June 2006 ABDX Journal

Vol 1. Issue 2


Editors Corner:

The May issue seems to have been a success. No complaints and lots of kudos will bring us this format for some time to come.


This month we are doing FUBARed Automation, Sports and HF/FM/TV. We also had a one day mini CME for Hell Day, the shortest night of the year.


Here’s the notices:


ABDX announces The Sports CME. If its sports and on LW/MW/SW/VHF BCB [FM to many of you] /TV even digital from Canada or the UK and you can hear it, and it runs sports, report it!


In addition to sports, we have the FUBARed Automation CME. If you hear a station with an open carrier or dead air, voicetracking over music, ads that are cut off, missed power changes or antenna pattern switching, the dreaded CBS Channel 42, songs plowed over by ads, then report it!


Always open for the summer is HF and FM/TV for E skip, Trop or Meteor skip you may receive during the CME.


This CME will run from 2 JUN 0001 to 26 JUN 2359 LOCAL TIME wherever in the world you are.


You may use any format to compile your logs that makes sense to you. All ABDX asks is that you send HF logs with UTC time and all other logs in local time.


Please forward logs directly to the abdx@yahoogroups.com with FUBAR CME in the header or to amfmdx@qwest.net with FUBAR CME in the header.







Boys and goils!


Summer begins June 21st and that means the shortest night of the year. For MW and LW DXers this is HELL!


Well, rage against MW and LW Radio hell with ABDX’s HELL DAY DX mini CME! For 24 hours ABDX brings hell day DX. On the 21st we are asking everyone to do some LW or MW DX and send in what you hear. If you can DX on this day, you can DX any day.


Hell Day is from 0000 to 2359 on 6/21 and on any frequency from 1 Hz to 3 MHz.


DX demon dogs, this is your chance to prove that you are tougher than HELL and you can have a devilishly good time even with the shortest night of the year and the worst of conditions!


Hope to see your logs from DX Hell Day!


This month seems to be taken by the FM and TV DXers by a mile. There are a lot of TV and FM DX logs and rightly so, being that its Spring and Summer in this Journal. Several ABDX members have been very busy. Thanks to the TV and FM DXers the Journal is full.


A news section Extra, Extra! was added to the journal this month for readers to keep up with radio happenings. I hope it’s a feature DXers can use.


Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about and we will consider you for membership.




There are currently 108 members of ABDX.


Enough rambling, lets get to the logs, after all, this is what we are all about!





The Broadcast Band [MW]


Powell E. Way III – W40PW – West Columbia, SC


560 WVOC Columbia SC 0952 running 2 commercials at one

time....(both political !! ) 06-02-06



IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire


1310 WISE NC Asheville - 06/05/06 0800 - TOH ID and ESPN Sports. Decent signal in the mix. "WISE, Asheville" and "ESPN Radio, 1310". (IEN-GA)


790 WAXY FL South Miami - 06/15/06 2300 - Sports news and information, and TOH ID. Weak, but steady signal mixed with UC Gospel Music. "Sportstalk 790, WAXY, South Miami". (IEN-GA)



Kevin Redding – Tempe, Arizona


1480 KPHX Phoenix, AZ 6/14 2040 with Air America News dropped right on top of the Mike Malloy Show and then ads on top. Finally about 2046 things straightened out.



Tim Hall – At Mammoth Lakes, CA


1200  KYAA  CA, Soquel  6/3/06 2020 PDT repeating message: "8500.  We are no longer receiving the broadcast feed for this station.  This

condition may be due to a temporary network issue so please try

listening again or contact your broadcaster to correct the situation."




The Whole Earth [HF]


Emily Keene – Uniontown, PA

Kaito 1102


June 4

17.660   Radio Netherlands   20:02 UTC  English and Dutch newscasts broadcast simultaneously for the entire length of the newscast - both contained similar information, mostly about the World Cup.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert/Tempe, Arizona


Heard on a DX 402 at work in Tempe, AZ near Arizona State University:


9925 Voice of Croatia 5/08 0227 via Germany with pop music in presumed Croatian.


9805 Radio Farda 5/08 0230 Briech, Morocco with BoH ID presumed in Farsi with news.


The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


Juan Gualda - Ft. Pierce, FL Pioneer Supertuner III Car Radio


Band was full of E skip on the way home. I parked it on 96.7 and heard many signals, but managed to get positive ID's on

WCXO Carlyle , IL

KLBA  Albia, IA


I wish I didn't have to work today. I am sure I missed lots of goodies !



Paul LaFreniere Grand Marais, MN



0941     88.1   WMAW   MS   Meridian.  RDS=MPB

1212     88.1   WJSP        GA   Warm Springs.  RDS=WJSP

1125     88.3   WGWG     NC   Boiling Springs.  Call in show.

1126     89.3   WSCI        SC    Charleston.  RDS=SC PUBLIC

1215     90.3   WAEF       GA   Cordele.  American Family Radio

1106     92.1   WMNC     NC   Morganton  RDS=BIG DAWG

1024     92.3   KCUL        TX   Marshall    SS Mexican

1025     92.5   KCOL        TX    Groves      Ads for Beaumont

1107     92.5   WIHB        SC    Moncks Corner  RDS=B 92

1221     93.1   WGAC      GA   Warrenton.  I.D.  into Rush.

1224     93.3   WTPT       NC    Forest City.  RDS=WTPT

1109     93.3   WWWZ    SC   Summerville  RDS=Z93 JAMZ

1248     93.3   KZBT         TX   Midland.  SS  Rap

1201     94.1   WZBQ       AL   Carrollton.  RDS=WZBQ

1232     94.1   WTHZ       NC   Lexington.  Hits 94 slogans.

1234     94.1   WSTR       GA   Smyrna.  RDS=STAR 94

1353     94.1   KZCD        OK   Lawton.  Z94 slogans

1225     94.7   WQDR      NC    Raleigh.  RDS=94-7 QDR

1235     94.9   WLTM      GA   Atlanta.  RDS=Lite FM

1037     95.1   WRNS       NC   Kinston     "Country 95.1" slogans

1129     95.1   WSSX       SC    Charleston.  RDS=95 SX

1157     96.1   WBBB       NC   Raleigh.  RDS=THE Rock  96 ROCK

0942     96.3   WUSJ        MS   Madison.  RDS=U S 96 3

1238     96.7   WBVR       KY    Auburn.  RDS=WBVR-FM

1304     97.5   KLAK        TX    Tom Bean.  RDS=97.5KLAK

1324     97.5   KWTX       TX    Waco.  RDS=97.5KWTX

1326     97.9   KBFB         TX    Dallas.  RDS=THE BEAT

1402     98.5   KACO        OK   Ardmore.  "KACO Ag Update"

1239     99.1   KNES         TX    Fairfield.  RDS=KNES

1332     99.3   KPSM        TX    Brownwood.  RDS=KPSM

1110     99.7   WRFX       NC    Kannapolis.  Call in program.

1356     99.9   KLUR        TX    Wichita Falls.  RDS=KLUR-FM

1314   100.5   KNNK       TX    Dimmitt.  Call letter I.D.


One unid:  Q 101.5???



This session began about 0950 CDT and ended about 1430.  Next

session when I can get it typed up.  Three sessions.


  88.1   WJSP      GA   Warm Springs              RDS=WJSP

  88.1   WRJA    SC     Sumter                           TOH  I.D.

  88.3   KAFR     TX    Conroe                           RDS=AFR  TOH  I.D.

  89.3   WSCI      SC    Charleston                    RDS=WSCI

  91.5   KSYE      OK    Frederick                       TOH  I.D.

  92.1   WBHC    SC    Hampton                       TOH  I.D.

  92.1   WFFY     FL     Destin                           Fly 92.1 slogans  ads

  92.5   KULL      TX    Abilene                         Mix 92.5 slogans  ads

  92.5   WQST     MS   Forest                           RDS=WQST

  92.9   WBLX     AL    Mobile                         93 BLX slogans

  93.1   KTYL      TX    Tyler                             RDS=MIX 93.1

  93.3   WWWZ SC    Summerville                  RDS=Z93 JAMZ

  93.3   WTPT     NC   Forest City                    RDS=WTPT

  93.9   WQSI      AL   Union Springs              Ads for Montgomery

  94.1   KLNO     TX    Fort Worth                   SS  local ads

  94.1   WMEZ    FL    Pensacola                     soft rock 94.1 slogans

  94.3   WKZW   MS   Bay Springs                Ads for area towns

  94.5   WFBX    FL     Parker                            RDS=THE FOX

  94.7   WICI       SC    Sumter                           RDS=MIX 94.7

  94.9   WKOR    MS   Columbus                     TOH  I.D.

  94.9   WMSR    TN   Collinwood                   Call letter  I.D.

  95.1   WSSX     SC    Charleston                    RDS=95SX

  95.1   KVIC       TX    Victoria                          Call letter I.D.

  95.5   KKMJ     TX    Austin                           RDS=Majic 95

  96.1   WAVF    SC    Hanahan                        RDS=96 Wave

  96.1   KXXM    TX   San Antonio                  Mix 96.1  slogans

  96.1   WEJZ      FL   Jacksonville                    RDS=WEJZ

  96.1   KAGG      TX  Madisonville                 RDS=AGGIE 96

  96.3   WJIZ       GA   Albany                          RDS=WJIZ

  96.3   WRHT     NC   Morehead City            Ads for area towns

  96.5   WHTQ    FL    Orlando                         RDS=WHTQ

  96.9   KIOX       TX   El Campo                       RDS=XO 96.9

  96.9   WKKT    NC   Statesville                     RDS=THE KAT

  96.9   WDJR      AL   Enterprise                     RDS=CNTRY969

  96.9   WYMY    NC   Goldsboro                    TOH  I.D.  SS

  96.9   KQOB      OK   Enid                               RDS=BOB FM

  97.1   WEZB     LA    New Orleans                Many mentions WWL

  97.3   WRAK    GA   Bainbridge                    Magic 97.3 slogans

  97.5   KWTX    TX    Waco                            RDS=97.5KWTX

  97.5   WPCV      FL    Winter Haven              97 country slogans

  97.7   WYYX     FL     Bonifan                        RDS=97X

  97.9   KBFB       TX    Dallas                           RDS=THE BEAT

  97.9   WFKS      FL     Neptune Beach           97-9 Kiss FM slogans

  98.1   KVET        TX   Austin                          K-vet slogans  ads

  98.1   WNUE      FL    Titusville                      RDS=WNUE-FM

  98.1   WNGA     TN    South Pittsburg          RDS=WNGA

  98.3   WECO      GA   Midway                        RDS=JACK-FM

  98.5   KBBT       TX    Schertz                         RDS=THE BEAT

  98.5   WFSY       FL    Panama City                RDS=SUNNY 98

  98.5   WLXC      SC    Lexington                    RDS=695-KISS

  98.9   WBAM    AL   Montgomery               RDS=WBAM-FM

  99.3   KPSM       TX   Brownwood                RDS=KPSM

  99.3   WPBH      FL    Mexico Beach             RDS=BEACH993

  99.9   WACO     TX   Waco                           RDS=WACO 100

  99.9   WGNE      FL     Middleburg                RDS=WGNE

100.1   WBXB      NC    Edenton                      RDS=LOVE100

100.3  WRUM      FL    Orlando                       RDS=RUMBA

100.7   WKQL      GA   Brunswick                   RDS=WKQL

100.9   WTHB      GA   Waynesboro              RDS=WTHB

101.7   WBEI        AL    Reform                        RDS=B101.7

102.3   KPEZ        TX    Austin                         RDS=RIVER

102.7   WPMA     GA   Buckhead                   RDS=WPMA 

102.7   KJXK        TX    San Antonio              RDS=KJ103 

102.9   WVRK      GA   Columbus                   RDS=Rock 103  

103.5   KVSP        OK   Anadarko                    RDS=KVSP

103.7   KVIL         TX   Highland Park             RDS=Lite FM

103.7   WQEN      AL   Trussville                    RDS=103-7   Q

103.9   WJRL        AL   Ozark                           RDS=WJRL

104.1   WRJY       GA   Brunswick                   RDS=WRJY-FM

104.1   KMGL      OK   Oklahoma City            RDS=KMGL

104.9   KXXS       TX   Dripping Springs        RDS=DIGITAL

104.9   WCCP       SC   Clemson                       RDS=SPORTS

105.1   WASJ       FL    Panama City Beach    RDS=SMOOTH!!

105.9   WXMK    GA   Dock Junction            RDS=WXMK-FM

106.1   KHKS       TX   Denton                         KISS FM  slogans  ads

106.1   WTAK     AL   Hartselle                      RDS=1061 TAK

106.3   WOAH     GA  Glennville                     TOH  I.D.

106.7   WKMX    AL   Enterprise                    RDS=WKMX

106.7   WXXL     FL     Tavares                        RDS=XL 106.7

107.1   KGSR       TX    Bastrop                        RDS=KGSR FM

107.1   WYFA      GA   Waynesboro              Rel program  I.D.

107.3   WMCD     GA   Claxton                        Ads for area towns

107.3   WPLA      FL    Jacksonville                RDS=WPLA1073

107.5   KXTN       TX   San Antonio               SS   EE ads

107.9   KEYJ         TX   Abilene                        Ads for Abilene

107.9   WPFM      FL    Panama City                RDS=107.9PFM


 Session two began about1600 CDT and ended about 1840.


88.1   WCQS      NC    Asheville              Call letter I.D. 

88.3   WEPS       NC    Elizabeth City       Call letter I.D. 

92.3   WERQ      MD   Baltimore               92Q slogans  ads 

92.5   WXTU     PA    Philadelphia           RDS=92.5 XTU 

92.5   WINC      VA     Winchester           RDS=WINC-FM 

92.9   WVBW    VA    Suffolk                   TOH  I.D.  The Wave 

93.1   WLFV      VA    Ettrick                     The Wolf slogans  ads 

93.1   WEAS      GA   Springfield              TOH  I.D. 

93.3   WTPT      NC    Forest City             RDS=WTPT 

93.5   WZBH     DE     Georgetown          RDS=93.5WZBH  9

3.5   WDOG     SC     Allendale               Big Dog slogans  a

93.7   WPYA     VA    Chesapeake           RDS=BOB FM 

93.7   WBNE     NC    Wrightsville Beach  RDS=The BONE 

93.9   WKXZ    NY     Norwich                 94-KXZ  slogans 

94.1   WYSP      PA    Philadelphia           RDS=WYSP 

94.1   WXEZ     VA    Yorktown                RDS=STAR94.1 

94.1   WQBT     GA    Savannah               The Beat slogans  ads 

94.5   WPST      NJ     Trenton                   94.5 PST slogans 

94.5   WRVQ     VA    Richmond               RDS=WRVQ 

94.5   WYEZ      SC     Murrells Inlet        RDS=EASY 1059 

94.7   WQDR     NC    Raleigh                   RDS=94-7 QDR 

94.9   WPTE      VA    Virginia Beach       RDS=POINT 

94.9   WAEZ     TN    Greeneville              RDS=ELECTRIC 

94.9   WHKN    GA    Millen                      Ads for Statesboro 

95.1   WAYV     NJ     Atlantic City          RDS=WAYV 

95.1   WRKI      CT     Brookfield               RDS=WRKI-I95  

95.1   WCHZ     GA    Harlem                     Ads for Augusta  

95.5   WPLJ       NY    New York City        RDS=95.5 PLJ 

95.7   WVKL     VA    Norfolk                    RDS=95.7 R&B 

95.7   WQJK      TN   Maryville                 RDS=JACK FM 

96.1   WROX     VA   Exmore                     RDS=96X 

96.1   WCTO     PA    Easton                     Kat Country slogans   ads 

96.1   WTTH     NJ     Margate City          The Touch slogans 

96.1   WSOX     PA    Red Lion                  RDS=WSOX

96.3   WUSJ      MS    Madison                 RDS=U S 96.3

96.5   WKLR     VA    Fort Lee                   RDS=PLANET

96.9   WFPG      NJ     Atlantic City         RDS=Lite Rock 96.9

96.9   WAKB    GA    Wrens                      RDS=WAKB FM

97.1   WQMG    NC    Greensboro             RDS=97.1 QMG

97.3   WGH        VA    Newport News       RDS=THE EAGLE

97.5   WTHK     NJ     Burlington              RDS=THE HAWK

97.5   WJXB      TN    Knoxville                 RDS=B-97 

98.1   WOGL      PA    Philadelphia            Call letter  I.D.

98.1   WHZT      SC    Seneca                     hot981.com

98.3   WGCO      GA   Midway                   RDS=JACK-FM

98.5   WCTW    NY    Catskill                     RDS=Lite FM

98.7   WNOR    VA     Norfolk                    RDS=FM99

98.7   WSMW   NC    Greensboro             RDS=987SIMON

98.9   WSPA      SC    Spartanburg            RDS=WSPA

99.1   WPLR      CT     New Haven             RDS=991 PLR

99.1   WSLQ      VA    Roanoke                  RDS=Q99-FM

99.9   WODE     PA    Easton                      RDS=THE HAWK

99.9   WWFG    MD   Ocean City              RDS=FROGGY

99.9   WKSF     NC     Old Fort                   RDS=99.9 KISS COUNTR

100.5   WRCH     CT     New Britain             RDS=WRCH

100.5   WXMM   VA   Norfolk                     RDS=MAX FM

100.5   WSSL       SC    Gray Court              RDS=WSSL

100.7   WLEV      PA    Allentown               RDS=WLEV

100.9   WTHB     GA    Waynesboro          RDS=WTHB FM

101.3   WGGY      PA   Scranton                  RDS=FROGGY

101.3   WWDE    VA   Hampton                  RDS=2WD

101.3   WKCI       CT    Hamden                   RDS=KC101

101.5   WBQB      VA   Fredericksburg       RDS=B101.5

102.1   WIOQ       PA    Philadelphia            RDS=Q102

102.3   WBAB     NY     Babylon                  RDS=WBAB

102.5   WMYI      NC    Hendersonville      RDS=My 102.5

102.7   WKSB      PA    Williamsport           RDS=KISS FM

102.9   WMGK    PA    Philadelphia            RDS=1029 MGK

102.9   WDRC     CT     Hartford                  RDS=DRC-FM

103.1   WFEZ      PA     Avoca                     Easy 103 slogans  & I.D.

103.5   WQBJ      NY     Cobleskill                RDS=Q103

103.7   WEEI       RI      Westerly                  RDS=SPORTS

103.7   WSOC     NC     Charlotte                 RDS=WSOC

104.3   WSMJ     MD   Baltimore                 RDS=WSMJ



Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL


Tuned into a nice CKCN SID in French on 94.1 for a new one. French o/u

Milwaukee on 95.7 I have Rouyn Noranda logged, but this may have been

something further east, but I could only keep it in few a few seconds.



Keith McGinnis - Hingham MA

Equipment for FM: Yamaha T-85 (modified)  with an APS9b antenna at 35ft AGL and an FM 6 (replaced a beat up APS9b) phase antenna at 12ft AGL. Bolin Phase Box.  Conrad RDS Manager with Esslinger RDS 3.0 Software. Total Recorder.


June 4 Es

2:19 pm 92.5 WIHB Moncks Corner SC B92 with semi local WXRV phased (New)

2:24 pm 93.9 WJXY Conway SC with Pelican's baseball (New)

2:26 pm 94.5 WCFB Daytona Beach FL // to what Jeff Lehmann was hearing

with local WJMN phased (New)

2:28 pm 94.5 WYEZ Murrell's Inlet SC // to web stream came up big as

above faded with local WJMN phased (New)

2:30 pm 99.7 WXST Port Royal SC Star 99-7 RDS PI Code 934B with IBOC

and semi local phased (New)

2:33 pm 96.5 WJCL Savannah GA Kix 96 with contest ads, etc (New)

2:35 pm 98.9 WAZS McClellanville SC SS right after Jeff Lehmann had

heard them (New)

2:38 pm 96.3 WJIZ Albany GA gospel & talk with ID and RDS PI Code 6D55

2:40 pm 96.3 WKSP Aiken SC KISS FM and other Kiss mentions (New)

2:42 pm 104.9 WWVV Ridgeland SC WAVE 104.9 per Jeff Lehmann (New)

2:45 pm 105.3 WSTI Quitman GA RDS PI Code 8626

2:47 pm 107.7 WPRW Martinez GA with Urban format (had another station

in there too) (New)

2:51 pm 104.5 WKAK Albany GA K Country 104

2:55 pm 104.9 WFXE Columbus GA Foxy 105 with local ads (New)

2:57 pm 104.9 WCCP Clemson SC with NCAA baseball RDS PI Code 5A33 (New)

3:00 pm 98.7 WISK Americus GA Your Station for..................WISK

3:03 pm 97.1 WSRV Gainesville GA The River playing Time in a Bottle (New)

3:05 pm 99.3 WBT Chester SC ID

3:06 pm 99.3 Unid with Braves baseball

3:09 pm 102.3 WELR Roanoke AL local ads

3:12 pm 103.5 WZSN Greenwood SC Pat Paterson on 103.5, SC & GA mentions


3:15 pm 95.1 WMGB Montezuma GA B95.1 646-9510

3:17 pm 106.9 WBPT Homewood AL Mellencamp with "Cherry Bomb" The Eagle

3:21 pm 106.1 WNMX Waxhaw NC John Denver into Pat Boone "Timeless

Classic Weekend" (New)

3:29 pm 103.7 WQEN Trussville AL with RDS PI Code 7F5D (New)

3:34 pm 95.9 Unid NCAA Baseball with local WATD phased

3:38 pm 97.5 WJXB Knoxville TN B97.5 with RDS PI CODE 6EC3 (New)

3:40 pm 98.3 WKSR Pulaski TN with RDS PI Code A7F5

3:42 pm 99.7 WWTN Manchester TN "America's Car Show" (New)

3:53 pm 96.3 WCJK Murfreesboro TN "Jack FM" Id (New)

3:55 pm 97.1 WRQQ Goodlettsville TN "Piano Man" // to what JL was

hearing w/ IBOC from 96.9 phased (New)

4:00 pm 89.1 WDNX Olive Hill TN multiple WDNX mentions

4:05 pm 95.1 WGGC Bowling Green KY ID


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

Hafler 330 and VU75XR Antenna



88.9 Presumed XHLDO from Nuevo Laredo 1015.





106.7 KWSX-LP Scottsdale, AZ 6/25 2115 with FSN News. [NEW]

106.9 K295AL Little Acres, AZ 6/25 2105 playing Robert Johnson blues and xlating KJZZ. [New]

This brings my FM totals to 453 from my home here.




Robert M. Bratcher – Houston, TX

Toyota Pickup Radio


Was tuning around in my Toyota pickup last Saturday night (6/17) in

west Houston around 11pm.


87.7 or 87.9 (don't remember) was waiting for this college station

playing rock to ID itself  (fair signal, a bit noisy in mono) when

all of a sudden this strong (stereo light was on) dead carrier came

up. Stayed there for a few seconds then faded away. A little later it

comes up fading in & out fast. I heard "sorry" then

"difficulties"  in a female voice then it faded out again. Still

later (while I was waiting for the other station to identify itself)

that dead carrier came up for several minutes before finally fading

away. I never heard the other stations ID as I tuned up the band

looking for DX. Have no idea where these 2 stations were located.

Might have missed one at home if they were in different directions as

I use a yagi for DX. Oh well.....


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

GE Superadio II


Just got done installing a new telespocic rod on the GE SR 2 (complete from antenna screw up on radio back). Can now take radio on DXepidetions . Was rewarded with one catch (Warwick R.I.)


WHOM 94.9 MT. Washington NH 9:30 AM playing John Waite missing you. then gave calls WHOM 94.9 with more music. 6/23/06




The Visible Universe [TV]


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Zenith TV / 30 Yr. Old RS Antenna


1 June 2006 2000 EWT

Just logged CKND Channel 2, Minnedosa, MB. Weather report for selected

cities around Canada then "....and here in Winnipeg it's 27 degrees."

This is the first time I have logged this here in Tennessee.

Mixed with Canada was "Casa Fox2" KASA channel 2 in Santa Fe, NM. Strong signal dominating the channel.


Many other stations mixed with above mentioned, but, none were IDed


4 June  2006 1130 EWT


SUPER strong signals in the Texas pan-handle and southern Colorado!


Channel 2 - KAVX Armmadillo, TX - PBS kids show. Just like a local!


Channel 3 - Strong floater on top of local WRCB. Haven't Ided it at this time.


Channel 4 - KAMR Armmadillo, TX - NBC logo with large number 4 in lower right hand corner of screen. "Children's miracle network" telethon is the program. This station is like a local!


Channel 5 - KOAA Pueblo, CO - ID with NBC logo and 5/30 and large letters - KOAA.


Channel 5 - KOAA faded and a CBS station came up with Face the Nation. Haven't seen an ID at this writing.


Channel 6 - Strong signal QRMing semi-local WATR.


Channel 2 with soccer channel 4 in spanich and a lot of mention of Cubr.



 Have skip channels 2 to 5.


Channel 4 is positively Landers Wy. Pbs station begging money.

Something on top of WAGA-5 in Atlanta. And channel 2 is great big mess.

 9 June 2006 1830 EWT

All day the has been a large opening on channels 2 to 6. Logged Mexico Haven't had the time to just set and watch. At 1830 EDT it was still strong up to channel 5. Local channel 3 getting clobbered by someone.

2000 EWT Es report from Old Fort, TN.

 Channel 2 - WGRZ BUFFALO, NY  with NBC Dateline. Also 5 billion other channel 2's mixed with it.


Channel 3 - WCAX Burlington, VT. As a strong floater over local WRCB. The call letters are in the bar between the frames. Also with CBS program. This is a new station for me, as well as a new state!! Only 5 more dtstes to go, and I will have logged them all.


Channel 4 - Canadian station with the Glogo logo in the lower right hand corner.


Channel 5 - Canadian station with the CTV network. Maybe Sudbury,ON. Not sure.


2300 EDT This is truly amazing!!!!


At 2300 EDT, I STILL have Es on channel 2 to 4. Skip has changed to the west. Channel 2 - KWGN Denver, CO. Start of the news.


Channel 3 - Still have strong floater messing with local WRCB.


Channel 4 - KCNC Denver, CO. Only saw an ID then QSB into another station.


Possible reception of KCTV channel 5 Kansas City, MO. At 2100 had a news promo about up coming stories at ten o'clock. Looked like the call KCTV on the screen. But not sure.


At this time of night I have thought the skip would have ended.




2320 EDT

Channel 2 - KCWX Fredericksburg, TX mixed with KDTN Denton, TX mixed with PBS station from Amarillo, TX. On KDTN is Benny Hin a real phony.


Channel 3 - Starting to see floater mixing with local WRCB.


Channel 4 - KDFW Dallas, TX. News story about gas prices in north Texas followed by an ad for north Texas Ford dealers.


10 June 2006 1000 EDT


Once again the Es continue. Strong signals from the northeast.


Channel 2 - NBC station with tennis. Possible WGRZ.


Channel 3 - Floater on top of local WRCB.


No ID on anything, yet.


10 June 2006 1945 EDT

Noticed strong Es on channels 2, 3, and 4, starting at 1800.



Channel 2 - CHBX Thunder Bay, ON CBC with hockey hype. Getting the viewer hyped for the Stanley Cup play-off's coming up later tonight.

Also had an NBC station mixing with CHBX.



Channel 3 - VERY strong floater over local WRCB. The floater was running BINGO game, with the numbers being called placed on the screen. There was anID in bar between the frames, however, I could never read what was writing. What station was playing BINGO at 1830 EDT???  The skip was to my northwest. I figure some station between Tennessee and Thunder Bay, ON. Any help would be appreciated.



Channel 4 - Canadian station with CBC hockey hype. (The hype is good enough that I may watch the play-offs on ABC.






12 June 2006

Have had some skip all day long. First noticed weak Es into Mexico at 1030.


From 1300 to 1330 on channel 2 had an Azteca 7 station with soccer. Noticed more weak Es at 1500 then again faded.


At 1630 channel 2 has a nice signal from somewhere, the program is Judge Judy. Faded at 1640. Nothing real exciting to report.


12 June 2006 1800 EDT

Channel 2 - KMID Midland, TX -- 1700 to 1800 Strong signal, just like a local at times. Opray at 1700, ads for Kelly Auto in Midland as well as Pizza Hut.


Other unIDs include a station with Jeopardy, one in Spanish; a PBS station and one with a game show of some type. I am sure this unIDs are nothing more than San Antonio, El Paso, Amarillo, TX.


Channel 3 - At 1745 noticed a strong floater over local WRCB.


Channel 4 - San Antonio, TX mixed with two other stations


12 June 2006 1900 EDT

 Channel 2 - KASA Santa Fe, NM  "CASA FOX2" Buy a new mattress from American Mattress and get $75 .00 in gas coupons.


Channel 2 - KACV Armadillo, TX "Part of today's programs on KACV are brought to you by Cellular one of Amarillo." Into the Jim Lear news hour.


Both stations VERY strong fighting it out with each other. Just like locals.


Channel 3 - unID; strong floater over local WRCB.


Channel 4 - KKOB Albuquerque, NM  At 1900, they started their 5PM news cast. Story about the Sanchez bus company of Albuquerque. Big number 4 in lower right hand corner of screen. Time was 5.07 Temp was a cool 91 degrees.


The signals all go from super strong to total fade. Then repeat itself.



12 June 2006 1920 EDT

Channel 5 - KOAA Pueblo, CO -- Weak video, but I can ID it. "News channel 5/30" Story about some hospital in Pueblo.


Channel 4 - KAMR Amarillo, TX  -- Sports with a small number 4 in lower left hand corner of screen, call kamr and NBC bird.


Channel 2 - KACV over all others; still strong.

15 June 2006 1315 EDT


Es are just tearing up the either! Checked conditions at 1230 and saw

nothing, then out of the blue at 1315 I noticed it all going wild.


Channel 2 - Azteca 7 station with a cute senorita (I think I am in love)

with various news items. In the lower right hand corner of the screen is the Azteca 7 logo and time given was 1235/ Temp was 35 degrees.  Audio from an 'Canal Dos' station fading in and out.


Channel 3 - Strong floater over/on top of local WRCB.


Channel 4 - Spanish program with some gal talking about the rich and famous. On the screen behind her is the word 'SOLO'. Audio from two other Spanish stations, one with soap opera and one with cartoons.


Channel 5 - unID Spanish station mixing with WAGA, Atlanta.


Channel 6 - Some station heterodyning WATE in Knoxville.


15 June 2006 2000 EWT

At 2000 I turned the TV off, as their were no more TVDX, just the dull TV programs.


At 2030, the wife comes into the radio room gripping at me, as if I were the one causing the local channel 3 to be replaced by KIII-3 in Corpus Christi, TX. I then took over the TV and chased the wife out of the room.


Run down of what has been logged since 2030 EWT.


Channel 2 - KPRC Houston, TX  Most of the time it has been like a pipe line directly in Houston, local quality signal. Some mixing with XEFB Monterrey, Mexico.


Channel 3 - KIII Corpus Christi, TX over local WRCB.


Channel 4 - WOAI San Antonio, TX Just like a local.


Channel 5 - KENS San Antonio, TX Also in like a local.


Channel 6 - At 2030, had a Spanish station over semi-local WATE Knoxville.

This last only for a short time.


At 2120 the conditions have changed enough to cause some fading in the channels 4, 5 and 6. About another hour and it will all be over.


15 June 2006 2200 EDT


Es continues on all channels 2 to 6.

Channel 2 - Now have a Spanish station dominate. Mixed with KPRC.


Channel 3 - Continues to have a strong floater over local WRCB.


Channel 4 - Still WOAI


Channel 5 - Still KENS.


Wonder if this will last through the night? This reminds me of the summer of 1957. Around the clock TVDX.


Is there anyone else that can remember the summer of 1957??


21 June 2006 2230 EDT


All day long there was NO TVDX of any kind. Then around 1900 I began to notice a little enhancement on 2. By 1930 we had Denver and Pueblo, CO.


At 2230 it is now showing signs of fading.


Stations logged today---


Channel 2 -

KWGN Denver, CO

KACT Armadillo, TX

KPRC Houston, TX

KASA Santa Fe, NM

Two different stations from Mexico




Channel 3 --

All evening long there has been strong floater over local WRCB.


Channel 4 --

KCNC Denver, CO

KDFW Dallas, TX

KFOR Ok City, OK

WOAI San Antonio, TX


Channel 5 --

KXAS Ft. Worth, TX

KOAA Pueblo, CO

KENS San Antonio, TX



Paul LaFreniere Grand Marais, MN



I don't DX TV, but the following were noted:  I just left it on channel 5 while DXing FM.


5  KOCO    OK    Oklahoma City

5  KENS     TX    San Antonio

5  WKRG   AL    Mobile

5  WCSC    SC    Charleston

5  KXAS    TX    Fort Worth

5  WCYB    VA   Bristol

5  WRAL    NC   Raleigh


2  Messed up


4  WWL


Very weak and fadey.  Doesn't look like this will amount to much.





Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

13” Magnavox Color TV, CM3032 amp and VU-75XR antenna



Got Es to the east with some SS programming with futbol. UNID at this point, very weak and MUF barely 2. I got an ID on one channel 2, its XHSLT from San Luis Potosi white letters superimposed in the upper right corner.



2 XHRIO Matamoros, TA 6/18 1013 with Fox talking heads show.


US Digital Box, CM 3032 amp, Emerson EWL 20S5, VU75 XR antenna:
9 DTV KGUN AZ, Tucson 6/18 0900 with World Cup game between Brazil and Australia. Watching this instead of local KNXV 15 DTV is off the air as usual when an important sporting event is on.


John Hunter – Rossville, GA

VU75XR Antenna


I hauled out an old RS VU-75XR antenna and 15 feer of armstrong rotor and was hearing SS like crazy on channel 2 with lots of SS music and what

looked to be a SS soap story. Lots of unids too. Nothing much noted

above channel 2 except for our local on 3. Lots of audio but video

was only there occasionally. Any ideas on the SS stations? This was

logged from 1655 until 1705 when I left to eat supper at a friends

house. not bad I guess for a broken antenna and waterlogged coax,.


1845 Channel 2 was dominated by an EE lang CBC station running an

interview with Wayne Gretzky

and showing hockey shots. CBC globe in bottom right hand corner.

Fair to good at times.


1852 Channel 4 seemed to be a Jehovah Witness station talking about

the religion then mentions of the Christian Research Journal

(888-7000-CRI). Ad for the Bible answer Man and his book Total Heart

Health for Men and Women.


1901 Channel 4 was noted with a French language program that looked

to be set in the 50's. CBC globe noted also but forgot whether it was

in the center of the screen or at bottom right corner. Looked a

little different I think.

Bill Snyder – Omaha, NE

  Getting some TV High Band 8 to 13 tropo this AM   KOLN/ KGIN   Ch 10 & 11   Lincoln, Grand Island, NE   11 was actually coming in better than 10 at twice the distance from Omaha,  Also  13  Central Nebraska, A float on top of KUON Ch12 Lincoln, and a brief UNID n channel 9


Powell E. Way – West Columbia, SC

13" Zenith monochrome, built in telescoping rod:

2 KKSN Great Bend. KS Es 2230 KSN logo after a Great Bend Toyota commercial.

ABC unid station possibly 2 KQTV St. Joseph. MO.

MUF up to channel 6 possibly FM.




A Helluva CME – Hell Day


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI


Heard last night on a Panasonic RX-CT900 .

Note: Was battling T-Storms . In spite of this the usual flamethrowers were pounding in   Lots of ground noise above 1200 KHZ below 1200 was clear.


Two catches worthy of mention.


990-WLGZ-Rochester,NY-10:07 PM-playing what becomes of a broken heart-10/20/06  (local 990 absent)


1070-CBA- Moncton NB-10:13 PM-listing songs played said something about northern lights then started playing prayer (artist or song). - 10/20/06  


All heard on a GE SR 2 (nekkid).

560-WHYN-Springfield MA-9:45 AM- Tracfone ad, ad for Roadmate System, ad for liberty safe- 6/21/06


770-WABC-NY NY -10:00 AM - TOH ID, news about body found in Iraq.- 6/21/06


NOTE: fair/good signal not normal especially this time of year can't hear always during daylight hours.


1090-WILD- Boston MA- 10:04 AM - announcing Brenda's birthday and other black american facts. 6/21/06


970-WESO- Southbridge MA- 10:25 AM- gave weather 50% chance of a shower tomorrow then continued playing C&W- 6/21/06


940-WGFP- Webster MA.-10:35 AM- slogan cool 94 ad save 80% order prep drugs from Canadian drug company. - 6/21/06


890- WAMG-Boston Mass-10:41 AM- Slogan ESPN radio Ad to win red sox tickets and lottery ad. - 6/21/06


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


Didn’t have a lot of time for DX but did tune around for a few minutes. I’ll try to get some more DX in tonight during lunch at work. Most of the big guns were in. few of the little guys were. There is an incredible amount of electrical noise at work.


In a 2004 Saturn Ion with 31” whip in Tempe, AZ [UTC]:


1500 KSTP St. Paul, MN 0345 talk about the Iraq War.


1520 KOKC Oklahoma City, OK 0347 ad about “Mandate for Leadership” and into Rick Roberts Show.


1530 KFBK Sacramento, CA 0347 The Lionel Show.


1560 KNZR Bakersfield, CA 0348 with an ad for the Dodgers.


640 KFI Los Angeles, CA 0349 with a traffic report. Will they ever go back to 50 kW?


660 KTNN Window Rock, AZ 0350 with legal ID but as KTNN Window Rock – Pinon.


680 KNBR San Francisco, CA 0351 with Giants baseball.


700 KNRS UT, SLC 0351 with sports show.


720 KDWN Las Vegas, NV 0352 money show about trusts.


750 KAMA El Paso, TX 0352  SS regional Mex. music.


770 KKOB Albuquerque, NM 0353 with Michael Savage.


790 KABC Los Angeles, CA 0353 talking about class and culture wars.


800 XEROK Ciudad Juarez, Chih., MEX 0354 with ID and call in.


810 KGO San Francisco, CA 0354 ad for Kaiser-Permanente on the most left wing station in North America.


890 KDXU St. George, UT 0356 with Michael Reagan.


1020 KCKN Roswell, NM 0357 with the worst overmodulated REL pgm in the history on earth.


1030 KTWO Casper, WY 0357 with Phil Hendrie.


1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 0358 running ads.


1110 KFAB Omaha, NE 0359 Michael Savage into ads.


1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO 0400, ID news of the deaths two soldiers captured in Iraq.


1160 KSL Salt Lake, City, UT 0401 news of the deaths two soldiers captured in Iraq.


1170 KFAQ Tulsa, OK 0401 news of the deaths two soldiers captured in Iraq.


1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX 0401 talk about major flooding in Houston.


1320 KXRO Aberdeen, WA 0402 CBS News. [NEW 868]



Heard on a Zenith 1000D and Q-Stick + in Gilbert, AZ:


880 KRVN Lexington, NE talking about Al Qaeda on a trucking show.


550 KLLV Breen, CO with K-Love ID. KFYI was off the air which is very unusual.





Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI

R-390A and Quantum QX Pro


Being a demon for punishment, I thought I'd start at the low, noisy

end of the dial - 530 KHz.  When using my 70 foot wire and balun, it

was just too noisy.  So, I switched to the Quantum QX Pro - much

better.  here is the DX scoop:


530 RVC in the Turks and Caicos

540 CBGA1 New Carlisle QC

560 WGAN Portland ME

570 WMCA New York NY

570 CFCB Corner Brook NL

590 VOCM St. John's NL

600 CBNA St. Anthony NL

610 CHNC New Carlisle QC

620 CKCM Grand Falls NL [gotta love those mechanical filters - kept

    630 CFCY at bay!]

640 CBN St. John's NL [same comment as above!]

650 Unid but speaking Spanish

660 WFAN New York NY

670 Unid [poss WSCR?]

680 WRKO Boston MA

690 CINF Montreal QC

710 WOR New York NY [thank you mechanical filters for keeping 720

    CHTN out of the way!]

730 CKAC Montreal QC

740 CHCM Marystown NL

740 CHWO Toronto ON

750 CBGY Bonivista Bay NL

750 YVKS Caracus Venezuala

760 WJR Detroit Michigan [some say they are back in AMS - their

signal sounds better and reaches better than it had been the last

few months]

770 WABC New York NY

780 CFDR Halifax Regional Municipality [HRM] NS IDs as KIXX

790 CFNW Port au Choix NL

800 VOWR St. John's NL

800 jumble of French and Spanish languages - sounded like a

graveyard frequency last night

810 WGY Schenectady NY

870 WMTW Gorham ME

890 WAMG Dedham MA

910 WABI Bangor ME


930 CFBC Saint John NB

940 CINW Montreal QC

950 CKNB Campbellton NB


YIKES! almost out of time!

1080 WTIC Hartford CT

1215 Virgin Radio [Playing Peter Gabrial's 80s classic "Sledgehammer"


Time's up - its midnight!

Although I had no wolves or wolf dogs to assist me, I consider this

Hell's Day CME a howling success!  As you can see, I got a pile of

Newfies! Just wish I had time to complete the band.


Powell E. Way III – W40PW – West Columbia, SC


1450 WTJL Unknown. Strong running talk and O Reilley

promos. There is NO such call at the FCC on the AM

band at this time according to AM Query. I'm guessing

it was either WQJM in Myrtle Beach or WQNT in

Charleston. Also there was a het about 400 hertz.

Somebody's way off frequency. I noticed this on 2

radios, one being dual conversion told me this was

true. And there are no AM station nearby.




Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R-8


1260  KOIT  CA  San Francisco...6/21 1500-1510 noted with The Boss doing 'I'm on Fire' followed in a bit by Bette Midler's 'In The Distance'.

Notable since I was in the village barbershop at the time & that's all

they could play before the cut was over.


 860  KPAM OR Troutdale noted atop around 2100 6/21 after local sunset.Before LSS I had cross modulation from KQKE-960 & KNEW-910....


1160  KSL  UT  Salt Lake City....loud & clear 2000-2100...No sign of the Baja station.


1420  KSTN CA Stockton...looking for St. Anthony to give me an ID I can understand but only KSTN with the Stockton Ports BB game...Around 2045.


1360  KFIV CA Modesto...looking for Ridgecrest but only Modesto about 2015-2030....


---now that BKB & NHL are over, Futbal is more than half way thru, the Triple Crown is in the past (for this year anyway) + the fact The Giants suck about as much as the USA World Cup team (so do the officials) it looks like I should have time to do some dx for a change.  Trouble is the KIWA Loop is not functioning properly & sunset dx from this location has always been the pits.  I suspect mjr has put a hex on this place, or maybe Mike Hawkins.  Look for more sometime soon.


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Sony ICF-7600


Quick bandscan highlights on a trip to town on evening of 6/20. (but past the start time of 0000 UTC) 22:45-23:15


540    CBC - good

560    KMON-Great Falls, MT - fair

580    KUBC-Montrose, CO - fair

630    KHOW-Denver, CO - good

640    KFI-Los Angeles, CA - very good

650    KMTI-Manti, UT - fair

660    KTNN-Window Rock, AZ - very good

680    KNBR-San Francisco, CA - very good

720    KDWN-Las Vegas, NV - good - mixing w/WGN

720    WGN-Chicago, IL - fair - mixing w/KDWN

770    KKOB-Albuquerque, NM - very good

780    WBBM-Chicago, IL - fair

800    XEROK-Ciudad Juarez - very good

820    WBAP-Fort Worth, TX - good - AM STEREO

830    WCCO-Minneapolis - fair

840    KXNT-Las Vegas, NV - good

850    KOA-Denver, CO - very good

870    KJMP-Pierce, CO - weak

880    KRVN-Lexington, NB - very good

990    CBC - good

1000    KOMO-Seattle, WA - weak

1010    CBC - very good

1020    KCKN-Roswell, NM - very good

1030    KTWO-Casper, WY - very good

1040    WHO-Des Moines, IA - fair

1060    CKMX-Calgary, AB - fair - AM STEREO

1070    KNX-Los Angeles, CA - very good

1080    KRLD-Dallas, TX - good

1100    KNZZ-Grand Jct, CO - good

1110    KFAB-Omaha, NB - fair

1120    KMOX-St. Louis, MO - weak

1140    CHRB-High River, AB - good

1160    KSL-Salt Lake City, UT - very good

1170    KFAQ-Tulsa, OK - good

1180    KOFI-Kalispell, MT - fair

1200    WOAI-San Antonio, TX - fair

1210    KGYN-Guymon, OK - fair

1240    KEVA-Evanston, WY - Perfect (Local) - AM STEREO

1300-1490 had nothing notable...kinda dead there

1500    KSTP-St Paul, MN - good

1510    KGA-Spokane, WA - good

1520    KOKC-Oklahoma City, OK - very good

1530    KFBK-Sacramento, CA - good

1630    KRND-Fox Farm, WY - very good with the most horrible distorted audio on the dial

1690    KDDZ-Arvada, CO - fair to very good - noted stereo pilot has been off for a while and they may be IBOC now


Nothing new, but certainly looks more like a winter band scan than the dead middle of summer!



Extra, Extra! [News]


Martin Foltz - Mission Viejo, CA


I'm listening to a strong SS on 1160 at 5:45 AM, calls sounded like XEQN and using Once Sesenta AM slogan. Sounds like it's in Tijuana area?


Anyone else hearing this one?


XEQIN 1160 San Quintin


This is the ID so they have moved from 1290. Announced 10,000 watts. Also used La Voz del Valle slogan. There goes 1160.








Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


KMVP 860 Phoenix is now IBOC.


WDFN 1130 Detroit is now IBOC.

KTRB 860 Modesto, CA has shut down for a move to San Francisco.



Mike Westfall – Los Alamos, NM


Our local graveyarder will soon be back on the air!


While driving today, I pushed the button for 1490 on my car radio and

there was KRSN, running the WaveStation test loop.





I stopped in at the studio to see what's up. I talked to the new owners,

David and Gillian Sutton, who are lifelong residents of Los Alamos.


They told me they have until July 5 to get the radio station back on or

return the license to the FCC. Today, they were trying to get a kill

switch installed at the transmitter site, which the previous owner had

neglected to do. Also, they have installed a "Digital Transfer Line" for

their STL to replace the horrible double-hop microwave link that was

always going out.


Format is to be local programming! Yay! Local interest programs and news in the mornings and music the rest of the day, plus local high school sports and county council meetings, etc. They bought a library of  4500 popular songs spanning the fifties through the nineties, and are interested in any suggestions for programming from the community.



New web site is http://www.krsnam1490.com but there's nothing there yet.


If you hear the station, email david@krsnam1490.com and let 'im know!


Unfortunately, I forgot to ask about AM stereo, but I assume that didn't get installed. Next time I visit the studios I'll make a gentle



Powell E. Way III – W40PW – West Columbia, SC


First to report that WLGI 90.9 in Hemmingway, SC has

slightly modified their format. The music they run is

no longer "block formatted". They are now running a

smooth jazz format with 80 %  20 %  instrumentals to






Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI


Driving to work this morning, just after coming off the Hillsborough

Bridge from Stratford into Charlottetown, thousands of morning rush

hour [don't laugh, it was bumper to bumper] commuters and myself

were greeted by a bunch of Newcap Jocks, Jockesses and support staff

waving signs reading "Ocean 100.3".  I flipped over to 720 CHTN and

a few minutes later the 8:00 a.m. news came on.  Lead item is that

Ocean 100.3 will replace CHTN in July and K-Rock 105.5 will also

take to the air in July as Ocean 100.3's rock sister station.  Ocean

100.3 will play music [likely AC] from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and

today.  K-Rock will be a hybrid between Classic Rock and current







Meanwhile, CFCY has applied to the CRTC for a power increase,

pattern change, and tower relocation. 


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Application No. 2006-0584-2

  Application by Maritime Broadcasting System Limited relating to

the licence of radio programming undertaking CFCY-FM Charlottetown,

Prince Edward Island.

  The licensee proposes to change the authorized contours by

increasing the average effective radiated power from 73,300 watts to

an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts, by increasing the

antenna height and by relocating the transmitter (non-directional

antenna/antenna height to 253 metres).

  This undertaking was initially approved in Broadcasting Decision

CRTC 2006-89, 24 March 2006, CFCY Charlottetown ˆConversion to FM band. To date, this undertaking has not commenced operation.

  The applicant advised that the proposed changes would be the

result of the antenna being co-located on the Canadian Broadcasting

Corporation's site which is 17 kilometres west of their initially

proposed location. This change will remove the applicant's need to

erect its own transmission tower.

  Licensee's address:


5121 Sackville Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3J 1K1

Fax: (902) 423-2093

E-Mail: mail@mbsradio.com  

  Examination of application:


5 Prince Street

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.


Accordingly, the CFCY website talks briefly about the upcoming move to FM, but July [an original target month] is not mentioned:




No mention yet as to when CKEC will move to FM:




Meanwhile, CKTO aka Big Dog 100.9 in Truro NS has yet to enter the

age of the internet - still no website.


The CJFX aka X-FM website has been refreshed:




And CIGO aka 101.5 The Hawk has a couple new jocks, a new newsguy,

and a new jockess:




Keep in mind that the CRTC normally allows simulcasting on the old

AM site for up to 3 months.  Rarely do stations use the full 3

months, unless the FM is having problems.  CJFX went dark on AM

about 2 months after the FM was upped from 2750 to 75,390 watts and CIGO ditched its AM about 6 weeks after its FM was on the air.  So, my guess is that come September 1 or so, 720 CHTN will leave the air forever, the towers will come down, and we'll see a residential

subdivision spring up on the site in a few years.


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI


105.1 and 106.3 are already running IBOC more about to begin and HD-2 streaming too including 105.1 and 106.3 will be adding HD-2




Albert Lehr - Livermore, CA


840 KMPH Modesto, CA is testing at 1047 PDT/ 1720 UTC 06/26/06

with open carrier and IDs as "KMPH AM, Modesto." On Saturday 06/24

they were IDing as "KPMP, Modesto."