July 2006 ABDX Journal

Vol 1. Issue 3


Editors Corner:

The July issue brings us to look for our neighbors for DX. We are looking for DX on MW next door, and mid range FM/TV, and HF anywhere in the world.


Here’s the notices:


ABDX announces The It’s Next Door CME. The object of this CME is to receive states, or  provinces bordering yours on MW and LW. Provinces or states in other nations count as if they were a state next to yours in your home nation. Say you live in New York and you receive a station in Ontario or Massachusetts, that would count, as would a reception from Texas to Chihuahua or New Mexico.


In addition to Its Next Door, we have The Mid-Range TV and FM DX CME for those who do VHF DXing in the summer. Any reception between 50 and 300 miles can be reported for this one.


For HF DXers, we have the 41/25 mb CME covering from 7.05 to 7.4 and 11.5 to 12.2 MHz.


Always open for the summer is HF and FM/TV for E skip, Trop or Meteor skip you may receive during the CME.


This CME will run from Canada Day, 1 JUL 0001 to 28 JUL 2359 LOCAL TIME wherever in the world you are.


You may use any format to compile your logs that makes sense to you. All ABDX asks is that you send HF logs with UTC time and all other logs in local time.



Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about and we will consider you for membership.




The ABDX website URL is:




There are currently 111 members of ABDX.


We have loggings from The Night of Nights LF tests and FM, WOW we got FM logs this month.  We had a nice turnout on MW and a little on HF.


Next month, a new section of the Journal will be available to the readers called Nothin’ But Net. The segment will cover internet stations. Several of you said you liked the idea so we’ll give it a shot.


The current issue also happens to set a record for size, this is the biggest Journal ever. As always, feel free to pass this issue around to anyone who may be interested. ABDX is always open to giving its journal to everyone.


Lets get to the logs…


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.





The Broadcast Band [MW]


Powell E. Way III – W40PW – West Columbia, SC



Done in the parking lot of the Jack in the Box in

Hendersonville NC. I must have been close to 1450 as

the upper part of the band was desensed badly. There

was a good bit of static from a severe thunderstorm

off to the SE:




Between 6:28 and 6:52 PM EDST

560 WVOC Columbia, SC

620 WRJZ Knoxville, TN

640 WGOC Blountville, TN

660 WLFJ Greenville, SC

750 WSB Atlanta, GA

850 WKVL Knoxville, TN

910 WOLI Spartanburg, SC

950 WORD Spartanburg, SC

990 WNML Knoxville, TN ( with severe desense)

1020 WRIX Homeland Park, SC (which is Honea Path SC

     there is no such town as Homeland Park

1160 WJFJ Tryon, NC [I'm including this as it was

originally licensed to Landrum, SC. One step and you

can be in either state]

1330 WYRD Greenville, SC


Rest of the band very weak locals except for

excpetionally nearbys 1450 and 1600.


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire


1230 WAIM SC Anderson - 07/03/06 1700 - TOH ID into ABC News. Decent, steady signal in the evening static. "Newstalk 1230, WAIM, Anderson, South Carolina".


1510 WLAC TN Nashville - 07/03/06 2200 - FOX News. Good signal. "Newsradio  1510, WLAC".


1320 WKRK NC Murphy - 07/04/06 2119 - Country Music promo and Severe Weather  information. Weak signal with fades. "1320 AM, WKRK".


850 WKVL TN Knoxville - 07/07/06 1807 - Newscast into talkshow. Good signal with slight static. "WKVL, Knoxville...Horne Radio Network".


DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire

1645 – 1720 July 10, 2006

560 WVOC SC Columbia - Local Talk Show about growth in SC

600 WCVP NC Murphy - Country Music

650 WSM TN Nashville - Country Music

660 WLFJ SC Greenville - Religious Material

780 WWOL NC Forest City - Religious Material

840 WCEO SC Columbia - Spanish Music

850 WKVL TN Knoxville - Sean Hannity Show

1000 WWOF SC Walhalla - Oldies

1020 WRIX SC Homeland Park - Gospel Music

1090 WCZZ SC Greenwood - UC Gospel Music

1110 WBT NC Charlotte - Newscast

1150 WSNW SC Seneca - Newscast

1280 WANS SC Anderson - ESPN Radio

1290 WHKY NC Hickory - Local Political Ads

1510 WLAC TN Nashville - Sean Hannity Show

1580 WDAB SC Travelers Rest - Spanish Music


1170 WQVA SC Lexington - 07/11/06 1301 - Spanish Music and TOH ID. Good signal (S8) in the afternoon static. "WQVA...Lexington, South Carolina".


620 WTRP GA La Grange - 07/14/06 1241 - Oldies. Decent, but steady  signal (S8) above the afternoon static. "We're AM 620, WTRP".


910 WOLI SC Spartanburg - 07/14/06 1300 - Spanish music and TOH ID.  Weak, but steady signal in the afternoon static. "WOLI, Spartanburg". 


790 WAXY FL South Miami - 07/15/06 2300 - Sports news and information, and TOH ID. Weak, but steady signal mixed with UC Gospel Music. "Sportstalk 790, WAXY, South Miami".


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Little River Park, Laurens, South Carolina 1630 - 1640



550 WDUN GA Gainesville - 07/23/06 1630 - Travel Today talk show. Decent, steady signal. "WDUN, Newstalk 550". (IEN-GA)


560 WVOC SC Columbia - 07/23/06 1633 - Talk show. Good, steady signal. "WVOC.COM". (IEN-GA)


570 WWNC NC Asheville - 07/23/06 1634 - Glenn Beck show promo and Handel on the Law show. Decent, steady signal. "Newsradio 570, WWNC". (IEN-GA)


580 WGAC GA Augusta - 07/23/06 1636 - Clark Howard show. Decent, steady signal. "Newstalk 580, WGAC. Depend on it". (IEN-GA)


620 WGCV SC Cayce - 07/23/06 1637 - UC Gospel. Decent, steady signal. (IEN-GA)


660 WLFJ SC Greenville - 07/23/06 1638 - Female announcer with a British accent. BBC rebroadcast? GOOD, steady signal. (IEN-GA)


680 WCNN GA North Atlanta - 07/23/06 1640 - Atlanta Braves promo. Decent, steady signal. "Sportsradio 680, The Fan". (IEN-GA)


Kevin Redding – Tempe, Arizona


Heard on a 1985 digital Superadio nekkid:


1440 KUHL Santa Maria, CA 0000 coming out of talk into a ToH ID. Haven’t heard this one in a while.



1020 KCKN Roswell, NM 0015 Gatlin Brothers singing “All the Gold in California.”

1390 KENN Farmington, NM 0021 with talk about UFOs.



1160 KSL SLC, UT 2305 CBS News

1320 KFNZ SLC, UT 2309 woman doing a sports show.

1430 KLO Ogden, UT 0108 Dave Ramsey Show.



560 KLZ Denver, CO 2306 ESPN news.

570 KNRS Salt Lake City, UT 2304 Bush speaking on the news.

630 KHOW Denver, CO 2305 ad for KHOW.com

640 KFI Los Angeles, CA 2306 ad for Malibu alcoholic beverage.

740 KCBS San Francisco, CA 2308 talk about Bush administration illegally spying on people.



1510 KSPA Ontario, CA 2010 playing Son of a Preacher Man.

1460 KZNT Colorado Springs, CO  2018 with an ad stop set.

1140 KNWS Palm Springs, CA 2039 news of interest rates on the economy.

930 KHJ Los Angeles, CA 2042 playing mariachi music.

790 KABC Los Angeles, CA 2043 talk about right wingers.

770 KKOB Albuquerque, NM 2044 Matt Drudge on space tourism.

720 KDWN Las Vegas, NV 2046 on judging barbecue.


Heard with HEAVY lightning static on a Sony 2010 and Q-Stick +:

1690 KDDZ Arvada, CO 2057 R. Disney
1690 KFSG Roseville, CA 2058 ethnic program, UNID language
1670 KHPY Moreno Valley, CA 2059 playing mariachi
1660 KXOL Brigham City, UT 2200 with Elton John “Don’t Go Breakin My Heart”
1650 KHRO El Paso, TX 2200 ToH ID and Air America News, guess they flipped formats
1640 KBJA Sandy, UT 2201 with non-legal ID Kah Bay Hota Ahh, Ahh Emmay, Sandy – supposed to be in English.
1630 KRND Fox Farm, WY 2206 playing banda
1620 KSMH Auburn, CA 2207 EWTN pgm.
1560 KNZR Bakersfield, CA 2209 Coast to Coast
1530 KFBK Sacramento, CA 2210 talk about organic food
1520 KVTA Port Hueneme, CA 2212 Coast to Coast
1110 KDIS Los Angeles, CA 2236 R. Disney



600  KOGO San Diego, CA 7/11 2311 with ID “KOGO 600”
670 KLTT Commerce City, CO 7/11 2312 REL pgm about needing people in government with integrity, with a finger pointed at the current administration.
680 KNBR San Francisco, CA 7/11 2313 interviewing players from the baseball All-Star game.
700 KALL Salt Lake City, UT 7/11 2215 with sports talk about baseball.
710 KNUS Denver, CO 7/11 2316 talk show about abortion.
750 KOAL Price, UT 7/11 2318 Coast to Coast.
850 KOA Denver, CO 7/11 2324 talk about internet gaming.
890 KDXU St. George, UT 7/11 2326 Coast to Coast.



920 KVEL Vernal, UT 7/21 2230 BoH ID “KVEL, Vernal. News, Talk, Sports.”

950 KKFN Denver, CO 7/21 2232 talk about Bengals problems with crime.

1320 KFNZ Salt Lake, UT 7/21 2241 ad for Fastenall then sports talk.

1380 KTKZ Sacramento, CA 7/21 2243 a VERY long stopset.

1510 KCUV Littleton, CO 7/21 playing “The Wanderer”



1540 KMPC Los Angeles, CA 2300 ToH ID in null of local KASA.




Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY


Daytime bandscan - 11:15am - 11:30am - July 3rd, 2006

Evanston, Wyoming



540    KNAK    UT    Delta    fair with talk

550    KRAI    CO    Craig    good with country music

570    KNRS    UT    Salt Lake City    good with Rush Limbaugh

590    KID    ID    Idaho Falls    good with Rush Limbaugh

610    KVNU    UT    Logan    very good with Rush Limbaugh

630    KTKK    UT    Sandy    good with talk

650    KMTI    UT    Manti    good with country music

700    KALL    UT    North Salt Lake    very good with sports

730    KSVN    UT    Ogden    very good with SS

750    KOAL    UT    Price    weak with Rush Limbaugh

790    KBRV    ID    Soda Springs    good with country/70s music

820    KUTR    UT    Taylorsville    good with LDS music and IBOC HASHHHHHHHHHHHHH

860    KKAT    UT    Salt Lake City    good with classic country //KKAT-FM 107.5 Orem

910    KWDZ    UT    Salt Lake City    good with Radio Disney

960    KOVO    UT    Provo weak with sports. //1280 KZNS - Salt Lake City.  Applications up the wazoo in the FCC for this station's move from Provo to Bluffdale and power increase to 50kw.  From the weak signal I would say they are still at 1kw in Provo.

980    KUPI    ID    Ammon    Very weak with classic country

1010    KPCW    UT    Tooele    very good with NPR news

1060    KDYL    UT    South Salt Lake    very good with MOYL

1080    KSLL    UT    Price    very weak with classic country/oldies

1120    KANN    UT    Roy    good with religious

1160    KSL    UT    Salt Lake City    very good with news/talk and IBOC HASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

1280    KZNS    UT    Salt Lake City    very weak with sports talk

1340    KTMP    UT    Heber City    weak with classic country - mixing with KACH Preston, ID

1340    KACH    ID    Preston    weak with light oldies - mixing with KTMP Heber City, UT

1360    KRKK    WY    Rock Springs    good (which is unusual) with oldies

1370    KSOP    UT    South Salt Lake    fair with classic country

1390    KLGN    UT    Logan    fair with adult standards music

1430    KLO    UT    Ogden    weak with talk

1450    KVSI    ID    Montpelier    fair with country music

1510    KLLB    UT    West Jordan    good with black gospel

1550    KRMI    UT    West Valley City    fair with SS

1640    KBJA    UT    Sandy    fair with SS

1660    KXOL    UT    Brigham City    good with oldies


As one might guess, this is a normal AM dial bandscan for me every day.  The only two stations I had to leave off were 1240 KEVA and 940 KMER since they are in Wyoming.  Otherwise this is my dial every day.  A few surprises as KRKK Rock Springs 1360 was coming in better than usual.  They are usually weak during the day as I believe they are directional both day AND night and don't send any signal this way.  I could be wrong there.  Usually get 1340 KACH in Preston, ID , but today KTMP in Heber City was coming in too.  790 KBRV Soda Springs, ID must have been off or at very low power for quite sometime.  It's only in the last month or so that they are back and I can hear them pretty good here.  Live guy in the morning that does nothing but talk about local stuff - then they just play a mixture of pop hits from the 70s and country hits from yesterday and today all day long.   Interesting.  Kinda funky, but interesting.



Did a little bandscan from the bedroom on the Sony ICF SW7600GR.  Radio was nekkid – time was from about 11:30pm 7/5 to 1:00am 7/6


560       KMON  Great Falls, MT with country (weak)

580       KUBC   Montrose, CO with classic country (weak)

700       KALL    North Salt Lake, UT with sports (poor)

750       KOAL   Price, UT           with talk (good)

850       KOA     Denver, CO        with coast to coast (very good)

880       KRVN   Lexington, NE    with midnight trucking show (fair)

910       KWDZ   Salt Lake City, UT          with radio Disney (poor)

920       KVEL    Vernal, UT         with talk (weak)

930       KSEI     Pocatello, ID      with sports (fair to good)

980       KUPI     Ammon, ID        with classic country (fair – which is rare especially at night)

980       KSVC   Richfield, UT      with talk (very weak mixing with KUPI)

1100     KNZZ    Grand Jct, CO   with coast to coast (very good)

1110     KFAB   Omaha, NE       with coast to coast (fair)

1120     KANN   Roy, UT            with religious (good – VERY rare at night here)

1160     KSL      Salt Lake City, UT          with talk (very good)

1180     KOFI     Kalispell, MT     with Bruce Williams (good)

1280     KZNS    Salt Lake City, UT          with sports (weak)

1320     KFNZ    Salt Lake City, UT          with sports (weak)

1350     KRLC  Clarkston, WA / Lewiston, ID

1370     KXTL     Butte, MT          with oldies (good)

1660     KXOL    Brigham City, UT           with oldies (weak)

1690     KDDZ    Arvada, CO        with radio Disney (weak)

Heard on a Chrysler AM Stereo / FM Stereo car radio in a 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T in the Bridger Valley area of Wyoming – about 40 miles east and northeast of Evanston.
Just before sunset bandscan:
540       KNAK   Delta, UT           good with religious
550       KRAI     Craig, CO          good with country
570       KNRS   Salt Lake City, UT          good with talk
590       KID       Idaho Falls, ID   good with talk
610       KVNU   Logan, UT         very good with talk
630       KTKK    Sandy, UT         fair with talk
650       KMTI     Manti, UT          good with country
670       KBOI    Boise, ID           good with talk
700       KALL    North Salt Lake, UT        very good with sports (noted slogan change from “Hot Ticket 700” to “Kall Sportsradio 700”)
730       KSVN   Ogden, UT         very good with Spanish
750       KOAL   Price, UT           good with talk
790       KBRV   Soda Springs, ID            fair with country
820       KUTR    Taylorsville, UT  good with LDS music and lots of HASHHHH on both sides
850       KOA     Denver, CO        very good with talk
860       KKAT    Salt Lake City, UT          good with classic country // 107.5 KKAT Orem, UT
880       KRVN   Lexington, NE    good with country
890       KDJQ    Meridian, ID       fair with oldies
910       KWDZ   Salt Lake City, UT          fair with radio Disney
Just after sunset bandscan:
920       KVEL    Vernal, UT         weak with talk
930       KSEI     Pocatello, ID      good with a baseball game
980       KSVC   Richfield, UT      weak with talk
1100     KNZZ    Grand Jct, CO   very good with talk
1110     KFAB   Omaha, NE       very good with talk
1160     KSL      Salt Lake City, UT          very good with talk
1180     KOFI     Kalispell, MT     good with coast to coast
1300     KKML   Colorado Springs, CO     good with sports (NEW!)
1320     KFNZ    Salt Lake City, UT          poor with sports
1370     KZTL     Butte, MT          fair with oldies
1430     KLO      Ogden, UT         weak with talk
1600     KCKK   Lakewood, CO   poor with classic country
1620     KOZN   Bellevue, NE      good with sports
1650     KBJD    Denver, CO        very good with talk (*stereo*)
1660     KXOL    Brigham City, UT           weak with oldies
1690     KDDZ    Arvada, CO        poor with radio Disney
560       KLZ      Denver, CO        fair with sports
580       KUBC   Montrose, CO    weak with classic country


Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI



The filter caps in the R-390A said, "exercise me please", so I

decided to do a CME.  Its hot in this basement - thankfully, its as

dry as Arizona due to the dehumidifier [one of those Atlantic

Canadian essential appliances].  The R-390A is hooked up to the 70

foot wire - its too hot and I'm too lazy to play with the Quantum.


540 CBT Grand Falls NL CBC Radio One

570 CFCB Corner Brook NL C&W / talk

590 VOCM St. John's NL C&W / talk

600 CBNA Saint Anthony NL CBC Radio One

610 CHNC New Carlisle QC Fr. Lang AC

740 CHCM Marystown NL C&W/ talk

750 CBGY Bonivista Bay NL CBC Radio One

780 CFDR HRM NS a.k.a. "KIXX" C&W

800 VOWR St. John's NL quasi-classical, religious, community

810 CJVA Caraquet NB Fr. Lang. AC

900 CKDH Amherst NS AC

920 CJCH HRM NS oldies/nos/talk

930 CJYQ St. John's NL - newfie music [from jigs and reels to rock!]

950 CKNB Campbellton NB AC

960 CHNS HRM NS oldies [soon to be flipped to FM, and its oldies

format canned in favour of yet another "Lite Rock"]

990 CBY Corner Brook NL CBC Radio One

1070 CBA Moncton NB CBC Radio One [with apologies to the "old" CJFX, CBA is truly the voice of Atlantic Canada - with 50 KW omni, day and night, "clear channel"]

1140 CBI 1140 Sydney NS CBC Radio One [dealing with Cape Breton's

rugged terrain in a way FM cannot match]

1230 CFGN Port-aux-basques NL C&W/talk

1240 CKIM Baie Verte NL C&W/talk [I'd rather listen to 1240 KEVA]

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB C&W ["KHJ"]

1270 CJCB Sydney NS C&W

1320 CKEC New Glasgow NS AC

1350 CKAD Middleton NS C&W

1400 CBG Gander NL CBC Radio One

1420 CKDY Digby NS C&W

1450 CFAB Windsor NS C&W





Note the predominance of C&W stations and CBC.  Most of the AC

stations have converted to FM, and the oldies stations tend to be

converting to FM and changing format.  Oldies as a format is really

on the way out in Atlantic Canada.  Classic Hits - CRTCspeak for new

oldies, is on the way in.  Less Beatles, more B-52s.  You get the

idea.  Lots of 80s and 90s music.


Now that the R-390A has been on a while, its even hotter down here!


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 Quantum Phaser,  2 – 50 foot wires


New GYer on 1400 on Fri/Sat overnite recording:


1400 KGMY MO Springfield 08JUL06 0500CDT on top at TOH with CLID into ESPN sports programming


Also ID'd on the recording but unneeded on 1400 KGVL-TX, KREF-OK,



Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

GE Superadio II, Kaito 1103


Heard on Kaito 1103 with long wire Warwick R.I.

Both are new catches:


1100 WHLI Hempstead, NY. 8:55 PM  sign off gave station ID then played the national anthem 7/9/06

910 WSBA York Penn 9:40 PM ad block newstalk 910 then started talking about Google. 7/9/06


1310 WICH Norwich Conn. 9:35 AM ad for dentist in Waterford call 447-2235 7/10/06

1420 WBSM Fairhaven Mass 9:40 AM ad for Fairhaven lumber 7/10/06

1460 WBET Brockton Mass 9:46 AM talking about world cup soccer 7/10/06

1560 WQEW NY, NY 9:50 Radio Disney playing hip hop song i like to move it move it . 7/10/06


This one had me going in circles. I couldn't find a WLIS assigned to 1150 AM. Research showed they have two stations one is on 1420 which is WLIS the other is WMRD 1150. They were using the WLIS calls.

1150 WMRD Saybrook CT. 7:05 AM gave weather report an news about Iraq bombings. 7/11/06


640 WNNZ Westfield MA 1:08 AM slogan fox zone sports radio 640 then talked about world series 7/12/06


1520 WIZZ Greenfield MA 7:47 PM gave calls then played this diamond ring 7/13/06

1470 WMMV Meriden CT 7:57 PM station promotion mentioning CT gave morning show schedule then ad block first one for home loan. 7/13/06

740 WNYH Huntington NY 8:14 PM gave calls then played Chicago, Chicago a few songs later slogan more memories WNYH Huntington NY. 7/13/06

600 WICC Bridgeport CT 8:31 PM mental health center ad with area code 203 phone number and calls. 7/13/06


1530 WVBF middleborough MA 8:35 AM talking about disabilties and college admission and documentation needed for special needs. 7/15/06

1170 WCTF Vernon CT 6:55 PM talking about mortitory and spiritual values. 7/15/06

1500 WFIF Milford CT 7:24 PM playing honor power and other religious music. at 7:30 PM gave calls. Battle with WTWP Washington DC . 7/15/06


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


I'm listening to ESPN Radio 13-80 KHEY El Paso, a new one here. Only Texas #7 heard with 5 verified.


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Drake R4


16 July 2006 2220 EDT

Believe it or not I have strong het's on 1089 and 1521. Think this is the first time I have ever heard TA's in the summer.


2300 19 July 2006

1600 WTZQ HENDERSONVILLE NC  Oldies song from 1958. ID, "WTZQ Hendersonville."


Here's another station that should be running only 12 watts at night.

However, they are putting in a fair signal now mixed with WFIS.


1010 WGUN GA ATLANTA       1450 15/07/06

1030 WEBS GA CALHOUN      1455 15/07/06

1040 WPBS  GA CONYERS     0700 16/07/06

1040 WQBB  TN POWELL   1457 15/07/06

1050 WWIC  AL SCOTTSBORO     1800 15/07/06

1060 WNPC  TN NEWPORT       0705 16/07/06

1070 WAPI  AL BIRMINGHAM      0100 15/07/06

1070 WFLI TN LOOKOUT MT.     1300 15/07/06

1080 WKJK KY LOUISVILLE  2220 08/07/06

1090 WENR  TN ENGLEWOOD       1100 15/07/06

1090 KAAY AR LITTLE ROCK    0230 15/07/06

1100 WWWE  GA CARROLLTON      1230 15/07/06

1110 WBT   NC CHARLOTTE      2250 08/07/06

1110 WUAT TN PIKEVILLE       1500 15/07/06

1120 KMOX MO ST. LOUIS    2206 08/07/06

1140 WBXR AL HAZEL GREEN   0650 16/07/06

1150 WJRD AL TUSCALOOSA     2100 16/07/06

1150 WGOW TN CHATTANOOGA  1515 5/07/06

1150 WLOC KY  MUNFORDVILLE  2235 08/07/06

1160 WJFJ NC TRYON      0100 09/07/06

1170 WACV AL MONTGOMERY   2330 09/07/06

1180 WZQZ GA TRION           1600 15/07/06

1180 WVLZ  TN KNOXVILLE     1600 15/07/06

1190 WAFS  GA ATLANTA         1615 15/07/06

1190 WSDQ  TN DUNLAP        1800 15/07/06



Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


Last week when I was in Artesia, NM and Tombstone, AZ, I logged a NM DoT HAR on 1610.  I believe the station is probably located near

Clayton, NM.  Can anyone confirm?


Here's what I could copy:


"Thanks for tuning in to the New Mexico Highway Advisory Radio.  In

light of the fire burning in Texas and Oklahoma, and the extreme fire

danger in New Mexico... protect our beautiful state... by putting out

cigarettes... If a fire is found, call 911 immediately...  May you

arrive at your destination safely.  This message is brought to you by

the New Mexico Department of Transportation."


This MIGHT be followed by a number, which MIGHT end in 244 or 344.

There may also have been a mention of highway 64 at some point in the message.


For the past month, WPSE479, the CalTrans HAR on 1610 kHz in Needles, CA, has been mis-IDing as WPSG912.  WPSG912 is another station administered by the same office but located in Mountain Pass, CA on I-15.  This particular CalTrans district office makes mistakes in call signs or city-of-license fairly often.



The Needles station provides info for I-40 only, and the Mountain Pass

station (which may be off the air at the moment, I'm not sure)

provides info for I-15 only.  The current message on the Needles

station is about intermittent lane closures between Ludlow and Essex,

CA, with speed limits reduced from 70 to 45 MPH.


740 KIDR  AZ, Phoenix - Running W radio network spanish programming, but maybe not all the time.


KTBA  AZ  Tuba City - Hasn't moved to 760 yet; currently runningREL //KHAC-880.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


Temporarily in possession of a 2002 Saturn, presumably with its stock radio, much better for MW DX than my SW caradio where MW is an

afterthought, I did some bandscanning from about 15 km N of Enid on US 81, UT July 18, 0045-0130. This was well before LSS, with the bright sun still producing 100+ degree temps. Nevertheless, skywave was already booming in on the high end of the band. Besides logs separately reported under OKLAHOMA,here`s what I noted, in UT time order; reference, NRC AM Log 2005-2006:


0043, KXTR, 1660, classical already skipping in from Kansas City.


0056, 1420, with a het, Firestone ad for Hot Springs AR (KBHS listed); are they off frequency or is KTJS Hobart OK, the daytime dominator, or some other station? Did not hear het later in evening or next day


0105, 1600, now dominated by Asian Broadcasting Network, 972-877-1428, DFW, Radio ---- some foreign name, and the promo partly in foreign language. Punjabi, maybe? (KRVA, Cockrell Hill TX)


0109, 1110, with IBOC buzz, and less so on 1130, but this points to KMOX 1120  St. Louis as source, and they are on the lists as such. But see 0131 entry below!


0111, 850, Spanish music. Guess it`s KJON Carollton TX, the former KRPT hijacked from Anadarko OK to The Metroplex; or the twice-as-far but also Spanish KEYH in Houston. Still too early for KOA and its IBOC sidebands, tho under ideal daytime condx KOA barely makes it here


0131, now the IBOC is on 1100 and 1120, which means it`s coming from KFAB 1110 Omaha. So KFAB interferes with KMOX and vice versa  (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


MW bandscanning, continued from U S A [and non]. Another session during full daytime, none of that dratted skywave, I hoped, but started

too soon, first from home with FRG-7, longwire, July 18, UT in time order!


1352, 1660, KXTR Kansas City was still in with classical; 1406 fading out


1406, 1650, KWHN Fort Smith AR with ID, local commercial transmitter site in OK); not heard later on car radio, so may have been last gasp of skywave, or just too much signal from local KFXY-1640.


Saturn caradio, parked at a grocery in eastern Enid; some line noise and strange carriers perhaps from security:


1608, 1700, KKLF Sherman TX is the only x-bander now audible besides local KFXY 1640


1612, 1190, C&W with a fast SAH, presumably KVFV Beloit KS vs KFXR Dallas TX


1613, 1240, fast SAH, rather than audible het as used to be the case, so KFH Wichita KS and KADS Elk City OK are closer to frequency


David Slate – Gallatin, TN




1:06 AM  1210  WPHT  Philadelphia PA   Good  signal    with a work at home ad   and a linter ID of "the big Talker  1210"   first AM logged at new QTH 








The Whole Earth [HF]


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Drake R4, 137 foot wire


Wonder, is Cuba now broadcasting in 40 meter ham band???


I am hearing a station in Spanish, that seems to be IDing as Radio

Democratic Republica Cuba. They are pegging my S meter at 60db over S9. Frequency is 7.110mc


If this is Cuba, they are not doing anything to win friends and influence the world. You would think that with all the frequency space above 7.3 mc they would take advantage of it.


All time is in Zulu. Date is eastern U.S.A.


11.620   All India Radio   2145 to 2210  27 July 2006;  2145 ID and world news. Women with ID at 2200 then into Indian type music. [WM-TN]


I hear this station daily, but today the signal was crappy as all get out.

Weak, lots of QSB.



11.600  Radio Prague   2230  27 July 2006  ID at 2230 then into commentary about the Czech Republic. Nice signal S-9. [WM-TN]


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


This is Radio Republica, an exile broadcast from Miami, via transmitter in Rampisham UK, which has no business either broadcasting to Western Hemisphere on hamband. RR is also carried on WRMI in Miami itself, and via relay in Germany on other frequencies. There have been many reports of this in DX Listening Digest the past several months. The jamming you hear against all their frequencies, however, certainly comes from Cuba, even on the hamband.


Schedule (not necessarily up to date) and other info here:



David Slate – Gallatin, TN




23:32   9.875    Radio Vilnius  Lithuania     f-g  news  about the income tax there NEW! and it's the first shortwave logged at the new QTH!  I am definitely going to send for a QSL  (Slate -TN )


00:09 6.145  Radio Japan  via Sackville ,Canada good signal w/  news

about Zidane's  head butt first time Radio Japan is logged at the new place  (slate-TN)





The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


Keith McGinnis - Hingham MA

Equipment for FM: Yamaha T-85 (modified)  with an APS9b antenna at 35ft AGL and an FM 6 (replaced a beat up APS9b) phase antenna at 12ft AGL. Bolin Phase Box.  Conrad RDS Manager with Esslinger RDS 3.0 Software. Total Recorder.


Here is a list of all new logs from June 9th through July 19th 2006 from here in Hingham MA.


Totals are now over 1350 FM stations logged from either Hingham MA or Winthrop MA (15 miles NE of here).  I was able to add a number of logs from last year that I had missed entering into the spreadsheet.


This season started out nicely in May and June for skip but has been

dormant for the most part since the end of June.  Trop has been there a few nights recently but nothing to do handstands over.



June 9  eskip             

9:03 PM     WRXW 93.9        Pearl MS    rock   Rock 93.9

9:05 PM     WZBQ 94.1 Carrollton AL CHR "Today's Hit Music WZBQ" with WHJY phased

9:19 PM     WHLH 95.5 Jackson  MS gospel "Jackson's clear choice for Gospel Hits"

10:41 PM   WPZE        97.5 Fayetteville        GA gospel 

9:47 PM     WNSL        100.3 Laurel MS CHR  ID

9:40 PM     WMBC 103.1 Columbus MS talk ESPN prgrm

8:52 PM     WBFZ        105.3 Selma AL urban   Q 105.3 Best Jamz

9:23 PM     KXKZ 107.5 Ruston LA  country Bank of Ruston Ad & Monroe adverts


June 10 eskip                            

5:01 PM     KDCR 88.5  Sioux Center IA   cont xtian  RDS

1:27 PM     WKNG 89.1 Heflin        AL gospel   251 area code mention

4:19 PM     WMEQ 92.1        Menomonie WI    cl rock Rock 92.1

5:49 PM     WOSQ 92.3        Spencer WI sports       

5:52 PM     KQRS 92.5  Golden Valley MN        cl rock KQ92

4:24 PM     KSCR 93.5  Benson MN ac Pioneer Land Band Festival ad

6:58 PM     KSOU 93.9  Sioux Center IA   AC    RDS

4:11 PM     KLCH 94.9  Lake City MN      AC    Lake Hits 95

7:24 PM     KCZE 95.1  New Hampton IA country      The Bull

6:03 PM     KRVI 95.1  Barnesville MN    soft ac       Full legal ID

7:04 PM     KGLI  95.5  Sioux City  IA     AC    RDS

6:43 PM     KQWB 98.7 Moorehead MN    rock   RDS

7:17 PM     KSMA 98.7  Osage IA   CHR  Kiss FM   Riverland CC

6:23 PM     KZPK 98.9  Paynesville MN    Country      MN ads…."Wild Country 99"

6:26 PM     WUSZ 99.9 Virginia  MN country     Grand Rapids mentions

5:30 PM     KTLK 100.3 Minneapolis        MN    talk   Glen Beck mentions

6:29 PM     KIKN 100.5 Salem SD Country "Last Stop CD Shop" ad  Sioux Falls

5:33 PM     KDWB 101.3 Richfield  MN CHR     RDS

5:26 PM     KTWB        101.9 Sioux Falls SD    Country      ID

6:33 PM     KYBB 102.7 Canton SD  cl rock Royal River Casino & Hotel  and Franklin Motor Co. ads

6:37 PM     KBWS 102.9 Sisseton  SD Country "Pleasant Country 103"

5:35 PM     KRVX 103.1 Wimbledon ND  Rock  The Raven

2:51 PM     WPBZ        103.1 Indiantown FL   mod rock    The Buzz

6:47 PM     KDAM        104.7 Hope ND  country      "KDAM The Wolf"

11:14 AM   WAAZ 104.7 Crestview FL     country      local ads "PC Dr…683-0879"  SW GA ment

6:15 PM     KLLT  104.9 Spencer IA soft ac RDS 5A33 with NCAA Baseball

6:50 AM     KIWA 105.3 Sheldon IA        cw/talk Cubs/Reds bball  Cubs station

5:46 PM     KEGK 106.9 Wahpeton MN    oldies        Eagle 106.9

6:55 PM     KIHK 106.9 RockValley IA     country      The Hawk

6:05 PM     KARZ 107.5 Marshall MN   ID into "Blinded by the light"

2:44 PM     WLWI        92.3  Montgomery AL   country with WPRO phased


June 18 2006 eskip                     

12:38 PM   WIKX 92.9  Charlotte Harbor FL country  // to website playlist with WBOS phased

12:41 PM   WMFQ 92.9 Ocala FL oldies "Big 92.9" local ads with WBOS phased

1:11 PM     KRVE 96.1  Brusly LA   ac     The River

11:38 AM   WDMG 97.9 Ambrose   GA    cl hits        Crisp County mentions

11:39 AM   WDLT        97.9 Chickasaw  AL     urban Smooth Jazz Sunday

1:28 PM     WNUE 98.1 Titusville    FL     ss    

11:06 AM   WOOF 99.7 Dothan      AL     AC    RDS

12:18 PM   WKUB 105.1 Blackshear GA  Country "The Best Country Around WKUB"

12:15 PM   WDUV 105.5 New Port Richey        FL Coastal Cadillac Ad

12:04 PM   WJPT 106.3 Fort Myers  FL adult stand    Naples mention

2:21 PM     WJZZ 107.5 Roswell GA        "WJZZ..that was Smokey Robinson"


June 23 eskip                                            

7:49 PM     KDNS  94.1 Downs KS   Country      KD Country


July 13 eskip                                             

7:34 PM     WJSP 88.1  Warm Springs GA  NPR Talk about decriminalization of drugs


July 14 eskip


9:42 PM     WSJT 94.1  Lakeland  FL Smooth Jazz McDonalds Ad and Tampa Bay mentions

12:07 PM   KGGO 94.9 Des Moines IA cl rock ID  & Blues and Boogie


9:25 PM     KUUL 101.3 East Moline IL  Kool FM Super 60s and 70s

9:05 PM     WPOI        101.5 St Petersburg FL 80s Hits Tampa's The Point

8:36 PM     WXGL 107.3 St Petersburg FL        cl hits        // to playlist on website


July 14 trop                                               

5:09 PM     KHB38 162.4 Atlantic City NJ NOAA        NOAA weather radio for the Atlantic City / Deleware / So Jersey area



July 15 trop                                               

12:15 AM   CHNI 89.1 Saint John NB News with ESPN prgmng // to CJNI

8:14 AM     WEHM 96.9 Southampton NY Adult Alt    with WTKK phased..// to stream also heard ID

11:37 PM   CKHZ 103.5 Halifax NS  testing Z103  testing…recorded about 30 minutes


July 15 eskip                                             

1:40 PM     KWFC        89.1  Springfield  MO    Gospel       ascu.org promo..same as another local dxer was hearing.. he confirmed

9:34 PM     KDMG 103.1 Burlington IA Country  Big Country 103.1


July 16 eskip                                             

12:35 PM   KMGO 98.7 Centerville IA Country  "Iowa's Hottest Country 98.7 KMGO"

12:45 PM   WSEK  93.9  Burnside KY Country with Weird CC RDS



July 19 trop                                               

9:35 PM     WHXR 106.7 North Windham ME cl rock with MJX partially phased a dual ID including 104.7  "The Bone"

10:12 PM   WEBB        98.5 Waterville ME country with WBMX phased "B98.5 Central Maine's Country"


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

Hafler 330 and VU75XR Antenna



88.9 KLNE Lexington, NE 0900 with ToH ID and into classical music.  Es.


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

GE Superadio II, Kaito 1103


Heard on GE SR 2 Nekkid .

Note to self: Use GOOD fresh alkaline batteries in SR 2 do NOT use Eveready flashlight batteries and wonder why you can't hear nothing.


105.9 WXHQ Newport R.I.*  3:05 PM did not give ID until 3:05 PM gave calls and said it was Newport radio. Format is Jazz I heard no ads and had been listening since 2:50 PM. I am assuming they meant Newport R.I. as they said Newport radio. 7/03/2006



95.1 WXTK Cape Cod MA 11:47 slogan Newsradio 95 followed by ads. 7/3/06

102.9 WPXG Cape Cod MA 11:51 PM slogan Cape Cod’s rock Pixie 103. 7/3/06

94.9 WHOM Mt Washington NH 12:02 AM playing Careless Whisper to a scream after giving calls then faded out. 7/4/06

101.1 WFRQ Cape Cod MA 7:35 PM Slogan Frank FM playing followed by Glory Days Glory Nights 7/3/06

106.1 WCOD Cape Cod MA 7:25 PM slogan or saying worlds best music Cape Cod’s 106 7/3/06

89.9 WERS Boston College Boston MA. 8:20 PM gave calls and phone number to call then resumed playing hip hop. 7/4/06 










































Heard on Kaito 1103 nekkid from Warwick R.I.

97.5 WOKQ NH 11:57 PM gave calls then back to country music. 7/8/06

97.5 WIGY Maine 12:02 AM kept bouncing in and out battling for channel and switching places with WOKQ with ad blocks numerous mentions of Maine locations and Maine sponsors. 7/9/06

104.3 WAXQ NY, NY 12:20 AM we have tickets for Paul Simon and said Q - 104 NY, NY followed by another ad . 7/9/06

105.5 WQGN Groton Conn. 12:25 AM Mohegan Sun ad followed by slogan today’s hit music Q 105 7/9/06

105.9 WBCI Portland Maine 12:28 AM caught ID and said Portland-Augusta Maine. 7/9/06

102.1 WAQY Springfield Mass 12:35 AM ID followed by playing Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd .  7/9/06

NOTE: 107.7 UNID 12:30 AM someone playing once twice three times a lady by Commodores over and over.



94.7 WMAS Springfield MA 1:45 AM slogan 94.7 best songs of 70's 80's and 90's gave calls then ad with a 533 number 7/12/06

97.7 WCTY Norwich CT 2:04 AM gave calls started playing country song with words "you don't look a day past 43" . 7/12/06

100.9 WKNL New London CT 2:14 AM playing blue moon slogan cool 101 followed by See you in September 7/12/06

102.1 WAKQ Springfield MA 2:18 AM Ad for lena honda in North Hampton slogan rock 102 7/12/06



106.9 WCCC Hartford CT 7:55 PM DJ made comment we were all high on drugs then promoting  High Voltage CD later gave ID . 7/15/06

104.7 WKPE Orleans MA 8:28 PM your locked into another classic rock set on 104.7 the rocket, then played AC DC Highway to Hell 7/15/06

106.1 WCOD Hyannis MA 8:34 PM Playing backtracks USA SNYC program from birds 7/15/06

103.9 WOCN South Yarmouth MA 8:35 PM The workday is always more enjoyable on Ocean 104.  7/15/06

92.1 WLNG Sag Harbor NY 8:48 PM sock hop Saturday Night Bobby Vinton song then played you better shop around, later gave calls. 7/15/06

92.1 WOMR Provincetown MA 9:00 PM dropped in to drop a quick TOH ID and quickly faded out as WLNG came pounding back in. 7/15/06

92.5 WXRV Haverhill MA 9:05 PM slogan The River played an album alt rock song Love Is My Religion. 7/15/06





95.7 WKSS Hartford CT 12:17 AM playing a song that sounds like a new version of the 84 song owners of the lonely hearts. May not be actual title of new song but contains the above.  slogan kiss 95.7 . 7/16/06

102.9 WPXC Hyannis MA 5:10 PM pixie 103 Cape Cods rock now playing U-2 In the name of love  . 7/16/06

99.9 WQRC Barnstable MA 5:42 PM New prizes lined up listen very week day morning win $25 gift card 7/16/06

100.1 WWFS Southbridge MA 5:54 PM the all new pike 100 FM Worcesters #1 for classic hits 7/16/06

99.3 WJZS Block Island R.I. 5:21 PM song played was willy i do without you gave calls 99.3 WJZS coming up Nat King Cole 7/16/06



98.3 WILI Willimantic CT 11:30 PM gave calls and station slogan "eye 98.3" 7/18/06 



Michael D. Hawkins – Northern California


I was just listening to a weak but identifiable K258AC...38 watts on 99.5 at about 80 miles out.  I thought I was gonna sprain my ears.  That's one of a few very rare frequencies to hear anything on in the SF Bay Area.  Somebody start praying to the Es gods...my prayers aren't working and I wanna hear something new!






Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

2002 Saturn Radio


** U S A. I do very little FM DXing, having burned out on that years ago, especially since most of the stations I would not spend a second listening to for their content --- commercials, non-classical music, far-right talk, and religion! And have allowed my DX antenna to deteriorate, tho I still sometimes feel urges to get a new one plus rotor. Then there is all the time I don`t have, to drop everything when DX openings occur, and there have been far too many of them this summer! And the time I am spending right now compiling this report. And then my computer which I imagine needs to be on most of the time, hashes up the FM band. Furthermore my car radio is not good for MW or FM, but passable for SW. So in temporary possession of a 2002 Saturn, while my old Honda`s AC is being fixed (I hope, for the fifth time recently; temps at least 108F today!), I took the opportunity to do a little FM DXing on its stock (presumably) radio while waiting in a parking lot and enjoying its adequate AC, July 18, all times UT in time order!


1618, 88.1, I could hardly believe my ears, at least 7 straight minutes of COMMERCIALS, fully produced with music, for a string of Hampton, VA businesses, each tagged with ```WHOV thanks XXX for support``. But everything else about the one-minute spots was indistinguishable from paid advertising, which of course is exactly what it was, here in the NCE band. First was Queensway Soul Café, downtown Hampton, http://www.queenswaysoulcafe.com


At 1619 mentions Gospel Express Morning Show, then Alpha Center, dance classes. 1620, Mary Helen`s Southern & Creole Cuisine, down-home cooking! 1622, Riverdale(?) Trophies which provided ``platinum support``. 1623, Lady Neptune [sic] Seafood Haven; 1624 yet another commercial, did not catch for what, some fading. 1625 another Gospel Express promo. Those lucky Hamptonians, with a

commercial gospel huxter in their FM band!!! FM Atlas XX says this one is only 2000 watts ERP, horizontal only. TG for polarization randomization by the E-layer, as I was using a vertical whip on the rear fender (or whatever Saturns have).


I would not have time to scan thru the entire band, so went to the high end, downward:


1629, 104.5, Hampton Roads mentioned in interview, Z-104. This is WNVZ, 50 kW.


1630, since SE VA is close to the mid-point of a double-hop path to Bermuda, decided my time would better be spent on Bermudan frequencies. Something was on 94.9 with C&W, perhaps WPTE Virginia Beach but listed as r rather than k; doubt it was Bermuda. Faded out revealing Wichita Falls, i.e. KOLI (calls from FM Atlas XX, as not always heard announced). A good open frequency here with no Okies nor southern Kansans.


1637, tried another Bermuda frequency, 89.1. Some preacher with an Irish accent, again unlikely Bermuda. This frequency has fringe KS and OK stations normally fighting it out here, as the listed Enid translator has been silent for many months. My record of no double-hop FM is unblemished (Glenn Hauser, DX



** OKLAHOMA. After an FM DX opening from Virginia, on Saturn caradio, UT July 18: at 1639, 88.1, a preacher with a 2-word echo. One was probably semi-local KMSI Moore OK. Does Oasis Network have another 88.1, or would it be some other network relayed with same program? Must have been very close to equal strength

for capture effect to fail. O, per http://www.oasisnetwork.org/ it`s just KDIM Coweta/Tulsa also on 88.1. Why do they need that since they have KNYD 90.5 Tulsa? Anyhow, between OKC and Tulsa, and even out here in Enid, lack of synchronization shows the fallacy of their engineering. I suppose one is getting a satellite feed (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Jason Koralja – Surf City, NJ

Alpine CDA-9847


July 26, 2006

92.9 - WEHM - Southampton, NY 118mi

93.3 - WSNE - Taunton, MA 214mi

96.3 WRZE - Nantucket, MA 238mi.

100.9 - WKNL - New London, CT 163mi


David Slate – Gallatin, TN



7:14 PM  103.7   WPTQ  Cave City KY   F-G  with ad for the Poison concert and another Bowling green local ad   Logged on 7-2-06 via groundwave  first FM at new QTH  (Slate-TN)



The Visible Universe [TV]


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Zenith TV / 30 Yr. Old RS Antenna


15 July 2006 1200 EDT

Have a huge, strong opening on channels 2 to 6. No ID's at this time but several stations in like locals.


15 July 2006 2000 EDT

Have Canadian football on channels 2, 4 and 5. Winnipeg vs. Montreal.

Channel 5 is by far the strongest. Anyone know what stations in Canada are carrying this game?


This makes me look forward to football season here in America.


16 July 2006  1200 EDT

Have Es on channels 2 to 6. (Again) Just Mexico on 2, 4 and 5.

Again, as for the last two months, have a strong floater on 3 over WRCB.


18 July 2006 1300 EDT

Have a tremendous Es opening in North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. Skip is moving a little northeast to Minnesota.


At 1300--

Channel 2 - KUSN Vermillion, SD

                - KGAN Cedar Rapids, IA

Channel 3 - Strong floaters (more than one) over local WRCB.

                - KOTA Rapid City, SD

Channel 4 - KPRY Pierre, SD

                - KWSE Williston, ND

                - KTIV Sioux Falls, SD

                - KXJB Valley City, ND

                - WCCO Minneapolis, MN

                - unID "TV7 and 4" Can not find any station listed on

channel 4 that has it's primary owner on channel 7.

Channel 5 - KFYR Bismarck, ND

                - KDLV Mitchell, SD (This is a new one for me. Local noon

news and lots of ads for local business.

Channel 6 - unID's: Had three stations mixing with semi-local WATE.




Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

13” Magnavox Color TV, CM3032 amp and VU-75XR antenna



Hey, the MUF is only 2 but WBRZ from Baton Rouge and KPRC from Houston are in.


Powell E. Way – West Columbia, SC

WTOC 11 Savannah GA with local strength at 7:30 AM in

West Columbia, SC. Rod antenna Very old 13 inch RCA

XL-100 with a very weak CRT.


Yesterday I reported WTOC in Savannah. Well, this

morning another Savannah neighbor!


WSAV 3 Savannah, GA NBC excellent. On the DX TV, the

old XL-100 with rod antenna. July 3 at 8 AM!

There also was Es early this afternoon, with KKSN

again dominant. 2 SS stations one running commercials

so I assume it was NOT Cuba. Only voice on those.


Frank Aden – Boise, ID



CH 3 AND 5 from Phoenix and ch 6 KIVI is having transmitter trouble and is running low power.  Maybe something will break though 6m into NM and AZ








Extra, Extra! [News]


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


Clear Channel swaps local programming


Cincinnati Business Courier - 10:19 AM EDT Wednesday


The "Sports Animal" has chased Jerry Springer out of his home at WCKY-AM 1530.


Clear Channel Communications Inc. will move its sports-talk programming, known as "Homer" and the "Sports Animal," from WSAI-AM 1360 to the 1530 dial position. That will give the sports-talk format a 50,000-watt broadcast signal, 10 times more powerful than the current home of Clear Channel sports talkers Tom Gamble, Richard Skinner and Lance McAlister.


Clear Channel's "progressive talk" format, now on WCKY, will move to WSAI, effective July 7. The move means a weaker signal for the liberal talk show hosts that now populate WCKY, including former Cincinnati Mayor Jerry Springer, comedian Al Franken and other national feeds from Air America.


"Homer's always done well, whether it be ratings or revenue," said Clear Channel Program Director Darryl Parks, Clear Channel's local director of AM operations. "We just figured we can maximize it," with the signal boost, he said.


Homer has the broadcast rights for the Cincinnati Bengals and recently became the radio home of University of Kentucky basketball. It also is the local affiliate for Fox Sports Radio.


It is one of eight radio stations operated in Cincinnati by Clear Channel Communications Inc. (NYSE: CCU), a global media and entertainment company based in San Antonio, Texas.




Sports radio station hits airwaves today

By Tim Lemke


July 18, 2006


The future of the Washington Redskins on radio begins today.


    Red Zebra Broadcasting announced that Triple X ESPN Radio, the new home of the Redskins, will begin operations at 4 p.m. with a show hosted by John Riggins.


    The long-awaited station will be available on FM-94.3 (WWXT), FM-92.7 (WWXX) and AM-730 (WXTR), and will be the second all-sports radio station in the D.C. area, along with AM-980 (WTEM).


    "Everyone's been working hard over the last month to create a business plan, a vision and an operation and put it into practice," said Bennett Zier, the CEO of Red Zebra Broadcasting, which was created by Redskins owner Dan Snyder. "Now we're ready to broadcast."


    Live broadcasts of Redskins games will be the clear focal point of Triple X, but Riggins' show, which will air from 4 to 7 p.m., will be the anchor of the weekday broadcasts.


    "I think it's going to be fun," said Riggins, the former Redskins running back who has a reputation for being unpredictable. "It's not like we've been in Carlisle for six weeks and someone laid down a game plan. You don't want to script me too much."


    The station will also offer ESPN programs, including "Mike & Mike in the Morning," "The Herd With Colin Cowherd," "The Dan Patrick Show," "GameNight" and "AllNight With Jason Smith."


    In addition, long-time Redskins announcer Larry Michael will report live from Redskins Park every weekday between noon at 1 p.m.


    The three frequencies, plus the Internet, will give the station good coverage throughout the region. But none are high-powered enough to reach everyone on their own, and Zier admitted the listeners may have to scan the dial at first to acquire the best signal. He said the station is actively looking for even more frequencies.


    "We're in the buying business," Zier said. "We are constantly talking to owners who are looking to sell their stations. Every operator looks to improve their signal."



Mini CC Radio


Dear Customers,


I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for the Mini CCRadio. I am sorry to say that the Mini CC Radio will not be part of our production schedule as planned. Despite our best efforts, the performance of the latest samples is not what we expected at this date.


We feel compelled to table the Mini CC until further notice. We will be deleting all credit card information and providing refunds for any checks that were presented. I am truly sorry for this outcome and deeply apologize for disappointing you.


On a happier note, I am pleased to say that right now C. Crane has the finest lineup of high performance radios and antennas we've ever offered. Our staff is trained to answer all your questions about our radios and we intend to serve radio listeners for decades to come.


Thank you so much for the trust you have shown us by placing your advance order. In the future should we come to the expected performance and have a firm production schedule in hand we will announce the new radio.


Once again, thank you for your support and understanding.



Bob Crane




Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI


Now that my wife has surrendered the computer, I can add some more:


Ocean 100.3 CHTN is testing and asking the public to contact them if

they have any reception problems.  Transmitter site is Churchill/

[Bonshaw] e.g. the CBC tower.  Testing format is just like the

described format for the station - an occassional 60s song, 70s songs

a bit more common, 80s songs, 90s songs and the occassional song from today.  Cancon seems pretty high - certainly higher than the required 35%.  The old "butter up the CRTC idea".


Meanwhile, programing is business as usual on 720, with 60s and 70s

oldies. At some point the changeover will occur, and the new format

will be on 720 for a little while.


And then it will go dark.


My guess is that 720 will go dark the end of August, first of



And then there will be howls of protest from all the listeners over in

NS.  They actually have some ad revenue from there too.  Not a lot,

but some.  They wouldn't duplicate the AM's coverage even if they were full Class C parametres [100 KW, 600 metres EHAAT] and they won't be anywhere near even full C1 parametres.


So it looks like 3 new stations to be added to the CBC tower - CHTN,

its sister station to be, and CFCY [given that MBS Radio has applied

to amend their FM flip].  By my rough calculations, we're talking

about 1.2 to 1.5 million watts of ERP at the FM and VHF TV frequencies.


Its been my experience that new testing FM signals can have really

mega signals - years ago CKTO had a mega signal while testing and more recently CKHZ had a big testing signal.


At 8:05 a.m. ADT, Ocean 100 [100.3] was officially launched, ending

the "720 CHTN" brand and oldies format.  Ocean 100's slogan is "we

play everything".  For CRTC purposes, it is a "classic hits"

format.  Songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today.  Transmitter

site is from the CBC tower at Bonshaw/Churchill.  An average

effective radiated power of 33,000 watts - directional, quite a bit

of height above average terrain.  Yes, the days of omnidirectional

FM here in the Maritimes are largely gone, although MBS Radio is

trying to get CFCY's FM approval modified to allow for omni

coverage, more power, and more height, even though CFCY FM has yet to take to the air.


The very first song was "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones.


The intent is to simulcast Ocean 100 on the 720 KHz AM frequency for

3 months - the maximum simulcast period permitted by the CRTC. 

However, don't be surprised if Newcap doesn't pull the plug a little

earlier. Once they are convinced that everyone has switched over,

they will be anxious to power down the 10KW Nautel, save the

electricity, sell the Nautel or move it over to another Newcap

station - perhaps in NL, where AM radio still co-exists with FM and

Newcap owns 80% or so of the stations - take down the towers, and

bring in the realtors to sell some potentially prime building lots.


So, for any DXers trying for one last shot at 720 KHz out of

Charlottetown PE, don't get thrown by the fact that there is no

longer a traditional oldies format, or that the station no longer

IDs with 720 CHTN every few minutes.  Please update your log

books/directories etc. The ID you will now be looking for is Ocean

100.  There will also be references to Charlottetown, Summerside,

Montague, Stratford etc. as well as PEI, Prince Edward Island,

Northumberland Ferries, Confederation Bridge - all key words/phrases

to listen for to "ID" a PEI station.


I suspect the calls will still be CHTN [nice calls as it is an

abbreviation for Charlottetown] and you may hear this once per hour,

as is the custom, at least in this part of Canada.  Not necessarily

at the top of the hour, but often these legal IDs show up near the

top of the hour.


So, where do oldies fans in PEI and Northern Nova Scotia turn for

oldies?  Satellite radio.  You have to go as far afield as Halifax

NS and Saint John NB to find an oldies station.  As for Halifax, 960

CHNS has been approved to go dark, and switch to FM with yet another variation on "Lite Rock".  Will CJCH continue to eek out an

existance on 920 with its oldies/NOS hybrid format known

as "Yesterday's Favourites"?  Will 930 CFBC Saint John New Brunswick

remain on AM?


Will Lite Rock 900 CKDH stay on AM with its 1KW site on a salt

marsh?  Will the remaining AVR stations 1450 CFAB, 1420 CKDY, 1350

CKAD remain on the air, or be replaced with FM sticks?


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI


105.1 and 106.3 are already running IBOC more about to begin and HD-2 streaming too including 105.1 and 106.3 will be adding HD-2



Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK


KAKC-1300 "Business Talk" now apparently running IBOC, junk heard this evening 11JUL06 around 1800 CDT on the car radio overwhelming 1290 and 1310.  KAKC doesn't appear in the spring Arbitron ratings for Tulsa at all!  Maybe IBOC will improve their ratings?? My other new IBOC "friend"- KTBZ-1430 - shows at 1.1 in the spring Arbitron rating.

Robert Bratcher – Houston, TX


KLDE-FM (107.5) is now calling itself K Hits with a 60's & 70's mix of

music. The web site http://1075khits.com/ still has KLDE on it's contact page but I wonder if they are doing a call sign change or are they planning one? I emailed the station (about that question) & will inform the group when I have their answer. Hmmm... KHTZ? KHTS maybe?


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


I have updated my recent TIS report to include information gathered on my second car trip, from San Diego to Corpus Christi and back.  The update now covers about 120 TIS/HAR/Part 15 stations from Montana to Texas, some of which can be heard for several hundred miles at night.


You can read the update in Excel or Word:





These URLs are case-sensitive.  If you're on dialup, choose the Excel

version, since it is only 47K vs. about 124K for the Word doc.


I recorded about 50 of these stations as I was driving thourgh their

coverage areas (I held a miniature digital recorder up to the car

radio speaker). As soon as I can find the time, I hope to post the

recordings to my web page as well.  Most are reasonably good

recordings, given the poor audio quality of most TIS/HAR stations...




KPH Point Reyes, CA Building 2


Night of Nights – LF tests


Robert Foxworth – Tampa, FL


I used a Radio Shack DX390 with built-in whip, indoors. I thought cx were not very good. Weak signals and a lot of fading. Most signals were s-2 to s-4, the best were from WLO 8514 and KPH 8642 which I could call a s-7. Listening done between 0245 to 0345 Z.


Copied a traffic list around 0305 (4 or 5 letter calls) and a tribute to silent coastal stations (3 letter calls) around 0340, on KPH.


I heard the following;

4247 KPH s-2

4343 WLO s-3

6411 KLB s-3

6474 KSM s-4

6477 KPH s-4

8514 WLO s-6

8574 NMC s-4

8642 KPH s-7

12808 KPH s-6

12993 KSM s-6


On the utelist, I see some of the 12 and 16 MHz were

hrd in Greece and Australia.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


Wednesday is my running club night so I didn't listen all evening. Here is what I heard. 

Before running:

0025Z    8642    KPH in good

0029Z    12917    KLB in fair

0040    6474    KSM in good

0057    6477.5    KPH


After running, pizza etc.

0352    6474    KSM in good

0404    6477.5    KPH

0419    8642    KPH

0430    12808.5    KPH

0437    12993    KSM

0452    4247    KPH

0617    12935    HLG (not part of Night of Nights VII)

0620    12660    WLO