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The Journal is gone and we are doing CMEs again. This month’s CME is Pirate Radio and Graveyard DX. That doesn’t mean you have to DX at the graveyard, just DX the graveyard frequencies of 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450 and 1490. It’s a challenge to be sure but you never know what might turn up.


This was a short CME but the logs were good. Hopefully there is something that might pique your interest enough to send in some logs!


Turn your radio on. What are you hearing? The world is out there just for tuning in. You never know what you might hear.


Kevin Redding

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Table of Contents


Editors Corner                                                                    1


Graveyarders                                                                      2


Pirates                                                                                   5


Netlogs                                                                                 6



The Broadcast Band – Graveyarders


Robert Carey Smoak – Bamberg, SC

Channel Master Super Fringe – Model 6515 or GE Superadio


Heard on a Channel Master Model 6515 Super Fringe Radio: 

1:09 P. M. 07-25-10, WQNT, 1450, Charleston, S. C., Braves Baseball, 70 air miles. 

1:13 P. M. 07-25-10, WQSC, 1340, Charleston, S. C., Call in Request Show, 70 air miles. 

Heard on the first Model General Electric Superadio: 

1:34 P. M. 07-25-10, WKDK, 1240, Newberry, S. C., Weather and Jingle, 75 air miles. 

1:54 P. M. 07-25-10, WCOS, 1400, Columbia, S. C., Braves Baseball, 52 air miles. 

1:58 P. M. 07-25-10, WOIC, 1230, Columbia, S. C., T.O.H. Identification, 52 air miles.










Rick Dau – Omaha, NE

Receiver, Antenna



To be totally honest, I didn't make much of an effort for this particular CME.  Noted two stations on the Minnesota Twins Radio Network //KSTP-1500.  One on 1230, the other on 1450.  There are several possibilities, but proximity would seem to point to KWNO and KATE, respectively.


Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

Panasonic  RF-2200 (MW)


1450 KSPA  Escondido, CA (T) 1215 Z/ 0615 MST  female singer scat singing. M. anncr "Contemporary standards"  "jazz"...you've found the spot". online research would seem to indicate KFSD, wonder if Californina DXers have some imput into this.....? monitored GYs for several hours, this station just rose up out of the swamp for a half hour or so after local s.r. (Barton-AZ)

1450  KZNU  St. George , UT    1205 Z / 0505 MST  hrd network news emerge out of the mumble-rumble, ID by M, mentions of Utah, to Jim BOhannon "America in the Morning". held steady for a bit , then kind of was coming and going for good half hour.  (Barton-AZ)


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Toyota Prius Car Radio and 31” whip


Nothing of value here in San Diego - all logged tonight on the car radio: 

1230 - slop and a bit of KYPA Los Angeles (Korean)

1240 - KNSN local brokered religion mostly SS:

1340 - KCLU Santa Barbara NPR stuff

1400 - slop

1450 - KSPA Escondido, CA "the spa"

1490 - KIST Santa Barbara, CA progressive talk 

Too bad the CME wasn't last month.  When I put out those mini-beverages up in Benton, CA, I logged 40 or 41 GY stations in 3 nights.


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E1XM and 150 foot wire:

1230 WTKN Corinth. MS 7/17 0715 with Sean Hannity more or less saying that Democrats are the most evil force on earth and satanic demons from hell. Yawn.

1240 WBCF Florence, AL 7/17 0717 with a news story about the University of Illinois.

1340 WBGN Bowling Green, KY 7/17 0735 with Fox Sports Radio and stopset having KY wildlife PSA. Bubbling up out of the soup. NEW!

1400 WBIP Booneville, MS 7/17 0738 with C&W music so old its paleolithic and ID.

1450 WTRO Dyersburg, TN 7/17 0740 playing 60s and giving ID. NEW!

1450 WZGX Bessemer, AL 7/17 0744 SS MX fighting it out now with WTRO. SS ads for local businesses.  NEW!

1490 WJJM Lewisburg, TN 7/17 0748 playing oldies Ad for local drug store and Food Lion. In and out of a big mess.

1340 WSBM Florence, AL 7/17 418 with ID and Fox Sports Radio.

1490 WDXL Lexington, TN 7/17 1443 playing Bluegrass GOS.

1450 WLAY Muscle Shoals, AL 7/17 1451 "Oldies 1450".

Heard on a Grundig E5 and 200 foot wire 7/20:

1450 WDNG Anniston, AL 1965 running Michael Weiner  ( Radio name Michael Savage. Somehow the Weiner Nation doesn't sound quite as good as The Savage Nation )

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire 7/22:

1450 WZGX Bessemer, AL 1735 SS woman announcer came up for about five minutes and then covered up by WTRO "La 10 Q".

1490 WEKI Decatur, AL 1745 Talk radio for real life.




Robert Bratcher – Houston, TX

Receiver, Antenna


Well if it helps anybody out then here are the Houston Texas area graveyarders

1230 KQUE (used to be KNUZ) Randi Ranchito

1400 KHCB-AM Red de Radio Amistad


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY



7/23 Western NY:

1230 WECK Cheektowaga (Buffalo) - talk, including some local, Yankees affiliate

1230 WENY Elmira - talk, almost all satellite, // WENI 1450 Corning

1240 WGVA Geneva - "Finger Lakes News Radio," ABC hourly news, local morning show, rest is satellite

1340 WLVL Lockport - talk, some // WECK 1230

1340 WWLF Auburn - Radio Disney, // WOLF 1490

1400 WDNY Dansville - standards, satellite

1450 WENI Corning - // WENY 1230

1490 WBTA Batavia - AC music, Muckdogs baseball, mostly local

1490 WOLF Syracuse - Radio Disney

And since I'm on the road tonight in Detroit, here are the local GYs here:

1340 WEXL Royal Oak - black gospel

1400 WDTK Detroit - Salem talk


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC 

Sangean DT 400V


1400 WCOS  SC  Columbia with promo for local sports show. VERY high angle skywave with selective fading 07/18/2010  0857

1450  WCRS  SC Greenwood good local during daytime hours only as Greenwood is 25 miles away. 07/18/2010  0900

1240 WKDK  SC Newberry good. And NO, I don't give myself a refrigerator magnet!!  07/18/2010  0905


Justin Wolffing – Green River, WY

Grundig S350


1340 KWOR - Worland, WY – 7/21 Heard w/ Coast to Coast ID at half hour.


Dave Hochfelder - Albany, NY

Drake R8B and Wellbrook ALA 1530 indoors


1340  WYCB  Washington, DC. July 25, 2010, 2300. Fair to very good at occasional peaks. Gospel, TOH ID.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ180A and 90 foot wire


Heard on the HQ-180A and 80' wire. This wire is directional up the California

coast. If it's in parenthesis, I didn't hear the call ID.

1340 7/20 9:59 PM PDT Dodger Baseball in for a minute, either KCBL Fresno or

more likely KYNS San Luis Obispo

1340 7/20 9:59 PM PDT Mexican NA faded up briefly, most likely XEAA Mexicali

1230 7/22 4:55 PM PDT KYPA Los Angeles, Korean language pgming, English ID at

ToH "KYPA Los Angeles AM 12-30"

1240 7/22 4:57 PM PDT (KEZY San Bernardino), Spanish language pgming //1130, "R

Nueva Vida" slogan heard.

1340 7/22 5:01 PM PDT KCLU Santa Barbara, NPR news, local news, ID.

1340 7/22 5:07 PM PDT (KTPI Mojave) presumed to be the one playing AC format.

1400 nothing, too early for KKZZ to fade in

1450 7/22 5:08 PM PDT (KFSD Escondido) Contemporary Standards, "AM 14-50 The


1490 7/22 5:10 PM PDT (KIST Santa Barbara) Leslie Marshall talk pgm,

"Progressive Talk 14-90"

1490 7/22 5:10 PM PDT (KMET Banning) Michael Savage under Leslie Marshall. KMET

is usually dominant on the loop.

7/22 is typical daytime here. If it isn't too noisy I can use the loop and hear

1240 KNSN San Diego in KEZYs null.


The Whole Earth - Pirates


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

As Listed


Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire:

6950 Radio Ronin 7/18 0105 - 0200 playing Jello Biafra's version of Kalifornia Uber Alles, The Ramones, The Clash, Patti Smith and the like. Was hot into Tennessee tonight.


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Grundig Satellit 600 pro, BOG


all times central PM:

7/16/10 9:17

5762 usb V2a Cuban numbers lady

6940 usb WEAK Radio good to fair signal ,not sure when they signed off?

7/17/10 10:20 -11:20

6925 usb WLDJ Really weak sig lots of drift

7/19/10 8:50

6925 usb Radio Ga Ga ,lot's of tunes ,and at 9:11 a special request for Dean-00000 Fame by David Bowie :)

6925 usb 11:00-11:55  WLDJ heard my name again along with several songs

6930 usb 11:00-12:12 lots of drift here so not much to report


6925 usb 8:30-10:17 WLDJ great signal on this night ,lots of tunes ending with Tom Petty song the last DJ


6940 usb 8:01-9:45 Radio Ronin good signal but with many lightning crashes

6925 usb 9:02 Wolverine Radio Running an Eye theme ,Smoke gets in your eyes,I only have eyes for you ,Can't take my eyes off of you, etc.


6940 usb  9:00-11:00 Radio Casablanca ,Marching Band music into ID then old tunes by Inkspots, 2 songs in french


6850 usb 9:04 Tuned in just in time to hear silly laughing,and maybe part of the National Anthem? then gone ,Sources at Pirate Radio chat think it could have been Ultra-man, but i heard no id


Nuthin’ But Net – Graveyard Logs


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN


Heard 7/17 on a Mac Mini 1.5 GHz ad 1 GB memory with a HS DSL connection:

1240 WKDK Newberry, SC 1526 playing "You Don't Have to be a Star."

1240 WOON Woonsocket, RI 1500 with ID and streaming audio and video starting ToH with obits and then after the obits the news began. This is a truly great local station.

1230 WXNI Westerly, RI 1510 with NPR relaying the BBC Newshour, My old hometown.

1340 WQSC Charleston, SC 1529 playing beach music. "The Boardwalk"

1400 KTUC Tucson, AZ 1518 playing Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

1450 KWFM Tucson. AZ 1522 playing Gary Puckett - Woman Woman. They were AM Stereo last time I listened. They have real good separation on their stream.

Heard on a Mac Mini 1.5 GHz ad 1 GB memory with a HS DSL connection 7/24:

1340 KRMD Shreveport, LA 1812 with ESPN radio and ad for Shreveport - Bossier City Captains baseball.

1340 KXEO Mexico, MO 1814 playing This Love. An actual music format.

1340 WRHI Rock Hill, SC 1818 with Rock Hill Knights v. Indianapolis Indians baseball game.


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