September 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 9



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This month was great for logs and the Journal is at an all time 93 pages long. Thank you to all the loggers for the great work this month. This is exceptional. At ABDX we love your logs and for each log, you get an extra year of membership. J


High School Football is here and along with it the “FCC STA” for small towns who leave the station on high power and day pattern to get the signal for their HS FB team to be heard far and wide. There are a really large number of logs in this months Journal from people listening to HSFB and it led to a lot of new logs. There are a few more weeks left and by Thanksgiving it will be all over and the chance to get new stations this way will be gone. Don’t let it pass you by.


Don’t forget to listen to FM on HSFB night. Especially in the south you can find many FM stations carrying the local high school game.


Shortwave was in high production this month with many many logs. The prodigious numbers are thanks to Richard Bianchino and Glenn Hauser. There were others on the dials with shortwave but none of us had numbers like those two. Thanks guys! There are several prolific HF DXers besides the two mentioned above and HF logs are very appreciated. If you are not too familiar with HF, look at the logs and the stations you can hear all over the earth.


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What are you hearing?

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.



Table of Contents


The Broadcast Band – AM                                               3


Down In The Basement – LW                                         22


The Whole Earth – HF/SW                                               23


The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM                              76


The Visible Universe – TV                                                77


Nothing But Net – Net Video and Audio                      77


You Don’t Need a Weatherman – Weather Band       90


Extra, Extra – News                                                           91


Bargain Barn – Sale Items                                               92


Show And Tell – Review of New Toys                          92


Testing, Testing… - Upcoming Tests                           92


Call Sign Changes – From the FCC                              93


I Got The Bird – Satellite                                                   93






The Broadcast Band


James Kearman – Stuart. FL

Homebrew solid state regen and indoor ferrite loop


I'm new here, so HI to all. I DX from South Florida with a home-made solid-state regen and indoor ferrite loop. Been using it about a month, have 17 states. Still need Arkansas! Pretty sure I hear one in there at their sunset but there's too much QRM. SC has been kind to me. Here are the ones I've heard; maybe one of them will work for you:

0351    950    WJKB    Moncks Corner      "Classic Country" ID 0400 under R Reloj

0406    950    WORQ    Spartanburg     ID 0406 up over WJKB

1102    1390    WSPO    Charleston    Sporting News Radio

Times are in UTC. Still messing with the antenna, but here's some info on my receiver:  Bagging WWVA last night (finally, thanks to local pest) brought me up to 17 states, 5 countries and 2 continents. TA isn't happening yet, but the antenna work continues. A regen can do surprisingly well on MWBC. I can tweak the

selectivity narrow enough that AM sounds like SSB, and there's plenty of gain. Living in a black-hole of a condo is the problem, so the antenna is headed for the great outdoors!


I noticed the auroral oval had shrunk in intensity and condx seemed better. From South Florida, Boston and NYC were more solid, and the band seemed less noisy. Finally managed to snag WHO when the Cuban on 1040 dipped as WHO faded up and IDed, at 0232Z. Went to bed, got up at 0930Z, 90 mins before sunrise here, and no WHO, but NYC/Boston path still


Using my homemade FET regen, and indoor air-core loop.


Alex Kaminski – Springboro, OH

Sony SRF-49 Nekkid



Well, between the choirs at home and before turning in for the night I logged.several stations. On in a five minute session and the other as a targeted run at adding the tenth station for my states heard award. 

For the five minute session happened at 1800 to 1805 EST l logged these on my stock, Sony SRF-49: 

Time: 1800 (L)

Freq: 610 KHz  

Call: WTVN Columbus, Ohio 

Heard: TOH ID WX report, talk show interview with Steve Lodge. 


Time: 1803 (L) 

Freq:  740 KHz 

Call:   WNOP Newport, Ky 

Heard: TOH ID  Slogan "Sacred Heart Radio" 


Time: 1805 (L) 

Freq: 820 KHz 

Call: WOSU Ohio State University- Columbus, Ohio 

Heard: TOH ID and went in to "Bluegrass Ramble" program 


This was just before turning in for the night I couldn't sleep unless I logged my 10th state for an Award. This run I used the barefoot Sony SRF-37V. 

Time: 2300 to 2327 EST 

Freq: 1120KHz 

Call: KMOX St. Louis, Missouri 

Heard: TOH ID, News / WX / Sports, commercials, music, 

So a modest logging to say I heard them and know who's in the neighborhood and whose the next pest station. But the real prize is the the 10th state, for the award. This will be my first

radio award in my 17 years as armature radio operating and monitoring career.

DATE: 9/08/09 0031 UTC 

Frequency: 1140 KHz 

Call: WRVA Richmond, Virginia

Heard: commercials and Rebroadcast of the Shawn Hannity Show.


Date: 09/08/09 0036-0056 UTC 

Frequency: 1670 KHz 

Call: WTDY 

Location: Madison, WI 

Heard: Loveline with Dr. DREW, Commercials, TOH ID, Adult commercial ads, Madison area carpet cleaning, straight talk on money commercial.


Date: 09/09/09 1130 UTC 

Frequency: 1170 KHz 

Call: WWVA 

Location: Wheeling, West Virginia 

Heard: TOH ID


Date: 09/09/09 1149 UTC 

Frequency: 740 

Call: KRMG Tulsa, OK

Heard: News, WX and Station ID


Date: 09/09/09 1151 UTC 

Frequency: 870 KHz 

Call: WWL New Orleans, Louisiana 

Heard: Station ID, NEWS, "Preservation Resource commission" commercial, other commercials  


Date: 09/09/09 1243 UTC 

Frequency: 1190 KHz 

Call: WOWO Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Heard: Interview with Fort Wayne "Tin Caps" baseball team coach.

 It's a farm team San Diego Padres. 


Date: 09/09/09 1315 UTC 

Frequency: 1550 KHz 

Call: WIGN Bristol,TN

Heard: station ID, News


Date: 09/09/09 1321 UTC 

Frequency: 1110 WGNZ Fairborn, Ohio   

Heard: Gospel music, interview with a Gospel singer about a

 new record " A few good Miles" 


Date: 1333  09/09/09 

Frequency: 1180 

Call: WHAM Rochester, NY

Heard: News, traffic, station ID, Commericals


Frequency: 1110 

CALL: WBT Charlotte, North Carolina 

Date: 09/10/09 0017 TC

Heard: Commercials, station ID,


Frequency: 1580

 CALL: WLIJ Shelbyville, TN

 Date: 09/10/09 0131 TC  

Heard: Bluegrass Music, WC Report


Frequency: 750 

Call: WSB Atlanta, Georgia 

Date: 09/10/09 0138 TC  

Heard: Herman Cane Talk Show, discussing Health Care debate, commercials, multiple station ID's


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Grundig G8



Well I finally ID'd this station that has been clobbering WLAC the last few nights.   I guess they decided they could stay on at night on high power.  This  is a daytimer.

1510  WWBC   FL  Cocoa  daytimer running either 50 or 25 KW.  0100  got clear ID. OVER WLAC at times.

1270  WLIK  TN  Newport, with football. Not on their 500 watt directional pattern.... it's DA away from me. It's likely 5000 watts non directional.  09-18-09  PEW- SC


1370  WVIE  MD   Pikesville   with story about teams in Baltimore county  1915  hours

850  WKNR  OH Cleveland  ...   Whining about Cleveland's NFL team being taken to the woodshed   1720 hours

Near Silverstreet on Sandy Run Creek road with Miss Jolene doing the walk.  Radio Sangean DT-400W.


1560  WYZD  NC  Dobson, NC with sign off at 1930 or abouts 

1560  WPAD  TN  Paducah KY  with sports.

Kaito 1103 on Sandy Run Creek road 5 miles from Silverstreet, SC


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver,  BOG antennas



Was fun in the truck when driving from Grafton to Madison WI last night to listen to KWKH clobbering WISN with Bird High vs Ruston HSFB. At times there was some serious Hetting from Croatia going on as well. A load 4000 hz tone. At other times IBOC, likely KMOX's was a big nuisance.

Re: KWKH..I have been noting them lots this late summer at night and suspect their DA is outta whack and not just for HSFB.

Re: Croatia 1134..this tends to be the easiest TA to get far inland and the het was strong enough that if the truck rx had a good selective filter like 2.3 Khz, I'd have had some audio.

Anyhow..the season is here when I am getting TA's hetting domestics in central WI just driving around with a normal Dodge Dakota pickup rx and its omni whip.


Great cx towards the NW last night. Making me think that I was DXing from MN or even MB...... 

In there but not dominant but loggable... CFPR 860..NEW finally with CBC news ment and bits of CBC pgmg occ in when I phase CJBC.. so it is mixing with SK CBC French but different and KNUJ MN's 5 watts ... CJDC 890.. KFQD 750 !!!!!! ALASKA State 49 ..finally pulling enough of the talker occ. mixed with SK's pest when I phase WSB to be certain it was same as internet stream (Clark Howard earlier) . News 1130...CKST 1040 backgrounding WHO. CJCA 930

CFRN 1260 mixed with KROX from far NW MN.  Manitoba 950//1220//1250(rare) with nice classical mx. 950 and 1220 owning channel. 1330 CJYM(2nd time hrd) at times dominant..and WOW... 250 watts 1175 CFYM 1210 SK // oldies mx and it's own ID sometimes thru KOKK with WPHT easily phased. AB on 1140 arm chair as are almost all usual Western Canadians including CKOM 650 on peaks with WSM phased out. (No trace of AK u/CKOM..and no trace of new progressive talk stn in Juneau on 1330)

Too tired to stay up any longer and try to ID the occ C&W that sb needed SK u/MN on 1280 and the weak C&W mixed in on 910 that wasnt usual KJCB which was IDing and into ads at the time (likely needed AB)

And oops...KYES 1180 MN is just mauling WHAM in or day power or ??

 Things did seem to taper off about 12:45 am CDT. I tried to get something more positive from KFQD some of their channel 2 newscast relay at 1 am my time but nada. As for CFPR finally something I could pin down as CBC English. I did try to // it to CBU but when I phased Montreal, WLW 's IBOC wasn't phased and I couldn't really tell what was in the mess.  When I

report these two, I will play it safe until I can get something more positive and call them tentative.

I was shocked by CFYM 1210. If this is really 250 watts at night (Any Alberta DXers here know if they reduce to night power) at 1175 miles it is quite a catch.

KYES 1180 MN on day power ?

Really strong at times here with Relevent Radio religous pgmg and didn't

seem to switch power at sunset.

Cx seem about the same as last night from here in IL. Lots of western Canadians.  The English talker on 860 under CJBC (not strong tonight) when I phased WOAY (day power tonite) has Laura Ingraham and thus is probably KPAM from OR !! I have had them at sunset but not at night before. 

CJDC 890 is fading up past phased WLS about the best I have ever had. I finally logged CKDq 910 from AB.. wx report in Celcius and call ID into modern C&W mx mixed with others. Stunning signal from CJCA 930 for a few minutes around 2200 CDT ID time and a nice full ID and into Back to the Bible.


Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

Panasonic  RF-2200 (MW)


980  KSVC  Richfield, UT  0829 ID by male "You've got KSVC" , to news at BOH.  (8/3 Barton-AZ)

740  KCBS  San Francisco, CA   1113  News and male w/  "KCBS newstime 4:13". heard by nulling out local KIDR with "wavemagnet"

loop.  (8/3  Barton-AZ)

1140  CHRB  High River, Alberta , Canada  10:50 with religious talk pgm to ID by male at TOH "Your community radio for Southern Alberta", then to what sounded to be Christian pop music pgm. no co-channel station noted.  (8/4 Barton-AZ)

890   KDXU  Saint George, UT  11:30  break from George Noory and C-T-C show to ID by OM, then wx for southern Utah area by YL. male anncr "this report brought to you by the Washington City Community Center".   (8/4  Barton-AZ)

1290 - Ciudad Obregon, Son. , MEX.  1045 and mixing with "AM 1290  , The Sport" (KCUB , Tucson).  (9/9  Barton,AZ)

1330 -  KCKM  Monahans, TX   1143  male with wx " ...from the KCKM Weather Center" country music. heard while scanning between 1310 and 1340....just moments before, KGAK (New Mexico) was alone on frequency.  now This one, a new log for me, was dominant, with KGAK just barely heard underneath. I9/9  Barton-AZ)

1450  KNOT   Prescott, AZ  1517.  first logging here of this one. local spots, nursery & gardening pgm. ID by perky sounding YL "1450 KNOT".  have heard before when i was in thier area. (9/12  Barton-AZ)

690  KCEE Tucson , AZ  1550 with Olivia Newton-John song, Dean Martin, and ID by male before and on the hour "690 KCEE" and reference to "". first logging of this one on new frequency. more on that later.   (9/12 Barton-AZ)

1380   KLPZ  Parker, AZ  0000  Country music cuts , IDs TOH, local spots for Chevrolet dealer , phone number , "in the Industrial Park in Parker" to mucis.  (9/13  Barton, AZ)

1380   KHEY  El Paso , TX  0030  coming in over Parker station. was hoping to catch the UTEP vs. Kansas game; got Texas Tech game instead. mixing and trading off with unid. Mexican or Spanish lang. station for next half hour.  (9/13 Barton,AZ)

600   KOGO  San Diego, CA  0635   ID and into local S.D. Ad spots. (9/13 Barton-AZ)

690   KCEE   Tucson , AZ  1556  Olivia Newton John, Dean Martin, other "adult standards" tunes. ID by male "690 - KCEE" and reference to "kcee . com".  this is my first log of KCEE on this frequency , after they traded thier 1030 frequency with KBUI. (Barton , AZ)

1340  KKAN  Lubbock , TX  1030  ID suddenly emerged from the soup , nothing else heard after that but more rumble. almost didnt believe i heard what i heard until i looked it up. had nightstand DX-375 aimed for East-West rx.  (9/17 Barton-AZ)

KFKA  Greeley , CO  0830  Listening to the soup boil, caught clear ID emerging "on 1310, KFKA" by male at the bottom. (Barton-AZ)


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

As Listed


Heard on an Icom R-75 fed by a Wellbrook 1530 loop mounted in the basement at ground level on a stand:

10:10 p.m. ADT September 2, 2009

1380 KHz CKPC Brantford ON

MW conditions are pretty good here in PEI now.  T-storm QRN is pretty much gone, although it ocassionally messes up the AGC of the more modern gear in the radio room.  The R-390A and R-392 are pretty much immune to T-storm sabotaged AGC.

The more I use the Wellbrook, the more I like it as an inside loop. My wife says it reminds her of a ring of fire hoop that somebody would try to jump through. Personally, I think it looks like modern sculpture.

I installed a D-Link WiFi system today.  Of course, it uses a nasty little switching supply wall-wart.  But, that nasty little wall-wart is really tames by winding its output wire [near the wall-wart] through a little square sanp together ferrite device and then plugging the AC end into one of my isoblocks. The dirty mess of RFI is rather nicely contained using this dual filtering approch - keep it from contaminating the AC wiring in the house and keep the wire lead running from the wall-wart to the wireless router from acting as an antenna. Being able to use my laptop while my daughter is on Webkinz or is rather nice. With the aid of a little USB wifi device, I'll be able to connect the old radio room Dell 8200 to the net for the first time.

When I tried the sitching wall-wart direct into the wall socket without the isoblock, well, lets say it would have been 'cold war jammer worthy'.  Those little isoblocks do work, and work rather well.


Last night at roughly midnight or so ADT, while keeping watch on 960 KHz for CFAC Calgary, there was, as per usual, a strong 3 KHz het.  But this time, when I tuned the Icom R-75 to 963, then flipped it to USB mode for ECSS reception, I got loud, clear audio of what sounded to me like a Scandanavian type language.  Checking direction with the Wellbrook 1530, the signal appeared to be coming from the NE. Thus, I suspect I caught Finland.


Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

Receiver, Antenna



I had some Koranic-sounding music on 702 around 0130 UTC, but nada there now (well past sunrise in the Middle East now).  Still have some audio from some of the big guns, though - UK on 693, 882, 909  and 1215, France on 603, 864 and 1377, and a handful from Spain.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E1 and 266 foot wire 9/4:

1180 WZQZ Trion, GA 1830 HSFB and ID.

1270 KRVT Tulsa, OK 1830 with Cardinals baseball.

1270 WYXZ Cartersville, GA 1832 Cardinals HSFB.

1320 WHIE Griffin, GA 1834 HSFB pregame.

1410 WLAQ Rome, GA 1842 HSFB one team was Darlington.

1430 WFHK Pell City, AL 1858 HSFB mention of Irondale.

1490 WYYZ Jasper, GA 1859 PHS Dragons vs. West Hall HS.

1490 WHOC Philadelphia, MS 1900 ToH ID and CBS News.

1520 KRHW Sikeston, MO 1903 Bulldog HSFB.

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City, OK 1905 HSFB one team Jaguars then Honda ad.

1550 KLFJ Springfield, MO 1907 Branson entertainment news.

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 1908 Warriors v. Flyers HSFB.

790 WMC Memphis, TN 1912 South Panola Owls v. Tigers HSFB.

800 WHOS Decatur, AL 1917 HSFB Austin Black Bears v. Thompson.

810 WHB Kansas City, MO 1920 HSFB Game of the Week Liberty v. Ray 

Tech, ad for Capital Federal Bank, ID.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 1924 giving HSFB scores rundown.

910 WEPG South Pittsburg, TN 1929 Warrior HSFB.

980 UNID 1932 Dragons playing HSFB.

1130 HSFB 1936 one team was the Bearcats.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150' wire

880 KLRG Little Rock, AR 8/6 0815 with the Alex Jones Show saying we are all going to die and the Government is going to kill us all or some such thing. NEW!

1110 WBIB Centerville, AL 9/7 2044 under withering IBOC hiss with local ad and ID Dubya Bee Eye Bee. God must have told them to be on after hours because they are playing Gospel.

I have the 1 kHz het on 1521 presumed to be BSKSA 9/7 1948.

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 9/13:

1460 WZEP DeFuniak Springs, FL 1823 ID and good neighbor ad. NEW

1150 WCRK Morristown, TN 9/15 0600 with ToH ID and into news and fade out.


1210 KGYN Guymon, OK 1958 with Guymon Tigers HSFB. NEW

1420 WIGG Wiggins, MS 2033 with half time at the HSFB game and ad for Singing River Electric Coop.

Heard on a 2006 Red Saturn Vue radio and 31" whip 9/25:

940 WMIX Mt. Vernon, IL 1906 with Mt. Vernon Rams High School Football prep for kickoff.

Heard on an Eton E-1 with 150 foot wire:

950 KXJK Forrest City, AR 1925 with HSFB pregame and Radio Reloj beating the heck out of it.

Other Logs:

900 WATV Birmingham, AL 1922 with editorial about asking blacks to buy at black owned businesses. NEW

Heard on an Eton E-1 with 150 foot wire 9/25:

1440 WHDM McKenzie, TN 1933 with Red Rebels HSFB. NEW!

1560 WCNZ Cedar Falls, IA 1944 with Cedar Falls Tigers HSFB. NEW!

1050 WBNM Alexander City, AL 0955 with ID and Wildcats HSFB where someone just ran a long way and scored a TD. NEW!

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 2056 with Warrior HSFB. They are playing the Panthers and lead 7-0.

1630 KCJJ Iowa City, IA 2131 with Regals HSFB. Weak. The signal must be mostly jumping over me. NEW!

1030 KFAY Farmington, AR 1929 with BoH ID and mention of the Phll Valentine Show.

1000 WNSI Robertsdale, AL 2010 with ID out of the blue and FSR. Went under the Chicago 1000.

Heard on a Digital Superadio 7-2882A on 9/29:

550 KTSA San Antonio, TX 2130 Help ad and then KTSA promo at BOH.

600 WMT Cedar City. IA 2145 running Jim Bohannon talking about health care,



W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



** U S A. Notes from a MW bandscan on the caradio parked at Mazzio`s in west Enid the afternoon of Sept 6, starting at 1930 UT, just an hour after local mean noon, so strictly daytime/groundwave conditions; I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of line noise despite a high-voltage line along main drag Garriott just a few metres away:

700: the sesquikilowatt outlet in The Metroplex, KHSE (COL Wylie TX), maintains a respectable marginal signal here some 400 km away on a `clear` channel; at 1936 hearing a call-in show hosted by a YL, in a S Asian language, a few words of English mixed in occasionally, and bits of S Asian music. Later found program schedule at

which says during the 2-3 pm CT Sunday hour, it`s ``Shiny Phillip, with Seven Tone Malayalam Radio, content being Malayalam Songs, Current Issues.`` It seems FunAsia also runs movie theatres, plus radio in Houston, etc. And ``Asia`` also extends to Ethiopia, at least Sunday nights 9-11 pm.

760: Whatever became of Paul Harvey News & Comment, the Mon-Sat noontime show on hundreds, thousands? of radio stations, since Harvey died early this year? I really don`t know, as quickly lost interest in looking for it at various offset times, and usually had only found it convenient to listen when rarely in the car midday.

If there is a similar successor show on the ABC radio network, bound to be less of a cash cow worth the multimillions PH earned, who`s the successor, Paul Harvey, Jr.? Googling around, there was a lot of speculation about this the week after Sr. died in late Feb, but have not found a permanent answer. Home station WGN no longer has any 15-minute show on its sked around noon, just the hour-long Noon Show with Bob Sirott.

Anyhow, kinda miss the old guy so was pleased to run across him tho with a much younger unimpaired voice from his primer years, Sunday Sept 6 at 1933 UT on 760 which is KCCV Overland Park KS (Kansas City), which running only 6 kW daytimes, has quite a respectable coverage area on lowish frequency combined with superb ground conductivity over Kansas and Oklahoma; tho the website coverage map shows it not quite reaching Newkirk OK near the KS border, we are right in one of its main NE/SW lobes, and the signal does reach here.

Harvey was talking (preaching?) about the Cold War years, and so on; not a short feature apparently, and still going at 1946 recheck. Found the program schedule at

and 2:30-3:00 pm CT Sundays is ``The Complete Story``, the speaker supposedly Mr Dick Bott, founder of the Bott Radio Network which owns this station and several others in KS and surrounding states including KQCV 800 in OKC. This week he must have turned over the mike to the late Paul Harvey, who was also known for ``The Rest of the Story``. ``The Complete Story`` is also on the schedule at various other times during the week, probably filling unsold semihours, and just about all the other programming is more overtly religious, indeed with each show under the heading ``Ministry``.

840: I always look for 5 kW KTIC West Point NE when doing a low-noise daytime bandscan here, and there it was Sept 6 at 1945 with music noted as nostalgia, ad mentioning 605 area code phone number several times. Well, 605 = the entire state of South Dakota next door, so must be close enough to presume, as IDed before and there`s nothing closer or more likely. NRC AM log says C&W however, and slogan ``The Information Center``.

1110: KFAB Omaha used to be the weak but dominant daytime occupant of frequency, but now it`s something with a Spanish announcement, norteña music, with KFAB only providing signs of a SAH, Sept 6 at 1943 UT. It`s the new Metroplex outlet KJSA, daytimer with 20 kW, but at this higher frequency no better than the sesquikilowatt on 700, some 400 km away. The new NRC-AM Log 2009, which I have also consulted for info about the other logs here, says format is Tejano and has CP for 50 kW day, 39 kW critical hours.

The station exists tnx to getting rid of KEOR Atoka in SE OK too near TX and too near 1110, on 1120 by moving it to Catoosa near Tulsa where it remains silent after some music tests early this year, and a pending sale to the Catholix which fell thru.

1280: do not hear het on 1280 daytimes, but just to be sure it`s not my semi-local KSOK Ark City KS, I BFO its frequency once I get home at 2015 UT on the YB-400, and no, it`s not significantly off-frequency. O, never mind, as KSOK is a daytimer anyway, and thus unlikely to be on in the nightmiddle when the het was heard.

1580 and 1590: at 1940 UT Sept 6, noticed KOKB-1580 Blackwell OK and KVGB-1590 Great Bend KS were // in talk show, several speakers, something about Las Vegas. Not sure if sports oriented, expected with KOKB, as did not stay with them long. Looked up later, none of the networks for KVGB in NRC AM Log match Fox Sports Radio on KOKB. I am assuming KVGB since it`s the nondirexional dominant here daytimes; altho KWEY Weatherford OK may be a bit closer, it`s direxional away from us.

1670: once again hearing talking house somewhere in Enid, weak but quite readable here at 1938 UT Sept 6 with loop from Greg Winklejohn, 231-0992, --- I soon recognized the house described as the very same one last heard on this frequency Aug 8, the one with all the bedrooms on the third floor, in Whispering Hills, detailed at

Ha --- spiel includes how quickly your property will sell tnx to his services, but this one is still available a month later! Or at least its transmitter is still running unattended. Have not yet visited the place to see how much of a part 15 signal it puts out over a radius of a few miles.


Ron Gitschier – Palm Coast

Ron’s GE Cassette Box



1370 WGIV Pineville, NC. High School Football game. DX 398, Dominant on channel with other football games. Ten LCD Bars out of Ten on Radio Shack DX 398 with Law Firm Advert with  several prominent mentions of "Pineville" recording into hard drive with other stations monkey-piling on 1370, second one presumed a FL broadcaster, with "Auto Owners Insurance" ad, which is a company doing business in FL (I've aired thier spots on several FL stations).... 

Stay tuned...  Wikipedia says WGIV has 16kw day power and I can't recall the night power, somewhere around 200 watts...

1270 ____ Patriots football game in progress. Denbeigh (sp) Newport News High School Team are the Patriots, and they have a 1270 in Newport News/Hampton, VA... hmm... a review of this recording is in order.

1290 WTKS Savannah, GA HSFB "Yellowjackets" fair to poor, in LSB mode, recording.

1330 AM "Rebels Football ON WORD" heard passage. LSB mode, fair to poor. Ad in Town of "Malden?" and "Dan Walker" Others... on PC Recorder...

1570 "On Fifteen Seventy, W C L E" in the clear, occasionaly peaking with another Football game in background, in noise.

1570 WCLE Cleveland, Tennesee signing off from HS Football game. Weak at 2148.

1460 WRKB Kannapolis, NC, NEW, Heard "IN Charlottetville" in noise floor with radio in LSB mode. On hard drive recording for further review.

"Solis Law Firm 115 Courthouse Square Whiteville 640-2993, 108 Live Oak Street Tabor City" commercial into HS Football PBP 

Signal 10 of 10 LCD Bars, Good Copy, others on the channel.

1370 WTAB Tabor City, NC, Sep 18, 2009, Approximately 9PM =/- Eastern. Presumed, based on above commercial. Team or call sign not heard.

950 WJKB Moncks Corner (Charleston), SC. 10kw days 6kw nights. Classic County format broadcasting HSFB PBP one team James Island... Reference to "Boardwalk 1340" station... co-owned Kirkman Broadcasting Station... which is WQSC,1340 Charleston, SC. NEW

Sep 25 2009 9:10 PM Eastern. DX 398. Fair Atop Radio Reloj at times.


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Perseus SDR IQ and EWE Antenna


702 | IRAN | IRIB, Kiashahr  08Sep09 0030 - Man with "Radyosidan" ID then man and woman in presumed Uzbek (did not sound Arabic). - Recorded - fair - per Mauno Ritola this is local programming from Tabritz studios near Rasht in Gilan province. [Black-MA]

640   GUADELOUPE   R Guadeloupe, Point-à-Pitre  09Sep09 2359 - Man in French, TOH ID Guadeloupe mentions - Very good -  [Black-MA]

This may or may not be related to domestic broadcasting, but for the first time in my travels up and down the dial, I heard a CW "V" (dit dit dit dah) at the TOH 0000 on 1080 right over the baseball commentary.  WTIC was dominant, although there was some unid SS underneath, but I suspect the CW ID came from WTIC. 

Does anybody know what this represents? There was no other official station ID, maybe this is supposed to pass for one. If I heard this in the past, I guess I just spaced it out. – WTIC has done this at ToH for many years. : ed.

540   MEXICO   XEWA  "W Radio", San Luis Potosí  13Sep09 1030 - W-Radio ID and jingles into Mexican pop music - Good [Black-MA] 

I ws trying for Grenada but since they moved off of 535 it's tough. Lots of WFLF-FL with Coast-to-Coast and then this came up quite nicely.

890   COLOMBIA   HJPM Radio Galeón, Santa Marta  15Sep09 2359 - Man with Latin news then fanfare and woman with "Radio Galeón" and Santa Marta ID, then station promos with R Galeón and Santa Marta mentions. - Very good - recorded [Black-MA]

747 | IRAN | (pres)IRIB 1, Bandar-e-Torkaman  16Sep09 2321 - Chanting under dominant Spain RNE5 with man and woman in SS - Fair [Black-MA] 

1062 | DENMARK | DR P5, Kalundborg  17Sep09 0358 - Elvis "Blue Suede Shoes" then announcer in Danish into TOH news with man and woman. - Very Good [Black-MA]

549 | KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) | Radio Mayak, Kaliningrad  20Sep09 0200 - Sign-on with Mayak interval signal, time pips and woman and man in Russian. Algeria, normally dominant apparently off per EMWG. - Fair - recorded [Black-MA]

 1089   RUSSIA (EUROPEAN)   R Rossi/Voice of Russia, Sodrozhestvo  20Sep09 0158 - A series of unid six second tones, then 0200 CW "V" TOH announcement and woman in Russian under UK Talksport. Re-check at 0300 also had the same TOH CW "V" and woman in Russian. A 1088 carrier was visible from presumed Angola, but no audio- Fair - recorded [Black-MA]

864 ARMENIA Radio Liberty, Gavar 27Sep09 0212 - Man in Turkmen with Turkmenistan mention. - Recorded - Good, verified via Dmitry Mezin via RealDX [Black-MA]

1062   DENMARK   DR P5, Kalundborg  28Sep09 0340-0415 - Five minutes of interval signal and s/on announcements by woman in Danish, then man and music program including Paul simon "Kodachrome" and Shakira, "Illegal - You don't even know the meaning of the words I'm sorry" - Recorded - Excellent [Black-MA]

1020   CUBA   R Reloj, Jorobo  30Sep09 0400 - Series of chime tones then single beep and more chimes, then man with "Radio Reloj doce" and woman "Transmite Radio Reloj desde La Habana, Cuba" - Recorded - poor/fair -verified by Mauricio Sánchez via Real DX [Black-MA]


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Sangean DT400W



I drove up to the NRC/WTFDA convention in Allentown yesterday.  I could only stay a few hours and missed the banquet and auction (drat!) but it was good to put some faces to the names on this list.

Naturally, the car radio in my ancient 2000 Taurus was on up and back (about a 135-mile drive) and a few interesting things were spotted.

1640- I heard the station in Wilmington DE here, WQFL-338., IDing as "City Radio 1640" with info loops, about evacuations in case of emergencies and a thrilling segment on a new Abandoned Property Program in Wilmington.  I heard them as far as the Route 1 bridge over

the C&D Canal. I think they are at 10 watts.

1610- A HAR was heard at Christiana DE, IDing as a Maryland Department of Transportation station, probably from the Elkton area.

1700- Someone was relaying the National Weather Service broadcasts from Philadelphia here, heard in the Christiana area.

790- As has been reported, WAEB in Allentown had a tower cut yesterday but they were still on the air, but I don't know if they were on full power or using their usual pattern.


A good haul on 1300 tonight, two new stations!

1300 WSSG Goldsboro NC, 1955, gospel music, short call ID between some of the songs.  Didn't catch a TOH ID.

1300 WGDL Rensselaer NY, 2000, ads that mentioned the Capital District and Albany, ABC news at TOH, no call ID but did catch "Talk 1300" liner. Both heard on the DX-150B spotter and the DT-400W barefoot.

Now up to 575 UL stations- 25 to go to 600!


'm hearing R. G. Stair on 1270 at 1945 Eastern, with a weak signal, in and out of the hash.  His website does not list any affiliates on 1270.  Any ideas, from somewhere along the east coast maybe?

September 15

1270          UNID, heard R. G. ("Brother") Stair here at 1945, no mention of any of his affiliates on 1270.  WHGS in Hampton SC has been suggested but again, nothing on Stair's website and WHGS doesn't have a website, as far as I can tell

910   WJCW, Johnson City TN, 2145, area high school football program, lots of mentions of football teams in Eastern Tennessee.  New UL station.  423 miles

September 16- good conditions this morning!

1250            WTMA, Charleston SC, 0600, ID “WTMA Charleston”, into news, which I think was ABC News.  New UL log, 510 miles

1290            WRNI, Providence RI, 0605, news, NPR reports, a lot of RI-centric items, call ID at 0615.  I heard this station in Nova Scotia back in July, nice to catch them from Delaware- a new station. A 280-mile catch

1260            An UNID R. Disney outlet here at 0600, either Boston or Cleveland, couldn't tell which.

Now at 578 ultralight stations.


For months I've suspected that the Delaware Department of Transportation had put up a new transmitter on 1380 in the Smyrna DE area.  They run their main transmitter out of Wilmington, WTMC, with HAR stations in Dover and Rehoboth Beach, all on 1380.

Recently, 1380 has been MUCH stronger, even at night.  No way the Wilmington station is putting that strong into Smyrna (at 30 miles) with 14 watts night power.  The Dover station probably runs 10 watts, so it can't be them.  FCC searches and listening to WTMC fail to turn

up anything in Smyrna.  Even this morning, WTMC is still only announcing transmitters in Wilmington, Dover and Rehoboth Beach.

On my commute this morning, I notice a new antenna at exit 104 off Delaware Route 1, on the southbound ramp to Route 1.  It is about 25 feet tall, with a loop at the top and about a dozen radials.  I never noticed it before.  I turned on 1380 and the WTMC programming was simply overpowering.  As I drove south on Route 1 toward Dover, the signal faded and I began betting the echo effect, as the Dover outlet began to come in.

I'm convinced that DelDOT has put a transmitter in Smyrna on 1380, with the transmitter at Exit 104 (South Smyrna exit) off Delaware Route 1.  But I can't find it in the FCC database and DelDOT is not mentioning it.  But that's not unusual.  I sniffed out the Dover transmitter several weeks before it showed up in the FCC records and before DelDOT confirmed it.


UNID on 1280, strong southern accent, one team is the "Rams".  Can't pull out anything else right now, mixing with the NYC station here and some Christian music has also been heard.

My UNID on 1280 is WANS Anderson SC with "Westside Rams" football.

WJCV-1290 Jacksonville NC just ended its HSFB, ID as "We're WJCV, Jacksonville's Christian Voice"


Bob Carter- Utica, NY

Receiver, Antenna


WCKL - AM 560 Catskill NY has been on the air for a while now...I'm guessing that they are just letting this thing run. ( heard it for a few months continuous now during the day )

Just noticed tonight that WCKL appears to be running at 1kw. Heard in central NY near Utica quite well...often times hammering WFIL pretty hard.

No commericals...just rock music from 60's, 70's and 80's pop and an ID that states WCKL Catskill.

Have fun with this one folks!


Eric Berger – Carleton, MI

GE Superadio III



I'm hearing a C&W station on 1510 under WLAC; the closest thing I have to a null of WLAC is toward the SE, although they're too strong to completely null tonight. On one signal peak, they just went from one record to another without saying anything. Definitely seems to be running on autopilot.

Is anyone else in the Eastern US hearing this?


Everyone, am hearing WDIC-1430 Clinchco, VA right now. They were above the mess for a nice clear ID, but now have faded down into the mess. FCC shows them as five kilowatts, NDD. Right now I hear a Johnny Cash record on there!

"Real Country 1430, WDIC."


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Receiver, Antenna



Anyone looking for a logging of 660 KTNN might catch it tonight. They are putting a strong signal into Central Texas, rain and all.


Neil Kazaross – Grafton, WI

Drake R-8 and Phased BOG


Around 2145 9/14 CDT I noted some CBC type pgming occ mixing with WARD (Sunny Country) with WSB phased down (easy enough to phase away). At times WARD would fade and this would come up to fair level, generally with piano jazz type mx. Traces were also hrd // on 990 it seemed when CBW (weak on these BOGs) and CKGM would fade down. Finally on 750 at 2304 a nice Newfoundland and Labrador ment by a gal and into wx. A CBC Radio 1 ID at 2306.

At times a strong and often audible signal from Holland 747 and bad Toronto slop meant that I this was best in USB.

Best I've ever had NL here although a couple seasons back I managed bits of cl mx // defunct CBA 1070 on both 990 and 750.


BOGs aimed 241 deg.. KWRT Boonville MO HSFB super strong.  WTJS Jackson TN Strong mixed with KCLN Clinton IA. 

TA hets..lots of them. Audio off back end of BOGs noted in passing on 1521, 1134, 855 and 1377. Could get lots more TA if I DXed from TA end of wires and wasn't concentrating on IDing HSFB games.  So far nothing new noted. 

KWCK 1300 Very heavy accented ancr with Beebe High Badgers football. They lost again and game has ended. Semi dominent but bits of KGLO/WRDZ/and XEP noted. KSMD ID NewsTalk 99 slogan..NewsTalk 1300 slogan at end.  Rare. 

TA audio loud France 1377 // 1206. Some 1215 UK. Some 603 France. Some 585 Spain, some 747 audio...and more. This is all on the E-1 so those with using an even more selective rx will do better.


The end of Sept is often about the best SSS time of the year. Note that tomorrow most stations in the US and Canada will be switching to night rigs about 45 or even 60 minutes sooner than today. The extra darkness along the paths to these stations makes all the difference in the world.

Here's a few things noted from here in IL the last two nights to give you an example.

1680 KNTS as early as 6:30 pm Seattle time and LOUD prior to reducing power an hour later.

1560 KVAN WA with what I think was KZIZ WA under them (yeah cx were that good)

1550 KMRI UT..Exitos 1550

1550 KRPI WA.. Punjabi talk LOUD prior to switching at 2229 EDT

1510 KLLB UT should be the gospel in there from about 2130 to 2145 EDT

1200 KFNW ND  if anyone back east needs them..they were local-like here prior to 2045 EDT switch. Note that my local on 1200 was phased but they were good enough to pound them on the truck rx as well.

1180 KOFI MT with oldies and local nx and wx in well pounding WHAM/Cuba aided by phasing around 2130

1060 KKMX AB Classic Country 1060 fair atop with KYW phased out prior to 2145 switch.

1000 KOMO WA poking thru phased WMVP around 2215.


Charles Taylor – Grifton, NC

Receiver, Antenna



Last night @ 0000 and 0100, I recorded an SS pirate on 1710. According to what I have

read; there's a Mexican-programming pirate here, but this one made mentions of Cuba,

Radio Reloj and Radio 26 (Veinte y Seis).

Anyone know about this, please?


I observed Radio Mil (pirate) 5 watts, 1720 signing off this morning at 0020. Does anyone at ABDX know anything about this station.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ180 and antenna



This morning at 8:50 AM I heard XESURF with Spanish talk program, at 9:00 Radio Sion IDs and into religious programming. I'll listen more to find out what's going on. 

1420 XEXX Tijuana is now Radio Mexicana, ex-Radio Formula.


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Panasonic RF2200 Barefoot



CHQR  AM 770 50,000 w Calgary Alberta Can.  with post game from Calgary Stampeders VS Hamilton Tigercats  ,is that Hamilton Montana?


Larry Wild – Aberdeen, SD

DX396 and 20’ wire


About a week ago our local power house, KKAA, 5K (might be 10K by now) on 1560 was silent. Which made it possible for me to log...

1550 KESJ (ex KSFT), St. Joseph MO, 5K, 440 miles, 9/10 @ 11:50pm. Ids as "ESPN 1550, St. Joe"


Justin Wolffing – Green River, WY

Receiver, Antenna



Last night I found myself back into AM DXing when I got:

KDSJ 980 Deadwood, SD 5/1 Directional.

It was coming in fairly decent at times, with nice oldies music including Love is Blue and others. I also confirmed what I was hearing by listening to the station's internet stream. I also recorded an ID at 8:30 PM my time.

Re-logs of KSEI 930 Pocatello and CJCA 930 Edmonton.

That's number 326 from Salt Lake City!


Peter Jernakoff – Wilmington, DE

Perseus SDR IQ and antenna


Drift net MW DX update (SDR-IQ) from northern Delaware:

20-Sep-09 // 1901 local // 1390 khz. // WNIO // 9.5 kw day, 4.8 kw night //Youngstown, Ohio // Male with "Your radio home for Cavaliers basketball all season long, 1390, WNIO" followed by "Your home for the Steelers, Ohio State football and basketball, the Scrappers, the Cavaliers and the best of local sports is 1390 WNIO, Youngstown." // New. Good signal and a 281 mile


20-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1470 khz. // WRWB // 5 kw day, 0.072 kw night // Huntington, West Virginia // GY-like rumble then male with faint "...on WRWB, your red, white and blue patriotic station." // New. Ex-WEMM and a 378 mile catch.

Drift net MW DX update (SDR-IQ) from northern Delaware:

20-Sep-09 // 2300 local // 1380 khz. // WKDM // 5 kw // New York, New York // Male with "AM 1380, WKDM, New York" followed by "The following program is a presentation of the public affairs department here at AM 1380,

WKDM." // New. A 'short' 113 mile catch with QRM from WTMC.

26-Sep-09 // 1800 local // 1160 khz. // WMET // 50 kw day, 1.5 kw night //

Gaithersburg, Maryland // Male with "WMET, Gaithersburg. World radio

at WMET 1160." || New. A 91 mile catch.

26-Sep-09 // 1801 local // 1120 khz. // WUST // 20 kw day // Washington,

DC // Male with "You're listening to [?] radio, on New World Radio, WUST,

1120 AM." || New. A 99 mile catch.

26-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1070 khz. // WKOK // 10 kw day, 1 kw night //

Sunbury, Pennsylvania // Male with faint "Newsradio 1070 WKOK"

followed a few seconds later by "When you think Penn State football, think

Newsradio 1070 WKOK, Sunbury. We *ARE* Penn State." //

New. A 100 mile catch.



26-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1190 khz. // WVUS // 4.5 kw day, 0.022 kw

night // Grafton, West Virginia // Male with "You're listening to WVUS, AM

1190, Grafton, West Virginia. // New. A 235 mile catch.

26-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1220 khz. // WFAX // 5 kw day, 0.048 kw night //

Falls Church, Virginia // Male with "...1220 AM WFAX, Falls Church,

Virginia" || New. A 100 mile catch with QRM from WHKW.



James Glover – Oklahoma City, OK

Yaesu FT-897D 500 foot wire


I tried out a BOG (Beverage On the Ground) on the MW BCB band for the first time today.  Here are some of the details and results.

The nuts and bolts:  I used my Yaesu FT-897D, and a 500' spool of stranded 14 gauge green ground wire purchased (for $25) from Lowe's. I simply stripped the insulation from about an inch of one end of the wire, folded the stripped section in half, and inserted it into the center

conductor hole in the SO-239.  I put a wooden dowel through the middle of the spool, with a paper sack between the spool and my hand to insulate me from the friction, and began walking.  To my surprise, the wire was not too stiff to manage.  It did want to coil back up for about 10 or 15 feet at the end, but I solved that problem by folding a few inches of the wire over, and pushing it into the grass.  When I was done, I made a little handle on the side of the spool (this is where the aforementioned nut and bolt come into play) and made it a bigger handle by slipping a 5 or 6 inch piece of 1/2" PVC over the bolt.  Then, I started cranking.

It wasn't so hard to wind it back up.  This actually works pretty well.

Before I got started:  I tuned in a weak AM radio station--one that got clobbered any time I got near half the noisy powerlines in Oklahoma City-- and drove around to some places I'd considered as possible sites for trying this out.  I needed a place where I could park the car, and from there, stretch my wire out 500 feet.  I found it helpful to reset car's trip odometer (so it would be at exactly 0 miles) and drive until it showed 0.1 miles (528 feet) to determine whether I had enough space to roll out my BOG.  If I could drive alongside the place where I was

thinking about rolling out the BOG, and not hear any undue noise in the AM radio tuned to the weak station, I figured I had a good spot.

What I did after setup:  I put the FT-897D up on the dashboard, and began tuning around, recording the stations I received, their signal strength, and their readability.  After I went once through the list, I went back, and started trying to ID the ones that weren't locals.  After I'd ID'ed a few of them, I started checking to see if I could hear the stations I heard on the FT-897D on the car radio.  Partway through that process, I accidentally tuned slightly below the BCB, and heard a beacon.  So, I paused to see how many beacons I could record before moving on.  Then, I finished seeing how many of the stations I could hear on the car radio,

spooled the wire back up, finished packing up, went about half-way through the band confirming I could still hear all the stations on the car radio, even after I'd rolled up the wire (yep), then headed home.

Time of Day:  I got started around 4:00 PM, and left by 6:00 PM. Local sunset was at 7:21 PM.

My Location:  Oklahoma City  (I was at Eldon Lyon Park.)

Here are some of my observations and reactions:

+ I was able to receive a lot of stations.  In fact, I was getting pretty excited about how much I was hearing.  It's certainly more than I've been able to copy at home, with an indoor wire, or the multi-band 90-something foot dipole I used to have just barely above roof level.

+ I wasn't so excited after I realized that almost every station I was getting on the BOG I could also hear, just about as well, on the car radio.  There were some exceptions, and a couple of cases where the station I was receiving on some frequency on the car radio was different from the one I was receiving on the BOG.  There were also some stations I could hear on the car radio, that I couldn't hear on the BOG. (I like my car radio.  I really do.)

+ I was very surprised to see that some of the stations I ID'ed were in Texas, almost due perpendicular to the BOG.  So I guess the directional virtues of the BOG are not as pronounced as I'd assumed.

+ Signal levels were generally low.  Some of the locals were only about S9, and many of the weaker stations were S-zero.

+ I discovered that I could dramatically increase signal levels by placing my hand on the top panel of the FT-897D.  S-zero signals would typically increase to about S9, and there would be a noticeable (not huge) improvement in S/N.

+ I thought I was well within daylight, and thus, firmly in "daytime" reception mode.  And yet, I noticed some fading on a very small minority of the signals.  (Most were rock steady, as I would have expected.)  In a couple of cases, the fading was deep.  In one case, I was listening to a station on the car radio and FT-897D at the same time, and the signal faded on one, but not the other, then vice versa.

+ For a portable antenna that's not hard to deploy, the BOG works pretty well.  On the other hand, my car radio, with its standard fender-mounted whip, does just about as well.  But then, I don't know how I can easily duplicate the few-thousand-pound ground plane.  In the end, perhaps it's more about location than antenna, anyway.

You will need to know that I use my own signal readability rating system:

F:  not readable (or mostly not readable)

D:  (Mostly?) readable, but just barely

C:  Readable, but noisy

B:  A little noise

A:  (At least reasonably close to) perfect


And now, here are some of the particulars about the stations I received. (I'm not mentioning the obvious locals.)

Frequency : Station : Signal Strength : Readability : Time : Programming Notes : Comments

540 : UID : 0 : D : 1608 : SS :

550 : UID : 0 : F : 1608 : : Actually two stations mixed together

570 : UID : 0 : D : 1609 : talk :

580 : UID : 0 : F : 1610 : talk : Car radio was receiving a differentstation on 580

620 : UID : 0 : D- : 1610 : music :

660 : KSKY (Dallas/Ft. Worth) : 0 : D : 1613 : talk : Car radio did not receive this one

690 : UID : 0 : D+ : 1614 : game : Mentioned:  "Wildcats", "Kansas State"

710 : KGNC (Amarillo, TX) : 0 : C : 1615 : sports talk :

740 : UID : 8 : B+ : 1616 : talk :

780 : UID : 0 : D+ : 1617 : sports talk :

960 : UID : 5 : C : 1622 : talk : Have logged KGWA in Enid, OK here before

970 : UID : 0 : D : 1623 : sports talk :

1020 : UID : 0 : D+ : 1625 : sports talk :

1030 : UID : 5 : B : 1749 : financial talk :

1050 : UID : 0 : F : 1750 : : This is the station that faded separately on car radio

1170 : KFAQ (Tulsa, OK) : 5 : C+ : 1630 : :

1240 : UID : 0 : D : 1635 : sports talk :

1270 : UID : 0 : F : 1636 : sports talk :

1320 : UID : 6 : C : 1639 : financial talk :

1340 : UID : 9 : A : 1640 : sports talk :

1380 : UID : 0 : D : 1641 : sports talk :

1390 : UID : 0 : D : 1642 : game : (Multiple stations audible)

1420 : UID : 5 : B : 1714 : sports talk : Discussing Cowboys/Grambling game

1440 : UID : 7 : B : 1646 : SS music :

1480 : UID : 0 : F : 1648 : SS :

1490 : UID : 6 : C : 1648 : religion :

1530 : UID : 0 : F : 1651 : :

1590 : UID : 0 : D : 1653 : :

1600 : UID : 3 : B : 1654 : talk in some Asian language :

1630 : UID : 0 : D : 1656 : CW  : mentioned "South Lake area"; fading deeply

1700 : KTBK (Dallas/Ft. Worth) : 0 : D : 1701 : sports talk :

And now, here are some beacons heard below the AM BCB:

314   GGU Prague, OK

350   RG    Will Rogers, OKC, OK

~370          OUN Norman, OK  (Supposed to be 260 KHz ??)

388   OFZ  Fort Sill, OK

396   CQB Chandler, OK

411   HDL  Holdenville, OK

425   PFL  Fort Sill, OK

512   HMY Lexington-Muldrow, OK


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Sony 2010 and Kiwa Pocket Loop


Just got back from a trip to PA/NJ/NY.  This was a genealogy trip, but I brought the '2010 and the Kiwa Pocket Loop and enjoyed logging the following stations running HS FB: 

Fri 9/18 loggings from Pottsville, PA (hotel was down in a river canyon): 

 960  UNID - One team name sounded like "Delmore"

1160 WCCS-PA  Homer Center vs. Marion Center - one team was "Wildcats"?

1220/1440 the "WHK" stations, whatever their calls are these days - St. Ignatius (Wildcats?)

1250  UNID - Calls sounded like "WNBI" or "WNBR"

1290  WJCV-NC  Jacksonville HS - Stallions vs. Bulldogs?

1360  WPPA-PA  Pottsville Crimson Tide vs. Blue Mountain Eagles (another station was trying to poke through this local station with another HS FB game)

1570  UNID 

Fri 9/25 loggings from Port Jervis, NY (old hotel room filled with electrical noise): 

1160  WCCS-PA  Wildcats again

1250  WEAE-PA  HS FB game or maybe just a report?  Over an UNID w/HS FB game

1290  WJCV-NC again

1350  WOYK-PA  York Bearcats vs. Red Lion Lions  (speaking of Red Lion, we drove by the transmitter site for the old SW station there, along I-78)

1360  UNID "Spartans" brought to you by ____son Chevrolet

1370  UNID

1420 The other "WHK" station was running a HS FB game, probbaly //1220,1440 but too much noise to be sure

1490  WDLC-NY  Port Jervis HS (Raiders?) vs. Minisink Valley 

Between my stays in Pottsville and Port Jervis, I stayed in Bovina, NY in the middle of farm country (western edge of the Catskill mountains) with no local stations.  I logged about 38 GY stations in 3 nights, with just the Pocket Loop.  The old Radio West Loop could have cleaned up in Bovina...


Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Chris Black – Cape Cod

Icom R-75, 35x90 flag


15 Sep 2009


Conditions improving but I still find the band fairly noisy and inconsistent. The last couple nights more MW Latins than TAs noted on Perseus.

I took a look at 518 for the first time this season and caught this one from Grimeton, Sweden in Nav area one. 

<01:19:06> __U_ZCZC IA81
<01:20:12> _121535 UTC S_P
<01:20:14> DANISH NAV WARN 190
<01:20:22> TH )8&5# '*-3))-,$' 43=
<01:20:26> 56-05N 01_-=3_ _NRELIABLE
<01:20:31> _OHNN
<01:20:32> C__Z_ZC IA58
<01:20:39> _30_09 UTC AIG
<01:20:41> SWEDISH_NA  WAR_ 258
<01:20:49> LIGH_E_LOV IN PSN 57-034N 
<01:20:55> 012-16._E IS_UNLIT.
<01:20:58>  NNNN

A fairly representative sample of stations from coast-to coast, Bermuda, Panama, and Azores.

#804 286 - 19Sep09 NJ - USA Sandy Hook 
#942 288 - 19Sep09 NL - CAN Cape Ray 
#806 289 - 19Sep09 VA - USA Driver 
#799 290 - 19Sep09 ME - USA Penobscot 
#788 291 - 19Sep09 PA - USA Hawk Run 
#778 292 - 19Sep09 SC - USA Kensington 
#841 292 - 19Sep09 MN - USA Pine River 
#803 293 - 19Sep09 NY - USA Moriches 
#771 294 - 19Sep09 NC - USA New Bern 
#843 295 - 19Sep09 WV - USA St Mary's 
#939 295 - 19Sep09 NB - CAN Partridge Island 
#830 296 - 19Sep09 WI - USA Wisconsin Point 
#929 296 - 19Sep09 QC - CAN St Jean Richelieu 
#792 297 - 19Sep09 MS - USA Bobo 
#831 298 - 19Sep09 MI - USA Upper Keweenaw 
#937 298 - 19Sep09 NS - CAN Hartlen Point 
#866 299 - 19Sep09 OK - USA Sallisaw 
#946 299 - 19Sep09 NL - CAN Rigolet 
#926 300 - 19Sep09 QC - CAN Riviere Du Loop 
#822 301 - 19Sep09 GA - USA Macon 
#847 301 - 19Sep09 MD - USA Annapolis 
#901 302 - 19Sep09 -- - PNR Miraflores 
#824 303 - 19Sep09 NC - USA Greensboro 
#777 304 - 19Sep09 WI - USA Mequon 
#782 305 - 19Sep09 TN - USA Dandridge 
#772 306 - 19Sep09 MA - USA Acushnett 
#825 307 - 19Sep09 AL - USA Hackleburg 
#834 307 - 19Sep09 MD - USA Hagerstown 
#971 307 - 19Sep09 -- - PNR Gatun 
#342 308 - 19Sep09 -- - AZR Horta 
#870 309 - 19Sep09 DE - USA Reedy Point 
#927 309 - 19Sep09 QC - CAN Lauzon 
#859 310 - 19Sep09 NE - USA Whitney 
#944 310 - 19Sep09 NL - CAN Cape Norman 
#863 311 - 19Sep09 IL - USA Rock Island 
#827 312 - 19Sep09 FL - USA Tampa (Macdill) 
#935 312 - 19Sep09 NS - CAN Western Head 
#874 313 - 19Sep09 MT - USA Billings 
#925 313 - 19Sep09 QC - CAN Moise 
#808 314 - 19Sep09 FL - USA Card Sound 
#940 315 - 19Sep09 NL - CAN Cape Race 
#800 316 - 19Sep09 ME - USA Brunswick NAS 
#858 317 - 19Sep09 TN - USA Hartsville 
#823 318 - 19Sep09 TX - USA Summerfield 
#818 319 - 19Sep09 GA - USA Savannah 
#838 319 - 19Sep09 MI - USA Detroit 
#936 319 - 19Sep09 NB - CAN Point Escuminac 
#865 320 - 19Sep09 AL - USA Millers Ferry 
#882 321 - 19Sep09 CA - USA Lompoc 
#839 322 - 19Sep09 NY - USA Youngstown 
#862 322 - 19Sep09 MO - USA St Louis 
#950 323 - 19Sep09 -- - BER St David's Head 
#844 324 - 19Sep09 NY - USA Hudson Falls 
#851 325 - 19Sep09 ND - USA Medora


The Whole Earth


Larry Wild – Aberdeen, SD

DX406 and 20’ wire


6070 CFRX Toronto, ON 9/4 2330 with ads for Toronto businesses and an ID for "The Source:10 10" Did not hear either call: CFRX or CFRB. 900+ miles. Weak, but there.


Rick Barton – Cave Creek, AZ

Drake R-8 and wire or as listed


9000  - (UNKNOWN ORIGIN - Unid.)  0950-1000 +  One of Uncle Harry's "Foghorns" (see Underground Frequency Guide, Harry L. Helms).  strong, but w/o hi-lo tones that gave it its name. found while checking to see if Chinese Firedrake jammer was on here. i should note that no Firedrakes were audible on any frequency this session. also caught "Foghorn" bursts  1000 on 6830.  (9/9 Barton-AZ)

9760 - PHILIPPINES  VOA (via relay)  1634  news /  surrent affairs. very late local morning for this to still be audible.  SIO  243  (9/9  Barton-AZ)

2485  AUSTRALIA  ABC-Northern Territories (via Katherine) 1200   YL w/ nx , just ABV floor and thunderstorm static crashes. to 1203, music, "Man of Constant Sorrow" , other traditional songs.  (9/14  Barton,AZ)

2310   AUSTRALIA   ABC-NT  (Tennant Cr.)  0855  male anncr just abv noise and IDd by TOH. poor.  (9/14  Barton,AZ)

3810   ECUADOR  HD2IOA 0900  time signal station with beeps and time anncr in SP. first time logged by me.  (9/14  Barton,AZ)

2485  AUSTRALIA  ABC-NT  1300  kiwi accented male with news. probably the latest i've ever heard this one. no sign of other NT services on the other channels. (9/16  Barton , AZ)

5930  RUSSIA  Voice of Russia  1330  long talk by male to vocal music. listed as Mongolian .  (9/16  Barton,AZ)



W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



** AUSTRIA. It seems we may still refer to Radio Austria International, since that is exactly the ID in English, plus French, German and Spanish versions, mixed with Blue Danube IS heard at 0459 September 1 on 6155, rather than the cumbersome ``Ö1`` or ``OE1``; 0500 cut into that domestic relay in Austro-German (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 1: at 1320, good signals on both 8400 and 9000; at 1415 recheck, 8400 inaudible, and 9000 just barely. At 1407, 13970 was JBA, better on 14420; none others heard up to 19 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Checking RHC Sept 1 at 0500, noted the extreme modulation quality difference between 6140 and 6120 in Spanish. 6140 has full-bodied audio frequency response, while 6120 is very clipped `telco`-quality; why? Was in an Efemérides feature on the beginning and ending of WW II around this date six years apart. But as I was tuning back and forth between the two frequencies at 0502, 6140 suddenly switched to different music introducing the English service, and so it was thence, // 6060 and 6010, while 6120 Spanish continued // weak 6000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9425, AIR, Sept 1 at 1344 OM singing a slow Hindi song; 1349 to YL continuous talk; now and then thought I heard an occasional English word or phrase with heavy Hindi accent, but maybe just imagining. Fair but fluttery signal, reminding me that I had not been hearing it much at all this summer, but it was also in yesterday now in pre-equinoxial propagation conditions. Per Aoki this is the National Channel, 500 kW, 18 degrees from Bangaluru meant for domestic coverage; unfortunately, deliberate alternation with news and other segments in English does not start until 1430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9524.9, VOI, modulation is so low that it`s impossible to copy any readable content, but Tuesday Sept 1 at 1332 I think I was hearing traces of the weekly excursion to Banjarmasin (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL [and non]. 15770, RDPI as I tuned across Sept 1 at 1445 had Brasilian rather than Luso accent, mentioning RadioBrás, quickly pausing for program ID by YL as Onda DX. The Brazilian OM was on the phone and resumed talking about DX matters. Yes, this is the weekly DX show scheduled for Tue 1430, previously thought to be over by 1442, but length apparently varies, and I did not think to check listed // 15560 where it should have been in the clear unlike 15770 which always collides with WYFR in Brazilian! The SAH between them was about 108/minute or almost 2 Hz, and WYFR fortunately weaker here at the moment, unlike probably in Brazil itself (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 7420, collision of two roughly equal signals, Sept 1 at 1411, one music, one talk, in Chinese? Aoki shows BBCWS Chinese service is on 7420 at 1300-1530, 250 kW at 20 degrees from Thailand, plus ChiCom jamming, presumably CNR1 program.

All India Radio`s Nepali service is also supposedly on 7420 at 1330-1430, 50 kW, 130 degrees via Guwahati, likely futile. Furthermore, 130 degrees is nowhere near the correct azimuth for Nepal from Guwahati; more like 280! Is anyone paying attention at AIR frequency management? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. Another check of 17585 to see what happens to VOA English at 1430, Sept 1: Greenville pretty weak and at 1430 sharp the signal drops noticeably but I still hear VOA English, so that would be Botswana taking over. Both too weak to tell for sure whether Bots was still doing sign-on overlap at 1428, but did not hear it, nor any warmup carrier on 17575 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WWCR still testing 15820 instead of 15825, Sept 1 at 1448 with Pastor Duke asserting ``you de man``; seems this show comes from Jefferson, Oregon. Unexpectedly good signal as sporadic E had kicked in to start a new month, but it is getting rarer and rarer, and not intense enough to reach VHF. No squeal problem heard (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. When WWCR is inbooming on 15820/15825, that means there is a chance of hearing nearby WWRB`s second harmonic on 18770, and sure enough, there it was Sept 1 at 1449 with weak Brother Scare but definitely // 9385 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VIETNAM [non]. 9715, Sept 1 at 1401 music, then Vietnamese ID by YL mentioning Washington, kHz. This hour is R. Free Asia, 250 kW, 279 degrees via Tinian, says Aoki. Fair signal here with no jamming audible, nor does Aoki asterisk any. Evidently the VietCom have enough self-confidence not to need to jam such foreign broadcasts, unlike their ChiCom and CubaCom brethren (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. Instead of Saturday mornings on webcasts, still seems strange to hear Stuart McLean storytelling on Vinyl Café in the middle of the night on SW, UT Wed Sept 2 at 0624 on CKZU 6160, fair signal, into a song. This is the repeat on the CBC Radio One schedule at 11:05 pm local Tuesdays; in fact, V.C. worx in so many repeats without flagging them as such that we kept saying ``heard that before`` and quit listening every Saturday morning. A new CBC season should now be getting underway, but that`s still no guarantee of new stuff on this series. Even on a `new` show, he re-tells old favorite stories. Weak het at this time from CKZN 6160.9 rather than equal signals fighting it out (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 2: at 1300 on 8400 good signal going to top-of-hour open carrier monitoring pause; 1310 just barely audible on 9000. 1329 fair on 13970, better at 1407. 1334 audible but very poor on new 15200 // 13970; tnx to Ron Howard for spotting 15200 at a totally different time, 0213. At 1406, 15200 a bit better here. No others heard up to 19 MHz. BTW, Hiroshi and S. Hasegawa explain to DXLD that if you hear non // Firedrake frequencies, it`s really the same music, but started 6 minutes apart (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Surprised to hear Chinese lessons presented in English, Sept 2 at 1403, subject being money, on 15220, CRI via Sackville. No news on the hour? Wait a minute, this hour is not in English at all, but Chinese, which resumed 1405 at full speed, tho pronouncing an URL in English, ? That appears to be valid but I don`t have Chinese characters installed. Anyhow, why are they teaching Chinese in English on a Chinese broadcast, where the only people listening would already speak Chinese? Duh.

Another anomaly: no signal on 13740, the usual CRI English relay via CUBA, Sept 2 at 1408.

11615, Sept 2 at 1420 soft Asian songs, G signal with flutter, not listed in PWBR `2009`; 1427 into commercials in Chinese. Scheduled here is VOA Chinese via Saipan at 310 degrees, but I must have been hearing the ChiCom CNR1 jamming instead, as a*terisked by Aoki (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also EAST TURKISTAN

** CUBA. RHC still not in English at 2030-2130; Sept 1 at 2122 check, 17660, 13790, 13760, 11770, 11760 all // in Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EAST TURKISTAN. 13610, CRI in English, very poor signal, Sept 2 at 1330, about two seconds behind CRI via Sackville, so is the site even further from Beijing? No, 13610 is Kashgar during this hour, 308 degrees toward Europe. How does the signal get to Sackville and Enid so much more quickly? The route to Kashgar must be more complex than a one-hop satellite feed, with the usual proviso that anything digital in the chain may introduce additional delays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. We can depend on XEPPM, R. Educación for a great variety of music on 6185. Sept 2 at 0622 it was Ray Charles, ``Unchain My Heart``, fair signal in the clear now with no co- or adjacent-channel QRM, unlike before 0600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MOROCCO [and non]. 15345, Sept 1 at 2124, Arabic on top, but fast SAH, which means RAE Argentina managed to match within 15 Hz or so (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RWANDA [and non]. 16 metres was just opening up Sept 2 at 1337 with DW Hausa via Kigali 17800 inbooming tnx to 310 degree azimuth also usward, and the only other big signal 17595 from REE Noblejas, Spain. No Chile 17680. After 1400 things had normalized with 17680 and the other usual signals audiblized (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. DRM test from Greenville still just barely audible on 15470-15475-15480, Sept 1 at 2124 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN`s perpetual problem of noisy spurs and mixing products must not be ignored, so I report them periodically: Sept 2 at 1321 the two fundamentals are 11530 in English and 11550 in Spanish. Leapfrog mixing product on 11510 from 11550 over 11530, but did not hear a match on 11570. 11530 has the dirty squealy extremely distorted parasites plus and minus 10 kHz, which may or may not beat with legitimate occupants of neighboring frequencies. 11520 was obvious without BFO, while 11540 required BFO. Presumably the same spurry transmitter does this too elsewhen from 15610 to 15600 and 15620. Among the victims is WYFR on 11520 and 15600, Marian cultists vs Camping cultists (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 13927-USB, AF MARS net, at 2125 Sept 1, including AFA9AY and Doom01, arranging phone patch to Shirley in the 239 area code; gave her complete number in the clear, and altho it is now known worldwide I refrain from reporting it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 8992-SSB, YL reading numbers mixed with fonetik letters, clear and steady pace, Sept 2 at 1313. There is a certain depth to her voice, a slight reverb, which I suspect is transmitted that way, rather than resulting from backscatter or some other multi-path, as it is usually the case, also on other frequencies. Went on and on and on, until finally at 1318, ``this concludes message of 291 characters; Andrews, out``. That is, Andrews AFB near Washington DC. Now all the other AFBs are decoding no doubt top-secret national security info (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. La Voz de la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática, Polisario clandestine via ALGERIA, Sept 2 at 0621 with strumming on 6297.1, good signal. Had been on 6300 for ages and in analog tuning I had not noticed the variation until reported by Brian Alexander on 6297.12 at 2120-2200 Aug 30. I feared ute QRM would be worse for the morning broadcast, but no problem (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. 13640, R. Tirana, Sept 2 at 2022, good signal and modulation with music, outro announcement, theme music and off at 2027:30*. Wish I had intuned at hourtop to hear the whole transmission starting with spoken material. This is the ONLY SW broadcast in English from Europe intentionally for North America at this hour, and R. Tirana deserves our support for it.

In fact, the only other English broadcast to NAm from anywhere outside NAm at this hour is the seldom-audible Kuwait on 11990; axually both Tirana and Kuwait simultaneously serve Europe as they can do from their angles, but NAm is officially targeted too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. All my logs the last several days have been despite a high local noise level, which was especially a problem on 49m, Sept 2 at 2016, when the only signals I could detect were from the secret daytime transmission of RHC on 5965 and 6000, an echo apart from // 11760. Did not hear CFRX 6070 that I soon learned from Steve Lare had resumed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SWEDEN [non]. 11875, Sept 2 at 2001 with Horn of Africa singing, fair signal but suffering splash from much stronger DW 11865 English via Portugal. 2003 announcement in unID language and continued speaking with the self-confidence of a gospel huxter. Aoki has the answer: it`s IBRA Radio, 250 kW, 169 degrees via Rampisham UK, in the Zarma language (no wonder I didn`t recognize it), on Wed/Thu/Fri, while during the same quarter-hour on Mon/Tue it`s in Fon, Sat/Sun in Wolof. EiBi`s useful language list at

says Zarma and Fon are spoken in West Africa, and Wolof in Senegal specifically, so HOA does not fit; perhaps I need to refine my recognition of that music, or has there been some change? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 11810, BBCWS at 2006 Sept 2 ending news and into Newshour, fair signal and another option for deprived North Americans, tho it`s 65 degrees from Ascension for Africa. But at next check, 2050, about equal mix with another station in English! Soon clearly RRI as talking about Romania in mailbag, 2052 RRI ID and Sports Club. The two are making a very slow SAH of less than 1 Hz, or could just be propagational fading. RRI off at 2057:25* after IS a few times; BBC off at 2059:35*.

Even a year ago, PWBR knew that RRI was using 11810 during this semi-hour in the A (``S``) season, so why didn`t BBC know? They probably did, but figured a half-hour collision in this two-sesquihour transmission does not matter as the target areas are widely divergent, RRI at 300 degrees for Europe, and who cares about overhearers beyond? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 11855, Sept 2 at 1949 with very undermodulated music, soon recognized as VTC`s music loop fill of guitar with accompaniment. 1952, no it`s not undermodulated, it was just buried under a strong open carrier, which just went off! The carrier came back on at 1959, revealing itself as WYFR signing on in Spanish. Then the VTC music disappeared and WYFR was alone. But checked later in the hour a Portuguese broadcast was atop WYFR. Here`s what must have been happening:

YFR has 11855 tied up, at 18-19 in Arabic via Wertachtal, scheduled at 19-20 in Yoruba via Ascension but that feed was missing so VTC put in the music fill, in effect YFR interfering with itself. At 20-02 WYFR Okeechobee itself in Spanish. The Portuguese around 2045 was BBC via Ascension again, 2030-2100 M-F only, to southern Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 15730, Sept 2 at 2011 with C&W song in English, so likely VOA: yes, but it`s the French to Africa service, as following announcement was in French; 100 kW, 76 degrees via São Tomé. While 2000-2030 is daily, on Sat & Sun 15730 is extended until 2100 but switching to Greenville at 2030. Meanwhile, Greenville 17895 with VOA in English to Africa, better signal at 2013 with The African Beat (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. CFRX Toronto, back on the 6070 air as of Sept 3 around 0550, again with full modulation and good strength for only 1 kW. Had been off a few weeks for transmitter repairs, first reported by Steve Lare, MI, as reactivated the previous afternoon. No longer Peter Anthony Holder hosting talkshow at this hour, who in the meantime was fired by originating sibling station CJAD, along with a dozen other hosts, but his website is still up:

More recently, CFRB also fired several longtime talkhosts. However, at 1310, Bill Carroll was still there, today`s subject ``family stuff``; that was after news on the hour, including gas price currently 97.1 Canadian cents per litre, and Andromeda to collide with Milky Way --- this is news?! Still good at 1355 check; those a bit closer to Toronto can enjoy CFRX all day long.

Here`s the CFRB/X program schedule now:

Weeknights at 2-3:30 am = 0600-0730 UT is now The Jim Richards Showgram, obviously playback of part of the weekday 1-3 pm block; several topical hours such as Adventure, Comedy fill the 05-06 UT hour. And Adventure was heard after 0500 Friday Sept 4.

Retuning the MHz dial of the FRG-7 to KFTI 1070 Wichita with BFO on, I could tell the two were not precisely on the same kHz, but very close.

CFRX, 6070, Sept 4 at 1229 with EDT TC, Bill Carroll show, het on hi side and roar from defective Swiss transmitter so kindly sold to North Korea (as discussed in DXLD 9-065); the usual case until its closedown around 1250, whose exact time today I missed, but CFRX in clear at 1257 recheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 4: at 1235 nothing on 8400, very poor on 9000; at 1250 good on 10210; at 1347 poor on 13500, just barely audible on 13970, none others (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. As I tuned by RHC 13680, Sept 3 at 1455, YL was plugging today`s Mesa Redonda transmission at 2230(?) on ``9820 y 6000 kilohertz``. Except the 31m frequency was changed months ago to 9640! In la cabina they haven`t the faintest idea of what frequencies RHC is really using, just read what they were originally told to, and no one takes responsibility for keeping the scripts up-to-date. What a Ratón Miguelito operation.

RHC on 6000, poor thing, gets QRDRM from Australia 5990-5995-6000, now scheduled from Brandon at 12-14, only 5 kW at 10 degrees (to feed PNG or other Pacific island relays??); but also, serves RHC right, from Juche jamming on 6003, which was worse, Sept 4 at 1220, quite a roar and the same sound against 6512 and 6600, all Echo of Hope, which Aoki says on 6003 runs straight thru from 0853 to 2301 UT via Hwaseong, ROK site, 100 kW ND. Aoki does not * these as jammed since that only denotes ChiCom CNR1 or Firedrake-type jamming. Could not hear any EOH on 6003 here while it was audible under the jamming on the other two.

O yeah, at 1220 RHC was engaging its obsession with Honduras. At least they know how to pronounce Zelaya, unlike Daljit Dhaliwal and another anchor I recoiled from recently. Daljit is getting rave reviews as new anchor of World Focus via PBS, much prettier than Martin Savidge, which is debatable. They really piled on the makeup for her début August 31 but seem to have relented somewhat since (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. Echo of Hope and jamming: see CUBA [and non]

** MADAGASCAR. 17670, dramatic talk in Vietnamese, Sept 3 at 1326, poor signal, but any at all is something, since this hour is AWR 250 kW at 60 degrees from Talata toward Vietnam (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 12160, the out-of-band frequency pioneered by WWCR, now has a new occupant: WEWN, since WWCR-3 abandoned it before 1600 to use 7490 instead.

WEWN English had been on 11530 until Sept 3, and we had to keep complaining about the dirty spurs accompanying it on 11520 and 11540, as well as the leapfrog mixing product with Spanish 11550 landing on 11510. Possibly they got the message and/or some victim broadcaster complained, since suddenly Sept 4 at 1258 we find WEWN on 12160 instead --- and without the spurs!

Have they really been eliminated along with the QSY? This may be coincidental, so further chex of the same transmitter on other frequencies at other times will be needed. Or rather, all three transmitters, as they could have been swapped around, but for now, no spurs either accompanying the Spanish channels. Whatever happened to the fourth transmitter? Is it still in service, even tho only three frequencies are ever used at once? Or a rich source of spare parts?

1259 English ID on 12160 gave the new frequency already; meanwhile, Spanish was still on 11550 and 12050.

The WEWN website frequency schedule altho still dated effective starting March 29! also has been amended to show 12160 at 12-15, but strangely, each hour`s entry for this frequency only, has next to it a previous hour, ``11, 12, 13``; so does it start at 11 or 12 and does it end at 14 or 15?

Answer: the latter, as still going at 1445 recheck. But at 1459, 12160 was already off, and at 1459:30, came up on 15610, then ID in Spanish! Boy, are they confused; but then switch to English, and at 1501 re-open in English with 15610 announced and program JIP. Could not detect any spurs at 15600 or 15620 on the portable DX-398 in the yard, but fundamental too weak at first to be sure. Normally, later in the day when WYFR is on 15600 at 19-23, it is constantly QRMed by WEWN spur. We shall hear.

Ex-11530 was 335 degrees over the pole to central and eastern China, plus Taiwan and North Korea, so 12160 presumably is too, yet the target for it now is shown as ``SA`` which apparently means South Asia (note: there are too many continents starting with A-, so a second letter in abbrs. is required!)

The full English schedule is apparently now:

00-09 11520 Af

09-12 11640 SEA meaning SE Asia

12-15 12160 SA meaning E Asia

15-17 15610 Eu

17-20 15610 [no target specified! But listed as CIRAF-9 = Maritime

             Provinces and eastern Quebec, really the same 40-degree

             azimuth as before and after]

20-24 15610 ME

Spanish to Cuba/SAm, 155 degrees:

01-11 11870

11-15 12050

15-17 11520

17-01 17510

Spanish to Mexico/CAm, 220 degrees:

05-13  7555

13-22 11550

22-05  5810


** U S A [and non?]. Sept 4 at 1304 found steady and stable open carrier on 13570; figured it was WINB about to come up on midday frequency, but gone at 1315 recheck, and still nothing at 1347. Could have been VOA tuneup instead as they are wont to do in hour(s) preceding scheduled broadcasts. Did not check during the 14-15 hour, but at 1511, only WINB was there on 13570 with convicted sex criminal evangelist Tony Alamo. Its carrier is still slightly unstable.

VOA English is currently scheduled on 13570: 14-15 via São Tomé, 15-16 via Botswana, 16-17 via Madagascar, all of them colliding with WINB, authorized to start at 14 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA [non]. Caribbean Beacon missing from 6090, Sept 5 at 0513, but could not hear anything else, not even Brazil or Nigeria, just DRM from 6085. Should have tried earlier as Brian Alexander who first alerted us about this, heard both plus Ethiopia around 0300.

CB also absent from 11775, Sept 5 at 1247, but again nothing else audible instead. That leaves PMS and DGS totally off SW at this hour! As WWCR 13845 is ceded to Brother Scare in the mornings, and all the Costa Rican transmitters have been silent for many months, altho still appearing e.g. in Prime Time Shortwave! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. Nope, V. of Biafra International still on 15665, Sept 5, the first Friday of the month, checked briefly sometime between 19 and 20 UT, nothing on 17520, where WRTH July update guessed it would move. All one can do is guess when it comes to this station, and who knows, maybe later on will still go to 17520 ``in September``, not necessarily from the first week. Axually, per FCC schedule, WHRI during this hour has not been on 15665 since April 5 and has always been on 17520; surprise! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [non]. 15325, Sept 5 at 1527 Russian singing with guitar and speaking, 1528 ID and addresses for RCI, cut off at 1529:30 before completed giving E-mail address. This is via Woofferton. Someone please inform them in Montreal that VTC WILL CUT OFF transmission at :29:30 whether it is finished or not, so it would be prudent to wrap up the program before then (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non] Firedrake Sept 5: at 1230 fair on 9000 but with aero SSB QRM from 8996 or so. At 1244 good on 10210, 1250 good on 8400. No others heard up to 19 MHz during the next hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

We were wondering about the different program feed routes used by CRI to its many relay sites. A few hours are simulcast via Canada and Cuba, such as Cantonese at 12 on 11850 and 9570 respectively. Sept 5 at 1235 check we found the two just an echo/reverb apart, much closer than some other combinations (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

15600, Sept 5 at 1303 song, sounds like C&W/hymn, 1305 announcement sounds Indonesian; 1306 song starts instrumental, adds choral, sort of Russian style, pop beat. What`s this? Per Aoki, CRI`s Malay service at 1230-1330, 100 kW, 175 degrees via Kunming, ChiCom`s only use of 15600, except when Sound of Hope needs to be jammed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. As I tuned by 15120, Sept 5 at 1301, Tony was about to list frequencies, so I copied them: ``15120, 15360, 13760, 13680, 13780, 11760, 5965, 6000`` (and `audio real` which is really windows media, pace Mr. Gates). Incredibly, the previous listing has been updated two-three months after some significant changes were made. 5965 has finally been added, but still lacking 11800, altho 12000 which it replaced has finally been marked out! RHC still can`t get their act together. Just to be sure: yes, 11800, always distorted is indeed on at 1309 check, as it is quite reliably in the mornings now as well as afternoons. But why would anyone listen to it instead of better modulated 11760? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9425, AIR National Channel, Sept 5 at 1432 with news in English, a bit of weather, 1435 back into Hindi ad, Akashvani ID, 1437 dead air, music past 1439, no more English since it`s Saturday, but there is on other days; fair even on kitchen table DX-390 with reelout inside antenna (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBS World Radio, 9650 via Canada, Saturday Sept 5 toward the end of Worldwide Friendship, Kevin O`Donovan`s Listening Tips from Farmington NM at 1252-1255 concluded saying he would be posting the scripts on the KBS messageboard. We found that at

but his latest one was not yet there; previous ones are down the list from jazzkevin. Unfortunately, no one is keeping out pornspam but easily avoided from garbled senders. It seems KBS is not savvy about how to run a website, also having published full e-mail addresses of contest winners. Board does include weekly English program previews, very sketchy like given on air after Kevin, but better than nothing, such as:

``Preview for the second week of September 

Monday’s Business Watch looks at the Sangam World Cup Park, where the new environment-friendly hydrogen station will be built.

On Tuesday’s Traveling Korea, listeners will be able to get an overview of the Global Fair and Festival 2009 Incheon.

On Wednesday Culture on the Move will take you on a tour of the Children’s Museum, a part of the National Museum of Korea.

It’s going to be a week of interesting and informative programs, so don’t forget to tune in!`` (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 12065, Sept 5 at 1331, carillon, 1333 announcement, pauses, intonation sounds Swedish, more bells; then lots of different bell and  percussion sounds. All references show this hour is supposed to be VOR via Chita in English to SE Asia. If it was really in English, that never clicked in due to poor signal. VOR program grid at

fittingly shows Music & Musicians during the entire 13-14 hour on Saturdays.

15605, good signal Sept 5 at 1355, VOR with nice Hindi song, 1359 ID and IS, 1400 switch to English, news, 1408 News & Views of Medvedev. It takes a good day for VOR to be listenable at this hour in CNAm, target area opposite worldside from Moscow site, poor second being 9850 Samara sometimes audible, so we hope there will be more, autumnly


** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare`s Sabbath via: 9385 WWRB, Sept 5 at 1421 screaming ``you`re stupid!``, to a chorus of murmured amens from his psychophants. When he screams, WWRB overmodulates and splatters more than usual; don`t they have any limiting? So on this occasion, 9395-9400 area has WWRB splash instead of WTJC-9370 spurs which are absent for the moment.

Then checked // B.S. frequencies to see how they matched, as approximately timed: 15420 WBCQ 16 seconds behind 9385. 13845 WWCR 3 seconds ahead of 9385. Later at 1530, DTK 17485 joined B.S. in progress, and it was 3 seconds behind 9385. So rearranged into time order:

1, WWCR 13845

2, WWRB 9385 delayed 3 sex

3, DTK Jülich 17485 delayed another 3 sex

3, WBCQ 15420 delayed another 13 sex

17485 probably started at scheduled 1500, and another anomaly, no R. Prague clash audible after 1530; have they moved? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 13855, B-B-C- chimes at 1257 Sept 5, 1259 opening in Uzbek mentioning, timesignal and BBC news sounder which it seems crosses all language boundaries, fair signal. This is 500 kW, 62 degrees from Rampisham at 1300-1330. No jamming audible as on previous occasions; the ChiCom do jam this service as a courtesy to their own oppressed DentroUzbex, or related Turkic ethnix, such as Uighurs who can understand it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 12005, Sept 5 at 1326, good signal with strumming and talking, first guess in Turkish; 1329 interrupted by news about Gordon Brown; by 1342 lite CODAR QRM which could be heard as low as 11980 vs CRI. Looked up later in Aoki, it`s R. Liberty in Kazakh, a Turkic language, 13-14, 250 kW, 348 degrees from Iranawila, SRI LANKA and also USward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DGIEST)

** U S A. In time for this week`s WORLD OF RADIO, WWCR-1 back on 15825, ex-2+ weeks of experimenting with 15820, Friday Sept 4 at 2037 check; JBA without any Es enhancement so all I could do was recognize me, not confirm it was new #1476, but surely it was. Still on 15825 Sept 5 morning.

BTW, JBA means just barely audible. I am not going to explain it every time I use it, or there would be no point in the abbr. Credit to Bob Thomas, Connecticut who came up with this usefully descriptive initialism, altho it means about the same as very poor reception (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. See previous report: WEWN, 15610, far too weak to tell if it was still spurry plus and minus 10, around 1915 check Sept 4, tho WYFR was sufficient on 15600 in Russian.

At 1342 Sept 5, 12160 WEWN English again audible sufficiently and no detectable spurs. Next check at 1520, 12160 was off and now 11550 in English with Catholic stuff, toll-free 1-877-573-7825, and het as always a problem on 11550 due to off-frequency Tainan, Taiwan transmitter at 14-17 among other hours.

As per WEWN`s own website sked quoted in my previous report, during the 15 UT hour, English is supposed to be on 15610, Spanish on 11520 and 11550. 11520 indeed in Spanish, but so is weak JBA 15610! They have their wires crossed, two frequencies/languages exchanged --- antennas too? One transmitter is supposed to be 24h in English to a variety of targets; the other two are supposed to be both in Spanish, one aimed at CAm/Mexico, the other at Cuba/SAm, whatever the frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. On Aug 20 I heard WRNO announcer say that from ``next week`` their SW service would expand to 12 hours a day. Altho on that day they were testing much beyond 0100-0400 UT, now it is 16 days later and still no sign of expanded schedule: 7505v, Sept 5 at 0514 and 1210 vacant. Any news on their revamped website --- ?

Oops, it must not have been re-upped as that redirects to

so we can`t even hear them webcast, also promised to be 24h (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, Sept 5 at 1514 WRMI ID under jamming, 1515 into YL preacher from Miami, Healing Streams of Grace. WRMI Saturdays is entirely in English at least from 1400, and there`s usually little or no jamming against Prague at 1400. Jamming resumed, why? Because the DentroCuban Jamming Command can; take that! Yet Arnie sounds so friendly, oui mes amis (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 17680, CVC La Voz, Miami via Chile, Sept 5 in Spanish at 1321 had M telling W how to do breast self-exam, best times vs menstrual period; usual good signal back to the USA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VIETNAM. 9550, Sept 5 at 1234, two signals mixing, but dominated by YL in Russian, the other in Vietnamese. Per Aoki, the Russian is VOV, which alternates Russian and Chinese semihours between 1100 and 1330, 100 kW at 27 degrees from Hanoi so also usward, while the Vietnamese is CRI, 500 kW at 193 degrees from Beijing site, in the squabbling Commie neighbors` radiowar over this frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. 6070, CFRX Sept 6 at 1249 with fast SAH of approximately 10 Hz, but no other modulation, North Korean noise or audible het, which must have just gone off, and could not imagine that suddenly being so close to 6070.0, so what`s the SAH from? It too was gone at 1256. Possibilities on 6070 testing prior to other dayparts are Yamata, Novosibirsk, Tinang, even Jayapura which has been inactive here longtime. Something intriguing to pursue (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 6: at 1308 good on 8400 and 9000, at 1318 fair on 10210, no others heard higher (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC, 6010, Sept 6 at 0535 starting DXers Unlimited, VG signal but can hear a bit of a squeal, i.e. hi-pitched and slightly varying. This is what I was previously reporting occasionally also on other stations including some WWCR frequencies, coming from their own transmitters and not a het from an external source.

Cohetes from the DentroCuban Jamming Command against nothing on 9545, Sept 6 at 1314, more than 6 sesquihours after R. República is through with it at 0400.

It`s Sunday Sept 6 so time to check for Aló, Presidente, or anomalies it causes, which I missed doing last week. At 1412 nothing transmitted on 80% of the scheduled A,P channels, 11690, 12010, 13750 and 17750; but 13680 had big signal and huge hum, wiggle that patchcord! And trace of audio which was not // RHC mainstream frequencies such as 13780 which was normal in philately show. 13880 had the leapfrog displaying both the hummer and the stamper.

Meanwhile weaker 13760 which should have been // an echo apart from 13780 was just open carrier. At 1429, 13680 still humming; 1443 now fixed and // 13780 with mainstream, still nothing on the other A,P channels. By final check at 1549, RHC 13760 back in biz // 11760 but still no A,P and the only other Cuban frequency on the 22mb air was 13740 CRI relay in English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRELAND [non]. Looked for RTE special Sunday Sept 6 at 1547 as scheduled on 12050, 17705 from unknown sites to Africa, but could not hear anything. However, S. Hasegawa of NDXC in Japan tells DXLD that at 1505 they both were carrying RCI English instead of RTE1! For a once-a-year highly-anticipated live sporting special, they`d better get it right on the first and only try. This would have been the All-Ireland Hurling Final. Did any of it air on SW?

Same schedule is however in store one fortnight hence on Sept 20 for the All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final: 1300-1700 on 17505 to EAf, 1430-1630 on 12050 to WAf (and also 13-17 on 7265 to SAf) per advance info Alan Pennington posted to the dxldyg (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. Re my previous report of the clandestines jammed on 6003, 6518 and 6600, as an aside to the QRM caused to Habana 6000 --- I confused two `different` stations, now suffering the same kind of noise jamming.

As in WRTH 2009, the one on 6003 is Echo of Hope, also on 3985 and 6348. 6348 only has a different jamming sound; it used to be whoop-whoop but now it`s more like a clatter, Sept 6 at 1252, with a bit of music audible underneath.

And the one on 3912, 6518 and 6600 is Voice of the People. They are surely closely related, in fact both run by the ROK national intelligence service, WRTH says, all transmitted from Gyeonggi-do (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 6090, Anguilla missing a second night, Sept 6 at 0545 so I could hear some weak chanting, likely FRCN Kaduna, as it normally puts a het on Caribeacon around this time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Unlike 24.5 hours earlier, when WEWN had English and Spanish on reversed frequencies, Sept 6 at 1548 check, 11520 // 11550 in Spanish, not // weak 15610 so presumably correctly in English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 9545, Sept 6 at 2040 with cohetes at variable rates from the DentroCuban Jamming Command on a frequency which needs no jamming at this hour until República comes up at 2300; meanwhile wall of noise jamming on 9565 against Martí (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR [and non]. Bandscanning 49m at an unreasonably early hour here Sept 6, and despite hi noise level after getting Mérida on 6104.8 [see MEXICO], I looked for more, and found a signal on 6050 at 2045, also in Spanish, so has to be HCJB`s regional service roughly two hours before sunset there and four hours before sunset here. At 2053 a bit stronger with choral hymn, amen, 2055 Spanish talk. Hoped to get definite ID and/or characteristic automatic timesignal at 2100 but by then it had faded down and out. A fluky reception.

BTW, a quirk of my FRG-7 (or all of them?) is that in the overlap within each MHz band between about 965 and 055 kHz, there is noticeably greater sensitivity by tuning up from below rather than down from above. Can this be evened out be realignment, and would one even want to? So for 6050 I had a choice of 5 MHz + 1050 kHz, or 6 MHz + 50 kHz. With the former I was getting a stronger signal measuring S9+5 at peak. Best 49m signals at this time were Habana on 6000 and 5965; also barely audible CFRX 6070 and WBOH 5920 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Tuned in 15190 at 2111 Sept 6 to find open carrier from Radio Africa. Not unusual for there to be VERY long periods of dead air from this station, so while my attention was focused elsewhere, left this turned up to find out just how long the dead air would last: until 2122, when with never an ID, abruptly started a preacher from North Carolina concerned about the last days and the return of Jesus; good modulation on this one, and he paused briefly to turn off an alarm beeper. So the dead air was at least 11 minutes. Are the Radio Africa operators dozing off, inebriated, stepping out for a smoke or some other important business, or just totally nonchalant about getting the paid-for evangelists on the air? What does pointlessly burning 50 kW for 11+ minutes cost in this poor country? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 11670, Arabic station with good signal, Sept 6 at 2033 with several mentions of ``Al-mania``, soon confirmed with DW jingle. Hmmm, that cognates with Alemania, the Spanish name for Germany, so did the Spaniards get it from the Arabs or vice versa, and why call it something completely unrelated to ``Deutschland`` or ``Germania``? Or is Ger a translation of Ale or v.v.? One might ask the same of the French. O, this is DW at 19-21, 250 kW, 100 degrees via Sines, PORTUGAL (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Despite hi local noise level, I minimised it as best I could by closing down several known household noise sources, and boldly commenced to bandscan as low as 6 MHz at the early hour of 2043 UT Sept 6 = 2 hours and 11 minutes after local mean noon, closer to that than to sunset. Yay, bits of Spanish could be heard at a couple signal peaks on 6104.8, has to be XEQM, RASA Mérida. I did not stay on frequency constantly, but often checked in next semisesquihour, heard it no more altho could detect weak carrier when I quit at 2133. HCJB was also poking in around the same time; see ECUADOR; and also UNIDENTIFIED 9600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA [and non]. 9765, Sept 6 at 2039 with roughly equal mix of Castilian and British talk, fast SAH between them of approx. 15 Hz. Looked up later, this clash is between Spain via Costa Rica site and Romania via Galbeni site, the former using 9765 for very long hours and the latter only during this semihour designated for Europe, altho exactly the same 300 degree heading as designated to NAm at same time on other frequencies; can RRI adjust the vertical takeoff angle to optimize for closer or further targets at the same azimuth? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Substituting for the ``Available Time Slot`` show on WBCQ 7415, Sunday Sept 6 at 2104 was a repeat of Allan Weiner Worldwide, which he said was // 5110, but that referred to the Friday 2300 live airing. Later in hour, as reception was improving, he was advising pirates not to deliberately interfere with other services, a good idea (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. YFR keeps shifting around different relay sites and frequencies, testing? 5930, weakly heard Sept 7 at 0053 with Harold Droning in English // 7360, both of which have adjacent interference from much stronger signals: 7365 DentroCuban Jamming Command and Radio Martí; 5935 WWCR and DGS. These are both via French Guiana (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA [and non]. Seems there is an extended outage at Caribbean Beacon. still absent from 11775, Sept 7 at 1344 check; nor on 6090 at 0013 Sept 8 allowing the Brazilian to be audible weakly (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. Noticed two DRM signals rather close together, Sept 7 at 2315, 9750-9755-9760 scheduled as Vatican, but what`s on 9775-9780-9785? I was quite sure that was its range until I looked up the schedules and saw that TDP via Sackville was supposed to be on 9785-9790-9795. Did they make a change, mistake or did I? What about tomorrow? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHILE. Calera de Tango transmitters: see ECUADOR [non], USA [non]

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 7: at 1336 fair on 8400 and 9000, 1342 about the same on 10210. Fair on 13970 at 2325, monitoring at unusual time for me, on interior antenna because computer and outside antenna disconnected in deference to storms moving thru, as are all my Sept 7 logs between 2153 and 2416. Aoki indicates these OOB Sound of Hope frequencies and consequently Firedrake jamming could be on the air 24 hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. DCJC cohetes against nothing: even UT Monday Sept 7 at 0550 on 6030 when there is supposed to be a weekly truce during Radio Martí`s silent period. However now the irregular noise bursts were blocking something weak in English, presumably CFVP Calgary. A few minutes later found same sounds on other frequencies in no need of jamming: at 0556 on 7365 and 7405, also silent Martí channels, at 0609 on 9565, another; at 0600 on 9955 against inaudible WRMI; at 0609 on 9545 vs absent Radio República. These all had the same sound of overlapping pulsing rather than a wall of noise when full-force jamming is running, so I wonder if this comes from one or two rogue jamming sites among the many all over Cuba, who just won`t stop no matter what?

Meanwhile, what was RHC doing? In English on 6010 at 0550, Arnie`s science talk about how the Isla de Juventud has no electrical grid connexion with the rest of Cuba so has to generate its own power and at greater expense. No other English found, as 6060 was off the air, while 6000, 6120 and 6140 were in Spanish.

CRI relay on 9570, Sept 7 at 1352 had modulation audible only at peaking spikes, unlistenable: wiggle that patchcord!

RHC, 17660, Sept 7 at 2157 in distorted Spanish about the same sound as // 11800, unlike VG signal and modulation on // 11770. Not only have no frequencies been carrying English at 2030-2130, but now not at 2300-2400 either: Sept 7 at 2323, the only scheduled English channel for that, 13790, is in Spanish // 13760 and 11690, music at the moment. 11760 is taking a break audiblizing something in Chinese, i.e. Mandarin, R. Free Asia via Tinian and/or ChiCom jamming.

At 2334, 17705 hum and RHC in French obsession about Zelaya and Honduras; trouble is, per RHC`s own schedule, this semihour is supposed to be in Guaraní. How many of them also understand French rather than Spanish or Portuguese?? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR [non]. HCJB`s new test in German via CVC CHILE: 9865, Sept 7 at 2345 mixture of music and talk, good signal, and not // 12040 Die Stimme der Anden still extant direct from Pifo to where else, S America. 9865 gone at 0001 recheck; the following hour to be trying Portuguese on 11755, but inaudible there with big splash from RHC 11760 which had just reopened for evening transmission // 11690 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9524.9, Sept 7 at 1340, finally better modulation level than the past fortnight, only with music, vocal at first, 1345 instrumental, but presumably English service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND. Once again this fortnight, RNZI Mailbox starts early, and fortunately I tuned 6170 in early, Monday Sept 7 at 1328 as it began at 1328:30. This time Myra Oh is on vacation and Adrian Sainsbury is back ``from a great vacation in the USA``, doing the whole show, starting with Simon & Garfunkel`s ``America``. John Durham`s DX news to follow, so altho 6170 was still readable, I left that for playing back the audio file later where I could pause or repeat it as needed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. RRI, 9745 // 9655 at 2354 Sept 7 ending Spanish hour with Hotbird 5 frequency, full Spanish SW sked including 6100 among the four frequencies at 2300! Despite RCI also there but it`s to E NAm while RRI is to CAm, still too close for comfort. Next occupant of 9745: see U S A [non] CVC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SERBIA [non]. Looking for IRS on 9675, nothing there Sept 7 until just before 0000 Sept 8 carrier on, theme music and opening in Serbian, fairly good signal. English presumably followed at 0030, not checked (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Have noticed that some schedules of REE show the weekly Emision Sefarad in Judeo-Español to the Middle East for A09 is on 15325, Mondays at 1425-1455, but it`s really on 15385, the same frequency as in B08, as confirmed Sept 7 at 1445 with music and talk which almost sounds like Castilian until you notice some strange slurred pronunciations more like Portuguese or Galician. YL with closing announcement at 1453 also claimed to be on 15325, but what does she know? REE has a 6-daily broadcast from 1500 on 15385, so perhaps they don`t want to bother with changing the frequency in between. She also gave schedule for the two other Sephardic repeats, UT Tue 0115 on 117_5, could not copy one digit, but Aoki has 11795 for that, correct? and to NAm UT Tue 0415 on 9650, confirmed Sept 8 with VG signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, not audible before 2400 UT Sept 7, so probably off the air during the WRN fill-time; but at 0007 Sept 8 with M&W preachers in English, bit of Andean music, and into Spanish XYL talking about investing in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana in particular, later some words from Jeff White. 0015 into AWR Wavescan in English as scheduled, Jeff doing it despite laryngitis he contracted in the DR, no episode number heard but the one starting with world`s largest eclipse. The 0000 eighth of an hour is Bible Pathway/Upper Room, and the second eighth is Viva Miami, the XYL surely being Thaïs White. No jamming audible at this time, altho the S antenna is scheduled (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. Have been trying to confirm whether IBB has finally got its act together not to interfere with itself when making the totally unnecessary site switch at 1430 in the middle of the 14-15 hour in English from VOA News Now. After pointing out repeatedly that Botswana was coming on before 1430 and Greenville going off after 1430, the latter finally started dropping carrier immediately (DCI) at 1430, as easily observed here previously. But Botswana usually inaudible anyway here unlike in African target area. On Sept 7, however, Greenville was relatively weak, and Bots relatively strong, so at 1428 I could hear them still starting up with the Yankee Doodle Dandy sign-on routine mixing with Today in History feature via Greenville. So Bots still hasn`t implemented instruxions from HQ to crash-start at 1430.

The Greenville DRM test continues into another week, on 15470-15475-15480 at 2153 check Sept 7, so it still shows no respect at all for the only SW station on the entire continent of Antarctica, already using 15476 until 2100 M-F while DRM starts at 2000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. CVC La Voz, Miami via CHILE, on new 9745 at 0005 Sept 8 // 11665, so CFRX has more clear hours on 6070 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Since changing its schedule around, is WEWN still radiating plus and minus 10 kHz dirty FMy screeching spurs from at least one of its three transmitters? So far had not been able to determine this due to poor reception, but Sept 7 at 1343 the answer is yes, this time emanating from the Spanish service on 11550, clashing with an innocent victim on 11540 but nothing audible on 11560 other than the spur when BFO is on. 11540 would be VOA in Cambodian via Sri Lanka. Previously it was the English service putting out the spurs, when it was on 11530. Next check at 2155, English frequency 15610 has built up some strength but no spurs heard (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNVCI, 13680 via CUBA, Sept 7 at 2324 YL announcer in broken English introducing excerpts of someone`s speech in Spanish, but not directly translated; 2327 about Cuba being invited back into the OAS. RNV apparently thinx its typical listeners are bilingual, accounting for all the mixtures of Spanish and English. BTW, Marty Delfín forwards a Sept 4 story from BBC Mundo which says in part:

`Con la construcción del centro internacional de radio en el estado Guárico, en la zona central del país, y la reactivación del transmisor, RNV estaría en capacidad de tener una señal 24 horas, que comenzaría a funcionar en diciembre.

Actualmente los contenidos se emiten en español, inglés y portugués. "Y ya después incorporaremos muchísimos más idiomas porque el modelo cubano ha sido para nosotros una referencia importante", dijo Salcedo.`

So now we have a target date for RNV`s own SW site in Guárico state: December. This also claims they have already been broadcasting in Portuguese, which I have never seen reported, just rather elegant Spanish and sort-of English. Portuguese, really? And surely they are not really `reactivating` some old failed transmitter, but putting in new one(s). (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36 detectable carrier Sept 10 at 1910, 2036 with a bit of music mixing with Greenville DRM, certainly unexpected, but both signals quite weak. Later found that some other North Americans were getting LRA36 better this date (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. 6070, CFRX, Sept 10 at 1218 with local Toyota ad; also fast SAH of about 10 Hz, and no roar from ailing North Korean transmitter which normally runs until 1250 or so. Therefore, I suspect the SAH, also noted previously around 1256, is from that same NK transmitter which has been remedied at least for now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. We are still suffering from local hi noise levels, especially on the trop bands, but signals must be picking up as on Sept 10 between 1229 and 1234 I was getting some audio on 4950, Chinese? should be V. of Pujiang, and 5050, Vietnamese? should be Beibu Bay Radio. Also 4460 CNR1. 5030 CNR1 is audible just about every morning, tho overshadowed by Cuba 5025, so I rarely bother logging it. Plus several Korea North frequencies, q.v.; also CNR1 at 1243 with kids voices including artificially higher-pitched, sped-up, // on 7365, 7305. Per Aoki, both 7365 and 7305 at this hour are genuine broadcasts from Shijiazhuang 724 site and not jammers!

Firedrake, Sept 10 at 1247 on 8400, good with flutter, also 9000. Sept 11 at 1310 poor on 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 4750, becoming audible vs the noise level, Sept 10 at 1233, Indonesian, so RRI Makassar, vs the co-channel stations which should go elsewhere than 4750. Also audible Sept 11 at 1245 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. 5890, VOA Korean, usually in the clear, but Sept 10 at 1225 had roaring jammer and still at 1332; 24+ hours later, in the clear again. Ron Howard theorizes that The Dear Leader doesn`t have enough jammers to go around, so targets vary from day to day. See also CANADA [non], where 6070 is supposed to be an intentional NK broadcast in Japanese rather than jamming.

The KNDF clandestine frequencies from N to S Korea: Sept 10 at 1233 on 4557, this one making the oscillating jamming sound, so that`s from the South? Also CODAR in the mix; at 1235 singing on 4450, flutter, CODAR, no jamming heard. At 1236 on 3480, jamming and het like on 4557.

The 105-meter band was back with 2850 KCBS audible in music at 1239 Sept 10 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RNW via Tinang, PHILIPPINES, 9650, Sept 10 at 1312 just barely audible under CRI via Sackville, and virtually on same frequency, unlike the day before when RNW was relatively strong and hetting (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3385, Sept 10 at 1237 a bit of Pidgin? talk and music audible, presumed Radio East New Britain, best of the PNG channels here at this still too-late hour shortly after local sunrise (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. 11920, RRI with lively pop music show, Friday Sept 11 at 1320-1340, IDs in Romanian for Actualitatsi service. Fair signal tho not aimed usward, 285 degrees from Galbeni. Still miss their defunct morning hour in English, but this will have to do (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 11620, Sept 10 at 1940 with accordion music, announcement in English soon recognized as Justin Coe, ergo REE, weekday hour to Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DGIEST)

** U S A. WINB continues to show disrespect for the Stars & Stripes and the National Anthem: 9265, Sept 10 at 1259 sign-off announcement starts by talking over the Star Spangled Banner (as if their airtime were too precious to separate them), 1300 off. It seems they do not come up on 13570 ASAP as per schedule. That was still inaudible at 1319. Does it start around 1400? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN spurs: Sept 10 at 1403, Spanish on 11550 accompanied by filthy FM rackets on 11540 and 11560. At 1408, 11550 had weakened a bit and suffered itself from the Taiwan off-frequency het (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WBCQ, 7415, JBA here during 1900-1930 UT Thursday Sept 10 first airing of WORLD OF RADIO 1477. Before 1900 I had noticed 9330-CUSB on air with usual financial infomercial, and 9330 was also on at 1933 check with Amos & Andy, which is scheduled on 7415 only. So did much better daytime signal on 9330 too stay on air between 1900 and 1930 with World of Radio? Wish I had thought to check. Try that henceforth in case (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 5970, Sept 10 at 1215, chant-like speech in Asian language causing fast SAH of approx. 15 Hz with REE Costa Rica. 1227 ``Know Redeemer Liveth`` hymn theme, Korean, contact addresses for Family Radio. Per Aoki at 12-13 this is YFR via Komsomol`sk-na-Amure, DVR, while REE is direct from Spain, the latter obviously incorrect (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ZANZIBAR. 11735, RTZ, provided some nice Arab music to doze by, Sept 10 from 1950 to 2020 when went back to mostly talk. Lo audible het thruout but Zanzibar atop and not too bothersome. Is Radio Rossii active there, or was the het internally produced? Nothing else listed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA. Caribbean Beacon still off the air Sept 12, nothing on 6090 at 0510 check, nor on 11775 at various daytime chex. Must be a fairly serious problem. Bryan Clark in NZ, however, says MW 1610 was still heard Sept 7 at 0503, so it`s only about SW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. Voice of Biafra International was still on 15665 WHRI Sept 4 for the Friday-only 19-20 broadcast, but Sept 11 they had made the switch to 17520. Checking at 1915, at first could not hear anything on either frequency, but persisting on 17520, very weak carrier briefly faded up enough to recognize The Orator. Alan Roe in England also confirms 17520, JBA at 1900, and not audible at 1915. The question is, why the change now and is it really for the better in the target area? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. It`s rare for both WWV and WWVH to be inaudible on 10000 kHz, without a total blackout; but Sept 12 at 2245 that was the case allowing some much weaker tix and pips to be audiblized with BFO helping. One station was making a beep every ten seconds correctly, and altho I could hear a murmur of audio, could not make any voice out. The 10-second pattern fits for PPE, Observatório Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, the new timesignal station which came on a few months ago with less than 1 kW. Also at the top of each minute there were three heavy beeps at seconds 58, 59 and 60. Is that PPE too? Some weaker tix from I know not where, and some station added binary code at 2249-2251. By 2252 I could hear a trace of the same pitch tone as on WWV 5000. Listened carefully at 2259-2301 but did not hear any announcements when at least WWV and WWVH would have given full IDs (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA: 2500

** CHINA [and non]. 7365 with mixture of two Chinese stations, Sept 12 at 1317. Per Aoki it`s VOA Cantonese via Tinang and CNR1, which now becomes a jammer unlike before 1300. 7305 with single Chinese audio was not // the main signal on 7365, so the latter must have been VOA.

Firedrake, Sept 12 at 1314: fair on 9000, none on 8400; at 1320 fair on 10210; none heard higher.

15220, CRI in Mandarin via Sackville, VG signal as always, Sat Sept 12 at 1428 gave me pause as ``O Sole Mio`` was being performed in Italian. After interruption for jingle and ID, from 1434 onwards all the announcements were in English, apparently by the conductor from the podium of a concert recorded in China, including: Star Trek medley of TV and movie themes; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon themes featuring Yo Yo Ma; La Donna è Mobile, by quite a tenor as earlier but not one of the Big 3; Magnificent Seven theme; Bridge Over Troubled Waters by children`s and women`s chorus of the China National Symphony Orchestra; 1454 cut back to Chinese for outro talking over music with e-mail pronounced in English sounding like and 1456 dramatic promo, ID with, 1500 IS and ID for another hour. I was almost convinced some of the announcements were in Cantonese, but skeds show all in Mandarin. Not to mention English  (Glenn Hauser,


** CUBA. RHC re-jumbles which frequencies are in English and which in unscheduled Spanish after 0500: Sept 12 at 0513, 6140 and 6060 were in English, while 6120, 6010 and JBA 6000 were in Spanish. 6010 had been the most reliable channel for English tho sometimes missing completely (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR [non]. HCJB test via CVC Chile, 11745 ex-11755, Sept 12 at 0035 check, Brazilian service, VG signal unlike 11755 previously which they left to avoid RHC 11760, and still not // Pifo direct on 11920. Competing against itself? 24 hours later, not heard on 11745, brief test period presumably over (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 4750, Sept 12 at 1257, rapid Indonesian talk right thru hourtop past 1302, seemingly atop some co-channel. RRI Makassar is certainly the prime 60m signal from Indonesia of the few that remain (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN [non]. 17670 with some really enjoyable music with 4 beats at first, presumably in Persian, since it`s Radio Farda, Sept 12 at 1413, // much weaker 17755 colliding with Spain, on the air this early only on weekends per Aoki. Farda sites are Wertachtal and Biblis, GERMANY, respectively (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT [and non]. RNV, 11670 via CUBA, Sept 12 at 2224 in Spanish, with continuous roar of QRDRM from the hi side, i.e. MOI Kuwait 11670-11675-11680 as scheduled to NAm also starting at 2200. The AM QRM to the DRM must also have been significant, probably enough to ruin decoding (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. As suspected the day before, WBCQ did leave the second transmitter, 9330-CUSB on the air during WORLD OF RADIO 1477, Friday Sept 11 at 1900-1930, much better here than // 7415. Hope this applies Tuesday thru Friday for all the 1900 WOR repeats (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Unlike Friday when it signed off by talking over the National Anthem at 1259, on Saturday Sept 12, WINB was still on 9265 at 1315, with a non-Brother Stair preacher not // 9385 WWRB, but probably became // later that Sabbath with usual asynchronicity (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9825, not a familiar frequency for a gospel huxter, Sept 12 at 0448, YL preacher with very bad miking, scraping sounds, probably amateur using amateur equipment (and I don`t mean ham); could be new frequency for Radio Africa, it was so bad! 0458 cut off for outro by pro announcer with good modulation, giving her Georgia address and website, but signal faded out before could get ID if there was any, and no further reception, apparently signed off. Aoki says this is WHRI in use only on day 1=Sunday at 0400-0500, but this was day 7=UT Saturday. WHR does its best to confuse everyone about days of week on its online schedules. EiBi has it right as Saturday only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9825, Sept 12 at 2305 onward with continuous light music, some jazzy, never any announcements. VG signal and during pauses could hear DentroCuban Jamming Command noise. Kept listening and finally at 2359 VOA YDD sign-off announcement and off by 2401. Per EiBi and Aoki this is supposed to be the Spanish hour from VOA. Did they lose the entire feed forcing fill music from Greenville? How hard is it to get a reliable signal from Washington? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Is WWV having some transmitter problems, or is it just strange propagation? 2500 normally remains audible here considerably after sunrise (but not all day); however, Sept 12 at 1256 could not hear any trace of it on 2500, tho 5000 was fine as usual.

Then at 2245-2300 I could not hear WWV, or even WWVH on 10000, normally a good daytime frequency, allowing in some weaker pips including, I think, BRAZIL, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA. Caribbean Beacon finally back on the air after missing since Sept 5, heard Sept 13 at 0455 on 6090 with PMS; also on 11775 at 1308 with DGS. Some reported 11775 back on as of Sept 12 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 13: at 1255 nothing on 8400, poor on 9000.

9985 at 1306 Sept 13, CNR1 jamming mix with VOA Chinese, via Saipan, same as on 9845, where VOA is via Tinang; 9985 is used by VOA only for this single hour, and consequently the jamming; WWCR 9980 had not built up to super-strength yet (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC, Sunday Sept 13 at 1453, slow marches by military band, on 15360, 13780, 13760, 11760; is that the end of the scheduled La Cultura en Cuba show? Was looking for Alo, Presidente channels, but none on the air this week: 13750, 13680, 12010, 11690. Back on 13780, at 1457:30, end music without any back-announcement, RHC ID as for ``Norte, Centro y Sudamerica, y el area del Mediterraneo``. The latter is iffy, and certainly not at this hour; included clip from Fidel announcing years ago that Cuba now had an international radio voice; and multilingual ID I had not heard before: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Esperanto, Arabic, Quechua/Guarani (or vice versa?), French, Creole. At 1500, 13780 cuts modulation to open carrier, vs Austria-via-Canada starting 13775, but 13780 still on at 1505.

Spanish continued past 1500 on 13760, 11760; I gather some revolutionary hero had died, so that might explain the martial music earlier. 11760 is supposed to be in Esperanto at 1500-1530 Sundays, but that language must be the lowest priority, getting no respect, and easily bumped off. Aside from its novelty, doesn`t matter, as its content is the same old crap as in the other languages, five-heroes obsession, etc. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K. 13690, at 1559 Sept 13, BBCWS with `V` interval signal, but hiccuping at the first dit, 1600 timesignal and opening Russian via Rampisham, bothered by WYFR on 13695. Which BBC services get the V and which get the B-B-C- note chimes? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Unlike the previous morning, WWV indeed audible on 2500 as late as 1250 Sept 13 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. For the third time, I hear extremely distorted FMy spur in Brazilian Portuguese, extending from 5773 to 5785 and peaking around 5777, Sept 14 at 0521, presumably from or instead of 6060, Rádio Tupi, Curitiba, as reported previously from Brasil and Uruguay. Each time I have heard it around this hour, it`s all-talk, no music. Those with true NBFM mode reception capability should try whether it is any clearer than by my slope-detexion for a definite ID (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 6030 this Monday with no Cuban jamming audible, unlike last week, Sept 14 at 0517 caught a bit of Johnny Cash at fadeup, no doubt CFVP Calgary with its country format (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Looking for VOI at 1350 Sept 14, at first seemed absent, then could barely detect a carrier around 9524.9. So add inaudible signal to inaudible modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MOROCCO. 15341, RTM making a big het with 15340, Sept 14 at 1355 past 1402. 15340 was almost as strong, but RTM`s Arabic modulation was atop. The victim must be HCJB Kununurra, 307 degrees, scheduled to change from Hindi to Urdu at 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. 15285, besides the usual radio war between the

ChiCom`s CNR1 jamming and BBCWS Mandarin, via Singapore, Sept 14 at 1402 was also hearing Qur`an and a fast SAH among them. The latter is scheduled as VOT in Arabic, but beamed to N/W Africa, they must have thought the share would work (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. Hugo faked me out Sunday Sept 13, as chex until 1500 UT, as in previous report, found none of the Aló, Presidente channels via CUBA on the air. If there is going to be any show that week, they are normally on as early as 1400 with RHC`s own prolog produxions until he`s ready. So did not recheck until 1752, and then 13750 was on with big signal matching big ego; weaker on // 12010, weaker still on 11690 and not audible on 13680 or 17750 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 6070, CFRX with VG signal at 0523 Sept 15 discussing duct/duck tape (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Anomaly report Sept 15: 13780 missing at 1351, RHC still there as usual on 13760 and 13680, but the leapfrog on 13880 also absent, of course. 13740 open carrier from CRI relay not yet on either, but was by 1357 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9524.9, still very undermodulated, but signal a little better on Sept 15 at 1354, M&W conversing and Banjarmasin mentioned at 1356, so yet another reconfirmation of their every-Tuesday excursion. Quite a bit of flutter, 1357 music ruined by CRI`s own prélude and het (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS ANTILLES [and non]. Surprised to hear some Spanish on 6135, Sept 15 at 0529 outroducing a program; nothing scheduled here, unless it`s Bolivia, but sounds like a major international broadcaster. Weak signal and 0530 into another language mentioning Somalia. Then it dawns on me that this is the leapfrog mixing product from Bonaire matching the one on 6225, the 6195 NHK Spanish service saulting over 6165 RNW in Dutch, both of which go off at 0530. And then on 6135 is BBC Ascension in Hausa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. It seems that Brother Scare is gone again from WWCR-2, 13845, where he had been appearing a few weeks in the local mornings instead of The so-called University Network. Sept 15 at 1243 there was PMS with VG Es-enhanced signal, MUF between that and still barely audible 15825 transmitter; by 1300, 13845 had also receded to JBA but still PMS // Anguilla 11775; and at 1607 recheck, 13845 with DGS. AFAIK, WWCR never entered The Overcomer Ministry usage of 13845 on their online schedule; maybe he was just filling time waiting for the payment from LA to clear? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BOTSWANA [and non]. Checking VOA self-collision at 1430 on 17585: Sept 16 at 1428 found open carrier on 17575, which is the warmup frequency for Botswana, and meanwhile 17585 from Greenville was JBA. 17575 went off a few sex before 1430, and VOA World News Now came up on 17585 at 1430 with much improved signal over Greenville. So they finally are no longer overlapping several minutes, just as James MacDonell, Nigeria reported as of Sept 12 in DXLD 9-070 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 16: at 1234, good on 8400 // 9000, only fair with flutter on 10210. Have not heard any of the 13-18 MHz channels in quite some time, presumably just not propagating (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC musical-frequencies check Sept 16 at 0645: English on 6140, 6060, 6010; Spanish on 6120, JBA on 6000.

At 1245 Sept 16 noticed that 15120 was missing, but still on 15360 and 13760. After 1400, all transmitters on 22m going full force: 13880, 13780, 13760, 13740, 13720, 13680 --- including CRI relay and leapfrogs (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9680 with qontinuous Qur`an, Sept 16 at 1425 and still at 1442, fair with no QRM. Figure it`s RRI domestic service relay, as nothing else fits from an Islamic country; assume even in Indonesia they get a bit more serious about religion during Ramadan. Also considerable het on 9525 indicating another Cimanggis frequency is propagating (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. R. Nikkei, 3925 good signal and hams were avoiding it, Sept 16 at 1222, classical music on Moog synthesizer, // 6055. They really love this kind of music, often heard around this time and later. In fact, they must have played everything available in that repertoire multiple times. Do they have a deal with Isao Tomita, or is Wendy Carlos ever played? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. 11875 in German with strange accent, Sept 16 at 1236 introducing a Lied, then song with too much music vs voice level, as in a karaoke, another German announcement with ID as Radio Rumänien International. Still seems odd to be hearing German at this hour, which is mid-afternoon in target, but aimed at same azimuth 307 degrees from Tiganeshti as used for NAm elsewhen and elsewhere. Meanwhile, slightly better signal on 11920 in Romanian despite being 285 degrees from Galbeni (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 13635 at 1246 Sept 16, YL with pursed lips talking about Afghanistan in presumed Turkish as scheduled from VOT, fair. No sign of CVC Darwin in English. Per Aoki they collide between 1130 and 1255, 104 degrees from 500 kW Emirler and 303 degrees from 250 kW Darwin, which would be almost aiming at each other! But other sources show TRT more sensibly using a 310 degree beam to Europe, and thus also usward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI is trying out the NW antenna on UT Wed & Fri at 0700-0800, when there are English/DX programs, i.e. Wed 0700 WORLD OF RADIO, 0730 Frecuencia al Día; Fri Happy Station. I managed to stay awake until 0645 UT Sept 16, and there was no signal at all audible on 9955. Lately however, 31m has been pretty dead by that late hour. In fact, the only signals reaching a fair level were Australia on 9660 and WWV(H?) 10000. Was WRMI audible anywhere? We hoped this transmission might be making it to WNAm, where it`s only midnight PDT/MST, while local time in SAm, the previous target and still such other days of the week, is 2-4 am. Solar flux is supposed to soar to 72 next week, so maybe that will help (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 11705, RNV CI via CUBA, Sept 16 at 1230 giving e-mail address as  Good thing they said it twice, as audio was cutting out, then feature Venezuela y su Geografía about Estado Sucre on the Caribbean coast. All in Spanish during the minute I listened (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. Radio Nacional de la RASD is still on 6297, Sept 16 at 0644 with music and presumed Hassania talk; fair with utility QRM too close on low side, so should have stayed on 6300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. Couldn`t listen to World of Radio on WBCQ, which turned off 9330 just after it started at 1900 Sept 17; and 7415 just barely audible, so what to do? Oh, I`ll listen to Antarctica instead. Tuned to 15476 at 1902 and there was weakly audible music, signal fading up a bit including at 1904 when YL gave ID mentioning LRA36 and also copied their 9401 postal code. Back to music; 1914-1919 longer talk segment; more talk at 1926  but too weak; 1933 another ID and address; 1945 tuneout (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ARGENTINA. Whenever LRA36 is in on 15476, I check how its nearest neighbor General Pacheco is doing downband and downlatitude. 15345v, RAE making big het with RTM Morocco, and the het pitch wavering slightly, due to the ancient unstable transmitter RAE uses, Sept 17 at 1922. Mixture of French from RAE and Arabic from RTM. RAE has been perusaded to participate in HFCC, so will these collisions finally become avoidable from B-09? RTM still does not (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ASIA [non]. 15350, Sept 18 at 1338, fair signal from self-assured preacher in S Asian language, sounds like Malto to me ;-\ Axually, that`s per Aoki, Gospel for Asia via Wertachtal, 250 kW, 90 degrees at 1330-1345 Malto on Thu & Fri; Meitei on Mon/Tue/Wed; Kinnauri on Sun & Sat. Unfortunately, Malto is missing from EiBi`s language list at but maybe due to spelling variations as in the case of the other two. The gospel huxters will never rest until every conceivable minority language group gets preached at and given a chance to ditch their original religion, or better yet, become rational (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRIA. 6155, R. Austria Interrnational had not been heard for a few nights around 0500 but assumed it was lack of propagation. Wolfgang Büschel reports that the transmitter at Moosbrunn site was instead down for some maintenance. But definitely back at 0530 Sept 18 in German, sufficient. I keep missing the 0508v M-F token news in English, still there? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 5778, approximate center of blob, big nasty extremely distorted FMy spur Sept 18 at 0544, wailing preacher, surely David Miranda, and caught mention of program name `A Voz da Libertação`. Still presumed to be badly mistuned 6060 R. Tupi, Curitiba PR, or spur from that. Have yet to see any other reports of this from NAm, but a regular here, and probably equally so earlier in the evening if that be more convenient (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 18 at 1313: 8400 fair, 9000 very poor (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC musical frequencies observation Sept 18 at 0531: Spanish on 6060, 6120 and 6140, probably JBA 6000, items on two major obsessions, héroes and béisbol; while English was on 6010 only.

For the non-native speaker, I should explain once that ``musical frequencies`` really has nothing to do with music on them. The expression alludes to ``musical chairs``, a game in which a group of people walk around a set of chairs while music is playing --- except there is one more person than chairs, so when the music stops abruptly, they all rush to sit down, bumping hips, and one of them gets no seat or lands on the floor. Thus the match between people and chairs, or languages and frequencies is constantly changing and unpredictable (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9425, AIR IS at 1319 Sept 18, 1320 some chanting in unison, 1321 Hindi announcement with frequencies in kHz. Some other station interval signals could be spruced up or exoticised by adding a drone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WBCQ simulcasting WORLD OF RADIO on 9330-CUSB last week was apparently a fluke, perhaps unintentional runover of the 18-19 UT broadcast. Sometime between 1900 and 1930 Sept 16 I noticed that 9330 was not on air; so Sept 17 I tuned in at 1859. WOR did start up at 1900 but transmission cut off halfway thru the opening theme (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, testing NW antenna instead of SSE antenna, UT Friday Sept 18: at 0158 frequency seems vacant, no jamming either, altho WRMI had been audible at *2359 Sept 17 in English. But at 0159 strong S9+20 carrier pops on, and from 0201 YLs with Your World Your Way infomercial. I still have no idea what they are selling, MEGO. Remained good at outset, but at 0302 recheck had faded out completely, or rather below jamming level which had meanwhile appeared even tho WRMI programming was not in Spanish and not anti-Castro! WRMI is also running NW antenna UT Monday 0200-0400 for QSO with Ted Randall, and testing UT Wed & Fri for Wire Light a.k.a. Cheetah Radio a.k.a. etc., etc. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN [non]. 9900, Sept 18 at 1314-1315* VR IS, flutter, carrier remained on a bit past 1315. Aoki shows this at 1230-1313 only, in Chinese via Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, 111 degrees, i.e. right across China (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VIETNAM [non]. VOV, 6175 via Sackville, caught last few minutes of transmission UT Fri Sept 18: 0523 in progress, Vietnamese language lesson presented in English, even tho this is not during an English block --- so people listening this hour already speak Vietnamese!! Seems to be a regular aberration around this time, not sure on which days of week. At 0525, a useful phrase one must have on the tip of one`s tongue in Vietnam was ``the rabbit`s ear is inside the ink bottle`` --- perhaps some cultural background is necessary to understand its deep significance. No discernible sign-off, but 0527 cut to usual VTC guitar music fill until 0529 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36 audible for second day at about same insufficient level, but incomparably better than nothing. If only my line noise level would abate! Sept 18 at 1902 with bits of music; still audible with more music at recheck 2035 when no QRDRM was to be heard, so has Greenville finally ended its test run without respect for the only SW station in Antarctica? Inconclusive, as 15470-15480 was usually pretty weak here, unlike in targeted Europe (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. 17520, Friday Sept 18 at 1859 JBA WHRI sign-on with Onward Christian Soldiers, World Harvest Radio`s in-your-face, we-will-convert-you-by-force-if-necessary theme tune invoking the Crusades, presumably to be followed by VOBI for the second week on this reactivated frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check at 2050 Sept 18: all in Spanish on 13760, 11800-very distorted and crackly, 11770, 11760, no English on 11760 as allegedly scheduled, and listed // 17660 inaudible. At 2130 noticed that 13790 was also on the air, in Spanish of course (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 15190, Radio Africa, Sept 18 at 2044 comparing to VON 15120 [see NIGERIA]: 15190 S9+18, gospel music louder than 15120, prayer in African accent now undermodulated with rumble; 2045 greetings from another preacher with American accent who did not identify himself, nor was there any introduxion, which apparently he was expecting the affiliate to make, far beyond the capabilities of this one. 2128 gospel music, very distorted now, as Panamerican Broadcasting has no requirements at all for minimum technical standards from its clients (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE. RFI Spanish service, 17630 via GUIANA FRENCH, Sept 18 at 2059 music already on, timesignal approx. 9 sex late! Timecheck as 11 pm, into news; so apparently not on strike today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 15120, VON, decent S9+15 signal twixt REE 15110 and WYFR 15130, Sept 18 at 2042 YL with economic report in English; some hum ande modulation level not commensurate with strength, but at least it was not distorted and just about 100% readable. Already off at 2056 recheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [and non]. In a total failure of frequency management, both of REE`s frequencies in French at 2000-2100 have collisions: Sept 18 at 2051 was getting about equal levels on 11620 from REE in French, and AIR with Indian vocal music during English broadcast. Per Aoki, Bengaluru switches at 2045 from 120 to 325 degrees as it changes from Hindi to English. 11620 is of course a very longtime AIR channel, and if it were not for Spain in the way, would have been the best one audible here.

9690, the other REE French channel, at 2053 was mixing with RRI closing English broadcast from 2030, // 9765-colliding with Spain/Costa Rica, weakest 11810 with ACI from Spain/CR 11815, and best 11945 in clear. REE`s French broadcast is fortunately M-F only, if it cannot be on clear frequencies. 9690 // 11620 confirmed as REE with ID and address at 2055 closing. These are aimed in the second quadrant at North Africa and Mideast, while RRI is aimed NW toward UK and NAm (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WBCQ, 9330-CUSB, since WORLD OF RADIO was carried here last Friday in addition to 7415, checked Sept 18 at 1900: infomercial cut to ID, cut to WOR 1478 opening, cut off after I said `8`, cut to another ID and off the air. Meanwhile reception on weaker 7415 was somewhat better than it had been previously for WOR (Glenn Hauser, oK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. Yet another Sackville leapfrog to add to the stable: 6045, Sept 19 at 0522 in Vietnamese, the 6175 VOV relay transmitter saulting over the 6110 transmitter carrying NHK at 0500-0530 only, another 65 kHz downward. The fundamentals were very strong, audiblizing the parasite.

There should be another one on 6240 in the other direxion, this one with NHK English audio, but did not notice it. After 0600, of course, 6045 becomes an intentional frequency with KBSWR relay, but then with none others to overleap (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 6070, no signal from CFRX at 0519 Sept 19; usually VG even in the nightmiddle, and so was Sackville, so suspect off the air. Back, however, at next check 1239, phone conversation about home improvement, aluminum vs vinyl? With fast SAH, presumably North Korean carrier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake Sept 19: at 1242, very poor on 8400, merely poor on 9000; none heard on 10-11-13-14 MHz channels, but at 1308 came upon FD too on 15425, aside unID weaker carrier hetting from 15427, surely today`s frequency for V. of Tibet via Tashkent, per Aoki at 1300-1330 also 15427 but varying 15422-15429, not to be confused with VOT via Dushanbe on 15412-15422.

15795, Sept 19 at 1303 mixture of Indian music and Chinese talk, i.e. AIR Mandarin service via Bengaluru, and CNR1 jamming, as the ChiCom control freaks will not even allow neighboring India to speak to Chinese people, while CRI has numerous broadcasts in Bengali, English, Hindi, Mandarin and Tamil totally unimpeded to India. The paranoids in Beijing also have no sense of fair play whatsoever, and this also applies to all their international relations, trade and otherwise (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC Sept 19 at 0524: 6140, 6120 and 6000 in Spanish; 6060 and 6010 in English translating remarx of Puerto Rican singer Ol`ga Cañón who is in Habana for a Sunday concert at Plaza de la Revolución, on the very same stage previously occupied by Pope John Paul II!! Alex Silva`s English version left something to be desired. He said she said that ``Cuba is open to the world``. Ha ha, please remind the DentroCuban Jamming Command about that!

At 1358 noticed RHC echoing on a single frequency, 13720. This is the leapfrog of 13760 over the open carrier on 13740 about to start CRI relay in English; and the echo must have come from extreme overload by the unsynchronized audio from the other transmitter site on 13680 and/or 13780 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. Rarely get readable signals from transpolar India here on 60m, so very pleased Sept 19 at 1233 to hear English news of India on 4920, AIR Chennai, averaging S9+10, and over CODAR; 1234 to Hindi, ads? Best extracontinental signal on band, grayline fits, better than 4750 or 5030. So not Tibet, which was my guess as 4920 music source a few days ago.

At 1429 on 11585, more Indian music past 1431, then announcement with hum. This is the Sindhi service via Delhi (Khampur?) site. Certainly not DRM, which Aoki says was in use until Sept 11.

Checked 9425 at 1431 and found AIR news in English, flutter, 1435 back to music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also CHINA [and non]

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3335 at 1223 Sept 19 with island music, guitar and singing, just above CHU 3330 pips still JBA, and improving slightly, 1229 pause and more such music but no announcement. Surely Radio East Sepik, Wewak, the best non-Tennessee signal on 90m; traces on a few other PNG channels, notably 3385 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA. Caribbean Beacon silent again on 6090, Sept 20 at 0558, but maybe not for a week this time, as DGS was back on 11775 at 1300 check, never with any local ID at hourtop or anywhen (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ARGENTINA. As an example of how feeble the ``100 kW`` transmitter at General Pacheco is, Sept 20 at 0152 I noticed a het registering about S6 on 11711v, obviously R. Nacional, but no audio readable. Meanwhile, the following other SAm signals were inbooming on the same band: 11780 Brasil S9+18, 11920 HCJB S9+18, 11665 CVC S9+12; from closer in LAm, RHC 11760 & 11690 S9+20. And per Aoki, 11711 is even supposed to be aimed usward at 335 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. Interesting to compare signals from Toronto and Sackville only 25 kHz apart, and CFRX wins! Sept 20 at 0605, CFRX 6070 had louder modulation and at least equal signal to KBSWR in Spanish on 6045. CFRX runs 1 kW non-direxional(?), and RCI has 250 kW at 60 degrees to Europe, but normally VG here. Of course, Toronto is considably closer. CFRX had been missing about 24 hours earlier. It was also still on around 1230 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 20 at 1245, poor on 8400 and 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [non]. Not only does the CRI relay via CUBA on 9570 in the mornings hash neighboring Australian frequencies 9560 and 9580, but exactly the same kind of noise accompanies no doubt the same dirty transmitter in the evenings when it is on 9580: Sept 20 at 0205 the hash could be heard around 9570 and 9590. In fact, I was not hearing the CRI relay via Albania on 9570 at all, so it`s ChiComs vs ChiComs! Both 9570 and 9580 are in use 0100-0300. Serves the damn jammers right (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) see also SPAIN

** CUBA. RHC, UT Sunday Sept 20 at 0558: DXers Unlimited had Arnie Coro with studio-quality audio on his voice for a change! He had previously claimed that he always did it from the studio rather than phoning it in from home, and the degraded audio only on his voice was intentional filtering to make it more intelligible over SW transmission. We found this strange, as none of the other RHC announcers were so lucky.

Show was running late, at 0559 Item 4: Ask Arnie in which he gave a superficial explanation of why RHC streamed audio runs behind SW audio on 11770 as monitored in Italy; and propagation, saying that we need solar flux of 80 or 90 to perk up the bands in the daytime. Who can remember when it was typically that high? Sigh.

As to frequency usage, it was once again jumbled. I first tuned in to 6140, which was in English this time, but 6060 absent, and English also on 6010. 6120 and much weaker 6000 were in Spanish. At recheck 0604, 6060 was back on as an additional English channel.

Sept 20 at 1450 on 13780 announcer was mentioning a special event at 2 pm [1800 UT], on TV and satellite, no doubt the big concert for peace in Habana, but if also on SW, I was too late to catch details of that. Any Esperanto this week? No, that minority language continues to be even more expendable than Guarani or English, as 11760 was still in RHC Spanish at 1502 and 1522, now in the secret midday SW service // weak 13760, and 13780 was still on with big open carrier. At 1539, 11760 still modulating // ever-distorted 11800 but 13760 was OC, and // 11690 JBA under RTTY an echo apart from 11760. By 1548, 11690 had switched to Aló, Presidente from VENEZUELA, q.v. for more about that. At 1551, 13760 was modulating RHC again // 11760 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also CHINA [non]

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, 7540, with 100% readable signal!!! UT Sunday Sept 20 at 0220, American-accented YL with news of Africa, good modulation. RC`s newscasts start at :15 past the hour, when else? 0223 ID in passing, repeating headlines, mentioned it was the ``west coast service`` on 7535.

The 0200-0330 broadcast may be a `west coast service` in the sense that it is at a more convenient prime time in PDT, 7-8:30 pm and is he second of two English sesquihours to NAm, after 2300-2430 on 11590, but the 11590 is really the one aimed at the WC, 330 degrees, while 7540 is aimed at the east coast, 315 degrees. Furthermore, 11590 is for CIRAF targets 6 and 7, i.e. W and C USA, while 7540 is at 7-9, i.e. C & E USA plus Maritime Provinces. Either the listings or the transmissions are reversed, opposite of what they ought to be!

And she still hasn`t heard about the shift to 7540 made months ago to avoid Romania on 7535 before 0200! She spoke quite informally, asking for reports evaluating whether listeners could barely hear her or not. Also now is the time to make suggestions about new program subjects, as changes are made in December (not January?) and July.

Address given as P O Box 550, Cairo, and `zip code 11511`. Another hint that she is an American, as the term ZIP code properly applies only to American postal codes, originally standing for Zone Improvement Program. Need to recheck the box announcement as PWBR `2009` mentions two others, and WRTH mentions one other, but they agree on the postal code. Careful to write EGYPT in large letters, as otherwise your p-mail may wind up in the DLO on Long Island, where it is apparently not a valid US ZIP code.

0225 on to press review, 0231 YL pop music singer in Arabic, 0239 another talk feature. Reception weakened somewhat and next program at 0301 was ``--- in Egypt``. Meanwhile, Arabic service on 6290 remained stronger but as usual, heavily distorted, not assisted by the speaker yelling at 0234 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [and non]. 9680 with Qur`an, Sept 20 at 1250 mixing at 4 Hz SAH with something in Chinese. Per listings, must presume Qur`an station is RRI domestic service relay, versus the PRC/ROC radio war, with RTI attracting mandatory CNR1 ChiCom jamming. RRI obstinately insists on staying on that ruined frequency. Meanwhile, could not detect even a carrier on 9525v at 1316 when the VOI English service should have been airing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. 15200, Sept 20 at 1327 piano music, whence? 1330 two or three chimes and announcement definitely in Japanese, choral anthem, somewhat distorted, but abruptly off at 1332* in mid-announcement. WRTH A09 update has the answer: VOIRI, Sirjan site which is scheduled in Indonesian until 1330, then supposed to switch to 15555 for Japanese, and where I might have heard them from 1332 if propagating. Just another instance of the Iranians unable to coordinate program and transmitter switching properly. Aoki, however, claims the 1230-1327 on 15200 is in Malaysian, meaning Malay? which is extremely similar to Indonesian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. 9560, UT Sun Sept 20 at 0206-0210 surprised to hear the AER DX report voiced by Pedro Sedano, with news about HCJB`s imminent closure, R. Discovery having been on 4730 but no mention of next frequency 4780; RNV`s new SW site in Guaríco state, instead of Guárico, item about LRA36. This was a segment in KBSWR`s half-hour Spanish broadcast via Sackville. VG signal here, per Aoki at 277 degrees, i.e. somewhat north of due west. It might be more useful to aim it toward CAm, at most azimuthwise, Mexico, or is it for all the Latinos residing in California right in the boresight? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. 15560, RDPI opening Abraço da Madeira show, Sun Sept 20 at 1311 with VG signal; upbeat announcer said it was from Funchal studio. Every little island should be so lucky as Madeira to have a weekly two-hour worldwide SW contact show courtesy of the mother country. But is there an equivalent from the Açores? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 17485, Sunday Sept 20 at 1457 DTK already on with Brother Scare, good clear modulation, better than he deserves or gets from WWRB. This not supposed to start until 1500, but I expect the stereotypically precise German operators at Jülich are demoralized, knowing their jobs will last only another month; so why not burn up a little extra transmitter time for the Last Days Prophet of God? Signal remained good at spot chex during following hour tho aimed oppositely at 160 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 9690, Sept 20 at 0156 surprised to hear the REE IS where there is no REE transmission scheduled; but it was just an admission that Noblejas was about to relay CRI, as there followed a decent interval of silence at 0158, then 0200 CRI IS and sign-on in Chinese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. No doubt it varies, but checking WRMI evenings to note when 9955 fades out: UT Sept 20 it was good during an English religionist between 0130 and 0145, but gone at next check shortly after 0200. These are both scheduled on the SSE antenna UT Sundays.

Surprised to hear an old WORLD OF RADIO, 1465 from a quarteryear ago, concluding at 1542 Sunday Sept 20 on WRMI 9955, instead of current 1478. Jeff White says it was glitch in the automation and should not happen again (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. After last Sunday`s fake-out, I paid closer attention to Aló, Presidente frequencies via Cuba on Sept 20. No sign of them at 1423, altho RHC 13680, normally running until 1500, was absent as if the transmitter were being moved to an A,P channel. Mainly monitored 13750 which is the major A,P channel here and not used otherwise by Cuba. Finally at 1546 found a big carrier cutting on and off, 1547 joining Hugo in progress, but still going off and on at 1548. Meanwhile, 13680 now on weakly with // Hugo. Could also make him out on 11690, almost // an echo apart from 13750, but not on the other nominal channels 12010 and 17750. So it appears that the DentroCubans are no longer providing their own sesquihour prolog from 1400, but just turning on some transmitters whenever they get around to it.

Did not check again until 1928, and found a different situation with Hugo still blathering against capitalism on these frequencies from best to worst: 12010, 17750, 11690, JBA 13680 but 13750 off the air. See CUBA for more observations during this period (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 11735 with Brazilian Portuguese dominating over North Korea for a change, but making lo het with it, Sept 21 at 1401 full Rádio Transmundial ID, giving ZY- callsigns (ze-úpsilon-) for several frequencies including this and one on 50 m, but fading prevented detailed copy, peaking S9+12. 1403 opening program ``Bom Dia, RTM`` tho it`s already 11 am there. Believe it or not, this had much better signal than 250 kW Brasília on 11780, and no other Brazilians audible on 25m at the usual spots. No doubt also the source of the het I was hearing later in a previous day against Zanzibar. Aoki says this is 50 kW at 60 degrees from Santa Maria-Camobi site, 0800-0200 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 21 at 1320: fair on 8400, nothing on 9000. No higher ones heard, tho I keep looking for the new one Ron Howard uncovered, 14970 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 15700 at 1413 Sept 21, DW jingle and Russian ID under open carrier making 2 Hz SAH. Most likely explanation is that Bulgaria failed to drop carrier immediately at usual handover time 1400. Its programming is just taking a one hour break before resuming in Bulgarian at 1500; perhaps in Plovdiv they don`t see the necessity of closing down completely for DW to squeeze in its Russian hour on same via Woofferton (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Tuned in 9680 at 1310 Sept 21 to hear a nice ballad atop the CCI, 1312 clear ID as Radio Republik Indonesia, Jakarta, then to open carrier at S9+20 which remained on when checked at 1335, 1350, 1416, 1431, 1455, off at 1500*! Was that a sign-off announcement back at 1312? No Qur`an today. Perhaps at Cimanggis they are not kept informed about widely variable end of programming times, so leave the 250 kW burning just in case. Or just following orders to run it until 1500, modulation input or not.

Meanwhile, VOI on 9524.9 was back on the air after missing yesterday, and modulation greatly improved tho still not up to par with some hum, Sept 21 at 1318, economic news by M with good intelligibility, S9+20. 1324 to W who is harder to understand, with Indonesian Wonders about arts and culture, but could not figure out specific topic today. 1335 a novelty song, 1350 soprano with a familiar western popular classic I could not quite place, 1357 ruined by CRI carrier and prélude on 9525.0.

So I retuned as soon as CRI was finished at 1457, and found still good signal from VOI, classical flute music, 1458 jingle, VOI English ID, 1459 transition announcement in English that Malay was finishing and English about to resume, pompous ``sound of dignity`` slogan, 1500 opening English with usual three-frequency announcement which one would be entitled to assume means three frequencies at once rather than only one of the above, since they say ``and`` rather than ``or``; right into news. I knew this would end only in frustration, so merely switched on the BFO to clarify when the carrier would be cut off abruptly. Today it was 1508:50* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. 9595, R. Nikkei at 1315 Sept 21 English lesson with useful phrases such as ``my head aches``, ``ringing in my ears`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. REE, 15385 already on with open carrier at 1415 Monday Sept 21, 1420 starting IS, 1425 theme and opening weekly Sephardic semihour, once again not on 15325 as announced and in some schedule versions (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. Tuned in R. Tirana 13640 in English, just in time to hear them saying goodbye and brief theme music at 2026-2027* Sept 21, but not before I read the S-meter at 9+20, no QRM or QRN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BHUTAN. 6035 in unrecognizable language, Sept 22 at 1318, bits of music, and too weak by 1330, tentatively BBS. On same channel is PBS Yunnan, Kunming, a.k.a. Voice of Shangri-La, but the latter puts out spurs on 6028 and 6043, and I could detect no trace of those. 1400 English for Bhutan is too late here until possibly in winter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC is sometimes JBA on 17660, but Sept 21 before and after 2100 it was very good in Spanish instead of scheduled English.

RHC leads the way with another groundbreaking innovation: three transmitters within 10 kHz! Sept 22 at 0547 I found 6060 missing, but instead on new 6006 in English, big signal like // 6010 and of course making a big het unless you tuned to one side or the other.

Furthermore, much weaker RHC Spanish was still on 6000. 6006 must be punch-up transposition error instead of 6060 and apparently also from same site on 6006 and 6010 as they were exactly synchronized. English also on 6140, Spanish also on 6120.

If RHC stix to 6006 it will be bad news for BBCWS in English and its would-be listeners, 0300-0700 via Ascension, also 0200-0300 via Seychelles, per Aoki. Noel Green in England also heard Habana on 6006, hetting BBC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** HONDURAS. Things are heating up again, with the return of Zelaya to the Brazilian embassy, so how about some hot news direct from the country? Ha! 3250, presumed Radio Luz y Vida, just playing music around 1140 Sept 22. The gospel huxters probably want to stay out of the fray, and never dealt with real-world news anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9524.9, VOI, Sept 22 at 1335 with distinctive voice of guy from RRI Banjarmasin via phoneline, also at 1352 saying bye2 at end of script but then continuing to converse with Jak YL host. G signal but with flutter, undermodulated and hum. Another regular Tuesday co-produxion (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. R. Nikkei has different language lessons around 1300 UT; Tuesday Sept 22 at 1306 on 6055 was hearing lecture in Japanese explaining various phrases in German such as ``Die Frauen sind selbst-ständingen geworden`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MALAYSIA. 6049.6v, Sept 22 at 1314 pop music vocoder-altered, 1315 announcement, lite het from 6050, presumably remnant of HCJB. This off-frequency is Radio Asyik FM via RTM as often reported by Ron Howard, CA, but seldom audible here. Still detectable at 1348 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. VON, 15120, Sept 21 at 2010 in English about the end of Ramadan; clear modulation but not enough of it and signal also significantly weaker than neighbors Spain 15110, WYFR 15130, which would occasionally splash spikes onto 15120 that Nigeria was unable to offward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Abatement of my neighborhood line noise was short-lived, again bothering the higher bands, but not so much 90m, and several PNG signals audible Sept 22:

3385 was best at first check 1143 with island music, clear of any TADIL-A ute QRM. 1223 choral music, then talk in Pidgin. No IDs heard from any of these, but surely R. East New Britain.

3335 was second best at 1143 but exceeded 3385 at 1228 with instrumental music; at 1253, 3335 better than 3260, vocal music running past 1300. R. East Sepik.

3260 at 1228 with ``All of Me`` by Skeeter Davis, 1230 talk; 1235-1252 chanting and drumming reminiscent of native American. R. Madang (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PERU. 9720, Sept 22 at 0520 chanting, at first thought Tunisia, but not at this hour and not // 7275. Listening more closely, includes glorias and alleluias --- so it`s Radio Victoria with wacky evangelist David Miranda. Haven`t heard this frequency in longtime, as WYFR normally dominates from 9715, but no sign of it tonight, as `skip was long`. While the 31m channel which used to be off-frequency is now on-, 9720.0, the 49m channel still puts a big het on CRI 6020, as it did at this time, but enough signal from Perú to // it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. The IBB Greenville DRM test prompted by HCJB is still ongoing, as DRM buzz reading S6 to S9+5 audible 15470-15475-15480 at 2009 Sept 21. No trace of LRA36 now, nor at earlier check 1905 when it would have been unimpeded, even by my hi local noise level which for reasons unknown, like some neighbor unplugging a touch lamp? had abated, while large band of T-storms from mid-MO to central OK made heavy almost continuous electrical noise as crashes overlapped on lower bands, especially MW. Not much of a het on 15345v either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, Tue Sept 22 at 1153, AWR Wavescan with Bangladesh DX report, Mr Dolar spelling out contact info, then Jeff White with some music of the world, fair signal on SSE antenna, clear of jamming --- until 1158 when the DentroCuban Jamming Command cut on, completely blocking WRMI, as if they were expecting Radio Cuba Libre still to be airing at 12-14. The latest program grid dated Sept 12 instead shows R. Prague/Praga.

Checked the webcast at 1355 and instead heard Frecuencia al Día with concluding item this week, report originally from Univisión about a radio station in Washington state that broadcasts in Mexican Indian languages. So are other DX programs axually appearing weekdays in the 12-14 UT block before WRMI becomes audible again on NW antenna from 1400 with yesterday`s R. Prague program in English? The grid does show some variations on weekends, a new broadcast of WORLD OF RADIO Saturdays at 1330; Wavescan Saturdays 1300; Frecuencia al Día Sundays at 1300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Before this gets out too far, please add this to the BHUTAN item in my latest log report, or remove it:

** BHUTAN [non]. Re 6035 at 1318-1330 Sept 22 which I tentatively logged as Bhutan, Ron Howard explains that Yunnan has fixed the spurs on 6028 and 6043, so the absence of them does not mean it was not Yunnan. However, since the signal dropped at 1330 it was even more likely to have been BBC in Indonesian which covers Yunnan at 1300-1330 even tho it is 140 degrees from Singapore. He has not been able to hear Bhutan at all lately under Yunnan.

Furthermore, in dx_india, Jose Jacob reports that BBS 6035 was missing following an earthquake epicentered there Sept 21, and I have not yet received any reports from the area that it was back by Sept 22 (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BHUTAN. 6035 in unrecognizable language, Sept 22 at 1318, bits of music, and too weak by 1330, tentatively BBS. On same channel is PBS Yunnan, Kunming, a.k.a. Voice of Shangri-La, but the latter puts out spurs on 6028 and 6043, and I could detect no trace of those. 1400

English for Bhutan is too late here until possibly in winter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. LRA36, 15476 + a smidgin, again putting in respectable signal from so far and so lowpowered, Sept 23 at 1925 woman talking in Spanish, 1930 to man singing about corazón with guitar, 1936 ID. Continued alternating talk and music segments, and at 2005 noticed the noise level increase, presumably start of QRDRM from Greenville. However, Jeff White says the DRM sked from Greenville changed Sept 22 to 1600-2000 on 9450 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 23: at 1354, nothing on 8400, poor on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. RHC check Sept 23 at 0640: Spanish on 11760, 6140, 6120, 6000; English during hilife music on 6060 ex-6006 and 6010. Could be leaning toward Africa at this hour and with English extended past 0700. Bryan Clark in NZ heard RHC on 6060 as late as 0930 asking for reports from Africa, and it was previously reported that new antennas for Africa were being installed. How late would 6 MHz hold up from Cuba to W Africa? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9425, AIR at 1352 Sept 23 with W&W conversation I first thought was in usual Hindi, but then realised was in heavily accented English; or a mixture? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9680, RRI Sept 23 at 1357 three or four people discussing subjects such as Maradona, good atop CCI and continued past 1400 with no break or timesignal; 1401 referred more than once to SMR-Sat 2-B. Seems that extended Qur`aning is finished along with Ramadan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MONACO [non]. 9800, TWR fair signal Sept 23 at 0706 in English preacher, 324 degrees from Fontbonne, France site. M-F starts at 0700, Sunday at 0645, Saturday at 0715, per Aoki (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. After missing a few days, WBCQ again left 9330-CUSB on the air another half hour at 1900-1930* for WORLD OF RADIO 1478, on Tuesday Sept 22. Signed off after a SW promotion/ad? so no Amos & Andy this time. Next day at 1900, 9330 was off and 7415 virtually inaudible here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WRMI tried the 317 degree antenna across NAm in the evening, UT Wed Sept 23 instead of the usual beam at this hour of 160 degrees across Cuba, Caribbean, South America. At 0003 signal was fair and somewhat atop heavy DentroCuban jamming even tho it was in English. At 0047 check in Spanish about the same; at 0104 in Italian with Studio DX, VG S9+20 signal and no jamming audible. It was expected to fade out at some point before switching to the other antenna at 0800, after the 0700 airing of WORLD OF RADIO.

At recheck around 0400 had faded out completely. However, another check at 0600 found WRMI reaudible, with ``Over the Rainbow``, 0605 Bryne Edwards show with some anti-government comments.

0633 still and noted that unlike some nights when the 31m band was virtually dead, a number of other signals were holding up, including WYFR 9355, 9385, especially 9680 and 9715; Gabon 9580; Brasil 9645v and 9565; WTJC 9370 briefly in Russian at 0634. Even 11 MHz was open with fair signal from Habana 11760, good from WEWN 11870. K index at 0600 was zero, and solar flux had soared to 75 the day before, predicted to reach 77 the next several days.

On WRMI at 0658, QSL offer and Baseball Mexico promo, ``on WRMI, bringing the World of Radio to the world``, 0658 minute of dead air, 0700 start WORLD OF RADIO 1478, I was pleased to hear at S9+15 level steady with slight fading, no jamming audible. Another NW antenna test, reports to WRMI wanted, occurs at 0000-0800 UT Friday, including new WORLD OF RADIO 1479 at 0100, Happy Station at 0700 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15825, WWCR instead of JBA became very good at 1409 Sept 23 during YL preacher, as a minor HF sporadic E opening must have inkicked, but not enough to inbring WWRB x 2 on 18770 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. R. Nacional de la RASD, nice signal and nice music on 6297.1, Sept 23 at 0645 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. Maybe my best reception yet of LRA36, 15476, Sept 24 at 1835, with tango song, S9 peaks; 1839 clear timecheck for 3:39 as I rolled a semihour of tape and will report the results when I get around to listening to it. I did check the end of it at 1910 and the signal had weakened quite a bit (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 24 at 1351: 9000 fair with flutter, 8400 nothing. I am beginning to miss the hourly concert inbooming on several higher frequencies each morning. Yeah, right (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Musical frequencies report from RHC --- it is beginning to seem like they have one less transmitter available than they have frequencies, after 0500. Sept 24 at 0549, English was on 6140 and 6060, but 6010 was missing. Spanish on 6120 and 6000. To boot, most of the time 6140 has been carrying Spanish, but not tonight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. This country must be opening up, for instead of the usual extremely stilted praisetalk for The Dear Leader, Sept 24 at 1349 on 9335 in English I heard a distinctly different accent, like South Asian, on using the internet for propaganda purposes. Who was that? Just outroed as ``that was voice of a foreigner`` and into reunification stuff (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. As I tuned by VOR Hindi service on 15605, Sept 24 at 1326, nostalgia overcame me as they happened to be playing the old 10-note Radio Moscow IS, which I also used to play on the piano. Then it morphed into a fuller musicpiece; it was after all just the opening of a genuine no doubt patriotic communist tune, the rest of which I can still hum apolitically.

VOR in English to Americas, 9665 via Pridnestrovye/Moldova, UT Fri Sept 25 at 0151 with Tuvan-sounding music, program outroed before hourtop as Kaleidoscope. Flutter-fading very noticeable on this frequency unlike most others on 31m from lower latitude paths (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9445-9450-9455, DRM buzz at 1836 check Sept 24, which Jeff White says is now from IBB Greenville at 16-20; not sure if this replaces the 20-22 on 15475, and/or the 00-04 on 9405, but at 0204 Sept 25 I could not detect any DRM on 9400-9410. Previous tests have been weekdays only, as in the DRM DX schedule which as of UT Sept 25 still shows the 9405 and 15475 broadcasts, not 9450 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI made another NW antenna test instead of SSE, UT Friday Sept 25: nothing on 9955 until carrier on at 2359:30 Sept 24, ID and right into religious program in English, VG signal. Remained so for 0015 Aventura Diexista, 0030 Maravillosas Palabras de Vida, MEGO, but unglazed at 0100 for WORLD OF RADIO 1479, I would have to say excellent signal, S9+20 and hardly a fade. No jamming ever detectable tonight; 0130 Frecuencia al Día began equally strong, but the signal dropped down quickly at 0149 and soon became JBA; by 0200 it was gone and still gone at semi-hourly chex thru 0400. Would WRMI start fading in again later like anteayer? Tune in again for my next report (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 4885, romantic music and Brazilian announcements between songs, presumed R. Clube do Pará, the usual 24-hour dominant here, but a long time since it overcame noise level enough and CODAR, Sept 25 at 0523-0529+ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 25: at 1340, equally poor but audible on 8400, 9000; nothing on 10210 or other higher frequencies, except for the usual // mix on 12040 with CNR1 and VOA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Which combination of frequencies and languages will RHC be using tonight, UT Sept 25 at 0519? 6140, 6060 and 6010 in English; 6120 and 6000 in Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 4750, RRI Makassar, best heard in quite a while, Sept 25 at 1241 lively W&M dialog in Indonesian, 1242 romantic music, sufficient signal over rumble of co-channel QRM. What a pity that China and Bangladesh have to use the same frequency when there are plenty of openings nearby.

Nothing much else audible from Indonesia on 60m, but could hear some AM talk on 3995 at 1251, marred by insensitive SSB hams who regard broadcast stations, even RRI Kendari as nothing but a nuisance, or at best a BFO source. See also PAPUA NEW GUINEA.

VOI with usual low modulation during English hour, Sept 25 at 1350; no het so did not bother to measure frequency as usual 9524.9, but at 1435 a big higher-pitched het from CRI on the lo side rather than a lo het on the hi side; ergo, VOI has switched back to the transmitter almost one kHz high. In the clear again at 1500 when I could barely outmake a www announcement, but off at 1501* before English could really start repeating. Ron Howard measured it on 9525.88, and during the 10 UT broadcast this same day, Chuck Bolland reported 9525.85 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. Juche jamming noise audible on 3985, 3912 and 3480 against the S. Korean clandestines, Sept 25 at 1252. Could make out some talk too on 3912. Same type of roar less effectively against VOA Korean on 5890 at 1255 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA [and non]. Signs of life on PNG channels, Sept 25 at 1253: 3220 and 3385 with music; something on 3260; 3335 with off-frequency SSB QRM; 3345 sounds like two stations, the other being RRI Ternate if active? At 1301, 3220 had a song, while at 1303, 3335 sounded like news, still with SSB QRM (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 7200 at 1310 Sept 25, Russian talk vs SSB ham on exactly same frequency. Russia is also audible on 7200 as early as 0500 now. Per Aoki this is NVK R. Sakha-R. Rossii, 100 kW non-direxional from Yakutsk at 19-15. WRTH says it`s 250 kW, which I could easily believe. HFCC says 250 kW and 45 degrees, which I could also believe, enhancing the signal usward. Yakutsk is at 62 north, 130 east. Sunset there today was 0909 UT per

7200 is supposed to be off-limits for broadcasters as the boundary frequency between ham and BC bands now in Regions 1 and 3, but Aoki also shows Malaysia/Sarawak and Myanmar on 7200 --- is either really active on 7200? As well as further west, Iran and Sudan.

15510 playing songs in Italian by an OM singer with an American accent, Sept 25 at 1348 and 1355; one lyric was ``non é un'altra donna``. What`s this? Certainly not Rai or SRI Switzerland, the Italian native-language countries which abandoned SW long ago.

What else but the VOR Pashto/Dari service, as in Aoki at 12-14, 250 kW, 110 degrees from Krasnodar, RUSSIA as also revealed by VOR IS at 1359, smooth transition at 1400 to DW, 500 kW, 76 degrees via Rampisham, UK in Russian with Novosti (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Further chex of WRMI 9955 on the UT Friday Sept 25 NW antenna test (see previous report) did not turn up any audible signal between 0400 and 0530 when I upgave. Happy Station has another new time on the schedule, Friday 1300, but just as I expected, at 1339 nothing but DentroCuban jamming audible then when WRMI is on the SSE antenna (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. While LRA36 was at S9 level Sept 24 after 1800, not even a carrier detectable the next day, Sept 25 at 1802, 1830 and 2030 chex. Not much from LRA 15345 either. Nevertheless, solar flux for Sept 24 was still 75, and K index at 1800 Sept 25 was still 0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. 17520 signal just barely audible, Friday Sept 25 at 1900, presumed still V. of Biafra International via WHRI. In order to reach as few SW listeners as possible, the website still claims to be on 15280, Fridays at 2000, like it was briefly last year. Yet it has latest audio files (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC finally heard with half an English broadcast during the previously scheduled 2030-2130 UT hour! JBA carrier on 17660, else? But Sept 25 at 2053 found sufficient open carrier on 11760, 2059 opening English, 2132 opening French. Arabic was also back, on 11770 at 2053. Spanish on 11800 distorted, 13760 buried under Portugal 13755 with loud silly ballgame and after 2100 RHC Spanish also on 11770.

Let`s look at RHC`s website schedule:

By golly, it has been modified since our last perusal, but it has taken then about two sesquimonths since major changes were really made --- and it`s still wrong. It does not show any Arabic at all, nor any French at 2030!

However, the Spanish schedule does now account for the greatly extended hours we have been monitoring it since Junend, filling the gaps 15-21 and 07-11 UT.

As a service to DX listeners, certainly not to the incompetent RHC itself, I herewith extract the Spanish schedule and rearrange it into nonconfusing strict time order. This part looks fairly accurate compared to monitoring but we cannot vouch for it 100%:

11-13  6180 NY

11-13  9600 Chi

11-15 15120 BA

11-15 15360 SAm

11-22 11760 NCSAm

11-24 11800 CAm

11-05  5965 NY

11-05 13760 BA

13-15 13680 Chi

13-15 13780 SF

21-23 11770 Eu

21-23 13790 RJ

22-24  6000 9640 Mesa Redonda M-F, special days; times and days vary

23-05  9600 SAm

23-05 11690 SAm

2330-11 6120 CAm

00-05  6060 NCSAm

00-05  6140 Chi

00-11 11760 NCSAm

02-05 13790 RJ

05-22  6000 NCSAm

07-10  6060 NCSAm

07-11  6140 Chi

The ONLY English broadcasts shown are [but see log above]:

23-24 13790 RJ

01-05  6000 NAm

05-07  6140 NAm

05-07  6060 NAm

05-07  6010 SF

NOTE that nothing is mentioned about any African targets, yet, as recently speculated for the 07+ period when English has really been heard on some of the 6 MHz channels.

Esperanto which used to have a semi-dozen weekly airings is only, Sun:

00-0030 13790 RJ [does this really mean UT Sun now, or UT Mon?]

15-1530 11760 NCSAm

Beware of inaccuracies in the other languages which I won`t go into here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [non]. RFI, 17620 via GUIANA FRENCH to Africa, Sept 25 at 2054 with nice jazzy/African bass music; owe we this to the strike as fill, or, how is the strike going, still? But 2100 into French news, while always stronger and VG 17630 came on then in RFI Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also GUIANA FRENCH

** GUIANA FRENCH. DRM noise 17870-17880, Sept 25 at 2037 and still at 2121, surely TDF site which has used this range many times before but not currently on the DRM DX schedule at

Montsinéry had registered +17875+ previously at 1300-2000 only, 320 degrees USward. It was last reported in the DRM DX fora last May for a week when it was on for some event in Brasil at 17-21. So what bits of programming are they running now, and why? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ISRAEL. Songs at F-P level alternating with announcements in presumed Hebrew, measured on 15783.8, ergo the latest variant of Galei Zahal, Sept 25 at 1733-1753. Will this one stay on the air right thru Yom Kippur, unlike IBA? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. 11710.0, classical piano music, 1727 UT Sept 25, later with orchestra, a concerto? Not recognized, but sounds Western. Only thing that fits is VOK, Korean service to NAm, and confirmed at 1730 by // JBA in noise 9335 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 15120, Sept 25 at 2041 with very distorted music, undermodulated and muffled but not distorted YL ID as Voice of Nigeria, Lagos. Signal was noticeably weaker than WYFR 15130 and much weaker than REE 15110, altho without such neighbors and with decent modulation it would have been adequate (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** SPAIN. 17595, REE in Brazilian Portuguese hour, Sept 25 at 1803 with report about IMF mentioning Pitsburgo (Pittsburgho?). VG signal as if it`s still aimed at NAm, tho listed as 248 degrees from Noblejas; meanwhile, REE in Spanish on 17715 was much weaker, tho azimuth supposedly differs by only 18 degrees at 230, both 350 kW. Something seems amiss (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. 15650, Sept 25 at 1757 rather distorted audio on F-P signal, eventually recognized as heavily accented English; 1758 item about the national election commission in southern Sudan; 1800 music and announcement in non? English, off at 1801* Miraya FM as scheduled 1500-1800 via IRRS via SLOVAKIA, back to Sudan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [non]. 13810, Sat Sept 26 at 1828 giving Toronto address in English to 1829*. Per HFCC this is DTK via the doomed Jülich site; per Aoki it is Bible Voice in Somali until 1830 on weekends only via Wertachtal. Surely GERMANY, anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 26 at 1305: poor on 8400, good on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Arnie Coro`s cohorts at the DentroCuban Jamming Command are at it again, disaudiblizing another broadcast of a fellow DX program in English, WORLD OF RADIO, now scheduled Saturdays at 1330 on WRMI 9955, nothing but jamming roar audible here Sept 26 at 1345 check. The same likely happens to another new WOR broadcast Thursdays at 1200. On the SSE antenna, do these make it audibly to South America?

RHC anomalies Sept 26: at 1354 absent from 13680 and 13880, but present on 13760, 13780.

At 1354 RHC Spanish added 13720, as CRI 13740 relay carrier just came on producing leapfrog of 13760 over it; trouble is, another SS was already being heard on 13720, REE Spain, per Aoki scheduled in the 13-14 hour on weekends only, and now the mix.

At 1402, RHC also missing from 15120, while OK on 15360. A very poor signal of something else could be detected on 15120. Saudi Arabia`s Bengali service is the only thing scheduled.

11760 normally has decent modulation but Sept 26 at 1834 check I found it extremely distorted, modulation audible only at spikes. 11800 JBA with its usual distortion but not as bad as 11760. / 11690 was best.

Next check at 2104: 11760 had improved greatly, unlike 11800 and OK on // 11770, all in Spanish, no English like the day before. However, 11800 vanished at 2105, back on at 2112. At 2105 also found // 13790 but not 13760.

At 2110 also could hear Spanish on 17660, which had been scheduled as an English frequency along with 11760 at 2030-2130. 17660 was an echo apart from 11770 and the others. However, 17660 does not appear at all for any language in the `updated` sked I analyzed in my last report,

BTW, don`t even look at equivalent pages presented in English and

French on the RHC website, obviously sesquiyears out of date showing such long-abandoned frequencies as 15230, 13660, etc., etc.

The sked presented in Spanish also claims that Esperanto is down to only two broadcasts a weekend, one of which is Sunday 0000-0030 on 13790, and it comes before the one Sunday at 1500 on 11760. So that means UT Sunday 0000? More likely UT Monday, as UT Sunday Sept 27 at 0009 I hear 13790 in French! French 13790 is in fact shown on the same schedule for daily broadcasts 0000-0100 and 0130-0200, so Esperanto may not really be on then UT Monday either.

But nothing ever makes sense at RHC, which is totally incapable of matching what goes on the air with what appears on any schedule (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GABON [and non]. Haven`t had a decent listenable signal from Africa Numéro Un in months since the demise of 17630 and 15475, tho signs of the 9580 signal are often there, but enhanced African conditions on 31m brought it in UT Sept 26 at 0525 on 9580, F-G with music, 0527 ID as ``émettant de Libreville et de Moyabi, Gabon``.

Except for the very strong but very undermodulated REE Costa Rica on 9630, the strongest and only usable signals on 31m at this time were 9580, DW Rwanda 9480 and CVC Zambia 9430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 13860, Sept 26 at 1830, G signal with multiple vocalists in African music; it`s the middle of DW`s Hausa via Rampisham (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 9805, Sept 26 at 1311 piano music, 1312 OM speaking in Japanese-sounding language, but not regular Japanese? Strong but fluttery; 1320 to YL definitely in Japanese with hymn music on piano, off around 1330 but did not catch ID or sign-off. Perhaps the OM was speaking a dialect peculiar to Japanese Adventist male evangelists? Listed as KSDA due NW in daily 1300-1330 service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUIANA FRENCH. 17870-17875-17880 DRM, Sat Sept 26 at 2111, presumed from TDF Montsinéry, the usual occupant of this frequency as also heard yesterday tho not on current schedules; why? It must be something important for DRM to be testing on a weekend (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI still on shifted frequency 9525.8 for the second day, Sept 26 at 1307 with W&M news in English, some hum, flutter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. REE opening English on 9665, Sat Sept 26 at 2101 with item about the San Sebastián film festival, fair signal.

Trouble is, this broadcast is supposed to be on 9650 Sat & Sun at 21-22, per WRTH A-09 update, Aoki and EiBi. 9665 is the frequency scheduled for English on M-F when it is two hours earlier at 19-20. Did they get mixed up at Noblejas about which one to use, or is this an intentional change? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. 15285, Sept 26 at 1359 with VOT IS over CCI causing SAH, no doubt with ChiCom jamming and/or BBC Mandarin via Singapore. 1400 accurate 5+1 timesignal from VOT before opening Arabic to NW Africa, and someone else`s timesignal a few sex behind (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WINB missing from 13570, Sat Sept 26 at 1828 check, just CODAR sweeping the frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI, tho silent on 9955 weekdays 16-24 UT when there is nothing but WRN fill on the webcast, has business on weekends, such as Sat Sept 26 at 2113, English preacher, no jamming audible. But latest WRMI schedule grid as of Sept 22 shows ``Maestro de Zion`` during this semihour, which I would expect to be in Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Saturday 26.09.09

15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0240 English, YL with rock music fm the 70's. Hrd 1971's "Mr. Blue Skies" by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). VG signal w/ some fade.

9650 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA) at 1213 English, OM with "Seoul Report." P-F signal w/ QRN.

** CANADA. Radio Canada Immigration, 9515, Monday Sept 28 at 1444 once again in wrong language contrary to its own schedule for Russian until 1505: really Brazilian Portuguese, with French lesson for crianças, lecture about Québec folkloric traditions with occasional French words interjected by child`s voice, closing referring to for more info.

Recheck at 1452, more of same in Brazilian, except now it`s for English learning; 1457 woman telling story in English about a Mother Canada Goose and her goslings wanting to fly south with her; of course, she lets them, rather than freeze (Canada geese set a rather poor example, fleeing the country every fall; what`s with that?). Then some comments in English by Sophie The Child, same one as in French?

I ask you: how many Brazilian child immigrants to Canada are likely to be listening to this on SW on a Monday morning during schooltime, when the schedule says RCI is in Russian, anyway? And do young children really need something like this to pick up English and French? Or are there classes everywhere set up to listen to this somehow if not on SW?

1504 English RCI ID plugging satellite and internet, no mention of SW. 1505 RCI news in English, 1510 The Link with what else, stories skewed toward the vast immigrant audience, starting with latest court action from Vancouver in the case of the Pole who was taser-killed by RCMP shortly after deplaning a couple years ago. At least that has led to redesigning the terminal accomodations for immigrants (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also NEWFOUNDLAND

** CONGO DR [non]. 11690, R. Okapi via RSA, good Sept 28 at 0540 with hilife music, frequent interruptions by French DJ. 0542 Okapi jingle and FM frequency, 0551 phone out to Red Cross guy about potable water issues. 25m was an all-Southern Hemisphere band at this time, nothing audible but this and NZ on 11670-11680, 11725. Okapi is scheduled 04-06, so overlaps with RHCuba 11690 until 05 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC language check Sept 28 at 0607: Spanish on 6120, 6000; different musical programming on 6140, 6060, 6000, presumed English service. This matches the current website schedule, so must be the nominal setup, tho from night to night languages and frequencies swap around or one frequency vanishes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE. After listening to Moscow evangelism in English (see RUSSIA) left receiver running on 15605, and just a few minutes after 1600 Sept 28 there was secular music of some sort. Was not paying attention, but uplooked later, this must have switched to RFI English service via Issoudun; music instead of news near hourtop signifies rolling strike mode still in play. Mike Cooper reports that a court ruled today against RFI`s efforts to fire 206 employees, which had brought on the strike (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, still on 9525.8v transmitter, Sept 28 at 1338 but English modulation JBA, useless. Meanwhile, no such modulation or frequency variation problems on the RRI HS 9680 relay. As usual when checked sometime during the 14 UT hour, CRI 9525.0 in Russian made a big almost 1 kHz het with VOI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN [non]. 17670 at 1410 Sept 28, fair signal with Queen`s ``Another One Bites the Dust``, then mostly Persian rock, in typical Radio Farda rotation. Dust song could have unpleasantly threatening military connotations, hee hee, tho the Queen lyrix

are about machine guns and bullets rather than bombing nuclear installations. BTW, the ugly %20s in the URL simply replace spaces in the original URL. 1423 ID in passing. This is via Wertachtal, GERMANY, on 17670 for one standard hour only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEWFOUNDLAND [and non]. After a few weeks off-frequency to 6160.88 or so, and causing a terrible het to the other CBC station and anything else on 6160.0, CKZN is back on frequency, almost: Sept 28 at 0601 good reception, no het from only one CBC station in news. At first I figured it must be CKZU and CKZN was off, but at 0604 already into CBC Radio Overnight and R. Prague, so it had to be CKZN per the schedule at which shows Prague weekdays at `3:05` am, and Overnight would not have started yet anyway in the PDT zone. However, with BFO on, stepping 5 kHz up and down from CKZN, compared to other stations, it was clearly a smidgin on the low side now by a few dekaHz. I wonder if CKZU was really off the air at this time, as in the nightmiddle they usually are both audible, previously with a fast SAH before the major offset hit. But around 1325 CBC audible on 6160 and at this hour must have been CKZU (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 15605, VOR at 1550 Sept 28 going from majestic orchestral waltz to ``Voice of Russia presents the Christian Message from Moscow``, sermon on the passage ``What God has joined together, let no man put asunder``, punxuated by a single bell now and then. 1554 sermon already over, into outro with sacred choral music, program credits. This show is of course, a total violation of Separation of Church and State, as post-Soviet Russia overpendulums totally in the wrong direxion. After 1600 noted some secular music running on 15605, but that must have been FRANCE, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15435, Sawt ul-Buzz, BSKSA Arabic with modulation barely detectable under huge buzz from defective transmitter they blithely ignore, Sept 28 at 1536. BTW, I previously mentioned hearing a very similar but weaker sound on 21735, but now I am positive that is of local origin, since it`s steady all the time, including now.

17660 at 1543 in French punxuated by birds chirping, only fair signal with flutter but thankfully abuzzous, as BSKSA is scheduled also from Riyadh at 14-16 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Yom Kippur did not stop REE from broadcasting its weekly Sephardic/Ladino show on 15385, Monday Sept 28 opening at 1427 with judeo-español talk about Y.K. How are we to take this? Pious Israeli stations close down for the occasion. F-P signal, closing around 1453 still claiming to be on 15325 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. Sept 28 at 1341 was another occasion when RTI Japanese service on 9735 added spurs putting same-pitched hets on CRI 9730 and BBC 9740, during song in Japanese. Most other recent dates checked, including during the 13-14 open carrier hour, hetless but they keep coming back unpredictably (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WINB had been missing from 13570, but back on strong Sept 28 at 1525 with one of 3 or 4 daily hours by convicted sex-offending evangelist Tony Alámo, with his usual snide Biblically-based comments. WINB carrier is still slightly unstable if checked with BFO on. At 1526 he was blown away, all too briefly, by `running-water` ute burst, as he was mocking The Donald. Serves the creep right, but has WINB no shame? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 27: at 1307, nothing on 8400, good on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC confirmed with Esperanto on 11760 at 1516 Sunday Sept 27 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9v, very undermodulated in English at 1328 Sept 27 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. No sign of the Aló, Presidente show on Sunday Sept 27 between 1545 and 1745 on usual frequencies, especially 13750 via Cuba. I guess Hugo is busy in Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 29 at 1307: fair on 8400, poor on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check Sept 29 at 0558: English service on nominal 6010, 6060, 6140, a clip of someone speaking English, but with annoying voice-over/consecutive translation into Spanish. Outro as having been Caribbean Outlook show, announcer named Elena Valverde (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [and non]. 7265, RFI in French discussion at 0551 Sept 29, with heavy quick echo, à la long/short path. Trouble is, LP would be quite unlikely at this hour from Europe. Could be transmission problem either in audio input or running two unsynchronized transmitters at Issoudun? Scheduled until 0600 at 185 degrees, then 204 degrees. If these are normally two different transmitters, perhaps the second one was onturned too early.

15160 at 1328 Sept 29 with big collision causing fast subaudible heterodyne. One of them goes off at 1329* leaving the other in Russian with guitar music, it too offgoing at 1330* leaving frequency vacant.

At 1230-1329 it`s R. Free Asia in Khmer, 73 degrees from SRI LANKA, per Aoki, while at 1300-1330 it`s RFI in Russian, 55 degrees from Issoudun. Apparently no such collision is expected within Russia or Cambodia (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. RRI Makassar (ex-Ujung Pandang, ex-Makassar), Sulawesi (ex-Celebes), 4750, signal continues to improve as Sept 29 at 1242 a string of hard-sell ads in Indonesian, 1246 song, fair over co-channel China or maybe Bangladesh. No other Indos showing on 60m tho there were signs of activity on 75m. See also UNIDENTIFIED 3325.

9525.9, VOI, Sept 29 at 1301 opening English hour, still undermodulated but marginally readable amid flutter fading. YL introduces perpetual Tuesday excursion as Exotic Indonesia, 1302 greetings from RRI Banjarmasin guy on phone where it`s very hot, 35 degrees Celsius, or did he say 45? Canned sign-on as always gave three frequencies, only one of which is in use for any single broadcast, but live announcer did the same at 1302. Do they really believe this in Jakarta? Axually, I believe 9526v is the only one currently in use for any VOI broadcast, not 11785v or 15150. 1304 over to another YL for news from Jakarta (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEWFOUNDLAND. 6160, CKZN at 0555 Sept 29, discussion of viral mutations. Would this be Quirx & Quarx, on its Monday night repeat? That`s at 11+ pm local, so no, too late for CKZN and too early for CKZU which would have it on an hour later. And besides, no sign of host Bob McDonald. Therefore is `N with CBC Radio Overnight which per sked would be Radio Australia after `2:30` am. There was a fast rippling SAH, just like old times, presumably CKZU, but way underneath CKZN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SWEDEN. R. Sweden, which abandoned its morning audience in North America last year, still manages to be audible despite their best efforts, on 15735, English at 1330 Sept 29 including reports on health care, with Germany and Netherlands recommended as better models for USA than co-lingual Canada and UK; and on auxioning Ingmar Bergman`s stuff. Fair but sufficient and steady signal tho 55 degrees from Hörby (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 15320, Sept 29 at 1326, weak YL spelling out Kowloon address in English. Scheduled as AWR via Nauen, GERMANY, 250 kW at 70 degrees, 1300-1330 in Chinese on this weekday, Uighur on weekends. No jamming heard but there were weak OTH radar pulses 15300-15330. Would the ChiCom at least jam the Adventist Uighur, or is that too esoteric to bother with? Would Beijing axually prefer the Uighurs to be Adventists instead of Islamists? But if you Google adventist hypodermics you get almost 80K hits (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 30 at 1244: poor with flutter on 8400; very much better to good level on 9000 also with some flutter. At 1254, just barely audible on 10210, and nowhere higher (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 5025, R. Rebelde, at 1223-1225 Sept 30 report during Haciendo Radio show about Radio Cuba improving Rebelde coverage in the mountains of Guantánamo province, presumably more FM and also TV relay transmitters; sounded like Arnie Coro but apparently not.

This reminds us that Radio Cuba is in charge of all transmitter operation, no doubt including the unmentionable jammers, spy number stations, and those used by Radio Habana Cuba, a separate agency, probably explaining the incredibly poor communication between the two and RHC`s inability to express its own schedule accurately either in announcements or on website. But then, it`s all owned by Castro & Castro, so what`s the difference? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CZECHIA [and non]. 13580, R. Praga in Spanish mentioning something about Cuba to be on this semihour, Sept 30 at 1404, but with QRM from Cuba itself, the 13780/13680 leapfrog landing on 13580, which however is always much stronger on the upper leap, 13880 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. Barely remembered to tune in 9745 at 0503 UT Sept 30, hearing last couple notes of national anthem, OC and off. This might have been HCJB`s final broadcast on this frequency, or could come 24 hours later, when I plan to be monitoring and taping.

The final morning broadcast on 11960 is surely today Sept 30, so I intune that too late at 1256 to hear the tail of a speech with a heavy gringo accent in an echoey room, probably the boss in Manantiales de Colorado, about how HCJB Global is moving into New Media; 1258 the congregation started singing HCJB`s favorite hymn, but nothing stands in the way of automation, cut off a few sex for beam change, and faded out in time for ID at 1259:30, this one giving ``desde el centro del mundo``, 3+1 timesignal for 1300 TUC = 8 am.

On this special occasion I monitored evey quarter hour and taped the variety of automated IDs, all giving correct frequencies 11690 and 11960.

1300 show as usual, Cruzada con Luis Palau, sermon on second of three bad things affecting LAm men: machismo, the first being alcoolismo. I am pleased to hear machismo pronounced correctly as ignorant English-adopters tend to make it a hard k.

Says men should emulate NSJC and not cheat on their wives --- but, but, JC was allegedly a batchelor, and whatever sex life he had was not well reported, except for the nasty rumors about Mary Magdalene.

1329:30 ID plugged Ecuador as ``el tercer exportador en el mundo de flores``, [maybe, but this table as of 1995

shows Ecuador in 5th place with a mere 2.7% of the world market in cut flowers, while Netherlands had more than 50%]

1359:30 ID, quotation from Moody about having the Bible in your heart rather than your head or your pocket.

1400 show Gracia a Vosotros from a Grace Community Church, somewhere.

1429:30 ID faded out the BGEA address before it could finish; about 124 species of hummingbirds in Ecuador, ``el país de los picaflores``. Interesting how the SS focus on the birds` beaksticking into flowers, rather than their sound.

1430 show, Ciudad Médica.

1444:30 ID, quotation from Albert Einstein.

1445 show, Siempre Amigas, for women, yet uses the masculine group plural in further comments.

1459:30 ID, outro theme cut off early, back on a few sex, and then plugs Ecuador as the greatest provider of cacao, which is also its oldest product [maybe, but this table as of 2001-2002

shows Ecuador`s produxion is in seventh place]

Timecheck 10 am = 15 TUC, timesignal and off. Forever. The sound of silence; or rather band noise.

BTW, if VozAndes had been set up in Colombia, it might have got the callsign HJCB, leading to less cumbersome slogans in Spanish and English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [and non?]. 7265, RFI again with heavy echo at 0506 Sept 30 and whenever checked a few more times during the hour. Longpath not an option at this hour over dayside, and nearby European signals, 7250 Vatican and 7240 Portugal at 0537 had no such echo either.

Possibly a relay site erroneously or even deliberately is running same frequency as Issoudun, but echo level always seems same rather than independently fading so more likely both the signals are coming out of Issoudun, double audio input or double transmitter output, yet unsynchronized. Is anybody paying attention at the site or at Paris HQ? If it`s out of Issoudun, the echo should be audible everywhere (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9425, AIR National Channel, Bengaluru, Sept 30 at 1350, big but fluttery signal with loud but distorted Hindi talk, even worse than WWRB 9385 or WTJC 9370 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. After a sesquiweek or two of undermodulation, VOI finally jacked it up on Sept 30. Does this require major transmitter repairs or is it must a matter of paying attention to the audio input/output level? 9525.9 at 1336 starting Music Corner, fair signal too, but soft rock songs from the 90s(?), hardly Indonesian. We want gamelans, even in rock music! 1341 outro by YL still uncopyable and hummy. 1351 going from one song to another about friendship. 1356:30 managed to get out www address before CRI 9525.0 carrier/het oncut. If there was anything about the latest Sumatera earthquake, must have been in the first semihour, since it was entertainment business as usual in the second (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ISRAEL. The wandering Jew, Galei Tsahal, on 15783.9 with music at 1410 Sept 30 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [non]. 16m was hopping pretty well, so checked usually dead 13m, Sept 30 at 1416 and pleasantly found NHKWRJ in English introducing Easy Japanese lesson 50; fair and steady readable signal, less than one second ahead of 13630 via Ramipisham UK, and only an echo apart from 11705 via Sackville, CANADA [and no echo there from Yamata direct lately]. 21560 is Issoudun, FRANCE at 152 degrees; only other signal on 13m was a weak trace of Spain on 21570 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. I was expecting to hear RNW on usual 9345, but now it`s on 9350, Sept 30 at 1253 in Dutch with ``economic nieuws``, good signal. This is via IBB TINIAN, NMI, 250 kW, at 1230-1257 only, aimed 267 degrees to CIRAF 49 = Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, where there are no doubt oodles of Dutchmen, since Amsterdam is tame compared to Bangkok (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 17895, poor and fluttery but abuzzous Qur`an, Sept 30 at 1413, i.e. BSKSA Riyadh HQS, scheduled 12-15 at 295 degrees. Someone reported this on 17900, but I doubt it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** TURKEY. 15450, VOT fairly good as reception improves autumnally, Sept 30 at 1315 wrapping up Letterbox, mostly music fill afterwards, but 1324 cut off closing IS before even one iteration could play.

It`s the end of September, and it dawns on me that I haven`t heard anything about a VOT essay contest this year. Normally it runs in the spring/summer and winners are already touring Turkey by September. Was there none this year? Nothing found on website, but here is an outdated program schedule where there used to be none at all!

I am also having trouble getting a live stream from VOT any more. Is it gone? (Glenn Hauser, OK, Sept 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WRMI 9955 continues switching to NW antenna UT Wed & Fri at 0000-0800. Good signal at 0038 Sept 30 check with English religionist, but plenty of jamming also audible.

On schedule as of last week later UT Wed: 0052 Viva Miami, 0100 Studio DX in Italian, 0130 World [Mexican] Baseball Today, 0145 Acontecer Venezolano, 0200 Wire Light infomercial stuff, 0400 R. Prague, 0430 R. Praga, 0500 Wire Light, 0700 WORLD OF RADIO (from last week), 0730 Frecuencia al Día.

However, gone here by next check 0140, and no revival in further chex to 0530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)



Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

Radio Shack DX-399 150' center fed LW


3 SEP 2009

9870 INDIA AIR Bengaluru: 0135 "Vividh Bharati" program with traditional subcontinental music, anmts by M and W in lang.

5 SEP 2009

6070 CANADA CFRX/CFRB Toronto;  1518 ID by M, traffic report; promo by W in EG "we'll tell you how to get rid of your wrinkles in 3 weeks", but no time to listen to it since it was 3 hours after Sunrise and the signal was fading fast! (Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)

6105 MEXICO XEQM Merida: 1515 playing a Mexican cumbia song, then no signal for a few moments, and when it came back at 1517 signal was OVERMODULATED, so apparently these guys don't monitor their on-the-air signal but rely on in-house modulation METERS; relaying 810-XEMQ Mayan "Yoól Iik"  w/anmts by W in Mayan language, announcing telephone numbers in Spanish, ads in Spanish, Mexican Regional-cumbia music  (Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)

7220 CHINA CRI; 1525 M in JP w/anmts, possible language lesson 1529 JP/CH  (Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)

7240 AUSTRALIA R. Australia; 1524 still audible with a telephone interview; 1605 caught end of news "and that's the news from radio Australia"

f/out by 1615  (Wiseblood-TX 9/05/2009)

13 SEP 2009

6170 NEW ZEALAND RNZI; 1423 playing the top hits from 1969, TC by M "The time is 2:23";  time pips at 1500, ID, M ancr in EG w/New Zealand nx, sports with mention of the "U.S. OPEN" and extensive New Zealand wx summary. Good signal (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)

7110 ETHIOPIA R. Ethiopia, Geja Jawe; 1518 East African type vocal/instrumental type music (very tonal, almost s.e. ASIAN sounding music),  talk by M in Amharic/East African dialect at 1523 . Poor-Fair signal, slow fades but above the noise level,  considering 3 hours after local SUNRISE in VERY QUIET conditions! (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)

7165 ETHIOPIA "Voice of Peace and Democracy of Eritrea" via Radio Ethiopia, Geja Jawe; presumed to be the one here at 1510 with news by M in East African dialect,

guitar strumming East African vocals at 1516 and then lite pop type vocal music.

fair signal at times with deep fades during VERY QUIET conditions (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)

7240 AUSTRALIA, RA; 1431 EG quiz show with contestants, 1450 EG M w/the meaning

of "Rosh Hashanah"; brief flute music and then anmts by M in EG.

Fair-Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/13)

19 SEP 2009

7165 ETHIOPIA Radio Ethiopia, Geja Jawe; 1321z slow guitar strumming with vocals,

talk by M in E Afr lang. Fair at times, slow fades, still in 1503z with anmts by W

in E. Afr lang, brief reggae-type filler music, then anmts by M in lang. (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/19)

6973  ISRAEL Galei Zahal,  Tel Aviv-Yavne;  0112z light romantic vocal music, W in Hebrew at 0125z, Fair signal with low noise QRN  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 9/19)

First time heard here! hopefully it will be a regular feature,



Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV

Kaito KA1103, KA33 active loop antenna, indoor


Saturday 12.09.09

7365 VOICE OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 1328 Cantonese, YL & OM Ancrs. G signal w/ unk co-channel QRM.

7340 CHINA NATIONAL RADIO (CNR-2) at 1334, YL Ancr. G signal w/ some fade.

7325 RADIO CANADA INT at 1340 Chinese, Hrd song in Chinese. VG signal.

7310 FIREDRAKE (China) at 1342-1400. Musical jammer (Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH - via Taiwan). G signal.

7240 RADIO AUSTRALIA at 1415 English, YL hosting "Saturday Night Country." VG signal.

Sunday 13.09.09

7310 Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH (Sound of Hope via Taiwan) at 1350 Chinese, OM Ancr, Hrd occasional Bg vocal music. F-G signal. Not sure if this was indeed SOH.

7300 VOICE OR RUSSIA at 1354-1400 Chinese, Hrd vocal music. G signal.

7240 RADIO AUSTRALIA at 1405-1421 English, YL with Nx. OM played male country-like vocal Gospel song "Thank You Lord For Saving Me." Listeners called in and Ancr asked them to answer questions. G-VG signal.

9760 VOICE OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 1421 English, YL spks to guest about Al-Qaeda network. G signal.

7305 CHINA NATIONAL RADIO (CNR-1) at 1423 Chinese, OM and YL Ancrs. P-F signal.

9750 RADIO JAPAN at 1455 Japanese, Some  jazz music. YL and OM Ancrs. P-F signal.

9800 CHINA RADIO INT at 1505 English, OM Ancr. P signal w/ much QRN. This is the 1st time I hrd CRI on this freq. I believe the target area is S.A.

9450 Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH (Sound of Hope via Taiwan) at 1510 Chinese, OM Ancr. P-F signal. Not sure if this was indeed SOH. In any case, there was no Firedrake jamming on the freq this morning.

Monday 14.09.09

9450 Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH (Sound of Hope via Taiwan) at 1408-1424 Chinese, OM and YL Ancrs w/ vocal music and talk. F-G signal.

9430 FEBC MANILA (Philippines) at 1426 Chinese, OM and YL Ancrs. F signal

7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1434 English, ABC continues strong in Nevada. OM spks of University education. VG signal.

12160 U.S.A. WEWN at 1441 English, YL w/ religious prgm. VG signal.

11990 FIREDRAKE (China) at 1449. Musical jammer (VOA via Russia). P-F signal.

11960 HCJB Quito, Ecuador at 1453 Spanish, YL Ancr. G-VG signal.

11975 VOICE OF AMERICA (via Kuwait) at 1455 Tibetan, Opera-like vocal music. OM and YL Ancrs. P signal.

11965 CHINA RADIO INT at 1506 English, OM Ancr. P signal.

9800 CHINA RADIO INT at 1529 English, OM w/ finance Nx and Wx. Better Bc than yesterday, but still w/ much QRN. F signal.

9955 U.S.A. WRMI at 1545 English, OM Ancr. Prgm unknown. Stn schedule changes constantly. P signal was difficult to copy.

13740 CHINA RADIO INT at 1556 English, YL giving Stn info. G signal. S/off at 1600.

9740 U.K. BBC (via Singapore) at 1559 English, Prgm "Business Daily." OM spks of "Fundamental change in cultures." VG signal. S/off at 1600.

9625 R. CANADA INT at 1604 English, YL reporting Nx. P-F signal.

11550, 11520 U.S.A. WEWN at 1608 Spanish, OM w/ religious prgm. F-G signals.

I'm playing a little catchup with my logs here. I've been preoccupied lately in dealing with a dispute/claim regarding a radio I bought on eBay. I'm happy to say I won the dispute. Presently waiting for PayPal to confirm that the radio's been returned to seller. Then my money will be refunded. It'll be awhile before I attempt to purchase  a replacement but I'm looking forward to DXing with a backup radio to my Kaito. Any suggestions? I'm strapped for cash so can only afford around $125.00.

Saturday 29.08.09

11680 RADIO NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 1527-1558 English, YL describing indigenous music & dance; report on country's electoral system; report on Venezuelan author Salvador Garmendia Graterón. G signal.

Kaito KA1103 (battery powered), telescopic antenna

Sunday 30.08.09

9615 RADIO VERITAS ASIA (via Philippines) at 1117 Mandarin, YL Ancr w/ rel programming. G signal.

9695 RADIO JAPAN at 1125 Vietnamese, YL Ancr. G signal w/ some QRN.

9735 RADIO TAIWAN INT at 1129 Japanese, YL spks to OM. G signal.

9750 RADIO JAPAN at 1133 Japanese, OM Ancr. G signal.

9740 U.K. BBC (via Singapore) at 1137 English, OM spks of animal evolution. P signal.

Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor

Saturday 05.09.09

9650 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA, via Sackville) at 1250-1258 English, YL & OM Ancrs. Var programming, incl listener recpt summaries by region. F-G signal.

9455 RADIO THAILAND at 1325 Chinese, OM Ancr w/ music. F-G signal. RECHECK at 1430 and scheduled English Bc never occurred.

9425 ALL INDIA RADIO (AIR) at 1330-1410 Hindi, OM Ancr. F-G signal w/ some fade.

9425 ALL INDIA RADIO (AIR) at 1430-1436 English, OM reporting Nx. F-G signal w/ some fade.

Sunday 06.09.09

9455 RADIO THAILAND at 1300-1410 Japanese/Mandarin/Thai, OM & YL Ancrs w/ various programming. IS hrd throughout as languages were changed. IDs ("This is Radio Thailand World Service") and announcements given in English. F-G signal. Scheduled 1400-1430 English Bc never occurred.

Tuesday 15.09.09

9840 VOICE OF VIETNAM at 1145 English, OM and YL reading Nx. P signal.

6175 CHINA NATIONAL RADIO (CNR-1) at 1150, Chinese, OM and YL Ancrs. G signal.

6180 R. HABANA CUBA at 1158 Spanish, OM and YL Ancrs. G signal w/ minor QRM fm CNR.

6160 CKZU-CBU (CANADA) at 1400 English, OM and YL reporting Nx. G signal.

6140 VOICE OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 1206 English, YL w/ "World News" prgm. F signal.

6120 R. JAPAN at 1213 English, YL reporting Nx. F signal.

9695 R. JAPAN at 1216 English, YL with Nx feature. P-F signal w/ het.

9625 FAMILY RADIO (WYFR, USA) at 1224 Portuguese, OM and religious Prgm. G signal w/ minor QRM.

9595 RADIO NIKKEI (Japan) at 1226 Japanese, Continuous music. G signal.

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 1229 English, OM with conservational/environmental discussion. VG signal.

9600 R. HABANA CUBA at 1230 Spanish, Hrd RHC's lullaby-like IS, then YL w/ Sta ID G signal.

9410 BBC (via WHRI Xtrm, USA) at 1239-1300 Spanish, YL playing pop music* in both Spanish and English. One selection included "I Left My Heart in Tokyo" by Mini Viva. G signal.

* This so called "pop" music sounded more like Dicso Rap to me. Having lived in San Diego, and now Las Vegas, I'm accustomed to hearing Mexican music. That said, I've always been amazed how frequent "corazón" occurs in the lyrics. Well that word appears to have been replaced by "sexy," at least according to this BBC programme. I was so impressed by the song selections heard that I penned what is sure to be the next big Spanish Disco Rap hit - "Soy Demasiado Atractivo Para Mi Camisa."

Wednesday 16.09.09

6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0702 English, OM reporting Nx. G signal.

6145 R. JAPAN at 0706 Japanese, OM Ancr. G signal.

6060 R. HABANA CUBA at 0712 English, OM reading Nx. F-G signal w/ QRN.

5965 R. EXTERIOR ESPANA (SPAIN) at 0718 Spanish, OM Ancr. F signal.

5935 U.S.A. WWCR at 0720 English, OM, rel programming. Hrd Gospel song. F signal w/ QRN.

5920 R. ROSSII (RUSSIA) at 0723 Russian, YL Ancr. F signal w/ QRN.

7200 R. SAKHA-R. ROSSII (RUSSIA) at 0724 Russian, YL Ancr. F-G signal w/ QRN. Same Prgm as 5920.

7320 R. MAGADAN-R. ROSSII (RUSSIA) at 0737 Russian, YL Ancr. F-G signal w/ QRN.

5025 R. REBELDE (CUBA) at 0746 Spanish, Musica Cubano. G signal.

9825 R. JAPAN at 0755 w/ IS. S/on 0800 Japanese, OM Ancr. P-F signal.

9591, 9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 0805 English, YL reporting Nx. F-G signal.

Wednesday 16.09.09

7390 U.K. BBC (via Singapore) at 1430, Vietnamese, OM Ancr. F signal w/ QRN.

13740 CHINA RADIO INT at 1441 English, YL reports on the ancient art of Brocade weaving. G signal w/ QRN.

9955 U.S.A. WRMI at 1450 Spanish, UNK Venezuelan Sta leasee. OM Ancr. WRMI IS at 1500 with ID given in both Spanish and English. F signal w/ QRN.

11550 UNIDENTIFIED at 1517 Spanish, OM Ancr playing music. Could not copy Sta ID. Some mentioned words were "canciones," "La Guardia," and "La Voz..."  G signal w/ fade.

11680 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 1540-1600 English, YL reading Nx and letters fm listeners. F signal w/ QRN.     

11710 VOICE OF KOREA (DPR) at 1600 French, IS and music. YL & OM Ancrs. P signal w/ QRN.

Early AM and Late PM UTC Log - Thursday 17.09.09

Local time (PDT) 19:15 Wed 16/09/09 - 17:00 Thu 17/09/09

9745 11960 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 0215 Spanish, OM Ancr. Rel programming. VG signal.

6175 VOICE OF VIETNAM (via Sackville) at 0224, Indigenous music. Sta ID at 0230 "This is the Voice of Vietnam." OM and YL Ancrs reporting Nx. G signal.

6165 R. Netherlands (via Neth. Antilles) at 0237 Spanish, OM and YL Ancrs. G signal.

15425 VOICE OF RUSSIA at 0300 English, OM and YL Ancrs. F-G signal w/ some fade, QRN.

9420 VOICE OF GREECE at 2311 Greek, OM Ancr reporting. Segments of indigenous music. P-F signal w/ QRN.

9600 R. HABANA CUBA at 2323 Spanish, YL playing nice selection of Cuban music. G signal.

9625 CBC RADIO NORD QUEBEC (via Sackville) at 2327 English, YL Ancr. Ernie Onassis featured on "Sound of the Day" and a Nx feature on a Ponzi scheme. F-G signal.

9620 R. EXTERIOR DE ESPANA (SPAIN) at 2334 Spanish, OM Ancr. F-G signal w/ fade, QRN.

9640 R. HABANA CUBA at 2338 Spanish, OM and YL Ancrs. G signal.

9715 R. PORTUGAL INT at 2341 Portuguese, YL playing folk-like music. Excellent signal.

9765 CHINA RADIO INT at 2351 Cambodian, Indigenous music... time pips at TOH, then OM Ancr. F signal w/ fade.

At 0000 UTC it was back to Radio Portugal to listen for an hour or so. Although I don't understand Portuguese their programming is quite enjoyable.

Friday 18.09.09

11865 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Portugal) at 2007 English, YL hosting "Newslink." P signal w/ much QRN.

11795 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY at 2017 English, "Newslink" Prgm. P signal w/ much QRN.

11940 R. ROMANIA INT at 2030 English, YL with Nx and commentary. G signal w/ QRN.

9715 R. PORTUGAL INT at 2300 Portuguese, YL and OM Ancrs with Nx - "Internacional Notícias" - and music. VG signal.

SWL Note: Atmospheric conditions continue to interfere with broadcasts. Even a power house station such as Radio Australia is effected. ABC targets the Pacific and usually comes in quite strong for my Las Vegas QTH. The same applies to broadcasts relayed from Sackville, NB Canada.

Saturday 19.09.09

5030 CHINA NATIONAL RADIO (CNR-1) at 1245 Chinese, YL Ancr. Music which souded like a children's chorus. P signal.

5025 R. REBELDE (CUBA) at 1251 Spanish, OM Ancr. VP signal.

5875 U.K. BBC (via Taiwan) at 1300 English, OM and YL reporting Nx. F signal.

6190 R. JAPAN at 1310 Chinese, OM and YL Ancrs. P-F signal.

9750 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA) at 1316 English, OM Ancr reading Nx. F-G signal w/ QRN.

7325 R. CANADA INT at 1325 Chinese, OM and YL with indigenous music in Bg. VG signal.

7300 VOICE OF RUSSIA at 1329 Chinese, YL playing vocal music in what sounded like Russian. VG signal.

7275 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA) at 1334 Chinese, YL playing music. G signal.

7200 R. SAKHA-R. ROSSI (RUSSIA) at 1338 Russian, OM and YL Ancrs. Hrd Nat King Cole's "Don't Get Around Much Anymore."  P-F signal w/ QRN.

7215 CHINA RADIO INT at 1346 Japanese, YL Ancr playing classical music. G signal.

9735 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Portugal) at 2114 English, YL Ancr. P signal w/ much QRN.

11865 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2118 English, OM Ancr with talk of anti-gay sentiment in Serbia. F-G signal w/ QRN.

13755 R. PORTUGAL INT at 2130 Portuguese, OM announcing soccer game. VG signal.

11930 U.S.A. R. MARTI at 1256 Spanish, OM talking over sound bytes of rock n' roll songs - Elvis Presley's "Jaihouse Rock," Eric Clapton's "Layla" and "Lay Down Sally," and Presley's "Don't Be Cruel." P-F signal (poss jamming).

13700 CHINA RADIO INT at 2206 Spanish, OM Ancr. P-F signal.

15110 R. EXTERIOR ESPANA (SPAIN) at 2211 Spanish, OM Ancr. P-F signal w/ QRN.

15540 R. Netherlands (via Neth. Antilles) at 2218 Dutch, OM Ancr. F signal w/ QRN.

9700 R. BULGARIA at 2340 English, OM announces "This is Radio Bulgaris," then YL with listener-response Prgm "Answering Your Letters." F-G signal.

11700 R. BULGARIA at 2345 English, "Answering Your Letters." F-G signal w/ QRN.

9885 U.K. BBC (via Taiwan) at 2355 English, OM speaking to guest about finances and the economy. F-G signal w/ much QRN.

9880 VOICE OF RUSSIA at 2358 Spanish. IS, then YL Ancr at 0000 s/on. F signal w/ QRN.

Sunday 20.09.09

7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1446 English, OM host "Sunday Nights." Nice mix of music from Australian orchestral to Peter, Paul and Mary's "Blowing in the Wind." G signal.

10320 AFRTS (Pear Harbor, HI USA) USB at 1605 English, ESPN Radio prgramming: "Countdown to Kickoff." F-G signal.

Sunday 20.09.09

15205 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2113 English, YL with "Newslink." P signal w/ QRN.

11620 ALL INDIA RADIO at 2121 English, Faintly hrd Hindi music beneath the QRN. Signal was unreadable.

9735 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Portugal) at 2135 English, OM talking about soccer. P-F signal w/ QRN.

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 2142 English, Hrd tune "Killing Me Softly With His Song." P-F signal w/ QRN.

9515 R. CANADA INT at 2147 Chinese, YL speaking to OM. F-G signal. Less QRN from this Bc via Sackville, New Brunswick.

9790 R. ROMANIA INT at 2203 English, YL Ancr. P signal. Unreadable.

12000 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 2210 Spanish, OM Ancr. P signal w/ QRN.

11760 UNIDENTIFIED at 2216-2245, Spanish, Hrd live concert recording. All music was in Spanish. Later, OM Ancr. Couldn't get a Sta ID. Most likely R. Habana Cuba. This is their frequency but it's not listed in AoKi. RHC is nortorious for playing "horario musicales" (musical schedules). Possibly could be R. Rebelde who also uses 11760. G signal w/ little QRN. RECHECK at 2336 and Sta was off air.


This just in from Glenn Hauser's log:

Sept 20 at 1450 on 13780 announcer was mentioning a special event at 2 pm [1800 UT], on TV and satellite, no doubt the big concert for peace in Habana, but if also on SW, I was too late to catch details of that.

Thanks Glenn, this is definitely what I heard. Btw, it was a great concert. I've listed two resources about the event below.

Monday 21.09.09

13775 R. AUSTRIA (via Sackville) at 1559 German, Hrd jazz music. OM ancr. Sta off air at 1600. VG signal w/ little QRN.

11920 U.K. BBC (via Taiwan) at 1618 English, YL with financial and banking report. P-F signal w/ QRN.

9515 R. CANADA INT at 1627 English, OM with report about US Justice Dept investigating interrogators. P-F signal w/ QRN.

11910 V. OF KOREA at 1634 French, YL ancr. F signal w/ much QRN.

13845 U.S.A. WWCR at 1638 English, Hrd nice Gospel song, then OM reading fm Book of Numbers, Chapter 29. F-G signal w/ QRN.

15390 AFRTS (Pear Harbor, HI USA) USB at 1645 English, Unreadable. Very low audio when heard. P signal.

9885 V. OF AMERICA at 1712 English, YL reporting on cyber crimes and child porn. P signal w/ QRN.

Noise was quite bad this morning so I tuned in to jazz on KUNV 91.5 Las Vegas. This little Kaito has great FM sound, especially when listening with good headphones. What a relief from all that shortwave band QRN!

Tuesday 22.09.09

6145 R. JAPAN at 0003 English, YL and OM ancrs. Language lesson # 7 at 0008. P-F signal w/ much QRN and some fade.

7440 R. UKRAINE at 0016 English, YL talking about Ukrainian music. OM with Sta ID at 0018. Difficult to follow prgm. P signal w/ QRN and fading.

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 0825 English, OM ancr with report on excessive credit card fees charged by airlines. G-VG signal.

6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0838 English, OM with "Dateline Pacific." F-G signal w/ QRN using indoor active loop antenna. For some reason the KA33 often pulls in a better RNZI signal.

9590 R. AUSTRALIA at 0844 English, OM with report on retail sector and economic recovery. F-G signal.

9955 U.S.A. WRMI at 1528 English, Glenn Hauser's "World of Radio." F-G signal w/ QRN.

17735 R. CANADA INT at 1847 English, YL discusses the "Idiot's Guide to Dating." F-G signal w/ QRN.

Wednesday 23.09.09

7415 U.S.A. WBCQ at 0145 English, "The Overcomer Ministry" prgm. OM, Brother Scare, spks of the Illuminati, earthquakes, and disasters. G signal w/ QRN.

7330 V. Of RUSSIA at 1344 English, OM and "Jazz Show" prgm. P signal w/ strong QRM fm RCI (in Chinese) on 7325.

9665 CHINA RADIO INT at 1540 Pashto, P-F signal w/ much QRN.

13855 V. Of RUSSIA at 1546 Arabic, OM and YL ancrs. Hrd indigenous music. P signal w/ QRN.

9915 U.K. BBC (via Ascension Island) at 2231 English, OM reporting Nx. F signal w/ QRN.

Thursday 24.09.09

9735 V. Of RUSSIA (via Guiana) at 0409 Spanish, OM ancr. VG signal.

9745 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 0414 Spanish, hrd music. VG signal.

6165 R. Nederland (via Neth. Antilles) at 0516 Dutch, OM ancr. VG signal.

5950 R. TAIWAN INT (via Okeechobee) at 0537 English, OM and YL ancrs. P signal w/ QRN.

6190 CHINA RADIO INT at 0541 English, OM ancr, "Voices From Other Lands." P signal w/ QRN.

6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 1036 English, YL discussing world economy and world market w/ OM. G signal w/ some QRN.

9510 at 1041 English, OM talking about football (soccer) and World Cup. G signal w/ some QRN.

6160 R. CANADA INT at 1044 English, YL and ON discussing Communist Romania. F signal w/ QRN.

9625 FAMILY RADIO (WYFR, USA) at 1052 French, hrd religious music. P signal w/ much QRN.

9265 U.S.A. WINB RED LION at 1055 English, OM ancr. Beneath all the QRN hrd the words "He humbled Himself." Practically unreadable.

6060 CHINA RADIO INT at 1100 English, YL reading Nx. F signal w/ QRN (using whip ant).

11640 U.S.A. EWTN at 1117 English, OM with religious programming. P-F signal w/ much QRN.

31850 U.S.A. WWRB at 1120 English, religious programming and music. P signal w/ much QRN.

5945 BIBLE VOICE BROADCASTING (via Russia) at 1124 English, weak signal. Very low volume.

9335 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 1327 English, OM with story [read propaganda] about museum honoring Korean Communist leaders. G signal.

6020 R. AUSTRALIA at 1334 English, OM hosting "Just Jazz." G signal.

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 1340-1358 English, "Just Jazz" prgm. VG signal.

7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1400 English, YL and OM reporting Nx. VG signal. Slightly better than 9580.

5995 R. AUSTRALIA at 1403 English, OM ancr. "Hindsight" prgm about "The Many Lives of Roger Casement," and the story of the Black Diaries. VG signal. Again, 7240 with slightly better reception.

11705 R. JAPAN at 1414 English, YL reporting Nx. Then "Focus" at 1415. G signal.

11830 FAMILY RADIO (WYFR, USA) at 1422 English, Religious prgm. Piano and vocal chorus music. VG signal.

9945 V. OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 1442 Indonesian, hrd song "Ten Million Fireflies." G signal.

Friday 25.09.09

9840 V. OF VIETNAM at 1142 English, YL talking about Chu Lai village. Then indigenous music. F-G signal w/ QRN and some fade.

6020 R. AUSTRALIA at 1200 English, Hrd sta ID then YL reporting Nx. P-F signal w/ QRN.

9695 R. JAPAN at 1203 English, YL spkn about nuclear disarmament. F signal w/ much QRN.

9675 CHINA RADIO INT at 1302 Russian, YL ancr. VG signal.

9790 R. ROMANIA INT at 2240 English, Hrd indigenous music. P-F signal w/ QRN.

9775 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2249 German, YL ancr. F-G signal.

15560 R. AUSTRALIA at 2252 English, YL talking to OM about gardening and farming. G signal w/ QRN.

9700 R. BULGARIA at 2301 English, YL reporting Nx. G signal w/ QRN and some fade. On 11700 signal was P-F with QRN.

9730 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2312 German, OM ancr. G-VG signal.

15560 R. AUSTRALIA at 2324 English, OM with report about the upcoming 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. G signal w/ QRN.

I recently purchased a Etón S350DL receiver as a backup.  I know there are many who do not consider this a "real" shortwave radio. Fact is, I wanted something bigger that I could, so to speak, wrap my hands around. This puppy is twice the size of my Kaito 1103, and is metallic red in color.  Tuning across  the dial with this radio brings back memories of my first receiver - a Knight R-55.

Here's my first day's monitoring results:

Saturday 26.09.09

9735 V. OF RUSSIA (via French Guiana) at 0115 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs. VG signal.

9715 R. PORTUGAL INT at 0122 Portuguese, OM ancr playing pop vocal music. VG signal.

9620 R. EXTERIOR ESPANA (SPAIN) at 0126 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs. G-VG signal.

9630 CHINA NATIONAL RADIO (CNR-1) at 0128 Chinese, OM ancr. Hrd guitar music. F-G signal.

9600 R. HABANA CUBA at 0139 Spanish, OM ancr. G signal.

9580 CHINA RADIO INT (via Cuba) at 0143 English, OM talks about Confucianism. G signal.

5025 R. REBELDE (CUBA) at 0217 Spanish, OM ancr. F signal.

5965 R. HABANA CUBA at 0230 Spanish, OM ancr reporting Nx. G signal.

15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0237 English, YL playing rock music fm the 70's. Hrd 1971's "Mr. Blue Skies" by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). VG signal w/ some fade.

6010 R. HABANA CUBA at 0507 English, OM with international Nx. VG signal.

6165 R. NEDERLAND (via Neth. Antilles) at 0521 Dutch, OM ancr. G signal.

6060 R. HABANA CUBA at 0526 English, YL with Nx about Latin America. VG signal.

5070 U.S.A. WWCR at 0615 English, OM ancr. Prgm "Into Tomorrow." G signal w/ fade.

Saturday 26.09.09

9760 V. OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 1400 English, YL reporting Nx. G-VG signal.

9740 U.K. BBC (via Singapore) at 1408 English, OM hosting "Sports World." G signal.

9945 V. OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 1412 English, YL ancr. Hrd pop song. G-VG signal.

11760 R. HABANA CUBA at 1420 English, OM and YL ancrs. G signal.

12165 U.S.A. WEWN-EWTN at 1425 English, YL spkn to OM about Ireland, the EU, and the Lisbon Treaty. VG signal.

13740 CHINA RADIO INT (via Cuba) at 1434 English, OM ancrs with prgms "Letter Box" and "Listener's Garden." Report on Confucianism. G signal.

15220 CHINA RADIO INT (via Sackville) at 1453 Chinese, Hrd classical-like music. Weak signal and low audio.

13775 R. AUSTRIA (via Sackville) at 1508 German, OM and YL ancrs.  G signal.

Saturday 26.09.09

15540 R. NEDERLAND (via Neth. Antilles) at 2210 Dutch, OM and YL ancrs. Hrd parts of rock songs. G signal w/ some fade.

13640 CHINA RADIO INT at 2225 Japanese, OM ancr. F signal w/ QRN and fade.

11780 R. NACIONAL DA AMAZONIA (BRAZIL) at 2250 Portuguese, OM ancr playing pop music. G signal w/ some fade.

Sunday 27.09.09

9695 R. JAPAN at 1235 Thai, OM ancr. F signal w/ QRN.

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 1242 English, OM ancr. "Sunday Night" prgm. Topic was population control and world resources. G signal. On 9590, G signal w/ QRN.

6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 1335 English, OM ancr with music programming. G signal.

7325 R. CANADA INT at 1343 Chinese, OM ancr. Hrd music. VG signal.

11705 R. JAPAN at 1404 English, YL reporting the Nx. G signal.

15560 R. AUSTRALIA at 2228 English, OM and YL spkn about Iran. P signal w/ QRN. Reception on 15240 was P-F w/ QRN.

12040 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 2235 German, OM and YL ancrs. G signal.

15320 KSDA-AWR (GUAM) at 2245 English, OM ancr giving sta frequencies. P signal w/ QRN and weak audio.

9700 R. BULGARIA at 2314 English, YL ancr speaking about the EU and Turkey. P signal w/ QRN.

11700 R. BULGARIA at 2321 English, YL ancr reporting Nx. G signal.

9665 V. OF RUSSIA at 2325 English, OM playing classical music. F-G signal.

15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 2331 English, OM with the Wx. P-F signal w/ QRN and fade.

9840 V. OF VIETNAM at 2338  English, YL reporting Nx. P-F signal w/ QRN.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI




Confirmed by yours truly last night and again this morning.  CFRX 6070 KHz is putting out a very nice, strong signal.  Not especially impressed with the CFRB programming though.

Amazing what 1KW on SW with a little vertical antenna can do!


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Eton E1 and 150 foot wire


6070 CFRX Toronto, ON 8/4 1335 with ad for football and then a speech telling PM Harper his time was up. Fair-Good.

9580 R. Australia - Shepparton 8/4 1350 with story talking about  football from the Solomon Islands. Fair.

9650 R. China Intl - Sackville, NB 1353 talking about teaching in China on Life in China program. good.


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Eton E1 and Wellbrook  ALA330S



19m was open Tuesday evening with good signals from down under and also from Central, South and East Asia.

Germany (non): DW in Russian from Sri Lanka, 250kw @ 345°, 0220z, over the pole with very little flutter and a signal strength of S-7 to S-9.

Japan: R Japan in Japanese, 15325 at 0230z with 300kw @ 270°.

Thailand: R Thailand in Thai, 15275 at 0240z with 250kw @ 38° from the VOA site at Udon Thani. English is scheduled from 0200-0230z.

China: CRI in Tamil to South Asia via Kashi, 15260 at 0245z with 100kw @ 173°. Quite a bit better than adjacent channel WYFR, Okeechobee on 15255.

Australia: R Australia, 15515, 100kw @ 70° is usually the only 19m channel I hear from Shepparton after 0200z but 15240 100kw @ 30° was audible too, S-3 to S-5. Not overwhelming but well above the noise level. 15415 (100kw @ 329°) was also audible but

just above the noise.

New Zealand: RNZI, 15720 with 50kw @ 0° (see below). Like R Australia, RNZI is normally audible but much better than usual. They also relay 30 minutes of BBC News at 0100z. RNZI's main coverage area is the Pacific Basin. They use two main beams, 325° and 35°, which

can be combined to make a very broad beam centered at 0°. Click on "" (technical information) for details. Also, Aoki lists this with 50kw instead of the 100kw that should be available.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Broadcasting Co, 15745 in English at 0300z with only 35kw @ 350°. 


Peter Jernakoff – Wilmington, DE

Perseus SDR-IQ and antenna


26-Sep-09 // 2359 UTC // 11780 khz. // Radio Nacional Amazonia // 250 kw //

Brasilia, Brazil // Romantic sounding ballad followed by male with a

listing of Radio Nacional outlets then into presumed news. Several mentions

of Brazil and Brasilia. All in presumed Portuguese. // Good signal with

occasional fading.


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

As listed


Heard on a blisteringly hot Zenith Royal 3000-1 on FM with its antenna about 13/16ths of the way up out on the front porch:

[Adamsville Cardinals are playing McNairy Central Bobcats. Both are undefeated and it is expected to be the first time ever that Adamsville could win. AHS has been around since 1978. Its THE sports talk around here. You'll get to see what I mean when you read the logs.]

93.9 WSIB Selmer, TN 1835 with HSFB pregame for Adamsville v. McNairy Central HS. No coverage but will break in with updates. Normally a gospel only station.

96.5 WBFG Parkers Crossroads, TN 1843 with Adamsville v. McNairy Central HS pregame show. They are the regional ESPN station 45 miles away.

97.3 WKJQ Parsons, TN 1844 HSFB Perry County v. Parsons. Mention of Adamsville v. McNairy Central HS during pregame.

100.1 WASL Dyersburg, TN 1850 Mention of Adamsville v. McNairy Central HS in Dyersburg County Choctaws HSFB.

101.7 WORM Savannah, TN 1853 with local coverage of Adamsville v. McNairy Central HS. They are the AHS flagship.

105.5 WXOQ Selmer, TN 1854 Adamsville v. McNairy Central HS from the home town of the MCHS Bobcats.

Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and FM6 Antenna 9/12:

93.1 W226AF Loretto, TN 1647 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins. New

93.5 WKWX Savannah, TN 1529 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

94.1 WZBQ Tuscaloosa, AL 1650 with ID. New

94.7 WGSQ Cookeville, TN 1732 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins. New

94.7 WOJG Bolivar, TN 1753 Jackson State FB

95.1 WCDZ Dresden, TN 1647 Vols v. UCLA Bruins

95.9 WRJB Camden, TN 1533 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

96.5 WBFG Parkers Crossroads, TN 1527 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

96.7 WOJG Bolivar, TN 1526 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

97.3 WKJQ Parsons, TN 1525 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

97.7 WTNE Trenton, TN 1524 Cardinals baseball

98.3 WKSR Pulaski, TN 1523 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

99.3 WZLT Lexington, TN 1522 Cardinals baseball

99.5 WZRR Birmingham, AL 1617 Alabama FB talk

100.9 WVHR Middleton, TN 1520 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

102.1 WLCT Lafayette, TN 1723 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins. New

102.3 WZDO Humboldt, TN 1519 UTM Football

103.1 WMXX Jackson, TN 1515 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

104.7 WMUF Henry, TN 1542 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

104.7 WLIV Monterrey, TN 1718 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

105.1 WVRY Waverly, TN 1543 Austin Peay v. Youngstown St. 

105.9 WNRQ Nashville, TN 1548 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins

106.3 WBTG Sheffield, AL 1612 Auburn Tigers / War Eagles

106.7 WDXE Lawrenceburg, TN 1609 UT Vols v. UCLA Bruins. New


Bill Harms – Maryland

Receiver, Antenna



90.7 mystery possibly near Baltimore. (the first clip is a 10 minute long aircheck, and the second is a shorter 30 second ID clip.)

I have good reason to believe this is a pirate station in Baltimore.

However, I would like to figure out if this could be a legit station. They did not ID at the TOH so I have no clue if they are a more distant station.  They were fairly strong and constant here in Elkridge, about what I would expect for an LP station in Baltimore.

The announcer had a Caribbean English accent and it was hard to understand him at times. Due to my failing ears, I can not decipher the slogan he used in the second clip.

Any help would be appreciated.


The Visible Universe


Nothing reported this month


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


This month we have a lively discussion from an article posted by Kevin followed by a few URLs for a couple Internet music stations. Thanks to all who contributed and continue to post your Internet radio logs to ABDX!


Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe


The arrival (finally) of Internet radio

Posted by: kevin redding

Sun Sep 6, 2009 5:03 am (PDT)

The arrival (finally) of Internet radio
Ben Fong-Torres
Sunday, September 6, 2009


'Net gains: Radio future has arrived, in the form of Internet, or online, or Wi-Fi radio. For years, naysayers - many of them connected to commercial radio - swore that people wouldn't do their listening online. After all, it required being at their computers. And the
first Internet stations were slapdash, basement-hobbyist or rabid-music-freaks' audio versions of blogging.

No more. Internet radio is not only on PCs (and there's nothing wrong with that); it's on cell phones and radiolike tuners (actually little computers that connect with networks). Compact portable models are being perfected, and Wi-Fi radio is on its way into automobiles.

On the programming side, virtually all commercial broadcasters, having come to their business senses, have online versions of their stations (albeit still saddled with long breaks for advertising and other messages).

The majors, including Clear Channel and CBS, offer virtual players and phone apps to guide listeners to any of their myriad stations. Meantime, services that let listeners create their own custom stations, like Pandora, Slacker,, and Rhapsody, are everywhere, offering potent alternatives to mainstream radio.

For me, the real joy comes in being able to pull in virtually any station I've ever dreamt of being able to hear. "Morning Becomes Eclectic" on KCRW in Santa Monica; WWOZ, the legendary blues and gospel station out of New Orleans; K-Earth, an L.A. oldies outlet
that stays true to the sound of "Boss Radio."

Closer to home, I can bypass the weak AM signals of KPIG and KFRC and find the oinkers and Scott Shannon's "True Oldies Channel" in digital audio. I don't have to drive to the North Bay to hear KRSH ("The Krush"). Flick the dial, and I'm tuned into the mellow WMVY, out of Martha's Vineyard. Another flick and I'm on an all-Beatles station - out of Russia!

The ability to pull in such stations is one reason radio has hit a turning point, says Bob Crane, who sells Wi-Fi radios, including one built by his own company, C. Crane, which is based in Fortuna, in Humboldt County. Internet radio gives people "access to the stations they've always wanted to listen to," he says. "Where we've seen the biggest impact is with people from overseas. When they get their hometown stations, they fall on the floor." Even though those stations have been available on their computers, says Crane, listening on a radio is different from computer speakers.

With a device like C. Crane's CC Wi-Fi Internet radio ($160), a listener has a tuner that can go into any room that's reached by Wi-Fi. It employs the Reciva Internet radio aggregator to access some 16,000 stations around the world. If that's not enough, one can also play any music that's stored in his or her computer.

The CC Wi-Fi is compact; the sound is OK, but even Crane admits that it's "just a good radio, a lower-cost entry level Wi-Fi radio that is simple to use." Fortunately, he also sells other models (along with a wide variety of other radios - AM/FM, shortwave, weather and even HD - and loads of electronic goodies) at www.ccrane. com. He raves about the $300 Squeezebox Boom from Logitech. It's twice as big, sounds at least twice as good, and even includes an alarm clock.

With high-end setups (like Sonos' multiroom system) priced at $1,000, Internet radio, like satellite radio, won't sweep the nation overnight. But C. Crane already offers one unit at under $100, and there are others to be found - online, of course.


Posted by: Craig Healy

Sun Sep 6, 2009 6:35 am (PDT)

> Flick the dial, and I'm tuned into the mellow WMVY, out of Martha's Vineyard.

One of my clients... They have a very eclectic format, and their streams have stuff that HD2 can't even imagine. There is a separate event stream on their web site that is currently playing audio done live this weekend at the Rhythm and Roots Festival in southern RI. A few weeks ago they did the same with the Newport Folk Festival. Recorded live from these places, edited to make the listening easier, and then played on the stream. The cuts rotate, so it's not just a single play.

In the past they have done South By Southwest and a number of others. Great stuff that just isn't on common radio anywhere.

Yes, they are a client, but in the nearly 40 years I've been in this business I haven't heard content as good as this.

When they finally make a iPhone-type device that will easily play *any* stream, and has a docking port for a car, internet radio will really take off.

Maybe it's time to start a web site...

Craig Healy
Providence, RI


Posted by: rbrucecarter

Sun Sep 6, 2009 6:56 am (PDT)

This is fantastic! It breaks the monopoly local stations have over people - and their ability to feed them what they want people to listen to, vs. what people actually want to listen to.

In the case of my wife, it is oldies. Houston cut off the oldies station. Now she can get any number of stations that play her favorite format. I, for one, think it is insulting when people say her taste is out moded and the fans dying out, and she has no purchasing power. She does. A LOT. And she will be buying from advertisers who support her format.

In my case, it is Christian rock. The local "CCM" station is actually praise and worship. They have a strangle hold on the area, grabbing up every frequency for their translators. It makes me a little mad, because they were originally supposed to be the station for kids, Christian rock in perpetuity, never to go "soft". I'm one of the people who contributed a whole lot of time and money to get them going, based on that promise. A promise that is broken. No kids in the youth group listen to them, in spite of the commercials where parents say "it is so good to hear my kids singing Christian songs". Yeah, until they are 8 or so. My daughter and her friends hate the station. So they are listening to hip-hop and top 40. Now -instead of being monopolized by ultra conservative churches who hate kids and their music, we can stream something they actually prefer to listen to instead of garbage - the monopoly of people trying to force feed things they think kids ought to hear, instead of what they want to hear, is broken!!!

Pardon me for the soap box, it is an issue I have cared deeply about for years. I've seen Christian kids turn into DX'ers to try to get their Christian music. Yeah - kids - today - asking me how to DX!!!! I help as many as I can, I've re-furbished old tuners and receivers, installed antennas (to the chagrin of housing associations), but it has made a real difference in their lives.

I guess I would like details of which cell phone companies offer streaming at reasonable rates, and what phone models it takes. And do they still make FM modulators for cars - or have the NPR stations bellyached enough about it to get them off the market? These are affluent kids, they can afford the stuff it takes, I'm just a better DX'er than a phone techie!!!


Posted by: Juan Gualda

Sun Sep 6, 2009 7:18 am (PDT)

My iphone is my new radio. I have choices of thousands of streams from oo tunes, Wunder radio, LIVE 365, Pandora, new NPR app, Major League Baseball and too many others to mention.
It is all about choices. Now that I figured out how to listen in the car without the cell noise getting back into the car radio, I can listen to streams while on the go. I listened for hours on my way back and forth to SC. I only lost the streams for a short while in a couple of spots while on the "edge" network, most of the trip I was getting the if I could only figure out a way to get an outside antenna....

I still listen to the AM/FM for DX purposes, and to see if WQCS is on the air, but thats it.

Fort Pierce


Posted by: Powell E. Way III

Sun Sep 6, 2009 8:28 am (PDT)

And you can listen to WKDK.......

Powell ( ducking)

Posted by: kevin redding

Sun Sep 6, 2009 10:58 am (PDT)

On Sep 6, 2009, at 9:17 AM, iowacane wrote:

> My iphone is my new radio. I have choices of thousands of streams
> from oo tunes, Wunder radio, LIVE 365, Pandora, new NPR app, Major
> League Baseball and too many others to mention.


Please, please, please, please, please, post the URLs of cool stuff you hear. We would love to have those logs at ABDX and we also would love to have the URL to your stations you have on the net.


Posted by: kevin redding

Sun Sep 6, 2009 11:00 am (PDT)

On Sep 6, 2009, at 10:27 AM, Powell E. Way III wrote:

> And you can listen to WKDK.......

Where you can listen to the Newberry College India.... ummmm.... er..... Newberry College NNNN's or the No Names or the Whatevers as well as Newberry HSFB.



Posted by: Juan Gualda

Sun Sep 6, 2009 3:33 pm (PDT)

kevin redding wrote:
> Please, please, please, please, please, post the URLs of cool stuff
> you hear. We would love to have those logs at ABDX and we also would
> love to have the URL to your stations you have on the net.
> Kevin

You got it Kevin.


Posted by: Juan Gualda

Sun Sep 6, 2009 3:34 pm (PDT)

"Powell E. Way III" wrote:
> And you can listen to WKDK.......
> Powell ( ducking)

And I did.....I enjoyed Charlie Brown's "On The Beach". A show where you can hear "me" once in awhile as I sometimes do spots for Chris Beachley, the producer.
The WKDK stream sounds great Powell....I pluged the iphone into a set of battery powered dock w/ speakers, and the sound is excellent.

A shameless plug, but I do my own Beach Music show on terrestrial radio on WODR, Cool 105.3 Fairbluff, NC every Saturday at 12 Noon.

Fort Pierce, FL


Posted by: Andy Sennitt

Sun Sep 6, 2009 9:57 pm (PDT)

Those of you into Internet Radio may find this station of interest. The following quote was taken from RNW's Media Network weekly newsletter. Thanks to SoCal's Stewart MacKenzie for posting the newsletter on several shortwave groups.

"[Focus was] one of the greatest Dutch pop-rock bands of the 1970's, whose music was frequently played on the offshore stations. As I type this, I'm listening to the UK Internet station that now calls itself Rock Planet, and they're playing the classic Focus instrumental hit Sylvia. The band folded following internal disagreements, but founder Thijs van Leer has re-formed the group with three new members, and they're touring, playing both classic Focus material and some brand new compositions. There are a lot of dates coming up across the UK in the next few months".

Andy Sennitt
Media Network
Radio Netherlands
September 3, 2009

Note: In 1973 Jan Akkerman, one of the founders of the progressive rock band Focus, was chosen Best Guitarist In The World by the readers of the UK magazine Melody Maker. I don't have any of the group's albums but I did like the band and Akkerman's guitar playing. Another prog rock band that I enjoyed from that era was Germany's Nektar. I have their 1974 album "Down to Earth."

Posted by: rbrucecarter

Mon Sep 7, 2009 9:27 am (PDT)

> Juan
> Fort Pierce

> My iphone is my new radio. I have choices of thousands of streams
> from oo tunes, Wunder radio, LIVE 365, Pandora, new NPR app, Major
> League Baseball and too many others to mention.

OK, slow down! First of all, I need an iPhone, which means I need to get cell service from AT&T.

Then, I need an "oo tunes" application for the iPhone - is that free? Can I program it to pick up any stream? Some of my Christian rock streams may not be on the "politically correct" list, but I want them and won't do this if I can't get them.

OK, how do you get the audio into your car radio? I got a modulator - can you plug the iPhone into one with a normal headphone jack?

OK- another question and it is a biggie - do you just pay a flat rate for unlimited internet, so no matter how much you stream you always pay the same? I am very concerned about megabyte charges, that would pretty much be a show stopper for me.

Dang - you have a WAY-FM translator there!!! I'd sure love to have one in Houston!!! And 88.1 just put in a new transmitter a few years back. I doubt you would even need a translator any more. But - WAY-FM is probably not your chosen format. As you said - it is all about choice. We may have different format preferences, but we share the disgust of not being served by local broadcasters.


Posted by: Bob Carter

Tue Sep 8, 2009 11:33 am (PDT)

>My iphone is my new radio. I have choices of thousands of streams
>from oo tunes, Wunder radio, LIVE 365, Pandora, new NPR app, Major
>League Baseball and too many others to mention.

OK, slow down! First of all, I need an iPhone, which means I need to get
cell service from AT&T.

I think the I-Phone is a bit over rated. Besides AT&T has control over all
of the apps on your phone and can shut them down at will and snoop on what
you are doing.( yes scary but little known fact that AT&T may or may not want
to admit ) Sorry, but big brother is already watching, I dont need my cell
phone company doing the same and having control over MY phone. I have a
Palm Treo 650 on the AT&T network.

> Then, I need an "oo tunes" application for the iPhone - is that free? Can
> I program it to pick up any stream? Some of my Christian rock streams may
> not be on the "politically correct" list, but I want them and won't do
> this if I can't get them.

I use Pocket Tunes on my Treo 650 (latest version) Anyone need it, let me
know. Anyhow, you can go to on your home computer or laptop,
get the url's of the webstreams and enter them into Pocket Tunes.

> OK, how do you get the audio into your car radio? I got a modulator -
> can you plug the iPhone into one with a normal headphone jack?

With my phone...and probably a fair number of other Smart Phones, they have
a little head phone jack. I plug in at the head jack and use a cassettee
tape adapter to get the audio from the phone to the car speakers. You can also
feed a part 15 FM transmitter and broadcast this to your car radio of you
do not have an aux input or cassettee adapter.

> OK- another question and it is a biggie - do you just pay a flat rate for
> unlimited internet, so no matter how much you stream you always pay the
> same? I am very concerned about megabyte charges, that would pretty much be a
> show stopper for me.

I have unlimited text/messaging and media...the media being the internet flat rate. I've driven from NY to NC and back and many other places too
without having a usage problem.

> Dang - you have a WAY-FM translator there!!! I'd sure love to have one in
> Houston!!! And 88.1 just put in a new transmitter a few years back. I
> doubt you would even need a translator any more. But - WAY-FM is probably not
> your chosen format. As you said - it is all about choice. We may have
> different format preferences, but we share the disgust of not being served by
> local broadcasters

WAY-FM is simular to a few stations I look after here. I have URL's for me off list if you want them.
Anyhow...I noted someone saying that the streaming works unless your in the
EDGE coverage areas. Generally what I have found is that you can listen
with ease to a 32kps 44khz AAC stereo stream in any 3G coverage area. On the
EDGE network, that stream would skip and drop out a lot. However I can listen
to a 24kbps 22khz mono stream all the way out til there is no cell phone
coverage without a problem.

When I'm on long trips I'll listen to my webstreams. It is neat, but weird
in a way to listen to a NY station say in Virginia, in the clear.

Bob Carter - KC4QLP - WQJK414


Posted by: Michael J. Richard

Tue Sep 8, 2009 7:45 pm (PDT)

Wow! That is neat to know, Bob. I have a Treo 700wx on the Verizon Network. The "wx" meaning it runs Windows Mobile. I'm fairly certain there's an application that can do what you're doing with your 650 and I have unlimited internet on the thing. I never even THOUGHT about doing this! What a neat idea! I wonder if it'll work on mine? I guess I'd need a "windows mobile" version of the "pocket tunes" you speak of. I've already been using mine as an "mp3" player feeding it in with a cassette adaptor like you.

I agree with all the AT&T stuff and definitely agree with all the silly I-phone hype. I am marvelously happy with my Treo and wouldn't want anything else including an I-phone. Just like I have a regular plain old MP3 player and NOT an I-POD. Again....the control issue. I'd rather toss mp3's onto the player like tossing files onto a USB stick and it not be a REQUIREMENT to use software like I-tunes to manage everything....of course that's so they can do all the licensing BS and so forth.

Michael n Wyo


Posted by: rbrucecarter

Tue Sep 8, 2009 8:09 pm (PDT)

My daughter saw the posts - I think she is going to get me an early Christmas present. I griped about Christian radio sucking here too much, she doesn't want to hear it!!! It would be nice to have Christian music that doesn't suck in the car. What makes me mad is I helped get them on the air 26 years ago - and this is NOT what I paid for ----

If an iPhone or other phone is in my immediate future, I will report my experience with stream DX'ing in the car to the group. Stand by ---


Posted by: Richard Bianchino

Wed Sep 9, 2009 9:37 am (PDT)

Thanks for posting this url, and thanks to Kevin for requesting it. A great station. I see you are from Providence. I was born and raised in Rhode Island and loved the music scene there. I'm also a big fan of blues (and jazz) so it was a pleasure listening to the Rhythm & Roots Festival in Charlestown, RI.

Btw, are you familiar with the RI sixties blues-rock garage band the Mojo Hands? Just curious. There's a great book out about the band and the music of that era - "We Gotta Go Now" by Dennis A. Blackledge.

Richard Bianchino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted by: kevin redding

Wed Sep 9, 2009 9:53 am (PDT)

On Sep 9, 2009, at 11:37 AM, bion_swl wrote:

> Thanks for posting this url, and thanks to Kevin for requesting it.
> A great station. I see you are from Providence. I was born and
> raised in Rhode Island and loved the music scene there. I'm also a
> big fan of blues (and jazz) so it was a pleasure listening to the
> Rhythm & Roots Festival in Charlestown, RI.

I used to live in Middletown and Westerly, Craig Healy is from RI. Neil Kazaross has land on Point Judith. Norbert Ansay is in Warwick. I am sure I am forgetting someone but there are a lot of us on ABDX with ties to Rhode Island. There are a fair number of Cape Codders on here also.

That is one AWESOME state to DX from. Its not Cape Cod but its pretty close. I used to live directly on Narragansett Bay. It was a great place to live back in the day.

Crump, TN


Posted by: Darwin Long

Wed Sep 9, 2009 12:06 pm (PDT)

Internet Radio will never EVER catch on as fully as regular radio... here's why:

A. Yes - there can be a zillion cell or WiFi repeaters all over the country... but reception of these services require 2-WAY communication between your device and the cell site. If that distance is several miles and you're putting out a fraction of a watt, forget it. Did you ever wonder why you can have all bars up on your cell phone while on top of a mountain in the wilderness, but yet you still cannot manage to make an outgoing call? You are RECEIVING the signals from one or more cell site transmitters running several watts, but your phone's comparatively puny signal is not "making the trip" all those miles back to those sites.

B. Any sort of WiFi, internet, or cellphone-based streaming media service assume one thing about their user: there's a PAID SUBSCRIPTION being made somewhere by someone for use of those service(s). You'll never see a wireless device that you simply buy at the store and flip the switch on (like a regular radio) for programming unless it is using one of those services. Yeah, you can "mooch" WiFi signals having no security protections in some locales - but that is highly dependent on where and when you try, and will certainly never be a viable mode while driving down the highway. Those of lower income status may not be able to viably attain and maintain a subscription (the kid in the alley behind the projects with his little transistor radio, the 92-year old woman on a fixed income with her boom box, the student listening to the ball game on his radio). Add to this, if you want to hear most sporting events on a wireless media device, you ALSO have to subscribe to hear those games. Radio shouldn't be just for the wealthy, and is why regular over-the-air radio will probably still be around for a long time.

C. Emergency broadcasts are not reliable over a wireless media system. If a natural disaster disables local cellphone service, landlines carrying DSL, or city-wide WiFi, guess what - if you relied exclusively on your cellphone or internet radio device, there would go your emergency information reception... unless you turn on your regular AM/FM radio.



Posted by: J Gualda

Wed Sep 9, 2009 2:53 pm (PDT)

> Darwin Long wrote
> > Internet Radio will never EVER catch on as fully as
regular radio... here's why:

Darwin, you have a good point but....

Commercial radio sucks, and is dying a slow painful death.

I am tired of the painfully short playlists, lack of any kind of forward
thinking. Or,

...Maybe my favorite station is out of reach.


The entertainment provided by 99% of what I can hear at my location from Commercial broadcasters is inferior, and unless I like listening to paranoid delusional talk show hosts..the AM band here is useless. I remember hearing about how FM would never be as popular as AM, and that UHF would never make it....Cable TV ? Why would I pay for TV, it's free..... Internet radio...It will never make it...LOL

Maybe so, but regardless, I'll take it. even If I have to pay for it. :-)



Internet Is Future of Radio

Posted by: kevin redding

Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:44 am (PDT)

Internet Is Future of Radio
Saturday, September 12, 2009 :: Staff infoZine

The future of radio is broadcasting to an audience of one

New York, NY - infoZine - Video never managed to kill the radio star. Despite the arrival of cassette tapes, MP3 players and satellite radio, AM/FM broadcast radio still has enormous reach. According a study by Knowledge Networks, 18% of the time US consumers use media— nearly 97 minutes a day—is spent listening to the radio.

Advertising spending on terrestrial radio in the US tells a grimmer story. Many of the country’s largest national broadcasters are on the verge of bankruptcy, and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) announced that Q1 2009 was the industry’s worst quarter ever in terms of ad spending.

eMarketer predicts the radio industry will see double-digit losses in ad spending this year, with terrestrial radio bringing in $14.5 billion in ad revenues in 2009, a drop of 18% from 2008 levels. Only when confidence returns to the market at large will the sky start to
brighten for radio. That rebound will begin in mid- to late 2010, but radio will still end next year with revenues down by 2%.

Marketers will transfer some of their ad budgets online, where Internet radio stations are positioning themselves to take advantage of the shift in dollars. Though the ad spend is still low, Internet radio will be the future. As auto sales plummet, terrestrial radio ad
spending drops accordingly and so do the free trial satellite radio subscriptions that come with many vehicles. Internet radio isn’t wired to the same fate.

While satellite radio provides niche content by offering hundreds of stations, the most popular Internet radio sites such as Pandora allow millions of listeners to create a station programmed uniquely for them. Internet radio offers listeners a personalized experience
virtually unrivaled by other media. In return the sites get loyal and highly engaged listeners.

The bulk of online radio listening today is done on a desktop or laptop computer, but the number of consumers with smartphones capable of online streaming is growing. Internet radio listeners are no longer tethered to their computers.

Radio—including terrestrial, satellite and online—is leveraging mobile devices to further expand its reach and opportunities. The explosion of downloadable mobile applications that run on such devices transforms them into portable, miniature radio receivers with
a virtually infinite dial.

Still, Internet radio will not kill terrestrial radio. Studies indicate that the growth of Internet radio listening is not coming at the expense of terrestrial broadcasts. In fact, online listeners are tuning in to radio more than average, further justifying why there is still much hope for the medium at large.


Posted by: Bill Harms

Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:26 pm (PDT)

The premise in the subtitle is false. Sending programming to an audience of one is not broadcasting, it is "mono-casting." I wish people would use the English language correctly. Where radio is having a problem is with local content. In our society as a whole, people are missing the sense of local community. This is a general phenomena and is not just limited to radio.

Bill Harms


Internet radio brings the world to your home

Posted by: kevin redding

Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:18 am (PDT)

Bill Mann: Internet radio brings the world to your home

By Bill Mann
Posted: 09/24/2009 10:35:51 AM PDT
Updated: 09/24/2009 10:35:52 AM PDT

LIKE SOME OF YOU, I've listened to radio on the net for years. And also, popular free music service Pandora, where you can program your own customized radio station to play everything from Wilson Pickett to Haydn.

But there's a convenient new twist:

A net radio you can put on your nightstand or anyplace in your house — with radio preset buttons. It brings the world into your living room or bedroom at the touch of a button.

I first saw one of these last year in Vancouver, where I was visiting my old pal "Mayor" Art Finley, the former KRON kiddie-show host and talk host at both KCBS and KGO.

Finley had a Grace Internet radio pre-set to both KCBS and KGO. So here we were way up in B.C., listening to Bay Area radio. No more lugging a laptop around the house: I just had to get one, which I did for my birthday. They're not that expensive and look a lot like a regular radio.

All you need is a wireless network and router in your house. Among the variety of stations and odd things I've found the past few months:

You can listen to Internet-streaming radio stations from any country in the world. I've heard a hip-hop station out of Oslo, and streaming stations from Barbados, France, Japan, and Australia. What is obvious is that American popular culture — music — washes over the entire world. It's impossible to find a country in which a large amount of rap/soul/R&B isn't a staple — or dominant — on that nation's music stations. This Francophile had a hard time finding traditional, accordion-driven Parisian music amidst all the French urban music. I finally found one, Radio Bonheur.

The Grace model I got groups stations by genre as well as country. And even though all-Beatles stations long ago vanished in the U.S., I've got one pre-set locked into a Fab Four station — out of Moscow, of all places. Every four or five Beatles songs, an announcer breaks in and says something like, "Beatles "... vranya." Most-often-heard song? "Back in The USSR," of course.

I searched the Blues genre for a good station, and found a great one. No name, no announcers, but a very odd twist: Before the Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf sets begin, you hear a 30-second recruitment pitch for "... the CIA! I've found this CIA ad on other Net stations. Is the CIA an advertiser — or a net-station owner? Some reader may know
the answer.

Talk about niche programming: I also found a net radio station that's all George Carlin, 24 hours a day. Uncensored bits by the irreverent late comic, with the occasional interview of Carlin by (he's never introduced) former Chronicle guy/comedy-book author Jerry Nachman, during which Carlin discusses his craft.

Remember short wave radio? This is kinda like that — where you can hear radio stations from all over the world, which I used to do as a kid. The difference here is that with Net radio, there's no Soviet jamming — and no Soviet Union.

Bill Mann can be reached at



Loggings and stations



Craig Healy – Providence, RI


Posted by: Craig Healy

Mon Sep 7, 2009 5:58 am (PDT)

> > One of my clients... They have a very eclectic format, and their
> > streams have stuff that HD2 can't even imagine.
> You're killing me. What's the URL?

The playlist has the various artists in order from Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

Main page has the other links.

Craig Healy
Providence, RI


Juan Gualda – Fort Pierce, FL


OT: Internet Radio........ Shameless Plug !

Posted by: J Gualda

Tue Sep 8, 2009 8:09 pm (PDT)

Kevin asked me to post my Internet stations. If you are a fan of Beach Music & Classic Soul, check out

If you are an 80s and 90s music fan, I have Mix 96.7. It started out as a "low power" station (lol), now it is on the Internet

Oldies fans can check out

I am also a DJ on and I do a show on WODR Cool 105.3 FM soon to stream. All streams are available on the iphone, and other smart phones.

Fort Pierce



And that’s another month on the Net. Thanks to all the reporters.


73’s, Martin


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Paul LaFrieniere, SK


One of the earliest members of ABDX. Paul LaFrieniere has passed  away. Paul was a great DXer and an even greater man. Paul helped me pay for many memberships to IRCA for those who needed the help. I will miss him greatly. God bless you, Paul.


Here is his obituary from the Cook County, MN Herald:


Paul Anthony LaFreniere,


Paul Anthony LaFreniere, 69, of Grand Marais, passed away Sept. 11, 

2009 at the North Shore Hospital in Grand Marais after a short

courageous battle with cancer.


He was born Sept. 26, 1939 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota to Paul A 

LaFreniere Sr. and Capitola Marie LaFreniere. He graduated from

Hibbing High School in June 1957 and joined the Air Force in July 

1957. He was honorably discharged in August 1963.


He was employed by UPS for 21 years and also Trico Gas Company until 

he retired in September 2000.


Paul was an active member of St. John’s Catholic Church in Grand Marais.


He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Patricia of Grand Marais; two 

daughters, Pamela (James) Franger of Chicago and Anita Rawlins of 

Mesa, Ariz.; two sons, Thomas LaFreniere Sr. of Grand Marais and 

Gregory LaFreniere of Coulee Dam, Wash.; six grandchildren; one great-

grandchild; sister Jean Luer of Duluth; brother Steve LaFreniere of 

Mesa, Ariz.; and many nieces and nephews.


He was preceded in death by his parents and daughter Larae.


A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at a later date.



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Emily Keene – Satellit 750


Another good bit of information about the Satellit 750: I live very near New York City and I had all but given up on MW DX until I got my Sat 750. My other radios, even very good ones, all hissed and roared through big chunks of the MW band thanks to the digital signals, but the 750 is immune! I can hear stations directly next to the powerhouses, and am now happily becoming reacquainted with the Chicago, North Carolina, Ohio, and Georgia stations that had been so strong before the HD switch-over.

The rotating antenna works as advertsed, and you can attach a loop directly into the rotating piece ( there's an antenna jack on it ) or set the loop nearby - it works very well either way. I got out my MW station list, and thanks to the Satellit 750, I'm back in business!

Emily Hastings Keene

Middletown, NJ


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