October 2006 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 1


Editors Corner:

The October issue brings us looking for catches using homebrewed equipment and using the alphabet for DX. We are always looking for DX on MW next door, and FM/TV, and HF anywhere in the world.


Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about you and we will consider you for membership.


This is the site to join ABDX.



The ABDX website URL is:




There are currently 122 members of ABDX. We added five members this month. Conditions are improving and hopefully the MW, LW and SW DXers will soon step up to the plate in a big way.


We do have a new segment added to the Journal. Its called “I Got the Bird” and its for satellite receptions. This has a couple of XM and Sirius sports receptions for openers.


Since we recently got our first LW beacon logs a segment has been opened called “Down in the Basement” for those logs. I hope to see many LW beacon and broadcast logs in this segment.


The HF logs, thanks to all the work by Glenn Hauser and on MW from Willis Monk, this is a monster issue of 70 pages. What a group of DXers who put in many hours at the dials! A turnout like this makes ABDX the great place that it is.


You can get your copy of the journal at www.americanbroadcastdx.com .


Here is the announcement for Octobers CME:


ABDX announces The Brew It Yourself (BIY) CME! The

object of this CME is to roll up your sleeves and put

a little something together to enhance your DX and

then log any stations you can hear!  In the early days

of DX, BIY or „home brew‰ was pretty much the only

game in town.  The BIY CME is not just for MW either ˆ

BIY works great for FM and SW broadcast DX too! It

might be a simple wire antenna, antenna tuner/crystal

radio, lazy susan for your portable, a homemade loop

antenna, a dipole for FM or SW, an extra clear speaker

to better hear station IDs, a simple noise filter, ˆ

whatever your imagination and your hands can come up

with!   We expect a big run on Slinkies, dollar store

speaker wire and PVC pipe, so plan now to avoid

disappointment! This is a great time of year to do

some outside things like antennas before winter sets

in. You also may log any station if you can hear it,

any band, any broadcast signal, tube or modern radio.


We also have a subset of the CME called Alpha-Bet-DX.

Try to get as many letters of the alphabet as you can

with your station loggings.  However you can only take

one letter per station.  The letter can be anywhere in

the call sign.  Doesn’t have to be the 2nd letter of

the call sign or anything complicated like that.  It

can include MW, FM and SW broadcast.  So basically

you‚d have to log 26 stations to get all 26 letters.

For example, if you log 1070 CBA, that can be your

letter “A”.  820 WBAP can be your letter “B”, etc.


Always open is HF and FM/TV for E skip, Trop or Meteor

skip you may receive during the CME. This time of year

is starting to sizzle up MW reception too, so general

MW loggings are welcome as well.


Also, the Nothin’ But Net segment of the Journal is

open for URLs. Any net station you may hear is open

for the NBN section. Submit them as any other logging.


This CME will run from 1 Oct 0001 to 31Oct 2359 LOCAL

TIME for MW and FM, UTC for SW broadcast - wherever in

the world you are. All logs are accepted whether or not they are part of the specific listed CME topics.


You may use any format to compile your logs that makes

sense to you. All ABDX asks is that you send HF logs

with UTC time and all other logs in local time.


BIY CME logs will be steel gray.

Alphabet logs will be brick red.


Here is the notice for November’s CME:


ABDX is announcing the Nov. CME.


We have Longwave for this month which should please beacon chasers. You can report ANYTHING from 0 to 529 kHz. 


There is the 1200 - 1390 kHz MW segment that was requested and will be sure to please AM BCB DXers.


There is an old radio segment, any radio made prior to 1987 and ESPECIALLY tube powered firebreathers. Each log will add a day to your life if you get a tube radio log. An old transistor Zenith Trans-Oceanic will get you a half a day for each log you send in. 


As always we are open for the FM and TV logs, HF logs and your favorite internet radio feeds, just send in what it is and the URL for inclusion. Let us know about tests that are upcoming.


This CME starts 1 Nov 0000 and ends 30 Nov 2359. Report LOCAL TIME for LW, MW, FM and TV, UTC for HF broadcast [SW].


You may use any format to compile your logs that make sense to you. 


Lets get to the logs…


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.




The Broadcast Band [MW]


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

Many different radios…


At 2033 CDT 01 Oct 06  Mexicans all over the dial here in N.E. MN.  Also,

KTNN doing a good job on 660.  Earlier this evening KKOW was all alone on



Does anyone know if the Mexican on 1060 plays big band music with EE

singers?  SS female announcer.



A good morning for far western DX.  All relogs. Nothing new.


660  KTNN  AZ  Window Rock.  0625 CDT.  Rel music and Navajo talk.

Mention of Assembly of God church.  Big signal.

690  CBKF1  SK  Gravelbourg. 0635 CDT.  Mixing with  CINF. Both had fair


760  KFMB  CA  San Diego.  0655 CDT.  Local ads.  I.D.  "KFMB San Diego."

Jim Bohannon show.  More I.D.s.  No sign of WJR.

880  CHQT   AB  Edmonton.  0701 CDT.  Local news from "630 Ched news."

Good signal.

1190  CFSL   SK  Weyburn. 0830 CDT.  Over WOWO with local news. Fair signal.


Somewhat auroral conditions this SSS 10-16-06.  DXing from parking area at

Coast Guard Station North Superior.


690  WIST  LA  New Orleans.  1906 CDT.  Promos for talk programs.  I.D.

Talking with Tulane coach.  Don't hear this one much any more.  They used to

be a semi-regular after CBF signed off at night.

730  KKDA  TX  Grand Prairie.  1910 CDT.  Ad for Greyhound and "Soul 73"

slogans.  I.D. KKDA.

770  UNID  SS  1850 CDT.  With ad for Car Credit City.

770  KAAM  TX  Garland.  1854 CDT.  KAAM call letters mixing with unid SS.



At 2025 CDT 10-16-06.  Good signal into N.E. MN  630 WPRO with Hannity.  Not

new but rare.



970  WDAY ND  Fargo.  0917 CDT.  Talk program.  Dominant station on 970

nearly every morning.


1080  KNDK  ND  Langdon.  0920 CDT.  Local ads.  Into "KNDK weather."

1090  KTGO  ND  Tioga.  0922 CDT.  Country music.  Local weather.

1200  KFNW  ND  West Fargo.  0925 CDT.  Contemporary rel music.  I.D. "KFNW AM 1200."

1220  KDDR  ND  Oakes.  0926 CDT.  Local football talk on "KDDR-KOVC."

Local ads.

1230  KTRF  MN  Thief River Falls.  0927 CDT.  Ad for "The Hockey Hut" in


1240  KDLR  ND  Devils Lake.  0909 CDT.  Country music.  Call letter I.D.

1310  KNOX  ND  Grand Forks.  0937 CDT.  Ad for "Grand Forks Welding &

Machine."  Ad for lottery.

1350  KBRX  NE  O'Neill.  0856 CDT.  Making it through the mess pretty good

with ad for jewelry store and local hospital report.

1370  KWTL  ND  Grand Forks.  0938 CDT.  Good with EWTN programming.

1390  KRRZ  ND  Minot.  0905 CDT.  Oldies.  Call letter I.D.  "Double shot


1400  KQDJ  ND  Jamestown.  0906 CDT.  Talk about high school football.  Ad

for meat market in Jamestown.

1450  KZZJ  ND  Rugby.  0953 CDT.  Talking about North Dakota football

playoffs.  Local ads.

1520  KMAV  ND  Mayville.  1000 CDT.  TOH I.D.  Local weather.  Into ESPN.


John Callarman – Krum, TX


It's 3:01 p.m. CDT on October 9, and I have just heard KRVA-1600/KHSE-700 ID on 700.


So this one, which had been heard a few weeks ago, testing, parallel KFCD-990 with Spanish religion, has now gone Asian ... but with long English-language commercial break following this station ID.


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Drake R8B


Just logged a new one at 2258 UTC


WLAN 1390 Lancaster PA with "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" into ID and

then news.


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Eton E1 and Quantum Loop v. 2.0



There is no sign of KWKH here in Austin this morning. Might be good chance for some to get new stuff on 1130.


Logged KTMR 1KW daytimer from Edna (Victoria)


KWKH usually very strong here.



Check out stations to the west.  KNBR 680 is very strong tonight,

maybe the best ever.  KNX 1070 in, but gone fast.


Logged KFLT 830 1KW from Tucson, AZ with solid signal.


KVOP 1090 Plainview TX also very strong.  Not sure they remembered to

change power at sundown tonight.  Good shot at a Texas logging.


Also noticed XEX 730 DF Mexico is unusually strong.  Anyone looking

for Mexican loggings should try for that one.  


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – GA

DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire


1230 WFOM GA Marietta - 10/09/06 1356 - Bill O' Reilly show. Decent  signal

in the afternoon static. "...WFOM, Marietta..." (IEN-GA)

730 WSTT GA Thomasville - 10/10/06 1900 - Sign-off message. Good signal.

"...WSTT is signing off. 730 AM on your radio dial". (IEN-GA)

730 WVFN MI East Lansing - 10/10/06 1905 - Sports news and information. Spot for high school football playoffs. Decent signal in the evening static.

"Sportsradio 730, WVFN". (IEN-GA)

1160 WDJO KY Florence - 10/20/06 2258 - ID on top of the clutter.  Decent

signal for the moment it appeared, only to disappear into the  mix. "Oldies

1160, WDJO". (IEN-GA)

1200 WAMB TN Nashville - 10/22/06 1900 - TOH ID, local weather and Sing,

Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman. CNN News was on the blink according to the

announcer. Good signal (S9) with a little static and a little fading.

"...Your kind of music. This is AM 1200, WAMB, Nashville". (IEN-GA)

970 WVOP GA Vidalia - 10/27/06 2134 - High School Football (Robert Toombs

Christian Academy Crusaders versus Terrell Academy Eagles). Good signal at

times fading in and out of the mix. "You're listening to Crusaders football

on Oldies 97". (IEN-GA)


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Sony ICF2010


Heard on a Sony ICF 2010 and Q-Stick +:


880 KKMC Gonzales, CA 10/10 2343 playing REL music.

1340 KPGE Page, AZ 10/11 2351 playing C&W Shania Twain song.

1340 KCQL Aztec, NM 10/11 2351 running Fox Sports and fighting with KPGE.

1600 KRKE Albuquerque, NM 10/19 2337 with 50s music and slogan "real 

oldies 1600".



1140 CHRB High Bridge, Alberta, Canada 2247 with C&W, slogan "AM 1140"

760 KTKR San Antonio, TX 2258  hockey between the San Antonio Rampage 

and the Hamilton Bulldogs. Rampage won. This signal was very large. 

Seems like they were using the hockey STA in this case. Very large 




Michael D. Hawkins – Campbell, CA

Grundig S350


I was hunting a classic rock station on 1190 tonight.  At the same angle on the Grundig, I caught a ID from XEMBC/Mexicali at 2300 PT


Phil Rafuse – Charlottesville,  PEI

Collins R-392 and 6’ copper pipe antenna or noted


Last night - October 11, 2006 between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. ADT, I brought out the trusty 6 foot copper pipe antenna, hooked it up to the binding post [short whip] antenna terminal on my Stromberg-Carlson for Collins R-392 and picked up the following nice catches:


555 ZIZ St. Kitts with usual Carribean pop - very nice and clear!

765 Switzerland - quite clear, playing English language pop/rock

1215 Virgin Radio London England - clear as a bell - playing some

new pop - usually they play older stuff.

1134 Croatia - news etc. quite strong but lots of WBBR splatter

1580 CKDO Oshawa ON - oldies - surprising amount of deep fading

1630 KCJJ Iowa City IA - pop/rock very weak

1680 WTTM New Jersey - usal Spanish language pop


555 and 765 were especially nice catches and certainly not every night occurrences.


Although my pipe antenna is a vertcal, it is not very noisey.  Part of this may be that most of it is below ground level.  Also, the R-392 seems to be very moise immune.


Keeping the BIY CME theme in mind, I then tried putting my AES antenna tuner kit in series, but it didn't do much of anything to help!


I then tried the same antenna with my Kaito KA1103 - worked pretty well, but the Kaito worked even better with just its built in ferrite bar - those Kaitos are one awfully great radio!


I'm thinking of running the copper pipe through one input on the quatum phaser, and the 70 foot wire through the other.


Sometime I'd like to experiment with an outside copper pipe antenna.  I like the idea of 17 feet of 1 inch to 2 inch copper pipe [could be used as well for a 20 metre vertical] sheathed in PVC pipe and phased against the 70 foot wire using the quantum phaser.  Sure verticals tend to be noisy, but when phasing, that can be an advantage!  Don't think I'll have a chance to do this during the current CME though - too hard to get the pipe home.



I came across this yet again and thought I'd post this link:




While there is a lot of exotic stuff here, there is some simpler stuff

too.  Some intriguing ideas for antennas, phasers etc. 


This is a really good article - and so easy to understand that I might

try making my own baluns:





Last night after horsing around with the copper pipe antennna for

the BIY CME, I pulled out the Kaito KA1103 nekkid and did the Alpha-

Bet-DX CME - 11:00 to 11:45 p.m. ADT: 


Alpha-Bet-DX CME


A - CBA 1070 Moncton NB

B - WWKB 1520 Buffalo NY

C - CKEC 1320 New Glasgow NS

D - CKDO 1580 Oshawa ON

E - WEEI 850 Boston MA

F - CFDR 780 Halifax/Dartmouth NS

G - CFGO 1200 Ottawa ON

H - CKDH 900 Amherst NS

I - WINS 1010 New York NY

J - CJCH 920 Halifax NS

K - KCJJ 1630 Iowa City IA

L - WBAL 1090 Baltimore MD

M - WMCA 570 New York NY

N - CINW 940 Montreal QC

O - VOWR 800 St. John's NL

P - WPOP 1410 Hartford CT

Q - WQEW 1560 New York NY

R - WRKO 680 Boston MA

S - CHNS 960 Halifax NS

T - CHTN 720 Charlottetown PE

U - CHUM 1050 Toronto ON

V - VOCM 590 St. John's NL

W - WABC 770 New York NY

X - CFSX 870 Stephenville NL

Y - CFCY 630 Charlottetown PE

Z - WBZ 1030 Boston MA


There!  I did it!  Now, I gotta gear up for the great KEVA DX hunt

later this month - gotta rig up a timer for that one!



What a great DX night here!  It started while cuddling baby Timothy

[Timmers] while listing to the R-390A.  Imagine - listening to 1630

KCJJ in full 16 KC bandwidth - the sound is awesome! 1KW nights,

2000+ miles away, and I'm listening to this AM Stereo X-bander in

full fidelity.


Timmers asleep, I get a strong 1 KHz het on 1520 WWKB.  I switch to

2 KC bandwidth, slide up to 1522 and get actual audio - surprisingly

strong - of 1521 Saudi Arabia.  Arabic stands out clearly against

the monotonous yack of WWKB.


Then, after Timmers has been placed in his crib, I return to the

well warmed up Collins pulling in a strong Virgin Radio 1215 with a

fairly solid Spanish signal underneath.  Likely COPE in Spain. On

goes the Stromberg-Carlson for Collins R-392 to play retired

military radio tag team.


I mark 1215 on the R-392, then seek out 1134 Croatia on the R-390A,

pounding in, playing Croatian pop.


Next, I try the low end on the R-390A, pulling in 567 RTE 1 from

Ireland. A nice, steady solid signal. 530 RVC was its usual semi-

local self.


670 Cuba - strong.

675 Arrow Classic rock - quite readable - I like their music.

765 Switzerland - nice signal tonight.


Then I crusied on the R-392 - on 650 I was hearing C&W, no surprise

as the VOCM network station out of Gander NL is on that frequency -

an easy catch.  But, I checked out 590 VOCM on the R-390A and it was

the VOCM nighttime talk show.  Hmmm, the country sounds too classic,

too "old" for VOCM net - I waited and got the R-390A on 650.


Then I heard the announcer say the magic words "WSM".  I have only

picked up WSM once before.


I kept listening - WSM faded slowly, replaced by excited spanish - a

frantic play-by-play of what appeared to be a soccer game. Then,

into a commercial where the word "Columbia" was said with great

pride every 5th or so word.


A very good MW DX night.  Neither received home brewed.  But both

home repaired/restored. Of course, the antenna was home brewe


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 Quantum Phaser,  2 – 50 foot wires



Hearing c&w music in KOKC phase null 2255-2310CDT 02OCT06 using the slogan "Classic Hit Country" between songs. Perhaps KRHW-MO? Any other ideas/suggestions? Awaiting my new NRC log to help. Google search turns up nothing for me.



The C&W mx is much stronger this evening in KOKC phase null 2235-2250CDT. No IDs or slogans heard.


I reviewed my recording from last evening and I'm sure I heard "Classic Country KFXZ" at around 2313CDT 02OCT06, Neither KFXZ or KRHW patterns favor Tulsa. To muddy the waters further, all sources I find show KFXZ is gospel mx.



Weak cw "CKDO" ID copied at 2302CDT u/KKKK. My domestic

logging #700 from Tulsa. Thanks to all that arranged the

CKDO cw ID!! [Congrats on #700 ed.]



Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

Kaito 1103 / Panasonic Stereo


Heard on Kaito 1103 absolutly naked thru it's speaker from Warwick R.I.


1650 WHKT Portsmouth VA 6:28 PM EDT running radio disney with ad block 10/12/06



Heard on panasonic stereo when doing quick check of band to check conditions :


970 WZAN Portland Maine 9:22 PM gave calls and 970 AM then started talking something about interfaith . 10/18/06



950 WIBX Utica NY 8:56 PM Ad block with home heating for low income starts November 1st. Gave calls WIBX 950 AM



Heard on various radios including Kaito 1103, GE SR 2, Panasonic home stereo, 1990 Dodge car radio at various times thru out the CME and various locations thru out R.I. Prepared and posted 10/14/06 :














M- WMCA 570 NY, NY




Q- WQEW 1560 NY, NY


S- WINS 1010 NY, NY









Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


Heard a new one tonight.


1490    CA, South Lake Tahoe KOWL 10/10 9:52PM PDT t/in to Laura Ingraham show mixing with Spanish stn, AM 14-90 KOWL ID, weather, SID at TOH and then fade.


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Drake R4








Wonder if any one else is hearing hets???

I turned all the computers in the house off, as well as the TV, just to

ensure what I was hearings isn't from them. Each of these hets are strong.

But I have no audio, just noise.


Perhaps, someone in the northeast could tell me if they have an audio, and

what they are hearing.


549, 621, 693, 711, 747, 819, 837, 891, 909, 999, 1017, 1053, 1134, 1170,

1206, 1521


At 2230 to 2245 on 1134, I have a women speaking in a language that I don't

understand, nor recognize.  A very nice strong het, beating against

WBBR-1130. [probably Croatia, ed.]





KWKH-1130 is strong here in Tennessee. They haven't switched to the night

pattern in 4 days. I really like KWKH progams, BUT they need to follow the

rules. CHWO is strong here. No sign of KRMG.


What is KTNN-660 playing at this time(0115 EDT). I have a weak station under

WFAN, that sounds country.





Even though Macon is only 200 miles or so south of me, this is a new for me.

Lots of QSB, and sever QRM from the gospel station in Russellville, AL.




The frequency was immediately take over by WCCO-830. Can hear WTRU

Kernersville, NC under WCCO. Excellent conditions tonight.




540  WWCS  PA  CANONSBURG  2330  06/10/06

"AM 540 Radio Disney" Strong signal, peaking S-9 at times. [WM-TN]





At 2215 EDT, I have a VERY strong station on 1130, they are playing the

loudest black gospel I believe I have ever heard. The ID sounded like

'WEAF', but not sure. On the peaks they blasting away KWKH and WBBR.


All the list I checked show WEAF as sports programming. Can anyone help and

tell me if perhaps this station might have changed formats???

WEAF in Camden, SC. I have never heard them on this late. (If this is in

fact them)






1230 WODI15/10/06 I have weak CW, to weak to copy and sweep tones at 0001 and again at 0003 EDT. This is with WLBJ-1230 in Dalton, GA just to the south of me.


All call letters are per the second letter of the call. EXCEPT the letter U.

I had to go with the U in the third position.




1490  WAZZ  NC FAYETTEVILLE  0643 10/10/06

990   CBW   MN   WINNIPEG    0145 01/10/06

1630  KCJJ  IA IOWA CITY  2345 08/10/06

1500  WDPC  GA DALLAS  0645 05/10/06

1570 XERF CO CIUDAD ACUNA 0006 05/10/06

1520  KFXZ  LA LAFAYETTE  2030 04/10/06

1150 WGOW TN CHATANOOGA 1315 04/10/06

1420 WHK OH CLEVELAND 0200 02/10/06

1360  WIXI  AL JASPER  0320 08/10/06

560 WJLS WV  BECKLEY  0200 01/10/06

1360 WKAT FL MIAMI 2100 08/10/06

1440  WLWI  AL MONTGOMERY    0030 03/10/06

1490  WMOG  GA BRUNSWICK  0200 15/10/06

1360   WNJC   NJ  VINELAND   0100 01/10/06

1230   WODI   VA   BROOKNEAL    0003 01/10/06

1440  WPRD   FL WINTER PARK    0200 03/10/06

1500  WQCR  AL ALABASTER  1850 16/10/06

1420  WRCG  GA COLUMBUS  2347 03/10/06

1360 WSAI   OH CINCINNATI       0300 08/10/06

1490  WTTB  FL VERO BEACH  1915 10/10/06

1480  WGUS  GA AUGUSTA  2230 02/10/06

1410   KVQ    PA   PITTSBURG    0158 02/10/06

1130 KWKH LA SHREVEPORT 2130 04/10/06

1390  WXTC  SC CHARLESTON  0220 08/10/06

1490  WYYZ  GA JASPER  0618 09/10/06

1180 WZQZ  GA TRION  0920 07/10/06













1745 EDT 21/10/06 I have a three way mix on 1310. One station is in Korean or Chinese. I know it's one of those oriental languages. One station in Spanish, and WDOD with football.


The oriental stations sounds like a preacher, but don't really know for

sure. I believe the Korean is:


1310  WDCT  FAIRFAX  VA 5000  500  DA2  ETH KOREAN


Not sure at this time. Any help would be appreciated.







1160  KSL  UT  SALT LAKE CITY   0020 24/10/06 1160 is blasting into Tennessee. At 0020 had weather report from the channel 5 weather dude; then an interview with a man who's web site is dontvote.com. Mixing with WYLL Chicago. [WM-TN]


1140 WXLZ VA SAINT PAUL 0420 24/10/06
ID AT 0420. [WM-TN]

1140 CHRB AB HIGH RIVER 0350 24/10/06








1290 KIVY CROCKETT TX  2007 29/10/06 ABC news; ID- "This is Bob Lawrence, thanks for spending part of your Saturday with unforgettable memories, KIVY, 1290" Then into music. [WM-TN]


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


1400  KENT  UT  Parowan  10/12 0559 PDT/0859 EDT  Faded up for a nice

clear ID "K-E-N-T Parowan" into CNN news.  New for station #1326, and

I think a GYDXA record.



1010 XELO CHIH Chihuahua - Noted about 0555 PDT / 0855 EDT / 1255 GMT

//FM with "Radio Lobo 106.?" (apparently 106.1) and local ads for the

city of Chihuahua.  Haven't heard them in some time.  Conditions

seemed quite good this morning.



Noted while driving home tonight in San Diego:


1700  XEPE-BCN  Oceanside Vs. Carlsbad?

1550  KXEX-CA   Fresno vs. Memorial?  (Panthers/Warriors)

1450  ??  - I can never ID this one.  Maybe KTIP-CA?

1380  Probably KLPZ-AZ, usually noted with HSFB.

1370  KWRM-CA  Santa Margarita Eagles

1000  KCEO-CA  Torrey Pines HS vs. Poway


Stations noted with HSFB tonight (team names not verified yet):


590 KSUB-UT  Canyon View (Falcons?) vs. Redmen

660 KTNN-AZ  Navajo-accented female announcer, Bulldogs vs. Hornets.

940 UNID weak, probably KNNZ-UT?


1000 KCEO-CA  Torrey Pines HS

1120 KPNW-OR caught ID, faded out during what sounded like HS FB.

1230 KBOV-CA "Oldies radio KBOV" - Bishop Broncos

1240 UNID under local KSON-CA.

1330 KGAK-NM  HSFB in Navajo

1370 KWRM-CA  Mater Dei vs. ?

1410 KERN-CA  (weak u/XECF)

1430 KFIG-CA  Clovis vs. ?

1450 UNID Still haven't ID'd these guys

1490 UNID u/KMET.

1640 KDIA-CA with local ads

1700 XEPE-BCN blasting in with Cathedral Catholic Dons vs. Mira Mesa Marauders.


I tried to do the alphabet thing tonight, getting 26 stations for each

of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th letters of the calls.  I just missed on the

2nd letter (no J), but got all 26 stations for the 3rd and 4th



2nd letter:

KAVT-1680, KBLA-1580, KCTC-1320, KDIA-1640, XEPE-1700, KFOX-1650,

KGST-1600, KHPY-1670, KIRN-670, (no J - couldn't get KJAA or KJOP on

1240, and KJDJ-1030 is no longer possible with XESDD in my backyard),

KKOH-780, KLAA-830, KMPC-1540, KNRO-1670, KOMO-1000, KPNW-1120,

KQLO-920, KRLA-870, KSMH-1620, KTIQ-1660, KUZZ-550, KVTA-1520,

KWKW-1330, KXOL-1660, KYAA-1200, KZZZ-1490.


3rd letter:

KGAK-1330, XEBG-1550, XECU-1450, XED-1050, KMET-1490, KSFN-1140,

KOGO-600, KAHZ-1600, KDIA-1640, KSJX-1500, KWKW-1330, KSL-1160,

KSMH-1620, KPNW-1120, KXOL-1660, XEPE-1700, XEQIN-1160, KNRO-1670,

KGST-1600, KVTA-1520, XEUT-1630, KAVT-1680, KDWN-720, KEX-1190,

KDYL-1060, KNZR-1560.


4th letter:

KDIA-1640, KSUB-590, KMPC-1540, KFXD-630, XEPE-1700, XERF-1570,

XEBG-1550, KSMH-1620, KERI-1180, KZSJ-1120, KFBK-1530, KXOL-1660,

KAZM-780, KERN-1410, KNRO-1670, KGDP-660, KTIQ-1660, KNZR-1560,

KCBS-740, KAVT-1680, XECU-1450, KBOV-1230, KWKW-1330, KFOX-1650,

KHPY-1670, KAHZ-1600.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

R8A and phased E-W BOG



Nice catch on 760 since KFMB isn't supposed to send much power our

way. I've noted them lately mixing with Mexicans (usually XEES on

West antennas) with WJR phased out. Perhaps KFMB is doing some

antenna work ?


The last two mornings CKWX News 1130 has been reasonably listenable

on good portables barefoot around 0640 CDT. I don't have much signal

here from Milwaukee until they switch to day rig.


I really need more of an effort at SRS DX, but it truly doesn't fit

my life style or normal hours to get up extra early. I think I can

awake about 6:15 and be ready for work and in my field with the BOGs

prior to 7 o'clock ID time. Once news and more ID's, ads, wx etc end

a few minutes later I can disconnect and make my normal train to the



My apologies to anyone trying to get a hold of me via email or online

since I have some computer issues at home due to a flooded basement

from a freaky storm. I think my computer is OK, and may only need a

new keyboard and mouse. Having a basement window come in on my while

at my desk followed by torrents of water is not something I want to

go thru again. Fortunately the window didn't break and landed on my

desk just in front of me.



Some interesting stuff in tonite but nothing new. Decent to Alberta..with

Cool 880 Edmonton (Oldies) about the best ever heard. Rather rare CBX 740 in

there with CWHO phased at times weak and // 1010 and 540. Only bits of BC on

1130 since KWKH is really strong (day pattern ?)


790 KXXX Colby KS(C&W Your brand of country) likely on day power and and

quite strong. KTNN 660 still on day power once again and at times I need to

phase it to hear much from WFAN !! Some BC at times u/WHO 1040 but all in

all things not getting past Alberta and attempts to log Alaska struck out.

No trace of CJDC on 890 and only a rather strong KVOZ u/phase nulled WLS.

Many stations from Manitoba and Sask. in very well.


KNBR 680 good at times, but not so much from KNX 1070 which was only occ in.


Weird to hear some ESPN promos on 700 fading o/u phased WLW. The only ESPN on 700 is sunset skip catch KXLX from WA, but I've never had them on night rig. Later it was KSEV with talk, but they don't carry any ESPN do they ?

Also had some talk coming u/WBBM but just couldn't ID it w/them phase nulled

and then I lost it. I've never had KKOH on night rig w/WBBM on.


This is a more northerly night here rather than a So.Cal/NW Mexican night.


Also had 684 Spain audible on the West BOG's which certainly is rare, but

lots of low band hets...I'll need to get back to the TA BOG's at some point

tomorrow night.



The action is mostly lower band which has been the norm lately. 684 Spain

audible in the 6 KHz BW earlier on non TA oriented antennas and many

hets/audio traces.


Quite good to prarie Canada. Cool 880 best ever..ie entertainment quality

oldies on peaks but big fades w/Brandon's C&W QRM (WCBS phased). CJDC 890 IDed for the 2nd time and also an ad for an auction. C&W mx u/phased WLS and bothered by KVOZ and traces of other stuff.


There is only  1 C&W stn on 840 at night and it is CKBX with 500 watts from

BC and again I had about 1 minute of C&W song with WHAS phased (this isn't

Nebraska which would blow WHAS away if on at night on these antennas) but

lost it to an unID Mexican when cx shifted. Hopefully I can luck out with an

ad or ID or something more positive than format since I cannot report this

as anything other than unID.


No luck on 910 for AB, and the only thing of use from the C&W hrd was a

Minot ment about 11 PM. No AB in other needed places like 630, 680FF, 930.


Sask FF on 860 decent at times (very rare) with Toronto phased (Sask had a

man, Toronto a gal speaking).


UnID US stn on 860 with a gal talk show host..866 number and USA network

news, as well as USA net sports break. With CJBC phased out this is almost

certainly somewhere west of me, but nothing fits my internet searching.



XEPE often rolling over Iowa's Spanish pest KBGG tonite in what are superb

western cx.






I was simply stunned to have KFXX 1080 in well 45 minutes prior to

Portland sunset yesterday !! Semi-local WNWI was phased out, and the

minimal QRM was oldies, likely KVNI, rather than KRLD. Over to 1190

and KEX was soon in w/WOWO phased and KEX was also noted, but

weaker, for about an hour and a half after Portland sunset,

presumably on night pattern, which would be a first, unless they

switched very late.


Over to 860 and KPAM was o/u the mess of stns with CJBC phased out

just after 7 PM. KOA's IBOC messes up 840/860 prior to 6 PM MST even

though I'm nearly 900 miles from Denver :( .


New to the air KPMH 840 was noted just after 7 PM local or 29

minutes prior to Modesto SS !! This was o/u phase nulled WHAS on

peaks. A few hours later, I had some Viet in there which surprised

me considering KPMH's nite pattern, but cx to CA/OR were awesome

last night.


KDJQ 890, KBOI 670, KKOH 780, and bits of KDWN 720 all noted thru my

phased 50 KW locals prior to their respective sunsets.


KFIA 710 was quite strong with WOR phased out, using LSB to get away

from local WGN. By far the best I've ever had them. No sign of

needed KSPN when I tried a bit earlier.


A bit after SSS ended at 7:30 since all mainland US stns had gone to

night rig, my So Cal upper band fun started. Cash 1700 was atop huge

pest KBGG's Spanish on peaks for a couple of hours and new for me.

Most wanted KNZR 1560 was noted with only little traces of NYC's

Disney pest. Over to 1540 and I managed to dig out 1540 The Ticket

from far u/KXEL's preaching for my third newie in less than an hour

from the So Cal area.  Over to 1580 and phased CKDO and bits of SS

religion were in. Ments of Dios..etc etc. I suspect needed KBLA, as

I don't think XEDM (who's sig has deteriorated over the years) has

rlg in the eve's do they ? Anyhow..I still chase KBLA and note that

I logged them as KDAY from about 1980 from college in eastern

upstate NY on my TRF !! Oh to have some channels that clear once

again. KNBR was blasting in and KNX quite nice. KFMB was in there

mixed u/XEES with others with WJR phased. Once again no sign of most

wanted KFWB 980.


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop


830 CA  KLAA Orange with fishing report 2050-tune-in to 2100 PDT 10/5.

Excellent signal in null of KNCO Grass Valley and over the buzz. ID

about 2101.  I somehow missed the info that they had switched from SS to

EE after the call change.


1580 ON CKDO....Not heard (so far) on dx test.  Genuine mix of AZ,CA &

OR stations but no sign of sweep tones or another station in there.

10/5...2130-2145 PDT.

 774 JAP JOUR Akita above all the noise with nice signal 10/4 0630 PDT.

1566 SK HLAZ Cheju...barely making it 0645...



A quick scan of the band between 9:15-9:30pm PDT found these FB games in



 630-KPLY  Reno NV

 660-KTNN Window Rock AZ

 830-KNCO Grass Valley CA

 830-KLAA Orange CA

 880-KCMX Phoenix OR

 950-KAHI Auburn CA

1150-KAGO Grants Pass OR

1380-KTKZ Sacramento CA

1580-KGAL Lebanon OR

1600-KUBA Yuba City CA


A couple dozen hets up and down the dial.  Must have been nice reception

somewhere on the coast without all the bloody noise I get here in the



Checking the dials between 2355-0040 Oct 10-11 found several big



At 0000 the eclectic music atop the frequency ended and a man started

talking in French.  This was soon followed by a CBC Saskatchewan ID

followed by CBC News in French.  CBKF-2 Gravelbourg SK.  In nearly 50

years out here I had never heard this before.  Thanks to Mike Hawkins

for tipping me about this one now that KTRB Modesto has left the



Checking 650 a bit later found KSTE Sacramento having huge problems with

both KRTR Honolulu & CKOM in Saskatoon(?)...All three were audible with

decent signals the entire time I listened.  CKOM also was a new one

here.  They had talk but when first heard at 0010 it was not syndicated

but involved Saskatchewan.


640 had someone behind KFI.  Sounded spanish & mucho music but not

border music.  Also there was a huge het on 639 but I couldn't bring in

any audio.  Beamed toward the South Seas.


880 noted Cool 88 in/out with the many others..so good Canada night.


830 KLAA Orange has been so strong lately they must be running their day

50 kw at night as well.  Just beating up on much closer KNCO Grass



Someone is currently carrying a high school football game on 690 mixing

with CBU & XETRA...At times with decent signal...End of 3rd quarter,

score 20-14.  Names mentioned were Hillcrest & The Broncos....Suspect

either Prineville or Blackfoot...Anyone out there in the area that can

check this? [after a bit of egg on face, it turns out to be KSLJ Blackfoot, ID ed.]


KXL-750 noted carrying Portland-Seattle NBA preseason game as well.


10/21/06  approximately 0600-0635 PDT....San Francisco CA  Drake R8A

Kiwa antenna


Actually not much to talk about....TPs practically non-existent...no

sign of 774 Japan....Did have audio (fair/weak) from HLAZ-1566 S.K. and

decent hets on 639-648 & 828...Weaker hets on half a dozen other



Domestically, KUBC-580 Montrose CO noted under KMJ around 0600 with c&w

music.......Manti UT doing well between 0615-0630 on 650, didn't note

(at least an ID) from KGAB Cheyenne this morning, but they may have been

there.  660 had Calgary behind Window Rock....700 was dominant Salt Lake

City "The Zone"....750 KHWG Fallon NV loud between 6-6:30 so probably

running day power..IDed 'KHWG Fallon NV with a full 10 thousand watts,

The Hawg (+ pig snort)'...Similar to KPIG-1510 here in the Bay Area.

830 Orange seems to have remembered to switch power at sunset the past

week as Grass Valley predominates.  860 mush, with KPAM Portland

in/out...870 had WWL atop with ID shortly after 0600, also noted at

midnight so a regular here lately (right Mike?)...Nothing much above 900

of note.....


Brian Goodrich – Greensboro, NC


I've been reading some of the strong MW reports recently and wishing I had time to see what was going on.  Tonight, for a few minutes, I got to listen in the car while my daughter was in Girl Scouts.


Two things caught my attention... first, I finally heard something on 1710 (strongest when I first listened... about 1855 ET).  Could it be the Lubavitcher Pirate?  A song was played, followed by lengthy talk (not EE, SS or FF... Hebrew?).  Of course, the signal level was low and generally overridden by distant static (there were storms about 200 miles away in Eastern TN), so it's hard to offer specifics on what was heard.


Second, I immediately heard a strong het on 1520 (about 1910, ET).  It's not like that's unheard of, but the signal level was hot (more like a solid evening on the East Coast of FL).  Listening to WWKB, I caught a few seconds of deep fade from Buffalo with a peak on 1521.  I'm pretty sure I heard AA audio for ten or fifteen seconds.  That's a first on the car radio.


FWIW, I was surprised to heard non-Disney programming from NYC on 1560.  I didn't think Disney stations were allowed to stray (even O&O's).


Reading all the input about good conditions tonight I (laughably)

actually tried a few TA frequencies, 1134-1206 etc...Nothing could make

it thru all my various noises but it WAS different.


Mike Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Radio and 31” whip



Hello gents.  Had some fun yesterday on trip up to Kemmerer, WY to do some engineering work.  Decided to see how many alpha-bets I could do.  I call these the “ABC’s of 189” since both scans were done on U.S. Highway 189 which is the main route to Kemmerer from Interstate 80. 


First alpha-bet scan – taken from 5:45pm to 6:15pm – having some nice late-day DX. All letters done, all stations on AM.  Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo radio:


550       KRAI     Craig, CO          Country

1510     KLLB    West Jordan, UT            black gospel

1010     KCPW  Tooele, UT         NPR news/talk

1060     KDYL    South Salt Lake, UT       MOYL

1240     KEVA   Evanston, WY   Classic country  (**am stereo**)

1110     KFAB   Omaha, NB       news/talk

1390     KLGN   Logan, UT         adult standards

790       KGHL   Billings, MT       country

1180     KOFI    Kalispell, MT     oldies

890       KDJQ   Meridian, ID       oldies

630       KTKK    Sandy, UT         talk

750       KOAL   Price, UT           talk

650       KMTI     Manti, UT          country

1100     KNZZ    Grand Junction, CO        news/talk

1370     KSOP   South Salt Lake, UT       classic country

980       KUPI     Ammon, ID        classic country

1230     KJQS    Murray, UT        ESPN

570       KNRS   Salt Lake City, UT          news/talk

730       KSVN   Odgen, UT         Spanish

670       KLTT    Commerce City, CO       religious

610       KVNU   Logan, UT         news/talk

1330     KOVE   Lander, WY       country

1290     KOWB  Laramie, WY     news/talk

1660     KXOL   Brigham City, UT           Spanish

1410     KWYO  Sheridan, WY    adult standards

910       KWDZ   Salt Lake City, UT          radio Disney


Second alpha-bet scan – taken from 10:00pm to 10:45pm.

Complete – all letters done, all stations AM.  Chrysler Corp AM Stereo/FM Stereo factory radio.


1510     KGA     Spokane, WA    news/talk

1530     KFBK   Sacramento, CA            news/talk

1520     KOKC   Oklahoma City, OK        news/talk

1690     KDDZ    Arvada, CO        radio Disney

800       XEROK Ciudad Juarez, CH Mexico          Spanish

640       KFI       Los Angeles      news/talk

650       KGAB   Orchard Valley, WY       news/talk

1040     WHO    Des Monines, IA            news/talk

1180     KOFI    Kalispell, MT     oldies (although running Bruce Williams at time)

580       KMJ     Fresno, CA        news/talk

1020     KCKN   Roswell, NM      classic country / Spanish

750       KOAL   Price, UT           news/talk

940       KMER   Kemmerer, WY  oldies

660       KTNN    Window Rock, AZ          country/Navajo

850       KOA     Denver, CO        news/talk

820       WBAP  Fort Worth, TX   news/talk (**AM STEREO**)

1170     KFAQ   Tulsa, OK          news/talk

1140     CHRB   High River, Alberta Canada         country (mixing with KSFN)

1140     KSFN   Las Vegas, NV  sports (mixing with CHRB)

1030     KTWO  Casper, WY      news/talk

580       KUBC   Montrose, CO    classic country

1680     KAVT    Fresno, CA        radio Disney

870       WWL    New Orleans, LA            news/talk

1120     KMOX  St. Louis, MO    news/talk

1210     KGYN   Guymon, OK     country

1100     KNZZ    Grand Junction, CO        news/talk


I think next I’ll go park up high on a hill and do an all-FM alpha-bet scan so I can hear all the Salt Lake City FM’s.



Mike Westfall– Los Alamos, NM


1180  KOFI  USA  MT  Kalispell - 23 Oct 2006 0857 MDT - Noted this morning in the parking lot at work before heading into the office. Local ad for Kalispell Ace Hardware, ID, into news. 50kW/10kW, 940 mi. (DEH-2300) (New - #291, MT #1)


Bob Carter – Utica, NY

Kenwood TS-440 dipole at 80’



Noted one AM 1500 WLQV Detroit MI, sometimes on top of WTWP 1500 Washington DC and a ballgame from RFK stadium.


Several IDs of AM 1500 WLQV and several commercials and promos of up coming programs heard here in central NY.


BTW, does anyone happen to know who the station on 1500 just happens to play oldies?


I was listening to WFIF out of CT hours before sunset Friday afternoon in eastern and northeastern NY [ The North Country...Plattsburg/Dannemora region ] on my travels to that area, and noted an oldies station that would often mix with WFIF and WTWP. Murphy’s law of course would have it so that whenever there was an ID from the oldies station, its signal would fade. [never fails!]


Also noting two pirates on 1710 with a het. The usual pirate suspected from the NYC region is on and is actually transmitting at 1709.9 kHz. There is another station dead on 1710 but can not make out any programming.



Tonight on 1520, I'm getting a het. Put the receiver into upper sideband mode and tuned in the signal causing the het, which is on 1521. The programming sounds like its Arabic or something, then again I don't speak or understand any other languages but English. The signal is very weak here but audiable at 10pm eastern 10/03/06.



Ok hopefully someone knows who this station is....


I ran across a station in a mix of noise on 1700khz last night that was airing Coast To Coast AM. I thought I heard something to the effect of talk radio 570...so somebody has probably just fired up a new transmitter or changed formats.


I took a peek at C2C AM's website,....no station on 1700 khz listed as an affiliate.


I thought I heard a "K" call sign in the mix....but who knows, the band was very long last night...so maybe we'll have a repeat performance tonight. [probably KKLF ed.]



At 12:40 AM eastern, Saturday morning 10/21/06 hearing a strong het on Radio Disney WQEW New York City. Switching the radio to a narrow filter I'm hearing some foreign language station on 1557khz. Signal fairly strong...running around an 10 over S-9 over compared to WQEW's 20 over S-9 signal.



Plus Saudi Arabia is booming in on 1521 khz


...a weak het on 1500 WTWP....sounds like something on 1503khz but getting too much slop from WTWP to pull out the weak signal


A few local graveyard stations, which normally basically disappear into the noise here at night, are listenable tonight. [ 1230khz Little Falls NY (sports) and 1450 Rome NY (BBN) ]



Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Original Superadio


I tried at 12:27 AM EDT - all I heard was KVOP, Plainview, TX,

with "This is the Voice of the Panhandle, KVOP, Plainview, the

Mighty 10-90."


Powell Way III – West Columbia, SC



I'm getting WOR in the clear (rare) and WHAM in the forefront and very listenable (exceptionally rare) down here in South Carolina.


David Hochfelder – Highland Park, NJ

Drake R8B and kludge ceiling loop


My logging from last night was with an antenna I have around the ceiling

of my shack.  I use it mainly to phase against, but noise on the low end

of the band was horrible with my Kiwa and Quantum loops.  The ceiling

loop was much quieter.  It's about 40 feet of wire run around the

ceiling into a run of twinlead soldered to a connector.


590   Unknown call and city Cuba R. Rebelde, // 5025.  Fair to very good

at peaks with call-in show. Thanks to #mwdx chatroom.  Also heard

Mexican national anthem at 0100 Eastern   Oct. 13, 2006


Thanks to Ben Dangerfield's DXTIP last night, I bagged this one at about

2230 local time.  It was coming in great, peaking at S9+20 at points.

The parallel on 1521 was hard to dig out from under 1520 Buffalo

however.  I know there's a shortwave parallel too, but I didn't check.


David Slate, TN

DX-398 Nekkid



10:45  660  WFAN  New York, NY "on 660  WFAN"     New!  (Slate-TN)

11:07 1470  WLQR  Toledo, OH

Popped out of mix with Oilers-Redwings  NEW!  Checked the Redwings radio

list and this was the only 1470  (Slate-TN)



9:09  1540  CHIN  Toronto, ON    "more ethnic programming and music on CHIN  RADIO "   new  Canadian #2


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony ICF-2010


I was awake early this morning and decided to try for
KFI around sunrise this morning. It turned out 640 was a very interesting frequency to park on for a few minutes.

WWLS, Moore, OK, was dominant when I first tuned in at
6:47 am Central. Their slogan is "The Sports Animal" and their morning show is called "The Morning Animal" with a couple of wiseacre male hosts. They were in throughout the morning, usually dominating the channel.


There was also some XE-sounding station underneath WWLS at this time. I'm not sure if it was an XE or a domestic, but I suspect the former. It was running Nortena music (including one song that sounded like a Spanish version of Alvin and the Chipmunks) but I didn't hear anything close to an ID or slogan. But then at 7:00 am Central. . . .


WCRV, Collierville, TN, popped up out of nowhere to dominate the channel; first heard a weather report by man, sponsored by a local insurance agent, and then into gospel music. Apparently 7:00 is when they switch to their 50 KW day power/pattern. At 7:03, the signal started to fade and by 7:05 it was under WWLS---a terrific example of the sunrise terminator in action! And finally. . . . .


KFI, Los Angeles, CA, through WWLS at 7:30 with news, traffic reports ("KFI, the talk station with the most traffic reports") and local reports (child molester in Irvine, etc.). I used the Sony ICF-2010 with its internal loopstick (and headphones!).


This morning was an example of what intrigues me about
AM DXing----how changing propagation and power/pattern changes can produce very different reception in a short period of time.


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

Blaupunkt Radio 31” whip


1300 KCMY Carson City, NV 10/25/06 8:05 AM Heard TOH news, with mentions of Nevada, "My Country" slogan and KCMY ID. Fair-good, trading places with semi-local KAZN. Formerly heard as KPTL (I don't count call changes as new). (BL-CA)

1440 KMED Medford, OR 10/24/06 8:10 AM. These guys are a pretty reliable visitor when conditions are decent. They also ID a lot. Fair-Good. Relog (BL-CA)

1490 KOWL South Lake Tahoe, CA 10/24/06 8:00 AM. Heard CNN Radio News, followed by ID. Previous logging was on overnight recordings. Morning post-sunrise conditions are definitely picking up. Fair-Poor. Relog. (BL-CA)


What I did notice between 2020-2035 PDT 10/25 was...


 640-someone pushing KFI around.  Was spanish..probably Mexico

 650-bleah...weak KSTE-Sacramento

 660-KTNN-AZ booming in with Navajo dance chants.  Sounds like they're

going on the warpath..

 750-North blanked out..not much here.

 830-someone giving KNCO-CA a hard time..probably Orange again.

 860-Talk sounded more spanish than french so probably XEMO..Noise was a

real bugger.

 880-KCMX-OR atop 2030 for ID.

 950-Assumed KAHI with rock music..usually they carry talk. XEKAM


1060-All Calgary, no KRCN-CO here.  How come I'm always the last to hear

these good ones?

1070-CFAX really butchering KNX.

1090-KBOZ-MT doing a hatchet job on XEPRS...Both sports.

1130-CKWX-BC audible on any turn of the loop

1140-CHRB-AB blistering KRAK-CA

1180-KOFI-MT with Gordon Lightfoot etal...usually talk

1210-KHAT-WY noted @2020 with weather for Northern Colorado & Easstern

Wyoming. 45 in Cheyenne. KHAT ID into sports....Very rare here.

1220-1700 a lost cause


Albert Lehr – Livermore, CA


860 KTRB CA, San Francisco is testing with a very

strong open carrier 1358 PDT / 2058 UTC 10/25.




The Whole Earth [HF]


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


** BRAZIL. Based on an accurate automatic timesignal at 0515 Oct 6, I might

have guessed I was monitoring Nepal, but it was on 11925 and in Brazilian

Portuguese monolog, so must have been R. Bandeirantes, São Paulo, which is 24 hours. Why would they have a timesignal on the quarter-hour? Do they every 15  minutes?

** CANADA. RCI on wrong frequency again! Oct 6 at 1323 found The Current about women in Israel crossing the wall between secular and orthodox in both

direxions --- on 9490 instead of 9515, // 13655. I wonder if the RCI French

broadcast before 1300 was also on 9490. In the morning, 9490 is scheduled only

for the Radio Sweden relay at 1130-1200, so maybe that was on 9515! I e-mailed

Moncton master control at 1405, kept monitoring, and finally at 1425, 9490 went

off; around 1428:30, one sesquihour into the transmission, 9515 came on with


** MEXICO [and non]. Co-channel QRM to XEXQ, 6045 around 1300 has been traced to an unlisted transmission from V. of RUSSIA, q.v.

** PAKISTAN [non]. Checked for Deewa Radio Oct 6 at 1303; only fair on 11510

via Sri Lanka transpolar, but JBA on 15645 Morocco, which as far as I could

tell, was not in synch, as one would expect from two separate IBB sites. Talk

presumably in Pashto, mentioning Pakistan, and 1306 ID in passing, seemed to be pronounced Dee-WAH RAY-dee-o. At 1339 I thought I heard a bit of English,

perhaps something about to be translated

** PORTUGAL. RDPI putting in best signal by far from Europe on 13m, Oct 6 at

1329 on 21655, better than another of theirs on 21830 aimed elsewhere, just as

they were opening a special transmission mentioning this and numerous other

frequencies, in anticipation of joining Antena-1 at 1345 for live coverage of

Russia vs Portugal first round play-off, I guess referring to futebol. Then

some nice Portuguese music to warm up.

** RUSSIA. Making my usual attempt to hear XEXQ on 6045, Oct 6 at 1259 I

finally got a lead on the perpetual fast SAH co-channel interference.

Unmistakably, ``Great Gate of Kiev``, the V. of Russia IS, and after 1300 it

sure sounded like Chinese language.

** U S A. Regarding my previous observations of various unjammed spurs

involving R. Martí 11930 Greenville. Now that we know that 11720 Hausa at 2030 is really Greenville too, it all falls into place, leapfrogging to produce the

spur on 12140 at 210 kHz separation; just as the 11965 spur results from mix

with Creole on 11895 at 35 kHz separation; and 12015 from two Martí

frequencies, 11845 leapfrogging 11930 at 85 kHz





** ETHIOPIA [non]. Oct 6 at 1926, found lo-fi monolog in uncertain language on

15565. Background noise from time to time as if not recorded in a proper

studio, and sent over phoneline, still going past 1932. 1954 recheck, cutting

to vocal music, also lo-fi; 1956:30 YL mentions democrasi and Ethiopia,

addresses in Amsterdam and Los Angeles 9000-something, website, but fade

between www and .org! A few seconds before 1959 went into theme song or anthem, but cut off abruptly at 1959*.

** GABON. I really must tune the 18-21 MHz range more often, even tho it is

mostly empty. Oct 6 at 1934 I found a rather strong steady signal on 19160,

with only slight fading, peaking at 20 over 9 --- but considerably

undermodulated and with some ``generator hum``. Hilife music, quickly confirmed as Africa Number One by // 9580, where the signal was much inferior. 1946 ANO ID and put phone caller on the air briefly in French, 1948 back to music; 2000 four-pip timesignal, ID, news with stingers every few seconds.

** MOROCCO. RTM, 15345, Oct 6 at 1924 with muezzin, and for once, no het from Argentina, either off or not propagating. 1925 pause for YL announcement, more muezzin, and still singing past 1932; good signal 

** U S A. Since I have been unsuccessful in hearing WBCQ on 18910-CLSB for

quite a while, I should note that on Oct 6 at 1930 it was inbooming louder than

WYFR on 18930 or 18980, with monotonous YL preacher

** CANADA. Getting ready to listen to Vinyl Café via RCI, after hearing part of

The House on 9515, I went to 13655, but it was missing at 1357 UT Oct 7.

Quickly scanned the rest of 13 MHz for the transmitter on wrong frequency, but

did not find it, nor on any other band. However, it came back on in time for VC

starting at 1405. Afterwards at 1500 it went off again, but back in time for

Quirks & Quarks at 1505 --- must be having problems

** CHINA. CRI English heard on new unlisted 15595, Oct 7 at 1350 with ID and

``Chinese Idioms`` overriding some other station. That would be DW in Dari via

Wertachtal, per EiBi. Don`t find any listing of CRI on 15595, including July

update of ILG and WRTH A-06 supplement, so must be a recent addition, and just another example of how not to be a good neighbor

** GABON. Looking for the Africa Numéro Un harmonic of 9580 on 19160, it was

indeed audible, Oct 7 as early as 1334 with music, but just barely compared to

the previous afternoon; a little better at 1426 recheck. May well build up

during the day

** U S A. Checking WRMI, 9955, Saturday Oct 7, did not tune in until 1245 and

found the new exile show ``La Nueva Nación`` was just ending, so it`s only a

quarter-hour, not a half-hour as assumed. But there was NO jamming, as

previously this time period had been occupied by English, World of Radio, in

fact. 1246 full WRMI bilingual ID running almost a minute, and as usual pushing

schedule further behind; 1247 filling the gap with unscheduled airing of

Monitor DX, so I went ahead and listened. Mentioned a number of stations and

what they were doing in the 1940s; not sure if this was based on anniversary

dates, or just random info, including South Africa, Yugoslavia, Turkey,

Malaysia, Peru. Then a clip of R. Antarki, Lima, 1110.


Main feature was about Radio Guairá, ZP6, Paraguay, 840 and inactive 5975, with clip of its sign-off. Closing at 1300 credited José Elías Díaz along with

speaker and producer Daniel Camporini in Argentina.

As Jeff promised, WORLD OF RADIO 1331 ran afterwards, axually starting at

1302:20 and ending at --- 1331! Undermodulated by comparison as it seems to be on mp3 file if you can`t adjust the playback volume. This bumped AWR Wavescan which had been at 1300, but then it followed at 1332, so that in turn bumped something else, not sure what. Fortunately Wavescan runs well short of a semihour, because at 1358 recheck, huge open carrier from WEWN was ready on 9955

** FRANCE. V. of Africa relay was finally audible on 21695, Oct 9 at 1412 in

music during English broadcast, and // much stronger 17850, but no trace of an

RFI signal in English on 21620

** IRAN [and non]. Is jamming broadcasts from Israel to Europe and North

America. Oct 9 at 1511, 15760 had a strong het on the high side around 15761,

and also some bubble jamming audible in the background, but the KI Persian

language broadcast was atop. Hmmm, maybe that`s why they jam it, but it`s aimed 318 degrees toward us, not Iran

** MAURITANIA. ORTM finally heard on 4845, Sunday Oct 8 around 0555, and on past 0615 in Arabic. Previous days had been off the air at this time. Why would they have a different sked on Sunday during Ramadan? Christian influence nevertheless?

** MAURITANIA. ORTM, 4845, on again UT Monday Oct 9 at 0455 check, an hour earlier than I checked the night before, Arabic talk, VG signal but static

crashes, and there was a rumble in the modulation seemingly correlating with

audio peaks. Needs some tweaking, and may explain why they were not running 24h for Ramadan earlier. Still going at 0515 

** SAUDI ARABIA. Seems BSKSA has at least two transmitters putting out that

awful raspy buzz preventing us from appreciating their recitation of the Holy

Qur`an: Oct 9 at 1518, very strong on 15435 as usual, but same buzz also

audible along with very weak // 21460. That makes us wonder if it originate

before the transmitters, somewhere in the audio feedline. But it doesn`t happen

on their other services around this time

** SRI LANKA. VOA, 12150, Border Crossings show, 1522 Oct 9, with some early white rap music, as the host identified it, and admitted this was pre-recorded for Columbus Day, as he tried to explain that in a politically correct manner. This is Iranawila aimed almost due north toward us, good but with some flutter

** SUDAN [non]. Sudan Radio Service, 17660 via UK, Oct 9 at 1514 with drums and ID in English, 1515 into program about land mines; splatter from 17650 WHRA gospel music

** U S A. Tuned into WBCQ 7415 just a bit too late to confirm that WOR 1331

aired OK as scheduled at 0415 UT Monday Oct 9. At 0444 there was already open carrier, and then off. The webstream also had silence, but left it on and at

0448 heard the previous week`s WOR 1330 start playing. A fine way to fill

webstream time after-hours


** U S A. Derry Brownfield show on both WWCR 12160 and WWRB 12180, Oct 9 at 1527, and absolutely synchronized as they both take the same satellite

downlink. WWRB stronger here, but greater frequency, site or time diversity

would be a more effective tactic than paying double for these identical transmissions only 20 kHz apart

** FINLAND. Surprised to hear Finnish on 9705, Oct 10 at 1345. Hmmm, where

could that be from? Sure `nuff, // 15400, but an echo apart indicating widely

divergent propagation routes. 15400 is aimed at us, but 9705 could be long

path, aimed 130 degrees from Pori

** FRANCE I`ve found RFI`s missing 1400 UT broadcast in English. Not on

21620, but on 6120! Oct 10 at 1407 came across news in English with British

accent, sounds rather like 9740 BBCWS but not //. Then, a quick ID for RFI.

Fair with no QRM; still going altho weakening at 1441 recheck. Something new? I

should have noticed it on previous bandscans if it were there. At this hour it

must be a Far East relay. Then checking the references we find in EiBi, HFCC

and ILG that this hour on 6120 was previously scheduled as RFI in Vietnamese

via Yamata, Japan, 300 kW, 235 degrees, so was this a program feed mistake, or may we depend on it from now on? Nothing heard on 7220, which was also listed for this English transmission as a relay via Chita, Russia. As always, RFI`s

own website is worse than useless http://www.rfi.fr/langues/statiques/rfi_anglais.asp as not updated since 2005

at latest

** GABON. ANO harmonic 19160, again audible weakly Oct 10 at 1411 check with music and talk in French; could not have IDed it except by // 17630

** CHINA. On 5420, Oct 11 at 1240 music and talk in uncertain language, and SSB QRM; 1248 sitar-sounding music, and I think I heard a bit of Russian, but this WOOB hour is scheduled as the CNR-8 minority service in Mongolian from Beijing

** CHINA [and non]. Oct 11 at 1302, on 10450 ex-10400, fluttery carrier but no

modulation audible, presumably Sound of Hope. At 1304:30 carrier strengthened

when jamming transmitter came back on, and must be zero-beat. 1305 starting up Firedrake modulation. At 1328 also a weak signal on 14700, presumably Firedrake ex-14600 as Olle Alm reported yesterday. At 1403 checked 10450 again, when the weak carrier with flutter had a bit of audio, and 1405 Firedrake resumed

** CUBA. CRI relay, 13740, open carrier already on at 1354 Oct 11; well, not

exactly open, as accompanied by terrific squeal out to 20 kHz either side

** CZECH REPUBLIC. Interview in English with Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell made me think this was RCI on 15350, tho not // CBC relay on 13655, Oct 11 at 1423, but program ended at 1425 with ID as R. Prague! There is no 1400 English broadcast on their schedule at http://www.radio.cz/en/frequencies#en except the WRMI relay from WRN on 7385, so trying out a new transmission, or relay site?




** FRANCE [non]. After discovering RFI in English at 1400 on 6120 the day

before, I tuned in earlier Oct 11, at 1356: a mix of at least two stations, one

of which was surely Singapore`s Indonesian service. After 4-pip timesignal at

1400, RFI emerged in the clear, again with English, presumably via Japan,

instead of previously scheduled Vietnamese

** GUAM. On 11880, Oct 11 at 1351 a ballad with Karaoke-style echo; at first I

thought it was in Thai, but announcement by YL at 1357:30 seemed to be in

Vietnamese, off at 1359* sharp. EiBi, however, shows this as KSDA in Khmer, on

Wednesdays and Sundays only

** GUATEMALA. TGLT 4780 and TGMI 4800 were audible as late as 1225 Oct 11 with Guatemalan music

** INDIA. Maurits van Driessche had AIR on 15040 at 1530, no language

mentioned, as well as R. Farda. The latter seems unlikely unless a mixing

product, and I have not monitored at that hour, but I also heard AIR on 15040,

Oct 11 at 1313 playing some music with country and then jazzy elements; SSB QRM from 15035 Canadian forces, Trenton with usual weather broadcasts. At 1314:30 an ``All India Radio`` ID, and closing in Burmese; after a pause, from 1315 a YL in another language, Persian? Mentioned Afghanistan, so it is Dari as

scheduled, but not on this frequency. Cut off abruptly at 1318:45; the Dari was

just a runover. 15040 is not in the usual references at all, but AIR is definitely there at least for the Burmese broadcast. Checking Jose Jacob`s A06

schedules at  http://www.qsl.net/vu2jos/es/language.htm

** KOREA NORTH. A bit of Korean music, 1233 Oct 11, fair signal, from KCBS on 2850

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze, 9485 via Taiwan, Wed Oct 11 at 1307 was in English telling an abduction story, with music; fair

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia is starting to be heard well again, 11530 via Moldova with Kurdish talk about democracy, Oct 11 at 1437; also with music earlier in the hour

** LIBYA [and non]. Afternoon visitor check Oct 11 at 1325 found ANO 17630

suffering co-channel QRM with SAH; 17670 had at least two signals with SAH, one of them in Arabic

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, audible as late as 1402 Oct 11, with usual SAH

** PHILIPPINES. VOA, English, 6160, Oct 11 at 1254 finishing report or

commentary by André de Nesnera, with echo. Could well be both long and short


** RUSSIA. Wed Oct 11 at 1256, just after tuning up from RNZI on 7145,

surprised to hear the RNZI bell bird IS on 7165, via a VOR program in Russian,

and then at 1257 a clip of rustic music mentioning Vientiane, Laos. Appears to

be a DX program on Golos Rossii, here on SE Asia service in Russian via

Vladivostok. What is the full schedule for it?

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare, on WWRB 9385, Oct 11 at 1306 was over-modulated, distorted, with cross-talk and splattering. Aside from that,

superb transmission

** U S A [non]. Deewa Radio, Oct 11 at 1345 on 11510 Sri Lanka had several

mentions in passing of ``Voice of America``. Better than // 15645 Morocco, the

latter with a het on the low side; 11510 was running 2 seconds behind 15645

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. The new R. Prague English transmission 1400 on

15350 is via Sackville. Oct 12 I was monitoring 15350 with V. of Turkey music

until abrupt 1355*. Then at *1400:35 open carrier came on, no clue from where,

but 1401:45 into Claude Jardin/Garden harmonica fill music! Which must be

coming from RCI master control in Montréal! And we actually got to hear a

couple of cuts all the way thru, one with piano accompaniment. But where`s R.

Prague? Joined news in progress at 1403:30, and this time, ran past 1427 with

something about Moravia instead of transmission schedule in Czech, but this too

was cut off abruptly without any good-bye at 1429* VG reception again. Perhaps

on the third day they will get everything coordinated? And DX-Mix News Bulgaria

now confirms it is Sackville, 250 kW, 285 degrees out toward the west


** FRANCE [non]. RFI, 6120 in English presumably via Yamata, Japan,

rereconfirmed Oct 12 at 1401 check, poor signal today vs noise level

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Oct 12 at 1224 on WWRB 9385, distorted Brother Scare was going over his SW schedule, and said that from today there will be another test starting at 2000 UT on 13730 with 250 kW to Europe. I expect this is

another Guiana French relay

** TURKEY. VOT, 15450, Thu Oct 12 with Live From Turkey starting around 1250, first with a pre-arranged call to/from an academic at the Technical University commenting on the French parliament ruling that it is illegal in France to deny the Armenian genocide. This has upset the Turks, who see it as totally

unjustified, and bound to harm relations with France and the rest of Europe.

(And what about freedom of speech, even if wrongheaded, I ask??) It`s

``outrageous`` tho there is a possibility that historians and scholars will be



They gave the phone number two or three times, but quickly, and still not often

enough if they really want to get more calls. I think I copied it correctly:

+90 312 491 2896. Then they call you back at their expense.


After some disco-beat Turkish music fill, at 1309 on comes perennial David

Crystal from Israel, who was required to comment first on this affair. Said

most of what he knows about it comes from listening to VOT, but normally

tolerant Turks may have gone overboard against peaceful Armenians, not just the Armenian `gangs` causing the trouble.





Then at 1311 David managed to talk about what he really wanted to this week,

the Israeli version of ``Wife Swap`` TV show, in one episode of which, a Jew

and a Moslem pulled this off successfully (I assume despite the provocative

title, just as in the US version, there was no sexual hanky-panky involved, or

at least revealed. It`s more like ``Mother Swap``, a family thing).


1319, back to the show hosts who propagated the Turkish line on A.G. --- there

was no such genocide; only a few were killed in the disturbances. Armenians

were merely deported for collaborating with the French and the Russians who had designs on Turkish territory as the Ottoman Empire was crumbling. And how

ironic that at almost the same time, the Nobel Prize for literature has been

awarded to a Turk. Only one iteration of the VOT IS before closedown. Then I tuned down to 15380 for some beautiful qur`aning from BSKSA, and when that went into talk, further down to 15350 for TRT music in Turkish to 1355* And then to Czech/Canada, q.v.

** CANADA. Confirmed that CFVP 6030 Calgary is still on the air, tho you will

never (hardly ever?) hear those call letters. Oct 13 at 1223, just as I tuned

in, ``Classic Country AM 1060`` ID at fade-up vs residual dentroCuban bubble

jamming still running after R. Martí closed, but still a mostly darkness path

from Alberta, and at this time no problem from Asia

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague via Sackville, 15350, Oct 13 started English on time at 1400, unlike previous days. Oldrich Cip tells me this experimental broadcast started October 9. 1427 cut to transmission sked in Czech

** MEXICO. R. Mil, 6010, G signal much better than usual, at 1222 Oct 13 with

newstalk discussion, commercials and promos. A lite het from something. I

haven`t tried to measure it, but a recent report put XEOI on exactly 6010.0.

XEXQ, 6045, 1225 Oct 13, poor compared to R. Mil, but piercing soprano

certainly audible now and still several minutes later

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via Cuba, 11705, Oct 13 at 1253 had a hum and

modulation was low. Wiggle that patch cord! Previously had been loud and clear

** CANADA. Another wrong frequency from Sackville. Sat Oct 14 at 2053-2057 I

found R. Netherlands in English on 17760, instead of scheduled 17660.

Unfortunately, this was right next to RCI/CBC itself on 17765, and there was a

big het between them. I hope the respective transmitters and associated

equipment were not damaged by the unintended proximity. RN via Bonaire was //

on 17735, 15315 and to Africa weaker 17810, but slightly out of synch with

Sackville, just a reverb apart. Close of transmission did not mention any


** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. I checked out the closing of the 1400 broadcast

Saturday October 14 on 15350 via Sackville; the final item was about Bollywood

in Prague, and then they said goodbye until the weekend. Wait a minute! This is

Saturday. It IS the weekend, already. Could this have been a stale Friday

broadcast? Yes! Checking the audio archive at http://www.radio.cz/en/listen

this was the one labeled Friday October 13 at 1300. So the 1400 programs are

running a day late; why? BTW, two daily English broadcasts, one at 1300 and one at 1600 are in the audio archives, so I assume that means there are two

separate semihours each day with different content. Do they alternate thruout

the SW broadcast day, or what? Why don`t they make this clear? No, the program schedule does not show two sets for each day: http://www.radio.cz/en/programme altho ICE apparently pre-empts other programs on certain Saturday broadcasts, which ones, not shown on this page. Too many shows to fit into one semi-hour? Some of them are monthly or fortnightly, but they don`t say exactly WHICH weeks they are on. Why don`t they make all this clear?

** FRANCE [non]. I keep expecting to hear 6120 at 1400 via Japan back in

Vietnamese as originally scheduled, but so far English has continued, Oct 14 at

1400 with timesignal 5 and a half seconds late (I had just synchronized my

watch with WWV), indicating a rather circuitous program feed routing, ID and

David Page with news. SAH of about 6 Hz from Malaysia(?) carrier continued

until 1401*

** GABON. The harmonic on 19160 is getting to be a regular catch, but it seems

to remarkable that I am going to keep looking for it and reporting it. Keep in

mind that of all the much stronger and closer signals on 31m, only 9580 ANO is

audible on a second harmonic. Oct 14 at 1853, fair signal, and at 2055 with

hilife music, good signal peaking at the usual 15 over S9 on the FRG-7 meter

** NEW ZEALAND. No sign of RNZI analog 7145 around 1352 Oct 14, tho DRM was going on 6090-6100; nor anything on 9870. Later this day at 2049, I could hear nothing but Brother Scare on 13730, so suspect RNZI analog transmitter is still down; but DRM audible on 15715-15725 --- hint: report DRM frequencies as

covering 10 kHz spans, which is the truth. Don`t you believe the upper right

corner of the home page http://www.rnzi.com which says:

``On the Air --- We are currently broadcasting on 13730 AM & DRM 15720 kHz in

the 21 & 19 m band. The programme on-air is Relay of National Radio. The live

audio stream is active``

** POLAND [non]. Re B-06 R. Polonia relay plans --- Look at all those

broadcasts in various languages back to Europe. All they need to do is dedicate

one hour a day via GUF to NAm, half in English, half in Polish. Could be a

playbacks of earlier broadcasts to Europe requiring no additional studio

produxion time or even anyone on duty in the middle of the night in Poland, if

that would be a problem

** U S A [non]. While we know that VOA Hausa at 2030-2100 on 11720 is via

Greenville on weekdays, the same frequency was much too weak on Sat Oct 14,

when French instead is scheduled, closing at 2059. So that`s still Morocco

site. In fact, Zanzibar on 11735 which was also just signing off with its tinny

anthem had a much stronger signal than 11720

** CANADA. The second hour of Sounds Like Canada is well worth hearing today Monday, as on RCI at 1505-1600, 9490 (wrong frequency again instead of 9515), 9625 (CBCNQ), 13655, 17800 and Eastern zone CBCR1 webcasts: first half, interview about the Canadian Telecommunications Hall of Fame; second half about the late Lister Sinclair, of Ideas.


** CANADA. You`re on the wrong frequency again Monday morning, 9490 instead of 9515 for RCI/CBC. Suggest you just leave it there today until 1600 UT sign-off for those who are listening to the tribute to Lister Sinclair (Glenn Hauser,

OK, around 1540 UT to Moncton Master Control, via DXLD) First noted when I

tuned in at 1417. The same thing happened last week, forgetting to change

frequency from the R. Sweden relay earlier in the morning (gh)

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. Monday Oct 16 compared the R. Prague transmissions: 15350 via Canada had Mailbox at 1405-1409, music break and 1411 Letter from Prague, which I assume are Sunday features. 7385 via WMRI was not // and presumably the Monday program off the WRN feed. If WRMI can get today`s show to relay, why can`t Sackvillle?

** EGYPT. 15670, Oct 16 at 1438, fair carrier, but weak distorted audio only at

talk modulation peaks. Slightly more modulation making it thru at 1504 recheck.

This is typical of Cairo on several frequencies, and this one is scheduled in

Pashto from Abis at 1430-1600. Can`t imagine anyone willing to listen to this

in Afghanistan, only in Oklahoma as a curiosity

** FRANCE [non]. RFI English still going Oct 16 at 1400 check on 6120 via

Japan; usual weak signal here. After a week, perhaps we can depend on this

continuing and need to note only if it disappear or convert to Vietnamese

** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa, 17850 via France, Oct 16 at 1435 was mostly open

carrier. When I turned it up and strained, I could detect some very weak

modulation in English. At least there was no hum this time!

** NEW ZEALAND. Once again RNZI analog missing from 7145, Oct 16 at 1402, but DRM still running on 6090-6100. I wonder if they are starting to phase out the

antiquated AM service?

** PHILIPPINES [or non?]. Lively Mandarin service on 7400, Oct 16 at 1415,

which I guessed was CNR-1, but EiBi says:  7400 1400-1630 PHL FEBC Manila M FE i Did not get an ID, so that`s what it must be --- or is China now jamming FEBC too?

** SAUDI ARABIA. The big buzz from BSKSA allowed me to detect their otherwise unintelligible signal on 21505, Oct 16 at 1433 during bandscan

** U S A. More garbage from the IBB Greenville transmitter on 11930 with Martí:

Oct 16 at 1454 I found dirty spur at modulation peaks only, no carrier,

covering roughly 12105 to 12125, i.e. 185 kHz away from 11930, which itself was

buried in heavy jamming, but unlike previous spurs, this one was no fun to

listen to, even for the highly motivated. Then looked for matching spur 185 kHz

below 11930, and sure enough, there it was around 11740-11750, and QRMing VOA Korean on 11740 Philippines. How about at double 185? Yes! Also audible tho very weak around 11550; should have been 11560, so the 185 figure is only an approximation as there was no carrier to pin down. Nothing heard to match that on the high side

** CUBA. RHC French, 11720, clear and fair signal at 2151 Oct 16, // 11760.

This must be a leapfrog produced by the RHC Spanish transmitter on 11800. But

before I had any more time to enjoy it, the 11760 transmitter went haywire,

into loud crackling noise completely overriding French audio on channel, and

intermittently splattering out to plus and minus 50 kHz or so


** CUBA [and non]. Radio Martí on new 9515, Oct 16 at 2203, news to me but not to the DentroCuban Jamming Command which was almost covering it up. // 13820 Delano but 9515 running about 3 words or one second behind 13820, not what you would expect for Greenville. Could it be some new unknown relay site? Need to see how it matches to other // 6030 and 11930 Greenville. 9515 is not shown on the non-updated R. Martí schedule grid at

http://www.martinoticias.com/frequencies.htm but after cutbacks earlier this

year, RM is now again on four SW frequencies at once instead of three. RM

Greenville is scheduled on 9565 until 2200, and when I checked that at 2204,

some leftover jamming was still running there against nothing

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI analog still missing, nothing heard on 13730 at 2145 Oct 16, whilst 15720 DRM was inescapable. It seems the Brother Scare test via

Guiana French on 13730 is only one hour at 20-21

** TURKEY. VOT IS, 9830, Oct 16 at 2155 leading up to English to North America; but marred by strong het of 1 kHz or less. This carrier on the hi side got

stronger relative to VOT after programming began at 2200, making VOT impossible to listen to, at least without a very good notch filter. No modulation could be heard on the carrier, but I suspect it is the same one with RTTY in the

mornings which ruins Voice of Vietnam on 9830

** U S A. ``KAIJ, Dallas, Texas, USA`` ID at 2159:20 Oct 16 on new 9895,

interrupting Defunct Gene Scott before he finished what he was saying --- wait

a minute, he NEVER finishes what he is saying --- and then into Genesis network

promo. It appears KAIJ has added some new frequencies and programming, filling otherwise unsold hours here and there with DGS who used to be their only


** AUSTRALIA. Oct 17 noticed that RA did not broadcast a Perspective commentary at 1355, which on several previous occasions they have rudely interrupted for unannounced frequency changes. At 1357 on 9580, Roger Broadbent said 6020, 9580, 9560 and 5995 were closing, and 7240, 6080 and 5995 were about to open; then 9580 went off at 1358. Should have also mentioned 9590 which was continuing

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague experimental relay via Sackville, 15350, Oct 18 at 1400 in English. Not // WRMI relay on 7385, but sounded like same YL

announcer, probably recorded 24 hours apart. BTW, this scheduling won`t work in B-06 as Turkey will be on 15350 until 1500; maybe R. Prague will shift an hour

later. At least, it should if it stay on 15350

** FRANCE [non]. RFI reconfirmed once again Oct 18 in English starting at 1400

on 6120, presumably via Japan. I am still concerned this is a mistake and will

revert to Vietnamese any day, since a supposedly current TDF schedule still

shows it as such






** INDONESIA. On 4790, Qur`an at 1305 Oct 18 but QRM from MARS SSB net on low side, complaining about QRM from ``radio station``. This would be RRI Fak2, Papua.

Since other VOI/RRI non-tropical frequencies were reported back on the air Oct

17, I was hoping 9525 would reappear, too on Oct 18, and indeed it did.

Excellent signal at 1314 with usual mix of Indonesian talk and wide variety of

folk and modern music, but no ``Under the Double Eagle`` bed today. 1335

mentioned Nusantara; 1349 the canned English ID referring to website which is

still inaccessible. 1357 sign-off announcements, 1358 NA already mixing the CRI

Russian warming up with Chinese music, and Suara Indonesia off before 1400

** MYANMAR. Burmese music and announcement, Oct 18 at 1258 on 5986, poor but no signal on 5985 to QRM it; WYFR scheduled to go off 5985 at 1245. Yangon maybe really on 5985.9 as usually reported

** NEW ZEALAND. You never know now from one day to the next whether RNZI will be missing from its analog schedule. Oct 17 at 1353, 7145 was back on the air with report on New Caledonia nickel-mining strife

** U S A. Have made some perfunctory chex of KAIJ`s new frequencies and find

strength quite variable, which is to be expected here in the skip-or-not zone,

less than 400 km from McKinney TX. Oct 17 at 1414 the 9975 signal was very

poor, not DGS. Oct 18 at 1311 it was The Power Hour #2, mixing with a FE

station in language, per EiBi KTWR in Cantonese, and with a fast SAH and KTWR was gaining over KAIJ. Is there anything about KAIJ on The Power Hour website? Of course not! Then before 2200, 9895 was quite weak too

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. Tuned in 15350 at 1359 Oct 19, and nothing.

Crash-start at 1400 for R. Prague experimental relay in English via Sackville,

Moldau theme

** FRANCE [non]. RFI English at 1400 on 6120 has lasted one more day,

reconfirmed Oct 19, presumably via Japan. And the carrier SAH from Singapore

always lingers until 1401

** INDONESIA. Our celebration Oct 18 of the return after a month of Suara

Indonesia to 9525 was short-lived. Gone again Oct 19, at 1313 and later chex

during that hour

** LIBYA [and non]. Afternoon visitor check Oct 19 at 1329 found on 17690 a

mixture of two stations in Arabic, partly music, SAH and oscillating jamming

** MALI [and non]. Happened upon 5995 at 0601 October 19, just as RTV Mali was IDing in French over a nice interval signal I don`t recall hearing before.

Apparently just at sign-on time. Fair signal and no problem from 6000; Cuba and

WYFR apparently off. However, as I listened further, by 0603 I realized the

noise in the background must be DRM from RTL France, 50 kW, non-direxional, 24 h via Luxembourg on 5985-5995, so here is a case of QRDRM to an innocent analog

** NEW ZEALAND. On Oct 19 at 1351 and also after 1400, RNZI was totally

missing, neither analog on 7145, nor DRM on 6095 audible. Just to be sure

propagation was OK, I checked for RA and there it was on 6020 with IS before



** TURKEY. Live from Turkey, Thu Oct 19 on 15450, good reception, from tune-in at 1255 discussing the upcoming end of Ramadan when they can pig out after

fasting (excuse me, they did not use that expression!). And at 1258 bringing up

perennial caller David Crystal from Israel. He corrected an earlier comment of

his from August about Israel`s bombing of a particular site in Lebanon.

According to him, the targeters made a mistake, and previous reports about what

happened were lies by the Israeli military. Then he was glad that the US

restricts what Israel can get away with, especially Palestinian provocations

which might lead to their genocide. He was trying to get into a third topic

about a ``Mother Swap`` TV show instead of ``Wife Swap`` but they cut him off

at 1308. I must say, the show is handled unprofessionally. There was really no

urgency to cut him off, unless there is an arbitrary 10-minute time limit, so

they could play a bit of music before some more conversation in the studio,

inconsequential except mentioning the new B-06 frequencies for this

transmission which will be one hour later at 1330 on 12035 to Europe (and us,

we hope) and 11735 to Asia. Squoze in a few news headlines, hard to understand the announcer; only one IS iteration and off by 1320

** U S A. KAIJ`s new frequencies, 9975 in the morning and 9895 in the

afternoon, are experimental, and so is the programming carried; don`t expect

any regularity. Perhaps some permanent new frequencies will show up in B-06.

The facility has been neglected and needs a lot of work. The old 100 kW

transmitter may not be up to full power for a couple of weeks, and could be

running as little as 40 or even 20 kW now. The only funxional antenna is the

one aimed NW; the other antennas are unusable and the second transmitter of 50 kW is gone. What they really need is a rebuild from a new site, preferably

closer than Frisco to Dallas where engineering oversight would be available.

13815 is no longer in use and will not be heard again (5 kHz from R. Martí).

Here in the skip-or-not zone, I could not even be sure 9975 was on the air

around 1402 UT Oct 19

** AUSTRALIA. Was not expecting to hear English on 11825, but there it was as I tuned across, Fri Oct 20 at 1334, ``English from Australia Program No. 50``, in

RA`s Standard Chinese service via Darwin

** CHINA. Firedrake with good signal, but fluttery, Oct 20 at 1312 on 10450;

JBA on 14700 at 1335, and not audible on 13970 if there

** FRANCE [non]. One more day the unscheduled English service of RFI survives, Oct 20, presumably via Japan on 6120, starting weakly but clearly at 1400 after 5-second-late 4-pip timesignal

** GUAM. Oct 20 at 1355 on 12105, English lesson on how to spell HEAVEN, which is better than any vacation spot in eastern US or Canada; VIVID, and MINUTE. This educational service brought to us by the KSDA `Mandarin` service

** INDONESIA. Missing Oct 19, but 9525.0 was back Oct 20 with Suara Indonesia, at 1303 with Warta Berita by M, but now there is crosstalk from another program in Indonesian, W speaking clearly audible underneath. It`s always something! 1319 on the top channel, canned English ID and reference to website. Usual wide variety of music, 1358 NA and off


** IRAN. IRIB in Arabic, 15150, Oct 20 at 1337 with Qur`an, coming in well

** ISRAEL. KI, 15760 in Hebrew, Oct 20 at 1340 with big hum, into country song

in English

** LIBYA [and non]. CVC Chile, 17680 had co-channel from Arabic music, Oct 20 at 1344, so Sawt al-Amal and jammers must have been there at the moment

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Dutch on 5910, Oct 20 at 1328 from RNW, mentioning

website, 1330 Nieuws. This is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy per EiBi, but not //

9900 which is Khabarovsk. At least not synchronized, as I did not take time to

figure out the delay between them, and poor reception in these relays for


** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI missing again from analog 7145, Oct 20 at 1331 and later, but DRM buzzing away on 6095. Beginning to wonder if they have changed

frequency from 7145, but DRM obviously has priority now as the DRM transmitter

is also capable of analog

** ROMANIA. RRI, 15105, Oct 20 at 1336 in English mentioning Romania`s friendly people; doesn`t always make it but today good signal marred by flutter and usual muffled modulation, making it a poor alternative to the other English

broadcasts from Europe audible at this hour, e.g. Sweden via Canada 15240

** RUSSIA. Don`t usually hear this aside DGS WWCR 5935, but Oct 20 at 0532

dialog in Russian was making it on 5940: per HFCC that would be Yakutsk, 50 kW, 40 degrees, at 17-13 UT

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. WWRB with Brother Scare, 9385, incredibly bad

modulation, distorted and splattering with spikes out to 50 kHz away, Oct 20 at

1324; to boot, crosstalk from The Power Hour as I heard that mentioned

underneath as BS paused for breath

** FRANCE [non]. RFI, 6120 presumably Japan, heard on more day, Oct 21, opening at 1400 after delayed timesignal. This time Singapore turned off its 6120

carrier closer to 1400 than 1401

** GERMANY. I thought DW was running DRM on 6140, but Oct at 21 it was lower, seemingly centred on 6135 so logged as 6130-6140, and the schedule at


shows it at 06-08 now on 6130, (i.e. 6125-6135), 200 kW ND to Eu. And it was

right up against Spain [non] on 6125

** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia again missing from 9525 at 1332 check Oct 21

** MEXICO [non]. Vatican Radio in Italian, totally blocking Mexico on 6185, and

Vatican was also overmodulated, distorted, at 0602 Oct 21. This is supposedly

aimed 35 degrees from SMG, but a LOT of signal is coming our way toward CNAm, and, Mexico, which does not exist as far as HFCC is concerned, despite having met in Mexico City a few seasons ago! In B-06 Vatican will be blocking R.

Educación between 0330 and 0745; all we can hope for are propagation

disturbances or extremely low MUFs from Europe. Then at 08-11, CVC Chile will

ruin 6185 the rest of the night





** NEW ZEALAND. Again Oct 21 checked around 1337, no signal on the scheduled analog frequency of RNZI, 7145, whilst DRM on 6095 was buzzing away. And again, no admission on the website http://www.rnzi.com that 7145 is not really on the air. Is anyone hearing any of their analog transmissions? Could it be they have turned analog off just to see if anyone notices or complains? My hand is up

** ROMANIA [and non]. Re the Oct 20 report: rechecked Oct 21 at 1350, BBC in

Hausa was the dominant signal on 15105 instead of RRI; nothing but a SAH of

some 11 Hz presumably from RRI underneath. But BBC does not start until 1345. If you go by azimuths and targets, RRI should still be on top, as it is 250 kW at 307 degrees from Tiganeshti, while BBC is 250 kW at 65 degrees from

Ascension. An excellent example of how transequatorial propagation trumps the

other factors. It seems this situation will continue in B-06 as RRI doe not

make a timeshift 

** BRAZIL. Recently on the radioescutas list there was another complaint of RNA being on the `same` frequency as R. Guaíba. Perto, but no charuto; Oct 22 at 2202 I measured RNA with its usual excellent signal on about 11783.2, and no

trace of Guaíba here, nominal 11785. A few weeks ago RNA was also varying in

the 11783 area

** CHILE. Here`s another harmonic to look for on the 19 MHz band besides Gabon 19160: CVC on 19270, 2 x 9635. Adan Mur says it was booming into Paraguay; 9635 is currently scheduled 13-22 UT and from B-06 is to expand to 12-24, in Spanish on 30 degree beam

** CUBA [and non]. Oct 22 at 2148 found almost-open carrier on 9515 leading up

to R. Martí opening at hourtop on its new frequency. Almost open, because I

could already hear some weak RM modulation on 9515, // 9565 which was heavily jammed, but no jamming yet on 9515. At 2149 a tone test briefly overrode the weak audio on 9515.

I am hearing those rapid clicks as previously reported on 6081 and elsewhere,

in the vicinity of dentroCuban jamming against R. Martí, so I think they are

spurs from the jamming. Oct 22 at 2151 on 9630 approx., hard to pinpoint with

no carrier, which is 65 kHz above 9565; and also around 11981-11982 at 2204,

which is 51-52 kHz above 11930. There was nothing in particular on 9630 or

11980 which would be a target of deliberate jamming

** EGYPT. R. Cairo and WYFR didn`t learn their lesson last winter; once again

they are destined to collide on 11885 during R. Cairo`s North American service

in English at 2300-2430, as per tentative B-06 schedule in DXLD 6-156. (Cairo

has been in the clear on 11950 during the A-season.) WYFR will be scheduled:

11885 2300-0145 140 13 100 That is, aimed at Brazil, but we know this puts plenty of signal off the back toward us, effectively blocking Cairo in much of NAm. I assume Cairo still isn`t participating in HFCC, allowing everyone else to assume it is not on the frequencies it is on





** GABON. ANO harmonic, 19160 = 2 X 9580, Oct 22 audible when first checked at 1351 with hilife music. Still audible, much later than before when next checked

at 2208 in French talk, deep fades between S7 and about 5 over S9; and still

there at 2224-2240 with hilife music. This is getting close to local midnite in

Gabon. Perhaps some T-E propagation primarily observed on VHF is in play for

part of this path

** INDONESIA. RRI, 9525 was back on, Sunday Oct 22 at 1348 with music and Indo announcements. I was not listening closely after that, but I heard no Suara

Indonesia ID, NA at 1358 as is usual. Instead, mostly music continued and

modulation ended around 1400 but carrier stayed on well past 1400 causing a

rippling SAH against China in Russian. Therefore I suspect some other RRI

service was on the frequency this date

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Oct 22 at 2158 I noticed an open carrier on 11730 but

kept tuning. When I came back shortly after 2200 I heard R. Nederland in

Spanish opening the program Ciencia y Salud. Wait a minute; altho 11730 is an

old RN frequency I remember from my earliest monitoring of Lopik, RN has no

Spanish broadcast scheduled at 2200 on this or any other frequency! And 11730

is not on the current RN schedule at  http://www.radionetherlands.nl/features/media/schedule060326.html

nor is it on the B-06 Spanish schedule we already have, in DXLD 6-155. However,RN does plan to use this in B-06, from Bonaire, in Dutch during this same hour to NWAf. I can only assume this was a test in advance of that. RN Spanish programming feed is available 24 hours on satellite, and Ciencia y Salud

appears with many repeats on Sundays, perhaps currently at 2200 but not then in the B-06 program schedule

** U S A. DGS again heard on 9895, Oct 22 a 2152, must be KAIJ testing again,

only fair signal here in the skip-or-not zone. Also hearing DGS // on 10475, at

2153, usual weak signal from unknown source, probably not KAIJ

On 7520, Oct 23 at 1336, heard slowly-enunciated Chinese (standard, I think),

but with buzz-saw jamming. Per EiBi, KTWR is getting the treatment: 7520 1100-1500 GUM KTWR Trans World Radio M FE

** INDIA. AIR opening GOS in English on 9690 at 1330 Oct 23, announcing

numerous frequencies, some to Australia, on other bands such as 16, 19 and 21

meters! They must have played the wrong tape, probably the one for the 1000 UT broadcast, because this one is on only 3 frequencies on 9, 11 and 13 MHz. Weak but clear. An hour later when the mailbag should have been on, at 1430, had become inaudible with adjacent QRM. Meanwhile I checked some other AIR

frequencies just after 1330. Compared to 9690, 9820 was stronger with music,

and 10330 even stronger with talk

** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia, active on 9525, Oct 23 at 1320 with song, segue to another song at 1327; could not hear anything on 11860 which seems to make it to Europe at this hour; too much Harold Camping adjacent. 9680 at 1329 was going from Qur`an to instrumental music with the usual CCI. Back to 9525: 1350 English ID; 1358 sign-off mixing with CRI music, NA, and VOI carrier on past 1400


** LIBYA [and non]. The Ozma service was out in full force to block Sawt

al-Amal, Oct 23 at 1346: parallel music on 17650, 17660 and 17665, but only

17650 had CCI, SAH with Arabic talk, so that must have been the spot for Sawt

al-Amal at the moment, and Ozma shortly into talk as well with ID by YL at

1347, then a long list of ``kilohertez`` and at 1349 ``megahertez``, presumably

all their network frequencies on AM and FM, but I bet she didn`t mention these

on SW. Rechecked at 1414, all three were gone, and WHRA was on 17650. Also hum of Voice of Africa, Swahili via France was audible on 21695 at 1343, as well as stronger hum on 17610

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, analog 7145 audible but rather weak with ham CWQRM, Oct 23 at 1338 with historical reminiscences conversation. I guess this was RNZI  Talk, an off-week for alternating Mailbox. 6095 DRM also audible. By 1434, 7145 was JBA. So later I went to http://www.rnzi.com/pages/audio.php and listened to the latest Mailbox audio, which was for Oct 2; wasn`t there a show on Oct 16?

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA weakly audible on 13m, Oct 23 at 1343 in Arabic on

21640, also two different buzzes on 21505 and 21460, the latter with Qur`an

also audible. Then at 1518, absolutely huge buzz overpowering whatever

modulation was on 15435. At 1411, R. Riyadh ID in French audible on 21600

** SPAIN. Nice to hear REE making it well on 13m during Nuestro Sello,

classical music show, Oct 23 at 1342, strongest on 21610, then 21570, then

21540, // 17595, Costa Rica 15170

** U S A. KAIJ, 9975, testing again with non-DGS programming, Oct 23 at 1333

with far-out commercials for such as something called lasemedinc; fair. Could

not hear after 1400 but overwhelming QRM from 9985 WWCR

** CANADA [and non]. I was waiting on 7310, Oct 25 at 1600 for RCI test as

reported the last two days, this time with my main receiver and all the noise

sources off. But nothing. So I tuned up to 7320 and listened to a MARS net on

SSB for a while, checkins from NM and AZ; but back to 7310 at 1604 and RCI was then on, in French, peaking 10 over S9, but undermodulated and no comparison to the // 17765. 7310 was soon losing out to an increasing noise level. At 1557 I had found CHU JBA on 7335. Strange there have not been more reports of Sackville`s monumental entry into the 7 MHz band

** CHINA. Firedrake on 10450, Oct 25 at 1416, good with flutter. This must mean

that Sound of Hope has been keeping to this frequency for quite a while now

** FRANCE [non]. The one day I am not listening at 1400 to rererereconfirm RFI

in English on 6120, something else happens. Oct 25 I did not tune in until

1418, and instead of regular RFI English programming, there was a continuous

variety of pop music, some with English lyrics, interrupted occasionally, such

as at 1426 by a brief YL ID as ``RFI`` pronounced in French. At 1422 I think

IDs were in other languages, and at 1442 ``RFI Music without frontiers``. And

so it went until abruptly off without so much as an au-revoir at 1455* I

suspect this is fill music played from transmitter site when the program feed

is lost, or maybe from studio when there is a strike; seems I have run across

similar behavior before. This is the transmission on the schedules supposedly

in Vietnamese via Japan. Will it be back to English the next day?


** INDONESIA. Today`s problem with RRI/VOI, Oct 25 on 9525: at 1352 found a

mixture of audio from two programs, Suara Indonesia on top, but not far below

another RRI service in Indonesian. The usual VOI sign-off procedure concluded a little early with the NA over at 1357, allowing the other program to be heard

in the clear, but soon mixed with CRI Russian service musical warmup. Instead

of going off, or going to open carrier, Indonesia kept right on programming

past 1400 with a few breakups in audio at first, and mostly atop CRI. At 1402,

they mentioned Jakarta, and satu, which identifies Program One.

Did not try to listen the rest of the hour after 1413, but at 1517, 9525 was

still going with M&W DJs, music, call-ins, in the clear again. At 1528 a YL ID

in English over continuous gamelan orchestral music, ``From Jakarta, you are

listening to the Voice of Indonesia``. This music went on, with the same ID

repeated 24 times (I counted them) thru 1549; sometimes the IDs were 2 minutes

apart, sometimes 2 or 3 in a single minute. At 1540 it seemed there were going

back to the phone-in program, with hello? But that did not last long. The

transmission cut off abruptly at 1551*. It`s so nice to have VOI ID for us in

English, but it would be even nicer that instead of wasting time like this,

they would actually put the one-hour English broadcast on 9525 at a time we can

hear it! Such as 1300 or 1500. At least today I did not hear their ID referring

us to website, which checked at 2005, was still inaccessible,


** JAPAN. ``Sur le Pont d`Avignon``, Oct 25 at 1514 on 6190 made me wonder if I had found another RFI relay, but that was just the music break on R. Japan in

English; 1515 on to Asian Top News. Fair signal, rather late in the morning,

especially since it`s aimed west, 280 degrees from Yamata

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI was back again on 7145 analog, Oct 25 at 1349 with reports on sports in Fiji, poor signal. From B-06, their overnight analog frequency is to be 5950, which will be even harder to hear here

** OMAN. It`s tough to hear the only English hour from R. Sultanate of Oman

here, but Oct 25 at 1422, 15140 had some fluttery music, presumably this, with

some splatter from overpowering WYFR 15130 in Spanish, 285 degrees

** RUSSIA. The 7200 transmitter in Yakutsk is ailing again; Oct 25 at 0539

Russian choral music with warble, previously thought to be jamming. And guess

what, STILL audible with the warble when rechecked at 1419, when there may have been some other interference.

On 11645 at 1557 Oct 25, a familiar classical piece jazzed up, 1558 Arabic

announcement and VOR IS. Per EiBi this is 15-16 only from St Pete to ME

** SAUDI ARABIA. Remarkably, Oct 25 at 1538, BSKSA on 15435 with Qur`an and --- NO BUZZ!

** CANADA [and non]. It seems we have managed to head off the DentroCuban

Jamming Command and Radio República moving to CHU`s 7335 at 23-04 UT weeknights as planned. T-systems thought they had to leave A-06 frequency 5910 because of Ukraine in B-06; however, RUI will not actually be on 5910 but 5820! RR could just stay on 5910 but may go to 5970 instead


** FRANCE [non]. RFI, 6120, was back to usual English broadcast Oct 26; already at 1359 I could make out English announcement giving their website, and in the clear with opening and news after Singapore closed at 1400. No mention in the first few minutes that a strike had disrupted programming the day before, as

Mike Cooper has found out from AFP

** GERMANY [non]. DW English, 9700 via Rwanda, had lengthy feature on

Greenwich, Oct 26 after 0530, but this frequency cut off abruptly at 0557

before it was finished. T-systems schedules do specify certain frequencies as

closing a few minutes early, but apparently DW ignores this in the studio, and

leave their listeners hanging instead of wrapping up programs early enough to

match actual transmitter usage

** GUAM. Much more music from AFN on USB: Oct 26 at 1250, 5765 was playing C&W. Why are they doing this, when there is so much talk radio that they can only squeeze in fractions of various talk shows under the best of circumstances on the talk stream, which is much better suited to USB on SW?

** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia, 9525, Oct 26 at 1324 again with crosstalk from

another RRI service, presumably Prosatu as the day before. Around 1340 one of

them was doing Qur`an briefly. Busy with other things after 1400 so did not

check whether the same pattern as the day before repeated

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze, 9485 via Taiwan, has not been very audible

lately, but Oct 26 at 1326 made out an ID in Japanese, so apparently the

semihour was not in English this Thursday. Maybe Friday

** MEXICO [and non]. XEXQ, 6045, Oct 26 at 1252, ending William Tell Overture, mixing with SAH, but atop something in Chinese. 1259 recheck, Voice of Russia IS, and 1300 seemingly more in Chinese. This usage of 6045 by VOR is not on any schedule I can find. We can only hope it goes away in B-06 so we can finally hear XEXQ in the clear; but I`m not counting on it

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI analog audible again on 7145, Oct 26 at 1403 with weather around the country 

** TURKEY. VOT, 15450, Thu Oct 26 with Live from Turkey. No phone calls today, unless before I tuned in at 1301. The two hosts conversed, and played a brief interview with the newly-appointed US Special Envoy to Counter the PKK, Joseph somebody. He said no country had supported Turkey more than the US against the PKK, tho the Turks have found that support wanting. 1307 and 1312 played two musical pieces. Never heard a phone number mentioned or invitation for anyone to call.

1317 one of the hosts plugged his Sunday VOT program ``The Language of Music``, which goes into the complexity of Turkish music, and how poetry and literature relate to it, founded on the ``Ottoman language``, very powerful. Then

mentioned that supermodel Naomi Campbell has visited Turkey, and was arrested for some misbehavior, tho she was being paid big money on a modeling assignment (I later heard she had been charged with assault in the UK). 1320 wrapping up and into a few runs of the IS. Usual fair reception with some flutter and hard to catch every word. From next week, will be Thursdays at 1350-1420 instead and on 12035, 11735.


Another Live from Turkey is on the Tuesday 1830 broadcast on 9785, which I did

not try to hear Oct 24, but brought up the webcast. One way to find it is under

VOT at  http://www.publicradiofan.com/cgi-bin/statsearch.pl?country=Turkey

** CUBA [and non]. The spurious clicks from DentroCuban Jamming command

transmitters on 11930 were easily audible Oct 27 at 1521 on 11880, bothering

nothing, but the one matching on the high side, 11980, was causing severe

interference to someone in English sounding like Carl Watts, talking about

Japan; yes, V. of Russia is scheduled there. But do the Cubans care about such

collateral damage caused by their battle against freedom of expression? Ask

Arnie. Of course not

** ECUADOR. La Voz de los Andes has now made it through the entire B-06 season announcing an imaginary frequency. Checked once again at 1359 UT Oct 27 on 9745, the ``Albert Einstein`` ID, which came on automatically at 1359:30 requiring the hymn in progress to be faded out, once again claimed that the frequencies in use were 11760 for South America, 9745 for Mexico; while in fact HCJB has never been on 11760 and would find a lot of QRM from Cuba if it were, but instead 11690. In B-06 9745 is replaced by 11960 which will require a new ID recording, but will they bother with updating it for that either, and if so,

will they get it right this time? B-06:

1100 1500 11690 100 150 S. America

1300 1500 11960 100 324 Mexico

** FRANCE [non]. RFI, 6120 via Japan, Oct 27 at 1400 with late timesignal,

opening English with local timecheck as 4 pm, News Hour

** GABON. ANO harmonic, 19160, just barely audible with French talk, Oct 27 at

1509, 2 x 9580. If I had nothing else to do, it would be fun to track this all

day long and see how the signal varies, exactly when it peaks

** GERMANY [and non]. DW in German via Sackville, 15445, Oct 27 at 1515 was under an even bigger open carrier about 6 Hz away. My guess is Greenville,

which is not supposed to come up on this frequency until 1900. VOA often runs

OC tests hours before scheduled broadcasts for reasons unknown, testing or

tune-up. It could hardly be warm-up, this much earlier. Just because a carrier

is unmodulated does not mean it will not cause destructive interference against

legitimate occupants of the frequency, and IBB could do such tests just as well

on a nearby frequency which is really unoccupied

** INDONESIA. The program feed mix infesting VOI/RRI 9525 the past couple days had been fixed on Oct 27; at 1311, one program in the clear with Indonesian talk. Rechecked at 1430, carrier was still on mixing with CRI in Russian. At 1525, still carrier, but a couple of weak audios were also to be heard, not sure from this transmitter or something else

** ISRAEL. Kol Israel in Persian, 15760, Oct 27 at 1511 with hum and whine, and

a slight warble/instability of the carrier. Very good strength, but also

undermodulated. Previously I thought there was Iranian jamming, but this time,

it could just be defective transmission

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze, 9485 via Taiwan, Friday Oct 27 at 1327 check was in Korean, not English; poor


** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa, via France, Oct 27 at 1507 was audible on 21695

in English about African Union, one of their few favorite subjects, and hum, //

17850 also hummy and undermodulated

** LIBYA [and non]. Oct 27 at 1340, 17660 with African music; 17665 with Arabic

music, SAH, presumably against Sawt al-Amal

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, analog 7145 with good signal at 1333 Oct 27 playing some Jamaican music

** RUSSIA [and non]. VOR, 15605, Oct 27 at 1513 in Hindi suffering buzz QRM

from KTBN: see U S A. 11980 with QRM from jamspurs: see CUBA

** SAUDI ARABIA. Friday Oct 27 at 1507, BSKSA on 15435 with Qur`an and no buzz for the second day, quite strong. Also audible on 21460 at 1505 but with buzz, not so strong as to totally override the non // Qur`aning. 21460 is the Holy

Qur`an Service, while 15435 is the Call of Islam service

** SOMALIA [non]. R. Waaberi, 17550 via Germany, with ID just before closing

1357 Oct 27, in its weekly semihour on Fridays, suffering from WYFR adjacency

on 17555

** SPAIN. Enjoyed the final Nuestro Sello from REE, Friday Oct 27 at 1345 on

17595, and 1355 with Triumphal March from Aïda. The B-06 program schedule at http://www.rtve.es/rne/ree/OndaCorta/America.htm does not show any times at all for this title, altho there is something called Nuestra Música. BTW, altho an

html page, the schedule grid looks like fuzzy jpg so I could only search it

with my eyeballs

** U K. BBCWS in English, Oct 27 at 1518 had a big echo on 12095. Per EiBi, at

this hour Woofferton is running two transmitters, one to Eu and another to EEu.

HFCC does not show this until 1600, however, at 78 and 140 degrees. Let`s hope the echo is not due to the two transmitters being unsynchronized, but instead long and short path simultaneously

** U S A. Most of the time, the KTBN transmitter on 15590 is accompanied by a

huge raspy buzz out to at least 15 kHz on each side. This has been going on for

years, and apparently has never drawn an FCC citation. Why should they care?

Paul Crouch and Co. obviously have no respect for other occupants of the

airwaves. Oct 27 at 1513, V. of Russia on 15605 was suffering from this QRM

during their Hindi broadcast, and so was BBC on 15575 in Pashto. Something

might be done if its victims complained, but why should they care either?

** U S A. KAIJ, 9975, with non-DGS programming sometime before 1400 Oct 27. I paid more attention at 1527 when the signal was very strong running hi-pitched

tone tests, 7 kHz or so? KAIJ was even stronger than WWCR 9985, against which the tones could also be heard on the low side. 1532 played KAIJ ID, and 1537 bits of music intermittently, off sometime before 1600. Some sporadic E may have been causing the strong signal here in the skip-or-not zone, tho none is reported at http://dxworld.com/tvfmlog.html and apparently not reaching VHF.

WWCR 15825 also had Es enhancement instead of its usual weak and marginal

signal here one megameter away

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh has made its usual B-season switch from 17700 to 15265, good with Afghan music at 1337 Oct 29, and at 1422 talking about football. 15265 is 85 degrees, 500 kW from Rampisham, UK at 12-15 ** ** ALASKA. KNLS`s new frequency, 6915, just barely audible Oct 29 at 1220; at

least the intonation sounded like the KNLS English announcer. Marred by

``running water`` utility QRM bursts. // 6150 was even worse presumably

colliding with Singapore. Maybe 6915 will make it on a better day


** CANADA. The new RCI pdf schedule does not make this clear, but altho Maple Leaf Mailbag now occupies what had been the first hour of CBC`s Sunday Edition, time-shifted now to 1400+ UT on 9515, 13655, 17820, the first hour of Sunday Edition is not lost to SW listeners, instead the final hour; for at 1511 on

9515, 13655 and 17820, Michael Enright was welcoming us to the first hour of

the show, as RCI was taking the Central timezone feed instead of the Eastern.

Maple Leaf Mailbag was already staring at 1404 Oct 29 giving address for the

show. Rechecked at 1429, Bill Westenhaver was on, trying to give the new RCI

frequency schedule with frequent interruptions by the hosts. Bill mentioned

that he is on the French equivalent, Courrier Mondiale, every week.

One could also hear Hour I of The Sunday Edition, starting at 1411 on the CBCNQ service, 9625, usual marginal signal, with a SAH, but no other sound audible

** CANADA. Around 0615 Oct 29, no sign of CHU on 3330 or 7335, but at 1432 both 14670 and 7335 were audible

** CHINA [non]. Collision: CRI starts another B-season on 15230, despite RHC on the same, Commies vs Commies! Oct 29 at 1337, CRI in English via Sackville way over RHC in Spanish; however, at 1408 during CRI`s second hour in English, could not detect any RHC underneath; off by then, earlier than before? New 11885 VG with CRI in English via Sackville, Oct 29 at 1347

** CUBA. Startled, but only briefly, to hear some English on RHC Spanish

frequencies; it was just a feature on H. G. Wells` War of the Worlds, with

clips of vintage broadcast, during Spanish DX program Sundays at 1335-1350; Oct 29 at 1342 on 12000, 11760, 9550, but 11805 was not on until later. At 1427

stamp show was on 11805 and the others. See also VENEZUELA [non].

RHC Sunday-only Esperanto reconfirmed on 11760 at 1506 Oct 29, VG signal for 1500-1530 broadcast on this frequency only

** CUBA [and non]. R. Martí is back on 5745 for B-06, just like it was in B-05,

which was 11-14 via Greenville. But has the frequency grid at

http://www.martinoticias.com/frequencies.htm been updated to show this? Of

course not! 5745 noted at 1223 Oct 29 with preacher, as the US government

(state) promotes a certain church (Catholic, no doubt). Lite jamming as the

DentroCuban Jamming Command already caught up with it, // 5980; 6030 already off at this hour. At 1352 recheck, 5745 was still on, but much weaker.

15330 is another reactivated frequency for R. Martí, and the DCJC had not found

it, or if they had, jamming inaudible against this monster signal, Oct 29 at

1409 with speech about re-dedication of TV Martí and all the wonderful things

it will bring to the oppressed Cuban people. This was // 11930 with the usual

jamming audible underneath. At 1423 the spurious jamming clix were audible on

12030, and at 1428 around 11880.


13820 had been the highest R. Martí frequency during the A-season; Oct 29 at

1428 there was only an open carrier, or two of them with SAH, and jamming, same after 1431. Schedule may have changed, or dropped in favor of 15330?

** CZECH REPUBLIC [and non]. R. Prague`s secret relay via Sackville, not

showing on their B-06 schedule, has changed not only frequency but time. It had

been at 1400 on 15350, but now heard at 1500 on 15160, same good signal as

before. Oct 29 at 1408, nothing on 15160, but at 1504, ending preview of

Insight Central Europe and 1504:30 starting news. ICE is on their Saturday

program schedule, so this transmission is still running programming a day late.

Meanwhile, the new direct frequency to NAm at 1400, 13580, checked at 1405 Oct 29 was very poor, with CODAR QRM and video buzz, a local problem I suffer from the neighbors` TV set. Would 15 MHz be better? Maybe on good days, but cf FINLAND which was on but inaudible.

Also checked WRMI 7385 at 1406, but no longer R. Prague relay in English,

something in Spanish. That relay is now scheduled daily at 1500-1530 on 7385

** ECUADOR. From bad to worse: La Voz de los Andes continues to run the

``Albert Einstein`` ID at 1359:30, unchanged. During the entirety of A-06 one

of the two frequencies given was wrong, ``11760`` instead of 11690, and 9745

correct. Now with B-06, monitored Oct 29 on new 11960 instead of 9745, BOTH

frequencies are wrong. I expect this will continue at least thru March

** FINLAND. 15400, the traditional frequency of YLE Radio, was notable by its

absence on the first day of B-06, checked during the 1200 and 1300 hours, altho

it is still supposedly scheduled at 13-15. Further cutbacks? No, must have been

propagation, lack thereof. Joe Hanlon in NJ was still hearing 15400, as well as

13715 until 14 and it`s still published in their new B-06 program booklet, pdf

at http://www.yle.fi/rfinland/RF_esite_syksy06_WEB.pdf

** FRANCE [non]. Some lip-kazoo music made me pause on 9865, Oct 29 at 0602, then some talk in French. This is listed as RFI via Ascension at 27 degrees. Split-second drop-outs in audio occurred a few times each minute.

15275 Ascension is the new frequency for English at 12-1230, so checked it Oct

29 at 1225; only RFI Musique to be heard, and seemed to be // 15515 Guiana

French, tho I did not check that with a second receiver. No announcements

heard, so can`t be sure it was supposed to be English, but these two would not

normally be //. Another strike in progress? (After 1600, Joe Hanlon was hearing

normal English programming on 11615, 15160.) At 1336 recheck, 15515 was gone. This had been the morning 1330-1400 French broadcast to the Americas, which also contained a Creole segment on Sundays, to be cancelled as from now. Seems they cancelled the entire broadcast.

Of course I was checking 6120 at 1400, where RFI has been appearing the past

few weeks tho unscheduled, in English instead of Vietnamese via Japan. But now Oct 29 with B-06, that transmission has vanished, and the Singapore carrier

going off at 1401 exposed nothing. I checked 7220, previously scheduled for

this via Chita, Russia, and there was a weak signal from something, but

unseemed English. CRI is now scheduled there. It may be a while before we

discover the replacement for 6120, if any, since RFI refuses to publish an

accurate, up-to-date schedule of its own transmissions

** GERMANY. DRM on 9650-9660, Oct 29 at 1348. Per


this is ``1200-1359 daily 9655 300 degrees, Europe 200 kW, DW D various Wertachtal Germany ``Before 1300 that is likely to mar our reception of BBCWS via Furman on 9660 

** GERMANY [non]. Network Europe, Oct 29 at 0606, VG on 7240, but from which of the ten or so coöperating stations credited at the end 0629? DW ID soon followed, 0630 into another language, Hausa scheduled. This is 150 degrees from Sines, Portugal

** GERMANY. English preacher about Jehovah on 11695, Oct 29 at 1425. Not sure which program but listed as Wertachtal aimed eastward

** GREECE. Not much making it thru from Europe on 7 MHz at this time, 0623 Oct 29, but 7475 had a F-P signal with Greek music. Nothing audible on 15630 at

1410 check, but 9420 was fair. That`s because 17525 is now running until 1550

at 105 degrees, then 15630 from 1600 at 285 degrees, while 9420 operates before and after these times at 323 degrees, more favorable for NAm. At 1417, heard 17525 with phone interview, QRM from some spurts of chirps

** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia, 9525, VG at 1349 Oct 29; no trace of new R.

Polonia relay via Germany. It was just the reverse for Joe Hanlon in NJ. Out

here, we won`t be hearing RP unless VOI disappears, which it is likely to do

periodically. But today VOI ran long, NA not concluding until 1403:45 and

carrier off a few seconds later

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBS WR, 6045 via Sackville to Europe, Oct 29 at 0612 had an Argentine talking about Cuba`s R. Taíno. I guess this was Rubén Guillermo Margenet`s DX segment. BTW, this transmission was previously announced as being at ``1500``, which would be Korean time, not UT

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia, 11530 via Moldova, underneath WYFR in Portuguese Oct 29 at 1343, but WYFR was about to close and off by 1345, clearing VOM. WYFR scheduled on 11530 now at 05-08 and 12-14, rounded off

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio has shifted one UT hour later on WHRI 11785,

Sunday Oct 29 at 1410 during the 1400 hour; 11785 had English preaching before 1400 and after 1500. Presumably the same on Saturdays

** LIBYA [and non]. Hilife music to jam (or distract) from Sawt al-Amal, Oct 29

at 1233 on 17660; still the same at 1417; nothing else against SAA noticeable;

17630 ANO had an even better signal 

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RN is back on its `summer` frequencies via Madagascar to South Asia at 14-16, and better audible here than the winter ones. Oct 29 at 1512, fair on 12080, but VP on 15595

** Found a big open carrier on 7145, Oct 29 at 0624, standing out amid more than the usual SSB QRM, caused by ham contesters, off at 0626. Could have been just a ham, but quite a signal. RNZI is now scheduled on 7140-7150 much later, only at 1259-1750 and in DRM, which indeed I heard at 1434.

At 1227 Oct 29, RNZI analog audible on 9890, but suffering from WEWN 9885. Bad choice for us. RNZI DRM only 20 kHz away on 9865-9875.


At 1352, RNZI analog audible on its new overnight frequency 5950. In the clear

but poor signal and weakening as the sun rises higher here 

** ROMANIA. RRI, 15105, still in English at 1300, Oct 29 at 1338 with poor

modulation, and some kind of noise marring reception, seemingly out of the same transmitter

** RUSSIA. Looking again for my previous unID on 6005, Oct 29 at 1353, heard

some instrumental religious music, 1357 open carrier, Japanese announcement

mentioning kirohertsu, and at 1358:30, VOR IS! This is Komsomolsk/Amure 250 kW at 215 degrees toward Japan, off the back toward us. I am still wondering what this religious programming they are running is

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA, 15435, Oct 29 at 1503 with Qur`an, long pauses, fairly big hum, but not a buzz; also flutter

** SPAIN [non]. REE in Spanish Oct 29 at 1339 on 15125 // 15170. But 15125 is

far too close to much stronger WYFR in Spanish on 15130. These are both

Cariari, Costa Rica relays, 110 degrees on 15125, and 340 on 15170 

** SWEDEN. Network Europe, Sunday Oct 29 at 1344, fair on 11550. This would be R. Sweden aimed east 

** TURKEY. Glad to find VOT`s new 12035 in the clear during English at 1330,

checked Oct 29 at 1341; fair signal with fading, not as good as 15450 used to

be, but maybe it will pick up in winter. // 11735 beamed in the other direxion,

checked at 1348, was much weaker, ACI from WYFR 11740 and something co-channel too. Rechecked at 1423, 12035 with VOT IS, separable from clix on the low side, presumably spur from Cuban jammer on 11930

** U S A. WBCQ, 7415 on late(?) UT Sun Oct 29 at 0607 playing ``Old Time Rock `n` Roll`` by Bob Seeger, then two hosts conversing, Tom & Darryl 

** U S A. WYFR signals can be so strong here that they overload the FRG-7 and

appear on mixing products which may exist only inside the receiver. Oct 29 at

0600 9645 had WYFR opening in Spanish, which would be leapfrog 9715 over 9680. Also a big het on 9645, source unknown

** U S A [non]. Collision: on 12080 at 0558 Oct 29, VOAnews.com promo, SAH of about 6 Hz with R. Australia. The latter would be 10 kW Brandon which has been on this frequency for a long time. Latest VOA schedule

http://www.voanews.com/english/about/frequenciesAtoZ_e.cfm does NOT show VOA on 12080 at this time, but only in the evening from Botswana.

11655 with VOA in English, News Now, ending Wordmasters feature at 1424 UT

Sunday Oct 29. This 14-15 transmission is via Lampertheim, Germany, 105

degrees, presumably mainly for Talk to/from America on weekdays

11975 with tone test at 1507-1510 Oct 29. I suspect this was Greenville in

preparation for new broadcast in English to Africa at 18-20, and which should

give VG reception here off the back 

** U S A [non]. CVC La Voz, Spanish on 17680 via Chile, Oct 29 at 1232 with TC

for 9:32 in Argentina, and in their honor played a traditional tango with

various instrumental variations, not just bandoneón.




** U S A. KAIJ, 9340, not heard before 1400 Oct 29, but VG signal when checked at 1413 with some talk show mentioning The Cajun Contractor for post-Katrina work. Not so strong in the next hour 

** U S A. WBCQ, 18910-CLSB, inbooming but distorted Sunday Oct 29 as early as 1415 with music and talk mixing in background as if off-mike. According to

http://www.zappahead.net/wbcq/main.php?fn=sked&freq=18910 this is The Zeph

Report, 14-18, and this frequency is active in the mornings only on Sundays

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV still going on 11705 during the 1200 hour Oct 29, via

Cuba. I doubt that B-06 will coincide with any changes in this.

Looking for the Sunday-only ``Aló, Presidente``, Oct 29 at 1429, nothing on

11875, but 13750 had it, after splitting away earlier from the main RHC stream.

At 1506, 11875 had come on, echo apart from 13750; and 11670 was also on, an

echo apart from 13750. Music and talk, but no sign of Hugo Chávez Frías himself

** ARGENTINA. LTA, Argentine Army feeder, on 13363.5 SSB, Sunday Oct 29 at 2346 UT with silly ballgame, enthusiastic announcer; could have been same game but different coverage as on R. Nacional, 15345 AM. At 2347 LTA paused for a brief commercial. I don`t really care which station it was relaying at the moment

** CUBA. The incompetent DentroCuban engineers have found yet another way to pollute the SW spectrum. Oct 29 at 2348, innocently trying to scan the 13 MHz

band for anything new in B-06, I found a huge ringing sound extending all the

way from 13615 to 13760 or so and seeming to peak about 13665 at 20 over S9,

but almost as strong for a large swath on either side. It was accompanied by

weaker audio from R. Nacional de Venezuela relay, nominally 13680, so it was

that transmitter which went totally haywire, // 15250 which was OK. This lasted

the rest of the hour, making reception of anything else in some 150 kHz

impossible, except 13650, CRI in Portuguese, also via Cuba, which could still

be heard, but not strong enough to override the noise completely

** CUBA [and non]. At 2344 UT Oct 29, R. Martí had left reactivated 15330, but

still heavy jamming upon it. 13820 was back on with RM at 2350 check, well over


** ECUADOR. HCJB does it again! Another erroneous frequency announcement

recording at 2359:30 Oct 29 on excellent 11700 in Spanish had a brief quote

from Aristotle(?) and then frequencies as 11720 and 21455. HCJB on 11700 is

aimed both 157 and 330 degrees with 50 kW each from Pifo, and those tuning to

11720 would actually hear rival WYFR in Spanish at 140 degrees, and quite a bit

weaker here. 11720 was in fact the HCJB frequency for this 23-01 transmission

in A-06. How long will it take them to fix this? Don`t hold your breath, judging from the 7 months of wrong announcements in the mornings

** EGYPT [and non]. Just as expected, R. Cairo has decided to bury itself under

WYFR again this winter B-06, on 11885 for English to North America on 11885 at

2300-2430. Oct 29 at 2355 I found WYFR in Portuguese, and only a trace at best

of anything at all underneath it. I assume Cairo is there according to tentative B-06 schedule; certainly no longer on 11950. The WYFR transmission is

supposedly aimed at Brazil but at 20 over S9 here in the opposite direxion is a

good demonstration of how easily collateral damage can be caused

** GREECE. No ``It`s All Greek to Me`` music show presented in English, as

previously scheduled, and occasionally actually appearing, UT Monday at 0000.

Brought up webcast at 0007 Oct 30 and heard world news in Greek, 0010 into a

show with a woman speaking expressively, only in Greek, backed up by music

Monitoring from 2145 to 2230, and 2430

** ALBANIA. Drita Cico of R. Tirana would be very interested in reports of

their North American service on the new B-06 schedule.

Albanian 0000-0130 daily on 7425 (barely audible here at 0030 Oct 31.)

English 0245-0300 & 0330-0400 on 6115, 7465 (except UT Mondays).

** CANADA [non]. Looking thru the RCI B-06 technical schedule, I spot something very strange for the 0100-0157 English broadcast:

7 DAYS HBY 5840 350 283 HR 4/4/0.5 39-41

7 DAYS NAU 5970 250  90 HR 4/4/0.5 40,41

A 283 degree beam, N of westward, at this hour of the night, when the targets

are CIRAF zones 39-41, i.e. from Turkey to Bangladesh?? Supposed to be 83

degrees, maybe? I have not searched the schedule thoroughly for any more such

anomalies; can anyone find some?


Also the RCI skeds are effective until March 25. RCI may be in for a rude

awakening when the N American clox are reset an hour later for DST starting

March 11. RCI normally causes its broadcasts to the USA to shift time

accordingly on the DST-start date

** CUBA [non]. Checking R. República Oct 30: at 2214, 6135 via Rampisham was coming in well, and no sign of jamming, which is strange since this is the same frequency as in A-06; 2215 ID and went on to give their schedule on (WRMI) 9955, but not these relays. At 0030 the next frequency via UK was 7205, audible there somewhat atop jamming. Will they also still be on 7110 after 0200? Their website has not been updated, http://www.radiorepublica.org/ since it still

shows the old A-06 frequency 7160 for the M-F 2300-0400 Tu-Sa broadcast via RMI via Germany, which is really on the new frequency we have been discussing, 5970, starting Oct 30. At 0030 heard RR ID clear of any jamming, but much stronger signal from RHC on 5965 was disturbing it. We can hope that in parts (most?) of Cuba, 5965 will be skipping over and not a problem. Jamming was still on ex-5910, against nothing, where RR might as well have stayed, as there was also nothing on 5905 or 5915. Once the jamming starts on 5970 it should be fun for the stations on 5965, 5975 

** CUBA [non]. I still haven`t figured out R. Martí`s new frequency schedule,

but some observations Oct 30: At 2152 heavy jamming against nothing on 15330, which must have closed earlier. I believe it runs from 14 to 20 now. Also lite clix around 15480, presumably spurious from there, altho in this case 150 kHz away. Canada blocked mirror 15180. At 2159 jamming on 9565, but no Martí or jamming on 9515 before or after 2200, which had been a new frequency I found a few days ago in A-06; that schedule, not including 9515, still appearing at




** GABON. ANO, 9580, G signal Oct 30 at 2228 in French; noticed it has a lite

``generator whine``, the same as heard on its harmonic 19160, but which was not

making it thru today or recently

** GERMANY. Confirmed Oct 30 that one of DW`s better programs, A World of

Music, is still airing Mondays at 2130-2200, but the Rwanda relay frequency,

also onward toward us, has changed to 11690. The RTTY on the low side is still

there but unlike Jordan, this signal is strong enough to overcome it, at least

by side-tuning on the high side. The other airing, which was at 0530 UT

Tuesdays, has vanished with the second half of that transmission

** HUNGARY. R. Budapest`s little-known early NAm service in Hungarian is now at 22-23 UT on 6140, and that was coming in well at 2213 check Oct 30 next to R. República 6135

** POLAND [and non]. R. Polonia`s new relay via French Guiana back to Europe in Polish at 22-23 collides with BBC via Furman to Caribbean at the same hour on the same frequency, 9660! This BBC transmission was on 13765 during A-06, and it seems the only reason they picked 9660 was that they are also using it from WHRI in the mornings. A better reason was needed. Was there no coordination between these two, or did they figure there would be no problem, since one is to Caribbean and the other to Europe? BBCWS was well atop RP here, but annoying and totally unnecessary QRM underneath. At first I was not sure what it was, nor the language; some nasalisation made it possibly French until it came in a bit more clearly around 2230, when BBC was promoting an upcoming item about the `tiny` Emirate of Dubai (well, it`s about 2428 square miles, not so tiny). The collision situation is bound to be even worse in the Caribbean target area of BBC. And Stephen Luce in Houston tells me they were about equal strength there. In the previous hour, however, 9660 was in the clear for BBC, interrupted at 2159 for a WHR ID

** U S A. Just tuned in to 15580, strong signal with rock music, at 2149 Oct 30

when it cut off abruptly and did not return in the next few minutes. Presumably

VOA Greenville, which is supposed to be the 15580 site during the 21-22 hour

only during the music shows, rather than Botswana or Morocco earlier in the

day. Perhaps they will manage to stay on until 2200 in coming days

** U S A. After running all day on 9450, WEWN at 2155 Oct 30 announced it was

about to shift to 9975. At 2157, I found it up on 9975, but WWCR was still

there too, a big collision of about 10 Hz during Pastor Pete Peters; then WWCR

QSY announcement to 9985 and off at 2158:30 or so

** CANADA. Altho on Monday Oct 30, RCI`s morning broadcast still carried the

doomed CBC programs, The Current and Sounds Like Canada, on Tuesday Oct 31, RCI`s new production, The Link, was actually aired on 9515, 13655 and 17820. Tuned in at 1409 to hear an RCI-produced program with Lynn DesJardins, about a Kurdish-Canadian accused of involvement with the `terrorist` PKK organization. At 1420 another feature about immigrant entrepreneurs. This is clearly The Link part I, intended for domestic consumption. At 1450 there was a This Day in History feature, Jim Craig talking with Marc Montgomery about the Québec separatist referendum, which barely failed in the 1990s. (TDIH on any station is a sure way to fill time without having to come up with original material.)


At 1500 Marc welcomed shortwave listeners to The Link, Part II, as he

mistakenly believes part I is not on SW, according to the original publicity

for the project. Took about two minutes to tease the remainder of the hour, and

RCI-produced news ran from 1502 to 1507. Altho it had some actualities, somehow it doesn`t match the standard we are used to from CBC news. A topic coming up: could there be riots here in Canada like there were in France one year ago (another calendar-driven idea); but then first into global warming discussion.

I suppose CBCNQ 9625 had Sounds Like Canada after 1500, but reception was very poor. Earlier at 1410 they were in Inuktituk as usual, and guess what --- for

the second day in a row, altho I e-mailed Sackville master control yesterday

about it, 15240 again carried CBCNQ instead of R. Sweden in English, when

checked at 1433. I also had checked 15240 in the previous half-hour and then it

was R. Sweden, in Swedish. Something must be misprogrammed in the automation requiring a human override once they get around to it. Meanwhile, R. Sweden`s English SW listeners in central and western NAm are out of luck 

** FRANCE [and non]. Oct 31 during the 1400 hour checked the listed frequencies in 6-162, for RFI in English: nothing audible on 7180 or 9580, but neglected to check 15615

** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia, 9525 again Oct 31 was running big open carrier with hum at 1409 and later during that hour. Why, o why, won`t they just play back the previously aired English hour from 0800 instead of burning 250 kW for nothing, except perhaps keeping the transmitter from mildewing

** ITALY. Rai, audible on 21520 in Italian // 17780 which was much stronger tho

squealy, Oct 31 at 1424 as they were closing the 1400 broadcast to Canada,

announcing these two frequencies, IS and off. Can anyone think of any other

external SW service targeted specifically at Canada rather than North America,

or the USA with Canada ignored or assumed to be included?

** U S A [non]. Like last B-season, VOA Kurdish at 14-15 is audible here on

17750, tho 75 degrees from Morocco; nice for the music segments. Oct 31 at 1427 it was marred by DRM-like QRM, which then morphed into something in analog French on 17755, but that disappeared after 1430. Both Spain and Korea S are scheduled on this frequency, but not in French

** U S A. KAIJ again missing from 9340 during the 1400 hour of Oct 31. This

frequency does not appear in the initial FCC B-06 schedule, tho it still has

13815 which I believe has finally been abandoned due to the proximity of R.

Martí, and the DentroCuban Jamming Command on 13820




Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Drake R4


11590  Kol Israel Radio  Jerusalem  2015 to 2030  03/10/06

news and weather in English till 2025. Then IS signal. At 2030 into

French(?) RST-599 [WM-TN]



Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

DX-440 and window frame antenna or as noted


Heard on a Eton FR350 nekkid:


The FR350 is a wind  up emergency radio. Mine is white and its the

Red Cross version. Surprisingly, it outperforms the RS DX-399...


6010 Sweden 10/6 0230 to 0300 with a very nice signal into AZ for the

whole half hour. I assume this is relayed from Sackville due to

signal strength.

9.820 Radio Havana Cuba Havana, CUB 10/7 0353 talking about Wal-Mart 

and how they screw their workers and how they are cutting back on 

full time help so they can get out of paying employees benefits. The 

news announcer had a very nice voice and excellent English diction.

9790 Radio China Int'l Havana, CUB 10/7 0355 huge signal ID at end of 


7540 Radio Catolico Mundial [WEWN] Vandiver, AL 10/7 0359 SS Catholic 

programming. ID.

7505 KTBN Salt Lake City, UT 10/7 0402 with rel program.


Heard on a DX440 with window frame antenna:



5020 R. Rebelde Havana, Cuba 0000 woman droning on forever in SS then 

ID at ToH and back to droning on...

5070 WWCR Nashville, TN 0003 with one of their typical end of the 

world programs.

5745 WWRB Manchester, TN 0007 playing REL organ music.

5810 WEWN Vandiver, AL 0009 Nun talking about caring for aged adults.

5920 Kamchatka Radio Petropavlosk, Russia 0013 man speaking RR and 

into RR music.

5960 CRI Sackville, NB 0015 with man in CC program.

5965 R. Havana Cuba Havana, Cuba 0016 in SS and exceptionally strong. 

Too bad this one is not EE.

5990 CRI Havana, Cuba 0018 very strong program in SS and into music 

in SS.


6020 CRI Cerrik, Albania 0020 with special EE report. Weak.

6030 R. Marti Marathon, FL 0114 with ID and jammer working underneath.

6055 R. Exterior de Espana  Noblejas, Spain 0117 SS talking about the 

Catholic church.

6065 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 0120 QRMed by everything on earth.

6090 The Caribbean Beacon The Valley, Anguilla 0122 Dr. Gene Scott 

who is dead.

6100 Deutsche Welle Sackville, NB 0124 woman in GG.

6165 UNID 0129 unk language maybe Eastern European into short 

operatic piece. Maybe Radio Tashkent?

6175 V. of Vietnam 0130 with woman in VV with VV music.

6185 R. Educacion Mexico, DF 0134 with SS news and commentary.

9385 WWRB Manchester, TN 2134 with Bro. R. G. Stair. Weak and a lot 

of QRM.

9550 R. Havana Cuba Havana, Cuba 2136 SS preaching communism to Mexico.

9565 R. Marti Marathon, FL 2139 SS weak but no jammer.

11565 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 2145 playing REL MX.

11760 R. Havana Cuba 2148 with FF Program.

11765 WHRI Greenbush, ME 2216 with preaching about Jeremiah.

11780 Radio Nacional do Amazonia 2221 playing PP music.


Heard on a Radio Shack DX399 and a 17' piece of wire found on the 

ground at work, attached to the whip antenna:

15555 Voice of Russia Vladivostok 10/13 0200 EE with news of nuclear 

non proliferation treaty and into sports. Weak.

17735/15180/13760 Voice of Korea DPR Pyongyang[?] 10/13 0212 all // 

in SS probably to C. Am. Very weak.

17845 R. Japan Tokyo - Yamata 10/13 0214 JJ with what sounded like 

news and commentary. Weak.

15595 Voice of Russia Petropavlovsk 10/13 0209 EE Talk about the 

Republicans having problems in this election and having expectations 

of large Democratic Party gains, then into story about N, Korea 

nuclear weapons test. Monster signal.


Heard on a Zenith Trans-Oceanic H500 with window frame antenna with  

81 VDC in the grids and 9 VDC on the heaters:

11865 Deutsche Welle Kigali, Rwanda 10/13 2141 playing German covers 

of American rock hits sung by the American singer who made the EE 

version of the hit. Very nice signal.

11855 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 10/13 2145 with SS REL pgm. Weak and fluttery.

11775 The Caribbean Beacon [University Network] The Valley, Anguilla 

10/13 2154 with Dr. Gene Scott who is very dead.

11675 BBC  Montsinery, French Guiana 10/13 2158 with sports report. 

Women presenters speaking about gymnastics.


11670 Radio Nacional [Venezuela] via Havana Cuba 10/13 2202 ID, open 

with flutes and drums and went into SS news.



Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX



MW is good tonight and the tropical bands seem better. example; Good

signal on Radio Buenas Nuevas 4800.  Clear signal on E5 while listening

and walking in neighborhood. No gum chewing though, that would be too

much at once.


Harry Helms – Smithfield, TX

Sony 2010


The 6925 kHz pirate is active in USB now (8:23 pm Central) with music and the usual low modulation on voice announcements. This should be audible in much of the central and eastern USA.


Down in the Basement [LW]


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – GA

DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire



Don't ask me why I did this this morning, but I just did. I sat down and tuned up from 153 just for the heck of it. I had to look back and forth at a Morse Code sheet so there was some work involved on my part. There were a few that were too fast for me, but I will get them one day. I heard the following...


216 CLB Wilmington, NC Carolina Beach NDB

221 BJT Athens, GA Bulldog NDB

285 JZP Jasper, GA Pickens County NDB

338 GY Greenville, SC Dyana NDB

347 AJR Cornelia, GA Habersham NDB

353 VV Greensboro, GA Junne NDB

392 JNM Monroe, GA Monroe NDB

435 IIY Washington, GA Washington/Wilkes County NDB

365 FKV Gainesville, GA Flowery Branch NDB

370 VOF Covington, GA Alcovy NDB

404 BMW Winder, GA Barrow County NDB

419 TX Lawrenceville, GA Gwnet NDB



The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


Powell E. Way III – West Columbia, SC



92.7 PIRATE Columbia, SC Vols football network. Annnounced last weekend on the network. Even coming in 6 miles away.  720 PM 10/27/06


Stephen Wiseblood – Port Isabel, TX


10/22 FM log Some Es noted today to FM

Es 1708 94.1 WSJT FL Lakeland; "smooth jazz" ID

Es 1759 97.9 WJZT FL Tallahassee; "north Florida's smooth jazz, Tallahassee's 97.9 WJZT"


The Visible Universe [TV]


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

13” TV and old RS antenna


While TVDXing on channel 9, I noticed WTVC from Chattanooga, TN. They were

carrying the Texas and OU game from God's favorite football stadium, the

Cotton bowl.


As things should in this universe, Texas wins 28 to 10. GO LONGHORNS!!!!!


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ

13” Magnavox Color TV and VU75 XR antenna

Channel 28 KCOS is on the air. There is no programming, just a slide  with a cactus and the sun KCOS 28 and thats it. The station is east of Mesa at Usery Pass.

Nothin’ But Net [Net logs]


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


You can always hear the Gamecocks, easily the best team in South 

Carolina, at http://sports.yahoo.com/top/collegebroadcast/teams/sbf



Tennessee Vols football for Big Orange fans:

WDXE-FM from Lawrenceburg, TN http://stream.wdxeradio.com:8000/icy_0.mp3


Love them or hate them, here's where you can hear them.

The Dallas Cowboys games online.



Bert New – Watkinsville, GA


For those with deep pockets who want to hear UGA football:

The network flagship is Atlanta's News/Talk 750 WSB, under the direction of

David Meszaros. The football broadcasts are produced by WSB AM Sports, and

the station's signal reaches more than 35 states and Canada within the North

American continent. Bulldog fans throughout the world can also listen to

each broadcast via the Internet by logging onto http://www.gxtra.com

(Subscription Required)


Extra, Extra! [News]


John Callarman – Krum, TX


KXEB 910 has dropped Air America, replacing it with EWTN. Call remains KXEB "Radio for Your Soul, a service of Guadelupe Radio Network, Catholic Radio for North Texas."


Network show, "Heart, Mind and Strength," calls KXEB "probably the largest Catholic radio station in America," in welcoming it to the network.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


CHU, which has been putting in an excellent signal on 14670, and also on 7335,

is making this announcement during the first half of odd-numbered minutes:


``From April 1, 2007, CHU needs to stop operating, change frequency, or

relicence. Contact radio.chu @ nrc.gc.ca or mail CHU Canada, K1A 0R6.``


As heard at 2021 UT October 13. And of course the equivalent in French on

even-numbered minutes. Someone reported recently that 3330 was missing; it

seems all three frequencies are somewhat irregular, but it would be a shame to

lose CHU permanently.



Here`s a CHU page but I don`t see anything about this threat, nor on the

Important Notices link.


Is this not important?



John Wilke – Greenfield, WI


I have found the information on this page very useful in my building of a

mediumwave preselector:




The one thing that I found really helpful was learning that the Q of a LC

circuit is greatly affected by the impedance of the circuit. I took 20 minutes to

wind a few toroids to lower the impedance of my tuner and boy, it is ~much~

sharper now, really cutting down on the slop from nearby channels. This should

really help in logging those 9khz splits from Europe and elsewhere. Tonight,

St. Kitts on 555 khz was audible with talk on my Palstar R-30 using just a

crummy wire under flat conditions. I really feel it has really improved my R-30

into a much stronger DX machine.


If you like building your own gear, check it out.


Phil Rafuse - Stratford PEI


From speaking with a fellow ham radio operator, the CRTC has indicated

that although CHTN-FM was launched on July 5, 2006 it was still in the

testing stage and final approval was not provided by Industry Canada

until August 3, 2006.  Accordingly, the simulcast of "Ocean 100" on

720 CHTN will cease on or about November 3, 2006 and CHTN-AM will go

dark - forever.


This allows DXers some extra opportunities to DX 720 CHTN.  It also

allows the Fall BBMs to be complete.


It would not surprise me if October 31, 2006 would be the actual last



Shortly after CHTN-AM goes dark, I will be trying for WGN and of

course Greenland as well.



About the New Messages on CHU – October, 2006


The added messages on CHU are:


"On April 1, 2007, CHU needs to stop operating, change frequencies, or re-licence. Contact radio.chu@nrc.gc.ca or mail CHU Canada K1A0R6," and

« En avril 2007, CHU doit soit cesser ses opérations, soit changer de fréquence, soit renouveler sa licence. Contactez radio@chu.cnrc.gc.ca ou écrivez à CHU Canada, Conseil national de recherches, K1A 0R6. »


This outreach is to collect information from users of CHU to help shape recommendations concerning what should be done concerning changes to CHU that will have to be in place by April 2007.


In April 2007 the licence on 7.335 MHz will have to be modified to reflect changes on the status of the band allocation by the International Telecommunications Union. This frequency has been changed from "fixed service" to "broadcast". (The ITU decision does not affect the frequencies 3.33 MHz and 14.67 MHz.) Some alternatives are:


Re-licencing just might be possible, calling the 7.335 MHz a "broadcast".  It is also possible to stop using that frequency (the most useful of the three we use). Stopping one signal is the easiest solution but could create problems for some clients who are counting on this particular signal. Change the frequency from 7.335 MHz to a nearby fixed-service frequency. It would need some investment from our part in new hardware and in manpower. It could also create problems for clients, and likely not all radios will be able to tune to the new frequency.



To be seriously considered, any of the above alternatives will need to have a zero-based budgeting justification prepared, comparing it against the least expensive alternative of closing CHU entirely. CHU is entering a phase where major investment in new transmitters will be required if it is to be kept operating. In the absence of input from the CHU user community, concerning the mportance of CHU's contribution in the modern world, this last option is an inescapable



The CHU code is also used as a radio clock, which can be used as a reference clock for an NTP time server. Software drivers have been written that can obtain the date and time from the code and that tune a digitally tuned radio to one of our 3 frequencies, to get the best signal. Users of this service generally don't listen to the audio broadcast. So we cannot gauge the usage by sending this announcement.


Please, if you know of anyone using CHU but not aware of the possible changes to its frequency usage, let them know and ask them to contact us. Also if you have an important use for CHU signals, please tell us how you use our signals.


Be assured that we will try our best to maintain the CHU service as it is, keeping the three frequencies as they are.


Thank you for your support.



Raymond Pelletier


Frequency and Time

Institute for National Measurement Standards

National Research Council Canada

M-36, room 1026

1200 Montreal Road

Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R6

Tel: (613) 993-3430

Fax: (613) 952-1394


Government of Canada



Mike Westfall – Los Alamos, NM


WQFJ525 site #1 610 kHz seems to have just been activated sometime today.


The transmitter is run by the Los Alamos Emergency Management Agency and

at this time is just relaying the NOAA weather station in Santa Fe, WXJ33 162.55 Mhz Here's a link to a recording http://gentoo.net/mike/radio/mwdx/mp3/WQFJ525.mp3


Dunno about Site #2 in White Rock yet.


Kevin Redding - Gilbert, AZ


Sabres Radio Network Expands
Friday, October 20, 2006 08:15 PM - Andy Roth - WGR 550

WGR - Sports Radio 550 is proud to welcome three new stations to the Sabres Radio Network.


WMXO - 101.5 FM Olean

WKSN - 1340 AM Jamestown

WBTA - 1490 AM Batavia


These additions will give Sabres fans a new way to hear Rick Jeanneret and Jim Lorentz from the Southern Tier to Rochester (WROC 950 AM). WBTA will preempt some Sabres games due to previous commitments to high school sports in Batavia.


WGR - Sports Radio 550 is looking for more stations for the network, and is in talks with different groups across the state. If you are a Sabres fan in an area that will not be covered by this expansion, make sure to contact your local radio station.


10.29.2006 Sunday - ISTANBUL 19:11


French Radio Halts Broadcasting in Turkish 

By Ali Ihsan Aydin 

Saturday, October 28, 2006 



Radio France International (RFI) has cut Turkish broadcasts, which have been on the air for 35 years, on grounds of financial difficulties.

The radio station, which broadcasts in 19 languages, cut only its broadcasts in Turkish.

Ugur Hukum, coordinator of Turkish broadcasts at the RFI, called the decision an example of France’s imprudence and added, “This move confirms that France has never viewed Turkey and Turkish as a strategic partner.”

However, Hukum said the decision to halt Turkish broadcasts had nothing to do with the Armenian genocide bill, adding that it had been planned long before the bill was passed.

Dutch and Swedish radios had also cut their Turkish broadcasts.

The radio management announced the end of Turkish broadcasts was a part of financially-triggered reform program, but they decided to continue broadcasting in Lagos, Bulgarian, Albanian, Vietnamese and Serbian.

The broadcasts in Turkish will be replaced with a website to inform the public on Turkey-EU relations.

Hukum said they had suggested to the radio management a project called “Paris’s Europe Agenda.”

The RFI had broadcast Turkish programs once a week since 1971.

RFI Turkish broadcasts were set up to inform Turkish emigrants to France. The radio broadcasts in Parisian neighborhood and is available worldwide on the Internet.

The RFI Turkish broadcasts lost much of their audience when Turkish TV channels started broadcasting in Europe.



Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


from Current via DX Listening Digest 6-158. WTFK? 93.5

Water to the desert --- By Mike Janssen

Homespun Texan audacity spawned Marfa Public Radio --- and might also
deserve some blame for the station's long-delayed launch.

KRTS, the first and only public radio station in the sparsely 
populated Big Bend area, has had a lot going for it --- buzz in the 
press, an eager and media-starved audience and blessings from the 
likes of Dan Rather and Willie Nelson. Yet two years after its 
founders lassoed a frequency, the station is broadcasting only on a 
web stream and awaits a construction permit from the FCC.

Robert Walker, an Austin-based media investor who won the FM channel 
in a 2004 FCC auction, blames the long wait mainly on the Mexican 
government, which he says must also approve the station due to its 
proximity to the border.

But station operators tangled themselves in red tape earlier this year
when they began transmitting without FCC approval. Such an error can
bring a fine or even get a broadcaster barred from the air for life,
though Walker, who has tried to smooth over the gaffe with the
commission, expects leniency.

A break in the logjam couldn't come soon enough for Marfa residents. 
No public radio station serves the 20,000 square miles of West Texas 
that juts along the Rio Grande south of New Mexico. The only stations
reaching into town are a nearby country-music outlet and occasionally 
a signal coming across the Mexican border.

The town of 2,100, situated among wide grazing lands and scenic 
mountain ranges, is more than two hours by car from the nearest 
airport and seven hours from Austin. Yet it has become surprisingly 
cosmopolitan despite its isolation.

Last weekend, its population more than doubled when tourists poured in
for the Chinati Foundation's annual Open House, an exhibition of
contemporary art founded in the mid-'80s by minimalist artist Donald
Judd. The sculptor acquired a large parcel near Marfa in 1979 for
permanent exhibition of his works and those of his contemporaries,
attracting thousands of pilgrims from the art world.

Out-of-towners fell in love with the little town and swelled a new 
wave of growth for Marfa. "You still see people in boots, Western hats 
and jeans," says Kay Burnett, a philanthropist and backer of Marfa 
Public Radio who lives in nearby Alpine. But New York-style bistros, 
galleries and bookstores now line the town's wide streets, she says.

The newcomers could be Marfa Public Radio's ideal audience when it
finally signs on. "People out here have waited 30 years or more for
something like this to come," Burnett says. "And we're still waiting."

A buyer's "sixth sense"

When Walker learned that the FCC would auction a frequency in Marfa in 
the fall of 2004, he felt "almost a sixth sense that there was 
something special about it," he says.

Walker had never visited Marfa but says the town's mystique is known 
across Texas. It's not just the unusual name, borrowed from a female 
servant in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov --- an early settler 
was reading the book as she arrived in town in the late 1800s. The 
town also served as the location for Giant, James Dean's last film, 
and is renowned for the Marfa Lights, an unexplained phenomenon that 
flickers in the sky to the southeast.

Walker's business partners scoffed at his desire for a radio frequency 
in the middle of nowhere. But the area's remoteness and lack of radio 
service was part of its charm. 

Starting a station in Marfa would be another chapter in his diverse
career in Texas media, which includes building a Telemundo affiliate 
in McAllen and starting KGSR-FM in Austin, a commercial station and
progenitor of the Triple A format. He now serves on the board of KLRU,
Austin's public TV station. "It just became this labor of love," he 

The area's need for a radio station became clear to Walker during his
first drive to Marfa, when he was enveloped in a huge snowstorm. A 
scan of the radio dial turned up no news updates, no weather 

"I didn't know if the roads had closed, if the bridge was out-it was
just amazing," he said. "There was no coverage at all."

Residents had already sought to bring public radio to the region, 
anticipating that the commission would eventually open a filing window 
for noncommercial frequencies. The inclusion of a channel for Marfa in 
the 2004 auction, however, was a surprise opportunity.

Kay Burnett entered the auction, but Walker's Matinee Radio LLC, which 
he created solely for the purpose, won the channel with a bid of
$186,550. She approached Walker a month later and asked him to use the
frequency for a public station.

Walker had already decided that the area lacked enough consumers and 
businesses to support a commercial station and agreed to let Marfa
Public Radio operate the channel under a local management agreement. 
His wife, Katy Hackerman, has also become president of Marfa Public 
Radio. In exchange, Walker gets credit for bringing public radio to a 
rare unserved region.

"It was like bringing water to the desert when they heard there was a 
possibility of getting public radio out there," Walker says. "You 
don't see that kind of enthusiasm in our business anymore."

Among those who considered bidding for the Marfa channel was Radio 
Bilingüe, the California-based public radio chain that targets Latino 
farm workers. In a footnote to the Marfa story, the U.S. Commerce
Department announced last month that it had given Radio Bilingüe a
planning grant to establish stations in unserved Texas areas.

Premature emissions

With the FM channel sewed up, Willie Nelson playing a benefit concert 
and Dan Rather starring at a launch event, Marfa Public Radio's
enthusiasm may have boiled over early this year when it began 
broadcasting a bit on the early side.

It transmitted from a temporary tower at 10 percent of its licensed
100,000 watts, according to an article in the local Alpine Avalanche.
Radio hobbyists started posting questions on the Web about the 
mysterious Marfa Public Radio that was broadcasting without FCC

Walker ordered the station to shut down as soon as he heard it had
started up, he says, and came clean with the FCC. "It was an 
unfortunate situation, but really more of a miscommunication about 
what we could and couldn't do," he says. (Tom Michael, g.m. of Marfa 
Public Radio, declined comment for this article. An FCC official
did not return calls.)

There is debate over what would-be broadcasters can legally do without
construction permits, says John Crigler, a communications attorney 
with Garvey Schubert Barer in Washington, D.C. Under Crigler's
interpretation, a station can begin construction but not transmit a
signal. If the licensee begins broadcasting without a CP, the FCC can
respond by fining it, impounding equipment and, at worst, permanently
barring it from the airwaves. "It's a potentially fatal sin for 
someone who wants to be a broadcaster," Crigler says.

Marfa Public Radio's website, http://marfapublicradio.org makes no
mention of the mistake. Instead, the station thanks listeners for 
their patience "while steel is being purchased and shipped for our new 
tower." In the meantime, it offers a web stream of locally produced 
talk, news, music and public affairs.

The explanation avoids making "a mountain out of a molehill" over the
early spell of over-the-air broadcasting, Walker says. He expects to
receive the needed construction permit by the end of the year.

The Public Telecommunications Facilities Program announced last year
that it would award Marfa Public Radio $476,242 toward building the
station, but the station must receive its permit before the grant can 
go through.

In the meantime, the station also received a grant of $45,000 from the
Public Radio Exchange to support a showcase of PRX programming. The
station will buy NPR shows at a reduced price thanks to a deal with
KUT-FM in Austin. (Stewart Vanderwilt, KUT's g.m., sits on the board 
of Marfa Public Radio.)

Even with the grants and discounts, Marfa Public Radio may have to
cultivate an enterprising spirit to survive in its small and sparsely
populated market.

Consultant Tom Livingston, who visited Marfa in 2004 to help gauge
potential support for public radio, says the station should cultivate
major donors, pursue a sole-service grant from CPB and appeal for
support from the Department of Homeland Security or the Federal
Emergency Management Agency. It could rely on automation and volunteer
programmers to help keep costs low, he says.

Walker acknowledges that the station will face challenges but intends 
to help out with his own financial support, even from Austin, many 
miles outside its signal area. "We want to see the experiment 
succeed," he says (Current via Mike Janssen, DXLD)

Tnx to Mike for sending his story, which does not appear on the 
Current website. He had contacted us in researching it, as KRTS was 
covered in previous DXLDs (gh)


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX



Testing, Testing!


Received this note today from Steven Dow, the owner of KEIN 1310khz in Great

Falls, Montana regarding the upcoming test on November 18-19th. For listeners who will be targeting KEIN 1310khz, this is important stuff.


Again, our thanks to Steve Dow for this test!




Hello Les Rayburn:


I will be participating in the DX test, however, during testing of the audio

chain during the two hour period I will have normal programming (nostalgia

music) alternating with the morse ID's and test tones.  KEIN has a 5/8 wave

antenna so the sky wave tends to favor the long path.  Best of luck with the



Steven Dow



KEVA Test 10/21…

Tim Hall, CA - Possible sweep tones noted here just after the top of the hour?  The morse code made it here easily last time, right through local KSON.


Mike Hawkins, CA  - Those sweep tones cut through everything!  Got sweep tones, off the hooks and morse code within the first three minutes.  Can't get voice (yet) but all the rest is coming in well.


Martin Foltz, CA - KEVA 1240 heard on DX test, heard sweep tones, code IDs and a telepnone busy signal. Heard starting 11:06 PM PDT through 11:15 as I write this. Weak signal with two other stations on top of the channel.


Willis Monk TN, - Not sure if I am hearing the KEVA test. At 0205 I heard a high pitch noise, perhaps a sweep tone. At 0225 a short bust of CW.


Bob Carter, NY - I keep hearing what I think is a high pitched tone every so often. It is hard to know if that is part of the test or a result of the jumble of stations on 1240 like an oldies station, a handful of talk stations and some ESPN radio affiliate in the mix or just plainly my ears playing tricks on me.


Bob Foxworth, FL - No sign of the test in Tampa FL. Many 1240 stns hrd.

Freq just a jumble. Listened 0205-0245 edt.


Paul LaFrienere, MN - Listened for the entire two hours.  Nothing heard here in N.E. MN.


Kevin Redding, AZ - Heard in Gilbert, AZ on a CCRadio with no problem. Heard very well last time also.


David Hochfelder , NJ - I recorded using Total Recorder, from 2 minutes before top and bottom of the hours till 5 minutes past, and did not hear a peep of Morse code or other sound effects.  I figured it would be a long shot from New Jersey...


Thanks to everyone who put the test together though!


Phil Rafuse  PEI Canada - No morse, sweep tones, phone off the hook - NADA.



I Got The Bird! [Satellites]


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce,, FL


I didn't realize how many NCAA Games are

online, I am currently listening to Nebraska handing it to Iowa

State on Sirius #152. Nebraska 21- Iowa State 7


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ


I have Washington State beating Oregon State 13-6 on XM194. There are 

about 4 other games still going on XM.