July 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 8


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ABDX membership has remained stable. We are 155.


ABDX is STILL looking for those who would like to edit a section of the Journal. If you are interested, email listowner@americanbroadcastdx.com .


In August, we could see the first HD night time station operations. Keep your ears open and let us know what you are hearing in the way of night MW HD. Perhaps we will begin to hear HD at night.


This issue is all about Bandscans! We have bandscans from all over the world and you can see what the market is like other places. Jay Rogers gives an excellent rundown on the Providence, RI market.


Summer is about a month from its end. MW and LW is slowly beginning to yield more DX as the month progressed. The FM DXers again rule this issue.


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The July CME Announcement:


ABDX announces the Bandscan CME. We are still looking for night HD operation while awaiting night HD. For the bandscans, you can to any band, but Sirius and XM. You can even just focus on a particular meter band on HF or just FM or MW or LW or all of them, whatever you want.

On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception. This is the time that Es and Tr are abundant on FM and you shouldn't let the opportunity pass.  

We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well. This is also the time for TV DX get it while you can.

WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear. Don't forget the WX band. It is far from immune to Tr and Es and this also is the time that the weather gets exciting.  

NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX. 

LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band.

The August CME Announcement:


ABDX announces the Big Ass Nekkid Portable Radio CME. August CME will be done on big portables like the Superadio, Zenith Royal 2000, Panasonic RF 1401D, GE-P780, Zenith Transoceanic series, Drake SW-8, Grundig Satellite 800, S-350 and the DL, RF-2200 and the like. Its gotta be a big portable, self contained, runs on batteries and has the antennas as part of the radio. In other words, its gotta have a ferrite or a whip to run from as part of the radio. No wimpy 7600s, YB400s or DX-398s need apply!

This is the time that everything under 30 MHz is starting to pick up and reception begins to improve. We are looking forward to your big-ass nekkid portable radio loggings!

We are still looking for night HD operation while awaiting night HD. 

On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception. This is the time that Es and Tr are beginning to wane on FM and you shouldn't let the opportunity pass to get that last bit of DX reception you can.  

We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well. This is also the time for TV DX get it while you can.

WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear. Don't forget the WX band. It is far from immune to Tr and Es and this also is the time that the weather gets exciting.  

NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX. 

LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band. LF should be starting to improve very soon.


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band


MW BCB Bandscans


Jay Rogers – Taunton, MA


550/WDDZ: Radio Ditsy. Used to be oldies WICE.

630/WPRO: Really the only N/T in town now that WHJJ has had its brains scrambled with an egg whisk.

790/WSKO: Also-ran sports yakker up against WEEI-FM. Simulcasts on 99.7/WSKO-FM.

920/WHJJ: N/T owned by C.C. that's limping along. Not much of a measurable audience to speak of after the other A.A.-Air America.

990/WALE: Off-air for the last 6 months. The biggest joke of a station there ever was. 50kW but the weakest signal in the market. XMTR. Is on slate about 20mi. N.W. of town. Audio ~2kc. When owned by the North American Broadcasting Co.

this station was more blatantly dishonest than any XE station Dr. Brinkley ever dreamed up. I had the "honor" of working there for 5 months in 2002. It was run by people who didn't know or care about broadcasting & was located upstairs

from an Asian "massage parlor." The XMTR. Site is contaminated with P.C.B.s & the R.I.D.E.M. asked N.A.B.C. to clean up the site in 1991! Their pattern is shot & apparently tower 1 is nearly ready to collapse. Why is it off the air?

From what I hear an electric bill in the neighborhood of $42k has yet to be paid. Take note NEW/1140: Greenville, R.I. with 27kW-D/1.2kW-N.

1110/WPMZ: Spanish station that used to be WHIM country. Doesn't shut its XMTR. off on Sunday nights.

1220/WSTL: Used to be brokered ethnic/religion WRIB. Now is R.I.'s 1st CCM/teaching/whatever station.

1240/WOON: Local radio for Woonsocket, R.I.. An actual full-service operation with 4 (FOUR!) webstreams incl. T.V.!

1290/WRNI: N.P.R. snoozer.

1320/WARL: Brokered-time "positive" programming.

1380/WNRI: WOON's competition. Had the dubious honor of working with them when they were WPEP's sister station. Count all your fingers after dealing with this bunch.

1400/WHTB: Portuguese radio for Fall Riv(er), Ma..

1450/WLKW: E-Z listening using the ABC Timeless format.

1480/WSAR: On-air since 1921. Local radio for Fall River in English.

1540/WADK: N/T/SJ station serving Newport, R.I..

1570/WPEP: Local station in Taunton. Was full service under my P.D. ship. Now, I don't know. I think all-satellite blab all the time from 9th-tier nets like USA Radio, Langer, etc..

1590/WARV: R.I.'s 1st religious station, with format since 1978. Originally on air in 1959 as WYNG?

1630/WPQV669 et al.: R.I.D.O.T. radio. T.I.S./H.A.R..


Mike Hawkins – Campbell, CA
Grundig S350


Location: Campbell CA

Date:  30 June 2007

Radio:  Grundig S350 portable


530  WMP947   San Jose CA

540  KRXA     Carmel Valley CA

560  KSFO     San Francisco CA

580  KMJ      Fresno CA

610  KEAR     San Francisco CA

620  KIGS     Hanford CA

630  KIDD     Monterey CA

650  KSTE     Rancho Cordova CA

680  KNBR     San Francisco CA

700  KMBX     Soledad CA

710  KFIA     Carmichael CA

740  KCBS     San Francisco CA

770  KCBC     Riverbank CA

810  KGO      San Francisco CA

840  KMPH     Modesto CA

860  KTRB     San Francisco CA

880  KKMC     Gonzales CA

910  KNEW     Oakland CA

940  KWRU     Fresno CA

960  KQKE     Oakland CA

970  KESP     Modesto CA

980  KDBV     Salinas CA

990  KATD     Pittsburg CA

1010  KIQI     San Francisco CA

1050  KTCT     San Mateo CA

1080  KSCO     Santa Cruz CA

1100  KFAX     San Francisco CA

1120  KZSJ     San Martin CA

1140  KHTK     Sacramento CA

1170  KLOK     San Jose CA

1200  KYAA     Soquel CA

1220  KNTS     Palo Alto CA

1230  KWG      Stockton CA

1240  KNRY     Monterey CA

1260  KOIT     San Francisco CA

1280  KWSX     Stockton CA

1290  KAZA     Gilroy CA

1310  KMKY     Oakland CA

1330  KLBS     Los Banos CA

1340  KOMY     Watsonville CA

1350  KSRO     Santa Rosa CA

1370  KZSF     San Jose CA

1390  KLOC     Turlock CA

1400  KVTO     Berkeley CA

1410  KRML     Carmel CA

1430  KVVN     Santa Clara CA

1450  KEST     San Francisco CA

1460  KION     Salinas CA

1480  KYOS     Merced CA

1490  KTOB     Petaluma CA

1500  KSJX     San Jose CA

1510  KPIG     Piedmont CA

1520  KMPG     Hollister CA

1530  KFBK     Sacramento CA

1550  KYCY     San Francisco CA

1570  KCVR     Lodi CA

1590  KLIV     San Jose CA

1610  WPTR243  Saratoga CA

1620  KSMH     West Sacramento CA

1640  KDIA     Vallejo CA

1660  KTIQ     Merced CA

1670  WQGH344  Cupertino CA    

1690  KFSG     Roseville CA

1700  WPPP201  Mountain View CA    


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI
Grundig Sat 800 and LFE 601 antenna


June 30, 2007 11:00 a.m. ADT Stratford PEI - SAT 800 with LF

Engineering M-601C in temporary location, outside, 20 feet from the

house and 7 feet up:


540 CBGA1 New Carlisle QC 10KW

570 CFCB Corner Brook NL 1KW

590 CJCW Sussex NB 1KW

600 CBNA St. Anthony NL 10KW

610 CHNC New Carlisle QC 10KW

640 CBN St. John's NL

680 WRKO Boston MA 50KW

740 CHCM Marystown NL 10KW

780 CFDR Halifax HRM NS 50KW

790 CFNW Port-au-choix NL 1KW [first ever daytime reception!!!]

800 CHRC Quebec QC 50KW

810 CJVA Caraquet NB 10KW

850 WEEI Boston MA 50 KW

870 CFSX Stephenville NL 0.5KW

900 CKDH Amherst NS 1KW

910 WABI Bangor ME 5KW

920 CJCH Halifax HRM NS 25KW

930 CFBC Saint John NB 50KW

950 CKNB Campbellton NB 10KW

990 CBY Corner Brook NL 10KW

1030 WBZ Boston MA 50KW

1070 CBA Moncton NB 50KW

1140 CBI Sydney NS 10KW

1150 CHGM Gaspe QC 5KW

1230 CFGN Port-aux-basques NL 0.25KW

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB 10KW

1270 CJCB Sydney NS 10KW

1320 CKEC New Glasgow NS 25KW

1350 CKAD Middleton NS 1KW

1420 CKDY Digby NS 1KW

1450 CFAB Windsor NS 1KW


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA
WinRadio 313e and flag antenna


My July 1 mid-day MW scan from Cape Cod. This is a very "clean" scan with no sitting on station, no effort to pull out of the mud, phase out IBOC hash, etc. I used the WinRadio 313e and flag antenna.


540    WLIE    Islip NY

550    WDDZ    Pawtucket RI

560    WGAN    Portland ME

570    WMCA    New York

580    WTAG    Worcester MA

590    WEZE    Boston MA

600    WICC    Bridgeport CT

610    WGIR    Manchester NH

620    WZON    Bangor ME

630    WRPO    Providence RI

640    WNNZ    Westfield MA

640    WWJZ    Mt Holly NJ

650    WSRO    Ashland MA

660    WFAN    New York

680    WRKO    Boston MA

690    CINF    Montreal QC

710    WOR    New York

730    WJTO    Bath ME

740    WJIB    Cambridge MA

760    WVNE    Leicester MA

770    WABC    New York

800    WNNW    Lawrence MA

820    WNYC    New York

830    WCRN    Worcester MA

840    WRYM    New Britain CT   

850    WEEI    Boston MA

870    WLUP    Gorham ME

880    WCBS    New York

890    WAMG    Dedham MA

900    WJJB    Brunswick ME

910    WLAT    New Britain CT

920    WPHY    Trenton NJ

930    WGIN    Rochester NH

950    WORL    Boston MA

970    WZAN    Portland ME

980    WCAP    Lowell MA

990    CKGM    Montreal QC

1000    WCMX    Leominster MA

1010    WINS    New York

1030    WBZ    Boston MA

1050    WEPN    New York

1060    WBIX    Natick

1080    WTIC    Hartford CT

1090    WILD    Boston MA

1100    WHLI    Hempstead NY

1110    WPMZ    Providence RI

1110    WCEC    Salem NH

1120    WBNW    Concord MA

1130    WBBR    New York

1150    WTTT    Boston MA

1170    WFPB    Orleans MA

1180    WCNX    Providence RI

1190    WLIB    New York

1200    WKOX    Framingham MA

1240    WBUR    W Yarmouth MA

1260    WMKI    Boston MA

1270    WTSN    Dover NH

1280    WFAU    Gardiner ME

1290    WRNI    Providence RI

1300    WJDA    Quincy MA

1310    WORC    Worcester MA

1310    WLOB    Portland ME

1320    WATR    Waterbury CT

1330    WRCA    Waltham MA

1340    WNBH    New Bedford MA

1370    WFEA    Manchester NH

1390    WPLM    Plymouth MA

1410    WMSX    Brockton MA

1420    WBEC    Pittsfield MA

1430    WXKS    Everett MA

1440    WJAE    Westbrook ME

1450    WNBP    Neburyport MA

1460    WBET    Brockton MA

1470    WAZN    Watertown MA

1480    WSAR    Fall River MA

1490    WCCM    Heverhill MA

1500    WFIF    Milford CT

1510    WWZN    Boston MA

1520    WIZZ    Greenfield MA

1530    WVBF    Middleborough MA

1540    WGIP    Exeter NH

1550    WNTN    Newton MA

1560    WQEW    New York

1570    WNSH    Beverly MA

1580    WLIM    Patchogue NY

1590    WARV    Warwick RI

1600    WUNR    Brookline MA

1660    WWRU    Jersey City NJ

1690    ????       Haitian Pirate Boston MA


Brent Taylor – Cavendish, PEI
Sony 7600GR nekkid


Here is what I heard on my Sony 7600GR, with internal ferrite antenna, this

afternoon in Cavendish, PEI, Canada.  I forgot my Radio Shack passive loop,

so I was not blessed with the usual NE US stations.  Only managed to dig

audio out of WBBR.  WITH the loop, this radio does much better.  Next time!




540   CBGA                 New Carlisle, QC

570   CFCB                 Corner Brook NL

590   CJCW                Sussex NB

610   CHNC                 New Carlisle, QC

740   CHCM       Marystown, NL

780   CFDR                 Dartmouth/Halifax NS

810   CJVA                  Caraquet NB

870   CFSX                 Stephenville NL

900   CKDH                 Amherst NS

920   CJCH                 Halifax NS

950   CHER                 Sydney NS

990   CBY           Corner Brook NL

1070          CBA          Moncton NB

1130          WBBR       New York NY

1140          CBI            Sydney NS

1230          CFGN                 Port-Aux-Basques NL

1260          CKHJ                  Fredericton NB

1270          CJCB                 Sydney NS

1320   CKEC             New Glasgow NS


Charles A. Taylor – Grifton, NC
Drake R8 and SM2 antenna


geographical coordinates of 629 Saint Joseph Street, Grifton, NC:

                 77° 25'35.4" W, 35° 22' 36.7" N


This is a Grifton Daytime Bandscan, and is based on groundwave recep-

tion only, with the exception of some highbanders whose skywave is a permanent, year-long manifestation.

This was initiated on 6/18/06, but benefits from knowledge of the band acquired from 9/86 - 10/01.

Despite their repetitiousness, I insisted on listing "unknown carriers" because they "tantalize" and present targets that I hope to identify eventually.

When I have a good idea as to the identity of an unknown station, I put the station in parenthesis ( ), below.


Equipment used to compile this bandscan:

1. Drake R8B with internal preamplifier bypassed, 2. Worcester SM-2

Space Magnet II. Because of the gain of the SM-2's amplifier, the

S-unit readings are "generous" by about 10 dB.

I hope this will encourage neigboring-state MWers to compile and

submit their own detailed bandscans. Comparisons would be very


Time spent in compiliation: approximation 10 hours.


530     WPGU846 NC      6       Greenville. East Carolina University

540     WETC    NC      +10     Wendell (SS)

550     WIOZ    NC      7       Statesville

         WSVA    VA      2       Harrisonburg

         ----            -       unknown carrier

560     WGAI    NC      6       Elizabeth City

         WVOC    SC      3       Columbia

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

570     WDOX    NC      7       Raleigh

         CMDC    CU      4       Villa Clara (Reloj)

580     ----    --      4       three unknown carriers

590     WGTM    NC      +10     Wilson

600     WSJS    NC      7       Winston-Salem

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

610     WFNZ    NC      7       Charlotte

         WVBE    VA      5       Roanoke

620     WDNC    NC      8       Durham

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

630     WMFD    NC      6       Wilmington

         WMAL    DC      3       Washington

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

640     WFNC    NC      9       Fayetteville

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

650     ----    --      -       two very weak carriers

660     WLFJ    SC      5       Greenville

         WFAN    NY      -       New York City

670     WPMH    VA      6       Claremont/Portsmouth

         ----    CU      2       Villa Clara (Rebelde)

         WWFE    FL      -       Miami

680     WPTF    NC      +10     Raleigh

690     WVOK    FL      2       Jacksonville

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

700     ----    --      -       two very weak carriers

710     WEGG    NC      +10     Rose Hill (SS)

720     ----    --      -       unknown carrier

730     WFMC    NC      +20     Goldsboro

740     WPAQ    NC      3       Mount Airy

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

750     WAUG    NC      7       Wake Forest

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

760     WCPS    NC      +10     Tarboro

770     WLWL    NC      8       Rockingham

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

780     WWOL    NC      +10     Dunn

790     WNIS    VA      9       Norfolk

         WBLO    NC      -       Thomasville

800     WSVS    VA      7       Crewe

         WDSC    SC      5       Dillon

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

810     WQIZ    SC      5       Saint George

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

820     WGGM    VA      7       Chester

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

830     WTRU    NC      8       Winston-Salem

840     WCEO    SC      8       Columbia

         WKTR    VA      5       Earleysville

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

850     WRBZ    NC      9       Raleigh

         WTAR    VA      8       Norfolk

860     WOAY    WV      7       Oak Hill

         WEVA    VA      7       Emporia

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

870     WFLO    VA      6       Farmville

         ----    --      -       two unknown carriers

880     WRRZ    NC      +10     Clinton (SS)

890     WHNC    NC      9       Hendersonville

         ----    NC      -       mixing product: WNCT-1070 & WGHB-1250

900     WIAM    NC      +15     Williamston

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

910     WSTR    NC      +25     Jacksonville (SS//1230)

920     WPCM    NC      7       Burlington

         ----    --      -       two unknown carriers

930     WDLX    NC      +30     Washington

940     WKGM    VA      8       Smithfield

         ----    --      -       two unknown carriers

950     WORD    SC      6       Spartansburg

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

960     WRNS    SC      +50     Kinston

970     WRCS    NC      7       Ahoskie (Very low % modulation)

         WJMX    SC      3       Florence

         ----    --      -       one unknown carrier

980     WAAV    NC      +10     Wilmington

       (WAVS)  (SC)     3   `  (Summerville)

990     WBTE    NC      9       Windsor

         WEEB    NC      8       Southern Pines

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

1000    WRTG    NC      8       Garner/Raleigh (SS//1530)

1010    WELS    NC      +30     Kinston

1020    ----    --      -       one very weak carrier

1030    WDRU    NC      7       Wake Forest/Raleigh

1040    WSGH    NC      2       Lewisville (SS)

1050    WVXX    VA      6       Norfolk

         WWGP    NC      5       Sanford

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

1060    WNCT    NC      +10     IBOC sideband

1070    WNCT    NC      +50     Greenville (IBOC)

1080    WNCT    NC      +10     IBOC sideband

1090    WTSB    NC      +10     Selma //WDUR-1490 Durham

1100    ----    --      -       two very weak carriers

1110    WBT     NC      9       Charlotte

         WYRM    VA      7       Norfolk

1120    WSME    NC      +20     Jacksonville

1130    WPYB    NC      +20     Benson

1140    WRVA    VA      9       Richmond

1150    WGBR    NC      +30     Goldsboro

1160    WTEL    NC      9       Red Springs

1170    WCLN    NC      +25     Clinton   //WBLA-1140 Elizabethtown (part-time)

1180    WMYT    NC      3       Carolina Beach SS

         ----    --      -       one unknown carrier

1190    WDEX    NC      2       Monroe

1200    WSML    NC      8       Burlington      //WSJS-600 Winston-Salem

         WMIR    SC      7       Atlantic Beach

         WAGE    VA      2       Leesburg

1210    ----    NC      2       mixing product WNCT-1070 & WDLX-930

         ----    --      2       very weak carrier

1220    WENC    NC      6       Whiteville

1230    WLNR    NC      +35     Kinston

         WCBT    NC      8       Roanoke Rapids

         WFAY    NC      2       Fayetteville SS

1240    WJNC    NC      +10     Jacksonville

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

1250    WGHB    NC      +35     Farmville

1260    WZBO    NC      8       Edenton (SS)

         WKXR    NC      2       Asheboro

1270    WMPM    NC      +20     Smithfield

       (WTJZ)  (VA)     2      (Newport News)

1280    WYAL    NC      +20     Scotland Neck

       (WJAY)  (sc)     2      (Mullins)

1290    WJCV    NC      +25     Jacksonville

       (WDZY)  (VA)     2      (Colonial Heights)

1300    WSSG    NC      +25     Goldsboro

         WLNC    NC      2       Laurinburg

1310    WCMS    VA      9       Newport News

         WTIK    NC      2       Durham SS

       (WDKD)  (SC)     -      (Kingsport)

1320    WTOW    NC      +25     Washington

1330    WBTM    VA      7       Danville

         WESR    VA      5       Onley

        WPJS     SC      2       Conway

1340    WOOW    NC      +30     Greenville

         WLSG    NC      5       Wilmington

1350   WLLY    NC       +10     Wilson

1360    WCHL    NC      8       Chapel Hill

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

1370    WLLN    NC      9       Lillington SS

1380    WBTK    VA      7       Richmond

       (WKJV)  (NC)     2      (Asheville)

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

1390    WEED    NC      9       Rocky Mount

1400    WSMY    NC      7       Weldon/Roanoke Rapids

         WPCE    VA      6       Portsmouth

         WMFA    NC      2       Raeford

1410    WRJD    NC      9       Durham

         ----    --      -       unknown carrier

1420    WVOT    NC      8       Wilson

1430    WDJS    NC      +10     Mount Olive

         WDXE    NC      2       Monroe

1440    WBLA    NC      8       Elizabetown

         WKLV    VA      4       Blackstone

1450    WNOS    NC      +10     New Bern

         WRNN    SC      5       Myrtle Beach

1460    WEWO    NC      5       Laurinburg  //WIDU-1600, WAZZ-1490

         WKDV    VA      3       Manassas SS

       (WRKB)  (NC)     2      (Kannapolis)

1470   WVBS     NC      7       Burgaw

       (WWBG)  (NC)      2       Greensboro

1480    WYRN    NC      8       Louisburg //WDOX-570)

         WPWC    VA      3       Dumfries SS

1490    WWNB    NC      +20     New Bern

         WRMT    NC      8       Rocky Mount

         WAZZ    NC      2       Fayetteville //WIDU-1500, WEWO-1460

1500    WTWP    DC      -       Washington (very weak)

1510    WEAL    NC      2       Greensboro (very weak)

1520    WARR    NC      9       Warrenton

1530    WLLQ    NC      9       Chapel Hill SS //WRTG-1000

         WOBX    NC      6       Wanchese (Outer Banks)

1540    WREJ    VA      7       Richmond

         WYNC    NC      5       Yanceyville

         WTXY    NC      2       Whiteville

1550    WCLY    NC      7       Raleigh

         WVAB    VA      7       Virginia Beach

         WBSC    SC      2       Bennettsville

1560    WBSV    VA      7       South Boston

1570    WECU    NC      +30     Winterville (my closest local)

1580    WPGC    MD      5       Morningside

1590    WHPY    NC      9       Garner/Raleigh

         WVOE    NC      2       Chadbourn

1600    WIDU    NC      3       Fayetteville //WEWO-1460, WAZZ-1490

         WCPK    VA      5       Chesapeake

1610  (WQVB479)

                (NC)     5      (Pine Tops) dead carrier

        WQVB479 NC       2       Rocky Mount

         WQVB479 NC      2       Tarboro

1650    WHKT    VA      7       Portsmouth

1650    WFNA    NC      7       Charlotte //620

1680  ----     NC      2       very weak TISs

1710    ----    NC      2       mixing product WDLX -930 & WTOW-1320



Kevin Redding – Tempe, AZ
Sony M85 Nekkid



550 KFYI Phoenix, AZ


580 KSAZ Marana, AZ

600 KVNA Flagstaff, AZ


620 KTAR Phoenix, AZ


660 KTNN Window Rock, AZ

670 XESOS Naco, Son.

690 KVOI Tucson, AZ

710 KMIA Black Canyon City, AZ

740 KIDR Phoenix, AZ

760 XENY Nogales, Son.

780 KAZM Sedona, AZ

790 KNXT Tucson, AZ

830 KFLT Tucson, AZ


860 KMVP Phoenix, AZ stunting in IBOC


910 KGME Glendale, AZ

930 KAFF Flagstaff, AZ

940 KGMS Tucson, AZ

960 KKNT Phoenix, AZ

990 KTKT Tucson, AZ

1010 KXXT Tolleson, AZ

1030 KAVT Cortaro, AZ

1060 KDUS Guadalupe, AZ

1080 KGVY Green Valley, AZ

1100 KFNX Cave Creek, AZ

1130 KQNA Prescott, AZ

1150 KCKY Coolidge, AZ

1190 KNUV Tolleson, AZ

1210 KQTL Sahuarita, AZ

1230 KOY Phoenix, AZ

1250 KBSZ Wickenburg, AZ

1260 "KASU" Tempe, AZ [free radiate]

1280 KXEQ Phoenix, AZ

1290 KCEE Tucson, AZ

1310 KXAM Mesa, AZ

1330 KJLL Tucson, AZ

1340 KIKO Globe, AZ

1360 KPXQ Glendale, AZ

1400 KSUN Phoenix, AZ

1420 KMOG Payson, AZ

1440 KAZG Scottsdale, AZ

1480 KPHX Phoenix, AZ

1510 KFNN Mesa, AZ

1540 KASA Phoenix, AZ

1550 KUAZ Tucson, AZ


1580 KMIK Tempe, AZ


1610 Phoenix Sky Harbor TIS


HD MW Scan 7/19

550 KFYI

620 KTAR

860 KMVP

1580 KMIK [still off]   


HD FM Scan

90.5 KUAZ [off]

92.3 - 1 KTAR News

92.3 - 2 Alternative rock

95.5 - 1 KYOT Smooth jazz

95.5 - 2 Rock

96.5 - 1 KMXP Rock

96.5 - 2 80s rock

98.7 - 1 KPKX Adult Hits

98.7 - 2 Rock

99.9 KESZ [off]

100.3 KQMR Regional Mex.

100.7 KSLX Classic Rock

102.5 - 1 KNIX Country

102.5-2 Hot Country

104.7-1 KZZP Top 40

104.7-2 R&B

107.9 KMLE Country


Ira New - St. Augustine, FL Sangean ATS 909


540 WFLF FL Pine Hills – 06/30/07 2230 – Local weather forecast and Coast to

Coast AM. Good signal with slight fades. “540, WFLA

590 WDWD GA Atlanta – 07/05/07 2259 – TOH ID and Radio Disney fare. Good

signal. “AM 590, WDWD Atlanta”.

610 WIOD FL Miami – 06/30/07 2233 – Traffic and Weather. Decent signal with

fades. “610, WIOD 24-Hour Traffic”.

680 WPTF NC Raleigh – 06/30/07 2131 – Weather Forecast. Good signal with

fading. “Newstalk 680, WPTF”.

690 WOKV FL Jacksonville – 06/30/07 2153 – WOKV Station Promo. Good signal with fading. “WOKV, Jacksonville’s most important radio station

700 WLW OH Cincinnati – 07/05/07 2238 – Cincinnati Reds promo. Good, steady signal. “700 WLW. Home of the Cincinnati Reds”.

750 WSB GA Atlanta – 06/30/07 2135 – The Allen Hunt Show. Decent signal

mixing with Latin Music. “Newstalk 750, WSB”.

760 WJR MI Detroit – 07/05/07 2303 – Local weather forecast. Decent signal.

“WJR Weather Forecast

840 WHAS KY Louisville – 07/05/07 2241 – Talkshow. Good signal. “84, WHAS”.

850 WRUF FL Gainesville – 06/30/07 2236 – Atlanta Braves Baseball. Decent

signal with slight fades. “850, WRUF, Gainesville”.

870 WWL LA New Orleans – 07/05/07 2304 – Newscast. Good signal. “WWL First News”.

940 WMAC GA Macon – 06/30/07 2158 – Atlanta Braves Baseball. Good signal

with fading. “Newstalk 940, WMAC”.

970 WFLA FL Tampa – 06/30/07 – 2200 – TOH ID, FOX News along with local news and traffic. Good, steady signal. “Newsradio 970, WFLA Tampa Bay”.

1030 WBZ MA Boston – 06/30/07 2203 – Local traffic. Good, steady signal.

“WBZ News time is 10:03”.

1110 WBT NC Charlotte – 06/30/07 2205 Traffic and weather. Good, steady

signal. “WBT Timesaver Traffic

1230 WSBB FL New Smyrna Beach – 07/03/07 1516 – The Beatles with 8 Days A Week. Good, steady signal. “1230, The Beach”.

1240 WFOY FL Saint Augustine – 07/03/07 1518 – Down to Business talkshow.

Very good signal. “AM 1240”.

1290 WTKS GA Savannah – 07/03/06 1520 – Neal Boortz show along with

commercials for Shops in Savannah. Good, steady signal. “Newsradio 1290,


1440 WGIG GA Brunswick – 07/03/07 1535 – Golden Isles Nissan ad and The Sean Hannity Show. Very good signal. “Real Radio 1440, WGIG, Brunswick

Mansfield, Georgia Band Scan


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Mansfield, Georgia – SONY ICF-2010


550 WDUN GA Gainesville – 07/11/07  – Good, steady signal.

590 WDWD GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Weak signal.

610 WPLO GA Grayson – 07/11/07 – Good, steady signal.

640 WGST GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

660 WLFJ SC Greenville – 07/11/07 1659 – Religious material. Decent signal.

“Christian Talk 660, WLFJ”.

680 WCNN GA North Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

750 WSB GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 1701 – Newscast. Good signal. “Newstalk 750,


790 WQXI GA Atlanta- 07/11/07 – Decent signal.

860 WAEC GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

880 WBKZ GA Jefferson – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

900 WBML GA Macon – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

920 WGKA GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

960 WRFC GA Athens – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

970 WNIV GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1010 WGUN GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1040 WPBS GA Conyers – 07/11/07 – Good, clean signal.

1080 WFTD GA Marietta – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1100 WWE GA Hapeville – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1130 WLBA GA Gainesville – 07/11/07 – Decent signal.

1160 WCFO GA East Point – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1190 WAFS GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Decent signal.

1250 WYTH GA Madison – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1270 WJJC GA Commerce – 07/11/07 – Weak signal.

1280 WLCG GA Macon – 07/11/07 – Decent signal.

1300 WIMO GA Winder – 07/11/07 – Decent signal.

1350 WNNG GA Warner Robins – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1380 WAOK GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Weak signal.

1430 WGFS GA Covington – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1480 WYZE GA Atlanta – 07/11/07 – Decent signal.

1500 WAYS GA Macon – 07/11/07 – Weak signal.

1570 WIGO GA Morrow – 07/11/07 – Good signal.

1600 WAOS GA Austell – 07/11/07 – Decent signal.

1690 WMLB GA Avondale Estates – 07/11/07 – Decent signal with fades.

This Band Scan was conducted at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center in

Mansfield, Georgia on July 11, 2007 from 1655 to 1755.


Paul LaFrienere – North Superior, MN
Receiver and antenna


This bandscan was done Saturday, July 28, 2007.  Started at 1000 CDT.  Any

frequencies not included were empty at this time.  Bandscan was done from

the parking area at Coast Guard Station North Superior.


550   WSAU   WI   Warsar.  Good.  Polka music.

560   WEBC   MN  Duluth.   Good   Sports.

580   CKPR   ON   Thunder Bay.  Good.  This will be the last

                                logging of this station.  They pull the plug

                                on the AM Aug. 3.  The last of Thunder

                                Bay's 3 AM stations to go to FM  CKPR

                                will be [is] on 91.5.  Very sad.

590   WJMS   MI    Ironwood.  Good.  Country.

600   WCHT   MI   Escanaba.  Poor.  Local talk.

610   KDAL   MN  Duluth.  Good.  Local talk.

620   WTMJ   WI   Milwaukee.  Fair.  Stock program.

630   WDGY  WI   Hudson.  Poor.  SS

650   WNMT  MN Nashwauk.  Good.  Local talk.

660   WBHR   MN  Sauk Rapids.  Good.  Sports.

670   WSCR   IL    Chicago.  Poor.  Sports.

680   WDBC   MI   Escanaba.  Fair.  NOS

680   WOGO  WI   Hallie.  Fair.  Home repair program.

710   WDSM   WI  Superior.  Good.  Talk program.

720   WGN     IL   Chicago.  Poor.  Talk--ads.

730   WJMT   WI   Merrill.  Fair.  Country.

770   KUOM  MN  Minneapolis.  poor.  Radio K

780   WBBM  IL    Chicago.  Poor.  News.

790   WAYY  WI   Eau Claire.  Fair.  ESPN.

800   WVAL  MN  Sauk Rapids.  Poor.  Country.

810   WJJQ    WI   Tomahawk.  Fair.  ESPN.

830   WCCO  MN  Minneapolis.  Good.  Gardens.

850   WWJC  MN  Duluth.  Good.  infomercial.

880   WMEQ  WI   Menomonie.  Fair.  Talk

910   WHSM  WI   Hayward.  Fair.  MOYL.

920   WMPL   MI   Hancock.  Good.  Fox News--talk.

930   WLBL   WI   Auburndale.  Fair.  PBS program.

940   WCSW  WI  Shell Lake.  Talk.

950   WERL   WI   Eagle River.  Fair. Local sports.

970   WGEE   WI   Superior.  Fair.  ESPN.

980   WNBI   WI   Park Falls.  Fair. ESPN.

1030 WCTS   MN  Maplewood.  Religion.

1090 WAQE  WI   Rice Lake.  Fair. Country.

1130  KFAN  MN  Minneapolis.  Good.  Local sports.

1130 WISN   WI   Milwaukee.  Fair. Talk under KFAN.

1150 WHBY  WI  Kimberly.  Poor.  Talk.

1220 KLBB   MN  Stillwater. Fair.  Local talk.

1230 WKLK  MN  Cloquet. Fair. Local ads.

1240 WMFG  MN  Hibbing. Fair. Local ads.

1260 WXCE  WI  Amery. Fair. The Oldies Station.

1320 KOZY  MN  Grand Rapids. Fair. Paul Harvey.

1320 WFHR  WI  Wisconsin Rapids. Fair. Sports.

1330 WLOL  MN  Minneapolis. Fair. Relevant.

1340 KRBT  MN  Eveleth. Poor. Local ads.

1350 WCMP MN  Pine City. Fair.  ABC Sports.

1370 WCCN  WI  Neillsville.  Fair. NOS

1380 WFCL  WI  Clintonville. Fair. NOS

1390 WRIG  WI   Schofield.  Fair.  Oldies.

1400 WATW WI  Ashland.  Good.  NOS.

1440 KDIZ   MN  Golden Valley. Poor. Disney.

1450 WHRY  WI  Hurley.  Fair. Local weather.

1470 KRJJ   MN  Brooklyn Park. Poor.  Religion

1490 KQDS MN  Duluth Fair. Oldies

1500 KSTP  MN  St. Paul. Good. Talk.

1570 WLKD WI  Minocqua. Fair. ESPN

1600 KZGX  MN  Watertown. Poor. Hmong.

1670 WTDY  WI  Madison.  Fair. Talk.


Powell E. Way III – Newberry, SC

2000 Taurus with the retracting antenna that destroys AM signals


1590 WABV SC Abbeville stunting information about changes starting on July 16 ...bubbling up above the fray @ 1820 hours. Charles Taylor ......eat your heart

out!  In the 2000 Taurus with the retracting antenna that destroys AM signals. In the parking lot of the Hardees in Newberry, SC where I normally hear WCAM.


Charlie Taylor – Grifton, NC

Receiver, Antenna


920 WYMB SC Manning: Tuned in @ 2100 7/3 hunting for Reloj. Instead,

heard a bodacious hard rocker. ID came @ 2102: "Field, Stones, Zepplin,

Pink Floyd. No bubblegum, no zip-uppin' DJs. 102.1 F M, W M F T,

Pamplico/Florence; 9-20, WYMB Manning. This is a Cumulus Rocker, 102.1,

THE FOX." Coulda' waited all night for this one to ID! Atop everything.

Still on 2.5 kW? With this music, they shoulda' had 50 kW.

1030 WWGB MD Indian Hill. Logged @ 2102 7/4 after listening to SS

evangelistic Caribbeanesque music. ID: "This is W W G B, Indian Hill/

Washington. Ésta es doble-ve doble-ve je be, Indian Hill/Washington.

Para la zona tri-estatal* Washington, di si, Maryland y Virginia.

Transmite Radio Poderosa, diez-treinta [unintelligible]."  * = "for the tri-state area." Female voice with minor SS accent. Good, but in razor-thin null of WBZ.

930    WYFQ    NC    Charlotte (Mecklenberg Co.) Logged @ 2100 7/9. Hunting for Reloj, instead heard a non-IDing station (WBEN, probably) carrying a baseball game, and a station playing an instrumental religious hymn. Came up atop the channel in time for end of hymn, and ID: "A station of the Bible Broadcasting Network, W Y F Q, Charlotte." Then into instrumental "Old Rugged Cross." Semi-local WDLX, "Little Washington" in night pattern and buried. Logged as WSOC 2/13/64 from Indianapolis.

530 TURKS& CAICOS  Radio Voz Cristiana: 1400 @ 7/12. Plainly audible SS way beneath WPGU846 Greenville (NC) dead carrier. Way too weak for an ID, but  occasional SS words are audible. Not really certain that this is NOT a Cuban, but choral music is  suggestive of RVC. ID not likely.

1220 WREV NC Reidsville: Logged @ 1900 7/12 during late afternoon bandscan. Coming out of Qué Pasa noticias & directly into ID: "Ésta es Doble-ú Ere E Ve, doce-veinte A-Eme, Reidsville. This ees dahbleyu ahr ee vee, twelve-tweenty, ey em, Reidsville." Way on top of co-channel, but faded out.  Strangely, not logged in period 1986 - 2001.

910 WJCW TN Johnson City: Logged @ 2058 7/14 at break time during a baseball game (somebody playin' agin somebody) and ID" "This IS W J C W, Johnson City." Semi-Local WSRP, Jacksonville, NC, beneath and a bunch more stations. Logged also 4/19/62 from Indianapolis.

Got my first QSL in 29 years! For reception at 1830 on 05/27/07.

WQCR563-1700 10 W from a 50-foot helical top-loaded vertical antenna.

Verie signer: DAVID JORDAN, WA3GIN Arlington County RACES RO.

Verie is an 8½ x 11-inch certificate w/photo of Arlington Fire Department using a firefighter truck ladder to mount a top-loading "hat" atop the mast.

Note: I sent an e-mail report with mp3 file just for fun. I didn't

request a verie!

720     WCGR    Pisgah Forest: Noted signing off @ 2045 with Star Spangled Banner. Ought to be easy w/10 kW.

1610    UNID     unIDed Tagalog-speaking station noted at 2205 7/19,                  talking about "state of the nation" address by Philippine Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo" (to be rebroadcast?). Startled to hear Tagalog! Station's frequency was jumping around and last noted as 1,609,890 Hz at 2210 tune-out. Ethnic programming implies CHHA, Toronto; but frequency jumping around?

1010 WSPC NC Albemarle (Stanly Co.): Logged @ 2000 7/28. Local WELS, Kinston off the air for the third consecutive day, leaving channel open for

daytime skywave. WSPC on top of channel. Weather for Stanly Co., then ID: "Your

local news leader when....news breaks out, and the best in news/talk....ten-ten,

W S P C, Albemarle." Then into Fox news. Not in my 1986-2001 logs, and also my

first station for Stanly County. Logged also before 1960 (and more exact logs)

from Indianapolis as WABZ.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

GE Digital Superadio



Again last night was good on MW. About 0030 I had very nice signals 

from KMOX, WCCO, KFAB, WHO, KOMO, WHAS, WGN, and WIBW. All in all a 

great night to hear midwestern stations.


Kevin Possum Hunter – Ocala, FL

Receiver and Antenna



Last night, Powell and I were on the phone comparing what we heard on

each channel from 1710 down to 530. It was pretty interesting. I could

hear many more Cubans of course, but like on 880. He had WCBS like a

local and I had KRVN. on 1710 I hear a reggae station in French, while

he hears a Canadian. Caribbean Beacon was throwing a strong carrier but

no modulation on 1610.


Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC

Sony Sports Walkman



I went to bed at 11:45 last night, did a scan of the band per usual....and heard a loud SS stn. covering up WBZ....They were LOUD, playing SS ballads....at TOH, I heard " WONQ, Oviedo-Orlando " spoken in SS. Must have been on daytime rig, which is 45kw ND....as opposed to 3 tower 1.7 kw  night pattern , directioal to the SW. I was living in the Orlando area when this one came on, in the 80's.......well thought out....its night pattern aims right through the heart of Orlando and down the I-4 corridor. 


Hi...I logged a new one tonight, thanks in part to a power outage. Power off for about 5 hours tonight....sat in the dark DXing and heard this one.....WRKK  1200  Hughesville, Pa. with a dual ID with 1400  WRAK  Williamsport, Pa.  They were broadcasting a big tilt between the Williamsport Cutters and the Batavia (N.Y.) Muddogs....Legal ID's at 9:00 PM....eighth inning of the game. Monday night baseball must be like Friday night H.S. football.....leave the big rig on.....R-L.com shows them as 10KW days and 250 watts nights......They were way on top when first heard. Later not so good.....on the Grundig S 350....


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver and BOG


I basically don't bother with AM DX from IL in the early summer unless we

have some freaky superstrong AU and there's no T-storms around. However, I

did fix up my western Phased BOG System for KXTO's DX test (no trace) and

had a bit of fun tuning around from 4:27 to 5:10 AM CDT. CX seemed a touch

AU as there was almost no trace of anything from Canada.

860 had no CJBC and I adjusted phasing to kill off low/mid band eastern

stuff just to be sure. I had some weak mx that seemed to be AS or NOS

oriented and not C&W so maybe needed KFST but I couldn't ID it (KPAN is

common on 860 for me). In passing at 4:52 there was KMVP still with the tape

loop about tuning to 620 for sports radio KTAR. What a waste of a station !!

and I noted a quick KMVP Phoenix ID at 5:00:45 after I'd given up on hearing

code from KXTO. KMVP was overtaken by XEMO ending SS mx with a La Poderosa 8-60 ID at 5:07.

990 had no trace of CBW and I had hopes for KSVP NM or getting more than the

bits of CNN headline nx I had once from suspected KTKT (noting they now are

ESPN Deportes)..not much of anything heard except weak suspected and rather

common in good cx  KRSL and KRMO due to formats.

Tried for CKWX 1130 nor was there a trace of anything from MT.  KOA 850 was

huge, but KSL was weak under WYLL 1160.

1070 had some KNX mostly under Madison's ESPN with a 3:05 TC and ID ending nx at 5:05..then a check of KNBR 680 had them alone and fair to good with a Giants replay.

Anyhow..nice to catch a 1 kw Arizonan and a 5 kw from the west coast in mid



Dan Sheedy (El Payaso) – San Diego, CA

Grundig G5


XEPNK-880 Los Mochis, Sinaloa..mashing 880 w/ OIR promo, "Centro de

Noticias" & c/l ID..@10:05P 7/7

XENZ-890 Culiacan, Sinaloa.."Mariachi Estereo", perhaps slightly off-

freq. as het against KDXU, et al..@ 10:10P 7/7 (OK..it could be 1 of

the US stns, too.."blame-the-drifty-Latin" isn't always a good call)


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Kaito KA2100


I just happened to turn on the radio at dusk the other night and

thought I'd see if the Chicago stations were coming in yet. I turned

to 780 to listen for WBBM. No sign of it, but coming in loud and clear

was WWOL signing off for the night. And, no, they didn't play "Dixie".

I can't say that I've ever listened for them during the day time, but

I'm thinking that almost 500 miles is a bit far for a 10kW ground

wave, so this may be the first gray line reception I've had that I'm

aware of.

07/08/2007 0042Z - 780.0  WWOL, Forest City, NC UNITED STATES

44444 - English (EE) - Kaito KA-2100 - Orlando, FL

Caught sign-off with many IDs



Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C


1520 WIZZ Greenfield MA with nostalgia format


This is the first time I ever picked up this 10KW daytimer, and

during the summer too!  When I first picked them up, I thought it was

WWKB with some oldies bumper music.  But the song went on and on,

then faded into the next one.  Then an ad about some place in CT. 

Another song.  I pulled out the 2006 WRTH and suspected from it that

it must be WIZZ.  Then, after that song, the announcer IDed the


After supper, WIZZ was still there.

Then, about 8:30 p.m., with Tim wiggling in my arms, suddenly I could

hear the powerful hetrodyne of 1521 Saudi Arabia.  15 minutes later,

WWKB was starting to come in, although WIZZ was of equal or greater


At 5:45 p.m. or thereabouts I was picking up all kinds of stuff - 690

CINF Montreal, a US station on 1370 etc.

The only antenna I've ever experienced that was this good - or maybe

even a bit better - is the 40 foot by 6 foot loop I made years ago

out of house wire and installed in my Mom's attic in Antigonish NS. 

About a year or two ago I tried it with my FRG-7 and it was a smokin

antenna, thanks the the famous frog's Hi-Z antenna terminal for MW.


Bob Carter – Utica, NY

Receiver Antenna



Is anyone hearing a country station mixing with WGY on 810khz? The format sounds almost classic country and doing a google search turns up a 50kw day/500 watt night station in Alabama on 810khz. At times this station completely covers WGY...and I'm 65 miles west of the station. Most other times the country station is under WGY and whoever it is, it not exactly on 810khz.....but off just enough to cause a rumbly, gurgle effect as the two signals don't quite zero beat one another.




The Whole Earth


Paul Armani – Denver, CO

Receiver, antenna


Mukesh Kumar- Muzaffarpur, India

Receiver, Antenna


Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                21-05-2007

Frequency: -       15590 kHz

Time: -                0700-0730 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     “Mt. Yufudake” (Yufu City, Oita Prefecture)

Station: -  Deutsche Welle

Date: -                11-04-2007

Frequency: -       6170 kHz (Trincomalee)

Time: -                1615-1630 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Schwerin

Station: -  Voice of Russia

Date: -                22-05-2007

Frequency: -       15605 kHz

Time: -                1500-1530 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     We Talked To The Whole World

Station: -  Radio Praha

Date: -                08-06-2007

Frequency: -       13580 kHz

Time: -                1800-1827 UTC

Language: -       Spanish

Description: -     Decinsky Sneznik Tower. This observation tower was built in 1864 near Decin in north Bohemia and was originally used to take

geographical measurements. In 1936 it received its first television signal from the Olympic Games in Berlin.

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                19-05-2007

Frequency: -       11890 kHz

Time: -                1300-1330 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     An Oasis in the City (Shinjuku-ku, Tokya)

Station: -  Radio Canada International

Date: -                10-06-2007

Frequency: -       11675 kHz (Kunming Relay, China verified by Bill Westenhaver)

Time: -                1500-1557 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL. “Rediscover the World” Radio Canada International is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2005. RCI broadcasts throughout the world via the Internet, analog and digital shortwave, and satellite. Its 300-hour weekly programming also airs on over 300 partner stations in 75 countries.

Station: -  Radio Free Asia

Date: -                16-05-2007

Frequency: -       5870 kHz (xmtr = IBB Tinian)

Time: -                1600-1630 UTC

Language: -       Korean

Description: -     This is the second in a series of RFA QSL cards that commemorate the youth of the world, and the spirit of democracy and freedom. The drawing was created on April 26, 2007 RFA’s annual “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day” in Washington DC. This is one of many drawings made by the children of RFA personnel, inspired by the work their parents create daily at RFA. Please continue to submit your reception reports to www.rfa.org/schedules or by e-mail to qsl@rfa.org.

Station: -  Channel Africa (via Sentech)

Date: -                30-05-2007

Frequency: -       17770 kHz (Telefunken)

Time: -                1500-1530 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Verification Letter verified by Kathy Otto, Broadcast Planning, Sentech. We are happy to verify these details. The transmitter, a 500 kW

Telefunken, is located at the Meyerton Transmitting Station, geographical coordinates 26S35 28E08. 

Station: -  Radio Austria 1 International

Date: -                07-06-2007

Frequency: -       17715 kHz

Time: -                1230-1300 UTC

Language: -       German/English

Description: -     Kunsthaus Graz

Station: -  AWR Asia/Pacific

Date: -                17-06-2007

Frequency: -       15225 kHz (Germany)

Time: -                1500-1530 UTC

Language: -       Nepali

Description: -     Adventist World Radio, The Voice of

Hope www.awr.org

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                10-06-2007

Frequency: -       11890 kHz

Time: -                0700-0730 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     “Spring Breeze” (Miyawaka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Station: -  Radio Canada International

Date: -                17-06-2007

Frequency: -       11675 kHz (via Kunming relay, China)

Time: -                1500-1557 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL verified

by Bill Westenhaver. 60 Years of Radio Worldwide! Radio Canada International is proud to offer its loyal listeners a series of exclusive QSL cards to mark its

60th anniversary. For 60 years, RCI has been bringing you rich, diverse radio that today include over 300 hours of programming each week. Tune in weekly to Ian Johns and his Maple Leaf Mailbag team on shortwave, satellite or www.rcinet.ca

Station: -  Radio Taiwan International

Date: -                10-06-2007

Frequency: -       15515 kHz

Time: -                1600-1700 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Wax apples from Lin-bien.

Station: -  KBS World Radio

Date: -                16-06-2007

Frequency: -       9515 kHz

Time: -                1600-1700 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     B-boys of Korea. A B-boy is a term for a person who’s devoted to hip-hop culture and recently refers to a male who practices breakdancing. Korean B-boys have gone to be the world’s top level with a number of dancers sweeping international B-boy battles. Their videotaped performances are even being used as texts for European B-boys.  

Station: -  China Radio International

Date: -                11-06-2007

Frequency: -       11900 kHz

Time: -                1600-1655 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Beijing 2008, One World One Dream,

Olympic Sports Centre Stadium

Receiver: -         Grundig YB400

Antenna: - Telescopic

Station: -  World Harvest Radio

Date: -                09-06-2007

Frequency: -       9930 kHz (KWHR Hawaii)

Time: -                1400 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Verified by L. W. Vehom. Pete Sumrall, president LeSEA Broadcasting listening to WHRA in Kibera, Kenya 2006. Over 20 years of shortwave ministry to the world. Christmas Day, 1985 marked the beginning of World Harvest Radio International. 

Station: -  Radio Miami International

Date: -                24-06-2007

Frequency: -       1430-1445 kHz

Time: -                7385 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Verified by Bruce Baskin. World Cricket Today. Bringing the world of cricket into your home with WRMI’s “World Cricket Today” hosted by Bruce Baskin. Sundays 1430 UTC summer, 1530 UTC winter on 7385 kHz and at www.wrmi.net

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                13-06-2007

Frequency: -       15590 kHz

Time: -                0700-0730 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     “Mystric Waterfall” (Matsuo-mura, Iwata Prefecture)

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                13-06-2007

Frequency: -       11780 kHz (Yamata, Japan)

Time: -                0100-0130 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     A bride in a traditional wedding gown. Verified by T. Sato.

Station: -  Radio Canada International

Date: -                27-06-2007

Frequency: -       17720 kHz (via Urumqi relay, China)

Time: -                1500-1557 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL verified by Bill Westenhaver. “Rediscover the World” Radio Canada International is celebrating its 60th

anniversary in 2005. RCI broadcasts throughout the world via the Internet, analog and digital shortwave, and satellite. Its 300-hour weekly programming also airs on over 300 partner stations in 75 countries.

Station: -  Radio Austria 1 International

Date: -                13-06-2007

Frequency: -       17715 kHz

Time: -                1200-1300 UTC

Language: -       German/English

Description: -     Kunsthaus Graz

Station: -  Voice of Russia

Date: -                09-06-2007

Frequency: -       6070 kHz

Time: -                1530-1600 UTC

Language: -       Bengali 

Description: -     We Talked To The Whole World

Station: -  AWR Asia/Pacific

Date: -                24-06-2007

Frequency: -       11975 kHz (Agat, Guam)

Time: -                1300-1328 UTC

Language: -       Japanese

Description: -     Adventist World Radio, The Voice of Hope www.awr.org

Station: -  Radio Praha

Date: -                08-06-2007

Frequency: -       13580 kHz

Time: -                1800 UTC

Language: -       Spanish

Description: -     Klet. Among the country’s oldest observation towers, it is located at 1060m on the highest mountain of Blansky forest near Cesky Kurmlov in south Bohemia. Prince Josef Schwarzenberg had the tower built in 1825.

Station: -  Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep

Date: -                18-05-2007

Frequency: -       9890 kHz (Madagascar)

Time: -                1500 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     QSL 6. A Dutch Morning. Card Six: Summer at the Nieuwezijds Voorburwal, Amsterdam. 

Station: -  KBS World Radio

Date: -                26-06-2007

Frequency: -       9770 kHz

Time: -                1300-1400 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     B-boys of Korea. A B-boy is a term for a person who’s devoted to hip-hop culture and recently refers to a male who practices breakdancing. Korean B-boys have gone to be the world’s top level with a number of dancers sweeping international B-boy battles. Their videotaped performances are even being used as texts for European B-boys.  

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                08-07-2007

Frequency: -       11890 kHz

Time: -                0700-0730 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     Altogether (Gunma)

Station: -  Radio Praha

Date: -                24-06-2007

Frequency: -       21745 kHz

Time: -                0900-0927 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Praded. Located in the Maravia_Silesia region on the peak of Praded mountain at a height of 1491 m. Previously a stone observation tower stood on this spot. In the 1980s a 162-m television transmitter was built here.

Station: -  China Radio International

Date: -                08-06-2007

Frequency: -       7170 kHz

Time: -                1800 UTC

Language: -       German

Description: -     Beijing 2008. One World One Dream. National Stadium.


Station: -  Radio Free Asia

Date: -                01-07-2007

Frequency: -       11590 kHz (xmtr = IBB Kuwait)

Time: -                1330-1400 UTC

Language: -       Tibetan

Description: -     This is the second in a series of RFA QSL cards that commemorate the youth of the world, and the spirit of democracy and freedom. The drawing was created on April 26, 2007 RFA’s annual “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day” in Washington DC. This is one of many drawings made by the children of RFA personnel, inspired by the work their parents create daily at RFA. Please continue to submit your reception reports to www.rfa.org/schedules or by e-mail to qsl@rfa.org.

Station: -  Radio Slovakia International

Date: -                17-06-2007

Frequency: -       15460 kHz

Time: -                0700 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Banska Stiavnica.

Station: -  All India Radio Kurseong

Date: -                12-06-2007

Frequency: -       7230 kHz

Time: -                0730-0800 UTC

Language: -       Nepali

Description: -     Verifies by V. P. Singh. Entrance to

bhoga-mandapa, Sun Temple, Konarak.

Station: -  Radio Sweden

Date: -                07-07-2007

Frequency: -       15735 kHz

Time: -                1330 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     View of Stockholm.

Station: -  Radio Canada International

Date: -                07-07-2007

Frequency: -       11675 kHz (via Kunming relay, China)

Time: -                1500-1557 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL verified

by Bill Westenhaver. 60 Years of Radio Worldwide! Radio Canada International is proud to offer its loyal listeners a series of exclusive QSL cards to mark its

60th anniversary. For 60 years, RCI has been bringing you rich, diverse radio that today include over 300 hours of programming each week. Tune in weekly to Ian Johns and his Maple Leaf Mailbag team on shortwave, satellite or www.rcinet.ca

Station: -  KBS World Radio

Date: -                30-06-2007

Frequency: -       9515 kHz

Time: -                1600-1700 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     B-boys of Korea. A B-boy is a term for a person who’s devoted to hip-hop culture and recently refers to a male who practices breakdancing. Korean B-boys have gone to be the world’s top level with a number of dancers sweeping international B-boy battles. Their videotaped performances are even being used as texts for European B-boys.  

Station: -  TRT Voice of Turkey

Date: -                07-06-2007

Frequency: -       13685 kHz (EMR)

Time: -                1230-1330 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Miniature

Station: -  China Radio International

Date: -                10-07-2007

Frequency: -       7160 kHz

Time: -                1500-1555 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Beijing 2008. One World One Dream.

University of Science and Technology Beijing Gymnasium.

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                09-07-2007

Frequency: -       15590 kHz

Time: -                0700-0730 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     Schoolchildren Planting Rice (Nagano Prefecture)

Station: -  AWR Asia/Pacific

Date: -                27-06-2007

Frequency: -       15160 kHz (Germany)

Time: -                1530-1600 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     Adventist World Radio, The Voice of Hope www.awr.org

Station: -  RDP International

Date: -                31-05-2007

Frequency: -       15690 kHz

Time: -                1530-1600 UTC

Language: -       Portuguese

Description: -     Verified by Christiane. RDP International.

Station: -  Radio Santec

Date: -                15-07-2007

Frequency: -       9480 kHz

Time: -                0100-0130 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     QSL No. 002348. Radio Santec.

Station: -  Radio Free Asia

Date: -                27-06-2007

Frequency: -       17855 kHz (IBB Kuwait)

Time: -                1130-1200 UTC

Language: -       Tibetan

Description: -     This is the second in a series of RFA QSL cards that commemorate the youth of the world, and the spirit of democracy and freedom. The drawing was created on April 26, 2007 RFA’s annual “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day” in Washington DC. This is one of many drawings made by the children of RFA personnel, inspired by the work their parents create daily at RFA. Please continue to submit your reception reports to www.rfa.org/schedules or by e-mail to qsl@rfa.org.

reports to www.rfa.org/schedules or by e-mail to


Station: -  Radio Canada International

Date: -                09-07-2007

Frequency: -       11700 kHz (via Kunming relay, China)

Time: -                0000-0057 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL verified

by Bill Westenhaver. 60 Years of Radio Worldwide! Radio Canada International is proud to offer its loyal listeners a series of exclusive QSL cards to mark its

60th anniversary. For 60 years, RCI has been bringing you rich, diverse radio that today include over 300 hours of programming each week. Tune in weekly to Ian Johns and his Maple Leaf Mailbag team on shortwave, satellite or www.rcinet.ca

Station: -  Voice of Russia 

Date: -                27-06-2007

Frequency: -       9625 kHz

Time: -                1500-1530 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     1703-2003. St. Petersburg is 300 years old.

Station: -  Radio Austria 1 International

Date: -                07-07-2007

Frequency: -       17715 kHz

Time: -                1200-1300 UTC

Language: -       German/English

Description: -     Kunsthaus Graz

Station: -  Radio Taiwan International

Date: -                01-07-2007

Frequency: -       15515 kHz

Time: -                1600-1700 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Puppet Theater. “Stab Rattan Shield” is a classical fighting scene in the glove puppet show. When the two puppets fight, one uses his lance to

attack while the other fends him off with his shield. The effect produced by this technique is astounding.

Station: -  KBS World Radio

Date: -                17-06-2007

Frequency: -       9515 kHz

Time: -                1600-1700 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     The Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Jeju’s volcanic islands and lava tubes have been added to the World Natural Heritage list by UNESCO. It bears great significance in that it’s the first time for a natural site in Korea to be registered on the list. The Jeju heritage site consists of Mt Halla, the Seongsan

Sunrise Peak, and the island’s lava tubes. UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites is comprised of location that are deemed to have outstanding value to all

mankind. The picture shows the Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Mt Halla on Jeju Island.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via UK, July 3 at 1427-1433 once again

with ``Solh Theme`` at its apparent new regular daily time; some enjoyable

music before and after as well, same things repeated daily. There was

intermittent rapid pulsing QRM, like a ``woodpecker`` spreading roughly


Like the day before, again July 4 the Solh Theme played at 1427 on 17700 via

UK; no woodpecker this time. We are dying to find out the name of this music,

performers, etc., if it and its companion pieces are available on CD or

download, but have no way of contacting Radio Solh to ask them. Can anyone

help, or find a web or satellite feed which could enable good quality recording

of all this Solh music?

** CHAD. Hunk of gunk was centred around 7287, July 2 at 0515, leaving BBC

Portuguese a little clearer on 7290 than when the badly mistuned 6165

transmitter is on 7288

** ECUADOR. La Voz de los Andes sets aside the evangelizing for a morning

newscast, a part of which I monitored July 4 at 1146 on very strong 11960.

Ecuador is protesting to Colombia over clandestine broadcasts being heard in

northern Ecuador`s bordering provinces, something to do with FARC and Gran

Colombia, and an FM station also mentioned. Apparently this is viewed as a

threat to Ec sovereignty.

HCJB has quite an archive of news stories on their website, but could not find

this one. There are no dates on the stories! And the filtro search apparently

only applies to the headlines, not the content. It seems that FARC has

previously made incursions into Ecuador, and suspected of growing coca there.

It`s been far too long (April 3 in DXLD 7-042) since my last check of HCJB

Spanish in the morning to see if they are still announcing the wrong

frequencies more than a year later. July 4 at 1159:30 there was no canned ID,

but live announcements after the news, going into timesignal and missionary

program. But at 1259:40 I retuned in a few seconds too late to 11960, hearing

them say ``9745``, while they are really on 11690 and 11960, so the

misinformation continues unabated

** GREECE. July 1 at 0520 I ran across some lovely exotic music on 11645;

dissonant harmonious and monotonous singing, two voices and instruments. Seemed to be album tracks with pauses but never any announcements, past 0545. Kept listening, but dozed off by 0600 if there was any ID. Looking it up later, it must have been the R. Filia Albanian service from VOG at 05-06, with English to follow

** KOREA NORTH. Checking Wolfgang Büschel`s report of VOK on new 15185v to NAm: July 3 at 1345 I could hear no carrier around that frequency, only RHC on 15190 and something on 15180. VOK was poorly audible on 11710 and still on // 9335 in English; meanwhile, China was strong as usual on jamming frequencies 15265 and 15285 plus Firedrake on 13970; also at 1419 in French, VOK audible on 9335 // 11710, but now there was at least a carrier from something on 15185.

Wolfgang Büschel meanwhile had figured out that 15185v is axually a spur from

VOK 15245v to Europe, along with 15305v, and 9335 remains on the air

** KOREA NORTH [non]. July 4 I had a chance to listen to Open Radio for North

Korea, via KWHR 9930. In English at tune-in 1127, I first did not realize what

it was. Woman with some news of S. Korea, then same item translated into Korean read by a man (not merely a voice-over, but entire items each). This went on for several minutes, always with music bed, potted up between items for

dramatic stingers; something about Arroyo and the Philippines, 1131 on the

World Series of Poker 2005! As if that could be news a biyear later? And at

1133 about Mariah Carey`s comeback with her alter-ego ``Emancipation of Mimi``number 4 on the Billboard chart. When did this happen, really? Google search points to April 2005 when it was released.

So ORNK is passing off two-year old stuff as news? Well, sure, they are a bit

behind in Korea North with what is going on and have a lot of catching up to do

thanks to ORNK. It`s unclear why they are doing the English. If they gave the

items in Korean first, and English second, the latter might be useful for

English learning. The English/Korean alternation was over at 1135 when a YL

Korean announcement, ID? aired, then 1136 a long discussion in Korean recorded in an echoey room; by 1143 the signal was much weaker, and at 1157 Pomp & Circumstance was interrupted by KWHR ID and frequency change announcement.However, after 1200 I could not hear anything on 12130 when Hoa Mai Radio in Vietnamese was scheduled to air via Hawaii on Wednesday

** LIBYA [non?]. Tuned in new 15550 at 1205 July 4 to hear news in English just

ending with ID for V. of Africa from the Great Jamahiriyah, 1206.6 into French,

1212 to music. Audio was good; fair signal with deep fades. Hard to decide if

this were direct or via France. Not much was making it from Europe or Africa on

19m at this hour; Sweden audible on 15240, poor. English news must have started close to 1200; would there be more at 1300? No, still in Arabic, but now with QRM. That would be VOR Moscow site to S Asia at 12-15, which I used to hear without Libyan interference

** MEXICO. Somewhat surprised to hear XERF 1570 Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, past 8 am local at mid-summer, until one realizes that 1300 UT is only 6:28 am local mean time, altho still well after sunrise which was at 1119 UT, or 4:47 am LMT.

It was still dominating 1570 on skywave July 4 at 1309 with news from the

Sistema Nacional de Noticiarios, initially quite steady signal, 1312

interviewing BBC guy about the release of correspondent Alan Johnston. 1318

plugged BBC Mundo, IMER, and Antena Radio, the latter being the current

program, which we used to hear on IMER`s defunctified SW station XERMX; still

audible past 1330 but with some fadeouts. Fortunately, there are no 1570

daytimers around here; the two Okies in the NE and SW corners are seldom heard and too far for daytime groundwave. Altho Spanish is fine for me (I only wish I had a complete program sked for XERF), I maintain it is a pity that IMER is not putting any English on this powerful (100 kW now?) transmitter to make it a

true external service which would have a much greater audience than XERMX ever did on its puny, ailing SW transmitters

** PERU. Morning of July 4 either on VOA or BBC Spanish news --- I forget which --- there was an item about a state of emergency in several provinces in the departments of Huánuco, San Martín and Ucayali in the Peruvian Amazon, due to Sendero Luminoso activity; many of the names were familiar from SW stations. Here`s a current story about that I found:


** U K [non]. Another transmission to LAm with FE QRM: BBC 11825 in Spanish via Guiana French at 11-12 only, July 4 at 1152. That is at 305 degrees, not far

from usward, and the QRM ChiCom jamming and/or VOA Tinang, Philippines in

Mandarin at 09-13, 349 degrees

** U S A. Checking VOA Spanish, 7370, July 4 around 1115, I could hear some

Russian in the background. That would be KNLS, per HFCC at 315 degrees, while Greenville is at 172 degrees, considered an acceptable collision since we`re not supposed to be listening to either, in between them. Later VOA announced other frequencies are 9535, 13790

** U S A. One is no longer surprised to hear languages like Vietnamese on the

US AM dial. July 4 at 1331 UT on 1600 kHz, skywave still not quite gone 2.2

hours after local sunrise here, something in Vietnamese topped the channel,

1332 pedicure ad (unless there is a Vietnamese word that happens to resemble

that); at 1337 mentioned VAB = Vietnamese American Broadcasting.

That`s based in Houston on 1320 (ex-KXYZ?), homepage http://www.vabhouston.com/

Found this player running, but silently at 1707 UT check July 4:


But this player for 1600 in Dallas worx:


So over 400 km away I was hearing KRVA licensed to Cockrell Hill, per NRC AM

Log 2006-2007, with 5 kW daytime, CP for 25 kW

UNIDENTIFIED [non]. Re DXLD 7-077, 1752 kHz, etc.: Glenn, Beacon "PUN"

possibly in Ecuador:

I downloaded the audio recordings in the W8JI website, and definitely I hear "Pista Las Peñas". Googling around for this name shows that it is a landing airstrip in Ecuador (see report of a landing accident at


Also found several logs from hams. 73, (Moisés Knochen, Montevideo,


It seems that HP1AC had already identified it as Pista Las Peñas as early as April 15, altho no country mentioned in an IARU Region 3 (yes, 3), intruder Monitoring Report for April I found at


and this is not reflected on the W8JI page previously referenced


which has apparently not been updated since Feb., altho HP1AC almost had it then as Pista las Piñas which is in Darién, Panamá but no known beacon there. The DF map does not go far enough south to show it.

HP1AC also has a recent correct log of it in DX Summit:

Jul 2 2055Z 2007 DX de HP1AC-@: 14015.0 PUN Pista Las Penas-Ecuador

which would put the fundamental on exactly 1751.875 if 14015 is the eighth harmonic, so the real fundamental may still be in question.

And per the accident report above, which mentions Pista Las Peñas, and

the island it is upon, the callsign PUN comes from the island! ---:

Isla Puná island off the coast of southern Ecuador, at the head of the Gulf of Guayaquil, opposite the mouth of the Guayas River. It is flanked by two channels, the Jambelí Channel on the east and the Morro Channel on the west, and has an area of approximately 330 square miles(855 square km). (Britannica.com via Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** ALBANIA [and non]. Tried to listen to R. Tirana, July 10 at 0147 on 7425 and

6115, but both were too undermodulated. Nearby Ukraine 7440 and WBCQ 7415 were much louder, so I would up listening to Secular Bible Study

** CANADA. R. Sweden relay on 15240, July 9 at 1353 kept cutting off the air

several times. Rechecked at 1401, I found R. Sweden in Swedish, presumably back to Hörby site now, but heavy co-channel with an audible het from CRI in

Chinese! This was // 15220 Sackville relay but about one second ahead of it.

CRI 15240 abruptly off at 1405. Despite the non-synchronization, and the lack

of any other scheduled CRI relay frequency at 1400, I suspect Sackville was the

cause of this. Signal quality was equivalent to R. Sweden relay alone before


BTW, EiBi and WRTH A07 show 15220 at 1400-1500 with CRI via Sackville in

English, but it has always been in Mandarin. Aoki has it right, with Mandarin

following at 1500-1600

** CHINA. CNR1 well heard at 1320 UT July 8 on 13855, where I had not noticed

it before. I`ll bet it`s jamming something. Yes: during this semihour only,

BBCWS is scheduled in Uzbek, which the ChiCom jam on behalf of their good

neighbor, or is it because Uzbek-like languages are understood in parts of

western China. HFCC says Moscow site for BBC; EiBi says Cyprus. Aoki agrees on Cyprus and confirms it is jammed by China.

Also Firedrake on 10300, July 8 at 1325, off for monitoring at 1400 recheck;

against Sound of Hope

** CHINA [non]. No sign of 9570 CRI relay via Cuba, July 8 at 1310 and 1324

chex; probably just broke down, but let`s hope for Andy Reid`s sake that it be

gone for good. In Ontario, he complains it interferes with Radio Australia on

9560, 9580, 9590

** GUIANA FRENCH [non]. There was a report recently that DRM had shifted 5 kHz down to be centred at 17870; but July 9 at 1407 check it was back to 17875,

covering 17870 to 17880

** INTERNATIONAL. Checking the China channel of LiveEarth, UT Saturday July 7 at 2205, I found Sarah Brightman performing Nessun Dorma, and at 2210 another aria, so there`s your classical token. Presumably a playback loop since at 6:05 am in July it should not be dark in Shanghai. Applause was tepid, however, befitting a pop-orientated crowd even in the PRC. Whew, she must have qualified for this because she also does pop. See

http://liveearth.msn.com/artists/sarahbrightman Then it started raining on the

crowd (not the stage) and she was drowned out not only by the raindrops but the

crowd shouting at each other as they scurried for cover. How rude. Blame Mother

Earth? After a pause, she was back in the clear with that perennial favourite,

``Time to Say Goodbye`` starting off in Italian, of course. I think by then her

voice was ailing a bit. But some of the Chinese artists who followed could

hardly carry a tune.

Of the other unfamiliar performers on the China schedule who have bios linked,

none are classical, but these should be worth seeing, Twelve Girls Band,

http://liveearth.msn.com/artists/12girlsband who play traditional instruments.

It seems you have to watch each loop wherever it is in progress, rather than

being able to skip to a certain segment such as 12GB. At least for most of the

venues the performer lists are in running order. Then I see a crawler saying

come back on July 8 for video on demand. I did just that and enjoyed the three

performances by Twelve Girls Band, tho the ``classical`` one kept buffering.

This event has ``Corporate`` stamped all over it, starting with MSN, Philips

(buy new lamps!) and Chevy. ``SOS`` is one of the themes of the promotion, and

I hear the code being sent, except the pauses are not correct, so it comes over

like ``STTB``

** MALI. The July 8 edition of Oklahoma Horizon, of all things, had a report on

Mali; video segments available, with captioning;


the third is about radio:


** MEXICO. July 8 at 1310 check, I could detect a very weak signal with

classical music on telltale 9599.2 rather than 9600; XEYU must be back, as

Julian Santiago soon confirmed. XEYU seemed back to its fair strength on

9599.2v, July 10 at 0135 check with classical, stronger than the het from


** MOROCCO. July 10 at 0141 noticed considerable CCI to HCJB 11920 in

Portuguese; finally decided language was Arabic. No clues in HFCC or Eibi, but

Aoki has RTVM Morocco A07 on 11920 at 00-05. WRTH May update adds that this transmission only is ``Radio Tanger``

** SPAIN. REE`s Sefarad show coming in well in that strange dialect of Spanish

with Portuguese elements, UT Tue July 10 at 0137 on 11795; just a little ACI

from Rai 11800, avoidable. This weekly transmission is to SAm, while Tue 0415

on 9650 is to NAm


http://www.worldofradio.com/dxpgms.html I listened to the webcast of VOT`s

final repeat of Saturday programming, UT Sunday July 8 from 0315, when DX

Corner was expected to appear according to the alternate-weekly scheduling we

had been keeping track of. But no --- no sign of it. Instead we heard: 0315

Outlook; 0319 New Dimensions of the Armenian Issue, music break; 0329 Thru

History, music break; 0335 Turkish Music. Possibly they, or we, lost track of

which week was which for DX Corner; but the program schedule we went to so much trouble to figure out in DXLD 6-036 is now expired since June 30, and we can expect to wait several weeks before the second semester 2007 folder comes in the P-mail. As usual, there is nothing at all about programming to be found on

the website! The show which supposedly alternated with DX Corner was From Our Correspondents, which is perhaps the Armenian segment above, but not identified as FOC. We shall tentatively assume that DX Corner appears in the :19-:25 slot on July 14/15 and thence fortnightly?

BTW, they announced that due to an anticipated electricity outage in the part

of Ankara including the TRT studios on July 8, the 1230 UT English broadcast

would be heard on internet and satellite only. How they could still accomplish

that is not clear, especially since the SW transmitters are somewhere else,


A few weeks ago I concluded they were never going to notice they kept

announcing the wrong time for the 2030 UT broadcast as 2330, which is local

time, so e-mailed them about it. This is at close of transmission, and is

certainly read each time from copy, not a recording. Never got a reply, but

noticed tonite that they had indeed changed that to 2030 on 7170 --- but it was

still out of order between the 2200 and 0300 UT frequencies

** CHINA. CRI, 9675, 1300 UT July 11, opening Russian hour with usual Chinese ID, then into Russian, Mezhdunarodnaya Radio Kitaya (MPK). At the outset and during the news I thought the announcers were not speaking with a Chinese accent like so many of their English announcers do, but during some feature at 1344 there did seem to be some accent. This is a regular here, and I`ll bet it`s inadvertently aimed USward. HFCC says:

9675 1300 1400 33,34 SZG 500 37 1234567 250307 281007 D CHN CRI RTC

So target is SE Russia, i.e. the Pacific coast and inland from there; azimuth

37 carries on to NAm.

[non]. On July 11, 9570 via Cuba was back on, in Mandarin before 1300, English

after. Again the modulation sounded better and could not hear any spurs

bothering RA here

** LAOS [non]. Listened to Hmong Lao Radio at 1325-1335 Sat July 14 on 11785

via WHRI. Impassioned speaker, and judging from the frequent English terms

mixed in, about the political situation in Laos and the need for reform, to get

rid of the commies. I wonder if it was Vang Pao himself? Certainly qualifies as

a clandestine, tho this particular transmission is for the Hmong in Hminnesota

and elsewhere in NAm

** MEXICO. Another check for XEYU, July 11: before 1300 I could hear nothing

but RHC on 9600, no het audible. But at 1309 there was some weak Spanish talk, news, audible on 9599.2

** SPAIN. Since July 7, RNE Radio 3 has replaced La Salamandra, one of our

favorites, Sat 18-19 UT on webcast, with El Guirigay, another musical program.

There was nothing on their website about it last week, but now there is. Not

clear if this is temporarily for summer vacation period, or permanent. What

does Guirigay mean? I wasn`t sure how to spell it until now. Googling, it could

refer to a dance form, and there are also homosexual undertones (as in Queer y

Gay??) but my Random House dixionary merely translates it as gibberrish,

uproar, babble. The show, not sure if a repeat or different, also airs at 18-19

UT Sundays. BTW, the real audio version of R3 was down today so had to go with the inferior WM feed. Anyway, much more entertaining is Adventures in Sound on KOOP Austin webcast, same time 18-19 UT Sat

** TURKEY. Made a point of catching VOT`s Saturday July 14 broadcast on the

webcast at 0300 UT Sunday July 15 --- at opening gave timecheck as 21:30 local!

Which means this is a playback of the 1830 UT `news` and rest of broadcast.

Also announced English transmission schedule, including 2030 UT between 2200 and 0300, still out of order, having merely crossed out the wrong `2330` time I told them about. But they did say the DX Corner was coming up later, before Turkish Music show.

The DX Corner axually ran from 0325 to 0335, so that`s :25-:35 or :55-:05 into

the broadcasts. Guess what --- it was indistinguishable from a mailbag. If this

is a DX program, what is the Letterbox show on Wednesdays?? All the YL host didwas read reception reports from listeners, including Tim Doyle in Australia whois 61 but looks 50 despite having asthma since childhood, plans to sit for ham  xam this year now that CW is no longer required; also listeners from India,

Ukraine, Turkey, Pakistan, Australia, Japan. Mentioned that so far they have

received ten entries for the essay contest, reward for which is a 12-day

all-expense-paid tour across Turkey. Confirmed that show is biweekly and will

be back in two weeks, so we are making that adjustment in DX/SWL/MEDIA


BTW, it was DXLD 7-020 where we had the laboriously compiled VOT program

schedule for this year, not 6-036 mentioned a week ago! And the folder this

time apparently covers the full year as it only shows two changes in features

for the second semester:


The Harem [July-Dec: New Dimensions of the Armenian Issue], Turkish

Album, From History // Turkish Capital


Outlook, From Our Correspondents, From History // DX Corner, Masters

of Turkish Pop Music


From the World, In the Wake of a Contest [July-Dec: Skilled Hands],

Blue Voyage, Turkish on Radio, Turkish Music

But this is now wrong, as New Dims of the Arm Issue is on the Saturday/UT

Sunday broadcast, not the Friday/UT Sat; and the music show on Sat is called

just ``Turkish Music``

** CANADA [and non]. July 17 at 0625 I was pleased to hear CHU in the clear on

7335, no WHRI collision as had been the case for months starting at 0600. Did

WHRI finally relent? Next time I woke up, at 1050, checked again, and nothing

but gospel music heard on 7335. Perhaps a fluke; WHR online schedule still

shows 7335 in use at 0600-1100. At 0625, WHRI was also on 7365 and WHRA 7490 as usual with different programming

** CHINA. Looked for Firedrake against Sound of Hope, July 16 at 1354 from

14200 to 14600 but did not hear any while it was audible on 13970. Checked

again July 17 at 1425 and did not find it anywhere between 14000 and 15000

altho audible on 13970. Olle Alm had noted the 14 MHz frequency moving around from 14520, to 14530, 14550, 14470 to 14410 as of July 14, closing in on the 20m ham band

** CUBA. CRI relay still testing 9570 transmitter, July 13 at 1424, very strong

carrier with trace of modulation, but that may have been receiver crosstalk

from KAIJ 9480; no spurs detectable against R. Australia frequencies; then

tone-test on and off until 1427* on 9570

** ECUADOR. I finally managed to copy the text of the quotation from Albert

Einstein which HCJB broadcasts every day along with its totally incorrect

frequency announcement in Spanish at 1359:30 UT on 11960 claiming to be on

11760, 9745: ``El hombre encuentra a dios detrás de cada puerta que la ciencia

no puede abrir``. Cop-out. Fortunately, AE was a bit better with math.

Here`s a long string of AE quotations, in English, but searching them on

keyword `door` only finds one, and not that one HCJB uses:


** GABON. Afropop music jammer, 17660, fair signal with usual music, July 17 at

1330. Have not heard any trace of Sawt al Amal for months, but it seldom

propagated here anyway; others suspect it is off the air, but the jammer goes


** ISRAEL. I often look for Galei Zahal on 19m in the mornings, especially when

Kol Israel is audible on nearby 15760. But usually I hear nothing. July 13 at

1421, with BFO, I was able at least to detect a carrier on 15783.4, likely the

current variant of GZ

** JAPAN [non]. Another example of the unneighbourliness of DRM: July 17 at

1326, NHK Swahili via Ascension on 17870 was audible but with heavy QRDRM from Guiana French 17870-17875-17880, which starts nominally at 1300, but not every day. NHK lasts until 1330, heard with ID at 1328

** MEXICO. Radio UNAM, 9599.3, barely audible with classical music in noise,

July 17 at 1322 check

** U K. This is the best place to go for Prom Concerts on demand:


Concerts here launch on your stand-alone Real Player, allowing more

manipulation than with the BBC`s player. If you bring up the Prom player direct

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/proms_promo.shtml it has problems

** CUBA. RHC`s 11760 transmitter was putting out numerous spurs, July 19 at

1212 as I tuned around 25m. On 11760 itself it was somewhat distorted. Worst

spur on 11794, and all the others found at plus or minus 34 kHz from 11760 and

multiples of 34 kHz, as extremely distorted scratchy blobs, altho weaker the

further from 11760. Detectable on: 11624, 11658, 11692, 11726; 11794, 11828,

11862, 11896, 11930. These interfered with numerous stations, including R.

Rebelde on 11655, something in Chinese on 11825. Some of them still audible at

1400 recheck, 11794 being much stronger than 11726. Next day, July 20 at 1320,however, no spurs audible, just 11760

** INDONESIA. So much for VOI`s Korean hour at its new time: July 20 at 1304,

1314 and 1353 chex, nothing but carrier and hum on 9525. VOI, 9525, was back in business the next day, July 21 at 1245, mostly music, canned English ID and

back to Japanese at 1255; and in Korean after 1300

** ISRAEL. Galei Zahal with music and Hebrew talk, some modulation audible this time, July 18 at 1351 on 15786.2 or so

** CANADA. Once again, CHU in the clear on 7335, July 23 at 0604, no WHRI, but apparently they still use it later. Also in clear about same time July 24.

Could nightowls check when the QRM now starts?

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake check, July 24 at 1350: fair on 10300, but not

audible on any other SOH frequency – 9200, 13970, 16500, 18180 tho the last had some noisy carrier on it, probably local origin. Did find Firedrake // 10300 on

11605. That would be against Radio Free Asia, Tinian in Tibetan until 1400*;

after 1400 no Firedrake on 11605, but something weak, in Vietnamese. That would be RFA via Tainan, Taiwan, per Aoki, so not subject to jamming

** CUBA. RHC missing from 11805, July 24 at 1355 and later; instead heard

something in Chinese. That would be VOA via Tinang, Philippines, or more

likely, the Chicom jamming against it

** CUBA [and non]. RHC was on 13750 instead of 13680, July 25 from 1309

tune-in, until 1459* or so. I was of course checking for R. Tirana, 1300-1328

in English to NAm on 13750. RHC has done this once or twice before, probably in error. Currently on their schedule 13750 shows Sundays only from 1400 for Aló, Presidente. No trace of Tirana audible underneath. RHC audio was somewhat distorted, and much weaker // 15190 also mixed with some hash, unclear whether from own transmitter or not. Perhaps the lesson is to avoid ANY RHC frequency

24 hours a day. We`ll see what happens the next day

** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599.2 or so, 0545 July 23, classical music axually coming in

well enough to enjoy, tho with some deep fades; pause for announcement

including government agency PSA, no commercials; into Wagner running past

hourtop tho het de 9600.0 underneath. F-layer propagation still pitiful; maybe

sporadic E accounts for this. However, XEYU was off the air again later on July

23, says Julián Santiago Díez de Bonilla in the DF, perhaps due to an academic

break until early August. And not heard here on July 25

** U S A. Re KVOH reported missing from 17775 after 2300: I meant to check this out sooner, but July 24 at 1839 they were on the air with a rather strong

signal, but with BFO on one could tell that the carrier is slightly unstable,

warbling. Some suspicious activity around 17920 and 17630, but could not be

sure these were its sporadically-heard spurs (

UNIDENTIFIED. Once again I am hearing a het on Anguilla 11775, July 24 at 1403, approximately 11777, and had not noticed it as I tuned by before 1400. Could not detect any audio. I`ll bet it`s Romania, known for drifting off-frequency,

scheduled in Arabic from 1400 on 11775


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


USA WBCQ 7415 kHz full data "The Planet" card with hand written data in 13 days for a report with $1 and SASE (which was used.) v/s Allan H Weiner 

USA KTBN 7505 full data card in 8 days for a report with $1 and SASE (which was used.) 

I still have 13 US SWBC stations that I haven't verified yet. Report out to VOA Greenville a couple weeks ago.


Down in the Basement

(editor – Jay Heyl)


LW Bandscans


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA


Now that the T-storms have subsided somewhat, here is my "almost at the longest day" LW mid-day scan. It's pretty dismal, probably the longest would be North Carolina from my QTH. Too much daylight for even broadcast TAs. I'll try later in case something squeaks through.


NDBs -- carrier frequencies


198    DIW      Dixon, NC

205    ORE    Orange MA

206    QI        Yarmouth NS

212    SJ        Saint John NB

216    CLB     Wilmington NC

220    IHM      Mansfield MA

224    QM      Moncton NB

227    SZO     Fryeburg ME

227    TAN     Taunton MA

230    AC       Yarmouth NS

240    LE        Lewiston ME

248    UL        Montreal QC

254    5B        Summerside PE

257    FFF      Plymouth MA

257    TBY      Oxford CT

260    ESG     Rollinsford NH

263    QY       Sydney NS

269    TOF      Beverly MA

272    OLD      Old Town ME

274    EW       Nefor MA

276    YHR      Chevery QC

278    BST       Belfast ME

279    CQX      Chatham MA

356    AR        Providence RI

356    SUH      Rockland ME

362    FMH      Falmouth MA

368    IMR       Marshfield MA

370    MQI       Mantero NC

375    BO        Boston MA

382    LQ        Boston MA

387    6E        Grand Manan NB

389    PVC      Provincetown MA

396    NEL       Lakehurst NJ   

397    ZST       Saint John NB

399    RL        Waterville ME

402    LW        Lawrence MA


 DGPS stations (decoded with DSCDecoder software) These are the old Marine beacon frequencies


286    Sandy Hook, NJ

288    Cape Ray, NL

289    Driver, VA

290    Penobscot, ME

293    Moriches, NY

294    New Bern, NC

295    Partridge Is, NB

296    St Jean Richelieu, QC

298    Hatien Point, NS

300    Riviere Du Loop, QC

301    Annapolis, MD

303    Greensboro, NC

306    Acushnett, MA

309    Reedy Point, DE

312    Weastern head, NS

316    Brunswick NAS, ME

319    Point Escumiac, NB

324    Hudson Falls, NY


I don't know how many play around with the data modes, but I usually keep a radio on overnight monitoring these maritime weather and safety transmissions which originate from a network of shore stations located in 16 zones around the world.  Since only a couple of freqencies handle most of the traffic (490 and 518 primarily - these examples were from 518, Zone 4 which covers the east coast of North America and the Caribbean), each station transmits in designated time slots on a rotating four hour schedule. The first letter after the opening header "ZCZC" denotes the location. 

I usually consider the DX season to start around August, and it looks like propagation is beginning to pick up. On a typical night, I will get all the Canadian and ENA stations, but last night things were decent to the south. I include a couple of the better examples. There was also some Chile, but it was pretty mangled. In addition to weather, these transmissions will alert mariners to navigational hazards, military exercises in the area, status of DGPS sites, status of lighthouses, and even whale sightings. 

There are several inexpensive software programs for decoding Navtex. I use SeaTTY, but DSCDecoder which also does DGPS and DSC ships also decodes Navtex. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Navtex is a SITOR-B mode (AMTOR is the Amateur equivalent). 

If anyone would like any more information, let me know.


<06:11:44> ZCZC RA99    [The "R" denotes Puerto Rico- time is UTC]

<06:11:47> DGPS BNM 497-07




<08:59:04> ZCZC HA15   [The "H" denotes the Netherlands Antilles]

<08:59:06> 1400UTC  UPD.040607






<08:59:41> POS 11-59.33N 068-38.45W UNLIT



<08:59:56> BONAIRE POS 12-09.3N/068-19.5W UNLIT

<09:00:02> WECUWA POINT POS 12-13.5N/068-24.5W


<09:00:13> POS 12-01.8N/068-14.1W UNLIT


<09:00:23> POS 12.25'N - 069,52W WELL LID BUT NOT


<09:00:37> __2.37N -070.03'00W COMPLETELY EXTINGUISTED.

<09:00:45> _

<09:00:45> NNNN


Brent Taylor – Cavendish, PEI
Sony 7600GR nekkid


224   QM             Moncton NB

254   5B              Summerside PE

263   QY              Sydney NS

276   YHR           Chevery QC

304   ZQM          Riverview NB

326   FC             Fredericton NB

338   5Y              Trenton NS

347   YG              Charlottetown PE

360   PN             Port Menier QC (Anticosti I.)

366   ZMN           Lewisville NB

370   GR             Grindstone QC (Magdalen Is.)

385   NA             Natashquan QC

390   JT               Stephenville NL

400   ZYG           Cavendish PE


It was a rather quiet month in the basement. I tried firing up my gear a couple times, but the ever-present storm cells here in the southeast make summer time DXing almost impossible.

I intended to write the next installment of my introduction to NDBs, but procrastinated until late in the month and then life got in the way. I will try to make an earlier start of it for next month.

Just a couple non-NDB reports from the tail end of the month this time. Hopefully there will be a few clear days next month to do some beacon chasing.


  -- Jay Heyl, Orlando, FL


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI, Canada

Drake SAT800/LF Engineering M-601C/Quantum Phaser


July 31

Keyed in 153 and started my tour of the LW band.  Good from 153 up to 225 -
after that too much noise and those pesky beacons!  I don't have my WRTH handy, but I picked up a suspected station in Georgia [the country, not the state!], and another suspect in Jordon.  A couple stations from Morroco, a couple from France.  The LW signals were strong and clear.  I was able to duplicate this on the Drake R8, but the SAT 800 has better audio recovery and honestly, better IF
filtering - more audio yet less splatter.


LW is a real novelty for me.  My old 70 foot wire tended to put strong 50KW NYC stations down into the LW band, as well as CKEC and earlier before they went dark, CHTN-AM and CFCY-AM.  But, the LF Engineering antenna doesn't do this.  From 153 to 225 the LW band is quiet except for the signals from accross the Atlantic.  Beacons are pests from about 230 or so to 270 or so and then the noise sets in big time.  I did get some signals on 234 and 243, and Ireland on 252, but the beacons made things pretty miserable as their signals are so


Chris Black – Cape Cod



July 31

I was doing some experimenting with the WinRadio last night for about an hour or so after sunset (0000 UTC to 0145 UTC).


LW wasn't doing bad: 153 Algeria was weak, 162 France was strong, 198 UK was fair to good with a BBC ID at 0014, 234 Luxembourg was fair, and 252 Ireland with US pop music was good.


The Line of Sight and Beyond


FM BCB Bandscans


Jay Rogers – Taunton, MA


88.1/WELH: Owned by the Wheeler School but leased out to Spanish programmers (4-Noon) & Brown University student radio (19-04). Btw. Noon-19

they run a pretty good soul/old-school R&B format.

88.7/WJMF: Bryant University radio.

89.3/WUMD: U. Mass. Dartmouth. Used to be 91.1/WSMU.

90.3/WRIU: U.R.I. radio.

91.1/W???" Was WSMU, now owned by K-Love. Not really burning up the dial here.

91.3/WDOM: Prov. Coll. radio.

91.5/WCVY: Cov. H.S. radio that's been forced to share time with Span. rel. WRJI.

91.5/WRJI: I partly built the studio for this station until the night they played Spanish C.C.M.. Haven't been back since.

92.3/WPRO-FM: Top 40. Would say heritage but the days of their dominance have been over for awhile.

93.3/WSNE: "Coast F.M.." Listen to it while @ work! Then don't be surprised if someone lobs something over from another cubicle.

94.1/WHJY: Was heritage A.O.R.. Now it's like Rock 105 in Jacksonville. Same 7 bands all...the...time.

95.5/WBRU: Commercial modern rocker that is NOT (and they will tell you this until you no longer care) owned by Brown University. It's a sub-corporation or something. Not bad though. The D.J.s are college kids & their voices are such but they have a more polished presentation.

97.3/WJFD-FM: Nos falamos Portugues!

98.1/WCTK: It's country! No, it's top 40! No, it's a country station with '80s' Top 40 delivery! It's Cat Country!

99.7/WSKO-FM: See 790/WSKO.

100.3/WKKB: A Spanish station that's licensed to the affluent community of Middletown, R.I.. Go figure. Like all Spanish stations here, too much Bachata.

101.5/WWBB: C.C. oldies, er, Classic Hits station. Actually not bad.

103.7/WEEI-FM: Sports, mainly simulcasts 850/WEEI-Boston. Providence's Red Sox affiliate but there's just something about hearing sports

on F.M. that just doesn't sound right.

105.1/WWLI: Lite Rock 105. What is "Lite" rock? Apparently, Billy Joel, Elton John, you know the drill.

106.3/WWKX: Hot 106. The "urban" station in town.

107.1/WFHN: Fun 107. Dance Top 40 from Fairhaven, Ma..


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

DX398 and Accurian HD Radio



90.3 Could not figure out who this was. It sounded like KBUB or KDUB  "the source'  There's a KBUT and a KBUZ in an area I was getting stations today.

90.9  KPNA  Norfolk IA 

95.7 KSWI  Atlantic IA.  Was ID'ing with sister station stuff so I called and DJ gave me the correct calls. I explained what E-skip was and he WAS amazed

to get a caller from South Carolina.

95.9  WQZY  Dublin, GA ...yes tropo at the same time...

104.1   KLSI-FM Crete-Beatrice-Lincoln NE 

104.1  WNAX-FM  Yankton, SD  coming in well with local Pontiac commercial


88.1   ss very strong and RDS Primera

91.9  Radio Reloj very strong and clear

89.1 KLAS FM (as they call themselves) Montego Bay

97.7  speaking spanish, playing EE tunes

104.1 Cayman Islands  see website below with RDS and

titles http://www.hot1041fm.ky

There was a lot of dead carriers also



Keith McGinnis – Boston, MA

Yamaha T-85 and APS-9B


Yesterday 7/7 at 7:11 PM WMGE Miami FL on 94.9 decoded perfectly for almost

5 minutes during a brief and choppy Eskip opening on the Sangean HDT-1.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

Hafler 330 and VU75XR



Es into FM to Canada with FF station on 88.9 maybe CKSB-FM1 La Chaine 

Culturelle Regina, SK.

Still have Es going only to 90.7 MUF and moved from Canada to MN.

Three new logs this session...

88.9 KNSR Collegeville, MN

90.1 KSJR Collegeville, MN

90.7 KBPR Brainerd, MN


Mike Hawkins – N.  California near

San Francisco Receiver and antenna



KRVN - 93.1 - Lexington NE

KHNE - 89.1 - Hastings NE

KNEN - 94.7 - Norfolk NE

KBDZ - 93.1 - Perryville MO (had to be double-hop with the 1750 mile distance)

CJXX - 93.1 - Grande Prairie AB (wrote down phone # while listening to KBDZ, and Googled it to CJXX)

KRKS - 94.7 - Lafayette CO

KXXI - 93.7 - Gallup NM (93X)

KSYU - 95.1 - Corrales NM (mentioned hot951.com)

KSNX - 93.5 - Show Low AZ

KSTJ - 102.7 - Boulder City NV (RDS, only 395 miles!)

KNKT - 107.1 - Armijo NM

KAGM - 106.3 - Los Lunas NM

KIOT - 102.5 - Los Lunas NM

KBQI - 107.9 - Albuquerque NM (Big I 107.9)

KSED - 107.5 - Sedona AZ

KZHK - 95.9 - St. George UT

KNAB - 104.1 - Burlington CO 

at this point, cloud 1 turned off and cloud 2 started 

KPSD - 97.1 - Faith SD

KYYX - 97.1 - Minot ND

KKMK - 93.9 - Rapid City SD

KDPR - 89.9 - Dickinson ND

KTGL - 92.9 - Beatrice NE


93.9 KIMY Watonga OK            "The Gospel Station"

88.3 KYFW Wichita KS            religion

94.3 KCVW Kingman KS            religion

93.9 KZRD Dodge City KS         "The Buzzard" mentioning Dodge City in ads

93.1 KHMY Pratt KS              ad for local restaurant

93.5 KLMR Lamar CO              several mentions of Prowers County "Sunny 93.5"

102.5 KKCV Rozel KS              religious talk

102.3 KSPK Walsenburg CO         ID + ad for store in Gardner

107.9 KBQI Albuquerque NM        ***TOP OF THE DIAL*** Big-I 107.9 country

107.5 KSCB Liberal KS            B107.5 & 102.7/The Legend

106.7 KZNM Los Alamos NM         Spanish

104.1 KNAB Burlington CO         Paul Harvey & c&w music

102.7 KLDG Liberal KS            ad for Toyota dealer in downtown Liberal

106.7 KEXL Norfolk NE            ID

101.5 KSLS Liberal KS            "Lite Rock 101.5"

99.5 KHAZ Hays KS               "KZ Country"

99.5 KQMT Denver CO             classic rock (light rock to me!)

107.3 KKAW Albin WY              c&w

99.9 KWKR Leoti KS              "- KWKR -" RDS hit

94.7 KRKS Lafayette CO          religion

94.3 KILO Colorado Springs CO   "94.3 KILO" with Linkin Park

93.9 KSWN McCook NE             "US 93.9" country with mention of McCook

91.3 KLZV Sterling CO           nice K-Love ID; 1 of only 2 times I appreciated hearing them!

107.1 KSYY Bennett CO            "Sassy 107.1" with references to Denver

106.7 KBPI Denver CO             ad for Denver store

107.9 KPAW Fort Collins CO       classic rock

103.5 KXNP North Platte NE       C&W

101.7 KTUN Eagle CO              ad for Breckenridge Beer Destival then ID as "KTUN/The Eagle"

95.1 KCGY Laramie WY            c&w; ID as "Y95 COUNTRY"

91.1 KTNE Alliance NE           TOH ID

90.9 KLWV Chugwater WY          K-Love TOH ID

91.9 KUWR Laramie               TOH ID

94.3 KXRQ Roosevelt UT          ads for Utah State College and Dinosaurland Pediatrics

90.3 KCSP Casper WY             Pilgrim Radio Network

95.5 KWYY Casper WY             c&w "Country 95 dot 5"

95.5 KYFO Ogden UT              Bible Broadcasting Network

89.1 KHAP Chico CA              Family Radio; 175 mile tropo over local KCEA and semi-local KBBF

91.3 KDRH King City CA          Air1; not long-distance but anything on this lonely freq is very cool


CKFI - 97.1 - Swift Current, Saskatchewan - "Swift Current's Magic 97"

CKSB-2 - 88.7 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - French language talk

CKUA-13 - 91.3 - Drumheller, Alberta - Interviews sounding like from a fair/festival

CKSA - 95.9 - Lloydminster, Alberta - ads for Professional Bull Riding in Lashburn SK and Hobblestone Plastics in Blackfoot & Cold Lake; C&W format

CKGY - 95.5 - Red Deer, Alberta - Red Deer weather and C&W music

CHFM - 95.9 - Calgary, Alberta - promo for Milan shopping spree and mention of www.lite96.ca


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN




12:16 AM  102.3  WLLK  Somerset, KY   gave URL of www.lakecumberlandradio.com NEW!!!!!   7/2/2007 


Juan Gualda – Ft . Pierce, FL

Receiver, Antenna



88.3 translator 7 miles away is getting covered up by Z-88.3 in

Orlando. I hooked up the HD-100 to the antenna outside and I am

getting WWKA-HD 92.3 from Orlando in solid as a rock. No HD-2 though.

One thing I discovered is that strong Tropo fills up about all

frequencies and the West Palm HD stations will not decode because the

side frequencies are covered by skip. Interesting. By the way, the

hash is covered up by semi strong signals, it doesn't take a lot.






















Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

1993 Plymouth Voyager car radio


While driving north on IH-45 from Houston, TX, to Livingston, TX, this past Saturday afternoon (30 Jun 2007), around 3:50 PM CDT, I heard KETX

92.3 with what sounded like a network feed:


"This is TSN Channel 3 Right, the Houston Astros Network" followed by 1 kHz tone for about 5-7 seconds. This repeated over and over and over again.


At 4:08 PM CDT, the feed was interrupted by syndicated programming - "True Country" – only to start again at 4:12 PM CDT, this time under the "True Country" programming.


I didn't listen past that.  Listening to those repeated 1 kHz tones inside the car had given me a headache.


Kevin Possum Hunter – Ocala, FL

Receiver and Antenna


"Isle 95" WJKC http://www.isle95.com/ owns 95.1 with full quiting and

wiping out the "Big Ape" in Jacksonville.

"Cadena Sal-Soul" WPRM http://www.salsoul.com/ Full Quieting with HD

decoding most of the time. No HD-2.

"Habana Radio" 106.9 http://www.habanaradio.cu/ Slow fades dropping

Stereo in deep fades.

"More 94 FM" http://www.more94fm.com/ Full quieting FM Stereo.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

DX398 and whip


With numerous reports of a wide-open sporadic E FM opening Sunday afternoon, I decided to spend a semisesquihour at it with the DX-398 portable, its battery

of cells almost expired, from a lawn chair in the shade, still 96 degrees. All

times UT, July 29:

2016, 89.3, I belatedly fired up for the big opening in progress. First to

catch my ear was Arabic on 89.3 for a few minutes. Sounds like preaching; could

even be Christian; not sure. No Qur`an heard in this brief time. Any ideas?

2030, 89.3, Polish/German show presented in English, mentioned St. Augustine

and several other stations carrying the show. Presumably but not absolutely the

same station in Arabic a quarter-hour earlier.

In & out mixing with other stations; 2052 polka music again; 2111 polka in

extreme stereo, outroed as ``Happy Polka Interlude``, mentioned listeners in

Iowa at 6 am Saturday.

The polka, and probably the Arabic, is WPIO, the faux ``Florida Public Radio``

with the Polish/German polka show as scheduled at 2030-2200 UT Sundays. But

their incomplete program schedule does not show anything, Arabic or otherwise,

before then. http://www.noncomradio.net/ Certainly fits the PTA of E/C Florida

with several other logs from that oversaturated area:

2035, signals all over the FM band to 108. Opening was intense enough for there

to be CCI/QRM on my `locals` 88.3, 92.1 and 99.7.

2037, 101.1, Courtesy Toyota ad, RDS: {WJRR-FM} which is Cocoa Beach-Orlando FL.

2038, 99.1, KSC ad or promo and ID immediately as ``The new 99.1, WQIK``


2045, 100.5, RDS said {ZOMBIE}. This had me looking for a Florida station maybe with that odd non-ID, but same style of music still in later at 2108 from

semi-local KATT OKC, then RDS-ing as {THE KATT / ROCK} so Zombie was probably an `artist`.

2046, 99.3, {LITEROCK} on RDS; 2058, John Tesh syndicated show giving phone 866-865-TESH, ad for HD Radio in BMWs, ``WLRQ, Literock 99.3`` and

http://www.literock993.com as RDS once again displayed only {LITEROCK}. WLRQ is Cocoa FL, 50 kW. Long gone are the days of depending on class-A channels to bear only 3 kW ERP stations, sob.

2052, 90.7, classical, $, probably WMFE Orlando. 2104 NPR News in progress, 7 seconds ahead of KOSU which delays everything to match its HD delay, and BTW KOSU still switches to mono during such talk programs, even tho NPR music bits are produced in stereo --- so WMFE is not running HD?? 2106, WMFE promo for BBCWS news starting at midnight.

2054, 105.9, ad for a community college, SCC in Orlando. That would be WOCL

Deland-Orlando. Could not catch what SCC stands for, but later search turned up

Seminole Community College there.

2100, 94.5, RDS: {94.5 / BARRY / WHITE / WHAT YOU}, which was not helpful,

since I already knew I was on 94.5, and if there was any doubt, the frequency

window just above it on the display said 94.5 too! Probably WCFB Daytona

Beach-Orlando [thruout going by listings in latest FM Atlas, almost two years

old now, published in Oct 05].

2106, 90.1, overriding KCSC, so I could not enjoy ``The Composer Next Door``

direct nor on non-funxional webcast: NPR ATC: RDS just sez { 90.1 } centered

with spaces on each side. Yes, I know it`s 90.1! Geez. Likely one in this area:

WJUF Inverness.

2116, 107.1, weather for Titusville, which would be WAOA Melbourne-Titusville,

another high-power one rather than 3 kW.

2118, 89.3, plug Jimmy Smith photography, on WECC, The Lighthouse, which is

Folkston GA, just across the FL border.

Finally the opening is moving out of Florida, and weakening a bit, so I quit.

This experience reconfirmed my disgust with what has become of American

broadcasting. Commercials above and below 92 MHz, hard-sell, music other than classical which does nothing for me. No originality. I probably would not have bothered if that Arab on 89.3 had not intrigued me, even if he was just another gospel huxter. I did check 94.9 frequently but nothing beyond FL.


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


WX Bandscan
Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ
CCRadio and whip


Heard on a CCRadio with whip

162.425 WWG41 Mt. Ord (Payson)

162.500 WWG42 Signal Peak (Globe)

162.550 WXL 30 South Mountain (Phoenix)


Mike Hawkins – Campbell, CA
Receiver and antenna


162.4 - likely KHB49 - Mount Pise (wherever that is, San Francisco/Monterey Bay coverage)

162.475 - unknown - not on NOAA list (extremely weak, San Francisco/Monterey Bay coverage)

162.55 - very likely KEC49 - Mount Umuhnum (near me, San Francisco/Monterey Bay coverage)


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Receiver and antenna


Yesterday I was monitoring the Austin NOAA station on 162.40 around 7:00 am as I normally do, and I noted considerable interference on it, indicating tropo was


Each NOAA channel seemed to be three or four deep with stations, but 162.55 was dominated by KPH70, "from a transmitter in downtown Galveston" (per their ID) at 7:21 am. I listened for several more minutes and its signal continued to build, becoming the strongest signal on the band by 7:30.  It was fascinating to

hear the duct steadily build as I listened. I switched on the Weather Channel on TV, and you could see a front line moving rapidly toward southeast Texas at

that time, no doubt accounting for the rapid increase in signal strength.

Unfortunately, I couldn't listen much longer and was away until late last evening.

This morning there was no trace of Galveston on 162.55 and the usual San Antonio station was all alone on the frequency.

Moral of this story? When there's a rapidly moving front to your east or west, be alert for some strong but short-lived tropo openings!





The Visible Universe


Mike Hawkins – San Francisco, CA metro

Receiver, antenna



KENW - 3 - Portales NM

KNME - 5 - Albuquerque NM


CBXAT - 2 - High Prairie, Alberta - Soccer game

 CCI on 2,3,4;  Also floater on 2.  Once it hit 4, I abandoned TV and headed for radio (in car)


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Zenith TV and Conical Antenna in the living room


2 KSNW TV Wichita, KS. This one was LATE last night on

7/13 also on Saturday.

2 KCWX-TV Fredericksburg, TX  7/17


2 KCWX  Fredericksburg, TX  with promos for KENS 5


5 unknown SS station carrying a marathon runners race,

then into a football (soccer for us) game .  Superior

signal. Most of the time the only one on the



Paul LaFrieniere – Grand Marais, MN

Receiver, Antenna


Another one of those days that could not produce much in the way of FM.  A

couple of very short bursts into the lower FM freqs--then gone again.  TV

was a different story.  At about 1700 CDT things opened up to the west and


2   CKAL1    AB    Lethbridge  City tv

3   CFRN      AB    Edmonton   CTV  movie or soap

4   CFSK      SK    Saskatoon   Global   cartoon

5   CKAL      AB    Calgary    City tv

5   CBXT      AB     Edmonton   CBC   This one was in for close to an hour with soccer and crawls for storm warnings for Drayton Valley, Mayerthorpe and other cities.Suddenly at 1800 CDT a few FMs from AL-LA-OK showed up.

Then things switched to the western US.

4   KWSE     ND    Williston   Prairie Public  Lawrence Welk

4   KCWC    WY    Lander    PBS  animal program

4   KOMO    WA    Seattle    At 1930 CDT I.D. with large KOMO 4 logo.  My first west coast logging of either TV or FM. As the late Hubert H. Humphrey would say "I'm as pleased as punch."

5   KGWN    WY    Cheyenne  Local ads & CBS 5 logo.

5   KIVV       SD     Lead       KEVN 7 logo and blurb about "Black Hills Fox News."


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver Antenna



E Skip all the way up to Ch 6. YES ! NO IDs yet..


Nothin’ But Net


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ




For some very nice, smooth, sparkling easy listening  music, this 

station KAHM 102.1 is just what you want. I have been listening to 

them for years over the air and could only get them in mono since 

they were 45 kW and 120 miles away. Its only 35 kbps but it does 

sound pretty good.


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


Phoenix now has HD radio on KESZ 99.9 with a secondary channel.

KTAR HD 92.3 has been doing experimentation with a second channel on HD.


Boston Acoustics pulls its Recepter HD Radio unit.

It's retiring what was one of the earlier table-top units and you have to wonder what BA will do to replace it – if anything. The Recepter was relatively expensive and several folks I know who used it away from center city locations (in several markets) had trouble keeping the HD2 signal coming in. It helps to add a secondary antenna, but that's not what you expect to be doing when you pay a couple of hundred bucks for a radio receiver. What will Boston Acoustics and other manufacturers do with their HD Radio product lines? That's a critical question, and so is the price point. HDTV really began to penetrate the mass market when the price dropped below $1000, and the ideal price point for HD Radio may be somewhere south of $100.http://www.radio-info.com/newsletter/

KCKK 1510 Littleton, CO has changed formats this morning to be Mile 

High Sports. They are running Sporting News Radio.


July 31, 2007, 8:03AM

Radio Saigon lures Vietnamese to Houston

Ethnic station is said to have a hand in bringing more Vietnamese from West Coast


The phone lines are open.

Today's topic is sensitive, Radio Saigon Houston host Vu Thanh Thuy says into the mic in her balmy voice. To dip. And dip the same utensil or chopsticks again in the communal bowl or plate.One woman tells Vu, sitting in her Bellaire Boulevard studio, it makes her queasy to watch her aunt re-dipping her spoon into the soup pot. That instigates another caller who says America is too clean, that it respects individuality over family traditions of sharing food.Over the last decade, Vu and her husband, Duong Phuc, Radio Saigon Houston KREH 900 AM co-owners, have taken a strong foothold in the Houston Vietnamese media market with programming that mixes talk shows with news and music. The station's presence is also credited with helping spur Vietnamese migration from the West Coast to the Houston area.

The station's growth with the Vietnamese-language radio format also illustrates a thriving and expanding Vietnamese community in Houston with an appetite for programs in their native language. Their staff has grown from five to 35 part-time or full-time employees, plus more than 80 contributing hosts.

"This is just the beginning," Vu said. "At first, we thought the language will die down with the older generation, but our success has proven that wrong."

Although California has long been considered the Vietnamese epicenter in the U.S., over the past few years Houston's comparably cheap real estate, cost of living and investment opportunities have lured West Coasters.

Word about Houston's attractive market has spread in part due to the connection made by Radio Saigon Houston's simulcast news program that airs in Orange County, Calif., San Jose, Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Vu said. Californians — and anyone who can access the radio station via the Internet — can get a dose of Houston from the daily programs.

Radio Saigon Houston has helped spread the rags to riches stories of some of Houston's most successful Vietnamese entrepreneurs, said Danny Nguyen, co-founder and president of the Vietnamese American Houston Chamber of Commerce.

"I have a lot of inquiries from people in California. There's a lot more opportunities in terms of investment and development" in Houston, said Nguyen, a commercial real estate developer and investor.

He's heard of people who sold their $800,000 California homes and moved to Houston, bought a bigger, cheaper house and used the leftover money as business capital.

"Radio tends to be more ubiquitous than newspaper and they do have stories about other Vietnamese around the country. Through word of mouth people learn about opportunities. That's how Houston is beginning to become known," said Julian Do, Southern California director for New America Media, the largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations.

Steve Le, who immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam when he was a baby, heard the buzz about Houston while living in the Golden State. The 25-year-old moved here from Orange County last year to start a cabinet business.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't meet a California transplant," Le said. He said Vietnamese radio has helped create word-of-mouth build-up in California about Houston's opportunities.

The station's impact on migration would not be unprecedented. Black radio was instrumental in the 1940s and '50s during the massive African-American migration from the South to the Midwest and Northeast.

In the Houston area, Vietnamese make up the largest group of Asians at nearly 62,000, according to the latest U.S. Census figures.

Room to grow

By numerous accounts, California's Vietnamese media market is nearly saturated. But in Houston, there's room to grow.

Radio Saigon's competition also has taken note of H-town.

Little Saigon Radio 1520 AM relocated its headquarters from California to Houston last year, said Cuong Quoc Nguyen, director of operations at the station. It dominates the California Vietnamese radio market, but while it has had a decade-long presence in Houston, the local content was limited over the past five years, he said.

While most of Little Saigon Radio's staff remains in California, there are now eight full-time Houston staffers. The media research company Arbitron does not gather ratings for the station or its competitor.

Duong managed Little Saigon Radio from 1997 until 2001, when he and his wife, who also worked there, left to start their station.

Radio Saigon Houston is just one of the media products under parent company Mass Media Inc., owned by Vu and Duong.

Their bilingual newspaper, Saigon Houston Weekly, was launched last October, and Vu said they plan to start a home delivery service in October.

All of their print products plan to add more English content. But for the most part, they are not forgoing Vietnamese radio programming.

Vu said there's a revival of interest in the language and culture among the younger generation, especially when they reach college age. Also, many parents take their children to Vietnamese language classes on the weekends.

"They realize that being bilingual is better and bicultural is better," Vu said.

But there are still plenty of young Vietnamese who prefer English — and the station hopes to serve their needs, too.

Hairstylist Stacy Cao, 44, has lived in Houston for 15 years. She's more comfortable speaking Vietnamese so she tunes in to Radio Saigon Houston's morning news show in the car while taking her kids to school.

"Sometimes you don't have time," Cao said. "Usually in the morning they have news so if you don't watch TV or read the newspaper you can know [what's happening] from them."

It's a constant battle with her three children, who'd rather hear a hip hop station. Though they prefer English format radio stations, Cao thinks they'll come around to Vietnamese. For now, they're learning the language by attending weekend classes at a church.

Radio Saigon Houston's programs feature a range of guests — mechanics, immigration lawyers, real estate agents and school officials.

On the Love and Family show, most of Vu's topics are universal, such as communication between parents and children. But people always address cultural pride.

And that inevitably brings up the way things are done in Vietnam versus in America. Vu has talked about parents being friends with their children — instead of just telling them what to do.


Internationally known

Vu and husband Duong, former award-winning journalists in South Vietnam, are fixtures at community events. They are known internationally for breaking the story of the "boat people" — which they were a part of — who fled Vietnam after the country fell under communist rule.

They distinguished themselves nationally with their role as a conduit of information for Vietnamese evacuees during Hurricane Katrina.

The couple was honored with the Asian American Journalists Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 for their work. They have also received several local and national small business and entrepreneur awards, including one from the U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

Internet-based and ethnic media are the fastest growing media today, said Sandra Ball-Rokeach, a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. There's a thirst for niche news, and advertisers are increasingly targeting specific communities.

Vu said her station also fills a gap left by the mainstream media.

''To me, local news is what you always need to know. ... I don't believe American journalists can have access to the depth of ethnic stories since the ethnic communities usually keep to themselves," Vu said. "The ethnic media is like the gatekeeper of the community."




Mukesh Kumar- Muzaffarpur, India


RTI has a new mailing address 


RTI has a new mailing address: P.O. Box, 123-199.

However, letters to our old mailing address (P.O. Box,

24-38) can still be received by the end of this year.


Via http://english.rti.org.tw/Content/WhatsNewSingle.aspx?ContentID=39703


Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA


Business neophytes share perils


Morning Edition, July 19, 2007 · Three years ago in North Sioux City,

South Dakota, a husband and wife launched the company Radiosophy to

produce high definition radios. But after suffering setback after

setback, they say their story is something of a cautionary tale for


Bill Billings and Sue Nail struck out on their own with the goal of

living the American dream. They thought they'd create their own

business, building and selling lots of high-definition radios, and

live happily ever after. But it hasn't exactly worked out that way.

"Would I do it again? No way," said Nail. "I just had no idea it would

be this much work and this much of a challenge."

"It's been so hard on Sue," Billings said. "I would not put her

through that again."

But the couple thought it was a smart move three years ago when they

formed Radiosophy.

He had just left his job at computer-maker Gateway and thought putting

his contacts in overseas manufacturing to work was a good idea. She

had worked at Gateway in the 1990s and could bring her public

relations skills to the business.

There also was a need. In 2004, high-definition radios did not exist.

Radio stations were creating high-definition signals to compete with

satellite radio, but existing radios could not receive them.

Some friends, family and a few outside investors agreed that Billings

and Nail had a good idea and they invested in the company. But that

$500,000 – including the couple's life savings — didn't last long. The

high-definition radio pioneers encountered immediate and significant


First, they were delayed in developing a receiver for high-definition

signals. Then, their overseas manufacturer backed out at the last

minute. And just as the company prepared to unveil its latest radio,

the president of the company, Jeff Garreans, died in an auto accident.

"I've probably cried more in the last three years than I have in my

entire life. I've had some real health issues within the last couple

of years," Nail said.

Another hurdle for the company was education. Consumers either didn't

know what HD radio was, or they didn't believe it would ever catch on.

More and more people can hear high-definition signals these days.

They're now available on 1,300 stations across the country, double the

number from last summer.

Rob Enderle is principal analyst with the Enderle Group, a technology

consulting firm in San Jose, Calif. He says the number of stations has

reached a critical mass.

"With any new technology there are always questions until it becomes

ubiquitous. And it is not widely spread enough to be out of the woods

but it is certainly coming," Enderle said.

Last year, 200,000 high-definition receivers were sold. This year,

predictions are for nearly 1.5 million. But did the high-definition

market bloom too late for Billings and Nail's enterprise?

They debate this every day.

Said Billings: "If we would have waited a year, we would have spent

less money and been right where we are today."

"Waited three years," added Nail.

"Well, I don't think we could have waited until today to start,"

Billings responded.

"I do," was Nail's retort.

Even though she says she wouldn't do it again, Nail isn't ready to

give up on entrepreneurship either. She believes the company has

turned the corner.

Radiosophy's second radio, which debuted in spring, is the only

tabletop model aimed at the low-end of the market. It sells for about


Nail is now encouraged because the radio is getting good reviews and

selling by the hundreds each month.

Another good sign, for Nail especially, is that the financial stress

is no longer so bad that she throws up every morning.

Pat Mack reports for member station South Dakota Public Radio


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


The FCC has licensed some more experimental operations on the MW broadcast

band. Digging deep into FCC info, I find Psyop mentioned in connexion with

this, altho the licensee is the Multi-Spectral Laboratory in Ponca City of

Oklahoma State University whose main field seems to be sensing. This is part of

a 27 megadollar Navy contract, on behalf of the US Special Operations Command, Charleston SC. The authorization expires July 1, 2009.

The consultant making the filings is Dr. Wayne G. Walker, who also happens to

be CEO of Republic Aerospace Corp., Duncan OK.

There are two locations: Chilocco, Oklahoma, which is right at the Kansas

border north of Ponca City, on an abandoned water tower at an Indian school;

and Flying H, New Mexico, which is in the back country SW of Roswell.

Both mobile (suspect aeronautical) and fixed are authorized. The same callsign

applies to both locations, WE2XFZ. Like last year`s tone tests from Virginia on

1610, 1020 and 590 kHz, each of these has three frequencies at the bottom,

middle and top of the band, and ditto FM:

Chilocco, OK: 540, 830, 1680 kHz, 92.3, 99.1, 107.5 MHz 

Flying H, NM: 530, 950, 1680 kHz, 88.3, 97.7, 107.3 MHz

They are using a 2.5 and a 10 kW AM transmitter and 1 kW on FM, 5 kW ERP. They also mistakenly give ERPs for the MW frequencies.

Tests will consist of 1 kHz tones or audio for 5-10 minutes. The equipment is

capable of transmitting the callsign.

A later filing is for shortwave frequencies too, with 1 kW on USB, LSB, AME,

also from the same two locations, but different callsign, WE2XEV, on 4015,

4085, 12115, 12185, 22015, 22085, 26115, 26185. NTIA has accepted these, but

two more frequencies have not yet been accepted, 12415 and 12485.

Much more detail from my research into this appears in DX Listening Digests

7-082 and 7-084, under OKLAHOMA [and non]:



Of course, any successful monitoring of this will be of great interest.


Enid is now blessed with yet another gospel-huxter FM translator bringing in an

outside station, first noticed July 28: ``The Gospel Station`` on 93.3,

relaying KIMY 93.9 in Watonga OK. There goes another DX channel, or rather,

another OKC station, since 93.3 has been semi-local KKNG Newcastle-OKC with

country format. Are all the country music fans in Enid up in arms? That 93.3

started off as KTEN in Ada, but moved into the OKC market closer to us. Here`s

the FCC page about K227AT, 93.3 in Enid:


Showing 250 watts, 42 meters above ground. And the map plot shows the site as

the NE corner of Chestnut and Cleveland. Non ID is ``The Gospel Station`` but a

legal ID for both was heard at two minutes past the hour. Now that Bruce Elving

is on sabbatical, I don`t have to report whether it is stereo or not; can one


(Oh, all right; during my DX opening monitoring later the afternoon of July 29,

I couldn`t help but notice that stereo pilot was on but NO stereo content,

music just mono-sounding. Despite proximity of transmitter site, a bit of QRM

audible, which could have been on 93.3 or on its off-air pickup of 93.9, which

is SW of here, not SE.)

Carpetbagger licensee is axually: E-STRING WIRELESS, LTD, 1206 WOOD FERN, SAN ANTONIO TX 78232. License effective 7/24/07, until 6/1/13.


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY


Confirmed as of yesterday morning, KWDZ 910 – the Radio Disney outlet in Salt Lake City is now running HD.   I heard the hash during my daily quick bandscan on the way to my shop yesterday morning.  Was in Utah yesterday evening and it shut off at sunset…..as did 820 KUTR and 1160 KSL…the other HD AMs in the Salt Lake market…..so no one there is running any nighttime IBOC yet.


Bargain Barn


 Nothing for sale this month


Show and Tell – New Toys


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI


Well, the LF Engineering M-601C arrived and I picked it up yesterday

morning at the local RPO.


The bury flex hasn't arrived yet, so I couldn't do a permanent



But, being curious and impatient, I ducktaped the two foot probe to

the kids wooden eagles nest type playground thingy, hooked the probe,

control box etc. up to the Grundig Sat 800 and tried it out. By the

way, the location is about twnty feet from the house, the same

distance approximately as the shed location which will be its future



First, by reason of location, electrical interference was greatly

reduced. There was nothing on 720 to 730 and the noise that

continues from 960 up the dial was greatly reduce.


Second, it is hot, hot, hot. The 70 foot wire never performed like

this, not even in winter. It performs like a hot car radio parked at

the beach.


I later compared the location on the eagles nest to the shed location

using a Grundig S350 - very comparible and an enormous reduction in

interference from the house.


OK here is the bandscan:


June 30, 2007 11:00 a.m. ADT Stratford PEI - SAT 800 with LF

Engineering M-601C in temporary location, outside, 20 feet from the

house and 7 feet up:


540 CBGA1 New Carlisle QC 10KW

570 CFCB Corner Brook NL 1KW

590 CJCW Sussex NB 1KW

600 CBNA St. Anthony NL 10KW

610 CHNC New Carlisle QC 10KW

640 CBN St. John's NL

680 WRKO Boston MA 50KW

740 CHCM Marystown NL 10KW

780 CFDR Halifax HRM NS 50KW

790 CFNW Port-au-choix NL 1KW [first ever daytime reception!!!]

800 CHRC Quebec QC 50KW

810 CJVA Caraquet NB 10KW

850 WEEI Boston MA 50 KW

870 CFSX Stephenville NL 0.5KW

900 CKDH Amherst NS 1KW

910 WABI Bangor ME 5KW

920 CJCH Halifax HRM NS 25KW

930 CFBC Saint John NB 50KW

950 CKNB Campbellton NB 10KW

990 CBY Corner Brook NL 10KW

1030 WBZ Boston MA 50KW

1070 CBA Moncton NB 50KW

1140 CBI Sydney NS 10KW

1150 CHGM Gaspe QC 5KW

1230 CFGN Port-aux-basques NL 0.25KW

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB 10KW

1270 CJCB Sydney NS 10KW

1320 CKEC New Glasgow NS 25KW

1350 CKAD Middleton NS 1KW

1420 CKDY Digby NS 1KW

1450 CFAB Windsor NS 1KW


What was most remarkable was not the stations logged, but the quality

of the signals. From 990 up, there was background electrical noise,

but even weak signals like 250 watt CFGN 200 salt water miles away

rose clearly up above the noise. Many of these stations could not be

picked up by a nekkid Grundig S350 in the same location.


Preliminary Verdict - provided one first sniffs out a good mounting

location with a good portable, this antenna is awesome. But, you

have to have a good location for it - if I just stuck it to the side

of the house I'm sure it would just pick up noise.


I'm looking forward to the bury flex arriving and puttin this antenna

up in its permanent location in the peak of the baby barn, 22 feet

from the house.


Yesterday I installed the LF Engineering M-601C MW active antenna -

burying bury-flex coax from the basement shack to the baby barn

[storage shed :) ] and I have the following observations after having

tested it during the day and also last night:


1.  The interference fighting ability is based on it being compact

and thus able to be placed in a lower noise area as far as possible

from house AC wiring and powerlines.  Before ordering one, its

important to pre-identify a convienent lower noise location with a

sensitive portible.  This I did before ordering.


2.  This antenna is very sensitive and the preamp circuitry is very

low noise.  For anyone burned in the past by noisy rf preamps or

little table top active antennas, this will be a pleasant surprise.


3.  Although promoted as just for 530 to 1700 MW, I find it is quite

good on SW, at least up to 20 MHz or so and more surprisingly, really

kicks KHz on LW.  Which surprises me, as it is supposed to have a

high pass filter, thus cutting off below 530.  Maybe I have a

defective unit.  If so, I am pleased with the defect!  Maybe the low

freqency cutoff is actually below the bottom of the European LW band,

although I was getting weird noises at 100 KHz [Loran C???] - the

lower limit of my Drake R8.  Maybe the filter is there and doing its

job, but the antenna is just so darn hot down there!


4.  This antenna takes a lot of signals that tend to be noisy, even

with a "good" antenna, and turns them into "hi-fi" signals.  For

example, by day it pulls in 25KW 92 CJCH Oldies 100 air miles away

with suffiecent clarity that I can listen to it on 16 KHz bandwidth

on the R-390A - audio up to 8,000 Hz or so, and no backround

interference.  It is AMAX certified, and is very nice for HiFi MW



5.  Some very light oddball interference noted on empty MW

frequencies by day.  It actually appears to be from the local parade

of FM stations coming off the RF toxic soup know as the CBC tower.  I

could identify a mix C&W music [95.1 CFCY]mixed with CBC prattle,

along with other mess not so easy to ID.  This is very weak and is

easily shoved aside by any kind of detectable MW signal - such as a

250 watter 200 miles away.  I don't consider this a problem.


6. At first I tried it on batteries.  Works fine.  Then I tried it on

the included AC adapter - still worked fine.  I thought the AC

adapter would introduce a bit of noise.  It didn't! :)


This way outperforms my old 70 foot random wire antenna with an

impedance matching rf transformer [so called "balun"], which I took

down, to the delight of my wife.  It will pick up signals by day that

do not register on a Quantum QX Pro loop. 


Here is a snapshot of interesting stuff I got by day - noonhour ADT:


570 CFCB Corner Brook NL - old 70 foot wire would detect, Quantum QX

Pro would get well enough to ID, the LF engineering probe gets it

well enough to listen too.


590 CJCW Sussex NB - same comments as for 570 CFCB


600 UnID - weak - just the LF Engineering probe

620 UnID - weak - just the LF Engineering probe

630 WPRO Providence RI - just the RF Eng probe

650 UNID - weak - just the RF Eng probe

680 WRKO Boston MA - same comments as 570 CFCB

850 WEEI Boston MA - same comments as 570 CFCB

870 CFSX Stephenville NL - same comments as 570 CFCB

930 CFBC Saint John NB - weak with 70 foot wire, a bit better with

Quantum loop, better still with LF Eng probe


As well, I got an UNID on 1550 - very weak on the LF Eng probe, non-

existant on the other antennas.


By night - notables were on longwave - running from memory here:


198 BBC - very listenable

234 Luxemburg with pop music - very listenable, so much so I put the

Drake's passband tuning hard to the right to open up the audio

fidelity to 5000 Hz per the Drake's manual, craked it up and enjoyed

the music.


Other LW stations every 9 KHz in the LW broadcast band - except for

those frequencies overwhelmed by beacons.  I didn't have a chance

last night to note them all.


For those seeking SW and LW as well as MW, I'd suggest the H-800 [the

Grove only H-900 if you have severe local overload problems]. Because

Grove is a pain in the Kiester to order from if you are not from the

USA [have to fax a copy of both sides of your CC], I ordered direct

from LF Engineering, and opted for the M-601C.  The fact that my M-

601C does well on SW and smokin on LW could be a fluke.  I was

looking for a hot MW antenna.  I got it, plus a decent SW antenna and

an excellant LW antenna.  YMMV.  But then, maybe an H-800 or H-900

would be even hotter on LW and SW.  Maybe last night was an extra

good night on LW.  But I was very impressed with the lW performance.


Second point - I ordered and received the ground isolator.  Not avail

through Grove. Avail direct from LF Engineering. Glad I did.  It

really, really helps. It knocks the powerline noise down quite a bit

and the signals seems to pop in with it.  The ground isolator is

highly, highly recommended.  I had to use some BNC to RCA adapters,

as the ground isolator uses RCA jacks.


The Bury-Flex is awesome stuff too - Kudos to Davis RF.


I should note that I'm running the ouput of the LF Eng probe into a

Quantum Phaser and then into a passive 8 way Minicircuits

multicoupler.  Lots of juice left, even with the 10 db or so drop of

the passive multicoupler!


Very pleased customer here!


I still have powerline interference - but now I have a super hot

antenna that pulls in the signals over top of the interference.


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Radiosophy HD 100

 Well I am on my third radio. The first two had issues, and after

thinking about returning it for a refund, I decided to try

again....and again.


Radiosophy has great customer service, and they were very good about

sending me new units before getting the returns first.


I seem to have a good one, so I will give another report now that I

have one that seems to work well (relative).


A couple things, the radio is fairly sensitive on FM. I am able to get

the West Palm stations with rabbit ears. The attached whip comes off,

it is screwed on and it makes it easy to hook up another antenna.


Also I notice that there is a delay on AM analog vs other radios. I

have yet to pick up an HD AM signal, although the digital light comes

on even when a weak HD signal is found. Anyway the delay is just maybe

quarter of a second, but it is obvious.


On a programming note, HD offerings here are poor, although I do like

the HD-2 on WPBZ. It is their Sunday morning format 24-7 (Light



IBOC is off on three stations here in South Florida, including WQAM-560.


Testing, Testing…


LF Tests – Night of Nights


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony 2010


I tried for the maritime CW station "night of nights" last evening and here is what I heard; the UTC date is July 13 and all times are UTC:

6477.5  KPH  "VVV VVV DE KPH" marker with frequencies

0241; good signals

12695.5 KFS "CQ CQ CQ DE KFS KFS KFS" marker with

frequencies 0243; good signals

12993 KSM "VVV DE KSM KSM KSM" marker with frequencies

0245; good signals

All of the above were sent at about 18-20 wpm and I assume, from the web site for the test, that all were transmitted from the KPH site in Bolinas, CA.

I listened for WLO, KLB, NMN, NMC, and NOJ on their announced frequencies but heard none of them. I was hoping to nab WLO on 438 kHz but heard no signals at all from the test on longwave.

I enjoyed hearing those markers again; it sounded like the marine bands did three decades ago and was a reminder of that now-gone era. It would be nice if

some other classic maritime station calls, like WCC and WSL, could be reactivated for future tests.


KXTO 1550 Test


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop


From my location here in San Francisco I listened for the first of the

scheduled tests from KXTO at 1 a.m. PDT....Actually I listened from


Local 10 kw KYCY or KYOU as they like to call themselves, due to their

format of I-Pod/YOU-Tube programming was running a show called

'Gravediggers Holiday'.  Assumed XEGM-Tijuana was running a decent 2nd

behind KYCY with Mexican pop music.  About 0105 PDT I heard a voice

through the racket (KYCY was playing a Jimi Hendrix song at the time) in

english mention DXers.  Shortly after a short series of high pitched

tones were heard.  Nothing heard thereafter.

I've heard KXTO at night a number of times a few years ago.  Maybe there

were excellent conditions at the time or maybe they were on daytime


This with my Kiwa Loop aimed Northeast which is in KYCYs null (such as

it is).  Pointed NW I get mucho QRN plus the Vancouver WA station.

Both 7/14 & 7/15 1550 was covered by local KYCY programming Jimi Hendrix

style music & XEGM Tijuana with Mexican pop music.

On 7/14 about 0105 PDT I 'thought' I heard a short series of very high

pitched tones cutting through the loud music.

On 7/15 shortly after 0100 PDT I 'thought' I heard some morse code far

under loud KYCY & XEGM.

After reading everyone's lack of success with this test I'm not at all

positive that what I heard was KXTO.  Dan Sheedy heard them with code &

voice on 7/14 from Encinatas CA but no one else has reported them.

KXTO has an odd history.  I remember 5-6 years ago when they were

english religion that I listened to them while traveling east between

Reno & Winnemucca.  Not once did they ID, TOH or otherwise.  I wonder

who has ever listened to this station in the Reno area?


Dan Sheedy (El Payaso) – San Diego, CA

X-Terra car radio


7/14 2:53-3:02A PDT w/ SS inspirational songs, "KXTO...Reno, Sparks, Carson

City.." @ 3A, then "VVVVVVVV de KXTO"..Morse really cuts through the

generic mumble on 1550....thanks to all the folks whose efforts made

this work..anyone catch the 96w portion?


Les Rayburn – Birmingham, AL

Receiver and antenna



No luck hearing the test here in Alabama either. Miami station (Coral Gables) in very well with it's Spanish language programming. Also hearing "The Whobbler" at times...usual mix of regulars, but nothing else. 

Haven't seen any reports of anyone logging the test yet. We'll hope for better results tonight.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Receiver and antenna


7/15 (Sunday morning) tried from 12:50-1:15 AM PDT, nothing heard. I thought I heard a tone at 12:58 but might just have been my imagination. I expected it to come in well with 2500 watts.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

CCRadio Nekkid



No on KXTO in Gilbert, AZ. Will try again. Had SS probably from UT on 1550? Dunno who it was.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver and BOG



Fixed up the western phased BOG system yesterday and awoke and headed out to the DX car and DXed from 4:28 AM to 5:10 AM CDT. Decent cx, but not great and not much happening to anywhere northern. KOA blasting in, but not even a trace of CBW etc.

 No trace of KXTO and all that was in with CBE (weak) phased out was the usual KSFT Oldies, KYAL sports, and KLFJ Branson TIS.


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

DX398 and ES loop



Sorry this is so late, but I just got to listen to the first of the

recordings I made Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I'm happy to report that

while I didn't really catch any of the morse code, I did hear a voice ID

"KXTO, Reno, Sparks" at approximately 1:01AM.  I do plan to go back and

listen to the recordings more carefully, to see if I can pick up any more


This one is not new.  I heard them a few years ago at sunrise, presumably at

day power/pattern.


I Got The Bird!


No one got the Bird this month