July 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 7



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Table of Contents


The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM                              3


The Visible Universe – TV                                                12


Nothing But Net – Net Video and Audio                      19


Down In The Basement – LW                                         28


The Broadcast Band – AM                                               30


The Whole Earth – HF/SW                                               34


You Don’t Need a Weatherman – Weather Band       65


Extra, Extra – News                                                           66


Bargain Barn – Sale Items                                               67


Show And Tell – Review of New Toys                          67


Testing, Testing… - Upcoming Tests                           70


Call Sign Changes – From the FCC when available 70


I Got The Bird – Satellite                                                   70



The Line of Sight and Beyond


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Sony XDR-F1 and FMSS Turnstile Antenna at 25’


I put up the new FMSS antenna yesterday that replaced the Fanfare loaded whip which I sent back to Crane. Reception was immediately much better. I had a solid HD lock on all three Boston WGBH channels and heard several more semi-local new England stations that were not heard with the whip. 

Also got these, the first two with an RDS ID and HD icon and the last one with just the call letters.

88.1 KDHX, St Louis MO - 27Jul09 6:27pm - Community Radio- RDS-HD

88.3 WNIN, Evansville IN - 27Jul09 6:30pm - NPR - RDS-HD

89.1 KUAR, Little rock AR - 27Jul09 6:51pm - RDS - ID Public Radio

88.1 WCRJ, Jacksonville FL - 29Jul09 1243 - The Promise - Woman with ID

88.1 WAYT, Tallahassee FL - 29Jul09 1245 - Way FM - Man with ID

88.1 WUWF, Pensacola FL - 29Jul09 1300 - RDS-HD

88.1 WJIS, Sarasota FL - 29Jul09 1302 - The Joy FM RDS ID

88.3 WKPX, Michigamme MI - 29Jul09 1755 - Woman with ID

88.3 WLPT, Jesup GA - 29Jul09 1800 - Woman with ID

88.5 WRAS, Atlanta GA - 29Jul09 1826 - Georgia State University - Woman with ID

91.7 KSUI, Iowa City IA - 29Jul09 1906 - Classical - Man with ID

91.7 KCVX, Salem MO - 29Jul09 1735 - Life changing Radio - Man with ID

91.7 KJIR, Hannibal MO - 29Jul09 1729 - The Cross - RDS ID


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

As listed


Heard on an Sangean HDR-1 and FM-6 antenna:

90.7 WCVK Bowling Green, KY 7/5 1045 with local underwriting ad and CFR affiliation announcement and into Christian music. #152

Had a little trop 7/25... I have now heard 9 HD stations from Crump, TN.

105.9 WNRQ Nashville, TN 0715 with The Big Show and "The Rock".

107.5 WRVW Lebanon, TN 0722 "The River" rimshotting Nashville.

101.1 KJMS Olive Branch, MS 0725 playing Hip Hop.

102.1 WDRM Decatur, AL 0728 playing C&W.

88.7 WQPR Muscle Shoals, AL 0739 with Weekend Edition

98.3 WKSR Pulaski, TN 0743 C&W, I'm Goin Out With My Boots On

89.5 WMOT Murfreesboro, TN 0750 playing jazz. NEW 153


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver, Antenna



FM 89.7 “Unidas” on RDS w/ man reading news, suspect Guatemala.

FM 87.7 Religious SS, suspect Guatemala. 

Both have been recorded for later ID….(hopefully)


Justin Wolffing – Green River, WY

Receiver, Antenna




18 new stations today from Green River, WY

Michael, all of mine were from Texas and I had some tropo. Via tropo, I was able to get Jackson Hole, Gillette, and your very own local stations from Evanston loud and clear.


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100 Dipole scanner antenna and booster


Just this morning i had a tropo open up towards the south west, and on my pioneer super tuner radio in my f150 FORD  while driving the 3 miles to my other work truck i heard ;

KZTL  93.5 mz  "Wild Country 93.5"  from Paxton Ne. 166 miles away ,with many mentions of North Platte ,and the Calamus Dam-Lake,

Stomped right in over, "KKOT The Hawk" from Columbus Ne. my usual station,

So it is possible ,however this is the only time it's happened to me ?WELL.......... the only time i cared to pay attention anyway? :)


Dodge 350 radio I caught this at 11:00 am central

WTGF 90.5 Southern Gospel  24,000 w Turns out to be from Milton Florida , according to google map 1040 miles distant,not a new record for distance but the first Fl. contact .

After eating my beens today :) I thought i would check something on the net ,The 2100 was on and starting fading and stuff so i spent the next 1 1/2 hour Dxing !


In order as i found them 7/17 12:30-2:00 Pm central

99.7 WOOF   'woof FM'  100,000 w  class c1   Dothan Ala.  1066 mi.

99.7 KKMT "Star 99-7 'Today's Hit's'  1800w class c2 Hot A-C Pablo Mt. 833 mi.

97.1 WSRV '97.1 The River' Classic R&R 98,000 w claas c  Gainesville Ga. 980 mi.

98.1 WDGL 'Eagle 98-1' The ten-in-a-row-station 95,000w class c Baton Rouge La. 927 mi.

99.9 KTDY  '99-9 KTDY' 80's-90's-Today 100,000 w class c Lafayette La. 920 mi.

98.7 KTXN '98-7 Jack FM' Playing What we Want 100,000 w class c1 Vitoria Tx. 948 mi.

97.7 WYYX '97-X' Panama City's Rock Station 100,000 w class c1 Bonifay Fl.  1078 mi. !

97.5 KDBH 'CD Country' 6000 w class c3 Natchitoches La. 800 mi.

97.3 KQHN 'Mix 97-3' Adult Contemp,42,000 w class c3 Waskom Tx.733 mi.

96.9 KZMZ '96-9 Rocks' 100,000 w class co Alexandria La. 843 mi.

96.7 KBEL 'K-bel fm The country Leader' 25,000 w Idabel Okla. 627 m

100.1 KYBI 'Y-100' Adult contemp 20,000 w class c2 Lufkin Tx. 798 mi.

2 New states here ! the first solid Fl. and Montana ,which i have no idea how it got here ? seemed like it was coming from ,south ,south west more ?


98.7 KUPL   'New Country 98.7' class c1 36,000w  Portland Or.  1207 Mi.

99.1 KUJ-FM   'Power 99.1' The Tri Cities #1 Hit Music Station  class c1 52,000w  Burbank Wa.  1035 mi.

I think I heard KOTS on this last  one but that goes to a 1000w station on 1230 khz in New Mexico ?  ODD .


97.7 WWXM 'Mix 97.7' The #1 music Station  Class C1  100,000w Garden City S.C. 1228 mi.

95.3 WZRV 'The River 95.3' Your greatest Hit's Class A 6000w Front Royal , Virginia  1096 mi.

95.3 WKDB 'The B' Hot Adult Contemp  Class A 6000w  Laurel De. 1239 mi.

95.5 WPGC  'wpgc 95-5'  DC's  #1 Always Blazin at least 18 Jams in-a-row Class B  50,000w  Morningside Maryland  1167 mi.

94.1 WQZK '94-1,QZK' Class B 21,000w Keyser WV. 1046 mi.

99.1 WPLR '99.1-PLR' Class B 15,000w New Haven Ct.  1318 mi.

94.3 CKMF 'Radio-Energie-94.3' French and english   Class C1 41,000w Montreal Quebec Ca.  1255 mi.

99.1 WLZL 'EL-Zol 99.1' Tropical SS  Class B 50,000w Annapolis Maryland 1179 mi.

99.1 CHRI  'Family Radio'  Class C1 25.300w Ottawa Ontario Ca. 1157 mi.

96.1 WJYE 'Playing Favorites From Yesterday and Today' Class B 47,000w Buffalo N.Y.  1003 mi.

95.9 WRZK '95-9 The Hog'  Hard Rock  Class C2 7400w Colonial Heights Tn. 953 mi.

95.9 WIOP 'FM- 95.9' Oldies  Class C3 11,000w Isle Of The Palms S.C.  1228 mi.

96.1 WBBB  '96-Rock' Everything that Rocks  Class C 100,000w Raleigh N.C.  1164 mi.

96.1 WIBT '96-1 The Beat' Charlotte's Party Station  Class C 100,000w Shelby S.C.  1043 mi.

95.9 WQZY 'Today's Hottest Country' Class D 100,000w Dublin Ga.  1100 mi.

Later in the session ,While trying to confirm  WQZY on 95.9 ,I clearly heard a woman talking about some Business in Newport Beach ,and another beach that i didnt catch ,then it drifted away,

So I typed in 95.9 Newport Beach ,It pointed to KFSH in Anahiem Ca.....WOW I didn't think i would get Ca. ever! I could'nt confirm it even though i listened for most of the next hour ,I got more snippets but nothing i could relate to that station .

Think it's possible? i dunno ? It would be a good one .

Anyway ,extended my distance record by 4 miles :)


Eric Berger – Carleton, MI

McIntosh MR65, Antenna


*SUN 05 JUL: Es

11.20 ** WQUE-FM 93.3 New Orleans, LA - Poor in slop of pest WDRQ-93.1 with R&B mx, 'Q-93,' lost; new catch!

*MON 06 JUL: Es

19.13 ** WSCC-FM 94.3 Goose Creek, SC - Poor with Michael Savage; new catch!

19.19 ** WVCO-FM 94.9 Loris, SC - Fair with ads, 94.9 The Surf, into Classic rock; new catch!

19.22 ** WNKS-FM 95.1 Charlotte, NC - Good with rap/dance mx, Kiss FM; new catch!

19.26 ** WRNN-FM 99.5 Socaster, SC - Faded up over local WYCD with financial talk, lost to local pest again.

19.28 ** -FM 104.1 - Poor in WOMC slop with Sports Talk; no idea

19.31 ** -FM 107.9 - Fair with smooth jazz record into "What a Fool Believes," nothing said between records, lost during second record. Nothing seems to match.

19.35 ** WRNS-FM 95.1 Kinston, NC - Fair with ads, call letter ment during one spot.

*TUE 07 JUL: Es

17.23 ** WAYF-FM 88.1 West Palm Beach, FL - Fair with Way FM stuff, lost; new catch!

17.35 ** WJLU-FM 89.7 New Smyrna Beach, FL - Poor with show promo on Cornerstone; new catch!

18.19 ** WQCS-FM 88.9 Fort Pierce, FL - Poor with local promo into NPR's All Things Considered.

18.29 ** WKEV-FM 88.9 The Rock, GA - Fair with Oldies, wx forecast; new catch!

18.41 ** WBVD-FM 95.1 Melbourne, FL - Fair with ads, Kiss FM ment, lost.

18.44 ** WMGE-FM 94.9 Miami Beach, FL - Fair with SS mx, Mega 94-9.

18.46 ** WRBA-FM 95.9 Springfield, FL - Poor with local ad, lost.

18.55 ** WQYK-FM 99.5 St. Petersburg, FL - Faded up over local WYCD with jx, C&W, lost. New catch!

18.57 ** WRUM-FM 100.3 Orlando, FL - Fair with SS hip hop/rap, Rumba 100.3. Wiped out local WNIC! New catch!

19.04 ** WTLQ-FM 97.7 Punta Rassa, FL - Poor in mess with SS, mixing with two others. New catch!

19.08 ** WXTB-FM 97.9 Clearwater, FL - Faded up over local WJLB with rock mx, 98 Rock, lost. New catch!

19.14 ** WARO-FM 94.5 Naples, FL - Fair with local ads, Classic Rock 94.5, into Classic rock. Over semi-local WXKR! New catch - FL #100!

19.21 ** WCSN-FM 105.7 Orange Beach, AL - Good with local ads, Sunny 105.7, into AC mx. New catch!

19.26 ** WRAZ-FM 106.3 Leisure City, AL - Poor with SS, 'La Raza.' New catch!

19.42 ** WSBZ-FM 106.3 Miramar Beach, FL - Fair with Smooth Jazz 106.3, The Sea Breeze; Dave Cos was the DJ. New catch!

19.45 ** WGMK-FM 106.3 Donalsonville, GA - Good wth local ads, Atlanta Braves game. New catch!

19.50 ** WRRX-FM 106.1 Gulf Breeze, FL - Fair with show hosted by Keith Sweat on Magic 106.1, ads, lost.

20.01 ** WZKX-FM 107.9 - Good with C&W, Kicker 108. New catch!

20.09 ** WMRK-FM 107.9 Shorter, AL - Faded up STRONG with Laura Ingraham on News-Talk 107.9. So strong I was scared my tuner would overload! New catch!

20.21 ** WTIX-FM 94.3 Galliano, LA - Poor with the Ticks Chime Time into ads, lost.

20.24 ** KFTE-FM 96.1 Breaux Bridge, LA - Poor with local ads, lost.

21.01 ** KZBJ-FM 89.5 Bay City, TX - Poor with IDs of various stations, lost. New catch!

*WED 08 JUL: Es

20.15 ** KLGT-FM 92.9 Buffalo, WY - Good with C&W, Kicks 92-9.

20.21 ** KYYA-FM 93.3 Billings, MT - Very choppy with Y-93 jx, into AC mx. New catch!

21.53 ** KNTU-FM 88.1 McKinney, TX - Faded up over local pest WDTR with Jazz mx, ID, lost.

*THU 09 JUL: Es

19.22 ** KTBB-FM 92.1 Tyler, TX - Poor with ads, into Michael Savage.  Ex-KDOK for me.

19.40 ** KIVY-FM 92.7 Crockett, TX - Poor with local ad, lost.


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI  

Grundig G8


DX notes and logging all heard on grundig G-8 7/11/09 between 4:30PM edt and 5:20PM edt. all heard at home Warwick R.I. . relogs heard included WHOM , WKOQ 97.5 Long Ilsand NY on co channel by turning radio. 105.5 relog from ct (not heard in some time). also 100.9 ct popped in for a visit. these were mostly beach park reloggings from last summer........except im not at the park im sitting at home 2 miles north of park location. i am formally relogging the below which has not been heard since august '06 on the kaito 1103 in the west patio room at this location. Note: logging in presence of strong LOCAL on 92.3 running IBOC on 92.1 and 92.5. IBOC whine could be heard by turning the radio and turning radio to null it and open the channel for tropo loggings.

92.1 WLNG Sag Harbour NY 5:16 PM EDT annoucing from a fishing or boat tournment of some sorts and gave calls wlng 92.1 . 7/11/09

UPDATE: AT 8:15 pm edt both WALK 97.5 NY and WLNG 92.1 NY both in at armchair copy. no problem with 92.3 strong local IBOC it is completly nulled when aiming antenna at window on grundig g-8. ALL possible cape cod mass stations between 75-140 miles also in armchair copy incuding very hard 103.9 and 102.3 both armchair copy. the wolf 102.3 ct also pooped in for an earlier visit.

101.3 WKCI Hamden CT 10:00 AM EDT TOH hour ID prior to heard many ad refs to conn area. 1st adjacecent to strong local WWBB 101.5 which runs IBOC. 7/23/09

102.1 WAQY Springfield Mass 9:39 AM EDT ad blocks with refs to springfiels mass slogan rock 102 7/23/09

100.5 WRCH New Britian CT 9:15 AM EDT slogan literock 100.5 gave calls 7/23/09

98.3 WILI Willimantic CT 9:05 AM EDT gave weather and traffic reports for willimantic CT slogan or part of is I98 . 7/23/09

106.5 WBMW Ledyard CT 8:50 AM EDT gave calls 7/23/09


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Sony XDR-F1HD and FM-6 antenna




There is ROCK SOLID E going on here tonight.  Found it by accident.  Full report to come.  Justin if you are watching your email, GET TO A RADIO NOW!!!  You have been wanting Es....it's HERE.  Now!

Signal is SO good that RDS on the Sony XDR-F1HD is kicking in! 

Listening currently to CKLF FM - "94.7 Star FM" from Brandon, Manitoba!  It's been in for more than 15 minutes now!!!   From 94.3 up past 97 there's something on almost every frequency....even drowning out semi-locals (salt lake stations).  

WOW!!!! This is like super rare for us here in the mountain west!


Well folks, here goes.  First off I have to say this is the most exciting and amazing Es experience I ever had.  Talk about once in a lifetime.  Extremely rare.  I felt like my head was spinning.  The stuff was everywhere.  Seems like it slacked off a bit after I got above 101mhz or so. 

The windows occurred between about 8:15 and 9:15pm.  At that point the sun was about down and it was starting to fade off but man what a session! 

92.1    Heard the end of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" backsell by the jock mentiong "City-FM Winnipeg's classic rock"  According to their web site, that would be CITI in Winnipeg! 

92.9    French-speaking.  One of several french-speaking stations.  While I do understand some French (thanks to my Cajun heritage and my parents and grandparents teaching me) I wasn't able to understand much or figure out where it was coming from. 

92.7    Sounded like some public radio programming....probably CBC.  Talking about world news and stuff. 

93.1    Religious country - had the Statlers and then Loretta Lynn...both religious songs.  Never got an ID on this one.

93.7    Pop/CHR song - didn't stick around long enough for me to get any ID on. 

94.3    When this all started I was hearing a pop or hot ac station playing Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold".  I stopped there because I thought maybe we had a new traslator on the air here.  That one didn't stick around long enough for an ID.  Got to my destination (Wendy's) and then tuned back in and had an oldies(?) station playing Me and Mrs Jones , mixing with this adult contemporary station running the exact same network from Jones Radio (now Dial Global) that we run on my station-Magic 99....Jones' AC.  Same jock, same song (OAR's "Shattered"...verified because I had just passed Magic 99).  At the end of "shattered", there was a 3-second liner that fired saying "Q94"  I looked up Q94 but couldn't seem to come up with anything soft AC so they may not have a web site.  Meanwhile those two stations kept mixing back and forth and I recall hearing a PSA of some sort mentioning AA meetings or something like that and I could swear they gave a phone number to call for more info that mentioned area code 817.  Well 817 is Fort Worth, TX so I don't think that number is right.  Also heard mention of Ottowa....but GEEZ Ontario would be a hell of a hop..even for Es.  So anyway...the 94.3 mystery remains that.  Still not sure what I was hearing. 

94.7    The BEST signal of all of them.  This station stuck around for almost the whole hour and was rock-solid.  RDS kicked in with "Star FM" showing.  MANY mentions of "WestMan"....which I assume is what they call the area - short for Western Manitoba.  CKLF in Brandon, Manitoba.    Verified with id's phone numbers, web site etc. 

95.1    Had what sounded like religious music...heard at least the C part of the call.  faded quickly.  So I know it was C-something.  Probably in the Winnipeg area as probably are most of these. 

95.1    A different station here this time - heard Brittney Spears "Circus" and into a jock id-ing the station as B-95.  Then again maybe not.  I can't seem to find any reference to any B95....however there is a C-95 in Saskatoon.  That would make sense considering the promo he went into talked about some sort of street hockey thing going on in downtown saskatoon.  So maybe I heard wrong.

 95.3    3 stations mixing here---one kept coming back strong - many mentions of "Lakeland"...the Lakeland's this and the Lakeland's that....and mentions of Cold Lake and St Paul....then finally heard them say 95.3 K-Rock.  That'd be CJXK in Cold Lake, Alberta.  I even heard them give their call sign.  One of you canadians can probably fill me in on this...but apparently from what I hear...it sounds like stations must give their true CALL SIGN once an hour but apparently it doesn't have to be followed by city of license?  Is that right?

 95.3    This was later as things were starting to lighten up but this one stuck around for a couple songs - yet no ID or anything.  Heard two CHR songs (one by Daughtry, then into a Flo-rida song) then it was gone.  For a while was mixing with another one coming in playing the Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden".  Again no id...didn't hang around long enough for me.

 95.7    Had some talk here....sounded like typical CBC stuff - interviewing an author on the phone about a book.  Didn't want to stick around long enough to get a definite ID.  Besides, Canadians don't have to ID like we do so there's no telling if I'd hear anything other than "this is CBC".

 96.5    Heard music - Carolina Moon singing "Show me what I'm looking for" (an AC / Hot AC hit right now) and then the jock back-selling the song and mentioning "Mix 96" a couple of times then into a break.  Started to fade but did hear part of a promo that mentioned Portage La Prarie..(the best mix for Portage La Prairie)..so once again, Manitoba.  CJPG in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

 97.7    Another french-speaking station.  I recall hearing a liner / sweeper firing that mentioned Quebec but for all I know it could have been saying "feel like you're in Quebec" or "we sound like quebec."   Hmmmm. 

100.5    Highest point I caught anything....had one in for a little bit but not long enough to ID.  Had Motely Crue singing "Girls Girls Girls" and that's about all I could tell ya. It didn't stick around long enough to give me any kind of ID or idea where it was coming from. 

That's the big report.  I did have a few RDS slogans pop up, but not as many as I would have thought.  I think the signal has to be pretty strong for the RDS to kick in and work properly.  I know I noticed that in my wife's Pontiac.  If there's even a bit of multi-path or signal-weakness, the RDS stops working.  However I DO wish the Sony XDR-F1HD DID work like the radio in my wife's Pontiac.  On hers, if the signal weakens or whatever, the display still shows whatever it last receieved via RDS.  The RDS stays.  On the Sony it's only there when it's strong enough to be there.  If the signal drops a bit, the RDS vanishes.  So it's apparently not unusual on a weak station to see the RDS pop on there for just a second and then disappear.  Ah well....still nice to have my first ever RDS receiver in my home. 

I want to make it clear that I HAVE been calling this E-skip and I'm PRETTY sure this is E-skip but if it's just trop, feel free to correct me.  I know that in checking online, Evanston WY to Winnipeg is 895 miles.  Evanston WY to Saskatoon is 780 miles.  Some pretty far hops that I THINK qualify as e-skip.  I don't think this is the furthest I've received Es from...I picked up College Station, Texas here one time on Es on a hot summer afternoon - I guess that's the record-holder at 1099 miles.


David Slate  - Hendersonville, TN

Sony XD1-HDR


sony xd1-hdr miies catcted by indo.com  (as the crow files) 

CDT times  

8:14  99.5  WKDQ  Henderson KY  "God is Great Beer is Good"  ID "WKDQ"   IDed via google  NEW! 120 Miles  

8:24  94.3  WEGI  Oak Grove KY,   "the eagle 94.3"  liner   ids via google 53 miles  

8:27   93.9   WKTG Madisonville KY  "Power Rock 93.9  KTG"   lined id via google 88 miles NEW!  

8:36  101.9  WQXQ  Central City KY   "WQXQ"   75 miles  

8:43  104.3  WZYP  Athens, AL  "104.3 ZYP"   relog 106 miles


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



** OKLAHOMA. July 4 at 1951 UT I was checking FM for DX from México, as TV was skipping in, but no luck. Instead noticed a strange RDS from KXXY-96.1 OKC: SAVE / YOUR / RADIO / DOT ORG --- nothing else as it cycled over and over. http://saveyourradio.org is a petition drive to Congress against radio stations having to pay royalties on music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 1700, heavy Es on channels 2-5 and more. 1720, unfortunately, the storm has bumped up tropo, which makes finding a clear FM frequency for Es even more difficult. Wichita and Tulsa are inbooming along with OKC stations and all around these areas. Mostly I look for standout Spanish tho we have some local Spanish such as 92.1 in Enid, 92.7 in Wichita (a ``Hydraulic` street address is a dead giveaway), and some OKC-area toward the top end.

I head to the porch with my DX-398 portable, as I manoeuvre the whip to minimize local QRM. DX seems to improve with it horizontal.

93.9: at 1722, first Spanish found is on 93.9, song, fading. At 1726 I am getting at least two SS here, one talk, one music. Ad with a weight in onzas, so maybe US origin. 1727 singing ID as ``Estéreo Milenio, 93.9 Digital, sólo éxitos``. No match for that slogan in 2009 Emisoras de FM (hereafter EFM). Or in Google search. At 1736, again two stations mixing with talk and music; YL talk discussing relationships.

At 1739 I was hearing some of the same audio on 93.3, along with CCI, via the local Enid translator K227AT which relays KIMY 93.9 Watonga, and anything else overriding it on 93.9!

Back to 93.9 itself: 1754, once again at least two SS stations mixing, song and talk. 1755, ad for Puerto Vallarta, but probably promoting it elsewhere as destination, no station listed there; timecheck for 5 before the hour, ``93 punto 9`` by YL, Monterrey mentioned, and ad for a technical institute. Once again, no NL station on 93.9 so another dead end. 1757 ad string, one for some event taking place July 11 on the campus universitario, and Universidad Michoacana mentioned on the other station. Now we have an abundance of riches as two stations are listed in Michoacán, one in the capital Morelia, XHMO which does at least use ``digital`` in its slogan. So tentatively that.

97.7 is another frequency that passes for ``clear`` around here. (Enid`s part-15 ``WECS`` has been inactive since last report in April or May but too far from the home shack to matter anyway.) At 1823 heard Spanish talk. 1743, PSA for suprema corte, CCI from YL DJ, 12:44 timecheck, mentioned Chihuahua, and a bit later ``97-7, La Número Uno en éxitos``. CCI at 1745 had ad for ropa. 1745 ``#1`` slogan again, Cine-Mex and Wal-Mart ads. I really can`t be certain which ads came from which station. Guess what: there are no Chihuahua stations in EFM on 97.7; but just hearing a state mentioned could also be part of a street address, or even a business name anywhere else. The slogan above does not match anything on 97.7 in EFM either.

How about Cine-Mex? I was afraid it`s a national chain everywhere, but http://cinemex.com/cartelera/complejo.php shows it only in DF and six other cities. The only match in EFM is DF, which is XERC. Another tentative log?

At 1752 on 97.7, ad for Servi-Llantas which carries Goodyear, Café-W, pesos, local street addresses unrecognized, one mentioning Obregón, which is a national name applying to streets, etc. everywhere. But next ad mentions `potosina` and San Luís Potosí, so this one is definite, XHSNP. And the RDS was displaying TEMP 24C even after it had faded out.

Then at 1758 on 97.7, ads for Banco de México, and for Cinemas Henry. Per http://www.cinemashenry.com.mx/ we have a match for Tampico, XHRW.

At 1801 on 97.7 ad for some event, school? running 20 July to 7 August in Tampico, ``Arcoiris Mágico``, promo for something at 3-5 pm on ``Los 40 Principales, 97 punto 7``. VG signal for a while. Los 40 Principales is indeed the slogan of XHRW Tampico, per EFM. Means Top 40 and there`s probably one in every market. MUF dropped down around 1805 so I quit for a while.

95.3, briefly at 1830 some SS music. Both Tampico and SLP, heard earlier, have stations on this frequency. Plus several others. Now I`m on the caradio.

105.9, at 1750, briefly SS conversation with YL. AFAIK, the OK stations in Hobart and Seminole are not SS. So maybe this was MexDX at MUF spike? No, KSSA near Garden City, Kansas fits (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. As I was hunting for FM DX from Mexico, noted the following non-DX. July 8 at 1730 UT on 96.5, heard ``The new Mix 96`` slogan, from Tulsa. What`s new about it? However RDS at 1734 displayed MIX 96.5 amid scrolling song titles. So is it 96 or 96.5??

At 1724 found steady signal on 99.7 stereo, gospel rock. Is Mustang, SW of OKC, finally on the air, KZLS moved from Alva/Enid? Never heard any ID or other talk as I tuned by several more times. Later at 2230, however, no significant signal on 99.7, so maybe an early/irregular test, or fooled by something else tropping in at midday (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Niel Wolfish – Toronto. ON

Honda Car Stereo


All heard on a Honda Accord car stereo.  Same model as Chris Black!

92.3  WLWI        Montgomery AL ¨C July 6 1917 ¡ú  C&W music and ID. {864 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

92.7  WKZJ        Eufala AL ¨C July 6 1927¡ú  ID: ¡°You¡¯re listening to the Quiet Storm on K92 point 7¡± [Wolfish-ONT]

92.9  WAAC       Valdosta GA ¨C July 6 1837 ¡ú  Weather Channel update with meteorologist Scott ____.  ID: ¡°A whole world of country on one frequency, 92.9 Country¡±.  {919 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

93.9  WQSI         Union Springs AL ¨C July 6 1854 ¡ú  Tail end of Monday Sportscall program.  Mixing with a station playing ¡°Love Hurts¡±.  {858 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

94.3  WTIX-fm    New Orleans LA ¨C July 6 1909 ¡ú  ¡°Tix FM¡± jingle followed by ¡°Come Together¡±.  {1134 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

95.5  WJDB       Thomasville AL - July 6 1859 ¡ú  Presumed with Braves baseball game.  Appears to be only 95.5 listed on Braves network list. {944 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

95.5  WIXV         Savannah GA ¨C July 6 1908 ¡ú  .38 Special song.  ID: ¡°The Rock of Savannah, I-95¡±, into Black Sabbath song.  {813 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

95.7  WQPW      Valdosta GA ¨C July 6 1859 ¡ú  Cindy Lauper¡¯s ¡°Time After Time¡±, ID at 1902: ¡°WQPW Valdosta, your at work station, 95.7 the Mix¡±, into a Phil Collins song.  {916 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

96.5  WHTQ       Orlando FL ¨C July 6 1843 ¡ú  ¡°95.9 WHTQ, Orlando¡¯s classic rock¡± ID in between songs by Boston (¡°Something About You¡±) and Tom Petty & The Heartbrakers  (¡°I Need To Know¡±).  {1052 miles} [Wolfish-ONT]

While my job application to wait tables at the Bluefin Cafe in Souris PEI is being reviewed...

 more e-skip on the Honda car stereo.  Tuesday evening July 7/2009.

92.9 1828 ELT  WBLXfm   Mobile AL

94.5  1841 ELT  WFLF        Parker FL

88.1  1849 ELT  WUWF      Pensacola FL

90.9  1858 ELT  WELJ        Brewton AL

88.1  1902 ELT  WJIS          Bradenton FL

93.3  1908 ELT  WNWC      Evergreen AL



The Visible Universe


Glenn Hauser, Enid OK

Receiver, Antenna


** U S A. Es opening July 1, but mostly boring NAB Nightlight loops. At 1432 UT on ch 2; with antenna aimed east, NL on 4 good on peaks, but no ID visible. Supposedly alternates English and Spanish, but at 1509 the one on 4, plugging Comcast restarted in English after English. At 1450 also had Comcast NL on 3. Same frustrating stuff still going at 1620. Occasionally looked for Es DTV signals on these channels, but no shows on the strength meter. Around 1700 nothing much analog on 3 tho 2 and 4 were occupied, so wondered if a DTV was there on 3. No, still nothing with DTV tuning.

One channel 2 was dominant 1630+ UT with continuous ID in lower right corner of a framed DTV loop, i.e. letterboxed, why? Hard to make out, but finally read at 1640 as NEWS2 --- that`s a big help. The 2 in orange, I think, as NTSC gives us a panoply of color changes with Es fading. Finally made out phone number under it, 336-680-1000, which goes to WFMY Greensboro NC, and their website matches the logo seen. WFMY has been a regular every summer since 1961 that I have been in Enid, close to the optimum kilomile E-skip distance.

Meanwhile the ch 4 NL loop is full-screen and without any IDs, grrr.

But at 1659 another ch 4 NL loop was in, with continuous ID and 4 in upper right corner, time underneath, and then broke for a full-screen and full-audio ID as WYFF Greenville etc. SC! And again at 1716. Nice to see this one without KFOR in the way as in yesteryear.

Am attempting to get some photos of these, but my digital camera keeps trying to outsmart me with flash and all kinds of unnecessary adjustments. It also has problems coping with the frame rate, not capturing full screen or putting bars across it.

MUF down below 2 by 1723, so I close this report for now.

By the way, if you see a `KLVT` ID during the DTV primer, it`s a phony demo callsign --- yes, there is no such TV station, but there is a real KLVT radio station! 1230 appropriately in Levelland TX, per FCC AM Query. It is, of course, on the Llano Estacado west of Lubbick (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. Es opening on TV June 30, UT: 1530 on channel 4 Top Cat, Spanish dubbed, color, appear to be subtitles too? XHGC-5 network programming. At 1703 Top Cat also seen on channel 2, but at 1734 in Daffy Duck instead, also net-5. 1734 on 3, variety/game show in Spanish with people imitating penguins.

1822 on ch 4, Large XHMEN-TV ID upper-right during Looney Tunes. Mérida, Yucatán again.

Back at 1615 on channel 2, audio broke thru QTM briefly mentioning ``los cinco anti-terroristas``, which is Cuba`s number one catch-phrase. Cuban TV is rare here compared to México, as distance to Habana is over 2 megameters (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Es on channel 2 at 1410 UT, nightlight I can now recognize same as yesterday from WFMY Greensboro NC, even tho I can`t make out the details, as on this station the DTV spiel is surrounded by wide black borders, and there is the continuous NEWS2 ID in the lower right within the frame. In and out, mostly out by 1430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Not much was happening here in the way of TVDX the afternoon of July 3, while Central Americans were double-hopping into New England. Sitting on channel 2 or 3 is no longer a reliable indicator of Es openings, with fewer and fewer domestic analog stations left on the air.

So at 2328 UT I found a strong NAB Nightlight on 4, and pretty steady without much interference. No IDs of any sort visible even at peaks, and at 2331 went from English to Spanish with no ID break either. It stayed in for a good quarter-hour.

By 2338 I was getting another NL on 6, but this was a local or partially local produxion, since I immediately saw a large white WDSU in the upper right center, and audio ``call us here at the station``. In the next few minutes I think I saw a smaller WDSU bug in the lower right, but it seemed to come and go depending on what was in the NL video.

Therefore, I suspect the no-ID NL on 4 was WWL. Can anyone confirm that`s the DX-unfriendly way they do it? Unlike 4, there was CCI on 6 and at 2344 I got a glimpse of a large-letter streamer across screen-top saying ``Ask WKMG`` along with phone number. So Orlando FL was in too, tho antenna aimed at OKC is closer to New Orleans. Distance-wise, NO is only about a megameter away. All three have been logged in years past, in the case of Orlando as WDBO.

Still with 4 and 6 in, there was hardly any action, analog or digital, on 2, 3 or CCI on KOCO-5. The opening was pretty much over by 2355 as it was time to head out for a Fourth Eve ice cream social. And nothing skippy audible on 87.75 or higher on the car radio in transit (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Sporadic E the afternoon of July 4: around 1900 UT I was seeing some seafaring movie with characters wearing those funny triangular hats (vertically, not horizontally which are tricorns), dubbed in Spanish, same on both channels 2 and 3. Checking TV Guide online listings for Cablevisión in México DF, nothing fits on any network. Then I see starting at 2:30 (1930 UT!) ``Capitán de Mar y Guerra`` on the XHGC-5 network – that`s ``Master and Commander`` from 2003y starring Russell Crowe. At 1938 on 3, a red bug in the upper right, I think a stylized 5 for this network. Anyhow, the movie was on at least a semi-hour before it was supposed to be; or the TVG listings were at fault (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. There was sporadic E DX from here for many hours July 8 into UT July 9, channels 2-3-4 loaded with signals in Spanish, mostly too much QRM to make much out, and at times poking up to channels 5, 6, and into FM. The best we could do in most TV cases was identify the network by bug and/or TV Guide program listings, rather than individual stations call letters. All times UT. Originally compiled in chrono order, then sorted into frequency order.

Channel 2: 1413 UT, studio show with `hoy` lower-case bug in lower right (LR) --- that`s the Mexican version of ``Today`` on the XEW-2 network, not to be confused with a Panamanian callsign starting with HO! It could be XEW-2 itself from DF or one of several relays. Unfortunately an unexpected thunderstorm was about to hit and that closed down all external-antenna TV DX activity almost until local noon.

Channel 4: at 2205 UT, could make out Spongebob on 4 and 3, as well as 5, so XHGC-net but too much QRM most of the time on 3 and 4.

Channel 4: at 2306, GUADALAJARA, JAL. Supered below talking head, so likely XHG.

Channel 4, at 2334, a large 4 bug in the upper left with small letters under it; and at the bottom of the screen at the left large NX plus more letters to the right. TV Guide shows NXclusivo as the show on the XEQ Galavisión network at this time. Per W9WI the only two for this on 4 are XHBO in Oaxaca and XHGK in Tapachula.

Channel 4, at 2326, 5 net logo UR on novela? with hischool kids. At 2333 saw SPELLING BEE ROUND 7 behind characters in a sitcom, maybe same one, soundtrack language unknown.

Channel 5: at 2158, same-offset CCI to KOCO-5 nightlight, occasionally overriding video but not audio, with Spongebob Squarepants (forget the surname in Spanish; is he syndicated OTA anywhere in USA or only on NIK cable?), and kept running past 2200. This checks with schedule for XHGC-5 network, and on 5 it could be XHGC México DF itself, which is also zero-offset; but so are about five other full-power repeaters around the country. BTW, all of Mexico is within single-hop E-skip range from here. Same CCI seen again July 9 at 0155.

Channel 6: 87.75, channel 6 audio as monitored on FM radio: at 1731, world news in Spanish, about Italy; CCI. At 1743 SS YL with word game show. On caradio at 1829, Azteca-13 promos. At 1944, Spanish game/quiz show about Michael Jackson. MUF just to here, nothing making it thru above 88 MHz at this time.

Later had several ch 6 events with video and/or audio. At 2217 Rumbo a la Final, promo for some silly ballgame, I suppose; 2225 novela with Azteca 13 bug in upper right. This consists of two vertical lines, and to their right 3 shorter dots. Maybe that`s Aztec for 5+5+3. Unfortunately there are about eight full-power Azteca-13s around Mexico on channel 6. 2232 audio, ads in pesos, including for hair conditioner.

Into UT July 9: 0025 on 6, talk show around table, A-13 bug in UR, and below it ``en vivo``. To clinch it, crawler across lower part of screen mentioning AZTECA 13.

At 0155 on 6, fútbol, which matches TVG listings for XEQ Galavisión net, live, US vs Honduras --- but W9WI.com does not have any XEQ relay on 6, hi power or lo! Could it be extra-Mexican? Mixing with Novela with A-13 bug.

At 0225 on 6 audio 87.75, A-13 promo, CCI.

** MEXICO. My sole funxioning B&W TV set conked out, so I got another one at a thrift store for $5. The first three thrifts I visited didn`t have any B&W and one said they never stocked any because no one would buy them. Maybe there`s a decent (analog) color TV set, but the ones I have for viewing are DX-unfriendly squelching weak and fading signals.

This is a Zenith BT124W, made in Dec 1983 in Taiwan, almost 12 inches diagonally. Has digital channel keypad, no remote, and no fine tuning.

Finally with my $5 set I can hear audio even if the video is barely there. And it still sounds like at least some of the Mexicans are running much more audio power than 1/10 of the video as was typical in the USA.

There have been some more sporadic E openings, but not much luck pinning down any specific station IDs. Soon after installation, July 10 at 2215 UT, briefly got some Spanish on channel 4, but not much the next two days.

July 13 fading in at 1624 UT on channel 3, Smurfs --- fits XHGC-5 network so probably XHBQ Zacatecas again, and BTW per TV Guide, Spanish for Smurfs is Pitufos, who get 150 minutes of network airtime.

By 1648 MUF was up to ch 4 with a variety show; at 1720 a game show (maybe same), mentioned Iztapalapa, and also Barranquilla, but I am not guessing I got Colombia. Iztapalapa is a colonia in México DF.

At 1728 on ch 4 I could make out the Azteca 13 bug in the UR as a W&M were in discussion. Too many full-power relays to guess which one.

1744 on ch 3, animation, including a walking (hopping?) shark. Anim points to XHGC-5 network again.

1759 on ch 4, news mentioning Televisa, and Torreón, so tentatively XELN-TV there, listed as on the XHGC-5 network, but a local break?

1825 on ch 3, another fade-in with animation, net-5 bug in the UR


** OKLAHOMA. KOCO-5 OKC is finally history after a month of nightlight, turned off unceremoniously at 0458 UT July 13, so now all lowband VHF channels are wide open for DX; nothing yet made it to channel 5 unimpeded. KOCO is now channel 7 DTV only but pretends to be ``Channel 5``.

Meanwhile, KFOR-27 OKC, channel ``4`` has finally installed HD studio equipment for the local news and weather, making a big promotional deal of it, tho OETA beat them to it by months. KFOR had their crews working 24 hours after the July 10 Friday 10 pm news to pull out all the SD stuff and put in the HD stuff (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. July 16 at 2140 UT as I was watching BBC World News via KETA-13.2 OKLA channel, the signal vanished. Not merely `` no signal`` on the converter, which often means a signal, but too weak to decode, but really 0 strength on the meter.

By 2145, checking commercial OKC stations, altho weather remained hot and dry here in Enid, it was clear that a big storm was moving thru OKC. Winds were clocked exceeding 80 mph, and power poles were blown down in NE OKC around most of the TV stations.

I soon found that the only OKC stations still on the air and receivable on antenna were KOCO-7, KTBO-15 and KSBI-51. No signals either from KWTV-9, KOKH-24, KFOR-27, KTUZ-29, KOCB-33, KAUT-40 or KOPX-50.

However, at the moment, all were still coming thru via Suddenlink cable, even tho some of them are off-air pickups. Whenever there is a storm between here and OKC or in OKC, DTV reception is disrupted, even if the stations retain their power and stay on the air.

The major OKC stations were all in continuous storm coverage, as there was a threatening wall cloud and tornados could have developed. However, KAUT-40, which was back on the air at 2212, was running a sitcom while it should have been simulcasting its primary station KFOR-27 which apparently was not yet back on the air itself! KOPX-50 was also back on the air at this time.

At 2213 I noticed that KETA-13.1 on cable was in freeze-frame of an animated show. Suddenlink must have retained that final frame before transmission failed along with 13.2 back around 2140. Schedule shows it was Word Girl. 2245, still same frame. At 2321, 13 showed on cable, but not on DTV direct. Finally at 2322, 13.2 was back on the air with black screen only, but signal meter confirms it is on (however, the Zenith/Insignia are apt to default to ``no signal`` when there is a full signal but no modulation!). At 0000 as UT July 17 was starting, 13.2 had a freeze frame, and 13.1 was black but with the OETA HD bug in lower right. At 0013, 13.2 was black, but 13.1 was finally back to PBS programming. Around 0035 I noticed that 13.2 was finally also back to programming.

Meanwhile, the 2330 UT Oklahoma News Report was missed by 13.1, apparently due to power outage in the studio, not even produced, recorded. Such are the drawbacks of centralization. OETA`s full- and low-power relays around the state were no doubt still on the air and in need of programming. ONR plays back at 0430 UT on OKLA 13.2, and so it did this night, ``recorded earlier`` -- except it was the previous day`s show, recorded *much* earlier, i.e. 29 hours earlier instead of 5. Unless you keep up with the content every day and pay attention, this might not be obvious, and no explanation or apology was provided.

Meanwhile, my observations of some of the other channels during the outages:

KWTV-9 was running weather graphics, but these would freeze intermittently for long periods as received on cable here, indicating the transmission was intermittent, or strength was dropping out. However I was not getting any signal at all directly via antenna. At 2259 via cable, frame was frozen again on graphics.

Briefly at 2321 on cable, KWTV had color bars and ID. Was that a satellite feed? At 2353 on cable it was a green screen, and then ``no video input`` and a digital clock started running, including the frame numbers zipping by on the right, then back to black.

At 0000 UT sharp, just in time, KWTV-9 on cable brought up CBS primetime programming, but was still invisible on DTV 9 direct. By now the worst of the storm had moved out of OKC, and would soon dissipate in the counties to the southeast.

KOCO-7 never had any interruptions, which made it the station to stick with for severe weather info! They are in the same neighborhood as KFOR-27, KWTV-9 and KETA-13 in NE OKC, but either lucked out with no power breaks, or they have backup generators. You`d think that in this volatile weather area, all the major OKC stations would have backup power standing by! On the noon news next day, KFOR said it was running off generator. (But probably not enough to put out a full-power DTV signal?)

KSBI-50 has its own fifth-rate local news and weather and did manage to stay on the air thruout.

KFOR-27 was first noticed back on the air at 2253. They had the best shots of the storm, including wall cloud, and chopper angles, for those who could see them.

KOKH-24 was back on the air shortly after 0000 UT, at first with video frame offset vertically, and another thin horizontal line of noise above it; reminded me of what we used to be able to see on NTSC vertical interval blanking.

Well after 0000 UT, KTUZ-29 and KOCB-33 were still off the air, apparently no power restored yet. Finally at 0040 all the OKC stations seemed to be back to normal via DTV on antenna (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

P.S.: Guess what: a good 24 hours later, during BBC World News on July 17, OKLA starts continual breakup again altho does not disappear. At 2208 UT, checking 13.1 via cable, it`s again in freeze frame, this time from an e|i non-animated show. But now there is no storm in OKC, and checking direct OTA reception of 13.1 we find it still on the air at normal strength but with black screen only, while 13.2 is transmitting nominally, still breaking up indicating borderline strength but still attempting to transmit. So here we have a station unable to modulate its main channel but still emitting its subchannel. At 2235, 13.1 on cable finally went to black matching the black being transmitted.

Then we check the OETA website and find nothing about KETA 13.1 being black while OETA 13.2 is nominal, but this instead:


``Translator Outage

OETA-The Oklahoma Network’s 14 rural translators (locations listed below) are currently off the air, due to damage sustained by OETA’s audio/video encoder during severe weather in Oklahoma City on July 16.

OETA engineering staff is working vigorously to repair the damage as soon as possible, but it is unclear when the repairs will be completed. Keep checking oeta.tv for updates.

OETA translators currently offline:

Ponca City





Boise City










We see that does not include the one nearest Enid, channel 46 in Medford (site actually due N of Enid at the US 81/US 64/US 60 junxion)

but it may have already been closed down. We used to see it weakly in Enid till an LPTV in the OKC area came on 46. Yes, it has been removed from the coverage map http://www.oeta.tv/about/coverage.html and now there is a gap between 30 in Alva and 38 in Ponca City. IIRC, 30 used to pick up 46 Medford which picked up KETA-13, for a double-off-air relay, with the consequent tropo DX overrides, such as KERA-13 or KUAF-13 being seen instead, or worse yet, commercial stations in Kansas. BTW there is nothing on this page: http://www.oeta.tv/dtv/coverage.html

This undated page, http://www.oeta.tv/dtv/tuning-in.html


Frequency Changes:

Some digital upgrades have been completed in rural areas and OETA has changed frequencies, requiring you to tune-in to a different channel. Those new channels are: Frederick Channel 34, Idabel Channel 23, Duncan Channel 47, Boise City Channel 20, Beaver Channel 34 and Buffalo Channel 48.

But those numbers do NOT match the old ones on the map and accompanying list:

19 Altus

56 Frederick

30 Alva

16 Guymon

28 Ardmore

15 Hugo

56 Beaver

63 Idabel

58 Buffalo

36 Lawton

54 Duncan/Velma

38 Ponca City

46 Durant

Clearly, the translators above channel 51 have had to be moved down already into what remains of the UHF TVBC band, and are they really DTV already? If so, I`ll bet their coverage has shrunk proportionately to `full` power analog vs DTV.

At 2330 UT July 17, KETA 13.1 managed to resume transmission both on the air and via cable, with a new Oklahoma News Report. This included a brief explanation, that the storm had ``caused a power surge burning out relays and plunging the studio into darkness`` preventing any show from being produced on Thursday. Also mentioned the translators being down. Also on the tuning-in website page:

``Why can't I get Create and Kids over-the-air?

Cable systems in Oklahoma City and Tulsa are carrying four OETA channels – OETA HD, OETA Okla, OETA Create and OETA Kids, with efforts underway for all cable and satellite providers in the state to carry the channels.``


We were under the impression that the Create and Kids channels had been abolished at the beginning of 2008. Kidvid occupies a hefty portion of OKLA, all day Saturday and Sundays, while OETA main channel is essentially kidvid all day M-F. Kids should be encouraged to do something more active than be gluable to the TV all day, every day, even if it is superior non-commercial stuff!

OETA`s own schedule site http://www.oeta.onenet.net/schedules/index.php used to say that the extra channels were gone. But now it just says:

``As of January 6, 2008, all of our High Definition television (HDTV) programming is identical to the programming on our main broadcast channel, which means some programming which is not available as HDTV is upconverted for broadcast.``

At the beginning of OETA`s DTV venture, before we had DTV receiving capability here, there were indeed four channels, plus 13.3 and 13.4. The OTA schedules now have four lines, but three of them are always identical, with different labels! OETA, OETA-HD and KETA.

It`s even worse if you click on an individual program for further info. At each scheduled time, in tiny type, there are multiple entries for channels 3, 11 and 13 (but not 12 or 8, the other full-power relay in western OK, nor any of the translator channels).

So do the ``third and fourth programmes`` really exist, even via OKC and Tulsa cable on some rarified tier? Current Titan TV listings for the OKC market do show 4 channels for KETA, but only two for KWET-8, the western OK relay which is really invisible and unneeded in the OKC market itself, but thrown in here by the listings with no better place to put it, like KOET-3 was thrown in with Tulsa market. However, we know that Titan TV online listings are in other cases notoriously out of date and inaccurate, especially regarding DTV subchannels.

Zap2It OTA TV listings for Enid even show *five* OETA channels when there are certainly only two (or zero or one depending on recent outages). Apparently the imaginary programming OETA-5 is identical to OETA-1.

Choosing Cox Cable OKC as `provider` on the OETA schedule site, we do see the Create and Kids channels listed, but to be accurate, they should never appear anywhere as in Digital OTA listings. OTOH, why doesn`t OETA put these channels on their entire Digital OTA network? TBN manages to run 5 useless channels, and Ion runs 4 just about everywhere. Answer: we can still have HD unimpeded when available on OETA main channel, and SD OKLA is always of good quality too.

OETA claims to be trying to get more than the prime channel on cable systems, but no OKLA on Suddenlink in Enid. OETA promos also say to `consult local listings` to find the OKLA channel! ?Like, if you are getting 13.1 OTA you can certainly also get 13.2 once the transmission difficulties are solved (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

A lot of Es openings lately have been too far north or too far east to affect OK much, but finally July 25 around 2200 UT I am getting Mexicans, especially on 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (what`s that in Spanish?! just '`Las Tortugas Ninja`` per narrator) with breaks 2209-2212 for Televisa promos, Puebla PSAs, audio ID as tres-TV. Constant bug upper right with a 3 in the left side of a square, not sure what`s in the rest of it. Answer from Oglethorpe http://www.tvdxtips.com/mexlogos.html --- tv, that makes sense; but off screen by my overscanned TV set (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Also in brief fadeup earlier at 2152 on channel 3 was an Azteca-13 promo. Per W9WI.com, the only fullpower fit, 20 kW, is XHCVT-TV in, where else, Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas; but there are two low-power ones elsewhere. And well after the definite XHP log above, at 2253, some channel 3 appeared briefly with a ``wrestling`` match, or rather lucha libre, labeled TOLTECA.

BTW, with US analog TV stations gone, and no lowband DTV anywhere around here, the band is wide open for DX, but now I have to watch out for cable radiation, and furthermore one of my VCRs puts out enough signal on channel 3 to make wavy line QRM, any time it`s on, whether or not its RF modulator is in the `transmit` mode! And any time it`s `off`, same VCR puts noise peaks on SW. Cannot win --- except by unplugging it and losing all programming every time (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Some more sporadic E TVDX on July 28: 1812 UT on channel 3, Canal 5 promo with 5 logo in upper right, and animation set in Northern Australia, could not detect any Oz accent in the dubbed Spanish. At 1821 also was getting Canal 5 promo on channel 5, first audio, then video too. And unIDs on 2 and 4 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Powell Way III – Silverstreet, SC

19” RCA, Zenith TT-900 and Rabbit Ears


2 KPRC TX Houston, running nightlite and scroll with KPRC calls and info across the top  11:11  07/08/09  PEW


Justin Wolffing – Green River, UT

Receiver, Antenna



I was able to get KPRC Houston, TV2 out of this opening. I didn't check FM :( but it sounds like I should have.


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver, Antenna


YNTC-2 @ 7/3 6:35 PM weak, but managed to see its unmistakable logo. Es building into canal 3.


Canal 2, Managua, Nicaragua w/ cartoon. Logo upper right 


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Internet radio saved by rate deal with government's Copyright Royalty
Thursday, July 9th 2009, 4:00 AM

With more and more Americans listening to radio over the Internet, there was some good news this week.


Stand-alone Internet stations - the ones that aren't part of a major conglomerate and don't just simulcast a regular terrestrial broadcast - finally cut a royalty-rate deal they say will enable them to stay in business.


"Pure-play" stations have been worried for several years that the government's Copyright Royalty Board would require them to pay music royalty rates that were literally higher than their income.


Kurt Hanson, editor of the Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN), said his AccuRadio would have had to pay "200% of our revenue in royalties - which obviously would put us out of business."


So AccuRadio, Digitally Imported and RadioIO negotiated the new deal with SoundExchange, the music industry group that wants to ensure artists and record companies get a slice of the Internet radio pie from the start.


Other major providers like Pandora are also expected to sign this deal. The problem, as Hanson explains it, has been that SoundExchange wants a royalty rate that assumes Internet radio is financially successful - which at this point isn't always true. In its current embryonic stage, he says, "Very few stations are making much money."


The compromise turned out to be a 10-year deal, covering 2006-2015, with an escalating royalty scale and a clause by which Internet radio companies can often pay a percentage of their revenue.So as Internet radio becomes more successful, musicians and record
companies get more money.


An Edison/Arbitron survey in April showed 17% of Americans 12 and older listen to online radio weekly, up from 13% in 2008. That's a jump from 33 million listeners to 42 million.

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WOXY.com moving to Austin

Posted by: kevin redding

Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:52 am (PDT)


Internet radio station WOXY.com is moving to Austin, TX to have greater access to musicians

July 16, 10:15 AM · David Sadof - Houston Music Examiner

The internet radio station WOXY.com announced today that they are relocating to Austin, Texas to have greater access to musicians for their series of live in-studio sessions called Lounge Acts. The new studios will be located in the Austin Theater at 2130 South Congress Avenue. Full-time broadcasting from the new facility is set to begin
September 8. WOXY will have its own sound stage and the live sessions will now be shot in HD video for the station’s website.

The station is working out the details so they can continue to broadcast on WVXU’s HD-2 Radio channel in Cincinnati. The station plans to expand their live and specialty programming once they get to Austin, but all of their current programming is expected to remain the same. The station has set up a special page for questions about the move.

WOXY began in 1983 as a modern rock terrestrial radio station at 97.7 FM in Oxford, Ohio. The station’s tagline, “97X, BAM! The future of rock and roll,” was quoted in the movie Rain Man by Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond Babbitt. The station began to experiment with the internet 1998 and in 2004 became one of the first commercial radio stations in the U.S. to make the transition to broadcasting exclusively as an internet radio station. The transition has not been an easy one and the station has gone through several business models and owners. WOXY is currently owned by Future Sounds, a company specializing in the discovery and exposure of new and unsigned bands and artist. With that in mind, Austin is the perfect place to be.




WHRO dives into digital radio

Posted by: kevin redding

Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:23 am (PDT)



WHRO dives into digital radio

By David Nicholson


July 19, 2009

Big band music used to be a familiar format on Hampton Roads radio, but you don't hear it as much anymore. Unless you tune in The 1920's Radio Network, a 24/7 digital station operated by WHRO. The public broadcasting station streams it over the Internet on its Web site.

Log onto whro.org, and you can hear six different digital radio streams. radioNtenna, which broadcasts alternative music, has a large following in Central Europe, says John Heimerl, the station's chief enterprise officer. WHRO radio host Raymond Jones programs Connoisseur Classics, a digital station devoted to full-length operas and obscure classical selections, and he regularly hears from listeners in France and Australia.

Like every aspect of entertainment in a digital age, radio is changing. Digital radio receivers are available for purchase at electronics stores and in some high-end car models. But more and more people are getting their radio music through their home computer or through Internet access on their cellular phones.

The digital development has given new life to radio, says Heimerl. Over the last 15 years, the medium had lost a lot of its distinctive programming, he says, as stations were bought up by conglomerates and formats became more homogenized. "That sameness was not enjoyed by younger people and it has disengaged the older people who are looking for alternatives," he says.

The young turned to Napster, which allowed them to share musical files, and to services such as iTunes, that allowed them to download music selections not heard on the radio, as ways of customizing their music listening. Another Internet service called Pandora radio asks Internet users what kind of music they like and generates a playlist for them to listen to.

Heimerl says digital radio provides that kind of diversity. He sees the day when wireless technology will enable everyone to listen to radio on the Internet from their cars. The model of an announcer sitting in a control booth and transmitting to a radio tower is fast
becoming outmoded.

"We don't know the future of our old radio stations and how people are going to use radio in the future," says Heimerl. "Today, I'm beginning to think of a radio station as a service and every cellular tower that's out there is a transmitter site," he says.

Starting up a radio station on the Internet is not an extraordinarily difficult task, and there are currently thousands of Internet radio stations out there. Just how many of these stations will survive is anyone's guess, says Heimerl, but WHRO has stayed on top of the game. The station has long been a leader in radio and television technology.

"We've always been pioneers," says Jones. "In 1995, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting singled us out as the model public broadcasting station in the country for innovation. We've had that reputation ever since."

WHRO has been streaming radio over the Internet since 2002, when Brian Hughes, the station's radio operations manager, started The 1920s Radio Network with his collection of more than 25,000 recordings of big band and swing music and old radio programs. Even though big band music had declined as a popular radio format, says Heimerl, the station slowly began building a worldwide audience and is now averaging more than one million hits each month. radioNtenna went online in 2005, followed by Connoisseur Classics and SpeakEasy Radio. There are plans to develop a jazz station and Defenestration, a Web page that will collect audio and video clips from local artists
with a social networking component. Heimerl calls it a "24/7 media mash of the 21st century."

"The idea is to go back to the radio days of more diversity," says Heimerl. "Our mission is educational, and our interest is informing as well as entertaining. We're not here to compete with the commercial guys. We're providing a service that's not otherwise available."

Jones programs Connoisseur Classics, compiling musical selections stored in the computer and stringing them together with vocal introductions. It takes him about an hour to program a 12-hour block of music that is repeated during the second half of the day. The station employs students to load the music from CDs onto the computer.

WHRO has more than 30,000 CDs in its music library and receives new ones every day. Surrounded by stacks of CDs, he points to box sets containing anthologies of live recordings of European orchestras compiled by European radio stations. Though Europe is more attuned to classical music, Jones says it's surprising that a lot of countries
don't have good classical music stations like WHRO.

"We've got the studio space, veteran announcers, and the massive CD library," says Jones. "All we have to do is find a way to deliver it. The frustrating thing before is that a lot of stuff was sitting on the shelf, such as full-length operas, because it didn't quite fit
into the mainstream format."

Tapping into a worldwide audience has given new life to classical music, says Jones. "People once said classical music was dying, but no more. WHRO had narrowed its classical music focus when it had a consultant, but now we've broadened out. And I love that these digital stations were done out of love rather than necessity."

Jones also likes the fact that he can program Connoisseur Classics from a remote site such as his home studio or WHRO's new satellite studio in Williamsburg. The concept of a "radio station" isn't tied to a building anymore, he says.

As with any Internet service, the question of how to pay for it arises sooner or later. Heimerl envisions WHRO developing partnerships with Amazon or iTunes that would give the station a commission for steering listeners to these e-stores. "The cost of
running these stations right now is minimal if you're not putting live bodies in front of a mike," he says.

Heimerl believes the future holds extremely diverse ways for people to enjoy music.

"To me, it's the most exciting time in radio in years," he says. "Traditional radio is dying and leaner, meaner, more-local radio is coming back. It's happening, and for those who are claiming a piece of property, we'll still be here."

Digital radio stations

WHRO has six 24-hour digital radio stations. They can be heard by purchasing a digital radio or though live radio streams available online at www.whro.org.

WHRV-FM (89.5 — HD1). News talk and public affairs programming; jazz

SpeakEasy Radio (89.5 — HD2). News talk and public affairs programming. NPR, PRI and popular rebroadcasts of WHRV.

radioAntenna (89.5 — HD3). Alternative music

WHRO-FM (90.3 — HD1). Classical music

Connoisseur Classics (90.3— HD2). Full-length operas, out-of-print recordings and works by lesser-known composers.

The 1920s Radio Network (90.3 — HD3). Nostalgic music from 1900 to 1950, including big band, swing and old radio programs


Copyright © 2009, Newport News, Va., Daily Press


Re: WHRO dives into digital radio

Posted by: "KC4QLP@aol.com" KC4QLP@aol.com midatlanticengineeringservice

Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:17 pm (PDT)

You have to love journalist that do not completely do their homework. The 1920's Radio Network is =NOT= operated by WHRO radio. It is operated by a friend of mine who just happens to also work for the FM/TV station. (WHRO - FM, WHRV - FM, WHRO - DT) The URL is ..... http://www.the1920snetwork.com/

This just happens to be the same fellow who operates a Kahn and C-Quam AM Stereo part 15 station mentioned on this list some time ago...its URL is http://www.wbdhradio.com/


Bob Carter - KC4QLP - WQJK414


Grace Wireless Internet Radio

Posted by: kevin redding

Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:56 am (PDT)

Computer Corner Newsletter for July 30
04:31 PM CDT on Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It was tucked away in a forgotten corner of a little-used guest room at my grandparents' rural home — and I was drawn to it like a magnet. The Zenith console radio and phonograph was once the centerpiece of a 1940s home entertainment system. Like today's big-screen TV, the mahogany cabinet was designed to occupy a prominent place in the living room, delivering the sounds of Benny Goodman, Bob Hope and Jack Benny through a single massive speaker.


As a child, I was most intrigued by the dial on this radio. In addition to the familiar AM frequencies (there was no FM back then), it also had a shortwave band inscribed with the names of intriguing faraway places (England, Germany, Holland, Canary Islands, and more). My curiosity was piqued. I hooked up an antenna wire to the connection on the back of the radio and warmed it up. Along with the pops, cracks and whistles on the shortwave band, I remember spending hours tuning in my first overseas transmissions. It contributed to a lifelong love of broadcasting and led to a career in radio, television and the Internet.


It was admittedly a lot of work to hear these voices from other places on a shortwave set. Even with today's best receiver, reception is hit-and-miss — dependent on atmospheric conditions and external factors like appliances that generate electrical noise.


The tuning on the Zenith set was by a pointer on a dial, and the dial wasn't very accurate. It could be difficult to find the same station from one day to the next, and most shortwave stations were (and still are) extremely difficult to receive during the daylight hours.


Almost 70 years after that Zenith radio was built, we have a better way to listen to the world — one that combines the best of Internet technology with traditional radio broadcasts.


A Grace Wireless Internet Radio (model ITC-IR1000B) has just replaced an AM/FM clock radio on the nightstand next to my bed. It is among the first devices of its kind and an amazing portal to almost any radio station anywhere in the world (along with hundreds of Web-only broadcasts).


When I first saw a picture of it, I was immediately reminded of my first police scanner from the 1970s. The Grace has a rectangular black plastic chassis about the size of a short shoebox. The left front panel of the radio is dominated by a large grille with a 3-inch
speaker behind it; the right side has nine buttons, two dials, and a glowing alphanumeric display.


There's a stubby antenna that folds up from the back.


Unlike a regular radio, you can't just turn on the Grace and use it right out of the box. As its name implies, it requires a wireless Internet connection in your home or office. Power it up and it searches for available networks and then the display prompts you to select the correct one.


If your network has security enabled (and it should!), you'll have to enter the correct code by turning the larger knob to select each character, then pressing it to confirm the choice for each letter or number. It's not as convenient as a keyboard, but you should only have to do it once as long as you're on the same network.


Now select [Internet Radio] from the display (again, using the larger knob), and you can immediately browse stations based on criteria like "location" or "genre" — or you can "search" for a station.


The search function is useful if you know the exact call letters of a radio station, for instance. You can also use it to zero in on a specific geographical area. Entering "DALLAS," for instance, pulled up more than 25 stations, including one that offers National Weather Service weather information and another that relays police and fire
scanner traffic.


When you hear something you like, five of the buttons on the front panel can be used to immediately store your favorites for instant recall, not unlike the buttons on your car radio.


But the most mind-blowing part of the Grace for anyone who has ever struggled with a shortwave radio is the "location" selector. It presents you with a scrolling list of countries — from Afghanistan (four stations) to Zimbabwe (six stations) — and about 16,000
stations in between.


Just now, I'm listening to a news summary on station 3AW from Melbourne, Australia. With the press of a preset button, I can bounce around to the BBC in London or CNN in Atlanta or KTCK in Dallas. There is a slight delay when switching between stations (averaging under 10 seconds) while the Grace locks in to the datastream.


I'm very impressed with the sound from the Grace Wireless Internet Radio. The ported cabinet imparts a rich, mellow tone that makes even the lowest-quality broadcasts sound great.


The 3AW transmission, for instance, is being sent out at 10 kilobits-per-second (kbps) — an audio stream that could easily be received over a dial-up phone line. It sounds better than an AM broadcast on my old clock radio.


Most Internet broadcasts I've received so far use at least three times as much bandwidth, and they sound much closer to an FM-quality transmission.


I just punched over to the AOL Radio Smooth Jazz channel, which uses a 128 kbps stream that's very easy on the ears. An audiophile wouldn't confuse the sound with a CD, but again, it's better than anything I ever heard coming out of that clock radio! As a bonus, the clock inside the Grace synchronizes with an Internet time standard, so it's always accurate.


Grace utilizes the Reciva online database as a portal between your radio and the sound sources on the Internet. Reciva organizes and validates the available stations, making it much less likely that you'll be tuning in to an outdated source.


By registering your Grace radio on the Reciva Web site, you can also easily manage the "My Stations" list using your computer. That means you have a scrollable list of personal favorites to offset the limitation of five preset buttons on the front panel.


If you are interested in the Grace, I'd recommend you take look at Reciva (it's free) to make sure that the stations you want to listen to are included in its database.


OK, it's not headline news that you can use a computer to access these stations from around the globe; the technology has been around for about 20 years now. Only recently, however, have manufacturers like Grace, Sangean and Aluratek combined computing power with a traditional radio form factor to create this type of evolutionary audio device.


There are a few things I'd change about the Grace Internet Radio. The monochromatic display — four lines of 16 characters — seems like a throwback to the 90s when compared with even the most basic screen on a cell phone. When you turn the radio off, I wish the digital clock would fill the screen instead of being restricted to a single line. It was a lot easier to check the time without my glasses on the old clock radio.


The controls on the Grace take some getting used to; I would have preferred a more traditional numeric pad arrangement that would provide more presets and make data entry easier. The buttons — all flush to the front panel — are also hard to use by touch alone. Backlighting the buttons would have helped.


I've seen some complaints that the Grace doesn't have stereo speakers, but I'd much prefer that a unit of this size has one good quality speaker pointing at you rather than two smaller ones on the side. It does deliver stereo audio, but only through the headphone
jack on the back panel.


It also lacks an input jack that would let you play your iPod through the speaker. That limitation is somewhat mitigated by the Grace's ability to link up with other computers on your home network to play back music and other audio files stored there. I've not tested that function yet, though, because there are so many other things to listen to!


Others have griped about the lack of a remote control; that's not a problem for me, because I use the radio within arm's reach.


Grace also has other models that have addressed most of the limitations of the ITC-IR1000B, which is their most basic receiver.


It seems to me only a matter of time before Internet-capable radios become as common as AM and FM. Forget satellite radio — can you imagine a car radio that can tune in 16,000 stations with digital clarity from all around the world?


If my bedside tabletop radio can do it, there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to enjoy the same features while I'm driving. I can, in fact, plug my cell phone into my notebook computer today and tune in any radio station on the Internet. As broadband wireless
networks become more widespread, I predict you'll see Web-enabled car radios begin to emerge within the next two years.That will be a real radio revolution.
E-MAIL: askwalt@wfaa.com







Posted by: kevin redding

Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:27 pm (PDT)

Heather and Powell working live and playing Blondie - Heart of Glass
and then Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits at 1520 ET.

They are on http://www.wkdk.com/

Maybe they will take requests. Who knows?


Re: WKDK Log

Posted by: ron@WNZF.com

Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:01 pm (PDT)

I'm working them online as well, recording directly to hard drive. Like they just announced on the ay-ah. We're stars now, Kevin! Proud to have been mentioned on one of America's Great Radio Stations. Thanks, Powell. I don't know if Powell ever heard Kevin Redding introducing a hit I had cued up on 1570 WGSR when we did the 10kw non-directional signal during experimental hours...

Rock on, Powell & Co.

Ron Gitschier
Palm Coast, FL


WKDK--Coast to Coast---COMPLETED!

Posted by: Donald K. Kaskey

Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:28 pm (PDT)

Heard your plea guys. WKDK is now Coast to Coast. Tuned in per request
a few minutes ago. Sounds great.

Had been listening to WTKM with German Music but this is fine too.

Will bookmark the website & continue to listen.

Don Kaskey
San Francisco CA


And that’s another month on the Net. Thanks to the reporters.


73’s, Martin


Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, PQ – QC

Sangean CST-818, PK's Shielded Mag LW Loop


171 MOROCCO   Medi Un, Nador JUL 6 - 0200-0430 - played Arabic music (mostly Egyptian islamic vocals which are popular in Morocco too) done by a female Arabic announcer until 0400 UTC (when switched to eclectic pops with newscast every 15 minutes). Very good peaks with little in the way of fadings ! (Chiochiu-QC) 

183 GERMANY   Europe 1, Felsberg JUL 7 0210 - playing "Besoin de rien, envie de toi" by Peter & Sloane after the Cookie Dingler's "Femme Libérée" Alasacian 1984 reggae classic... Since a few days they seem to play more music. (Chiochiu-QC) 

216 FRANCE   RMC Info, Romoules JUL 7 0328 - fair in French on dawn enhancement, noted in passing. As Sylvain Naud has suggested, this one is doing better when there is sunrise enhancement at the transmitter site ! (Chiochiu-QC)

162 FRANCE   France Inter, Allouis JUL 18 0305 - playing one of the latest
Vanessa Paradis tracks, then interview with her. She told she dislike
jolidays on the beach and what she enjoys the most is the performance on
stage... Good signal but static scracthes made readability so-so. This was
the only LW signal that happened to be on a clear frequency without growl
and noises from hte neighborhood downstairs at this late time, while
Germany-183 had already faded out ! (Chiochiu-QC)
171 MOROCCO   Medi Un, Nador JUL 18 0255 - woman host of an Arabic music
program containing mostly plaintive Egyptian religious vocals. Very good at
times. Best on 169 kHz in AM WIDE Mode with the PK LW loop perpendicular to
the north-east / south-west which is not too bad as 171 Nador has a NNW
directionnal pattern meaning some of its signal manages to scatter toward
the north-east of my QTH. I took my battery powered Sangean ACS 818-CST
along with the PK LW loop and just came to the other side of the road and
this station was QRM-free ! (Chiochiu-QC)
183 GERMANY   Europe 1, Felsberg JUL 18 0210 - carrying French Top 50
memories... Noted at a fair, but very clear level, S3 out of S7 on the
Sangean's reading meter ! (Chiochiu-QC)
189 ICELAND   Rikisútvarpid, Gufuskalar JUL 18 0240 - Tentative with very
weak audio; the first sign of a darkness path of any kind between Montreal
and Gufuskalar ! During the month of June, the only Trans-Atlantic darkness
path allowing Icelandic DX is between Newfoundland and Gufuskalar, because
of the proximity ! (Chiochiu-QC)
198 unID JUL 17 0315 - with man talk. Very threhsold and very noisy, both
man-made and a huge amount of static scratches from a nearby thunderstorm !
Could be unlogged Algeria ! (Chiochiu-QC)

162 FRANCE   France Inter, Allouis JUL 20 0313 - end of a reggae-rock French song, then into talk regarding a Britton summer festivity and a contest offering a radio to the listener who knew something about this Britton festivity. Fair. (Chiochiu-QC) 

171 MOROCCO   Medi Un, Nador - logged, details not taken. (Chiochiu-QC) 

183 GERMANY   Europe 1, Felsberg JUL 22 0245 - carrying the same Top 50 memories program for the 25th birthday of the French countdown TOP CINQUANTE... They seem to have dropped their heavy and almost exclusive news/talk format. (Chiochiu-QC) 

198 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 4, Droitwhich JUL 20 0250 - relaying BBC World Service with a World Beat program... Heard some nice acoustic flavoured Afropops... Fair in AM Narrow mode to avoid QRM from low-powered local beacon on 201 kHz. Best ever reception this summer yet ! (Chiochiu-QC) 

207 GERMANY   Deutschlandfunk, Münich JUL 20 0145 - Presumed with classical music noted at a fair level... Got briefly disturbed by a srong buzz, then faded out for good... The best I've ever heard on 207 kHz yet... I was on the verge of logging this one ! (Chiochiu-QC) 

216 FRANCE   RMC Info, Romoules JUL 20 0310 - noted in passing at dawn enhancement. (Chiochiu-QC) 

234 LUXEMBOURG   RTL, Beidweler and/or Junglister JUL 20 0307 - heard with Philippe Lafontaine's French Belgian "Coeur de Loup" (Wolf's Heart) classic, then man with ID, time-check, an input about the music played, then introduced the Samuel and Garfunkel "Smokey Robinson" classic. Also well heard around 0300 at the top-of-the-hour but was buzy reviewing my tape so that I won't delete a vital aircheck, so I missed the top-of-the-hour announcements. The recording of the Philippe Lafontinae - Samuel and Garfunkel spoken announcement was posted on the web ! The clearest I got them was on 233 kHz in AM Narrow rather than on 234 kHz in AM Wide mode to avoid splatter from adjacent channel non-directionnal beacons ! 2nd best ever reception of the most difficult French LW outlet to get at my location ! The clip will be uploaded at www.21centimeters.com and has already been uploaded by myself on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ABDX/files/Miscellanous%20DX%20airchecks/ ! (Chiochiu-QC)


The Broadcast Band


Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

GMC Sonoma dashboard radio, stock 30" antenna


1310   KFKA  Greeley , CO  1117  break from syndication, local weather, ID ("News/Talk KFKA") by Male. Faded out right after, mixing with unid Mexican sta.  (7/24  Barton-AZ)

1420  KTAN  Sierra Vista, AZ  1220  male with ID  "The Talk of the Town, K-TAN" , emerges out of soup on channel usually dominated by KMOG Payson, AZ.  (7/24 Barton-AZ)


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

As Listed


Caught a couple pre-sunset LAs tonight (8:50 to 9:00 p.m. ADT) July 2, 2009.  Receiver on an Icom R-75 fed by a LFE M601C active whip antenna:

750 KHz YVKS Caracas Venezuala with a local like signal.

1220 KHz Radio Globo Rio de Janeiro Brazil - fairly weak, but audible. Tyical reverb on audio, frequent mentions of Sao Paulo during what sounded like soccer game play by play.  Finally, Radio Globo ID.  Its been quite a while since I caught them.

By a few minutes after 9:00 p.m. these signals were gone.  YVKS has come back a bit later on, but much weaker and mixing with CBC in NL.  As usual, not a peep out of WSB.


Quite rightly, FM DX has been stealing the DX spotlight lately, and I'm glad!!!

But, last night, the MW band was doing a rendition of Old Home Week.  I experienced lots of TAs which I haven't caught since spring and a few that I last caught in late winter.  Using ECSS on the R-75 really worked well. 

I also caught 1150 CKOC in Hamilton ON, its been a while since I caught them, as normally CHNC's repeater on 1150 grabs that frequency here.

Speaking of CHNC, shouldn't 610 CHNC and their repeater on 1150 be off the air by now?  I know they had 6 months rather than 3, but I seem to recall their 6 months was supposed to be up in June.  Perhaps they got an extension from the CRTC, rather than doing the CFCY Pirate radio thing :)


Seems like the begining of a whole new MW DX season:

Heard on an Icom R-75 fed by a LFE M601C remotely located 26 inch active antenna:

1700 KVNS Brownsville TX with oldies into spoken KVNS ID

Its been several months since I caught them, and even longer at that level of signal.  First time on the R-75.

Between that and the recent good signals from Europe, I think the new MW DX season has begun.


A half hour ago, I fired up the R-390A to preserve its capacitors and in anticipation of doing a little DXing later after dark. But, I grew impatient and spun the KC knob with my finger [yes, my R-390A's RF deck is that clean, that well lubed, that well adjusted - but most of the credit goes to someone other than me for that].

First stop: 8:17 p.m. ADT

1240 KHz CKIM Bae Verte NL with the VOCM/CFCB network.  Haven't logged them for a while!

Second stop: 8: 25 p.m. ADT

Then, I glided up the dial and noticed something half way between 1380 and 1390.  I narrowed the bandwidth to 4 KC and was listening to some African sounding music - with English words.  Then into a female announcer speaking of Kenya.  I tried on the Icom R-75 and the Drake R8 - nothing there but adjacent channel splatter.  But then, the R-390a is more sensitive than the R-75 when the chips are down and way more selective than the R8. After listening for a while, I became aware of an ever growing het - sounded like a 1 KHz het.  My suspected Kenyan catch grew ever wearer and the het grew stronger.  I tuned down a notch to 1385. Also some African music.  But, when the music ended, it was a male announcer speaking French.  I tuned the R-75 to 1385 and got the same signal.  The R8 was just splatter, even on 2.3 KHz bandwidth. [I muttered to myself that I better take the R30A out of its Pelican case before long and get it back on the desk]. I fired up the SDR-IQ and noticed a carrier at 1385 KHz.

My hunch is the latter station might be Radio Rurale in Guinea, but if so, their transmitter has drifted 1 KHz or so off frequency.

780 CFDR Halifax NS went dark on the morning of July 27, 2009.  The station commonly IDed as KIXX which was perhaps skirting the law to the extreme.

This leaves Halifax, a city of 300,00 to 400,000 people, with no, I repeat, Nada, ziltch, el zippo, AM radio stations.  But, a truckload of FM stations ever growing in number.

900 CKDH Amherst NS will be going dark before too long as well.  When it does, it will leave NS with 1420 CKDY, 1350 CKAD, 1450 CFAB [slated to be flipped to FM once MBS Radio can work something out with the CRTC], 1270 CJCB and 1140 CBI [slated to be flipped to FM].  There is some talk that CBC may decide to not go ahead with the CBI flip and instead use the nested repeater approach.  That would make sense - a few thousand watts of FM could cover the urban part of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality while allowing 1140 CBI to cover the rural parts of CBRM and areas in the rest of Cape Breton not presently served by FM repeaters.  Cape Breton is very hard to cover with FM unless one uses a LOT of transmitter sites.

So, now, its 780 WBBM Chicago and I'm sure one or more South American stations on 780 for me.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


While WORM is off the air, my local pest, I got a new one on the 2004 Saturn Ion radio.

1010 WHIN Gallatin, TN 7/30 0840 with ID, local ads.


Bogdan Chiochiu – Location as listed

Sangean Radio


640 CUBA   CMBC, Radio Progreso, Guanabacoa JUL 5 0406 - Presumed with Spanish romantic vocals in mess. SIO 323. (Chiochiu-QC) 

780 VENEZUELA   YVNM, Coro, Falcón JUL 3 0405 - Apparent romantic vocal very poor in as deep as possible a null of both CFDR and WBBM. (Chiochiu-QC)

910 CUBA   Radio Cadena Agramonte (CMAF), Camagüey JUL 9 0602 - Good and mixing with megapest WLAT with a man announcing the next Fidel Castro's meeting with someone. This is more commun than YVRQ for me these days, a few years ago YVRQ was more commun than Cuba here. I'm still looking for YVRQ Radio Aeropuerto airchecks... I'm interested in the history of Venezuelan broadcasting, even though I'm barely turning 22 the next week ! Radio Aeropuerto became RQ-910 in 1986 ! There is a very short aircheck of YVRQ from 1976 on the Mark Connelly's website and it is in real-audio an oldschool format... I hope to hear more from the pre-1986 YVRQ. Remember aircheck collectioning is just as fun as DXing ! (Chiochiu-QC)

750 VENEZUELA   YVKS, Radio Caracas Radio, Caracas, Distrito Federal JUL 17

0320 - man talking about FM listening issues. Very poor and difficult to

follow with QRM from both WSB in Atlanta and a nearby thunderstorm in my

neck of the woods ! (Chiochiu-QC)

760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ, RCN Cadena Basíca, Barranquilla JUL 18 0720 - carrying

CNN audio feed in Spanish. They talked about the Latin American countries

with the fewer cases of swine flu. Bolivia was among them. Good in a

difficult WJR null. (Chiochiu-QC)

780 VENEZUELA   YVNM, Radio Coro, Coro, Falcón JUL 18 0625 - carrying Ruta

Musical 7-80 with some great cumbias that were taped. More on that later for

the followers of the LatinMWDX group ! SINPO 42232 in and out of splatter

from both CIGM-790 and WABC-770 that were local-like; not much annoyance

from local CJAD-800 though. Dear Bruce, this one isn't in Distrito Federal,

but in Falcón which is another Venezuelan "estado". Instead of virtually

inventing logs of Ecuadorian or Peruvian outlets, why not try to consider

each YV estado a new spot on a map rather than a new station from the same

old country ? Mexican estados are allowed as seperate and DISTINCT targets

on IDXD ! Why not do the same with Venezuelan "estados" ? (Chiochiu-QC)

780 COLOMBIA   unID Cali or Riohacha JUL 18 0459 - bits of the HJ anthem caught in a wacky Radio Coro fade with both WBBM and CFDR deepely nulled using both the ferrite bar antenna of my Sanyo MCD-S830 and the PK AM Loop... Anyone hearing something else on 780 other than Radio Coro... Radio Coro was blasting in a minute earlier with a Colombian cumbia making this quite confusing... But cumbia is popular in Venezuela too, but the HJ anthem cannot be popular in Venezuela as well ! (Chiochiu-QC)

 750 VENEZUELA   YVKS Radio Caracas Radio, Caracas, DF JUL 20 0335 - woman in Spanish talking about Caracas. Good and mixing with WSB. (Chiochiu-QC) 

760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ RCN Cadena Basíca, Barranquilla JUL 22 0245 - w/ a man doing a speech via the phone regarding war issues. Good to quite poor in a more or less solid WJR null. Threshold on the Sanyo MCD-S830 barefoot, so the PK loop undoubtedly helped ! (Chiochiu-QC) 

1150 unID   JUL 22 0234 - Spanish talk regarding "El Salvador" not sure if religious or geographical related. Fair-good but way under the domestic pileup. Probably an ethnic domestic rather than a long-sought Central or South American, though who knows for sure better than God the creator of nighttime skywave ? (Chiochiu-QC)


W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



UNIDENTIFIED [and non]. 1570, English gospel huxter dominating the frequency urging us to resist the devil, July 15 at 0616 UT. Listened for a few minutes and could not hear any Spanish underneath from XERF.

Could XERF possibly have resumed its old format of gospel-huxtering in English? Or was off the air at the moment. It`s usually atop the jumble or at least audible most of the night, only in Spanish as an IMER public radio station since expropriation a good many years ago. This was on the longwire so did not try to get a bearing on it. Must do so at next chance with a portable.

Turned on the radio again at 1219 UT and there on 1570 was a comedy (?) show doing shtick on current events, in Irish-Catholic brogue, soon IDed in passing as Imus in the Morning; and at 1221 with local ID for KZLI, The Breeze, which is the latest call for Tulsa/Catoosa OK, per NRC AM Log, 1000 watt daytimer with 20 watt PSRA, nostalgia format. It`s also audible here daytimes via groundwave despite 200 km distance. I see I am not missing anything as an Imus unfan; that kind of `humor` leaves me cold (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Finally got a definite ID from the gospel huxter on 1570 in the null of XERF: July 20 at 0557 UT, EWTN promo, i.e. Catholic programming, 0559 ID as KBCV, mentioning the Ozarx. EWTN affiliates are usually Catholic-only, but did not take previous preaching heard as especially Catholic. ``Keep Blessing Catholic Virgin``? Should check if this SW Missouri station is // WEWN on the other term abbreviated SW.

Then checking listings, I am not 100% sure the EWTN promo came from the same station, as there was QRM. The EWTN website http://www.ewtn.com/radio/amfm.htm does not list KBCV as an affiliate, but only two others on 1570: KPIO Loveland CO, and WISP Doylestown PA. KPIO nightpower is supposed to be only 18 watts, and WISP 900 watts, so I still think KBCV is more likely (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ-180, 1 foot air core loop


920 KVEC San Luis Obispo, CA 6Jul09 10:55 PM PDT, Coast to Coast AM, ads, ToH ID "Your hometown radio station, 9-20 KVEC, San Luis Obispo. Proud to be owned and operated by El Dorado broadcasters." Into Fox News Radio news and then back to C2C. Dominant for a while but then suffered fading and a Spanish station taking over for a few minutes.


The Whole Earth


Rick Barton – Cave Creek, AZ

Drake R-8 and wire


11735  NORTH KOREA  Voice of Korea at 1035 with choral music. Fair and not near as strong as the // at 11710.  (7/24 Barton,AZ)

13590  CHINA   China Radio Intl. direct Beijing 1045 px on DUI laws, occaisonal QRM from CODAR. Alone on the band this session.

(7/24  Barton,AZ)


at this posting i have not been hearing University Network (or even a carrier) here in AZ on 11775 or 13845 , at 1630, 1645, 1700 rechecks.

i am hearing Melissa Scott now on 11775 (fair) via Carribean relay ; 13845 still silent at this location.


had WWCR on 13845 missing w/ rechecks all (local) afternoon Tuesday but heard s/off at 2330, so they must have come on after 2330 for a short time. 

5935 was missing all night. 

i agree with Glenn that only the University Network frequencies for WWCR were off the air.


W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



** CANADA. Quick check of RCI on 9515, July 1 at 1422 found it in correct language, Russian for a change (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [non]. Checking an erroneous report of weather info on LSB 15034, I reconfirmed that CHR Trenton is on USB: July 1 at 1333 giving weather not for Canada, but Europe, including in next few minutes Split, Ancora-Saltanella (sp? Sounds Italian), Shannon, Prestwick, with a ``Trenton Military`` ID at 1336. Text reader is much better than the one at WLO/KLB, almost sounds real, but pauses are unreal. Frequently says the word ``tempo`` but not followed by a temperature, so what means it? Looked for this also on 10 MHz band, but only found New York Radio on 10051-USB, sounding like the same voice (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHILE [non]. Yes, it`s gone, no more CVC A Sua Voz in Portuguese on 15410, checked July 1 at 1306. Propagation was poor, but nothing there, altho Turkey was barely audible on 15450, and CVC Spanish on 17680. 15410 had been in collision with other broadcasters, but nobody cared. Now these are cleared, per EiBi and Aoki:

1115-1200 AIR Goa in Thai

1200-1257 DW Kigali in French

1300-1357 DW Kigali in Hausa

1500-1700 R. Farda Lampertheim in Persian

1730-1900 VOA Greenville in English [oops: nothing there at 1730 July 1; this was replaced by 17895 on 22 May]

However, the A Sua Voz website still exists, http://www.radiocvc.com/ which autolaunches welcome audio in Brazilian, but clicking on the live audio http://www.radiocvc.com/cvcasuavoz.asx we get Spanish instead, at 1543 mentioning today`s date July 1. The Live365 player is still labeled ASUAVOZ.

Also links to imaginary program grid titled 2008, but the axual page says ` inverno 02` --- a bit of website updating seems called for.

The final 26-minute Radio DX program with Célio Romais and others is heard with the usual upbeat enthusiasm at : http://www.yehplay.com/musics/Romais-Ultima-Edicao-do-Programa-Radio-DX/311717/ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. ChiCom jamming check July 1: at 1300, Firedrake very poor on 13970 just as it was pausing into open carrier for a pentaminute. At 1311, FD fair on 15150, poor on 14420, while CNR1 collision with BBC Chinese via Singapore was plenty strong on 15285. Just tuned in 17705 with CNR1 // 15285 as it was going off at 1315* --- that matches exactly the All India Radio Chinese service at 1145-1315 on 17705. At 1317 FD on 17500, poor. That`s a Sound of Hope frequency, per Aoki. Then I heard one Chinese station on 17515 at 1317, // 15285, so CNR1. This is jamming BBC Uzbek via Cyprus at 1300-1330 only. At 1427 on 15285 I was well hearing only one station in Chinese with song, presumably CNR1. At 1428 found VG signal from Firedrake on 15780, during drums-only passage. Aoki, EiBi and WRTH A09 update have nothing on 15780, so we can only guess it`s another Sound of Hope tempjump (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Plenty of RHC discrepancies to report July 1:

At 0601, Spanish on 11760 // 6000 instead of correct English, which was going on 6010, 6060 and 6140. We have come to expect Portuguese instead, but Spanish will have to do.

At 1253, found RHC on new 11800 // 11760, sounds like Chávez talking about golpistas. 11800 is distorted and replaces 12000, leaving VOR Chinese service in the clear (except for a bit of CODAR). We have been reporting the 12000 collision since A-09 began, and Arnie finally notices and does something about it. 11800 is of course a known RHC frequency but until now only in the afternoons at 20-23. It appears to be clear of co-channel in the mornings, altho squeezed by ChiCom jamming on 11805. Per Aoki, 11800 was available, except for Bulgaria until 1130 and CNR2 until 1200. Recheck at 1326, 11800 still going with stronger signal but much weaker than 11760. 12000 was supposedly aimed at New York, so 11800 too? At 1423, 11800 had improved to S9+10 and now I could tell it was very undermodulated, plus distorted.

I made a point of copying the out-of-order frequency announcement by Antonio at 1404 on strongest 13780: ``15120, 15360, 13760, 13680, 13780, 11760, 12000, 6000 y audio real``. 11800 was still on instead of 12000. Hey, Arnie, when you make a frequency change, you should insist the announcers correct their listings, and the webmaster too.

At 1420 I made a final bandscan of 49 meters to see if anything was still making it two sesquihours after sunrise, and found another anomaly: RHC was running 5965 // 11760 during Voces de la Revolución, hoary Fidel fragment; 5965 is another frequency used at other times but not on the schedule in the mornings. In fact it was the strongest signal on the band, the only other one of any consequence being an open carrier (or very undermodulated) on 6000, no doubt another RHC leftover, supposed to close at 1400 despite its always being included on the 1400+ frequency announcement.

Have any of these amendments been made at http://www.radiohc.cu/espanol/c_frecuencia/frecuencias.htm ---? Altho automatically displaing today`s date, July 1, of course not! Still shows 12000 at 11-15; with 11800 and 5965 only after 2000.

Note: these particular observations above concern regular broadcast hours, not any temporary extensions on behalf of Pres. Zelaya.

However, a quick check at 1630, one sesquihour after normal 1500*, found three frequencies still running with obsessive Honduran coverage, 11760, 11800 and best by far 13760. Ditto at 1730 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI again with severe het problem on 9525, July 1 at 1341 during music; now the hets are exactly 1 kHz apart. Same at 1422 with the addition of CRI Russian service QRM (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA [and non]. Except for nearby 5025 and 5070, only ORTM has enough punch on 60m to almost dominate the noise level here, fortunately reactivated on 4845, July 1 at 0605 chanting. It`s their soporific wake-up show; even now I preferred the similar but livelier chanting from LV de la RASD, ALGERIA to WESTERN SAHARA at 0615 on 6300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Despite poor conditions, REE was barely audible on 13m, July 1 at 1320, as usual better on 21610 than // 21570, VP-P with fades with Mediterranean stuff // 17595 just to be sure. Sporadic E opening may have helped out at least on the final hop (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WWRB, 18770, just barely audible at 1429 July 1, with whistling music accompanied by piano, which the Brother Scare service had been playing most of the past hour as tuned past 9265 WINB before 1400, and 9385, the latter being the fundamental of 18770. Once again 18770 reception correlates with sporadic E opening inbringing strong WWCR 15825, 13845, and up to channel 5 TV in the next few minutes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. During bandscan June 30 at 1933 happened to cross 15290, RNV relay via Cuba, just as they were pausing in Honduras-obsessed Spanish talk for transmission schedule. You guessed it: STILL announcing the totally outdated one they started with 5? years ago, always beginning with ``to San Francisco at 11-12 [PST] on 13740``, a frequency which has been gone for ages, long ago replaced by this very 15290. RNV studio continues to be totally ignorant of their own real schedule (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. RA // 9580 and 9590, July 2 at 1318 in ``Asia-Pacific`` item about China retaliating against US over dumping. The strange thing today is that as I was tuning halfway between them on 9585, could hear a slight reverb, then confirmed on two separate receivers. These two transmitters in the same hall at Shepparton should be synchronized, so why are they not? May be on two different audio feed chains from Melbourne, possiblizing option of split programming for sports and talkshows as we have monitored recently (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake check July 2: at 1315 not audible on 8400 or 9000; as I bandscanned upward, did not find any until 1331 on 13970, poor, but very good on 14420, quite a disparity. At 1335 also // on 17500. None others heard, so went back to 14420 and listened to the concert until abrupt cut to unmodulated carrier at 1400-1405, then resuming in mid-note. FD had just restarted at 1359, so no attempt to synchronize. During the OC, could not hear a trace of SOH or anything else on 14420. Do they really monitor every hour and reconfirm their victim is on the air? It should be much easier if they cut the carrier too but that would audiblize it to anyone axually trying to hear it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC anomaly monitoring July 2: at 0622, found 11760, 6140, 6060, 6000 all // in Spanish instead of English, leaving only 6010 for English. But that`s really all we need with its VG signal aimed usward. At 0626 noticed an additional RHC Spanish outlet, 6120 undermodulated and an echo apart from 6140. The question is, why are so many Spanish frequencies needed; just national pride?

0700+ is too late for me, but the night before, July 1, Ron Howard in California was still hearing RHC, as late as 0826, now all in Spanish on 6000, 6010, 6060 and 6140. So are they really running 24 hours in Spanish during the Honduran crisis? Spanish normally ends at 0500, and English at 0700.

My next check at 1307 July 2: unscheduled 5965 again on the air this morning with good signal, but nothing on 6000; however that must have been a tempo dumpoff, as 6000 was back at 1312. Also // 11800 an echo apart. Still gone from 12000 at 1323 leaving VOR Chinese in the clear. At 1325 I was monitoring 11800, very distorted as they were starting an ``8-minute`` health segment about Venezuela, but it was already over at 1332 with ID and news headlines. At 1402 still on and audible on 5965 as Antonio Gómez again made his imaginary frequency announcement identical to yesterday`s --- ``15120, 15360, 13760, 13680, 13780, 11760, 12000, 6000``.

Quick check at 1542 found the same three frequencies on the air as yesterday, filling the 15-20 UT gap, 11760, 11800 and best 13760 as heard Pres. Zelaya mentioned immediately. There may well be others as plenty of spare transmitters are available at this time, but I was busy listening to Happy Station (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI has upshifted one kHz to 9526, July 2 at 1316 in English. The hets of the last three days are gone, now clear except the hum is back, and signal is poor. Scenario: at Cimanggis they don`t even know that their different transmitters are 1 kHz apart so think they can run two or three of them at once with no problem, as they were preparing to use only the 9526 one for a while now? We`ll see what happens tomorrow (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. VOR, 12000 via Khabarovsk toward China but good signal July 2 at 1323 with Russian folk song followed by announcement in Chinese, now cleared of CubaRM with RHC moving to 11800 after almost two months of collision. Arnie is really on the ball (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Sorry if this is a bit repetitive, but the time will come all too soon when sporadic E abates and logs like this become a rarity again: July 2 at 1333 UT, WWCR 15825 with Tony Alámo plus squeal, VG signal assisted by Es opening, so at 1336 I came to 18770 and found Brother Scare just barely audible, fading in from WWRB = 2 x 9385.

** CHINA. Firedrake check July 3: at 1329 audible poorly on 9000, worse on 8400. At 1337 just barely audible on 13970 and at 1338 nothing on 14420. At 1340 better on 15150 // 9000. At 1343 best but fluttery on 17500 and 18320 // 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC`s schedule is also upshaken in prime-time. UT July 3 at 0335 check, found Spanish on 11760, 11690, 6140, 6060, 6000 and 5965, NO English! Their website schedule shows English is supposed to be on 6140 and 6000 at 0100-0700, with 6060 and 6010 joining at 0500-0700.

At 0553 July 3 I rechecked the 49m frequencies, and now 6140, 6000, 5965 and undermodulated 6120 are in Spanish, while 6060 and 6010 are in English (presumably, different programming with reggae at the moment). No sign of a mix with CRI audio on 6010 as Harold Frodge heard 24h earlier.

You never know what RHC is going to do next. It`s only safe to say that no two consecutive days are identical as far as frequency usage. July 3 at 1310 I find that they are back on 12000! This had been missing the past few days, while new 11800 had appeared, so I had concluded that was a move to avoid VOR in Chinese. I gave them too much credit. Now the collision resumes on 12000, and 11800 is still on the air too, strong and distorted // 11760 which is loud and clear.

At 1336 I find recent new morning channel 5965 is still going too with deportes report // 6000. At 1338, also running on the three 22m frequencies plus two leapfrogs, 13580, 13680, 13760, 13780, 13880. 1340, also audible on 15120, 15360 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. Radio Cuba Libre is normally totally inaudible via WRMI 9955, scheduled daily 1200-1400, as it is buried under DentroCuban jamming. But July 3 at 1348 I find it atop the jamming and quite readable! WRMI must have switched early to the NW antenna, as reception matches what it is like after 1400 with Radio Prague relay. That`s good for us but not for the DentroCubans.

RCL gets very little attention, and perhaps enjoys its low profile. When Cuba attacks hostile broadcasts, only Radio Martí is mentioned by name, not RCL or R. República. A FueraCuban was talking about political prisoners in Villa Clara, golpistas. 1352 ID in passing as ``Radio Cuba Libre, desde los estudios de Radio Miami Internacional`` so they even do their programming from RMI studios, unlike República. 1357 outro IDed himself as Mario Jiménez, music fill, 1400 WRMI ID and into Prague in English with no change in signal level vs jamming which starts to abate.

What do we know about RCL? Not much, but this text, full of typos in English and Spanish, is their program page on the WRMI website.


``Horario de transmisión via WRMI: 8:00-10:00 am hora de Miami diariamente en 9955 kHz (31 metros) 11:00 pm-12:30 am hora de Miami de lunes a viernes en 9955 kHz (31 metros)`` [daily 12-14, M-F 03-0430 UT]

We don`t find a website for RCL itself, but googling leads to earlier citations of a Radio Cuba Libre, which was much more militant, promoting Molotov Cocktailing, and we suspect unrelated to this one.

But this may be related, with logos of several Miami radio stations, not including WRMI: http://www.elexiliocubano.com/municipios/


** CZECHIA [non]. Radio Prague missing from 6080 at 0332 July 3; that had been the Sackville relay for C&W NAm which Cip revealed would be canceled at Junend. WNAm should now try direct 9870 at 0300-0330 which is at 324 degrees across Butte, mid-Nevada and Santa Bárbara, while // 7345 is aimed further east at 310. But the website schedule http://www.radio.cz/en/frequencies#en still shows 6080 and relays via six other sites; do the others remain in use or not? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE [and non]. YFR is adding more and more relays including Ascension, now scheduled on 9420 at 0000-0300, 265 degrees in English. Oh, another collision against Voice of Greece! Checked on the portable in the yard at 0145 July 3 and heard nothing but a good signal from VOG music, but at 0152 on the FRG-7 with longwire, could tell there was something SAHing under it, presumably YFR Ascension (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI backslides: While on July 2 there was only one transmitter, shifted to 9526, during the 1300 English hour, on July 3, it was back to a huge whine of hets, at 1324 check. This was overriding any possibility of making out what was being spoken. The pitch was somewhat more than 1000 Hz. With BFO on, could detect multiple peaks between roughly 9522 and 9528. If there are only two transmitters operating, they produce all these mixing products. Could someone let us see this on a spectrum display? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA [and non]. RRI on new 7535 for Romanian to NAm at 0000-0200, VG July 3 at 0145-0157* and bothering Cairo Spanish on 7540, which had better stay there now instead of jumping to 7535 as it did earlier. RRI 7535 is ex-7335 which has another occupant now, YFR in English at 0000-0300, 245 degrees from Ascension; See USA [non]. So did RRI move because of YFR or Vatican already on 7335 eastward? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. More and more Harold Camping, adding Ascension relays in English for less and less BBC. Heard on 7335 at 0145 July 3, Camping mixing about equally with something which proved to be Vatican as its IS and ``Laudetur Jesus Christus`` came on stronger at 0157, but then off for a semi-hour. Catholix vs Protestants!

And also something under Greece on 9420. YFR is now scheduled at 0000-0300 on 7335 at 245 degrees and 9420 at 265 degrees; also 2200-0100 on 9835 at 245 degrees, unchecked here yet. See also GREECE, ROMANIA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRNO, 7505, July 3 at 0158 with very distorted [gospel?] rock music, but modulation somewhat suppressed; 0159 ID less distorted, but the transmitter is obviously ailing, also splattering (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake check July 4: at 1412, trace on 13970, poor on 14420, trace maybe on 17500, no others (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC still operating contrary to previous scheduling and currently published scheduling, UT July 4, presumably all prompted by obsession with the Honduran situation:

At 0610, Spanish on 6140, 6120 and 6000; English on 11760, 6060 and 6010.

At 1401, all Spanish of course, on 5965, 6000, 11760, distorted 11800, and still announcing 12000 instead of 11800, but 12000 back off the air this time.


1505 check reconfirms the additional mid-day transmissions are still running, audible on 13760, 11800, 11760, 11690, 6000 and very weak 5965; this last one had some co-channel QRM. Per Aoki, most likely CRI 5965 in Russian, 55 degrees from Beijing also usward, rather than BBC Urdu via Oman. RHC not found now on any other 13, 15, 17, or 9 MHz channel. For daytime mid-range coverage they really ought to be using at least one 9 MHz channel; but who am I to advise RHC?

Checked again at 1600, RHC IS audible on 5965 despite all-sunny path; at 1611, 6000 and 5965 still audible, with a bit of marimba music, then mentioning R. Nacional de Venezuela [see also] and the Honduran coup. At 1616, 11690, 11760 and 11800 still on too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** HONDURAS. The biggest SWBC signal from this country, which isn`t saying much, missionary HRMI on 3340, was back on the air July 4 at 0622 check, but due to high T-storm and line noise levels, only able to detect a carrier and bits of music. Presumed, but really nothing else it could be. If anyone hears them report anything political, let us know (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI without the multiple carriers and whining hets again July 4 at 1351 during the English hour, on 9526, or rather slightly less --- on July 2 Ron Howard and on July 1 Wolfgang Büschel put it on 9525.86v. Here it was quite weak today with music, QRN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. VOA English, 9885, July 4 at 1614 talk about religions, languages in Sénégal, good signal and no doubt Greenville. What are the current hours for this?

Aoki July 4 shows daily straight thru 1600-2100, but also Botswana at 1800-2030, an unlikely self-collision. EiBi July 2 shows GB at 1600-1800, Botswana 1800-2030, and back to Greenville at 2030-2100, all English. However, on June 10, the 1800-1900 hour only was shifted to Sri Lanka.

9885 is also used for various other IBB services from various sites at 0100-0630 and 1130-1300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Another problem for WWCR: 5890, with Pastor Pete Peters (what else?) July 4 at 0605 was accompanied by unstable buzzy spurs roughly plus and minus 6 kHz, but could not find any carriers. The spurs continued during pauses in modulation on the fundamental.

July 4 at 1415, WWCR VG on 13845, 15825 with sporadic E assistance, but not as strong as recently: on 18770 could barely detect a carrier of presumed WWRB 2 x 9385, and MUF did not make it up to channel 2 --- until 1838; altho the VHF antennas were disconnected most of the morning due to storms (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 11680, RNV via Cuba, July 4 at 1504, YL in stilted English, apparently week in review recounting events of June 30, ALBA meeting in Managua (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Nightly check of RHC to see if they are still running more Spanish, less English tnx to the Honduran golpe. Yes, July 5 at 0545: 11760, 6140, 6120 and 6000 in Spanish; 6060 and 6010 in English with DXers Unlimited, but 6060 quite distorted, Arnie cutting out and in.

At 0548 Spanish announcer plugged today`s Mesa Redonda Informativa from Cubavisión studios to be at 1500 UT = 11 am local, titled ``día decisivo del contra-golpe en Honduras``. WTFK? None mentioned, but we have been discovering by monitoring the ones in use after previous daily 1500 sign-off. See below.

At 1342 on 11760, mentioned special programming for Honduras, and 1343 starting En Contacto late --- the DX program normally scheduled at 1335-1350. Began as usual with birthday greetings and ``Cumpleaños Feliz`` ditty to the tune of ``Happy Birthday to You`` --- is it still due royalties in Spanish, and in Cuba? Ha. Strange thing is, I had also heard a snippet of it around 1341 as I tuned by and assumed E.C. had already started, so was that a false start, then cut off for obsessive Honduran topic?

Next on the show was Antonio Buitrago of REE`s DX program, and then explaining SINPO. At 1343 I checked for parallels, and 11800 was only open carrier, but by 1349 undermodulation identifiable as RHC. 12000 apparently missing again; see RUSSIA. The five 22m channels were on, but 13680 had occasional audio breakups at 1351. At 1357 the medical show was underway, so not sure just when En Contacto ended, but suspect it was curtailed.

Quick check at 1516 for the MRI special mentioned above: 11690, 11760, 11800, 13760 all audible. 11760 by far the strongest, 13760 just barely, mixing with Korea North. Probably also on 5965, 6000, not checked this time. Another Sunday without any Aló, Presidente (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9526-, July 5 at 1353 poor during music and no multi-carrier hets; but from 1357 the usual big het from CRI Russian prélude on 9525.0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, 11785 via WHRI, Sunday July 5 at 1339, speaker in Hmong in a very echoey hall. If I had listened to the whole hour, might have heard some English as Wendel Craighead did the day before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Bob Wilkner often asserts that XEQM Mérida is well heard in Florida around 1300, but no such luck here. However, July 5 at 1324, 6105v was deeply fading in and out enough for me to detect an IFE PSA, then music with a heavy beat and shouting.

IFE is the government agency administering elexions, and most of the frequent government PSAs on Mexican radio the past many months have been from IFE. In fact today, July 5 is elexion day in México, for the legislative branches only; details:


So maybe IFE PSAs will now diminish. What a weird idea, holding elexions on Sunday when most people aren`t at work! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. VOR Chinese, 12000, July 5 at 1341 quite distorted but could not detect any Havana mix (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. I have kept trolling for Firedrake each morning, but none heard on the usual frequencies 8-19 MHz either July 5 or 6 around 1330. E Asian propagation has been rather poor, and expect they are still running (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [non]. CRI relay via CUBA, 9570, missing July 6 at 1253 check, so missing too were the Chicuban spurs around 9560, 9580. I hope Andy Reid et al. were enjoying R. Australia in this all too temporary respite, as 9570 and company back on by 1339. Some RHC frequencies were absent too; see CUBA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. RHC, 11760, July 6 at 0520 was relaying TeleSur satellite TV audio, with live (or recorded earlier?) report on the chaos at Tegucicalpa airport Toncontín (TNT as the beacon ID we heard sesquidecades ago on x-band went), where Pres. Zelaya`s plane had not been allowed to land. Quite dramatic, with gunshots heard behind the correspondent`s narration, which she identified as ``disparos del exército contra el pueblo desarmado``; 0538 ID as TeleSur, http://www.telesurtv.net for more coverage.

RHC check the morning of July 6: several frequencies missing, power failure at one site? Not heard: at 1302, 6000; at 1317, 13680, 13760 [where VOK English was in the clear, Commies vs no Commies], and consequently no spurs on 13580 or 13880.

These were heard from RHC: at 1302, 5965; at 1311, 11760; at 1317, 13780; at 1319, 15360 JBA, much weaker than 15120. At 1324, 11800 echoing vs 11760.

At 1339 power back on with 6000, 13680, 13760 again on the air. See also CHINA [non] for 9570.

As heard plugged earlier at 1311, at 1333 July 6, RHC replaced normal Despertar con Cuba programming with last night`s press conference from El Salvador featuring Constitutional Pres. Zelaya and his other-presidential escorts. Unfortunately, the audio quality was so poor I soon gave up on trying to understand it; apparently from a very low-quality internet feed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. DW, 15410, 310 degrees from Rwanda, July 6 at 1321 with ID in Hausa, DW chord facilitating easy recognition, fair and now clear of abolished CVC Chile co-channel; but weak het from 15412, presumably V. of Tibet and/or ChiCom jammer. Had not been able to hear DW 15410 since CVC quit June 30, due to poor propagation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526-, July 6 at 1254 music with a het, but this time only one and it`s external, not internal: presumably Poland via Germany in English as scheduled on 9525 during the 1200 hour; and it had gone away at 1259 as VOI was about to change from Indonesian to English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. VOR Chinese, 12000, July 6 at 1324 check, distorted, and unstable carrier, going from music to talk. Wanted to be sure RHC was not back underneath, and could not hear that (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake check July 7: at 1255 fair on 8400, JBA on 9000. At 1313, good on 13970; at 1316 weaker not on 14420 but on 14430 as SOH had pulled a fast one. Neither heard at next check 1354. At 1328, FD on 17500 // 13970, but not on 18320 or vicinity. At 1343 audible on 9000 but not 8400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC chex UT July 7: at 0545, Spanish on 11760, 6140, 6120, 6000 about topic H. Only 6060 and 6010 in English.

5025, R. Rebelde was nothing but a big hum at 0558. Wiggle that patchcord! Next check at 1249 before fadeout, back to normal.

At 1252, RHC best on 6180, item about the Malecón for a change, also on 6000, 5965. At 1311, just barely modulated on 11800, much better on 11760. Otherwise normal on 13, 15 MHz channels.

`Lite` DCJC pulse jamming on 9780, July 7 at 1256, much less than the barrage against Martí on 9805; victim on 9780 a Chinese collision, i.e. RTI vs ChiCom, with KNLS English also buried in the mix. I recall that R. República used 9780 for a while in the afternoon via Sackville, so the Cuban jamming is probably a relic of that unless RR has come back to 9780 elsewhen (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EAST TURKISTAN. 15445, July 7 at 0555 in Russian mentioning the letters ``CRI`` in English, web address? Then postlude. This is 308 degrees from Kashi. We should keep a close ear also on Urümqi transmissions in case the rioting there against ChiCom imperialism has an effect on them. Tip: allow any separatist movement to succeed peacefully and be done with it. Also makes more radio countries (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. Not much incoming from Europe, July 7 at 1359 but on 15510 noticed VOR IS mixing with some other music; after 1400 only DW sounder and Russian. This matches scheduling of VOR via Samara until 1400, then DW via Rampisham (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9, July 7 at 1301 transitioning from Indonesian to English, with ``sound of dignity`` slogan. Fair signal today, no hum or het! 1302 prolog to regular Tuesday hookup with RRI Banjarmasin, YL host in Jakarta conversing with Banj guy whose name I have never been able to copy. This series is called ``Exotic Indonesia``, so I wonder if they will eventually wander on to some other region? I believe he said the time was 6 o`clock, so perhaps this was live on the previous English broadcast at 1000 UT. Also gave his e-mail address and mobile (phone) number. Finally 1305:30 into newscast starting with a court ruling about elexions. Unfortunately, too busy bandscanning to stay for rest of hour; should try to get it on webcast.

Ron Howard also heard this and points out that the presidential elexion is July 8, possibly leading to more or extended SW transmissions (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. VOR, 12000, July 7 at 1312 in Chinese talk; carrier unstable; no RHC co-channel. 1350 playing Bach, and carrier almost motorboating (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. REE at 1331 July 7, just barely audible on 21570 and less so on 21610 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. VOA, 9760 via Philippines, July 7 at 1345 with report on Michael Jackson; correspondent sounded like Dan Robinson so wondered if he had a new beat away from Congress? But outroed as Michael Sullivan in Los Ángeles. They do sound quite a bit alike (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. CFRX, 6070, July 9 at 1245 with QRM from a roar, no doubt the N. Korean transmitter, VOK in Japanese which probably went off a few minutes later leaving what little summer daytime signal remained of CFRX in the clear (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake check July 8 at 1311: audible on 14430 for the second day instead of 14420, but not audible on any other of the usual frequencies 8-19 MHz. Conditions quite poor today plus local T-storms in the morning.

July 9: at 1250 JBA on 8400, not on 9000 but at 1322 JBA on 9000. At 1327 JBA on 13970 but good on 14430, better than // 15730, JBA 17500, not on 18320. 15730 is the transmitter that has been jumping around in the 15.7s, presumably tracking Sound of Hope.

July 9 edition of Aoki explains:

15750*Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH 1230-1300 1234567 Chinese 100 131 Dushanbe-Yangiyul TJK 06848E3829N SOH a09 May 25- 15720-157

15750*Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH 1400-1430 1234567 Chinese 100 131 Dushanbe-Yangiyul TJK 06848E3829N SOH a09 May 25- 15750-157

Isn`t Tajikistan relay new for SOH? But my log was during the 13-14 UT break in Aoki listings. Timing and frequency probably change every day (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check July 8 at 1650 found 11760 still on at midday; too much local noise to confirm the others.

Next check at 2032: any English starting this hour? No, both 11760 and 17660 in Spanish, an echo apart. 13760 also echoing vs 11760, audible on much weaker 11800; and just barely on 12000, which seems to have been abandoned in the mornings, and if it stays on past 2100 will collide with HCJB Spanish. At 2103, yes, HCJB over another signal with a SAH. The RNV relay was operating normally on 17705 at 2038 check.

Meanwhile, at 2043 also found RHC on 11770 // 11760. At 2104 the program on 11760 announced as ``Revista Iberoamericana de Radio Habana Cuba``, and still // 13760 and 17660, while 11770 and 13790 now on the air with open carrier only. At 2105 those two joined Spanish // the others.

The confusing transmission schedule at http://www.radiohc.cu/espanol/c_frecuencia/frecuencias.htm

still has not been updated to show any of these changes, altho it`s been a sesquiweek since the Honduran coup. From this you`d never know that RHC is staying on the air after 0700, and 1500-2000+. Presumably the takeover by RHC Spanish of RHC English and other language transmissions is ad-hoc and may revert to original sked at any time. But don`t count on it: once RHC has an obsession, they milk it to death; just ask the Cinco Héroes.

UT July 9 observations: at 0618, nice classical guitar music, but did not last long, on 11760 // 6140, 6120 echo apart, 6000, with English on 6010, 6060. This seems to be a reliable pattern at the moment instead of all frequencies in English after 0500.

Big discrepancy at 1317: on 9570, the CRI relay in English overridden by RHC Spanish // all the other frequencies. Same buzzy spurs as always against R. Australia on 9560, 9580. Hard to decide whether this was an audio feed/mixture problem, or two transmitters by mistake on same frequency 9570. At 1325 I noticed a `slow SAH`, irregular deep fades, maybe averaging about once every 4 seconds, or 0.25 Hz, which points to two transmitters. Mix still going at 1334 check, but at 1336 both dumped off the air simultaneously, so that points to two audios/one transmitter. Maybe they noticed the problem? No, just a normal failure at RHC, as both came back two minutes later. Meanwhile I checked all the other usual frequencies at 1335 to find if any of them were missing: no, confirmed on: 15360, 15120, 13880, 13780, 13760, 13680, 11800, 11760, 6000, 5965. Final check at 1354: still the mixture on 9570, Commies vs Commies for sure! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9526- instead of 9525-, July 9 at 1316 with English talk, only poor signal but luckily nothing on 9525 to het it during the English hour unlike before and after (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. Don`t often hear VON 15120 at 0626, but there it was July 9 with news in English about Africa, poor-fair, fades (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 12000, VOR via Khabarovsk, July 8 at 1256 distorted during music, Chinese announcement, carrier motorboating obviously with BFO on; finally went off at 1401:25* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. REE making it thru on 13m again, July 9 at 1333 on 21610, 21570, weaker 21540, poor with fades, maybe sporadic E-assisted on final hop (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. RTI Japanese service, 9735, again accompanied by buzzy spurs around 9730 and 9740 July 9 at 1314. The higher one was of slightly higher pitch than the lower one indicating the fundamental was a smidgin on the low side. These spurs appear only occasionally. I should think the 9730v one would be a problem for those monitoring Myanmar on 9731v, not a chance of it here, but have seen no mention of it in that connexion. However, RTI is on 9735 only at 11-12 and 13-14 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. July 8 at 2051, slow SAH between two stations on 11855: one in Luso Portuguese, no doubt BBC to Africa via Ascension, 250 kW at 114 degrees during this semihour only M-F; and WYFR which is on 11855 2000-0200 in Spanish, 100 kW at 222 degrees, so theoretically no collision. In the clear at 2100 with YFR IS. BTW, WYFR in English during the previous hour 19-20 on 11855, is via Ascension too, 250 kW at 65 degrees. And Portuguese on 11855 not to be confused with Brazilian from low-power R. Aparecida at 0800-0300 per Aoki (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 18770, WWRB 2 x // 9385 audible July 9 at 1331, fading up to S9+5, and down to S3 or less, non-BS talker at the moment, but soon turned over to the Voice of the Last Days Prophet of God. Ralph sure knows how to make up apocalyptic titles for himself! Was expecting this, as usual tipoffs, nearby WWCR 13845 and 15825 were inbooming a few minutes earlier; however, sporadic E MUF had still not built up to 56 MHz by 1530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake check July 10: at 1322 nothing on 8400 but audible on 9000; at 1341, 13970 JBA, but 14430 good; at 1349 nothing found in the 15.7 MHz area; at 1352 fair on 17500, nothing around 18320 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC UT July 10: at 0551 Spanish on 6140, 6120 and very poor signal on 6000; in fact it was marred by splatter from much stronger RHC English during music on 6010, // 6060. Cuban Commies vs Cuban Commies!

RHC is still running an extra(?) transmitter in the mornings on 11800, and it is still very distorted, at 1339 July 10 during sports segment. See also RUSSIA. However, at 1342 the big signal on 13780 was missing, tho 13680 and 13760 were nominal.

Is RHC still on the air at mid-day contrary to schedule? Yes, July 10 at 1847 check best on 11760, audible on 13760, and a weak signal probably RHC as before, on 11800 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, July 10 at 1327 on 9526-, ID with the usual three frequencies, only one of which applies at any given time, but they never say which; Indonesian Wonders feature about how to get from Jakarta to the north coast of Java to enjoy eating fried eels; 1332 into next show, Miscellany. Fair signal with no QRM, but summer QRN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. VOR, Khabarovsk, 12000, July 10 at 1338 in Chinese, motorboating, QRMing itself. No RHC, which should wisely keep away from this mess, but when will they eliminate 12000 from their morning frequency announcements? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH AFRICA. 11690, good signal July 10 at 0544 with VTC fill-music loop, no announcements in next few minutes, instead of scheduled R. Okapi for CONGO DR via Meyerton. Loss of audio feed happens fairly often with this 0400-0600 transmission; why? What a waste (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TUNISIA. RTT, 7275 with Arabic music at 0555 July 10, but open carrier on 7335. The latter plugged in the audio for abrupt join in progress at 0558 to become //. 0600 timesignal and presumed news.

Both frequencies are registered for 0400-0800, and Aoki believes that too, but their true spans never really match. The WRTH A09 update is closer, so while we are at it, full schedule from that:


kHz: 7225, 7275, 7335, 7345, 9725, 12005

Summer Schedule 2009, Arabic         

          Days  Area kHz

0200-0500 daily NAf, ME 9725sfa, 12005sfa

0400-0625 daily Eu      7275sfa

0600-0810 daily NAf     7335sfa

1600-2000 daily NAf, ME 9725sfa, 12005sfa

1700-2110 daily NAf     7225sfa

1900-2400 daily NAf     7345sfa

And from the July 6 WRTH domestic update:

TUNISIA Summer time is not in use in 2009


** CHINA. Firedrake July 12: at 1255 VG on 13970, nothing on 14420/14430 or any higher frequency up to 19 MHz. At 1259 fair on 8400, nothing on 9000, but at 1309 nothing on 8400 either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. RHC 11760 back in English, fortunately, UT Sunday July 12 at 0535 allowing DXers Unlimited to be heard; but as often happens, co-channel QRM from NHK`s Russian service; also // 6010, 6060, while 6000, 6120 and 6140 in Spanish, and a het on 6120. What could that be? Only other station listed at that hour is TWR Swaziland in English; are they ever so off-frequency?

RHC 11800 with its habitual distortion was audible before 1300, but not afterwards at 1317 check; at 1320, 13760 was missing leaving VOK English in the clear, while 13680 and 13780 were inbooming, 15120 and 15360 audible but not inbooming.

I haven`t checked for the RHC Esperanto service in several weeks, scheduled Sundays only at 1500-1530 on 11760, but others have found it missing. And it`s still missing July 12 at 1503, when extended Spanish broadcast was best on 11760 along with 13760, 6000 and a weak signal on 5965, probably same. Nothing on 13750 so Aló, Presidente remains suspended too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. VOK, 11735 transmitter very dirty July 12 with anthem until 1250*, and jamming-like grind extending 11725 to 11745, first noticed on 11725 bothering YFR via Pet/Kam, RUSSIA in Chinese, as I had closed down the night before tuned to RNZI. In fact, the grind could be some kind of mix with a real jamming transmitter at same site. Next check at 1315, VOK Chinese back on 11735 along with the hash, incidentally also bothering VOA Korean on 11740 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 11980 fair at 0537 July 12 with nice ME music, vocal with string accompaniment. This must be VOT`s Turkish service aimed usward at 310 degrees altho not often audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 13: at 1234 poor on 8400; 1308 F-G on 13970, VP on not // 14430. 1311 audible on 15600 not // 13970 and at 1312 on 17500 not // 13970 either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [non]. It`s July 13, Tony Alámo`s trial date, and there he is rambling along on WINB, 9265, at 1233, as if nothing special were ongoing. Also at 1310 on WWCR 15825 only fair with squeal. Here`s the latest news:




** TAIWAN. RTI Japanese service, 9735, again producing spurs around 9730 and 9740, July 13 at 1303, but no audio detectable either from the spurs or from CRI 9730, BBC 9740 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. Checking out a tip from Tarek Zeidan, Denmark of a religious station on new 9935, July 12 around 2200, I found 9935 still going at 2340 check with Family Radio ID in passing, web promo. It must be brand new, not in any listings, nor I think this time, in any update from WYFR via DXLD.

I thought it might be a mis-punch for 9835, the recently new Ascension relay of YFR in English from 2200 (which BTW overrides my previous recommendation for Turkey to shift there from 9830 to escape RTTY, as they were in no hurry to make themselves audible).

So at 2340 I find YFR still going on 9835, Campingdroning easily recognizable despite much weaker signal than 9935, and the audio processing is much punchier on 9935.

Checking whether 9935 is still on after 0000 when the new YFR GUF relay is supposed to start on 9760: at 0020 July 13, 9935 is still going with non-Camping but suitably pessimistic Bible reading, and // synchronized same-sounding 9790 (not 9760 as had been scheduled), so both YFR via Guiana French?

Other YFR service with Camping via Ascension still audible weaker on 9835 // 7335.

Nothing on 15580 or 15315, which had been Bonaire tests of YFR both on the air in the 00-01 hour, which have expired. RNW online frequency schedule update July 12 no longer shows them or any YFR via BON.

Another check around 0115 UT July 13 found 9935 gone, and 9790 now occupied as usual by CRI via Canada. Aoki now shows 9790 but not 9935:

9790 FAMILY RADIO 0000-0100 1234567 English 250 215 Montsinery GUF

9790 FAMILY RADIO 0200-0300 1234567 English 250 215 Montsinery GUF 05300W 0500N WYFR a09 Jun 26- 5 53

Next day July 13 I was standing by on 9790 and 9935 two minutes before 2200: 9790 was still running RRI IS, nothing on 9935. But a few seconds before 2200, 9935 carrier came on and into YFR English relay with no opening. A few minutes later something on 9790 but not //. And again 9835 with other YFR service via Ascension not // either.

By 2342, 9935 YFR had built up to a good signal, and 9790 occupied during this out by TDP DRM via Sackville. At 0007 check July 14, 9790 on again with YFR // 9935, but 9935 noticeably stronger (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 14: at 1306 nothing audible on 8400 or 9000; at 1315 poor-fair on 13970; 1317 poor on 14430, none audible 15-19 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526-, Tuesday July 14 at 1302 opening weekly `Exotic Indonesia` hookup to RRI Banjarmasin with banter between Banj guy and this time an OM rather than YL at Jakarta studio. Listened carefully in case a date was mentioned as often the case, but heard none, tho again claimed to be `live`. Ron Howard found a VOI website claiming that this Exotic Indonesia series was running from April to December, 2008! If it was really a rerun from last year, days of week would not match days of month in 2009.

Another question is that if it is really live on the 1300 UT broadcast (8 pm local as the site claims), is it repeated on all the following English broadcasts during the next 24 hours? Continues with regular features but breaks for kontact with Kalimantan, at 1321 the M&M conversing again, giving phone number and other listener input info to Banjarmasin; 1323 back to Jakarta for Today`s Commentary, by a YL about the presidential and vice presidential races. Only fair reception in noise but no QRM (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. VOR Khabarovsk, 12000, July 14 at 1314, more distorted than ever in Chinese talk, very unstable carrier, better during music than talk at the moment, but the trouble increases and decreases cyclically (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH AFRICA [and non]. As I tuned by 7310, July 14 at 0600 I noticed two stations in English mixing about equal levels, DW and BBCWS. Now, DW is scheduled here at 0600-0630 in English via Sines, PORTUGAL, but nothing else. However, BBCWS relay in English via Meyerton, SOUTH AFRICA runs 0400 right up to 0600 also on 7310 --- so I conclude that SENTECH failed to close down their transmitter on time. This went on for at least a couple minutes merging newscasts from both before I moved on (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. VOA Korean, July 14 at 1309, poor on 7225, good on // 11740, except talk on 7225 was running a few sex behind 11740. 7225 is 329 degrees from Tinian, while 11740 is 21 degrees from Tinang, both 250 kW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST

** AUSTRALIA. RA, 9580, Wednesday July 15 with Rural Reporter at 1337, interviewing an award-winning volunteer marine radio operator who has save a lot of lives of boaties in trouble. Says he hasn`t had a day off in a semiyear, and leaves the radios on all the time he is at home, including overnight, so handles distress calls at any hour; lasted until 1344 UT, outroduced as Garry Smith at Tumby Bay, South Australia.

WTFK? Never heard any mentioned tho VHF seems more likely than UHF as in the blurb below. No HF? What`s his callsign? Opens and closes with clips of real contacts, and sounds like in Strine he is saying VMI or VNI. But that doesn`t work in Googling. Finally found it, VMR, with details of his operation and others at



No HF, but there is MF. The reporter doing a show on radio about radio, doesn`t even know the difference between VHF and UHF, nor does SA Transport know the difference between MF and HF!

``VMR Tumby Bay [0700 – 1800 hrs]

0745 Hrs - 1715 Hrs:

Frequency: HF 2524 27.88 – 86 VHF 81

Monitor:   HF 2524 27.88 – 86 VHF 16 – 81``

`HF 2524` presumably means MF 2524 kHz, but what is 27.88 - 86? --- MHz just below 10m band? VHF refers to channel numbers. A repeater network is involved. Times are no doubt local in the wacky SA zone, UT +9:30, i.e. 0745-1715 SAT = 2215-0745 UT.

Here`s the story with audio linx running 6:18, portrait:



By Brooke Neindorf from Port Lincoln, SA, Saturday, 11/07/2009

Imagine being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week with UHF radios constantly buzzing around your home? This is the life of South Australian volunteer marine radio operator Garry Smith, one of Australia's only full time "on call" operators. He estimates he takes more than 10,000 calls a year, which equates to about 8000 hours of volunteer time. Brooke Neindorf catches up with Garry Smith in his radio operations room at the back of his house in Tumby Bay`` (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. KBSWR relay, 9650, July 15 at 1239 describing dimensions in cm of passport photos, as part of language lesson; co-channel underneath presumably the usual Korea North. No sign of R. Japan on 9650; I should have checked before 1230 as Mark Coady heard NHK the day before // 6120, a Sackville mixup (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 15: at 1252, about same level, poor, and parallel on 8400 and 9000, which is not always the case. Did not hear any others (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAIPAN. 11650, July 15 at 1230 just tuned in to interval signal of 8 notes, I think, but only heard it twice as I was trying to count them, then ID as Radio something, and address backwards in Russian, as previously heard here from Radio Teos, so I am fairly sure it was that.

Nailing down the exact sked of Radio Teos within the KFBS Russian transmissions is difficult if not impossible. See previous reports and linx in DXLDs 9-050 and 9-024.

M&M proceeded to converse about BOG. A DX program? Beverage On Ground antennas are a God-given shortcut, much less trouble to string out than proper Beverages Above Ground, convenience often outweighing drawbax (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. After Teos 11650 log, tuned down to 11635, July 15 at 1235 to find solo singing. Per Aoki that`s RTI in Indonesian during this hour via Paochung site (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WINB, 9265, in the Tony Alámo hour at 1249 July 15, railing against children being taken away from him, and claiming it is perfectly legal to marry a female who has reached puberty. That attitude got him into a peck o`trouble as he is currently on trial in Texarkana. Loads of press reports the last few days are piling up at http://www.tonyalamonews.com

It is not a pretty picture, and the accusations are not limited to just molesting children. ``Tony`` also dreams of getting back on TV despite a face made for radio, and a stiff jail sentence facing him (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 16: at 1310 fair on 15150, none heard higher. At 1312, poor on 14430, nothing on 13970. At 1339 poor and about equal on 9000 and 8400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI missing from 9526/9525 July 16 at 1334 --- no trace of a carrier anywhere around here, nor on 11785/11786 where could only hear the usual ChiCom jamming/VOA Chinese mixture SAHing on 11785.0. And at 1335 check, 15150 was still occupied by Firedrake, where it is occasionally heard presumably against Sound of Hope. 9525, 11785 and 15150 are the frequencies VOI always announces in English even tho only one at a time is in use, or in this case, none (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Bandscanning July 16 at 1317 came upon strong and distorted SSB on 11436, Coast Guard net with control station calling a bunch of other stations which had much weaker signals. The few stations I could barely hear answering seemed to be a similar-sounding YL. Format was same with each call, but due to distortion, background noise, mumbling speech of op, it was hard to understand his ID given twice, but I suppose it was ``Camslant Chesapeake`` as previously logged last October 30 at the same hour. Referred to ``11 meg frequency``, ``Lima Charlie`` -- meaning loud and clear? Stations contacted included District 7 Miami, Coast Guard Air Station Lincoln(?), Sector San Juan, Sector Key West, at 1320 Clearwater, 1324 Charleston (which one?), 1327 Upper Mississippi (where is that exactly?). At 1330 announced the net was concluding. My October log started on 7530 and they QSYed to 11436 at 1316 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. Following Brazilian reports of Family Radio on unlisted 9855 in the 00-01 UT period July 15, I looked for it 24 hours later, starting at 2359 July 15: the tests via GUIANA FRENCH on 9790 and 9935 were not yet on, as Sackville DRM was ending on 9790, then weak signal on 9790 and by 0001 UT July 16 // 9935 was also on. This was about Family Radio, but not the all-Harold Camping stream, which was even weaker on Ascension 9835 // 7335. But nothing on 9855.

I thought I heard the announcer refer to ``the late Harold Camping``, but surely not! He`s got to last until at least Oct. 20, 2011. Googling for a new obit, I instead found several sites by irate `true Christians` claiming Camping runs a cult with Family Radio, e.g.:


Recheck at 0014 in case anything changed: no, still nothing on 9855

Oops, word just in from Adalberto Marques de Azevedo: Previous logs should have been reported as 9935, not 9855. Never mind. We already know that 9935 and 9790 are via French Guiana (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 17: at 1253 fair on 17470, presumably because Sound of Hope had jumped there from 17500, where Aoki still has them listed today; but gone at 1335 recheck (not on 18320 either, but I did hear a W4 working a ZS6 on the 18 MHz band). At 1307 Firedrake JBA on 13970, not on 14420/14430; at 1321 JBA on 8400, not on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check UT July 17 at 0535: English on 6010, 6060, 6140; Spanish on 6000, 6120, 11760 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. For the second day in a row, no signal from VOI on 9526v, July 17 at 1319 check and later in the hour, nor on 11785 or 15150. I wonder if the other 250 kW transmitter at Cimanggis, 9680 carrying the domestic relay is on or off the air? It`s hard to tell here with the huge Chinese collision, at 1342 check, but seems a 3-way SAH at least. O, Aoki shows RFI 9680 only from 22 to 13 UT anyway, while ChiCom jamming and Taiwan are at 11-17 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. RTI Japanese service, 9735, again flanked by spurs July 17 at 1316, slightly higher pitch buzz on 9740 against BBC than on 9730 against CRI, so 9735 fundamental was very slightly off-frequency to the low side (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Maybe it`s different in His presence, but on the radio I find ``Tony Alamo`` totally lacking in charisma, and can`t imagine what little girls, let alone adult women, see in him! Unless, of course, they have been brainwashed.

While standing trial in Texarkana, he keeps on broadcasting: July 17, already at 1257 via WWCR inbooming on 15825 tnx to sporadic E, squeal plus T.A., interrupted by announcer at 1300 to tell us it was the ``mid-point`` of the broadcast, Texarkana address, but no ID for WWCR as would have been appropriate.

At 1329, T.A. was attempting to sing ``What a Friend We Have In Jesus``, a jazzed-up version with chorus (of minors?). He can`t carry a tune, so was lapsing into speaking the lyrix, but not completely. There is a term for that in opera I can`t seem to recall, parlatto?

Then announcer outroed the program and into another preacher at 1330. This timing took me by surprise, since T.A. used to be at 13-14 UT on WWCR. In fact the updated July 1-2 program guide at


does still show him at 13-14 UT. If he really starts at 1230 now M-F, that knocks out lots of 15-minute shows including one of the few airings of Ask WWCR (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 18: at 1350 VP on 8400, not on 9000 or 13970, trace on 14430. But at 1352, good on 15150, nothing on any higher frequency. Things were rather different after 1435: now FD was fair with flutter on 17470, still at 1508, good at S9+10 and less flutter. At 1438, now VG S9+10 on 13970, but just barely audible on 14430. At 1443, JBA on 9000 and 8400. At 1536 still good on 17470, fair on 13970; at 1537 also good on 13500.

Did not take time to examine which frequencies were // and which not, but usually there are two different Firedrake music streams. Nor do I try much to track the other CNR1 echo jamming, but was hearing that at 1440 on 11510 and 11615, which are VOA Tibetan and Mandarin respectively during the 14-15 hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check July 18 at 0610: Spanish on 11760, 6120, 6060 and very poor 6000. English on 6010 only, while 6140 was open carrier, still the case at 0630. How many DentroCubans could have had a decent meal for the cost of 250+ kW of electricity wasted in those few minutes?

Wondering if RHC is still on extended schedule, not revealed on their website, almost two sesquiweeks after the Honduran coup/non-coup? Yes! July 18 at 1500 I tuned to 13780 which was playing music, but no sign-off or any other announcement before it went to open carrier at 1502, hetting Austria/Sackville on 13775. RHC 13680 was also still on with OC.

Then I tuned to 11760 and found RHC news underway // no echo on: 5965, and // but echoing on 13760, 11690 and 6000. I had already noticed open carrier on 11690 at 1450 making HCJB barely detectable under that and the RTTY, during Aventura Diexista, Allen Graham interviewing Jeff White about WRMI; which was Lima Charlie on 11960. At 1510, 11760 dumped off the air abruptly, but was back on at next check for it 1535. I had also neglected to look for 11800 earlier but it too was on at 1538, an echo apart from 11760. So that makes a total of six extra frequencies found after 1500: 5965, 6000, 11690, 11760, 11800, 13760.

Note: we have not had a word about this extended schedule from Arnie Coro; you need to get your RHC operational news from actual monitoring by yours truly instead (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. July 18 at 1506 found a collision on 15450 and slow SAH; one was in Russian and soon heard DW theme music; the other unID language, and both were gone by 1530. Currently scheduled at 1500-1530

is VOA Uzbek via Sri Lanka, but can`t find any listing for DW! A mistake or something new, site? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [and non]. VOI, missing from 9526 or any other frequency during the 13-14 UT English broadcast the last two days, was back July 18 at 1303 check, but now just a shade below 9525 instead of just a shade below 9526. Scenario: the 9526v transmitter failed, and it took them two days to get the 9525v one up and running instead. Newscast in progress about the suicide bombings at Jak hotels; same YL announcer heard thruout the hour doing all the narration, including around 1330 a feature on batik.

Ron Howard also caught this July 18 after 1100 in Chinese and measured VOI at 9524.88. Normally, there is a big het during the 14-15 hour when CRI in Russian is in 9525.0, but today after 1400 I heard that without any het, which should have diminished from approx. 880 to 120 Hz, suggesting that VOI was off the air during the Malaysian hour today, unless it outfaded completely, unlikely.

When CRI finished abruptly at 1457* no trace of VOI then either when a bit of its next English broadcast used to follow after 1500. I wonder if they belatedly took my advice and started moving to 11785 at 1400 to avoid the CRI QRM --- that`s OK on weekdays, but not here on weekends when WHRI blots everything else out on 11785 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. 21695, very weak signal occasionally fading up, July 18 at 1355, music and talk, sounds Swahili, and that matches V. of Africa schedule, to go into English after 1400; unfavorable azimuth for us of 230 degrees, per Aoki, which BTW is not toward Swahililand either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Since WWCR 13845 and 15825 were inbooming, July 18 at 1350, I knew sporadic E was again in axion, as without it these megameter-distant frequencies are poorly audible. So I checked 18770 for the WWRB 2 x 9385 harmonic at 1354, and there was Brother Scare`s organ music steady at S9; at 1431 he was screaming to a chorus of amens.

At 1437 was also hearing BS on WBCQ 15420, much stronger than and running about one second ahead of // 18770. WBCQ carries him on 15420 Sabbath mornings only.

As for the sporadic E, WWV was also well heard on 20000 at 1354, less than one megameter, so normally inaudible here without Es. But the MUF did not rise to channel 2 TV, and there were only a handful of 6-meter ham contacts on the map (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1469 must have started as early as 2028:30 on WWCR 15825, Friday July 17, since it was ending at 2057:15, leaving plenty of time for the frequency change to 7465 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Tuning across WTJC, 9370v, July 18 at 1300, so-called `news` from IRN-USA network had a `correspondent` reporting the death of Walter Cronkite, incorrectly saying he was 90 instead of 92, and getting in a jab that he was a member of some one-world organization, godforbid. The clear implication from the tone of this item was ``good riddance``, as to anyone remotely liberal or fair (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 20: at 1305, just barely audible on 13970, 9000, 8400, nowhere else (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC, 13790, July 20 at 0203 in Spanish news, echoing against // 13760 from the other site. 13790 is now on the official schedule as always beamed at Rio de Janeiro, from 21 to 05 in Spanish, English, French, and Creole --- but not Portuguese!

RHC check 0610 July 20: Spanish on 11760, 6140, 6000, no signal on 6120. English on 6060, 6010.

Are they still pretending to be on 12000 in the mornings? Yes, July 20 at 1401, Tony`s announcement monitored on 15120 still says ``15120, 15360, 13760, 13680, 13780, 11760, 12000, 6000`` in that out-of-order. But then I found 12000 missing, instead breaking-up on 11800 as usual for the last few weeks, also unannounced 5965, better than 6000. They haven`t a clue in the studio what is going on at the transmitters. How about turning on a radio and listening to your own output some time? Additionally audible on 13720, which is a leapfrog of RHC 13760 over CRI English relay on 13740. A mix with the CRI audio could also be detected on 13720 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. Tuning across R. Martí, 13820 via Greenville, July 20 at 1421, they had a feature from the Academia Real Española on the proper use of the colon (: dos puntos), audible OK despite heavy DentroCuban jamming against grammar lessons courtesy of the US taxpayer. In my experience, the SS community are more in need of lessons about the semi-colon, which is used even less by them than by English speakers; instead comma-splices are even more rampant. It`s time for me to give away some more semi-colons for those in dire need of them in either language; if anyone will learn their proper usage:





** CZECHIA [non]. WRMI, 9955, audible July 20 at 1311 with a bit of Spanish vs DentroCuban jamming. This is during the bihour previously occupied by R. Cuba Libre, but per the July 11 WRMI grid, it`s part of a greatly expanded schedule of R. Prague relays in English or Spanish as time-fillers, most of which are bonuses subject to replacement by new programming, and thus pointless even for the DentroCubans to jam:

0300-0430 Tue-Sat

0430-0500 daily

0600-0700 Mon-Sat

0700-0900 M-F

0900-1000 daily

1000-1100 M-F

1200-1430 daily

That adds up to 56.5 hours per week, more than one third of WRMI`s total SW output if it were on the air 24/7 and even more than that since it is not! Those lucky Czechies.

Reczeched at 1405 July 20, 9955 loud and clear, the NW antenna now in use, and no jamming audible, proving what a good signal WRMI is capable of providing. Now it`s R. Prague`s Sunday show in English being repeated on Monday with the Mailbox until 1409, Letter from Prague, 1412 Czech Books. Finally a trace of residual jamming is audible underneath.

Meanwhile on 13580, R. Prague`s attempt to broadcast directly to NAm with the current day`s program, all I could hear at 1423 was the weak mixing product from RHC, leapfrogging 13780 over 13680, which is always stronger in the other direxion, 13880 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 11590, R. Cairo, July 20 at 0200 with timesignal 18.5 seconds late (compared to WWV a minute later), Arabic news. Standard remark about useless and misleading timesignals. Fair modulation. Per Aoki, this is 250 kW, 330 degrees from Abu Zaabal, same as for English to NAm at 2300-2430 when I am rarely monitoring. For English at 0200-0330 I should be tuned to 7540 (Glenn Hauser, OK, LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9525-, July 20 at 1309 in English with news of Jakarta bombing investigation. At 1418 CRI Russian dominating on 9525.0 and VOI definitely still on this time with het of about 0.1 kHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. VOR English poorly audible with hum on 9850, July 20 at 1414 about British politix, // but not synchronized 15605, also poor; 9850 had ACI from Chinese music jamming on 9845. 9850 is listed as Samara site by HFCC; Chita by Aoki; Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij [sic] (Yelizovo) by EiBi and WRTH! I guess the latter would be my pick too, only for propagational reasons, hearing it at this hour in CNAm (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Last week I heard ``Tony Alámo`` on WWCR 15825 ending at 1330 instead of scheduled 1400. Maybe it was computer misprogramming, since Monday July 20 at 1357 he was still going, Karaoke-singing some hymn, confirmed as him by WWCR announcer outro. I had also checked before 1300 to find if he was already on then, but not propagating (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Altho E Asian reception was better than usual on 9 MHz --- see NETHERLANDS [non] --- zero Firedrake to be heard on 9000 or 8400 at 1323 July 21. At 1331, JBA on 13970 but none higher. At 1410, 13970 was BA, and now 14430 JBA, seems // (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check July 21: at 0558, Spanish on 11760 but barely audible, also on 6140 and echoing 6120. English (or at least non // music) on 6010, 6060.

Rapid clicking on 11980, or maybe centred closer to 11981, July 21 at 1404, and QRMing NHK English on 11985. What could this be? Ajá, same clix on 11880, equally flanking huge jamming noise against Martí on 11930, ergo spurs from one of the multitude of jamming transmitters there. Fortuitously, nothing much on 11880 or 11980 at this hour to be collaterally damaged, no tnx to incompetent DentroCuban engineering. But could bother R. Australia, 50 degrees on 11880 at 17-21. However, around 1330 before Martí is on, 11930 is totally free of jamming, and 11880/11980 of the clix (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 15275, DW in German, July 21 at 1413, quite good contrary to usual, 1414 ``Fly Me to the Moon`` concluding feature on you know what, DW theme. If it`s DW it can`t be from Germany; this is RWANDA at 30 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. If it`s Tuesday, this must be Banjarmasin, the weekly Exotic Indonesia excursion on VOI`s English service. On 9524.9 at 1320 July 21, usual conversation between guy in Banj and studio in Jak, and into commentary segment. 1336 time for ``weekly talk`` from Banj, but try as I did, could not get anything out of it: reception not bad, but too much accent. Extreme concentration, headphones, might have helped, but am busy with breakfast. Perhaps Indonesians can understand better such English with an Indo accent. But this is for the World. Nice music fill after 1350, ruined at 1357 by CRI prélude on 9525.0, just as VOI went back to talk upwrapping the hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 9650, July 21 at 1325, orange-tinted national anthem concluding RNW Dutch semi-hour via Tinang, PHILIPPINES, 250 kW at 220 degrees but outputting heap big signal backwards 40 degrees USward, such that today it was about equal level to the CRI English relay via Sackville with News & Reports! Pause for a few sex, then at 1327 switched to jazz music, unannounced until off at 1330*. This is the unlisted 2-sesquiminute English broadcast, the jazz matching one of the listed features for July 20 in RN`s weekly program previews, European Jazz Stage, altho no exact times are specified, and evidently also repeated at times on Tuesday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ZAMBIA. 9430, July 21 at 0600, ``1Africa News`` starts at end of one-hour transmission, but cut off less than a semiminute later for QSY to 13590, which was not announced. How rude! They expect to keep listeners this way? At 0601:30 I tuned to 13590 and found them there with no news, instead promoing text number for contacts; more 1Africa IDs. Next check at 1332 found 13590 still on the air and audible with praise music in English. Lusaka is currently scheduled on 13590 all the way from 0600 to 1900, 315 degrees toward UP Michigan; despite China, Russia and Germany also scheduled at various times amid.

ZNBC should be extremely embarrassed that CVC puts out a much more effective external SW service than they do on 5915, 6165, and CVC is not about Zambia at all, your average listener not even knowing whence it emanates (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Sorry about the long-lined report yesterday. My attempt to correct it did not always work. First I did a test to myself, and it wrapped properly, but then I see in some lists both were long-lined; others had the first one properly wrapped already. It all depends; if people would just use semicolons to their utmost, this could have been avoided ;-) (gh)

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake July 22: at 1315, nothing on 8400, poor on 9000. At 1338 nothing audible on 13970 or 14430. Propagation from Asia quite poor today. In fact, nothing but North America (including Cuba, Costa Rica) on 19m, tho Spain, Chile and Ascension were audible on 16m (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9524.9, July 22 at 1336 check in English. Het with CRI after 1400 axually sounded like less than 100 Hz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. RTI Japanese, 9735, accompanied by buzzy spurs July 22 at 1338 around 9730, 9740; but not the day before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. A deafening silence from WEWN, July 22 around 1330 check: no signals on 11530, 11550 or 12050, scheduled during this hour and usually inbooming here. Another closedown for local lightning? No, weather summary shows there was a cold front approaching Birmingham, but local conditions were only ``broken clouds and light rain``, nothing severe.

What`s the problem? Still absent at next check 1730 when supposed to be on 11550, 15610, 17510. Nominal schedule is at



** U S A [non]. 9760, VOA via PHILIPPINES, news item at 1403 July 22 from Brian Padden in Jakarta about ambushes in mining area concluded by saying ``Papua is at the eastern end of New Guinea`` --- Not Indonesia`s Papua --- the western end! A search at voanews.com found only one `current` story by him, a different one from July 1. Instead I found the story by searching on Papua


``There has been an ongoing separatist insurgency in Papua, which is on the eastern end of New Guinea``

I hope he at least knows which way is up. Perhaps he meant ``the eastern end of Indonesia`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 23: at 1309 audible on 8400, a bit better on 9000; not on 13970. 15285 CNR1 jamming was making it thru (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check July 23 at 0630 news by `Ed Newman`: English this time on 6010, 6060 and 6140, while Spanish was on 6000, 6120 and 11760. Other nights 6140 has been in Spanish, and sometimes 11760 is in English.

Quick check at 1629 found 11760 and 13760 still on the air in extended midday service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI check July 23 at 1314: still on 9524.9 with ID, URL, into Today In History (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN still missing from all frequencies for the second day in a row, July 23; at 0635 nothing on 7555, 11520 or 11870; at 1316, nothing on 11530, 11550 or 12050; at 1630 nothing on 11520, 11550 or 15610 as on the schedule http://www.ewtn.com/radio/freq.htm

Last year they were off for two weeks of maintenance, as of July 28; see DXLD 8-086, altho I believe it turned out to be not quite that long. I asked Glen Tapley and he replies July 23, 2009:

``Glenn, We are having downtime until Friday afternoon. We are repairing some slew boxes and transmitters along with our regular maintenance. We project to be back on air this weekend if all goes well. Glen``

So now`s the time to try to DX something else on or near WEWN frequencies, especially the ones flanked by those noisy plus/minus 10 kHz spurs, unless the maintenance takes care of them. For example, V. of Mesopotamia at 12-15 on 11530 (which also collides with WYFR at 04-09) (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALASKA. 7355, KNLS, July 24 at 1232, ``Hit Me With Your Best Shot`` by Pat Benatar, 1233 talk feature Author`s Journal, but really a sermon about Paul, the religionist credited with pumping up the Jesus myth, quoting from I and II Timothy. 1238 back to music ``from the 80s, 90s and today`` by Pet Shop Boys. F-G signal with deep fades. At 1246 checked // 9780 and could detect English underneath the Chinese radio war. KNLS is certainly a curiosity as one has no interest in its music or its preaching, but WCBC must think it`s the best way to pull in unchurched suckers in the FE (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** AUSTRALIA [and non]. 9660, July 24 at 0519, two stations in English mixing about equally. Normally I just hear R. Australia, which is listed as only 10 kW via Brandon at 00-08; but Vatican is also on there at 0300-0530, the final semihour in English, 175 degrees from SMG (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 24: at 1240, audible on 8400 and 9000; at 1345 JBA on 14430, not on 13500, 13970; at 1346 better but only poor on 15150, none higher (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. 13840 good in unknown language, July 24 at 0513. That`s R. Dabanga via Madagascar at 0430-0527, 330 degrees. Should have heard jingle IDs as before if I had listened a little longer. Was also getting VOA Kurdish via same on 15380; see U S A  [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 9410, BBC Mundo via WHRI, Friday July 24 listened to last few minutes 1253-1300* when playing music fill not classical, but jazzed up Gershwin, etc., medley on flute, clarinet with orchestra. At least it`s not the top-20 as on Tue and Thu (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. VOA, 9760 via PHILIPPINES, July 24 at 1320 found Dan Robinson with report on a hearing about USG external broadcasting, including whether replacing SW with internet in Russian was a good idea. Here`s the full story:


`Lawmakers: US Government Broadcasters Crucial to Soft Power Outreach`

with audio linx running 5:35:


Surprised to find a new signal on 11725, July 24 at 1338 with pop music, VOA Music Mix promoting new time for country show Fridays at 1400. At 1343 identified this hour as ``World`s Best Variety on the [singing ID:] VOA Music Mix Network``, now featuring Brian Wilson. 1400 abruptly shifted to news on hour, now // 17585 Greenville and only a slight reverb apart from it. Loud and steady signal on 11725 probably Greenville too, tho 11740 VOA Korean via Tinang was also in well. At 1405, 17585 stayed with news hour, while 11725 split back to VOA Music Mix, ``Mary Morningstar with Country Hits, USA``. Is that her real name? She`s among the presenters on this page:


On 11725 at this time we usually hear, if anything, Harold Droning,

from the YFR relay via Pet/Kam, RUSSIA at 11-15, but no trace of him now. RFE/RL Russian had also been scheduled on 11725, 13-15, switching from Lampertheim to Biblis, GERMANY at 1400, but no trace of that either. Meanwhile, 11725 VOA does not show yet on online schedules, let alone http://www.voanews.com/english/about/frequenciesAtoZ_e.cfm

11725 was still going at 1430 so unseems a transmitter test, but who knows whether it will be there tomorrow?

15380 fair with uncertain language I first guessed was Persian, July 24 at 0509; sounds like VOA. Instead it`s Kurdish via Madagascar, 05-06, 359 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. As I tuned across 7 MHz in AM, July 24 at 1220, encountered on 7210.0-LSB, speech in Spanish which even before switching to SSB could tell was not in conversational tones required by ham radio. It could have been a one-way clandestine broadcaster, but really just an exile ham obviously reading a political polemic, anti-Chávez, Zelaya, accusing Chávez of being a narcotraficante. Pause for ID as N1NR, in contact with weaker signals, WT4WT, and W4N--. Then said he had been reading from un periódico de Londres. 1227 moved on to recipes.

I previously logged him in January on same frequency, as in DXLD 9-002 under CUBA [non] and ARRL callsign lookup IDed N1NR as Roig, Nelson, in Bushkill, PA. Now I also look up his contact, WT4WT, and he`s Barreto, Sergio R, in Trenton, FL. The third one was probably W4NNN as before, Carter, Robert V, in Conyers GA. BTW, Roig, of Catalan provenance, I think is pronounced like `Roach` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. Did not get around to reconfirming VOBI via WHRI Friday July 17, but I did July 24 --- yes, still on 15665 at 1900, usual stuff, protracted musical opening ceremonies, before getting down to anti-Nigerian business (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 25: at 1259 nothing on 8400, and poor on 9000, checked just in time before going to open carrier at 1300. At 1326 poor on 13970 with totally-percussion passage; 1328 JBA on 14430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC July 25 at 0635: Spanish on 11760, 6140, 6120, 6000; English on 6060, 6010. This is the usual pattern lately, but not always. Have any of these changes been made on its own schedule, http://www.radiohc.cu/espanol/c_frecuencia/frecuencias.htm ---? Of course not! Still shows all except 6120 in English until 0700, and no Spanish on any frequency in the 05-11 quarterday; 6120 listed only for Esperanto Sundays at 2330-2400, tho it`s been running long Spanish hours at night for weeks.

BTW, take a look at the flag icons for linx to language pages atop the imaginary frequency schedule: English = UK, Spanish = Spain, French = France, Portuguese = Portugal, and Esperanto = green with a star in the corner on a white field, as: http://flagspot.net/flags/qy-eo.html

Thus are ignored the much larger areas speaking respective languages which are surely primary targets of RHC: USA, Latin America, Brasil. And Portuguese is still `EM CONSTRUÇÃO`. I say USA rather than NAm, since RHC aims its beams at various US cities, Canada never mentioned, maybe gets overlap, who cares? But displaying Old Glory on the RHC website is no doubt forbidden by the PTB as it might imply some recognition or respect for Enemy #1. So why don`t they speak English with a British accent? It`s hard enough for some of their announcers to speak understandable English at all (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. 11880 with lite clicking, July 25 at 1323, but unlike yesterday, this was before the DentroCuban jamming on 11930, and no match on 11980. So my theory that these were matching spurs from a jammer on 11930 is not borne out. However, it could still be a Cuban jamspur. 11845 was grinding away; 11880 clix still audible at 1359, BFO helps, as 11930 Greenville in open carrier atop jamming building up.

At 1400 modulation cut on in musical theme rather than fading it up (no finesse at IBB), and R. Martí`s lead story, week in review was a political prisoner in Holguín on a hunger strike since July 14. Funny, never heard about that on RHC. Cuba has plenty of political prisoners of its own yet only talks incessantly about those in the USA, implying that we have a monopoly on injustice. Big Lie; propaganda by omission (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CZECHIA [non]. Most nights after 0500, WRMI is inaudible on 9955 and we wonder if it`s really on the air, but July 25 it was in well at 0630 with expanded R. Prague relays going from English to Spanish. Also VG after 1400 with more Prague in English, mini-features including one lamenting that smoking is being banned by neighboring countries even in bars and restaurants; and that Czechia is losing movie-produxion business from abroad due to lack of state-of-the-art technical facilities (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. Now that `Tony Alámo` has been convicted July 24, how long will it take for SW outlets to cancel his shows? Still awaiting sentencing and appeal, however.

The WINB schedule http://www.winb.com/bypgmsch.htm still lists, probably one hour each, in EDT = UT -4:

Tony Alamo

Mon-11:00A, Mon-03:00P, Mon-06:00P, Tue-11:00A, Tue-03:00P, Tue-06:00P, Wed-11:00A, Wed-03:00P, Wed-06:00P, Thu-11:00A, Thu-03:00P, Thu-06:00P, Fri-11:00A, Fri-03:00P, Fri-06:00P

Or put slightly more concisely: M-F 1500, 1900 and 2200 UT! The first two should be on 13570, the last on 9265. We have certainly heard him on WINB lately when tuning around.

What about WWCR? Aha, the program schedules tho still dated July 1, both in pdf and text, have removed him as of July 25, showing M-F at 8-9 am CT = 13-14 UT on 15825, as TBA! We have surely still been hearing him during that hour since July 1, I think even this past biweek during the Texarkana trial, but now he must really be gone.

As for Radio Africa, who knows the schedule, but he has often been heard around 2200 on 15190. Since programming runs months behind, cancellation there may also be delayed. Panamerican Broadcasting does have a webpage for this: http://www.radioafricanetwork.com/ but no schedule.

Watch out for the sound effects. If you click on a sample program, the only way to get rid of audio is to navigate away from the page; presumably hidden flash player. Also under construxion in the lower right corner are three levels of streaming. Getting that to work directly out of Equatorial Guinea is apparently still a challenge.

Alamo has his say, boy does he, on this site:


and also his radio schedule page shows several times on Equatorial Guinea, none of them matching the above, including imaginary 7190:


This info has long been outdated, but still shows WWCR, WINB, and also European Gospel Radio (IRRS/Slovakia) Monday at 0430 on 5990. That airing also appears on its own current schedule, 0630-0730 MESZ:


It should also be interesting to check out if and when the domestic USA stations are canceling him. It could well be that even with life in prison his broadcasts will go on; after all, you don`t even have to be alive to enjoy a thriving radio ministry (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [and non]. 17530, July 25 at 1330 with news in Persian. I could swear I heard ``Farda`` mentioned, but jingle soon matched that used incessantly on television`s BBC World News (in English which we get via OKLA 13.2 M-F delayed at 2130). Yes, 17530 is BBCWS Farsi at 1230-1500, 500 kW, 95 degrees via Rampisham. Only fair signal and fading down by 1339. Unlisted in PWBR `2009`.

17640, July 25 at 1332 with B-B-C- chimes IS over and over at odd time of hour, still at 1337. Next check at 1349 was in talk and music, fading out before I could decide on language. Must have missed opening at 1345? After a quarter-hour of IS wasting watts? Both Hausa and Burmese start on BBCWS at 1345, but neither scheduled on 17640. However, Aoki shows English via Ascension at 13-17 on 17640, so maybe that was just a feed loss filler (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Altho on the air when I first tuned around before 1300, WINB missing from 9265, July 25 at 1404, which is normally prolonged on Saturdays with Brother Scare and the Sabbath instead of switching to 13570 as on other days. There was a JBA signal on 13570, but could be VOA São Tomé, which collides with WINB from this and later two other African sites until 1700. Did not sound like Scare, nor at 1605 recheck, and not // 9385 WWRB or 15420 WBCQ --- but these three are never in synch, anyway.

He`s still on the WINB schedule http://www.winb.com/schedule.htm Saturdays all the way from 1200 until 2100, but strangely broken up into 5 segments: 12-13, 13-14, 14-17, 17-2030, 2030-21. Maybe these blox were sold separately as he kept adding time? Altho we had heard it many times, the WINB schedule does not admit to keeping 9265 on late Saturdays only for Stair (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. Altho VOA was loud and clear on unscheduled 11725 Friday July 24 before and after 1400 with Music Mix, just as I suspected, it was nowhere to be heard the next day, July 25 at 1305 and several more chex during the hour. Some VOA programming is on a M-F basis, so possibly it will be back on Monday, if not another of those unexplained one-off anomalies, tests or mistakes.

At 1318 I tuned up to 11740 for VOA Korean via Tinang, which was in an English lesson, Sinatra`s ``Fly Me to the Moon`` word by word, phrase by phrase, re-spoken, spelled out and idiomatic meanings explained in Korean. I can`t help but wonder at the VOA studios in Washington how much they think they are talking to North Korea and how much to the South. VOK announcers could use a few pointers about how to speak non-stilted English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. As expected after a few days` maintenance, WEWN back on the air for the weekend, UT Saturday July 25 at 0544 on 11520, interesting discussion of Gregorian chant, and also the spur on 11530 bothering WYFR.

And at 1315, with WEWN on 11530, now the spur is on 11520, again bothering WYFR. Gets `em one way or `tother. Catholix vs Camping cultists! With BFO on one can also hear matching spurs on the opposite sides of WEWN fundamentals (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. ChiCom jamming check July 26: at 1235 on 15255, echoing CNR1 ID, no sign of victim, VOA Chinese via Philippines, except SAH which could as easily have been between two jamming transmitters; then xylophone music.

At 1237, Firedrake alone, poor on both 8400 and 9000. At 1308 also poor on 13970, 1310 just barely audible on 14430. 1354 good on 15150 and // the Firedrake portion of 12040.

Back at 1308, found CNR1 PLUS Firedrake on 12040, good signals also against VOA Chinese via Tinang. Usually we don`t hear both CNR1 and Firedrake jamming on same frequency, but Ron Howard first reported such mixtures July 25.

At 1350 on 11805 also CNR1 plus Firedrake. No echo from CNR1, however, so perhaps the echoer was switched to Firedrake audio feed. 11805 is yet another VOA Chinese outlet, this time via Thailand, as like a spoiled child, the ChiCom yell as loud as they can to keep from hearing what they desperately need to hear; meanwhile their own slanted side is pervasive and unimpeded on SW into the USA tnx to their Canadian comrades (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC, 15120 and 15360 at 1236 July 26 with raucous crowd noise, vivas, probably warming up for mandatory celebrations in the Plaza; but at 1238 back to `normal` programming from studio, i.e. obsession with the ``cinco anti-terroristas``, while Rebelde, still audible on 5025, was in music.

Would there be any ``Aló, Presidente`` this week? It`s been missing since sometime in June before the Honduran (non)coup. Apparently not. At 1450, RHC still going on 11760, 13760 and 13780, altho missing from 13680 which normally runs to 1500; but nothing found on the listed A,P frequencies 11690, 12010, 13750, 17750.

1520 nothing found on those four either, but: RHC`s weekly Sunday Esperanto broadcast was back not only on 11760, but also on unscheduled 5965 and 11800! Does that make up for pre-empting it several weeks from one frequency? 6000 and 13760 also on the air but only open carrier.

Possibly the extended and never listed midday Spanish broadcasts past 1500 have now ended? But Mel Zelaya is still in exile! No, at 1547, RHC Spanish programming had resumed on 5965, 11690, 11760, 11800, 13760; so they just paused to squeeze in Esperanto (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [non]. 13640, RFI 1200 Spanish via GUIANA FRENCH, July 26 at 1227 interviewing singer, ID in passing as ``RFI en castellano`` tho I notithed no lithping, a bit of music and off without any despedida at 1230. VG signal as always (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9524.9, July 26 at 1305 check in English with elexion news reconfirming Megawati lost; good but with hum (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 9715 via Bonaire, Sunday July 26 at 1224, Jaime Báguena and guest wrapping up 20-minute Cartas @ RN show, i.e. starting at 1205 among other times (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. 15560, RDPI with Abraço da Madeira program on Sunday, July 26 at 1233 giving several phone numbers, including an 800, back to music. VG signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. 9735, July 26 at 1225 open carrier, no spurs. I conclude that RTI`s Japanese service, which modulates at 11-12 and 13-14, just leaves the carrier on during the intervening hour. Bright idea: why not add modulation then too and get more mileage out of it? Could be done for negligible cost (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Sunday July 26 at 1225 found Chris, Lobdell Pirating with Cumbre on 9410, i.e. the end of DXing with Cumbre which must have started at 1200 on the WHRI frequency which weekdays relays BBC Mundo at 12-13. 1236 recheck: a wacky preacher urging us to get ready for the rapture.

Time to search the WHR online program schedule again for DXing with Cumbre times. If you put ``Lamb`` into search by program host, you get nothing, but the finicky engine finds a number of DWC times if you enter ``Marie Lamb``, including this one on Angel 2, and also Saturday at same time 1200. Many of the others we know are imaginary, such as the next broadcast on Sunday, 1430 on Angel 6, 11785, for it was off the air when I checked at 1449, tho it had been on earlier at 13-14 for Hmong Lao Radio (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. NPR via AFRTS Guam, 5765-USB, quite listenable Sunday July 26 at 1240-1248 with Will Shortz` puzzle segment on Weekend Edition Sunday; static crashes still seem odd on a show normally heard on pristine FM (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA. 9600 with choral music July 27 at 0542. If it`s in –00, chances are it`s R. Bulgaria, and quickly confirmed as such by // 11600 with about same good reception. This is the German semi-hour at 306 degrees on both, exactly the same azimuth as used for NAm (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. CFRX had been reported missing from 6070 lately, and July 27 at 1318 check no sign of it here, so off the air? No, Steve Lare in much closer Michigan was hearing it at 1230, but much weaker than usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 27: at 1313 fair on 8400, and also at 1319 on 9000. At 1329 nothing audible on 13970; at 1334 very poor with flutter on 14430 and 15150, no other solo Firedrake heard. But Firedrake mixed with CNR1 jamming was again the case at 1324 on 12040 and at 1326 on 11805. CNR1-only jamming at 1327 on 11785 mixing with target also in Chinese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. UT July 27 at 0534 on 11760, RHC in Spanish with 26 de Julio speech including PA reverb on the Plaza, applause, at the moment recounting Cuba`s first revolution against Spanish colonialism. Concluded with ``¡Viva Fidel!`` --- ``¡Viva!,`` spurts the crowd; ``¡Viva Cuba Libre!`` --- ``¡Viva!``, spurts the crowd again.

Suspect it was Hermano Raúl, who seems to be sounding more vigorous as he gets to orate more. Why he would be calling for rum drinx or a clandestine radio station to live long, I don`t know. Yes, outro at 0535 said it was Raúl, on the 56th anniversary of Moncada. 0551 checked the 49m outlets and found Spanish also on 6120, 6000, English on 6140, 6060, 6010. 11760 was atop NHK in Russian // 11715 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH AFRICA. 11690, poor with VTC fill music loop, July 27 at 0533, when SENTECH is supposed to be carrying R. Okapi to the Congo DR. This happens far too frequently. No RTTY QRM at this hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENERS)

** U K. 9915 at 0540 July 27 in Arabic, along with some noise and hum on frequency, unsure of source. Listed as BBCWS both via Skelton 300 kW, 180 degrees and Rampisham 250 kW, 140 degrees between 0500 and 0700, tho Skelton starts by itself at 0400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. July 27 at 1330, no signal on 13845, so figured there was zero sporadic E this morning --- but when I came to 15825, WWCR was inbooming, so 13845 was off the air and Es was in play; still could hear PMS on Anguilla 11775, whew, so all is not lost. BTW, her Costa Rica outlets kept being registered as if they were on the air, but not any more.

Since ``Tony Alámo`` was convicted Friday and removed from the WWCR schedule on Saturday, today`s the day, Monday July 27, to find what replaced him at 13-14 UT on 15825. At 1330, black gospel music; 1335 ad for American Family Insurance, more mx; 1351, ad for Shower to Shower body powder (did Tony ever use that to make himself more attractive to the girls he ``married``?), American Family Insurance again, which it seems is the sponsor of the show ``Inspirations Across America``.

1358 cut to a Creation Moment, in the relentless drive by the forces of ignorance to bury the scientific method. 1400 WWCR ID, serving the Statue of Liberty --- has anyone ever really heard WWCR inside the SOL? All that metal should be quite a barrier to SW signals, tho maybe audible with a clear shot from the crown outlook. Then another show ``The Liberating Secret, with Sylvia Pierce``. Make that Pearce, per the WWCR online sked, which does show that, but still just TBA for the previous hour.

The huge signal on 15825, if not 13845, called for another routine check of 18770 for the WWRB harmonic --- yes, at 1337 peaking S9+10 with Hallelujah Chorus // 9385, 1339 segué to a bit of another hymn, overcome by BS. After 1430 there was Es reaching channel 2 TV, such as bits of the Hoy morning show from Mexico`s Televisa around 1530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. These YFR tests (?) to SAm in English via Ascension have been canceled: 22-01 on 9835, 00-03 on 7335, 9420, the latter two clashing with Vatican and Greece respectively, and replaced with:

22-23 on 6035, 23-01 on 7235. None of this confirmed yet by monitoring (Glenn Hauser, July 27, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALASKA. KNLS IS on both 9780 and 9795, July 28 at 1301, introducing Chinese hour, with as usual Chinese radio war QRM on the former (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [non]. Still no CFRX audible here on 6070, tho it may be on QRP, July 28 at 1235, just the North Korean roar (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake check July 28: at 1247 on 8400 and better on // 9000. At 1308 poor on 14430, better on 13970, best on 15150. At 1311 on 17470 about equal to 15150. At 1315 also good on 11300 // 15150 and still at 1354. 11300 is more erratic, but when it`s on must wreak havoc on East African aero communications, including probably Chinese planes trying to contact ATC, but it`s far more important to the ChiCom that Sound of Hope be jammed, than aeronautical safety be enhanced. At 1358 Firedrake fair on 13500, another non-daily one; and believe I heard a brief snatch of FD around 15412 but went off at 1359 before I could downpin it; there was a het, and previously has blocked V. of Tibet varying around here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9525-, chalk up another Tuesday for VOI`s long-running Exotic Indonesia series with RRI Banjarmasin, July 28 at 1319 ending news, march music bit, VOI ID with usual three frequencies, 67 percent of which are always incorrect, URL, banter with Banjarmasin guy giving his FM frequency, back to Jak for Today in History feature, starting with July 28, 1794, something about the French Revolution, and later Jackie Kennedy`s birthday. 1326 Focus on the rice forecast for 2010y (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. RRI, 15435, July 28 at 1314, fair with Romanian folk music, Chinese announcements mentioning Romania more than once (or however you spell that in Chinese, let alone English). This is 67 degrees from Tiganeshti at 1300-1330. No jamming audible: how about that! One country with the blessing of SAFRT. Does that mean Bucharest never reports any news offensive to the ChiCom? RRI on 25m has not been making it much lately, tho there was some sign of Romanian on 11920 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** SERBIA [non]. The uncertain future of International Radio Serbia on SW led us to recheck their English to NAm; it was still there on 9675, July 28 at 0037 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN missing again from all three transmitters, July 28 at 0519, nothing on 7555, 11520 or 11870. Even the higher ones are normally audible here in the nightmiddle.

But it was temporary, as a few hours later, 1246, back on 7555 with mass; at 1305 on 11530, 11550 and 12050 as usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WINB still carrying `Tony Alamo`, easily recognizable conversing with a female, his very late wife Susan? July 28 at 1248, mentioning that Catholix ``don`t know The Lord``. Trouble is, The Overcomer is still scheduled during this hour, not Alámo. In Alámo`s former WWCR slot, again July 28 at 1307 black gospel music instead (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WWCR again missing from 13845, July 28 at 1307, tho very good on 15825, superstrong as usual on 9980, and audible on 7490. So the DGS/PMS University Network is outletless in the USA, but still available from Anguilla on 11775. I suppose same WWCR transmitter is missing from 5935 at night, tho unchecked (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. As expected, the YFR tests via Ascension are no longer heard on 9835, but instead on 7235 July 28 at 0037, Harold Droning. Also no longer heard on 9935 which was via Guiana French (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. CFRX, which had been missing or on very low power for a few days, again audible on 6070, July 31 at 1233, with usual drivetime chat, but warbling het from North Korea which always bothers until after 1250 or so (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 29: At 1348 poor on 9000, not heard on 8400. At 1350 good on 11300; 1352 poor on 13970; 1356 good on 15150. July 30: took a day off from monitoring!

July 31: 0445 on 17700 --- unusual time on unusual frequency: WRTH, Aoki and EiBi show not a single station on 17700 at any time. So we can only assume Sound of Hope was on there drawing the jammer.

At 1243, poor on 9000, none on 8400; 1302, fluttery open carrier on 11300, 1305 resuming Firedrake; 1304 on 12040, Firedrake mixing with CNR1 jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC, 13790, still audible as late as 0450 altho signal declined to poor level, in Spanish // 11760. Per RHC online schedule, 13790 is for Rio de Janeiro until 0500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI missing again from 9525 or vicinity, July 31 at 1340 during the English hour. No sign of it around 11785 either, just the China/US radio war (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Altho the University Network transmitter of WWCR was off the air July 27 and 28, it was back July 29 on 13845 at 1352 check; also at 1301 July 31 with black gospel music instead of Tony Alamo (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Four days after convixion, Tony Alamo is still rambling on WINB, 9265, July 31 at 1244, replacing Brother Scare on the schedule; 1259 ID and joining another preacher in progress with no introduxion or identification of whom (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Bogdan Chiochiu – Location as listed

Sangean Radio


6185 BRAZIL   Radio Nacional do Brasil JUL 5 0600 - Brasilian pops and ID... Good atop a fluttery Mexican... SINPO 44544. Seems like Mexico performs very poorly on SW and Colombia too... This is one of the few remaining South American domestic SW broadcasters ! Sad ! (Chiochiu-QC)

Right now, I'm listening to a run-of-the-mil major international broadcaster from Greece on 9420 kHz (actually it is better on 9421 kHz to reduce adjacent channel splatter from 9415)

6300 ALGERIA   RASD JUL 5 0620 - Man chanting the Koran followed by man with comments in Arabic then what seemed to be a short musical interlude. Fair-poor overall with utility QRM that was avoided using AM Narrow, but more exciting than the run-of-the-mil of longwave Trans-Atlantics and the almost inexistent mediumwave Pan-Americans. NEW ! Very excited about this one ! SINPO 23542 (Chiochiu-QC) 

9420 GREECE   Foni Tis Helladas JUL 5 2255 - just heard an accented woman saying "You are listening to the Voice of Greece" in English over a nice instrumental music jingle. Not as entertaining as the 6300 Algerian clandestine, but still nice to listen to from time to time. Around 2300 UTC improved with the 9415 kHz pest signing off ! SINPO 33433 at 2255 UTC and SINPO 45544 at 2300 UTC ! (Chiochiu-QC)

I made a short aircheck of the 6300 mysterious Arabic clandestine broadcaster... If anyone is interested in it, please let me know !

5950 TAIWAN   JUL 7 0228 - End of a Chinese pop tune, then EE talk with ID as "Radio Taiwan International". Poor SINPO 25332. NEW ! (Chiochiu-QC) 

7275 TUNISIA   RTT, Sidi JUL 7 0420+ - with Arabic music program followed by apparent news. Fair at tune-in, but very poor right now at 0500 UTC ! The only shortwave broadcaster playing music around the late evening and early morning... Sad ! Ecos del Torbes 4980 kHz used to play music until sign-off at 0400 UTC ! (Chiochiu-QC)

9575 MOROCCO   Medi Un, Nador JUL 17 2250 - fair with splatter from 9580 and

9570 kHz; with mostly plaintive Egyptian vocals, religious in nature. When

the darkness path between Morocco and Montreal is viable, LW 171 kHz often

fares better than SW 9575 kHz, as far as its signal strength goes !


11820 SAUDI ARABIA   BS Of the Kingdom, Jiddah and / or Riadh JUL 18 2108 -

Fair with koranic male chanting. SINPO 35433. I will be happy when I will be

able to identify them on 594 kHz. 1521 would be impossible given my

equipment, the relative lack of selectivity, WWKB-1520 QRM and, to a lesser

extent, local splatter from overmodulated CFAV-1570. +JUL 18 2122 - SINPO

45533 right now with Koranic chanting ! +JUL 18 2126 - going into a prayer,

then back into Koranic chanting at 2130 GMT with the same SINPO ! +JUL 18

2131 - with a prayer in the form of speech ! (Chiochiu-QC)


I'm hearing weird psy music on 5110 kHz and I know I may sound a bit silly but it sounds like extraterrestrial music or a melodic kind of jamming. Never heard something like that before ! Any idea ? ( probably WBCQ ed. )


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

Radio Shack DX-399 150' center fed LW


6000 CUBA RHC Havana; //5965; very strong here late morning at 1602 here in south TEXAS with musica SON de CUBA, but why do they need to be on the 49metre band at all during the day. It is a great waste of those 100-250kW xmtrs (Wiseblood-TX 7/15/2009) 

6010 MEXICO DF, Radio MIL; very strong today at 1555 for some reason 4hrs after Sunrise with M in SP greeting the Summer visitors (Wiseblood-TX 7/15/2009) 

6105 MEXICO Mérida Yucatán, XEQM; 1545 SP PSA's "Centro de Salud de Yucatán", one PSA demonstating the hurricane early warning system: "alerta amarilla y alerta roja", apparently a red alert means to wait for orders to evacuate and a yellow alert just means stay tuned for further information! musica Mexicana. Fair daytime signal, but I'm only 600 miles away on an over the water path, and I doubt that the SW xmtr is over 100 watts!. (Wiseblood-TX 7/15/2009)

 6170 NEW ZEALAND RNZI; 1549 "This is the EXTERNAL SERVICE of R. New Zealand International. You may tune now to 7285kHz in the 41 metre band, bird chirping S/off 1550*, still audible almost 4-hours after lcl Sunrise! (Wiseblood-TX 7/15/2009) 

7130 unID 1606 someone here with light vocal music, probably S. Pacific? (Wiseblood-TX 7/15/2009)

 7240 AUSTRALIA RA; 1602 EG M with World News, earthquake in NZ, ethnic violence in China. Poor-Fair 4-hours after lcl Sunrise! (Wiseblood-TX 7/15/2009) 

7285 NEW ZEALAND RNZI; 1555 EG M in intervie with a M who designs Theatre Sets, song "Down to the River to Pray"; 1600 tiem pips, ID "RNZI Pacific Regional news", talk of the quake in NZ. Not bad 4-hours after lcl Sunrise! (Wiseblood-TX 7/15/2009)

9524.9 INDONESIA VoI-Jakarta; 1305 Woman in EG w/ID "Voice of Indonesia, in Jakarta", national and world news. 1307 Man in EG w/national news. 1310 end news w.mention of HILLARY CLINTON signing of an ACCORD. Frequency is in the CLEAR with Fair-Good LISTENING LEVELS! (Steven Wiseblood-Boca Chica Beach,TX July 23, 2009)


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Receiver, Antenna


I've been hearing an unid station on 2859.8 kHz. I presume it's a harmonic of 1430. I've not heard anything like it on the fundamental. Also, I've heard it both in the evening after sunset and in the morning before sunrise. More than once I've heard them sign off around 0200z.

I've posted a short audio clip with what sounds like a jingle or station ID. The clip is labelled 2859.mp3 and is in the ABDX files / Members MP3 Folder.

Suggestions would be appreciated.


Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV

Kaito KA1103, KA33 active loop antenna, indoor


U.S.A. - 7405 RADIO MARTI 0350. Broadcast in Spanish. Weak sig strength. SIO: 222 w/ sig further deteriorating at 0354 making prg difficult to understand.

GERMANY - 7245 DEUTSCHE WELLE 0410-0430. English. Prg: In-Box. OM and YL responding to listener's letters. Strong sig. SIO: 544.

NEW ZEALAND - 11725 RNZI 0505. English. News, Sports, and Weather. Feature on Zanzibar w/ YL. Very good sig. SIO: 434.

JAPAN - 6110 NHK World Radio 0514-0530. English. Prg: Listening Library. YL (host Yuko Aotani) reads from Japanese classics. This mo featured pt 2 of "Run, Melos!" Very strong sig. SIO: 545.

U.S.A. - 13615 FAMILY RADIO 2100-2112. English. YL welcomes listeners to Family Radio. Choir singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" begins the Christian broadcast. OM announces the "Family Bible Reading Fellowship" segment of the prg. Good sig strength w/ moderate noise level. SIO: 433.


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

Midland Weather Radio


162.400  KIH 58   Boonville MS   (Memphis WFO) "at 7 AM in Tupalo"   NEW! 158 miles    this midland wx radio is hot 

162.425   WWH-23   Buchannon, GA(Atlanta WFO)    "north and Central GA ment"  "at Atlanta"   NEW! 190 Miles  and sets a all time record!


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN


High tech, low touch



July 9, 10:51 AM


Designers talk about the importance of high tech, low touch. The more technically sophisticated the product becomes, the more there is a need to make it less intimidating. You see this in some modern consumer CD and DVD players that are made to look like retro devices from the 30s, 40s or 50s. “High tech, low touch.”

For my birthday this year my wife bought me a Grundig G6 Aviator radio. The radio is very high tech sporting a digital display, a digital tuning synthesizer and digital audio processing. It tunes longwave/AM/FM/shortwave and aircraft frequencies. Although the device fits nicely in the palm of my hand, it manages to pack a rather sensitive shortwave radio.

Years ago I was an avid shortwave listener (SWL.) I collected reception confirmation cards from broadcasters from all over the world. (SWLers call these “QSL cards.”) The cards covered the walls of my basement room (otherwise known as “the shack.”) However, as these things sometimes happen, I lost interest in being an SWL. My 1960s Hallicrafters radio was turned off and began gathering dust in my basement. I still have it, but I really doubt that, after all those years of neglect, it would still operate today. (A puff of smoke is more likely than a radio signal if I dared to power it on.)

Last night for the first time in years, using my new Grundig A6 Aviator, I tuned the shortwave frequencies listening to ham radio operators and international shortwave stations. That's when I found that this high tech device has a very low touch. It looks like a shortwave radio should look and feels oh so familiar to operate. Even the name “Aviator” hearkens back to a low-tech time. No one refers to aircraft pilots today as “aviators.” That’s a term from Amelia Earhart’s days in the 1920s and 1930s.

Although I have broadband in my home and can listen to overseas broadcasts perhaps with greater reliability and better quality over the Internet, I prefer to use the Aviator G6’s shortwave radio. There is magic in that fading sound and static. There is adventure in tuning the dial to see what you can find. This is especially true in such a high tech digital radio. High tech, low touch, you see.

There is a business angle to all of this. (You probably expected that there would be.) When thinking of deploying business IT solutions, we need to pay attention to the low touch factor. The more high tech the device, solution or product, the friendlier it has to become. Apple is a master at this in taking their high tech devices like the iPhone 3G S and putting it in sleek low touch packages. Sophisticated as these devices are, they are not the least technically threatening. The same holds true for Sony with their VAIO Signature Collection netbooks. Want one in Electric Blue or Champaign Gold? No problem. Sony has one just for you. 

Sony and Apple get the point. It’s all about high tech, low touch. Your business can also benefit from this. When you’re thinking about high tech, don’t forget low touch.


Bargain Barn


Nothing for sale this month


Show and Tell – New Toys


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI   Grundig G8


grundig g8 arrived here yesterday AM after pickup from the leased mailbox. had rechargable batts ready to go on arrival. had to fumble and figure out polarity as the battery compartment is not marked . once i figured that out a couple more minutes of fiddling i figured out how to shut the sleep timer off so radio stays on. the rest was pretty easy to figure out. i hit the FM and was impressed. thegrundig G-8 makes semi locals 60 miles away like locals. cape cod at 80-100 miles are like semi locals. yesterday was not a good tropo day but yet 101.1 frank FM from cape cod could be heard. 99.5 other side of boston mass is very very difficult here yet could be heard. the kaito 1103 and ge sr 2 cannot do this. basicly the FM compares to the sony XTR-HD1 (the one in a black metal box with HD its just a tuner). WHOM 94.9 and 97.5 NH also made a visit last eve during a very weak tropo opening. Last summer i had to go 2 miles with the eton e100 to a park near the water to get the reception the G-8 gets HERE at home. i can now DX right in the comfort of home rather then a miserable park bench getting eaten by skeeters. there was no sign of e skip i montitored the band all day.

Part of the DX hobby or at least this goes hand in hand is listening. in order to catch an e skip opening i have to be atively scanning the band. the earphones jack drove my good full sized cans gorgously. with all the locals and semi locals to choose from there was plenty to listen to while waiting for an opening.

The AM / MW is nothing to sneeze at either. mine arrived with great alignment. during the DAY some 800 next to local 790 peeked thru UNIDed. a early AM band scan about 3:am EDT today found all the big guns in along with somebody playing music right under 770 WABC (unided). even at high noon 660 WFAN NY NY in and 880 WCBS in no problem. graveyard was packed during the day. also have an UNided new 610 heard earlier during band scan. as far as i am concrened this will be my MAIN DX portable from this time forward. Note i have not yet tried SW or lW im mostly into AM / FM BB band DX.Thank you once again GARY DEBOCK !!!!!!! 


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI   Grundig G8


When I got my new, rubbery, shirt pocket sized marvel home, I was dissapointed at first.  MW sensitivity seemed really, well, blah.  FM very good.  Good enough to pick up the 30 some watt ERP Confederation Bridge Radio station on 93.9 that is about 30 miles away as the crow flies, in spite of CKEC's strong signal on 94.1.  Its FM is good without any apologies.

While sensitivity on MW seems low on mine, selectivity on MW is good.  MW comes alive with a select-a-tenna placed an inch away.  I set the G8 to 1450 and it was dead except for internal noise.  I put the s-a-t near it, tuned the s-a-t and suddenly 1450 CFAB popped in nicely. I'm sure the Terk Advantage, Radio Shack or other passive tuned loops would also do much the same.  I can see how a G8 modified for a much bigger ferrite bar antenna could really scream with DX.  The potential is there for those ultralight 'tuner' enthusiasts to tune it up and then go street DXing with them.

At night, the sensitivity seems pretty good.  It is almost like it seems to play down ground wave signals in favour of skywave.  For instance, by day I couldn't get 930 CFBC, 1140 CBI or 1270 CJCB, all of which can be picked up by a decent radio and come in quite well on a sensitive one.  Yet, moments ago I was listening to 1215 Absolute Radio in England.  While it seems like a dud by day when used nekkid, by night it seems quite impressive.

Trying to figure out how to push the buttons to select different functions reminds me of trying to set some little digital clock, watch or pedometer found at the bottom of a cerial box. Tip, let at least one fingernail grow a bit long to work the buttons.

My G8 does have the weird birdies by day, even a dog growl at one spot when tuning.  I think the dog growl is from 1120 to 1130 KHz, and it makes kind of a cool sound effect.  But, at night, no birdies, no dog growl - enough signal to drown out those bizarre sounds.

My conclusion?  Its a rather odd, but loveable little radio that in some ways can seem like a dud, and in other ways a baby champ [ah yes, Northern Electric!]  It might be dissapointing for some on MW, but it won't dissapoint on FM. 


Darwin Long – Northern, WA   Grundig G6


I have the G6 Aviator.  It's nice and sensitive for its size, and has most features a DXer needs, fitting neatly in your pocket.

Just a few beefs about the design are:

-The 108-117 MHz portion of the air band is missing.  I can't understand why radio manufacturers seem to routinely lop off this part of the air band that a pilot routinely tunes to for voice broadcasts of transcribed aviation weather, terminal information, and bulletins prior to takeoff or approach, or VOR beacons co-modulated with voice-rebroadcasts of transcribed weather or automated terminal conditions. Sure wish there was a mod to open that part of the band so the WHOLE VHF-air band is there.

-Some intermod from FM broadcast band on the air band.

-The strength meter is way too sensitive on all bands.  Seems to be either pegged or zero.

-Sensitivity between 150-300 kHz and 1400-2000kHz is sorely lacking out-of-box.

-SSB tends to overload with strong signals.

Otherwise, kind of a nifty radio, and hot on most MW, FM and SW.  Here in northern Washington on my working-vacation yesterday evening, was able to pull in huge numbers of E-skip FM stations from PA, IN, IA, ND, and OH sitting by our camp fire. E's lasted about 30 min, wiping out lots of locals.



Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI 

Wellbrook 1530 Antenna


On Friday my Wellbrook arrived.  Actually, when I got home from work, it was leaning against the wall near the front door and my 6 year old daughter was convinced it was for her, as it looks like a hoola hoop.

It arrived without any detectable damage.

Friday night, I tried it in the basement - 2 inches above the concrete floor - there is a 2 inch high subfloor in my radio room and I had it sitting on the subfloor.  Worked surprisingly well.  Nulls were good, linear and predictable - much deeper and easier to accomplish than my Quantum QX Pro.  But, nulls need regular tweaking - you can't expect to null 660 WFAN and have that null spot work perfectly for 880 WCBS.  It certainly can pick up noise, but it picks up less than a wire antenna or an active whip would.  I was able to null 1130 WBBR and hear something underneath, same goes for WCBS and WFAN.

Saturday I located it in the baby barn, temporarily disconnected the LF Engineering M601C.  I was able to null the Boston MW stations, the AVR Stations in Nova Scotia and the West Coast NL stations - all in a straight line as one would expect with a figure 8 pattern. On 1130 KHz, I picked up the 40 watt CBC French repeater on Anticosti Island - weak, but better than any antenna I've tried before.  

Interesting - the null can be pre-set 'one size fits all' for daytime groundwave, but individual tweaking is needed for skywave.

Daytime revealed the only flaw with the Wellbrook 1530 - FM bleedthrough.  Yes, over much of the AM band I was getting a mix of CBC Radio One, CHLQ and CFCY which are the most powerful FM stations on the CBC Bonshaw tower.  At night, you cannot notice this problem.  Even a weak MW signal will shove away any sign of FM bleedthrough.  The FM bleedthrough could not be nulled.  And, it wasn't present when I had the Wellbrook in the basement Saturday morning before moving it to the baby barn.  Hmmm, maybe mounting it at ground level would reduce or eliminate the FM bleedthrough - as in the baby barn it is mounted about 5 feet above ground - about 1/2 wavelength at FM frequencies.

Saturday night, actually early Sunday morning - 1:00 am ADT brought in 960 CFAC Calgary AB.  Sure, I've caught CFAC before, but not in July.  It did take the R30A to do this, there was no sign of CFAC on the R-75 at the same time.  Picking out 'The Fan 960' is pretty tough when '960 The Zone' is yacking away at the same time!

Tonight, at sunset I got 1220 KHz Radio Globo in Rio Brazil with armchair copy.  Once again, I've caught them before, even recently.  But not with such a good signal.  I said goodbye to Radio Globo as sunset turned into nighttime.

With the exception of TAs, I'm delighted with its nighttime performance.  Daytime is pretty boring, simply because it ends up nulling the USA NE and NL.  That would change just by repositioning it.  The poor results with TAs could just be conditions.  Or, it could be the position of the null.

I am thinking of rigging up a stand for it and trying it in the basement again.  That would allow me to position it with the kind of precision I would not expect from a TV antenna rotator.

With the exception of the FM bleedthrough, it is a superb performer.

Performance wise, it separates the sheep from the goats receiver wise.  For instance, a super sensitive receiver like a well tuned R-390A or a R30A will pick up faint MW daytime signals that escape a R-75. Noise wise, it is certainly not immune from Maritime Electric's buzzing, arcing insulators and ground staples.  But, it rejects background RFI very well.  And, the buzz seems significantly worse on anything else.

I'll be reporting more on the 1530 as the days tick by.


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