June 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 7


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In July, we could see the first HD night time station operations. Keep your ears open and let us know what you are hearing in the way of night MW HD.


In this issue we went past the shortest day of the year. MW and LW should be improving from here on out if the sun cooperates. The FM DXers rule this issue. And one FM Dxer, Paul LaFrieniere had to have the biggest one day tally for stations I have ever seen. His FM DX reception is very impressive. We have the logs of El Payaso of San Diego inside, for a new member, he has certainly made his mark. We are glad to have Dan Sheedy, El Payaso de la Playa. On the LW band column, Jay Heyl has a nice primer on LF DX. Check it out!


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The June CME announcement:


This CME is focused on MW reception. The cloud of IBOC noise is coming and this is sort of a "Last Chance Saloon"  before crossing the IBOC desert. Do it now before its gone. It can't be long before IBOC 24/7 hits the Federal Register.


On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception.


We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well.


WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear.


NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX.


LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band.


The July CME Announcement:


ABDX announces the Bandscan CME. We are still looking for night HD operation while awaiting night HD. For the bandscans, you can to any band, but Sirius and XM. You can even just focus on a particular meter band on HF or just FM or MW or LW or all of them, whatever you want.

On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception. This is the time that Es and Tr are abundant on FM and you shouldn't let the opportunity pass.  

We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well. This is also the time for TV DX get it while you can.

WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear. Don't forget the WX band. It is far from immune to Tr and Es and this also is the time that the weather gets exciting.  

NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX. 

LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band.

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Hallicrafters S-38E with a spool of wire to the floor



1260 WNXT OH Portsmouth good with Cincinnati Reds

game, mostly above the others. 0023 06/23/07 on


Charlie Taylor – Grifton, NC

Receiver, Antenna



At first I thought that seawave was being defracted inland along about Manteo, NC.

But subsequently, I DFed WMFD-630 Wilmington (NC), and then went to 570 and DFed the point where the CMDC/WDOX 1-Hz carrier beat ceased. That point co- incided with the null for WMFD-630. So I concluded that CMDC's signal was coming ashore and continuing to my antenna.

Also, not written up on this reflector, was my determination that I was hearing one of the two Radio Rebelde outlets on 670 all day long.

Since using my SM-2 to null WPMH only made the Rebelde outlets so weak I couldn't hear them, I just hung in there through WPMH's modulation.

To make a short story shorter, I tuned Rebelde-11655 (NOTE, Glenn Hauser: It seems that Rebelde has left 11655 for parts unknown) to get a // to correlate the 670 audio. I find that they cor-related just fine.

For whatever reason, WWFE now is on top of Rebelde on 670 days, but I can't get an ID out of WWFE. Too weak, and I suspect they ID whenever they get the hankering to do so...which seems seldom.


710    WAQI    FL    Miami,  Radio Mambí: logged @ 2001 6/22 in absence of semi-local WEGG. Out of news w/several references to Radio Mambí, then

"WAQI" ID.  I like this "Radio Martí" type delivery, w/proper SS and interposed EE words w/proper General American accent. Good, still on day pattern over Rebelde blockers. Cuban gov"t hates this station, so I like it. 


1090 WHGG TN Kingsport: logged @ 2100 6/25. Out of Southern Gosple-type

 singing into ID, "You're listening to Tri-City's Christian Talk, 10-90 AM,

 W H G G, Kingsport." Spot for [Behr?] Financial, then into SRN news.

 Huge signal. Apparently a format change from oldies.

1540 WTXY NC Whiteville (Columbus Co.) @ 1500 6/26. Out of unIDed net-

 work (NC News Network?) & quick reference to "W T`X Y." QRM from unIDed

 SS, WREJ Richmond and WYNC, Yanceyville (NC). Often heard with news from WRAL-TV-5 Raleigh, but finally an ID. Poor to fair. 


670 WWFE FL Miami: logged @ 2002 6/27. Waiting for ID from Radio

Rebelde (Got to log them sometime). SS PSA for hurricane season, then

spot for Banco Washington. Then ID "This is W W F E, 6-70 A M, Miami,"

(in proper General American) and back into news. Didn't want to log

this one at this hour: Was hoping to "dig out" ID during ground/sea-

wave conditions! Huge signal. Too easy.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Rx As Noted Below


Heard on a Sony SRF-M80V, nekkid in Silverstreet, SC:

1400 WHUB Cookeville, TN 2230ET 6/8 with ad for


Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and RS Loop:

860 KMVP Phoenix, AZ 6/22 2300 Stunting and telling listeners to tune

to 620 KTAR for sports running IBOC all night. KOA and WWL wiped out.


Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN

Receiver and Antenna



690 KTSM TX El Paso. 0500 CDT. Top of hour I.D. Relog but nice signal.

700 KHSE TX Wylie. 0502 CDT. man & woman in EE with ads. Had sub-continent accents. Then some kind of strange music. Good. NEW.

770 UNID 0512 CDT. SS station alone on 770. Fair signal.


Bob Foxworth – Tampa, FL

Receiver, Antenna



WNFO 1430 I listened today on my way to myrtle beach, About 10 am - all nortena mx, indistinguishable From any other XE clone


Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC

Sony Sports Walkman



Just after midnight, on 1030, I heard a SS stn. completely wiping out WBZ. Conditions were poor last night,.....all the 50kw NDA's were down from usual levels.....but this SS stn. was HUGE....seemed to loop NNW by SSE...played SS love ballads....at one time , it gave a toll free # but my SS is poor, as in I never learned it in HS or college. Took Latin and French instead. This stn. disappeared abruptly at 12:43 EDST this morning.....and then WBZ  was heard surprisingly loud. Maybe WONQ  ??     73, Chris   K4NHL  who was lucky enough to work E51JD on Raratonga in the South Cook Islands on 15 mtrs. last night !!


Norbert Ansay  - Warwick, RI

Kaito 1103 Nekkid


1250 WMTR NJ 9:58 PM EDT TOH ID coming up 6 oldies in a row with ad block mentioning New Jersey. Signal good with a UN ided talker battleing it out and mixing with them at times. 6/4/07


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



** U S A. KMOX IBOC is certainly a problem here around sunset, but checking out recent report that they were running it around local midnight, June 5 at 0545

UT there was no sign of it on 1110-1120-1130. However, when I first tuned in

there was some other kind of pulsing around these very frequencies --- went

away once I unplugged a TV set

** OKLAHOMA. Rumored new format of WKY 930 OKC must be imminent. They`ve started stunting with a countdown by a robotic voice, interjecting `clever` OK remarx, such as about Barry Switzer, some stupid ballgame figure, who is ``still the king``. UT June 15 at 0259 tuning around during storm-induced AC power outage, found the countdown at T minus 3 days, 11 hours, 1 minute, 2 seconds. Next mark was 6 seconds less. At 0300 legal ID in English and then briefly in Spanish mentioning 105.3, which is the station it has been simulcasting for the last few months. I calculate that the countdown should end: June 18 at 1400 UT, i.e. Monday 9 am local

WKY`s protracted countdown to new format concluded almost on schedule ---

``zero`` came at 1400:12 UT June 20. Then they screwed up with several seconds of dead air, and upcut on OKC Mayor Mick Cornett introducing the new format which is:: ``The New Jocks 930`` --- yes, more sports talk, ``from the people who brought you The Sports Animal``, which continues on WWLS 640, no change there as some had speculated. There were plenty of hints that WKY would go sports talk in some of the one-liners, and on fora such as okctalk.com. Not clear if Mick will be a regular host, which somehow seems not in his current

job description; but his first guest was Billy Tubbs, some coach on the line

from Beaumont. I`ll probably post a clip of the transition shortly. Now I can

resume ignoring this useless station.


Brent Taylor – Charlottetown, PEI

Sony ICF-7600



Well, today, Janice and I decided to take another one of our weekend drives to explore Prince Edward Island where we've recently moved from New Brunswick, to scout out places we're going to frequent when the summer arrives and we want to arrange some few-hour and all-day getaways from what amounts to the "rat-race" here in the Charlottetown area (more like a mouse-race I suppose).

This was our third scouting trip, and this time we decided to head to the

north shore of the Island, north and east of Charlottetown and along the

Gulf of St, Lawrence. I also (a bit surreptitiously) packed my ICF-7600GR

and Radio Shack 15-1853 hollow loop, as I am also looking for candidate

sites for short-term, after work, DX-pedition trips.

Today, after a drive of about 40 minutes, we ended up in the Greenwich

portion of the National Park system that spans several dozen miles of the

north coast of the Island.


One of the features of this location, added to the National Park system in

1998, is an innovative alternative energy building complex just behind the

coastal dunes. It has special composting public washrooms that flush

without water, solar panels and collectors, and a wind turbine generator.

It's all very neat and I'm pleased to see this experiment being tried.

Now, to DX. After a walk along the boardwalk over the dunes to check out

the beach, we returned to the SUV in the parking lot and I dug out my trusty Sony to do a daytime bandscan (somethng I'd not done from PEI since the mid-1990s as a tourist). The last time the radio was on was for WCBS so I started on 880 and worked my way down the band, finding expected local-like signals from all of the Gulf-bordering communities in provinces like Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, NB and Quebec. I also got some far inland signals, with decent audio on 690 and 730 in Montreal, and fair signals from some New York and Boston powerhouses, with WFAN 660 being the best.

Now, this was ALL below 900 KHz. Once I swept down through 530, I started up at 890 again and started working my way up the band. Found the expected CKDH Amherst NS, and then 920 Halifax, 930 Saint John, a weak signal from 940 Montreal, a nice signal from 950 Campbellton (presumed, NB) and then, surprisingly, started getting really bad, buzzy, QRM as I went higher.

WBZ 1030 was strong enough to punch through the noise and give me some audio, and CBA 1070 Moncton was almost QRM-free, but by the time I got up to CBI on 1140 out of Sydney, the noise was almost unbeatable. The rest of the band above that was a complete loss - just like it is at home at times.

Who would have thought. I'm in a place that is mere yards from the Gulf of

St. Lawrence, has NO powerlines of any kind for over a mile, and I still get

whacked. All I can think of is maybe it was the circuitry in the power

generating system in the Parks Canada building complex. There are

undoubtedly regulators, inverters, and God-knows-what-else in there. I

suppose there's also an outside chance it could be the nearest power

distribution lines, but I think I was far enough away to escape those.

So, it was a great trip as far as drives and beaches go, but was a bust

radio-wise this time. I have great hope that, now that I'm living here on a

very prime piece of radio real estate, I'll find a publicly-accessible area

to use for some late-day DX-peditioning. Based on the location, and the

iron oxide-laden soil and sand here on PEI, I'm figuring it should be as

good a spot as anything in southeast Canada. We'll see. I have until

early-October to settle on a spot and rig up some good portable antennas to

take along.

Next week, I'm off to Halifax for work so my next DXing trip will have to



Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler car radio and whip



Just wanted to mention some recent observation or lack thereof.  For those who heard of a new station in Idaho at 800khz, it’s still not on yet.  Don Kaskey made mention several months back and mentioned that one of the other DX clubs or newsletters said it was on.   As of today, it’s still not.  I check on a daily basis at both 790 and 800.  790 is the current home for KBRV – the Soda Springs, Idaho station.   KBRV is supposedly moving to 800 and the transmitter will be relocated to Inkom, Idaho – a suburb of Pocatello.  They have the CP to do this but it’s still not on the air yet.   Meanwhile in a similar situation, KOVO 960 in Provo, UT seems to be finally back up to full power – something they hadn’t done in YEARS.   I can pick them up reasonably well here so it’s safe to assume that they’re up to their full 5kw.   So if you need ‘em you may be able to get ‘em now – especially around pre-sunset for all you central / easterners.   And it may be a catch for some of you in the west in the wee hours of the morning at power-up time.  They also have a construction permit to up their power to 50kw daytime and change the COL to Bluffdale and move the transmitter further north.  (to give better coverage to the Salt Lake valley of course).   So another pending change on the horizon.  At present, none of this has occurred.   And I can rarely hear KBRV 790 so I know they’re not making the full 5kw power.  Seems like in the last 15 years I’ve lived here, hearing them at their full 5kw is rare.  It happens but doesn’t last very long.  Only about a month then they’re just gone again for months at a time.


Dan Sheedy (El Payaso) – San Diego, CA

Grundig G5



just got into the group & already i'm asking for help..been chasing an

XE on 1590 for about 4 months..usually hrd 2145-0010 PLT..has run a

reBC of R. Mil's "Lo Mejor de 'Buenos Dias, Mexico'" pgm-'La Musica de

Mexico'..checking the R. Mil website did nada..also have hrd XE hip-hop

& "R. Libertad" "IDs"..oh yeah..& a jingle "15-90..La Cadena de (los?)

Exitos" (this one on 3/25/07 @ 2100 PLT)..1590 is messy w/

KLIV/KKZZ/KELP in the evenings..& unless R. Bahia got a new

4mat/slogan, i'm fairly sure it's not them..besides a vivid imagination

(a DXers' greatest asset...) i'm using a Grundig G5 barefoot cuz i've

no space for an R75/BOG..& for you folks who aren't familiar w/

Encinitas-50 km N of XE & on the beach..El Payaso de la Playa (it

sounds better than "beach bum"..@ least in SS)..mahalo/tnx fo' da help..


aloha..first off-mahalo/tnx to Keith for da KBCS pgm info..i'll usurp

one of the computers @ work this coming Sat. & give a listen...another

session on 1590 last night brought post-Baja 500 race coverage, ads for

Ensenada, promo for Liga Norte de Sonora & Marineros BB(also hrd on

unID XE-570), and "Radio Cadena Enciso" @ 10:55P PLT after XE

NA..checked XEHC website & they're part of that network, so.....listed

sked is 'til 11P PLT..so perhaps they relay other pgms after local

pgmming is done just to confuse DXers (@ least this one)...@11:03P got

a nice "R. Mil..banda internacional de 49M.." which goes with some

earlier logs of R. Mil pgms well-after listed 11P s/off..now to extract

IDs from probable XEs on 570, 640, 700, 770, 1320..da fun never ends..


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


840 Modesto CA KMPH date only letter in 5 days for an email report with an MP3 file, v/s Jerry Moore, Chief Operator. This was after several emails to the station. Address on the letterhead is 1192 Norwegian Avenue, Modesto CA 95350.


1050 CA Frazier Park KJPG 7:56 PM PDT tune in to rel. pgm, ToH ID for Immaculate Heart Radio, then back into the mess in and out. New log. 

1490 CA Banning KMET has changed format to talk, ex. Jazz.


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI

RX-321 and 70’ wire



Tonight while backing up zillions of picture files for my wife on Dell

1 in the rec room and running Dell 2 in the shack with the Ten Tec RX-

321, lots of MW activity in spite of the ongoing interference problem.

Aside from 720 KHz and several weaker signals, such as 1630 KCJJ, the

mighty black box is getting a station every 10 KHz, plus a few

Europeans, such as Virgin 1215 and a bit earlier, Croatia 1134. Often

the interference is quite noticeable in the background.







The Whole Earth


Paul Armani – Denver, CO

Receiver, antenna


WWV Is Booming in right now.  I Live in Denver but lately it has been hard to hear on the Radio,

17:11 UTC ON 5000KHz.

The Atomic Clock is in Boulder Colorado with the Antiana's located in Ft. Collins Colorado.  (Ft. Collins is also the Official City of Licence for WWV).

And also there is a station on 3780 KHz that is coming in Ok, verry little static. No ID so far has been anounced. It is in Spanish.  If anyone knows please post on the list.   


Mukesh Kumar- Muzaffarpur, India

Receiver, Antenna


QSL Received Last Week (18th – 23rd June 2007)

Station: - KBS World Radio

Date: - 16-06-2007

Frequency: - 9515 kHz

Time: - 1600-1700 UTC

Language: - English

Description: - B-boys of Korea. A B-boy is a term for a person who’s devoted to hip-hop culture and recently refers to a male who practices breakdancing. Korean B-boys have gone to be the world’s top level with a

number of dancers sweeping international B-boy battles. Their videotaped performances are even being used as texts for European B-boys.

Station: - Radio Sweden

Date: - 31-05-2007

Frequency: - 15735 kHz

Time: - 1330 UTC

Language: - English

Description: - linnaeus300.com Frontline scientist answers the big question about the mystery of life. Celebrating the legacy of Sweden’s great natural scientist Carl Linnaeus.

Station: - IRIB World Service

Date: - 13-05-2007

Frequency: - 7370 kHz

Time: - 1530-1627 UTC

Language: - English

Description: - QSL No: 1. Pol-e Khaju (Khaju Bridge) – Esfahan / 17th Century.




Station: - Bible Voice (Naeun)

Date: - 09-06-2007

Frequency: - 15680 kHz

Time: - 1400-1500 UTC

Language: - English

Description: - Reaching Nations… one person at a time.

Station: - Radio Praha

Date: - 13-06-2007

Frequency: - 21745 kHz

Time: - 0900-0927 UTC

Language: - English

Description: - Blanik. This observation tower is located on the mythical peak of Blanik (638m above sea level) in central Bohemia. Some 30m high, made of wood and in the style of a Hussite tower, it was built in 1943 by the Club of Czech Hikers on the site of an earlier observation tower from 1895.

Station: - Radio Taiwan International

Date: - 06-04-2007

Frequency: - 11600 kHz

Time: - 1600-1700 UTC

Language: - English

Description: - Taiwanese Puppet Show. Widely known as glove puppetry in Taiwan, the puppet show has been one of the most popular forms of folk drama, often drawn from Chinese classical novels. This picture was

awarded first prize in the Taiwan Image Competition by the Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan). This picture depicts the famous Great Hero of Yun-Chou, Shi Yen-Wen.

Station: - Radio Taiwan International

Date: - 18-05-2007

Frequency: - 11550 kHz

Time: - 1600-1700 UTC

Language: - English

Description: - HSR Hsinchu Station. The circular concept for the outer structure of the HSR Hsinchu Station was inspired by the high-tec semi-conductor industry in Hsinchu. The material used to make the inner part of glass. The design of expending concentric circles is based on traditional Hakka architecture. The station won first place in the 2006 Taiwan Architecture Prize Competition.

Station: - Radio Free Asia

Date: - 29-05-2007

Frequency: - 7210 kHz

Time: - 1700-1730 UTC

Language: - Korean

Description: - This is the first in a series of RFA QSL cards that commemorate the youth of the world, and the spirit of democracy and freedom. The drawing was created on April 26, 2007 RFA’s annual “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day” in Washington DC. This

is one of many drawings made by the children of RFA personnel, inspired by the work their parents create daily at RFA. Please continue to submit your reception reports to www.rfa.org/schedules or by e-mail to


Station: - NHK World Radio Japan

Date: - 30-05-2007

Frequency: - 11890 kHz

Time: - 1300-1330 UTC

Language: - Hindi

Description: - “Spring Breeze” (Miyawaka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** CHINA. Firedrake, 18180 against Sound of Hope, which kindly has again moved just outside the ham band, fair with flutter at 1353 June 2

** MEXICO. Think I had reactivated XEYU here, June 1 at 0534 with good signal

but low mod in classical music, het indicating usual off-frequency on low side

of 9600 beating with something on-frequency.

XEYU, 9599v+, June 2 at 0534, JBA with Spanish talk

** PORTUGAL. RDPI, weak but audible on 21830, June 2 at 1355. Only on weekends is this frequency on this late, per Eibi listings.

RDPI, weak but audible on 21655, and slightly stronger than // 21830,

June 2 at 1355. Only on weekends is this frequency on this early, per Eibi


** VIETNAM [non]. The VOV Sackville relay 6175 is getting blown away by Cuba

6180, commies vs commies! Noted once again UT Friday June 1 at 0524 with

Vietnamese lesson for English-speakers, yes --- within the Vietnamese-language

hour where English-speakers are not likely to be listening, anyway. 6175 is at

240 degrees from Sackville, close to our azimuth, rather than the 277 you might

expect for the west coast at this hour, but the signal is way weaker than RHC

which I think is also blasting pretty much right at us, but of course not in

HFCC. Such neighbors!

** CHAD. The extremely distorted signal which has been traced to RNT being over 1 MHz off-frequency from 6165 is still there: June 6 at 0510 check, it was

pretty much centered on 7290 causing severe QRM to BBC in Portuguese, which is via South Africa, 500 kW at 335 degrees, 0430-0530 and M-F only. Does BBC care? RNW, DW and our team tracked down the source already when it was on 7312v

** JAPAN [and non]. R. Japan, NHK Warido, really goes after the

language-learners. UT Thu June 7 at 0623 I was hearing Japanese lessons for

Germans on 11970 via Gabon, and at the same time on very strong 11715 direct,

Japanese LL for English-speakers. I wonder how many people actually learn a

language this way? 11715 tho for NE Siberia following the Russian broadcast at

0530 is on a 35 degree beam so might as well be designated for NAm too like

13630. Program is Brush Up Your Japanese, Thu 0620-0654 among other times,

while on Tue at same hours it is Basic Japanese For You

** MEXICO. XEYU again barely audible, June 7 at 0623 on 9599+ with classical

music, het

** TURKEY. Not sure why I keep listening to the Live from Turkey webcast,

Tuesdays 1850-1920+ which is also on 9785, but something to distract me while I am putting the finishing touches on preparing to record WORLD OF RADIO. LFT is usually just three or two announcers chatting, about how bad the traffic is in Istanbul, how hot it is in the studio at 10 pm, or the current political

situation, or how Turkey ought to go after the nasty Kurds across the border in

Iraq (which they reportedly did the next day). This time, June 5, they

mentioned that they now know why they have not been getting any calls for

several weeks. It turns out both the phone they had been using and the phone

line are out of order. Some people e- mailed to tell them they tried to call

but could not get thru. The German sexion finally traced the problem, so a

repair order is pending. This time the IS did not start until 1924, assuming

the usual webcast delay of half a minute, so VOT remains flexible about whether

broadcasts last anywhere from 50 to 55 minutes

** U S A. Another time for WORLD OF RADIO on WRMI is 0600 UT Thu on 9955, as I happened across it at 0621 June 7; Jeff White says that has been added tho like most of the overnight broadcasts it is ``semi-permanent``. 9955 has been propagating lately, without jamming, also e.g. UT Mon 0530 with WOR

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. I thought LV de la RASD, 6300, signed on around 0700, but June 5 at 0606 it was already going with monotonous chants, 0609 YL

announcement in Arabic, an ID, I think, and into instrumental music, 0610 OM

talking. Meanwhile, RHC mixing product of 6060 leapfrogging over 6180, 120 kHz further up, could be heard underneath on 6300, and the two produced a SAH of about 4 Hz, which speaks remarkably for the frequency control of both stations, unless it is just coincidental. Then DX Mix News, Bulgaria confirmed that the morning Arabic transmission has shifted to 0600-0800, and evening sign-off an hour earlier to 2300*

** ANGUILLA. More irregularity from DGS, or rather Pastor Melissa Scott who seems to be devoting most of the airtime to herself these days: June 8 at 1525 check, nothing on 11775 aside Brasil 11780, but at 1544 she was back 

** AUSTRALIA. June 8 at 0525, 19m was hopping solstitially, with various

signals from Asia and Pacific, especially R. Australia on 15160 // 15240 in

English, but absent from the usual third // which is strongest, 15515.

Transmitter trouble at Shep?

** CHINA. Tho there were lots of Chinese-language signals, RFA and/or jamming on 16m, June 8 at 0527 Firedrake on 18180 against Sound of Hope was JBA

** KOREA NORTH. VOK, 11710 to NAm, works surprisingly well on some mornings, such as June 8 at 1521 during stilted English broadcast with usual bull, 1526 into music, also characteristic with some kind of primitive electronic instrument, Hammond organ?

** LIBYA [and non]. June 8 at 1317 I found the Afropop music jammer on 17637.0 with good signal, and on BFO I could find it flanked by much weaker carriers on 17635.0 and 17637.5, which may have been Sawt al Amal and/or other jammer inside Libya. After 1400, 17637.0 music was alone, and still going at 1518 as usual

** THAILAND. BBCWS, 21660 via Nakhon Sawan, is a prime propagation beacon at Solstice, scheduled all the way from 03 to 11 in English at 25 degrees, so also toward NAm. June 8 at 0529, around midnight here (really 11 pm LMT), was good with some flutter, airing programme prommos, then back to World Today. Must also look for R. Thailand`s English to Europe at same hour scheduled via Udorn on 17655

** AUSTRALIA. RA, June 21 at 1300 was running open carrier on 9590, 9580, 9560, then at 1303 joined news in progress. Somebody forgot to pot up the program line feed?

** CHAD. Still there, a big dirty blob around 7290, June 17 at 0500 check.

Could not hear any BBC Portuguese under it this time, so I wonder if they have


** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake check, June 20 at 1333: all these were in

parallel, checked on two receivers. 9200 weak, 10300 much stronger and best of

the lot; at 1337 also 13970 and 18180. Did not find any in the 14.5 to 14.7 MHz

range. And at 1339 same on // 9605, unlike the others mixing with another

audible station, presumably BBC via Japan, tho WYFR is also on the schedules

during this hour

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, June 20 at 1320, Korean talk, but mixing at equal

level with vocal music. The two did not really go together like a voice-over.

Two different audio sources fed into same transmitter? Slight fading which

could have been a SAH indicating two transmitters on frequency, but unsure.

Normally there is no co-channel during this hour unlike at 1400+. At 1325 was

hearing only the music

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze a rarity here, but poorly audible June 20 at

1310 on 9485 via Taiwan, when KAIJ 9480 was not too strong. Seemed to be in

English but with heavy accent, narrative stories of abduxions, mentioning

years. 1315 music break, and maybe into non-English, as reception worsens. 1329 piano theme music audible and off

** MEXICO. It appears that XEYU is sometimes on the air, but at much reduced

power compared to a few weeks ago. June 19 at 1300, RHC carrier had not quite

left 9600, and I could hear a het on the low side; after Cuba was off, I could

detect nothing but a carrier on 9599.2, squeezed between much stronger signals

from Nikkei on 9595 and Firedrake on 9605

** U S A. Pastor Melissa Scott via WWCR, 13845, June 19 at 1305 was putting out spurs and splatter from 13825 to 13865

**CUBA** R.Rebelde EiBi has 11655 as 12-14 and 17-19, both irregular.

Aoki says 12-14 and 1700-1830, both 100 kW at 230 degrees for A-07.

However, the last I noticed it, the midday broadcast was at 1600-1730, perhaps a DST shift. Did not get to check 11655 in time June 24. But at 1607 UT June 25 it was on, loud & clear.

** ALASKA. Several news stories June 24-25 about a big fire on ``a scenic

peninsula south of Anchorage``` --- hmm, what could that be? Kenai, maybe? Of

course. Once that is settled, it takes searching thru several stories to find

one giving any more detail. One we found was in of all places, Pravda.ru (which

BTW has cheesecake now), mentioning the town of Clam Gulch. That`s on the west coast of the almost-island, along hiway 1, between Soldotna and Anchor Point. Looks like the area is about 40 miles from A.P. and KNLS. Are they praying away the fire at WCBC? Strangely enough, the Tahoe fire was bigger news in the Lower 48.

KNLS still in operation despite approaching wildfire: June 26 at 1300 on 9780

heard TS, KNLS IS, but mixing with China in Chinese. KNLS better in the clear

on // 9795, with IS running until 1302 switch to theme music and opening its

own Chinese broadcast

** ASIA. Re R. Free Asia`s reluctance to specify transmitter sites on QSLs,

even tho their registrations are hardly any secret --- While I have no evidence

this is so, it occurs to me that one of many tactix a jammed service might

employ would be to switch transmitter sites around in case one would work

better than another under prevailing propagation conditions and/or to keep the

enemy confused. It could be that RFA would rather not specify a site, which

might not be true anyway for a particular reception, since this could tip their

hand, or later be proven lying about it

** CHAD. Dirty blob was parked about 7288, June 25 at 0454 check causing

multiple hets against 7290 broadcast, presumably BBC Portuguese via South


** CHINA [non]. Following Andy Reid`s complaints from Ontario of CRI via CUBA

9570 QRMing R. Australia on 9560, 9580 and 9590, I listened carefully to the

conclusion of Late Night Live, about eugenix, June 26 at 1250, when 9580 was

the only useful RA frequency, and could hear some ``scratching`` from the 9570

transmitter, which on its own frequency was somewhat undermodulated as usual.

The scratching was axually worse when off-tuned slightly to the hi side of 9580

rather than the lo side. I can see how this would be much worse further east,

where the Cuban signal is aimed

** HUNGARY. So the final week of R. Budapest. English to North America, UT

daily: 0100-0130 6040 [inaudible in noise when I checked] 0230-0300 6195

Access to audio on demand and live streaming is not obvious from the main R.

Budapest site, but via our DX PROGRAMS info we find it at


** RUSSIA [and non]. Dramatic reading by M&W with slight accents, mentioning

Rasputin, very good signal I had not noticed before on 9515, but speech audio

emphasizing the lower frequencies, UT Mon June 25 at 0437 on 9515. Must be

Audio Book Club, from VOR. Yes, found // synchronized on 9860, and one

sesquisecond behind the others on weaker 13630. A.B.C. outro at 0458 and

wavelength announcements for European and Pacific services about to open, and for NAm to resume at 0100. I sure thought the last was 13630, but maybe I was sleepy, since 13635 is listed. Per http://www.ruvr.ru/main.php?lng=eng&w=129&p=

Frequencies at 0400-0500 are:

13775, 13635, 9860, 9435, 9515, 9880(till 31.7.07), 5900(from 1.8.07)

But whence? Three different countries, Germany, Vatican, DV Russia per HFCC:

9515 0200 0500 7-9,27 WER 250 300 1234567 250307 281007 D D VOR TRW

9860 0100 0458 7-9 SMG 250 295 1234567 250307 281007 D CVA VOR TRW

13635 0100 0500 1,2,6 P.K 250 65 1234567 250307 281007 D RUS VOR GFC

That Wertachtal is a winner


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


AFN Key West FL, 7811 kHz full data card with old 7812.5 kHz frequency in 3 days for an email report.

 USA WYFR Family Radio Okeechobee FL 9505 kHz, 30 year anniversary card from 2003 in 24 days for a report with $2 to their Oakland address. Also received bumper stickers and other goodies. 

USA VOA Greenville NC 9575 6/23/07 *0359-0500* English news, Weekend News Now, Today In History, On The Line and an editorial. Excellent signal. 

USA WBCQ Monticello ME 7415 6/26/07 0400-0433* Amos and Andy followed by Herald of Truth, good signal.


Dan Sheedy (El Payaso) – San Diego, CA

Grundig G5



R. Singapore International-6080 1335-1400Z quite good on the G5

w/ nx & into cutting-edge interview w/ a gentleman who owns

Singapore's largest carry knife collection..incisive questions &

sharp, pointed replies..closing @ 1355 w/ "Radio Singapore

Int'l..6080 and 6150 kHz in the 49M band.."..Radio Australia opening

w/ "Waltzing Matilda" IS & into Indo (i think..the notes are

illegible..too early..)..RSI-6150 audible u/ someone else but not



1055-1103 UTC..in/out w/ nice ID @ 1100.."..Radio..Coatan..4780..en la

banda (internacional?) de 60 metros.."..uses "London Bridge Is Falling

Down" as instrumental backing to ID..(abysmal music knowledge prevents

me from knowing the "real" name of the tune)..on the G5/whip..


Down in the Basement

(editor – Jay Heyl)


This being summer in the Northern hemisphere, the season of long days, short nights, and lots of thunderstorms throughout much of North America, things here in the basement are a bit slow. Since we have few loggings to report this month, I’m going to take advantage of the open space and start on some educational pieces on NDBs. Those of you familiar with this topic will probably want to move along now as this will be very introductory material. If you’re curious about beacons but haven’t spent much time hunting them, I hope I can provide a few bits of info you were previously unfamiliar with to help you on your way.

I envision this educational project as a multi-part series, if only because I don’t have time to cover everything before deadline. This month I’m going to cover the basic description of NDBs, the purpose for which they exist (no, it isn’t to keep radio enthusiasts entertained), and a bit about modes of operation. Topics for the future include frequency assignments, offsets, receiving equipment, tools of the trade, techniques, and resources. Along the way I’m going to sprinkle in info about a few specific NDBs that should be fairly easy for beginners to hear.

If you have any topics or specific questions you’d like to see covered in this series, please feel free to contact me directly at jay AT frelled dot us.

What are NDBs?

NDB is an acronym for non-directional beacon. These are radio transmitters used for purposes of navigation at sea or in the air. NDBs are a comparatively old technology which is being replaced by more sophisticated methods of navigation such as GPS. Maritime beacons in North America have largely been replaced by DGPS transmitters, which can be combined with standard GPS to provide more accurate positioning. NDBs intended for aero navigation are still plentiful in North America and many other parts of the world.

There are beacons operating all across the radio spectrum. Most are LW, but there are some MW and even some in the SW bands. This being the basement, we will concentrate on the LW beacons.

Standard aero NDBs are simple transmitters which send out the call letters of the station in Morse code in an endless loop. Many of these beacons are located at or near an airport, usually a smaller one since the large airports have more sophisticated navigation equipment installed. They are sometimes employed to mark the approach path for incoming planes.

Modes of Operation

There are several modes of operation employed by various beacons around the world. The most commonly encountered are A1A, A2A, and non-A2A. In A1A mode, the unmodulated carrier is toggled off and on to send out the station ID. Typically the carrier would be on for use in direction finding (DF). It is toggled on a regular interval to send out the ID. The times between IDs would typically be long to provide an extended DF period.

In A2A mode, there is a modulated frequency in addition to the carrier. The modulated frequency is keyed on/off to send the station ID. The carrier may also be toggled at the same time. In the DF period both the carrier and the modulated frequency would be left on.

Like with A2A mode, non-A2A mode combines a modulated frequency with a carrier. In this mode, however, the carrier is continuous and only the modulated frequency is keyed on/off to send the station ID. This is the same as any standard AM signal sending an intermittent tone.

Most of the NDBs in the United States operate in non-A2A mode, with double side bands surrounding the carrier frequency. There are a few that use just one side band. Many Canadian NDBs operate in A2A mode, with the modulated frequency keyed on during the period between IDs. This mode of operation is commonly referred to as Dash After ID (DAID) since the signal sounds as though the ID is followed by a very long dash.

While I’ve never personally heard any, I’m told NDBs in France typically use A1A mode. Since the carrier itself is the signal, these beacons can only be heard in CW mode.

Some Targets

I’d like to close with a few beacons that anyone in a reasonably quiet environment with a LW radio should be able to hear.

198 DIW (-.. .. .--)    Dixon, NC

200 UAB (..- .- -...)   Anahim Lake, BC

206 GLS (--. .-.. ...)  Galveston, TX

338 PBT (.--. -... -)   Red Bluff, CA

411 RD  (.-. -..)       Redmond, OR

338-PBT and 411-RD are a bit less powerful than the others and may not get out quite as far. The others are super-powers as far as NDBs go. 198-DIW and 206-GLS are regulars here in Orlando. If I can’t hear them, conditions are hopeless. Give a listen and let us know in the group if you can hear any of them.

In the next installment I plan to cover frequencies, offsets, and intervals. And, hopefully, we’ll have a few more loggings to report.


David Griffin – Saugerties, NY

Modified Ten-Tec 320 and one meter loop



I'm getting HEU on 356 Khz at 0130 zulu, the NDB in Schenectady, NY,

about 50 miles north of here. That's actually pretty good for this

time of day.


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Paul La Freniere – Grand Marais, MN

Receiver and Antenna



Opening started at 0900 CDT and ended at 2030 CDT.

88.1 KGNZ TX Abilene I.D. "KGNZ"

88.3 WJKS NJ Canton I.D. "WJKS"

88.3 KPAC TX San Antonio TOH I.D.

88.3 WLMS FL Lecanto RDS=SPIRIT88

88.5 WAMU DC Washington RDS=WAMU

89.1 KSTX TX San Antonio I.D. "KSTX"

89.1 WUFT FL Gainesville TOH I.D.

89.1 WLBF AL Montgomery RDS=WLBF-FM

89.5 KENW NM Portales RDS=KENW FM

91.3 WMPN MS Jackson TOH I.D.

92.1 KTFW TX Glen Rose Local ads

92.3 KNFM TX Midland Lonestar 92 slogans

92.3 KRNH TX Kerrville I.D. "KRNH"

92.3 WSGA GA Hinesville Freedom 92.3 slogan

92.5 KULL TX Abilene Local ads

92.5 KKRE OK Hollis Local ads

92.5 WXMD MD Pocomoke City RDS=MAX 92.5

92.9 KTZA NM Artesia KZ-93 slogans

92.9 KDCD TX San Angelo BOH I.D.

93.1 KQIZ TX Amarillo Local ads

93.1 KTYL TX Tyler RDS=MIX 93.1

93.1 WEAS GA Savannah E 93 slogans

93.1 WEZW NJ Wildwood Crest The Touch slogans

93.3 WROO FL Callahan The Rooster slogans

93.5 KWES NM Ruidoso The West slogans

93.5 KBHT TX Crockett Local ads

93.5 KLXK TX Breckenridge K-Lakes slogans


93.7 WPYA VA Chesapeake Bob FM slogans

93.9 KCRN TX San Angelo RDS=KCRN-FM

93.9 WKYS DC Washington RDS=Kiss FM

94.1 KZOR NM Hobbs RDS=Z-94

94.1 WZBQ AL Carrollton RDS=WZBQ

94.1 WWHA NC Oriental RDS=The HOT FM

94.5 KFMX TX Lubbock RDS=KFMX

94.5 KFPW AR Barling RDS=KFPW-FM

94.5 WPST NJ Trenton RDS=94.5 PST

94.5 WRVQ VA Richmond RDS=Q 94

94.7 KIXY TX San Angelo Local ads

94.7 WQDR NC Raleigh RDS=WQDR

94.9 KLTY TX Arlington I.D. "KLTY"

94.9 KOLI TX Electra The Outlaw slogans

94.9 KBIM NM Roswell BOH I.D.

94.9 WUBL GA Atlanta The Bull slogans

94.9 WPTE VA Virginia Beach RDS=POINT

95.1 KGYU NM Corrales Local ads

95.1 KORQ TX Baird 95Q slogans

95.1 KQRX TX Midland Bob FM slogans

95.1 WRNS NC Kinston RDS=WRNS

95.5 KAIQ TX Wolfforth SS super estrella

95.5 WBTS GA Doraville The Beat slogans

95.7 KPER NM Hobbs Local ads

95.7 WQPW GA Valdosta RDS=THE MIX

95.9 KYBE OK Frederick K 96 FM slogans

96.1 KMRK TX Odessa RDS=WILD 96

96.1 KXXM TX San Antonio MIX 96.1

96.1 WROX VA Exmore 96X slogans

96.1 WHBX FL Tallahassee 96.1 Jamz slogans

96.1 WTTH NJ Margate City RDS=WTTH

96.1 WBBB NC Raleigh RDS=WBBB 96

96.3 KXIT TX Dalhart "KXIT Classic Rock"

96.3 KTTG AR Mena RDS=SportsRadio

96.3 KSCS TX Fort Worth Local ads

96.3 WUSJ MS Jacksonville RDS=US96.3

96.3 WJIZ GA Albany RDS=WJIZ

96.3 WRHT NC Morehead City RDS=THUNDER

96.5 KLMA NM Hobbs SS Hobbs ads



96.7 WFFF MS Columbia RDS=WFFF96.7

96.9 KCCY CO Pueblo RDS=Y 96 9

96.9 KXYL TX Brownwood Local ads

96.9 KZMZ LA Alexandria I.D. "KZMZ"

96.9 KIOX TX El Campo RDS=XO 96.9

96.9 WLAN PA Lancaster RDS=FM97WLAN

97.1 WOKK MS Meridian RDS=97OKK

97.1 WSRV GA Gainesville RDS=RIVER

97.1 WDBS WV Sutton RDS=WDBS

97.3 WGH VA Newport News RDS=EAGLE

97.5 KQUS AR Hot Springs RDS=US97

97.5 KWTX TX Waco RDS=97 5KWTX

97.9 KGNC TX Amarillo RDS=KGNC-FM

97.9 KZBB OK Poteau RDS=KZBB 979

97.9 KBXX TX Houston RDS=THE BOX

97.9 KBFB TX Dallas The Beat slogans

97.9 WIBB GA Fort Valley RDS=WIBB

98.1 KKFM CO Colorado SpringsRDS=98.1KKFM

98.1 KKCL TX Lorenzo Kool 98 slogans

98.1 KVET TX Austin Local ads

98.1 WQSM NC Fayetteville RDS=WQSM-FM

98.1 WKDD OH Canton RDS=98.1WKDD

98.1 WDFM OH Defiance RDS=WDFM

98.3 WQXZ GA Pinehurst RDS=OLDIES

98.5 KRFT TX Rockdale Local ads I.D.


98.7 KMTH NM Maljamar RDS=KMTH FM

98.7 KLUV TX Dallas RDS=K-LUV

98.7 WJKK MS Vicksburg RDS=MIX98.7

98.7 WILT NC Jacksonville RDS=WILL

98.9 KHHL TX Leander RDS=LA LEY

98.9 WBAM AL Montgomery RDS=WBAM-FM

98.9 WMXY OH Youngstown MIX 98.9

99.1 KHKX TX Odessa Kix 99.1 slogans

99.1 KMAG AR Fort Smith RDS=KMAG 991

99.1 KNES TX Fairfield RDS=KNES

99.1 KXKC LA New Iberia RDS=KXKC

99.1 WSLQ VA Roanoke RDS=Q99

99.3 KPSM TX Brownwood Rel talk & I.D.

99.3 WKCN GA Lumpkin RDS=WKCN

99.5 KISS TX San Antonio RDS=KISS


99.9 KTCS AR Fort Smith RDS=KTCS

99.9 WACO TX Waco RDS=WACO 100

99.9 WWFG MD Ocean City RDS=FROGGY

100.1 KWFX OK Woodward RDS=KWFX

100.3 KMMX TX Tahoka RDS=MIX 100.3

100.3 KRRV LA Alexandria Local ads

100.3 KJKK TX Dallas RDS=JACK FM

100.3 WOBB GA Tifton RDS=B100

100.5 WJOX AL Northport RDS=JOX100.5

100.5 WRTM MS Port Gibson RDS=WRTM-FM

100.5 WXMM VA Norfolk RDS=MAX FM

100.7 WJLQ FL Pensacola RDS=Q 100

100.7 WRVA NC Rocky Mount RDS=RIVER

100.9 KEJL NM Eunice RDS=KEJL

100.9 WJXN MS Utica K-Love slogans

101.1 KONE TX Lubbock RDS=ROCK 101

101.1 WWDC DC Washington RDS=DC 101

101.3 KOXE TX Brownwood cntry leader KOXE

101.3 WWDE VA Hampton RDS=2WD

101.5 KRMQ NM Clovis Local ads

101.5 KNUE TX Tyler RDS=KNUE

101.5 WKHX GA Marietta RDS=KICKS

101.5 WSOL GA Brunswick RDS=1015WSOL

101.5 WRAL NC Raleigh RDS=WRAL-FM


101.7 WBEI AL Reform RDS=B101.7

101.9 WLMG LA New Orleans RDS=MAGIC

101.9 WHHY AL Montgomery TOH I.D.

102.1 KFZX TX Monahans RDS=FZX

102.1 KQIS LA Basile RDS=1021KQIS

102.3 KSPK CO Walsenburg RDS=KSPK-FM

102.3 KPEZ TX Austin RDS=TheRiver

102.7 KHXS TX Merkel 102 The Bear slogan

102.7 KTXJ TX Jasper TOH I.D.

102.7 WSNZ VA Appomattox RDS=Sunny FM

102.9 WVRK GA Columbus RDS=WVRK

102.9 WOWI VA Norfolk RDS=WOWI

102.9 WWMY NC Raleigh RDS=Y102

103.1 KMUL TX Muleshoe Local ads

103.3 KCRS TX Midland RDS=KISS FM

103.3 WWSN GA Waycross RDS=Sunny

103.3 KJOJ TX Freeport SS ads

103.5 KAMZ TX Tahoka La Ley slogans

103.5 KVSP OK Anadarko RDS=KVSP



103.7 WBNU NC Shallotte RDS=The BONE

103.9 KHYN KS Copeland TOH I.D.

103.9 KKIX AR Fayetteville RDS=KIX 104

103.9 WRPG GA Hawkinsville Local ads

104.7 KQBK AR Booneville RDS=KQBK-FM

104.7 WAAZ FL Crestview RDS=CRESVIEW

104.7 WZZK AL Birmingham RDS=WZZK

104.9 WBUV MS Moss Point Talk BOH I.D.

105.1 KWMW NM Maljamar Local ads I.D.

105.1 WASJ FL PanamaCityBeach RDS=SMOOTH

105.3 KLVT TX Levelland Real Country 1230

105.5 WXQR NC Jacksonville RDS=Carolina

105.9 WXMK GA Dock Junction RDS=WXMK-FM

105.9 WOAD MS Pickens RDS=WOAD-FM

106.3 WQBZ GA Fort Valley RDS=WQBZ-FM

106.5 KEND NM Roswell RDS=*BOB-FM*

106.5 KOOI TX Jacksonville Sunny 106.5 slogans

106.7 KCHX TX Midland RDS=MIX106.7

106.7 KTUZ OK Okarche RDS=LA ZETA

106.9 WBPT AL Homewood RDS=EAGLE

107.1 WTLY GA Thomasville RDS=WTLY


107.5 WNKT SC St. George catcountry1075.com

107.9 KQLM TX Odessa TOH I.D.

107.9 WZKX MS Bay St. Louis RDS=KICKER

107.9 WYYD VA Amherst RDS=108 WYYD


Eric Berger's FM DX - McIntosh MR-65

Suburban Detroit Michigan



My "Opening" yesterday consisted of a couple very unsteady catches, with CBN4-FM 95.1 Stephenville, NFLD being the only new one IDed -- my first NFLD catch. (Carried CBC Radio 2, and was an hour ahead of our local CBC2 outlet.) Only other CBC2 outlet listed was from BC with a fairly low power...probably wasn't that one!


Keith McGinnis – Boston, MA

Yamaha T-85 and APS-9B



It was a good late afternoon and early evening for many FM dxers in the Northeast.  Paths IA/MO/AR/IL to the New England area were hopping for a few hours.  Also many dxers in NY, NJ, Ontario, etc reported Newfoundland and even the Gaspe.  I logged about 20 stations (including a couple of HD stations in the midwest) but I'm not sure how many were new.


Early last evening there had been some skip rolling in. Nothing

spectacular with the Bahamas and Florida stations coming in. Then

around 7:30 tropo started going downcoast thru NJ and into MD. Still

nothing spectacular. Around 11:00 PM Jeff Lehmann (a local dxer about

10 miles south of me) alerted me that he might have WRMF 97.9 in via

tropo (a distance of almost 1200 miles). A check of the

propagation maps (

http://www.mountainlake.k12.mn.us/ham/aprs/path.cgi?map=na ) did indeed

show quite a long path down coast into FL. Meanwhile the 6m map showed

no eskip at that time in the east coast areas. I tried 97.9 and found

nothing but NYC and possibly MD. I kept trying and 11:40 I head

something different fade up. I turned on the recorder and taped the

next 7 minutes and sure enough I caught an ID ....WRMF!!!! West Palm

Beach FL at slightly over 1200 miles smashing my tropo distance record

by close to 500 miles!!! If that weren't enough I then nailed (also

recorded) WEAT 104.3 also from West Palm Beach right around midnight.

A couple of incredible late night tropo catches!!


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

Hafler 330 and VU75XR



Trying on FM. Have a little bit in and out on 88.5.

On FM have CIBH 88.5 FM from Parksville, BC.


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI

Pontiac Vibe Radio


Just got this from my brother who lives and tends his flock in Sydney


-----Original Message-----

From: Peter Rafuse

Sent: June 4, 2007 2:31 PM

To: Philip Rafuse

Subject: Hi Phil 98.3 CHER FM

Hi Phil, 98.3 CHER FM is testing this afternoon. Rolling music with an

ID that they are testing and to report any signal problems to MBS with

a phone number. Oldies sound real good on FM. From what I heard on

MAX 950 this morning it looks like they wil call themselves MAX 98.3

FM. All we need now is for CJCB To change over and for the BOB and

Andy show to begin???

The reference to the Bob and Andy show: Bob MacEachern is co-owner

[along with his wife Brenda] and GM of CIGO-FM Port Hawksbury. My

brother Peter used to work there in the CIGO 1410 AM days. Andy Newman

used to work at CIGO AM back when Peter worked there. Andy now owns a

station in St. John's NL. Bob and Andy have applied together [50/50]

for a license for a new FM station in Sydney NS to break the MBS radio


You can bet I'll set the Vibe's radio to 98.3 for the ride home from

work to see if any sign of CHER-FM flutters in!

I'll bet Keith will be trying 98.3 to see if anything comes in via

troph from NS to MA!

Sure enough, driving home I picked up classic hits, rolling with gaps,

coming in, coming out - to be replaced by cbc radio two from nb. After

a bunch of songs, there was an ID for CHER-FM, testing, with a phone

number to call the MBS Cape Breton tech dept if they were creating

interference. Clearly the troph was smiling on me, although there were

no other distant fm stations to be found.


96.1 CBC Charlottetown, 93.1 CHLQ-FM and 95.1 CFCY-FM are all off the

air. Meanwhile CHTN-FM 100.3 and CKQK 105.5 are on. All the stations

come off the CBC tower in Churchill PEI.

My hunch is maintenance or a problem with the upper omni panel while

the lower directional panel is ok.

There is a weak DX signal on 96.1 but I haven't caught an ID and I

gotta get some shut-eye.

97.3 The River in Mirimichi NB coming in for a few minutes, then faded



Courtesy of my brother the DX clergy guy:

-----Original Message-----

From: Peter Rafuse [Sent: June 11, 2007 4:07 PM

To: Philip Rafuse

Subject: Hi Phil

Hi Phil, Today was the first day of classic rock Max 98.3 FM. Quite

a change in formatt with at times quite heavy rock. They are

representing themselves as real rock with lots of BS and slogans.

Apparently they were by their own account quite sissey in their

previous incarnation. To read between the lines CHER staffers were

very ashamed of their station. Keep on checking for their signal in

that we have so much fog it may help duct it.

Signal weekens near the mountain but recovers rather nicely and

thunders into Baddeck. The slogans are really stupid beyond what I've

heard on other stations. Pete...

Phil's note - sounds like another MBS radio Hal or Spud!


June 18, 2007

Location - Charlottetown to Stratford PEI, driving home from work at

4:30 p.m. ADT.

Radio - stock base 2006 Pontiac Vibe with stock 16 or so inch roof whip

98.9 WKLZ Petoskey MI - legal IDing as WKLT and with frequent

references to "KLT". At first I was confused looking it up in the FM

Atlas as the closest thing under 98.9 was WKLZ. I thought my ears were

going! Then I got on google and found this:


Their signal was so strong it completely displaced 98.9 X-FM [CJFX-FM]

which is 75,000 watts and 55 miles away. At first I thought it was BIG

JOHN FM [CJYC 98.9 Saint John NB] which often does a troph battle with

X-FM. Format was fairly heavy rock.

When I got to our baby sitters yard, I did some quick FM DXing - dial

up to about 102 MHz was filled with FM stations, and many near locals

were shoved aside.

Unfortunately I couldn't sit there and wait for IDs and once I got home

I had to get the munchkins ready for supper.

But, it brings back how much fun FM dx can be!


Mike Hawkins – N.  California near

San Francisco Receiver and antenna


Skip for the day 6/17 is:

 XHW - 90.1 - La Paz, Baja California Sur

XHSJS - 96.3 - San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur

XHGON - 92.9 - Ciudad Obregon, Sonora 

Several unIDs and I'm the last person in the world you want trying to make sense out of Mexican DX.  Skip was in and out for 4-5 hours, but focused on southern tip of Baja for the whole period (as far I could tell).


CFEX 92.9 Calgary Alberta

CIFM-8 93.1 Chase British Columbia

CHFM 95.9 Calgary Alberta

CHLB 95.5 Lethbridge Alberta

CKUA-13 91.3 Drumheller Alberta

CHSU 99.9 Kelowna British Columbia

KAGU 88.7 Spokane Washington


Today has been the skip day I've been waiting for, and I don't think its done yet.  So Far..... 

time call   freq  location

1203 KLMR   93.5  CO Lamar

1204 KZRD   93.9  KS Dodge City

1206 KOTE   93.5  KS Eureka

1237 KTRZ   93.1  WY Riverton

1239 KTAK   93.9  WY Riverton

1511 KZDY   96.3  KS Cawker City

1512 KQNS   95.5  KS Lindsborg

1519 KKYA   93.1  SD Yankton

1523 KRKS   94.7  CO Lafayette

1525 KNEN   94.7  NE Norfolk

1529 KSWN   93.9  NE McCook

1530 KELN   97.1  NE North Platte

1531 KQMT   99.5  CO Denver

1532 KHNE   89.1   NE Hastings

1536 KRNY  102.3  NE Kearney

1616 KIQK  104.1  SD Rapid City

1636 KRVN   93.1  NE Lexington

1647 KRCS   93.1  SD Sturgis

1655 KPSD   97.1  SD Faith

1656 KKMK   93.9  SD Rapid City

1709 KSDR   92.9  SD Watertown

1725 KENW   89.5  NM Portales

1730 KYYX   97.1  ND Minot

Of special note are the last two...New Mexico (RDS hit) and North Dakota (Kicks-FM ID and local ad).  I didn't think that was possible.  Its starting again.....


John Callarman – Krum. TX

Car Radio



Saturday morning brought some outstanding car radio DX while traveling between Krum TX and Oklahoma City for a first cousin's 50th wedding anniversary. I'd brought a tape recorder along in case I got a chance to record some conversation with my cousin and other relatives, and fished the recorder out of the briefcase in the trunk after hearing Minnesota and Wisconsin Public Radio outlets below 91.9.

Since it's old, outdated stuff by now and I wasn't taking notes at 70 mph up I-35, I'll just mention a couple of stations I was able to identify ... There was WOSQ-92.3 ESPN Spencer WI with call letter ID that sent me to the trunk for the recorder ... CFGW-94.1 The Fox Yorktown SK ... CHAT-94.5 Medicine Hat AB and KLFM-92.9 Great Falls MT as the skip seemed to move from East to West. This was between about 9:30 and 11 a.m. CDT.

Lots of others available between (and sometimes over) the TX and OK stations.

Nothing really unusual, I suppose, and nothing countable since 1) I was more than 25 miles from home base and 2) I’m not counting anyway ...

But 't was fun.


Dan Sheedy (El Payaso) – San Diego, CA

X-Terra car radio


6/17 while sitting in the X-Terra in the parking lot @ work up

pops KPRD-88.9 w/ TC/local wx, ID & URL..@ 4P (PDT)..1st out-of-state

FM! loud and lasted about 5 minutes..also had KLRD xltr K213AB-90.5,

poss. KCND-90.5 (w/ NPR's "Speaking of Faith") @ 4:23P, and unID-90.5

w/ "AFR-Family Radio for Life" pgm @ 5:08P..too many AFR-affiliates

on 90.5 to even guess..(if FM DX reception is localized

geographically during such openings, KRBW Ottawa, KS, KAYM

Weatherford, OK or 1 of the KS stns might be the one..pfui)..rarely

hrd KMRO-90.3 all over local XHITZ @ 5P(& KMRO not only IDs nicely,

but gives a looong list of their xltrs..)..6/18 KGDP-90.5 fair @

3:28P //660 w/ ID, ads for Santa Maria businesses..rarely hrd KRQZ-

91.5 way atop the freq..not even a hint of semi-local KUSC @

3:15P...Mike Hawkins:if you have any marginal details on your unID XE

FM logs, i'd be happy to help..& nice going on the BCS FMs..apologies

if this is too long..but i was excited by KPRD & couldn't help



Art Jackson – Ft. Worth

Receiver, Antenna



TV channels 2 thru 6 were lit up (better yet interferred with)

throughout the afternoon and evening. In particular, I was receiving

XETV Channel 6 in Tijiuana clearly from 9:30-09:45 PM CDT.


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

1993 Plymouth Voyager car radio



Heard these while driving to work this morning (around 9:15 AM CDT). No big DX catches, but they're stations not usually heard:

102.5 KTCX TX Beaumont - "Magic 102.5" (61 miles)

102.5 KMKS TX Bay City - "Hot Country 102.5" (81 miles)

102.7 KTXJ TX Jasper - "Solid Gospel" (129 miles)

104.5 KKMY TX Orange - "Mix 104.5" (87 miles)


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No logs this month



The Visible Universe


Mike Hawkins – San Francisco, CA metro

Receiver, antenna



* KENW/3/Portales NM again (Cool!) with Austin City Limits

* KASA/2/Santa Fe NM barely legible in best null I could get on local KTVU.

* KTVK/3/Phoenix AZ with CSI Miami


Also, 3 new TV stations:

* KATU - 2 - Portland OR

* KREM - 2 - Spokane WA

* CKAL-1 - 2 - Lethbridge AB 

Its about time the skip gods paid me a visit!  Saturday I begged for skip and instead of skip coming to me, the cloud was right overhead so everyone north and south of me got it instead.  I guess I need to be more specific.


CHBC 2 - Kelowna British Columbia

CICT 2- Calgary, Alberta

CKAL-1  2- Lethbridge, Alberta 

Nothing above that.....yet!


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

1994 Magnavox 13” color TV, CM3032 Amp and VU75XR antenna



Got Es on TV MUF is 4. Might build. Lots of stations in a pile up on

2 right now. Its to the east. Maybe WMAB since there was some PBS in

the mix.

Have Es to Vancouver, BC with CBC Noon News about a guy who had just been released from Gitmo without charges. I think they said his name is Khadr. Its CBUT 2.


0900 Es 2 KMID Midland, TX with ABC program. Seen in Silverstreet, SC.


I was never able to ID who it was on channel 2. I can tell you that it was NBC and thats it.  The direction on the antenna was 030 deg which is about 95% of the USA. I had it about 15 more minutes before it was gone. 

Not much to go on, but have an ABC on 2 with antenna at 045 1818 6/16.

MUF is barely at channel 2.


Have an NBC from WY on 2 KJWY. Es is rare this year. 6/26 1050.

Es building fast, strengthening on 2 with good picture from KTVQ

CBS2 from Billings, MT. MUF still 2 but stronger.



Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

BTECH Converter, Emerson TV and Phillips indoor antenna



Seen on BTECH DTV converter with a Phillips 50 DB indoor antenna hooked up thru an emerson TV with built in VCR / DVD combo. All are local i am stll getting the "feel" of this. When i say provdence i mean providence market although transmitters are sometimes located outside providence. QHT is Warwick R.I.

6-01 WLNE Providence ABC

6-02 WLNE Providence

10-01 WJAR Providence NBC

10-02 WJAR Providence Weather

12-01 WPRI Providence CBS

28-01 WLWC Providence

36-01 WSBE Providence PBS

36-02 WSBE Providence PBS (differenmt program)

64-01 WNAC Providence Fox

64-02 WNAC Providence Sports (nothing being aired right now)


I have broken thru the Boston Barrier !!!!!

Seen on BTECH DTV converter with phillips 50 DB AMPed indoor antenna fed thru emerson combo TV. Warwick R.I. QHT

30-01 WBZ Boston Mass 8:34 AM EDT running the early show showed WBZ on the screen bottom. 6/8/07


17-01 WPXQ Block Island R.I. 11:59 running a religous program asking to hold your checkbook or wallet and plant seeds by giving money. at 12:00 PM EDT gave calls on screen. 6/10/07

WPXQ 17-01 is remapped to 69-01 (main channel). WPXQ also multicasting.

69-02 = Qubo network (kids)

69-03 = Ion life

69-04 = worship

Also WGBH (Boston MA) 2-01 and 2-02 have appeared in the channel listings .


Frank Aden – Boise ID

Receiver, Antenna



getting KSNW 3



Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver Antenna



E SKIP FL< Mexico XHRIO (XRIO) Channel 2


Nothin’ But Net


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL


Just click on the URL, then click the yellow button.

www.live365.com/stations/hot100fla BEACH MUSIC

www.live365.com/stations/gualdaj AC

www.live365.com/stations/lazer107 NEW MUSIC


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


AM HD Radio Demo Held in Mexico 


Broadcast Electronics announced what it called the first public demonstration of AM HD Radio in Mexico.

It said 170 station owners and engineers attended on Saturday, May 26. XEXL(AM) at 690 kHz in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, broadcast through a BE AM 2.5E transmitter as part of a demo held in conjunction with the CIRT convention. Broadcasters at the studios listened to the programming on a variety of HD Radio receivers.

Mexico recently OK’d use of HD Radio within 200 miles of the U.S./Mexico border. “AM HD Radio is of particular interest to broadcasters here,” BE stated, “as two-thirds of the radio stations in Mexico are broadcasting on the AM band.” 



Changes have come to PHX HD radio...

550 KFYI and 620 KTAR are the only AM stations running HD on Fathers


Add 107.9 KMLE Chandler, AZ to the HD fold. They do NOT have an HD2.

KZZP 107.3 Mesa, AZ now has Hip-Hop instead of Regional Mexican on

its HD2.


Bargain Barn


 Nothing for sale this month


Show and Tell – New Toys


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL


Radiosophy HD 100


The Radiosophy HD-100 arrived today and I am going to have to send it back, the headphone jack doesn't work. I have been playing with it for the last few hours and here is what I have found out so far. 

The West Palm Beach FM stations that have transmitters within 30 miles seem to encode ok, but I tell you what, it has to be a real clean quiet signal. Any multipath and it doesn't want to lock. The digital light will light up with a weak signal, but that's it. It blinks until it gets a lock, then blends to digital. WKGR is not synched, so it sounds like crap going back and forth between analog and digital AM on this beast is wacky. Nothing unless you use the way too small loop supplied. I am too far away for any AM HD, but I will try tomorrow when I have more time. 

Sound quality is not bad. FM tuner section pretty good, but not spectacular, but hey, it's not meant to be a DX machine. 

I am now listening to WKGR-2, playing Green Day's "Holiday". It sounds pretty good except once in awhile you can hear a clicking sound. Same with next song. WPBZ-2 sounds pretty good. One thing I have noticed, Stations need to keep an eye on levels. 

RDS works great, but the Radio doesn't like too much info on the scrolling function. 

I just showed my Wife, and she has heard the many commercials on the air, she just reminded me "they said it is supposed to be CD quality, but it sounds like sh*t". What she heard was it going back and forth between analog and digital. She right, it does. She's also said it sounds "tinny". 

I will report more when I play with it more tomorrow, before I send it back to get fixed or replaced.


Well, I received my HD radio replacement for the defective one I purchased from Radiosophy.

This one works much better, it's more sensitive and can pick up HD from West Palm Beach fairly well. Headphone jack works, but is still way too low...BUT

While listening to it closely, I noticed that the left speaker barely works.  Sometimes weak audio, sometimes a crackling sound.

This unit is way overpriced for $119, even with a rebate. It's going back, and this time I am getting my money returned.


Hey at least I tried it, but quality control leaves much to be desired. If and when HD makes it, I may buy another one, but I am very disappointed in what I have heard so far, in programming and the technology.


Testing, Testing…

WNJC Test:

 Bob Foxworth – Tampa, FL


Not hearing anything definite so far, in Tampa, a mix of

several weak stns on RS, one of them gospel WPGB or similar with

a contest promo right at 0001but everything is fading in and out.

ID at 0026 sounds like WCGL which is in Jacksonville,

My "bellwether" freqs for NYC 770, 880, 1130 all showing just

jumbly mix of signals with LA's weakly atop and no sign of

usual NYC programs. So is unpromising here. Using DX-390.

In contrast at 11.30 pm (0330z) the ham expedition to St.

Brandon island (in the Indian Ocean) 3B7SP was coming in 579

on 7021 kHz, but due LSR no longer there now, heard with

just a piece of wire out into the "yard" (common area) on a TS-520

with tuner.

Going to pack it in at 0035. - Bob


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC


I heard sweep tones at 0001 and 0006 and they were

very very weak. Not a chance to hear voice, and I fell



Steve Ponder – Houston, TX


WNJC DX Test not heard in Clear Lake City, TX. I tried

to null out semi-local KWWJ in Baytown, TX, but no joy.

Would have been fun to catch them, though, especially

with the QRSS tones. Radios used were a DX-396 and a

YB-300PE. Didn't have the space on my "DX Desk" (i.e.,

bedside nightstand, hi!) to set up my RS Loop.


Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC


Good morning all...test heard easily here in Upstate South Carolina. At 12:34 EDST, heard morse code ID about four times with only call letters sent at about 10-13 wpm, then sweep tones , then more morse code ID's.....later heard long whistling descending tone....like a bomb dropping, and ascending tones of shorter duration....never heard a voice ID but the whistles, tones ,sweep tones and morse ID's came thru well.....state # 30, all using the Sony Sports Walkman !!.....near Greenville, S.C.    73, and thanks to all concerned for the test  


Robert Bratcher – NW Houston, TX


No joy in Northwest Houston either. Darn that KWWJ!! What about you

James? When I move to Deer Park (closer to my girlfriend) this fall

I'll put up a 10 foot loop like the one I saw on somebody's web page.

Then the DX will be a lot better....


Bert New – Watkinsville, GA


WNJC Test heard here.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


Just a quick note, the test was not heard here. I tuned in from 10:10 to 10:45 PM PDT (1:10-1:45 AM EDT) and only heard a talk station, a music station and a Spanish station all mixing together. 

Thanks to all for the test. I have a verie from them as WWBZ in 1974 from my Michigan DX days.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

Sony ICF-2010 and Q-stick +


Don't get excited, I am not going to tell you I heard it here. I have

a local 50 kWer on 1360. Yes, they go down in power at night but you

can't hear much other than KLSD in San Diego.


I Got The Bird!


 Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


The Sirius CFL football schedule is here.