May 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 5


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The May CME announcement:


This CME is focused on MW reception. The cloud of IBOC noise is coming and this is sort of a "Last Chance Saloon"  before crossing the IBOC desert. Do it now before its gone. It can't be long before IBOC 24/7 hits the Federal Register.


On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception.


We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well.


WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear.


NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX.


LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band.


The June CME Announcement:


ABDX announces the night HD operation and open DX CME.

This CME is focused on MW reception of HD signals at night. IBOC MW operation at night should begin this month and we would love to know what you are hearing. That said, this is pretty much whatever you can hear on any band, send in your logs even if you think they are trivial. Some other DXer can use that information when he or she is at the dials. 

On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception. This is the time that Es and Tr are abundant on FM and you shouldn't let the opportunity pass.  

We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well. This is also the time for TV DX get it while you can.

 WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear. Don't forget the WX band. It is far from immune to Tr and Es and this also is the time that the weather gets exciting.  

NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX. 

LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band.

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Big Fisher Console Stereo nekkid



I had a Kentucky station on 1400 but it faded down before it could be identified,

1370 WDEF TN Chattanooga  ESPN Radio with local break for weather... good signal holding over the jumble 2338 05/26/07

On the now properly working BIG Fisher Console stereo.  I had to replace a "NEW"  6BQ5 that was defective and had a plate glowing red.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Rx As Noted Below


Heard on a Digital Superadio ca. 1982:

1060 CKMX Calgary, Alberta 5/11 2343 playing C&W and ID. For a few  minutes surprisingly strong with good signal. This one is new and  number 881 heard from AZ.

Heard on a nekkid CCRadio:

1310 KTCK Dallas, TX 5/13 0300 Ad stopset into ID and Sporting News 

Radio. In a little about 5 degree sliver of a null of local KXAM.


Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN

Receiver and Antenna


1700  XEPE  BN  Tecate.  0323 CDT.  "Cash 1700" slogans. Many mentions of San Diego.  Many ads including a San Diego Hummer dealer and a Toyota dealer. Fair signal.  NEW.


Ira Elbert New – Jekyll Island, SC

Sangean ATS 909


550 WAYR FL Orange Park – 05/17/07 1300 – Religious programming and weather forecast. Very good signal. “AM 550, WAYR

690 WOKV FL Jacksonville – 05/17/07 1302 – Atlantic Infiniti Car Dealership

ad. Very good signal. “WOKV, Depend On it”.

1050 WROS FL Jacksonville – 05/17/07 1509 – Wayfaring Stranger show. Good

signal. “WROS, Jacksonville ” and “The Rose of Jacksonville ”.

1340 WQSC SC Charleston – 05/17/07 1500 – FOX News and local news. Decent signal mixed with WORD, Daytona Beach , FL. “Real 1340” and “1340, WQSC”.

1340 WORD FL Daytona Beach – 05/17/07 1505 – ABC News. Good signal mixed with WQSC, Charleston , SC. “WORD, 1340, Daytona Beach ”.

1400 WZAZ FL Jacksonville – 05/17/07 1455 – Gospel music. Good signal.


[Watkinsville, GA]

1490 WAZZ NC Fayetteville – 05/20/07 2303 – UC Gospel Music. Weak signal

fading in and out of the static. “1600 WIDU, Fayetteville. 1460 WEWO,

Laurinburg” and “WIDU, 1600 AM” and “Rejoice, Musical Soul Food”.


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R-8 and Kiwa Loop


570  KKFJ  CA  Alturas  noted very strong atop KVI/KNUS with Music of

Your Life program, including songs by Patsy Cline & Chad & Jeremy.  This

from about 2335-2345 PDT 5/17/07....

Since KKFJ is extremely rare at night here in San Francisco I must

assume they are still operating on day pattern.  Signal is quite strong

and steady.  Even fending off the slop/splatter from next door KSFO-560.

Otherwise conditions seem to be the usual 'putrid' which is normal for

mid-May in San Francisco.


Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC

Sony Sports Walkman



After many months of trying, I heard WMT  600  Cedar Rapids, Iowa  on Wed. nite/Thur. AM.......out of the Jim Bohannon Show and into the TOH ID at midnight CDST.....on the Sony Sports Walkman......Iowa #5.....others were WHO, KXEL, KCJJ,  and KCNZ. 


Last night after I went to bed, I  heard WJXL  1010 Jacksonville Beach, Fl. LOUD, dominating the frequency, when it normally is shared by WINS  and CFRB. They were dominant for over an hour, from 12:50AM  til  2:00AM when I fell asleep.They are probably testing their new construction permit. It looks like a new Xmit site with 6 towers, 50kw days and 30kw nites. Mentions of "XL-1010", legal ID's  and format is Sporting News Radio. I would think they might be on again tonight too


Norbert Ansay  - Warwick, RI

Kaito 1103 Nekkid


Intention last nght was to hit the dials and do some loggings. Did a quick band scan and stopped on "skywave local" for an all night "treat" see logging. No one was running IBOC that i could detect . Also 1540 albany NY did not seem to have it on as i couldn't detect any side bands.


740 CHWO Toronto CA 9:50 PM EDT Playing gorgeous Sunday night Swing and Big band selections including some from Broadway 1939. Excellent signal with very very few fades . 5/6/07

Here’s a few more quick logs i rushed during the before above treat band scan . Times are approximate but are within a few minutes as i didn't jot the times down: All between 9:30 PM EDT and 9:50 PM EDT 5/6/07.

700 WLW Cinn Ohio giving the Ohio weather report it was going to 43 and calls.

710 WWOR NY NY running some public service programming sounded religious in nature.

770 WABC NY NY ad block with lots of QRM .

1500 WTWP Washington DC caught the calls excellent signal

1520 WWKB Buffalo NY Running their normal sunday night talk show and gave calls during ad break Excellent signal

1540 WDCD (formerly WPTR) Albany NY playing religious gospel music. Someone UNIDed kept talking under them did not get back to investigate further.

1560 WQEW NY NY Running their normal Radio Disney feed excellent signal.  


Heard on mini DXpedition at Conanicut Point Park on Narragansett Bay Warwick R.I. . Heard on Kaito 1103 naked.


1250 WARE Ware MA 1:14 PM EDT playing
I Love Lucy theme for a jingle then a song by Bobby Rydell.  5/14/07

560 WHYN Springfield MA 12:31 PM EDT gave calls reading weather forecast of low 70's and sunny. News talk 560 NOTE: this is a goner when local WDDZ 550 (Disney) turns on IBOC in the future . 5/14/07

DXpedition AM Partial Band Scan from same above location w/ Kaito 1103.

530-UNIDed something foreign language

540-UNided something foreign language

550- WDDZ local radio Disney

560- WHYN Spring Field MA


580- WTAG Worcester MA

590- WEZE Boston MA

630- WPRO Local

650- ???? Boston MA


680- WRKO Boston MA

690- Peanut Whistle Local

700- UNIDED Playing what sounds like music of your life format.


730- ???? foreign language programming

740- WJIB Cambridge MA

740- UNIDED news talker stepping all over / mixing with WJIB

760- ???? Somewhere in MA religous


790- WSKO (formerly WEAN) local sports

800- UNIDED Foreign language

810- WGY upstate NY


830- WCRN Worcester MA

850- ???? Boston MA


890- ???? Boston MA ESPN radio

940- ???? Somewhere in MA cool country 940 (slogan)

950- UNIDED news talk

960- UNIDED News talk

970- UNIDED playing country

980- UNIDED News talker

1010- WINS NY NY

1030- WBZ Boston MA Semi Local

1050- ???? NY NY ESPN radio

1060- ???? Boston MA

1080- WTIC Hartford CT

1090- Formerly WILD Boston MA

1110- ???? Local Portuguese

1130- WBBM NY NY

1150- Unided

1170- ???? Somewhere in MA

1180- ???? Hope Valley R.I.

1190- ???? NY NY

1200- UNided 

700 WJOE Orange MA 12:40 PM EDT playing goodnight sweetheart

followed by more music with fair signal. heard again 5/16/07 about 1:20 PM

playing beetles and part of slogan thru lightning crackles and crashes. very

weak signal with QRM.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



** OKLAHOMA. WBBZ, 1230, Ponca City, is still IDing as ``AM stereo``, as heard

0121 UT May 29

** U S A. Here`s a daytimer which doesn`t skimp on its sign-off announcement,

KJIM, 1500, Sherman TX. UT May 29 at 0114 said would be back at 6 am with CBS news, and ``best songs and memories of the radio``, then ``Thanks for the

Memories`` but not the Bob Hope version. Nice reception at peaks. Played the

song thru to end so did not pull plug until 0117* after ``Night, all``; also

IDs as K-Jim

** U S A. IBAC hiss from KFAB-1110 Omaha was blocking 1100, and KMOX-1120 St Louis, May 29 at 0121 check; and also at 0123 IBAC hiss from WHO-1040 Des Moines was blocking whatever was on 1030 and 1050. However, by 0128 both had apparently been turned off, and e.g. XEG-1050 Monterrey was in the clear. No other IBAC signals were heard in a quick scan of the MW band, and

KOA-840-850-860 had not yet infaded.

At 0122 I also found matching carriers on 1083 and 977 kHz, no audio

detectable, but stronger than a nostalgia station on 1030, the likely

fundamental halfway between, 53 kHz apart. Would really like to know which

station is responsible. Around 0156 on the home rig, the spurs were gone


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler car radio and whip


Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo radio in a 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T: 

630       KFXD    ID         Boise    5/8/07   23:10    Good signal w/classic country music and liner “classic country AM 630 KFXD”.   Was expecting KHOW-Denver.  Unusual to get this one.  Will be impossible if KFI turns IBAC back on and runs it at night. 

780       KAZM   AZ        Sedona 5/8/07   23:18    Good steady signal – playing oldies/ac music mix – love their “full service” format.  Another one that’s unusual here.  Wish I could pick them up more often this good.  I remember when they used to be AM Stereo – which was up until only a couple years ago if that – then they turned it off.  Another one that could be obliterated by hash if 770 KKOB decides to do IBAC.  AFAIK KKOB doesn’t have any IBOC plans in the works….not yet anyway.  I usually hear WBBM Chicago here. 

710       KIRO    WA       Seattle  5/8/07   23:15    Weak to fair signal – a little unusual here – definitely not here every night.  Used to hear some Spanish from Black Canyon City, AZ on KMIA but that went away a while back when their towers got attacked.  Now 710’s been mostly a jumble.  Nice to hear KIRO peaking through.  Hoping for WOR but I know that’s probably quite a longshot for me J

Just a few.  CX have actually been pretty decent lately – especially for being late spring – nice to still be hearing some northern DX.


The Whole Earth


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and Sloper


16 m was open to Asia Saturday evening (GMT Sun May 6).

A bandscan revealed at least 18 different channels in use between

0300z and 0400z.

China: CRI in Chinese 17540 @ 0350z (via Beijing)

China: CRI in Russian 17710 @ 0327z (via Xian)

Hawaii: KWHR World Harvest Radio 17655 @ 0330z Cumbre DX

India: AIR in Hindi, 17715 @ 0325z

Japan: R Japan in Japanese 17825 @ 0315z //17685 //17810 //17560

UK (non): BBC WS 17760 @ 0310z (via Thailand)

USA (non): VOA in Persian 17855 @ 0320z (via Sri Lanka) off at 0330z

USA (non) R Free Asia 17880 @ 0345z (via Saipan) with jamming.

I heard either RFA or the jammer program (or both) on the following

channels in parallel 17550, 17565, 17580, 17595, 17605, 17615, 17890

Also, on 19m

Sri Lanka: SLBC in English 15745 @ 0355z, listed as only 30kw


Higher bands continue to be very spotty in the early evening, sometimes dead, other times not too bad.

India: 11985 @ 0220z via Bangalore to Middle East, language listed as "Kannada" (eh).

N Korea: 15100 @ 0235z, English to SE Asia.

UK (non): 11955 @ 0215z, BBC WS to S Asia via Oman

UK (non): 15335 @ 0250z, BBC WS to E Asia via Thailand


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

DX440 and whip


5030 Peoples BC Station Beijing, China 5/6 1318 CC man and woman. 


6020 R. Australia Shepparton, Australia 5/6 1327 Woman reading a story.

6030 Central Peoples Broadcasting Station Beijing 5/6 1333 playing 

traditional CC music and in a collision with another station that 

sounds like it could be All India Radio underneath.

6095 R. New Zealand International Rangitaki, New Zealand 5/6 1343 one  

minute playing beautiful instrumental type music and the next playing 

Maori music.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** ALBANIA. After its Monday break, R. Tirana at 1300 to NAm on 13750 May 1

was JBA (just barely audible), not enough signal to combat my neighbor`s TV

swish QRM, and at 1324 recheck not audible at all. One would expect better

results with solar flux grown to 87 from a low of 69 recently, and K-index at

only 1. Clearly there are other factors

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, May 2 at 1300 was too weak to overcome the local TVI, but when rechecked at 1319 it had improved to a fair signal, during

mailbag (?) segment which was about the theatre in Albania. Now I could hear

the hum on the audio which others with stronger signals have reported

** CUBA. It`s a big day in Habana, the 46th anniversary of RHC, and oh yes,

something about workers. RHC was combined with at least half a dozen domestic networks for live coverage by Ninochka, from Plaza de la Revolución, May 1 at 1331 on 11760 // 11655 and many other frequencies not including 15370. Can`t let two minutes go by without blathering about Terrorist Posada Carriles, who ought to be extradited to Cuba, and the five Cuban political prisoners in US jails; never a word about the great many more Cuban political prisoners in Cuban jails.

``Cuba --- Último Territorio Esclavo en América --- patria o suerte,


** FRANCE [non]. May 2 at 1338 I was surprised to come across a strong signal

in French, from RFI on 15795; must be via Guiana French. Surely I would have

noticed it before as I tune around during this time period. News about

electoral crisis in Turkey, RFI ID in passing, but a full minute of open

carrier at 1340:30 to 1341:30 when resumed with music, promos; 1344 time check for Kinshasa and other cities in Africa; 1357 rappish music, 1400 UT timecheck and news; by 1410 was playing FX, somewhat distorted techno-reggae music, some lyrix in English, and at 1419 mentioning Jamaica. 1430 another news break, 1450 still on at recheck, but gone at 1500. What is going on here?

In HFCC we see that RFI planned to use this frequency via GUF only on certain

Thursdays (Day 5), at 1200-1300 but this was Day 4 and up to two hours later!

Specific dates listed are 19 April, 3 May, 7 June and 14 June. The first two

show both 195 and 330 degrees at 500 kW each, while the June dates are 330

degrees only. What is this about? Some kind of testing, or some special

occasions? In any event, axually heard not on the days or times specified

** GUIANA FRENCH [and non]. No sign of TDF DRM at 1328 May 1 on

17870-17875-17880. Could be they have been persuaded to hold off until 1400 or so, since in its absence I was able to hear on 17870 Japan in Swahili via

Ascension, and on 17880 CRI in French via Mali. Andy Sennitt heard that the

absence was simply because it was a holiday in France. I wonder if TDF also

skip other transmissions because of that

** U S A. A new month, and apparently Brother Scare is gone again from WBCQ

7415, where he had been heard overnight until 1100 UT for a few weeks. Instead, UT May 2 at 0526, I was surprised to hear Keith Perron interviewing Tom Meijer, ex-Happy Station. These were the same old recordings KP recently posted to the happystation yg. It turned out that this was included in the International Radio Report from CKUT, a Sunday morning show which normally has no SW outlet, with the unmistakable voices of Janice and Steve Karlock. After 0532 they went on to other matters, including Montreal weather at the time, which is slightly irrelevant now; over by 0545 so must have started around 0515. At 0546 WBCQ promo and sign-off, no Brother Scare. So was IRR on WBCQ just a fluke, put on by the operator on duty, or a new regular thing? Nothing about this on the show

website which however has not been

updated in over a year (and tnx for the WOR link!)

The 29 April revision at does not

show WBCQ, but I never got around to looking at it earlier in April to see if

they ever got around to including WBCQ overnight while it lasted. I wonder what

was on WBCQ at 0430-0515, after Herald of Truth. None of this appears on the

online sked at

** FRANCE. Re last report of RFI on 15795: Glenn, the A07 Aoki list shows RFI

listed for 15795, 11-12 with 500 kW at 330 degrees, only on April 9-May 4 and

June 4-15. Of what importance are these broadcasts for, in relation to these

dates? I also see other frequencies listed for one or both of the above

transmission dates: 13640, 13675, 15365, and 17800; mostly from Issoudun but

one of them from GUF

O yes, that`s also in HFCC on 15795, which specifies no such dates but the

entire A-07 season and at 0800-1800, as N = digital, which I overlooked because

it conflicts with the shorter broadcasts in D = non-digital I mentioned above.

Also in EiBi:

15795 0800-1800 F Radio France DIGITAL F SAm /GUF 15795

What I heard May 2 was definitely analog. Nothing heard around 1315 UT May 3 on 15795 nor DRM on 17870-17875-

** GABON. Afropop music jammer, May 3 at 1314 was on 17637.0, perhaps against something like Sawt al-Amal much weaker on 17635

** ISRAEL. May 2 at 2035 I found Kol Israel in Hebrew inbooming on 15615,

S9+20, so looked for Galei Zahal around 15785. Nothing there, but something on

15780.0, apparently in Hebrew, M&W conversation, one on phone, brief music

bits, including Edith Piaf. This was only S9+10, and I think it must be Galei

Zahal. Since the frequency is exact, not likely to be a further drift down from

15785, but deliberate change. Nothing else listed on 15780. Online and paper

skeds have not caught up with this, and can never agree on the hours for GZ,

mainly because GZ hours are so flexible:

EiBi A-07:

15785 0400-1600 ISR Galei Zahal HB Eu

Aoki A-07:

15785 GALEI ZAHAL 0405-1755 1234567 Hebrew 5 ND Tel Aviv-Yavne ISR 03445E3152


HFCC A-07:

missing from both channels

PWBR `2007`:

15785v, 24 hours, alt to 6973

WRTH 2007:

15785 0400-1530 (winter sked)

WRTH 2007 Feb update: nothing from Israel (May update should be out soon)

** SPAIN. May 3 at 0539 heard some Greek-sounding music on 12035? NF for VOG? No, it was one of my favorite shows, La Bañera de Ulises via REE on its UT Thursday repeat hour; unusually good reception on 25m in the nightmiddle, and even better on // 11890

** U S A [and non]. KAIJ has wanted to shift from its night frequency 5755 to

day frequency 9480 at 1200 UT because it has a 3-hour program in progress [The Power Hour at 12-15], but could not do so because BBCWS via Guiana French has been on 9480 at 1100-1300. Now, George McClintock tells me, as of May 2, BBC has kindly shifted to 9465 (for both hours, I assume), and KAIJ can bring up 9480 at 1200 instead of 1300, keeping TPH on the same frequency thruout.

He also reminds us of the live show weekdays at noon (1700 UT) on 9480, News & Views; and another client, Southwest Radio Church is pleased that it is getting

more listener response via KAIJ than from other SW stations

** U S A. FCC A-07 shows WBCQ back on 17495 instead of 18910. Last week Scott Becker told me they would move to 17495 at the beginning of May. I haven`t heard WBCQ on either for many weeks. On May 2, Allan Weiner tells me they still plan to move from 18 to 17 sometime this spring but are still on 18910.

Wednesday May 2 at 2317 during WORLD OF RADIO, absolutely nothing audible here on either. This transmitter would be put to far better use by going down to 11 or 13 MHz band, 15 at most in daytime

** U S A. WHRB`s detailed schedule of May Orgies, notably Brahms now underway, at a slightly corrected URL from the one anticipated:

Seems they have given up duplicating them in html

** ALASKA. KNLS never answered my inquiry about their conflicting frequencies

for English at 1200: 7355 & 9780 or 7355 & 9920 --- but rechecking May 5 I see

that now their English, Chinese and Russian schedule versions all agree it is

9780. Recheck prompted by Joe Hanlon`s log of PHILIPPINES at 1200 on 9920

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, May 2 at 1300 was too weak to overcome the local TVI, but when rechecked at 1319 it had improved to a fair signal, during

mailbag (?) segment which was about the theatre in Albania. Now I could hear

the hum on the audio which others with stronger signals have reported.

R. Tirana chex May 4: 1300 on 13750 not audible; but at 2001, good on 13720

with usual opening schedule announcement claiming local time is UTC

** ALGERIA [non]. Qur`an recitation with deep fades on 9540 at 0540 May 4. One of the relays via UK as scheduled, but don`t recall hearing this before

** CANADA. DRM transmitter amok again --- May 8 at 0550 I found the CRI relay

on 6190 had heavy DRM interference, extending to 6185 and 6195. It was a

mixture of AM and DRM, as the CRI analog signal could still be recognized,

barely. Both went off at the same time 0559, allowing e.g. Mexico on 6185 to be

audible once again.

This appears to be the same type of problem you previously had later in the

morning on the 15240 Sweden relay we discussed some months ago.


Greetings Mr. Hauser, Thank-you for the information. I will have this evening's

technician monitor the feeds closely from that transmitter to ensure it runs

smoothly tonight. Regards, (Suzanne Gaudet, Sackville Master Control, May 8

BTW, Voice of the NASB will be broadcasting WORLD OF RADIO 1358 in DRM via Sackville, Thursday May 10 at 2200-2230 on 9795-9800-9805

** CHAD. The extremely distorted signal around 7312 has finally been identified

as RNT, somewhat off-frequency from 6165. Here are previous reports leading up to the solution.

** CUBA. Looking thru the WRTH A-07 update, I see they have R. Rebelde at

1600-1730 only on 11655 and 15570, tho as reported several times in the last

few months in DXLD, they added 15370, 17555 and 17735. Is this still the case?

Checked May 4 at 1717, yes, very strong on 17735 and 15370, also audible on

17555 and 11655, but not on 15570. Tho with Cuba you never know what they will do from one day to the next. Also shows Rebelde at 03-04 on 6100 --- I don`t

think so: R. República is there!

** CZECHIA [non]. WRMI is not always audible on 9955, jamming or not, but

Monday May 7 at 1832 without jamming, some station in English, poor signal. Per WRN schedule during this semihour it`s Radio Prague. Why isn`t this defacto

relay on RP`s transmission schedule?

** FRANCE. The 1200-1230 English broadcast from RFI moves from 21620 to 17800 for May-August, but what is the site? 21620 was surely Issoudun, but in past RFI has used Ascension for the 17 MHz frequency. WRTH A-07 update shows all the sites, and 17800 is Issoudun too now. No Asc at all for RFI broadcasts, nor in the morning

** INDONESIA. Around 1310 UT May 4, VOI was missing again from 9525; and

subsequently in this time period

** ISRAEL. At 1927 May 3, I put Galei Zahal at about 15789.8; at 2007 recheck,

it was gone, so I suppose on this occasion back to 6973v, but Kol Israel was

now strong on 15615, unlike earlier

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, finally audible again, just barely, via UK,

17705, May 11 at 1350 check with distinctive music

** ANGUILLA [and non]. Now`s the time to DX something else on Caribbean Beacon frequencies. 6090 was missing around 0540 UT May 11; and so was 11775 around 1247 and 1606 recheck. (But DGS was still to be heard via Costa Rica at 1249 on 11870v, with a het of about 200 Hz, so 11869.8? Did not determine whether high or low. No crackling!)

11775 looks open for SW Radio Africa today at 1700-1900; what else is there of

possible interest? Nothing really on 11775, but if 6090 is still off overnight,

there are low power stations in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia(?), Liberia, and

not so low power in Nigeria, not all of which may be active

** CHAD. The off-6165-frequency extremely distorted transmission of RNT has not been fixed yet; May 11 at 0526 I found it centered around 7305, instead of on

the high side of 7310, but it was still heavily QRMing RN Flevo in Dutch on

7310. By 0557 when Flevo was transitioning to DW Sines, 7305 garbage had

weakened considerably

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze, barely audible typical piano music heard here May 9 at 1312 on 9485, language unknown, but soon losing out to growing

strength of KAIJ 9480, probably aided by sporadic E. Even when that does not

happen, Shiokaze tough to hear here

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana was not making it past my neighbor`s TVI hash, May 11 at

1300 on 13750, but at 2015 on 13720, F-G signal and quite listenable,

concluding at 2026-2028 with part of the Eurovision Song Contest entry, ``Hear

My Plea`` yet again. When is that contest, anyway?

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria plays some wonderful folk music; such as UT Sat May 12 at 0520 on 11600. At first I had no idea what kind of music it was, but German

announcement, and off abruptly at 0630* Only RB is scheduled on 11600 in German at 0500-0530, and on a 306 degree beam which is just as much for NAm as for Germany

** CHAD. I keep checking for the extremely distorted RNT transmission. May 12

at 0510 it was right on 7310 with Flevo, instead of to one side or the other

** NEW ZEALAND. After making sure that WOR 1358 was airing properly on WWCR 15825 (tho with rather too much distortion as usual, but much less on SW than their webcasts), UT Friday May 11 at 2030, I checked the RNZI live stream on WM at 2038 for Mailbox, which is scheduled this week, ``on now``, at 2035-2100. NO! Some other show about wildlife, visiting an island with seals and rats, so it`s not RNZI Talk either. The program grid still shows Fri 2035 as running Mailbox, but the page about Mailbox does not mention this repeat after the Monday airings. Would it be too much to ask for the posted schedules to mesh with each other and what is actually on the air? Interrupted ``Spectrum`` at

2049 for frequency change announcement! 2051 came back with weather for Niue, etc., music fill. And Bell Bird. Of what relevance are frequency changes on the webstream? And why don`t they arrange their programming so it is not

interrupted by frequency changes, or vice versa?

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via UK, May 13 at 1400 with ID on

half-hour, music; fair. Also monitored R. Solh, 17700 via UK, May 14 from 1430

past 1500 and altho the music is familiar, the track order has changed, and no

longer any of the ``Solh theme`` which was originally aired daily at 1451, and

then starting at 1458 only to be cut off at 1500. Not audible the next day

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, G on Sunday May 13 at 1325 with Albanian history to 1328* Overlapped a tone test from *1327 on 13745, presumably BBC via Armavir. R. Tirana, 13750, F-G May 15 at 1323 check; reception varies

considerably from day to day

** CANADA [and non]. Paling only by comparison with the WHRI collision, is the

Vatican Radio collision with CHU, which has been ongoing for many seasons now on 7335. Vatican via SMG currently A-07 scheduled 0010-0200 to Asia and

0230-0520 to Europe on 7335, all of them east- or northward, but often audible

here, and worse, during prime time. As noted May 13 at 0503, poor, sounded like

Italian but `Scandinavian` scheduled. At this time I don`t often hear Vatican

under CHU as it`s getting pretty far into daylight

** CHAD. May 13 at 0505 I could not make out any trace of RNT`s distorted

signal around 7310 with Flevo and 7315 with stronger WHRI.

Again May 15 at 0510 check, no sign of the extremely distorted off-frequency

transmission of RNT, which had been on 7312v, and also by others no longer

heard, so this seems to be taken care of. But are they back to normal on 6165

as a result?

** LIBYA. V. of Africa May 13 at 1401 on 17725 // 17870 in Swahili, 1403

drumming and late into English, poor. DRM from GUF 17870-17875-17880 silent on Sunday

** RUSSIA. VOR is sometimes well-received in NAm mornings, tho beamed in

opposite direxion from Moscow to S Asia, on 15605, such as May 15 at 1427 with a break for guitar music, but skipped news on the half-hour at 1430. Next show,Kaleidoscope, did start a sesquiminute later as usual. Reception degraded

somewhat during the following semihour, and 1500 into Hindi, tho English

continues on other frequencies. Best chance here after 1500, per EiBii would be

12040 Moscow

** U S A. Noticed ``The Power Hour`` with wacky conspiracy theories of A. C.

Griffith, May 14 at 1325 on new 5890 --- what station is this? WWCR as on

transmitter sked page:

``05.04.2007. We are moving to frequency 5.890 effective May 5, 2007; and

leaving 5.765 on our transmitter #4 from 11:00PM-9:00AM CT--0400-1400 UT.``

This obliterates the VOA Korean service via Tinian which used to be quite

audible here on 5890 during the same hour. I suppose AFRTS would prefer that to be QRMed rather than their low-powered 5765 USB relay via Guam. And 5890 is only 45 kHz from DGS via WWCR on 5935 all night, so look for possible leapfrog mixing products on 5845, 5980

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via Cuba was already fired up and QRMing underneath WYFR 17750, Sunday May 13 at 1403 with warmup ``Mundo Siete`` show from RHC

** ANTARCTICA [and non]. I have seen three reports lately of LRA 36 being heard before 1900 UT with no mention of QRM from Africa Number One, Gabon, 15475. Not only May 15 at 1850, but also May 16 at 1827 I could get a weak carrier on 15476 on the DX-398 portable in the yard, but nothing on 15475. So what has become of AN1? Come to think of it, have not heard it lately on 17630 around 1330, nor on 19160 harmonic. Is it still heard on 9580?

** COSTA RICA. TIRWR, 9725, emanating nothing but a roar at 1339 May 16,

presumably lost feed from Defunct Gene Scott. No such problem vi WWCR 13845, inbooming with sporadic-E help

** GABON. Africa Numéro Un not being heard on 15475 or 17630:

** LIBYA [and non]. I was monitoring today May 16 at 1405 UT and the Afropop

music distraction (there is nothing to jam after 1400), was actually on

17647.0. At 1344 it was also on 17647.0, presumably to jam Sawt al-Amal

clandestine for Libya, probably the weaker station on 17642.5. Frequencies vary

from day to day or even hour to hour, as SAA tries to avoid the jamming. The

music station stays on until 1531, and is believed to be transmitted from Gabon

on behalf of Col. Qaddafi

** THAILAND [and non]. UT May 16 at 0555 I found the 15 and 17 MHz band full of signals, many of them Chicom jamming, either Firedrake, also audible on 18160 against Sound of Hope, or out-of-sync multiple audio feeds of CNR-1(?). Time to try the 21 MHz, even tho it`s the middle of the night, as we are only a month from solstice with minimum darkness over hi-latitude paths. Yes! At least two signals were identifiable, BBC in English on 21660, which is Thailand at 25

degrees, and Chinese on 21690, which would be either VOA via Tinian or jamming against it. This is a summer thing, as there was certainly nothing unusual about flux or K-index at the time, which would normally not even support 21 Mhz in the daytime

** U K [and non]. Don`t pine over missing the Eurovision Song Contest; BBC

Radio 2 Listen (no longer Listen Again) player has the full 3-hour show as they

covered it disrespectfully, but that`s only audio. Click on more about the show

and you get a page linking to videos of each entry, along with lyrix or more

about the country:

However, I could not get Albania`s to play and the ones I did watch, Denmark,

UK and Switzerland, had horrible video quality. Will this last on the BBC

website longer than one week?

** U S A [non]. CVC La Voz, 17680 via Chile, May 16 at 1403 had some basic

English lessons, ``Move Your Tongue``, involving a $53 plane ticket to London.

How long ago was that recorded?

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via UK, May 21 was poor but audible, at

about 1427 playing our favorite `Solh theme` and not cut off at 1430. I

understand the rotation may be more random now, but should check subsequent

days at this time anyway

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, which had slight adjacent QRM from TWR Rwanda, 13745, on Friday, May 20, was inaudible on Saturday May 21 at 1300, as was 13745 on the only other day of the week it is scheduled.

May 21 at 1303, 13750 was fair with fades, improved toward the end of the

semihour when music was playing, signal good enough to be bothered by the hum on the audio.

May 21 at 2022 check, 13720 again with music and hum, somewhat stronger than 7 hours earlier. BTW, 13750 DGS Costa Rica was on the air by this time, but has never been heard before 1330 since Tirana began using it

** ANTARCTICA. LRA36, 15476, coming in nicely this afternoon May 21, from

tune-in 1921 past 2000. S3 to peaks at S8 or so. Lots of music, alternating

with talk features, several IDs interspersed. Sporadic E over North America may

be helping along the last hop.

I was about to enjoy the first hour of WHRB`s Silk Road Orgy with music from

Japan and Mongolia (and lasts until 0300 UT Tuesday), but eschewed it when I

found that 15476 was audiferous, from tune-in at 1915 UT May 21, vocal duet.

Noise level not too bad so audible at S3, with occasional peaks to S8. Quickly

checked 15345 and heard the het denoting RAE also in; then 15820 for LTA, but

no chance of that as WWCR 15825 was inbooming, revealing a sporadic E opening in progress. Es clouds generally over NAm up to at least 16 MHz could well be helping LRA36 along on the last hop of its long journey.

Several IDs were heard in the next semi-sesquihour, using the callsign LRA-36;

music alternating with few minutes of talk features, but hard to follow with

the weak signal and fading. ID at 1934 in Spanish, and then in Japanese! 1941

gave a local time check in UT -3. Music was mostly vocal, sometimes duet, with

guitar accompaniment. 1950 talk feature was enumerating something point by

point. 1959 duet continued past hourtop when I went back to WHRB webcast with computer wiping out signals such as this

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, better than usual May 22 at 1316 on 13750 with music,

hum, almost SINPO 44444. On May 23 due to propagation disturbances, high

K-indices, neither the 1300 on 13750 nor the 2000 on 13720 was audible. Ditto

for the 1300 on May 24

** CHAD. Unlike previous nights, the extremely distorted transmission was very

strong here May 24 around 0506; it was on the high side of 7290 but could not

find a specific carrier to measure. QRMing Portuguese on 7290 which could be

heard by off-tuning to low side. In fact, 7292v was the strongest signal on

41m, 7100-7300! As K-index was 5 (at 0600), and usual European signals were

barely audible; even BBC Ascension 7160 was much weaker. I think there is

little doubt this is the same one which was on 7312v earlier, and re-identified

as Chad in Martien Groot`s report in DXLD 7-060

** CHINA. Firedrake again audible on 9200, May 22 at 1345, poor and about equal to 10300

** GABON. Afropop music jammer on 17660.0, May 22 at 1339, and seemed to be a SAH underneath; no sign of AN1 on 17630

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia, with (presumed) Mesopotamian music, May 22 at 1350, but at first the vocal music audio was cutting on and off; carrier

off promptly at 1400* after a couple minutes of dead air already

** MEXICO. For the record, frequent chex at various times of day and night have

turned up no sign of XEYU on 9599v or XEXQ-OC on 6045 for a few weeks now

** U K [non]. A quick check during the 1100 UT hour May 23 for BBC Mundo, the

BBCWS Spanish service, found it indeed on 11825, which would be Guiana French, and 6095, WHRI, and nothing on 7315, tho you will not find this info on its own website

UT May 29 logs in this report are from another DXpedition to Meadowlake Park,

Enid, away from the household noise sources, using DX-398 on battery power

(down to only 3 marks on the meter), and reel-out antenna of a few meters to a

tree or light pole, while watching the geese and fish.

** ALBANIA [and non]. A problem, May 25: at 1300, R. Tirana was JBA on 13750, but nothing at all from adjacent 13745 Rwanda which was audible last Friday. Rechecking at 1319, I found a huge signal from RHC in Spanish on 13750! Normally they are on 13680 at this hour, but nothing there. Kept monitoring and at 1339 RHC suddenly vanished from 13750 and appeared on 13680, so apparently just a mistake

** ANTARCTICA [and non]. May 28 at 1834 I found an audible het between ANU

15475 and a carrier on 15476, which must be LRA36. ANU was pretty weak, but

some audio; at 1900 sharp after a timecheck in French for 1900, modulation

ceased, and carrier off a semiminute later, after the typical power/frequency

oscillation for a few seconds. I could then still detect the 15476 carrier by

itself with BFO, but no audio and did not improve later

** ARGENTINA. RAE further off-frequency than usual, judging from the het

against Morocco and Spain which as usual produce only a sub-audible het of a

few Hz against each other on 15345.0; May 28 at 1837 I put RAE at about

15343.4, no audio detected

** CHAD. Unlike previous nights, the extremely distorted transmission was very

strong here May 24 around 0506; it was on the high side of 7290 but could not

find a specific carrier to measure. QRMing Portuguese on 7290 which could be

heard by off-tuning to low side. In fact, 7292v was the strongest signal on

41m, 7100-7300! As K-index was 5 (at 0600), and usual European signals were

barely audible; even BBC Ascension 7160 was much weaker. I think there is

little doubt this is the same one which was on 7312v earlier, and re-identified

as Chad in Martien Groot`s report in DXLD 7-060

** CHAD. The extremely distorted transmission is still there, noted May 27 at

0522 around 7292v; easier to pick it out with BFO on when the band is noisy

** CUBA. The Dentro-Cuban Jamming Command continues to mess up frequencies other than those they are targeting, and do they care? Of course not! May 29 at 0022 I found jamming pulsing away harmonically on 18090, which is 3 x 6030 against R. Martí. I also heard very weak audio on 18000, but could not be sure it was // RHC 6000 or the other station it was colliding with on the

fundamental. Then at 0024 found on 17730 exactly the same jamming pulses as on 18060, but here spreading to 17725, bothering WYFR in Portuguese, and to 17735.

This is what we tend to call ``bubble jamming`` but without the tones since

there is no carrier to beat against. 18090 is common, but never heard 17730

before, which is 3 x 5910 against R. República via Germany, and it was also

heavily jammed on the fundamental. BTW, RHC on 17705 with music in Spanish had a good signal. At 0052 I heard similar pulses on 6235 but can`t pin this on

Cuba as mixing products of 49mb jamming and/or broadcast transmitters. At 0109, heard 12060 pulses, the second harmonic of 6030 to go along with the third on 18090

** EGYPT [and non]. On an evening DXpedition in the park, one must check for

the CVC Chile mixing products on 12275 and 11360, from the Spanish frequencies 11665 and 11970 leapfrogging each other. May 29 at 0110, however, those mixes were not audible; the fundamentals were of good strength but not overpowering as on previous occasion, so perhaps not strong enough to bring along the mixes with them, assuming CVC has done nothing to suppress them --- if they have, they have not notified me.

However, looking for 12275 led me to find something just as interesting on

12270 at 0131: a weak signal with poor audio cutting in and out, Spanish? Then

checked 6135 and found the same thing, with breaks for music at same time as I

switched back and forth on single DX-398 receiver, but could not be absolutely

positive the two were parallel. My first guess was Romania, but I made it to

the home rigs before 0200 and checked again; At 0157, 6135 was // 7270 in

Spanish with better audio, so Radio Cairo as scheduled, but an echo apart. 6135

stayed on past 0200 for timesignal and theme, finally cut off at 0201:30 as

7270 continued to introduce English to North America with program summary in

local time of UT+3 concluding at 6:30 am. The summary was at times drowned out by the `background` music, a very familiar theme which I think came from 48

Hours or an early Eddie Murphy movie. This was followed by a rap piece based on Super-Freak, both of which are to say the least unIslamic if not unEgyptian.

There was another timesignal preceding the 0215 news, and I noticed it was

about 9 seconds slow! I also tried 9360 before 0200, where there was a fairly

good carrier, but could not hear any audio to match.

6135 is scheduled from R. Cairo only for the Spanish broadcast to Central

America at 0045-0200, from the Abis site;

7270 is for both the 0045-0200 Spanish, and 0200-0330 English, also from the

Abis site, per EiBi; so why the echo? I thought that would indicate one of them

was from Abu Zaabal.

Would harmonic 12270 be propagating at this late hour? Yes: 12050 fundamental in Arabic was putting in a strong signal at 0131 but awfully distorted as usual

** JAPAN. Russian on 11970 at 1849 May 28, fair signal, would have to be NHK

Warido, direct from Japan and far, far, offbeam here; also had them at 1855 in

Japanese on 9835 but much weaker on the Hawaiian/South American service

** TAIWAN. Checking out an unID by Jim Ronda and Mark Taylor, I was monitoring

9735 May 28 from 1325 tune-in; poor signal with YL talking continuously; from

the cadence and occasional recognizable word, I decided it was Japanese rather

than Korean; 1329 brief musical break, and more of same; 1339 a bit of music

and then two lower-pitched voices speaking, but fading into the noise; recheck

at 1359 found no carrier, and nothing else on frequency audible at 1400 either.

Then I checked e-mail and found that Ron Howard had IDed it as R. Taiwan

International, // 7129.9; and Sei-ichi Hasegawa of NDXC explains that RTI is

testing this frequency instead of 11605 at 11-14

** THAILAND. BBCWS in English, 17615, May 29 at 0029 with ID, lite flutter but

listenable, but then cut off in mid-word at 0029:30. Transmission on this

frequency is for only half an hour (minus half a minute). BBCWS English has

more and more of these brief transmissions, in accordance with their

hit-and-miss policy of SW coverage

** U S A. WRMI`s switch from 7385 to 9955 during the 0000 UT hour weeknights in order to broadcast La Voz de la Fundación hasn`t happened yet; UT May 29 at

0038 still found English on 7385, which would be WRN carrying Slovakia; and

also still at 0107 with preacher which would be Christian Media Network (** U S A. KJES heard in passing on May 28, at 1840 on 15385 when I was working on the 15380 het; and also May 29 at 0108 on 7555 with guitar and vocal hymn

** VENEZUELA [non]. At 1405 UT Sunday May 27, checking out the RHC and RNV relay frequencies, I found there were three different programs, the odd one out being 11875 which had music not // to either of the other networks. Then at

1408 it switched to // 13680 et al. for RNV, actually during Mundo Siete, as

RHC had announced a few minutes earlier that there would not be an Aló

Presidente show per se, but some other Venezuelan relay of an inscription


** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13720, May 30 at 2024, G signal with talk on Albanian

language, penultimate stress; hum, to 2028* 13750, May 31 at *1300, fair,

fading in and out during schedule announcement still giving 6115 instead of

6120 at 0145, but the rest of it seems correct in UT

** CANADA [and non]. Awake May 31 at 0610, so checked 7335. WHRI was still atop CHU with a SAH of about 4 Hz

** CUBA. RHC, 15370, May 31 at 1342 had usual strong signal, but modulation

suppressed to low level, as if stereo leads were out of phase; this did not

keep it from splattering to each side with stronger audio than center frequency

** GABON. Afropop music distraxion, 17660 was coming in better than usual, one of the strongest signals on band, with little from NAm, not even WYFR, and

nothing from Europe, May 29 at 1406 check; Africa Numéro Un was almost as good on 17630 in French. So I looked for the ANU harmonic on 19160, but not there, unless a trace of a carrier was it

** GABON. May 30 at 2035 check, I could barely detect a carrier on 19160, S6

plus a bit o` music audio, surely Africa Numéro Un harmonic from 9580. Bears

frequent checking, and surprisingly late into the local evening when it often

peaks as heard here at this hour or even later

** GERMANY [non]. May 29 at 1400, Russian on 15420. At first I thought it must

be WRNO, back at last (ha, ha), but it was DW as scheduled now via Rampisham. Strange thing is, per HFCC, BBC is also still scheduled at same hour via Seychelles, but unheard. DW was // 15700, also listed as Rampisham, but how come 15420 was running about two seconds behind 15700? The latter also had a SAH at first, probably Bulgaria late turning off Plovdiv

** MOROCCO [and non]. RTM may have been on 15340 the day before, but May 31 at 2100 UT check, the usual slow SAH was on 15345 between this and Spain, the latter with its accurate timesignal, and nothing on 15340; nor could I hear any

sign of RAE 15344v at this time either

** U S A. KVOH, 17775, again putting out strong spurs, May 30 at 2030 on

17631.5, distorted, and peaks in modulation cause a dip in S-meter reading, //

17918.5, i.e. plus and minus 143.5 kHz. 2032 `Desencadenados``, the Spanish

version of ``Unshackled`` from Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago. 17775 was

steady at S9 + 16 while the spurs peaked at S9 + 10 dB. On previous occasions

there were further spurs at double the distance, but nothing audible now on

17488 or 18062, as the fundamental itself was not at the overpowering level it

sometimes reaches. No doubt after 2100, 17631.5 caused the usual awful QRM to France in Spanish via Guiana French on 17630


Down in the Basement

(editor – Jay Heyl)


Paul La Freniere – Grand Marais, MN

ICOM IC-R75/Timewave DSP-599zx/Ratzlaff Whip


NDB loggings for 3 May 07.  Not good propagation.  Only the usual suspects.
Gave up at 0250 CDT.  Kept falling asleep.

Freq  I.D.  UTC   Offset  Location

200   YAQ   0514    385   ON  Kasabonika
205   XZ    0524    405   ON  Wawa
206   GLS   0523  -1024   TX  Galveston
206   QI    0528    408   NS  Yarmouth
207   YNE   0529    400   MB  Norway House
209   IB    0532    406   ON  Atikokan
216   YFA   0542    403   ON  Fort Albany
216   CLB   0543   1030   NC  Wilmington
218   RL    0549    408   ON  Red Lake
219   YMG   0551    400   ON  Manitouwadge
223   YYW   0554    404   ON  Armstrong
224   DN    0559    387   MB  Dauphin
227   YAC   0604    388   ON  Cat Lake
230   ZUC   0607    370   ON  Ignace
233   OEO   0611   1017   WI  Osceola
239   VO    0616    410   QC  Val D'Or
242   YMY   0620    424   ON  Ear Falls
243   TWM   0619  -1040   MN  Two Harbors
245   YZE   0624    405   ON  Gore Bay
247   YLH   0627    410   ON  Landsdowne House
248   WG    0635    400   MB  Winnipeg
250   YTJ   0638    405   ON  Terrace Bay
258   ZSJ   0643    404   ON  Sandy Lake
263   ZQT   0646    405   ON  Thunder Bay
278   NM    0652    403   QC  Matagami
326   YQK   0703    403   ON  Kenora
329   YHN   0707    407   ON  Hornepayne
332   QT    0710    405   ON  Thunder Bay
335   YLD   0712    405   ON  Chapleau
338   VTI   0717  -1035   IA  Vinton
340   YY    0718    403   QC  Mont Joli
341   YYU   0719    397   ON  Kapuskasing
346   YXL   0722    425   ON  Sioux Lookout
351   YKQ   0725    397   QC  Waskaganish
358   CKC   0729   1030   MN  Grand Marais
362   SB    0731    405   ON  Sudbury
366   YMW   0738    400   QC  Maniwaki
375   OGM   0738   1015   MI  Ontonagon
382   YPL   0741    400   ON  Pickle Lake
391   DDP   0745  -1020   PTR San Juan
395   YL    0749    403   MB  Lynn Lake


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AOR AR7030+/Timewave DSP-599zx/Quantum QX Pro


This was a very slow month for me. I tried several times the first weekend, but there were enough storm cells in the area to make it very difficult. I tried for some daytime loggings in the middle of the month. All I got were beacons I’d heard before, though not all of them had been previously heard during the day. My overall count only went up by one this month. Seems I’ve picked most of the low hanging fruit already.


Output sorted by Frequency


DD UTC   kHz   Call  Location


13 17:43 198   DIW   Dixon, NC, USA

12 17:24 204   LCQ   LAKE CITY, FL, USA

12 17:32 221   OR    HERNY, FL, USA

12 17:36 227   LA    WIREY, FL, USA

12 17:44 245   SR    RINGY, FL, USA

12 17:50 247   COI   MERRITT ISLAND, FL, USA

12 17:56 253   RHZ   ZEPHYRHILLS, FL, USA

12 19:20 261   CHN   WAUCHULA, FL, USA

12 19:27 270   TPF   'Knight'  Tampa, FL, USA

12 19:34 275   FPR   Fort Pierce, FL, USA

04 04:24 309   EEX   EMANUEL CO, GA, USA

13 16:49 338   FJ    Luuce, FL, USA

13 16:55 341   FM    CALOO, FL, USA

13 17:05 344   JA    'Dinns'  Jacksonville, FL, USA

13 17:11 346   PCM   Plant City, FL, USA

13 17:20 356   PB    'Rubin'  West Palm Beach, FL, USA

04 23:10 388   AM    'Picny'  Tampa, FL, USA

06 05:12 391   DDP   San Juan / Dorado / Luiz Munoz, PTR

04 23:16 392   VEP   Vero Beach, FL, USA

05 04:32 395   CWV   CLAXTON, GA, USA

05 04:00 398   TGQ   Elizabethtown, NC, USA

08 04:16 410   JU    Ashee, NC, USA

06 17:14 417   EVB   NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL, USA


23 stations shown listed.


The Line of Sight and Beyond

(editor – Steve Wiseblood)


Paul La Freniere – Grand Marais, MN

Receiver and Antenna

FM e-skip loggings from 6 May 07: opening started at 1811 CDT and ended at

1855 CDT.


  91.5    WFSQ     FL    Tallahassee      RDS=WFSQ  WFSU.ORG

  93.7    WPEZ      GA   Jeffersonville    Local ads Z 93.7

  93.7    WOGK    FL    Ocala              Local ads

  94.1    WSOS     FL    St. Augustine   RDS=SUNNY

  96.1    UNID                                      RDS=WETE 96.1

  96.9    WDJR     AL    Enterprise        Big Dog Country 96.9

  96.9    WJGL      FL    Jacksonville     RDS=969EAGLE

  97.7    WYYX    FL    Bonifay            RDS=97X  NEW ROCK 97X

  97.9    WXTB     FL    Clearwater      RDS=98 ROCK

  98.3    WQXZ     GA   Pinehurst         RDS=WQXZ  OLDIES 98.3

  99.1    UNID                                       99.1 The Breeze

  99.5    WQYK    FL    St. Petersburg  RDS=WQYK

100.3    WRUM    FL    Orlando          RDS=RUMBA

100.7    WMUV    GA   Brunswick       RDS=WMUV

103.1    WLOQ    FL    Winter Park     RDS=WLOQ

103.5    WFUS     FL     Tampa             RDS=US 103.5

104.1    WRJY     GA    Brunswick        RDS=WRJY

104.5    WFYV    FL     Atlantic Beach  RDS=ROCK 105

104.7    WRBQ    FL     Tampa            RDS=Q 105

104.9    WCCP    SC     Clemson         RDS=SPORTS

106.7    WXXL    FL      Tavares          RDS=XL 106.7


  88.1    WAYT    GA    Thomasville

  88.1    WMAW  MS    Meridian          RDS=MPB

  88.1    WKNC   NC    Raleigh            RDS=KNC88.1

  88.1    WCIH     NY    Elmira              RDS=WCIH

  88.3    WAFJ     SC     Belvedere        I.D.  "88.3 WAFJ"

  88.3    WBGO   NJ      Newark          Jazz 88  NY traffic

  92.1    WVLT    NJ      Vineland         Cruisin" 92.1 slogans

  92.3    WFNY   NY     New York City  I.D. Free FM

  92.5    WXMD   MD   Pocomoke City  RDS=MAX 92.5

  92.9    WVBW   VA    Suffolk            RDS=THE WAVE

  93.1    WZMJ    SC     Batesburg        Ads for Columbia

  93.1    WLFV    VA     Ettrick             93-1 The Wolf slogan

  93.1    WEZW   NJ      Wildwood Crest  RDS=WTTH

  93.1    WPAT    NJ      Paterson           SS  Amor 93.1

  93.5    WBBC    VA    Blackstone       The Bobcat slogans

  93.7    WPYA    VA    Chesapeake     RDS=BOB FM

  93.7    WSTW    DE    Wilmington       RDS=93.7WSTW

  93.9    WKYS    DC    Washington      I.D.

  93.9    WNYC   NY    New York City  NPR  All Things

  94.1    WTHZ    NC    Lexington         RDS=MAGIC

  94.1    WWHA  NC    Oriental            RDS=HOT FM

  94.1    WYSP    PA     Philadelphia      RDS=94.1WYSP

  94.5    WSPX    SC     Bowman          Gospel 94.5 slogans

  94.5    WGBT    NC    Eden                SS  LaPreciosa

  94.5    WCMS   NC    Hatteras           RDS=WCMS

  94.5    WPST     NJ     Trenton            RDS=94.5 PST

  94.7    WQDR    NC   Raleigh             94.7  QDR slogans

  94.7    WTGB    MD   Bethesda          RDS=THE GLOBE

  94.9    WPTE     VA    Virginia Beach  RDS=POINT

  95.1    WRNS    NC    Kinston            RDS=WRNS

  95.1    WSSX    SC     Charleston        RDS=95 SX

  95.5    WFWZ   NC    Pinetops           Power 95-5 slogans

  95.5    WPGC    MD   Morningside     RDS=WPGC95.5

  95.7    WQPW   GA    Valdosta          RDS=THE MIX

  95.9    WRAT    NJ     Point Pleasant   RDS=RAT ROCK

  96.1    WAVF    SC     Hanahan          RDS=96 WAVE

  96.1    WBBB    NC    Raleigh             RDS=WBBB

  96.1    WTTH    NJ      Margate City    I.D.

  96.3    WRHT    NC    Morehead City RDS=WRHT

  96.5    WFLB    NC     Laurinburg       RDS=DRIVE

  96.9    WFPG    NJ     Atlantic City     LITE ROCK

  96.9    WLAN   PA     Lancaster         RDS=FM97WLAN

  97.1    WASH   DC     Washington      RDS=WASH FM

  97.3    WGH     VA     Newport News  RDS=THE EAGLE

  97.3    WXKW  NJ     Millville            RDS=JERSEY

  97.5    WICO    MD    Salisbury          RDS=CAT 97.5

  97.5    WJJZ     NJ      Burlington         I.D. Smooth Jazz

  97.7    WAFL    DE     Milford            Eagle 97-7 slogans

  97.9    WIYY    MD     Baltimore        RDS=98 ROCK

  98.1    WOGL   PA      Philadelphia     RDS=WOGL

  98.5    WGBG   DE      Seaford           RDS=98.5 BIG

  98.5    WKMK  NJ      Ocean Acres   Jersey Country

  98.7    WILT     NC     Jacksonville     RDS=WILL FM

  98.9    WSBY    MD    Salisbury         RDS=MAGIC

  99.1    WZFX    NC     Whiteville        RDS=Foxy 99

  99.1    WLZL    MD     Annapolis        RDS=EL ZOL

  99.5    WXNR   NC     Grifton            99.5 The X slogans

  99.9    WCMC  NC     Creedmoor      Local ads-Wake county

  99.9    WWFG   MD   Ocean City      RDS=FROGGY

  99.9    WODE    PA     Easton            RDS=THE HAWK

100.5    WXMM  VA    Norfolk           RDS=MAX FM

100.7    WRVA    NC    Rocky Mount  RDS=THE RIVER

100.9    WFMI    NC    Southern Shores  Rejoice slogans

101.3    WWDE   VA    Hampton          RDS=2WD

101.5    WRAL    NC     Raleigh            RDS=MIX101.5

101.9    WKSK    VA    South Hill         Kiss FM slogans--ads

102.1    WIOQ    PA     Philadelphia      RDS=Q102

102.7    WSNZ    VA    Appomattox     RDS=SUNNY-FM

102.9    WOWI    VA    Norfolk            RDS=WOWI

103.1    WRNR    MD    Grasonville      RDS=WRNR

103.3    WMGV   NC    Newport          RDS=WMGV

103.3    WESR     VA    Onley               Local ads

103.5    WEZL     SC     Charleston       RDS=1035WEZL

103.5    WTOP    DC    Washington      RDS=WTOP

103.5    WRCQ   NC     Dunn               RDS=WRCQ

103.7    WRHD    NC    Williamston      RDS=THUNDER

103.9    WOCQ   MD    Berlin              RDS=OC 104

104.1    WPRS     MD    Waldorf          Praise 104.1 slogans

104.1    WAEB    PA      Allentown       RDS=B 104

104.7    WQHQ   MD    Ocean City      RDS=Q-105

104.9    WFXE    GA     Columbus        Local ads

105.3    WKUS    VA    Norfolk           RDS=WKUS

105.7    WHFS     MD   Catonsville       RDS=1057 HFS

105.9    WJZW    VA    Woodbridge     RDS=WJZW

106.1    WRDU    NC    Wilson             RDS=ROOSTER

106.1    WISX     PA     Philadelphia      RDS=WISX

106.5    WSFL     NC    New Bern        RDS=WSFL

106.5    WWMX  MD   Baltimore         RDS=MIX

106.7    WJFK     VA    Manassas         RDS=WJFK

106.9    WAFX    VA    Suffolk             RDS=THE FOX

107.1    WTDK    MD   Federalsburg    107.1 The Duck slogans

107.1    WWZY   NJ     Long Branch     RDS=THE BREEZE

107.3    WRQX    DC    Washington      RDS=WRQX-FM

107.5    WKHI     MD    Fruitland          107-5 Joe FM slogans

107.9    WNCT    NC    Greenville         RDS=WNCT

107.9    WBQK    VA    West Point      RDS=WBACH

All times CDT:  25 May 07

  88.1   KUYI    AZ    Hotevilla.  1054  List of area events. Some native language and EE.

[Hopi language – ed.]

  92.9   KRWN  NM   Farmington.  1129  Ad for San Juan Regional Medical Center.

  92.9   KAFF   AZ    Flagstaff.  1132  Country.  "KAFF  Country" slogans.

  99.1   KGLX   NM   Gallup.  1105  Ads for Casino & Rio West Mall. Some Native language during ads. [Navajo language – ed.]

102.9   KQST   AZ    Sedona.  1120  Q-102.9 slogans. Ads for Prescott Valley.  North AZ weather.

102.9   KAZX   NM   Kirtland.  1122  Star 102.9 slogans. Jive music.


Eric Berger's FM DX - McIntosh MR-65

Suburban Detroit Michigan


SUN 06 MAY - Es:

19.18 ** WJSU-FM 88.5 Jackson, MS - Faded up with local phone number,

lost to below. New catch!

19.19 ** WBHY-FM 88.5 Mobile, AL - Faded in and out with station

promos, 'Power 88,' Contemp. Christian. New catch!

19.32 ** WJFM-FM 88.5 Baton Rouge, LA - Faded up with Jimmy Swaggart

records, lost. Checked for // semi-local WJYM-730, record was same.


19.42 ** WYLD-FM 98.5 New Orleans, LA - Faded up with end of ad, "FM

98, The Best R&B..." Lost. New catch!


20.00 ** WYNT-FM 95.9 Caledonia, OH - Fair with John Tesh, ID. ex-


Wed 09 May 2007


17.31 ** -FM 88.9 - Fair with NPR nx, went to local nx on fade, thought I heard "MCS News Break" before headline.

17.34 ** -FM 88.9 - Good with C&W Gospel, overtook above.

17.38 ** WMCU-FM 89.7 Miami, FL - Poor with Christan AC, "89-7 Spirit

FM." Lost to unid NPR station.

17.46 ** WHGN-FM 91.9 Crystal River, FL - Faded up with MCO area

wx, "Moody Radio For the Heart Of Florida." New catch!

17.49 ** WFLZ-FM 93.3 Tampa, FL - End of ad, faded, back with

traffic, ment 93-3 FLZ Continuous Traffic Watch.

17.53 ** WROO-FM 93.3 Callahan, FL - Good with C&W, '93-3 The

Rooster.' New catch, FM #900!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

17.58 ** WPYO-FM 95.3 Maitland, FL - Poor with MCO ment, 'The New

Power 95.3." New catch! (FL #80)

17.58 ** WPCV-FM 97.5 Winter Haven, FL - GOOD! With end of ad, '97

Country WPCV.'

18.03 ** WMMO-FM 98.9 Orlando, FL - Good with Oldies.

18.04 ** WPIK-FM 102.5 Summerland Key, FL - Fair with SS: ad,

record, "Esta es _____," ment "Cincuenta mil watt." (IDed using power

ment.) New catch!

18.12 ** -FM 103.9 - Good with Disney-ish rock record "I Could Be

Your Girlfriend," LOST to semi-local WLEN. This fish got away.

18.15 ** WJPT-FM 106.3 Fort Myers, FL - Good with Oldies, ID after

record. Ex-Nostalgia.


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC
DX398 and whip


90.9  KCBI Dallas TX Fluttery, strong enough for RDS

DX-398 2040 EST 05/09/2007

88.7 WMLS Grand Marais, MN 12:02 PM good signal with

local weather forecast [ BRRR!] No RDS ... DX-398 rx

05/11/07 PEW III

What a log jam. FM was so crowded, that there was no

DX for HD. Even a couple locals didn't decode

Only the ones I got with RDS or hit a jingle I logged.

Just running through the band.

French on 90.7 NO  RDS...earlier a handyman call in

from Canada, then taken over by the French speaking


Between 9:30 AM and 10:15 AM May 30, 2007

91.3 WJTG GA Fort Valley

94.9 WUBL GA Atlanta

95.5 WIXV GA Savannah ( I bet Newberry College's LPFM

was very unhappy this morning )

95.9 RDS says Y-95 and so did promo duh where are you ?

96.5 WJCL-FM GA Savannah

99.1 WDEN GA Macon

101.9 WBAV NC Charlotte strong signal with RDS and no

HD Deco

104.1 Kiss 104.1 no idea

Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

Receiver and FM-6 antenna



0521 93.7 KRDJ LA New Iberia, "ROCK 93-7 Acadianas CLASSIC ROCK" 460 miles

0548 97.3 KMDL LA Kaplan, ; "Acadiana's BEST COUNTRY, 97-3 the DAWG" 426 miles

5/5/2007 tr

1727 100.7 WJLQ FL Pensacola, "Q-100" pop/mix; mixing w/Houston cochannel; 665 miles

2000 103.1 WOSM MS Ocean Springs, ID, Christian gospel music; "AP Radio News" 612 miles

2006 105.3 WWL-FM LA New Orleans/Kenner ;"The BIG-870 WWL and 105.3 WWL FM"; "Sporting News RADIO" 527 miles

2010 107.5 KCIL LA Houma, modern country "C-107.5 KCIL" 463 miles

2027 107.5 WLMG LA New Orleans, "Continuous SOFT ROCK thats MAGIC 101.9" 517 miles

2033 100.7 WYPY LA Baton Rouge, "New Country 100.7" 468 miles

2038 99.9 KTDY LA Lafayette "99.9 KTDY SUPER SATURDAY DANCE PARTY" 80's disco 445 miles

2042 99.1 KXKC LA New Iberia; "New Country 99.1 KXKC" 443 miles

2045 98.1 WDGL LA Baton Rouge, "EAGLE 98.1 The Home of the BEST Classic ROCK ever made" 468 miles

2055 102.5 WFMF LA Baton Rouge, ads 468 miles

5/6/2007 tr

0403 98.1 WDGL LA Baton Rouge, "EAGLE 98.1 The Home of the BEST Classic ROCK ever made" 468 miles

0411 102.9 KAJN LA Crowley, "we're AGAPE radio KAJN", christian music; 418 miles

0430 105.3 WBFZ AL Selma, 70's soul/jazz-mix "WBFZ 105.3 Orville-Selma" 742 miles

0445 104.9 WSLY AL York, "104.9 JACK-FM" rock/mix 695 miles

1848 99.9 KTDY LA Lafayette ID "the best variety of the 80's, 90's & today" 445 miles

1855 94.9 "PRAISE-FM 94.9" christian PRAISE music

1912 104.7 KNEK-FM LA Washington, "MAGIC 104-7" , urban/R&B 440 miles

1920 98.1 WDGL LA Baton Rouge, "EAGLE 98.1" Classic ROCK 468 miles

1938 101.9 WLMG LA New Orleans, "MAGIC 101.9" light pop/mix 521 miles

5/7/2007 tr

0450 97.3 KQHN TX Longview "The NEW MIX 97-3" ID, mix/pop-contemporary 465 miles

0522 93.7 KXKS LA Shreveport, "KICKS Country 93-7" 505 miles

0544 94.1 WEMX LA Baton Rouge, "Max 94-1" Hip-Hop/R&B 468 miles

0624 95.5 KRRQ LA Lafayette, "Q 95-5" "Your #1 station for Hip-Hop &R&B" 445 miles

mention of Lafayette & ACADIANA & Cajun Dome

0639 95.7 WKBU LA New Orleans; "New Orleans only CLASSIC ROCK station Bayou 95.7" 520 miles

"WALTER & JOHNSON in the morning"

5/18/2007 tr

0857 100.7 WMTX FL Tampa; "MIX 100.7", pop/mix; 929 miles

0955 103.5 WFUS FL Bradenton; modern country;"US 103-5"; 937 miles

1930 100.7 WMTX FL Tampa; "MIX 100.7", pop/mix; 929 miles


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

DX398 and coat hanger antenna


10:34  89.9  KLAS  Kingston, Jam  " Jamaica's #1 sports phone in show"  NEW!!!  Jamaica #1    

10:52  WBFI  McDaniels, KY   "here on WBFI"    NEW!  132 Miles 

10:58   89.9   Radio Cayman 1  Gun Bluff, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands  ment of Cayman Islands  NEW!!!!!!!   Cayman Islands #1


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver and antenna


5-09-07 5:40 pm Eastern      WUCX-90.1 Bay City, MI  w/ All Things Considered, then breakaway for severe weather. Mentions of Missaukee, Clare & Wexford Counties. Id as "CMU". 

First FM skip of the season !


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

DX-398 and whip



** OKLAHOMA. May 11 around 2000 UT, I did an FM bandscan on the DX-398 portable in the yard, only with whip, and found the following stations, mostly OKC, some Enid, with RDS. / is meant to separate fields, but not all may be in exactly the right place, as I scribbled hurriedly:

 91.7: PUBLIC / RADIO / 91 7 / KOSU / OKLAHOMA / PUBLIC / RADIO / NPR-NEWS / 91.7 (I`ll have to check at some other time when they are playing classical music to see if playlist info appear then)

 92.5: KOMA / 92.5 FM / [artist, song, 2-digit year]

 94.7: OKC`s / NEW ROCK / 94.7 THE / BUZZ / [artist, song]

 95.7: KXLS-FM

 96.1: 96.1 / KXY / [artist, song]

 96.9: RDS on but no readout

 98.9: KISS / 98.9 FM

 99.7: KNID-FM

100.5: 100.5 / THE KATT / HD / [artist, song]


102.7: ON / KJ 103 / HD / [artist, song]

103.1: KOFM

104.1: KMGL / 104.1 FM / [artist, song]

107.7: KRXO / 107.7 FM / [artist, song]

A number of other strong signals were not running RDS, or maybe were not strong enough to bring it on

Mike Hawkins – N.  California near

San Francisco Receiver and antenna




KWMT - 92.9 - Tucson AZ (707 miles)

KQTH - 104.1 - Tucson AZ (710 miles)

KSII - 93.1 - El Paso TX (958 miles)

KINT - 93.9 - El Paso TX (958 miles) 

All less than the Gulf tropo I've seen reported lately, but I'll take it.  Hoping the cloud reintensifies.  It still had a good MUF when it got too close to me.  It moved back eastwards again and is the right distance, so I'll hope!


Bob Klinger – Harrisburg, PA

Truck radio and whip



Going into work this morning had a nice surprise.Heard WWFG 99.9 in

Ocean City MD mixing with WFRE in Frederick MD. Had some commercials

with local phone numbers as well as a PSA about teenage drinking and

driving in Delaware.ID ed then as Froggy 99.then into a country

song.What is surprising is that I got the ID sitting in my truck in the

garage in downtown Harrisburg, PA. This at 6:25AM. I just recently got

a new tuner for the truck and have been rather happy with it. A lot

more sanative then the stock radio. The new one is a Sony. One question

if somebody can help out with. Before I heard WWFG I had another

station playing a "Guess Who" song and mentioned Palmerton. Thoughts.


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No logs this month









The Visible Universe


Powell E. Way – Silverstreet, SC

Various TV’s and conical antenna



I had a NBC on 3 and 5. On 11 I had a very watchable WTOC Savannah, Georgia at about 10:15 AM.


This afternoon I had some E.  A channel 2 from Canada running CTV. The call letters I supposedly heard didn't come close to matching anything.  Also had a

CBS 6 totally override the local WJBF Augusta Georgia about 60 miles from me. No ID on that one, and never got anything on FM.


WBAY-TV  channel 2 Green Bay Wisconsin good at times.

1700 May 6, 2007

Also had a CBS and Public TV station swapping in addtion to WBAY, but could not ID them. E caused great interference to local WYFF and WJBF on 6 for awhile, but nothing got into FM strong enough to override locals.


Mentions of SW Louisiana and an interview with KPLC TV general manager. UM KPLC is channel 7. Any ideas?


Canada on 3 but not stable enough to ID ...tooooo many signals...


It's 9:30 and when I turned on the TV I noticed enhancement. WTOC-TV on channel 11 was coming in well at 200 miles.


5 WAGA GA Atlanta    FOX 5 in the corner

8 WGTV GA Athens  good

11 WTOC-TV GA  Savannah with QRM from Atlanta

11 WXIA  GA Atlanta with QRM from WTOC


John Hunter - Rossville, GA

TV and antenna



I've got the Gil Beacon show in on channel 2 really good. Full

audio and video. On channel 4 I've got another Canadian running the

same show.. Not coming in as well as channel 2. There was an ad for

the "Canada Protection Plan".


Hey everyone, I had a station on channel 2 that had a logo in the

upper right top corner that said "teleactiv" and was running some

kind of game show or "shop til you drop" kind of program. Kept fading

out when getting close to ID Did catch a 516 area code which shows to

be New York. Antenna aimed SW from here Any ID help appreciated on

IDing this would be appreciated! Next was an ABC affiliate popping in

and out from W of here. Then the previous SS mixing with another one

running a soap opera.

Channel 4 was also all SS coming in pretty well at times but was

unable to make out logo across the bottom.


Art Jackson – Ft. Worth, TX

TV and antenna



TV DX on Channel 2 is affected by a religious station (Daystar) here in

DFW, TX. I call it the Benny Hinn Channel.

This morning that station is getting obilterated by signals from the

east and people are only seeing a smeared Benny Hinn.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

1994 Magnavox 13” color TV, CM3032 Amp and VU75XR antenna



Very weak Es noted MUF 2 going to Mexico. 1124 AM.


I have very weak Es on channel 2. Too weak to pop in for more than a 

few seconds at a time and absolutely no audio.


Looks like its Canada. Very weak and carrying Canadian ads. Probably 

AB. 5/23 1048.


My Es is coming from Canada. Ads for Canadian companies, CITY TV and 

the like. This appears to be some kind of religion talk show from 

Global Communications. NO audio. MUF still 2.


Strong trop to Flagstaff. Channel 2 pounding in as well as all the 

Flagstaff FM stations. Rare to be this strong even with the summer 



Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC

Ubiquitous cheap Chinese $19 TV


I had a weak channel 2 from Chicago (WBBM) here within the last hour.....saw " CBS 2" logo and part of wx  forecast with a map of Chicago area and also a background shot of Chicago skyline.


Nothin’ But Net


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN  10000's of stations, go take a listen.


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


KSL Radio Celebrates 85 Years

May 4th, 2007 @ 5:19pm

Keith McCord Reporting

This weekend, KSL Radio will mark its 85th year on the air! It wasn't the first commercial radio station in the country to go on the air--that happened in 1920-- but it was close.

In 1922 the station was called KZN, as in K-Zion. At first it broadcasted from a shack on top of the Deseret News Building. The call letters were changed to KSL two years later.

From the outset, KSL was all about news and information, with music, dramas and sports programs thrown in. It became a powerhouse in 1933 when the government awarded it with a license to broadcast at 50,000 watts.

Bruce Reese, CEO of Bonneville International Corp., said, "The government decided that everybody in America ought to be able to hear a radio station at night, in case of an emergency. And they created these 12 or 13 super AM stations."


That opened the door for a long-term relationship with the CBS Radio network. Through the years, the station provided local, national and international coverage of just about everything. At age 85, KSL Radio is now available on the AM, FM, Internet, podcasts and is positioned for the future.

Rod Arquette is the vice president of programming and operations. He said, "It is very critical that a station like this, which is 85 years of age, is ready and shows that it's continually moving ahead."

KSL is the reason that "Music and the Spoken Word" remains the longest-running program on network radio.

On Radio: KUOW (not KZOK) tops the ratings


With additional data now in hand, it's time for a revision to our recent story about the highest-rated stations in the Seattle-Tacoma market during winter quarter.

KZOK-FM (102.5) was not the top-rated station, although it was the highest-ranked commercial station.

The overall winner, though, was KUOW-FM (94.9).

That information comes from Arbitron data as reported by the Radio Research Consortium, which provides audience data and research to non-commercial stations. The overall ratings reflect listeners 12 and older tuned in Monday through Sunday 6 a.m. to midnight.

When Arbitron releases its quarterly ratings and rankings, it lists just the commercial stations. RRC compiles its own list of non-commercial stations by market, although by interpolating the two it's possible to see how the two types of stations compare. In fact, Arbitron has proposed including non-commercial stations in its overall list.

KUOW has been near the top before, ranking as high as No. 2 in some books. A spokeswoman for National Public Radio said it appears KUOW is the only non-commercial station to place first in a major market in the winter book.

"We're quite pleased about that," said KUOW program director Jeff Hansen.

Just down the road in Portland, KOPB-FM, ranked third in the market in the most recent rankings.

KUOW wasn't the only non-commercial station with a strong winter-book performance in this market. KPLU-FM (88.5) placed ninth in the revised list. Also having enough of an audience to show up in the ratings were KEXP-FM (90.3), KBCS-FM (91.3), KVTI-FM (90.9) and KXOT-FM (91.7).

The big programming winners for KUOW, over a four-book period, are "Morning Edition" at 7 and 8 a.m. weekdays, and "All Things Considered" at 5 p.m. weekdays. KUOW also enjoys strong weekend listenership, with the top programs being "Car Talk," "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me," "This American Life," "A Prairie Home Companion," "Weekend Edition Sunday" and the Sunday repeat of "A Prairie Home Companion."



Mon May 21 2007 10:43:03 ET


    XM Satellite Radio today announced it will launch a new radio channel dedicated to the 2008 presidential election, marking the first time that a national radio channel has been devoted to a presidential campaign. The 24-hour, commercial-free channel, created in association with C-SPAN and other media outlets, will be called “POTUS ‘08.” The channel’s name (pronounced POH-tus) comes from the Secret Service code name for the President of the United States.


    The channel will be “free to air” on XM, meaning that it will be broadcast free to all XM radio receivers. If a consumer has an XM radio but opts not to subscribe to XM, the consumer can still listen to the presidential election channel.


    The presidential election channel will feature news updates, candidate interviews, complete speeches, debate coverage, latest polling results, fundraising status, and live call-in shows. The channel will provide free airtime for presidential candidates to speak to voters. Non-traditional media outlets, such as bloggers and podcasters, will provide content for the channel. It will also air archival audio of historic moments from past campaigns, tapping C-SPAN’s rich political archive. Additional content will be announced prior to launch.


    XM will preview the channel in June 2007 with live XM original coverage and a re-broadcast of candidate debates hosted by CNN. The channel will formally launch in September 2007 and air through November 2008, when voters go to the polls to elect the 44th president. More than 8 million customers listen to XM on satellite radios for the car, home, and portable use.


    “This channel is a unique public service opportunity to provide our listeners with a commercial-free and politically neutral destination that is focused solely on this important presidential election,” said Hugh Panero, chief executive officer, XM Satellite Radio. 


    "C-SPAN and XM Radio have been long time partners and are pleased to join forces to bring radio listeners up-to-date information about the historic and competitive 2008 presidential election," said Susan Swain, President and co-Chief Operating Officer, C-SPAN.


    “POTUS 08” will be located at XM Channel 130. The channel is the latest in a series of temporary XM channels devoted to special programming. These “microchannels” on XM have included the Live 8 concerts, holiday music channels, and Red Cross Radio, which provided daily information to Red Cross workers in the weeks following Hurricane Katrina. “POTUS ‘08” is the most ambitious microchannel on XM to date, and the first devoted to a major news event. 


XM Satellite Radio Hit By Temporary Outage


By Mike Musgrove

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 22, 2007; Page D01

XM Satellite Radio was off the air for many subscribers yesterday.

The company experienced a technical problem that triggered an outage lasting most of the day, causing many listeners across the country to lose access to its programming.

The company blamed a software glitch for the interruption and did not say how many listeners lost their connections. XM subscribers pay $12.95 per month for access to more than 100 stations.

David Cavossa, executive director of the Satellite Industry Association said that satellites occasionally experience outages. "These are very complex machines," he said. "Once they're launched we can't just send the Maytag repairman up there."

Eric Gregerson, an XM subscriber, said he was listening to ESPN Radio at his office in Crystal City when the signal started cutting in and out and finally dropped off at 11:30 a.m. Gregerson said he had never noticed this sort of disruption in the two years he has subscribed to XM.

"It's definitely been different having silence around the office," said Gregerson, an employee of the U.S. Marshals Service. "I'm usually listening to something."

The satellite service didn't post any information about the outage to its Web site for most of the day. Many XM subscribers instead turned to independent Web sites such as, where the outage was the main topic. At the site, rumors about a possible cause ranged from solar flares to satellite hardware problems.

Wall Street did not appear to care. XM stock closed at $11.14, up about 2.5 percent.

Analyst William Kidd of Wedbush Morgan Securities wrote in a note to investors that he did not see much reason for XM shareholders to worry. "We are operating under the assumption that the satellite will soon resume broadcasting, making this issue a non-event."


HD Radio Reaches About 450,000 Weekly Users, Bridge Finds




Fifty-seven million Americans listen to some form of Internet radio in a typical week. Satellite radio’s nearly 15 million subscribers accounts for nearly 5% of the U.S. population, but HD Radio reaches about 450,000 weekly users.

Those are the estimates of Bridge Ratings, which says HD Radio is “making little progress of use among consumers,” with less than 1% of terrestrial radio listeners saying they listen daily to HD.

The company did a national survey to determine use among the various audio media including terrestrial radio, satellite radio, Internet radio, MP3 players and HD Radio. Its research was commissioned by a cell phone company.

“Among Americans using these technologies, terrestrial radio continues to dominate overall market penetration for the number of people listening for five minutes or more in a typical week despite the number of options available,” it found; “93.5% of Americans still listen in an average week, while MP3 players (including iPods) reached 30% of the population.”

Bridge said that although HD Radio represents a very small portion of the market, those who do own the radios spend considerable time listening during most weeks at 12-1/2 hours.

“What’s preventing them from listening more?” Bridge asked. “‘Poor broadcast content’ is the number one most mentioned reason, referring to the lack of programming options that appeal to these users of HD Radio,” Bridge found.

“Traditional radio devoted significant dollars to marketing and building their HD offerings during 2006, but clearly the potential audience does not find most of the programming options to be worthy of high time-spent-listening,” it concluded.

Other TSL findings: Those who listen to satellite radio spend the most time with it, over 21.5 hours per week; Internet radio now garners almost 16 hours per week. 

 FCC Finalizes IBOC HD Radio Rules at Open Meeting

The FCC has officially adopted rules for HD Radio allowing broadcasters to add HD multicast channels without the agency's prior approval. Commissioners also authorized AM outlets using HD Radio to broadcast their digital signals at night, an action that was previously prohibited. In the Order, the Commission:

.        Refrains from imposing a mandatory conversion schedule for radio stations to commence digital broadcast operations.

.        Allows FM radio stations to operate in the extended hybrid digital mode.

.        Requires that each local radio station broadcasting in digital mode to simulcast a digital signal of at least comparable audio quality to its analog signal.

.        Adopts a flexible bandwidth policy permitting a radio station to transmit high quality audio, multiple program streams, and data casting services at its discretion.

.        Allows radio stations to time broker unused digital bandwidth to third parties, subject to certain regulatory requirements.

.        Applies existing programming and operational statutory and regulatory requirements to all free DAB programming streams.

.        Authorizes AM nighttime operations.

.        Dismisses several pending Petitions for Reconsideration and Petitions for Rulemaking that asked, inter alia, the Commission to reconsider the adoption of iBiquity's in-band, on-channel (IBOC) system as the technology chosen for DAB transmission.

In addition, the Commission adopted a Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that seeks comment on whether the FCC should adopt any new public interest requirements for HD Radio (aka IBOC). (05-31-07)$rol.exe/headline_id=b9934


Bruce Carter – Dallas, TX


I decided to do a bit of exploring of how AM receivers are currently

made, and whether HD AM is really such a good idea or not. 


Since our local standards station chooses to cater to the Waveradio

crowd - with its 1.7 kHz audio bandwidth - I decided to explore

whether the business model of Radio Disney, programming in HD to pre-

teens, is advisable or not.


Since my daughter was off on a shopping spree today - and I needed to

de-battery a roomfull of abandoned toys, I also came across a nice

cross section of radios, all of which were purchased or acquired

within the past 5 to 7 years or so.  It amounted to about 7 or 8

radios - of varying price, quality - from a wristwatch radio to a $80

boom box.


Without a single exception - ALL of them utilized a single IC for at

least the radio portion, and a single ceramic filter for AM, and a

single one for FM.  I even found some radios that bypassed the

ceramic filter connections with a capacitor, and relied completely on

the AM ferrite bar / tuning capacitor for whatever poor selectivity

they had.  Mixtures of stations separated by 40, 50, or more kHz were

commonplace, even in the radios that actually used IF filters. 

Therefore, every single AM radio in my daughter's junk room, from $5

giveaways to $80 boom boxes, were WIDEBAND by nature.  They were not

wideband in any way to have good audio quality.  It was to make them

as cheap as possible.


They also exhibited horrible degrees of self jamming, given the poor

mechanisms used for tuning (the BEST were round dials connected

directly to the tuning shaft).  It was impossible to tune on-channel

where the IBOC hash was theoretically cancelled - but only from 5 to

10 kHz.  Above 10 kHz, it is amplitude modulated, well within the

wide IF bandwidth, and came right through the little 1 to 3 inch

speakers, which make terrifically good tweeters at those frequencies!


What was left of the audio on Radio Disney sounded muffled and awful

mixed with high frequency hash.  Now that I think of it - my daughter

"graduated" from Radio Disney to a local top 40 FM - about the time

they started this IBOC nonsense.  The reason she doesn't like Radio

Disney any more?  "It sounds bad".  And this is from a kid that still

likes High School Musical and Hannah Montana.


I photographed, documented EVERYTHING - and will soon put up a web

page devoted to this research.


If I had to rate Radio Disney's business plan based on this sample of

7 or 8 preteen radios, I would have to say that it is very foolish.


Just for a sanity check - I went looking for one of the old style

radios, the type with three IF coils.  I had trouble even finding one

in the house - but my father passed away recently and he had one. 

Sure enough, it sounded like it was bandwidth limited to 3 or 4 kHz,

but I know what to listen for and there was a good degree of IBOC

hash even with the restricted bandwidth.  The slightest bit of

mistuning, and the IBOC hash appeared superimposed on the audio with

a vengeance.  It did have the effect of serving as a tuning guide -

the least IBOC hash was center frequency.  It was the only radio I

tested where I could actually get it on center frequency- at least

without more twiddling than any pre-teen would do.  I photographed

that one for the heck of it.


Bargain Barn


Emily Keene – Middletown, NJ


I have a nice Drake R8 for sale - $530 firm ( includes shipping within continental US ). I got it several years ago on eBay, but right now I need the money more than I need the radio. Please pay by money order. Contact me at if interested. Thanks!


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