WXXY-AM-1600 in Dover, Delaware (one of my locals) seems to have changed their format from urban gospel to contemporary Christian music.  WXXY and it's other incarnations on 1600 have been basically urban gospel for about the last 10 years but they seem to have shifted to a CCM format.  A quick listen today showed more local Dover announcements, as they may not be just relaying programming from the 88.7 Mhz main station in Port Republic NJ (WXXY-FM).  Since I don't listen to WXXY all that much, I'm not sure when the change took place but my log from late last year of WXXY-FM had them as an urban gospel station, which WXXY-AM was simulcasting, so this shift in programming is rather recent, I think. 


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL



2008-03-22 2100EDT 1640 WTNI Biloxi MS Mississippi Seawolves vs Texas during break.

Picked this up on the SRF-59 when I had a few minutes and just started tuning around. They're supposed to be only 1000W at night. I suppose it might get this far over water, but I'm also thinking they may have stayed on daytime power for the hockey game. It was a pretty good signal.

2008-03-23 0318EDT 1660 WCNZ Marco Island, FL     Relevant Radio

2008-03-23 0319EDT 1650 WHKT Portsmouth, VA      Radio Disney

I also heard the Midnight Trucking Network on what I think was 1620 (could have been 1610 or 1630). Thing is, the ID at BOH was for WBAP. Is there a station in that range that simulcasts WBAP on Saturday nights? I've checked online for what I think are the likely candidates and they all claim to be airing something else in that time period.


Bob Smoak – Bamberg, SC




It appears that WQIZ hasn't tonight, and I suspect for the past several nights has not signed off at sundown which is 6:30 P. M. Eastern at my location about 30 miles west.  I'm not sticking around for a positive ID, but it sure sounds like their Catholic programming.  The station operates daytime at 810 kHz with 5,000 watts.






Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA



1680  KGED Fresno, CA 3/10/08 10:25 PM PDT, I was out of town and I missed the earlier emails about the format change on KAVT. Tonight I ran across them with the Legends 16-80 slogan and America's Best Music. Then ToH ID at 11 PM was for KGED Fresno. Call change.


Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN

As listed – its at the bottom….


1250    WKBL    TN    Covington.  0745 CDT. Country music.  "US 51 Country

WKBL" slogan--I.D.   NEW

1560    KGOW    TX    Bellaire.  0835 CDT. Numerous "1560--The Game"

slogans. Then local ads.  NEW.


Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL

FRG 100  and 100 foot wire/SRF59


March 3/08

 4:27 UTC 1548 khz - VORussia via Moldova w/ Voice of Russia  World Service 30 Year Jubilee Promo in English; good

4:39 UTC 1530 khz - Vatican Radio w/ familiar interval signal after Spanish broadcast ; fair

5:05 UTC 1580 khz - CKDO Oshawa, Ontario w/ ID mentions of 107.7 FM  then into song by the Crystals

5:07 UTC 1431 khz - Radio Sawa , Djibouti  w/ arabic chants ; ID , mixing with R. Ulster ; fair

March 12/08

9:26 UTC - 1370 khz - Unidentified  mixing with WDEA in Maine  mention of Sweet Hour of Prayer Promo and what sounded like WDIP  for an id ; fair ... not sure about his one , any ideas ? Its the only other station i've ever  logged here on 1370 with WDEA being  strongest most mights. 

9:37 UTC - 1380 khz - Unidentified with Chinese by woman then into Chinese song ; fair ,  presumed this is WKDM New York, NY as per other DX  reports listed on the net.


5:57 UTC 1320 khz WJAS Pittsburgh, PA w/ song by Kenny Rogers  then ID "1320 WJAS , Wherever you go and on the Net" by man then into Anne Murray song - You Needed Me ; fair

Mar 22/08 

2:25 UTC 1530 khz  - Vatican Radio w/ spanish program then Interval Signal  followed by ID in french and news by woman in french , gd 

2:31 UTC  1570 khz  - CFAV, Laval Quebec with song "Somewhere Between" by french lady , fair

Mar 20/08 

2:12 UTC - 930 khz - CFBC -St. John, New Brunswick w/ "93 Good Time Oldies Plays The Hits"  then Beatles song ; fair  ( 930 CJYQ St. John's local off air most of the evening and  next morning 

2:24 UTC - 1089 khz - SportTalk Radio England w/ commentary and talk , ID ; good 

2:55 UTC  - 936 khz R. Bremen Germany w/ soul type song in English , **New One ** 

23:36 UTC - 1161 khz  presumed VOIRI, Iran w persian chants and Rolling Stones song in lite music format ; strong 

Mar 22/08 

1:53 UTC - 567 khz RTE1 Tullamore , Ireland w/ musical selections and ID ; good 

2:14 UTC - 1215 khz  Virgin Radio , England w/ man talking about Eastenders  and Ice falling ; good thru slop from 1210 local 

2:41 UTC -  760 khz WJR Detroit, Michigan w/ Dr. Laura show ; good

March 24/ 08 - 1320 khz  - CJMR Mississauga, Ontario w/ ethnic programming and ID "Youre listening to 1320 CJMR  The Voice of the City "


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or As Listed



Right now I'm listening to 1100 WTAM in Cleveland OH with the results coming in.  receiver is a very quacky sounding, but hot as a firecracker Heathkit Mohican fed by, you guessed it, the LF Engineering M-601C.

While the little green quacker heathkit is blatting away, I'm going back to Scott's post to see what else I can catch - the only station I can get from Texas is 1700 KVNS - can't imagine they'll stop rolling oldies, so my focus will be on Vermont and Rhode Island. 


864 France coming in here tonight - its been quite a while since I last caught them.  Quite listenable on the R-390A and R8 - haven't fired up any of the other rigs.Only other Euros I've noted tonight are the mostly usual nightly visitors here - Virgin 1215 and Croatia 1134.


The TAs [Trans-Atlantic] stations are really hopping here tonight -

bellweather Croatia 1134 pounding in, almost giving 1130 WBBR a run for

its money!

567, 585, 594, 603, 612, 765, 1107, 1116, 1125, 1134, 1206, 1215, 1422

hopping, amoung others.

I tuned in 1320 CKEC on its last, or second last night - signal strength is down and its being buffeted by the ether.

I'm wondering if they are shifting the pattern to help DXers - remember how the last few days were supposed to be extra good for DXers.

If you don't have a local or near local tearing up 1320 or 1310 or 1330, give 1320 a listen tonight.  Listen for the ID East Coast FM 94.1.  You will not hear 1320 being IDed, and only occassionally will CKEC be mentioned.  But East Coast FM will be IDed a lot.


Driving home last night, I happened to think to check 1320 on the car radio and CKEC was dark.

Based on the number of commercials they have, I think they are very happy to be on FM!

With CKEC-AM now dark, its possible to truly DX 1310, 1320 and 1330.  CKEC had a very nicely processed high end, with lots of sizzle, to make their AC/ Hot AC format sound good.  But it made it tough to DX 1310 and 1330 and, well, 1320 was impossible.

I picked up a bunch of stuff last night on these frequencies.  Too much to make a mental note of all, so I concentrated on 1330. I heard three stations:

1. English language religious programming - this was the strongest - I heard this last night and then again early this morning - e.g. at dawn.  Gone by the time I was driving to work.

2. Spanish language music - this was the weakest last night, but the strongest later this morning driving to work.

3. Rock/AC station - playing REM, Tears for Fears, some true rock, with a prefernce for 80s music. I would describe it as either a classic hits [new oldies!] format, or a rock/hot ac mix - this was the "middle" signal strength station last night and early this morning - gone by the time I was driving to work.

Never heard any IDs.

Any theories as to what I may have heard?

Thanks in advance gang!


Tune in 1560 if you are within ears of 1560 WQEW and you will hear:

Not the het,

Not the tone,



Last night continuing into just after local sunrise, 1560 THE DRONE replaced the usual awe inspiring programming of WQEW Radio Disney. I would have thought it was Brent tuning up his 50 KW transmitter in his basement based on signal strength [he probably thought it was me up to similar mischief!] but the drone was blasting and fading - so I expect it was some major gremlims at WQEW.  Tonight WQEW is back to regular programming.

Also, last night I logged 990 WLGZ Rochester NY with their nostalgia/oldies format.  No small feat given the dominance of 990 CBY Corner Brook NL and 990 CKGM Team 990 in Montreal QC.

I've also been reading the three NRC antenna reference manuals.  Some good reading - especially Volume 3 discussing broadband loops, active verticals, baluns/broadband rf transformers etc.

Right now I'm listening to pop/rock on 1670 KHz. In between songs, French is spoken.  Very weak.  Receiver is a 1955/1963 Collins/Teledyne R-390A fed by a LF Engineering M-601C active whip located 22 feet outside and away from the VY2PR Radio Room.

I strongly suspect it is the new kid's station in Gatineau QC. I saw one reference online [wikipedia] to callsign CJEU.  I did find a website and looked at pictures of their tiny 1KW Nautel transmitter, the 85 foot tower and the site.

March 23, 2008 8:40 p.m. ADT Receiver: Kaito KA2100 nekkid:

960 KHz WHYL Carlisle PA playing oldies/nostalgia *NEW*


I'm stepping up my own personal war on RFI.  Not only do I have the Tripp Lite ultra isobar in the shack, but I now also have an Isoblock in the shack and another Isoblock in the adjacent electronic mini-shop.  A new Belkin powerbar [on sale at the Sourcer by Circus City] for the family computer.  And, 10 [yes 10] more Isoblocks on the way at a price, shipping included, of $7 a piece. The idea is that anything, I mean anything, that generates hash in our house will be

filtered at the wall socket - the microwave, the outlet my wife plugs her cellphone charger into, the fax machine [already filtered, but its the biggest hash maker in the house], etc. 

So far, the war is helping. The 720 to 740 floating, evolving, morhing buzz seems better outshouted by WGN, CKAC and CHCM. I think I have mostly wrestled the 960 buzz to the ground, the reward being clearer reception of Cuban time pips. An hour ago I had the nekkid as a jaybird Kaito KA2100 on my lap in the shack and caught the following:

1170 Radio Sawa Al-Dhabbiya in the UAE 

Sure, they run 800 KW, but the UAE is a pretyy good haul from PEI.  They were nice and clear, playing kind of hip Arabic type music, then IDed as Radio Sawa, before going into the news or other such spoken word programming.  I then grabbed my 2008 WRTH and checked my scribbled notes on a sticky [post-it].

Checking the band with the Radiosophy HD-100, I see WQEW is now flashing a blue light and emitting Dragon Breath hiss - yet, no lock of course.  Sure I can get their analogue signal on a 1 tube regenerative radio with 10 feet of wire for an antenna, but get a digital lock on the HD-100 coupled to a fancy antenna, no...


Paul Walker – Abbeville, SC

SRF59 internal antenna / Eton E-10/Car Radio


 About 3:25 this morning, I was spinning the dial on my Sony SRF-59 Walkman.. 

The dial was a big pile of mud tonight, meaning there were stations on top of stations.

 I was looking for a "placeholder" station to figure out where exactly on the dial I had everything at. While waiting for something to pop up, I heard an add with a 716 area code and base upon where the dial was, I'd say I logged WWKB-AM 1520 

Now, I also have an UN'id station and I can't quite figure this one out... 

This UN'idwas one of the many stations in the mud on 1520kHz... 

It was definately playing oldies (60s, 70's type stuff) and it was satelitte delivered programming from ABC's Oldies Radio Network in Dallas. I recognized a jingle between a song as simple "Oldies Radio" and then coming out of a song, I recognized the jocks voice but don't remember his name.

 I didn't make out the entire call sign, but I was pretty sure I heard the last two letters as "N" and "S" or something that sounded like them. I don't think it was WNWS Brownsville, TN as they are Daytime only and spanish. 

I'm tempted to say is KDJS 1590 Wimar, MN (1KW Day-2 towers/89W Night-2 towers) as it seems like the station does run a salitte format.. but it's a bit far fetched for me to believe at this point. 

Any insight? Thoughts?


I didn't know what frequency I was on at first, but I Heard a spot for "" which is Stratford University with campuses in Woodbridge and Falls Church, VA followed by a spot for HD radio, talking about the clarity and the quality. Then an intro for "National Geographic Weekend on the Salem Radio Network" (SRN2). 

i was able to figure out that my logging was WWWT 1500 Washington, DC based upon the information. 

Oh, the funny thing was, while they were talking about HD.. their signal was a mess. I think WLAC has their IBOC on.


Bert New – Watkinsville, GA



1370 WGCL IN Bloomington - 03/12/08 2300 - TOH ID, News and Weather, and ESPN Radio. Decent signal on top of the mix. "Monroe County's Sports Leader, WGCL, Bloomington".

880 KGHT AR Sheridan - 03/13/08 2312 - Southern Gospel. Good signal in the null of WCBS in New York, NY. "AM 880, KGHT".


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

Sangean DT200V



Driving home from work, I was listening to 990 kHz.  I heard the choral version of the Cuban National Anthem at 7:00 PM CST, then news read by a male announcer.  I could not hear any station Ids (at least none that I could recognise).  A quick check of known Rebelde, Progreso, and Reloj outlets on MW revealed no parallel programming.

When I got home, I checked Bruce Conti's webpage "Progreso, Rebelde, and Reloj:  The Three Todopoderosos" (

It says that I could have been listening to:

CMAP Radio Guamá, San Luís, Pinar del Río

Has anybody else been hearing this station lately?


Rick Barton – Phoenix, Arizona       



Coupla logs from 3/20... Times UTC

 1140  KZMQ  Greybull, WY  Weather for "Cody and Powell", other local references. ID at 1330 , clear. Haven't heard this one beore, but this frequency is one i check a often brings a surprise.   

1550  KKJY  Albuquerque, NM  1245. Local spots,John Denver & other MOR .

ID & traffic report at TOH, spot for "Catholic Foundation". Unid co-channel Spanis lang station prestent after 1300 also.   

yeah yeah spring is here...whooptie-freaking-doo. (Kevin Redding understands). Cant wait for the nice 45 degree weather.  45 deg C., of course.


1170   KFAQ  Tulsa , OK  1204 with local weather, local refs ("here

in Tulsa"). 

1600   KRKE  Albuquerque, NM  0115 with oldies format, 50's and 60's



Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA




Sounds like WW1 feed, not 100% sure.

"The all new 1680" and "Legends 1680" slogans.

KAVT's mouse droppings conspicuously absent so maybe them?  Signal good at times but seems too fadey for KAVT. [KDVD]


Richard Berler – Laredo, TX

Sangean PR-D5


Got an SRF-59...2nd one as 1st seemed hard of hearing. Heard KFWS at 9 pm Sat evening out of Wichita Falls, 446 miles from Laredo. They operate at 73 watts nighttime, and came in easily for several minutes despite our local on 1300 (KLAR, 80 watts nighttime). The SRF-59 is decent in sensitivity, decent with selectivity, decent with regard to lack of mixing products (particularly true at night)...what is most outstanding is it's very sharp null! Fun set!

How would one go about aligning a set like it something that someone with little knowledge, and 2 left hands could give a try (namely, me)?


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Drake R-8 and McKay Dymek Amplified Loop



Clearly audible with time ticks, "RR" in code, and a woman's voice

reading news in Spanish, over WSYR Syracuse and presumed WKBN

Youngstown. 0015 EDT.


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Receiver, Antenna



Does anyone know a station playing classical music on 860? Cuba perhaps?

Heard in the mix of things last night but clearly was a symphony.

Never heard an ID.  Classical stations should be required to Id every

ten minutes for the DX'ers in the audience.


Kevin Redding- Gilbert, AZ

Eton E1XM or as listed


1480 KQAM Wichita, KS 3/15 0000 with ID just prior to ToH. Pretty 

rare to hear it here. Only once before.


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Car Radio


Not that this is untypical, it's actually VERY typical, but we have snow this morning and it's 30 degrees.  Typical first day of spring here in Wyoming.  However, had a little bit of late-day DX yesterday on a trip home from Rock Springs, WY.

1310         KLIX ID         Twin Falls 19:00 Heard the Dr Laura show - listened for quite

a while ( 1 hour plus ) and these guys were in like local.  Have heard them

before but never in like local.  Great signal.  Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM

Stereo car radio.  3/19/08


Hello all – I wanted to report my findings from a new radio I’ve received.  This radio comes equipped with a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix which I just purchased for the wife last week.  We took the new car here to Kingman Arizona as we’re on a week’s vacation for spring break….YES…away from the damn snow.  Beautiful time of year to visit the desert by the way.  From St George to Las Vegas to Kingman the desert is GREEN!  It is gorgeous with flowering trees in bloom and so forth and you can’t beat the 75 degrees it was today.   The family and I spent the day on the road headed east to Flagstaff (wow!  What a beautiful town!) then over to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.   I got to see such a beautiful part of Arizona that I never would have thought was Arizona.   Loaded with mountains, millions of pine trees….I’d swear I was back home around Jackson, Wyoming.    Still some remnant snow banks here and there too.   OH……I’m supposed to be reporting on the RADIO, not the TRIP!   Okay…. Well the Pontiac has a stock GM AM/FM CD radio with RDS.  I must say it’s amazing just how much RDS is out there.  A LOT more than I would have expected.  In Las Vegas about half of the FM’s there have it and I believe just about all of the FMs in the Flagstaff area have it.  And they UTILIZE it!   Not just to display the station’s name, but they all seem to display promos “Join so and so for the mornings how” and all of the song titles and artists.  Good to see such an easily-implemented technology getting used.   Sorry folks….I know it’s been around for a while, I just haven’t had a car with an RDS-capable radio since back about 2003 with my wife’s Impala that we got rid of after only a year or two of having.   Anyways, the antenna is integrated into the rear defroster grid in the back windows.   The one on her 2001 Impala was that way too so I guess this is something GM “discovered” and decided they wanted to keep doing cos they’re still doing it.  Nonetheless, the FM sensitivity is actually GREAT.   This is one hot radio when it comes to FM.  On the AM side, it really isn’t too bad as far as sensitivity.   On the way home from the Grand Canyon just a few minutes ago, we were (at HER suggestion) DXing just to see what came in.  Audio quality seems kinda sucky, but not as bad as the stock radio in her Impala was and many other GM stock radios I’ve heard.  Upon earlier tries of listening I must say I couldn’t hear the difference between stations running IBOC that roll everything off at 5khz and stations that are running the full 10khz so I’d guess it’s bandwidth is 5khz.  Maybe a little less on distant stations but when it’s local and strong enough it opens up to the whole 5khz.  This does help when DXing because it helps to reject the adjacent channel interference.  Sensitivity isn’t great, but really isn’t too bad.  I was naming off the stations as we went from frequency to frequency…..had a SS at 540, something mixing with KUZZ at  550, KMJ at 580, Cedar City (KSUB?) at 590, KOGO at 600, baseball on 610 – thought it to be San Fran but I don’t think so….they’re religious….620 was messy… thought I’d hear KTAR but it wasn’t there, 640 KFI in loud and clear, 650 was a mess….was hoping for WSM and will keep trying for them while I’m here since I’m far enough away from KMTI, 660 KTNN Window Rock AZ loud, 680 KNBR loud, 690 had SS….thought maybe I’d hear XETRA but it was SS…..what IS XETRA running these days---maybe that WAS them, 700 had KALL from Salt Lake, 710 SS from Black Canyon City AZ, 720 KDWN Las Vegas in very nice, 740 KCBS Los Angeles in good, 750 KOAL Price UT fair, 760 with talk (assuming Denver), 770 KKOB VERY LOUD, 780 – hoping for KAZM Sedona but no dice, 800 XEROK VERY LOUD of course, 810 KGO in VERY nicely, 820 WBAP Fort Worth, 830 KLAA Orange CA in very nice, and finally 840 KXNT Las Vegas in good too.  Stopped there because we were close to Kingman and they were running Dr Laura so we listened for a while.  We did notice while listening that occasionally KOA would be coming in well enough that their IBOC HASH would at times eliminate our ability to hear KXNT.  Then the hash would fade and Dr Laura would come back.  Didn’t notice any hash on 830 from KXNT but the signal was fair to good so it might not have been strong enough if THEIR IBOC was on.

If I had my car or my Sony 7600 this is about the same outcome I’d expect…..this is what the dial is usually like down here so the back-glass antenna was apparently not HINDERING the AM reception but I’m sure it wasn’t helping it either.  GM has apparently worked on the filtering aspects of this hokey antenna because it’s actually pretty damn clean even during the day with no interference from the engine or motorboating or anything.   Not bad.  This radio lets you set your own EQ settings….tune the bass,mid,and treble separately so you can tweak it so you can boost those highs (if ya wanna call 5khz high) and it’s not too bad to listen too.  I’m sure we’ve all heard worse.

Will be here in Kingman until Sunday so will maybe have more to report.  On a non-related note, we had quite the discussion about KADD – Laughlin being moved from Laughlin to Logandale, NV.   I didn’t recall the frequency so I didn’t listen when we passed through Las Vegas, but we’ll be there on Wednesday so I will try to remember to check to see if it’s on and what it’s doing.  Meanwhile the translators here in Kingman that used to point to it are apparently still on the air.  One of them is dead.  OC.  No stereo pilot.  The other one at 99.1 is on and from what I can hear it’s still the K-hits station and ABC’s Hot AC network, however it’s unlistenable as there seems to be another close-by station interfering with it.  I’m guessing this is going on at the receiving end of the translator….not my end because there is nothing directly next to it.  We had HEARD they were going to re-broadcast a new station going on the air that would be licensed to Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada.   This is a flea power station up on Christmas Tree Pass between Vegas and Laughlin – so I can’t tell if they re-tuned the translator to the frequency of this new station and maybe there is a first-adjacent station nearby that’s it’s getting interference from.  Who knows.  I don’t remember the calls of that supposed new station.  I think we’re going to be in Laughlin / Bullhead City on Thursday so I will try to look up the specs and see where the cal-nev-ari station is on the dial and if it’s listenable in that area – it should be.  Will report on that too.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Drake R8 and phased BOGs



Sunday eve I did some repair work on my westerly Phased BOG System and then  tuned around for a few hours. With roughly 600 ft // 425 ft directivity is

awesome especially on the high end of the band. They aim about 273 deg.  I

have some termination work to do, but that will wait until I can walk

painlessly again (bad bad foot issues here)

As an example I am about 45 miles NNW of WVON on 1690 and they basically a

non factor at night. Toronto's Greek is dominant off the back end (they get

out very well it seems) and when I phase null them Denver's Disney is quite

decent. Iowans completely crushing regionals like 1460 and 1350. KCHA and

KNIM mixing on 1580 with little trace of CKDO, 1570 from SD "The Ticket"

quite decent with sports. In short real good directivity to the west.

Anyhow, I was tuning in the X-band and as I passed 1670 noted weak EE talk

under WTDY and mixing with weak SS from WVVM. I heard a couple ments of

Highway Advisory Radio ... Iowa Dept of Trans. and presume it must be Des

Moines as that's all I can find listed and here's a link to an IA HAR map from their DOT.

The FCC TIS search has changed and even when I select all services, there

are many known local TIS's not listed.

I find it extremely rare to ever hear 10 w TIS via skip now that there are a

few X-banders on each channel.

Also of note from Sunday eve was decent copy of KOMO 1000 from 9:06 to 9:11

with lots of local news and finally an ID and 7:11 TC. This is surprisingly

easy prior to sunset switch time and was had some QRM from an SSer in the

phase null of local WMVP.


Donald (OWG) Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R-8 and Kiwa Loop


A bit of listening 3/9 at SSS.  Most notable was that local 1550 seemed

to be back to running their former format of Modern Country/Western

music.  At least they had a program of it on about 6:40 p.m. PDT tonight.  Announced as K-You still & said they were the local radiooutlet for the Oakland A's.  I wasn't aware of that.

Other stuff.....not much but.....oh well!   1715-1750 PDT 3/9....

 660   No dominant signal, just several stations just above

audibility..Usually KTNN is all powerful.

 670   Strong KBOI

 700   Salt Lake City in with sports and dominant

 710  No sign of Seattle thru KFIA Carmichael

 720   No sign of KFIR thru KDWN Sin City

 790   Very strange here.  Looping NE (the only direction I can use that

doesn't have very heavy neighborhood noises) I had Boise atop with

preacher and KWIL Albany OR mixing with them with hymns.  Both Fresno &

L.A. the dominants seemed to have taken a vacation.  Wish I could get

them to do this beaming SE so I could hear the Winchester (LV) station.

 830  Orange barely peeking thru KNCO.  Usually KLAA is strong at this


 840  TIS WPEI433 S.F. strong atop with report of overturned truck on

I-280 near intersection with Cal 92 (San Mateo area).  Usually Belvedere

TIS is atop.  New Modesto station beneath all this.

 850  No sign of KOA

 880  Someone trying to cut thru KKMC with talk

1110 KLIB Roseville with nice strong signal (very unusual)..

1210 Assumed Rocklin with Spanish language religion.  Strong signal.

1220 Palo Alto carrying Lakers-Kings game

1250 Willits very strong in spanish.

1330  Someone in English atop. Most likely Shasta City.

1350  KSRO Santa Rosa getting squashed by next door KFIV Modesto on


1390  Turlock very strong in spanish

1410  KMYC Marysville mixing with KRML Carmel.  KMYC carrying


1550  KYCY with c&w music.  In tight null I could easily bring in a

station playing music in spanish, sometimes with no KYCY QRM.  Assume

this to be Reno KXTO as antenna was pointed right at them.

Like I said, not much to talk about.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



** U S A. You might think that KOKC 1520 would own the channel here in Enid,

but not so: March 22 at 0532, heavy IBOC QRM centered on the hi side of 1520,

obviously from WLAC 1510. Fortunately, KOKC was carrying Roy Masters at the

time, and who cares if he`s IBOCed?

Also open carrier was dominating 1500 at 0532, instead of KSTP, so was that

KSTP? Or Pawhuska? IBOC also audible on the other side of WLAC


Bob Bald1- Rapid City, SD

Receiver and antenna


I heard it as well on 3/28 but still managed to hear KBOZ's 5 kW out

of Bozeman, MT.  The Spanish faded in and out killing KBOZ for brief


  I tried to work the 1480 kHz 5 kW DX test by WHBC out of Canton, OH

Friday night but found KLNS's 0.75 kW from Lincoln NE to pretty much

dominate that frequency.


The Whole Earth


Rick Barton – Phoenix, Arizona       




AUSTRALIA   2485  ABC - Katherine  0900 -  Interviews, pop music,

news on half hour. Armchair quality, but only one of the ABC domestics


 PAPUA NEW GUINEA  3315  R. Manus  1110. Idig. music pgm, female

announcer, very good signal.  

U.K.  15410  R. Farda (Wooferton-?)  1515  Middle Eastern music and

rap .  

PHILIPPINES  11730  R. Pilipinas  1730 opening with armchair signal

and clear IDs , program mistly in Taglish and Tagalog.  

GUAM  15320  AWR  at 2245 w/ mailbag pgm.  

CHINA  13640  CRI -Jinhua to service to Indonesia in pres. Indo lang.  

MOROCCO  15345  RTV MArocaine  1900  Very strong at local noon with and female anncr in Arabic. Full S-9 signal on RF-2200with

telescoping antenna - but freq. confirmed with Sangean digital dial.

SPAIN  9630  R. Ext. de Espana  2230   soccer match and closeing at

TOH leaving CBC Radio 1 alone on freq.


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

R8 50’ wire


Yowza! After seeing Glenn's logging of "hifer" beacon OK, I thought I'd

give it a try.

Heard between 0300 - 0315 UTC 09MAR08

3450 OK Oklahoma 300 mw (Map indicates central OK)

4077 MO Oklahoma 200 mw (Map indicates eastern OK Panhandle)

4094 PA Arkansas 200 mw (Map indicates north-central Arkansas)

4112.1 FL Florida 100 mw!! (Map indicates north-central Florida)


Harry Helms –Smithville, TX

Eton E5


March 22 was a great morning here for Papua New Guinea on  90 meters from 1155-1225 UTC. Signals were uniformly good, all building toward my local sunrise. While all have been logged before, it was a treat to hear the below at such nice levels:

3315 Radio Manus with choral music, male and female announcers in English.

3325 Radio Bougainville noted after 1200 with apparent news or commentary show with male announcer and guests with "telephonic" audio on their segments; this was my unID from last week----I thought this was supposed to sign off by 1200.

3335 Radio East Sepik with beautiful choral music. Also heard after 1200, which I thought was their sign off time (the divinely inspired and therefore inerrant

Passport to World band Radio 2008 says 1200 sign off).

3385 Radio East New Britain with male and female announcers and (yes!!) choral music, perhaps the strongest of all four signals after 1210.

Tried for 3305, 3355, and 3365 outlets without luck.

These loggings were with the Eton E5 and its whipantenna. I find myself constantly surprised anddelighted by the performance of this little wonder!


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** AUSTRIA. Classical music is so rare on SW, that I had to pause when I came

across some on 9870, fair March 6 at 2343 – what could that be? O yes, Ö1 is

scheduled here to SAm during this semihour only, in its complex mixture of

English, German and Spanish. I must say, they have good taste, letting the

music play, rather than chopping and hyping it up, like over on 15410 at the

same time

** CUBA. As previously reported, RHC found on new unlisted 11680 during the

0000 UT hour March 1. Did not get around to checking it again until UT March 5

at 0010 --- yes, still there in Spanish and nothing on 11875

** CUBA. The DentroCuban Jamming Command, for good measure, or in its customary sloppiness, was jamming nothing but poor Bolivia on 6135, March 7 at 0003, tho it was liter than the heavy jamming on R. República 6155, shortly after its switch from 6135.

Say, what`s the problem with Radio República, anyway? Isn`t República de Cuba

the current name of the country? More marxist than thou, yet never officially

renamed a People`s Democratic Republic, or some variant thereof. Patria o

suerte, ¡pensaremos! BTW, check out George Will`s latest column about Castro

and Cuba

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, English to NAm, 9465, March 6 at 2315 with 4+1 timesignal

7.5 seconds late compared to WWV (so why bother instead of a simple time

announcement?), `News from the North American Service of Radio Cairo``, news

theme, and news read by YL, starting with shootings in Jerusalem. By

concentrating with headphones I was able to follow most of it, but the audio

level faded up and down. Engaging the hi-pass audio filter on the FRG-7 helped

to minimize the bass. She wrapped it up at 2324, I think giving her name, but

could not understand it. Then into at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted music,

mostly Arabic songs by a woman. Recheck at 0000 UT Fri March 7, Arabic lesson, but signal was down a bit and now bothered by much stronger Portugal on 9460

** PORTUGAL. I recently pointed out that a Stewart MacKenzie log of Spain in

Spanish on 11620 must really have been Portugal in Portuguese, as scheduled.

However, March 6 just as I tuned across 11620 at 2249, it was in Spanish!

Listening a bit longer, this turned out to be an interview with some silly

ballgame figure from Spain. The interviewer spoke in Portuguese and the

interviewee answered in Castilian, neither taking the trouble to speak the

other`s language, and no translations were included, nor apparently were they

thought to be needed. So you may indeed hear Spanish from RDPI under these

circumstances. Also // on much weaker 11960

** RUSSIA. Tho there was little doubt, on March 6 I made sure that the station

taking over 6020 after Australia closes is Family Radio, as scheduled via

Samara. At 1357, Russian marker tones periodically under RA, which played

Waltzing Matilda 1358-1359*. Then sure enough, starting a few seconds after

1400, Family Radio trumpet theme.

This is Telugu, a 140 degree beam across south India from the site at 50-15

East, 53-17 North, per Aoki. Checking Kuybyshev (its Soviet name) as on my old

NGS globe, I find that the great circle to Enid heads about 153 degrees from

Samara, not too far off; goes to 76 degrees south near McMurdo, and is all over

water from S Asia to the SW coast of Mexico. How about the greyline?

Set for 1400 UT March 6 at we see that

there is a lot more light on the short path across northern Greenland this time

of year, tangent to 76 degrees north, than there is the much longer long path.

This plus the fact that I am not hearing anything else from any part of Europe

on 49m at the time, leads me to conclude that this reception is indeed


** TURKEY. VOT still doesn`t have its act together on how to handle the Live

from Turkey anomalies twice a week. I listened to the Tuesday March 4 edition

on webcast at 1950-2020 UT [broadcast on 6050] (no callers, lots of music, gab

about Turkey/US/Kurdistan relations, etc.), and checked the 2300 UT webcast too [broadcast on 5960]: The opening program summary admitted it was a replay of the 1930 UT broadcast, and said Live from Turkey would ensue. But at 2323 ---no Live from Turkey! Switched around this time to alternate programming,

presumably duplicating the 1330 UT transmission [broadcast on 12035, 11735]

with Economic Weekly show instead

** U S A. Just how early does WWRB start its big band prélude on 5050? Per FCC and HFCC B-07, 5050 is available to WWRB only from 0000 to 0500. There have been reports of it from before 2330, but on March 6 I found it already going at 2259 tune-in, lots of familiar tunes including American Patrol (jazzed up) at

2308. Very good signal. Checked other WWRB frequencies and found 6890 // 9385 with hymn, presumably the Brother Scare service, breaking for Dave Frantz lofi ID at hourtop, which I never heard, nor any other announcement, on 5050

** ECUADOR [and non]. DRM buzz from HCJB on new frequency March 7 and 8 to avoid DW 14-20 via Kigali, Sines on 15275. Supposed to be on 15480-15485-15490 at 1400-2100, but already on at 1343 March 7, nominal 4 kW transmitter power, but quite a bit stronger than neighboring DRM from Vatican on 15510-15515-15520 which was scheduled only until 1400. Also checked the third special for the SWL Winter Fest, and it was on too at 1355, TDF Guiana French, 17835-17840-17845, which had also changed from its usual 17870-17875-17880 to avoid some interference. However, on Saturday, 17840 will collide with Lisbon from 1400, weekends only

** ISRAEL. Galei Zahal, 15781.8, talk in Hebrew at 1443 March 7, poor signal,

but better than an hour before when IBA was much stronger in Hebrew on 15760

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze via JSR, Japan, 5985, in English once again on Friday March 7 at 1404, this time with chronology of news about NK, at this

point Feb 20 on de-nuclearization, next item dated Feb 21; hard to understand

due to accent; 34333

** ROMANIA [and non]. March 7 at 1349 was getting 5 Hz SAH on REE via Costa Rica, 15170, as REE was ending Gallego news segment; some talk audible from the QRM; at 1444 recheck, REE had gone and was getting music and talk with continuous crackle/breakup in the modulation tho carrier was steady. Checking listings later, must be RRI Galbeni, in Romanian as scheduled, well-known for its audio problems, at 285 degrees, more or less toward Costa Rica! Great coördination

** RUSSIA. Another check for 8GAL, 6074 proved negative as it has been for the

past week, but March 7 at 1400. R. Rossii 6075 timesignal closing after jazz

was 5.5 seconds late compared to WWV! If you can`t do any better than that, you

should not pretend to broadcast an accurate timesignal

** RUSSIA. YFR via Samara longpath, 6020, checked again March 7 at 1402: just buzz/hum, no modulation audible, but at 1406 recheck presumed Telugu talk

mixing with hum

** SAUDI ARABIA. 17660, March 7 at 1429 in French giving address for ``Club de l`Auditeur``, but couldn`t copy it, fading in and out; after 1430 mentioned

Côte d`Ivoire several times. Consulting PWBR 2008 you will have no leads on

this, but it`s the French service of BSKSA at 1400, beamed due west from

Riyadh. This misses Ivory Coast, crossing sparsely inhabited northern regions

of ex-French West Africa, Chad, Niger, Mali, finally not far from Bamako

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare on 15325, March 7 at 1455, barely

audible in skirts of Martí Greenville 15330, but unmistakable hoarseness, and

// WWRB 9385. This is Nauen 14-16, 100 kW, 165 degrees

** U S A. 7457, Friday March 7 at 1410, Air Force MARS net on SSB, NCS AFA2AJ, first ``calling all stations in Puerto Rico``, and asking for relays; then

North Carolina, then Kentucky, Georgia with a few check-ins; constant RTTY QRM from 7455. Googling AFA2AJ, the top four hits (why??) were from the Russian bulletin World DX quoting other logs of this including 7457-USB, from

Starchat/UDXF but not mentioning location. Searching on UDXF yg itself only got

two hits on the callsign, one from Sept 2007, and another from Aug 2006, in

fact the same logs picked up by World DX. A very seldom-reported station!

Another Google hit had afa2aj as part of an e-mail address by someone

participating in something to do with a Nuclear Regulatory Commission seminar

in April 2005, ``Presentation by Dr. Norman Abrahamson and Dr. Lloyd Cluff on

the new generation ground motion attenuation model and results for large

magnitude earthquakes.``



USAF MARS Virginia Communicator Region 2 Bulletin,

Another hit led to an image of the shack, but possibly disinformation, since

it`s apparently the Air Force Academy, nowhere near Virginia;  See where a hard-to-copy SSB log can lead?

** PRIDNESTROVYE. Wonder what became of Radio PMR? No sign of anything on 6240, Friday March 7 at 2332 check, nor at 0023 recheck March 8. I remember hearing it as usual, but not bothering to log it, one day earlier after 0000 UT March 7 in English

** U S A. KVOH spurs heard again, March 7 at 2308: having listened to R.

Australia 17785 most of the previous hour without any problem from strong

17775, I tuned around 16m and found a noise blob very close to 17920 where KVOH spurs have appeared before. Mixed with the noise were modulation peaks, which I could // with 17775, talk interview with someone on phone, so that`s the source, plus 145 kHz. Then checked for a match on minus 145 kHz = 17630 and could hear the same pitched noise, tho quite a bit weaker against local noise level

** U S A. As feared, WORLD OF RADIO was missing from Area 51, WBCQ, 5111+v, at its usual Friday 2330 time, March 7. Did not check until 2355, but did not hear any modulation on the reduced carrier with USB; webcast was playing music. Nor has the March 7+ Area 51 schedule been posted on WBCQ Forums, another casualty I suppose of the Winter SWL Fest. Let`s hope things are back to normal from March 14, when, however, we assume everything will be one UT hour earlier due to silly daylight shifting time, thus WOR Fridays at 2230, immediately losing an hour of nighttime propagation in addition to the gradually latering sunsets

** U S A [non]. CVC A Sua Voz commits another cardinal sin in presenting

classical music, ``Sem Limites``, on 15410 via Chile, March 7 at 2328: talking

over the tail end of a piece and fading it out, in order to introduce a

3-minute break consisting of jarringly over-produced promotions for something

or other with music that was anything but classical. Tune out in disgust. BTW,

the audio processing is not suitable for classical music either, everything

pushed up for minimum dynamic range, plus generally low fidelity

** VENEZUELA [non]. Bandscan of 19m, March 7 at 2322 found a big gaping hole on 15250 where huge signal from RNV via Cuba normally resides during this hour. But it cut on at *2324 in the midst of their habitually outdated transmission schedule announcement, then ``Mari2`` folk song, and started ``Efemérides`` but cut off the air again at 2327* before date could be mentioned. Then checked // 13680 and it was also missing. Both came on again at *2330

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command, wall of noise centered on 15330 against Radio Martí, March 8 at 1405, was also putting out spurious spikes as far as 15305-15355, the latter audible under WYFR. Also same sounding spikes on 15495, next to HCJB DRM 15480-15485-15490. Recheck at 1537, the spikes had built up to more severity, bothering Morocco Arabic on 15345, also vs Saudi Arabia Arabic 15435-15445; and the upper set 15485-15495 vs HCJB DRM was matched by a lower set at 15165-15175, i.e. plus and minus 155-165 kHz from 15330

** GUIANA FRENCH. TDF DRM test to SWL Winter Fest, 17835-17840-17845, March 8 at 1401. Only heard DRM noise and no AM from Portugal, which is scheduled weekends only on 17840; however 16m European reception was far below normal with e.g. Spain 17595 just barely audible instead of usual inbooming. Even from the east coast among DRM monitors I don`t see any mention of Portugal causing problems. Next I checked at 2028, 17835-17840-17845 was DRM-free; I believe a DRM monitor said they closed at 2009. For those wondering, all my ``DRM`` logs are just of the noise, as I am not sufficiently motivated to try to monitor DRM as intended

** INDONESIA. RRI was good on 60 meters, March 8; it helped a lot to tune in an

hour earlier than I usually do, at 1304: 4605 Serui was best at S9+20 with

warta berita, // 4790 Fak2, and at 1306 also // 4920 Biak when M&W were

talking, still in news, I think. However at 1305, 4870 Wamena was in music not

// the others. At 1308, 4605 heard mentioning ``RRI [pronounced air-air-ee]. .

. warta berita``. At 1351, 4605 was still holding up well with music and more

flutter than before, also 4790 with not // music, and CODAR worst there; also

at 1351, 4920 was somewhat stronger than 4870. Missing was 4750 Makassar, even at the earliest 1304 check. There were also some Chinese frequencies audible, interspersed. VOI 9526 was missing this date before and after 1400 ** OKLAHOMA. Have been looking for the ``OK`` hifer beacon on 3450, as recently

reported from as far away as Michigan, but must have been off or below my

considerable local noise level. But heard March 8 at 1310 with nothing but A1 =

CW ID ``OK`` ten times per minute, peaking S9+8, fortunately a bit above the

current noise level, and a bit below 3450.0. It was still detectable at 1408,

1444, 1547, and 2031 UT. WHERE in Oklahoma is it, I wonder? I suppose this is

secret since it is not exactly licensed. The website

gives no specific location, but claims it is 24/7, running 300 Megawatts! I

should get it on my teeth. O, I`ll bet they mean millwatts, if not microwatts,

since they don`t know their M/m/u metric prefixes.

``OK 3450 Khz solar power 300Mw end fed wire 24/7 Location: Oklahoma``

And there`s another one in state for me to seek next:

``MO 4077 Khz solar 200Mw 118ft end fed wire 24/7 Location: Oklahoma``

** PORTUGAL. Nice Portuguese music on 15465, Saturday March 8 until 2000* Can`t imagine why RDPI did not have a silly ballgame runing on a Saturday evening, but fine with me

** SUDAN [non]. SSIRI, 15675 fair via South Africa, Sat March 8 at 1400, YL

opening elementary English lessons with usual doorbells, etc. Not always

audible, but scheduled Tue/Thu/Sat 1400-1430

Geophysical Alert Message # Solar-terrestrial indices for 07 March follow.

Solar flux 71 and mid-latitude A-index 2. The mid-latitude K-index at 1500 UTC

on 08 March was 4 (48 nT). No space weather storms were observed for the past

24 hours. No space weather storms are expected for the next 24 hours

** TAIWAN [non]. Happened to stop on 5950, RTI via WYFR, March 8 at 0257 as

they were closing with English transmission schedule. Tho very strong signal as

usual, the modulation was suppressed by an even stronger carrier which came on at 0258. There was an occasional SAH ripple when one took a brief fade. What could this be? RTI is in English via WYFR at both 0200 and repeated at 0300 on 5950. But from this, it appears that two different WYFR transmitters are

involved, and they did not turn off the first one before the second one came

on. Yes, there is a beam change from 355 to 285 degrees, but instead of

switching antennas on a single transmitter, they just use two different

transmitters –-- why not? They`ve got a dozen --- and not have to make a quick

antenna switch. Surprised no one has noted this overlap before, as far as I


** U S A. WHRI, Sat March 8 at 1358, tuned in 11785 just in time to hear Marie

Lamb`s ``take care`` closing, and then immediately the WHR announcer with

frequency change announcement from 7520 to next frequency, 11785! But, but,

this was already on 11785. He doesn`t even know which frequency he is really

on! So had the axual QSY just been made a few minutes before hourtop, or was

DXing with Cumbre totally on 11785 already from 1330? Furthermore, DST starting the next day will mess things up more. I expect Hmong Lao Radio to settle at 1300-1400 Sun & Sat on 11785 instead of 1400-1500 UT, so will DWC be at 1230 instead, and on which frequency?

** GUATEMALA. I rarely send reception reports for QSL, but can hardly refuse

when directly invited by the station to do so. So my log of Feb 20 as in DXLD

8-022 was e-mailed to R. Verdad, 4052.5v, and the reply came in the P-mail

March 12. The unsealed envelope was secured by one little piece of mystik tape,

which had been broken, so I can`t be sure everything originally in the envelope

was still there, but nevertheless it contained:

1, a very nice pennant (or banner as they call it) on yellow background with

frills hanging below, with the usual slogans and logos. I will scan and

availablize the image along with the QSL in my gallery

The pennant has a somewhat rubbery backing, and the obverse of the QSL card was stuck to that, but could be peeled off without much damage. A faint image of

the card remains on the back of the pennant, as some of the green ink came off

2, QSL card as illustrated on their own website, showing a quetzal, and labeled

QSL 8 for 8th anniversary. Filled in my name, location, date and time of

reception. Still has some rubbery residue from the pennant. Blank on the back

3, yellow sticker with some of the same slogans and logos as the pennant

4, faux cheque from the Banco Vida Eterna, with numerous Bible verses, and

signed by `Jesucristo`. Even has `safety` text in the entire background of the

obverse, Juan 3:16

5, slip of paper with drawing of 7 figures à la the ascent of man from ape to

sapiens, instead from a guy holding a wine glass degenerating to a pig with a

keg, ``El acoholo adormece al hombre, para despertar a la bestia.`` -- Dr.

Saint Jacques [not if you drink in moderation; good for you]

6, five pages of printed material, similar to what is on their website starting with a customized letter in English

addressed to me, dated Feb 26, enumerating all the countries whence reports

have come, saying power is now 650 watts, at 89-32-15 W, 14-48-10 N. Signed by Dr. Édgar Amílcar Madrid who recounts his background and the history of the

station. Since a child, he always wanted to be on the uncrowded 75 meter band,

and got his wish

7, another sheet, `Radiation Area of Radio Truth` with a little world map

centered on Chiquimula (not great circle azimuthal equidistant), and 4 separate

lists of reports received in the past 8 years, by continents, countries,

departments of Guatemala, and `states` of Canada, Mexico, USA

8, program schedule in English (tho most of the programming is axually in

Spanish), in time order 5 am to 24:05 with more than 44 entries, for Monday

through Saturday only; Sunday: Special Programming. However, at 16:30-17:00

some day, not clear which, as there is another entry for the same semihour, =

2230-2300 UT, there is E Imb`utz Ajk`in (The Good News, in Chortí). Maybe it`s

Saturday only

I see that the early morning show I heard when I discovered Radio Verdad eight

years ago, is still on the schedule, presumably with the same choo-choo sound

effects, The Gospel Train, at 5:25-6 am = 1125-1200 UT, a time pointed out in

the literature, when TGAV is DXable at great distances, just before local


9, What to do if the band is very noisy to tune ``RADIO TRUTH``, tips on

orienting antenna, preferably 25 to 100 meters long, and avoiding noise sources

10, 2008 calendar on card stock, also promoting the program Volviendo a Jesús,

which is also on some Guatemalan FM stations, and Honduran AM stations, same as received before

11, the lightweight airmail envelope, with red and blue parallelograms around

all borders, also has logos of RV and Volviendo a Jesús, Romans 12:21, and

three stamps, two of which for Q6.50 each are identical, an old Q5 quetzal

stamp on the new stamps, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Guatemalan Philatelic Association, 1932-2007; unfortunately, like on the previous mailing, the third stamp is pasted on top of the other two; this one from the same set, for Q1.00 showing an old Q1 stamp in different colors of the same old bird

perched on a corinthian pedestal. Lightly handstamped postmark for 27 FEB

Our congratulations to Dr Madrid on the anniversary, and appreciation for an

individual broadcaster enthusiastic about shortwave, who is trying to make a

difference in his country and beyond. Although he says, ``Lightning have

destroyed a part of our main short wave transmitter several times, and we have

made many vain efforts to convince our Government to provide us with an FM

frequency besides the SW.``

The recently published e-mail correspondence in Spanish with Magidel Cruz R. in Mexico mentioned that R. Verdad has also been denied power increases on SW beyond 1 kW, since Honduras does not want his station to be audible there,

altho it is anyway

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, 17725, seldom audible during English bihour, but one of

the better signals on 16m, March 11 at 1414, YL with stilted exposition about

African unity and Al-Fatah`s rôle in it. Can`t help but wonder if MAQ himself

writes this stuff and mandates it be translated and broadcast

** OKLAHOMA. Another hifer beacon in the state, ``MO`` easily heard on 4077,

1250 UT March 11, nothing but repeated MO in A1=CW, ten times per minute. S9 plus 15

** U S A. Dave Frantz keeps asking me if I have heard his beacon LYQ on 529

kHz. Now I can say yes. Driving in Enid at 0424 UT March 11, on 530 kHz had a

big het against hymn and Spanish announcement from RVC. At times I could hear a bit of code but not enough to copy full ID, nor hear the voice weather info,

but no doubt this is it. Of course, this was on caradio with no way to side

tune, notch, or null. I was also reminded of severe noise problems at various

locations, especially next to Walgreens, whose security system (?) wipes out

the MW band. (And a second Walgreens is UC here now!) While LYQ may be

excellently engineered to get out better than your average beacon, I`m still

baffled why he would want it to be on 529 kHz, even tho so authorized, 1 kHz

from several broadcast stations. Just a few kHz lower would be better for all

concerned, unless there is some ulterior motive. Dave indicates the US

government chose the frequency

** ALGERIA [non]. 7295, March 16 at 0617, eerie chanting, alternating talk in

Arabic and Qur`an, 0620 fading down a bit and fluttering, still past 0632.

Consulting PWBR one has no clues on this one --- certainly not AIR Aizawl,

India or TRAXX FM, Malaysia, the only two 7295 stations shown as on the air at

this hour.

Could not catch any ID, but this is Algeria`s Qur`an service 0400-0700 via

Issoudun, France, 500 kW at 162 degrees, per Aoki, which began in December of January. Competes with Tunisia 7275/7190 for late night trance-induxion.

Stewart MacKenzie had also reported this as Unknown, March 11 at 0453 ** AUSTRALIA. RA, 6020, interesting discussion on religion with author Val

Webb, March 16 at 1323-1355, including that Yahweh started out as Abraham`s

city god (each city or clan had one), and then got promoted to the only god;

how Christians limited their god by portraying him in art as an old man, rather

than a breath. Music breaks included Pilgrims` Chorus from Tannhäuser, and Do

You Hear the People Sing from Les Mis. This is the Sunday Nights program

originating with ABC Local Radio. The website does not yet have working links

to the latest show, but presumably will be upcoming:

Reception was OK tho buzzy station barely audible underneath, Vietnam? And from 1354, Russian tones preceding YFR via Samara, longpath

** COSTA RICA. Several weeks after it first happened, REE via Cariari de Pococí remains exactly 1 kHz off frequency, 5964, obviously the case as it produces a big het against 5965 stations such as Cuba or Vatican. Now the infexion has spread to another Cariari relay frequency, 9765. Tuning across 31m, March 16 at 1313, heard a two-pitched het with VOA 9760 and some weak signal on 9765. Yes, REE on 9764! Checked their other CR frequency, 15170, but it was not on 15169, yet. In  noting the HONDURAS carrier on 3340, Sunday March 16 at 0446, I found REE on 3350 or so; HFCC has this Tue-Sat only at 0200-0600, but other listings show it daily, so the latter are correct; anyhow, I should have measured 3350 to see if it is offset too; next time

** CUBA. Dentro Cuban Jamming Command, running at full force on 6100, March 16 at 0440. No trace of Radio República, which supposedly closes on this frequency at 0400, and I don`t think has ever been reported later than 0400, but hey, burn up some more megawatts just in case. The collateral victim of this is TWR Swaziland which opens at 0400 on 6100.

BTW, Aoki says this RR frequency is Sackville, and with WRMI brokering, at

0200-0400 Tue-Sat. But as Jeff White has maintained repeatedly, these RR

transmissions on 49m have nothing whatsoever to do with WRMI, just the ones on 9955; and surely the 6135/6155/6100 broadcasts are 7 days a week.

R. Rebelde, 5025, with béisbol play by play, 0442 UT Sunday March 16. Rather

late game, approaching local midnite, or is this normal in Cuba? Night games

are no doubt more comfortable in the tropix, but burn up more lighting power

** HONDURAS. I have noted an open carrier several times late at night on 3340.

I can only assume this is HRMI. Stayed with it 0446-0450 UT March 16, but no

trace of any modulation here between CHU and REE. Wonder if they just turn on

the transmitter and assume it is axually modulating, wasting wattage.

Supposedly scheduled at least until 0600

** LAOS [non]. So much for trying to second-guess what WHR will do with

scheduling Hmong Lao Radio. Sunday March 9, first day of DST, it was not on in

the 1400 UT hour as it had been all winter on 11785, since DXing With Cumbre

was noted at 1435. Did not check whether HLR was on before 1400. Yet the next

broadcast of HLR, Saturday March 15, WAS on in the 1400 UT hour on 11785, as heard at 1450. The website with more than a megahit,

continues to claim it is Sat & Sun at 8 am Central time, i.e. 1300 UT!

However, on Sunday March 16, HLR was going at 1310 on 11785, and DXing With Cumbre was going with Chris Lob,dell at 1440. So will they manage to get HLR on at 1300 instead of 1400 coming Saturdays?

Hmaybe next weekend they will get it straightened out

** RUSSIA. R. Rossii, Petropavlovsk, 6075, monitored 1357-1402 March 16. 5+1

timesignal at 1400 was 4 seconds late compared to WWV, and again no sign of

8GAL, CW on 6074

** COLOMBIA [and non]. Marfil Estéreo, 5910, underneath Russian at 0534 March 20, and making a low het with it. That`s DW via Rampisham scheduled at

0500-0630, 48 degrees

** COSTA RICA. REE relay, 9675, March 20 at 0530, with semi-hour timesignal,

ID, and // 5964. Another frequency which has not yet stepped down a kHz

** CUBA. DST of UT -4 started here March 16; Arnie ``sounds like a phone-in``

Coro mentioned this in a news item at 0529 UT March 19 on 6000, as happening

``this past weekend`` to save energy, etc., (rather than to catch up with the

USA which went on DST a week before). March 30 had been the expected change date for Cuba at but they have already corrected that to March 16 at 0500 UT. This should have no effect on RHC UT scheduling, except possibly some domestic programs relayed such as Mesa Redonda. There`s a time check every day at 1402 UT on multiple RHC frequencies such as 12000; last week they said it was 9:02 am; on March 19 they said it was 10:02 am.

But what about Radio Rebelde? On March 19 I went looking for the mid-day

broadcast which I figured would now start at 1600 UT = local noon, but no sign

of it on any of the previously monitored frequencies, 17735, 17555, 15570,

15370, 13750, 11655. EiBi and Aoki can`t agree on which ones start at 1600 or

1630 or 1700. 17735 is occupied anyway by CRI Sackville until 1700, and 17555

has WYFR from 1700.

Checked again and again, around 1630, 1700, 1730, 1800 but no trace of any

activity from Rebelde during these hours when plenty of transmitters are

available, the break between RHC`s morning and afternoon programming. I did not scan all bands thoroly, however, in case frequencies other than the above be

used. So is this service closed? ** CUBA. Yet another complaint against the DentroCuban Jamming Command: March 17 at 0546, I found rapid clix like ``Geiger counter`` peaking at several places in the 10 MHz area, approx.: 10120, 10065, 10010, 9905, 9845, 9790. Note these are 50-60 kHz apart, centered around: 9955! Where there was heavy jamming against WRMI, but this jamming was the usual roar, not the Geiger counter; it also extended a little further away from 9955 than usual. Therefore, I think these are spurs from the jammers on 9955.

BTW, there should have been no jamming on 9955 at this hour since the program scheduled is: Studio DX, the Italian DX program by Robert Scaglione! That`s UT Monday at 0530-0600; however, on UT Saturday and Sunday, Radio República is on 9955 at 0500-0700, per the grid at

** HONDURAS. Once again, 3340 with open carrier instead of HRMI programming,March 20 at 0532 check

** MOROCCO. 15345, very undermodulated talk in Arabic, March 17 at 2006; no

comparison with audio on 15315 Bonaire, for instance. This must be RTVM, as in

EiBi, tho it hides out from HFCC, as does RAE Argentina, which did not even

figure as a het at this time

** ZAMBIA. 9430, March 17 at 0544, interview in English about status of women

in India; interviewer had Oz accent, so it must be Zambia! Yes, CVC scheduled

from Lusaka at 05-06 on 9430, 315 degrees, headed our way beyond West Africa. Good signal

 ** HONDURAS. Open carrier again on 3340, presumed HRMI, March 22 at 0527-0530 check. Wake up!

** INDONESIA. VOI was active on 9526, March 21 at 1355 as a bit early ran the

IS and English announcement that they were transitioning from Korean to

Indonesian. This is really insulting --- English is good enough for such

continuity announcements, and they also do English IDs inside other language

services, but they won`t put an axual English language hour on the air when we

could hear it well, e.g. at 1300

** LAOS [non]. Saturday March 22, WHR filled 11785 as follows: 1300 Hmong Lao Radio, 1400 Hmong World Christian Radio, 1430 DXing with Cumbre. That`s

extrapolated from chex as follows: 1355 HLR music; 1359 hymn music and

short-version of WHR OCS ID, 1400 HWCR opening with lots of MHz mentioned (FM affiliates), and website given in English; 1455, DWC closing

theme music. The online program schedule at

has been corrected to show HLR at 1300 both Sat & Sun, but still shows HWCR as 1500 Sat instead of 1400!

** MEXICO. Sorry to note that XEYU, Radio UNAM has been missing again lately from 9599.3v, such as March 21 at 1355 check

** U S A. Brother Scare expanding on WBCQ. March 21 at 0505, I found 7415 still on the air, with B.S. Previous closedown on weeknights has been 0430 after

Herald of `Truth`, until next programming day starting at 1700. But rechecked

at 1335 UT, 7415 was still/again on the air with B.S.! At that time he was

talking about WBCQ. Allan Weiner had come to see him (in Walterboro,

apparently), and BS is now on 7415 at 12:30-3:30 am 7 days (= 0430-0730 UT). Or more, obviously. This conflicts with WORLD OF RADIO, Mondays 0415-0445, so I will have to ask Allan what gives with that?

Furthermore, B.S. is praying about whether to take over 15420 fulltime, when

WBCQ moves there April 1. (Actually, registrations have been changed to allow

WBCQ to go to 15420 already March 14, from 1400 to 2300, but when is it really

starting? Not heard yet.) He too mentioned that 15420 was formerly WRNO`s

frequency. B.S. went on to reminisce about The Fury. This 7415 broadcast was

about 1 second ahead of WWRB 9385, and much better audio than he ever gets on WWRB. At 1429 recheck, 7415 was not heard. But what about the current clients on 17495, which 15420 will replace? Namely The Zeph Report, Global Spirit Proclamation and Good Friends Radio Network.

[later:] Allan Weiner of WBCQ explains that Brother Scare`s 0430-0730 time on

7415 is EXCEPT for Tom & Darryl and WORLD OF RADIO, so we should still be heard UT Mondays 0415-0445. However, checked at 0540 UT March 22, no signal on 7415

** U S A. George Jacobs tells me that KTBN will be closing down permanently at

0100 UT March 30. So DX it while you can on 15590 or 7505. We suspected that

was going to happen, as another client of his, WRNO, gets those two frequencies

for A-08. George says WRNO hopes to start testing their Katrina-damaged

transmitter in early April, and programming in late April, but that`s only

tentative. In turn, WBCQ gets former WRNO unused frequency 15420 from April 1, ex-17495

** ANGUILLA. DGS, 11775, on late still at 2206 March 22, over CCI, presumably

Chicom jamming and/or RFA Cantonese via Tinian. Yup, nothing yet on 6090, where AIA is supposed to QSY at 2200

** CANADA. RCI can`t be bothered to broadcast the National Anthem, but the CBC Northern Quebec service does, at closedown 0506-0508* March 23 on 9625; tone test for a few seconds before transmitter off. Preceding sign-off announcement by YL in French with strange accent, Inuk? Tnx to DST, this no longer collides with Bonaire which does not open until 0559

** ECUADOR [non]. The Arabic Christian service HCJB is involved in, transmitted via Sackville, 12025, logged March 22 closing at 2141 giving website --- those words were pronounced as in

English, appropriately. But then the announcer spelled out the letters,

pronouncing them in French! And then gave a P-mail address in Málaga, España. O, how multicultural! 2144-2145* RCI IS and ID loop

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare once again audible on WBCQ 7415 far beyond the scheduled time, at 1359 UT March 23

** U K [non]. BBCWS final SW broadcasts in Western Hemisphere:

Made a point of listening for the next-to-last time to BBC WS in English to

America, March 22 at 2149-2159* on 11675-Greenville, better than // 9525 WHRI, in Newshour discussion of US economy`s effect on rest of world. 11675 marred from *2157 by RNV CI via Cuba OC, IS and sign-on, which in turn got ACI from WYFR in Arabic on 11665, take that! At 2209 BBCWS was still going on 9525, but nothing on 5975, which had been the // via GUF.

Next day: I was listening to 9525, as little if any signal on 5975. At 2256

March 23, Jerry Simmons, head of ME/Af division, was talking about ``retaining

trust of listeners``, in yet another self-serving interview, on Over To You.

Then brief announcement at 2258-2259 said shortwave transmissions to the

Caribbean are closing today, as if a groundswell of listeners had demanded they

broadcast on FM, internet only; WHRI ID and off. Since 9525 (and 5875, 9660 in

the morning) were picked by and for BBC usage, I`ll not be surprised if WHRI

goes somewhere else during the ex-BBC hours. 11675 Greenville was also on

again, for the last time during the 21 UT hour; 2128 BBC theme and ID

** VENEZUELA [non]. No sign of ``Aló, Presidente`` on any of the usual

frequencies, Sunday March 23 at 1505 check. HCF observing Easter? However,

Cuban transmitters observed at 1402: 13680 with big hum, 13760 with little hum

** ZIMBABWE [non]. SW Radio Africa, 12035, March 23 during 1800 hour was fairly, audible here; at 1857 retune found it colliding with REE IS until 1859, prior

to their French broadcast. They should have been asked to crash-start. The REE

IS is one of those which is very nice to hear once, not a dozen times in a row.

Anyhow, they will no longer abut 12035 in A-08

** ALGERIA. ~1 kHz het on WLS 890, March 25 at 0530, surely Algeria as often

heard before, but this time on my new Sony SRF-59 ultralight barefoot, given by

Kraig Krist. However, people may relax. No doubt I will make good use of this

radio, but as soon as a fad develops, I run in the other direxion, and am not

about to join the ultralight craze, dropping everything else, giving up my

bigger radios, which has overtaken once serious DX groups. BTW, axually pulling identifiable audio from Algeria 891 is quite another matter on any radio this far inland

** MEXICO. XEYU, Radio UNAM, back on 9599.3v, March 24 at 2152 with classical, het, after missing a few days. Also heard since then, but seems quite weaker

** TURKEY. V. of Turkey announced their 2008y contest during Live from Turkey

on March 25, as heard on webcast [6050 broadcast at 1950]: this essay writing

contest is titled ``Why the Voice of Turkey?`` Tell us about ourselves --- are

you pleased with our programming? Suggestions to make it better? Satisfied?

Maximum two pages [undefined]. Deadline 7/31/08 [postmark or receipt?]. There

will be 8 winners of a 12-day holiday in Turkey beginning this October. Send to

VOT, P O Box 333, 06443 Yeneshehir, Ankara, Turkey, or englishdesk at  That`s a paraphrase of the announcement which no doubt will be

heard many more times. IIRC, no one writing in English won last year

** U K [non]. WHRI still on 9525 during ex-BBCWS hours, March 24 at 2150 check, but playing gospel rock fill music, of which they have an endless supply. WHR online schedule still shows BBC during the 4 hours previously relayed. Hey, why not just `fill` with BBC anyway, a helluva lot better than that music, whether BBC buys the time or not. Would BBC disallow?

**  U S A [non?]. VOA in African language at 1504 March 24 on 9605, soon

confirmed with VOA jingles at 1509, to 1530* with usual non-specific sign-off.

This was so strong I just about concluded it had to be Greenville, probably an

early replacement for Morocco; atop some CCI which would be BBC Singapore in Chinese, jamming. However, listings show the 1500-1530 broadcast on 9605 is VOA Hausa via São Tomé, 335 degrees, so it`s azimuthally favorable for us.

Greenville is used at other times for Hausa aimed east, and I would expect to

see more usage, at least temporarily, of Greenville for Africa as Morocco


** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI via Cuba, 11680, March 24 at 1511 check had YL in English doing hard-to-follow voiceover to a Chávez pronouncement

UNIDENTIFIED. Checked 2980 as reported by the Albertans, March 25 around 0550, and occasionally traces of music surfaced above the high local noise level;

that`s all

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 7425, March 30 at 0233, poor but audible with high local

noise level, usual English opening with transmission schedule. Propagation from

Europe above 6 MHz band was quite degraded. The 0330 broadcast was barely


** COSTA RICA. No sign of ELCOR test, 5954.1, Sat March 29 around 2250 or 2320 chex; has anyone been hearing it lately?

** COSTA RICA. REE relay, still off-frequency on 9764.0, March 30 at 0218 in

Spanish, much weaker than DGS CR on 9725, 15 vs 21 over S9; however, REE // 9675 was much stronger than 9764. BTW, 9675 is a smidgen on the hi side but

nowhere near 1 kHz off

** CUBA. RHC`s new 11680 still in use tho not on schedules, March 30 at 0217

check in Spanish; fair but fading, with not much else audible on 25m.

6140, March 30 at 0248 with lo-fi narration, historical lecture; sounds like a

TV soundtrack, // better 5965 but the two a reverb apart so different sites or

feed routes.

Cartas a la Redacción, mailbag program on RHC, UT Sun March 30 at 0310 on 6060 saying the show is scheduled Sats at 10:10 am and 11:10 pm Habana time. This is an external service, so why do they expect those abroad to know or care what time it is in Habana, which doesn`t even stay the same from one month to the next? That would be Sat 1410 and Sun 0310 UT

** CUBA [and non]. Dentro-Cuban Jamming Command notes: March 29 at 2310, R. Martí in the clear on 9565, no jamming audible, tho RHC signal was good on


As for the radio war with Radio República: March 30 at 0225 the jamming was on

6185 against innocent bystander Radio Educación, with Mexican music, while RR was axually on 6100 at this hour, and totally free of jamming; 0227 ID and

slogan ``ni el tirano ni su hermano`` which rhymes a lot better in Spanish than

in English.

At 0258, 6100 irrelevantly announcing that they were closing on 9955, and

giving RR schedule there as Sat-Sun 1-3 am, 12-5 pm, 10-12 midnight, zone not

specified. Now some jamming was audible underneath 6100. 0259 another

announcement claiming that RR was ceasing 6185 and moving to 6100 at ``9 pm`` --- but it`s 11 pm in Miami and Habana and it`s already on 6100!

Transmission break of a few seconds just before 0300 allowed jamming only to be heard briefly. This is suspicious, indicating a possible site and/or antenna

change. 6100 is generally listed as Sackville without adequate proof, IMO. At

0313 jamming had overcome RR on 6100, and at 0317 XEPPM was in the clear on 6185, but squeezed by 6180 Cuba and 6190

** EGYPT. R. Cairo on new 9280, English to NAm at 2300-2430, already March 29 at 2305 check, usual very low modulation, despite S9+20 signal, YL talking;

nothing on ex-9465 and not clear why they needed to move. 2315, 5+1 timesignal, 7 seconds later than WWV, standard remark; news theme and unintelligible news. This confirms 9280 which was not shown as English in the Cairo A-08 skeds circulating

** ISRAEL. 9390, March 29 at 2308 in presumed Hebrew, M&M dialog, flutter;

Albania is scheduled here in A-08 at 2300-2430 in Albanian to NAm, but this was

not // 7425, so March 30 and 31 there may be a conflict on 9390 before Kol

Israel self-destructs

** MOROCCO. Presumably some of the last broadcasts of R. Farda via Briech site, March 30 at 0228 on 6115 with rock, VG signal at first, 0230 ID, and most of

next semihour was talk, still so at 0250; I guess that`s the 7 am news

magazine. Also // Morocco 7105 found at 0234, not so strong. For A-08 in the

0200-0330 time period, the Farda SW frequencies are 5860 7280 9510 --- Sri

Lanka, Wertachtal and Wertachtal respectively, no match for Morocco reception

back here

** MOROCCO. RTM, 5980, March 30 at 0232 with rustic band music, Arab singer, then ID by YL mentioning Tanger. Initially good signal gradually faded down. The question is whether the Moroccans will keep these secret (from HFCC, Aoki but not EiBi) transmissions going after the Americans pull out of Briech

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Big collision on 6190, March 30 at 0302 between RN in

Dutch and CRI in Spanish, a slow SAH between them. This is nothing new as for

B-07 both were scheduled to CIRAF zones 7 and 8 in NAm! Bonaire at 320 degrees and Sackville at 277 degrees. Fortunately, in A-08, CRI is gone, or rather not on 6190 until 0500

** RUSSIA. 7300, the defective Russian transmitter with motorboating noise, no

other audio detectable, at 2316 March 29 and still at 0009 recheck March 30.

Believe this one is on 5900 in B-seasons; not sure of real site, but Olle Alm

can remind us. Listed as Serpukhov in A-season.

Looked for V. of Russia, UT March 30 in the 0200 and 0300 hours, but nothing on 6240, 6155 or 7350, the frequencies still showing on their undated schedule at

Suspect they have made A-08 changes without telling us, as all those are

deleted, and/or propagation so poor that even German relay on 6155 was not

making it ** SPAIN. REE, Amigos de la Onda Corta, DX program in Spanish already shifted one UT hour earlier, Sunday March 30 at 0305-0330 on 6055 // 6125, giving its own frequencies; report on sale of 700 MHz spectrum in USA; propagation predixions for various SW bands

** SWAZILAND. Listening to VATICAN [q.v.] to NAm on 6040 via Sackville, March 30 at 0255, in addition to the other QRM, TWR music box IS could be heard. This is Manzini warming up for the Kikuyu broadcast at 0300, the same collision in A-08 as in B-07 --- Christians vs Christians!

** SWEDEN [non]. R. Sweden insists on staying on 6010 via Canada, despite

Mexico and Colombia, both of which interfere with Sweden and vice versa; March 30 at 0230 opening in English, and after 0300 in Swedish, so this was still

B-07 rather than A-08 scheduling

** TURKEY [and non]. VOT already made the frequency change from 5960 to 6195 for the English to ENAm broadcast as of Sat March 29 at 2343 check with

time-filling multi-lingual ID (have they added the three new ones?), plugs for

competitions, IS at 2355 or earlier. Yes, they changed the frequency but not

the time. In A-08, 6195 is at 2200-2250, presumably starting March 30. 6195

still on after 0000 March 30, in German, getting weaker into noise level.

German is on the VOT World satellite schedule for 0000-0100, but not supposed

to be on SW!

As for the new relay via Sackville at 0300 on 7325, not a trace of it March 30

at several chex after 0300 --- could be the low MUF took it out, as CHU 7335

was not audible either, nor WBCQ 7415; and WHRI 7315 SC was poor by this hour. Let`s hope for better luck subsequently

** U K [non]. BBCWS via Ascension to Africa, 6145, March 30 at 0315 with report

on plastic pollution in the Pacific, good // 7160. These remain useful in NAm

for A-08, the first scheduled at 0300-0400 only, the second at 0300-0600

** U S A. WYFR on new 6985, 0221 March 30 preacher in English reading from Song of Solomon, hot stuff about love apples, sucking breasts. Initially quite

strong but later in evening fading down a lot. Not to be confused with other

Abrahamists, Israel Radio, formerly on this frequency at other times

** U S A. KTBN, 7505, still going March 30 at 0224 with ancient Billy Graham

sermon in black & white. The guy sure was certain of himself, a great asset in

persuasion, even if it`s totally unwarranted

** U S A [non]. VOA, 6080 via São Tomé, in English with forum about Tibet,

March 30 at 0320; there was a SAH of about 5 Hz from unknown 6080 station,

unlikely Minsk and not much else scheduled. In A-08 this is to be ruined by

Prague via Sackville starting at 0330.

Not much making it on 7 MHz, as noted under TURKEY, but March 30 at 0329 heard Y. Doodle on 7340, VOA opening something, just barely audible. This is

Kinyarwanda/Kirundi, in A-08 via Sri Lanka, but in B-07 via Botswana, no doubt

had to be the latter this one last night for propagational reasons

** VATICAN. VR, 6040 via Canada, March 30 at 0229 IS; English feature after

0250 was interview with Terry Ascott, founder and CEO of Sat-7, TV networks for

Christians stuck in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia where there is no place

to worship; or in Iraq where they need to lock themselves in their houses for

safety, especially at night. From one original network in Arabic, there are now

three, the second featuring Turkish/Persian, other languages, and the third for

children covering 5 timezones. This lasted until 0308; see

Thruout on 6040, VR had some co-channel underneath, LA? Slightly off-frequency making a fast SAH.  

** VIETNAM [non]. VOV, 6175 via Canada, March 30 at 0325 mailbag in Spanish

with heavy Viet accent which must be heard to be believed. This relay including

English at other hours never has a very good signal here, partly due to Cuba on

6180 --- Commies vs Commies!

** ZIMBABWE [and non]. Am not often monitoring 90m at this hour, so maybe not unusual, and strangely enough my hi local noise level is currently not so bad

on 90 as it is on shorter wavelengths. March 30 at 0240 scan of the band,

undermodulated music on 3396, so what could it be but ZBC? 3320 South Africa

was quite a bit better

** AUSTRIA [non]. Ö1 relay via Sackville on new 13775 for A-08, 1500 in German, 1505 into English; ex-13675 at 1600. Very good

** CANADA. CRI relay is back on summer frequency 15260, ex-15230, March 30 at 1328 in English, along with R. Sweden relay in Swedish still on 15240 but an

hour earlier. These two very strong produced much weaker mixing products on

15220 and 15280, which went off at 1329 when 15240 did.

RCI has finally made the change from 7310 to 7325, which was originally

expected two sesquiweeks of confusion earlier: March 30 at 1301, closing The

Message Beaver in Spanish, with some QRM under, unlikely Wantok Radio Light or Mumbai tho I see nothing else listed. Anyway, RCI at 1105-1405 on 7325 now

blocks any slight chance of PNG during those two sesquihours

** COSTA RICA. REE relay, Cariari de Pococí, March 30 at 1310 back on correct

frequency 9765 after several days on 9764, Spanish discussion about Brasil.

However, at 1319 found the // 11815 is the one now off-frequency! 11814.0,

hetting something on 11815, no doubt Japan; // 15170 remained on frequency.

At 1405 I noticed that 15170 modulation was cutting on and off, and so was the

carrier cutting on and off separately, until stayed on with open carrier. Back

to normal at 1446 recheck

** CUBA. RHC, March 30 at 1316 had quena and Andean vocal music on 11670; good signal but poor audio like lo-level Internet feed, // 11760 and 11805 which had slightly better audio and all were much better when the music stopped and

studio talk started. At 1323, when I paused on // 12000, program was ``Amigos

de Cuba``. The music may have been a crummy mp3 file someone sent in ** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command hasn`t caught up with A-08 yet as R. Martí was in clear on reactivated 11845, March 30 at 1321; jamming

against nothing on 11930

** JAPAN [and non]. March 30 at 1313 heard NHK IS, fair signal on 11705, so I

wondered if there was a mixup at Sackville, but 1315 opened in Indonesian. This

is Yamata, 300 kW at 235 degrees. I hope this transmission ends at 1400 rather

than 1430 as in one schedule version, since otherwise it would collide with R.

Japan English to NAm via Sackville, which remains at 1400-1429 on 11705 ** RWANDA. DW Hausa, 17800 via Kigali, 310 degrees, now one of the few decent

signals on 16m, until 1357* March 30 in Hausa; another being Gabon 17630

** U S A. WRMI is now supposed to be on 9955, 24 hours, ex-7385 at certain

hours, but presumably switching between NAm and SAm antennas as before

depending on language and programming. If you hear a US station on 7385 now,

it`s WHRI. However, 9955 had nothing but jamming at 1455 check March 30. The 1400-1600 block is mostly in English and mostly non-exile; scheduled at

1445-1500 Sundays is Harvest Time, hardly worth jamming, but hey, why not do it anyway! In fact, the only exile program in the 14-16 block is the CDHD Brigade

2506 – in English, Sundays at 1500-1515. I couldn`t bear to check at 1515

whether WORLD OF RADIO was also jammed, but even free of jamming, WRMI 9955 is a marginal signal. Needs further checking in the 14-16 period, tho, when

presumably on NAm antenna, and couldn`t be worse at midday than 7385 was,

absorbed rather than propagating

** U S A [non?]. The VOA Hausa service was heard very well again March 30 on

9605. Open carrier already on at 1454 mixing with weaker signal, something FE?

1502 recheck, program in progress. As reported before, this is listed as São

Tomé site, but I still find that very hard to believe, due to strong, steady

S9+22 signal, and nothing else from Africa on 31m at this hour. Instead,

suspect Greenville, perhaps a temporary backup. Furthermore, the 9605 SAO

scheduling applied only to B-07 but now it`s A-08, when this transmission is

supposed to be only on 11890, 11905 and 13750, which are São Tomé, São Tomé and Botswana, respectively, not checked

** VENEZUELA [non]. Checking for ``Aló, Presidente``, Sunday March 30: not sure when it really starts now, but 13750 was on at 1450, VG with music // 11670

(which earlier had RHC programming: see CUBA). 11670 also had a SAH and some weaker co-channel, which at 1459 turned out to be WYFR in Spanish, scheduled 14-16 at 222 degrees. May I suggest that it is never a good idea for Florida and Cuba stations to be on the same frequency? Yet it`s not the only case, e.g. 6000 and 17750 at least in past season. At 1450 A,P also on 11875, but did not find any other A,P channels on 13, 15 or 17 MHz, talking about the Cinco Héroes, which has nothing to do with Venezuela, so probably RHC-produced runup to A,P. Checked again at 1500 on 11875, the A,P frequencies were announced as 13680, 13750, 11670, 11875, 17750. Finally at 1503, 13680 joined in but much weaker than 13750

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Looking for Radio Solh on A-08 frequency 17700 via

Rampisham UK, ex-15265: March 31 nothing audible before 1500, but at 1504 had started to fade in with usual great mix of music, but different selexions than

we had been hearing before 1500 on 15265 in B-07. Some fadeouts, but still

going past 1542. Scheduled until 1800, but not audible at 1733 recheck

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, still on 13640 in English to NAm, but one UT hour

earlier at 1430 exc Sundays. Checked March 31 at 1432, finishing announcement of English schedule, into news. SINPO 25332 with some deep fades. If I could get rid of my line noise level, it could be listenable, but Tirana is doing the best it can under the circumstances, and at least there is zero interference from broadcast stations. There is some CODAR, which became audible toward the end and was clearly on 13640 when Tirana closed at 1458*

** AUSTRALIA. A bit of welcome classical music at tune-in 1329 March 31 on

15400; must be a BBC program closing. Imagine my horror when at 1330 I heard an ID for HCJB Global Voice, Australia, and into Chinese! A-08 scheduling shows BBC Ascension breaks on 15400 between 1130 and 1500, and HCJB is on there from 1030 to 1430. HCJB Kununurra was also heard with gospel rock on 15540 until 1328*. CVC Darwin in English on 13635 was much stronger than either HCJB frequency

** CANADA. Just like yesterday`s report of Sackville mixing products on 15220

and 15280 produced by the too-close transmitters on 15240 and 15260 until 1330 --- March 31 at 1502 the CRI Chinese relay on 15260 and the R. Sweden Swedish relay on 15240 did the same to 15220 and 15280

** CHINA [non]. The CRI relay via CVC Chile in English at 1300 in A-08 is on

new 15440, as fairly heard March 31 at 1326, instead of 15540 where it was last

A; there now until 1328* is HCJB Australia. CVC Portuguese 15410 was stronger

than CRI 15440

** HAWAII [and non]. KWHR, 9930, audible in presumed Chinese with Sound of

Hope, Monday March 31 at 1417, under Firedrake. Before 1400 when in Korean

there was no jamming audible

** INDONESIA [and non]. VOI has been active on 9526 the last several days but

now in A-08 after 1400 March 31 there`s a big collision and 1-kHz het as there

were in previous seasons, with equally strong station in Russian on 9525.

That`s CRI from SZG site at 35 degrees to zones 33 and 34, i.e. southeast

Russia, and incidentally onward toward NAm. So much for VOI`s

Indonesian-language hour, but should be OK for Korean until 1400

** JAPAN [non]. NHK World Network, R. Japan, 11705 via Canada, Monday March 31 at 1411 had YL introducing new daily (meaning week-daily?) segment, ``Today`s Angle``. This one was about, what else, cherry blossoms, sakura. 1414 into ``technical`` sub-segment with Robert Jefferson, a native speaker of English,

on non-pink sakura existing and being developed, notably yellow ones. 1423-1427 another new, or reactivated, sub-segment, easy Japanese lessons, starting with the essential particle ``ano``, which I gather can mean ``hey, you``, altho

more politely, to attract someone`s attention, or ``I am about to say something

to you``. (No snickering from the SS, please!). 1429 cut to RCI IS & ID before

closing announcement could give the frequency for next English broadcast, just

the time, 2200, as we are left destitute for 7.5 hours

** MEXICO. XEYU has been missing again for the last few days, sought at various times of day and night on 9599.3v; it had come back only briefly as last


** NETHERLANDS [non]. RNW, on A-frequency of 9890 via Madagascar in English to S Asia at 1400-1600, also making it here, fair signal at 1417 March 31 with news about Turkey. We can forget about // 11835 next to WYFR

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA, Call of Islam service, remains on 15435, March 31 at

1502 good with muezzin. If the // is 15225, it`s blocked by CRI/Canada 15220

** SPAIN [non]. REE is still running classical music in the 1300 hour weekdays,

ex-1400 during standard time, as checked at 1310 Monday March 31 on muffled

15170 via Costa Rica, 17595 direct not having faded in yet. 1330 announcement

about Ataulfo (one must avoid thinking ``that`s awful``) Argenta. Not sure it

is the same listener-participation show any more; hope not. At 1409, 17595 was

in, with El Vestuario = the Locker-room, sports talk

** SWEDEN [non]. R. Sweden relay via Canada in English to WNAm now one UT hour earlier, despite WNAm except Arizona and Saskatchewan having gone on DST two sesquiweeks before, i.e. at 1430 on 15240. Checking March 31 at 1429, George Wood opened transmission, but 1430-1431 dead air. 1431 ``technical difficulties`` announcements in Swedish and English, and some annoying music. 1434 cut to news already in progress. Seasonal transitions are never smooth for RS and RCI relays. ** THAILAND. Have not yet checked R. Thailand transpolar to ENAm 0030-0200 on

A08 new 12120 ex-12095, but I could not help but notice at 1336 March 31 there

was strong RTTY on 12120; let`s hope not during the HSK9 sesquihour.

Also noted VOA Special English, quite good but somewhat fluttery, March 31 at

1347 on 9465. This is the same 6-degree beam from Udorn used on 12120 to ENAm, but I wonder if they employ a much lower take-off angle for NAm?

** TURKEY. VOT, 15450, March 31 at 1310 with good signal in A-08 English

frequency at 1230 for Europe, and thence NAm, ex-12035 which was seldom

listenable earlier in March. // 13685 eastward is out of question here with

Cuba 13680 adjacent

** U S A [and non]. The A-08 frequency for VOA English to Africa from

Greenville is 15410, at 1730-2000, aimed 94 degrees but with great off-the-back

coverage into C&W NAm beyond the skip zone. The trouble is, CVC Miami

Portuguese via Chile is already on 15410 all the way from 1100 to 2400. Checked at 1734 March 31, VOA was way atop Santiago here, in discussion of beautiful African women being ``full-bodied``, but undercurrent of CVC audible. Closer to Greenville in skip zone, or depending on daily, hourly propagation variations even here, the QRM will be more equal, or even with CVC dominating

** U S A. KTBN Salt Lake City appears to be history. Nothing on 7505 at 1350 UT check March 31, nor on 15590 at 1805. I suppose the QRT was at 0600 or 0700 UT March 31, as ambiguous info from station was that it would be at ``midnight March 31``, instead of UT April 1. BTW, they had been missing for a few days in a row more than once several months ago, and I bet these were temporary deliberate closures to assess whether anyone noticed and the SW station wasworth keeping. Now we know the answer. Keep an ear, however on 15590, 7505, plus 7355 in case WRNO really reactivates in April

** U S A [and non]. Looking for WRMI on new 9955 to NAm at 1400-1600, March 31 at 1416, no trace of it even tho unneeded Dentro-Cuban jamming level was


** VATICAN. VR, 13765, March 31 at 1502 with South Asian music, and at 1523.

Good after Habana closed 13760 around 1600

** ALBANIA [and non]. Monitoring for R. Tirana`s new 9390, Albanian to NAm at

2300-2430, March 31: Israel appears to be gone from 9390, but WWRB with Brother Scare, supposed to close at 2300, stayed on 9385 until abrupt closedown at 2352. Tirana music could barely be detected aside the much stronger Tennessee signal at 2305, // better 7425.

Finally no WWRB problem, but rechecked at 0033 when the first evening English

broadcast from Tirana is supposed to be on 9390 only, all I heard was pop music

for a few minutes, and again at 0044, still going at 0046, no announcements

heard. Ditto during the second transmission at 0155 check.

I understand that March 31 from 1930 the R. Tirana program feed to Shijak

transmitter site was lost, so instead they relayed a domestic service,

apparently still the case. I have notified WWRB that they are interfering with

Tirana by staying on 9385 past 2300. WWRB came up on 5050 a few minutes later and signed on at 2358, maybe the same transmitter, which earlier in March I had heard as early as 2259 on 5050, even tho that was not supposed to open until 0000

** CUBA [and non]. Noticed HCJB news in Spanish on 12000 at 2316 March 31 had some co-channel interference underneath, also in Spanish. Who else uses 12000?

RHC, of course, but not supposed to during HCJB hours. Yes, 12000 QRM was // 9820, the Mesa Redonda service separate from mainstream RHC, also // 6000.

There was a reverb between 9820 and 6000, different feed routes and/or

transmitter sites, but hard to tell about 12000 under HCJB. One might think

12000 could be an unintentional harmonic of 6000, but since RHC deliberately

uses fundamental 12000 at other times, I fear this is no accident, but one of

their cancerous growths. The B-07 sked on RHC website (no A-08 yet, of course)

shows 12000 only at 1100-1500, while HCJB is on 12000 at 2100-0100

** RUSSIA [and non]. VOR belatedly posted their A-08 English schedule March 31, including to NAm, with August 1 changes removed here:

13775,  9665, 7250                                    0100-0200

13775, 13635, 9860, 9665, 9480                        0200-0300

13775, 13635, 12065, 9860, 9800, 9665, 9480, 9435     0300-0400

13775, 13635, 9860, 9800, 9665, 9435                  0400-0500

So far I only made a quick check around 0226 UT April 1, and found: 13775

inaudible, 13635 fair but in Russian! 9860 fair, 9480 second best, 9665 audible

but worst.

Azimuths and sites are:

13775  50 Vladivostok

13635  65 Petro-Kam

12065  35 Komsomol`sk/Amure

 9860 295 Vatican

 9800 315 ``Armavir``

 9665 295 Moldova/Pridnestrovye

 9480 300 Wertachtal

 9435  65 Petro-Kam

 7250 305 Armenia

So if we want to hear VOR in English to NAm after 0200, we`d better hope bands

above 7 MHz are open. VOR has moved the Wertachtal relay from excellent 6155 to 9480, which we can only hope will improve as summer comes on

** THAILAND. Earlier I noticed that there was RTTY on 12120; would it interfere

with R. Thailand`s new frequency to ENAm at 0030-0200? Yes, Brian Alexander in Pennsylvania had alreldy reported that independently UT March 31. I did not get around to checking until 0155 UT April 1, when there was no signal audible from Thailand or RTTY either, but instead CODAR.

Meanwhile a weak and fluttery signal on 12095, no CODAR there, which would be DW Sri Lanka in German, and after 0200 in Urdu, the reason Thailand had to

move; but assuming the RTTY is around NAm, DW should have been the one on

12120, leaving Thailand alone. Maybe they could still swap. Thailand`s WNAm

service still on 15275 but inaudible at 0225 check April 1


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8 and antenna



On Sunday R Solh was on 17700 as late as 1750z.

Good signal, S7 or better.





Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

SDR-IQ/Wellbrook ALA 1530


ORE  205 khz  Orange MA           77 miles        25 watts

QI   206 khz  Yarmouth NS         296 miles       500 watts

MJ   209 khz  Merrimack NH        53 miles

SJ   212 khz  St John NB          325 miles       1000 watts

CLB  216 khz  Carolina Beach NC   685 miles

Y9   220 khz  Digby NS            310 miles   NEW

IHM  220 khz  Mansfield MA        25 miles

QM   224 khz  Moncton NB          410 miles       400 watts

BG   227 khz  Bangor ME           210 miles

TAN  227 khz  Taunton MA          25 miles

SZO  227 khz  Fryeburg ME         125 miles       25 watts

AC   230 khz  Pleasant Lake NS    310 miles

UL   248 khz  Montreal PQ         260 miles       1000 watts

SKR  251 khz  Bedford MA          30 miles

5B   254 khz  Summerside PEI      455 miles       250 watts

FFF  257 khz  Plymouth MA         22 miles

ESG  260 khz  Rollingsford NH     70 miles        25 watts

TOF  269 khz  Topsfield MA        30 miles        25 watts

BST  278 khz  Belfast ME          178 miles

RS   279 khz  North Brookfield MA 61 miles

CQX  279 khz  Chatham MA          63 miles

FC   326 khz  Fredericton NB      335 miles       1600 watts

LC   328 khz  Laconia NH          97 miles                  

BH   330 khz  Bar Harbor ME       200 miles       25 watts  

BE   332 khz  Bedford MA          30 miles                  

RM   334 khz  Rockland ME         160 miles                 

PV   335 khz  Providence RI       40 miles                  

GF   341 khz  Greenwood NS        357 miles                 

HY   342 khz  Hyannis MA          51 miles                  

LI   346 khz  Hull MA             5 miles                   

AR   356 khz  Providence RI       40 miles                  

SUH  356 khz  Rockland ME         160 miles       25 watts  

AS   359 khz  Nashua NH           47 miles        25 watts  

FMH  362 khz  Falmouth MA         50 miles                  

FIT  365 khz  Fitchburg MA        55 miles                    

IMR  368 khz  Marshfield MA       15 miles        25 watts  

BO   375 khz  Milton MA           10 miles                  

LQ   382 khz  Revere MA           18 miles                  

6E   387 khz  Grand Manan NB      275 miles       50 watts

PVC  389 khz  Provincetown MA     40 miles        25 watts

JT   390 khz  Stephenville NL     720 miles       450 watts

ZST  397 khz  Saint John NB       325 miles       50 watts

OW   397 khz  Norwood MA          18 miles

LW   402 khz  Lawrence MA         35 miles

EK   417 khz  Worcester MA        47 miles

ORE  205 khz  Orange MA           77 miles        25 watts

QI   206 khz  Yarmouth NS         296 miles       500 watts

MJ   209 khz  Merrimack NH        53 miles

SJ   212 khz  St John NB          325 miles       1000 watts

CLB  216 khz  Carolina Beach NC   685 miles

Y9   220 khz  Digby NS            310 miles   NEW

IHM  220 khz  Mansfield MA        25 miles

QM   224 khz  Moncton NB          410 miles       400 watts

BG   227 khz  Bangor ME           210 miles

TAN  227 khz  Taunton MA          25 miles

SZO  227 khz  Fryeburg ME         125 miles       25 watts

AC   230 khz  Pleasant Lake NS    310 miles

UL   248 khz  Montreal PQ         260 miles       1000 watts

SKR  251 khz  Bedford MA          30 miles

5B   254 khz  Summerside PEI      455 miles       250 watts

FFF  257 khz  Plymouth MA         22 miles

ESG  260 khz  Rollingsford NH     70 miles        25 watts

TOF  269 khz  Topsfield MA        30 miles        25 watts

BST  278 khz  Belfast ME          178 miles

RS   279 khz  North Brookfield MA 61 miles

CQX  279 khz  Chatham MA          63 miles

FC   326 khz  Fredericton NB      335 miles       1600 watts

LC   328 khz  Laconia NH          97 miles

BH   330 khz  Bar Harbor ME       200 miles       25 watts

BE   332 khz  Bedford MA          30 miles

RM   334 khz  Rockland ME         160 miles

PV   335 khz  Providence RI       40 miles

GF   341 khz  Greenwood NS        357 miles

HY   342 khz  Hyannis MA          51 miles

LI   346 khz  Hull MA             5 miles

AR   356 khz  Providence RI       40 miles

SUH  356 khz  Rockland ME         160 miles       25 watts

AS   359 khz  Nashua NH           47 miles        25 watts

FMH  362 khz  Falmouth MA         50 miles

FIT  365 khz  Fitchburg MA        55 mil

IMR  368 khz  Marshfield MA       15 miles        25 watts

BO   375 khz  Milton MA           10 miles

LQ   382 khz  Revere MA           18 miles

6E   387 khz  Grand Manan NB      275 miles       50 watts

PVC  389 khz  Provincetown MA     40 miles        25 watts

JT   390 khz  Stephenville NL     720 miles       450 watts

ZST  397 khz  Saint John NB       325 miles       50 watts

OW   397 khz  Norwood MA          18 miles

LW   402 khz  Lawrence MA         35 miles

EK   417 khz  Worcester MA        47 miles



Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AR7030+/PA0RDT Mini-whip/Ratzlaff audio filter


After hanging five feet off the ground for a year and basically doing nothing, I finally assembled some of the mast sections I bought off ebay and got my PA0RDT mini-whip antenna up in the air where it can do some good. It's about 19 feet above ground; four feet above the top of the screen room that surrounds the pool. If I can get a ladder and secure the mast to the top of the screen room supports I should be able to add another section or two, getting the antenna up another four to eight feet. I don't know how much that will help, but it can't hurt.

Unfortunately, we've had storms almost non-stop since I erected the mast. This is supposed to be the driest time of the year here in Florida, but you sure can't prove it by this year. I've had little but lightning crashes on LW for weeks now, so the log is quite short. I did nab a few news ones though.


The Thunder Bay logging, $04P, is a Navtex station. On the nights when it hasn't been storming in the immediate vicinity I've been leaving SeaTTY running to see what it can collect. I've been seeing strong hints of quite distant reception. Thunder Bay is one. I also got a few fragments that looked like they were from the San Francisco Navtex station, but they were so broken up that I'm reluctant to claim it as a reception.


Log showing first reception of each signal between 20080301 and 20080331

Daytime: 15:00-19:59, Night: 20:00-14:59


Output sorted by Frequency


YYYYMMDD UTC   kHz   Call  Pwr. Miles + Location


20080322 02:00 260   MTH   0    255     MARATHON, FL, USA

20080321 23:40 263   DA    0    55    Y TOMOK, FL, USA

20080329 06:22 432   IZN   25   494   Y Lincolnton, NC, USA

20080322 04:47 450   PPA   0    908     Puerto Plata, DOM

20080322 06:31 518   $04P  0    1445  Y Thunder Bay, ON, CAN

20080322 04:35 526   ZLS   0    507     Stella Maris- Long Island, BAH


6 stations shown listed, including 3 stations new to log (shown in + column).



The Line of Sight and Beyond


No FM DX this month


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No WX DX this month


The Visible Universe


No TV DX this month


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


This month we have some articles on Internet radio sent in by Kevin, Paul and Barry with comments thrown in by Glenn Hauser and Phil Rafuse. Thanks to all for the submissions for this month’s column.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


Re: Slow Mail


Sat Mar 1, 2008 10:18 am (PST)


I can listen to WK Dee K all night perfectly here in AZ. All I have to do is go to


NBN: All 150 CBS Stations on AOL


Sat Mar 8, 2008 5:33 am (PST)


AOL, CBS Team Up For Radio, Advertising
By Cecilia Kang

Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, March 8, 2008; Page D01

AOL's Internet radio division and CBS Radio yesterday announced a content and advertising partnership that will allow AOL's listeners to access CBS content, including University of Maryland basketball games through CBS-owned WJFK-FM (106.7).

The deal will end AOL Radio's partnership with XM Satellite Radio, as of May 1. XM offers 20 of its commercial-free channels through AOL Radio to lure listeners to subscribe to XM's service. Seven of the top 10 radio channels on AOL Radio as of yesterday were XM stations.

The AOL-CBS agreement will combine AOL Radio's 200 Internet radio programs with CBS Radio's 150 terrestrial radio stations from all over the country, including WTGB-FM (94.7) and WJFK.

CBS Radio will take over advertising sales for AOL Radio, which is run from AOL's former headquarters in Dulles. The two companies will split revenue from ad sales. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In response to the AOL-CBS deal, XM announced a free 14-day trial for its Internet-based radio service, which will include 80 of its 170 satellite channels. It also reduced its six-month subscription price to its XM Internet radio site by half, to $2.99, through May.

"XM's presence on AOL Radio was a valuable way to introduce consumers to our service free of charge," and the company will continue to offer free trial services on its own Web site, said Vernon L. Irvin, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of XM.

XM is awaiting regulatory decisions on its proposed merger with Sirius Satellite Radio, which was announced in February 2007. Both companies continue to add subscribers, but neither is profitable, and analysts say both will suffer if the merger is not approved.

AOL's Internet radio has an audience that listens to about 1.2 million streams a week, but AOL has had difficulty translating those listeners into revenue growth. With CBS Radio's advertising sales force, AOL hopes to sell more local ads.

AOL Radio "has not been as lucrative to AOL because we don't have the local market sales force, and in the radio business, most of the money comes from local," said Fred McIntyre, senior vice president of AOL Radio. As much as two-thirds of all advertising revenue comes from local ads, he said, and AOL Radio's content is mostly music aimed at a national audience.

Mark R. Fratrik, vice president of media consultant BIA Financial, said the AOL deal solves problems for CBS, which is trying to stay relevant as more people get music, news and other entertainment from the Web.

"Radio has been challenged for the last few years and has been looking for new revenue. This gives CBS a much broader audience, particularly young people," Fratrik said.



Things are looking up for KFI


Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:05 am (PDT)

Article Launched: 03/20/2008 04:19:40 PM PDT

The KFI (640 AM) replacement tower is on its way up, with construction expected to be completed by the end of March. Operationally, it won't be ready until some time in April due to all the extra work needed to connect the new tower to the transmitter.

In the meantime, the top-rated talk station is operating on substantially reduced power, even lower than it was with the backup transmitter KFI was using until construction began. The station had
to turn off the backup transmitter at its regular site because the radio frequency radiation was too high to be safe for the tower construction workers. Now it's using a transmitter originally designed for 1150 AM (now KTLK).

Only 14,000 watts are currently being used to transmit, but the signal in much of the coverage area is still good.

When KFI is able to go to its full 50,000 watts in April, it will once again be a "local" signal in half of California during the day and half of the United States at night. Expect its digital HD Radio signal to return then as well.

Speaking of HD

KABC returned to the FM band for the first time since 1969 when KABC- FM became KLOS (95.5 FM) via the magic of HD Radio.

I know, I've been writing too much about HD Radio lately, but hear me out just one more time before I give it a rest.

Designed partly to appease regular listeners when Dodger games are on the air at KABC (790 AM), the normal talk programming that is being pre-empted on AM will move to FM on KLOS' digital HD-3 stream, and also will be available at

The simulcast already is happening, so I suppose you could say KABC- FM already has returned.
Richard Wagoner is a freelance writer based in San Pedro. Send
questions to him via e-mail at



Paul Walker – Abbeville, SC


Nothing But Net... WWFM 89.5 Koror, Republic of Palau


Sat Mar 8, 2008 3:47 pm (PST)


I'm listening to WWFM 89.5 which is a miture of International Music and Local music. Some announcements (live dj's and comemrcials) are in their native tounge, others, like Beer commercials, are in English.

They have a sister station, KDFM 98.5 which broadcasts all American music, everything from Country to Oldies to Pop/Current Music

Their stream is running at 20K/22hz Mono and actually sounds pretty good *"The feed is live but the quality is directly proportional to the amount of traffic on the link. The signal originates from Palau and goes via satellite to a downlink in Canada. From there it is routed to the NetEnterprise Windows Media Servers in Hawaii for live streaming. "*

To check out the station online, go to The listen live link is in the Upper right hand corner of the screen, in Windows Media Player streaming format. For those of you who don't have or don't like WMP, just take the MMS address and if you have Winamp 5.x or better, it WILL work
in that!

The Station is owned by Retired US Army Sergeant (27 years of service, he is now 57) Alfonzo Diaz who is also a Sentor in Palau who says, "dissemination of information to the public is of the essence".

Both his FM stations utlize Crown 500 Watt Transmitters with Omnia 3FM audio processors, Electrovoice RE 27 Microphones and a 12 Channel Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro in the studios. Automation is "DJ PRO" from Italy.

He has a Sister in Augusta, Georgia (about an hour from me, to the Southwest). When he visits her later this year, he has promised to stop by and visit me here at WABV!


Re: Nothing But Net... WWFM 89.5 Koror, Republic of Palau


Posted by: "wghauser"


Sat Mar 8, 2008 4:29 pm (PST)


WWFM? Must be a made-up callsign. The prefix for Palau is T8 --- just ask KHBN!

Seriously, Palau is really a hybrid place, partly USA and partly not.

The real WWFM is noncommercial in New Jersey, classical and also satellite feeds some translators in Colorado, I believe.

73, Glenn Hauser

Re: Nothing But Net... WWFM 89.5 Koror, Republic of Palau


Posted by: "Paul B. Walker, Jr."


Sat Mar 8, 2008 4:31 pm (PST)


Yup, I'm very aware of the 'real" WWFM.

Their other FM is KDFM 98.5 and the "real" KDFM is on 103.3 in Falfurrias,
texas owned by Paulino Bernal.



Re: Nothing But Net... WWFM 89.5 Koror, Republic of Palau


Posted by: "kevin redding"


Sat Mar 8, 2008 4:35 pm (PST)


Glenn, when you are on the net you can call yourself anything. Hell on the over the air radio you can call yourself by any call sign until the top of the hour.

Times are changing, brother. Might not be what we are used to but it sure ain't the same.


Re: Nothing But Net... WWFM 89.5 Koror, Republic of Palau


Posted by: "Phil Rafuse"


Sat Mar 8, 2008 5:08 pm (PST)


A classic almost local example of this is 780 CFDR Halifax [HRM] NS which calls itself KIXX. Wrong country, wrong coast.

I'm of the old school - I like call letters, not cute animal names like Big Dog [CKTO], Kat Kountry [CKTY], The Fox [CFXU, where I worked a million years ago :)], The Hawk [CIGO] etc.



The Same Song On Two Stations At Once


Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:11 pm (PDT)


Ok, so this isn't something that hasn't happened before.


I was listening to the webstream of WKDK 1240 Newberry, SC and heard "Stuck In The Middle With You”.
I then tuned into the webstream of "Dunes 102fm" WGTX Truro/Provincetown, Massachusetts which runs ABC's Oldies Radio Network and heard. THE SAME SONG.
( for those who care, it's in 128K Stereo and if you're into jingles, you'll like theirs, from TM Century)

Both stations had the same song at about the same point in the song.

Kinda cool!

Re: No More RTE MW xmissions


Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:42 am (PDT)


Atlantic 252 you say?

Only I could find something like

It's a mix of the jingles from BIG D 103 Hartford, CT and Atlantic 252. The
basic package is Thompson Creative's Oldies Combo Package that was re-sung
and re-presented under other names for different formats.


Barry Davies – England


Final moments and loop message from MWC member Paul Logan

Tue Mar 25, 2008 8:31 am (PDT)

Paul Logan <> wrote:

Hi all,

for those who missed it I've put the final moments of RTE on Medium Wave on youtube.

sign off:

later service announcement:

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland.


Emily Keene – Middletown, NJ



I've been following WBAP 820 from Dallas, the Oberlin ( Ohio ) College station, and a couple of others on the Sangean Wi-fi, but so far, there haven't been many items of interest - just syndicated talk, with promises of better things to come this evening...


And that’s it this month.

73’s, Martin


Extra, Extra!


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


** OKLAHOMA. As a result of a listener survey, and a new manager wanting to make his mark,

KOSU is revamping its program schedule effective March 31 --- from

one extreme to another, too much classical music (which was from MPR,

not locally presented), to far too little, as they pick up many

popular(?) NPR/APM syndicated shows. The fine but overpriced

Performance Today survives at 7:06-9 pm CT weekdays.

There is still very little local production. 4-minute commentaries

have been moved into NPR news breaks at :30 past the hours, which is

an improvement, instead of blotting out whatever Morning Edition/ATC

reports had been at :35 or :44. National Native News has disappeared

from the schedule. So much for our Indian heritage, and the

significant Oklahoma Native American population.

The old grid has already been removed, but take my word for it, was

straight classical from 9 am to 3 pm weekdays, among many other

times. The new schedule is also confusing, not accurately showing

start times which for most but not all programs are :06 past the hour

after NPR news --- why round them off when the station has to know

the correct start times, accurate to the second? And some are even

more incorrect.

Is Pipedreams, moved to 10 pm Sunday [it does start on the hour; too

bad for news junkies], really for only one hour? That show is about

the only public radio program which has been a full sesquihour

against pressure to `standardize` it, which was done indirectly by

adding an unnamed post-Pipedreams fill half-hour of non-organ music,

but also presented by Michael Barone, carried on a number of stations

to make it a two-hour block instead of an inconvenient one-sesquihour


Incredibly, the morning and afternoon news magazines from NPR, each

two hours long, continue to occupy more than two hours each! Morning

Edition for 4 hours, and ATC for 3 hours. This means that two hours

of one and one hour of the other are repeats (minus local cutaways

and newscast updates). These three hours per weekday could have been

used to further diversify programming, or keep a little more

classical. A few other programs get more than one airing.

Here`s the new KOSU schedule:

Note that the Saturday lineup does not start until May 11, apparently

awaiting the end of the Met Opera season --- but will it be back next

winter? Or does part of it start in April, minus the Met hours? Some

of the new programs are explained here, along with odd start dates:

Trying to cram as much new stuff in as possible, we get only one of

the two hours of Talk of the Nation, so that the inferior The World

can be accommodated before ATC, despite the first and last hours of

ATC being the same!

KOSU has already been counterprogramming itself on the IBOC channel

``KOSU-2``, but this is hardly worth mentioning as hardly anyone is

or can be listening to it, and if you really want to hear something

other than KOSU(1) on the web, there are countless other public radio

stations available.

We wonder to what extent the existing programming of other Oklahoma

public radio stations was considered in constructing KOSU`s new

schedule. Its coverage overlaps considerably with Public Radio Tulsa

KWGS/KWTU, OU`s KGOU/KROU+, and even Lawton`s KCCU+, not to mention

Edmond`s KCSC which presumably will remain predominantly classical.

These are the stations which should be counterprogrammed, but some of

them may wind up changing their own programming to duplicate OPR less


Paul Walker – Abbeville, SC


LPTV Industry Files Suit To Stop Distribution of
Illegal DTV Converter Boxes

Marietta, GA. (March 26, 2008) ­ The Community Broadcasters Association
(CBA), the trade association of the nation's Class A and Low Power
Television (LPTV) stations, will today file a Petition for a Writ of
Mandamus with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, formally
seeking an order to the Federal Communications Commission to enforce All
Channel Receiver Act and to stop the distribution and marketing of digital
(DTV) converter boxes that do not permit users to view analog television

These converter boxes, intended to allow the display of digital television
(DTV) signals on analog receivers, violate the All-Channel Receiver Act
(ACRA), 47 U.S.C. §303(s), and Sections 15.115(c) and 15.117(b) of the FCC's
Rules if they block reception of analog over-the-air television broadcast
signals, because they do not meet the statutory requirement that they be
"capable of adequately receiving all frequencies allocated by
the FCC to television broadcasting."

The mandamus petition notes that the when it ordered that all TV sets and
other TV receiving devices include digital tuners, the FCC emphatically
acknowledged the importance of displaying all programming,…[and] held that
the ACRA requirement entails not only that all channels be received but also
that all formats, including analog and digital, also be received. The FCC
said that '[t]he ACRA was intended to ensure that the viewing public has
access to receivers which are capable of receiving all broadcast signals.
Thus, to suggest that the statutory requirements are somehow satisfied
simply where a receiver picks up the frequency but is incapable of
displaying the signal in a viewable format strikes us as an absurd reading
of the ACRA.'" CBA points out to the Court that it is just as absurd to
allow devices without analog tuners as it is to allow them without digital


Eric Berger – Detroit, MI


A bunch of new format/slogan changes took effect around SW Ontario

today. Here's a brief rundown:


CFCO-630 Chatham, ONT has dropped its AC Gold format (And Classic

Gold name) for Country. They now ID as "Country 92.9, CFCO," with no

mention whatsoever of the AM station. Making me wonder if Blackburn's

planning on taking the 630 signal dark in the future?


CJSP-92.7 Leamington, ONT officially launched today with a Country

format. They'd been testing with Country for the past few months, now

they're a "Real" station.


CKSY-94.3 Chatham, ONT has dropped "Chatham's Perfect Music Mix" and

started calling its format Lite Hits. Records still sound pretty much

the same.


CHYR-96.7 Leamington, ONT has dropped its "Cheer FM" positioner and

started calling itself "Mix 96.7." They still play Hot/Modern AC.


Looks like I'll have to find a new station to listen to while I

sleep, since CFCO's no longer an option. I suffer from tinnitis, so I

have to have music playing when I sleep...preferably AC Gold. Maybe

CHYR might be an option...


Bargain Barn


Nothing for sale this month


Show and Tell – New Toys


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI


Kaito KA2100

I've had my KA2100 for a few days now and while knawing on a sandwich, offer the following comments.

Hot as a firecracker on FM, but shows mixing problems with strong locals popping up several places on the dial. Maybe this is a function of all locals being up on the CBC tower in Churchill PEI, sharing panel antennas.

Sound, superb. Lots of audio wallop.  Wide on AM is quite wide.

MW - fairly sensitive, quite selective on narrow. Narrow is good for 1134 Croatia, Virgin 1215, Switzerland 765 all coming in last night with just the built in ferrite bar.  sensitivity is the same as my Sony 2010, except the sony pulls ahead at the low end - say 590.

Hot as a firecracker on MW when used with a select-a-tenna. When I compared the Kaito using the SAT with the Sony 2010 also using the SAT, the Kaito came way out on top sensitivity wise.

Oddities - poping and chirping while tuning, sometimes skips a notch - tuning slowly - 1600, 1610, 1630 - oops - skipped 1620, must backtrack.  No problem with up/down buttons - must be an encoder issue.

I love the backlit buttons - an awesome radio in a darkened room.  This is a solid state radio that glows in the dark - we all know that real radios glow in the dark - e.g. tubes, but this one has a charm of its own.

Not the perfect radio, but awfully nice for the price.  The best portable radio for MW I've ever experienced is my 45 year old Zenith Royal 2000 Trans-symphony - which is blazing hot.  But, the Kaito with the SAT actually outpulls the zenith. For those of you with a KA2100 or RP2100, give it a try with a passive loop - SAT, terk Advantage, RS loop, homemade box loop etc.  It sure loves the SAT!


Tripp  Lite Isobar 8 Ultra

The Tripp-Lite Isobar 8 Ultra arrived today, and I hooked it up to the one and only electrical outlet in the VY2PR radio room.  It feeds one heck of a lot of power cords via metal case power bars [or as they say on ebay "chords" :)] most of which are for pretty low current devices like wal warts, 40 watt Drake R8s, 140 watt R-390A etc.

In a nutshell, I'm impressed. What is really striking is how quiet the lower half of the AM band and LW have become.  The nasty wandering buzzes are still there on approximate 480, 720, 960 KHz but they are toned down, and the rest of these two bands is quiet, almost spooky quiet.  Quickly bypassing the Tripp-Lite brought back a lot of noise very readily apparent between 200 and 500 KHz, more subtle but noticeable from 530 on up. Its not only line cord rigs in the radio

room that are benefiting, but also battery portables like the Sony 2010 and the Kaito KA2100.  Which makes sense, as I have a lot of power cords here there and everywhere which could radiate noise if it isn't filtered out first.

This unit is beefy - with a steel case.  I haven't opened it yet, but the diagram on the box shows several chokes as well as capacitors and MOVs.



Testing, Testing…




Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL


Surprisingly nothing heard here in St. John's of the WNTP Test. I have a semi- local CBC Station , CBY in Cornerbrook, NL on 990 khz but still nothing heard under it at all


Tim Hall  Chula Vista, CA


No trace of them here in SoCal... KTMS-CA "news talk 9-90" and XECL-BCN "rockola 9-90" all alone on the channel.  Thanks anyway to Rene Tetro for running the test!  


Dean Zeroeue – Omaha, NE


Sry no copy here in Nebraska either, I did hear some star wars warbles

but i think it was het's .I did catch a tiny bit from Deadwood S.D.

around 980 kHz , that would be roughly 6 hours from here.  neat!

Thanks for letting us know and hope to try again sometime?


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL


'm listening right now, 00:12 EDT. SS music dominant and impossible to null. At about 00:02 I heard "Big Yellow Taxi" as covered by Counting Crows. Not sure if that was part of the test or not. I heard sweep tones at 00:07 EDT. These have to be from WNTP. Morse code at roughly 00:10. What I caught of it sounded like 'V' (...-) repeated several times. Sweep tones again starting at about 00:12.


00:20 now and I'm hearing intermittent sweep tones, now into simple beeps. In addition to the SS mx I'm also hearing some EE rock. Probably WDYZ who never used to send anything this way at night until they turned on IBOC. "Big Yellow Taxi" was probably WDYZ. I'm hearing WWV-like time pips from what I assume is WNTP.

I'm hearing intermittent sweep tones again. Now a bit of Morse followed by whoop-whoop sounds.

00:32 and I'm hearing sweep tones again. Back to intermittent sweep tones.

I think the SS mx station reduced power or signed off. Just caught of bit of music that sounded like Sousa. Pretty sure that's not WDYZ.

00:37 and we're back to sweep tones. SS mx is dominant again.

00:43 and the sweep tones are back, just barely audible above the SS mx.

I was just about to give up and now I'm hearing intermittent sweep tones again. Now time pips. If they reduced power to 12kW as planned this is pretty impressive.

A bit of a break in the quasi-live emailing. It's 01:00 now. I got somewhat distracted by trying to ID the SS station. I heard various sweeps and tones right up to 01:00. The SS station changed format to some sort of rap thing, so I'm glad the test is supposed to be over. I couldn't make it very long with that stuff dominant.

While I heard no positive IDs, I can't imagine all those sweeps and tones were coming from anywhere other than WNTP.


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL


I happened to be up tonight enjoying some Carvel Birthday cake and managed to catch the WNTP test tonight. 

Heard waaaaayyyyyy underneath Cuba with sweep tones in the second half. I also think I heard a Christmas song, but it may have been the effects of the Carvel.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


** U S A [and non]. Tried for the postponed WNTP 990 Philadelphia DX test UT

March 15, using DX-398 in the yard. Fortunately it had stopped raining a few

hours earlier and things had dried off somewhat. First try around 0420 UT

yielded nothing, nor expected with day pattern toward SE.

Listened intently from 0450 to 0500 during the ND 12.5 kW portion. XET was not

much of a problem, close to a right angle, and no sign of CBW, which can boom

in when K-indices are low. SWPC says: The mid-latitude K-index at 0300 UTC on

15 March was 2 (18 nT). But aimed toward Philadelphia, there was still a pile

of QRM, multiple subaudible heterodynes from all the other stations, almost

like a graveyard. However, at 0451 I could hear an occasional tone, but never

copy any Morse code ID. At times the tones seemed evenly spaced like a

timesignal. Sweeps definitely heard peaking around 0454-0456. So I count this

only on the basis of assuming no other station would be transmitting such

material. Right at 0500 on came the Cuban National Anthem, from the SE,

presumably R. Guamá, Pinar del Rio, as mentioned by Arnie Coro in DXLD 8-031, if that is the only Cuban on the frequency, but not noticed prior to that. No

IBOC from KTOK-1000 audible, which wipes out 990 here in the daytime.

No doubt those closer to Philly or with better equipment heard the WNTP test

more definitely than I did. Many tnx to René Tetro for putting it on


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