August 2006 ABDX Journal

Vol 1. Issue 4


Editors Corner:

The August issue brings us to look for DX on all bands. ABDX has open skate where you can use any band and log anything and everything. MW is beginning to open up pretty well and the lightning static we have in the summer is letting up a little.


Here’s this months notice:


ABDX announces The Open Skate CME as requested by Norbert Ansay in Rhode Island. The object of this CME is to log it if you can hear it, any band, any broadcast signal, tube or modern radio.


Always open for the summer is HF and FM/TV for E skip, Trop or Meteor skip you may receive during the CME. Also, the Nothin’ But Net segment of the Journal is open for URLs. Any net station you may hear is open for the NBN section. Submit them as any other logging.


This CME will run from 1 AUG 0001 to 31 AUG 2359 LOCAL TIME wherever in the world you are.


You may use any format to compile your logs that makes sense to you. All ABDX asks is that you send HF logs with UTC time and all other logs in local time.


Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about you and we will consider you for membership.


The ABDX website URL is:


There are currently 113 members of ABDX.


We added two new members of ABDX this month. Its always good to see ABDX adding members. If you know of anyone who is interested, send them to the ABDX mail site listed above.


This month, a new section of the Journal is available to the readers called Nothin’ But Net. The segment will covers internet stations. Several of you have contributed URLs and they are in this issue.


The old guys, Don Kaskey and Willis Monk really sent in the logs this month. Congrats to them on having a great month for DXing.


As always, feel free to pass this issue around to anyone who may be interested. ABDX is always open to giving its journal to everyone.


Lets get to the logs…


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.



The Broadcast Band [MW]


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


KENN in at 10:58 PM PDT 8/3, ads, ToH ID, ABC news, Coast to Coast AM. Good at peaks but fades every few minutes for up to 30 seconds.


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire / Sony ICF-2010


580 WDBO FL Orlando - 08/08/06 2150 - Sean Hannity promo. Good,  steady signal with slight static. "AM 580, WDBO" and "Newstalk AM  580, WDBO". (IEN-GA)


640 BC CU Havana - 08/12/06 2258 - TOH ID and Cuban music. Good signal with slight fades. "Havana, Cuba...Radio Progreso". (IEN-GA)


1260 WDKN TN Dickson - 08/25/06 2310 - High School Football with the  Dickson County Cougars defeating the Henry County Patriots 27 to 22.  Decent signal mixing with WSDZ in Belleville, IL. "...on WDKN, AM  1260, Dickson County". (IEN-GA)


Kevin Redding – Tempe, Arizona

CCRadio Nekkid / Digital Superadio



570 KLIF Dallas, TX 2206 ID after Fox News and KLIF ads. Very big signal.

590 KCSJ Pueblo, CO 2209 running Tom Martino.

730 KLOE Goodland, KS 2216 with woman announcer giving sports scores after the Rockies game.



1130 CKWX Vancouver, BC 2300 8/6 ToH ID. Poked through for about 5 minutes.



870 WWL New Orleans, LA 8/12 2247 talk about the Saints football team and ID and phone number to call in.

890 WLS Chicago, IL 8/12 2250 talking about the Global War on Terror.

1000 KOMO Seattle, WA 8/12 2255 after ID and traffic with Cheryl Adams.

1110 KFAB Omaha, NE 8/12 2300 ID “Voice of Nebraska” into Fox News.

1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO 8/12 2302 with CBS News.

1350 KABQ Albuquerque, NM 8/12 2314 Mike Malloy on Air America Radio.



1430 KCRX Roswell, NM 2113 “RX 1430” and R&B “Whats Goin’ On”.

1370 KXTL Butte, MT 2123 with Mariners baseball and ID.



1140 KGEM Boise, ID 0514 Nat King Cole and Anne Murray.

1250 KNEU Roosevelt, UT 0519 giving cattle prices and into C&W.



1050 KTBA Tuba City, AZ 0550 with Focus on the Family Weekend.

1210 KUNF Washington, UT 0558 with NOS music.

1270 KDJI Holbrook, AZ 0600 with ToH ID and Fox News.



690 KGGF Coffeyville, KS 0430 BoH ID after drugstore ad.





1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 0430 with Des Moines ads and BoH ID into local news.


Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI

R-390A / Ten-Tec R-321


Heard on a Drake R8 with a 70 foot wire antenna:

1035 KHz Radio Clube Portugal with bouncy sounding pop music - quite catchy!



I thought I'd go relatively modern and hi-tech this time - its hot

in the basement and tubes make it hotter.  But the Drake R8 was

getting images from stations 600 miles away.


So, time to fire up the Ten-tec RX-321 black box receiver:


Antenna is my trusty [and rusty??? - its copperweld ya know!] 70

foot wire:


530 RVC Turks and Caicos

540 CBT Grand Falls NL

555 ZIZ St. Kitts

567 RTE 1 Ireland

580 CFRA Ottawa ON

590 VOCM St. John's NL

670 Cuba

800 VOWR St. John's NL

930 WBEN Buffalo NY [with CJYQ in the background]

1521 Saudi Arabia - I put the RX-321 onto USB, then on its 1.95 KHz

bandwidth.  can't make out what they are saying, but its certainly

different from WWKB!

1550 CBE Winsor ON

1580 CKDO Oshawa ON

1610 CJWI Montreal QC

1630 KCJJ Iowa City IA

1680 WTTM Princeton NJ [gosh, I miss the AM Stereo and East Indian

format - oh well...]


Oh ya - and all the usual stuff like 1215 Virgin Radio, 1134 Croatia




I enjoyed this brief open skate. I just picked some stations I

wanted to log, and ignored the rest.  I skated around my 2 locals,

my NYC 50 KW locals, etc.


Tommorrow I head on a DXpedition of sorts.  The SAT 800 and  the

Kaito KA1103 are all packed - along with some connectors and an

ajustable impedance matcher. I'm going to my Mom's to do some work

on her house, then bring her back to PEI for a week so she can see

her grandkids.  I still have the 98 foot loop in her attic.  A while

back I hooked my FRG-7 up to that antenna and it was the most

incredible daytime DX haul I ever encountered.  I'll have a bit of

one day and 2 nights to try this SAT 800 with 98 foot loop combo. 

If the SAT 800 should throw a hissy fit, I have the Kaito as

backup.  I'm bringing the Yaesu VX-170 along two to check the 2M

action as well.


Although 2M does put me to sleep... yawn...


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 Quantum Phaser,  2 – 50 foot wires


This past week I've been scanning the AM band during my morning drive time (roughty 0730-0745 CDT) and noted KAKC-1300 has not been running IBOC as heard earlier this summer. Both 1380 KMUS R. Disney and 1430 KTBZ The Buzz are still IBOCing away. KFAB-1110 IBOC noise covers 1100 and 1120 during the time and WOAI-1200 IBOC usually clobbers KGYN-1210.


Did hear KOOQ-1410 North Platte, NE with "Pretty Woman" vocal and "K double oh Q" ID this morning at 0730CDT before fading into the mess.


Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN


1330  KNSS  KS  Wichita.  2006 CDT  19 Aug 06.  Call letter I.D.  Newsradio 1330 slogans.  Into Candy Bruce program.  Relog.


1450   UNID  2055 CDT  19 Aug 06.  Playing oldies type music.  I.D. as 107.9 with slogan "The Breeze."???  Not sure of the slogan.  Could have been some slogan with similar sound. Is CHUC using 107.9 with their I.D.?


1510   CO  Littleton.  2203 CDT  19 Aug 06.  True Oldies.  Lost abruptly at 2206 CDT.  Relog.


1550   KLFJ   MO  Springfield.  2015 CDT  19 Aug 06.  An abundance of Branson info.  Relog.


1590   UNID   2020 CDT  19 AUG 06.  "Fox Sports Radio 1590 AM."  Could not catch any call letters.


1590   WZRX  MS  Jackson.  2030 CDT  19 Aug 06.  REL music.  I.D.  "Glory 1590 WZRX."  New.


930   WDLX   NC   Washington.  2024 CDT  22 Aug 06.  Jumped in with ad for North Carolina's largest health network.  Then faded back under WEOL, WBCK & others.  New.


At 2110 CDT 26 Aug 06 WBHR-660 is about even with WFAN.  WBHR has ESPN. Their 500 watts is doing quite well.  KNUJ-860 has their 9 watts night power breaking through CJBC here in N.E. MN.  They are running local baseball.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Drake R8A – E-W phased BOGs


A nice rather quiet cool eve here 35 miles NW of Chicago. Somewhat too early in the month for good SSS cx, and also a couple weeks too early in the season. Early skip towards the east wasn't as strong as usual, but the west was coming in OK.


Times CDT.

Off note was KNZZ 1100 detectable u/phased WTAM at 2047 and IDable ending nx at 2105 with wx by a western accented gal and into Rusty Humphries.


On 1180 KOFI was the most westerly thing caught for sure (I failed on

Spokane 700 and didn't try 1510) coming up nicely with oldies about 2150 and a nice full ID 2200 with News, Talk, Oldies ment and then pattern switch and gone with WHAM phased.


Phasing 1000 WMVP to see if KOMO could be had around 2227, it sounded like something to do with baseball (Mariners game may have just ended) , and then the voice of one of their female newscasters, perhaps with an ad or newsbreak. Anyhow..too weak to copy much. I expect this will get better by the end of the month when Seattle sunset is considerably earlier, but switch time is the same.




Fall-like cx tonite to the west with a good sunset skip with KOMO 1000, KDJQ 890, KDWN 720 noted with my locals phase nulled. Also in were KNX 1070 & KNBR 680 as well as a KFMB ID on 760 thru XEES (WJR phased out).


Anyhow..Mexican mx (mostly Ranchera type) was often in u/WWL (west BOGs null in deeply) and with them phase nulled I had a Radio Variedadas ID at 2201 CDT. Is KLSQ running day power too late  ?


Also of note and new is CKSW from SK with Rlg mx and ads and stuff on 570 often atop WNAX. CKSW is being reported all over NW N. Am and I think they may be only using 1 stick and thus ND.



Neil Kazaross – Grafton, WI

893 foot BOG


I put down a 893 foot (measured) BOG at my lake front place in Grafton after dinner during the all band GTG there Saturday and left it our all day and night Sunday to DX. It is reasonably straight with a couple small bends, but has about an 8 degree bend near the midpoint. The bearing from end to end is about 93 degrees, or just a tiny bit south of East. With Lake Michigan being 90+ miles across in easterly directions, my reception from the east is superb (although I think salt water rather than fresh would be better).


I'm too tired (almost no sleep in two nights) to go into much detail now, but I definately feel (based on daytime observations) that 893 feet is superior to to the perfectly straight 475 footer (97 deg) I've used several times for the lower BCB band. F/B (unterminted is also better on the longer BOG, although side nulls seem a couple dB worse (perhaps due to slight bends). In the upper parts of BCB I am not convinced that this long BOG is better than the shorter and note that when I tried almost 1100 feet ENE it was worse high end and even midband than several hundred feet shorter.


Sat eve, (limited time due to hosting the big GTG)  570 WMCA new !, 820 MD with numerous WTOP ID's well atop and loud, 1280 WADO NYC with SS BB well atop. WLIB 1190 NY mixed slightly u/WOWO. WNTP 990 Philly with ID's 2059 basically alone and first time ever had on RS on night rig. Basically a big pipeline towards NYC/Philly/DC areas. 1710 Pirate. I think Sat eve was slightly AU since Ontario/PQ were poor.


Sunday Day.  530 WNMQ279 Holland MI (new for me) info TIS..100 miles away p-f every word audible in LSB unless WRRD local had something extremely sloppy (later I phased vs a // 600 footer and then Holland was fair and clear of slop). I have not noted this TIS on the shorter BOG and it seemed better on 893 ft then 600 feet.


710 WOR.. 730 miles..somewhat audible and IDable all day (thx to WGN IBOC off) (WABC 770 was easier..but only audio traces make it thru WBBM's IBOC)


730 WJYM Ohio..254 miles and a big surprise a bit over WJMT days. 550 WGR Buffalo quite a bit under WSAU but better than on the short BOG when I've tried. 740 CWHO..over !! WRPQ on the long BOG thx to a better F/B than the shorter one. Also 1010 CRFB reasonable clear daytimes over WSPT (once again that was not the case on 475 feet) . 950 WWJ (blows Chicago's SS away) IBOC strong enough to be quite noticable on 960 WSBT daytimes !


Sunday night..was fun !! Didn't have the pipeline towards 90-105 deg but had a mix of stuff and then it got really good to Ontario/PQ and beyond.  1580 CKDO basically kills 1580 for DX towards the east as feared. The 3 French Canadians on 610, 590, and 550 were in with 610 blasting away WIP. 1070 CBA good at times. Some C&W on 780 mixing under WBBM (Coro also there) and some oldies on 720 u/WGN mixing with something else at Maritimes were in and that alerted me to spend lots of time to 630 to try for CFCY b4 they go to FM.


630..CFCO is a huge pest but can fade and when it did I logged WPRO RI for the first time with several ID and ad strings between 2242 and 0130. Also in there was bits of French talk from extremely rare CHLT...and the one that got away...yeah the one with a few bits of C&W songs audible..and was actually atop for almost a min but faded prior to the song's guessed..I think I may have had CFCY..but it got away !!


600 WICC CT was in generally u/Ontario was Yankee's net. Just traces of WEEI // WTIC with Red Sox net far u/ WGBU (later KOA QRM). I treid for WTAG 580 and WDEV 550 for Red Sox but no luck. 930 had oldies in there..and I spent lots of time there. Fox Sports was WEOL OH (rather than hoped for NH) and oldies/AC finally IDed as WIZR from NY (WBEN is not strong but is in there as is WAUR)..oh well...I was hoping for CFBC on 930.




555 ZIZ was sometimes audible in 4KHz filter with Brit Island acc. M&W. 895 only a weak carrier.


837 Canaries/Spain logged for first time (have had France a few times)

getting past WHAS with SS around 2316 and then pips noted 2330 CDT. 1035 Portugal caught on a peak with a PP pop/rock song 2320 CDT.


1710 Pirate was Brooklyn with rlg stuff in EE and then stuff in foreign lang and then music.. no trace of Boston area Haitien this time.


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

GE Superadio II, Kaito 1103



1630-WTQP (TIS)- Providence R.I.- 2:37 PM - TIS running a loop

giving traffic for 195 east bound something about exit 8 and 9 R.I. highway advisory system.

NOTE: i have seen the sign for this TIS on interstate 95 north around cranston but never heard it. This is a NEW catch here at my location in warwick. Signal very weak.8/05/06

1310 -WICH- Norwich CT- 2:46 PM - played i's too late then said we keep you informed morning noon and night and calls

1150 - WTTT- Boston MA - 3:05 PM Ad block ad block with e harmony ad followed by weekend journal with talk about men out of work and looking for jobs

NOTE: kept meaning to log this now its official. 8/05/06


NOTE: Conditions are very good during day. All bostons and NYs are pounding in including 650 boston blasting right over and burying 630 IBOC splatter.

920 IBOC still off . 

540 WLIE Islip NY 2:15 PM EDT slogan island talk gave weather showers today and tonight then talked about nuclear power then talked about oil refineries cutting production during call in talk show. Signal weak with loads of noise. 8/7/06


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Drake R4, 137 foot wire


1090   KAAY  AR  LITTLE ROCK   2100 5 August 2006   ID "This is KAAY Little Rock" then signal gone.  They changed to their night pattern. [WM-TN]

1470 WVOL BERRY HILL TN 2320  5 August 2006 ID at 2320, ".....right here on WVOL 1470...." then faded into the mud. [WM-TN]

A NEW ONE FOR ME!!!! Even though it's only up next to Nashville, TN.

1430 WFHK  AL  PELL CITY 0025 08/08/06  ID, ". here on WFHK..." Country music, ad for mattress and furniture store in (what sounded like) Titusville. [WM-TN]

1350 WLMA GREENWOOD SC   2100  11 August 2006

"Not everyone is listening to WLMA in Greenwood, but they should."

Then into ABC news. [WM-TN]

1080   KRLD   TX  Dallas, TX.  0020 16/08/06  Someone forgot to make theswitch to the night pattern, as I can hear then here at S5 level. So if you want or need this station for your DX log book, now is the time to do it. [WM-TN]


I thought I would go down the dial and list all the frequencies I hear Coast to Coast on, a daily basis.

540      WFLF     ORLANDO, FL


560      KLVI       BEAUMONT, TX

570      KLIF       DALLAS, TX

630      WLAP     LEXINGTON, KY

640      WGST     ATLANTA, GA

680      WPTF     RALEIGH, NC

770      WABC    NEW YORK, NY

800      CKLW     WINDSOR, ON

810      WGY      SCHENECTADY, NY


870      WWL      NEW ORLEANS, LA

940      WMAC   MACON, GA



970      WFLA   TAMPA,FL

1040    WHO       DES MOINES, IA

1070    WAPI      BIRMINGHAM, AL

1080    WTIC      HARTFOED, CT


1110    WBT       CHAROLETTE, NC

1140    WRVA    RICHMOND, VA


1170    KFAQ     TULSA, OK






1620    WTAW  BRYAN, TX

1640    WTNI     BILOXI, MS

1650    KWHN   FT. SMITH, AR


This is just a quick list, not counting all the stations from 1300 to 1500

where I can hear C2C on many frequencies, but they are not nightly.


1270 WXYT  MI DETROIT   2320  26/08/06  "Your tuned to the Tigers post game show on WXYT." Detroit Tigers post game baseball show with people calling in talking about why the Tigers lost the game tonight. (They lost because the other team beat them). Lots of QSB tonight.


WOKA   GA   DOUGLAS        2000 26/08/06  "Your tuned to the all new 1310 AM, Gospel WOKA."   Followed by FOX news and then faded at 2003.


1160 WOBM  NJ LAKEWOOD  0140 27/08/06 "This is 1160, WOBM AM, Memories" Lite rock n roll songs, mixed with Sinatra and 50's music. Repeat of ID at 0141. WOBM  is mixed with an ESPN station and WYLL. This a new station, but not a new state. Fair conditions tonight.



1100   Radio Cadena Habana   Habana 2300 28/08/06  Over WTAM, full ID at 2300. This is the first time I have gotten a full ID, given by a women, on this station. Most times, I didn't listen to hear it, I knew it was Cuba. Program of really nice sounding Cuban music.  [WM-TN]


1190  WAFS  GA  ATLANTA  0100 31/08/06 Cheating!!! They are blasting into Tennessee with a S9+25 db signal. They may be doing transmitter test or they may have a switch problem; they did not go off at sunset.


For what's it worth, I just found the greatest radio station on the dial. It is WOAI 1200, San Antonio, TX. They are part of the Dallas Cowboy radio network and at this writing are broadcasting the Cowboy/ Vikings game. My life is now complete!!! (Again)



Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop


I looked at my dx log notes....the last two entries were for 3/14/06

noting KENI-650-Anchorage AK heard at 2335 PST & 3/27/06 showing that Kiribati or whatever it is now (used to be VSZ Tarawa) was in on 846 around 0100 PST.  After that nothing....So I decided to add something to these logs.  What I found was my lower band is still covered with a variety of man made noises, the worst being florescent lights next door.  However a few stations made it through, as follows:  All 8/5/06 PDT used


 540  SK  CBK Regina assumed with pop music program 2215 atop mess.

 550  OR  KOAC  Corvallis just finishing a selection by Nickel Creek.

Thought it was KAFY until announcer gave plug for OPD station on 105.7.

 560  CA  KSFO  San Francisco--local with Art Bell at 2218

 570  WA  KVI Seattle with same program.

 580  CA  KMJ  Fresno....ditto above

 590  OR  KUGN  Eugene with ad breaks at 2220

 600  ....some strange noise covering usual KOGO.

 610  CA  KEAR  San Francisco...local with religion 2221..

 620  OR  KPOJ  Portland..Air America over CKRM-Regina who IDed at

                2224 while cutting thru KPOJ.  C&W music.

 630  CA  KIDD  Monterey...barely above low rumble with EZL music.

 640  CA  KFI  Los Angeles..lousy signal being bothered by someone but buzz too loud to spend time here.  KFI had very indistinct mushy signal.

 650  CA  KSTE Rancho Cordova with Art Bell when looped NE.

 650  MEX XETNT Los solid with music when looped SE. o/buzz.

 660  AZ  KTNN  Window Rock atop with Truckers Program. Sounded like spanish program below.  Who's this nowdays?

 670  ID  KBOI  Boise...thru KNBR splatter 2230

 680  CA KNBR  San Francisco...sports..

 690  BC  CBU  Vancouver 2231 atop with jazz music program. Good signal no sign of Tijuana.

 700  ??  Sports Net program atop 2233 with SS (KMBX) below.  Salt Lake or Spokane most likely.

 710  CA  KFIA Carmichael with relgious talk but KIRO-Seattle all alone

in KFIA's null with local news/talk/weather.

 720  NV  KDWN Las Vegas loud with talk 2235

 730  just noise here...

 740  CA  KCBS  San Francisco  news

 750  OR  KXL  Portland-talk--beaming N

 750  UT  KOAL Price-talk--beaming E/W...KHWG-Fallon far below with c&w.

 760  CA  KFMB  San Diego 2238 talk show

 770  CA  KKOB Albuquerque...Art Bell

 780  NV  KKOH Reno...Art Bell 2240

 790  CA  KFPT  Clovis with Air America over mess 2241

 800  OR  KPDQ  Portland with Black Gospel song & following commentary.

 810  CA  KGO  San Francisco  yadda yadda yadda

 820  WA  KGNW  Burien...weakly with mention of Federal Way and other Seattle area items.  Whatever has happened to WBAP?

 830  CA  KNCO  Grass Valley  Art Bell 2248

 840  CA  KMPH  Modesto...assumed the one playing 'ad std' music.

Didn't wait for ID but who else.  Good signal, no sign of Vegas or

Oregonians & definitely wiped out my batch of TIS stations on that


 850  CO  KOA  Denver  2250 loud with talk

 860  BC  CFPR Prince Rupert...surprise here with excellent signal

//CBU-690 and ruling the roost.

 870  CA  KRLA 2254..over several stations &


 880  OR  KCMX  Phoenix in/out atop of assumed KKMC/CHQT

 890  UT  KDXU  St. George..Art Bell 2257

 900  CA  KBIF  Fresno atop 2259 with eclectic music & odd ID 2300.


By this time the noise  had penetrated to the most inward regions of my brain & I decided to hold off on the rest of the band until another day.


Sunday August 6, 2006  2124-2202 PDT....San Francisco CA  Drake R8A Kiwa..


 910  CA  KNEW  2124

 920  CA  KVIN  Ceres with NOS mx (long shot possibility of KSHO) over a talk station @ 2125..

 930  CA  KHJ Los Angeles or KSEI Pocatello ID depending on loop


 940  CA  KWRU sign of teapot Oregonian.

 950  CA  KAHI  Auburn with rock music program...Some KQKE splatter.

 960  CA  KQKE  Oakland/S.F. local.. Air America  2128

 970  CA  KESP  Modesto atop 2129:30 with ESPN break/ID...Altho this is the closest station to me on this frequency they are not usually the

most dominant.

 980  CA  KFWB  Los Angeles being heavily QRMed by a spanish speaker, most likely nearby KDBV in Salinas @ 2130.

 990  CA  KATD  Pittsburg //KIQI-1010...Likely XECL in background in SS.

1000 WA KOMO Seattle..local news 2132.

1010 CA  KIQI  San Francisco SS net...CBR very far beneath...

1020 CA  KTNQ Los Angeles SS..Very heavy QRM from KYXE Selah WA.

1030 WY KTWO  Casper assumed stronger station with religious service. Mixing with SS talk station, most likely KJDJ, altho XESDD a good possibility.

1040 BC  CKST Vancouver 2137 with a program on Fresh Water Fishing.

1050 CA  KTCT San Mateo (or as they love to ID themselves--'KNBR-1050' with sports..local

1060 AB  CKMX Calgary..nicely atop with c&w music.

1070 CA  KNX  Los Angeles with news all alone.  Night previously I noted CFAX Victoria BC cutting them up something fierce.

1080 CA  KSCO Santa Cruz or KFXX Portland OR depending on the turn of the loop.

1090 BCN XEPRS Rosarita Beach..very loud with sports..Assumed KBOZ Bozeman MT with sports far beneath. 2240:30

1100 CA  KFAX  San Francisco..local..religion

1110 CA  KDIS  Pasadena with Radio Disney well above KBND Bend OR.

1120 OR  KPNW Eugene loud with talk.  KZSJ San Jose area cutting thru fairly well.

1130  BC  CKNW  Vancouver in very tight KRDU null with BC News/ads.

1130 CA  KRDU Dinuba...strong with religion.

1140 CA  KHTK Sacramento with sports..bothered badly by CHRB High River AB.

1150 CA  KTLK Los Angeles generally atop with Air America,. QRM included another talker and a spanish music station.

1160 UT  KSL  Salt Lake City..with relgious program.

1170 CA  KLOK San Jose in SS loud but talker noted in their null. Most

likely Tulsa but could be Bellingham.

1180 CA  KERI Wasco with religious music. KOFI Kalispell MT had to be

searched for and found in tight null of KERI. Usually KOFI is easy.

1190 OR  KEX  Portland noted QRM..

1200 CA  KYAA Soquel....ethnic programming 2148.

1210 ------------Mix of probable KEBR-Rocklin CA & KZTS Sunnyside

WA..Japanese/Spanish..Oodles of other stations in the mush.

1220 CA  KNTS  Palo Alto over KHTS Canyon Country CA..

1230 ------------Nothing decipherable here in the 30 seconds I spent on freq.

1240-------------3 or 4 stations with talk, many behind them

1250 CA  KZER Santa Barbara most likely the SS here 2153 altho Willits a possibility.  Several stations in background.

1260 CA  KOIT San Francisco ...local with light rock.

1270 NV  KBZZ Sparks/KJUG Tulare CA depending on antenna direction.

1280 CA  KWSX Stockton over KXTK Arroyo Grande CA  2158.

1290 CA  KAZA Gilroy & KPAY Chico mixing.

1300 NV  KCMY Carson City atop with ID 2200 over KAPL Phoenix OR.

1310 CA  KMKY Oakland...Radio Disney..local

1320 CA  KCTC Sacramento with Air America over KFNZ Salt Lake City with sports.

1330 CA  KLBS Los Banos & KWKW Pasadena...One loud other beneath.

1340 ------------- ESPN & EZL music popping in/out....ESPN probably

Oroville. EZL probably Mojave.

1350 CA  KSRO  Santa Rosa with news 2202....


August 7, 2006 between 2159-2240 PDT.............


 840  CA  Modesto...First time actually heard an ID at 2159:30. Gave 3

city ID, forgot which ones...probably Modesto-Merced-Stockton.  Had

Mandarin Chinese programming before & after ID.

1360 WA KKMO Tacoma dominant here with SS 2202. KFIV Modesto etal in null.

1370 CA  KKSF Sn Jose local spanish...nothing in null

1380 CA  KTKZ Sacramento with River Cats AAA baseball, losing 4-2 to

Nashville in the bottom of the ninth.  Someone below with talk.

1390 --------All spanish frequency...mix of KLOC-Tulare/KLTX-Long Beach & XEKT Tecate....

1400 CA KVTO Berkeley...local..asian programming

1410 CA  KRML Carmel very distinct in muddle with jazz music.  Two

talkers also mixing in heavily, probably Bakersfield & Vancouver...

1420  WA  KUJ Walla Walla dominant with ESPN, rocker below-either KSTN or KITI.

1430 CA  KFIG Fresno ESPN over talker, presumably KLO Ogden UT.

1440 CA  KVON Napa with talker in null (KMED or KUHL) also noted music in spanish--KDIF Riverside..2215.

1450 CA  KEST  San Francisco in chinese 2216..jumble of stations in

their null.

1460 CA  KABL  Monterey fairly weak (as usual) with NOS music 2216:30.

1470 BCN XERCN Tijuana mostly atop altho 3 or 4 stations were mixing. Radio Disney on KIID Sacramento was nearly buried in mess. 'News-Talk


1470' ID at 2223 after 5 minutes of spots. Then into talk show on NBC

(??) net.  Usually this is KBSN Moses Lake altho KELA Centralia also

comes in from time to time.  Palmdale another possibility.

1480 CA  KYOS Merced being heavily QRMed by KGOE Eureka. Spanish music station in far background--KRXR-ID or someone down in L.A. area.

1490 ----------no decipherable signals...

1500 CA  KSJX San Jose with ethnic/asian program. KSTP-MN easily heard in background.

1510 CA  KPIG Piedmont mixing with KGA Spokane depending on loop


1520 CA  KVTA Port Hueneme atop with only traces of Oklahoma City.

1530 CA  KFBK Sacramento with Rush Limbaugh 2229.

1540 CA  KMPC  Los Angeles solid with sports

1550 CA  KYCY San Francisco with spanish in null. Probably XEBG but

could be Reno.

1560 CA  KNZR Bakersfield with ads at 2230..No sign of SS tonight.

1566 -----No sign of Nagpur India here...maybe I tuned in to

early..should have tried in early afternoon. Darn!  (To those pure minds amongst you readers-that comment was supposed to drip with sarcasm)...

1570 CA  KCVR Lodi SS 2230:30, another behind, most likely KTGE in


1580 AZ  KMIK Tempe with Radio Disney. Good sig. KBLA could be looped in.

1590 CA  KLIV San Jose atop with local news. Getting QRMed by Spanish talker...very likely KQLO in Reno forgetting to power down once again.

1600 CA  KUBA Yuba City generally atop KGST Fresno.

1610 ------empty

1620 CA  KSMH West Sacramento with religious talk over surprisingly

potent KYIZ Seattle area...2235.

1630 BCN XEUT Tijuana weak with light classical music

1640 CA KDIA Vallejo relgious talk with KBJA-Sandy UT very weak in null.

1650 CA KFOX Torrance with Asian talk

1660 CA KTIQ Merced over KXOL Brigham City UT

1670 CA KHPY Moreno Valley all alone. KNRO-Redding had carrier only on.

1680 CA KAVT Fresno..Assumed KDOW Seattle below

1690 CA KFSG Roseville with Asian talk.

1700 BCN XEPE Tekate(?) with Cash 1700 Radio slogan at 2240.


Up this morning between 4:30-5:10 a.m. principally looking for DU or

TPs.  Heard a lot of hets on the splits but sadly, no audio.


Without trying for anything special I noted these stations of minor



 590  ID  KID Idaho Falls doing newscast 5-5:05.  Nicely atop.

 650  WY KGAB Cheyenne doing battle with KSTE-CA and often winning. Many KGAB IDs noted.

 670  ID  KBOI Boise...seemed to be totally missing when I passed this


 690  BC  CBU Vancouver..Has been the dominant station all summer (the few times I've checked).

 840  CA  KMPH Modesto.  I mentioned some time ago that their signal was nicely received here at night.  Well, it sure wasn't this morning.

Unintelligble mess with KMPH/KXNT/local TISs.

 870  SS atop here, assume this is Laughlin NV..whatever their current

calls are.

1200 TX WOAI San Antonio...nice ID after news around 4:35, easily thru the coastal californian.

1220 frequency seemed blocked by a jammer type signal ??

1380  someone messing badly with Sacramento.  Was talk.

1420 caught farm news here around 5:10 with mentions of Maui noted.Thought, Wow! maybe this is Hawaii...Turned out to be KSTN Stockton.



Thanks guys for the update tip on CKSW-570 Swift Current SK.  I just

tried and found them under KVI/KNRS from 2155-2210 PDT with c&w music, ID etc etc.  First time they've ever made it this far.  Will listen

again around 11pm for further info.  KNRS was running about 3 seconds behind KVI, both with Coast to Coast.  KVI was atop per their ID at 2205.


San Francisco CA  8/30/06   0530-0615 PDT...........Drake R8A  Kiwa Loop


1566  HLAZ So. Korea noted with improving signal @ 0615 (1315 UTC) with man/woman talking + some music.  Only TP noted during this brief span.

570  CKSW SK Swift Current....not there at all @ 0530.  Only a loud


640  KGVW  MT  Belgrade with preacher giving sermon @ 0535, mixing nicely with KFI who, as everyone knows, is much weaker these days.

650  KMTI  UT  Manti...atop KSTE with c&w mx, call ID, ads for

Richfield & area.

660  KTNN AZ Window Rock booming signal but QRMed by Arroyo Grande.

670  KBOI ID Boise...good signal with someone in the background.

Probably Colorado..This about 0535-40...

700  KALL UT   S.L.C. As usual atop with talk

730  Mix of Vancouver & Boise (with jazz)...both weak & bothered by


850  XEZF BCN Mexicali...very weak above noise. No KOA...about 0600.

870 KFLD WA Pasco...loud atop Laughlin & Glendale with local news, ID, ads etc. 0600-0605

880 KCMX OR Phoenix-Medford...Excellent signal, ending news with call ID 0605.

890 KJDQ ID Meridian...solid atop with news & then into loud music. ID heard at start of music pgm.

940 KICE OR Bend...Good in sharp null of KWRU...Sports talk

1030 KTWO WY Casper...atop with Wyoming farm news 0610...Pretty weak at time but no QRM.

1110 KBND OR Bend...noted with call ID & other local stuff around


1460 KENO NV Las Vegas...the dominant at 0614


David Hochfelder – Highland Park, NJ


Not much of a stretch for most of us, but when I tuned to 1580 half an

hour ago I found a new nearby TIS totally dominating the channel. 

Managed to knock it down somewhat with the phaser and other loop and was rewarded with a CKDO ID.


Still, I think this channel is pretty much toast for me.  Probably my

most productive channel.  Well, at least I know where to get the NOAA



The Whole Earth [HF]


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

Sony ICF-2010 and Others Listed



2310 Radio Australia Alice Springs, Australia 1228 NT Service with a news type program // 2325. Weak but steady.

2325 Radio Australia Tennant Creek, Australia 1230 NT Service with ID and news // 2310. Weak but steady.

2500 WWVH Kekaha, HI 1235 giving time pips and woman announcing time.  Usually hear WWV here. Strong.

3320 Pyongyang Broadcast Station Pyongyang, DPR Korea 1239 woman singing several songs in KK. Fair and steady.

3930 Korean Broadcast System Hwasing, Rep. Of Korea 1247 woman and man apparently reading news in KK with a jammer on top. Weak and steady.

4450 KNDP – Pyongyang Pyongyang, DPR Korea 1252 playing classical music. Weak.

4605 RRI Serui, Papua 1257 playing some very nice and interesting island music. Fair.

4940 Voice of the Strait – PLA Fuzhon, China 1305 a boy then a woman in CC. Some classical sounding Chinese music.  Weak and fluttery.

4990 Hunan Peoples Broadcast Station Changsha, China 1311 woman in CC. Very weak.

5000 WWV / WWVH Ft. Collins / Kekaha, HI 1316 time with woman [WWVH] and man [WWV] both at equal strength. Huge.


Heard on a DX390 with whip:


7270 RTV Gabonaise Moyabe, Gabon 1455 man speaking in FF after music FF. Station was fighting it out with what was presumed to be Central Peoples Broadcasting Station Beijing with CC.


Heard on a 1966 Zenith Royal 94 Interoceanic with whip:

5990 Radio Prague Sackville, NB 5/28 0345 talking about communists who were killed while communism was in power.



Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


6185  Radio Educacion XEPPM Mexico City 8/2 0145 t/in to music, SS and EE ID mentioning 2300-1100 UTC broadcast hour. Music program after that. Good signal.


The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

GE Superadio II, Kaito 1103


NOTE: Temp hit 100 where records are kept at airport and went to 102 here today. 


106.5 WBMW Ledyard CT 7:32 PM gave calls 3 times and said glad to have you with us then played time of my life. 8/02/06


Michael D. Hawkins – Northern California


I got a call from Dave Williams, so I ran out to "La Bamba", coffee, cigarettes and note paper in hand.  In a 28-minute period, I got:


* KELN - 97.1 - North Platte NE --- Playing "Photograph" by Nickelback at 1618;  DJ ID'ed himself as Zack Taylor at 16:38.  Confirmed on their website

* KKJK - 103.1 - Ravenna NE --- Rock at 1621;  ID'ed as "Thunder 103-1";  RDS also "THUNDER 103-1";  Several mentions of North Platte

* KXNP - 103.5 - North Platte NE --- ID as KX-104;  Mention of North Platte

* KNLV - 103.9 - Ord NE --- At 1625, said Carrie Underwood was next up on V103.9

* KRNY - 102.3 - Kearney NE --- Mention of Kearney several times during an ad;  ID'ed as Y-102

* KIGN - 101.9 - Burns WY --- Ad for Dodge trucks, gave name (I missed it) of dealer in Cheyenne

* KRVN - 93.1 - Lexington NE --- Country music;  RDS "KRVN-FM"


Also, KLVM - 89.7 - Prunedale CA having some kind of problems with their link to several K-Love translators (what a shame!), so the Los Gatos translator (K257BE - 99.3) was picking up KHFR - 89.7 - Santa Maria CA off the air.  Traded K-Love for Family Radio...oh well.  The Santa Cruz K-Love (K276BR - 103.1) was picking up Santa Maria last night but not today.  Instead, I got KAAT - 103.1 - Oakhurst CA.  First time heard here.


Lotsa meteors tonight too...more than at the peak of the shower.


David Slate – Gallatin, TN



11: 39   101.9 WQXQ  Central City KY   w/  a U of  Louisville  Football ad this is NEW! (slate-TN)

2:04 PM   101.5 WRZI Vine Grove, KY   the point and they did the calls  

NEW! (slate- TN)

2:08  100.5 WLUE  Louisville KY   "When Doves Cry"  and then  "Louie fm" id  this is new and the first one from Inside Louisville  metro area    i was so happy about this one as  my dxing hobby is picking up again  (slate- TN )

2:17  105.5 WLVK Fort Knox, KY   Big Head  105.5  this is New  and i was just there in the area a few weeks ago  (slate-TN

2:20 106.3 WKMO Hodgenville, KY  Harden co  net  and the farm report   Id of "106.3 the bear" this is also new  (slate-TN)

2:52  98.3  WQXE Elizabethtown, Ky  ment of the high school there bought my  id efforts to a quick end



The Visible Universe [TV]


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Zenith TV / 30 Yr. Old RS Antenna


1 August 2006 1945 EWT

Channel 2 - Spanish station with animated cartoon(with Satanic ghost crap for kids. Small 5+ in lower right hand corner of screen. Nice signal with semi-local WSB no where to be seen.  [WM-TN]


2100 EWT

Channel 2 - KWGN WB2 Denver, CO  Two unID Spanish stations

Channel 3 - Strong flicker over local WRCB.

Channel 4 - KCNC CBS Denver, CO ABC station in Hayes, KS

Channel 5- KOAA NBC Pueblo, CO.


2 August 2006 2300 EWT TVDX from Texas to Colorado

Channel 2 - Logged KWGN Denver (Again). This was mixed with KMID Midland,TX and KTWO Casper, WY. A few other 2's but their not worth mentioning. KWGN in Denver is still in at 2300.

Channel 3 - Strong floater over local WRCB through the evening.

Channel 4 - KCNC Denver mixed with Hays, KS. At times KDFW in "Big D" popping in and out.

Channel 5 - KOAA Pueblo, CO in again tonight.


So as you can see, nothing to great to report. There are big storms from west Texas all the way up into Wisconsin and Minnesota. This the cause of the latest out break of skip


12 August 2006 1730 EWT

Channel 2 - KPRC Houston, TX  Women's volleyball from NBC. At this writing, KPRC is in at the same signal strength level as local channel 3, WBRC. KPRC has a  super strong signal.

Earlier today had skip into Mexico on channels 2 and 4.


Antenna: very old Radio Shack TV antenna with 12' boom and the elements are all bent ever which way. Height: 20' Rotor: Armstrong special


13 August 2006 1945 EWT

TVDX is going crazy on channels 2 to 5!!!!!!

Channel 2 - unID in to Mexico.

Channel 3 - Strong flicker over local channel 3

Channel 4 - To many stations to try and ID anything

Channel 5 - Strong flicker over semi-local WAGA.


13 August 2006 1830 EDT

Channel 2 - Cubavision - Nice logo with the Cuban flag. Great signal, with no sign of WSB.  Have no idea as to what the city this is from.


14 August 2006 1830 EDT

TVDX is alive and well into Tennessee.


Channel 2 - WGRZ Buffalo, NY  News and sports. Large "2" with NBC bird and WGRZ in small print under it, in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Adds for Ford dealer in Buffalo, Pizza Hut and then into NBC news at 1830. VERY strong signals, almost equal to WRCB Chattanooga.


Channel 3 - unID Floater over local WRCB.


Channel 4 – CBOE Ottawa, ON with CBC news and their "apple pie" logo in lower right hand corner of screen.


21 August 2006 All times are eastern.


Late season TVDX--


At 1910 EDT I noticed a strong floater over local channel 3, WRCB. I began to check the other channels.


Channel 2 -

KWGN, Denver, CO in like a local with their WB2 logo in the lower right handcorner of the screen.

KJRH Tulsa, OK with local news but only lasted for moment.

KACV Amarillo, TX no audio just video.

By 1920 skip had shifted to the south, I logged,KMID, Midland, TX over everything on the channel.

KBET Fredericksburg, TX was mixed in with KMID at 1930.

At 1950 had strong signals from Day Star TV in Dallas, but was gone by 2000.

And last check of channel 2 there is a Spanish station with a movie thatappears to have the audio dubbed in Spanish. Upper right hand corner ofscreen has "TELEACTIVA"nor something close to that. I know that isn't spell correctly but best I can.


Channel 3 -

At 1925 - Strong floater over local channel 3, WRCB. Caught the call letters KOTA. This Rapid City, SD.


Channel 4 -

At 1925, had KDUB Scottsbluff, NE. Repeat of KOTA program. Logo with KOTA and time (5.25 PM) Mixed with this was KCNC Denver, CO and KLBY Colby, KS.


Skip seems to have faded by 2030.


22 August 2006 1130 EDT

Channel 2 -

Mexico, with a _VERY_ strong signal. Appears to be a telethon of some type. The word "teleactivia" in upper right hand corner. Phone number at bottom of screen and it says the number goes into the studio.


Channel 4 - Same as reported on channel 2. Not as strong signal as 2.



Extra, Extra! [News]


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


Calgary FM radio market hits gusher with five new stations





Alberta's oil boom is now a radio boom.


In the latest example of how record oil prices are driving virtually every aspect of that province's red-hot economy, federal broadcast regulators decided yesterday to allow five new FM radio stations in the Calgary area, increasing the number of local commercial stations on that dial to 14.


Such an increase is virtually unheard of in the normally cautious world of the Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission, which rarely grants so many licences at the same time.


So what caused the CRTC to break from the norm in Calgary? Essentially, the large number of petro-dollars sloshing around the city.


Several years of high oil prices trickling through the economy have created a robust advertising market that can absorb a 55-per-cent increase in radio competition on the FM dial without putting existing stations under pressure, the regulator determined.


"We look at the ability of the market to absorb new competition," CRTC spokesman Denis Carmel said.

"It's an indication of the economic growth in southern Alberta."

The last CRTC approval approaching such magnitude saw four new radio licences approved in Halifax in 2004. However, several of those stations were niche formats, such as talk and religious music, which didn't infringe on existing stations.


However, the four new stations approved in Calgary, and another in Airdrie, which is just north of the city, will more or less wade directly into the mainstream commercial radio fray.


The four Calgary licences include an alternative rock station to be operated by Harvard Broadcasting Inc., a folk-acoustic station owned by Rawlco Radio Ltd., an "adult alternative" format owned by Newfoundland Capital Corp. Ltd., and a "hot adult contemporary" station owned by CHUM Ltd.


The Airdrie licence, operated by Tiessen Media Inc., is billed as an "eclectic adult contemporary" station, which will also serve Calgary listeners.


With advertising markets slowing in other parts of Canada, several media companies want a slice of the good times in Alberta.


When the CRTC put out a call for applications in the Calgary market, 10 bidders applied for stations, while another three sought stations in nearby Airdrie.


Several players in the Calgary market, including Corus Entertainment Inc., which owns two FM stations and an AM station, argued that the floodgates shouldn't be opened to new stations simply because the economy is healthy.


In a letter to the CRTC, Corus asked the regulator to ensure its decision "is in the interest of maintaining market stability," which was echoed by other players. While Corus didn't oppose the new licences, it said the CRTC needs to keep a close eye that those players don't stray outside of their proposed formats.


CHUM Ltd. said its station will play a mixture of Top 40 and cutting-edge new music, likely putting it in close competition with Standard Broadcasting's two FM stations in the Calgary market, which are leaders in that category.


Under the terms of the licences, the five companies will be contributing funds toward developing Canadian talent, a requirement under CRTC rules. __.


Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI


As a result of the following - see below -  CFCY-FM [which hasn't

taken to the air  as yet] will soon be the most powerful commercial radio station on PEI.  What the decision does not say - but the application was also for - is that CFCY-FM will broadcast with an omnidirectional pattern, rather than the directional pattern originally approved. 


The net effect of this change is much greater coverage across the

water in Nova Scotia and slightly better coverage in part of PEI,

slightly worse in another part [e.g. western PEI].  But keep in mind

that MBS Radio also owns CJRW-FM Summerside, also a C&W station, so losing a tiny bit of coverage will not be a problem.  C&W music is

also available over much of PEI from CKTY-FM NS Truro "Kat Kountry".


With the tower and panel antenna in place, MBS Radio will be able to

get CFCY on the air pretty fast, likely this month.  Then, 1 to 3

months later, 630 CFCY will go dark.


Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2006-311

  Ottawa, 24 July 2006

  Maritime Broadcasting System Limited

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  Application 2006-0584-2

Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2006-67

29 May 2006


  CFCY-FM Charlottetown ˆ Technical change

1.  The Commission approves the application by Maritime Broadcasting

System Limited to change the authorized contours of the radio

programming undertaking CFCY-FM Charlottetown, by increasing the

average effective radiated power from 73,300 watts to 100,000 watts,

by increasing the antenna height and by relocating the transmitter.

2.  The Commission notes that the undertaking initially approved by

the Commission in CFCY Charlottetown ˆ Conversion to FM band,

Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2006-89, 24 March 2006, has not commenced


3.  Maritime Broadcasting System Limited has advised the Commission

that the proposed changes will be the result of the antenna being co-

located on a transmission tower on the site of the Canadian

Broadcasting Corporation, which is located west of the licensee's

initially proposed location. Consequently, the licensee will not

need to erect its own transmission tower.

4.  The Commission received interventions in support of this


5.  The Commission reminds the licensee that, pursuant to section 22

(1) of the Broadcasting Act, this authority will only be effective

when the Department of Industry notifies the Commission that its

technical requirements have been met, and that a broadcasting

certificate will be issued.

  Secretary General

  This decision is to be appended to the licence. It is available in

alternative format upon request, and may also be examined in PDF

format or in HTML at the following Internet site: 


1450 CFAB, a graveyarder in Windsor NS with a great signal, has

applied to flip to FM:


12. Windsor, Nova Scotia

Application No. 2006-0351-5

  Application by Maritime Broadcasting System Limited to convert

radio station CFAB Windsor, Nova Scotia from the AM band to the FM


  The new station would operate on frequency 92.9 MHz (channel

225C1) with an average effective radiated power of 47,000 watts

(maximum effective radiated power of 100,000 watts/antenna height of 159 metres)

  The applicant is requesting permission to simulcast the

programming of the new FM station on CFAB for a period of three

months from the date of implementation of the new station.

  The applicant is also requesting, pursuant to sections 9(1) (e)

and 24(1) of the Broadcasting Act, the revocation of the licence of

CFAB effective at the end of the silmulcast period.

  This application requires the issuance of a new licence.

  The Commission may withdraw this application from the public

hearing if it is not advised by the Department of Industry, at least

twenty days prior to the hearing, that the application is

technically acceptable.

  Applicant's address:


5121 Sackville Street

7th Floor

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3J 1K1

Fax: 902-432-2093


  Examination of application:



169A Water Street

Windsor, Nova Scotia


In another two to three years, I suspect the only AM station left in

the Maritimes [NS, NB, PEI] will be 1070 CBA.


With CHNS's oldies format ditched, and CHNS about to go dark,

bidding its time with a transition simulcast of "Hal FM" and its

classic rock format on 960, it would appear that CJCH has ditched it

restful, sleepy "yesterday's favourites" - a blend of soft oldies

and NOS - with a bouncy, lively oldies format.  Old 92/CJCH jingles

are being used to.  And, its no longer 920 CJCH - its 92 CJCH - just

like in the 70s when CJCH was the perceived top 40 king of the

castle in the Maritimes.  Truth be told, CJCH and CHNS were usually

neck and neck in the BBMs, while CJCB in Sydney NS was way, way out in front.  As I recall, the spring 1977 BBMs went something like

this for the four highest rated staions in Nova Scotia - total

quarter hour audience - 8:00 a.m. Mon-Fri:


CJCB Sydney - 39,000

CJCH Halifax - 23,000

CHNS Halifax - 22,000

CJFX Antigonish - 21,000


This was in an era before true commercial FM. In 1977, CIOO Halifax -

 CJCH's FM sister station - signed on with an album orieented rock

format and proved that - oh my gosh, FM radio is no longer a

hobby/tax right off proposition.


Of course, now CIOO is the poster child for "Lite Rock".


CFCY-FM 95.1 is now testing.  Power is 100KW, omnidirectional, EHAAT is 253 metres.  Most powerful commercial FM on PEI.


Currently the testing consists of C&W music with messages RE testing

and a number to call if interference, problems etc.  Not yet carrying

CFCY programming.  That will likely change in a few days.  Then, CFCY-AM 630 will go dark.  CRTC allows the AM to simulcast the new FM for up to three months, then the AM must be shut down for good. 

Extensions are possible, but rare - e.g. if the FM has technical

problems etc. that take extra time to resolve.


Transmitter site location is of course the big CBC tower in

Churchill/Bonshaw PEI.



Nothin’ But Net – Internet Radio


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

CHML the home of the Hamilton Ti-Cats of the CFL! Go Ti-Cats!

KXCI 91.3 Tucson a great place lefties to listen to Democracy Now!
All the Hawaiian Music you ever wanted to hear. Pretty mellow.

Some good elevator music sent to me by Tony Simon.

Polka ‘til you see dots! 104.9 FM and 1540 AM from Hartford, WI


All the minor league sports you can handle!



Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI


Great music, live on air operation from 6 am to 12 midnight,

automation from midnight to 6 am.  Lots of personality, decent news



A very good radio station, Newcap deserves a tip of the cap.


And, on August 19 the sounds of pony hoofs will be heard around the



Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY


Magic 99 – KNYN-FM Fort Bridger/Evanston Wyoming

The link to our secret on-air feed that nobody knows about J


Michael J and the Midday Café ( live weekdays from 10am – 12noon Mountain Time


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


Here`s the notice from KRTS:


Thank you for your patience


KRTS, 93.5 FM, Marfa Public Radio, serving the Big Bend and Davis Mountains Region, thanks our listeners and supporters for their patience during this off-the-air period. Steel for a new tower has been purchased and is on its way to Far West Texas.


Behind the scenes


Staff, interns and volunteers have been busy preparing new shows and interviews and adding production equipment. KRTS plans to install a new satellite delivery system that is required for all public radio stations as of this summer. We‚ve also updated our website with a gallery section so you can view photos of recent activities at the station.




Broadcasting online


We're happy to announce that KRTS has begun ONLINE broadcasting at So log-on and listen to KRTS anytime, anywhere.


You can reach KRTS at info @ or 432 729 4578.


Mike Westfall – Los Alamos, NM


Hello everybody!!


This is to inform you that if you go to

<> and click on the visit us at (etc..) online you should be able to hear KRSN AM 1490's live feed.  If anyone has any problems please e-mail me at

<> or call me at 505-663-1490.  Thanks for all your support and THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!


David Sutton

Chief Operating Officer

KRSN AM 1490