April 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 4


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The April CME announcement:


This is the Morris Sorensen CME which remembers Morris, an early member of ABDX in Winnipeg, Canada. Morris was a great person and DXer. We at ABDX remember him every April with a CME in his name. We have the Morris Sorensen CME at this time as it when we heard of his passing last year.


This CME is focused on HF reception. This is the time of year when MW reception is poor and soon we will go into the lightning storm season. FM is not yet on for Es but ok for Tr ducting. Because of this, we are all looking for as many HF logs as we can get on any meter band or frequency. Get out that HF portable of yours, clip a wire to the antenna and toss it in a tree. You can easily hear the entire world. 


On MW, since professional baseball starts, we are looking for logs of baseball games, baseball scores, baseball advertisements, and sports talk about baseball.


On FM, we will accept baseball logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception.


We are looking for baseball and unusual catches on the TV as well.


WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear.


NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX.


LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band.


Morris, here's 73 wherever you are!


The May CME announcement:


This CME is focused on MW reception. The cloud of IBOC noise is coming and this is sort of a "Last Chance Saloon"  before crossing the IBOC desert. Do it now before its gone. It can't be long before IBOC 24/7 hits the Federal Register.


On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception.


We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well.


WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear.


NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX.


LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band.


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Titusville, FL

Sony ICF 2010


Monday, April 2, 2007

Hampton Inn, Titusville, Florida

1720 – 1830


540 WFLF FL Pine Hills

580 WDBO FL Orlando

620 WDAE FL Saint Petersburg

630 WBMQ GA Savannah – 04/02/07 1725 – Sean Hannity show. Decent signal.

Decent signal. “Newstalk 630, WBMQ”.

640 WMEN FL Royal Palm Beach – 04/02/07 1728 – Decent signal. “640,


660 WORL FL Altamonte Springs – 04/02/07 1732

670 WWFE FL Miami

720 WRZN FL Hernando

740 WQTM FL Orlando

760 WLCC FL Brandon

810 WEUS FL Oriovista

840 WPGS FL Mims

860 WGUL FL Dunedin

900 WMOP FL Ocala

910 WTWD FL Plant City

950 WTLN FL Orlando

970 WFLA FL Tampa

990 WDYZ FL Orlando

1010 WQYK FL Seffner

1030 WONQ FL Oviedo

1060 WIXC FL Titusville

1080 WHOO FL Kissimmee

1110 WTIS FL Tampa

1140 WRMQ FL Orlando

1160 WIWA FL Saint Cloud

1190 WAMT FL Pine Castle – Sky Lake

1220 WOTS FL Kissimmee

1250 WHNZ FL Tampa

1270 WRLZ FL Eatonville

1300 WTIR FL Cocoa Beach

1310 WYND FL Deland

1350 WMMV FL Cocoa

1380 WWMI FL Saint Petersburg

1400 WSDO FL Sanford

1410 WMYR FL Fort Myers

1440 WPRD FL Winter Park

1460 WQXM FL Bartow

1480 WUNA FL Ocoee

1510 WWBC FL Cocoa

1520 WHIM FL Apopka

1530 WENG FL Englewood

1550 WAMA FL Tampa

1560 WINT FL Melbourne

1580 WNTF FL Bithlo

1590 WPUL FL South Daytona

1600 WOKB FL Winter Garden

1680 WLAA FL Winter Garden

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hampton Inn, Titusville, Florida


770 WABC NY New York – 04/03/07 2117 – ¼ hour drop. Good signal. "Newstalk

Radio 77, WABC”.

860 WGUL FL Dunedin – 04/03/07 2119 – Mike Gallagher show. Good signal.

“Talkradio 860, WGUL”.

880 WCBS NY New York – 04/03/07 2122 – Baseball promo. Good signal. “The

magic of opening day on WCBS”.

1370 WCOA FL Pensacola – 04/03/07 2130 – Weather forecast and ABC News.

Decent signal. “Newstalk 1370, WCOA”.

1550 Warbler Good signal.

1630 KKGM TX Fort Worth – 04/03/07 2051 – Southern Gospel. Decent signal.

“Southern Gospel 1630, KKGM”.

1650 KWHN AR Fort Smith – 04/03/07 2048 – Sean Hannity promo. Decent signal. “Newstalk 1650, KWHN”.






Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Rx As Noted Below


Heard on Sangean HDR-1 and RS Loop:

After a hiatus of several days, KTAR 620 Phoenix has returned to the 

Air in HD.

620 KTAR Phoenix, AZ 4/6 1820 with Diamondbacks v. Nationals. 

Apparently the Nationals STINK because they were down 7-1 around the 

7th inning.

Wonder if this is the first HD logging of a baseball game? I know it 

is for ABDX.


Heard on a Zenith Royal 705 unaided:

1340 KIKO Globe, AZ 5/7 1703 Arizona Diamondbacks v. Washington 


1080 KRLD Dallas, TX 5/8 1915 Texas Rangers v. Boston Red Sox. 

Rangers are behind 3-1 in the 8th.


Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and RS Loop:

1580 KMIK Tempe, AZ 4/9 0717 Radio Disney in IBOC playing "I'm Comin' 

Up". First morning for IBOC on KMIK.

Phoenix now has IBOC on 550, 620, 860, and 1580.


Heard on a CCRadio nekkid:

680 KNBR San Francisco, CA 3/9 0145 with after midnight baseball. The 

Dodgers were beating the snot out of the Giants 6-1.


Heard on a digital Superadio ca. 1982, nekkid:

620 XESS Ensenada, BCN Mexico 4/19 2310 with what sounded like SS 

sports news. Was under local KTAR. First time ever heard.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada

Collins R-390A, Palstar M550P and 70’ wire


Heard on a Collins R-390A with Palstar MW550P and a 70 foot wire:

April 23, 2007 at 11:07 p.m. ADT Stratford PEI


590 WEZE Boston MA with a religious program - NEW for me!

My first time for this one - it rose up above VOCM, which generally owns 590 here by night.

As well, 555 ZIZ St. Kiits is so strong tonight that I can listen to them on 16KHz bandwidth on the Collins!

720 The Buzz is back on the air.  But it pops off from time to time. We need rain.

800 VOWR St. John's NL is also so strong that I'm listening to it on 16

KHZ bandwidth.  Audio is like FM.


930 CJYQ St. John's NL also so strong that the Collins is on 16 KHz

bandwidth with great sound.  And, the most distinctive music format on

earth - Newfoundland music - from jigs and reels to rock.  Nearly 100%

Cancon too.  I LIKE Cancon, btw.

Might be a good night to add some NL stations to your logbooks, as our

friends from Newfoundland are on a roll tonight.

1700 Unid playing spanish music

1630 The Buzz playing 120 Hz AC with lots of fuzziness

1230 CFGN Port-aux-basques NL pounding in like I've never hear it

before - 250 watts and over 200 miles away.

1134 Croatia nice signal, but darn it, I missed the news in English!

990 CBY Corner Brook NL with a local type signal - WAY stronger than 1070 CBA!

960 The Buzz  Favourites of the 60s and 120s [think Hz folks!]

Time to go to bed.


Alan Willie – Newfoundland, Canada

Yaesu FRG-100 and 60’ wire



Great evening for Transatlantic Dx , many middle east and Africans on the split freqs. Radio Sawa , Djibouti solid copy on 1431 khz  here currently



Is anyone hearing the Spanish speaking station playing Spanish and English pop and rap tunes is on 1300 khz tonight. Its been in strong and then gone again over and over tonight. Not sure where its at, keeps fading at Id time . Could use some help on this one Thanks. [per Keith McGinnis probably WJDA]


Martin Foltz –Mission Viejo, CA

RS TRF barefoot


XETRA-690 running OC, 11:24 PM PDT 4/9/07.

690 UNID (El Paso?), 4/9/07 11:23-12:00 PM PDT with XETRA running OC, heard Coast to Coast station in weak. Also heard a Spanish station playing music. Of course they faded at ToH.

1430 KLO Ogden UT 4/13/07 5:51 AM PDT with Bill Bennett show, ID at ToH, into CBS news. 

1390 XEKT Tecate BC 4/13/07 6:03:45 AM PDT tuned in to XE NA, ID, under local KLTX. Probably their sign on. 

1580 KMIK Tempe AZ 4/13/07 6:05 AM PDT hearing their IBOC "hidden channels" on 1570 and 1590 making them useless.



Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA

RCA Superadio III [or as noted]



Seattle Mariners 4, Oakland A's 0, KOMO AM 1000, Monday April 2.

Interestingly, despite being able to listen only intermittently, I

managed to catch the first pitch, all the scoring, and the final

out. Not exactly DX, but it is baseball on MW. I'll try to catch

some of the Giants and/or Dodgers games tonight.



KNBR 680, 0100 PDT, Tuesday 4/3, re-broadcast of San Francisco Giants-

San Diego Padres game.


0000-0030 PDT, 4/14/07, Burns, OR (roughly midway between Portland

and Boise);

Eton E-100, nekkid:

760 KKZN, Denver, progressive talk, ad for Rocky's Auto, 63rd and

Federal; over/under KFMB San Diego, Lars Larson conservative talk;

740 KCBS, San Fran., all-news format in heavy noise/interference;

720 KDWN, Las Vegas, "K-Dawn" station promo, Fox News at ToH into

Jim Bohannon show;

710 KIRO, Seattle; news;

700: thought I might have a shot at WLW here (fat chance!), but

nothing but mud;

690, unid. Fr. talk, CBC French network?

680 KNBR SF; start of replay of Giants baseball;

670 KBOI, Boise, ID, conservative talk;

660 KTNN, Window Rock, AZ; Midnight Radio Network; discussion of

John Travolta's aircraft collection;

630 KHOW, Denver: Coast-to-Coast AM


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R-8 and Kiwa Loop



Listening to 1470 at midnight through a real jumble of stations, I heard:

(1) ESPN Sports ID  (2) .....1490 and ....1470

These very well could have been the same station.  The dual frequency

announcement came through clearly (except-of course-the IDs).  I have no

record of any western station on 1470 carrying ESPN overnight.  Unless there has been a recent format change out here or someone has ESPN at TOH only.  Very strange.  Must have been 5 or 6 stations in the mess, none in all that well.  Odd, the 1490 & 1470 bit.  That's rather close together normally.

Ah well, any help out there will be appreciated.  I did my 10 minutes of

dx now I'm heading for the good ole bed.

Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC

Receiver and antenna



Sometime shortly after midnight, (I was lying in bed, forgot to look at clock), WELO  500 watts, Tupelo, Ms.  Liner by Wink Martindale, sating that if you like what you hear, tell a friend that you listen to the MOYL on AM 580, WELO. New here.   Heard on the Sony Sports Walkman.



The only AM station running IBOC in the Greenville-Spartanburg market of South Carolina is peanut whistle WPCI  1490  in Greenville, an all music station, with a very eclectic format, and no commercials  !!  The owner just plays what he likes...with no one to answer to. Lots of blues, jazz, reggae, somr gospel, old rock and roll. I only wish they had a better signal....



KGGF 690  With "Your news and information source for the millenium, KGGF, Coffeyville-Independence" at 12:04 AM EDST........first time heard when they were probably at authorized night power/pattern....they are common here on H.S. football Fridays.................later at 12:30 EDST, KOA 850 Denver with a commercial for the Colorado Beef Council, including " Beef, it's what's for dinner" and call letter ID, then back into Rockies vs. Padres ball game....not new but alwways welcome..........I fell asleep trying for KSL.....all of the above on the Sony Sports Walkman 


Albert Lehr – Livermore, CA

Receiver and antenna


KEAR-610 and KVTO-1400, on the same tower in Berkeley,

both with open carriers at 1248 PDT 04/07/07.  "Machina Musical"

(probably KUKI) heard through KVTO OC.  Both still on OC at

1340 PDT.


Neil Kazaross – Chicago, IL

Receiver and antenna



Huge pest KMOX 1120 has the IBOC on tonite and for those of you in the

midwest this is a sample of what night IBOC will do. If I don't phase them

there's no trace of 1116 1107 and 1134 TA hets and 1130 and 1110 are

severely messed up. Our clueless FCC at work (expletives deleted).



Eric Berger – Detroit, MI

GE Superadio III



Not getting anything of interest in the upper frequencies tonight;

however, I am able to create a slight null in the signal of local CKLW-

800 (With CKLW still dominant,) and am hearing what sounds like C&W in

that null.

Is CJBQ Belleville, ONT still on the air? If so, then I'll take a stab

and guess it's them, as I've caught them once or twice in the past

while CKLW was off the air.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** OKLAHOMA. KGYN 1210, which has to stay in Guymon, tsk2, continues to forget to switch to night pattern protecting Philly. UT April 29 at 0147 Patsy Cline,

Walking After Midnite, was inbooming at S9+20. Turned out to be in the

syndicated-sounding ``Cody`s Classic Country Countdown``, which later paused

for some local ``high plains`` weather. So once again easterners have a chance

to DX this station on day pattern 

** OKLAHOMA. The TIS at Great Salt Plains State Park, NW of Enid on 1610 kHz is still running the same loop as first heard a year or so ago, as we went up for the adjacent NWR`s annual festival April 28; including breaks for robotic NWS

weather relays

** SAUDI ARABIA. This is certainly not enough to claim a definite log, but it

was fun to hear a 1 kHz het on the hi side of KOKC 1520 which has a strong

night signal here, UT April 29 at 0146 and for several minutes thereafter. I

suppose the superpower Saudi on 1521 is very likely the source


The Whole Earth


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AOR 7030 and PA0 RDT mini whip


Our discussion of the paucity of HF logs spurred me to hook up the mini-whip and cruise a couple HF bands. A couple things from that session are worth comment.

First, it still amazes me that an antenna that is literally about one square inch of space on a circuit board can receive as it does all across the spectrum. It's designed for LW, but does a more than adequate job on SW. It's probably not suitable for MW since it's non-directional. For those with limited space and/or HOAs to deal with, this is about as small and stealthy as you're going to get.

Second, anyone who says there's nothing to listen to on SW needs a better antenna. I was getting TOO MUCH. Many channels sounded like the graveyard frequencies at midnight. On one there had to have been at least three transmitters going, each with its own concept of "on frequency".

So I heard tons of stuff, most of it not identified and not interesting enough to hang around waiting for an ID.

20070429 2158Z 11,815.00kHz Radio Exterior de Espana - Male vocal

music into ID at TOH.

20070429 2200Z 11,840.00kHz Radio Netherlands - I'm not entirely sure on this one. The announcer said "Radio"-something and then said "from Holland". There was news in English with a story about Iran and another about mental health programs in the Australian military. I can't find any reference to anyone broadcasting in English on this frequency at this time, much less Radio Netherlands sending anything this way.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

DX398 nekkid


Heard on a DX398 and whip:

Radio Singapore   Kranji 4/17 1339 with long segment playing music 

from the movie, "Three Amigos", then into Newsline. Good signal.


Harry Helms –Smithville, TX

Sony 2010 with Kiwa Mods


While waiting for my spot and during C2CAM program breaks last night, 0700-0930 UTC 4/19, I monitored 7335 kHz per Glenn Hauser's DXLD tip to see how WHRI was impacting CHU.

WHRI dominated the frequency each time I checked, and if WHRI was carrying music CHU was obliterated. I wonder how this affects Canadian users of CHU; I

suspect listeners in the western provinces may no longer be able to hear CHU at all on 7335 during this time period.

But during WHRI talk, the CHU time pips could be clearly heard in the background, which made for some Dada-esque listening:

"The coming rapture [peep!] will whisk away [peep!]     the Godly [peep!] and leave sinners [peep!] to suffer [peep!] seven years [peep!] of torment [peep!]. . . "

It was like a mash-up of Jerry Falwell and Kraftwerk, and enjoyable in an odd sort of way.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


Another DXpedition to a park in Enid away from household noise sources, this

one Government Springs Park, which was a watering hole on the old Chisholm

Trail, and accounts for Enid existing where it has since 1893. It`s more urban

than Meadowlake, in fact only a block from a hospital, but line noise level

only slightly detectable on some bands, 13, 15 MHz. Again using portable

ATS-909 with cells, now more than half depleted, and this time with funxional

reel-out wire antenna from a lamp pole to a tree, which gained me a bit over

the whip, or make that telescopic, to avoid Internet naughty filters. 0058-0138

UT April 2. Mixed with loggings from HQ earlier.

** CHILE. Tuning above 12 MHz at 0115 April 2, I came upon a broadcast signal

on 12195, where there isn`t supposed to be anything. Sounds like thinly

disguised religious pop. Oh oh, another spur from CVC? Then immediately checked 12275, where Brian Alexander has reported a CVC mixing product. There that is, amazingly strong, could easily be mistaken for a fundamental, and stronger than 12195.

As in DXLD 7-040, we see that CVC is operating not two but three transmitters

on the 11 MHz band between 0100 and 0400:

11665 Spanish    at 01-08

11745 Portuguese at 00-04

11970 Spanish    at 01-04

I then went looking for all the other possible mixing products, and found most

of them in the next few minutes! What a dirty installation they have.


12275 = 11665 over 11970 at 305 kHz, strong

12195 = 11745 over 11970 at 225 kHz, less strong, mostly Port audio

12115 = doesn`t fit pattern but weaker // 12195, 80 kHz from it. Both

        of these had CODAR QRM, BTW

11825 = 11665 over 11745 at 80 kHz [unheard but probably obscured by

        splash from big signals on 11815 and 11835; see U S A: VOA]

11585 = 11745 over 11665 at 80 kHz, weakest

11520 = 11970 over 11745 at 225 kHz, weaker than 12195, Spanish + Port

11360 = 11970 over 11665 at 305 kHz, strong

** CHINA [non]. Collision on 6020, April 2 at 0100: CRI via Albania in English,

305 degrees, SAH, atop something in Spanish, which must be REE via Costa Rica, which is not beaming in this direxion, 110 degrees. You`d think Spain would\coördinate with China, since after all they have their own relay exchange.

** CUBA. Caught the ending of RHC`s DX program En Contacto, Sunday April 1 at 1349 with mailbag segment, and ``muy buenas noches`` so they must have taped it at night, even tho its first airing is in the morning. Gave two e-mail

addresses, one of which was radiohc @ enet.cu This was on 15190, and 15370

missing, tho it had been on during the previous semihour

** CUBA. Dentro-Cuban Jamming Command wasting its kilowatts on 5910, UT Monday April 2 at 0058 check, oblivious of the fact that R. República via Germany operates UT Tue-Sat only. Tsk2, also damages the gospel huxters in Colombia.

Think how many dentro-Cubans could have their food rations increased to some

survivable level if the cost of this electricity went for the benefit of the

people. Let alone the other jamming which actually has a target

** RUSSIA. I can now confirm that contrary to the new VOR Spanish sked sent out by the DX program, the second hour is at 0100 on SAm frequencies, as heard UT April 2 on 7330 // 9830 with news of Bolivia; also on 7300 but with huge warbling QRM from something if not itself. 0113 LV de Rusia ID in passing. 9830 also suffered from 9825 Cuban-type jamming bleedover, against what? However, not checked after 0200, the alleged time

** U S A. VOA Jazz America, Sunday April 1 at 1333 on 9760 via Tinang with

usual unpleasant modulation, after ``What a Wonderful World`` with host

editorializing how much better it would be if the world were run by jazz

musicians than politicians. Come, now!

** U S A. I could hardly believe my ears: Huge signal from VOA Spanish via

Delano at 100 degrees on 11815, April 2 at 0119, with piano, violin music and

BIG WOW on the audio ruining the music as it went on and on. 0122 announcement mentioned Cielo Tropical, apparently interviewing a classic Cuban musician and playing some of his performances. Could not detect wow on speech but resumed as soon as music did thru the rest of the semihour. During pauses, lite DentroCuban jamming was audible, and same wow situation on weaker // 9885. 0128 ID as VOA and at 0129 signal rapidly faded down as jamming gains on it, and by 0130 VOA was much weaker as it introduced Buenas Noches América, Fin de Semana. It almost seemed like a site change, but none scheduled, still Delano.

I can only conclude that at least for this service, VOA is still using ancient

reel-to-reel tape machines for program playback, and this one badly in need of

new capstan, pinch roller, or something more serious in the motor to maintain

constant speed. Was nobody monitoring the playback at the studio or master

control? Could at least have stopped it and quickly changed to a better

machine. Surely they have at least two. Another embarrassment displayed to the

world by our national voice

** U S A [non]. Big signal on 7145, talk in presumed Urdu as this is scheduled

as R. Aap ki Dunyaa = VOA Urdu to Pakistan, via Morocco, April 2 at 0106. There was a motorboating sound on the audio but not on the carrier as announcer was talking about Republican Senator John McCain. It would be fascinating to know what fraxion of the 250 kW is axually going out at 67 degrees toward Pakistan, and how much, must be a lot, toward Enid

** U S A. Brahms` Lullaby with French lyrix playing at the unlikely hour of

1339 UT April 1 on 11970, i.e. WYFR, where it`s 6:39 am in Oakland and 9:39 am in Okeechobee; perhaps an April Fish joke

** U S A [non]. CVC La Voz, via Chile 17680, confirmed continuing with its

token ``arts`` program, Sunday April 1 at 1313 check playing ``Waltz of the

Flowers`` which they would not be caught dead playing the other 167.5 hours per

week of gospel/rap/crap. But they couldn`t stand to let it play all the way

thru, faded down at 1317 to talk about the history of the waltz.

Checking the online schedule at http://www.cvclavoz.com/article/frontpage/49

we find that times are all wrong, with a 5-hour difference between Miami and

UT, so that this is supposedly at 1400-1500 instead of 1300-1400: ``El mundo

del Arte con Marisol Popovitz``. Previous logs of this also showed it ending at

the half hour rather than a full hour, but did not reconfirm that now.

At this early hour with disturbed propagation conditions, K=4, even this

usually super-signal was weak and fadey, but it was almost back up to par by an

hour later. CVC Portuguese 15410 at 1318 was only fair to poor. The only

European making it on 19m was Portugal 15560, and even that was fluttery

** ARGENTINA [and non]. I monitored 15345 to check out the collision situation,

April 4 at 2136 past 2200. There were three stations, two of them 2 Hz apart,

one in Spanish and one in Arabic, taking turns dominating, along with a

slightly varying heterodyne of some 200 Hz. One of them played some tango


At 2155 I could make out the RAE IS and multilingual IDs including English.

At 2157, from one of the others, ``Madrid para África, magazín de dos horas``.

At 2200, a 6-pip timesignal familiar from hearing REE at other times, followed

a few seconds later by about 8 pips, apparently Morocco.

Now, RAE is starting to dominate, the het diminishes and is gone as both other

carriers go off as scheduled, but not clear exactly when, English ID again, but

opening Spanish broadcast.

Here are the pertinent entries from Aoki A-07:

15345 1800-2400 .23456.100 35 General Pacheco ARG 05822W3436N RAE 07

15345 1400-0300 1...... 100 35  General Pacheco ARG 05822W3436N RNA a07

15345 2000-0230 ......7 100 35  General Pacheco ARG 05822W3436N RNA a07

15345 1500-2200 1234567 250 110 Nador           MRC 00255W3502N RTM

15345 1400-2200 1...... 250 92  Noblejas         E  0327W3957N  REE a07

15345 1700-2200 ......7 250 92  Noblejas         E  0327W3957N  REE a07

15345 1800-2200 .23456. 250 92  Noblejas         E  0327W3957N  REE a07

** CUBA. The squealing CRI relay carrier on 9570 was still on at 1404-1405*

April 3, and with no other modulation I found two stable spurs around 9578 and



** ECUADOR. HCJB`s erroneous frequency announcements in Spanish continue into A-07: April 3 at 1359:30, listening to 11960 and // 11690, the same old

``Albert Einstein`` ID claims HCJB is on 11760 to SAm and 9745 to Mexico. And

also as usual, it automatically cut off the last few seconds of the preceding

program when they were about to give contact address

** GABON. Afropop music jammer, instead of 17660, April 4 at 1357, was on

17640, presumably because Sawt al-Amal was too a few minutes before closing.

Another story about Libya buying Africa Number One indicates it is not a done

deal yet: http://www.kimandrewelliott.com/?id=1277

ANU harmonic still exists, on 19160, checked April 4 at 2130 and JBA [just

barely audible] with French music and talk // 9580

** GERMANY [non]. I thought I had found one transmission still carrying A World

of Music from DW on SW, UT Sat 0530, but taking another look at the DW program schedule at


it shows the 0500 broadcast on SW ends at 0530, as does this revised English

transmission schedule pointed out by Joe Hanlon:


So DW now prevents us from hearing this show on SW.

BTW, from the home page, http://dw-world.de you can immediately click on a link

for the TV program schedule, but you have to go thru several steps to get to

the Radio program schedule!

Under Radio, What`s On, is a dead end! Instead, you must click on Reception, and then Frequencies & Customer Service, and finally

Programme Guide Summer 2007

** GUIANA FRENCH. No sign of DRM on 17870-17875-17880, April 2 at 1404 check, but it was back April 3 at 1357 check

** MEXICO. XEYU audible erratically on 9599+v, such as April 3 at 1320 with

classical, but rechecked at 1353 it was either gone or diminished to nothing

but a het

** PORTUGAL. It appears Carlos Gonçalves got his wish as Caixa Postal/Dexismo is no longer to be found on the RDPI program list


nor anywhere on the Monday or Tuesday schedules; I was listening for it at

former time of 1748 UT Monday on webcast. Is it gone for good, or merely off

this week?

** VATICAN [non]. Dear Mr Frías, thank you very much for the kind cooperation

and for the precious information. We have decide to leave 6100 kHz in favour of

6040 kHz. Actually we have already moved to 6040 kHz starting from 03/04/07; I

apologize for not having informed you in the due time but it was decided

yesterday evening late. We would be pleased to receive your reports/comments on this new frequency. Best regards. Vatican Radio

6040 REE is Cariari relay non-direxional 0200-0600, and Vatican relay is via

Canada at 0230-0400. Héctor points out that Brasil`s R. Clube Paranaense is

also on 6040

** AUSTRALIA. R. Australia, English, on 11840 at 2214 April 6 // 15515 but 3

seconds behind it. 11840 is via CVC Darwin at 317 degrees but adequate even


** CHINA. Firedrake on 9200 against Sound of Hope, coming in well April 5 at

1349; sounds the same as always

** GABON. Afropop Music Jammer, April 5 at 1346 was on 17633.0 (not 17632.5) presumably because Sawt al-Amel was nearby or on same, hetting Africa Numéro Un itself on 17630. Meanwhile, WHRA is now on 17650 at 12-16, interrupting all this with very strong signal here, and possibly affecting what goes on in Libya and vicinity

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.0, at 1350 April 5 with Qur`an; from 1357 QRM de CRI

musical prélude to Russian hour, but VOI also stayed on past 1404. KUNM

beckoned so could not stay with it to see for how long more

** IRAN. 15150 in Arabic, April 5 at 1330 with news theme and news, 1335 guitar

music, 1337 lively music and talk about Iran, as this must be VOIRI as


** PORTUGAL [and non]. Just like last A-season, Portugal and Channel Africa are colliding on 7240, both scheduled at exactly the same time, 0500-0800 as noted  here at 0504 April 5, 3 Hz apart and with Portugal on top at the moment.

Neither of them considers it a collision due to different target areas. Perhaps

by 0500 in broad European daylight, there is not much signal left from South

Africa at 5 degrees, tho it is aimed in the same direxion into Europe as RDPI

northeastward. It`s a shame we can hear neither of them well while other

frequencies are open

** TURKEY. VOT, Live from Turkey on Thursday April 5 was listenable on 15450,

which on worse days does not make it at all; from 1310 tune-in wrapping up call

from/to Christer Brunström in Sweden, then studio guest talking about Hittite

archaeology of 3 kiloyears ago near Izmir

** U K [non]. BBCWS via WHRI at 173 degrees, 13640, April 6 at 2205 found to

have lite co-channel interference (CCI). This must be NHK Yamata even tho

beamed 175 degrees from Yamata, neither favoring us, but NHK only until 2230

** U S A. Kim Elliott`s seemingly monthly appearance on VOA`s Talk to America

April 5: first half had guest Simon Spanswick of AIB; second half, clips of

Calling the Falklands, Radio Atlántico del Sur, which yes, was on 9.71 MHz,

``Liberty``, and RAE at the time. I listened on-demand

** CANADA. RCI`s technical schedule for summer supposed to be at


is still 404, missing, as of April 8. However, I have received one in the

P-mail, along with the non-technical program and language schedule

which is at http://www.rcinet.ca/rci/PDF/A07_SW.pdf

Without comparing them line by line, here is a major discrepancy:

Technical says 1705-1905 on Sackville 9515 is in English, while the other one

says this is in French. Monitoring chex at 1742 and 1812 April 8 show that

French is correct, quite poor reception at mid-day.

I also received the nicely printed red program schedule folder for A-07. What

does it say? NOTHING. The 16 hours of broadcasts to the USA from 1105 to 0305 on 7325, 9515, 6100 and 6075 (one after another) are nowhere to be seen.


Could this be a hint of an internal division at RCI? Are these USA broadcasts

not really considered an RCI service, but sort of a hybrid ``CBC Southern

Service`` and thus off-topic for an RCI folder? Or had they been cancelled

provisionally at the time it went to print earlier?

** JAPAN [non]. R. Japan, UT Saturday April 7 from before 2330 until 2355, via

Bonaire 15265 heard here with sacred music, in honor of Easter? Sure would be

nice if someone could provide us an English translation of the NHK Japanese

program schedule, especially concerning music

** SPAIN. REE service to Lebanon, Sunday April 8 was opening transmission at

1359 on 15345 (not 15350 as I thought previously), but not announced as such,

only 17755 for Africa. No co-channel QRM audible at this hour, but there

probably was later. Opens this early only on Sundays. At 1742 recheck, silly

ballgame in Spanish

** TURKEY. VOT IS on 15285, April 8 at 1356, mixing with Chinese; this is prior

to VOT`s Arabic service at 1400 on the correct frequency

** U S A. WHRI, 11785, with Hmong Lao Radio talk, was splattering as far as

11765, April 8 around 1340, especially bothersome to Defunct Gene Scott via

Anguilla 11775

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, off the back via Rampisham, 17700 sometimes

holds up past 1700, as noted April 11, scheduled until 1800, but April 13 after

listening to its wonderful music for the better part of an hour (not including

the Solh Theme which I thought might show up at other times reliably), went off

the air abruptly at 1559* and was still off at 1608 when I gave up waiting for

it to return. I wonder if they have decided to move to a lower frequency for

the final two hours each evening

** ALASKA. So far no luck by monitoring in nailing down which frequencies KNLS

is actually using for English at 1200-1300 UT. I e-mailed them several days ago

about the contradictory schedules on their website, but no reply and no fix,

just rechecked at 2317 UT April 13. At 1200 is it on 7355 and 9780 or 7355 and


April 9 just tuned in at 1259 and all I could be sure of was that 7355 was not

// 9920; no IDs heard.

April 10 at 1239 on 9920 heard some hymns and talk, not in English but

something like Thai, so FEBC Manila as also scheduled here? Nothing audible on 7355. At 1243 could not make out anything intelligible on 9780. 

April 13 at 1218, 9920 in a Vietnamese-like language, so FEBC? 9780 had the

Chinese echo jamming tactic, against what? There may well have been another

station or two underneath. Nothing audible on 7355

** AUSTRALIA. ABC Radio National`s Late Night Live featured a 2005 interview

with the late Kurt Vonnegut, as heard part of it on RA 9580, April 13 until

1241. As usual excellent material on this show; audio:


One thing bothers me about all the tributes to Vonnegut: ``The Sirens of Titan`` is hardly ever mentioned, but that was the first book by him I read, so always thought of him as an SF author who also wrote other stuff

** CANADA [and non!]. This notice was just sent to Raymond Pelletier of CHU:

Dear Mr Pelletier: I wonder if you are aware that US SW broadcast station WHRI

in South Carolina has started using 7335?

This is from the FCC schedule file showing they started 1 April, for many, many

hours per day; however, I just noticed them last night after 0600, when your

beeps were barely audible underneath.

 7335   0300 0600  WHRI  100   260  10      1234567   010407 281007

 7335   0600 1100  WHRI  250   152  10-15   1234567   010407 281007

 7335   1100 1400  WHRI  100   260  10      1234567   010407 281007

 7335   2100 2200  WHRI  100   260  10      1234567   010407 281007

 7335   2200 0300  WHRI  100   260  10      1234567   010407 281007

The same registrations are shown in HFCC. Why isn`t CHU included in the HFCC registrations now? If it had been coordinated there, this might not have

happened. WHR and FCC can claim they were unaware of your 24 hour broadcasts on this frequency.

However the WHR website shows they are really using 7335 only (so far) at

0600-1100 UT: http://www.whr.org/index.cfm/fa/frequencies

You might as well have closed down as allow this to happen. It seems that your

reclassification or whatever was done, did nothing to protect you from this

kind of interference. I cannot recall a US SW station ever using 7335 while CHU

was considered a utility outlet.

You must protest this through all the official channels at the utmost! I don`t

know who is doing World Harvest Radio frequency management, but their general contact info including phone and fax numbers can be found at


Please advise me if you make any progress on getting them off your frequency.

Regards, Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO

** CHINA. Firedrake against Sound of Hope now on 10300, April 9 at 1330 and

also at 1412, and // 9930 which jams another SOH broadcast, via KWHR, scheduled M-F 1400-1700 (

** COSTA RICA. REE relay in the mornings was supposedly scheduled on 5930, but still heard on 5965 a couple weeks ago; however, Yimber Gaviria found them on 5970 and 5930, so I checked again April 13 at 1247. Yes, typically

undermodulated Spanish on 5970, not 5965, but could not make it out on 5930

amid co-channel QRM

** CROATIA [and non]. Looking thru the Glas Hrvatske program schedule for

Monday April 9 at


which I assume is a fairly typical day, we find these foreign language

segments, converted from UT +2 to UT:

English: 2215-2230, 0200-0230, 0600-0603, 1000-1003, 1600-1630, 1805-1815

Spanish: 2230-2300, 0230-0300, 1200-1203

Italian: 1400-1430

Hungarian (`Madarskom`): 1630-1700

Frequencies not specified, but I suppose these are both on the domestic SW

transmitters and the German relays if the time fits. The 2215 and 0200

broadcasts should be on 6165 direct and 9925 via Germany

** CUBA. Altho not appearing on its own schedule, R. Rebelde continues to use

17555 // 17735 for midday broadcast, both very good April 13 at 1620

** CUBA [non]. There has been a last-minute change regarding Radio Cuba Libre, which has been Monday-Saturday 0700-0900 UT. As of today, this block has switched to 1200-1400 Monday-Saturday, plus 0300-0400 UT Tuesday-Saturday. I will have to take a look at the programs that were on from 1300-1400 on weekdays to see whether we can reschedule them elsewhere

On 9955. So that takes care of WORLD OF RADIO Sat & Mon at 1330, Mundo Radial Wed 1300, and several other DX programs

** CUBA [non]. R. Martí never got around to updating its A-06 schedule during

the entire B-06 season at http://www.martinoticias.com/frequencies.htm

and now with the A-07 season it is more or less correct again; all the frequencies are again in use, but exact times and transmitter site have changed in some cases.

A-07 registrations, all Greenville except one DL as indicated. [except silent

period Mon 03-09]

 5980 07-12

 6030 22-12

 7365 00-04

 7405 03-07, 12-14

 9565 17-22

 9805 10-13

11775 00-03

11845 13-17

11930 14-23

13820 12-20, DL 20-24

I looked thru all the Delano listings, and there are amazingly few; many of

them wooden for V. of Greece, no longer in effect; a few VOA English, Spanish,

Creole transmissions, and that`s it. I assume this is indicative of the phasing

out of Delano  

** FRANCE. RFI news in English in progress at 1610 April 13 on 17605, better

than // 15605, convenient to check on the FRG-7 with MHz retuning only; these

are 135 and 170 degrees respectively from Issoudun and not audible on 15160 via South Africa if really in use

** GABON. Afropop music jammer was on 17632.0 (not 17632.5) when checked April 12 at 1328, stronger than ANU it was hetting on 17630. I also noticed a big

unmodulated carrier came on 17630 at 1336-1337. Afropop music distraxion was

still on 17632.0 at 1416 recheck

** HONG KONG. Missed it by that much? Isn`t it about time for another yacht

race to Philippines and back, with accompanying SW radio weather broadcasts for the racers? The Royal HK Yacht Club website does show there was such a race on April 5-9, 2007:  http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/article.aspx?c=2&a=1060

I did not go searching further for info on broadcasts, since it`s too late now.

They also had a coastal race warmup for this in March, and a race in October to

Vietnam which bears further watching

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia, 11530 via Moldova, was listenable here April 12 at 1350-1412+ with some exotic music, and flutter. I settle for this

when I can`t get Solh on 17700

** SAUDI ARABIA. Qur`an on 17560, April 13 at 1615 eclipsed by Rebelde 17555; this would be BSKSA Riyadh at 270 degrees

** SWEDEN [and non]. R. Sweden, English relay via Canada on 15240, April 13 at 1359 concluding with IS, but at 1359:30 another carrier came on some 100 Hz

away causing the IS to sound off-pitch; this het lasted until 1405*. Now at

1400, R. Sweden is supposed to switch back from Sackville to Hörby, and I am

not aware of any other station that might be on 15240, so was R. Sweden

interfering with itself? Using 15240 both for direct and relay broadcasts

requires tight coordination, which isn`t always the case. At 1100-1300 it`s

supposed to be Hörby including English at 1230, then Sackville for an hour in

Swedish & English

** TURKEY. Live from Turkey on VOT, Thursday April 12 was audible on 15450 when I tuned in at ending 1319 but it was poor with co-channel QRM de Arabic (?) music. Nothing else is known on this frequency at this time, tho BBCWS uses it in Bengali via Armavir, Russia during the following hour

** U S A. KAIJ, 9480, was playing last week`s World of Radio 1353, Thursday

April 12 at 1500, instead of 1354; perhaps they were catching up on missed


** U S A. WRMI programming changes, such as new times for R. Cuba Libre, have opened up other times for fill shows. Friday April 13 at 0600 I found 9955, no jamming audible, going from Viva Miami with Thaïs (or was she just doing a

promo?), into AWR Wavescan, in English of course, for ``the third Sunday in

April``. Apparently back in Singapore they are under the impression that all

their broadcasts go out on Sunday. What else, Jeff, may we find at new times?

BTW, WRMI signal was fair, but neighbor WYFR was overwhelming on 9680/9715 causing overload and phantom frequencies on 31m. April 13 at 1213 I noticed that Radio Cuba Libre was not being jammed on 9955

** U S A. I am rarely listening after 0600, but I was tuning around April 13

and at 0607 found a US gospel huxter on 7335! Inbooming with pips from CHU

barely audible underneath. Preacher was ending at 0613 with phone

1-800-311-1277. You might want to complain to them about blotting out CHU; then gave contact info: TLLB (not sure of letters), Sister Esther, P O Box 70,

Crawford VA 22841. 0614 World Harvest Radio ID, and 0615 into Midnight Cry, who should be made aware of this too. WHR program schedule lists Midnight Cry with C. Parker Thomas, M-F at 0615-0630 on 7335, and the 0600-0615 M-F show on 7335 is Truth Light and Life with Daniel Rodes.

** U S A [non]. Interesting Aoki A07 listing from Ascension site --- Glenn, here's a station listed in the Aoki list that I have no idea about -- likely a new gospel station using this relay.

17675  LDS Church, Sunday only 1000-1200 ASC 250 27 (beam to W Africa)

LDS/BYU is also listed on 21520, 250 kW / 65 degrees from Ascension, Sun. only [1000-1200 also].


Any ideas about what this broadcaster is about?  Maybe "LDS" refers to

"Latter-Day Saints", so it could be an organization run by such a group that

bought this 2-hour block on Sundays

Joe, This is probably BYU Radio. It was in the WRTH 2006 as via Rampisham DRM Sunday 14-15 on 9750, but I don`t see it in WRTH 2007 or other current

listings. I wonder if the new broadcast is DRM, or does Ascension have DRM

capability? Nothing about SW now that I can find at http://www.byuradio.org/

but will ask them about it. 73,

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, via Rampisham UK, 17700, Sat April 14 at 1458 still playing ``the theme`` at a time when it would have to be faded out only

two minutes later for ID and switch to other music. Unlike the day before, the

transmission did not go off at 1559 but continued past 1600 (

** CANADA. CRI in Chinese via Sackville, 15220, April 14 at 1443 was as usual

very strong, but also very distorted and splattering plus/minus 10 during

Chinese rap, so no great loss; OK at 1549 recheck

** ECUADOR. HCJB Spanish, 11960, Sat April 14 at 1417 had Alen Grájam and a YL doing a mailbag segment, greeting listeners in México, etc. I suppose this was not Aventura Diexista, but as usual lack any accurate program schedule for this SW service

** GABON. Afropop music distraxion on 17634.0, April 14 at 1425, het Africa

Number One on 17630; I suppose Sawt al-Amal must have been somewhere in that area earlier until 1400*

** ISRAEL. Israel Radio, good signal on 15760, Saturday April 14 at 1545 with

timesignal about one second slow (but who cares on the quarter hour?), and

opening show in ``Judeo-Español`` as they called it rather than Ladino; just a

few nice songs with brief announcements, already over at 1555 and back to

interval signal. Did not remember the other frequencies so did not check them,

but later found in DXLD 7-040: ``1545-1555 11605 15640 15760 Ladino daily``.

This transmission is missing from the ``A-07`` Kol Israel schedule at

http://www.bclnews.it/a07schedules/kol.htm altho it does show just Music at

1530-1545 on same frequencies. Finding a SW schedule, much less one in English, is a frustrating challenge using the Media Network hitlist link labeled ``Kol Israel Shortwave Programme Schedule`` at http://www.iba.org.il/reception

** LIBYA [non?]. V. of Africa on new 17870 in English, April 14 at 1422, usual

poor and fading signal, undermodulated. On peaks I could tell they were giving

a schedule but could not get details. 1423 ID by YL, ``Voice of Africa, from

the Great Jamahiriyah``. Hearing this was possible only because TDF Guiana

French DRM on 17870-17875-17880, tho supposedly daily, is off the air on

weekends. Nevertheless, Libya was blown away at 1430-1445 by BBC in Burmese on 17870, Rampisham 500 kW, 76 degrees, but that quarter-hour airs only on Saturdays, an extension of the daily 1345 half-sesquihour broadcast which however is apparently only on other frequencies. VOA in the clear again at 1447 recheck, still weak; 1542 recheck, YL talking about Holy Qur`an. Nothing heard on former Libyan frequency 17725, nor on 17600 which was recently reported. Did not check 13m here, but Brian Alexander in PA was also hearing VOA English today on 17870 and 21695 until 1559*. But where will they be tomorrow? If VOA knows what`s good for them, they will vacate 17870 pronto with its QRDRM 5 days a week. Olle Alm in Sweden is convinced these Libyan broadcasts are now direct from Libya, while Wolfgang Büschel in Germany is equally convinced they are still relayed from TDF Issoudun France, as per registrations

** RUSSIA. VOR in English, Sat April 14 at 1440 in Timeline program

interviewing American guest about Shostakovich, with musical excerpts, better

on 15605 than // 15660. 15605 is 500 kW at 115 degrees, while 15660 is 250 kW

at 100 degrees, both from Moscow site

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. TDF Guiana French continues to insult North Americans by throwing Brother Scare back in our face on 17810, scheduled Saturdays only at 1400-1600 with 250 kW aimed 323 degrees. April 14 at several chex such as 1543 with lo-fi feed, R. G. working himself into even more of a frothy frenzy than on non-Sabbaths, egged on by fawning sycophants during a live service

** ARGENTINA [and non]. Another check of the 15345 collision, Saturday April 14 starting a few minutes before 2200: REE with stupid ballgame in Spanish, and

Morocco in Arabic were this time roughly 6 Hz apart, as indicated by SAH; at

first did not hear audible het from RAE. Both ran well past 2200, but REE

announcers wrapped up sports coverage just before timesignal, then news until

transmitter went off at 2204:30*. This left Morocco still on and now audible

with Qur`an, and growing wavering het from unstable RAE transmitter, until

Morocco went off at 2207:30* leaving RAE alone

** CZECHIA [non]. Surprised to hear R. Prague concluding English broadcast on

6000 via Sackville, April 14 at 2356, plugging a contest, apparently under

Cuban open carrier as audio somewhat suppressed. At 2359 a beep, and Prague

audio ceased. The semihour at 2330 on 6000 is supposed to be in Spanish per


which has also finally managed to add WRMI relays which were missing from it at the beginning of A-07. I suspect that RCI played back the wrong file, as

sometimes happened during the now canceled morning relay which was at 1400 in A-06, 1500 for the rest of 2006y. BTW, another Sackville relay is shown in

English at 0330 on 6080. At 0010 April 15 I also heard Prague on 11665, via

Ascension, this time in correct language, Spanish, with historical feature

about something going on in the XVI century.

RHC Spanish audio on 6000 did not start up until 0001, a few seconds apart from

its // 6180, which BTW among 49m frequencies listed gave only 5965 where also

heard, and 6000, not 6180. 5965 and 6180 were synchronized, 6000 slightly apart causing a reverb with 6180 when monitored simultaneously, so different site or feed route

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, English to NAm on 9460, April 14 at 2348, fair carrier, but

just barely audible music modulation. Tried to detect Albania co-channel, now

that second Shijak transmitter has reactivated, but could not hear anything but

Cairo, and not // 7425 Tirana. April 15 at 0014 better modulation from Cairo

with woman speaking in English, but still muffled and hard to understand. 0015

timesignal which was 13.5 seconds behind CHU, with news headlines for only a

sesquiminute, and then back to music; at 0020 the music level dropped

dramatically to barely audible again. 0026 closing announcement with program

summary for next day starting at 1 am Cairo time, mostly incomprehensible.

(timeanddate.com says DST of UT +3 in Egypt does not start until April 27,

lasting until September 7, both Fridays; this does not affect UTiming of SWBCs,

but must affect their program summaries in irrelevant local time.) 0028 back to

music, 0030 another 13.5-second-slow timesignal, opening in Arabic with theme.

Not // much weaker Arabic to LAm on 9360

** U S A. FCC says WWRB is authorized on 9385 at 1300-2300, but still going

with Brother Scare, April 14 at 2346; finally pulled the plug sometime in next

four minutes, since vacant at next tuneby 2350

** ALASKA. Haven`t heard KNLS in quite a while, but the English broadcast was

making it April 16 at 1419 on 7355, with music, parable on moneybag(?), 1420

ID, music; 1425 one-minute feature on American idioms: TGIF wherein G means


** GABON [and non]. Afropop music distraxion was on 17612.0, much lower than

usual range, Sunday April 15 at 1405 check, but VP signal here. Afropop music

jammer on 17652.0, April 16 at 1350; there was a weak carrier on 17655, perhaps Sawt al-Amal itself and at this hour WHRA was quite weak on 17650; Apop still on 17652.0 at 1436 recheck

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia, 11530 via Moldova, coming in well enough to enjoy the Kurdish music, April 16 at 1345; timesignal at 1401:20, 80 seconds late! Then talk, presumably news until 1416 back to music

** LIBYA [and non]. Just as I predicted, 17870 totally blocked by GUF DRM on

17870-17875-17880, when it came back on the air on Monday, April 16 at 1345

check; impossible to tell if Libya`s English broadcast at 1400 was still there

** MEXICO. Haven`t heard any trace of XEYU lately on 9599v, e.g. April 16 when

looking for it at 1335. At 1735 there was a weak signal on 9600.0, likely

something else

** U K [non]. WHRI was almost two minutes late in bringing up BBCWS audio on

13640 at 2102 April 15, joining news in progress, while // 11675 via Greenville

was already running BBC chimes before 2100. 2106 show on Sundays is The Ticket,arts magazine, this time starting off with the Kronos Quartet

** U S A. WHRI still on 7335, April 17 around 0845 check as I woke up briefly;

this time CHU was stronger than when the collision was first monitored, and

would have been rather annoying, I should think, to anyone axually trying to

listen to the gospel huxters

** VENEZUELA [non]. Aló Presidente relay via Cuba, Sunday April 15 at 1409

check was VG on 13750, // much weaker 13680, and // 11875 which was a reverb apart from 13750; and // 11670 was way under WYFR. Before 1400, 13680 with RHC itself was VG, so must have switched antennas and/or transmitters. Tho the news was from or about Venezuela, they managed to make it about Posada Carriles. Meanwhile separate RHC programming continued on 11760

** ECUADOR. Checked HCJB`s new DRM test for WNAm on 15675-15680-15685, April 18 at 1715; rather weak, only S3-4 so doubt it would decode. Checked five different online DRM schedules and none of them give the azimuth for this, just the 4 kW power, and dates 4-17 to 4/29. (Axually they all may be derived from the same database.) By comparison, GUF DRM on 17870-17875-17880 was hitting 7 over S9, and the skeds finally show the latter as M-F only as we have been noticing

** GABON. The April 18 frequency for the Afropop Music Jammer (as I call it

before 1400 UT; after that it is the Afropop Music Distraxion), was 17667.0 at

1323. Higher-latitude propagation was subnormal, and could not detect any

carriers in the area from Sawt al-Amal

** ROMANIA [and non]. While monitoring SWRA on one radio, adequate signal on YB-400 with indoor longwire wrapped several times around the ceiling of one

room, I allowed myself to do a bit of bandscanning on the FRG-7 with external

longwire. April 18 at 1709 on 11735, something undermodulated in English. Must

be RRI as recently reported. Yes, at 1743 introduced an excerpt from Don Juan

played by Romanian musicians. If Zanzibar was there, it was way below RRI, and inaudible at 1800 after RRI was off

** TIBET [non]. R. Free Asia music and ID in English as Tibetan service, at

1259 April 18 on 11605. No jamming audible, but perhaps just a propagational

fluke if this is from Marianas, and higher-latitude routes from China blotted

out. OTOH, this seems to be a new frequency maybe not yet attacked by jammers. Not in recently published RFA schedule with sites in DXLD 7-042. However, it is on RFA`s own undated siteless website http://www.rfa.org/english/frequencies/

which they apparently keep up-to-date, unlike Martí, tho they think UTC stands

for ``Universal Time Code`` ---


0100-0300 0900-1100  9365, 11695, 11975, 15225, 17730

0600-0700 1400-1500 17510, 17780, 21500, 21690

1100-1200 1900-2000  7470, 13830, 15375, 17855

1200-1400 2000-2200  7470, 11590, 11605, 13830, 15375

1500-1600 2300-2400  9370, 11550, 11705, 11795

2300-0000 0700-0800  7470,  7500,  9805,  9875

BTW, 11605 is in the 7-042 schedule after 1400 in Vietnamese as from Taiwan

site; Aoki says it`s Tainan, 250 kW, 250 degrees. Not to be confused with TIN =

Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands; not to be confused with Tinang, Philippines,

referred to by IBB as PHT, but the last apparently not used for RFA at all, due

to Phil govt objexion or veto?

** ZIMBABWE [non]. Monitored SW Radio Africa (they say Ess-Double-U, not

``shortwave``) April 18 on the first day with additional frequencies on the 25m

band, 11775, 11810, 11975 and 12035, now audiblizing it even for us in CNAm.

Tnx to tip from Chris Greenway; nothing about this found yet on the SWRA

website just before the broadcast, but three of them do appear when rechecked

at 2157.

Started at 1700 but did not tune in until 1709. As expected, 11775 was totally

blocked here by Defunct Gene Scott, Anguilla. 11810 was inaudible, altho at

1801 recheck something was barely audible, but could not be sure it was //

others with SWRA.

SWRA was quite audible on the other two, the better by far being 11975, which

was a steady signal, about one sesquisecond behind weaker and fluttery 12035.

So I stayed on 11975 with occasional chex of 12035 and the others.

Programming was mostly in English; an interview show in progress was identified

as ``Callback`` at 1718. No jamming was ever noted tho there were some

extraneous noises at times, seemingly from the phone connexion to the


At 1730 began ``Newsreel``, and at 1733 I started rolling tape for the rest of

the broadcast. Mentioned they now had ``multiple frequencies`` but no details

yet. Some of the accented English was hard to understand here. 1740 another

mention of Newsreel; 1751 ID and into interview mixing vernacular with English,

about people who had been imprisoned, etc. The vernacular included English

words or expressions periodically, making one wonder if the rest of it was

really some kind of English. Perhaps someone can explain some easy ways to

distinguish Shona from Ndebele.

1802 ID, ``SW Radio Africa, Zimbabwe`s independent voice`` and Newsreel

continued with headlines. Most of this was about Zim`s independence day, but

nothing to celebrate tnx to what Mugabe has done to the country. 1806 another

mention of multiple frequencies, and finally some music. By this time 11975 had

improved to even better reception than at the beginning. Finally at 1811 gave

4880, 11775, 11810 and 12035, but not the one I was listening to, 11975, which

is considered experimental. 1812 ``In the Balance`` promoting independence day

speeches to follow by opposition leaders, and ``Letter from the Diaspora``.

1829 in progress a commentary on Mugabe from Mrs. Grace Mugabe`s resumed point of view. 1831 ``Reporters` Forum``. Taped the rest but have not listened to it yet.

So some of the new frequencies are quite successful here and give us a chance

to listen to SWRA. The only minor interference problem was chirping from Rai on

11970 at 1734, but after the IS was over, no problem, including music at lower

audio frequencies at 1749.

This step-up in SWRA transmissions on short notice eclipses the much-publicized ``News 24`` external SW service the Mugabe regime is supposedly starting today.

None of the press about it has ever given any hint as to frequencies. All we

can do is suggest trying the existing domestic SW frequencies, 3306 or 3396 or

4828, or in the daytime 6045. If News 24 actually starts on additional

frequencies, that will mean fewer transmitters available for jamming SWRA and

other opposition transmissions; what a coincidence.

While I was monitoring SWRA, I also checked VOA`s Studio 7 for Zimbabwe on

15775 --- Morocco, but switches to São Tomé at 1800-1830. At 1714 it was F-G at peaks, in non-English.

It`s no coincidence either that there is a pile-up of opposition broadcasts at

the same hour, not only since it is prime evening time, but to strain the

jamming resources: V. of the People, via Madagascar is at 1700-1800 on 7120,

but of course not audible here at mid-day

** AUSTRALIA. RA is still abruptly cutting off a 5-minute `Perspective`

commentary in the middle of it at 1358* Thursdays on 9580, as monitored April

19. One must quickly retune to weaker // 9590 for the rest of it; no sign-off,

no apology, no retune advice given

** GABON. Afropop Music Jammer, April 20 at 1327 was on 17627.0, hetting CRI

English via Chile on 17625. No sign of Sawt al-Amal here, or much else from hi

latitudes on 16m

** JAPAN. NHK World, Radio Japan, April 19 at 1329 concluding Indonesian, and into Thai on 7200, with QRM not only from the Yakutsk Warbler, but also splash from a much stronger NHK transmission in Japanese on 7190!

** SPAIN [non]. Ran across La Bañera de Ulises at a new time, 0545-0600* UT Thu April 19 on REE 9630 and 5965 via Costa Rica, lo-fi. Time signals at 0600

overlapped briefly with RN Dutch via Bonaire opening on 9625, then 9630

immediately off.

REE has pulled a fast one, leaving their old B-06 schedules up at the

previously bookmarked linx, via http://www.rtve.es/rne/ree/

and putting their A-07 schedules at new linx. Full details of current programming and frequencies:


including our favorites, updated in MONITORING REMINDERS CALENDAR:

LA BAÑERA DE ULISES [eclectic music from around the Mediterranean Basin;

probably starts after 5-minute newscast?]

Sun 1100-1200 21610 21570 21540 15585 13720

Mon 0400-0500 9820 9630 9535 6125 6055 5985 3350

Thu 0500-0600 12035 11890 9710 9630 6055 5965 3350

Thu 2100-2200 15110 7275 [maybe also on 15345 to Lebanon]

[but we usually get it first on webcast from RNER3, Sat 1700-1800]


M-F   1630-1700 21610 21570 17755 17595 15585 15385

Tu-Sa 0330-0400 9630 9620 9535 6125 6055 6020 3350

Also, this one looks interesting, science and technology news:


UT Tue 0100 15160 11680 9620 9535 6055 6020

There are lots of other excellent shows, mainly talk, if you understand

Castilian and are interested in the subjects

** U S A. Check of WRMI, 9955 during flex programming time, UT Thu April 19

found Frecuencia al Día at 0602, but soon ending and 0606 into Tierra

Prometida. Not to be relied upon 168 hours later; no jamming. Fair signal,

aside RTTY on hi side; but not propagating 23 hours later

UNIDENTIFIED. Extremely distorted spur with squeal from something centered at approx. 7313, April 20 at 0511, mostly talk but some music. Language? Sounded sorta French, sorta Russian; At 0528 switch to a different announcer and definitely French intonation; 0529 repetitive music for a few seconds; IS? but

unrecognized. Then into music with a beat. Did not find anything to match

nearby on 41mb. During this hour I usually hear RN Flevo in Dutch on 7310, but

not now

** ALBANIA [and non]. R. Tirana has resolved the collision with Cairo 9460,

which has English to North America at 2300-2430, following recommendations by

Noel Green and myself, by switching to 9410, first noted UT April 24 at 0025

check, just before the end of the sesquihour broadcast in Albanian starting at

2300. Now both stations are in the clear. Tirana quite a bit weaker than Greece

on 9420, and than its own // 7425, but this situation may reverse as summer


** CANADA. RCI IS and ID loop was running April 24 at 0533 on 6175, which is

after the end of the V. of Vietnam relay; why? Well, it`s the middle of the

night in Sackville so maybe no one turned off the transmitter, allowing the

program feed with that to continue

** COSTA RICA. It seems all the DGS transmitter sites suffer from ``crackling``

to varying degrees, which I assume has something to do with the satellite

receivers being mistuned or off-target. A perennial problem which has been

going on for a long time; why don`t they fix it? The crackling on 9725, April

24 at 1345, extended to plus/minus 15 kHz, bothering neighboring stations

** FRANCE. RFI has now posted its A-07 schedules in pdf, including Africa at


English, as colour-coded en gris:

0400-0430  9805 11995

0500-0530 13680 15160-1 11995-2

0600-0630 15160 17800 9765-2 11725-1

0700-0730 13675 [separate entries to different parts of Africa]

0730-0800 13675 [separate entries to different parts of Africa; or is

0730-0800 a mistake for 0700-0730 too?]

1200-1230 17800-4 21620-3

1600-1700 15605 17605 15160

1 - 25 March to 1 Sept

2 - 2 Sept to 28 Oct

3 - except 6 May to 2 Sept

4 - 6 May to 2 Sept

No English broadcasts are found on the Amériques or Asie pdf schedules. No

transmitter sites are specified. We know that 15160 at 1600 is RSA, 17800 has

been Ascension. Some of the morning broadcasts have been M-F only, and this

still may be the case, but hard to tell from the pdf schedules.

Don`t you believe the English frequencies on the more easily accessible

http://www.rfi.fr/langues/statiques/rfi_anglais.asp which are years out of date!

** INDONESIA. VOI has been active on 9525 lately until 1400, including a nice

eclectic music mix. April 23 at 1350-1354+ they were again using the march

``Under the Double Eagle`` by Wagner as background to some report in

Indonesian. This was noted repeatedly several months ago around this time, but

24 hours later, instead we heard a ballad by itself. Maybe UTDE is a Monday

thing? After 1357 as usual mixes with CRI Russian Chinese music prélude to 1400 broadcast

** JAPAN [and non]. Re previous report: ``NHK World, Radio Japan, April 19 at

1329 concluding Indonesian, and into Thai on 7200, with QRM not only from the

Yakutsk Warbler, but also splash from a much stronger NHK transmission in

Japanese on 7190!

Re NHK on 7200: Per Aoki list it comes on at 1330 so must have crash-started

when Indonesian concluded; also the splatter you got from 7190 was from CRI in


Ha, I hear Japanese just about any morning on 7190 and had assumed it was NHK without looking it up. It`s aimed almost due east, 95 degrees, from JIN site in CHINA at 0900-1500. Per NHK current schedule at


Indonesian on other frequencies ends at 1300, so perhaps the Indo ID on 7200

was just part of a multi-lingual ID cycle, not the end of an Indo broadcast

** MEXICO. Still no sign of XEYU 9599v at various chex, especially during the

0500 and 1300 UT hours on April 23, 24. Nor XEXQ 6045. Wonder if that is still

on the air at all. Julián Santiago reported that XEYU was about to reactivate

** PORTUGAL. Finally caught an entire edition of Caixa Postal & Dexismo on RDP International, as scheduled precisely at 1748 UT Monday April 23, via webcast. Indeed it was hardly worth all the trouble to make a point of listening to it. Acknowledged a few letters, one apparently from Christer Brunström in Sweden, something about practicing his Portuguese, and then, and then --- music fill until the show officially ended after only 8 minutes, at least half of which

must have been music. Nothing about DX, at least not this week. I did see on

the date`s RDPI online program schedule that it has returned to the evening

repeat to the Americas, UT Mon 2330-2350 on 9715 and 13700, which gives them even more time to fill with music

** U S A. KJES, 11715, April 23 at 1403 in English with catechism, responses;

only fair signal. One suspects they are on the air only irregularly; however,

at about one megameter from here they are subject to skipping over me, even

more so on 15385 in the afternoons; anyone hear them there? Also checked April 24 at 1347, and could make out some typical kid singing, poor

** U S A. WHRI is still on 7335, this time with nothing audible from CHU, April

24 at 0603 check talking about ``Living Waters`` --- full of amoebae? (

** U S A. Another unexpected program on WRMI: ``Como han pasado los años``,

apparently a local produxion, instead of Viva Miami, and running late until

1506 UT Monday April 23 on webcast, 7385 being inaudible, with DX Partyline

finally starting at 1507 after ID

** ALBANIA. Further chex of R. Tirana`s new 13 MHz daytime broadcasts to NAm, April 27: at 1300 on 13750, signal a bit weaker than before S9+10 with deep fades into local TVI swish. Seemed to be playing same program as monitored in detail Thursday at 1300, which was a replay of Wednesday at 2000, i.e. press review about Minister of Foreign Affairs resigning, playing ``Hear My Plea`` song again; 1320 Focus on Albania. The 2000 broadcast April 27 on 13720 was too far down in the noise to monitor

** SPAIN [and non]. You never know which station in the three-way collision on

15345 will be dominating. April 27 at 1924 check it was Castilian Spanish atop

a rapid SAH, so that`s REE. Meanwhile, nothing audible on 15330, 15335, 15340, 15350 or 15355 

** U S A [and non]. Thru an intermediary we hear that WHR has refused to move

off 7335, maintaining that CHU is a secondary service (despite the fact it has

occupied that frequency for a great many years). From the WHR website here are some of the programs occupying 7335. LeSEA produxions and IRN `news` are not included. You might want to try complaining to the programmers, who may not yet be aware that their voices are blasting away Canada`s only timesignal station. (Or maybe of more concern to them, their voices are being interfered with by beeps.)

 UT           EDT

0600 Su    0200 0230 AM Call to Worship -- Bernie Timmerman

0600 Mo-Fr 0200 0215 AM Truth Light and Life -- Daniel Rodes

0615 Mo-Fr 0215 0230 AM Midnight Cry -- C. Parker Thomas

0630 Su    0230 0300 AM Prayerline Presents -- Patty Ellis

0645 Mo-Fr 0245 0300 AM Voice of Praise -- Kenneth Ivey

0700 Sa    0300 0330 AM Day of Decision -- Paul Groman

0730 Sa    0330 0400 AM Prayerline Presents -- Patty Ellis

0800 Su    0400 0430 AM Desencadenados! -- Pacific Garden Mission

0830 Su    0430 0445 AM La Biblia Dice

0845 Su    0445 0500 AM Enfoque A la Familia -- James Dobson

0900 Tu-Sa 0500 0600 AM TruNews -- Rick Wiles

0900 Su    0500 0515 AM Abundant Life (Span.) David & Isabelle Dawson

Linx to program websites: http://www.whr.org/index.cfm/fa/links

Let me remind you that altho WHRI is presently using 7335 only at 0600-1100,

they are registered for it 24 hours a day! Help head this off now. You could

also complain to the FCC, which could order WHRI off 7335. They have ordered

other private US SW stations off many other frequencies where there were no

audible collisions. Try this: tom.lucey @ fcc.gov

** U S A. KAIJ 9480, noted back on the air after power outage, at 1845 check

April 27

** U S A. Answering my own question about KJES, April 27 at 1922 I was able to

hear a very weak signal in Spanish on 15385, obscured by a much stronger WEWN on 15390, currently scheduled 17-20, 40 degrees in English to Europe. Not a good idea to find your 50 kW station 5 kHz away from 500 kW WEWN, whatever the target differences. Spain also uses 15385 at certain hours, but not at this time; only KJES is in HFCC, or in FCC:

15385 1900 2000 KJES 50 270 55,58,59 1234567 250307 281007

15385 2000 2100 KJES 50 100 11       1234567 250307 281007

BTW, WEWN`s online sked at http://www.ewtn.org/radio/freq.htm STILL has them on imaginary 5010 at 0000-0500 in English to Europe

** ZIMBABWE [non]. SW Radio Africa again inaudible on any of the 25m

frequencies, April 27 at 1920 check. Am beginning to think the first day of the

expanded service, April 18, when I heard it on 12035 and even better on 11975,

was a lucky anomaly. But 11975 is probably not on the air again, yet

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana apparently needs to close down one of its transmitters

earlier than the other. April 29 the 2300 Albanian broadcast on 9410 went off

at approx. 0027:30 before the music was over, while // 7425 stayed on until it

finished at 0028*.

In another matter of precise timing, new 6120 in English at 0145 goes off close

to 0158, just as REE is starting IS on 6125. 6115 in English at 0230 starts

just as Italy/Ascension is ending on 6110, so in both cases Albania has elbow

room on both sides now.

The 1300 broadcast on 13750 was inaudible April 29 due to propagation

disturbance, preventing anything from Europe making it at that time on 13 or 15


** BOLIVIA. Enjoying a lack of local noise-producers, just atmospherics, April

29 at 0052 I was pleased to hear some Andean music and Spanish talk on 4716.6. Must be R. Yura on its distinctive frequency. Yes, they soon mentioned Yura two or three times in passing, apparently calling listeners in various places

including Argentina. Best SINPO 35243, and 0100 had dual timecheck for 2101 or 9:01 pm; then at 0101 what I think as an axual ID followed by a neigh. Steadily

lost out to growing atmospheric noise level and gave up at 0109

** CHILE. Brian Alexander`s logs prompted me to make another check for the CVC mixing products around 25m. Sure enough, on 12275, CVC La Voz in Spanish with ID at 0129 April 29, so strong it could easily be taken for a fundamental, S9+10. Matching spur on 11360 was considerably weaker, S4 to peaks at S9. These are leapfrogs of the two intentional Spanish frequencies over each other, 11665and 11970, both of which were much stronger still. Portuguese on 11745 was rather weak and did not hear the further mixes with each of the Spanish frequencies I reported before, even tho that was with a portable in the park, and this was with the home rig on longwire

** CUBA. Spanish commentary on 710 at 0208 April 29 with an echo. Must be the Dentro-Cubans ganging up on ``wacky`` WAQI, but also making R. Rebelde a pain to listen to if one should really want to


** ZIMBABWE [non]. Re my April 27 report: well, of course, SWRA was not heard

at 1920! I keep thinking it is on until 20, but it closes at 1900

** CUBA. RHC, 9550, UT Monday April 30 at 0520 had an interview about increased USG travel restrixions to Cuba; high-school students in Albuquerque are in trouble for going. This originated with ``Wakeup Call``, which is the morning talk show on WBAI, Pacifica, NYC, whose blog is:


 ** NIGERIA. V. of Nigeria, 15120, at tune-in April 30 at 2005 putting out

noises, pause, the lo-fi talk in English, perhaps news. One would have to be

much more motivated than I to try to keep listening to a signal with such lousy


** SPAIN. REE, at 2005 April 30 opening ``Españoles en la Mar``, ``desde las

Islas`` so presumably still originating from Tenerife, VG on 15110, // 15345

much weaker and with a very heavy SAH due to almost equal mix with Morocco in Arabic; no het from Argentina audible

** VENEZUELA [and non]. YVTO active at the moment on 5000. Propagation

permitting, one may quickly notice the higher-pitched pips along with WWV/H.

The voice announcements are timed so as to clash, but I heard the word

``Caracas`` in a momentary pause by WWVH, April 29 a few seconds before 0552. CODAR was also running just below 5000 and as I tuned slightly to the side, I noticed that the CODAR pulses were exactly one second apart as if they were time signals too

** ZIMBABWE [non]. Another try for SW Radio Africa, Monday April 30, this time

when they should be on the air, 1728 UT, but nothing audible on 12035, 11975,

11810, and 11775 blocked as always by Defunct Gene Scott, Anguilla. BTW, in

WDXC Contact, Edwin Southwell in England reported SWRA on 9615, opening at 1658 April 28 // 4880, 11775, 11810 and 12035. --- but two days later, editor Mike Barraclough heard instead at 1700 VOR in Polish. Probably 9615 was a feed mixup in Russia, but worth further checking


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Receiver and antenna


GUAM AFN 5765 kHz USB, 4/14/07 1523 UTC tuned in to Handel On The Law program, fair reception but slowly getting noisier.



Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA

DX350 and 50’ wire


NHK Japan, 9535, from c. 1745-1800 UTC (via Canada?)

World news bulletin, mention of France presidential election, ballot

counting in East Timor presidential election, shopkeepers being closed

down in Russian far east.


"Voice of Russia," conclusion of English-language broadcast to N.A. on

9440 kHz, classical music into "1812 Overture" interval signal and

voice id, "This is Russia," off at 0500 UTC 4/30/07.



Down in the Basement


Ira Elbert New, III -- DXpeditioning by the Hampton Inn pool Titusville, FL

Sony ICF-2010


Monday, April 2, 2007


Time: 1737


Location Lat/Long: 26-41-15.736N / 080-12-36.665W   (26.6877044/-80.2101847)

Frequency: 356

Morse ID: .--. -...


Time: 1735


Location Lat/Long: 28-05-58.088N / 080-42-02.910W   (28.0994689/-80.7008083)

Frequency: 257

Morse ID: ... --.- -


Time: 1739


Location Lat/Long: 27-39-50.900N / 080-25-10.400W   (27.6641389/-80.4195556)

Frequency: 392

Morse ID: ...- . .--.




Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Panasonic RF-2200/AOR 7030 QX Pro DSP-599zx

Log showing first reception of each signal from 20070401 onwards.


Output sorted by date


YYYYMMDD UTC   kHz   Call  Miles + Location


20070406 05:00 400   OHY   288   Y CONEY, GA, USA

20070407 03:22 404   CKI   380     Kingstree, SC, USA

20070407 03:30 407   BZ    278     'Bullo'  Statesboro, GA, USA

20070407 03:37 408   SFB   29      SANFORD, FL, USA

20070407 03:40 406   TT    509   Y 'Leeco'  Sanford, NC, USA

20070407 03:48 409   TM    238     Tifton, GA, USA

20070407 03:58 412   JHH   370     Griffin, GA, USA

20070407 04:10 414   AZE   252     Hazlehurst, GA, USA

20070407 04:42 415   CBC   609     West End  (Cayman Brac), CYM

20070407 16:00 417   EVB   55      NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL, USA

20070409 03:20 398   TGQ   457   Y Elizabethtown, NC, USA

20070409 03:23 400   UWI   488     WHITFIELD, GA, USA

20070409 03:50 401   GGK   708   Y Mayfield, KY, USA

20070409 04:00 404   BMW   404   Y BARROW CO, GA, USA

20070409 04:45 418   CW    720   Y MOSSY, LA, USA

20070418 02:27 350   LE    544     'Leevy'  Raleigh, NC, USA

20070418 02:32 348   UHA   383     HAVANA, CUB

20070418 02:50 355   CS    353   Y FENIX, GA, USA

20070418 03:03 332   HEG   132     'Herlong'  Jacksonville, FL, USA

20070418 03:18 362   SUR   249   Y Fitzgerald, GA, USA

20070418 03:23 359   LYZ   258   Y WILLIS, GA, USA

20070418 03:26 353   VV    375     'Junne'  Greensboro, GA, USA

20070418 03:39 350   BEP   313     BAY CREEK, GA, USA

20070418 03:55 347   AIK   364   Y AIKEN, SC, USA

20070420 03:15 248   MBJ   718   Y Montego Bay, JMC

20070423 02:50 326   VV    1126  Y Wiarton, ON, CAN

20070423 02:53 390   JT    1841    Stephenville, NL, CAN

20070423 03:06 365   DYB   330     'Dorchester Co'  Summerville, SC, USA

20070423 03:19 365   FKV   427   Y 'Flowery Branch'  Gainesville, GA, USA

20070423 03:25 365   PBC   598   Y 'Maury Co'  Columbia / Mount P, TN, USA

20070423 03:31 366   EZM   278     Eastman, GA, USA


20070423 03:47 370   UCM   531   Y CAMAGUEY, CUB

20070423 03:53 369   ZDX   1468  Y 'Coolidge'  Saint Johns, ATG

20070424 04:18 380   UMB   344     'Culvr' Milledgeville, GA, USA

20070424 04:28 380   COL   1226  Y BARRA DEL COLORADO, CTR

20070424 04:44 390   OWC   227   Y COFFEE COUNTY, GA, USA

20070426 03:32 341   CQN   517   Y 'Daisy'  Chattanooga, TN, USA

20070426 03:40 341   CKM   673   Y CLARKSDALE, MS, USA

20070426 04:06 209   HOE   201   Y HOMERVILLE, GA, USA

20070428 02:50 283   UZG   379   Y 'Zarago'  Zaragoza   (Ciudad d, CUB

20070428 03:20 266   BR    401   Y 'Redan'  Atlanta, GA, USA

20070428 17:27 344   JA    145     'Dinns'  Jacksonville, FL, USA

20070428 17:31 346   PCM   52      Plant City, FL, USA

20070428 17:34 335   LEE   37      LEESBURG, FL, USA

20070428 17:37 332   FIS   266     'Fish Hook'  Key West, FL, USA

20070428 17:54 269   GN    99      WYNDS, FL, USA

20070429 00:34 247   COI   45    Y MERRITT ISLAND, FL, USA

20070429 01:05 227   LA    50      WIREY, FL, USA


48 stations shown listed, including 24 stations new to log (shown in + column).

(Output generated by NDB WebLog 1.1.25 - looks best in courier font)


Various comments to go with the logs --




I got to make use of the new 300Hz filter I just had installed in my AR7030+. This filter has opened up a whole new world of signals and issues to deal with.


Beacons can be challenging because the modulated signal of one beacon is often just 20-30Hz away from the carrier of the first adjacent.  (Carriers are almost always on 1kHz integer intervals, with a signal offset of 1020Hz for most US-based beacons.) When using the 2.1kHz filter, which used to be the narrowest I had, enough other junk got through that only the carriers from beacons within 100 miles or so presented any kind of problem. With the 300Hz filter I'm hearing carriers on practically every integer 1kHz interval. That means a

strong interfering signal just 20Hz away from the signal I'm trying to hear.


I'm still getting accustomed to this situation. When it was just a handful of frequencies like this it was easy to shrug them off as lost causes. Now that it's practically every frequency, I have to learn how to deal with it. I'm becoming intimately acquainted with my notch filter. Unfortunately, the steps on the passband shift control are too large to be of much use. At one setting it does almost nothing to the carrier, at the next setting it wipes out both the carrier and the target signal.




I picked up four new ones last night. I'm now just a few beacons away from having heard more in Georgia than in my state of residence, Florida.




This was an international night for me -- two Canadians, a Cuban, and one from St. Johns, Antigua (a new country for me). A couple other new domestics made it a pretty good night.




380-COL is apparently a rather rare catch. I'm still new enough at this to not really know what I'd stumbled into until it was pointed out to me. The offset on this one is also rather strange. I thought there was something wrong on my end when I measured the offset as something closer to +980 rather than the

+1020 I was expecting, but then I discovered someone else had measured it as +950, so my reading wasn't as crazy as I originally thought.


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Kaito 1103 and whip


4/15/07 2:50am Eastern

96.7 MHz  Havana, Cuba 

Strange, as this was NOT  Rebelde, but was // with 840 kHz. Heard with the Kaito, barefoot. Also a weak signal on 90.3, I am sure it was Cuba, but didn't stick around for an ID, Heard at the Sunset Inn, mile marker 88.2, Islamorada, FL



Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Sangean HDT-1 and APS9b


Here is my Sangean HDT-1 bandscan on FM with supplied indoor dipole.

I'm also including the bandscan I did with my APS9b Yagi outdoor antenna

from about 3 weeks ago.

Of the 25 FM HD signals that I was able to decode with the outdoor

antenna I could only decode 15 with the indoor dipole. To me it seems

like an outdoor antenna is needed to decode anything beyond 30 miles (or

a low power under 1kw signal).

88.9  WERS       Boston MA         15 miles    Emerson College decoded fine with the indoor dipole. HD was turned off at the time of the first bandscan.

88.9-2 second stream same as first.

89.7-1    WGBH     Boston MA    10 miles    NPR /Classical (decoded fine

with both indoor and outdoor antennas)

89.7-2    second stream same as the first with the audio sounding slightly


90.9-1    WBUR     Boston MA    20 miles    NPR (decoded fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas although there was roughly a five second delay in decoding with the indoor dipole)  no second stream

91.9-1    WUMB     Boston MA    10 miles    Folk   (decoded with the outdoor antenna....no sign of  HD with the indoor dipole)  no second stream

92.3-1    WPRO     Providence MA    40 miles    CHR  (decoded with the

outdoor antenna....no sign of  HD with the indoor dipole) no second stream

92.9-1    WBOS     Boston MA    15 miles     AAA  (decoded fine with

both indoor and outdoor antennas)

92.9-2 more AAA type programming "Radio You"

93.3-1   WSNE     Taunton MA    25 miles  Hot AC        HD had been turned off

during the first bandscan  (decoded fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas although there was roughly a five second delay in decoding with the indoor dipole)

93.3-2   adult hits

93.7-1    WMKK     Lawrence MA    25 miles     AC   (decoded fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas although there was roughly a five second delay in decoding with the indoor dipole)

93.7-2 Rythmic AC

94.1-1    WHJY     Providence RI     40 miles    Rock   (decoded with the outdoor antenna....no sign of  HD with the indoor dipole)

94.1-2 supposedly new Alt rock...didn't sound it tho...sounded like



94.5-1    WJMN    Boston MA    20 miles    HipHop   (decoded fine with

both indoor and outdoor antennas)

94.5-2 Classic Hip Hop

95.7-1    WZID    Manchester NH    65 miles    AC   (decoded with the

outdoor antenna....no sign of HD with the indoor dipole only a fair

analog signal). no second stream

96.1-1    WSRS    Worcester MA    55 miles    AC   (decoded with the

outdoor antenna....no sign of  HD with the indoor dipole)

96.1-2 Adult Hits...audio sounded cruddy

96.9-1    WTKK    Boston MA    15 miles    Talk   (decoded fine with

both indoor and outdoor antennas)

96.9-2 Contemporary and traditional Irish music...excellent Idea IMHO

and great sounding audio

97.7-1    WKAF    Boston MA    10 miles    Rock   (decoded fine with

both indoor and outdoor antennas) no second stream

99.5-1    WCRB    Lowell MA    40 miles    Classical    (decoded with

the outdoor antenna....no sign of HD with the indoor dipole only a fair

analog signal). no second stream

100.7-1    WZLX    Boston MA    15 miles    Classic Rock   (decoded

fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas)

100.7-2 Classic Rock Deep Cuts  (Dead Air at the time of this bandscan)

101.5-1    WWBB    Providence RI    35 Miles    Classic Hits

(decoded with the outdoor antenna....no sign of  HD with the indoor dipole)

101.5-2 Comedy

102.5-1    WKLB    Boston MA    20 miles    Country   (decoded fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas although there was roughly a five second delay in decoding with the indoor dipole)

102.5-2 Classic Country

104.1-1    WBCN    Boston MA    15 miles    Rock  (decoded fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas)

104.1-2 Indie and Mod Rock

105.1-1    WWLI    Providence RI    40 miles    Lite AC (decoded fine with the outdoor antenna ...tried to lock with the dipole but no joy) no second stream

105.7-1    WROR    Boston MA    20 miles    Classic Rock   (decoded fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas although there was roughly a five second delay in decoding with the indoor dipole)

105.7-2 All 70's

106.3-1    WWKX    Woonsocket RI    35 miles    HipHop  (decoded with the outdoor antenna....no sign of  HD with the indoor dipole and no sign of the analog signal) no second stream...very tough to decode

106.7-1    WMJX    Boston MA    20 miles    Lite AC  (decoded fine with both indoor and outdoor antennas although there was roughly a five second delay in decoding with the indoor dipole)

106.7-2 Smooth Jazz


107.3-1    WAAF    Westborough MA    50 miles    Rock   (decoded with

the outdoor antenna....no sign of  HD with the indoor dipole)

107.3-2 Live Rock

107.9-1    WXKS    Boston MA    15 miles    CHR     (decoded fine with

both indoor and outdoor antennas)

107.9-2    New CHR


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

DX-398 and clothes hanger antenna


DX today was better than normal. Knoxville and Chattanooga markets were in

4-13 2007

1:01 PM 100.3  WNOX  Oak Ridge/Knoxville   with  "this is your breaking news

station WNOX Oak Ridge/ Knoxville "

1:04  100.7  WUSY ID  " .....on WUSY  US 101 "

1:11  97.5  WJXB Knoxville    "Something to talk about"    "B 97"

All were relogs.  I am just happy to have gotten DX at this point.

4/16 Tr

09:21    97.5  WAMZ  Louisville KY    "these are my PPL"   Ads  "WAMZ" id

15:10   105.3  WOVO Glasgow  KY  song  "My 105.3"  has flipped from oldies

since last logging

4/17 Tr

8:04  93.5 WAIN Columbia  KY   ABC News  "WAIN"  Id   NEW!

8:24  101.9 WQXQ Central City KY   "Owensboro"  ment

08:29  98.7  WHOP Hopkinsville KY    "lite 98.7"  NEW!

08:33  92.3   WDEF  Chattanooga, TN   "sunny 92.3"

08:15  103.9  WTRZ  McMinnville, TN  Smithview hwy mnet     Warren co ment  

NEW! 104 Miles

10:27 100.5  WLUE    "Louie fm"   168 Miles  Relog

4-20-2007  TR

9:01  98.3  WKSR Killen, AL    "Southen TN's best Country......KSR"    NEW! 

151 Miles


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

Receiver and FM-6 antenna


4/16 Tr


Hold on to yer HATS, GULF TROPO is HERE>>> 

2952 105.3 WWL-FM LA New Orleans/Kenner ; "CBS news update", ID; WWL talk show 527 miles

2011 101.9 WWGR    FL Fort Myers,  "Gator Country", mention "South-West FLORIDA"  974 miles 

1202 102.9 KAJN  LA  Crowley, "we're AGAPE radio KAJN", christian sermon 418 miles

1952 105.3 WWL-FM LA New Orleans/Kenner ; "CBS news update", ID; WWL talk show 527 miles

2011 101.9 WWGR FL Fort Myers,"Gator Country", mention "South-West FLORIDA"  974 miles

2138 102.7 WMXJ FL Pompano Beach, "Magic 102.7", ads, promos, mention of Broward County & Palm Beach, 1063 miles

2146 103.5 WMIB FL Fort Lauderdale,  "The BEAT 103-5",  urban/R&B 1063 miles                                            

2152 106.7 WRMA FL Fort Lauderdale, "106-7 romance" español   1066 miles

2210 97.3  WFLC FL Miami "DELILAH show" romantic music  1063 miles    

4/17/2007   Tr

0928 105.3 WWL-FM LA New Orleans/Kenner ;ads, New Orleans wx, traffic,"CBS news update" 527 miles

0936 103.1 WFKZ  FL Plantation Key ads; mention of upper keys FL, pop/classic hits-mix 1048 miles ;

0946 104.7 KNEK-FM LA Washington, ads "MAGIC 104.7" , urban/R&B  440 miles        

0954 103.5 WFUS FL Bradenton; "Tampa Bay's best country US 103-5" "WFUS Bradenton-Tampa Bay" ID,ads; 937 miles

1000 102.5 WHPT FL Sarasota; "Tampa Bay's Classic Rock Station 102.5 The BONE" 936 miles                        

1015 101.9 WLMG LA New Orleans, "MAGIC 101.9" light pop/mix  521 miles

1017 99.9  KTDY LA Lafayette "99.9 KTDY" "70's FLASHBACK" 445 miles

1229 103.5 WFUS FL Bradenton; modern country;"US 103-5"; promo for concert "Florida Ampi-theater"  937 miles

1245 105.1 KPEL-FM LA Abbeville; "FM-105 KPEL"  Rush Limbaugh  415 miles

1305 100.7 WYPY LA Baton Rouge, "New Country 100.7"    468 miles

1307 100.7 WMTX FL Tampa;   "MIX 100.7"; light rock/pop  929 miles


0924 106.9 XHTVR MEXICO Tuxpan, VERACRUZ; "La Nueva Azul 106.9"  350 miles "Lo mejor en musica romantica"

0934 104.5  XEHU-FM MEXICO Martinez de la Torre, VERACRUZ;   "SHOCK-FM"  405 miles full ID XEHU-FM con 30 mil Watts de potencia en  Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz"    jingle "GRUPO M-S radio"

0948 103.7 XHCS MEXICO Veracruz, VERACRUZ   "La Nueva Amor"   469 miles "XHCS con 60mil Watts de potencia de veracruz, veracruz" full ID   "La Nueva Amor 103.7-solo musica romantica"

1011 99.7  XHPB MEXICO Veracruz, VERACRUZ "Mar FM"  US  hit$, pop/mix 469 miles 

1021 100.5 XHVE MEXICO Veracruz, VERACRUZ  musica MEXICANA  popular "Lo Mejor FM"

1117 103.3 KCRS TX Midland "103-3 KISS-FM"  ads, promos, pop/hip-hop mx   520 miles

1127 96.5  XHRN MEXICO Veracruz, VERACRUZ; musica salsa, ads,  469 miles 

1147 93.9  XHTXA MEXICO Tuxpan, VERACRUZ; ads, musica salsa "93.9 grados" 350 miles

"XHTXA con 30mil watts de potencia en Tuxpan veracruz"; "Grupo-FM Multimedios" jingle

1233 98.9 XHCMN MEXICO Ciudad del Carmen, CAMPECHE; ads,    "MAXIMA 98.9" 611 miles

1253 93.7  XHMRI MEXICO Merida, Yucatan "aqui suena-La Qué Buena"  Mexican tejano-norteña/banda;  582 miles

"XHMRI 100 mil watts de potencia

1317 101.7 XHPR MEXICO Veracruz, VERACRUZ; ads, "Los 40 principales"; W dj in Sp, saludos;   469 miles 


2130 Merida, YUCATAN 93.7, 99.3 in strong Ciudad del Carmen, CAMPECHE strong 98.9 "MAXIMA 98.9" $


0427 102.7 KHXS TX Merkel; Classic Rock "FM 102.7 THE BEAR"   475 miles

"your listening tO Abilene's ROCK station, FM 102.7 THE BEAR" 

0434 103.7  KCDD  TX Hamlin;  "Power 103.7" HIP-HOP/POP  495 miles            

0907 104.7 KYYI TX Burkburnett  "FM-104 The BEAR", "The BIG SHOW"  567 miles nice BIG TEXAS TROPO to the Oklahoma border this morning!


2025 97.3  XHVB  MEXICO Villahermosa TABASCO; "97-3 EXTREMO-FM" US/MEX rock/dance music  615 miles

2035 98.9  XHCMN MEXICO Ciudad del Carmen, CAMPECHE; "MAXIMA 98.9-solo hits" US/MEX rock music 611 miles  "escucha los hits-solo en MAXIMA 98.9"

KZSP 95.3 South PADRE ISLAND  $,  //710 KURV Edinburg, TX with AG report in the morning at 5am; then TALK TADIO programs the rest of the day. There ARE commercials, //710; Glenn Beck at 9am, RUSH @ 11, SEAN @ 2; O'REILLY @ 7; COAST to COAST w/George Noory & ART BELL @ 12 midnight.............. "KURV Edinburg/KZSP South Padre Island...Your TALK RADIO STATION"................


1059 101.7 XHPR MEXICO Veracruz,VERACRUZ; "Los 40 Principales"; ads,  MEX pop/rock   469 miles

1926 107.5 XHOM MEXICO Coatzacoalcos,VERACRUZ; "La Nueva AMOR -Solo musica romantica" 566 miles "Panorama Informativo Veracruz";

1936 98.9 XHCMN MEXICO Ciudad del Carmen, CAMPECHE; "MAXIMA-LITE" US/MEX rock music 611 miles  "MAXIMA 98.9-solo hits"

2002 97.3  XHVB  MEXICO Villahermosa TABASCO; full ID, "97-3 EXTREMO-FM" US/MEX rock/dance music  615 miles. "XHVB Extremo-FM...con 30mil Watts de potencia.....de Villahermosa TABASCO....un otro estacion de grupo Radio Nucleo"


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

Pro-96 with rubber duckie


3-29-07 Tr

08:49  162.4000 KIH45  Bowling Green  KY   Soutn Cental KY forecast   8:51

CDT time check  River Leaels  State Wide Forecast    NEW!   57 Miles from



The Visible Universe


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

Mom’s B&W TV


1:28   13   WBKO Bowling Green, KY  with  ABC Programming and a short PSA 

WBKO logo seen   NEW!  TV #1


Nothin’ But Net


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ



If you don't have XM and you love hockey, this is your site.





David Slate – Hendersonville, TN



KKUS in Tyler  104.1 "the ranch"


KKRZ  100.3  Portland OR


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL


Here are my station pages, when you get there, just clik on the

yellow button to listen





Keith Beesley – Seattle


WFMU.org: Last of the "free form" FMs, that I know of. KBCS-fm.org: My favorite local FM. Block programming of folk, bluegrass, blues, vintage jazz, contemporary jazz, etc.

Pandora.com: Pick a favorite song or artist, and they program your own personal "radio station" featuring "similar" songs/artists. Great! You can have up to 100 stations.

WRTI.org: They have a classical stream and a jazz stream, both are excellent.

Favorite podcasts: The Tavis Smiley Show, Fresh Air, Open Source, all at npr.org. Talk/interview shows.

CBC Editor's Choice, at cbc.ca. Something different every day.


Extra, Extra!


Robert Foxworth – Tampa, FL


Hi all,

   I went to the FCC public hearing in Tampa today, and here is a brief synopsis. It was at the Ferguson Hall at TBPAC, and I'd estimate the crowd around 400 during the peak hours around 5 PM, which filled the room about halfway.

   All 5 commissioner sat at one table and there was a panel of 12 invited guests. The commissioners took turns with an opening statement, of which Copps (a St Pete native) was by far the friendliest to the audience, which was overwhelmingly

in favor of media diversity. After all 5 spoke, the panelists had 5 minutes each, then audience members, who were pre-signed up earlier (at a table at the entrance) had 2 minutes each. After about 45 of them spoke. there was a break from 7.30 to 8pm, and then a second panel met, and the process was repeated, with a projected end time of 11 PM. So, as I write this from the comfort of home, they still have a half hour to go. When I left, 9.30-ish, the audience had dropped by about half.

   Best news was that the parking booth closed by 9.30 and no one collected our stubs so I (and all else were still there) parked for free. I frankly was ready to go home when the 2nd panel was underway. One fellow from Immokalee, involved with a LPFM there spoke in Spanish. I could actually understand almost all of it! Five or so spoke in sequence from Sarasota's WSLP low power with references

to 3rd adjacent protection etc. Obviously greek to the august body assembled before us.

   They had lots of video, a big screen with closed captioning, and 2 signing ladies for those with hearing issues, so it was a technically well done job, well mic'ed etc.

   There was the usual mix of Media General business types, who were running the company line, the WMNF listeners, just plain people reminiscing about their childhood TV shows, and a couple of "persons of interest" who were attacking Cheney and blaming 9/11 on the US, etc. And, one guy was passing out DVDs of conspiracy theories, in the Michael Moore genre, and another was a lawyer

representing four candidates who lost recent local elections, all complaining of vote fraud, and pointing out that it's getting no media coverage.

   The audience was well behaved, no booing or catcalls, which was good because the FCC probably were thinking they were in neanderthal country. They said they

would stay until everyone got to speak, then someone else said the theater closes at 11, and I was hoping someone would holler "reconvene at the Mons Venus!"

   If anyone thought of it, it'll forever be a secret. Besides, the chairman seriously looks too young to be of legal age to enter that establishment.


   I kept waiting for someone named "Z" to speak. No such luck. Only one passing reference to HD when Copps said "what will you do with all this digital technology we are giving you?" But the meeting was all about media consolidation and they came here because Media General has the Trib, Channel 8 and tbo.com all under one roof, sort of an idea incubator if you will. (The Trib and 8 were grandfathered under current media rules, which the FCC wants to relax).

   I met someone I had long wanted to, John Sipos who has been doing long form interviews in this area for years, after I heard him say a reference to CBS, and

it turns out he is part of an old timers radio social meetup and I am invited to the next one! All people who used to work in NY broadcasting. I met John in the

lobby and we talked for 30 minutes while he was waiting for his freelance cameraman to arrive. John's work appears on various local stations typically early Sunday mornings.

   This was a big media event and a lot of 'wheels' were there.

   Just think if someone could have gotten the hiss of an unsquelched 174 MHz wireless mic into the audio, we could have blamed it on "HD". The very small

sampling of people I mentioned HD to had no idea of what it is. What a cool hack that could have been.

Anyone want a list of the panelists? If so I'll make up another email. Maybe the Trib will cover tomorrow. One of the best was Patrick Manteiga, the publisher of La Gaceta. Many of the panelists were quite interesting, and had lots in common as some being representatives of minority voices, as is the tri-lingual paper La Gaceta, who face being marginalized out of existence. It is a serious issue.

- Bob


J. Armani – Denver, CO


I Just wanted to let you all know that KXKL-FM Denver Is broadcasting in HD, they have been since June of '06 just before they were changed to CBS Radio, they used to be owned by Infinity Broadcasting. 

And one more note I Found this article at the San Antonio Business Journal website about ClearChannel:  http://sanantonio.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/stories/2007/04/09/story1.html?f=et167&b=1176091200^1443550&hbx=e_vert  


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL



An article from today's Newspaper, and mentions of my Internet Stations


Bargain Barn


Nothing for sale this month


Show and Tell – New Toys


No new toys this month


Testing, Testing…


Les Rayburn – Helena, AL



Date: July 1st, 2007 till July 15th, 2007

Time: 120:00AM until 4:00AM PACIFIC Time

Modes of Operation:   Varied, see notes

Programming: Morse Code ID's & Sweep Tones


Notes:  The test will run at low power 12mid to 4am Pacific each morning July 1st to the 13th at low power, 96 Watts Non Directionally.

On the morning of July 14th and 15th, the test will once again run from 12am to 4am instead at KXTO's licensed non directional daytime power of 2500 Watts.

Test material will air twice an hour and consist solely of Morse Code Id's

and sweeptones near the top and bottom of the hour.  The station runs a

spanish christian format as "La Voz Cristiana 1550"

Please do not call or email the station during the test, as this is being done automatically via Remote Control and Computer Automation.

QSL Information: Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and

snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer to received recordings of the test. Submit reports to: les @ highnoonfilm.comand please put "KXTO DX Test" in the subject line.

Preferred audio formats on the computer are MP3's due to the fact a wav file

of the same size is nearly 10x bigger. If you need help converting wav files, just ask.  If you absolutely need to mail a cassette, PLEASE cue the tape up to the spot where the best reception is. If you mail a CD, only include the pertinent parts.

All standard mail reports should go to:

Les Rayburn

High Noon Film

100 Centerview Drive Suite 111

Birmingham, AL 35216

Please include an SASE for reply. (Station Management and Consultants have

authorized Mr. Rayburn to issue QSL's on their behalf!)

Thanks to First Broadcasting Of Nevada, Inc/KXTO 1550 General Manager Jose

Pacheco for helping out all us DX'ers in the IRCA, NRC and everywhere else.... he was extremely helpful and willing to do this for us, AGAIN!!

This will be a good chance for some of us to nab Nevada in our log books.


I Got The Bird!


No one got the bird this month