June 2010 ABDX CME Journal

Vol 5. Issue 5



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The Journal is gone and we are doing CMEs again. This month’s CME is FM DX and Hell Week over the Summer Solstice which is the worst possible day for MW DX. We have lightning we have hissing atmospheric noises and the day is the longest possible. If you can get MW DX on this day, you can get it any day.


Turn your radio on. What are you hearing? The world is out there just for tuning in. You never know what you might hear.


Kevin Redding

CEO, List Owner, Chief Cook, Bottle Washer and Janitor







Table of Contents


Editors Corner                                                                    1


Hell Week – AM                                                                   2


The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM                              16


Gear in Review                                                                    27


Call Sign Changes                                                             28



The Broadcast Band – Hell Week CME


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

Sony XDR-F1 / Grundig G8



Unusual conditions on MW band this AM well after local sunrise. At 7 AM EDT KMOX heard . 1560 radio disney NY also in armchair copy. UNided booming in on 1660 . TIS hammering in on 1630 !!! 1500 Washington DC in fighting for channel with Farmington CT. Grave yard channels packed some like soup bowls. the band sounded like Dec 22 , not June 22th !!!! Hitting the FM button yeilded a lively band loaded with tropo including NH and NY relogs.


Chris Black -  Cape Cod

Perseus SDR and flag antenna


Final Logs from 2345 19Jun10 to 0130 20Jun10 UTC from Fort Hill, which is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore in Eastham, MA.  Perseus and Delta antenna 29’ high, 44’ each side and 65’ across bottom oriented E/W.

Although TAs were a disappointment, the unexpected bright spot was 8 Brazilians with 3 being new and a new country, Paraguay on 780.

Thanks to Mark Connelly and others for ID help, typo corrections, and suggestions.

530        Early in the session getting a spur from WEZE, Boston. At 0100, a nice ID from Radio Encyclopedia, Cuba.

531        Carrier.

540        WLIE Islip NY loud early and by 0100 CBC Radio One on top.

549        Only carrier and het noted with weak audio from Algeria poking through the mauling by WDDZ.

550        WDDZ Pawtucket RI strong throughout session.

555        Carrier only from ZIZ St Kitts totally clobbered by Disney on 550 and WGAN 560.

560        WGAN Portland ME

570        WMCA NY

576        Carrier

580        WTAG Worcester MA early, then by 0100 mixing with WKAQ San Juan with some presumed Cuba underneath.

590        WEZE Boston

600        WICC Bridgeport CT early and pretty much a jumble by 0100 but Rebelde gaining.

603        Spurts of French from France Info, Lyon and a touch of Spanish presumed RNE towards the end of session.

610        WGIR Manchester NH dominate with French from CHNC QC gaining after 0100.

612        Carrier

620        WZON Bangor ME

621        Threshold audio – presume CNR/ESP

630        WPRO Providence RI

639        Threshold audio – presume RNE

640        WNNZ Westfield MA, CBC St Johns NL and YVQO Unión Radio Noticias, Puerto la Cruz VEN

650        WSRO Ashland MA

660        WFAN NY

657        Carrier

666        Carrier

670        Radio Rebelde CUB

680        WRKO   Boston

690        HJCZ  R Recuerdos Bogatá CLM (ID 0100)

693        Weak BBC Five Live UK

700        WTUB Orange MA and ZYK686 R Eldorado São Paulo BRA (File#007 ID 0027)

710        WOR NY

720        Radio Progresso CUB

730        WJTO Bath ME and CKAC Montreal QC

740        WJIB Boston, WNYH Huntington NY, CHCM NL, CFZM (AM-740) Toronto ON

747        Carrier

750        CBC Radio One NL and YVKS RCR Caracas VEN

760        WVNE Leicester MA, WCAP Champlain NY, WJR Detroit and ZYH588 R Uirapuru Fortaleza BRA

770        WABC NY

780        WTME Rumford ME, ZBVI Tortola VRG, and Radio Primero de Marzo Asuncion PRG

783        Carrier

790        WPRV Providence RI

800        WNNW Lawrence MA

810        CJVA Caraquet NB and WGY Schnectady NY

819        Carrier

820        WNYC NY

828        Carrier

830        WCRN Worcester MA

837        France Info Nancy FRA

840        WRYM New Britain CT strongest early with 4VEH Cap Haiten HTI gaining later and WHAS Louisville KY appearing before 0130. ZYK687 R Bandeirantes  São Paulo BRA also in the mix. (files#006,011) NEW

846        Carrier

850        WEEI Boston with WREF CT way under.

855        Carrier

860        WSBS Great Barrington MA, ZYJ459 Rio de Janeiro BRA (file#008), CJBC ON and YVYE Enlace 8-60  VEN

864        Threshold audio

870        WLVP Gorham ME

873        Carrier

880        WCBS NY

882        Threshold audio

890        WAMG Dedham MA

895        Carrier

900        WGHM Nashua NH early and CHML Hamilton ON later in session.

909        BBC Radio 5 Live UK

910        WAEI Bangor ME, WLAT New Britain CT, R Cadena Agramonte CUB

920        WHJJ Providence RI

930        WGIN Rochester NH

936        Carrier

940        WGFP Webster MA and Portuguese presumed ZYJ453 Super R Brasil Rio de Janeiro (files#017,018) NEW -- WIPR R Dif de Puerto Rico PTR (ID file #015).

945        Threshold audio

950        WROL Boston

954        Carrier

960        WELI New Haven CT

963        Carrier

970        WZAN Portland ME

980        WCAP Lowell MA

981        Carrier

990        WALE Providence RI, CKGM Montreal QC

1000      Slaughtered by 1010 IBOC

1008      Carrier

1010      WINS NY

1020      Ravaged by 1030 IBOC

1030      WBZ Boston

1040      Mangled by 1030 IBOC

1050      WEPN NY

1060      WBIX Natick MA

1062      Carrier

1070      WTWK Plattsburgh NY

1071      Carrier

1080      WTIC Hartford CT

1089      Talksport UK

1090      WILD Boston  [seriously molested by 1080 IBOC]

1098      RNE5  ESP //1107

1100      WHLI Hempstead NY and ZYK694 R Globo, São Paulo BRA

1107      RNE5  ESP //1098

1110      WPMZ East Providence RI

1116      Threshold audio

1120      WPRX Bristol CT

1125      Carrier

1130      WBBR NY – ZYJ460 R National Rio de Janeiro (file#004). NEW

1134      Carrier

1140      CBI Sydney NS

1143      Carrier

1150      WWDJ Boston

1152      Carrier

1160      WSKW Skowhegan ME

1161      Carrier

1170      WFPB Orleans MA and WWVA WV

1172      Carrier

1179      Carrier

1180      WHAM Rochester NY and Radio Rebelde CUB

1190      WLIB NY

1200      WXKS Newton MA

1206      Threshold audio

1210      WPHT Philadelphia PA

1215      Carrier

1220      ZYJ458 R Globo Rio de Janeiro (file#014)

1230      WESX Nahant MA

1240      WBUR W Yarmouth MA

1242      Carrier

1250      WARE Ware MA and WKBR Manchester NH

1251      Carrier

1260      CKHJ Fredericton NB and WMKI Boston

1270      WTSN Dover NH and CJCB NS

1278      Carrier

1280      WADO NY, WHTK Rochester NY and WFAU ME

1290      WRNI Providence RI

1296      Carrier

1300      WGDT Albany NY

1305      Carrier

1310      WLOB Portland ME

1314      Carrier

1320      WARL Attleboro MA and WDER NH

1330      WRCA Waltham MA

1340      WNBH New Bedford MA

1341      Carrier

1350      WINY Putnam CT and CKAD NS

1360      WLYN Lynn MA

1370      WDEA Ellsworth ME

1377      France Info Lille FRA

1380      WKDM NY and WNRI Woonsocket RI

1386      Carrier

1390      WPLM Plymouth MA

1395      Carrier

1400      WHTB Fall River MA,WVAE Biddeford ME and CBG NL

1404      Carrier

1410      WPOP Hartford CT

1413      RNE5 ESP

1420      WBEC Pittsfield MA and WBSM New Bedford

1422      Deutschlandfunk DEU and French – presume ALG

1430      WXKS Everett MA

1440      WNYG Babylon NY and WVEI Worcester MA

1449      Carrier

1450      WRKD Rockland ME and WNBP Newburyport MA

1458      Carrier

1460      WXBR Brockton MA

1470      WMMW Meriden CT, WAZN MA and Unid oldies fair throughout session

1476      Carrier

1480      WSAR Fall River MA

1485      Carrier

1490      WMRC Milford MA

1494      Carrier

1500      WFIF Milford CT and WFED Washington DC

1503      Carrier

1510      WWZN Boston

1512      Carrier

1520      WIZZ Greenfield MA and WWKB Buffalo NY

1521      BSKSA Duba ARS

1530      WVBF Middleboro Center MA

1539      Carrier

1540      WDCD Albany NY

1550      WDZK Bloomfield CT

1560      WQEW NY

1570      WFLR Dundee NY

1575      Carrier

1580      WLIM Patchogue NY

1584      Carrier

1590      WSMN Manchester NH and UNID strong Spanish religious

1600      WUNR Brookline MA

1602      Carrier

1620      Threshold audio

1630      TIS RI

1640      TIS New City NY

1650      WHKT Portsmouth VA

1660      WWRU Jersey City NJ

1680      WTTM Princeton NJ

1690      WPTX Lexington Park MD


Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

Panasonic  RF-2200 (MW)




1120   KANN  Roy , UT 1838  Christian rock, but way out in the

mud.(6/20  Barton-AZ)

1700  XEKTT - TIJ/ San Diego area  1813  had detected that station at 1730 , but not able to make out anyting. at 1813, station suddenly rose up out of the pond to good level and stayed there with sports .(6/20  Barton-AZ)

1690  KFSG (Roseville, CA) and KDDZ (Arvada, CO) 1830 trading off since 1800. one would dominate, then give it up to the other.

(6/20  Barton-AZ)

1330   1905  unid.  EZ-Listening music station, mixing with KJLL,

Tucson, AZ.  (6/20  Barton-AZ)

1160  KSL  Salt Lake City , UT  1810 good, with radio adaption of The Twilight Zone.  (6/20  Barton-AZ)

1140  KNWQ  Palm Springs, CA  1822 , fair , with Bill Handel

Show.  (6/20  Barton-AZ)


550  KFYI  PHX  spot for Lerner & Rowe attys.

580  KSAZ  Marana ,   L.Am rap

620  KTAR  PHX  Spts p-b-p

660  KTNN  Window Rock .  male announcer in Navajo, speaking in a sermon-like tempo.

710   KMIA  Black Canyon CIty , male SP, "goaaaaaaalllll  !".

740  KIDR  PHX w/ some Spanish lang. rap song about murders in Latin America.

760   male in SP with spot for "Jarritos". possible Nogales, Sonora, MEX (XENY).

780  KAZM Sedona , live D-Backs p-b-p

790  KNST  Tucson, just abv noise floor. OM / YL anncrs, couldnt discern content.

830  KFLT  Tucson  Christian pop.

860  KMVP PHX  revival Gospel. lively !

910  KGME  PHX  sports

990  KTKT  Tucson  ESPN Deportes en Espanol.

1010  KXXT  Tolleson  blowtorch talk pgm today.

1030  KVOI  Cortaro . en Espanol.

1060  KDUS  Guadalupe, sports and powerhouse. jingle for "sporting news radio".

1100  KFNN  Cave Creek  flamethrower.

1130   KQNA  Prescott Valley  D-Back p-b-p live.

1150  KCKY Coolidge . ballads. "romantica".

1170   KYET (pres.) Golden Valley, just abv noise.

1260  KBSZ  Apache Junction  oldies. much weaker in sig strength this session, compared to usual.

1280  KXEG PHX w/ sermon .

1310  KIHP  Mesa, former KXAM channel. Catholic discussion.

1340 KIKO, Miami, (AZ) carrier detected, can't hear station this session.

1360  KPXQ  Glendale  sermon.

1400   in SP. local promos "beisbol los grandes ligas"...(Big League Baseball).

1440  KAZG  Scottsdale  Lovin' Spoonful's Summer in the City.

1480  KPHX  PHX recording of Rep . Joe Barton , no relation to me; not cross-posted.

1510  KFNN  PHX  blast furnace rx.

1550   KUAZ  Tucson  pgm on politics of Vietnam war.

1580  KMIK  Tempe .  Radio Disney, nuf sed.

1700  Baja Del Norte, MEX / San Diego (non)  at times able to hear XEKTT here during daylight hours. not today.


810  KGO  San Francisco, 1130 with Ray Taliaferro and is Tiger back?

alone and strong on frequency. **

1030  XESDD  Peurto Nuevo, BN, MEX  1300  ID by male and "Baja California" .  totally dominant with no sign of KTWO (Casper, WY), often heard early here. **

1140   KYDZ  N. Las Vegas, NV  1830  "Kidz Radio" jingles, Disney like music . blasting in pre-sunset here.

1350  KTDD  1945  male announcer with "Transponder 72 (?)" ,

"AM 1350 the Toad" , to country. 1958 , suddenly dropped out to uncover KABQ with talk show to CNN news. faded out a cupola times giving way to live baseball p-b-p from unid. (Probable Pueblo , CO station, KDZA).  ---this is what i love about Medium Wave - it's the intrigue. always a surprise waiting.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

R-390A LFE M601C active omni whip with ground addition – As Listed


June 21, 2010 - last night -


Receiver: RF Space SDR-IQ

Antenna: LFE M601C active omni whip

Start time: 9:30 p.m. - 21:30 ADT - 00:30 UTC

End time: 11:20 p.m. - 23:20 ADT - 02:20 UTC


540 CBGA-1 New Carlisle QC SRC Premiere Chaine

555 ZIZ St. Kitts

560 WGAN Portland ME

570 CFCB Corner Brook NL playing oldies - note VOCM - CFCB network previously a mix of C&W and local talk - call in shows, now oldies is added in.

590 VOCM paralleling 570 CFCB

610 CHNC New Carlisle QC

620 CKCM Grand Falls-Windsor parallel to VOCM

640 CBN St. John`s NL


680 WRKO Boston MA

684 RNE R. Nacional, Sevilla Spain

693 BBC Radio 5 Live Droitwich


720 KNR Simiutaq Greenland

730 CKAC Montreal QC

740 CHCM Marystown NL parallel to VOCM

750 CBGY Bonavista Bay NL


790 CFNW Port au Choix NL parallel to CFCB

790 WPRV Providence RI

800 VOWR St. John`s NL

810 CJVA Caraquet NB


830 WCRN Worcester MA

840 WCEO Columbia SC

850 WEEI Boston MA

860 CJBC Toronto ON

870 CFSX Stephenville NL


890 WAMG Dedham MA

900 CKDH Amherst NS

920 CKNX Wingham ON

930 CFBC Saint John NB

950 CKNB Campbellton NB

960 WEAV Plattsburgh NY

970 WZAN Portland ME

980 WCAP Lowell MA

990 CBY Corner Brook NL


1030 WBZ Boston MA

1035 Radio Club Belmonte Portugal

1040 CJMS Saint-Constant QC


1060 Unid playinjg Urban music

1080 WTIC Hartford CT

1089 Talksport England

1090 WBAL Baltimore MD

1100 WTAM Cleveland OH

1107 RNE 5 Spain

1110 WBT Charlotte NC

1120 WBNW Concord MA


1140 CBI Sydney NS

1150 CHGM Gaspé QC parallel to CHNC

1160 WSKW Skowhegan ME

1170 Vernon CT

1180 WHAM Rochester NY


1200 WXKS Newton MA

1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA

1215 Absolute Radio England

1220 WFAX Falls Church VA

1230 CFGN Port aux Basques NL parallel to CFCB

1250 WGAM Manchester NH

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB

1270 CJCB Sydney NS

1290 WKBK Keene NH

1290 WRNI Providence RI

1310 WLOB Portland ME

1320 CJMR Mississauga ON

1330 WRCA Watertown MA

1350 CKAD Middleton NS

1360 WDRC Hartford CT

1370 WDEA Ellsworth ME

1377 France

1380 CKPC Brantford ON

1390 WEGP Preque Isle ME

1400 CBG Gander NL

1410 WPOP Hartford CT

1420 CKDY Digby NS

1430 WENE Endicott NY

1440 WRED Westbrook ME

1450 CFAB Windsor NS

1470 WLAM Lewiston ME

1480 WSAR Fall River MA

1500 WFED Washington DC

1510 WWZN Boston MA

1520 WWKB Buffalo NY

1530 WCKY Cincinnati OH

1540 WDCD Albany NY

1550 CBE Windsor ON


1570 CFAV Laval QC

1580 CKDO Oshawa ON

1590 WARV Warwick RI

1600 WUNR Brookline MA

1610 CJWI Montreal QC

1650 CJRS Montreal QC

1660 WWRU Jersey City NJ

1680 WTTM Lindenwold NJ

1690 CJLO Montreal QC

1690 CHTO Toronto ON

1710 Unid pirate


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard 6/21 in full daylight on a DX 398 and Space Magnet 2 antenna:

540 WKFN Clarksville, TN 1240 sports, bla, bla, bla...

560 WHBQ Memphis, TN 1239 sports basketball talk.

570 WAAX Gadsden, AL 1238 Rush blowing hot air.

590 WWLX Lawrenceburg, TN 1237 playing alternative.

600 WREC Memphis, TN 1236 Rush exercising his jaws.

610 KARV Russellville, AR 1236 running a stopset of local ads.

620 WJHX Lexington, AL 1235 SS with ad for Honda, a dance, and an Exxon station during stopset.

640 WCRV Collierville, TN 1233 with J. Vernon McGee who is no longer seeing through a glass darkly.

650 WSM Nashville, TN 1233 old C&W, definitely not as powerful as before the flood.

680 WMFS Memphis, TN 1232 // on FM and Jim Rome ad.

690 WSPZ Birmingham. AL 1231 Smart Laser Body Sculpting.

730 WUMP Madison, AL sports talk.

740 WIRJ Humboldt, TN 1230 with C&W. Both kinds of music.

750 WSB Atlanta, GA 1229 super ultra weak with ads.

770 WVNN Athens, AL 1228 Rush droning on and on.

790 WMC Memphis, TN 1228 C&W

800 WHOS Decatur, AL 1227 Dave Ramsey.

810 WMGC Murfreesboro, TN 1225 SS ranchera.

830 KOTC Kennett, MO 1224 Neil Boortz.

850 WLRC Walnut. MS 1223 man praying.

860 WTZS Sparta, TN 1223 playing 80s MX.

880 KGHT Sheridan, AR 1221 Sounds like more Alex Jones.

890 WYAM Hartselle, AL 1220 SS MX grupera.

900 WKDA Lebanon, TN 1220 SS MX grupera.

910 WMRB Columbia, TN 1214 REL talk about how the GOP is Gods Own Party.

920 WLIV Livingston, TN 1213 C&W.

930 WWON Waynesboro, TN 1213 summertime song.

940 WECO Wartburg, TN 1212 GOS man preaching.

950 WAKM Franklin, TN 1211 giving TFC RPT then stopset.

1000 WMUF Paris, TN 1209 tradio program.

1010 WHIN Gallatin, TN 1209 C&W George Jones.

1030 WGSF Memphis, TN 1206 SS story about Columbia, TN

1050 KMIS Portage, MO 1205 FSR sports rambling about Kobe Bryant.

1060 WKMQ Tupelo, MS 1204 Mississippi, News.

1070 WAPI Birmingham, AL 1203 Alabama News.

1070 WDIA Memphis, TN 1203 R&B.

1080 WKAC Athens, AL 1202 with NX of fires at Flagstaff, AZ.

1090 KAAY Little Rock, AR 1201 GOS super weak.

1130 WYXE Gallatin, TN 1157 SS weak, weak, weak.

1140 WSAO Senatobia, MS 1156 GOS man preaching.

1160 WCRT Donelson, TN 1155 GOS woman preaching.

1180 WJNT Pearl, MS 1151 playing R & B.

1190 WEUV Moulton, AL 1149 woman singing GOS MX.

1200 WAMB Nashville, TN 1147 Johnny Mathis singing "True Love Ways."

1230 WTKN Corinth, MS 1030 running Glenn Beck.

1240 WBCF Muscle Shoals, AL 1032 Fox News into stopset QRM WTKN ad for Kilgore Supply WX and // to FM station.

1250 WKBL Covington, TN 1146 C&W.

1260 WDKN Dickson, TN 1143 with sports segment on local stuff.

1270 WFUL Fulton, KY 1140 playing modern C&W.

1280 WMCP Columbia, TN 1138 C&W George Strait.

1290 WBTG Sheffield, AL 1137 Oldies playing "Fever" ID "Memories".

1310 WDXI Jackson, TN 1137 business programming.

1320 WENN Birmingham, AL 1136 running talk program.

1340 WLOK Memphis, TN 1043 GOS preaching NEW

1360 WIXI Jasper, AL 1134 CBS NX and into C&W.

1370 WDXE Lawrenceburg, TN 1130 PSA, PSA, PSA, PSA, PSA, ad infinitum.

1380 WLRM Millington, TN 1129 with Alex Jones show.

1390 WTJS Jackson, TN 1129 with Rush bloviating.

1400 WBIP Booneville, MS 1045 C&W Charlie Pride.

1410 WZZA Tuscumbia, AL 1128 black man singing GOS MX.

1420 WKSR Pulaski, TN 1127 Steppenwulf -Born to be Wild.

1430 WPLN Madison, TN 1125 NPR programming about the BP disaster.

1440 WZYX Cowan. TN 1124 playing Rolling Stones.

1450 WLAY Muscle Shoals, AL 1047 playing Eric Clapton.

1460 WJAK Jackson, TN 1123 with Jim Rome.

1470 WNAU New Albany, MS 1122 playing Heart - Barracuda

1480 WBBP Memphis, TN 1120 black woman really going for it singing GOS.

1490 WDXL Lexington, TN 1050 GOS MX.

1500 WKAX Russellville, AL 1118 with GOS pgm.

1510 WLAC Nashville, TN 1114 with Rush blathering about Obama being the most evil force in the universe.

1520 WTLM Opelika, AL 1113 sports talk.

1530 WWDX Huntingdon, TN 1111 weak playing C&W.

1540 KBOA Kennett, MO 1110 MYL type MX.

1550 WKJQ Parsons, TN 1108 "Oh, What a Happy Day" ˝GOS MX.

1570 WTRB Ripley, TN 1057 C&W "I Got a Southern Voice" CBS NX.

1580 WLIJ Shelbyville, TN 1055 C&W weak.

1590 WVNA Tuscumbia, AL 1053 ad for man named Burns running for AL governor ad is about illegal aliens.

1600 WMQM Lakeland, TN 1052 black minister preaching.

And thats all for the day parts folks!


Heard 6/21 on an Eton E-1 XM and 150 foot wire.

630 KJSL St. Louis, MO 1619 REL MX

670 WYLS York, PA 1620 with REL concert

760 WENO Nashville, TN 1623 REL political talk pgm

870 WQRX Valley Head, AL 1624 SS REL talk

960 WERC Birmingham, AL 1628 Glenn Beck grinding on

970 WERH Hamilton, AL 1630 ad for Pizza Hut in Hamilton

990 WEIS Centre, AL 1632 C&W female singer

1040 WPBS Conyers. GA 1704 with Korean singing

1110 WBIB Centerville, AL 1706 playing C&W

1150 WJRD Tuscaloosa, AL 1709 playing California Dreaming

1300 WNQM Nashville, TN 1549 with REL radio drama

1350 WKCU Corinth, MS 1716 ad for Boniva

1350 WHIP Mooresville, NC 1725 with singing ID and into oldies NEW

1560 WPAD Paducah, KY 1802 with ESPN Sports Center

1640 WTNI Biloxi. MS 1805 ESPN baseball talk

1670 WFSM Dry Branch, GA 1807 FSR sports

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 1807 Old School R&B

1700 WEUP Huntsville, AL 1808 with a perfect ToH ID at a weird time

Heard on a blisteringly hot 6/21 night on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire.

1690 WMLB Avondale Estates, GA 2024 interview with George Burns.

1660 WBCN Charlotte, NC 2029 with Laura Ingraham, bla, bla... NEW for these calls.

1530 WCKY Cincinnati, OH 2031 baseball trades talk

1520 KRHW Sikeston, MO 2032 playing C&W

1500 WQCR Alabaster, AL 2035 SS baladas. Either they are blasting in on 3W or they may be cheating.

1450 WGZX Bessemer, AL 2038 SS and // 1500 NEW!

1410 WIQR Prattville, AL 2039 ID and then ad for Wagon Wheel Restaurant.

1260 WSDZ Belleville, AL 2043 R. Disney

1210 WPHT Philadelphia, PA 2044 talk about Rand Paul

1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX 2045 Dennis Miller

1120 KMOX St Louis, MO 2045 with talk show.

1100 WTAM Cleveland, OH 2046 talk about Catholic church and illegals

1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 2047 ad for WHO and about drunken boating

1010 WMOX Meridian, MS 2050 Lars Larson

890 WLS Chicago, IL 2052 stopset with Chicago ads.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 2053 huge signal as always and with stopset.

850 KOA Denver, CO 2053 Michael Brown

840 WHAS Louisville, KY 2054 Methodist Church ad , Your Baby Can Read, stopset.

760 WJR Detroit, MI 2056 talk about fireworks for the 4th.

700 WLW Cincinnati, OH 2057 stopset before the Reds game.

530 R. Encyclopedia La Habana, Cuba 2059 EZL / BI MX


Heard on 6/22 the first day of the new season on a DX440 with 200' wire and 20' stub:

1380 WRAB Arab, AL 1800 "This concludes another broadcast day at WRAB:" - Klunk! Gone!

1370 WDEF Chattanooga, TN 1805 with Atlanta Braves Baseball.

1210 WMPS Bartlett, TN 1818 with MYL then into stopset.

1140 WBXR Hazel Green, AL 1820 man preaching.

1110 WSLV Ardmore, AL 1822 C&W "God is great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy."

1100 WWWE Hapeville, GA 1824 SS Ranchera.

810 WCKA Jacksonville, AL 1845 "Alabama 810" C&W.

Heard on a DX398 and 200 foot wire and 20 foot stub:

720 WGN Chicago, IL 1955 first time heard in a week, talk about illegal aliens.

780 WBBM Chicago, IL 1955 first time heard in a week here also. Sounder then into WBBM business NX.


Bogdan Chiochu – Pierrefonds, QC

Receiver, Antenna


I did some listening on Saturday night through early Sunday morning as to follow the Hell Week CME contest on ABDX and bagged the following South Americans. The most impressive one was YVKE-550 as it is usually weaker than both YVKS-750 and YVNM-780 and is ONLY heard during the regular fall and winter months... The outage of former semi-local CHLN-550 in Trois-Rivières definitively helped ! But what helped the most was the outage of the powerline buzz that is runining DX on all LW, MW and SW bands day and night which thanksfully stops occasionally allowing for the nice DX that I used to report often and that I`m still enjoying at least sometimes. Enough chatter, into the logs: 

550 VENEZUELA   YVKE Mundial, Caracas, DF JUN 20 0618 - trad. YV mx selecgtions with patriotic comments in between, mention of "la patria" and "la revolución". Fair with QRM from WGR in Buffalo, NY. SINPO 33432. (Chiochiu-QC)

 760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ, RCN Cadena Basíca, Barranquilla JUN 20 0720 - Very tentative with man talking slowly in apparent Spanish trhough residual nulled WJR (Detroit, MI). Almost impossible copy. SINPO 12421. (Chiochiu-QC)

 780 VENEZUELA   YVNM, Radio Coro, Coro, estado Falcón JUN 20 0415 - Poor to fair at tune-in and fading up to very good with some QRN, in Chicago`s QRM null: "El mejor de la balada" program with old-fashionned tropical sounding Spanish romantic songs, caught some beautiful ones on tape. Ended around 0430 UTC, then Ruta Músical Siete Ochenta. + JUN 20 0715 - End of a Dominican merengue, then canned ID "Esta es la Ruta Músical Siete Ochenta por la AM Radio Coro, siempre en primer lugar" followed by Lalo Rodriguez 80`s salsa classic number "Tu Me Quemas"... During the Lalo Rodriguez number, the signal was fading down from fair to very poor. SINPO 44322. (Chiochiu-QC)

Additional comments:

 All in all, I have a full C90 tape with the peaks in the strength of Venezuelan Falconiano 780 kHz biggie and also 2 or 3 segments from Mundial YVKE airchecked.

 About those airchecks, I have a lil` problem with the soundcard of my computer, but as soon as I get it fixed, I will forward them to some of you. If you are interested, please drop me an e-mail.

There was only one other Spanish signal noted on 890, but it sounded like the Massachussets station in a suburb near Boston.


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY



Having spent part of the morning getting the back deck cleaned up and

usable for the first time in two summers, it seemed only right to put it

to use.

The following takes place between 1405 and 1435 EDT, 6/21, using a

barefoot 12-655 TRF that probably needs new batteries sometime soon:

550 WGR Buffalo NY sports talk about swearing

560 CFOS Owen Sound ON AC music, very weak

570 WSYR Syracuse NY local talk about cigarette tax

580 CFRA Ottawa ON talk about budget and Ottawa parks

590 CJCL Toronto ON "870-0590, star 590, on the FAN Toronto"

610 CKTB St. Catharines ON talk about vuvuzelas

620 WHEN Syracuse NY local car dealer ad, sports talk

630 CFCO Chatham ON country music

680 CFTR Toronto ON "time now for 680 News sports from the FAN 590

sports desk"

710 CJRN Niagara Falls ON tourism information

740 CFZM Toronto ON local-quality, weather "clear and 18 tonight,

showers tomorrow and Wednesday"

760 WJR Detroit MI talk about oil reserves

790 WWNY Watertown NY Kia car ad, fighting with country from WLSV

Wellsville NY

800 CJBQ Belleville ON afternoon oldies show, very strong

850 WYLF Penn Yan NY ad for "Tom Meehan's farm market, route 14A, 5

miles north of Penn Yan"

860 CJBC Toronto French talk

870 WHCU Ithaca NY Hannity talk

900 CHML Hamilton ON talk about smoking

910 WPYT547 Monroe County highway TIS

930 WBEN Buffalo NY very strong, talk about Obama

950 WROC Rochester NY local sports update

990 WDCX Rochester NY "Neil Boron Live" religious talk, IBOC wiping out

960-1030 including usually strong CFRB Toronto on 1010

1040 WYSL Avon NY "News Talk 92.1" ID for FM translator

1070 WSCP Sandy Creek NY weak, ESPN Deportes Spanish sports

1080 WUFO Amherst NY weak, "call law office of Brown and Chiari, 681-7090"

1110 WSFW Seneca Falls NY "Thru the Bible Radio Network," CSN network ID

1120 WBBF Buffalo NY gospel mx

1140 WCJW Warsaw NY strong, ad for Warsaw Hardware

1180 WHAM Rochester Rush Limbaugh (he airs on delay, 1400-1700), IBOC

wipes 1150-1220

1230 WECK Cheektowaga NY talk with local band

1240 WGVA Geneva NY Dr. Dean Edell health talk

1280 WHTK Rochester "1280 WHTK and FM 107.3, Rochester's Sports Talk,"

IBOC wipes 1250-1300

1310 WRSB Canandaigua NY religious talk, financial scam ad

1340 WLVL Lockport NY talk, very weak

1370 WXXI Rochester All Things Considered

1420 WACK Newark NY CNN news

1460 WHIC Rochester Catholic religious talk

1490 WBTA Batavia NY "WBTA community calendar, on air and online at

WBTA1490.com," into Beatles music (great little community station!)

1520 WWKB Buffalo "Call Buffalo Works, Sunday morning at 9 on KB Radio


1550 WCGR Canandaigua NY oldies ("Barbara Ann"), "hits of the 60s and

70s and local news, 104.5 WCGR" (ID refers to their FM translator, W283BF)

1570 WFLR Dundee NY country music, weak

1590 WAUB Auburn NY Dr. Dean Edell // 1240 WGVA

1610 NYS Thruway TIS

This is basically my local dial, regardless of time of year...only the

noise level changes!


The Line of Sight and Beyond - FM


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Receiver, Antenna


The June 12 opening was slow to develop in Delaware.  Signals were noted about 1800 but it took about an hour for the MUF to get over 92 mhz here.  I spent a frustrating first hour logging nothing but Prairie Home Companion broadcasts.  The MUF finally got above 92 around 1900 and then the fun began.

1931  101.5 KUNE  Tyler TX  1184 miles  Country, 101.5 UNE, mention of East Texas

1946  107.5   SS, mention of Cuba, but probably not Cuban

1955  92.5 UNID, "Power 92.5" CHR.  The only one listed is in the Turks and Caicos but

                               didn't sound Caribbean

2000  92.5  WQST  Forest MS         908 miles   AFR

2031  92.5  WQYZ  Ocean Springs MS  966 miles   country, Gulfport ads

2100  95.3  WADI  Corinth MS        766 miles   call ID, country

2100  95.3  WFFN  Coaling AL        792 miles   Crimson Tide Sports liner

2108  96.3  WUSJ  Madison MS        962 miles   "US 96.3", country

2112  97.1  WEZB  New Orleans LA    1042 miles  urban, mentions of Kemmerer and the West Bank

2118  99.1  WKNN  Pascagoula MS     958 miles   country, K99.1


Noted Es around 1300 and again around 1700.  Had some high hopes for the 1700 opening to Nebraska and some very strong spikes on 92.5 and 99.1, but it wimped out by 1720.  The 1300 opening to Florida was pathetic as well.

Only 3 re-logs noted today.

1330     88.1      WJIS    Bradenton FL     927 miles         WAY-FM, CCM

1334     92.5      WNTY  Estero FL          965 miles          Rush Limbaugh

1711     93.5      KKOT   Columbus NE    1167 miles        The Hawk

First noted Es at 1700 when I left work.  I had my car radio on 106.9 and heard "The World at Six" which was probably CBN in St Johns NF.  That was the only Canadian heard.  Everything else was from Texas and Arkansas.


All new logs.

1701     106.9    CBN     St John’s NF    1271 miles        World at Six

1707     92.5      UNID    Thought I heard a mention of “Eastport”

1710     94.3      UNID   Sean Hannity

1712     95.3      UNID   Sounded like Clark Howard Show

1713     90.5      KLRE    Little Rock AR  973 miles  "Classical 90.5", ads for “UAMS”

1714     95.9      KWHF  Harrisburg AR  864 miles  Country, "The Wolf"

1723     96.3      KHLS   Blytheville AR  814 miles "Thunder Country"

1727     95.5      KITX     Hugo TX           1159 miles Paris TX ads, one for "Reno Paint and Body Shop" on LaMarr Road in Paris

1731     99.1      KSMD   Pangburn AR   924 miles Newstalk 99.1, mentions of "heart of Arkansas"

1734     99.9      KWCK  Searcy AR        934 miles   Quick Country

Big Es opening to Minnesota-Iowa-South Dakota tonight 6/17.  Had a weaker opening around 1100-1130 but couldn't ID anything.

Lots of severe weather announcements tonight as well from the Minnesota and South Dakota logs.

All new stations below.

2020     102.5    KQIC    Willimar MN     1072 miles        Q102 w/tornado warnings

2022     101.5    KCGN   Ortonville MN   1167 miles        Insight for Living w/Chuck Swindoll, into CCM 

2028     91.9      KQSD   Lowry SD         1306 miles       South Dakota Public Broadcasting 

2032     91.1      KTSD   Reliance SD     1274 miles        South Dakota Public Broadcasting, RDS,

2040     91.1      KTPR   Ft Dodge IA      1006 miles        RDS “KTPR”

2044     88.5      KEBM   Minneapolis MN 979 miles        Mentions of Twin Cities w/tornado warnings

2047     107.9    KQQL   Anoka MN        996 miles          RDS “KQQL”, HD2 also decoded but no audio 


What an opening!  MUF to top of band for extended periods.  9 new stations from 8 states.

2028     88.1      KAYT    Jena AR           1090 miles      Gospel, call ID 

2100     88.1      KNTU   McKinney TX     1264 miles      Jazz, “Star Date” ID w/Dallas and Ft Worth 

2104     92.5      KQMA  Phillipsburg KS  1259 miles      ID

2124     104.1    KIBZ     Crete NE           1121 miles      Blaze 104,1m “Lincoln’s Pure Rock”, ad

2132     99.7      KMJJ    Shreveport LA    1113 miles      

2142     95.5      KAFX    Diboll TX           1205 miles     Lufkin ads, very strong

2149     93.9      KJMK   Webb City MO   1032 miles     Lite Rock 93.9, Delilah

2156     89.7      KJTH    Ponca City OK  1208 miles     “The House FM”  CCM  

2200     89.7      WPAE  Centreville MS   1037 miles     SRN News, ID

2209     107.9    WZKX   Bay St Louis MS 961 miles     Country “Kicker 108” 

2222     101.5    WYNK  Baton Rouge LA 1080 miles    Country, "Wink Country"

2257     88.7      WJFR   Jacksonville FL    710 miles     Family Radio, relog

Not that great on June 19 as compared with the previous two days.

The skip started early, around 0900 but never really got about 92 mhz all day here.  Lots of NPR and AFR stations to start, with no IDs from anyone.

Finally pulled in some IDs after 1300:

1337  88.3  WLPT Jessup GA  633 miles (good short skip!) Christian with "Good News Network" liner

1340  88.5  WMFL Florida City FL, 1004 miles, Family Radio with "Family Bible Reading Fellowship".  Could be the outlet in Charleston SC but the skip zone (for the next log) makes south Florida a better choice.

1344  88.7  WKCP Miami FL, 991 miles, RDS "WKCP" with classical music.  Caught top of the hour ID at 1400.

Weak skip was back around 2000 but again, no IDs.  Tracked a station on 88.7 with an Irish music program but no ID or even what the program name was.


Bogdan Chiochu – Pierrefonds, QC

Receiver, Antenna


As far as FM goes, I had a fairly big opening to Kansas on the 17th of June with huge signals on 93.1, 93.3 and 100.3, but I won`t report on it. I`m waiting for something in Spanish or Caribbean English, like Florida or the Bahamas to report it.

Heard 6/17 on a Sony CGFS-3000 boombox:

 Mix 93.3

 Strong Es with heavy fadings; the most unstable sporadic E opening in my short DX career !


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

Sony XDR-F1 / Grundig G8


Heard on a grundig G-8 utralight from Warwick R.I. barefoot.

WHUS 91.7  Storrs CT 11:15AM EDT gave calls and location . 6/22/2010


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI

Sony XDR-FM1HD Ramsey TM-100 omni antenna


June 12, 2010 [last night] at 11:20 p.m. ADT to June 13, 2010 at 12:30 a.m.

89.3 K-Rock 89.3 Kentville NS the Valley's Classic Rock

89.9 CHNS Halifax NS HAL FM

91.9 CKNI Moncton NS News 91.9

93.9 Confederation Bridge Radio mid point between Cape Tormintine NB and Borden PEI [less than 40 watts, approximately 40 miles]

94.5 CKCW Moncton NB

94.9 Magic 94 Kentville NS

95.7 CJNI Halifax NS News 95.7

96.5 CKUL Halifax NS Kool FM

96.9 CJXL Moncton NB XL 96

97.7 CKWN Kentville NS AVR

98.1 CKBW Bridgewater NS

99.3 CFAN Mirimachi NB The River

99.9 CHOY Moncton NB

100.1 CIOO Halifax NS [the FM station that started it all in the Maritimes - the year was 1977, and although certainly not the first FM station in the Maritimes, it was the first to make money]

101.3 CJCH Halifax NS The Bounce [Yo Dawg!!!]

101.5 CIGO Port Hawkesbury NS The Hawk [just in, an application to the CRTC to go from 19KW, EHAAT of 171 metres to 40 KW, same EHAAT - having seen the coverage maps, doubling the power extends the 0.5 mv/m contour by a whopping 2 miles or so]

101.9 CHFX Halifax NS FX 101.9

103.1 CJMO Moncton NB C103

103.5 CKHZ Halifax NS Z103.5

103.7 CKQK Elmira PE [a K-Rock, CKQK Charlottetown PE repeater]

103.9 CFQM Moncton NB

104.3 CFRQ? Halifax NS Q104

107.3 CKOE Moncton NB IDs as CKO FM nominally 50 watts - this little Christian rocker seems to have a signal enhancing heavenly troph cloud over its transmitter site 365 days per year.

Not included are all my locals, near locals, a large number of CBC/SRC stations [4 networks, repeaters everywhere] that appear like rabbits together filling the FM dial and keep my Ramsey FM covered in dust.

Shame there isn't an up to date FM guide, the latest FM Atlas is WAY out of date given the flipping frenzy that has filled the FM dial and emptied the AM dial.  That is why I don't have callsigns for some of these stations.


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

Sony XDR-F1


Band was open towards Owensboro 6/14

7:44  101.9 WQXQ Central City KY  "WQXQ" ID   relog 75 miles

7:46 100.5  WLGX  Louisville KY  ads "WLGX Louisville "   the only odd logging  relog 141 miles

7:47 96.1 WSTO  Owensboro KY  RDS: HOT 96     "dont ya"  by the pussycat dolls   cleb dirt  gave hot96 website  ads ID "WSTO Owensburo  Evensville "

8:05   94.3  WULF Hardinsburg KY  "94.3 the wolf" liner  relog 


7:09 98.3 WQXE Elizabethtown KY  with Liner "quckxie 98.3" into "today was a fairytale" by Taylor Swift  relog at 105 miles 

7:14  93.5 WAIN  Columbia KY   true country liner into spoorts and a campbellville Ment    relog 91 miles

7:18 99.5  WKDQ  Henderson KY with ID    120 miles 

there was a big FM tropo opening here at my QTH towards Atlanta and others to the east


logged using a Sony XDR-F1HD and rabbit ears  

10:41 91.3  WKMS Murray KY with talk about Pizza  NEW!  KY NPR #3   RDS : WKMS 98miles 

10:48 98.3  WRIK Metropolis IL    "k98 liner" talk about Fathers day  relog 

10:51  UNID   Q 106.3 FM  talk about Rock and Roll dads  into rock music   who is this? 

10:58  96.5 WDOD  Chattanooga TN   "96.5 the mounton "  into WX new!  114 miles 

11:12 99.9 WKSF Asheville NC  "i 'm in" Keith Urben   ads for Western NC   at 11:20 recheck heard Carrie Underwood's hit "before he cheats"    and "99.9 Kiss Country" liner NEW!  NC #1  (new state!)  233 miles  

11:20  98.5 WSB FM Atlanta GA  80's music "b98.5" liner  new for this QTH but logged back at the old lake house as a hip hop station   over took the cookeville pest 

214 miles 

11:27  101.5 WKHX Atlanta GA  w/ "your gonna miss this"   Kicks 101.5 liner  again new for this QTH 

11:52  104.7 WFSH  Athens GA   Father's day contest ad   "104.7 the fish" liner Atlanta Ment  214 miles   NEW! 

11:57  100.3 WNOX  Oak Ridge TN with Knoxville area ads  relog 131 miles 


W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK

DX 398



Huge sporadic E opening, and I can`t stay with it constantly.

Merida was in on FM for quite a while, then skip shortened to as close as the RGV, both sides of border.

I wonder who would have been broadcasting World Cup live England vs Algeria on 97.5, in English, with co-announcers, one British- one American-accented. Belize? Jamaica?

Haven`t had time to go thru all the posts, if someone has already IDed this. Hard to imagine a US station doing so. Is ESPN or any other radio network carrying WC in US?


** MEXICO. FM DX: unlike my TVDX done with external antenna and rotor,

FM DX is on portable DX-398, usually with AC, and easily manoeuverable

whip antenna only. The TV antenna altho also covering FM has an

amplifier with FM trap engaged, but still not enough to get rid of

QRFM on certain channels in certain direxions. There are only a few

relatively open FM channels here available for DX, so I make the best

of them. Primary reference is the 2010 Emisoras de FM by Jim Thomas.

UT June 18:

1846 on 96.5, the frequency radio happened to be tuned to previously,

turned on initially outside with battery power, and there is DX, FM

expected to be open, as TV had been up to channel 6. Romantic music in

stereo; 1847 concert promo in Loreto, Zacatecas, ``celebración de

96.5, sus primeros 20 años de existencia``. 1850 cuide-los-bosques

PSA. After several other logs, again at 1913 VG signal but lo-fi YL

report by IP. 1914 TC for 2:14 by studio announcer, much better

fidelity, talking about Zacatecas, something going on at a santuario

para creyentes. 1915 promo EstéreoZER, primeros 20 años; CCI from

romantic music. Emisoras de FM shows: XHZER Estéreo ZER, Zacatecas,

Zacatecas, 100000 watts, variety. 900+ mile range.

1853 on 95.3, stereo, Euzkadi General Tire ad. The Basques must have

been pioneers in the tire business. Ad gave several phone numbers far

too fast for anyone to copy or remember. Then something selling for

4.99 pesos per kilo, father`s day gifts. 1855, plug Sala de Fiesta

Sufi(?), a 19 de junio concert. 1856 ID as ``La Candela --- la más

Grande``. This is the same Mérida, Yucatán station we hear relayed on

SW 6104.8v (but not lately). Not new on FM here, but nice to hear

again so clearly. XEMH-FM, 5000 watts per EFM. Other Mérida FMs are

likely in too, under 1200 miles:

1856, on 97.7, Spanish adstring including a zapatería. 1924, ``ésta es

la información internacional, headlines by YL, ``noticias-radio``,

huracán promo, SIPSE-noticias, 19 de junio día del papá ad. 1924

adstring including lottery, 1925 cerveza, 1926 PSA ``el robo de

energía es un delito``, and finally back to news, now with anchor

``Antonio García, en Sipse, Noticias Radio, continuamos``.

SIPSE runs XHY-TV canal 2 in Mérida, and here is Sr. García himself:


SIPSE = Servicios Informativos y Publicitarios del Sureste.

Story about a federal government military convoy arriving in Yucatán

along the Quintana Roo border, camiones del ejército mexicano.

Allegedly to assist the public in hurricane preparedness, but had the

impression another purpose had something to do with corruption in Q.R.

1931, still news about Yucatán; 1959 recheck still audible, but skip

is shortening to Matamoros area with another 97.7, as below. EFM says

Mérida 97.7 is XHGL, Kiss FM, CHR/English, 80000 watts --- but they

have a news format, at least when I heard them! Could be a one-hour

break in the music.

1858, on 99.3, stereo, Spanish, ``Exa-FM``; 1900 ad with phone 9-42-

95-95 which gets a google hit for something in Mérida; 1901 ad for a

3D movie. 1902 ad for Galerías Mérida. EFM says XHMRA, 98500 watts,

Exa FM, format chr/SS-EE.

1908, on 92.7, RDS static display shows UASCALIE --- obviously the

middle of AGUASCALIENTES, which is also a hotspot for TVDX on channel

6. Sports news about Celtics de Boston. [When I started this DX

session I checked 92.7, one of the lowest available frequencies, and

was hearing Spanish, but Wichita can fakeout, revealed by a 316- area

code mention]. Quite a lot of ACI still from KOMA OKC 92.5. But the

RDS hit is all I need to identify this per EFM as: XHRTA, 65000 watts,

Aguascalientes FM, variety format. 950 mile range.

2000 on 92.7, is it USA or MEXICO, simulcasting Reynosa 102.5? see USA

2020 on 97.7, another station has taken over from Mérida: Coca Cola

ad, static RDS says LOS 40; per EFM that would be XHRW, 29190 watts in

Tampico, Tamaulipas. Los 40 Principales (Top 40) is a national group,

or net; I thought it was same as next station until researched:

2020 on 97.7, adstring for Impacto Matamoros; Bancómer, Mundial,

restaurante; CCI in Spanish from Tampico or maybe still Mérida. 2022

political ad for Rodolfo Torres, gobernador de Tamaulipas. 2045 ad for

Soriana department stores, and something in Brownsville; 2046 losing

out to fringe signal from KICM, Healdton OK, presumably the one with

ad for Sherman-Texhoma Hyundai at the OK/TX border. 97.7 Matamoros is

XEEW, only 2860 watts per EFM. 700-mile range to the RGV (Glenn


** U S A. FM DX: June 18 after getting Yucatán, Zacatecas and

Aguascalientes, see MEXICO, skip shortened to Tejas = Baja Oclajoma.

1911 on 97.5, live World Cup commentary, Algeria vs England, in

English by two OMs, one with British accent, one American. I dreamt of

skip area moving on to Belize, which is 1400-1500 miles from here and

never DXed on FM; or even Jamaica beyond the one-hop limit. Vuvuzelas

also audible, fades in and out, but easily topping semi-local in Alva

OK. Also at 2009 in the ``final 6 minutes``.

I queried this one right away on several DX lists. Tnx to these

identifiers, tho I would have settled for Belize or Jamaica:

``There is KFNC in Beaumont, TX, on 97.5 - "The Ticket" - that is an

ESPN Radio outlet. They will occasionally carry the World Cup games,

especially when either the USA or Mexico are playing. 73, Steve N5WBI

Ponder, Houston, TX`` amfmtvdx at qth.net

``Glenn, that could have been KFNC-FM Beaumont TX which operates as a

rimshot to the Houston market. Website http://www.975theticket.com/

indicates that the station carries the WC games.

(BTW: Not all ESPN Radio affiliates broadcast the entire ESPN Radio

lineup. My local affiliate in Little Rock (KABZ 103.7) carries local

sports-talk weekdays and preempts the ESPN shows (including WC games)

on weekend mornings for infomercials/brokered programing) --

(Fritze H Prentice Jr, KC5KBV, Star City, AR``, WTFDA

Beaumont is under 500 miles from Enid, indicating a very strong

opening. And it`s in exactly the same direxion as Mérida. COL is

really Mont Belvieu [sic], which is closer to Houston than Beaumont.

2000 on 92.7, Spanish, Chevy ad, on Bryan Road en Mission [pronounced

as in English], Spanish ad for ``Alamo Dance Hall`` en Álamo. Both

towns are in the RGV near McAllen (not San Antonio!). I thought this

would be easy to ID, but the closest US station is KESO, 38 kW

licensed to South Padre Island, but really from Port Isabel; 60 dBu

coverage area does not go beyond Harlingen per


and areas being advertised, such as Mission are more than twice as

far, but I suppose this has to be it.

Or could this be a Mexican? None anywhere near the area listed in EFM

or FM Atlas. Ahá --- at 2002 on 92.7 ID in passing as ``en 102.5 y

92.7, Es La Ley``. At first I took this to be part of a PSA, but EFM

shows that is the name of the 102.5 station in Reynosa, XHRR, which

must now have a new repeater somewhere on 92.7.

Time to consult our third source, Fred Cantú`s directory. Under

Tamaulipas http://mexicoradiotv.com/listtama.htm

he has no 92.7 listings, but the 102.5 station logo also shows 92.7.

Linked from it,

http://www.myspace.com/laleyfm ``la que manda en el valle`` where it

pretends to be a bilingual McAllen TX station, even tho we know 102.5

is transmitting from Reynosa, Tamaulipas! But which side of the border

is 92.7, or have they taken over KESO SPI to expand their coverage

toward the Gulf? Lotsa luck finding out from myspace. Does anyone


2006 on 97.3, ``Cruisin` 97-3 The Dog`` ID in passing. That should be

unique somewhere when researched; who needs calls? Then fades up

strong enough to energize RDS, which corrects my spelling: THE DAWG.

Yes, Google knows it`s KMDL Lafayette LA. FM Atlas refines COL to

Kaplan and also shows that slogan once we find the entry in the

frequency list. Less than 600 miles.

2016 on 97.5, CCI to World Cup station, ad for Kroger/Fry`s; 2017

contest line 560-KFTX so this is that Kingsville-Corpus Christi

station, further confirmed by ad for tractors, phone 767-2223, which

Google pins on Diamond B Tractors & Equipment in Robstown, also in the

CC area. 600+ mile range.

2024 on 95.1, ads in English with Es fading overriding OK and KS

stations, ads for Father`s Day shopping and JC Penny in Parkdale Mall.

Also ad for Ace Credit Services with 500 Texas locations. Refers to

``KNS``, a partial callsign? Guess not. Parkdale Mall Googles to

Beaumont TX, ergo KYKR as in FM Atlas. Less than 500 miles.

UT June 19, mobile on the caradio: 0028 on 99.7, ad for Virginia

College, in Charleston [sic, heard several times]. So is this in

Virginia, or really West Virginia, where there is of course a

Charleston? Neither! Google locates the college by this name in South

Charleston, South Carolina! Therefore the station is? No 99.7 in

Charleston itself, but must be regionally advertising. The closest is

WXST Hollywood SC - Savannah GA, per FM Atlas. Guess what? Hollywood

is just outside Charleston. Clinched. Kilomile range.

UT June 20, TV from NW Mexico clogging channels 2-6, so I shift to FM

for a while, DX-398 portable at home, but only ID stations north of

the border:

2312, on 97.7 interviewing Newt Gingrich, Es fading, turns out to be

NPR ATC. Disgraced former SOTH, who cares what he thinx? Puts the lie

to rightwingnuts` belief that NPR is biased left, anyway. Certainly a

strange place for a non-commercial station so should be easy to track

down later even if I get no ID.

And I never did, but it was // 91.5 which turned out to be KJZZ

Phoenix. // but not necessarily synchronized as I only had one

receiver at hand. 2324 interview Sinead re Irish priests sex scandal.

By 2331, 97.7 is weakening vis-à-vis KJZZ. I thought it might be a

KJZZ relay or even translator but AZ listings do not bear that out. By

2339 when KJZZ was in local break, 97.7 was gone.

However, this must have been KQVO in Calexico CA, 6 kW, which is

axually a satellite --- oops, ``sister station``, of KPBS San Diego,

check for ATC at this hour on Sundays; tho per website they do break

away for some local programming, especially stupid local ballgames.

Neighboring Mexicali XHBC-3 was pounding in before and after, becoming

quite common here. Kilomile range.

2317 on 88.3, Mexican music breaking thru the local Harold Camping

doomsday translator if I angle the antenna just right. One of the 22.5

kW sharetimers in Phoenix most likely, KNAI Radio Campesina rather

than KPHF with gospel format per FMA. Also 2331 with Tex-Mex music

still battling Camping.

2319 on 90.3, preacher in English could be my close but weak gospel

huxter KHEV (as in Heaven) Fairview OK, but tnx to the RDS the ID is

KFLR 90.3, i.e. Phoenix AZ.

2319, on 91.5, headline news in English amid NPR ATC, some CCI

probably from KS, but mostly overcomes ACI from semi-local KOSU 91.7

and its IBOC. 2324 interview Sinead O`Connor // 97.7 as above. 2338

NPR funding credits. 2339 finally KJZZ Phoenix ID and local credits,

headlines. 800+ mile range.

2327, on 90.7 rock music in Spanish, stereo, this track skewed to the

right, mostly bass line on left: probably phony stereo; 2329 in break

YL says one word, slogan ID? ``alterlatino`` which is a play on words,

not likely in your dixionary; next cut is balanced OK. Hoped I could

find such a slogan on 90.7. Googling connects it to KPFK Los Ángeles,

but current sked does not have such a show at this time: 4-6 pm

Sunday, ``Melting Pot``, apparently a recent change; but that could

still embrace alterlatino as a genre, methinx. Is less fitting for the

two AZ stations on 90.7.

Could be Mexico? Tho there are 90.7 stations in Sonora and one in BCN,

LOS 40 in Mexicali, word does not match any listing for Mexico in EFM.

And top 40 is contrary to alterlatino; it also smax conceptually of US

rather than Mexican usage. KPFK around 1140 miles to Mt Wilson, super-

power Pacifica station, and heard many times before (Glenn Hauser,



Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Sangean HDR-1, CM3032 amp and APS9 antenna



98.3 WRIK Metropolis, IL 1110 playing tonights going to be a good night and then being bothered by another station on top of them.

88.7 WQPR Muscle Shoals, AL 6/14 1159 with classical music from NPR. Trop.

89.9 WMAB Mississippi State, MS 1200 with NPR news at noon.

So far I have heard IL, KY, TN, AL and MS on FM. Not too bad.


105.9 WNRQ Nashville, TN 6/17 1745 HD1, 2, 3 with rock on HD1, Depeche Mode on HD2 and Mark Levin bloviating on HD3 with WLAC relay. Rare.

104.7 WMUF Henry, TN 6/17 1753 with ads after fishing show. 

103.7 WFGS Murray, KY 6/17 Murray, KY 1757 "Froggy 103"

103.3 WKDF Nashville, TN 6/17 1758 HD with stopset prior to ID.

102.5 WPRT Nashville, TN 6/17 1759 HD1, 2 rap going on HD1 and jazz on HD2.

102.1 WLLE Paducah, KY 6/17 1800 with ToH ID and into paleocountry music. 

101.1 WUBT Nashville, TN 6/17 1804 with rap and in HD. 

94.1 WLZK Paris, TN 6/17 1815 with The Clash. 

91.3 WKMS Murray, KY 6/17 1818 with NPR Marketplace.


92.5 WBKR Owensboro, KY 1230 6/19 WBKI 25 weather report. Tr

92.5 WVBW Suffolk, VA 1240 6/19 slogan "The Wave". Es NEW!

92.7 WHVE Russell Springs, KY 1240 6/19 Playing James Taylor "Whenever I See Your Smiling Face." Tr NEW!

105.7 WQAH Addison, AL 1314 6/19 playing old C&W and bluegrass!!! They played "Big Balls in Cowtown" http://www.wqah.com/Tr NEW!


Bill Harms  - Elkington, MD
Receiver and antenna


Great skip -  IA, KS, TX > MD Details later. I am monitoring 92.7 and 93.5 2030 EDT, 6/18


John Callarman – Krum, TX

Yamaha T-550 and indoor dipole tacked to wall



Some interesting weak signals here, at least three on 89.5, one doing classical music, another with folk rock, some talk, maybe religious ... one surged atop at 8:25 p.m. with list of sponsors, including businesses in Wolf Lake and Columbia City, Indiana. This'd have to be WBKE North Manchester. Call W-C- (sounded like L for last letter) squeaked in but nothing's holding very long. 

I'm in Krum TX, 49 miles north of the Cedar Hill (DFW) transmitter site. 

Rats, music just ended on one station, but voice went under @ 8:45. 

I haven't done much e-skip chasing, so anything's new ... I'm using Yamaha T-550 with indoor dipoll tacked to wall above it. 

A few days ago, on a parking lot at the Lake Dallas High School (where I was attending a basketball tournament, I had WMFE in Orlando on 90.7 during the early afternoon ... nothing really to be super excited about ... 


Rick Lewis – Seattle, WA

Receiver, Antenna



Unfortunately, I have no ID's to show for this opening.

89.3 Jazz 2010 PDT

91.1 Talk (weak,) 2010

91.5 Spot: More tickets available for July 3rd and 4th; the best country

music festival in Canada has just gotten better.

88.9 Program sounding like CBC's Ideas or similar Minnesota Public Radio

offering, other competing station (both atop local xlator) 2045-2055

91.9 Jazz, long cuts, no talk while in (sporadic 2035-2103)

92.9 French, weak

93.7 Techno/upbeat dance

96.1: Hard rock or alt, possibly two stations; only song I've heard before

is Stand by REM at around 2030. In sporadically till 2055.

It wasn't a four-deep opening, and no NOAA WX radio  or TV

channel 13 (congrats on those

guys), but it's my first of the season and the longest steady opening

since 2008. And very welcome, too.


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Sony XDR-F1



Man this Es opening must have been huge.  I just happened to be dialing around a bit on the way home tonight about 9:15 and noticed something at 88.9....which I KNEW couldn't be anywhere near here with KBYU (Provo, UT) at 89.1.   No telling how long it had been going on but that's when I first caught on.  Came in the house and plopped down right in front of the Sony XDR-F1HD with pen and paper in one hand and the Sony's remote in the other.  This was an amazing hole.  Just looking at all the posts tonight on the list and how many people were catching Es.  Once again, exciting and amazing..the stuff that was coming in...the things that were fading in and out and things that were in SO solid..and RIGHT NEXT TO a local or semi-local (with my roof antenna) frequency.  The Sony's signal rejection must be pretty good if I can pick something up .2 mhz away from a blowtorch with no interference from the adjacent channel. 

So.....the loggings.  Too fast-paced to log exact times especially spending so much energy listening closely for IDs or at least something to give me an idea and watching the RDS on the Sony to catch a glimpse...especially of those that would come in and out and sometimes only leave a jumble of RDS on the display.  As far as time I will say I started listening at about 9:30 and stopped listening at 10:10 (all times mountain daylight time).  Only reason I stopped was to eat a bite with my wife now that the kids had gone to bed.  I came back out at 11pm only to find flurries and flutters in the open frequencies in the lower part of the band and that's it.  So it's gone for now but I have a feeling it will be back.  Interesting to note that the last time I got amazing Es it was also to Canada.  Everything tonight was from Canada ...mostly the Edmonton area about 850 miles from here.  So I need not mention that the HD indicator did not turn on at all :)   I'll post things in the order received as I hopped back and forth and jotted down as much as I could and have later verified via the internet based on my info. 

92.7    CHSL    AB    Slave Lake    Many slogans for "92.7 Lake FM"  Heard Earth, Wind, & Fire with "After The Love is Gone" and then some Canadian song I didn't recognize.  This one was in SO strong like local.  Stuck around the whole time, but I eventually moved on after about 5 minutes to see what else there was to find. RDS: "92.7FM the Fox"---as research later showed that the re-branding to "92.7 Lake-FM" just barely took place about a month ago...they DID indeed use to be "the Fox". 

92.9    ???    Country music - likely from Alberta since that's where the opening was coming from 

93.1    CJXX    AB    Grande Prairie    Another one coming in beautifully for quite some time.  Local break with many ads mentioning Grande Prairie.  RDS: "The country music you love, the information you need.  93.1 Big Country"

 94.3    ???    contemporary - hot a/c or a/c - heard Maroon 5 with "Sunday Morning".  Faded off before I could grab an ID or any RDS 

97.7    CFGP    AB    Grande Prairie    Rock music and into local break with promos mentioning "...visit rock977.ca" (which I did) RDS: "Rock 97.7 Today's Best Rock"


96.9    ???    Almost sounded like jazz.  Not sure what this was but possibly Edmonton as the window tended to move eastward to Edmonton in the next note. 

91.7    CHBN    AB    Edmonton    Intersting to hear commercial radio down in what is the non-commercial band here in the states.  This is Edmonton's CHR station 91.7-the bounce.  Many mentions of Edmonton and 91.7-the bounce.  Promos directing listeners to "thebounce.ca" RDS:"91.7 Bounce Friday Night Live" 

89.3    ???    Contemporary or maybe a non-commercial, however the music was pop stuff - Akon for sure, then a rap song.  Passed by this one several times and it was almost always a rap or pop song.  Never could get anything on RDS or get it to come in well enough and stick around long enough to grab an ID. 

88.9    CKYL-FM-5    AB    Saddle Hills    Wow...really glad I looked this up.  This is one of the more interesting catches.  Here is a genuine AM station in Peace River - CKYL 610 AM that also broadcasts on several FM frequencies that are labled like our FM Boosters are here in the states.  They have CKYL-FM-1 through CKYL-FM-5 plus a few other FM frequencies with different normal calls.  So I guess in Canada you can have an AM station that has FM boosters???  How interesting.  Anyways their format is Country and it's branded as "YL Country" with the slogan "Peace Country Favorites" or as their web site (www.ylcountry.com) shows it's actually "Peace Country Favourites".  

88.5    CKYL-FM-3    AB    Fairview    See above - another one of their translators / boosters. 

Really cool stuff!  For a while there it was amazing that just about every blank spot on the FM dial not filled by locals or semi-locals (salt lake city) had something there.  I tried sending a message to the list about it using my phone but apparently as I found out, everyone already knew Es was hot and it was apparantly hot all over the US tonight.  Hope many of you got to enjoy it.


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach , TX

Roadmaster VRCD400-SDU AM/FM$ car stereo FM-6 YAGI @ 15ft.


19 JUNE 2010

1600 90.7 XHLDC  MEXICO Sonora, Magdalena De Kino;  "Fiesta Mexicana" musica Mexicana, norteña, full ID "con 10mil watts de potencia"

1604 90.7 XHMOE MEXICO BCN Mexicali, "Los 40 Principales"  rock/pop

Phoenix and Tucson FM's in to 94MHz


Gear in Review


Jeff Deck – Meduci.com – AM Stereo radios!


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Jeff Deck



J, Neilsen – Ottawa, Canada – CCRadio Plus


I have the CC Radio  Plus and I don't find it to be too bad with local stations, granted we only have 4, and one of them (1670 CJEU)  is down because something blew, and they're in the process of getting a replacement.  That leaves me with 3 stations locally on 580, 1200, and 1310.  With 580, I have very little problem hearing the Fan 590 at night with no splatter.  1200 is a bit more difficult but I have been able to hear audio at 1190 and 1210, if I have the radio facing JUST RIGHT.  1310 is another story.  I find the higher the blowtorch signal, the worse it bleeds on the CC plus.  1320 is just impossible where I am and I've only heard something on 1300, once and I got lucky for 2 minutes.  I find even 1330 and 1290 can have splatter but it's easily nullable.  It doesn't help that 1310 is oldies...so the music makes for more splatter.  Since 1670 is not as strong as the others, I can still hear stations at 1660 and 1680 with no problem in my near downtown location.  It's also a hot receiver on FM, It's the only radio I have that doesn't get overload from 3 FM transmitters that I can see from my window.  FM is just useless in downtown Ottawa, and you can forget about being able to dx it from here.


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