July 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 7


Editors Corner:


ABDX membership has reached a new record at 187 members!  Your editor is now in Tennessee and STILL looking for work.


TV and FM DX  has been pretty good. Soon AM, LF and HF DX will be in full swing as you read this in the hot month of August. September is just around the corner and MW DX starts to pick up.


We enjoy seeing our members who have made it to the “Hall of Fame” for those of us with faces for radio! It has been a very long time since we have had new additions to the Rogues Gallery. If you are a member and want to be in the Rogues Gallery, send your pix to webmaster@americanbroadcastdx.com. We would love to see you in the gallery.


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We have a CME for August after a hiatus last month.


ABDX presents the August CME suggested by Allen Willie!


The object of this CME is to log as many capital cities of states, provinces and nations on any band as long as its broadcast and not point to point radio, amateur or military not meant for general consumption. VOLMET and Marine WX broadcasts are ok. WX band broadcasts are ok. HF and LF broadcasts are ok and not only ok but DESIRABLE.


Lets see what you all make of this capital idea of Allen's and send in some logs. Let's make the ABDX Journal fatter than the Tokyo phone book!


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band


Ira Elbert New III – Watkinsville, GA

Sony ICF 2010 or as listed


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - 2003 Isuzu Rodeo In-Dash Audio System 4340

1590 WRJS GA Swainsboro - 07/13/08 1848 - Braves Baseball mixed with Southern Gospel music. Decent signal with fades. "AM 1590, Rejoice. WRJS".

1590 WCSL NC Cherryville - 07/13/08 1850 - Southern Gospel music rising over Braves Baseball, and a weather forecast. Good signal with fades. "Your Home for Southern Gospel, 1590, WCSL", and ""WCSL Weather Center in Cherryville".

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - SANGEAN ATS 909 & SELECT-A-TENNA

1590 WLBN KY Lebanon - 07/13/08 2343 - Weather forecast into Oldies. Weak, but steady signal above the late night static. "AM 1590, WLBN".

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - 2003 Isuzu Rodeo In-Dash Audio System 4340

1200 WJES SC Saluda - 07/13/08 1945 - Oldies. Good signal with occasional fades. "AM 1450, AM 1200".

1450 WCRS SC Greenwood - 07/13/08 1913 - Oldies. Good signal with occasional fades. "AM 1450, AM 1200".


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA



Any XE logs with slogans would be appreciated. Remember, 8-20 is ocho

viente and 820 is ocho cientos viente.

540 XESURF Tijuana, slogans "News Talk 12-60 and 5-40"  and "AM 12-60 and 5-40", English talk //KGIL-1260.


690 XEWW Rosarito, slogan heard is always "W Radio, La Voz del Pueblo"

730 XEEBC Ensenada, slogan "La Co Madre" reported in December.

790 XESU Mexicali, slogan heard was "7-90 AM y 105.9 FM" on 6/20/08.

820 XEABCA Mexicali, slogans heard "Radio ABC", "Radio Frontera", "8-20" and "Canal 820" on 6/21/08.

850 XEZF Mexicali, slogans heard "ZF 8-50 AM" and "ZF La Mas Picuda on 6/21/08.

860 XEMO Tijuana, complete slogan is "La Poderosa 860 AM, La Estacion de los Grandes"

940 XEMMM Mexicali, slogans heard "Oldies 9-40" in English, "9-40 AM Oldies" and "9-40 Oldies" on 6/21/08. Some slogans are sung.

1030 XESDD Tijuana, listening right now and slogan is "La Tremenda 10-30 AM".

1470 XERCN Tijuana is "Radio Hispana 14-70, La Voz de las Californias", no tilde in Hispana. Announced 10 KW, Uniradio, 7/16/08.

1700 XEPE Tijuana is "San Diego's 1700" or "The new San Diego 1700 AM" English talk.

Tonight in the car driving home after my Wednesday running club.

1999 4-Runner Car Radio:

1400 KAZGt Scottsdale AZ 7/23/08 7:30 PM PDT heard oldies and the slogan 14-40 Arizona Gold. Mostly dominant for about 10 minutes. I'll have to try for this tomorrow night from home.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or As Listed



For the last 2 hours or so, the TAs have been hopping in - I set the Icom R71A to its Ginsu knife setting to keep the domestics spaced every 10 KHz out of the way.  Antenna is the LF Engineering M-601C with added ground system.

585 RNE 1 Madrid

603 France Info Lyon

639 RNE 1 A Coruna

648 BBC

675 Netherlands religious

684 RNE 1 Sevila

693 BBC

738 RNE 1 Barcelona

756 Germany

765 Option Musique Switzerland

774 RNE 1 various locations - synchros I presume

792 France Info Limoges

837 France Info Nancy

855 RNE 1 various

864 France Bleu Paris

909 BBC

945 France Bleu Toulose

1089 Talksport

1134 Croatia

1206 France Info Bordeaux

1215 Virgin Radio

1242 France Info Marseille

1377 France Info Lille

1395 Radio London in Netherlands

1422 Germany

There were others, but I wasn't sure what they were.  Not bad for right in town and using an active antenna.


1100 Radio Globo Sao Paulo Brazil - with what sounds like a live broadcast of a soccer game - very fast talk [Supermouth would be proud] and frequent mentions of Sao Paulo, with occassional reference to radio Globo.  Not new for me, but its been about two, maybe three, years since I've got a clear ID for them.

555 ZIZ St. Kitts - coming in like it was winter!

670 Cuba - been a while since it was this strong

710 Cuba solidly in the background of WOR

750 YVKS and CBC in NL duking it out - YVKS winning right now

770 WABC trashed - like there was a hole in the ionosphere or like

they were running 1KW


1220 KHz Radio Globo Rio de Janeiro Brazil - Excited talked, loads of


Also, Radio Globo 1100 KHz from Sao Paulo at 10:25 p.m. ADT - same

gear as below. 1100 KHz is stronger than 1220, but even 1220 is

pretty strong at times.

Heard on a Drake R8 fed by the LF Engineering M-601C:

720 KHZ Simiutaq Greenland at 11:15 p.m. ADT  Nice and strong, no sign

of WGN.


Fired up the Icom R71A - catching the two Radio Globo outlets I've snagged last night and the night before - 1100 Sao Paulo and 1220 Rio de Janeiro throughout the evening.  Several times I picked them up on a Sangean PR-D5 with just its built in ferrite bar antenna.

Just now - 10:40 p.m. ADT, I'm listening to Egypt on 864 KHz on the R71A.  Not exactly my kind of programming, but I enjoy DXing from afar on MW.

Another nice surprise - a few minutes ago I picked up CHU on 14670 KHz.  I don't believe I've ever caught CHU on 14670 before.  The Drake R8 just got hiss on 14670, but the Icom R71A provided nice clear time pips and the English/French computer announcers. 

Tonight the UK TAs seem to be doing well.  Radio Farda has now succumbed to CFAV and CKDO splatter.  But Virgin 1215 and Talksport 1089 are hammering in on the R-390A.  Set it at 1090, and its an almost perfect WBAL. Drop 1 KC, and its an almost perfect Talksport on 1089.  The slice'em dice'em nature of the 2KC mechanical filter.

But, some of the other TAs are not doing so well. Switzerland 765 is barely audible.  Netherlands on 675 just enough to hear the classical style religious music [I sure miss Arrow Classic Rock].

The Saudis are doing well on 1521 as always.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



** OKLAHOMA. WQCL720, the TIS at Great Salt Plains State Park, NW of Enid on 1610 kHz is still running a loop including info about the selenite crystal digging area as if it were open to the public this summer, despite the fact that it is still closed to the public until at least 2009, following the uncovering of toxic vials in 2007. Loop also cuts to relay of Enid`s NWS 162.475 MHz station every few minutes, but virtually unintelligible as not tuned in properly. We were in the area July 5, 2008 on an aquarian expedition to the artesian spring nearby.

The lady at Park HQ was unaware of the selenite problem with the TIS, as she hasn`t listened to it in ages and thinx the feds are responsible for it, anyway, i.e. the adjacent National Wildlife Refuge. Yet there are signs all over the park telling people to tune to 1610. Unwary selenite-hunters have a right to be upset about such absolutely wrong info being propagated. And collapsible shovels for the purpose are still on sale for $9 near the front door of the visitor center. See our previous items about this in DXLDs 7-050, 6-142, 6-140, 6-104


Rick Barton – Middle of Arizona

Drake R-8


MW with Panasonic RF-2200

1260  -  XESA   Culiacan, Sinaloa, MEX  Very strong at 1200 ; 1208 w/ local spots,for "Sinaloa" and "Culiacan". (Barton,AZ)

1330  -  KGAK  Gallup, NM   1339 with ID by M. into Tom-tomming and indigenous chanting, but w/ unmistakeable "country road - take me home". John Denver meets the pow-wow.....?  mixing of English and native lang reminds me of "Taglish" heard on radio in the Philippines.  All heard 1300-1400 with loopstick null of co-channel KJLL , Tucson.

1020 - KCKN Roswell , NM 2045 w/ ID and nto "David Carrell" 
show.  Hasn't been coming up of freq. as of late. (Barton-AZ)

1140 - XEMR Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEX Dodgers baseball from
KSFN 0315 suddenly drops out to local spots, refrernces to 
"Monterrey". (Barton - AZ)

1320 - KFNZ Salt Lake CIty , UT 0400 with ID and arena football 
p-by-p . (Barton-AZ)

1140 -  CHRB  High River, Alberta, EH! 11:20  Heard with clear rx for a few minutes with ID by M and slogan "Southern Alberta's  Cummunity Radio" , then faded into rumble. Somewhat of a "regular" in Winter, havent heard now for several months, but intermittently alone or mixing with unid. Mexican station this morning.(7/29 Barton-AZ)


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on a Grundig YB400PE and Q-Stick:

740 CHWO Toronto, ON 7/2 2315 playing a Burt Bacharach song.

750 WSB Atlanta, GA 7/2 2316 with ad for Neil Boortz.

760 WJR Detroit, MI 7/2 2317 and Dr. Laura

780 WBBM Chicago, IL 7/2 2317 with traffic report.

820 WBAP Ft. Worth, TX 7/2 2320 and ad for The Snoring Center.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 7/2 2321 talking about local police and stopping a politician and letting them off a DWI.

890 WLS Chicago, IL 7/2 2323 ad for WLS's wine program.

920 WMOK Metropolis, IL 7/3 2353 playing C&W "This Ain't My First Rodeo".

Heard on an Eton E-1 and RS Loop 7/5:

1290 WBTG Sheffield, AL 1333 playing NOS.

1340 WSBM Florence, AL 1342 Fox Sports Radio "The Ref".

1350 WKCU Corinth, MS 1347 running a stopset.

1370 WDXE Lawrenceburg, TN 1349 playing bluegrass.

1380 WNLA Indianola, MS 1351 playing gospel.

1390 WTJS Jackson, TN 1352 talking about Brett Favre.

1400 WJZH Clarkeville, TN 1353 playing a Marty Robbins song.

1410 WCMT Martin, TN 1408 with a talk show o/u WZZA.

1410 WZZA Tuscumbia, AL 1408 with gospel MX o/u WCMT.

1430 WPLN Nashville, TN 1412 with NPR programming.

1430 KHBM Monticello, AR 1415 playing Floyd Cramer then "You Belong to Me".

1450 WLAY Tuscumbia, AL 1420 with ID 1450 and 92.3

1460 WJAK Jackson, TN 1426 urban oldies.

1480 WBBP Memphis, TN 1427 with black gospel music.

1490 WDXL Lexington, TN 1429 bluegrass gospel music.

1510 WLAC Nashville, TN 1431 BoH ID and WX.

1540 KBOA Kennett, MO 1433 with ID and into NOS.

1550 WLOR Huntsville, AL 1435 with Alabama ads.

1550 WKIQ Parsons, TN 1436 playing bluegrass music.

1590 WVNA Tuscumbia, AL 1538 with Glenn Beck.

1600 WMQM Lakeland, TN 1448 with fire and brimstone preaching.

AM Logs heard on a Sony ICF-2010 and Q-stick:

790 WMC Memphis, TN 7/8 2345 C&W Hank Jr. "Whiskey Bent and Hell 

Bound." Weak.

790 Radio Reloj Cuba 7/9 0010 with woman SS and RR morse code and 

time pips.

Heard in a red 2006 Saturn Vue:

1590 WLBN Lebanon, KY 7/19 2100 in a messy soup and was not heard at 

all until the only thing that popped up at ToH was their ID. Can't 

beat that for a reverse Murphy.

Heard on a Superadio II nekkid:

540 WKFN Clarksdale, TN 7/19 1300 with ESPN Radio – Thanks to Glenn Hauser for the help.

Heard on a Eton E-10 and Q-Stick:

1620 WNRP Gulf Breeze, FL 7/20 1945 with Ft. Worth Cats playing the 

Pensacola Pelicans of the American Association.

Heard on the porch with a Grundig S350DL nekkid:

710 WTPR Paris, TN 7/21 1148 playing the Bee Gees and "Night Fever".

730 WUMP Madison, AL 7/21 1215 with Jim Rome.

Grundig E-1 on whip;

1640 WTNI Biloxi, AL 7/21 1915 SS ads for Biloxi.

1530 WCKY Cincinnati, OH 1917 ESPN sports AFL football

1300 WMQM Lakeland,TN 1925 SS playing a cumbia

1260 WDKN Dickson, TN 1926 playing c&w

1220 WDYT Kings Mountain, NC 1929 The O'Reilly Factor

1070 WDIA Memphis, TN 1932 with urban contemporary 

810 WCKA Jacksonville, AL 1935 still on high power with severe WX bulletin

720 WVCC Hogansville, GA 1938 with ID - The Voice


1700 KKLF Richardson, TX 1954 Ranger and Cowboys news

1690 WVON chicago, il 1956 with oldies walk a mile in my shoes cbs news

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 2007 strong with gospel

1670 WVVM Dry Branch, GA 2010 with SS baladas

1660 KXTR KC, KS 2010 violin concerto

1640 UNID 2013 SS guy requesting a Vicente Fernandez song, gets turned down by SS woman announcer and she plays banda instead. I can only think of the station in Sandy, UT but there probably is another. 

1630 KCJJ Iowa City, IA 2018 baseball game one team is the Bobcats other is Roughriders.  

1630 WRDW Augusta, GA 2020 with baseball weak

Heard in a 2004 gold Saturn Ion while going to pay AG&N feed store in Adamsville, TN for replacement of the lawn mower blade I twisted into a pretzel on my orange 2008 Husqvarna lawn tractor after running over a stump hidden in tall grass... :(

1470 WNAU New Albany, MS 7/30 1029 playing oldies and running an ad for the station with ID and location in it. I've been chasing this for about 4 days. At least I got a new station out of it while getting my pockets picked at the Husky shop. BTW the mower runs fine.

Heard on a GE 7-2882A Digital Superadio nekkid:

620 WJDX Jackson, MS 7/30 2048 with Braves baseball. The Braves suck this year so as usual they were really getting spanked by the Cardinals 8 - 3.

Heard on a GE Superadio II:

1300 WNQM Nashville, TN 7/31 1045 with super wacked out ultra extreme mega screwball tin helmet wearing conspiracy theorist show masquerading as religion. Kinda reminiscent of some of the stuff on WWCR. Weak and fluttery for day skywave.


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA 

Toyota Prius Car Radio



Last weekend I drove to Stockton and back.  CalTrans had activated several long-silent HAR stations to remind people of the new hands-free cell phone law that was about to go into effect. 

Here is what I noted along I-5: 

 530  WNWZ660  Castaic Lake     Off the air; signs still up.

 530  WPFK507  San Joaquin      On the air w/CalTrans cell phone announcement (female announcer, got out well).

 530  WPFK507  South Dos Palos  On the air w/CalTrans cell phone announcement (female announcer, got out poorly).

 530  WPKN315  Tehachapi        On the air with city/emergency info.

1230  HAR      Anaheim (area)   New larger sign on I-5 N near Angels stadium, but there has seemingly never been a station here.

1610  WNXK966  Buttonwillow     On the air w/CalTrans cell phone announcement (female announcer, got out well).

1610  WNDQ665  Descanso         Still off the air; was probably lost in the 2003 fire, or possibly the 2007 fire.

1610  WPNT814  Frazier Park     Seems to have been replaced by WPVQ736.

1610  WPVQ736  Grapevine        On the air w/CalTrans cell phone announcement (female announcer, got out well).

1610  WPET708  Gorman           Not on the air.  Signs noted several miles south of listed location.

1610  WPET708  Lebec            Seems to have been replaced by WPVQ736.

1610  KNEC996  Lost Hills       On the air (using these old calls) w/CalTrans cell phone announcement (female announcer, got out poorly).

1610  WNXK966  Old River        On the air w/CalTrans cell phone announcement (male announcer, got out well).

1610  WPFT815  San Joaquin Co.  On the air w/CalTrans cell phone announcement.

1610  WPET708  Santa Clarita    Not on the air.

1610  KNEC996  Saugus           Not on the air.

1610  KNEC996  Valencia         Not on the air.  Signs still up on I-5.

Also noted a station on 1610 at Dodger stadium with parking information, advising people to tune to KABC to hear the game.


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



I discovered my local KCTA-1030 was finally off last night as they're supposed to be. The channel was dominated from about 10:00 to 10:35 pm  Central by XEQR, Radio Formula in Mexico City with its "serious talk" format and by XEYC, Radio Formula, in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, with Spanish pop music and phone calls; both stations took turns dominating the frequency. There was a third station way under those two with Spanish vocals which I assumed was previously logged XEPAV, "La Pacosita," in Tampico, Tamaulipas. But at 10:30, I heard the station give a call letter ID as "Equis, Ay, blah, blah, Emmay." The only station listed here with M as the final letter in its call is XEMPM, Las Mochis, Sinaloa. While possible, that seems like a bit of a stretch (and, no, I was not consuming any of Sinaloa's major exports to the United States when I heard the call ID). Has there been a XE call change on 1030 I've missed?


I spent some time today at Windward Beach on Windward Drive in Corpus Christi----this is near the Holiday Inn resort, for those of you familiar with La Ciudad de Selena. This beach is on the Gulf of Mexico instead of Corpus Christi Bay. While not a DXpedition, I took along my Eton E5 and spent a few minutes scanning the AM band.

Signal levels were noticeably better than at my home along Oso Bay. For example, WWL-870 seemed as loud as KCTA-1030. I also noted some new signals, such as WLNO-1060 with religion at a fair level. It is only a "flutter" at my home.

I noted signals on 690 and 880, which are vacant in daytime at my home. Both signals puzzle me.

The 690 signal was at a fair level and was in Spanish. Format was pop music but I heard one English song ("Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest). The only thing resembling an ID I heard was "Mega Radio" several times. Neither the Callarman nor the Cantu XE lists show a station with that slogan on 690, so either a new slogan or a domestic along the Gulf coast somewhere. Any ideas?

On 880, I heard a XE at a fair to poor level with the slogans "La Em-may"  and "la mas musica nortena." Per both Callarman and Cantu, this is likely XEEM in Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi. However, that would be quite a haul over what is mainly a land path and I wonder if there is another, less distant XE on this channel also using "la M" slogan. Again, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

At any rate, my suspicions that CC will be a great place for sea path DX seem to be confirmed. I can't wait for the crowds to disappear after Labor Day so I can lay out some wire along the shore!

570 CUBA Radio Reloj dominated this channel last night (July 19). I tuned across at 10:59 pm Central to hear a woman giving upcoming local times for various cities in Central and South America, including those in their expected reception area (like San Juan, PR and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) and those well outside it (like Santiago, Chile and Montevideo, Uruguay). At 11:00 pm, there was the minute tone, "RR" in Morse code, and the woman started talking about "los ninos cubanos." I don't know if Radio Reloj always does this before the hour, but it was interesting to hear.

640 CUBA/MEXICO Radio Progreso and XENQ, "La Ennay Koo," Tulancingo, Hidalgo, were battling it out on this channel around 10:30-10:50 pm last night. Swinging the loop around let me select between (to use some DX bulletin cliches) "typical Cuban music" and "typical Mexican music." XENQ also had ads for Banco de Mexico, etc.

650 MEXICO Switched on the radio at 6:29 am Central this morning (July 20) in time to catch a beautiful full ID at 6:30 for XETNT, Los Mochis, Sinaloa----included full call sign, transmitter power, street address, phone number, boasted of 24 hour operation, etc. Very loud signal, and I wonder if this is when they switch to day power? ID was followed by ranchera music and a DJ who was shouting "eeyah! eeyah!" over the song. However, the sunrise terminator caused the XETNT to fade into the mush by 6:40 am.


Listening from the northern fringes of Dolly, I note KVNS-1700 Brownsville is currently off the air, leaving KKLF-1700 relaying KTCK-1310 with sports. By contrast, XESFT-780, Matamoros-----just across the Rio Grande/Bravo (take your pick) from Brownsville----is in well here with their usual music programming and "la tree-play tay" IDs; listening to them, you'd have no idea a category 2 hurricane was on their doorstep!

Locally, KKTX-1360 is doing a good job with storm coverage. Corpus Christi Mayor Henry Garrett has been in the studio today and was hilarious earlier this morning recounting his interview on CNN ("The producer told me 'here are the things I want you to mention', and I told him, I'm here in Corpus, you're in New York, and I don't need you to tell me what I should say"). KROB-1510 in Robstown is a Tejano station and they've been providing coverage in English, Spanish, and "Spanglish"----it's been a hoot to listen to! Also, KTSA-550 in San Antonio has reporters in both Brownsville and Corpus doing live reports. Otherwise, however, everyone in the affected area seems to be sticking to their usual satellite-fed/syndicated programming, like KCTA-1030.

Some of the best coverage has been via the W5BCH repeater on 147.10. It was gripping to listen a little over an hour ago when we had a tornado outbreak, including one on the bay that was heading for downtown Corpus. All "roped out" before hitting land, fortunately.

So far, it's been like a strong cold front here with a lot of rain and some lightning, but conditions should deteriorate later this afternoon. But I've broken out my hurricane preparedness kit----consisting of several bags of nacho chips, two cans of Cheez-Whiz aerosol cheese, two 12-packs of Diet Dr. Pepper, and a stack of Spiderman comics I haven't read----and I'm ready to ride out the storm.

From this morning, July 24, and all times Central:

1690 WMLB, Atlanta, Georgia, very nice at 5:35 am tune-in with some 1930s jazz----the kind you heard on the soundtracks of RKO movies from that era----then ID of "you're listening to the voice of the arts" and followed by Bob Dylan's "Positively 4th Street." Very strong signal at first, but rapidly faded as the sun rose over Atlanta and was barely audible at 5:45 tune out.

1700 XEPE, Tecate, Baja California del Norte, nice with KKLF nulled and KVNS still off. First noted at 5:25 am with back-to back ads for Bob Baker Chevrolet and Sycuan Casino, a little bit of talk, then ID at 5:29 am as "Seventeen hundred, the talk of San Diego" followed by Mexican Tourism Board spot read by woman, back into talk show with "Axel's Theme" from "Beverly Hills Cop" as bumper music; show had male host. Good to hear a station from where I lived for over a decade, and also to be able to hear AM stations from both coasts in the same listening session, just like the good old days!

1700 WEUP, Huntsville, Alabama, assumed one with black gospel chorus at 5:50 tune-in; good signal almost equal to KKLF (and obliterating XEPE) so I assume they were on day power. Straight into second song by black gospel chorus with no ID or other announcement, but wiped out at 5:59 am by KKLF's jump in signal strength as they switched to day power.


Per a check just a few minutes ago, KVNA-1700 is now back on the air. They were off since Wednesday morning, when Hurricane Dolly made landfall near Brownsville, and were still off as of approximately 10:00 am this morning when I last checked.


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

Radiosophy HD Radio



Here is a local HD radio report heard on radiosophy :

550 Pawtucket R.I. radio disney blue light flashing on and off cannot

obtain a lock.

630 WPRO Providence HD turnd off

920 WHJJ Providence HD is on and locked

1290 PBS providence doing an excellent job hashing 1280 and 1300 but i

sure can't get a lock.  

1370 WFEA Manchester NH 8:15 AM EDT gave calls 1370 wfea manchester

then back to music i forgot the song. 7/29/08


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Car AM stereo radio


1470          KIID  CA    Sacramento 7/26/08  2115 Heard on my Chrysler Corp AM Stereo/FM Stereo car radio.  I knew it was radio disney but didn't know from where til I heard an ID.  "AM 1470 Radio Disney Sacramento".  In for about 5 minutes nicely.  Never gotten this one before nor did I expect it.  I've caught KKTY Douglas, WY and KEPL Estes Park, CO here before but that's it. Nice to find something new every once in a while.



The Whole Earth


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** CHINA. Firedrake, barely audible on 17550, July 1 at 1412, presumably against V. of Tibet, whose frequency jumps around this area. Somewhat better Firedrake on 12260 at 1416, against Sound of Hope. I don`t bother to relog all the usual Firedraxe against RFA, etc.

** CUBA. Surprised to find CRI English relay on 13760 instead of 13740, July 1 at 1414 check and still at 1542. So it applies to both hours, 1400 and 1500. Nothing on 13740. 13760 had been in use for RHC itself until 1500. Usual poor modulation and much weaker than RHC on 13680. So is this a second-semester permanent change from 13740 to 13760 for CRI, or a mistake, or a temporary substitute with one transmitter down, or what? Time may tell

** TAIWAN [non]. RTI still going via WYFR, UT July 1 at 0200 on 9680, better here than 5950, despite announced plan to drop English to NAm as of July 1. Maybe this will be gone UT July 2. I listened to the last dekaminute until 0300 in case they said anything, but no, and ran usual closing announcement with full English schedule ``every day`` as if nothing were wrong; while 9680 went into WYFR Spanish at 0300, 5950 restarted the RTI English broadcast, now with better signal. RTI`s German and French language web pages say those relays via WYFR are terminated, but nothing about the same on the English pages

** CUBA. CRI relay back on usual 13740, with open carrier July 2 from *1347, 1400 English program, while RHC was on 13760, still past 1440. The day before, CRI was on 13760 and no RHC

** KUWAIT. Repetitive electronic melody on 15495, July 2 at 2117, thought maybe an unknown IS, but soon into Arabic, R. Kuwait scheduled

** SINGAPORE. Reports that R. Singapore International has closed down at the end of June are contradicted by a webcast I heard of the July 2 broadcast, via http://www.rsi.sg/ announcing clearly that they will close on August 1, after two weeks of special commemorative programming about their 14-year existence. The English schedule is 1100-1400 on 6080, 6150, which I have not checked since June 30, but Victor Goonetilleke reported that 6080 was missing July 1, and assumed it was all over. So is 6080 on or off?

** TAIWAN [non]. RTI via WYFR still there UT July 3 at 0200 on 5950, 9680; 0300 on 5950. In April, RTI was surveying listeners in NAm asking among other things if they listen via radio or internet, or both. See DXLD 8-050 and subsequent issues. It was thought they were considering dropping WYFR relays, and indeed they have, but apparently not in English

** U S A. IBB Greenville burning taxpayer kilowatts on open carriers long before scheduled transmissions, I just happened across July 2: at 1707-1708:30* on 17895; 1712 on 15410, with CVC JBA underneath; 1714 on 9565, no jamming yet

** U S A. KVOH spur July 2 at 1709, somewhere between 17922 and 17923, impossible to pinpoint a carrier. Ratchety noise matched modulation peaks on fundamental 17775

** U S A. WBCQ again with much better signal than originally on 15420-CUSB, Wednesday July 2 at 1932 with anapestic-style New Mexico preacher; undecided now on gender of speaker. Recheck at 2100, WORLD OF RADIO 1415 started promptly. This time it was off-frequency to the high side, about 15420.4

My SW DX monitoring had been severely curtailed by a huge buzzy line noise problem; finally about a week after I filed a complaint with the electric company, it was gone the morning of July 3, uncovering much lower level line noise which seems like paradise in comparison. All my fingers are crossed.

** ALASKA. KNLS, best heard in English for a long time, July 3 at 1232 on 9780 with interview about country music composition. Did not catch name of subject, but apparently well-known. Unfortunately marred by Firedrake, but can you believe it, KNLS was axually on top! In their Asian target area, it must be terrible. It is really not a good idea to be on the same frequency as Taiwan in Chinese, even if it were not jammed! A trimonth, or if you prefer, two sesquimonths, into the A-08 season, KNLS has not caught on that they need to get off this frequency pronto.

This 1200-1300 outsending is the single English broadcast which is on both KNLS transmitters, and it was also audible tho weaker on 7355, no QRM, which I discovered was running about one second behind 9780. This cannot be accidental, so apparently KNLS is another station with a deliberate time offset to even out power consumption.

1246 ID and into next feature, Profiles of Christian Music. At 1253 Rob Scobie (?) gave complete English schedule: 11765 at 0800, 6890 at 1000, 7355 and 9780 at 1200, and 7355 at 1400, then concluding with ``The Summer Rain`` by Belinda Carlisle.

I was not lucky enough to run across Fred Osterman reading tips from DX LISTENING DIGEST, as all the segments are at random in their magazine format, cleverly mixing in sacred stuff with the secular, trapping unwary listeners into getting evangelized. KNLS English is almost Special, slow and clear for the ESL masses in Asia. If only Indonesia would take note

** CHINA. 15375 with weak Firedrake aside huge RHC 15370 signal --- Commies vs Commies! July 3 at 1330. Per Aoki, target is RFA Tibetan via UAE. Fortunately there were dizaines of other much stronger Firedrake frequencies with little or no QRM, the closest being 15285; also 11990. See also ALASKA, CUBA for more Firedrake QRM mentions

** COSTA RICA. Tnx to my lowered local line noise level, I was pleased to hear REE relay on 5970 as late as 1355 July 3, fair // 15170

** CUBA. RHC, 11760, just open carrier, as happens all too frequently, July 3 at 1258, tho 11805, over Firedrake, and 12000, mixing with VOR IS, were modulating as usual. Tsk tsk, that RHC`s uninterfered frequency on 25m is the one they neglect to modulate. Audio was back at next check 1335. I happened to catch the frequency announcement at 1402 on 9550, which it seems is always read live by the announcer, who I suspect is not an SWL or could not possibly make such a slip, this time claiming to be on ``7000 y 6180 kHz`` on 49m; also perpetually claims to be on 9600, which is never on at this hour, always closed at 1300

** CUBA [and non]. The DentroCuban Jamming Command again blox WORLD OF RADIO on WRMI, 9955, during the scheduled UT Thursday 0530 broadcast, as nothing but jamming was audible here at 0549 check July 3. Tnx a lot, Arnie! Whenever you hear DXers Unlimited without jamming (which is always), remember this

** INDONESIA. I could hardly believe my ears, July 3 at 1307 in routine check whether VOI was on 9525 or 9526 --- the latter, and it was in English! So heavily accented I was not sure at first, but it was not Korean as scheduled during this hour. Has VOI finally heeded my pleas for months, years, that they should put English on during this hour when reception is reliable in C&W NAm?? Or is it another mixup as has happened before in the appearance of their language segments, earthquake-rattled or not? Time may tell.

Meanwhile, I listened as much as I could, noting the following content: News by M finished at 1311 with ID. 1315 switched to W announcer who was much more intelligible, but 1318 back to M. 1321 W introduced a music break, 1326 talking about a ``remote area of western Kalimantan``. At 1324 the hum level increased; 1348 end of music program, ID, but more music, sounds like conventional xylophone accompanying singer, but maybe an Indo instrument. 1356 IS briefly and into open carrier with hum. *1357 CRI 9525 with usual musical prélude to Russian broadcast to DVR, thus also aimed at us, and hetting VOI 9526

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBS World Radio relay via Sackville, 9650 in Korean, but pronouncing station name in sort-of English, starting 1400 July 3 with theme music, horrible audio quality; must be backup program feed via phone lines or something

** MYANMAR [non]. I have an awful time trying to hear any of the Myanma Radio frequencies. I was hoping extended usage of 9731v would help, but not a trace even of a carrier, July 3 at 1252, under big signal from Taiwan`s Japanese service on 9735, which happens also to be beamed to North America; and a weak carrier from something on 9730. Further chex during following hour also fruitless, even at 1359 when Taiwan had closed

** NETHERLANDS [non]. R. Nederland is blocking the last few minutes of RNZI`s transmission on 9655; July 3 at 1250 the IBB PHILIPPINES relay was already on with open carrier, as IBB burns up more kilowatts for nothing. Is RN paying for 70+ instead of 60 minutes of airtime? Made a SAH of about 7 Hz with much weaker RNZI. At 1259 RNZI was off, moved to 6170 [see also NEW ZEALAND], and RNW IS, opening in Dutch on 9655. This is usually audible here, far from the target, 200 degrees from Tinang, tho much weaker than China-via-Canada on adjacent 9650

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. No trace of usual good signal from RNZI on 9615, at 0552 July 3; instead was hearing good signal on 9610 in African language which per EiBi is BBC Rampisham in Hausa. That went off abruptly at 0559* and still not even a carrier on 9615. Another month, another schedule change at RNZI? But none such notified yet.

After some shuteye, checked more RNZI frequencies: at 1250 it seemed to be on 9655, but blotted out by open carrier already from IBB Tinang warming up to relay RN --- see NETHERLANDS [non]. And 6170 *1259 with RNZI bellbird IS, 1300 news. 6170 still audible with music at 1356.

Then I check website http://www.rnzi.com/pages/whatsnew.php#239 and find this: ``Transmitter Maintenance 02 Jul, 2008. 23:10 UTC: 1100-1800 NZT - There will some interruption to our short-wave broadcasts today.`` That means UT July 1 from 2300 until UT July 2 0600 --- but 9615 was missing almost 23 hours later! So what gives?

** SINGAPORE [and non]. Checking whether RSI is still on the air for another month: July 3 at 1227, very poor signal in English on 6080, presumably this, with even weaker co-channel. Per Aoki, possibilities there are two transmitters in China, one in India; and also HCJB, which judging from 6050 reception could still be barely audible here as about to outfade. Further South Americans much less likely.

Walt Salmaniw, BC, confirms that RSI is still active on 6080 as of July 3 at 1220. And Ron Howard, CA, as late as 1328. The previous evening, I let the RSI webcast play for hours, and it continued to be interrupted by very long buffering pauses, but stayed connected. I heard several replays of the announcement that their closedown would be August 1. Apparently the webcast is a repeating loop and you must join it at whatever point, rather than being able to start it at the beginning

** TURKEY. Partly tnx to my reduced line noise level, VOT English on 15450 was audible again, tho not very strong, Thursday July 3 at 1305 as hourtop music break in Live from Turkey was about to end. Too much else going on to stay with it this time, but I heard the Tuesday July 1 edition at 1900 via webcast, when the announcers were perplexed by the just-breaking news of the arrest of generals in the squabble over secularism, lamenting that they did not know what was really going on in their own country

** U S A. VOA Spe-cial Eng-lish on 15565, which is Woofferton UK, July 3 at 1330 starting feature about the 1920y elexion and Pres. Harding; also found one second behind at 1339 on // 9465, which is Udon Thani, Thailand, per EiBi and Aoki

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Have not heard Radio Solh, 17700 via Rampisham UK for some weeks, and still not hearing it at all on the main rig, FRG-7 with external E-W longwire, but for some reason it can become audible on the YB-400 normally clipped on to a much shorter wire inside the house. July 4 at 1320, music was audible mixed with usual announcements --- have they changed their playlist yet, or still exactly the same music as ever, day after day at exactly the same minutes? The latter, since at 1346-1349 the CD was still skipping/sticking!

** ALASKA. Unlike July 3, when KNLS was on top, July 4 at 1253 on 9780, KNLS was underneath Firedrake, but could make out KNLS again announcing its complete English transmission schedule

** CHINA. V. of Tibet must be on 17565 today, since Firedrake was audible under VOA carrier prior to 1400 Spanish sportscast, at 1355 July 4

** CUBA [and non]. Today`s RHC anomaly, July 4: Just as I tuned into 9550 at 1245, I heard one word, ``Habana`` and cut off the air, remained off for at least a few minutes. 9600 was still going OK, as well as the buzzy CRI relay on 9570. 9550 back on at 1347 recheck.

Jamming pulses against nothing on 9885, July 4 at 1252. This is a VOA Spanish frequency but only between 2300 and 0200, and only a fraxion of that is specifically for Cuba. This was also bothering ``Jesus Saves`` IS on 9890 at 1256 and Chinese ID as FEBC Manila was about to open Khams Tibetan, per Aoki schedule

** INDONESIA. VOI again in English during the 1300 UT hour July 4, so seems to be a deliberate change in schedule. The old lineup was 1200 Japanese, 1300 Korean, 1400 Indonesian. I tuned in 9526 (no, not 9525), at 1240 and found Indonesian announcements and music, not Japanese. 1257 ID and IS in Indo with PO Box.

1258 already into English ID, ``Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta, the overseas service of RRI, on 9525, 11785, 15150, http://www.voi.co.id --- stay tuned``.

1259 English program summary, including, since I did not catch them all, News, Commentary, Today in History, Focus, Indonesian Wonders, Music for Now, and announcer gave today`s date, July 4.

1311 Commentary was titled ``Education --- the Right for All``. Text was soon apparent at http://www.voi.co.id/news/17/tahun/2008/bulan/07/tanggal/04/id/1561/

Signal was only fair but I could detect lite hum. 1313 Today in History about US Independence Day, thank you. 1315 Focus, on community health.

Since CRI 9525 was too much QRM from *1357, I could not tell what language VOI was in for the next hour, but maybe not Indonesian any more. When have Japanese and Korean gone?

No schedule at all found on the above website. So I tried to enter this message on their otherwise empty guestbook at http://www.voi.co.id/index.php/guestbook/add/

``Thank you VERY MUCH, for following my suggestions that you broadcast in English at 1300 UT, when we can hear VOI well in North America on 9526! As monitored July 3 and 4. But what is your new language schedule? This replaces Korean, and also I hear Indonesian instead of Japanese before 1300.``

I am not sure if it registered, as the response was red and only in Indonesian, even tho I correctly entered the code, twice, ``Kode tidak sama`` -- how come Indonesian, one of the world`s major languages, is not among the Google language translation tools? Not seen immediately when I ``view guestbook``

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Not only is RNW interfering with RNZI on 9655 by an open carrier, but tone test too, as noted July 4 at 1250. SAH of 7 Hz, and RNZI barely audible underneath. This of course is the doing of IBB Tinang, Philippines, but can RNW and RNZI prevail upon them to crash-start as long as RNZI is using 9655 until 1300?

** SPAIN. With so little audible on 13m these days, I was pleased to get at least weak signals from REE on 21610 and 21570, July 4 at 1356

** CUBA [non]. No sign of R. República, July 5 at 2333 on 6135, just DentroCuban jamming command. Usually one can at least detect RR is there, but the proportion of programming audible vs jamming varies considerably. Tuned to its next scheduled frequency, 6155, at 2357 just after Spain had closed, and it was clear. 0000 July 6 jamming became detectable and gradually built up, but no trace by 0016 of RR here either.

Propagation? Other European signals were making it, at 2342 check, such as 6055 Spain, 6075 DW/Portugal, 6190 Bosnia. I also looked for RR on 5940, which had been added a few weeks ago to 6135; nothing on 5940 at 2340 but lite jamming pulses, and after 2400 blown away by extreme crackling from WWCR/DGS 5935. Also checked 6185 in case RR had jumped there as a previous alternative, but no. However, RR was very strong at 0209 check on 6100. So why weren`t they audible on the previous two channels?

** CZECHIA [and non]. This is not news, but something which should have been fixed long ago. Since I have run across it again, I am reported it again: July 3 at 2345, R. Praga Spanish via Sackville badly mixing with R. Habana Cuba with speech in Spanish by some Commie, // 9820.

In HFCC listings, there is no conflict since Cuba refuses to participate. But strangely, in Aoki you would not think there is a conflict either, as the Prague broadcast is missing and RHC is shown as M-F only at 23-01 on 6000, but this was Saturday. And it could be a 3-way clash on Sundays only with Varna, Bulgaria greeting the sea, also on 6000. Hello --- is nobody paying attention? Sackville could easily move to some other 49m frequency for this semihour broadcast

** INDONESIA. VOI absent from 9526, Saturday July 5 at 1255 check and also after 1300, when English had been airing for the previous two days

** JAPAN [non]. World of Haiku, sub-program on NHK World Radio Japan`s World Interactive program, is still running, heard on the UT Sunday following the first Saturday, July 6 at 0007-0017 on 6145 via Sackville, the final repeat. Haiku guy seems to be named Shakan, and he concluded by telling of his recent visit to Italy for a conference about haiku, renku, and some other literary mode, where he had a very good time and good seafood. Listeners, including several in the USA, send in short pieces which he improves or reworx into proper haiku format. In English, or Japanese which he then translates. Should be back first Saturday in August, if not skipping a month for vacations as happens to so many RJ programs. BTW, NHK how has a 7-digit postal code, 150-8001

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Music on RNW`s Dutch service, yay. But once again it`s not Dutch and not classical: July 5 at 2353 tuned in 11970 via Bonaire to hear love duet in English, sounds like Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie, with electronic instrument accompaniment, but abruptly cut off incomplete at 2356 for sign-off in Dutch and NA. What is the point of doing this?

RNW was to change from 9895 to 7325 on July 5 for the 00-02 UT Spanish broadcast via GUIANA FRENCH, ex-9895, to improve reception in S America --- guess the midwinter MUF is just too low down there.

But, it didn`t. UT July 6 at 0003 still on 9895, nothing on 7325. Change of plans, or asleep at the switch in Montsinéry?

** RUSSIA. VOR`s motorboating transmitter, 7300, July 5 at 2330, unintelligible audio, just put-putting with rapidly fluxuating frequency. Portuguese scheduled during this hour from Serpukhov, per Aoki, Moscow per WRTH update. This has been going on for years, and in B-seasons on 5900 instead. Such incompetence!

** U S A. Attention those who keep track of all SW broadcasts in French. There is now one on WWRB, as Saturday July 5 at 2335 I was hearing preaching in French, 2336 into ``Faith of Our Fathers`` with French lyrix, but overridden by spoken contact info including a postal address in Tennessee. Rather distorted audio. O yes,

``This Transmitter has been Leased to the Treasure of Truth Broadcast, Altamont, TN``, says the WWRB website, at 6 pm - midnight, timezone not specified, and no further details about programming within, let alone language(s). It`s allegedly at 150 degrees with a ``dual feed wide spaced yagi`` for South America, but plenty strong here westward from Morrison

** U S A. WWCR, 5935 with DGS service, July 6 after 0000 was suffering from extreme crackling making it unlistenable, and severely interfering with adjacent channels. Recurring unfixed satellite antenna aiming problem, I assume, at Los Ángeles and/or Nashville.

WWCR, 5070, July 5 at 2335 was accompanied by a roaring noise peaking at the sidebands around 5062 and less so on 5078 where there was ute interference. The sound also audible when tuned to center frequency 5070 underneath program modulation, which per June 3 sked is ``Repairer of the Breach``. Some crud on the program feed line, which should not be SW transmitted?

** CUBA. Checking the ``Alo, Presidente`` service Sunday July 6: at 1400, 13750 was already on with Cuban NA, not Venezuelan, opening with RHC diatribe about, what else, the 5 héroes. 11875 open carrier pending A,P, as was CRI English relay on 13740 still until 1404 when modulation had come up on both. Weaker 13760 with regular RHC non // programming

** CUBA [non]. Following up the absence of R. República from 6135 before 2400 and 6155 after 0000: tnx to a tip from Antonio Madrid in Spain, new frequency at 2200 is 9515. Confirmed here, good atop jamming July 6 at 2310. I was standing by at 2356 for QSY announcement. Overblown drama or dramatic reading about Cuba Libre ended just in time for them to say that next frequency would be 9640 from ``8 pm``, and 9515 cut off at 0000 sharp.

So I go to 9640. Nothing except lite jamming in `standby mode``. Finally at 0002 I think, maybe the RR transmitter site is still bringing up 6155? So I punch that it in, just in time to hear a couple words in Spanish, and it cuts off as they realize their mistake. Back to 9640. Still nothing, until after 0004, cuts on for a few seconds in Spanish, off again, back to stay before 0005, taking about genetix. Not as strong as 9515 was, and didn`t really sound like RR, and no ID for the next few minutes till I had enough. Recheck at 0129 and immediately heard R. República ID.

9640 appears to have been quite open for a new occupant, except for one day a week per Aoki, EiBi, UT Sunday:

9640 PAN AMERICAN BC 0030-0045 1...... English 125 90 Wertachtal D 01041E 4805N PAB a08

Maybe in the meantime this transmission has vacated. 9515 was also pretty open at 2200-2400

** INDONESIA. Raúl Saavedra in Costa Rica and Ron Howard in California say 9526 was on the air July 5 at 1300 tho I could not hear it. Audible again here Sunday July 6 but VOI`s clock is really off: at 1252 soft romantic music, 1300 not into English but in middle of Japanese service with YL speaking distinctly. Recheck at 1325, now in English talking about Bali, 1326 ID mentioning the three frequencies, which they never use simultaneously; indeed it is rare for them to use even two, but signal getting too weak, deep fades.

Aoki says this 250 kW Cimanggis transmitter is aimed 30 degrees, which is just right for us in CNAm. The great circle route crosses the entire island chain of Japan, tangentially attains about 58 degrees north latitude in SW Alaska, and carries on to Enid some 9800 miles away

** CHINA [and non]. 13760, July 7 at 0542 in Chinese, seems like defective unstable transmitter with rapid fluxuations, noise also audible on center-channel, M&W discussion, // 15680 about 2 seconds offset. However, in reality, I think the strangeness on 13760 must be a different kind of Chicom jamming, since both these frequencies are R. Free Asia in Mandarin via Tinian at 0300-0700, and no other jamming, such as Firedrake, was audible

** CUBA. Woe betide any station which chooses a SW frequency which is used at any other hour by another station the DentroCuban Jamming Command doesn`t like. Jammers are allowed to run far beyond the ``necessary`` hours, TS. Latest observations:

9515, July 7 at 0536, bubble jamming mixing with raspy jamming vs nothing, but no doubt here because R. República via UK has started using 9515, only at 22-24 UT. AND, lite jamming still/again audible on 9515 at 1222, against nothing, fortunately. Same as on 9885, as previously reported, against non-VOA.

11775, July 7 at 1308, DGS Anguilla faces both Firedrake from China, and bubble jamming from DCJC, because R. Martí is on 11775 only in the evenings.

RHC 9550, was so strong July 7 around 0530 that it was cross-modulating other 31m frequencies such as Spain/Costa Rica on 9630. At first I thought 9630 had some new CCI, till I switched in attenuation

** INDONESIA. At first seemed VOI was missing on July 7, but at 1225 could hear weak talk on 9526 in unID language, maybe Indo, and a het; just barely audible carrier at 1306 check. What is on 9525 to het it before 1300? Only thing is R. Polonia in English via Nauen, Germany, which has even less of a chance of being readable here than VOI, whose quality varies greatly from day to day.

VOI, July 8 at 1249 check, could just detect a carrier on 9526 under increasing local noise level again, and there was an even weaker one on 9525, presumably Poland via Germany. At 1328 could only detect the 9526 carrier. Is it still in English during that hour?

** VENEZUELA [non]. Tuned across 11705, RNV via Cuba, July 7 at 1227 just as they were announcing their perpetually outdated transmission schedule, then Efemérides for current date

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, via UK, 17700, fair July 10 at 1311 with usual great music, but at 1320 had a long talk segment of some 5 minutes

** ECUADOR. Sadly, one must again report that HCJB is announcing its own frequencies incorrectly, since the demise of the 21455 transmission, as has been made well-known outside the compound. July 9 at 1259:30, automated Spanish ID on 11960 still claimed to be on ``11690, 21455 y 11960``; ditto July 10 at 1329:30 check. How many years will it take for La Voz de los Andes to recut these IDs?

** INDONESIA. VOI reception here in the morning has plunged to the barely-detectable-carrier level. I say this since nothing else is likely to be on 9526. This was the case July 8 before and after 1300; also July 10 at 1253, yet stations in the same region, such as VOA Philippines 9760 are coming in very well. This makes me wonder if something other than propagation is at play, such as VOI not being up to full power and/or on usual azimuth toward us. Can anyone confirm whether they are still running English at the new hour of 1300?

** KOREA NORTH. VOK, July 9 at 1301 seemed parallel on 11710 and 11735, both playing national anthem, tho probably not synchronized, but then at 1303, 11735 went into Chinese and 11710 into English. The 11710 transmitter also puts spurs out, a constant het on 11776 against Defunct Gene Scott, Anguilla, and a much dirtier one on 11644, unstable but with enough audio to // 11710 which with the BFO on, one can tell is also unstable, can`t zero-beat it.

Also July 10 at 1310, wobbly spur on 11644 // 11710, stable spur on 11776. KCBS domestic service also audible with music on 11677 at 1313

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, poor but audible on 21695, July 9 at 1410 during English service, fading in and out, barely //able to 17725. Spain 21610 and 21570 were also making it weakly

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. IBB Tinang is still turning on its 9655 carrier for RNW relay in Dutch at 1300, much earlier; already on at 1245 July 8 blocking RNZI, and with intermittent tone tests too. On WORLD OF RADIO 1416, I urge IBB to crash-start at 1300. This might involve doing the warm-up on some other nearby frequency instead.

Meanwhile, another abrupt frequency change by RNZI, even tho Adrian Sainsbury is away on a long holiday to Wales: surprised to hear RNZI on 6095, July 10 at 0606, with coastal weather summary, NZ news, nothing on 9615, but 6095 has QRM de VOA French, which is São Tomé, M-F only at 0530-0630, 20 degrees!

The RNZI sked at http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php still shows 9615 at 0459-0658, and nothing under What`s New about any frequency change. Wonder what the true span of 6095 is now. Seems to me they didn`t previously use it as early as 0600. At 1250 seemed to be on 9655 as usual under IBB Tinang carrier and tone, and from *1259 RNZI still on 6170

** U S A [non]. Lovely rendition of ``Beautiful Dreamer`` in English by tenor and plucked instrument, July 10 at 1314, tnx to the VOA Korean service, outroed by announcement in that language at 1318. This usually has good signal here, far from the target, since it is the Thailand relay at 38 degrees during this hour; the second hour at 14-15 switches to Philippines at 21 degrees, per Aoki. Why aren`t these transmissions jammed?

** U S A. WWV, Ft Collins CO, 80524, is seldom heard here on 20 MHz, too close under 500 miles for F2 propagation, if there is any, but tnx to sporadic E, good on 20000.000 at the late hour of 0540 UT July 9 on indoor antenna. So I also checked 25950 for KOA relay, and thought I could almost hear something there. At 0555, WWVH was also in well on 15000.000. WWV audible again on 20 MHz, July 10 at 0613 check

** FRANCE [non]. RFI Spanish service, 15515 via GUIANA FRENCH, July 11 at 1215 with a woman who was apparently one of the Colombian hostages released with Ingrid Betancourt, sending a message of hope to those still kidnapped because she knows they listen to RFI, and she`s now studying French at the Alliance. 1217 into Revista de Prensa; 1230* cut off a chanson in progress abruptly. Usual VG signal

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, July 11 at 1159 ending Japanese service with ID, contact info, but apparently no English transition announcement, into Indonesian, only fair and declined to poor by 1300 recheck when English news was already in progress. VOI`s timing is clearly flexible

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI back on correct 9615, July 11 at 0626 check, fair. Adrian Sainsbury says he`s not sure why they were on 6095 the night before. Also checking later on July 11: at 1155, 6165-6170-6175 in DRM just before that closed. 6170 should have opened at *1259 in analog, but nothing there at 1304; instead, 9655, which should have closed at 1259* was still on, 1305 news, 1308 sounder and ID. This was of course, mixing with RNW via Tinang, but atop RNW, with SAH of about 7 Hz, and as always at this hour, suffering from China/Sackville 9650. Serves RNW right for unnecessarily QRMing RNZI with carrier and tones before 1300. You never know what is going to happen next with RNZI frequency usage, unreliable as if their computer/automation system has a mind of its own

** TURKEY. Something on 13760 atop RHC with a SAH of about 4 Hz, July 11 at 1322 --- O, it`s VOT as revealed by IS briefly at 1323, concluding German hour at 1230, 310 degrees from Emirler, which means it`s also aimed at NAm. So I then checked 13685 for English but IS was JBA at 1328 as this is aimed eastward

** U K [non]. BBC Mundo, via WHRI 9410, July 11 with Rachmaninov piano concerto cut off at 1300* before it was almost finished, a travesty. BBCM is still filling with repetitive classical music selexions, never identified, at 1234-1300* M/W/F, top 10 pop countdown on Tue/Thu. BTW, it appears the plan for B-08 is to move this service to 7335, blotting out CHU

** U S A. VOA Spanish, 13790, July 11 at 1220 with news // 9535 and 7305, all Greenville, of course. 9535 by far the best; 13790 mixing over something else with a SAH, which would be either Iran in Arabic or more likely CRI in English via Urumqi (not Urumqui). It`s interesting to note the logjam of morning Spanish broadcasts from major stations all at 1200 --- VOA, RNW, BBC, RFI at least

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. RNRASD, 6300, July 11 from 0632-0655 mostly nice WAf music and some announcements. Did not notice any RHC spur mixing this time

** BIAFRA [non]. As expected, V. of Biafra International finally shifted to 15280 via WHRI, for the Friday-only 20-21 UT broadcast, ex-17690. July 11 at 2000 opening with no glitches, different format than previous weeks, first Finlandia by a distinctly non-Nordic band, ID but no mention of frequency or meterband, then soprano with ``All Hail Biafra`` anthem --- I think that was the title, which lasted past 2005 when I suspended monitoring until 2057 recheck. The orator this time mentioned 19 meter-band, but still no specific frequency. WHRI phony-enthusiasm announcer did however then say 15280 as they were about to QSY to 7385. WHR generalized frequency schedule still shows 17650, and the Angel 1 specific program schedule does too, but on the other six days of the week during this hour, 9495, which may still be the case

** CHINA. 5860 at 1224 July 12, talking and singing; at 1228 I decided it was Chinese. Aoki shows this can only be V. of Jinling, Nanjing, 50 kW at 161 degrees, 1145-1430, also in Amoy. Much weaker than VOA Korean 5890

** CUBA [non]. R. Martí announcing its lema, as it does quite frequently, a marvelous ode to freedom, surely objexionable only to the DentroCubans, 1229 July 12 on 5980; but Greenville modulation automatically cut off at 1230 before the motto was completely stated; open carrier and jamming continued for good measure

** ECUADOR. HCJB ``Galápagos`` show, 6050 with usual Malaysian het, July 12 at 1156. Scheduled Saturdays 1145-1200. Probably also on 11690 and 11960, no longer 21455, but not checked

** FRANCE [non]. RFI Météo Marine service, a tad on the hi side of 13640, as compared to local KFXY-1640 on the FRG-7, July 12 at 1142. This is 500 kW, 320 degrees via GUIANA FRENCH, daily at 1130-1200. At this early hour it was the only station audible on the 21/22 mb, and the 19mb was still completely closed

** GUATEMALA. R. Verdad, Chiquimula, 4052.5, July 12 1126 winding up banjo version of ``Workin` on the Railroad`` which I think they play every day as a program themesong. Concludes with RR Xing bells. Still audible at 1204 with hymn

* INDONESIA. Best Indonesian by far, RRI Fak2, 4790, July 12 at 1130 mostly music fighting T-storm noise from Kansas, and CODAR from GKW, 1134 YL vocal. 1206 M&W news, presumably Jakarta, overmodulated and distorted.

By comparison, VOI on 9526 was much weaker. At 1149 I could tell the YL was speaking Japanese slowly and clearly. After 1300, it was mostly a YL speaking, but so weak I could not be certain it was Inggeris until 1330

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, 11785 via WHRI, Saturday July 12 at 1334 with remarx briefly in English by a woman at some weekend outdoor public event, about what good students the Hmong children are in Hminneapolis; further evidence this is really a domestic SW service

** MOROCCO. 15345, RTM presumed, July 11 at 2059, weak signal and modulation no match for local noise level, but I did make out a typically-late timesignal a few sex after 2100, and off at 2101, matching previous behaviour during standard time at 2200, so indeed running SW one UT hour earlier. I could then detect an even weaker carrier slightly on the high side of 15345, no doubt Argentina

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, back on proper 6170, July 12 at 1301 check with news instead of prolonged 9655 as the night before. One of the best signals on 49m when it opens

** U S A. If one can pull away from DXing on a Saturday morning, there is great doo-wop music to be heard on Rock the Universe, from WWCR 7490 (the mighty 74-90, I call it), 1200-1300, as I enjoyed some of it July 12

** CANADA. CBC NQ must be almost on-frequency today, 9625.0, since it has a SAH of only 4 Hz, slightly fluxuating, with co-channel QRM, July 15 at 1302 in CBC news. Could not make out language of QRM, but it should be FEBC Manila in Hmong, tho would not rule out Channel Africa in Lozi by long-path

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command still showing its incompetence or total disregard for civilized norms, in running jammers when there is nothing to block, except innocent bystanders, July 15 at 0555 on 9515, 9565, 6100, pulsing and grinding.

A while ago someone reported Spain on 11680 with no mention of QRM de Cuba, so I check July 15 at 0113, and RHC is very strong there, way over REE, both in Spanish

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. July 15 at 0559 found fair signal, S9+20, 43343 on 6250 in Spanish, a language always fun to hear from Africa. Mentioned Guinea Ecuatorial, but 0600 song instead of news. Suffered from intermittent but frequent SSB and pulse QRM, what you get for broadcasting in a utility band. Finally at 0606:30 a 5-pip time signal, so their studio clock is somewhat slow, some other music, noticias interrupted by several different sounders. Finally at 0608:30 titulares (headlines), but additional QRM of a continuous roar-sound starts, maybe from own transmitter, so I quit

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526 signal improved July 15 at 1258 check ending Indonesian hour with Suara Indonesia ID, IS; 1259 into English with IS and ID claiming 9525, 11785, 15150, http://www.voi.co.id How can a SW station have no clear link to its transmission schedule on its home page?? First speaker was M with American accent, then W with Indonesian accent, program summary, 1300 news sounder and headlines by a third announcer, M with Indo accent; S9+15 versus my local hi line noise level was not sufficient to copy it without strain

** U S A [non]. Re previous report, no one asked me, WTFK? about this item. The frequency was 11740, and BTW, HFCC says both hours are via Philippines, not first hour via Thailand as in Aoki:

```Lovely rendition of ``Beautiful Dreamer`` in English by tenor and plucked instrument, July 10 at 1314, tnx to the VOA Korean service, outroed by announcement in that language at 1318. This usually has good signal here, far from the target, since it is the Thailand relay at 38 degrees during this hour; the second hour at 14-15 switches to Philippines at 21 degrees, per Aoki. Why aren`t these transmissions jammed?```

I log this again on July 15 at 1308, but now the damned `bonker` is pounding away centered on 11740 but extending +/- 10, ruining VOA reception, maybe not so in target since I suspect it`s close to North America, but has no business in the middle of a broadcast band! VOA was // 5890, but furthermore this time there was co-channel broadcast QRM on 11740. Several possibilities in Aoki: most likely Japan via Singapore in Chinese; or CNR2 via Xian in English; even Vatican in Spanish. Once again at 1315 it must be time for a nice inspirational song on VOA Korean, this time John-Denverish ``You Raise Me Up``

** U S A. 15665, July 12 at 2157 with SAH between WHRI preacher closing his show, and WEWN already on with carrier, 2158 WEWN choir starts chanting as WHRI signs off, announcing QSY to 9615. Christians vs Christians!

** CANADA. Starting to check out how clear 7850 is, CHU`s planned new frequency this summer. July 17 at 0557 it was OK but lite roar from some ute centered on 7845

** CHINA. Firedrake on 8000.0, July 16 at 1246, so Sound of Hope must have been on this frequency; not listed in Aoki. 1304 recheck, open carrier, 1304:30 Fireddrake resuming, 1343 check, nothing.

FD on 11590 at 1344 July 16, along with poor 11665, and quite strong signals on some of the usuals, 11785, 11990, 12040, 15285. Per Aoki, 11590 target is RFA in Tibetan via Kuwait, 12-14.

Next day July 17 at 1317 no Firedrake Curtain on 8000, but yes on 9180, probably another SOH popup, not in Aoki

** CUBA. DentroCuban Jamming Command against nothing: July 16 at 1255-1300+ on 9490, lite grinding, no pulsing, in standby mode, as R. República/Sackville has ruined this frequency by using it for one hour at 1000. At 1342 recheck, 9490 had both pulsing and grinding.

9805 with pulse jamming against non-Martí, July 16 at 1303.

11775 with grinding at 1346 July 16, against non-Martí, under Defunct Gene Scott, Anguilla, also hit by N. Korean spur het 11776v.

RHC spur in Spanish on 9530, July 16 at 1257, presumably from 9550, caused by CRI relay transmitter on 9570, whose audio you would expect on 9530. 9570 itself had some intermittent buzzes; 9530 still at 1340 long after 9600 closed at 1259.

July 17 at 1321, pulse jamming again on 9490 and 9640 República frequencies hours away from when they are axually in use. Before 1300 was also grinding on 9515

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Gone again: RNGE, 6250, heard a few nites before around 0600, missing July 17. Easy to find frequency, 1000 kHz below Vatican 7250

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, back to barely detectable carrier July 16 at 1341, but with an equally weak het from something on 9525, nothing listed during this hour on 9525 by Aoki or Eibi, unlike before 1300 and after 1400.

Much better next day July 17 on 9526, 1259 opening English with program summary, 1300 news. Low-level hum not too bothersome, no het. And no noise problem for a change, tho signal fadey and not too solid. Major problem now is the accents of the announcers. Concentrate as I may, I can only understand a fraxion of what they say. 1312 Focus. 1319 something about UNESCO World Heritage Sites, news in brief ending at 1320 ID, Indonesian Wonders, 1325 Miscellany segment, 1331 Music Corner, contemporary Indonesian variety including gamelans. Plugged website several times during the hour. Het from China 9525 starts promptly at 1357

** KOREA NORTH. KCBS, 9665.3, peppy NK choral music, before bedtime there, reminding one what a privilege it is to live in the people`s paradise, July 17 at 1236-1248+. No roar or het, but still off-frequency. Same on 11679.7 where there was a het from something on 11680.0

** U S A. Pastor Pete Peters audible weakly with ute QRM on 8590, July 16 at 1247 // WWCR 9980. How come? It`s 1390 kHz away, i.e. mixing with one of my locals, KCRC and thus not audible elsewhere

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, was back to good strength July 18 for the English at 1259, preceded by Indonesian music at 1250 tune-in. Now I have a better chance of understanding the accent of the YL announcer, especially since I taped it for later replays. Was considerably weaker during music portion when tape ran out at 1345. Much weaker signal on July 19

** U S A. WRNO, New Orleans, is finally back on the air, testing. First tuned in 15590 at 1938 July 18 to hear strong open carrier with slight whine, then tone test faded up. Level increased briefly before 1944 and then cut off at 1945* *1946 back on with open carrier, 1947 tone fading up and down again. Cut off again at 1950* So far, no announcements or IDs. It`s off-frequency, more like 15590.4. Left a receiver on, but nothing further heard past 2300.

If current registrations are to be believed, this is WRNO, New Orleans, on the air finally after years and years of delays, under new ownership as 15590 is for it in A-08 since KTBN went dark.

I quickly posted the above report on the DXLD yg and sent it to some who might know for sure. Consulting engineer George Jacobs in Maryland confirmed they were on the air as of July 18; he`s glad to have WRNO back after 7 years, and said programming should start August 1.

Tho I heard no IDs, this was also quickly confirmed by Dan Brown, Boston, who had photographed the site and wrote a story about WRNO last year for Monitoring Times; he phoned HQ in Fort Worth and they said the transmitter had indeed started on-air tests, with program tests expected a week later. However, Dan heard preaching rather than tones already the next day, July 19 at 1620-1640*.

It was a few minutes later at 1657 when I checked 15590, nothing, nor on occasional later chex. No doubt it`s sporadic in testing period, and not yet heard on 7505 at random day and night chex. Could be they will test 7505 during daytime working hours rather than at night when it will be scheduled. Those sitting on one frequency or the other are bound to hear it eventually. But it won`t be commercial rock as originally, just another religious station as long promised by the new owner

** CHINA. Unusual propagation, July 20 at 1325 when Firedrake was audible on 17705, once again vs nothing listed unless it`s running late against AIR Chinese via Bangalore at 1145 ending at 1315 per Aoki. While 17680, CVC Chile, normally VG, was JBA

** GABON. ANO, 17630, July 20 at 1326, S9+15 on the FRG-7 meter, but quite undermodulated, which is fine since it was rap in French

** SWEDEN [non]. Sveriges Radio via Sackville, 15240, July 20 at 1318 had a YL cabaret singer in English, and more of same a few minutes later after break for some talk in Swedish. How often do we hear any music on R. Sweden`s English service other than to fill out the half hour?

** VENEZUELA [non]. It was reported that ``Aló, Presidente`` had been suspended indefinitely as HCF is too busy to do it, so I was wondering whether Cuba would continue to broadcast that block from 1400 UT Sundays. Yes, July 20 at 1403 check in progress with intro, and 1404 RHC`s Mundo Siete program, best by far on 13750, // 13680, 11875, 11670. 13680 and 11670 were weakest and not synchronized. This programming is separate, not // daily RHC frequencies such as 9550, 11760, 11805, 12000, 15370. Recheck at 1631, all the former bunch still on in same relative positions, but not Chávez speaking. Re2check at 1901, all STILL on, and now it does sound like a live speech by Chávez, with applause. By now the fifth frequency 17750 was just barely audible, and 11670 had a 4 Hz SAH, probably DW in Arabic via Sines, Portugal at 100 degrees

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via Rampisham, UK, poor but audible July 23 at 1324 with announcements, 1329 back to music; will it still play the sticking/skipping CD at 1346? Yes!

** CUBA. DentroCuban Jamming Command still ruining frequencies needlessly, pulsing at the rate of 128/minute on 9490 and 9640, July 23 at 1330, even tho R. República uses 9490 only at 10-11 via Sackville, and 9640 only at 00-02 via UK. Previous timing of the pulses came to only 120/minute, i.e. 2 per second

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, July 21 at 1300 open carrier, 1301 IS and ID, frequencies, opening English, but only fair. Next day, July 22, good enough to be listenable with some concentration, from 1259 opening in English with ID, program summary. 1301 news, almost all of which was about what various members of the bureaucracy were doing! Is there no significant non-government news happening in this vast nation? Antara news agency attributed at times. At 1307 even concerned diplomatic relations with Serbia, and some sporting event there involving Indonesians. Focus segment, something about the Singapore national anthem at 1314-1316 was introed and outroed with VOI ID and slogan ``The Sound of Dignity``. Next about a Thailand/Cambodia border dispute since 1962. 1317 news in brief. 1323 Arts & Culture about the Dyak tribe and their long ears, in Kalimantan forests. 1330 Let`s Speak Bahasa Indonesia Through Songs, playing a song, speaking the lyrix and

 translating them, a feature returning next Tuesday. 1341 another music show as signal weakens. Next morning, July 23, on 9526 reception was much poorer, but could detect news in English at 1300

** NIGERIA. V. of Nigeria, 9690.0, July 23 at 1404 tune-in as news by YL was ending, badly overmodulated with big S9+20 signal. OM announces website http://www.voiceofnigeria.org and into next show with a percussion theme, something about the doings of Nigeria`s president. 1414 outro of this M-F 1405 program, ID with frequency but modulation so bad I could not tell whether they really announced this frequency. Next program to be from the VON Abuja studio; 1415 YL named Rebecca opening that, still quite distorted and also with hum, some interview about refugees, UNHCR. 1420 signal weakening and fading, 1431 even weaker as into music.

This is a repeat of my log on June 16, see DXLD 8-070. In the meantime in almost daily bandscans around this time, have not heard it. This is extremely interesting propagationally. Nothing else from Africa audible on 31m at this time, and at peak the signal strength rivaled WWRB 9385, RHC-9550, Sackville-9650, Firedrake-9930, but of course sounded louder than any of them tnx to overmodulation. No contest with superPete WWCR 9980, however. BTW, it was a quite poor East Asian morning with hardly any Firedrake audible besides 9930 and 15285.

I got out the NGS globe to check the long- and short-path routes. If it`s short, signal exits Africa at the border between Western Sahara and Mauritania, crosses the Atlantic unimpeded, enters North America around DelMarVa, then on to Enid, coming in at an azimuth of 78 degrees, distance of about 6600 statute miles.

If it`s long-path, exits Africa in the middle of Mozambique, across the southern tip of Madagascar, Indian Ocean, enters Australia around Adelaide, exists SE Queensland, across Vanuatu, Kingman Reef, enters North America around Ensenada, then on to Enid, coming in at an azimuth of 258 degrees, some 18400 miles. Either path is far from the auroral zones, going only a little farther from the Equator than Enid is.

Assuming it`s not some highly unlikely skewed path. I wonder if it was being heard in Adelaide at the same time, or if it was even better in DelMarVa and vicinity. I could ask people there to check the next day, but conditions will probably be quite different.

What is the transmitted azimuth? Not registered with HFCC, but Aoki shows A-08 info for 9690 as 248 degrees from Ikorodu, while 15120, whenever it`s on, is at 7 degrees, neither of which is at all favorable for NAm, long or short-path

** SPAIN. REE`s classical music hour on Mon/Tue/Wed at 1305, best signal from Europe on 16m, July 23 at 1355 on 17595 with The Moldau, ending precisely before the timesignal at 1400. There`s a professional operation where they know how to back-time, unlike the BBC on 9410 which cuts off classical music in progress an hour earlier. I`ll really miss REE when Spain abolishes SW, surely the number one international broadcaster in Spanish from the standpoint of cultural programming

** U K [and non]. BBCWS in English finally audible here on new 13675 via Rampisham, fair July 21 at 1826, ex-13865. Scheduled 1700-1900 for Western Russia.

BBC Mundo Radio, 9410 via WHRI, classical fill music on M/W/F at 1234-1300* included Wednesday July 23 at 1240-1250 some heavenly music which must have been Monteverdi, as ever unannounced

** U S A. WYFR is not exactly DX nor of any programming interest, so I rarely log it, but could not help but notice that it was inbooming on 21670, July 21 at 1756 with Mexican music, briefly making me wonder if it was something else new, but 1758 WYFR theme music, 1759 Spanish ID giving 21670, 15130, 6085. MUCH stronger than other WYFR transmitters on 13m, 21525 and 21455, which doesn`t make sense as 21670 is supposed to be on 44 degree antenna to Europe, roughly off the side here, just like 21455, while 21525 is 87 degrees to Africa. I can only conclude that 21670 must really have been on an antenna such as the 315 degree which is aimed this way. Once again July 22 at 1818 check, 21670 much stronger than 21525

** CHINA. Bandscanning for Firedrake, July 24 at 1257, found it not on 8000 as a few days ago but instead on 8020, good signal // 7280, 11665, etc. At 1300 went to open carrier, during which no trace of Sound of Hope could be heard here, 1305:30 resumed FD, but gone at 1323 recheck

** CHINA. CRI`s Esperanto service coming in well on 11650, July 24 at 1328, talking about, what else, La Pekinaj Olimpikoj, real Chinese clips with voice-overs in Mandarin-accented Esperanto, k.t.p. Per Aoki, at 13-14 UT this is Beijing site at 215 degrees. That`s close to directly off the back from CNAm, which would be 35 degrees. Per EiBi, the // frequency is 9440 from another site, unchecked. I noticed that there was less flutter-fading on 11650 than there was on Firedrake 11665. BTW, penultimate stress is mandatory in Esperanto, but it sounded like ``Olímpikoj``, something which those influenced by natural languages must always beware of

** CHINA. 5955, July 24 at 1237, M&W interview in English, not // RA 6020, and didn`t think to check CRI frequencies for //, but per Aoki:

5955 CHINA R INTER 1200-1257 1234567 English   500 95 Beijing CHN 11627E 3957N CRI a08 But that also lists from a slightly different Beijing site:

5955 CNR 8         1200-1300 1234567 Mongolian 100 15 Beijing 491 CHN

11625E 3955N CNR8 a08

Which seems extremely unlikely, that both would be operational; I did have some co-channel QRM, tho 5950 WYFR was more of a problem

** KOREA NORTH [non]. V. of the People, clandestine from S to N Korea, 6518 with talk in Korean // 6600. The latter had rapid pulse jamming but 6518 was clear

** MEXICO. Since XEXQ told Julián Santiago that they are still on the air, I looked for it again July 24 at 1243 when the noise level was lower than usual. I could detect a carrier a smidgen on the hi side of 6045, but no modulation

** U S A. Looking for the unID African music on 5050, July 23 at 2255, WWRB was already on the air with preacher. Supposedly scheduled from 0000, but definitely after 2300; does it really start at 2200? That would be ``6 pm`` EDT rather than CDT in their ambiguous schedule. The night before, WWRB was also off the air before 0500

** U S A [and non]. It`s unusual to hear WRMI, especially when the DentroCuban Jamming Command is grinding away on 9955, but July 24 at 1253, WRMI was about equal level to the jamming with a speaker talking urgently about ``Cuba Libre``. 1327 recheck, only jamming heard

** U S A [and non]. Prompted by an erroneous log of VOA 9815 in Portuguese as Botswana, I checked this transmission July 24 at 1823: VG signal so can`t be Botswana but instead Greenville as currently scheduled. Sign-off lasted until 1831, and carrier stayed on until 1834:30. I had the BFO on to notify me when it quit, and then I could also hear a just barely audible carrier on 9815. That`s also VOA, in French via Madagascar, both to exactly the same West African target areas. But if the VOA Greenville signal is making it there during the first half of the hour, it must also be interfering with the VOA Madagascar signal during the second half which of course starts promptly at 1830, if not a minute before with its own sign-on. In such a case, there should be DCI (drop carrier immediately) and/or CS (crash-start). This is one of many cases now where VOA sites serving the same target area unnecessarily change abruptly, and steps are not taken to avoid

 self-interference! Another example is 17530 where the first half of the English hour is Greenville, the second half Thailand, also with a monitored overlap.

BTW, 9815 has quite a convoluted VOA schedule at 1630-2130 per EiBi:

9815 1630-1730       USA Voice of America SWA EAf /BOT Swahili Botswana

9815 1730-1800       USA Voice of America P   EAf /D-L Port. Lampertheim

9815 1800-1830 Mo-Fr USA Voice of America P   WAf g    Port. Greenville

9815 1830-1900       USA Voice of America F   WAf /MDG French Madagascar

9815 1900-2030       USA Voice of America F   CAf /BOT French Botswana

9815 2030-2100 SaSu  USA Voice of America F   WAf g    French Greenville

9815 2030-2100 Mo-Fr USA Voice of America HA  WAf /BOT Hausa Botswana

9815 2100-2130 Mo-Fr USA Voice of America F   CAf /BOT French Botswana

A year ago, the 1730-1800-1830 Portuguese and the 2030-2100 Hausa were via Morocco, but who needs that? Lampertheim and Greenville were simply plugged in as substitutes, surely inferior ones to W Africa.

Furthermore at 1630-1700, 9815 now collides with BBC via Oman in Sinhala, which makes one wonder how much co-channel QRM there be in those respective target areas

** U S A [non]. One of the better, or I should say few signals above 15410, July 24 at 1731 was on 15760, talk in a language with lots of o-umlauts, but certainly not German, so is it Turkish? Yes! Eibi shows this as YFR via Woofferton at 17-19. Still fair signal at 1816. BTW, CL, there is nothing wrong with well-informed `list-logging` such as this for major broadcasters, where you are never going to hear a local site ID anyway. However if later shown to be mistaken, a correxion will certainly be forthcoming

** CHINA. Firedrake again on 8020, July 25 at 1217 presumably against Sound of Hope, but not heard anywhere around 8 MHz on July 26. 9180 Firedrake was also active July 25 at 1226, stronger than 8020, and // 9680 9780 9845 11605 11665 11710 11775 11785 11825 11840 12040

** CHINA. 4830, weak talk in Chinese, presumably China Huayi Broadcasting Corp., Fuzhou, July 26 at 1219 as about to outfade. Meanwhile, Singapore [q.v] in Chinese owns 6185, making one wonder if CHBC has given up on using 6185 at all, as seems prudent. Maybe in August when RSI has closed down, we can detect whether CHBC exist on 6185. BTW, Mauno Ritola points out that CHBC, station 15) in WRTH 2008, does appear under the heading ``Broadcasts to Taiwan`` on page 147 (in the domestic sexion), along with stations 11) to 14).

So WRTH concedes that Taiwan is part of China, by not putting this in the International sexion? Not exactly: ROC still gets its own separate listings under TAIWAN in the domestic sexion --- but Taiwan`s RTI and V. of Kuanghua broadcasts to the mainland are in the international sexion, so Taiwan must not be part of China? Covering all the bases trumps consistency

** CUBA. I noticed some anomalies in RHC`s frequency usage the morning of July 26, Cuba`s national holiday, but did not bother to log them; there are anomalies just about every day. I thought there might be extended broadcasts for the festivities but none of the usuals on 9, 11, 13 or 15 MHz were on when checked around 1530; maybe later. As they don`t say openly in Habana, ``Patria o suerte, ¡pensaremos!``

** GUATEMALA [and non]. XERTA and TGMI are still clashing on 4800; must be the source of the het of two or three hundred Hz one hears at 1207 July 25, which combined with CODAR makes them both totally unreadable. BTW, WRTH 2008 shows sked of R. Buenas Nuevas as 1930-1545 and 2130-0230, which makes no sense; must mean 0930-1545

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, July 25 at 1225 check was only detectable as a very weak het with equally weak 9525, presumably Poland via Germany. Even less so July 26, while e.g. VOA Philippines 9760 and numerous Firedrakes were inbooming

** INDONESIA. RRI Fak2, Irian Jaya Barat, 4790, with talk in Indonesian, presumably Jak news, July 25 at 1208. Nothing on other RRI 60m frequencies, not even 4605 Serui which used to stand out

** KOREA NORTH [non]. V. of the People, clandestine from South to North, July 26 at 1209 clear on 6518 except for lite CW QRM – this is a marine band, after all, // 6600 slightly better and free of any jamming on this occasion. M&W talk in Korean, 1232 orchestral music, still no jamming on either. But there was heavy whoosh-whoosh jamming against 6348 R. Echo of Hope. What does this tell us?

** SINGAPORE. RSI in English, 6080, July 26 at 1154 with Aussies, Filipinos on phone lamenting closedown of RSI, hoping it would return. And someone from Singapore National University with a North American accent who conceded that RSI`s day had come and gone due to changes in IT. Apparently these were former contributors to the programming rather than listeners; another one was known as ``Singapore`s travelling gourmet``. Show was ``25 Minutes``. 1200 to news of Kashmir klashes and Bangalore blasts. Bothered by Firedrake overlap from 6085, especially during hi-frequency percussion passages.

Also checked 6185 for the RSI Chinese service, July 26 at 1205. Heard several IDs which I think match the Mandarin ID as spelt in WRTH 2008: ``Xinjiapo guoji guangbo diantai``. The last three words are also heard in IDs from China, so it`s crucial to catch the ``Xinjiapo`` which is obviously a corruption of ``Singapore`` --- or vice versa? Would someone like to add the proper tones? And is it different in Cantonese and Mandarin? I also monitored this July 25 at 1200 with timesignal and the ``Xinjiapo`` ID.

The RSI Malay service was also in as usual on 6120, just causing a lot of QRM to NHKWRJ English via Sackville after 1200 July 26, a situation they never considered worth resolving, just waiting for RSI to self-destruct

** U S A. Dictation-speed Bible reading in English of Acts XXV: 14, July 26 at 0550 on 7520, about Paul & Festus. This is a Russian hour from WYFR, reminding me of when there used to be some dictation-speed secular news in Spanish from VOA circa 1960, which was a big help in my early learning of that language. I would tape and transcribe the broadcasts, not intended as language lessons but I suppose for embassies or USIA/USIS libraries to copy down and publish? But I digress. Haven`t run across dictation-speed broadcasts from WYFR before, just another way to worm The Gospel into people`s heads, and skew their second-language skills toward evangelism.

Surprised to find WYFR Spanish on 7730 instead of usual way OOB 7780, July 26 at 1211, M&W discussing Daniel XI, confirmed by // 15130 which that early was JBA, and still going past 1300; scheduled on 7780 until 1345. Probably punch-up error, and we shall see if it happen again

** U S A. More from The Coasters this week on Rock the Universe, WWCR, 7490, Saturday July 26 until 1300. Announced they have a 3-month audio archive of shows via http://rtu.dkosmedia.com

** ANGUILLA. DGS was recently reported missing, but his voice is back on 11775, July 27 at 1319 check, atop DentroCuban leftover Martí jamming, and Firedrake too

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, via WHRI 11785, Sunday July 27 at 1321 rustic male solo singing with abrupt tone changes; atop the Firedrake and victim QRM, but also could detect a low-pitched het on the low side, about 11784.9. This I suspect was V. of Indonesia, as not heard on 9526 at this time. If so, it was not +1 kHz around 11786 as it occasionally has been reported

** NEW ZEALAND. Tuning in 6170 at 1258 July 27, jazz music in progress, making me wonder whether RNZI had not been running DRM here during the previous hour as scheduled. 1300 timesignal and RNZI news in analog

** THAILAND. R. Thailand, 11625, July 27 at 1315, brief transmission break for antenna change, chime IS – I love those mellow tones! Full ID in English including transmitter site near Udorn, opening Mandarin service which is unscathed by jamming, tnx to the generosity of China`s SARFT. But the Thais have to watch what they say

** U S A. WYFR again on 7730 instead of 7780, July 27 at 1303 with hymn in Spanish. I meant to check the earlier scheduled usage of 7780 to see if it had changed too. The July 1 WYFR revised schedule showed:

7780          0304-0400          RUSS          44

7780          0400-0500          ENGL          44

7780          0500-0600          GERM          44

7780          0600-0700          ROMA          44

7780          0700-0745          POLI          44

7780          1100-1200          ENGL          222

7780          1200-1345          SPAN          222

** CHAD. RNT, reactivated on 4905, July 30 at 0545 with talk clearly in French; signal roughly equal to Mauritania 4845, but Chad is better modulated. Still no match for nearby T-storm and local line noise

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, 11550.0, in the clear with WEWN missing, and as close as I could tell on-frequency for a change, July 28 at 2035 with very muffled, undermodulated talk, such that I could not even be sure of the language; at first thought German, but in talk bits amid much better-modulated Arabic music, decided it was French, as I later found scheduled 2000-2115. See also USA re the missing WEWN

** U S A. WEWN OFF THE AIR --- July 28 at 2035 I noticed that R. Cairo was in the clear on 11550, no het and not a trace of WEWN co-channel, and same past 2100. Nor could I hear WEWN on the other scheduled frequencies during those hours, 17510 or 17595. The higher ones could have been missing due to poor propagation. After all three frequency changes at 0000 UT July 29, WEWN still missing from 11520, 11870 and especially 5810 which is normally a monster signal. So what`s wrong? No hint on their website, of course.

Frequency schedule: http://www.ewtn.com/radio/freq.htm

WEWN still missing: July 29 at 0528, nothing on 5810; at 1313 nothing on 7425; at 1415 nothing on 11550, 15855, 17510, tho once again the higher ones could be inaudible here due to propagation.

So I asked Glen Tapley of WEWN what was the problem. He replied promptly on July 29: ``We will be off air for about two weeks for maintenance down time. We are replacing slew boxes, working on grounding, electrical, and the like.``

** U S A. WYFR on new 7730, July 28 at 0535 in German, ex-7780, so presumably that goes for all the 7780 transmissions, as in my previous report. I suppose some utility or military user of 7780 complained, but it sure took them a while


Rick Barton – Middle of Arizona

Drake R-8


PHILIPPINES   11740  Voice of America via Tinang P.I. relay 1445 - 7/16  in listed Korean, but buried and garbled under one of those strange raspy "dot-dot-daaaaaasssshh" ute stations, which remained on after 1459 close of VOA. The book Underground Frequency Guide delves into this and other "things that go beep in the night" topics. I'm wondering if the author has any new or updated info on the purpose a/o locations of these type transmissions..........?   (Barton-AZ)

RUSSIA   7325   BBC-WS  at 0345  7/15  m.e. type mx, M/F anncrs, and ID and web addresses given in pres/ listed Farsi. Unusually strong this session. (Barton-AZ)


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



3912 SOUTH KOREA Voice of the People clandestine in very well at 6:15 am tune-in with male and female announcers and music; punching right through the ham QRM.


Tom Giella -  Lakeland, FL

ICOM IC-746 Doublet at 35 feet



USA- WRNO New Orleans, LA Presumed. 7505.000 kc. 2230-2305 UTC. SIO 444. No

ID or talk, continuous C&W music by George Strait, poor audio quality, abrupt S/O.


Down in the Basement

(Jay Heyl –editor)


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AR7030+/Quantum QX v2.0/Ratzlaff 6Hz audio filter


I took advantage of a day off to do some daytime listening for beacons.  Most of these are pretty close by. DIW-198 is just short of 500 miles, but it's one of the most powerful beacons in the US. It's not at all unusual to hear it during the day here. GLS is another distant one I've heard during the day, but it didn't make an appearance this time.

Log showing first reception of each signal between day 25 and 27
Daytime loggings only
Daytime: 15:00-19:59, Night: 20:00-14:59

Output sorted by Frequency
DD UTC   kHz   Call  Location
25 15:04 198   DIW   Dixon, NC, USA
25 15:20 204   LCQ   LAKE CITY, FL, USA
25 15:25 206   VNC   VENICE, FL, USA
25 15:34 216   CLB   Wilmington / Carolina Beach, NC, USA
25 15:35 221   OR    HERNY, FL, USA
25 15:38 227   LA    WIREY, FL, USA
25 16:00 253   RHZ   ZEPHYRHILLS, FL, USA
25 16:32 257   SQT   'Satellite'  Melbourne, FL, USA
25 16:40 263   DA    TOMOK, FL, USA
25 16:52 270   TPF   'Knight'  Tampa, FL, USA
25 16:55 329   CH    'Ashly'  Charleston, SC, USA
25 16:56 329   ISM   KISSIMMEE, FL, USA
25 16:59 332   FIS   'Fish Hook'  Key West, FL, USA
25 17:04 335   LEE   LEESBURG, FL, USA
25 17:05 338   FJ    Luuce, FL, USA
25 17:21 344   JA    'Dinns'  Jacksonville, FL, USA
25 17:25 346   PCM   Plant City, FL, USA
25 17:56 360   PI    CAPOK, FL, USA
25 18:02 368   TP    COSME, FL, USA
25 18:08 388   AM    'Picny'  Tampa, FL, USA
25 18:10 392   VEP   Vero Beach, FL, USA
25 18:17 408   SFB   SANFORD, FL, USA
22 stations shown listed.
(Output generated by NDB WebLog 1.1.25 - looks best in courier font)


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


We  have another small column this month. Thanks to Kevin and Harry.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN


Internet radio plays the world in your home

Posted by: Kevin Redding


Fri Jul 18, 2008 5:37 am (PDT)


Internet radio plays the world in your home

AP technology writer
Friday, July 18, 2008

What are you going to listen to? Norway's 24-hour folk music channel Allttid Folkemusikk? The public hearings of the California Integrated Waste Management Board? Radio Banadir — the Most Trusted News in Somalia?

It's a big world out there, and radios that grab their sound from the Internet rather than the airwaves can bring it home.

Wi-Fi Internet radios have been around for a while without getting much attention, but they're worth a look: Prices have come down, and features are up.

I tested four models, and found the best of them a great addition to the kitchen, the breakfast table or maybe the patio.

The features vary quite a bit — this isn't a category where any manufacturer has had a breakout and created a de facto standard for others to copy.

What unites the units I tested is that they all have Wi-Fi, so they can connect to the Internet via your home hot spot and broadband connection. They also have built-in speakers, unlike the devices known as "media bridges" and Apple Inc.'s Airport Express, which can play music through a stereo or a set of powered speakers.

With the exception of the Aluratek model, all the radios in the test can be programmed through a PC, though you don't have to keep the computer on for the radios to play music. Register your unit at a Web
site, and you can find your favorite stations (and, in a few cases, podcasts) and add them to your "Favorite Stations" list or assign them to the preset buttons on the unit.

None of these radios are dead easy to use. People who don't program speed dials on their phones or set the VCR clock will be daunted by an Internet radio. It's probably inevitable that a device that vastly
expands the usefulness of the radio will be tougher to use than turning a dial.

But the programmable preset buttons mean that a somewhat tech-savvy person could buy an Internet radio for, let's say, elderly immigrant relatives, and set it up so that they could, with the touch of a
button, get the sounds of the home country. This presupposes that the relatives have Wi-Fi, which might be a stretch.

n Com one Phoenix ($250) was the all-around best model I tried. It's the only one that was good at playing subscribed podcasts. It's also the only one that can be used truly wirelessly, because it has rechargeable batteries that will power it for a few hours.

The interface consists of a few buttons, a wheel and an LCD screen. It's not pretty, but reasonably intuitive. There's no remote, which is good, it's just one less thing to lose. It accepts flash drives in a USB slot.

The biggest limitation of the Phoenix is the sound quality. It has two small speakers, producing sound barely better than a run-of-the-mill laptop. It works fine for spoken-word content, but it has by far the weakest bass of all the radios tested, so it's harder to appreciate music.

n Roku Soundbridge Radio ($299) is the second pick, even though it's from 2005 and showing its age. It's a large, handsome unit with stereo speakers backed up by a woofer. Together they pump out the best sound of the test.

But it's harder to use than the Phoenix, and you go back and forth between pressing buttons on the unit itself and on a remote. The Roku can get audio files from a computer on the home network that runs
Windows Media Player, iTunes or Rhapsody software. That's better than the competing models, which talk only to Windows Media Player.

The Roku can also play music files from flash memory, but only from an SD card.

n Grace Wireless Internet Radio ($199) almost has the bass power of the Roku unit, but it's from a single speaker. Mono sound feels antiquated, and with good reason: no matter how far you turn it up, it still sounds small.

This unit does play podcasts, but not very well. For instance, you can't pause them. There's a button with a "pause" sign on it, but if you press it, the set will start playing a preset radio stream, rather than pausing your podcast. In other words, the user interface is a bit of a bear.

There's also no provision for plugging in flash drives or memory cards.

n Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock ($150) is another single-speaker solution. It's a new model, and has some software glitches that should be straightened out in time. The unit I tried got stuck when trying to connect to my hot spot, and then garbled the sound when playing from a USB flash drive.

It's billed as an alarm clock, but it's a bit too complicated for that role. For example, to get it to the display the time, you either have to leave it alone for a while, or navigate a menu. Like the other units, the kitchen or a table is a better place for it.

The Aluratek gets a point for being the only model in the test with an Ethernet port, which means you don't have to mess with Wi-Fi if you can connect it conveniently to your router with a cable.




NPR to offer webcast of Newport music festivals

Posted by: Kevin Redding


Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:50 am (PDT)


NPR to offer webcast of Newport music festivals


By ERIC TUCKER – 19 hours ago


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Music fans unable to attend the Newport folk and jazz festivals will be able to listen to some of the concerts online.


NPR Music, part of National Public Radio, plans to stream select performances from both festivals. The webcasts also will be archived and available on-demand.


This is the first time NPR Music is webcasting the Newport, Rhode Island, festivals. The folk festival runs Friday through Sunday, and the jazz festival is next weekend.


Bob Boilen, host of the NPR Music show "All Songs Considered," says the initiative is a way to reach more fans than can actually attend the concerts. He also says it's a reflection of the excitement generated by the eclectic lineup of this year's folk festival, which includes Jimmy Buffett, Trey Anastasio and the Black Crowes.



Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX


USB-based "internet radio" receiver

Posted by: Harry Helms W5HLH


Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:59 am (PDT)


Looks interesting, but more details would be helpful:


Harry Helms W5HLH
Corpus Christi, TX  EL17


And that’s another month on the Net.


73’s, Martin


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

Eton E-100



Today was a rather busy day only had time for a brief DX stop in the park from 7:50 AM EDT had to leave at 8:40 AM EDT all heard on Eton E100 barefoot . Tropo was picking up by 8 AM with WBLI (relog) Long island NY pounding in and stable too. 105.9 CT was pounding in along with 105.5 106.9 100.9 and the 3 NH's 94.9 97.5 and 101.1  all booming in. the opening was very stable unfortunatly I had to leave and couldn't stay to see if things got bigger. 

Later while attending matters in Greenville R.I. stole a chance for quick band scans. Heard my first talking house on 1610 .  on FM there was no sign of tropo or e skip around 1015 AM EDT from Greenville. only heard something on 101.1 I presume cape cod MA there was no sign of 94.9 or 97.5 NH at this time so doubting it was WGIR 101.1 NH.

Heard on Eton E-100 barefoot at Conimicut Point Park Warwick R.I.


104.1 WURH Waterbury CT 8:55 AM EDT at 8:42 am edt ad block mentions of East Hartford CT  we get the commericals done faster back to music later at 8:55 AM EDT caught TOH ID


Here is a local HD radio report heard on radiosophy :

92.3 WPRO HD 1 is on

93.3 WSNE HD 1 is on but they DROPPED the disco dance format that used

to be on HD 2 . They also dropped the HD-2 altogether !!!!

94.1 WHJY running HD 1 and HD 2 rock formats HD 2 indy or the like.

101.5 WWBB running HD 1 and HD 2 main channel 70s 80s oldies comedy on

HD 2.

105.1 WWLI I can hear a whinning sound on the Eton E-100 on 104.9 and

105.3 but the blue light does not come on nothing seems to be

detected. WWLI should be running HD 1 .

106.3 Woonsocket supposed to be running HD 1 no blue light signal

could be too weak analog is rough using stock antenna.

Heard on Eton E-100 barefoot at Conimeicut Point Park Warwick R.I.

Notes: This logging was a strong short haul tropo opening out to Cape Cod.. Although even the slightest tropo enchanment will bring in the stronger Cape market stations this one is very hard and rare .

Notes 2: Earlier this AM i reported n HD detection on WWLI 105.1 . An absense of whining on 104.9 and 105.3 was noted on the Eton E-100 therefore WWLI IBOC is off at this time or at least was earlier today.

New Logging:

103.9 WKPE South Yarmouth Ma 9:20 AM EDT wkpe cape 104 if your name is Nora Montreal call in at xxxxxxx you won cape 104 capes hit music station 7/18/08

94.9 WKSJ Mobile Alabama 12:01 PM EDT heres another 50 minute music marathon on 95 ksj also heard a mobile alabama weather report earlier. battling i out with WHOM Mt Washington for channel ownership. 7/22/08

94.5 WHOD Jackson Alabama 1:09 PM ET Jox or jocks fm jox is moving

from 100.5 to 94.5 change your car presets website is here http://wjox1005fm.com/ . An earlier AD block mentioned something in or about missisipi. 7/22/08

94.7 WWJK Jackson Mississippi 12:32 PM EDT something about mississippi followed by Jack 947 playing what we want followed by blondie heart of glass 7/22/08

I took my Radiosophy HD-101 out of mothballs earlier this week to serve as a bedside clock radio for local listening . the radio out of the box is deaf on FM and not bad on AM except for battling noise from the house. i have had the radio over a year and kept meaning to make

improvements to it but kept pushing it off. Yesterday was the day. off to ocean state job lot picked p a nice clean needle nose pliers to get the built in rod off the connector. Then next it was a stop at bennys for a standard phillips UFH - VHF antenna with 34'' dipoles. this is very close to the ideal 36'' length for FM. There is a single phasing knob . This is not amped.

Got back pulled the built in rod and connected the new antenna. Everything was cleared from the dresser top to make plenty of flex room for the antenna . It was the difference between day and night. ater a few adjustments with the phsing knob in came WGBH 89.7 HD1 HD2 HD3 with a lock i can reproduce !!!!! this is about 60 miles as the crow flies. The analog

took a flying leap . All the boston market stations could be heard along with some of the cape cod stations that bounce in and out depening on if theres any tropo enchanment or not. it also grabbed a brief lock on 96.9 Bostons HD-2 . this is a major rebirth of this now bedside DX / listening machine (also provides a handy line in for bedside XM).  The next step is to do something about that piece of plastic that looks like an AM loop antenna and put some sort of decent AM antenna on it maybe CC crane .

Being heard right now on Radiosophy with phillips Dipole TV antenna.

Thank You WSNE 93.3 for having your IBOC off even though i like your dance channel on HD-2 !!!

93.1 WMGX Portland Maine 9:00 AM EDT TOH ID before that ads mentioning maine and matched website just said maines #1 for 70s and 80s 7/25/08

102.3 WMOS Stonington CT 9:06 PM EDT 102.3 the wolf the shorelines classic rock followed by Van Halen jump matches website 7/25/08

Heard on Eton E-100 at Comenciut Point Park Warwick R.I.

Tenative Logging:

104.3 WAXQ Newyork NY 11:50 AM EDT station doing beetles block followed mention of Q-104 by TOH fade down / drop out upon fade back up ad block with something about ocean city also mentioned Q 104.3 again went back to music and dropped out.  7/28/08

Notes: Logging is tenative as TOH time came along came Murphy and a gorgous fade out.......and fade right back in afterwards. Googling Q-104 brings up WAXQ 104.3 NY NY. Format is classic rock which matches what i was hearing. A tropo opening into NY is quite possible . Also at the time of logging WHOM 94.9 was pounding in out of NH. This is a

known tropo pattern at the park where one end of the opening hits somewhere between NH and Maine and the other end between long island NY and western CT or Hartford CT.     


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and antenna as listed


Heard on a 2006 red Saturn Vue radio in Hardin County, TN:

93.3 WSYE Tupelo, MS 1006 7/7 RDS Better music and more of it. Tr 71 mi.

95.5 WSM-FM Nashville, TN 1011 7/7 The Wolf. Tr 107 mi.

95.5 KAHE Dodge City, KS 1015 Super hits K-95 over Nashville The Wolf. Es 673 mi.

98.1 WXMX Memphis TN 7/7 1430 ID as 98.1 "The Max". 96 mi.

98.5 WKSR Pulaski TN 7/7 1445 ID as "ninety eight-five KSR" 73 mi.

101.1 WASL Dyersburg TN 7/8 1515 playing classic rock from the 70s 

and 80s and ID. 81 mi.

FM Logs heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and rabbit ears:

102.5 WERX Columbia, NC 7/9 1200 "102.5 The Shark" Es 681 mi.

106.3 WBTG Sheffield, AL 7/9 1100 ToH ID. TrS 49 mi.


Es and a regular GW catch between 1300 and 1400 in Crump, TN

94.1 KKLN Atwater MN IDed at BOH

95.1 CHVN Winnipeg MB CAN RDS hit and contemporary REL MX.

96.9 KAML Gillette WY ID "Camel Country" and announcement about I-90 


97.3 WKJQ Parsons TN C&W ads for Decaturville, TN

97.1 KYCK Grand Forks ND USA "The Valleys Hit Country"

Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and rabbit ears:

100.7 WYDL Middleton TN 7/10 2341"Wild 101.7" 43mi

100.9 WVHR Huntingdon TN 7/10 2344 C&W 60mi Tr

101.7 WORM Savannah TN 7/10 2345 "The Worm" 4 mi

101.9 WFTA Tupelo MS 7/10 2347 "Power 101" ID 81mi Tr

102.1 WDRM Decatur AL 7/10 2350 C&W 99mi Tr

102.5 WVNS Pegram TN 7/10 2356 ID "V 102.5" 123mi Tr

102.7 WEGR Memphis TN 7/10 2358 Rolling Stones 96mi Tr

103.1 WMXX Jackson TN 7/10 2359 "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" 50mi

103.3 WKDF Nashville TN 7/11 0001 C&W 107mi Tr

Heard on a red 2006 Saturn Vue radio and whip in Hardin County, TN:

94.1 WSNA Germantown, TN 7/17 1530 with rock music. 50 kW Tr 90 mi.

107.7 WHHM Henderson, TN 7/17 1542 RDS Star 1077 50 kW 35 mi.

107.3 WQLT Florence, AL 7/17 1545 RDS Q107 - Classic Rock. 93 kW 69 mi.

106.9 WWYN McKenzie, TN 7/17 1549 playing C&W. 100 kW 70 mi.

106.3 WBTG Sheffield, AL 7/17 1558 with TOH ID. 6 kW Tr 60 mi.

Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and rabbit ears:

89.5 WMAE Booneville, MS 7/19 1126 in HD with program about air quality. No HD2. 55 mi. TrE.

Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 with CM-3032 amp and rabbit ears antenna:

88.7 WQPR Muscle Shoals, AL 7/19 1706 with "A Prairie Home 

Companion". 54 mi. 20 kW TrE

91.3 WFIX Florence, AL 7/19 1721 with top 20 REL rock and ID "The Fix 

91 point 3". 52 mi. 100 kW

91.5 WFHU Henderson, TN 7/19 1724 playing "The Rock Shop". ID as "The 

Lion." 35 mi. 10.5 kW

93.1 WWGM Alamo, TN 7/19 1732 playing standard gospel music. 75 mi. 

14.2 kW. TrE

93.9 WSIB Selmer, TN 7/19 1737 with a local baseball game. 20 mi. 3 kW

94.3 WXRZ Corinth, MS 7/19 1740 with money talk. 36 mi. 25 kW

94.5 WFGZ Lobelville, TN 7/19 1744 REL music 60 mi 22 kW

94.7 WOJG Bolivar, TN 7/19 1747 Black gospel. 44 mi 22 kW

94.9 WMSR Collinwood, TN 7/19 1753 CHR 38 mi 7.7 kW

95.3 WADI Corinth, TN 7/19 1755 C&W      "Whiskey For My Men and Beer For 

My Horses." 36 mi 2.6 kW

95.9 WFKX Henderson, TN 7/19 1800 playing Urban Contemporary. 35 mi. 

6 kW

96.5 WBFG Parkers Crossroads, TN 7/19 1803 with ESPN Radio. 41 mi 6 kW

96.7 WMOD Bolivar, TN 7/19 1807 C&W "The Bed You Made For Me." 44 mi 

3 kW TrE

104.1 WOGY Jackson, TN 7/19 1829 C&W "Froggy 104."  58 mi. 100 kW

105.5 WXOQ Selmer, TN 7/19 1833 C&W ads for Nurse jobs in Savannah. 6 kW

89.5 WMAE Booneville, MS 7/23 2321 with HD2 and the music program 

World Cafe. Its one of the few HD programs I like so far.

Heard in a red 2006 Saturn Vue in Savannah, TN:

92.7 KBRB Bassett, NE 7/26 1140 with ad for a fair in Bassett.


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



FM was a little weird last night, with stations from Houston and San Antonio/Austin overriding some of my semi-locals. For example, KITE, 93.3, in Port Lavaca was being crushed by KPTY, Houston, with hip hop programming. No long distance tropo, just a strange inversion that seemed to take out anything 30 to 60 miles distant and opening the door for stations 150-250 miles away on the same channel.



You don’t Need a Weatherman…


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN



Heard on a CCRadio about 2230 7/2 while scratching massive numbers of 

chigger bites:

Ch 1 - 162.400 KIH53 Dumas, MS WX for Booneville and Ripley, MS 51 mi.

Ch 2 - nothing

Ch 3 - 162.450 KWN53 Centerville, TN WX for Paris, TN 62 mi.

Ch 4 - 162.475 KIH57 Crooked Oak, AL WX for Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, 

Sheffield and Florence, AL 54 mi.

Ch 5 - 162.500 WZ2506 Cypress, Inn, TN WX for Nashville, TN 33 mi.

Ch 6 - 162.525 KWN52 Lobelville, TN WX for Jackson, TN 46 mi.

Ch 7 - 162.550 WXK60 Jackson, TN WX for Jackson, TN 39 mi.


The Visible Universe


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

Digital Stream DTV Tuner and Analog TV


Seen with digital stream from Warwick R.I.

I picked up an (out of pocket) digital stream from radio shack yesterday. over the W/E i had tested one of the maggys i bought from walmart with the coupons. this opened a can of worms when i found the maggy converter got more channels then the TV built in DTV tuner. after seeing this i got the digital stream for myself (the maggys are for other family member TVs and were only meant for local viewing).

here is a bandscan as seen on the digital stream with radio shack amped remote control indoor antenna. (all are remapped although the digital stream does show the real RF numbers) This is an improvement over analog. Also ntenna web said outdoor antenna was needed for

boston but the digital stream is punching thru. 

2.1 WGBH 2 Boston PBS

2.2 WGBH Boston

4.1 WBZ 4 boston CBS

5-1 boston 5

6-1 WLNE Newbedford ABC

6-2 WLNE

7-1 Boston 7 NBC  

7-2  Boston weather

10-1 WJAR Providence NBC

10-2 Local weather

12-1 WPRI Providence CBS

25-1 boston WFXT (poor signal)

27-1 Wocrestor 27

28-1 CW 28 providence

36-1 WSBE providence PBS

36-2 PBS

38-1 WSBK Boston

44-1 WGBX Boston PBS

44-2 PBS

44-3 PBS

44-4 PBS

46-1 home shopping (mass)

56-1 WLVI 56 Boston CW

64-1 WNAC Providence Fox

69-1 Block Island ION (very poor signal)

69-2 ION

69-3 ION

69-4 ION


Bob Carter – Utica, NY

Zenith TV and Midrange Antenna


I experienced some E skip today [7/08/08] on my day off. Catching the last analog TV E-skip season while I can...nabbed KMTV Action 3 News from Omaha Neb around 6pm eastern. They were in their newscast. Saw a ..strong at times, station on 4 but did not catch an ID.  Channel 5 and channel 3 had Jeopardy on around 430pm eastern....but no IDs from either channel. For a very brief while, there was a weak unIDed channel 6 by 630pm eastern and all was gone by 730pm eastern. Nothing long distance caught on channel 2 as there is a local analog station here on that channel, but for a while....even at 12 miles from WKTV NewsChannel 2's transmitter site, the picture was a slight bit beat up.

I'll certainly miss the TV summer E-skip catches...after Feb 17th 2008 ...its digital or bust.

[Antenna is a "mid" range vhf/uhf up pointed west....around 30 feet above ground atop a 200 foot hill, tv is a Zenith "Omni Electronic Tuning" set.}

Two new catches this evening at 7pm eastern 7/9.

Channel 3 WCIA Champaign, Illinois and Channel 4 KMOV St. Louis Missori. WDAF Fox 4 from Kansas City Missori coming in as well..video only while it takes turns with KMOV video with KMOV audio holding near steady with some fading. All 3 stations into their 6pm newscast.  A faint picture on channel 5...but not good enough to see who it is. Channel 6 a very faint hortizonal rolling bar showing up...would not be surprised if the MUF was up in the lower par of the FM broadcast band.

Just caught "The Baby Borrowers" on KSNW ....also known as KSN, Witchita Ks [8pm local] Had near local type video/audio before fading to just above the noise and approaching serve thunder storms in my area....

All of the other channels are "quiet" dx wise.


Extra, Extra!


Robert M, Bratcher, Jr. Houston, TX


92.1 in Seabrook Texas. I can get it in northwest Houston just fine. Used to listen to them when they were KRTS (classical) before it changed to mexican. Now the programming is black gospel calling itself Praise 92.  Just an fyi.....


Dr. Tom Gruis – Des Moines, IA

Hi from Des Moines - the one in Iowa. I recieved e-mail this afternoon from the engineer at WOI (640 AM @ 5 KW ND day and about 1KW 2-towers night) and WOI-FM (90.1 @ 100 KW) in Ames, Iowa saying that FM's digital should be on by the end of the month and that digital is also in the works for AM. The stations are operated by Iow State University and part of Iowa Public Radio.

Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



Thursday, July 3, 2008 by SDRadio.

Logo: http://sdradio.net/__oneclick_uploads/2008/07/sd6_aug1_a.jpg

On August 1st, 2008 XETV Channel 6 becomes "San Diego 6 The CW" and the proud new home of The CW Television Network. "We believe that The CW’s new fall line-up, with the new 90210 joining the critically acclaimed Gossip Girl, will be a very exciting and promotable schedule that will fit perfectly with the #1 local station in San Diego. We are looking forward to a great new partnership," said VP/General Manager, Richard Doutré Jones.

The station logo and prime time programming will change, but the rest of the program schedule will remain the same. "We will continue our popular 5 a.m.-9 a.m. morning newscast, and 9-10 a.m. San Diego Living, as well as our full hour of news at 10:00 p.m. We also have our top-rated syndicated programs including The Simpsons, That 70’s Show, South Park and Seinfeld.

Viewers will wake up with San Diego 6 in the Morning anchors Marc Bailey, Lynda Martin and man about town Ruben Galvan weekdays 5-9 a.m. San Diego 6 News at 10:00 p.m. will continue to bring balanced news coverage to San Diego, with anchors Jim Patton, Heather Myers, meteorologist Aloha Taylor and C.S. Keys on sports.

According to the May ’08 Nielson Media Research rating survey, our 10 p.m. and morning newscasts were rated number 1 among adults 18-54," said Jones "XETV has been serving San Diego for over 55 years. We will continue to bring viewers the balanced news they trust and the great entertainment programming they love".

The CW fall 2008 prime time schedule lineup includes returning hits America’s Next Top Model, Smallville, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and this year’s wildly-anticipated new show, 90210.

"We are thrilled to be affiliated with XETV, the number one station in San Diego," said John Maatta, Chief Operating Officer, The CW. "This station has a huge local identity, which perfectly complements The CW Network. The combination of XETV and The CW will be an explosive one which will rock the San Diego market. This vibrant and happening West Coast market now has a vibrant and happening combination with the hook-up of The CW and XETV. This will be a great thing for the station, the network and most importantly, the viewers in San Diego."

XETV signed on the air in January, 1953 as San Diego’s second television station. From 1956 to 1972 XETV operated as an ABC affiliate. The station became independent in 1972 and was one the first stations to affiliate with the fledgling FOX network in 1986.

Today’s FCC Public Notices showed the renewal of XETV’s permit to send programming across the border. The notice specifically says the programming is to be in English (SDRadio.net via DXLD)

Is this only about analog-6 which won`t have to go off next Feb?


Bargain Barn


Nothing for sale this month


Show and Tell – New Toys


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA  JVC HD Car Radio


Well, in case anyone was wondering what ever became of the JVC HD radio I was buying for my wife's van (you forgot all about it?  Yeah, me too).  Actually, it just took a while to find the time to sit down for a bit and put the wiring harness together.  I finally did it last Saturday night, and had the radio installed by 1:00 AM.  As with all Crutchfield installations, this one took a little time, since I wanted to be careful, but it was really quite easy.  Ever since I discovered the wonders of heat-shrink tubing, I like to take my time and do it right. 

So anyhow, the radio works well.  The sound is good, and it works pretty much as I expected it would.  I only had a little time to play with it, but I do have a few first impressions. 

First of all, I cannot tell the difference between FM analog and HD.  Maybe its my middle-aged ears, but the only way I knew I was listening to HD was the "HD" light in the display.  Try as I could, I could not hear any difference when the light went from flashing to solid.  Maybe that's just a testament to the local engineering folks - at least the timing and processing is matched well. 

As for AM, the difference was quite obvious, but my first impression is that the HD sounded tinnier (I guess if I wanted to make that a good thing, I could have said "brighter"). 

Driving around town, we were mostly stuck listening to my 4-year-old daughter's CD, but once she fell asleep, I got to play.  Analog and HD-1 sounded just fine.  One HD-2 that we tried (KBIG 104.3 as I recall) sounded fine, but would periodically drop out completely.  Incidentally, this happened while driving the 405 freeway in West L.A.  (right by Saul Levine's studios for AM 540/1260 and FM 105.1).  Not exactly the boonies.  If we were spending all of our time in the Valley, then I suspect that the HD-2s would do better, but now that we have a business over by LAX, my wife is driving over the hill every day.  She's normally the type to just pick a station and listen, but I doubt she will do that with an HD-2 that cuts out all the time. 

One other minor annoyance is that you can't set a preset for a sub-channel.  You can only set it for the analog channel, then press the up-arrow to switch to the sub-channels. 

We sampled a few of the other HD-2 channels, but there wasn't anything so compelling that we had to stop and stay for any length of time.

 So at least here in L.A., I don't think that the HD-2 channels are going to be much of a draw - at least not until there is a substantial power increase. 

 More to come as I have time to listen more...


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC  Sangean DT400W


It came today and I put the batteries in it at the Post Office. There was a good bit of powerline noise, and it even picked up WGAC 580 Augusta, Georgia which just doesn't come in well here for some [unknown to me ] reason. WX radio part was excellent. You  MUST have something plugged into the headphone jack for WX or FM to work More later. it seems to be excellent....and it is  VERY  YELLLLLOWWW   !!!!  


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX  Sangean DT400W


My bright yellow Sangean DT-400W arrived via USPS this past Tuesday!  I decided to get one based on how well my DT-200V performed.  I figuredthe DT-400W would be an improved version of the DT-200V.  I was right!

Also, since the DT-200V covers the analog TV channels, I thought the replacement of the TV channels with the 7 US National Weather Service frequencies on the DT-400W was a smart move since the analog TV channels will go dark next year.

Right out of the blister pack, the DT-400W's performance was SUPER!

This will definitely be a radio that I will get a lot of enjoyment outof!  Now I can leave my DT-200V in my desk at work, since, even inside the government office building where I work, it will receive the local AM and FM stations.

One thing majorly different in FM reception between the DT-200V and the DT-400W is that with the DT-400W you definitely need either your headphones or the nifty antenna wire (supplied) to pick up even the local FM stations.

A more detailed review, along with a bandscan, is forthcoming (I hope).


Eton E-100


My Eton E-100 from "The Shortwave Store" in Canada arrived, safe and sound, this past Saturday!  Even after reading the reviews of the radio and seeing pictures of it on various

websites, I was still amazed at just how small the radio really is.  Sure fits the description of an "ultralight!"

Not a bad price, either!  Less than half the list price, thanks to a special from Gary DeBock of www.dxer.ca.

One minor problem, though - the 2 AA batteries that came with the radio (Eton brand) had started to corrode.  But, thankfully, they were still in the shrink-wrap and didn't damage anything inside the box.  AND, there were 2 new AA alkaline batteries taped to the outside of the box, so I came out okay!

Haven't had any time to do anything with the radio other than to put the new batteries in, set the time, and check out the controls to see if they work.

I'm hoping to have some time later this week to test the radio, do some bandscans, etc.  We'll see.


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX   Grundig G4


I was in Columbus yesterday and visited Universal Radio.

UR always makes the trip very worthwhile. 

For those looking for a radio that records, check into the Grundig G4. It is a great sounding little radio, with excellent ability to pull in signals. 

The G4 is very compact, in fact smaller than the G5.

It has a built in flash drive or you can record on SD cards. It takes them up to 2GB. 

The radio takes a little getting used to and the labeling hard toread.  (Maybe it's just time for a new eyeglass prescription for me).

No this is not a paid advertisement.

It's kind of like the old Sony T1000 which had built-in cassette. Just smaller and a little more convenient.  The Sony sold for about $500, this one is $199.  


Scott Fybush – Grundig G4


I bought one a couple of weeks ago and am trying to decide whether to keep it or return it. I love the size of the radio, and I've been looking for something to replacing my aging fleet of T1000s, especially as it becomes harder to even find blank cassettes.

BUT...I can't find any way to change the bitrate at which the G4 records off the radio. The unit I've been playing with records at the "voice" setting, which is probably something like 32k mono. That's not good enough for the airchecking I want to do with it...so it's likely to be

going back to Amazon ($199 there as well) while I wait for the G4+ or whatever the next radio with a built-in MP3 recorder is...


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL Sony  XDR-F1HD


My Sony XDR-F1HD arrived this morning from Amazon. I don't know why, perhaps because it's a component tuner and not a full radio, I was under the impression it would be the size of a normal audio component. It's not even close. It's roughly 7"x7"x2.5".

The front contains the display and the on/off button. All other controls are on the top in a single row set back about 3/4" from the front. There is a remote control included.

Due to it not including speakers, I had to run out at lunch and spend $15 on connector pieces at Rat Shack so I could hook it up to the computer speakers I have at work. It would have been nice if Sony had included a stereo mini-plug connector. Given the lack of a volume control, this unit is either going to be attached to a full stereo unit (most of which already have tuners, so that's a bit questionable) or to powered speakers that have built in volume control. I find the

latter to be far more likely, particularly since almost all the controls are on the top. Odd placement for a component intended for use with the full component stereo system.

With the unit hooked up to the massive 3" cube JBL speakers I have on my desk, I started searching for HD stations. Somewhat to my surprise, since I've never once heard them mention it on the air, the FM station I normally listen to in the morning is available in HD. Sort of. Even though the signal strength indicator (which is only three vertical bars) shows a full strength signal, the station keeps slipping in and out of HD. Admittedly, the dipole is not high on an outside wall as they suggested, but it is fully stretched out, taped to the back of my

desk for the moment. Okay, in a flash of near brilliance, I moved the antenna to the top of cabinet over the other leg of the desk. I'm now getting a solid signal on that same station.

When the signal transitioned from analog to digital, about all I could hear was a slight reduction in the volume level. In fairness, I need to try this again with something a bit better than these tiny speakers that probably cost all of $15. Still, I guess I was expecting something a bit more obvious. If I hadn't have been listening for it, I would have never noticed when it switched to digital.

This particular station has just the one HD channel. In the scans I've done I did notice a couple with two HD channels and one that had three. I'll have to give those a critical listen when I get the better speakers hooked up.

On AM this unit is providing the best signal I've gotten in my office.  That may be more due to the mini loop antenna than the tuner, but at least I'm going to be able to listen to AM talk now.

The unit runs a bit warm. I'm getting that wonderful smell of new plastic being heated up and outgassing all those marvelous chemicals. I'd never made the connection before, but it smells a lot like the TV section at Circuit City. Now I know why they all smell the same.

OMG! I just found a station that's playing Christian rap! For some reason that strikes me about like Kosher ham.

I guess that's about it for now. I'll write more after I play around a bit more.  took the XDR-F1HD home yesterday and hooked it up to some much better speakers. I'm pretty sure these speakers exceed the capacity of the tuner, so any limitations are from the radio (or my hearing) and not the speakers.

I found one instance where the analog signal was a bit noisy and the digital signal was obviously much cleaner. Night and day difference in that case.

In every other case it seemed to me the analog signal actually sounded better than the digital signal. The volume level clearly dropped when the digital stream took over. Trying my best to ignore that aspect, the overall sound just felt compressed. And I don't really mean that

in a digital compression sense. It was as though someone had literally squeezed the sound. That was my subjective impression. In reality I suspect some of the highs and lows were thrown out during the digital compression process. This wasn't just on the stations that were airing multiple HD channels. Even the ones with just a single HD channel sounded like this.

On the positive side, it did seem like the digital signal provided a better sense of the sound stage.

I almost got a lock on an HD station from Tampa. I'm not sure where their broadcast tower is, but it has to be at least 50 miles away. Many of the Tampa stations were coming in very solid in analog. The signal strength "meter" only has three segments. Most of the Tampa

stations were reading two segments. It's not unusual to get these stations on the mono FM radios I have, but I was a bit surprised to get a decent stereo signal at that distance. Mind you, this was with just the included dipole antenna stretched out over the back of the sofa. If I had a decent antenna up on the roof I'd probably have a shot at some Miami stations.

The only local station transmitting IBOC on MW switches to a north-easterly pattern at night and I get effectively no signal at all from them. I tuned around a bit to see if I could get any hint of IBOC coming in from a distance but struck out on that. I guess I need to figure out a way to hook the QX Pro to the F1HD.

To summarize my impressions so far --

XDR-F1HD: Very nice FM tuner, far better AM tuner than I was expecting. An excellent value at $50 with the rebate.

HD-Radio: Eh.


Testing, Testing…


No tests this month


Call Sign Changes




Federal Communications Commission

445 12th St., S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20554

News media information 202/418-0500

Fax-On-Demand 202/418-2830

Internet: http://www.fcc.gov




Report No. 511  Media Bureau Call Sign Actions  July 16, 2008

During the period from May 8, 2008 to July 10, 2008 the Commission accepted applications to assign call signs to, or change the call signs of the following broadcast stations. 

Call Signs Reserved for Pending Sales Applicants 


Call Sign           City            State          Former Call Sign



WJTP   AM       WALHALLA       SC        WWOF

WYHM  AM       ROCKWOOD    TN        WOFE

New or Modified Call Signs


Call Sign  Service           City            State            Former Call Sign

WNTJ       AM  JOHNSTOWN    PA                    WPRR

KKRN       FM  BELLA VISTA    CA        New

KLBN        FM  FRESNO                   CA            KOQO-FM

KESA       FM  EUREKA SPRINGS       AR        KTCN

KKWB      FM  KELLIHER         MN                   New

KEJC-LP    LP   SHERIDAN        AR                    KWBF-LP

KSEW      AM  SEWARD                 AK                        KSWD

KSWD      FM  LOS ANGELES CA                   KRBV

WBKK      AM  WILTON MN                              New

WIOX        FM  ROXBURY  NY                           New

WJFN       AM  BRANDON                MS           WZQK

KSDQ       FM  MOBERLY        MO New

WBNM      AM  ALEXANDER CITY         AL        WRFS

WGWS FM SAINT MARY'S CITY            MD       New

WUCN      AM  SMITHVILLE      GA                   New

KDNR       FM  SOUTH GREELEY        WY       KEZF

WHWS-LP    FL  GENEVA                 NY            WSAC-LP

WTNQ      FM  LA FOLLETTE   TN                    WQLA-FM

WXXW-LP    BINGHAMTON        NY                    W06CC

KOLJ    FM      WARROAD       MN                   New

WSGC-FM    FM ELBERTON     GA                   WLVX

WSKX       FM  YORK CENTER ME                   WUBB

WYNJ   FM BLACKDUCK           MN                   New

WTBZ-LP    LP  GAINESVILLE   FL                    W29CV

KCFL        FM      GLENOMA   WA                   New

WZFG       AM  DILWORTH       MN                   WZFN

KEZF        FM  KIMBALL                  NE            New

KSGS-LP    FL  RIO GRANDE CITY        TX         New

WPNT       AM  SOUTH BEND   IN                     WWLV

WSYA      AM  ANNISTON        AL                    WANA

WXLE       FM  CANTON                   NY            New

WABT       FM   FAIRLAND        IN                     New

WVXI      FM  COLE               IN                         New

KTWI        FM  BENNINGTON   NE                    KHUS

KXJM        FM  BANKS         OR                       KVMX

KXTG       FM    PORTLAND       OR                   KXJM

KBTN        AM  NEOSHO                  MO           KQYS

WUMI       FM  NEWBERRY             MI              New

KKND       FM  BELLE CHASSE           LA        KMEZ

KQAQ       AM  AUSTIN         MN           KNFX

WCHH       FM  BALTIMORE      MD                   WSMJ

WFBX       AM   SPRING LAKE  NC                    WCIE

WLNB       FM   WARTBURG             TN             New

WTCO-FM    FM PENDLETON   SC                     New

WVWA       FM NORTH SALEM NY        New

WXLB       FM    BOONVILLE    NY                   New

WBYK       FM  KULPMONT      PA                  New

WKMZ      FM  MUKWONAGO WI                   WFZH

WSHM      FM  WIXOM         MI       New



WQLO      FM  LAKE ODESSA MI         New

WRCI        AM  ROCHESTER    NY        WLGZ

WZKL       FM  WOODSTOCK   IL          New


KOHP       FM  RILEY           OR           New

WSJE       FM  SUMMERSVILLE           WV       New

KJCD        FM  FORT BENTON            MT        New

WJYF       FM  TALLULAH FALLS         GA       New

WREE      FM  FARGO         GA           New

WREI       FM    KINGS BAY      GA       New


WKFO      AM  STANFORD KY             WRSL


KSKR       AM  ROSEBURG      OR       KRNR


WKNZ       FM  HARRINGTON   DE        New

KCST-LP    LP  HOQUIAM         WA       KDNH-LP

KMEZ       FM  PORT SULPHUR           LA        KXOS

KYTS        FM  TEN SLEEP      WY       KGCL


WUPG       FM  REPUBLIC        MI         WUPZ

WUPZ       FM     CRYSTAL FALLS        MI         WUPG

KGCC       FM   GILLETTE                 WY           KXXL

KITG         FM  SARCOXIE                MO  New

KXXL         FM  MOORCROFT   WY       KPKL

WKWH    FM    LIBERTY                   IN New

KBNZ-LP    LP   BEND           OR           K07YM

KZME       FM  BRIGHTWOOD  OR           New

WFHC-LP    FL  HENDERSONVILLE       NC            New

WPPG       FM  REPTON                   AL            WTID


WCMR      AM  ELKHART                 IN WFRN

WCMR-FM    FM BRUCE                   MS  WCMR

WCRW     AM  POCOMOKE CITY         MD       WBEY

WMEX      FM  EDGARTOWN   MA       New

KGCD       FM  LINCOLN                   NDKVLQ

KGCM      FM  BELGRADE       MT       KQLU

KQCK       TV   CHEYENNE      WY       KDEV

KQDK-CA    CA       AURORA       CO    KDEV-LP

WGCN      FM  NASHVILLE      GA       WVRI

WGXM      FM  PORT   REPUBLIC        NJ         WXXY-FM

WHBP      FM  HARBOR SPRINGS       MI         New

WLMN      FM  MANISTEE                MI New


WDTX       FM  ROTHSCHILD    WI        New


KDFO       FM  DELANO                   CAKBKO-FM

KGFJ   FM  BELT                  MT                New


WLUX       AM  DUNBAR                   WV    New


WSMJ      FM  WILKINSON      IN         New

KSRJ        FM  ARLINGTON      SD        New


KDEV-LP    LP  CHEYENNE              WY           KKTU-LP

WUMM     FM  MACHIAS                 ME           New

KEIS       FM     YORK           NE            New

KEJA        FM  CALE            AR    New

KJOG       FM  CLEVELAND     OK       New

KYAH       FM  MANHATTAN    KS        New

WGIA       FM    DAMASCUS              GA    New

WGLG       FM  LA GRANGE     GA       New


KGWB  FM SNYDER             TX        New

KVTS-LP    REPUBLIC           MO           New

KYCO       FM  LIMON          CO    New

WLS-FM CHICAGO               IL  WZZN

KPDC-LP    LP  INDIO            CA            K25GW


KUWI        FM  RAWLINS                 WY           New

WNJY-FM    NETCONG             NJ            New

WNLI        FM  STURGEON BAY          WI        WRGX

WQOH  AM IRONDALE             AL        WRLM

WTOC      AM  NEWTON                  NJ                        WNNJ

WRKJ       FM  WESTBROOK   ME       New

KTXW       AM  MANOR                    TX KRAU

KWEH       FM  WEATHERFORD           OK       New

WOWC     FM  MORRISON               TN                   WRKK-FM


KDOW      AM  PALO ALTO      CA        KNTS

KNTS       AM    SEATTLE                  WA  KDOW

KTLP-LP    LP   PUEBLO                   CO K34FB

KVRZ        FM  LIBBY           MT            New

WNWT      AM  ROSSFORD      OH       WDMN

KPMZ       FM  FLOWER MOUND         TX         KTYS

WDCN-LP    LP FAIRFAX                   VA            W06CJ

KAJF        FM  IPSWICH                  SD            New

KAMF       FM  TULARE                    SD            New


KGCV       FM  ELK MOUNTAIN            WY       KEZH


KKHI         FM  CENTENNIAL    CO       KGDQ


KOEC       FM  O'NEILL                    NE            New

KOMH       FM   MARSHALL       MN       New

KPCJ        FM  YANKTON         SD        New

KSTJ       FM     NORFOLK         NE        New

WGIW      FM  PILOT MOUNTAIN         NC        New

KLJK       FM     HUDSON                  TX KLSN

WNNJ       FM  NEWTON                  NJ            WNNJ-FM

KBDY       FM  HANNA         WY                KXMP

WEBK       FM  SOCIETY HILL   SC        New

WFBK      FM  FORT MILL        SC        New

WJTJ        FM  CAMERON                MO           New

WNBK      FM  WHITMIRE        SC        New

WRDK      FM  BLADENBORO  NC            New


KVOD       FM  LAKEWOOD             CO KFDN

KRUK       FM  HAPPY CAMP  CA        New

WFGE      FM  TYRONE                   PA                        WGMR

WFGS      FM  MURRAY                  KY                        WFGE



WWSH     FM  PLEASANT GAP           PA        WSGY



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