September 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 9


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ABDX membership has reached a new record at 194 members! 


AM, LF and HF DX is going great guns in September. This is the time for the High School Football STA! Stations will stretch the limits of the rules to get that HSFB in and that gives you a big chance to hear new stations.


What a month! We had Hurricane Gustav, CFRX come back to the air, Hurricane Ike, KFI return to the air on a new antenna and full power, an economic crisis that is incredible, and presidential debates. It’s been busy.


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.

The Broadcast Band

Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL

FRG 100 and 100 foot wire



Tonight Turkey on 1017 has been in most of the night with very good signal. Unusual for it to be heard steady most of the night.It usually fades in and out  Those of you on the east coast may have your best shot at it.9/6

I also just heard  Bahamas coming in on 1540 on my ultralight and bigger rig as well, mentions of Bahamas and current weather and forecast . Good signal and first time i've ever heard it in here. Thanks for the tip  .....Country #  97  Overall on AM


Brett Saylor – Central PA Drake R-8

MFJ 1025 phaser and two slopers



They [KGOW] are strong under WQEW Disney here in central PA // their web stream with emergency reports from the storm.

I left the recorder running on 1560 all night and got a few good clips of their audio. If anyone is interested in comparing receptions, here is a sample: (~2:30 length)


Ira Elbert New III – Watkinsville, GA

Sony ICF 2010 or as listed


710 WFNR VA Blacksburg - 09/12/08 0751 - Morning in America show. Good, steady signal. "Morning in America on AM 710, WFNR".


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Receiver, Antenna



CJLO 1690 Easy listening music, voice IDs "soon to be on the air in Montreal" at

0006 EDT 9/11/08...


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Car AM stereo radio



I certainly tried for it [KGOW 1560] last night but just couldn't get anything. I heard an english station and a SS mixing.  The english was above at times but just a bunch of network-type ads...nothing local.  Never did figure out who either of them was.  Also tried for KTRH.  And I could swear I heard KTRH at one point but there was just such a mix there that I can't confirm it.  Many times at night 740 is hashed by KOAL (750)'s I-hash so I don't usually get anything there anyway. 


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



870 XETAR Guachochi, Chihuahua, a nice surprise just after 7:00 am Central while checking on WWL-870. Very loud over WWL with male and female announcers, nice full ID as "esta es aykis ay tay ah erray, la voz de la sierra tarahumara" (had to confirm the spelling of that last one via Fred Cantu's list!!), sounds effects of a rooster crowing, and some really primitive ranchera music----man and woman singing off-key accompanied by a badly-tuned, poorly-played guitar, sounding like a couple of "nacas," to use the Mexican slang for "hicks." WWL began to reassert itself and XETAR was totally gone by 7:15 am. I suppose this reception was possible through a skywave/seawave clash and cancellation thanks to the sunrise terminator. Nonetheless, a welcome catch!

I was surprised at how little special programming was on last night for Gustav. WWL-870 was the leader, and I could tell WWWL-1350 was simulcasting by paralleling it to WWL, but otherwise nothing audible here. Tried for WIST-690, WASO-730, etc., all without success.

I was awake around 2:00 am Central this morning and listened to WWL then and heard a live interview with New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. When asked whether he was optimistic about the levees holding in New Orleans, Nagin replied, "I'm always optimistic. I wake up each morning with a rainbow in my head."

I tried to get back to sleep, but every time I thought of what Nagin said I got a bad case of the giggles.


1540 BAHAMAS ZNS Nassau surfacing amid the mess last night around 11:03 pm Central with hurricane programming. ZNS announcer was on the phone with someone in the Bahamanian government----who had a VERY Bahamanian accent-----advising listeners to stockpile drinking water in all available containers "because there is a possibility of scattered water interruptions for a few days" and also said residents of several islands "need to be ready to move quickly if the situation deteriorates." At least the official said New Providence would likely only receive winds of tropical storm strength. At 11:10 pm, the announcer spoke via phone with persons on other islands about storm preparations and emergency shelters on them. Signal was good on peaks but heavy QRM at times from KXEL, XESTN, and XEHOS.

It looks as if Cuba is going to take a heavy hit from Ike, and I'll be monitoring stations there this evening. Ike could also pose a threat anywhere on the Gulf coast.  Di and I have already decided to head for San Antonio if it is projected to make landfall near here at stronger than category 1.

Right now I am listening to Radio Rebelde on 1180 with special coverage of Hurricane Ike, but some very strange audio----it appears as if there are three or more stations carrying the programming, each about a half-second apart from each other and making for some tough listening.

I'll have a longer report tomorrow, but all Cuban stations seem to have broken from normal programming with the exception of Radio Reloj. I hear it under KLIF on 570 with time pips and its "RR" ID in Morse,but too much QRM to tell if they are airing hurricane info.


KSEV-700 and KTRH-740 are both loud here with hurricane programming, apparently on day power/patterns.

KILT-610 seems to be on night facilities, judging by strength, but they have broken with their sports talk format to carry hurricane coverage.

The big surprise is KPRC-950, which was carrying Bill O'Reilly on night power. On the hour, they did have a local report on Hurricane Ike but back to regular programming.

I tried to see if any of Houston's Spanish and Vietnamese/Asian stations were carrying hurricane programming for their audiences, but found no trace of them.


560 CUBA Radio Rebelde usually atop channel in absence of KLVI Beaumont during 9:35-9:50 pm Central listening, mixing with a XE-sounding station I'll try to ID after sensing this e-mail. Rebelde was parallel to 5025 SW.

950 CUBA Radio Reloj dominating seriously weakened KPRC-950 in Houston with usual time ticks and "RR" Morse IDs also during 9:35-9:50 pm period. KPRC was carrying Texas Tech football post-game show, so I first thought I had KJTV in Lubbock, but 'twas KPRC per quick  ID break on post-game show and KPRC web site confirms. Much weaker than normal here, so I assume they must have sustained some antenna damage during Ike.


KLVI is still silent tonight, opening 560 kHz for DX. For the past 15 minutes or so, XEMZA has been surfacing past Radio Rebelde and another unID XE with two full call letter IDs and vocals and banda music. However, no mention of its city of operation. Cantu says Manzanillo, Colima but John Callarman's excellent Mexican list says this might also be Guadalajara, Jalisco. What's the current consensus?

Now back to the radio to see if I can ID that other XE. . . .


At top of  hour----10:00pm  Central----caught nice full ID for "la ke buena," XEXZ in Zacatecas, Zacatecas. The inevitable Radio Rebelde is in there along with a couple of other Spanish stations that I hope will eventually surface and yield their secrets. KLVI-560 is still off.

Go get 'em, Texas Radio Rangers!

Thanks to Qal R Man for his remarks earlier today re the XEMZA mystery. I'm trying to hear them again tonight.


The Cuban on 530 is back tonight, although the signal is not as strong as before its "departure" and the modulation is a little muddy. 10:17 pm Central.


Interesting HSFB log last night on 770 around 10:15-10:25 pm Central under heavy KKOB, XEACH, etc., QRM with game between "Denham" and the "Rangers." Announcer remarked the game had been weather delayed and "we might be here until two in the morning" if another thunderstorm rolled through. The signal dove under the QRM at 10:25 and didn't resurface by 10:35 pm tune-out. I did some Googling and found there is a Denham Springs, Louisiana, and high school, so I suspect this was probably KJCB, Lafayette, LA. The one kicker is that the Lafayette high school team is the "Mighty Lions" instead of the "Rangers." The other likely candidate station, KAAM in Garland/Dallas, doesn't carry HSFB per their web site. Anyone know of other possibilities?


I tuned 640 last night beginning at 10:00 pm Central and found a radio goulash of WWLS with sports talk, Radio Progreso in Cuba, and XENQ in Hildalgo state. I stuck with the channel, and around 10:10 pm bits and pieces of a talk show with male and female hosts began to surface amid the mess. At 10:14, I caught a spot for "Rock Honda" in Fontana, which seems pretty strong evidence-----unless WWLS or XENQ is running ads for SoCal auto dealerships-----that KFI was making it through. No ID, but I expect KFI should now be easy around sunrise here with Progreso out of the picture.

I stayed on the channel, and around 10:25 pm a new station began to emerge playing the 1970 "McCartney" album-----Paul McCartney's first solo album-----non-stop. I got to hear stuff I haven't heard since the Nixon administration (like "Junk," "Man We Was Lonely," etc.) and it went straight through 10:30 pm without any ID or other announcement, eventually disappearing under Progreso/WWLS/XENQ around 10:33. I kept listening to about 10:45 pm but no trace of the station. I've checked the Callarman/Cantu XE lists and can't find anything remotely approximating the format I heard. If anything, it reminded me of the non-stop music often heard on Radio Chapingo-1610. I'll keep checking on this one.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA



1120 KZSJ San Martin CA 9/29/08 6:31-7:06+ PM PDT with Vietnamese talk program with 2 men, English ID at ToH and a bunch of ads. CA #170 heard without counting call changes.


Eric Berger – Detroit,  MI

Receiver, Antenna



Hearing it [KGOW] in Carleton, MI, mixing with Disney pest from NYC..


I tried for KLVI last night, but didn't hear them.

Instead I heard a station talking about Charleston sports, and also mentioned various places in Eastern Ohio, so I'm assuming that was previously logged WJLS Beckley, WV. This was easily audible in the null of the useless WRDT during the 2300 hour.

Since I'm on vacation this week, I decided to hop in my car and take a drive. Since I'm in Dayton, I've decided to share what all I noted on the road between Carleton and here.


Two stations running IBOC: WCWA-1230, and WSPD-1370.

The six towers formerly used by WDMN-1520 as their nighttime facility that were at I-75 and the OH Turnpike are gone.

Interference: IBOC from WCWA-1230 made WERT-1220 Van Wert a very difficult catch until past Findlay.

IBOC from WWJ-950 Detroit made Lima's ESPN 940 difficult until past Findlay. (WWJ's analog signal was barely audible by this point, yet the IBOC sidebands were blasting away.)

IBOC from WSPD-1370 made WCSM-1350 a very difficult catch until about North Baltimore. They became "Acceptable" by Findlay.


WCSM-1350 Celina is now Music Of Your Life

WERT-1220 Van Wert is Timeless Favorites

WPTW-1570 Piqua is NOT all talk, but more of a Classic Hits. (Hits from the 70s, 60s, and early 80s.)

Just noted TODAY, 30 September 2008. Hope this answers a few questions out there.


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 Pro II, Icom R-75, SDR-IQ 35' x 90' flag loop, 300' long wire


1070   PUERTO RICO   WMIA, R Arecibo, Arecibo  SEP 14 0154 - (presume)PTR anthem followed by US anthem. No voice ID but apparent 0200 sign off. WRTH shows R Arecibo s/off at 0200 Sun - Recorded - Fair

1070   CUBA   Cadena CMKS, Guantanamo  SEP 14 0257 - Man with news, Guantanamo and Santiago mentions - Recorded - Fair - No ID but content presumed CUB Guantanamo per Chuck Hutton and Henrik Klemetz via RealDX

1110   VENEZUELA   R Carupano, Carupano  SEP 14 0055 - Man with ID, "En Venezuela, CarUPano", woman with plaintive love song - Good 

1134   CROATIA   Glas Hrvatske, Rasinovac  SEP 14 0050 - Man operatic singing, then bouncy folk song - Good with moderate splat from WBBR-NY

1305   SPAIN   Radio Nacional 5, synchros  SEP 14 0034 - // 603 Man reporting – Poor

580   PUERTO RICO   WKAQ R Reloj, San Juan  SEP 15 0903 - Morning news team, promos, many Puerto Rico mentions and "WKAQ" IDs and jingles. - Recorded - Good

684   SPAIN   Radio Nacional 1, Doshermanas(Sevilla)  SEP 17 2335 - // 621 Man in SS - Poor to fair in heavy WRKO-MA QRM

783   MAURITANIA   Radio Mauretanie, Nouakchott  SEP 17 0001 - // 4845 Man in Arabic - Fair signal but weak audio

1044   SPAIN   SER, unknown loc  SEP 18 0001 - // 1026 time pips at hour, woman and man in SS with news - Poor in hash from WBZ and/or KYW IBOC

1026   SPAIN   SER, unknown loc  SEP 18 0001 - // 1044 time pips at hour, woman and man in SS with news - Poor in hash from WBZ IBOC

1098   SPAIN   Radio Nacional 5, synchros  SEP 18 2332 - // 1125 Woman in teletalk - Fair

1125   SPAIN   Radio Nacional 5, synchros  SEP 18 2332 - // 1098 Woman in teletalk - Fair

1215   ENGLAND (UK)   Virgin Radio, Moorside Edge  SEP 17 2336 - US pop & rock music, 2344 English announcers in banter, 2352 Woman in sexy voice with "You are listening to Virgin Radio soon to be known as Absolute Radio". - Fair to good - mixing with presumed ESP COPE

1053   ROMANIA   Radio Iasi, Iasi  SEP 20 0254 - Appears to be a s/on with interval signal verified per <Interval signals online>, then woman gave <Radio Iasi> ID (phonetic YASH) and frequencies, then into military style music, presumed anthem, then man with talk. - Recorded - Good over UK TalkSport

1060   CUBA   R veintiséis (26), Matanzas  SEP 23 0133 - ID intro theme music, then man with <Radio veintiséis Cuba> ID, then man and woman with news.This is Pro Castro station named after the July 26th revolution. - Recorded - Fair-good under WBIX-MA and KYW-PA. ID verified Torolf Johnsson via RealDX

555   ST KITTS-NEVIS   ZIZ Radio, St Kitts  SEP 25 2259 - "You Decorated my life" - Fair

612   MOROCCO   RTM, Sebaâ-Aioun  SEP 24 0003 - Man in Arabic - Good

720   VENEZUELA   YVQE R Venezuela 'Oriente', Porlamar  SEP 25 2315 - Lively SS music, 2320 man with "en Venezuela, Oriente' - Good

750   VENEZUELA   YVKS RCR 750 R Caracas, Caracas  SEP 25 2330 - Woman with news, then three minutes of promos, many "RCR" and "online" and Venezuela mentions, then "Take me out to the ball game" on organ presume prelude to baseball game. - Very good

1062   DENMARK   DR P5, Kalundborg  SEP 26 0359 - Guitar interval type theme repeated three times, then man with ID in Danish - Recorded - Good

1071   SPAIN   Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao  SEP 24 0050 - two men in discussion - Poor

1134   CROATIA   Glas Hrvatske, Rasinovac  SEP 24 0042 - Two men in discussion, then male vocal group in Croatian - Very good, minor splat from WBBR-NY

1206   FRANCE   France Info, Bordeaux-Néac  SEP 24 0037 - Haunting mellow music, movie theme like - Very good

1377   FRANCE   France Info, Lille-Camphin en Carembault  SEP 24 0032 - Woman in French - Good

640   CUBA   CMBC R Progresso, Guanabacoa  SEP 29 0734 - Man with ID "Esta es Radio Progresso Cadena …transmitiendo …" and time check - Recorded - Fair

530   CUBA   CMBQ R Enciclopedia, unk loc  SEP 29 2358 - Woman in SS with TOH "CMBQ" ID and Cuba mentions. "Easy listening" almost rel music format - Recorded - Good. ID verified per Chuck Hutton via RealDX who notes it is same xmitter used by Rebelde in the past

693   ENGLAND (UK)   BBC Radio 5 Live, Various  SEP 26 2334 - Two men in discussion - Poor to fair

1566   BENIN   Trans World Radio, Parakou  SEP 12 0434 - Man preaching in EE - Poor under heavy domestic QRM

1062   TURKEY   (Prob) TRT Radio Diyarbakir  SEP 26 0054 - Definite Arabic chanting – Weak

700   VENEZUELA   YVMH R Popular, Maracaibo  SEP 30 0403 - Lively SS rendition of "Working for the Yankee Dollar" and then Bells and man with "Radio Popular" ID then time check - Recorded - good with WLW-OH phased


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed


Heard at 12 midnight September 3, 2008 on a Palstar R30A receiver fed by a LF Engineering M-601C remotely located omnidirectional active MW antenna:

960 CFAC Calgary AB - Top of the hour legal ID - weak but clear - NEW!

CFAC is my first clear ID of a station west of the Ontario/Manitoba border.  It is my first Albertan and the farthest west MW station I have ever picked up, or even suspected of picking up.  Normally, my MW DX is to the east, as far the UAE in the middle East and as far south as Brazil.

I'm feeding the Palstar into a Centrios 7 speaker.  For those of you that remember, the Centrios 7 is very, very similar to the Radio Shack Minimus 7 of many years ago.  The sound of the Palstar and the Centrious is very, very good. 

The reviews etc. are right - the biggest thing that immediately hits me about the Palstar is audio quality and, for the DXer, audio recovery.  Tune in a strong signal on the Palstar and it is much easier to identify a weak station in the background.  I tried it on a few graveyard frequencies and it is amazing how distinct the jumble becomes.  Still a jumble, but it sounds like several stations at once, rather than a muffled, rumbly mess.

ECSS is good, and very easy to use, provided that you don't mind a bit of low frequency rumble or flutter.  None of this having to offset the tuning or mess with an IF shift/passband tuning control.  Just tune to the carrier on AM, then select USB or LSB - very handy

for TAs. 

Even on AM, the narrow 2.5 KHz Collins filter gives amazingly decent sound for such a narrow filter.  It is muffled, but still much clearer than the 2.3 KHz filter on my Drake R8, plus it doesn't have the hissy sound the Drake has on its narrow filters.  On the 5.8 KHz Collins filter, the Palstar sound quite pleasant - really nice if one offtunes by say 2.5 KHz - I received very nice audio on 940 CINW Montreal's Greatest Hits that way.

Some people will miss the bells and whistles.  I don't.  But, it is nice to have one or more receivers with bells and whistles to ride shotgun with the R30A.  My bells and whistles rigs, Drake R8, Icom R71A, Ten-Tec RX-321 are still nice to have, and my R-390A is an especially superb performer.  But, the Palstar excells in being able to understand what is being said - to hear IDs - on the tougher DX.

Romania 1053 and CKNB 950 [Your Community, Your Radio Station, often paralling 900 CKDH except for the time delay!] are nice, nice catches!

September 4, 2008 11:46 ADT

980 CKRU Peterborough ON IDing as "Hometown Radio, 980 Cruise, A Corus

Entertainment Station".

Heard last night - September 8, 2008 8:50 pm ADT on a Collins/Teledyne R390A:

1322 KHz Iran featuring "Hit Chanting" :) NEW

Heard tonight - September 9, 2008 10:05 pm ADT on a Palstar R30A:

1690 KHz CJLO Montreal with ID [over CHTO Toronto - within moments, CHTO's Greek music quickly overwhelmed CHLO] NEW


A few minutes ago, I pulled in 960 CFAC Calgary AB again on the Palstar. With the Cuban station about equally strong. I then tried the R8 and CFAC and the Cuban station were there too.

Just for kicks, I pulled out the Sangean PR-D5 and sure enough, it was there too - the Sangean did very well.

Then I tried the Kaito KA2100 - it did the nicest job of all in pulling in CFAC - because it was the best a nulling the Cuban station.  Go figure!

Both portables nekkid [no external antennas or loops].  Both desktops fed by a LF Engineering M601C active whip remotely located.

So, fellow easterners - you might want to try for CFAC tonight! 

Once again, the DX hobby proves that a good, affordable receiver can in many ways stack up very well against the budget buster stuff.

Heard on a Collins/Teledyne [Teledyne IF and RF modules, Collins everything else] R-390A fed by LF Engineering M601C antenna: 11:07 p.m. ADT

650 WSM Nashville TN with station ID

WSM is fairly are around here.  Normally 650 CKGA Gander NL relays NL talk and C&W.


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

Sony S5W



I listened to WWL for a little while. It faded in and out a bit. Definitely not the best reception I've gotten from them.

I was getting rather strong signals from the north last night. WLS-890 from Chicago was coming in with little competition. It's unusual to get that strong a signal from them, particularly this time of year. WBBM and WGN were also in fairly strong. WCBS-880 from New York was coming in almost like a local.

I was getting one of the Cubans on 570 very strong. It usually is rather weak, with local WDBO-580 making it a bit of a challenge to get anything on the adjacents. Last night 570 was definitely holding its own against WDBO. (And the ICF-S5W did a fine job keeping them apart.)

Turks and Caicos on 530 was silent and I wasn't getting anything on whatever station (I've always assumed a Cuban but never confirmed) is usually competing. This allowed beacons LYQ-529 and ZLS-526 to pop through even on the S5W loud and clear. I've heard them before using SSB, but it's rare to hear them with normal AM.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Nissan Sentra car radio and whip


** OKLAHOMA. One of my three local AM stations, KGWA 960, whose major lobe I inhabit, is normally tolerable away from 960, but UT Sept 4 at 0055 I found it was putting out dirty spurs audible between 860 and 1060, worst on 920, 1010, 1040, when checked on a 10-kHz-step receiver.

BTW, the local morning 1200+ UT ``Total Information`` news show is televised on Pegasys, local public access cable channel 12 at noon weekdays; more convenient than reading the paper myself, and it sounds like the newscaster is doing just that. Fun to watch him move around the studio, gulp coffee during an axuality, rub his nose, adjust the pantograph inaudibly. That`s J. Curtis Huckleberry --- his real name? See him at To find anything about KGWA you have to go to the website of its FM master --- even tho KGWA predates it by sesquidecades

** U S A. 1600 kHz with persistent het I have been hearing for years, somewhere around 100-200 Hz, at 1338 Sept 26. On the longwire aimed toward Cushing OK, the nearest 1600 station, KUSH was dominant, and had a SAH, so I think that was close to 1600.00. Most likely culprit is KRVA in The Metroplex, which could also be heard at times in Vietnamese, but difficult to correlate it with the off-frequency.

BTW, the 2008 NRC AM Log shows address for this in Houston, while the 2007 NRC AM Log had an address in Dallas. City of license remains Cockrell Hill, which is on the west side of Dallas. So what has Houston got to do with it? Is it now relaying a sister ethnic station there? Even so, doesn`t it have to maintain an address somewhere near the COL? Phone number also changed during the year


Albert Lehr – Livermore, CA

Receiver, Antenna



KWSX 1280 Stockton, CA is simulcasting KMRQ 96.7 Manteca, CA, "Rock Ninety-Six Seven."  First noticed Sunday 09/07.  KWSX is still running IBOC.


J. Neilsen (Thomas Anderson) – Ottawa, ON

CCRadio Plus



From the AM blog on the station's website:

"Our test started off just as we expected it would. The transmitter was left online for a 24-hour period and did not catch fire or explode once. The very first stage of the test was to find out what effect the long-term activity would have on the transmitter. We found that it ran hot, but within acceptable levels. We also found that there was some minor interference with the second harmonic. In very basic terms, the second harmonic is a frequency that is mathematically related to 1690AM, and as such, we broadcast on that frequency as well. Since we don't have CRTC permission to do so, we must take steps at the transmitter level to cancel out this secondary signal. Our initial early pre-tests showed that it was within acceptable levels of quietness (around -80dB), but after a day of being on, the transmitter got a little loose with the 2nd harmonic.

Right now, our AM guy is adding some new capacitors and other electronic gear to create a "trap" for this second harmonic signal in order to definitely bring the output down below -80dB. It should be done today, but we have to wait for Industry Canada to confirm that our changes work properly before we can go back on the air for a continued period of time. Check back on Tuesday to hear more 1690AM in Montreal and environs."

It is now 3:25 on Tuesday afternoon and they are back on again.  Very good signal in Ottawa.  Some fading, but this is the best signal I've heard yet. Let's see if they'll actually leave it on the air overnight.


Heard Friday morning at 6:20.  Moderate signal on CC radio plus withno external antenna in an environment with heavy rf interference. Heard a sketch with a father talking to his son into short music bed and truck horn with "Los Amos Del Camino" then "XEW, W radio" ID into

Government public service announcements.  This is the first time I've logged them here in Ottawa.  I used to hear them when I lived in Toronto back in 96/97.  Fairly decent signal to overcome all the electrical noise in the house.  When I lived in Iowa this was a very

strong nightly visitor, lighting 4 out of 5 signal lights on an old AM stereo tuner I once had.

This is the second Mexican I've heard here this summer, the parent station XEW 900 has been a regular visitor, sometimes over-riding CHML and taking it right off the dial this summer.

On another note, CJLO 1690 AM Montreal has been given the green light to  test 24 hours a day now.  Night signal very strong here, at times equal or better than CINW 940, CHTO Toronto underneath most times and an even mix at others.

WWL has had it's usual outstanding storm coverage, but WCBS's Iboc has made it impossible to hear on any radio at times.  Thursday night when the Yankees were playing the Iboc was off and WWL had a very strong signal.  The advice and information the station has been giving

listeners/callers is exactly why radio is so important in the first place.  I'd like to see Iboc be forced off of stations ADJACENT to stations like WWL in times of an emergency and recovery, as the interference could be a threat to people's lives if they can't hear the vital information due to the hash.  Then again I'd like to see Iboc gone forever.  It's a disgrace.  Kudos to WWL as always for living up to and exceeding it's on air positioning as being the voice for the gulf south when bad weather hits..


They officially launched on Monday September 22.  I caught them Monday night with a moderate signal with WTTM underneath.  They're running Pacifica radio programming.  I tuned in on my break at work from 7:50 to 8:00 PM.  They had a talk show about with a piece on how Senator (and VP Candidate) Joe Biden had been involved with a piece of legislation aimed at giving financial relief to large banks like Lehman Bros.  The programme ended and there was just a "WPRR Public Reality Radio" Id with no city of license mentioned into the top of the hour then into another programme.  The station claims to be offering programming of an educational nature on politics, world affairs, religion and other topics.  As with other Pacifica radio stations they are a non-comm.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E-1 and RS loop:

740 KTRH Houston, TX 9/11 2246 very unusual to hear here under C&W station presumed to be here in Tennessee and fighting also with CHWO. KTRH was talking about flooding up to 20 feet and waves possibly reaching 50 feet.

1560 KGOW Houston, TX 9/12 2145 with hurricane emergency data. Huge signal.

Heard on a GE Digital Superadio nekkid:

1200 WJES Saluda, SC 8/14 2005 running high power and playing the Carpenters "Goodbye to Love" and then Dean Martin.

Heard on the Eton E1-XM on the whip:

1580 WTTN Columbus, WI 8/15 0000 Popping out of a mess with a true reverse Murphy's Law a ToH ID for this flea powered station. For me the catch of the week, maybe even the month.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 300 foot BOG aimed ENE:


580 WGAC Augusta, GA 9/19 1903 with Atlanta Braves Baseball.

630 WBMQ Savannah, GA 9/19 1906 ID 630 WBMQ Savannah.

660 WFAN NYC, NY 9/19 2002 NY Mets getting beaten badly by Fla. Marlins.

690 KGGF Coffeyville, KS 9/19 HSFB Coffeyville Golden Tornadoes.

820 WBAP Ft. Worth, TX 9/19 1910 Baylor v. U Conn.

860 WTZX Sparta, TN 9/19 1919 HSFB Brentwood Academy v. Baylor Red 


880 WCBS NYC, NY 9/19 1921 NY Yankees Baseball, Suzyn Waldman

910 WEPG S. Pittsburg, TN 9/19 1924 HSFB ad for Tri-County Bank 517 

8888 Wildcats and Pirates.

990 WEIS Centre, AL 9/19 2010 Cherokee County 28 Oneonta 7.

1080 WTIC Hartford, CT 9/19 1926 U Conn v. Baylor.

1110 KFAB Omaha, NE 9/19 1930 Nebraska Beef Council ad, talk about CO 

and NE football getting hammered by KMOX IBOC crap.

1180 WZQZ Trion, TN 9/19 1935 HSFB Indians 15-22 score, QRM R. Marti

1180 R. Marti Marathon Key, FL 9/19 1935 QRMing WZQZ and HSFB.

1360 WNAH Nashville, TN 9/19 1940 HSFB 14-14 tie at the half.

1410 WHLN Harlan, KY 9/19 1945 HSFB HCTV ad 573-2945 on US 25.

1470 WBCR Alcoa, TN 9/19 1948 HSFB at half score 31-0 Alcoa Auto 

Sales 983-6100 ad.

1521 BSKSA Saudi Arabia 9/19 2015 PRESUMED with a LOUD het beating 

against station on 1520 and fighting IBOC crap.

1620 WNRP Gulf Breeze, FL 9/19 1953 HSFB score 21-0 T.J. Kane just 

scored a TD. Game of the Week one team was W. Florida.

1640 WTNI Biloxi, MS 9/19 1959 HSFB Ft. Walton Beach v. Biloxi HS .

Heard on a nekkid CCRadio on the front porch:

1410 WIQR Prattville, AL 9/21 2259 with the final Yankees game in  Yankees Stadium. They beat the Orioles. ID given by a guy who had a  accent so strong it sounded like cornbread and syrup.

Heard on a Optimus 12-604 with 50 ft. wire:

610 WRUS Russellville, KY 9/15 1855 with a HSFB show.  Soon as the show was over, poof!

640 R. Progresso [t] Havana, CU 9/15 2130 with strong signal playing Cuban style baladas, woman announcer mentioning Cuba.

800 UNID 9/15 2200 with a national anthem I do not know. when it was over, things went quiet.

830 WCCO Minneapolis, MN 9/15 2203 with ID and local news.

850 KOA Denver, CO 9/15 2205 with meaningless Rockies game.

Heard on the CCRadio, nekkid:

1010 CFRB Toronto, ON 9/26 2349 My local WORM was OC on 1010 so I figured I would give it a shot and was pleased to hear CFRB with a talk show and into the time and ID. Was very weak but steady. Nice for me to hear them on MW.

Heard on a Sony ICF 2010 with Q-stick:

1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA 9/28 2200 ToH ID and Kubota tractor ad. Unusual here at night.

Heard on the CCRadio, nekkid...

1540 ZNS Nassau, Bahamas 9/29 2330 Man announcer with Caribbean accent and into Caribbean type music. Fighting with SS and sports. NEW!


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



1-Sep-08 // 1907 local // 1250 khz. // WLEM // 2.5 kw day // Emporium, PA // Female with "News, sports and great songs all day, 1250 WLEM" // New. A 181 mile catch.


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Grundig YB550



Getting Bahamas-1540 in well, with R&B-type mx, IDs as "National Voice of the Bahamas" and "Bahamas Radio Network", also with some hurricane info.  Have them barefoot on the SRF-59 at 2015 EDT.


Bob Smoak – Bamberg, SC

Receiver, Antenna



On Tuesday I posted that IBOC was off of WGAC.  I am sad to report it's now back.  I was hoping it was gone for good.  You win some, you lose some, and some are rained out.


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

DX 399



1610 MEXICO XEUACH “Radio Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo”,  Chapingo, Estado de México; 0150 variety of  jazzy music!  always stronger near their s/off of 0200*, ocassional SP talk by a M dj;  Very Good for 250w!


1540 BAHAMAS; Caribbean pop music at 1931, ocassional M in EG, but too much splash from semi-local 50kW 1530; finally played the "Temptations" with :"Just My Imagination" and heard clearly "Classic Hits - Golden Oldies", "AM-1540 the National Voice of the BAHAMAS", then more caribbean style music, birthday greetings, etc...


Larry Wild – Aberdeen SD

DX396 FRG-7


I logged KFI, 640kHz, last night (9/29) between 11:15 and 11:30 CDT. Talk about the Vice Presidential candidates in the up coming election. ID as "KFI, 640, More stimulating talk" at 11:19. QRM from a Spanish language station. By 11:30 the SP station was on top. Distance from Aberdeen SD: 1304 miles.


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

R-8 50 foot sloper


New one here....WNQM-1300 on top of local KAKC 2255CDT 20SEP 08 w/SS vocal music, presumably religious music. Nice ID at 2300CDT as "We are WNQM Nashville, TN" then SS call letters "doble oo-eh neh-coo-eh may" into more SS vocals. I am smack dab in the middle of one of KAKC's night pattern's nulls mixing with Austin, TX usually at equal level in the

null. WNQM dominating them tonite. Suspect they are still on 50kw day power? Also noted KAKC's IBOC off tonite.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, Antenna



WOW is Denver 950 putting in a huge signal on my westerly Phased BOG System here

in Barrington IL tonite. On peaks which last for minutes at a time this is

entertainment level and good music as well. I used to get them when they

were sports, but honestly tonite is the strongest I ever had this station.


Close to owning 1560 here..


Praise 910 WAVL seems way to strong here for night facilities tonite.

Contempory Christian format.

Reporting KCOL 600 as a flash tip since their night rig aims little of their 500

watts my way, and my only catch of them previously was a local ment just

prior to pattern switch once. I don't think these guys are on night power,

but who knows as cx are pretty good to the west and they were atop WMT at

2200 CDT ending talk with ID into Fox nx.


Armchair copy 1206 France for minutes on end, but some big fades. Should be loggable by those needing their first TA .

Spanish audible at times on about 90% of the lower band channels that have weak rare once like 972 and less common ones like 558 and 936.


New CFRN 1260 with Edmonton vs Calgary hockey in the mess at times and local

ads. Two new northern MN GYers on 1340. 880 Edmonton News in well before power switch atop CKLQ atop WCBS. CBR 1010 blasting in about best ever. CKWX 1130 quite good with traffic and weather on the 1's, 890 BC w/C&W mx under phased WLS lets me think I may have a shot at Alaska soon once it is dark. 740 CBX also in there u/Toronto // CBR. 1140 AB very nice signal etc.

Ususual stronger TA's coming in on antennas not intended for them , esp 1134.


I added another new one from Edmonton on 930 with an AM930 The Light ID during rlg pgmg with my semi-local WAUR phased out. Attempts at 910 from AB again resulted in nil, as did attempts to get AK on 750 or 650. I stayed up an hour past Anchorage sunset and with WSB phased, there was fine reception of the CK-750 Oldies pest from SK but not a trace of AK.


Robert M. Bratcher, Jr, - Houston, TX

Receiver, Antenna



Here in Houston TX WWL 870 is clear with continuos coverage. Also heard were WWWL 1350 simulcasting WWL.  Other stations I heard with Gustov coverage were WJBO 1150 from Baton Rouge & an unid station on 1520 with coverage of Gustov.


Barry McLarnon – Ottawa. ON

Receiver, Antenna



Heard tonight on 1510 at around 1955 EDT, some rapid talk in Spanish... since this was just past local sunset, it pretty much has to be a station in the east somewhere, but I can't come up with a any good candidates.  Of course, they faded out just before TOH.  Any ideas who this could be?


KGOW Quite readable here too... nearly 100% copy once I got WQEW knocked

back a bit.  I regret the circumstances, and hope everyone comes through safely, but it's nice to get a new one


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI




Heard on eton e-10 (ten) barefoot. While scannng the dial about 8:40 PM EDT 9/09/08 noted a strong het blasting in over 1520 WWKB. Minutes later about 8:45 PM the het broke out into audio . a male was heard speaking in a foreign tongue but i could understand a few words. i

heard sadam hussian and something about iraq. i am assuming Saudi araba or whoever is the strongest / easiest on 1521 .


early last week i tore the tool shed / storage shed apart looking for the kaito 1103 which did not show up. it must have been lost between  the hotel and backup apt during last winters renovation circus. A replacement degen 1103 latest export version with english manual AND

english lettering has been ordered. also comes with a usa plug adaptor. not ad for $70 NIB including would have been better if i didn't loose the first radio.......


while hunting for the Kaito 1103 the LOST b-tech pre coupon days DTV converter showed up !!!! i thought it was long lost but it was wrapped up well and buried in the shed. i had ordered it before the coupon boxes came to be. it has looked in so far cape cod @ over 75 miles !!!! i'm glad this turned up makes the kaito loss easier to digest.


1560 KGOW belaire TX 5:00 AM EDT based on DX tip from other list hit  1560 . Bits and pieces of hurricane info heard during brief fadeups / battles with WQEW whic is strong here. Something heard about situation now is ... fade down fade up something about a fire and in between bits and pieces of hurricane related stuff. at about 5:10 1560 bacame too solid and 1570 started pounding splatter over. 9/13/08

Heard on Kaito 1103 Warwick R.I. QHT

950 WVTS Charlestown West Virginia 4:58 AM EDT ad block followed by TOH ID followed by news. 9/16/08


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Sony ICF-2010 Barefoot


Heard in the 8pm (PDT) hour on Sony ICF-2010 barefoot: 

 920  UNID - sounded like "Hoover sports radio network"

 930  UNID - way u/KHJ

 940  (image of XEPE-1700 here - D'Oh! must have been a mixing product with XEAZ-1270 I suppose)

 980  KSVC-UT - North Sevier HS

1000  KCEO-CA - Halftime show for Torrey Pines HS

1010  UNID - one team name sounded like Longhorns?

1220  KHTS-CA - Valencia vs. Thousand Oaks

1230  KOTS-NM - Wildcats vs. (Beavers?)

1330  KGAK-NM - Usual coverage in Navajop, didn't catch team names this time

1380  KLPZ-AZ - Presumed as I always have them here w/Parker Broncs

1410/1440 KUHL and KTME-CA - Usual simulcast noted, didn't catch team names

1430  KFIG-CA  Clovis West HS

1450  UNID - way under the mess as usual!

1520 KOKC-OK - Wrap-up show


Bruce Carter – Dallas, TX

GE Superadio



KTRH 740 appears to be off as well - I am getting KRMG, but nothing from KTRH.


[KFI 640] Heard - in Dallas 9-29 late PM, under WWLS and other chatter - occasionally breaking through.  Not nearly as strong as I remember. KNX was much stronger in null of KRLD.


Dennis Gibson – Santa Barbara, CA

Sony ICF-2010



KFMB-760 San Diego (50 KW nights) alternating from open carrier to off  then back to open carrier with UNID SS in background. Currently (9:37 PM Pacific time) open carrier.


Barry Davies – UK

AR7030 and 12’ X 30’ EWE



670 CMQ Radio Rebelde Arroyo Arenas; political talk // 5025 0027

740 CFZM Toronto ON; Nostalgia MX & “AM 7-40” slogans 0035

860 CJBC Toronto ON; CBC FF info/serious talk 0053

1030 WBZ Boston MA; WBZ weather & traffic 2335

1150 CHGM Gaspe QC; FF pops // 610 0024

1470 CJVB Vancouver BC; CC commercials & CC talk fluttering up to fair levels 0508

1580 CKDO Oshawa ON; Oldies & “15-80 CKDO” ID 2322

1640 WTNI Biloxi MS; ESPN sports talk & “Talk radio 16-40” slogan 0427

1650 WHKT Portsmouth VA; Radio Disney pops 0008

1670 WVVM Dry Branch GA; SS discos  & “La viva 16-70” slogan 0432

1670.01WTDY Madison WI (tent); Talk show. Late power down? Gone by 0015


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

Lenoxx Sound PR35M


At 0200 CDT 9/224  KBHB-810 is good under WGY with country music.  Frequent I.D.s

TOH I.D. said 25,000 watts.  Have heard no spots, so may be testing.


Bill Harms – Maryland

Receiver, Antenna


1050 WTOP MD, Silver Spring. Playing short recordings telling people to tune to 1500 to listen to Federal News Radio. Heard TOH ID at 1600 9/26 while driving on the Washington, DC Beltway.


Dean Zeroeue – South Dakota

Receiver, Antenna


850 KOA ;  newsradio Denver Colo. signal meter topped out on the KA-2100 9;50 cdt

That's 11 hours drive time from here ? wahoo!


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

AR7030 Quantum Loop 2.0



First new log of the season while trying for KFI, heard WGST Atlanta.


Powell E. Way – Silverstreet, SC

CCRadio and others


1540 ZNS Bahamas  2200 on Sangean DT-400W  09/29/08 blasting in loud and clear  .... and called Kevin R to let him know.


The Whole Earth

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA



In today's mail. 9/15

China BPM time station, 5 MHz, f/d card in 38 days for a report with a CD of my reception, $1 and a postcard. v/s Jie Shuhong.

National Time Service Center

Chinese Academy of Sciences

P.O. Box 18

Lintong, Shaanxi, 710600 China


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



1-Sep-08 // 0359 UTC // 7440 khz. // Radio Ukraine International // 600 kw presumed // Lviv presumed // Music then male with "And with that, Radio Ukraine International ends its English language transmission. Good bye and tune in to our next transmission tomorrow."


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Periodic reconfirmation of R. Solh via UK, 17700, playing exactly same recording day after day for at least a year, Sept 1 at 1346-1349, music ruined by skipping CD; fair signal

** CUBA. Altho it was on earlier when Gustav crossed, R. Rebelde, 5025, had only open carrier (unless it was Benin?) Sept 1 around 0600, and no carrier at all at 1205 check, leaving China 5030 in the clear for once.

This led me to check all the RHC frequencies, and they were all missing too at various chex until 1223! 6000, clearing Brandon DRM 5990-5995-6000; 6180, 9600, 11760, 12000, 15120, 15360. At 1223 when I hit 13760, heard a snippet of music and then it vanished, probably something else.

Proving my assertion that the DentroCuban Jamming Command has priority over RHC for what power is available, jamming was still noted as follows: 1212, 5980 Martí dominating, but J audible under; 1217, 7405 Martí, nothing but J; 1218, 9805 Martí mixed with J; 1221 9955 WRMI, nothing but J; 1223, 13820 Martí over J.

Furthermore, the relay of CRI on 9570 was still running at 1218, altho with dropouts; and of RNV on 11705 at 1222, also with modulation cutting out every second. These are probably from a different transmitter site than (most of?) the regular RHC frequencies.

RHC started coming back at 1248: 9600 open carrier and shortly re-joining in progress Despertar con Cuba; 1239, 11760 and 12000 too ending La Gaceta Cultural segment which no one really heard. 13760 back on with OC and hum. 1251, 15120 on, good, no 15360 --- but the latter is always very much weaker. 1253, 6180 on, and with hum and QRDRM, 6000. 1254, Rebelde 5025 back on with 8:54 timecheck. 1300, 9600 off as usual, replaced from *1301 by 15370, DcC JIP. 13680, which normally opens at 1300, was on when checked at 1343, huge signal and much better modulation than // 13760

** JAPAN. We shouldn`t have to go to Japan to hear Western classical music on SW, but are indebted to R. Nikkei for playing so much of it in their late evenings, such as 1235 Sept 1 on 9595, Switched-on Bach, also on 6055 which of course fades down earlier. On this occasion, no CubaRM on 9600

** RUSSIA. Tnx to R. Martí kilowasting kilowatts by warming up as much as a quarter hour before transmission, open carrier on 11930 muscled aside the local noise level and easily audiblized something Asian on frequency, Sept 1 at 1345. Had that religious `feel` to it, soon confirmed by ``What a[n imaginary] Friend We Have in Jesus`` theme. Per Aoki this is TWR via Novosibirsk, 200 kW due south, in Tibetan Mondays only, all other days in Hindi. I still find it hard to grasp Tibetans retaining any cultural identity if they become Christians

** AUSTRALIA, HAWAII, JAPAN. Sept 2 at 1313 I ran across some VOLMET = aviation weather broadcasts on SSB, first on 6679 including Narita, by a YL robot, until 1314* with ``Tokyo, out``. Recheck at 1328, some VOLMET had returned to frequency, but weaker and not sure if same station, as several rotate each semihour on same frequency.

6676 nearby had more VOLMET, 1332 about Adelaide, Darwin, by another YL voice, stronger than 6679. 1333 think I heard ``Sydney, VOLMET out.``

Then at 1334 back on 6679 there was a male voice who did not sound like a robot --- if so, much better done than the others; included Honolulu and at 1335 ``All stations, this is Honolulu Radio.``

The log at is not too helpful,

since it does not include Tokyo or Honolulu on 6679, just Auckland and Hong Kong; but does have Sydney on 6676 as VJN385, along with Bangkok and Singapore. That site tho lengthy is not meant to be a comprehensive reference, but rather depends on what someone actually logged in Jan-Feb-March of this year. I have not tried to hunt up complete VOLMET schedules

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake Sept 3 at 1343 on 13710, a new frequency. I suspect it responds to another unpredictable jump by a tiny Sound of Hope transmitter in Taiwan, formerly on 13750, where there was no FD now. Unfortunately, 13710 is already occupied by AIR GOS via Bangalore in English to SE Asia, and even by CRI via Kashi in French to Europe, as listed by Aoki which as of this date has not yet inserted SOH/FD on 13710*, but who knows, it may be gone by tomorrow

** CUBA. Twenty-three days after we first discovered RHC`s new 19 mb frequencies in the mornings, 15360 and 15120, Sept 3 at 1400, live announcer, the woman, this time, is still in the dark and keeps announcing the abandoned ones, 9550 and 11805 instead, in the regular frequency listing which varies a minute or two around this hour, and we know it`s live because an accurate UT -4 timecheck immediately follows. And this is despite the fact that Arnie confirmed the new frequencies just one day later, Aug 12 on DXers Unlimited.

Scenario: there are hidden layers of bureaucracy at RHC, so Arnie or some other tech in the know can`t just tell the announcers to change the script immediately. It has to be approved by this guy and that gal, including the censors, who must vet every word ultimately read on the air, and the announcers are not allowed to deviate, even if they know something is inaccurate. Or possibly they just don`t give a damn

** IRAN [and non]. Iran Qur`an, in Arabic of course, Sept 3 at 1350 on 15150, fair signal but with intermittent SSB QRM on hi side, 15152 or 15153, probably poachers or narcotraffickers in Spanish who encroach onto the broadcast bands with impunity

** JAPAN [non]. NHKWNRJ, 11705 via Sackville, Sept 3 at 1416 after a 2-minute music break, announced a new weekly feature on Wednesdays this month, answering questions from listeners if sent to What`s Up, Japan? No pre-echo from Yamata this date, a welcome respite

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Assertive Korean talk, Sept 2 at 1319 on 6518. Is PWBR `2008` any help? Of course not; it sure isn`t Perú! Fortunately we know that this is V. of People, clandestine from S to N, and // 6600, the latter jammed. 6518 does appear for this in WRTH 2008

** MEXICO. XEXQ, R. Universidad de San Luís Potosí, 6045, is appearing more reliably now: Sept 2 at 1322 classical music audible with no strain, but lo het from Asian 6045.0 station; also Sept 3 around 1310. It should be better to monitor XEXQ in the 1200 UT hour before Vladivostok comes on

** SWEDEN [non]. Despite the impression given by advance notice on website, the R. Sweden 70th anniversary special show in English did air on the Sackville relay, 15240, Sept 3 at 1430. I had missed the original direct broadcast at 1230. An enjoyable show which one should hear ondemand if not onshortwave.

At 1449 George Wood briefly mentioned how Sweden Calling DXers was such a pioneer in using the internet, but failed to mention how he deliberately downgraded it from a SW DX news source to Mediascan with news of internet, and primarily satellites, and then let it peter out to almost nothing, the last item posted at

dated 2008-06-27. Of course, running an active media blog would largely duplicate RNW`s Media Network, among others.

At 1500, 15240 continued in Swedish, and sounded like it was also the anniversary show, or part of it. BTW, on this occasion before 1500 there was more adjacent QRM than usual, 15235 being SMG Vatican in Hindi/Tamil, and 15245 being BBC Woofferton in Russian

** U S A. WRNO, 7505, New Orleans, was still missing around 0355 check UT September 3. Hmmm, I wonder if Hannah will ever hit Walterboro?

** U S A [non]. Checking all the alleged frequencies for VOA special live coverage of the Republic Con, as in DXLD 8-095, UT Sept 3 around 0115, the only one I could hear, I think, was 9780, as it was poor but sounded like the same speaker at the moment on live TV coverage, but not synchronized. This was supposed to be Sri Lanka, not starting until 0200. Axually 9780 was already on the regular schedule at 01-02 only, so 02-03 is just a temporary extension

** AUSTRALIA. RA with throw-away feature Perspective, Thu Sept 4 at 1355 on 6020 and 9580. It only lasted 3.5 minutes this time, but nevertheless, both frequencies dumped out of it at 1358, 6020 going immediately to unnecessary IS before closing in time for Shiokaze at 1400, inaudible here; and 9580 just cutting rudely off air, forcing us to retune to inferior 9590 for the rest of the show. The remaining sesquiminute before 1400 news was filled by the RA news sounder already and promos.

Perspective is so dispensable that it isn`t even shown for 1355 at

but just M-F 0955 and 1654 and Sat 2105, none of them convenient times for SWLs in North America. Fortunately, via its website

one may read transcripts or even subscribe. The one I heard was actually for Sept 3, ``Staying good while playing God - looking after animal welfare when applying biotechnology`` and Roger Broadbent said it was the first of a series

** CUBA. RHC 6180 still missing, Sept 4 at 0110. This is supposed to be in Spanish to CAm, ex-6140, which swapped with it for English. Have not checked the entire evening to learn if 6180 ever appears. If not, where did this transmitter go? Meanwhile, English on 6000 and 6140 still suffer from low modulation and hum, 6000 being worse. Those searching for a frequency associated with my last report around 1400: I happened to be listening on 13680

** INTERNATIONAL. This is not a log per se, but a follow-up to my previous report of VOLMET from AUSTRALIA, HAWAII, JAPAN. Tnx to Jari Savolainen who sent link to VOLMET info for Asia and Pacific,

The schedule can be summarised as follows, in minutes past each hour; we wonder if all frequencies are always used at once, or whether the highest are day-only, the lowest night-only, which is SOP. The document also shows which airports are covered in each 5-minute segment; that could also help to ID source. Notice how several frequencies are 3 kHz apart. These aren`t often reported even by utility DXers; they could be considered SWBC. Presumably everything is in [robotic] English, the ICAO language, even tho `VOLMET` is derived from the French:

PACIFIC: 2863, 6679, 8828, 13282

Tokyo       10-15, 40-45

Hong Kong   15-20, 45-50

Auckland    20-25, 50-55

However, a separate entry further down the list conflicts with above!

One would have expected Honolulu to fill in the 55-10 and 25-40 gaps if really on the same frequencies. And in fact my log on 6679 had Honolu2 ID at :35 past!

PACIFIC: 2863, 6679, 8828, 13282

Honolulu    10-25, 40-55 [sic]

ASIA: 3458, 5673, 8849, 13285

Guangzhou   00-15, 30-45

Beijing     15-30, 45-60

EUROPE/ASIA: 3461, 4663, 5676, 10090, 13279

Tashkent    05-10, 35-40

Novosibirsk 10-15, 40-45

Khabarovsk  15-20, 45-50

Moskva      25-30, 55-60

Kyiv [blank, but presumably if active would fill one gap or the other:

            00-05, 30-35

            20-25, 50-55]

ASIA: 2965, 6676, 11387

Sydney      00-05, 30-35

Kolkata     05-10, 35-40

Bangkok     10-15, 40-45

Karachi     15-20, 45-50

Singapore   20-25, 50-55

Mumbai      25-30, 55-60

Then Liz Cameron sends a much more comprehensive VOLMET schedule, tnx to Bill Hepburn`s site which confirms my suspicions about Honolulu; includes callsigns for most, and many more exotic ones like Damascus. One could easily specialize in DXing and even QSLing these VOLMETs, or at least add some countries otherwise difficult or impossible on regular SWBC, such as IRELAND, GIBRALTAR, URUGUAY

** SWEDEN. Andy Sennitt corrects my previous comments about the demise of Sweden Calling DXers: don`t blame George Wood, but the management. Any program at all like that could continue only if he dumped SW DX news for satellite stuff, as gh paraphrases it, so MediaScan was born. My apologies in that case. Meanwhile, it was announced on Thursday`s RS show, which had a feature on Aland, that the anniversary special would repeat on Sunday Sept 7

** U S A. WBCQ, 5110 was still on the air with rock music at 0106 UT Sept 4, presumably a postlude to Area 51, scheduled 2300-0100. Not // 7415 which at 0113 was airing a preacher sounding suspiciously like Brother Scare. Remember, WORLD OF RADIO is to appear on 5110 Fridays at 2300, then INTERNATIONAL RADIO REPORT

** U S A. On 1060, UT Sept 4 at 0058, heard weather from the Radio Colorado Network, then a quick string of IDs including KKKK Colorado Springs, but that doesn`t apply to 1060, and then mentioned another chain, Rocky Mountain Radio Network. Strangely enough, neither net is mentioned in the introduxion to the year-old 2007 NRC AM Log, altho the former is in the entry for 1060 which is really KRCN Longmont, and KKKK is on 1580

** CANADA [and non]. Heard an unfamiliar het as I tuned across 49m, Sept 4 at 2315, on 6070. Something in English, yes IDing in passing as Newstalk 10-10, CFRB, so the long-delayed revival of CFRX has finally happened! But it`s off-frequency, about 6069.8. This could be a devious way of encouraging the competition, such as CVC, to evacuate, as a het from this low-power station is more annoying than being on exactly the correct frequency. CVC from Chile is currently scheduled 23-13 UT, which covers almost all the darkness hours in North America. And then there`s ELWA Liberia until 2300 or so. On second thought, that`s unlikely; but CFRX previously was not off-frequency like this

CFRX is also shooting itself in the foot, since the het it causes also makes it very unpleasant for its own would-be listeners in North America, where 100 kW from Chile easily trumps or at least matches 1 kW from Toronto, all-night. A little help: CVC in B-season shrinx to 00-12 UT. At least CFRX should be OK in daytime for areas close enough to overcome absorption.

Adjacently: Not much in Western Hemisphere on 6065, with WYFR no longer using it; DW is 24 hours via several rotating sites around Europe on 6075, and then there`s RCI with a big 250 kW on 6075 at 0205-0305 in Spanish, 268 degrees, but that`s for A-season only.

Further chex of the reactivated CFRX 6069.8: By Sept 5 at 0302 it was just a het against CVC, and with expected splash from RCI 6075. At 0620 recheck, could only hear CVC and no het, so not sure if CFRX was still on; however at this hour propagation from the east was very poor, with Sackville quite weak on 6045 in Korea relay. WWCR also weak on 5070. Even Greenville 6180 was weak, while Habana 6140 was still very strong, as well as XEPPM: see MEXICO. Checking CFRX again at 1248, it was poor with het still audible, presumably the remnants of CVC which was about to sign off, anyway.

And after 1300 the het gone and CFRX actually improved a bit by 1310 when resuming talk show after news and weather. Now the obstacle is local line noise level. Still audible but not listenable at 1355 when I turned on the computer and TV set. At 1735 recheck, could not even get a carrier on the portable in the yard, but with local noise sources turned off might be able to hear it on the big rig and antenna at midday, to be determined.

But could not really get into it back at 1310, because of interruptions every few minutes for more weather, traffic reports, commercials, promos, phone-in numbers, all with phony enthusiasm. But that`s commercial radio for you in North America. I still welcome the revival of this relic, as there is no other Canadian or US SW station with such a format. O sure, there are talk shows on several US stations, but they all have a religious or fringe political agenda.

Does CFRB have any shows on particular topics worth outseeking? See where there are lots of different show titles, personality-driven, so if you don`t know the hosts, the names are meaningless.

There are quite a few specialty shows on weekends, tho, which is SOP for talk format stations, for example, converted to UT:

Sat 12-13   home improvement

Sat 16-17   movies

Sat 19-20   cars

Sat 22-2230 movies

Sun 14-15   trivia

Sun 18-1830 CFRB Presents documentaries by college students

Mon 02-03   comedy

The need I advocated to change frequency and/or increase power with the comeback was pooh-poohed by CFRX`s QSL manager. BTW, altho I did not see his report until later, Steve Lare in MI was first to report CFRX back, earlier Sept 4 at 2050.

Just how long had CFRX been off? Altho it had been intermittent for a while before then, about two years, per this item from September, 2006 in DXLD 6-144:

``CANADA. Not certain if anyone else has mentioned this or not but

yesterday I had checked 6070 for CFRX and they were not there. Checked

today as well and not there again. Normally they are S9+ here through

the day

CFRB/CFRX QSL signer Steve Canney told me on September 20th that CFRX

was off the air then. The chief engineer was looking for the problem,

but hadn`t found it. So it appears that the repairs were either too

extensive or he ran out of time and it must wait for another visit to

the transmitter site.

BTW, new QSL card has just been printed and is now in use for CFRX and

CFRB reception reports (Harold Sellers, Ont., Sept 24, 2006, ODXA via DXLD)``

QSL unneeded as I have one showing the Toronto skyline from Nov 7, 1957, or rather ``Toronto`s downtown and harbour as seen from the bay``, just added to my gallery at

Hey, where`s the CN tower?? Not constructed until l973-1976, says Wikipedia

** MAURITANIA. 4845 inaudible at 0310 check Sept 5, so apparently not running all-night for Ramadan; usual ute noises were there. At 0627, ORTM was poorly audible with ute

** MEXICO. Trying to figure out the true schedule of XEPPM, R. Educación, 6185: Recently had been inaudible after 0600 and presumed off, but Sept 5 at 0625 VG signal with contemporary classical music, and remarkably, hardly any signal from VOA Greenville 6180 to bother it. No sign of Brasil on 6180 or 6185 or 6188 either, but when on, that could be a problem. 0628 gave Spanish timecheck more than a minute fast, ID for MW 1060, and into discussion of jazz.

The SW program schedule as of June/08 is at

as mentioned by Harry Helms, and covers only 18-24 local time = 23-05 UT. But this does not necessarily mean 6185 is only on the air during those hours; those could be only when SW programming is separate from MW.

BTW, it includes ``Sintonía Libre``, which I think is some sort of DX program, UT Wed/Fri/Sun 0200-0230, repeated Mon 0415-0445 [something to listen to now that WOR is gone from that hour on WBCQ]. Also a show title in English! On the Road, Tue/Thu/Sat 0015-0045. The discussion I heard at 0630 UT Friday must have been ``Datos Para Una Historia``, a repeat scheduled on MW, UT Fridays only 0630-0700, the rest of the block 0503-0957 daily, bookended by himnos nacionales, being unspecified music. Such a pity they did away with detailed minute-by-minute advance playlists.

And I think I have the answer to Harry`s unID on 6185 in DXLD 8-094, something ending in -dad, which he heard Thursday August 21 at 1002: shown on the XEEP MW schedule for Wed & Thu at 10-12 UT is ``Del Campo y de la Ciudad``, all other days being unspecified music during this block, except Mondays 1100-1115, Voces de Antiguas Raíces. However if the original SW schedule is in effect, that goes off at 1100. And the evening MW schedule is certainly different from the SW one. We still suspect the SW transmission is somewhat irregular, especially after 0500.

As for other Mexican SW. During these unusual conditions Sept 5, with signals from the east so attenuated, RCI relay of KBSWR in Spanish on 6045 was weak enough to uncover a fast SAH at 0620, which I suspect came from XEXQ running all night as I have heard it on occasion, perpetually slightly off frequency. 6010 XEOI was also coming in well as usual, but strength no comparison to 6185    

** U S A. WBOH still has a bit of Russian, as I ran across it again Sept 5 at 0635 on 5920, very poor signal along with Greenville 6180

** BOLIVIA. R. Santa Cruz continues to be the easiest Bolivian, 6134.8 or so making het pitch with something much weaker on 6135.0 very close to what CFRX makes with CVC, as I was checking 6070 also at 2350 Sept 5. At 2357, 6134.8 was mentioning Santa Cruz, Bolivia, programa del Instituto Radiofónico Fé y Alegría. But marred by a bonker around the same frequency. At least R. República is currently away on 31m

** CANADA. CFRX check, Sept 5 at 2350, big het between it on 6069.8 and CVC Chile on 6070.0, the two at about equal level. At first CVC was dominating, but at 0000, TC, ID and CFRB News was atop for the moment. A deep notch would help but how many SWLs have that? Intolerable clash caused by people who don`t understand how to do shortwave. Since CFRX is incapable of moving even 200 Hz, so far, they (we?) should try to persuade CVC to move, as they certainly have the flexibility to do so. If they want to move as little as possible, it looks like the easy way out would be for CVC to shift to 6065, which is not used by anything in the Western Hemisphere all night, but their own Zambian outlet starts at 0600, so Chile could use it at least until then, and CFRX could be clear in the local evenings

** CUBA. Tho it had been missing the last few nites, RHC 6180 was back Sept 5-6, with open carrier from tune-in 2350, and IS, sign-on 2358. The frequencies announced at 0000, when I was listening to 6060, were: 13760, 11760, 11680, 9550, 9600, 5965, 6000, 6060, 6140 and 6180, in that strange Moscow-style order. Yes, 6140 also on for one hour in Spanish before it goes into English

** MEXICO [and non]. Checking XEPPM, 6185, Sept 5 at 2350, there was a rumbling SAH with R. Nacional Amazônia, BRAZIL, which was on top. Later on Sept 6 around 0255, non-Spanish, non-Portuguese was on top, presumably Vatican. So R. Educación really needs to stay on all night when the frequency is clearer

** U S A. WBOH, 5920, I noticed was already in Spanish at 0004 check UT Sat Sept 6, as their own schedule has conflicting info about the Spanish timings

** AUSTRALIA. RA, 9785, G signal in Indonesian, 2230 UT Sat Sept 6 starting ``English from Australia`` lessons based on lyrix of John Denver songs; this is no Kang Guru show originating in Australia and carried on RRI stations, also teaching English. Axually more English than Indonesian heard past 2250, with occasional QRDRM from Sackville 9795-9800-9805. Site is Darwin at 290 degrees, almost due west, making me wonder if it`s long-path, which would seem unusual, while RNW Indo via Madagascar longpath around same time on other frequencies is common.

At 2313 found another RA // Indo frequency, 15230, which by then was better than 9785 and not synchronized with it. 15230 is Shepparton at 30 degrees, surely short-path, but why is it aimed eastward of any part of Indonesia? Because the 2300 hour just like the 2200 hour on 15230 is supposed to be in English to Oceania, per Aoki and EiBi; mistake, or recent change? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** CANADA. CFRX, still on 6069.85 or so, Sept 6 at 2258 in the clear, no het, but as soon as news started at 2300, a slight het appeared, no doubt from CVC Chile as scheduled. It should only get worse as the evening progresses, and CVC builds up while CFRX loses out. The news was barely underway at 2301 when it was interrupted for a traffic report about the 401. Such irrelevancies could get old quick for CFRB`s now expanded continental audience

** CUBA [and non]. Ear-splitting whine is back, centered on 5800, extending up to 50 kHz either side! With cut numbers in middle, Sept 6 around 0615. The Cuban spy number service certainly has no qualms about being noticed, presumably since its code is believed to be unbreakable. Just another way Cuba messes up the spectrum with abandon.

And the DentroCuban Jamming Command is still blasting its noise at WRMI 9955 while WORLD OF RADIO is on, in English, 2025 UT check Saturday Sept 6, so we were totally inaudible here. Same before and after 2300. It is beginning to seem that Arnie`s jamming pals have decided just to turn it on and leave it, rather than adjust jamming times only to block Cuban exile programs in Spanish, despite hours for those having been drastically reduced, as there is more English, religion, Saturdays at 2300 on the WRMI schedule.

Meanwhile, RHC itself was not jammed at all! On 11750, English `news` in progress at 2308, in yet another runover from scheduled 2300 closing of that frequency in other languages. 11750 was axually better than the only frequency supposed to be in English then, 9550, which had DWL ACI from 9545. But those engrossed in learning what is really going on in the world were abruptly abandoned when 11750 went off at 2309* This is getting to be more the rule than the exception

** HONDURAS. HRMI back on the air in usual sporadic fashion, 3340, with a good signal at a time when propagation was pitiful on higher bands, SF = 65, Sept 6 around 0610 with OM preacher in English plus consecutive translation into Spanish by YL. As for what either of them was saying, I have no idea, as my ears glaze over whenever I am assaulted by such delusional characters so absolutely certain they have The Truth. If anything, his interpreter was even more so in her pronouncements

** MEXICO. XEPPM, 6185, apparently on with carrier at least 5 minutes before 2300 Sept 6, as I was hearing a lo het with presumed RNA Brasil. At 2301 recheck, XEPPM well on top with Mexican anthem, 2301 sign-on in Spanish, and 2302 sign-on in English, plus program summary, but most or all of them are going to be in Spanish. Do they assume all listeners are bilingual? Each also gave e-mail of ondacorta @ and 2303 back into Spanish programming, a repeat from something on Friday giving Sept 5 date

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV, 15250 via Cuba, Sat Sept 6 at 2314 in English, YL with tedious enumeration of constitutional articles concerning corruption, apparently trying to dismiss such charges against Chávez in the 1990s, made only worse by her didactic and heavy accent. A SAH of about 3 Hz was detectable during fades and bits of modulation from something else. Only possibility in Aoki and EiBi is CVC in Indonesian via Darwin, 290 degrees, 250 kW, exactly same parameters as RA being heard at same time on 9785; see AUSTRALIA

** CUBA. As Hurricane Ike traverses the island, RHC is of course required listening for news of its impact. Sept 8 at 1303 on 12000 it was mentioned that Ike would be subject of Mesa Redonda, Monday evening, this time starting at 2200 instead of 2230, on 6000 and 9820. Despertar con Cuba was airing reports from various cities in central and eastern Cuba about coping with Ike (well-pronounced as in English, despite temptations to Spanishize it), including large evacuations from low-lying areas subject to flooding.

Without missing a beat, however, RHC goes from Ike news to Cinco Presos stuff, which is required to be mentioned at least every 5 minutes. It seems the tenth anniversary of their incarceration is imminent, so expect even more of that, if humanly possible, hurricanes or no hurricanes.

At 1308, strong 15370 was splashing over weak 15360, a risk you take by putting two of your own transmitters only 10 kHz apart. Perhaps in SAm the situation is reversed.

How are the jammers doing? Still obliterating WRMI 9955 at 1347 check; mixing with Martí on 13820, and a bit earlier also dominating 7405. Both the DJCJ and RHC appear unhindered so far, but that could change as Ike goes closest to Habana. However, the SW jammer sites are probably not all concentrated near Habana like the RHC sites. Where are they, exactly, Arnie? Since you assert Cuba is perfectly justified in jamming unfriendly broadcasts, even citing ITU regulations against cross-border broadcasting, why aren`t these in the ITU database?

** IRELAND [non]. As I tuned across KJES, 11715, Sunday Sept 7 at 1312, there was unmistakable QRDRM centered on same frequency. Both signals weak, but that means DRM was a considerable problem for those of us hankering for a KJES-fix, preacher talking in English, then off-key singing with guitar accompaniment. Checked the online DRM skeds, and nothing anywhere near 11715 at any time! O yes, this is the day Irish hurling goes hi-tech with special one-day-only DRM transmission via Woofferton UK at 102 degrees on 11710-11715-11720. A considerable oversight by the DRM schedule maintainer. After 1500 I also checked the analog frequencies via Meyerton, South Africa, 11695 and 11960, but heard nothing. So a `successful` DRM transmission at the expense of poor KJES. Made me want to hurl

** JAPAN. At the end of NHKWNRJ news, 1410 Sept 8 on 11705 via Canada, I was able to copy the name of their deep-voiced news announcer, I hope correctly: Hirokazu Sanamaki. He is apparently too modest for it to appear on the website

** SPAIN [and non]. REE`s Clásicos Populares show, originally from RNE R3, Mon-Tue-Wed 1305-1400, seems to be gone again, for Sept 8 at 1330, 1350 chex they were apparently reading something from Cervantes, with only some incidental music in background, on 17595 and via Costa Rica 15170. The latter signed off at 1400, and before 1401* I could hear it mixing with something else, which per EiBi must be R. Liberty via Rampisham in Turkmen, just starting

** U S A. After a few weeks, the Sunday 2030 UT time of WORLD OF RADIO on WRMI, 9955, is gone again; checking webcast Sept 7 heard exile program instead, which Jeff White says is Foro Revolucionario Democrático Cubano which had to be rescheduled since it wanted to expand from half an hour to half a sesquihour. Jammed, anyway

** U S A. SOS! Sunday Sept 7 at 1320-1330, came across reading of Song of Solomon chapter 5 on WYFR 25m, hot stuff about breasts and such, but all in the usual ponderous style of all other Bible readings. Just once, I would like to hear this read with a bit of leer. O yeah, it`s allegorical. I was so excited that I failed to notice whether it was 11830 or 11865, both on the air in English to WNAm with separate programming. Checked 24 hours later: 11865 the one with Bible readings, but no SOS this time

** CUBA [and non]. With H. Ike crossing western Cuba Sept 9, time for another check of SW transmitters. First at 0524, RHC English inaudible on 11760, 9550, but really poor propagation may be the reason; OK on 6140, 6000, and 6060, in descending order of strength, obsessed with the Cinco Presos and giving their first names (do they rotate the order, just to be fair?).


Radio Martí, 7405 without jamming at 0524 during music show. Propagation not the cause here as WYFR was OK on 7730, 7520. RM 6030 also in the clear at 0525 with no jamming audible! 

Radio Rebelde, 5025: normal at 0540, mentioned that Rebelde on 1180 was the only frequency on the air for central Cuba [just happens to try to block R. Martí].

Next check in the 1230-1400+ UT period. News from somewhere at 1300 said Ike was about to hit the mainland for the second time at Pinar del Río.

RHC operations were normal, except for 6000 missing.

Jammers were OFF, allowing R. Martí to be in the clear, and WRMI.

Relays of China and Venezuela were also OFF. The details:

Radio Rebelde: At 1230, 5025 was still on as usual, with Ike coverage more focused than RHC which was wandering away to other topix. 1335 still audible talking about massive evax.

RHC: at 1230, the first frequency I checked, 6000 was absent; normally runs until 1400. Could be that its antenna, larger than the higher frequencies, was more subject to wind damage.

Following RHC channels were confirmed on with normal operations: at 1239, 6180; at 1245, 9600, with programming about cultural relations with Mexico`s regiomontana region (Nuevo León). 1249, 12000; 1251, 11760; 1256, 15360 and 15120; 1302, 15370, 13680. RHC news leads with Raúl telephoning support to the head of the Party in hard-hit Holguín, ho hum. How about some real news, rather than party leaders` doings?

Jammers: no sign of them on R. Martí frequencies, loud and clear for a change: 1232 on 7405, talking about the totally disastrous situation in Cuba; 1235 on 9805; 1255 on 13820, but RM still weak. 1303 on 11845 very good. 1336, still good on 7405. Also no jamming on WRMI with R. Cuba Libre, 9955, at 1248, but WRMI quite weak.

CRI relays: at 1246, 9570 missing; at 1402 past 1600, 13740 missing.

RNV relay: at 1254, 11705 missing.

The missing transmissions could be due to: 1) voluntary closedown to minimize damage, perhaps lowering antennas in advance if possible; 2) power outages but only in some areas; 3) real hurricane damage to antennas and/or other equipment at sites; 4) studio-transmitter link outages for any of same reasons; 5) in the case of jammers, relenting to allow useful info from outside in --- naah, of course not

** GUIANA FRENCH. DRM on 15310-15315-15320, Sept 9 at 1259 and continuing past 1301, steady S9+18 and likely from one of the W. Hemisphere sites, Bonaire which has used frequency before at other times, or HCJB? No, Guiana French reactivated as in this case the DRM DX schedule has it for three days only:

1200-1400 09/08-09/10 15315 292 Mexico 150 TDF GUF various Montsinéry

And details here:

also showing 11825, 17875 and 21620 at other times of day.

But why? Not stated. Some meeting must be going on in Mexico, with this as a demo. In fact, it is La Séptima Bienal Internacional de Radio, at the Centro Nacional de las Artes, 8-12 September, info about which Magdiel Cruz Rodríguez has sent us, including DRM and IBOC demonstrations. More monitoring reports of these are at

** INDONESIA. Qur`an on 4790, Sept 9 at 1233, so must be RRI Fak2, making it thru again, but none of the other 60m Indos audible

** ASIA. Didn`t have time to log details, but tnx to lower local line noise level, and not too much T-storm activity nearby, a scan of 60m Sept 10 at 1225 found weak signals audible from the usual suspects in North Korea, China, and Indonesia: 4450, 4460, 4750, 4790, 4830, 4870, 4900, 4920, 5030, 5050

** AUSTRALIA. Sept 10 at 1235 I was hearing lengthy marine weather forecasts extending a few days futurely, on 6507-SSB. Hard to catch geographical details, except for St. Helen`s Point, which a Google search immediately pins on Tasmania. Had SSB 2-way QRM on the high side. Klingenfuss 2002 SW Guide shows five Strines on 6507: VID Darwin, VIM Melbourne, VIP Perth, VIS Sydney, VIT Townsville. I suppose by proximity VIM is most likely. Perhaps they are on a rotating schedule

** CANADA. On the sixth day after reactivation, CFRX frequency adjusted much closer to 6070.0 after starting out around 6069.85v. Sept 10 at 1218 it had a subaudible heterodyne of approximately 6 Hz against presumed remnants of CVC Chile. CFRX continued to weaken, but carrier without the SAH still detectable at 1421, 1507

** CANADA. CKZU, 6160, holding up later as we get into autumn, Sept 10 at 1413 with Vancouver traffic report; Spanish 2-way SSB QRM from 6157

** CUBA [and non]. As expected, the jamming break tnx to Ike did not last long, but seems not to have ramped up to full force yet again.

The morning of Sept 9 as in my last report, jamming was missing on Martí and WRMI frequencies. I did not have time for a thoro check in the afternoon, but a quick check at 2206 found lite jamming back on 11930. Also, Venezuela relay missing in the morning, was back at 1955 on 15290.

UT Sept 10 at 0530, RM was over jamming on 6030 and 7405. RHC was still missing from 6000, and English on 6060 had better modulation but weaker signal than // 6140.

Next survey started at 1212: 6000 was finally back on, in Spanish at this hour, but with QRDRM from Australia 5990-5995-6000 and from the Asian het on 6003. Other RHC frequencies were on as usual too.

At 1228, just before closing 5980, RM was VG and no jamming audible, nor any once RM was gone; at 1241, 7405 was mixed with jamming, and at 1245 RM was over the jamming. At 1255, RM 13820 VG with no jamming audible, but may have been overriding it, as RHC 13760 was quite weak.

CRI relay on 9570, missing the day before, was back at 1246 check. As was RNV on 11705 at 1249, but with low modulation and hum.

WRMI, 9955, was jammed again at 1247, both from pulses at the rate of about 132 per minute, and weaker continuous bubbling. However, at 1421 recheck, the jamming was gone leaving a weak signal in English, presumably the usual R. Prague program from the day before

** GUATEMALA. R. Verdad, 4052.5, always reliable, checked Sept 10 at 0548 and started to hear an ID with station address by YL in what sounded like Swedish! But could have been another Scandinavian language; then into hymn with local piano accompaniment. The final broadcast hour is normally in English, or make that non-Spanish

** MEXICO. XEPPM, R. Educación, made another of its rare daytime appearances on 6185, Sept 10 at 1411 tune-in. I had not noticed it a couple hours earlier when I was scanning the band and Habana was still on 6180, so I think XEPPM must have deliberately turned the transmitter back on rather than forgetting to turn it off at 1100*

This was apparently prompted by the `special programming` for the Bienal, as explained in DXLD 8-100, without any specific information about when it would be on the air. The Bienal was mentioned, but then the hour was mostly about a Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, and lots more discussion of Cervantes and Don Quixote. Apparently some celebration about them is going on now, as REE has also been reading and discussing this in the 1300 hour since Sept 8; see SPAIN.

XEPPM signal was quite good at the start, but faded down a bit in the following hour. At 1444 again mentioned Séptima Bienal, discussed radio via Internet. The remote special wrapped up at 1500 with a return to the cabina, ID for XEEP MW 1060 only. By then 6185 was the strongest signal on 49m, and almost the only one, besides WBOH 5920.

My local line noise level has relented, probably only temporarily, so I checked for other carriers, finding 6070 CFRX; and 6045, must be XEXQ at the late hour of 1508, along with bits of audio

** SPAIN. REE, 17595, Sept 10 at 1306 again starting special series about Cervantes instead of Clásicos Populares. Mentioned ``caballero`` literary tradition in other European countries, then into Don Quixote. XEPPM also into Cervantism special: see MEXICO

** SUDAN [non]. Southern Sudan Interactive Radio Instruction, Sept 10 at 1259 on 15390 was vamping with music, and shortly before 1300 English ID as starting part 2 of English lesson; poor with fades. Then identified as Program 98, for beginners.

At 1303 found same kind of thing with frequent doorbell cues, on 15760, but NOT //. These are both M/W/F only at 1300-1330 via South Africa, at 7 and 5 degrees respectively

** CANADA. CHU plans to move from 7335 to 7850 with an upgrade ``this summer`` but only one sesquiweek is left to meet that goal. Still on 7335 as usual at 2142 check Sept 10

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Africa, 15190 remains active most of the time; Sept 10 at 2122, large S9+20 signal but North American preacher undermodulated. Recheck at 2245, still audible with distorted audio under stronger WYFR in Portuguese which starts at 2200. Christians vs Christians!

** IBERIA. Both REE in Spanish on 15110 and RDPI in Portuguese on 15295 were sending overblown coverage of some silly ballgame, Sept 10 at 2123. I wonder if it was the same game, but don`t really care

** U S A. WRNO back on the air UT Sept 10, having last been heard on UT August 30 just before a hurricane hit. They were supposed to resume at 0100-0400 UT the transmission on 7505, but no sign of them by 0115 UT Sept 10. They were on, however at 0205 recheck; but off early too at 0355 check.

Bruce Barker got a tip from WRNO by e-mail that they were about to return, which also said they had been down for power loss, not because of any damage to antenna or tower. However, missing August 31 was well before there should have been any power loss.

Next night, UT Sept 11, at 0059 carrier was on and started promptly at 0100. First news item was from Global Witness, about genocide in the DR Congo. Then items about Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Mr. Kim Jung-Il, Russia vs EU over Georgia, Lebanon --- ``brought to you by Jonathan Peter, as reported by the BBC``.

Went on to say that WRNO Worldwide was not affected by Gustav, now praying against another hurricane planning to hit Houston/Galveston, they hope, instead of New Orleans. And then some music which drove me away immediately. I don`t listen much, but the live DJs seem to act as if they are in New Orleans instead of Fort Worth. Isn`t NOLA merely the transmitter site now?

** U S A. I was getting a bit concerned Wednesday Sept 10 at 2100, when WORLD OF RADIO 1425 did not start on WBCQ 15420-CUSB, but instead the New Mexico preacher went right on babbling. Finally WOR started late at 2110 and ran until conclusion at 2138:40, during which the signal faded down somewhat. Serves as another reminder that if you don`t hear WOR at scheduled time on WBCQ, don`t give up

** U S A [non]. Harold Camping on 12055, Sept 10 before and after 2130, but not // WYFR 13615/11565, and 12055 did not sound at all like WYFR, instead with ``generator hum``. This is registered as Ascension at 21-22, 65 degrees. Perhaps the upgrade there needs some tweaking. They certainly use generators, but normally filter out the hum

** AUSTRALIA. Re my previous report of marine weather for Tasmania on 6507-SSB at 1235: Jari Savolainen and Ron Howard point out that it`s now VMC in Queensland; see schedules at

I believe all the other Australian stations I mentioned from the 2002 listings were replaced by only two stations, VMC and VMW

** CANADA [and non]. CFRX check Sept 11: at 1111, CVC Chile with fast SAH, estimated 10 Hz, likely caused by CFRX. At 1218, Japanese was heard on 6070, again with a fast SAH from CFRX. That would be V. of Korea, which is in Japanese at 109 degrees from 0900 to 1250 or so, additional significant QRM to CFRX, indeed blockage, in C&W NAm during those hours. My previous chex of 6070 a few minutes before 1300 had missed it, when CVC was presumably still traceable before it closed.

A closer look at all the other known inhabitants of 6070, which could bother CFRX. Of course, those in the local daytime are less likely to be a problem, but increasingly so as winter comes on, especially in northern Ontario, presumably the prime target of CFRX. This info is derived from EiBi, Aoki, PWBR, WRTH, HFCC, some of which is contradictory:

0200-0100 Belarusian R., Brest, DS, 5 kW; winter 0300-0200 [PWBR]

0300-2100 Belaruskoye Radio 1, with Brest program M-F 15-16 [EiBi]

0600-0900 ELWA Liberia, 1 kW [DSWCI says 0530-0800]

0700-1230 RRI Jayapura, 50 kW [presumably inactive; see also 2100]

0900-1250 V of Korea, Japanese, 125 kW, 109 degrees; 1050-1100 break

1100-1230 R. Thailand, 10 kW ND, SE Asian languages [unconfirmed? This

          used to be a domestic service relay; PWBR says winter only,

          1100-1245 from Pathum Thani site]

1330-1400 R. Rossii, Samara, Russia site, 250 kW, 58 degrees, B-season

1400-1430 FEBC Philippines, 100 kW to SE Asia, Mon/Wed-Sat; winter

          [PWBR]. Four Vietnamese tribal languages [EiBi] 

1400-1700 V. of Russia, Novosibirsk, 500 kW, 180 degrees, S Asian

          languages until 1600 English

1500-1700 TWR Swaziland, 100 kW to S Africa [listed in PWBR only]

1600-1700 WYFR via Armavir, Russia site, 250 kW, 110 degrees, B-season

1600-1800 Brest, Belarus, 5 kW ND [Aoki]

1600-2300 ELWA Liberia, 1 kW [DSWCI says 1730-2300]

1700-1900 CRI Xi`an, Russian, 500 kW, 292 degrees, winter only

2100-0500 RRI Jayapura 50 kW DS, temp. inactive; also 0700-1200 [PWBR]

2200-2300 RRI Tiganesti, Spanish to Europe, 247 degrees, B-season only

2300-1300 CVC La Voz, Miami via Chile 100 kW 30 degrees [B-season


All of this should help make the case that CFRX really needs a better, clearer frequency, perhaps in the less-crowded OOB area 5700-5800 (

** CHINA [non]. 6040, CRI via Sackville with China Drive DS relay, Sept 11 at 1107 with M&W hosts inviting texts to 1066 9191 985 from people who have decided not to commit suicide. Yes, that was the subject of the day, apparently spurred by Suicide Prevention Day. Certainly a change of pace from CRI`s external service. Mark spoke English while Ilan [sp?] mixed English with Chinese. Broke for weather forecast from the point of view of morning in Beijing, so I wondered if this was delayed from earlier, or maybe was referring to morning in Boston for which weather forecast was also given. Then talked about table tennis match in Paralympix, about to start in 20 minutes

** CUBA [and non]. At 1116, when 31m was not fully open, WWCR 9980 weak, and only Australia strong, there was a fair carrier with het on 9600 but no modulation audible. Could it be XEYU coming back? Not likely, since carrier was exactly on 9600.0 and the het was on the hi side, not the low side, where XEYU resided around 9599.3v when last heard. At 1139, 9600 was barely parallelable to 6180, so definitely RHC, and no more het. By 1200, the RHC 9600 signal was in solid, but very undermodulated. We still wonder whence the carrier around 9601?

** HONDURAS. Two gospel huxters were trying to outdo each other in the same way. Sept 11 at 1123, Radio Luz y Vida on 3250.0 had OM preacher in American English with consecutive translation by YL into Spanish but she had a heavy gringo accent. Alternated with very short phrases, and I assume she was actually next to him during the sermon, rather than something inserted later.

Then I tuned to 3340 for Radio MI, and found another American OM preacher in English, also being consecutively translated into Spanish by a YL, but she speaks much better Spanish. Perhaps this is the way they like to get their non-Catholic religion in Honduras? Would it be conceivable for the original to be preached by a woman and the translation by a man?

** MEXICO. I was awake early Thursday Sept 11, so checked out R. Educación, 6185, where Harry Helms heard something in -dad after 1000 on the same day of week in August, but says he was not hearing it on Wed Sept 10. XEPPM may be irregular, not on SW the day before, but it certainly was Sept 11. If Harry can`t hear it in Corpus Christi, he may be in the skip zone at that low-MUF hour, while at roughly twice the distance from DF, I am not.

1053 tune in to VG signal with music, but almost immediately into talk for the rest of the hour. Live host mentioned program name ``Del Campo y de la Ciudad``, which is on the XEEP-AM schedule Wed & Thu 1000-1200. All in Spanish. Mentioned the 9/11 anniversary in the US, but it`s also the anniversary of the US-sponsored assassination of Pres. Salvador Allende in Chile. Enumerated chronology of Allende`s life, and introduced recording off the air of his last speech, from Radio Magallanes, and it was also on R. Corporación, but interrupted himself at 1101 to despedirse from 6185, referring listeners to MW 1060 or internet to continue listening, and 6185 turned off just before the clip was to start!

Unfortunately, I was not prepared to switch to MW or Internet, so that was that. He said nothing about SW coming back on around 1400, as it did the day before. All along until 1102*, 6185 had a low het because XEPPM is off-frequency, perhaps against China Huayi. Recheck at 1434, local noise sources were on so I could not be positive, but could detect a carrier on 6185 so may have come back again in daytime Sept 11

** BRAZIL. RNA, 11780 was reported from Brasil to have been missing at least a couple days. Maybe, but regularly audible here, such as Sept 11 at 1857 in Portuguese, weaker than and badly squeezed between DGS Anguilla 11775 and WHRI 11785

** CROATIA [non]. 9925 via Germany, Sept 11 at 2227 in English, only fair with fading, noise, 2229 ID as ``Croatian Radio, the Voice of Croatia`` and continued in English past 2230 when it is supposed to switch to Spanish

** CUBA. Mesa Redonda show from RHC must have started at 2200 Sept 11, as it was already underway at tune-in 2225 on 9820, but the modulation was cutting out more than it was cutting on, despite big S9+25 signal. Wiggle that patchcord! Only // is 6000, and that was OK, tho much weaker. Despite being unlistenable on 9820, I have to say it was not as bad as WWRB 9385 with BS double-breakup a few minutes earlier; see SOUTH CAROLINA [non]

** CUBA [non]. R. Martí weatherman, --- Domínguez, who has a distinctive manner of speaking, is heard more frequently now, such as Sept 11 at 1947 on 13820 with detailed outlook for different provinces of Cuba. If you hear ``chubascos`` mentioned, you are probably hearing this meteorólogo. Then a phone-in from Matanzas about evacuations, dam overflowing, flooding river, food shortages developing, etc. At midday this is very strong and jamming often inaudible. I could hear a bit during momentary fadedowns, as Castro & Castro try to keep out The Truth.

The DentroCuban Jamming Command may be getting a handle on when not to waste watts on WRMI. Sept 11 at 2228 check, heard something weak on 9955 in English, presumably WRN relay, no jamming audible

** ROMANIA. RRI, 9790, Sept 11 at 2223 ending talk in English about how to manage prescription medicine dosage during Ramadan. This can be a problem, since fasting and taking medicine with food at certain intervals don`t exactly mix. Did the inventors of Ramadan think of that??? Good signal but some distortion. I guess it`s one of the new Galbeni transmitters

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Tuning across WWRB, 9385, which runs Brother Scare all day, Sept 11 at 2211-2213 we were getting a double dose offset by a second or two, and furthermore each was breaking up rapidly in picket-fence fashion, making R. G. even more unintelligible than usual. Clicked back into regular mode at 2213. One wonders exactly how this happens. Once there is anything digital in the link from studio to transmitter, the risk increases

** U S A [and non]. WBCQ is still running 9329v kHz, as heard financial discussion Sept 11 at 1853 on CSSB, but gone at 1904 recheck. Per WBCQ schedule, it`s Money Talk, another show pushing gold, M-F only at 18-19. AFAIK, 9330 is not on the air at any other time now, so we can keep hoping and trying for Syria after 1900 past 2300, but by barely modulating, they don`t cooperate

** VENEZUELA [non]. Near the end of the 1900 UT broadcast from RNV, via Cuba 15290 at 1956 Sept 11, 2008, they ran their usual schedule announcement in Spanish. If it starts with ``to San Francisco at 11 am on 13740``, as it did, you know they STILL haven`t updated their transmission schedule announcement since first coming on the air in April 2004! And the 13740 transmission ended about a year later. The announced schedules not only include deleted times and frequencies, but omit ones that have been added since, such as 1000 on 6180, 1100 on 6060, both of which I heard again Sept 11, the latter in English shortly after it started. They are clueless in Caracas about when their Canal Internacional is really on the air

** ZAMBIA. Surprised that CVC Lusaka, 13590, Sept 11 at 1859-1904 was putting in such a good signal so far from its target area, CIRAF 46SE, which means Nigeria, but it is 100 kW at 315 degrees, which is also favorable for NAm, scheduled for long hours, 06-21 UT, despite several other co-channel transmissions during parts of that from Portugal, Germany, Russia and China, but at this hour it is alone.

When I tuned in, announcer Brad was answering the question How big is God? By computing how long it would take to count all the stars in the galaxy at one per second (3000 years). I see. Then IDs/jingles as ``1Life, 1Way, 1Africa``. and the like. Maybe Brad has a South African accent rather than Australian? Not sure. So is he really in the new RSA studio or the Queensland one?

A continuous musical bed is running, and heavily produced, à la Rod Hembree, mere a cappella talk being too dull to hold the attention of the younger African set this is aimed at, as evidenced by promo for SMS to 27 789 407 457 with the word ``friend`` in order to get a free friendship message in reply. Whoopee! Stealth evangelism in axion.

This is in stark contrast to its neighbors on the dial, the plodding Harold Camping on WYFR 13615, who also sounded a bit hoarse today, and an equally soporific preacher on WINB 13570. At 1942 recheck, 1Africa was still inbooming with lively praise music

** AUSTRALIA. RA, 11660, 2129 Sept 12 going from ``Saturday AM`` show to ``Saturday Extra``, with quick long-path echo. This is Shepparton at 70 degrees, same as on 9580 at 0800-1400 which inbooms here without an echo. The LP is about 6.8 kilomiles longer than the SP, which makes a delay of .0366 second.

In DXLD 8-098 there was a report that 11660 is Brandon along with 9660 and 12080, but I don`t think so. EiBi and Aoki do show Brandon on 11660 at this hour, but WRTH 2008 plus A-08 update and PWBR `2008` do not

** BULGARIA. Spanish on 11800, Sept 12 at 2148, I figured was Habana as usual, but wait --- not // 11750, and doesn`t really sound like RHC programming, as playing Auld Lange Syne! Turns out to be choral music program from R. Bulgaria, Spanish ID in passing, and // 9400 at 2154. Looking at Aoki, both stations are shown on 11800 in Spanish at 2100-2200, Habana aiming 53 degrees toward Spain, and Bulgaria aiming 260 degrees toward Spain. I had really not noticed Bulgaria here before, and Habana`s signal was not especially strong, but now apparently gone, resolving a collision, which must have been bad in Spain. So what is RHC`s new frequency for this transmitter?

** CANADA [and non]. Sept 12 at 2213, found open carrier on 6070 and lite hum; 2228 maybe a trace of modulation and no SAH. I can only assume it was CFRX. Others have reported ELWA until 2300 on 6070 with no QRM from Toronto, so do they deliberately pause? At 2302 the usual fast SAH was evident, i.e. CFRX vs CVC La Voz, Chile. Brian Alexander has measured CFRX on 6069.98, so it`s 20 Hz off, altho the SAH I hear isn`t that fast, so CVC must also be slightly low

** CUBA. After the big fuss in early August about RHC swapping English and Spanish on 6180 and 6140, so that English to NAm ran 0100-0700 on 6140, I find Spanish back on that frequency at 0609 Sept 12. This is quite strange, since RHC normally does not do any Spanish at all after 0500. This was not a domestic service relay as sometimes heard on the 49m frequencies after 0700, but with an RHC ID, news headlines and 0611 into full newscast. Meanwhile, nothing on 6180 but VOA, and RHC English on two very inferior transmitters, 6000 and worse 6060. A test, mistake, new scheduling, special, or what? RHC seems to be in another schedule-changing mood; see also BULGARIA.

Sept 12 at 2157 found big open carrier on 9820, warming up for the Mesa Redonda show. 2200 began playing electronic instrument excerpt from ``Siboney``, a famous piece of Cuban music. Must be a special interval signal for the M.R. show, rather than theme music, as it was in a loop three or four times before announcement opening the program at 2204. The host somehow managed to interweave two seemingly totally unrelated topix: Los Cinco Héroes, and coping with hurricane damage. Also on weaker // 6000

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, 11550, Sept 12 at 2130 with timesignal 33 seconds later than WWV, ID, opening news in English by YL, and with good modulation for once! I was expecting it to drop out after the music ceased. Unfortunately, signal was at about equal level to co-channel WEWN in Spanish, so only marginally intelligible, and losing out as minutes ticked by. There are plenty of open frequencies around this area. Why do these two insist on colliding??

** GREECE [and non]. 7450 with Greek music from Macedonian service, Sept 12 at 2211, marred by constant het on low side of less than 1 kHz. Avlis is the only broadcaster in current schedules on 7450 at any time, so presumably a utility transmitter is getting blasted

** MEXICO [non]. Altho a few days ago XEPPM was dominating 6185 after *2300, on Sept 12 at 2303 I found R. Nacional Amazônia instead, big signal in Portuguese, totally blocking R. Educación if it was even on the air

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15435, huge S9+20 signal from BSKSA like a pipeline from Riyadh, Sept 12 at 1709, Arabic talk and string music, 1712 ID, 1720 into reverent speech; some generator whine, but no buzz. 500 kW at 320 degrees toward us altho the nominal target is only Europe

** U S A. WBCQ Area 51 service, 5110, confirmed with WORLD OF RADIO 1425, Friday Sept 12 at 2301. More modulation on USB, but some also audible on LSB side

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 9345, 2320 Sept 13, G signal with Albanian music, lacking in higher audio frequencies

** CANADA. Yes, something is very wrong with CFRX, barely a week after its reactivation from a biyear snooze. Sept 13 at 2253, fair carrier on 6070, but almost `open` --- occasionally I could make out a bit of modulation in the CFRB you-must-hear-this style.

CBC NQ, 9625 reception is improving, such as Sat Sept 13 at 2338 with favourites such as ``Michelle, Ma Belle``, suitably bilingual, and until 2344, monolingual ``Mona Lisa``, by N. K. Cole, on Randy Bachman`s Vinyl Tap show from CBC Radio One. Before 2300 I heard laughter, presumably CBC`s new comedy show, Laugh Out Loud at 2230: And on weekdays before 2200 there is Nunavut news

** CUBA [and non]. Nothing buy heavy jamming audible on 9955, Sat Sept 13 at 2009 when WORLD OF RADIO has been running on WRMI. Also same at 2236 recheck.

Mesa Redonda taking a break on Saturday Sept 13; it is after all, irregular, or usually M-F only: nothing on 9820 at 2322, raising hopes for new R. Nove de Julho, Brasil which just opened on that frequency, but nothing more than a very weak carrier detectable, which could be Xian or Guanxi, China. Several more chex up to 0003 Sept 14, and 9820 still Cubaless and Brasiless.

The Cuban transmitter for 9820 could have been on 9600 instead, since that frequency was already running at 2323 in big collision with Vatican in Vietnamese. Quickly confirmed it was RHC, as music // 11680 but a reverb apart. RHC normally does not start 9600 until 0000 except maybe Sundays 2330 for Esperanto. At 2358 RHC modulation was pausing, allowing the VR IS to be heard in the clear and then off at 0000 as RHC resumed.

Last spring when XEYU was sporadic on 9599.3, all it had to contend with during the 2300 hour was Vatican, not Cuba. BTW, the Aoki listing of R. México Internacional on 9600 is incorrect, as that station deceased years ago and did not use this frequency anyway.

Meanwhile was checking RHC English on 9550 during the 2300 hour, but never heard DXers Unlimited, Saturday Sept 13. Thought they might squeeze it in, but still missing by 2345, and instead usual politically-charged stuff. Maybe Arnie is busy getting all the jammers back to full capacity.

And I must say that with the exception of ``Ed Newman``, and Arnie Coro, RHC is suffering from M&W announcers with poor dixion and heavy accents. Can`t they find any more native speakers of English willing to spout the party line? No more hijackers, soldiers of fortune, traitors or extradition-avoiders to be made into international radio stars?


Someone questioned whether the DentroCuban Jamming Command, and R. República were really on 9640; yes, reconfirmed Sept 14 at 0002 with RR on top in talk about the space program, having just switched from 9515 until 2400. Yes, Cubans must be protected from hearing about space!

RHC, 13760, Sept 14 at 0004, fair carrier but very undermodulated, and modulation punched up a bit only on spikes

** CYPRUS. Tuned in 9760 just in time Sat Sept 13 to hear a bit of Greek music at 2244 from CyBC, ID mentioning Kypros, good signal // much weaker 5930, but cut off at 2244:35 while music still playing

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, English to NAm, 9280, Sept 13 at 2310 Arabic music at fair level, but half-second-late timesignal after 2315 led to drop in modulation with news theme, and YL beginning newscast. Couldn`t make it out; gave up

** MEXICO [and non]. While the day before, RNA was all over XEPPM on 6185, on Sept 13 at 2300, Radio Educación was atop with national anthem and sign-on, making a low het as usual. Would RNA Brasília please go back to 6180 in the evenings and after 0700? Much obliged

** MOROCCO. R. Médi 1, Nador, deserves its reputation for wonderful music on 9575; Sept 13 at 2328-2326 in Arabic, man singing what seemed like a round, backed by choral group chanting at a faster rate. 2347 soprano with string instrument accompaniment, alternating with tenor

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 7395, Sept 13 at 2238 with announcements in Indonesian, soft music, Suara --- something. Is a handy PWBR ``2008`` any help? Of course not. But at 2250 R. Nederland singing ID. Figured it might be Madagascar but B-08 schedules show it as via Tinang, Philippines, 250 kW at 200 degrees. Unusual time of day to be hearing that on 40m; maybe longpath, or equinoxial conditions kicking in

** U S A. WWRB programming improves greatly when gospel-huxter customers are lacking and Dave Frantz puts on his favorite fill music instead, big band. This ran during the entire hour Sunday Sept 14, or at least from 0007 past 0055, on 3185. Tho I wonder how few records he has, as the old favorites keep reappearing, e.g. starting tonight with In the Mood and Delightful, Delovely. Perhaps these oldies are more suitable anyway for lack of fidelity thru his SW modulators. Meanwhile at 0007 found 5050 in open carrier with hum; 5745 Brother Scare with hum; nothing on 6890

** AUSTRALIA. While PNG was in on 90m, PNG and Indonesia on 75m, and Indonesia on 60m, I dared to check 2485 and could hear a bit of weak talk at 1253 Sept 15, presumably VL8K. Could only detect some very weak carriers on 2310 and 2325 kHz

** CUBA [and non]. The DentroCuban Jamming Command also blox QSO with Ted Randall, via WRMI, checked Sunday Sept 14 at 1830, and nothing but jamming heard on 9955. Show confirmed on webcast, a repeat of the Ronnie Milsap interview, scheduled Sundays 1800-2000.

On RHC`s Despertar Con Cuba, Sept 15 around 1350 on 12000, Arnie Coro filed a report about how a portable satellite receiving truck had been used to get networks (radio and TV?) back on the air in eastern Cuba after normal linx (terrestrial microwave?) had been disrupted by Ike. Also, a transmission tower on Isla de la Juventud designed to withstand 250 km/hour winds was blown down, as those must have reached 300 km/hour at ground level, even higher aloft.

I was still monitoring RHC on 12000 at 1401 Sept 15 when live YL announcer, whose name I think is Bárbara, read the frequency info, for the first time deleting 9550 and 11805 which were dropped weeks ago, but she still didn`t get it completely right: started with 15120 and 1,360 [mil trescientos sesenta, missing the 5], not realizing that 1360 could not possibly be a SW frequency instead of 15360. 9600 was still on the list altho off at 1300. In Voces de la Revolución, old tirades by Castro et al., at 1407, the 12000 modulation was growing more and more distorted tho // 11760 remained OK. Wiggle that patchcord!

** INDONESIA. Sept 15 was a good Indonesian morning, as I started checking at 1239. K-index at 1200 and 1500 was 4. SF = 67 Sept 14.

3995, RRI Kendari, 1244 Sept 15, Indo talk by YL, sounded much like 4750, but not //; QRM zero-beat from SSB hams who take this as a BFO rather than a DX catch on its own merits, merely a broadcaster. 1245 into music. Too much QRM on 3976 to detect any RRI.

4605, RRI Serui presumed, barely audible with a song at 1239. Traces still at 1304.

4750, RRI Makassar, YL in Indo talk, much stronger than 4605 at 1240 Sept 15; at first thought it was over some co-channel, but then decided it was background noise from the venue transmitted; it would surge during brief pauses tnx to excessive limiter setting. Mentioned berita a couple times. 1304 recheck in music; 1325 M&W dialog, 1344 still audible, stronger than 4790.

4790, RRI Fak2, Sept 15 at 1240 with OM, what else, reciting Qur`an, unlike all the other Indos heard this and other mornings. What`s with this one anyway, fancying itself more Islamic than the others? Still Qur`aning at 1304 recheck. Nothing audible on 4870, 4920

** JAPAN. JOZ, R. Nikkei, 3925 at 1250 Sept 15 with Switched-on Bach, which they always seem to play around this time on 6055 and 9595 as well. 3925 signal is the main one from Asia on 75m even when others are not making it, but this date also had 3905 from PNG and 3995 from Indonesia, qq. vv.

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. After finding Indonesians on 60m, since the local noise level was lower than usual, the morning of Sept 15 at 1247 I went down to 75, 90 and 120m, see also AUSTRALIA and JAPAN, and found lots of signals on frequencies matching PNG outlets, but I could not keep up with all of them: 3205, 3235, 3325, 3335, 3345, 3365, 3385, 3905. Some details:

3205: 1247 music; 1303 choral music

3235: 1247 different music than 3205; 1302 string music

3325: 1248 music with hi-pitched singing

3335: 1248 music; 1301 open carrier, then talk resuming

3345: 1248 carrier

3365: 1249 carrier

3385: 1249 music, best signal of the lot, R. East New Britain, Rabaul; 1258 YL announcement in Pidgin; 1300 sounds of seabirds, 1301 news by OM, S9+10 with flutter; 1318 the only one left, YL talk.

3905: 1250 music, SSB ham QRM.

K-index was 4, and solar flux for the day before was the usual 67. But on Sept 15, higher bands were useless, nothing beyond the strongest signals from the Americas on 11, 13, 15 MHz

** SWEDEN [non]. R. Sweden`s Monday Sept 15 show in the last half was about Belarus and how little Swedes know about that nearby country, even still calling it White Russia contrary to UN requirements. Most inhabitants speak Russian rather than Belarusian, but broadcasts from abroad can help keep the native language alive; also about the need for Sweden to provide freedom of information to Europe`s last dictatorship. Heard here on 15240 via Sackville at 1445; worth listening to on later repeats or on demand for a month

** CANADA. Open carrier on 6070, Sept 16 at 1406 check. Possibly within sight of the antenna one might pull a trace of modulation. Now that CFRX has ceased modulating, it`s academic whether they change to a clear frequency. As long as they stay within SAH range of 6070.0, the carrier won`t be much of a problem to CVC, ELWA or the other stations I enumerated in a previous report, and we can go back to 1010 or webcast if we really want to hear it.

O, things improved a little, Sept 17 at 1301, CFRB news and traffic report just barely audible, very low modulation for the carrier level. Maybe there is hope

** CUBA [and non]. Ho hum, another egregious discrepancy to report about, if not to, RHC. Sept 15 at 2310 check, 11680 modulation was cutting off and on, more off than on, every second or two. During the pauses REE Spain could be heard clearly, including an ID from it. Perhaps this is the first step in getting RHC off the frequency completely, which it started a few months ago in total disregard of REE`s occupancy already, causing a 3-hour collision. Rather than two hours; RHC supposedly starting at 0000.

Congrats to Bárbara on Despertar con Cuba, Sept 16 at 1401 on 15370, who finally got the updated frequency announcement right, saying 15360 instead of 1360 yesterday. Well, not quite. It still claims to be on 9600, 6180 and 6000 at this hour but it isn`t.

News summary following mentioned that the damage caused by HH. Gustav & Ike amounted to some 5000 million dollars, and that the disaster has been managed well, tnx to The Revolution. Now what would that be in worthless Cuban pesos?

Checked again Sept 17 at 1403, she says: 15120, 15360; 13760 and from 1300 13680; 11760, 12000; 9600; 6000, 6180; and from 1300 15370. This is still not correct. Since a couple frequencies are specified as starting at 9 am, they should also specify when other frequencies end: namely 6000 until 1400*; and 6180 confirmed Sept 17 until 1300*, also the case with 9600.

The online schedule at

makes clear what happens at 1300. The New York beam changes from 6180 to 15370; the Chicago beam from 9600 to 13680.

Just when you think RHC has made every mistake possible on the discrepancy roster, they come up with something new and different!

UT Sept 17 at 0533 on my nightly scan of 49m, I find on 6140 // 6000 RHC in English mixed at about equal level with RHC in Portuguese?! These transmitters are getting dual audio feeds, Portuguese not even supposed to be on RHC anywhere near this time, ending at 0000 per sked. How could this happen; automation gone haywire with no human oversight?

Weakest 6060, however, was in English only, evidence that it is at a different site getting a different feed, and that was the only frequency where we could hear DXers Unlimited at 0540 without self-QRM, the 31 and 25mb frequencies if on, not propagating. Hmmm, 9550 is no longer shown at 0500 in the English sked below; is it really off? Arnie was enjoying a nice blue sky again Tuesday morning, autumn in the air.

The above frequency page from RHC website has finally been updated, about 6 months late, headed March-October 2008 rather than October 2007-March 2008. It now shows the new morning frequencies 15360 and 15120 which started a sesquimonth ago. No longer says Quechua or Guarani is temporarily replaced by more Portuguese.

English is now shown as: INGLÉS

Río de Janeiro     9550 31 23–24

Caribe            13680 22 20:30–21:30

América del Norte  6140 / 6000 / 6060 31 / 49 01–07 / 01–07 / 05-07

Norte Centro y Suramérica 11760 / 11760 25 20:30-21:30 / 05–07

So the 2030-2130 English broadcast is finally on the schedule, no longer secret! I was not aware of 13680 being in use for that, as the // to 11760 had been 9505 when last confirmed. 13680 now needs to be confirmed. We always thought the 9550 broadcast at 23-24 was for Caribe rather than all the Anglophiles in Rio.

This confusing layout requires one to match up the frequencies separated by slants with the timespans respectively to the right on the same lines. Note the spurious ``31`` on the NAm line. Was 9550 still supposed to go with it after 0500 as before?

As for the report of RHC being heard on 11880, we looked for that Sept 16 at 2102, but nothing there. Presumably indeed a typo for 11800, but at that hour we heard on 11800 just an open carrier with a 2 Hz SAH and very weak audio under, which would be RHC failing to modulate and R. Bulgaria Spanish as scheduled. RHC OK on 11750 in Spanish, 11760 English. Posted schedule shows 11800 in Spanish to Caribe at 21-23.

The only Arabic broadcast on it is at 2030-2100 on 11800 to Caribe, 11750 to Europe. More anomalies: the sked shows:

MESA REDONDA (lunes a viernes y días especiales)

América del Norte  6000 / 9820 49 / 31 23 – 01

But as we have recently observed, usually starts at 2230 or even 2200!

ALÓ PRESIDENTE (domingo) 14-

América Central   13680 22

Caribe            11690 25

América del Sur   11875 / 17750  25 / 16

América del Norte 13750

11690 for Caribe would be new, and colliding with HCJB until 1500. This has been on 11670, so has it really moved, or another typo?

** CUBA [non]. 13820, Sept 17 at 1335 with Hallelujah Chorus, not exactly what one would expect from R. Martí in September, nor talk in Russian which followed, but then back into Spanish, over jamming. Must have been a period drama or docu

** INDONESIA [and non]. Unlike Sept 15, on Sept 17 programming was quite different on RRI. A speech (sermon?) in a public venue, at 1310 on 4750 // weaker 4790 and 3995; and also // 9680 checked at 1324 when Qur`aning was in progress. 4750 now had a het on the hi side, and Makassar has been measured on the lo side, so now we have something else closer to 4750.0, most likely China, but Bangladesh would be nice. 4750 and the het were still audible at 1340. FE conditions on higher bands were poor, with 9680 JBA, 11785 VOI het only, weak signals from VOA Korean 11740, Firedrake 11990 and 12040

** JAPAN. R. Nikkei, 6055, with German lessons, Tuesday Sept 16 at 1306, e.g. ``Der Tisch kostet 900 Euro,`` and discussing German`s peculiar pronunciation of the monetary unit. This was really a lecture in Japanese with frequent lapses into German examples. Together with Switched On Bach every night, JOZ seems to exhibit Deutschophilia. But next day, Wednesday Sept 17 at 1304 a similar exposition in Japanese on English usage, ex. ``Could you tell me where the sporting goods are?`` Now how would that go in German?

** MEXICO. XEOI, 6010 is pretty reliable, weak but in the clear here in the 1300 hour, but no sign of it Sept 17 at 1305 check. Mexican music lives! But not today

** PALAU. Not even a carrier audible on 12095, Sept 17 at 1333, when Democratic V. of Burma was supposedly testing via T8BZ; but FE conditions were poor, weak signals on 11740, 11990, 12040. Did anyone confirm DVB the last three days on 12095 at 13-14?

** U S A [non]. Like clockwork, VOA`s Korean service breaks for a song  in English at 1315 UT on 5890, and 11740 if it is propagating. Sept 16 it was ``O Danny Boy``, by YL, a.k.a. London Derrière, so I can`t keep calling it from the ``American Songbook``

** CANADA. CFRX, 6070, undermodulated but readable for a while, with phone number for call-in, Sept 18 at 1250, which must have been shortly after North Korea signed off. Much softer than its neighbors JOZ on 6055, Firedrake on 6085. By a few minutes after 1300, CFRX had weakened enough so that its puny modulation was not enough to overcome the noise level. The engineer was supposed to be looking into this problem when he could get around to it

** CHINA. Firedrake on 9310, instead of usual 9300, Sept 18 at 1258, poor; presumably because Sound of Hope was on 9310 today too

** CUBA. Checking some questions raised in my previous report: Sept 17 at 2100, zero on 13680 which is supposed to be a new frequency for English // 11760 at 2030-2130; but nothing audible either on the former // 9505. If it were on 13680 this would be a big improvement over the 9 MHz channel getting buried in the afternoon haze. RHC was in on 13760 at the same time in Spanish, but low modulation cutting in and out, while playing new(?) Siboney interval signal/theme, so it`s not limited to Mesa Redonda where I first noticed it. This tune is only a few notes repeated over and over every few sex, so can drive you nuts even quicker than REE`s IS, which it sorta resembles.

The newly revised RHC online transmission schedule is also wrong about English after 0500. Tho it sometimes does not propagate, as when recently checked, 9550 is still on the air tho omitted from the schedule, with `Ed Newman` doing `news` and propagating too, UT Sept 18, confirmed at 0524 with only fair signal; not making it on 11760 if that was still on. On 25m, the only significant signal was CVC Chile on 11665. Also on 49m, the RHC frequencies were in English only, not mixed with Portuguese. One has the impression that the webmaster is just dealing with meaningless numbers, does not even monitor the station, and has no `feel` for what really must be happening, sorting out contradixions, etc.

And you never know what will happen with the DentroCuban Jamming Command. Altho WRMI 9955 was jammed this past weekend both during WORLD OF RADIO and QSO with Ted Randall, on Sept 18 at 1850 and 1920 chex, no jamming --- but no signal here from WRMI either unless that was the very weak carrier detectable with BFO. If jammed, that would have been propagating, as jamming vs Martí on 9565 was audible.

Speaking of which, earlier at 0505 UT on 9565 I noticed three tones or carriers mixed, not the kind of thing you normally get even from residual runover jamming. R Martí is currently scheduled on 9565 only at 17-24, altho Aoki thinx it`s only 20-22.

The next afternoon, Sept 18, things were quite different at 2040-2045 check! Feedlines mixed up, or yet more unannounced changes? Still nothing on 13680, but 11760, supposed to be RHC English, instead was relaying Venezuela in Spanish with sports report, // much weaker 17705, the only frequency it is supposed to be on during this hour. No RHC English on 9505, no signal. Nothing audible on 11800 or 11880 either, but 11750 was in RHC Arabic. Result: the 2030-2130 English broadcast was missing completely, which would have matched the posted sked until its recent update

** INDIA. I have a harder time here in CNAm getting AIR than they do on either coast since it`s closer to transpolar to OK. So all I can report is that there were weak signals with talk Sept 18 at 1229 and 1237 on 5010 (too early for Madagascar) and also at 1246 on 4940, frequencies matching AIR T`ram and G`ati. Several more common frequencies matching China, Indonesia and PNG were also in, 5030, 4900, 4790, 4750, 3995, 3905, 3385, 3335, 3325. Maybe on a better equinoxial sunrise I will be able to pull something identifiable from India on 60m

** INDONESIA. RRI Fak2, 4790 with Qur`an yet again, Sept 18 at 1328, while RRI Makassar, 4750 was doing something else

** MEXICO. Missing the morning before, R. Mil, XEOI was audible on 6010 again Sept 18 at 1235 talking about anniversary of the PAN, and still talk at 1326 about petróleo. So ``Mexican music lives`` only in the sense of suspended animation during this news/talk hour

** U S A. Interest in KGOW, 1560, seemed to vanish after its night on the world stage, running 50 kW as H. Ike was passing thru metro Houston. Perhaps everyone assumed it would immediately go back to 100+ watts at night. However, 5 nights later, UT Sept 18 at 0520, I found it again dominating the channel, but hardly with emergency programming relaying KPRC-2. Caught my ear with an amusing song, ``Go Away, Ike``, then adstring, including a local phone number, 713-666-1101 for geothermal air conditioning from Indoor Comfort Specialists, --- with a website like that I was beginning to wonder if this too was a parody, but it really worx, forwarding to --- I assume this allows the sponsor and the station to track how many heard the ad on 1560. By clicking on it here you will help to skew those findings.

Then something about the Astros playing away. 0523 finally non-ID as ``1560 The Game``, and promo for John Granado Program on ``1560 The Train``, yuk2. In fact this and previous items were run twice in a row. At 0526 resumed current show which was a ``September 15 recap``, why? Trying to decide whether something was spelled jenkum or jenkem, and story about one of the hosts being hit in the face with a bag of dog urine and crap at some club. At this point I had had enough, sure anyway that it was really KGOW. While it did not overpower all the QRM on 1560, it certainly dominated even on a long-wire not aimed toward Houston. When running daytime facilities at night because of an emergency, isn`t it supposed to be non-commercial and with axual emergency info?

** U S A [non]. Good carrier on 7390 turned into R. Free Asia opening in Burmese with English ID, Sept 18 at 1330 via Tinian; then tuned down to 7365 and heard Chinese, which per Aoki is VOA in Cantonese via Tinang. The latter had residual jamming pulses, but I doubt if they were of much help in Guangzhou to the Chicom who must have been doing their own jamming, tho not audible here. The only hours the DentroCubans really need to jam the FueraCubans` Martí on 7365 are 23-04

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via Rampisham UK, Sept 20 at 1641 with familiar music I used to hear during earlier hours, drums and fifes and singer. Was expecting a break at 1700, but other music continued; fair

** BRAZIL. 11735, station in Portuguese, Sept 20 at 1415, music and mentioned Mundial; presumably R. Transmundial, seldom heard here, instead of Germany or Korea North also scheduled on 11735 this hour. Amazônia 11780 was also audible. At 1452 11735 was discussing futebol; just how religious is this station? Oh yeah, soccer is a religion in Brasil

** CANADA [and non]. CFRX, 6070, presence was felt making a rapid SAH and with some audio mixing with CVC Chile, Sept 20 around 0605; at 1243, 6070 had an audible het, so is Korea North further off-frequency? Also some CFRX audio, but unusable

** CUBA. Another check the afternoon of Sept 19 to see how screwed up they are today: axually more or less normal, as the RHC English broadcast was back in business on 11760 at 2031 and again at 2110 check. Earlier at 2002, 11760 was opening French late. 11750: at 2002, Portuguese with hum and whine; 2031 Arabic with same; 2110 in Spanish and weaker than // 13760 now on air. Still no sign of listed 13680 in English; 17705 had a JBA carrier at 2031, presumably RNV

** INDONESIA. VOI best heard in weeks, Sept 19 at 1337 on 11784.9 --- and that isn`t saying much. I could make out some gamelan music, then YL announcing in English, but otherwise unusable. This was possiblized only by the unexpected absence of Firedrake and VOA on 11785.0, apparently weird propagation. Or attenuation, since there was still something on 11785.0 to make a weak het. VOA Korean 11740 was also absent (but not the bonker!) as was NHK 11705. But forget about VOI on weekends with WHRI on 11785

** JAPAN [non]. NHKWNRJ, 11705 via Canada was rather weak Sept 20 at 1414 during mailbag show, and had co-channel QRM from rapid talk in unID language, certainly not the usual pre-echo from NHK Yamata direct, also in English. Since this was Saturday, EiBi has the answer:

11705 1330-1530 Sa G BBC SWA EAf /AFS

11705 1530-1630 Sa G BBC SWA EAf /SEY

That is, BBC`s Saturday-only Swahili broadcast via South Africa. Just as the theorititians never dreamed that NHK could interfere with itself in CNAm, I am sure they never expected this BBC service to bother NHK either

** LIBYA. 17725, Sept 20 at 1639 with chanson, i.e. song in French, lo-fi and fading in and out. Per EiBi this must be V. of Africa, with French at 16-17. It is seldom audible here when in English at 14-16

** MAURITANIA. I often check 4845 after 0600 for R. Mauritanie. Usually it isn`t there, but it was Sept 19 with soporific chanting, just what I need, unlike the morning crowd over there. Maybe because it was Friday.

OTOH, with Ramadan, people may stay up all night feasting, and then go to bed at sunrise, since you can`t eat all day, anyway. Might as well sleep through as much of it as possible. But then you still have to be awake for mandatory prayer times.

BTW, Ramadan/Ramzan is going to get tougher and tougher for the faithful in the North Temperate Zone, where most Moslems live, not including Indonesia, as the holy month precesses closer and closer to the summer solstice, i.e. longest days of the year. In 2015y it will start around June 18: but 2016 will be worst as far as encompassing the most longest days.

Did the inventors of Ramadan and the lunar calendar think of that?

Hmmm, this could explain why there are so few Moslems in the Arctic.

Do those who go there now, e.g. for scientific research, get special dispensation to break fast according to Mecca latitude if not time zone?

** MEXICO. XERTA, 4800, Sept 20 at 0614 immediately as I tuned in played English ID by YL, including website; fair with CODAR QRM only. Around sunrise, such as 1235, this just makes a het with Guatemala on slightly different frequencies.

XEOI, 6010, Sept 20 at 1240 check really with Mexican music instead of talk block; perhaps because it`s Saturday

** SUDAN [non]. 17690, Sat Sept 20 at 1501, YL in English with heavy accent talking about Darfur peace agreement, backed by music sounding like steel drum. This is Sudan Radio Service, via Sines, Portugal. Per EiBi, it`s M-F 1500-1700 in Arabic, except 1530-1600 English; Sat/Sun 1500-1530 English, 1530-1600 Arabic. Fair signal

** U S A. RHC isn`t the only station broadcasting two programs at once on the same transmitter. Sat Sept 20 at 1246 on WWCR-3 7490, found that Rock The Universe was competing at equal or even lesser audio level with another program, America`s Greatest Heroes, from USA net, which had just paused for a sports update; overdone drama about ratifying the Constitution, little states like Jersey vs big ones like Virginia.

How could this happen? WWCR-1 on 15825 was inaudible as usual this early, but scheduled on that was The Baptist Hour, and AGH not likely to be on 2 or 4 with DGS and PPP. I seem to recall AGH used to be on WWCR, but it`s not found at any time on their current online schedules, not updated since August 8. Perhaps on the WWCR-3 control board, someone left a pot open hooked to the USA network feed which they do need at other times, in addition to the pot playing RTU; and nobody noticed

** BRAZIL. Good open carrier on 11780, at 0552 Sept 21, no doubt RNA Brasília; still no modulation at 0600 and 0608 check, but finally some soft music at 0615. I think this one signs on earlier on Sundays than other days for some reason, contrary to what you might expect. Just wait until mid-October when Brazil pretends local time is UT -2, which should knock this another UT hour earlier. Not much else was audible on 25m besides Chile 11665

** CANADA. 6030, Sept 21 at 1230 with talkshow discussing co-enzymes, briefly over Cuban jamming leftover after R. Martí closed. I don`t see how it could be anything but 100-watt CFVP Calgary, despite the country-music format of parent CKMX, which does not show a schedule grid at

If they do have talk shows, or more likely infomercials, I suppose the early-Sunday-morning ghetto would be the place for them

** CUBA. While on Sept 17 I had heard RHC English 6000 and 6140 equally mixed with RHC in Portuguese, on Sept 21 at 0614 the same thing was happening but this time in Spanish --- again, at this late hour no Spanish is ordinarily broadcast on any RHC frequency. And once again, the other frequency, 6060, was clear in English only. No other major SW broadcaster is so continually screwed up.

Checking the last contradixion on RHC`s updated website schedule, just as I suspected, Aló, Presidente is NOT on 11690 as listed, but on usual 11670, Sunday Sept 21 at 1452 check, // 11875, 13680, all weak and a reverb apart from 11670, and very strong 13750, the only one aimed this way; not audible on 17750 so probably not propagating.

To summarize, the following entries in are WRONG, as confirmed by my axual monitoring the past week:


11680 on the air as early as 2300, not 0000

Spanish Mesa Redonda:

9820, 6000 starts as early as 2200 or 2230, not 2300

Spanish Aló, Presidente:

Sundays 1400-, on 11670, not 11690


To Caribbean, 2030-2130 on 13680: no sign of it; is French at 2200-2230 also missing from 13680?

There are a few other entries in other languages I have not confirmed one way or the other. The above does not include obvious mistakes, even if they happen more than once, such as one day Venezuela instead of RHC English on 11760

** CZECHIA. 13580, Sunday Sept 21 at 1320, nice folk music from R. Prague, but wrapping up at 1324 as ``Magic Carpet`` show. It must be very brief as there are several other programs on the semi-hour Sunday broadcasts. More at

They say they cannot audio archive the shows, but I assume they are available in the daily audio files linked at the right for the entire broadcast

** IRELAND [non]. DRM on 11710-11715-11720, Sunday Sept 21 at 1308, weaker than a fortnight ago. This is the second September sports special from RTE, football final via Rampisham UK; this time no KJES audible in the middle. So it indeed started again as early as 1300 UT, contrary to RTE`s own website which said from 3 pm local = 1400 UT. Nothing audible on the analog relays via South Africa, 11695, 11960, the latter totally blocked by HCJB

** RUSSIA. R. Rossii, 7320 via Magadan, Sept 21 at 0556 M&W talk with several IDs in passing before hourtop, better than any other non-American outsending on 40-41m. Time signal at 0600 was 4 seconds slow compared to WWV, so why bother? It`s incredible how many SW stations, even ones from major countries with the capability to get them right, get them wrong, misleading millions of listeners. Into Vesti, info program from R. Rossii

** SWEDEN [non]. 11640, surprised to find very good signal in Swedish, Sunday Sept 21 at 1310, talk and music. Surely has to be R. Sweden, and surely has to be Sackville relay. Trouble is, this transmission is supposed to be on 15240, as in online references, and R. Sweden`s own

Sackville has used 11640 previously for special relays of RNW at other times, so the frequency is probably on their roster for up-punching as a big mistake. Unfortunately, did not check 15240, but I bet it was missing

** TURKEY. VOT`s fortnightly DX Corner on Saturdays I confirmed UT Sunday Sept 21 at 0321-0327 on webcast, but probably would also have been audible via Canada 7325 and even direct on 5975. It was hosted by the main announcer, Seref [Isler]. Items as follows:

1, Ramadan greetings

2, There *will be* special event ham station TC4X for SSB contest Sept 13-14

3, From Bangladesh: birthday greetings from his wife to a well-known DXer who will be 31 on October 13. Could not catch his name

4, UK`s new broadcasts to Afghanistan border area from August 21, like VOA`s phone-ins for Pakistan`s NWFP allowing Pashtuns there to express themselves; attributed to Sunday Herald, Glasgow, Sept 14

5, Radio Andorra history site, URL quickly given once and impossible to copy. This was surely taken from DXLD 8-103 without credit, or from the original source quoted without credit:


This page is available in English and French

(Sheldon Harvey, Sept Radio HF Internet Newsletter via DXLD)``

6, in six months the 7100-7200 range will go back from broadcasting to ham radio, IARU story which has also appeared in DXLD

.** U S A. 4426-SSB, Sept 21 at 0604, robot OM voice reading ``urgent marine information broadcast`` concerning missing vessels. They all sounded the same, but details varied, with different dates, Sept 13 back to Sept 10, different coordinates, etc. All came from USCG Honolulu and concerned Pacific waters; however I don`t find Hono listed on this frequency but instead NMC San Francisco, and NMN Virginia, so presumably the former. One concerned the sailing vessel ``Freedom``, with its description, one person aboard, did not make it to destination San Diego

** U S A. WHRI missing from 9410, Sunday Sept 21 at 1250; normally they run their own fill programming during this hour Sat & Sun, since the BBC Mundo Spanish relay is M-F only.

9840, Sept 21 at 1259, Full ID from WHRI, presumably just signing on; voice audio was OK, but terrible quality on Onward, Christian Soldiers theme music, as if from a low bitrate internet feed instead of hi-fi satellite; 1300 into Lutheran Reformation Hour

** BRAZIL [non]. Not only is R. 9 de Julho blocked on 9820 by Cuba when Mesa Redonda is on at variable times between 2200 and 2400, but note that RDPI, Portugal is also scheduled on 9820 at 1900-2300. However, Brazilian Portuguese sounds a lot different than Portuguese Portuguese. I heard some of that weakly Sept 22 at 2204, and really nothing else on frequency, unless some fading could be imagined to be a SAH from São Paulo. Why in the world would a new Brazilian SW station choose to be on the same frequency as Portugal?

** CANADA. CBC Northern Québec, 9625, Sept 22 at 2135 with native-accented announcer in English giving detailed weather forecasts for many unrecognised small communities, temps mostly in the single digits. 2139 a break for a song about how to play poker, The Gambler? So are there casinos everywhere up there now too and/or is CBC encouraging the First Nations to become gambling addicts? 2142 more weather for another northern region. This is the M-F 2130-2200 northern news block cutaway from CBC network programming

** CHINA. Firedrake on 13625, Sept 22 at 2113. Per Aoki, target is R. Free Asia in Chinese via Tinian at 17-22, which was inaudible

** CUBA. RHC still missing from 11800, tho it is still on their revised online schedule at 20 Portuguese, 2030 Arabic, 21-22 Spanish; instead Sept 22 during the 2100 UT hour heard only R. Bulgaria in Spanish, wrapping up at 2158, to carrier off at 2200.5. I am still wondering if 11800 has been replaced by an unknown channel or if these transmissions are simply gone. Also checked 13680 after 2200, and nothing there, despite on the schedule as in French. At that time nothing on 11750 either, also supposed to be on in Spanish. The only RHC Spanish frequencies audible at 2203 were 13760, poor and splashed by much stronger Portugal on 13755; and 9550.

Looking for R. 9 de Julho, Brasil on 9820, I found RHC not on the air yet at 2204 Sept 22, instead Portugal audible weakly, but at 2230 recheck Habana was on with big signal in Mesa Redonda, a TV simulcast, starting with a clip from Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, dictator emeritus

** ECUADOR. HCJB Spanish, 11960 at 1329:30 Sept 22 automated ID about Ecuador being the third-largest exporter of flowers, and still claiming to be on 21455: ``11690, 21455, 11960`` altho the 13m frequency was dropped months ago per HCJB`s own publicity at the time.

9745, Sept 22 at 2206 with music which at first seemed SE Asian, and afternoon opening from over there certainly possible, screeching soprano with rustic string instrument accompaniment. Could it be V. of Han, Taiwan? No, talk at 2211 certainly did not sound SE Asian, but more S American Indian. 2217 music resumes, segué at 2228 to a bit of more familiar Andean music and 2229 HCJB ID with numbers pronounced in Spanish. This is just the Quechua service, 100 kW at 155 degrees, but rather weak and fluttery here as equatorial signals sometimes are

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. After a month or so on the air almost every day, R. Africa, 15190 missing again, Sept 22 at 2115 when no adjacent QRM. Believe it was also absent Sept 21, and maybe 20. Tsk tsk, Tony Alamo, just raided for alleged child porn and sexual abuse, had been a regular in the 2200 UT hour

** GERMANY [non]. After hearing DW English, VG on 15205 and 11865 via Rwanda, also found it on 9735, Sept 22 at 2135, running a second behind with report on fashion shoes. 9735 is Rampisham UK, 500 kW at 140 degrees, but this site does a good job off the back of its antennas, while Rwanda reaches us off the front beyond the W African target

** GUAM. 11850 with hymn, Sept 22 at 2121, then Japanese announcement, more music, off abruptly at 2129*, no ID caught. Per Aoki, it`s KSDA, which should have continued in English at 2130, but not noticed here

** INDIA. AIR, 15050, Sinhala service better than usual just a sesquihour before equinox, Sept 22 at 1402 nice vocal music with tabla and chimes, modulation OK, some trans-polar flutter but better signal than an hour earlier. 1410 into talk, and modulation not so good. With BFO on, carrier wobbled slightly but maybe due to Doppler effect rather than transmitter instability. This is 174 degrees from Delhi/Kingsway, so could be longpath

** ROMANIA. RRI, 9790, Sept 22 at 2208 news in English about politics, Romanian names mentioned, merits of unicameral vs bicameral parliament, fair aside Sackville DRM 9795-9800-9805. 2210 ID as Radio Newsreel on Radio Romania International

** SWEDEN [non]. As I previously reported, the 1300 broadcast in Swedish was heard Sept 21 on 11640 instead of scheduled 15240, and it was again on 11640 Sept 22, 1327-1329* discussing fytbal. This led me to check at 1430, and sure enough, 11640 Sackville relay came back on with English, also instead of 15240. Unfortunately, I missed which frequency George Wood announced at the opening. The CRI relays via Sackville are funxioning normally on 15260, 15220. So how is the relay transmitter `broken` if it can run on 11640 without warning, instead of 15240? O, as I type, at 1435, George said that the 1430 would be on 11640 instead of 15240 till further notice. And the R. Sweden English page now says:

``New Frequency --- Following a technical fault at one of Radio Canada International’s transmitter antennas at Sackville, a new antenna has been set up, but our transmissions are now on a new frequency. Instead of 15240 kHz, the broadcast in English to North America at 1430 UT is now using 11640 kHz, in the 25 meter band. The change is expected to continue until our new shortwave schedule at the end of October.``

** U S A. Tony Alamo Ministries, whose compound in Fouke, Arkansas, was raided on suspicion of child porn and sexual abuse, is scheduled on WWCR M-F 1300-1400 on 15825. So at the next opportunity I tried to listen, Sept 22 at 1312. I missed the opening so cannot be certain it was still Alamo; very poor reception here in usual skipzone. No fire & brimstone here, just low-key talk at the moment about tsunamis, earthquaxe. He`s on lots of other radio stations, but apparently no TV ministry; at least I don`t find Alamo, searching TV schedules.

WWCR DGS service, 13845 is normally in the clear, tho usually weak in skip zone here only one megameter away from Nashville, but Sept 22 at 2112 had QRM from hi-speed RTTY on 13847. At 2202 recheck WWCR was weaker, starting to echo with multipath or backscatter and RTTY was stronger

** AUSTRIA. 13730 with horn and piano classical music before and after 1330 Sept 24, fair; Ö1 has this frequency entirely to itself 0500-1600 or 1700 per listings --- except when Sound of Hope draws Firedrake there as Aoki notes

** CUBA. 15330, noise bursts at the rate of 2 per second, Sept 23 at 1315. Old habits die hard for the DentroCuban Jamming Command --- R. Martí hasn`t used this frequency all summer, but will again in the B-season between 1400 and 2000. 11930 had the same type of pulse rate but not exactly synchronized, with bubbles added, and bothering some Asian station at 1322, well before RM sign-on.

RHC, 13760, with open carrier at 1319 Sept 23, and much weaker than 13680 which was modulated.

DCJC pulses at the rate of 132/minute, Sept 25 at 1311 on 9490, jamming against nothing, since R. República uses the frequency only at 10-11 via RMI via Sackville.

RHC, 11800 is back on the air, heard Sept 25 at 2056 in Arabic // 11750 but an echo between them so from different sites, and 11800 weaker. At 2101, both now in Spanish opening Revista Iberoamericana with Siboney IS, and now 11800 with SAH, no doubt from R. Bulgaria also in Spanish to Spain, so the collision continues

** ECUADOR. HCJB, 11960, usual big signal Sept 24 at 1333, but no modulation, unless that was the low roar audible during fades. Automation must have seized up. 1336 brought up gospel rock in English, perhaps from automatic silence-sensor; 1337 back to ``himnos de la vida cristiana`` in Spanish sponsored by some product I missed. Is HCJB Spanish overtly commercial now?

** EGYPT. Re Sept 13 log, I meant to say half-MINUTE-late timesignal, not half-second. Change to:

R. Cairo, English to NAm, 9280, Sept 13 at 2310 Arabic music at fair level, but half-minute-late timesignal after 2315 led to drop in modulation with news theme, and YL beginning newscast. Couldn`t make it out; gave up

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. It`s back – R. Africa, 15190, Sept 25 at 2028 with open carrier, squeezed next to bigger open carrier from Greenville 15185 about to open Hausa, which started sign-on at 2029. Still no mod from E.G. --- probably an habitual long deadair pause between programs on this incompetently-run station. YFR via Ascension 15195 was quite weak by comparison. Recheck at 2044, 15190 back in biz with a screaming preacher. Had been missing the last several days

** INDIA [and non]. Monitoring 11620, Sept 25 at 2049, a bad mix of Spanish/English, I guess a language lesson from REE, which moved here a few months ago to avoid collision with Vatican on 11625 --- and South Asian music, which was very fluttery. As I pointed out at the time, the QSY by REE solves nothing, as now it collides with AIR, and the situation can only be much worse in Eurafrica. Per Aoki, AIR GOS Bangalore from 2045 is 500 kW in English at 325 degrees. After 2057, Spain was off and only heard India on 11620

** INDONESIA. RRI Makassar, 4750, was the dominant one Sept 24 at 1258, with 4790 Fak2 hardly audible. 4750 had a string of promos in Indonesian, 1300 M&W talking with lots of Salaam-Aleikums, 1303 into Qur`an. There was a rippling SAH from a weaker station, China or Bangladesh

** IRAN. Beautiful rendition of Qur`an, with reverb, Sept 25 at 1345 on 15150, VIRI Arabic via Sirjan, and good reception. Lasted at least until 1400; at 1420 check, nice pop string music, 1422 YL talking reverently in Arabic

** MEXICO. Whenever a bit of classical music can be pulled out of the weak and undermodulated carrier on 6045 it is still notable as must be XEXQ, Sept 24 at 1312, very poor

** U S A [non]. Pleased to find VOA News Now in English, M&W alternating headlines, on a frequency where I don`t normally hear it, 9510 fair and in the clear. A good thing too, since 9760 Philippines was mixing at about equal level with CRI English. 9510 is Udorn, Thailand, at 12-14, 250 kW at 130 degrees, so intended for everything from SE Asia to New Zealand

** U S A. Tony Alámo confirmed on WWCR 15825, in the 13 UT hour weekdays. Sept 25 at 1330 another low-key sermon about Job; 1354 retune, choir singing How Great Thou Art, 1358 outro with Alamo`s Texarkana P O Box

** AUSTRALIA. 2485, VL8K, Sept 26 at 1309, presumed, with M&W talk in English, 1310 music. Presumed, but what else could it be? PNG was in on 90m, Indonesia on 75m. Also checked 2325 and 2310 but no other NT stations audible; there were, however, some misc. carriers which could have been something local. Why does Katherine do so much better than the others? Is there something about its antenna or real power which give it an advantage?

** CUBA. DentroCuban Jamming Command, 9640 with pulses against nothing at 0537 Sept 26. This frequency is used for only two hours earlier in the evening by R. República

** ERITREA. 8000, Sept 26 at 0540, some talk audible, poor-fair, but can`t be sure of language or station. I can be sure it was not the off-frequency one on 7999.4 others have reported. It was, however, very slightly off 8000, judging from pitch of BFO when compared to WWV 5000, 10000 and RHC 6000

** INDIA. AIR trans-polar signals improved somewhat equinoxially on 31m: Sept 26 at 1350, S Asian music, but none in // on different services, via Benguluru on 9425, 9690, 9870; also on 11585 via Delhi-Khampur

** INDONESIA. 3987, Sept 26 at 1301, weak music, and slightly on high side. That matches the measurement by John Wilkins of reactivated RRI Manokwari on 3987.05. Also something on 3995, another Indonesian likely

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3205, Sept 26 at 1302 with what sounded like a national anthem, then open carrier so I figured R. West Sepik had signed off, but 1304 talk resumed.

3335, best presumed PNG signal this morning, Sept 26 at 1305 with music and English(?) talk. 3325 had some music but that could also be Indonesia, but nothing from PNG on 3365 or 3385, so they were off?

** SINGAPORE. As I tuned across 7135, Sept 26 at 1345, music interrupted by a 5+1 timesignal, into unID language obscured by hams more interested in talking than listening. Per Aoki this is BBC Burmese service opening at this hour. But why would they run a timesignal at such an odd time, which is hourtop neither UT nor Yangon? Does Greenwich supply such non-standard timesignals? Not expecting it, was not prepared to measure how far off it was, but I think it was a few seconds late anyway

** U S A. 9535 with open carrier, occasional tones, Sept 26 at 1348, VOA Greenville warming up for 1400-1415 Spanish sports broadcast. If VOA aggregated all the transmitter-hours wasted on these warmups, it could easily add an hour or two of modulated English broadcasts in prime time to the Americas

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. With all the other good music from several other stations [see GERMANY], it was hard to pick one to stay with but did so with R. Solh, via UK 17700 for a while, Sept 27 1435. At 1459 faded out the music in progress, dead air, then cut to some other music without an ID break

** ASCENSION. Pleased to hear some life seeping back into the 13m band, Sept 27 at 1412 with BBCWS 21630, fair in Hausa, scheduled 1345-1415 only, somewhat stronger than English on 21470. Solar flux was still only 68 as of Sept 26. Maybe the Sept 27 figure will bump up to 69, as even 70 is in the short-term SWPC predixions

** AUSTRALIA. Northern Territory stations on 120m were all in, Sept 27 at 1258 and in //, 2485 being slightly stronger than 2310, slightly stronger than 2325, tho all were reading about S9+10. YL was speaking English, 1259 folk song continuing past 1300 with no break at bottom of local clock hour

** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International is back on 17650 ex-15280 which was in use July-August; Fridays only at 20-21. Sept 26 at 2055 check, just barely audible on 17650, but unmistakable ``God Bless Africa`` hymn on authentic instrument and equally unmistakable tones of the VOBI orator closing the transmission. This is WHRI, 250 kW at 87 degrees

** CANADA. CKZU, 6160, Vancouver, with CBC Radio Overnight, final hour listed as R. Australia relay, Sat Sept 27 at 1250 unID show discussing non-believers in Australia. 6160 still audible weakly at 1519 recheck.

6070 CFRX carrier also there, fading averaging S9, peaking S9+5 at 1520 Sept 27, but modulation just barely audible. What a waste. See also UNID 6070.8

** CANADA [non]. Bible readings from Exodus XXIX, in English, pronounced slowly one word at a time, about ``I am``, bulls, rams and wafers, Sat Sept 27 at 1505, G signal on 15390. Per Eibi this is Bible Voice via Nauen, Germany, to S Asia, in English only on Saturdays, other days in Hindi, Tamil or Bengali. Exodus XXIX is all about how to carry out blood sacrifices of innocent animals, in particular what to do with their kidneys, in verses 13 and 22. Yuk.

WRTH 2008 lists this under Canada since they have a P O Box in Toronto, while admitting it`s a joint mission with something in the UK. I say it`s pointless to attribute multinational gospel-huxters like this to any particular country, especially when no transmitters at all are in use from said country

** CHINA. Firedrake, Sept 27 at 1525 on 9905, which is against R. Free Asia, Chinese via Palau; // 9450 against Sound of Hope via Taiwan, neither target audible

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command, 9640, pulses mixing with weak station in Japanese, Sept 27 at 1310. That would be V. of Russia as scheduled, via Novosibirsk or Komsomol`sk/Amure depending on which online reference you believe. The Cuban jammer is needed on 9640 only at 0000-0200 when R. República is on there, but why should Cuba care if they also mess up innocent bystanders? Have heard the jammer on 9640 at various other hours, and suspect they leave it on 24 hours, altho no doubt ramped up harder during RR hours

** GERMANY. Since I was listening to R. Solh instead, missed Muzprosvet, avant-garde music show from DW Russian service, Sat Sept 27 at 1430 on 15420, so finally found audio file on podcasting page,2142,4356,00.html

This time about Bengali music, tho can`t tell if it is really today`s episode; direct link:,,1808190_type_audio_struct_4356_format_WMedia,00.html

** INDONESIA. 3995 and 3987 both in // Sept 27 at 1301, OM talking, presumably news de Jakarta, poor. On 60m at 1306: 4750 best with Indonesian talk, also talk on 4790, 1307 music on 4870

** IRAN [non]. Bad collision on 17755, as if there aren`t plenty of open frequencies on this band – Sept 27 at 1414 ME pop music mixing with Spanish producing a fast-rippling SAH, which I would estimate somewhere around 25 Hz, too fast to count but too low to be an audible heterodyne. Soon found music // 17670 in the clear, i.e. Radio Farda, vs. REE Spain on 17755. PWBR `2008` shows both on 17755 but no Farda on 17670, which is Wertachtal, while 17555 is Biblis. Spain aims at Africa, so theoretically no conflict. At 1430 REE had an accurate timesignal on both 17755 and // 17595 in the clear

** JAPAN [non]. I have been abbreviating it NHKWNRJ, since I heard them ID rather cumbersomely as ``NHK World Network, Radio Japan`` but now I hear them ID as ``Radio Japan, NHK World Network``, so make it RJNHKWN too. Make up their minds? Tuned in Canada relay, 11705, Sat Sept 27 at 1410 expecting to hear ``World Interactive``, but instead without explanation or apology they ran instead ``Listening Library``, woman reading two short stories, with reverb, piano accompaniment, the first about a woman dying and how she looked; and the second about a character named Shotaro, pigs and a Panamá hat, moral: ``Too much looking at women is not good``, attributed to ``Ten Nights of Dreams``. 1429 ended just in time to hear regular RJ outro, as always cutting to RCI IS and ID before the announcer could finish saying what frequency the next English broadcast at 2200 would be on.

So what has become of World Interactive, the mailbag/listener participation show?? Answer: --- W. I. Is replaced by this on the last Saturday of the month, even if there are only four: ``Monthly readings bring to life decades old stories, shedding new light on masterpieces that have sparked the imagination of young and old for generations.`` No Yamata pre-echo today, but lite Saturday-only QRM de RSA at 1426

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, 17725, Sept 27 at 1500 addressing ``Dear Listeners`` in English; poor. Aimed due south from Sabrata, so unfavorable for here

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI 60th anniversary special encountered UT Sat Sept 27 at 0610 on 9615, NOT a time given in advance publicity, quoted in DXLD 8-105, which said:



Sat 0020 NZDT 2320 UT (Fri) FULL VERSION

Sat 1806 NZDT 0506 UT (Sat) FULL VERSION``

The trouble is, NZ was not yet on UT +13, so the time conversion was wrong, really 0606 UT! Anyhow, I`ll hear it ondemand sometime rather than try to compensate for their erroneous publicity, figuring out what they really meant to say. It seems that RNZI, supposedly an external service, operates on local time, whatever it is, rather than UT which never changes. David Ricquish was pronouncing RNZI as ``Renzy``

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 90m scan Sept 27 at 1303 found: 3205 with talk, 3235 music, 3325 something, 3335 music, 3345 something, 3365 no signal, 3385 talk

** ROMANIA. 11945, Arabic talk at 1407 Sept 27 about Romania, Bucharest, names ending in -escu and Romanian clips for voice-over. What could it be? RRI, off the back! As scheduled in Arabic this hour from Tiganesti but presumably currently Galbeni instead, good modulation

** SAUDI ARABIA [and non]. R. Riyadh, 17660, Sept 27 at 1417 with dramatic M&W dialog in French, some distortion, SFX, recorded on stage? 1500 drums and French announcements.

13710, Sept 27 at 1515 with Qur`an and then regular Arabic talk, muffled modulation, not // 15435/15225, tho 13710 is also Riyadh, a different program.

15225, Sept 27 at 1513 Qur`an, but SAH of about 4 Hz mixing with YL talk in S Asian language, soon IDed in passing at 1514 as ``Adventist World Radio``. Per EiBi, this is Punjabi via Wertachtal. Adventists vs Allah!

** SUDAN [non]. Sept 27 at 1507 came upon 15650 with some very distorted talk I eventually recognized as English with a heavy African accent; long pauses, mentioned National Democratic Institute, with SFX between items, more pauses. 1509 into some other language, apparently ID, mentioning FM, SW and kHz, ``Miraya FM``, and then mostly in non-English until 1511 tune-out. This is the relay via IRRS ``Milan``, i.e. Slovakia, 150 kW at 160 degrees. Also had a lite warbling het which I at first thought might be a jammer, and then thought might be out of some local household device such as TV set turned off but not unplugged

** TURKEY. Big open carrier on 11680 gave me pause, Sept 27 at 1317 covering up some Mideastern music. Probably Cuba which uses it later in day for Venezuela, RHC. Fortunately, that went off a semi-minute later uncovering the music, soprano accompanied by mugam-like instrument; 1335 into talk, sounds like Turkish. Is PWBR `2008` any help? Of course not --- nothing at all shown on 11680 during this hour, except Korea North, which this certainly was not, nor was that audible today anywhere around 11677v. More nice ME music, including at 1355 children`s choir with piano accompaniment in medley including prettified version of La Cucaracha, almost making it into a round. 1400 accurate 3-pip timesignal and Turkish news by YL mentioning Adana. As A-08 online skeds easily confirm, this is TRT Emirler, 500 kW at 310 degrees, 1300-1530

** U K [non]. Surprised to encounter excited coverage in English of silly ballgame frequently mentioning Chelsea, Sat Sept 27 at 1525 on 7380, confirmed as BBCWS by // 9740 but echoing slightly out of synch via Singapore. Also surprised to find 7380 listed as Meyerton, South Africa site at 5 degrees; despite unfavourable azimuth, most likely long path at this hour. This transmission goes into Swahili at 1530, except on Saturdays, in English until 1700

** U S A [and non]. First presidential debate, 0100 UT Saturday Sept 27: Maybe we can expect some secret extra SW frequencies, as appeared for VOA coverage of the Democratic and Republican Cons a month ago, including from African sites, 6080, 9885, 12080, 15580?

Scanned bands from 16 to 90 meters between 0136 and 0146 UT. Computers and TVs were necessarily on obscuring weaker signals. Did find live debate broadcast weakly // TV but never exactly synchronized on 15595, presumably VOA, site unlisted and normally not scheduled. Very good on 9820 and 6040 which are Greenville normally only at 0130-0200 with Spe-cial Eng-lish.

While I was at it, I checked private US SW station frequencies which are on the air in English at this time, and found them all in normal programming, mostly gospel huxters: 11520, 9505, 7465, 7415, 6985, 6890, 5935, 5920, 5875, 5850, 5745, 5070, 5050, 3185. Whatever became of the concept of public service broadcasting, pre-empting regular programming if necessary on such rare special occasions?

Next check at 0220: both 6040 and 9820 were off. VOA must have only run them during their normal spans, i.e. cutting off the debate right in the middle at 0200! 15595, whencever it was, faded out before 0200. Still no private US SW frequencies with it at 0220 either

** U S A [non]. VOA Special English, business dialog lessons with terms about finding a job, such as networking, resume; interrupted by tone cues and music riffs, Sept 27 at 1523 on 9695, which is Tinang, Philippines at 349 degrees

** AUSTRALIA. 2485, VL8K, best heard yet with armchair copy, Sept 28 at 1252 with religious discussion, much like on RA but not // 9580. Could be same show from so-called ABC Local Radio, but half an hour offset. // 2325 VL8A was much weaker this time, and // 2310 VL8T even weaker. Recheck 1321, half a sesquihour after local sunrise, still just barely audible on 2485 with talk. I wonder if any Aussie signals would have been coming thru too on the upper MWBC band if not blocked

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, audible again Sept 28 after long absence, 1330 OM signing on, giving this and 11620, 13710, into YL news in less than a minute, 1340 ending news bulletin, ID, Today`s Commentary. Then checked 13710 and heard something else with music; CRI in French via Kashi is scheduled. And nothing on 11620. see also UNIDENTIFIED 4940, 5050

** INDONESIA. Trans-Pacific conditions were hot on Sept 28, so I kept tuning around, unable to land on any one frequency long enough to get much detail, but I`m not trying to QSL them, anyway ---

3325, 1258 talk, then music. 1304 music. Could be PNG here, not certain

3987, 1255 talk; 1305 Indo talk // 3995; 1323 hams relented a bit, music sounds similar to 3995, but not //; 1325 definitely different music

3995, 1255 music; 1305 Indo talk // 3987; 1323 similar music to 3987 but not same; 1325 ham net starts up on 3995 with this as BFO

4605, 1314 music, very weak, but evidence Serui is still on the air

4790, 1310 mix CODAR, music, then YL mentioning FM, kHz; somewhat better than 4750 which also had CCI. 1312 YL vocal on 4790, no more Qur`an; takes Sundays off? Ramadan not quite over

** IRAN. VIRI, 15150 wonderful muezzin reciting Qur`an, Sept 28 at 1345, still going at 1412. Such a talented singer: I wonder if he is famous in Iran and even has a fan club, or would this be unseemly? Would he also sing secular songs, or would that be unseemly? I wonder about this, since as an Infidel without the baggage of belief, I can appreciate his performance solely as Art. Note that some of our greatest singers started out as cantors

** NEW ZEALAND. Scheduling foulup again at RNZI, for Sept 28 at 1248, 6170 was already on, while 9655 bore nothing but the open carrier from RNW via Tinang prior to 1300 modulation, while RNZI 6170 is not supposed to open until 1259; W&M discussing sexism in the Maori language. Could be everything is an hour off due to DST which just started 23 hours earlier, and failing to compensate for that

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Quick chex of PNG frequencies Sept 28 found:

3205, 1259 talk, sounds like Tok Pisin; 1300 choral music with pauses, anthem? 1302 open carrier, but not signed off; 1304 music resumed

3235, 1258 music, 1304 choral music

3335, 1257 music, 1300 YL announcement; 1303 open carrier

3345, 1257 carrier and something, 1303 talk

3385, 1256 music, 1300 announcement by YL, 1303 music

3905, 1256 music

** AUSTRALIA. Another morning, another check of 120m NT VL8 stations, Sept 29 at 1248: W&M discussion show in //, 2485 best, then 2310, then 2325

** CUBA. Almost two weeks after it first appeared on RHC`s online transmission schedule, 13680 was finally on the air for the 2030 UT English broadcast, Sept 28 at 2103 tune-in; same interview with Lucius Walker, American Cubasymp, as on 11760, but not exactly synchronized. I focused on a key word and eventually determined that 13680 was playing the same program 3 minutes and 9 seconds after 11760!

Also, the audio on 13680 sounds very different, clipped as if it has gone a long way through some circuits to another transmitter site. Could it possibly be a new overseas relay of RHC? Or just two different sites in Cuba, evidently from two different very unsynchronized playbacks.

At 2127, 11760 was going into French ID, while 13680 still had Arnie Coro giving e-mail address for plans of a solar water heater(?). The same appeared 3+ minutes later on 13680, then IS and French ID, or rather it`s the Kriyol service as the following announcement clarified. One is on the schedule for 2130, but not on either frequency! Meanwhile, RHC Spanish was on 13760, MUCH stronger than 13680, and // 11750. The schedule does show 13680 also for French French at 2200, but unchecked

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. RNGE, 6250, back on the air, as who else would be playing hilife music on this frequency, Sept 29 at 0540, probably shortly after sign-on. No 6300 Sahara audible yet

** INDONESIA. The 75-m trio were all audible Sept 29 at 1254: 3976 with Indonesian talk by YL; not // something on 3987, 3995. Ham QRM worse the further into ``80m``, such that at 1256, 3995 was QRM-free.

On 60m, 4790 was back to Qur`aning at 1302; 4750 a YL song rather than news/talk

** JAPAN. At 1257 check Sunday Sept 28, R. Nikkei was missing from JOZ 3925, but back on with synthesized classical music Sept 29 at 1251 check. Yes, per WRTH 2008, 3925/6055/9595 sign off early at 1200* on Sundays, otherwise to 1330* except Fridays to 1430*

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. 3912 is usually too blocked by SSB hams, but Sept 29 at 1259 I was able to make out some music accompanied by jamming, i.e. V. of the People from South to North, and deliberate interference from North to North, both reaching here to what the Koreans could justifiably refer to as the ``Far East``

** MYANMAR. 9731, putting a weak het on CRI 9730, Sept 29 at 1324. This is about the most I can ever expect to hear from Myanma Radio. Doesn`t CRI occupy enough frequencies so they could dispense with just one to accommodate a friendly neighbor? Of course not!

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. An American-accented OM talking caught my ear on 3385, Sept 29 at 1246, but quickly back to YL with less comprehensible PNG accent. At first I thought it might be a mixing product. This was the best signal of the usual crew on 90m

** U S A [non]. 12110, Sept 29 at 1335 in unID language, but brief English clip voiced-over at 1338; Aoki says it`s VOA in Somali via Lampertheim at 13-14; and it occupies a 2-hour hole between two Tagalog broadcasts from CRI via Kunming, a fine example of coöperation and coördination

** ALBANIA [and non]. R. Tirana, 13640 to NAm, 1431 sign-on with English schedule, 1432 news, but too undermodulated to follow, and adjacent QRM from much better modulated 13645 in Slavo-Turkic language, i.e. per Aoki, Uzbek, R. Liberty, 100 kW at 80 degrees via Lampertheim, Germany at 14-15

** CHINA. As if CRI were not causing enough interference already to other broadcasters by excessive frequency usage, another hour in English has been added on 9560, Sept 30 at 1311, news item about water on Mars, colliding with R. Australia which has been on this frequency for ages, also in English until 1400. Until now, CRI had waited until 1400 to start its English on 9560 via Kashi. Usage before 1400 must have just started, as not noted before in morningly bandscans, and not yet in any of the online schedules

** COSTA RICA. REE Cariari, 3350, Sept 30 at 0556 check past 0558 was mixing the REE IS with regular programming which also included some music, until both went off at 0600. Is no one paying attention?

** CUBA [and non]. Another check of the RHC 13680 situation, Sept 29 at 2125 found it in music, presumably ending the English hour, and this time // 11760 seeming synchronized to within a reverb rather than 3 minutes and 9 seconds apart as the day before. At 2128 on 13680, the music cut off, carrier remained, and the music continued on 11760. About 2129:45 modulation on 13680 resumed in time for IS, again // 11760, opening Kriyol, but just after 2132, 13680 lost modulation again, carrier stayed on until 2142:30*  At 2134, 11760 dropped off the air for a couple seconds, then right back.

I left the BFO on tuned 1 kHz away to notify me if and when 13680 came back on for scheduled RHC English at 2200. This happened at *2147:25, but I did not listen closely until 2202 and what did I hear? Japanese! NHK is also scheduled here from *2000 per PWBR ``2008`` but that is wrong; as in Aoki really starts at *2200 at 240 degrees for S Asia, ergo 60 degrees off the back toward us.

I think RHC was underneath in French, so I don`t know which one turned on carrier at 2147:25. Evidently the Kriyol heard after 2130 on 13680 Sept 28 and 29 was just runover from the previous scheduled English hour. So sloppy. After 2300, 13680 from Cuba was at usual big level for Venezuela relay, blowing Japan away.

Sept 30 at 1340 found big open carrier on 15370, as RHC was transmitting, but without any modulation, altho from other site 15360 and 15120 were OK. Wiggle that patchcord! Monitor your own signals off the air for discrepancies! This continued to be the case at further chex as late as 1444, but at 1401 YFR theme could be heard clearly underneath, then S Asian language, which Eibi and Aoki say is Telugu via Wertachtal, but via Nauen per Sept M&B sked update, still at 1429.

9955, DentroCuban Jamming Command mixing with R. Prague in English via WRMI, Sept 30 at 1416. The jamming was still there but reduced from the full force employed before 1400 against R. Cuba Libre

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 15190, R. Africa, still sounds like Tony Alamo, talking about victory, over his current travail? Over/under WYFR Portuguese at 2216 Sept 29

** GUATEMALA. R. Verdad still missing from 4052.5 at 0546 check Sept 30, following a lightning strike earlier in Sept, the date of which I have been unable to determine. Cannot find anything about this situation on the website, but checking their News page, I see that Dr. Madrid had another setback earlier this year when an arch he built was torn down, illustrated:

Since RV has been such a friend to DXers, perhaps someone with technical knowledge or access to parts can help get them back on the air

** PALAU. ``KHBN``, 9965 at 1417 Sept 30 with instrumental inspirational music, the station now scheduled here, and same music also audible on a carrier at 9995. I suspect the latter was a receiver-produced leapfrog over supersignal from WWCR 9980, 15 kHz apart, as no station should be overtly on 9995, too close to WWV. However, WWV is blasted away most of the day here by another Coloradan, Pastor Pete Peters, who fancies himself a singer, on WWCR, 20 kHz away, not far enough, splattering and de-sensitizing

** PHILIIPPINES. VOA English news at 1441 Sept 30 poor on 7430, soon confirmed by // 9760; 7430 is Tinang due west

** ROMANIA. Tuned in 7185, Sept 29 at 2222 to hear sports roundup, so figured it was VOA, which runs sports around this minute in News Now --- but they kept referring to Romanian names and ``nils``. Yes, RRI, no doubt one of the new Galbeni 300 kW Continentals. 2225 beep, busy-music and into Network Europe for the next semihour, with stories about far-right getting 29% of the vote in Austria as protest to the two major parties; Belgium where illegal immigrants are on hunger strike; France following some American trend; show is ``in the Euronet partnership``. Good signal, very good modulation and SSB hams stayed away from it, tnx very much. 2255 sign-off mentioned only one frequency each, coming up on the 0000 and 0530 English broadcasts to North America and Europe respectively

** RUSSIA. 13855 at 1433 Sept 30, Russian folksong with a Hebrew-sound to it so first guessed Israel, but 1433 R. Rossii ID, not // 15430. Some distortion. No sign of Israel really scheduled in Persian on 13850; guess they were taking the day off

** SAUDI ARABIA. 17895 with Qur`an, Sept 30 at 1406, lite reverb unlike heavier reverb via Iran, and this singer not as impressive as the 15150 one which was inaudible today. No // to 17895 found on 17 or 15 MHz bands. 1419 recheck, in non-musical talk on 17895. This is the Holy Qur`an service at 12-15 from Riyadh, 500 kW at 290 degrees

** U S A. Tony Alamo on WWCR, 15825, Sept 30 at 1326, poor reception in mostly-skip-zone, but was able to make out that he was interviewing females with leading questions about his alleged crimes, and they assured us they were unmolested. So he has been able to produce new programs since the law went after him. Also fan mail from Natasha, a non-Russian listener via R. East Africa. See also PALAU

** U S A. WEWN, 11550 in Spanish, VG at 1412 Sept 30, barely perceptible whine. That reminds me have, not heard lately the annoying squeals which used to infest at least one of their transmitters on various frequencies, so maybe the defective modulation modules have finally been replaced?

** VATICAN. Surprised to hear VR IS on 7335 mixing with CHU, Sept 29 at 2229, 2230 opening English I think, but talk was undermodulated compared to IS. VR is NOT scheduled on 7335 at this hour per any of the online references, just at 0025-0520. Another screwup of their automation programming, or deliberate change in anticipation of CHU`s QSY to 7850?


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



As I type these golden words at 9:05 pm Central/0205 UTC, I'm hearing CFRX at a fair level usually atop CVC. The het/drone makes for tiring listening, but it's almost 100% copy. Welcome back to an old friend!!


I'm still hearing Rebelde-5025 barely above the noise level as I write this. I noted the major Cuban networks----Rebelde, Progreso, etc.----all seemed to be carrying their own hurricane programming last night (complete with cheesy "howling wind" sound effects in the background of some announcements) instead of carrying a common program. It will be interesting to see which outlets are still on the air this evening.

You have to feel for the people of Cuba; they are taking a real pounding right now. And the latest path projections for the Galveston/Beaumont/Port Arthur areas of Texas aren't looking favorable.


6185 MEXICO Radio Educación, was  wake this morning and checked this frequency 1005-1120 UTC and found no trace of this station or my unID station  reported last month;just a weak "flutter" on the channel that never produced audio.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed


I'm listening to CFRX right now on the Collins R-390A.  Pretty weak signal, with what sounds like a 200 Hz or so het - a drone.

Good timing too, for folks in the USA interested as to what is going on in Canada - given that an October election is about to be called.


Paul Armani – Denver, CO

Grundig G4000A and whip


September 2, 2008

Radio Sweden International 6010 KHz  02:40-03:03 UTC

September 2, 2008 02:00-02:30 RTI (Radio Taiwan International) 5950 KHz


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna


Heard on a Sony ICF 2010 and Eton AN-03 wind 'em up antenna:

6069.7 CFRX Toronto, ON 0000 9/5 with ID and ad for the Chris Robinson Travel Show at . Was interference with SS station presumed to be CVC. Nasty growl due to being slightly off frequency. Very nice to hear in Tennessee. Now I can get Canadian 

news no problem. Hooray!


Larry Wild – Aberdeen, SD

DX396 FRG-7


Saturday. 9/27 -- 0100 to 0130 UTC

6080 Presumed VOA. The debates were weak, just above the noise floor. Audio || to the TV coverage

9845 Radio Nederland in English, strong signal

9885 Nice romantic music, strong, sign off with VOA ID at 0130. Heard snatches of the debates after 0130, like they were trying to make a hookup, but not quite able to.

12080 Only noise

15580 Only noise


Down in the Basement

(Jay Heyl –editor)


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Kenwood R-1000 and 200 foot wire


Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 200 foot wire while giving mosquitoes
my blood out on the front porch...
All heard between 1830 and 1900 9/1/08:
206 GLS Galveston, TX
211 UC Union City, TN
224 BH Birmingham, AL


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 PRO II, Icom R-75, SDR-IQ Barker & Williamson BWD-90 folded dipole

35 x 90 flag loop E/W / DXP-3 phaser 300' long wire


153   ALGERIA   Alger Chaîne 1, Béchar  SEP 09 2305 - // 549 Man in Arabic - Good
162   FRANCE   France-Inter, Allouis  SEP 02 2333 - Guitar vocal with man announcer in FF - Good
183   GERMANY   Europe 1, Felsberg (Saarlouis)  SEP 09 2257 - Woman in French - Good
234   LUXEMBOURG   RTL, Beidweiler  SEP 09 2258 - Rock music - Good

162   FRANCE   France-Inter, Allouis  SEP 12 2315 - Two men and woman, sounded like poss radio drama - Good
171   MOROCCO   Radio Méditerranée Int'l, Nador  SEP 12 2320 - //9575 Mid East music then man in Arabic then chanting - Good
189   ICELAND   Rikisútvarpid Rás 1+2, Gufuskálar  SEP 12 2340 - Man and Woman in discussion - Fair
252   IRELAND   RTE Radio 1, Clarkestown  SEP 12 2345 - Rock music-Van Morrison then announcer in Irish accent - Very good

189   ICELAND   Rikisútvarpid Rás 1+2, Gufuskálar  SEP 28 2249 - Male pop singer - Very good
252   ALGERIA   Alger Chaine 1&3/Radio Alger Int, Tipaza  SEP 28 2256 - Woman in FF, then mid east music. TOH pips then woman with news in FF - 2307 mixing with Ireland, "Raindrops are falling on my head" - Very Good 


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E5



206 GLS Galveston, TX, checked this beacon at 0205 UTC/9:05 pm Central and found only a single repeating "beep" tone at a good level. At 0206/9:06 pm, it suddenly vanished and is still off the air as I write this.


Beacon GLS, 206 kHz, in Galveston is back on and putting a good signal into here at 9:21 pm Central.


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


We have one lonely posting this month with some information on Net radio legislation. Thanks to Kevin.


Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe


Net radio bill passes House

Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:39 am (PDT)


September 27, 2008 6:10 PM PDT
Net radio bill passes House
Posted by Greg Sandoval

Update at 7:28 p.m. PDT: Quotes have been added from the National Association of Broadcasters on why it no longer opposes the bill.

Web radio stations live to fight another day.

The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill that Web radio stations have painted as life or death for their services.

The Webcaster Settlement Act, which would allow Internet radio stations to negotiate with the music industry for a royalty rate lower than what Congress mandated last year, passed the House by a voice vote on Saturday.

Proponents of the bill had predicted a close vote.

Tim Westergren, founder of Net music service Pandora, said he was elated about triumphing in the House, which came after traditional radio broadcasters withdrew their opposition.

Dennis Wharton, a spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters, said Saturday night that Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) had met with representatives of the group and addressed some of their concerns.

As a result, the NAB dropped its opposition in the House and will not oppose the bill when it moves to the Senate for a vote, either Sunday or Monday (I've written a story about the bill's chances in the Senate and how the NAB was persuaded to drop it's opposition).

"The bill having passed unanimously in the House certainly gives it momentum heading into the Senate," Wharton said.

Webcasters are fighting for the right to negotiate with the music industry to reduce the royalty rates they must pay to stream music over the Web. Any deal must be approved by the federal government.

Congress is expected to adjourn on Monday, and the Webcaster Settlement Act enables Internet radio stations to reach an agreement with the music industry while Congress is out of session.

Westergren, who has emerged as a de facto spokesman for the bill, said some Web radio stations can't afford a long delay in the talks. Right now, the law requires them to pay the older royalty rate, which Webcasters say will soon drive them out of business.

"It would be a killer blow," Westergren said. "If we don't get it passed now, it would mean waiting for a whole new Congress and administration and lots of uncertainty."

As for the legislation's chances in the Senate, Westergren said he's cautiously optimistic.

"I've become gun shy because I've been burned so many times before," he said. "We're waiting to see what happens and consulting with our friends (in Congress)."



And that’s another month on the Net.


73’s, Martin



The Line of Sight and Beyond


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E-1 on the whip:

98.7 WHOP Hopkinsville, KY 9/3 1215 Lite 98.7 Ft. Campbell, KY ads 

and light rock. Tr. 167 mi.

Heard on a DX398 on the whip.

99.1 WAHR Huntsville, AL 9/3 1245 with RDS "Movin'Azz". Tr 129 mi.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and whip:

104.7 WZZK Birmingham, AL 9/4 1118 long stopset with Rick and Bubba 

ad and then ID. 170 mi. Tr


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



Very strange FM dial tonight.

I am getting OCs on the frequencies normally occupied by Houston stations KILT-100.3, KPTY-104.9, KMKS-102.5, and KBXX-97.9. I guess this means their studio to transmitter links must be down.

KLOL-101.1 is missing, but so is KONO-101.1 in San Antonio, so perhaps there is some disrupted path due to Ike's impact on the troposphere.


Jay Heyl Orlando, FL Sony



Last weekend I spent a few hours scanning the FM band with my Sony XDR-F1HD. I was mostly interested in making note of which frequencies I could hear something on, not so much in IDing all the stations. There are a lot of UNIDs in this log. Quite a few of them are technically "presumed" IDs based on signal strength, format, locations mentioned, etc.

The antenna used was the simple wire dipole included with the radio. I built a T stand out of PVC pipe so the antenna is fully stretched out and maybe seven feet above the floor. The stand is all slip-fit so I can rotate the T by hand. The rig was sitting in my living room.

I was quite amazed at the number of stations I was able to hear. Part of it is my location -- right in the middle of a very flat state, with major metro areas at different points on the compass, all within at least very fringe reception distances -- but a lot of it is the Sony XDR-F1HD. This is an exceptional FM radio.

The one reception that really surprised me was WYNR from Waycross, GA. I did get a positive ID on that one.

Log follows.



Date Time  Frequency Call Sign Location           Comments                                                           

16:20   88.3MHz  WPOZ-HD1                     Christian rock                                                     

16:20   88.3MHz  WPOZ-HD2                     Christian R&B "Y hot"                                              

16:20   88.3MHz  WPOZ-HD3                     Christian hard rock                                                

16:23   88.7MHz  WMYZp                        Christian rock                                                     

16:24   88.9MHz                               Christian contemporary (distant)                                   

16:25   89.1MHz                               SS R&B (local)                                                     

16:26   89.3MHz                               Christian contemporary (marginal)                                  

16:28   89.5MHz                               Gospel (distant, fading in/out)                                    

16:29   89.7MHz                               OM talking about girl showing skin                                 

16:30   89.7MHz                               Classical                                                          

16:31   89.9MHz  WUCF                         Jazz (HD won't lock despite strong signal)                         

16:31   89.9MHz  WUCF-HD2                     No lock, though radio recognizes it's there                        

16:34   90.1MHz                               Talk about concert in Gainesville, but no station on this freq there

16:35   90.3MHz                               Christian (strong)                                                 

16:36   90.7MHz  WMFE-HD                      Classical                                                          

16:37   91.1MHz  WKES                         Christian contemporary                                             

16:38   91.3MHz                               Rock, "No More Words" (fairly strong)                              

16:39   91.3MHz                               Folk/country. Very weak in null of rock station                    

16:43   91.5MHz  WPRKp     Winter Park, FL    Blues (semi-local)                                                 

16:45   91.9MHz                               Ad for "Bit of Heaven" show. Christian mx                          

16:47   92.3MHz  WWKA-HD   Orlando, FL        Country mx                                                         

16:48   92.7MHz                               Country mx. Very weak. Fading in/out.                              

16:51   92.9MHz  WMFQ      Ocala, FL          Rock. (distant) "Big 92.9" Ocala/Gainesville                       

16:53   93.1MHz  WKRO      Edgewater, FL      "Daytona's crow country"                                           

16:54   93.3MHz                               "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (semi-local)                           

15:56   93.5MHz                               Polka mx (fringe)                                                  

15:57   93.7MHz  WOGKp     Ocala, FL          Country mx                                                         

16:58   93.7MHz                               Geico ad in null of country station. "The Breeze".                 

17:02   94.1MHz  WSJT      Lakeland, FL       Ad for HD-Radio. Jazz. HD won't lock.                              

17:08   94.5MHz  WCFBp     Daytona Beach, FL  "Star 94.5"                                                        

17:12   94.7MHz                               Rock (very fringe)                                                 

17:13   94.9MHz  WWRM      Tampa, FL          "Magic 94.9" Paula Cole. Ann Kelly, .                            

17:17   95.3MHz  WPYO-HD   Maitland, FL       Hip-hop                                                            

17:20   95.7MHz                               Morgan Law ad. (very fringe)                                       

17:21   95.9MHz                               Rock (very fringe). Two stations on top of each other.             

17:22   96.1MHz                               Gospel (fringe)                                                    

17:23   96.5MHz  WHTQ-HD1  Orlando, FL        Classic rock                                                       

17:25   96.5MHz  WHTQ-HD2  Orlando, FL        WDBO rebroadcast. .                                     

17:26   96.9MHz                               Two rock stations fighting for frequency                           

19:54   96.9MHz  WINK      Fort Meyers, FL   

17:28   97.1MHz                               "102.5" jingle. R&B.                                               

17:29   97.3MHz                               Clark Howard (very fringe)                                         

17:30   97.5MHz  WPCV      Winter Haven, FL   Country mx. "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"                         

17:31   97.9MHz                               Rock (very fringe)                                                 

17:32   98.1MHz  WNUE      Titusville, FL     SS mx                                                              

17:33   98.3MHz                               Huey Lewis. (fringe)                                               

17:34   98.5MHz                               Fleetwood Mac. (fringe)                                            

17:35   98.5MHz                               "Green-eyed Lady" (fringe) In null of Fleetwood Mac                

17:37   98.9MHz  WMMO-HD   Orlando, FL        Sting, "Fields of Gold"                                            

 20:01   99.1MHz                               Something there, but can't break through IBOC hash                 

 20:02   99.3MHz  WLRQp     Cocoa, FL          "Lite Rock" George Michael, "Teacher"                              

 20:07   99.5MHz  WAFC      Clewiston, FL      "South Florida's Cane Country". (fighting for freq with Chevy ad)  

 20:15   99.7MHz  WJKD      Vero Beach, FL     Rock. "Jack-FM"                                                    

 20:18   99.9MHz                               South Florida. Country mx.                                         

 20:21   99.9MHz                               Country mx in null of South Florida station                        

 20:22   100.1MHz                              Jazz (fringe)                                                      

 20:24   100.3MHz WRUM      Orlando, FL        SS mx (local)                                                      

 08-09-07   20:25   100.5MHz                              Rock (fringe)                                                      

 20:26   100.7MHz                              Hip-hop (fringe)                                                   

 20:27   100.7MHz WMTX      Tampa, FL          Rock (semi-local). Tampa Bay.                                      

 21:40   100.9MHz WXJZ      Gainesville, FL    Smooth Jazz                                                        

 20:34   101.1MHz WJRR      Cocoa Beach, FL    Rock                                                               

 20:35   101.5MHz WPOI      St. Petersburg, FL "The Point". Rock. Tears for Fears.                                

 20:39   101.7MHz                              Ad for Hard Rock Hollywood contest (very fringe)                   

 20:42   101.9MHz WJHM-HD1  Daytona Beach, FL  Hip-hop                                                            

 20:42   101.9MHz WJHM-HD2  Daytona Beach, FL  Gospel                                                             

 20:43   102.3MHz                              R&B (semi-local)                                                   

 20:44   102.5MHz                              Rock (fringe)                                                      

 20:45   102.5MHz WYNR      Waycross, GA       Country mx. ID during break.                                       

 20:46   102.7MHz WHKR      Rockledge, FL      "The Hitkicker"                                                    

 20:49   102.9MHz WMXQ      Jacksonville, FL   "Jacksonville's 102.9, The Point"                                  

 20:50   102.9MHz                              Wham. Under Jacksonville                                           

 20:55   103.1MHz WLOQ      Winter Park, FL    Jazz. Sounds of Brazil.                                            

 20:57   103.3MHz                              Rap (very fringe)                                                  

 20:58   103.5MHz WFUS      Gulfport, FL     Country mx. (fringe). Tampa. "US-103-5"                            

 21:00   103.7MHz WQOL      Vero Beach, FL     Elton John, "Your Song"                                            

 21:03   103.9MHz                              Rap (fringe)                                                       

 21:04   104.1MHz WTKS      Cocoa Beach, FL    Rock (local)                                                       

 21:05   104.3MHz                              Love songs (fringe)                                                

 21:06   104.5MHz WFYV      Atlantic Beach, FL Zeppelin. Jacksonville.                                            

 21:10   104.7MHZ                              Eagles. (fringe) "WY.."                                            

 21:10   105.1MHz WOMX      Orlando, FL        Rock (local)                                                       

 21:11   105.3MHz                              SS mx. Ballad. (fringe)                                            

 21:12   105.5MHz                              "Moon River" (very fringe)                                         

 21:13   105.7MHz                              Four Seasons. (seriously hurt by IBOC hash from 105.9)             

 21:14   105.9MHZ WOCL-HD1  Deland, FL         "Jessie's Girl", Rick Springfield.                                 

 21:14   105.9MHZ WOCL-HD2  Deland, FL        

 21:16   106.3MHz WJPT      Fort Meyers, FL    ABC news                                                           

 21:22   106.3MHz                              Talk about teen pregnancy                                          

 21:23   106.7MHz WXXL-HD1  Tavares, FL        "Just Stand Up"                                                    

 21:23   106.7MHz WXXL-HD2  Tavares, FL        "Miss Independent"                                                 

 21:24   107.1MHz WAOA      Melbourne, FL      "A-O-A"                                                            

 21:25   107.3MHz WXGL      St. Petersburg, FL Classic Hits                                                       

 21:26   107.7MHz WMGF-HD1  Mount Dora, FL     "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"                                       

 21:26   107.7MHz WMGF-HD2  Mount Dora, FL    


Eric Berger – Detroit, MI

MacIntosh MR-78


Guess I should share some of the tropo catches I've noted in here as

of might want to get a cup of coffee because it's a LONG

list, spanning only a few days! Monday night into Tuesday morning

seemed to be the best, with locals getting over-ridden by DX! Ended

up with something like ten new catches.


*MON 22 SEP: Tropo

8.02 ** WDDH-FM 97.5 St. Marys, PA - Good with local ads, '97-5 The

Hound' into C&W.

8.08 ** WTGV-FM 97.7 Sandusky, MI - Fair with local nx, antenna

toward the SE!

8.09 ** WYBL-FM 98.3 Ashtabula, OH - Poor with C&W, 'The Bull.'

8.18 ** WTSS-FM 102.5 Buffalo, NY - Good with Soft Rock, 'Star 102.5'

8.22 ** WKJC-FM 104.7 Tawas City, MI - Fair with local ads

8.29 ** WHSB-FM 107.7 Alpena, MI - Poor with local chatter

8.33 ** WQLB-FM 103.3 Tawas City, MI - Poor with local nx

8.36 ** WATZ-FM 99.3 Alpena, MI - Good with local ads

8.37 ** WOWE-FM 98.9 Vassar, MI - Good with '98-9 Jam' into hip hop


8.40 ** WKLT-FM 97.5 Kalkaska, MI - Poor with rock mx

8.48 ** WCTP-FM 88.5 Gagetown, MI - Fair with C&W Gospel, 'Christian

Radio 88.5'

15.13 ** WKKY-FM 104.7 Geneva, OH - Poor but over WIOT with local

tradio show

17.33 ** W220DM-FM 91.9 Parma, OH - Poor to SE with Air One stuff;

ten watts! New catch!

20.38 ** WOBC-FM 91.5 Oberlin, OH - Poor with world mx, YL DJ. New

catch! (Been on my wish list for YEARS!)

21.09 ** WYKL-FM 98.7 Crestline, OH - Poor but over local WVMV with K-

Love; lost at :15. Ex-WYXZ.

21.25 ** WDOH-FM 107.1 Delphos, OH - Strong with Delilah, wiping out

local WQKL!

21.26 ** WXXC-FM 106.9 Marion, IN - Fair with storm coverage promo

21.29 ** WQHK-FM 105.1 Decatur, IN - Fair with C&W, K-105. Wiped out

local WMGC!

21.42 ** WNUY-FM 100.1 Bluffton, IN - Good with Fox Sports, 'FM 100


21.51 ** WCJC-FM 99.3 Van Buren, IN - Fair with Today's Best Country

21.55 ** WCSM-FM 96.7 Celina, OH - VERY strong with local promos into


21.58 ** WNHT-FM 96.3 Churubusco, IN - Good with Wild 96-3 - Hip Hop

and R&B. Wiped out local WDVD!

22.03 ** WLWD-FM 93.9 Columbus Grove, IN - Very good! 'Wild 93-9,

Lima's Hit Music Channel.' Totally wiped out local CIDR! Slammed the

meter to 3! (Locals are between 3 and 4 here.)

22.15 ** WFWI-FM 92.3 Fort Wayne, IN - Fair with ads, '92-3 The Fort'

into Alice Cooper. Wiped out local WMXD!

22.35 ** WLEG-FM 102.7 Ligonier, IN - Fair with Hot AC, 'Froggy 102-

7,' ments Elkhart County. No sign of semi-local WHTD!

23.42 ** WGBJ-FM 102.3 Auburn, IN - Poor with SS stuff. No sign of

semi-local WPOS!

23.49 ** WERG-FM 90.5 Erie, PA - Good with rock mx, ID, record.


*TUE 23 SEP: Tropo

0.20 ** WHOF-FM 101.7 North Canton, OH - Poor with AC, 'My 101.7.'

New catch! (Last heard when the COL was still Dover, OH!)

0.24 ** WXBW-FM 101.5 Gallipolis, OH - Faded up over semi-local WRVF

with Classic Hits, 'Bob Station is 101.5.' New catch!

0.52 ** WXTA-FM 97.9 Edinboro, PA - Poor under local WJLB with

C&W, 'Country 98, WXTA.' New catch!

1.18 ** -FM 91.7 - ONLY unid in the scan...Fair toward weat with Pina

Colada record, followed by two R&B/AC-ish records. Antenna was aimed

270°. WUOM was doing some tx maintenance, they came on after second

record. May have been them, may not have been; guess we'll never

know. Nothing said between the three records I heard.

1.34 ** CHCD-FM 98.9 Simcoe, ONT - Fair with AC, 'CD 98-9.' Off the

back of the antenna!

1.40 ** WCML-FM 91.7 Alpena, MI - Good with BBC Overnight stuff,

toward the north.

1.49 ** WLOF-FM 101.7 Attica, NY - Poor under WDET slop with

preacher; same preacher as on Webcast. New catch!

1.55 ** -FM 91.7 - Poor with ads for Owen Sound, lost.

1.57 ** CICS-FM 91.7 Sudbury, ONT - Faded up STRONG with 'Kicks 91-7'

into C&W. New catch!

2.00 ** WYTN-FM 91.7 Youngstown, OH - Poor with Family Radio stuff,

lost. 900 watts, new catch!

2.05 ** CIBU-FM-1  91.7 Bluewater, ONT - Good with rock mx, '94.5 The

Bull.' New catch!

7.48 ** CIXL-FM 91.7 Welland, ONT - Very good! with local ads, 'Giant

FM,' Classic Rock. Completely wiped out local WUOM! Been after this

one for YEARS! New catch!

8.25 ** WJYE-FM 96.1 Buffalo, NY - Fair with local nx


*WED 24 SEP: Tropo

9.44 ** CIBU-FM 94.5 Wingham, ONT - Fair with ads, '94.5 The Bull,'

Classic Rock mx. New catch!


*FRI 26 SEP: Tropo

8.13 ** WGNR-FM 97.9 Anderson, IN - Fair with Christian AC, Moody

Radio. New catch! Local WJLB off!

8.29 ** WNCI-FM 97.9 Columbus, OH - Poor, noted as I swung the

antenna around with local ad. WJLB off!

8.30 ** WXTA-FM 97.9 Edinboro, PA - Poor with ads, wx, 'Country 98.'

WJLB off!

8.39 ** WJLB-FM 97.9 Detroit, MI back on air; returned in middle of



Keith Beesley – Seattle, WA

Receiver, Antenna


92.1, CBC Radio Two, Victoria with jazz programming, Nancy Wilson-

Cannonball Adderley and Miles Davis, 7:00 pm PDT. Often heard here

during the warmer months but rarely this loud, near local. 9/15/08

98.5 CIOC, "The Ocean, Today's Lite Rock," Victoria, BC with

Eurythmics "Here Comes the Rain Again," 7:30 pm PDT, 9/15/08. New.


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No Weathermen this month…


The Visible Universe


No TV DX this month…


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN – DTV Converters


Consumer Reports Names 4 Best DTV Converters

The magazine rates 14 different converter boxes.

By Swanni


Washington, D.C. (June 23, 2008) -- In its latest issue, Consumer Reports Magazine has given top scores to four Digital TV converters now on the market.


The four top-rated converters, which the magazine says delivers the 'Best Picture Quality,' are the Tivax STB-T9 ($50); the Lasonic LTA-260 ($55); the Sansonic FT300A ($60); and the Microgem MG2000 ($65).


Consumer Reports says the four converters are "capable of picture quality that comes close to a good quality DVD."


On February 17, 2009, all full-powered local stations must switch their analog signals to digital which means viewers will need a Digital TV, a digital converter box or a pay TV subscription to watch television.


The feds are offering two $40 coupons for consumers to buy the converter boxes, which generally cost around $50-$60. The boxes will enable an analog TV to display the new digital signals. However, consumers must use the coupons within 90 days after receiving them.


Consumer Reports says the four top-rated converters can be purchased at and


The magazine gives 'Better' ratings to six other DTV converters, saying they offer a picture better than most current analog broadcasts. 


The six 'Better' converters are: the Philco TB100HH9 ($50); the Magnavox TB100MW9 ($50); the Artec T3A Pro ($55); the Insignia NS-DXA1 ($60); the Zenith DTT900 ($60); and the RCA DTA800B ($65).


Four converters were rated 'Acceptable.' meaning they offer a picture comparable to an analog broadcast but with some flaws. Those four converters are: the Digital Stream DTX9900 ($60); the Digital Stream DSP7500T ($70); the GE 22730 ($70); and the GE 22729 ($80).


There are approximately two dozen Digital TV converter boxes now on the market.


Bargain Barn


Nothing for sale this month….


Show and Tell – New Toys


No new toys this month….


Testing, Testing…


No tests this month


Call Sign Changes


No FCC report for Call Changes this month…


I Got The Bird!


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX


The audio portion of KHOU-TV (Houston) emergency programming for Hurricane Ike is being carried on XM channel 247.


Kevin The Possum Hunter – South Carolina


They are [KHOU] also on DirecTV channel 361




Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN


XM is carrying KTRH 740 now that KHOU TV was blown off the air.


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