September 2006 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 1


Editors Corner:

The August issue brings us looking for High School Football and using everyone’s volksradio, the GE Superadio for DX. We are always looking for DX on MW next door, and FM/TV, and HF anywhere in the world.


Here are the notices:


ABDX announces The HSFB CME! The object of this CME is to log HSFB. This is the time stations do whatever it takes to get that HSFB game in at the highest power, no matter what it takes. You also may log any station if you can hear it, any band, any broadcast signal, tube or modern radio.


We also have a subset of the CME for Superadio owners. Many of us have a Superadio, the  inexpensive volksradio of DX. This is your chance to pull that Superadio out of the closet, blow off the dust and DX with it for a little while. You can use any variant of the GE Superadio for this subset. The Superadio subset is open for logs from today until Sept 25.


Always open is HF and FM/TV for E skip, Trop or Meteor skip you may receive during the CME. Also, the Nothin’ But Net segment of the Journal is open for URLs. Any net station you may hear is open for the NBN section. Submit them as any other logging.


This CME will run from 1 SEP 0001 to 30 SEP 2359 LOCAL TIME wherever in the world you are.


You may use any format to compile your logs that makes sense to you. All ABDX asks is that you send HF logs with UTC time and all other logs in local time.


HSFB = High School Football


For this CME all HSFB logs will be shown as olive drab as is here and Superadio logs will be shown as orange as here in the listings.





Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about you and we will consider you for membership.

This is the site to join ABDX.


The ABDX website URL is:


There are currently 115 members of ABDX. We added four members this month. Conditions are improving and hopefully the MW, LW and SW DXers will soon step up to the plate in a big way.


We added a new column, Testing, Testing! This column is to announce DX tests that are known in time to put into the Journal.


Here is the announcement for Octobers CME:


ABDX announces The Brew It Yourself (BIY) CME! The

object of this CME is to roll up your sleeves and put

a little something together to enhance your DX and

then log any stations you can hear!  In the early days

of DX, BIY or „home brew‰ was pretty much the only

game in town.  The BIY CME is not just for MW either ˆ

BIY works great for FM and SW broadcast DX too! It

might be a simple wire antenna, antenna tuner/crystal

radio, lazy susan for your portable, a homemade loop

antenna, a dipole for FM or SW, an extra clear speaker

to better hear station IDs, a simple noise filter, ˆ

whatever your imagination and your hands can come up

with!   We expect a big run on Slinkies, dollar store

speaker wire and PVC pipe, so plan now to avoid

disappointment! This is a great time of year to do

some outside things like antennas before winter sets

in. You also may log any station if you can hear it,

any band, any broadcast signal, tube or modern radio.






We also have a subset of the CME called Alpha-Bet-DX.

Try to get as many letters of the alphabet as you can

with your station loggings.  However you can only take

one letter per station.  The letter can be anywhere in

the call sign.  Doesn’t have to be the 2nd letter of

the call sign or anything complicated like that.  It

can include MW, FM and SW broadcast.  So basically

you‚d have to log 26 stations to get all 26 letters.

For example, if you log 1070 CBA, that can be your

letter “A”.  820 WBAP can be your letter “B”, etc.


Always open is HF and FM/TV for E skip, Trop or Meteor

skip you may receive during the CME. This time of year

is starting to sizzle up MW reception too, so general

MW loggings are welcome as well.


Also, the Nothin’ But Net segment of the Journal is

open for URLs. Any net station you may hear is open

for the NBN section. Submit them as any other logging.


This CME will run from 1 Oct 0001 to 31Oct 2359 LOCAL

TIME for MW and FM, UTC for SW broadcast - wherever in

the world you are. All logs are accepted whether or not they are part of the specific listed CME topics.


You may use any format to compile your logs that makes

sense to you. All ABDX asks is that you send HF logs

with UTC time and all other logs in local time.




Lets get to the logs…


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.




The Broadcast Band [MW]


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

Many different radios…



600  KCOL  CO  Wellington.  0606 CDT.  Ads & call letter I.D.  Into Coast to Coast.  Not new but rare.


690  KTSM  TX  El Paso.  0625 CDT.  Car show.  Promo for "Kim Commando on KTSM."  Relog.


930  KLUP   TX  Terrell Hills.  0600 CDT.  Mentions of San Antonio and call letter I.D.  Faded before TOH I.D.  NEW.


Nuts.  I was hoping for Greenland.


720  KDWN  NV  Las Vegas.  0620 CDT  27 Sept 06.  Fair.  Mixing with

strangely subdued WGN.  Ad for firm on North Boulder Highway in Henderson. Other ads and PDT time check.  New.


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony 2010 with Kiwa filters



Signals seemed watery" (or "soupy") tonight, lots of

flutter and favoring XE stations. I was trying for

stations on with day power for HS FB, but I didn't

have much luck with stations staying in long enough to

catch any IDable info (like team names). Nonetheless,

some interesting stuff; all times Central daylight:


530 The new Radio Cadena Havana, Cuba,  dominating

this channel, with Radio Vision Cristiana, Turk &

Caicos Islands, underneath and sometimes equal to

Cuba; both IDed around 9:29 pm. This is a great

nostalgia frequency, reminding me of those days in the

1960s and early 1970s when several channels were clear

of domestic stations on Monday mornings and the DX

would roll in from Latin America.




540 WFLA, Pine Hills, FL, caught as I tuned up from

530 with local program promo, web site mention, "here

on 5-40, WFLA" 9:34 pm. Good signal on peaks, but

fluttery and QRM from presumed XE.


1520 KOKC, Oklahoma City, OK 9:20 with some HS FB

game; no big deal but who was that putting a 800 Hz

het on the high side of this channel?


1640 WTNI, Biloxi, MS, loud and dominant with a Biloxi

HS game and other MS HS FB scores (Petal was winning)

8:58 pm. Another game was underneath; some creative

positioning of the ICF-2010 revealed it was the

Hennessey Eagles vs. the Crescent Tigers. Since OK has

a Hennessey and a Crescent, I assume this was KFXY,



All receptions on a Sony ICF-2010 with Kiwa filters,

using just the internal loopstick. (For the time

being, I'm DXing from the living room sofa instead of

from my separate home office/shack.)



560 KLVI, Beaumont, TX, with "Friday Night Experience"

and HS FB scores and interviews from southeast TX 8:54



680 KKYX, San Antonio, TX with Warren vs. Marshall

game 9:10 pm, was "State Farm High School Game of the

Week" via the "Texas Sports Network."


710 KGNC, Amarillo, TX, with Taft vs. Odessa 9:18 pm,

broadcast over "Texas Panhandle Sports Network."


880 KJOJ. Conroe, TX, perhaps one here with El Dorado

vs. Lexington 9:30 pm; no trace of usual Vietnamese

programming and dominant on channel, so who else could

it be? (Gawd, I LOVE list-logging!!!)


910 KXED, Frisco/Dallas, TX, assumed one here with

Highland Park vs. Bishop Lynch game 9:45 pm. no ID

heard but a couple of local Dallas ads during a break

so who else could it be. List-logged. . . .





Thanks to the tips on this list, I tried for [XEVOZ] Radio Trafico-1590 from 9:10 to 9:28 pm Central and found it generally atop the channel, with some QRM from an unID Radio Disney outlet. The traffic horn sound effects make this one easy to spot on a crowded channel, and

there are frequent recorded IDs by a man. The "live" (I assume) traffic reports are by a woman, as are the time checks. At 9:28, it seemed as if they were starting a lengthy station ID or "cities they cover"

announcement, but it was swamped by Radio Disney.


If this is indeed in Mexico City, I doubt this is running just 10 KW; I'd bet anything they're on their 50 KW day power. I don't think they could punch through so well on a crowded channel with just 10 KW

(unless their night pattern now has a major lobe into central Texas).


Albert Lehr – Livermore, CA


1170 KLOK CA, San Jose using IBOC at 1016 PDT 09/07.

On the positive side, I haven't heard IBOC on KCBS 740 for 3 weeks.


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Eton E1 and Quantum Loop v. 2.0


Conditions seem to be improving here in Central Texas. Digging out lots of interesting stuff tonight. 


KHOB 1390 Hobbs NM. Decent music mix listed as 500w.

KVOZ 890 Del Mar Hills Tx (Laredo)

WODT 1280 New Orleans

XEAW 1280 Monterrey MX 

KULP 1390 El Campo Tx listed as 183 w

WINZ 940 Miami

KARN 920 Little Rock

KRVN 880 Lexington Nebraska

KKGM 1630 Ft. Worth



Apparently the 1590 we're hearing is Mexico City [XEVOZ].  They do traffic in Monterrey but it's not on 1590 nor on a station dedicated to traffic.


My contact was surprised to learn we're hearing the signal across such

a wide area. 



Got a positive ID on 1300 XEJL Lagos de Moreno Mx, they'r listed with

1KW.  Nice when the Mexican stations take 30 seconds to ID.  Would be great if US stations would do more than say things like AM 1470,

guess we should be glad that even say that much.



Conditions were very good tonight in Texas.  A sampling of loggings.


CKLW 800 Windsor Ont. Great signal  Id as AM 800.  How sad, lame

presentation.  What happened to the Big 8?  Where's the CEE KAY L Double You  Ids?   Where have you gone Bill Drake?


also tonight

KROD 600 El Paso

KCKN Rosewell NM 1020

KRCM Beaumont TX 1380 listed as 127 watts.  Playing promos for

sister KOLE. 


Also heard a station calling itself Radio Trece playin a mix of

oldies under KVET on 1300.  Could not get clear ID. The mix reminded

me of WOWO Ft. Wayne circa 1972 but without Ron Gregory and Group W



It was English language hits, and Spanish announcers.  Could this be

XEP Juarez?  Heard while walking and listening with Eton 100, a

small but powerful radio.  Able to turn the radio and completely

null KVET which is an Austin station. 



IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire

860 WSON KY Henderson - 09/13/06 2115 - Oldies. Good signal with  slight fading plucked out of the mix. "WSON Weather, cloudy with an  overnight low of 56". (IEN-GA)


580 WELO MS Tupelo - 09/16/06 2349 - Oldies. Good signal with a little static and slight fading. "The Music of Your Life on AM 580, WELO". (IEN-GA)


1010 WMOX MS Meridian - 09/17/06 0000 - TOH ID and newscast. Faint signal in and out of a mix of stations. "This is AM 1010, WMOX, Meridian". (IEN-GA)


670 WMTY TN Farragut - 09/17/06 1940 - Oldies. Good signal (S9) with slight splatter from WLFJ, Greenville, SC on 660. "We are mighty. AM 670, WMTY, Stereo". (IEN-GA)


810 WTHV GA Hahira - 09/17/06 1953 - Gospel music. Faint signal mixed with The Wobbler and Spanish music. "Solid Gospel, AM 810, WTHV". (IEN-GA)


950 WXLW IN Indianapolis - 09/20/06 2105 - Chicago Cubs Baseball...3  to 1 Phils in the 6th. Good signal (35 over S9). "Cubs Baseball...AM  950, WXLW". (IEN-GA)



Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Zenith Navigator Royal 780 / CCRadio / Digital SR / SR III


1130 CKWX Vancouver, BC 9/10 2310 with an ad for Rogers Video.


1140 CHRB[p] High River, AB 9/10 playing rel music, kind of southern gospel stuff.


530 R. Havana Havana, CU 9/10 2330 Mixing with RVC from T&C


990 CBW  Winnipeg, MB 9/10 2341 running overnight program with people in non N. American EE.


1080 KSLL Price, UT 9/15 0210 with CCR and “The Old Man Down the Road” then ad for Community Motors and Ogden Carpet. Never before heard at night. Messing with KRLD and KSCO. [Digital Superadio]


840 KTIC West Point, NE 9/12 0500 ToH ID after ag news. These guys are a daytimer and very rare. At 0502 KOA fired up its IBOC noise generator and GONE!!!


940 KIXZ Amarillo, TX 9/12 0506 “news radio 940 KIXZ. Heard before KGMS Tucson came on.


1020 KOIL Omaha, NE 9/12 0510 Radio Disney o/u KCKN and C&W.


880 KHAC Tse Bonito, NM 0645 9/29 with religious music. I haven’t heard them in a while. [SR III]





1060 KDUS Guadalupe, AZ 1950 9/29 with game between Peoria and Sunrise Mountain.


1330 KGAK Gallup, NM 1954 9/29 with game in Navajo interspersed with  EE like First Down more NN for a while and then 7 yards, then more NN and EE ad for Dairy Queen and back to NN.


1700 XEKTT Tijuana, BCN 2002 9/29 with Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad HSFB 20-15 was score. [SRIII]



Michael D. Hawkins – Campbell, CA


KGAK was interesting earlier...high school football in Navajo.  Last I heard before I moved on, Aztec was leading 62-14.  1330 is usually Los Banos CA (Portugese) and Los Angeles (Mexican).  Tonight I had a real honest-to-God Mexican on there too, along with KGAK/Gallup, KOVE/Lander and KJPR/Redding (new to the airwaves).  It was a zoo tonight!



Phil Rafuse – Antigonish,  PEI

Satellite 800 and 98 foot rectangular antenna



Receiver: SAT 800

Antenna: 98 foot rectangular loop made out of 14/2 house wire in the

attic - appx 6.5 feet high and 42 feet long.  I made this thing

years ago as a crazy university student going to "X".


Daytime:  Notables included 740 CHCM Marystown NL coming in like a

local.  1270 CJCB and 950 CHER both in Sydney NS coming in strong. 

850 WEEI and 1030 WBZ Boston like locals by day.  I didn't notice

any IBOC nasties that far away on WBZ.


Nightime: Notables included 567 RTE Radio 1 in Ireland, 675 Arrow

Classic Rock in the Netherlands, 765 in Switzerland, usual stuff

like Virgin 1215 and Croatia 1134.


This is a hot rod of an antenna - I gotta get me one here!  Darn

problem is my attic here is virtually unaccessable - I'll try an

under eave antenna sometime instead.  We're talking about a 145 foot

loop if I ever get the nerve...


Phil Rafuse – Stratford,  PEI

R390A 70 foot wire / balun



1035 KHz pop music with talk which sounds like the same language as

some Brazilian stations I logged in the past.  Very strongly suspect

Radio Clube Portugues.


I tried flipping the antenna system over to the Drake R8 and Ten-Tec

RX-321.  No dice.  Only the mighty Collins is getting audio that i

can understand.  The ten-tec gets mighty digital hiss, the Drake a

muffled "wumble-mumble" when the bandwidth is set narrow enough [2.3 KHz] to sort of keep WBZ out of there - still lots of splatter.  4

KC bandwidth on the Collins does the job.


Then I listened to the news on Croatia 1134.  Solid as a rock. They

come in nicely on a good nekkid portable too, such as a Sony 2010 or

a Kaito KA1103.  Kaito has better filters where selectivity is #1. 

Sony has better sensitivity - well dah, its ferrite bar is twice as

long :)


Closest thing I got to HSFB - on 1630 KCJJ there were broadcasting

some sort of game - it might have been HSFB, but I really couldn't

tell.  Signal faded up long enough to get a clear Mighty 1630 KCJJ

ID, then rolled back down into the X-band soup - only to roll up

again with references to Iowa City and obvious sports play-by-play.



Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 Quantum Phaser,  2 – 50 foot wires



KRCN dominating WLNO 2215-2230 CDT this evening w/NASCAR race broadcast on Motor Racing Network. Sure sounds like they're using 10 kw instead of 110 watts.....


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

Kaito 1103 screen door antenna


Heard on Kaito 1103 with long wire connected to screen door making a gorgeous antenna. This is my birthday week so i'm not working !!!

610 WGIR Manchester N.H. 4:57 PM EDT call in talk show was talking about Muslims followed by ad block followed by TOH ID which i clearly heard.  9/18/06




630 WPRO had IBOC off all day. On the other hand 920 has forgotten how to turn off IBOC and has been running it as they please. For at least the 4th night in a row it is on well after sunset.


1690 WPTX Lexington Park MD 7:50 PM EDT United Way ad Louis and Clark ad this is Chili hot peppers ad choose a designed driver don't drink and drive. 9/18/06  


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA



Just turned on the radio and heard:


1330 KGAK Gallup NM, 8:59 PM PDT tuned in to the end of a country song, s/off with SSB. Good signal.


1380 KHEYt El Paso TX, 9:04 ESPN radio program in like a local.



I woke up at 4:30 AM so a little DX.


580 KUBC Montrose CO with Classic Country 4:44, ID and ABC news at ToH.


1060 KRCN Longmont CO with Small Business Advocate program 5:11.


Also heard a big carrier on 1566.


9/29 1400 UNID Football game in and out 9:08-9:27 fade, one team sounded like Crown Valley and thought I heard Yellowjackets. Game almost over at fade. Looped toward Nevada. talk program now at 9:35 PM PDT.


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Drake R4







07 SEPTEMBER 06 0045 EDT 940  WNRG  GRUNDY  VA   5000    -----

This station is blasting in here, sounds like it's still on day power.

should be off the air. They are playing good southern gospel music


810 Cuban jammer at 9/11 2035,  covering WGY.  Just ruining listening of WGY.





800  KAGH AR  CROSSETT   2120 11/09/06



1270  WCGC NC BELMONT  0000 14/09/06









1440 WZYX  TN  CONWAY  2020  29 SEPTEMBER 2006

HSFB from  Franklin  county  Tennessee,  the Conway Raiders vs. someone else. [WM-TN]



990  CBW  MB  WINNIPEG  0200 30/09/06












Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Toyota Prius Radio


I have a new station on 1610 in my neighborhood.  They run a loop of

rather tacky fake news stories from "The Onion News", which I'm

guessing is the daily podcast from, including ads for  It seems to be located somewhere near the intersection of Otay Lakes Rd. and Eastlake Parkway.  There are no billboards out this way, but it has the same tacky content as you might expect to hear on a billboard station.


They're not strong enough to be a pest, but they certainly qualify as

a waste of electricity...


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

R8A and phased E-W BOG



Cx here in NE IL are improved considerably from last night. Was chasing unn but hard to ID CJDC 890 with usual C&W mx behind WLS phase null and had to use LSB to escape Algeria's het. Vancouver 1130 in and 1040 behind WHO. Speaking of 1130..KBMR's 24 watts has been on for a few weeks at least.


Only MW (several LW's in) TA audible was 621 Canaries(0108-9 GMT) (nothing from Spanish mainland close to audible) with SS talk on peaks w/WTMJ phased.


Many MB and SK strong and CBK 540 entertainment level. The Might 790 KGHL entertainment level on peaks. 830 CKKY AB C&W behind WCCO with a couple of "Key" ments noted.


WYSL 1040 earlier ending U. Rochester FB..likely on day rig w/WHO phased. Most things to the west didn't come in well until about 30 minutes after their sunset switch times (too early in Sept for great SSS cx)


Spent lots of time on 860 with CJBC phased hoping for needed and most wanted CFPR but not a trace. Dominant was KPAN with Texas Tech FB net// 1090. From 0316 GMT to 0318 XEZOL faded up with lots of ID's as "Ocho Sesenta Noticias"



Very nice TA cx here, to put it mildly. Around 11 pm CDT tonite, Sweden was easily copiable for minutes at a time getting past WHAM in the 2.3 KHz filter aided by PBT. Last time I heard Swedish and Danish (1062 is in well) spoken this nicely I was in Denmark (just across the water from Sweden) in April.


This 35 degree Phased BOG System kicks butt for TA's. Tomorrow, unless A and K indices go up, I am heading north to my DX paradise in Grafton WI where I can duplicate this setup with no noise wire wires about 100 -150 feet longer and lake front.



Late Sept SSS DX rarely disappoints if it is non AU and tonite was no

exception. From 2106 to 2115 CDT when it was abruptly lost at the proper switch time, I had some Asian/Oriental lang mixing o/u phased WHAS !! The time fits KPMH which I understand has some foreign lang stuff. Can some one confirm or give me a station phone number I can call to make sure. Tomorrow night I'll try a bit earlier to get an ID at 2100 (7 PM PDT) however, KMAX 840 can be in there and may block it.


New for certain tonite from CA are KABC 790 and KGO 810 as the lower part of the band was really hoping around 11 PM CDT and closer in stations weren't terribly strong and some were skipped over.


Still no trace of KFWB on 980 and I had absolutely no trace of Dodgers thru KMBZ/others, in spite of good Cal cx. KNX/KNBR nice etc.


1060 KNLV NE Ord- 2032 9/29 Fair with Ord vs Central Catholic HSFB over KRCN/KDYL/others with KYW phased out. NK-IL


960  KFLN MT Baker 2121 9/29 VG with Baker Spartans HSFB at Glasgow for homecoming. On day power as usual and blasting over KMA also with HSFB. NK-IL


1090 KVOP TX Plainview 2245 9/29 F-G o/u KAAY with West Texas HSFB scores, had a game on earlier. Likely on day power. NK-IL


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop


After much goading from Mike Hawkins I forced myself up around 1330 UTC to see what I could find.  Had excellent reception from KENI-650 Anchorage from 1325-1335 with local ads, weather for SE Alaska, several KENI call IDs and eventually back to talk show.  Wish other Alaskans would come in like this guy.  774 JOUB was in a few minutes later and probably would have had a fine signal if it had been buzz free, but it most certainly wasn't.  By the time I reached 1566 20 minutes later I could not find a signal & it was quite light outside.  I found numerous hets on the lower end but no audio.  I did note numerous new types of QRN/HNL whatever.  Absolutely amazing.


I also tried 850 between 11-12 PDT (0600-0700 UTC) last night and had someone mixing with KOA in their null.  This again would have been easy if noise free but all I could make out was that it wasn't English. Couldn't tell if it was Spanish or Russian tho.  Might have been KICY altho there wasn't a trace thru the buzz when tried at dawn.


Oh, to be back in the days of noiseless listening.  Doubt if I'll ever

make it now except in my memory.


David Slate – Gallatin, TN



6:29  1200  WAMB, Nashville  w/ Mustangs playing vs Page high school (9/1)


7:03  1270  WQKR Portland, TN  with Portland  facing Clarksville Northwest (9/1)


7:06  1280 WGBF  Evansville IN.   HS football and then a Evansville Blue Cats ad (9/1)


3:57  1590 WDBL Springfiled,TN  with a legal ID   9-1-06

4:02 930 WKCT Bowling Green KY   w/ CBS news   ad for CompUSA   into Legal ID  9-1-6

610 WRUS 9/18 5:10 Russelville, KY / Good signal - Obits being read on the air with KY ments never heard this one before  even tho it just right across the state line. I'll take it  (Slate- TN)


Charles A. Taylor WD4INP – Grifton, NC


1330 "WJPS"  1005  9/13 Out of a local weather report (too poor to copy due to WBTM-1390 QRM and minor "hiss" QRM) into a jingle for "WJPS," then into country music.


Looks like WRAA; Luray, Virginia, but almost certainly not "WRAA" callsign. Anyone know of a recent call change on WLRR or another station with the WJPS call?


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX



I'm getting Tomball (Houston) on 700 with talk format and

AP Radio network news right now. I hear nothing underneath.


Bob Carter – Utica, NY

Kenwood TS-440 dipole at 80’


Well after an absence from being active here and on the DXing/ham radio end of life, I have moved into my own more renting and the like and have my radio "post" setup and antennas in the air.


Taking a stroll across the dial after listening to the guys talk on 75 meters tonight, St. Kitts on 555 khz is blasting in tonight into central NY.


Also picking up my first ever long wave broadcast stations. Although to weak to make out any IDs, I can tell that the programming is talk on 162 khz [S-1 and in the static with some static crashes] and 216 khz [S-2 mixed with static and beacons]





Powell E. Way W4OPW –West Columbia, SC

Ford Ranger Pickup Radio – whip antenna


1240 WKDK SC Newberry 1900-1920 29 September 2006 HSFB

Newberry VS Saluda SC with Newberry ahead 7-0. Good

until faded into skywave on I-26 in the 1996 Ranger



Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Original Superadio



The other night (Sunday Sep 17th at 3:13 AM CDT) I was tuning

around with my GE SR-I (analogue dial).  I heard a Spanish-

speaking religious station on 890 kHz with male and female

announcers.  They used the phrases "La Radio Cristiana" and "La Cadena Radio Cristiana."


At 3:15 AM I heard what sounded like part of a Mexican callsign ("X E ..."), but at 3:28 AM I heard a male announcer say (in mixed Spanish and English) the phrase "En los Estados Unidos ... Post Office Box 852, McAllen, Texas ... Reynosa ... La Radio Cristiana ..."


Could this have been KVOZ in Laredo? [ed. Yes, absolutely!]


I never once heard a mention of "Laredo" - only "McAllen"and "Reynosa."


BTW ... I'll add that I LOVE my GE SR-I!!



I have another UNID - heard last night (well, really early this morning - Mon Sep 18th at 12:08 AM CDT) on 1590 kHz.

The Spanish-language station broadcast continuous "Radio

Trafico 15-90 AM" IDs with auto and bus horns honking in

the background.  Booming signal on my GE SR-I!!


I did a Google search on "Radio Trafico 1590" and found

the Grupo ACIR website (

There are several "Trafico 15-90" stations (Monterrey,

Mexico City, Puebla, Toluca, Guadalajara, Tijuana, and

Queretaro).  I suspect that the one I heard was the

Monterrey station, due to the direction I had my GE

SR-I "aimed" and the signal strength.


Has anybody else heard this station? [ed. Its XEVOZ Mexico DF]


Listening on my GE SR-I last night (Mon Sep 18 @ 9:58 PM CDT)

I heard a fairly strong signal on 1450 kHz.  Since this is a graveyard channel, I stayed on frequency for just under an hour.


I heard numerous "Radio 14-50" ID's by a male announcer and

time checks (i.e., "Diez Veinte-y-Seis") by a female announcer.

Around 10:21 PM, the splatter on frequency began to totally cover the station's signal, so I employed my Radio West Shotgun Loop, not to boost the station's signal, but to act as a "pseudo-filter" to de-tune some of the splatter.  Worked okay for a while, but by 10:54 PM, the station had totally gone under.


After sorting through numerous station lists, I suspect I

had XERDO "La Radio 14-50" out of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

The SR-I was "aimed" in that general direction.


Unfortunately, I did not hear any clear call-letter ID's.

The spots I heard were only in bits and pieces, so nothing

verifiable there, either.


I did hear 3 English songs - "Yesterday" by the Beatles

at 9:58 PM, "I'll Stand by You" by a female singer at 10:23 PM,

and "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton at 10:53 PM.


Have I told you lately how much I enjoy my GE SR-I??  :0)



I'm hearing the Cuban National Anthem now.  I just heard

a Cuban ID - "Radio Ciudad La Habana."  A quick check to

the 2006 WRTH says they are 10 kW ...



The Whole Earth [HF]


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

DX-440 and window frame antenna



7130 R. Taiwan Int’l Minhsiung, Taiwan 1235 with a solid half hour of very mellow Chinese music. Very pleasant to listen to. Fair.


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony 2010 with Kiwa filters



At 9:12 pm Central, I'm getting a very strong signal

from a pirate on 6925 USB; programming is a mix of

industrial/techno music and sound effects. No ID heard




6925 Pirate back here 9:52 pm in USB with distorted

"Eighties rock" music in passing. I didn't stick with

this, but I'll be listening again as soon as I send

this. Signal is very good here, but the audio on voice

announcements is lower and more muffled than on music,

so no definite ID yet. This should be audible if

you're within a few hundred miles of south-central



Keith McGinnis – Himgham, MA

Drake R8 and Longwires


Heard this morning between 950 UTC and 1005 UTC with a good S7 signal with some fading on 6139.50.  Many mentions of Radio Lider and Bogota and what sounded like a news program.


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

DX-398 and Degen DE-31 amplified loop


4810  MEXICO  Radio Transcontinental 0435-0504 with M and F

announcers, phone calls to studio, and easy-listening music. Terrible het on the frequency, plus their signal had a noticeable hum like a bad phone line.  Good ID heard at 0450, "Muy Buenos Tardes - Como Esta – Como Esta - Como Esta ... XERTA Radio Transcontinental ...

Mexico!"  Himno Nacional with lyrics at 0500, followed by another good ID, "Esta es XERTA, Radio Transcontinental" and into Noticias with M/F announcers.  09/15 [Ponder-TX]






The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

DX-398 with whip


It was a dreary, rainy Saturday afternoon, so I deecided

to fire up my DX-398 and do an FM bandscan.  Here are my




Stephen H. Ponder N5WBI

Houston TX

GPS Coordinates - 29:34:19N, 095:08:17W


FM Bandscan - Saturday Sep 9th, 1:30 - 2:30 PM CDT

Radio Shack DX-398 using Telescoping Whip Antenna

$ = Stereo



MHz       CALL    COL               RDS Indicator / <Station Notes>

-----     ----    --------------    ------------------------------------------

 88.3 $R  KAFR    Conroe, TX        Spirit 88 American Family Radio

 88.7 $   KUHF    Houston, TX

 89.3 $   KSBJ    Humble, TX        <Low Power after Lightning Strike>

 89.7 $R  KACC    Alvin, TX         KACC 89.7

 90.1 $   KPFT    Houston, TX

 90.3 $   K212FE  Bay City, TX

 90.5 $R  KJIC    Santa Fe, TX      KJIC

 90.9 $   KTSU    Houston, TX

 91.3 $R  KVLU    Beaumont, TX      KVLU 91.3 Be a Member of KVLU 91.3 Public Radio

 91.7 $   KTRU    Houston, TX

 92.1 $R  KROI    Seabrook, TX      Praise 92

 92.9 $R  KKBQ    Houston, TX       New 93Q + Artist Name + Song Title

 93.3 $   KQBU    Port Arthur, TX

 93.7 $R  KKRW    Houston, TX       93.7 The Arrow + Artist Name + Song Title

 94.1 $   KQXY    Beaumont, TX

 94.5 $R  KTBZ    Houston, TX       The Buzz + Artist Name + Song Title

 95.1 $   KYKR    Beaumont, TX

 95.7 $R  KHJZ    Houston, TX       Smooth Jazz 95.7 The Wave

 96.1 $   KYKZ    Beaumont, TX

 96.5 $R  KHMX    Houston, TX       Mix 96.5 + Artist Name + Song Title

 96.9     KIOX    El Campo, TX

 97.1 $R  KTHT    Cleveland, TX     Country Legends 971 + Artist Name + Song Title

 97.5 $R  KFNC    Houston, TX       KFNC 975

 97.9 $R  KBXX    Houston, TX       The Box

 98.5 $R  KTJM    Port Arthur, TX   La Raza

 99.1 $R  KODA    Houston, TX       Sunny 99.1 + Artist Name + Song Title

 99.9 $   KSHN    Liberty, TX

100.3 $R  KILT    Houston, TX       <RDS Indicator Illuminated, but no display>

100.7     KKHT    Winnie, TX

101.1 $R  KLOL    Houston, TX       Mega 101 + Artist Name + Song Title

102.1 $R  KMJQ    Houston, TX       Majic 102

102.9 $   KLTN    Houston, TX

103.3 $   KJOJ    Freeport, TX

103.7 $R  KIOL    Willis, TX        Rock 1037

104.1 $R  KRBE    Houston, TX       104 KRBE + Artist Name + Song Title

104.9 $   KPTY    Missouri City, TX <parallel programming, slightly delayed

from 105.3 KPTI>

105.3 $   KPTI    Crystal Beach, TX <parallel programming, slightly ahead of

104.9 KPTY>

105.7 $R  KHCB    Houston, TX       KHCB

106.1 $   KIOC    Orange, TX

106.5 $   KOVE    Galveston, TX

106.9 $R  KHPT    Houston, TX       106.9 The Point + Artist Name + Song Title

107.5 $R  KLDE    Lake Jackson, TX  107.5 K-Hits + Artist Name + Song Title

107.9 $R  KQQK    Beaumont, TX      XO 107.9





Keith McGinnis - Hingham MA

Equipment for FM: Yamaha T-85 (modified)  with an APS9b antenna at 35ft AGL and an FM 6 (replaced a beat up APS9b) phase antenna at 12ft AGL. Bolin Phase Box.  Conrad RDS Manager with Esslinger RDS 3.0 Software. Total Recorder.


9/19 trop

Midday jock Tim Cormier on CJMO 103.1 Moncton NB just mentioned my email reception report to him on the it taped...very cool!



Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

2004 Saturn Ion2 - 31” whip



I got a new station in my car today. 99.1 KQCX Queen Creek, AZ. They sound like a well run station. With its power I would believe its an LP station but I have to check.


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

GE Superadio II, Kaito 1103



Michael D. Hawkins – Northern California


I was just listening to a weak but identifiable K258AC...38 watts on 99.5 at about 80 miles out.  I thought I was gonna sprain my ears.  That's one of a few very rare frequencies to hear anything on in the SF Bay Area.  Somebody start praying to the Es prayers aren't working and I wanna hear something new!


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


New FM Station Grants: Alva, 107.1, 25000 h,v; 100 m, Champlin

Broadcasting, Inc., Auction 62 winner. Transmitter ESE Alva (Sept

FMedia! via DXLD)


Champlin Broadcasting is based in Enid, 100% owned by Hiram

Champlin. He is also the 100% owner of Chisholm Trail Broadcasting,

i.e. KNID 99.7 Alva-Enid. Plus KCRC-1390 Enid, KFXY-1640 Enid, KXLS-95.7 Lahoma-Enid; and spun off its original KNID 96.9 to OKC.


The 107.1 Alva site will be at 36-46-50 N, 98-33-40 W, about 5 mi

ESE of that town, which gives it a slight advantage for serving

Enid, altho not so well as KNID 99.7 has done from roughly halfway

between Enid and Alva.


Checking into FCC actions, I found something quite interesting. A

concern in Ashland KS filed to have KNID 99.7 Alva OK moved to 99.9,

so Ashland could have its first local radio on 99.7 (I am replacing

channel numbers with real MHz in this discussion).


Then the FCC proposed instead that 104.5 be allocated to Ashland KS,

so Alva 99.7 would not have to move to 99.9.


Then Chisholm Trail Broadcasting [CTB hereafter] filed a

counterproposal that Kinsley KS should get 105.5, Ashland get 99.7

as originally requested, but 99.7 Alva would be moved to Mustang OK,

and instead of Alva shifting from 99.7 to 99.9, the latter would be

allotted to Medford OK (north of Enid) as its first local radio

service, which CTB would then apply for and construct, as well as

the Kinsley and Mustang stations.


Ashland KS is further west, and close to the OK border, while

Kinsley is between Dodge City and Great Bend, close enough to

rimshot those two markets, at least.


This is accompanied by the usual BS about how wonderful these little

towns are, how Mustang is distinct from Oklahoma City. But we know

what is really going on here --- CTB sees an opportunity to move

another of its small-market Enid stations into a much larger market,

just as it did with 96.9 which was sold off for big bucks and is now

a purely OKC station in programming, altho from its Crescent site it

also covers Enid.


And get two new stations in the process, three counting the 107.1 in

Alva already granted. Presumably the new Medford 99.9 would become a defacto Enid station to replace KNID 99.7 Alva-Enid, probably even with those call letters ultimately transferred to it, mark my words. Why can`t a station called ``KNID`` actually BE in Enid?? Apparently the FCC has not yet ruled on this counterproposal.


There was already a construxion permit to move the KNID 99.7 tower

slightly from its location between Enid and Alva, near Helena OK,

less than 2 minutes of latitude northwards for reasons unknown, but

if not already done, that would become moot. KNID 99.7 (originally

known as KXLS), had also been prevented from moving site closer to

Enid or OKC by a 99.7 in southern OK at Tishomingo. The owner of

that station, KTSH, was caught in some rules violation and that

license has been cancelled upon CTB`s petition.


Would you believe that Enidites are totally oblivious of all this

maneuvering? The local paper never publishes any in-depth reporting

on local broadcasting. The facts I have reported here all come from

public FCC records (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Sept 7, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


The Visible Universe [TV]


No reports this month…..


Nothin’ But Net [Net logs]


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


Here are a couple of excellent Elevator Music net radio stations. I listen to them often...

WKTZ from Jacksonville, FL.

KNCT from Belton, TX, Central Texas College

KHOY FM from Laredo, TX, owned by the Catholic church


Mellow out and enjoy.


Watch your favorite CBS shows:






Extra, Extra! [News]


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


Shortwave-radio era looks short-lived

By Doreen Carvajal International Herald Tribune

Published: September 24, 2006


PARIS Perhaps it is fitting that a 50-second video clip of an ear-shattering explosion of 13 shortwave radio antenna towers on the Spanish Costa Brava is getting viewers on the Web site YouTube.


It took 32 pounds, or 14.5 kilograms, of dynamite to fell the massive antennas, which long relayed news from the United States to the former Soviet Union. But the most powerful force behind the demolition was the rapidly shifting landscape of radio, where listeners are migrating toward MP3 players, Internet radio and podcasting.


The felling of the towers was the latest noisy outburst of a cost-cutting trend that is silencing the familiar and crackly shortwave voices that leap across the globe through the clear night sky in times of crisis and Cold War, tsunami and Thai coup.


In January, the Finnish public broadcaster YLE will end all of its shortwave broadcasts with the goal of saving money and diverting resources to online news services.


Next month, Germany's public broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, will end its German-language shortwave broadcasts aimed at Canada and the United States.


The Japanese public broadcaster, NHK, and the Korean Broadcasting System are also reducing shortwave services.


The leading international broadcaster, the BBC World Service, is pursuing a diversification strategy that regards the future in stark terms. "Audience needs are changing and technology is moving rapidly," reads the news service's explanation of its strategy through 2010. "Shortwave is also declining at a fast pace and if we don't change, we will die."


Critics of the retreat warn, however, that shortwave is the most reliable communications medium of last resort. They point out that it can allow determined broadcasters to reach across borders even when repressive national regimes halt FM broadcasts, block Internet sites and jam television programming.


"Shortwave does not respect boundaries and reaches the rich and poor," said Graham Mytton, former head of the BBC's audience research unit and now a media consultant. "Most international broadcasters think things are driven by technology, but not entirely. They're driven by politics and local media circumstances. Their mistake is they downplay shortwave because they're living in developed societies. But they don't go to rural areas like Nigeria, where everyone has a shortwave radio."


Smaller international broadcasters with more limited resources are phasing out shortwave entirely. Slovak Radio silenced its shortwave programming in July, and Swiss Radio International ended shortwave broadcasts two years ago to transform into an online news service,


In the meantime, all of the world's largest international broadcasters, from the United States, France, Germany, England and the Netherlands, are cutting back or reviewing precious resources devoted to shortwave radio.


"The future of shortwave radio is quite clear," said Guido Baumhauer, director of strategy and distribution for Deutsche Welle, or DW, in Germany. "It's all going down when it comes to the consumers."


With the average age of its shortwave listeners hovering at about 50, DW expects to save more than €10 million, or $12.78 million, a year by reducing shortwave services, according to Baumhauer, who said the money would be invested in other services like Internet radio and podcasting.


The state-subsidized broadcaster is phasing out shortwave programs for North America and the Balkans and reducing daily transmissions of shortwave programs to 160 hours from 200.


"In the U.S., if people are really into German they have so many other ways to get consumer information," Baumhauer said. "Considering the costs related to the transmission, there's no point in continuing."


The history of shortwave radio dates to 1927, when Philips Laboratories of the Netherlands transmitted shortwave broadcasts from Eindhoven to the Dutch East Indies.


The BBC trailed behind with the founding of the BBC Empire Service in 1932.


Shortwave radio provided a vital alternative voice in wartime Europe. Radio Oranje, for example, was set up in London after the German occupation of the Netherlands to broadcast uncensored news. Through the Cold War years, international broadcasters used shortwave to shout over the Iron Curtain.


While held in his luxury villa during an attempted coup d'état, the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev listened to shortwave transmissions of the BBC and Voice of America.


But after the Berlin Wall fell and new media forms flourished, there was less need for shortwave transmissions in developed countries.


International broadcasters like RFI of France and the BBC started striking hundreds of partnership agreements with local FM stations to rebroadcast their programs with clearer sound.


With the advance of technology, it has also become increasingly difficult to say what a radio is, since it can be distributed through digital television, mobile phones, computers or satellite radio, according to Michael Mullane of the European Broadcasting Union for public broadcasters in Geneva.


The BBC eliminated its North American shortwave transmissions in 2001, when there were still an average of more than two million listeners.


But with FM rebroadcast agreements with local stations, the BBC now has five million listeners in Canada and the United States, according to Michael Gardner, a spokesman for the BBC.


The BBC is constantly reviewing its expenses in connection with shortwave radio, he said, but in the meantime, the news service still reaches two-thirds of its weekly 163 million radio listeners through shortwave.


This year, the BBC actually posted an increase of about five million shortwave listeners in rural areas of Africa and Asia, but Gardner says the increase amounted to existing listeners who were surveyed for the first time in Myanmar.


David Hollyer, former managing director in Spain for the U.S. government's Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, is wistful about the long-term consequences of mothballing and destroying shortwave transmitters.


The transmitters in Spain, he argued, could have been deployed to broadcast to Central Asia to reach a Muslim population.


Instead, with the changing political climate, U.S. authorities closed the station in 2003, ended its lease, and turned over the towers to Spain.


When Hollyer watches the amateur YouTube video of the familiar towers crumbling in clouds of smoke, it reminds him of an Edwin Markham poem.


"To paraphrase," he said, "the towers went down with a great shout upon the hills and left a lonesome place against the sky." __._,_._




KDKA out as Pirates flagship station

By ALAN ROBINSON, AP Sports Writer

Tue Sep 12, 5:51 PM ET


PITTSBURGH - The first radio station to broadcast a major league baseball game is losing the rights to

Pittsburgh Pirates games after 51 years.


KDKA will cease to be the Pirates' flagship station in 2007 as the team's radio rights shift for the first time to FM, news-talk station WPGB. KDKA has carried Pirates games since 1955 and, in 1921, carried the first live broadcast of a major league game — about a year after becoming the nation's first licensed commercial radio station.


KDKA, a 50,000-watt station that can be heard throughout the East Coast and in Canada during the evenings, also aired Pirates games at times before WWSW gained the team's broadcast rights for a period in the 1940s and early 1950s.


By changing radio flagship stations, the Pirates will trade the mass audience KDKA reaches in surrounding states for one with strong ratings in more desirable age brackets for a pro sports team. KDKA remains one of Pittsburgh's top-rated stations, but a large chunk of its audience is older than the 25-to-54 age group that advertisers covet.


WPGB (104.7) is owned by Clear Channel, which already holds the rights to


Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins and University of Pittsburgh football and basketball games and distributes them among its six stations in the Pittsburgh market. The move to FM had long been expected by the Pirates since the city's other major sports properties had previously moved to Clear Channel.


"Our mission is to continue to improve in all aspects of our organization, including in the way we reach our fans," Pirates managing general partner Kevin McClatchy said in a statement issued by the team.


McClatchy said all six Clear Channel stations will work with the Pirates in promoting the team.


KDKA also once carried Steelers and Penguins games, but has had no other major pro sports property other than the Pirates since 1993. The Pirates' poor performance since last winning a division championship in 1992 — they have had 14 consecutive losing seasons — has led to a falloff in the team's ratings since the early 1990s.


"KDKA has been synonymous with the Pirates for more than 50 years. We are extremely thankful to everyone at KDKA, both past and present, for the impact they have had on our organization and the many generations of our fans," McClatchy said. "We have a lot of good friends at KDKA, therefore this was not an easy decision."


The Pirates' contract with Clear Channel is for five years and calls for WPGB to air all 162 regular-season games and 12 spring training games next year.


"This is a significant milestone in Clear Channel Communications' history in the Pittsburgh market. The Pirates and Major League Baseball are valuable properties in this region that we will leverage to the fullest extent through WPGB and our five other stations," John Rohm, senior regional vice president of Clear Channel, said in a statement. "It is exciting for us to partner with the team to bring Pirates baseball to their loyal fans and our loyal listeners."


KDKA becomes the second well-known AM station in as many years to lose its baseball rights.


St. Louis Cardinals games switched this season from AM powerhouse KMOX to KTRS, a lower-powered station in which the Cardinals acquired a majority stake last year.


Because KDKA will no longer carry games, out-of-state Pirates fans who do not have a local radio affiliate of the team must subscribe to Major League Baseball's online service or XM radio to keep hearing Pirates games. XM carries all Pirates games, but the team's broadcasters are heard only during home games. The team's radio network currently includes 37 stations, mostly in Pennsylvania but also in Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.


Those announcers — Lanny Frattare, Greg Brown, Bob Walk, Steve Blass and John Wehner — will continue to be Pirates employees. All of their contracts expire after this season, but they are expected to return. Frattare has been a Pirates announcer since 1975.


Harold Arlin broadcast the first major league baseball game on KDKA in 1921. His grandson, Steve Arlin, later was a Padres pitcher.


Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI


September 1, 2006 - CFCY officially moved to FM on 95.1.  630 will

remain alive as a simulcast for up to three months, then go dark.


September 1, 2006 - 102.1 CJRW Summerside flips format from C&W to Classic Rock under the brand name "Spud FM".  Spud FM is the son of Hal FM [CHNS-FM Halifax NS] using the same liner guy pretending to be a computer, same format, only difference is instaed of say Hal-FM its Spud FM. 


MBS Radio - the Clear Channel of Atlantic Canada - owns CFCY, CJRW

and CHNS, amoung many, many others.


Spud FM is no doubt to spite 105.5 K-Rock Charlottetown, owned by

rival Newcap.  Plus, it didn't make sense for MBS to own to C&W FM

stations with virtually identical playlists on PEI.  The CRTC felt

that way too, although far as I know, the CRTC never ordered them to

change things...


Was in Antigonish NS on the weekend and all the Charlottetown FM

stations were coming in quite well - a bit spotty but pretty good. 

But certainly not as well as CJFX Antigonish comes into Charlottetown.  Reason: CJFX - although having a similar EHAAT, has

a lot more height above sea level.


CBC Radio to get rid of the only clear channel station in the



Moncton, New Brunswick

Application No. 2006-0763-2

  Application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to convert

radio station CBA Moncton from the AM band to the FM band.

  The new radio station would operate on frequency 106.1 MHz

(channel 291C1) with an effective radiated power of 69,500 watts

(non-directional antenna/antenna height of 211 metres). 

  The applicant is requesting permission to simulcast the

programming of the new FM station on CBA for a period of 3 months

from the date of implementation of the new FM station.

  The applicant is also requesting, pursuant to sections 9(1)(e) and

24(2) of the Broadcasting Act, the revocation of the licence of CBA

effective at the end of the simulcast period.

  The Commission may withdraw this application from the public

hearing if it is not advised by the Department of Industry, at least

twenty days prior to the hearing, that the application is

technically acceptable.

  This application requires the issuance of a new licence. 

  Applicant's address:


181 Queen Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1P 1K9

Fax: 613-288-6257


  Examination of application:


The Reception


250 University Avenue

Moncton, New Brunswick 



Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador

Application No. 2006-0523-0 

  Application by Newcap Inc. to convert radio station CHVO Carbonear

from the AM band to the FM band.

  The new English-language commercial radio station would operate on

frequency 103.9 MHz (channel 280B) with an average effective

radiated power of 14,000 watts (maximum effective radiated power of

30,000 watts/antenna height of 124.1 metres). 

  The applicant is requesting permission to simulcast the

programming of the new FM station on CHVO for a period of 6 months

from the date of implementation of the new FM station. 

  The applicant is also requesting, pursuant to sections 9(1)(e) and

24(1) of the Broadcasting Act, the revocation of the licence of CHVO

effective at the end of the simulcast period.

  The Commission may withdraw this application from the public

hearing if it is not advised by the Department of Industry, at least

twenty days prior to the hearing, that the application is

technically acceptable.

  This application requires the issuance of a new licence. 

  Applicant's address:


745 Windmill Road,

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

B3B 1C2

Fax: 902-468-5661


  Examination of application:


1 CHVO Drive

Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY


We have a new station on the air here....another "Humpy Peak / Power

boosters" rimshot.  Simmons Media of Salt Lake City has just flipped the switch on 100.7 .  The station has been in the works as it moved COLs from Brigham City, UT to Woodruff, UT (a town with a population of about 150 if that - located about 20 miles north of here).  Format is unknown as they are only "stunting" at the moment.  Yesterday evening when they flipped the switch they were just running a "loop" telling listeners that the country had moved to 106.9.  (for the last year or so 100.7 was simulcasting 101.5 the Eagle- Simmons' country station)  As of this morning they are simulcasting the Spanish format from 1660 KXOL.  (Yes, KXOL switched from oldies to Spanish a few weeks ago - forgot to report that) Simmons media has registered the domain "" so it looks like the new 100.7 will be "Movin' 100.7".  The "movin" formats out there tend to vary and with the lack of urban population in Utah, 100.7 might be a little different flavor than others - we'll have to wait and see, although I'm excited because I enjoy that format a lot.

Meanwhile back at the ranch - you may recall that last year Bonneville

started simulcasting KSL 1160 on 102.7FM and at the same time Simmons Media put "97.5 FM Talk" (KFMS - Coalville, UT) on the air.  Well KSL is still at 102.7 (KSL-FM) and last I was listening they are almost to the point where they aren't even MENTIONING the 1160 frequency anymore.....just "here on KSL 102.7" .  And Simmons has now pulled the plug on 97.5 as well.  97.5 is yet another "Humpy Peak / Power boosters" rimshot.  As of a few weeks ago when they pulled the plug on the talk format and started running all Christmas

music.  Well last night when 100.7 started simulcasting KXOL's Spanish, so did 97.5.  These guys are famous for confusing the hell out of everyone and really make your head spin before they reveal what the REAL new format is gonna be.  Word has it that 97.5 is gonna be know as "Oasis" - whatever that means.  Relaxing? EZL?  Soft AC?  Who knows.



Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX


KWNX 1260 Taylor Texas changes language, but keeps ESPN format.  Now running ESPN Deportes.  The ESPN Radio format remains on their sister KZNX 1530 Creedmore Texas. Both are near Austin in Central Texas.



A signal improvement is coming to 1530, but it isn't evident tonight.

Not sure how it will impact their night signal or if it only improves

daytime coverage. 


Don't know what the Round Rock Express plan to do for a station next

season.  The current 1530 signal can't be heard at Dell diamond after



Bob Foxworth – Tampa, FL


Previously - Hannity on WWBA-1040 1506-1800 local time, opposite locally originated Schnitt on WFLA-970.


As of today, WWBA is announcing that Hannity has been removed, effective today, from WWBA and will be on "another station" by "tape delay". Programming today on WWBA is their GM Brad James and PD Matt Turnice (sp?) discussing at length the change, promoing how the change will make WWBA a "better station" with local programming with Brian Fusillo (sp?) or Vusillo (?) beginning Monday. Big emphasis on local afternoon coverage. WWBA saying Hannity becoming "too predictable". Maybe putting a positive spin on what I think was a hit to them, even though this has been noised around for a couple months.

FLA even ram a promo - once that I heard - a while back about this.


WFLA is promo'ing Hannity beginning at 1806 local time today in their local newscasts, not emphasizing the delay part of it. Haven't hrd Schnitt mention it.


WWBA is saying this was "Hannity's decision" on the air. I called the on-air screener and spoke off-air, and they said it was a decision of Hannity and ABC. I asked if an outfit in San Antonio TX had any interest in this and the screener said I should call the GM and ask him off-air.


I am thinking of the time a few years ago when Limbaugh was taken away from WDBO Orlando and put on WFLF. I have always thought that CC had a role in it because they wanted Limbaugh on their stations. This may be different?

I gather from an on-air remark that 11 stations were affected



Looks as if Mark Levin on 970 1806-2000 is gone.

Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


Had IBOC hash on 1610, which of course is clear of any major analog signals, so it was quite obvious, UT Sept 29 at 0549. None of that audible on 1630, but some was audible mixing with AM on 1590, so I conclude it was coming from 1600. The dominant station there, as usual was St Louis, with R&B, gospel format. Then at 0551 slogan ``1600 Hallelujah AM``, not in the 2006 NRC AM Log under KATZ or any other 1600 station, but confirmed in a google search with several

hits such as at KATZ. How long has that slogan been in use?


Nothing obvious on the website, but searching on HD led to this page:


But that says nothing about KATZ itself being digital, and links to the Clear Channel page where they have audio linx to other HD stations (as if hearing `HD` over internet were anything remarkable), not including any in St. Louis! Since KATZ is now owned by CC, I suppose they indeed are going IBOC, and even in the middle of the night.


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY


Those of you who were on the station tours at the 2004 NRC convention will remember our stop at Rochester's WHIC 1460, with its three self-supporting towers behind an office park.


At the time, we were told that the station might not be there much longer.


Today, it's not there. Sometime over the weekend, the three towers came down, and with them a piece of my own radio history. Those were the towers I saw blinking outside my bedroom window as a child, and they were a big part of my early interest in radio towers. It's going to be very strange driving around town and not seeing them there!


WHIC, which had been leasing the site, moved a few weeks ago to the

nearby site of WROC 950, where it's operating under STA with 4500 watts day, 750 watts night, ND.


The old WHIC site had been built in 1947 for what was then WHEC, later WAXC and WWWG. In the mid-80s, the 1947 transmitter building (which also served briefly as studios for WWWG) was torn down and replaced with the office park, and after that it was just a matter of time before the towers were history, too.



Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


I have updated my recent TIS report to include information gathered on my second car trip, from San Diego to Corpus Christi and back.  The update now covers about 120 TIS/HAR/Part 15 stations from Montana to Texas, some of which can be heard for several hundred miles at night.


You can read the update in Excel or Word:


These URLs are case-sensitive.  If you're on dialup, choose the Excel

version, since it is only 47K vs. about 124K for the Word doc.


I recorded about 50 of these stations as I was driving thourgh their

coverage areas (I held a miniature digital recorder up to the car

radio speaker). As soon as I can find the time, I hope to post the

recordings to my web page as well.  Most are reasonably good

recordings, given the poor audio quality of most TIS/HAR stations...


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX


An Update on 89.3 KSBJ's Antenna Repairs

The work continues. . .


The repair work on the KSBJ tower and antenna continues.  We are in the process of repairing the wind damage our tower previously suffered. That project must be completed before we can

fix the lightning damage to our antenna system.


Besides being dangerous, tower work is painstakingly slow.  The workers are on the tower for long periods of time, but have to

get off the tower quickly whenever one of our late-afternoon thunderstorms pops up.  Please pray for the safety of the workers and a speedy resolution to this work.



The good news is that we continue to see God‚s hand in the process.  When we complete the repair work, we‚ll have a brand new digital-

ready antenna.  With this new antenna and the other work we are doing, we will be better positioned to begin the conversion of our

transmission facilities to the HD radio transmission format.  Thanks to the generosity of our giving listeners during Sharathon, we have begun the process of purchasing the HD transmitter and related

equipment.  So, we will be able to move from repairing the damage right into the installation of the HD transmission system.


Thank you for your prayers and your patience. If you‚re having trouble getting KSBJ where you work or live, you can always hear us on

the Internet at


Radio Trafico

I took the time this morning to do just as Glenn suggested. I "laboriously" researched the Grupo Acir website for the Radio Trafico mediumwave outlets.  Ugh!


Disclaimer:  The actual data (locations and powers) came from a recent FCC Query that I had saved to my hard drive.


Here goes:


XEMIA  850  San Pedro Tlaquepaque (Guadalajara), Jalisco

"La Bonita"  1.0 kW-D, 0.25 kW-N


XEOK   900  Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

"OK Noticias"  10.0 kW-D, 2.5 kW-N


XEZAR  920  Cholula, Puebla

"La Bonita"  1.0 kW-D, 1.0 kW-N


XEGV  1120  Queretaro, Queretaro

"Radio Felicidad"  0.50 kW-D, 0.25 kW-N


XETOL 1130  Ixtlahuaca, Toluca

"Lobo 1130"  10.0 kW-D, 0.10 kW-N


XEFR  1180  Magdalena Mixhuca, Distrito Federal

"Radio Felicidad"  5.0 kW-D, 1.0 kW-N


XEQY  1200  Cacalomacan, Toluca

"QY Noticias"  2.5 kW-D, 0.50 kW-N


XEL   1260  Magdalena Mixhuca, Distrito Federal

"La 1260 AM"  20.0 kW-D, 5.0 kW-N


XEHIT 1310  Puebla, Puebla

"Radio Felicidad"  1.0 kW-D, 0.50 kW-N


XEPJ  1370  San Pedro Tlaquepaque (Guadalajara), Jalisco

"Super Deportiva"  5.0 kW-D, 1.0 kW-N


XEVOZ 1590  Colonia Iztacalco, Distrito Federal

"Radio Trafico 15-90"  20.0 kW-D, 10.0 kW-N


There were 12 FM stations listed, but I did not research




Testing, Testing!


Here's a first for me...a station that is conducting a DX test without myself or another member even asking them to! The very DX friendly ways of WODI in Brookneal, VA continue with today's nnouncement by owners Dave Marthouse, N2AAM & Tony DeNicola, WA2IHZ of a special DX Test!


The station plans to run a short duration (5 minute long) DX test each Sunday morning (late Saturday night) starting October 1st at Midnight Eastern. Listen for Morse Code ID's, sweep tones and more.

Complete information including how to QSL the test are listed below.


The test will continue until further notice, but hopefully well into the Winter season, giving a lot of DX'ers the chance to put this station into their logs! More tests to follow, we're working on some rare ones!




WNJC 1360khz Vineland, NJ DX Test

Date(s): Sunday Morning (Late Saturday Night) October 1st, 2006

Time: Midnight until 4:00AM Eastern Time


Modes of Operation: Transmitter Testing. 4,000 Watts, Non-Directional

Programming: Morse Code ID's, Sweep Tones, Voice ID.


Notes:  Transmitter testing following repairs to the array after Tropical Storm Ernesto. Station will test until at

least 4AM, and possibly later.




Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and

snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer

to received recordings of the test (MP3, CD, or cassette).

Submit reports to:


Please put "WNJC DX Test" in the subject line.

All standard mail reports should go to:

Les Rayburn

High Noon Film

100 Centerview Drive Suite 111

Birmingham, AL 35216


*SASE Required for reply.


Thanks to John "Duke" Hamann and the staff of WNJC for this test!  


WODI 1230khz Brookneal, VA DX Test

Date(s): Sunday Morning (Late Saturday Night) Starting October 1st and continuing until further notice.


Time: Midnight until 00:05AM Eastern Time (5 Minute test each week)


Modes of Operation: Special DX Test. 1,000 Watts, Non-Directional

Programming: Morse Code ID's, Sweep Tones, Voice ID.


Notes:  This DX friendly station is co-owned by two amateur radio operators, and they have decided to conduct this rare, on-going DX test, giving listeners a weekly opportunity to put these station into the log books.


Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and

snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer

to received recordings of the test (MP3, CD, or cassette).

Submit reports to:


Please put "WODI DX Test" in the subject line.

All standard mail reports should go to:

Les Rayburn

High Noon Film

100 Centerview Drive Suite 111

Birmingham, AL 35216


*SASE Required for reply.

Thanks to Dave Marthouse, N2AAM & Tony DeNicola, WA2IHZ for putting on this unusual, long term DX tests for the benefit of distant listeners!  


KEVA 1240khz Evanston, WY DX Test

Date(s): Monday Morning (Late Sunday Night) October 23rd, 2006

Time: Midnight until 2:00AM Mountain Time


Modes of Operation: Transmitter Testing. 1,000 Watts, Non-Directional

Programming: Morse Code ID's, Sweep Tones, Voice ID.


Notes:  Transmitter audio chain testing.


Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and

snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer

to received recordings of the test (MP3, CD, or cassette).

Submit reports to:


Please put "KEVA DX Test" in the subject line.

All standard mail reports should go to:

Les Rayburn

High Noon Film

100 Centerview Drive Suite 111

Birmingham, AL 35216

Our thanks to Michael Richard of KEVA. The last KEVA test was widely heard throughout the US and gave many of us our first “WY” in the logs. Michael is also helping to arrange tests from other rare Western states. A true friend to the DXing hobby! 


WWNH 1340 Madbury, NH DX Test

Date(s):Late Sunday Night November 5th, 2006

Time: 10PM Eastern until 2:00AM Eastern Time

Test length is four (4) hours.

Modes of Operation: Transmitter Testing. 1,000 Watts, Non-Directional

Programming: Morse Code ID's, Sweep Tones, Voice ID.

Notes:  Transmitter audio chain testing. Listen for station jingles, special

music, and other wild card items that may be transmitted by Paul Walker. Don't

discount the ability of graveyard stations to be heard during DX tests, as

we've had widespread reports during some past tests. (KEVA in WY!)


Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and

snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer

to received recordings of the test (MP3, CD, or cassette).

Submit reports to:

Please put "WWNH DX Test" in the subject line.

All standard mail reports should go to:

Les Rayburn

High Noon Film

100 Centerview Drive Suite 111

Birmingham, AL 35216

*SASE Required for Response

Our thanks to Paul Walker, Jr. and the staff of WWNH for this test! Paul has

been responsible for a large number of tests during the past two seasons,

and all of us owe him a lot of gratitude.

Les Rayburn, N1LF

NRC/IRCA Broadcast Test Coordinator

Please call anytime 24/7 if your transmitter

will be off the air for maintenance.

(205) 253-4867






Spoke today with Fletcher Hubbard, who is the owner of WLLL 930khz in Lynchburg, VA. Very nice gentleman, who listened patiently as I explained about QSL card collecting. After a brief conversation, he has authorized me to verify correct reception reports from last April's DX Test, on behalf of the station.


Please note that I will only verify correct reception reports from recordings, or detailed logs for the DX test period only. We cannot verify any other loggings of WLLL at  any other time. Only reports that are judged to be correct and complete will receive verification.


E-mail is strongly preferred for reports, though postal mail will also be accepted. Mail reports will only be verified with an included SASE.


If you are submitting reports by e-mail, please submit an MP3 recording of the

test and any log details.


If submitting by mail, please send a CD recording (first choice), or cassette. If sending a cassette please "cue" the tape to the time of your best reception. I don't have time or patience to listen to an hours worth of your DX. (Ha, Ha)


Send e-mail reports to:


Please put "WLLL 930khz DX Test" in the subject line.


Postal Reports with SASE to:


Les Rayburn

C/O High Noon Film

100 Centerview Drive Suite 111

Birmingham, AL 35216





There will be a special five-hour "DX Program" from CKDO Oshawa Ontario on its new frequency of 1580, from 2100 EDT Thursday 5 October to 2 AM EDT Friday 6 October. This program is timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the station, to the exact date.


CKDO first signed on October 5, 1946 with 100 watts on 1240. (CKDO = Durham and Ontario counties). The calls became CKLB on Dec. 19, 1949, when ownership changed to Lakeland Broadcasting (ckLB). Calls later became CKAR, and a few years ago reverted to the original CKDO. The station moved to 1350 on Dec. 31, 1955. Thus with its recent official move on Aug. 14 to 1580, the station concluded more than 50 years service on 1350. For those who do not realize, 1580 was one of the clear channels allocated to Canada in the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement of 1941, and CBJ Chicoutimi QC

operated on that frequency from March 22, 1942 until it moved bto 93.7 in 1999.


There will be a special toll-free number given out over the air, and phone calls from distant listeners will be encouraged. It is anticipated that some former DJs from over the years will be participating. The 1580 frequency uses the same directional pattern day and night favouring east and west, at 10,000 watts.


The programming has been organized by Wayne Plunkett (long-time DXer) and Douglas Kirk (owner of Durham Radio Inc.).


All written reception reports will be answered. Send reports to Attn:

Special DX Program, CKDO, 1200 Airport Blvd., Ste 207, Oshawa Ontario L1J 8P5.


Let's hope for good conditions so this program can be heard coast-to-coast in North America, and maybe beyond!


Saul Chernos