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The Transistor Radio CME Logs


Robert C. Smoak – Bamberg, SC

Zenith Royal 2000 / Zenith Royal 74



I will start my CME report for June with the following:  WBMQ, 630, Savannah, GA, heard at 3:21 A. M. Eastern and verified by a spot for savannahhelpwanted.com.  The distance was 100 miles.  The radio was a Zenith Royal 2000, and yes, Kevin, it was running on a genuine Zenith wall wart!  Since the station was booming in, I hesitate to think it was running on its licensed 47 watts.  Of course, 3:21 A. M. could be considered the FCC's designated experimental period.


Heard WPWT, AM 870, Colonial Heights, Tennessee at 1:00 A. M. Eastern, Tuesday, June 7th, confirmed by TOH I.D.  Sounded like regular programming to me.  Strange because they are licensed for ZERO watts at night.  I do believe they were cheating!  Radio used:  Zenith Royal 74 Deluxe.

I nulled this station to hear WWL, New Orleans.  Heard rumbling noise in the broadcast and concluded it was caused by static charges bleeding off the guy insulators and ball gaps on the towers as if a thunderstorm were in progress.  One was over New Orleans, confirmed by the Weather Channel on TV.


Heard using a Zenith Royal 74 Deluxe, WHKT, AM 1650, Portsmouth, VA, at midnight, Friday into Saturday, June 11, 2011, T. O. H. ID, then CBS network news.  I know that radio is not designed for the expanded band, but it picked the station up with the tuning capacitor bumping the end of travel.


Kevin Raper – Simpsonville, SC

GE P-780



WMFS-680 perhaps on ND day pattern I got 'em on a GE P-780 @2220


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on a nekkid Channel Master Super Fringe model 6515:

1100 WTAM Cleveland, OH 6/1 2236 talking about the Indians player Ruben Cabrera hitting three doubles in one game.

1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO 6/1 2238 Giants v. Cardinals tied 5-5 in the 10th.

1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 6/1 2239 nut case guy talking about how we would be better off if the economy collapsed.  

780 WBBM Chicago, IL 6/1 2332 news of the Rod Blagoevich court case.

770 WABC NYC, NY 6/1 2351 weak with ad for Lumber Liquidators to get a free catalog.

820 WBAP Ft. Worth, TX 6/1 2354 ad for Just Brakes and into John Bachelor show.

860 CJBC Toronto, ON 6/1 2356 weak with FF man talking.

Heard on a nekkid Royal 755:

560 WHBQ Memphis, TN 6/2 1753 with ad for a fish restaurant, Soul Fish Cafe and into a Home Depot ad.

590 WWLX Lawrenceburg, TN 6/2 1759 playing rock from the 70s, Three Dog Night and into Joe Cocker. WEAK

600 WREC Memphis, TN 6/2 1800 with right wing take on the news from Fox, ID/TFC WEAK

620 WJDX Jackson, TN 6/2 1803 regional Mex station woman singing SS ballad.

640 WCRV Collierville, TN 6/2 1804 REL talk about Plagianism and Rome.

650 WSM Nashville, TN 6/2 1806 playing western swing "Ain't No Train to Memphis Any More".

680 WJCE Memphis, TN 6/2 1811 talk about Dallas v. Miami game 2 in the NBA finals.

740 WIRJ Humboldt, TN 6/2 1814 C&W "Lonely Women Make Good Lovers."

770 WVNN Huntsville, AL 6/2 1815 Mark Levin right wing talk shows.

790 WMC Memphis, TN 6/2 1817 talking about people with their underwear showing and pants dragging on the ground.

830 KOTC Kennett, MO 6/2 1820 playing R&B "She Used To Be My Girl."

850 WLRC Walnut, MS 6/2 1820 playing C&W GOS MX.

910 KLCN Blytheville, AR 6/2 1823 talking football and sports.

930 WWON Waynesboro, TN 6/2 1824 playing The Doors. True Oldies Channel.

940 WCPC Houston, MS 6/2 1826 preacher going to town and really getting after it.

990 KWAM Memphis, TN 6/2 1829 talking about marketing sandwiches from a local eatery.

1310 WDXI Jackson, TN 6/2 1832 with St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Ultra super weak.

1430 WPLN Nashville, TN 6/2 1833 with a news story about China hacking into Google users email.

1510 WLAC Nashville, TN 6/2 1836 Mark Levin right wing talk show.

Heard on a nekkid Zenith Royal 2000:

1660 KUDL Kansas City, Mo 1948 6/2 playing real nice classical music.

1640 WTNI Biloxi, MS 1949 6/2 with promo for ESPN Radio Sports and talk about Dallas v. Miami NBA final game 2.

1620 R. Progresso Havana, HA, 1851 6/2 Cuba playing some very rustic sounding Cuban music.

1260 KSGF Springfield, MO 2230 6/2 with BoH ID and announcement to being // to 104.1 FM. Then Poof!

Heard on a nekkid Zenith Royal 755:

1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX 6/4 0017 with Coast to Coast AM.

1080 KRLD Dallas, TX 6/4 0020 with promo "You can get news any time you want at KRLD.com."

1070 WAPI Birmingham, AL 6/4 making a rare appearance at night with ID and note that its // to 100.7 FM.

Heard on a Zenith Royal 3000 which was in its birthday suit, aka nekkid:

1400 WBIP Booneville, MS 6/4 1407 with classic C&W.

1390 WTJS Jackson, TN 6/4 1408 with computer program about email hacking.

1350 WKCU Corinth, MS 6/4 1410 with modern REL MX.

1290 WBTG Florence, AL 6/4 1412 playing NOS MYL type MX.

1280 WMCP Columbia, TN 6/4 1419 with local ads and into C&W "Columbia's country."

1240 WBCF Florence, AL 6/4 1545 with ad for ALDOT and Flying Carpet during stopset for pet show.

1040 WPBS Conyers, GA 6/4 1940 with KK music, a pop song.

890 WLS Chicago, IL 6/4 2023 talking about legal aspects of the NFL owners lockout of the players.

750 WSB Atlanta, GA 6/4 2030 TFC/NX/WX WSB 750 News, Depend on it.

780 WBBM Chicago, IL 6/4 2031 news of marathon runner dying during during a race because of heat.

Heard on a white 10 transistor Continental model TR-1067 radio which of course was nekkid.

530 R, Encyclopedia Havana, Cuba 2322 6/4 playing wonderful elevator music "I Wish You Love."

670 CMBC Havana, Cuba 2325 6/4 playing some really nice SS music, real easy listening stuff. Good for relaxing and going to sleep.

1360 WMOB Mobile, AL 2340 6/4 giving an id and a bit of a promo then back into the mud.

Heard on a Channel Master model 6515 Super Fringe nekkid:

1310 WKZD Priceville, AL playing 60s music and some pretty good stuff.NEW!

Heard on a Channel Master model 6818 14 transistor AM FM radio nekkid:

88.1 WAZD Savannah, TN 6/5 1331 with AFR no local programming whatsoever.

88.9 W210BE Waynesboro, TN 6/5 1333 playing REL MX.

89.5 WMAB Booneville, MS 6/5 1337 MPB Think Radio with Whaddaya Know? from NPR.

90.5 WSMM Selmer, TN 6/5 1340 K-Love with the show Mercy Me and never any local programs.

91.5 WFHU Henderson, TN 6/5 1341 The Lion playing alternative rock.

91.9 WOWL Burnsville, MS 6/5 1343 playing Peter Frampton.

92.3 WYNU Milan, TN 6/5 1700 with U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday.

93.5 WKWX Savannah, TN 6/5 1705 playing C&W.

95.5 WFMH Hackleburg, AL 6/5 1708 playing C&W.

97.3 WKJQ Parsons, TN 6/5 1710 with C&W what else?

100.7 WYDL Middleton, TN 6/5 1712 playing urban contemporary.

102.5 WPRT Nashville, TN 6/5 1715 ads for Genesis Diamonds.

103.3 WKDF Nashville, TN 6/5 1717 with ad for auto insurer.

104.1 WOGY Jackson, TN 6/5 1720 playing C&W.

104.9 WKZU Iuka, MS 6/5 1722 KUDZU 104 playing the Bellamy Brothers.

105.9 WGKX Memphis, TN 6/5 1723 with Auto Zone ad and Visa Prepaid Card Ad.

106.9 WWYN McKenzie, TN 6/5 1729 playing the theme song from Smokey and the Bandit.

107.7 WHHM Henderson, TN 6/5 1726 STAR 1077 Ryan Secrest and AT40.

Heard on a mighty Admiral Imperial 8 with no assistance:

570 Radio Reloj Havana, Cuba 6/5 2207 with clock ticks SS woman .-. .-. CW ID and time pip at the minute.

600 CMKA Havana, Cuba 6/5 2309 playing a classical piano  piece.

630 KJSL St. Louis, MO 6/5 2312 real fluttery REL MX A was 26.

830 WCCO Minneapolis, MN 6/5 2316 informercial about skin products.

840 WHAS Louisville, KY 6/5 2317 running a right wing talk show.

850 KOA Denver, CO 6/5 2320 with a Geico ad, Generation America ad, and a prostate ad during a really long stopset.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 6/5 2321 with informercial about getting rid of DHT to end your male pattern baldness.

Heard on a nekkid Zenith Royal 705:

1000 WMVP Chicago, IL 6/6 0445 giving baseball scores.

1030 KCTA Corpus Christi, TX 6/6 0450 with the creation story.

1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA 6/6 0456 with way right wing Neil Boortz.

Heard on a Royal 755 nekkid:

540 WKFN Clarksville, TN 6/7 2300 talking about the Dallas victory in the NBA Finals.

Heard on a Zenith Royal 780 with 200 foot wire and Q stick as a preselector.

1290 WBTG Sheffield, AL 1730 with MYL and into NX after ID.

570 WAAX Gadsden, AL 1742 Handel on the Law into a timeshare ad.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI



Sunday June 12, 2011 - 9:30 p.m. to 10:10 p.m. ADT

Radio: RCA RLG23A 8 transistors, circa 1969

560 WGAN Portland ME

590 VOCM St. John's NL

640 CBN St. John's NL


680 WRKO Boston MA


730 CKAC Montreal QC

740 CHCM Marystown NL

760 WJR Detroit MI


810 CJVA Caraquet NB

830 WCRN Worcester MA

850 WEEI Boston MA


900 CKDH Amherst NS

930 CFBC Saint John NB

950 CKNB Campbellton NB

990 CBY Cornerbrook NL


1030 WBZ Boston MA


1080 WTIC Hartford CT


1140 CBI Sydney NS

1180 WHAM Rochester NY

1210 WPHT Philedelphia PA

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB

1270 CJCB Sydney NS

1370 WDEA Ellsworth ME

1470 WLAM Lewiston ME

1510 WWZN Boston MA

1520 WWKB Buffalo NY


1570 CFAV Laval QC

There!  My fingers are killing me!  This RCA has direct tuning, and its really tough trying to tune the stations in.  Makes me appreciate tuning with some vernier or dial cord reduction!!!  None of these stations are really DX by my standards.

The RCA RLG23A was my very first radio, given to me by my Mom and Dad for my 6th birthday in July 1969.  That particular radio is long gone, but late last year I got an identical one on eBay.  The stations picked up are somewhat representative of the kind of "DX" I would have been getting DXing as a kid in bed with that RCA, burning through a set of 4 Burgess C cells that very first night.  Big difference - back in the summer of '69 the dial would have been filled with top 40 music rather than talk and the occassional oldies or C&W.

Had I opted to use my Zenith Royal 500 H-1 I would have picked up a lot more stations from about 1000 KHz on up.  But, the RCA is more significant to me as representing this DXer's very first radio.


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Continental 10 transistor TR-1067


With the BLACK Continental 10 transistor radio I got from Kevin


Date  06/05 

Location 5 miles from Silverstreet, SC 

710  WAQI  FL Miami  ID mention @ 12:07 AM 

1510  WLAC  TN Nashville  with Coast to Coast AM  1:50 AM 

1530  WCKY OH Cincinnati  good signal  12:52 AM 

1500   WFED    DC Washington   unusually good signal  12:51 AM  

680  WPTF  NC Raleigh  Sunday Night Hall of Fame   1117PM

700  WLW  OH Cincinnati   not so great tonight...  1118 PM 

750  WSB  GA  Atlanta very variable with SS over top some   1119  PM 

760  WJR  MI  Detroit   actually better than WSB !  1120  PM 

790  WVCD  SC  Bamberg  on 1000 watts and verified on phone with Bob Smoak  11:21 PM 


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Realistic 12-650A


Heard on the Realistic 12-650A and batteries. This radio is unmodified and this is the first time I've listened to AM since buying it a while ago.

1580 KDAY Santa Monica CA 6/3 6:52 PM Spanish Rel, ID at ToH.

1570 KPRO Riverside CA 6/3 6:62 PM Dodgers Pregame Show (KABC), then game

1550 KWRN Apple Valley CA 6/3 7:03 PM Spanish Radio Mexico, dual ID KWRM/KWRN.

1520 KVTA Port Hueneme CA 6/3 7:18 PM Angels Baseball game

1530 KFBK Sacramento CA 6/3 7:21 PM Sean Hannity, News Talk 15-30

1510 KSPA Ontario CA 6/3 7:28 PM Mavericks/Quakes baseball, AM 15-10 The Spa

1490 KMET Banning CA 6/3 7:37 PM Rusty Humphrey, USA Radio News at ToH

1470 XERCN Tijuana BCA 6/3 8:01 PM Spanish, R Hispana 14-70, 10KW, Uniradio

These are the stations that I heard call IDs or a slogan (The Spa). Nothing new or hard to hear. The radio needs better filters and the tuning isn't as smooth as I would like but overall I'm optimistic that it will be a good DX radio.

Heard on the Realistic 12-655, modified with ceramic filters when new. I had to go to the other end of the house with the Plasma TV on.

Heard 6/7 10:00-11:00 PM PDT

1640 WPKA209/WQKD624 Irvine Information and Advisory Radio Station

1630 Classical music with weak Spanish underneath, XEUT and KKWY presumed

1620 English REL, presumed KSMH

1600 Chinese talk, ads, presumed KAHZ Pomona

1600 Spanish over/under Chinese stn, probably South Tuscon stn

1590 English ads and news faded up a couple times, KLIV San Jose?

1590 Spanish station in and out, probably Ventura-Oxnard

1580 Spanish rel presumed KBLA, another station underneath probably KMIK

1570 Spanish music station, XERF?

1560 KNZR Bakersfield CA, Coast to Coast in English!

1550 Spanish station, weak, several to choose from (Fresno, Apple Valley)

1540 Korean, presumed Los Angeles

1530 KFBK Sacramento CA, Coast to Coast in English, "News Talk 15-30 KFBK"

1510 KSPA Ontario CA Quakes Post Game Show "AM 15-10 The Spa" and "KSPA Ontario"

1510 Chinese, weak, KPIG?

1500 Vietnamese, most likely KSJX San Jose

1490 Spanish "La Preciosa" so it's KSPE Santa Barbara

1490 Caught partial ToH ID for Bakersfield station at 11:00 PM

Not much English in there. No IDs until ToH makes it tough. Nothing new.


Bruce Carter – Houston, TX

Realistic 12-675


Realistic 12-675 repackaged 8 transistor radio, with a 200mm ferrite bar antenna, location far West Houston:

I concentrated on the frequencies I knew would be weak, ignoring the plethora of regionals and clears from neighboring Texas cities.

In general, the 12-675 suffers a bit from lack of selectivity, in spite of having four IF stages.  I also found it was a bit less sensitive than a famous non-qualifying radio - GE SR(1).  Before I could use the 12-675, I had to repair the radio - a new 2SB75 in the second pre-amp got rid of the distortion in the audio.  This thing will never sound that good, but is room filling now.

KDFT 540 - a weak Spanish language in Denton, TX, faintly heard.  

XEMU 580 - a weak Spanish language, if I spoke Spanish I wound consider it listenable.

XEFD 590 - nulling KSBJ 590 - fairly strong.

600 - nothing heard, except when boosted with a loop.  No ID

XEGH 620 - fairly strong, would definitely be listenable.  No trace of powerhouse KMKI - their null towards Houston is very effective.

640 - VERY intriguing mix, very faint.  At least 3 or 4 stations in there, one is in English, the others Spanish.  I can boost it with a loop, but not ID anything even switching to an SR.

830 - something very faint is there in Spanish.  

870 - WWL surprisingly strong on this portable, but hard to null out a local 880.

The middle of the dial is a cacophony of locals, low power stations in nearby small towns, regionals, etc.  Just about any radio gets the same combination of stuff.  Notable frequencies to try:

1030 KCTA - the amount of static will tell you if you have a good radio or not.  The 12-675 gets it almost static free.

1080 KRLD - a real selectivity and sensitivity test.  The 12-675 flunks.


1490 KHVL - another real challenging selectivity test, there are strong locals on either side.  The 12-675 cannot handle it.

Most of the fun stuff --- the X-band didn't reveal much but 1620 and 1660, plus a local community station.  Wrong time of year for X-band.


Receiver Radio Shack 12-675 (with a 200 mm ferrite rod, location Cypress, TX.

A couple of cool catches - a community information station for Deer Park and Pasadena on 830, they announced that they also broadcast on 530 in LaMarque - sure enough I tuned down there and heard an almost identical feed.


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Realistic 12-656 and GE P780


Finally made it out to the front patio at 1:06am on Sunday morning to hear what I could hear.

1:06am….51 degrees (brrr..chilly….we still haven’t had summer yet) 

Heard on a Realistic 12-656 AM only radio, internal ferrite bar: 

540       CBK     SK        Waltrus             CBC news, then into informational programming about hockey and stuff.  LOUD

600       KSJB    ND       Jamestown       Classic country with an Eddie Rabbit song, then KSJB promo, then into Hank Snow’s “It Don’t Hurt Anymore”

620       KTAR    AZ        Phoenix            ESPN Radio, into break that included promo mentioning “on Sports 620 K-T-A-R” and on to local ad for Gateway Chevrolet

640       KFI       CA        Los Angeles      Coast to Coast AM with (weekender dude…don’t remember his name).  LOUD

650       KGAB   WY       Orchard Valley  About 10 seconds BEHIND (are they IBOC too?) KFI with same C2C AM.  Mixing with country…KMTI Manti

650       KMTI     UT        Manti                Alan Jackson song, KMTI liner, then into somebody else.  Mixing with KGAB

660       KTNN    AZ        Window Rock    KTNN Jingle, then into the Dixie Chicks singing Ready To Run

680       KNBR   CA        San Francisco   Don’t think the Giants were really playing at 1am so must’ve been a rebroadcast of a Giants baseball game. LOUD

790       KGHL   MT        Billings             Midnight Radio Network then into break with BillingsHelpWanted ad and a Montana Wildlife PSA

900       CKBI     SK        Prince Albert     PSA for the RCMP helping fight gangs and numerous other local ads then into country music

950       KRWZ   CO       Denver              hard to hear but could hear oldies and heard an ID for “The Cruise” in between.  WEAK
980       KSVC   UT        Richfield           Several local ads mentioning Richfield and Central and Southern Utah

1010     CBR     AB        Calgary             CBC programming.  Didn’t get a CBR ID but a pretty safe assumption….GOOD

1020     KCKN   NM       Roswell             No ID here, but usually good to loud signal is them….heard some preacher doing…well….some preaching

1030     KTWO   WY       Casper              caught a local break running with 3 or 4 local ads mentioning Casper.  GOOD

1040     WHO    IA  Des Moines      caught end of a promo ….”on NewsRadio 1040, W-H-O”

1060     CKMX   AB        Calgary             station promo “This is Classic Country”..with several song bits then “Classic Country AM 1060” then into Merle Haggard’s “If we’re not back in love by Monday”

1070     KNX     CA        Los Angeles      No mistaking…they mention KNX NewsTime every few minutes.  GOOD.

1100     KNZZ    CO       Grand Jct          Midnight Radio Network again. 

1130     CKWX  BC        Vancouver        Great signal…many mentions of “News 1130” like KNX does.

1140     KYDZ   NV        North Las Vegas           Radio Disney.  Kinda obvious.  No other station in the country has Radio Disney on 1140 

1:44am.  50 degrees….really getting chilly now.

Heard on the G.E. P780.  Internal ferrite bar 

1260     KPOW  WY       Powell Country music with a Keith Urban song playing.  Not new but semi-rare here.

1350     KTDD   CA        San Bernardino Country music with promo in between songs “1350 the Toad!” 

That’s it for the P780 Beyond that point not much to hear.  Regionals and graveyards and lots of SS that I didn’t have time to even think about trying to understand.  Also I didn’t remember just how hot that little 12-656 is!!  I can tell you it seems to run circles around the P780, although the P780 is ok.  I noticed on both, and maybe someone can explain why, on many radios the lower end of the dial is more selective than the upper.  I notice that on both the P780 and the 12-656.  As you progress further down the dial, the stations start to get closer and closer together.  I’ve always wondered why.


Rick Barton – El Mirage, AZ

ZTO Royal 7000-1


930   KAFF   AZ - Flagstaff  May 8 , 5:10A , country music. fair.


1130   KQNA  AZ -  Prescott,AZ  May 8 , 1:55 P . break from Medved show to local spot for firearms dealer.  (Barton-AZ)

1170  MEXICO , Sonora state, Caborca. May 8 , 05:00A . ID by M, very solid clear ID "X-E-I-B" , Radio (sounded like "Vida").

1160  KSL  UT - Salt Lake City, May 8,  6:17 , "Utah's morning news...KSL News Time 7:17. (Barton-AZ)

1430  KLO  UT-Ogden , May 9, 5:30A , M w/ local news. (Barton-AZ)

1210 unid.  MEXICO   May 9, 0544, lively vocal music. antenna on N/S alignment, faded at 6:00AM ID, but clearly hrd "XE" . (Barton-AZ)

1070  KNX  CA - Los Angeles  May 10 , 5:55 A , Quaker State motor oil spot, M anncr "KNX  Newstime, five fifty-five". to historic traffic report : there was NO (!) problem on the "405" freeway. (Barton-AZ)

990  XECL   MEXICO, B.N. , Mexicali. May 12, 4:51 A . Mexican rockabilly covers to ID by jingle "Rockola - Nueve Noventa" (Rockola 990). (Barton-AZ)

1330  KWKH  - CA - Los Angeles  May 12, 05:00A. M anncr and mentions of "Paola Espinosa-Sanchez" to TOH ID  "K-W-K-H, Los Angeles".

first log for me, and first time i heard my sports idol's name mentioned while DXing.  (Barton-AZ) .

1260  KBSZ  ARIZONA, Apache Junction  May 12 , 9:00A  . ID, NBC network news, "Arizona News Radio", to home improvement pgm . Daylog - poor ; not usually hrd in El Mirage with my ferrite bar portables. (Barton-AZ)

780 KAZM  ARIZONA  Sedona, daylog , May 12 , 12:20 P , AZ Diamondbacks game in progress.VG !  (Barton-AZ)

1170   KFAQ  OK - Tulsa  May 12, 0800 P .  ID by M to ABC network newscast, Weiner finally off as top news item. came up suddenly to overpower unid. Spanish lang station. (Barton-AZ)



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