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This month’s CME was on High School Football and ultralite logs. We got a very nice group of loggings this month. Next CME will be on HSFB and  frequency span. The frequencies to  DX will be 1510 – 1710.


Get after it guys, there is something in this for everyone. Many of you asked for a set of frequencies and well, you must have seen a shooting star and made a wish because its here!


Who was the big logger this CME? The Big Kat! Neil Kazaross!


Lastly, there were call sign changes. Download them here:


Turn your radio on. What are you hearing? The world is out there just for tuning in. You never know what you might hear.


Kevin Redding

CEO, List Owner, Groundskeeper, Typesetter, Chief Cook, Bottle Washer and Janitor




High School Football / Ultralites – any band


Robert Carey Smoak – Bamberg, SC

Arvin  6 transistor, internal antenna



WIGN, Bristol, TN, 1550 kHz at 8:04 P. M. Eastern, following CBS news, gospel music.  Heard on an Arvin 6 Transistor pocket portable, model 61R13,23.  All 35,000 squirrels must be running in the cages tonight.  Six of them must have wanted the night off.


Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona



1430 KTBZ(T)  Tulsa,OK -1900 MST / 0200 Z,m  24-7 score , really solid signal on verylight (not quite "ultra"), with onboard ferrite loop.  sleepless night the night before, i wasnt participating in CME....woke from nap , turned on DX-375 still tuned to 1430 from that morning , clear ID and game heard right off "Am 1430, THe Buzz".  could this be one of Kevin's "cheaters" ? station really strong for night power of 5k., coming from NE-Oklahoma ! or is it still using day power of 25K ?  (9/4  Barton-AZ)


1520   KOKC  Oklahoma City, OK  1815  Very strong signal for this early in local evening, p-b-p of Norman, Oklahoma hosting Moore. it was the Lions vs. the Tigers ! (Barton-AZ)*

1060  KDUS  Tempe, AZ  1920  Chapparal vs. Mountain View.

890  KDXU Saint George, UT  1945  "Mecham" (?) QBing the Panthers. (Barton-AZ)

1210  KGYN  Guymon , OK   1930  It was Guymon (OK) vs. Liberal (KS). (enjoyed this one as i know Highway 54 between Tucumcari and Wichita very well).  really nice signal tonight, tho not unusual for this one. ID by M at 1940 ("Your Source for Tiger Sports"), and to local spots.  (Barton-AZ) *


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire:

1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA 8/3 2036 Byrd Yellow Jackets HSFB. Yellow Jackets are leading. HD interference from KMOX.

1520 KRHW Sikeston, MO 8/3 2040 Blue Jays HSFB and interference from presumed Saudi Arabia and its 1 kHz het. Score is 44-0.

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 8/3 2042 with Flyers HSFB.

Heard on an Admiral Imperial 8 nekkid as the day it was born in 1961:

1520 KRHW Sikeston, MO 0750 with high school football between the Bearcats and the Bulldogs. Terrible interference from BSKSA on 1521 which may signal a very good night for TA reception.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire 9/10:

1640 WTNI Biloxi, MS 0905 with HSFB and so loud its incredible. Maybe they have all 10000 squirrels running in the cage.

Powell E. Way – Silverstreet, SC

Radios used Zenith Royal 20 and Panasonic RF-032D...


1240  WKDK SC  Newberry :  Jimmy and Brice doing the Newberry High School  vs Batesburg Leesville game  from BL using a Tieline that gives full fidelity audio over a dial up line. 8:20 PM with Newberry trailing 14-0 in the 2nd quarter. 


Antonios Kekalos – Traverse City, MI

Tecsun PL 310



0401, 530, CIAO, Brampton ON, 1K/250W, 298mi/480km, Announcer w/station ID

0405, 550, WKRC, Cincinnati OH, 5K/1K, 395mi/636km


Radio Shack AM/FM Pocket Portable (Ultralight) Cat. no. 12-586

Note: The following are relogs from this location, however the RX is used for the first time.

0508, 650, WSM, Nashville TN, 50K, 597mi/962km, "The Legend"

0509, 700, WLW, Cincinnati OH, 50K, 395mi/636km

0513, 740, CFZM, Toronto ON, 50K, 315mi/508km

0515, 770, WABC, New York NY, 50K, 651mi/1047km

0519, 800, CKLW, Windsor ON, 50K, 211mi/339km

0525, 950, WWJ, Detroit MI, 50K, 207mi/334km

0527, 1020, KDKA, Pittsburgh PA, 50K, 413mi/664km

0528, 1030, WBZ, Boston MA, 50K, 746mi/1201km

0530, 1100, WTAM, Cleveland OH, 50K, 301mi/485km

0533, 1370, WSPD, Toledo OH, 5K/5K, 236mi/380km

0534, 1580, CKDO, Oshawa ON, 338mi/544km


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Tecsun PL310



All I had was WTKT-1460 Harrisburg PA ("The Ticket") with the Red Lion (PA)-Cumberland Valley (PA) game, and Red Lion was getting smoked.

Had unidentified HS games on 1260 and 1480.


HSFB broadcasts noted tonight:

1070   WKOK            Sudbury PA

1240   WSNJ             Bridgeton NJ

97.3    WENJ             Millville NJ (I think about the only local FM stations that runs HSFB in these parts)

1290   WWTX            Wilmington DE

830     WEEU            Reading PA

1440                           UNID

930     WHLM            Bloomsburg PA

960     WFIR              Roanoke VA

1160                           UNID

1330   WBTM            Danville VA

1370                           UNID


Tim Hall  - Chula Vista, CA

Receiver, Antenna



890 KDXU-UT Snow Canyon vs. Las Vegas(?).

1220 presumably KNTS.

1230 UNID.

1380 presumably KLPZ.

1430 KFIG.

1600 UNID, presumably unneeded KUBA-CA.


Eric Berger – Carleton, MI

Superadio III Nekkid



20.37 ** WPIC-AM 790 Sharon, PA - Faded in and out with high school football, local ads, 'News Talk 790 WPIC' heard before ads. New catch!

21.51 ** WQXI-AM 790 Atlanta, GA - High school football game; "Friday Night Live on 790 The Zone."

22.06 ** WCXZ-AM 740 Harrogate, TN - Poor under CFZM with high school football; managed to get a Webcast match to confirm this one.


Justin Wolffing – Green River, WY

Sony SRF-M37W



KRAI 550 Country Craig, CO - Not new

KHNC 1360 Johnstown, CO - new - confirmed by nulling local KRKK and online stream.

550 KFYR - Bismark, ND. Heard WX for Bismark

1330 KNSS - Wichita, KS - Michael Savage into local WX and ID as clear as day.

Also two unids at current, a 1420 carrying the Minnesota Twins/Royals game and 1370 which is likely KXTL Butte.


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Degen DE1125



Tuning around at 10:00 central i heard a fire breathing fellow i didn't recognize so i went outside with a new radio i just got couple day's ago , a Degen DE 1125, this is the newer one with a tuning knob and 2 G of memory for the recorder ,have'nt really ran it through it's paces yet but, i know on SW it's very good ,it does have some issues with my local am though.


Great copy on 1360  KHNC Johnstown Colo. '1360 The Lion' 10,000w D 1,000 w N  .

Not sure here but maybe they didn't power down at SS or they cant get to the switch because of the fire i dunno?

Anyway could'nt resist sending in my first log with it :)


Rick Dau – Omaha, NE

Sony ICF-2010 and Quantum Loop


1250  KBRF/KCUE  MN Fergus Falls/Red Wing - 9/10 2125 ELT KBRF on top, but KCUE in good underneath, both w/HS FB (Fergus Falls vs. Bemidji and Red Wing vs. Farmington, respectively).   RD-NE

1440  WGEM  IL Quincy - 9/10 2239 ELT Good w/postgame stats of Quincy Notre Dame vs. Helias HS FB from Jefferson City, Missouri.  Several ments of "ESPN 1440" but I didn't nail this until doing a lot of detective work on Google.  RD-NE


Norbert Ansay – Warwick RI

Grundig G8



Note: Following has been haunting me for quite some time its SS so i never got a chance to log it now offically logged.  

New Logging:

1660 WWRU Jersey City NJ 9:00 PM EDT TOH ID caught 9/13/10


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Drake R8 and westerly phased BOG


1070 IN WFNI Indianapolis 9-10 1854 VG with Cathedral Irish vs Chatard Trojans. Lost u/WTSO/mess at 1900 switch. NK-IL

960  IN WSBT South Bend 9-10 G 1900 with ID and back into Mishawauka vs South Bend Clay. NK-IL

980  OH WONE Dayton 9-10 VG 1910 with Springboro vs Butler Aviators and some local scores given. NK-IL

860  KKOW KS Pittsburg 9-10 1926 G with ID during break in Dragons HSFB and giving some area scores. o/KWPC's oldies with CJBC phased out. Lost at 1903 switch. NK-IL

570  WKBN ON Youngstown 9-10 1933 P-F with ID during break in HSFB and faded down before I could determine the teams. NK-IL

730  WJMT WI Merrill 9-10 1938 G well atop others with Merrill vs Antigo and maybe on day power since usually I get little trace of them. NK-IL

870  KPRM MN Park Rapids 9-10 1943 F-G atop WWL/Reloj with Panthers vs Yellow Jackets and a local car dealer ad. Lost at 1946 switch. NK-IL

920  KDHL MN Faribault 9-10 1953 VG well atop with Pine Island Panthers HSFB. NK-IL

930  WTAD IL Quincy 9-10 1958 E with huge signal crushing semi-local WAUR so maybe on day power. Quincy ND vs Helias. NK-IL

1080 KYMN MN Northfield 9-10 1959 VG on day power (as usual) causing semi local WNWI to be nearly inaudible. Northfield HSFB. NK-IL

1230 KYSM MN Mankato 9-10 2010 G peaks atop others with St.Peter vs Loyola. This is one of the usual dominants on 1230 using this antenna. NK-IL

1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 9-10 2012 VG far atop channel with Red Wing Wingers HSFB. Likely on day power, which I think they may be commonly using at night lately. NK-IL

1300 KGLO IA Mason City 9-10 2017 VG with weak Disney from Chicago phased out. Mason City HSFB. NK-IL

1320 KOLY MN Grand Rapids 9-10 2028 F o/KELO with eastern QRM phased. ID and back into Grand Rapids HSFB. NK-IL

1370 KWRT MO Booneville 9-10 2036 P-F but atop KDTH with weakish WSPD phased. HSFB coverage (didnt catch team name) Booneville ads and 2 ID's. NK-IL

1380 KSLG MO St. Louis 9-10 2042 F atop with dual ID's including KFNS 590. Oakville vs Parkway South. NK-IL

1400 UNID  9-10 2109 F atop GY mess for nearly a minute. It sure sounded like one of the teams was Riverdale, but I have struck out trying to determine who this could be. likely to my west. NK-IL

1390 KJAM  SD Madison 9-10 2115 F o/u KCLN Minor League BB game with Madison HSFB perhaps on day power. WGRB phased mostly out. NK-IL

1630 KCJJ IA Iowa City 9-10 2118 VG atop KRND with area scores and into HSFB game. NK-IL

1650 KCNZ IA Cedar Falls 9-10 2120 E into wrap up of HSFB with the Tigers beating Cedar Rapids (something) 38-0. Traces of KBJD under. NK-IL

1210 KGYN OK Guyman 9-10 2131 G o/u KHAT's ESPN and traces of KOKK (Twins BB) with WPHT phased out. Tigers HSFB and US Country KGYN ID's NK-IL

970 KDAY ND Fargo 9-10 2137 F-G atop KQAQ's C&W with Fargo North HSFB. NK-IL

1070 WTSO WI Madison 9-10 2140 F in mess with KHMO/KVKK with postgame with one of the teams being Madison (something) NK-IL

1130 KWKH LA Sheveport 9-10 2143 P/F slightly under CKWX (Vancouver starting to come in by now) sometimes mixed with KFAN with Yellow Jackets HSFB. NK-IL

960 KFLN MT Baker 9-10 2206 P under a big signal from CFAC with traces of KMA (weak WSBT to east phased out). Baker Spartans vs Wolf Point Wolves.

Often this is easier to catch, but CFAC was stronger than usual. NK-IL

1010 WSPT WI Stevens Point 9-10 2210 F somewhat under a good signal from CBR. Wrapping up Stevens Point HSFB game. Surprising no trace of KSIR was noted which is unusual considering the the Brush Beetdiggers were playing and I can often get some KSIR even on night power. NK-IL











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