November 2006 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 7


Editors Corner:

November has brought us looking back to the past. Not only are we using old radios for this CME, we are also doing something we haven’t done for a while. We are covering a 200 kHz swath from 1200 – 1390. Our members are down in the basement doing LW NDBs and broadcasts. We are always looking for DX on MW, FM/TV, and HF anywhere in the world.


Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about you and we will consider you for membership.


This is the site to join ABDX.


The ABDX website URL is:


There are currently 132 members of ABDX. We added ten members this month. Many of the new members are HF DXers. Conditions are improving and hopefully the MW, LW, FM, TV and SW DXers will soon step up to the plate in a big way. We are even interested in any DRM or IBOC/HD loggings.


The big loggers this month are Paul LaFrieniere in Grand Marais, MN for a large number of MW logs and Glenn Hauser in Enid, OK with another plethora on HF loggings. On LW its Jay Heyl in Florida and Paul LaFrieniere doing a bang up job. You also can find a plethora of logs on the monster Montana DX test in this issue. Thanks to Mike Richard, there were several stations testing and a lot of DXers were happy to get a new state!


The ABDX CME Journal is available to all at no cost. Please pass it around to your DXing friends and also post it on other lists as well.


You can get your copy of the journal at .


Here is the announcement for Novembers CME:


ABDX is announcing the Nov. CME.


We have Longwave for this month which should please beacon chasers. You can report ANYTHING from 0 to 529 kHz. 


There is the 1200 - 1390 kHz MW segment that was requested and will be sure to please AM BCB DXers.


There is an old radio segment, any radio made prior to 1987 and ESPECIALLY tube powered firebreathers. Each log will add a day to your life if you get a tube radio log. An old transistor Zenith Trans-Oceanic will get you a half a day for each log you send in. 


As always we are open for the FM and TV logs, HF logs and your favorite internet radio feeds, just send in what it is and the URL for inclusion. Let us know about tests that are upcoming.


This CME starts 1 Nov 0000 and ends 30 Nov 2359. Report LOCAL TIME for LW, MW, FM and TV, UTC for HF broadcast [SW].


You may use any format to compile your logs that make sense to you. 


1200 –1390 MW logs will be Navy blue.


LW logs will be dark green.


Old tube and solid state radio logs will be red because it’s the color of glowing firebottles. You have to love radios that run on fire and heat up your house in the winter.


ABDX Announces the December CME!


As always we are accepting all logs on every band, especially those on TV and FM as 'tis the season for a mini session of Es. LF and HF are open and maybe if you get a UTE reception of Santa Claus on the way with a sleigh full of hot new radios we would be glad to take those logs too.


Since its the time for it we are looking for Christmas music loggings. Send them on!


The big attraction is the DX Poker requested by many. When you get a hand, send it in  as a whole hand. Put DX Poker in the subject line of your entry. Here are the rules for the game:


You get your hand by picking up stations of course.

Get 2 stations from any one frequency, there's a pair.  That one's easy.

Get 3 stations from one frequency, there's 3 of a kind.

Get 4, there's your 4 of a kind!

straight -- stations on five consecutive offset freqs -- 850, 950, 1050, 1150, 1250, something like that...

flush - same program on five different frequencies

full house - will be tough - get 2 stations on the same frequency plus three stations on another - hard part is, you have to null out a local on one of them! (in either the pair or the 3 of a kind)

Now the straight-flush of the bunch---5 stations from any one frequency.

And the king of them all?  The ROYAL straight-flush!  Get 5 stations from any GRAVEYARD frequency!


This gives LOTS of options to make your hand.  Winner gets free dues for a year! :)


This CME starts 1 Dec 0000 and ends 31 Dec 2359. Report LOCAL TIME for LW, MW, FM and TV, UTC for HF broadcast [SW].


You may use any format to compile your logs that make sense to you. 


And right at the very last day of the month, we had a mystery station with a 1 kHz tone at 1610, apparently doing some testing. This station was heard by all at every part of North America it seems. This closed out the month for the group.


Lets get to the logs…


Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.



The Broadcast Band [MW]


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

ICOM R-75 – Quantum Phaser, Welbrook Loop/Ratzlaff Whip


At 1853 CST 11-1-06 some Cuban is really putting a hurt on 710.  I don't

know much about Cuban stations so don't know which one it would be.  Was

talk--now some wild music.


11-2  750  KHWG NV Fallon 1953 CST.  Country music.  Promo for some program by Jim Ed Brown.  Then nice clear I.D.  "KHWG"

11-3  790  CFCW  AB  Camrose.  0637 CST.  Weather for Camrose.  Have not

heard this one for a while. Mixing with CIGM-WAYY & others.

1230  KWNO  MN  Winona.  0703  11-3-06.  ABC news.  Local weather.  I.D.

"KWNO Winona."

1250  WSSP  WI  Milwaukee  0710  11-3-06  "Your morning sports menu on

Sports Radio WSSP."

1250  WNEM  MI  Bridgeport.  0759  11-4-06.  Ad for "No wait weather on

Mid-Michigan's channel 5."

1280  WNAM  WI  Neenah-Menasha.  0806  11-4-06.  "WNAM weather."  Ad for

cell phone Co.  NOS music.

1300  WOOD  MI  Grand Rapids.  0722  11-3-06.  "Weather on Newsradio Wood

1300."  Political ads.

1330  WLOL  MN  Minneapolis.  0728  11-3-06.  Usual talk on Relevant Radio.

1330  WTRX  MI  Flint.  0824  11-4-06.  Polka music.  Ads.  Then a polka

band that originates not too far from Flint.

1350  WIOU  IN  Kokomo.  0729  11-3-06.  Local ads.  Into CBS news update.

1350  KRNT  IA  Des Moines.  0829  11-4-06.  NOS music followed by "1350


1360  WTAQ  WI  Green Bay.  0733  11-3-06.  Local news, sports & weather.

670  KBOI  ID  Boise.  0630 CST.  Fading in and out under WSCR with talk

and a few mentions of KBOI.  Would they still be on night pattern at this

time?  Only heard one other time when WMAQ went off and KBOI was testing.

1090  KSOU  IA  Sioux Center.  0707 CST.  Ads for Sioux Center.  Local news.


1270  WXYT  MI  Detroit.  1645  11-5-06.  Lions Fifth Quarter Show.  Many

"WXYT The Sports Station" slogans.

1290  WHIO  OH  Dayton.  1707  11-4-06.  A bunch of "Newstalk 1290 WHIO"

slogans.  Ohio State football.

1310  WIBA   WI   Madison.  0837  11-4-06.  "Weather from the WKOW weather

center."  Talk about WI Badger football.

1310  CIWW  ON  Ottawa.  1700  11-4-06.  TOH I.D. "CIWW Ottawa. Oldies 1310. A division of Rogers Communications."

1350  WARF  OH  Akron.  1656 11-4-06.  Talk program.  "Radio Free Ohio"


1370  KDTH   IA   Dubuque.  0834  11-4-06.  "You're listening to 'The

Saturday Morning Country Show' here on KDTH."

1380  CKLC   ON  Kingston.  1645  11-4-06.  Local weather forecast +1.  I.D.


1380  WPHM  MI  Port Huron.  1648  11-4-06.  Michigan State football.  Local


1390  WNIO   OH  Youngstown.  1653  11-4-06.  Ad for Bar & Grill.  Ohio

political ads.

1390  WLCM  MI  Charlotte.  0832  11-4-06.  Program called "Quartet Time."

Slogan--"Lansing's best Southern Gospel."

1230  WSOO  MI  Sault Ste. Marie.  1737 CST.  11-6-06.  Promo for high

school sports on Tue.  MI political ads.

1240  KDLR  ND  Devils Lake.  0735 CST.  11-6-06.  Local news, business and


1240  KICD  IA  Spencer.  0838 CST.  11-6-06.  Local ads.  Program called

"Tiger Talk."

1260  WNDE  IN  Indianapolis.  1745 CST.  11-6-06.  Ad for firm that "is a

proud sponsor of Purdue Boilermaker football."


1290  WIRL  IL  Peoria.  1750 CST.  11-6-06.  Classic Country.  Slow I.D.


1300  KGLO  IA  Mason City.  0844 CST.  11-6-06.  Long block of local ads.

1310  KNOX  ND  Grand Forks.  1658 CST.  11-5-06.  North Dakota political

ads.  Sporting News Radio.

1320  KELO  SD  Sioux Falls.  0853 CST.  11-6-06.  Local ads.  Political ads

for SD.

1340  KDLM  MN  Detroit Lakes.  0659 CST.  11-6-06.  Local weather followed

by TOH I.D.

1340  KXPO  ND  Grafton.  0742 CST.  11-6-06.  Ads for Grafton merchants.

Local call in show.

1270  WMKT  MI  Charlevoix.  0808 CST.  11-14-06.  I.D. "1340 WMBN & 1270

WMKT.  Into local news.

1280  WBIG  IL  Aurora.  1457 CST.  11-7-06.  Local call in program.  Phone

number 630-585-1280.

1280  CFMB  QC  Montreal.  1442 CST.  11-8-06.  Ethnic.  Italian.  Oldies

type music.

1310  WRSB  NY  Canandaigua.  1724 CST.  11-11-06.  REL music.  "Tell your

friends about the Sonshine Network 1590-WASB and 1310-WRSB."

1320  WJAS  PA  Pittsburgh.  1548 CST.  11-7-06.  NOS.  Local ads.  I.D.


1330  WHBL  WI  Sheboygan.  0714 CST.  11-14-06.  Local news.  "Newsradio

1330 WHBL" slogans.

1360  KSCJ  IA  Sioux City.  0730 CST.  11-14-06.  Local weather.  I.D.

"1360 KSCJ."  Paul Harvey.

1370  KSUM  MN  Fairmont.  1532 CST.  11-8-06.  I.D. "KSUM 1370. All your

favorite country songs right here."

1380  CKPC  ON  Brantford.  1515 CST.  11-7-06.  I.D. "Classic Hits CKPC."

1390  KRRZ  ND  Minot.  1447 CST.  11-8-06.  I.D. "Oldies Radio 1390 KRRZ."

1200  WRTO  IL  Chicago.  0700 CST  11-15-06.  SS talk.  TOH I.D. in EE.

Bunch of local ads.

1240  WIAN  MI  Ishpeming.  0720 CST.  11-15-06.  Local ads.  High school

basketball rankings.  I.D. "WDMJ-WIAN."  Into Michigan Talk Network.

1260  KWYR  SD  Winner.  1735 CST.  11-14-06.  Ads for Winner and other area  towns.

1280  WWTC  MN  Minneapolis.  1703 CST.  11-14-06.  Weather for Twin Cities

on The Patriot.  Sponsored by Minnesota Taxpayers League.

1290  WMCS  WI  Greenfield.  1658 CST.  11-14-06.  Local weather & sports

"on 1290 WMCS."

1310  WCCW  MI  Traverse City.  1600 CST.  11-14-06.  TOH I.D.  "WCCW ESPN 1310 Traverse City."

1320  KOZY  MN  Grand Rapids.  1608 CST.  11-14-06  Local weather & ads.

Promo for "Minnesota Wild hockey on KOZY."

1340  WBBL  MI  Grand Rapids.  1640 CST.  11-14-06.  Talk about Univ of

Michigan vs Ohio State football "on ESPN for central Michigan."

1380  WFCL  WI  Clintonville.  1625 CST.  11-14-06.  Local ads & "weather

from WFCL."  Into NOS.

1380  WKJG  IN  Fort Wayne.  1538 CST.  11-14-06.  Local ads.  Indiana

sports talk.

620  WHEN  NY  Syracuse.  1820 CST.  11-11-06.  Syracuse vs Univ of PA

Quakers basketball.  Relog

1420  WTCR  WV  Kenova.  0705 CST  11-10-06.  Weather for the next few days. I.D. "WTCR."  NEW

1430  WENE  NY  Endicott.  1645 CST  11-11-06.  Fox Sports Radio.  Ads for

Binghamton.  NEW

1460  WDDY  NY  Albany.  1702 CST.  11-11-06.  Radio Disney.Relog

1470  WNYY  NY  Ithaca.  1659 CST.  11-11-06.  Finger Lakes forecast.  TOH

I.D.  "Progressive talk WNYY Ithaca."  Relog

1480  WZRC  NY  New York.  1650 CST.  11-11-06.  Chinese programming.  Local ads.  Relog

1250  KBRF  MN  Fergus Falls.  0840 CST.  11-15-06.  Obituaries.  Ad for

funeral home.  Ad for power company.

1290  CFRW  MB  Winnipeg.  0750 CST.  11-15-06.  Win tickets from CFRW.

Call 780-1290.

1300  KOLY  SD  Mobridge.  0754 CST.  11-15-06.  Promo for program at 10 AM Sunday on "KOLY Mobridge."  Into SD news.

1320  KHRT  ND  Minot.  0855 CST.  11-15-06.  Big block of ads for Minot.

1340  KGFW  NE  Kearney.  0818 CST.  11-15-06.  Nebraska news.  I.D. "KRNY." Local ads.

1350  KDIO  MN  Ortonville.  0918 CST.  11-15-06.  Win a turkey at various

Ortonville and area stores.

1360  KHNC  CO  Johnstown.  0815 CST.  11-15-06.  American Freedom Network. Talk about roads being closed in CO.

1380  KCIM  IA  Carroll.  0910 CST.  11-15-06.  Birthday show.  Ad for

furniture store.

1380  KOTA  SD  Rapid City.  0824 CST.  11-15-06.  Local news & business.

MST 7:26.

1390  KJAM  SD  Madison.  0859 CST.  11-15-06.  Local ads.  TOH I.D.  Jingle

"1390 KJAM Madison."  CNN news.

580  KUBC  CO  Montrose.  At 0646 CST.  With CKPR phased.  Country music

with Real Country slogans between each song.  At 0700 CST TOH I.D.  "The

information you need and the country music you grew up with--Real

Country--KUBC Montrose."  NEW

1250  WNEM  MI  Bridgeport.  1530  11-15-06.  "Newsradio 1250 WNEM."  News headlines.

1280  KVOX  MN  Moorhead.  0923  11-15-06.  Local news.  "Sportsradio 1280

KVOX."  Into Fan Network sports.

1280  WHTK  NY  Rochester.  1637  11-15-06.  Ad for firm with 14 locations

in the Rochester area.

1360  KKBJ  MN  Bemidji.  1105  11-15-06.  Local ads.  I.D.  "KKBJ Bemidji."

Rush Limbaugh.


1360  KBKB  IA  Fort Madison.  1703  11-15-06.  Local news.  I.D. "KBKB."


1370  KAWL  NE  York.  1506  11-15-06.  Local weather.  Jingle I.D. "KAWL."


1370  KWTL  ND  Grand Forks.  0942  11-15-06.  Good signal with EWTN


1370  WSPD  OH  Toledo.  1604  11-15-06.  Local news.  "Newstalk 1370 WSPD."

1380  KLIZ  MN  Brainerd.  0944  11-15-06.  "The Fan" Network sports.

1390  WRIG  WI  Schofield.  1600  11-15-06.  TOH I.D.  "Coming up on 'Big

Rig' more of the world's best music."  NOS.

540  KNMX  NM  Las Vegas.  1755 CST.  Floating in and out with SS--Mex

music.  At 1800 floated up with TOH I.D.  540 KNMX-AM Las Vegas, New Mexico. Into CNN news in EE.  Then local news in EE.  NEW

1200  WCHB  MI  Taylor.  0808  11-16-06.  News update on "The Peoples

Station WCHB."

1240  WHFA  WI  Poynette.  0935  11-16-06.  Relevant Radio.  Bishop Sheen.

This one is a terrible pest day & night.

1290  KKAR  NE  Omaha.  0707  11-16-06.  Weather for Omaha--Council Bluffs.

K-KAR slogans.

1320  WFHR  WI  Wisconsin Rapids.  1809  11-15-06.  I.D. "WFHR."  Central WI weather.

1330  KWLO  IA  Waterloo.  0823  11-16-06.  NOS.  Slogan  "Stars 1330."

1340  WLEW  MI  Bad Axe.  0713  11-16-06.  Sports.  Area playoff games that

can be heard "here on WLEW."

1350  WPDR  WI  Portage.  0920  11-16-06.  Local Tradio program.  Local ads

& I.D. "WPDR."

1360  WKMI  MI  Kalamazoo.  Ad for Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  Weather. Promo for Hannity.

1390  KCLN  IA  Clinton.  0833  11-16-06.  "That's your news from KCLN."

1390  KXSS  MN  Waite Park.  1720  11-15-06.  Ad for Sammy's Pizza St.

Cloud.  Other local ads.

1210  KGYN  OK  Guymon.  0645  11-17-06.  Agri-news.  Oklahoma football

playoff schedule.

1210  WLDR  MI  Kingsley.  0648  11-17-06.  I.D.  "Real Country WLDR."

1230  KTRF  MN  Thief River Falls.  1600  11-17-06.  TOH  jingle I.D.  "KTRF

1230 Thief River Falls."

1260  WSDZ  IL  Belleville.  0800  11-17-06.  I.D. & Radio Disney.

1270  KWEB  MN  Rochester.  1620  11-17-06.  High school football

playoffs--Rochester Lourdes vs Becker on "The Fan."

1280  KVOX  MN  Moorhead.  1651  11-17-06.  Message from North Dakota Game & Fish Dept.

1300  WRDZ  IL  La Grange.  0730  11-18-06.  Radio Disney.

1350  KBRX  NE  O'Neill.  0920  11-18-06.  Rock music.  "1350 AM--The Rock."

Local ads.

1360  WVRQ  WI  Viroqua.  1107  11-16-06.  "The WVRQ Thursday old time music show.  Polkas.

1370  KGNO  KS  Dodge City.  0855  11-17-06.  Dodge City calendar of events.

890  KDXU  UT  St. George.  1920 CST.  Talk program.  Ads for Toyota dealer

in St. George.  Then ad for bank.

1200  CFGO  ON  Ottawa.  1635  11-18-06.  You're listening to game day

coverage of Ottawa Governours hockey on "The Team."

1210  KOKK  SD  Huron.  1854  11-19-06.  "There's your weather from KOKK."

1220  WHKW  OH  Cleveland.  1639  11-18-06.  You're listening to the

Cleveland State Viking radio network.

1220  KLBB  MN  Stillwater.  0717  11-19-06.  Local talk program.  Talking

about recent election.

1240  WSBC  IL  Chicago.  1500  11-19-06.  TOH I.D.  Into church service in


1250  WEAE  PA  Pittsburgh.  1550  11-19-06.  "ESPN Radio 1250 Pittsburgh."

1260  WXCE  WI  Amery.  0649  11-20-06.  "Northwest Wisconsin's No.1

information station--WXCE."

1270  WWWI  MN  Baxter.  0654.  11-20-06.  Ads for firms in Baxter &

Brainerd.  3WI slogans.

1340  WMBN  MI  Petoskey.  0947  11-19-06.  "Original hits from the 40s, 50s

and 60s on WMBN."

1340  KWLM  MN  Willmar.  1043  11-19-06.  Local news.  Talk about

construction projects in Willmar.

650  KGAB  WY  Orchard Valley.  1730 CST.  I.D. "Cheyenne's No. 1 Newstalk

Radio--KGAB &  Relog.


770  KKOB  NM  Albuquerque.  1758 CST.  Big signal with traffic, ads, news

promo, promo for Lobo football HDTV drawing.  TOH I.D.  ABC news.  Relog.

780  KKOH  NV  Reno.  1827 CST.  Big surprise.  Nice signal for short time

with local call in program.  "Alan, welcome to Newstalk 780 KOH."  New.

1310  KEIN  MT  Great Falls.  1649 CST.  Mixing with WOOD, KGLO & others

with local ads.  Relog.


Brent Taylor – Doaktown, NB

Sony ICF 2010, RS Loop


Solar-terrestrial conditions are not reported to be too wacky, but this

morning's conditions were not usual.

Spinning the ICF-2010, with RS Loop, on the lazy susan turntable at the

bedside, between 0410 and 0545 local time.

The New York and Boston flamethrowers were weaker than usual.  Southern

stations were mildly stronger, and stuff from the west was doing well.


650 - WSB in at regular fair/weak strength

670 - R. Rebelde, Cuba, stronger than usual, but completely replaced by

Chicago 1/2 hour later

690 and 730 - Montreal far weaker than usual, but still in and readable

750 - All WSB, with no sign of usual CBGY or less-than-usual YVKS

760 - Detroit stronger than usual

810 - WGY usually dominant, but this morning it was a total jumble with at

least three stations fighting it out - one of them playing C&W and bubbling

up to take over a few times (could KBHB Strgis have been "cheating?")

820 - Jumble

850 - Something bubbling under Boston, but too weak

880 - WCBS, at about 0445 AST, getting whacked pretty good by C&W.  Managed to null WCBS completely and hang on to most of the other signal, so

certainly in a different bearing - likely northwest.  Best fade-up was

during a segue between two songs with no ID....checked again 20 minutes

later and other station was gone, and WCBS was weaker still, but remained


940 - CINW weaker than usual

The upper part of the band seemed to be behaving more normally, with

expected signal strengths from expected stations.

It's almost as if I was losing skywave from stations within about 1000

miles, but still getting weaker groundwave....and stations from more than

1000 miles - the all directions - were coming in as well or better than


The K-index is a 2 right now, and there are no alerts out, although I DID

just get an email alert for Auroral conditions on the 6 meter ham band.

I'm sure the alert and my somewhat strange conditions are related.


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Drake R8B


Seeing an  earlier post on the WTFDA AM list about KKLF made me head up

to the Xband tonight and I was rewarded with the following.


0303UTC           either WQBY206 or WQCR563 (need to check out which one is

actually on the air) Arlington VA "Your Travel and Advisory Station for

Arlington County" ....heard twice but calls were lost in a jumble of

other stations.

0308UTC                   KVNS Brownsville TX       with ID of "Newstalk 1700 The Valley...


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Eton E1 and Quantum Loop v. 2.0


New loggings tonight both on Eton E5 11/12


680 WOGO Hallie Wisconsin listed as 500 watts.  Clear ID. Afterwards KNBR in with very clear signal getting ready for Warriors broadcast.  KNBR becoming semi regular when pest KKYX San Antonio  allows. 

1070 KNTH Houston with Houston Aeros hockey game. I check 1070 all the

time for KNX and this is the first time KNTH showed up.


560   KWTO       Springfield       MO   Heard while walking using Eton

5; ID popped up after commercial set, Ozark Sports Network,  under very

strong signal on KLVI Beaumont Fox Sports Programming (#211)

1580          KHGG       Van Buren        Arkansas The Sports Hog, ID

mentioning several stations in the market, assuming they are cluster

mates. Dallas Cowboys Talk network Programming. Good signal at times.


1700 UNID  Regional Mexican music.  Under both Brownsville and Dallas

mixing together, could not get clear ID.  Could this be Mexico on

1700?  Des Moines is also listed as regional mex, but doubt 1KW would

be as strong against the two Texas stations here in Round Rock. Mexican

stations are pretty good on 730, 1050, 1570 and others tonight.


Seems like conditions could be good from the west tonight.  Caught 1100

KNZZ Grand Junction while still on high power. No sign of WTAM.


KOAL Price Utah Sports By-line into ABC News.  No legal ID into ABC

news, guess they don't want listeners to know who they are.  ID'd

through commercial locations. Dinosaur Tire, Main Street Price, etc. 

WSB nulled. Good signal at times, especially after Mexican signed off

at 12mid. First logging.


First was on 990. A live performance by female singer.  Could not

get her name, but she mentioned performing in Montreal and other

Canadian cities.  Could this be something on CBC 2 via CBW

Winnipeg?  The CBC 2 schedule has Canadian music programs during

Saturday Evenings. [yes CBW ed.]

The second one was playing classical music on 860. I don't see

anything on my lists that indicates a US station that would play

classical.  Could be something from Mexico or Cuba which was strong

last night.    [possibly XEUN Mexico DF, ed.]


Tuning around checking things out and noticed voices on 1130 mixing

with the music on KWKH.  Turned out to be CKWX Vancouver BC.

Several mentions of Vancover caught my hear and after careful tuning

sure enough they ID'd as News 1130 along with slogan of #1 for News Now

and plug of their frequent traffic reports.  1846 miles is my best

catch to date.


Logged KTWO 1030 Casper, Wyoming for the first time.  Multiple IDs as K-

TWO Radio.  Carrying Glen Beck at this hour. Continues to fade up

pretty well for several minutes at a time. Strong with Grundig

800/Quantum loop combo.

Also KNX with weather and traffic check at 5;45 LA time. KNBR also

coming in with KKYX nulled.  Both indicators of good signals from the




The band is alive above 1600 tonight.


WCNZ Marco Island Florida coming in very strong. Religious talk in

front of live audience with ID as 'Relevant Radio.'  First logging of

this one.

They can't be on night power, blasting past KRZI Waco, which is about

70 miles from here. 

Also hearing KOZN in from Nebraska.  Thanks for the tip Bert.


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – GA

DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire / SR III


1090 WENR TN Englewood - 11/05/06 1830 - Instrumental Gospel Music. Decent, steady signal. "Radio 1090, WENR, Englewood". (IEN-GA)

1480 WABB AL Mobile - 11/10/06 2300 - Jerry Doyle Talkshow, TOH ID  into CNN News. Fair signal on top the mix with slight fades. "What’d  you say your

call letters were? WABB, Mobile". 

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - GE SUPERADIO III


790 WNIS VA Norfolk - 11/04/06 1830 - Virginia Tech Hokies football 

pre-game show. Weak, but steady signal all but buried in the mix.  "790,


930 WDLX NC Washington - 11/04/06 1920 - East Carolina University  Pirates

football post-game show. Decent signal fading in and out, and  mixed with

WWON in Waynesboro, TN. "Pirate Radio 1250 and 930 AM".  

930 WWON TN Waynesboro - 11/04/06 2000 - Classic country, TOH ID,  Newscast  and local weather forecast. Decent signal with slight  fading, mixing with WDLX in Washington, NC. "Legends 930" and "WWON,  Waynesboro, Tennessee". 

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - 2003 ISUZU Rodeo In-Dash  Audio

System 4340

730 WSTT GA Thomasville - 10/10/06 1900 - Sign-off message. Good  signal.

"...WSTT is signing off. 730 AM on your radio dial". (IEN-GA)

730 WVFN MI East Lansing - 10/10/06 1905 - Sports news and  information.

Spot for high school football playoffs. Decent signal in  the evening

static. "Sportsradio 730, WVFN". (IEN-GA)

660 KTNN AZ Window Rock - 11/19/06 0100 - Country music, Navajo music, TOH ID and CNN News. Decent, steady signal (S7) on top of the mix in the null of WFAN in New York, NY. "KTNN, Arizona. AM 660" and "KTNN, Window Rock".

600 WMT IA Cedar Rapids - 11/19/06 0134 - BOH ID into Coast to Coast AM.

Decent signal with fading. "Newsradio 600, WMT".

950 WYWY KY Barbourville - 11/19/06 0250 - Gospel music. Good, steady

signal. "AM 950, WYWY".

11/22 1600 - 1700

1200 WSML NC Graham - TOH ID, CBS News. Good signal with fades. "WSML,


1210 WPHT PA Philadelphia - Sean Hannity show. Decent signal. "The Big

Talker, 1210, WPHT"

1240 WGGA GA Gainesville - Local afternoon sportstalk with Gene and Tony.

Decent signal with static.    "Sportsradio 1240, The Ticket"

1250 WYTH GA Madison - Oldies. Decent signal

1270 WJJC GA Commerce - Country music. Good signal.

1290 WHKY NC Hickory - Sean Hannity Show.

1300 WIMO GA Winder - Dave Ramsey Show.

1340 WGAU GA Athens - Sean Hannity Show. Very good signal.

1390 WNIO OH Youngstown - Christmas music. Decent signal. "AM 1290, WNIO, America's Best Christmas Music"

1390 WXTC SC Charleston - Urban Gospel. Decent signal with fades. "Heaven


1450 WKEU GA Griffin - 11/25/06 1245 - Local news and information.  Decent,

steady signal (S6) in the null of WCON, Cornelia, GA.  "Griffin's Own,




660 KTNN AZ Window Rock - 11/19/06 0100 - Country music, Navajo music, TOH ID and CNN News. Decent, steady signal (S7) on top of the mix in the null of WFAN in New York, NY. "KTNN, Arizona. AM 660" and "KTNN, Window Rock".

600 WMT IA Cedar Rapids - 11/19/06 0134 - BOH ID into Coast to Coast AM.

Decent signal with fading. "Newsradio 600, WMT".

950 WYWY KY Barbourville - 11/19/06 0250 - Gospel music. Good, steady

signal. "AM 950, WYWY".

1390 WNIO OH Youngstown - 11/22/06 1625 - Christmas music. Decent signal

mixed at times with Urban Gospel and The Sean Hannity Show. "AM 1390, WNIO,  America's best Christmas music".

1650 WQFS GA Athens - 11/25/06 1335 - A 5-minute message with UGA  News, a message from UGA Head Coach Mark Richt,  and information  about traffic and tailgating for the UGA/GA Tech game this afternoon.  Good, steady signal (S9). "You're listening to WQFS 212, 1650 AM, in  Athens, GA, owned and

operated by the University of Georgia".

820 WAIT IL Willow Springs - 11/26/06 1830 - Religious programming  and

sign-off message. Decent signal in a mix of stations. "Relevant  Radio" and

"WAIT, Willow Springs, Illinois...join us tomorrow  morning".

1110 WBIB AL Centreville - 11/27/06 1902 - Southern Gospel and TOH ID.

Decent signal with fades in the null of WBT, Charlotte, NC. "This is AM

1110, WBIB Centreville, Brent".

1620 KOZN NE Bellevue - 11/28/06 2142 - ESPN Radio with sports scores, news and information. Good signal with static on top of the mix. "1620 The Zone,

Omaha's ESPN Radio".


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona

Rx As Noted Below – Q-Stick +


None of these are new, but they were heard on an old radio, thats 

about it. This radio is not the DX monster of the world...

Heard on an Arvin 9562 transistor radio from 1957 absolutely nekkid:

780 KKOH Reno, NV 11/1 2317 ID and Sprint Ad. This is rather unusual 

for me as I hear KAZM often.

1520 KVTA Port Hueneme[?], CA 11/2 0622 This is possible because of 

the rest of you shifting time. News about a new factory being built 

in Oxnard, ID.

1360 KLSD San Diego, CA 11/2 0620 with progressive talk show in a 

super skinny  null of local KPXQ.

820 WBAP Ft. Worth, TX 11/4 2230 with traffic and weather into news 

and ID, Blast furnace loud today. Usually hear Mexicali here.

880 KRVN Lexington, NE 11/4 2231 ID and ad for ag trip to Brazil, News.

810 KGO San Francisco, CA 11/4 2233 post game for Cal - UCLA game in 

which Cal Golden Bears won.



Heard on a DX440 and Q-stick+:

1220 XEB Mexico, DF 11/12 0052 weak but steady. ID after playing 

classical piece then into a very nice vocal harmony balada.

1280 KDYL Great Salt Lake City, UT 11/12 0059 talk about BYU v. U of 

U in super slim null of KXEG a local.

1320 KCTC Sacramento, CA 11/12 0634 scraping the noise floor with Air 

America and The Young Turks.

1320 KAWC Yuma, AZ 11/12 0637 overtaking KCTC and weak with 

underwriting for Weekend Edition. Rare.

Heard on a Zenith Trans-Oceanic H-500  nekkid:

1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX 11/23 2315 running George Noory taking 

calls on Coast to Coast AM.

1210 KGYN Guymon, OK 11/23 2320 "High plains proud!" slogan and local 

WX and into both kinds of music, Country and Western.

1320 KFNZ Salt Lake City, UT 11/23 2326 bemoaning the Denver Broncos 

miserable play against the KC Chiefs.

1370 KXTL Butte, MT 11/23 ID Beach Boys singing "Little Surfer Girl".

Heard on a Modified SR III:

1250 KHIL Willcox, AZ 11/27 0104 ad for Casino Royale and running day 

power. Smokin into Gilbert on a red hot rocket.

1380 KTSM El Paso, TX 11/27 0108 sports talk ragging on Michael Vick.

Heard on a CCRadio, nekkid:

530 RHC Havana, Cuba 11/29 2214 signal came up all the way to local 

strength. playing very nice and mellow music for a while then power 

dropped abruptly and signal was low but over RVC T&C.

1350 KTDD San Bernardino, CA 11/30 0540 "1310 The Toad" the playing C&W

1550 KXEX Fresno, CA 11/30 0600 caught before KUAZ comes on with ToH 

ID and into Sporting News Radio News.

1640 KFXY[p] Enid, OK 11/30 0603 Sporting News Flash "The Score, 

Sporting News Radio for Watonga".

1700 KKLF Sherman, TX 11/30 0612 under huge OC from Tijuana talking 

about the impending ice storm in the DFW area.


Elwood – Montreal, QC

Radio Shack 20-8002 and 75’ dipole


Some fresh news from Montreal. I scanned 1200 to 1390 kHz this Friday

(Nov. 24) from 1201am to 0100am.

WLIB 1190 New York, NY Religious. Some bleed on 1200.

CFGO 1200 Ottawa, ON The Team

WPHT 1210 Philadelphia, PA

Mix  1250 Mix of religious music and ESPN (Syracuse, NY?)

WMKI 1260 Boston, MA Radio Disney

Unid.1270 Spanish / merengue

CFMB 1280 Montreal, QC (local) Ethnic

Unid.1290 Coast to Coast AM

Unid.1300 A young woman talking about college football

Unid.1320 too faint to understand

Unid.1330 too faint to understand

Unid.1350 Sports talk

Unid.1360 Dr. Laura

Unid 1380 Oldies

The best signals were WLIB and WPHT, then WMKI, the merangue,

Dr.Laura and the oldies stations.


Phil Rafuse – Charlottesville,  PEI

Collins R-392 and 6’ copper pipe antenna or noted



Early this morning - 3:45 a.m. AST, with baby Timmers in my arms, I

logged the following for the very first time:

820 WBAP Dallas-Ft.Worth TX

Receiver was my Collins R-390A with 70 foot wire and isolated 10:1

rf matching transformer "balun".  I was using the Collins' 8 KC

mechanical filter, which actually specs out to about 11 KC - very

wide, but steep skirts.  The audio clarity is excellent making it

easier to pick out IDs.  The narrower bandwidths [4 KC and 2 KC] are

a big plus for the Europeans however.

I heard the 820 WBAP voice ID first, cutting through the eastern

jumble.  Then a very long weather forecast for every part of Texas,

it seemed.  Then some ads, where Texas was mentioned, then back into

a talk show.  Then WBAP faded down and the eastern jumble took over.

Another sticker arrow to go on my map!


Well, Timmers had me up between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. AST.  I took him

down to the VY2PR Radio Room, fired up the R-390A, cruised the dial

and got:

750 WSB Atlanta GA clear, distinct and with an ID.  This is the first

time I have ever logged them.  Keep in mind that there is a 10KW CBC

station on the same frequency across the water in Newfoundland CBGY

I think.  Nulling CBGY has never before revealed anything other than

YVKS Caracas.  This is pretty much the equivalent to Bert getting

1070 CBA, so you can imagine my excitement.  Recently, getting WSM,

then WBAP and now finally WSB.

Buoyed by my success and Brent's encouragement, also mindful of the

1200 to 1390 CME, Timmers and I staked out 1200 expecting CFGO

Ottawa, which always dominates, but hoping to catch WOAI.  But wait,

there's more!

1200 WCHB Taylor Michigan [with CFGO and a couple other stations in

the background] new log for me!  Their night time pattern is pretty

much aimed at the north pole, not east to PEI. 

As I was straining to lsten to the background [thank goodness for

the great audio on the R-390A on 8 KC bandwidth] baby Timmers was

sound asleep in my arms and I heard the letters pop out from the

dogs breakfast of signals:


A few minutes later, I heard the words pop out from the chorus of

signals: a Clear Channel station

So, I feel comfortable adding to my log:

1200 WOAI San Antonio TX

A few minutes later, CFGO took over the frequency and they were

pounding in like they usually do here.

So, thanks Brent for your advice RE pre-dawn, thanks Timmers for

getting me up at that hour, and thank you R-390A for mechanical

filters and such clear audio on 8 KC bandwidth!


CHTN-AM has been off the air for a few hours - I believe they have

gone dark today as the three months was up November 3, 2006.

I was listening to 720 Greenland on the car radio, and then again on

my Zenith Trans-symphony.  WOR is an easy catch as is CKAC.  Tonight I

wiil try for WGN.

Heard on a Stromberg-Carlson for Collins R-392 with 70 foot wire:

720 WGN Chicago - first time for me as CHTN wiped out 720 throughout

PEI and in most of the rest of Atlantic Canada.

I promised Timmers Greenland and delivered pronto with 720 Greenland

before supper.   Having inherited lots of radio genes, Timmers was


WOR is coming in like a local now that it is not obscurred by local

splatter.  same goes for 730 CKAC Montreal.

Not on an old radio, but on a radio in an old car - this morning

while idling the car in the UPEI parking lot [I was attending a

mediation course] I picked up 580 CFRA as clear as a bell and in

stereo.  First time I've seen the stereo light for AM glow in a long

time.  Commercials sounded nice in stereo.

It seems weird for CHTN to be dark, just as it seems weird for CHNS

to be dark.  Soon CFCY will be dark - maybe the end of November.


720 Greenland was playing some weird Danish or whatever C&W.  It

sounded like wolf howling in the background.  Maybe its a musical

style, maybe they left the mic pot up and one of the sled dogs was

excited. Before that there was yacking in a couple languages - one

sounded a bit like German the other a bit like an Inuit language.  I

suspect that Danish and Inuit language are both used, but I better 

Google Greenland and educate myself. I picked my not quite 4 year old

daughter up from the sitters and we were listening on the way home. 

She asked what I was listening to and I said Greenland.  She then did

her best wolf howling and I chimed in.  We walked into the house

howling like some of Powell's canine friends and my wife thought we

were both nuts.


Just got back from Ottawa - I didn't catch too many stations, given

the electrical interference in the hotel I was staying.  Still, the

Kaito 1103 accounted for itself very well, bringing in RVC every night

on 530.  CBA Moncton on 1070 comes into Ottawa very, very well every

night.  Didn't get any Euro stations.  The NYC stations come into

Ottawa as well as PEI as do the 50KW beantown stations.  Ohio Valley

stations come in even better as one would expect.  Spent much of my

time listening to local 580 CFRA.


Heard on a 1955 Collins R-390A with 70 foot wire and balun:

1200 CFGO Ottawa ON "The Team 1200"

1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA talk

1220 CKSM Shawinigan QC news/talk

1220 WHKW Cleveland OH religious talk

1220 UNID playing music - kind of an old folk pop type song

1230 CFGN Port-aux-Basques NL VOCM/CFCB network

1240 UNID "Your Merry Christmas Station" playing Christmas music

1251 UNID sounds like arabic - suspect Libya

1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB C&W

1270 CJCB Sydney NS C&W with liner ID

1280 WFAU Gardiner ME - sports talk

1280 WEIM Fitchburg MA Christmas music

1290 UNID Spanish talk

1300 WTMM Rensselaer NY sorts talk - very weak

1310 WLOB Portland ME talk

1320 CKEC New Glasgow NS AC - still no sign of FM on 94.1

1350 CKAD Middleton NS "AVR radio" C&W


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 Quantum Phaser,  2 – 50 foot wires


890   KVOZ TX Del Mar Hills 2251CDT 12NOV06 strong and

steady in WLS null w/SS vocal mx and "La Cadena Cristiana"


960   KMA IA Shenandoah 2259CDT 12NOV06 w/local ad, wx,

"Regional Radio" slogan into ABC nx 2300CDT.

990   KSVP NM Artesia 2302-2306CDT 12NOV06 Fox Radio News,

promo for coach call-in show, "AM 9-90 KSVP" ID 2305CDT, new

one for me!

1560  KKAA SD Aberdeen 1700CDT 12NOV06 w/quick ID mixing

with KOCY Disney stuff



1560  KOCY OK Del City 1700CDT 12NOV06 even w/KKAA, a new

Okie for me, was able to get a decent null on KYAL-1550 and

allow me to log one of my closest unheards.

1560  WMBH MO Joplin 1701CDT 12NOV06 quick call ID on top of


1670  ???? TX ???? NOAA Weather Radio poking thru WTDY talk

2245-2305CDT 13NOV 06. Mentions of Lower Colorado River

Authority and occasional phrases "Highs in upper 60's" etc

heard but no callsign. The computer-generated voice really

stands out but can be heard to understand. Googling turned

up a mention of the Lower Colorado River Authority moving

NOAA weather radio broadcasts from 1610 to 1670 on June 12

(presumably 2006 but not specified) >


Found WZRX on top of 1590 1943-1955CST 20NOV06 with

"News-Talk 15-90 WZRX" IDs, local ads and CNN Radio

programming. Presumably a format change from UC:GOS listed

in 27th ed of NRC Log. A new one for me. MS #26


Norbert Asay – Warwick, RI

Kaito 1103 / Panasonic Stereo



Heard last night on Kaito 1103 nekid between 8 PM EST and 9 PM EST.

1134 with a strong het that came up on and off . Was also fighting a strong buzz that comes up every few minutes possibly from a leaky cable or something from the power lines that go over the roof to the meter in the back. During a quiet time when the buzz dropped out i was able to hear very faint audio under splatter from 1130 NY .  This is not good enough for a formal logging but does show hope that TA is possible if i can get some real good condiions. I only wish the Kaito could go down to 2 KHZ narrow bandwidth (you folks know what i mean).  [Probably Croatia, ed.


Domestics are all booming in including 1020 KDKA and 1040 WHO....right over WBZ IBOC hash . WHO coming in strong enough to almost bury the hash.

870 WHCU Ithaca NY 5:52 PM EST gave weather snow flurries tonight with lows in the 20s followed by calls. Signal strong seemed to still be on day power. 11/03/06 

710 WOR giving a treat of night time IBOC (was still on around 9:30 PM EST)

with hash on 700 and 720. Was still able to hear 700 WLW with light hash

underneath. 720 was a little more of a struggle with hash and WGN fading

over and under the hash . The following may be a relog but noteworthy of

being in arm chair copy:

1060 KYW Philadelphia Penn 8:41 PM EST gave traffic report couple accidents

near Franklin and something about the turnpike. 11/03/06 

1300 WJFK Baltimore Maryland 5:05 PM EST your listening to WJFK Americas flagship station..... Then faded down into the mucky soup. 11/04/06

610 WIP Philadelphia Penn 3:40 AM EST sports radio 610 ad block with tom and jerrys sports bar and University of Penn smoking study to help quit smoking. 11/10/06

1040 WCHR Flemington NJ 2:25 AM EST heard some broadway music playing then faded out and WHO faded up. Both continued to fight for the channel. about 2:55 AM WHO faded down and caught weather chance of rain and in the 40's with ID as WHO came fading up. About 3:30 AM heard USA radio network news during another WHO fade down. At times stated above WCHR would completly take over channel followed by times they would battle it out with WHO and times where WHO would be on top.  And it wouldn't be complete without a few moments of silence or a buzz on the channel. 11/11/06

560 WFIL Philidelphia Penn 8:31 PM EST religious station with ad block for Nicrotete then something about WFIL and faith and Mondays prgram schedule . 11/17/06


Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN

Drake R4 and longwire








1170  WWVA  WV  WHEELING  0145 13/11/06  With the Truck'n Bozo show.

Still on day pattern. They are blasting into Tennessee with a S9+25db signal.


They are running 840 watts, not bad for the time of day and distance, plus

having to fight though Cuba. BUT, we have some weird conditions tonight.



They must be cheating, as they are a day timer only station, however, they

are blasting into Tennessee.




1540 WBIN TN BENTON 0100 21/11/06 3ABN radio, with the program "Amazing Facts." This station is cheating. They are a 1,000 watter, day timer only. [WM-TN]

If you want a AM station from Polk county Tennessee, here is your chance.



1310 WISE   NC ASHEVILLE    1620 21/11/06 ESPN SPORTS RADIO. ID AT 1420, "AM 13-10 WISE, ASHVILLE" PROMO FOR SPORTS EVENTS THAT WISE RADIO WILL CARRY OVER THE THANKSGIVING HOLIADAY WEEKEND. LOTS OF QRM FROM WDCT AND WDOD.[WM-TN] (Even though Ashville is about 75 miles or less, from me, this station is not heard here often)



WGIG, AM 1440." [WM-TN]



WITH WANA 9and a 100 other stations) [WM-TN]



The music they were playing sounded more like heavy rock than Christian.

They are suppose to be off the air at night, however they were blasting in

to Tennessee, over WBT-1110. Someone forgot to throw the big switch and turn

the AM off.

11/26 Possible reception of CKWX-1130.

At 0021 EST, I am listing to 1130 and Bloomberg Radio with the BBC news

business report. The signal fades and a man says, "It's 9.19" and into a

story about the Canadian military. Then a story about some type of museum

and that you could call 222-20???? if you wanted to know more info. Then

WBBR is back up on top, with KWKH and country music under WBBR.

The time would be correct for the west coast. However, I am continuing to

monitor 1130 and hope to get a positive ID.



1580 WEAM  GA COLUMBUS  0020 28/11/06 'WEAM is ESPN, AM 15-80, COLUMBUS, THE ZONE" Then into a discussion about Michael Vick of the Falcons. One of those rare times that an ESPN station gives a real ID. S5 signal,  with QSB. Not bad for only a 1 Kw on a crowded channel.

1050  WAMN  WV  GREEN VALLEY  1820 28/11/06 ID- "WAMN, A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN, JOY 1050"








Jason Gardner – Meridian, MS



1120 USA-KMOX-St Louis,MO, Nov 27 0520 - Collector's Club Show-Talk

about autographed baseball, ID, Commercial  Aamco. excellent

1200 USA WOAI- San Antonio, TX, Nov 27 0526 - USA Politics, Drudge

Show, ID. excellent

1190 USA UNID, Nov 27 0530-0603 - UNID-Sports talk. weak with lots of

interference from…

1190 USA WAMT, Orlando, Florida. Dave Ramsey Show with callers. Poor

signal and interference..

1200- USA San Antonio Basketball Game [probably WOAI, ed.]

1240 USA WPBQ- Jackson, MS, Nov 28 0525 –

 Seattle sports team highlights Television sales ad Mike in the

Morning ad ESPN Radio. Weak.

1260 USA KSGF Springfield, MO & *WSDZ Belleville, IL, Nov 28 0547 –

800 ad Girls Next Door ad Fading signal, but then pretty good, then

fading  Send Resume to Springfield address ad Law firm ad 

1-station:Talk show about Iran, George Bush, etc... Strong at times

2-station:Pop Music.  Strong at times

Dynobite ad, News on Iraq Afghanistan KSGF 1260 Springfield, MO with

Talk Radio USC Sports R-E-S-P-E-C-T song by  Caller from Illinois,

Radio Disney WSDZ perhaps?.

(1260 Notes: I think I was actually trying to keep up with 3 or 4

stations at this point and my head was spinning, Not 100% sure about

WSDZ, but it is the only Radio Disney I think it could have been

after a lot of research.)

1280 USA WODT- New Orleans, LA / UNID, Nov 28 0626 –

WODT-ESPN Radio affiliate, talk about Coach Marr, Falcons, Saints

D'Angelo, Touchdown, New Orleans housing authority PSA. Good.

UNID- Coast to Coast Am could be heard underneath. Remained

UNIDentifiable. Weak.

1300 USA WIBR- Baton Rouge, LA, Nov 28 0645 –

Power for the People ad WIBR Station ID I will always love you song

(by Mariah Carey I think.) Fair-to-strong.

1310 USA WDOD Chattanooga, TN, Nov 28 0648 –

 Instrumental Jazz mx, nostalgia mx Reduce your high interest rate

ad;  WDOD-Chattanooga ID. Back to nostalgic mx. Coming very strong

compared to others I have been hearing lately.

1390 USA WMER- Meridian, MS, Nov 28 0700 - Gospel music. Local.

570 CUBA Radio Reloj.  After wondering what was in CW, and comparing

all the possibilities to the FCC AM Query, I finally realized it was

coming from Cuba, after looking in WRTH.  The CW being sent was "RR."

on 33 secs. of each minute.  Does anyone know if the Spanish music is

from Radio Reloj or another Latin American country?



Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

R8A and phased E-W BOG



Better sunset skip cx to west than could normally be expected this early in

Nov. Another tentative for KKIM 1000 with rlg mx thru phased WMVP but they

switched at 17:59 CST prior to any ID. All kinds of typical western sunset

skip stuff hrd due to phasing.

On the TA front, things like Ireland 567, Spain 684, Azores 693, Croatia

1134 are audible on my western antennas which are setup to have decent nulls

to the E and certainly don't favor NE and ENE stuff. If my TA BOGs weren't

rolled up for mowing, I'd have a dial full of TA's.


5:54 PM CST..chatter on 1000 u/local the time I complete a decent

phase null on them, it was 5:55 and KOMO gives a 3:55 TC into traffic on the

4's one min late. That's 35 mn prior to KOMO's pattern switch in Seattle

with a local phase null. Two min later I again can only call KKIM tentative

as they fade up =/o with rlg mx but switch power at 1 min prior to hour and

ID again. Seattlle in well prior to 4 PM their time in Nov !!!!



Tuned into 580 just prior to 17:30 CST to try for needed KZMX, but I had the

phasing reversed and WIBW was nulled and clear as a bell,,News/Talk 580 WTAG  Depend on Us and into an ad with a Worcester phone # for my first new one. I tried for other needed eastern lowbanders for a while but no luck so back to my main goal at this hour which is sunset DX to the west. KDJQ's oldies

noted u/phased WLS at 17:48 and as has been the norm lately KOMO soon showed up on 1000 w/WMVP phase nulled. Tonite I would have nothing to suspect was KKIM however. Likely eastern WA's on 700 and 870 showing up to some extent.

Over to 710 to see if I could catch KIRO for the 2nd time, but the talk thru

KCMO with WOR phased was southern accented sports. I'd assumed KEEL but the subject matter was Arkansas FB and it went into a break and gave an 800 #

and a number for listener's in central Arkansas and the program was Sports

Wrap. So this was newie #2..KAPZ on late and which beams lots of their 250

watts my way.

Tuning past 700 I noted something under WWL and adjusted the phasing and it

was mostly kids' voices in EE. Best copy was around 18:40 and it clearly

matches the audio feed (today's pgm is online) for the Adventures in Odyssey

Program on KGRV !!. Oregon #5 is now in my log book and this is the first

time I have ever caught something from there that wasn't a full 50 KW.

Even though these antennas aren't set up for TA's, I was able to hear AA

talk on 891 with WLS phased and a couple other TA's have audio on peaks as

well. Cx continue superb tonite. I am 13 miles NNW of WBBM but can phase them down enough to hear bits of tonite's game Westwood One coverage and some SS QRM.

I've read that this should be KAZM ! Which I caught over a decade ago u/Reno

to the west when WBBM was off. Anyhow..KKOH has Savage on now so not them. Is KAZM running day rig at night, or are cx simply that good, or is someone

else (nothing likely) on at night ?

News 1130 nice and clear from BC and KNBR strong on 680 (anyone back east

need CA ?) Good cx east and west tonite for sure !!


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop


Last night I noted the following program change around midnight PST

650 KSTE Rancho carrying Jim Bohannon show...

1530 KFBK carrying Coast to Coast....

KSTE made announcement that Coast to Coast was now being carried by



Last night I could hear both KPUA (Coast to Coast) & WSCR (Sports) under

KBOI's Midnight Trucker.  WSCR is quite rare here, even in the best

conditions.  Oddly neither WGN or WBBM was in much.  I could hear WGN

very very faintly under KDWN but no sign at all of WBBM.   Whereas, a

few  nights ago both WGN & WBBM were in very nicely beneath the

westcoast dominants.


Mike Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Radio and 31” whip


Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo car radio:


1210    KGYN    Guymon    OK    1955    Country music with liner between songs.  "This is your sports leader!  KGYN Guymon." GOOD in a long time.

1300    KCMY    Carson City    NV    2000    Country music - same network as KEVA - into TOH ID "This is MY country.  KCMY Carson City"  NEW!!!!!

530       WPWA752        Syracuse,UT     11/13/06            15:55    Antelope Island state park TIS.  10 watts at about 80 miles away!


Mike Westfall– Los Alamos, NM

Toshiba ST-665 and RS Loop


1250   KHIL  USA  AZ  Willcox - 26 Nov 2006 2200 - Much too strong for night power. C&W music, TOH ID "You're listening to southeast Arizona's classic country favorite, KHIL AM twelve-fifty, Willcox, Arizona", into AP radio news. 5kW/195W 321 mi (ST-655) (New - #294, AZ #17)

1200          WOAI        USA TX    Fort Worth - 28 Nov 2006 0610 - "Prime Time San

Antonio" call-in show. 50kW-U 648 mi.

1210          KGYN       USA OK   Guymon - 28 Nov 2006 1815 - Girls' high school

basketball, the Lady Dusters vs. the Lady Tigers. 10kW/10kW, 179 mi.

1220          KMVL       USA          TX    Madisonville - 30 Nov 2006 2359 - ID at TOH "We play the music want, the news that you need, .... KMVL,

Madisonville", into ABC news. 500W/10W 689 mi.

1230          KRSY       USA          NM  Alamogordo - 29 Nov 2006 0400 - ESPN

programming, ID at TOH. 1kW-U, 208 mi.

1310          KFKA       USA          CO  Greeley - 30 Nov 2006 2140 - Ad for John Deere stuff at Colorado Equipment in Greeley. 5kW/1kW, 319 mi.

1330          KGAK       USA NM   Farmington - 30 Nov 2006 2005 - Regional high school basketball tournament, Espanola vs. Santa Fe, broadcast in Navajo language. 5kW/1kW 138 mi.

1340          KPGE       USA          AZ    Page - 30 Nov 2006 1700 - Girls high school  basketball, the Page Lady Sand Devils vs. the Marana Lady Tigers. Break  at TOH into commercials, including one for Lake Powell Furniture. 1kW-U,

294 mi.

1340          KVRH       USA CO   Salida - 20 Nov 2006 1935 - Weather report "weather

twice an hour on thirteen-forty KRVH the oldies station." 1kW-U, 182 mi.

1360          KACT       USA          TX    Andrews - 30 Nov 2006 2050 - Playing C&W, ID at 2050 "Heart of the Country, KACT" 1kW/240W 326 mi.


1360          KPXQ       USA          AZ    Glendale - 30 Nov 2006 2057 - With spot for an event happening at a local church, into a sermon. 50kW/1kW 373 mi.

1360          KHNC       USA          CO  Johnstown - 30 Nov 2006 2100 - With a spot for a Hannukah celebration at Beth Messiah Congregation on 16 December, then ID "You're listening to The Lion, ten thousand watts, KHNC

thirteen-sixty AM, Johnstown-Denver."

1270          KFLC        USA          TX    Fort Worth - 28 Nov 2006 1945 - "Doce-setenta, La Voz del Pueblo" running Radio Cadena Univision programming. 50kW/5kW 564 mi.

1260          KTRC      USA NM   Santa Fe - 28 Nov 2006 835 - with Air America

programing. 5kW/1kW, 24 mi.

1270          KFLC        USA          TX    Fort Worth - 28 Nov 2006 1945 - "Doce-setenta, La Voz del Pueblo" running Radio Cadena Univision programming. 50kW/5kW 564 mi.

1270          KRVT       USA          OK  Claremore - 28 Nov 2006 2000 - MOYL, singing call letters, spoken COL, into CBS news. Probably on day power. 1kW/26W 596 mi.

1290          KIVY         USA          TX    Crockett - 29 Nov 2006 0000 - TOH ID "You're listening to KIVY, twelve-ninety AM, Crockett Texas", into ABC news.

2.5kW/174W 700 mi.

1340          KPGE       USA          AZ    Page - 30 Nov 2006 1700 - Girls high school basketball, the Page Lady Sand Devils vs. the Marana Lady Tigers. Break

at TOH into commercials, including one for Lake Powell Furniture. 1kW-U,

294 mi.

1390          KHOB       USA          NM  Hobbs - 28 Nov 2006 2100 - Oldies, TOH ID "KHOB thirteen-ninety AM in Hobbs, New Mexico", into more music.

5kW/0.5kW 282 mi. 1390   KENN        USA NM   Farmington - 28 Nov 2006 1805 - Shaun Hannity show. 5kW/1.3kW  116 mi.


Mike Bugaj – Enfield, CT


WTIC 1080 has their IBOC on again noticed at 3:45PM EST. Between WBZ

and WTIC they've pretty much got 1000-1100khz trashed over here, 20

miles N. of downtown Hartford.

Wonder what WBAL and CBA think...



Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Original Superadio


Last night (11/02) around 9:25 PM CST, I stumbled across a station on 1580 with commercial spots for businesses in Van Buren, AR.  They were barely on top of the mix, but they were there.  At 9:30 PM, I was surprised with an ID as "KHGG News-Talk 1580, Van Buren, Arkansas" (or at least that's what I heard).  They had already started to slip beneath the surface of the jumble.  At around 9:33 PM they quickly dove under.


DRAT IT!  I was in bed, at the time, suffering from, well, let's just say that my fish sandwich wasn't the best that I've had.  NO RECORDER, NO LOGBOOK, and way too weak to jump out of bed to get them.


530 kHz CUBA Radio Cadena Habana


RCH had a HUGE signal into Houston, TX, last night.  I listened to them from around 10:50 PM until 11:05 PM CST using both my Kaito KA-1103 and a Radio Shack 12-888 AM/FM/WX portable digital radio.  At 11:00 PM, they played the Cuban National Anthem and went into "Noticias."  Interesting, when I tuned back at 11:15 PM, they were completely gone!

Their website is


Powell Way III – West Columbia, SC

Ford Ranger Truck Radio


This evening in the West Columbia, SC parking lot near Big Lots 11/16/06

850 WXJC AL Birmingham 1742  Mentions of Crawford and simulcast of 101.1. Running IBOC destroying 840 and 860

800 CKLW ON Windsor 1744 doing Canadian financial news items.

740 CHWO ON Toronto 1745 with a stupendous signal, and a Englebert song....

690 WJOX AL Birmingham 1745 a booming signal and then power cut and DA, still there, but BARELY

1580 WDAB SC Travelers Rest 1747 SS with a Spinx (conveniece store chain in upstate SC ) AD. ER 5:30 is sign off time.


6 PM I had an in the clear KFAB ID over top of WBT in the rental F-150. At that time WBT was DA and I was in the major lobe.


Mike Westfall – Los Alamos, NM

Toshiba ST-655


1220          KLVZ        USA          CO  Denver - 28 Nov 2006 0701 - Spanish.

   Praise music. Website given as, English non-legal ID

   "Twelve-Twenty KLVZ, your victory station". 660W/10W 270 mi. (ST-665)

   (New - #298, CO #36)

1250          KHKK       USA          KS    Kansas City - 26 Nov 2006 2305 - SS

   romantica music, EE ID at 11:05 pm. 25kW/3.7kW 686 mi (ST-665) (New -

   #295, KS #12)

1250          KHIL         USA          AZ    Willcox - 26 Nov 2006 2200 - C&W music,

   TOH ID "You're listening to southeast Arizona's classic country

   favorite, KHIL AM twelve-fifty, Willcox, Arizona", into AP radio

   news. 5kW/195W 321 mi (ST-665) (New - #294, AZ #17)


1330   KNSS             USA    KS      Wichita - 26 Nov 2006 1704 - Fading up

   from underneath Native American chants on KGAK with weather

   forecast, "Wichita's only 24-hour all-news station, News Radio

   Thirteen-Thirty KNSS." 5kW/5kW 516 mi. (ST-665) (New - #292, KS #11)

KRVT 1270, Claremore OK (near Tulsa) running MOYL and more

than its alloted nightime 26 watts, I'm sure... [New #300!]


Harry Helms – Smithville, TX

Sony ICF-2010


Conditions at the upper end of the AM band seemed a little auroral last night. Around 9:30 pm Central, I parked on 1690 and noted classical music mixing with a alk/call-in station which was likely WWAA in Atlanta. The classical station had fading characteristics like a TA/TP signal, namely a good signal on peaks of about one to two minutes followed by deep fades of two to three minutes. There was a break between musical selections around 9:45 but no announcement was heard. I was hoping for a ToH ID at 10:00 but the station was in a fade and WWAA was dominant at that time. I was using the ICF-2010 and Quantum Loop for this reception.


I've been unable to find any station matching this format in my web searching this morning; I must be overlooking some format change. Can anyone help?


[Thanks to everyone who replied, and it indeed looks like I had WMLB.]


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

Blaupunkt Radio 31” whip


1300 KROP Brawley CA 1830    Country music with Brawley & El Centro

mentions.  Fair-Poor mixing with KAZN and another unid'd station.  (BL-CA)

1280 KDOX Henderson, NV 1850  Rusty Humphries show, clobbering my usual pest KFRN in Long Beach.  Either conditions were outstanding, or they forgot to

throw the switch.  Could be either - while I didn't log anything new,

conditions seemed better than usual tonight.  (BL-CA)


Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and Sloper


KNX also coming in to Waco. Not a real common catch here,

more often under KFTI, Wichita and splash from KRLD.

Also, 1130 under KWKH, pretty sure it's Vancouver. I was

able to pick out some references to Canada but not a

definite ID.



Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA


KTCT is off right now (9:40pm PT).  I have XEBCS Radio Cultura La Paz,

BCS *loud* over a very weak talk station.  Get XEBCS while you can;

they used to sign off at 10pm Pacific.


John Hunter – Rossville, GA

Grundig Satellite 800


KOZN Omaha noted on 1620 at 0550. Strong signal here with ESPN sports

and Omaha's ESPN Radio. Good, atop freq for awhile slight QSBs and

QRM from station playing CW mx.


The Whole Earth [HF]


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK


** CANADA [and non]. Forget about hearing CKZU 6160 Vancouver now in the

mornings between 11 and 15, for VOA Standard Chinese via Tinang is there, and

at 1438 check Nov 2, I was getting a strong signal in Chinese, which no doubt

was CNR1 jamming VOA. The 6160 audio was // 6040, which is another VOA Chinese frequency. At least traces of CKZU were able to produce a SAH on 6160

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague relay via Sackville, 15160, Thu Nov 2 at

1500 stayed in English rather than switching to CRI Chinese as the day before;

around 1512 the program Spotlight, which is on Prague`s Wednesday schedule at so this transmission is still running a day

late. Very good reception and much more reliable than the numerous direct

English broadcasts

** FRANCE [and non]. Since the unscheduled English broadcast heard daily during October at 1400-1455 on 6120 via Japan was supposed to be in Vietnamese, and I haven`t found a replacement frequency, how about this? What are the currently scheduled frequencies for RFI`s Viet service, which may still be in English instead?

RFI`s Vietnamese page at

appears to have been updated, but with obvious errors like on the English page.

Starting with what year it is currently! And I have no idea if the () have any


15h-16h GMT  Nghe  Truy nåp

Ondes courtes du 29/10/07 [sic] au 26/03/07

O.C : 41 m, 7380 Khz

O.C : 19 m ( 15265 Khz )

O.M : 231m ( 1296 khz )


So 7380 and 15265 are where we should look for it. 7380 should be from a FE

site, probably Taiwan, and 15265 should be clear right after R. Solh via

Rampisham closes that frequency. The supposed channels for the 1400 English

broadcast are 7180, 9580 and 15615. Does anyone anywhere hear anything on them?)

** GREECE. Brief check of 17525 found VOG again confronting utility QRM from

that variable-pitch chirping every few seconds, Nov 2 at 1436. Checked the 3rd

quarter ITU monitoring report for clue, but nothing there. This makes 17525

unlistenable here. However, that would not be a problem on mixing products!

Since we know two Avlis transmitters produce a mixing product on 6210 (15630

minus 9420) we ought to go looking for other possibilities according to the

B-06 schedule: 17525 minus 9425 = 8105 at 1100-1550; 12105 minus 7475 = 4630 at 2300-0650. Those two are differences. You can also work out sums and other differences, many of which would be below 4630, from the schedule at

** IRELAND [non]. Checking WRMI 7385 for RTE Ireland as expected during the 14 UT hour, part of the WRN relay block M-F 13-16, Nov 2 at 1441 heard American political discussion mentioning Newt Gingrich and John Kerry. O o, has WRMI switched to domestic programming? No, they were talking to someone with an Irish accent; only fair signal here as usual

** THAILAND [and non]. Unlike 24 hours earlier, the 1400 UT English broadcast

of R. Thailand on 9725 was totally blocked Nov 2 by TIRWR, DGS back on as

usual. What are the hours this Cahuita frequency is nominally on? It`s

coordinated for 24 hours, 50 kW at 345 degrees, uncomfortably close to the

azimuth of Enid

** TURKEY. Tried to listen to Live from Turkey on its new frequency 12035,

Thursday Nov 2 at 1350, but reception was too poor. If the hosts would

enunciate clearly it would have helped a lot

** CHINA [and non]. Sound of Hope must be back on 10400, ex-10450, since

Firedrake was on 10400, Nov 3 at 1411 check when it was poor with heavy flutter

** CUBA. RHC continues to play a very outdated frequency announcement, heard at 1458 Nov 3 on 11760, I think referring to the afternoon broadcast, including ``11705`` where they have not been for years. Just once it would be nice if people in the studio took the initiative to find out and confirm accurate

schedule information they announce, if it is not already given to them, which

it should be. This comment can apply to countless other SW stations as well

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. Still problems with the R. Prague relay via Sackville,

now on 15160 at 1500. Nov 3 at 1501 only open carrier. Needed to check France, but when I came back at 1504, RP in English was underway

** FRANCE [non]. Checking out my theory that RFI`s missing English broadcast at 1400, which in October occupied a scheduled Vietnamese transmission, I checked those frequencies Nov 3 at the current time of 1500 and found: nothing. No Vietnamese or English audible on 15265 or 7380. So far from the target area,

however, that is still inconclusive



** PHILIPPINES. Just as I tuned in 11870, Nov 3 at 1457, I heard a brief IS and

``This is`` before the transmitter cut off. Way to go, people. Per listings it

seems this would be R. Veritas Asia closing Urdu service. There was a het and

then TIRWR Costa Rica was uncovered with Defunct Gene Scott

** TURKEY. V. of Turkey`s English broadcast, tho playing vocal music in

presumed Turkish, Nov 3 at 1416 had a stronger signal on 11735 than 12035,

altho 11735 suffered from WYFR on 11740 while 12035 had no interference. 11735 is aimed away from us and 12035 toward us, meaning that usually 12035 is stronger here as observed the first few days of B-06. Normally I assume in

situations such as this that the signal on the frequency aimed away from us is

still propagating by short path off the back of the antenna. But on this

occasion I suspect it was actually long path, and the short path was degraded

by comparison. That is assuming both transmissions are going out on the proper


** U K [non]. BBCWS in English keeps showing up on brand new frequencies, such as this: 11895 at 1456 Nov 3, // 9740. 11895 had some cochannel but a good signal otherwise. This is Singapore at 25 degrees, and hence onward toward NAm, at 12-15. The QRM could be Biblis

** U S A. Nov 3 at 1340 UT KAIJ 9340 was overmodulated, splattering out to 9375 and 9305 at least; also putting a tone of the same pitch (het?) on about 9355 and 9325. Have not noticed this particular problem before

** CHINA. One more search for English from France at 1400 included former

frequency 7220; Nov 4 at 1417 heard some western classical music, into Standard Chinese announcement. CRI via Kunming is scheduled here (

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague relays, coincidentally at the same time,

1500 UT via WRMI 7385 and Sackville 15160: Nov 4 at 1503 they were definitely

not //, two different women announcers speaking on different subjects, so I

assume 15160 is still a day late

** ECUADOR. HCJB won`t bother to broadcast what`s left of DX Partyline in

English, but Alen Grajam is L&C in Spanish on Aventura Diexista, along with

Juan Carlos, as I ran across it Sat Nov 4 at 1446 on VG 11960 aimed at México.

News of Eslovaquia returning to SW (without José Miguel Romero`s caveats);

Rubén Guillermo Margenet (pronounced with a hard G??) contributed corrected

schedule of KBS WR in Spanish (as I had pointed out was needed when it was

first circulated); pause for proselytizing courtesy of the Ejército de Salvación, so I tuned away.

At 1457 recheck they were plugging the Programas DX website with access to

audio of almost all the Spanish-language DX shows including Mundo Radial, at  Strangely enough, Alen Grajam pronounces geocities as if it were Spanish and / as `slash` in English, something I cannot bring myself to do when speaking Spanish. I kept listening for the ID at

1459:30 which is another one quoting someone and, yes, the wrong frequencies,

11760 and 9745 instead of 11690 and 11960. Immediately after timesignal at

1500, 11960 cut off. If AG and JC were axually in the studio monitoring their

own output, instead of being an automated playback, they might notice that the

IDs recorded long ago give wrong frequencies

After 1500, scanning 13m I found a better signal than usual from HCJB on 21455-USB, so that may have been // too earlier tho not announced

** GREECE. VOG, Sat Nov 4 at 1500, checked 17525 to see whether Greeks Around the World was on, the weekly English hour which during A-06 and DST was at 1400 on 15630, 9420. ERA was too far under the constant utility chirping QRM I have reported before; tentatively sounded like Kat, but couldn`t lock my brain onto it as being in English. John Babbis says it`s not Katerina. Nothing audible on // 9420 unlike previous occasions. At 1558 I found that 17525 had already changed to 15630 earlier than scheduled, but it was music and still could not confirm language

** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia, 9525 again with open carrier, hum, Nov 4 from

1400 past 1500. Rechecked at 1605 it was in Qur`an, probably having started

again its Arabic service to Japan and North America

** KOREA NORTH. KCBS domestic relay on 9665 plays lots of nice music, if you

try not to think that it`s all to glorify The Dear Leader. Nov 4 at 1433, YL

solo with Hammond? organ and other instruments in revolutionary ballad, also

with reverb. Heavy flutter on the signal added to its exotic flavour. Anyhow,

I`d much rather listen to this than the wailing from Walterboro

** OMAN. R. Sultanate of Oman, 15140, Nov 4 at 1452, brief English announcement and pop music quickly replaced by Qur`an. Somewhat better signal than before but still suffering from 15130 WYFR splatter. Tried it with USB synch detexion on the ICF SW07, but that didn`t really help in this situation

** RUSSIA [and non]. English on 7200 at 1415 Nov 4 would be R. Japan to SE

Asia, but severely marred by oscillating tones at the rate of 200 per minute,

believed to come from malfunxioning Yakutsk transmitter

** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA with Qur`an, 15435 considerably stronger than // 15425 at 1505 Nov 4

** U K. Another triumph of American cultural imperialism: Nov 4 at 1456,

language lessons in English, barnyard sounds in the background, but presented

with definite American accent. Surely this was the only station one can find

listed on this frequency at this time, BBCWS Arabic service from Rampisham at

09-16, tho I could not keep listening for a definite ID

** U S A. KTBN, 15590 in open carrier as frequency had just been changed from

7505, Nov 4 at 1559. 15590 was silent, but plenty of noise from the huge buzz

it produces, out to 15565 and 15625 blotting out all other stations in that

range, tho it`s worst around 15580 and 15600. Then sign-on ID

** CHINA [non]. DRM on 6075-6085, Nov 5 at 0119 blotting out everything else on those three frequencies and in between. DRM schedules show this is CRI in

English via Sackville, 277 degrees, 70 kW. It did not, however, impede Defunct

Gene Scott from Anguilla on 6090. Has CRI been publicizing this DRM broadcast? Not that I recall but have not paid that much attention

** RUSSIA. 6075, Nov 5 at 1355 had what first sounded like tonal jamming but it

slowly morphed, some minimalist music involving perhaps sitar, various

orchestral instruments. 1359 brief Russian announcement, 1400 5+1 timesignal,

modulation stopped and carrier off 1401. Per PWBR this is R. Rossii, Kamchatka

Radio, Pet-Kam, scheduled to close at this time.

5935 at night usually has WWCR with DGS, but Nov 5 around 0600 a co-channel

station was atop, I think in Russian. That would be Magadan via Yakutsk, per

PWBR `2006`, in use long hours during winter, 18-14

** SAINT HELENA. Like hundreds of others, I heard R. Saint Helena revival on

11092.5 Nov 4; trying to compile all those reports of it for DXLD has bogged me

down and haven`t yet put together my own version, which may be in next DXLD

** CHILE [and non]. CVC La Voz, 17680, Miami via Calera de Tango, normally

super signal here, Nov 6 at 2240 marred by QRDRM, from RNZI 17670-17680. On 17680 and even side-tuning higher, the DRM roar could still be heard. Of

course, it was no real loss as CVC was running a preacher. Even when running

AM, it was not a good idea for RNZI to be only 5 kHz from CVC. Can`t find a

clear frequency on the sparsely-populated 16m band?

** CUBA. The DentroCuban Jamming Command continues to demonstrate its contempt for any other occupant of the SW spectrum (and for the Cuban taxpayer, wasting kilowatts for nothing). Nov 6 at 2242, strong pulse jamming on 15330, seemingly from multiple transmitters, even tho R. Martí closes on this frequency much earlier. Also accompanied by weaker spurs with the same rate of pulsing around 15380 and 15260-15280

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, still running 6:24 loop of gamelan orchestra music and English IDs, at 1539 Nov 6. What a waste, when they could axually be

transmitting English programming

** U K [non]. Surprised to hear BBCWS in English on 6040, Nov 6 at 1516 // 6195 Singapore; not audible on 5975 Thailand, so maybe an unexpected move from there? 6040 still heard at 1542 check, getting rather late here. Not // BBCWS 21470 Ascension with separate stream to Africa. I think I would have noticed 6040 in the past week if it had been there; cannot find it in any schedule

** CANADA. One may still hear the harmonica fill music at times on RCI, such as

1630 UT Nov 7 in the middle of the only Sounds Like Canada hour from CBC that RCI still carries, on 17820, also 13655, 9515. I believe I have also heard

Claude Garden`s harmonica music on RCI1 webcast

** CUBA. Nov 7 at 0702 on 6060, announcer introducing Teatro de la Opera. Must be R. Musical Nacional CMBF relay via RHC, of variable duration, which is never in published schedules

** FRANCE [non]. RFI English, 15160 via South Africa, fair with flutter,

discussing colonialism with French accent at 1634 Nov 7. Nothing audible on //

15605 direct from France in the skirts of that awful buzz from KTBN 15590

** GOA. Re 6-166, CHINA: Checking out report of China being heard in Tulsa OK on 9820, Nov 7 at 1357, I tuned in to hear a man talking, definitely not in

Mandarin, right across hourtop. 1405 some music I would classify as South

Asian, not Chinese. This was only a poor signal with heavy flutter, but

modulation seemed to be OK. Possibly at times there was another station

underneath. At 1417 more SAs music, no CCI audible. 1430 missed hourbottom as I was tuned to REE 17595 which does run an automatic timesignal then. At 1449, 9820 had chanting going up and down, up and down only a few notes. Off promptly at 1500.


Altho I could not get a definite ID nor be sure of the language, I

believe this is AIR Sinhala service as scheduled, via Goa, which I have also

heard a number of times before, rather than anything from China on 9820. There

were no commercials, jingles, English bits or over-production typical of CNR

now. However, perhaps things are different earlier in the 1300 hour, and of

course conditions can vary widely from one day to the next. Goa is close to a

transpolar signal from here

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, not checked until 1627 Nov 7, and it was a big open

carrier, not much hum, covering something much weaker with talk. Previously

Suara Indonesia had been heard with Arabic during this hour on 9525, at least

at the start of it

** U K [non]. BBCWS in English, Nov 7 at 1409 check on 5975 was audible, but

with co-channel QRM underneath; nothing on 6040. But at 1523 check, 6040 was there, and no 5975. I suppose 6040 is another of those of those temporary

frequencies from unknown site, like 9440

** U S A [and non]. Nov 7 at 1626 in Spanish, WRMI with Cuban exile program on 9955, and no jamming audible! However, there was a lo het, probably with KHBN Palau, also shown in FCC B-06 as on the air at this time; I wonder which is further off-frequency?

** AUSTRIA. Nov 8 at 1444 heard talk in unID language on 17610, with QRM from continuous falling chirps (similar to the rising chirps against Greece on 17525 at same time). PWBR ``2007``, just in claims this is AWR in Arabic

(checkerboard) to EAf, but doesn`t sound like Arabic to me! For correct info,

went to  where this is listed as Afar, 7 days a week. BTW, a lot of the B-06 schedules archived at from DXLD and other sources are incomplete so far, but not AWR

** BELGIUM [and non]. Re my recent report under CUBA of DRM-sounding noise centred at 5925. Nov 8 at 0637, none of this but instead RFI in analog French with IDs in passing. Issoudun is scheduled there from 04 to 07.

Coincidentally? Per Wolfgang Büschel, RTBF Wavre Belgium has just started DRM to North America on 5920-5930 but at a later hour, 10-13, which is certainly

daring scheduling. Does RTBF really believe a DRM signal can make it to NAm at midday on 50 m, even in winter, when analog will not?

** CHINA [and non]. Chinese talk with severe echo from two unsynchronized

transmitters (or, who knows, one transmitter broadcasting such an audio

mixture), Nov 8 at 1420 on 9605. This is no accident as it is obviously to jam

the BBC Mandarin service via Yamata, Japan scheduled on 9605 at 1100-1530.

Similar situation on 9680, mixed with Taiwan, Indonesia.

Why does the BBC put up with this? Why is there no diplomatic or economic

action taken against China in retaliation for such gross abuse of the spectrum

and for the human right of the Chinese people to hear news from abroad?

** CUBA. The RHC B-06 schedule distributed by Arnie Coro contains an entry

which I suspect is a transposition typo: ``15370`` at 13-15 UT in Spanish. Nov

8 at 1424 check I am still hearing Fidel on the original frequency (which does

not appear in the new schedule), 13750. And that was added only a few weeks


On 15370 there is a weak signal from something else, probably VOA Russian via Morocco.

Also, since I happened to tune across RHC 11760 just as they were signing off

the morning broadcast, I copied the moldie oldie frequency info they keep

giving incorrectly in Spanish, at 1457 Nov 8: to resume at ``7 pm Hora Normal

de Cuba en 15230, 11705, 11760, 9550, 6000``

That means 0000 UT. However, the new schedule distributed by Arnie Coro shows Spanish transmissions resume already at 2100-2300 on 9550 and 11800. And from 0000 on many frequencies, the correct list being 15230, 11875, 11760, 9600, 6180, 6140, 6060, 6000 and 5965! I assume all these are just meaningless

numbers to the studio producers, so why bother to update them?

** GOA. Another check of 9820, Nov 8 at 1414: going from S. Asian talk to

music, flutter, perhaps some weak co-channel under. The main 9820 signal dumped off the air for a few seconds several times, but so briefly I could not be sure there was anything else on frequency. I then checked the listed // for AIR

Sinhala service, 15050, and indeed it was also audible and // but better on

9820. So that clinches what I am hearing on 9820

** INDIA. AIR, 9425 with news in English at 1540 Nov 8, G signal, clear

modulation and good enunciation, but some flutter. This is the 9 pm English

news on the domestic service at 1530-1545 UT on a great many AIR frequencies, but this one from what used to be called Bangalore at 18 degrees is best here. YL newscaster reporting on US elexions referred to the ``two chambers of parliament`` and mentioned ``parliament`` again later. It seems the World`s Largest Democracy has only a dim understanding of the system in the World`s Oldest Democracy. Perhaps ``Congress`` is a dirty word there, or construed as partisan? Just for that, ignorant Americans should refer to India as having provinces rather than states

** MYANMAR [and non]. Once again this B-season, we can forget about hearing

Myanma Radio`s English broadcast at 1430 on 5986v. Nov 8 at 1429 I was hearing what seemed like Japanese, 1430 RCI theme and into Chinese. This is on the RCI schedule as RCI in Mandarin on 5985, but no sites are shown, while the companion technical schedule showing site as Yamata, Japan lists this transmission as in French! In any event, would-be listeners of Burma, both here and no doubt in Asia are out of luck. All I could detect was a very weak het on the high side of RCI 5985. Yangon only has a total of 4 SW frequencies, one each on the 60, 49, 41 and 31m bands, and you would think that other broadcasters could afford to avoid them

** THAILAND. R. Thailand, 9725, lucked out again Nov 8 as Defunct Gene Scott,

Costa Rica, was nowhere to be heard, during English broadcast at 1418;

unfortunately, signal was too poor to make out much of what was being said,

aimed toward Australia. Also in clear after 1500 for VOA in Vietnamese




** U K [non]. BBCWS in English, 5975 via Thailand, Nov 8 at 1426 has some

co-channel QRM causing SAH. Possibilities are Vietnam home service and KBSWR Korea South, either of which would make 5975 no good for BBC in EAs.

Better signal with B-B-C chimes, on 6135, Nov 8 at 1428, and then into

Vietnamese. This is via Singapore aimed 13 degrees, and thus onward toward NAm

** U S A. The Power Hour keeps showing up on new SW frequencies. Nov 8 at 1425 I found it on 5850, good signal but usual somewhat distorted and lo-fi audio. WEWN is on this frequency earlier, but obviously not now. Same program // on WWCR 7465 at 1436 check, but 5850 is a few words ahead of 7465. However, at 1450 found 5850 to be synchronized with 12180 and at 1500 confirmed that 5850 is a new frequency for WWRB, with ID insert by Dave Frantz. 5850 WWRB does not appear on any schedule I can find, including FCC B-06 version 1 (in A-06 there never appeared a version 2) and PWBR `2007`. The website  has obviously not been updated in months (years?). BTW, KAIJ 9340 was on the air at 1438 but with something else

** VATICAN. Nov 8 at 1455 found S Asian talk and music on 11850. Brand new PWBR ``2007`` shows nothing at all! Kept listening and talk kept going past 1500, good signal, into music again at 1502. At 1529 recheck, Vatican Radio IS and ID, into English and announcing schedule but which I did not try to copy. It

seems does not yet have any schedule from VR either. This is

however, the Vatican Radio transmission to South Asia at 1415-1600 from Santa

Maria di Galeria, 500 kW at 98 degrees

** GUAM. Thu Nov 9 at 1332 came upon 9615 which was just going from Chinese, into English lesson presented entirely in English for those already

semi-fluent, as the teacher admitted she did not speak much Chinese. Woman went on and on for five minutes of introduction --- does she do the same in every

broadcast of this program? And at 1337 finally got to the first expression to

be explained, ``the die is cast`` which has nothing to do with death. Fair

signal but clear. At first I guessed it was KNLS, which has used 9615 before,

but axually it`s listed as the AWR Mandarin service from KSDA

** KOREA NORTH [non]. With the timeshift in CNAm, I am less likely to be

hearing Shiokaze at 1300, but I was wondering whether they had made a B-06

schedule change. Finally Nov 9 I checked at 1325 and hear nothing on 9485 where it had been for some months, including English once or twice a week. Ron Howard looked at their websites and and found that this has moved to 9730

while the 2030 broadcast in Japanese has moved from 9785 to 9645

** TURKEY. VOT`s Live from Turkey, Thursday Nov 9 started at 1348 with its

theme music, this time hosted by a M&W. Gave phone number only twice at the

outset; I think it was 90-312-411-896. Started listening on 12035, but then

found 11735 had a much more solid signal, however with the usual WYFR Spanish QRM from 11740. Mentioned that tomorrow would be a holiday commemorating Atatürk with sirens.


At 1355 another M voice talked about doing voice-over for documentary on Turkey`s Red Crescent aid to tsunami victims in Aceh and Sri Lanka, for which Turkey does not get the credit it deserves, but instead one hears about its shortcomings. Did not get the names of the presenters, but once thought I heard Sedef mentioned, so maybe one of them was Sedef Somaltin, a.k.a. frequency manager. At 1405, break for a song in Turkish, followed by discussion of US elexion results. Never heard any callers, not even David Crystal.

11735 is supposed to be 95 degrees to Asia, and 12035 at 310 degrees to Europe (and NAm further on in same direxion), both from Emirler site. See my previous speculation about why 11735 is putting a better signal in here than 12035, the opposite of what would be expected. Have they swapped antennas for these two? Or is reception at this hour better by long path than short path?

Also, since we have had two reports recently of Emirler transmitters producing

leapfrog mixing products, we ought to look for VOT during the 1330 hour in

English also on 11435 and 12335

** AUSTRALIA. Strangeness from RA as I was tuning around Nov 10: on 6020,

interesting program about how the Blackfeet in Montana have banned tobacco from public places was rudely interrupted by Waltzing Matilda at 1358. Tuned down to 5995 and at 1359 Roger Broadbent was mentioning Australian Express, maybe a promo, since the 1330 program was I thought scheduled to be All in the Mind. During this minute there were two RA transmitters on 5995, the other also

running W.M. After 1400, when I went back to 6020, it was off. Now why did they

need to chop off a program to run IS there?

Earlier at 1342 Nov 10 on 9475 I paused on some English lessons, for Chinese

speakers including Jacko! To illustrate ``the kookaburra is a bird`` (not an


** CANADA [and non]. It`s amazing how little respect the CBC Northern Québec

service gets on its one and only frequency 9625. Lots of other stations come

and go on that frequency, apparently believing that all SW broadcasts only go

to their specified target, and who cares about remote northern Québec? I

thought there was a special relationship dating back to WW II between Canada

and Netherlands, but now RN Bonaire in Dutch is on 9625 at 0600 (ex-9630 in

A-06), despite the fact that CBCNQ runs past 0600.

Nov 10 at 0605 I tuned in to hear Dutch overriding `O Canada`, the anthem which RCI never plays on its broadcasts. 0606 CBC into tone test briefly. While they mixed, there was a fast SAH ripple indicating one or both are a good many Hz off-frequency. With RCI running less and less from CBC, the NQ service becomes more important for CBC listeners below, but of course we don`t count, right Raúl? The situation could worsen next week

** COLOMBIA. Someone reported recently that 5910 and 6010 were // and I agree, Nov 10 at 0622 with a hymn in English, about equal reception and not much QRM for a change on either. That would be Marfil Estéreo and La Voz de tu Conciencia, but did not stay with it long enough to find out which station ID

would be used 

** CUBA. RHC not yet running 6180 until 0700, as nothing there when checked at 0617 Nov 10

** MEXICO [and non]. Checking 6185 for XEPPM, Nov 10 at 0617, I found a strong open carrier blocking another station whose language I could not determine. So one was Vatican, and the other R. Educación, but not sure which. Vatican was in English on 7250 at same time

** U S A. VOA French on 9480 at 0607 Nov 10, so strong it must be Greenville;

yes, and // 5890, with sports scores, then feature on Veterans` Day. Later

found on 7265 too but not synchronized, via Morocco

** AUSTRIA. Nov 11 at 1503 checked 15150 in case Indonesia was there as well as 9525, but instead heard good signal from program in Turkish, with

Chinese-sounding music in background. This must be AWR in Turkish as scheduled via Moosbrunn. Iran no longer using 15150 at this hour?

** AUSTRIA [non]. Ö1 in English via Canada, 13675, Nov 11 at 1607 had annoying co-channel in French. Duh! RFI Issoudun is scheduled with 2 x 500 kW

transmitters here to NW Africa. Another triumph of propagation over theory

** CUBA. Strong buzzy jamming pulses on 11845 against nothing, Nov 11 at 1515. R. Martí hasn`t used this frequency since A-06 ended, but the DentroCuban Jamming Command just wants to be sure to demonstrate its own incompetence for all to hear 

** GABON. Africa No. One harmonic, 19160 = 2 x 9580 again audible Nov 11 at

1452 with a bit of audio, fading S5 to S8; not audible at 1601 recheck.

African music jammer against nothing, 17660, good Nov 11 at 1455, equivalent

signal to ANO fundamental 17630

** GOA. AIR Sinhala service, 9820, Nov 11 at 1447 was going from talk into the

usual chanting at end of transmission, but today there was also squealing from

the defective transmitter, unlike my other logs of this the past several days.

No sign of China co-channel

** GREECE. Hellenes Around the World, weekly hour in English from VOG,

confirmed Sat Nov 11 at 1425 in progress on 9420, Katerina interviewing someone on phone about Greek-American community, churches; G signal but QSB; recheck at 1450, another interview about chivalry, Mary, but now there is a bad echo, long/short path. Altho Americans are often featured on this show, it is not broadcast to NAm any more, as this is apparently the only airing in B-06. At

1545 checked the only //, 17525, and found a poor signal, made worse and

unusable by undermodulation; at least there was no chirping utility QRM this


** INDONESIA [and non]. Checking VOI 9525, Nov 11 at 1450, usual open carrier, but no hum this time. At 1522 found CRI Kashi in English also on 9525 mostly under the carrier, 1530 into mailbag. Seemed like there was a third station in the mix, too. Unlike several previous dates, Suara Indonesia did not go into

gamelan orchestra loop with English IDs, but OC continued. 1557 recheck no

audio from either; was CRI already finished?

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Sat on 17810 Sat Nov 11 from 1458 waiting to see just when TDF Montsinéry would turn on the transmitter; previously it had been well before the scheduled hour. But this week nothing until abrupt *1459:30 with

service music in progress, initial preaching by someone other than Brother

Scare. Ran past 1600 but I don`t know for how long

** U K. BBCWS in English on another unexpected new frequency, 11820, Nov 11 at 1514 giving phone number for listener participation in Sportsworld. This is

Skelton at 15-17 due east for Europe

** U S A [non]. VOA English, 11890 with item on deaf issues, Nov 11 at 1516,

not // special English on 9760. 11890 is Lampertheim eastward during this hour

only. Also in African English on 17715, Nov 11 at 1602 with news of southern

Sudan, Zimbabwe, 1605 ending headline news with VOA ID. This is Botswana,


** AUSTRALIA. Nov 12 at 0625 came upon a discussion in English on 15290; what could this be? At 0630 ID as ``The Pulse, on Radio Australia``. Cannot find

15290 on any current schedule, including on RA website which has already been in DXLD (in two parts).

Unfortunately, the above schedule does not explain which frequencies break away for sports on weekend mornings and afternoons, because on Sundays this is during the time when RA is supposedly devoting all its resources to silly

ballgames, e.g. cricket as heard on 15515 // 15160. There is usually a third

frequency at this time, 15240, but it was missing. Theory: 1) punched up wrong

frequency; 2) punched up wrong program.

Could also be that 15290 is a permanent change of frequency and/or target from

15240, but since RA updates its posted schedule above only once a year, we may be in for a long wait to find out that way. Further chex of 15290 and 15240

around 0620 should provide the answer.

There is nothing called The Pulse at the 2006 RA Pacific program grid displayed

at which is not in UT.

By Australian Eastern Standard Time, do they mean UT +10 or have they adjusted it for UT +11 currently in force in Melbourne and Sydney, but not in Brisbane? Wouldn`t it be much less confusing to show it in UT, or at least specify the current offset from ever-constant UT? In Fiji or Hong Kong, other local time

display options, who cares whether part of Australia is on DST, and why should

they have to keep track of it? The world, including the Pacific, does not

revolve around Melbourne and its timezone foibles. And if AEST means UT +10

normally, shouldn`t there be another abbr. and term for summer time when it is


But I do find two listings for The Pulse on the companion grid for Asia at 1420-1430 and 1720-1720

(axually given in pm) AEST Sundays, so the latter would be 0620 UT if the grid

is really in UT +11. But 15240 scheduled at 00-08 is supposedly carrying the

Pacific service, not the Asian service. Could all this be any more confusing?

** GABON. As others have noticed, ANO second harmonic on 19160 is now just a buzz. Nov 12 at 1424 I could detect that, but no intelligible modulation; by

1504 the signal was stronger, and with BFO on it seemed the carrier itself was

unstable with rapid oscillations in frequency up and down slightly

** GABON [and non]. Nov 12 at 1415, heard CRI in English mixing with Africa No. Un on 17630, with a lo het indicating one or both are considerably


Had not noticed this collision before, but CRI is scheduled via

Mali eastward at that time. How did this conflict get thru HFCC? A-06 had these

two overlapping at 14-15, and still the case

** INDONESIA [and non]. Nov 12 at 1350 listened carefully to Suara Indonesia

9525 during vocal music, but could not detect any audio from Poland-via-Germany underneath. There were occasional fades which might have been caused by a SAH of less than 1 Hz. After 1400, the usual hummy open carrier, but Poland is done by then too 

** JAPAN. Having previously found NHK Warido to NAm at 1500 missing from 9535, I sat on the frequency from 1500 sharp Nov 12. Cut on at *1501 with Japanese talk in progress. I guess same Yamata transmitter is not cutting off some other programming before hourtop in order to get to 9535 in time. Hmmm, maybe studio should install one more minute into the break, but like most SW stations with remote transmitter sites, it is doubtful anyone in Tokyo studio axially monitors what is happening on their SW frequencies, especially at midnight. And

the transmitter engineers might lose face if they admitted they could not get

the next frequency up in time

** VENEZUELA [non]. RHC is still running ``Aló, Presidente`` whether or not

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías is too busy to appear. Nov 12 around 1405 on 11875 the RHC announcer made some excuse and then proceeded with the usual pre-fill show Mundo Siete, week in review. Seems HRCF was busy welcoming Lula to Venezuela for some bridge dedication. At 1418 also found big signal from this on 17750 overriding VOA Kurdish which is clear the other seis days of the week. Did not seek out parallels this time, and I wonder when they close the transmission, nominally to 1830 or so, if there is no Presidente to Aló?

** ALBANIA. Looked for R. Tirana, English to NAm on 6115 and 7465, Nov 14 at

0331, but nothing audible on either. Propagation from E Eu was not so good tho

Russia was making it on 6240, as was Ukraine on 5820

** CHINA [non]. Couldn`t hear Canada on 31m, Nov 13 at 0300, but R.

Internacional de China was inbooming via Brasil, opening 9665. There were some small audio dropouts; I`ll bet most listeners in Latin America have no idea

this is transmitted from Brasília 

** CROATIA [non]. Voice of Croatia, 7285 via Germany, Germany and Germany, Nov 14 at 0310 in English discussing new translation of Shakespeare. Signal had a `hollow` reverb sound, because transmitters were not precisely synchronized,

but pretty close, could be, and has been worse. I guess English starts at 0300

** CUBA. Altho Arnie announced it last week, RHC still hasn`t left 9820 for

6180. English on 9820 at 0301 UT Nov 14, while 6180 was occupied by DW in

Swahili via Rwanda with ID at 0330. RHC English also on 6000, but could not

hear it on 6060, squeezed between REE and WYFR

** ECUADOR. Don`t you believe that HCJB no longer broadcasts in English. Quite by chance I ran across Spotlight, the special-English-teaching quarter-hour, twice in a row on two different frequencies: UT Tue Nov 14 at 0320 on 9745, presumably started at 0315, with story of how a surfer named Ángel in Puerto Rico took on the Army Corps of Engineers for dumping waste underwater damaging coral reefs.

Finally got them to stop but will take a long time for the reefs to recover. Closing before 0330 gave program title, episode title Saving the

Coral, website and back into Spanish. Quite by

chance again, a few minutes later patrolling the 49m band I came on the very

same episode on another HCJB frequency, 6050, at 0333, presumably started at

0330. Not sure if this is nightly or weekly, but Spotlight has also shown up at

various other times on HCJB`s hard-to-obtain Spanish program schedule.

Excellent on 9745, good on 6050

** GABON. Nov 13 at 1456 check, ANO harmonic 19160 with buzz but also some audio mixed in

** GUYANA. Me too, can`t recall hearing 3291 better here, Nov 13 at 0648 with

English dialog, drama? Yes, that would fit for BBCWS Americas stream UT Mon at 06-07: BBC World Drama: Small Talk: Big Picture, but I`d rather hear local


** HUNGARY. R. Budapest, 5980, must be the source of something in Hungarian, Nov 14 at 0318, but there was some singing underneath, unsure whence. After 0330, English on 6035 was fair but squeezed between Spain 6040 and Cuban jamming 6030 

** JAPAN [non]. NHK Warido, 9660, just caught signing off by 0300 Nov 14. That

would be Portuguese at 0230 via Guiana French 

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze`s new 9950, presumably still via Taiwan: not a chance here with supersignal from WEWN on 9955, but checked anyway at 1315 Nov 13. How is it in CA?

** RUSSIA. V. of Russia blasts away any marines wanting to use their band, 6240 with 500 kW at 313 degrees from Armavir doing the trick for English to NAm, Nov 14 at 0311 with items on US politics, Iran

** SOUTH AFRICA. Channel Africa, 7390, Nov 14 at 0304 with news in English

about UN, AIDS in Africa, brief QRM de data burst, 0308 economic news. F-G

signal tho aimed at 20 degrees from Meyerton for EAf. But this is primetime in

NAm, just about when Radio RSA used to aim our way

** SWAZILAND. TWR becomes a nuisance beyond its misguided programming:

Nov 13 at 1452 I was listening to RA 9590, and heard tinkling music

box QRM, which proved to be from adjacent 9585 with TWR IS and English


** THAILAND. Some tentative schedules showed R. Thailand via Delano 5890 with English at 0300, same time as last B-05, while it shifted to 0200 during A-06

unlike A-05. But now Nov 14 at 0300+ I find it in Thai, so English must still

be at 0200 

** U K [and non]. Nov 14 at 0309 on 7325 a Cuban accent caught my ear in

discussion of US politix; could it be another clandestine broadcast? No, just

an interviewee on BBCWS`s only remaining Spanish hour, via Skelton/Rampisham, and also heard // 6110 Furman/Cypress Creek, not exactly synchronized, and no jamming on either

** CANADA. RCI news at 1502 Nov 14 on 17820: the YL newscaster now seems to be putting more effort into expression


** CHINA. It speaks volumes for the sad situation in China that whenever one

hears a strong signal from CNR-1, one assumes it is jamming something. This was the case Nov 14 at 1520 on 11665 with commercials, VG signal but some deep fades. Could not hear any other signal mixing, but R. Taiwan International is scheduled there in Chinese until 1600.

Also heard Firedrake on 7270, Nov 14 at 1526. There are several stations

scheduled here, but the more likely one as a jamming victim may be BBC Tajik

via Cyprus. Can anyone confirm this service is jammed? Don`t know of anything

in Chinese. 7270 was // much weaker 10400 against Sound of Hope

** CUBA. Further evidence of Cuba`s absolute disregard for other SW

broadcasters: clicking jammer spurs found on all these frequencies Nov 14 at

1510: 15180, 15230, 15280, 15380, 15430, 15480, 15530, 15580, 15630. These

obviously originate from transmitters on 15330 against R. Martí, which BTW was

well atop the jamming on 15330 itself. Strength of the spurs did not correlate

with distance from the fundamental; 15430 was the strongest, bothering Saudi

Arabia on both sides. No doubt would have been audible on 15130 too if it were

not for very strong WYFR; and on 15680 CVC. Before 1500, the spur on 15230

would have been jamming RHC itself, but who would notice with CRI via Canada

also on there?

A similar situation infects the jamming on 11930 against Martí. At 1514 Nov 14,

the clix were audible on 12030, 11980 and 11880, and in this case even

detectable under very strong WYFR in Chinese on 11830! Plus the usual separate jammer against nothing on 11845

** GOA. Nov 14 at 1514 came upon the unmistakable AIR IS on 15175, into unID

language, distorted audio and slightly variable het. PWBR ``2007`` claims this

is Bangalore, while Jose Jacob`s B-06 AIR sked shows it as Panaji; I`ll go with

the latter, with such transmission characteristics. It`s the Gujarati service

to EAf, also troubled by Cuban jamming spur on 15180

** GREECE [and non]. Altho VOG continues to be weak here on 17525, have noticed that the chirping ute QRM has gone. Apparently to 17531 where I was hearing it until 1500* Nov 14. There it does not collide with a broadcast station, and needed BFO to recognize

** IRAN. VOIRI, 9575, 1430 Nov 14 opening in Russian with anthem(?), ID, 1432

Qur`an in Arabic of course but for only a few seconds, back to Russian

** NEW ZEALAND. Is Rangitaiki down again? Nov 14 at 1527 could not hear any DRM on 7145 --- no change in S-meter noise level as I tuned across the frequency; RA was audible on 7240. I believe I also noticed an hour or more earlier that 7145 was clean

** AUSTRALIA [non]. Nov 15 at 1459 on 5995 heard VOR IS mixing with RA, VOR off at 1500. Per HFCC B-06 this is Pet-Kam, sked 12-15, and in the public

version no sign of RA on 5995, since our friend Bernd Friedewald who manages

their frequencies requires HFCC to delete all such entries, even tho he no

longer publishes the info either in ILG! But RA is on 5995 from 08 to 18,

switching from 10 kW Brandon to 100 kW Shepparton at 14

RA, 9590, with All in the Mind, topic again the Blackfeet of Montana banning

smoking in public places, and the impact of tobacco in general on native

peoples also in Australia and NZ; Blackfeet retain tobacco only for ceremonial

purposes. To my surprise, program ended at 1434 Wed Nov 15 instead of 1430 and then immediately into The Philosopher`s Zone

** CUBA. Almost as if the DentroCuban Jamming Command had read my recent

reports, their act appeared to have been cleaned up Nov 15: no longer any

jamming against nothing on R. Martí`s summer frequency 11845 when checked at1507 and later (A-06 scheduled 13-17; but Chinese Firedrake on 11840), and

furthermore no spurious jammer clix audible every 50 kHz above and below 11930 and 15330, only the usual heavy jamming right on those frequencies. But this could have been a fluke, so I am not yet concluding the others are gone for


** GABON. Nov 15 chex of buzz from Africa Number One: at 1419, definite buzz on 19160, no audio, but at 1504 check a little French // 17630 could be heard

along with the bigger buzz. At 1546, a little buzz was audible on fundamental

9580; long path?

The African music jammer against nothing on 17660 was coming in nicely Nov 15 at 1525 so I stayed with it to see when it would go off. Lasted until 1531,

with carrier on another 40 seconds (

** INDONESIA. V. of Indonesia doesn`t do it every day, but Nov 15 from tune-in

at 1532 on 9525, the 6:24 loop of gamelan orchestra music and English IDs was

running for the next half-hour, until 1603 into Qur`an and 1610 Arabic

programming toward EAs and NAm

** JORDAN. Nov 15 at 1621 tried listening for R. Jordan on 11690. Requires the

ICF SW07 with USB sync detexion. Signal too weak to stay locked and would

periodically jump to lock on the RTTY below instead. Pop vocal music of some

kind, 1626 announcement in English mentioned FM, which is typical of R. Jordan, tho I did not hear an ID as such. In late A-06 11690 was also ruined by CRI during this hour, but I heard no sign of that now. There are no longer any

China listings on 11690 in HFCC B-06, but Jordan is missing too, being an ASBU


** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa, 17725 via France, Nov 15 at 1505 in English

broadcast playing hilife music, much less hum than usual, but still audible

** U S A. Nov 15 at 1615 I noticed hets of the same pitch, about 1 kHz on RCI

9515 and WWRB 9385. Hmmm, what`s halfway in between? WEWN, which opens 9450 at 1600, and had not noticed the het before 1600 on 9515. The one on 9515, however, came and went, while the one on Brother Scare stayed on 9384. Tried to match audio with 9450, but as usual there was so much cross talk transmitted along with BS that I could not pick it out if there was any. But I do suspect WEWN of putting out spurs at plus and minus 66 kHz

** AUSTRALIA. 19m was finally back in business UT Nov 16 at 0635 check with

strong signals // from RA on 15515, 15160, and 15240, not 15290 as in previous

report, report on riots in Tonga.




** CUBA. RHC has finally made its move from 9820 to 6180, Nov 16 at 0645 check, VG signal on 6180, but not enough to completely blot out Brasília. Ignoring a 250 kW transmitter in the same hemisphere is not a sign of astute frequency management. Furthermore, RHC now impedes reception of R. Educación, 6185, México DF, which already has other co- and adjacent QRM problems, but had beenrelatively clear at certain lucky hours.

Actually as I was tuning down toward 6180 I heard RHC first on 6300! That`s a

new mixing product, leapfrog 6060 over 6180, as RHC causes more damage (there could be a match on 5940). There are now three intentional RHC frequencies in English all evening on 49m, supposedly for different parts of NAm, while onewould do the trick, and not cause so much collateral damage to other

broadcasters trying to funxion on crowded 49m this winter. If RHC really needs

to run three antennas at different azimuths, they should put them and three

transmitters to go with them, on one frequency, such as 6000. BTW, the idea

that only 49m will propagate is not true either, as RHC on 11760 was still

quite well heard at this late hour.

Altho B-season changes have apparently belatedly gone into effect, RHC Spanish is still on 13750, not 15370 as Arnie Coro`s sked showed, Nov 16 at 1339 check and also about an hour later. R. Rebelde 11655 was also very good at the same time

** CUBA [and non]. CUBA JAMMING CANADA --- Sackville, that is, now that it is

broadcasting Radio República at 02-05 UT Tue-Sat on 9630. Just checked Nov 16 at 0200 and all I hear is jamming, but two nights ago Sackville 9630, and the

NQ Service on 9625, were inaudible here tho others in eastern NAm could hear

RR. The jamming now is much weaker than RHC on 9550, however. I wonder how 9630 is doing in various parts of ENAm, especially S Florida, and on into the

Caribbean and Central America --- is RR on top of the jamming anywhere? [Curt

Deegan and Jeff White in S Florida say RR is loud and clear, no jamming audible

there. If the jammers skip over S Florida, they are also skipping over most of

Cuba, effectiveness limited to groundwave.] Tsk, tsk, Canadá and Cuba were such good friends, and now look what they`ve gone and done

** FRANCE. Nov 16 at 1448, Cuban music on 11675 --- could it be Cuba? Not so

strong, but then lyrix mentioned Puerto Rico instead; 1453 very brief

announcement, language unknown, into African hilife music. Quickly found //

13690. The only match for these in HFCC is RFI`s Pashto service at 1430-1530 on both via Issoudun. However both went off abruptly at 1500* without

announcement. No, the B-06 RFI schedule shows these very two frequencies are in Persian at 1430-1500 only:

And no Pashto service is even mentioned on SW.

BTW, this same grid is the one which does show the English frequency 5920 at

1400-1500, under Near/Middle East/Asia, which I missed before in DXLD 6-170.

Also, I misspoke at the beginning of World of Radio 1336, saying the RFI

broadcasts at 16, 18 and 21 on 17630 via Guiana French are in French; should be Spanish


** GABON. ANO harmonic, 19160, Nov 16 at 1349 buzz with some audio mixing; both were stronger at 1451 recheck, peaking 7 over S9

** GOA. AIR Sinhala service, 9820, Nov 16 at 1322 dominant as usual with S

Asian vocal music; during a brief pause at 1324 I could make out something

underneath, presumably China

** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa, 17725 via France, Nov 16 at 1453 with the usual

no-nonsense announcer reading some kind of declaration with enumerated points against FIFA for its ``unjust, corrupt`` system whereby in 2006 it is

unacceptable that the WC ``will be`` in Germany, 12 different cities too far

apart for convenience, but it was even worse in the USA in 1994 when all the

cities were not even in the same timezone. Very little hum this time!

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, 5950, good signal with Bell Bird, 1259 Nov 16, 1300 6-pip timesignal (all sounded the same), and into RNZI News, top story being the

strife in Tonga, where the business district of the capital Nuku`alofa has been

destroyed by pro-democracy rioters, and the burning is spreading to neighboring

towns. Geez, that could give democracy a bad name. But absolute monarchies are really passé in XXI. Will this remote, exotic story every make into US news

media? For a change, RNZI DRM was also on the air when 7140-7150 was checked at 1313 

** ROMANIA. RRI, 15105, Nov 16 at 1342 in English under continuous extraneous noise from own transmitter. This has been going on for a long time, and it`s beyond me why they don`t fix it or turn it off, get a relay on some transmitter that works properly. Worse, B-B-C chimes were just starting up co-channel

** RUSSIA. At first unidentified, 11975, Nov 16 at 1420 with some nice Asian

music, break for talk at 1430, more music at 1435. Really not sure of language,

but figured I could look it up later. Nothing in PWBR ``2007``, and the only

HFCC listing is for VOR Armavir 110 degrees, but not in the VOR sked at which only covers, English, Russia,

Urdu and Spanish. From last year`s language schedule in WRTH 2006, at this hour it looks like either Urdu or Pashto/Dari. Ahá, then I go to and there it is, VOR`s Pashto service B-06:

1300-1500 11975, 5980, 4975, 4965, 972, 801, 648

** TURKEY. Another Thursday morning, another try at Live from Turkey on VOT.

Tuned in at 1330 Nov 16 and once again found 11735 beamed eastward providing a stronger, steadier signal than // 12035 beamed northwestward toward us. But there was WYFR in French on 11740. From 1350, LfT, with studio guest talking about Israel vs Palestine; 1406 musical break, 1410 gave phone number, but signal deteriorating on both frequencies, could not really copy 16% of what was being said, so gave up. No David Crystal, whose voice would have enhanced readability, in contrast to the mumblers at the mikes.

Also checked the VOT Turkish frequency, 15350, at 1345: big carrier, but barely

modulated in Turkish talk and music. WYFR was just closing on 15355, to return

at 1400



** U S A. Preacher on 8765, Nov 16 at 1317, perfectly readable, except with

some ute carrier cutting on and off every few seconds on the low side. Did not

stay for ID, but from previous experience this is WNQM 1300 Nashville, mixing

product with super-strong WWCR at the same site on 7465. I could barely hear

the WWCR audio underneath on 8765. Seems to me there is some maritime station on 8765, but apparently they have not complained

** ALBANIA. On 6110, Nov 16 at 2247 I tuned in to some vocal music accompanied

by bass strumming; maybe there were other instruments but this modulation was

very muffled and had no highs. Good strength signal and not much interference,

so quite a shame that R. Tirana`s Albanian service to Europe (and onward to

NAm) via Shijak does not provide normal quality modulation. At 2255 into anthem

without announcement, until 2256:30 and carrier off a minute later.

Much better modulation during Spanish news at 2306 on 7210, which according to subsequent HFCC lookup is CRI Cërrik relay, Albania, Sounds like the customer gets the better facility than the home folks. Official target for this is Spain at local midnight, so if it just happens to carry onward at 280 degrees to the Caribbean where 7210 is in an exclusive amateur radio band, who can complain?

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria is really having problems. Nov 16 at 2218 I found a

good signal in English on 7500, but barely modulated. Had to turn the volume

way up to make it out, and if I were to tune up or down to US stations on 7520,

7490 without turning it down first, would have my eardrums blasted out. // 5800

was better modulated, but still quite a bit below normal. When this happens one

wonders if an old modulator tube is about to die, or whether someone simply

isn`t watching the levels going into and out of the transmitter. And whether

anyone at the station cares about how it sounds to the listener, without whom

the whole thing is pointless

** CANADA. Re previous report that CBCNQ had disappeared from 9625 at 2230, I looked for it Nov 16 at 2255, and could not pull it out between two REE signals on 9620 and 9630; when both were gone at 2257, however, CBC Radio 1 was mentioned as some program was wrapping up. Usual poor signal here

** CUBA [non]. R. República, 6135 via Rampisham UK, Nov 16 at 2245 G with no jamming audible. Altho this 22-24 transmission has been in effect at least

since April, it is still missing from HFCC B-06, so is apparently Top Secret as

far as VT Merlin is concerned. Ditto 00-02 on 7205 and 02-04 on 7110. I assume

the lack of jamming has nothing to do with the lack of registration, as the

DentroCuban Jamming Command has hit it before, and the last I checked was also jamming the 7 MHz channels. Could it be that Cuba`s jamming capacity is getting spread too thin, so they have to make hard choices? Surely the priority número uno is Radio Martí.

Then I tuned in 5970 at 2259 and found open carrier already with DentroCuban

jamming as R. República via Germany started up at 2300 with Radio Miami

Internacional ID, and half a minute later R. República opening and into

``¡Despierta, Cuba! Well above the jamming here.


Note: WRMI is not the same as Radio Miami Internacional. RMI brokers

programming on various other transmitters, and also runs the SW station in

Miami, WRMI, whose call letters apply only to broadcasts from there on 9955 or


I also listened for REE in French to Europe at local midnight, as supposedly

scheduled already on 5970 at 2300, but could not hear it in the mix, altho the

same to NAm was inbooming on 6055

** EGYPT. I was not expecting to hear anything, checking R. Cairo in English to

ENAm, scheduled on 11885, and sure enough all I heard was WYFR in Portuguese at 2307 Nov 16

** GABON. Africa Numéro Un, Moyabi, 9580 was a huge blob of buzz with traces of modulation, also bothering adjacent channels, Nov 16 at 2255 check and still

going when I quit at 2307. This is not jamming, but something very wrong with

their own transmitter, and has been going on for many days now, also sounding

the same on harmonic 19160 when it propagate. How can their engineers be

unaware of this, when any casual listener tuning in the station can`t help but

notice it, and indeed is prevented from listening to the station because of it?

Maybe they don`t have any engineers worthy of the title on staff, just people

to turn the equipment on and off

** VATICAN. DRM on 7365-7380, Nov 16 at 2305, would be Vatican Radio in English to NAm, 60 kW at 310 degrees from SMG at 2300-2330. Must be strong enough to demodulate, and sure spreading beyond 10 kHz, nominal 7370

** BURKINA FASO. RTB, 5030, French talk at 0637 Nov 17, overriding Defunct Gene Scott, TIRWR, Costa Rica. Amazingly, the two were only about 6 Hz from each other, indicating remarkable frequency control on the part of both of them, or equally remarkable coincidence

** CUBA. The DentroCuban Jamming Command`s spurs have not been eliminated. I was again hearing clix, spurious from 15330, on 15380, Nov 17 at 1440, but not at any of the other multiples of 50 kHz from 15330

** GABON. ANO, 19160, big buzz and a little modulation, Nov 17 at 1448. I`m

just pleased with evidence that 19+ MHz is still propagating so reliably over

such a distance. Wish some more Africans would beef up their harmonics,

preferably with good modulation

** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa, from the Great Jam., 17725 via France, Nov 17 at

1449 with same commentary I heard the other day in English, but now have caught its title at opening, ``FIFA --- Modify or Cancel It``. Again, very little hum

and easily listenable, if one cared to

** U S A. I avoid WINB since I know there`s nothing but gospel huxters on

there, but nevertheless as I was tuning across 13570 Nov 17 at 1430 I heard an

ID for Family Radio, and then the familiar drone of Harold Camping, who went on

to tell a story about giving Bibles to those who dwell on garbage dumps in the

Philippines (There are probably better ways to help them than to encourage them

to be content with the lot God has given them.) And it was parallel to WYFR

itself on 13695, except 13570 was running 17 seconds ahead of 13695 --- so hear Harold first on WINB!


And would you believe that WINB`s home page shows

Our Program Schedule by Time Frequency Schedule (EDT)

0600 - 0800  9625 kHz

0800 - 1900 13570 kHz

1900 - 2400  9625 kHz

First of all, EDT is not in effect anywhere now, so are we supposed to add 4 or

5 hours to this to get correct UT in November?

9625?!?! Fortunately, CBC NQ does not really have another competitor for this

frequency, as WINB is axually on *9265*, as far OOB as that may be. Such a

gross error despite the fact that DXer Hans Johnson of JihadDX is (was?) also

their frequency manager and program time broker.

The program schedule below is effective Oct. 8, 2006, and by golly it does show

WINB carrying Family Radio at certain hours. (Are a dozen SW transmitters in

Okeechobee, FM translators all over the US, plus numerous and increasing

foreign relays not enough?)

The schedule shows, 7 days a week, in EDT, whatever that means now, and UT,

unshifted? ---

07:00A / Sun-1100...Family Radio - Spanish

08:00A / Sun-1200...Family Radio - English

09:00A / Sun-1300...Family Radio - English

07:00P / Sun-2300...Family Radio - Spanish

08:00P / Mon-0000...Family Radio - English

Each of these is an hour long, except on Sundays the next show is at 1415, but

I seriously doubt FR really runs an extra 15 minutes then. Since I heard FR at

1430+, the above UT have presumably shifted one hour later, i.e. 12-15 and

00-02 UT. According to FCC B-06, the switch times between 9265 and 13570 are

1300 and 2300, so 9265 would be carrying FR at 12-13 and 00-02, 13570 at 13-15

**UNIDENTIFIED. 15390, big open carrier at 1440 Nov 17, 1445 tone test, 1447 off. I suspect this is Greenville in preparation for the 1730 broadcast in Creole

** ARGENTINA. 15820-LSB, weak Spanish talk at 2240 Nov 17, no doubt LTA;

confirmed it was LSB rather than USB using the ICF SW07

** CANADA. Another check of 9625 for CBC NQ: Nov 17 at 2306, a poor signal

there in non-French language. Can`t find a program sked for this online, tho I

have seen them on paper in previous seasons. The only thing I can find on the

CBC website is this merely mentioning the frequency 9625:

** CUBA [non]. A bit of Cuban jamming was audible on 9515, Nov 17 at 2303, a

frequency which Martí apparently used only briefly last season and never

appeared on schedules. Just in case. No jamming at this hour on 9565, still

used by RM but earlier in the day

** CUBA. Spy letters in code, 5800, Sat Nov 18 at 0625, VG signal rivalling the

broadcast transmitters of RHC rated 100 or 250 kW. In fact, it could well be

one of them, as it is operating in A3 mode, i.e. the carrier stays on as in a

normal AM transmission, the modulation merely being tones of about 1 kHz going on and off.

Would be useful for code practice, but never uses 16 letters of the alfabet, nor any numbers, punxuation.

RHC English, 6180, anti-US items which seem to take up at least half their

airtime, giving XEPPM 6185 a rough time, Nov 18 at 0627; at 0637, RHC English

on 9600, apparently ex-9550, and Bernie O'Shea, Ottawa, had earlier at 01-02

found languages supposed to be on 9550 mixing in with Spanish on 9600

** ECUADOR. Choices, choices from HCJB, Nov 17 at 2255. 11920 was in their

indigenous Kulina language toward that tribe in Brasil at 126 degrees, but G

here where it has very few speakers. Preferred 12000 which had the Spanish

service playing some nice Andean music; however, was cut off abruptly at 2259*

without any announcement. I knew they were switching to 11700 so tuned there

quickly and heard the opening ID from 2259:30 claiming they were on 11720

instead. BTW, 11720 had an open carrier from something for the next few minutes

** ECUADOR [non]. Looking for R. Quito, 4919, Nov 18 at 0620, nothing there,

just music on 4915, presumably Ghana

** GABON. Another check of ANO harmonic, 19160, found it still propagating as

late as 2238 UT Nov 17, mostly buzz but a little unintelligible modulation.

Same as on much stronger fundamental 9580 checked at 2303. BTW I then also

heard some intermittent buzzing, only, of a different sort, on 17630, probably

unrelated, but it is an ANO frequency much earlier in the day

** GABON. RTVG, 4777, yes, a big buzz just like on 9580 and 19160, Nov 18 at

0614; no modulation audible, and fortunately barely not a problem for Nigeria

on 4770

** GREECE. VOG, 9420 with good listenable signal Sat Nov 18 at 1433 during

English hour, Hellenes Around the World; this time interviewing a guest in

studio rather than phone. Well, I can`t be sure of that; could have been a

high-quality satellite hookup as in common use for US public radio interviews,

so you`d never know the conversants are not facing each other

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525 in Arabic to EAs and NAm, Nov 18 at 1607 going from

Qur`an into talk by woman, VG signal as

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI DRM missing again, no trace of it on 7145 Nov 18 at 1431. Are any Pacific relayers actually relying on this as their feed source? Both

DRM on 9890 and AM on 9870 were coming in well earlier around 0630

** PERU. Singing on 4790, Nov 18 at 0615 as I was checking out the Gabuzz on

4777, presumed R. Visión, Chiclayo. I look up the frequency in PWBR ``2007`` in

case there could be something else and see nothing but R. Atlántida, Iquitos,

the previous occupant of 4790, and anyway not listed on the air at this hour!

This shows how outdated a PWBR can be, even if it were not post-dated. R.

Visión was first reported in DXLD 6-079 as being heard May 23, 2006, with

details of the changeover in 6-081, and numerous other items during June in

6-080, 6-084, 6-086, 6-092 and 6-095, and onwards from there.

Of course, PWBR is forbidden to use DXLD as a reference, only since they refuse to acknowledge the existence, much less run a source credit line for, DX

Listening Digest, World of Radio, or Glenn Hauser.


But some reports of Visión taking over 4790 must have appeared in other DX publications PWBR is not forbidden to reference, long before it went to press

** TUNISIA. RTT, Arabic on 7190, Sat Nov 18 at 0629, with what sounds like a

stand-up act, frequently interrupted by audience laughter, something you don`t

hear much on Islamic-world stations, come to think of it. 0631 into a funny

song, 0632 phone interview. Apparently this is some kind of humor program.

Would be nice to know its title and more about it from some of our

Arabic-speakers. Sfax is a good reliable signal here around this time, with 500

kW aimed 265 degrees, while // 7275 at 340 degrees apparently goes off earlier

** U S A. WINB missing from 13570, which it supposedly uses all day, every day,

Nov 18 around 1500 tuneby; just CODAR swishes

** CANADA. Checking out Sackville frequencies Nov 19 at 0155, I could detect

only very weak carriers on 9625 and 9755, and could be sure even those were

from CBCNQ and RCI English respectively. Heavy jamming against absent R.

República, 9630 at 0215, did not help. At 0214, KBS World Radio relay on 9560

was audible, but poorly, and not easily listenable

** COSTA RICA. REE via Cariari, 9675, Nov 19 at 0230 exhibited the usual

undermodulation, muffled audio from this relay, and also had co-channel from

Brazilian, presumably R. Canção Nova

** CUBA. As Bernie O`Shea observed the night before, things are changing at

RHC, and not everything matches the schedule Arnie Coro gave out a sesquiweek ago. UT Sunday Nov 19 I started monitoring at 0152. 9550 was in French, 9600 was in Spanish plus hum, both VG signals. Nothing on 9820. Heavy jamming on 9515 against ex-Martí frequency. At 0154, found that 9600 was // 6060 and 5965 in Spanish, and the same after hourtop at 0203. At 0154, 6000 // 6180 in music, presumably English service with much better signal on 6180; at 0202 English ID and news. Co-channel QRM audible under 6180, Brasil? By 0213, the 31m channels had become much weaker. But very heavy Cuban pulse jamming against nothing was still strong on 9630, synchronized with 9955, about 5 pulses per second along with all the other noise

** ECUADOR. Quick check of 60m, Nov 19 at 0208 found music on 4919, presumably R. Quito, on its distinctive frequency. Are they on every night, but not 24h now?

** GUIANA FRENCH. NHK Warido in Portuguese news via Montsinéry, Nov 19 at 0232, with a strange defect. The modulation kept dropping out a few times per second but irregularly, and the carrier level was also dropping as observable on

S-meter, but never going completely off. Unlistenable until this cleared up a

couple minutes later

** HUNGARY [and non]. R. Budapest, 6110 to NAm in English, Nov 19 at 0200 fair signal and atop co-channel, which would be Rai via Ascension to SAm, but I

wouldn`t depend on that always being the case

** MEXICO. R. Educación, 6185, uncomfortably close to RHC`s new 6180, monitored Nov 19 at 0225 discussing S. American politix, at the moment holding its own against RHC, especially when RHC was not playing music. As far as I could determine the two had equal signal strength here, which says a lot for XEPPM considering the actual disparity in transmitter power and antenna gain.

However, RHC never had any adjacent-channel QRM from 6185. That frequency also had some co-channel under causing a slight ripple, maybe FEBA via UAE as Vatican does not start until 03. I am afraid that Amazônia may shift to 6185

because of Habana on 6180, as it has done in the past

** SAINT HELENA [non]. One would have been startled to hear R. Saint Helena on 11745, along with adjacent SSB QRM, Nov 19 at 0210 on 11745, but I realized it was just a repeat of Radio DX, with Célio Romais playing tapes of RSHD on CVC A Sua Voz, Miami via Chile, as now scheduled at 0200 UT Sundays, and I had already heard its original airing Friday 1532 on webcast, when also on 15410. It`s surprising how much `bad` DX audio he plays on this show, presumably driving away non-DXer listeners to the station

** SPAIN. A long time since I checked the CRI relay in Chinese via Spain on

9690, but Nov 19 at 0232 I found it still overmodulated and distorted

** GABON. ANO The Buzz, 19160, Nov 19 at 1511 along with some unintelligible

voice modulation; 10 over S9

** ITALY. Nov 19 at 1508 Rai with Sunday sports special (calcio?), VG on 21520

to NAm but squealing, // 21550 (not 21552 as in published sked) to SAm, without

squeal but also inferior modulation, PLUS unlisted 21490, which must be a

leapfrog mixing product between the two, but nothing on 21580 to match. Later

at 1516 also found on 17570 which is for Africa

** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa, 17725 via France, Nov 19 at 1513 had regained its

big hum with a VG carrier, under which ``Dear listeners`` were being addressed;

earlier, hum was weakly audible on // 21695

** PORTUGAL [and non]. RDPI, 17620, colliding with RFI, Sunday Nov 19 at 1515, producing a SAH indicating they are a few Hz apart, and // 21655.

According to B-06 RDPI schedule, 17620 is for Africa M-F at 17-20, but Sat and

Sun 15-21. Trouble is, RFI is also scheduled on 17620 for Africa, daily at

15-16, expanding to 15-17 come Feb 25. This collision is totally unnecessary as

there are plenty of unused 16m frequencies available

** U S A. WBCQ, 18910, Sunday Nov 19 with large open carrier at 1512 and still

at 1534, 1601. Not rechecked until 1721 when modulation of some preacher was

finally underway

** CHINA. Firedrake, 10400 presumably against Sound of Hope, weak Nov 20 at

1419, but much better on // 9930 against Sound of Hope via KWHR, which

presumably has a much stronger signal in the target area, and thus requires

heavier jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC observations: UT Nov 20 at 0613, nothing on 9600, but English back on 9550 // 6180 and synchronized, while 6000 was slightly unsynchronized

causing a reverberation/echo, indicating distinct transmitter sites and/or feed

routings. BTW, during this block UT Mondays RHC has a traditional Cuban music

show, a nice break from all the politics. Hunting for an English PROGRAM

schedule on the RHC website wasted my time. I would like to know its title and

exactly when it is scheduled on all transmissions.

At 1508 Nov 20, I noticed that RHC Spanish frequencies 15230, 12000, 11805, and 11760 were still on the air with open carriers after the nominal closedown at

1500. Then checking 9550, programming in Spanish!

But nothing available from RHC itself at this hour. It was a program about Santiago de Cuba, 1513 mentioned Arte y Cultura, ID in passing as CMBF, 1514 into Bach harpsichord music, and cut off at 1514:30. Then checked the other OC frequencies and they were off too. ¡More CMBF! ¡Less RHC!

** CUBA. Miscellaneous monitoring of the incompetent DentroCuban Jamming

Command: Nov 20 at 0619, jamming against nothing on 5970, which is the R.

República via Germany frequency in use only M-F at 2300-0400 UT Tue-Sat!

5745, Taiwan via WYFR in German, Nov 20 at 0631 was bothered by lite bubble

jamming, since R. Martí also uses 5745 but only at 12-14, or is it 11-14?

Jamming pulses against nothing, roughly 92 per minute, on 15380 at 1502 Nov 20, presumably spur from 15330

** CZECH REPUBLIC [non]. R. Prague via Sackville, Mon Nov 20 at 1505 with

Mailbox, 1509 Letter from Prague, which are Sunday shows. VG reception as usual

** GABON. ANO The Buzz, 19160, Nov 20 at 1426 was running only about S5

** INDONESIA. Suara Indonesia, 9525, Nov 20 at 1416 with music audible under

the hum. Yes, it`s // 9680 which during this hour is messed up by all that

China/Taiwan stuff

** NEW ZEALAND. Again Nov 20 at 1411 could not detect any DRM on 7145; indeed, there was a very weak analog carrier from something on 7145, perhaps FEBA Tashkent per HFCC, plus Arabic on 7140, probably BBC Cyprus. Meanwhile, RNZI analog 5950 was audible

** U S A. KAIJ switched from 9340 to 9480 on Nov 19 as its daytime frequency.

Nov 20 at 1414, G with Power Hour, and also after 1500. Unfortunately, BBC via

WHRI is also supposed to move to 9480, from 9660, starting Nov 20 at 21-23

** ALGERIA [non]. Ran across Qur`an on 9825, Nov 20 at 1945, then M&W talking in Arabic. This would be RTA via VTC Woofferton, in new B-06 schedule at 19-20, uncovered by Tony Rogers

** CANADA [and non]. Yet another problem for CBCNQ, 9625: already weak signal, Nov 20 at 2029 was bothered by a much stronger carrier cutting on 9621.0 for one second every three seconds. The same was also going on half an hour earlier. One could not tune to the hi side of 9625 either to escape it, with

stronger REE Spain there

** CUBA. RHC, 9505 in English, Nov 20 at 2032; only fair from one of their

low-powered transmitters, and QRM from 2-way zero-beat on frequency, I think in Spanish, which was also audible a few minutes before 2030 when the RHC open carrier was already on. // 11760 was stronger, but bad ACI de WHRA 11765. And at 2035 check 11760 was running about one word behind 9505

** GABON. ANO The Buzz, 9580, Nov 20 at 1943 with some modulation mixed in; at 2025 also on 19160, and a different pitch of buzz was in and out on 17630,

perhaps unrelated

** POLAND [non]. R. Polonia, via Guiana French, Nov 20 at 2030 with IS, 2031

opening German, only fair with fades, but in the clear, SINPO 25433. Similar

signal at 2215 check in Polish, also back to Europe, on 9660, free for the

first time of BBCWS via WHRI collision, which moved to 9480. The only

difference is that German is on 35 degree azimuth, and Polish on 40

** U S A [and non]. WBCQ, 7415 was quite listenable as early as 1935 Nov 20,

unthinkable in summer; so would have been on 9329+CLSB with Hembree if it were not for strong het presumably from Syria, with no modulation audible from them

** U S A. KAIJ, Frisco TX, observations Nov 20: around 1750, 9480 was weak on

the caradio, but I was hearing tones about every two seconds. Perhaps a

Russian/CIS transmitter was tuning up, as is their wont, but nothing known to

be starting at 1800 on 9475, 9480 or 9485.

At 2058 I went back to 9480 and heard a SAH of about 5 Hz, no doubt the

WHRI/BBC carrier on its new frequency ex-9660 overriding KAIJ, which may have stopped modulating already. The SAH and KAIJ went off at 2101, a sesquiminute after BBC started modulating, so I quickly retuned to 5755 and found that to avoid a new collision, indeed KAIJ was coming up this much earlier on its night frequency, ID before 2101:30. At this location, KAIJ was inbooming on 5755 so it`s an improvement over 9480, anyway

** U S A. Looking around for what became of WINB, still absent from 13570, Nov

20 at 1940 I tried their only other known frequency, 9265, and found open

carrier. But no, that must have been WMLK as scheduled during this time period,

and often with undetectable modulation. Recheck at 2011, still OC; recheck at

2033 finally a preacher audible.

Consulting FCC B-06, I see that WMLK is still registered for 9955 and 15265 as

it has been for several years without ever showing up on them, and does anyone

ever hear the overnight broadcast on 9265? ---

 9265 1600 2100 WMLK 125 53 27,28,39  234567 291006 250307

 9265 0400 0900 WMLK 125 53 27,28,39 1234567 291006 250307

 9955 0400 0900 WMLK 125 53 27,28,39 1234567 291006 250307

15265 1700 2200 WMLK 250 57 27,28,39 1234567 291006 250307

``234567`` for 9265? I thought Saturday-the-Sabbath was the day they were

totally silent, not Sunday or Monday. Yes; this says Sunday-Friday:

** U S A [non]. Even Radio Nederland is relaying Harold Camping now; Nov 20 at 1935, there he was on 7395, boring us to tears with his layman`s interpretation

of scripture. This is listed as 250 kW at 320 degrees from Madagascar. Wouldn`t

it be more apropos to employ this transmitter for RN`s own broadcasts in prime

African and European time?

** CANADA. For quite some time, tho I have not mentioned it until now, RCI on

9515 in the mornings has been rather undermodulated. Nov 21 at 1505, I found

its weak audio very much lower than its neighbour NHK Warido direct from Japan

on 9505; and RCI // 13655 was also notably louder

** CUBA. As Arnie Coro advised on the midweek DXers Unlimited, RHC has finally indeed moved to 15370 for the 13-15 UT broadcast, as heard Nov 22 at 1353, so it`s not a typo for 13750, altho that frequency is canceled at the same time. But now there is a different 13 MHz channel, 13680 as well. No doubt RHC wanted to get its own broadcasts away from that awful squealing transmitter used for China relay after 1400 on 13740


** GERMANY [non]. Ran across a good signal from Europe in English with news and sports about Netherlands, Nov 22 at 0622. But no RN in English at this hour.

It`s Deutsche Welle via Kigali to West Africa at 295 degrees, and thus onward

toward us. Unfortunately, this is one of the English broadcasts reduced to a

semihour, followed by Hausa

** ITALY. Rai, 11800, Nov 22 at 1500 introducing broadcast in Italian to Malta,

mentioning this and 11825 plus a 9 MHz frequency I did not catch. Not audible

on 11825 next to WYFR, but good on 11800, far beyond the target area. Rai

schedule at shows it at 1500-1525 for North Africa, the

third frequency being 9575, but I`m sure I heard them address Malta.

However, 11800 is beamed 120 degrees toward the ME (CIRAF 38, 39), much too far eastward for Malta, while 11825 and 9675 are aimed 235 degrees (CIRAF 37), too far westward. But directly off the back of 120 is 300, more or less toward us.

This was probably the broadcast originally in the Maltese language, but

replaced by Italian years ago due to ``unavailability of Maltese announcers``,

the Italian word for which one linguist mistranslated literally as

``indisposition``. BTW, what does Prato Smeraldo, the place of the Rai

transmitter site mean? Smeraldo is Emerald, but neither Babelfish nor Google

can translate Prato

** NEW ZEALAND. Altho others report RNZI DRM on 7145 before 1400, no DRM audible here on 7145 around 1420 Nov 21. I wonder if they are turning it off

after 1400; maybe no station in Pacific wants to relay it then

Confirming my suspicion that RNZI is turning DRM off from 7145 at 1400: Nov 22

I tuned in a minute earlier and heard the DRM buzz from 7140 to 7150, but it

vanished promptly at 1400, so either they are no longer running it overnight,

or have some other unknown frequency after that time

** TURKEY. Listened to Live from Turkey at 1951 UT Tuesday Nov 21 on webcast. The phone number given twice at outset is definitely: +90 312 491 2896, and mentioned twice again at 2005. NO callers, so the hosts played music and chatted about EU membership meaning Turkish ports would have to be open to Greek Cypriot ships, something Turkey doen`t want to do; and RCC Pope

Benedict`s upcoming visit where he will get second-class treatment since he

will be welcomed by a Catholic official giving him a ride, rather than the

president, as originally expected on a head-of-state level

** U S A. Good episode of VOA`s Talk to America, Wed Nov 22, with Kim Andrew Elliott guesting the entire hour about international broadcasting, and the

first caller Tarek Zeidan in Cairo. No more 5-minute editorial or other feature

at hourend either. Altho this was publicized in advance in DXLD, if you missed

it, find it in the audio archive at

** CHINA. Firedrake on new 9200, Nov 23 at 1422, // 6145. Could not hear

anything from its victim underneath. Could mean new frequency for Sound of

Hope, or if not that, some other clandestine. However, much weaker FD still

audible on 10400 at 1426 check. Today`s updated Aoki list does not show anything on 9200, nor

does PWBR `2007` nor HFCC B-06

** CUBA. RHC was in English on 9550 until 0700* Nov 23. New 13680 in Spanish, when playing music at 1447 caused bad interference to China-via-Canada in English on 13675 during Voices from Other Lands. Could not side-tune far enough below to get rid of it. Commies vs commies! But RHC is now far enough away from the mess of China-via-Cuba on 13740 spreading above and below. RHC could shift to 13685 which sounds clear here, but Darwin and Bamako are listed there

** LIBERIA [non]. Despite recent problems with the tax authorities, Star Radio

continues as usual, Nov 23 at 0702 with news of a US AID grant of 540K$ for

highway rehab, 9525 via Ascension, usual G signal for those awake

** U S A. As someone just pointed out to me, whose report I can`t find at the

moment, WYFR is indeed on 7455, as heard at 0705 Nov 23 with Harold Camping. Signal is so strong here it desensitizes the FRG-7 for some 50 kHz plus and minus. Despite this, I could detect the RTTY underneath. If this isn`t enough to drive the RTTY station off the frequency, nothing is

** U S A. WINB back on 13570, Nov 23 at 1430 with Open Forum from Family

Stations, Inc.; seems signal and modulation has been improved during downtime

of several days. And then FR again appealing for Tamil-speakers to contact them

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, French to Europe with good signal here, but non-hi-fi

audio, Nov 23 at 2006 on 7465, no QRM

** AUSTRALIA. RA, 11880, Nov 23 at 2010 with Pacific news of Fiji,

Bougainville, but starting with Tonga, where there is a new King George, have

you heard, hoping to bring the country back together after last week`s

worst-ever riots. That`s Shepparton at 50 degrees toward Pac & NAm

** CHINA. Firedrake on new 9200 still audible with good signal Nov 23 at 1952,

and off for monitoring check at 2000 during which I could hear nothing else at

all. Waited for it to come back, and that happened at 2004:40 or so. At 2029,

9200 and // 10400 were about equally received, unlike previous check

** CHINA [non]. Interesting to hear CRI in English as early as 2036 Nov 23 on

5960, which is Albania at 310 degrees // but slightly behind 11640 which is

Mali at 111 degrees

** GABON. ANO The Buzz, 19160 harmonic Nov 23 at 1930 at 5 over S9 level,

mostly buzz but a bit of modulation mixed; and much stronger at 1956 check on

9580 fundamental

** SPAIN. REE in English, 11680, 160 degrees to Africa, Nov 23 at 2031 with

feature about a songwriter, good but QRDRM on low side, 11670-11675-11680,

which is RNZI, 325 degrees, 50 kW currently scheduled at 1951-2050

** U S A. I spoke too soon about WINB`s signal and modulation being improved. A few hours later, at 1926 Nov 23, 13570 had an awful ripple on an unstable,

carrier also affecting the modulation, during another preacher

** U S A. KAIJ, 9480, Nov 23 at 1953 had preacher audio cutting on and off

irregularly, confused by the long pauses built into his presentation; 1959

interrupted by KAIJ ID


** U S A. WBCQ, 18910-CLSB, Nov 23 at 2044 with big carrier, hum and preacher modulation barely audible

** U S A. WYFR is still active on 6855, heard Nov 23 at 2004 with Bible

reading. Need to check at 2100 whether still collides with numbers station

** U S A [non]. AWR in French, good on 11845, Nov 23 at 2009 in French giving

address with deliberate LDE (long delayed echo) for effect, and then again

unimpeded. Also unimpeded by the DentroCuban Jamming Command, which finally quit blocking a no-longer-used R. Martí frequency. This is 328 degrees from South Africa, thus also favoring NAm

** VATICAN. VR, 11625, Nov 23 at 2008 in African-accented English going into

African News Panorama; good

** EGYPT. On 15810, Nov 24 at 1352, very distorted talk in unrecognizable

language. Must be R. Cairo as scheduled in Indonesian, 1230-1400, and likely

also the case with Malay at 1145-1230. In A-season, same was noted after 1430

in Pashto, but now that has moved to 9975 where we are not going to hear it.

The 15810 transmitter always seems to be out of whack

** SOUTH AFRICA. 15255, Nov 24 at 0627 with discussion in African-accented

English about Pan African Parliament. No ID heard but this is scheduled as

Channel Africa to WAf at 06-07. I realise that there are scads of African

languages, each of which ought to produce a different-sounding accent when

speaking English. Nevertheless, there is broadly speaking an `African` accented

English, it seems to me, analogous to `Indian` accented English by native

speakers of different languages spoken in India. Perhaps the Africans and

Indians can figure out an accented-English speaker`s native language?

** ECUADOR. HCJB, 11960, Aventura DX Sat Nov 25 at 1447 shortly after it

started, with report produced by Pedro Sedano about Damascus, RNASD, Serbia, Taiwan. Spells out postal addresses. Must be not too recent as he said Serbia was still inactive on SW. 1453 Salvation Army spot, but it only lasted about a minute. 1454 into another report voiced by Dino Bloíse featuring recordings of R. Varna, 7600, and an old one from R. Yerevan, which has now abolished Western languages from SW. Program was cut off by automation at 1459:30 before

``Aventura DX`` could be said at closing. Canned ID still claimed to be on

11760 and 9745, and 1500*

** GABON. Africa Numéro Un, Le Buzz, 19160 harmonic, Nov 25 at 1503 but it

sounds different now with some higher-frequency elements, S9+. As for ANU

fundamental on 17630, at 1505 in French obscured by squealing transmitter

UNIDENTIFIED. 6875, Nov 25 at 1422, the Beatles`s ``Help``, 1424 after a couple of false starts, clip of JFK calling for Moon mission; 1425 more Beatles; 1437 ``Battle of New Orleans``, 1441 something else from JFK, still going at 1455 but weakening, and 1502, and at 1535 recognizably an MLK clip. No IDs heard, but I might name this ``Voice of American Martyrs of the Sixties``. Axually, it is likely The Crystal Ship, pirate, which has been reported several times on

this frequency the last few months in Free Radio Weekly, and even during this

time period, and does programming like this


** BULGARIA. Somebody remembered to turn on the transmitter for the weekly

broadcast of R. Varna, but not to turn on the modulation. Just strong open

carrier on 7600 at several chex around 2320 UT Sunday Nov 26; supposed to run 2200-0400 into UT Monday

** CHINA. Strong signal from station in Vietnamese talk and music, Nov 26 at

2320 on 7220; must be from EAs, and better than anything on band from

Eurafrica. Then found // 9415 which clinches this as CRI, one from Beijing, one

from Xi`an as scheduled toward Vietnam, and continued past 2330. 7220 was a bit behind 9415

** CUBA [non]. Finally checking here for R. República on new 6185, UT Sun Nov

26 at 0020: playing ``Guantanamera`` as they often do, too often --- yes, it is

a quintessential Cuban song, but can`t they come up with more variety, more

originality? Mixed with heavy DentroCuban jamming, and traces of another

station underneath, no doubt poor R. Educación, Mexico, whose squatter`s rights

to the frequency are a joke to the Big Boys. There was only residual jamming

clicking on 7205, which presumably 6185 replaces via Rampisham. No jamming yet on 7110, which may still take over at 0200. Also jamming on 5970, even tho R. República via Germany is silent on weekends. The RR website still hasn`t been updated, showing outdated

A-season times and frequencies, none of the latest changes or additions. Why

tip off the jammers? Why not? They already know and if anything, over-jam

rather than under-jam

** CUBA. Haven`t heard the third harmonic of DentroCuban Jamming Command 6030 transmitters against R. Martí lately on 18090, but check the frequency

occasionally. Finally Nov 26 at 2259 there it was, light clicking. Also heavier

jamming on 5970 against nothing, Nov 26 at 2315, Sunday a day off for R.

República via Germany. And on about 17920 Nov 26 at 2332 pulsing of a different type, fading in and out. Does not work out as a likely harmonic or spur of

anything, and possibly was not really from jamming

** MEXICO. XEXQ, SLP, 6045: I hadn`t heard any sign of this for some weeks on

virtually morningly chex, but seldom that early, more like after 1330 or 1400.

Perhaps overwhelmed by Asian ACI here. Tried again Nov 26 at 1420 and could

pull some classical music on 6045 between much stronger stations on both sides

** NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. Have been meaning to recheck the NHK Warido hour in Japanese at 23 UT Saturdays on 17605 via Bonaire to reconfirm whether they still have a Western classical music show and the exact time it starts. But

this week I check 24 hours too late on UT Sunday, Nov 26: 2259 open carrier is

already on, and heard a few words of Japanese, 2300 off, on, off again, 2302

on, joining Japanese talk in progress, 2303 back to open carrier, off, on, 2304

off, 2305 on with Japanese talk and some music, now seeming to manage to stay on the air. 2313 was playing ``Pretty Woman``, and at 2322 some lite

instrumental music. Initially strong signal dropped off to almost nothing by

2330, tho CVC Chile remained strong on 17680




** TURKEY [and non]. VOT, 5960, Nov 26 at 2314, English to NAm but unusable

against much stronger signal from RHC 5965 in French. Instead I listened to RCI

with CBC TWTW on 6100, promised feature on RCC Pope Benedict`s upcoming visit to Turkey, and fears that the Christian faxions will forge an east-west

alliance to try to take over Constantinople again. Really

UNIDENTIFIED. I was hearing something with rock music on 6875 again Sunday Nov 26 at 1425, poor. The day before it seemed to be The Crystal Ship, North

American pirate, altho an hour+ later Sunday Terry Krueger was hearing

something on 6875 sounding like Tire Pressure Radio

** CANADA. What in the world is going on at RCI? Major changes apparently

effective Monday morning Nov 27; it`s hard to believe they were unintentional.

The 14-17 UT broadcast consisting of The Link 1 & 2, then Sounds like Canada

from CBC, had been on 9515, 13655 and 17820.

But now I found RCI on only one frequency, 9610, sounding like what was on

9515, undermodulated, at 1508 with RCI news, 1510 starting The Link. Quickly

scanned the 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 21 MHz bands and did not find any //


I was hoping for a new frequency announcement around 1600 but instead Jim

Craig`s This Day in History feature just kept running past hourtop – since the

news earlier ran later than usual, the whole block may have started late.

Closed The Link at 1603 plugging its next hour, so this was I, rather than the

usual II during the 15 UT hour.

But then at 1604 abruptly changed to Russian, with RCI+ ID for Sirius and into

news in Russian, still in Russian at 1621. This is on the schedule for RCI Plus

at 1100 EST,

and no changes have been made in the accompanying RCI B-06 schedules still

showing 9515, 13655 and 17820 at 14-17 UT.

Has RCI dumped its usual morning programming and just plugged the RCI+ feed

into one Sackville transmitter rather than three, on a new announced frequency,

without bothering to tell anyone what it is doing? Perhaps this new frequency

was chosen for being available beyond the 3 hours 9515 was in use.

After 1635, 9610 was still in Russian, but RCI, not a relay of R. France

Internationale as on the pdf grid (why would RCI be relaying RFI on its Sirius

channel, anyway?). Everything seems to run a few minutes late, still in Russian

past 1700, wrapping that up at 1703, into French song; 1704 back to English,

YL, with RCI+ ID on Sirius 188, RCI news by Terry Hayes, 1709 into The Link

again. Had other things to do so did not keep monitoring, but 9610 seemed to be

still on the air at 1822 recheck amid local noise sources

** GABON. ANU The Buzz, 19160, with bits of modulation also audible, Nov 27 at1522 was wavering between S3 and occasional S9 peaks

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, VG signal here, much better e.g. than Japan 9505/9535 or RCI 9610; Nov 27 during 1530 semihour again running gamelan orchestra 6:24 loop with English IDs; not checked during 1600 hour when no doubt in Arabic; seems to be running a few minutes late like RCI.



1703 music and opening Spanish, La Voz de Indonesia, news, spoken syl-la-ble-by-syl-la-ble with accent. Made some mistakes a native speaker would not, such as ``Indonesio`` as a noun, and ``democratíco``. 1712-1717 brief Arte y Cultura program about something in East Java, then music from different propinsis of Indonesia. Still on at 1802 into German. No sign of anything on 15150 at 1703 check where all these are supposedly scheduled toward Europe instead of 9525 toward North America

** NEW ZEALAND. Surprised to find RNZI on an unannounced new frequency, 9765, Nov 27 at 0615 with music, then lengthy discussions of dingos and Tasmanian devils, whether they should be re-introduced onto Aussie mainland. Why? 9870 had been fine here. DRM remains on 9885-9890-9895 at the same time.

** RUSSIA [and non]. VOR in Japanese, balalaika recital with some fancy

fingerwork, Nov 27 at 1440 on 6005 in the clear and // 5995 mixing with R.

Australia`s Health Report on risk factors for heart attax. BTW, No sign of RHC

in between on 6000, which used to run until 1500; maybe that transmitter is the

one that is on new 15370 or 13680


Jason Gardner – Meridian, MS



Thanksgiving Holiday SW Loggings 06.11.23-06.11.25

This holiday, I managed to pull myself away from my studies …and the

turkey… for a little while and turn on the radio, here's what I was

able to receive:

Unfortunately, the DX bug was biting, but not much DX was to be had.

Too much electrical noise from adding a computer and two lamps I


ANGUILLA. University Network- Gene Scott in English talking about

archeology of group, 6090 kHz from 0653-0700 UTC on 06.11.23

ASCENSION ISLAND. BBC English weather forecast 0338 to 0343 UTC on 06.11.24 on 7160 kHz.

*BRAZIL. Radio Nacional de Amazonia. Portuguese talk and ethnic

music, 11780 kHz from 2242-2248 UTC on 06.11.24 (pretty sure this was

R Nac de Amazonia, but no ID, I cross-referenced the frequency/time

with a Spanish language newsletter on Hard Core DX site.

BULGARIA. Radio Bulgaria. Announced English Language service

schedule, 9700 kHz from 0044 to 0051 UTC on 06.11.25

CANADA. Radio Canada International, English talk of Nanny 911 TV show and Dance song, 15180 kHz from 2142-2147 UTC on 06.11.24

CHILE. Spanish programming 2316-2321 UTC, 9635 kHz on 06.11.24

COSTA RICA. University Network- Gene Scott in English talking about

House of Israel and Faith by George Michael played during the

telephone number intermission. 0234-0239 UTC on 9725 kHz on 06.11.24


*CUBA. R Nacional de Venezuela on 11670 kHz from 2210-2216 UTC on

06.11.24. (I think this might be relayed from Cuba, anyone know for

sure?) "R Nacional de Venezuela presenta…" Identification.

ECUADOR. HCJB- Andean music with Spanish talk in between at 2250 UTC on 06.11.24 on 12000 kHz.

EGYPT. Radio Cairo. Arabic music with Radio Cairo ID on the hour 0256

UTC on 7270 kHz on 06.11.24

GERMANY. Music reminiscent to disco and "Radio Croatia" ID in Spanish at 0320 on 7285 kHz. 06.11.24

MADAGASCAR. Radio Netherlands relay in Spanish with some sort of news0059 UTC on 9755 kHz on 06.11.25

NETHERLANDS-ANTILLES: BONAIRE. Radio Netherlands in Dutch with Blues- Rock music at 2231 UTC on 06.11.24 on 11730 kHz

PORTUGAL. RDP. Man speaking in Portuguese and Identification 0031 on 9455 kHz on 06.11.25

SPAIN. Radio Exterior de Espana. 9535 kHz with talk of ex-KGB agent

poisoning at 2309 utc in Spanish on 06.11.24

U.S.A.- The usual ecclesiastical and commercial stations came in with

relative ease. KTBN/WWCR/WEWN/WYFR.

HF Logs One Hour 0305-0405 UTC Repent from Thanksgiving-Day-Gluttony


In this session, I tried to receive as many religious or

ecclesiastical, programs and stations as possible for one hour.

HF Broadcast Band

Costa Rica- University Network, 6150 kHz, 0400 UTC Jazz intermission,

then Gene Scott. SIO=151.

Costa Rica- University Network 9725 kHz, 0403 UTC, Gene Scott talking

about offerings. SIO=454

U.S.A.- KAIJ- Texas. Preaching in English. SIO=151.

U.S.A.-KTBN- Salt Lake City, UT, 7505 kHz, at 0339 UTC, Sermon in

English by Billy Graham, simulcast of Trinity Broadcast Network TV.

U.S.A.-WHRI- Angel 1- Cypress Creek, SC- 7315 kHz, at 0324-0328 UTC,

with Christian pop music. SIO=454

U.S.A.-WHRI- Angel 2- Cypress Creek, SC- 6110 kHz, at 0328-0332 UTC,

in Spanish with what sounds to be a news program.

U.S.A. WBOH- 5920 kHz, Christmas music at 0353 UTC. SIO=252

U.S.A.- WTJC- Newport, NC. 9370 kHz, at 0350 UTC, Gospel music.


U.S.A.- WWCR-#1- Nashville, TN. 3215 kHz, at 0258-0304 UTC, English

talk about anointing of God's spirit/ spirit of revival/ explanation

of a parable.  SIO=252

U.S.A.- WWCR-#2- Nashville, TN. 5935 kHz, at 0310-0315 UTC, English

Dr. Gene Scott preaching about proteins. SIO=252

U.S.A.-WWCR-#3- Nashville, TN. 5070 kHz, at 0305-0310 UTC, English DX

Program going over various schedules for other shortwave stations.

Male speaking with Australian accent. SIO=353

U.S.A.- WWCR-#4- Nashville, TN. 5765 kHz, at 0315-0320 UTC, English

talking about civil rights politics. SIO=252

U.S.A.- WYFR. Okeechobee, FL. 6065 kHz at 0332-0335 UTC. Choir music

with some slight interference from 6060 kHz. SIO=535

U.S.A.- WYFR- Okeechobee, FL 9505 kHz at 0336 UTC with same choir

music as on 6065 kHz. SIO=151

Vatican City- Vatican Radio, 7305 kHz, Catholic news in Spanish. 0320-

0323 UTC. SIO=252.



Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

DX-440 and window frame antenna or as noted


Heard on a Sony ICF-2010 and window frame antenna:


17740 Radio Canada Int'l 1927 weak, FF to Africa.

17650 WHRI Greenbush, ME 1929 with REL MX, weak.

17580 VOA Greenville, NC 1935 with FF to Africa, news story about 

Rwanda. Fair.

17555 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 1936 REL pgm talk by Harold Camping, 

scraping noise floor.

17535  WYFR Okeechobee, FL 1936 REL pgm Harold Camping taking calls 

about not proselytizing on the clock at work. Good.

15785 WHRI Cypress Creek, SC 1940 preaching about who Christ really 

was. Strong.

15745 WEWN Vandiver, AL 1941 broadcast of Catholic mass. Strong.

15590 KTBN Salt Lake City, UT 1942 preaching. Fadey.

15565 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 1943 more Harold Camping. Good.

15400 BBC Ascension Island 1945 man with news/commentary pgm for 

Africa. Very weak.

15365 RFI Issodun[?]  1947 FF singing by male. Fair

15330 R. Marti Greenville, SC 1954 SS pgm for Cuba with warble 

jammer. Fair.

15130 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 956 SS singing in harmony, nice REL song. 


15115 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 1957 Harold Camping ending call in pgm. Strong

15000 WWVH Kekaha, HI 2000 Time pips/announcements by woman. Strong.

13845 WWCR Nashville, TN 2001 with Gene Scott who is still dead. Strong.

13820 R. Marti Greenville, NC 2003 SS for Cuba, no jammer. Fair.

13780 Deutsche Welle Wertachtal, Germany 2004 GG pgm for Africa 

giving news about Kigali Rwanda then ID, fair.

13650 Radio Canada Int'l Sackville, NB 2006 in Arabic to mid-east. 

Fair but fadey.

13570 WINB Red Lion, PA 2009 reading letters about Radio Africa, 

someone asking for bibles. Good.

11930 R. Marti Greenville, NC 2010 SS with bubble jammer. Fair.

11855 WYFR Okeechobee, FL 2013 man/woman SS REL pgm. Good.

11800 R. Bulgaria[?] Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2015 sounds like an Eastern 

European speaking SS.

11775 The Caribbean Beacon The Valley, Anguilla 2017 with Dr. Gene 

Scott who is very dead. Strong.

11765 WHRI Greenbush, ME 2018 with preaching pgm. Good.

10000 WWV Ft. Collins, CO 2020 timepips/announcement by man. Strong.

9975 WWCR Nashville, TN 2021 Pastor Peete Peeters. Strong.

9885 UNID 2023 SS singing.

9830 Deutsche Welle Kigali, Rwanda 2025 with BIG RTTY jammer on top. 

DW fair, RTTY monsterous.

9585 R. Marti Greenville, NC 2029 SS for Cuba, no jammer. Fair.

9550 FEBA Kigali, Rwanda 2030 Arabic then promptly off. Good.

9520 RFE-RL Udon Thani, Thailand 2032 in RR. Good.

9450 WEWN Vandiver, AL 2033 Catholic pgm. Good.

9370 WTJC Newport, NC 2035 playing "The First Noel". Good.

9330 WBCQ Monticello, ME 2036 gold sellers taking calls on air. Real 


7415 WBCQ Monticello. ME 2037 gold sellers taking calls on air. Real 


Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX

Kaito 1103


Had great copy of Radio Austria International's EG-language

segment on 7325 kHz tonight from 6:40 PM until 6:57 PM CST

(25 Nov 2006, 00:40-00:57 UTC).  I was using my new KA-1103

with just its standard whip antenna.  Great signals, too!

I would rate them as SINPO 54434.

Starting at 6:40 PM CST, they broadcast their news segment,

followed at 6:51 with "Report from Austria."  Lots of musical

segments (all of them the "Blue Danube Waltz").

At 6:57 PM CST they began their multi-language Interval Signal

(German, English, French, and Spanish ID's) with the "Blue Danube

Waltz" in the background.

At 6:57 PM CST, poof!  Their carrier dropped - end of transmission!

Their website ( has

an online reception report form, which I used.  I had made an

MP3 recording of the last few minutes of the broadcast, but it's

around 3.5 MB in size - way too big to send via e-mail.

The 2007 PWBR lists their e-mail address as






John Hunter –Rossville, GA

Grundig Satellit 800 / longwires


[ed. Note I allowed the ute loggings as they are weather broadcasts to all]


11-25-06 8806 USB 1805 utc Unid station with wx for the Caribbean Sea

and tropical north Atlantic. [WLO Mobile, AL a ute]


11-25-06 17740 1825 utc CBC with programming for South America. RCI Sackville, NB]


11-25-06 15034 USB 1951 weather mentioning snow and an ID that

included something that sounded like "Trenton Military" [Trenton VOLMET, a ute]


11-25-06 21525 2000 signon after IS that I should know. Went into

programming in what sounded like either Arabic or something similar [WYFR Okeechobee, FL]


Down in the Basement [LW]


Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – GA

DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire






Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AOR-7030 / Timewave 599 / Quantum Pro Loop


I experimented a bit late this afternoon with NDB reception and was

able to snag a few.

335  LEE  Leesburg, FL  United States    Other    2210 UTC  11/11/2006

346  PCM  Plant City, FL  United States    Other    2215 UTC  11/11/2006

388  AM  'Picny' Tampa, FL  United States    Other    2238 UTC  11/11/2006

That last one is close to 100 miles away, so that bodes fairly well

for NDB reception here if I can get away from the noise here in the


329  ISM  'Kissimmee' Orlando, FL  United States    2230 UTC 11/12/2006 

391  DDP  San Juan / Dorado / Luiz Munoz Marin Intl, PR  Puerto Rico (United States)    0614 UTC  11/13/2006  JH

408  SFB  Sanford, FL  United States    Actually seemed to be on 407.98  0534 UTC  11/13/2006  JH

2006-11-14 05:57 379 TL   400 218 Y   'Wakul' Tallahassee, FL, USA

2006-11-19 08:44 415 CBC  1000 612  Y  West End (Cayman Brac), CYM

2006-11-21 06:10 332    FIS        268   Y   'Fish Hook'  Key West, FL, USA

2006-11-24 07:42 329    CH    1045 1026      400  325   Y   'Ashley'  Charleston, SC, USA

2006-11-27 05:52 344    JA    1067 1006 7.4  400  143   Y   'Dinns'  Jacksonville, FL, USA


Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN

ICOM R-75 – Quantum Phaser, Wellbrook Loop/Ratzlaff Whip



200    YAQ    2304    ON   Kasabonika

200    HXF    2305    WI     Hartford

201    GV       0101    TX    Greenville

201    YVZ    2306    ON    Deer Lake

201    YKX    2307    ON    Kirkland Lake

203    PVB    0104    WI     Platteville

203    KL       0124    QC    Schefferville

203    MWM 0128    MN   Windom

205    XZ       0108    ON    Wawa

206    XBE    0110    ON    Bearskin Lake

206    QI        0110    NS     Yarmouth

206    GLS     0112    TX    Galveston

207    YNE    0112    MB   Norway House

208    YSK    0115     NU   Sanikiluaq

209    HCD   0114     MN   Hutchinson

209    MT      0117     QC    Chibougamau

209    GDW  0139     MI     Gladwin

209    CLI      0142    WI     Clintonville

209    DKB    0143    IL      De Kalb

209    CHU    0144    MN   Caledonia

212    TS        0150    ON    Timmins

212    MPZ    0121    IA      Mount Pleasant

215    BFK    0123    OK     Buffalo

216    CLB    0125    NC     Wilmington

216    YFA    0129    ON     Fort Albany 

218    RL       0135    ON     Red Lake

218    DRM   0002    MI      Drummond Island

219    YMG   0136    ON     Manitouwadge

221    RP       0148    WI      Rice Lake   

221    ARV    0149    WI     Minocqua

223    FS        0154    AR     Fort Smith   NEW

223    YYW   0151    ON    Armstrong

224    MO      0012    ON    Moosonee

224    DN      0011    MB     Dauphin

227    CG      0544    BC      Castlegar

227    YAC    0015    ON    Cat Lake

230    ZUC     0211    ON    Ignace

230    YBM   0210    QC     St. Bruno de Guigues

230    BI        0548    ND     Bismarck

230    RDK   0559    IA       Red Oak

230    HPT    0559    IA       Hampton

233    OEO    0216    WI     Osceola

233    QN       0214    ON    Nakina

235    9H       0219    QC     La Grande 3--Camp David

236    DO      0222    WI      Minocqua

236    OW      0221    ON    Ottawa

236    ZRJ      0221    ON    Round Lake

242    YMY   0410    ON    Ear Falls

245    YZE     0412    ON    Gore Bay

248    GGI     0020    IA       Grinnell

250    YTJ      0413    ON    Terrace Bay

258    ZSJ       0035    ON    Sandy Lake

260    YAT     0505    ON    Attawapiskat

263    ZQT      0036    ON   Thunder Bay

264    ZPB      0037    ON    Sachigo Lake

266    YFH     0038    ON    Fort Hope

272    YQA     0040    ON    Muskoka

274    YPM     0042    ON    Pikangikum

276    YEL      0043    ON    Elliot Lake

283    PT         0045    ON    Pelee Island

300    YOG     0050    ON    Ogoki Post


I gave up at 300 kHz because my ears were starting to ring.


The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]


No logs for FM this month! Es season this month.


The Visible Universe [TV]


No logs for TV this month! Es season this month.


Nothin’ But Net [Net logs]


Kevin Redding  - Gilbert AZ


Right here you can hear KSL's main stream and also their new X-Stream.

Extra, Extra! [News]


Bob Smoak – Bamberg, SC


Build Date Code For GE Superadio III


I saved the "Radio World" issue of March 24, 1993, with a

review of the SR3. It states in there, "One important caveat. A

few early models of the SUPERRADIO III made in mid-to-late 1992,

were shipped from the factory with severe sensitivity problems.

Thompson said it did not catch all bad ones before they got into the

distribution channels."


    "According to Thompson, would-be buyers can look at the four-digit date code (not the serial number) on the box or in the battery compartment to see if the product is a potentially defective unit.  Check the second, third and fourth numbers, which represent the year, and fiscal week it was manufactured (the first number represents the day of the week and is not important in identifying a bad radio).


     If the second number is "two" then it was built in 1992, which means it could be defective (don't worry about the radio when the second digit is three).  Next, look at the last two numbers.  If they are "42 or higher, the unit does not have the sensitivity problem.  Those with "41" or earlier fiscal week codes should be auditioned before purchasing.  Chances are, however, that most units built before the 42nd week are good, Thompson said."


Kevin Redding - Gilbert, AZ


Dodgers might see shift on radio dial




Register columnist


The Dodgers' contract with KFWB/980 expires after next season, and people close to the situation tell me it's doubtful they will return to the station. More likely, the Dodgers will migrate to KLAC/570 or KSPN/710. Both are expected to bid; it will come down to which offer the Dodgers like better.

Assuming it's a rights-fee deal, money of course will be a factor. But it won't be the only one. At either station, the Dodgers wouldn't be the only big dog. KLAC is the Lakers' flagship, and KSPN just became the Clippers'. Both stations also have college deals: KLAC with UCLA, KSPN with USC.


KSPN's contract with the Angels runs through next season. But it's a virtual certainty the Angels will move to KLAA/830, which their owner, Arte Moreno, recently purchased and renamed. Someone following this radio version of musical chairs said the Angels going to KLAA is "done."


So KSPN should be in the mix for the Dodgers, who will have to decide which station is the better fit. One big negotiating point beyond money: whose games would get farmed out to sister stations in case of a conflict.


Dodgers spokeswoman Camille Johnston declined to comment on the Dodgers' radio future beyond 2007, saying only: "We have an agreement with KFWB through next season, and we have no announcements to make at this time."


KFWB, which reportedly has lost money on its Dodgers deal, already has made cutbacks and is expected to move on when the contract expires after next season.


KFWB declined to renew the contract of executive producer Tom Boman, who said the station assured him the move was "purely financial." Pregame and postgame host A Martinez's contract runs out in January; he said he has met with station officials about renewing.


Boman opined that KFWB "would be happier as an all-news station. It's a very odd fit to have the Dodgers on that station. It's almost intrusive. And we made it work."


As all-sports stations, KLAC or KSPN would do a better job of promoting the Dodgers than KFWB. That's one reason the station hasn't made the money it should have.


Whatever has happened at KFWB won't discourage KLAC and KSPN, who still view the Dodgers as a very attractive property.


Accurian Tabletop HD Radio Unboxing and Grope

We haven't been too keen on the whole HD Radio concept, but at $175 the Accurian HD Radio is the least expensive model available, so we bit the bullet and checked it out.

For those not in the know, HD Radio is essentially a new digital radio format that makes your standard FM stations sound sharper and clearer (like CDs) while also improving the sound of your AM stations (making them sound like FM stations). The problem is, with the satellite radio twins taking center stage, HD Radio has been treated like a red-headed step child. Nevertheless, we called in Accurian's new Tabletop HD Radio. Looks-wise, it's no different than your standard radio, the build is plastic and toyish. More impressions and unboxing after the jump.

Click through for the unboxing.

Reception on the Accurian was excellent from every corner of our apartment and finding HD broadcasts in the NY area was easy (you can also look them up on HD Radio's website). Sound-wise, however, we weren't that impressed. Yeah, it was better and clearer than our static-ridden analog radio (what isn't), but after comparing it to our non-HD Tivoli SongBook there just weren't enough features on the Accurian to sustain us. Adding insult to injury, the Tivoli sounded just as good, if not better, than the HD Radio.

As much as we tried to like HD Radio it lacked the excitement of when we got our first XM tuner. We like that HD Radio displays artist information (as does satellite) and we enjoyed discovering the few local HD broadcasts in our area, but until pricing on the players goes further south, it's best to save your money.


Article published Nov 10, 2006

Radio duo going strong

High school football is their passion


Norwich Bulletin 


Bill Donovan and Mike McLaughlin are painters.

But there are no oils, no easel, not even a brush. Heck, there's not even any paint.

The painting they do, rather, is with their voices. And the canvas is a top football game each week in Eastern Connecticut.

Donovan and McLaughlin, for the last 10 years or so, have broadcast high school football games, most recently on WXLM (102.3 FM). McLaughlin does play-by-play, Donovan provides the color commentary.

"We've had a very good year. Kevin O'Connor and the management at Citadel Broadcasting have made it easy for us," Donovan said Tuesday. "(Mike and I) are doing what we enjoy doing, and we're satisfied with that."

WXLM and WINY (1350 AM) are the two radio stations who, on average, broadcast one game a week from Eastern Connecticut, and sometimes more. It's a nice blanket -- WXLM reaches as far north as about Griswold, and WINY, based out of Putnam, picks up from there and broadcasts to the Massachusetts border.

Donovan said the FM signal brings in more of an audience, because the signal does not drop in the evening, as it does with AM.

"It allows us in our scheduling to not just cover the real local teams," he said. "We can go up to Willimantic, Uncasville, Rhode Island no problem."

Donovan has actually been broadcasting games for around 25 years in this area, beginning at WNLC 1510-AM and working with the likes of Dan Connors, Tim Kelly and Sam Gingerella, among others.

He has fond memories of the great athletes -- such as New London's Jamal Johnson, who once rushed for 427 yards in a 1988 game, the fourth-best total in state history. He's also seen some great coaches -- New London's Jim Buonocore Sr., East Lyme's Tim Smyth, Killingly's Gene Blain and Ledyard's Bill Mignault, to name a few.

Their goal for each broadcast is to mention as many athletes' names as possible throughout the course of a game.

"Every game is as much fun as the last game," McLaughlin said. "What I can do is I can say, 'I remember his grandfather lived on X and X Street.' It's local. This is not CBS, not NBC. It's a local high school game where the kids and their grandparents live here."

While the entire broadcast is ad-libbed and not rehearsed, there is one rule.

"I'll say, 'X runs on the corner, X tackles. Second-and-10.' Bill then speaks until the center comes over the ball," McLaughlin said. "One thing we take pride in is there are almost no talkovers. That's important."

Working together

It's gotten to the point that each has also acquired a nickname. McLaughlin is 'Compustat,' because of his ability to recite stats and names from long ago. Donovan is 'Bobo,' but this one is better described by McLaughlin.

"One day we're at New London High School, and we're doing a game with Sam Gingerella," McLaughlin said. "Bill comes in with a tuxedo on, because he's a Justice of the Peace. He was marrying someone after the game. So, Sam says, 'Look here, it's Billy Bobo Bowtie.' "

The future bodes well for games broadcast in these parts. This year, a few games are also done over the internet at to reach to a worldwide audience.

The duo hosts Sports Talk, which is broadcast at 11:05 a.m. every Saturday. Donovan also does a morning sports show at 7:05 a.m. every Friday with Lee Elci.

McLaughlin deferred to Donovan about the growing nature of the broadcasts.

"He probably is, without a doubt, the most motivated, sincere and electronically gifted person I know," he said. "He does so much for these games to go on. Without him, we cannot do it."

Said Donovan: "I think the product, for those who listen, is fun to listen to, and you can tell from how we do the games we enjoy what we're doing."


Local radio? Heck, LHS football is beamed worldwide

By Chris Burke



It's 7:30 p.m. on a Friday in Bealeton. That means it's 10:30 p.m. in Brazil, 1:30 Saturday morning in Norway and 8:30 a.m. Saturday in China.


And everywhere, Liberty football is on the air.


Thanks to the efforts of coach Tommy Buzzo and TCC Sports owner Andy Hayes, 2006 became a groundbreaking year that saw Liberty's gridiron battles broadcast to a world-wide audience via . People visit that Web site and pick up live broadcast streams through what is best described as Internet radio. 


Buzzo and Hayes met last May when a group of Liberty players participated in a TCC combine. It was there that Hayes's idea to try and expand his company's range to live football coverage reached Buzzo's ears. The Liberty coach immediately jumped on the premise and the rest - as they say - is history.


''Once we started talking, we developed a good friendship and I have a lot of respect for what he does as a coach, " said Hayes of Buzzo. "So when he asked what it would take (for Liberty games to be featured), it wasn't that tough on our end just to say that we'll do what it takes."


After that initial contact had been made, Hayes essentially put the ball in Buzzo's court. In order for Buzzo and Liberty to officially become a part of TCC Sports, the coach needed to ensure that his school had the capabilities to pull the broadcasts off. But Buzzo also had to come up with announcers.


Enter Charlie Goode and Miller Bennington.


The two immediately took advantage of the opportunity to become the voices of Liberty football. Goode - who also hosts "Inside the Huddle with the Liberty Eagles" on WPRZ AM 1250 Saturday mornings - and Bennington - who briefly coached Liberty at the J.V. level under Buzzo's watch - agreed to take charge of the play-by-play and color commentary duties, respectively. 


"Coach Buzzo called me and asked me about this idea that he wanted to do, " Goode said. "At that point, because I have so much respect for coach Buzzo and what he's trying to do for the players, I thought 'Well I'm already at the games on Friday night...' "


All that remained was uniting Goode and Bennington before they entered the booth. Bennington had been a guest on "Inside the Huddle" but that was the only contact the two had with each other prior to Liberty's preseason scrimmage against Massaponax. No worries, though. The meeting went as well as could be expected, and Goode said that he knew immediately "this relationship was going to be awesome."


A trio of others joined the broadcasting team of Goode and Bennington: Justin Waddle, Ray Schupp and Goode's son Derek Goode. Waddle co-hosts "Inside the Huddle" and handles the technical aspects of the broadcasts, while Schupp keeps stats and Charlie Goode acts as a spotter for the broadcast.


'I think like all things, when you're starting up, you have your good days and your bad days," Bennington said. "But I think we had more good days than bad. It's like Alexander Graham Bell - he didn't get the telephone right the first time."


And this group did not always get it right, either. Two of Liberty's games did not make it to the air. The broadcast was a no-go at Warren County due to weather issues, and computer problems derailed the next week's attempt during a home game against Millbrook. 

Despite those problems, everyone would likely agree with Bennington's assessment that this season provided its share of positives. Hayes backed up that statement, reporting that there were 6,000 "listens" to the seven Liberty broadcasts through . 


People outside the United States also responded to the broadcasts, serving to reemphasize the global capabilities of the partnership between Liberty football and TCC Sports.


''We heard a wonderful story about three weeks ago," Goode said. "(TCC Sports) actually got an e-mail from a soldier listening to the game online and that story got passed back to us. We were doing a home game and got an e-mail from a Liberty fan who was in Sweden listening to the game.


'That's why we're there on Friday night: for the family member, or friend or alumni that can't be there for the game."


The plan is to have the broadcasts available for many Friday nights to come. Hayes is hoping to turn the one-year project into a "long-term venture" and wants to extend the TCC and Gameday Magazine reach beyond Liberty. Already TCC Sports - which Hayes launched in 2001 - has locations in Sterling, Winchester, Fairfax and the West Virginia panhandle. 


The goal is to license out the TCC name beyond that, as Hayes puts it "across the state and once we do that, across the country."


Already on the docket are plans to broadcast a Game of the Week during basketball season, and the addition of several schools to the live football coverage come Fall 2007. Among the schools Hayes has had discussions with is Fauquier High, and it appears extremely possible that the Falcons' games will join Liberty on GamedayMagazine. TCC Sports will also broadcast several of the VHSL football playoff games in the coming weeks, with Goode and Bennington headed to the AAA contest between Oakton and Chantilly. 


"One week we had the three best games in the state of Virginia broadcast on our network, " said Hayes, mentioning the Liberty-Sherando game as part of that trio. "It was cool. The best part about it is in the on-demand aspect - people can come back and listen to these games after the fact. It's very convenient.''


While the Liberty football broadcasts will almost certainly be back for 2007, Goode was uncertain that he would return to the mike as a play-by-play man. 


"I will tell you this, I'm going to come back and be involved, but I'm a stat guy, " Goode said. "I've got two young guys (Waddle and Derek Goode) who are paining to get on the air. Just like the coach is encouraging his young men, I want to give them their opportunities. My glory days are past - as you get older, you want to be the mentor."


Whoever takes hold of the lead announcer duties next season will have a built-in safety net in Bennington. In addition to his coaching background, Bennington also lit up the airwaves with some of the season's more humorous comments. Take the following example from last Friday's season finale at Brentsville: after No. 59 Devaughn Parson and No. 60 Mark Spence combined on a sack, Bennington said: "What comes between 59 and 60? Apparently 9 (Brentsville QB P.J. Borko's number) does."


That light-hearted approach, backed by strong football knowledge made Bennington's presence in the booth the perfect compliment to the stoic Goode.


'My daughter and son said the same thing when they heard us broadcast for the first time, " Bennington said. "They said, 'You two have a chemistry.' "


Whether or not Goode returns to do play-by-play remains to be seen. What is less of a mystery is the success Liberty 's first season achieved on the Internet's airwaves. The Liberty-TCC Sports "marriage" as Buzzo refers to it turned out to be a hit in its inaugural season. And the combination of the broadcasts' success with the Eagles' stellar football campaign made Hayes secure in his decision to make Liberty part of the TCC Sports community.


"I think the main thing is that we had a 9-1 football team that was visible on our network every week and that adds value to everything," Hayes said. "It adds credibility - it shows we're working with some great football teams, some great coaches ... we have people listening around the world that love Liberty football."


©Times Community Newspapers 2006

Hyperlocal focus is new wave of radio

In N. Dallas suburbs

06:41 AM CST on Wednesday, November 22, 2006


By LEE POWELL / The Dallas Morning News


Between twisting the dial and punching among presets, you may hear it.


Wafting in over the radio: a live remote from the store down the street; a hyperlocal traffic report; every play from Friday night's game.

Welcome to the airwaves of suburban radio.

Rather than chasing listeners sprawled across the Dallas-Fort Worth radio market – the nation's fifth largest – some stations are programming for a sliver of it.

In the suburban stretches north of Dallas, the quest for listeners is on.

DJs now helm microphones from studios in high-growth and high-income Collin County.

One station – KLAK-FM (97.5) – moved down U.S. Highway 75 from the Sherman area to McKinney almost a year ago. The station spins adult contemporary music and now proclaims itself as Collin County's full-service radio station.

By relocating, its potential reach zoomed from 300,000 to 1.1 million listeners.

The station is filling a radio void in a growing, wealthy market, said the station's boss.

"We have no designs on playing in the Dallas landscape," said David J. Smith, vice president, North Dallas region for NextMedia, owner of KLAK. "This is all about being Collin County's radio station."

Listeners are responding, turning up for contests and live broadcasts.

"The message has gotten out there," Mr. Smith said.

Local spin


The sound is slick, and the DJs boisterous. But listen closely, and the offerings come closer to home: a local food drive, contest callers who may be neighbors. Airtime sprinkled with some homespun flavor.


Another station, KHYI-FM (95.3), with studios in Plano, has made something of a name for itself targeting a male audience with a "hard country" – some call it "Americana" – format. "The Range" says it's the country's largest station offering this programming.

"I would fire a DJ for playing Kenny Chesney. I would fire a DJ for playing Tim McGraw or Faith Hill," said Joshua Jones, general manager and general sales manager, naming a few popular country acts. "Quite frankly because it sounds more like 1970s Air Supply than it sounds like country music."

Local programming is catching on in other places around the country, says one radio watcher.

"There is money in these suburban markets," said Tom Taylor, editor of Inside Radio, an industry trade publication owned by radio giant Clear Channel.

Radio changes to reflect shifts in the populace and taste, he said.

"You're seeing certain changes in demographics as the population grows, and they're desirable listeners," Mr. Taylor said.

The parent company of KLAK-FM has assembled a string of suburban stations ringing Chicago. It's a model for the Dallas area market, Mr. Smith of KLAK says.

'Mayberry station'


The radio landscape changed when ownership regulations loosened a decade ago. Large corporations snapped up hundreds of stations. Some communities complained about a sameness of sound, a loss of local roots.


"It was almost the end of the small-town radio station, the 'Mayberry station,' if you will," said Mr. Jones.


KHYI's sister station KXEZ (92.1) airs oldies from a storefront studio on Allen's Main Street. KHYI's signal reach makes it a player in the entire market, but KXEZ is heard in the market's northeast corner.


"So KXEZ's sort of all things to all people," said Mr. Jones. "It's built in that traditional small-town radio station mold."


The stations proclaim whom they serve – almost continually. You may hear short audio identifiers throwing out call letters and dropping place names from around the county.


At KLAK-FM one recent morning, DJs kept things moving, with chatter about the messy weather outside the studio window and contest callers.


"Where you calling from?" DJ Johnny B. asked a caller.


"Celina," the caller said.


"Oh, Celina. Beautiful Celina," the morning host said.


Later, the coach of the Texas Tornado junior hockey team – playing in Frisco – stopped by for a chat.


The D-FW radio dial is crowded, with dozens of stations vying for listeners and their wallets. A challenge for suburban radio stations is letting listeners know you exist on the dial, said Mr. Taylor, the radio insider.


Using other media to get the word out is expensive. So is doing much news. The edge these stations have, some say, is having an identity not duplicated by a large-market station.


"You're in essence carving out your own geography," Mr. Taylor said.



Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN


























Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX


I just finished reading Eric Bryan's review of the Tecsun R-919/Grundig Mini 300PE in the November issue of "Monitoring Times."  In the review, he states that his Tecsun has a "rubberized coating covering the plastic cabinet."  He received the radio from a seller in Hong Kong.  I have a Grundig Mini 300PE that

I purchased from a stateside seller.  It does NOT have the rubberized coating.  Instead, it has the plain yellow plastic case.

Is this difference because his radio was sold as a Tecsun and mine was sold as a Grundig?  Personally, I prefer the plain plastic case.  I have a Magnavox

D-1875 (a re-badged Philips D-1875) with a rubberized black case.  Over the years, the case has become gritty and yucky to hold.  It sometimes leaves a

black residue on your hands, especially if you're using it outside in the summer.

I have been impressed with my Mini 300PE.  For a "less-than-$50" radio, it does quite well.  I have all 3 of the "Mini" radios - the Mini 100PE, the

Mini 200PE, and the Mini 300PE.  I like them all!




Testing, Testing!




Bert New – Watkinsville, GA

Sweeps, Beeps and Morse Code comin' in here tonight in Northeast Georgia...


DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire


Montana Tests


Bert New – Watkinsville, GA

So far I have nada on all frequencies. But I did hear AZ and a new IA

station tonight so all is not lost. Thanks to all involved!


Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ

KANA 580 -Yes. Sweep tones 1215. Weak. Under KUBC. NEW

KKGR 680 - Yes. Sweep tones 1201 Weak. Blasted by KNBR. NEW

KERR 750 - Yes. Old C&W 1213 very weak under KOAL and Art Bell. NEW

KLCY 930 - No. Only KSEI.

KGVO 1290 - No. Only sports from Tucson.

KEIN 1310 - No. Way too much local KXAM.


Don Kaskey - San Francisco CA

2320-2340 PST.....Still, only thing being heard is KERR Polson on 750

who at 2325 was solid atop KXL with c&w music.  Not a peep from 580-930

or 1290 which is odd since the last two ought to cut thru the qrm fairly

easily if on non-directional & using sweep tones.  580 is a strong KMJ

here with a spanish music station beneath.  930 is KSEI with KHJ at

times & probably CJCA behind.  1290 is a mix of KPAY & KAZA.  Hope they

are on.


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Listening for Montana....also checking around the dial. No Montana yet, but on 740 Toronto is booming in. Never this strong here. Also Jamaica alone on 720.


Mike Hawkins – CA

First three noted here.  First two are also new.  I'm happier than a pig in poop for getting KKGR through KNBR.  I'd tell the cat but he wouldn't care. [also KANA – ed.]


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

I'm hearing sweep tones and code on KKGR-680 under KNBR. Weak at 12:35 AM PST. The only test heard here.




Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

George Greene was visiting Rochester from Ohio tonight, so he and I

gathered at Jerry Bond's house in Irondequoit NY (north side of

Rochester) for a little Montana party. Jerry had his HQ140 and homebrew

loop, and I had my R8A and McKay Dymek DA5. No sign of any of the

lower-powered signals was heard, and nary a sweep tone or code ID, but

Jerry heard KERR with a voice ID at about 0215 EST on the Hammarlund,

while I had it with a voice ID at about 0237 on the Drake. Also new to

my logbook tonight was CKPR on 580, with a nice sung ID at about 0244.

CKPR was dominant, if barely so, on 580. 680 was a mix of CFTR and WINR.

930 was mostly semi-local WBEN, with presumed WIZR Johnstown NY on what

sounded like its day rig. 1290 was all CJBK, and 1310 was mostly

semi-local WRSB.


Michael Richard – Evanston, WY

0030     580       KANA   Anaconda,MT    heard sweep tones coming through – weak but audible and mixing with KMJ.

0035     680       KKGR   East Helena, MT            good signal with oldies – heard KKGR liner and into Tommy James & the Shondells’ “Mony Mony”

0038     750       KERR   Polson, MT        GOOD signal with KERR liner and into Kenny & Dolly singing “Islands In The Stream”

0055     1310     KEIN     Great Falls, MT  Heard NOS music and a MOYL liner, into more music, then TOH ID for KEIN.

 4 out of 6 ain’t bad and will try to confirm early next week as to whether the tests on 930 and 1290 did occur or not.


Bryan Leyton – Valley Village, CA

Well, I need to go back over my recordings, but I have a pretty definite

morse ID from KKGR-680 at 1241 (PST), and if Mike Hawkins was right about

"Convoy" being KERR, then I got that one too.  580 is a maybe - I need to

listen to the recording to be sure.

Nothing from the other stations testing.  I did try for 1290 and 1310, but

not 930, due to my local KHJ.


Alan Furst – Round Rock , TX

Heard pieces of country music, then finally KERR ID popped up when WSB

gave it a rest for a few seconds. WSB was dominate on the channel, just

caught the KERR ID by luck when rotating the loophead and was gone

fast. 1468 miles. Also tried for the station on 580, but nothing

noted.  Entry #223 since I began keeping logs this summer.  


Tim Hall – San Diego, CA

580 KANA - Weak with sweep tones and fast code IDs.  A pleasant

surprise, as this station has never been heard on past DX tests.  New.

680 KKGR - Fair with sweep tones and fast code IDs.  This station gets

out well so I was optimistic I would get them.  New.


750 KERR - Not a trace.  Just usual KHWG/KOAL and heavy slop from

KFMB.  Unneeded.

930 KLCY and 1290 KGVO - Not a trace of either one.  Neither station

gets out well, so not totally surprising.  I haven't read everyone

else's posts yet, but I did see one person who mentioned KLCY and KGVO

might not have run the test.  Both needed.

1310 KEIN - Not a trace.  KEIN was a regular catch herein the 80s so I

would have expected this to poke through local XEC.  XEC was unusually

strong last night.  Unneeded.

So... 2 for 4 on stations I needed.  Thanks to all who set up these

tests!  Now if I can just find some time to transfer my KANA/KKGR

recordings to my computer so I can send them in...


Glenn Hauser, Enid OK

I managed to stay up a bit past 0700 UT Nov 19, using my bedside Realistic

12-656A with its internal ferrite bar antenna only, aimed toward MT. Promptly

at 0700 on 580 I heard VVV DE but could not copy anything further; who else

would be running a V marker on that frequency at that hour? Then up to 680, and

got plenty of identifiable material, altho always mixed with several other

stations. 0703 sweep tones, 0704 phone-off-the-hook, more sweeps; 0705 VVV DE

KKGR, sent rather rapidly but I still could copy it on the first try. 0715

recheck, more sweeps on 680.

930 was a lost cause with WKY here, mostly music in Spanish, tho I checked it a

couple times. No phasing here! From 0708 to 0713 or so tried 1290 and 1310 but

nothing; however, Art Bell from Manila was mentioning propagation on the 20 m

band being better in the equatorial regions where ionization lasts into the


It wasn`t clear to me whether 750 would be on the air or not any during the

first hour, but WSB dominates here. It did fade down a couple of times, and MT

should have made it if on with 50 kW ND. Thanks to everyone involved in making

this sextuple-test happen.


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

Managed to stay up 'til 0125 CST this morning listening for

the Montana tests. Nothing heard on 580, sweep tones and CW

ID from KKGR-680 around 0116CST, on 750 c&w mx fading in/out

with WSB in KRMG splatter 0110CST or so, nothing noted on

930, 1290 or 1310.

Decided to record from 0130-0200CST on 750 and was rewarded

with a nice ID at 0136 from KERR.

So....two new Montana stations for me this morning! Thanks

to all that arranged and conducted these tests.....


Jerry Lenamon, Waco Texas

KERR 750 also in Waco with several tunes and a couple of

station ids.


Phil Bytheway – Seattle, WA

580 Didn't hear anything resembling a test. Conditions were such that

     Idaho was weak (with C2C). No other station heard.

680 Knocked my socks off!!! Voice ID, tone risers, code, sweep tones all

     heard well. KNBR completely nulled by KIWA (thanks Craig). NEW

750 Caught one ID between CW selections

930 Couple of stations, no sign of testing or IDs from MT

1290 No testing heard

1310 Caught one ID between MOYL selections



I Got The Bird! [Satellites]


Kevin  Redding – XM Roady 2 / MyFi


I sure love college football.


XM 193 had Clemson coverage of the Clemson Tigers v. South Carolina 

Gamecocks football game. As Clem's Son found out, "You can't lick our Cocks!"


The Gamecocks won over that other team 31 to 28!

Jason Gardner – Meridian MS

Kenwood H2A / Samsung Nexus


XM 103-107

I didn't catch any football on the XM birds today.  However,

scrolling through the channels revealed a Holiday music category


(Rx'er:Samsung NeXus)


Although, the XM display shows a couple of games coming on later

tonight (11/25), when I put receiver into the Song Display mode.


After a minute for a Channel update on my Kenwood Sirius, I was able

to receive:

Siri-121-Louisville @ Pittsburg (24-17 at Halftime)

Siri-107-BYU @Utah (14-10 at 3Q)