August 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 8


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ABDX membership has reached a new record at 194 members!  Your editor is now in Tennessee and STILL looking for work. Maybe someday….


TV and FM DX  has been pretty good. Soon AM, LF and HF DX will be in full swing as you read this in September. This is the time for the High School Football STA! Stations will stretch the limits of the rules to get that HSFB in and that gives you a big chance to hear new stations.


On the Shortwave front, we have WRNO returning to the air and CFRX back on. This is great news as so many stations have turned off the transmitters in favor of the internet.


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.

Capital CME Logs

Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Eton E-1 on the whip while lying in bed wondering if I will ever get another job....

1540 CHIN Toronto, ON 8/8/08 0445 with Italian programming, weak under/over several stations in a jumble. Thanks to all who helped figure out who this was.

Heard on an XM Roady 2 radio and standard 3" square satellite antenna:

Ch 130 POTUS Washington D. C. 8/12 0700 with Scott Walterman and Morning Briefing.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 39.37" telescopic whip:

650 WSM Nashville, TN 8/12 1130 with WSM ad an into OLD C&W song, Abilene.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 200 foot long wire.

530 R. Enciclopedia Havana, Cuba 8/12 2130 playing classical/ beautiful music. bad 1 kHz het from some TIS.

750 WSB Atlanta, GA 8/12 2136 with Michael Savage.

850 KOA Denver, CO 8/12 2137 Dbacks v. Rockies just starting.

980 WYFN Nashville, TN 8/12 1841 with childrens gospel show. Radio play...

1030 WBZ Boston, MA 8/12 2139 giving phone in number 617-254-1030.

1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 8/12 2139 Michael Medved.

1050 XEG Monterrey, NL 8/12 2140 SS ads for a clothing store in Monterrey.

1140 WRVA Richmond, VA 8/12 2142 with show and ads for Michael Savage.

1160 KSL Salt Lake City, UT 8/12 2148 with a familiar announcer Scott Seeger. O/U Chicago1200 WAMB Nashville, TN 8/12 1902 with NOS, Peggy Lee, Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Really nice stuff. Primo. Classy. // 98.3 FM.

1300 WNQM Nashville, TN 8/12 1936 with gospel music.

1510 WLAC Nashville, TN 8/12 1955 with some right wing scare tactics talk about America getting blown up in a nuclear holocaust to frighten people into voting for McCain.

3330 CHU Ottawa, ON 8/12 0105 French and English time given.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 200' wire 8/14:

760 WENO Nashville, TN 1803 REL MX

880   WMDB Nashville, TN 1813 doing black gospel.

Heard on a Eton E-1 XM on the whip:

660 XEEY Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, MX 8/15 2300 with ToH ID and "La Consentida, no, no, no, no, no!"

980 WYFN Nashville, TN 8/12 1841 kids gospel radio play.

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City, OK 8/12 1952 Jerry Doyle Show. then shortly after POOF!


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed



Right now, I'm listening on the Sangean PR-D5, nulling 1010 WINS to

listen to CFRB. Needless to say, I'm riveted.  Most interesting stuff.

Here is an easier way for many of you to listen:

Heard on August 15, 2008 from 9:05 p.m. to 10:20 p.m. ADT

580 CFRA Ottawa ON - then pattern change and power drop and poof, in

comes usual Puerto Rico.

590 VOCM St. John's NL

640 CBN St. John's NL

680 WRKO Boston MA

750 YVKS Caracus Venezuala

780 CFDR Halifax NS

790 WPRV Providence RI - "True Oldies Channel" then into NY Yankees baseball

800 CHRC Quebec QC

850 WEEI Boston MA

860 CJRC Toronto ON

1030 WBZ Boston MA

1050 CHUM Toronto ON [in the background of WEVD]

1080 WTIC Hartford CT

1200 CFGO Ottawa ON "The Team 1200"

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB

1310 CIWW Ottawa ON

1360 WDRC Hartford CT

1410 WPOP Hartford CT

1460 WDDY Albany NY

1500 WWWT Washington DC

1510 WWZN Boston MA

1540 WDCD Albany NY

1540 CHIN Toronto ON

1600 WUNR Boston MA

1610 CHHA Toronto ON

1690 CHTO Toronto ON


Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL

FRG 100 and 100 foot wire


Thanks to Kevin for the additional wonderful  ideas added  to my earlier suggestion for Capital Cities radio logs for the CME. 

So far  the logs here as follows: 

999 khz - COPE, Madrid Spain 23:30 UTC 8/4/08 w/ spanish commentary and musical fanfare w/ ID COPE ; good 

1008 khz - R. Punto, Las Palmas Canary Islands  23:56 UTC 8/4/08 w/ spanish commentary, ID and music ; fair 

1548 khz - R. Sawa , Kuwait City Kuwait 1:11 UTC 8/5/08 w/ arabic commentary and pop music, ID 

1540 khz - WDCD, Albany New York  2:02 UTC 8/5/08 w/ man giving addresses of various weekend services in New York state, religious program 

1458 khz - Sunrise Radio , London England  2:05 UTC 8/5/08 w/ architects ad, TV 1 promo, ID ; good 

1260 khz - CKHJ ,Fredericton, New Brunswick 2:10 UTC 8/5/08 w/ "Todays Hits , Yesterdays Classics" KHJ " ID, country music ; fair 

1500 khz - WWWT Washington DC 1:53 UTC 8/5/08 w/ National's Baseball promo, I -Hop Ad, baseball game play by play ; 

981 khz - RTA 1 - Algiers, Algeria 2:09 UTC 8/5/08 w/ arabic chants, drum music and commentary; fair

 Heard on the SRF-M37V Ultralight barefoot

1030 khz - 7:37 UTC  8/6/8 WBZ, Boston, Mass w/ Kerry Law AD, Steve Robelli Talk Show, 10-30 WBZ ID , time check ; good 

1530 khz - 7:44 UTC 8/6/08 XEUR, Mexico City MX w/ mexican music and vocals, spanish announcer and Radio Fiesta ID ; good

1359 khz - RNE1 Madrid, Spain  8/11/08 23:10 UTC w/ spanish music , songs and commentary"Radio Nacional Espana' ID ; good 

864 khz - France Bleu Paris 812/08 2:20 UTC w/ french song then into english version of "City Of New Orleans"  good 

1540 khz - CHIN Toronto, Ontario 8/12/08 2:10 UTC w/ ethnic programming , Indian language; mixing with WDCD ; good

1080 khz - WTIC Hartford, Connecticut  8/12/08 2:15 UTC w/ Boston Red Sox BB, ads, ID ; good

 6.145 khz - China Radio International ,Beijing 8/12/08 23:01 UTC w/ news stories on Olympic Games ; good 

1050 khz - CHUM Toronto, Ontario    3:56 UTC  8/14/08  w/ oldies by Joni Mitchell and Roy Orbison ; fair

1200 khz - CFGO Ottawa, Ontario    6:40 UTC   8/14/08   w/ basketball talk, "1200 The Team" ID  ;fair

1290 khz - WRNI  Providence, Rhode Island  6:43 UTC   8/14/08 w/ Report on Beijing Olympics ; fair

1040 khz - WHO Des Moines, Iowa  8:04 UTC  8/27/08  w/ Newsradio 10-40 WHO ID, news by man ; good

850 khz - WEEI Boston, Mass   7:38 UTC   8/27/08  w/ sports talk,Fox Sports Radio ID , call in on phone line ; fair

1290 khz - CFRW Winnipeg, Manitoba   6:45 UTC  w/ oldies by Bill Ainsbury and Little Richard, CFRW ID; fair

860 khz - CJBC Toronto, Ontario   4:26 UTC  8/27/08  w/ french commentary and news by woman; fair

1530 khz - Vatican Radio, Vatican City   4:00 UTC  8/27/08 w/ Russian language program, then into ID and Interval Signal ; fair

1010 khz - CFRB Toronto, Ontario  2:31 UTC 8/27/08 w/ Scarborough Electric AD, 1010 CFRB ID; fair


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Car AM stereo radio


A few quickies on the way home tonight.  CX seem to suck right now.  Well, it IS summer.  While I could grab a few Canadians, KFI was barely audible....THAT is amazingly unusual here.  Seemed to be some SS in its place.  Nothing capital-wise from 540 to 840.  Was hoping for Denver at 560, Salt Lake at 570, Phoenix at 620, Denver at 630, Boise at 670.....all of

those were absent, although I've gotten all of them at night before.

Now then - on to the loggings:

850    KOA    CO    Denver    2340    8/5/08    In like they are every night.  Nice and loud

910    KWDZ    UT    Salt Lake City    2342    8/5/08    Barely audible in the mush.  Recognized the Radio Disney music

1040    WHO    IA    Des Moines    2343    8/5/08    Fair signal.  Typical resident here at night.

1160    KSL    UT    Salt Lake City    2345    8/5/08    Fair to good. Always in - night or day.

More loggings tomorrow hopefully.  Going on a service call to the east and probably not returning til later afternoon / early evening.  Should allow for some day scanning too.  Probably will just be another Salt Lake City station or 2.  I'm not within daytime range of any other state capital.  I feel I will be a purist on this CME as I've always been a radio purist about stations serving their COLs so I will only be logging stations actually licensed to the capital cities and not rimshotters/surrounding/metro stations.

Hey does 660 KTNN count?  Is Window Rock the capitol of the Navajo nation? Heh....I HAD to try. :-)


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA



1320 KCTC Sacramento, CA 8/7/08 8:45-9:00 PM PDT Dan Patrick show, ESPN 13-20 slogan, ID at ToH.

730 KBSU Boise ID, 9:46-10:02 PM PDT 9/9/08 in with light jazz tunes, fading in and out with XEEBC but mostly on top. Nice ID by woman at 9:59 and back to jazz. Somewhat rare here. I have a tight loop on 730 due to KCBS-740 IBOC.

On a side note, I copied a radio FAX from NMG New Orleans and it had the hurricane sitting right in the gulf. Hope for the best for everyone in Texas and Louisiana.


Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA

1987 Lincoln Town Car radio and whip


8/11/08, FM tropo, KFMY 97.7 "The Eagle," Olympia, Wa, heard at 2 pm PDT in Issaquah, WA, with "classic hits" format including "Goodbye Stranger" by Supertramp and "Pinball Wizard" by the Who and "97.7, the Eagle" ID. Enjoyed for about 20 minutes before it faded out.

I've decided to count loggings from Olympia, my own state capital, on FM but not AM.


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Grundig YB550


1260   CKHJ, Fredericton NB, country, "KHJ, Today's Country"

1340  WMDR Augusta ME, heard whgile passing through, IDing as "The Worship Radio Network" with Christian contemporary programming.  Didn't hear any "Zap 1340" IDs.

CHNS, Halifax NS, 89.9, classic hits, "Hal FM"

CJNI, Halifax NS, 95.7, "News 95.7".   CHNI, CKNI and CJNI run a lot of the same talk programming in parallel.

CKUL, Halifax NS, 96.5 classic hits

CIOO, Halifax NS, 100.1  "C-100", rock


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5


I decided to use the August CME to see how many stations I could log from the capital----México, Distrito Federal----of la Republica de Baja Tejas. All loggings are from last night, August 9, and times are Central:

730 XEX Tune-in to call-in show 10:38 pm with male host. Show seemed to be health-related; female caller said she was having trouble sleeping and host asked if she was drinking "suficiente agua"! At 10:40, into apparently taped segment about workers developing cancer because of their jobs. I had trouble following the discussion as many of the words were beyond my limited Spanish vocabulary, but several mentions of "trabajadores," "condiciones peligrosas," and "cáncer" were strong indicators of the subject matter. Very good signal.

860 XEUM, Radio UNAM, assumed one here with non-stop classical music most of the evening. Very strong at 10:20 pm check, completely over unID English sports talk station and no trace of KONO in San Antonio. Too bad SW parallel is inactive to allow checking, but who else could it be?

900 XEW, Strong of ads at 9:56 pm tune-in, including Radio Shack ("¡los precios mas bajos!"), followed by two men with sports talk, frequent mentions of "futbol de liga mexicana," show seemed to be sponsored  by Coca-Cola judging by frequent mentions. Usual killer signal.

1000 XEOY, "en Radio Mil, la musica de Mexico" at 9:45 pm and into vocal music. Good strength and parallel to 6010 SW; latter was only poor to fair with deep and rapid fades.

1030 XEQR, "Radiocentro," in with usual talk programming and muy, muy serious-sounding male host 10:14 pm. Signal not as strong as most other nights here, for some reason.

1220 XEB, "desde la capital de nuestro país, una noche de música romántica" and into schmaltzy male vocal that transported me from Corpus Christi into the dining area of an El Torito restaurant on Highway 46 in New Jersey. Very good signals around 10"25 pm.

There are a few other Mexico City stations that should be possible from here, and the August CME gives me a good reason to try to dig them out.

CME logs last night (August 19) of stations in Monterrey, capital of the estado of Nueva León (all times Central):

570 XEBJB, "Bay hota bay, toda la musica mexicana" slogan and romantic male ballads 9:40 pm through nulled KLIF and Cuba's Radio Reloj and its "RR" Morse identifier.

660 XEFZ, "Radio Seis Sesenta" with full ID-----call letters, power, etc.----at 10:00 pm, followed by string of ads (Unica, Banco de Mexico, etc.), then "Notiradio" slogan and banda music, very good level.

990 XET, "La mas información y noticias de Moneterrey" 10:20 pm followed by male talk mentioning "educación" several times, 10:22 into talk by female, very messy channel and only fair signal.

1050 XEG, usual super-loud signals 9:38 pm with ranchera music.

1140 XEMR, tune-in 10:27 pm to beisbol game featuring "Los Diablos Rojos," 10:30 ID as "emmay erray" and into Coca-Cola ad.

1190 XECT is usually dominant here at night with their "Contacto" slogan every minute or so, but last night there was a beisbol game on 1190 at various checks with no team names, city references, or any other ID clues, Based on strength and bearing, I think it was likely XECT. At 10:45 pm, however, I heard Andean-like flute music under the baseball game to 10:50, when it went directly into full instrumental version of "Pomp and  Circumstance"! It faded by 11:00 pm----and no break or ID on the beisbol game-----so I called it an evening. Whatever that second station was, something tells me it was a goodie!

1510 XEQI, "La Nueva," loud atop nulled WLAC 10:36 pm into accordion-based banda music with male vocalist.

I also tried for XEMN-600, XEACH-770, XEMON-1370, and XETKR-1480 but couldn't definitely identify them as one of the Spanish signals on those channels.


Was awake a little after 5:00 am Central this morning and tuned across 540. XEWA was dominant as usual, but I did note a station under with accordion-based norteña vocals. I managed to null XEWA enough to hear recorded, high-pitched female announcements between songs along with sounds effects that resembled computer-generated rooster crows. At 5:20 am, the signal faded up enough to catch "eschucha la norteñita, equis ay achay essay" by the same high-pitched female. This was XEHS in Las Mochis, Sinaloa, and I assume this is the station with norteña sometimes audible under XEWA that I've been chasing for a while.


I was listening for stations in Cuba and New Orleans last night to see how they were reacting to Hurricane Gustav. I listened from 0300-0400 UTC/10:00 to 11:00 pm Central time.

The Cuban outlet on 530 [Havana – ed.] was apparently the source of a strong carrier on that frequency but there was no audio during the time I listened. I assume the studio-to-transmitter link was interrupted but the transmitter remained on the air.

Radio Reloj on 570, Radio Progreso on 640, and Radio Rebelde on 5025 were in well and still operational with some of their normal programming. But they were frequently interrupted by a "programa especial." I heard one on Rebelde-5025 around 0315/10:15 pm that warned of flooding in Pinar del Rio province and that assistance was on its way. On Progreso at 640, the music was suddenly interrupted at 0345/10:45 pm for an announcement by a man, which seemed to be over a telephone line, telling residents of Pinar del Rio, San Cristobal, etc., to await relief by military forces and to obey their directions. The announcement lasted until 0347/10:47 pm. Reloj-570 continued with their time checks and "RR" ID in Morse on the minute but appeared to be discussing hurricane-related issues in between.

WWL-870 is a daytime regular here due to the seapath across the Gulf of Mexico and is actually more difficult to hear at night due to skywave fading and QRM (for example, a Radio Reloj outlet was clearly audible under them last night). They were giving evacuation instructions and speaking with mayors of nearby cities (they were interviewing the mayor of Kenner during the time I listened). WWL's signal is, as usual, strong here today so I should be able to monitor the station as long as it is on the air.

Fortunately, the projected intensification of Gustav has not happened so far this morning and it looks as if there is a good chance it will be only a category 2 storm by landfall. While a serious situation, it is short of the catastrophe that a category 4 hurricane would produce.


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

DX 399


760 XEES MEXICO Chihuahua, CHIH.; 2100  "Antena Siete-Sesenta" slogan, full ID,

“con 10 mil watts de potencia”


J. Neilsen (Thomas Anderson) – Ottawa, ON

CCRadio Plus


Here are a few quick logs done just before 4 am in Ottawa Ontario on acc radio plus.

555 ZIZ Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis (very weak but identifiable)

900 XEW Mexico City, MX.  Very dominant

990 CBW Winnipeg, MB  Moderate under CKGM

1690 CHTO Toronto ON. Dominant.

CJLO went on the air around 11 am Tuesday Aug 26th.  I was able to pull it in here in Ottawa with a variable signal.  The conditions for AM were odd all day, with many stations fading in and out that are usually steady.  CJLO's signal was fairly decent.  Nighttime was interesting, as they'd either be very strong as a local or they'd disappear under CHLO Toronto.  For now they're playing big band and easy listening music with an ID between each song.  One ID in French then the next in English. The  Big Band/easy listening music is for the engineer to fine tune the transmitter, in a few days they'll be broadcasting a loop of the kind of music they'll normally be playing (alternative rock, punk, metal and some other genres) so they can due

a little extra fine tuning.  I think I may be the first to log them outside of Montreal, as I logged them before 1 pm.


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

Lenoxx Sound PR35M


1500  KSTP  MN  St. Paul.  2000 CDT.  TOH I.D.


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

Rental Car radio


While driving along US 90 from Pascagoula, MS, to Pass Christian, MS, this past Saturday morning (Aug 9th), I was bored with the same old FM radio programming, so I

tuned the rental car's radio to the AM band to listen to one of my favorite AM stations, WWL 870 out of New Orleans.

Not being familiar with the radio's controls, I accidentally hit the "Seek" button instead of the

"Tune" button.  The radio stopped on 530 kHz with a HUGE signal from Radio Enciclopedia out of Havana!!

I found a sandy spot along the side of the road, pulled off, and listened in amazement.  It was, in fact, Radio Enciclopedia.  This was around 10:30 AM CDT!!

I was able to listen to them all the way from Biloxi

to Pass Christian.  I turned off of US 90 at Menge Road and lost them as I drove inland toward Interstate 10.

Never underestimate the power of AM propagation over salt water!


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Sony S5W



I spent a little while before turning out the light last night spinning around the dial listening for more capital cities. I was able to snag WLAC-1510 out of Nashville. (More formal log to follow.) Of perhaps more significant note, though of no surprise, I'm sure, to many of you, I was getting very significant IBOC interference on either side of WLAC. I'm 600 miles from Nashville. The IBOC hash was so prominent I was very tempted to get up and turn on the Sony HD Radio to see if I could get a lock.

On a different but related note, I have to say that the more I use my Sony ICF-S5W, the more impressed I am. I've become more accustomed to the tuning and the dial inaccuracy so it's no longer difficult to have a good idea of where I'm tuned based on the tuning dial reading. The filter seems to be extremely sharp and to be sized almost perfectly. One station is there plain as day, you move the tuning dial and that station disappears and is replaced by the next. No gap in the middle, very little fading from one to the other. And I get rather little bleed-over, though this may be more due to having rather few local stations that put out much power at night. All in all, an excellent purchase.


Powell E. Way – Silverstreet, SC

CCRadio and others


Wednesday August 27

1510 WLAC Nashville, TN   9:45 PM

650  WSM    Nashville, TN    9:45 PM

560 WVOC  Columbia, SC  9:46 PM

680  WPTF  Raleigh, NC  10:20 PM

750  WSB  Atlanta, GA   10:20 PM

860  CJBC Toronto, ON 10:23 PM

1070  WFNI  Indianapolis, IN  1025 PM

1500 WWWT  Washington, DC  10:30 PM

Thursday August 28

840 WCEO  Columbia, SC 9:00 AM

890 WBAJ  Columbia, SC   9:00 AM

1320 WISW  Columbia, SC 9:01 AM

1470 WQXL  Columbia, SC  9:02 AM

1400 WCOS  Columbia, SC 9:03 AM

1690 WMLB Avondale Estates/Atlanta, GA 9:05 AM



The Broadcast Band

Ira Elbert New III – Watkinsville, GA

Sony ICF 2010 or as listed


1550 WNZF FL Bunnell - 08/20/08 2259 - Tropical Storm Fay updates and information. Decent signal fading in and out of a mix of stations. "When severe weather threatens Flagler County, count on WNZF...".


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


A new station in the AM log!

870 KLSQ Whitney, NV 8/7/08 9:37-10:00 PM PDT Spanish music and 8-70 AM slogan. Faded down right before ToH but caught an ID. At times in good, but deep fades with KRLA QRM.

1390 XEKT Tecate BCA La Super Estacion 8/13/08 6:02 AM PDT, tuned in to

the XE NA, nice ID "XEKT Trece Noventa La Super Estacion", announced 5

kw. Quickly lost to local KLTX Long Beach, also in Spanish.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed



Pretty good night tonight for MW TAs from Europe and the Middle East.  I started at 1521 KHz with Saudi Arabia coming in very clearly.  While I don't understand the language, several words like Israelis [pronouced by the announcer as Is-ra-a-lee] lept out.

1422 Germany with classical music, 1215 Virgin Radio and 1134 Croatia were good as per usual.

Talksport 1089 was having a tough time of it though - often they are strong - perhaps I caught them on an extended fade out.

675 Netherlands with religious classical music, 693 BBC, 765 Switzerland with pop, and 864 with recitations of the Koran from Egypt.

Basically, every 9 KHz notch on the dial had at least a het, and in most cases some indication of audio.

Receivers are my two Ginsu Knife DX machines - Collins/Teledyne R-390A and Icom/Roberto Nardo R-71A.  Time: 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. ADT.  Antenna: LF Engineering M-601C.

Fair bit of lightning crashes and the usual IBOC dragon-hiss to contend with.

Heard on an Icom R71A fed by a LFE M-601C antenna:

11:45 p.m. ADT August 6, 2008

621 KHz RNE 1 Canary Islands New

TA reception here tonight is actually quite unremarkable.  But, I was horsing around with the R71A on its narrow bandwidth.  It does an awesome job on 9 KHz frequencies with the following technique - tune 1 KHz away from the 9 KHz spacing desired frequency in the direction away from the 10 KHz pest.  Example - to tune 1089 Talksport in the UK and

avoid splatter and hets from WBAL 1090, tune to 1088. The same technique also works well on the R-390A, especially when set to 2 KC bandwidth.


MW DX seemed pretty good last night - although the TAs were not coming in when I checked - which was pretty late - maybe after 11:30 p.m. ADT.

Heard on a nekkid Sangean PR-D5 at 12:05 a.m. August 21, 2008:

1120 KHz WBNW Concord MA with station ID

Not bad for 1KW at night.

The PR-D5 continues to impress on MW.


Not sure why, but the TAs are really hopping in here tonight.  The

ground is saturated from it raining almost every day in August.  I had

the R-390A on the bench this afternoon to get its balanced antenna

input working properly and now its back in the shack hauling in TAs on

2 KC bandwidth.  A quick sampling as of 8:20 p.m. ADT:

1017 KHz Germany

999 Khz RadioUno Italy, fighting with COPE out of Madrid.

Just checked - and Greenland on 720 KHz is coming in rather well at this very moment.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Nissan Sentra car radio and whip


Notes from my trip to Santa Fe NM and back to Enid for a week in August, Nissan Sentra 2004 caradio, a lot better than my previous ones. FCC AM and FM queries have been checked in most cases; also referenced NRC AM Log 2007, now one year old, and possibly some calls or other info outdated now. Latest FM Atlas sometimes consulted, now 3 years old. All dates and times strictly UT! Rearranged by frequency order, altho continuity would be better in chrono order ---

640, 2308 Aug 19, WWLS Moore OK was still audible into NE NM around Clayton, with call-in, probably sports talk, what else? Their IBOC was a nuisance further east but maybe not this far.

760, 2134 Aug 19, ID as ``Colorado`s Progressive Radio``, Randi Rhodes show but with constant picket-fence breaks in modulation! Is no one paying attention? That`s 50 kW KKZN Thornton, in NRC AM Log 2007 as ``Boulder`s Progressive Radio``; maybe they use both. Nice to be getting toward the end of OK where we can axually hear something other than the far right on commercial AM radio! Signal does not compare to 50 kW KOA (W of Guymon OK on US 412)

790, 2123 Aug 26, Roger Miller singing ``K.C. Star``, mixing with talk station at 152/minute SAH = 2.53 Hz. Music from K-XXX, Colby KS, talk from KFYO Lubbock TX (West of Boise City OK on US 412)

860, 2127 Aug 26, no doubt KPAN Hereford TX was the station bothered by IBOC from KOA-850 Denver, in the daytime (W of Boise City OK on US 412)

1040, 2130 Aug 26, medical talk or infomercial, 1-800-395-1904, Dr Pinkus` Ultimate Health Care, then closing show ``Discoveries in Health`` with Chris McKay, from the KCBR Info Center, 2132 ``Healthline Live``. This is Monument CO (Colorado Springs), another strangely powered 15 kW station. But to me, KCBR will always be ``the Voice of America station in Delano, California, signing off``

1210, KGYN Guymon OK, we drive right past E of town on US 412, with its three towers in a straight line aimed at Philadelphia, but might as well be one for often running ND at night. At 2057 Aug 19 near the site, I was getting IBOC-like noise on 1140, and a match on 1280, but the latter obscured by Liberal KS on 1270. So KGYN puts out spurs plus and minus 70 kHz. For a few miles along US 412, KGYN also desensitizes the entire MW band on caradio with its 10 kW. It will be a relief if they ever manage to move this to OKC, but a loss of local radio for the Panhandle. A pickup was parked next to the shack with call letters on it. On the way back we passed it again and took a photo of the three towers and the shack.

1340, 2300+ Aug 19, at Clayton NM, we started looking for KSSR Santa Rosa NM, whose activity has been in question. It is not currently on NRC`s silent stations list, and FCC shows it still licensed. We were hearing at least two 1340 stations, one of which was KVOT Taos NM, another progressive station, now with Rachel Maddow show on Air America, the other ``Sports Radio 1340`` making a rumbling het, and fading up at 2305 as skywave may have been starting to kick in, west Texas forecast, 1-866-290-6868 ad about credit. KKAM Lubbock is the one that fits.

Further into NM on US 412 kept looking for signs of KSSR, but KVOT improved as we got closer to it; at 2332 PSA for Albuquerque Museum i.a., mentioning Taos, more Maddow. (BTW, Rachel is getting her own show on MSNBC following Countdown at 0100 UT starting September 9. Can`t say we are surprised, as her star has been rising as a frequent contributor and sub-host on Countdown, but what becomes of Dan Abrams, Verdict? It`s already gone for elexion special Aug 30. And will she keep doing her Air America show despite the pay differential?)

It turned out we did not make it to my old hometown of Santa Rosa on this trip, but the closest point was on I-25 near Las Vegas, US 84 exit at 1950 Aug 25, and there was still no KSSR to be heard, so I am confident it was off. Nor could I hear Santa Rosa on 95.9, but did not expect to from there as it has always been QRP along I-40, audible only within a few miles of the town. At 1934 Aug 25, 1340 bore ``Northern New Mexico`s progressive talk, KVOT, the Voice of Taos``. This frequency was reactivated in Taos a few years ago after several years of silence since KKIT closed (named for Kit Carson). See DXLD 5-177 for our previous report about Santa Rosa and much more, under USA.

1520, KOKC, OKC, 2315 Aug 19, sports talk, uncertain if remnants of groundwave, or skywave had started. WWLS 640 also heard a few minutes earlier (W of Clayton NM on US 412)

1530, 2317 Aug 19, ``Legends 15-30, KCMN`` Colorado Springs. Live DJ with ``Forgotten 45s`` oldies such as Aznavour on ``your drive home`` (? I am nowhere near home and getting further away by the minute), long pauses between cuts. NRC AM Log 2007 shows this one with odd power of 15 kW. Another good station for oldies, tho probably syndicated, is 93.9 Ratón, KRTN (west of Clayton NM on US 412)

1550, 1951 Aug 19, norteña music featuring accordion, atop another station. 1957 announcement talking over music sounded like ``Está escuchando --- sucia`` or that`s what it sounded like, sucia meaning feminine dirty! No ID at TOH, no announcements at all until 2014 as I suspect the DJ had stepped out for a smoke break, then ``La Potencia, 15-50, KDCC``, i.e. Dodge City KS, and the other one with a SAH of about 6 Hz would be Canyon TX` listed KZRK. Both are only 1 kW.

1570, back in Enid around 2000 Aug 28, found new talking house at 1330 West Elm, low het but not sure if off-frequency or on their loop. Woman extolling house virtues, and like others we have heard here, also extolling the talking-house concept. Range 2 or 4 blox only, and by downtown Enid fortunately inaudible, so we can hear weakly standards from KZLI Catoosa. But the next-door neighbors are doubtless deprived of XERF at night until it`s sold.

1590, 1950 Aug 19, a slow SAH of about 0.5 Hz between KWEY Weatherford OK, and KVGB Great Bend KS, the latter atop with ID as ``AM 15-90, KVGB, The Talk of the Town`` (W of Woodward OK on US 412)

1610, 2300 Aug 19 at Clayton NM, no sign of any TIS on this, 530 or any other MW frequency. I believe there had been some speculation that one was active here.

1660, 0038 UT Wed Aug 27, baseball game, and Royals mentioned, heard from near Woodward OK. Dominant signal and I figured it had to be KXTR Kansas City departing from its classical format, but not so sure after further research. Royals website says 610 is the flagship, except on Sundays 980, but I believe all these are commonly owned, so 1660 sometimes carries BB instead? KXTR website has no info about its own programming after the morning hours, but nothing about baseball. If not KXTR, must be KRZI Waco or maybe KQWB Fargo, both sports format.





Rick Barton – Middle of Arizona

Drake R-8


1120 -  KMOX  8/19 1055-1115  Heard with KANN Roy,UT nulled out using Panasonic RF-2200. First time heard at my Arizona QTH....usually nulls of KANN only reveal the "mumble-rumble", but KMOX emerged from the rumble with TOH network nx, local wx "KMOX weather center", traffic reports , clear IDs. 

1350   KDZA  Pueblo, Colorado. 8/21 0958. Oldie rock and roll stuff, some retro country. Emerged from rumble just long enough for ID via jingle "Rock-n-Roll, KDZA", then back down to where oldies music was just above the rumble. Heard on barefoot portable on my nightstand!

1410  XECF  Los Mochis, Sinaloa . (MEX). 11:04.Trying to ID English sta with repeat of Sean Hannity when wioped out by banda music. ID by M at 1104 and again by jingle with female vox at 1107 "La Mexicana", more music after.  (8/22 Barton-AZ)


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on a GE SR II.

1530 WDAP Huntingdon, TN 8/1 1106 ad mentioning Carroll County, playing C&W

Heard on a Eton E-10 nekkid in the only mostly interference free room in the house. Its painted lavender with a white ceiling and white wainscoating.

620 WJHX Lexington, AL 8/4 2148 with tropical and then ranchera SS Mex music.

660 WFAN NYC, NY 8/4 2217 with baseball in a massive mess. I heard it pop up with baseball, presumably the Mets and then ID and poofness, it was vaporized.

1290 WHKY Hickory, NC 8/4 2240 with ESPN and ad for BCBS of NC. Been chasing this guy for a while before figuring it out.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 200' wire laid right on the ground:

690 KGGF Coffeyville, KS 8/12 2134 with Royals baseball.

1530 WCKY Cincinnati, OH 8/12 1955 FSR talking about giving kids stupid names and giving slogan "Homer, The Sports Animal."

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City, OK 8/12 1952 Jerry Doyle Show. then shortly after POOF!

1380 WLRM Millington, TN 8/12 1944 with Religion.

1320 WMSR Manchester, TN 8/12 1940 Playing oldies from about 1965

1250 WAPZ Wetumpka, AL 8/12 1930 with GOS MX and WX then dropped to 80W and you could really tell.

1210 WMPS Memphis, TN 8/12 1925 Ray Charles singing "I Can't Stop Loving You."

1190 WHIY Moulton, AL 8/12 1904 GOS MX W/ ID as WEUP. Must be // WEUP.

1160 WCRT Donelson, TN 8/12 1903 into REL pgm.

1140 WBXR Hazel Green, AL 8/12 1900 ID then "Turning Point".

1130 WYXE Gallatin, TN 8/12 1900 SS woman singing baladas.

1070 WAPI Birmingham, AL 8/12 1850 "The Big Talker 1070”

1060 WKMQ Tupelo, MS 8/12 ad for

1050 WTWG Columbus, MS 8/12 1846 with a black woman singing.

1030 WGSF Memphis 8/12 1845 playing banda.

1000 WMUF Paris, TN 8/12 1844 splashed by WORM who probably xmits with much more than 250W, carrying Cardinals Baseball.

990 WLDX Fayette, AL 8/12 1842 WX, ID, then C&W.

980 WYFN Nashville, TN 8/12 1841 kids gospel radio play.

960 WBMC McMinnville, TN 8/12 1839 Dave Ramsey's money show.

950 WAKM Franklin, TN 8/12 1837 C&W then ID.

940 WCPC Houston, MS 8/12 1835 with a black preacher gettin' after it big time.

910 KLCN Blytheville, AR 8/12 1826 with Arkansas Radio Network, into a stopset.

570 WAAX Gadsden, AL 1729 sports talk about Auburn U.

590 WWLX Lawrenceburg, TN 1730 playing "Long Cool Woman."

740 WIRJ Humboldt, TN 1738 just classic C&W, no ads no announcers.

770 WVNN Athens, AL 1803 with local news.

810 WMGC Murfreesboro, TN 1808 with a real no jokin narcocorrido.

860 KOSE  Wilson, AR 1812 playing C&W

900 WKDA Lebanon, TN 1821 SS and banda.

920 WGOL Russellville, AL 1824 "Small town radio is alive and well on WGOL."

970 WXOK Spring City, TN 1827 college sports talk weak and alone. TN #100.

1320 WHIE Griffin, GA 1840 Atlanta Braves baseball.

Heard on a Eton E1XM and RS Loop:

550 WERC Cincinnati, OH 8/20 0545 with TFC and WX after sports talk.

570 KLIF Dallas, TN 8/20 0547 KLIF promos and TFC.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 200' wire laid right on the ground:

690 KGGF Coffeyville, KS 8/12 2134 with Royals baseball.

1530 WCKY Cincinnati, OH 8/12 1955 FSR talking about giving kids stupid names and

giving slogan "Homer, The Sports Animal."

1380 WLRM Millington, TN 8/12 1944 with Religion.

1320 WMSR Manchester, TN 8/12 1940 Playing oldies from about 1965

1250 WAPZ Wetumpka, AL 8/12 1930 with GOS MX and WX then dropped to 80W and you

could really tell.

1210 WMPS Memphis, TN 8/12 1925 Ray Charles singing "I Can't Stop Loving You."

1190 WHIY Moulton, AL 8/12 1904 GOS MX W/ ID as WEUP. Must be // WEUP.

1160 WCRT Donelson, TN 8/12 1903 into REL pgm.

1140 WBXR Hazel Green, AL 8/12 1900 ID then "Turning Point".

1130 WYXE Gallatin, TN 8/12 1900 SS woman singing baladas.

1070 WAPI Birmingham, AL 8/12 1850 "The Big Talker 1070"

1060 WKMQ Tupelo, MS 8/12 ad for

1050 WTWG Columbus, MS 8/12 1846 with a black woman singing.

1030 WGSF Memphis 8/12 1845 playing banda.

1000 WMUF Paris, TN 8/12 1844 splashed by WORM who probably xmits with much more

than 250W, carrying Cardinals Baseball.

990 WLDX Fayette, AL 8/12 1842 WX, ID, then C&W.


960 WBMC McMinnville, TN 8/12 1839 Dave Ramsey's money show.

950 WAKM Franklin, TN 8/12 1837 C&W then ID.

940 WCPC Houston, MS 8/12 1835 with a black preacher gettin' after it big time.

910 KLCN Blytheville, AR 8/12 1826 with Arkansas Radio Network, into a stopset.


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Grundig YB550


Just got back from a week in Greenwood,Nova Scotia with the Grundig YB-550 in tow.  Some notes and observations:

740 CHCM, Marystown NF, my only Newfoundland station heard on this trip, on August 5, with "VOCM-590" IDs and country music. 

900  CKDH, Amherst NS, AC, "Your Community, Your Radio Station"

930  CFBC, Saint John NB, Good Time Oldies, "Oldies 93"

1350  CKAD, Middleton NS, "AVR" (Annapolis Valley Radio), country

1420  CKDY, Digby NS, AVR (Annapolis Valley Radio), country

1450  CFAB, Windsor NS, country, just IDed as "CFAB".  I see some reports that it is part of the AVR network but they never IDed as AVR.  I didn't check to see if they were in // to 1350, 1420 or 97.7.

590  CJCN, Sussex NB, same slogan as CKDH above, "Your Community, Your Radio Station", AC

990  CBAO, St Stephen NB, CBC-1 programming, 40 watts.  I always check for this one when I cross the border at Calais ME/St Stephen NB.  I didn't heard a similar low-powered CBC station on 600 at McAdam NB.


I have WNZF-Bunnell FL on 1550 at 2130 EDT with weather reports for  Flagler Country, "I'm Jerry Turner with WNZF" doing live remotes from a  gas station, county closings from Tropical Storm Fay.  Good sig on the  DT-200VX.  I can't hear it on the FRG-7 with my longwires yet the  Ultralight DT-200VX barefoot caught it.  WNZF is supposed to be on day power  tonight (8.7 kw) with emergency info.


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

DX 399


880 XEPNK MEXICO Los Mochis, SIN; 2101 full ID “Canal 88” “con 10 mil watts de potencia” 

Nice quiet conditions for an august evening.  Relatively low noise, and little distant thunderstorm QRN.  Nice. Seems almost like November!

1610 evenings here is ONLY:   XEUACH 1610  "Radio Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo, ``R. Chapingo``, variety programs,  rock and classical music  until S-off 0200*  UTC, quite strong 0100-0200 UTC until s/off 


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX



For the past several nights, I have been able to hear XEMF "780 Radio Nostalgia" under WBBM with a good, clear signal.  Early this morning (Saturday 23 Aug 2008 at 0330 AM CDT/0430 AM EDT) I heard a slogan that sounded something like "La frecuencia del amor" and then a good ID, "XEMF 780 Radio Nostalgia en Monclova, Coahuila."

BTW, I've been using my "yellow-jersey" Sangean DT-400W and a pair of Koss "Sparkplug" earbuds.

I'm loving the DT-400W more and more each time I use it!

Brent Taylor – Stratford, PEI

Receiver, Antenna


Interesting conditions on the MW band last night from Prince Edward Island. The usual powerhouses (Virgin 1215,  France 1206) were below ordinary, while the strongest signal on the band was on 1062 KHz. I'm presuming it was Denmark, and have placed a clip of the catch in the files section.

I was just casually tuning looking for something domestic to listen to before falling asleep. There were the usual hets on 1090, 910, etc., but 1060 was just screaming with a 2 KHz het. I quickly went into ECSS mode and heard a strange repetitive interval signal. By the time I got the recorder going only the tail end of the last note is audible. Then there's an ID of what is almost certainly Danish, a couple of pips, and what sounds like news at 0345Z.

There was nothing exciting from Spain or the UK. (Talksport 1089 was in as usual, but far below its customary strength). Croatia 1134 was almost to normal strength, but 1062 was markedly louder than anything else. Using Icom R75 fed by a 9x62x9 EWE favoring Europe.

Well after local sunrise, WOAI in San Antonio, Texas was in very nicely also. Flux was 68, and K-index was 0 rising to 2.

I'll be doing more listening in the coming weeks in preparation for the first Priest Pond DXpedition to the northeast coast of Prince Edward Island, Oct 7-10 2008.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, Antenna


I finished the new 935 ft western BOG that I can now have thanx to neighbors allowing me to use their back woods, and phased it vs the 600 footer also west. I wasn't terribly impressed with the results noting really strong and nasty signals from the east tonite, requiring delicate phasing to catch things like KNZZ 1100 and KOFI 1180 but anyhow at 2210 CDT I phased down the mx WPRR 1680 was playing and their was an SS ad ending mention ...Hispana de

Washington..and then it faded but soon came back with Mariners BB coverage in Spanish ! By 2220 this was really quite good and the clearly the best I'd ever heard this station. They dropped lots at 2230 power switch but still were audible and rather decent copy again at 2240. No sign of NJ which is often phased out when MI WPRR is phased and no sign of Fresno which is sometimes heard (although high band cx didn't seem to be going to CA.. no trace of KFBK etc)

Only other thing in the high band from WA was the Punjabi station KRPI on 1550 in the mix with Indian mx into talk in Indian lang at 2227. It's been 3 seasons since I caught that one. (I didn't bother to try for KGA 1510) No trace on needed Seattle on 1590 and on 1620 Omaha was simply to strong to let the unneeded WA station thru.


The Whole Earth

Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** AUSTRALIA. RA closed 9580 two minutes earlier than usual at 1355 August 1, cutting off ``All in the Mind`` show in progress, about genetic bases for homosexuality. Continued on weaker 9590. RA fails to coördinate its programming with its transmissions

** CHINA [and non]. BBCWS, in English, 9740 via Singapore at 1238 [not 238 as in DXLD 8-087] July 31 with co-channel QRM at about equal level in Chinese. Aoki reminds us that PBS Sichuan 1 began using this frequency May 15 after the quake, 24 hours a day. Are they still, or is this something else now?

** COLOMBIA. At 0045 July 31 on 5910 I heard only Marfil Estéreo with music and ID as soon as I tuned in, no sign of R. República as someone had reported. May have had some residual DentroCuban jamming; also utility tones intermittently as well as ``running water``. RR did use this frequency via Germany some months ago

** CUBA [non]. At 2359 July 30 I reconfirmed that R. República was making a quick switch from 9515 to 9640, taking only a few seconds, but uncoördinated, interrupting programming in progress; both over jamming

** CZECHIA [non]. R. Prague relay in English via WRMI, 9955, audible over/under lite jamming at 0607 July 31

** INDONESIA. VOI presumed the het source just off 11785 way under Firedrake and VOA Chinese via Thailand, July 31 around 1315, and nothing audible on 9526. VOI sure knows how to ruin its chances of being heard anywhere. Same situation August 1

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI on the wrong frequency again: August 1 at 1330, no trace of 6170, tho RA 6020 was in very well, and even CKZU 6160 was audible. So checked 9655, supposed to close at 1300, and there were indeed two signals instead of one, no doubt RNZI prolonged, mixing with RNW via Tinang, SAH of about 6 Hz as usually heard before 1300 when IBB is already warming up 9655 and colliding with RNZI. 1357 check, still two signals on 9655, but RNW soon off. Always with heavy sidesplash from Sackville 9650. That took a brief break at 1359, allowing NZ-ish music alone to be heard on 9655, 1400 timesignal and news in English, could not catch ID but NZ accent and surely RNZI continued on wrong frequency

** U S A. WRNO back on the air testing with variety of music, on 7505, from tune-in 2132 UT August 1 during ``Crazy`` by Patsy Cline. VG S9+22 signal. Modulation quality generally good but with some clicks and pops, occasionally cutting to low-level. 2150 started Beatles` ``Come Together`` but cut off after opening. 2152 Celtic song. Pauses of one or two minutes between music cuts. 2200 the first ID I have heard, nor have I seen any reported before this, apparently by engineer at transmitter site rather than from studio, clicking on mike and with some feedback:

``This is WRNO, transmitting on 7 dot 505 megacycles``.

17 kb clip of this only at

Back to more music cuts, ``Solitary Man``, sounds like Roy Orbison, piano solos, Bertie Wooster theme, 2218 big band, New Orleans swing music, pause at 2239, a bit of feedback as mike apparently turned on again. Then just before 2241 another ID, same text as above, but sounds like another live announcement, another long pause, 2243 music resumed, etc.

After that I left a radio on but was not paying very close attention. Open carrier ran from 2250 to 2300, no ID, 2301 Celtic fiddle music, more open carrier. 2312 Bertie Wooster theme again, carrier off at 2320:40*. Back on shortly, open carrier off and on. 2359 another ID this time mentioning New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America, various music, off again at 0020* August 2; mostly off until 0100, full ID and piano rendition of What a Friend We Have in Jesus, 0114 some preaching. After 0145 some classical music; 0158 ``Summertime``, then more preaching.

Now seems to be in regular programming? 0211 speaker mentioned owner Robert Mawire in connexion with The End Times --- here we go again! and plugging a book or DVD of his, Fort Worth address; more music, still going at 0230, YL ID with frequency, ``transmitter site in New Orleans, Louisiana``. Music audio was dropping out, during Mendelssohn`s Midsummer Night`s Dream, so still needs some work. If they get their act together and play full pieces of classical music without interruption for proselytizing I will be very pleasantly surprised

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via Rampisham UK, was fairly audible August 2 at 1335 so made the difficult choice of listening to it instead of the much more pervasive, but also just as repetitive, Firedrake on 17200 et al. Yes, same music as always including skipping CD at 1346-1349

** CHINA. Firedrake with big S9+15 signal on new 17200, August 2 at 1317, stronger than any 16mb station which could only reach S9+10 at this hour. Including another Firedrake on 17705 at 1315, much weaker, presumably against India, past 1315 scheduled closing, and finally off 17705 when rechecked 1332. I also scanned entire 18, 16, 14, 13 and 12 MHz out-of-band MHz ranges looking for more Firedrake, and found only 14420 at 1319, much weaker than 17200; both presumably provoked by Sound of Hope.

FD was also on 17560 at 1325, and on 17550 at 1422, the latter with some victim audible underneath and a SAH. Per Aoki, 17560 would be against V. of Tibet via Tashkent, and 17550 vs. VOT via Madagascar.

Took some time to enjoy the Firedrake performance with such excellent reception on 17200, never forgetting that it`s employed by the Chicom as if they were spoiled children, screaming so they can`t hear what their parents are trying to say to them.

The great disparity in signal between 17200 and the other 17 MHz Firedrakes makes one wonder about how the transmitter sites, powers and azimuths actually differ. Would the SARFT please register details about these transmissions, purely to aid propagational research?

17200 went to open carrier between 1400:20 and Firedrake resumption at 1404:40; but at 1409 recheck 17200 was gone

** JAPAN [non]. At last, NHKWNRJ via Sackville, 6120, free of Singapore QRM! In the clear, Saturday August 2 at 1220, monthly haiku feature with Shokan, subjects fireflies, water lilies, cicadas. Name of British-accented Japanese hostess mentioned in passing sounded like Kimie Oshima.

Yes, she is pictured on the WI page

but identified as doing the Just for Laughs segment, and Shokan is just above her, altho unnamed, and I still haven`t caught his full name. Why are the RJ presenters so reticent in identifying themselves?

Tuned in earlier for the final repeat two hours later, 11705 also via Sackville but with traces of pre-echo from Yamata direct on same frequency. World of Haiku started at 1416.

13m struggling to open brought usual Libya, Portugal, Spain, Ascension frequencies, but also some very weak talk on 21560 at 1309 August 2, music at 1313. Any help in PWBR `2008`? Of course not! Aoki shows this could only be Japan in Swahili via France, so close to off the back here

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, 21695, poorly audible in Swahili, August 2 at 1306; and around 1420 in music, presumably now during English broadcast. The 130 degree azimuth on this, per Aoki, is close to directly off the back from us, 310 degrees, and so somewhat favorable for North America. Spain, Portugal and Ascension also audible on 13m. Solar flux may have leaped up a notch or two, but as of August 1 was still 66, per SWPC, while K-index Aug 2 at 12 was 0, at 15 was 2

** SINGAPORE. RSI missing from 6080, 6120 and 6150 when checked around 1230 August 2, as promised. According to monitoring by Alan Davies in Indonesia and this story

via, it`s not just RSI which has vanished (website also deleted much too hastily), but all SW relays of domestic services from the Kranji site.

If this was the intention all along, how come it was only the RSI external service that was publicized starting two months ago to be closed as of August 1? The domestic service SW relays already considered inconsequential? We would have settled for those remnants. See JAPAN, TAIWAN for what else is being heard on above frequencies

** SPAIN. REE, 17595, started interesting discussion about Maya-Quiché language and music of Guatemala, Sat Aug 2 at 1405, but couldn`t stay with it. Per sked in UT +2 at

show is Página Abierta, Sat 1405-1430, and repeated Sun 0405 and also airs Wed 0630, not sure which comes first

** TAIWAN. Singapore may be gone from 6150, but I am still hearing something, August 2 at 1230 song, 1232 lively M&W announcements, sounds like Chinese. Aoki shows:

6150*R.TAIWAN INT. 0900-1400 1234567 Chinese 100 310 Kouhu TWN 12010E2335N CBSC a08 Which means it is also jammed, altho I was not hearing any Firedrake. Has this been there all along, colliding with RSI? Could have been hearing CNR1 jamming instead

** U S A. Ran across Pirating with Cumbre on WHRA 15710, Sat Aug 2 at 1250, with R. Azteca clips from Kulpsville, full of censor-beeps --- apparently you can`t say ``ass`` on WHR unless Biblequoting --- but Marie ended DXing with Cumbre already at 1255, into WHR promos, so did it start earlier than 1230? VG signal, but on S-meter could see some flutter, not audibly. This airing is an apparent recent addition. Same show #593 repeated at 1431 on 11785 WHRI, after music ceased late with excessively echoey Hmong announcement.

BTW, Marie says she lost her job and previous e-mail at Syracuse University last year; yet her p-mail address is now via WCNY, sister station of WAER where she worked. I see that the nice portrait of her has disappeared from the WAER website staff page

** CHINA. Firedrake check the morning of August 3: at 1244, poor on 15795, 15465 and 15255, frequencies where I don`t usually hear it.

Per Aoki, the victims:

15795: All India Radio, Bangalore, in Chinese

15465: R. Taiwan International, in Chinese

15255: VOA, Tinang in Chinese

Checked the far out-of-band ranges, and at 1253 found FD only on 14420, as also Aug 2. Good signal stronger than the 15 MHz ones above. Aoki now has 14420 as SOH, jammed.

FD also on 13750, good signal at 1254, open carrier pause 1300-1305:30 when resumed. This is not in Aoki, nor a likely target, but probably a new frequency for SOH. IIRC, Sound of Hope used this channel long ago. If this goes past 1400, will clash with Cuba.

At 1328, FD poor on 17565, probably today`s V. of Tibet, Uzbekistan variable frequency. And 17705 also poor, vs AIR Bangalore Chinese, which ends at 1315 per schedule, but FD runs until 1330. No sign of FD on or around 17200 as on Aug 2

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, via WHRI 11785, Sunday August 3 at 1302 check, suffering from a lot of QRM: Indonesian het, Firedrake and VOA

** SPAIN [non]. 15170, REE relay, Aug 3 at 1247 with folk music, big signal but modulation really deficient: low level, and to hear the higher audio frequencies in the music, crowd whistles, you had to tune to one sideband or the other (no, not using narrow receiver filter), and that added distortion. Then drumming, surprisingly speaker in English saying ``let`s dance!``, and a reel

** U S A [non]. On 9865, August 3 at 1231, word-by-word, less than dictation speed rendering in English of story about Pharaoh and Moses. Must be WYFR programming, but whence? Pet-Kam, DV Russia

** ECUADOR [non]. HCJB missing from 9740 for German to Europe at 0630-0730, as checked August 4 at 0635. Still on the schedules, as is German DRM at 2000-2200 on 15355-15360-15365 whose noise I was still hearing August 3.

Here`s the page which has not been updated, still showing 0900 MESZ on 9740, and DRM at 1400 MESZ on 15350, which was replaced already in April by 2200 MESZ on 15360!

Equally outdated is the Plattdeutsch page

Does HCJB really believe they have a bigger audience in Germany for DRM than for analog?

Tough luck for the German DX program. Peter Kruse reminds us it`s this:

which is also outdated showing winter times and ex-frequencies but Iris Rauscher from HCJB is to visit Frankfurt August 8, perhaps with bad news.

Is HCJB`s Hi & Lo German to Mexico still on the air, 0230-0330 on 9780?

** GABON. AN1, 17630, Aug 4 at 1353 good with music in French, 1359 ``vous écoutez Africa Numéro Un Radio,` 4-pip timesignal and into long talk segment, presumably news. Time to start looking for // 19160 again, 2 x 9580, but nothing heard there at this time

** INDONESIA. Astounded to find VOI the dominant signal on 11785, instead of just a het, Aug 4 during the English broadcast, ex-9526. But it was still a bad clash with VOI on 11784.9 or so, next being VOA Chinese, and Firedrake underneath. If this had been a Sat or Sun, Hmong via WHRI would have surpassed them all. At 1310 VOI ending news with address, 1315 with website and This Day in History, brief bits about a shogun flag on Aug 4, 1854, and about the 1960 birth of future Spain PM Zapatero. 1318 P O Box address, e-mail english @ and then a talk about the Indonesian International Defense Institute. The QRM was just too much to keep listening, but if this had been on a clear 25m frequency, reception would have been very good. Nearby open ones are 11770, 11790, or with Habana adjacent, 11765 and 11795. But VOI will never move within a band, just jump unpredictably back to 9526 or 15150

** SPAIN. Expect lots of your favorite programs to be blown away for Olympic coverage; REE has already done that with Clásicos Populares, which had been Mon/Tue/Wed 1305-1400, but Aug 4 at 1323 on 17595, 15170, instead heard nothing but talk well past 1330 about the `pix, including that 25K Spaniards would be going to Beijing, and that massive screens in Madrid would show the opening ceremonies to ethnic Chinese in Madrid, no soundtrack in Castilian

** TURKEY. 13635, Turkish music just at tune in 1255 August 3. There was some co-channel interference, which continued after TRT went off off at 1257. This is TRT Emirler, scheduled 0700-1300 with 500 kW at 310 degrees toward us since July 17, and CVC Darwin in English to S Asia until 1800. Why Turkey would have moved onto CVC frequency is not clear. Also checked 13685 for the VOT English broadcast aimed eastward, but nothing heard there, tho 15450 toward us has been audible lately

** U S A [non]. 15790, fair Aug 4 at 1320 with `Voice of America, Washington`` ID inserted into another language after Bollywood music, then talk about Obama. This is Radio Aap ki Dunya, the Urdu service, now 332 degrees from Sri Lanka and favorable for us, instead of 70 degrees from Kuwait as it was until June 1

** ANGUILLA [and non]. No sign of DGS, 11775, Aug 6 at 1221 or 1323, just Firedrake. From past experience, we must not jump to any conclusions that Caribbean Beacon has broken down permanently, it is getting so irregular. Believe it was on 6090 as usual the night before, and it could have been on 6090 now tho inaudible

** AUSTRALIA. 17830 with some non-jammed Chinese, Aug 6 at 0530; listed as CVC Darwin

** CHINA [and non]. VOA Korean service, 11740 via Philippines, usually good here for the American song segment, but as that ended 1318 August 5, it was suffering co-channel in Chinese. Are the Chicom helping out the Chocom with defacto jamming? This is apparently CNR2, scheduled 11-16 on 11740 via Lingshi site, 100 kW at 286 degrees, which BTW per EiBi is shown as in English during this hour

** CHINA [and non]. Late-night opening on 16m, August 6 at 0528 brought RFA Tinian in Chinese on 17880 // 17615, slightly unsynchronized with an reverb between them, mixing with Firedrake.

Only far out of band Firedrake found between 8 and 18 MHz after sunrise Aug 6 was 10250, both at 1212 and 1323 recheck, presumably against Sound of Hope. One can only conclude that all the SOH operations OOB with tiny Taiwan ham transmitters serve only to tie up some jammers

** CUBA. R. Rebelde, normally a loud and clear signal on 5025 belying its alleged NVIS antenna, Aug 5 at 0549 and for at least several minutes thereafter, was nothing but a big hum, with traces of modulation. Wiggle that patchcord!

** GABON. ANO, 17630, once again Aug 5 had built up to a good signal by 1400, but unlike the day before, continued with music past 1400, finally talk in French at 1404. So much for news on the hour

** INDONESIA [and non]. VOI again dominating 11785, but not enough to avoid QRM, especially since it`s responsible for making a het from 11784.9 or so: Aug 6 at 1216 in Indonesian hour when the problem was mainly Firedrake on 11785.0, talking about Mahendra and korrupsi. At 1217 Suara Indonesia ID and YL with This Day in History feature on Aug 6 being Independence Day for Jamaica, and then something about Nueva Granada, = Colombia/Venezuela/Ecuador, mentioning Bogotá, Santa Fé, and Simón Bolívar. A brief side-tune to RHC in Spanish on 11760 found them also saluting Jamaica! Recheck at 1306 when 11784.9 was in English news, still dominant but with that awful self-inflicted het while nearby frequencies such as 11770, 11790, 11795 were vacant. 1307:30 commentary on eradicating corruption, 1311 This Day in History about --- you guessed it, Jamaican independence, where Liz is still Queen

** IRAN. 15530 with Qur`an, Aug 6 at 0533, then into Spanish about the ``amigos de Alá``, fair with flutter. Then gave complete schedule of Spanish broadcasts including this one for NAf/SEu, also on 17785 where there was a barely audible signal; mailing address, 15530 is 289 degrees from Kamalabad. There were lots of other signals on 15 and 17 MHz, not so many on 11, 12 and 13

** JAPAN. NHKWNRJ in English on 9625, August 6 at 1207 making 5 Hz SAH atop poor CBCNQ, // 9695, 165 and 240 degrees respectively from Yamata

** MAURITANIA. R. Mauritanie is sporadic, and could not hear it around 0600 August 6 on 4845. Then Chris Greenway reports that a coup is in progress, so worth looking for this or daytime frequency 7245. Coincidentally, the July/August issue of Saudi Aramco World has an excellent illustrated and audible article about the history of the station; see DXLD 8-089

** NIGERIA. 9690, Aug 4 at 2202, good signal with tonal language, and nothing on 7255, so I suspect it was VON on 9690 by mistake, especially since it cut off abruptly at 2206. Earlier around 2040 I tuned past 15120 which I assumed was VON. WRTH May update had them on 15120 in English until 21, then 7255 in French 21-22, 7255 in Hausa 22-23

** ROMANIA. RRI`s new 300 kW Continental transmitter at Galbeni was doing well on 15220, Aug 6 at 1226 in English to Europe but also toward us farther on. Nice clear modulation for a change, about a museum in Bucharest. 1230-1233 brief Romanian lesson about vacationing on the Black Sea coast. 1233 pick of the week(?). 1239 Romanian musician playing Beethoven on piano. Seems their broadcast is made up of a string of mini-features. Problem was some RTTY on the hi side about 15223, which has no business inside the 19m SWBC band, but evitable by tuning to the lo side. 15220 at 12-13 was previously registered as Tiganeshti site at 307 degrees. Signal comparable to Turkey 15450, Bulgaria 15700

** RUSSIA. Tuned across 5945 at 1159 August 6 just as Bible Voice was IDing in English, with addresses, and now with its own website, and 1200 into Mandarin. Per Aoki, on Wednesdays this is amid a Chinese block from 1130 to 1215, via Khabarovsk, 100 kW, 218 degrees. It was squeezed by Magadan in Russian on 5940, Okeechobee in English on 5950.

On 5970, Aug 6 at 1157, SAH against very undermodulated Costa Rica, and typical intermittent Russian tune-up tones, 1201 recheck YL in Korean and Family Radio theme. This is YFR via Komsomol`sk/Amure, 250 kW at 213 degrees 

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA, 15380, qontinuous Qur`an, Aug 6 from 1245 to 1300, then timesignal about one second fast, news in Arabic. Is Rihyadh, 310 degrees, intended to go no further than Turkey at 12-14, but reliably onward toward NAm

** THAILAND. DRM on 17835-17840-17845, Aug 6 at 0530. This is BBC, testing? 35 kW, 25 degrees at 0300-0600

** U S A. WRNO, 7505, continues sporadic or on limited schedule; UT Aug 5 at 0100 check, not on the air, but it was running with music at 0325 recheck. Also Aug 6 at 0229 ID, 0230 peacher. If anyone finds a definite program or transmission schedule, let us know

** GERMANY [non]. DW, 6075 at 0118 August 7 was overridden by two US stations in English, which I soon determined were WWCR as on 7465, and local KCRC 1390 sportstalk in Enid producing a 10 Hz SAH. 7465 minus 1390 = 6075. This was a local overload problem since I had clipped on a longwire to the DX-398 whip, and it disappeared as I turned down the RF gain, but that was too low for much of a signal from DW. I mention this only because others might encounter similar anomalies, not because anyone else would be able to hear it

** HUNGARY. Magyar Radio confirmed on new 5940 to NAm, August 7 at 0113 in Hungarian during 1-hour broadcast, with QRM from WWCR/DGS 5935, but at least no longer co-channel collision with Cuba on 5965, which had been going on for months. Cuba in Spanish still there // 6140 at 0123 check

** IRAN. V. of Justice [sic], Aug 7 at 0131 on 9495 giving schedule on SW and satellite, also mentioning 7235 so I checked that: a bit stronger there but with lite ham QRM on the sides. 0132 into Qur`an, as always, before getting on with the business of America-bashing

** MAURITANIA. I listened to R. Mauritanie`s webcast off and on Aug 6 via  Heard segments in vernacular, French and Arabic at unpredictable intervals, as well as characteristic music. The French seemed to be repeating an announcement about the coup, mentioning Muhammed Abdul Aziz. Stuttering feed perhaps caused by overloaded circuits, 16 kHz/16 kbps says the Winamp. At 0104 UT Aug 7 I looked for 4845 but heard nothing but the ute QRM. Even before the coup it was quite irregular. Webcast still funxioning at 0420

** ROMANIA. I checked out a number of RRI transmissions August 6 into UT August 7, now that new 300 kW Continental transmitters are operating from Galbeni. Reference to the schedule compiled by Wolfgang Büschel. During some of the broadcasts two good frequencies were audible, so apparently both new transmitters are funxional, altho the previously cited apology on their website still appears.

22-23 English: at 2242, poor on 9790, too close for comfort to Sackville DRM 9795-9800-9805. Others inaudible: 11940, 9645, 7185 --- the latter was reported yesterday with the new transmitter, good in Europe but too early to make it here in summer.

23-24 Spanish: 9745; 9655, 11880, 11935 – I missed this one

00-01 English: at 0017, 11790 was G to VG with wonderful folk music, ID. No CCI or ACI. A winner. Not audible on 9775.

00-01 Romanian: at 0018, 9525 G, M&W talking in Romanian. No 11960.

01-02 Romanian: at 0105, 9525 still good, RRI ID, nothing heard on 11960.

01-02 French: at 0106, 6130 VG with news about Romania. No ACI or CCI. Something too weak to ID on 9575 squeezed between two different programs in English of CRI and CRI.

02-03 Spanish: at 0235, G on 5975; something else on 9645; not heard on 9520 or 11945.

03-04 English: at 0330, VG on 6150, eclipsing BBC Ascension 6145, but some side QRM from it so helps to tune slightly to hi side. Doesn`t sound like RRI --- because it`s Network Europe, as announced in mid-program after a segment on human rights. To be positive it was really RRI, I caught the closing at 0355 mentioning broadcasts to North America an SE Asia, IS and off.

I can`t find any program schedule on the website and the page ``what`s on this week`` is blank. Furthermore, winter timings one hour off are still shown for the English broadcasts on the right margin! For that matter, there`s no frequency schedule either, truncated as it may be during the transition period, not even a link to one on the English page. There is a link to one on the French page but it`s blank. Nor anything about Network Europe on the English page, tho there is a link to Euranet on the Spanish page. Their website needs a lot of rectification! Nothing heard on 9645, 9735 or 11895

** RUSSIA. VOR, 15425 via Pet-Kam, August 7 at 0111 was quoting the station`s head about Olympic coverage, in English, Russian and Chinese via their portal. Good signal

** U S A. WRNO, 7505, August 7 at 0125 check, Mawire preaching. Good audio, but who wants to listen to yet another egocentric preacher who imagines he`s in touch with God?

** U S A. WWCR, 7465, had talk show a few minutes earlier, but Aug 7 at 0126 for at least a minute or two was broadcasting a telephone busy signal at the rate of approximately two per second. Huge signal also contributed to receiver overload mix on 6075; see GERMANY [non]

** U S A. Brother Scare may have pulled out of 5110 and 9330, but he`s still at odd times on WBCQ 7415, e.g. UT Thursday Aug 7 as I tuned by at 0127

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. R. Australia was the only major SW broadcaster audible here with live coverage in English of the Olympic opening ceremonies Aug 8, best on 6020 and 9580, but the latter cut off abruptly at 1358, as nothing will get in the way of scheduled frequency changes. It was rather banal, however, with basic geographical facts about each country, and rather lacking in visual elements. They did at least pre-empt regular programming, so we wonder if RA will have more live stuff from Beijing. BBC had a bit of the ceremonies after 1305 during Olympic Sportsworld, via 11750. VOA, CRI and RNZI were all in normal programming, which for CRI means a lot about the Olympix, but not live coverage.

Do we get to see it live in the USA? Of course not! NBC-TV holds it until 2330 UT prime-time. Since it`s a produced playback, maybe their commercial interruptions will not blot out certain nations marching in as the recording could simply be paused

** CHAD. Good to hear RNT, 4905, as late as 0529 with latening sunrises, call and response music Aug 8, 0530 into French announcements about chef d`état, président de la république, who I suspect was the next speaker. No coup there today, I assume

** CHINA. It`s 08-08-08 --- do the Chinese really believe that numerological nonsense about lucky numbers?? And still plenty unlucky for victims of Chicom jamming, Olympix or not, with Firedrake found at 1305 on 9300; at 1333 also on 7310, 7445, 9605, 9680, 9780, 9845, and at 1338 on 17565 --- and this was not an exhaustive search by any means

** CUBA. RHC, 6000, Aug 8 at 0522 in English had extremely low modulation with hum. Had to turn the volume all the way up to hear it. At least WYFR is no longer colliding on 6000 this season

** INDONESIA. Aug 7 at 1300, 11784.9 VOI was beneath 1) VOA, and 2) Firedrake, but at 1331 check VOI was somewhat intelligible. About the same on Aug 8

** MAURITANIA. No sign of 4845, Aug 8 at 0530, as I was getting Chad well on 4905. Still off after coup, I guess, altho some skeds show 4845 not supposed to be on the air until 0630, a bit late for me

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, presumed, with vocal classical music, Aug 8 at 1327, deep fades ranging from S5 to S9+5 on the generous FRG-7 meter. Wish I had tried a sesquihour earlier. Julián Santiago Díez de Bonilla heard from the station this week that they have improved their antenna location

** ROMANIA. Altho RRI was well heard Aug 6 at 1230 with the new transmitter on 15220, it`s still subject to poor propagation, which was the case Aug 7 at 1255 check, just barely audible.


I also monitored the Spanish broadcast I missed the night before:

Aug 7 at 2342 check: 9655 was slightly stronger than // 9745, nothing on the others --- originally 9655 was Galbeni at 280 degrees, 9745 Tiganeshti at 247 degrees, so if the azimuths hold true, that would explain the difference now

** AUSTRALIA. RA seems to be our source for Olympic coverage on SW. Aug 9 at 1258 on 6020, there was swimming commentary, identified at 1302 as women`s 4 x 100m freestyle --- yes, this pre-empted news on the hour, but at 1302:30 there was one minute of news headlines. This was on the ABC Local Radio network, which RA already relayed at certain times. What`s ``Local`` about goings-on in Beijing? Said there would be one more hour of the day`s Olympic events. What about megadollar exclusive rights purchased in various countries? Tnx to SW and RA we don`t have to depend on NBC Universal inside the USA, tho of course RA/ABCLR skews towards events of interest to Strines. Is this reflected in the RA program schedule?

Of course not! Shows Saturday Night Country

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, 11550, still in the clear, Aug 8 at 2115 with time-signal 26 seconds slow, so why bother? Do not rely on this for navigation! Opening English with usual undermodulation. 2130 news theme, but just not enough there to get anything out of it. Little did I know that WEWN`s silent period for maintenance was about to end; see U S A

** MEXICO. XEXQ, R. Universidad de San Luís Potosí, 6045, very weak Aug 9 at 1258 check but heard occasional Spanish words such as ``cincuenta y ocho minutos`` timecheck. This time QRM from a second very weak carrier, causing a low rumble, both before and after 1300. Like on Aug 8, XEXQ was slightly on the low side of 6045; previous reports have put it on 6044.94 which seems about right, i.e. 60 Hz off

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RNW heard with English at a new time 0300+ UT August 9 on 7245, this week`s Global Perspective program about illegal immigration from Ghana to Europe. This may be a temporary test, but why, via Madagascar? It is not on the RNW transmission schedule at

** U S A. WEWN`s downtime for maintenance lasted less than two weeks. See DXLD 8-086, had been off since July 28. It was still off Aug 8 at 2115 leaving Cairo in the clear on 11550 [see EGYPT], but UT Aug 9 at 0546, 5810 was back with unctuous Luz de la Luna show; however, badly marred by Cuban spy numbers transmitter on 5800 with wide-spreading whine, as reported previously!

WEWN also reactivated on 7425 with music at 1253 Aug 9. And on 17510 at 1328 Aug 9, ``de ahí a tu madre``, natch with Ave Maria theme, // 7425 but stronger on 17510, which still with lite continuous squeal of its own. So that wasn`t fixed during the downtime. But not all may be lost yet --- I`ve yet to hear WEWN on all three transmitters at once. Aug 9 at 1551 check, Spanish on 17510 // 11550, but nothing on English 15855

** ARGENTINA [and non]. It`s back to business as usual, RAE colliding with Morocco and off-frequency causing a het. Sat Aug 9 at 2027, Arab music was the modulation I was getting from 15345 Morocco, and the het was on the low side, approximately 15344.6

** AUSTRALIA. RA, 11660, which is favorable for us, 70 degrees from Shepparton at 20-22 UT, heard Aug 9 at 2035 with promos for Olympic coverage, said something about not heard in Asia due to contraxual obligations, except for short bulletins --- but would have a fuller Olympic report at 1:30 pm Suva time on the Pacific service. That`s 0130 UT, long after this frequency closes

** EGYPT. Altho it was QRM-free Aug 8, sure enough, on August 9, R. Cairo`s European service on 11550 is colliding once again with the reactivated WEWN [see USA]. At least Cairo has normalized its frequency very close to WEWN so there is no longer an audible heterodyne, and barely a subaudible one. But the two signals are roughly equal level here, first checked at 2033 with WEWN in Spanish and Cairo in French. Cairo`s deficient modulation levels make it the loser, however. Retuned at 2114 and found them still about even as Arab music concluded, timesignal 26.5 seconds late compared to WWV, and opening in English, under kidchoir from WEWN. K index at 21 UT was way up to 4, per WWV at 2118

** HAWAII. KWHR, Aug 9 at 1321 as I tuned across 12130 had a screaming pro-Jesus, anti-Buddhist preacher in English. What`s wrong with Buddhism? Buddhists don`t reject Jesus, do they? Clearly this block is no longer something so relatively innocuous as LeSEA music fill shown on the Angel 3 schedule Saturday at

** NIGERIA. VON, 15120, Aug 9 at 2030, not bad signal or modulation in English news; recheck at 2050 and barely found a carrier

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare encountered on 13570, which is WINB, Aug 9 at 2032, running 13 seconds ahead of WWRB 9385. The ``graphical`` schedule, via

is, as always, full of misinformation, e.g. still showing WBCQ 5110 and 9330 in use, which were axually dropped at Julyend; and ``WINB`` at 5-6 pm = 21-22 UT on 11520! Which as we reported weeks ago was really DTK/MB Germany relay. I think it has been canceled too; WINB has never used this frequency. However it does show WINB on 13570 at 2-3 pm (EDT), but not when I heard him there, two hours later. O, the companion ``printable`` schedule, which never matches the other one, specifies this is until 5 pm (2100 UT) on Saturdays, so that covers it. God may be perfect, but not His Last Day Prophet

** SPAIN. REE, as usual good signal and modulation direct from Noblejas on 17595, Sat Aug 9 at 2018 with some Vivaldi in a classical music hour, way over co-channel reactivated WEWN; certainly not the scheduled program, Tablero Deportivo, all the way from 16 to 22 UT on Saturdays. I assume Olympic rights are lacking so had to fill on SW with something else, an unexpected benefit

** U S A. Surprised to hear VOA concluding Music Time in Africa, Sat Aug 9 at 2059 on 11720. The sign-off announcement referred listeners to an American Cultural Center or ``US Information Service in your country`` --- do those still exist? And there was no Yankee Doodle or any other music; carrier stayed on until 2102:30*

I had assumed this transmission was in French Sat & Sun, coördinated with Hausa M-F on same channel, but French at 2030 Sat/Sun is on 5 other frequencies, not this one, per VOA by-language schedule which under English to Africa does show 11720 at 2030-2100 Sat/Sun. So it pix up the last half of MTIA, which is better than nothing. On Hausa weekdays the site is Greenville, with the expected strong signal, but this was pretty good too and I doubt it was São Tomé

** U S A. Altho earlier on Aug 9, only two WEWN transmitters were back on, at 1758 check I found the English frequency 15855 also on the air. And at 2115, 11550 was back on clashing with Cairo

** U S A. Almost daily sporadic E openings at least to 60 MHz are holding up well into August. At 1701 UT Aug 9, during NBC Olympic coverage which did not break for a proper ID at hourtop, I was fortunately looking directly at the lower left corner of the TV screen tuned to 61260 kHz, video of channel 3, 60-66 MHz and saw a split-second supered ID for WSAV-TV, which is exactly what I expected it to be, a common catch here from Savannah, in the Georgia safe from Russian invasions. Their DTV is on channel 39 and will stay there post-transition, as we bid goodbye to a prime TVDX skipper, one sesquimegameter away, seen countless times since 1961

** BRAZIL [and non]. Following reports of RNA varying from 6180, some saying 6185, others 6190, yet others 6188: When I checked Aug 10 at 2342 I measured it on 6188.12, using the 40-Hz-per-click method on the DX-398 compared to WWV, Portuguese obscuring a weak signal on 6185, Mexico? Also hetting and stronger than Serbia [non] on 6190. IRS had moved from 6185 to 6190 a few months ago to escape QRM, and now this! Maybe a further move to 6195 will be necessary. However, at 0105 recheck Aug 11, 6188+ was gone and 6190 English in the clear

** CHINA [non]. CRI via Sackville, 15260, Aug 10 at 1219 news in English had Chinese announcer referring to Haiti as a South American country. So geographical ignorance is not confined to the West

** CUBA. RHC, 11760, opening Sunday-only Esperanto, Aug 10 at 1501 giving full schedule for that language, including a new frequency for the 2330 Sunday broadcast to Central America. But I missed it. So checked at 2330 and found it on 5965, not 6140 as on the RHC website, nor on 9600 to SAm --- not found on any second 49, 31, 25 or 21 m frequency. 9600 just bore Vatican direct in Vietnamese. 5965 (and 9600) were already on the revised RHC sked in DXLD 8-084 of July 23. BTW, Esperanto also heard at 1937 when I turned the radio back on still tuned to 11760, as scheduled Sundays at 1930. Looking for info on the Esperanto pages of the RHC website is frustrating, as you are directed right off to stuff about the Cinco Héroes and other lame, overworked talking points. Esperanto is getting coöpted by default by the Commies, China being the other major SW broadcaster, much more so in fact, in that language five hours daily

** NETHERLANDS [non]. No sign of RNW`s unscheduled English broadcast on 7245, 24 hours later, August 10 at 0300 or 0350 check. Propagation NVG but should be adequate. Anyone else hear it? Seems a little early in the morning for RN to be contemplating a new English broadcast to Africa, altho it`s 6-7 am EAT. Keep an ear on 7245 for a possible new relay client, clandestine or religious

** SPAIN. Not only Saturday afternoons, but Sundays, REE has replaced stupid ballgames with great music, this time folk, as noted Aug 10 at 1939-2000. Said it came from a world music festival in Barcelona last year, usual VG reception direct on 15110, while 17595 collided with WEWN

** SWEDEN [non]. Bill Schiller with closing item on R. Sweden via Canada, 15240, Aug 10 at 1455, prompted by China`s celebration of 08-08-08 etc., explained that Stockholm is referred to derisively in the rest of the country as ``08`` since that`s its telephone area code; also some musical excerpts, never enough time to play even a pop music piece all the way thru

** U S A. WBOH, 5920, normally 24 hours, missing at 0614 check Aug 10, but sister station WTJC 9370 was on and audible. 5920 was back at 0113 check Aug 11, and stronger than // 9370

** U S A. WCBD-TV, channel 2, 55260 kHz, Charleston SC, ID break in NBC Olympic coverage, Aug 10 at 1702 UT with news plug, which merely forwards to their pop-up-infested homepage  Another sporadic E regular here since the 1960s, originally WUSN-TV, for quite a while during the WCBD years with ABC affiliation instead of NBC, and which will be gone for good when it stays on DTV channel 50. Remapping to 2 is just pretending and of no use to the sporadic E layer

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. LV de la RASD, 6300, best heard in a long time, Aug 10 at 0619, easy listening with music sort of fusing western and local styles, and no sign of RHC mixing product, not even a SAH, tho its sources, 6060 and 6180 were on as usual. 0620 wakeup YL announcer with salaam-aleikums, etc., then OM talked a while, and 0625 back to more local music. Also looked for 6250 Equatorial Guinea, but no sign of it

** CUBA. RHC has shown up on two new frequencies in the 19 m band. As usual, only time will tell whether these are deliberate changes, tests, or some kind of mistake. Will Arnie explain it all on this week`s DXers Unlimited? Or course not! So my observations Aug 11:

On a bandscan around 1350 I noticed RHC missing from 9550, tho CRI relay was on with usual crummy modulation on 9570, and after 1400 same on 13740.

At 1409, next to the usual strong RHC Spanish on 15370, found a much weaker signal on 15360, and producing a het with something else, which per online skeds could only be TWR Swaziland in Urdu, but only until 1415. Could not determine which one was off-frequency. At first might think 15360 was a spur from 15370, and Voces de la Revolución audio was synchronized, but nothing on 15380 to match.

Checking the rest of 19m, found another new RHC frequency with same programming, 15120. This channel has been used for a long time by Habana but only for CRI relay in Spanish at 00-01. 15120 was a much stronger signal than 15360.

I then checked for all the scheduled RHC frequencies: 13760 weak and echoing with the others; 13680 VG; 12000; 11805 missing; 11760; 6000 inaudible and probably off as usual after 1400; 5025 Rebelde was JBA not //. So the transmitters missing from 9550 and 11805 account for the new frequencies 15120 and 15360.

Need to catch frequency announcement at 1402 to hear what channels they now claim to be using, but I bet they don`t know about the new ones in the studio. Monitored sign-off at 1455 and as usual they only mentioned the frequencies to be used when they come back at 8 pm hora de verano de Cuba, = 0000 UT: 13760, 11760, 11680, 9550, 9600, 5965, 6000, 6060, 6140, 6180. Like R. Moscow, RHC sees no point in listing the frequencies in order

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. RNGE, 6250, quite weak, but made out some Spanish, Aug 11 at 0606, much inferior signal to Sahara 6300

** INDONESIA. VOI, 11784.9, making usual slightly varying het against 11785.0 stations, Aug 11 at 1355 with music, then closing English. VOI was somewhat stronger than the others so had the advantage. Recheck at 1453, no het and no QRM from 11785.0 stations, more music but surely VOI due to off-frequency. Indonesian (?) announcements and off abruptly at 1500:38*. Eibi says 14-15 in Indonesian, Aoki and WRTH July update say Malay[sian]. VOA Chinese via Thailand concludes at 1400, so VOI`s 1400 UT hour should be clear, unlike when it was on 9526, with CRI Russian on 9525. Except on weekends when WHRI is on 11785

** JAPAN [and non]. RJNHKWN, 11705, Aug 11 at 1420 with what might have been an interesting feature about Japanese in Brasil who grow lacquer trees (er, whatever kind of wood they use for that --- never could catch the name), but marred by pre-echo direct from Yamata whenever the Sackville relay faded a bit, and it got worse as the semi-hour progressed. A triumph of reality over theory that the two could not possibly interfere with each other. If they insist on running two sites on one frequency, they should at least introduce a delay into the Yamata feed to match the satellite-delay feed to Sackville. As usual, closing announcement cut off at 1429 sharp for a minute of RCI IS and IDs, while Yamata could be heard underneath completing the sign-off until 1430*

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV, 11680 via Cuba, Mon Aug 11 at 1501 tune-in with English announcement, listing names of staff, and topix to be covered. Announcer`s own name sounded like María Eugenia Acer. RNV`s English is so stilted as to be laughable, obviously much-too-literally translated from Spanish. OK, we`re going to listen anyway. And then what? 1503 switches to Spanish for report on latest antix of Hugo Chávez, l’état, c`est lui. A sure way to lose the monolingual audience, who are given no idea of when English will resume, and why should they keep listening to incomprehensible Spanish in the meantime? VG signal, anyway

** CHAD. 4905 still audible as late as 0550 Aug 12, presumed this

** CUBA [and non]. VOA finally has won the battle for 6180 at 0500-0700. The English to Africa service has been there from Greenville since Morocco was closed at Marchend, colliding with the last two hours of RHC English.

RHC finally got the message we have been sending for months that something has to be done about this, combined with our recent observation that there is a large vacant area in the 49m band, at least after 0530, between 6090 and 6165.

Aug 12 at 0539 I found RHC English on new 6140, loud and totally in the clear, as is VOA now on 6180. Presumably runs until 0700*, to be determined when 6140 now starts in English, but probably at 0500, since that has already been in use for Spanish until 0500. Also to be determined whether English stays on 6180 in the 0100-0500 period when its major competitor has been Brazil, but that recently shifted to 6188v, perhaps unintentionally, and not for the entire period every night anyway. Could be that English and Spanish have swapped 6180 and 6140 at 0100-0500.

The move from 6180 to 6140 also moves the leapfrog mixing product off Sahara`s frequency 6300, another benefit! That`s now on 6220, where it was barely audible at 0540. Another Cuban transmitter was jamming nothing on 6100 at the same hour.

RHC is suddenly in a frequency-change mode. As reported Aug 11, there are two new morning frequencies on 19m. Checked again Aug 12 at 1240, the old frequencies 9550 and 11805 were again missing, but at this early hour, 15120 and 15360 were just barely audible. This probably means they start at the beginning of the transmission 1100, when 19m propagation is even more problematical. Tuned in 15370 at 1359 for the frequency announcement, earlier than usual 1402, and it was the same old one taking no notice of these changes, and as always in Moscow-frequency-order, in translation:

``13760 and from 9AM 13680, 11760, 11805, 12000, 9550, 9600, 6000, 6180 and from 9AM also 15370``. What they always fail to make clear is that 6000 and 9600 close at 9 AM = 1300 UT. At this time, 1500, 15120 and 15360 had built up to listenable levels altho still much weaker than 15370, which is aimed this way. 15120 had a hum on it too. It will likely be a long time before these changes are updated on the announcements and website.

As for the het on 15360 at 1400-1415, Wolfgang Büschel confirms that TWR Swaziland is likely to be off-frequency

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. RNGE, 6250, hilife music Aug 12 at 0601 and a few minutes more, 0605 talk, so I assume their clock is still running slow unless news is not supposed to appear at hourtop

** INDONESIA [and non]. Looking for VOI around 11785, Aug 12 at 1413, very poor signal in talk and a weak het, so it`s still not in the clear during this hour. I thought I heard some Portuguese in the mix, and the other station is R. Guaíba, Brasil, which has been reported slightly lower than 11784.84. This time they were about 0.2 kHz apart. Meanwhile, Brasília was quite audible on 11780. The adjacency of these two stations is a matter of consternation for Brazilian DXers

** MEXICO. 4800 with open carrier at 0546 Aug 12 and several minutes thereafter, presumed XERTA

** NIGERIA. 4770 with some music at 0545 Aug 12, with heavy QRM from CODAR and ute beeps from the hi side, presumed FRCN Kaduna currently active

** ROMANIA. RRI English to NAm at 0000 peepless here at 0030 UT Aug 12 check on 11790; maybe still not regular transmission from new 300 kW Galbeni Continental transmitter. A few nights earlier we had pronounced it a winner. It could also be subject to uncoöperative MUFs

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. RN RASD, 6300, now clear of spur from CUBA [q.v.], but not on the air yet at 0601 Aug 12 when Equatorial Guinea was audible on 6250. Recheck at 0609, 6300 now on with Qur`an

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700, via Rampisham UK, making it here weakly Aug 13 at 1459; familiar piece of music still being interrupted for a few seconds at hourtop, and then starting another piece

** CUBA. O o, here I go, about to be accused again of bashing RHC, but there would be less to bash if it would at least get its own act together: Aug 13 at 2028 I was listening to 11750 concluding the Portuguese service clearly announcing the frequency as 17750 in the 16m band! I believe I have noted the same repeatedly months before.

Someone please tell the announcer what frequencies they are on! In this case, it even shows correctly on website at

Tho that page has yet to make the 6180/6140 correxion, nor the 9550-11805/15120-15360 correxion which happened this week.

At 2029, 11750 into Arabic, // weaker 11805. Meanwhile, 11760 did not switch from French to English until 2030, and // 9505 was missing --- but then, the 2030-2130 English has always been entirely missing from the station`s own schedule above!

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Aug 13 at 1505 found an open carrier on 15190, by 1515 peaking at S9+8 and then I could detect some undermodulation vs high local noise level. From intonation could well be American preacher in English, i.e. R. Africa. This was last reported by several lucky listeners on July 4, so maybe making another appearance, even if for only one day or one week. Others may have better luck later today in identifying it for sure. Nothing else is on the schedules here, which is rather remarkable, as other stations could easily move onto this frequency which is open most of the time, and R. Africa doesn`t even bother to register it with HFCC. I did not recheck until 2008 UT, and nothing on 15190 then. Nor have I seen any replies to my quickly-posted original report

** GERMANY [non]. On 15690, Aug 13 at 1501, news in Russian about Georgia, etc. Could be VOA --- oops, no it couldn`t since VOA management just cancelled all the Russian broadcasts! After all, America has nothing to say to Russia these days! It`s really Deutsche Welle via Rampisham. Hmmm, Radio Rossii is also coincidentally scheduled on same frequency at same time, but no sign of co-channel QRM

** INDONESIA. VOI, 11784.9, het audible against Firedrake Wed Aug 13 at 1359; Firedrake went off a few seconds past 1400, leaving weak VOI in the clear, mentioning Malaysia, so I suppose the language during this hour is really Malay instead of Indonesian. If they are going to stay on 11784.9 instead of 9526, now it`s time to lobby for putting English at 1400 instead of 1300, equally hoping that propagation will improve during the same hour

** CHINA. Firedrake colliding with WINB, 13570, Aug 14 at 1328, and about equal level with Harold Camping YFR relay. Don`t recall FD on this frequency before. May be another hit-and-run by Sound of Hope, and could be gone tomorrow. 1403 recheck, WINB only.

Firedrake 12040 and 11990 are normally a pair with 12040 stronger, but Aug 14 at 1325 check, 11990 was much stronger. Again suggests that different sites are in use, and changing comparative strength due to propagation variations, tho it could also be transmitted azimuths or powers for some reasons known only to SARFT. Per Aoki, victim on 11990 is VOA via Novosibirsk, and 12040 VOA Tinang

** CUBA. Tuned in 6180 at 0458 UT Aug 14: no RHC audible, probably closed a few minutes earlier but VOA Greenville open carrier, and 0459 VOA sign-on and English. VOA typically runs warmup carrier as much as 15 minutes before modulating, so that probably still overlaps RHC.

Slight correxion to my previous report: RHC stays on 6000 until 1400, not 1300, as noted at 1322 Aug 14. Monitored 1400 frequency announcement again Aug 14 on 15370, and it was exactly the same as always, still mentioning defunct 9550 and 11805, and not mentioning new 15120, 15360.

From slight variations and occasional slips, I am almost positive this announcement is read live from script every day, so updating it should be easy, no excuse that they have to get around to making a new recording for automation to play, as in the case of HCJB wrong announcements lasting for months, years.

Reading between the lines of Arnie Coro`s attack on me as ``credibility down the drain`` by a crude misrepresentation of what I had really said, which anyone can re-read, I think this is the cause of his ire:

RHC does not want to lose face by admitting that they made a big mistake in colliding with VOA for two hours a night during four+ months. They do not even want to mention VOA in any way. Which, I remind you, Cuba deliberately jams with noise, bubbles, during VOA Spanish broadcasts, which are separate from R. Martí. No Cuban broadcasts, of course, get any deliberate jamming by the U S A.

Assuming they were aware of the collision from the outset, and there is no excuse for not being aware of it, as I for one pointed it out as soon as it started, it may well be that they were playing a game of ``chicken`` with VOA, hoping VOA would give in first and move elsewhere. Chicken is a game played in many other cases with many other stations when there is a collision caused by mistakes in frequency planning, or lack of coördination.

However, as I pointed out early on, since the VOA target is West Africa on an eastward beam from Greenville, and RHC`s target is Central USA on a NW beam from Habana, in all probability VOA was suffering much less QRM (if any) in its target than RHC was in its own target (Greenville off the back at this distance is still very potent, while RHC was aimed nowhere near West Africa), and VOA couldn`t care less whether they are heard well inside the USA --- indeed, per Smith & Mundt, would prefer not to be!

So when they finally decided to move, RHC crafted this cover story --- changing antenna patterns, and propagation being the reason. It just so happens that Spanish ends at 0500 and English ends at 0700, so by swapping 6140 and 6180, the latter frequency just happens to go off the air now two hours earlier and doesn`t collide with the unmentionable VOA!

However, my quick observations of what was really going on ruined the cover story, so Arnie makes accusations against me again to try to draw attention away from the real issue.

The funny thing is, I am quite happy about the change, since that leaves both VOA and RHC in the clear on separate frequencies, as they should always be

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. RNGE, 6250, Aug 14 at 0546 DJ mentioned R. Malabo as he talked over lively song. Also checked 15190 24 hours later than previous report, 1510 UT Aug 14, and no sign of anything

** SWEDEN. I may complain about the lack of music on R. Sweden, but I must say for a daily half-hour show, they really do a fine job of putting together an entertaining and informative magazine of news and features in English. The announcers have a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, which ensures a friendly image for Sweden. Lately I have found it convenient to listen to the 1430 UT relay via Sackville 15240, reliably good reception too. It would be more convenient in the Central timezone if it were an hour earlier. The 1230 broadcast on 15240 direct is usually audible but understandably not as well as Sackville two hours later. Since all the other Nordic countries have abandoned English broadcasts, and even shortwave altogether, one wishes that R. Sweden covered the other countries too, but with only half an hour a day, one cannot blame them for concentrating on their own

** ANTARCTICA. I frequently look for LRA36 at various weekdays times between 19 and 21 on 15476, but no luck lately, with poor propagation and/or too much local noise. But Aug 15 at 1817 I was definitely getting a carrier on 15476, evidenced by the het it was making with Gabon, also very weak, on 15475. Checked again at 1947 but nothing. Maurits Van Driessche in Belgium tells me he was getting RNASG during that hour on 15476.03, peaking at 1917, but weakening by 1940

** ARGENTINA [and non]. When I was not getting Antarctica, I was getting a variable het on 15345 from RAE, at 1948 Aug 15, which must have been about 15344.8 vs Morocco, which provided the only modulation audible, Arabic music on 15345.0. Usually the het is fairly constant, maybe varying slightly but this time it was alternating irregularly between two different pitches, revealing a further instability in the transmitter. Or maybe Morocco was the unstable one, but I doubt it

** BIAFRA [non]. WHRI, 15280, loud and clear Friday Aug 15 at 1958 with sign-on, and 1959 starting V. of Biafra International early with its own opening including anthems, several IDs mentioning 19 meter band only, not the frequency. Listened to a few minutes of the usual orator, against the ``Satanic Nigerian government``, and something about the Sokoto Caliphate

** CHINA. Looked for Firedrake again on 13570, Aug 15 at 1257, but no sign of it under WINB, despite having been there Aug 14 at 1328. Sound of Hope probably had moved on again

** CUBA. Just for giggles, I checked RHC`s Portuguese service on 11750, closing announcement at 2028 again Aug 15 to see if they know what frequency they are on yet? Of course not! Still claims ``faixa de 16 metros, 17750 kHz``

** IRAN. Weak and fadey signal in German, Aug 15 at 1815 on 15085. I would hazard a guess this is VIRI, Kamalabad, which is the only station in the world on this frequency and is scheduled in German at 1730-1830

** U S A. We are grateful for so much sporadic E this summer, still going into mid-August, even if it doesn`t reach TV channel 2, for it makes WWCR 15825 a big solid signal much of the time, only one megameter away here, vs a just-barely-audible signal if we were depending only on the MUF-starved F2 layer --- including during the Friday WORLD OF RADIO broadcast, which August 15 I noticed was starting at 2029 instead of 2030. This should allow it to finish before the frequency change announcement to 7465 has to start

** U S A. My logbook would not be complete without at least one entry per month of the awful spurs from KVOH. Made it for August, as last heard July 2, but much stronger this time. August 15 at 1953, very distorted FMy music on about 17922, matching relatively clear 17775. The spur was only slightly weaker than the fundamental, at peaks S9+15 vs S9+18. On the spur I could see the S-meter fluxuating slightly with modulation variations. Then looked for the match on the low side, and there it was around 17628, with same distortion, but as usual significantly weaker than the other one, plus/minus 148 kHz

** U S A [non]. Looking for VOA Korean service, 11740, via Tinang, Philippines, Aug 15 at 1300, instead heard Sakura, NHK timesignal and opening Chinese. Some co-channel turned out to be VOA, way underneath, with American song segment at 1315 identifiable only by // 5890. This is quite unusual, as VOA is normally very dominant on 11740, 250 kW at 21 degrees, vs NHK via Singapore, 250 kW at 1 degree. The target zones are officially separate, but looks like another bad collision in East Asia until 1330.

Later on VOA English, 9760 via Philippines, I heard a promo mentioning that Issues in the News is now heard on both Saturdays at 0230 and 0530 and Sundays at 0130 and 0430. The website which also has it OD, adds Sunday 1230. I wonder what program has been cancelled that it is filling in for.

At 1352 Aug 15 on 15790, was hearing a woman speaking English, with a very heavy South Asian accent --- not it`s not --- yes it is --- she seemed to be going in and out of English and Urdu, for this is VOA`s Radio Aap ki Dunyaa via Sri Lanka, and soon mentioned Voice of America

** ALBANIA [and non]. R. Tirana, 13640 to NAm, again audible Aug 16 at 1454, S9+12 level but distorted, needs better modulation, theme music. 1458 cuts to other music with more flutter --- oops, the latter must be CRI via Kashi, as scheduled in English to Europe, as was still going at 1500 opening in Chinese

** CHINA [and non]. With Singapore gone from 6150, Firedrake at 1210 Aug 19 vs Taiwan in Chinese; also FD On 6110 under Chinese, that being VOA Tinian, and per Aoki listings also jamming their own PBS Xizang. And more Firedrake on 6085 intended against Taiwan but over WYFR in Spanish here

** CUBA [and non]. RHC has another QRM problem: on 11760, Aug 19 at 0533, Arnie Coro`s ``news`` was mixing with something else, slow SAH. Normally RHC is in the clear, tho signal level varies widely from night to night on this band. Per Aoki it could be CNR1; or NHK in Russian. Likely the latter, as NHK Russian was one of the few other signals on the band on 11715, and that one is reliably and remarkably good here as it is aimed toward DVR and thence NAm, unlike 11760. Next time I must try to // them.

WRMI, 9955, fading in at 1148 Tue Aug 19 during Wavescan, no jamming. But at 1153 the pulse jamming started, prior to 2-hour Radio Cuba Libre transmission daily at 12-14

** EGYPT. This was going to be classified as UNIDENTIFIED: Aug 18 at 0028 past 0103 I found an open carrier on 9280. Taiwan uses this in the mornings, but now? Surely not Asia. Considerable fading but equivalent to other signals on the 31m band which did have modulation. Something new testing? No! Did not remember until I looked it up that this is R. Cairo in Arabic to North America --- minus the Arabic, no trace of any modulation at all, which is considerably worse than the low modulation they usually run, or even adequate modulation in Arabic compared to lesser languages. O well, firing up the transmitter and burning the kW is half the battle

** INDONESIA. Aug 19 was a bad Indo morning, as could not hear any of the 60m outlets around 1130-1200+, and at 1200, VOI 11784.9 was only a het against equally weak signals on 11785.0

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. 3912, noise jammer over talk at 1128 Aug 19, i.e. the Chocom blocking V. of the People, out of the South

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, Aug 19 at 1207 barely audible with Pomp & Circumstance, soon into Spanish announcement. Have heard Elgar`s P&C 5 before around this time and suspect it`s their sign-on, or else they are really fond of this piece. Soon faded under noise level

** RUSSIA [and non] On 7175, Aug 19 at 1226, jazz into Japanese past 1230. This is V. of Russia, via Pet-Kam at 12-14. We have a convenient choice of this or 7190 with CRI in Japanese at 10-16, but the latter better here as it`s also aimed US-ward

** U K [non]. BBCWS, 11860 via GUIANA FRENCH, Aug 19 at 1156 with totally inappropriate ID loop in English, about ``no service on this channel, but 24h English and Arabic on one of this satellite`s nearby channels`` (paraphrased) and referring to   But, but, this is shortwave, not satellite! At 1200 cut to BBC Mundo Radio in Spanish, and thence heavy ACI from CRI 11855 via Sackville. Meanwhile, 9410 at 1159 was doing the WHRI sign-on, and from 1200 //

** U S A [and non]. WYFR, Harold Camping Open Forum in English, Aug 19 at 1143 on 9550 // 9625 and 9755, interrupted by QSY announcement mentioning continuing frequencies including 7780, which is out of date, that having changed to 7730, also confirmed at this hour. After 1145, 9755 and 9550 were gone but 9625 continued, inaudiblizing CBC NQ. WYFR on 9550 at 1100-1145 this season may be another reason RHC abandoned that frequency for the 19m band, tho I am sure they would never admit that, either.

5970, Aug 19 at 1212 had a SAH and a hymn mixing with REE Costa Rica. That`s Family Radio in Korean via Komsomol`sk/Amure, per Aoki

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via CUBA, 6060, Aug 19 at 1137 as I tuned across had the English YL with always too-literal translation of Spanish script, this about Cinemateca Nacional, with long list of movie titles in Spanish + translations, film festivals

** CHINA. Firedrake on 9300, Aug 27 at 1329 during brief ramshorn-like respite from crashing and banging, // 11990 et al. Aoki as of same date shows:

9300*Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH 0000-2400 Chinese 1 ND ? TWN 11955E 2610N

Which means it is jamming Sound of Hope, presumably 24 hours from 1 kW transmitter somewhere in Taiwan. Well, they seem to have the coordinates if not the name of the SOH site

** CUBA. RHC`s big signal to NAm on 15370, missing Aug 27 at 1318 check, barely audible on new // 15360 to SAm, and well audible on new // 15120

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Africa, 15190, again active Aug 27 at 2035 check with US gospel huxter; fair signal but this is the worst semihour to try to hear it due to VOA Greenville Hausa splash from 15185

** JAPAN [and non]. The self-interference of NHKWNRJ on 11705 may be annoying in Oklahoma, but as you would expect is much worse further west, for the 1400-1430 English broadcast. From Santa Fe, Aug 21 at 1355 I found the station in Indonesian on 11705, which is direct, changing to English for Asia at 1400, and then the echo from Sackville started a few seconds later, with Yamata stronger. I will compile a separate report of my MW and FM observations on the road in OK and NM

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, Aug 27 at 1258 with full ID including 25 kW on 1190, but could not copy further details due to lo het with something else. At 1300-1303 faded up with several PSAs including a potosino one, 1303 back to classical music.

As for the co-channel, Aoki and Eibi show V. of Russia via Vladivostok starting in Chinese at 1300

** SPAIN [and non]. REE has resumed classical music during the 1300 UT hour now that the Olympix are over, as noted Aug 27 at 1317 with piano on 15170 via Costa Rica, 17595 direct. Previous schedule for this was Mon/Tue/Wed only

** TURKEY. VOT, 15450, Aug 27 at 1320 with Turkish singer in a minor key (anything major would be unexpected), F-G with little else from ME arriving on band, 1323 sign-off and IS for 2 or 3 minutes before carrier off

** U S A. WBCQ 15420 started the new WORLD OF RADIO 1423 at 2100 UT Wednesday Aug 27, fed by phone, and I was monitoring it off the air when the signal vanished at 2104 and never came back by 2130. I then called the operator back and he said he had just then turned off the transmitter after the show was completed. A mystery.

Allan Weiner tells me that the UT Mon 0415 broadcast of WOR on 7415 has been cancelled, apparently as broadcast time is being trimmed to save electricity costs. However, the revived Area 51 show on 5110, daily 2300-0100 is to add at least one airing of WOR, time to be determined. Previously it was on the Friday evening broadcasts. The other WOR time on WBCQ is to be continued, Thu 2330 on 7415

** CHINA. Out-of-band Firedrake check Aug 28 found it still/again appearing on Sound of Hope channels, 14410 at 1341, and 9300 at 1343, along with many other regulars against RFA, VOA, Taiwan

** CUBA. Aug 28 at 0551 check, nothing but heavy jamming audible on 9955, during the scheduled 0530 UT Thu broadcast of WORLD OF RADIO on WRMI. What an advantage Our Friend in Habana, Arnie has in being able to jam the competition or anyone who dares to disagree with him!

Also noticed 7405 jamming against R. Martí, Aug 28 at 1312 was extending from 7395 to 7415. Remarkably, for being only 10 kHz away, WBCQ 7415 normally has no problem from the DentroCuban Jamming Command, but it would have if it were on at this hour, as it is permitted to be and occasionally has been with Brother Scare.

RHC check Aug 28: at 0549, noticed that both 6000 and 6140 in English were undermodulated and with hum; apparently a studio or feed link problem. Wiggle that patchcord! Roughly the same situation on 6000 at 1303, when they were promoting the evening`s Mesa Redonda at 2230 on 6000 and 9820, the subject of which would be the Democratic National Convention. What do the Cuban Commies know about democracy, and how can they cover it with a straight face? Might be an interesting take on the event.

Propagation was strange on 19m, with several good signals from Ascension to Turkey but RHC just barely audible on 15370 at 1339 Aug 28, much weaker than // 13680. WYFR 15130 was also weak. But 15370 slowly built up and by 1352 was of fair strength; however, transmitter cut off the air several times uncovering a weaker co-channel. 13680 was also intermittent, and weak 13760 I noticed was echoing with the other channels when they were on.


I was making a point of checking the 1400v frequency announcement again some weeks after the new channels 15360 and 15120 replaced 9550 and 11805. This time it was read live by the staccato M announcer, and was exactly the same as previously quoted, still giving the old and not new frequencies, and failing to make clear that 6000 goes off at 1400.

Such esoteric matters as frequencies axually in use take a long time to filter down from the engineering department to the announcing department. Of course, if the announcers had any initiative, they would find out for themselves the correct info, or axually turn on a radio and monitor their own station!

** INDONESIA. Have not heard VOI`s English hour at 1300 for some weeks, but must still be on 11784.9v as evidenced by barely audible het against VOA Chinese, which was atop Firedrake at 1340 UT check August 28

** U S A. Someone reported recently that WTJC had shifted from 9370 to 9365. Possibly, but still on 9370 when I checked Aug 28 at 1344 with Bible reading by Alex Scourby.

BTW, I believe I referred to their slogan some time ago as ``Waiting Till Jesus Comes`` but it is really ``Working Till Jesus Comes`` as confirmed on their page

which also has some new(?) info about when WTJC and WBOH are not in English; I have added UT conversions:

``WTJC, which stands for "Working Till Jesus Comes." Currently, WTJC is operating 24 hours daily on 9370 kHz. WTJC broadcasts in English except for the following:

Chinese programming is aired from 4:30 - 5:00 AM [0830-0900 UT], and Arabic programs can be heard from 11:00 - 11:30 PM local Eastern time [0300-0330 UT].

WBOH broadcasts around the clock on 5920 kHz in English except for two hours of Spanish music and messages which can be heard from 6:05 - 7:00 AM [1005-1100 UT] and 8:00 - 9:00 PM local Eastern time [0000-0100 UT].``

O my, the above does not match the full program schedules at which still show Russian M-F at 0635-0640 as we really ran across some weeks ago; Spanish at 1005 appears Sunday only and for 15 minutes, not 55; 0030 for 15 minutes too, only on UT Mondays. No Arabic. What are we to believe?

** CUBA. Today`s discrepancy report on RHC --- I should be on their payroll for the services I render.

Aug 30 at 1340, 13680 had usual big carrier, but hum and undermodulated. Wiggle that patchcord! Much weaker on 13760 but with normal modulation, so better to listen there, Agenda 21 program. At 1405, 13680 still the same and I was listening to 15120 when they were plugging the day`s Mesa Redonda show at 2230, or rather 6:30 Cuban time as they always give it only, on 6000 and 9820, which would be about preparations for dealing with H. Gustav.

Then 15120 cut off abruptly at 1409, back on by 1412. It doesn`t take a hurricane for RHC to be interrupted by power failures, which like everything else can be blamed on the ``genocidal`` US blockade of Cuba.

If Gustav does cross near Habana, it will be interesting to note if any of the usual jamming is knocked off. But the DentroCuban Jamming Command has priority over RHC for whatever power is available

** RUSSIA. 15510, Aug 30 at 1347 with pop songs by male singer in Russian, but 1350 announcement in a SW Asian language, 1358 VOR theme music. Per Aoki, at 12-14 this is Pashto/Dari, 250 kW, 140 degrees from Samara, so off-the-back here = 320 degrees

** SRI LANKA. IBB Iranawila, inbooming to OK on the other worldside; only wish SLBC could do as well. Like most relay hosts, they failed to demand access for their own broadcasts as a condition of IBB coming in --- or even to other sites in the same network.

I refer to 15690 with R. Farda, 315 degrees toward Iran, Aug 30 at 1345 with a couple of IDs during music. 15790 with Aap ki Dunya, 332 degrees from SL for Pakistan, also very good at same time

** U S A [non]. It may be impossible to find any info on the VOA website about temporary programming and frequency changes, but at least they make announcements about it. Aug 29 at 0628 on 6180 Greenville, after the DemoCon was over, VOA African service plugged its live coverage next week of the RepubCon, which would be at 0100-0300 on 15580 and 6080, Sept 1-4 --- in UT, that apparently means it starts on Sunday evening before the con, or did VOA lapse into local days mixed with Universal time? Also mentioned a special evening transmission on same two frequencies, but I was not ready to copy and missed the details. Anyhow, 6080 was previously reported on the air before its usual *0300 when it is São Tomé. As for 15580, seems unlikely that would be usable from an African site that early in the morning, so maybe from another site to the east in Asia

** U S A. Listened to the WRNO 7505 sign-on at 0100 UT Aug 29, and immediately into news read by local announcer. Top story was about Christian schools vs Sharia law in Nigeria; also items re Thailand, South Ossetia, UK terrorist threats, Obama about to accept. Lasted only 3 minutes, the news update by ``John ----``, ``as reported by the BBC``. Hard to believe a real BBC newscast would have led with the Nigeria story, so WRNO apparently picks items from BBC news and slants them for their own ideology. A much greater public service would be to relay real BBCWS news on SW in NAm.

Caleb Duncan followed as apparently live DJ starting at 0103, asking for requests by e-mail to and starting with ``Carry On, My Wayward Son`` -- gospel rock, requested by a previous 1980s WRNO listener in Minnesota

** CUBA [and non]. Sat Aug 30 at 2013 checked 9955 to reconfirm new WORLD OF RADIO time on WRMI. Weak signal, but after a while I could recognize my own voice if not what I was saying. Still being jammed with pulses also weak at this absorptive hour, but enough to ruin reception. Thanks a lot, Arnie! Your show on RHC an hour later won`t be jammed, courtesy of the US government. Yes, at 2111 check on 11760, DXers Unlimited in the clear. How unfair. Try WOR again Sunday at 2030.

Then made various chex as Hurricane Gustav was crossing western Cuba. At 2111 the secret 2030-2130 English broadcast existed on 11760, but no sign of // 9505. Neighboring Spanish service on 11750 was talking about Gustav. I wonder if RHC was simulcasting R. Rebelde for the occasion. Busy at the Ringwood OK watermelon festival during Mesa Redonda at 2230, so next checked UT August 31 at 0132: 11760 was normal, but // 11680 was just open carrier. Its modulation was back when rechecked at 0141. 9580 CRI relay normal with poor modulation. 9600 RHC Spanish mentioning Manolo de la Rosa, and special programming on the air at the moment. 9550 in French.

At 0143, found Arnie`s DXUL, unjammed yet again, big signal on 6140 but undermodulated with hum. No signal on 6180 at 0143 which is supposedly RHC Spanish to CAm now, but that leaves XEPPM 6185 in the clear with Huasteca music, as well as Vietnam via Canada on 6175. Terry Krueger in FL enjoys the same anomaly, but I`m not so sure Gustav is responsible since all the other RHC frequencies are funxional. Absence of 6180 reinforced by the detexion nevertheless of the very weak leapfrog mixing product of 6060 RHC Spanish over 6140 on 6220, // 9600 at 0151. At 0213 compared the modulation of English on 6140 and 6000, and found 6000 even lower. Wiggle those patchcords!

Checking some jammed frequencies, R. República, 6100 at 0207 in non-Cuban music show was VG with selective fades, no jamming audible but probably there and overridden here. At 0212, 6030 R. Martí béisbol over audible jamming, likewise 7365 at 0217. At 0245 on 9955, jamming over detectable WRMI, which per their August 1 schedule is supposed to be relaying R. Praga --- how sad; Cuba and Czechoslovakia used to be such good friends

** EGYPT [and non] Wonder if R. Cairo is still on 11550 for European service including English 2115-2245? Aug 30 at 2148 could not detect it mixing with WEWN Spanish, which was not very strong. Other signals from Eurafrica were coming in well, English from Czechia with language lesson at 2145 on 11600, Equatorial Guinea [q.v.] on 15190.

Radio Cairo, 6290, good signal and decent modulation during Qur`an, Aug 31 at 0151; kept going past hourtop 0200, into Arabic announcement at 0204 which was very undermodulated by comparison, but not the horrible distortion which used to appear here. Recheck 0217, again in OK Qur`an. This transmission had been closing at 0200 UT due to DST in Egypt of UT +3 since April 25, but per, that ended August 29, so now Egypt is back on UT +2, and the domestic relay transmissions on SW which had shifted one UT hour earlier should be back to their normal times, including 6290 Arabic to NAm closing at 0300. However, Ramadan is about to start and may throw another monkeywrench into the scheduling. But thinx it won`t begin in USA until Sept. 2:

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. R. Africa again active Friday Aug 29 at 2031 check on 15190, American-accented gospel huxter overshadowed by VOA Hausa 15185. Meanwhile, presumably due to lack of any E-layer propagation, no signal at all from WWCR 15825 while WOR was on.

Sat Aug 30 I found R. Africa, 15190, at 2155 airing a Saskatchewan preacher I had heard before, closing Gospel Tidings with address, somewhat undermodulated and with worse distortion when YL started singing hymn at 2157; deep fades, and some QRM from YFR via Ascension playing music on 15195.

At 2200 hymn ended and another program started immediately with no ID break, #640 by Pastor somebody. Now 15195 was off but WYFR itself had started up on 15190, theme audible way below R. Africa. At 2214 recheck, R. Africa still going with good signal, and no YFR cochannel audible, while its 15130 in the clear was also quite weak; meanwhile, REE 15110 Spain direct was at its usual VG strength. So the skip on this band is much longer than the 2 megameters to Florida

** GERMANY [non]. Bad collision on 6075, Aug 31 at 0232 with RCI in Spanish about, what else, immigration from Chile to Winnipeg, and refugees in Victoria, within Reflejo Boreal program, atop DW in German which is on both Sines, Portugal, and Rampisham UK at 0200-0400 despite RCI Sackville at 0205-0305. DW aimed NE and SE, so cannot be a problem in CNAm, right? Well, DW succeeds in making itself unlistenable in NAm, just as it wishes, while no one in USA or Canada wants to listen to R. Canada Internal in Spanish either, making this a good share

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. The Overcomer Ministry, 11520 presumably via Germany, Aug 31 at 2147 playing C&W tune, and not // WWRB 9385 which had Brother Scare talking, so initially not certain 11520 was same program, but previously determined it was some 2 minutes out of synch. By 2148 BS had started talking on 11520 too. See also USA: WWRB

** TURKEY. I listened to almost the entire VOT Saturday Aug 30 broadcast, on webcast UT Sunday Aug 31 from 0305 to 0355+, when it is also via Canada 7325, and the fortnightly DX corner never appeared. They did have a talk for a special event Aug 30, the 86th (?) anniversary of some attack, which may have replaced it, or is it out of synch again, and DX Corner will be on next week and fortnightly thereafter? My DX/SWL/Media programs listing at will have to be annotated

** U S A. WRNO missing from 7505, Aug 31 at 0218 during their only scheduled 0100-0400 broadcast. Perhaps they have battened down the hatches in New Orleans or even dismantled the antenna in preparation for Hurricane Gustav?

** U S A. Not everything on WWRB 3185 is Brother Scare; UT Sunday Aug 31 at 0223 the Bluegrass Gospel Hour was in progress, country-boy accented preacher giving address repeatedly of P O Box 3451, Hueytown /spelt/, AL 25023. Audio a bit muffled. Is this Mike Gibson, shown on the Global 1 schedule at for 10-11 pm, timezone unspecified, on Saturdays? Meanwhile, BS was on two other WWRB frequencies, 5745 and 6890. He does not start on 3185 until midnight in some timezone or other and then runs 9 hours straight. Personally, I need much more than 9 hours straight to satisfy my craving for the revelations of the Last Day Prophet of God

** U S A. 11740 had open carrier long before 2200 Sat Aug 30; at 2205 check WYFR was in English, an introductory philately discussion about topicals with a sub-official of --- the American Philatelic Society. Host pronounces philately with a long A. I only listened for a few minutes, but during that time it seemed secular, no religious undertones! Turned out to be part 1 of a show called For the Record, from Family Radio; and part 2 from 2214 would be about Alzheimer`s Disease. I assume the stamp segment was just a fluke and not a regular repeatable feature. VG signal

** CUBA. Sunday Aug 31 at 1402 on 11760 caught a bit of RHC news in Spanish, mentioning that Gustav had been clocked at sustained winds of 240 kph as it crossed western Cuba, with gusts to 340 = 211 mph, which seems a bit too hi from other reports, but still plenty.

Here we go with today`s discrepancies: At 1407 on 21 mb, RHC 13760 had better signal strength than usual, but barely modulated! 13740 with CRI was at normal modulation level for it, which means inferior but adequate.

Aló, Presidente service, separate from mainstream RHC 11760, at 1404 Sunday Aug 31, was underway on 11875, but running a show about the history of RHC which is hardly a Venezuelan topic. At 1407, 13680 was strong but undermodulated with hum. Wiggle that patchcord! Not on usual 13750.

At 1413 found another scheduled A,P channel, 17750, inbooming S9+20 contrary to usual JBA: likely some sporadic E had kicked in. Not only that, but accompanied by ratchety noises at modulation peaks on center channel and splattering plus and minus 20 kHz, with worst peaks at +/- 10 kHz while playing a bit of ``Guantanamera``; 1431 recheck, 17750 had weakened somewhat and the splatter consequently lessened

** CUBA [non]. No doubt the fueracubanos at R. Martí just want to help dentracubano family members, but jamming is unrelenting, on 11930 Aug 31 someone was phoning into newscast about H. Gustav destruxion; 13820 was stronger and well atop jamming here, always Greenville NC site

** MEXICO. Altho XEPPM was in the clear on 6185, around 0145 Aug 31 tnx to absence of Cuba 6180, and Brasil for that matter, when I rechecked at 0618 I could not hear R. Educación, only a very weak carrier, Vatican? on frequency, but was also heavily splashed by VOA Greenville 6180. I am afraid that XEPPM is indeed no longer running all-night, as Harry Helms pointed out, apparently closing at 0500 UT, local midnight

** SPAIN. REE, 17595, Sunday Aug 31 at 1412 was playing an Egyptian male singer from years of yore. Nice, but does not match either program shown for domingos 1600 HOE+ at

i.e. Tablero Deportivo and Corresponsales del Sur, so have they revamped their program schedule again without publishing an update?

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. LV de la RASD, 6300 via Algeria, Aug 31 at 0612 with seemingly reverent recitations from Qur`an, but quite different from what we hear on other Islamic world stations in regular Qur`Arabic. Isn`t this rigidly supposed never to be in vernacular dialects? Or is this some other religious service not strictly Q. recitation, and thus allowed? Quite mesmerizing, and heard any day from opening around 0600. But at 0614 switch to YL announcement, then music involving voices, drums and wind instruments. Fair with persistent ute pulsing in background


Rick Barton – Middle of Arizona

Drake R-8


11690  JORDAN  R. Jordan  1130  pop female vocal, female announcer in accented English. very strong at first but quickly faded down under RTTY ute sta. Hadn't heard in a while. (8/21  Barton-AZ)

Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5


UNIDENTIFIED Tuned across 6185 this morning, August 21, at 1002 UTC and found a weak, fady signal with a repeating loop announcement by man in Spanish over a jazzy musical background. Announcement seemed to be "Radio Libertad/Comunidad/Verdad [couldn't identify it positively] presenta un programa político libre" [unsure about last word]. Announcement repeated about every 30 seconds; low modulation, noisy conditions, and much slop from Cuba on 6180 so I'm not 100% certain of the announcement wording. I was using my image-prone Eton E5 receiver, so this might be a spurious signal although checks 2xIF revealed nothing. Signal faded as I listened and was barely in there when I had to discontinue listening at 1023 UTC because my wife had a 7:00 am dental appointment today. Thinking this might be Mexico's XEPPM, I checked the Radio Educación web site but they list their SW schedule (as of June 2008) as being only from 2300-0500 UTC. Checked recent DXLD

 editions at Glenn's web site and I'm still stumped----help!!


Tom Giella -  Lakeland, FL

ICOM IC-746 Doublet at 35 feet



Philippines- VOA Presumed 17765 kc 0145-0202 UTC SIO 444. No TOH ID. Some

talk by man in Mandarin, lot's of martial type music with drumming. LP/SP

propagation echo.

Sri Lanka- SLBC Colombo 15745 kc 0245-0305 UTC SIO 333. ID at TOH into news.

News feature program by man in English. LP/SP propagation echo.

New Zealand- RNZI Rangitaiki 15720 kc 0306-0330 UTC SIO 555 (S9+20) News

then into Dateline Pacific program, weather forecast by lady announcer.


India- AIR Delhi Presumed 11620 kc 0145-0200UTC SIO 333. No TOH ID No

announcements Indian sounding music and chants by female.

India- AIR Bangalore Presumed 11985 kc 0215-0230 UTC SIO 555 (S9+20). No

announcements. Indian sounding music and chants alternating between male and

female. Unfamiliar language to me, Kannada? LP/SP propagation echo.

Sri Lanka- VOA 12150 kc 1500-1515 UTC SIO 333. ID at TOH "This Is The Voice

Of America" into news in English.

South Korea- VOK 11710 kc 1513-1525 UTC SIO 444. ID "This Is R. Korea" at

1520 UTC. News feature program by man and woman in English. Many mentions of

reunification and Kim Il Sung. Almost thought that I was listening to a

broadcast from North Korea!.

Kuwait- R. Kuwait 11990 kc Kabd 2053-2115 UTC SIO 555 (S9+30) TOH ID "This

Is R. Kuwait" then into brief news in English, then 70's rock n roll music.


Sri Lanka- SLBC Presumed Colombo 11905 kc 0205-0230 UTC SIO 333. traditional

music interspersed with talk by lady in UNID language.

Taiwan- Sound Of Hope Presumed 9930.0 kc 1609-1630 UTC SIO 343 Man and woman

talking in Mandarin in between musical selections.

Portugal- RDPI Lisbon 21655.0 kc 1805-1830 UTC SIO 444 Feature program in

Portuguese with man and woman alternating. ID by man "R. Nacional Portugal"

at 1813 & 1828 UTC. 1814 UTC music programming with woman announcer. LP

propagation bearing 236 deg. 33387 km per VOAProp.

Argentina- RAI Buenos Aires 15345.0 kc 2057-2115 UTC SIO 444 IS to 2100 UTC

then ID by man in Spanish "R.Argentina al Exterior". 2101 UTC Man and woman

alternating in German language programming including broadcast schedule then

into music.

Australia- R. Australia Shepparton 13630.0 kc 2131-2201 UTC SIO 333 //12080

& 15515 kc 2131 UTC In English weather report for east Asia and South

Pacific by man and woman. 2134 UTC song Eleanor Rigby not by The Beatles.

2136 UTC News feature program with man and woman announcer. 2200 UTC ID

"This is R. Australia" then into news.

Saipan NMI- KFBS FEBC Presumed 12090.0 kc 2205-2215 UTC SIO 333. Music and

talk programming by man in Vietnamese.

Guam- KTWR Trans World Radio Presumed 12130.0 kc 2216-2230 UTC SIO 333 Talk

programming by man in Cantonese. LP/SP echo.

India- AIR Panaji Presumed 11740 kc 0110-0115 UTC SIO 444. Brief talk by man

in Sinhalese then Indian music. Abrupt sign off without ID at 0115 UTC with

a tone.

North Korea- VOK 11735.0 kc 0116-0131UTC SIO 333. ID "This Is The Voice Of

Korea" at 0130 UTC. News feature program by man, mention of the Olympics in

Beijing China, in English. Mentions of Kim Il Sung.

India- AIR Delhi Presumed 11715 kc 0131-0145 UTC SIO 444. Talk by man and

woman in Nepali. Indian music and chants by male.

Sri Lanka- SLBC 9770.0 kc 0225-0247 UTC SIO 444. Talk by man in English then

in to American pop music. 0230 UTC ID 'This Is The Sri Lanka Broadcasting

Corporation" by woman, then into news with man and woman. Signal fadeout at

0247 UTC. Signal was undermodulated.


India- AIR Panaji Presumed 11740 kc 0110-0115 UTC SIO 444. No SO ID. Brief

talk by man in Sinhalese then Indian music. Abrupt sign off at 0115 UTC with

a shrill tone.

North Korea- VOK 11735.0 kc 0116- 0131 UTC SIO 333. ID "This is Radio Korea"

at 0130 UTC. In English News feature program by man, mention of the Olympics

in Beijing China. Mentions of Kim Il Sung (talk about a cult personality).

India- AIR Delhi Presumed 11715 kc 0131-0155 UTC SIO 444. In Nepali Talk by

man and woman. Indian music and chants by male.

Sri Lanka- SLBC 9770.0 kc 0225-0247 UTC SIO 444. In English Talk by man then

in to American pop music. 0230 UTC ID "This Is The Sri Lanka Broadcasting

Corporation" by woman, then into news with a man and woman. Signal fadeout

at 0247 UTC due to D layer ionization. Signal was under modulated.

Ukraine- Radio Ukraine International 7440.0 kc SIO 555 (S9+40). In English

0315-0330 UTC. In English Talk by woman about cultural program. Mentions of

Ukrainian and Caanes film festivals, film making, then into discussion about

Mongol invasion of Kiev (go figure). 0330 UTC ID by woman "This Is Radio

Ukraine International.

USA- WRNO New Orleans 7505.0 kc SIO 555. In English 0331-0355 UTC. 0331 UTC

ID by Mrs. Maywire "This is WRNO Worldwide". Variety of Christian rap songs

and one not so Christian rap song (spelled out the F word). Then into 70's

and 80's pop songs including Stevie Wonder. Transmitted audio still a bit

pinched for an AM broadcast station. I looked back in my old paper SWL log

which began in 1965 and ended in 2005. I first logged WRNO on 08/23/1983 at

0431 UTC, on 6185 kc, on a Sony ICF-6500W, SIO 555, antenna was a folded

dipole cut for 90 meters.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed



Ah ha!  I found MW band conditions pretty blah last night - so much so I fired up the R-390A and listened to the following [I can't recall the frequencies but they were all in the 31M band [9500 to 9900 KHz]:

Voice of Russia - with lots of propoganda RE war with Georgia. Back in the days of the USSR, Radio Moscow seemed like a credible news source by contrast.  At least Radio Moscow tried to be somewhat diplomatic with its propaganda.

China Radio International - Olympic coverage - complete with temperatures and weather in brief for a batch of Olympic venues.  I got the distinct impression that I was hearing an audio feed for TV!

Radio Netherlands - Dutch male host and Canadian female co-host discussing the Olympics and the story of an American athlete of Dutch born parents...

A bunch of other signals too, all wickedly strong.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA



This morning I tuned to 5000 kHz to set my watch and I heard a new time station.

5000 BPM Lintong, China 6Aug08 1228UTC tune in, I heard time pips that were not WWVH/WWV. At 1229 BPM in Morse code was heard several times and I also heard a weak voice announcement by a woman. Faded after 1230. I have an MP3 file so I'm sending off a report.


Down in the Basement

(Jay Heyl –editor)


John Hunter – Rossville, GA

Toyota Sienna stock radio


Hey everyone, In between doctors visits today (08-14) I tuned the
Toyota Siennas radio to 530 and was surprised to hear Morse code
followed by this ID "Roseanne airport Manchester TN USA" at 1816 ET
Driving around the signal faded down to nothing and then started
coming back when we backtracked. That could of just been coincidental
though as this area has really variable reception or maybe a part 15
relaying that airports ground beacon for some odd reason. Does anyone
know if there is a legit beacon on 530?
John Hunter

This is the NDB I reported which is morse code LYQ.  Its not a part
15 but a real beacon. The shortwave broadcaster WWRB administers that
station at Roseanne Airport.

LYQ is officially on 529kHz. It was first reported about a year ago.
There are several reports of it in the RNA beacon database, but I
can't find it listed in any of my normal air navigation sites. RNA
reports it as 100W, which is pretty powerful for a beacon in the US.
Most are only 25W. At 100W it should get out pretty good.
 -- Jay

I guess what threw me was that it was so strong at times plus I've
never heard it in the van before. It's a re-log of course since I
first logged it in 2007. I don't have a voice ID listed though for
this one in the log. Thanks for the help to those who responded.
John Hunter

Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Zenith Royal 790 Navigator/Kenwood R-1000/DX-440


14 August

Kenwood R-1000 and 200 foot wire laid right on the ground all times
local from 1630 -1715:
255 FYE Somerville, TN
257 JHG Hohenwald, TN
269 LRT Lawrenceburg, TN
278 FD Poplar Bluff, MO
386 SZY Selmer, TN
394 MK Jackson, TN
402 BAV Bolivar, TN
529 LYQ Morristown, TN

Heard on a Zenith Royal 790 Navigator then checked with a Sony
ICF-2010 and Q-Stick:
334 UU Corinth, MS 8/15 1420 Roscoe Turner Airport

Heard on a DX-440 and Q-Stick Pro:

217 HZD Huntingdon, TN 1900 8/17


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


Another small column this month with some information on WKDK sports and also the Hurricane Net. Thanks to Kevin, Bob, Bruce and Powell.


Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe


SoCal Streaming HSFB from last year

Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:45 pm (PDT)
I assume they will stream this years football when HSFB starts.


The Real USC on WKDK.COM Go COCKS Go!!!

Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:02 pm (PDT)


Hello, Loyal Listeners!
The week all you sports fans have been waiting for is here - it's football week on WKDK.
This Thursday (August 28) -
USC vs. NC State - airtime 5pm, kickoff 8pm
This Friday (August 29) -
NHS vs. Clinton - airtime with the Sam Baird pre-game 7:05, kickoff 7:30pm
High School Scoreboard Show with scores and interviews from around the state - 10pm
This Saturday (August 30) -
High School Scoreboard Recap Show with scores from across the state - 6:36am,10:05am
Coaches Corner with area high school coaches - airtime 10:15
Newberry College vs. Valdosta State - airtime NC Tailgate Show noon (look for an updated Pick'ums tally on each week), Zak Willis pre-game 1pm, kickoff 1:30pm;
Clemson vs. Alabama from Atlanta - will join the pre-game show in progress following the Newberry game, kickoff 8pm
Weekly -
SportsTalk from Cola - weekdays 6:05 - 8pm unless preempted
Steve Spurrier Call-in Show - Thursdays at 7pm unless preempted
Local Sports Reports - weekdays 7:15am, 8:15am, 11:15am, 4:15pm, 5:15pm
The Coach Zak Willis Show on Wednesdays at 6:05pm; LIVE from Ronnie's Buffet & Grill, join them on location and win prizes

We are going to attempt to keep the calendar updated on with sports events. Everything is subject to change so keep checking especially for select USC and Clemson games, which depend on the times they announce for the games.
***Please note - streaming will be down during Carolina and Clemson games since each school is their own sole provider of webstreaming. Streaming will, of course, be available for NHS and NC games at
Thanks for listening to AM 1240, Newberry's voice for over 60 years!
WKDK Staff


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC


Re: The Real USC on WKDK.COM Go COCKS Go!!!

Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:20 pm (PDT)

Kevin's gonna git 'cha! Can't stream South Carolina football on WKDK. I will have streaming up as soon as I get ready to leave.


Bruce Carter –


For you streaming fans -

Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:53 am (PDT)


I found a new portal:
It gets me to streams I want much faster and easier than what I was using before (radio-locator).

Bob Carter – Utica, NY

Streaming fans -VOIP WX...Hurricane Net Activation Notice: Hurricane

Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:09 am (PDT)

Speaking of streaming......
For those outside of the effected area, hams and the general public who wish to monitor the net......
Your mode of listening/connecting choices is the following:
The *KC4QLP-C* Echolink conference server, node 290251 will be available for "listen only", as well as eQSO - node KC4QLP-R,[ listen only ] and web stream is available for monitoring purposes.
Bob Carter - KC4QLP

And that’s another month on the Net.


73’s, Martin


The Line of Sight and Beyond


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Grundig YB550


CVCR, 101.1, Aylesford NS.  I don't see this station on a lot of Nova Scotia lists.  It's run by Aylesford Baptist Church, on route 1 in Aylesford and IDs as "The Valley's Good News Station" or :Valley Christian Radio".  Runs Christian Contemporary Music.  I was just told by Bill Hepburn that the calls are VF8023 and CVCR are not the official calls.

CIJK, Kentville NS, 89.3, classic hits, "K-Rock"

CHNS, Halifax NS, 89.9, classic hits, "Hal FM"

CHSJ, Saint John NB,  94.1 "Country 94"

CHNI, Saint John NB, 88.9 "News 88.9"

CKNI, Moncton NB, 91.9 "News 91.9"

CKBW-2, Shelburne NS, 93.1 rock/ac, heard in Yarmouth

CJLS, yarmouth NS.  "Tri County Radio", AC.  Heard them on 93.5 (New Tusket), 94.7 (Yarmouth), 95.5 (Yarmouth) and 96.3 (Barrington)

CJXL, 96.9, Moncton NB, country, "XL-96"

CKEN, Kentville NS, 97.7, country, "AVR" (Annapolis Valley Radio).  I think they are in // to AVR's various MW frequencies of 1420 and 1350.

CJYC, Saint John NB, 98.9  "Big John FM', rock

CIOK, Saint John NB, 100.5, :K-100", lite rock

CJMO, Moncton NB, 103.1,   I think they were using "C-103" slogan

CIFA, Yarmouth NS, 104.1, French, with delightful polka music on a Saturday afternoon.

CFRQ, Dartmouth NS, 104.3, rock, "Q-104"

UNID, 107.5, "Frank FM", heard in Yarmouth harbor, assuming it was WFNK in Portland ME

CIRU  St Stephen NB, 96.5.  Usually has border crossing info but nothing heard on August 8, just dead air

CIRM  Moncton NB, 101.9, Moncton Tourist Information Radio, news/feature/weather loop, info for Confederation Bridge.  There are signs along the Trans-Canada highway advertising the station.

CFNS, Amherst NS, 90.1, Central Nova Scotia Tourist Information Radio, same as CIRM above.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and antenna as listed


Heard in the 2006 Saturn Vue with the whip.

102.1 WLLE Paducah, KY 1443 with a number of Paducah area ads. Tr 150 mi.

99.9 WSMS Artesia, MS 9/19 0950 "99.9 The Fox"

99.5 WZRR Birmingham, AL 9/19 0958 with ToH ID

Heard in the gold Saturn 2004 Ion beatin it with a whip:

106.5 KTMO New Madrid, MO 8/27 1348 in a mix and up it came 106.5 KTMO. This one's new.

Heard in a 2006 Malibu in nearby Morris Chapel, TN:

98.1 WTXT Tuscaloosa, AL 0950 with ads for Tuscaloosa Tractor Co. and ID.

Heard in the Saturn 2004 Ion beatin it with a whip:

92.9 WTUG Tuscaloosa, AL 8/27 1147 playing R&B and ID.


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

DX-398 / Nissan Sentra car radio and whip



One is tempted to see how high a sporadic E opening into the FM band goes, but this time I`m glad I checked out channel 6 audio on the low side. These days I`m more into quality than quantity of FM DX, so this will not be condensed into a one-line report.

August 2 at 1749 UT, after confirming skip was coming from Los Ángeles area, with KPFK-FM RDS ID on 90.7 Mt Wilson, I found not one but two Spanish-speaking stations on 87.75, and both with (FM) stereo pilot cutting on periodically at fadeups.

One was talk, one music, at the moment singing about ``Sangre de Jesús``. After checking other frequencies inside the FM band, I came back at 1756 to find one of them with an abogado ad, 1758 a 1-800 number for Nationwide Options Systems, real estate.

Then in English, commercial for the 18th National Catholic Family Conference, sponsored by the Diocese of San Diego, register online at

1759, ID fading in and out from one of them ``Cielo[?] 87.7 FM, la estación . . . Los Ángeles.`` Then legal ID in Spanish by woman, ``KSFV-LP, Canal 6, San Fernando Valley``, and slogan as ``Guadalupe Radio``, opening live(?) program with YL host ``Mundo Mujer`` mentioning that they are heard as far as San Bernardino, Riverside [but not Enid??], obviously Catholic program, ``Guadalupe Radio`` mentioned once or twice more. But there was still co-channel from the other station. Quit at 1804; time for lunch.

So KSFV is another of those lowpower TV stations funxioning as a radio station in a major market where real FM channels are filled up. Here`s the FCC info about it:

Showing that they are licensed on channel 26, but only have a CP for channel 6 with 499 watts ERP video, so what`s the audio ERP?? --- nevertheless obviously on the air on 6. I first diligently tuned to 87.75 on the DX-398, but eventually decided the signal was closer to center if I really tuned to 87.70, which is NOT a legal frequency for channel 6 audio (nor is FM stereo as opposed to TV stereo, but other stations like this ignore the distinxion too and get away with it). And it was farther from center if I stepped to 87.80.

Here`s the brief wikipedia entry re:

But what was the second Spanish FM/TV station on 87.70? Surely not XETV-6, the real TV station in Tijuana/San Diego which I assume is not yet really in Spanish, or is it? Anyhow it would not be running FM stereo.

I was surprised to find no listing for KSFV-LP channel 6, at

in the analog low-power and translator section or anywhere else. The separate FM database only goes down to 87.9.

Licensee of KSFV is Venture Technologies Group, and they may well have some other channel 6 LPTVs in California masquerading as FM stations (or vice versa). Redding and Chico are way off in northern California, but a third one is in Banning, which is on I-10 east of Riverside, so this could be the one alluded to above, KRPE-LP with 999 watts video:

However, the two Spanish radio stations I was hearing on 87.7 were definitely not in parallel. Perhaps those in SoCal more familiar with the situation can elucidate.

Per FCC, Venture also has applications for channel 6 LD (digital lowpower TV) in Los Ángeles itself, and Glen Arbor CA, wherever that is, not appearing in the indices in AAA or Rand McNally atlases.

Other FM DX in this opening:

August 2 at 1734 UT tune-in, 97.5, ``Cruisin` 97.5`` slogan, then mentioned Santa Bárbara in English; must be KRUZ, but I find no mention of Cruising or Cruisin on their website

97.5 had co-channel not only from semi-local KPAK Alva OK, which I nulled as best I could with the swervable whip, but from something in Spanish, which was dominating by 1739 with romantic music in stereo; 1742 promotion for something in Los Ángeles, 1-800-833-1236 for something to do with credit; Ralph`s [?] Alimentos Frescos with prices in centavos por libra, so not Mexico; 1745 about cupones at McGuire`s, mentioned ola de calor (heatwave). Must be KLYY, La Cumbia Caliente, Riverside per 3-year-old FM Atlas XX.

90.7 with big steady signal, discussion in English, stereo pilot on, no RDS decode until 1748 when it displayed KPFK-FM, i.e. Los Ángeles.

96.5 at 1755, stereo, ad in Spanish for El Chaparral disco, mentioned Tecate, ads in pesos. But there are no Baja California 96.5 stations in Cantú`s list nor in the Mexico FM Directory 2005, the closest being XHITA in Sonoita, Sonora. There is KYXY in San Diego, which I don`t think is in Spanish, so this may be a new one in Tecate or further afield if I misheard Tecate. Any ideas?

** OKLAHOMA. The KZLS 107.1 North Enid CP is now on the air // 99.7 KNID. 107.1 was originally for Alva, but COL has been changed to North Enid, and transmitter site to the existing tower just N of Carrier on OK Hwy 132, where KNID 96.9 was located before being moved halfway to Oklahoma City near Crescent, LMA`d, sold and transformed into KQOB, Bob-FM. A few weeks ago, we had noticed driving by, that the Carrier tower again had FM elements on it after being denuded for a while.

The plan of Champlin Broadcasting is to have 107.1 programming replace 99.7 KNID, which is being moved from its present site near Helena halfway between Enid and COL Alva, far to the south to rimshot Oklahoma City, like 96.9 before it, this time from COL Mustang. I expect that the 99.7 for OKC will ultimately be sold off at a tidy profit, and that 107.1 will wind up with the KNID calls, unless further jumbling in the Enid market ensues.

The transition is underway. For now the informal ID goes ``99.7 KNID and 107-1 FM``. Legal ID at hourtop 0000 UT August 3: ``Today`s best country, 99-7, KNID, Alva-Enid, and 107-1 KZLS, North Enid.``

99.7 is running static RDS as `KNID-FM` while 107.1 has no RDS. But yes, Brucey, 107.1 like 99.7 is in stereo. This was noticed as I was trying to DX FM August 2 during a big sporadic E opening from both coasts, and finding fewer and fewer open spots on the dial

Seeing that DX was still in on lowband TV, and lots of FM Es reports on the WTFDA list, I resumed monitoring five hours later at 2316 UT August 2, again from the porch away from household digital hash, temp 101 but with partial shade, less than at noon. 87.75 was several (TV) stations deep, as were many FM frequencies, so the challenge was to find a few with a dominant DX station.

On 105.1, at 2316 UT, North Carolina`s Spas, 1-888-SPASALE, ID as ``105.1, Z-105`` or so I thought, but this must be G-105, WDCG Raleigh-Durham, etc. as at

I was able to uncover bits of classical music on 89.7, at 2319 by carefully nulling local KJTH. This was very likely WCPE also in Raleigh NC, which is also relayed overnight by several stations including KCSC 90.1 in OK. Prairie Home Companion was poking thru various other DX spots in the non-comm dial.

On 93.9 at 2322 UT, ``The new 93-9, Kiss-FM``; YL promo saying it`s ``mostly upbeat --- listen for an hour and see how you feel``. Sorry, it won`t likely stay in that long even if I wanted to park on the frequency. Geez, yet another ``Kiss``, how unimaginative, and except for one station somewhere, cannot possibly be a legal call. What do you know, that also Googles to Raleigh-Durham, with a website looking suspiciously like 105.1, but where will we find the legal calls? Not on the homepage but on the station info page, admits it`s really WKSL-FM.

Then at 2331, on 96.5, RDS as ``CLASSIC / HITS / 96.5 FM`` often sticking on one of those fields due to fading, rather than switching or scrolling. 2333 audibly said ``18 classic hits in a row, 96-5, The Drive``, and RDS with song info, Miller B & Rock`n Me. Googling the RDS slogan points to 96.5 to Milwaukee, or Asheville NC, WOXL. But what about ``The Drive``? Googling that points to WFLB Fayetteville NC:

At 2336 UT on 97.3, had ``Coast 97 point 3`` audible ID, 2337 ad for James Sprunt Community College, Wilmington NC address. Then unexpected off-hour ID as ``WMNX, Wilmington . . . a Cumulus station . . . a better job is just a click away`` from their website, which is

88.1 and 88.9, 2106 Aug 19 in Guymon OK, is occupied by a KHYM gospel-huxter network translator, and High Plains Public Radio translator is still on 88.9 with 250 watts. When KHYM gets its non-translator going on 88.9, HPPR will switch to 88.1 with 1 kW, but not yet.

At 2106 Aug 19, we could not help but notice that during NPR ATC, the 88.9 translator was running 7.5 seconds ahead of KTOT 89.5; why? Probably one with a deliberate delay to match `HD`, and the other not. FCC shows licensee of some HPPR relays as Kanza Society, Inc., others as Top O` Texas Educational Broadcasting Foundation; why?

88.1: KGOU at OU in Norman has been planning a full-power relay at Woodward. I thought they had a CP, but FCC now shows an modified application 7/31/08 for 88.1, only 23.4 kW non-direxional. Still not on the air, and when it is, 88.3 may have to go:

88.3, 1930 Aug 19, Mission Network News, referring to Beaver OK, KHYM ID. Nearest station is K202DC, Shattuck, 230 watts, Great Plains Christian Radio, same owner as KHYM which is 103.9 Copeland KS, hub of a regional gospel-huxter network. I had previously assumed this was in Woodward. (W of Woodward OK on US 412)

88.3, BTW, I didn`t hear it, but I see in FCC FM Query that KTOT/HPPR now has a licensed translator in Elk City OK:

K202AG 202 D FX 88.3 MHz LIC ELK CITY OK US BLFT-20060711ACQ - 72169 0.038 kW 0. m

I only wish they would put one in Enid where we have NO local public radio, despite much larger population than many little towns with such translators.

89.5, KTOT Spearman TX, the full-power HPPR relay which reaches as far east as Woodward, and well past Guymon to the west. In many spots it was a toss-up whether it or a closer translator would provide best reception, or for that matter 91.1 Garden City, KANZ, the home station. In the fringe area of KTOT Spearman TX around Woodward OK, bothered by same NPR programming with an echo from a second 89.5 station, probably remnants of KHCD Salina KS. In Enid we have the same problem on 89.1 between KMUW Wichita KS and KYCU Clinton OK.

89.5, 2344 Aug 19, NPR ATC mixing with Radio Reader. Should be KENW Portales NM direct, and KTOT HPPR Spearman TX, no longer very close, but RR matches latter schedule at 6:30 pm. KTSC Pueblo CO ruled out as a student station (US 412 in NM, mile 45)

90.1, 2308 Aug 19 in Clayton NM I was hearing a KJIL translator – another gospel-huxter network originating in Kansas, but this must have been the one in nearby Felt OK, K211CM. They have a CP for another one on 90.1, the other side of Boise City at Keyes OK, K214CH.

90.1, 2142 Aug 25, religious station but audio cuts out irregularly about 10x per minute. Is no one paying attention? Heard from Philmont Scout Ranch, S of Cimarrón NM. First thought was KRDR Red River NM, not too far away crowflyingly but range very limited by mountain blockage, and not supposed to be gospel-huxtering. Apparently instead is AFA translator in Ratón NM, K211CE, 250 watts, minus 74m antenna. A Google search on mentioned `New Tribes Mission` 90.1 hit an Oct 2001 newsletter of Answers Update, showing its program Answers with Ken Ham carried on a translator on 90.1 in Ratón. Thought I heard a callsign like KFRG or something phonetically similar. KFRG is a CBS station on 95.1 in San Bernardino CA, so does not compute.

90.3, 2204 Aug 19, HPPR // 89.5 KTOT and synchro with it. K212EN, Elkhart KS, another border town, 250 watts with a CP for 205 (W of Guymon on US 412)

90.5, HPPR has a CP for a translator in Hooker OK, halfway between Guymon OK and Liberal KS on US 54, 30 kW, 123 meters. That should fill some gaps and make nearby translators unnecessary, including Guymon?

90.7, for months, KSFR Santa Fe NM, public radio, had been simulcasting on this its original frequency and 101.1 COL White Rock as KSFQ, acquired from a failing commercial broadcaster. Now KSFR is on 101.1 only, and 90.7 has a gospel huxter. Per FCC, 90.7 now has the KSFQ calls with 3 kW in Santa Fe, and same operator, so-called Educational Media Foundation also runs KQRI on 90.7 in Belén on the other side of Albuquerque. Inside the city of Santa Fe itself, 90.7 remains a better signal than 101.1, q.v.

91.1, KEDP, Las Vegas NM. On many previous visits, the station has been missing, perhaps silent summers, but this time it was heard around 1500 UT Aug 21. New Mexico Highlands University also has applications in for stations in other towns, some of which are MX. KEDP has never amounted to much as a little student station, but perhaps NMHU has plans for some more significant broadcasting services. FCC FM Query shows these:

Class  MHz  City         kW ERP  HAAT m

C      88.7 Milan        16.5    845 [near Grants]

C2     89.3 Newcomb       0.65   698 [S of Shiprock on US `666`]

C3     89.5 Española      5      180

A      89.9 Ratón         0.38   -86

C2     90.3 Romeroville  50      -41 [near Las Vegas]

A      91.3 Clayton       4.5    116

A      91.3 Clovis        6       96

91.3: In Clayton NM I was hearing a religious station on 91.3. Per FCC FM query, it`s currently a translator of La Promesa Foundation, K217CM with 140 watts at 74m, but there are three MX apps for non-translators on the frequency, one by the same foundation, one by the notorious gospel-huxter network, AFA, and the other by NM Highlands University (HQ: Las Vegas; see above). Naturally, I am rooting for the latter.

91.7, before 2200 Aug 19, rock music, presumed the real KPSU at Panhandle State University, Goodwell OK, active (W of Guymon on US 412 closest to Goodwell)

91.9, HPPR has a CP in Guymon for 200 watts, in addition to 88.1. Surely this one would be ruled out due to 91.7 Goodwell?

92.7, KKBS Guymon OK, billboard in town shows second frequency 100.5: that`s K263AQ Liberal KS, 250 watts, and not audible in Guymon itself.

93.5: In Clayton NM, and for just a few miles around, one can hear the KENW translator on 93.5, K228DP, listed as 170 watts, but only 78 meters AAT, minuscule coverage compared to // 106.1 atop Sierra Grande, with lower power, and I would have thought the 93.5 range does not even justify the listed power and height.

93.5, ``Sunny 93-5``, classic hits, 2340 Aug 19, at mile 50 of US 412 in NM, W of Clayton, way beyond the range of the Clayton 93.5 KENW translator. The only ``Sunny 93-5`` anywhere in the west I can find is KSNN in St George, SW corner of Utah, but that`s way too far for groundwave across the Rockies, and too close for Es. Is there anything nearer?

95.7, 1959 Aug 25, at Las Vegas NM, was hearing LPFM station there, KLYN-LP, seems with rightwing talk mentioning which also calls it:

The Voice of Las Vegas, and "Las Vegas' newest Christian radio station with Flare!" --- Male 100 years old, LAS VEGAS, New Mexico, United States. We are on the air 24 hours! Coming Soon: Friday and Saturday Night "Cruise Show" Las Vegas’ most diverse Radio Station, Playing: Christian Worship, Contemporary, HipHop, R&B, Rap, lots of Spanish, Rock, Alternative Rock, Ska, and Reggeaton [sic]! FCC shows: 0.003 kW 169.8 m THE ROCK CHRISTIAN OUTREACH, i.e. 3 watts. Solid signal in town.

101.1, KSFR White Rock-Santa Fe, ex-90.7. The move is now complete, and coverage S and W of Santa Fe is supposedly improved greatly, but it certainly is not any better to the N and E on I-25. Furthermore, in Santa Fe itself, trying to listen on a walkman, I found 101.1 breaking up and getting QRM from something else. I listen to it a lot more in Enid by webcast where the RF change makes no difference. See also 90.7.

105.7, 1938 Aug 19, classical mixing with talk, and // 89.5. This is the High Plains Public Radio outlet in Amarillo, KJJP, another of those fire-sale ex-commercial FMs snapped up by PR. 43 kW with a 1 kW backup, says FCC. Interesting that in OK and nearby TX we now have two public radios on 105.7, the other being KROU Spencer/OKC, relaying KGOU Norman, which have been relegated to the commercial band from their outset, since OU foolishly sold off its heritage WNAD 640. (W of Woodward on US 412)

106.1, the little translator of KENW Portales with a great site atop Sierra Grande near Des Moines NM (COL), K291AD, only 116 watts, but huge coverage from 611 meters above average terrain and 2670 m above mean sea level. We first hear it east of Boise City OK, where it is very much needed as we are losing access to HPPR via the various translators and relays in KS, OK and TX. Unfortunately, KENW still runs this `beautiful music` format until 4 pm weekdays, so none of the NPR newstalk shows, just news on the hour, and 2-minute features every quarter hour, such as Earth & Sky, etc., etc. Later from the rim of Capulín Volcano we had a clear shot for some photos at max zoom of the K291AD and other towers atop Sierra Grande across the valley. AFAIK none of the others are for broadcast stations.

FCC TV Query does have an application for a channel 6 digital on Sierra Grande,

KENW has an application for 3 kW on 88.5 from slightly different coördinates on Sierra Grande, I suppose eventually to replace 106.1. There is also a CP for an 82 kW commercial station, KHOD on 105.3, from exactly the same coordinates as 88.5. Did not know about 105.3 while in the area so did not check whether it is already on the air.

In western Cimarrón County, OK, and just over the border in Union County NM on US 412, was hearing rapid clix on certain MW frequencies, obscuring weak broadcast stations, such as 1390, 1380, 1370, 1360, 1350, 1330 and various spots as low as 1070. These were no doubt harmonix of the Boise City OK LORAN-C station. Fortunately there were some open spots such as 1500 and especially 1340 where I wanted to hear KSSR Santa Rosa NM if it was on, q.v. above.

All about LORAN-C at Boise City, except WTFK??? at 

Including a satellite photo of it. The proudly displayed coordinates are 36-30-20.783 N, 103-53-59.487 W which puts it just NW of the very small town of Felt OK, rather than Boise City. The clix were no longer heard by the time we got to Clayton NM.

A strange pole with antennas on it, not too high, and not of the usual cellphone appearance, on the N side of US 412, just W of mile 31 in NM between Clayton and Springer. Something to check closer next time.

Near the wind farm west of Woodward, I noticed annoying whines on certain FM ranges extending 1 or 2 channels above and below: 91.3, 95.5, 99.4, 103.6, 107.3. The windmills are some distance from the road, so suspected this was coincidental, car-generated, and uncovered due to absence of local broadcast signals in this area. Whine still heard on 95.5 in Clayton NM area


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Receiver, Antenna



Just logged a new one CIJK K-Rock 89.3 New Minas NS The Valley's Classic Rock

CFCY  95.1 in nicely at 8:40 PM EDT.....HI PHIL!!!


At 7:45 EDT heard a rapid fire female DJ in French spout on an address

(couldn't make out exactly where as signal was scratchy and IBOC

covered) then into Free Ride by the Edgar Winter Group now a song in

French.  Antennas pointed NE toward Atlantic Canada.  On 90.7.


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No Weathermen this month…


The Visible Universe


Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA

Toshiba Receiver and Rabbit Ears


Clear video and audio noted on Ch. 15, KCKA Centralia/Chehalis WA on 8/7/08 at 11 am PDT with children's programming. The adjacent cities of Centralia and Chehalis (really, small towns) are located about 90 miles/145 kilometers south of Seattle. KCKA functions as a translator

(if that's the correct term) of KBTC 28 in Tacoma.

Seen on a Toshiba analogue TV/VCR/DVD combo with rabbit ears.

First time I've seen tropo in the UHF band. I have yet to see or hear anything resembling E skip on the West Coast, but I'm still hoping!


Extra, Extra!


Phil Rafuse – Charlottetown, PEI – Radio Repair


Norbert advising us of what happened to his 1103 brings up a good point - what do you do if a radio falls into water?  Rain?  Flooding? Hurricanes? Etc.


Radio plugged into AC - concentrate on protecting yourself and other people, pets etc. not the radio.  Cut the power - the main breaker/switch for your home is the safest bet.  Trying to pull the plug could be bad news until the circuit is off, truly off.  When possible, plan ahead and use GFCI outlets in water prone areas - bathrooms, kitchens, leaky basements/garages etc.


Radio running on batteries - no AC plugged in.  Or, an AC radio that is no longer plugged in. Fish it out of the water.  Turn it off if it is on.  Open the battery hatch, dig out the batteries.  Leave the hatch off.  Get out a screwdriver and carefully remove the back.  Position it so any water inside runs out.


Now, while the water is dripping from your radio - ask yourself what kind of water?  Seawater?  Swimming pool?  Clean tap water?  Rain?  Soapy/dirty dishwater?  Bathtub with soap/bubblebath?  If it is nothing more than clean tapwater that is not "hard" water, or rain,

likely all you will need to do is dry it out.  More on that later.  If it is water with salt, lots of chorline, soap, dirt etc.  I recommend going right now and getting some distilled [yes, distilled,

not just bottled] water from a grocery store or drugstore.  The kind of stuff you would put in a steam iron or a kid's vapourizer if you are picky about hard water.


If the water is gunky stuff - say seawater, and you can't get distilled water quickly enough, use tapwater if its clean stuff that isn't too hard.  In this case a prompt response is more important

than trying to comb stores for the perfect water.


Got your 4 litre or 1 gallon jug of distilled water?  Good.  Now, pour it inside the opened up radio - to rinse salts, soaps, dirt etc. off the PC board.  try to avoid the speaker cone if you can, if not, make it quick and avoid immersing or soaking the chassis.  Remember, you are rinse the chassis, not soaking it!  Some folks might put the distilled water in a very clean spray bottle, or squeezy bottle for applying the distilled water.  Spraying first with a mild soap [say

Sunlight hand dishwashing liquid] and water solution, followed by a rinse, may be necessary in some cases.  Rinse, rinse and rinse.

Drying - you want to dry it quickly, but avoid too much heat that will wreck solid state components.  Warm, not hot.  My preference is to stick it in front of a dehumidifier - and if need be, also train a fan on it.  Others will suggest letting it bask in the sun.  Be careful it doesn't get too hot.


Some people use alcohol for rinsing, really pure stuff.  70% rubbing alcohol is not as good as a higher percentage.  Google the subject.


The object of the game is to flush out dirt, salts etc. and then dry it asap so PC boards, components etc. don't get corroded too badly.  Avoid high pressure.


Others please chime in on this topic with your experiences, tips etc. as this is a pretty important topic for us radio guys and gals.


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI – Eton E10


I headed express to the park with it upon arrival and picked up 4 AA batteries and threw them in. I also had the E-100 (its little brother) with me. Enhancement was rather amenic yesterday 8/4/08 at the park. just a couple of the stronger cape staitons in and out on the little E-100.

Next i pulled out the big brother E-10.

on the FM side it pulled in 107.7 WWRX CT and few other CT relogs that could not be heard on the eton E-100 W/O good enhancement.  Next i hit the AM side. Time was around 1 PM EDT (high noon sun time) . 570 WMCA could be heard the little eton e-100 can't do it

during the day. 560 springfield could be heard with a poor signal under 550 IBOC hash.. AM band noise floor is very low and pleasent to use unlike its little brother which has a high noise floor on MW.

 Early this AM around 5 AM did an quick AM band scan . Ajacent channels to strong locals no problem. cuba under 770 WABC. 620 and 640 both in with local 630 in middle. no problem. Now the block BUSTERS !!!! or should i say IBLOC busters !!!!! both 1020 WKDA and

1040 WHO (presumed)  LISTENABLE with excellant NULLING of IBOC HASH. next i spun over to 1290 a local IBOC hash thrower (24 hours). both 1280 AND 1300 heard clearly after nulling 1290 STRONG IBOC hash !!!!!!! this radio is EXCELLENT  for MW in an IBOC era !!!!! 

will be using this a lot  for MW band DX this coming season.

 I have not tried the SW at this time.

My only omplaint is its TOO BIG to fit in my belt bag for transport on pedal bike to the park so unforunatly  will have to keep its little brother on duty for that purpose.    


Steve Ponder -  Houston, TX


Don't remember seeing this, but I was listening to my local KQUE-1230 yesterday.  They used to ID as "Radio Ranchito" but now ID as "El Norte."  Turns out they, along with KJOJ-880 in Conroe, TX, simulcast with KNTE-FM (ex-KIOX) in El Campo, TX, as "El Norte."

All 3 stations are owned by Lieberman Broadcasting. They have full TOH ID's in English (mostly).

The "El Norte" website is Don't know when the change occurred.


Bargain Barn


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX –ICOM R-75


I have an ICOM R-75, purchased new from Universal Radio in December 2005, that I would like to sell. The unit has been at my workplace and used only a very few hours.

Like new condition with original box and manual. Price $400 prepaid to USA addresses via UPS.


Show and Tell – New Toys


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX


My Sangean PR-D5 arrived Friday and I put it through its paces on Friday and until about 9:30 pm last evening.


Quick and dirty review: very good on AM, very bad on FM, died unexpectedly last night, being returned for refund instead of exchange.


Now the details. . . .  .


The PR-D5 is a very simple receiver. There is no tone control, just one bandwidth, and no external antenna connections. A tuning knob and rotary volume controls are all you get to diddle. The left side has an earphone jack, an AUX input for your iPod or other MP3 player, and an input jack for the supplied wall wart power supply. The front panel has five preset buttons, a power/sleep button, an AM/FM/aux selector and a tuning step selector, an alarm set button, and a display setting control. Tuning is tone in discrete 10 kHz steps on AM, although you can also select the 9 kHz spacing used in Europe and Asia.


My initial impression of the PR-D5 was not favorable. It felt light and flimsy-----in contrast to the physical heft of something like the C Crane radio----and the rear battery compartment door was loose and rattled when closed. However, the six C cells fit securely inside the compartment and it was a simple matter to set the correct time.


The PR-D5 does have a very good AM section. The radio is highly  sensitive----more sensitive than my ICF-2010, for example----and has a very low internal noise floor. I noted no spurious responses or images, nor was there any digital oscillator "whine." The single bandwith was fully adequate for 10 kHz spacing; 1020/1040 and 1580/1600 kHz were free of splash and other interference from my two local pests on 1030 and 1590. It performed impressively during my two nights of testing. It inhaled XEUACH, Radio Chapingo, on 1610 kHz both nights until its sign off around 9:15 pm Central. I was awake yesterday morning during the 4:30-5:30 am Central period, and found a weak signal with talk and music on 1610 in a non-English language. I suspect this was the Montreal station. I also caught a very good signal from XEPE-1700, "San Diego's talk station seventeen hundred," at that time. The PR-D5's internal loopstick antenna has a very tight and sharp null which

 allowed me to easily reject both KKLF and KVNS on the same frequency. Performance on other AM frequencies was equally impressive. If your main DX interest involves AM stations on 10 kHz channels, I think you'll probably be very happy with this radio.


However. . . . .


. . . . . . . I compared the PR-D5 side-by-side with my Eton E5 on AM, and there was no instance in which the PR-D5 was clearly superior to the E5. If it was audible on the PR-D5, it was also audible on the E5. The PR-D5's loopstick's pattern is narrower and more clearly defined than the E5's, but the E5 has an external antenna jack (I've used it with a Quantum Loop) and it also has two selectivity bandwidths. It also tunes in 1 kHz increments. As a result of these factors, if I had to choose between them as an AM DX receiver, I'd give the E5 a slight edge over the PR-D5. I want to reiterate the PR-D5 is still a fine AM DX radio, however.


One of the things that originally attracted me to the PR-D5 was its RDS capability on FM. That's one reason it pains me to say the FM performance of the PR-D5 isn't worth a damn. It flat out sucks.


The PR-D5 is very sensitive on FM. For example, KBNL-89.9 in Laredo was in here with a full quieting signal and RDS display. But that sensitivity is wasted because of its miserable selectivity. Signals from my locals were consistently heard over 300 kHz above and below the operating frequencies of my local stations!


One of my favorite FM frequencies in 101.1 MHz; it is home to San Antonio's KONO (oldies), Dallas's WRR (classical), and Houston's KLOL (Hispanic). I often check this frequency for tropo, as the distinct formats of those three let me quickly see if the band is open in those directions. Checking 101.1 on the PR-D5 both nights, all I could hear was slop from my local KNCN-101.3. Yet when I checked 101.1 on my E5, I clearly heard KONO on Friday night and a mix of KONO and KLOL last night. Yes, there was some slop on 101.1 with the E5, but I also had 100% copy of the frequency. Even 101.00 had QRM from KNCN on the PR-D5.


The pattern continued throughout the FM band; the selectivity is just far too wide for DX use. . . . . . or for listening to anything but your strongest locals, for that matter. It's worth remembering Corpus Christi is not exactly a metropolitan area; I hate to think of how the PR-D5 would perform somewhere like the New York or Los Angeles regions!


About 9:30 last night, I switched from AM to FM and the PR-D5 locked up on me. The frequency display froze at 87.5 and the tuning and volume controls became inoperative; I couldn't even switch the radio off. I removed the batteries for several minutes to allow the unit to reset, yet it remained "frozen" on 87.5 when I replaced the batteries. Even leaving the batteries out overnight didn't cure the problem. Today I received a return authorization from my vendor ( and am returning the PR-D5 to them for a refund.


The abysmal FM performance is my biggest reason for giving up on the PR-D5. A secondary reason is that its AM performance is essentially equivalent to my E5 and thus brings nothing new to my DXing "tool kit."


If your primary interest is in AM DXing and you don't already have a good AM DXing portable, the PR-D5 may be just what you're looking for. But if you also require acceptable performance on FM, or already own a portable with good AM DXing capability, then you'll probably be disappointed in the PR-D5.


Testing, Testing…


No tests this month


Call Sign Changes


No FCC report for Call Changes this month…


I Got The Bird!


No one got the bird this month!



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