October 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 10


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We had the music format stations CME last month, this one for November is on Spanish language stations. Brush up on your Spanish language lessons and see what you can hear!


The baseball season finally came to an end and so did the election, sweeping the Democratic party and Barack Obama into the presidents office. Thankfully its all over and we don’t have to be buried in political ads any longer.


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.

The Broadcast Band

Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL

FRG 100 and 100 foot wire



KNX 1070 in Los Angeles is bouncing in and out this evening here in the North Atlantic with decent signal at times

As follows:

1070 khz - KNX Los Angeles, California   3:11 UTC  10/05/08  w/ temperatures along the beaches tomorrow , various California places;KNX 1070 News Radio ID by man ; news item about OJ Simpson (signal was pretty good then faded a bit after)

5556.2 kms   3450.4 miles

This was heard on my SRF-M37V Ultralight barefoot Incredible !

Hopefully others in the east will hear it also.


Ira Elbert New III – Watkinsville, GA

Sony ICF 2010 or as listed


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - SONY SRF-M37

1420 WEMB TN Erwin - 10/13/08 1742 - Spot for the Gospel Music show on the station and a local YMCA ad. Weak signal with fades above the late afternoon static. "...on 1420, WEMB".

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - 2003 ISUZU Rodeo In-Dash Audio System 4340

1320 WBOB FL Jacksonville - 10/23/08 1952 - The Bobby Bowden Call-In Show. Decent signal with fades. "...Florida State Football on WBOB"

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - SONY SRF-M37

1190 WBSL MS Bay Saint Louis - 11/06/08 1830 - The Darien Anthony Show with election results and what to expect from the new president. Good, steady signal for the most part with slight fades. "...on the Gulf Coast Radio Network, WBSL".


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Receiver, Antenna


WXXI 1370 off air, 2331 ELT 10/13

Just got a call from Nolan Stephany, our engineer - he's headed down to

the tx site to see what's wrong. Hearing a strong WKMC-PA on the channel

right now, and sports talk (WSPD? WVIE?) behind that...


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Car AM stereo radio


Had a feeling this would be our choice this month so I did a daytime bandscan in the car.  Start with the easy stuff first, right? 

Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo car radio w/whip antenna in a 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T (now blue…new paint job) 

Band checked at 15:10 

550       KRAI     CO       Craig     Country – “55 Country” - Good

650       KMTI     UT        Manti    Country – fair

730       KSVN   UT        Ogden   SS – “La Mexicana” - Good

860       KKAT    UT        Salt Lake City    Oldies - “The True Oldies Channel – 860 AM – The Wolf” – Good

910       KWDZ   UT        Salt Lake City    Childrens – “Radio Disney”

940       KMER   WY       Kemmerer         Oldies  - fair

1060     KDYL    UT        South Salt Lake             Oldies – “Real Oldies AM 1060” – Good

1120     KANN   UT        Roy      Rel – good

1240     KEVA   WY       Evanston           Classic Country – local

1360     KRKK   WY       Rock Springs     Oldies – “AM 1360 K-Rock” – weak

1370     KSOP   UT        South Salt Lake            Classic Country “Gold Country AM 1370” good

1450     KVSI     ID         Montpelier         Adult Standards – fair

1490     KOGD   UT        Ogden               Adult Standards – very weak

1510     KLLB    UT        West Jordan      Gospel  - fair

1550     KMRI    UT        West Valley City            SS – weak

1600     KTUB    UT        Centerville         SS – fair

1640     KBJA    UT        Sandy               SS – fair

1660     KXOL    UT        Brigham City     SS – fair

 All stations heard on a Chrysler AM Stereo / FM Stereo car radio 

870    KMZQ    NV    Las Vegas    1915    10/17/08    NEW!  Apparently a new station that's just coming in to being.  Heard Paul Simon, then Pat Benetar, then another 80s tune.  Id'd as "The Q".  At 1922 they went POOF!!!  And in came KBOI.  Heard about 20 miles west of Evanston on I-80. 

1140    UNID    1646    10/19/08    Heard oldies coming in....better than weak, but not quite fair.  Tried my hardest to stay with them whilst they kept trading places with KZMQ.  KZMQ dominant most of the time.  Listened for a good 30 minutes on my way home from Utah on Sunday night.  Only station that radio-locator lists as oldies is KPWB in Piedmont, MO - a daytimer that's 1000 watts.  That'd be one hell of a catch.  Otherwise must be somebody new or a recent format change that RL hasn't picked up on yet.   Heard them again tonight (Wednesday) on my way home from Rock Springs but alas, no ID.  Was actually listening at the top of the hour, however KSFN-Vegas decided to step in a blast in with their legal ID instead.  Heard on I-80 between Park City, UT and Evanston, WY 

1140    KZMQ    WY    Greybull    1700    10/19/08    As mentioned above, heard classic country from ABC's "Real Country" network and numerous "AM 1140 KZMQ" IDs.  Fair to good at times.  Quite common late in the day here.  Heard on I-80 between Park City, UT and Evanston, WY 

and the following from today's trip to Rock Springs.  Heard on I-80 between Rock Springs and Evanston.

 1020    KOIL    NE    Plattsmouth    1731    10/22/08    Radio Disney blasting in quite well.  Expecting KCKN.  Not new, but not very common either.  

1580    KMIK    AZ    Tempe    1739    10/22/08    Radio Disney coming in fair to good.  Quite common - heard just about every day late in the day.  POOF when the sun goes down. 

1630    KRND    WY    Fox Farm    1740    10/22/08    Spanish.  Weak. 

1660    KXOL    UT    Brigham City    1741    10/22/08    Spanish.  Weak. 

660    KTNN    AZ    Window Rock    1743    10/22/08    Country music starting to break through KLTT's IBOC hash.  Nightly visitor although a little less common while the sun is still up. 

790    KGHL    MT    Billings    1744    10/22/08    Country.  Relatively common late in the day, especially in winter.  Good signal 

800    UNID    1746    10/22/08        NO IDEA who this is.  Weak but there.....heard Sonny and Cher singing before XEROK crept in and took over.  Radio Locator only lists one station as oldies on 800 - CHAB in Moose Jaw, SK.  This is quite a possibility since I noticed the canadians starting to appear about this time. 

870    KLSQ    NV    Whitney    1754    10/22/08    spanish music.  Not 100% sure this was them but "pretty" sure it was.  Call it presumed.  They visit here from time to time. 

 1020    KCKN    NM    Roswell    1757    10/22/08    classic country - this time around KOIL was gone and KCKN was in.  Nightly visitor. 


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



Rah rah ree, kick 'em in the knee! Some HSFB logs from last night, all times Central:

680 KKYX, San Antonio, TX, assumed one with Alamo Heights Mules vs. Boerne Chargers 9:13 pm, powerful atop channel

710 KGNC, Amarillo, TX, with Amarillo Sandies vs. "Central" 9:23 pm, loud and dominant.

880 KRVN, Lexington, NE, post-game show 9:33 pm, Lexington Minutemen had beaten Sidney/Sydney, very good signal.

920 KARN, Little Rock, AR, tune in to game with "Cardinals" moving the ball 9:41 pm. time out and spots 9:43 for University of Arkansas basketball season tickets and LittleRockRealEstate.com; lots of QRM on channel.


650 XETNT, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, caught top of hour ID 7:00 am Central this morning (October 7) with killer signal, full call letter ID, "Radio Sesenta Cinco" slogan, "con la musica sinaloaese" (sp?) mention, street address and telephone number, into Banco de  Mexico spot. Re-checked at 7:15 and it was 100% gone----that sunrise terminator really did its job!

I did some pre-sunrise listening this morning and KFI is about as tough a catch as it was before its new tower came on-line.

At tune-in around 6:30 am Central and the channel was dominated by Cuba's Radio Progreso with XENQ, "La Ennay Koo," in Hidalgo and XEHHI, Chihuahua, "Radio Uno," underneath. No trace of KFI. But Radio Progreso began to fade around 6:45 am and bits and pieces of English talk began to surface, but I couldn't tell if this was KFI or WWLS in Oklahoma. At 6:50 I began checking some other frequencies and returned to 640 around 7:05 am and found XEHHI dominant with its "Radio Uno, la numero uno" slogan (BTW, there were several Chihuahua mentions, so I doubt this was the other "Radio Uno" station on 640, XEYQ in Zacatecas.) XETAM in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, was also in nicely under XEHHI. However, the talk station began to gradually build in strength while XEHHI faded, and by 7:18 am I caught "more stimulating talk radio, 6-40, KFI" ID followed by a spot for "the southland's largest computer discount warehouse." But by 7:30 am KFI was gone, leaving only  XETAM, which is normally audible here during the day.

Frankly, KFI doesn't seem a bit stronger than it did back when it was running reduced power into its temporary antenna.


Last night I tuned to 1110 kHz from 9:35 to 9:50 pm Central to see if I could detect any sign of WBT through the usually dominant KFAB and XERED, Radio Red. Both were in there----KFAB with Michael Savage sputtering about something, and XERED with a serious discussion between a man and woman----but way underneath was a Spanish, XE-sounding station with banda music. I managed to twice catch a "La Ley" slogan, including a clear "Es la Ley" but no other call, local ads, or anything else that would help ID this one. Neither the Callarman nor Cantu lists show a station on 1110 using this slogan. Anyone have any hints?

No WBT either last night, drat.


Thanks to yesterday's tip from avid high school football fan Glenn Hauser, I managed to snag the following last night (October 16):

1520 KOKC, Oklahoma City, OK, tune into some game featuring the "Mustangs," score was 55-7; at 9:46 pm Central caught two brief bursts (about three seconds) of 1000 kHz tone about 45 seconds apart way down in the mess on channel----maybe an EBS test or actual alert? Very crowded channel, and mainly notable for how anemic KOKC's signal is. When it was KOMA, it used to blast into the San Diego area when I lived there from 1987-97 and it was a nightly regular on my rental car radio when I was last on the Big Island in 2002. Sic transit gloria. . . . .  .

1640 KFXY, Enid, OK, with OBA Eagles vs. Hennessey Trojans. Score was 45-7, so I hope the Trojans did a better job of stopping any STDs than they did the Eagles offense. 9:56 pm Central ID as "16-40 the score" and into ad for Stewart Pontiac/Cadillac/Nissan "in beautiful downtown Enid" (their words, not mine). Loud atop WTNI, so I suspect they were on day facilities.


Ye gods, the band was really crappy last night! Signals sounded auroral, with rapid variations in signal strength that made it impossible to identify many stations. For example, I had two HSFB games on 1460 amid the mess, but neither would surface long enough for identifying details.

Nothing new logged, but there were two interesting situations. On 1640, WTNI, Biloxi, MS, was dominating the channel with Biloxi HS FM and KFXY was way underneath----a complete reversal of the situation from Thursday night, and a good clue WTNI was on day facilities. On 1540, KEDA in San Antonio was carrying the Warren Warriors vs. Clark Cougars game. KEDA is a day and night regular here, but their normal programming is Spanish! Are there any other Spanish or other ethnic stations that revert to English for HSFB broadcasts?

1060 was dominated around 9:15 to 10:00 pm Central by a station that played some weirdly atonal instrumental music from long stretches with no breaks or announcements; from the programming, I suspect this was XEEP, Radio Educación, in Mexico City. In the same period, 860 was dominated by a station playing classical music without interruptions or announcements. This was almost certainly XEUN, Radio UNAM, in Mexico City; this was exactly like their programming on their former SW frequency of 9599 kHz.


Propagation last night was interesting; the combined skywave/groundwave knocked WOAI-1200 down enough to allow an UnID Spanish broadcaster to sneak in under WOAI's remaining analog signal and IBOC digihash. I first tuned in at 10:35 pm Central to catch symphonic instrumental music. At 10:37, there was a lightning quick announcement by a male and I heard a definite "Costa Rica" in it----but nothing resembling a station ID. This was followed by Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" (!), and then by a set of 1970s hits, including "That's How Much" by Climax, "Rock Me Baby" by George Clinton, and "Remember I Love You" by Firefall. No other announcements were heard, and by 10:55 pm WOAI was reasserting itself and the station was lost.

The most likely XE is XEPW, "Tu Musica," in Veracruz which the Callarman list says has some English pop music. TITQ in Costa Rica is on 1200, but according to its web site their primary audience is Nicaraguans living in Costa Rica, and I don't think they would be big fans of 1970s Top 40 hits.

At any rate, I'd welcome any ideas about what I heard!


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

As Listed


I was in Temecula on Saturday to pick up my grandson for the weekend and listened to this new EAR station.

1610 WQIQ379 10/18/08 11:45 AM PDT announcements on construction projects in Temecula by a woman, mentioned Emergency Advisory Radio, City of Temecula and 24 hours a day. Call ID heard about 11:58.

Another one in the log. This has been heard but never an ID until now.

860 KTRB San Francisco, CA 8:30-9:00 PM PDT 10/27, heard about level with XEMO most of the time with sports talk, Cardinals Sports Network (Stanford), ID just before ToH "KTRB 8-60 AM".

1320 KAWC Yuma AZ 5:26-5:46+ PM MST 8/28 t/in to NPR programmming, NPR news, local news, weather, back to NPR programs. In and out in KCTC null.


Eric Berger – Detroit,  MI

Receiver, Antenna


WCPC-940 Houston, MS

They are POUNDING in here in a small null of WWJ's IBOC hash.

Heard Gospel mx, an ID, and now they're airing a religious talk show.

If you need it, now's the time to go after it!


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 Pro II, Icom R-75, SDR-IQ 35' x 90' flag loop, 300' long wire


Mexico usually pretty tough from here. This was a pleasant surprise the other morning. 

540   MEXICO   XEWA  "W Radio", San Luis Potosí  30Oct08 0800 - "W-Radio servicio de informativo", mention Colonia San Marcos (district of mexico City) and other references to Mexico - Recorded - Good. ID verified by Andrew Brade via RealDX


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed



I was listening to 940 CINW Montreal QC on the Hallicrafters SX-100 just minutes ago and happened to notice hearing C&W music in the background.  I've now switched over to the Palstar R30A to keep tabs on it.

October 8, 2008 at 7:15 a.m. ADT:

1070 KHz KNX Los Angeles CA with news, traffic etc. plainly audible in the background of CHOK then bubbling up to parity with CHOK with "This is KNX NewsRadio". NEW! According to Where's That Station, KNX is 2983 miles or 4800 KM from my QTH in Stratford PEI Canada!


This is my very first MW logging from the Pacific Coast or for that matter from California or west of the Rockies.  My previous farthest west MW logging was 960 CFAC Calgary AB.

Receiver: Palstar R30A [there is no better receiver in my opinion for decifering an ID or clues out of a jumble of stations - the audio is so good]  Antenna: LF Engineering M-601C


Greetings fellow ABDXers!

I have returned from Priest Pond PEI.  We had an awesome time there yesterday and today - Brent Taylor, Chris Black, Niel Wolfish, Geoff Rivet and yours truly. 

Last evening the emphasis was on European and Middle Eastern stations - and we got some pretty neat catches - including very modest powered Radio Clyde from Scotland and not so modestly powered Radio Uno Italy on 900 KHz [in spite of 900 CKDH Amherst NS].  We kept coming back to 720 Greenland a lot as it is so distinctive and its signal was so nice and solid most of the night - with WGN occassionaly bubbling up.

Early this morning the emphasis was on western targets.  I awoke to hear Brent say "I've got KNX!".  We went on to get several western USA stations and 8 out of 10 Canadian Provinces.  We were unable to make it a perfect 9 out of 10 [the 10th Province is unobtainable as there are

no AM stations here in PEI] as we didn't get anything from BC.  But - we did get hets from Japan.

Chris Black's Flag antenna works superbly.

Chris, Geoff and myself left today - leaving Brent and Niel to haul in more DX catches.  They will be using my homemade EWE [which really looks more like a rounded letter "M" as the poles were bent toward each other somewhat and the wire dipped in the middle].  Seems to work pretty decent but nothing can compete with the mighty flag.  I'm already planning an improved EWE with better poles for next year.  unless I end up attempting to build a Flag!

But the best part of the DXpedition was DXing with four great DXers who are also great people to hang out with!


J. Neilsen (Thomas Anderson) – Ottawa, ON

CCRadio Plus


I caught WLRB-AM 1510 Macomb, IL too last night!  First time I've heard it since I left southeast Iowa, where it was an easy catch during the day.  I caught a 3 new logs for me last night as well including WOLF 1490 running radio disney, WBNW Concord with Ads then into an ID listing them as Boston's financial news station and also listing a simulcast on 1390 WPLM, and WGHQ 920 from Kingston New York, dominating the frequency  when the radio faced south, with WHJJ only making an occasional appearance. WGHQ is supposed to be running only 78 watts, WHJJ and CKNX are my usual catches on 920.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 300 foot wire:

1160 KSL Salt Lake City, UT 10/2 2331 news and ads for 


1700 WEUP Huntsville, AL 10/4 1933 Gospel singing, "Jesus, He's all  that I need."

1690 WMLB Avondale Estates, GA 10/4 1936 UTC Mocs v. GA Southern Eagles.

1690 WPTX Lexington Park, MD 10/4 1941 Popped under WMLB during  silent moment. "You're listening to Maryland football on WPTX."

1670 WVVM Dry Branch, GA 10/4 1944 SS music hammered by IBOC from WFNA.

1660 WFNA Charlotte, NC 10/4 1946 "The Franchise" mentioning HD broadcast.

1600 WFIS Fountain Inn, SC 10/4 1958 with legal ToH ID.

1580 WPMP Pascagoula, MS 10/4 2006 with news and ID.

1560 WQEW NYC, NY 10/4 2010 running R. Disney.

1521 BSKSA Saudi Arabia 10/4 2011 Big het beating against 1520

1500 WFED  Washington, DC 10/4 2017 with what sounded like a DC United football game.

1370 WGIV Pineville, NC 10/4 2037 UC "WGIV serving your community for 50 years."

1260 KSGF Springfield, MO 10/4 2030 Fox News, Hannity ad, ad for debate watching party.

1140 WRVA         Richmond, VA 10/4 2040 Cavaliers v. Terrapins.

990 KRMO Cassville, MO 10/4 2043 MO Tigers v. NE Cornhuskers.

960   WABG Greenwood/Clarksdale MS 10/4 2054 oldies, "Twisting the night away."

950 WORD Spartanburg, SC 10/4 2055 ID Lars Larson show.

950 CMHI Havana, Cuba 10/4 2057 RR Sounder during news.

890 CMDZ Havana, Cuba 10/4 2001 playing Cuban Jazz

850 KOA Denver, CO 10/4 ID 2013 during time out in Texas v. Colorado game. LOCAL like signal. S9+40

610 KCSP Kansas City, MO 10/4 2156 Fox Sports.

640 WGST Atlanta, GA 10/4 2200 ToH ID news.

Heard on a Sony ICF-2010

680 WCTT Corbin, KY 10/6 1910 playing NOS. Only in for a couple of minutes then faded away.

Kenwood R 1000 and 400' wire:

830 KOTC Kennett, MO 10/6 1805 // 104.3 "The Quake" playing rock from the 70s. Format change from C&W.

550 KTRS St. Louis, MO 10/6 1817 "The Big 550, KTRS"

1030 KFAY Fayetteville, AR 10/6 1830 with Rush Limbaugh ad.

1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA 10/6 1835 with NO Saints pregame.

1160 WCFO Atlanta, GA 10/6 1854 with Lou Dobbs.

1220 WAYE Birmingham, AL 10/6 1937 with UC music.

1310 WDCT Fairfax, VA 10/6 2000 with KK pgm

1430 UNID 10/6 2004 playing Caribbean music.

1550 UNID 10/6 2012 with old radio show Gunsmoke and William Conrad.

1700 KKLF Richardson, TX 10/6 2017 with Trophy Nissan ad.

640 KFI Los Angeles, CA 10/6 John and Ken talking about the bailout and Congressman Henry Waxman. O/U Cuba, weak.

Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and RS loop:

840 WHAS Louisville, KY 10/10 1850 HD, stereo, and ad for Kroger before UL Cardinals FB game. Beautiful stereo sound, solid perfect for about 25 minutes and putting in a 33.6 dB signal. Flawless, no noise, no flutter, no fade, just like local.

1470 WRGA Rome, GA 10/10 1755 ID then gone! Poof!

1200 WJES Saluda, SC 1800 ID and into HSFB

If anyone wants to catch KGGF 690 from Coffeyville, KS HSFB is the perfect time. For several weeks in a row, they have been running the full 10 gallons during the games. Its a great opportunity.

Heard on a Zenith Royal 755 nekkid:

670 WSCR Chicago, IL 10/12 2100 Cleveland Browns leading NY Giants. ToH ID.

950 WORD  Spartanburg, SC 10/12 2105 ID // 106.3 then Sean Hannity.

Heard on a Zenith Royal 780 Navigator nekkid:

550 UNID sort of 10/12 2118 Now I know better than to do this so I am skirting all around it. I was listening and heard an ad for Don's Chicago Style Dogs.  Now the only place I know of by this name is in Phoenix and the odds on hearing it on a Royal 780, and its a very good radio are very slim. I am not saying I heard KFYI at all but it sure has that feel. I don't know who it was but would like to. If you want the truth, it might have not even been on 550 since I was on an analog dial radio.

560 WIND Chicago, IL 10/12 2120 with a weather report and ID.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 300 foot wire on the ground 10/17:

1660 WCNZ Marco Island, FL 1845 Naples HS FB

1660 KXTR KC, MO 1845 playing chamber music.

1640 WTNI Biloxi, MS 1850 ID during HSFB pregame show.

1580 WVKO Columbus, OH 1845 HSFB one team Hamilton Twp.

1440 WLWI Montgomery, AL 1900 ID CNN news about Obama / McCain

970 WGTK Louisville, KY 1905 with ID.

970 WTBF Troy, AL 1905 with HSFB. One team just threw a 45 yard bomb for a TD.

960 WERC Birmingham, AL 1907 Hoover HS HSFB.

920 KARN Little Rock, AR 1913 Pulaski Academy Bruins 0 v. Robinson Senators 7

910 WEPG S. Pittsburg, TN 1917 HSFB Silverdale 0 v. S. Pittsburg Pirates. 15

870 WWL NO, LA 1920 giving HSFB scores.

830 WCCO Minneapolis, MN 1921 with Minnesota Wild Hockey.

730 WUMP Madison, AL 1922 with Jaguar HSFB.

950 KWOS Jefferson City, MO 1933 HSFB Jeff City Jays v. Troy Trojans.

1370 WCOA Pensacola, FL 1939 ID during HSFB.

Six new ones tonight thanks to the HSFB STA.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and a 309.375' wire on the ground, 

unterminated 10/17:

1410 WIQR Pratt, AL 2130 with HSFB Trinity Presbyterian Wildcats v.  Marbury Bulldogs.

1620 WNRP Gulf Breeze, FL 2115 Booker T. Washington HSFB.

Heard on a DX398 nekkid and powered by a lantern battery:

1300 WMTN Morristown, TN 10/19 2134 ID Classic Country with an Alan Jackson weekend.

1540 CHIN Toronto, ON 10/19 2141 really coming in with Ethiopian [?] language programming.

Both new.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 266 foot wire ENE:

670 WMTY Farragut, TN 10/23 1705 ID after CBS News and into Jerry Doyle talk show.

690 WJOX Birmingham, AL 10/23 1706 World's Series Baseball talk.

720 WGCR Pisgah Forest, NC 10/23 1709 with country style gospel MX.

720 WVCC Hogansville, GA 10/23 1710 with Fox Sports

870 WQRX Valley Head, TN 10/23 1735 SS REL MX.

1100 WWWE Hapeville, GA 10/23 1800 playing KK program about McCain/ Obama and election. Heard TOH ID and when I heard WWWE I thought I was in a time warp.

All are new.

Heard on a Kenwood R-1000 and 266 foot wire:

660 WLFJ Greenville, SC 10/23 1657 talk about abortion and why you must vote Republican or you may risk going to hell!!!!! Strangest thing I think I ever heard on the radio. 1700 gave ToH ID.

1440 WGMI Bremen, GA 10/24 2006 Bremen v. Gordon Lee HSFB

Heard in Crump while driving a gold 2004 Saturn Ion with the car radio and 31" whip:

1530 WSAI Cincinnati, OH 10/26 1506 with Bengals football fairly strong. They were losing to the Houston Texans.

Heard 10/26 on a DX398 and 266 foot wire:

1650 WHKT Portsmouth, VA 1720 Radio Disney.

990 KWAM Memphis, TN 1800 News story about Flower Mound, TX.

1430 WOWW Germantown, TN 1921 "AM 1430, Radio Disney."

800 WMGY Montgomery, AL 2051 Orchestral religious music with lots of brass.

1480 WGUS Augusta, GA 2100 ToH ID // 102.7 "Your Southern Gospel Station."

Also had the het from BSKSA again on 1521 and have it also 10/27.

All except 1521 are new.

Heard on a Eton E-1 and whip 10/28:

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City, OK 0303 with news and ID. New for TN.

Heard on a DX440 and 266 foot wire on 10/28:

1540 KXEL Waterloo, IA 1730 with talk about IA HSFB and having 192 teams in the playoffs.

1480 WBBP Memphis, TN 1805 with some news about religion and then ID.

1330 WEBY Milton, FL 1815 Michael Reagan Show then *poof* gone.

1300 KWCK Searcy, AR 1816 talking about Little Rock HSFB.

1210 WMPS Bartlett, TN 1819 NOS music and ID.

1170 KFAQ Tulsa, OK 1825 with FOX and John Gibson carrying on about how an Obama victory would be the end of the world as we know it. Ad stopset then an ID.

All new.

Heard on a nekkid DX440 on 10/29:

880 KLVN Lexington, NE 0811 farm report on ethanol production.

1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne, IN 0830 BoH ID and WOWO.com and into political ads.

1600 KLEB Golden Meadow, LA 0841 with Cajun chanky-chank music, fighting it out with an Asian language station.

1690 WVON Chicago, IL 10/30 1140 with African American call in show and ID.

Heard 10/30 on a Sony ICF-2010 and 266 foot wire:

1360 UNID 1534 with "The Osgood File" The only one I can find is in North Carolina on this frequency. I figured I would ask before attribution.

1340 UNID 1603 with Paul Harvey.

1580 WLIJ Shelbyville, TN 1440 playing classic C&W.

1560 WBOL Bolivar, TN 1444 playing classic C&W.

1550 WCTZ Clarksville, TN 1445 Country gospel MX.

1490 WTUP Tupelo, MS 1450 Sports talk program.

1490 WJJM Lewisburg, TN 1452 ID WJJM then the Beatles Club.

1470 WVOL Nashville, TN 1455 talking about the McCain family plantation in MS and the family get together and talking about how the McCain family owned slaves.

1460 WJAK Jackson, TN 1302 urban gospel.

1420 WKSR Pulaski, TN 1505 Story about a dog running for mayor of Jacksonville, OR.

1310 WDXI Jackson, TN 1606 talking about Triscuits [tm] .

1190 WSDQ Dunlap, TN 1624 "The New Q" C&W.

1180 WZQZ Trion, GA 1631 with REL NX then political ad.

1100 KKLL Webb City, MO 1640 with REL show and Brother Somethingorother listing all the stations and states he is on.

890 KYAM Hartselle, AL 1652 SS playing ranchera.

880 WPEK Fairview, NC 1655 with the excellent Randi Rhodes Show.

580 WIBW Topeka, KS 1820 with directions to the stadium for Saturday's football game.

620 CMDA La Habana, Cuba 1830 "Esta emisora es desde La Habana, La Voz de la Revolucion!"

940 WMAC Macon, GA 2030 with ID and Channel 13 WX.

All new, Total from TN 207

Heard on a DX398 and 250 foot wire on 10/31:

1050 KMIS Portageville, MO 1255 Jim Rome interviewing Josh Hamilton.

1250 WKBL Covington, TN 1305 with slogan US 51 country.

Heard on a Sony ICF-2010 and 300 foot wire on 10/31:

930 WFXJ Jacksonville, FL 1910 with HSFB and Underwoods Jewelers ad.

1030 WEBS Calhoun, GA 1945 HSFB Calhoun local ads at the half.

1190 WIXE Monroe, NC 1953 HSFB Marion County Warriors playing Sequatchie County Indians 14-0


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



I took advantage of WCOJ's temporary absence from the airwaves over the past weekend. Many thanks to Bruce Collier for giving us the heads up on this situation.

4-Oct-08 // 0200 local // 1420 khz. // WHK // 5 kw // Cleveland, OH // End of promo for Mark Levine, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt: "Intelligent hosts for Cleveland's choice for intelligent talk, Newstalk 1420 WHK. This is Newstalk 1420 WHK, a service of Salem Communications." Into SRN news. // New. A 334 mile catch.

4-Oct-08 // 0304 local // 1420 khz. // WCED // 0.5 kw night // Du Bois, PA // A quick "1420 WCED." // New. A 191 mile catch.

4-Oct-08 // 0500 local // 1420 khz. // WLIS // 0.5 kw night // Old Saybrook, CT // Male with "1420 WLIS AM, Old Saybrook..." // New. A 204 mile catch.

4-Oct-08 // 0706 local // 1420 khz. // WLNA // 5 kw // Peekskill, NY // Male with "...music weekend...1420 WLNA." Into Andy Gibbs' 'I Just Want To Be Your Everything'. // New. A 142 mile catch.

4-Oct-08 // 2030 local // 1420 khz. // WACK // 0.5 kw night // Newark, NY // Male out of the rumble with "...at 1420 WACK [unintelligible]." // New. A 238 mile catch. The [unintelligible] doesn't sound like 'Newark' though the call letters were clear. I'd appreciate some input here. Thanks in advance.


Bob Smoak – Bamberg, SC

Receiver, Antenna



I am 100 miles from 630 WBMQ, Savannah, GA, and as of 8:10 P. M. Eastern, they are blasting in, certainly not their licensed 47 watts.  Must be the day power of 4,800 watts. 


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

DX 399



1540 Bahamas heard here from 7pm-9pm CDT usually near South Padre Island TX!


Larry Wild – Aberdeen SD

DX396 FRG-7


Heard last night 10/6:

790 KGHL Billings, MT, 10/5@10:30p CDT, ID at the bottom of the hour. 1.8kW, 489 miles. No sign of KFGO, Fargo.

770 WABC New York, NY, 10/6@12:00a CDT, ID at midnight, into news. 50kW,1264 miles. Some QRM from KKOB, Albuquerque


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

R-8 50 foot sloper



I'm probably the last DXer in this part of the country to hear the "new" KFI. Finally got 'em this evening 2150-2155 CDT with "KFI Newsroom" mention, traffic report and ads. Haven't heard them in *years*.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, BOG Antenna



Daytimer WWAM is noted mixing with WBAP tonite with Gospel mx and lots of

weather reports and some ID's...


CX were VERY good to the west/WNW last night from here in IL...ie CKWX in nicely with News 1130 slogan at 1953 CDT (37 minutes prior to their sunset switch time) and was often in well later. CFUN 1410 was also noted around 2104 with ads and ID and into talk. Around 2315 there was some C&W on 890 u/phased WLS...likely CJDC but it faded before I could ID it. Utah also in there at times.

New was KPTK 1090 "Seattle's Progessive Talk" with that slogan about 90 seconds prior to pattern switch during a break from Randi Rhodes 2028 CDT. I was on 1090 hoping the Mexican sounding SS thru KAAY was Fortuna CA but suspect it was just CO which once in a while is in there on night rig. 1560 KNZR in at times..IDed 2206 CDT. Also from CA KERI 1180 caught via sunset skip with a break in their Money Life program 2021. KNX also in at times (less common since KVKK came on) KOMO 1000 noted over an hour prior to pattern switch time. 1922 CDT !! u/phased WMVP KFLD 870 was in mixed with WWL/Reloj around 2005. Also from Seattle KNTS 1680 is decent even on 1 kw night power. Lots of nice SSS targets were hampered by IBOC, inspite of my phased BOGs. TA's were in, but were a bit better the previous night.

Very nice western cx continue here from Barrington IL. Co-owned KIGO 1420  and KRXR 1480 are occasionally topping those channels in // with Mexican mx and the rare anmt and Radio Fiesta ID both on day rig as is common.

Cx remain really good to the W/WNW.  Sunset skip had KFXX 1080 OR and a better signal from KPTK 1090 WA (new last night) Bits of KPTK and also KOMO can be noted even on night patterns tonite. KOMO WA was overpowering phased WMVP around 2010 CDT.  KERI  CA 1180 was loud just priot to a late power switch at  2034.


I find that the end of October is one of the best times for sunset skip. Hint..ignore the trick or treaters tomorrow and DX sunset since come Nov 1, your targets switch to night rigs considerably earlier.

As usual this time of year, from IL I am working towards the west where I can use my longest antennas. (From WI, I work towards the east, taking advantage of my land towards the Lake Michigan shore).

Anyhow..out to the DX truck about 1850 CDT and it clear that cx are slightly AU disturbed but only slightly. CO starting to come in well, but MB/SK not so good. Really strange at 1907 to have KFLN 960 from eastern MT with 5 kw stronger than CBW 990 from MB with 50 kw and closer but more northerly.

Slightly AU is weird..later getting KBMR ND on 1130 on low night power but no Vancouver and little trace of AB on 1140 although the WY stn was in well via SSS.

Anyhow..KNZZ was blasting out WTAM on peaks so,,, I remembered to try for the new stn in Vegas on 1100 and was rewarded !! 1957 CDT..UNLV  sports promos..dial 739-FANS for tickets...ESPN Radio 1100 ID o/u phased superpest WTAM. LSS switch at 2000:30 and as I tined down ..KNX 1070 allready in decently. (No trace of needed SF or AZ on 1100....last night had XENAS which is sometimes in)

1020 had SS Mex mx o/u cheating Groofy 1020 MN (KDKA phased to death) and gone at 2030 switch (needed Yakima since unn KTNQ is Univision and easy to ID and talk orineted) 1000 KOMO OK tonite but not awesome like last night


Barry McLarnon – Ottawa. ON

Receiver, Antenna



WKMC is pretty strong here too.  38 Watts?  I think not.  I also noticed that WKMC and WFEA are carrying the same Jones standards feed, delayed a second or two apart.  Conditions don't seem that great tonight, but maybe I'll record 1370 overnight and see what turns up.


Conditions to the west last night were decent here too, though rather spotty.  I won't be hearing Idaho on a regional channel anytime soon, though!  I did try for KBOI, since WFAN had their accursed IBOC off for a change, but no go - too much Cuba when WSCR was nulled (I did

have a Reloj outlet there, which was interesting, as I'm not sure I've seen one reported on 670 before).  KRCN was in very early under KYW on 1060.  I'm fairly sure I had KNTS-1680 before they dropped power, but no ID.  My only new catch was KBHB-810 in SD, who peaked

nicely just before dropping power at 2014 EDT.

Alas, many western targets are non-starters here, due to the presence of IBOC crud.


Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Sony ICF-2010 Barefoot



While listening for Thursday HSFB per this afternoon's discussion, I stumbled across KVEL-920 Vernal, UT seemingly running day power, way on top of the channel with a talk program, ID, and a TIS-style ad encouraging people to hike up to the mountain lakes in the Uintah mountains. 

Very strange conditions tonight.  Higher freqs are terrible but the lower band is pretty good.  UNID on 820 (must be KUTR?) is running a man who almost sounds like a preacher but isn't citing any Bible verses so who knows where he's coming from...


960  KLAD-OR noted with Klamath Union Pelicans vs. Eagle Point Eagles.  Rare here.  


Wednesday night just after 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern / 0200 UTC I heard a weak but steady signal with some Spanish-language songs followed by an XE anthem on 1610.  The past few nights I have been working late so I haven't been able to try for it again.  I have seen several reports of XEUACH signing off around this time so would have to suspect that's what I had.  Now that it's dark before then, this station would be worth trying for from SoCal...


Bruce Carter – Dallas, TX

GE Superadio



Got ZNS Nassau Bahamas in Dallas!  8 PM


Dennis Gibson – Santa Barbara, CA

Sony ICF-2010



I found out this morning that I don't have to go to the beach for TP DX, although it may be better there. There's a small grassy area on the apartment complex property that I go to for any serious listening due to manmade noise indoors. It was good enough to log a couple of TP's this morning. I just tried the ten frequencies listed in Gary DeBock's "Receiving Your First Thrilling TP on a Stock Ultralight Radio".   

774 JOUB 1307 good to very good with JJ man and woman doing a learning to speak English program. 

972  HLCA?  1316 fair with man speaking what sounded like KK. 

I also had some other carriers with no audio; the best were 828, 1566, and 1575.


JOUB was on the ICF-2010 barefoot. I needed the Select-a-Tenna for HLCA. The synchronous detection sure helps but JOUB was strong enough that I didn't absolutely need it. 

I'm going to do this with the ICF-2010 for awhile then give it a try with ultralights.


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

Lenoxx Sound PR35M


At 0645 CDT 7 Oct 08  KMON 560 Great Falls in with big signal to N.E. MN.

Might be hearable farther east.

At 0700 CDT 7 Oct 08.  KFI--640 in with "KFI 5 o'clock news."

At 0704 CDT 7 Oct 08.  CBX--740 Edmonton completely dominating 740 with CBC

News.  No sign of "AM 740" CHWO."

At 0718 Q-91  910 in Drumheller, AB in with what sounds to be Classic


Good conditions to the West this morning. All times CDT.

560    KMON    MT    Great Falls.  10-14  0711 I.D.,  temp & time checks in Mountain time. 

570    KVI         WA    Seattle.  10-14  0707    Ad for Puget computer firm.  "Right here in

Seattle."  Then "National Anthem" at this strange time.  I.D.  Into talk prog--host Kirby--didn't catch last name. NEW

580    KIDO      ID    Nampa.  10-14  0650  Local ads.  Firm had stores in Mountain Home & Meridian among others.

At 0700 CDT !8 Oct 2008.  CBC Radio One British Columbia in nicely with I.D. & into CBC News.

Music 1st Installment: All Times CDT.

630    CFCO     ON    Chatham.   10-3  1831.  C&W.  "Country 92-9 FM"  630 CFCO.

740    CFMZ     ON    Toronto.     10-3  1836.  Standards.  "Friday Night Bandstand."

850    WWJC   MN    Duluth.        10-3  1850.  Cont. Christian music. "WWJC--The Light."

910    WFDF    MI      Farmington Hills.  10-3  1855.  Radio Disney.

1050    CHUM    ON    Toronto.     10-3  1900.  "Toronto's Greatest Hits.""1050 Chum."

1090    CKKW    ON    Kitchener.  10-3.  1902.  Oldies.  "Oldies 1090."

1150    CKOC    ON    Hamilton.    10-3.  1909.  Oldies.  "Oldies 1150 CKOC."

1290    WMCS   WI    Greenfield.  10-3  1918.  Urban--Blues.

1290    CFRW    MB    Winnipeg.  10-3.  0845.  Oldies.  Many I.D.s

1340    KXPO     ND    Grafton       10-3  0854   Oldies & C&W.  Promo for HSFB.

1350    WCMP   MN    Pine City.    10-3  0858.  Oldies--NOS.  I.D.

1390    WRIG     WI     Schofield.    10-3 1810.  Oldies.  "Big Rig 1390."

1400    WATW   WI     Ashland.      10-3  0912.  NOS.  "Memories 1400"

1440    KDIZ       MN   Golden Valley.  10-3  0924.  Radio Disney.

1560    WQEW  NY    New York.     10-3  1820.  Radio Disney.

1580    CKDO    ON    Oshawa.       10-3  1821.  Oldies.  Then into hockey.

590    WJMS     MI      Ironwood.  10-4  1854.  "Real Country  US 59."

850    WWJC    MN    Duluth.  1850  10-3.  Cont. Christian music. I.D.  "WWJC The Light."

910    WFDF     MI      Farmington Hills.  10-3  1855.  Radio Disney.

1050    CHUM    ON     Toronto.  10-3  1900.  Oldies.  "Toronto's Greatest Hits--1050 Chum."

1090    CKKW    ON     Kitchener.  10-3  1902.  Oldies.  "Oldies 1090."

1150    CKOC    ON      Hamilton.  10-3  1909.  Oldies.  "Oldies 1150 CKOC."

1230    KGHS     MN     International Falls.  10-4  0800.  TOH I.D. "The greatest hits are here on KGHS."

1230    WKLK     MN     Cloquet.  10-4  0923.  "This is your home for America's best music--AM 1230 WKLK."

1240    WMFG    MN     Hibbing.  10-4  0806.  NOS.  "America's best music is here on WMFG."

1290    WMCS    WI      Greenfield.  10-3  1918.  Urban--Blues.

1320    KOZY      MN     Grand Rapids.  10-4  0843.  Oldies. Promo for local news.

1350    KRNT     IA        Des Moines.  10-4  1843.  Standards--Oldies. "Here on KRNT."

1380    WOTE    WI      Clintonville.  10-4  0925.  "Oldies 1380."  Ads for Shawano.

1410    KRWB    MN     Roseau.  10-4  0856.  "The home of Classic Rock KRWB."  Into song by 'The Doors.'

1430    KNSP     MN     Staples.  10-4  0900.  "920 KWAD Wadena--1430 KNSP Staples."  Sounds like classic country.

1460    KKAQ     MN     Thief River Falls.  10-4  0907.  "The one station playing your kind of


1470    KWSL    IA        Sioux City.  10-4  0954.  SS music.  "La Preciosa."

1490    KQDS    MN      Duluth.  10-4  0913.  "True Oldies."

1600    KPNP    MN       Watertown.  10-4  0919.  Hmong chanting. Does that count as music?


Bill Harms – Elkridge, Maryland

Receiver, Antenna


Who is the station with Middle Eastern Music under WOR? 1815 EDT, 10/27


Dean Zeroeue – South Dakota

Kaito 2100



6;30 central, just before sunset : On the Kaito 1200 barefoot

CJBC  860 Khz  Toronto Ontario 50,000 watts French ? speaking host with the words Mercci Boockoo?  and then Canada. All i could pick out as a non frenchy ? The net says it's CJBC the city's affiliate of Radio Canada's Premier Chaine network. 7:51 Central :  drifting more now ,but still can copy some . 1000 miles distant


1690 khz   WVON 'The talk of Chicago'  News \Talk

1670 khz   WTDY 'The pulse '           news\Talk  Madison Wi.

1660 khz   KQWB  '1660 ESPN'  sports with world series game 5  Fargo ND.

1660 khz   KXTR  'Classical 1660'      Kansas City Ks.

1660 khz   ? mystery station with mexican music and station ID's Possibles? KXOL Brigham City UT. KTIQ Merced Cali. WGIT Canovanas Puerto Rico

All 10,000 Day  , 1,000 Night   Watts

Started about 7;00 Central, ended around 9;00  the three 1660's where battling it out for some time , so took longer to id but finally got solid id on the first 2

4 new ones ........... good night ? [real good – ed.]


Tonight was much better , slower drifting and finally heard the word Utah ,So i'm guessing the mystery station is KXOL Utah?, only thing that makes sense ? ......to bad , i was hoping it was the PR one but , :)

Any way not bad for 2 sets with whip only ?Eton E10 KA-2100



Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

AR7030 Quantum Loop 2.0



Heard 1540 ZNS here in Central Texas last night.Poor signal under hash but clear enough to catch announcements.


Pretty good signal coming from KFI this morning. Coast To Coast into KFI ID, Rush minute. Several other stations on channel too but did not ID them. 6:30-7am CDT.First time with the new tower.


Powell E. Way – Silverstreet, SC

CCRadio and others



610 WFNZ  NC  Charlotte right before &:15 pattern change on VERY short skip. I have never heard this station ever, even in the old WAYS rock and roll days down this way.  1913   10/14/08 PEW -SC near Silverstreet with Sony M-37V while walking Jolene.

640 WFNC  NC  Fayetteville Talking about NC State Wolfpack football and local commercial and at 1915..... POOOOOOOOOOOOF!!!!   1914 10/14/0 on the dog walk.

1010 WHIN  Gallatin, TN 2030 running Gallatin Greenwave football, running at least 1000 watts ( the MW-5 won't go any lower ) and substantially off frequency.  10/17/08


Jay Rogers – East Providence, RI

Receiver, Antenna



noticed @ 15:55EDT/19: 55Z today (10/19/08) that WARV/1590-Warwick, R.I. is off air.  Still off as of 16:05EDT/20: 05Z.


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

JVC KD-HDR1 Mobile



We were working late at the new business last night, and had to stop at the market for a few minutes, so I took the opportunity to spin the dials of the Windstar's HD equipped JVC radio.  It's always nice getting away from the RF jungle at home, and I thought that the proximity to the ocean (about 3 miles - we were just north of LAX) might make things more interesting. 

It was a bit after 11:00 PM, so first I went looking to see who has IBOC on at night.  The only 2 that would decode were KNX-1070, which was very strong (as would be expected, being that close to 50KW), and KFWB, which decoded ok while we were sitting in the parking lot, but was flipping a lot between analog and HD later when we were driving. 

I got a flashing HD light on KOGO-600 and KCBS-740, but no decodes. 

The only other notable reception was something, I think in SS, underneath XESURF-540 (which never happens at home).  I wasn't able to stick around long enough to ID anything.  I went looking for hets to see if there were any TP's in, but nothing was heard.  I guess I need to get closer to the beach.


Rick Barton – Phoenix, AZ

Panasonic 2600 or some variant…


640  KFI  Los Angeles , CA  - 0500 +  (UTC)  KFI blasting in and burying any other stations on the frequency with news and into "Coast to Coast". seems much much better here after the new antenna fireup. Absolutely dominating atm.



The Whole Earth

Rick Barton – Phoenix, AZ

Panasonic 2600 or some variant…



This afternoon Maple Leaf aired some unhappy letters from listeners who were not amused with Radio Canada's decision to drop SE to Europe at the end of this month.

And just as i am starting to get good reception of them at my location on 17735.  


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



3413 khz. USB // 0239 UTC // 26-Oct-08 // Shannon Volmet // Shannon,

Ireland // Unknown power // Male with wx conditions for various world

airports followed by repetitive 'Shannon Volmet' IDs. Strong signal.


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5



Just caught an English ID from XEPPM on 6185 kHz at 9:00 pm Central/0200 UTC. It was by a woman, and went "This is Radio Education broadcasting on six thousand one hundred eighty-five kilohertz in the international band of 49 meters." That was it----all Spanish before and after----and I happened across it during a bandscan. Is this something new? I haven't noted it before.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed


Heard at 23:45 UTC 10/2 on a R-390A set at 16 KHz bandwidth:

9715 KHz RDP Internacional  with some rather lively music and superb, wideband fidelity.  With the exception of a bit of fading, this brutishly strong signal is remarkably FM like in fidelity.

Now, if only I could find FireDrake at this hour of the evening - brash Chinese music complete with gongs would sound so nice on the R-390A on 16 KHz bandwidth :)



Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** CUBA [and non]. RHC`s English program at 23-24 UT is supposed to be only on 9550 --- to Rio de Janeiro? To the Caribbean? Who know? But I was monitoring 11800 at 2301 UT Oct 1, and guess what --- RHC opening English, not unusual for this frequency to be running overtime past scheduled 2300* in Spanish.

So I then checked 9550 --- just open carrier! Then I checked 9600 --- and there was RHC English // 11800. Modulation on 9550 came up around 2303. It came to pass that 11800, bothered by QRDRM from 11790-11795-11800 HCJB with 4 kW aimed 110 degrees from Pifo, cut off sometime between 2305 and 2307, but 9600 kept going past 2330 as if it were intended.

BTW, RHC does not announce its frequencies at the beginning of English hours, which is a very good idea since they change from day to day, and the studionix are in no position to know them, unlike an axual monitor in faraway Oklahoma.

Also, while listening to RHC on 9600, I could barely hear the Vatican IS underneath at 2314, but did not notice whether they still had a 2.5 minute English service just before it; RHC was much stronger.

DentroCuban Jamming Command was busy jamming nothing the evening of Oct 2, early UT: at 0010 on 9515 vs R. República which closes at 0000 (but heavier jamming on its axual frequency 9640 to the extent that RR was inaudible); also against nothing on 5890 and 6110, which are VOA Spanish frequencies not opening until 0030 and then not exclusively for Cuba

** ECUADOR. HCJB`s Kulina service on 11920, Oct 1 at 2253 with carefully enunciating preacher referring to Matthew XXIV, pronounced in Portuguese, at 2253 and again at 2256. I figured they would have moved much further into the NT by now, since my last log of this on May 10 found them also citing Matthew XXIV.

Either they`re really hooked on this chapter, or more likely, they have recorded only a few programs in this exotic language and play the same ones over and over. And just like 5 months ago, the speaker was faded out rudely at 2259:30 with no outro or closing, just in time for the automated introduxion to the Portuguese service which follows

** EGYPT. R. Cairo notes Oct 2: at 0012, 9360 with open carrier, or almost so: straining to make out any traces of modulation I thought I heard ``Qahira`` mentioned; this is scheduled in Arabic to S America. Meanwhile, 9280 at same time had good modulation with Arabic music; this is English to North America at 2300-2430, commonly mis-listed as Arabic, e.g. in Aoki, since schedules emanating from ERTU repeatedly overlook this English broadcast and people are also ignoring my correxions about it in DXLD! Here`s another chance to do so. At 0014, also checked 6290 and found that good in an Arabic drama, W&M alternating

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. On Oct 1 I did not get around to checking 15190 for R. Africa until 2250, too late for modulation but not too late for a big open carrier they had not yet turned off

** MEXICO. I finally had a chance to check XEPPM`s program with an English title ``On the Road`` per their website SW schedule for 6185, at 0015 UT. Oct 2 at 0015 music, then segué into a romantic song in Spanish, but by 0019 the announcer was talking and it soon became clear that this is a series presented in Spanish about Jack Kerouac`s ``On the Road``, at its fiftieth anniversary. Plus hiway SFX, and even at 0020 the theme music to ``Ruta 66``. Now we know. Wikipedia:

``On the Road is a novel by American writer Jack Kerouac, written in April 1951, and published by Viking Press in 1957. It is a largely autobiographical work that was written based on the spontaneous road trips of Kerouac and his friends across mid-century America. It is often considered a defining work of the postwar Beat Generation that was inspired by jazz, poetry, and drug experiences. While many of the names and details of Kerouac's experiences are changed in the novel, hundreds of references in On the Road have real-world counterparts.``

** PRIDNESTROVYE. Radio PMR still on 6040 to NAm, Oct 1 at 2339 check in German, which alternates every quarter hour with English and French. As important as it may be, German is not a language native to Moldova or to North America, but very much a minority language at best, not even worth DW`s trouble to broadcast to NAm, so why does PMR aim it at us? Probably because they have someone on staff capable of translating and reading their propaganda in German, which is useful for the European service, so by golly, NAm gets it too

** VENEZUELA [non]. In the Oct issue of BDXC-UK Communication, page 39, appears this: ``RNV, English at 2300-2330 is now on 15250 (ex 13680) via Cuba. Heard by Glenn Hauser (DXLD) on 6 September with the usual heavy-accented translations from Spanish to English.``

I said no such thing. Here is that log item verbatim: ``** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV, 15250 via Cuba, Sat Sept 6 at 2314 in English, YL with tedious enumeration of constitutional articles concerning corruption, apparently trying to dismiss such charges against Chávez in the 1990s, made only worse by her didactic and heavy accent. . .

I said nothing about 13680 one way or the other, but this transmission has been on both frequencies for years, not one moving to another, and reconfirmed on both Oct 1 at 2343 in Spanish. I also did not say English was at 2300-2330. Editors are eager to pin RNV`s English to specific times, but in fact it appears at irregular times, usually mixed in with Spanish segments

** CHINA [and non]. Trans-Pacific conditions were poor on 120, 90, 75 and 60 m the morning of Oct 2, but Firedrake was still making it on 49m, e.g. at 1340 on 6095 // 6085 // 6030.

I see people still running across this ``traditional Chinese music`` on many frequencies and wondering what it is in various DX publications, despite discussions of this for years in DX LISTENING DIGEST, which I cannot force people to read in order to be well-informed. Perhaps part of the problem is that Firedrake is not listed as a `station` in WRTH or PWBR, even tho it has become one of the world`s major `broadcasters`.

Interesting to compare CRI transmitter sites at 1346 Oct 2: 9570 via Habana had very low modulation, making squishing sound at peaks. 9650 via Sackville, // but offset, had much better modulation but was splattering/spurring out to plus/minus 10 kHz, and more weakly to plus/minus 20 kHz. No CRI audible on 9560 vs R. Australia, unlike a previous day, so maybe that was a fluke or depends on unusual propagation

** GUAM. On 9900, Oct 2 at 1357 found VG signal in what sounded like an Indian love song; 1358 ID in S Asian language with postal address, ``namaskar`` and off immediately at 1359* Is my PWBR next to the radio any help? Of course not! I risked spraining my wrist for nothing. It shows something starting at 1400 but nothing ending at 1400. So as usual one must consult the much more accurate and up-to-date online resources, once the computer is turned on.

Aoki shows KTWR Guam, daily 1345-1400 in Santali, 100 kW, 285 degrees. Eibi spells it Santhali and in the readme explains that it`s spoken in India by 5.5 megapersons, and in Bangladesh by 150 kilopersons. WRTH says target is E Asia rather than S Asia. All agree it is the only KTWR broadcast on this frequency

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, again making it Oct 2 at 1348, good modulation, but over some co-channel QRM also producing a ripple-fast SAH. Woman was speaking clearly in English in a tribute to Gandhi, pro-non-violence, ``dialogue is the only way to prevent terrorism``. Outroduced at 1353 by less intelligible YL announcer, so could not copy the attribution, into rap music and immediate tune-out

** JAPAN. Previously around 1300 on R. Nikkei, we have heard English lessons and German lessons, and on Thu Oct 2 at 1302 there were French lessons for Japanese listeners, on 6055, about goings-on in Paris

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBSWR, 9650 via Canada, Thu Oct 2 at 1240 in English with Korean language lessons on the theme of bank transaxions. One really needed printed material to follow it. And even better, some printed won

** MEXICO. Have barely been able to detect a carrier from XEXQ lately, but heard much better Oct 2 on 6045: 1222 tune-in, good modulation with classical cinema music from an epic western, familiar but I could not place it. No announcements. Much better copy than under-modulated CFRX 6070 with 4x the power; and also better than XEOI 6010 which is also 4x the power, nominally, further than SLP and normally has the upper hand in this time period. At 1230 a SAH of 72 per minute started from another 6045 station, = 1.2 Hz, but no detectable modulation and not too obtrusive. However, online schedules do not show anything starting at 1230 on 6045.

Rechecking at 1249: Spanish announcement in progress mentioning Universidad Autónoma de San Luís Potosí, which is all one needs for a definite ID, besides the paucity of classical music on SW, any other 6045 station in particular. Now the QRM had changed a lot with a fast SAH, flutter, and het or tone: the latter no doubt from Vladivostok warming up for the VOR Chinese broadcast at 1300. At 1257, XEXQ was playing Albinoni`s Adagio, an extremely beautiful piece for which all other stations should QRX or QRT in deference. But no! At 1300 Chinese talk started from VOR. Recheck at 1332, VOR had faded down and XEXQ again dominant with some more classical music, and was still stronger than 6010

** U S A. Brother Scare via WINB, 9265, Oct 2 at 1341, mixing with ``running water`` ute QRM for part of the 1343 minute; and not // Brother Scare via WWRB, 9385 --- at least no // detected during a minute of listening to each frequency. If you don`t like what he`s saying on one station, just tune to the other! Then what?

Just when is B.S. on WINB? Their online sked displays it this way, rather inconveniently, in EDT:

The Overcomer

Mon-02:00P, Tue-02:00P, Wed-02:00P, Thu-02:00P, Fri-02:00P

[= M-F 1800 UT, for how long? One hour]

The Overcomer - Bro. Stair

Sun-05:00P [2100 UT, for how long? 1 hour per sked by time, so why isn`t this included in the following entry?]

The Overcomer (1 Hr.)

Sun-02:00P, Mon-05:00P, Tue-05:00P, Wed-05:00P, Thu-05:00P

Fri-05:00P, Sat-05:00P [Sun 18-19 so why isn`t this included in the first entry? And Mon-Sat 21-22 UT]

The Overcomer (3 Hr.)

Sat-02:00P [1800-2100 UT]

The Overcomer (4 Hr.)

Sat-10:00A [1400-1800 UT]

Note that on Saturdays only, or rather The Sabbath, this adds up to a continuous 8-hour broadcast 1400-2200.

Frequencies? At the top of the page it now shows:

Frequency Schedule (EDT)

0630 - 0800  9265 kHz [1030-1200 UT]

0800 - 1700 13570 kHz [1200-2100 UT]

1700 - 1800 11520 kHz [2100-2200 UT]

1800 - 2300  9265 kHz [2200-0300 UT]

11520??? I was almost convinced the 21-22 UT hour, which only carries Brother Scare, came via DTK in Germany. WRTH, HFCC and EiBi do not have this hour at all on 11520 from anywhere, and Aoki lists it as USA but no further details. The latest FCC update as of August 14 does not have 11520 as WINB or any US station.

We hear the broadcast just about any day, and it seems to us the audio is appropriate for DTK and not WINB. However, the WINB schedule shows it filling a one-hour gap between 13570 until 21 and 9265 from 22, so it would seem to be their own transmitter.

Even so, another possible scenario is that it is WINB only in the sense that WINB is being relayed via Germany. But the latest M&B/DTK schedule dated Sept 5 does not show 11520, only 13810, 17485 and 6110 for TOM = The Overcomer Ministry, at other times. Yet another scenario is that 11520 may have been relayed from Germany for a while this summer, then transferred to Red Lion.

We must listen closer to any IDs at beginning or end, and also whether there is any overlap with 13570 and 9265. Furthermore, whenever we tune 13570 with BFO on, we find that the frequency is unstable with a pronounced warble, and if it is the same transmitter, that should also happen on 11520 (and 9265). That may be the clincher once checked. But why doesn`t FCC have 11520 on record??

While we are looking at the WINB program schedule, we find this for Tony Alamo:

Mon-11:00A, Mon-03:00P, Mon-06:00P,

Tue-11:00A, Tue-03:00P, Tue-06:00P,

Wed-11:00A, Wed-03:00P, Wed-06:00P,

Thu-11:00A, Thu-03:00P, Thu-06:00P,

Fri-11:00A, Fri-03:00P, Fri-06:00P

Or put much more conveniently, converted to UT: M-F 1500-1600 & 1900-2000 13570, 2200-2300 on 9265. So we may hear how he responds to the charges against him, and whether these broadcasts get canceled.

Let`s also check the Family Radio relay times on WINB, which can cause confusion with Harold Camping & Co. showing up here despite his dozen transmitters in Okeechobee and ever-expanding overseas relays. There can never be enough droning from this unordained authority with seemingly limitless broadcasting resources:

Family Radio - English

Sun-08:00A, Sun-09:00A, Sun-08:00P,

Mon-08:00A, Mon-09:00A, Mon-08:00P,

Tue-08:00A, Tue-09:00A, Tue-08:00P,

Wed-08:00A, Wed-09:00A, Wed-08:00P,

Thu-08:00A, Thu-09:00A, Thu-08:00P,

Fri-08:00A, Fri-09:00A, Fri-08:00P,

Sat-08:00A, Sat-09:00A, Sat-08:00P

[I.e., much more succinctly, converted to UT, one hour each and with frequencies: Daily 12-13 9265, 13-14 13570, 00-01 9265.]

Family Radio - Spanish

Sun-07:00A, Sun-07:00P,

Mon-07:00A, Mon-07:00P,

Tue-07:00A, Tue-07:00P,

Wed-07:00A, Wed-07:00P,

Thu-07:00A, Thu-07:00P

Fri-07:00A, Fri-07:00P,

Sat-07:00A, Sat-07:00P

[I.e., much more succinctly, converted to UT, one hour each and with frequencies: Daily 11-12 & 23-24 9265.]

** U S A [non]. VOA, 9510 via Thailand, Oct 2 at 1345 promo for vice presidential debate ``Friday morning`` at 0100 UT. WTFK? Of course not! But VOA is normally on the SW air anyway to Asia at this hour. See our previous reports about special frequencies added for Africa, America.

VOA, 9760 via Philippines, Oct 2 at 1354 with USG editorial delivered by YL, criticizing Malaysia`s Internal Security Act allowing jailing of any opposition; mixing with CRI on 9760 but clear on // 9510

** VENEZUELA [non]. Since the relay was so fouled up the day before, [see CUBA in previous report] I checked 11705 again Oct 2 at 1243. This time RNV was axually being broadcast and in Spanish, but somewhat distorted and with occasional audio dropouts for a fraxion of a second.

At the moment, a sports segment, with listeners addressed as ``usuarios y usuarias``, i.e. male and female users! I have never heard any other Spanish-speaking station do this, so I wonder why RNV uses this terminology. Is it a Venezuelan thing, or a Bolivarian thing with ideological implications like ``comrades``? Or are they implying listeners should be addicted to RNV broadcasts?! Also for our amusement, occasional Windows cues mixed with the talk

Wait a minute: I got so carried away with the 11520 anomaly, that I failed to note that per their sked, at 1341 on 9265, WINB is supposed to be carrying Family Radio instead of Brother Scare! So the FR sked via WINB is further questionable. Furthermore, WINB is supposed to be on 13570 after 1200 UT, let alone 1300, per their own schedule, and online schedules. Could BS heard on 9265 be something else? Nothing else listed except WMLK, which also uses 9265, but not scheduled anywhere near that hour either, and has been silent for months. I did not check 13570 at that time

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. R. Africa, 15190, big carrier at 1954 Oct 2, just barely audible modulation. Why can`t some stations ever get their act together and keep it together? If you don`t have any significant modulation, can`t you tell that is the case at the transmitter and just turn it off? What`s the point of burning the kWh? Bulletin: you can`t have one without the other and claim to be `broadcasting`. Well, you can the other way around, SSB modulation and no carrier, but this isn`t that. Maybe RA should consider that if they can only rely on one of the two. Not that we really care, since all they broadcast are gospel huxters, even those facing criminal charges of child porn and sexual abuse. I listened to a few seconds of Tony Alamo on WINB and right away heard him talking about fornication

** U S A [and non]. Observations of the US Vice Presidential debate, starting at 0100 UT Oct 3: at the last minute, WBCQ announced it would broadcast the debate live on 5110-CUSB. Audible here running 15 seconds behind C-SPAN; I wonder what WBCQ`s source is. Kudos for being the only known private US SW station performing this public service, while there were none at all for the first Presidential debate.

With local noise sources running, I scanned all bands from 16 to 60 meters at 0118-0123 and could not find a single VOA frequency with the debate, altho there surely were some on the other worldside. 15595, which was barely audible for previous debate, could not be detected now. There was however, an open carrier on 6040 at 0123, and it signed on as usual at 0129, but instead of Spe-cial Eng-lish immediately joined the debate in progress. A minute later the VOA announcer talked over the debate which did not pause for him, to say it was ``special simulcast coverage`` and invited e-mail reaxions to debate @ voanews.com Then found same on // 9820, also as before. And as I write at 0142 UT, I bet both of them go off again at 0200 in the middle of the debate.

Most surprising was discovering live coverage of the debate, with immediate voice-over translation into Spanish, from REE, Spain on 9535 and much better on 6055. Shames VOA Spanish which was not doing it. After 0200 these should be joined by several other REE frequencies, 3350, 9630 via Costa Rica, 6125; and 6020 should already be on via CR as well.

BTW, I cannot detect any correxion in Sarah Palin`s lenses, making me suspect she is wearing glasses for some other reason, such as to make her look more intelligent. See my Tips for Rational Living Commentary in upcoming DX Listening Digest 8-110

** U S A. Following up my earlier observations of WINB: silly me, I assumed the schedule on the WINB website was correct. Well, stations are entitled to the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise by axual monitoring, which is extremely easy to accomplish, as RHC has also found out.

I had certainly heard 11520 between 21 and 22 with Brother Scare, several times in past weeks, but not any more. At 2058:30, 13570v went from the Fence Lake, New Mexico preacher to sign-off announcement, talking over the Star Spangled Banner! And these gospel-huxters are supposed to be super-patriotic? That`s equivalent to flag desecration. They don`t quite get what you are supposed to do with the SSB, which is: play it all the way thru unimpeded, even if it is a shortened version, when signing on or off.

Announced QSY to 9265, no mention of 11520, cut off with SSB still playing at precisely 2059:08. Meanwhile I was standing by on both 11520 and 9265. Nothing ever came up on 11520, but a much weaker signal than 13570 came up exactly one minute later on 9265. It had the same warbling unstable carrier as 13570 when monitored with BFO. Did not sound like Brother Scare programming; signal built up a little bit by 2106 when I could be sure the singing on 9265 was not // the B.S. talking on WWRB 9385. If another site was carrying B.S. on 11520 during this hour, it was inaudible. Reception from Europe was not very good, but Vatican to Africa was audible on 11625.

So WINB is not using 11520, which the FCC has not listed anyway, and contrary to its own claimed schedule, switches directly from 13570v to 9265v at 2059-2100 UT. Also, as noted earlier, it appears WINB stays on 9265 at least two hours longer in the morning than the authorized 1200 switch to 13570. And then there`s the YFR and BS programming which does not match the schedule either. Multiple things are amiss here. Cf my comments under EQUATORIAL GUINEA about getting act together

** CUBA. RHC, 13680, Oct 3 at 2106 in English, quite muffled audio, and running about two words ahead of // 11760 which had good audio. My theory now is that this 13680 broadcast is via one of the decrepit transmitters mostly used for CRI relays with similar-sounding crummy modulation. Why not? It so happens there are no CRI relays via Habana during this period, 2030-2130.

Meanwhile RHC Spanish at 2107, much better on 13760 // 11750 and // 11800 with SAH and audio mixing from R. Bulgaria Spanish

** ECUADOR. 3220, music and unID language, fair signal Oct 4 at 0120, so I first thought of Africa, but must be only HCJB in Quechua, supposedly NVIS. BTW, the 90-degree ``azimuth`` shown in Aoki means straight up, not due east! WWCR does not open 3215 until 0200

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. R. Africa, 15190, Oct 3 at 2153 with big carrier, fair modulation level, sounds like Tony Alámo conversing with someone. 2159 WYFR sign-on in Portuguese. Any R. Africa ID at 2200? Of course not! Roughly equal level at the moment and virtually zero-beat so couldn`t really tell how much of the big carrier came from Bata and how much from Okeechobee

** HONDURAS. R. Luz y Vida, 3250.0, Oct 4 at 0121, announcer in Spanish with birthday greetings to someone in Guatemala. I see this station is missing from Aoki listings, tho quite regularly reported. EiBi has it

** IRELAND [non]. RTE, via WRN via WRMI, 9955, Oct 3 at 2110, Irish accent talking about the EU, good S9+15 signal and no jamming! For one minute. Then at 2111 pulse jamming at the rate of 132/minute started, or maybe faded in. RTE still rather readable as WRMI signal peaked and jamming dipped. This broadcast is M-F 2100-2130, and there is another M-F at 1800-1830. At 2130 switched to Romania, q.v.

** MAURITANIA. R. Mauritanie, 4845, still on at 0118 UT Oct 4 with speech in Arabic, strongest station on band below 5 MHz. Was not listening closely but went off somewhere around 0130; however at 0156 check there was still a carrier on about 4845.2, maybe this

** PALAU. 9965, Oct 3 at 1249, VT Communications test transmission loop announcement with music, reference to website http://www.vtplc.com/communications At first I thought it was exactly 60 seconds long, but more like 65 as it started over later and later in each minute, until off abruptly at 1300* Was good with some fades. KHBN scheduled before and after this hour on 9965, a.k.a. T8WH.

This station is really a one-of-a-kind hybrid, with two or three callsigns, under both FCC and Palauan administration, relay business both from IBB and VTC and being purchased (or part of it?) by World Harvest Radio

** ROMANIA [non]. After RTE relay [see IRELAND non], via WRMI 9955, Fri Oct 3, at 2130 switched to R. Romania International, introducing North American broadcast in English on ``11940``. Do they even know they are relayed by WRMI? I figured this was delayed from an earlier transmission so did not check 11940; it is on the schedule for RRI direct at 2030-2100

** U S A. Checked WINB again Oct 3 to reconfirm scheduling anomalies contradicting own website: at 1235, 9265v with the warbling carrier, Brother Scare instead of Harold Camping on 13570 where there was nothing. At 1300, B.S. continued on 9265 with no ID break.

A different Brother Scare not // 9265 was on WWRB 9385 at 1310; however, he was just barely audible beneath a big hum. Wiggle that patchcord! I then decided that 9385 was running about one minute behind 9265

** U S A [and non]. VOA French service, Friday Oct 3 at 2105 on 12035 in the clear and also on 12080 mixing with presumed R. Australia, Brandon in English. At 2114 also found VOA French on 9830 mixing with the incessant RTTY on this frequency which other broadcast stations are smart enough to avoid. At this time 9830 was // 12035 but ahead of it; 9830 and 12080 were almost synchronized. What are the sites?

 9830 - São Tomé at 335 degrees

12035 - São Tomé at  20 degrees

12080 - Botswana at 350 degrees

One would have expected 9830 and 12035 to be synchronized, from same site --- unless they are deliberately unsynchronized from same site, to even out power consumption, as is done at other relay sites such as Tinian, Bonaire

* U S A [and non]. Follow-up to monitoring during the UT Oct 3 Vice Presidential debate: After 0200 I could hear REE/CR 3350 poorly but the other frequencies Spain adds at this hour were not making it.

I should add that as you would expect, AFN was carrying the debate, on 7811 at 0156 check, running a few seconds ahead of C-SPAN.

The two VOA Greenville frequencies 6040 and 9820 did indeed sign off abruptly in the middle of the debate, just before 0200, according to their usual Spe-cial Eng-lish schedule of 0130-0200 only

** CANADA. CFVP, 6030, Calgary, Alberta, Oct 4 at 1254 with ``Country Gold Countdown``, mentioned a Canadian contest, fair with no jamming, but over some weaker co-channel. After 1300 blown away by Firedrake

** CUBA [and non]. Propagation from Habana was very good Oct 4 at 1245 on 31m, such that very strong RHC 9600 mixed with CRI relay on 9570 putting a leapfrog mixing product another 30 kHz below on 9540, where much weaker audio from both could be heard at once.

DentroCuban Jamming Command attacking VOA Spanish, 5890 and 6110, UT Sun Oct 5 after 0100 when VOA was talking about the embargo, but jamming continued at 0130 in non-Cuban VOA program ``Club de Oyentes`` which started with Mercedes interviewing on phone Ricardo ---, a Colombian photographer, about Armenia, Quindío

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [non]. Sat Oct 4 at 2159, no trace of R. Africa on 15190 as on previous days, just strong open carrier, and WYFR opening Portuguese // 15665

** LAOS [non]. WHRI, 11785, with Hmong Lao Radio, Sat Oct 4 at 1348, with het from V. of Indonesia. Usually it`s on the low side, but this time on the hi side, about 11786. This correlates with measurements by Ron Howard; and Wolfgang Büschel, who says VOI has three different transmitters which operate on three slightly offset frequencies from the nominals.

WHR now has a third Hmong program, which I ran across UT Sunday Oct 5 at 0112 on 5875, excellent clear reception, no fading or distortion and a good time to record some more exotic music. This was singing accompanied by a hi-pitched and repetitive drone on a string instrument bowed back and forth. 0117 announcement in Hmong and more music; ended at 0129, back into English.

Per online sked, this is Hmong North Radio, under the auspices of one Liaj Sou Vang, UT Sundays at 0100-0130 and also UT Saturdays 0000-0030, both via Angel 6, WHRI. On this time and frequency it must also be intended for Hminnesota rather than Laos.

It`s not clear what organization is behind this, and none of the Hmong programs are in the program links list at http://www.whr.org/Links.cfm  Even a Google search gets zero hits to ``Hmong North Radio`` so it must be so new Google has not even found it on the WHR schedule pages. Ditto his or her full name.

(The other shows are Hmong Lao Radio, Sat & Sun 1300-1400 on 11785, and Hmong World Christian Radio, Sat 1400-1430 on 11785, also Angel 6, and all of them recommended for their exotic music

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI`s current schedule at http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php

still shows a gap in DRM service from 1158 to 1551 UT, but Oct 4 at 1257 there was DRM on 6165-6170-6175, surely RNZI; it stopped at 1258 and RNZI AM came on at 1258:50 with bell bird, 1300 accurate 6-pip timesignal and into the 2:00 news. Did not sign on as RNZI, but at 1307 gave full ID over music, and then into Pacific news show ``Tagata o te Moana`` which was about a conference in Wellington dealing with four underdeveloped countries in Melanesia. This show is 1308-1330 UT Sat and Sun, instead of Dateline Pacific on weekdays. As far as I listened, Tagata+ was really in English except for a greeting in some other language, Maori?

Then scanning 41m at 1312 I found DRM on 7140-7145-7150, surely RNZI as well; a frequency not currently scheduled for DRM at any hour altho it has been in the past. Did Rangitaiki decide on its own to resume DRM during the former break without telling the website?

** PALAU. VT Communications test loop in English heard again Oct 4 at 1249 on 9965, only fair and not as good as 24 hours earlier. VTC refers us to their website, but anyone wanting real info about their SW operations will be disappointed, no time and frequency schedule, and even in HFCC they are playing games, not registering their transmissions of Radio República ** U S A. WWRB`s FCC schedule has been revised to show the 340 degree antenna changing from 3185 to 9385 at 1200 UT. Nevertheless, Oct 4 at 1241, both were on the air, but not //, R. G. Stair not speaking at the moment, but presumably The Overcomer Ministry anyway. 3185 was much better than 9385 at this time as higher bands had not yet opened up, e.g. WWCR 7490 and 9980 nearby geographically also poor. At 1249, Stair himself had started talking on the 3185 Sabbath broadcast.

UT Sun Oct 5 at 0132 found dead air on 3185, but not for long. Pauses lasting from 6 to 15 seconds were interrupted by unintelligible screaming, usually in two smaller segments. Occasionally the preacher lapsed into quasi-normal speech, so that at 0144 I could make out that he was referring to I Thessalonians, chapter 1, which looks like boilerplate to me, nothing special to quote, refute or ridicule.

This screaming alternating with excessive pauses is the M.O. of E. C. Fulcher, on The Truth House, as on the WWRB 3185 schedule for 8-9 pm Saturdays, i.e. CDT, not EDT. It is as if he is recharging after each outburst.

WWCR has a link http://www.truthhouse.org/  Incredibly, this is at the top of the homepage: ``Dr. Fulcher feels that his greatest accomplishment, whether it is in the music field or the ministry, is when people say that he teaches God's Word in a way that they can understand.``

His shortwave station listings at http://www.truthhouse.org/thvbn/pdf/radioschedule.pdf

include WWCR but fail to mention WWRB

** U S A. WWCR, 13845 as always with Doctor Gene Scott service, Oct 4 at 2203, quite strong signal tho with RTTY QRM audible. Also audible clearly underneath DGS was another program which I soon paralleled to 7465, at 2205 starting Golden Age of Radio Theatre, presenting `1984y` by George Orwell! I am still not clear whether this pervasive problem at WWCR happens in the transmitters and antennas right next to each other, or in the audio control boards (or both). If the DGS modulation had stopped, I could easily have listened to the other program, altho dubbing it undermodulated

** AUSTRALIA [non]. R. Australia, via WRN, via CBC Overnight, via 4-hour delay, via CBU via CKZU, 6160, Vancouver, Sunday Oct 5 at 1228 with Roger Broadbent ending ``Australian Express`` program, and I do mean ending, since he said it was time to give the show a rest and from next week, a new show called ``Australian Bus`` [? Not sure of second word] would ensue. He also mentioned CBC Overnight, so the show was specially re-packaged for that even tho it is, rather was, heard on RA direct at other times. 1230 into another RA show, Innovations, with Desley Blanch. Weak but clear signal on 6160

** CANADA. ``CBC North Quebec`` is the ID, not ``Northern``, on 9625 heard after the news at 1310 Oct 5 and before starting The Sunday Edition at 1311. Native-accented announcer included 800 phone number twice for contact. TSE first hour was about the US economic crisis, the rest about global warming. Listenable until 1330 with some difficulty due to SAH of approximately 9 Hz, Sackville most likely the one more off-frequency, and mixing with religious music from Asia which per Aoki is FEBC Hmanila in Hmong.

That`s a lot better than WYFR, also on 9625 and wiping out CBCNQ, a collision between adjacent countries which should never have been allowed to happen, but the frequency managers for both must keep agreeing it`s OK at HFCCs; who cares about the listeners? Okeechobee is currently scheduled on 9625 at 1100-1245, not to mention a couple more hours via overseas relays

** CANADA [and non]. The revived CFRX is now performing this funxion all night on 6070: If propagating at all, makes a rippling subaudible heterodyne against CVC Chile, the stealth evangelical outlet in Spanish originating in Miami, making it more unpleasant to listen to, so it is not a total waste. At best, CFRX signal is accompanied by a bit of undermodulated audio, as noted for example Oct 5 at 0541 check. I doubt that anywhere in the CFRX `coverage area`, such as wherever its maximum signal skips down in the middle of the night, the ratio is any more favorable for it, 100 vs 1 kW, tho proximity counts for very little in the shortwave scenario. They can`t even hear it in much of southern Ontario nor even a few miles away by groundwave in Toronto

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, which was inexplicably in DRM the day before until 1258 on 6165-6170-6175, missing again like it is supposed to be per its own schedule, when rechecked Oct 5 at 1228

** PALAU. VT Communications test loop on 9965 via T8WH, tho never identified on-air as such, which had been heard the past two days, missing Sunday Oct 5 at 1247 check

** U S A. WWCR, 13845 with DGS service, Oct 5 at 1256, good signal and no crosstalk audible, even during his pregnant pauses, unlike the previous afternoon. Other programming on WWCR 15825 also good at 1303, so must be an off-season sporadic-E opening. Otherwise 19m was pretty dead with not much besides Sackville and Habana, and 16m was even deader. K-index at 12 was 2, and solar flux for Oct 4 was still 67

** U S A [non]. With little propagating on 19m, found open carrier on 15115, Oct 5 at 1259, so stayed with it. At 1300, ``VOA Washington`` ID in unID language, poor with fades. Strangely, there was no YDD VOA sign-on nor any announcement in English of the language to follow, altho possibly I missed the latter in a fade. Turns out this is Somali via Madagascar. Do the RNW relays of IBB disallow the standard VOA sign-on and sign-off procedures?

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. Normally loud and clear 9580 from R. Australia had some weak co-channel from VOA in a SE Asian language, Oct 6 at 1237, as RA`s Late Night Live was interviewing a female doctor who had served in Tennant Creek and other places. It was just barely audible and first thought it might be receiver cross-modulation, but nothing like that elsewhere on 31m. Have not noticed this before, so something new? Maybe not; per Aoki, Laotian began April 14, Tinang at 283 degrees, 1230-1300 only. VOA Washington ID at 1259 and off

** AUSTRIA. Surprised to hear some news in English on 6155, Monday Oct 6 at 0610, giving temps in the Alps, 0611 into French. Had some splatter from RHC music on 6140. 0615 into German talking about Pulcinella, and music followed a bit later. This has to be OE1, but these newscasts are not accounted for in WRTH nor in the page they refer us to: http://oe1.orf.at/service/international_en

In fact, there is nothing about French at all. If you change it to _fr

it is nicht gefunden. Signal was rather weak, and I had to be sure it wasn`t Croatia instead on 6165 which does have a bit of English at 0600. Would it be too much to ask for Austria to provide an accurate and complete schedule of its foreign-language broadcasts on SW? Well, yes, it would, obviously. Which home service program is axually being relayed at this time? According to EiBi, 6155 is totally in German from 0400 to 1205 when they start doing the language rotations. Aoki is even less informative

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Checking 15190 again Sunday Oct 5 at 2204, all I could hear was WYFR in Portuguese, so presumably R. Africa still missing. However, around 0600 Oct 6 I was hearing RNGE 6250 in Spanish

** NEW ZEALAND. Another anomaly from RNZI: Oct 6 at 1413, surprised to hear YL with marine weather on 9615, mentioning knots and swells. Sounds like the regular coastal forecast from RNZI. Are they on 9615 instead of scheduled 6170? No, they are on BOTH, and both in analog during what must again be a break in the DRM service, so the DRM-capable transmitter can be run on AM via a second frequency. 1416 time check as 15 past 3, RNZI ID, music, dramatic reading, apparently.

Per RNZ National schedule for the All-Night Programme Tuesday 7 October 2008 or if you prefer, Ratu 7 Whiringa-a-nuku 2008, this is what I was hearing: 3:15 The Year of the Horse, by Sam Mahon (RNZ); 3:30 NZ Books (RNZ); no mention of the coastal weather forecasts.

Still audible poorly on both at 1432 final check. Per RNZI`s posted schedule effective until Oct 18, 9615 AM is supposed to be on the air only at 0459-0658 and 1851-1950. Has the automation gone haywire again?

** U S A. Listened to a bit of the Bryne Edwards Show, new on WRMI, 9955, via webcast Sunday Oct 5 at 1634. It`s pronounced Brinn, short i. Started with music rather than discussion of financial markets, so is that his main focus? Hard-driving rock music continued uninterrupted past 1657. And I interrupted listening to the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, now on KCSC Sundays at 16-17 UT, for this??? Promised ``more insightful commentary`` after the top of the hour; meanwhile, more music.

After 1700, Bryne described his music as ``hard driving techno, trance, even some chill-out music`` and promoted show called ``Power Learning``. At 1702 he explained that his planned guests this week both cancelled, so more music fill. Next week he said there will be a change in programming, first hour Your World Your Way, followed by Power Learning and then the B.E. show, check WRMI website for details. As of 1550 UT Oct 6, nothing about Power Learning on WRMI site, where The Brynn Edwards show is filed under T. So these shows are in fact related, coming from the same source. They appear to be thinly disguised infomercials, but what are they selling, exactly? Enough of that music so I quit at 1710. It seems they jumped the gun in buying all this SW airtime before they were really ready to fill it. Reminds me of some previous short-lived WRMI clients

** U S A. Now that RNI has moved from 7415 to 5110 on WBCQ, what do I hear at 0045 UT Monday Oct 6 on 7415? Brother Scare, of course, assuring us that the USA is about to go under. Much better signal on 7415 than 5110-CUSB, which was also evidencing approaching thunderstorms, but those closer to Monticello evidently prefer less coverage out here as it`s inevitably a tradeoff if you have to be on only one frequency from one site. At 0157, BS was still going on 7415 and still asserting the USA is about to collapse, but signal had weakened considerably, still better than 5110

** AUSTRALIA. RA, 6020 and 9580, Tue Oct 7 at 1339, in ``Australian Express`` show hosted by Roger Broadbent. This must have been the same one I heard a few days earlier via CKZU, for it was the finale of the series after three sesquiyears. One of the usual sub-features was in progress, Dr Kate Burridge (sp?), professor of linguistix at Monash University, speaking about how things have changed in English with an extra -g- pronounced after -ng- in some words and not in other words.

Roger then admitted that she was not an intentional contributor on RA, but he picked up her talks from a domestic network; then interviewed her on phone about how pleased they were that she thus got an international audience, especially in Canada via CBC Overnight. She used to do a separate show called ``Lingua Franca`` . But now referred to as ``A Way With Words``, not to be confused with the public radio hour/podcast originating in San Diego. Or for those who may be opposed to the whole idea of verbal communication, ``Away with Words``.

Wrapping up show, Roger explained the derivation of ``swan song``, and said from next week, a woman named --- Jarvis would present its successor ``Australian Bight``. This is what I previously said sounded like ``Bus``. But the second word is still ambiguous until we see it in print. Bight was the first spelling I thought of, since that is the name of the sea off the south coast, Great Australian Bight, but it could also be Byte or Bite; hmm, or even Bait, per Aussie pronunciation

** CUBA. Another day, another SNAFU at RHC, broadcasting contrary to its own schedule:

Oct 6 at 2110 checked 13680 for the scheduled English broadcast. Nothing there. However, at 2112, on came RHC in Spanish, not English. It was // 13760 and leading it by about two syllables. 13680 as usual with inferior modulation and weaker signal, but no interference, unlike 13760 from 13755 Portugal.

At 2115 I checked the 25mb frequencies. 11800 was in English instead of scheduled Spanish, SAH with R. Bulgaria in Spanish, and // RHC English as scheduled on 11760, just a reverb apart, much stronger than 11800. So basically, the programming on 13680 and 11800 was exchanged. Uncross those patchcords or feedlines!

At 2118, 11750 in RHC Spanish was suffering from a SAH of roughly 10 Hz, as often happens from a station in Chinese, with hymns. Per Aoki at 21-22 this is KSDA Guam, aimed due northwest, but plenty problematical for RHC over here, more like northeastward.

At 2136, 11800 had gone into Kriyol, while 11760 was in French; 11750, 13680 and 13760 in Spanish.

At 2208, 13680 still in RHC Spanish instead of scheduled French, and this time over NHK if it was there at all; 11800 in French instead of Spanish. Spanish very good on 11750, the co-channel now gone. 11760 was off.

At 2210, I checked 17705, and found RHC Portuguese quite strong, but distorted.


That encouraged me to check for higher harmonics, and sure enough, there was lite bubble jamming on 18090, 3 x 6030 against R. Martí, intruding into the hamband

** ECUADOR. Surprised to find HCJB on a third frequency in Spanish on the 25 m band, Oct 7 at 1308 on 11920, ``Cruzada con Luís Palau`` show, going into hymn, much weaker but synchronized // 11960, and always-RTTYed 11690. Will this be accounted for in the ID break to follow? Of course not! At 1314:30 still playing ancient outdated recording claiming to be on ``11690, 21455, 11960``.

Is 11920 a mistake? It so happens that HCJB does use that frequency at a very different daypart, 2245-0230 in Kulina and Portuguese, so did the automation erroneously bring it up in the morning, or did they decide to make use of a spare transmitter at this hour? 11920 still audible at 1413 but now with some lite QRM co-channel, and also splash from the DentroCuban Jamming Command on 11930. QRM could be China in French via Albania, or BBC in English via Thailand, both starting at 1400 per EiBi

** INDONESIA. VOI, 11786, Oct 7 at 1414 with quick ID in English, then back into woman talking in presumed Malay. Poor signal, heavy flutter, but at this hour no het or any other QRM. Lately they have been on 11786 rather than 11784-11785

** SPAIN. REE`s 100 Libros show, 17595, Tue Oct 7 at 1321 check was Castilian mixed with English. At first I assumed they were unusually doing voice-over translation, but the English was too loud, and did not match the Spanish! Some kind of duplicate audio feed, I guess. They were later referring both to Robin Hood and Don Quixote. The clash ended about 1323; meanwhile I checked Costa Rican relay 15170 and it did not seem to be happening there. Maybe instead it was a separate zero-beat station mistakenly on 17595, such as WEWN, which is supposed to be on there at 19-22 only, when it also clashes with REE part of that time

** ZAMBIA. 1Africa, Lusaka, 13590, VG signal Oct 7 at 1317 with gospel rap after Aussie(?)-accented English announcer. This does nothing for my spiritual growth. Stronger than Prague intended for us on 13580

** ANGUILLA. PMS, 6090, Oct 9 at 0545 with big hum. No such problem via // WWCR 5935, which still had a good signal at this late hour, so it`s a problem at Anguilla, not at LA or the uplink. Wiggle that patchcord! See also CUBA

** CUBA. RHC in English, 6140, UT Thu Oct 9 at 0547, ``Ed Newman`` with mailbag show, evading a question about what the qualifications are to become president of Cuba. He also said the listener correspondence office is across the street from RHC in another building, so when they bring the letters over (shuffling of papers), they have to be careful not to get run over. Big hum on this frequency, of slightly lower pitch than the hum on Anguilla 6090; no such problem on // 6000 or weaker 6060. Wiggle that patchcord!

** ECUADOR. Rechecking 11920, where VozAndes appeared the day before, nothing there Oct 8 at 1355, tho 11960 was on as usual. So 11920 must have been a mistake. BTW, I was going to mention this on WOR 1429 as in the headlines, but never got to it

** GERMANY [and non]. 15495 at 1410 Oct 8 in apparent S Asian language, which per Aoki is Bondo on Wednesdays at 1400-1415 from Gospel for Asia via Wertachtal at 90 degrees. Of more interest was the interference, wideband noise I was hearing from 15490 to 15510. This buzz reminded me of the defective Saudi Arabian transmitter, but nothing such scheduled around here, and that has not been happening for several weeks where it used to. Nothing at all scheduled on 15500 at this hour; Kuwait on 15505, but not heard. By 1425 the noise was no longer heard, by which time 15495 was in Gamit

** INDONESIA. VOI, 11786, Oct 8 at 1359 with ID in English; 1400 hets from Firedrake and VOA 11785 go off, but VOI signal only poor with IS, 1403 opening presumed Malay

** MEXICO. Some mornings XEXQ is just barely audible, or inaudible on 6045, but Oct 9 it was quite good at 1302, as YL announcer was identifying music with opus numbers and key signatures in the do-re-mi style, then unusual oriental-sounding piece with flute, chimes, gongs, narration, a companion to Firedrake on 6030; 1307 segué into more traditional classical music. No more announcements heard until 1345, but a one+ minute break in transmission at 1341. Was running about S9+10, and with weak rippling SAH from E Asian transmitter. Respectable modulation level too from San Luís Potosí, as heard on my main receiver, FRG-7 with E-W longwire, but surprised it was also audible on the DX-390 at the breakfast table which uses only the reel-out interior wire clipped to the whip

** U S A [and non]. Live coverage of the second presidential debate UT Oct 8: At 0135, 6040 just barely audible with het, 9820 inaudible, presumably unusually poor propagation from Greenville. 6080 from Africa also very poor, barely detectable with QRM. WBCQ confirmed with it on 5110-CUSB. REE Spain with Spanish translation on 6055. I expect the same will happen for the third and final debate, UT Thu Oct 16 from 0100

** ARGENTINA. Tnx Ron Howard tip, looked for reactivated RAE, Oct 9 at 2257, found very weak signal on approx. 15344.8 which must be it, music playing, and accurate timesignal mixed in at 2300:00. A bit later music gave way to announcement, language uncertain. Might have been able to pull it but was inconvenient to close down TVs and computers at this moment. Earlier that UT day around 0130, I could not confirm it on 11710v which also ought to be revived. So I checked again Oct 10 at 0118 and could detect a very weak signal with music around 11710.75 or so. 11 MHz and 9 MHz bands were almost dead, except for Chile on 11665, Ecuador on 9745. 0249 recheck, still only a carrier detectable on 11710.7 or .8

** PHILIPPINES. 9445, FEBC Manila with IS and clear ID loop in Bahasa Indonesia, 2223 past 2225 UT Oct 9, fair with some fades, grayline. But the strange thing is, FEBC is not scheduled as such on 9445, per EiBi and Aoki, just at 23-24 in Cambodian, while AIR GOS is supposed to be on 9445 until 2230! EiBi:

9445 2045-2230 IND All India Radio E  Eu  benguluru

9445 2300-2400 PHL FEBC Manila     KH SEA iba

Should have kept listening, as I later found in WRTH summer update that FEBC Indonesian is supposed to be on 9435 at 2230-2330, making me wonder if I read the frequency wrong, but I don`t think so. It shows Indonesian is daily, whilst EiBi and Aoki say on UT Saturdays this frequency-hour changes to Malay. WRTH does not have any Malay on the FEBC schedule

** ROMANIA. RRI reliably with good signal in English to Europe and North America beyond, Oct 9 at 2228 on 7185 and somewhat better 9790, both of which must be new Galbenis with fine modulation, Romanian folk music, always a treat; 2237 mailbag reading an entry in their ``fascination of radio listening`` contest. But better tune to the low side to avoid the QRDRM from Sackville 9795-9800-9805. Also found RRI fair in French on 6130, Oct 10 at 0124 with ID and folk music

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI, via Cuba, VG on 15250 // 13680, Oct 9 at 2300 with YL announcer in English giving program summary, and also at 2304 ``Informative Short News``. She has a really heavy accent and her translations are terrible, getting in the way of following the gist, with too-literal cognates which aren`t really appropriate in English, like ``divulgation``, ``planification`` (or ``plannification``?); and ``appointed`` meaning ``he pointed out``. First item was about how there is complete freedom of expression in Venezuela, and then went on to attack the opposition, and their ties to ``oligarchic Colombian families``. So how come we hear nothing but the Chavista line on RNV??

From the intro you might think the whole hour would be in English, but at 2310:30 into Spanish, what a relief, properly enunciated and pronounced, but of no use to monolinguals, and I had already heard plenty of propaganda. Still in Spanish at 2323; at 2328 a bit of English, but just introducing a song in --- Spanish! Thenceforward, I did not pay close attention but left it on in background and did not notice any more English before sign-off around 2400

** CANADA. CFRX, 6070.0, weak but with somewhat improved modulation and no QRM at the moment, Oct 11 at 1315 in talk program. Also seems to be on-frequency, compared to KFTI-1070.0

** FRANCE. 7220, Oct 11 at 0623, African drumming and chanting, interrupted by announcements in tonal language. Off abruptly at 0630* with no perceptible ID. Don`t recall noticing this before; list logging, could it be Central African Republic, or Eritrea? No, just RFI in Hausa from Issoudun as scheduled at 0600-0630

** LAOS [non]. WHRI missing from 11785 at 1326 during Sat Oct 11 broadcast of Hmong Lao Radio, normally at 1300-1400. Just VOI 11786 producing het with Firedrake and VOA. Recheck at 1423 found WHRI back on the air with rustic music on Hmong World Christian Radio; 1430 DXing with Cumbre with Marie Lamb – see U S A

** PHILIPPINES. VOA via Tinang, 9760, Oct 11 around 1405 with World News Now, signal suddenly degrades to weaker with more fading, then comes back to solid. No interruption in modulation; happened twice for a few seconds. It is as if there are two transmitters or antennas running at once, and one of them momentarily drops off the air.

Hey, looking it up later in HFCC, there ARE two transmissions from Tinang on 9760 at same time! One is at 12-15, 21 degrees, and the other is at 13-16, 270 degrees. So the 21 dropped off for a bit, and the 270 stayed on.

Earth & Sky, now with only one presenter, runs at 1421-1423, then at 1423 silly ballgame news, times apparently locked in to VOA WNN`s hourly clock

** U S A. WHRI, 11785, Sat Oct 11 at 1430, het from Indonesia 11786, DXing with Cumbre, Marie Lamb saying she now worx for WCNY where the show is recorded. It`s sister station to WAER Syracuse, her ex-employer. I expect they are in same building with shared facilities.

Here she is on the WCNY staff list now,


``Marie Lamb is a Central New York native and a graduate of the Setnor School of Music at Syracuse University. Marie hosted classical and opera programs at WIKE-AM, at the former Eisenhower College in Seneca Falls. She also hosted a daily jazz program for many years at WAER-FM in Syracuse. Marie began at Classic FM in 2002 as a staff engineer, and she can often be heard on the air as a substitute announcer.``

with reduced image of her photo:


Strangely enough, no mention of her SW broadcasting. See also LAOS [non]

** U S A. WEWN, 11560 in English, Oct 11 at 1325 with very rapid choppy flutter and frequency also fluttering from Doppler effect. Strange propagation, not affecting other US signals on band, tho something similar on CBCNQ 9625. Since this WEWN transmission is at an azimuth of 335 degrees, my theory is that most of the signal I am getting, so disturbed, is not direct, but backscatter from the auroral zone. Their other two frequencies at the time, 7425 and 17510, checked at 1328 and 1330, did not exhibit this. WWV reported the mid-latitude K-index at both 1200 and 1500 as 5, but ``no space weather storms in the past 24 hours``

** U S A. WINB, 9265, Oct 11 at 1448 with revival meeting, two or more people shouting at once. Usual unstable carrier, warbling with BFO on, confirming it`s WINB despite the fact that it is supposed to be on this frequency only until 1200, per FCC and HFCC. And WINB`s own schedule at http://www.winb.com/schedule.htm claims it changes from 9265 to 13570 at 0800 EDT = 1200 UT.

One might have equally guessed 9265 was WMLK, on the schedules for 9265 from 1600, but that has been inactive for many months and this was certainly no Elder Jacob O. Meyer speaking. Furthermore, this station had modulation, unlike WMLK when it was on

** ARGENTINA. It seems that R. Nacional is also back on the air, 15345v at 2114 Oct 11, hetting Morocco with sports, both weak

** BELIZE. V31BG, 14220-USB, Oct 11 at 2244 calling QRZ in a novel way, for stations with a 4 in their call, then a 5, then a 6. I guess that helps alleviate the pileups while not giving preference to any prefixes before the number. Google search soon shows this is Bill, VE7ISV, visiting Belize from 3 to 13 October. 5 & 9 here

** CANADA. CBCNQ, 9625, Oct 11 until 2230 with CBC Radio 1, The World This Weekend, in the clear and listenable; then CBCNQ ID, and 2231:30 starting Laugh Out Loud, season`s new comedy show

** CUBA. RHC, 13680, Oct 11 at 2126 after musical interlude wrapping up English hour, // 11760 but an echo ahead of it. 13680 must have stayed on, as at 2236 recheck it was RHC in Kriyol --- one way to tell this from real French is the suffix -la frequently added to words. Now 13680 is an echo apart from 5965. But Kriyol is not scheduled on 13680, just runover? Still there at 2249 check, but soon overridden by much bigger open carrier.

This is RNV also via Cuba in preparation for their 2300 broadcast, now aimed usward. Kriyol continued to be barely audible underneath and if the relative strengths evened just a bit, I could detect a SAH of 132/minute between them. So add one more anomaly to the SNAFUs at RHC --- two of its own transmitters, presumably at two different sites, interfering with each other. The left hand does not know what the other left hand is doing (there aren`t any right hands in Castro & Castro`s Cuba). DentroCubans vs DentroCubans!

While I was at it, checked 17705 at 2239, where RHC Portuguese was very strong but also very overmodulated and distorted as also noted a few days before. It was so bad that at first I thought it was Guarani, until my mind locked into this corrupted Portuguese.

Wait a minute, Guarani *is* the language scheduled during this semihour on 17705 per own online sked at


So I must have heard Guarani when I tuned in, but then they switched to Portuguese, which is supposed to precede until 2230 and follow Guarani from 2300. Maybe the whole sesquihour is really a mixture, or they just don`t have enough to say in Guarani to fill an entire semihour. Chalk up another anomaly at RHC, where you can always expect the unexpected. Also strange: Guarani is primarily spoken in Paraguay, not Brasil, so you would think the mixture should be with Spanish. But for geographical reasons, the Guarani service is coördinated with other minor languages (compared to Spanish, as RHC sees it).

DCJC bubble-jamming vs nothing on 9885, Oct 11 at 2142. VOA Spanish is on this frequency much later; same sound on 9640 against R. República which doesn`t start till 0000, but now bothering CVC Chile on 9635.

9515 also being heavily jammed, Oct 11 at 2220, and that really is in use by Radio República at 22-24. Like many other Cuban jammers, this puts out spurs to at least 10 kHz on each side. Rather than the `bubbling` on the main channel, which is really a mixture of many jammers with the carrier of the victim, the spurs are distinct pulses, at the rate of 132 per minute, or 2.2 Hz, and of course any station which feels 10 kHz separation from the DCJC is enough has another think coming.

At 2255 check, nothing at all audible on 9820, where Brasil`s R. Nove de Julho had been, but also reported lately to have disappeared again. It would have had no QRM from Portugal, or from RHC, since this was a Saturday, until 2300 when jamming against nothing on 9825 started even tho R. Martí does not come up on that frequency until 0000

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Africa, 15190, Oct 11 at 2115 with big open carrier. No modulation detectable even when volume turned up to max. Left a receiver on frequency and suddenly at 2125 started Word of Life program. In case it was a quarter-hour, rechecked at 2140, but still going with woman preacher, verging on screaming. 2157 recheck back to open carrier --- no, it isn`t. Soft spoken preacher barely audible, probably the usual Tony Alámo at this hour. This can be misleading, as now the OC is WYFR, and the two seem to be zero beat, so you don`t realize two stations are mixing. WYFR sign-on in Portuguese 2159 at full modulation level, so that`s the end of Bata monitoring for today

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9445, 2159 UT Oct 11, ID by M and into news by W, poor, 325 degrees from Benguluru

** OKLAHOMA. KOKC, 1520, OKC, UT Oct 12 around 0108 on the caradio was weak and getting lots of co-channel QRM, leading me to believe that once again they are on greatly reduced power instead of 50 kW, maybe 5?

** PHILIPPINES. FEBC Manila, 9435, Oct 11 at *2223 with ID in Bahasa Indonesia and IS, programming from 2229. So my previous report of this on 9445 was probably in error

** U S A. WHRA, 11885, Sat Oct 11 at 2136 had a woman preacher with an indeterminate Central European accent and a very limited vocabulary. She says `vord` instead of `word` most but not all of the time. She interjects ``glory`` several times a minute, and was also praising God repeatedly for circumcision: ``the word of the gospel is a sharp two-edged sword`` suitable for the operation, but our hearts should also be circumcised, whatever that means. I don`t think she was talking about female genital mutilation. Per WHR online schedule this is: ``Secret Of Eternal Life``, with Lilly Janian. She is not going onto our Monitoring Reminders Calendar

** U S A [non]. 9355 with a heterodyne from something on the hi side, about 9355.1, Oct 11 at 2222. Only thing scheduled here is R. Free Asia in Cantonese via Saipan, which per Aoki is jammed, so perhaps this was CNR-1 or some other kind of interference. By 2224 the QRM seemed like a hymn, so could also be spur from some FE gospel huxter

** U S A. Glad to note that KXTR, Kansas City, 1660, is back playing classical music, Dvorak`s New World Symphony, UT Oct 12, in honor of Columbus? Please; at 0110, instead of stupid ballgames which have preëmpted its nominal classical format a couple previous evenings checked. Not so enjoyable, tho, with all the QRM from non-zero beat 1660 stations, producing multiple subaudible heterodynes. There are 8 other US stations on this frequency, the most crowded X-band channel, and it sounded like all of them were fighting KXTR for dominance via non-direxional caradio antenna

** AUSTRALIA [non]. RA via WRN via CBC Overnight, delayed 4 hours, via CBU via CKZU, 6160, Sunday Oct 12 at 1253 UT had Innovation program interviewing someone from CSIRO, ending at 1255, and then at 1257 outro to CBC Overnight. Poor with adjacent QRM on both sides. The trouble is, this slot was previously occupied by Australian Express until it was canceled last week, to be replaced by Australian Bight (?). So what became of that? I found it anyway on the RA website, whence indeed Australian Express has vanished, once I stopped looking for it in the program list under A:

``The Australian Bite --- A tasty spread of stories and music coming to you from all around Australia. From cafe culture to crested cockatoos, from arts and books to the mysteries of Australian rules football, there's something for everyone here in the pantry. Presenter: Heather Jarvis. Universal (GMT) UTC Offset 0.00 Hours English Stream

Tuesday  1330 1705 1730 

Friday   1830 

Saturday 0030 0505 0530``


So they run it twice in a row at 1705 & 1730, 0505 & 0530? I rather doubt that, but Tue 1330 matches when Au Express used to be on RA direct, 9580. Maybe 1730 and 0530 are end-times, tho none such shown for other airings. From the description, Au Bite seems to be much the same as its predecessor, a grab-bag features magazine (

** CUBA [and non]. RHC, 6000, UT Sunday Oct 12 at 0534 starting DXers Unlimited, with QRDRM from 5990-5995-6000. Nothing on current DRM schedules at this hour, but formerly in use from Europe. Some reports show BBC via Norway centered on 5990 now, but is it on the early, and if so, it should not be interfering with 6000. The DRM I am getting now seems to be centered on 5995. Luxembourg stopped 5990 on March 14, 2008, per DRM DX forums.

RHC 6000 also has QRDRM at 1235 Oct 12, but we know that is from Brandon, Australia 5990-5995-6000. Sounds very much like the Cuban jamming against nothing on 5980. Maybe those with DRM should try to `decode` some Cuban jamming.

I rarely tune across the whole 12 MHz range, but Oct 12 at 1316 encountered on 12582 rapid pulses like DentroCuban jamming but faster, clocked at 270 per minute = 4.5 per second. If DCJC, must be quite spurious

** GERMANY [non]. 17610, Oct 12 at 1351, good signal with ID in passing as DW in Hausa; this is via Sines, Portugal, 250 kW at 150 degrees

** INDIA. 5010, presumed AIR T`puram, Oct 12 at 1229 excited talking which sounded like Australian accented English, maybe cricket? Weak and fluttery right past 1230; at 1300 recheck still audible with music. Don`t see how it could have been anything else at this hour

** INDONESIA. 4920, Oct 12 at 1302 with warta berita, still going at 1307 and not // 4790. So must be RRI Biak; aside it a weaker carrier which could be Jambi. BTW, I remember hearing Biak when it was still under Dutch control; Netherlands New Guinea was in a disputed transitional period 1959-1969, finally becoming fully part of Indonesia

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, missing Sat Oct 11, was back on WHRI 11785, Sun Oct 12 at 1312 with Hmong talk, mentioning English terms ``People`s Court`` and nine times in the next three minutes, ``Transportation Ministry``. I wonder what country they were talking about where government institutions have English names? Surely not Laos, Vietnam or Hminnesota

** U K [non]. Figured 13m would be pretty dead, but instead found one very good signal at 1326 Oct 12 on 21470, BBCWS via Ascension, steady at S9+10 with minor fading. The Ticket show, on a long-overdue dentroChinese TV film about Bruce Lee which has been moved up from CCTV-8 to CCTV-1. 1329 broke for promo about Assignment: South Ossetia starting Oct 23. 1330 promo rest of Ticket; 1330:30-1332:30 news headlines, then more of The Ticket about composer John Adams; recheck at 1347, much weaker

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via Cuba, 11705, Oct 12 at 1241 check had very strong signal, but modulation cutting off and on about once per second. Impeded listening for content

** CHINA [and non]. 9845 in Mandarin, but mentioned ``VOA Chinese`` a couple times Oct 13 at 1323 and also at 1358. This frequency is normally dominated by Firedrake jamming, but not audible today, just VOA via Tinang! FD was appearing tho not as strong as usual at 1426 on 7445 vs R Taiwan International in Chinese, but for a change the victim also audible with a SAH between them (BTW, Deewa Radio in Pashto via Sri Lanka is also scheduled on 7445, surely bothered by the Chinese conflict). At 1428, Firedrake against Sound of Hope 9450, and also becoming weakly audible under VOA on 9845

** EGYPT. 15080, weak with Arabic music, Oct 13 at 1415, no doubt the scheduled R. Cairo. No buzz as previously heard around here

** INDONESIA. For first time in weeks, VOI actually listenable on 11786 during English broadcast, only lite het from 11785, Oct 13 tune-in at 1332, with Indonesian lessons, not much use without an accompanying text or perfect reception, which this was not. Woman was reading Indo words and phrases with English equivalents; 1336 outro of ``Let`s Speak Bahasa Indonesia``, to return next Monday, into songs. 1358 recheck, improved quality during IS, 1401 ending English, 1402 starting Malay and now in the clear

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, 21695, trying to poke thru, Oct 13 at 1423, with bits of woman in English audible at peaks. Not as good as Spain on 21610, 21570

** MOROCCO. 15345.0, adequate signal S9+10 at 1412 Oct 12, but JBA modulation, seems Arabic music. Yet another station which puts far too little power into the sidebands and far too much into the carrier by comparison

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI missing from 6170, Oct 13 at 1427. Nothing either on some other frequencies it might be on instead, 7145, 9615, 9655. I should have checked at 1330 when Mailbox should have aired

** SAUDI ARABIA. 21640, Oct 13 at 1425, poor with drumming. Only possibility listed is BSKSA in Arabic until 1500

** U S A. WINB already on 13570v at 1404 check Oct 13. Maybe just switched from 9265v at 1400, tho supposed to do so at 1200. Preacher, neither Stair nor Camping, QRMing multiple CODARs which extended from 13380 to 13605. I sure hope no hostile submarines went undetected as a result

** U S A. I was about to say: ``It occurs to me that I have not heard KVOH 17775 in some weeks, in random tuning around during the daytime. Has anyone?`` Then I checked once more at 1613 Oct 13 and there it was, inbooming with usual lo-fi gospel huxter screaming in Spanish

** COSTA RICA. REE relay, 3350, with hum and whine, 0559 Oct 15 sign-off announcement said would be back to CAm at 1100 on 15930 and 15170 in the 19 meter band. I think that`s what he said, in Spanish, but was not recording. Should be 5930 and 15170. Must recheck

** CUBA. RHC, 6220, UT Wed Oct 15 at 0553, Arnie Coro wrapping up DXUL; very poor signal and fading out. But then, there isn`t supposed to be any signal on this frequency, a leapfrog mixing product of 6060 over 6140. The latter, BTW, still has quite a constant hum on it. Why is that so hard to fix? Maybe it`s not just a patchcord making a bad connexion

** INDONESIA [and non]. VOI is back on 9526 kHz for the local evening broadcasts, morning here. On Oct 13 and 14 it was still on 11786, but Oct 15 at 1216 tell-tale het with something on 9525, Suara Indonesia ID heard immediately during the 1200 hour in Indonesian. At 1229 checked 11785 area and detected nothing on 11786, but there were very weak carriers on 11785.0 and another one slightly below, which could be Brasil rather than Indonesia. After 1246 mostly songs on 9526.

Anyhow, this puts English at 1300-1400 back on a good clear frequency, long may it last. Around July 26 it had switched from 9526 to 11785v; see DXLD 8-085. 1259 Oct 15 ending Indonesian hour, gave website. 9525 het went off at 1300 sharp.

That was presumably Poland in English from 1200, via Wertachtal at 300 degrees. So that`s the downside of VOI going back to 9526, especially for listeners in ENAm, but Poland has not been listenable here anyway all summer. However, in B-08 Poland goes back to 9450 via Nauen an hour later in English at 1300-1400, // Nauen 7325.

1300 VOI with one more Indo ID, website, 1301:30 opening English with good signal, http://www.voi.co.id plugged, and as always does not attempt to announce one correct frequency but all the possibilities: 9525 [sic], 11785 [sic] and 15150. 9526 has a continuous lite hum on it but not too annoying. More annoying is the almost continuous musical bed under the talk, impeding intelligibility; what a crutch, but VOI is hardly the only station afraid to talk straight. The YL announcer`s accent does not help, either.

But in honor of the QSY, I listened to most of the hour. After program summary including Today in History and Indonesian Wonders, 1303 into news. 1320 Today in History about Anwar Sadat; 1322 ID with slogan ``voice of dignity`` --- what`s this dignity business, implying other stations do not have it? Then commentary about World Wildlife Fund. 1324, VOI, ``keeping dignity alive``! Thank God for VOI promoting dignity. And news headlines.

1327 contact addresses, VOI, P O Box 1157, Jakarta 10110 and english @ voi.co.id  Better put INDONESIA in big letters, lest your letter go to US ZIP 10110, which of course is in New York City. I see that WRTH 2008 does not show the postal code.

1328, Indonesian Wonders; 1334 Let`s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, which on Wednesdays is about grammar, this time explaining active vs passive voice, and transitive active vs intransitive active. 1339 Music Corner, songs of the 1980s. 1353 addresses again.

1357 as always happens, hit by big het from CRI warming up 9525 for Russian service at 1400. This is at 37 degrees from Shijiazhuang site, which means it`s aimed not only at DV Russia but also at NAm

** U S A. Tuned in 9265v Oct 14 at 1400 to hear last few bars of Star Spangled Banner, so WINB was just signing off, to 1400:25; then parked on 13570v and it came on at 1402:25, first with buzz, hum, then cleared at 1403:30 for sign-on announcement. But another day they were still on 9265 well past 1400, and are scheduled to switch at 1200

** VATICAN. 15235 fair with sad-sounding S Asian song, Oct 15 at 1440, didn`t sound especially Catholic but immediately followed by Vatican Radio IDs (pronounced as in English) in S Asian language, postal address I could not make out but probably within India. 1444 talk about cardinals. Per EiBi this is Hindi at 1430-1450 to be followed by Tamil

** BRAZIL. With a little help from the solar flux level, which reached 71 the day before, a few Brazilians were audible in the nightmiddle on 25m, Oct 16 at 0555, such as 11895 with closing credits to a drama and IDs as ``Super-Rede Boa Vontade``. Aoki has this fair signal as only 1 kW from Porto Alegre, but it`s just a gospel-huxter from the country where domestic SW is now dominated by them. However, WRTH 2008 lists it as 10 kW from ZYE856. A real commercial SW relay of R. Bandeirantes, São Paulo, 10 kW, ZYE958, was better on 11925 at 0550, with ID and promos at 0601. 11780 RNA not yet on

** INDONESIA. For second morning in a row, VOI English at 1300 on 9526, and very good reception Oct 16. Tuned in around 1325 after Turkey, with usual string of features, news headlines, Indonesian Wonders, Miscellany, music from a Sumateran instrument

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, detectable with fast SAH from FE station, Oct 16 at 1349, but seems no better than before, altho Julián Santiago reports they have just improved their antenna setup

** SPAIN [non]. See previous report under COSTA RICA. REE relay, this time monitored on 9630 at 0600 sign-off Oct 16: announcer said it would resume at 1100 for Central America on ``5970 y 15170 kHz en la banda de 19 metros`` so the frequencies were right but the implication was that both frequencies are in the 19m band! Another SW announcer who really knows nothing about SW, reads copy without fixing such obvious mistaxe. BTW, that applies to M-F only; on Sat & Sun 5970 is not in use and 15170 opens at 1200 per EiBi. And why didn`t he mention 5930 which comes on at 1000 M-F? Because that`s for South America. As if no one in CAm, or CNAm for that matter, could hear it or vice versa

** TURKEY. Live from Turkey coming in quite well on VOT 15450, Thu Oct 16 at 1300+ tune-in, long phone/internet report from correspondent at the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Turkey is the honored guest country, and also the Turkish Nobel Prize winner in literature is present; seems his stuff is more popular abroad (in translation, presumably) than in Turkey where his style makes for tough reading

** U S A [and non]. Observations during the final presidential debate, UT Oct 16: at 0110, WBCQ 5110-CUSB was playing music instead, and at 0112 nothing heard, so guess they did not carry it this time and Area 51 was just running over a bit.

At 0110 weak unID signal on 15795, maybe VOA again with this from unknown site. 6055, REE Spain had it again with immediate translation into Spanish. 6040 VOA Greenville as usual did not cut on until 0130

** ARGENTINA. RAE, 15344.9, Oct 17 at 2320 with song, fair reception. Others have reported it varying on the hi side of 15345, but I find it on the lo side compared to 9345.0 and 7345.0 stations on the FRG-7.

BTW, Buenos Aires is supposed to go on DST of UT -2 from Oct 19, so from next week look for all the external services one UT hour earlier, even tho that is nonsensical for the audience, including English hours at 17 M-F on 15345v, 01 UT Tue-Sat on 11711v. This means for example in DST-observing areas of NAm such as the Central Zone, English has been at 9 pm. Next week will be at 8 pm. And from November will be at 7 pm local!

DST in Argentina is a matter of dispute, with some provinces opting out of it but Bs. As. is what matters as far as RAE is concerned. See


** BIAFRA [non]. On Sept 26 I confirmed V. of Biafra International, via WHRI was on 17650, tho just barely audible for the weekly Friday-only broadcast at 20-21 UT. Rechecked Oct 17, zero on 17650, but could just be even poorer propagation? No, there it was on 15280 again, which was the frequency used in July and August. Unmistakable orator speaking, tho reception here also very poor. I can only assume that these abrupt frequency changed are prompted by monitoring in Biafraland. I see that the website http://www.biafraland.com/vobi.htm now shows 15280 correctly; I don`t recall if they ever got around to showing 17650 during the brief period it was in use. BTW, for B-08 the plans are to go to 15665, but I`ll believe it if and when I hear it

** CUBA. RHC SNAFU report: 17705 transmitter even more out of order than before, Oct 17 at 2330 IS, opening Portuguese; modulation extremely distorted and cutting in and out. With BFO on, I can tell the carrier is not cutting out, altho it is slightly unstable. RHC Portuguese also on much better modulated 13760 but not // --- eventually found 13760 to be running 1 minute and 1 second behind 17705!


After months of colliding with Spain on 11680, RHC has moved to 11690, noted Oct 17 at 2346 in Spanish, an echo apart from // 9600. 11690 suffers the usual RTTY QRM from the lo side, but RHC almost overriding it at the moment. Meanwhile, REE Spain much weaker and audible in the clear on 11680, stronger on // 9535.

This collision lasted 6.5 months, and we have been pointing it out almost as long. Did their frequency manager finally get around to reading old DXLDs? RHC first appeared on 11680 at the beginning of March, and REE started using it at the end of March with the A-08 schedule. REE duly registered it. As an outlaw nation, Cuba does not register any of its frequencies with HFCC, so other stations are on their own when unexpectedly hit by such collisions.

I see that the RHC transmission schedule at http://www.radiohc.cu/espanol/frecuencia/frecuencias-espanol.htm

has been updated to show 11690 at 0000-0500 to SAm; close enough? 11680 was also noted previously on air well before 0000.

And 11690 is also shown instead of 11670 for Aló Presidente Sundays from 1400 to Caribe. I haven`t checked that yet, listed // 11875, 13680, 13750, 17750, to find out whether RHC is still broadcasting anything now that Chávez has supposedly suspended his show until after the late-November elexions. Remind me to do that this Sunday, or please check it yourself.

Back to Oct 17: RHC English on 9550 at 2355 was poor, and also bothered by spurious pulses from the DentroCuban Jamming Command centered on R. Martí 9565. These pulses typically extend plus and minus 10 kHz from victim channels, which is completely uncalled-for and a cynical exercise in callousness; and were worst here on 9555 and 9575 Médi-Un, but now even reaching into RHC 9550 itself. DentroCubans vs DentroCubans! Serves them right

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9526 for the third day in a row, Oct 17 after 1300 in English, and good reception again. Advise everyone in NAm to enjoy it while they can, as you never know when they will move again back to 11785-11786. I see that 9526 first appeared Oct 30, 2007, after a spell on 9525 (or slightly below). 9526 was also in use until late July this year, but English time change from 1400 to 1300 was not until early July, so before then English had the China 9525 clash at 1400, and in summer 9526 reception was not so good at 1300 even if clear of QRM

** LAOS [non]. Hmong North Radio, 5875 via WHRI, confirmed UT Sat 0003 with Hmong talk. Sure sounds like the same announcer as on Hmong Lao Radio. Loud and clear, presumably with rustic music later in the semihour but I couldn`t stay with it this time. Other weekly broadcast is 25 hours later

** MEXICO. R. Educación, in the clear on 6185 tho squeezed by 6180 and 6190 transmitters, at 0000 Oct 18 giving contact addresses in Spanish and English, each twice: Apartado/P O Box 44277, 03101 México DF. This may be new; not as in WRTH 2008 which only gives a physical address

** PORTUGAL. RDPI, 11630 at 2349 Oct 17; this is 100 kW, 261 degrees to Mexico, CAm, Caribbean, NW SAm; at 2354 checked // 9715, and found it extremely strong, and splattering plus and minus 30 kHz. Unlike Phil Rafuse on PEI, who previously found this transmission almost hi-fi worthy of widest bandwidth, I found it too distorted to qualify for that, but it is certainly potent, 300 kW at 300 degrees to NAm. Both are scheduled only Mon-Fri 2300-0200 Tue-Sat

** U S A. Surprised to hear myself on WRMI 9955, WORLD OF RADIO 1430, Friday Oct 17 at 2352, mixing with the DentroCuban Jamming Command, but at least audible. This is when Lan Lamphere`s Overnight AM show just re-started two days ago at 21-24 weekdays. Is it gone already? No, Jeff White says today`s show was inexplicably half an hour short, so what better way to fill the time (than with another Okie?).

WOR 1430 also reconfirmed on Area 51 via WBCQ 5110 at 2300 Friday, well-received even on the portable DX-375. 7415 was absent during the scheduled Thu 2330 WOR broadcast Oct 16; 7415 was back on with B.S. at 0145 recheck Oct 17

** U S A. WWRB, 5050, with preacher in English Oct 18 at 0004 putting weaker distorted spur on 5034.0. As the modulation on the spur audibly peaked, the S-meter visibly dipped. Is this what you call negative modulation? Also could detect a matching carrier on 5066, i.e. 16 kHz on the other side, but masked by too much WWCR 5070

** U S A [non]. CVC A Sua Voz, Miami via Calera de Tango, Chile, 15410, Friday Oct 17 at 2322 with John Williams music. This Mon-Sat hour at 2300, Sem Limites, is the only time CVC is worth listening to, altho the classical music is interrupted for hard-sell promos every few minutes, even with non-classical produxion music

** U S A [non]. After checking out RHCuba Portuguese on 13760, noticed VOA Spe-cial Eng-lish news about Somalia on 13755, Oct 17 at 2337; 2338 review news headlines, into short story. Weak with heavy flutter. This is Udorn, Thailand, at 30 degrees inadvertently toward NAm, while the R. Thailand 15275 at 0200 to WNAm is on a 38-degree azimuth

** CUBA. SNAFU report Oct 18: tuned in RHC 12000 at 1430 as Antonio was giving the last three frequencies in a list, presumably meaning those currently on air, but two of them are not: he said 12000, 9600 and 6000, but as any listener would know, 9600 closes at 1300 and 6000 at 1400. Then Cancionero Iberoamericano, one of their better and less political shows, starting with songs by Milton Nascimento from Minas Gerais

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9526 in English at 1330 check Oct 18. Day number 4 and counting

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, via WHRI 11785, altho missing last Saturday, was back on the air Oct 18 at 1339 check, Hmong hmusic with chirps, 1345 into what sounds like Hmong via an artificial larynx; do they smoke or chew a lot? 1346 a cappella tonal chanting. 1425 the other Hmong program was on, and at 1430 recheck DXing With Cumbre already in progress so must have started early. VG signal overloading nearby frequencies

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, Sat Oct 18 at 1325 with Spanish talk rather than classical music; made big rumbling lo-frequency het with E Asian transmitter; by 1327 XEXQ was fading up, something about ``cultura deportiva en esta capital potosina``, another contradixion in terms

** MONGOLIA [and non]. 12085 is V. of Mongolia`s only frequency and per Aoki they only want to use it at 09-11 and 14-16, so could other stations with frequency-agility give them a break? Of course not! Oct 18 at 1428 I was hearing Russian on the frequency with a low audible het, but cut off at 1429. Something came back on a semiminute later. After 1430 there was weak music with flutter. Per Aoki, R. Sweden Russian service is on here at 1400-1430, and then Iran in Bengali until 1527.

However, the WRTH A-08 update shows VOM on 12085 at 08-11 and 15-16, so maybe there is now a collision only at 1500-1527, and English in the clear at 1530? It looks as if VOM has changed its language times trying to avoid the worst QRM on the only frequency it can use, 12085. 12015 used to be an alternative

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare on WWRB, 3185, Oct 18 at 0605 was saying in addition to 7185 [sic], Brother Dave at WWRB was going to put him on a lower [sic] frequency which might give better coverage at night, 3270, maybe tonight. Well, nothing on 3270 at the moment; WWRB has used it in the past but it is not currently coördinated there nor for B-08, but I suppose WWRB can have it again if they want it.

B.S. went on to brag about how various brothers and sisters were sending him tens of thousands of dollars at a pop, and how most of that was going to buying more airtime; and gloating how his ministry eclipses such minor players as Texe Marrs, etc., since B.S. purveys the True Word of God and they don`t.

If not on WWRB yet, the money to burn was evident a few hours later, it being The Sabbath, when his live service, where he gets even more worked up than usual, appeared not only on WWRB 9385 and WINB 9265, but also on WBCQ 15420 and 9330!

At 1402 found horrible mix on 15420 of Hammond(?) organ music and DW Russian via UK, a collision I had warned WBCQ about as soon as they planned to use 15420 last spring. WBCQ is as usual slightly off-frequency making the mix worse. So much for being able to hear DW`s ``Muzprosvet`` avant-garde music show Saturdays at 1430.

Not being able to get another frequency or to get DW to move, after a few tests, WBCQ held off opening 15420 so early, but now with B.S. money to be wasted, it`s on the air, and tough luck for anyone axually wanting to listen to B.S. or DW on that frequency. If they could have waited another two weeks, DW will be gone from 15420, altho BBC will still be using it in B-08 between 1200 and 1900 from Seychelles, Cyprus, South Africa.

While the two WBCQ channels were synchronized, 9265 and 9385 were all out of synch with each other. It was not until 1414 that I noticed 9330 WBCQ was also back on the air, and that 9265 was still on altho some days it closes around 1400 instead of scheduled 1200

** SWEDEN [and non]. I had already noticed with alarm that tentative B-08 skeds failed to show R. Sweden on 15240 any longer, either direct or via Canada; an oversight, or not yet complete?

No, Radio Sweden is deleting its morning services in English to North America! At the end of the Saturday Oct 18 broadcast, George Wood announced the B-08 English schedule. I ran across it first at 1355 on 15735 direct, but that was fading, so reconfirmed an hour later on 11640 via Canada:

Europe/Africa/Mideast: 1430 on 9400, 1530 on 9360

plus MW 1179 at 1730, 1830, 2000

Africa also via Madagascar: 2030 on 9895, 2130 on 7395

Asia/Pacific: 1330 on 7465, 1430 on 9400

also via Madagascar at 0230 on 11550

North America: via Canada at 0230 and 0330 on 6010

That`s it. That`s all. Always positively spinning, George put it this way ``Continuing relay from Sackville on 6010 at 0230 and 0330``.

NO: ``sorry, but no more service to North America at breakfast time``.

Not a word about blowing off morning listeners in North America! I for one frequently listen in the mornings, but never in the evenings. Could this be because the Sackville antenna for 15240 supposedly failed a few weeks ago, and 11640 had to be used instead? So if they can`t go back to 15240, just quit? 11640 is working just fine and 25m would have continued to do so all winter. Of course the first broadcast on 15240 at 1230 has been direct from Hörby anyway. North Americans can try for 9400 direct at 1330 or 1430, but results last winter were not good here.

15735 cut off the air abruptly at 1358* when George was about to give the mailing address for a printed schedule. After all these years, Hörby still cannot get coördinated with the Stockholm studio or vice versa

** U S A. WWCR, PMS service on 5935, with big problems Oct 18 at 0557, ringing sound on each side. It seems there are spurs between 4 and 5 kHz above and below, which intermittently beat against the main carrier as modulation comes and goes. On the main channel one can also hear crosstalk from Pastor Pete Peters on 5890. These two are very strong at the moment, exacerbating the situation, and furthermore producing a mixing product on 5980, also with the ringing sound. I suppose this could have arisen from an audio feed without proper rolloff at higher frequencies. On 5890 itself, crosstalk underneath could also be heard, but not from the 5935 service. Did not seem to match 5070 or 3215 either; maybe 1300?

** U S A [non]. R. Free Asia, via Tinian, Oct 18 at 1420 in Burmese on 9320, running two sesquiseconds behind // 7390 to even out power consumption. Fair with no QRM or jamming audible

** VENEZUELA [non]. You never know whether RNV via Cuba will be in English. Sat Oct 18 at 1459 the transmission was already beginning on 11680, fair signal with SAH, presumably Turkey scheduled until 1530. Opening was entirely in Spanish, 1501 into a vals

** CUBA [and non]. RHC schedule still shows Aló, Presidente on Sundays starting at 1400, including a changed frequency, 11690 ex-11670. However, a few weeks ago Chávez said he was suspending his show until after the late-November elexions in Venezuela. So what is RHC doing? I checked Oct 19 at 1400 and found nothing from Cuba on the listed A,P frequencies 11690, 11875, 13750 or 17750, but there was a huge carrier and huge hum on 13680, which on other days is used for regular RHC until 1500. Further chex past 1431 still found nothing on the A,P channels, and at 1431, 13680 suddenly switched from the big hum to RHC // 11760, 12000, 13760 echoing, 15120, 15360, 15370. However, WYFR Spanish is on 11670, and HCJB Spanish on 11690, so it`s just as well Cubazuela is not really using either but will be a problem if and when resumed.

Another problem: at 1401, RHC 13760 was quite weak with some hum, and mixing with a station in French, i.e. V. of Korear, 325 degrees per Aoki, for Europe, and the two were close enough to SAH. Commies vs Commies!

** INDONESIA. Just time to catch the end of the VOI English broadcast on Sunday Oct 19, so it`s day 5 still on 9526, mentioning ``dignity`` at 1356, and het from China starting at 1357

** ITALY [non]. Sunday Oct 19 at 1404 on 15725 heard preacher in English about Noah and the slimy creatures. This is the Sunday-only IRRS broadcast at 1400-1430 via Slovakia, 95 degrees to ME, C & S Asia, W & C China. Per sked at


it`s ``The Watchman`` on the European Gospel Radio service

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, 11785 via WHRI, Sunday Oct 19 at 1357 with a bit of closing Hmong hmusic, 1357:30 into some other fill music. Must have signed off shortly, since 11785 gone at 1407 recheck. It appears that WHRI/WHRA/KWHR transmissions have been considerably curtailed as people keep complaining they can`t hear DXing with Cumbre when supposedly scheduled, such as Sunday 1430 on 11785

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. This will require further checking, but I suspect R. Solh has finally changed its music after more than a year! Good reception via UK Oct 20 at 1348 tune-in, when the CD is normally stuck/skipping for another minute. Instead started some new music without skipping, and tho of the same enjoyable genre, unseemed any longer to be exactly the same selexions as played every day at the same times. Also before 1400 included an announcement by a YL I had not heard before. This A-season transmission at 1200-1800 is normally replaced in B-season by 15265 at 1200-1500, but so far unconfirmed, so we better enjoy it on 17700 while we can (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** BRAZIL. 9565, Oct 20 at 0544, mention of ``Igreja Deus é Amor`` as soon as I tuned in, so tuned out. But not usually heard here; no residual jamming against R. Martí, but some splatter from a strong RHC on 9550. WRTH says R. Tupi, Curitiba, but it`s degraded into just another gospel huxter, like so many other once distinctive Brazilian SW stations (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** CANADA [and non]. Shortly after sunrise I can usually detect CFRX in clear on 6070, but at night it`s blown away by CVC Chile. At times, however, CFRX manages to make its presence known by producing a SAH on CVC: Oct 20 at 0625 I counted one of 210/minute = 3.5 Hz. Make that presumed, as it could have been from ELWA or something else (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISGTENING DIGEST)


** CONGO DR [non]. 11690, VG signal in French at 0555 Oct 20, ``Radiokapi`` jingles, ``des Grands-Lacs à la mer`` slogan, news about Brazzaville, but I tuned in too late: cut off abruptly at 0558:25* in the middle of a sentence. Geez, another station which fails to coördinate between studio and transmitter, which is Meyerton, nominally 0400-0600, 250 kW at 342 degrees per Aoki; CIRAF target is 52, i.e. per


includes most but not all of both Congos, Zambia, Gabon, Angola. Who draws these wacky boundaries, anyway? Previous inspection of Okapi`s Hirondelle website indicated it focuses only on Congo-Kinshasa, not -Brazzaville. SENTECH just says ``Central Africa`` as target, in French/various, while Aoki says French and Lingala. For B-08 this transmission continues and the other one will be at 16-17 on 9635

** CUBA. No respite from the DentroCuban Jamming Command this Monday morning, when they normally take a break along with Radio Martí; still grinding away on 6030 at 0627 Oct 20; this was a mixture of several sites making a continuous buzz, rather than distinct pulsing from one site. So much for DXing other stations on 6030 once a week. Also was still jamming nothing on 7405.

RHC relents a bit on Sunday nights with more music, less propaganda; UT Monday Oct 20 at 0630, Lina Valverde was opening ``Jazz Place`` show in English to feature Emiliano Salvador, pianista, but talktalktalk before getting to the music. Wonder of wonders, modulation was OK without hum on 6140, and just about identical on all three, 6140, 6060 and 6000, with the last slightly weaker; also audible weakly on mixing product 6220

** CZECHIA. R. Praga, 13580, Oct 20 at 1417 in Spanish, partly translating something from Czech. Almost as good as English an hour earlier. Somehow this transmission had escaped my notice; I see in Aoki they keep changing azimuth on 13580: 1300 English 290, 1330 French 199, 1400 Spanish 245, 1430 Russian 80. In B-08 same pattern will shift one hour later, not including Russian, so English at 1400, French 1430, Spanish 1500

** EGYPT. Surprised to hear Arabic on 6290, at the late hour of 0622 Oct 20, M&W dialog, with ute pulse QRM, and quite different modulation from Polisario chanting neighbor on 6300. Surely it`s Cairo, which in A-08 is scheduled on 6290 at 1100-0300 per all online schedules. However, in B-08, 6290 runs from 1900 to 0700, so looks like they have already gone to the new schedule a week early. Was starting to fade down as it`s well after sunrise in Egypt

** INDONESIA. VOI, Day 6 on 9526, Oct 20 at 1302 opening English late; previous hour in Indonesian had usual het from 9525, presumed Poland/Wertachtal, but the het stayed on! VOI was still atop, but should be nothing else during the English hour. 9525 signal also had some modulation but could not separate it. Hope it`s not a precursor of something unexpected in B-08. Another possibility: VOI QRMing itself with a second transmitter on air at same time. By 1342 the het from 9525 was gone, but VOI still hummy during music

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBS World Radio in Spanish (pronouncing the KBS as in Spanish, the World Radio as in English), 6045 via Sackville, Oct 20 at 0628 closing with Spanish transmission schedule, but cut off in the middle of it at 0629*, this time without any RCI IS or ID. Yet another station which doesn`t manage to coördinate programming from studio with axual transmission times. Is no one paying attention? Does no one give a damn?

** NEW ZEALAND. It`s an off-week for Mailbox, but I checked RNZI anyway Monday Oct 20 at 1330 on 6170 for the alternate program, listed as Spectrum. But was already in a remote report from a reserve on the coast about storm damage, seals, with plenty of location sound. Maybe National Radio relay instead? Unseems so with BBC programme ``Let the Good Times Roll`` scheduled.

So what is Spectrum about? That was once the name of another DX program. I listened via webcast for the repeat at 1630, and it turned out this was indeed Spectrum, from the coast near Wellington, looking out on Cook Strait, interviewing a ranger, except it too started early at 1629. Faded show out at 1650 for bell bird IS, frequency change on SW, irrelevant on web. 1652 to Maori chant, drumming, ID and music, no mention of frequencies, opening morning programme prior to 1700 news in English, 1708 French. Actually Pacific Press Review, on schedule in French for Mondays only at 1708-1750. Or less? Searching the grid for anything else in French we find only the same show UT Sundays at 2115-2135, or rather the next program starts 20 minutes after it starts. Oops, already back in English at 1714, so the French is only about 6 minutes, something you cannot tell from the way their schedules are presented.

Guess what, the current one-week schedule effective from Oct 19 does not show any frequency change break at 1650, but at 1550 and 1850! In the next schedule, however, effective Oct 26 there will be a change at 1650; once again, RNZI programming is out of synch with its own transmissions. And the B-08 is different from the one-week sked, not just an early start.

Here`s the upcoming B-08 schedule now posted on their website, tidied:

26 Oct 2008 - 28 Mar 2009

0459-0658 11725 AM & 15720 DRM Pacific

0659-1058  9765 AM &  9870 DRM Pacific

1059-1258 13840 AM &  9870 DRM NW Pacific, Bougainville, PNG, Timor

1258-1358 13840 AM             NW Pacific, Bougainville, PNG, Timor

1300-1550  6170 AM             Pacific

1551-1650  6170 AM &  7145 DRM NE Pacific, Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands

1650-1750  9765 AM &  9890 DRM NE Pacific, Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands

1750-1950 11725 AM & 11675 DRM NE Pacific, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Cook Is

1951-2235 17675 AM & 15720 DRM Pacific

2236-0458 15720 AM & 17675 DRM Pacific

** PORTUGAL. DRM on 13655-13660-13665, Oct 20 at 1423, interfering with some analog station on 13665, evidently Moldova site. DW via Sines is scheduled with DRM at 90 degrees, 35 kW, On Oct 20, 23-25 only

** SOUTH AFRICA. 11640 with choral music Oct 20 at 0603, seems English? only fair signal. 0605 into talk in English with African accent, deep fades. Is PWBR any help? In this case, probably: shows TWR via South Africa in English at 0600-0630. But this year+old stuff has to be confirmed with current online info, and later found same but scheduled 0600-0645, 500 kW, 320 degrees from Meyerton. Yet this was nowhere as good as Okapi a few minutes earlier with 250 kW at 340 degrees. Aoki clarifies schedule as M-F 0600-0645, Sat/Sun 0600-0615. SENTECH B08 shows TWR the same, target as Nigeria

** U S A. WRMI, 9955 with amazingly strong and clear signal Oct 20 at 0547, S9+20 and no jamming --- but that did not last long, as WRMI faded a bit and jamming again audiblized. Wonder if they were on NW antenna, unlikely; just enhanced propagation? Was a Cuban music program, gave street address in Miami, but which? Trova Libre? WRMI program schedule is no help: for M-F 1-2 am [EDT] says ``Repeats of DX and other programs/Repeticiones de programas DX, etc.`

Later, Jeff White explains: Glenn: That's punto guajiro music. It was a repeat of A Favor de la Justicia. We were on the corner reflector (south) at that time. Jeff

** U S A. WWCR with good signal on 15825, so must be off-season sporadic E, Oct 20 at 1320 when Tony Alámo was speaking. I listened for a few minutes to try to get an idea of where he is coming from. Nothing about his sexual/legal problems, but really talking down to his imaginary audience, faking `classy` British accent now and then, really cynical-sounding, quite unpleasant

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Yes, R. Solh, 17700 via UK, has definitely changed their music schedule after well over a year playing exactly the same tunes at exactly the same time every day, obviously from a single master recording or automation setup. The skipping/sticking CD which ran every day at 1346-1349 is no longer the case. Oct 22 I listened from 1339 to 1400, and familiar but different music keeps playing thru the former stick zone, altho there is an abrupt cutoff of one piece and startup of another at 1348. Good reception in the last few days of this transmission

** INDONESIA. VOI, day 7 on 9526, Oct 21 at 1332 with Indonesian Wonder show about the hitting-the-broom tradition in central Maluku; 1337 Let`s Speak Bahasa Indonesia Thru Song. Continued good reception.

Also day 8, Oct 22 at 1322 with commentary on the impact of the global economic crisis on Indonesian insurance companies. Good with usual lite hum

** MALAYSIA. 5030 is normally an unlistenable mixture of Malaysia and China with China on top, but tnx to a tip from Hiroshi and S. Hasegawa, NDXC in Japan, this and many other CNR-1 frequencies from Beijing site are unexpectedly off the air. Now Oct 22 at 1330 all I hear is one station with soft ``island`` vocal music, tho with the inevitable splash from Cuba-5025. The Malaysian station is RTM Sarawak in Kuching

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare is now on a reactivated WWRB frequency, 3270 in the evenings, presumably ex-unheard 5745, around 0230 UT Oct 22, tnx to a tip from Steve Wood, NASWA. I had heard B.S. four nights earlier saying 3270 was about to activate. Good thing Namibia is no longer on SW. Other WWRB programming continues on 3185, and I suppose B.S. still takes over there later in the night.

Rechecking 15420 to see if Brother Scare was again on WBCQ at 1406 Oct 22, good signal from DW Russian via UK had some lite QRM, but unseemed B.S., probably BBC Seychelles. B.S. was on WBCQ 9330-, slightly low in frequency as ever, but no het from anything, same program as WWRB 9385 but many seconds out of synch. Overcomer is now sked on WBCQ 9330 daily at 1400-1600, but latest WBCQ sked update does not show 15420 for him at all, where we heard him the previous Saturday. He also has 1, 2 or 3 hours on 7415 every night except UT Sundays

** U S A. An odd language caught my ear on 5985, Oct 22 at 0619 from WYFR. Cantonese from WYFR (not RTI) is scheduled during this hour, but it seemed more exotic than that. Speaker was ending each sentence with ``yi ji`` several times a minute, as if he were enumerating or reciting a list of something. I wonder if they work segments in minolity dialects into this hour as well

** GUAM [non]. Oct 23 at 1310 found English broadcast on 15320 I had not noticed before, about proverbs for children. After a sidetrack to Turkey, resumed listening at 1321, examples: ``The pen is mightier than the pig``, ``A penny saved is not much``, ``Two is company, three is musketeers``, and other clever variants apparently produced by first-graders. Signal was fair but with deep fades. 1326 closing with addresses, Debbie, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Central PO Box 71030, or zhaoming at vohc. something; seems show was called ``Jewels from the Internet``. VOHC? Finally figured it must stand for Voice of Hope, China. 1328 brief Chinese announcement also giving e-mail. After a pause, finally at 1330 Adventist World Radio ID, in English and French, theme music, web address, ``following program in ---`` fade, but must have said Chinese, since I then heard more Chinese.

KSDA Guam at this hour? No such ID, and no site heard. Looked up later, it`s AWR via Wertachtal, Germany, which is also even used for Chinese broadcasts, in A-08 per Aoki:

15320 ADVENTIST WORLD R. 1300-1330 .23456. Chinese 250 75 Wertachtal D

15320 ADVENTIST WORLD R. 1300-1330 1.....7 Uighur  300 75 Wertachtal D

15320 ADVENTIST WORLD R. 1330-1500 1234567 Chinese 250 75 Wertachtal D 01041E 4805N AWR a08

However, these transmissions will move in B-08, to 11720 via Nauen.

KSDA is still on 15320 at 22-24, but in Indonesian, English, Vietnamese. Except as noted, the program before 1330 was entirely in English, presumably for advanced students, despite the fact that this semihour is officially ``Chinese``

** INDONESIA. VOI, still on 9526 for day 9, Oct 23 at 1302, Indonesian-to-English announcement, but then fragments in Korean, and dead air. Finally at 1305 joined English news in progress. Good reception as usual, but the hum was getting worse

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, Oct 23 at 1340 check, classical music with rumbling het from Vladivostok. Both of them stay audible later day by day as Solstice approaches. But in B-08 Vlad should be gone, and the only co-channel Delhi from 1315 in Nepali, 1430 in Urdu, both 334 degrees; that could be audible along grayline for a while, but less of a problem than Vlad at 230 degrees = 50 degrees off the back

** TURKEY. VOT, enjoying last few days of good 15450 reception on the 1230 broadcast to Europe which is also onward to N America: Thu Oct 23 at 1311 discussing their new web service, début of which has been postponed again until Nov 20, tho the YL working on it thought they could use another 6 months of testing. It will be multimedia, with podcasts, ``programs published`` -- meaning transcripts? Covering 20 languages. There is a ``huge crew working on it downstairs``. That finished Live from Turkey, plus a Did You Know That? feature on how tulips had originated in Central Asia, brought to Anatolia by Suleiman the Magnificent, and onward to Holland where they became big business. From Oct 26 this transmission moves to 1330 on 12035, // 11735 eastward, and we found out last winter that 11735 was sometimes inexplicably better here than 12035, reversed antennas, or strange long- vs short-path propagation?

** ANTARCTICA [and non]. I knew it would be a good day for LRA36, when I tuned in Africa Numéro Un, 15475, Oct 24 at 1834 and heard a continuous het from 15476. At 1900, ANO started news in French for a semiminute about Mauritanie until its laggard engineer turned off the modulation and a few seconds later, the carrier. During that brief period, despite some hum from Moyabi, I could tell that 15476 was playing music. Then LRA36 was on its own against the noise level, but no QRM whatsoever from other broadcast stations. There were occasional Bronx cheers from some kind of ute, and LRA36 carrier dropped off a couple times for a split second.

First I made sure the frequency was really 15476, or rather very close to it. Initially Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel was playing guitar music mixed with some talk. At 1929 announcement by YL following some more music, but too weak to copy. I then spent some time on the ATS-909 trying to decide whether modulation was on USB or LSB or both. Not certain because it was so weak, but seemed to be as much LSB as USB, in keeping with some recent reports, contrary to others. Maybe the proportion varies day to day? 1939 another YL announcement; by 1955 it was weaker and finally gave up for today.

Altho I never could copy a definite ID this time, I am positive this is what I was listening to, from previous experience, and above all because of its unique frequency. I wish other monitors would be as careful, for I occasionally see a report of this logged before 1900.

Some advice: if you think you have LRA36 before 1900, you need to explain how you were able to separate it from the incomparably stronger signal 1 kHz away, ANO Gabon. Was Gabon unexpectedly off the air? Could you employ extremely tight selectivity or notching? Were you sure what you were hearing was not in French? Gabon has an enormous propagational advantage as well, from the Equator. Did very strange propagation give Antarctica an edge instead? But why try to log Antarctica before 1900 anyway when you can listen after 1900 without the QRM?

LRA36 would have been blown away for the rest of its three hours, five days a week, a few seasons ago, if CVC Chile had gone ahead with its plan to grab 15475. We spearheaded a successful effort to persuade CVC to go elsewhere. It was another case of the big boys thinking a frequency is open because the little ones don`t make the least effort to register their usage with HFCC, and furthermore can`t conceive of changing frequency themselves, for licensing or technical reasons.

Surely the management of LRA36 is aware by now from numerous DX reports (or by turning on a radio themselves?) that Gabon is covering up one third of their transmissions. If they can`t change frequency and can`t get Gabon to move or close one hour earlier, why doesn`t LRA36 simply shift its own broadcasts one hour later? Another station which doesn`t really understand the basics of what`s necessary to be a successful SW operation

** ARGENTINA [and non]. RAE vs Morocco on 15345v: Oct 24 at 1904 while Antarctica was appearing on 15476: Morocco in Arabic dominating, the two maybe 150 Hz apart, and hard to tell which was which, but more modulation from Morocco, tho both are undermodulated. By 1946 the het was stronger as RAE was evidently gaining by comparison.

RAE was off for a sesquimonth recently, and did they take the opportunity to make any improvements? No, when they came back, same old variable frequency colliding with Morocco. Neither of these participates in HFCC, but surely RAE management has heard by now from numerous listener complaints, that Morocco is blocking them in the European target languages. Yet all they do is change transmission times by one hour depending on the local clock when what they need to do is change frequency. Not vary by 200 Hz, but CHANGE 5 or 10 kHz to get away from the collision. Some complimentary consultancy: in B-08 every 5-kHz channel from 15335 to 15360 should be clear for all the hours RAE is presently using 15345 to Europe, 17-23 UT if not more. A simple switch to 15350 should do the trick, or should I say, forcing the transmitter to vary more than it usually does. Anyone want do donate a new crystal?

** AUSTRALIA [non]. WRMI, 9955, Friday Oct 24 at 1939, fair-poor with no jamming, discussion of nervous system; per WRN schedule it`s Radio Australia during this semi-hour. The 18-21 UT stations on WRN to North America weekdays, when WRMI is still relaying it are, half an hour each: Ireland, Prague, Sweden, Australia, Poland, Korea. From Nov 3, with the end of DST in North America, both WRMI and WRN should move all this one UT hour later

** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International, via WHRI, again this Friday Oct 24 opening early from 1959 on 15280, The Orator ``bringing you matters of interest to Biafra`` and at least twice claiming to be ``transmitting on the 15.67 MHz frequency in the 19 meter band``, before and after playing ``God Bless Africa`` anthem in usual opening; 2006 into news by another speaker with heavy accent. VOBI HQ hasn`t a clue what frequency they are really on, so pity the poor listeners. In previous seasons I have heard them announce ``15.67`` which was never in use, tho in B-08 will supposedly be 15665. BTW, when rounding numbers, if halfway between an even and an odd one, you are supposed to go to the even one, not the odd one; but deliberate rounding is unacceptable with SW frequencies, whether or not your listeners have digital readout. 15280 signal was strong, much better than last week, but with a bit of echo, probably backscatter

** COSTA RICA. REE HQ in Madrid has been notified that at least two of its Cariari relay frequencies have been one kHz off for many months, but so far no fix. Oct 24 at 1847 check, still 11814 instead of 11815, undermodulated talk in Spanish with barely audible het from something on 11815. The other one is 5964 at night

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Have not been making regular chex of R. Africa on 15190, but per reports seems to be on most of the time. It was on Oct 24 at 1916 with undermodulated preacher in English; at 1945 another preacher, more distorted than undermodulated, talking about scarlet dyes. Usual good signal, anyway, comparable to Nigeria on 15120

** GERMANY [non]. Nemetskaya Volna, VG and synchronized on both 15420 and 15700 via Rampisham UK, Oct 24 at 1409 giving contact address in Kiev, Ukraine --- does that mean DW Russian service is not allowed to have a mail drop within Russia? In B-08 this 1400 transmission moves to 1500 via Woofferton on 11720.

Also heard DW in Russian on 11885 via Woofferton, at 1854 to 1859:30*

15620 very good in tonal African language, probably Hausa, Oct 24 at 1832, enthusiastic dialog, drama? With village sounds, bits of hilife music, laughing, children`s voices. Yes, this is DW via Portugal at 18-19. In B-08 this broadcast moves to 9430

** GUATEMALA. R. Verdad hoped to be back on the air by Oct 20, with replacement 600V transistors burned out by a lightning bolt, but still nothing on 4052.5 at 0545 check Oct 24

** INDONESIA. VOI, day 10 on 9526, Oct 24 at 1342 check with YL ID and slogan, ``Voice of Indonesia, the sound of dignity``, music. Good signal as always but hummy. Fingers crossed things will not change in B-08

** IRAN. On 15555, heard a rather strange combination, Qur`an at 1333, and Japanese talk at 1349 Oct 24. I wonder how many Japanese are Moslems? Doesn`t matter. What else but VIRI? At 1401 YL was still speaking in Japanese, and Iran was being mentioned. Lower modulation than neighbors like 15550 VOR, but quite intelligible. Sirjan site is scheduled 1330-1430 in Japanese at 60 degrees. Mideast/SW Asia propagation was quite good this morning. In B-08 this transmission moves to 9905. Was PWBR `2008` any help; only with a lead, since it erroneously shows VIRI in unID language on 15555 ending at 1330

** IRAN [non]. 17670 with pop vocal music in presumed Farsi, Oct 24 at 1404, good signal, better than Solh on 17700. It`s Radio Farda, as soon IDed; via Wertachtal at 14-15 only

** JORDAN. 9830, station with Arabic music, Oct 24 at 1853, would have been good but for constant RTTY QRM as always on this frequency. Presumably R. Jordan, only thing scheduled, 1745-2000 at 300 degrees for Europe but onward to us; in B-08 extends to 2100. This is the best we can do since Jordan quit broadcasting in English in our mornings on 11690, another RTTY frequency

** KUWAIT. Those further east report good reception of R. Kuwait`s English broadcast at 18-21, but not here. Checked 11990 several times on Oct 24, but only poor, at 1842 in talk, not even sure it was English instead of Arabic which sometimes substitutes

** RUSSIA [and non]. 7200 with heavy SAH of about 6 Hz, between a station in Russian with pop music, and unID language. Russian must be Yakutsk at 45 degrees, on very long hours, and the other R. Bulgaria, scheduled in German during this semihour at 295 degrees, so neither is aimed here, but both cross somewhere in North America when extended. Yakutsk is also the one that used to motorboat, but not currently

** SAUDI ARABIA. 17660, BSKSA in French at 1415 Oct 24 ending Courrier des Auditeurs (letters from listeners), with E-mail address; fair with flutter.

Oh, oh, the big buzz is starting up again from some BSKSA transmitter(s) --- Oct 24 at 1510 there it was on 15435 mixing with Arabic talk, soon into Qur`an. At this point, the Arabic was still intelligible if one wanted to put up with the buzz, which months ago grew and grew until nothing else was audible, yet they kept this mess on the air until officially notified by monitors abroad, rather than Allah

** SYRIA [and non]. 9330, Oct 24 at 1852 while WBCQ`s weekday 18-19 broadcast of some financial program was still running, with big hum, but also detectable het, WBCQ being slightly off-frequency to low side, yet transmitting in CUSB, not CLSB. At 1908, WBCQ was gone leaving an S9+10 carrier on 9330, but very low modulation in talk, maybe French? Yes, that`s scheduled this hour per DXLD 8-114. If modulation were up to par, would have been readable. R. Damascus frequency was on 9330.0 as far as I could tell compared to Wichita 1330.0 on the FRG-7. At 1947 recheck, nothing on 9330, so Syria must have gone off, perhaps at 1945 for a half-sesquihour instead of full-hour transmission? R. Damascus fan Kris Janssen in Belgium says the former English broadcast at 2000 has been off SW for some time, but still on satellite, with SW resuming for the second English broadcast at 2100, that not checked here yet

** U S A [non]. 15760, Oct 24 at 1828 with nice classical piano concerto fragment, 1830 announcement in uncertain language, giveaway YFR IS and music. Then looked up, it`s Family Radio in Turkish via Woofferton. I wonder how many Turx care about the Biblical interpretations of non-ordained Protestant Brother Harold Camping? Doesn`t matter. They will be regaled by him in translation  nonetheless

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV, 11680 via Cuba, Oct 24 at 1507 in Spanish, rumbling co-channel QRM, no doubt usual overlap with VOT in Turkish to Europe until 1530. In B-08 TRT moves way down to 5980 and one hour later at 1400-1630, so that will resolve that problem. Then another will arise, possibly worse, BBC via Rampisham to Africa on 11680 starting at 1500. As an outlaw nation, Venezuela refuses to register its transmissions with HFCC, or even accurately on its own website, so BBC/VTC, not paying any attention to DXLD, are probably unaware of the impending collision, as RNV does not habitually make any schedule changes coinciding with A/B seasons either, so is likely to remain as is.

15290 on with big open carrier at 1858 Oct 24, 1911 recheck RNV via Cuba in Spanish. 1958 ending ``De Primera Mano`` commentary by someone named Vladimir [no, not Lenin, but an alive Commie], and sign-off with contact info, Apartado 3979, Caracas 1010, Venezuela, or canalinternacionalrnv@gmail.com --- 1959 open carrier for a few seconds and off.

This 1900-2000 transmission is the one they have wrongly announced and webdisplayed for 3 sesquiyears as at ``11 am for San Francisco on 13740``. Why S.F. and not L.A.? Probably Cuban antenna is traditionally aimed at the former, originally for RHC itself, but if I were aligning it, would be at 300 degrees, splitting the 4-degree difference between the two cities. In any event, puts huge signal into OK not far off the path.

Then tuned up to 17705 for next RNV broadcast, but not checked until 2006 when it was going with much weaker signal by YL in broken English

** ZIMBABWE [non]. SW Radio Africa, 12035 via Rampisham UK [tho Kvitsoy, Norway was also available], Oct 24 at 1837, fair in interview between studio announcer and someone in an outdoor location with background noises, not in English, so Ndebele or Shona, but at 1839 they were conversing in English about developments in Angola and Mozambique. 1840 ID as ``Newsreel on S-W Radio Africa``, gave website, on to food shortage demonstrations in Zimbabwe, arrest and imprisonment of some involved. Best I`ve heard it in some time; scheduled 17-19 UT, but in B-08 switching to 11745 via Woofferton. Note: the ID says the letters S-W, never the word shortwave, nor the word southwest, as some have assumed it means

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Enjoyed the last day of good reception from R. Solh, via Rampisham UK, on 17700, Oct 25 from 1426 until fading after 1630. Music at 1501 included the word ``whatever``; 1610 some rap partly in English --- we recognized a music string which months ago was appearing 2 or 3 hours earlier including at 1622 the bilingual one partly in English about ``Be my only one``. But still haven`t heard for ages what we dubbed the ``Solh theme``. Fortunately, we have that and a lot more on tape for replays at will.

Aside from the anti-Taliban messages several times an hour, I am just about convinced the tactic of this US psyop is to get all the Afghans dancing joyously and thus stop killing each other. From B-08 I expect Solh to appear as follows, none of which are likely to come in so well here, so far from the target area: 03-12 11675 via UAE, 12-15 13830 Rampisham, 15-18 9875 Rampisham. Last winter 15265 was used 12-15 and rivalled or exceeded 17700 reception. If Solh really uses 13830, it will collide with Gospel for Asia via Wertachtal at 1330-1500 per the B-08 DTK schedule! 11675 during the early hours may also collide with Kuwait which at least is scheduled to switch from DRM to AM at 0300

** GUAM [non]. AWR, 15320 via Germany, monitored again on its last transmission at the end of A-08, Saturday Oct 25 at 1330, just after scheduled weekend Uighur service (how many Uighurs are potential Adventists??? Doesn`t matter), with multilingual ID break in English, French, German, Italian. In French the name AWR was properly translated but in German they said it in English, ``Adventist World Radio``. What`s up with that? Then opening ``Mandarin`` with Grieg`s ``Sunrise`` melody

** INDONESIA. VOI, day 11 on 9526, Oct 25 at 1345 check with rock music, English announcements, 1357 to gamelan vamp, and het de China did not start until 1358

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, better than usual on 17725, Oct 25 at 1417 in English about how the Leader of the Revolution had established a man-made river from the desert 4000 km to the northern regions in 1977. A bit of reverb on the modulation; the lexure frequently paused for some music; 1422 talking about Senegal. Recheck at 1616, only open carrier audible on 17725 when it was supposed to be in French after 1600

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Another Sabbath, so another check of just how Brother Scare is appearing on four frequencies from three US stations, Oct 25. WBCQ 9330 cut on at 1355 joining organ music in progress as also heard on WINB 9265 and WWRB 9385, but never synchronized. Then checked WBCQ`s other frequency as heard last Saturday, also on air today at 1359 with same organ music and fast SAH with DW via UK carrier, and modulation from that started at 1359:30, first with bells, then Russian 1400 overriding WBCQ. But last week there was an audible het, and this week WBCQ is much closer to being on frequency only making a subaudible het. And there is still no mention of this on the annotated program guide http://schedule.wbcq.com/main.php?fn=sked&freq=15420

For B-08, no more DW collision at 14-16, just a much weaker BBC. Recheck at 1613, 15420 was clear of DW, 9330 was off as it runs at 14-16 only, and 15420 was close to matching WWRB 9385. At 1621, WINB was still running same on 9265, long after its scheduled switch to 13570 at 1200; on some weekdays they switch at 1400

** SWEDEN [non]. The end of an era. Radio Sweden`s last morning broadcast to North America, Oct 25 at 1430 on 11640 via Canada. I recall it was primarily a morning station for many years before the Sackville relays started; reception direct from Northern Europe to Central North America was much more reliable in our mornings than our evenings (and still is). This was the usual Saturday review of the week`s stories, no mention of giving up in the mornings, and no announcement of new transmission schedule as had been run during the previous week. Items about how fewer and fewer countries since WWII maintain the death penalty; and a film festival in Uppsala; 1459 IS and into ``Radio Sweden, Lordag`` -- yes, in Swedish IDs they pronounce the station name in English; what`s up with that?

The following report represents less than 3 hours of monitoring, a semi-hour session around 0600 UT, and a bihour from 1248, plus some other bits. Many other dayparts need to be scanned for B-08 changes, but doubt I will have much time to do so.

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Radio Solh is still going and well heard on new 13830 ex-17700, Oct 26 at 1303 with talk at the moment, soon the usual lively dance music. Good signal but occasional splatter from Martí/jamming on 13820. After ``Salaam, Afghanistan`` song ending at 1329 I was monitoring closely at 1330 when Bible Voice was scheduled to join them on 13830 in the B-08 schedule. I could hear the co-channel underneath, but Solh dominating here; the QRM enough to mar good recordings of Solh music. Time will tell how this sesquihour collision pans out for us, but surely in the targets one CIRAF zone apart, 40 vs 41, the mix is unacceptable. Doesn`t VTC coördinate with its major competitor DTK? BVB is 90 degrees from Wertachtal, while Solh is 85 degrees from Rampisham, so look for one of these to move, that is, if anyone is paying attention now

** AUSTRIA. 17855, Oct 26 at 1320 English discussion of airline privatization in Austria, Germany, fair signal; 1321 still IDs as ``Radio Austria International``, and then Post Box, in Report from Austria; acknowledging reception reports such as a scholarly 4-page one from Japan. Did not think to check whether much better signal heard earlier on 13730 was now //, and 17855 gone after 1330 while 13730 was in German at 1332. It`s on only at 1300-1330, 90 degrees from Moosbrunn, which was mentioned in the mailbag in answer to a question about where the transmitters are. So we don`t have to wrestle with OE or O-umlauts to name this station in English

** CHINA [and non]. CRI English via Sackville at 1300 is now on 13675, very strong Oct 26, but now they have very strong RHC next door on 13680. Commies vs Commies! The two splatter against each other, somewhat evitable by side-tuning each.

In all my bandscanning for new B-08 info, Oct 26 between 1248 and 1438, it just dawned on me that I had not run across any Firedrake, tho I was not looking for it specifically. I hope this is a good sign, but maybe just a propagational fluke

** CROATIA [non]. VOC already on new 7375 ex-9925, UT Oct 26 around 0245 in Croatian via Germany. Finally out of the 40m American hamband, where it had used 7275 in previous B-seasons, and part of A-season, pretending to target Iceland

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command grinding away plus pulses, Oct 26 at 0555 on 6100, but off at 0605 recheck. The jamming is ``needed`` only until 0400 when R. República closes. This bodes ill for R. Tirana`s 0430-0500 English broadcast scheduled for B-08 on 6100, which should otherwise have been clear for it.

DentroCubans who want to hear R. Martí without jamming should make an effort to tune around on the first days of new seasons, when the Jamming Command is lagging behind frequency changes, even tho they are rather predictable from previous matching seasons.

Oct 26 at 1248 I found R. Martí on reactivated 5745, jamming-free and // 5980 with had the usual jamming. RM was discussing something about Spain`s cultural center. Recheck 1346, 5745 still going in the clear; at 1358 QSY announcement claimed that in a few moments RM could be heard on 9565, 11930 and 13820. Really?? Nothing on 9565 at this hour. Is RM giving out disinformation, or just ignorant about its own schedule? 9565 is now supposed to run at 20-24 UT, ex-17-24 in A-08, or was it *1730?

Here are my other logs of RM this date: At 1346, open carrier on 15330, which was not used all A-season, jammed anyway at times but not right now. 1402 check, RM programming underway on 15330 as well as 13820, and at 1414 check on 11930 --- almost always runs three frequencies at any one time.

DCJC still pulsing and grinding against nothing on 9490, Oct 26 at 1255; is that still in use for República via RMI via Sackville at 10-11 only?

** CZECHIA. R. Prague usage of 13580 now starts at 1400, VG in English to NAm at 1401 Oct 26

** EGYPT. Altho already heard a few days before B-08, R. Cairo in Arabic Oct 26 at 0603 M&W dialog on 6290, scheduled all the way from 1900 until 0700 at 315 degrees toward us

** FRANCE. African language at 0601 Oct 26 on 6170, good; 0604 quick ID in passing as ``RFI``, the letters pronounced in French. This is a B-08 frequency for RFI in Hausa via Issoudun at 0600-0630

** GERMANY [non]. A strange program in English on 7240, Oct 26 at 0606, ``Learning by Ear`` with rather explicit drama about teen sexual encounters, pregnancy at 0610. Some of the players had American accent, others African. VG reception except occasional SSB ham QRM. DW was inviting letters to the program and at 0616 gave website http://www.dw-world.de/lbe

Is this supposed to be teaching English, or how to manage sex? Apparently it is a general education service, for 12-20-year-olds, claiming an audience of 30 megAfricans, but I suppose that includes the Portuguese, French, Swahili, Hausa and Amharic versions. In A-08 we heard RDPI Lisboa on 7240 at 05-08, but now in B-08 it`s DW at 0600-0629, 150 degrees via Sines, PORTUGAL; followed by 0630-0659 Hausa, 160 degrees via Woofferton, UK.

DW on new 17630, Oct 26 at 1349 in German with strange accent so first doubted it was DW, discussing orthodoxy, but 1355 DW jingle and ID in standard German; was fading up and down in collision with Africa No. One, Gabon, which has used this frequency for many sesquiyears. ANO does not register its usage, however, so DW, not bothering to turn on a radio or consult DXLD or other monitoring resources, assumed they had a clear shot on it, now scheduled at 12-14, 80 degrees via Rampisham.

13585-13590-13595 with DRM buzz, not to be confused with the analog transmitter buzz on 13600, Oct 26 at 1436. DW via Sines, Portugal is scheduled at 1400-1557, 90 kW at 30 degrees for Europe

** GREECE. ERT habitually registers lots of wooden frequencies, such as both 15650 and 15630 thruout the day, but uses only one of them. Now in B-08, Oct 26 at 1317 I find them on 15650 with Greek music, nothing on 15630, and perhaps a trace of // 9420. John Babbis says they have yet to distribute a definitive B-08 schedule

** GUAM. 11570, Oct 26 at 1309 with South Asian vocal music. This is KTWR`s Boro language service

** INDIA. AIR good but with flutter at 1342 Oct 26 on 9870 with music in VBS, 335 degrees from Bangalore; but GOS unheard on 9690, so wonder if it was still on; still scheduled from same site but at 108 degrees

** INDONESIA. VOI did not make it to day 12 on 9526, which started Oct 15 for the English broadcast at 13-14. Oct 26 at 1257 check, nothing at all on 9526, nor at several chex during following hour. Surely not due to propagation, as RRI was propagating very well on 9680 at 1340 atop the CCI. Has VOI gone back to 11785v? Quick check there at 1259 before WHRI came up could not detect it or even a carrier. 9525, however had very weak B-B-C chime notes at 1259, unID language opening, but nothing scheduled there unless they or I were on 9520 by mistake, for Uzbek via Thailand. Normally VOI has only three frequencies available, 9525v, 11785v and 15150v. Possibly they went to 15150 where not propagating at 1345 check, but in the B-season they should certainly stay on the lowest frequency, in addition to the fact that it was loud and clear until the day before! Hope it was just an off-day for 9526; what next?

** IRAN. 15545, Oct 26 at 1318 with ME singing, VG signal with some flutter; also at 1347 in Arabic, talking about Bahrain, mixing with bits of music. 1430 with VIRI`s theme music, and Arabic, news? Then looked up, it`s Sirjan, 500 kW at 295 degrees with lengthy Arabic service 0530-1630

** LAOS [non]. WHRI, 11785 with Hmong Lao Radio, reconfirmed Sunday Oct 26 at 1311; no het audible if Indonesia [q.v.] is back on there now. WHRI was on 11785 only during this hour, nothing before 1300 or after 1400, unlike Saturday when it stayed on with other programming past 1400, even 1500. From Nov 2, we expect HLR to shift one UT hour later to 14-15 on Sun & Sat

** LIBYA. Starting B-08, Voice of Africa still on 17725, fair Oct 26 at 1350 in Swahili, and presumably after 1400 in English

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RN via Nauen, GERMANY, 6120, Oct 26 at 0600 opening an hour in Dutch, fair

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI was quite good on 9615, but now it`s moved to 11725 for B-08, heard Oct 26 at 0613, and only fair here, with report about parliament, Hamilton; in fact it was the strongest if not the only station audible on 25mb at the moment! Now scheduled 0459-0658

** POLAND [non]. PRES on new, or rather reactivated from B-07 frequency 9450 for English to Europe, now in B-08 shifted an hour later to 13-14, coming in well enough Oct 26 at 1300 with Slavek Szefs opening the hour mentioning timechange, weather. Still OK at 1344 with mailbag. In A-08 was on 9525 at 12-13 under Indonesia. 9450 is via Wertachtal, Germany at 300 degrees

** PORTUGAL. RDPI, VG on 15560 with Abraço da Madeira show, Sunday Oct 26 at 1316, giving phone numbers for live call-ins by listeners to greet others. No sign of // 15690 scheduled for Africa; surely I would have heard at least a trace of it if it were on. Madeira hug show is now scheduled 1311-1500 UT Sundays, tho their daily program schedule is as usual slow to recognize that Portugal is back on UT, not UT+1. Scan of 13m as I was finishing the morning monitoring session at 1444 found // 21655 to SAm/WAf audible, and nothing else on that band

** ROMANIA [and non]. RRI, 11940, Oct 26 at 1312 with Romanian talk, good signal but some distortion. At 1314 I found // 15170, but here colliding with REE via Costa Rica, making a heavy SAH, RRI now playing music, roughly equal signal level, but RRI winning due to REE undermodulation. At 1345 Romanian music well over REE, and still the case at 1433. RRI is Galbeni, 285 degrees to Europe at 13-15, now ruining REE reception at 340 degrees toward North America

** RUSSIA [non]. VOR WS in English to NAm on new, or reactivated, 6135, G at 0558 Oct 26 in closing announcements, saying at 0600 would be on air to Au/NZ on 16 mb, and to Europe on 190, 209, 227, 432, 476 metres. Get out your calculators! Shades of the USSR. And ending NAm service to return at 0200 on the 22, 25, 41 and 49 mb. 6135 was quite strong but somewhat undermodulated, and suffering from splash de RHC 6140.

I suspect 6135 is via Germany, as IIRC they used it in previous seasons, but this is not on the DTK B-08 schedule, nor is the new VOR B-08 schedule available yet. Previously they did not have the Habana 6140 problem, but now they do, even if 6135 is running for the entire four hours of VOR English starting at 0200. Commies vs ex?-Commies

** RUSSIA [non]. As soon as I tuned in a good signal on 13660, Oct 26 at 1307 I heard an ID ``Govorit Radio Svoboda`` and into piano music. This is via Lampertheim, Germany, 13-14 at 56 degrees

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Not only was WBCQ on 15420-CUSB as early as 1400 Sabbath Oct 25 but also Sunday Oct 26 with Brother Scare, weaker than // 9330-CUSB, but 15420 finally clear of DW Russian collision via UK. So maybe WBCQ will be on 15420 daily this early? See also USA: WINB

** SPAIN [non]. REE via Costa Rica, reconfirmed with third frequency 1 kHz off, not only 5964 and 11814, but 9764, as measured Oct 26 at 1302, weak modulation, hetting something on 9765.

** TUNISIA. RTT is such a regular on 41m that I rarely report it, but often listen for the music, such as 0617 Oct 26 on 7275 stronger than // 7190. 7275 is at 340 degrees and thus better in NAm than 7190 at 265 degrees. Both are now scheduled nominally at 0400-0800, but in reality 7275 has been closing much earlier than 7190. WRTH 2008 with the schedule a year ago showed 0630* and 0810* respectively, and probably still so

** TURKEY [and non]. VOT World webcast via http://www.trt.net.tr/wwwtrt/canli.aspx had made the one-hour-later change for standard time in Europe, UT Oct 26 with English at 0400 instead of 0300. So I checked the shortwaves, for this transmission supposed to be on new 6020 direct to NAm, and 7325 via Canada. And what do I hear? CRI relay via Sackville on 6020, with usual Peruvian het and very weak co-channel, presumably Turkey, and nothing on 7325. I`ll bet Sackville turned on 7325 at midnight local time as usual, 0300 UT, and put on some other language coming over the feed from VOT. So not only did Sackville not relay Turkey as it should have at 0400 on 7325, but it blocked Turkey on its other frequency which might otherwise have arrived direct!

The CRI relay scheduled at 0400-0600 ends ambiguously Oct 26, so 6020 should be clear for Turkey on UT Oct 27. And maybe that next night too, VOT 7325 via Sackville will be on the air at 0400 in English. Or maybe next week, after DST is over in North America too. IIRC, at a previous Zeitwechsel, Sackville failed to coördinate with the programming coming over the line from Ankara for several days if not a full week.

There`s not much Turkish any more from VOT for North America, but 15350 for Europe carries on here, and well heard at 1315 Oct 26. Somewhat undermodulated, and unfortunately not playing music but apparently play-by-play of a silly ballgame on a Sunday afternoon; at 1432 found WYFR Spanish back on 15355 next to it.

17700, vacated by Radio Solh, promptly in B-08 season like B-07, occupied by V. of Turkey 1230 German service, tho I heard only some Turkish music when checked at 1319, off the air by 1326 recheck

** U K [and non]. As expected, VOA Greenville is gone from 6180, where all A-season, after RHC finally left, it provided excellent signals off the back to CNAm in English at 0500-0700. Now Oct 26 at 0602 a weak signal in French which is BBCWS due south from Skelton.

BBCWS ending From Our Own Correspondent Sunday Oct 26 at 0628, good on 5875; I had already heard it Saturday at 0432. 5875 looks like a good bet for North Americans to hear BBC despite their best efforts to prevent us, with the seemingly unfavorable azimuth of 62 degrees from Rampisham at 0500-0700

** U S A. WEWN has made a lot of schedule changes for B-08. Oct 26 at 1251 heard on 7555 with translation of Italian to Spanish, papist? The old A-08 sked is still displayed on their website Oct 26 at 1623 check, http://www.ewtn.com/radio/freq.htm as well as the Spanish version at http://www.ewtn.com/spanish/Frequencias_radio.asp

Per FCC, 7555 is now sked 05-16 at 220 degrees. Also heard next to Martí 5745, at 1249 in English on 5755, which is 12-16 at 335 degrees, not to be confused with the defunct KAIJ which lives on in FCC schedule listings earlier on 5755

** U S A. Altho WINB stayed on 9265v Sabbath Oct 25 as late as 1621, on Sunday Oct 26 Brother Scare was done there by 1400, and at 1401 found WINB on 13570v opening some preacher from Denver, PA

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, Sunday Oct 26 at 1441 baseball show, unexpectedly good signal over some jamming. Must be on NW antenna; hope it held up for WORLD OF RADIO at 1515, but did not get that checked, as I stopped listening a semihour earlier to start compiling this 2.5-hour monitoring report which it turned out took over 4 hours to complete

** U S A [non]. 9345 is a good new frequency for VOA English, heard Oct 26 at 1254, apparently during Press Conference show. Also Sunday 1338 VG in Jazz USA, much better than // 9760. Gone at 1440 recheck, tho something else weak was there, presumably RNW via Tashkent. VOA 9345 is now the 21 degree beam from Tinang, Philippines at 12-14, which in A-08 was doubled up with the 270 degree beam on 9760 at 13-15. Now 9760 is at 270 degrees only at 13-15, joined by 21 degrees at 15-16.


13580, not Prague, but Oct 26 at 1335 in Somali, mentioning Mohammed Ali, 1336 Nairobi. This is VOA via Lampertheim at 13-14

** VATICAN [and non]. Pileup on 6185, Oct 26 at 0602, seems three stations with multiple SAHs; could make out what sounded like Swedish, so Vatican Radio in Scandinavian service. WRTH 2008 does not even try to distinguish them, tho surely there is a day-to-day rotation. Other main signal probably XEPPM, with tentatively some Spanish in the mix. Vatican is finished at 0620, so I rechecked at 0622 and found a strong open carrier, with warbling het. Third station probably Amazonia, Brasil warming up.

Also, 7250, VR in English at 0609 Oct 26; at 330 degrees for UK, it also carries on quite well to NAm.

11740, Oct 26 at 1310, VR in Italian, 310 degrees to Europe and onward to us, over another weaker signal, which now would be R. Japan in Chinese via Singapore, as VOA Korean has departed, but still on 5890 via Tinang

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI enters yet another season clueless about its own schedule. Just as I tuned by 11705 via Cuba Oct 26 1258, heard them giving grossly outdated sked starting with 13740 to San Francisco. As for Aló, Presidente, still no show on any of the former frequencies Sunday morning after 1400, checked at 1415; except 13680 was on with regular RHC philatelic program

** ZAMBIA. 13590, 1Africa, CVC Lusaka, Oct 26 at 1336 in English dialog, F-P signal, fades. Not nearly as good as it used to be around 1900 on 315 degree beam to Nigeria and Upper Michigan; but now 13590 lasts only until 1400, then 13650 at 14-17, and 17-22 on 9420 despite Greece, the latter two not yet checked here

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana chex Sunday Oct 26 when broadcasts are only in Albanian: at 2200, fair on extended 9345 in the clear; UT Oct 27 at 0105, 9345 barely audible as really needs to be on 7 MHz band, while 6110 was much better but with jamming left over from the DentroCuban Jamming Command against VOA Spanish, which vacated 6110 the night before. Hope DCJC wises up quickly. For the rest of the week, let`s see how R. Tirana does in English: 1530 on 13720; 1945 on 11645, 7465; 2100 on 7510, 9345; 0130 on 9345, 0245 on 7390, 0330 on 6110, 0430 on 6100

** CUBA. RHC missing from 6140, Oct 27 at 0327, so I could hear instead R. Romania International in Spanish, as now scheduled via Galbeni, 310 degrees at 03-04. But Cuba just had a breakdown (or a monitoring pause?), and was back on with overpowering signal at 0401 check, also bothering V of Russia English relay from unknown location on 6135 starting at 0400

** EGYPT. Checking R. Cairo`s new frequencies in English for B-08 as in DXLD 8-114: Oct 26 at 0105 it was too late to tell if 6850 had been in English at 2300-2430, but was on the air and audible in subsequent Arabic service; weaker than 6290 also in Arabic. Next check at 0300, when 7535 is scheduled for English at 0200-0330: a signal there but too weak to be sure it was Cairo in English. Meanwhile, 6290 was quite strong by comparison. Why don`t they put English there? Because Arabic is more important to them, even when broadcasting to North America

** RUSSIA [and non]. A previous item below lacked date and time! It was 0542 UT Oct 24 in A-08: 7200 with heavy SAH of about 6 Hz, between a station in Russian with pop music, and unID language. Russian must be Yakutsk at 45 degrees, on very long hours, and the other R. Bulgaria, scheduled in German during this semihour at 295 degrees, so neither is aimed here, but both cross somewhere in North America when extended. Yakutsk is also the one that used to motorboat, but not currently

** ROMANIA. RRI on 6140 with Romanian folk music, Oct 27 at 0327, Spanish announcement a few minutes later, as now scheduled via Galbeni at 03-04, 310 degrees. Amazingly, no RHC which had been on 6140 with big signal in English for the last few weeks including the night before. Did RHC axually cede 6140 to RRI? RHC still on weaker 6000 in English, 6060 in Spanish.

Not checked again until 0401, and RHC 6140 was back on with usual huge signal in Cuban music; wonder if they waited until RRI was finished? No, Jeramy Ross, W5XTL in Lawton OK tells me that RHC came back on at 0350. Why in the world would RRI choose 6140 and collide with RHC? Because as an outlaw nation, RHC does not register its frequencies with HFCC, and RRI would have had to inform itself by reading DXLD to find out where RHC really operates

** RUSSIA [non]. Looking around for R. República, no longer on 6100, and not heard earlier on 6135, 6155, 6185, 9515, or 9640 --- Oct 27 at 0256 found same MOR music playing on 6100 and stronger 6155 – could that be it? No, at 0259 both into Golos Rossii ID and frequencies, but several seconds out of synch; at 0300 6155 cut to opening of VOR WS in English to NAm, and 6100 to continuous tone which was still going at 0330. Obviously this is intended for something more modulated, but whence? 6155 is on the DTK schedule B08 as 02-05 via Wertachtal, 300 degrees to NAm, but not 6100. 6135, which I heard the night before with VOR English closing at 0600, not yet on the air at 0300 Oct 27. 6135 was added at 0400, running a couple of words behind 6155 Wertachtal, and 6135 also suffering heavy splash from RHC 6140. At 0330 check, also found VOR English on 7350, which is Vatican scheduled at 02-06.

As usual, VOR doesn`t have their new season schedule up yet and when it appears will not show transmitter sites anyway; as of 0305 UT Oct 27, the English page still showed useless A-08 info, including earlier 2008 change dates: http://www.ruvr.ru/main.php?lng=eng&w=129&p=

** TURKEY [non]. Since VOT via Sackville 7325 was missing during the 0400 UT hour Oct 26, I expected to find it still during the 0300 hour UT Oct 27, but nothing then either. It was on at 0417 recheck, in English, so that has been outstraightened; and at 0425 // 6020 direct, which was a few seconds ahead of 7325`s circuitous relay path. CRI via Sackville 6020 now gone, but that leaves the perpetually off-frequency gospel-huxter in Perú. CRI always had this het on it, and now VOT suffers the same fate. No doubt they don`t know about the non-HFCC participant Radio Victoria, not keeping up with DX publications. If they did, they would surely avoid 6020 or even zero beat it. Yes, if Perú won`t correct its frequency, all the other 6020 stations should match it! Like that would ever happen

** U K [and non]. BBCWS, good in English at 0425 Oct 27 on 7255, but wasted on sports report which I hope only took a few minutes. In B-08 that`s Ascension ex-7160 to WAf at 65 degrees from 0300 to 0600 so should be good for us; plus another hour until 07 via Skelton at 180 degrees. I assume VTC are getting a head start on evacuating the 7100-7200 band to attain squatter`s rights on 7200-7300 channels

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Check of R. Solh via Rampisham, UK, its second day on 13830, Oct 27: at 1308, music with excessive reverb on the drums, so at first I thought something was wrong with the playback, but cleared up with next piece. At 1443, no co-channel audible under Solh music, so BVB may have moved, or remains very much secondary to the RMP off-the-back signal, quite good here

** ALASKA [and non]. 12-13 UT is the only KNLS English broadcast on both transmitters, now for B-08 on 6150 and 6915. Oct 27 at 1255 tried to catch at least the closing on 6150, but dominated by station in Chinese. Quickly checking weak 6915, I could detect the same music that was buried on 6150.

Per Aoki A-08, and no doubt continuing, that`s RTI in Chinese, 100 kW at 310 degrees, and indeed at 1300 there was a 3+1 timesignal and ``RTI News`` altho the program was really in Chinese. KNLS never seems to get its frequency usage together avoiding stations in its Asian target! Do its donors know this?

At least 6915 is in the clear for KNLS if we can get it on a good propagation day. The other KNLS English hours are now: 08 7355, 10 6150, 14 6150. The same blockage occurs on 6150 at 1000, but should be in the clear at 1400 if we`re not too far east for that to reach

** ALBANIA. Monitoring R. Tirana`s new 13720 on its first day, for English to NAm at 1530-1600: Oct 27 *1525 carrier on at S9+20, good and clear of any QRM. 1527 began IS, some distortion on modulation. 1530 sign-on undermodulated at first. As always to begin, YL reading complete B-08 transmission schedule in English, and was correct as I know it to be, but off the air abruptly just as she was about to give the frequency for 0330. Finally came back on at 1539 with programming in progress

** AUSTRIA. R. Austria International, 13730, Oct 27 at 1313 in English discussing IMF, Hungary and its financial problems, good signal. Did not check 17855 until 1327 and then found them both in German, but not //, so apparently one was external service and the other domestic relay. 17855 went off at 1330* after the gong bong

** BULGARIA. 15700 in A-08 switched abruptly from Bulgarian to DW Russian at 1400, but now it`s R. Bulgaria from 1300 to 1500; enjoyed VG signal with some great folk music Monday Oct 27 from 1439

** CANADA [and non]. IBB doesn`t give a damn about North Americans being able to hear CBC on shortwave, for it periodically goes on 6160, and has just done it again for B-08. Oct 27 at 1252, R. Australia WRN relay buried by VOA Chinese, as quickly IDed by jingle and mention of Mei-Guo, and  making a SAH, plus Chicom jamming, which now instead of Firedrake is at least two CNR-1 programs echoing against each other and everything else. Still going past 1300. So now we can forget about listening to CKZU between 11 and 14, when Tinang is running at 332 degrees to China. I bet this also wipes out CKZU in its target area of northern BC, and at 1100 could even bother CKZN`s area

** CHINA. Who knows if this is a permanent change, but Chicom jamming has for now replaced Firedrake with the alternative: domestic programming, presumably CNR-1, usually with an offset echo to drive listeners batty and away from targeted services. Such was noted Oct 27 at 1300 on 6150, 6095; at 1344 on 6030, 6040, 6095; 1355 on 6085; 1402 on 9605

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command still running on 6100 at 0622 UT Oct 27; previously had noted it went off at 0600, tho it is apparently no longer needed at all with R. República gone from 6100 previously at 0200-0400.

Radio Martí on reactivated 5745, still unjammed for the second day, Oct 27 at 1306; at 1359 QSY announcement again claimed to be on 9565, 11930, 13820 but 9565 remains imaginary at 1400. Earlier at 1311, I found jamming on 13820 but no R. Martí audible; instead something in a S Asian language, which per DTK B-08 is YFR, 500 kW, 84 degrees from Nauen at 1300-1459. At 1444, tho, R. Martí was atop 13820 with the jamming. At 1454 check, reactivated 15330 RM was also on over jamming.

To confirm whether Cuba has reverted to UT-5 a week ahead of Yankee Imperialists, monitored RHC 13680, Oct 27 at 1357 and also copied first the always-misleading frequency announcement read live by Tony: 15120, 15360, from 13 UTC 15370; 13760; from 9 am also 13680; 11760, 12000; 9600; 6000. Why mix local and UT in the same announcement? And 13680 coming on at 13 UT now = 8 am local time! He also fails to say that 9600 ends at 1300, and totally omits 6180, also on the air until 13; and the fact that 6000 ends at 14. Why do I know so much more about RHC`s true schedule than the studionix?

Then at 1359 he gave a live timecheck for ``9 de la mañana`` so Cuba is back on EST. Recheck at 1458 just before sign off: said would resume at 23 UT on 9600, 11680; at 00 on 13760, 11760, 11690, 9600 [so are they on 11680 for one hour, then 11690? I think not]; 02-05 on 9550, 5965, 6060, 6180; 24-01 on 6000, 6140. A bit of musical finale, but carriers stayed on and guess what:

At 1500 started playing back Despertar Con Cuba, giving date 27 oct., and time as 6:03 am! Bárbara Betancourt (sp?) and Tony went on to talk about the time change, and how they would be on the air until 9 am. No, in the summer you were on until 11 am (EDT) = 15 UT, and now you are still supposed to run until 15 UT which is 10 am EST, minus the replay --- which went out on most of the frequencies, 15370, 15360, 15120, 13680, 12000, but not 13760 or 11760. Finally at 1505 someone woke up and cut the modulation and then the carriers, with 15120 and 15360 going off first, then a minute later 15370.

I also noticed that 15120 had considerable co-channel QRM at 1456, but it went off before RHC did so could not ID it. Looks like that was most likely IBB Lampertheim, a non-VOA service

** CUBA [non]. 7210-SSB, Oct 27 at 1246 heard polemic speech in Cuban Spanish, just as if it were a scripted, or well-memorized exile broadcast. Tuning by first in AM, the intonation caught my attention as it sounded like a broadcast orator, not a conversation. But this guy paused now and then for 2-way encouragement from others. ``Raúl Castro vive como un rey``, ``Viva la Revolución``, spoken ironically. I heard a W4 callsign go by but could not copy it, nor an N-something.

Checking the final Nets to You, not updated for over a sesquiyear, the only item on 7210 was Old Goats, in eastern US, daily at UT 1230 ST/1130 DST, which this unseems altho the speaker may well have been a cabrón viejo by coincidence. Nor do I find anything likely on other frequencies around this time, nor is there anything with Cuba in its name on the entire list. O well; but might be a regular source of entertainment if tuned in earlier

** CZECHIA. R. Prague`s morning broadcast at 1400 in English to NAm is much appreciated and comes in well on 13580; Monday Oct 27 just caught the closing at 1428, which was music, IS once and off at 1429* not wasting time with reading entire transmission schedule in French. Back on at 1430 after beamchange with much weaker signal in French; interfering with CODAR at 1445

** GREECE [and non]. ERT using 15650 instead of 15630 in B-08 is bad news for IRRS/NEXUS-IBA, since their Miraya FM service via Slovakia for Sudan is also on 15650 at 15-18. Oct 27 at 1508 I was hearing ERT with IDs in Greek atop co-channel QRM causing a fast SAH, which was surely Miraya. Meanwhile, nothing on 15630, which Greece might as well still be using. At 1830 recheck, however, Greek was back on 15630, so the current switch time needs to be determined. Whichever frequency Greece is on between 15 and 18, Miraya needs to be on the other one, or somewhere else entirely

** INDIA. AIR, 9425, Oct 27 at 1433 caught with tail of news bulletin in English during Hindi service, about rupee/dollar exchange rate, ending at 1435; not // 9870 VBS which had better signal. Aoki A08 says 9425 is the National Service via Bangalore, 500 kW at 18 degrees, which has English segments of varying lengths every hour on the hour from 1330 to 2230


** INDONESIA. Whew, altho VOI was absent from 9526 on Oct 26, it was back on Oct 27, at 1230 in Indonesian talking over music that was too loud by comparison. 1300 running late with vocal music continuing; 1302 gamelan and address in Indo, 1303 transition announcement Indonesian to English. 1337 recheck, Let`s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, this episode on what we wear – clothes, not applicable to nearly naked tropical natives, I assume. 1404 recheck into Malay with gamelan and now no het in this hour, with CRI moved elsewhere for B-08; a final recheck sometime after 1500 found 9526 off the air

** JAPAN [non]. Sweden may have abandoned us in the mornings, but a few stations retain English to North America, such as R. Japan, NHK World Network, 11705 via Canada at 1400-1429. Monday Oct 27 at 1417 they had a quite interesting discussion of space elevator technology

** KUWAIT. 13620 with Arabic music at 1523 Oct 27, 1525 seemed a bit of Qur`an, 1527 back to other music. Suspect this is R. Kuwait`s Urdu service which per Aoki in A-08 was at 1505-1800, 310 degrees, a rather odd azimuth if trying to reach Pakistan; really for Europe

** MEXICO. XEPPM, 6185, presumed the one playing Nat King Cole`s soft version of ``Quizás`` with heavy gringo accent, making vowels into diphthongs, Oct 27 at 0623, in the clear at this hour after Vatican and before Brasília. With DF back on standard time a week ahead of us, 6185 should now be running 0000-1200 UT instead of 2300-1100v

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI Mailbox, tuned in Monday Oct 27 at 1345 on 6170, when Adrian Sainsbury was giving new transmission schedule and explaining why the previous one was valid for only one week. Oct 26 is a holiday in NZ, so could not get engineers out to the site to adjust the aerial to handle 17675. Instead did that a week earlier. Then acknowledged letters from Costas in Cyprus, and a couple from Texas, all referring to reception on now defunct frequencies such as 7145, 9655, 9615; show ended at 1351

** PORTUGAL. Looking for R. Portugal on 15560, which has a VG signal on weekends to NAm, but Monday Oct 27 missing at 1508; I could hear a weak Portuguese signal on 15690. The B-08 sked in DXLD 8-114 says 15560 is definite on Sat and Sun, but indefinite on weekdays, for special occasions (like silly ballgames?). 15690 is scheduled M-F 11-13, 144 degrees to Africa and M-F 14-16, 81.5 degrees to India/ME

** RUSSIA [non]. 13755 with pop song in Russian, Oct 27 at 1521. This is VOR via Wertachtal, GERMANY at 15-16, 115 degrees. BTW, the VOR B-08 English schedule, minus relay sites, has been posted a day late at http://www.ruvr.ru/main.php?lng=eng&w=129&p=

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA, 15225, Oct 27 at 1455, with Qur`an, VG except for splash from CRI/Canada 15230. Qur`an still going at 1503 when I found that 15435 had joined it //. 15435 also very strong, and periodically developed some buzz, at 1506, gone at 1510, back at 1522. It`s there but not yet severe or constant. Wolfgang Büschel in Germany says he has not been hearing any Saudi buzz on the frequencies he has been monitoring.

Another BSKSA program was on 13710, Oct 27 at 1524 with Qur`an by a different more melodic singer; at first I thought it was the Iranian guy heard previously on 15150 (and maybe it was, if these all really come from recordings.); 1525 BSKSA ID in Arabic, not // 15435

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Checking for Brother Scare via WBCQ, scheduled daily 14-16 on 9330v-CUSB: Missing Oct 27 at 1405, so could only hear him on WWRB 9385. Come on! We desperately need B.S. on three frequencies at once within 120 kHz in the 9.2-9.4 area. 9330 was on at 1432 recheck, but no 15420 as heard Saturday and Sunday; Oct 27 at 1441, BBC Outlook was weak but clear


** SWEDEN. Now that R. Sweden has cancelled morning English to NAm, I tried to pick up the 1430 broadcast which has two transmitters at 70 and 100 degrees, but inaudible at 1432 Oct 27

** THAILAND. HSK9 is back on 9725 for the English broadcast at 1400-1430 in B-08; checked Oct 27 at 1401, it was too poor to copy, but no QRM. At least it no longer has Defunct Gene Scott to contend with from Cahuita; so may make it on a better day

** TURKEY. VOT, 15350, Oct 27 at 1323 with Turkish rock music, good signal. At 1334 checked reactivated 12035 ex-15450, for the time-shifted English to Europe, and OK beyond: good signal with jingle and ID amid news in English; nothing audible on // 11735 aimed eastward

** U S A [non]. Found the replacement for 11740 in VOA`s Korean service: 9555, Oct 27 at 1403, running 3 seconds ahead of 5890. Site? That depends; they make it so complicated. The 12-15 UT Korean service on 9555 is from 3 different sites: 1200-1230 Saipan at 325 degrees, 1230-1400 Udorn at 38 degrees, 1400-1500 Tinang at 21 degrees, the latter being most favorable for us, spelt U-S.

It`s also on Tinang 7235, 329 degrees for the entire broadcast, unchecked, but probably with plenty of SSB QRM here. And 5890 is Tinang 325 degrees thruout. Remember the American English music break at 1315 on this service

** U S A [and non]. 11740, which on Oct 26 bore Vatican in Italian at 1310, occupied Oct 27 at 1332 by WYFR in French, and probably now blocked by YFR earlier in the hour as well

** U S A. WEWN is still ``the squealer``, audible in the background of Spanish on 11520, Oct 27 at 1517. Their B-08 schedules have still not been posted on website, Spanish or English

** U S A [and non]. WINB, 13570v, Oct 27 at 1527, sounds like Tony Alamo, but time for Tirana 13720 and could not stay with it. Per his website, is scheduled M-F at 15-16 on WINB, plus other times. I also wonder if he is still on European Gospel Radio, 5990, Mon-Thu at 0530?

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI via Cuba, 11680, Oct 27 at 1518 had broken English YL talking about a supreme court case involving articles 105, 42 and 55 and Mayor López. My ears glazed over

** ALBANIA. Further chex of R. Tirana`s new schedule Oct 27: the English broadcast at 1945-2000: at 1950 found 11645 fair-good with no QRM, but nothing audible on scheduled // 7465. However, at 2000 recheck, 7465 was audible with IS, opening French with schedule, making me wonder if this transmitter was really off the air when I checked a few minutes earlier. No, the difference is that the English broadcast is non-direxional while the French brings up the same 310 degree antenna used for many other broadcasts to western Europe and North America.

2100-2130 in English: next check was on the DX-398 portable in a grocery parking lot at 2110. Both 9345 and 7510 were audible, fairly good, with 9345 a bit stronger. After 2130 in Albanian, only 9345 is on the air and continued to be well heard. Nothing else heard on 7510 which could also be used. 9345 continued to be heard at several checks, but fading somewhat by 2230.

On the next transmission, 0000-0130 in Albanian, Oct 28 at 0018, 9345 was just barely audible, and // 6110 fairly good but again with DentroCuban jamming against former VOA Spanish frequency.

At 0130-0145 English on 9345: not audible by now; 6110 instead probably would have been, and only a trace of jamming was still to be heard.


0245-0300 English on 7390: poor, but could recognize the woman announcer`s intonation. 6110 still open except for lite jamming.

0330-0400 English on 6110: fair but with subaudible heterodyne and lite jamming; the SAH may have come from a jammer as I don`t see anything else likely to be heard on 6110. 6115 is clear and could be used until 0400 Romania – but nothing heard there; I guess Tiganesti is still off the air.

0430-0500 English on 6100. About the same as 6110 an hour earlier, including residual jamming by Cuba. Nothing audible here on 6105, 6110, 6115 or 6120, tho there are supposedly other European stations on each of them to targets other than North America

** AUSTRALIA [non]. R. Australia, Indonesian ID on 11550, Oct 27 at 2215. I assume this is the same usage as in A-08 which per Aoki was 2200-2330, 100 kW, 205 degrees via Tainan, Taiwan

** CUBA [non]. What has become of Radio República? Can`t find it on any of the former frequencies in the 22-04 UT period, which in A-08 were two hours each on 9515, 9640 and 6100. Oct 27 at 2212 there was relentless jamming on 9515, but no sign of R.R.; Cuba has been jamming this frequency long hours anyway far beyond 22-24 whether República was using it or not. Not found on 9640, 6185, 6155, 6135 or 6100, so I scanned the entire 6, 7, 9 and even 11 MHz bands looking for signs of it, but nothing.

They dropped relays via WRMI 9955 previously, and now poking around the website http://www.directorio.org/ I am beginning to suspect they have decided to `broadcast` via YouTube rather than shortwave; nothing found about radio schedules, and what used to be there was long out of date anyway. One can`t look this up on VTC schedules, since listings were always kept secret

** EGYPT. Confirming R. Cairo`s new frequencies for English in B-08: 2115-2245 on 6255: Oct 27 at 2203, good signal but undermodulated YL introducing show whose title I could not copy, about ``excellence of Arabs in the domain of medicine and surgery``. This is for Europe but carries on well in same direxion to North America. 2300-2430 on way-out-of-band 6850 to NAm: some R. Cairo schedules fail to break out this English sesquihour, listing it as Arabic as well as the following hours on same channel, but Oct 27 at 2326 I confirmed it is in English, undermodulated as usual

** GERMANY [non]. DW`s only Rwanda relay frequency for the 2100 English broadcast to W Africa, formerly in A-08 well heard onward in NAm on 15205 and 11865, is now 11690, and just as I expected, clashing with perpetual very heavy RTTY on the low side, checked at closing with ID at 2158 Oct 27

** GREECE [and non]. As I expected, VOG 9420 is now hit by co-channel from 1Africa, CVC Lusaka, Zambia which has inexplicably decided to use the same at 17-22. Oct 27 did not check until 2201 and found Greek music with 5 Hz SAH from English-speaking station almost as strong, a 21-year-old YL from South Africa testifying about her faith. So CVC was running a few minutes late, off around 2205 I think, and not heard at 2210 check, just Greece // better 7475 with sirens, not // Makedonian program on 7450

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RNW English to Africa via Madagascar, 11655, is fairly well audible in CNAm at 20 UT, // 17810 Bonaire, and 11655 can also be heard before 20 starting at 18 in English. However, I was surprised to hear a station on 11655 closing in English at 2157 Oct 27. I was also checking VOA and DW at the same time and missed a definite ID on 11655, but RNW is supposed to be here in Dutch via Madagascar until 2157; feed mixup or am I mixed up?

** SPAIN. REE on new 9640, VG signal and modulation, so has to be direct rather than via Cariari, Oct 27 at 2200 with news from Radio Nacional --- I believe REE is no longer allowed to do separate newscasts. This is 19-23 at 290 degrees from Noblejas

** SWEDEN [non]. R. Sweden 2130 in English to Africa via Madagascar, 7390 put an adequate signal into OK as well on 280 degree beam, at 2150 Oct 27

** U K [non]. Some more BBCWS frequencies now funxional for uninvited listening in North America: Oct 27 at 2204 news on 6155, fair signal and in the clear; at 2229 also found it on 6110, weaker but also clear at the moment before Dentro Cuban jamming; 2232 both into Business Daily. Per VTC A-08 sked, 6155 is 100 kW, 330 degrees from S to W Africa at 22-23 only; 6110 is 300 kW, 180 degrees from Skelton to N Africa at 21-23

** U S A. Of all the hours VOA is on 15580 in B-08, only one is from Greenville, 21-22 UT, 94 degrees, but also putting a huge signal backwards to CNAm. Fortunately, that`s for the Music Mix string of shows, such as American Gold on Mondays, heard wrapping up at 2156 Oct 27. Earlier, 15580 comes via Botswana, Sao Tomé, Bonaire and UAE. In fact, it`s the highest G-B frequency in use this winter. Lower ones carry Hausa, Portuguese to Africa, Creole, Martí, Spanish and Spe-cial Eng-lish.

Also heard 11610 in VOA news at 2214 Oct 27, item about Russia`s falling population expected to drop below 100 mega by mid-century; quick lite echo from long path vs short path. This is Tinang, Philippines at 21 degrees toward us, same as used for 9345 before 1500, 9760 afterwards, when the latter was also inbooming in English lessons. At 2214, // 9490 which is Tinang at 200 degrees, no echo audible there

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO confirmed once again still running Monday at 2200 on WBCQ 7415, as heard Oct 27. Tnx to Allan for this extra airing, which if still going next week will shift to 2300 UT

** U S A. I am becoming able to recognize the unpleasant pastoring of alleged sex and child molester ``Tony Alamo``, such as Oct 27 at 2209 on WINB 9265v. His own website claims to be on WINB at 7 pm EST, while WINB site shows 6 pm EDT, so the latter is correct

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. R. Solh continues to provide very good reception here on 13830 via UK, mostly music, Oct 28 at 1406 check; could barely hear another station under and making very slow SAH, presumably still BVB via Germany

** AUSTRIA. R. Austria International, Oct 28 at 1327: 17855 was in English, 13730 in German and with a SAH but I don`t know of anything else supposed to be on the frequency; clear after 1330. Possibly was really receiver cross-modulation from a strong nearby signal

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 15700, putting out spurious spikes at modulation peaks, worst around 15720 and 15680, but also audible around 15740 and 15660, Oct 28 at 1330. May have been bothering the DRM from Sines on 15720-15725-15730

** CUBA. RHC, 15120, Oct 28 at 1357 ending Despertar con Cuba, Tony crediting staff, including himself, Antonio Gómez, and the other main announcer Bárbara Betancourt, reiterating that DcC is on the air from 6 to 9 am local time (EST).

Correcting my earlier remarx, that is indeed now 11-14 UT. It`s the entire morning transmission which runs to 1500, i.e. 11 am by DST, 10 am by ST, the final hour on weekdays being other programming such as Voces de la Revolución, old diatribes by Fidel et al., and Formalmente Informal at 1430, by then a MUCH needed partially musical respite

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, day 13, Oct 28 at 1318 saying Indonesia had been committed to democracy since 1998, more of a consensus model than one-man-one-vote, in Focus Today feature. Then P- and E-mail addresses; 1320 news in brief; 1323 plug listening via website http://www.voi.co.id and piano music introducing Indonesian Wonder about a dance festival in Jakarta Oct 28-31. Usual very good signal, no het, some transmitter hum

** JAPAN [non]. R. Japan, English on 11780, Oct 28 at 1403, running three words behind 11705 Sackville relay. This is 62 degrees via Rampisham UK

** KURDISTAN [non]. Tuned in 11530, Oct 28 at 1359 just in time to hear a final music minute, no announcement before 1400* That`s Denge Mezopotamya in Kurdish via Moldova, now scheduled 05-14 on 11530 and 14-21 on 7540. Was weak and quite fluttery on 11530

** RUSSIA. Still hearing lite buzz on an unlisted 13600 transmitter, Oct 28 at 1335, talking about Ukraine, but am quite sure the language is Russian; and then found // without buzz on 12025, but the two were a reverb apart, not exactly synchronized. The latter is listed as VOR via a Moscow site. Wolfgang Büschel has reported a terrible buzz from VOR Lesnoy(?) site from 6120 to 6140 at 1600-2200, so maybe this is more from the same

** SPAIN [and non]. The 1-kHz-off-frequency operations of REE via Cariari, COSTA RICA, have finally been rectified, following our note to the engineer in Madrid last week, tho he has not replied directly.

Oct 28 at 0625, 5965.0 ex-5964, now within a SAH of Vatican co-channel, English which was // 7250; REE was playing a singer sounding like Piaf. So I also checked the others a few hours later:

Oct 28 at 1313, 9765.0 // 11815.0 ex-9764 and 11814, in RNE Diario Hablado. It`s quaint that a radio newscast is called a ``spoken daily [newspaper]``. Also // 15170 which never was off-frequency, and still buried by Romania in B-08. All the CR relays are very undermodulated whether on- or off-frequency.

These off-frequencies had been observed since February and March. First reports of each in DXLD:

 5964, DXLD 8-025, February 24

 9764, DXLD 8-035, March 15

11814, DXLD 8-039, March 30

Tho they all could have begun as early as Feb 24.

One version of the B-08 REE program schedule no longer lists the newscasts in Catalan, Galician and Basque, but there are lots of other anomalies in it, and I gather that it is an imaginary proposed (?) schedule. In fact, the 3-language news is still running. It`s been a good many months since I axually listened to them, so I did so again Oct 28, as it`s fun to see how much one can understand knowing only some Castilian and Portuguese.

In B-08 these have shifted an hour later to M-F 1340-1355. Forget 15170, ruined by Romania, but 17595 direct from Noblejas has excellent signal and modulation. I no longer hear these called ``Lenguas Co-Oficiales`` so I assume this politically correct terminology is no longer in vogue.

Oct 28 started promptly at 1340 in Catalan direct from Barcelona studio, lots of short items ending with something about the Lakers and the Blazers (Blaisers?)! 1345 switched to Galician with cute Celtic-influenced nautical jingle, M&M with weather et al. 1350 to Euskadi, and same as months ago, this Basque segment is about Basque country, but IN Castilian --- only the opening and closing announcements are in Basque. Items included literature prizes, 22-year-old arrested for rape (``violación`` as the Spaniards call it), ETA arrests. 1355 PSA for Instituto Cervantes, music fill.

Castilians speak rapidly and stacattoly, but all three of these are at breakneck pace, heavily produced with two alternating announcers, quick axualities, music bed and stingers. What would you do if you only had 5 minutes a weekday to convey your region`s news to the world?

** SWEDEN. 11540, R. Sweden in Swedish, except for ID in passing pronounced in English, inbooming at 1400 Oct 28, so strong I suspected Sackville relay had resumed, ex-11640. But no, this is Hörby direct aimed 95 degrees, and on the air this semi-hour only, unfortunately, no English before or after

** U S A. Don`t be too excited if you hear a strong signal in Arabic on 7465, as I did Tuesday Oct 28 at 0617. It`s just WHRA, in B-08 scheduled there at 75 degrees, despite outdated listing for 7490 on WHR website: 0615-0620 Mo,Tu,We,Th Bible Pathway Rich Hash 7490

If entry is correct, it`s yet another one not specified as in a language other than English

** U S A [and non]. VOA Korean service on 9555 collides with WYFR in Spanish, which tends to be on top here, until 1400, as I tried at 1315 Oct 28 to hear the daily tune in English, but instead got lexure about sheep, goats, Christ, unleavened bread, intestines. So had to go to 5890 for VOA music

** ALASKA [and non]. Quite contrary to the day before, KNLS was inbooming on 6150, Oct 30 at 1254, wrapping up English hour with schedule, way atop the Taiwan and mainland co-channel. But // 6915 KNLS was very poor. Hard to explain the disparity of two frequencies less than 1 MHz apart from same site. Both are 100 kW at 270 degrees. How about next-door neighbor CKZU 6160; is it atop the competition from VOA and the Chicom? No way!

** ALBANIA [and non]. More R. Tirana monitoring chex Oct 28-29: English at 2115 good on 7510, better than // 9345; unfortunately, V. of Korea is also on 9345, nondirexional in Chinese and Korean, not to NAm, but still with enough signal to QRM Tirana here, as the evening progressed; at 2258 the two making a fast SAH of maybe 15 Hz during Albania`s national anthem, and at 2300 I could hear the VOK IS. Tirana is back on 9345 for the next transmission to North America from 0000; checked at 0040, the same SAH with VOK and Tirana // 6110 much better but still with leftover DentroCuban jamming

** CHINA. Now we`re lucky to find a Firedrake frequency, one of which is currently 9000, poor Oct 30 at 1318, presumably against the jumpy Sound of Hope

** CHINA [non]. CRI had an interesting interview with a British guy who has walked the Great Wall, photographed it, and is pushing for preservation of the parts that are crumbling, on 15230 via Sackville, Thu Oct 30 at 1335 and exactly repeated one hour later. Both hours are at the same azimuth, too. This would have been a good time to put the alternate English program on one of them

** CUBA [and non]. The DentroCuban Jamming Command has finally found 5745 (by reading DXLD? Sorry about that; we just report the facts). Trouble is, they were pulse-jamming WYFR in Spanish, Oct 30 at 0533 check! But at 1258, R. Martí 5745 was being jammed much more heavily for the first time this season. Here is how 5745 is divvied up by UStations: 05-10 WYFR, 11-14 Martí, 20-21 WYFR, 22-04 WWRB but soon to be 23-05 altho I think 3270 has replaced some or all of that. Version 1 of the B-08 FCC schedule dated 28 Oct at


still doesn`t show 3270!

Meanwhile, DCJC is still wasting its watts on 11845, not used by Martí in B-seasons, but with jamming still running at 1328 and 1426 Oct 30. At the latter hour, RM with jamming could be heard on 11930 and 13820, jamming only on 15330

** GREECE. VOG coming in very well, Oct 30 at 0519, lively wakeup program with music and chatter, sing-alongs, on 7475 and slightly weaker // 7450, and also // weaker 9420. Yet 7475 is 285 degrees and 7450 is 323 degrees which ought to be better here, as is 9420

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, day 14, Oct 29 at 1337 check with another episode of Let`s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, usual good signal. And day 15, Oct 30 at 1323 with Today`s Focus on an Indonesian presidential candidate ---  no, not that one; 1325 news headlines

** IRAN [non]. Surprised to hear Asian language on 13680, Oct 30 at 1332, no RHC. But a less than a minute later RHC blasted on, after either a transmission breakdown or a very late start instead of 1300, totally obliterating the weaker station, which per B-08 schedules in DXLD 8-115 is R. Farda via Wertachtal, GERMANY

** JAPAN [and non]. You know winter is coming on when you can hear Japan on 49m as early as 0622 UT = 1522 JST Oct 29. On 6055 I was getting a mix of Nikkei in Japanese, and BBC Ascension in French to W Africa; Spain is finished at 0600

** KURDISTAN [non]. WYFR doesn`t give us much chance to hear V. of Mesopotamia, via Moldova on 11530; in B-08 WYFR is at 0500-0745 and 1200-1345, and WYFR Portuguese was way over VOM at 1329 Oct 30. So the convenient window for it is 1345-1400*

** KUWAIT. At first UNIDENTIFIED: 11630, Oct 30 at 1428, Qur`an, strong but fluttery signal, past 1430. 1428 Arabic announcement and back to another muezzin; seems over another weak station on frequency; 1453 lively talk or discussion; 1458 back to Qur`an past 1500, not // Saudi 15435. 1527 still going with Qur`an and also past 1600 tho weakening. Only in Aoki A-08 do I find a clue. R. Kuwait went on that frequency Oct 15, but at 1205-1500, 59 degrees. Can anyone confirm this is Kuwait, or what? Not // 13620 at 1535 check. I didn`t think Kuwait did a lot of Qur`aning, but this would be around sunset there pre-Friday. The other station on 11630 may be VOR, Moscow at 12-15.

Tnx to quick monitoring by DXLD contributors, IDs were heard as Kuwait

at 1625 by Jari Savolainen, Finland, and at 1732 by Wolfgang Büschel

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Surprised to hear RNW in English on 11520, Oct 30 at 1429 with ID and frequencies 11520, 12090, (5825?), 9345 and 15595, but with SAH and co-channel from station in Spanish, no doubt WEWN, 155 degrees. 1430 RNW with Earthbeat program. At 1501 recheck, WEWN Spanish was atop or alone.

It turns out that RN is now using Madagascar on 11520 but only during the 1400 UT hour, 250 kW at 50 degrees. Still not a good idea to `share` with a 500 kW station on the other worldside even if running at semipower. Then at 1459 RN Mad switches to 9345, which during the previous hour was via Tashkent

** RUSSIA. VOR, English to NAm, Oct 30 before 0530 coming in well on 9840, which is Pet/Kam at 70 degrees, with Music and Musicians show about Emil Gilels as scheduled UT Thu 0511-0600. Then at 0536 also found on // 7350 and new 7335 about the Chaikovsky Piano Competition with a performance that sounded more like Prokofiev to me. 7335 was NOT in the original B-08 schedule as quoted in DXLD 8-115, but rechecking http://www.ruvr.ru/main.php?lng=eng&w=129&p=

Oct 29, now it`s included, so here is the full list again.

North America

13735, 12040, 7250, 6240, 6100                        0200-0300

13735, 12040, 7350, 6240, 6155, 6100                  0300-0400

12030, 9855, 9840, 7350, 7335, 7150, 6240, 6155, 6135 0400-0500

12030, 9855, 9840, 7350, 7335, 7150, 6135             0500-0600

Compared to the first version, at 04-06 7335 is an addition, making 9 frequencies at 04-05, 7 at 05-06. 7335 is slightly stronger than 7350 and obliterating CHU, just beeptraces deep below VOR, but whence? 7335 was originally used by Vatican Radio itself at 0330-0620, while 7350 is VOR via Vatican at 02-06. I would have first thought 7335 was a feed mixup, if it had not belatedly been added to VOR`s own schedule, but also from Vatican now or elsewhence? Anyhow, CHU better hurry up and move to 7850

** SWEDEN. Previous item was WTFK? 9400! -- Now that R. Sweden has cancelled morning English to NAm, I tried to pick up the 1430 broadcast which has two transmitters at 70 and 100 degrees, but inaudible at 1432 Oct 27

** TURKEY. 9700 at 0524 Oct 30, thought it was an Arabic YL singer ululating but looked up later it must be TRT in Turkish now scheduled 05-08 at 310 degrees from Emirler toward Europe and onward.

Since I often have to complain about inaccurate timesignals, I am pleased to uncomplain about an accurate one: V. of Turkey, opening English at *1330 Oct 30 on 12035

** U K [non]. 17865, Oct 29 at 1344 heard B-B-C chimes, so quickly turned WWV on another receiver to check accuracy of the timesignal --- but there was none; 1344:30 already opening Hausa service, 1345-1415 250 kW, 55 degrees via Ascension. Yet, the BBCWS Burmese service opening at the same off-hour does play a probably phony timesignal, as previously monitored; the latter is now via Singapore on 7135, 9580 (despite R. Australia) and 11685. Now why would the Burmese get a timesignal and not the Hausa? Cultural differences? Ex-colonial perk?

5975 is a usable BBCWS frequency in English even tho it`s now from Thailand to E Asia; I listened to the excellent and very depressing Wednesday documentary, tho it was never identified by that name, about America`s Lost Veterans, all the way thru at 1306-1320 Oct 29.


5975 from Nakhon Sawon runs 12-14 UT at 45 degrees, 14-15 at 25 degrees, and then 15-18 to S Asia at 290 degrees

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana missing from 9345 at 2140 check Oct 30, nor heard later at several chex such as 0115. We learned later that the Shijak-1 transmitter is down, so that leaves only Shijak-2 available for all external service broadcasting, one frequency at a time. Meanwhile, we are looking for a better 7 MHz frequency than 9345 when the transmitter comes back. 13720 also absent at 1535 check Oct 31

** AUSTRIA. R. Austria International, 13730, Oct 31 at 1310 in German tho I was expecting English. Non-// 17855 inaudible. It would be nice if RAI would put English on at reliable same times every day; is that too much to ask? Yes, we are lucky they are still doing any English at all until the big turn-off Dec 31

** CHINA. 9000, Firedrake, poor at 1257 Oct 31; no signal at 1303 recheck, cut back on at *1305. This is the usual top-of-hour monitoring pause. Got to hand it to the DentroChinese Jamming Command, able to DX low-power ham transmitters of Sound of Hope when we can hear nothing, thus tying up jammers

** CUBAN. The wacky DentroCuban Jamming Command continues to run its noise-makers on frequencies long abandoned by hostile broadcasts, or far beyond the hours currently in use, thus causing collateral damage and wasting precious worthless Cuban pesos, not to mention scads of electricity which could be better used by the unfortunate Cuban populace, about to celebrate a semi-century of oppression. Jamming real broadcasts is bad enough, but these incompetents also expend countless kWh jamming nothing.

Bandscanning Oct 31, I found: at 0620, pulse jamming on 9885, 9825, 9640 (VOA, Martí, República, but never on at this hour!); more pulse jamming but of a slightly higher pitch and slightly higher rate on 9600 and 9565. Probably the 120 vs 132 per minute rates I have previously counted.

9600 is interesting, as I am not aware of any previous or current exile broadcasting on that frequency; in fact, it is used by RHC itself at certain hours. This could mean that there is a new anti-Castro-Castro service on 9600 sometime during the 24 hours. I was also hearing DCJC on 9600 spreading plus/minus 15 kHz, Oct 30 at 2158 as Vatican Radio was trying to sign on in Chinese.

At 1258, Cuban pulse jamming audible on 9885, 9825, 9805, 9640 (VOA, Martí, Martí, República, but again, never at this hour!). Also heavy jamming as usual on 9955 against WRMI.

A-season-only Martí frequency 11845 is also still jammed, at 1338 check Oct 31

** HAWAII. Looking for AFN Pearl Harbor on 6350-USB, Oct 31 at 1330, nothing audible, just the Korean mess on 6348, Echo of Hope and jamming. I again suspect AFN has completely stopped using 6350; it`s certainly a bad spot with Aoki A08 showing the 6348 Korean conflict at 03-05, 11-19, and Oct 5-13 only at 22-24 UT. But it also shows AFN LA via PH on 6350 at 15-23, which would be mostly daytime in Hawaii, and 10320 at 23-15 UT.

Has anyone heard 6350 in months? 10320 was not audible at this time but could have been on and not propagating. I had previously noted 10320 well after 0600 UT, i.e. ``night`` in Hawaii. Both are still on the listing at http://myafn.dodmedia.osd.mil/ShortWave.aspx

as well as http://www.npr.org/worldwide/shortwave.html

but that is even more out of date, still listing Keflavik, Iceland, which closed a few years ago, on the same two frequencies!

** INDONESIA. VOI missed another day, Oct 31, nothing on 9526 during the 13 UT hour in English, nor anything audible on 11785v. Hope it`s just one more temporary breakdown, like Oct 26.

RRI Makassar, 4750, with phone/studio conversation in Indonesian, including ``salaam aleikum``, QRMing CODAR and another broadcaster under, reading S9+15 but still hard to copy. 4790 Fak2 also audible weaker with music, hi-pitch, off-key singing, which no doubt in the Indonesian context, is on-key, unless they have something like our TV ``talent`` shows

** JAPAN [and non]. NHK World, Radio Japan, 11705 now collides with VOA: Oct 31 at 1339 heard both at about equal level, VOA News in English, and Japanese song, 1340 Indonesian announcement, the two making a slow SAH of less than 1 Hz. VOA is Tinang, 349 degrees to zones 43 and 44, central and eastern China, while NHK is Yamata, 235 degrees to zones 49, 50 and 54, i.e. SE Asia, Philippines and Indonesia except New Guinea. So the two signals cross over SE China, and are bound to interfere with each other in the target areas. Who signed off on this `share`? Well, there are no duplications in the specified CIRAF zones, so it must be OK! At least VOA is off at 1400, so R. Japan can only interfere with itself via Sackville

** KURDISTAN [non]. V. of Mesopotamia, 11530 via Moldova, Oct 31 at 1341, sounds like sports play-by-play enthusiasm, with heavy flutter, but no QRM de WYFR. I thought WYFR would not have closed until nominal 1345* and it was totally dominant earlier in the hour, in Portuguese. Now VOM has problems from WEWN 11520 squeal extending plus/minus 18 kHz

** PHILIPPINES. I don`t notice this when VOI is on 9526, but in its absence Oct 31, 9520 had slow ballad by YL in S Asian language; 1348 brief announcement and more vocal music at slightly increased tempo. B-08 schedule shows R. Veritas Asia, 280 degrees in Sinhala at 1330-1357, then Tamil

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare audible on 6370 peaking at S9+10 level but doesn`t sound that loud, Oct 31 at 0609, 2 x 3185 WWRB where the signal is so strong it`s hard to get an accurate S-meter reading on the FRG-7. Others have reported this harmonic before, but this may be the first time I`ve heard it. Unlike 3185, some fading is noticeable on 6370. Now that he`s on WWRB 3270 earlier in the evening, another harmonic is likely on 6540

** U S A. More QSO on WMRI: Sounded like Ted Randall on WRMI early Friday at 0618 UT Oct 31, interviewing YL about space station, good signal and NO jamming. I guess Jeff put in an extra repeat to fill time. Can we rely on it for a while and when does it start and end? 73,

** VATICAN. VR, 9600, Oct 30 at 2158 IS, but bothered by inexplicable Cuban jamming centered here, then sign-on as ``Laudetur`` i.e. Latin slogan plus some Chinese words, GBDT, what a mix!

** ALBANIA. Both R. Tirana transmitters at Shijak are back on the air, Oct 31 at 2111 with undermodulated music on S9+12 7510 signal; 2123 also heard // 9345 which was somewhat stronger with news in English about Albania; 2126 went to closing theme on 7510 and cut off at 2127 but came back on for another minute or so at 2128-2129* Meanwhile 9345 was playing IS from 2128, rating S9+20, 2130 signing on in Albanian with full transmission schedule just like they do in English. No co-channel from North Korea audible today

** BIAFRA [non]. On the last Friday of A-08, Oct 24, V. of Biafra International via WHRI at 20-21 UT was on 15280, but their website said it was on ``15.67``. The first Friday of B-08, Oct 31, we made sure to check during that hour, and there it was on 15665, the scheduled B-08 frequency --- except now their website says:

``Voice of Biafra International (VOBI)

A SHORTWAVE Radio Broadcast Service

transmitting on 15.28 MHz (on 19 meter band)

at 2000 - 2100 Hours UTC (Universal Time [Coordinated])

equivalent to 9.00 pm-10.00 pm Biafraland time every Friday.

A project of Biafra Foundation, and Biafra Actualization Forum.``

as in http://www.biafraland.com/vobi.htm

Will they ever get synchronized? I was not listening at the opening or closing when one frequency of the other may have been announced. Reception was a bit `hollow`, probably back-radiation from WHRI plus backscatter rather than long-path

** CUBA [and non]. Despite very strong signal of REE on new 9640, Oct 31 at 2100 with RNE news, I could still hear the incompetent DentroCuban Jamming Command underneath it, still running the totally uncalled for jamming against Radio República which formerly used this frequency at another time. Isn`t Spain doing a lot of tourism business with Cuba? Perhaps diplomatic relations should be broken if Cuba does not desist. Yeah sure, like the Spanish government even knows, much less cares about this issue.

As for RHC, found 9550 with unmodulated carrier, Oct 31 at 2103; then checked others: 11760 OK in English; 13680 very weak carrier, but as I strained to listen, at 2117 I could finally detect it was // 11760 and an echo ahead of it. At 2113 recheck, Spanish modulation had resumed on 9550. The tiny signal on 13680 again raises the question of whether this recently-added and unreliable frequency is a secret relay from some other country. One could certainly not blame propagation for its weakness this time, as nearby 13760 in Spanish was quite strong.

Either that, or 13680 was Cuba, running at extremely reduced power. All those jammers against nothing (and something) do suck up a lot of juice, and naturally take priority over mere outgoing propaganda broadcasts.

At 2207, 13680 had RHC in French // 5965 and leading it slightly. By now the signal on 13680 had improved and was even reading S9+10 but undermodulated, while 13760 in Spanish was S9+20 but sounded much stronger than 13680.

I suggest people with the capability try to DF the 13680 signal between 2030 and 2230 or later, in English and French. Same channel at other times, 13-15 with RHC and 23-24 with Venezuela is very strong here and obviously really from Cuba. And I once heard the two transmitters overlapping around 2250

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. R. Africa still going, 15190, Oct 31 at 2137 check with caterwauling and then long period of dead air, both dead giveaways; signal only fair now, and bothered by YFR via Ascension which in B-08 has been expanded from one hour to two, 20-22 UT on adjacent 15195. Before 21, this being a weekday, it was overwhelmed from the other side by VOA Hausa via Greenville 15185. However, 15190 itself is no longer colliding with WYFR, as Okeechobee is no longer using that in B-08

** GERMANY [non]. I am beginning to wonder if all the broadcasters on 11690 have finally succeeded in driving the RTTY off 11688? Another day with no RTTY audible during DW English via Rwanda, Oct 31 at 2109 check. At other hours it`s also used by South Africa, Ecuador, Guam, Germany, China, Cuba

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RN`s only remaining English broadcast via Bonaire, 20-21 UT on 17810, was inbooming Oct 31 at 2040 check, S9+20 and hardly any fading, while // 11655 via Madagascar was much weaker and running 3 seconds behind. Bridges with Africa program, about Rwanda

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. Resuming 17675 for B-08, RNZI for yet another season collides adjacently with CVC Chile which is on 17680 until 2400. RNZI was getting the worst of it when checked Oct 31 at 2211, especially when CVC was splashing music, which is a lot of the time. Are there no clearer frequencies available on 16m? Of course, there are! But neither cares about serving any audience in North America.

Wait a minute: per its currently dated schedule at http://www.rnzi.com/pages/listen.php

RNZI is supposed to be on 17675 only after 2236, until 0458, and in DRM, not AM! So we have another double anomaly from RNZI: the DRM transmitter again switched to AM, and went on the air at an unscheduled time, of its own volition or done deliberately without notice from Wellington?

** SPAIN. 11680, Oct 31 at 2106 found a strange mixture of Spanish and Portuguese. This is the REE service to Brasil. The OM announcer said the correct words in Portuguese, but with a heavy staccato Castilian accent totally inappropriate for Portuguese of either variety, but which one also hears from REE`s Galician service. The YL spoke real Brazilian. F-G signal with REE liners, and ID at 2109

** SWEDEN [non]. Another relay from Madagascar of R. Sweden in English, also arriving in NAm where RS no longer tries to broadcast direct: 9895 at 2030, 320 degrees. Ran across it Friday Oct 31 at 2051 interviewing epidemiologist on cancer and immigration; trouble is, the modulation kept clipping out at troughs, making it rather rough-sounding; I did not notice any such problems on the relay an hour later a few days before, 7395. Maybe it arose in the feed route rather than the ultimate transmission. Also unprofessional and demonstrating inadequate contact and coordination between studio and transmitter: expendable music fill at end of broadcast was cut off abruptly at 2058*

** U S A. Harold Camping overkill during the 20-21 UT hour on 16m:

Three WYFR frequencies are in use within 40 kHz; some of them are on before or after the hour in other languages, but during this one hour they all converge into Open Forum from the same audio feed.

17535 1800-2145 ENGL 315

17555 1700-2145 ENGL 285

17575 2000-2100 ENGL 140

As noted Oct 31 at 2042, Brother Camping was inbooming on all three, the lowest one being closest to aiming usward. But wait, there`s more --- they all interact producing leapfrog mixing products. Now, I cannot necessarily blame all this on coming out of the transmitters in Okeechobee; such overload could cause the FRG-7 to be involved too. I did switch in maximum attenuation and could still hear these:

17495 = 17575 over 17535 another 40 kHz down

17515 = 17555 over 17535 another 20 kHz down

17595 = 17555 over 17575 another 20 kHz up

However, I was not hearing:

17615 = 17535 over 17575 another 40 kHz up

All three fundamentals are also on the air between 1700 and 2145 when there would be various combinations of Spanish, English, Portuguese and French leapfrogging over each other. You`re asking for mixes like this if you run two or three transmitters at such geographical or frequency proximity.

I was also hearing evangelical Arabic, only fair on 17690 at 2045. Now in B-08 the only US station on 17690 is WYFR, not WHR as in A-08.

Also WYFR on 9355, before 2100 UT Oct 31 in Romanian, and afterwards very strong in Spanish. At 2124 could hear weak Chinese underneath, which must be IBB Saipan, Americans vs Americans! Hard to believe this huge signal from WYFR here is at 44 degrees to Europe, roughly 90 degrees offbeam from OK

** U S A. WBCQ, 15420-CUSB on the air past scheduled 2100*, Friday Oct 31 at 2136 with the Fence Lake NM anapestic preacher. Perhaps they just did not get around to turning it off on time; however after DST next week, I assume this will ordinarily run until 2200, and Wednesdays until 2230 for WORLD OF RADIO, altho by then will be facing usual winter nighttime MUF plunge below 15 MHz. A higher frequency ought to be used earlier in the day during winter, not later, but DST/ST leaps trump basic propagation.

WBCQ 7415 still has a pair of very enjoyable music shows on Friday evenings, Behavior Night at 2100, and Bluegrass State of Mind at 2200. Oct 31 at 2139 I was sidetracked from bandscanning by Dixieland music such as the Tiger Rag (hmm, they have tigers in India, so do they also have tiger ragas? Quite an opportunity for crossover). From next week, of course, both one UT hour later


Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

SDR IQ & 2 Wellbrook 1530 loops with Quantum Phaser


13 October

Had a couple of hours early this afternoon before the Sox game.  Had
both Wellbrook loops in a NE/SW orientation.  Here is what I heard
between 1:45pm and 3:15pm EDT. I'm not including any local (within 40
miles or so) beacons.


QI      206     Yarmouth Nova Scotia
SJ      212     St John New Brunswick
CLB     216     Carolina Beach (Wilmington) NC
BX      219     Blanc Sablon Quebec
QM      224     Moncton New Brunswick
AC      230     Pleasant Lake (Yarmouth) Nova Scotia
LE      239     Lewiston Maine
5B      254     Summerside Prince Edward Island
ESG     260     Rollingsford NH
BST     278     Belfast Maine
FC      326     Fredericton New Brunswick
BH      330     Bar Harbor Maine
RM      334     Rockland Maine
LNT     344     Millinocket Maine
SF      349     Sanford Maine (this one was in nicely but the ID was SU and not SF....strange)
FMH     363     Falmouth Mass
6E      387     Grand Manan New Brunswick
ZST     397     St John New Brunswick
OSS     407     Wiscasset Maine


13 October

Well my Sox aren't doing too well so I hit the dials in between innings.
 At 5:20 171 and 183 were in big already.  Went back to
game....ugghh...5-0 Rays.  Back to the dials.


Antennas for LW


Dennis Gibson:

What can an apartment dweller do for an antenna for LW? Will a stock ferrite bar antenna do much down there?


Jay Heyl:

A "stock" ferrite antenna probably won't do a whole lot, but with a bit of modification can likely be made to do an okay job. The Quantum antennas for LW all use ferrite antennas. Stormwise has some really big ferrite antennas that are supposed to do a great job on LW.

The problem, unfortunately, is that LW is even more sensitive to most of the typical household electrical noise than is MW or SW. A small, inefficient antenna outside, away from the local QRM, is likely to do a far better job than a giant antenna inside the apartment. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.


Kevin Redding:

If its noisy in your apartment on MW, wait til you hear the noise on LW. That said....


This is your best bet for LW/MW passive [affordable] antennas in an apartment. 




Its $52 and it works. 


Phil Rafuse:

Dennis - do you have a balcony?  Big windows?  Any way of putting
something outside.

There are some small active antennas that can do a good job on LW.
But, and its a big but, you need to get the antenna away from the
noise.  The smaller the antenna, the easier it is to do but it still
can be a toughie.  A ferrite bar solution may be the best bet.

My very first experience with LW was with a radio Shack DX-360 - still
have the radio and that was roughly 25 years ago I'd say.  I remember
listening to Atlantic 252 The Station That reaches the Beaches.  great
music from Ireland across the pond to Nova Scotia.  I still can get
that transmitter site from time to time, but as RTE 1
[Ireland's "version" of the BBC or the CBC].  My next experience was
with an Emerson ATS-803 and later am ATS-803A and later still a Radio
Shack DX-440 [99% identical to the 803A].

From your location, LW TAs would be a longshot.  But, never say never.
But, there are beacons and there may be some TP LW broadcasters - a
quick google search revealed some Russian LW loggings from the Greyland

If you already have a good portable that covers LW, try a Q-Stick as
Kevin has suggested.  Its not expensive, it will work for MW as well as
LW, its portable for DXing in the park, and it can be tried with
different radios.  Plus, at least you can use the figure 8 pattern to
try to null the noise.


Rene Tetro:

Another suggestion would be a “PK Loop” antenna.  I’ve been using one of these for about six months inside my house with great results.  They are manufactured in Australia and do a fantastic job.  URL is http://users.bigpond.net.au/CygnusX3/Longwave_Antennas.htm .


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


It’s a small column again this month with a question by Arnie Coro on a survey of listener of shortwave broadcasts over the Internet. Do we have any takers on that one? The last item is a new Sanyo Internet radio. Thanks to Kevin again this month. Send in some NBN logs and this column will get bigger!


Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe


Who hears ""ex short-wave" stations using a computer connected to the internet?


Posted by: Kevin Redding

Thu Oct 2, 2008 3:30 pm (PDT)


Dear amigos:

It would be very interesting to run some kind of social research a.k.a. "listeners survey"to learn more about who listens to international broadcasters using an Internet connection... The research must be done taking into consideration not only different countries, but also different areas of the same country... For example... in developed nations like Canada, there are areas that are served using satellite links down to the homes of the users of the Internet, while in other areas, dial-up continues to be the only option, and still at other locations users may enjoy even a very fast fiber optic link !!!

If the data from such a survey * that I anticipate will cost a lot of money * will be made available to the decision makers at the international broadcast stations that so far have operated using the short wave bands to distribute their service, my perception is that much better decisions will be taken, and in many instances the return to short wave use will be implemented at short nice, especially if the decision makers don't want to have as a permanent audience the control room operator of their station , because nowadays transmitters usually run automatically using remotely controlled units...

Comments invited...

Arnie Coro
Host of Dxers Unlimited
Radio Havana Cuba

Posted by: Dick W.

Fri Oct 3, 2008 4:30 am (PDT)


No survey has been taken, of course, but a nice internet station for folk-type music is Anetstation from the South Pole. They play some great music. http://www.anetstation.com/
Dick W.

Sanyo Canada launches internet radio


Posted by: Kevin Redding

Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:29 am (PDT)


Spirit of the radio re-born as Sanyo launches its new Internet radio in Canada
680News staff 2008-10-23 10:22

Now your ears can surf the World Wide Web.

Sanyo Canada launched its new Internet radio, Thursday, and it promises to give out of the box access to stations world-wide.

And you are able to listen to it anywhere from your bedroom to even a hotel room.

The unit clicks into your computer's wireless network and instantaneously is able to receive over ten thousand stations and podcasts from all over the world.

VP of Marketing and Sales at Sanyo Canada, Barry Richler, says "this is going to be the wave of the future."

Unlike satellite radio, you are able to surf the Sanyo radio subscription fee. It even allows search by genre or any location in the world.

Richler adds "this is another re-invention, another expansive definition of what radio is about."

The radio is quite compact and as Richler explains easy to use "you could have the nuisance of having to open up various players and tasks like that, [but] you don't have to do [that] when you have a neat device [where] you just press the button and there it is, ready to go."

Other features of the radio include a remote control and input for MP3/WMA players. For more information on this and other Sanyo products, you can click here.

The Internet radio will be available for consumers in Canada by late October and it'll cost about $219.99.


And that’s another month on the Net.


73’s, Martin


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Steven Wiseblood - ’98 Ford   EXPLORER car radio

At Boca Chica Beach, on the beach!


0800-0900 noted lots of MS pings!

0910  94.1 FL  WSJT  Lakeland-St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay; fading in w/ID “WSJT 94.1” lite jazz, 1054 “Smooth Jazz” slogan, promo in downtown St. Petersburg;  promo “The legends of JAZZ”, 1101 Jingle “WSJT 94.1”

0940  92.3   LA   WDVW LaPlace-New Orleans  “MIX 92.3” “The best of the 80’s, 90’s and TODAY”,  Trojan condom ad, mention of HARRAH’s NEW ORLEANS!  1231 joke about “Joe the Plumber:  He says that Joe doesn’t need a plumbing license….since he works for someone else!”

1100  93.9  XHRAW MEXICO Tamaulipas, Miguel Aleman: ID “XHRAW La Grande 93.9 lo major en radio”

1112 92.1  FL WLTQ  Venice-Sarasota-Bradenton; ads  “Lite 92-1” ; lite rock-pop, mention of Sarasota; PSA: flood zone map!


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No Weathermen this month…


The Visible Universe


No TV DX this month…


Extra, Extra!


No news this month…


Bargain Barn


Nothing for sale this month….


Show and Tell – New Toys


Emily Keene – Middletown, NJ

Kaito 1123


I got my DE1123 yesterday, In fact, as I was posting on another radio site, the amazingly attentive eBay seller, Tquchina, read my comments about waiting for the radio, actually tracked my package and sent me an email to let me know that my package was at the post office, where I was able to pick it up. First of all, I am a person who really likes radios that do a lot of things. I have a collection of those old multiband radios that try to do everything - the more bands the better! - and I LOVE them. I have one of those icom R3 radios that was created in that same spirit, and I don't care what the reviewers said about it - I really enjoy playing with the thing. That said, I was attracted to this radio because it did so many things, and I am not at all disappointed. First of all, it is a very attractive little radio that is nearly flat and would fit into almost any pocket. It comes with an English language manual which is extremely easy to follow in spite of the sometimes amusing translation. There are 3 rechargeable AAA batteries ( pre-charged and ready for action ), a carry pouch, a USB cord, earbuds, and a small wall charger that attaches to the USB cord. The radio is ergonomic heaven - it is totally intuitive, and I had no trouble trying out all the functions. I like the 1121 a lot, but it is extremely complicated to use. The 1123 doesn't do everything the 1121 can do, but what it does, it does well. The MW band is outstanding - this evening from my home right outside of NYC, I heard Charlotte NC, Cleveland, Nashville, and the sometimes elusive semi-local Hartford Connecticut without any effort. FM and MW have no bleed-through, so even the strongest stations don't cover up neighboring frequencies. The FM is fine - nice stereo sound, and quite good reception.The test stations I use, which only the "good" radios pick up here, were all there. The SW was a great surprise - lots to listen to and very little noise to detract from the clear, surprisingly steady reception. I loaded up the mp3 section of the radio with my favorite music - there was a lot of memory available, and I was able to use the Windows Media Player to transfer files to the 1123 with no problem. There was no extra software to load. The tracks sound great, and are easy to access. I recorded WAV files from the radio bands, and this was extremely easy to do - you just press a button as if it were a tape recorder.The files are a bit muddy-sounding and the manual is right - this recording works best with the volume turned way up. If your primary interest is to record music from the radio, this radio is probably not ideal since the WAV files are not high fidelity. If you want to record speech,or if you aren't fussy about the sound quality of your music, then all is well. The display has a 12 or 24 hour clock ( selectable ), the date is displayed, and there is an attractive green backlight. There is a speaker which doesn't sound too bad, but obviously, the included earphones are a major improvement. There is no SSB, there is only rudimentary push-button tuning, there is no bandwidth nor tone adjustment possible, and the mp3 files are not named, so you need to remember what number folder your files are in. The buttons that control the mp3  playback system are on a strange 3 second delay, so you need a little patience to access the files, but the process itself is very simple. My verdict - this is a handy, fun-filled entertainment center for casual radio and mp3 listening and some DXing, especially on MW and SW. As a radio-ipod hybrid, it is very satisfactory. As a radio recorder, it is efficient and easy to use, but the sound quality could be better. Am I glad I bought it? Absolutely!


Testing, Testing…


No tests this month


Call Sign Changes


No FCC report for Call Changes this month…


I Got The Bird!


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