May 2006 ABDX Journal



Editors Corner:

Welcome to the first edition of the new CME publication format. This is a test to see how things might work out with a new means of reporting logs. We may be shifting from an Excel spreadsheet type reporting format to something a lot more informal as this is. After you see this style, let us know at ABDX what you think about it.


If this is acceptable, it may be that we will ask for people to help with putting this together. We hope you like it,


The months CME was on music station DXing and here’s the announcement,


ABDX announces the Music CME. If its music and on LW/MW/SW/VHF BCB [FM to many of you] /TV even digital from Canada or the UK and you can hear it, and it plays music, report it!


Also open is FM/TV for E skip, Trop or Meteor skip you may receive during the CME.


This CME will run from 2 May 0001 to 21 May 2359 LOCAL TIME wherever in the world you are. This gives 20 days to do your CME and covers the entire month.


You may use any format to compile your logs that makes sense to you, whether its narrative, NRC/IRCA style, WTFDA style, ABDX style, or whatever you want. There is no need to use a spreadsheet to send in logs unless you really want to. All ABDX asks is that you send HF logs with UTC time and all other logs in local time.


Please forward logs directly to the list with Music CME in the header or to with Music CME in the header.





Who knows if this will travel far and wide. Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about and we will consider you for membership.


The poll which ran until May 15th came out with the CME to be run monthly for 14 days. I am going to modify that a bit to 18 days a month but as you requested, we will have reports once a month and only one CME a  month unless there are earthquake, weather or other emergencies and that CME will be a special with times to be announced as soon as practical.


There are currently 108 members of ABDX.


Enough rambling, lets get to the logs, after all, this is what we are all about!




The Broadcast Band [MW]


Powell E. Way III – W40PW – West Columbia, SC


With the gutless wonder Ranger truck at Full Moon Farm

9 miles from Black Mountain NC and covered with real

wolf hair (from Mani)....



640  WGOC Blountville, TN 1712 playing country

standards 4/29/06


630  WAIZ Hickory, NC 1509 with oldies and jingle for

"Beautiful WAYS" a takeoff on the now dead WAYS that

was on 610. 4/29/06


690 WZAP Bristol, VA 1715 with ole timey Southern

Gospel 4/29/06



From the Lexington SC Zesto restaurant parking lot in

the 1996 Ranger 6/06/2006


620  WCGV Cayce SC with black gospel @ 1645


710 WPOG  St.Matthews SC with religious music @ 1646


790 WVCD  Bamberg SC with black gospel @ 1647


840 WCEO Columbia SC regional Mexican music which is a

simulcast of WXNC and WGSP @ 1648


860 WLBG Laurens SC urban gold @ 1649


910 WOLI Spartanburg SC with SS music @ 1649


1060 WXNC Monroe NC Regional Mexican @1651


1090 WCZZ Greenwood SC with black gospel @1652


1170 WQVA Lexington SC with Contemporary SS @1653


1240 WKDK Newberry SC oldies / AC / full service and

#1 in the latest Arbitron by a long shot in the latest

ratings @1654


1450 WCRS Greenwood SC standards (sounding more like

BM however) @ 1655


1470 WQXL Columbia SC  AC religous music @ 1656


1520  WKMG Newberry SC black oldies didn't even show

in the latest Arbitron ( yes, they are that bad) @



1560 WAGL Lancaster SC with a MOYL type format @1657


1590 WCAM Camden SC one of the state's remaining BM

formats @ 1658






Powell in bed with the Eton E10 5/8


650 WSM  Nashville TN  0306


1560 WQEW New York City NY 0315


920 WTCW Whitesburg KY supposedly 43 watts....0318


1680 WLAA Winter Garden FL with SS 0305


1700 WEUV Huntsville AL gospel with WEUP liner 0310



Michael J. Richard – Evanston, Wyoming

Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo factory radio



550    KRAI    CO    Craig    13:05    Out of news into local ads and into country music. "55 Country"

650    KMTI    UT    Manti    13:08    Country music 5/2/06 - liner for "AM 650 KMTI"

730    KSVN    UT    Ogden    13:09    SS music - "La Mexicana"

860    KKAT    UT    Salt Lake City    13:10    Classic country - //KKAT-FM 107.5 Orem, UT "Country Legends 107.5"


910    KWDZ    UT    Salt Lake City    13:11    Radio Disney Salt Lake


940    KMER    WY    Kemmerer    13:11    Oldies

1060    KDYL    UT    South Salt Lake    13:12    Music Of Your Life - "AM 1060


1120    KANN    UT    Roy    13:13    Religious

1240    KEVA    WY    Evanston    13:14    Classic Country "Keva Country AM Stereo 1240" – Local

1360    KRKK    WY    Rock Springs    13:16    Oldies - very weak

1370    KSOP    UT    South Salt Lake    13:16    Classic Country "Gold Country 1370"

1510    KLLB    UT    West Jordan    13:18    Gospel

1550    KMRI    UT    West Valley City    13:19    SS

1600    KXTA    UT    Centerville    13:20    SS

1640    KBJA    UT    Sandy    13:20    SS

1660    KXOL    UT    Brigham City    13:21    Oldies




870    KJMP    CO    Pierce    Simulcast of "105.5 Jack-FM Timnath, CO


1180    KOFI    MT    Kalispell    oldies


1210    KGYN    OK    Guymon    country


1220    unid            country music - could be KOFO Ottawa, KS or maybe KDDR Oakes, ND


1260    KPOW    WY    Powell    country


1370    KXTL    MT    Butte    oldies


1380    unid            oldies - this one's tough - radio-locator doesn't show anything even remotely close to me that plays oldies on 1380.  Hmmmmmmm


1410    KIIX    CO    Fort Collins    Heard nostalgia music w/jingle "More music....Kicks 1410!" NEW!!!!


1450    unid            oldies music heard weak but no id - possible KBBS Buffalo, WY or KGIW Alamosa, CO


1600    KCKK    CO    Lakewood    classic country


1630    KRND    WY    Fox Farm    horribly overmodulated, crappy, terrible quality SS


1680    unid            SS music - mixing with KAVT Fresno - Radio Disney


1690    KDDZ    CO    Arvada    radio Disney




Heard between 12:30am and 1:30am 5/6/06


550    KUZZ    CA    Bakersfield    heard country music w/KUZZ id....very weak.


580    KUBC    CO    Montrose    heard classic country with KUBC mention.  weak.


620    CKRM    SK    Regina    heard country music - fair to good


660    unid        We listened for a long time to this one and never could get an ID.  KTNN was the loudest but wasn't playing music-they had the midnight trucking network on.  Mixing in and out was Calgary's new ALL-NEWS format.   Yet there was country music.  Only guess I have is Williston, ND (KEYZ) or Mount Vernon, WA (KAPS)


690    CBU    BC    Vancouver    CBC radio playing classical music - good signal


750   unid            couldn't tell for sure on this one.  Country music - assumed KHWG Fallon, NV- signal was pretty good at times...anyone else getting KHWG these days.  Mixing with KOAL of course.  I guess maybe it could have been KERR in Poulson, MT but I just couldn't get an ID.  Last few times I've heard country here it's been KHWG.


Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo radio around milepost 13 on Interstate 80 on 5/11/06 about 8:00pm.  (yes it was a taco run)


680    KKGR    MT    East Helena        Sun going down - expecting KNBR and instead had some oldies with an ID of "68 KGR".  Weak to fair.  NEW!!




Phil Rafuse - Grundig/Tecsun/Lextronics/Drake SAT 800 Charlottetown, PEI, Canada


1224 Bulgaria Horizont + Foreign Sce., Viden 500 KW Playing eastern

European sounding easy listening/pop - Yes, the SAT 800 is the rig of

the hour here - easily switched to 9 KHz spacing, and the 2.3 KHz BW

plus sideband selectable synch detector helps too.  This is my first

log of this station.


1287 Garrison Radio UK - playing the Mammas and Pappas Dream a little dream".  First time!




1305 UNID playing music - suspect one of the Spanish stations on this



1548 UNID playing music - suspect Capital Gold 1548 UK


Well, its 11:35 p.m. to midnight on May 18 to 19, 2006 here in

Stratford PEI, the R-390A is warmed up and is being fed with the

usual 70 foot wire and balun.  A quick spin of the KC dial with one

changeover of the MC switch reveals the following:


540 CBT Grand Falls NL accordian music

570 CFCB Corner Brook NL C&W

590 VOCM St. John's NL C&W

610 CHNC New Carlisle QC AC

630 CFCY Charlottetown PE C&W

720 CHTN Charlottetown PE oldies

740 CHCM Marystown NL C&W

780 CFDR Dartmouth/Halifax NS C&W

800 VOWR St. John's NL NOS

900 CKDH Amherst NS AC

930 CFBC Saint John NB oldies

950 CKNB Campbellton NB AC

960 CHNS Halifax NS oldies


[change the MC knob to 01 and spin the KC knob back down, grunt,

groan, who says DXing isn't good excercise???]


1040 CJMS Saint Constance QC C&W

1050 CHUM Toronto ON oldies

1070 CBA Moncton NB classical

1140 CBI Sydney NS classical

1215 Virgin Radio London UK AC/Rock

1230 CFGN Port-aux-Basques NL C&W

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB C&W

1270 CJCB Sydney NS C&W

1320 CKEC New Glasgow NS AC/Rock

1420 CKDY Digby NS C&W

1450 CFAB Windsor NS C&W

1560 WQEW New York NY Kid-Pop

1680 WTTM Princeton NJ Spanish music





Only one music TA, in spite of Kevin's challenge, Virgin Radio

1215.  But for the late hour, I would have pulled out the SAT 800,

hooked it up to the antenna, set the spacing to 9 KHz and tried

fishing for LW and MW TAs.  Maybe I'll do a separate Music CME for

Europe with that rig before the CME ends.  The SAT 800 switched to 9

KHz makes it just so easy to try for this stuff.  Not that there

would be too much success this time of the year!



Paul LaFreniere Grand Marais, MN


  560   CFOS   ON  Owen Sound.  5-3-06.  "Remembering the roots of

                        Rock n' Roll--CFOS."


  600   KSJB   ND   Jamestown.  5-3-06.  "Classic Country KSJB."


  630   WDGY WI  Hudson.  5-3-06   SS  Mexican music.


  650   WSM   TN   Nashville.  5-3-06.  Country.


  740   CHWO  ON  Toronto.  5-3-06.  NOS.


  750   CKJH    SK   Melfort.  5-3-06.  Oldies. 


  820   CHAM  ON  Hamilton.  5-2-06.  "820 Cham--The Legend.  We

                         play great country music."


  840   KTIC    NE   West Point.  5-2-06.  Country.


  850   WWJC  MN  Duluth.  5-5-06.  Cont. Christian Music.


  870   KPRM  MN  Park Rapids.  5-3-06.  Country.


  880   CKLQ   MB   Brandon.  5-3-06.  "Q-Country Radio--880 CKLQ.


  910   WHSM  WI  Hayward.  5-5-06.  Music of Your Life.


  910   WFDF   MI   Farmington Hills.  Radio Disney.  The switch in

                          COL allowed this station to increase power to 50000/

                          19000 and ruin this frequency.


  920   KDHL   MN   Faribault.  5-2-06.  Polka & Country.


  950   KOEL    IA    Oelwein.  5-5-06.  Country Legends.


1030   WCTS  MN   Maplewood.  5-5-06.  REL music.



1050   CHUM  ON   Toronto.  5-4-06.  "In the middle of at least eight

                         Rock n' Roll oldies--1050 Chum."


1050   CKSB   MB   Winnipeg.  5-3-06.  FF  Alternative music.


1070   KVKK   MN  Verndale.  5-4-06.  Country.


1090   WAQE  WI   Rice Lake.  5-4-06.  Classic Country.


1090   CKKW  ON  Kitchener.  5-4-06.  Oldies 1090.


1090   KSOU   IA   Sioux Center.  5-5-06.  REL music.


1150   CKOC   ON  Hamilton.  5-4-06.  Oldies 1150.


1190   WNWC  WI  Sun Prairie.  5-5-06.  REL music.


1210   WLDR    MI  Kingsley.  5-4-06.  "Real Country is 1210 WLDR.


1220   CHSC    ON  Saint Catharines.  5-3-06.  SS music.


1230   WKLK  MN  Cloquet.  5-4-06.  Music of Your Life.


1310   KRBI    MN   St. Peter.  5-4-06.  Oldies.


1370   WCCN  WI  Neillsville.  5-5-06.  NOS


1410   KRWB   MN  Roseau.  5-4-06.  "Classic Rock 1410--KRWB."


1430   CHKT   ON    Toronto.  5-2-06.  Ethnic Indian music.


1470   KLBP   MN   Brooklyn Park.  5-2-06.  Music of Your Life.


1540   CHIN    ON  Toronto.  5-4-06.  Unknown Ethnic music.





Kevin Redding – in Tucson, AZ


Heard on a Sony ICF 2010 and Q-Stick +:

570 XEUK Caborca, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1731 playing banda music, SS.

580 KSAZ Marana, AZ 5/7 1732 playing NOS music, “Hey Paula”.

650 XETNT Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico 5/7 2020 playing ranchera, SS

660 KTNN Window Rock, AZ 5/7 2021 NN and C&W, kinda cowboys and indians station.

670 XESOS Naco, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1735 playing some ranchera music, SS.

710 XEDP Ciudad Cuautemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico 5/7 2021 playing ranchera, SS.

740 KIDR Phoenix, AZ 5/7 1739 playing grupera music, SS.

750 KAMA El Paso, TX 5/7 2026 playing ranchera, SS.

800 XEROK Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico 5/7 2027 playing banda, better in Phoenix, SS.

830 KFLT Tucson, AZ 5/7 2028 playing REL music.

930 XESHT Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico 5/7 2034 playing baladas, SS.

950 XEPB Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 2035 playing romantica, SS.


970 XEEZ Caborca, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1749 playing romantica and

fighting with KVWM from Show Low, SS.

1010 KXXT Tolleson, AZ 5/7 1752 playing black gospel music.

1030 KEVT Cortaro, AZ 5/7 1753 playing ranchera and ad for taking care of your baby, SS.

1080 KGVY Green Valley, AZ 5/7 1755 playing NOS “I Only Have Eyes For You”.

1120 KANN Roy, UT 5/7 2039 REL music.

1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA 5/7 2040 playing George Jones.

1150 KCKY Coolidge, AZ 5/7 1759 playing a cumbia, SS.

1190 XEPZ Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico 5/7 1803 after ID playing baladas, SS.

1210 KQTL Sahuarita, AZ 5/7 1808 playing romantica, SS.

1230 KOTS Deming, NM 5/7 1812playing C&W.

1240 KJAA Globe, AZ  5/7 1813 playing REL music.

1250 KHIL Willcox, AZ 5/7 1814 playing Reba McEntire and ID.


1250 KBSZ Wickenburg, AZ 5/7 1815 with C&W.

1280 XEAW Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 5/7 1818 playing ranchera after a tiger growl and banda, SS.

1300 KROP Brawley, CA 5/7 1820 playing “Charlie Brown”.

1310 XEFH Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1825 playing SS version of Let It Be.

1340 KIKO Globe, AZ 5/7 1827 playing “My Guy”.

1350 XELBL San Luis Colorado, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1829 playing romantica, SS.

1360 KPXQ Glendale, AZ 5/7 1830 playing REL rock music.

1380 KLPZ Parker, AZ 5/7 1832 playing C&W.

1420 KMOG Payson, AZ 5/7 1833 playing C&W.

1430 XEOX Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1835 playing EE rock by Journey, SS.

1450 KWFM Tucson, AZ 5/7 1837 playing oldies, “Cool Oldies”.

1460 XECB San Luis Colorado 5/7 1839 playing banda, “Radio Ranchito”, SS.

1530 KCMN Colorado Springs, CO 5/7 1844 ID, surprisingly strong, NOS.

1540 XEHOS Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1847 playing banda, “La Poderosa”, SS.

1560 XEJPV Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico 5/7 1851 progressive REL music, SS.

1570 XERF Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico 5/7 1852 playing mariachi music, 100 kW, blast furnace, SS.

1580 KMIK Tempe, AZ 5/7 1853 playing teen music, R. Disney.

1600 KXEW South Tucson, AZ 5/7 1854 playing tropical, SS.
1630 KKWY Fox Farm, WY 5/7 1855 playing banda, SS.

1640 KBJA Sandy, UT 5/7 1857 playing Cuban Jazz, SS.

1650 KBIV El Paso, TX 5/7 1858 “These Boots Are Made For Walking”.

1670 KHPY Moreno Valley, CA 5/7 1859 Rel music and ID in SS.

1690 KDDZ Arvada, CO 5/7 1901 R. Disney’s #9 song.

Heard on a Sony SX100RV AM Stereo / FM Stereo radio, nekkid:


760 XENY Nogales, Sonora, Mexico 5/7 1704 playing Mexican dance music. $


1400 KTUC Tucson, AZ 1705 with CNN News and into NOS music. $



Kevin Redding – in Tucson, AZ


Heard on a 1962 Zenith Transoceanic, nekkid or with a whip:

750 KAMA El Paso, Texas 2236 5/10 playing romantica. SS.

830 KFLT Tucson 1826 5/9 woman singing SS music.

990 XECL Tijuana, BCN, Mexico 5/11 50’s style music. SS.

1010 CBR Calgary, AB 5/11 playing piano music during Northern Lights.

1150 KCKY Coolidge, AZ 1828 5/9 // KASA 1540

1230 KOY Phoenix, AZ 1822 5/9 with Nat King Cole

1260 KASU Tempe, AZ 1821 5/9 playing Black Flag

1360 KPXQ Glendale, AZ 1820 5/9 REL rock music

1440 KAZG Scottsdale, AZ 1818 5/9 playing Beach Boys

1540 KASA Phoenix AZ 1816 5/9 woman singing. SS // KCKY.

1580 KMIK Tempe, AZ 1817 5/9 R. Disney

Kevin Redding – in Tempe, AZ


1962 Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 1000D nekkid


660 KTNN Window Rock, AZ 5/16 1828 C&W with NN announcer.


880 KRVN Lexington, NE 5/16 2137 after WX, into C&W.


1020 KCKN Roswell, NM 5/16 2015 ID “New Mexico’s 50 kW powerhouse, KCKN” then into REL music, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”


1210 KGYN Guymon, OK 5/16 1918 playing a woman singing C&W.


1280 KXEG Tolleson, AZ 2011 playing ranchera.



Martin Foltz - Mission Viejo, CA


1380    KLPZ Parker AZ 6:40 PM PDT Country songs, ID and ABC news at ToH.


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire


1550 WIGN TN Bristol - 05/14/06 - SRN News, ad for a church in Bristol and gospel music. Good signal (S9) with fades. "1550, WIGN".


Sunday, May 14, 2006


1335 ˆ 1400


590 WDWD GA Atlanta ˆ Radio Disney Fare. Decent Signal.


610 WPLO GA Grayson ˆ Spanish Music. Good Signal.


650 WSM TN Nashville ˆ Country Music. Weak Signal.


780 WWOL NC Forest City ˆ Gospel Music. Decent Signal.


840 WCEO SC Columbia ˆ Spanish Music. Good Signal.


980 WKLY GA Hartwell ˆ Gospel Music. Good Signal.


1000 WWOF SC Walhalla ˆ Oldies. Decent Signal.


1040 WPBS GA Conyers ˆ Spanish Music. Good Signal.


1090 WCZZ SC Greenwood ˆ UC Gospel. Good Signal.


1130 WLBA GA Gainesville ˆ Spanish Music. Good Signal.


1160 WMLB GA East Point ˆ Big Band. Good Signal.


1250 WYTH GA Madison ˆ Oldies. Good Signal.


1270 WJJC GA Commerce ˆ Gospel Music. Good Signal.


1370 WLOV GA Washington ˆ Oldies. Weak Signal.


1420 WLET GA Toccoa ˆ Gospel Music. Decent Signal.


1430 WGFS GA Covington ˆ Gospel Music. Good Signal.


1670 WMWR GA Dry Branch ˆ Spanish Music. Good Signal.


1440 WGVL SC Greenville - 05/17/06 1801 - TOH ID and Spanish music. Decent signal in the evening static. "La Radio de Todos...WGVL from Greenville,  South Carolina".



The Whole Earth [HF]


John Callarman, Krum TX NRD-525 80-foot long wire


9300 BULGARIA R. Varna (presumed) Fair to good 0250 5/1 with U.S. tune, woman in a Slavic language, Tom Jones’ “Cuando, Cuando, Cuando” and more pop music; at top of the hour five short pips, one long one; woman with short announcement; and carrier off 0300:20. (Callarman-TX)


9775 GREECE R. Farda Kavala (if IBB hasn’t moved it during current shake-up) Very strong 0201 5/1 with usual news in Farsi and lively musical program. S7-9, solid copy, but even stronger on the // Moroccan transmitters on 9805 and 9865. (Callarman-TX)


9970 BELGIUM RTBF Home Service program, Wavre Fair to good signal 0406 5/1, happy-voiced lady in French, light rock song “After Midnight” in English; more English and French pop vocals; 0419-0427 had several voice comedy bit in French, lots of laughter, live and canned. (Callarman-TX, who misses OTC and ORU)


9760 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrayt Very strong 0145 5/1, Middle Eastern music with man and woman in Arabic, lots of mention of Omaniyah; brief stringed music just before carrier cut at 0158:35. (Callarman-TX)


9870 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Riyadh Fair 2216 4/30 with men in two-way Arabic conversation, lively musical stingers; signal picks up strength and, after ID 2236, continued with Middle East vocal music, segued, to abrupt carrier cut 2359:10. (Callarman-TX)


9895 AUSTRIA Adventist World R. Moosbrunn strong 0344 5/1, man speaking slowly and 100-percent readable (if I knew Farsi). Guitar solo began 0556 for brief annct. by different man, guitar continued until carrier cut 0358:40. (Callarman-TX)


12070 RUSSIA VO Russia, Moscow/UNID (CVC-UZBEK?) VOR Fair to Good 0246-0300 in Russian, man and woman talking, lively music, “Radio Golos Rossi.” There was discernible audio co-channel QRM to Moscow with Indian style music at 0126 and with talk at 0246; detectable under VOR’s open carrier 0300 to 0301:08, when carrier cut, but barely audible in resultant noise. Hoping to tape something connectible to CVC’s Hindi program via Uzbekistan. Will keep trying. (Callarman-TX)


9965 PALAU T8BZ (aka KHBN) Voice of Hope Medorn (presumably) Fair to good 1257 with choral group, several production anncts in what appeared to be Mandarin; looking for English ID 1300 but no such luck. (Callarman-TX)

11675 KUWAIT Radio Kuwait, Kabd 0341 5/3 Strong and clear with female vocal in Arabic. (Callarman-TX)


9655 IRAN VOIRI, Kalamabad Good with slight echo 0222 5/6, woman with lengthy in Spanish talk to 0225, different woman with program information. Began piano and dreamy orchestra 0227:40, woman announced briefly; music continued; three gongs and ID at 0330:10; choral anthem, Man with brief announcement before carrier off 0231:17 (longer than expected 0327 quit.) (Callarman-TX)


11695 CHINA Beijing Opera jammer (presumed) oriental instrumental music weak 0159 5/3. No signal from RFA in Tibetan, presumed target. (Callarman-TX)


11820 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Holy Kuran Riyadh. Good with Arabic chanting. Weaker but clear //11915 and weaker still, under R. Free Asia, //11740. (Callarman-TX)


11925 BRAZIL R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo 5/12 found at 0304 with better signal; male singer with guitar, romantic music; 0306 deep-voiced man gives full ID, frequencies including 840 kiloherz, FM and Onda Corta frequencies; then continued with fanfare type musical theme for morning program; several voices. Much stronger, clearer 5/14 0406 and on, seguing slow pop vocals, predominantly in English; live lady announcer, canned IDs by man. (Callarman-TX)

11975 UAE Adventist World Radio, Dhabbayah 5/11 0302 believed to be the station with three very long musical selections, the first two of which seemed to be combination of African and Middle East influence, male groups; the third selection was female vocal, sounded at first like “San Antonio Rose.” Unreadable, short talk by manta 0310:50 Much stronger, clearer 5/14 0406 and on, seguing slow pop vocals, predominantly in English; live lady announcer, canned IDs by man. (Callarman-TX)


11985 INDIA AIR Delhi (Khampur) 5/10 0111 weak to fair slow Indian music, 0113:40 woman with talk in unid. language; then heavy instrumental lead into male and female duet, but cut off in mid-number and carrier cut. AIR scheduled from Khampur in Sinhala to South Asia; s/off 0115. (Callarman-TX)


11990 CHINA. Beijing Opera Jammer, Ragged, squeaky strings, tin-pan drummy music, obliterating barely heard signal 1306 5/11; likely VOA-Novosibirsk in Mandarin. Audio under the jammer //11965. (Callarman-TX)


12050 EGYPT ERTU General Programme, Abu Zabaal, 2227 5/13, very strong signal, surprisingly crisp, clear audio with vocal music, production announcements, quarter-hour chimes at 2232:25, fanfare for ID announcement in Arabic. Surprising because during later transmission on 12050, I’ve consistently heard distorted audio from this one; which was the case again at 0110 5/14. Strong, but distorted. HFCC says it’s Abu Zabaal with 500 kw from 1200-0000, then Abis with 250 kw 0000-0400; EIBI lists only Abis 0000-0300; ILG shows schedule 1140-0000, then 0000-0400; WRTH shows in A-06 supplement only Abu Zabaal 1200-0300. I’m monitoring as I type, at 0350, and 12050 is gone, but 11950, an Abu Zabaal transmitter, still good in 2300-0430 schedule. My conclusion is it’s Abu Zabaal to 0000; Abis to 0300. (Callarman-TX)


12070 RUSSIA Radio Rossii, Mosckva Strong 0358 5/10, production anncts. and “Radio Rossii” ID, a bit of light dance music, six pips, 0400 chimes to start “Informazona Programa” and woman reads news. (Callarman-TX)







Kevin Redding – Gilbert/Tempe, Arizona


Heard on a DX390 at work in Tempe, AZ near Arizona State University:

7270 Radio Cairo Abu Za’bal, Egypt 0120 5/4 Singing in an Arabic type language followed by a little talk then  more music.

9345 Kol Israel Tel Aviv, Israel 0142 5/4 in HH and with HH music program.



Heard on a Sony ICF-2010 with window frame antenna at the Burnt Lizard in Gilbert:


5940 Magadan Radio Yakutsk, Russia 0928 5/7 RR music and announcer with ballads and folk sounding music. Sounds like domestic programming. Weak.


6180 Radio Nacional do Amazonia Brasilia, Brazil 0945 music in an unknown language. Not SS or PP then at 1000 a long list of stations on all bands carrying this network in PP.



Heard on a DX440 gettin’ it with a whip in Tempe, AZ:

9370 WTJC Newport, NC, USA 5/9 0153 playing REL music EE.

9435 Radio Sweden via Madagascar 5/9 0157 woman singing EZL music SV.

11780 Radio Nacional do Amazonia Brasilia, Brazil 5/9 0130 with blast furnace signal, playing music with lots of accordion and guitar. PP.

11920 HCJB Quito, Ecuador 5/9 0136 playing REL music. SS.

11950 VOIRI Tehran, Iran 5/9 0140 playing Middle Eastern type music. Very weak!







Heard on a 1962 Zenith Transoceanic, with a whip:

5755 KAIJ Frisco, TX 0412 5/11 playing REL music


9975 KVOH Rancho Simi, CA 5/17 0113 playing music into woman giving testimony in SS and back to REL music.


11780 Radio Nacional do Amazonia Brasilia, Brazil 5/17 0125 PP with music and taking calls and back to music and “Happy Birthday” song.


11715 Radio Australia 5/17 0130 Music sung by Anthony Comaia then into news with a very big signal.



The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


Juan Gualda - Ft. Pierce, FL


5/7 96.1 FM  Cool 96 FM 9:10 pm [Tr]

Caribbean accented announcer reading news in English. Taking calls. Many mentions of Bahamas. If this is Bahamas, this is my first on FM.


5/8 97.5 FM Nassau, Bahamas. Love 97 mixing but on top of Lakeland, FL. Love songs including Mariah Carey and Richard Marx. Parallel web feed. Second Bahamian and first time for this station at this QTH.


David Slate - Hendersonville TN USA


All logs are from a DX 398 and a clothes hanger antenna on 5/8:

(i need a new radio)


11:23 107.1 WUHU Bowling Green KY  pop music  with RDS  Very good signal


11:28 101.1 WBUT Russelville, KY  rap Music with RDS this is a local


11:31 97.5  WLLX Lawrenceburg, TN  country music and the Power 97 liner fair signal





Kevin Redding – Gilbert/Tempe, Arizona


Heard on a 1962 Zenith Royal 2000 Trans-Symphony with its twin whips in Tempe:

102.1 KAHM Prescott, AZ 5/11 1828 playing BI / EZL music and at BoH giving ID.

103.1 KCDX Coolidge,AZ 5/11 1835 playing 70s / 80s rock.

99.1 KIIM Tucson, AZ 5/11  1841 playing country and western, I think they are the last C&W in Tucson.


96.1 KLPX Tucson, AZ 5/11 1845 with ad stopset and ID at the end.


96.3 KSWG Wickenburg, AZ 1852 playing C&W.

93.7 KRQQ Tucson, AZ 5/11 1856 playing rock music and into ads.


Heard on a 2004 Saturn car radio and 31” whip:


107.5 KSED Sedona, AZ 5/16 1849 with C&W and then ads for businesses in Prescott. Usually hear rock from Tucson here.


Heard on a VU75XR antenna and Hafler 330 receiver:

88.1 KUYI Hotevilla, AZ 5/21 1120 with Hopi indian chanting and singing. 220 miles away and Tr.



Michael J. Richard – Evanston, Wyoming

FM Loggings from my front yard.
Monday afternoon 6pm 5/17/06 - Sony ICF-SW7600GR

89.1    KBYU    Provo, UT    Classical    "Classical 89"

92.1    KFRZ    Green River, WY    Country    "The Freeze"

94.1    KODJ    Salt Lake City, UT    Oldies    "94.1 KODJ"

95.1    KYCS    Rock Springs, WY    Hot AC    "Kicks 95.1"

96.3    KXRK    Provo, UT    Alternative    "X-96"

96.5    KQSW    Rock Springs, WY    Country    "Hot Country Q-96"

96.7    K244A0    Randolph-Woodruff, UT    Country    Translator for KSOP-FM Salt Lake City, UT

97.1    KZHT    Provo, UT    CHR    "97-1 ZHT"


97.9    KBZN    Ogden, UT    Smooth Jazz    "97.9 the Breeze"

98.3    K252AI    Evanston, WY    Smooth Jazz    Translator for KBZN-FM Ogden, UT

98.7    KBEE    Salt Lake City, UT    AC    "B-98.7"

99.1    KNYN    Fort Bridger, WY    AC    "Magic 99"  (Local)

99.5    KJMY    Bountiful, UT    Hot AC    "My 99-5"

99.7    KSIT    Rock Springs, WY    Classic Rock    "Rock 99.7 KSIT"

100.3    KSFI    Salt Lake City, UT    Lite AC    "FM 100"

101.1    KBER    Ogden, UT    Rock    "K-Bear 101"

101.5    KEGA    Oakley, UT    Country    "101-5 the Eagle" (semi-local)

102.3    KDUT    Randolph, UT    Spanish    "La Grande D" (semi-local)

103.1    KJQN    Coalville, UT    Jack    "103.1 Jack-FM" (semi-local)

103.5    KRSP    Salt Lake City, UT    Classic hits    "Arrow 103.5"


104.3    KSOP    Salt Lake City, UT    Country    "The Cowboy - KSOP"

105.3    KDWY    Diamondville, WY    Country    "The Diamond"

106.1    KRMF    Evanston, WY    Spanish (semi-local)


106.5    KOSY    Spanish Fork, UT    Lite AC    "Cosy 106.5"

107.3    KAOX    Kemmerer, WY    Classic hits    "107.3 the X"




Phil Rafuse – Yamaha TX-540 Charlottetown, PEI, Canada


CKHZ 103.5 Halifax, NS is testing right now, with a non-stop rolling promo featuring snips of various songs representing its format.  Essentially, Canada's little big city is getting a dance music station.  It will be interesting to see how much it will eat into CIOO's long held



Signal is knock your socks off at 100 miles, while CIOO is just barely

detectable tonight.


Keith McGinnis - Hingham MA

Equipment for FM: Yamaha T-85 (modified)  with an APS9b antenna at 35ft AGL and an FM 6 (replaced a beat up APS9b) phase antenna at 12ft AGL. Bolin Phase Box.  Conrad RDS Manager with Esslinger RDS 3.0 Software. Total Recorder.


FM Totals now at 1242


May 19th


1230PM      WMOC      88.7      Lumber City GA            with 912 AC mentions, local church talk and Lumber City mentions      (NEW)


1241      WEBZ      93.5      Port St. Joe      FL            "The Beat"       (Relog)


1250      WBHY      88.5      Mobile      AL            "Power 88"      (Relog)


1257      Unid      103.1                  Unid Relgious


0123      WHJT      93.5      Clinton MS            Contemporary Christian music with several MS mentions (relog)


0130      WKOR      94.9      Columbus MS      Country      "K94-9" (relog)



May 21st

1037PM      KAMO      94.3      Rogers      AR            Classic Country some AR mentions  (Relog)


1129      KJMK      93.9      Webb City MO            "Magic 93.9"  with Delilah  (New)


1132      KIHT      96.3      St Louis MO            Kirkwood Mitsubishi Ad and other St. Louis mentions  (Relog)


1136      KMXL      95.1      Carthage MO      "Mix 95.1 and Mike FM" (NEW)


1150      KRMS(t)      93.5      Osage Beach MO            with classic rock (Relog)


1157      KGKS      93.9      Scott City MO            "Kiss 93.9" with RDS PI Code A2EE (Relog)


May 22nd

0001AM      KSPQ      93.9      West Plains MO            Rolling Stones "Hearbreaker" into ID (Relog)


0004      WYNG      94.9      Mt. Carmel IL            ESPN Radio (I was going to list this as tentative until my research told me it seems to be the only ESPN on 94.9...a little east of the main area skip but not by much) (NEW)


0009      KWTO      98.7      Springfield MO            Fox Sports (Relog)



The Visible Universe [TV]


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN Zenith TV / 30 Yr. Old RS Antenna


5/15 Es

Channel 2 - PBS station with Lawrence Welk mixed with an ABC station with Home Makeover. These are probably Armadillo, TX and KMID Midland, TX. No audio, MUF is to low. The signal is weak with lots of QSB.


5/17 Es

At 1930 EWT, I now have Channel 2 CKPR from Thunder Bay on rabbit ears. Still no audio.




5/19 1100 EWT Es 
Channel 2 - WGBH  Boston, MA   Nice E's signal into Tennessee. PBS kids show and ad for the Teletubbies.

Channel 2 - WCBS New York City, NY Beginning is Right with Bob Barker.

Channel 3 - Strong floater over local WRCB.

Channel 4 - CBS station with the beginning of Price is Right. No audio.


5/19 1150 EWT Es
Channel 2 - French language news cast. Weather for Montreal, QE. Strong at times. At 1150 EWT, had a call in from viewers with a man and women trying to answer questions from callers. [probably CBFT, ed.]

This is going to sound crazy, but in the lower left had corner of the screen, is a "bug" that looks like the top of an apple pie. (You know, the lattice pie covering) with french writing under it.


5/19 1215 EWT Es

Moved the antenna from the northeast to due north.


Channel 4 - Have the same logo or "bug" as reported earlier on channel 2. News program with some guy being interview(?) and on the screen is "Harper & Howard" Have no idea what that means or who Harper & Howard is.


Channel 2 - Quebec is gone and WSB has taken charge of the channel.


5/19 1930 EWT Es

Channel 2 - Had a test pattern that looks just like the one use by Cuba out of Habana. Only lasted a few seconds, then WSB was back on top.


5/20 2006 1030 EWT Es

E's IS UP TO CHANNEL 6!!!!!!!!!!!!


When E's season decided to start, it did it in a big way. All channels 2 to 6 are loaded with multiple stations.


Channel 4 has a Spanish station as the dominant one.




5/21  0900 EWT Es

I noticed E's on channels 2 to 4. But no ID.

Storms came into the area and I disconnected the antennas.


5/21 1300 EWT Es

I was back at it, and had a CBS channel 2, may have been WCBS. A strong flicker on 3, but again, no ID's.


5/21 1730 EWT Es

Channel 2 - KCWX  TX  Fredericksburg/ San Antonio  Program, "kick'n it With Bryan Allen"; Ad for John Sololove an Ambulance chaser; Ad for;


The call KCWX is in a blue triangle and has a number 2 with it. The logo is very similar to Sonic hamburger ad. Very good signal, almost like a local. No skip noticed on higher channels.


This is new for me, since they changed to KCWX from KBEJ.

5/21 1815 EWT Es

Channel 2 - WGRZ NY Buffalo   Local news; Have their NBC logo with a 2 on it, down in the lower right hand corner of the screen.


Channel 2 - Global TV with sports news (Sweden Hockey team).


5/21 1900 EWT Es

Channel 2 - Now have an CTV station at the moment. Still fighting it out with WGRZ.  There was an ad for "American Idol on CTV"; Ad for Moores suits with a 872 area code.


5/21 2300 EWT Es


This has been a very strange day. At 2300 I still have E's into New York. Channel 2 WCBS New York, and the start of their local news. The signals are getting weaker.


I can remember when this stuff went 24 hours a day. (1957) Maybe the same weather patterns are about to repeat itself. ????







Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

13” Magnavox Color TV, CM3032 amp and VU-75XR antenna


2 KNAZ Flagstaff, AZ 5/16 1105 with AM Trivia and into cooking segment. Very weak. Tr scatter.


2 KJRH Tulsa, OK 5/19 0849 ad for Woodland Hills Mall, Es.

2 KWGN Denver, CO 5/19 0931 with Regis and Kelly, Es.


2 CKCK Regina, SK 5/21 1030 with infomercial from Health and Family and ad for CTV News ads for Saskatchewan Rough Riders and was in color. Es


Frank Aden – Boise, ID



Getting KSNW ch 3 KS 1601 Es


Keith McGinnis - Hingham MA

TV Equipment: Magnavox 13" Color TV.  Icom R7000 with TV receive adapter. Ch 3 cut Yagi. CM 8 Bay UHF.


May 22nd


0507PM      WEDU      Ch 3      Tampa FL      with PBS programming


0515      WESH (t)      Ch 2      Daytona Beach FL      floater on top of WGBH with NBC Arena football