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This month’s CME was on High School Football and The frequency span of 1510-1710. We have more HSFB loggings this month to add to the last. Next CME will be announced soon.


Get after it guys, there is something in this for everyone. Even when you log a local as well as DX it helps people to know whats on the air for when they are spinning the dials.


We got a big mention, five pages worth in the October PopComm. Bruce Conti did the write up and we have a pile of logs on AM and FM this time. It piqued interest in ABDX and that is why we are beginning to see an increase in members. Thanks to Bruce and PopComm for the write up!


Turn your radio on. What are you hearing? The world is out there just for tuning in. You never know what you might hear.


Kevin Redding

CEO, List Owner, Referee, Groundskeeper, Typesetter, Chief Cook, Bottle Washer and Janitor




High School Football / 1510 – 1710 kHz


Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona



1620  WTAW  TX , College Station/Bryan  20:00  ID heard a bit after the TOH, right after the Tigers score a T.D. (Barton-AZ)

1520  KOKC  OK, Oklahoma City  2015  Oklahoma post game or halftime coverage.   (Barton-AZ)

660  KTNN  AZ, Window ROck  2020  Window Rock Scouts vs Holbrook, mentions of Tuba City (AZ) Warriors and Ft. Wingate (NM) Bears. Male announcer, female color commentator. (Barton-AZ)  

1320  KFNZ  UT, Salt Lake City  2037   wrap-up from Davis Bears, Northridge game. (Barton-AZ)

1380   KLPZ    AZ , Parker   2100  "Broncs" pounding the daylights out of  Sedona (AZ) , mixing with another sports station (most likely KHEY, El Paso TX).   (Barton-AZ)

1080  KRLD  TX , Dallas         2145   Recap of Texas HSFB. (Barton-AZ)

1550   KKAD   WA , Vancouver   1920 (MST)  Oldies music bubbled up out of the soup , clear ID by male "1550  KKAD", dome mention of "memories", fadeout, foll by old Paul McCartney and Wings cut mixing w/ unid Spanish lang station.

First logging here, thanks to Kevin Redding for suggestion to me that 1550 is a good frequency to check in the greater Phoenix area.  (9/26  Barton-AZ)_  


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on a recently repaired Zenith Royal 500D, nekkid:

1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA 9/17 0931 with Byrd v. Tioga HSFB.

Heard on a recently repaired Zenith Royal 41 (500N), nekkid:

1370 WDEF Chattanooga, TN 9/17 2003 with the Bucs v. Golden Eagles HSFB weak and in a jumbly mess.

Heard on a recently repaired Channel Master 6506, nekkid:

1180 WZQZ Trion, GA 9/17 0820 running local HSFB Calhoun Yellow Jackets lead 33-0.

Heard on a recently repaired Ross Micro AM Model 1720, nekkid:

1620 WTAW College Station, TX 9/17 2040 possibly running 10,000 hamsters in the exercise wheel with HSFB and inserting an ID in between plays.

This is the last of the radios I repaired today. Its nice to hear them playing again.

Heard on an Eton E1-XM and 150 foot wire.

930 WWON Waynesboro, TN 2030 with half time chatter during HSFB. Checked against for verification.





Powell E. Way – Silverstreet, SC

Magnavox 789.


9:45 PM EDT and WKDK still coming in well, and the solar report supports this.


1240 WKDK SC  Newberry..... listening to Newberry - Ninety Six game and

Ninety-Six wins 7-0 because of a 93 yard interception return.  


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Racal  RA6790GM, LFE M601C antenna


1510 WWZN Boston MA

1520 WWKB Buffalo NY

1530 WCKY Cincinnatio OH

1530 Unid with accordian music

1540 CHIN Toronto ON

1540 WDCD Albany NY

1550 CBE Windsor ON

1560 WQEW New York NY

1570 CJLV Laval QC [I may have remembered the new callsign wrong, but I sure won't google and wipe out again]

1580 CKDO Oshawa ON

1590 WARV Warwick RI

1600 WUNR Brookline MA

1610 CHHA Toronto ON

1610 CJWI Montreal QC

1620 WDND South Bend IN

1620 WTAW College Station TX

1620 WDHP Frederikstead VI

1630 KRND Fox Farm WY

1640 WKSH Sussex WI

1650 CJRS Montreal QC

1650 CINA Mississagua ON

1660 WWRU Jersey City NJ

1670 WFSM Dry Branch GA

1680 WTTM Lindenwold NJ

1690 CJLO Montreal QC

1690 CHTO Toronto ON

1690 WPTX Lexington Park MD

1700 KVNS Brownsville TX

1710 Unid pirate or Part 15 [with distortion]

End time, about 12:30 a.m. September 18, 2010



Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK



UNIDENTIFIED. I sometimes check out the hi end of the MW band late at night, using the same E-W longwire to the FRG-7 as for SW. Something strange, Sept 23 at 0635 UT I was hearing a het of about 1 kHz on KOKC 1520, from 1521 --- that`s too late for Saudi Arabia, which is commonly audible earlier. And a het of almost, but not quite the same pitch, from 1539 against jumble of signals including an open carrier on 1540.

These do happen to be Region 1 MW channels, but such a pair is suspicious, as if a station on 1530 were running a 9 kHz tone test, or spurs of the same frequency. The 1521 and 1539 signals were fading, so not an artifact of some local appliance, altho 1539 was somewhat unstable judging from the pitch fluxuation. 1539/1540 het pitch was slightly higher than the 1521/1520 het, so if they were coming from a 1530 transmitter, it was slightly on the lo side. Could not make out any audio from them. Ideas? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Tim Hall  - Chula Vista, CA

Receiver, Antenna



Pretty much the usual suspects again:

660  KTNN-AZ  Holbrook Roadrunners vs. Window Rock Scouts; huge signal

with woman in English and man alternating between English and Navajo.

890  KDXU-AZ  Cedar Redmen vs. Snow Canyon.

920  KQLO-NV  Carson Senators

1230 UNID, probably Bakersfield.

1300 UNID, probably Brawley

1380 KLPZ-AZ  Parker Broncs vs. Sedona

1440 KINF-CA  Nipomo Titans vs. Wildcats

1520 KOMA-OK  Probably Moore HS


Ron Gitschier – Palm Coast, FL



1010 WJXL Jacksonville Beach, FL,  Sep. 25 2010, 8:30PM Eastern. Radio Shack DX 398. Signal fair to poor. Modulation easily understood over the noise floor.

Location: Mantanzas High School Football Field Press Box, Palm Coast, Flagler County, FL

Program: "Bishop Kenny High School *Jacksonville* Vs Mantanzas High School *Flagler County*. Recognized announcer's voice about 8 feet away from me, "You're Listening to Bishop Kenny High School Football on Ten-Ten XL!" and other similar phrases. I assisted in setting up the remote for WJXL and did not have a backhaul signal on the remote equipment, so I 'cued' the announcer using my DX 398 tuned to WJXL 1010 AM.


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Sangean DT400W



I had a few sleepless moments last night, so I grabbed my Sangean DT-400W that I keep next to my side of the bed and started listening.  I found a very strong English signal on 1540 kHz at 0703 GMT (3:03 AM EDT), so I kept listening.  Usually, 1540 is covered at night by KGBC Galveston (I think they're using their new transmitter site in Dayton, TX, now).  Their 190 watts is just enough to make the frequency a jumble.

Anyway, here was this HUGE signal, so I kept listening.  Turns out it was KXEL, Waterloo, IA.  They were in the middle of ABC News when I tuned in.  At 0704 GMT (3:04 AM EDT) they ID'd with "News Talk 1540 KXEL."  This makes Ultralight State # 17 for me!  I've heard and verified KXEL before, but this is a first using my DT-400W.

Now that Fall is upon us, I'm planning to try to do more ULR DX'ing.  We'll see how that turns out.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Drake R8 and westerly phased BOG


Sometimes one can be in the right place at the right time. Times CDT.

I was on 1140 phase nulling WRVA at 2120 and what was atop with an ad didn't sound at all like anything from Twins on KSOO and I haven't been hearing CHRB pounding this freq like it has for much of the past several years so perhaps their night pattern issues are fixed. Suddenly "Your listening to 1140 AM K-gem, a listener supported catholic radio station" was heard and then just as suddenly the audio dropped, leaving KSOO o/WRVA so probably someone woke up and realized that they were on day pattern 20 minutes late. ID #8 for me.

More fun continues as since I had some bits of ESPN Deportes on 1260 a week ago and suspecting Idaho, I have been paying attention there. Disney from St. Louis is a bother here almost no matter what antennas I use. Anyhow, coming thru them on peaks and fighting other QRM is a HSFB game and at 2240 this is way late for anything in CDT zone and since the ancrs are talking about first half stuff and mentioning 3rd quarter late for MDT as well. Many many mentions of Bulldogs and then at times Baker Bulldogs. I make sure that phasing on nearby freqs is set to null the east and am still getting the HSFB so this is good and from the timing of the game it is PDT or a replay or a late starting MDT game... ie I want to ID this station. Finally I can somewhat partially copy a break for local spots and calls sd/lk KWEI !! Well I've had SS stations, and SS sports stations switch to EE for HSFB before since the ad revenue can be substantial, but I want more proof. The next ad string has phone numbers with the area code sd/lk 541 !! OK eastern OR and then a clear spot for a music store in downtown Ontario serving you since 1948 must be them. It sounded like the Baker Bulldogs (Baker City OR) were playing a team that sd/lk Fruitland and all these places are a bit NNW of Weiser ID. OK I can believe the KWEI ID and local area ads.  ID #9 on day power for HSFB or just cx which are quite good that way.

The goal of last night's session was to DX rather than to see how many regular stations I could find HSFB on so I am only reporting the DX catches since those are all I bothered to log.  

1090  KBOZ MT Bozeman 9-17 2112 VG peaks clobbering KAAY with HSFB Bozeman vs Butte. Day pattern ? or just cx which were very good to the west mid-band. Also noted was presumed KMXA w/romantica mx (weak underneath on night power) and a bit later presumed KPTK as Randi Rhodes' voice was heard underneath, both unneeded. NK-IL

1260  KWEI ID Weiser 9-17 2240-2310 occ.P-F peaks when WSDZ would fade down somewhat. I've been spending time on 1260 in good cx this week ever since noting a bit of ESPN Deportes on 9/11, presumed from KWEI which is now 8400 watts days, 360 watts night. Many Baker Bulldogs mentions (Baker City OR) and the call sure sounded like KWEI but I wanted to make 100% sure for such an exotic catch. (It wasn't KWYR which was occ noted weak with C&W mx on proper night power).

Later a spot for a music store.. "since downtown Ontario" (Oregon near Weiser) and some 541 area code phone numbers in ads !! Here's the mx store.  The other team was Fruitland which is near Weiser. SS sports stations do sometimes run HSFB in EE. Day power or great cx?

New for ID#9. NK-IL

Times CDT Rx: R8a antenna: Phased BOG System at 273 deg 930 ft // 600 ft

1480  KKCQ  MN Fosston 9-24 1944 VG and maybe on day power for HSFB with local ads during break in game. NK-IL

1080  KNDK ND Langdon 9-24 2105 F peaks perhaps on day power for HSFB with Langdon Cardinals game. KYMN apparently using night power for once. WNWI phased out easily. NK-IL

1060  KGFX SD Pierre 9-24 2010 P-F normal u/KRCN with KYW phased. Gettysburg vs Shelby HSFB game. NK-IL

1050  KLOH MN Pipestone 9-24 2019 F o/u CKSB w/Luverne HSFB. NK-IL

1260  WEKZ WI Monroe 9-24 2050 VG peaks and then a big fade u/WSDZ et al. Monroe Cheesemakers HSFB, possibly on day power. NK-IL


Nuthin But Net – Net  Radio


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY


Hi guys

I wanted to post a link for you guys.  For those just joining us, the Tuesday after labor day, our FM station KNYN Magic 99 went away.  We killed off the Classic Country format on KEVA AM Stereo 1240 and brought in an “oldies” format.  Yes the oldies format by today’s standards….which is really more 70s, some 60s and a few 80s.  I love the format and all, although I am still only on the air 1 hour a day. 

Anyways, the boss wants to stream 24/7 with the music….I think mostly so we can promote it on the air for those who can’t pick up an AM signal in their office or metal building or whatever. (Or those who, like myself, have a basic BUZZ FACTORY at home).  I guess he’s hoping we can get away with streaming as long as we can.  As he said “well we’ll just go ahead and stream it until someone like the RIAA contacts us and tells us we have to either pay or stop.”  So streaming, we are!  I put together a newer PC to use for streaming.  For those who know computers, the old server we were using for our previous streaming was literally a server….an old Compaq Proliant Pentium 166 with 64mb of RAM running Windows NT Server 4…..circa 1996… Running Windows Media Encoder 5.  I put together a different PC with a newer board (AMD Athlon 1.8ghz w/256mb of RAM running Windows 2000 pro).   Enough of the computer jargon…end result, a better streamer PC that I am running Windows Media Encoder 9 on….which sounds MUCH better than Encoder 5.  So it’s streaming in stereo with a 70kb stream.  No, a person with a modem probably can’t listen but modems are an extreme rarity these days.  And the best part is, this is truly a genuine AM Stereo feed.  I put quite a bit of time into tweaking the processing and alignment of the exciter and the stereo and separation is just absolutely awesome!!  I connected a wire right to the back of the Motorola C-Quam AM Stereo monitor that we have.  Talk about a wide-band AM Stereo receiver!!   Probably the best sounding thing out there you can have …. The genuine article.  That wire feeds directly into the computer doing the streaming.  So it’s an almost perfect feed right into the back of the streaming computer.  I say almost-perfect because at my shop when I’m listening to the feed, it seems I can hear a hum….like a ground loop….which is probably what it is.  I can’t hear it right now on my laptop but there’s not much “low end” on laptop speakers.  I was listening to the stream through my phone (Motorola Droid 2) today on a long trip with the phone plugged in to a cassette adaptor and over the car stereo and I really couldn’t hear the hum there either.  The Motorola monitor has a balanced output and the computer’s sound card has an unbalanced input… that may be where the ground loop is coming from.  I’ll have to look for ideas to remedy that but in the meantime the stream sounds absolutely awesome and showcases AM Stereo at its best.  For those who wonder what AM stereo sounds like and how good analog AM REALLY sounds, give it a listen!  You’ll see what I mean.  I think it sounds absolutely fabulous considering the exciter and the CRL processors are 28 years old.


Somehow we are listed with the RadioTime application which is widely available for many phones and online at .   So if you prefer to listen on your phone you can get RadioTime and then just search for KEVA and it’ll come up. 


There are only a few hours where we are not playing music….during the week this would be the 6am hour and the 5pm hour…plus the 9am hour which is information and the KEVA Classifieds…our trade-show program hosted by yours truly….that’s about it.  As for the weekends, the stream may or may not be running.  We run University of Wyoming sports as well as Denver Broncos football….and until I can get a little program to shut the stream on and off automatically (or used the scheduled tasks or something) the stream will probably be shut off mid-morning Saturday and not turned back on til Sunday evening or Monday morning.  We absolutely can’t stream the ballgames.  We CAN and DO stream our own high school games on Friday nights and always have. 


If anyone has any ideas or comments please by all means let me know.  If any REAL engineers here on the list have a simple idea for the RIGHT way to change balanced to unbalanced without creating a ground loop, let me know on that too.





KEVA AM Stereo 1240

Evanston, Wyoming


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