August 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 9


Editors Corner:


ABDX membership has grown with several HF DXers joining. ABDX Nation is now 163 with 8 new members. We anxiously look forward to HF loggings from our newest members. 


ABDX is STILL looking for those who would like to edit a section of the Journal. If you are interested, email . I can only offer those who contribute by editing, free membership and accolades. Of course membership is free for all but the accolades are what makes the pay worth it all.


In Sept on the 14th we will see the first HD night time station operations. Occasionally we have heard stations testing but now it is going full time and history will be made. By DXing before and after the change on the MW band, all our comments will be the ones recorded in history. Send in logs so your comments will be saved for posterity.


This issue is primarily about Big Ass Nekkid Portables being used for DX. All kinds of portables that are mostly single conversion and big like the GE Superadio series, Zenith Transoceanics, CCRadios, Grundig S350s and the likes were used in this months CME. Septembers CME is about Football DX and DX before and after HD comes on line. Often stations stay on or at higher power to get the high school game broadcast completed and it’s a great way to catch a new station.


Summer is for the most part over. Labor Day has come and passed announcing the coming DX season. MW and LW has picked up as lightning and atmospheric noise is diminishing. HF is at a bit of a low since the A and K indices are low but this is what makes MW DXers happy. If you can’t DX HF, try your hand at MW.  There will still be a little left of coastal tropospheric DX left in FM this month and those reports are definitely wanted.


This month has also been VERY interesting in that we have had hets/carriers/tones on 1690 kHz but the big and most noticed one is on 1181 kHz and has been heard all over North America and somewhat in Western Europe. It is believed to come from Western Cuba.


North American DXers also got a semi-impromptu IBOC test from 1110 WBT in Charlotte, NC which has its results in this issue.


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The August CME Announcement:


ABDX announces the Big Ass Nekkid Portable Radio CME. August CME will be done on big portables like the Superadio, Zenith Royal 2000, Panasonic RF 1401D, GE-P780, Zenith Transoceanic series, Drake SW-8, Grundig Satellite 800, S-350 and the DL, RF-2200 and the like. Its gotta be a big portable, self contained, runs on batteries and has the antennas as part of the radio. In other words, its gotta have a ferrite or a whip to run from as part of the radio. No wimpy 7600s, YB400s or DX-398s need apply!

This is the time that everything under 30 MHz is starting to pick up and reception begins to improve. We are looking forward to your big-ass nekkid portable radio loggings!

We are still looking for night HD operation while awaiting night HD. 

On FM, we will accept logs and any other unusual catches via Tr, Es. Ms, and even Au reception. This is the time that Es and Tr are beginning to wane on FM and you shouldn't let the opportunity pass to get that last bit of DX reception you can.  

We are looking for unusual catches on the TV as well. This is also the time for TV DX get it while you can.

WX logs are always accepted, let us know what you hear. Don't forget the WX band. It is far from immune to Tr and Es and this also is the time that the weather gets exciting.  

NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX. 

LF -Send in your beacons. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band. LF should be starting to improve very soon.


The upcoming September CME Announcement


ABDX announces the September CME. The September CME will focus on two fronts. One will be the tradition of September. Football, High School, College and Professional will be starting in full and this is the time to catch the stations running  the famed Football STA. [This is not really approved by the FCC but 

is generally done] You can catch football DX on any band and even TV and report.


The second front is historic. What we do and say and report here will be recorded somewhere for history. HD Radio is coming to MW 24/7 on Sept. 14. We will be the first to find out if HD hybrid will DX. We would like reports of DX from IBOC stations before and after. Reports from those without HD radios on DX from adjacent channels would be very welcome.


A large number of HF DXers have joined recently. We REALLY, REALLY, 

REALLY do LOVE HF logs. Don't be shy, send your logs to the mail list. HF logs from you all will get more people interested in HF radio.


WX, FM and TV may be slow but if you can get any DX on WX, FM or TV we are interested in seeing your logs on the mail list.


NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX.


LF -Send in your beacons. LF loggings will improve as there soon will be much less lightning noise for those on the East Coast. This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band. LF should be starting to improve very soon. Who will be the first to hear Greenland on LF or MW this year?


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ180A and antenna


1250 KNWH Yucca Valley CA 7:50 PM PDT tune in to Fox sports talk show, faded down at ToH but then right back up with "Morris Communications station" and back to Fox sports programming. Luckily I recorded it and playing it back there was a weak KNWH Yucca Valley in there. I've heard tentatives before but finally an ID. CA #161 heard.

1100  KFNX AZ, Cave Creek 8/27 10:00 PM PDT CNN news, wx, ID's, local ads, into Ed Schultz Show. Dominating the channel. Guess I'll try another reception report.


Eric Berger – Detroit, MI

HD Radio and antenna


In Detroit, stations noted with IBOC are:

WRDT-560 Monroe (Religion)

WJR-760 Detroit (Talk)

WFDF-910 Farmington Hills (Disney)

WWJ-950 Detroit (News)

WDFN-1130 Detroit (Sports)

WCHB-1200 Taylor (Urban Talk)

WXYT-1270 Detroit (Sports)

WEXL-1340 Royal Oak (Religion)

Not all of them have been running it lately, but these are the stations that have been known to carry it.

West of us a little bit in East Lansing, WKAR-870 is also known to have it.

For anyone that's interested, WFDF-AM 910 Farmington Hills, MI is running IBOC as I type this message at 2206 EDT on Friday 31 August 2007 (Or 0206 UTC Saturday 1 September 2007.)

WRDT-560 Monroe, MI carried IBOC until 2100 EDT (Or 0100 UTC) this

evening as well.



Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

GE SR II or Radiosophy HD 100


Heard 8/20/07 on GE SR 2 in Warwick R.I..

910 WABI Bangor Maine 8:16 PM EDT Ad about don't let friends drive drunk sponsored by somebody in Bangor Maine you are listening to 910 AM and calls later. There was considerable slop from local 920 to contend with on the GE SR 2 but was able to battle slop during this very strong fadeup.  8/20/2007

NOTE: I assume local 920 will commence IBOC operations 24/7 Sept 14th 2007 so may this logging become a legend.

My locals (IBOC) are :

630 WPRO

920 WHJJ

1030 WBZ (reginal)

1290 WNRI (latest)

the IBOC website list 1290 as running IBOC and i have detected sidebands and self jamming on 1290.

I also HIGHLY suspect WDDZ 550 radio disney is going to want to go IBOC within a year.

The above is daytime. At night the NY blow torches become skywave locals on most average half way decent radios.

Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA
Grundig Satellite 800



The T-storms were down and the numbers were good and the weather was perfect so I ventured out last evening to a Cape location with a clear water path to Europe and Africa and set up my Sat-800 outside (since external antennas are verboten) to get as much benefit from the internal ferrite as possible. 

Things were starting to look up as I was picking up snatches of BSKSA, Duba Saudi Arabia on 1521 a good hour before sunset and by sunset there was definite Arabic talk and a bodacious het on WIZZ, Greenfield MA and WWKB, buffalo on 1520. With double latte and sandwich in hand, I was looking forward to some good DX. 

Never having been a Boy Scout and camped in the woods, I had neglected to consider that there are BUGS out there! I was hoping that they would die down after sunset, but then the deep-cycle battery I was using in lieu of eating up D-cells decided to give up the ghost. 

But I remain undaunted (actually I have never been daunted, but I'll try anything) so tonight, conditions permitting and with bug spray and a new battery, I will be at my post, scanning the horizon for enemy submarines and keeping democracy safe for ABDX.


Conditions for 8-13 looked promising, so with Cutters bug spray in hand, I braved the elements again last night at another Cape location. 

All-in all I was impressed with the performance of the Sat-800 with just the internal ferrite antenna. It's definitely a different kind of DXing without external antenna, amp, phaser, notch filter, passband tuning and only a 2.3 KHz bandwidth. It's like building a grand piano with a rock and a screwdriver. It is what it is, and you are just along for the ride. But as with Real Estate, location makes up for a lot. Propagation was good for mid-August, with other Cape DXers reporting good TAs. I wished I could have stayed out longer, but I DXed from about 7:00 (an hour before local sunset) until about 8:45 pm. 

True to form, BSKSA Duba, Saudi Arabia on 1521 made an appearance about 7:30 and by the time I left was very good copy with no splatter from WWKB. RVC, Turks & Caicos on 530 was also in early at 7:40 and was armchair copy by the time I left. I pretty much concentrated on TAs for this session, but will try just a Latin session next week and also a domestic one before the month is out. 

I was disappointed that I didn't get any LW, but that might be asking a lot from the Sat-800. 

Other MW logs: 

738        SPAIN, RNE Barcelona   weak

765        SWITZERLAND, RSR Option Musique   fair

855        SPAIN, RNE 1  (presumed - might have been Romania but poor copy)

864        FRANCE, France Blue, Villebon-sur-Yvette   fair

1134      CROATIA, Hrvatski Radio, Zadar   fair-good

1206      FRANCE, France Info, Bordeaux //1377 very good over SPAIN

1215      UK, Virgin Radio   very good

1377      FRANCE, France Info, Lille //1206  very good

1494      GREECE, (presumed ERA, Rhodes) but poor copy

1575      UAE, Radio Farda   good

1584      SPAIN, SER synchros   good 

A very interesting and fun session. Don't count those Sat-800s out yet. Maybe we can have a "puny-ass portable" event and I can try out the CCrane next.

I am also looking forward to DXing the WinRadio/laptop combination with external antenna this fall and will report results.


The numbers looked good and the T-storms were down so I braved the elements again last night and took the Sat-800 to a South facing beach around sunset in the hope of pulling in some Latins and domestics as well. 

Unlike Brent Taylor, who reported good conditions to the south, I was getting a lot of atmospheric QRN and wasn't having much luck to the south; actually much better to the north. I wasn't expecting much in the way of TAs from this location, however, Saudi Arabia on 1521 was still noticeable a half hour before sunset. Trying to get Latins over the New York domestics is always a challenge with any equipment (unless conditions are auroral, which they weren't last night), so I wasn't too disappointed at my Sat-800 results. And, of course, it is still the middle of August. 

Here are some highlights, pretty much just the big guns: 

670   Radio Rebelde, Cuba //5025

690   CINF, Quebec   strong

730   CKAC, Quebec in French   good

780   CFDR, Dartmouth NS with a nice "780 KIXX country" ID

1070  CBA, NB with "CBC Radio One, Moncton" ID   good

1210  WPHT, PA   fair

1520  WWKB, Buffalo NY   good

1620  WDHP, US Virgin Islands   fair to good


I'll be looking at some more sites over next week and hopefully will get another good session or two in before the end of the month.


I finally had the opportunity to spend some quality time on the WinRadio from the home QTH. Antenna was a 35x85' flag peaked East. Conditions were decent for this time of year and somewhat auroral as TAs were mostly absent. Logs are from about 7:45pm to 10:00pm local. There were at least another dozen solid hets that didn't produce audio. I plan to take the WinRadio out to some DXpedition sites, weather permitting this fall and report back.

530        TURKS and CAICOS, RVC, S, Caicos        good

570        CUBA, CMDC R Reloj, Santa Clara        good under WMCA-NY with pips and minute tone

600        CUBA, CMKV R Rebelde //5025        good

612        MOROCCO, RTM, Sabaa-Aloun        weak with Arabic music

670        CUBA, R. Rebelde //5025, 600        good

710        CUBA, R Rebelde //5025, 600, 670        good under WOR-NY

720        JAMAICA, RJR94, Innswood        fair

738        SPAIN, RNE 1 Barcelona        poor

750        CUBA, R Progresso and VENEZUELA, YVKS Caracas duking it out

770        CUBA, R Rebelde //5025 and MW outlets        good under WABC-NY

855        SPAIN, RNE 1, synchros        weak

960        CUBA, CMDJ R Reloj, Guantanamo        good under NY and MA domestics with pips and minute tone

999        SPAIN, COPE, Madrid        good

1044      SPAIN, SER synchros        good

1089      UK (England), Talk Sport synchros        poor-fair

1215      UK (England), Virgin Radio        fair

1305      SPAIN, RNE 5 synchros        weak

1377      FRANCE, France Info-Lille        fair

1422      GERMANY, Deutschlandfunk        weak

1500      VENEZUELA, YVRZ R Dos Mil, Cumana        good

1521      SAUDI ARABIA, BSKSA, Duba        good

1620      US VIRGIN ISLANDS, WDHP, Fredrikstead        good with country music and full TOH ID mixing with C


Steve Ponder – Shreveport, LA
Receiver, Antenna


Forgot to report that KEEL, 710 kHz, in Shreveport, LA, was off the air for about 2 hours early Friday morning (Aug 17th). I was in Bossier City (across the Red River from Shreveport) visiting with my Mom and my wife's parents.  It was quite

strange to hear KGNC Amarillo where KEEL should have been!

There were also at least 2 unid Spanish-language stations heard on frequency.

KEEL returned around 2:30 AM CDT.

I'm still amazed at how quiet the LW and MW bands are in the Shreveport-Bossier City area.  Nighttime DX is superb!


Ira New - St. Augustine, FL
Sangean ATS 909



What could I be hearing on 1610 here in Watkinsville, GA? I was under

the impression no one was on 1610 anymore. Our local emergency station is

off the air and I'm hearing something there. Any ideas?


Charlie Taylor – Grifton, NC

Receiver, Antenna


530 TURKs & CAICOS Radio Voz Cristiana: 1300 on 8/3. Logged positively with "Radio Visión Cristiana" along with IDs of other station on RVC network, so no longer in doubt that this may be a Cuban on sea & groundwave. Reception aided by WPGU846 TIS at East Carolina University (Greenville, NC) dead carrier during summer break.

580   WLES    VA    Bon Air: Logged @1700 8/12 (finally) with ID which mentioned WTRU-830: "W L E S, Bon Air." // WTRU-1030 Wake Forest/Raleigh. Clearly audible, but still poor with QRM from cochannelers. Obviously up to full 200 w ERP and not old (estimated) 50 w. or so

1180 FL Marathon: Part of the theme music of Radio Martí was noted this evening @ 2002 8/19 while listening for the mystery emission on 1181. Station not logged on this basis as no ID was heard, but the theme music is something I've heard zillions of times while in the employ of IBB. This would seem very unlikely unless Martí were operating on other than its usual pattern which puts practically 0 watts this way. Something strange is happening here!

1020    CUBA    Las Tunas, Las Tunas. Radio Reloj: Logged @ 2003 8/28 on top of KDKA and a Haitian- sounding FF station (Anyone know who?). Nice signal during KDKA (with Neil Boorz0 a fade. One more Reloj caught.

1060    WXNC    NC    Monroe (Union Co.): Logged @ 0800 8/31 fading UP over remants of KYW and other co-channel QRM. ID as: "Doble-U Equis Ene Ce,

Monroe/Charlotte" WNCT-1060 Greenville (NC) had IBOC hiss-blast shut off for two days but back on later today.


Glenn Hauser - Enid, OK

Sangean 909


UNIDENTIFIED. A 1600 kHz station is off-frequency, about 1600.1 or slightly

more, I would estimate. This het has been audible for years, but I have never

been able to nail it down with all the QRM. This morning, August 3, it was

still audible at 1315 UT; meanwhile KUSH Cushing OK gave way to further KRVA Metroplex TX in Vietnamese, and as that was happening it was clear those two stations were only 4 Hz apart, so that rules them out as source of the het. It can`t be too far away, and there are 1600 stations in all states adjacent to


Would appreciate others monitoring for this, especially on local stations in

neighboring states during the day. It won`t be obvious if there is nothing else

to het against, but with BFO you can compare it to other stations known to be

on frequency, perhaps something on 600, 9600 (not XEYU!), 11600, 15600, or WWV.

Is anyone else at least hearing the het? Possibly it is something local, altho

too long-term to be a talking house, unless a forgotten transmitter.

I know there is are groups keeping track of precise TV, and MW frequencies

outside the US, as an aid to DX IDs, but how about inside, even in mid-America?

There used to be frequency-measuring services, checking these out routinely,

and maybe in FCC records, but I assume all that is a pastthing now.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Grundig S350DL or as listed


1350 KABQ Albuquerque, NM 8/11 2300 with a fairly strong signal all 

night and running Air America Radio.

Heard on a Panasonic RF 1401D:

1150 KIMM[t] Rapid City, SD 2300 7/19 with ABC news and into C&W. Sounded like "Big Kimm Country" but not 100% sure. If this is them, its new. Thought at first it might be KSAL.

Heard on a Grundig S350DL:

570 Radio Reloj Habana, Cuba 8/23 2358 Morse code under KLAC with the 

letters RR.

Heard on a Sangean HDR1 and RS Loop:

550 KFYI Phoenix, AZ 8/28 0108 heard running C2C in AM HD. Antenna 25 

miles away.



Harry Helms – Smithville TX

Sony 2010



There were some exceptionally strong auroral conditions last night and I wouldn't be too surprised for more of the same tonight.

I tuned around last night between 9:30 to 10:00 pm Central and both QSM-650 and WWL-870 totally faded out for three to four minutes at a time during my

monitoring. WSM was gone from 9:37 to 9:40, leaving a station with what sounded like a little girl with a high-pitched voice doing a song in Spanish-----no ID, of course. And there was Spanish talk by a male as WWL totally tanked a couple of times during that period.

This is the first time I've noted an aurora taking out WWL from this location, and that giveds you an idea of how strong this aurora was.

Radio Reloj was dominating 570 during the period with their male talk, time pips, and "RR" IDs in Morse.

The only reliable reception from domestics was from Austin and San Antonio stations via groundwave. Every other channel seemed to have a Latin American station or two on the channel.

I didn't have as much time as I wished to try to ID all those stations, but it was fun to listen to full-blown auroral conditions from this far south. Tonight might be interesting again, so give a listen if you can!

The AM band was a really mess here last night. In

addition to the usual late summer absorption,

conditions were still auroral and atmopheric noise was

higher than normal.


But I had the sort of experience that keeps me DXing. Around 9:40 pm Central, I tuned across a station on 1060 playing saxophone music. After listening for a

few seconds, I realized it was Charlie Parker, someone you seldom hear on the radio today. I continued to listen, and there were two more selections without any

announcements or spots between them. The signal was good on peaks, with a few fades into the jumble and splash from megaloud XEG-1050. At 10:00 pm, I finally caught a full ID by a woman for XEEP, Radio Educacion, in Mexico City (yes, call letters were given). After the ID, there was more Charlie Parker.

That was the magic of DXing in a nutshell: exotic programming from a distant station, and the "thrill of the hunt" as you try to figure out what you're hearing.

Otherwise, it was a dull hour at the dials. KVNS-1700 in Brownsville continues to have a crushing signal, and there's no way they're running 1 KW at night as

they are usually equal to WOAI-1200 here. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to learn they're running more than their 10 KW day power.




Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R8, 2-50 foot wires and Quantum Phaser


Hearing a station strong w/occasional fades in KFAB null this evening w/

70s and 80s rock music using the slogan "11-10 The New Classic". No IDs

or ads heard 2135-2245 CDT 13AUG07. Is this the Bay Minette AL station

(my semi-updated NRC log shows WTOF as their call)?

Caught a nice SS ID from XEWR at 2300CDT 13AUG07 mentioning "Classic".

Sorry for the false alarm

KOKK-1210 Huron SD on top of the noise/static crashes in fade-ups

2115-2130 CDT 19AUG07 w/c&w music and lots of K-O-K-K ID's


Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC

Sony Sports Walkman



Good conditions to the north: at 0115 eastern, Positive ID on "AM 920, CKNX..." then back to country music....this one is a 1kw in Wingham, Ont. with a 2 tower night rig with main lobe to the NW........Not new but not usually heard in the summer.Also, old radio show on 900 Khz...The Adventures of Red Rider, with a character in the show called Little Beaver....( no, I'm not even going there) LOL......Matches up with CHML's schedule, though I didn't hear an ID...Hamilton, Ont.....again, not new but welcome this time of year...Other loggings included CFRB, 1010, Toronto...and WMBS  590  Uniontown, Pa....1 kw.....while trying again for the elusive KXSP, Omaha....all on the Sony Sports Walkman from the home here in Taylors, S.C.  


Neil Kazaross – Grafton, WI

Receiver and BOG


I made it up to my Wisconsin QTH on Sunday for some DXing towards the ENE

with my Phased BOG System, this time 335 ft // 485 ft ENE. Early sunset skip

was not remarkable at all and nothing like December was. However, once it

started to be close to dark things got interesting. The first TA audible was Mauretania on 783 // 4845 with WBBM phased at 1925 CDT. Things on 780 were also interesting with some mellow oldies in mixing with CFDR u/phase nulled WBBM. The ID sounded like WCGR and there was an "Easy 1240" ment. Today via phone I verified that this was WTME // WEZR from Maine and on 310 watt PSSA at the time (1920-about 1945). ME #2 from WI.

These antennas have a superb null on WSB 750 and at 2054 with CBA blasting

in, there was some piano mx // on 750 up to fair level on a couple of peaks.

Also later on some jazz // around 2135. CBGY is NL #2 from WI for me. Bit of

CBY on 990 also noted // u/CKGM with a weak CBW (two hours in MB later so

diff pgm) at 2122 CDT.

I tried other Newfie channels but no luck. All in all nice cx to E.Canada and a strong FFer on 610 and bits of FF on 810 far u/WGY. All in all, about 2 dozen TA's had at least threshold audio (enough to ID lang or // something) and quite a few more hets. I'll give more TA details as time permits, but didn't log anything new., but not so bad for August !

720 was interesting u/phase nulled WGN, with similar mx type to what was

noted on Spain RNE-5 and also Portugal RDP-1, but alas, too weak to be sure

of // (inspite of a bit of SS talk) and no pips heard on the hour.  Anyhow..I'll keep looking for TA's on 720 now that CHTN is gone.

My reception there is tremendous eastward with phased BOGs on the bluff 150

feet above Lake Michigan's shore.


Les Rayburn – Birmingham, AL

Receiver and antenna


An impossible work schedule has kept me away from the dials for weeks now, though I have been following the discussions of the new Greek language station testing on 1690khz. Got home late from a shoot tonight, and flipped on the dials..hearing a pretty strong het on 1690khz when the receiver is in USB mode. Switching to LSB, and it disappears. 

Its after 3AM Central time...any ideas what the source might be?


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Panasonic RF-2200


Played with the RF-2200 a bit before turning out the light last night.

I like to check the Chicago stations just to get a sense for

conditions. WGN-720 was in, but rather weak. Rotating the antenna I

could hear three or four other stations, though sufficiently

interfering with each other that I couldn't get an ID. Until out of

the mess popped...

02-Aug-2007 0003EDT  720 RJR  Music. Caribbean-accented male announcer

during break giving list of stations carryinng "National Radio". In

the list was 720 from Kingston, Jamaica.

While fooling around in the area of "the tone", I noticed my local WAMT-1190 was apparently off the air and I happened to catch the following new logging.

08/26/2007 0530- 1,190.0  WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN UNITED STATES

33333 - English (EE) - AR7030+ - Orlando, FL

"News talk 11-90, W-O-W-O"


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as listed



Tonight at about 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. I was scanning the MW dial on

the R-390A.  On 720 KHz, I caught a station - decent signal - playing

music in a language I couldn't understand - and same goes for the

announcer.  Of course, thoughts turned to Greenland.  But, I want to

rule out other possibilities.  So, some questions!

First, did WQTH ever get on the air on 720 and if so, what is their

format?  Second, did WVOA ever get on the air and if so, what is their

format.  Third, are there any ethnic stations on 720 that would have

any chance of making it up here in PEI?

I just realized something - 720 is a valid 9 KHz frequency,it might

possibly be a TA.

But, I'm still thinking it might be Greenland although I haven't picked

them up since December 2006.

Not to compete with the Big Ass Nekkid Portable CME, but I was trying

out a little Back Breaking Desktop [aka R-390A] and snagged the

following on August 2, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. ADT.  Antenna is the LF

Engineering M-601C.

720 Unid mystery station - music sung in an unusual language, same goes

for announcer - suspect Greenland, but trying to rule out other

possibilities - see my other post on this.

1530 WDJZ Bridgeport CT

1590 WARV Warwick RI

Everything else was the usual for pre-sunset.


Lower band MW auroral was very good here in PEI too arround 9 p.m.

ADT.  Very strong signal on 670 playing a Beatle song, followed by a

woman speaking in Spanish - suspect a Cuban.  I often have a Cuban on

this frequency, but not hammering in like that!

680 revealed a Spanish language station in the foreground, with WRKO

in the background!  Normally WRKO hammers in.

Several NYC giants, such as 770 WABC were being pushed to background

by Spanish language stations.  750 YVKS in Caracus Venezuala was

hammering in.

By 11 p.m. ADT, the NYC and Boston giants had returned to their usual

place of glory.  A few very weak Spanish language stations.  Mostly,

the band sounded like a big bunch of graveyard frequencies, promising

nifty catches for thos e with the time to listen for hours as a

station would bubble to the surface, only to be replaced by another a

few minutes later.

TAs were very poor here.  X band was poor too.

LW TAs were weak, but still present.

555 ZIZ was strong, but it often is here.

Certainly an interesting and definately not run of the mill night!

Last night - August 12, 2007 - was an interesting night for DX here  in PEI - especially from the TA [Trans-Atlantic] MW stations:

Date: August 12, 2007  Time: 9:20 p.m. ADT

Location: Stratford PEI

Receivers: a tag team of a Collins R-390A and a Drake R8

Antenna: LF Engineering M-601C

585 RNE 1 Madrid weak

684 RNE 1 Sevilla strong - both RNE 1 stations carrying identical


720 another mystery station, this time in Spanish

750 I was greated by C&W music - at first weak and unable to understand the language - then, language sure sounded like Spanish.  YVKS is a pretty common catch here in PEI, so I suspect I heard some good ole Venezualian C&W.  CBGY was in the background.

837 France

891 TRT4+reg Antalya Turkey - quite strong for several minutes then faded out.  [Sunday my wife, the kids and I celebrated by eating a roast turkey dinner at The Lobster Claw on the way back from Santa's Woods.  Fittingly, Turkey was the special.]

895 Voice of Nevis Charlestown - nice signal for 10KW and it stands out nicely just as 555 ZIZ stands out.

945 France

999 Italian fast pattered chat between a deep voiced mail announcer and a female announcer, then into some Italian music 1521 Saudi Arabia - the het was wickedly strong as usual.  Easy to dig out using the R-390A on its Ginsu knife setting, the 2KC bandwidth.  A couple nights before I demonstrated the same thing for Brent Taylor who was over for a shack tour.


1690 WPTX Lexington Park MD [ no sign of the new Toronto station]

1700 Spanish pop - suspect its KVNS.

Otherwise, many of the frequencies were a dog's breakfast of signals

and I didn't have the time to babysit them for what might have been a

domestic catch of the night.


Tonight there is a lot of southern activity, including Cuba.  Are the

Cuban's playing hipper music - well, if you call the Spice Girls hip?

1134 Croatia is coming in not too bad, but barely a peep from Virgin


Spanish language C&W on 1620.

1110 WBT not too bad tonight.


Alan Willie – St. Johns, NF

FRG-100, 100 ft. wire.



Excellent evening for the TransAtlantic split freqs last night, A

couple of hours from 23:30-1:30 UT w/ many strong signals from the

likes of United Arab Emirates on 1170 , Spain on 1287,1305 and 1359 ;

Libya on 1251 and 1449 ;

Jordan over top of France on 1494 ; Germany strong most of the

night on 1422 ; strong signal on 783 for short time, presumed

Syria ; even Sweden on 1179 .... havent heard it strong in a while ;

 Saudi Arabia on 1521 strong all night  and 900 good signal...

havent heard that come thru either in  a good while. Had presumed

Greece on 981 with Greek music also. 1431 R. Sawa via Djibouti good

as usual. 189 Iceland with Celtic music stronger than usual. All in

all, a pretty decent night on the splits. Only US station heard  for

most of the early night WDEA 1370 in Maine.


Bob Wilkner – Pompano Beach, FL

NRD 535 and antenna



680 kHz Radio Nacional de Colombia 0000 GMT "Radio Nacional de Colombia exclusmente...Radio Nacional de Colombia en todos el pais..Escucha a Radio Nacional de Colombia....", mx now at 0007, yl and om vocal at 0010

1240  Bahamas ZNS // 1540 at 1015 with music. 1240 seems the most

difficult to log even from my close location. 12 August; 0350 with religious vocal good signal 10 August

720        Jamaica RJR Innswood call in programme but no discussion of

Hurricane Dean 0245  to 0300 // weak  700kHz. 18 August

700 Jamaica RJR // 720  RJR with fade in 0200 GMT and news and "call in" programming. 19& 20 August. All RJR frequencies are logable except 770  buried under a Cuban station.


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R-8 and Kiwa Loop


Listening period approximately 0015-0045 PDT  8/2/07

San Francisco CA   Drake R8A  Kiwa Loop

1430 was very strange.....Normal dominant on that frequency is KFIG

Fresno with ESPN Sports Network.

0015-0027 noted dominant station on the frequency with a Religious

Preacher.  Also noted were KLO Ogden UT with Talk and a smattering of

Asian music which was probably Santa Clara CA.  Religion was so strong

that I immediately assumed KFIG had switched formats.  During fade where

2/3 stations were mixing an ad for a merchant in Delano was heard which

further indicated to me that KFIG was carrying religion.

0027-0032 switched over to 1400 where local KVTO was running open

carrier, hoping to snag an ID at BOH but no such luck.  Talk show rose

for a short time then faded, replaced by Spanish talk (KUKI ?)...

0032-0045 back to 1430 and found dominant station carrying ads and

mentioned a location in Keyser.  Turned out to be KYKN in Keyser/Salem

OR, strongly atop. After ads into a Talk show.  KLO still strong in NE

beam..  After about 5 minutes an ESPN station began to appear between

KLO/KYKN.  It kept getting stronger and by 0043 was dominant.  It also

was noted carrying the same ad for the Dinuba merchant that I heard

previous to 0030. Eventually it IDed as KFIG.

Question?  Was either KFIG or KYKN carrying religion from 0000-0030.

Possible but seemingly very unlikely.  If not who WAS carrying

religion?  A remote possibility would be KJAY in Sacramento with 20

watts.  This is even more unlikely as a couple years back they ran a DX

Test with code & sweeps etal that was heard by quite a few people in the

west and I could not hear a thing through Fresno/Santa Clara/Ogden (as I


Any help on this reception?

Addenda:  Turned radio back on at 5 a.m.  Checked splits-found nothing.

However, did hear the very sad news of the passing of the fine Irish

singer & Clancy Brothers member, Tommy Makem.  I loved all the Clancy

Brothers but Tommy was my very favorite.  2007 is a bad year for heroes

and such.  They are departing all too rapidly.


Up around 1215 UTC surprisingly found a host of hets on the Asian split

frequencies, especially on the lower part of the band.  Only audio was

on 774 from JOUB Akita, Japan but they had a surprisingly good signal

with hardly any splatter from 770/780 stations.

Strongest hets were on 638 & 828 but they both looped strongest toward

DU countries.  By the time I made it up to 1566 it was nearing 1300 UTC

and I could just make out bits of audio.



Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA

Sears Multiband Portable


790 CFCW, Edmonton with Ford car commercial, into brief ID and C&W

music, booming into Seattle like a local at 2255 PDT 8.8.07. Have

heard them before but never this strong.



The Whole Earth


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R-8B and Sloper


China: CRI English, 9470 @ 0115z Aug 06, fair signal in the clear.Unsure of location, I didn't see this listed in HFCC or EiBi.

UK (non): BBC WS, 9410 @ 0130z Aug 06 via Cyprus, 250 kw at 77 degrees to ME and So Asia.

Russia (non): VOR Spanish, 11510 @ 0140z Aug 06 via Tajikistan, 500 kw at 295 degrees to Ce & So America. Dushanbe seems like an odd choice since this path passes over southern Russia. A site in western Russia would be 1500-2000 miles closer but the Tajik path does pass over Spain.

Israel: Kol Israel still booming in on 11590 @ 0155z.


Mukesh Kumar- Muzaffarpur, India

Receiver, Antenna


QSL Received Last Week (30th July – 4th August 2007)

Station: -  Radio Ukraine International

Date: -                11-07-2007

Frequency: -       7440 kHz

Time: -                0000-0100 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     KYIV Metro Bridge.

Station: -  KNLS

Date: -                12-11-2006

Frequency: -       6150 kHz

Time: -                1400-1430 UTC

Description: -     Greetings from KNLS, the New Life Station, P. O. Box 473, Anchor Point, Alaska 99556,

United States of America.

Station: -  Polskie Radio

Date: -                16-07-2007

Frequency: -       6140 kHz

Time: -                1930-2000 UTC

Description: -     Polskie Radio, Dla Zagranicy

Station: -  Radio Netherlands Ewreldomroep

Date: -                07-07-2007

Frequency: -       11835 kHz (Madagascar)

Time: -                1400 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Card Eight – A Dutch Morning – Spring Busted Forth.

Station: -  China Radio International

Date: -                04-07-2007

Frequency: -       7170 kHz

Time: -                1800 UTC

Language: -       German

Description: -     Beijing 2008 – One World One Dream - National Aquatics Centre.

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                14-07-2007

Frequency: -       11890 kHz

Time: -                1300-1330 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     Sunflowers (Nayoro City, Hokkaido)

Station: -  AWR Asia/Pacific

Date: -                07-07-2007

Frequency: -       11640 kHz (Agat, Guam)

Time: -                1600-1630 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Adventist World Radio, The Voice of Hope

Station: -  Radio Free Asia

Date: -                10-07-2007

Frequency: -       11975 kHz (Xmtr in Asia)

Time: -                0200-0230 UTC

Language: -       Tibetan

Description: -     This is the third in a series of RFA

QSL cards that commemorate the youth of the world, and the spirit of democracy and freedom. The drawing was created on April 26, 2007 RFA’s annual “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day” in Washington DC. This is one of many drawings made by the children of RFA personnel, inspired by the work their parents create daily at RFA. Please continue to submit your reception reports to or by e-mail to

Station: -  Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

Date: -                24-06-2007

Frequency: -       9635 kHz

Time: -                1530-1627 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     QSL (No. 2) The main portico and the wind tower of Khaneh – ye Borujerdi (House) – Kashan.

Station: -  Radio Praha

Date: -                18-07-2007

Frequency: -       13580 kHz

Time: -                1430 UTC

Description: -     Minarel in Lednice. Dating from 1802, this is the oldest  observation tower in the Czech Republic. It is part of the Lednice-Valtice castle and park complex in south Moravia (a UNESCO protected monument) and was built by the Lichtenstein noble family.

Station: -  TRT Voice of Turkey

Date: -                13-07-2007

Frequency: -       7170 kHz (EMR)

Time: -                2030-2127 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Miniature.

Receiver: -         Grundig YB 400

Antenna: - Telescopic

QSL Received Last Week (6th – 11th August 2007)

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                11-07-2007

Frequency: -       11780 kHz (Singapore)

Time: -                0100-0130 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Paper String Art / Crane & Turtle

Station: -  Voice of Russia

Date: -                30-06-2007

Frequency: -       9745 kHz

Time: -                1530-1600 UTC

Language: -       Bengali

Description: -     We Talk To The Whole World.

Station: -  Radio Taiwan International

Date: -                14-07-2007

Frequency: -       15515 kHz

Time: -                1600-1700 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Puppet Theater. “Stab Rattan Shield” is a classical fighting scene in the glove puppet show. When the two puppets fight, one uses his lance to

attack while the other fends him off with his shield. The effect produced by this technique is astounding. 

Station: -  The Voice of Greece

Date: -                15-07-2007

Frequency: -       15650 kHz

Time: -                0000-0100 UTC

Description: -     Traditional Skyrian Jewelry, National

Historical Museum, Athens.

Station: -  NHK World Radio Japan

Date: -                19-07-2007

Frequency: -       11890 kHz

Time: -                0700-0730 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     “Mid-summer” (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

QSL Received Last Week (20th – 25th August 2007)

Station: -  AWR Asia/Pacific

Date: -                22-07-2007

Frequency: -       11805 kHz (Agat, Guam)

Time: -                1600-1630 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Adventist World Radio, The Voice of Hope

Station: -  FEBC Philippines

Date: -                12-08-2007

Frequency: -       15325 kHz

Time: -                1000-1030 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     DX QSL Card verified Menchie Marcos, DX Secretary.

Station: -  Voice of Vietnam

Date: -                13-06-2007

Frequency: -       9730 kHz

Time: -                1600-0630 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     TNVN Verification Card

Station: -  Radio Canada International

Date: -                10-08-2007

Frequency: -       11700 kHz (via Kunming relay, China)

Time: -                0000-0057 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL verified by Bill Westenhaver. 60 Years of Radio Worldwide! Radio Canada International is proud to offer its loyal

listeners a series of exclusive QSL cards to mark its 60th anniversary. For 60 years, RCI has been bringing you rich, diverse radio that today include over 300

hours of programming each week. Tune in weekly to Ian Johns and his Maple Leaf Mailbag team on shortwave, satellite or

Station: -  Voice of Russia

Date: -                27-06-2007

Frequency: -       9625 kHz

Time: -                1500-1530 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     We Talk To The Whole World.

Station: -  Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep

Date: -                09-08-2007

Frequency: -       11835 kHz (Madagascar)

Time: -                1430 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     Card Five – A Dutch Morning – The Canals of Amsterdam; Elandsgracht. .

Station: -  Deutsche Welle

Date: -                27-04-2007

Frequency: -       5705 kHz (Nauen)

Time: -                1500-1530 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     Schwerin.

Station: -  Radio Romania International

Date: -                04-07-2007

Frequency: -       11950 kHz

Time: -                1600 UTC

Language: -       French

Description: -     Homesteads at ASTRA Museum.

Station: -  TRT Voice of Turkey

Date: -                10-08-2007

Frequency: -       9785 kHz (EMR)

Time: -                1830-1925 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     TRT Archives.

Station: -  AWR Asia/Pacific

Date: -                24-07-2007

Frequency: -       15160 kHz (Wertachtal, Germany)

Time: -                1530-1600 UTC

Language: -       Hindi

Description: -     Adventist World Radio, The Voice of Hope

Station: -  KBS World Radio

Date: -                04-08-2007

Frequency: -       7275 kHz

Time: -                1800-1900 UTC

Language: -       English

Description: -     The Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Jeju’s volcanic islands and lava tubes have been added to the World Natural Heritage list by UNESCO. It bears great significance in that it’s the first time for a natural site in Korea to be registered on the list. The Jeju heritage site consists of Mt Halla, the Seongsan

Sunrise Peak, and the island’s lava tubes. UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites is comprised of location that are deemed to have outstanding value to all

mankind. The picture shows the Seongsan Sunrise Peakand Mt Halla on Jeju Island.

Station: -  IBC Tamil (via T - System)

Date :-                17-08-2007

Frequency:-        7115 kHz (IBC Tamil)

Time: -                0000-0100 UTC

Language:-        Tamil

Description: -     e-QSL

Dear Mukesh Kumar,

Thank you very much for your kind reception report which we confirm and which is attached to this email. You did listen to a transmission of IBC Tamil  which

was broadcasted towards SAS by using a 250 kW transmitter from Short-wave Radio Station Wertachtal.  Kindest regards Walter Brodowsky


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** ALBANIA. At 2002 July 25 I checked 13720 and R. Tirana had a good signal,

but modulation was way too low with hum making it hard to listen to

** CANADA [and non]. No one has given us any monitoring info yet on when WHRI is axually signing on 7335, tho it remains on their website sked at 0600-1100. July 31 I woke up just before 0800 and found CHU in the clear a minute before and after that  our. But August 2 at 1046 check, WHRI was on 7335 and CHU not even audible under

** CHAD. Correlating with Carlos Gonçalves` log of this in the evening, the

extremely distorted, extremely off-frequency 6165 transmitter of RNT heard on

about 7262v, same characteristics as previously when identified on 7310v,

7290v, warbling variable beat against a weak signal on 7260, which at 0548 Aug

2 would be Algeria via UK. This must be a big problem back in the NAf target

area, but who cares?

** CUBA. Re previous report of RHC on 13750 instead of 13680, July 25 blocking Tirana at 1300-1330: Next day, RHC was back on 13680, and since whenever checked

** MEXICO. No luck hearing XEXQ, 6045 again, as reported to be reactivated. But it`s always a challenge with 250 watts. July 31 [not July 30 as I misspoke on

WOR 1369] around 0530 could not detect it, but at 1240 there was a fairly good

carrier peaking at S9+10 which I at first overlooked; barely audible modulation

which may not even have been from XEXQ

** CHINA. CRI in Russian on 6100, August 3 until 1257*, good signal on 500 kW

aimed 55 degrees from Beijing site, thus onward toward us past DVR. Per Aoki,

resumes at 1300 in Mongolian but aimed NW from Beijing

** ITALY. I haven`t checked any of the other NAm broadcasts, but Rai was still

on 17780 at *1400 August 5. Altho only fair, this is the best signal direct

from Europe at this hour on 16m, no doubt because it is the only one axually

aimed at us. There has been some question about part of Rai`s SW schedule being cancelled

** KOREA NORTH [non]. RHC 6000 now has a het in the mornings here on 6003, and no doubt that is from the new frequency of Echo of Hope, clandestine from S to N Korea. Not strong enough at 1251 August 3 to really bother RHC, but

detectable; on // 6348, heavy swish jamming dominated

** LITHUANIA. The Mighty KBC, 6255, originating in Netherlands, finally checked their weekly broadcast to NAm, UT Sun Aug 5 during last 8 minutes from 0152 UT. Continuous music bed whilst acknowledging reception reports from June and July, including some familiar names such as Christer Brunström, Terry Palmersheim. Plugged and commercial for Kaito, synthesizer music right up till 0200. SINPO 34433. Periodic pulsing ute QRM, but not too bad. I wonder what else they do besides play pop music

** MEXICO [and non]. XEXQ, 6045, now definitely heard again, as classical vocal music was audible August 3 at 1248; 1259 piano music, 1300 announcement by YL but too weak to make out. This had a hefty 4 Hz SAH from something, presumably the FE station on 6045 which might otherwise go unnoticed. Aoki shows that is now:

VOICE OF RUSSIA 1100-1400 1234567 Chinese 250 kW 230 degrees

Vladivostok-Rasdoln RUS 13157E, 4332N VOR a07 and followed by another hour in English, same parameters.

Also, no trace of XEYU carrier on 9599.2 once Cuba had closed, at 1303 August 3 nor 4

** U S A. I happened to hear WWCR announce on 13845 August 4 at 1303 that all four transmitters were going off the air for ``powerline and electrical

maintenance``, and would return when completed. Meanwhile programming continues available on streams. Now`s our chance to hear something else on 15825, 13845, 9985, 5890, later 12160, depending on how long it lasts.

WWCR is still off at 0230 UT Sunday August 5, so no WOR on 5070. I hear that

the problem is an insulator in the field on one of the rhombics, but until that

is repaired they can`t run any of the SW transmitters. Probably could be

temporarily fixed with a rope. Apparently this is unrelated to the previous

problem of a relay burning up, which is likely to cause some of the WWCR-1

frequencies to funxion at lowered power. So tonight`s your chance to DX

something on or near 3215, 5070, 5935, etc.

Jason at WWCR called to apologize to the DX community for the missing DX block, and explained that when they were trying to repair the first problem today,

another wire came down and now it`s too dark to work on that. They have called

in a professional crew to work on it and hope to have it all repaired and be

back on the air sometime Sunday morning. And then I also got this from him

WWCR Engineering Bulletin Saturday Evening, August 4th, 2007.

Due to an antenna insulator failure, all four shortwave transmitters are

temporarily off air. A lines crew has been contacted and have confirmed that

they will be on WWCR property to perform any repairs by 7:30 AM CT, Sunday. We will resume transmission immediately following the repair. Our programming will remain available via streaming audio at

I would especially like to thank the DX Community for your understanding of the

omission of this evening's DX Block on shortwave. We appreciate the service

that the DX Community provides shortwave listening as a whole. Kind Regards as Always, --Jason Cooper, WWCR CE (via Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

Don`t know when they resumed, but 13845 back on and very strong at 1736 UT

check August 5; much weaker on 15825, 12160, 9985

** U S A. Was enjoying some big band music, Stardust? August 5 at 1332 on WWRB 11920, when it abruptly switched in mid-note to a hoarse, screaming Brother Scare, // 9385

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. Pleased to get a semi-listenable signal from R.

Nacional de la RASD, on 6300, still on the air by 0608 UT, August 3 on 6300,

with chanting in Arabic, or rather Hassania, I suppose, and shortly into talk.

At first it seemed to lack any RHC spur co-channel QRM, but that developed

shortly at 0611, 6060 leapfrog over 6180 at 120 kHz further up the band 

** CANADA [and non]. RCI, off frequency, 15234.9, June 24 at 1835 in Maple Leaf Mailbag, SIO 332 (Tony Rogers, UK, Aug BDXC-UK Communication via DXLD)

I had this in mind when I came upon RCI, Aug 5 at 1957 in French. My YB-400`s

BFO is getting very touchy and hard to zero, so I did not have time to decide

if it was still on 15234.9; however, an open carrier had just come on producing

a low het of about 100 Hz! RCI off at 1959* and from *2000 Adventist World

Radio/Voice of Hope (not to be confused with defunct George Otis`), came on

with much better signal, IDs in English, French, German, Italian, then opening

in English with what sounded like ``Africa Rediction``, then program on

depression presented with an ``African(?)`` accent. Since it was Sunday, I was

hoping for Wavescan, but no dice. Per Aoki, 15235 is Jülich, 100 kW at 200

degrees. Odds are that it`s really Sackville off-frequency, not Jülich

** CHINA [and non]. Looking around for Firedrake, against Sound of Hope, found

this, Aug 6: at 1314 on 14450, FD was JBA // much stronger 13970. At 1326 found some very weak audio, maybe music on 16490, aside ute pulses on 16494; SOH/FD has been reported around here lately from Japan.

Aoki Aug 6 shows:

16480*Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH 0000-2400 1234567 Chinese 1 ND ? TWN SOH a07 Jul.22- 16480-16520

At 1342, FD on 10300 much stronger than // 9200

** ITALY. Rai NAm service at 1830 still going too, as noticed Rai chirps at

1827 August 5 on 15380 aside stronger KJES 15385. Rai, Italian to NAm, or

rather Toronto, still going at 1412 check Aug 6, lo-fi music on 17780 with

squeal, // 15280 without squeal

** TIBET [non]. Good signal on 11605, August 6 at 1259 with music, ``RFA

Channel 4`` ID --- do they really intend to put their satellite feed IDs on

SW?? 1300 opening Tibetan, and immediately CNR1(?) co-channel jamming starts, but slightly off-frequency producing a low het, which I am sure is no accident either. R. Free Asia site is Tinian, 309 degrees

** TURKEY. VOT, 15450 to WEu, was carrying on well enough to CNAm for a change on August 6; tuned in at 1316 to hear the conclusion of this week`s Mevlana episode on Sufism until 1319, to continue next week; then at 1320 their

fill-minute of multilingual IDs (Can anyone identify them all, in order? My

stumbling block would be distinguishing several Turkic languages, and also

several Slavix). 1321 news headlines, IS and off at 1324*

** U S A. KJES, 11715, Monday Aug 6 at 1305 in English with off-key YL singing

hymn, mixing with robokids chanting, which really don`t go together; a few

minutes later fade out the singing and fade up the kids. Good signal, anyway.

Other days inaudible at this hour, and I am still not sure whether operation is

irregular, or propagation/skipping over accounts for this

** U S A [non]. Aug 6 at 1329 on 17730 some ME music, 1330 M&W talk, unsure of language; poor to fair. This is VOA Kurdish via Lampertheim per Aoki:

17730 VOICE OF AMERICA 1300-1400 1234567 Kurdish 100 104 Lampertheim D 00833E4930 IBB a07

** VENEZUELA [non]. From press reports that ``Aló Presidente`` can go on for

hours and hours all day Sundays, I have wondered how long the RHC relay can

stay with it. The nominal time used to be published as 1400-1830 UT, but August

5 I rechecked at 1826 and Hugo was still going on 11875, 13750 and 17750 via

Cuba. I happened to check 11875 again at 1950, just in time to hear a promo for

Cuban radio and TV being available on satellite, and off at 1951* Barely had

time to // it to very weak 17750, then mixed with WYFR, or rather CBS Taiwan

relay in Chinese

** CHINA [non]. R. Internacional da China puts a good signal into CNAm, despite

being beamed NE from CVC Chile, on 9870, in Portuguese to Brasil, Aug 8 at 1153 about ethnic folk music from Sinkiang; 1155 gave schedule in that language

including ``17625`` for this 8-9 am Brasília time broadcast! But their B-season

frequency for this was 15540, and A-season 9870, with 17625 in Chinese and

English not coming on until 1200. Why don`t they know this back in Beijing?

Have none of their Brasilian listeners brought this to their attention? Now

that this has been pointed out in DXLD, they have no excuse

** CUBA. RHC missing from usual monstrous signal on 15370, Aug 8 at 1358, but audible on weak 15190

** KOREA NORTH [non]. More strange programming from Open Radio for North Korea, Aug 8 at 1150 on KWHR 9930: Bossa Nova music seguéd into Piaf`s Vie en Rose, with Korean M&W dialog overriding; no jamming audible

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBSWR English via Sackville, 9650, Aug 8 at 1202 with news of upcoming N/S summit, but with considerable CCI in French. Previously I had noticed VOK in Japanese co-channel during this hour, and Aoki shows the three-way collision:

9650 KBS WORLD RADIO 1200-1300 1234567 English  250 268 Sackville CAN 

9650 R. FRANCE INT.  1200-1300 1234567 French   100 352 Tainan    TWN

9650 Voice of Korea  1100-1250 1234567 Japanese 200 109 Kujang    KRE

Clearly it is about time KBS found a better frequency for us

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI`s latest analog frequency at 11-13, 9655, is no good here; besides being the only one aimed NW, it is also squeezed between Sackville 9650 with KBS and WHRI 9660 with BBCWS. In fact, on Aug 8 after 1200 I could not be sure RNZI was on 9655 at all, despite posted schedule on website. Former 9870 is occupied by China-via-Chile until 1200, maybe why RNZI moved, but to somewhere else? 9520 is another alternate. At least we have RNZI DRM buzzing away on 7145 in the middle of our hamband

** SINGAPORE. RSI`s national day message from the PM must have been what I could barely hear as scheduled, Aug 8 at 1140 on 6080; something about progress and challenges facing the island. Heavy QRM de Chinese echoic jamming on 6085 against Taiwan. // 6150 was below Pastor Melissa Scott et al., useless. Rechecked at 1210, 6080 was clearer with ID in news

** U S A [and non?]. VOA Spanish on 7370, Aug 8 at 1222, VG signal from

Greenville but marred by occasional Spanish comments interjected. Unless it was a program feed problem, I suspect this was some 2-way SSB on exactly same frequency

** VENEZUELA [non]. Sometimes RNV Canal Internacional via Cuba is current, but not on Aug 8: at 1137 their `Efemérides` feature (this day in history) was

about July 31! Including the CIA`s role in the plane crash death of Panamanian

leader Omar Torrijos in 1981. Audio was somewhat distorted on 6060

** CANADA [and non]. CHU, 7335, in the clear with no WHRI, Aug 10 at 0600 nor at 0853 recheck. 7335 remains on the WHRI website schedule as 0600-1100. Earlier dates, however, they were still on before 1100. Would those awake

please check when WHRI is now opening on 7335

** FRANCE [non]. RFI, 15160 G in French about Sénégal; just squeezed out an ID in passing Aug 10 at 1359 before cut off abruptly at 1359:30. Don`t recall

noticing this transmission before, but it`s on the schedule as via RSA, as well

as the English hour at 1600 on exactly the same beam favorable for us, spelt


15160 1200 1400 46SE,47SW,52   MEY 250 328  D French  AFS RFI TDF

15160 1600 1700 37S,46,47W,52N MEY 250 328  D English AFS RFI TDF

** GABON. Afropop music distraxion again heard on 17660, Aug 9 at 1440 check; but not detected 23 hours later with poorer propagation

** HAWAII. Not much outside NAm was making it on 31m with summer daytime noise  level, but Aug 10 at 1655 on 9930 heard spirited dialog in Chinese, SINPO

35333. Must be KWHR with Sound of Hope, which on M-F is scheduled until 1700

** TURKEY. Re 7-093, VOT`s new program schedule. I made a point of monitoring the Thursday Aug 9 1830 broadcast via webcast, to see if as implied in the folder, Live from Turkey is now repeated from the 1230 transmission, since no other programs are shown for either version of the Thursday schedules. No: at1847, Eurasia, a 7-minute talk about Dagestan this fortnight, to return in two

weeks. Eurasia is not mentioned at all on the current schedule.

After a Turkish music break, Letterbox appeared at 1859-1914. That`s supposed

to be on the Wednesday broadcasts only. It was mentioned that there were no

winning essay contest entries submitted to the English desk this year, but the

announcer read a losing entry that she liked. A listener in Australia suggested

that the 1230/1330 English broadcast be moved earlier than local midnight, but

she doubted this was possible since English has to be integrated with all the

other languages. Well, as we pointed out before, there is an English program at

0800 which is on internet and satellite only, so they could put that one on SW

if they have transmitter availability. Then more Turkish music for the rest of

the transmission. BTW, the music was MUCH louder than the spoken parts of the

webcast. Presumably the same things are played back on the 2030, 2200 and 0300 broadcasts

** U S A. Tuning around 20 m, Fri Aug 10 at 1657 I came upon a ham on 14270-USB speaking German. His call, heard only once, was apparently W9HOG, and this was part of a net, altho I do not find any listed on this frequency at this time,

nor anything nearby which would likely be conducted in German, in the final

edition of Nets to You. ARRL lookup shows: Kogerup, Alan G, W9HOG (General), Antioch, IL 60002-0129

UNIDENTIFIED. The `bonker` --- about 5 pulses, the last one longer, mixed with

other ute noises, covering 11735-11745 and centred on 11740, Aug 10 at 1652.

Not the first time I have noted this in the middle of the exclusive 11 MHz SWBC

band. No broadcasters audible at the time to QRM, but Romania and Zanzibar

would be impacted during the following hours. What is this? Where is this?

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh finally got a new CD! But no more ``Solh theme`` at 1427 UT on 17700 via UK. Aug 13 was propagating for a change and monitored from 1415 past 1445, but all the music was different than what we had been hearing; pause for a brief announcement at 1431

** CANADA [and non]. Unlike previous nights, UT Sat Aug 11 at 0602, WHRI was on 7335 with `news` over CHU. Once again on UT Sunday Aug 12, WHRI opened 7335 at *0558:30 blowing away CHU. Altho on schedule as daily from 0600, had not been heard at that hour for a few weeks, and suspected to be a weekend-only thing at the moment. WHRI, 7335, was gone again, Monday Aug 13 at 0600+, leaving CHU back in the clear. WHRI had been confirmed active at that hour on UT Sat & Sun, so it must be a weekend thing, tho no such variation is to be seen on the WHR online schedules

** CHINA. Firedrake was S9+20 on 9930, Aug 13 at 1402, and not a trace of KWHR with Sound of Hope audible underneath! FD makes no top-of-hour pause on this frequency. Suspected KWHR was not really on the air; maybe on 12130 instead?

Nothing there either. FD open carrier at 1402 on 10300, no SOH audible anyway,

then FD resumed modulation at 1404:30 // 9930. No FD audible at this time on

13970, nor in the mid-14 MHz band, nor 18160/18180, but JBA on 16490. Also //

FD on 12040 which is against VOA Chinese via Tinang

** CUBA. Making another check for R. Nacional de la RASD on 6300, August 12 at 0601, I did not hear it but instead RHC English on its weak mixing product of

6060 over 6180. There was a SAH, however of 3 Hz or so, not computed, which

could well be RASD underneath. Of more interest was QRM from bubble jamming! Never noticed that before on this frequency. May have emanated from the 6030 transmitter which was extremely strong blotting out R. Martí, somehow mixing into an RHC transmitter next to it. DentroCubans vs DentroCubans! 

** GABON. Moyabi seemed to be back to `normal`, Aug 13 at 1444 when ANU was in French on 17630, and Afropop music distraxion was on 17660. Could not hear either a semisesquihour earlier

** ITALY. Rai, 17780 to NAm, Aug 13 at 1411 check was dead air except for

persistent squealing transmitter and hum, but finally some lo-fi music came on.

Seems like Rai SW service has been in its death-throes for years, but time is


** VENEZUELA [non]. I happened to tune by RNV CI via Cuba on 17705, Sunday, August 12, 2007 at 2030 when they were announcing their transmission schedule. I soon realized it was exactly the same as at

which was posted 39.5 months ago and has undergone considerable change since then, as I have repeatedly pointed out in the interim. The times given, altho

not specified, are all in LOCAL time, more or less, as DST is also too much for

them to cope with. Note the date of the press release, not the date on the

framing, and it says the service started 22 April 2004.

For one thing, none of the morning broadcasts at 10, 11 or 12 UT are mentioned

even tho they have been going for a year or more. It so happens the final

broadcast on the list still exists as the one I tuned into, 20-21 UT on 17705,

never very strong here, aimed to SAm. AFAIK, neither RNV nor RHC has ever

published an up-to-date schedule of these broadcasts. It was left to us, the DX

Community to monitor the true schedule of RNV, and it has been published

several times in DXLD. Since the Bolivarians obviously do not want it to get

out, I am happy not to publish it again until any further changes be discovered

UNIDENTIFIED. Aug 17 at 1305 I came upon an extremely distorted signal centered on 11900, a woman speaking slowly, sounded like Chinese, but not sure if standard, or even some SE Asian language. This was one of those typically

extremely maladjusted transmitters, putting out FM instead of AM, and making

noises even during pauses in modulation. Covered almost 10 kHz and slope-tuning

to the side helped a little in intelligibility. First thing I did was to look

for // on another receiver, but did not find any on 11-12, 13 or even 9 MHz

bands, and that includes CNR and CRI. Despite extremely unpleasant listening, I

stayed with it, for the cause, hoping for something identifiable. 1315 a bit of

music and into M&W dialog. Briefly there was enough spread to be audible on

WYFR when tuned to 11910.

Then I noticed the frequency was varying. At 1325 it was centered on 11895.

There was no break at hourbottom. At 1335 down to 11890, but at 1338 back up to 11895, where it stayed more or less. 1341 some waily singing, reminding us of

C&W/blues, but 1343 back to talk, 1344 some more music, 1346 sounded like a

children`s chorus. 1351 a few notes which might have been an IS,

unrecognizable. Briefly the sound reminded us of the defunct Hmong Lao Radio.

1355 a mix of music, not now or ever recognizably Christian-hymnic. Off

abruptly at 1358:30.

Then on goes the computer to research the possibilities. This is difficult

because we do not know what frequency it was supposed to be on. As often the

case with such situations, it may well be none of 11890-11895-11900 but much

further away. So instead we look for transmissions in Chinese or SE Asian

languages between 1300 and 1400. It may well be one of these, from EiBi, with

Aoki and HFCC also checked:

12-14   CRI  Vietnamese 11990 Kunming // at 13-14 9685 Xian

13-1357 VOK  Chinese 11735

13-14   KFBS Vietnamese 9920

13-14   VOR  Mandarin 12065 Chita

13-14   RTI  Hakka 11915 // 15155

13-14   YFR  English 11895 Irkutsk in case language has changed

11-14   YFR  Chinese 12150 Almaty but into English 1400, // 9865 P-K

Of these, I think my first choice/guess would be RTI 11915. Signal was pretty

strong, and more likely FE coastal site than inland. What do others discover?

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, putting in a good 20 over 9 signal on August 15

as I tuned in to end of broadcast at 1326 with music; unfortunately, modulation

was distorted and even cutting out every few seconds

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 15700, often heard with enjoyable folk music around

1300-1400 in Bulgarian language program. Here is a page about folk music, with

audio file linx:

Here are some of R. Bulgaria`s program schedule pages, apparently updated for

A-07, tho without specific times within bi-, uni- or semi-hour broadcasts:

Regarding the folk or choral music I often hear on 15700 after 1330, this is a

2-hour broadcast starting in summer at 1200, altho for M-F it is labeled with

one asterisk which means half an hour! Here are some musicky titles at the end

of the broadcast:

Thu Kulturna Panorama

Sat Sherenata Cherga, Musikalen Kompas

Some other titles may have to do with music, but my Bulgarian is rather

limited, and Google`s even more so as I tried treating it as Russian for

translation, but this usually results in nothing more than transliteration

** GABON. Moyabi on 16m signals have improved; Aug 18 after 1400, 17660 Afropop music distraxion was quite listenable with usual fare, as was AN1 on 17630. So I checked for the harmonic 19160 = 2 x 9580, but the MUF is not quite up to that yet, assuming it is still radiating at the previous level, but bears

further checking, including later in the day as previously heard even well into

the local night after 2100 or 2200

** LAOS [non] Despite what the Hmong Lao Radio office in Minnesota told me

recently that HLR was off SW for good, there it was again on 11785, Saturday

August 18 on 11785 via WHRI, usual very strong signal aimed usward from SC, but FE QRM still audible underneath. Hmong talk, and a bit of rustic music before

closing. Presumably back on previous sked of Sat & Sun only, 13-14 on 11785.

Checking website, found nothing in English about status of

broadcasts, nor on linked different site for HLR,

which BTW has a quotation from the Judeo-Christian Bible atop, so apparently

this group has also alienated itself from main Lao culture religiously. There

are also links to many other Hmong broadcasts/stations on both pages, some

overtly Christian.

The debate forum linked, at the moment has 2410 posts on 121 pages, mostly in English, and mostly squabbling among different Hmong/Lao faxions about Vang Pao, for whom HLR is trying to raise defense fund money 

** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599+, Aug 14 at 1411 with ID an feature about Barenboim in Salzburg; fairly good signal

** U K [non]. BBCWS successfully sabotages itself so N Americans won`t listen

to it on SW. 13640 via WHRI, Aug 16 at 2159 had a heavy SAH of about 6 Hz ---

what station was about to open co-channel in the middle of the 2-hour BBC

transmission? CRI, in Japanese! Tho much further from here, CRI from Jinhua

site, 28N07, 119E39, at 59 degrees toward Japan axually aims more at us in CNAm than BBCWS does via SC at 173 degrees

UNIDENTIFIED. Re my Aug 17 report posted separately on the extremely distorted FE signal varying around 11895 --- rechecked Aug 18 at 1354 but did not find it or anything like it nearby, distorted or not. Harold Camping drone was weak but clear on 11895 Irkutsk. There was a carrier on 11915, Taiwan? aside very strong WYFR 11910, with 11915 going off at 1359:00, a semi-minute later than the mystery blob the day before. Steve Lare, MI, and Wolfgang Büschel, Germany, also looked for it Aug 18; unheard

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via UK, Aug 20 at 1348 tune in, fair

signal but music CD was skipping at the rate of almost 4 times per second. 1349

switch to talk about Taleban, no skipping; 1352, vocal music with drumming,

also OK; still audible during the following hour

** ALGERIA [non]. Looking one more time for CHAD [q.v.] around 7260, Aug 21 at 0550 I did hear a rather distorted signal in Arabic, but not so distorted it

would have been unintelligible, and it was right on 7260, without the

accompanying garbage Chad presented. This must have been the RTA relay via UK as scheduled, 0558 giving a string of `kilohertz` over singing, so apparently

announcing entire transmission schedule, and off at 0559*

** ASIA [non]. Khmer-language broadcast on 11870, Aug 21 at 1326 was severely degraded by wavering het from Pastor Scott via Costa Rica, on her perpetually unstable transmitter. Audio from each took turns dominating. 1327 mentioning lotsa kHz in apparently full transmission schedule of R. Free Asia, as

scheduled via Tinian, also giving website and P O Box address, 1330* After RFA

went off, there was still a lite wavering het with TIRWR as it was beating with

some weaker signal

** CANADA. While checking out Chad on 6165, had much stronger signal on 6160 with CBC News at 0602 Aug 21; CKZN or CKZU? At 0604 into weather for the Lower Mainland. While there could be other areas which would qualify for that name, this is a dead giveaway for the Vancouver area. Seems ``LM`` is the preferred term, rather than Metro Vancouver, etc. But just how far up the BC coast does the Lower Mainland reach before it becomes the Upper Mainland?

** CHAD. Looking for RNT believed to be back to normal on its nominal 6165, no

chance before 0600 with RN Bonaire there, but Aug 21 at 0602 could hear a weak signal with music on 6165; nearby T-storm QRN. Maybe identifiable on a better occasion

** CHINA. Firedrake, very good on 9930, Aug 20 at 1404. No trace of KWHR with Sound of Hope underneath even during the ever-so-brief pauses in music

** CUBA. As I tuned past RHC, 9550, Aug 20 at 1402 I was pleased to hear this

very frequency mentioned correctly, but my pleasure was quickly dashed as the

very next frequency mentioned, 9600, was off the air as it always is after

1300. Why in the world can`t they get their act together for something so

simple(?) as conveying the correct frequency list at any given time

** CUBA [and non]. R. Martí and dentroCuban jamming observations on 25m: Aug 20 at 1358 RM in clear on 11845, no jamming audible, and on 11930 no RM just yet but jamming audible. At 1400 recheck, RM audio was on both frequencies and so was jamming, at about equal levels

** U S A. KTBN was missing from 7505, Aug 19 at 0542 check, but back on at 1430 recheck and also following evening

** U S A. WHRI, 7335, was on, very strong in Spanish preaching, Sunday Aug 19

around 0810; CHU inaudible

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, Aug 23 at 1309, fair with press review; 1318

Albanian music. Hope this is a sign of improving equinoxial propagation

** BIAFRA [non]. Tuning around during a T-storm requiring internal antenna

only, I came upon a signal in African-accented English and with a very heavy

long-path echo on 15665, Friday Aug 24 at 2035 just as it was IDing as Voice of

Biafra International, Washington DC, and going from English to a local language

(Igbo or Ibo?). 2039 was back in English, talking about Calabar. Was otherwise

occupied for next quarter hour but retune at 2055 found them playing

instrumental multi-national anthem ``God Bless Africa``. (Which god??? Why?);

2058, ID again as V. of Biafra International, WDC, giving frequency as ``15.67

MHz in the 19 meter band… Goodbye, Biafra, and to you until our next broadcast, good night.``

The last we knew, VOBI was on Saturdays only, for a while also Wednesdays, at

21-22 on 7380 via RSA, but this strong echoey signal on 15665 smax of a WHR

outlet; WHRA which is mainly aimed at Africa? No, WHRI closing ID followed

immediately at 2059, next frequency to be 13640 (which is the BBC relay). No

day(s) mentioned for this transmission, but I soon found it to be the only one

now mentioned, again with incorrect frequency! At

``Voice of Biafra International (VOBI)

A SHORTWAVE Radio Broadcast Service

transmitting on 15.67 MHz (on 19 meter band) at 2000 - 2100 Hours UTC (Universal Time [Coordinated]) equivalent to 9.00pm- 10.00pm Biafraland time every Friday.A project of Biafra Foundation, and Biafra Actualization Forum.


The goal of VOBI is to provide and disseminate news and information of

relevance and pressing import to Igbo-Biafra, and to the rest of the world,

using SHORTWAVE Radio.

On September 1, 2001, the maiden broadcast was made.


Please support VOBI. Send contributions and donations to: 

Voice Of Biafra International

1629 K ST. NW, Suite 300

Washington, DC 20036

TEL NO: 202 508 3795

FAX: 202 508 3759



Please use the controls to operate the audio; OR, You may also use the

MediaPlayer version by clicking on the link. We apologize for the audio quality

which is affected by systemic and technical limitations.


Please follow this link to the transcript (text version) of THE NEWS ANALYSIS

SEGMENT only of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts.

[new] Also available in transcript form: WOB (Women of Biafra) segment of the

Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Broadcasts``

The above copied from website, most dated info of which is 2006y or earlier.

But just below are audio linx to three previous broadcasts and this latest one:

Is this on the WHR schedule? Yes, on ``Angel 1``, but incorrectly:

2000 Fr 0400 PM 0500 PM Monday - Friday VOBI Broadcasts Oguchi Nkwocha 17650

So both the programmer and the transmission provider have it on different wrong

frequencies! Note that it is really Friday only, tho the WHR schedule display

as usual is self-contradictory about this.

HFCC has it thus:

15665 2000 2100 46 HRI 250 87 5 250307 281007 D Eng USA HRI FCC

But has it really been going on this frequency since 25 March and no one has

noticed until now? CIRAF 46 = West Africa from Western Sahara to Biafra. 87 is

the azimuth and 5 is the day of week. HFCC also shows 17650 on air at same time on Fridays only but 100 kW toward Mexico; is this imaginary?

17650 2000 2100 10 HRI 100 260 5 250307 281007 D Spa,Eng USA HRI FCC

I don`t find any DX reports of 7380 being heard since mid-April in Japan

Premium, altho DX Mix News Bulgaria was still showing it in May, DXLD 7-060:

``Voice of Biafra International

2100-2200 on  7380 MEY 250 kW / 328 deg to WeAf English Sat

(DX Mix News, Bulgaria, May 22 via DXLD)``

VOBI does not appear on the SENTECH schedule, but I am not sure it ever did

even when it was on 7380:

Searching the WHR site on VOBI turns up another transmission, which is not

mentioned on VOBI`s own site, this one via WHRA:

1915 Mo-Fr 0315 PM 0345 PM We VOBI Broadcasts Oguchi Nkwocha 13710

Note that in this case, WHR displays M-F with the UT, and Wednesday only with

the EDT listing, while just the opposite was the case with the incorrect

frequency, but correct time on Friday! Presumably the 1915-1945 UT one is

really on Wednesdays only, but no telling if 13710 is really the right


About the long-path echo, which originally got me to stop and monitor the

frequency 15665: since Furman is roughly 1 kilomile from here, the LP echo must

be coming around from 24 kilomiles away

** CANADA. CHU, 7335, UT Sat Aug 25 at 0614 check, once again with WHRI

co-channel, 4 Hz away, but for a change CHU was atop. That does not make such an avoidable collision any less offensive

** GERMANY [non]. DW, English via Rwanda 15205, VG as usual, Fri Aug 24 at 2132 with intriguing report on why Germany views the scientology cult as dangerous

** INDIA. AIR, 15050, Aug 24 at 1402 music with hum; 1417 recheck Bollywood

music. Had not heard this transpolar signal for quite a while. Possibly it`s

coming longpath whence most of the signal is aimed. Here`s the Aoki info:

15050 ALL INDIA RADIO 1300-1500 1234567 Sinhala 100 174 Delhi (Kingsway) 07712E2645N AIR a07

** ITALY. Rai, Italian to NAm, still going, Aug 24 at 1419 check with music on

17780 // 15280, the latter squeezed between DW 15275 and China 15285

** RUSSIA. 7320, Aug 23 at 1248, station in Russian, with rippling carrier,

obvious with BFO on and also audible in AM as low buzz; 1250 into music. Just

missed sign-off, if any at 1300:30* as meanwhile I was paying attention on

another receiver to Live from Turkey, propagating well enough this date on

15450. Rather like Korea North on 9666v, but not that bad. Are they aware of

this at station, and figure they, and their listeners, can live with it? Per

Aoki, this is 50 kW, 45 degrees toward us from Magadan:

7320 R. Rossii 2000-1300 1234567 Russian 50 45 Magadan RUS 15010E 5946N, RR // 5940 a07

The motorboating transmitter from Magadan, 7320, previously reported at 1248 is also audible as early as 0602, Aug 24 in Russian. And again at 0617 August 25

** U S A. WWCR-1, 15825 with new edition of Mundo Radial, Fri Aug 24 until

2127:50. Therefore it must have started shortly after 2113; it often gets a

headstart. Also airs Mondays nominally at 2115

** AUSTRALIA. RA lost program feed Aug 29, with 9590, 9580 and 9560 all running fill music, presumably from transmitter site, and periodic apologies for

``break in transmission`` they hoped to fix ASAP. This lasted at least from

1305 to 1336 when talk programming had resumed, so ``Asia-Pacific`` listeners

were out of luck. But they were still off schedule, now monitoring 9590, with

multi-frequency QSY announcement normally running at 1357 or 1358, this time

after 1400 when they should have been in news. Then more fill, including promo

for RA now being on FM in Maldives (if they can do that, why not Minivan?), and

RA (not ABC) news finally started at 1403, but it was interrupted at 1405 to

join another feature show from ABC.

This was not a break in ``transmission`` as the transmitters stayed on the air

as usual. It was a break in program feed from Melbourne studios to Shepparton;

satellite problem? Whatever the reason, we can only wonder why they apparently

have no backup! A dialup phone link would have been adequate for the time

being. Or it could be the studio was unable to send out programming by any

means due to some kind of electrical or mechanical or computer breakdown. Loyal listeners want to know exactly what happened, but stations never tell them such details

** CHINA. Firedrake, 10300, Aug 29 at 1308, much stronger than // 9200; sounded like a ram`s horn for a moment. Have they changed the musical content? Not audible on 13970 or any of the higher frequencies, where reception in general was much attenuated

** CUBA. RHC, 15370, missing Aug 29 at 1316 check, until it cut on and off

briefly a few times

** GUIANA FRENCH. No sign of TDF DRM on 17865-17870-17875, Aug 24 at 1400 and again at 1421 check. Just normal, maybe-on, maybe-off, or is this test

concluded? Seems I have also found it missing other mornings, including Aug 25, but more likely to be missing on weekend anyway. It`s still on the DRM DX

schedule as M-F 13-20.

DRM from TDF, 17870-17875-17880, still missing Monday Aug 27 at 1413 check, allowing LIBYA to be heard, q.v. In my previous item Aug 25 about DRM missing, I said 17865-17870-17875, but the three channels (un)blocked should be centered on 17875 altho they did previously shift briefly to 17870 for some reason.

BTW, DRM still missing from 17870-17875-17880 rechecked around 1730 Aug 27. The last mention of GUF 17875 on the DRM forums was Aug 10:

** LIBYA. With no TDF DRM from GUF, 17870-17875-17880, Aug 27 at 1413, I could hear weak analog signal fading out and in, with Afropop music, 1416 YL speaking English, and // 17725 which was somewhat stronger, therefore V. of Africa as scheduled in English 14-16. If these are relayed via France, would 17870 analog vs 17875 DRM be acceptable to TDF?

Strangely enough, there are no current HFCC registrations for anything from

Libya`s four sites BGZ, SAB, SBH or TRI; not for France either on 17725, 17870,

nor the seasonal alternate 21695.

Let`s see what Aoki lists:

17725         1200-1400       LBY LJB Voice of Africa      SWA EAf

17725         1400-1600       LBY LJB Voice of Africa      E   EAf

17870         1400-1600       LBY LJB Voice of Africa      E   EAf

17870         1600-1700       LBY LJB Voice of Africa      F   WAf /F

17870         1700-1800       LBY LJB Voice of Africa      HA  WAf /F

and nothing currently on 21695. That`s interesting: shows Libya direct except

at 16-18 on 17870 as via France. Can anyone hearing these better notice a

transmitter site switch at 1600 on 17870?

** MEXICO [and non]. XEYU active again on 9599.2v, Aug 29 at 1258 producing

strong het against amazingly weak Cuba on 9600.0 (as was // 9550 mixed with FE SAH); in the clear after Cuba off at 1301:40, with Noticias del Día, ID; still

talk rather than classical music at 1322 recheck

** RUSSIA. Checking motorboating Magadan, 7320, again, Aug 29 at 1250, seems to have cleared up, during music; this time in shadow of stronger RCI Sackville in Spanish on 7325

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI confirmed here on 15290, recently discovered by Liz Cameron, at 1911 UT check Aug 28, with ID amid usual Bolivarian fare. Quite

strong signal, and may well be on Habana`s ``San Francisco`` antenna, as

originally at 1900 UT on 13740 when this started in April 2004 as shown at

``11:00-12:00`` in the grossly outdated but colorful map, which was misleading

even when new, at

** BIAFRA [non]. Checked WHR`s listed other broadcast of V. of Biafra

International, Wed at 1915-1945 on WHRA 13710: Aug 29 tuned in at 1914 to

gospel rock music, which continued past 1915; 1918 WHR website promo, more such music. I forced myself to persevere until 1924, then vamoosed from that

nonsense. No sign of VOBI. So much for the WHR website

** CHINA [and non]. Another obstacle to CFVP, 6030 reception: Aug 31 at 1345,

Firedrake mixing with something else. At least its primary CKMX 1060 is no

longer in Chinese, possibly confusing the Chicom.

Per Aoki, the jamming target is, if B-06 info is still in effect:

6030*Ming Hui Radio 1300-1400 1234567 Chinese 100 325 Tanshui TWN 12129E2513MHR b06 followed by jammed VOA for another hour:

6030*VOICE OF AMERICA 1400-1500 1234567 Tibetan 250 324 Udon Thani THA 10245E1725 IBB a07

So the only window for morning reception of CFVP is 12-13, after Martí and

jamming are off, tho jamming tends to linger.

However, that`s not all, per Aoki: 6030 CNR 1 0850-1730 1234567 Chinese 50 ND Beijing 572 CHN 11627E3957 CNR1 a07

** FRANCE [non]. RFI, 17630 via Guiana French, Spanish to LAm until abrupt

cutoff at 2130* Sat Sept 1 was playing some lively ME music. Per 2005-2006

schedule still posted at

and no, it does not help to change 2006 to 2007 or the _2 to _1 ---

it was/is ``MUSICAL (TOP RFI / ESCENA LATINA)`` at 2110-2130 Saturdays.

For more ME music one may, and indeed did, listen for another semihour to

Morocco on 15345, hoping the het from Argentina is not too bad, until it too

rudely cuts off at 2200 without any farewell

** MEXICO. I continue to look for traces of the sporadic XEXQ on 6045; nothing

in the mornings around 1300-1400, but Sept 1 at 0625 there was definitely a

weak signal causing a SAH under KBS World Radio in Spanish via Sackville. Maybe trace of second audio. But after one RCI IS, that went off at 0629. Briefly I

could still detect a weak carrier, but no modulation audible, and too much QRN.

It might have worked better had Sackville left an open carrier on to hold down

the noise. In addition to its weak and sporadic signal, XEXQ has also been

troubled by undermodulation

** RWANDA. DW is interfering with 15235 --- Your 15235 RCI frequency is having severe interference from a DW program which keeps sweeping up and down across the frequency, before and after 1900 UT today (Friday). At first I thought this was another Sackville transmitter, but checking the listings, it appears to be Rwanda which is supposed to be on 15275 (where it does land briefly from time to time). You may want to get in contact with them to advise them of the problem, since it is ruining RCI reception at the moment, and they really need to fix it.

DW Rwanda haywire vs RCI --- From before 1900 UT Aug 31, I was hearing a strong signal sweeping past RCI 15235 continuously, with bits of German audio causing a variable heterodyne. This appears to be DW Rwanda supposed to be on 15275 until 1955*. The extremely unstable transmitter goes as low as 15205 up to 15245, at times mostly around 15215. Snatch of DW theme music at 1900. Still doing it at 1930 recheck. Hear it yourself if in time.

[Later:] Quite possibly the same will be happening with the same transmitter

around its frequency after 2000. Per EiBi I can find three of them: 7130, 9875,

13650, but there are four transmitters there. Perhaps the other is relaying

something other than DW (Glenn, ibid.)

[later2:] After 2000, 13650 was just fine in Arabic, 9875 inaudible, and 7130


Rechecking almost 24 hours later at 1840 UT Sept 1, DW Kigali in German was

back to normal on 15275, not sweeping all over the place, and not interfering

with RCI on 15235. No reply from RCI, but Wolfgang Büschel had passed on my

observation to DW Monitoring in Germany

** SPAIN. RNE Radio 3 revamps its program schedule Sept 3:

Including La Bañera de Ulises moves 5 hours earlier on Sats from 1700 to 1200

UT, inconvenient for us. Fortunately, a shortened version airs several times on

REE. La Salamandra, which used to follow it at 1800 has definitely been

canceled with its replacement El Guirigay continuing at that hour. Here`s the

new sked grill in UT +2:

** VENEZUELA [non]. Rechecking RNV CI via CUBA, 15290, Aug 31 at 1855, big S9+20 carrier already on, slight hum especially when side-tuned. 1859:30 began IS, and opening announcement mentioning today`s date, so a current show for a change. BTW, EiBi doesn`t have this one yet, last updated Aug 22, but the RNV broadcasts he does list are labeled M-F only; is this correct?

Answering my question of Fri Aug 31, no, the RNV transmission at 19-20 via Cuba on 15290 is not M-F only, because there it was again on Sat Sept 1 around 1910 check, inbooming as usual


Mauno Ritola – Finland

Receiver and antenna


6030 8/13 1455 KGZ Shortwave/R. Maranatha, Bishkek Heard again with heavy interference


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and Sloper


8/19 I logged the following as I tuned across 19m about two hours

after local sunset.

15075, AIR India (Bangalore) to M East, W Asia

15110, CRI China (Kashi) English to S Asia //15120 (Beijing) to C Asia

//15785 (Xian) to W Asia, N Africa

15160, CRI China (Jinhua) to E Asia //15230 (Xian) to E Asia

15170, BSKSA Saudi Arabia to E Europe, W Asia

15180, V of Korea N Korea to C America

15185, AIR India (Aligarh) to E Africa

15195, R Japan to E Asia  //15325 to S Asia

15210, CRI (Kashi) to S Asia //15350 (Kashi) to S Asia

15240, R Australia //15415  //15515

15245, R Taiwan Intl

15310, Oman BBC WS to S Asia

15350, China CRI to S Asia  //15210

15360, Thailand BBS WS to SE Asia

15470, Thailand R Liberty to Russian Far East

15495, Kuwait R Kuwait to N Africa

15575, Oman BBC to M East, W Asia

15635, Russia (Irkutsk) IBB to E Asia //15680, Marianas

Most are listed in HFCC, a few listings are from

Passport to World Band Radio


Kevin Redding- Gilbert, AZ

Grundig S350


Heard on a Grundig S350DL gettin' it with a whip but still nekkid:

9335 Voice of Korea Pyongyang, N Korea 7/5 1358 with freq list tone

and ID. Very good signal.

9740 BBC Singapore 7/5 1400 ID with World Service news. Good Signal.

11785 World Harvest Radio Cypress Creek, SC 7/5 1416 interview with a

guitarist from Korn who turned to Jesus. Brian Welch? Good signal.

All in EE.


Robert Wilkner – Pompano Beach, FL

NRD 535 / Drake R-8 and antenna on ground


4045usb   Florida 1045 hurricane wx report on 15 August and then

discussion with sailing vessels; same 16, 17 August

PERU 4790.14 Radio Visión, Chiclayo  1000 to 1020 noted during sixty meter band scan on 29 August.   Since on a 24 hour a day schedule?  At 0250 "..Senor Jesus Cristo.." by om  then into more Palabras de Dios.  31 August  The GTM on 4799 also present 0255  with good signal.

PERU 4974.82   Radio del Pacífico, Lima  weak signal and Codar 2330 - 2340 on 29 August. 0930 to 1000 with om in language...difficult signal. 30 August. Looking for an improved opening.

BOLIVIA 4875 Radio  Estambul, Guayamerin,  Beni seems on *1000 most days this week. Carrier often on for a while before program. 


Down in the Basement

(editor – Jay Heyl)


This month I continue with my series of articles on NDBs, concentrating on…


Frequencies, offsets, and intervals, oh, my!


If you recall from our last installment, most NDBs in North America consist of a constant carrier along with a modulated signal tone. The carriers are almost all nominally on even 1kHz marks from a low of 198kHz to just under the beginning of the MW band at 530kHz. (Some do exist in the MW and even in the HF bands, but we’re dealing strictly with those in the LW band here in the basement.) I say nominally because many beacons are not exactly plush operations with highly precise equipment. The carriers and the modulated signal tones of many beacons are known to wander, sometimes by a pretty large amount.


There is allegedly a band plan that’s supposed to keep the beacons from stepping on each other, but there are so many exceptions to the plan that there’s a beacon somewhere in North America on practically every even 1kHz mark and they step all over each other.


The tone which identifies the NDB in Morse code is generated by a modulated signal broadcast at an offset from the carrier frequency. Most beacons in the United States use an offset of 1020Hz. A few use a 400Hz offset. In Canada an offset of 400Hz is more common. These, however, are more rough guidelines than anything written in stone. The reality is that the actual offsets vary from beacon to beacon, season to season, and sometimes even by time of day. While this variation sounds like a potential nightmare for identifying beacons, it’s actually a good thing.


If all the beacons were dead-on accurate and all using the exact same offset, all the signals would be sitting directly on top of each other and separating one from the other would be very difficult. The variations from beacon to beacon allow the signals to be more easily differentiated, particularly when using specialized equipment. Narrow CW filters combined with very narrow audio filters, some as narrow as 5Hz, allow beacons with slightly different offsets to be separated and IDed.


The actual offsets are usually within 10-20Hz of nominal, but there are some beacons with offsets 100Hz or more away from nominal. Deviations this wide can make for some fun times figuring out if you’re hearing what you think you’re hearing.


You may have also noticed that with 1kHz spacing and a modulated signal at a nominal 1020Hz, a station’s modulated signal is within just a very few Hertz of the carrier of the neighboring channel.  If tuned in AM mode, you would hear the neighboring carrier as a constant 1000Hz tone and the modulated signal as Morse code with a tone of 1020Hz. It will take a very good ear to tell the two apart.


Further complicating the situation, the next station up the dial will have its signal at about 980Hz relative to the tuned station. So now we have a constant 1kHz tone and two modulated Morse code signals within about 40Hz of each other.


About now you’re saying, “Huh?” I know I said that a lot when first dabbling in NDBs. Let’s try an example. Say you have five beacons within your normal listening area, all about the same strength in your location, and all on 1kHz spacing. All broadcast dual sideband using nominal offsets of 1020Hz. The layout of signals will be something like this.



LSB Signal (kHz)

Carrier (kHz)

USB Signal (kHz)






















Imagine you’re trying to hear station ‘C’. You tune to 217kHz and listen for Morse code at about a pitch of 1kHz. What do you hear? In AM mode, you’ll get the combination of signals both above and below the tuned carrier. On the low side you’ll hear the code from ‘C’, the carrier from ‘B’, and the code from ‘A’. On the high side you’ll hear the code from ‘C’ along with the carrier from ‘D’ and the code from ‘E’. 


Assuming everyone is spot on frequency, that gives you three Morse code signals plus an annoying constant tone, all within 40Hz of each other. In reality, you’re likely to hear two carriers a few Hertz apart, your target signal, possibly with a slight dual-tone effect due to upper and lower sidebands having different variations from the nominal 1020Hz offset, and two additional Morse code signals, also at slight tonal offsets from each other.


The band plan is supposed to mitigate this situation by keeping the stations spread out, but reality is that they step all over each other all the time. With a decent antenna, a sensitive radio, and a narrow CW filter, it is often possible to hear carriers from stations hundreds and even thousands of miles away.


Some beacons broadcast modulated signals on both the high and the low side of the carrier, others on just the high or just the low. Unless it is known from some reliable source that a certain NDB broadcasts on just one sideband, it’s best to check both upper and lower.


The Morse code ID of a beacon is repeated endlessly, but there is almost always a “silent” period between broadcasts of the ID. This period varies from beacon to beacon, providing one more clue to a beacon’s true identity – the cycle time. The cycle time is the time period from the beginning of Morse code ID until the next repetition of the ID. (When trying to measure this, it’s best to determine the time for five or ten iterations and then divide by the number of iterations.)


The silent period can be very useful for hearing weak beacons hidden behind a stronger local beacon. The cycle times are almost always different. If the local has a long enough silent period, you can often hear the distant beacon during the silent period, at least if you’re patient enough for the signal to drift into that silent spot. Sometimes it will take many cycles, catching just a piece of the distant beacon during each silent period for the local. (These IDs need to be put to great scrutiny since they were patched together rather than heard as one continuous signal. There is the possibility of catching a piece of one and a piece of another.)


The Canadian beacons mostly use a different mode of operation commonly referred to as DAID (Dash After ID). Rather than a silent period between IDs, these stations broadcast a constant tone. It makes them much easier to tune to and provides an additional clue when IDing stations, but it also obscures any lower power signals. Listening for background signals during the silent period becomes impossible.


Hobbyists have for many years collected information on beacons the world over and have assembled it into databases. Nominal frequencies, nominal offsets and observed variations, and cycle timing are included, along with whatever additional information can be gleaned from observation or public sources. With such a database at your disposal, verifying your reception using offset and cycle time can be much easier. The database maintained by Martin Francis (and other volunteers) at is a great place to start.


Next time I’ll get in to listening techniques.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford PEI Canada

Drake SAT800/LF Engineering M-601C/Quantum Phaser


Last night was a very good night indeed.  I got some new batteries
for the Grundig badge built by Tecsun designed by Drake SAT 800,
hooked it up as number 6 to the 8 way mini-circuits multi-coupler
which is fed by the Quantum phaser which is fed by the LF Engineering


LW is a real novelty for me.  My old 70 foot wire tended to put
strong 50KW NYC stations down into the LW band, as well as CKEC and
earlier before they went dark, CHTN-AM and CFCY-AM.  But, the LF
Engineering antenna doesn't do this.  From 153 to 225 the LW band is
quiet except for the signals from accross the Atlantic.  Beacons are
pests from about 230 or so to 270 or so and then the noise sets in
big time.  I did get some signals on 234 and 243, and Ireland on 252,
but the beacons made things pretty miserable as their signals are so


Heard 1 August 2007 starting at 11:00PM ADT –


153 RTA1 Bechar Algeria
162 France Inter Allouis
171 noise
180 noise
183 Europe 1 Saarlouis Germany French language
189 RUV Gufuskalar Iceland - very strong playing rock and pop in a
language I couldn't understand!
198 BBC Radio 4
207 noise and beacon
216 ditto
225 ditto
234 RTL Junglinster Luxembourg
243 noise
252 noise
261 noise
270 noise
279 noise


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA



1 August 2007


I was doing some experimenting with the WinRadio last night for about an hour or so after sunset (0000 UTC to 0145 UTC).


LW wasn't doing bad: 153 Algeria was weak, 162 France was strong, 198 UK was fair to good with a BBC ID at 0014, 234 Luxembourg was fair, and 252 Ireland with US pop music was good.


24 August 2007


162        FRANCE    France-Inter, Allouis   strong

171        MOROCCO,    R. Mediteranne int, Nador    fair

177        GERMANY,     DK, Zehlendorf     fair-good

198        UK (England),    BBC, Droitwich   good with BBC ID

207        MOROCCO, RTM, Azilal    fair

234        LUXEMBOURG, R. Luxembourg   good with pop music [In The Ghetto]

252        IRELAND, RTE R-1, Clarkestown    good with music [Bridge over troubled waters]



Bob Wilkner – Pompano Beach, FL

NRD 535 and antenna


183   Germany,  Saarlouis  0330 to 0340 yl in French with good signal

using an on the ground antenna in my location with buried power lines.

198 BBC very weak at the same time. 10 August [Wilkner-FL]

183   Germany Saarlouis  in French om yl   0245  to 0330 GMT  18
August; French yl vocal 0252, 15 August [Wilkner-FL]


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

2003 Toyota Camry car radio


Spent the weekend with parents in northwest Louisiana.


Two FM receptions of note:


Saturday, Aug 4th


95.1 - WQNZ, Natchez, MS

"The South's Country Giant"


9:38 AM  Promo spot - "Brews on the Bluff" Commercial spot - "Concordia Bank"

9:39 AM  Commercial spot - "Consolidated Credit" Commercial spot - "California Psychics"

9:40 AM  Political Spot - Mike Lazarus for Adams County District 1        Commercial Spot - "Center City Bistro"

9:41 AM  Weather - "The South's Country Giant Weather" Station ID - "The South's Country Giant, 95 Country"

9:42 AM  Music - "My Next 30 Years" - Tim McGraw


Sunday, Aug 5th


104.5 - KBEF, Gibsland, LA "Your Family Friendly Station for the Ark-La-Tex"

12:50 AM  Music - "Voice of Truth" - Phillips, Craig, & Dean

12:52 AM  Station ID - "104.5 FM" Music - "When I Get Where I'm Going"

12:56 AM  Music - "I'd Give It All for You"

 1:00 AM  Station ID - "Your Family Friendly Station for the Ark-La-Tex, 104.5, KBEF Gibsland, Shreveport, Minden" Music - "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High"


Didn't have time to write down more stations, but the conditions were super.  At one time, it seemed as if there was a strong clear station on every frequency!!


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Car Radio



Not sure if this qualifies as DX, but while driving to the beach last night, my normally strong 96.9 Boston station was usurped by CJXL (XL96) from Moncton.



You don’t Need a Weatherman…


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN
RS Pro 96



8:41 AM   106.400 WXJ-61  Cookville TN ( Nashville NWS)   w/ Crossville Cilmate data  

8:46 AM   162.425  WWF 84  Lawrenceburg TN (Nashville NWS)  Lawrenceburg forecast   


10:11    162.500 WXN 74   Hickman TN  (Nashville NWS)   Id and Pax TV ment  

10:12  162.475  WXK 63  Shbeyville TN  (Nashville NWS)    Heat warning into Nashville area Roundup  and then ID



The Visible Universe


Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA

Receiver, antenna


Channel 2 from Vancouver B.C. noted shortly after 11 pm PDT 8/14

with CBC program "The Hour." Also Citytv on 10 with Jay Leno

"Tonight Show" between 11:30 and 12 midnight. An unidentified

Channel 8 with "Entertainment Tonight."

I checked the FM and WX bands as well; nothing unusual heard there.


Nothin’ But Net


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL Go back to the days of Beautiful Music on the Radio. This isn't a hybrid that you hear nowadays. Found this on LIVE365.COM Beautiful sound on broadband. Very Pro sounding. Love it ! Similar to above. EZ favorites... I think the same group may run this and the two above, but they are separate streams. Greatest hits of the 20's and 30's. Good stuff. Playing some Louis Armstrong now. Old Farts Radio. 30s-40's. Playing Al Jolson's "When the Red Red Robin......... Good quality. GI Radio. WW II Music & news clips. Harry James is on now.... &


Yep....Songs from Song Of The South. It's really interesting. I need to listen to this longer. Playing "That's What Uncle Remus Said" from a very scratchy record by Tony Pastor & the Clooney Sisters. Now playing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah in Japanese. I'm serious!


Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL


For those interested in internet radio stations on the net, thought you might like to browse the website my internet radio buddy , Tina and I began back in 2000. We have 3 stations streaming over  Live 365 including music formats of Soft Rock 70's - 80's ; Classic Country and our own regional music of Newfoundland . 

The link to our main website which has a link to each of the 3 station pages is 

A few scenic photo galleries also on the site.


Paul Armani – Denver, CO


Streaming TV:  (WBBH-TV/DT Ft. Myers/Naples) NOON & 4PM (KCNC-TV/DT DENVER) NOON  ONLY ,  (WTVJ-TV/DT Miami/Ft. Lauderdale)  NOON ONLY.




Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


Rizzuto’s Radio Roots

The late New York Yankee Hall of Fame shortstop, Phil Rizzuto, spent far more of his career behind a radio (and TV) mike than he did on the field at the big ball yard in The Bronx. Rizzuto retired from baseball in the mid-1950s and moved upstairs to the broadcast booth, working Yankee game on stations including WMCA, WABC, WINS and WHN before retiring in the mid-1990s. 


Rizzuto’s radio roots extend to the music side of the dial as, in the late ‘70s, he had a hit record. The Scooter provided the play-by-play on Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” although at the time he said he didn’t realize he was doing play-by-play of an attempted lovemaking session and felt he’d get in trouble with the priests and nuns at his local parish church. 


KFYI to go HD Sept. 14,


I was talking to the CCU engineer over the PHX stations and he states 

the only CCU HD MW station which is KFYI 550 will be going IBOC 24/7 

on Sept 14.


I am working out a deal to possibly work as his QSL manager and we 

could get some QSLs out of it if it all works out.


"It's an indictment of AM-FM radio that people will pay 13 dollars a month not to listen to it,"

Radio may survive this, too

Broadcasters hope MP3s and satellite radio won't kill terrestrial market

With all these new gadgets for listening to music -- from MP3s to state-of-the-art cell phones and laptops, not to mention satellite radio -- it's a wonder anyone is listening to good old-fashioned terrestrial radio.

One theory says that so many listeners are spending money on newfangled technology that the ones left tuning in to terrestrial radio are doing so only because they can't afford the new toys.

"Because of satellite radio, more affluent people are going to use that service, so we have a smaller piece of the pie to slice up with the people remaining, who are not so affluent," said Bob Pettit, general manager of WCBM, the Baltimore talk-radio station at 680 AM. "The younger people are going to the new technologies. Radio used to be a very effective way to reach people aged 18 to 34. Now, not so much."

As a result, Pettit said, national advertisers are not turning to the old medium the way they once did, leaving the field to cheaper, and often local, ad buyers. In turn, the stations are obliged to charge less money because their demographic is poorer, he said, leaving the stations with less revenue.

But other people in the business consider that view heresy, and point to many ways in which the traditional broadcasters are holding their own. While they admit that radio audiences are declining, and that the amount of time people spend listening has fallen, they say that 230 million people, or about 93 percent of the U.S. population, still listen to some radio during any given week -- down from 96 percent a decade ago.

In contrast, upstarts XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio have attracted a combined 14 million subscribers since their launches in September 2001 and July 2002, respectively. The two companies, which earlier this year announced their intention to merge, charge about $13 a month for access to hundreds of commercial-free channels, which can be accessed through special receivers and personal computers.

While those audience numbers are still comparatively small, millions more people have bought MP3 players and other music-playing gadgets, and sales remain hot in the young demographic that advertisers covet.

This month, reported the results of a Bridge Ratings study that said satellite radio leads other radio formats by 30 percent in attracting so-called "influentials," described as listeners who are enthusiasts, who influence others to act on or consume products or services. "They're the hubs of word-of-mouth marketing," the Orbitcast report said.

The Bridge study found that satellite radio listeners are 10 times more passionate about their experience than their terrestrial radio counterparts. "They are passionate enough to pay for radio while others simply turn on the radio," the report said.

Trying new things

But Fred Jacobs, a radio industry consultant who is credited with creating the "classic rock" format in 1983, was skeptical of the findings. "It's not about affluence; it's about choice," he said, adding that stations and radio networks have hardly faced the new technological landscape lying down.

"Radio is fighting back in a number of ways -- beefing up and improving Web sites, moving to podcasts to better leverage the strength of their personality shows and, of course, the fledgling HD radio," Jacobs said, referring to the high-definition broadcasts and receivers now available.

"Many advertisers are looking beyond 'old media' -- radio, TV and newspapers -- for results and return on investment," Jacobs said. "They have a greater willingness to experiment with digital platforms -- Web sites, podcasts, etc. -- and even word of mouth. The greater the choice for advertisers, the better their ability to negotiate better rates."

Some music stations -- particularly those with the so-called "Jack" programming, named after a fictitious hard-living radio cowboy -- have reacted to the new gadgets by establishing a "shuffle" format, similar to the feature on MP3 players that allows a continuous flow of music, chosen randomly, to play.

"The Jack format is the radio equivalent of an iPod shuffle," said Thom Mocarsky, a spokesman for Arbitron, the audience research company. "Radio programmers are putting together songs that they never would have put together before. Now, they're willing to be eclectic. That's part of the response."

Mocarsky said that while the number of people who tune in to terrestrial radio has been mostly "rock solid" for the past 20 years, the time that individuals spend listening has declined. Ten years ago, he said, listeners generally spent 23 or 24 hours a week listening to radio. Now, the average is about 19 hours. But he said that 70 percent of the people who subscribe to satellite radio also listen to terrestrial radio.

Magic word: 'local'

Several industry experts conceded that programmers and station owners have added to their own woes in recent years by stripping many stations of their individual voices, loading up airtime with commercials and insisting on playlists that make all stations sound the same.

Holland Cooke, a news and talk-radio specialist at McVay Media, a radio management and consulting firm based in Cleveland, said in a recent interview posted on that terrestrial radio companies had hurt their cause by "deregulating, consolidating, automating, and in the view of many, dumbing down their programming."

"It's an indictment of AM-FM radio that people will pay 13 dollars a month not to listen to it," he said.

Cooke elaborated in an e-mail message by saying that satellite radio's advantage is that it simply has more channels than AM or FM stations.

"It's cool to hear a reggae channel, but no FM owner seems to dare to commit to one," he wrote. "Notwithstanding that AM/FM provides fewer channels -- heck, because AM/FM provides fewer channels -- AM/FM radio should be doing what only it can do, that which non-local media cannot: local content, the silver bullet against iPod and satellite."

Edward C. Kiernan, general manager of Baltimore's top-rated talk-radio station WBAL, 1090 AM, and its FM counterpart, WIYY, known as 98 Rock, is one of those who advocate concentrating on local programming.

"Our feeling is that satellite radio can never be as local as WBAL radio can be," said Kiernan, who described the hand-wringing over the state of radio as overblown.

"I've been in the radio biz for over 35 years -- radio was supposed to be dead by now," he said, ascribing its supposed demise to the advent of television, to the fact that cigarette advertising was removed from the airwaves, to record players, cassette tape recorders, eight-track tapes and, more recently, compact discs. If none of these things killed radio, he suggested, then iPods and satellite radio won't either.,0,7435523.story


Bill Harms – Elkridge, MD

Issue: Aug. 08, 2007


Mexico Says Hang on a Minute!


Mexico wants U.S. radio regulators to re-think their decision to allow

AMs to go IBOC at night and FMs to operate on the extended hybrid

digital carriers.


Our neighbors to the south say they are not happy the FCC authorized its

recent “final” IBOC rules governing broadcast transmissions without

first coordinating those through international treaties.


In a letter to Chairman Martin filed in the IBOC docket, the Mexican

Federal Telecommunications Commission, which regulates communications in

Mexico, states that “until technical criteria” have been established

between the agencies to allow “optimal and efficient development of

analog and digital radio broadcasting along our common border,” the

commission should hold off on the two points made earlier.


Sources tell me they believe Mexico filed the letter so it would have

standing in any proceeding on IBOC and to have a way to adjudicate

interference claims for the border area. Indeed, the group also refers

to possible interference from U.S. IBOC stations to Mexican stations as

a reason to have the coordination completed according to treaties first.


The FCC handles coordination with the State Department, so perhaps the

timing isn’t all up to the FCC.


Interesting development. As we recently reported, Mexico has agreed in

principle to allow border stations to use FM IBOC, and that decision

needs to be finalized and printed in Mexico’s version of the Federal



Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


** TURKEY. Just got a new V. of Turkey by p-mail-only program schedule, the

95th edition, postmarked 18 July (with a real stamp! Showing Istanbul skyline),

so they are still coming out twice a year. Accompanied by a cardboard bookmark

showing a braided mosaic on one side, and all languages` e-mail addresses on

the other.

They still fail to define their terms, but now at midyear it is apparent that

III. Term means the third quarter, Jul-Aug-Sep, and IV. Term means the fourth

quarter, Oct-Nov-Dec.

There are also English I and English II, each of which is divided into the two

Terms, and most program titles of which are identical, with two exceptions, on

Monday and Saturday. It would be far more user-friendly to combine all four of

these into one master schedule, with notations of changes for the IV. Term or

English II vs English I.

As usual, Live From Turkey, the call-in preempting other features, is the

intruder messing up a neat schedule, since we know it appears on the 1230 UT

broadcast on Thursdays, and on the 1830 UT Tuesdays (one UT hour later in

winter; axually starts about :50 past the hours).

So here is our reworking of the English programming into one annotated master

schedule. Specific times within the 50-55 minute broadcasts are not provided.

For the 0300 broadcast, the final repeat, read one UT day later than shown:





Thu: AGENDA; LIVE FROM TURKEY [oh, oh, this shows LFT on ALL Thursday

broadcasts, a mistake, so what is the other programming? Or could be that the

Thu 1250 LFT is now just played back at 1850, 2050, 2220, Fri 0320 contrary to

previous pattern, to be confirmed; why not? We know the 0300 UT Sunday

broadcast is a repeat of the 1830 Saturday, per the time check before the

``news``, or should we say, ``olds``?]

Fri: NEW DIMENSIONS OF THE ARMENIAN ISSUE; TURKISH ALBUM; THROUGH HISTORY /TURKISH CAPITAL [the ``/`` probably means alternating week to week, tho not explained]

Sat: OUTLOOK; FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTS (``The programme `From our correspondent [sic]` may be replaced by a feature programme broadcast two days earlier if technical conditions necessitate``) / NEW DIMENSIONS OF THE ARMENIAN ISSUE [the latter is shown only for English I, not English II, whatever that means; it would make more sense if it were shown for III Term, but not IV Term]; THROUGH HISTORY / DX CORNER [as confirmed in July, the projected on-weeks for DX Corner are Aug 11-12, 25-26, etc., but all they did was read and acknowledge reception reports]; TURKISH MUSIC

Sun: FROM THE WORLD; THROUGH THEIR EYES / TURKISH STARS; THE BLUE VOYAGE / TURKISH ON RADIO / TURKISH MUSIC [has the same asterisked notation on English I but not II listings, as for CORRESPONDENTS Sat above, which does not make sense]

There is no background info on these programs; especially what MEVLANA, to be replaced by IDIL BIRET, on Mondays, are about. Fortunately, in DXLD 7-020,

about the previous edition we had this: ``The printed program folder also has

an article about Mevlâna, since 2007 is World Mevlâna Year (had you heard?),

about Sufism, Whirling Dervishes, etc.``. Google quickly reveals with 127,000

hits, that Idil Biret is an outstanding Turkish concert pianist, b. 1941,

starting with

Altho we admit to listening to VOT more on their webcast than on SW, there is

no direct link shown to the webcasts, only a minor mention of their parent

organization homepage An entire panel of the folder,

however, is again dedicated to ``TRT Voice of Turkey and Tourism Radio

Satellite Programme Schedule``, with all the parameters for 16 different

services and not a word about ``programmes``.

Via we find this audio player page: but do we punch VOT West, World or East?

The answer is on this page:

showing all the English broadcasts are in the World category only, and all the

times are one hour off as in winter. It also has satellite info in different format, but maybe same as in the folder, uncompared.

These are the direct audio linx at PRF:


For those who have not yet memorized them, the A-07 English frequencies thru 28 October are:

1230 15450 Eu, 13685 Au/As

1830  9785 Eu

2030  7170 Au/As

2200  6195 Eu/NAm

0300  5975 Eu/NAm, 7270 As/Af

15450 sometimes makes it to CNAm, tho not lately; reception should pick up as

equinox approaches.

There are also some articles in the folder, notably about VOT`s 70th anniversary (shux, too late to help in the essay contest), and a bit about their own news monitoring service, which however works only in Russian, Arabic and Greek. We`ve scanned and posted these and the bookmark in the files of the dxld yahoogroup. Cover girl is VOT`s very first English-language announcer from

26.11.1941, the auburn-haired and thus un-scarved Berter Tali --- who gets only

6 Google hits, none in English

** CANADA. CJLO Montreal will be launching to the AM airwaves toward the end of September as per their web site

(Andy Reid, Ont., Aug 8, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

WTFK? 1690, Viz.: (gh)  CJLO Station Information

Formed in 1998 as a merger between CRSG and CFLI, two former stations, CJLO is Concordia University's one and only radio station. CJLO is 100% non-profit, and is run entirely by volunteers. CJLO is located in the heart of the Loyola

campus in NDG. From early 2003, CJLO has been streaming 7 days a week, and

offering a wide variety of programming that truly encompasses the styles

appreciated by all of Concordia's 30 000 students. CJLO also hosts events

throughout the city to help promote and support the community and musicians.

Our on-air personalities are the backbone of the station and there are over

eighty DJ's spinning and partying for your listening pleasure. Whether you are

interested in Hip-Hop, RPM, Rock, Alt, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Blues, World, or

Country, CJLO has something for you, and is always looking for more on air


As it stands now, CJLO is broadcasting on the Internet. Our application for a

licence from the CRTC to broadcast on the AM band has been approved. As such, we have started the process of building out tower and transmitter in order to start broadcasting in 2007. You'll be able to find us at 1690AM.

So listen from home, or come on down to Loyola campus at

CC-430 (right across from the G-Lounge) and hang out or get involved (CJLO via



Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


I just noticed that XEPE is now identifying itself as "San Diego's 1700 AM," and has a new web site 

They have acquired longtime San Diego radio host Mark Larson, who recently "retired" abruptly from KOGO-600 after being moved from Noon-3pm to 6-8pm, as their morning show host (5-9am), replacing those ridiculous stock-pimping shows they used to run in the morning.  The station is setting up studios at"The Grand Del Mar", a new luxury hotel, and feels compelled to promote the hotel in every other sentence. 

The station is still LMA'd by Mr. Lynch who runs XEPRS-1090/XHBCE-105.7 "Double X Sports Radio" so the "double X" slogan is mentioned frequently in promos and sports reports.  So far I don't hear them using the "cash 1700" slogan anymore.  XEPE runs USD Toreros football, LA Galaxy Soccer, and Lake Elsinore Storm minor league baseball.  I imagine they'll continue to run HS FB on Friday nights.


Bargain Barn


Charles Taylor – Grifton, NC


For sale: One refurbished SM-2 Space Magnet. Modified for stability.

New vernier, battery, repainted base. $80 + $15 shipping (estimated).

Write <> or call eves 252.814.3618. (Charles A Taylor)


For sale: Motorola R-390A/URR freshly refurbished. $600 single payment, or

$60/month for 12 months. Estimated shipping: $75 via UPS. Not skimping on shipping! Contact me off-list. 


Show and Tell – New Toys


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI
Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI


Just received my Radiosophy HD 101. This is the HD 100 revised. It has a sticker in the back saying HD 101. It is housed in the HD 100 cabinet.

First Impressions:

I fell in love with it right out of the box. It fits perfectly in the place i planned to put it (when not DXing ).

The AM is hot with the supplied loop. I can hear the 50 KW blow torches from NY.

WFAN, WCBS, WOR, heard decent in analog with light ground noise. The blue digital light started flashing on WFAN trying to catch a lock . WBZ came close and flashed the light but couldn't quite get a lock. Good analog signal. All 3 local AM HDs locked no problem. 630, 920 and 1290 all obtained a HD lock.

FM was good too with supplied antenna and the locals locked. An outdoor or better rabbit ears would help out with boston but i can hear them in analog (some a little weak but again i was told a better antenna is needed so i expect that.

Sound quality is what i expected and is good enough for the purpose of DX.

there is no problem with the head phone jack and the volume has been fine i had it on over an hour so far.  Now i am almost ready for 9/14 !!!!    


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL


After having my Radiosophy HD-100 for awhile I have come to some


1) FM is pretty good. Sensitive and very selective. Even got the

digital light to go on with a signal from Dallas vie e skip, using

rabbit ears only. Couldn't get it to go into HD mode though.

2) It can be annoying when a station goes in and out of HD mode.

This may be eliminated, or in other words, the radio stays in analog

node, but I have yet to figure it out.

3) AM, without an antenna is useless. with a loop, it's ok, but I

think this needs to be addressed in future radios. I know these make

a lot of noise, so an internal antenna wouldn't work, but they need

to figure something out to make these portable. Then there is the

power issue......


I should have bought, and maybe will someday, the Sangean. But this

is not a bad radio, but not for everyone.

I am not sure if this one picks up AM stereo or not, I need to check.


Testing, Testing…


WBT 1110 IBOC Test 8/13


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY


I've been exchanging e-mails with WBT's Bill White. They were on their 5 kW backup transmitter a few minutes before the top of the hour (which would explain why I couldn't hear them as well). Now back to the full 50 and LOUD here in Rochester on the Sangean HDT-1 (12:05 AM).No sign of any HD yet - either on the HDT-1, or as hash on KMOX/WTAM on the Sony 2010.

Bill White's on the air now on WBT, doing a special live show about the test.

Sounds like the hash just fired up over WTAM/KMOX. No sign of any digital signal here on the HDT-1 yet. (12:10 AM)

It's been a long day for me (drove from Fort Wayne to Rochester), and I'm calling it a night and leaving Total Recorder running for the next couple of hours just to see what happens with this one.

A few observations before I go - I'm having no trouble at all hearing KMOX or WTAM on the 2010. I hear some hiss behind WTAM in wide mode on the 2010, but I can null it pretty well. If this is as bad as it gets when we have HD at night (and yes, I know it isn't!), it won't be the end of the world.

Good heavens - they've got the chief engineer, Jerry Dowd, on the air from the transmitter site talking about spectral regrowth!

Still no sign of any HD at all from WBT on the HDT-1, not even the call letters on the display.

They're taking a phone call (12:26 AM) from Barry Thomas, the director of engineering for Lincoln Financial Media (ex-Jefferson-Pilot), who's listening in Atlanta and can't hear the HD audio either, though he's getting the data display.

Oh - and they're mentioning that they may be switching back to night pattern soon, so if it hasn't been heard yet out west, it may not be tonight...


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL


I'm getting a generally strong signal with just a couple minor fades. Definitely WBT. Heard them discussing HD and asking for reports.

I'm also getting very clear signs of IBOC hash on 1124. I'm hearing two weak signals on 1100 and am then getting IBOC has again beginning

at 1096, peaking (to my ear) at 1094. There is another weak station on


I'm hearing the same thing on both the KA-2100 and the RF-2200.

Obviously using the KA-2100 for the frequencies.


Powell Way – Silverstreet, SC


I heard Willis call in and play 1120.I was laughing and cheering. GO WILLIS !!  NO KMOX at all where he was.... just  SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  I could not get even a momentary bit of PAD dataon WBT either in non DA or DA mode. If I were a bit east of Newberry I would have a gain, but where I live I get about 45K instead of 50.   They put me on the air and conferenced me with Jerry Dowd. We had exchanged emails. WTAM was ultra super strong in Silverstreet,

SC and not a trace of hiss.... MOST of the time. This actually bodes VERY badly for WBT's analog signal.When IBOC gets the night go ahead, WBT will lose a

MAJOR part of their night groundwave service.


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX


I listened from 11:45 pm to 12:05 am Central last night using my ICF-2010 and its internal loopstick. I was able to get a satisfactory null on KFAB, and the

dominant station left was one playing 1980s stuff like the Motels, Alan Parsons Project, etc., without any announcements or spots between selections. Thanks to

Bruce Winkelman's tip, I suspect I had XEWR.

Bits and pieces of WBT surfaced during the period, including a clear reference to "," phone numbers with a "704" area code, and Eastern time zone time checks. But WBT was a distant third to KFAB and XEWR while I listened.

However, there was clear IBOC digihash adjacent to 1110, especially around 1112-1113. It peaked in the same direction as WBT, and was often more audible than WBT's analog on 1110! This was similar to the 2001 WLW-700 IBOC tests I heard while in California; the WLW primary was inaudible but the digihash made it out west without trouble.

I can't figure out the rationale for WBT-AM going HD/IBOC. It's a talk station, so the audio improvement point is largely irrelevant. WBT-AM is also simulcast on WBT-FM, so a "HD quality" version of WBT's programming is already available to its intended audience. And the conversion to HD will cost WBT-AM its one advantage over WBT-FM, namely a wider coverage area, especially at night.

Broadcasters who place blind faith in the ability of HD radio to solve all that ails terrestrial radio remind me of cancer patients who believe a regimen of

vitamins, herbs, and powdered apricot pits will cure them----there's some very irrational, magical thinking going on, and it indicates how easily desperation can

overwhelm logic.


Brett Saylor – Pennsylvania


WBT was very strong here in Pennsylvania last night. Watching the 

overnight recordings I made on the SDR-IQ receiver, the IBOC noise on 

especially the upper, but also the lower sidebands were very evident 

when I checked the recording at 1am EDT. The visible spectrum display 

showed 1100 WTAM Cleveland overpowering WBT's IBOC at times, but with 

nothing strong on 1120 that was mostly hiss.


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA


I noticed very little in the way of hash here at least on the upper side band (I have some local noise on 1100 which made things difficult on the lower end).  I also didn't notice mch during the WLW  tests.  That being said I remember hearing CBA on 1070 get trashed pretty good by WTIC one early evening back in May (probably a combination of GW and skywave).


Strange Brew – Weirdness in the Air


Tones on 1181 kHz


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY



Anyone else hear this?   Driving home from Rock Springs late last night – was just scanning the band since I hadn’t in a while.  ‘bout 11pm 1180 had this continuous 1khz tone going.   I could hear talk in the background (Bruce Williams?) and I’m sure that was KOFI.  Not sure about other 1180s or what.   When I arrived back in Evanston about 12:15am I checked before I went in the house and it was still there.  Reminds me a lot of the tone we all heard last year.  No idea what it is or where it’s coming from.  Check it out.


Paul Armani – Denver, CO


I Just checked 1180 and it has that annoying 1khz tone on it right now. I am

hearing no voices in the background, just the tone.    (18:56   8/17/07)


The Tone on 1180 KHz  is fading in and out  Tonight, There is a talk show or something on right now.  But I Can still hear it, it sounds like a tone alarm (Like you hear on NOAA All-Hazards Radio).   I Have no Idea where it is coming from.  Could it be from Cuba?  or somewhere in the Tropics?


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI


I'm getting a 1KHZ tone on 1180 right now.  But it sounds like a het, and that makes sense as 1179 is a 9KHz spacing frequency for Europe etc.  I take it for you folks that it sounds different than a het.  or is a lot stronger.

If I were getting this say an hour before sunrise, then I'd be really curious, as it would be daylight in Europe and highly unlikely to be a het.

I keyed in 1179 LSB on the R8 and caught what sounds like a European,

but it is way too weak to identify.

I fired up the RX-321 using the Ten-tec software in order to run the

sweep [econo dude's spectrum analyzer] function.  The sweep function

shows a big peak at 1180, but a significant spike at 1179 and 1181. 

With the hets on other frequencies, its either lower or higher, not

both.  Which has me intrigued.


Very much the same here in PEI - on either 1180 or 1181 on AM, its weak.  On 1181 LSB, it will rip your ears off!


Kevin Possum Hunter – Ocala, FL



Radio Rebelde is loud n proud this evening, but barely hear a 1 KC tone

in the deep fades. I am listening in Northern Lake County, Florida. They

must have some decent power to be heard under the 100 KW Cuban signal.


Harry Helms - Smithville, TX


Listening here at 10:25 pm Central and "The Tone" is easily dominant on 1180, looping NNW of here. Signal is present on the R8B/Quantum loop combo, the

ICF-2010, and the C Crane radio.

I am willing to bet this is not a new commercial station testing but instead some sort of U.S. government-run (or sanctioned) experimental station, much like the 1140 mystery we had back in early 2001.

These muy weirdass stations seem to have a habit of popping up on Cuban frequencies, and I don't think that's a coincidence----I  think it's an effort to

confuse people as to the actual origin of such signals.


Frank Aden – Boise, ID


8/17 2123 Possible weak tone running N/S on 1180


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL


8/17 2145 Just a quick check, and the Tone is under Rebelde. Can't get a clean null though.


Bob Carter – Utica, NY


No tone heard on 1080 here in central New York. All I am hearing is a very strong WTIC and static crashes from approaching storms 25 miles to my northwest.   [ Doing the unplug the radio/antennas and calling it the night ]


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL



I gave a quick listen about midnight here in the east with the

AR7030+. I could hear the tone. It wasn't in your face obvious, but it

was there. I played around a bit and noticed it completely disappeared

when I switched to LSB. On USB it was strong and clear. Dialing up to

1181 in USB, it dropped in pitch until it disappeard. In LSB on 1182 I

again got the tone. Of course, dialing down to 1181 in LSB I still had

a 1kHz tone due to the carriers on 1180.

Since I'm apparently only getting a signal on the high side of 1180, I

was wondering if it might be a simple, if powerful, carrier on 1181. I

know 1179 would be the more likely suspect for carrier interference.

Perhaps somebody is trying to effectively jam 1180.


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ



I have it tonight with my radio 90/180 deg. That puts it on an E/W 

axis from AZ we need some people to play with this and give 

coordinates for triangulation.


Don Kaskey – San Francisco


Checking in from the left coast. 8/17/07  11:05pm PDT  San Francisco CA

Hearing strong KERI-Wasco CA with Praise Band Song (quite loud) with

KOFI Kalispell MT with local news ending & into syndicated talk.

When nulling KERI (toward KOFI) a 1 kHz cycle tone can be heard

steadily, far down behind both the two dominants.  Hard to get a bearing

on it.

It certainly isn't anything in this area.


Tone can be heard faintly but steadily on 1180 in KERI null, under KOFI.

On 1181, using LSB, the tone is a monster.  Very loud.  Not heard on 1182, 1181 USB or LSB 1180.


Albert Lehr - Livermore, CA


Here is what I found in the vicinity of 1180 kHz this morning

08/18 at 0115 PDT:

    1179.000 a weak fading carrier, probably a DU station

    1179.998 KERI

    1180.005 KOFI

    1181.000 a fairly strong open carrier


Robert Bratcher – Houston, TX



Checked 1180 at 6AM Saturday morning. Mix of 2 or 3 stations & the 1

khz tone was there. Was Tone transmitting this morning? Anybody else

around Texas (or anywhere else) pick it up at or near this time?


Brandon Jordan - Memphis, TN



I dusted off the Quantum QX Loop to DF this and the bearing is approx

135-140 (or 315-320) degrees from Memphis. That would put it in eastern

half of Cuba or the Florida panhandle.


Glenn Hauser, Enid OK


UNIDENTIFIED. I made my first check of the mystery 1181 kHz carrier at 0230-0240 UT August 19. First of all, it`s definitely a carrier on 1181.0 and not a tone modulated from an 1180 station. There is nothingmatching it on the low side at 1179.

It should not be called a `tone` since the tone we hear is only produced by the carrier beating against 1180 stations. But can anyone pull any modulation of its own on 1181? 1181 should not be called a `het` either, since the heterodyne is produced only by the proximity of 1180 and 1181 kHz carriers and has no independent existence of its own.

I spent about 10 minutes swiveling on my porch with the battery-powered DX-398, which has a pretty good null with its ferrite bar antenna. I would have preferred to get out in the middle of the yard further from metallic influences, but it`s been drizzling. Maybe later. This indicated the signal is approximately 120/300 degrees from here, i.e. a bit closer to NW/SE than to WNW/ESE. I would say the margin of error is plus or minus 5 degrees.

Checking this great circle on a globe, the line runs approximately

from Seaside to Boise to Denver to Enid to Jackson to Tampa to Miami

to Port-au-Prince to Georgetown. That puts it slightly north of Cuba,

but Cuba is within the margin of error, which lends credibility to my

theory that is could be one of the 1180 Cuban jamming transmitters

which has simply been bumped up exactly 1 kHz to become more of a

nuisance. Surely DXers in the East can get bearing of similar accuracy

to help us triangulate it.


Making another check of 1181, UT Aug 21 at 0133, in the yard with

portable DX-398, this time I made a point of getting the null after

tuning to 1181-LSB [not USB as I said in earlier post], and then off

tuning a few dekahertz upward to get a low beat, and concentrated on

that, i.e. the 1181 carrier only, not the 1180/1181 het. I still was

getting the same bearing of about 120 degrees, tho it was sharper ---

just as it disappeared about 0135:30 and still had not come back 5

minutes later. Also, Rebelde-1180 was nowhere near as loud as it was 24

hours earlier. I wonder if they had jacked up the power the night

before for hurricane coverage. Rechecked at 0305 UT it was back on. 


Bryan Leyton – Valley Village, CA



I'll toss my .02 in here too.  The tone is being heard here in L.A., looping

pretty much NNE, under KERI and stronger and more consistent than KOFI.  For

some reason, I realized that I did not have KOFI in the log before, which

seems strange to me, since I've heard other Montana stations that should be

more difficult than KOFI.  In any case, I confirmed the logging by using the

webcast to verify that the song Black & White by Three Dog Night was them.

First new logging in a while - I guess I should start listening more, before

IBOC puts an end to the fun.


Brent Taylor – Stratford, PEI



I was getting it here in Prince Edward Island last night also.  Strange

night, really.  The south was in really well, and the usual TAs were nice

also.  670 was dominated by Cuba, WOR was getting a real rough tide from

Latin America, and Virgin Radio 1215 was delivering full audio on the narrow

filter setting of my 2010 by the bedside, with only the Radio Shack

inductive loop for help.

The "het" or "tone" on 1180/81 was plainy there, but not nearly as loud as

the het on 1189/1190 from Talksport UK banging in to WBAL.


Chris Black – Cape Cod. MA



I was getting a slight het/tone on USB 1180 about 7:00 am this morning here on the Cape on my southern flag, but it was getting light and faded out. It seemed to resolve about 1180.825. I could see the blip on the Icom scope, so am assuming a carrier of some sort? I will take a look tonight.


Dave Hochfelder - Highland Park, NJ



I have it here in central NJ, and I listened to it for a half hour or

so.  It loops about 340/160 here, which sounds like the bearing to FL or

Cuba.  I also noticed that the het, tone, or whatever rose up when Cuba



Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX



I too had the carrier at 1181 Saturday evening @ 2300 CDT.

I checked during the day and heard no het on 1180 or zero  beat on 1181. If the carrier is from S Florida or Cuba the guys in the area might be able to hear it on groundwave.

While listening for the carrier I caught R Romatica, 1180, XEDCH, Delicias, Chihuahua with top of the hour ID. WRTH lists with 250w (nights). It stayed on top of the heap most of the time until tune out at 2330 CDT.

Another station, in English, had USA Radio News but I couldn't catch an ID.


Charles A Taylor - Greenville, NC



This time I was awake at the switch:

I noted the 1181-kHz beginning at around local sunset (NC) time. As noted in my report to ABDX and IRCA, I happened to hear part the post-ID theme for Radio Martí @ 2002. This REALLY caught my attention because Martí puts practically no signal in this direction.

As the 1181 signal became stronger, I set my PFM equipment to measure it and it was 1,181,000 +/- 1 Hz.

The 1181 signal nulls right for Cuba and Florida, but I can't get any closer than that. Suffice it to say that when 1181 nulls, Rebelde-1180 nulls, too.

And, while observing the 1181-kHz signal, I noted that it suddenly jumped up by a factor of about 20 dB and stayed at that level for a while, then dropped back down 20 dB or so.

This is really WEIRD!


Bruce Carter – Dallas, TX



Really strong here in the Dallas area.  It is audible as a 1 kHz on

1181 and 9 kHz imposed on a local 1190, which is also hammered by a 10

kHz heterodyne from from 1200 in San Antonio.

I did a bit of nulling using the ferrite bar in my radio - it seems to

be coming from the direction of Cuba - or 180 degrees away.  Anybody

else want to try to triangulate?

Maybe Castro is getting ready to retaliate for nighttime HD radio.  Or -

maybe it is a jamming signal - isn't radio Marti on 1180?


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA



Just to join the party, I had an obvious tone on 1180 on the car radio coming home from work last night around 8pm or so.  Being in the car, I didn't have an opportunity to DF it (I suppose I could have driven around and around in circles, but that would probably have attracted a certain amount of unwanted attention!  :)  )  

Noise levels at home have been too high to do much with this signal so far.


Rick Kunath – Almont, MI



It was raining and thundering too hard earlier to get outside and take some bearings on the 1181 tone here from Michigan, but I managed to grab some Spectran screen shots starting at 10 PM EDT. I'd have liked to start the Spectran run before sunset. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

I ran the shots off with the AR5000 tuned to 1179 KHz in USB mode and looked at the area around 2 KHz for the tone from the 1181 KHz station.

I actually saw two separate carriers. One was at 1981 KHz and was the stronger of the two. The other was around 1962 KHz and was weaker with more fading. The 1981 carrier disappeared for about a minute and a half, at one point and then reappeared. The carrier at 1962 remained steady during the fade of the other carrier.

I saved two screen shots from Spectran, but don't have anywhere to post them. If anyone is interested in seeing them, let me know and I'll send them along.

I am curious whether anyone else is seeing two separate carriers on the channel? This might explain the bearings?

Hopefully I can grab some bearings tomorrow night from outside in the

yard with the Kiwa.


Alan Schreier – Austin, TX



For what it’s worth the 1181 signal has been visible on Spectran since 6:30 pm central here in Austin.  

If like last night it will be audible after KGOL goes to night power.  

As best as I can DF it is from S. Fl and has really good frequency accuracy; 1181.0000 which is something almost never seen on a MW transmitter.   Right now I see five separate carriers on 1180 none of which seem related to what is seen on 1181. 

FT-1000MP and Spectran just calibrated against 2.5 MHz WWV. 

I agree with the R. Marti theory given the current Fidel rumors.


I Got The Bird!


No one got the Bird this month