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Octobers CME was about HS Football. Often stations stay on or at higher power to get the high school game broadcast completed and it’s a great way to catch a new station.

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The October CME Announcement

ABDX announces the October CME. The October CME will focus on two fronts. One will be the tradition of football, High School, College and Professional will be starting in full and this is the time to catch the stations running the famed Football STA. [This is not really approved by the FCC but is generally done] You can catch football DX on any band and even TV and report.

The second front is playoff baseball. The playoffs are here and radio is a medium made for baseball. We will accept logs from the first playoff game to the last game of the Worlds Series. 

And of course, if you can get IBOC to decode, we are always interested in that.  

Harry Helms has requested a CME for logs in the 1711-5200 range. This is the area I would like to see you focus on but will take all HF logs. We REALLY, REALLY, REALLY do LOVE HF logs. Don't be shy, send your logs to the mail list. HF logs from you all will get more people interested in HF radio. HF DXers, let us know what you are hearing. 

WX, FM and TV may be slow but if you can get any DX on WX, FM or TV send it along! October and November are the last two months of hurricane season, you never know what you might hear on the WX band!

NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX. Its a way to hear things that are far out of range of your radio. 

LF -Send in your beacons.  This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band. LF DXers started to send in logs last month and some of the stuff they heard is phenomenal. 

Satellite reception is always on the menu, let us know what you are hearing or seeing and what you think about those programs. 

What are you hearing?

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.

The Broadcast Band

John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Receiver, Antenna


I've heard of and have seen real estate signs in front of house that are for sale that advertise "Tune your radio to XXXX AM to hear about this house!" but I think I logged my first two such transmitters over the weekend.  While tooling around Dover, Delaware on Sept 28, I heard two very distorted signals on 1670 and 1700 khz.  The audio was so badly garbled that all I could catch was "Hi!" at the beginning of the loop and a phone number "1-888-653-2847", which a Google search on came up blank (but the 653-exchange in the 302 area code is used in nearby Smyrna, DE).  It was a repeating loop on both frequencies and the messages (what I could decipher) sounded similar.  I couldn't pick up anything that resembled an ID or a location.  Both signals were very low powered as I could only hear them in downtown Dover. 


After a bit of a dry spell, I did snag a new MW station for my log- WRDZ, LaGrange/Chicago IL in 1300 with R. Disney abominations.  Got it on Oct 8 at 2035 Eastern.  No local ID but as far as I know, the only R. Disney outlet on 1300 is their Chicago station.  MW station #579.


Added two new MW stations for my log tonight- nothing earthshaking, but a new station is a new station!

Oct 12- 1800  WLEA-1480 Hornell NY, with TOH ID, in the hash, tough copy.  ME station #580

Oct 12- 2205  WNTJ-850 Johnstown PA with end of a high school football game.  Announced that game was also broadcast on 990, which would be WNTW- Somerset PA, a station i already have.  MW station #581.  I'm surprised I waited so long to log this one.


Oct 13- 0730  WHIC, Rochester NY on 1460 with Catholic/EWTN programming.

Oct 13- 2215- Croatia (presumed) on 1134 with low-level audio, battling the slop from WBBR-1130.  My first real TA of the season, although I'm sure that's Saudi Arabia causing the het on 1520 each night.

Oct 14- 0730, WLOA, New Castle PA on 1470, presumed.  Rose out of the hash long enough to get a local phone number in the 724 area code, which is Western Pennsylvania, but then lost the station and no ID.  I get mixed info off the internet as to their programming- are they a Catholic station or are they doing sports?  The programming sounded religious, but on Sunday morning, a lot of stations sound religious.


Got WDHP-1620 from the USVI in, with calypso-Caribbean style vocals, mixing with the Indiana station here with their "love songs" format, at 2145 EDT.

Croatia on 1134 is putting in the best signal of the season so far- good, clear audio, with local music.


0700 Eastern this morning, had the usual mix of WCBS and WRFD on 880, duking it out.  But there was a station with about equal strength mixing in with them, playing what sounding like gospel music.  No TOH ID or announcements of any kind for the 15 minutes I had to listen while showering and brushing my teeth..   Grrr...I had it when stations miss the top-of-hour IDs! WBAP-820 from Fort Worth was also in like gangbusters this morning to the east coast.


At 2200 EDT on 990- got the familiar CBC Radio 1 jingle in the unholy hash that's on 990, with Montreal, Philadelphia, a Spanish station and who knows what else thrown in.  CBC Winnipeg is here.  There is a listed CBC outlet in Newfoundland here but since they are 30 minutes "off", I don't think they'd be running CBC news at 2200.  Couldn't make out the CBC news or the usual provincial weather forecast at the end of the newscast, so chalk this one up to a presumed log of CBC Winnipeg- my first! 


Listening to WHAS-840 out of Louisville, with a lot of tornado warning announcements.  Makes for interesting listening.  And they have a constant beeping in the background.  Is that something associated with the NWS warning announcements or something WHAS is doing?


WABC-770 is getting clobbered by a very strong Spanish station at 2345 Eastern.  Now my Spanish is quite lousy but it doesn't sound like Cuba.  Colombia is reported here.  Am taping and hope to have something useable at the TOH, if not before.


Also a new MW- WAKM-950, Franklin TN at 0815 EDT, with news that it was election day today in Franklin.

I was also tracking what appeared to be a Christian station on 1010 last night, under and mixing with WINS and CFRB.  Couldn't get that name of the program or any IDs, but first time a station like this was heard on 1010. This was heard on my new sloper I finished last night, pointing NNE.


Getting CFDR-780 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, under and sometimes over (!) WBBM, with their "KIXX County" brand and classic country music at 2315 Eastern.


620  WSNR Jersey NJ, at 1405 Eastern, with Caribbean themed news and programming.  My 600th MW station!

1590  WKHZ Ocean City MD at 1645 with KHZTV.com programming.  I think WYRE-810 in Annapolis MD is playing this KHZ programming as well, as WYRW is no longer broadcasting in Spanish (update your lists!).  WKHZ has always been a tough catch for me despite being relatively close, first time heard in a nice upfade.  MW station 601.


WROW-590 Albany NY at 2200 on Oct 23.  Got the TOH ID on tape, dug out from the hash.  One of those stations that has eluded me, until last night.

UNID- 1010 at 2230 on Oct 23.  Spanish, under WINS and CFRB, got a "Radio Sutatenza" ID or slogan after a song, then station faded out.  That might suggest a Colombian, but my lists aren't showing any good possibilities.

1250-WARE, Ware MA at 0830 on Oct 24.  Good ID, local girls field hockey scores, into oldies.

1260- WNSS, Syracuse NY, presumed the one here at 0845 on Oct 24, ad for a "Joe Romano Chevrolet" on Hiawatha Blvd, and there is one in Syracuse, plus partial ID as they were fading.

Alan Schreier – Austin, TX

Receiver, Antenna


1610-Too weak for me to recognize what musical format they are presently running tonight and no TOH id at 1900 ct.  Tonight I have my loop correctly set up for DFing and the signal appears to be from near Mexico City.  I can’t get a real good bearing until they become a bit louder or my nearby 1600 splatter generator clams down a bit. Just heard the Radio Chapingo name.  I wonder if they ever announce call letters.

Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Sony 7600

1070     KATQ   MT        Plentywood       17:45-18:10  10/16/07     Listened for quite some time….heard a few country songs – some sort of satellite service – possible ABC’s "Real Country" format.  Pauses in between songs where liners should have been.  No ID at TOH, then into ABC News.  Then finally a weather update mentioning calls.  Heard between Montpelier, Idaho and Cokeville, Wyoming on U.S. 30.1150     KSEN   MT        Shelby              18:10-18:30  10/16/07     Another one coming in for quite a while – fair to good at times.  VERY surprising that this wasn’t being hashed out by KSL.  Seems that KSL is maybe running at lower power lately.  Heard some great oldies and "The Mike Harvey" show – this is syndicated and is the guy that has hosted "Supergold" on the weekends for many years…I guess he decided to do a nightly thing as well now.  Heard a local break with a female jock mentioning the local forecast and calls.  Heard on U.S. 30 between Cokeville, Wyoming and Randolph, Utah. 


870    KFLD    WA    Pasco        10/23/07    1840    Was trading places with what was most likely the Pierce, CO station.  Heard an ID at the end of the break mentioning call sign.  Weak to fair.

900    CKBI    SK    Prince Albert    Canada    10/23/07    1848    Heard country music and live jock with several call letter mentions.  Fair to good 

930    CJCA    AB    Edmonton    Canada    10/23/07    1854    Heard break with ads and CJCA call mention before going back into REL programming.  Fair

 1460    KZNT    CO    Colorado Springs    10/23/07    1907    Heard some sort of talk program (don't remember the guy's name) then into local break then slogan mention of "News Talk 1460 KZNT" before heading back into the guy's talk show again.  Fair to poor

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Receiver, Antenna


Who is running NFL Monday Night Football on the Westwood One network on 1490 kHz? Heard tonight between 6:45 and 7:00 PM PDT. KOWL also faded up for a nice ID at 7:00 PM and then into CBS news before a quick fade.


10/26/07 4:51 PM PDT (before sunset) tuned in to country music, ToH ID started with music and then and ID by a woman "This is KXAZ 93.3 FM Page-Lake Powell, K270AH 101.9 FM Kanab-Fredonia and KPGE 13-40 Page-Lake Powell, a Lake Powell Communications station." The music continued and then "At 5 o'clock the temperature is 70 degrees" and then into ABC news followed by what sounded like local news but starting to fade into the rumble. 

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the ID and 15 minutes of copy. Probably my furthest regular broadcast reception on a gy. Right up there with KTSN-1340 Elko NV in distance.

Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and T2FD


1610, based on Glenn's info, presumed to be R Chapingo near Mexico City, in the clear at first tune in after 1830 CDT, with instrumental "Girl From Ipanema".

Listening off & on until almost 2100, I think I heard a R Chapingo ID. When time allows I have a recording to listen through for an ID.

Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

GE SR II or Radiosophy HD 101


Last night i worked with 1st adjacent of strong IBOC Hash generators.

Practice was done on Kaito 1103 nekid:

WBZ - 1030 IBOC

To hear and clean up KDKA 1020 off tune radio to 1021 OR 1022 . rotate radio for strongest KDKA signal. Once adjusted best signal is obtained on 1022 with little or no hash from WBZ.

On the upper 1st adjacent WHO was difficult. aiming for 1038 was at best but with plenty of hash.

Next down to 710 - WOR IBOC.

700 WLW was listenable and WOR hash little or none at 702 for WLW.

The upper 1st adjacent was a little more difficult but i could pull WGN 720 thru at 718 with moderate hash but words were understandable.


Heard on Kaito 1103 nekkid:

104.7 WMOS Montauk NY 6:47 PM EDT played eagles Hotel California after that said the wolf and said they were broadcasting from the Mohegan sun. Slogan The Wolf.  10/5/07


WNRI 1290 comfirmed running nighttime IBOC . Hash spilling to 1272 KHZ to 1308 KHZ. 

WHJJ 920 is running HD Digital stereo days with their talk shows. When running HD during the day audio is about 10 DB lower then analog mono. Due to limited AM bandwidth a warble can be heard along with other artifacts when decent headphones are used for jugdements.  

1134 was heard on the Kaito pounding in giving 1130 a run for a time. Time was about 9 PM EDT 11/11/07 with a female talking with a male who came on later. 


920 WHJJ local did not turn off HD at 6 PM last night like they had been doing. the HD was on all night . I am unsure if this will permenant or if they forgot last night as they did a few times in the past. I will see what happens again tonight at 6 PM.

If this is here to stay that will be two locals running IBOC 24/7 1290 and 920. 

David Hochfelder – Albany, NY

Receiver, Antenna


I was listening to WTAM tonight to hear the Indians whip the Yankees, here in Albany, NY. I'm planning on listening (or trying to listen to) WGN for Cubs coverage. By grace of God I'm both a Cubs and Indians fan; I lived on the north side near Wrigley till age 26 and spent 7 years in Cleveland in the 1990s.

I'm going to email WTAM to tell them that I was able to listen to their coverage tonight, and that I plan to listen all the way through the playoffs. I'll do the same with WGN. Hopefully emails like this will let stations know that long-distance coverage is desirable and interference is not.

Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA



Well, I checked out the situation last night, and there were only 3 stations

here with audible IBOC:

KOGO-600, KNX-1070 and KDIS-1110

KSPN had theirs off (YES!), but sister station KDIS was on. I wonder what

that's all about. I looked on the Citadel website, and the only 2 stations

they list in L.A. are KLOS-FM and KABC. I guess KSPN and KDIS weren't sold

to Citadel, so apparently the lack of IBOC on KSPN is due to something other

than a general policy decision.

I can say that the band was actually listenable in the absence of KSPN's

IBOC. When it's on, I may as well just forget about listening to anything

but the strongest of locals on AM.

Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver, Antenna


WBMQ 630 khz Savannah is on day (ND) pattern. 

This is the second night I have noticed them here.


Toronto on 740 khz was in a few minutes ago, covering up Orlando. Great signal

 Also, 700 khz Jamaica is coming in great tonight. I am getting some hash on 700 & 720, assume it is 710. Conditions are pretty good & quiet tonight.


1610 - Caribbean music at 8:35pm eastern. Now Ranchero at 8:53pm

Good signal tonight, S-5 at peaks..low mod though. No ID, yet...

Bill Harms – Elkridge, MD

Receiver, Antenna


I don't recall if anyone has reported WGN 720 running IBOC at night. They are on right now and creaming 710 and 730. 710 is utterly unlistenable.


WWWP is now running IBOC. I first noticed it today. Now to see if they

are going to use it at night,

Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN

Radiosophy HD100 and 75’ longwire


1240 CKDR6 ON Atikokan. 0802 CDT. Floating in and out with local news for Dryden, Fort Frances and N.W. Ontario. At 0806 "Here's your CKDR weather." 50 watt relayer. NEW.

Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL

FRG 100 and 100 foot wire


765 khz 3:33 UTC Switzerland w/ french chat and pop songs, good signal

1062 khz 3:55 UTC unid but sounds like Denmark w/Danish and ELO song ,

strong signal

1089 khz 3:24 UTC unid w/ pop music talk sounds Russian, maybe

Rossii ? mixing w/ Talk Sport England fair signal

1130 khz 3:26 UTC Bloomberg 11-30 ID Traffic and weather , NASDAQ and

NHL scores.

1179 khz 4:05 UTC Sweden w/ swedish language news Good signal

1200 khz 3:30 UTC CFGO, Ottawa, Ontario w/ sportstalk and The Team

1200 AM ID (clear of powerhouse VOAR 1210 local next door tonight


8:30 UTC  - 980 khz - WOFX - Troy, New York  w/ business promo ad  and Fox Sports Radio ID followed by sports talk   (new one ) , fair 

8:44 UTC - 1250 khz - WGAM - Nashua , New Hampshire w/ Bose Radio ad and "Sports Radio WGAM, The Game "  ID , good 

8:50 UTC - 1270 khz - CFGT - Alma, Quebec w/ news in French , good 

9:00 UTC - 1300 khz - WOOD - Grand Rapids, Michigan w/ Newsradio 1300 Wood Radio ID into News , good 

9:17 UTC - 1360 khz - WDRC - Hartford, Connecticut w/ weather forecast and ID, good  (usually only here this one when up with the chickens)


 October 18 4:18 UTC  WOYK 1350 - York, Pennsylvania  in  on top of

1350 CKAD for a while w/ ESPN Sports programming and station ID /PSA


GERMANY  1422 khz 21:29 UT  Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler w/ German

talk,    (stronger at times tonight than heard in a while)

UNIDENTIFIED 954 khz w/ arabic chanting  22:18 UT (presumed Qatar)

UNIDENTIFIED 1143 khz w/ unknown language Slovak or Russian possibly

22:29 UTC

CROATIA, Hrvatske 1134 khz (SOLID COPY ) w/ Croatian Radio , Voice of

Croatia ID's in English and frequency changes announced for season @


VATICAN, Vatican Radio 1530 khz good copy of familar Interval Signal


612 MOROCCO, 22:50 UTC / 10/20 Sebaa-Aioun w/ arabic music and chants

720 PORTUGAL , R. Clube  23:05 UTC 10/20 w/ portugeuse music  , talk

 (usually Greenland here mostly)

882 WALES, BBC 23:04 UTC 10/20  w/ techno music program

1053 LIBYA , R.Jamahiriyah 22:48 UTC 10/20 w/ arabic over Talk Sport

England // 675

1179 SWEDEN , Radio Sweden 23:10 UTC 10/20 w/ Swedish programming

(extremely strong signal)

1395 ALBANIA , Tirana w/ 20:52 UTC 10/20 w/ albanian programming

1431 DJIBOUTI , R. Sawa 23:04 UTC 10/20 w/ arabic  programming and

american pop songs

1458 ENGLAND , Sunrise Radio 20:35 UTC 10/20 w/ local ads and ID's

1467 FRANCE, TWR Relay via Romoules 20:50 UTC 10/20 w/ arabic then

into english program later (Sounding like a local )

1476 AUSTRIA , R. Austria 20:40 UTC 10/20 w/ French music and


1550 ALGERIA ,(TENTATIVE ) R. Nacional de la RASD  w/ arabic strong

at times definitely coming from 1550 and not 1548 khz which would be

Kuwait . Not sure if this is still on air even ? Anyone  ?


BELGIUM 1512 khz 22/10 @ 20:14 UTC  w / flemish commentary and

pop music. Solid copy and first strong signal of the afternoon.

Within next half hour signals were  good from the likes of Arabia as usual on 1521, France on 864 , TWR France on 1467 and 1395 Albania as well.

(Nice Surprise) IRAN 1035 khz 22/10 @ 20:48 UTC  Radio Sarasarye

w/ Arabic news and several ID's (*NEW ONE*)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1170 khz 22/10 @ 21:14 UTC w/ arabic chat

and pop music (has stayed in most of the night )

UNIDENTIFIED under 1089 Talksport England @ 20.17 UTC  presumed

Algeria  R.Algérienne, Adrar

PORTUGAL R. Renascenca, Seixal 963 khz 22/10 @ 23:08 UTC w/

commentary in portugeuse and music snipets

GERMANY , SWR Wolfsheim 1017 khz 22/10 @ 23:38 UTC Commentary

in German about Microsoft

IRELAND , RTE Radio 1 , Tullamore  567 khz 22/10  @ 23:44 UTC

w/ Frank Sinatra songs and announcer talking about some loyal


LIBYA , LJB Sebha 828 khz 23/10 @ 00:46 UTC  w/ arabic chants

and music

Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Drake R8A and K9AY


2215 UTC WBMD 750 khz Baltimore MD @  750 watts  w/ Family Radio

programming (only FR station afaik on that freq). NEW

2217 UTC WQOR 750 khz Olyphant PA at 1.6 kw with Catholic programming //

to web stream RELOG

2222 UTC WCPS 760 khz Tarboro NC at 1 kw with Urban Oldies- Heard Chi

Lites "Oh Girl" into a quick ID then local ads with mentions of Eastern

NC then another quick ID with Tarboro mentions.  NEW

2307 UTC WVNN 770 khz  Athens AL at what must have still been day power

of 7 kw with quick ID's and local weather fairly strong under WABC.  NEW


Glenn Hauser - Enid, OK

Sangean 909


** IRAN. Re 7-128, 1035 kHz: The main programme of IRIB which is now

called Radio Iran, was called Sarasarye until 1 or 2 years ago (You´ll

find it in older WRTH editions). 73

Re 'Sarasarye': This is the old name for the IRIB (domestic) First

Programme. This was dropped in or around September 2006, when the

network began to identify as 'Radio Iran'. Both old and new

identification announcements can be heard on the Iran page of the

Interval Signals Online website - http://www.intervalsignals.net

This page also includes identification announcements for other IRIB

domestic and external services. Regards (Dave Kernick, Interval

Signals Online, ibid.)

[Mauno Ritola`s comments]

So if it was really Arabic, more likely Al had Sa`udi than Iran.

Strange that EMWG still doesn`t have any Saudi on 1035, if it has been

there since last winter. I thought it was kept right up-to-date

Harry Helms – Smithville TX

Sony 2010


1640 WTNI, Biloxi, MS, atop channel with string oflocal ads 8:30 pm. ID, back to game. Definitely seemedto be on day power as KFXY (or KNID?) was buried underthem. I nulled WTNI and tried to get a definite ID onwhich call Enid uses during the games. I caught abunch of local ads (Stevens Ford, Farm Credit) as I

listened until 9:04, but the only IDs I heard were for"1640 ESPN" and "1640 The Score."

1620 WTAW, College Station, TX atop channel 9:21 with Consolidated vs Temple game; a second game was audible underneath. I listened to ID the other station, but it disappeared at 9:31 and was replaced by a series of electronic "bleeps," audio tones (much like the after-midnight equipment tests you could hear years ago), and even bursts of white noise. At 9:33 pm, a man and woman announcer said they had lost audio feed of the game, IDed as KOZN, Bellevue, NE, and started giving a recap of the game and other scores, assuring

listeners they would get back to the game ASAP. Fascinating bit of listening!


Very powerful het on 1521 last night, discovered while bandscanning for HS FB. It was so strong it obliterated KOKC-1520 at times, and some audio seemed

to be coming through at times but the IBOC digihash was too strong to be certain. Saudi Arabia is listed for 1521 and this is most likely source of het.

Our old friend on 1181 was also going strong last night.


I tuned to 1610 kHz tonight at 7:57 pm Central/0057 UTC and caught a strong signal with "national anthem-ish" sounding symphonic music, abruptly

switching to dead air 7:58/0058, then back 7:59/0059 to chorus over symphonic music to end at 8:00 pm/0100, then OC to at least 0110 when I stopped listening.

Carrier was very strong here but audio was muffled; am 99% sure the chorus was in Spanish but can't be sure because of the modulation. (If not Spanish, then

Portuguese.) If this was a national anthem, it wasn't Mexico's but otherwise I didn't recognize it (but I'm not very NA savvy.).


There is definitely a new station on 1610 which should be widely heard.

Last night I listened on 1610 from 7:37 to 8:32 pm Central and found my "mystery station" from Saturday night was back, and this time didn't leave the air at 8:00 pm Central. Programming consists of mellow, laid-back Spanish talk by a male announcer followed by blocks of three songs alternating in English and

Spanish. For example, I heard Spanish talk from 7:37 to 8:41 and then they went into "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by

Lenny Kravitz, and "Angie" by the Rolling Stones. Then the same male announcer came back for three minutes, and that was followed by a block of three romantic Spanish ballads, the sort of music played in better chain Mexican restaurants like El Torito.

Modulation on the talk segments is somewhat muddy and low; the music selections are crisper and at a higher level. I heard nothing that sounded like an ad, and the closest I was able to hear for an ID seemed to be "Radio Chiba," although that's probably not correct.

Signal was very strong on peaks but faded out below the Austin airport construction TIS at times. I even heard it on the C Crane radio with internal loopstick as well as the R8B & 900 foot longwire and ICF-2010 & Quantum loop, so it does get out well and is not an image.

I suspect the "sign off" I heard Saturday was actually an interruption as they worked out the kinks; the carrier stayed on for several minutes Saturday after

the audio ended. They still need to do something about the audio on their talk segments!

At any rate, there is something new on 1610, so go git 'em!

Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or Radiosophy HD100


1240 WSYY Millinocket ME  Strong signal, ESPN, followed by station ID

New Logging for me.

Normally I'd be getting a VOCM/CFCB station from NL on this frequency.

Right now, 10:45 p.m. ADT, I've been listening for over an hour to a

very stable 765 KHz Switzerland on first the Stomberg-Carlson for

Collins R-392 and then on the recently revitalized Drake R8. The synch

detector is making the Swiss sound very nice - and I'm enjoying the



I'm usually accustomed to listening to 1630 KCJJ, which - in eastern

Iowa, is one heck of a long way from PEI.  Especially since I can get

it most every night, including the summertime.

Well, the October 15, 2007 NRC newsletter arrived in my mailbox

today, and once the kids were tucked in bed, I started reading.  I

noticed that fellow Stratfordite Brent Taylor had picked up three

awesome USA catches at Miscou with his Icom R-75 feed by a sheep

antenna.  Namely, 660 KTNN Window Rock AZ, 850 KOA Denver CO and

1630KRND Fox Farm WY.  The first two were morning catches [when I'd

either be in bed or feeding breakfast to the DXers in training] but

the last one was a nighttime catch.  So, tonight, with my wife in

Vancouver BC, I fired up the Drake R8 to sit on 1630 for a while.  I

heard KCJJ, as always, clear as a bell.  The, I heard some Mexican

like music weakly in the background.  I warmed up the R-390A and the

background mexicam music was much clearer, thanks in part to having

selected the 8 KC bandwidth on the R-390A.  KCJJ faded down, the

Mexican music station faded up and I heard a Spanish speaking male -

likely a canned liner - refer to La Grande.  Whipping out my 2006

WRTH, I see a Mexican station on 1630 R. Universidad, Tijuana.  But,

a more probable, yet still incredible possibility is 1630 KRND in Fox

Farm in eastern WY.  If this in indeed what I picked up, that would

be my first from the State of Wyoming and my farthest west ever MW

station, and not a 50KWer either, but a 10/1 KWer.  Hey, even if they

cheat and run 10KW at night, still quite a haul!


1130 WDFN Detroit MI 9:20 a.m. ADT with WBBR in the background *NEW*

1160 WSKW Skowhegan ME ESPN Sports 9:40 a.m. ADT

760 WCHP Champlain NY 9:55 a.m. ADT into top of the hour ID "wCHP


Brent Taylor – Stratford PEI



Relayed from Brent Taylor:

Monday night in Miscou

Promising so far with Ireland and Wales in the north to North

Africans in the South. Brazil in clean on 760, and strongly suspected on 840

and 720.

Heard the QRP Virgin relay on 1197, and France Bleu Corsi on 1494.

Inland and Middle East decent also, with 2 R. Sawa sigs. Also Suisse

on 765 and 1017. RAI on 1575 @ 2144Z.

Bagged Wyoming on 1630 last night, and had good copy on 850 KOA Denver

and 1200 WOAI San Antonio this morning post sunrise.

Very quiet night and good DX from many directions.

Now hearing R. Globo Brasil on 1100!


Miscou prelim Thurs report

Somewhat average conditions on Miscou tonight. Main news is:

Severely attenuated Spaniards @ sunset. They were there, but waaay weaker

Than the rest of the week.

We took down one of the EWEs in preparation for departure, and replaced

it with a 500' mini-Beverage running E-W - mainly to have something to

phase against.

Here's a quick summary, as you will see there is nothing Earth

shattering this night:

1530 Vatican w/ SW-style Int Sig @ 2100Z.

1440 Luxembourg agn dominating locals w/ China R. Int'l @ 2107

1467 France TWR w/ AA religious and alternating EE and AA a la Billy

Graham style @ 2109

1575 Italy w/ excited man in play-by-play in Italian @ 2117

1577 France Info as usual @ 2110

1512 Belgium (p) again w/ Andrews Sisters-type big band vocal music @


1233 Morocco (p) in domestic splatter w/ traditional plinking string music @ 2125

1214.80 Albania mixing w/ attenuated Virgin R. Sounded like female anncr was in Chinese @ 2125

1503 Egypt(?) Man wailing w/ ccompanying string music @ 2132

1476 Austria w/ classical concerto-type piano music @ 2135

1449 Libya (?) Man talking in AA, fading up to strong @ 2138

1431 Djibouti R. Sawa weaker than usual w/ pop music segue @ 2143

1395 Holland Big L London in again w/ Doors song "Love her Madly" @ 2143

1341 UK BBC Ulster w/ "Walk on By" by Diana Ross @ 2145

1044 Morocco w/ tribal music and singing @ 2155. Spain dominant here by 2247

999 Spain SER into commercial break @ 2157

1134 Croatia Hrvatski R. Full English I'd (twice) @ 2216 and into news in EE

1494 France R. France Bleu Corsi in again w/ pop mx @ 2223

1179 Unid - trying for Sweden @ bottom of hour but nothing identifiable. Time pips heard but that was it @ 2230

1359 Unid - weak w/ man talking @ 2240

1053 UK - Talksport reading viewer mail and taking calls @ 2245

1035 Unid - Weak pop and jazz music u/ WBZ ibocslop. Good on upfades but no ID. Recorded. Suspect Northsound 2 or Westsound AM.

981 Algeria (p) 2 men talking in AA @ 2258

864 France Bleu w/ male vocal music @ 2303

783 Unids - 3 stns in fairly well here and roughly equal. 2 men talking in AA (Saudi?), woman talking in FF (Algeria?) and man wailing (??) @ 2310

702 Unid - man in AA w/ slow music in background @ 2324, then female w/ more up tempo music.

693 UK - BBC R. 5 with woman anncr about election speculation for the fall @ 2331

675 Unid - AA music, and man occ. wailing and singing @ 2336..then Arrow Classic Rock fade-up @ 2337 w/ Cold Play song.

666 UK (?) Gold 666 (?) Fade up with several verses of Beatles' "Hey Jude" @ 2338 and back into the mud by 2341

Lots on Spain on all freqs in lower end. And many regulars not mentioned abve.

Nice surprise was 630 WUNO San Juan, PR, w/ full ID and "Note Uno" slogan @ TOH 0000Z and into news in SS w/ mentions of San Juan. Some wailing occasionally showed and we suspect Tunisia.

Will continue to look around casually, but time to pack up for morning departure shortly.

Albert Lehr – Livermore, CA

Allied A-2515, EWE antenna

970 KFTA Rupert, Idaho is normally in Spanish, but last night

10/19 at 1950 PDT I heard them carrying a high school football

game in English.  They had many ads for businesses in the

surrounding area, so it must be profitable for them.  KFTA is

away from the crowd, down on 969.982 kHz.

Paul Walker – Abbeville, SC

Receiver, Antenna


Logged at 8:47pm with a commercial being done by the talk show host  (presumably live) into a promo "NewsTalk 1420 WHK.. heard from XXXX to XXXX and online at whkradio.com" (XXXX being names of towns I couldn't make out  Signal was poor and subject to lots of fading in and out. It is fighting it out with a station playing some Soft ACish type music. 

Barry McLarnon - Ottawa, ON

Receiver, Antenna


WSCR has IBOC on tonight - for the first time, AFAIK. Maybe running some

tests to see how much it bothers WFAN?


Really nice conditions tonight... got a late start for sunset DXing, as I

didn't get to the radio until about 1930 EDT, but I quickly snagged a new

one, KFGO-790 in ND.  Other good signals to the west were noted, such as

KSOO-1140, but all were relogs.  At 2100, I settled in on 860 to check for a

longstanding target, KPAM in OR.  I had some good tentative loggings of them

last October, but I wanted a positive ID to nail them down.  I didn't expect

to have much of a chance until later in the month, but I immediately heard

talk under CJBC, and with a bit of phaser tweaking, I soon had some decent

audio with the Victoria Taft show, and several KPAM IDs!  This really floored

me, as it was still nearly half an hour before their scheduled sunset pattern

change time.  They were in and out until they disappeared abruptly at 2128.

Finally, a solid logging of Oregon, for state #48 here!

No other newies so far, but CKWX-1130 is in very well, dueling with WBBR and

getting through horrendous IBOC hiss.  CHRB-1140 is huge, and KOMO-1000 is

poking through WMVP at times.  Plenty of TAs, too... if I were a morning

person, I'd be up early looking for TPs. :-)  You left coasters are in for

some good times!


Conditions are somewhat auroral tonight, with quite a few LA stations being

heard well here.  Normally, ZIZ-555 would be among those with good signals,

but they are MIA - I can't even detect a hint of a carrier on 555.  I wonder

if they have finally shifted to an even frequency?  Their website gives no

indication of any changes, and their audio streaming is running fine.

VON on 895 is still alive and well, however, with fair audio at times

tonight... maybe destined to be the last of the splits in this hemisphere?

Chris Johnson – Taylors, SC

Car Radio


I drove to Charlotte on Wed. morning (early) to get my wife on a 6:00 AM flight out of Charlotte-Douglas.....on the way home, I scanned the band on AM around 5:00 AM and noted no IBOC on WBT  1110 , but  IBOC was noted on 610 , 1270 and 1660.  I usually hear IBOC on 1310.....but not this trip..............   Also noted early Wednesday morning around 1:20 AM, was WVIE  1370 Pikesville, Md......obviously, someone forgot to switch power/pattern.........they were louder than WRVA, WPHT and others in that general direction from me......I've heard this one before, but never this loud , and for this long (over an hour) ....and oddly enough, I heard a promo for a station on 680.....probably WCBM , but no calls were mentioned.........WVIE hrd on the Sony Walkman....and the Charlotte loggings on the 2002 Isuzu Rodeo radio. 

Eric Berger – Detroit, MI

GE Superadio


WTAM-1100's running IBOC tonight and making it EXTREMELY difficult to

hear WCAR-1090 Livonia. I think this is the STRONGEST I've EVER heard

WTAM in here on the GE! It's also difficult to pull anything on 1110.

(WCAR's only about fifteen miles from here, if that.)

And WLAC's running IBOC, making it hard to hear local WLQV Detroit

when the rx is aimed toward WLQV. 1520 is totally trashed.

19.14 ** CKPC-AM 1380 Brantford, ONT - Poor toward East with Oldies, DJ

after record, ads.

19.29 ** WBBD-AM 1400 Wheeling, WV - Very poor in mud with Nostalgia

off bird, "The New 1400, WBBD" into DJ, with ment of WBBD after DJ.

19.59 ** -AM 1380 - Poor in slush toward south with SS; probably WHEW,

no IDs heard. Lost.

20.04 ** WDAD-AM 1450 Indiana, PA - Very poor in mud toward east with

Oldies, "WDAD Indiana" jx, into Dave's Diner.

20.30 ** -AM 1510 - Faded up with C&W, lost to WLAC/KMSD mix.

20.59 ** KMSD-AM 1510 Milbank, SD - Poor in WLAC nulls with Oldies, ABC

nx on hour. Heard ID at 2100.


If you need WPGR-1510 Monroeville, PA, tonight may be a good time to go

after them. They're coming across mainly Fair in the null of WLAC on my

GE Superadio III. They carry Gospel music, so you should be able to

figure them out.

Caught an ID from them about ten minutes ago as they went out of an ad

into music.

Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Sony 2010


Tons of HS FB tonight - 7 states (plus Baja):

1700  XEPE-BCN  Carlsbad vs. El Camino - these teams are 60 miles from Tecate. 

1600  KYBC-AZ  Mingus Marauders

1520  KOKC-OK  Moore Lions

1510  KSPA-CA  Chaffey Tigers vs. Colony.

1490  KRKC-CA  King City Mustangs, sponsored by Harvey's Grill on El Camino Real

1440  KINF-CA  UNID team //1410

1430  KFIG-CA  Clovis West HS

1410  KUHL-CA  UNID game //1440

1400  KWNA-NV Fernley Vaqueros vs. Lowry Buckaroos - NEW, NV #30, 500+ mile GY catch!

1380  KLPZ-AZ  Parker Broncs

1340  KEWE-CA  Paradise vs. Chico

1330  KCKM-TX  Monahans HS; haven't heard this station in several years

1300  KROP-CA  Brawley Wildcats vs. Calexico

1230  KPRL-CA  Paso Robles Bearcats vs. Righetti

1220  KHTS-CA  Vikings (probably Valencia HS)

1000  KCEO-CA  Torrey Pines HS (20 miles from Vista; they should trade with XEPE!) - game began with SSB by HS chorus

990  KTMS-CA  Santa Barbara Dons vs. St. Bonaventure Seraphs

960  KOVO-UT Alta HS Hawks u/Calgary-Edmonton hockey game

930  UNID

920  KQLO-NV Galena Grizzlies

880  KHAC-NM Window Rock HS (KTNN-660 not running HS FB this year)

720  KDWN-NV  Game of the week  Cimmarons vs. Mojave

Night IBOC:

Not too bad tonight.  KOGO-600 slopping 20kHz on either side.  KMIK-1580 ruining 1570 and 1590 (which they have done for over 20 years without IBOC).  KNX-1070 slopping 1060 and 1080.

Some minor indications of IBOC slop on other channels.

Conditions were good tonight!  I heard several stations including CBR-1010 for the first time in ages.

Powell E. Way III –Silverstreet, SC



750 WSB Atlanta GA ....weak a bit of both skywave and groundwave

830  WTRU Kernersville, NC weak but in the clear

880 WCBS New York, NY BOOOOOOOOming in!

950 WAKM  Franklin, TN good for a short period then faded away

1010 WINS New York, NY decent over the mess

1020 KDKA 1020 Pittsburgh, PA

1030 WBZ Boston, MA

WTIC 1080 Hartfort, CT

1100 WTAM Cleveland, OH

1110 WBT Charlotte, NC struggling to get over WTAM's hissnicity

Bert New – Watkinsville, GA

Sangean 909 and Select-a-Tenna

560 WMIK KY Middlesboro - 10/07/07 2300 - Southern Gospel, TOH ID and an ad for the Sonic Drive-In in Middlesboro. Decent signal mixed with WNSR in Brentwood, TN from time-to-time. "This is Family Christian Radio, WMIK, Middlesboro". (IEN-GA)

Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

Car Radio


The other night on the way home from work, I was tuning around on the van's radio.  I stopped at 1320 because I heard first the Star-Spangled Banner at 19:30 CDT.

I thought I had just missed a station sign-off.  I was fumbling around for a piece of paper to scribble notes on and, to my surprise, I suddenly heard the Vietnamese

National Anthem!

It was then I realized that I was listening to local KXYZ.  They carry BizNews Radio (I think) during the day and at sundown they switch to brokered Vietnamese


So, if you're listening on 1320 kHz and suddenly hear the Vietnamese national anthem and the rhythmic yet melodious sounds of a Vietnamese announcer reading the news, don't think you've just snagged a DX station.

It's just KXYZ in Houston changing formats/audiences.

Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Receiver, Antenna


For anyone looking for a California logging. Noticed 1070 KNX with

decent signal here in Austin.


KFNX 1100 Cave Creek Arizona.  Was looking for WTAM Cleveland and

caught this one tonight.  Decent signal at times.  First time logging

this one.

The Whole Earth

Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R-8B and Sloper


Sunday night (UT Monday), reception from Africa was open for the tropical bands. Here in central Texas WWCR on 5070 was weaker than Mauritania on 4845.

Zambia: The Voice (CVC) with music, 4965 @ 0205z.

Mauritania: R Mauritanie, on late (or early) for Ramamdan, 4845 @ 0210z.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Broadcasting Co Domestic Service, music and conversation, 4828 @ 0215z. 3396 not heard.

South Africa: R Sondergrense, 3320 @ 0225z.


And Monday evening after 0200z, Zimbabwe on 3396 was

audible with nothing heard on 4828. Zambia on 4965 and

Mauritania on 4845 still OK.

Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via Rampisham UK, Oct 1 at 1459 had a break in transmission of a few seconds. This timing is suspicious, just when a

transmitter or antenna switch might be made, in the middle of the 12-18 UT

broadcast, tho none is scheduled. Afterwards, seemed to be a bit weaker, but

there would be no reason to change azimuth

** ERITREA [non]. V. of Meselná Deliná, Eritrean clandestine, in Tigrinya,

which we found last week scheduled M-F 1800-1830 on new 17690 via WHRA,

confirmed Monday Oct 1, loud and clear from 1800, altho the audio was a bit

choppy as if on a defective internet feed. Noel Green and Jari Savolainen in

Europe confirm it is no longer heard at 1700 on 7335, but instead CRI

** JAPAN [and non]. Monitored NHK World R. Japan`s new broadcast in English via Sackville 11705, Monday Oct 1: Carrier did not come on until a few sex before 1400 allowing just a bit of the R. Japan IS, which fortunately has not been

abolished. 1400 timesignal and immediately into news with vapid, forgettable

theme --- no sign-on, opening greeting. Newscaster spoke slowly and distinctly,

but still hard to understand him because of heavy accent. Is R. Japan unable to

hire native speakers of e.g. English, or is this a deliberate policy to maintain Japanese flavour in their broadcasts?? If so, it is too successful.

One of the stories was about a ``seaside bomber in NW Pakistan`` -- oh, that

must be ``suicide``! The break in the middle of the news to announce

frequencies has been abolished, so we are on our own to find out what they are.

I am surprised some consultant did not convince them much earlier that the

frequency info totally interrupted the flow of the news. ``A Song for You`` music break after the news is also gone! But they only have 29 minutes now to work with, so less time for fluff.

1410, Pop Spot Japan(?), something about integration, but the YL`s heavy accent prevented me from understanding the title. Interviewed someone about Burma from Sophia University who spoke much better English, altho I think his name was Japanese. The Asian news roundup quoting items from other stations, a useful service, is also abolished, but a sub-segment of the program at 1416 had a report from Radio Australia, interviewing a sorghum (?) sister about catering.

At end caught the correct subtitle ``Challenges of Integration``, and into music bit, a song about hummingbirds and rainbows, but it was cut off after a sesquiminute for the program`s closing theme, along with which the hostess gave seasonal greeting for autumn in the NH, spring in the SH. Transmission cut off at 1429* without any formal sign-off.

Later I looked for new program info on the NHK website and found that the show

I was hearing must have been ``What`s Up Japan``, and the current sub-topic is

Challenges of Integration, per:


[From here below, my interspersed comments are in brackets: Besides the news,

there are only three distinctive programs left in English on Radio Japan! Times

here carefully changed from JST to UT, by subtracting 9 hours, if you don`t

mind! ---]

``What's Up Japan`` M-F 0510, repeated at 0910, 1210, 1320, 1410, 2200, 2400

[since this is a 20-minute show, therefore the 20-minute transmissions at 2200

and 2400 omit the news]

This program features current topics in politics, economics, sport and other

fields in Japan and across Asia, giving insight into the world of Japan and

Asia now.

It will also be presented in 16 languages on Radio Japan Focus at various broadcasting times, dependent on the language service.

Oct 1 Mon The Challenges of Integration(4)Immigrant Women: Australia

Oct 2 Tue The Challenges of Integration(4)Immigrant Women: Sweden

Oct 3 Wed The Challenges of Integration(4)Immigrant Women: Canada

Oct 4 Thu The Challenges of Integration(4)Immigrant Women: Netherlands

Oct 5 Fri The Challenges of Integration(4)Immigrant Women: Japan

``World Interactive``

Sat 0510-0600 UT [sic; surely means 0510-0530 now], repeated:

Sat 1010, 1710, Sun 0010, 0310, 1110, 1510, Mon 0110

[NOTE: most of these must be WRONG, at hours when NO ENGLISH is now scheduled:

0110, 0310, 1010, 1110, 1510, 1710!! and 0010 would not fit for a 20-minute

broadcast starting at 0000]

A mailbag show connecting listeners from around the world to NHK World. Each

week we introduce mail from our listeners, as well as have phone interviews

with them. We also periodically feature foreign guests to share their

experiences living in Japan.

The show offers DX information, Haiku lessons, and a Japanese culture segment

twice a month -- giving you a look into present day Japan, and Japan of the


``Pop Up Japan``

Sat 0530-0550 UT, Repeated: 1030, 1430, 1730, Sun 0030, 0130

[NOTE: all these times must be WRONG, as there are no longer any English

broadcasts scheduled in the second half of hours, except the late-starting 1310

until 1340! One would assume this should fill weekend times not occupied by

World Interactive? The logical setup would be for W.I. to be on all the `Sat`

broadcasts, without extending into Sun & Mon as previously, and PUJ to be on

all the `Sun` broadcasts, but who knows?]

On Pop Up Japan, Pakkun Makkun will introduce a line-up of specially selected

J-Pop tunes, interspersed with their own sharp brand of comedy. The show will

also look at some unique elements of Japanese culture such as animation, the

Akihabara scene, and the latest Tokyo fashions. You can send requests for your

favorite songs via the program website. http://www.nhk.or.jp/popupjapan/

[Try to make sense out of that. Thus the published R. Japan program schedule is

FUBAR. We should still be thankful that there is any English (sort of), left on

the air at all]

** MEXICO. R. Unam, 9599+, Oct 1 at 1419 with Spanish talk rather than

classical music, noticeably stronger than RA on 9590

** NEW ZEALAND. Caught the last few minutes of RNZI Mailbox, which runs less than 20 minutes now, Mon Oct 1 until 1350 on 6095. Adrian Sainsbury announced a couple of schedule changes, presumably referring to analog tho not specified:

15720 starting an hour earlier at *1950 instead of *2050 (but a few seconds

later he said it starts at *2000 now). 9615 extended an hour, past 0700, now

0500-0800, times rounded off. These new changes are reflected in the schedule

viewed at 1742 UT Oct 1 at http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php even tho that

schedule supposedly went into effect 24 August

** SINGAPORE. RSI, 6080, Oct 1 at 1340 going from an amusing report on

untrustworthy taxi drivers in Singapore to the Burma situation; fair

** VENEZUELA [non]. Checking Tom Sliva`s report of RNV CI via Cuba at yet

another unscheduled time, which he heard on Sept 29 but not 30: Monday Oct 1 at 1450, 11680 had a weak signal from VOT with Turkish pop music. *1501 carrier from Cuba overrode it completely at S9+20, so TurQRM not a problem here, scheduled until 1530. At 1502 joined RNV Spanish program already in progress, with program summary, efemérides for Sept 28, so playing back the Friday show. Gave e-mail of internacional @ rnv.gov.ve and website http://www.rnv.gov.ve Or is it .gob. as spelt in Spanish? They`ve got that covered, as if you enter the website with .gob it converts to .gov Listened for a few minutes but no English, nor at 1530 recheck

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, Oct 9 *1257 OC, 1302 schedule announcement in

English still incorrect, says 0145 on 6115, 7425, 0230 on 6115, 7625, the

latter a persistent typo; while the 0145 broadcast shifted to clearer 6120

April 23 (but the 6 MHz frequencies may be off for antenna maintenance shortly

if not already). Program summary for Tue, originally Mon or Sun? includes press

review, Albania in a Week, Sports Roundup; 1303 into news. Settled into listen

to the broadcast with F-G reception, but at 1305 blown away by spurs from 13680 CUBA [q.v.]

** ANGUILLA. DGS on 6090 much later than scheduled 1000*, heard at 1219 Oct 9, weakening, and not audible at 1235 recheck. By 1253, PMS was VG on daytime frequency 11775. I suspect wide variation in switchover times, nominally 1000 & 2200, is due to a human being having to be present to accomplish that, and I am sure the engineer has better things to do than be tied to the station twice a day, every day at the same times

** CHINA. A quick check Oct 7 at 1325-1330 found Firedrake audible and in // on

10300, 7445, 6030; not audible on 18180, 13970, 9200; and on 7300 there was

something in Chinese without FD

** CUBA. RHC missing from 15190 at 1339 check Sunday Oct 7 during DX program; I wonder if that`s the transmitter now on 13760. By 1400, 11875 was on, muchstronger with Cuban NA and opening Aló, Presidente service

** CUBA. No thanks to R. Habana Cuba for blowing away the entire 22 meter band when it turned on, late as usual, its 13680 transmitter at 1305 Oct 9. Huge

spur noise first noted on 13750 when trying to listen to R. Tirana, and to ID

the station on 13745; soon traced to 13680, which was putting out noise

continuously thru the entire band, but with peaks at approx 49-50 kHz above and

below 13680. They weakened progressively the further from 13680, and I could

detect them as far up as 14465 and as far down as 12845, all approximate. Some of the worst-hit areas were: 13581 wiping out Prague in English to North

America; 13730, 13780, 13830; inside the 20m hamband at 14325, 14275, 14225, 14125. Around 1315 I also noticed smaller peaks halfway between the 49-50 kHz peaks.

At 1328 recheck, 13680 had gone to open carrier, so perhaps the ``engineers``

realized something was wrong, but the noisy spurs persisted, as they did not

result from the modulation on 13680 anyway. They must have been tweaking it,

since at 1345 the 13680 OC was still on but the spurs had gone away. Modulation resumed at 1406, whew, just in time for RHC`s most important program, Voces de la Revolución, a fragment of a speech by Fidel from the 1990s in Pinar. BTW, much weaker 13760, not a spur, had been on an hour earlier, but was off in themeantime, and now back too, plus its 13720 mixing product with CRI relay 13740

** CUBA. According to timeanddate.com, Cuba is matching the US DST dates,

despite a certain hostility, i.e. extended a week until Nov 4

** INDIA. AIR IS, Oct 7 at 1319 on 9425, 1320 into singing group, G but some

flutter, and not // weaker VBS on 9870. Aoki says 9425 is the AIR National

Channel opening in Hindi from Bangalore, 500 kW, 18 degrees; while 9870 is only 250 kW at 174 degrees. ?? Now why would they be aiming a domestic service southward from S India? Previously on 10330 from Bangalore, it was 500 kW at 335 degrees, also favoring us.

AIR Vividh Bharati Service, 9870, is supposed to re-open at 1245, but Oct 9 at

tune in 1242 it was already going with harp-like instrumental music, 1245 brief

announcement and vocal music. What is the point of a semi-sesquihour break at

1200 in the nominal schedule, anyway?

** JAPAN [non]. Not only does the 6110 relay of NHK Warido Radio Japan via

Sackville at 0500-0530 suffer heavy QRM from the off-frequency Latin Americans, but the 6120 broadcast, which has contracted to 1200-1230, does as well, asnoted Oct 9 at 1220 during discussion of genetic modification. At first I

thought the QRM with low het might be in Spanish but after NHK closed at 1229

it was obviously R. Singapore International, Indonesian service as scheduled,

with M&W dialog, laughing. Which one is off-frequency, or both?

I rarely tried to listen to R. Japan before Oct, when the 6120 relay was at

1000-1200, but the same collision must have existed then with Singapore using

6120 at 0900-1400. Now NHK/Sackville also uses it at 1000-1030 in Spanish, but

not in between.

R. Japan, English at 1410, fair on 13630, running a few words or a semi-second

behind Sackville 11705. 13630 is Rampisham at 62 degrees

** MEXICO [and non]. I keep checking 6045 at various times hoping for a

reappearance of XEXQ, R. Universidad de San Luís Potosí, which has not been

heard for a few months now. Oct 9 at 1234 there was a bit of classical music

which got my hopes up, but soon followed by announcement in Chinese, which

would be Voice of Russia via Vladivostok.

XEYU, 9599.2+ good here around 2200 Oct 8 with classical music

** MEXICO. According to timeanddate.com, DST is to end in Mexico on Oct 28,

even tho the USA has extended it one week longer. I suspect Mexico will really

follow suit --- or maybe not; in previous years they started much later in the

spring; but not matching will be bad for NAFTA commerce

** NEW ZEALAND. Once again, RNZI analog 9615 missing when checked at 0551 UT Oct 9, tho DRM was buzzing away on 9885-9890-9895, so not a propagation problem. However, at 0557 recheck, 9615 was on and inbooming as usual. According to http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php 9615 is supposed to open at 0459, but I am wondering if this recently updated sked is out of date, and

13730 has been extended an hour. Need to look for that next time 9615 be


** RUSSIA. Ratchety very dirty spur around 15495-15515, peaking at 15505, Oct 9 at 1324. Soon found the modulation peaks matched VOR on 15605. This is the

Hindi service via Moscow site. I could also hear traces of the spur down to

15430, but not on the high side of 15605. By 1345 recheck the spur center had

shifted down to 15495. This is the same transmitter with English at 14-15, but

by then it was weaker and did not hear the spurs

** SUDAN [non]. Southern Sudan Interactive Radio Instruction, 15650 via South

Africa, Tue Oct 9 at 1414 spelling English words, including malaria, with

mbira(?) music bed, tone cues for learners to speak, ``very good``

encouragement even tho they couldn`t possibly hear the students respond. Then

practiced counting numbers from one to ten on fingers. Very elementary.

Wrapping up at 1426, said the show named ``The Terbia[? sounded like] Market`` airs in the morning on M/W/F, repeated afternoons Tue/Thu/Sat. Credits to several agencies in the hierarchy, concluding with EDC and USAID. 1428 cute

jingle with girl choir in English extolling Southern Sudan; 1429:30 to OC and

off at 1430* This transmission via Meyerton is in fact scheduled Tue/Thu/Sat

1400-1430 with 250 kW at 5 degrees, brokered by VT/Merlin. Good reception too

in Northern Oklahoma

** TAIWAN [non]. RTI, 15600 via WYFR, Mon Oct 8 at 2220-2231 in Generation Y program, YL discussing quite unabashedly, masturbation among teenagers in

Taiwan. I wonder if they were embarrassed about this in Oakland? But then the

non-Christians in Taiwan must be embarrassed by a lot of what WYFR preaches

** U S A [non]. On 15640, religious talk in unID language at 1317 Oct 9; 1318

cut off the air for a moment. Spelled out URL in English, but fading and could

not catch it all, except it included .co which rules out USA; familiar WYFR

hymn theme and off at 1358* Per Eibi this is Urdu via Wertachtal beamed due

east. Can`t help but wonder how many Pakistanis they manage to covert to Harold Camping`s wacky theology, but that, of course, does not keep them from trying as long as they have plenty of money to do it

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. On Oct 11 it was convenient to check whether R. Solh, 17700 via Rampisham UK, was still playing exactly the same recording as heard weeks ago on at least four different dates with exactly the same defect, music CD skipping or sticking, at 1346-1349 UT. Yes! Exactly the same thing happened yet again; then talk about the Taliban

** ANTARCTICA. LRA36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, 15476, was coming in well Oct 11. It would have been much more listenable here if it were not for my local crackling line noise problem which was close to the S-9 peaks of RNASG, but I kept with it from tune-in at 1943 until off at 2102. It was mostly music, with pauses for announcements, all in Spanish, many of them pre-produced promos, altho it was hard to follow much of what was being said. First, I compared the signal to Buenos Aires but 15345 was dominated by Morocco in

Arabic, and a very weak carrier could just be detected on the low side of it.

Had there been no QRM, I would not be surprised if LRA36 was stronger than

LRA## (didn`t the 15345 transmitter once have its own specific call?)

1943, singing was in progress; 1945 YL announcement; 1947 songs; 2000

disco-beat music ran past hourtop; 2001 YL talked over music briefly (which

annoys me), no ID heard, then brought the same music up again, until it ended

shortly later. ``De Esperanza al Mundo`` mentioned this and a few more times,

presumably the program title. 2002 promos; 2005 giving numbers (phone?),

2005:30 mentioned LRA36 with address, said that ``hasta las 18, seguiremos

informando`` but program continued to be mostly music, not informative --- in

fact, there was precious little in the way of Antarctic culture ;-\. More music

and announcements; 2028 YL said it was música folclórica, again talking over

the music. If you really appreciate the music you will not talk over it nor

applaud a live performance until the music stops completely! 2029 mentioned

``De Esperanza al Mundo`` again, more music. 2059 announcement by OM, did not sound like a formal sign-off, but stopped at 2101 and carrier off at 2102*

** COSTA RICA. Oct 11 at 1930 I found a defective signal in Spanish on about

17595. The carrier level would drop every few seconds, but not disappear

completely. During the drops the program modulation would be replaced by noise.

I figured this frequency had to be either Spain or WEWN, so checked the REE CR relay on 17850, and found it was // to 17595. BUT --- there should be a

satellite delay, as 17595 is supposed to be direct from Spain. These were

exactly synchronized, so 17593.5, as I then measured it more precisely, must be

a spur from 17850, and only coincidentally near another REE frequency from the

home site Noblejas. Ahá, there should be another one an equal distance, 256.5

kHz, above 17850. That would be 18106.5 --- Yes! there it was, the same kind of

signal with power cutting up and down.

So this explains the distorted signal Raúl Saavedra has been hearing nearby in

Costa Rica on 18105, but he must be getting it by groundwave. My previous guess was that this could be LV del Guaviare, Colombia on 3 x 6035, since he has also heard that on 12070 = 2 x 6035, but he also reported later that 18105 is

something different.

When you have two matching spurs at a certain distance from the fundamental, it

is time to check at double the separations for more of them: 17337.0 --- yes,

much weaker but I could match the carrier level jumps with 17593.5; Also

18363.0 but just barely detectable, probably because the prevailing MUF was not

propagating that 1-MHz-higher frequency quite as well.

HFCC schedules do not show the day-of-week variations in REE timings:

17850 CRI 15-23, 17595 NOB 10-22

So we go to EiBi who has it all detailed:

17850 CR  M-F 18-20, Sat 16-23, Sun 15-23

17595 E   M-F 10-15, Sat 12-21, Sun 12-20

So on weekdays the spurs would end at 2000, and 17593.5 spur would QRM REE

itself 17595 from Spain at: M-F 18-20, Sat 16-21, Sun 15-20

** FRANCE. Noticed DRM on new frequencies, 15790-15795-15800, Oct 10 at 1403.Found the source right away in


and what luck, it`s only for two days!

0700-1500 10/10-10/11 15795 - Moscow 150 RFI French Issoudun That would be for the DRM symposium being held in Moscow, a late addition to special broadcasts previously publicized from Woofferton and Wertachtal

** INDIA [and]. AIR Vividh Bharati service, 9870, at 1248 Oct 11, quite a

contrast between its lively music and the solemn organ music from WEWN on 9885. Be happy! Azimuth for this is 320 degrees from Banglalore, says Jose Jacob, which puts it right across western Europe, and Costa Rica

** MICRONESIA. I`ve yet to log PMA The Cross, as I`m not losing sleep over just another gospel huxter, and I don`t count countries heard anyway. But I check

for it from time to time. Oct 11 around 1225, not even a carrier on 4755, aside

the China/Indonesia mix on 4750, so despite the local noise level and

atmospherics, I wondered if PMA was really off the air. Yes: reports came in

from Sei-ichi Hasegawa, Japan and a few minutes earlier by Mauno Ritola,

Finland, that they had no trace of it either

** RUSSIA. While the day before, the 15510 area was blotched by a spur from VOR on 15605, as I reported, rechecked Oct 10 at 1356, there was another signal

from VOR, which also had a buzz on its carrier, not // 15605. Closed with web

address, 1359 VOR IS, simultaneous but not synchronized with 15550 and 15605,

1400 ID in Turkish and then just buzz until off at 1401* This is listed in HFCC

as Samara, 140 degrees, which doesn`t seem right for Turkey:

15510 1200 1600 40-42,49,54,58 SAM 250 140 1234567 250307 281007 D RUS VOR GFC

EiBi however says 15510 at 12-14 is for Afghanistan in its languages, but I`m

sure I heard `Burasi Moskva(sp?)`. Axually, this must have been the *start of

the Turkish broadcast which per EiBi is supposed to be on other frequencies:

1400 1500 RUS Voice of Russia TU ME 7325a 11985m 1170a 13855m

Apparently the spur the day before completely obscured this other VOR


While the dirty spur from VOR was around 15510 on Oct 10, things were different

Oct 11: centered on 15640, where the YFR relay is supposed to be, and maybe was anyway, buried under the QRM. At 1306 found this very distorted signal

splattering with spikes, worst between 15615 and 15660, ruining Greece on 15630

during talk in unID language, but into non-Christian music at 1311 so decided

it was not YFR. Then checking the lower edge of the blob, the modulation

obviously matched VOR Hindi service on 15605. But the 15605 transmitter was

responsible. The scheduled // of 15550 was absent, so I think that was the

transmitter to blame, badly mistuned around 15640. Confirming that it was

separate from 15605, that frequency went into English at 1400 while 15640 blob

did not. This mess was also monitored by Olle Alm in Sweden and Wolfgang

Büschel in Germany --- all of us off the back if really aimed at India, but

very strong here. Wolfgang also notified the Russian transmitter operators

about the problem, so we`ll see if it`s fixed by the next day. There have also

been similar problems in the 7.0 MHz area in the European evenings, perhaps

from the same faulty unit

** TURKEY. The Turks are furious about the US congressional resolution

affirming the Ottomans` genocide of the Armenians in 1915. Predictably, this

was the only topic of VOT`s Live from Turkey on Thu Oct 11, fair on 15450 at

1250. The two announcers went on and on about this, asserting that France is

dominated by the Armenians, and the USA by the Jews, with Pelosi their puppet.

The Armenian diaspora is using this issue for their own benefit, to the

detriment of Armenians at home. How can the US be self-righteous about this,

when the US is committing far greater genocide in Iraq, and the Israelis in

Palestine?? ``The US is taking pleasure over things that never happened``. At

1306 took a late break for music to cool off, then more of same as I moved on

to monitor other things. Will this be repeated on the UT Friday 0300 broadcast

on 5975? Christopher Lewis in England noticed that the Tuesday LFT, aired live

at 1850, did repeat on later English broadcasts that day, contrary to schedule


** U S A. While checking out the REE Costa Rica spurs on 17 MHz band, Oct 11

around 2106 and earlier, I heard no trace of KVOH 17775, so may be off the air;

when on, it can produce another set of spurs

** U S A. WBCQ, 18910-CLSB, Oct 11 at 2107 check was not only on the air, but propagating well with good audio. Enough carrier to seem AM, but confirmed asLSB, no USB, on the DX-398. Village People takeoff was playing; instead of

``YMCA`` it was ``YHWH`` --- as in Yahweh, yuk2, as Rod Hembree tries to worm his weird anti-scientific theology into the in(?) crowd

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. One more day, again Oct 12 at 1346, R. Solh, 17700 via Rampisham UK, playing skipping/sticking music CD

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, Oct 12 at 1302 check was again in Albanian

instead of English. Switched to English sometime between 1314 and 1315 for tail

end of press review about nuclear power, electricity shortage

** AUSTRALIA. Oct 12 at 1215 found a signal in English on 4910 where normally there is none: must be VL8T, Tennant Creek NT, once again having failed to shift to 120m at scheduled 0830. Aussie dialog, 1218 music, 1230 news; still audible at recheck 1319, and weaker at 1325

** BULGARIA. No awful spurs from Russia Oct 12 on the 15 MHz band, but instead I found R. Bulgaria 15700 transmitter at 1327 producing over-modulation spike spurs out to 15680-15720

** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 12 at 2010, 2014 on 13625, 11740, 11700, none very

strong, but atop whatever it`s jamming, which according to EiBi is in all three

cases R. Free Asia in Chinese via Tinian

** ITALY [non?]. Just as if you hear Persian on SW you know it`s not Iran, if

you hear Italian, you know it`s not Italy. Oct 12 at 1222 a M&W discussion in

Italian on 15595. This is Vatican Radio, scheduled daily at 1200-1230, 250 kW,

107 degrees from Santa Maria di Galeria.

Or in the interest of country diversity should we now consider theextra-territorial SMG as Italy proper, since there are also SW emissions from inside Vatican City proper.

The ADDX by-language schedule at http://www.addx.de/Hfpdat/plaene.php dated 2 Sept needs to be revised since it still shows Rai and NHK in Italian. Others

still using this language: CRI, WYFR, IRIB, AWR, RRI, VOT, VOR, Tirana, Serbia, Cairo, SANTEC, TWR, RAE

** RUSSIA. 13745 was still a mystery here, Oct 12 at 1255 tune-in, man speaking slowly, deliberately with great expression, apparently reading poetry or a classic story. Went right thru hourtop with no break. Finally at 1311 music,1317 started another program with theme, woman announcer; 1319 brief Russian actuality with voice-over translation in still uncertain language. I don`t hear anything to indicate this is Christian, nor recognizable jingles from major broadcasters. Since this was Friday, I was alert for TWR as still on the schedules from Rwanda in Afar at 1300-1315 only, and previously heard, but no sign of it now. Then checking Aoki as of Oct 11, the answer:

13745 VOICE OF RUSSIA 1200-1400 1234567 Pashto/Dari 250 105 Krasnodar

This was probably an S07 change, as it is still missing from other listings;

ADDX dated 2 Sept shows this transmission in Dari, not Pashto, on 12015 and

15510 only

** RUSSIA [and non]. Checking the 15.6-MHz area again Oct 12 for VOR spurs of the last few days: none heard, but 15550, believed to be the problem

transmitter the day before, was still missing from Hindi service, just 15605 at

1325. VOR in Russian at 1325 on 15540, weaker than // 15660 tho both are listed

as Moskva site, 250 kW. 15540 is 190 degrees and 15660 is 100 degrees, the

latter, closer to off-the-back for us. However, my spearch was not in vain: see


Wolfgang Büschel is hearing Russian spurs further afield from the 15660

transmitter, where I did not check today, wandering in the 15.0+ and 16.2+ MHz


** U S A. Radio Martí, 13820, very strong and jamming barely audible under, as

usually the case here midway to Cuba on the beam from Delano, Oct 12 at 2008.

Only one problem: audio cutting out continuously, making it unlistenable. Still

the same at 2012 and 2021 rechex. Isn`t anybody paying attention at Delano? Why should they care? They are short, losing their jobs (if not FIGMO, having to

move to another IBB facility) after DL closes down in two weeks (assuming that

HR 3598 goes nowhere?).

If no one on duty can be persuaded to actually monitor the incoming or outgoing

audio, why isn`t there an automatic monitoring system to ring an alarm when

this happen? Why isn`t there a backup program feed available on a moment`s

notice, such as plain old dial-up phone line, which could be switched to

manually if not automatically? Checked 11930 Martí via Greenville, and no

breakups, so the problem is somewhere between Miami/Washington and Delano.

Rechecked at 2126, 13820 was still breaking up every few seconds, quite an

improvement, but not good enough for my government`s work coming out of my

pocket. One is always suspicious of a station whose own employees do not want

to listen to it

** ALBANIA. Monitored R. Tirana 0145 broadcast UT Sunday Oct 14. 7425 carrier was already on at 0140, but 6120 not until 0142. Both started IS at 0143 but not at exactly same time. As always, sign-on at 0145 gave full schedule of

English broadcasts to Eu & NAm, effective until 10/27, and still gives wrong

frequency for 0145, ex-6115, and wrong frequency for 0230, 7465 typo instead of

7425. Also says these two are Mon-Sat, while they are really Tue-Sun UT. This

took a full three minutes of this brief transmission. 0148 program preview, and

a few news items.

Contrary to some other reviews, I think the RT announcers do put some effort

into speaking expressively; it`s just that much of the content sounds like

government press releases. 0151 a feature about something happening at the

Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan for the Day of Columbus, apparently involving an

Albanian; then something about songs, but there were brief music bridges, not

the songs themselves; 0155 something about the Albanian language mentioning a bible quotation.

I listened closely, but really could not follow the details of these, as

despite good interference-free reception, some words could not be understood.

0157 ending the broadcast with theme, no formal sign-off, and carriers off at

0158, 6120 lasting about a semi-minute longer than 7425. So the body of the

0145 broadcast is only nine minutes long. Wrapped up this monitoring session at

0227 by checking R. Tirana again, when 7425 was on the air a bit before 6115

with IS

** CANADA [and non]. Radio Canada Internal, 6100, Oct 14 from before 0200 until 0204 in Chinese was in collision with R. República and jamming --- see CUBA [non], which just changed from 6155. Then RCI switched to 6075 for Spanish from 0205, with ``Reflejo Boreal`` show opening with birdsong, then news. 6075 had CCI from DW which used to beam to NAm on 6075, but now back toward Europe from Rampisham and/or Sines, per August schedule revision:

GERMAN 6075 0200-0359 500 RAMPISHAM 105 EUR

GERMAN 6075 0200-0400 250 SINES     040 EUR

If you insist on shifting all your programming 5 minutes late for no good reason, you are bound to run into such conflicts with other stations who manage their frequencies to change at hourtop, more or less. But then Radio República

is a veiled station, not appearing in HFCC, so one can pretend it`s not there

** COSTA RICA. Oct 13 made further chex of the spurs REE Cariari 17850 is

outputting, causing complaints from `17 m` hams. As outpointed in DXLD 7-123,

on Saturdays only this frequency runs as late as 2300, while 17595 direct from

Spain stops at 2100.

Tuned in at 2024 to find 17595 direct, not in synch with satellite-delayed

17850, but 17595 with het from the spur, matching 18106, which was in synch

with 17850. Rechecked at 2204, when the direct 17595 signal had gone, I could

compare the spurs more directly: these are very strange; each seems to consist

of at least two carriers beating against each other, producing a slightly

varying het depending on modulation, but of the same pitch on both. The 18106

signal was somewhat stronger than 17594, contrary to the day before. Meanwhile,

the modulation on 17850 itself sounded normal, which is to say, undermodulated

and somewhat muffled, but with no distortion or splatter in the immediate area.

Whenever checked, they were talking about silly ball games, this being a

Saturday evening

** CUBA. RHC mixing product on 6300 was actually better than its computed

source, 6060, since 6300 was in the clear and 6060 had heavy ACI de Spain 6055,

WYFR 6065. Furthermore, Oct 14 at 0126, only Spanish was heard on 6300, tho it leapfrogs strong RHC English transmitter on 6180 to get to 6300

** CUBA [and non]. Heavy Cuban jamming against VOA Spanish, Oct 14 at 0119 onits temporary frequency 6110, planned to be used for a sesquimonth only until Octend; recheck at 0140, during the mailbag show Club de Oyentes, clear of

jamming once the Cuban show was over.

R. Tirana plans to occupy 6110 from B-07 for its NAm service in Albanian and

English 0000-0145, and later, so let`s hope the dentroCubans quickly shift their anti-VOA jamming elsewhere, if VOA Spanish still exist. Tentative frequencies for that at 0030-0200 are 5940, 9480, 9885, 11840.

Radio República, 6155, presumably via Rampisham UK, very good at 0120 Oct 14, and hardly any jamming audible. 0159 their QSY announcement was actually

coördinated with the frequency change to 6100, which then happened in less than a semiminute, but RR still doesn`t know that this is the 49 meter band, not the 41! Then 6100 collided with RCI for 4 minutes; see CANADA. RR played music during that period as if they were vamping until the collision would end. And residual jamming could be heard on 6155 once RR had left

** GERMANY [non]. DW Russian service well heard here far off the back from

Rampisham, on 6115, Oct 14 at 0115, ID as Nemetskaya Volna. So it`s a good

thing that Tirana at 0145 shifted long ago to 6120 tho their announcements

still say 6115 ** GREECE. VOG, Hellenes Around the World, interviews in English, fair on 7475

at 0224 UT Sunday Oct 14; also was on the air during the 1300 UT hour UT Sat

Oct 13 on 15630, unusable due to spurs from RUSSIA, q.v.

** HUNGARY [and non]. Budapest, 6140, 306 degrees in Hungarian to NAm, Oct 14 at 0217 mixing at about equal level with Habana in Spanish, SAH of about

130/minute or slightly over 2 Hz. Perhaps Budapest imagine there is no QRM for

this 0130-0230 broadcast, since Habana refuses to participate in HFCC

** ISRAEL. Since Kol Israel was quite strong on 15760, Oct 13 at 1353, I

checked the much weaker Galei Zahal just above it. It was just a bit above

15785, on 15785.1 or so

** JAPAN. Don`t you believe that NHK Warido, R. Japan no longer broadcasts in

Japanese to NAm, as their official publicity states. Oct 14 at 0209, I found a

strong signal via Sackville on 5960 in Japanese with news, 0214 sports news,

0215 ID. The only difference is that the three-hour Japanese broadcast at

0200-0500 has changed from 240 to 227 degrees, a 13-degree shift, so instead of CIRAF zones 6-8, it`s now officially to zones 8, 10 and 11, i.e. previously to

the 48 USA; now to Mexico & CAm, but unavoidably crossing ENAm on the way

** LITHUANIA. 6255, KBC Radio, UT Sun Oct 14 at 0123, as soon as I tuned in, ID saying they were on 1386; maybe so, but that`s beside the point for us. Accent purely American, not Dutch or Lithuanian. Then hard rock of some sort. They think we are hurting for this kind of music? This is the weekly NAm service

hour. Had some ute QRM on low side, but good signal

** RUSSIA [and non]. VOR is still way out of whack, putting out big dirty spurs

over portions of the 15 MHz band, interfering with many other stations and even

itself! Sat Oct 13 at 1340, found Greece`s English hour on 15630, Hellenes

Around the World, unlistenable due to the QRM. VOR in Hindi on 15605 also had

the QRM, which peaked roughly 15615-15630, but the spikes were also audible

above that and below including 15550, which is the nominal frequency of the

offending transmitter, ironically, with the same programming as 15605. On 15550

itself, no carrier audible, just the spur`s extremely distorted modulation.

Also QRMed VOA in Russian on 15565, and even the much stronger RDPI on 15560.

At 1359 the VOR transmitters went into IS, but not synchronized with 15605.

That frequency had switched program feeds and at 1400 played NA as opening to English service, while the spurs continued, now having switched to Urdu which

to the Oklahoman is indistinguishable from Hindi. At 1401 NA could also be

heard weakly on 15660, the // during this hour for English, but these were not

exactly synchronized, 15660 running a few words ahead of 15605 once they

started talking.

Meanwhile I looked for the further spurs Wolfgang Büschel reported the day

before in the 16.2+ MHz area. There was a continuous buzzing motorboating sound at 16220-16250 or so, peaking at 16235, but nothing resembling program

modulation, so I could not correlate this with any of the VOR 15 MHz channels.

Nor was there a matching sound in the 15.0-15.1 MHz range.

Quit listening for a while, but quick recheck at 1446 found the 15 MHz spurs

gone with 15605 in the clear; there was a weak non-distorted signal on 15550,

language unknown. Apparently in the meantime the malfunxioning transmitter was taken off the air, or possibly knocked back into whack. Per Aoki, it is

scheduled from 3718E, 5545N for a07:

15550 VOICE OF RUSSIA 1200-1300 1234567 Urdu  500 140 Moskva RUS VOR

15550 VOICE OF RUSSIA 1300-1400 1234567 Hindi 500 140 Moskva RUS VOR

15550 VOICE OF RUSSIA 1400-1500 1234567 Urdu  500 140 Moskva RUS VOR

This situation, with daily variations has been going on for most of a week, and

the Russian transmission authorities have been notified of it. Why in the world

don`t they close down the bad transmitter until and unless they can repair it?

Keeping it on the air certainly does VOR no good as no one would deliberately

listen to it, the programming is duplicated on other frequencies, and while on

the air it interferes with numerous other stations, even other VOR

transmissions! Not to mention wasting 500+ kW of electricity

** RUSSIA. Weak signal on 7300, Oct 14 at 0133, heavy frequency-flutter as

confirmed with BFO --- a lot like what you hear when there are extreme auroral

conditions causing Doppler effect in ionosphere, but in this case I think the

transmitter was defective. Aoki lists as Serpukhov, VOR, in Spanish; I thought

it was Spanish before looking it up, but couldn`t be sure:

7300 VOICE OF RUSSIA 0100-0200 1234567 Spanish 250 270 Serpukhov RUS 05015E 5317N, VOR a07 --- Have others noted this problem?

** UKRAINE. RUI totally inaudible on 7440, Oct 14 during the 01 and 02 UT

hours, making me wonder if they were off the air, or moved somewhere without

notice. Greece 7475 and Albania 7425 were making it through, but from lower

latitudes. Looked for signs of it on 5820, the NAm frequency they once planned

to use, but no sign of it there either, in the splash from WEWN 5810, which

extended from 5780 to 5840. We previously warned RUI away from any WEWN area

** U S A. KVOH, missing Oct 12, was back Oct 13 on 17775 at 2026 check, quite

strong but no spurs audible, unlike REE 17850; see COSTA RICA

** U S A. WBCQ, 7415, UT Sun Oct 14 at 0225 with correct EDT timecheck of 10:25 and giving detailed propagation info from Spaceweather.com, including an aurora watch as a CME had just happened; trouble is, that was July 16. Perhaps the Lost Discs Radio Show should avoid including such perishable info if it is

going to engage in reruns a trimonth later

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Radio Solh, 17700 via Rampisham UK, once again with skipping/sticking CD during music at 1347 Oct 14

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana blown away by RHC again on 13750: see CUBA

** CUBA. Sunday Oct 14 I made the following monitoring notes:

At 1319, very strong 13750 was on instead of usual 13680, during RHC music, no trace of Tirana underneath. 1320 program is ``Correo Internacional`` with full

addresses for pen pals, starting with a Romanian in Colombia, Marius

Draganescu, mariusdx @ hotmail.com and then other E- and P-mail addresses.

During this talk segment I could barely distinguish another station underneath,

which must have been Tirana until 1329.

RHC has shown up on 13750 before on another Sunday despite Tirana. There is no obvious reason for this, except that the Sunday-only show Aló, Presidente

messes up the overall schedule, even tho it doesn`t start until 1400!

When first tuned at 1319, I noted that 13760 RHC was not on either, but it was

audible, much weaker, aside 13750, at 1322.*

At 1403 found the Aló, Presidente service on weakish 13680, 11875, 11670.

Recheck at 1503 they were saying that the show officially starts at 11 am

Sundays (1500 UT), even tho the frequencies always start coming up an hour

earlier with RHC fill programming. This week it`s from Santa Clara celebrating

the 40th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara; not sure if Hugo was there or

whether he has anything directly to do with this event.

At this hour, A,P was in // not only on 17750-under WYFR, 13750, 11875, 11670,

and weak 9550, but also on 11760 which at 1500 on Sundays is supposed to carry the weekly RHC Esperanto semihour. Not on the air: 15190, which was reported recently with Esperanto, nor 15370; nor 13680, 13760 altho they had been in the previous hour. 11670, at least, was an echo-reverb apart from some of the others, different site and/or feed routing

Surprisingly, the RHC transmission schedule at


has already been updated, now dated Oct 2007-March 2008! It is as always,

confusingly laid out.It does still show Esperanto Sunday on 11760 at 1500 (plus 1930).

For A,P on Sundays at 1400 (no end time), it lists 13680 to CAm, 11670 to

Caribbean, 11875 & 17750 to SAm, 13750 to NAm.

Strangely it shows English at 23-24 on 9550 is for Rio de Janeiro, while 9505

is for Caribbean. It still shows no English at 2030-2130 tho this continues to

be heard on 11760, 9505!

6000 is listed for Spanish at 00-05, PLUS English at 01-07. Make up your mind!

BTW, nothing here about testing on 60m which Arnie mentioned a few weeks ago, to be on 5055 and another frequency below 5 MHz, nor have I seen any reports of those being heard

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, VG signal during scheduled Korean hour, Sunday Oct 14 around 1305 already playing music; what happened to the news? At 1350 recheck, oh no, another screwed up station (like e.g. Taiwan) with no human paying enough attention to do anything about it. Four syllables of music were stuck in a loop, along with some piano notes, so smoothly repeating that it almost

seemed deliberate. Still the same at rechex 1356, past hourtop at 1401, and at

1405, when I tentatively transcribed the syllables as ``lu-vun-ha-ri`` --- does

that make any sense in Korean or Indonesian? Finally at 1412 rerecheck, this

had stopped, and open carrier with hum was running instead of scheduled

Indonesian language, and as usual during this hour, Russian from CRI audible


One explanation for the four syllables could be: that was the last audio

received from a satellite feed which failed, and the satellite receiver is

programmed to keep repeating them until something else comes down; rather than go to dead air, or switch to internal backup audio, or alternate program feed,

or courtesy apology

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio via WHRI 11785, Sunday Oct 14 at 1357 with a pan-flute(?) or whistle melody which I suspect was mimicking actual

intelligence recognizable to one who understood this tonal language; right?

** RUSSIA. Sunday Oct 14 at 1324, did not hear any spurs in the 15.6 MHz area,

tho fundamental signals from Russia were much weaker than the day before, e.g.

15605. (However, 15550 was still acting up when Kai Ludwig checked earlier at


** TAIWAN. 9280, Oct 14 at 1302 caught my ear as I tuned by, since the

modulation was cutting on and off quite regularly at the rate of four times per

second. Yet another case of no human oversight to a SW transmission, in this

case YFR relay with 100 kW going to waste.

Still the same when rechecked at 1331 during a hymn and at 1410 during talk.

Sked per NDXC/Aoki from 12017E 2343N for A07:

9280 FAMILY RADIO 1100-1600 1234567 Chinese 100 335 Yunlin TWN WYFR

9280 FAMILY RADIO 2100-2400 1234567 Chinese 100 335 Yunlin TWN WYFR

** U S A [non]. CVC La Voz, Miami, via Chile 17680, Sunday Oct 14 at 1328 was playing Waltz of the Flowers, quite an improvement from their usual drek, although anything less war-horse would be beyond them, but I knew it would not be treated with any respect and continued to completion. Sure enough, cut off at

1328:30 for the over-produced echoey and non-classical closing of the weekly

token cultural show, El Mundo del Arte, and quickly back to gospel rock

** CHINA. Firedrake, weak on 9850 with some other music mixing, Oct 15 at 2005. Per Aoki, this is against VOA Chinese via Tinian. Say, how come CRI gets to broadcast to the USA in English unimpeded via several non-Communist and one Communist relay site, and we can`t get a word in edgewise to China without

their trying to block it, and rather successfully? The concept of fair play is

unknown to the ChiCom in this and countless other fields

** COSTA RICA. The spurs from REE Cariari 17850, Monday Oct 15 at 1953 were found on 18104.9 and 17595.1. This time the higher one was slightly stronger, and each had only one carrier instead of two; 17595 direct from Spain is already off by then on weekdays. Our first report of 18105 was on Sept 26 from

David Ross, Ont., so this has been going on for at least three weeks. When will

REE notice and/or do something about them? It may take continued pressure from ham intruder watchers, even tho REE is also QRMing itself. Duh!

** CUBA. After blocking Tirana on Sunday Oct 15 at 1300 on 13750, RHC was back to `normal` on Monday Oct 16 at 1317: nothing on 13750 (but Monday is Tirana`s day off!), and RHC back on 13680 where it is supposed to be; also on weaker // 13760

** CUBA. Ran across cut numbers in CW (not MCW?) on 9353.0, Monday Oct 15 at 1400. The May-June 2007 ENIGMA 2000 schedule of Cuban number transmissions, the latest available, does have 9353 on the grid, but only on Sundays at 0700 as a primary transmission on MCW

** INDONESIA. VOI, which was all messed up with the 4-syllable audio loop on

Oct 14, was missing from 9525 when checked at the same time Oct 15, 1357

** NEW ZEALAND. Oct 15 at 1335 found RNZI on 5950 instead of 6095 during

Mailbox. They`ve changed schedule yet again on an odd date. After Bryan Clark`s DX news about Micronesia --- calls it Pónape rather than Pohnpei; isn`t Ponape no longer P.C.? --- Vanuatu, Myanmar and CFVP, including clips of PMA and RFA (check the audio ondemand), Adrian Sainsbury explained that RNZI has been off the air a lot the last few weeks to repair antenna damage. This can only be done in the local daytime and when weather is good. Something about the antenna being 17(?) meters high, requiring the usage of an expensive huge crane. For some reason they decided because of this they should go ahead and start the summer transmission schedule now instead of waiting until Oct 28. He gave the schedule but I could not copy all the numbers due to static crashes from

slow-moving storms in eastern OK. Despite appearances, the website schedule has been updated, even tho it is still dated effective August 24! Viz., as we have

fixed it up:

24 Aug 2007 - 28 Oct 2007

  UTC     kHz                 Target  Azimuth

0459-0758  9615 AM &  9890 DRM Pacific 0°

0759-1058  5950 AM &  7145 DRM Pacific 0°

1059-1258  9655 AM &  7145 DRM NW Pac, Bougainville, PNG, Timor 325°

1300-1550  5950 AM    [no DRM] Pacific 0°

1551-1750  5950 AM &  7145 DRM NE Pac, Fiji, Samoa, Cook Is 35°

1751-1935  9615 AM &  9890 DRM NE Pac, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Cook 35°

1936-1950  9615 AM & 11675 DRM Tonga, Fiji, Niue 35°

1951-2358 17675 AM & 15720 DRM Vanuatu, Solomon Islands 325°

2359-0458 17675 AM & 15720 DRM Pacific 0°

Note the individual island target areas they are now specifying, altho surely

coverage is still much broader as usual. One wonders what they mean by ``NE

Pacific``, the quadrant east of dateline and north of equator? Where there are

hardly any islands except Hawaii, surely not an authorized target? Or is this a

sneaky way of referring to west coast North America?

** RUSSIA. When I started monitoring at 1319 Oct 15, the huge dirty spur blob

from VOR today was centered on 15750, main victims this time being Sweden 15735 and Israel 15760, as it extended at least from 15730 to 15765. Once again this is the Hindi service supposed to be on 15550, where there was nothing audible, and // 15605 before 1400. Recheck at 1405, the splatter ranged at least from 15700 to 15765; 1447 recheck, still going.

Elsewhere: a separate problem on 15510, which is VOR via Samara to Afghanistan:

Oct 15 at 1324 there was buzz in the background on this transmitter; much

weaker than 15750, and 15510 was still intelligible if one understood Pashto or


** SAO TOME [and non]. VOA French on 9830, Oct 15 at 2009 with heavy RTTY QRM. I guess this is no problem in WAf target area, but around here 9830 is almost constantly occupied by RTTY, whence? And broadcasters would do well to avoid it. Much better reception of VOA French, also Pinheira, on 15730, a few minutes later at 2019 playing ``All that junk, in the trunk`` by Blackeyed Peas. How does this advance US foreign policy? Or American culture?

** UKRAINE. Re DXLD 7-124, 7440 to NAm off the air: rechecked Oct 15, the

website now says:

``#23.00-04.00 7,440 41 Lviv North America


#00.00-01.00 7,440

#03.00-04.00 7,440

Notes: # The transmissions has been temporarily stopped``

So some hope remains that it will return, tho from B-07, 7530 has been planned

instead, English one hour later

** U S A. Despite my report of Oct 12 in DXLD 7-124, R. Martí via Delano,

13820, STILL/again? with audio cutting out irregularly every few seconds,

usually only a syllable at a time, but most distracting and still impairs

intelligibility, at 2005 Oct 15; still the same at 2045 when slight fades

allowed jamming to be detected underneath. I will not repeat my commentary on

that situation here

** U S A. WBCQ operator told me he played WORLD OF RADIO at 0300 UT Monday Oct 15 on 9330; and it started late at 0420 on 7415. Had not been on 9330-CLSB for some weeks despite nominal scheduling then, and who knows what will happen next week

** VATICAN. 9645, Oct 15 at 2015 with muffled audio, interview with heavy

accent I finally decided was African English, difficult for me to understand.

This raises a vexing question for me: since many different native languages

must have influenced accents by those speaking English on that continent, is

there any such thing as a single identifiable ``African English`` dialect? And

if not, do different Africans have as much trouble understanding each other`s

English as I do? And if there is a mutually intelligible African English

dialect, how could it have arisen given the diverse backgrounds of colonial


** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 17700 via UK, Oct 16 at 1345 during talk segment mentioned helicopter --- that may explain the sticking-CD music which always follows, illustrating what music could sound like thru whirring blades

** ALBANIA. In the absence of a specific program schedule from R. Tirana, note

that they included a mailbag segment on Wed Oct 17 at tune-in 1319 on 13750,

reading some reception reports with SINPOs, including one from Mexico. This

would have been a repeat of the Tuesday broadcast on other transmissions. 1321 answering a listener`s question about religious tolerance in Albania --- yes,

there is. Earlier at 1305 when I had first tuned by, there was a burst of noise

when Cuba turned on the 13680 transmitter, but fortunately this time it did not


** CHINA. Firedrake music jamming with good signal at 1253 Oct 16 on 10300,

against Sound of Hope, of which nothing was audible underneath

** COSTA RICA. Quick check Oct 17 at 1924 reconfirmed that the REE 17850 spurs were still going around 17595 and 18105, the former hetting REE Noblejas

direct. From Oct 28, 17850 moves to 15125, taking the spurs with it?

** CUBA. Came across cut numbers again on 9353, Oct 17 at 1409, and this time made sure to note they were on CW (A1), not MCW (A2)

** CUBA [and non]. Re RHC`s new contradictory transmission schedule: at 2336

Oct 16, nothing audible on 9505, supposedly in English for Caribbean, but on

9550 as usual which is designated for Rio de Janeiro --- why not? RHC also

broadcasts in Arabic to Caribbean in the afternoon.

On 6000 at 2337, RHC buried here by R. Praga in Spanish via Canadá, collision

going on for entire A-season, Cuba with Mesa Redonda show // much better 9820.

I see that R. Prague, home of HFCC chairman Oldrich Cip, plans to keep the

conflict going in B-07.

Since R. República quit 5910 via Germany on Sept 29, on a hunch I checked that

frequency at 0115 October 17, and sure enough, some Cuban bubble jamming was still there, against nothing, but if Marfil Estéreo, Colombia were on before

0400, it would still be collateral damage, suffering from the Cuban-American

radio war

** GREECE. Paused at 15630 for VOG, Oct 16 at 1340 during organ riffs, but this quickly morphed into Greek rap. Geez, there`s no getting away from it

** INDONESIA [and non]. VOI, 9525 was still missing on Oct 17 before 1400,

freeing the channel after that for CRI in Russian.

Around this hour, 9680 is usually a mess, but I check it for RRI at 1403. I

think I did hear some Indonesian in the mix, but then a song about Jesus. No

gospel-huxters listed, and in HFCC you would think nothing but Jakarta is on

the frequency at this hour. Aoki shows CBS Taiwan, which means ChiCom broadcast jamming as well

** JAPAN. Following Bruce Conti`s report of MW from Japan heard in New

Hampshire, and also by Bruce Winkleman in Tulsa, I had to try for it myself.

Oct 17 at 1225 UT, a sesquihour after T-storms moved thru and I could risk

hooking up a new 500-foot antenna wound around the property --- not enough room for it in a straight line --- by golly, on the FRG-7 I did have carriers on 774

and weaker on 747 kHz.

Then I switched to the Yachtboy 400, which happens to be set for 9 kHz spacing,

turned on the BFO and slightly detuned it so I could hear hets if there were

any carriers on trans-Pacific splits. Antenna here is just the built-in ferrite

rod, and with several meters of wire inside the house clipped onto the whip,

which probably doesn`t have much effect on MW.

By golly, there were plenty of them, and they all fit on the 9 kHz bandplan, so

not TVI or something else: At 1235-1242 UT, found 585, 594, 612, 648, 693, 702,

828, 873, 891, 972, 1287, 1305, 1368, 1494, 1557. At first I avoided most

frequencies adjacent to 10-kHz, but at 1245 also had carrier on 711 hetting

KCMO 710, and something on 621.

Meanwhile, at 1243 I went back to 774, and definitely heard audio in Japanese,

so I`m claiming JOUB, NHK-2, Akita, which is 500 kW on the NW coast of Honshu.

Later checking the path on the NGS globe, I see that it`s tangent to the 59th

parallel, i.e. across Kodiak and the SW coast of Alaska. Local sunrise here was

1240 UT. 747 Sapporo, Hokkaido, goes one degree further north, but did not get

any audio from it. KRMG-740 Tulsa was getting to be a problem, perhaps on day

pattern by now.

Unfortunately, my box loop is dismantled, my SM-2 no longer works, I don`t have

room for beverages, nor is selectivity tight enough on my present receivers for

much serious MW DX, but I`m pleased to hear these, with Japan definitely heard

here in OK after a good many years, thanks to rock-bottom sunspots and flux

** MICRONESIA. Oct 16 at 1250 looking for PMA The Cross, but no sign of it on 4755, just some utility pulsing. PMA supposedly signs off between 1300 and 1900 now per posted FM/SW program schedule

** RUSSIA. VOR huge distorted blob Oct 16 at 1255 was on yet another frequency range, centered on 15875, extending roughly 15840-15905, fortunately away from 19m broadcasters for once, still leaving WWCR 15825 in the clear. 1258 VOR IS, in case there was any doubt about the source. Recheck at 1355, the center had shifted down to 15870.

That was the transmitter scheduled on 15550 for Hindi at 1300, but missing from

there, and finally, on Oct 17 it was back on 15550 with normal modulation, at

1257 in presumed Urdu giving contact info, e-mail address, listeners` clubs not

only in Pakistan, but also in Bharat, pronouncing web addresses and even

numbers in English, why? 1300 IS and ID now in Hindi, // 15605. No spurs found

further up the band, so evidently back in whack; let`s hope it stays that way.

The spurs were incredibly loud here, way off the back, half a world from the

target zone, making me wonder if the azimuth was also upscrewed.

More work is needed on the 15810 transmitter, which still has quite a

motorboating sound mixing with the audio, checked Oct 17 at 1301, fortunately

not bothering other stations, but driving away Afghan listeners

** TURKEY [and non]. VOT, 15450, Oct 16 at 1302 with talk on Atatürk`s views on art; then Food of the Court show about fish markets, but cut off abruptly at

1305 and started over --- take 2 from the recording studio without deleting

take 1? Gave detailed recipe one would have had to be taping to copy, if one

could understand every word, as the announcers tend to rush, including saffron

and cinnamon, yum! 1314 filling with Turkish music. Tho that was nice, I

thought I would check the Turkish service for even more music on 15350.

Unfortunately, at the moment that was not VOT, but instead at 1318 a Christian

hymn and ID as Family Radio. Çakirlar ends at 1300, with YFR via Wertachtal

then taking over 15350. The next day, Wed Oct 17 at 1302, 15450 had Letterbox

with one from Japan

** U S A. Previously noted audio breakup on R. Martí programming via Delano,

13820 after 2000, but on Oct 17 at 1412 I was surprised to hear the same kind

of cutouts on 11845, which is supposed to be Greenville. I wonder if they

temporarily shifted to Delano; no such problem on 11930 Greenville, and I

should have compared them for satellite delay. 11845 had other problems, a

hum/buzz and spurs out to at least plus/minus 10 kHz peaking when the

modulation broke. No jamming audible on 11845 against this strong signal, but

it was probably there

** INDONESIA. VOI still missing from 9525 for another day, Oct 18 around 1345. Since the last thing we heard from this a few days earlier was music stuck in a 4-note loop, we wonder if the studio-transmitter feed has been totally lost, so

they turned off the transmitter

** JAPAN. Checking 24 hours later for more MW DX from Japan and FE, conditions were not so good; all I could be sure of was a weak carrier on 747 at 1230 UT October 18

** MICRONESIA. PMA, The Cross, presumed, 4755.25, Oct 18 at 1250. First time I have received this, tho unsatisfyingly. And surprisingly, I was getting it best

on the YB-400 with random wire inside the house, which must have a better S/N

ratio and or match than the longer external wires. Mix of music and talk, 1251

announcement by YL better modulated, but still could not make it out nor hear

any ID or ``I like it!`` SINPO 23232 at best, main problems being neighborhood

noise bursts, and TVI swish. No problem here from slightly stronger

Chindonesian signals on 4750, but I wonder how it is in Micronesia on those

fixed-tuned Galcom radios PMA is handing out, ``you will only listen to us``.

1258 switch to another song, soft gospel praise music as I would characterize

it, straight through 1300 with no ID or sign off, 1304 fading, and I moved to

V. of Turkey; but rechecked at 1322 carrier still detectable, the offset

determined by zeroing BFO on WWV 5000, punching up 4725, and noting a het very close to middle C (256 Hz), and still audible at last check 1330. Obviously

they do not go off the air between midnight and 6 am local as in their PDF

program schedule for FM and SW

** RUSSIA. For the second day in a row, Oct 18, no big blobs of distorted spurs

heard from VOR on 19m! Altho propagation and reception were much worse than

previously. At 1325 check, 15550 had weak but non-distorted signal; 15510 also

seemed OK, no more buzz/motorboating so they may have fixed that too

** TURKEY. Wanted to monitor Live from Turkey this Thursday Oct 18 from 1250 on 15450, but sidetracked by Micronesia, q.v. Tuned in Turkey at 1305 during music break; 1310 the two guys chatting revealed that the 2030 thru 0700 English broadcasts [the last on webcast only] are pre-recorded repeats of the 1830 broadcast, which is why you hear a time check for 21:30 local at the beginning of the ``news`` on later broadcasts. Said this had been the case for two years, but they are belatedly getting around to announcing explicitly that the laterbroadcasts, including the news, are repeats.

However, this Sunday, October 21, the news will be live on each broadcast to

report results of the referendum, as was the case during the last elexion. One

of the guys lamented that he was on duty then, and had to stay awake and find

something to do during the 5-hour break between 2200 and 0300 UT broadcasts.

Quickly closed and said goodbye at 1319, without giving their names.

In fact, I have never heard them identify themselves, altho maybe they do at

the beginning, which I often miss like today. They talk about their personal

lives, give their personal opinions, yet we don`t know who they are! Quite

possibly we could not understand their names anyway unless they spelled them

out – why not? Is there a VOT policy that announcers will remain anonymous on

the air? It`s not the only SW station with such a strange way of doing things

** U S A. I`m beginning to wonder if it`s sabotage, perhaps by disgruntled

union members, if not Comsymps, rather than negligence? R. Martí program audio still breaking up badly, Oct 18 at 1329 on 11845. Signal very strong, not what I usually get from Greenville aimed south as scheduled, but instead from Delano aimed ESE right across OK. And the SAME // breakups were now heard on 7405, supposed to be Greenville, also much stronger than usual and both overriding any jamming, but completely useless with the audio problem. Actually 11845 and 7405 were very slightly out of synch, so there was a reverb rather than an echo between them. 11845 also had noise on the sidebands like the day before. Rechecked at 1530, still same breaking up on 11845, and at 1545 noted that audio was NOT synchronized with non-breaking up 11930, and 13820, also supposed to be on the air from Greenville at this hour, missing

** CUBA. I see the `Oct-Mar` RHC transmission schedule on their website has

been copied and forwarded around on various DX lists without comment, even tho I previously enumerated some of its inconsistencies and errors in DXLD.

Circulating such a misleading, poorly formatted schedule like that is not


One thing I outpointed was that the English broadcast at 2030-2130 is missing

from the schedule, and I just reconfirmed Sat Oct 20 that it is indeed still on

the air, when checked at 2114 as Arnie Coro was wrapping up DXers Unlimited

with brief propagation note. 9505 is much weaker here than 11760, but 9505

leads 11760 which has a slight delay by comparison due to different transmitter

sites and/or feed routing. I also reconfirmed that the 2300 English broadcast

is only on 9550, not 9505 as in the schedule.

RHC does not even know the correct times and frequencies for its own

broadcasts. And when there is more than one time and more than one frequency on the same line, how are we supposed to match them up, in order? See if you can figure out which times go with which frequencies at


** JAPAN [non]. Since as I pointed out, the other three remaining broadcasts in

English from R. Japan to NAm have interference problems, I finally checked out

the fourth, 0000-0020 UT via Sackville 6145, Oct 21 and found it in the clear!

World Interactive was indeed playing already at 0001, despite showing as

``09.10 JST`` on their website schedule; but presumably its final repeat in the

true cycle, W&W discussing remedies for sore throat in different countries,

then mailbag item about too-early Xmas celebrations.

If there has been any breaking news in Asia since 1410 UT, you will not hear

about it in English on R. Japan until 0500 the next day, as there is no news on

the only intervening broadcasts at 2200 and 2400

** MEXICO. XEYU missing for at least a week as of Oct 21 from 9599.3v, as

checked at random times day and night. I see Ron Howard had them on Oct 9

** NIGERIA. VON, presumed the one with drums and singing on 7255, Oct 20 at

2119, French scheduled during this hour

** U S A. Radio Martí: Oct 18 after 2005, when 13820 is supposed to be Delano,

it was again audible and again breaking up, but at recheck 2055 it was finally

OK. Recheck at 2215, 13820 OK and a few words ahead of 11930, so two different sites again, Delano leading since it gets landline rather than satellite feed Greenville gets, despite being much closer to Washington.

R. Martí was again very strong on 7405 // 11845, Oct 19 at 1357 and at this

early hour I again think both are Delano instead of scheduled Greenville ---

and both again with audio dropouts. However, after 2000, 13820 had OK audio for a change.

Since I had to report repeatedly about serious breakup in R. Martí audio feed

for over a week, I need to report when it is OK: Oct 20 at 1340 check on 7405,

11845, 13820, all atop jamming but not so strong as to inaudibilize it, so

probably all back to Greenville, and no breakup. Listening closely at 2329 to

13820, when it is Delano, there was only some very lite breakup, lacking audio

during troughs in modulation, still needing a slight touchup

** U S A [and non]. VOA, 9760 via Philippines, Sat Oct 20 at 1325 Jazz America

show from VOA Music Mix Network, as announced, with ``Jungle Blues``, terrific piece by Jelly Roll Morton performed by Wynton Maralis et al. As always duringthis hour, CRI English QRM underneath, since CRI blatantly ignored

sesquidecades of VOA usage of this frequency, and decided it just had to use


I`d love to have heard the negotiations over this at HFCC, if there ever were

any --- when another country is jamming many of your broadcasts, with

transmitters imported from your own country, do you meekly accept mere

co-channel interference with different target areas that look good on paper?

** U S A. WBCQ, 7415, with Allan Weiner Worldwide playback from the night

before, Sat Oct 20 at 2120 tune-in. [``Think Tank North America`` is supposed

to occupy the Sat 21-22 hour per online schedule, having just returned in Sept

after a 4-year hiatus.]

AW was talking about a new two-hour daily show to be carried on 5110, ``Area

51``, which will be ``taken over by the inmates``, run by TimTron and Larry

(Will), not Allan. Apparently it will be for pirates to do their thing on a

real station, tho AW has a low opinion (Bronx cheer) for most pirates today,

``taking a transmitter and massaging their wieners[sp?]``, merely on an

ego-trip and aren`t doing anything worthwhile like he was when he had four

pirates running from Yonkers in the late 60s and 70s, 24 hours a day and a

staff of 50.

Altho allegedly running 50 kW already, the 5110 transmitter and antenna are

being rebuilt, and will be ``more powerful`` this winter, meaning ``increasing

the modulation envelope and other trickery``. [Maybe we will finally get a

listenable signal from it in OK?] 5110 presently carries Good Friends Radio

Network [Rod Hembree, gospel-huxter masquerading as scientist], 7 pm to 6 am

[ET = 2300-1000 UT, soon 0000-1100 UT], so Area 51 will be M-F at 5-7 pm ET

[2200-2400 UT after DST. It seems to me there was already a program by that

name on WBCQ but I don`t find it on current schedules. -- gh]

Allan went on to say that he would like WBCQ to transmit in DRM, and someday

will, but not until it is easy and inexpensive for broadcasters to do it and

people to receive it, not ``all this proprietary shit`` which is ``stupid,

asinine, just like IBOC``. DRM requires linear broadband transmitters, which is

the case with 5110, 9330 and 18910, but not 7415 which is high level plate

modulated. So DRM would only be on the others

** U S A [non]. Checking 15410 for CVC, Miami via Chile, during ``Sem Limites`` Portuguese show featuring classical music at 23-24: report said it was M-F, but I also heard it Sat, Oct 20 for a few minutes, 2342-2354. While I am glad to hear some classical music on this otherwise dreadful station, they ruin it with

their interruptions every few minutes for promos or PSAs, and apparently only

brief pieces can be accommodated. I heard a PSA from OMS (WHO) on cancer, the Toreador song from Carmen, 2345 a bit about Mont Blanc, ``Bess, You Is My Woman Now``, instrumental; 2352 plug their English lessons daily at 7 am, then

something by Léhar, etc., etc. At least there is no co-channel QRM on 15410 at

this hour, unlike most of the day earlier: 12-14 DW Kigali, 14-15 DW Meyerton,

15-17 & 1730-20 IBB Morocco

** VENEZUELA [non]. Paused for a moment on 13680 via Cuba, Oct 20 at 2325 as RNV was just announcing their transmission schedule. Yes, it is still the same

one they started with in April 2004, which has undergone numerous changes and

additions since. You know it`s that one when they start with the long-imaginary

broadcast to ``San Francisco at 11 am on 13740``. After a nice song which we

suspected was by a falsetto, or a female with remarkable range, at 2328

efemérides (this day in history) for October 20, so we know this was a `new`

broadcast even with grossly outdated info on its own schedule. It seems they

are clueless in Caracas about the true times and frequencies they are on the


** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13750, not blocked by Cuba this Sunday, Oct 21 at 1313

with bio of Mother Teresa, an Albanian, introduced with Ave Maria music. I

didn`t stay with it long enough to hear if they got to the recent revelation

that she was hardly a true-believer in Roman Catholicism, and this may have

dashed her chances for sainthood, or, should I say canonization?

** CUBA. R. Rebelde, 11655, on late(?) Oct 21 at 1320 with a special for

elexion day in Cuba featuring a quiz, SFX, and a `sorpresa de Rebelde` which

was that at 1322 it cut abruptly to open carrier and then went off. Elexions?

Cuba? Like, ``which Commie would you prefer``? Not ``I`m voting the straight

Counter-Revolutionary ticket``. A bit later on RHC. it seemed that the elexions

concerned were municipal ones in the oriental province of Las Tunas, but this

was being played up as a great event, proof that Cuba enjoys true democracy, in

the form of Socialism Forever, whereby those not performing their duties may be

recalled by People Power. Ah, the Big Lie technique. Does it ever fool anybody?

Axually, the municipal elexions are nationwide, as explained on RHC`s website:

``Comenzó en Cuba elección de delegados municipales del Parlamento --- La

Habana (AIN) La prensa cubana refleja hoy la realización de las elecciones a

delegados en los 169 Asambleas municipales del Poder Popular bajo el lema de ¡A votar sin amos ni imposiciones!``

At 1500-1505 rechecked to find out what Cuba is doing this Sunday. Like last

week, no Esperanto on 11760, just // other RHC frequencies in Spanish, 9550,

11805, 12000, 15370 with more about elexions, apparently on extended schedule.

Featured a report on the event via a ham radio repeater in Villa Clara, yay.

Meanwhile, the separate Aló Presidente service was running on 17750, 13680,

11875 and 11670, but the 25m frequencies were barely audible, now aimed

elsewhere? BTW, the recently discovered RNV at 1500 on 11680 was missing again, at least on this Sunday

** JAPAN [non]. NHK Warido, 11705 via Canada, Oct 21 at 1403, seems they have a different newsreader every day I listen. This time I suspected they had

employed a `Perfect Pauline` computer-generated voice, judging from its strange

intonation, but then I heard background noises such as swallowing, breathing

and paper-shuffling, and even stumbled once, so I guess not. She was just

trying real hard to sound like a computer; maybe that`s how she learned her


[non non]. Another Don`t You Believe: that NHK Warido is no longer broadcasting to NAm in Japanese on 9535 --- Oct 22 at 1512 there it was with usual fair to good signal. Before and after the October 1 changes it`s 55 degrees, 300 kW from Yamata. All they did was remove CIRAF zones 2, 6, and 7 from the stated target areas --- 48 USA west of 90 degrees, western Canada; retaining 10 and 11 --- Mexico, CAm, and even Caribbean, at 1500-1700

** LIBYA. TDF GUF DRM, 17870-17875-17880, was missing this Monday Oct 22 around 1330 check; another air-conditioner breakdown? So something analogous was audible on 17870, presumably Libya, but rechecked after 1400, no signal audible when English is scheduled

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA Riyadh, 15435, Oct 22 at 1505 with muezzin, in Call of Islam service within First Program, good here but fluttery, 320 degree beam toward NAm, // much weaker 15225. These two are expected to continue in B-07

** SPAIN. Must add another transmitter site with problems: Noblejas. REE, 6055

is normally very well heard and very well modulated, unlike the Costa Rica

relay, but Oct 21 at 0530 I found the 6055 audio cutting off for several

seconds at a time, more than it was cutting on, while 5965 CR was not doing so

** TURKEY. VOT, 15450, Oct 22 at 1321, just intuned in time for sign-off and

IS, but the audio was somewhat distorted, which would have made it unpleasant

to try to listen to, had I tried earlier

** U S A. On Oct 22 I decided to monitor just how well IBB handles the

transition from 11720 to 11675 at 2100. 11720 is VOA Hausa from Greenville,

which stopped at 2059:30, but the carrier stayed on and just before 2100 the

audio feed on 11720 had switched to BBCWS in English! We got the time signal,

and a few words of opening for World Briefing before the carrier went off. This

confirms it`s the same transmitter scheduled from 2100 on 11675 for BBCWS.

But still nothing on 11675 until carrier on at 2100:45. OK, OK, we had to wait

another full minute until the BBCWS audio finally came up, joining the news in

progress. Call it 2102. Highly unprofessional. It may be impossible to make the

switch in the time allotted, but here is how you should do it:

As soon as Hausa is over (or maybe a bit earlier, if the BBCWS contract

matters), fade down audio and turn off 11720 transmitter immediately. THEN,

start retuning process to 11675. THEN, switch audio feed on the circuit to the

transmitter to BBCWS. Once retuning is completed and carrier is on, THEN

immediately bring up BBCWS audio. With any luck only the first minute billboard would be missed

** U S A [and non]. 17920, big noisy blob at 1459 Oct 22, presumably spur as

heard several times previously from KVOH 17775, but could not correlate it this

time. 17775 was quite strong with La Voz de la Restauración ID at 1501,

mentioning 17775 but not 17920. The spur was constant and unmatchable to

modulation on 17775. There was also a het on the low-side mirror, 17630 with

Gabon, which itself had quite a good signal, but I could not separate a carrier

with BFO. At 1509, however, the 17920 signal had gone, and 17630 exhibited that ``generator whine`` noise instead

** COSTA RICA. Another check for the REE 17850 spurs, Oct 23 at 1850: nothing detectable on 18105v or 17595v, but REE Noblejas on 17595 by itself. It axially sounded louder than 17850 during silly ballgame, but the meter said 17850 was a stronger signal, the weaker modulation making the difference. However, 17850 was not as strong as it has been in past when the spurs were audible, so not

certain they have really been suppressed beyond audibility. Apparently: no

longer heard either on Oct 24 or 25

** CUBA. RHC 13680 transmitter out of whack again Oct 23 at 1307. There were

spurs all over the band, such as 13532, 13581, 13606, 13631, 13729, 13778.

These are approximate centers of big noisy blobs. Only the ones closest to

13680 had audible RHC modulation, such as 13631 and 13729. The others had noise of the same pitch. I am sure if it were not for my local electrical noise level

I could have detected even more of them further out. These were all

distinguished from the separate RHC intentional frequency 13760, which was

slightly out of synch due to different site and/or feed routing.

But wonder of wonders, this time, Radio Tirana lucked out, and was getting

through clearly on 13750 as none of the RHC spurs happened to land close to it!

R. Prague, 13580, was not so fortunate [in B-07, Prague remains on 13580 to Nam but shifts to 1400-1430; it`ll be a few years before they dare use 21745 again].

Since this and other problems keep on happening with RHC transmitters, we can

only wonder if the dentroCubans are 1) unaware, 2) unable or 3) unwilling to

fix them? At some perverse level of management, has it been decided that the

more frequencies RHC can occupy, the better, so why worry?

This clearly brands Cuba as an outlaw nation insofar as international frequency

management cooperation, and its `engineers` are obviously incompetent or are so demoralized that they take no pride in their work. If they can`t fix it, the

least they could do would be to close down the transmitter and scrap it. There

are still plenty of others, as we know all too well, plus all the transmitters

dedicated to jamming which might be repurposed for voice-modulated


Altho I am absolutely certain that these spurs exist, since I hear them on

multiple receivers, and have not been challenged, it would be nice if some

other monitors would take note and report them as well. Quite possibly they

also occur around other Cuban SW frequencies I have not yet encountered. Note:

I do not enjoy having to make such comments, and would be quite pleased if RHC cleaned up its act, so I would have no reason to. The same can be said for all the other transmission deficiencies I unavoidably encounter if I tune around at

all. Oct 24 at same time, 13680 was OK without the spurs; you never know from

one day to the next

** GALAPAGOS. Not much broadcast DX possible from here, so I was satisfied to hear HC8N on the Oct 25 ten-meter opening, at 2047 on 28515-USB working North American hams. Not much info via QRZ.com page. BTW, The Ecuatorians, or at least the Voice of the Andeans, refer to this as ``Our Columbus Archipelago``

** JAPAN [non]. Usually it`s DGS Costa Rica on 9725, but has been missing

lately, and propagation differed too on Oct 23 as on 9725 with hum, until 0530

I was getting NHK Warido, R. Japan. Before signing off, announcer gave all the

frequencies for the next broadcast at 0900. Since Oct 1, I`ve never heard them

give frequencies for the broadcast actually in progress! So to find out the

frequencies for 0500, one needs to listen at 0019? This is 250 kW from Gabon

beamed 170 degrees toward South Africa

** PORTUGAL. A month ago I remarked that Oct is the annual peak for 13mb

reception, but that certainly has not panned out this year with sunspots zero

and solar flux minimum. Nevertheless, I occasionally patrol the band in case

something beyond NAm make it through. And so it did, besides WYFR on 21455,

21525, Oct 25 at 1938, good signal from RDPI on 21655 in silly ballgame. 1942

made it // 15560 which had a huge SAH of 4 Hz, as if a second transmitter at

the same site were inadvertently turned on the same (almost) frequency. But

only one audio source. However, these `SAH` fades also put out pulses audible

out to plus/minus 20 kHz from 15560, so maybe it was really one transmitter

malfunxioning. By 1952 the signal on 15560 had recovered when the important SBG coverage was interrupted for a pending QSY announcement, 21655 to 15295 in ten minutes for Cabo Verde. A brief check of 15560 at 2001 found some other noise on the transmission. At 2030, 15295 was also coming in. When may we hear 21655 in B-07? Per full tentative sked via Carlos Gonçalves in DXLD 7-125, 13 m usage is:

0800 – 1500   .....ss Af     21830

1100 – 1300   mtwtf.. B/Af   21655

1100 – 1700   .....ss B/Af   21655

** SOUTH AFRICA. Conditions on 31m were rather different Oct 23 than they had been lately. At 0531, Channel Africa was coming in well on 9685 in English with that curious variety of accents their people use. This is 500 kW at 335 degrees, so not too far off for NAm reception

** SUDAN [non]. Miraya FM began regular SW service on Oct 25, 9825 scheduled at 1500-1800 via IRRS Bulgaria, but on the first day ran at 1300-1600 instead by mistake, they tell me. All I could get was a weak carrier, but confirmed with good reception in England, by Noel Green, Alan Pennington.

** U S A. Oct 23 at 2100 I checked 11675 again to see if IBB had improved its

performance in getting BBCWS on air on time. No: carrier not on until 2101:10

and audio not brought up until 2102. Is there some technical reason the audio

cannot be turned on immediately the carrier is on? It`s not like the

transmitter has to warm up, just having switched from VOA Hausa on 11720

** U S A. WWCR, 15825, at only one megameter from here is usually weak or

inaudible, as OK is in the F-layer skip zone, so when it inbooms I know

something interesting is happening propagationally, i.e. a sporadic E opening,

which may or may not attain VHF and also bring in TV or FM DX. This reception

eventually encouraged me to tune up to 30 MHz and find lots of DX on 10 and 11


Oct 25 at 2002 I found 15825 inbooming with Rock the Universe, at an

unscheduled time. Lots of great music, harmonious love songs of the sixties,

and at 2027 a plug for the Doowop Café, http://www.doowopcafe.net

Current online sked dated Oct 1 lists The Pat Boone Show for Thursday

2000-2100, among other music fillers during this weekday hour --- so the paid

show which knocked WORLD OF RADIO from Thursday to Friday at 2030 several months ago is long gone

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, confirmed on B-season channel as previously,

15265, ex-17700, via Rampisham UK, Oct 28 at 1355 with usual music. But this

only runs until 1500 per schedule. 15265 should be more reliable here than

17700 which depended on a higher MUF coöperating

** ALBANIA. At 0030 Oct 28, Cuba still jamming 6110, just vacated by VOA, so

probably really jamming Tirana, unless they hadn`t made the QSY yet; could not

tell. 6110 is now scheduled 0000-0130 daily in Albanian, 0130-0145 & 0330-0400

exc Mon in English.

Note that Tirana evening broadcasts to NAm are now on one frequency at once,

but different times. 7425 is now at 0245-0300 & 0430-0500 in English exc

Mondays, unchecked yet, and 0000-0130 daily in Albanian

Radio Tirana, I am pleased to note, was doing well on its new 6110, in English

at 0330 as I tuned in during transmission schedule announcement at 0332. Good

modulation; must be punching it up again. SINPO 25443. No co- or

adjacent-channel QRM, just what we were aiming for. Comparable signal level to

Cërrik relay of China on 6020

No sign of R. Tirana, on new 13640 for new 1530-1600 broadcast in English to

NAm, Sunday Oct 28 at 1537 check. Is Sunday now the day off for this ex-Monday at 1300 on 13750? Next one to check: 2100-2130 on new 9915

** BRAZIL. 31m had been pretty dead earlier in the evening, but was now picking

up. At 0349 Oct 28 on 9665, Chinese music, strong but distorted, and flutter,

then Spanish with Chinese accent. Must be usual CRI relay via Brasília. Several

other Brazilians were coming thru on 31 and 25m

** CHINA [non]. CRI via Canada on new 15230 at 1355 Oct 28, usual theme music wrapping up English broadcast

** CONGO DR [non]. Made a point of looking for R. Okapi on new 9635, and there it was, quite good in French with news about Bush, Congo at 0402 Oct 28; had some ACI from REE/CR 9630 despite the latter being badly undermodulated. Okapi is via Meyerton, South Africa. Channel Africa also good before 0400 on 7390

** CUBA. After missing for two or three weeks, RHC`s weekly Esperanto service

was back, Sunday Oct 28 at 1500 with NA, opening Radío Havano Kubo, and giving full schedule for Esperanto, Sundays: NAm 0700 6000; 1500 & 1930 11760; Cam 2330 6140, SAm 9600. This matches schedule on website! In web address, individual letters, being nouns, the consonants anyway, must end in -o, so ``hc`` is pronounced ``ho tso``

** CUBA [non]. R. Martí has made some seasonal schedule changes. 15330 is back in business, very strong here Oct 28 at 15330 and no jamming audible; instead, the DentroCuban Jamming Command was still active on vacated 11845. RM also audible but jammed on // 13820 and 11930.

http://www.martinoticias.com/frequencies.htm still hasn`t been updated since

summer 2006, tho it resembled summer 2007!

** CUBA [non]. Cuban jamming on 6100 at 0227 Oct 28, no República audible. If

RR has a new schedule, we will have to find it out by monitoring since it`s not

published anywhere. 6100, by 0331 there was some music audible under the

jamming, so apparently R. República is still there. The latter built up to a

better level in Spanish before 0400*

** EGYPT. Cairo`s new 6290 is making it thru with awful distortion in Arabic,

at 0035, and also around 0210 Oct 28. Cairo fair on 7270 at 0211 with Arab

music, 0216 news in English. More ham QRM than usual with the contest in


** ERITREA [non]. To cap off the evening, found a jamming pileup on 7220,

variable-pitch tones, as carrier swept up and down, sirens, machine-gun,

motor-boating sounds, at 0407 Oct 28; tuned away and when came back at 0409, 7220 was vacant; quickly looked around for another frequency with the jamming, but at 0410 it all resumed. This must be the Ethiopians attacking V. of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, Program 2, nominal 7175, where it was not heard during the brief time I was monitoring, nor was it audible under the heavy 7220

jamming. Others have reported the 7175 transmitter jumping around trying to

escape the jamming

** GREECE. V. of Greece, 7475, checked at 0346 UT Sun Oct 28, was playing music rather than interviewing someone in English, but didn`t listen long enough to be sure Hellenes Around the World was not on at expected winter timing of

0300+; this could have been just a music break in it. BTW, last week it started

about 10 minutes late, so don`t give up at hourtop

** ISRAEL. 7545 with pop music, Hebrew service at 0214 Oct 28; WEWN Spanish 7540 not strong enough to bother. This may not always be the case; and in fact a sesquihour later WEWN was bothering 7545

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, Oct 28 at 1400 on 17725 in English with monotone M

announcer; 1402 YL ID. At 1404 checked // 21695 not expecting to hear it, but

there it was with music, at least as strong as 17725, both with same big hum,

so an audio problem

** MOROCCO. The Moroccan twins, both wailing and drumming but with that kind of programming I couldn`t decide whether they were synchronized, on 15340 and 15345 at 1332 Oct 26. Per Aoki and Eibi, at this hour it`s supposed to be Tangier-Briech on 15335 and Nador on 15340, with 15345 not starting until 1500, so something has changed; not listed by HFCC

** RUSSIA [and non]. 6155, VOR via Wertachtal, fairly good in Russian, not

English at 0209 Oct 28. 6240 had a much weaker signal, via Moldova. 7350, VOR via Vatican in Russian at 0230 did not seem // 6155.

VOR, 6155 via Germany to NAm, which was in Russian earlier, switched to English and was well heard at the odd time of 0339 beginning the program ``Songs from Russia`` introduced by ``Carl Watts``; 0400 news in English

** SOUTH AFRICA. 7215 had some African music at 0344 Oct 28, good signal. But when I went back at 0347 it was gone. That would be TWR via Meyerton in

Amharic, or something, scheduled 0300-0345. Heard no announcements

** SPAIN. REE opening ``La Hora de Asia`` at 1405 Sunday Oct 28 on 21610,

21570, both stronger than // 21540. Great to have 13m opening up again, but it

may not last

** SWEDEN [non]. R. Sweden confirmed Oct 28 at new later time of 1530 in

English to NAm via Canada, on 15240; VG here

** THAILAND [and non]. Early B-07 monitoring, UT Oct 28: As in the new VOA schedule, Spanish at 0030-0200 is on new 5890 --- that knocks out the relay of R. Thailand via Greenville. So is the latter now on 12095 direct from Thailand?

Monitors in Asia, please check. Nothing audible here. Propagation conditions

are quite poor tonight. Question also remains whether Thailand relay at

0200-0330 will be on 5890 from Greenville now instead of Delano (or neither?).

If not, try direct frequency 15275.

[later:] R. Thailand relay was still on 5890, presumably Delano, UT Oct 28 at

0205 check in English news; 0223 recheck during talk feature audio abruptly

stopped. I had been hearing some noise underneath, had not decided if it was

new Cuban jamming left over, but then heard `machine-gun` blasts periodically,

perhaps on the audio feed from Thailand lacking normal modulation. 0229 was

back with bells IS, but 0230 modulation stopped again when hour of Thai was

supposed to start.

Another monitoring session in time to hear the last few words from Delano,

which were in Thai, on 5890. The audio cut off, on and then off again for good

at 0327. The carrier was turned off with no further audio at 0329:20. No ID, no

formal VOA sign-off, no ``goodbye, job well done``, no nothing. And no closing

for R. Thailand.

The audio interruptions may have been RT`s fault, not VOA`s, or neither`s.

However, you`d think they would have worked out the bugs in this by now. It may

not matter any more.

BTW, if you are uncertain of the gender of a person heard speaking Thai, you

can easily tell with which gender they identify --- I hesitate to say which

gender they *are* --- by the polite particles appended to the end of many

sentences. `Males` say `krap` [high tone], `females` say `ka` [falling tone,

IIRC], and as for what intermediate, homosexual, or cross-gender persons say, I

am not at all sure. Wouldn`t it be handy if we had particles like this in


** TURKEY. Checked for V. of Turkey on new winter frequency 6020 for NAm at new time of 0400 Oct 28, and what did I hear? CRI in English with Aussie doing ``news``. No sign of VOT. What`s going on? CRI via Albania 6020 is supposed to stop at 0400 just in time for Turkey. VOT not audible on 7240 either. Maybe they were waiting another 24 hours to go B-07. Jean-Michel Aubier in France, however, says he did hear Turkey around 0415. Maybe the Albanian transmitter did not get turned off at the proper time

** UKRAINE. Still no sign of Ukraine at any time during the evening UT Oct 28

on 7530 (or 7440). So NAm service is still suspended

** U K [non]. At 0335 Oct 28, found an interview on 6145 by a Brit, of an

American jazz musician. Oops, it`s Al Greenspan talking about his book and his

early years. I figured it was BBCWS, and yes, BBC promotion before 0359*.

Looked up later, this is now scheduled only at 0300-0400 from Ascension at 114

degrees, but quite a useful clear signal here in CNAm

** U S A. Early B-07 monitoring, UT Oct 28: As in the new VOA schedule, Spanish at 0030-0200 is on new 5890 --- that knocks out the relay of R. Thailand [q.v.] via Greenville. VOA 5890 was // 5940 (late coming on after YD at 0029, went off again), and much stonger on // 9560 = Delano`s last gasp.

It`s Ventana a Cuba the 0030 half-hour, which means it must be jammed as soon

as the DCJC command figures out the new frequencies. Still jamming 6110, just

vacated by VOA, so probably really jamming Tirana, unless they haven`t made the

QSY yet; can`t tell

** U S A. WEWN, 5810, signal had built up so that at 0342 Oct 28, I could hear

its spiky splatter out to 5785/5835, plus/minus 25 kHz. Europeans considering

getting any closer to 5810, beware

** U S A [and non]. Since my FRG-7 was still tuned to 10 meters when I turned

it on again at 0550 UT October 26, I checked to see if there was still any

opening in the middle of the night: yes, some CW beacons around 28270,

including on 28272, W4TIY, which according to its website is 25 watts in

Dallas, GA. I was also hearing some distorted FM music on 28415, not fading

much and not sure if local or skip from some pirate; also obscured SSB station

on the low side I was never able to copy. Music was off around 0557. 16m was

barely open too with Chinese on 17880 at 0600, but missed ID if any. Probably

RFA Saipan as scheduled rather than Chinese jamming in this case

** VENEZUELA [non]. Apparently Hugo Chávez Frías still has his cold, or some

other excuse for missing another ``Aló, Presidente`` date. Sunday Oct 28 at

1503, the RHC introductory fill program ``Mundo 7`` was wrapping up on 11670,

11875, 13750, 17750, all good, but with 17750 and 13750 an echo apart from

11875. This is normally when they finally join RNV for A,P, but when I tuned

back in at 1508, all were in open carrier. Left a receiver on 17750 to see if

program would come back, but still open until finally turned off at 1527*.

Think of how many undernourished Cubans the cost of all these wasted kW could have fed? Who cares? Billed to the oil-rich Venzies, anyway

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh, 15265 via Rampisham UK, Oct 29 at 1346-1349 reconfirmed still with sticking music CD, as had been heard any day in A-07 on 17700, so this anomaly has survived the QSY

** ALBANIA [and non]. VOA threw a monkey wrench into the worx, moving Spanish to 6110 for a sesquimonth, and thus drawing Cuban jamming, while R. Tirana already planned to use 6110 to NAm starting in B-07. VOA is gone, but not the jamming. The DentroCuban Jamming Command will eventually catch on, but it usually takes a while. While on UT Oct 28 I could not hear Tirana at all, on

Oct 29 it was there at 0113 with nice Albanian music, the jamming not too

severe at the moment, // 7425. This is the Albanian transmission scheduled

0000-0130; however at 0130 check, when both signals had weakened a lot, they

kept going in Albanian instead of English, that being the day off for English,

but Albanian is still nominally ending at 0130.

The retimed morning broadcast at 1530 on new 13640 is now running Mon-Sat, so not heard Sun Oct 28 but Mon Oct 29 at 1530 with transmission schedule, still

announcing old 13750 and 13720 frequencies and old times of 1300 and 2000

respectively; tho the correct new transmission schedule was already heard Oct

28 at 0330 on 6110, as I reported. Reception on 13640 was only poor, and at

first I thought it had unforeseen co-channel QRM, since I heard Chinese mixing,

but this turned out to be cross-modulation, receiver overload from the huge CRI

signal via Sackville on 13675. Attenuating got rid of it, and I hope when and

where Tirana has a somewhat stronger relative signal, this will not be a

problem. The new 9915 broadcast at 2100 was not heard Sunday either, but should be on Mon-Sat

** ALGERIA [non]. Under PMS, 6090 Anguilla, Oct 29 at 0538, muezzin. This was right on frequency so not Nigeria or something. Must be a new service --- yes, Rampisham UK is now on 6090 at 0400-0600 due south. Must presume this is RTA Algeria Qur`an service, which the Brits are happy to propagate, since the

casual listener will assume it`s axually direct from Algeria

** CROATIA [non]. Glas Hrvatske, ex-9925, confirmed back in 40m hamband on 7285 via Germany for B-07 to Americas (oops, Iceland!), 0137 Oct 29 three

transmitters from two sites synchronized OK, no echo noticeable

** CUBA [non]. Another reactivated frequency for R. Martí is 5745, heard Oct 29

at 1318 in Spanish // 7405, but no jamming yet on 5745, now scheduled

1100-1400. At 1506, big jamming still going on 11845, no longer occupied by

Martí, but instead 15330 still in the clear, tho // 11930 and 13820 are jammed

as usual

** DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. R. Amanecer, presumed, 6025.1, Oct 29 at 0127 hymns with piano accompaniment, perhaps from local studio or church, followed by Spanish announcement. Bad splatter from CRI 6020 via Albania, much more of a problem than adjacent DentroCuban jamming and Martí on 6030. On the DX-398 tuning in 5-kHz steps with BFO on, it was easy to tell this one was off frequency, and hence rule out a major broadcaster, except Sackville

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, 7270, Oct 29 at 0136, and also when checked earlier in that

hour, just open carrier, or if there was modulation, it was too low to

register. Supposed to be in Spanish 0045-0200 until English starts

** ETHIOPIA [non]. Tensae now supposed to be on 11900 at 15-16, but Oct 29 at 1500 nothing audible, not even jamming. I miss the excitement of ex-15645

** FRANCE [non]. RFI can`t be bothered to put even a semihour in English on SW to NAm, even tho they still produce English for Africa, but they still do

Spanish to NAm, noted Oct 29 at 0118, VG on 5995 with sports report including

what`s going on in LAm and France. This is 295 degrees from Guiana French, and the eastern 3/4 of the USA, CIRAF zones 7 and 8 are part of the official target area! Ditto for // 9800, unchecked. However, RFI has just abolished 2/3 of its daytime Spanish semihours on 17630 via GUF, the ones at 1600 and 1800,

retaining only 2100

** GUIANA FRENCH. TDF DRM, 17870-17875-17880, has been missing for a couple of weeks, and still missing Monday Oct 29 at 1402 check; fine with me, tho Libya is gone from 17870 to 17725 for 14-16 English

** HUNGARY [and non]. R. Budapest, 5980 in Hungarian to NAm, Oct 29 at 0117 was atop co-channel in Arabic, which must be Morocco, missing from HFCC and perhaps assumed not to exist. This was also a problem last winter, but thankfully, it matters little now as Budapest has abolished English

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia, via Moldova, now scheduled on 11530 all the way from 0500 to 1500, but as usually happens, blocked by inconsiderate US station much of the time. Oct 29 at 1330 WYFR in Portuguese atop; at 1407 recheck, VOM in the clear, poor with flutter.

WYFR now scheduled on 11530, 05-08 & 12-14. At least WEWN does not come on 11530 until 1500. So that leaves 08-12 & 14-15 clear for VOM

** SLOVAKIA. RSI, still on 7230 to NAm for English at 0100, despite this being

in an exclusive hamband in Region 2; Oct 29 at 0110 in mailbag replying to Ted

Schuerzinger in NY, but not at all sure how to pronounce his name; must not

know much German there in Bratislava. OTOH, the presenters seemed not to be


** SPAIN. REE`s website is not exactly user-friendly, mixed in with RTVE, but I

finally found they have put up a handy new program schedule grid dated Oct 29,

but beware: not specified but must be in local time since I heard La Hora de

Asia Sun at 1405 UT, not 1505 as on the sked! And co-official languages are in

the 1330 UT semihour now, not 1430.


I was looking for La Bañera de Ulises, the Mediterranean-music show from Radio

3, but it`s no longer on the REE schedule, and if you go to Radio 3, you are

redirected to REE for it! However, it is still on the R3 schedule Sat at 14

local, which from now on should be 13 UT, perhaps the only way to hear it, as

an audio archive, also hard to locate, only linx to a couple of months of shows

from (last?) Nov & Dec.

A new show on the REE schedule may be its replacement, ``La Costa de las

Tormentas``, Thu 06, Sat 09, Mon 01, for 50 minutes within these hours. Could

not find anything about this show, even whether it`s musical or not, but need

to check it out. Thu at 05 UT was a previous time for LBdU on REE.

Amigos de la Onda Corta has also changed scheduling, probably 5 minutes later

than: Fri 0730, Sat 1100, Sun 0400, Mon 0330, apparently no longer Sun at 0105. The grid says nothing about frequencies, so you have to look elsewhere for those

** SUDAN [non]. If Miraya FM, 9825 via ? stays at 13-16 UT instead of 15-18,

they now confront VOA Tinang at 14-15, which is what I heard here signing off

at 1500 Oct 29. There was a slight SAH and very weak signal there afterwards

** TURKEY. 15450 was doing fine most days in Oct from VOT, English at

1230-1325, but they go and change it for B-07, now 1330-1425 on 12035 and

11735, same as B-06. And also same as B-06, on first check Oct 29 at 1407 in

Turkish music, 11735 tho poor with flutter, was much better than barely audible

12035. This is anomalous, since 12035 is aimed at WEu and NAm, and 11735 is

aimed eastward. Unless the antennas are messed up, as we frequently suspected,

apparently long-path is working better than short-path

** VATICAN. ``Laudetur Jesus Christus`` heard on 5965 as soon as I tuned in,

Oct 29 at 0540, and into French, a fast SAH mixing with REE Costa Rica, which

is scheduled 0400-0800. 5965 is new for Vatican, and they are making extensive

use of it, damn the QRM. Perhaps they think they have inherited rights to it

from Rai. Vatican on 5965 now 0400-0805, 0900-1015, 1100-1215 ** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI via Cuba, reconfirmed still on 11680 at 1505 Oct 29.Not like they observe any HFCC seasonal change dates

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana`s new 9915 at 2100-2130 in English to NAm was barely

audible here during first broadcast Oct 29; both on portable at a store parking

lot at 2108, and on the home rig at 2126, when the signal barely surpassed the

local S9+15 noise level, unlike several other Europeans on 31m which overrode

it. The good news is that there was no interference at all on 9515, nor on

adjacent or even second-adjacent channels, so with a bit better propagation,

and as usual a location a bit further east, it should be usable

** CANADA. 9625 heard IDing as ``CBC North, Radio One``, Oct 29 at 2136 in the half-hour Northern news and feature show, which seemed to be mostly in English;

report about how removing children from parents` custody is handled; weather

conditions. Usual muffled undermodulation and frequency a tad on the low side,

as the sub-harmonic catchers have noted. Should shift to 2230 M-F from next


** CUBA. Confirmed back on UT-5 a week ahead of the yanqui imperialistas, as

just when I tuned across 11800, Oct 29 at 2134, RHC was giving timecheck for

4:34, hora normal de Cuba, = 2134 TU

** CUBA. Another filthy transmitter here relaying China, on 13650, Oct 29 at

2259, open carrier with crackling noise also audible out to plus/minus 15 kHz,

13635-13665. 2300 promptly into IS, ID in Chinese, and opening in Portuguese as R. Internacional da China, with distorted modulation. This is 250 kW at 135

degrees from one of the Habana sites

** EGYPT. Trying to confirm R. Cairo is on 9465 in B07 for English to NAm at

2300-2430: Oct 29 at 2302, very undermodulated woman talking, interrupted every so often by a blast of disco music. Listening intently, I finally decided an

occasional word was understandable as English

** GREECE. Macedonian Station on 7450 with Greek music, Oct 29 at 2211, fair

signal and much better than V. of Greece on 7475. Both are transmitted from

Avlis, but 7450 is at 323 degrees toward us while 7475 is really at 285 degrees

toward Latin America. At 2220, however, noticed that 7450 had a het on the low

side, becoming annoying, maybe from a utility as no other broadcasters are

known on 7450

** PORTUGAL. RDPI, 11620, VG signal but distorted in silly bolagame coverage, Monday Oct 29 at 2133. Contrary to the tentative B-07 schedule in DXLD 7-125, apparently 11620 is instead of 15540 to NAm at 19-24, more or less

** U S A. VOA`s music hour at 2100 via Greenville is back on 15580 for

B-season, as Monday Oct 29 at 2148 caught last fifth of American Gold with Doug Levine, playing Li`l Stevie Wonder`s first hit, ``Fingertips Part Two``, then

Ruby & the Romantix --- theme seemed to be first or only hits.

Schedule for this hour is:

Mon American Gold

Tue Roots and Branches

Wed Classic Rock

Thu Top 20 Countdown

Fri Hip Hop Connection 1

Sat Hip Hop Connection 2

Sat Fusion

Earlier and at all other times except this single hour, 15580 is via overseas

sites, but at 21-22 it`s 250 kW from Greenville aimed 94 degrees, which means

it also puts a huge signal, at least S9 +25, into CNAm, the opposite direxion.

Even so, there was slight interference from KTBN on 15590, whose dirty

transmitter and big signal of its own is always accompanied by a distinctive

buzz out to at least plus/minus 10 (not heard on other strong signals), plus

splatter out to 15570-15620 or so. I could actually hear KTBN splatter below

VOA 15580; only the big signal from VOA saved it, most of the time. The 15580

carrier stayed on until 2205:30* so no hurry to get that transmitter to some

other frequency.

Another Greenville transmission to Africa, which should also serve NAm well, is

at 1800-2000 on 11975.

The interim hour 2000-2100 on 11975 changes to São Tomé. Unfortunately this is the hour carrying African Beat on weekdays, two different editions of Music

Time in Africa on weekends. Other SW frequencies at 20-21 are 4930 4940 6080

13710=Botswana with 4940 stopping at 2030 on weekdays

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, new 1530 broadcast on 13640; Oct 30, poor signal and not listenable, but no interference. How is it doing further east? And the 2100 is

on 9915, not 9515 as I typoed in previous report

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command has found 5745; R. Martí now jammed at 1235 check Oct 30, along with 5980 which is now scheduled 0700-1300

** FRANCE [non]. Checking whether RFI has really canceled two of its Spanish

broadcasts, Oct 30 at 1557, a weak station, presumably Gabon, went off 17630,

but no sign of RFI at 1600 as previously scheduled via Guiana French; nor on

17860 as one report had it. At 1800, also nothing on 17630. Spanish should

still be going at 2100 on 17630; 0100 on 5995, 9800.

RFI in English, possibly incomplete, need to be confirmed:

0400-0430 7315 9805 [M-F]

0500-0530 9805 11995 [M-F]

0600-0630 7315 11995 13680 [M-F]

0700-0730 11725

1200-1230 21620

1600-1700 11615 15160-RSA

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Half of the four daily English hours to NAm from RNW via Bonaire make a DST one-hour shift, half do not. Why? 0000 and 0100, now on 6165, stay the same regardless of DST, but 0400 on 6165 shifts to 0500, and 1100 on 11675 shifts to 1200. And this happened already Oct. 28. As a result,

for this Week of Confusion only, Central-timers such as myself can more

conveniently hear RNW at 7 am and midnight local time = CDT, then back to 6 am and 11 pm CST.

Especially in the morning, 7 am means a much larger potential awakened audience than at 6 am. If the shifts must be made, why aren`t they on NAm dates? Doing them on European dates only adds to the confusion of listeners. I suspect the shifts are not really for our benefit, but to accommodate studio/transmitter scheduling of higher-priority broadcasts, such as Dutch. English broadcasts to other worldparts do not make any timeshift.

Anyhow, this gave me a chance to listen to the new Curious Orange until 0557 UT Tuesday, and The State We`re In, until 1257 UT Tuesday Oct 30

** SWEDEN [non]. Surprised to hear Swedish from R. Sweden on 11690, Oct 30 at 1304, and very strong, must be Sackville, but not on schedules. RTTY on low

side avoidable by tuning slightly upward. No trace of HCJB underneath, which in

B-07 is still on 11690 to SAm in the mornings; 1332 recheck, Sweden off, HCJB

audible // much stronger 11960. The Sweden via Sackville transmission at

1300-1330 is supposed to be on 11670!

** TURKEY. Opposite of the day before, on Oct 30 the 1330 VOT English broadcast was barely audible on 12035, and inaudible on 11735, when checked at 1335. 11735 also has QRM de VOA on 11740

** U S A. Oct 30 at 1444 came upon big S9+25 open carrier on 15480, then played VOA-sounding synthesized jazzy music until cut off abruptly at 1506, and

carrier off around 1508:40. No announcements. I am quite confident this was

Greenville testing (assuming Delano will not even test any more). The music

came in cuts of roughly one minute with pauses, as if playing a CD of VOA

production music. Some of it may well have been themes for unfamiliar shows,

past or present. It`s one of those frequencies IBB uses only for testing

purposes, not scheduled for any public broadcasts. It would have been a good

opportunity to record all this production music intact with no voice-overs.

Perhaps they will do it again another day, or another Tuesday? Not sure when it


** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI via CUBA, Oct 30 at 1257 on 11705, ending `De Primera Mano`` talk about something going on in Barcelona (Spain, I think, not Venezuela), then still giving 3.5-year-old, out-of-date transmission schedule,

but with nice piano background, iffy Apartado 3979 address, not finished until

1303, plus open carrier for a while. These transmissions often run a few

minutes late

** ANGUILLA. DGS was still audible on 6090 as late as 1335 UT Oct 31, tnx to

lowered local noise level during power failure, and even more tnx to the

scheduled switch to 11775 at 1000 being long overdue. Yes, nothing on 11775

then or as late as I checked, 1507, facilitating reception of NIGERIA, q.v.

** AUSTRIA. 17610 at 1454 Oct 31, repetitious singing with primitive string

instrument, brief talk in unID language, some more music, cut off abruptly at

1458:30. This must be AWR in Afar daily via Moosbrunn as scheduled from 1430. Iwonder how many Afars aspire to be Adventists?

** CUBA [and non]. RHC normally has a huge signal on 13680, must be aimed

uswards, but Oct 31 at 1412 it was not enough for Fidel to overcome the ACI

from CRI via Sackville 13675. Commies vs Commies!

** GREECE. VOG keeps its options open with both 15630 and 15650 available much of the day, but currently is on 15650 until 1550, then switching beams and

frequency to 15630 from 1600. Oct 31 at 1407, Greek vocal music on 15650

instead of 15630 as in A-07 season, easily IDed by // 9420

** GUIANA FRENCH. TDF DRM, 17870-17875-17880, Oct 31 at 1452, but it was not there during an earlier bandscan at 1402. Maybe it has kept running, but on a shortened schedule I hadn`t noticed. Per DRMDX sked, it is supposed to be 13-20 daily, and I think I have also found it absent in the 19 UT hour, and we know it is intentionally only M-F.

DRM DX also shows azimuth as 363 degrees, which seems unlikely. Or does that mean a rotatable antenna was past maximum clockwise position? Some rotors for ham or TV antennas have a range exceeding 360 degrees, which is certainly convenient

** INDIA [and non]. AIR GOS, 9690, has an interference problem here, and surely also in the SEAs target zone. Oct 31 at 1418, AIR in English with ID, slightly atop hymns. KTWR Guam is scheduled in Korean after 1400 also on 9690 ** MEXICO. XEYU reactivated after a few weeks, and with better signal than ever, Oct 31 at 0642 as I scanned the 31m band. Steady S9+20, during discussion of NY and DF music and arts scenes; good modulation and no het, tho stilloff-frequency around 9599.3. Rechecked during power outage at 1341 and also VG, with relay of R. France Internacional during news hour. I keep hitting them when they are not playing classical music

** NETHERLANDS [non]. A reminder to North Americans who find RN`s morning broadcast too early at 1200-1257: we can get fairly good reception of the Asian service at 1400-1557 via Madagascar, now on its B-season frequency 12080, as checked Oct 31 at 1509. // 15595 not checked.

The Talata station is the most distant major SW broadcaster from here, our

antipodes being further out in the Indian Ocean. The actual antipodes of Talata

is roughly halfway between Revillagigedo and BI Hawaii, so anyone sailing out

there should have great reception from Madagascar, all beams converging

** NIGERIA. 11770, Oct 31 at 1507, talking drums, then YL in Swahili with an

accent; good modulation and helped by absence of Anguilla 11775. V. of Nigeria

as scheduled in Swahili at 1500-1530, per Thorsten Hallmann`s Africalist


** OKLAHOMA. Looked for MW harmonix during power outage, but nothing heard beyond the usual locals, including on 2780 KCRC 1390x2, and on 2880 KGWA 960x3, but KCRC audio was also audible under KGWA on 2880, which doesn`t make sense.

Lo noise also uncovered 3280, KFXY 1640x2, which I don`t normally hear; it is

10x the power of the other two in daytime, but probably at least 10x the

distance to site

** PORTUGAL. DRM on 13585-13590-13595 at 1410 Oct 31 mixing with CODAR. Interesting to hear two unwanted noises clashing; I wonder how CODAR affects DRM reception, or vice versa. DRM sked shows this is DW Sines aimed east

** SAUDI ARABIA [and non]. The sparsely-occupied 16mb should be clear of

collisions, but we still have them: Oct 31 at 1402, VOA in English mixing with

a weaker station in Arabic. Yes, BSKSA Riyadh deliberately overlaps with VOA

Botswana for an hour at 1400-1500. Botswana aims north and Riyadh aims west, so the real collision is in north Africa

** SUDAN [non]. Looking again for Miraya FM, 9825, Oct 31 on battery power. At 1356, open carrier with flutter, VOA Tinang about to come on, so did not try

again until 1500 as it was signing off. Heard an NHK-style timesignal, then

very poor signal with some singing, but nothing left by 1504. If Miraya is such

a big signal in Europe you`d think a bit more of it would reach here. Unclear

when Miraya hours will be corrected from 1300-1600 to 1500-1800, but in any

event, 1500-1600 should catch them either way. Whatever the site, IRRS now has it on their schedule as 1500-1800

** THAILAND [and non]. Checked R. Thailand`s English service on 9725 to As/Au, Oct 31 at 1421. Quickly heard with ID, but only tnx to a long pause in the

discourse of DGS Costa Rica, with a much stronger signal. Fortunately, 9725 is

often down for days at a time; it had been off-frequency, hetting anything else

on 9725.0, but now it perfectly matched Udorn

** TURKEY. VOT, IS at 1327 Oct 31, before English, found 12035 much stronger than 11735. You never know which will be better from one day to the next

** U S A. At least one of the WEWN transmitters puts out a constant squeal. (We

have discussed this before --- something to do with cards in the modulators

needing replacement), and it has been going on for years. Apparently WEWN

counts on highly-motivated listeners who will put up with it, or they just

don`t care. Currently at 1345 it`s 7540 with this problem, noted in Spanish Oct


** VATICAN [and non]. At 1328 Oct 31 on 11740, two stations mixing about

equally, Vatican the one in Italian, and WYFR the one in French. Catholix vs


Kevin Redding- Gilbert, AZ

DX440 and Eton AN03 Compact Antenna


11735 Voice of Korea N. Korea DPR 10/15 0050 weak and in SS.

11780 Radio Nacional do Amazonia Brasilia, Brazil 10/15 0053 playing modern PP music.

11885 China Radio International English Xian, China 10/15 0054 ID in many languages. Weak, QRN.

11920 HCJB Quito, Ecuador 10/15 0056 preaching in PP.

11930 China Radio International 10/15 0057 woman in CC. Strong.

12020 HCJB Quito, Ecuador 10/15 0058 // 11920 preaching in PP.

13362 AFRTS Guam, USA 10/15 0100 SSB barely there sounded like news in EE.

13760 Voice of Korea N. Korea DPR 10/15 0105 N. Korean news in EE with RFE-RL under causing interference. It would be an exceptionally good signal if RFE was not there. Almost Local.

9420 Foni Tis Helladas Athens, Greece 10/15 0030 with music and woman in GR. Good.

9560 VOA 10/15 0039 in SS and with latin flavored ballroom music. Local.

9570 China Radio International Cerrik, Albania 10/15 0040 with ID then telling a story about a trade unionist. Fair.

9700 Radio Bulgaria Plovdiv, Bulgaria 10/15 0043 woman in BG. Weak and fluttery.

11640 Radio Taiwan International Kouhu, Taiwan  10/15 0047 woman and man in CC. Strong.

11720 HCJB Quito, Ecuador 10/15 0049 woman in SS. Strong.


I was listening on a DX-390 and AN-03 antenna...

I have listened for a long long long time to Radio Australia and tuned into 9580 last night. They have been on that frequency forever. I used to listen to that in Hawaii,Rhode Island, Texas and here in Arizona. They put in a monster signal. They are also on 9590 with a fair signal, its clear but not as loud as 9580.

Heard this on a Grundig YB-400 PE, while in Mesa....

This morning I was spinning the dial on 9480 1747 UTC and there was a US station with an interminably long stopset. It spilled into a political show with Dr. Larry Bates and Chuck Bates on KAIJ.


I took out a old 1995 wideband radio an AOR 2700 with a whip and heard the following:

15235 Radio Canada Intl 1815 10/24 with a program called "The Link". Solid.

17595 UNID 1840 10/24 with SS futbol game. Had no time to check and its not on PWBR. If you know, tell me. [REE]

Harry Helms –Smithville, TX

Sony ICF 2010


Heard while casually tuning from 6:45-7:00 am Central/1145-1200 UTC on the ICF-2010:

3320 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang listed with male talk in Korean; good signal.

3325 UNID Male talk with no music heard in several checks. Fair-poor signal but low modulation made Iding the language difficult. Radio Bougainville in Papua

New Guinea most likely but I can't be sure.

3330 CANADA CHU at good level with time signals. Not DX, but there was a good bit of daylight here.

3340 HONDURAS Radio Misiones International at a very good level with Spanish talk and music. It's not scheduled for sign on until 1200 UTC, but it was there before then.


4985 BRAZIL Radio Brasil Central assumed one here with two men excitedly talking in Portuguese, almost like a soccer match except for no crowd noise 2357. Good signal.

4965 ZAMBIA The Voice, 0005 male hymn in English and into English religious talk by man 0009. Strong level.

4920 ECUADOR Radio Quito assumed one here with beautiful Andean flute music amid heavy utility QRM 0018.

4915 BRAZIL Portuguese talk by man and woman at good level. Both Radio Nacional and Radio Anhanquero listed; former has higher power but no ID heard 0020.

4845 MAURITANIA Radio Mauritanie, Nouakchott, French telephone call-in program with male host 0027, into female vocal with Middle Eastern instrumental

accompaniment 0034. Strong signal.

4815 BRAZIL Radio Difusora, Landrina, assumed one with Portuguese pop vocal and male announcer 0044.

4790 UNID Spanish vocal "in there" but just too much CODAR QRM for me to stick around 0046; Radio Atlantida, Peru likely.

4780 GUATEMALA Radio Cultural Coatan, San Sebastian, assumed one at good level with earnest-sounding male Spanish talk 0048 and very good signal.

4755 BRAZIL Radio Educacao Rural, Campo Grande, assumed one at fair level with male and female alternating in Portuguese 0051.

One thing that's really striking about 60 meters these days is how severe QRM is from the CODAR over-the-horizon radar system. Using synchronous detection or listening in USB/LSB only seems to enhance the QRM. Each of the loggings above suffered some from the "zzwwapp!!" sound made by CODAR sweeps.

Murray Lycan – 100 Mile House, BC

Receiver, Antenna


5883kHz AM @ 0701Z just below WWCR: Woman reading numbers in Spanish.

Very strong here: 59+20dB. What?


So is that extremely weak signal on 4754.8kHz @ 0745Z actually Pacific

Missionary Aviation on Pohnpei? Too weak to ID.


Have been listening to 4755.25kHz from 1000~1030Z. I hear steady

carrier. On peaks, I hear speech audio. Tried every trick here, but

signal is just too weak and noise too high.

Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Eton E-10 and whip


9:30 PM to after 10 PM Eastern Daylight time from near Silverstreet, SC

6010 Radio Sweden...... discussing boycotting theOlympic games in China if China does not put pressure on the Junta in Burma to allow democracy....

6020 China Radio International .....talking about how great a SW broadcaster they are

6050 WYFR Family Radio from the FL transmitter site.

6075 Deutsche Welle

5950 Radio Taiwan International with weather forecast for the island.

9860 Radio Moscow er, Voice of Russia by way of Vatican State

6180 Radio Havana Cuba

6175 Radio Canada

6165 Radio Nederlands (maybe by way of Antilles)

Down in the Basement

(editor – Jay Heyl)

This is the fourth of an ongoing series of articles intended as an introduction to DXing non-directional beacons (NDBs). In previous articles we’ve covered types of beacons, transmission formats, frequencies, offsets, intervals, and began to discuss techniques for listening.

While most NDBs actually broadcast in AM mode, AM mode on your radio is not the best way to listen for beacons. It can be used, but you will be operating with a handicap. SSB is better. CW is best, particularly if you’re DXing by ear rather than using software.

DXing NDBs is a rather esoteric pursuit. And, like many other esoteric pursuits, many arcane pieces of equipment have been developed to assist in the pursuit. We’ll start with some of the less obscure – the radios.

Any decent radio with SSB or CW mode can be used to DX NDBs. Due to the crowding of signals and carriers, it is beneficial to have the ability to tune the radio in very small increments.

Probably the most popular radio among beacon hunters is the Icom R-75, not in small part to its 1 Hz tuning increment. It also offers the ability to add or exchange RF filters, allowing use of very narrow CW filters. While it is purposely desensitized somewhat to avoid overload from local AM BCB stations, even the stock R-75 is still a very capable NDB DXer. If beacon hunting is your goal, but you’d rather avoid wandering too far from the mainstream, the R-75 is your ticket.

Other very popular, semi-mainstream radios include the AOR AR7030 and the AR7030+. These are usually considered better overall radios than the R-75, but the lack of 1 Hz tuning brings them in a close second when it comes to NDBs. The odd 2.4 Hz tuning increment is about the only difference as far as NDBs are concerned. (The AR7030 has other features, like AM Sync that actually works, that give it an edge over the R-75 for other listening.)

The JRC NRD-545 would most likely also make a very good NDB DX machine, though I know of no one who uses one as such. It’s a rather expensive way to go and in the end is unlikely to get you much more than the R-75 can at one third the price. The NRD-545 has been officially discontinued, but there are apparently a great many of them still in the supply chain.

From here the radios tend toward the very esoteric, sometimes requiring considerable additional support hardware and customization. A few models of Wandel & Goltermann selective level meters are popular, more so in Europe than in North America. One should have considerable technical knowledge before trying this route for beacon hunting.

If your radio isn’t on this list, don’t be discouraged. Give it a try. There are several ways to approach beacon hunting. The radios listed here are among those that are natively suited to the task. There are ways to compensate for a radio not being a perfect fit to beacon hunting.

Primary among those ways is audio processing. The choices here fall into three overlapping categories. First are standalone digital signal processors (DSP). These are somewhat general purpose, though often have built in functions specific to certain radio pursuits. The Timewave DSP-599zx is quite popular. It has dozens of functions and quite a few specific to processing CW. The most useful is the adjustable width CW filter. You set the center frequency to correspond to the BFO setting on your radio and then can dial up an audio filter as narrow as 10Hz. (Timewave is a bit generous with their measurement of filter width. The 10Hz setting is more like 20Hz using more standard measurement techniques.) This extremely narrow filter will often allow you to distinguish three or four different beacons on the same nominal frequency as long as they have slightly different offsets.

The CW mode can be used even if you don’t have CW mode on your radio. You’ll just need to adjust the center frequency (CF) according to how you’ve tuned your radio. For instance, if you’re using SSB mode, the CF will essentially be a fine tuning adjustment, allowing you to focus on very narrow offsets from the frequency tuned on the radio. Say you tune 198 kHz in USB mode on your radio. If you live in the eastern half of the US or Canada, you’ll probably hear 198-DIW producing a tone of about 1020Hz. As you adjust the CF on the DSP to about 1020 you should start to hear DIW’s Morse signal.

There are several other good DSPs available. I mention the DSP-599zx because it’s the one I have and am most familiar with.

Next in our catalog of audio processors is the standalone, dedicated audio filter. These are custom made filters designed to filter out everything but an extremely narrow range surrounding a specific frequency. Mine has a bandwidth of 6.4 Hz surrounding 366.6 Hz, the latter being my preferred BFO setting. These are pretty much the ultimate for zeroing in on a specific CW signal when doing things by ear. If you’re electronically inclined you can build one for not all that much money. If you’re solder-impaired like me, there are several hobbyists who will happily build one for you at a fairly reasonable price.

Last in our stable of audio processors is the most flexible and most commonly available – the computer. If your computer is quiet enough (audibly and electrically) to have in the radio room and you have a good sound card or on-board processor, the things you can do to the audio coming from your radio are almost limitless. There are dozens of programs available to filter the audio and many specifically designed for radio use. Software is a large enough topic that I’m going to save it for another time. For now I’ll just mention one of my personal favorites, a completely free program called SR5. It’s a fairly generic audio filter, though it was designed for use with radio. It lets you draw your own filters right on the frequency graph. Very nice and you can’t beat the price.

Mentioned in passing several times already, RF filters deserve a few words. In fact, two words pretty much sum up the characteristics you want in a RF filter for beacons – "narrow" and "steep". When it comes to filters for CW, the narrower the better. The radio reacts to all the energy that makes it past the RF filters. The wider the filter, the stronger any single signal must be to get over the collective background noise allowed through the filter. Conversely, the narrower the filter, the better the radio is able to discriminate a signal from the collective noise. The narrower the filter, the less total noise is allowed through.

As an example I’ve probably mentioned before, when I first started listening for beacons I was using the stock 2.2 kHz SSB filter in my AR7030+. I would hear hets from the carriers of beacons in my vicinity (within a couple hundred miles), but most of the band was free of hets. Then I added a 300 Hz CW filter and the whole band changed. Now, because of the greatly reduced noise passing through the RF filters, I get hets from beacon carriers on practically every even kHz frequency. While the hets aren’t exactly desirable, the lower power signals that make it over the noise certainly are.

Short of those radios that use DSP to provide filtering, the narrowest filter of which I’m aware is the 125 Hz filter produced by INRAD. As one might expect, the narrower the filter, the higher the price, and this one is no exception. At $155 it costs more than many people would consider spending on a radio, let alone just one component. But it is said to be the best.

Finally, we need to say a few words about antennas. Given that the name given to this band – long wave – is not a misnomer, true longwire antennas are generally not practical for this band. At the high end of the band the wavelength is about 566 meters. At the low end it’s about 1500 meters. Not too many people have the room to lay out even a half-wave antenna for these frequencies.

Due to the wave lengths, loops and amplified whips are very popular with beacon hunters. A few with lots of land use rather long random wires. The mini-whip, which really lives up to its name, is a single circuit board that uses about a one square inch area of the board as the antenna. PVC pipe is used as an enclosure. The entire antenna is about four inches long. For most people it performs extremely well on LW.

The Wellbrook loops are also popular, particularly the model designed specifically for LW and MW. I use a Quantum QX Pro. The biggest downside to using a small ferrite loop like this is that it must be right at hand so it can be aimed and tuned. Necessarily being inside the house puts the QX Pro at a slight disadvantage due to the shielding of the house, but it avails itself quite admirably nonetheless.

Next time we’ll talk in more detail about software and online resources.

On to this month’s loggings…

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ-180A w/ Palomar VLF converter/1 foot air core loop

Stations heard 10/18/07, 9:30 PM PDT, before the TV went on


337    NA    Santa Ana, CA (John Wayne Airport, my local)

344    FCH    Fresno, CA (400 watts)

378    CPM    Compton, CA

Phil Rafuse – Stratford PEI Canada

Drake SAT800/LF Engineering M-601C/Quantum Phaser

26 October 2007

Moving to the basement, local like Algeria on 153, Morroco on 171
pounding in, 189 Iceland playing "Stairway to Heaven", 198 BBC yacking
away like they think they are CBC or something :), 207 Unid and then
from there noise and those "pesky beacons" [ducking :)] take over.

A lot of music on LW.  Refreshing.

Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AR7030+/Quantum QX Pro/Timewave DSP-500zx/Ratzlaff audio filter

7 October 2007

I was spinning the dials looking for beacons tonight and picked up a
very strong het on 207. There are just a small hand full of beacons in
Canada on that frequency, so I figured it must be something else. I
flipped over to AM and heard what sounded to me like Arabic music with
chanting. There was somebody talking briefly when the chanting
stopped, but the signal was very weak with lots of static, so I
couldn't hear a word of it.

My sources list only Germany and Morocco on 207, and I'm thinking this
probably wasn't Germany

31 October 2007

This is sort of a non-log log post. Late last night I quickly checked for a new beacon that had been reported on another list. While I had everything fired up I figured I'd see if I could catch any of the LW broadcast stations. Quite a few frequencies were alive. Due to the informal nature of this short session I didn't write anything down. I do recall hearing what I think was Algeria, Luxembourg, Germany, and possibly Morocco. On one frequency it sounded like there were two stations doing battle, but I couldn't get anything more than a murmur from the second one.

Beacons for the month --


YYYYMMDD UTC kHz Call LSB USB Cyc. Miles + Location


20071015 04:34 206 QI 410 10.2 1360 Yarmouth, NS, CAN

20071015 04:31 206 VNC 380 380 110 VENICE, FL, USA

20071014 21:54 242 PJN 1030 1050 173 Ft Lauderdale,FL,USA

20071014 21:44 245 SR 1042 1030 97 RINGY, FL, USA

20071014 21:37 253 RHZ 1020 980 6 46 ZEPHYRHILLS, FL, USA

20071022 04:10 254 5B 409 10.2 1565 Y Summerside, PE, CAN

20071014 21:33 257 SQT 1045 1040 49 Melbourne, FL, USA

20071015 04:50 260 MTH 1040 1040 255 MARATHON, FL, USA

20071014 21:28 261 CHN 1020 1020 6 67 WAUCHULA, FL, USA

20071028 19:23 269 GN 1040 1040 6 99 WYNDS, FL, USA

20071014 21:15 270 TPF 1040 1032 7.8 71 Tampa, FL, USA

20071014 21:10 275 FPR 1035 1037 8.1 90 Fort Pierce, FL, USA

20071014 20:59 329 ISM 1020 1030 7 KISSIMMEE, FL, USA

20071014 20:46 332 FIS 1045 1038 8 266 Key West, FL, USA

20071014 20:43 335 LEE 1030 1020 5 37 LEESBURG, FL, USA

20071027 05:43 336 MCZ 1035 1030 6.8 572 Williamston, NC, USA

20071014 20:37 338 FJ 1050 1040 85 Luuce, FL, USA

20071026 23:38 338 GY 1020 439 DYANA, SC, USA

20071026 23:27 338 CYR 1030 238 Y CAIRO, GA, USA

20071027 00:04 339 OP 1020 353 Y YATES, GA, USA

20071027 03:54 340 IWJ 1020 293 Y Blakely, GA, USA

20071026 23:58 341 HVS 423 Y HARTSVILLE, SC, USA

20071014 20:34 341 FM 1020 1020 133 CALOO, FL, USA

20071027 04:02 341 CKM 1020 673 CLARKSDALE, MS, USA

20071027 00:10 341 CQN 1040 1040 517 Chattanooga, TN, USA

20071027 04:14 344 ZIY 1026 1040 629 George Town CYM

20071014 18:41 344 JA 1070 1010 145 Jacksonville, FL, USA

20071014 18:38 346 PCM 1050 1020 52 Plant City, FL, USA

20071027 04:55 347 AIK 1020 1030 364 AIKEN, SC, USA

20071027 05:24 348 UHA 890 880 383 HAVANA, CUB

20071015 05:08 349 AAF 1030 1020 236 APALACHICOLA, FL, USA

20071029 01:34 350 DF 400 1914 Deer Lake, NL, CAN

20071029 01:21 350 LE 1040 1023 6.0 544 Raleigh, NC, USA

20071029 02:14 353 LI 1030 1025 6.3 773 Y Little Rock, AR, USA

20071029 02:11 353 VV 1020 1020 13.0 375 Greensboro, GA, USA

20071029 02:08 354 MKS 1025 342 Moncks Corner,SC,USA

20071029 03:04 356 BXG 1020 323 Y BURKE COUNTY, GA, USA

20071029 02:36 356 HZ 1040 624 Y HAZER, LA, USA

20071014 18:30 357 EYA 1009 6.5 141 Jacksonville, FL, USA

20071028 06:29 358 TNY 1010 1020 554 Y Fayetteville, TN, USA

20071028 06:16 359 LYZ 1040 258 WILLIS, GA, USA

20071028 06:45 359 AMT 1020 1010 733 Y West Union, OH, USA

20071014 04:41 360 PI 1020 1020 82 CAPOK, FL, USA

20071028 06:04 360 PN 400 10.4 1731 Port-Menier, QC, CAN

20071013 05:40 360 HIT 1020 1020 332 SANDERVILLE, GA, USA

20071013 05:30 361 HB 1045 1027 7.0 535 Y Burlington, NC, USA

20071014 05:02 362 SB 405 404 1261 Y Sudbury, ON, CAN

20071014 04:53 362 SUR 1022 249 Fitzgerald, GA, USA

20071014 05:11 363 RNB 1059 1040 8.2 842 Millville, NJ, USA

20071014 05:19 365 DYB 1040 1012 330 Summerville, SC, USA

20071028 04:26 365 FKV 980 980 427 Gainesville, GA, USA

20071028 04:16 366 YMW 400 10.2 1266 Maniwaki, QC, CAN

20071014 18:24 368 TP 1040 1020 70 COSME, FL, USA

20071028 02:00 369 ZDX 1020 1015 10.2 1468 Saint Johns, ATG

20071028 01:56 369 CXU 1020 1040 6 258 Y Camilla, GA, USA

20071021 05:34 379 BRA 1020 1052 479 Asheville, NC, USA

20071021 05:31 379 ACZ 1020 481 Y PENDY, NC, USA

20071020 05:24 379 TL 1030 1020 221 Tallahassee, FL, USA

20071014 18:18 388 AM 1050 1030 4 77 Tampa, FL, USA

20071014 18:15 392 VEP 1040 1020 79 Vero Beach, FL, USA

20071014 18:04 408 SFB 1030 990 29 SANFORD, FL, USA

20071020 06:25 415 CBC 1023 1022 8.5 609 West End, CYM

20071014 17:55 417 EVB 1020 1020 6 55 New Smyrna Beach,FL

20071014 17:51 423 OC 1040 1010 67 JUMPI, FL, USA


64 stations shown listed, including 14 stations new to log (shown in + column).

(Output generated by NDB WebLog 1.1.25 - looks best in courier font)

Paul La Freniere – Grand Marais, MN

ICOM IC-R75/Timewave DSP-599zx/Ratzlaff Whip

3 October 2007


ARV     221    2033    1005    WI    Minocqua
DO       236     2037    1015   WI    Minocqua
CM       275     2056    1020   MI    Hancock
MZH    362      2020    1010   MN  Moose Lake
BCK     362     2030    1020   WI    Black River Falls
MHA    364     2039    1015   WI    Manitowish Waters
PNM    368     2031   -1030   MN  Princeton
VIQ      368     2042    1020   WI    Neillsville
PKF     371     2049     1015   WI    Park Falls

Freq   Call       UTC         Location

201    GL        0033        QC    La Grande Riviere
208    YSK     2344        NU    Sanikiluaq
218    YUY     0009        QC    Rouyn-Noranda
230    YMU    0031        QC    Umiujaq
230    QB       0033        QC    Quebec
235    9H        0047        QC    La Grande 3-Camp David
239    VO       0058        QC    Val D"Or
248    UL        0130        QC    Montreal
254    5B        0158        PEI    Summerside    NEW
260    YAT     0218        ON    Attawapiskat
289    YLQ     0256        QC    La Tuque
291    9Q        0300        QC    Amos
303    YPP      0306        QC    Parent

Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

WinRadio 313e, Icom 756 PRO II

I got inspired to do some DGPS, which I had not done much of lately. I set up the frequencies as a memory group in the WinRadio and then scanned them while running DSCdecoder. It seemed to work well, although beacon conditions generally were not good last night. This list is only 19 short of my "Master" log.








Ref ID/bps






Sandy Hook

008/009 200







022/023 100






Cape Ray

340/341 200







012/013 100






Cape Canaveral

018/019 100







044/045 200






Hawk Run

184/185 100







192/193 100







006/007 100






New Bern

196/197 100







034/035 100






Partridge Island

326/327 200






Wisconsin Point

100/101 100






St Jean Richelieu

312/313 200







136/137 200






Hartien Point

330/331 200







344/345 200






Riviere Du Loop

318/319 200







058/059 200







901/ 200







046/047 100







218/219 200







190/191 100







198/199 200







484/485 200






Reedy Point

170/171 200







316/317 200






Cape Norman

342/343 200






Rock Island

156/157 200







244/245 200






Western Head

334/335 200







320/321 200






Sturgeon Bay

104/105 100






Cape Race

338/339 200






Brunswick NAS

042/043 100







144/145 100







052/053 100







036/037 100






Point Escuminac

332/333 200







118/119 100






St David's Head

950 100






Hudson Falls

094/095 200



After a somewhat slow start with beacons this year, here are some logs from here at the home QTH. I usually start new logs around mid Aug. Although the WinRadio performs as well as the Icom on MW, I still prefer the 756 PRO II with the Ratzlaff filter for beacons.





































400 DAID








Saint John

400 DAID








Wilmington/Carolina Beach









Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon/Blanc Sablon

400 DAID


















360 DAID









400 DAID

















East Taunton









Yarmouth/Pleasant Lake

390 DAID









400 DAID









400 DAID








Churchill Falls

400 DAID









400 DAID



























400 DAID









400 DAID


















390 DAID








Bedford/Shaker Hill










400 DAID



























398 DAID








Greenwood (RCAF)

1007 DAID


























Wabana/St John's

370 DAID








New Bedford/Nefor



















396 DAID



























410 DAID









400 DAID








Santa Maria









Argentia (USN)

397 DAID









400 DAID


























Bar Harbor/Surry


















Key West/Fish Hook









La Grande 4

400 DAID








Rockland/Knox County Regional









Smiths Falls

397 DAID









400 DAID








Kitchener/Waterloo Regional/Wellington

379 DAID









404 DAID








Mont Joli/Rimouski-Luceville

403 DAID









379 DAID








Greenwood/Waterville/Aylesford (RCAF)

-1040 DAID









400 DAID



























388 DAID

















Deer Lake

390 DAID









400 DAID


























St Anthony

400 DAID








Owls Head/Sprucehead/Rockland









St John's/Signal Hill

391 DAID

















Ascension Island/Wideawake









Port Menier/Ile de Anticosti

400 DAID








Falmouth/Otis AFB










-410 DAID








Halifax/Split Crow

388 DAID









400 DAID

















St. Johns/V. C. Bird










391 DAID








Kuujjuarapik/Jarpik/La Baleine

400 DAID








Ponta Delgada/Jo‹o Paulo II/S‹o Miguel









Mont Laurier

400 DAID









380 DAID


























Great Inagua










391 DAID








Lebanon/White River




























386 DAID









400 DAID








Dolbeau-St. FŽlicien

395 DAID



























385 DAID









391 DAID








San Juan/Dorado/Luis Munoz Marin Intl.

640 DBID[1]









395 DAID









395 DAID









400 DAID

















Alpine/Saint John

410 DAID








St Nicephore/Drummondville

387 DAID


























St. Leonard

395 DAID








Wiscasset/N Edgecomb










377 DAID









385 DAID








Belo Horizonte










400 DAID








Stella Maris (Coast Guard)












[1]  9-4-07 2345 no "T" before ID at +1040

The Line of Sight and Beyond

John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Car Radio


Tropo finally opened up along the Mid-Atlantic this morning.  A few FM catches:

96.5     WKLR             Fort Lee VA                Richmond's Classic Rock       159 mi

97.5     WALK             Patchogue NY                                                         167 mi

97.7     WRKZ             Lexington Park MD                                                   131 mi

98.3     WMGQ           New Brunswick NJ       Magic 98.3                               98 mi

87.9     "WNYC-FM"  Long Island City NY?    This is the "unlicensed(?)" transmitter that has been reported recently.   NYC traffic report, spot for "MTV Europe music awards", Unid language, maybe Greek? Foreign pop mx.  Very strong on the car radio.


97.3  WJFD, Orange MA, presumed the one here in presumed Portuguese.  Newscast at 2200 EDT, but couldn't did out and ID or any local ads.  Tough going, pulling this through my very strong local WXKW in Millville NJ.  274 miles

102.9  WROG, Chambersburg PA, country with "Joyce Jefferson program".  Also heard "True County" brands.  170 miles

92.5  WINC, Winchester VA, with "Wink-FM" brands.  126 miles.

Steven Wiseblood – South Texas

Receiver, FM-6 antenna

First noted Saturday Afternoon 10/27 on my car stereo in Brownsville at

around 4pm in a parking lot;

101.9 "Power-FM" musica Mexicana regional, hip-hop & popular; no ads or

ID's, only SLOGANS

still noted on Sunday and Monday, but OFF on Tuesday.  No ads and no ID's

only SLOGANs between every song.  SUSPECT location maybe Reynosa,

Tamaulipas,  Mexico.  Is this a PIRATE? or is there gonna be a new station

here in the Valley?

Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Car Radio


** OKLAHOMA. Around 0030 UT Oct 7, I was passing by Tonkawa OK on US

60, and as usual tuned to 90.7, the lowish-powered student station KAYE at Northern Oklahoma College, which I had previously heard running commercial advertising. No sign of it this Saturday night, allowing the fringe-signal from Wichita 90.7 to occasionally fade in. FCC FM Query says KAYE is now 1.2 kW, and has a 60 dbu radius of 7.5 miles, i.e. not quite reaching Blackwell to the north. All the info:


However, the webstream played at 128 kbps when checked at home 4 hours

later at mms://media.north-ok.edu/radio

with rock, altho the link next to it for the station itself, on NOC`s home page in the lower-right corner under Media Services,


does not work. This is the same situation as previously noted. The NOC

website is rather strangely uninformative, for a publicly-supported college, requiring password and login to get to many parts of it. And KAYE maintains a very low profile. Should anyone listen long enough to the stream to still hear some commercials, please let us know, with details. And if anyone still hears it on 90.7

Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony ICF-2010


101.7 KLTD, Belton, TX with Belton HS game, 30 second spot for local furniture store 8:24 pm.

104.7 KBUK, LaGrange, TX, with LaGrange vs Luling game 8:28 pm.

You don’t Need a Weatherman…

No weather reporters this month

The Visible Universe

Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Samsung TV with Conical Antenna in the Living Room


11 WTOC Savannah, GA

19 WLTX Columbia,SC perfect picture...almost never

seen on rabbit ears, I mean, not a trace.

22 WJCL 22 Savannah, GA

28 WTGS 28 Hardeeville, SC  (near Savannah)

Nothin’ But Net

No net listeners this month

Extra, Extra!

Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

Citadel Halts AM Nighttime IBOC Operation Amid Complaints

by Leslie Stimson, 10.03.2007


Leslie Stimson is the News Editor and Washington Bureau Chief for Radio World.

There are a lot of unknowns at this point in the Citadel AM IBOC nighttime situation, but one thing is clear: Something is going on and the company wants to work with Ibiquity to get to the bottom of it.

Citadel Director of Corporate Engineering Martin Stabbert confirms that his company is taking a step back and stopped operating AM IBOC at night on 10 stations as of Oct. 1. The stations still broadcast in digital during the day. Of its 66 AMs, 16 have converted and four more are in-process. Citadel’s conversion efforts continue.

An excerpt from his memo to staff reads: "In response to the lackluster performance, the limited benefit and various reports of significant interference, Citadel is suspending nighttime AM HD operations at this time. Please reinstate your previous procedures for daytime-only HD operation as soon as possible."

The company has received interference complaints from listeners and stations on adjacent channels, the latter from both Citadel- and non-Citadel-owned stations in and outside the markets. (He tells me the calls from "non-Citadel-owned" stations were cordial.)

Most of the complaints center around 50 kW Class As, he said, although internally, Citadel has observed effects from lower-powered stations on adjacents at night.

With this action, Citadel, a member of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, becomes the first radio group to, in effect, become a public test bed for other radio groups. (I feel other groups may have already done so privately.) Additionally, Stabbert said other groups may want to take part in the Citadel tests. All of this is still in play.

Stabbert stressed that Citadel’s action is not a criticism of Ibiquity nor of its technology. The move, however, comes at a time when the impact of AM digital at night, which only recently was OK’d by the FCC, is being closely scrutinized by those who believe it could fundamentally damage the band.

Ibiquity Digital said it has received few complaints about interference, that the "vast majority" of feedback it’s received about AM nighttime has been positive.

"We understand Citadel’s caution and are working with them to understand what they are experiencing and to address their concerns," said a spokeswoman.

The move came to light Monday in an internal memo that was leaked to the media.

I suspect this isn’t the first such instance for any of the groups, the only difference being that others would have had a chance to work out the issue privately while Citadel had its privacy ripped away like a Band-Aid. While I’m sure it’s not happy about that, it’s beneficial to shine a light on the issue, which as you know is incendiary in some industry circles. I hope the resolution of this is just as public.

Some IBOC opponents are particularly happy with this news. We received a note from one person noting the "celebrating and drinking toasts on the MW lists." 



Station feeds off cows

Radio crew airs their love for mascots, of sorts

By Jeff Long

Tribune staff reporter

October 7, 2007

When the corporate owners of a liberal talk-radio station in Chicago bought property in rural McHenry County a few years ago, they acquired a studio and four towers, as well as an unlikely addition to their broadcast family — a pair of cows.

Elsa and Lollipop graze peacefully in the field behind the WCPT studio, unfazed by the battle for ratings, advertisers and air time. They've become beloved, cud-chewing pets.

The station's handful of employees don't mind when they have to slip on boots and trudge out to the pasture hauling buckets of feed.

Ken Cocker does everything from voice-overs and public service announcements to making those daily feed runs. After 25 years as a radio personality in the turbulent Chicago market, he figured he'd seen everything, until he landed in McHenry County.

'"I'll tell you this," he said. "I never saw any cows walking down Michigan Avenue."

The cows are owned by Cocker's company, Newsweb Radio, which operates "Chicago's Progressive Talk Station," WCPT-850 AM. The station broadcasts liberal-leaning, nationally syndicated shows from a radio tower that looms over the field where Elsa and Lollipop graze, near McHenry County College. Leasing space in the building are two stations owned by NextMedia —Y103.9 and Star 105.5. Cocker fills in as a weekend host on Y103.9.

Cows have been part of the corporate scenery since before Newsweb bought the building and land in 2003 from NextMedia, which acquired it from Pride Communications in 2000.

NewsWeb officials say someone with Pride Communications started the bovine tradition sometime in the 1990s because the land was zoned for agriculture. The cows remained through the shifts in ownership. No one is sure how many have come and gone over the years, but nobody seems to mind their company.

"We kind of inherited the cows," said Harvey Wells, vice president and group station manager at Newsweb, who works at the corporate office in Chicago.

When Cocker arrived at the studio in 2005, someone casually mentioned the cows and pointed out the boots near the entrance. They'd keep the mud off when it was time to feed the hefty pair of belted Galloways. The distinctive ring of white around the animals' middle gives the breed its name.

The boots didn't bother Cocker. After all those years in Chicago radio, he's learned to roll with the punches — and watch where he steps.

His title is operations manager, but the cows just know him as the guy with the food.

Cocker, 51, dons the boots and shuffles out back at about 4 p.m. In winter, he's out there by 6 a.m. He also drops by on weekends to feed them. Their domain consists of about three-quarters of an acre and a small shed where they huddle in bad weather.

On a recent afternoon, the cows saw him coming and ambled his way, slowly at first then more quickly. It was dinner time.

Cocker admits he's grown fond of the chore.

"I don't know anything about cows," he said. "But it's really kind of peaceful. I'll lean over the fence and think about life — like why I ever got involved in radio."When Cocker gets busy in the studio, receptionist Kathy Kruse feeds the animals. She quickly learned to watch out for Lollipop, who has been known to head butt. "She gets an attitude," Kruse said. "But not Elsa — she's a lady."

Lollipop arrived in 2005 after Newsweb bought the station.Kruse remembers looking up from her desk and seeing Lollipop staring at her from across the parking lot.

"She looked enormous," Kruse said. "I remember thinking, 'I hope she doesn't charge.' Time kind of stood still."

Lollipop managed to break out of the pasture once, trampling a fence. Elsa quickly followed, and the pair spent two hours trotting around the neighboring college campus. Eventually, a professional wrangler rounded them up. "It was like something out of a western," Cocker said.

So what happens when these two radio mascots have to retire? Will they be sent to the slaughterhouse?

Don't even think about it.

"There are no plans to eat them," Cocker said.


Copyright © 2007, Chicago Tribune

Danny Oglethorpe - Shreveport, LA

The new URL for the Mexico and Latin America TV DX ID pages and

all of my "Geocities" pages is:


The new URL for The TV/DTV DX Exposition and all of my "Tripod"

pages is:


Bargain Barn

Charles A. Taylor – Greenville, NC

FOR SALE: Collins 51J-4 (R-388) communications receiver just cleaned and

aligned. $650 cash or $65 month payments for 1 year. Includes tech manual.

Buyer pays for shipping of about $75. Prefer pickup near Greenville, NC.

Write to MWDXer@isp.com or call 252.318.3618.

Premium-grade communications receiver HQ-180X just cleaned and aligned. For

sale $550 cash or 12 monthly payments of $55/month. Includes comb-bound technical manual. Buyer pays shipping costs of about $50. Prefer pickup near Greenville. Write MWDXer@isp.com or call 252.814.3618

Frank Aden – Boise, ID

The NRC/WTFDA Convention video is available, has about 3.5 hours on either a DVD or VHS tape.  Includes all the flubs but you get to see the guest speakers, auction and station tours plus more! 

Cost is $10.00 plus $2.00 s/h and I can either take Paypal to:  N7SOK@aol.com or checks to:

Frank Aden

4096 Marcia Pl

Boise ID 83704


Show and Tell – New Toys

Jay Heyl – Orlando, Fl

I hadn't noticed the "New Toys" section in the ABDX Journal before.(Or, more likely, noticed and forgot.) I posted in passing about his new addition to my toy box, but didn't make a big deal out of it.

My involvement with NDBs has started me down a path of acquisition of rather esoteric pieces of equipment. Earlier this year I bought a 300Hz RF filter for my AR7030+. I mentioned in this month's Journal how this has significantly changed my beacon DXing. I was previously using the 2.2kHz SSB filter that came with the 7030. It worked okay, but let in far more bandwidth than I had interest in.

The 300Hz filter cuts out a vast majority of the peripheral noise that's of no interest in beacon hunting. By allowing the radio to effectively concentrate on just a narrow range around the target frequency, it brings many more signals up out of the muck. Among these signals are the carriers for neighboring stations. If you've worked beacons or have read my previous Journal articles about beacon

hunting, you know that the target signals lie extremely close to the carriers for the beacons on the next channel up or down. Most are just 20Hz away from that carrier next door. As you might imagine, this can make it very difficult to hear the di-dah-dit of the target over the constant whine of the carrier.

Enter my new toy -- a 6.4Hz audio filter built for me by Steve Ratzlaff. Yes, you read that right. 6.4Hz. It's custom tuned to the BFO setting I use on my 7030. In CW mode the 7030 has a tuning step of about 2.6Hz. If I tune right on top of a carrier, then click the remote twice, the sound of the carrier almost completely disappears. (Fine tuning on the 7030 is easier with the remote than with the

tuning knob.) One more click and all but the strongest of local beacon carriers will be completely gone.

I had been using a Timewave DSP-599zx. It's a very good device, but the narrowest bandwidth in its CW mode is 10Hz, and that's a rather generous rating. In practical terms it's more like 20Hz. I know that still sounds very narrow, but for beacon work it really isn't. Many times I had to play games with the notch filter trying to get it close enough to attenuate the carrier but still leave the signal I was after just a few Hertz away.

I had originally intended to cascade the DSP-599zx into the Ratzlaff filter, but actual use has shown the Ratzlaff filter works better all by itself. I still have the 599zx in the loop so I can use the notch and other features should need arise, but most of the time I leave it in Bypass mode.

The Ratzlaff filter is housed in a small box, maybe 4"x4"x2". The front panel has two toggle switches -- one for power and one for filter/bypass. The filter operates in bypass mode when turned off. Steve builds these to order, so mine was custom built to work using the speaker output from my 599zx (which is live if the 599zx is off or bypassed) and to connect to the Sennheiser headphones I use. It needs very clean 12v power so I run it off the lead-acid battery I bought to power my mini-whip antenna. Both devices have very low current requirements.

The season is just getting underway -- still too many storms here to do much at all -- but already the new audio filter has been instrumental in a couple new catches. The new beacon LYQ-529 is a tough catch due to its proximity to Turks & Caicos on 530. The new audio filter helped immensely in my being able to pull this one out of the QRM.

On a different front, I've been a long time reader of Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools blog. He assembles reader contributions of nifty gadgets they've come upon and puts a handful of them on this blog each week. It can be a dangerous place to hang out if you're a gadget freak with a credit card. (He doesn't sell anything but his books, but almost all the listings contain links to places that do sell the item being


A couple weeks ago there was a listing for a nifty little item that was rather inexpensive. I went to the linked web site and started poking around. The site was poorly organized with many blind alleys and places you could only get to through a specific series of links. It's either marketing genius or complete stupidity, I'm not entirely sure which. I ended up poking around for over an hour and put half a dozen things in my basket. Among them was a little radio -- the GP4L. At $22, I couldn't resist.

The radio is slightly smaller than a pack of cigarettes. It's not very elegant looking. Slide switches on one side for function and band, rotary switches on the opposite for tuning and volume. The whip antenna collapses completely, with just the little nub on the end sticking out of the case. The tuning display is a small, unlit LCD in the middle of the front. Above the display is the one inch speaker.

The radio uses two AA batteries and will run on rechargeables.

I have little good to say about this radio. The ergonomics are awful. You turn it on with a slide switch. Up is On, middle position is off, down turns on the LED flashlight in the top of the radio. There is no switch lock, so it's quite possible the radio could turn itself on in your luggage and use up the batteries. While the radio was advertised as "digital", it's analog with a digital display. The tuning is VERY

touchy. I found it almost impossible to get it centered properly on weaker SW signals.

The touchy tuning turns out to be not all that big a problem because the filter, if there even is a filter, is wider than a barn door. Local MW stations -- and not even the flamethrowers -- take up 50kHz of space on the dial. Same with the stronger SW stations. I didn't spend a lot of time with FM, but it looked like there was a similar issue there. On SW it tunes 5.2MHz to 18.3MHz.

About the only thing this radio has going for it is its small size. And even on that front, I'd recommend going a wee bit larger and getting something like the Grundig Mini300. The Grundig shares some of the same problems, but I find it easier to tune and it clearly has a filter. Wider, perhaps, than desirable, but present nonetheless.

The GP4L is not worth even the low $22 price.

Testing, Testing…

WIRL Test 10/21

Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

Just checking my recordings now, and I found very clear code sequences from

the test, starting at 0401.35 and 0501.45 EDT.  In both cases the code

sequence was "WIRL PEORIA IL USA", but was sent a little faster in the second

case.  The mix here included WKBK-NH, WNBF-NY, and CJBK-ON.

WIRL was not a new logging here, but these tests are always welcome, and much appreciated.

Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Just KMEN, KCUB, and Santa Barbara way under perennial chea...  um, I mean helpless victim of transmitter malfunction... KAZA.

Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

Not observed here in Gilbert, AZ

Paul Walker – Abbeville – SC

I listened on and off for about 30 minutes,k but I couldn't hear anything in the jumble that I thought was WIRL.

Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

I stayed up for the first part of the test. I heard a couple (to my ears) very fast code sequences. All I caught was an 'L' and an 'A'. There was quite a bit more, but my ear for code hasn't progressed too far, plus I'm used to listening for slow beacon code, not fast code like this was.

I did hear some country music, but based on the orientation of the antenna at the time I'd think it more likely that was coming from somewhere in Georgia or one of the Carolinas.

My suspicion is that I did hear WIRL, but without a recording or a better ear for code I couldn't claim such with any high degree of confidence. This is more of a "who else would be sending code on that freq" kind of thing.

Alan Schreier – Austin, TX

WIRL’s cw id was heard here in Austin with partial copy at approximately 0205, 0302 and good copy at 0402.  I forgot to set my PC clock last night and it is about 15 seconds fast this morning. 

Using Total Recorder scheduled to start at 5 min before TOH and record for 15 min.RX is FT1000MP with MFJ active whip; LSB with 2.0 kHz filter for this test. 

I have local KVET 1300 1 kW about a mile away running interference for 1290.  At least they are not running their iboc at night. 

The only other station heard with positive id was XEDA. 

WLPO Test – 10/27

Eric Berger – Detroit, MI

Only the Morse code is making it into Detroit this morning, with WHKW

Cleveland being the more dominant station. Am also hearing AC fading in

and out at times, which I believe may be CHSC St. Catharines, ONT.

The Morse code is WAY under WHKW. Nothing else audible on WLPO.

Many thanks go to Steve Vogler for conducting this test.

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Nothing here in southern California. There were three stations mixing, presumed KHTS, KNTS and XEB.

Alan Schreier – Austin, TX

Somewhat to my surprise the Morse IDs at 0300:20 CDT and sweeps at 0303:20 were good copy here in Austin.XEB pretty well owned 1220 for the remainder of the test.

WCXH Test 10/29

Alan Schreier – Austin, TX

At 0500 ET I listened to the Chicago news for five minutes more or less and after reviewing this small segment of my recording several times I feel safe in saying WCXH was not heard at my location.

Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

In any case, a check of my recording (which, thankfully, I set up to run

until 0505) found Morse code from WCXH under WBBM's CBS network newscast (complete with a Sox report from my old WBZ colleague Carl Stevens)

beginning right at 0500.

Bob Foxworth – Tampa, FL

Nothing for me in Tampa first 20 minutes, using DX-390.

Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

No trace here either - just suffering through the usual idiot parade on C2C on KKOH-780 waiting for something to happen...

Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

To set the stage... just before hitting the sack at around 2330 EDT, I

tuned to 780 and got WBBM fairly well nulled.  I also changed my

usual recording sked (8 minute snippets starting at 1 minute before

TOH and BOH) to get the full 0400-0500 period.

Checking my recordings today, there were plenty of surprises!  R. Coro

YVMN was noted before I went to bed, but at 0400, they were

surprisingly loud and dominant.  Here's a clip:


No sign of the DX test, however, but messages on the mailing lists

indicated that the test probably ran an hour late, so I jumped ahead

to the 0500 TOH recording, and sure enough, some Morse IDs appeared,

starting about 20 seconds after TOH... but surprisingly weak, under

Coro and some local crud, probably from my computer:


Nothing much after that, until 0505, when I heard some sweeps:


My BOH recording also revealed some more weak Morse IDs at 0535:


If this was 5 kW ND, they sure don't seem to get out very well (I''m

389 miles east of WCXH).  That would explain why I've had no success

catching them before their sunset power-down... the channel at that

time is always dominated by WTME and CFDR.  It's also possible,

though, that my phasing setup discriminated against signals to the

east, since I had no sign of CFDR last night, and they are common

here.  It sure was working well to the south, though!

Moving on to the 0600 TOH recording, what I initially though was Coro

again turned out to be R. Nostalgia XEMF, with a nice clear ID:


It gets better!  Moving to the 0630 BOH recording, I found this:


If I'm not mistaken, that is R. Costa XELD!  I've never logged a

Mexican on 780 before, and then bagged two in half an hour!

Possibilities of further fun were nipped in the bud by the appearance

of WABC's IBOC just past 0630, thoroughly hissing out 780.  Still,

I'm grateful to the good folks at Citadel for turning off nighttime

IBOC - if it was still on, none of these three new catches would have

been possible.

So, to sum up last night:

Three 780 newies, bringing my 780 total to 13.

Maine logging #29 - I now have heard every AM station in the state,

except for WLOB, which is blocked by my local 50 kW blowtorch on

1310. Three 780 newies, bringing my 780 total to 13. Two new Mexicans, bringing my Mexico total to 40.

Ya gotta get lucky once in awhile! My commiserations to those who

missed the test because of the timing problem, but hopefully they'll

run another one soon.  Thanks to those responsible for setting it up!

Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

OK so I live 13 miles WNW of WBBM. But with my temp. BOGs aimed ENE at Maine I have good side nulls of WBBM and can phase them down even more. There was some XEMF in there(IDed 0859:30 GMT) (I didn't take the time and trouble to terminate to reduce back end) and occ. traces of CFDR's C&W, but not a trace of WCXH.

Eric Berger – Detroit. MI

WCXH-780 was not heard in Michigan either. Just usual pest WBBM, with

WJR-760 bleed over in fades. (WJR only about twenty miles out.) Finally

after about twenty minutes, I stumbled into bed.

Members Corner – Special Contributions

WUMS – Harry Helms

WUMS: The Granddaddy Of All Pirate Radio Stations

by Harry Helms W5HLH


When I first got interested in DXing back in 1963, pirate radio was almost unknown in the United States. Potential radio miscreants of all sorts feared the FCC the same way ancient Greeks feared the wrath of Zeus. As I studied for my Novice license back then, I trembled as I read a 1964 edition of The Radio Amateur’s License Manual and saw the penalty for a willful violation of the Communications Act: A fine of $10,000! Imprisonment for two years! Or both! I had visions of failing to identify my ham radio station properly, or accidentally emitting an out-of-band harmonic. . . . . . my door comes crashing down, G-Men storm in with guns drawn, and it’s off to Leavenworth for me! (Fortunately, I was able to suppress my fear long enough to earn my Novice and call sign of WN4EOX.)

I wasn’t alone in my fears (or delusions?). The FCC genuinely was more active in monitoring the shortwave bands then, and a lot hams—as well as coastal, fixed, and aeronautical users of the shortwave spectrum—found themselves receiving citations from the FCC, often for minor rules infractions. No one wanted to receive a "pink ticket" (so named for the paper color of the citations) from the FCC. And it was assumed that any unlicensed operation would be swiftly found by the FCC and the hapless unlicensed operator would certainly be packed off to a federal penitentiary.

But a handful of people weren’t intimidated by the FCC, and perhaps the most remarkable was Dave Thomas of Proctorville, Ohio, operator of pirate station WUMS ("we’re unknown mysterious station"). WUMS took to the air in 1925 and continued to operate until at least 1970 or so. The FCC tried its best to shoot down Dave, twice taking him to court. Both times he dodged the bullet.

Dave was also a DXer, and a very controversial one. He once claimed to have logged the nation of Chad on medium wave from Ohio as a result of enhanced propagation during a total solar eclipse! (Of course, this "logging" was totally bogus.) He also reported reception of the most notorious fraud in DX history, "Radio Nibi Nibi." This hoax, perpetrated in the 1950s by a young DXer, involved a small island in the south Pacific called Nibi Nibi. There was no "Radio Nibi Nibi," nor was there an island called Nibi Nibi, but those little details didn’t stop Thomas from "logging" Radio Nibi Nibi and reporting it to DX club bulletins (he even claimed to have heard their interval signal—the sound of falling coconuts!). He made other, similar "receptions" that no one else could duplicate. As a result of such "achievements," Thomas was expelled from some DX clubs and became a pariah to many in the hobby.

WUMS first took to the air in 1925 as a semi-legitimate maritime and emergency station. Dave grew up near the Ohio River, became interested in radio at a young age, and at age 16 received a permit from the Federal Radio Commission (FRC), the predecessor agency of the FCC, to operate on 2004 kHz to communicate with boats on the Ohio and also to transmit to the public on 1560 kHz during flood conditions. The transmissions on 1560 kHz contained information about flood conditions, evacuation routes, when emergency assistance would arrive, etc. Thomas started filling dead air time during emergency broadcasts with talk and music, and discovered he liked broadcasting. Soon WUMS took to the air during such "emergencies" as routine thunderstorms and snow. When the FCC replaced the FRC, it did not issue Thomas a license or permit for WUMS. But that didn’t stop Dave; he just kept broadcasting. He dropped all pretense of providing an emergency service to the public and just wanted to see how far away he could be heard. WUMS was thus the first "DX pirate" operated for the benefit of DXers by a DXer.

I’ve often suspected WUMS was Dave’s way of taking revenge on the DX hobby which spurned him. Pirate or not, WUMS was a great DX catch; it operated with anywhere from 3.5 to 30 watts of power (usually less than 5 watts) on frequencies from 100 to 3000 kHz; 1560 and 2004 kHz were the most common frequencies (I suppose these were in tribute to the frequencies authorized by the old FRC permit). His operating schedule was highly erratic, but Thomas would sometimes leak word of impending transmissions to the DX community. Hearing WUMS was tough, but getting a QSL from Dave was even tougher. You had to transcribe all announcements word-for-word (including those made in Morse code), identify all musical selections by title and performer, have all times accurate to the second, and your report had to be postmarked less than 24 hours after reception. Dave answered all reports. If you met Dave’s exacting standards, you got a printed QSL card mailed with now-rare commemorative stamps. If you didn’t, you received a "non-QSL" detailing the reasons Dave couldn’t verify the report. In all the years WUMS operated, Thomas sent out a little over three dozen QSLs.

Such tactics didn’t endear Thomas to many DXers, and a few retaliated by alerting the FCC to upcoming WUMS broadcasts. He was hauled into federal court twice on charges of violating the Communications Act, but each time he escaped with acquittals. In his first trial, he was accused of operating an unlicensed amateur radio station. Thomas testified WUMS was a broadcast station, not an amateur station, and the judge dismissed the case! In his second trial, in 1948, Thomas produced his old FRC permit for WUMS, which the prosecutors had apparently not known about. Since it had no expiration date, Thomas argued, it was still valid. Whatever the legal merits of that argument, the jury believed it and returned an acquittal. After his second trial, Thomas became much more discreet in selecting those he told about upcoming WUMS tests; WUMS also took to the air less often.

In the May, 1963 issue of Electronics Illustrated magazine, Thomas and WUMS were profiled in an article written by C. M. "Stan" Stanbury II. "Stan" was the magazine’s DX columnist, and a recent, somewhat miffed recipient of a WUMS non-QSL. To put it mildly, the article wasn’t exactly flattering to Dave, painting him as something of a kook. Stanbury made fun of a book Thomas had written titled Mytheology, calling it a "strange mixture of religion, opinions, obscure chatter" and observing "the tome is notable for its misspelled words, its obscure currents of thought and its wild Thomas-made words." I think Dave took greatest offense at the end of the article, where Stanbury said Thomas was now a CB radio operator—as Thomas later told me indignantly, "I’m a licensed ham, not a damn CBer!" After saying Thomas was a CBer, Stanbury twisted the knife by adding, "Chances are, he’s as legal as anybody else on the band." This was at a time when CB rules violations were the FCC’s biggest enforcement problem, and Dave didn’t appreciate the insult.

Thomas was so upset by the article that he filed suit against Electronics Illustrated and its parent company, Fawcett Publications. The case never went to trial and instead was settled out of court. While I don’t know the details of the settlement, I suspect Fawcett paid Dave some cash to drop his suit. I don’t blame Fawcett. Based on my experience in publishing, the article does appear perilously close to libel and I suspect a jury might have agreed with Thomas.

By the late 1960s, Thomas was largely isolated from the mainstream DX hobby, even more secretive, and WUMS broadcast much less frequently. And this is where I enter this story. As a high school senior in the fall of 1969, I was surprised, and more than a little nonplussed, when Thomas dropped by my home unannounced on a Saturday afternoon. I had read Stanbury’s Electronics Illustrated article about him and WUMS around the time I first got interested in DXing, and heard rumors about him through the "DX grapevine" when I became involved in the DXing community. Now here was the legend himself on my doorstep!

Thomas’s wife had kin in my home town of Fort Mill, SC, and decided to visit me while his wife was with the relatives. Dave seemed delighted that I was young—only 17 then—and had become interested in DXing and radio at the ripe old age of 11. (I suspect this was because he also became interested in radio at an early age.) The two hours I spent with Dave were surreal and left my head spinning. According to Dave, the entire DX hobby was conspiring against him. Gordon Nelson of the National Radio Club was stealing his ideas and inventions; Perry Ferrell was keeping him out of the pages of Popular Electronics magazine. And did I realize that Ron Schatz was a Cuban agent, because that’s how he got the info for his Cuban station list? He knew people in Washington; he reported a lot of his DX catches to a top secret agency he couldn’t name. I didn’t have to prompt Dave for any of this; it gushed out of him in a delivery style reminiscent of those preachers I heard on Mexican "border blaster" stations. While I was somewhat naïve and lacking in worldly experience back in 1969, I quickly realized Dave was, to put it in radio terms, operating on a frequency not zero-beat with objective reality.

But Dave was really nice to me; he and I tuned my Drake SW4A receiver (my pride and joy, paid for by my first "real" job that summer) and he was complimentary about my modest collection of QSLs. He seemed genuinely interested to learn I had just sold an article to 73 Magazine and urged me to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Eventually Dave had to leave, and he asked me to accompany him outside. Parked in our driveway was this white, late model Cadillac that seemed as large as a Navy frigate. Dave hold told me he had recently moved to Florida and was living near Tampa, but his car had Ohio plates reading "WUMS." "How did you get those tags?" I asked in sincere puzzlement. "I have my ways!" Dave cryptically replied. I knew that was all the explanation I was going to get and didn’t pursue the matter.

Dave motioned for me to accompany him to the car’s trunk, which appeared big enough to carry a piano. He opened it, and inside I saw what looked like a homebrew version of Ameco’s old AC-15 Novice transmitter. There were a couple of tubes, a power transformer, a couple of variable capacitors, and a large air core inductor on a metal "pie pan" chassis. I was stumped at what I was looking at and why he was showing it to me. After a pause of a few seconds, Dave dramatically intoned, "This is the WUMS transmitter!" He told me he was worried about the FCC breaking into his home while he was away and stealing it, so he took it with him when he traveled. He then let me in on a big secret: WUMS was going to take to the air when he got home. Dave told me the date, time, and frequency, and wanted me to try to hear it. I promised I’d do my best, and we said goodbye.

Sadly, I didn’t hear the WUMS test. I dropped Dave a note telling him I didn’t and thanking him for the heads-up, and he responded by saying he had received one correct report, from well-known DXer Kermit Geary in New York. Dave and I exchanged a couple of more letters over the next few months, but eventually I left for college and became much less active in DXing for a few years. Eventually we lost touch with each other.

I’m not sure what became of Dave Thomas and WUMS after 1970, although he almost certainly must be dead by now. The other DXers I’ve mentioned in this article—Stanbury, Nelson, Schatz, and Geary—have also passed on. I wonder what ever became of the WUMS transmitter. Is it (hopefully) in the possession of a relative, or was it carted away to the dump?

If I had to sum up Dave Thomas in four words, they would be "full blown batshit crazy." But life would be so much duller without characters such as Dave, and his main offense was to not take some DXers of his era as seriously as they felt they should be taken. WUMS was the prototype for future pirate radio stations, and its record of at least 35 years of operation will likely never be broken. And Dave Thomas could be gracious and kind to some dopey kid interested in DXing.

The Old Radio Doctor – Phil Rafuse

Well ABDXers, its November and time to ready the shack

or the DX nook for winter. Its tune up time - tune up

for your antennas, your rf ground, your receivers.

Little repairs that can make a BIG difference - more

DX, less frustration.

Tip #1 - order in some DeOxit - its good stuff. The

secret sauce. Has probably repaired more gear than

anything else. Brought back many a Zenith

Trasn-Oceanic from being AM only. Its expensive, so

use it sparingly. You don't want to run out! Fixed

many a kids toy too, or spouses' TV remote. I know.

Tip #2 - play safe kids. Don't go climbing up to work

on that antenna unless you have the right ladders etc.

for the job and can do so safely.

Let's start with the antenna - check connections for

corrosion. If need be, cut, scrape, sad, resolder.

If you can't solder, or its too cold to make the

solder work, coat the wire in some anti corrosive

stuff - such as DeOxit - make a tight splice, then

cover. Coax seal is nice stuff. So is heat shrink

tubing if you have a good safe source of heat handy.

Check the feedline too. If you are using coax, check

for damage - water damage, rodent damage, etc. For

receiving only use its no big deal whether its 50 ohm

or 75 ohm. So if you can get good 75 ohm cable TV

stuff cheap, it will work better than old crumbly 50

ohm. If you are using baluns, ununs or other such

stuff, make sure they are in decent shape and the

connections are healthy. If need be, cut, scrape,

sand, splice - you get the picture. I highly

recommend you get a friend, spouse, kid [big kid],

parent - whatever - to be your ground spotter and

ladder holder.

Now, you can get off that ladder and work on your

ground - an rf ground that is. If you are using a

wire antenna for LW, MW or SW, you really should have

a ground. Ground rods are great if you have soil like

here in PEI - you just whack them in [wear safty

goggles] but what if you have soil like I used to face

in Nova Scotia - or worse?

If a ground rod is not an option for your rf ground -

try burying a wire [traditionally bare, but even

insulated doesn't work bad] a few inches below the

ground. You can use a garden spade to cut a slit in

the sod, then use a wooden thingy to push the wire

into the slit. Here is how to make the "thingy" - cut

a scrap of thin plywood - such as old wood paneling -

to a convient square size - say 8 inches by 8 inches

square. Fasten a scrap of wood - say an 8 inch long

2x4 to one side. The 2X4 will be your handle, the

thin plywood your blade - for jamming the wire into

the slit in the sod. Push that wire down a few

inches, then move along. Thicker wire will last

longer but will cost more. When you are done, walk

over the ground and it should look pretty good. In

the spring, you won't know its there. Congrats, you

just buried your own ground radial! Run it into your

shack. If you try hooking up the ground and it

increases the noise, don't despair. We'll get to that

subject another time. Just disconnect and try later

with a twist. If it improves things, great!

For those of you who are comfy opening up your

receiver innards - first - get a service manual. For

older gear you can often download these gratis.

Google BAMA Mirror and check to see if your receiver

is listed. It may take forever if you are on dial up,

so you may need to enlist the help of a friend or

consenting employer with high speed.

All the following work should be done with the

receiver unpluged. If your mentor is Elmer the Safety

Elephant, wrap a little masking tape over the AC plug

prongs - just so you don't forget and plug it back in

when you are not ready.

With tube gear, enlist the help of someone with a tube

tester [unless you have one yourself, or 5 like me]

and test the tubes. If some test weak, consider

replacing them with new ones - labeling any weak ones

you pull and saving them as weak but works.

Tube or solid state, connections in receivers can get

corroded with time. So carefully disconnect any

internal plug and socket arrangements, shoot a little

deoxit, then plug back in, and move on. This goes for

tube sockets in a boatanchor, and the funny little

mini coax thingies in a Drake R8.

Take it slowly, carefully. If you get to a point

where going further seems too much, yield to your

common sense and button your receiver back up. If you

DeOxit say 5 out of 11 connectors in your receiver,

you are still better off than if you did nothing.

DeOxit Faderlube, formerly known as cailube, is great

stuff for pots - not the lobster pot or the pot for

the cornboil - but for potentiometers - volume

controls, rf gain, tone, you get the idea. On older

gear regular deoxit should be fine. On newer gear,

I'd use the faderlube, to be safe. A little shot

inside the pot, rotate a few times, then another

little shot, rotate fully. Do both sections of

concentric pots [stacked or double pots]. Don't take

apart the pot, or unsolder it. Rather, look for an

opening to stick the deoxit straw into.

Deoxit can also do wonders on select switches too -

band select switches for example. Just don't overdo


Another word on DeOxit - use the 5% stuff. The 100%

stuff may be fine for purley metal to metal contact

but could cause problems on non metal surfaces.

By the way, a little DeOxit on your antenna plugs,

jacks, etc. is also a good idea. Also on plugs for

loop heads on antennas like Quantum loops and the

like. DeOxit can be applied with toothpicks, q tips,

tiny model paintbrushes, those tiny dental brushes

[great for tube sockets!] etc.

Well, that's all for November folks. Hope you get

your connections clean and tight before the weather

gets nasty. Hope you get you ground in too before the

weather gets messy.

For those who want to go farther - brew a crystal

radio - it will "teach" you a lot about antennas,

grounds, and coupling. you might even be able to use

it as a dandy antenna tuner for your receiver too!

Keep safe and good DX!

I Got The Bird!

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