August 2011 ABDX CME Journal

Vol 6. Issue 2



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Kevin Redding

CEO, List Owner, Editor, Referee, Groundskeeper, Typesetter, Research Technician, Chief Cook, Bottle Washer, Guard Dog, Printers Devil and Janitor.











Robert C. Smoak – Bamberg, SC

Zenith Royal 2000 / Zenith Royal 74



Heard on daytime groundwave on a Zenith Royal 2000, nekkid, outside.  I moved outside for DXing purposes.  Also, mileages shown are as the crow flies.  All times are E.D.T.

1:18 P. M.  680  WCNN, Atlanta, GA, 198 miles, verified with a Georgia Men's Clinic spot.

1:20 P. M.  680  WPTF, Raleigh, NC, 220 miles, verified with a Dave Ramsey promo.

1:22 P. M.  630  WBMQ, Savannah, GA, 88 miles, verified with a Clark Howard promo.

1:25 P. M.  580  WGAC, Augusta, GA, 57 miles, verified with a Yard Sale promo.

1:26 P. M.  690  WOKV, Jacksonville, FL, 207 miles, verified with a Jacksonville Morning News Promo.

1:30 P. M.  750  WSB, Atlanta, GA, 198 miles verified with B.O.H. ID, depend on it.

1:31 P. M.  1110  WBT, Charlotte, NC, 131 miles, verified with a news update.

1:35 P. M.  1630  WRDW, Augusta, GA, 57 miles, verified with a Back to School Bash spot.


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an original 1998 CCRadio 8/3 nekkid on the WX Band. I think its real glory is in how well the WX band works.

162.400 Booneville, MS KIH53 ID at 0040 - 42 mi

162.400 Huntsville, AL KIH20 ID at 0030 this one is NEW! - 103 mi

162.450 Aberdeen, MS KUT404 ID at 0054 this one is NEW! - 98 mi

Heard on a nekkid Royal 755:

580 WTUP Tupelo, MS 8/5 0908 playing C&W with its usual 10% modulation.

850 WLRC Walnut, MS 8/5 0911 playing GOS MX.

1400 KBIP Booneville, MS 8/5 0916 old school way classic C&W.

1350 WKCU Corinth, MS 8/5 0917 playing GOS MX.

Heard on a Zenith Royal 705 nekkid:

770 WVNA Huntsville, AL 8/5 0921 running a stopset.

1290 WBSG Florence, AL 8/5 0939 with a talk show. Usually has on MYL.

1240 WBCF Florence, AL 8/5 0940 rebroadcast of CNBC.

830 KOTC Kennett, AR 8/5 0948 right wing talk.

690 WJOX Birmingham, AL 8/5 0949 sports talk.

Its hard to DX with the lightning and the sun blarfing....

Heard on a Panasonic RF 1401D nekkid.

1530 WSAI Cincinnati, OH 8/5 2222 with ESPN and talk about Tiger Woods.

1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO 8/5 0030 with Overnight America.

Heard in a 2006 Saturn Vue and 31" whip:

102.1 WDRM Huntsville, AL 8/6 1758 with ID

103.7 WQEN Trussville, AL 8/6 1800 with ID

Heard on an Admiral Imperial 8:

700 WLW Cincinnati, OH 8/7 0002 talk about the decimation of Seal Team 6 in a chopper crash.

720 WGN Chicago, IL 8/7 0003 talking about a gang shootout where a small girl was killed.

750 WSB Atlanta, GA 8/7 0004 ad for a camp for dying children.

780 WBBM Chicago, IL 8/7 0005 with WX rpt.

820 WBAP Ft. Worth, TX 8/7 0006 with IID.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 8/7 0007 Dave Ramsey.

890 WLS XChicago, IL 8/7 0010 with old A. Bell C2C.

Heard on a digital Superadio, nekkid:

660 WFAN NYC, NY 8/7 0013 Yankees sports talk.

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire:

570 WAAX Gadsden, AL 8/7 1019 running a stopset.

610 WAGG Birmingham, AL 8/7 1027 black man preaching.

620 WJDX Jackson, MS 8/7 1032 ID The Score, Jackson.

1060 WKMQ Tupelo, MS 8/7 1036 talk about geothermal HVAC.

1080 WKAC Athens, AL 8/7 1037 REL MX.

Heard on a DX-440 nekkid:

910 KLCN Blytheville, AR 8/7 1522 ad for AR State Parks.

1070 WAPI Birmingham,. AL 8/7 1525 black people singing.

89.5 WMAE Booneville, MS 8/7 1533 interview of a woman musician NPR

91.9 WOWL Burnsville, MS 8/7 1535 This is a powerhouse here and plays rock. Has translators. Playing Little Feat.

94.3 WXRZ Corinth, MS 8/7 1539 with travel show.

104.9 WKZU Iuka, MS 8/7 1543 KUDZU playing C&W.

107.3 WQLT Florence, AL 8/7 1547 playing Steely Dan.

Heard on a Channel Master Super Fringe Model 6515, nekkid:

930 KWOC Poplar Bluff, MO 0605 with NX and ID.

Heard in a 2004 Gold Saturn Ion with slick front tires that need to be replaced and a 31" whip:

106.7 WWZD Tupelo, MS 8/11 1600 with ID and into stop set for a store on Gloster.

Heard on a Zenith Royal 400 nekkid:

530 R. Encyclopedia La Habana, Kuba 8/13 2352 SS woman announcer into EZL/BI MX.

570 Radio Reloj La Habana, Kuba 8/13 2358 with .-. .-. RR in CW always with SS NX.

Heard on an Eton E1 8/14 and 166 foot wire:

730 WUMP Madison, AL 1643 Huntsville, ads in stopset.

800 WHOS Decatur, AL 1645 with money pit show.

880 KGHT Sheridan, AR 1651 playing light jazz.

960 WERC Birmingham, AL 1725 with a bloviating Rush Limbaugh.

1000 WDJL Huntsville, AL 1726 black woman singing gospel.

1340 WSBM Florence, AL 1752 with sports talk.

1330 WZCT Scottsboro, AL 1754 with ID under WEBY

1330 WEBY Milton, FL 1755 running a travel show.

1360 WIXI Jasper, AL 1800  with ToH ID CBS NX after the country oldies show.

1410 WIQR Prattville, AL 1801 ESPN Baseball.

1620 WNRP Gulf Breeze, FL 1804 FOX NX.

1640 WTNI Gulfport, MS 1808 with baseball scores.

1670 WFSM Dry Gulch, GA 1809 sports talk.

1690 WMLB Avondale Estates, GA 1812 with 50s/60s R&B.

1700 WEUP Huntsville, AL 1813 black GOS MX.


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

As Listed


WBTV  NC  Charlotte   Channel 23  (old 3)  during band oopening around 10:30 AM on Tuesday August 3, 2010  Near Silverstreet, SC

A bit of a band opening at 7;50 AM when I checked the weather on the CC Radio:

KXI 81  GA Clayton on 162.450 transmitting from Glassy Mountain so says Mr. Roboto 08/05/2011 near Silverstreet, SC


I have heard this on more than one occasion. Mrs.Roboto is not as clear as Mr.Roboto, and I can not find ANY record of this station, so I just emailed the Raleigh NC NWS office where this broadcast comes from.

WWX60   162.500 forecast for Albemarle, NC     11150 PM  08/08/2011

near Silverstreet, SC with CC Radio


WXK 54 in Wrens Georgia with forecast for Augusta, GA.  162.550. I normally hear Greenville, SC but the least opening this blasts in. 

WLX-56 ON Mt.Pisgah, NC with forecast for Asheville, NC 162.400. This one and Columbia, SC are always fighting with this one. This station only 300 watts 

7 am on 8/11/11  near Silverstreet, SC


Near Silverstreet, SC  11:24 PM August 12  Sangean PR-D5 using only RDS to ID. A bit of enhancement. 

99.9  WKSF  Old Fort, NC  ( Asheville )

101.9  WBAV Charoltte, NC

103.7  WSOC Charlotte, NC

104.3  WBBQ Augusta, GA

105.7  WEKL Augusta, GA

106.9  WMIT  Black Mountain, NC

107.9  WLNK Charlotte, NC 



Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ 180A


Just a couple shortwave marine weather stations to report.

2670 USB NOE USCG North Bend OR 8/4 0605-0610 UTC, marine weather for Oregon, ID at end.

12365 USB VMC Charleville Australia 8/6 1403 UTC tuned in to weather by man, High Seas Weather Warning, off with ID 1405.

12362 USB VMW Wiluna Australia 8/6 1406 UTC tuned in to weather by a man and then off with ID 14:07:30


Rick Barton – El Mirage, AZ

ZTO Royal 7000-1


AUG. 7.  Hammarlund HQ-200 , outdoor slinky.

1350  KTDD San Bernardino , CA .  M : "AM 1350 , the Toad"., country mx to 0535 and wiped out by splash from local AM 1360.  

1700 XEPE -  MEXICO - Rosario , Baja Del NOrte. 0020 "Tim Tebo".

 980  KMIN  -  Grants, New Mexico. 0635. "K-Mine Country Weather".

1160  XEQIN  San Quentin , BN., Mexico. 0645. Strong, with "trios norteno" and just burying KSL Salt Lake City , hrd weakly underneath.

AUG. 9 ,  Hammarlund HQ-200, outdoor slinky

1330  KGAK  Gallup , NM , 1900 country music.

650 KMTI , Manti, UT  2235.  ID on a station break.

1690  KDDZ  Arvada, CO, 2237. radio Disney.

990   XECL  MEXICO , Mexicali, BN  2240. Local spots "Mexicali".

1600  KAHZ  Pomona, CA, 0515 , w/ F in Chnese .

1560  KNZR  Bakersfield , CA. 0555, local spots for Bakersfield area.

1640  KDIA  Vallejo , CA  0615, w/  REL MX.

AUG. 9 -  barefoot RF-2200 and  DX-375

600   KOGO  San Diego, CA  2200  local spots , "Valley View Casino", etal.

630  KHOW  Denver, CO  2205  "Commerce City" , "K-HOW talk radio 630" to C2C (Coast to Coast pgm).

640  KFI  LA CA  2206 also just beginning theme to C2C.

680   KNBR  San Fran. CA  2207  recapping Giants v. Pirates game.

700   KALL  N. Salt Lake City   2210 , sports talk  "Kyle Orton".

720  KDWN  Las Vegas NV  2211 (no surprise) dominating.

750  KOAL Price, UT  2215  Good ID and Geo. Noory C-2-C on Afghan helo shootdown.

760  KFMB  San Diego , CA  2250. break from "Savage Nation" to ID "Hey, we're talkin' to YOU ! AM 750 , KFMB".

AUG . 10    Panasonic RF-2200 , DX-375 (barefoot)

1380  KHEY , El Paso , TX   1900  "Fox Sports Gooooo - NOW".

1320  KFNZ  Salt Lake City , UT 1920 . "Diamondbacks", "Cubs", bubbling up out of the muck.

1520   KOKC  Okla. City, OK  2025  running spot for "air garden".

1530 KFBK  Sacramento , CA  2026 local spot ("California Computer Service").

1210  KGYN  Guymon , OK  2027  verry sstrong, C & W .

810  KGO S.F. , CA  Ray Taliaferro 0350 , on ghosts.

820  WBAP  Dallas TX  0426  spot for Cordell & Cordell lawyers.

850  KOA  Denver , CO  0430 local WX.

880  KRVN  Lexington, NE  0435 mixing w/ 2 other unids. with WX for Nebraska panhandle.

890  KDXU  SGU St. George, UT  0437  reset of George Noory C2C  .

1140  KNWQ  PSP CA 8/12 , 0450. Suddenly rising up over the pop Disney (radio) esque KDDZ Las Vegas with morning trivia, break to local spot. (Barton-AZ)

AUG.  10  Hammarlund  HQ-200 , & outdoor slinky

.SW  "nimbies"

11500  CHINA  "Firedrake" station, 1030  . strong.  //  on 10300.

3480  NORTH KOREA  . . . 1110. F ancr in Korean .

3185  USA  WWCR  1115  Brother RG Stair with usual rasp.

2485  AUSTRALIA  1130  rock-n-roll , F presenter.

times / dates UTC  (SW)

times/dates Local in MST (for MW)


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8


1250 KIKZ TX 0200CDT 02AUG11 nice call-letter ID into country music

1250 XESJ COAH 0401CDT 02AUG11 many call-letter IDs, "Radio Saltillo"

1480 WBBP TN 1925CDT 02AUG11 black gospel music, quick call-letter ID


1280 WODT LA 2359CDT 02AUG11 black gospel music, "Gospel 12-80 WODT New

Orleans" by male announcer to more gospel music

1280 KBNO CO 0601CDT 03AUG11 lots of rapid Spanish talk by male

announcer, quick "Que Bueno" slogan, mixing with WODT


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Grundig 600 and Pixel Pro 1A Loop


Just before bed time : Aug 3 around 4:00 Utc

12134.5 khz er so Armed Forces Radio ,with PSA's about Bald eagles and Skin cancer,then news from round the world ,at times very clear but a bit of fading as well .

I don't know the power ,but the net says they are from Fl. at this time and freq. Actually they list 12133.5 but i had best reception at 12134.5 on the grundig and with the Tecsun PL 600 barefoot ,it was dead on freq.

10:00 Pm CDT  Wed. Aug 10

1170 khz KOWZ N/T format 2500w/5w Waseca Minn. 282 miles : coming out of a Ball Game into commercials for local Feed Store and some other PS.Deep fades in the hour before 10 Pm, then stayed around long enough to get 2 ID'S KFAQ off during this time .

Then i heard a SS ,fairly strong at times but deep fading so impossible to get ID ,Loop say's It's To my S/W.


Earl Higgins – St. Louis, MO

Ten Tec RX321 and End Fed Antenna


All times are Eastern Daylight Time, all dates are Sunday evening, August 14:

570 Cuba Radio Reloj call/city unknown 0303 unmistakable news format, ticks, alternating announcers, “RR” minutely in Morse code, many verbal IDs

679.23 +/- about 20 Hz UnID 0320 somebody mostly atop channel here with open carrier causing a terrible heterodyne.  Unless local in origin or (seldom heard) KFEQ, and I have no reason to believe it’s them.  Otherwise, technically counts for the NIMBY CME?

740 ON Toronto CFZM 0329 frequently loud but with long fades, nonstop oldies, “AM 740” non-ID

860 ON Toronto CJBC 0334 strong with French talk, vies with 990 Winnipeg and 740 Toronto for title of easiest Canadian at my QTH

880 IL Highland WIJR 0339 strong, semi local over presumed WCBS, Spanish/Mexican regional/nortena and ID that sounded like “La Ley”.  Semi local, but out-of-state, counts for NIMBY CME

1650 KCNZ IA Cedar Falls: Fox "1650 The Fan” and legal ID by man at top of hour at 2100

1690 WVON IL Berwyn: talk "The Talk of Chicago" after PSA and several local ads, strong at 2109


Eric Berger – Detroit, MI

McIntosh MR65


Here are my NIMBY logs as heard on the MR-65. Times EDT.

*TUE 02 AUG: Tropo!

0.06 ** WJOE-FM 106.3 Columbia City, IN - Poor with ads, 'The Truth' into Rusty Humphries.

0.15 ** WGBJ-FM 102.3 Auburn, IN - Poor with ads in SS.

0.32 ** KXFT-FM 99.7 Manson, IA - Poor with AC mx, 'Sunny 99.7' lost to WXAJ. New catch

1.06 ** KIHT-FM 96.3 St. Louis, MO - Poor but over local WDVD with Classic Hits, ads, 'K-Hits 96.' New catch!

1.30 ** KWMU-FM 90.7 St. Louis, MO - Fair with St. Louis Public Radio, BBC World Service. New catch!

1.42 ** WSDM-FM 92.7 Brazil, IN - Poor with ESPN Sports, 'The New ESPN Radio 92.7.' New catch!

1.51 ** KIOA-FM 93.3 Des Moines, IA - Poor with Oldies, DJ, lost.

2.20 ** KKOW-FM 96.9 Pittsburg, KS - Poor with C&W, After Midnite on The Cow. Previously heard on Es!-

10.56 ** KPNT-FM 105.7 Ste. Genevive, MO - Poor with Classic rock mx. ID

11.07 ** WKTN-FM 95.3 Kenton, OH - Poor with contest information, local ads.

11.38 ** WVXG-FM 95.1 Mt. Gilead, OH - Very poor with ads, Classic Rock 95.1, wx.

TUE 02 AUG: Es

18.21 ** KLOV-FM 91.1 Morrison, CO - Good with K-Love stuff.

18.23 ** KKPK-FM 92.9 Colorado Springs, CO - Good with ads, Peak FM.

18.26 ** KTWI-FM 93.3 Bennington, NE - Faded in and out with C&W, 'Twister 93-3.' New catch!

18.30 ** KZTL-FM 93.5 Paxton, NE - Very strong with local ad, C&W mx. 'Wild Country.' New catch!

18.32 ** KTCL-FM 93.3 Wheat Ridge, CO - Faded in and out with ads, 'Channel 93-3,' Modern Rock. New catch!

18.36 ** KATR-FM 98.3 Otis, CO - Faded in and out with local WMIM with C&W, Cat Country.

18.37 ** KXPK-FM 96.5 Evergreen, CO - Poor with SS, Radio Tri-Color.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



** ARGENTINA. 15345-, August 2 at 2132, only a het vs MOROCCO [q.v.] on the hi side, and never overcame with any audio. Finally uncovered at 2202:39 when IMM turns off its carrier, RAE announcing 6060 and 15345 in Spanish, also I thought he said, but that goes nowhere, nor the link at Media Network`s Hitlist,

O, I see in the WRTH it should be --- That does get to the domestic service homepage, but just *try* to find any link to the external service, even by internal search!

Anyhow, with the end of DST for this year, prompted by the beginning of Ramadan, Morocco now runs one real hour later on 15345, which means the northern-summer respite for RAE 21-22 UT German service listeners in Europe is over. That was only a fluke, as the two stations stupidly stick to the same frequency, both refuse to participate in HFCC or heed advice by would-be listeners that one or both should move a bit away to plenty of clear frequencies in the vicinity.

A few years ago, Argentina decided to go on DST in its summer, Nov-Feb, and RAE, so remote from the real world of international broadcasting, shifted all its languages one UT hour earlier just so they would stay at the same local time, oblivious of its intended audience. This put German up to 20-21, still colliding with Morocco even when that country was not on DST. English, Italian and French hours from RAE, earlier in the day, remain always blocked by Morocco (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BAHRAIN [non]. 15540, August 2 until 2006, R. Kuwait very good with talk outroed as ``Song of the Sea``, another ``Radio Bahrein produxion, presented by R. Kuwait``. Maybe they stick these in at different times from day to day; August 1 was at 2019-2025 as in previous report under KUWAIT. There used to be a programme exchange called Voice of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Maybe this is that. Back to western pop music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENNG DIGEST)

** CANADA. Nice to get a third reply from MBC Radio = CJLR-FM-3 in Prince Albert, Sask., altho my miles-per-watt calculation is now very incorrect: (gh)

Your reception of MBC Radio 88.1FM in Oklahoma --- Hi Glenn: Very cool that you picked up our rebroadcast of MBC in Oklahoma. We actually just increased the power of that site to 49000 watts on a new tower. Still – very impressive that you picked us up 1220 miles away. I know in the past we’ve gotten letters from folks in Norway and Sweden that also take part in DXing.  

I am a sales guy at the radio station, and have been involved in radio most of my life. I’ve always been intrigued at how FM signals can skip like that. On a couple of occasions driving from Prince Albert to Regina (4 hours south of here) I have picked up stations from the US on my cars’ FM receiver. Once I picked up 4 or 5 stations from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. Another time I picked up 3 stations from the Tulsa area. I found it interesting that it was several different stations from the same geographic area that would skip, so obviously something atmospheric was allowing that to happen.

Nice touch on being able to post what you heard / recorded online. Much easier to do that than to start mailing cassettes around. Have a great day!! (James Young, MBC Sales and Marketing, August 3, via DXLD)

** CANADA. 2, August 3 at 0126 UT, brief fade-in of a drama in English from the NNE, likely an Ontarian analog TVDX; no other significant Es lately (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. 17735, August 2 at 2030, RCI`s prime English hour left on Sackville, discussion of Pakistan, Kashmir, with a Waterloo professor, hit by OTH radar pulses, then detected 17715-17740, presumed from CYPRUS. Not enough to overcome RCI, which is also far enough from TDP QRDRM on 17750-17760. RCI is // 15330 and 15235.

August 3 at 1335 it was interesting to check Sackville frequencies during SW fadeout: inaudible was 9650 CRI relay, and JBA carrier on 11655 from normally strong NHK relay. Also knocked out 9330 WBCQ, 9370 WTJC (or maybe really off?) while other US signals remained: weakened 9385 WWRB, still strong 9479 WTWW. 7490 WWCR-2, normally a powerhouse, was also incredibly JBA.

We had been warned that a coronal mass ejexion was on the way to hit Earth early August 3. At 1200, WWV e-mailed: ``Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicted to be minor. Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level are likely.`` Its 1500 notice had not shown up an hour later (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHILE [and non]. 16755, August 2 at 1957, dirty spur from CVC La Voz 17680, still audible, roughly covering 16730-16760. Also at 2040, the weaker distorted blob on the other side around 18600 // 17680. See previous report earlier August 2.

Aug 3 I was waiting for 17680 to sign on at 1200, and so it did without fanfare, but initially quite weak, so no spurs to be heard. By 1306 signals had built up greatly, audiblizing awful dirty distorted music spur circa 16755, and today at 1309 the match around 18605 was stronger.

However, a SW fadeout hit a few minutes later, and by 1330, only traces of the spurs remained on 16755 and slightly more on 18605. Now most of the 16m signals had faded down or out, with CVC 17680 noticeably weaker but holding up best along with Rwanda 17800. By 1340, 17680 had become JBA! While 17800 remained good (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake, August 3; before 0500 in local noon hour:

none found 0445-0453 from 19 to 12 MHz

Before 1200:

10300, very good at 1148

12900, very good at 1152

13130, good at 1152

13920, fair at 1153

15900, good at 1158

16100, poor at 1158

Before & after 1230:

10300, very good at 1229

12900, very good at 1232

13920, very good at 1232, no 13130 now, nor any 14`s

15545, fair at 1238

15900, very good at 1234

Before & after 1330:

15900, very good at 1320; only fair at 1340 after SW fadeout

15425, poor-fair at 1317, het on 15427

15285, fair at 1329

14950, good at 1332

13130, fair at 1332

12025, very poor at 1332; could not detect CNR1 too or anything else

10300, very poor at 1336; none in the 11`s


** COSTA RICA. 11880, Aug 3 at 1209, REE relay missing tho audible mixing equally with NHK on 11815. 11880 on at next check 1229 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Anomaly, SNAFU roundup August 3:

11760, just as I tune in at 0456, sign-off in Spanish is cut off, as after 50 years, RHC has never learned to coordinate transmissions with programming. I immediately retune to 5040, and succeed in hearing once again long-outdated morning frequencies announced to frustrate listeners awakening already at 1100 UT, i.e. including 12000, 9600, 6180.

12020 at 0458 is also still on past 0500, now plugging internet listening overnight; off at next check 0509.

9570, at 1224, CRI relay absent; hope Andy O`Brien in Ontario was rejoicing over temporary lack of QRM to Australia 9580. Some weak Asian signal became audible on 9570: Aoki says KBS in Indonesian.

15230, missing at 1315, no Chinese audible either, while 15120 and 15360 were nominal; RHC back on 15230 at 1330 check.

15330, Aug 3 at 1236 lite pulse jamming against nothing, as R. Martí is not using 15330 at all in the A-seasons! Then it stops; did they read my mind that I was about to deride the DentroCuban Jamming Command yet again for its incompetence? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 14880-14915, August 3 at 0449, OTH radar pulses, presumed from here altho spreading 35 rather than usual 25 kHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also CANADA

** ITALY [non]. 15610, August 3 at 1319, IRRS via ROMANIA, but NOT with Brother Scare! Instead a YL with long report on US drone attacks on Waziristan, including interview clips; must be from a major broadcaster. Initially poor signal losing out to noise level at 1325; 1327 possibly mentioned UN Radio (which IRRS is known to carry) and a bit of music before becoming JBA at 1328 as all signals were hit by SW fadeout. I see the IRRS schedule at

has still not been updated since 10 June, so doesn`t show Brother Scare at this time, nor any other specific programming even on stream, altho the SW transmission schedule effective July 18 at

does show 13-14 on 15610.

So is BS supposed to be on this hour, or not? Could well be another mistake by the downlink site tuning in the wrong satellite channel, and who cares? The Overcomer Ministry homepage still thinks it`s on 15610 at 1800 UTC! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JORDAN. 11960, Aug 3 at 0455 nice ME music, 0500 ID in Arabic mentions Amman, Urdaniya, Hashemiya, a bit more of music and good signal cut off the air, in truncated legacy SW service, our best chance to hear this country, for only one hour daily (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. 15180, Aug 3 at 1239, VG signal from VOK, mezzo and that quasi-electronic instrument accompaniment with beautiful harmonies, one can enjoy as long as one cannot understand it`s 99% likely she is extoling great/dear leaders and the paradise that is the DPRK. In fact, I preferred this to Martha Garvin`s Musical Memories I could have understood on WWCR 15825, equally good signal but less fading and less harmonious (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTNEING DIGEST)

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. 9650 via CANADA, Aug 3 at 1243, KBS World Radio ending Let`s Learn Korean segment concluding `Seoul Calling`, so I am finally prepared to hear their Wednesday traditional music show from the beginning, `Sounds of Korea`: begins with flute and drum playing peasant love song; narratress explains and names the instruments, but I really can`t understand the details. CCI from KOREA NORTH direct not too bad today and minimised by listening on the insensitive DX-390 breakfast table radio using whip/rod antenna only. I feared transmission would cut off conclusion as program kept going past 1258, but wrapped up just in time for 1259* with two notes of RCI IS, without any time for formal KBS sign-off. During semiminute break before Sackville back on different beam, 268 to 240 degrees, for 9650 CRI relay, the RNW IS via Tinang could be heard even on the DX-390 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA [and non]. 7245, Aug 3/Ram 3 at 0447 UT, weak carrier squeezed between 7240 DW English via Rwanda, and 7250 Vatican French; could IGIM be on this early? After Rwanda closed, at 0504 Mauritania definitely on 7245 with usual chanting, early for Ramadan. Still need to look for it in the deep-night 01-04 UT period; however Aoki shows the competition:

7245 0210-0400 RUS Novosibirsk R. Sakha Yak Yakutsk 23456 = M-F

7245 0200-0600 TJK VOICE OF TAJIK Tajik, Persian Dushanbe-Orza daily.

Powers? HFCC shows only 5 kW for Sakha, 100 for Dush, both non-direxional (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MOROCCO. 15345+, August 2 at 2132, IMM is still on, Arabic atop usual het from weaker Argentina on lo side, so post-DST schedule has indeed shifted one UT hour later as expected. 2156 Arabic music vs het; now both are stronger. 2200 no timesignal, YL in Arabic, sounder, presumed news starts until modulation stops after 2202 and carrier cut at 2202:39* uncovering ARGENTINA, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. 11800, Aug 3 at 0455, good signal with vocal music, percussion and string instrument. HFCC coyly lists as ``non-specific`` Babcock at 04-05, 250 kW, 125 degrees from Rampisham to CIRAF 47E and 48NW --- a roundabout way of referring to Sudan. Aoki is more explicit as Sudan Radio Service to Darfur in Arabic, daily except Fridays. This is a much better option for us now than mornings on 16m, but apparently disincludes any English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. 15225 & 15305, looking for the RTI 15265 spurs heard 24 hours earlier, not today Aug 3 1315, tho fundamental was still audible with het, and Firedrake from CHINA, e.g. 15900 was VG before the SW fadeout (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TATARSTAN [non]. 15110, Aug 3 at 0445, lo-fi talk in language, seems some Russian influence, fading S6 to S9+5. Presumed R. Tatarstan via Samara, RUSSIA at 0410-0500 with carrier on up to 20 minutes earlier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** ANGUILLA. 6090 and 11775 continue to be absent for about a week, whenever checked on August 3-4. On August 4, George McClintock, consulting engineer and frequency manager for Caribbean Beacon explains, ``A new antenna curtain (wire portion of the antenna) is being installed. Salt air causes problems for the antenna over a long period of time. No transmitter problem`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BELGIUM [non]. 17750-17755-17760, Aug 3 at 2014, NO DRM noise; TDP Disco Palace is scheduled and usually blasting away from 20 to 22 via Guiana French; presumably an anomaly, but needs rechecking (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. 21580, August 4 at 0536 CCI between two stations in Chinese, producing SAH, poor signals but at least propagating into the nightmiddle, i.e. R. Free Asia via TINIAN, and CNR1 jamming from who knows where dentro-China (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 5770-5840, OTH radar pulses, presumed from here,, August 4 at 1131, fortunately avoiding GUAM, q.v., but not MYANMAR.

6780 and 6870, peaks of rather wideband OTH radar pulses, Aug 4 at 1142 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake August 4, before 1200:

13920, poor at 1150; none higher

13130, poor at 1150

12600, fair at 1151

12270, fair at 1151

10300, good at 1153

Before 1230:

14720, very good at 1230, not 14700; none up to 18 MHz

12900, very good at 1224; none in the 13`s

12500, very good at 1224

12270, very good at 1224

Before 1300:

15545, fair at 1252 // 14720 good

16160, poor at 1254, rather than usual 16100 (note: I make complete bandscans, so I will not miss any new frequencies like this, rather than just check previously logged channels)

18180, very poor at 1256; none in the 17`s

After 1330:

10300, poor at 1345

14720, good at 1341

14950, good at 1341

15970, fair with flutter at 1335; 15670 no FD but CNR1 jam flutter

16100, good with flutter at 1337, ex-16160 above before 1300


** CUBA [non]. 7210-LSB, Aug 4 at 1215, Nelson, N1NR in Pennsylvania discussing Columbus` voyages and hurricanes, with another SS in Georgia who must not be a totally native speaker from the way he pronounces Bermuda. For once, not anti-Castro rants! Tho still related to Cuba. Weak broadcast carrier was not enough; had to engage own BFO (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 13945-13970, OTH radar pulses, presumed from here, August 4 at 0532; 17640-17660 at 1310, bothering mainly 17650, which I should have paid more attention to, as nothing is scheduled there during this semihour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 5765-USB, Aug 4 at 1131, AFN with several minutes on Casey Anthony attributed to NBC; not // MSNBC, and can`t check NBC as local KFOR-27 is in own news until 1200. However, at 1137, handover to Al Roker working the crowd prior to too-brief national weather summary, so it must be soundtrack of the `Today` show, new for AFN at this time? What about NPR `Morning Edition` which I think used to be aired at 10-12? (At 1045 Aug 3, Jerry Lenamon in TX was hearing MSNBC`s `The Last Word` on 5765-USB, apparently on 10-hour delay.) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA for more AFN

** GUATEMALA. 4055, Aug 4 at 1123, not even a carrier yet from R. Verdad, but one detectable in high noise level at 1138. For better DX results in maximum darkness, RV really ought to sign on at the scheduled time of 1100. We are now in a perfect grayline situation, Enid sunrise at 1141, Chiquimula at 1142 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY [non]. 15610, IRRS via Tiganeshti, ROMANIA, Aug 4 at 1308 very poor but heard a bit of music unlike anything from The Overcomer Ministry; however, by 1322 the dulcet hoarseness of Brother Scare could be recognized, altho not // or at least not synchro with 9385 WWRB. 24 hours earlier on 15610, it was not BS but UN Radio or something. 1334 check, not even a carrier audible despite scheduled 13-14 UT. Unlikely another SW fadeout as Bulgaria was still in fairly well on 15700 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MALAYSIA [and non]. 6049.6, Aug 4 at 1140, music and talk stronger than het from HCJB 6050.0, presumed Asyik FM on its off-frequency today. Usually HCJB dominates (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 7245, checking earlier in the night whether IGIM is expanded to 24h for Ramadan: Aug 4 at 0251 there is a poor signal, man talking continuously in Arabish, but can`t be sure it`s not Tajikistan as also scheduled, which would be in Tajik at 02-04, then Farsi at 04-06. Next check at 0416, sounds the same but weaker. Propagationally, Mauritania would have the advantage if on. By 0519, Nouakchott is certainly active with its characteristic monotonous chanting --- no, at least bitonous if not tritonous (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 9795, Aug 4 at 1156, RNW closing hour in Indonesian with satellite info, website, good signal here despite aiming 200 degrees from Tinang, PHILIPPINES (opposite = 20 degrees, close); 1157 to open carrier featuring crackles for a couple minutes, instead of English filler (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. 17510, sufficient Aug 4 at 1144, RRI with `Living Romania` program, nevertheless starting with item about Denmark border controls, // weaker 17670, azimuths 307 and 165 resp. I was expecting to rehear the great folk music show `Skylark` which was on the previous Thursday at 1145-1152; shux. Not squeezed in later, as 1154 Enescu competition promo (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. 9725, fair Aug 4 at 1207, YL tonal 8-digit Chinese syllables, presumed numbers, from Star-Star (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7415 not, but checking WBCQ stream, Wednesday August 3 at 2129 I am hearing two audios mixing: Amos `n` Andy, `n` somethin` in Spanish for a few sex, sounds like Dino Bloise with `Frecuencia al Día`. Presumably the same happened on 7415. Both audios stop at the same time, 2130 into unnamed show of amateur lo-fi singing of pop oldies. I`ve heard it before elsewhen on WBCQ, but what show is it?

O, it must be: `Goddess Irina 1 Music Show`, which per still outdated 7415 schedule is supposed to be at 2330 on Tuesdays:

Her website in Western [sic] Samoa? including her portrait and spacey art also implies Tuesdays 2330:

Her ``Sunshine and Blue Skies`` CD playlist includes as second item, ``Bridge Over Troubled Water [sic]``, which I heard at 2135. WBCQ program may very well have just been playing that CD, which would explain lack of title, announcements.

The 7415 schedule still shows WORLD OF RADIO Wednesdays at 2130 as well as the true time, Thursdays 2130. As for `Frecuencia al Día`, it was regularly on WBCQ for a while, then apparently got lost in the shuffle of schedule changes. It`s still not listed at any time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1576 monitoring. First airing on WRMI 9955 webcast confirmed at 0330 UT Thursday August 4. Further WRMI times: Thu 1500, 2100, Fri 0500, 1430, Sat 0800, 1500, 1730, Sun 0800, 1530, 1730.

A day before the 0500 airing, Aug 4 at 0528, 9955 had Jeff & Thaïs in Spanish, ergo `Viva Miami` with no jamming audible. More WOR times:

WTWW: Thu 2100 9479, UT Sun 0400 5755

WBCQ: Thu 2130 7415, UT Mon 0300v 5110v-CUSB

WWRB: UT Fri 0330v 5051

WRN via SiriusXM 120: Sat & Sun 1730, Sun 0830

All also with webcasts. Full schedule including many other webcasts:


** U S A. 7881.0-USB, Aug 4 at 0523, I run across a broadcast, not a 2-way, soon obviously AFN instead of on 7811! Somebody`s finger at Saddlebunch slipped on the frequency pad, but if it`s 24/7, why would they ever be punching in a frequency?    

Series of typical short features and PSAs, including Dave Ross(?) on CBS Radio Network; 0524 `Soundbite`, 0525 Dan --- with `Today, August 4, in Rock History`, etc. Some het from a weak carrier on 7880, which must be wondering, what the ---?

Next check at 1226, still not corrected and on 7881, not NPR `Morning Edition`, but // 12133.5 with more short features, 1228 PSA on UCMJ, 1229 `Air Force Report` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also GUAM

** BELGIUM [non]. 17750-17755-17760, August 4 at 2026, DRM noise is rampant, TDP Radio via GUIANA FRENCH, while it was missing earlier in the same hour on August 3 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. Following sporadic E opening from Denver to the NW on 11m, see USA, I turn on TV and see the MUF is up to channel 4 from further in the same direxion, August 4, UT:

2037 on 3, `Doctor Phil` --- signal is so steady and weak that at first I fear it`s cable or VCR radiation. It`s // KOCO-7 OKC, but not synchro and without the big KOCO-5 bug in the LR. Fades are gradually down and up, unlike the rapid fading and heavy CCI earlier in the summer season. Mostly no audio with inadequate MUF above video carrier, but surges at 2035 during local break to hear a promo for a ceremony to honor ``fallen heroes in Saskatoon``. At 2038 back to Dr Phil, but KOCO has cut away for ``Sky 5 Live`` above a wildfire near OKC.

Anyhow this 3 is surely CFQC-TV-1 in Stranraer, full-power relay of CFQC channel 8 in Saskatoon, as received a number of times in past years. At 2108 it`s Oprah on 3, and still // but not synchro with KOCO-7, interviewing supermodels. (If I were one, I would be embarrassed to be called that; no chance, tho; and by ``embarrassed`` I do not mean pregnant.)

Plugging in a Saskatoon postal code to zap2it, S7M 5V7 found for a radio station in the WRTH, another of its multitude of uses, gets the schedules for CFQC et al., confirming Phil and Oprah at 2 and 3 pm CST.

2039 on 2, cooking show. Maybe segment in same show as next on 4?

2045 on 4, talk show about sex when audio briefly infades, think I see a CBC pizza on the set wall. Sex one of the topics listed for today`s `Steven and Chris` show on CBC at 2-3 pm CST. However, ``about`` was pronounced à l`américaine, not canadienne, so is this an import? Never heard of it in the US.

Probably CBKT-1, 100 kW in Moose Jaw (né CHAB-TV), but there is also a 17 kW CBC relay in Greenwater Lake, CBKST-11. At 2100 now a cooking show and I can see a CBC bug in LR. Steady signal, but mostly not reaching audio. Fits nicely with scheduled `Best Recipes Ever` on CBK stations; too bad this was gone by 2138 when ``22 minutes`` airs, the news parody show. 2107 saw some rabbit ears, probably a DTV-conversion warning PSA.

2209 on 2, Rogers Cup promo from CBC. If we are still in Saskatchewan, there are two medium-power CBC relays; perhaps more likely CKSA-TV on the border with Alberta at Lloydminster, which despite being private is a CBC affiliate, and overpowered at 116 kW. No, CKSA is offset zero while I was seeing offset plus or minus, and both the SK stations are +. So per it is either:

Cypress Hills SK CBCP-TV-2 6.750 274.60 +dH 49-39-25.00N 109-30-48.00W R-OP CBKT (9 CBC) via CBCP-1 (7)


Spiritwood SK    CBKST-13 21.100 163.60 +dH 53-12- 5.00N 107-30-53.00W R-OP CBKST (11 CBC) via CBKST-9 (5)

2227 on 5, MUF briefly shoots up to video here sufficient to spot CBC bug in LR. As usual, too many options, four in SK and two in AB.

2257 on 2, mostly gone with occasional signs of signals. During most of this period same antenna was also feeding DTV converter on channel 2, but as usual, no sign of anything from the USA (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15385, August 4 at 1914, KJES NM with ``Santa María`` praise music, by pros instead of kids, VG S9+20 with Es help. Modulation a bit rough and then fade music to tell a Jesus story in Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15825, August 4 at 1915, WWCR is extremely strong with sporadic-E enhancement, S9+22 estimated on FRG-7 meter, which is about the most any non-local signal can register --- and the squeal is again being heard, not too bad but certainly audible under kid with poor dixion singing an old song reminding us of a ``Little Orphan Annie`` poem, ``[something] will get you if you don`t watch out``, ``control that lower lip``, evidently a morality lesson. July program schedule still posted shows at 1915-1930 M-F, `Daily Story Time`.

Also splattering plus/minus 45 kHz, and the spurs just below 15810 and just above 15840 are clearly audible with // modulation. Of course, all these get worse, the stronger the fundamental signal, but previous strong signals did not audiblize the squeal. Instead of fixing WWCR-1, they might have swapped another transmitter, now back to the original. The -1, -2, -3, -4 designations don`t necessarily apply to specific transmitters, but instead program/frequency/antenna/transmission services which really could be routed thru any of the transmitters (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 20000 had WWV short-skipping in by sporadic-E, so a good time to tune up to 31 MHz. Nothing much on 15 or 12 m hambands, a bit on 10m including on 28430-USB a W-zero working W3s, and:

On 25950 at 1923 August 4 I come to an NBFM signal copiable by slope detexion with adstring, fading up from nothing to S9+5 peaks. I bet it`s the KOA remote unit in Denver, commonly heard further away at moe favorable skip distances than mine, less than 500 miles. Includes ``your Bronco station,``, ``Colorado, the hail capital`` from a roofer, and several others.

I bet it`s during Rush Limbaugh: yes, back he came at 1926, so I quickly tune on to avoid puking. I should have logged all the advertisers in order to boycott them the next time I am in CO. Quick check again at 1941, but signal is gone by now. I can`t find any previous log by me of this, certainly not in the last biyear. Wasted a lot of time searching DX and official sources for the proper callsign of this unit without any luck. Probably is three letters plus three numbers. The ham at KOA who QSLed some others did not even mention what it really is.

Next check at 2127, it`s back in ad break of some other far-right show by now. Meanwhile I was getting Saskatchewan on TV; see CANADA (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 12050, Aug 4 at 1945, tune across WEWN in Spanish to hear ``por su dolorosa pasión`` repeated over and over by unxuous announcer, alternating with caller repeating over and over ``ten misercordia de nosotros del mundo entero``. After more than a minute announcer finally put an end to this nonsense with ``Amen.``

Tuning across WEWN 7555/11870 in the nightmiddle, chances are at least 50-50 that you will hear the very same phrases, in the `Paz a la luz de la luna en vivo desde Miami` program UT Tue-Sat at 04-06. There are at least three different Spanish schedules, but this one appears only on the SW one at

While another live call-in program M-F at 19-20 is ``Jesús en ti confío EN VIVO``, apparently from the same source, same host (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1576 monitoring: confirmed on WTWW 9479, Thursday August 4 at 2100, VG signal. Confirmed on WRMI webcast after 1500 and 2100 Aug 4; inaudible on 9955 at 2127 check tho no jamming. WBCQ 7415 not audible either, but confirmed on webcast after 2130. Next chance: UT Friday 0330v on WWRB 5051. Also on ACB Radio Mainstream webcasts 2-hourly from 0100 UT Friday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. Checking R. Tirana, during very poor propagation August 6:

at 0028 on 7425, national anthem, 0029 IS, 0030 off as scheduled. Could not hear 9860 for 0030 English to confirm whether both Shijak transmitters are back in use. At 0144, 7425 back on for English but still very poor with flutter, just making out the IS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, Friday August 5 at 1247 and a few later chex, still zero from LRA36, to end another week of silence from the deep-frozen Base Esperanza (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. Minor correxion to previous report of CFQC-TV-1: Aug 4 tune-in was at 2031 UT, not 2037 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake August 5, before 1200:

10300, at 1156 I am hearing some very poor Chinese talk, no FD! Presumably a rare catch of Sound of Hope itself

12270, fair at 1157

12500, fair at 1157

13130, very poor at 1158

14720, very poor at 1158

15800, very poor at 1159-1200*

Did not get above 16 MHz before 1200 hiatus, if any

Before & after 1230:

14950, poor at 1228; none higher

14720, very poor at 1228; none in 13`s or 12`s

11545, fair at 1234, 1246; yes, 11545, not 15545. Aoki has nothing on 11545 to jam, but Tajikistan with SOH on 11550 at 1200-1230, 11555 at 1230-1300. Probably had jumped down another 5

11500, see UNIDENTIFIED; none in the 10`s

After 1330:

14720, very poor at 1334; none in the 11`s, 12`s or 13`s; unlike:

14950, very good at 1334

15295, very poor at 1336; Aoki shows vs V. of Tibet 15292 at 1330-1401

16100, very good at 1337


** GUAM [and non]. 9910, August 5 at 1147, unison reading of something in Chinese, Bible? With constant het on hi side less than 1 kHz, still same at 1210, and have also noticed it previous mornings. Scheduled is KTWR in Chinese at 1100-1230 except Saturdays. So is it ChiCom jamming or an unfortunate collision with a ute? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 7245, August 5 at 0142, checking earlier than before for IGIM, and before Tajikistan is supposed to open at 0200, yes, there is a poor signal here, with flutter, and similar programming to previous overnights --- two fellows now conversing in Arabish. So I am more convinced that IGIM has expanded to 24 hours for Ramadan. But the signal is much better later, as at 0522 in chanting altho with ACI from 7250 Vatican (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. 12120, August 5 at 1332, 6-pip timesignal two minutes late makes it thru the RTTY QRM, apparently emanating from FEBC Bocaue in Burmese at 1330 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 12150, August 5 at 1256, VOA English has been sufficient during this hour, now concluding with about a killer asteroid coming in 2036y. That took only a sesquiminute, still leaving time for a USG Editorial at 1257.6, on Guinea, Ivory Coast and a third African country holding free elexions; Is due west from Tinang, PHILIPPINES; signal drops after 1300 switch to 349 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7811-USB, August 5 at 0141 UT check, AFN Saddlebunch Keys is back on proper frequency after having been on mispunched 7881-USB for at least 20 hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, UT Friday August 5 at 0507, WORLD OF RADIO 1576 in progress, readable at peaks over the pulse-jamming, then fading below it plus T-storm noise level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Hey, what happened to the robot at the USCG marine weather stations? 8502-USB, Aug 5 at 0524 it`s clearly a live human man reciting the geo coordinates and millibars, also mentions National Hurricane Center. There is background noise which surges a bit during pauses, modulation is not so distorted as it used to be, and // 6501-USB. If this schedule is still correct,

showing some frequencies are time-shared by different stations, at 0515 UT on 8502 it`s NMG New Orleans, and at 0515 UT on 6501, it`s NMN Chesapeake. So they are supposed to be // from the same announcer? 6501 is also scheduled at other times from NMC Pt Reyes and NMO Honolulu (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 9665.1, August 6 at 0543 harp music (Paraguayan?), 0545 Brazilian announcements, i.e. 10 kW ZYE890, R. Voz Missionária, Camboriú SC, poorly audible tho registering S9+15. Propagation disturbance had wiped out most signals, but this and some other Brazilians were weakly audible, 9645.3, 9565 mixed with offtime Cuban jamming, 9586.3 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake August 6, found only these in full bandscans 10-18 MHz following G3 geomagnetic storms, K-index at 12 being 3:

10300, fair at 1225, good at 1258; JBA at 1336

12980, poor at 1227 and 1258


** ALBANIA. 7425, UT Sunday Aug 7 at 0144, R. Tirana IS, 0145 complete English schedule gobbling up 2 minutes of this 12-minute broadcast. OMG, she is still saying the 1845 and 2000 transmissions are on 13640. Didn`t I confirm that they had changed the announcement to match reality of 13735 when that switch was made a few months ago? Everything is announced by YL Klara, who I have some trouble understanding, but much better than the Serb on IRS. 0147 `News from Albania` starting with something about China. 0152 talk about aquaculture; 0156 ``have a nice weekend, goodbye from Albania``, theme and cut off the air at 0157:20*. SINPO 45444, but readability would not rate more than a 3 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. 9490, Aug 7 at 0014, R. República via RMI via Sackville, CANADA, strong and steady signal well atop the wall-of-noise jamming, quoting Mahatma Gandhi, ID, and later in hour some kind of awards ceremony for Cuban exiles. Is Sat/Sun 23-02 Sun/Mon only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. If it`s DW, it can`t be from Germany, so whence are these two roughly equally fair signals only a reverb apart at 0011 August 7 with `Das Magazin`?

12070 is 250 kW, 280 degrees from RWANDA

12050 is 250 kW, 275 degrees from PORTUGAL

HFCC shows both with exactly the same partial CIRAF targets,

10N,10SE,11S,11NW,12N,12SW = Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and South American coastal countries from Venezuela to Peru. Perhaps I missed it, but seems that Rwanda had not been deliberately targeted across the Atlantic, tho it obviously worx well. It already has plenty of antennas like the 280 originally intended for part of Africa. Sines, Portugal site was set up for Europe and Africa, but now it`s aiming west too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Sporadic E reached ch 2 from the south, August 6, UT:

1702 on 2, first signs of CCI; 1703 on 2, Azteca-7 bug UR with 32 degrees and 12:03 clock, mostly ads; two or three stations mixing but the A-7 dominant; at 1731 the 7 bug again with 33 degrees at 12:31 clock; 1740 still not exceeding channel 2; 1800 weakening; 1812 back stronger at 1:12 and 33 degrees: UL says EN VIVO and some other word below it; soccer ball bug in LR; interviewing fans in crowd. 1815 gone; 1823 back with net-7 promo. INFO 7 in LL, promo for it lunes a viernes a 5:55 am. Very likely XHTAU, Tampico.

1824 on 2, brief bit of English about Casey Anthony, very likely XHRIO, Matamoros, then right back to Azteca-7 fútbol interviews.

1845 on 3, MUF finally creeps up a bit to recognize a net-5 bug UR, but shortly later opening is done (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SERBIA [non]. It`s another Saturday night and nothing to watch on public TV since everything is pre-empted by an OETA begathon, so another good chance to check IRS on 9685, which a few weeks ago we caught with an unscheduled English broadcast at 0100 UT Sunday. Tune-in 0058 Aug 7 to music only, too late to hear if there was any English from 0030; 0100 frequencies announced in Serbian, and IS several times. 0101 YL starts talking, and I am at a loss for some time to decide whether she is speaking English or Serbian: her dixion, accent and mike presence make her virtually incomprehensible.

Maybe it`s news; at 0105 a pause with music and straining to copy with headphones, I do hear ``International Radio of Serbia, stay tuned, stay tuned, stay tuned`` a few more times. But I tune away frustrated at 0111. Back at 0115 there is music whose lyrix I don`t expect to understand anyway; 0119 another less incomprehensible YL announces about someone winning a music festival, and more music. 0128 an OM signs off giving frequencies only, not times! 0129 a few IS variations and off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Heard a promo this morning reminding me of this weird show, `Desde el Infierno` (From Hell), so I made a point of intuning UT Sunday August 7 at 0015. 9535 was best, also audible on 11680, 9620 under Cuba, and weakened 15160. Spooky music, much of it Ligeti-esque and narration to give you nightmares (2-3 am locally). Here`s one program that might benefit from DRM, if it`s working, on 9625-9635 via Costa Rica.

The last 81 shows (except this and previous week`s) are audible via

so you can hear what I mean at your convenience. Explained as 0005 UT Sundays on REE,

Presentado por: Luis G. Chapinal --- "Desde el Infierno es un programa que procede de las entrañas de la oscuridad, donde encontramos criaturas malignas como vampiros y licántropos. En este espacio se revisan sombras cinematográficas y narraciones extraordinarias pertenecientes a los grandes creadores del género... Lovecraft. Poe, Stevenson, H.G. Wells"

0052 Sr. Chapinal starts wrapping it up until next week with e-mail address but the music continued until 0056 program promos. BTW, I was on indoor antenna this evening due to threat of thunder tho little was heard electronically or sonically (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WWCR has finally updated its transmitter schedule,

dated effective from August 6 --- or has it? Still shows WWCR-4 as 24 hours on 5890 or 9980, contrary to latest `Ask WWCR` explanation, and we have found 9980 off the air before 1400, and Saturday August 6 it was off before 2100, altho on weekdays it had been running until 2100 with something other than Brother Scare in the final hour.

The program schedule, however, backdated August 1, does show current usage of WWCR-4:

Brother Scare:  daily 0500-1100 on 5890 (except UT Sunday from 0400)

               daily 1400-2000 on 9980 (except Sunday until 2100)

Other programs: 9980 Mon-Fri 2000-2100, Tue-Sat 0100-0200

               5890 UT Sunday 0230-0400

We were checking the site to reconfirm that the signal on 7465, August 7 at 0017, open carrier except for a big squeal, was indeed WWCR-1, scheduled until 0100, and then 7520 for an hour at 01-02 before starting 3215 at 02. The 7520 station before 01 with poor signal and gospel huxter in English is WYFR (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. After listening to R. Tirana on 7425, I find that 7415 is on the air with WBCQ, UT Sunday August 7 at 0158; Allan Weiner and friend are discussing early color TV and how it works, TK41 cameras new cost $60,000, etc. Same continued past 0200 without a break. Probably was a playback of `Allan Weiner Worldwide` from Friday night. The last we heard, WBCQ was totally off the 7415 air Saturdays-UT Sundays and the online program schedule still shows nothing between UT Saturday and 1900 Sunday since `QSO with Ted Randall` pulled out. Brother Scare is still shown as 00-03 UT the other six nights a week. Only fair signal in summer storm noise level; 9330 is always better (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. 13625, August 8 at 1433, no signal from R. Tirana again this Monday, scheduled English to NAm, but nothing else from Europe propagating either on this band. Is one of the two Shijak transmitters still down? Only one of them is scheduled at this time, anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ARGENTINA [and non]. 15344+, August 7 at 2003, het with dominant MOROCCO is higher-pitched than usual. This fits with Chuck Bolland`s Florida measurement of RAE on 15344.168 a sesquihour later at 2132-2145 August 7.

I was checking this because in SW Bulletin, Christer Brunström in Sweden had reported RAE on approx. 15505, August 4 at 2100, ``obviously problem with the transmitter on 15345 kHz. It was difficult to measure the exact frequency``. Nothing audible around 15505 here. The questions are:

When CB heard 15505, was it also on 15344v, or instead of that? And, did RAE finally get the message to try a different frequency, altho nothing so far away from 15345 is necessary? Let`s all keep an ear on 15505, and also around 15185 in case there be a matching spur.

6060, August 8 at 0954, RAE IS mixing and producing lo het with wacky wailing Brasilian gospel-huxter David Miranda, i.e. ZYE726, SRDA Curitiba which a few minutes earlier was in the clear (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake August 8:

12980, poor at 1230; no others found including 10300

After 1310: none found 18-12 MHz

After 1330:

14950, fair at 1340; none up to 19 MHz

14720, good at 1341

12980, good at 1342; none in the 13`s, 11`s or 10`s

After 1400:

none from 12 to 18 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 9790, August 8 at 0435, CRI Chinese relay is on one of the squealing transmitters, like 13740 in the mornings; also undermodulated.

Wall-of-noise jamming check August 8 at 0942: on 9805 vs Martí, 9955 vs WRMI; before 1000 also found on 6030 & 5980 vs Martí, 5955 vs República, the last replaced by 9965 after 1000. Martí audio could be heard only on 6030.

At 0930-1000 six days a week, WRMI has R. Eslovaquia Internacional, and on Sundays another program in English, so has Cuba something against Slovakia, like gaining its freedom, becoming non- and post-Communist? More likely stupid incompetence in scheduling jamming.

6050, August 8 at 0955, HCJB in indigenous language is no longer blocked at this hour by RHC which for its own reasons quit all-night broadcasting, but Cuba is still jamming it tnx to bleedover from the roar on 6030, pulsing heard on 6050.

7320, August 8 at 1008, VG signal on AM with cut number tones in code, Cuban spy transmission, probably on regular Monday schedule (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUIANA FRENCH. 15515, August 8 at 1233, RFI`s Spanish service, 250 kW, 295 degrees to eastern Mexico and Caribbean is supposed to end at 1230, but transmitter still on with RFI Musique, nice variety of generally soft pop music, mostly in French and English, including ``Smooth Operator`` by Sade a few minutes later: (Wiki: Helen Folasade Adu OBE (born 16 January 1959; better known as Sade)), which I am told is pronounced Shar-day.

Kept a receiver on 15515 to hear how long this overtime would last from laissez-faire TDF Montsinéry opérateurs/opératrices. 1300 had 4-pip timesignal 6 seconds late; usual occasional IDs in French, English, Spanish but no music announcements. Still going at 1308, 1335, finally cut off abruptly at 1344:18*, a 75-minute bonus. We`ve caught them running way past 1230 before. I haven`t heard of any new strike prompting more musique even filling the Spanish time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 7245, August 8 at 0439 singing rather than chanting, presumed IGIM on extended Ramadan schedule, squeezed by stronger 7240 DW English via Rwanda and 7250 Vatican in French (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6185, August 8 at 0959, XEPPM is playing the national anthem at unusual hour, just before 5 am local; usually happens at 6 am and midnight (and sometimes noon and 6 pm?). 1000 full ID for XEEP 1060 with 100 kW, internet, and SW 6185 with tabla and sitar background, more station promotion, then into unannounced modern classical music; still totally without QRM at 1015 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Fitful sporadic E occasionally visiblized some channel 2 analog DX from the south, UT August 8 from around 0000, bits now and then. Or slow Perseids might be in play around now.

0138 on 2, +V promo, i.e. Más Visión from XEWO-TV, Guadalajara. In and out quickly.

0147 on 2, Acuvue commercial, // but not synched with KOKH-24, `Fox 25` in OKC, i.e. XHRIO-TV Matamoros, soon gone.

0155 on 2 from SW, bug in UR with 37 degrees, a blob to the right of it I have guessed is a cloud, but on Danny Oglethorpe`s photo it looks more like a sun; below that the word CANAL. I can`t see the the word TU before it since it`s in a darker shade. And below that, MDT=CST clock at 7:55, so everything fits for XEPM-TV, Ciudad Juárez, Chihua2 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

All items after 2300 UT August 8 in this report were during 20+ hour AC outage caused by storm downing powerlines [see OKLAHOMA]. Receivers used on batteries, and antennas:

DX-398 and indoor random wire until 0050 UT August 9

DX-398 and short random wire outside on porch until 0210 UT

DX-398 and regular outside 100+foot random wire E-W until 1330 UT

FRG-7 and regular outside 100+foot random wire E-W after 1330

The local logs were on other convenient receivers not requiring external antennas; other MW on DX-398 with internal antenna.

Noise levels were lessened by silencing all the household devices and nearby powerlines; however, by 0205 UT we were hearing some line noise again and could see lights on in adjacent blox. The T-storm noise moved on quickly and was not much of a problem by then.

** ALBANIA. 7425, August 9 at 0140, English announcement and some classical music. 0142 a talk about climate. 0143 outro English broadcast, IS, 0145 theme and re-sign-on in English, again with wrong frequency 13640 instead of 13735 for 1845 and 2000 in complete English schedule, a frequency apparently off the air anyway at present. R. Tirana is supposed to be off the air until 0145-0200 English transmission, but there it was, either turned on too early, or with additional repeat at 0130-0145? Previously have found the webcast filled with more plays of the English broadcasts between the SW ones. Checked next night, Aug 10 at 0135, 7425 not on.

13625, August 9 at 1427 past 1430, again no signal from R. Tirana. Wolfgang Büschel explained August 8:

``TX #1 is down since August 1st, connected mostly on antennas S-10 and S-15.

TX #2 can't be connected to the 13 MHz antenna "S-15" I guess; the Shijak antenna matrix is amateurish, I guess and not flexible to connect to all 15 antennas.

TX #2 is mostly connected to "S-01 and S-08" which are in use AT PRESENT`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. 2310, 2325, 2485, Aug 9 at 1142 just two minutes before sunrise here was able to detect carriers at least from the VL8s, but no 2368.5; tnx to lowered noise level in power outage (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST0

** BRAZIL. 15190, August 9 at 0054 classical music, same time as heard months ago from R. Inconfidência; temporary local low noise level tnx to power outage, but still a poor signal, and nothing audible for a minute or two, perhaps just low passage in music. 0059 clear Portuguese outro, ``obrigado``, more classical, mentions Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais, 0101 Segunda-feira, nossa senhora. 0150 still in with Brazilian talk, abraços, Clara Nunes cantando `Juízo Final`; 0156 singer sounds like Carlos Gardel. 0200 TC for ``onze horas, Inconfidência, chegando, noticias, p`ra você, --- Inconfidência Notícias``. 0347 still audible with music but much weaker; is it on all-night? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 11815, August 9 at 0342, RBC live announcer with ``boa madrugada de Terça-feira, até 5 horas da manhã``; weak but clear.

11925, August 9 at 0343, presumed R. Bandeirantes also audible aside 11920 Iran (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. RCI`s manager may have stated a policy of no longer emphasising immigration matters, but as I tuned across `The Link` sometime between 20 and 21 UT August 8 on 15235, 15330 and/or 17735, they were talking about the Punjabi community in Vancouver, or some such. Am not convinced (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [non]. 15125, August 9 at 1515, fair signal with some jazz catches my ear, with YL singer, so VOA? No, into report by Lynn Desjardins on relations between Brasil and Canada. Well, well, another chance to hear RCI in English since it deleted a 1500 broadcast to the USA! Albeit rather indirectly, since 15-16 is scheduled as 500 kW, 212 degrees from Wulumuchi, EAST TURKISTAN to S Asia (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 4940, August 9 at 1150, fair signal with song in Chinese, the best 60m signal from Asia, i.e. V. of Strait, which 5 days and 22 minutes earlier was only a weak carrier and bits of modulation; tnx to lower noise level today with the power off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 17505, August 9 at 1205, poor signal seems Tagalog talking about Philippines; yes, CRI in Filipino per Aoki, 145 degrees from Xian. Not a signal one would expect here in the morning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENNING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake, August 9, before 1330:

16980, very good at 1322

15970, very poor at 1322

15425, good at 1318 plus buzz, more jamming?

15280, poor at 1318

14950, very good at 1323

14720, good at 1323

13970, very good at 1325

13795, good at 1324, unusual one; Aoki says RFA Tibetan via Kuwait

[this was not a full scan as too tedious on 5-kHz steps with DX-398; but checked the regular 12`s and none found, but:]

11500, some very poor talk, not FD at 1325; none in the 10`s

[after this I switched to the FRG-7 on its battery pack, 8 x D-cells best used by January 2007 but whew, still not leaking]

Before 1400:

14950, very good at 1345

14720, very good at 1343

13970, very good at 1345

13795, fair at 1345

12025, very poor at 1355 under CNR1 jamming but // 14950

Before 1430:

15780, very good at 1424

14720, fair at 1425; none in the 16`s, 13`s or 12`s


** CUBA. Thanks to power outage here, several DentroCuban Jamming Command harmonics not normally audible could be heard August 9:

17670, Aug 9 at 0012, lite pulse jamming aside 17675 DRM from NZ, i.e. 5890 x 3 vs VOA Spanish; still at 0052. First time to hear this one

18090, Aug 9 at 0013, same as 17670 but a bit stronger, 6030 x 3 vs R. Martí; still at 0052

12060, Aug 9 at 0058, pulse jamming, some fades, 6030 x 2 vs R. Martí; still there at 1134

11960, August 9 at 1134, pulse jamming, 5980 x 2 vs R. Martí

11910, Aug 9 at 0058, pulse jamming like 12060, but this one is 5955 x 2 vs R. República 5954v; first time heard, I think (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. From 01 to 05 UT, RHC English is supposed to be on 6000 and 6050 only, but UT August 9 it was also on a better, clearer frequency, 11760, where we have also heard it occasionally after 0500 instead of 6010. 11760 remained on the air in English when checked at: 0103, 0205, 0240, 0338. Hey, Arnie, now you can turn off 6050 and let HCJB have their only SW frequency back. Ha: 24 hours later, August 10 at 0135 check, 11760 is back in Spanish. SNAFU.

13680, August 9 at 1347, RHC`s Pedro is interviewing Alejandrina, apparently new announcer in the Quechua service, who was drawn to Cuba where there is social justice [at the expense of freedom], married a Cuban and produced a Cubo-Peruvian child. Quechua service connects with listeners from Colombia to Chile; Pedro looks forward to better relations with Perú whose new president has been to Cuba thrice.

14880, August 9 at 1344, very poor signal from RHC, never heard here before: yes, // 13780, but not typo for the leapfrog of 13680 over that to 13880. 14880 = leapfrog of 15360 over 15120 another 240 kHz lower, so it and 15120 end by 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 15798-15820+, August 9 at 1321, OTH radar jamming, presumed from here aside WWCR 15825 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 9315, August 9 at 0215, undermodulated English news about Egypt, from R. Cairo. Meanwhile nearby 9305 was as usual horribly overmodulated and distorted in Arabic. At 0251, 9315 still in English, undermodulated about Algeria.

At 0248 found 6270 on air too, undermodulated plus hum/whine in Arabic. Incredibly, ending at 0257:33 was a 5+1 timesignal, Cairo news theme and news (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE [and non]. 9420, August 9 at 0031, Qur`an from IRAN, no sign of V of Greece. John Babbis says this frequency has been missing for some three days; transmitter down? They should have moved somewhere else if can`t get Iran off it for 13 hours a day, usurped 1630-0530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 9560, August 9 at 1400, ID in English from KSDA, ``Adventist World Radio, the Voice of Hope; the following program is in [??] on 9560 kHz``; very poor signal, listed Chinese. Surprised by lack of het from Ethiopia and no R. Australia, but that closes at 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [and non]. 4750, August 9 at 1145, at least two stations, with music and Indonesian talk atop; RRI Makassar, and Bangladesh or China (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9525-, August 9 at 1312 quick check, poor signal from VOI, yet with the recognizable voice of the RRI Banjarmasin guy, a Tuesday fixture; was much better during previous hour in Japanese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN [and non]. 11920, August 9 at 0342, VIRI in English with flutter, rather distorted modulation; 0357 recheck it was covered by ROMANIA, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also GREECE

** KOREA NORTH. 2850, August 9 at 1143 very poor with music; still some lite line noise level from the next block? Where power is on.

5895, August 9 at 1153, noise jamming, not the Cuban kind made up of pulses. Aoki has it but not any target: ``5895 0650-2400 KRE North Korean Jamming Noi 1-7`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. 17725, no signal at all August 9 at 1423 from VOAFTGJ, despite plenty of other 16mb signals in powerless low noise level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MADAGASCAR. 17525, August 9 at 1505, something in Hausa mentioning Nigeria is cutting off and on air as I intune; 1506 stays on long enough to hear VOA jingle. Is 1500-1530, 250 kW, 305 degrees from Madagascar. (When there is a transmitter problem the ops should know about, I tend to file under the site rather than in this case USA [non]) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Bit of Es, CCI on channel 2 from the S to SSW, August 8 at 1724; at 1728 a promo for ``Oaxaca es Nuestra`` but probably federal government or Televisa promo broadcast nationwide, not necessarily directly from Oaxaca (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BOLIVIA [and non]. 6134.8, August 10 at 1039 quite a heterodyne with something on 6135.0; first words I make out are in Portuguese, so presumed R. Aparecida clashing with R. Santa Cruz on the off-frequency? But the other station with music on 6135 goes off at 1041* unlike a Brazilian, and like the nameless Korean clandestine reported by S. Hasegawa.

Then in the clear, RSC has a language lesson presented in Spanish, seems like the other language is Chinese; or Italian? Heard syllables like ``ciao`` but mostly in Spanish, lite musical background. Said ``aprovechemos y valoremos``; 1047 ending les attributed to Instituto Radiofónico Fé y Alegría, ``El Maestro en Casa`` for home-learning. 1048 ID as Radio Santa Cruz and into yippy music.

Strangely enough, Googling did not find right away station`s own website, but FAO has a lot about it at

including a program schedule showing ``El Maestro en Casa - Educación - 6:00 a 7:00 a.m. - Educación formal para adultos - IRFA``

Here`s an article about IRFA which just appeared in the local press:

Seems EMEC is mainly about literacy. Maybe they are teaching Spanish to the Quechua or Aymara accounting for some of the non-Spanish words.

Here`s the IRFA website:

which linx finally to RSC itself:

O no, server can`t be found! Fortunately they are easy to find on 49m (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake August 10:

10300, very good at 1250

12500, good at 1255 with brief audio dropout at 1256; none in the 11`s

14720, poor at 1257

14950, fair at 1257; none in the 15`s

16980, poor at 1259; none in the 17`s or 18`s before 1300

The only time I checked today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 9240-AM, August 10 at 1026, YL 5-digit spy numbers in Spanish, S9+22 but undermodulated. I found this much more interesting than the last thing I just heard from Rod Hembree on 9330 WBCQ.

6000, August 10 at 1104, RHC sign-on frequency announcement is more accurate than the sign-off one circa 0500 with long-gone imaginary frequencies, but it`s still wrong in mentioning only 6000 on this band, while really // better signal on 6150 but undermodulated with squeal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR [and non]. 6050, August 10 at 1102, HCJB good talking about leyes but with slow SAH of about 3 Hz. That strong a SAH ought to bring some audio too but none heard. Perhaps MALAYSIA is on-frequency today, but not modulating? Ron Howard logged Asyik FM today at 1240 on 6050.0 with a 3-minute call to prayer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [non]. 9825, August 10 until 1029*, just caught a few sex of what I thought was a gospel huxter screaming before cut off the air, but uplooked later it must have been some music fill on RFI`s Spanish service scheduled 1000-1030[sic] via GUIANA FRENCH, 250 kW, 305 degrees, one of the registered CIRAF targets including Oklahoma, strangely enough, at 5 am in a minority language; in fact, OK has become an English-only state despite numerous Indian languages, many endangered, i.a.:

Of course, RFI has never condescended to broadcast in English, *ugh* to any part of North America; and hardly even in French! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. 9420, August 10 at 0520, VOG must be back on here after an absence as in previous report: music and talk both sound Greek, but 15630 is too weak to be sure it`s //. Iran presumably starts 9420 at 0530 but unchecked then. John Babbis had 9420 Greece again from 2200 UT Aug 9 past 0200 Aug 10. Wolfgang Büschel agrees that Greece is back on 9420 at 1250 August 10 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055, August 10 at 1106, R. Verdad is already on talking about Jesús, and better signal than it usually has closer to sunrise (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6185, August 10 at 1101, Radio Educación is running over again, past nominal 6 am closedown, guy talking about a pueblo, and with a SAH, from Asia? Probably China Huayi as in Aoki but missing from HFCC along with XEPPM, just a wooden Malaysian entry. If XE is not off before 1130, it will be blasted away by NHK in Russian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Channel 2, signs of weak analog video from the south when I turned on August 10 at 1430 UT, but nothing developed during following hour. 6m Es map showed activity only to the southeast of here within the USA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9330-CUSB, August 10 at 1019, ``shortwave lesson no. 3 on propagation`` punxuated by dog barking. Rod Hembree explains basics of ionospheric layers, refraxion, skipping. Repeat of old ``Radio Weather`` show from years ago, then `Time Tunnel` segment, about what a great scientist Isaac Newton was, morphing into stealth evangelism alleging that SIN attributed everything he accomplished to Jesus. Is part of the almost-continuous Good Friends Radio Network buyout of this WBCQ transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7520, August 10 at 1037, ``Georgia`` by Willie Nelson, VG signal where nothing was supposed to be at this hour. Then I hear a squeal and know it must be WWCR-1, especially since they are missing from 9985. Yep, soon hear the `World Wide Country Radio` DJ saying he`s had enough of that before the tune is over, 1036 on to ``Georgia on My Mind``, Glen Campbell`s version, I think.

Furthermore, the always-parasitic WWCR-1 spurs could be heard with bits of same modulation just below 7505 and above 7535. WWCR registered 7520 for 01-04 and had really been using it for only the first hour of that.

But now the transmitter schedule effective Aug 6 at

does show 7520 instead of 9985 at 09-11. 7520 was off at 1059 recheck, moving to 15825 which is normally inaudible to JBA at the outset (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, weekly update on LRA36: still nothing at 1327 August 12, nor chex at least once almost every morning. However, general propagation is often so poor, that I am not sure it could be detected if it came back (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake August 11:

12025, very poor at 1329 under CNR1 jammer

12980, very good at 1329, 1338, 1349; none in the 11`s or 10`s

13920, poor at 1327, 1345

13970, fair at 1327, 1345

14950, good at 1327; very good at 1345

15285, fair at 1324

15525, fair at 1344

16980, very good at 1324, 1338

17300, very poor at 1338 // 12980; nothing in Aoki Aug 12; vs SOH?

Firedrake August 12, before 1300, on internal antenna due to thunder:

7970, poor at 1227. Last log of this one was June 21 at 1244

10300, good at 1228 // 7970

11500, very poor at 1225, I think, with open carrier mix?

12500, fair at 1225: this is an ``outlier`` as S. Handler calls them, NOT // the others but about 2 sex ahead of 10300, etc.

12980, poor at 1225

13920, poor at 1230 // 12500, these two being `outliers`

After 1300, back on external antenna:

11500, only S9+22 open carrier at 1319

11775, very poor at 1317, beneath CNR1 and noise jamming mix; still no Anguilla

12025, poor at 1320 over CNR1 jammer, unusually; none in 13`s, 14`s

15280, poor at 1325

15425, good at 1325 // 15280; none higher up to 19 MHz


** CUBA. 11760, August 12 at 1318, I notice that this RHC transmitter has a squeal on it now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 17800, August 12 at 1306, no signal from DW Hausa via Rwanda, usually good here, but a weak one on 17820 via Portugal, and Spain also in well on 17595; strange conditions, with many other usual signals missing from 16m, and not much on 19, 22 either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUINEA. 7125, August 11 at 0608, Qur`an, fair signal from RTG. On earlier than usual, and I haven`t heard it for some weeks by not staying up late enough past 0630 or 0700. Maybe extended for Ramadan, but how early, or still highly variable? Still don`t hear it before 0600 August 12 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 15120, August 12 at 0523, with hum, V. of Nigeria in financial news about the naira. RFA reported to have quit the frequency, so we hoped CNR1 jamming would too; yet, there was still some QRM under VON. O, CRI Beijing site is still scheduled on 15120 at 03-07 per Aoki (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENIN DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1577 monitoring: first airing confirmed on WRMI webcast, Thursday Aug 11 at 1500; also confirmed on 9955 which signed on at 2059, then WOR at 2100 without jamming except a bit o` bleed from 9965. Also confirmed on 9479 WTWW starting a semiminute later, and on WBCQ webcast of 7415 until 2200 August 11. And confirmed on WWRB 5051 at 0355 UT Friday August 12.

Besides all the many WRMI repeats, other times are:

0400  UT Sunday on WTWW 5755

0300v UT Monday on WBCQ 5110v-CUSB

1730  UT Sat & Sun on WRN via SiriusXM 120, also Sunday 0830

Full schedule at


** U S A. 9479, WTWW due to being super-strong and 1 kHz off-frequency, produces false carriers by overload thruout the 31m band: 9750, August 12 at 1312 I am hearing a 1000 Hz tone under Japanese, so another of those mystery tests? No, it goes away on the FRG-7 when I switch on the attenuation. Another one like that on 9410, etc., etc. These are NOT transmitted by WTWW, just result from overloading the receiver. The overload would still be there if it were on 9480, but not so obvious beating against on-frequency signals (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 13562, August 11 at 1347, the swishy 18-kHz spur from WEWN 13580 is obvious with BFO, along with the stronger 9-kHz one on 13571 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake August 13, before 1300:

7970, very poor at 1245

10300, very good at 1253

12270, very good at 1255

12980, very good at 1255

13130, very good at 1256

13830, good at 1256

13920, very good at 1255

13970, very good at 1255

14700, very good at 1256

14950, good at 1256

15545, fair at 1257

15900, very good at 1257

16100, good at 1257

16980, very good at 1257

That makes 14 at once, assuming the lowest one was still on when I got to the highest one; and they all go off at 1300 for a few minute break

Before 1400:

16980, fair with flutter at 1338

16100, good at 1338

15900, good at 1338

15280, poor at 1341 vs het on 15278

14950, very good at 1342

14700, very good at 1342

13970, good at 1342

13920, very good at 1342

13830, fair at 1342

13130, very good at 1343

12025, poor at 1341 under CNR1 jammer, // 13130

10300, fair at 1345

After 1400:

17560, fair at 1412 over V. of Tibet via Madagascar

15790, good at 1419 // 17560

15285, poor at 1416 with het on hi side

14700, good at 1420; none in the 13`s, 12`s, 11`s

10300, poor at 1423

Also had CNR1 with echo on 15180 at 1415 // 11990, 12040, vs what? Not in Aoki, nor anything listed at this time to account for it. However, EiBi does have CNR1 jammer on 15180 at 14-15, but also without any target known. Nothing in HFCC either. When any log of your programming is first assumed to be a jammer, as the odds dictate, you should know you have a P.R. problem, not only public relations but ``People`s Republic`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. 17725, August 13 at 1413, the intermittent VOAFTGJ was on today, hilife music, fair signal; also heard before 1400 in presumed Swahili (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Sporadic-E TVDX: Turning on at 1502 UT August 13, I find Spanish from the south in progress on channel 2 analog. In and out, with CCI, one station at 1508 with much louder audio than the other; 1510 Azteca-7 net promo at normal audio level, back to `Los Hechiceros de Waverly Place` dubbed US sitcom, and the announcer also speaks the translated program title as is customary in México. 1522 a glimpse of a local ID in small white letters upper-left corner, but could not make it out, and soon removed and faded. These appear at roughly 30-minute intervals automatically, but you never know just when to expect them. Seems same sitcom still fading up occasionally to 1555. Az-7 on 2 is usually XHTAU Tampico, but this one seemed to peak more to the SSW, so maybe XHDRG Durango or XHCSA in Chihuahua with almost ten times the power of DRG.

At 1602 UT, ch 2 had very rapid flutter fading for several seconds from signal at same antenna heading, probably Perseid meteor scatter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 15450, Sat Aug 13 at 1302, `DX Corner` was ending after reading a reception report from Japan, with poor signal; so this date confirmed as an on-week for the fortnightly (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15825, Sat Aug 13 at 1256 tuning by WWCR, heard horribly distorted audio from program in progress, listed as `Church of Apostolic Faith of Columbia`; I believe that is one of those insane screaming gospel huxters. At 1259 clear audio as `Musical Memories with Martha Garvin` was starting a bit early (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 15592, Aug 13 at 1417, squishy -18 kHz spur from WEWN 15610 is audible, and also on +18 kHz, 15628 where it bothered a weak V. of Greece. Mother Angelica does not make a good neighbor; cares nothing about such unnecessary interference from her defective transmitter, which is only getting worse beyond its primary parasites at plus and minus 9 kHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, Sat Aug 13 at 1500, WORLD OF RADIO 1577 barely audible on WRMI, atop CCI/SAH from presumed Taiwan; no jamming. Remaining WRMI airings are: Sat 1730, Sun 0800, 1530, 1730, Mon 1130, 1530, 2130, Tue 1530, Wed 1530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA [and non]. After missing about 3 weeks to replace curtain antenna wires, Caribbean Beacon is finally back with Dead Gene Scott, August 14 at 0442 on 6090, and also at 1236 on 11775, the latter atop DentroCuban pulse jamming, left way over from R. Martí in the evenings (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** CHINA. Firedrake August 14, before 1300:

16100, very poor at 1230

15970, poor at 1228

14700, JBA at 1231

13970, JBA at 1233

13130, fair at 1231

12270, good at 1233

11500, fair at 1235

10300, very good at 1238


Before 1330:

12270, good at 1325

13130, fair at 1325; none in the 14s, 11s

15425, poor at 1326

15970, fair at 1326

16100, poor at 1326


** CUBA [and non]. 5025, August 14 at 0439, R. Rebelde, just open carrier, while RHC was nominal on 5040.

RHC missing from scheduled frequencies 15360, 13680, 11690, Sunday August 14 at 1404, when only 15120 is supposed to have gone off. Still there on 11730, 11760, 11830, 12040, 13780, 15230.

RHC continues to upset its schedule on Sundays, despite the absence of any transmitter-hogging Venezuela relays for months. At 1535, still nothing on `Aló, Presidente` channels 11690, 13680, 13750, 15370, 17750. Well, there was something on 13680, in Chinese, CRI Kashgar, EAST TURKISTAN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE. 9805, good UT Sunday Aug 14 at 0452, feature report in English, announcer sounds like Sandra Tsing Loh, but surely not; RFI ID and cut off at 0457* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1577 monitoring: confirmed on WTWW 5755, UT Sunday August 14 after 0400. Also confirmed on WRMI 9955, at 1535. Besides several more WRMI repeats, next being Sunday 1730, the other airing upcoming is UT Monday 0300v on Area 51 via WBCQ 5110v-CUSB (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7465, August 14 at 0448, very strong blues music, and nothing on 3215. WWCR-1 must be on wrong frequency; 7465 still shows on the transmitter schedule as of August 6 at 2200-0100 only. According to August 1 sked, `Last Radio Playing` is the show at 04-05 UT Sundays on `3215` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 15780, August 14 at 1225, very poor signal with soft song, then 1228 some Arabic and more upbeat music. HFCC shows IBB Arabic [= R. Sawa], 08-13, 100 kW, 132 degrees from Lampertheim, GERMANY (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Mark Connelly – Cape Cod, MA

Microtelecom Perseus



531 | ALGERIA | Chaine 1, F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi, JUL 28 0029 - Arabic teletalk / interview; good. [Connelly*C-MA]

549 | ALGERIA | Alger Chaine 1, Les Trembles, JUL 28 0029 - Arabic interview; local-like! [Connelly*C-MA]

585 | SPAIN | RNE R.1, Madrid, JUL 28 0101 - news by woman in Spanish; good, over WEZE slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

603 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0030 - // 855 with man & woman in Spanish; poor to fair. [Connelly*C-MA]

621 | CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN | RNE R.1 synchros, JUL 28 0100 - man "Radio Nacional de Espana .. Informativos"; over WZON slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

639 | SPAIN | RNE R.1, La Coruna et al., JUL 28 0029 - // 603 with man in Spanish; fair. [Connelly*C-MA]

657 | SPAIN | RNE R.5, Madrid, JUL 28 0059 - // 855 with male folk Spanish vocal and guitar; in WFAN slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

684 | SPAIN | RNE R.1, Sevilla, JUL 28 0030 - man & woman in Spanish // 603; fair during pauses in WRKO slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

693 | SPAIN | RNE R.1 synchros, JUL 28 0101 - Spanish newstalk; poor but dominant. [Connelly*C-MA]

774 | SPAIN | RNE R.1 synchros, JUL 28 0059 - // 855 with male folk Spanish vocal and guitar; through WABC slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

792 | SPAIN | SER, Sevilla, JUL 28 0029 - Spanish teletalk; fair. [Connelly*C-MA]

837 | CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN | COPE synchros, JUL 28 0017 - man & woman in Spanish. + JUL 28 0030 - singing, woman in Spanish; good. [Connelly*C-MA]

855 | SPAIN | RNE R.1 synchros, JUL 28 0030 - //603 with man & woman in Spanish; over WEEI slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

909 | UNITED KINGDOM | BBC R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0029 - man in English; muffled and bassy. [Connelly*C-MA]

918 | SPAIN | R. Intercontinental, Madrid, JUL 28 0030 - man in Spanish; to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

936 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0059 - // 855 with Spanish folk male vocal; to good peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

954 | SPAIN | Onda Cero, Madrid, JUL 28 0046 - man & woman in Spanish; to good peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

999 | SPAIN | COPE synchros, JUL 28 0058 - fast Spanish talk by man & woman; fair over WINS IBOC. [Connelly*C-MA]

1026 | SPAIN | SER synchros, JUL 28 0045 - // 1179 with music, talk by woman; poor. [Connelly*C-MA]

1035 | PORTUGAL | R. Clube, Belmonte, JUL 28 0031 - "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley; fair. + JUL 28 0102 - "Star FM" slogan, Portuguese talk; fair to good. [Connelly*C-MA]

1053 | SPAIN | COPE Castellon, Ctra Chilches (Castellon), JUL 28 0059 - excited Spanish sportstalk; in slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

1089 | UNITED KINGDOM | TalkSport synchros, JUL 28 0017 - interview show, two men; to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

1098 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0046 - // 1107 with woman in Spanish; fair. [Connelly*C-MA]

1107 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0045 - // 855 with male then female announcer; fair to good over low growl. [Connelly*C-MA]

1116 | SPAIN | SER synchros, JUL 28 0017 - woman in Spanish, then music; through slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

1125 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0030 - man & woman in Spanish; poor. [Connelly*C-MA]

1134 | SPAIN | COPE synchros, JUL 28 0030 - // 837, 1143 with Spanish vocal; to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

1143 | SPAIN | COPE synchros, JUL 28 0030 - // 837, 1134 with Spanish vocal; to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

1152 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0059 - // 855 with Spanish folk male vocal; poor. [Connelly*C-MA]

1179 | CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN | SER synchros, JUL 28 0017 - // 1116 with talk by woman, then a bit of music; to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

1206 | FRANCE | France Info, Bordeaux, JUL 28 0046 - French phone interview (man & woman); to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

1215 | SPAIN | COPE synchros, JUL 28 0017 - fast Spanish talk by man & woman; to good peak over others. [Connelly*C-MA]

1251 | LIBYA | Libyan Jamahiriya, Tripoli, JUL 28 0018 - newstalk by man in Arabic; strong. [Connelly*C-MA]

1305 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0045 - // 855 with male then female announcer. [Connelly*C-MA]

1314 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0046 - // 1107 with woman in Spanish; poor. [Connelly*C-MA]

1422 | ALGERIA | RTA, Algiers, JUL 28 0030 - man in French; good. [Connelly*C-MA]

1431 | DJIBOUTI | R. Sawa, Arta, JUL 28 0017 - man in Arabic; to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

1485 | SPAIN | SER synchros, JUL 28 0017 - talk, music // 1179; poor. [Connelly*C-MA]

1503 | SPAIN | RNE R.5 synchros, JUL 28 0018 - teletalk by man & woman in Spanish; poor in slop. [Connelly*C-MA]

1521 | SAUDI ARABIA | BSKSA, Duba, JUL 28 0045 - lush orchestral music followed by man, then woman, in Arabic; good. [Connelly*C-MA]

1521 | SPAIN | SER R. Castellon, JUL 28 0017 - Spanish talk briefly mixing with Saudi Arabia. [Connelly*C-MA]

1575 | UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | R. Farda, Al Dhabiya, JUL 28 0018 - Mideast dance music; through slop. + JUL 28 0045 - female pop Mideast vocal. [Connelly*C-MA]

1602 | SPAIN | R. Vitoria, Vitoria, JUL 28 0018 - Spanish talk and pop music not parallel to SER outlets; poor. [Connelly*C-MA]


670 | CUBA | CMQ, R. Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas, JUL 28 0101 - Rebelde ID, 9-note sounder; dominant. [Connelly*C-MA]

750 | VENEZUELA | YVKS, RCR, Caracas, JUL 28 0031 - "charge" stadium music, Spanish talk about Venezuelan and US baseball; to fair peak. [Connelly*C-MA]

840 | HAITI | R. 4VEH (4VEF), Cap-Haitien, JUL 28 0059 - man in French; fair / dominant. [Connelly*C-MA]

1000 | BRAZIL | ZYK522, R. Record, Sao Paulo, JUL 28 0101 - rapid-fire Portuguese shouting by man; over WMVP. [Connelly*C-MA]


Rick Dau – Omaha, NE

Various Radios


Straight outta the logbook.  All times CDT.  Nice opening to eastern South Dakota and southern Minnesota from Omaha today.  The logging of KKOK is my northernmost on FM so far this year.  

2009 Ford Ranger factory radio

0168  Wed  08 03 2011 1248  KSDR   92.9 SD Watertown   "New Country 92.9 KSDR" ID, ment of Watertown and Hwy 212 in ad

0169  Wed  08 03 2011 1349  KKOK   95.7 MN Morris  Ads for Valu Chrysler in Morris and Douglas Furniture in Alexandria

0170  Wed  08 03 2011 1701  KXQL  107.9 SD Flandreau    ID: "....KXQL...Sioux Falls, a...station", then OLDies mx 

0171  Wed  08 03 2011 1747  KFMC  106.5 MN Fairmont    Ments of Spencer (IA), Windom, & Fairmont in wx forecast, then CLs and into  "Barracuda" by Heart

105.5  KKJO  MO St. Joseph - 8/7 1001 "Linger" by the Cranberries, then a nice "KKJO, St. Joseph, K-Jo 105" jingle ID. 

Heard on a David Hafler DH-330 with Radio Shack VHF/UHF antenna: 

94.9  KNCK  KS Concordia - 8/7/ 1429 Mentions of Mitchell County and Concordia in ads, then "NCK 104.9" jingle ID. New here, for logging #172. 

Kenwood R-5000 + Quantum QX Pro loop

550  KFYR  ND Bismarck - 8/8 1031 Fair, as usual, in KFRM null w/wx forecast mentioning Lake Sakakawea, current temps around Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, and North Dakota, then "K-Fire" ID and into local talk program.  At approx. 454 miles, this is my most distant regular daytime station.  (RD-NE) 

1260  KDUZ  MN Hutchinson - 8/8 2127 Good with Minnesota Twins BB, ad for law office located in historic hotel in downtown Hutchinson, then CLs heard in promo for severe wx coverage.  (RD-NE) 

1270  WKBF  IL Rock Island - 8/7 2140 Good on peaks w/about a dozen EE/SS IDs of "WKBF 1270 AM...LA JEFA!!" Almost sounded like automation had taken a powder for a few minutes.  (RD-NE)  

1370  KCRV  MO Caruthersville - 8/8 2137 Briefly in amongst the din w/clear "1370 KCRV" ID.  Not new here, but most likely not on its 63 watt night power, either.  (RD-NE)

790  KFGO  ND Fargo - 8/14 2029 Surfaced long enough for live ID: "This is the Mighty 790 KFGO, 74 degrees."  Not new, but got in the way of my pursuit of KGHL, which is still unlogged here.  (RD-NE)  

890  KQLX  ND Lisbon - 8/10 2029 F in WLS null w/Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind", then promo w/ment of "Ag News 890". (RD-NE)

1170  KOWZ  MN Waseca - 8/10 2359 F in KJOC null w/ID: "...serving southern Minnesota, Newstalk 1170 KOWZ, Waseca - Owatonna".  Caught during a rare SP from KFAQ.  (RD-NE) 

1190  KKOJ  MN Jackson - 8/11 0706 G w/ments of Jackson and Dickinson County (IA) in news stories.  CLs heard at 0707.  (RD-NE) 

1380  KCII  IA Washington - 8/14 1952 F w/"downtown Washington" heard in wx forecast, then KCII Community Calendar.  Then went after much-needed KWPC-860, but it was a no-show.  (RD-NE) 

1380  KSLG  MO St. Louis - 8/14 1949 F w/"St. Louis" heard, plus many ments of local businesses in promo. (RD-NE)

1400  KADR  IA Elkader - 8/9 2159 F w/"...KADR, Elkader" heard in legal ID.  (RD-NE) 

1400  KVFD  IA Fort Dodge - 8/10 2104 Atop w/promo for Tuesday morning pgm "right here on the Voice of Fort Dodge..."     (RD-NE)  

1400  KAYS  KS Hays - 8/9 2158 F w/NOAA severe wx warning for Rush County, ments of "south central Kansas" and "National Weather Service in Dodge City".  (RD-NE) 

1400  KFRU  MO Columbia - 8/14 2309 Sat on the frequency most of the evening during coverage of St. Louis Cardinals BB, wondering which 1400 on the network I had, and was finally rewarded with CLs after the conclusion of postgame scoreboard show.  (RD-NE)  

1580  KDOM  MN Windom - 8/10 1944 W w/Minnesota Twins BB //KDOM 94.3 FM.  (RD-NE)  

1590  KWBG  IA Boone - 8/10 1924 G w/Chicago Cubs BB.  (RD-NE) 

1590  WIXK  WI New Richmond - 8/11 0804 W w/ad for sports bar & grill in New Richmond, two ments of "" heard in ad.  (RD-NE) 


Stephen Airy – El Cajon, CA

As Listed


Here are some more NIMBY CME logs from the past couple days near El Cajon, CA.  Times are in UTC, signal strengths are as indicated on the Tecsun PL-606.  I'll post a few logging sessions here; please note that there may be a few duplicates (same station logged at different times).Late afternoon (around sunset) 8-2-2011 (early morning 2011-08-03 UTC):

1550 -  2:03 - 28/23 - KUAZ Tucson, AZ - NPR
1580 -  2:05 - 41/25 - KMIK Tempe, AZ - Radio Disney
1520 -  2:08 - 24/13 - KOKC Oklahoma City, OK - Talk
1510 -  2:10 - 33/25 - KFNN Mesa, AZ - Talk (Clark Howard) - mixing with KSPA Ontario, CA
1440 -  2:13 - 29/15 - KAZG Scottsdale, AZ - playing "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
1280 -  2:24 - 30/20 - KXEG Scottsdale, AZ - Spanish Religious
1260 -  2:31 - 34/24 - XEMW San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico - Spanish
1160 -  2:37 - 36/25 - KSL Salt Lake City, UT - talk
0960 -  2:44 - 36/25 - KKNT Phoenix, AZ - talk
 890 -  2:54 - 29/09 - KDXU St George, UT - dave ramsey
 850 -  2:55 - 30/16 - KOA Denver, CO - under mexican signal
 840 -  2:56 - 37/25 - KXNT North Las Vegas, NV
 770 -  2:57 - 34/25 - KKOB Albuquerque, NM
 720 -  2:59 - 40/25 - KDWN Las Vegas, NV
 700 -  2:59 - 30/15 - KALL North Salt Lake City, UT
 670 -  3:00 - 33/25 - KMZQ Las Vegas, NV

Also some unIDs:
1410 -  2:17 - 38/25 - unID - "noventa y tres punto tres, la mexicana"
1280 -  2:25 - 33/24 - unID - baseball play by play
1080 -  2:40 - 33/24 - presumed XEDY Cd. Morelos, BCN - spanish
1060 -  2:42 - 25/15 - presumed KDUS Tempe, AZ
unid under 1000 possibly not komo, heard spanish 02:44 27/18
 910 -  2:48 - 22/17 - presumed XEAO Mexicali, BCN - heard Spanish - (had to null 71/25 kecr)
 900 -  2:51 - 29/15 - presumed XEW Mexico City?  (I'm in KALI West Covina, CA's null)
 780 -  2:57 - 32/09 - kkoh reno, nv or kazm sedona, az? aimed east
 730 -  2:58 - 35/18 - possible xex mexico city? nulling ensenada (xeebc)

 Late afternoon 2011-08-03 (early morning UTC 2011-08-04):
1580 - 01:46  ~30/22 - KMIK Tempe, AZ - Radio Disney
1150 - 01:51  ~34/05 - XERM Mexicali, BCN - Spanish (under KTLK Los Angeles, CA)
1140 - 01:52  ~35/10 - KYDZ Las Vegas, NV - Music (similar to Radio Disney)
1100 - 01:53 - 35/10 - KFNX Cave Creek, AZ - Talk  (also may have had KWWN Las Vegas, NV)
1050 - 01:59 - 24/12 - XED Mexicali, BCN - Spanish
0990 - 02:01 - 25/07 - XECL Mexicali, BCN - Spanish
0960 - 02:02 - 24/12 - KKNT Phoenix, AZ - News/Talk
0890 - 02:03 - 27/07 - KDXU St George, UT - News/Talk
0840 - 02:05 - 35/25 - KXNT North Las Vegas, NV - Talk
0820 - 02:06  ~22/02 - XEABCA Mexicali, BCN - Spanish (call may be XEVMS but I'm not sure)
0790 - 02:07 - 32/18 - XESU Mexicali, BCN - Spanish (barely audible under KABC Los Angeles between modulations)
0720 - 02:14 - 32/22 - KDWN Las Vegas, NV - Talk
0660 - 02:20 - 22/16 - KTNN Window Rock, AZ - Country/Navajo
0620 - 02:22  ~36/12 - KTAR Phoenix, AZ - Sports (faintly audible when nulling XESS)

0780 - 02:08 - 25/18 - unID music (KKOH Reno, NV & KAZM Sedona, AZ are both listed as News/Talk in Radio-Locator; announcement after song in Spanish)

FM heard on the PL-606 right after the previous AM session: 65.75 - 02:24 - 08/10 - XHTJB Tijuana, BCN - Spanish
 87.75 - 02:25 - 26/30 - XETV Tijuana, BCN - English (sounded like they were airing some type of show)
 88.7  - 02:28 - 12/13 - XHITT Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
 90.3  - 02:29 - 40/30 - XHITZ Tijuana, BCN - Music (in commercial break)
 90.7  - 02:30 - 14/13 - XHTIM Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
 91.1  - 02:31 - 46/39 - XETRA Tijuana, BCN - Music (in commercial break)
 91.7  - 02:32 - 35/32 - XXHGLX Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
 92.5  - 02:33 - 44/38 - XHRM Tijuana, BCN - Music
 94.5  - 02:36 - 22/21 - XHA Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
 95.3  - 02:37 - 34/28 - XHHIT Tecate, BCN - Spanish Music
 98.9  - 02:40 - 45/35 - XHMORE Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
 99.3  - 02:41 - 42/33 - XHATE Tecate, BCN - Spanish Music
 99.7  - 02:42 - 35/32 - XHTY Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
102.5  - 02:44 - 31/26 - XHUAN Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
104.5  - 02:46 - 42/38 - XHLTN Tijuana, BCN - Spanish
104.9  - 02:47 - 32/29 - XHLNC Tecate, BCN - Classical Music
105.7  - 02:49 - 41/40 - XHPRS Tijuana, BCN - Oldies
107.3  - 02:50 - 31/29 - XHFG Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Music
107.7  - 02:51 - 32/30 - XHRST Tijuana, BCN - Spanish Talk?

unID FM:
 88.5  - 02:27 - 27/24 - unID - Spanish
 92.9  - 02:35 - 00/00 - unID - Music (have heard an Ensenada ID recently but forgot call)

a few SW logs:
 5000 - 02:53 - ~52/25 - WWV Ft Collins, CO
 2500 - 02:53 - ~29/22 - WWV Ft Collins, CO
10000 - 02:54 - ~50/25 - WWVH Kekaha, HI
10000 - 02:55 - ~50/25 - WWV Ft Collins, CO
15000 - 02:56 - ~44/25 - WWV Ft Collins, CO
15000 - 02:56 - ~44/25 - WWVH Kekaha, HI
14670 - 02:57 - ~24/23 - CHU Ottawa, ON, CA
 7850 - 02:58 - ~29/21 - CHU Ottawa, ON, CA

More logs - early morning sunrise session 2011-08-04 (shortly after noon UTC): 660 - 12:28 - ~30/24 - KTNN Window Rock, AZ - Country
 670 - 12:29 - ~28/21 - KMZQ Las Vegas, NV - News/Talk
 700 - 12:31 - ~24/08 - KALL North Salt Lake City, UT - Sports
 720 - 12:32 - ~55/25 - KDWN Las Vegas, NV - Talk
 780 - 12:33 - ~35/25 - KKOH Reno, NV - News/Talk
 840 - 12:34 - ~44/25 - KXNT North Las Vegas, NV - Talk
 890 - 12:39 - ~32/20 - KDXU St George, UT - News/Talk
 960 - 12:42 - ~33/24 - KKNT Phoenix, AZ - Talk
1060 - 12:44 - ~30/16 - KDUS Tempe, AZ - Sports
1580 - 12:47 - ~39/25 - KMIK Tempe, AZ - Music (Radio Disney)
1160 - 12:50 - ~40/25 - XEQIN San Quintin, BCN - Spanish
1280 - 12:54 - ~28/16 - KXEG Phoenix, AZ (also unID spanish + KFRN Long Beach, CA)
1380 - 12:58 - ~25/15 - KLPZ Parker, AZ - Country
1480 - 13:01 - ~37/25 - KPHX Phoenix, AZ - Talk
1510 - 13:04 - ~30/25 - KFNN Mesa, AZ - Talk
1360 - 13:07 - ~62/25 - KPXQ Glendale, AZ - Religious (heard under KLSD San Diego, CA, between modulations)
1540 - 13:10 - ~43/25 - KASA Phoenix, AZ - Spanish Religious
1550 - 13:13 - ~42/25 - KUAZ Tuscon, AZ - Public Radio
1580 - 13:16 - ~33/25 - KMIK Tempe, AZ - Music (Radio Disney)
 830 - 13:18 - ~24/11 - KFLT Tuscon, AZ - Religious (under KLAA Orange, CA)

 860 - 12:35 - ~33/22 - unID spanish in XEMO's null
1080 - 12:45 - ~27/12 - two unID, one presumed XEDX?
1100 - 12:46 - ~30/15 - unID spanish, strongest to east
1400 - 13:00 - ~27/20 - unid with newscast then spanish
1570 - 13:15 - ~22/00 - unID Spanish (too late in AM for XERF, KPRO is religious)

 I hope to check for some more AM loggings tonight, and may also check SW.  Not being as familiar with SW reception here in SoCal, though, may cause me to have a higher percentage of unIDs on SW.  (You may have noticed, from the time stamps in my above loggings, my lack of patience with staying on the same frequency.  If I know the type of program a station has, its directional pattern/power, or if possible can match it with an online stream (using the Tune-In Radio app on my Android phone, as I do my DXing away from the computer), I count it as logged.

Here are some more logs, as heard on the Tecsun PL-606.  Times are in UTC, signal strengths as displayed on the PL-606 (dBu/dB_S/N).
 580 -  8:09 - ~24/10 - KSAZ Marana, AZ - Spanish Music
 630 -  8:13 - ~25/16 - KHOW Denver, CO - Talk
 650 -  8:13 - ~25/07 - KMTI Manti, UT - Country Music
 660 -  8:14 - ~41/25 - KTNN Window Rock, AZ - Country Music
 670 -  8:14 - ~38/25 - KMZQ Las Vegas, NV - Talk
 700 -  9:12 - ~40/25 - KALL North Salt Lake City, UT - Sports Talk
 720 -  9:12 - ~55/25 - KDWN Las Vegas, NV - Talk
 750 -  8:24 - ~36/22 - KOAL Price, UT & KAMA El Paso, TX (KFMB-760 splatter is too much for KXL Portland, OR)
 770 -  8:28 - ~33/21 - KKOB Albuquerque, NM
 780 -  9:11 - ~37/17 - KKOH Reno, NV
 800 -  8:29 - ~36/24 - XEROK Ciudad Juarez - in XESPN's null
 830 -  8:32 - ~33/10 - KFLT Tuscon, AZ - Religious Music - buried under KLAA
 840 -  8:34 - ~56/25 - KXNT North Las Vegas, NV - Talk (George Noory)
 850 -  8:36 - ~38/25 - KOA Denver, CO - Talk
 880 -  8:41 - ~40/25 - KRVN Lexington, NE - Country Music (also possible KHAC Tse Bonito, NM with religion underneath)
 890 -  8:46 - ~32/15 - KDXU St George, UT - Talk
 900 -  8:47 - ~29/12 - XEW Mexico City, DF - Spanish Talk
 960 -  8:48 - ~48/25 - KKNT Phoenix, AZ - Talk
1000 -  8:49 - ~35/22 - KOMO Seattle, WA - under KCEO & unID Spanish
1060 -  9:10 - ~32/20 - KDUS Tempe, AZ
1100 -  8:50 - ~45/25 - KWWN Las Vegas, NV - Sports
1110 -  8:52 - ~25/14 - KFAB Omaha, NE - Talk - under KDIS's null
1120 -  8:52 - ~25/14 - KANN Roy, UT - music - in null of KSDO's splatter
1140 -  8:54 - ~34/21 - KYDZ North Las Vegas, UT - Music (Katy Perry "Firework"), also heard talk underneath but suspect KHTK Sacramento, CA, which doesn't count for this CME)
1160 -  9:09 - ~44/25 - KSL Salt Lake City, UT - Talk
1200 -  8:59 - ~35/25 - WOAI San Antonio, TX - News/Talk
1500 -  9:01 - ~19/11 - KSTP St Paul, MN (under San Jose, CA's null)
1520 -  9:13 - ~32/25 - KOKC Oklahoma City, OK - Talk
1570 -  9:04 - ~35/22 - XERF Ciudad Acuña - Spanish - mixing with KMIK IBOC
1580 -  9:04 - ~58/25 - KMIK Tempe, AZ - Radio Disney (Cody Simpson "On My Mind")
1660 -  9:07 - ~21/16 - KXOL Brigham City, UT - Spanish Music (in KTIQ's null)

 550 -  8:06 - ~27/08 - unID (e/ne) - Music (Nostalgia - KUZZ Bakersfield, CA, is Country, and KFYI Phoenix, AZ is supposed to be talk)
 730 -  8:20 - ~42/25 - unID east (wrong direction for XEEBC Ensenada, BCN & too strong for XEX Mexico City) - Spanish Music
 740 -  8:21 - ~35/24 - unID E/NE (under KCBS)
 870 -  8:38 - ~29/21 - possible WWL New Orleans, LA, under KRLA but can't confirm
1190 -  8:59 - ~37/19 - possible KEX Portland, OR, buried deep under KGBN?
1630 -  9:06 - ~22/07 - unID music (local XEUT off air; sounds like it could be Spanish but I'm unsure)

Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

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