November 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 11


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We had the Spanish language stations CME last month, this one for December is on X-Band 1600 – 1700 kHz stations. We also are doing tube radios as well.


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band

Keith McGinnis -  Hingham, MA 

SDR IQ and Wellbrook antennas


11/29 Just logged WLCO Lapeer MI 1530 AM with Real Country at 2140 UTC.


Ira Elbert New III – Watkinsville, GA

Sony ICF 2010 or as listed


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - 2003 ISUZU Rodeo In-Dash Audio System 4340

910 KLCN AR Blytheville - 11/22/08 1752 - University of Arkansas football and The Sonic Post Game Show. Decent, steady signal. "Newstalk 910, KLCN".

940 WMIX IL Mount Vernon - 11/22/08 1743 - Ready To Take A Chance Again by Barry Manilow. Good, steady signal. "AM 940, WMIX".


Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Chrysler Car AM stereo radio



Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo radio on U.S. 30 near Granger, WY last night: 

1650 KBJD CO Denver 11/6/08 18:58 Heard male announcer talking in Spanish with music in the background then TOH ID.  They are full C-QUAM AM Stereo with separation and all.  Fair to Good signal. 


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ 180

CME Logs:

I did a partial bandscan for Spanish stations for about 30 minutes starting at 540.

800  11/2 6:31 PM PST Radio Canon (XEROK) Spanish music program

860  11/2 6:45 PM PST La Poderosa 860, La Estacion de los Grandes (XEMO) Spanish music program

900  11/2 6:52 PM PST KALI Spanish talk pgm, English ID at ToH

others heard with no ID: 540, 650, 690, 730, 820, 850, 900 (second station), 920, 930. I "know" IDs on all but 540 and 900. I'll continue later and go back to hear IDs on these.

690  11/3 7:10 PM PST W Radio (XEWW), Spanish music pgm (Rosarito, BC)

930  11/3 7:06 PM PST La Ranchera 9-30 (KHJ), Spanish music (Los Angeles CA)

950  11/3 7:39 PM PST XE-kam... (XEKAM), Spanish talk pgm (Tijuana, BC)

990  11/2 10:37 PM PST Rockola 9-90 (XECL), Spanish rock & roll (Mexicali, BC)

1020 11/3 7:48 PM PST La 10-20, KTNQ Spanish talk pgm, ID at 8:03 (Los Angeles, CA)

1030 11/2 9:37 PM PST La Tremenda 10-30 AM XESDD, Spanish music (Ensenada, BC)

1130  KSDO San Diego, CA 11/9 10:47 AM, Radio Nueva Vida, religious pgm

1390  KLTX Long Beach, CA 11/9 10:54 AM, Radio Nueva Vida, //1130

1340  XEAA Mexicali, BCA 11/10 6:27 PM, X-E Doble A ID, music

1250  Radio Lazer, 11/18 7:06 PM PST, music program (KZER Santa Barbara, CA)

1460  Radio Ranchito, 11/18 6:35 PM PST, music program (XECB, San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico)

1470  XERCN, Radio Hispana 14-70, la voz de las Californias, 11/18 6:36 PM PST, talk pgm (Tijuana, BC, Mexico)

940  XEMMM Mexicali, BC 11/20 7:16 PM PST, "9-40 Oldies" slogan, English oldies. The 9-40 is sung/shouted by a woman and the oldies is spoken by a man. Another slogan used sounds like La M Oldies. Nice XEMMM ID at 7:26.

1440 KDIF Riverside, CA 11/21 12:53 PM PST, La Preciosa, ads, music, Spanish ID at ToH sounded like they said Tropical music.

1410 KCAL Redlands, CA 11/21 1:09 PM PST, La Mejor, music program. Might use La Nueva 14-10 too but I need to listen more.

1170 XEIB Caborca, Sonora, Mexico, 11/24 11:19-12:00 PM PST, variety of songs, ID's between each one included "La Primera 11-70" with reverb., nice ToH ID. New one here.

1550 La Poderosa 11/25 9:08 AM PST, music program, (KWRN Apple Valley CA)

1580 Radio Zion 15-80 AM 11/25 9:25 AM PST, religious talk program, (KBLA Santa Monica, CA)

1670 KHPY Moreno Valley CA 11/25 4:54 PM PST Radio Catolica, El Sembrador religious music program, ToH ID

1190 UNID using La Nortena 11-90 slogan 11/25 5:40 PM PST, maybe XEPZ Ciudad Juarez? Too much KXMX QRM.

1570 XERF Ciudad Acuna Coah Mexico, 11/28 5:52 PM PST talking and then XERF calls given at 6:00 PM.


Other Logs:

KNX heard running IBOC, 11/2 6:20 PM PST. There goes 1060/1080 again.

1490 KOWL South Lake Tahoe, CA 11/18 5:59 PM PST, heard ID, wx, SID at ToH, into network news (sounded like AP). Poor.

1610 WPSE479 Needles, CA 11/18 5:57 PM PST, heard loop with many IDs, rare here.


Eric Berger – Detroit,  MI

GE Superadio


11/16 For those of you needing WAIS-770 Buchtel, OH, tonight's a good night  to go after them -- they're being noted as I type this at 2330 with C&W mx and IDs after every couple records.

There are some points where they're even fading up above the omnipresent bleed over from local WJR-760 on the GE Superadio III -- fifteen miles from the fifty kilowatt flamethrower!

Heard Saturday night 29 November 2008; times EST.

21.15 ** WAIS-AM 770 Buchtel, OH - Fair in WJR bleed over with C&W mx, 'WAIS' jx clearly heard at one point.

21.37 ** WCCM-AM 1110 Salem, NH - Faded in and out to NE, strong at times in IBOC hash with soft SS mx, IDs every couple records or so. Mx matched Webcast. New catch! NH #2! (#11 for AM-1110)


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 Pro II, Icom R-75, SDR-IQ 35' x 90' flag loop, 300' long wire


CME Logs

630   HONDURAS   HRLD R America, La Ceiba/Choluteca  09Nov08 0600 - Program "Noticia al minuto" relay from primary outlet on 610, with San Pedro Sula, countries biggest town, mentions and several "Radio America" mentions. - Recorded - Good, verified Henrik Klemetz via RealDX

1280   PUERTO RICO   WCMN NotiUno, Arecibo  13Nov08 0932 - Simulcast of WUNO NotiUno 630 with ID and San Juan mention. - Recorded - Fair, SS ID verified Gert Nilsson via RealDX

740   CUBA   CMKO R Angulo, Holquin  20Nov08 0100 - Woman in SS, "..aqui en Radio Angulo" - Recorded - Fair under AM-740 Ontario. Verified  Gert Nilsson via RealDX

820   CUBA   R Reloj, Contramaestre  21Nov08 0302 - Woman in SS, time ticks, "Radio Reloj" ID and RR CW. – Good

820   ST KITTS-NEVIS   Trinity Broadcasting Network/Radio Paradise, Charlestown  21Nov08 0700 - TBN mentions and "Praise The Lord" promo.  "This is the Trinity Broadcasting Network, reaching our world for 35 years" – Good

860   VENEZUELA   YVYE R Enlace, Valle de la Pascula  23Nov08 0930 - Man in SS with ID, "Radio Enlace 8-60 AM transmite .... Himno Nacional de Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela..." then into Venezuelan anthem. - Recorded - Good, verified Gert Nilsson and Ole Norr via RealDX

860   BRAZIL   ZYJ459 CBN, Rio de Janeiro  23Nov08 0528 - Man in Portuguese, re-check 0651 man and woman in teletalk in Portuguese with Brazil mention. - Recorded - Good

954   SPAIN   Onda Cero Radio, Madrid  25Nov08 2140 - Sporting event announcing, then apparent wrapup with scores, then ads and promos. Fanfare and Onda Cero jingle, man with ID at 2202, "Onda media [medium] nueve cinco quatro" - Recorded - Fair-good

910   CUBA   CMFA R Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey  27Nov08 0630 - Man and woman in SS, then chimes and ID "Cadena Agramonte … en la Habana" and chimes again - Recorded – Good


Other Logs

895   ST KITTS-NEVIS   Voice of Nevis, Bath Village  03Nov08 2335 - Caribbean style Rap music, time check, "Radio powerhouse of the Caribbean" by man announcer 2338, then ad for the Observer newspaper. - Very Good, then faded 2340

1160   BERMUDA (UK)   VSB-3, Hamilton  11Nov08 0100 - TOH time pips (5/1), BBC World News ID, then man and woman with African news item about Congolese rebels.  - Re-check 0730 recorded with ID and promo for BBC World Good in audio lull of WSKW-ME

972   LIBYA   Radio Jamahiriyah, Sirt  27Nov08 2348 - Arabic singing then into Libyan National anthem prior to sign/off - Fair - Anthem verified Sylvain Naud and Neil Kaz via RealDX


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed


11/5 From 3 AST on, Greenland 720 has been in solid today - no fading on a nekkid Sangean PR-D5.

Right now, on the Ten-Tec/Global wireless RX-321 I'm listening to 1395 KHz Big L:

I think it might be a good night for TAs!

11/8 Guys and gals, grab your most selective radio and try for some TAs [or later, some TPs if you are on/near the other coast].

Absolute Radio 1215, Croatia 1134 and others are pounding in at this moment. 765 Switzerland too.  693 BBC. 1089 Talksport.

According to Iono Probe, there are some WWV storm alerts, so the Ionosphere may be kicking up big time.  Sometimes that may be bad for DX, sometimes good, but almost always it means reception will be different.

11/11 Receiver: Palstar R30A Antenna: LFE M601C

1070 KNX Los Angeles CA 7:55 a.m. AST battling it out with CHOK, heard reference to 55 degrees, then California, then KNX.  I've had them before [logged for the first time this Fall], but not often.

Receiver: Collins/Teledyne R-390A Antenna LFE M601C

1130 WDFN The Fan Detroit MI 8:55 a.m. AST - at times very clear.  In the background was 1130 WBBR, the pest, and an unknown station.  On the unknown station, there was a news/talk interview program talking about Rememberance Day.

1320 WDER Derry NH 2:35 p.m. AST with religious programming.

Icom R71A with same antenna as prior:

1422 Germany - classical music, fairly decent signal strength/quality and very steady 5:10 p.m. AST

Palstar R30A [antenna ditto]

530 CIAO Brampton ON - English with strong east Indian accent. mentioning Canada, Toronto, GTA [Greater Toronto Area].  Then into music that makes me want to see a Bollywood movie and tour the Eton E1 factory! I'd say got them while at 1KW day power, before they shift to their nighttime 250 watts. NEW!

In order to get CIAO and keep 531 Algeria out of the way I switched to the 2.5 KHz collins filter on the Palstar and detuned to 529 KHz - result - nice clear, het free CIAO.  On 530 the het is wicked.  Using the same filter but tuning to 532:

531 Algeria.

909 BBC

972 Germany, Hamburg

1179 Radio Sweden HUGE signal

580 CFRA Ottawa ON is coming into PEI like a ton of bricks tonight. Normally, I'd be getting a weak WKAQ San Juan PR.

If you need to log CFRA, tonight might be a good night.  They have a local call in show on right now and are discussing public transit.

I was in a tube receiver mood last night.  Antenna is the LFE M601C.

All loggings November 17, 2008

Receiver:Stromberg-Carlson for Collins R-392 10:55 p.m. AST 1630 KRND Fox Farm WY "La Grande" with Mexican music

11:10 p.m. AST 960 CFAC Calgary AB with plenty mentions of "The Fan", ads mentioning Calgary and references to the Calgary Flames.  Over and under Unid USA station and Cuba with morse code and time pips.

Receiver: Halicrafters SX-100

11:22 p.m. AST 940 CJGX Yorkton SK carrying major junior hockey - Swan valley

Stampeders v. Waywayseecappo Wolverines.  Over and under the mighty and powerful CINW which was taking a bit of a beating for a few minutes. This is NEW to my QTH, but I had logged them in mid October at the Priest Pond DXpedition.

Nice to get far away catches like these on gear that is 50+ years old!

Heard on a Palstar R30A fed by LFE M601C at 11:37 p.m. AST Nov 18/08:

920 CFRY with religious programming - NEW!

Heard in Stratford PEI on a Palstar R30A fed by LFE M601C on November

18, 2008 from 11:25 p.m. AST to 11:50 p.m. AST:

580 CFRA Ottawa ON

590 VOCM St. John's NL

690 CINF Montreal QC

780 CFDR Halifax NS

920 CFRY Portage la Prairie MB

940 CJGX Yorkton SK

950 CKNB Campbellton NB

960 CFAC Calgary AB

Now, if 1130 WBBR would only go off the air, maybe I could catch BC!  I can only catch PE if I fire up my Alfredo Lite, as licensed AM radio is extinct in PEI.


J. Neilsen (Thomas Anderson) – Ottawa, ON

CCRadio Plus



1610 CHHA 11/4 7:50 pm, News from Colombia in Spanish, then 4 minutes later "Desde Toronto Ontario Canada, esta es C H H A diez y seis diez AM la voz (la voz) de nuestra communidad) good to excellent.  No sign of CJWI.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


CME Logs 11/7 on a Eton E-1 and 300 ft wire:

530 R.  Enciclopedia Havana, Cuba 1545 SS playing very nice elevator music.

870 WQRX Valley Head, AL 1624 with SS REL pgm.

1030 WGSF Collierville, TN 1630 SS playing Ranchera.

1270 KFLC Ft. Worth, TX 1637 SS with talk about places in Dallas and Ft. Worth to get help for your family. NEW

Heard 11/13 on an Eton E-1 and 300 foot wire:

1500 WQCR Alabaster, AL 1741 SS with ad for Mi Pueblo Supermarket in Pelham and Clanton. From the ad, this place is a restaurant named after some supermarkets in Puerto Rico. Getting absolutely trashed by  IBOC feces from WLAC. From trips to PR I thought this might be  Manati, PR because the Pueblo chain is there. NEW

1610 CHHA Toronto, ON 1856 SS very weak and doing what sounds like 

sports talk about Mexican futbol teams. NEW

950 CMHI Sancti Spiritus, VS Cuba    1956 SS news with time pips and RR morse.

600 CMKA San German HO Cuba 2000 SS and time marker at ToH.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and whip alone 11/17.

580 XEAV Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 0544 11/17 with very familiar 

morning program and giving temperatures for Guadalajara at 36C and a 

high expected of 43C. Perhaps on 10kW day power.


Heard on a Eton E-1XM and 300 foot wire on 11/1:

1270 WYXC Cartersville, GA 1805 with ID and big intro for HSFB

1070 WFRF Tallahassee, FL 0605 ID and full address given.

800 CKLW Windsor, ON 11/6 0700 News about Windsor and Essex county, Temp 

in Celsius and talk about the parliament.

Heard 11/6 on an Eton E-10 nekkid:

860 CJBC Toronto, ON 2200 with TOH ID in FF.

Logs 11/7 on a Eton E-1 and 300 ft wire:

550 WDUN Gainesville, GA 1905 with ID after the national news. NEW

570 WWNC Asheville, NC 1607 with TFC RPT. NEW

780 WWOL Forest City, NC 1615 with ID, S/O and My Country Tis of Thee.  NEW

790 WQXI Atlanta, GA 1618 with talk about GA Tech football. NEW

820 WAIT Chicago, IL 1621 REL pgm but talking about McCain. NEW

940 WINZ Miami, FL 1627 running Randi Rhodes.

Heard 11/8 on a Zenith Royal 400 while on the front porch talking to the old lady or maybe I should say the grand dame:

1290 WHKY Hickory, NC 1445 with ESPN sports stuff and an ID. New #223.

Heard on the front porch with a Zenith Royal 705:

1070 WFNI Indianapolis, IN 11/9 1625 with Colts v. Steelers FB. Signal dropped off the face of the earth at 1630.

Heard on a GE Superadio III nekkid:

690 WOKV Jacksonville, FL 11/12 0553 with traffic report for I-95 and 295.

690 WIST New Orleans, LA 11/12 0558 NOLA ad then ID. Didn't this used to be WTIX?

1600 KLEB Golden Meadow, LA 11/12 0605 with S/O SSB sang in French. Then to chanky-chank music. Yes I logged it before but if anyone hears the SSB in FF you will know who it is. I thought it was Canadian until I heard the SSB.

1150 KNED McAlester, OK 11/13 1953 MRN Radio ad with embedded ID. New.

Heard in a red 2006 Saturn Vue in Milledgeville, TN 11/21:

810 WGY Schenectady, NY 1728 with ad for Celtic Christmas in Albany.

1260 WNDE Indianapolis, IN 1745 with ID that popped up in a big mess to complete a reverse Murphy.

1430 WXNT Indianapolis, IN 11/22 2245 with news talk promo and ID.

While driving through the two blocks of urban blight that is downtown 

Crump, TN in a 2006 Saturn Vue the following was heard:

1070 WNCT Greenville, NC 11/26 1700 with "WNCT News" story about economic news of Charlotte.

1070 KFTI Wichita, KS 11/26 1705 ID and slogan "Radio Ranch" then ag news and prices.

1070 KNX Los Angeles, CA 11/29 0626 Traffic report about a 5 car pile up in Pomona and other traffic for LA. Unusual in that there were no Sig Alerts noted. As soon as traffic was over ID KNX 1070. Then it was covered up by some hucksters selling something with hyaluronic 

acid in it. NEW

1080 WKJK Louisville, CA 11/29 0629 PSA for KY Nat'l Guard and then Community Action Kentucky at and WKJK ID given by Dave Ramsey. NEW


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



Hello all and tnx for reading my post.

Unusual activity on 660 kHz, 11/1/08, 12:20 AM EDST WFAN is a very strong local and I never really hear any weaker stations come through. This morning, while driving home from work, I heard "Flute like" music under WFAN's signal. My route home is along the south shore of Long Island, east Blue Point, Suffolk County to eastern Massapequa, Nassau County. Could not get any station ID or language

It gave WFAN a good run for its money!

Radio is a 1997 Volkswagon Jetta AM/FM/Cassette


Larry Wild – Aberdeen SD

DX396 FRG-7


11/9 Last night I had hets on WLW 700 and 1250. Could these be TAs? I live in

the cold Dakotas.


Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK

R-8 50 foot sloper


750 KBNN MO Lebanon 11/2 1630-1659 CST mostly on top, mixing with KMMJ, with interview with a Ritz Carlton exec, Business Talk Network pgm note to very brief s/off 1659. NEW

750 KMMJ NE Grand Island 11/2 1630-1702 CST mixing with KBNN with rel programming, nice ID 1700 to SRN news after KBNN s/off NEW

1000 WMUF TN Paris 10/26 1752 CDT w/KTOK phased down, CLID surfaced in the jumble

1020 WPEO IL Peoria 10/26 1758 CDT "Insight for Living" pgm ending, "ad" for religious program, mentions of Central Illinois and "Christian Talk"

1110 KTEK TX Alvin 11/2 1705-1715 CST u/d in KFAB semi-phase null with business programming, "Biz Radio Network", no ID but // webstream

1130 KFAN MN Minneapolis 11/2 0840-0850 CST weak but in the clear with "Packer Preview on the Fan", CLID 0850 well after local sunrise.

1560 KGOW TX Bellaire 11/3 1700+/- CST noted over local KYAL-1550 splatter on the drive home with "1560 The Game" slogan into sports programming. 1560 is usually a lost cause here with KYAL-1550 and KZLI-1570 competing for loud/wide splatter honors

The 750 loggings were made after I re-routed one of my mini wires of 50 feet to try to improve nulls. I use local KRMG-740 as one of my "null tests". I am able to bring them down from S9+35-40 to an S7 or so by carefully tweaking the QuantumPhaser. Both KBNN and KMMJ easily overrode the little splatter left on 750.

Also of note, 11/2 TA carriers between 2040 and 2050CST on 891 (het against WLS), 1017, 1044, 1098 1134, and 1521 (het against KOMA er, ah.. KOKC). The IBOC hash from 1120 KMOX makes the 1134 impossible to pull audio but it was the strongest of the carriers.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, BOG Antenna



WMGC 810 TN on day power giving WGY problems here in IL. Mexican format, La Sabrosita

call ID.  Haven't they been fined before ? Giving WGY problems here in IL. Mexican format, La Sabrosita ID's and one call ID 11/22.  Haven't they been fined before ?

11/7 I just caught the end of the Calais vs Bucksport HSFB game on WZON thru phased local WTMJ and using LSB to take out a strong het from 621 Canaries. Local ads (some for Brewer) and a couple WZON ID's heard. ME #4 here

11/14 Finally getting over this bad chest cold so I could get my BOGs rolled back out and also get myself outside.Decent cx towards the west tonite from Barrington IL and I am able to hold

pretty good phase nulls on eastern big pests. Times CST I noted WGN's IBOC off so I was spending time on 710 trying for needed KSPN but no luck but once again caught KFIA with local ads and a couple of ID's around 1900 and what sounded like "radio that is safe for you". KCMO was not much of a bother and the phase null of WLW's IBOC seemed to knock down WOR which wasn't strong anyhow.

A couple minutes earlier on 740 KCBS was caught for the 2nd time somewhat u/KVOX which later had hockey (new rig ?) with Toronto phase nicely out.. KCBS had news and a couple ID's. I had tried for occ heard KBRT earlier but no luck tonite.  Over to 810 and phase null WGY and there wasn't much WHB at all. Soon some news comes up and it clearly S.F. oriented and theres a nice KGO ID for tonite's 2nd new one at 1908. There was some SS

religious singing on 810, perhaps Texas which I don't need or maybe Colorado which I do need. Too much WSCR IBOC to tell if KNBR was in.

Hopefully WGN IBOC stays off and I can finally capture KSPN before they switch from 50 kw day rig. I was checking 730 also but only CKDM/KWOA mix.11/27 Last night here in Grafton WI featured good cx to New England and good cx to lower latitude TA's. So just to compare here are last night's logs on 910 and 972. CST for domestic GMT for TA. 910  CT  WLAT New Britain 26Nov08 2141 -Fair to good peaks - Lively tropical SS mx, then "La Mega" ID after chatter by a gal in SS. Almost no trace of usual Disney pest from MI. New ! I soon came in from the DX truck for a drink and to warm up and there was absolutely no trace of this on the R8B/Kiwa Loop combo inside.

972  LIBYA  Radio Jamahiriyah, Sirt 26Nov08 2338-2352 - Poor to fair with Koranic AA chanting/singing with some pauses initially and into Libyan NA at s/off ending about 2352 all // 1053 (that one new !) where there was no trace of UK and little CHUM slop. Earlier at 2210 I // 972 to 675(new and no Holland today) both weak w/AA talk. I believe 972 Libya leaves an OC on AN. They also are poorly modulated as there's often a big signal on 972 and little if any audio. Here in my part of the Midwest (Chicago Milwaukee area) there's little on 970 to QRM them. Spain and Germany have also been logged on 972 from here. There's often a 972 het on the car rx in good cx.

New last night was Monoco on 702 from 2206-8 a bit better than poor with a gal in FF then a man. The phased BOGs at 64 degrees have fine natural nulls on WLW and USB helped get away from WOR IBOC.

New on the domestic front from sunset skip were WNNW from MA o/u CKLW which wasn't up to full night time signal strength yet at 1511 with lively tr0pical SS mx then a male ancr giving holiday greetings and "Power..felicidades" same as heard later on the web stream when I went inside. State #47 from here at 1523 (still need DE here..have had all 48 from IL for several years) was logged in passing on 1010 ending "WCNL weather...log onto" these guys used to be on 1020 as WNTK and are my only NH logging from my home base in IL as well.

During the same time frame, 890 WLS was getting chewed up by WAMG from MA and 840 WHAS clobbered by lively tropical mx from CT's WRYM. I suspect sunset skip at TA's started prior to 3 PM local, but due to having workmen at the house replacing a furnace, I was unable to set up in time to milk things as soon as they started.

73 KAZ Grafton WI R8A, Phased BOG System at 64 deg.  Approx 665 ft // 485 ft. These wires run right on the ground, mostly on my driveway. No transformers or cables or anything. I just run them under the truck door and input the wires directly into the two inputs of the Quantum Phaser. Reception of nearly everything from the E to NE is aided by phase nulling back end stations in the same part of the band.

A simpler mini-DXped setup is hard to imagine and when I leave here for home base in IL, I just wind the BOG wires up with cord winders.


1520 WTRI MD Mexican "La Sabrosa"

1530 WLCO MI Real Country

Lots of daytimers noted on lately and these 3 stand out tonite

KKKK 1580 CO 11/30 I've never had this on night power so I wonder if they left day rig on. Is

sometimes mixing with CKDO and mess on truck rx and usually top on DX setup.


Barry McLarnon – Ottawa. ON

Receiver, Antenna


11/8 I don't get around to posting many loggings, but I thought this one was pretty cool... over 1000 miles, and more than two hours past local sunrise!

1370  KWTL Grand Forks, ND  8Nov08 0900 EST  Weak but nearly in the clear with religious music, then ID "Real Presence Radio for the Red River Valley, this is AM 1370, KWTL, Grand

Forks-Fargo-Moorhead-Crookston", then into EWTN programming. New!

11/10 I'm hearing an ESPN station on 1670, under pesty WTDY... has KNRO reverted to ESPN?  If not, who could this be... or am I hallucinating?

11/12 WMVP Chicago has IBOC on tonight... this is the first time they've left it on at night, AFAIK.  My understanding is that their night array did not have sufficient bandwidth to run IBOC successfully, and would require a substantial rebuild.  Either they've done this work,

or tonight's operation is inadvertent.  The latter seems more likely. Who cares whether sports talk is in "HD"?

If it persists more than one night, I'll make sure the folks at CFRB know about it!

Dunno if this will last long, but as of 2340 EST, WWKB appears to be off the air.  Jumble of stuff in their absence, including KOLM and an unid ESPN station.


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

Receiver, Antenna


I had looked for this one for years with no luck.Then this morning heard them by accident.  I thought they were already silent.  Now—where are CHFC and CFFB on 1230.  Been looking for them for awhile. 

1340    CKDR-5    ON    Red Lake.  0758 CST. Running a tape loop advising people to tune to 97.1 FM.  They completed their move to FM in October. The tape will continue to run until the tower is decommissioned.  [Per an e-mail received from CKDR].  NEW.


Bill Harms – Elkridge, Maryland



11/8 I was getting a carrier on 693 at 0845z just now. Is this Japan? Is it too late for Azores? I am recording right now or else I would go back to see if there is any audio. I think there are slight traces on 747 and 774.

I need to get a west directional antenna up.....

I heard a CW beacon on 505 approx this morning using the call WE2XGR/2 (as close as I can determine). Who or what is this? There was a weakerbeacon underneath. Can someone help me out here

11/9 Okay, I tried again for the 693 carrier this morning between 0830 and 0900z using the same antennas as yesterday. I could not get an antenna to the NW to work right, so I don't have a good bearing. Anyway, I had some threshold audio this time and with a little work, I might be able to get something out of it. The station had musical selections with announcements. This does not sound like NHK that I remember from Korea. There was only slight traces of a signal after 0900. This time, no traces on 747 and 774. There was a 20 second or so blimp around 738, but that could have been from 740's audio - a song hitting that frequency....

Well, I am now leaning towards a lingering European. What are others hearing at this time? West Coast DXers, what does NHK have between 0830 and 0900?

11/12 WTAM 980 has turned off its IBOC. I am not sure how long it has been off. Today is 11/12. 970 and 980 are now relatively clear in the daytime. Local channels with IBOC are 600 WCAO, 630 - WMAL, 1010 - WWLB and 1400 - WWIN.  All others are off as of this writing.

11/24 Between 1022 and 1038z 11/23, there was a definite carrier on 747. Unfortunately, there was no discernible audio and lots of slop. Give the fact that the carrier was so stable, I believe that with a better antenna and WSB nulled out sufficiently, that Japan could be heard in New Jersey. I also had slight traces on 693, 738, and 774 on the recording.


Dean Zeroeue – South Dakota

Kaito 2100



10:00 pm central 1630 Khz    KNRD 'Le Grande' owned by La Familia Broadcasting, Fox

Farm Wy.  10.000 day 1,000 night. Coming in like a local then fading in and out ,Regional Spanish language format from Cheyenne Wy.   330 miles distant


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

AR7030 Quantum Loop 2.0


CME Logs

XECPN 1320 La Mexicana Piedras Negras, Coahuila Mexico Music, recorded IDs, jock and jingles. Probably before power change.Listed at 10KW Day 100 w nights.


Other Logs

KJIM 1500 Sherman - Dennison Tx  music, CBS news and sign off.  A real

live sign off just before 7pm.


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

JVC KD-HDR1 Mobile


11/13 On the way in to work, I had KGO-810 in very solid, 840 (probably Vegas) very strong, KOA-850, KDXU-890, threshold audio on 1000 - not sure who that was.  This was about 8:15 AM, almost 2 hours after local sunrise.  Unfortunately (for DX anyhow) my commute is short, so that was all I had time to listen to.  Nice pre-winter conditions, though.

11/30 I'm back from my overnight trip to McGrath State Beach in beautiful Ventura, CA.  The troop did a great job with making/breaking camp and food prep.  This was a pretty decent campsite, about 400 yards from the ocean, where we could listen to the waves crashing in all night long.  The one downside is that they apparently have sulfur deposits in the area, so we were often treated to the delightul odor of rotten eggs.  In any case, this was one of my very few opportunities to try DXing from a coastal location (even if it is mostly south-facing) where I would not have to fight the usual electrical and other man-made noise, so I didn't want to waste the opportunity. 

I went back to my tent a little after midnight, knowing that I was not going to get to sleep anyhow, so I spun the dials for a while.  I did get some interesting catches, but was not able to positively ID anything new and exotic.

 Here's what I heard:

 I started out around 770, looking for the het from 774.  It was there (heard best in AM mode on 772), but all attempts to wring out audio were unsuccessful.  Well, at least I heard my first TP het :-).  I spent a bit of time going back to 770, and in KKOB's null, I heard some music: "Hey Mickey" and "Cmon Feel the Noize".  This one intrigues me, since the only reasonable possibility that I can come up with is KATL in Miles City, MT.  That's not a state that I hear everyday... 

On 530 I heard the LAX TIS - no biggie there, since it's probably 30-40 miles over water.  I also heard some EZL type music though, and I can't figure out where this might be coming from.  At home, the LAX TIS is dominant, and nothing else gets through. 

540 had some talk which I later figured out to be religion.  I'm guessing that was KVIP up in Redding, though hearing them on their 14w night power would be quite a feat.  Anyone know if they cheat? 

The rest of the night's action was my search for TP hets, and if I was doing it correctly, I think I heard quite a few.  My procedure was to switch the DX-398 to 9khz channel spacing, then after tuning to each channel in LSB, I would tune up or down, to see if I heard any hets.  Here is the list of channels where I believe that I heard hets: 

576, 594, 702, 747, 765, 774, 828, 855, 909, 927, 936, 945, 972, 1008, 1098, 1125, 1134, 1206, 1278, 1287, 1305, 1377, 1512, 1566. 

Most of these were faint.  The one on 747 was the strongest, but as mentioned, I was not able to get any audio.  A couple of times I thought I might have something, but I think it was more likely that I was hearing one of the adjacent channels. 

By the way, I did have the RS loop with me, but most of the time, while it did help bring up the levels, I didn't really sense much of an improvement in S/N ratio.  Pretty much the same thing I observe here at home. 

I'm sure that if I had rolled out some wire and had a better radio, I would probably had better results, but this was fun nevertheless.   Maybe next time...


Rick Barton – Phoenix, AZ

Panasonic 2600 or some variant…


11/14 1680  KGED  Fresno,CA 0400 Hearing HS-FB p-by-p atm, with "Bullard Knights" vs "Hoover". heard before TOH , tentatively IDd as KGED but just got clear ID at 0403 (UTC). pretty much alone on freq, solid signal here in PHX-AZ.  Lots of emotion, game refd as "the Battle of Barstow".

11/19 i tuned 1200 kHz. this (local) morning and found WOAI absent, letting me hear my unid much better.

with the prop. at 1400 , it must be coming from California, and the music is definitely music of India, not Arabic as i earlier reported.

on the radio shows the only suspect a California broadcaster playing "oldies", but im thinking the info is out of date. KYAA is my best guess atm...


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Car radio


11/2 Excellent conditions as I made my 15-mile commute to work this morning.

I sat on 1560 when I noticed R. Disney in New York was barely there at 0800, and I picked up two new "presumed" logs:

WYZD, Dobson NC with urban gospel music.  Only got a partial ID

WSBV, South Boston VA, southern gospel music, announcer had a strong southern accent, ads for a business " in Virginia...", only a partial ID once again.

11/4 Got one of my "most wanted" AM stations last night on the drive home from work- WGCR-720, Pisgah Forest NC, at 1715 EST, with promos for election day coverage in Western North Carolina, and nice, clear mentions of WGCR.  I listen to their webstream occasionally, so it's nice to finally hear them the "old fashioned way".


W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK



** OKLAHOMA. OK`s newest AM radio station is on the air: 1120. This is the original KEOR 1110 in Atoka, SE Oklahoma, which was hijacked to Catoosa, Tulsa market, and frequency shifted in order to squeeze yet another AM station into The Metroplex, TX.

Heard Nov 3 from 1727 UT playing nothing but oldies cuts, segués, pauses ranging from 5 to 30 seconds, never any announcements, not even a legal ID at hourtop 1800, as I monitored until 1815. Why is it that new stations testing on the air think they can get away without legal IDs? Not off to a good start, but this is obviously what I am hearing, and DF fits.

Fair signal in Enid, some 200 km away, but splash at times from closer KLEY-1130 KS. Songs included Carrie Anne, I Get Around, Travelin` Man, Mother-in-Law, Surf City, World Without Love.

Per FCC listing, call is still KEOR, which should work for Tulsa too, as in eastern Oklahoma radio; 2.0 kW daytime, two-tower direxional; facility ID number 3651 to read all about it:

Which was extremely slow-loading, took some 5 minutes; is everybody looking it up already?

Pattern is more or less cardioid, major lobe at 185-190 degrees toward western Tulsa, minor lobe in opposite direxion, and null at 50 degrees toward KMOX (which has a poor groundwave signal across the Oxarx), and one to match at 325 degrees – would that be toward Portland or nothing in particular? SR/SS table for the coordinates shows 1300 and 2315 UT in November. shows site is on North Peoria Avenue near 106 East Street North, which would be Tulsa terminology; tho COL is Catoosa, still gives address as a PO Box in Atoka! Tiger map via FCC shows location is actually next to Sperry, N of Tulsa, not Catoosa, which is NE of Tulsa. Address on record with FCC is yet another, 3633 FM 437, Rogers TX 76569 

** OKLAHOMA. My local KGWA 960 is still putting out spurs, not only on 950 and 970, but around 920 on the 10-kHz-step caradio, Nov 3 at 1732. Probably puts another one around 1000, obscured by KTOK OKC

MW bandscan from a quiet rural location several km N of Enid OK, a dead-end E of US 81 into the Quail Meadows addition, Nov 29, shortly after local mean noon which is 1832 UT, on Nissan caradio, nondirexional antenna, uncovered a few interesting things.

This is about a week before our latest sunrise and another month before our earliest sunset. How much skywave will make it, and what are the limits of groundwave in this high-ground-conductivity area? Distances are approximate.

660, weak signal under KSKY Dallas, 1910 with talk mentioning Omaha; makes SAH of slightly under 2 Hz, counted at 116/minute. This frequency has been difficult because of WWLS-640 IBOC always QRMing KSKY, yes, on second-adjacent. Omaha NE is now KCRO 1 kW, vs 20 kW from somewhat closer KSKY.

670, at 1853, mix of two stations, no doubt KLTT Denver, 700 km, and WSCR Chicago 1100 km. KLTT is a regular weak signal here yearound in daytime. The other one was going thru some slow selective fading. At 1902 obviously KLTT with religion, WSCR with sports talk.

720, WGN at 1852, Saturday Noon Show with the immediately recognizable Orion Samuelson. Quite steady signal, so is it ground or skywave at 1100 km? At 1901, music in Spanish was overtaking WGN, 1.5 Hz SAH, no doubt KSAH Universal City (San Antonio) TX, 800 km, same station which messes up our WGN reception at night. 1918, WGN dominating again, now in Your Money call-in show.

Nothing much happening on the X-band, e.g. 1690 Chicago? Just a trace of something; so do we have a low-band-only noontime skywave opening, or is this all groundwave? Per the NRC Pattern Book 2006, KSAH has different antenna patterns day and night but both have a null toward Chicago. Unfortunately, we are somewhat off that direct line and KSAH may also be out of whack.

840, at 1909, local weather by YL, Monday`s high 40; more info at and ``840 Country KTIC`` ID. Website gives slogan instead as Rural Radio. This is West Point NE near Omaha, the closest 840 to here, 600 km, about half the distance to WHAS. Probably groundwave; see 660. KFAB-1110 is also audible any day.

850, at 1908 KOA ID in passing over music from TX station. Less than KLTT-670, KOA Denver CO barely makes it here in daytime by groundwave.


1100, hoping for WZFG Fargo if they are back to 50 kW fullpower, but instead had usual fringe daytime dominator, KKLL Joplin MO, 350 km; after instrumental excerpt from America The Beautiful, outro for program named Radio Liberty? At 1859 string of maybe a dozen legal IDs for stations in AR, MO and IL at least, with KKLL somewhere in the middle of the list. However, at 1915 there was a fast SAH, maybe sports talk under country/gospel music? Most likely KDRY Alamo Heights (San Antonio) TX, judging from 1200 definite, 720. Is the 50 kW 1100 in Louisiana on the air yet? I still have hopes for pulling WZFG by daytime skywave if not groundwave, by latching onto a N/S defacto fence Beverage around here, but that may also bring up KDRY instead.

1200, at 1858 fast SAH between two very weak signals, but at 1907 WOAI ID in passing, just barely audible, and fading. Fortunately, not strong enough to carry any significant IBOC with it, and I could still hear KGYN 1210, and TX/KS on 1190.

1540, at 1856 car talk show over a weaker signal. 1904 in ABC News, ID ``Talk Radio 1540, KNGL, McPherson`` (Kansas), local weather. I was looking for KXEL Waterloo IA, heard a few days earlier but a sesquihour later, dominating 1540 by skywave, and this faked me out with the same slogan.

Other notes: IBOC from OK stations ruined the following: 630, 650, 990, 1010, 1160, 1180, 1290, 1310. A pair of deer loped by at 1914.

** OKLAHOMA. KEOR, 1120, Sperry, still doing the same thing as when first heard 3+ weeks ago: same old oldies, but many of our sing-along favorites, with long pauses; and legal ID at 1430 UT Nov 26 as ``AM 1120, KEOR, Catoosa``. thread on this indicates it`s just on the air to keep from losing its license, and/or until someone buys this daytimer. Programming comes from a box at the transmitter site. When first tuned in, was dominating over KMOX SAH of some 15 Hz, but KMOX soon overtook it by 1435, reluctant to give up its skywave even tho the Sun was inching higher in the pre-winter sky. Around this time of year would not be surprised if some signal from KMOX holds up thru high noon

** U S A. Nothing remarkable on the X-band, on the caradio the afternoon of Nov 26, but at 2025 UT, KXEL-1540 Waterloo IA was coming in well, with local PSAs, weather, Newstalk 1540 ID and back to Sean Hannity


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

As listed


11/6 Two quick catches on 1260 kHz last night on my way home from work:

1856 PM CST  XEL   DF  Mexico City - Good ID with "XEL Grupo ACIR" atop the channel, then took nose-dive under the clutter.

1902 PM CST  KWSH OK  Wewoka - With severe weather warnings.  Those EAS "squawk tones" really cut through the noise!

Trying to stay awake after getting back home from visiting relatives in Katy, TX, for a late Thanksgiving meal, I was tuning around on my barefoot Sangean DT-400W.  Wouldn't you

know it?  I heard one GREAT new station, but couldn't get to my notepad and pencil before it was gone!  Drats!!

27 Nov 2008


530 kHz  CUBA  Radio Enciclopedia - Heard at 11:25 PM CST with easy-listening music.  Really hard to stay awake with this music!!

28 Nov 2008


650 kHz  KGAB  WY  Cheyenne - Unbelievable, but heard three quick "AM 650 KGAB" ID's in a tight null of regular powerhouse WSM Nashville at 12:30 AM CST before  going back to "Coast to Coast" feed.  Tried to stay with the station until another ID break, but they faded out.  Drats!  No paper or pencil to jot down the local commercial that was sandwiched between the         quick "AM 650 KGAB" ID's!


John Sampson – Grand Rapids, MN

Receiver, Antenna


11/12 CFRA was quite strong in Grand Rapids (Minn.) last night, too.  Haven't heard them since the early 1950s when I logged them from Des Moines.  My log shows them on 610 then but my somewhat untrustworthy memory has them on 590 at some time before the Toronto station moved there from 580.  Anyone who has been around that long remember for certain?


R. F. Tetro – Lansdale, PA

Car Radio


11/12 Lots of very loud hets tonight on the low end of the band while on my way home from work @ about 1930EST.  Hearing a 1khz het VERY strong on 550 on my car radio – presuming its 549.  Similar results with 4 khz het on 580 – presumably 576.  No way to id with the car radio due to 10khz spacing.  I haven’t heard hets this loud in SE PA in quite a while.


Richard Berler – Laredo, TX

As listed


From Laredo, TX: 

Sunday 11-16: (Sunset=5:46pm, local noon=12:38pm) 

3:50pm 1010KHz KXEN Festus/St.Louis MO 50 KW 944 miles from Laredo...clear copy on Sangean PR-D5 barefoot, SONY ICF-S5W barefoot, Grundig G6 with TERK Advantage 

4:30pm 1520KHz KFXZ Lafayette, LA 10 KW 489 miles from Laredo...fair copy of CW music programming on same radios in the null of KOKC Oklahoma City 50 KW 549 miles from Laredo. 

Monday 11-17: 

12:30pm 870 KHz WWL New Orleans, LA 50 KW 588 miles from Laredo...clear copy of local news/talk programming on Sangean PR-D5 barefoot and Grundig 6 with TERK Advantage (SONY ICF-S5W suffers from a rare repeat of a local signal 20 KHz down from local's 890 KHz frequency). 

12:35pm 820 KHz WBAP Dallas, TX 50 KW 375 miles from Laredo...fair copy of Rush L. talk on the 3 radios as above. 

12:40pm 1020 KHz KCKN Roswell, NM 50 KW 504 miles away...fair, occasionally good copy of local CW programming. Same 3 radios as above.

11-18 1:40 pm KOKC 1520 KHz 50 KW Oklahoma City 549 miles from Laredo...Neal Boortz show faded in after 35 minutes of largely sitting in on 1520 KHz...suddenly faded in and came in great! KCKN Roswell, 508 miles away was solid playing Big Bad John (At the bottom of this mine lies a BIG, BIG MAN...) WBAP Dallas was good, WWL New Orleans briefly good, all during my trying for KOKC! All heard on SONY ICF-S5W barefoot (with exception of WWL),Sangean PR-D5 barefoot, and Grundig G6 with TERK Advantage.


Neil Wolfish – Toronto, ON

Receiver, Antenna


11/23 Heard a couple of times this week on 950 just before 6:00 a.m. Eastern, including this morning...   a woman singing the Star Spangled Banner sort of gospel-style.  Sounds like it might be somebody like Whitney Houston singing.  Unfortunately, the singing sticks out and then the signal fades into the muck. Same way as the Radio Reloj IDs stick out on 950.

950 is usually a mess at this hour, with the Cuban and WWJ-Detroit in there, but nobody really dominating.  And too early for WROC-Rochester to start taking charge.  Just wondering if anybody else has heard this recently.  Perhaps WDIG in Steubenville OH?


Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver, Antenna


11/29 Those wanting to catch Puerto Rico might want to try 630 khz tonight. It’s in and out with Cuba on the frequency. 

Conditions last night were, “different”. Hard to explain but Cuba wasn’t so strong, and for some reason I had it parked on 900khz and heard what I am pretty sure was CHML, so maybe tonight might be an opportunity to catch some new stuff.


Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Collins 51J-2, SeaTTY decoder


4 November


H518 NMQ Long Beach, CA 11/4 0445Z (UTC) broadcast 8 navigational
warnings (QAxx) covering channel lights, lighted bouys, breakwater
lights, diving operations. Good signal but they're a local here. My
first 518 kHz reception. The Collins doesn't have a USB/LSB switch,
only a BFO. You would typically use USB so I had the BFO on.

QAxx: Q=NMQ, A=navigational warning, xx is a number (ie 29).


30 November


0444UTC NMQ with Search and Rescue notice followed by navigational
0510UTC I heard a weak signal that wouldn't decode, Tofino listed
0530UTC no NMW
0759UTC nice signal from NMC, very few errors decoding, off at 0818
0830UTC no VAJ
0833UTC NMQ with test message:


Larry Wild – Aberdeen, SD

RS DX-396


529  NDB: LYQ  Morristown, TN.  11/3 @ 11:30pm CST. Heard over a weak
UNID Spanish station on 530kHz. I heard the beacon again last night, but
it seemed weaker.

Distance from Aberdeen, SD to Morristown, TN: 1014 miles




Bill Harms:


I heard a CW beacon on 505 approx this morning using the call WE2XGR/2
(as close as I can determine).  Who or what is this? There was a weaker
beacon underneath. Can someone help me out here


Kevin Redding:


There's a little bitty slice of an amateur band down there and its
still experimental. You caught one of the beacons they are using to
test with. We had something about this in the past on ABDX maybe a
year ago or so and several logs made. I even caught a couple out in AZ.


Larry Wild:


WE2XGR/2 is a 400w experimental beacon on 506.5 operated by W1VD, Jay
Rusgrove, in Burlington, CT. He has a web site:


Possum Hunter:


6 experimental permits under the call WE2XGR have been issued by the FCC. They can run 200 Watts ERP on 505-515 khz using CW, SSB, and data modes. The permits run for 5 Years and the stations operating under it are: WE2XGR/1 (K2ORS), WE2XGR/2 (W1VD), WE2XGR/3 (W1TAG), WE2XGR/4 (Bill Ashlock in Andover, MA (no ham call)), WE2XGR/5 (Bill Ashlock in Ellsworth,NH) and WE2XGR/6 (W2ZM).


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

SDR-IQ, Wellbrook ALA1530, Quantum Phaser


Date       Time Call Freq Location              Miles

11/23/2008 0520 PPA  450  Puerto Plata Dom Rep  1600
11/27/2008 0153 HQT  417  Coats  NC             630
11/27/2008 0211 BA   410  Columbus IN           815
11/27/2008 0237 AQ   407  Appleton WI           895
11/27/2008 0253 CI   400  Sault Ste Marie MI    730
11/27/2008 0305 YPH  396  Inukjuak PQ           1165
11/27/2008 0408 RNW  388  Chocowinity NC        575
11/27/2008 0443 AM   388  Tampa FL              1180
11/27/2008 0450 SPP  387  San Andres Island SAP 2145
11/27/2008 0523 EMR  385  Augusta  GA           855
11/27/2008 0757 BT   382  Burlington VT         195

11/28/2008 0512 1F   363  Bathurst NB
11/28/2008 0400 AA   365  Fargo MN
11/28/2008 0240 ZYZ  368  Toronto ONT
11/28/2008 0223 CQD  372  Erie PA
11/28/2008 0116 IVV  379  White River Jct VT


Steve Ponder – Houston, TX

Sangean DT-400W


27 Nov 2008
529 kHz  LYQ  TN  Morristown - According to the RNA database,
        this beacon is in Morristown, but I remember some
        debate on this list about the exact location.  Heard
        in the null of Cuba's Radio Enciclopedia on 530 kHz
        at 11:30 PM CST.


Chris Black:


Good catch on LYQ, 100 watts from Morrison, TN. The beacon is at a
private airport co-located with the WWRB transmitter facility based on the
information I got when it became operational last year. Supposedly they will
QSL beacon reception via the WWRB web site: I think I
tried last year but never got anything :(


Steve Ponder:


According to the WWRB website, their "Broadcaster Contact
Address" is:

Airline Transport Communications Inc.
Broadcast Services Group
6755 Shady Grove Road
Morrison, TN 37355, USA

and their "Listener Services Address" is:

Airline Transport Communications Inc.
Listener Services
Box 7
Manchester, TN 37349, USA

So, both Manchester and Morris are listed.  Hmmm ...

I checked WWRB's FAQ and found this:

"... Using a GPS or Loran with a Direct-To feature, our
geographic position is N 35.37.50 W
086.00.01. ... You
can also use our onsite NDB to locate the station.  Its
call letters are "LYQ" and it can be received on 529 KHz.
Due to radio towers and other obstructions, our private
airport is uncharted and will not appear on aircraft
navigational charts for safety reasons.  The airport's
FAA identification is K43TN, and the facility is called

One weblink that I found was

It stated that "FAA Airport Diagram Not Available


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


No submissions this month! I guess everyone is listening to their radios and not their computers.


I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and health and happiness in the coming year.


73’s, Martin


The Line of Sight and Beyond


No FM Logs this month


The Whole Earth

Rick Barton – Phoenix, AZ

Panasonic 2600 or some variant…


11/15 wow ! wot a day .....

i tuned in R.S.H. at home on table top comms rec. and heard just a trace. same all afternoon. at s/on of tx to USA, same trace rx here, only allowing me to hear when they were playing music.

took portable and ever persent camping antenna (100' wire wrapped around old piece of firewood) and headed out to the desert.

by the time i got there and set up, it was just past 2300, so i had them for 1/2 hour... except..!..they stayed on until 2345 UTC, giving me just a shade more time to monitor and write.

the signal was not "armchair" out in the desert , but pretty darn close ! it was GOOD.

as bad as urban environments are, i appreciate being so close to the desert where the wide open spaces allow for "instant DXpeditions" .

wondering what experiences the rest of u had ......?

AUSTRALIA  2325  ABC-Northern Territories (Tennant Creek) 11:15 w/ some type of interview prog. to BOH and fanfare music, into "ABC" news. 25453. (Barton-AZ  Nov. 23)

AUSTRALIA  2310   ABC- Northern Territory (via Roe Creek)  heard 1125 as // to 2325 , not as strong. (Barton-AZ, Nov. 23)

SOUTH AFRICA  9650   BBC-ws (via Meyerton Relay)  0410 with web address given by male, pgm on the G-5 Summit. (Barton-AZ, Nov.23)

getting excellent rx today from Australia -  New Zealand. tremendous sigs from :

13650  AUSTRALIA  (Shepparton) 2200  Latest reports on India terror.Even more solid //  17785. (Barton-AZ  Nov. 27)

17675   N. ZEALAND  R--N--Z--Intl., 2205  Also w/ nx reports on India terror, some Pacific stuff at close.  (Barton-AZ   Nov. 27)


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



SW DX update from northern Delaware:

26-Oct-08 // 0259 UTC // 3320 khz. // Radio Sonder Grense // 100 kw presumed // Meyerton, South Africa // Prime Circle's "She Always Gets What She Wants" followed by male in presumed Afrikaans at top of the hour. Good signal bothered by occasional lightning induced static crashes.

27-Oct-08 // 0056 UTC // 6055 khz. // Radio Exterior de Espana // 250 kw presumed // Noblejas, Spain // Male with "You've just heard the English language service of Radio Exterior de Espana broadcasting to North America from Madrid. This broadcast goes out daily at zero hours UTC on 6055 khz. in the 49 meter band." Very strong signal.

 27-Oct-08 // 0259 UTC // 3345 khz. // Channel Africa // 100 kw presumed // Meyerton, South Africa // End of program segment, brief music interlude, then top of the hour time pips and female with "5 o'clock central African time. You're tuned to Channel Africa..." Poor signal bother by occasional lightning induced static crashes.

31-Oct-08 // 1759 UTC // 15475 khz. // Afrique Numero Un // 250 kw presumed // Moyabi, Gabon // Sinister sounding music with male voice over in French, several Afrique Numero Un IDs; followed by sung (female) station ID then top of the hour time pips and another ID by male. Outstanding signal.


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ 180


6850AM 11/1 0037UTC, Qu'ran, talk by man at 0043. Weak.

6925USB 11/1 0152 music and announcements by man at threshold level.

I did hear "and we all started looking at".

Nothing on 6700 or 6977.

I recorded both.

13362 AFN Guam, 11/25 2334UTC in poor with English news, USB.


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5


Stuff I heard last evening; since these are shortwave loggings, I'm using UTC time and date:

6767 Five-digit Spanish numbers by woman in USB 0120 11/1, good signal.

6850 UNID Apparent Qu'ran recitations by man 0422 11/1, very good signal. I apparently missed the news on who's using this frequency at this time; who is it?

6925 PIRATE Undercover Radio industrial/techno music 11/1 at 0205 tune-in to 0209, when male announcer mentioned "Halloween special" followed by various audio effects (screams, distorted voices, etc.) and back into music until ID at 0215. I heard another station on this frequency at 0410 but signal too weak to ID.

6973 ISRAEL Galei Zahai assumed one here 0417 11/1 with AM signal fading in for 30 seconds and then inaudible for about 45 seconds, Much like a trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific MW signal. Male talk in unID language when in.


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AR 7030


11/15 I'm getting a rather weak but consistent signal from R. St. Helena on 11092.5U right now, 2118UTC (16:18EST), here in Orlando. They're supposed to be broadcasting to Europe at the moment. This bodes well for when they point their signal this way.


Bob Foxworth – Tampa, FL

TS430S and 80’ end fed wire


R. St. Helena Unusably weak at tune-in just after 2200, audio uncopiable in noise, a bit better by 2225. Sudden peakup at 2229 with ment. of NorthAmerica. Disappeared 2230 to 2245 when suddenly reappeared, would be just copiable for a report with effort. GSQ at 2330 sked s/off but continued on with music. Hrd on a TS-430S with 80 ft tuned endfed wire. Always fun to hear this. No plans to actually send (postal) a report.

Wonder how this would have worked on a freq closer to 7 Mc/s, all dark path then.


J, Armani – Denver, CO

Receiver, Antenna


WHRI 2100 UTC  (2:00 MST) 9525 KHZ

The Daily Dose was on. This is the first time I Have been able to get World Harvest Radio in a few months, most of the time there is a lot of Static so I Can't hear it.


Jerry Lenamon -  Waco, TX

Eton E-1 and sloper


Kaliningrad: 22 Nov, V of Russia, 7340 @ 2220z, in Portuguese, listed as 150kw at 245 degrees.

Kuwait: 22 Nov, VOA in English, 7425 @ 2235z, 250kw at 58. //7480 via Philippines (250kw at 270).

Thailand: 22 Nov, VOA in English, 7230 @ 2245z, 250kw at 359. // 9780 via Philippines (250kw at 349) and //15445 via Tinian (250kw at 304)

Iran: 23 Nov, IRIB, 3945 @ 0330z, 500kw ND

Croatia: 23 Nov, V of Croatia, 3985 @ 0345z, //7375 Vatican City: 23 Nov, Vatican Radio, 4005 @ 0415z, listed as only 10kw.

Moldova: 23 Nov, R PMR, in English, 6240 @ 2230z, 500kw at 309.

Cyprus: 23 Nov, Cyprus BC, 6180 @ 2245z, via Zygi 250kw at 314.

Romania: 23 Nov, R Romania Intl, 6115 @ 2310, 300kw at 307. //6015 not as strong with a bearing more to the south. As others have noted RRI's new transmitters have improved their coverage to among the best from Europe.


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** ALASKA. KNLS, 6150, Nov 1 at 1245 in English with distinctive organ riffs, about equal level to co-channel Chinese, // weaker 6915, 1246 ID and short features

** ALBANIA [and non]. R. Tirana reconfirmed active and audible in English to North America Nov 1 at 1535 on 13720, as checked on the DX-398 portable while at the Enid hamfest.

Nov 1 at 2356, 6110 R. Tirana IS started prior to the Albanian sesquihour, and NO jamming, but there was a bit of a SAH from some other carrier. However, at 2359 I could hear some DentroCuban bubble jamming building up against vacated VOA underneath Tirana.

At 0443, the R. Tirana English to NAm on 6100 could be detected underneath Cuban pulse jamming, this time against non-existent Radio República. These would be good frequencies for Albania if the Cubans would just put their jammers where they are `needed`

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. 5995, Nov 1 at 1236 Christian choral music with piano accompaniment, 1240 Chinese announcement, so it`s YFR via Pet/Kam; mixing with DRM centred on 5995 from RA Brandon, Australia, two rather incompatible modes

** BULGARIA [and non]. R. Bulgaria, 15700, starting news in English at 1230 Nov 1. This semi-hour transmission is at 306 degrees to Europe, and might as well be to NAm too in the same direxion. I usually hear this frequency after 1300 in Bulgarian.

Radio Bulgaria`s English broadcast to North America at 0000-0100 is totally ruined on 5900 thanks to that defective motorboating Russian transmitter always operating in B-season from one of the Moscow sites on 5900, as heard 0010 Nov 2. Absolutely nothing was readable either from it or from Bulgaria.

As in DXLD 8-115, 5900 is on VOR`s B-08 Spanish schedule at 0100-0300; not sure what service is on it during the previous hour. Aside from the QRM they cause to neighbors, waste of electricity and effort, ¿are the Russian engineers sinvergüenza? But we can still hear Bulgaria on 7400

** CHINA [non]. CRI theme music on 9560, Nov 1 at 1258 almost // Cuba relay on 9570, but 9560 cut off at 1259* uncovering R. Australia. 9560 CRI is now a relay via Sackville, CANADA, in Cantonese at 1200, 240 degrees

** CUBA [and non]. DCJC, 5745 pulsing against nothing Nov 1 at 0555.

DCJC also continues jamming frequencies long vacated by other victims, and now causing collateral damage to innocent bystanders. See ALBANIA about 6110 and 6100. But they have found current VOA Spanish frequency 5890, which altho very strong Nov 2 at 0009 in music, had some bubble jamming underneath.

I am no longer hearing RHC on 11690, which had been in use before and/or after 0000. Which is fine, since DW German is now there, teletypeless, Nov 2 at 0020 // 6075 but an echo apart. Kigali is now running 11690 all the way from 21 until 02. Nor is RHC on ex-11680. I wonder where that transmitter has gone?

** ECUADOR. A week into the season, I`ve yet to see an HCJB B-08 schedule, tho maybe I`ve missed it. So surprised to find it loud and clear in Spanish on new 11625, UT Sun Nov 2 at 0022. At first I wondered if it was VOA, since the program was all about the good things the US Embassy is doing in Imbabura, Pichincha and other Ecuadorian provinces, such as medical aid, scholarships. Signal dumped off the air for a few seconds at 0026; and then closed ``Reportaje`` show with ``Ecuador y Estados Unidos --- Amigos y Socios``. Makes me wonder if show was produced by USA as a public diplomacy effort.

0029:30 to automated ID which astonishingly gave two wrong frequencies. Wait a minute --- it`s not astonishing, as HCJB was doing that for months, years on their morning Spanish broadcasts. Now claims to be on 9745 to Mexico (not), which this apparently replaces, and 21455 to Europe and Pacific, which as we have reiterated several times, HCJB dropped completely, months ago.

But here`s a first: the automated timecheck was wrong too! At 0030 it claimed to be 1900 local = 0000 UT. Does that mean all their timechex are a semihour off now? Until reset, anyway, and it takes them forever to notice any discrepancies

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, secret English broadcast on 6850 to North America, Nov 1 at 2352 as hefty S9+22 level, but modulation so low that it was a whisper compared to normal listening level on other stations. I could turn the volume control to maximum and then hear it OK: fortunately with that much signal there was almost full quieting, but woe betide anyone tuning away without turning down the volume first. This is at 2300-2430, then continues in Arabic, instead of all in Arabic as on ERTU schedules

** FRANCE. 12015, Nov 1 at 1740 with talk in Brazilian Portuguese and what sounded like gospel songs in English, but not // HCJB 15295. 12015 was atop persistent RTTY infesting this frequency. Looked up later, it`s RFI`s Portuguese service to Africa, not Brasil, running a megawatt of this frequency from 2 x 500 kW at different azimuths from Issoudun, 160 and 204 degrees at 1700-1800

** GABON [and non]. AN1, 17630, as previously reported, still suffers from a big collision caused by DW via Rampisham moving onto frequency for B-08, as heard Nov 1 at 1325. At 14-16, AN1 has long had another collision and still does with CRI English via Mali --- as AN1 does not bother to register its usage with HFCC, so the others may pretend it does not exist

** GERMANY. 15745, Nov 1 at 1404 with gospel rock, good signal and I suspected a US station, but it`s listed as CVC in English via Jülich, 145 degrees to E Africa at 14-18

** GERMANY [non]. 11690 in African language, good at 1810 Nov 1 but with RTTY on side, which is still causing problems. It`s DW in Hausa via RWANDA, 1800-1857 at 295 degrees

** INDONESIA. VOI, having missed Oct 31, was back on 9526 Nov 1, making that day 16, at 1253 with flutter, music, Suara Indonesia ID; running late, finally 1304 closing Indonesian hour, 1305 opening English, 1306 program summary, 1307 news: The VP warns Indonesians not to expect any big change in relations with US if Obama is elected, as he ``would keep a distance from Indonesia`` and is not directly related to the country, but ``he would be superior to George Bush.``

The Mohammedia organization praises passing of an anti-pornography law to ``stem the culture of liberalism``. Prince Charles will be visiting Yogyakarta Nov 4 at 11:30 am-4:50 pm, et al. Trade with Spain exceeds 2.1 gigaeuros, and their embassy has invited 60 Spanish businessmen to visit Bali. Bank-Indonesia not getting a bailout; Dutch Central Bank also mentioned. 1318, ``Our Today`s Bright Spot`` [which is not proper English], on presidential and vice-presidential elexion in Indonesia

** JAPAN [non]. NHKWNRJ, 6145 via Canada, very good UT Sun Nov 2 at 0007 in World Interactive, and since it`s the first Saturday, featuring haiku; at the conclusion they were talking about starting a quarterly haiku contest, once they figure out how to do it. This is the final daily repeat of each English program cycle

** KOREA NORTH. KCBS, 6285, soprano performing revolutionary (what else?) music at 1243 Nov 1, good here on C&SAm beam, and also audible on much weaker // 6185 to SE Asia; no sign of Mexico, q.v.

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio, reconfirmed on the last day of DST, Sat Nov 1 at 1320 via WHRI 11785. Only further monitoring will tell whether it moves one UT hour later and/or to another frequency from next week. Hmong North Radio, which had been appearing for a few weeks UT Sundays at 0100-0130 on 5875, was missing Nov 2 at 0115 check, just WHR gospel rock instead

** MEXICO [and non]. Altho I did not hear XEPPM, R. Educación, Nov 1 at 1243 when I was getting North Korea on 6185, I did hear it the following evening, having moved the sign-on an hour later already last week when Mexico went off DST. Nov 1 at 2355 rumbling het between two stations at least, Brazilian Portuguese song atop open carrier from XE. At 2358, RN Amazônia said it was almost dez horas (p.m.); 2359 Mexican national anthem started

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Some classical music caught my ear on 5955, Nov 1 at 0558, but it cut off a minute later, replaced in a few seconds by RNW IS and opening in Dutch. This is listed as Sines, PORTUGAL, at 55 degrees, but nothing known before 0600 on a Saturday, unless BBC Rampisham really was on then, not just M-F.

RNW on 9670, Nov 1 at 1255 in Dutch but playing phone intercept messages in English, why? Postbus 222 address in Dutch, fair. This is 267 degrees via TINIAN to SE Asia at 1159-1257.

Altho Bonaire 17810 eclipses it during the 20 UT hour only, 11655 via Madagascar in English can also be heard in abandoned NAm during the previous two hours. Nov 1 at 1811, report on the food shortage in Zimbabwe. At 18-20 it`s at 300 degrees, 20-21 adjusted to 295. The 18 and 20 hours carry the same programs; on Saturday, The State We`re In, while at 19-20 earlier shows repeat, on Saturday, Network Europe Week, and Curious Orange

** NEWFOUNDLAND [and non]. Tuning across 6160, UT Sunday Nov 2 at 0005, heard Randy Bachman introducing his Vinyl Tap show, atop the co-channel at times; ergo this is CKZN since the show would not appear until 3 hours later from CKZU. I could barely detect it also on CBCNQ 9625, but not synchronized, from different network feeds, and bothered by 9620 adjacent signal

** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI still not operating according to its own posted schedule. Nov 1 at 2123, on 17675 AM again, instead of 11725 which is supposed to run from 1951 to 2235; and abutting CVC Chile 17680; while DRM was on 15715-15720-15725 as scheduled

** PORTUGAL. 15465, fado music Nov 1 at 1745 with pauses for quick program promos, O Fado e a Guitarra Portuguesa, on RDP Internacional, and at 1755 O Fado em Silêncio; in fact, the latter was the program I was hearing, scheduled Sat 1708-1800 per their Nov 1 online listing where it may also be heard:

Also on // 17825 even stronger, as to be expected from 300 vs 226 azimuths

** SERBIA [non]. International Radio Serbia is one of those stations which shift all their broadcasts one hour by UT depending on whether DST is observed locally or not, something that makes no sense for an external audience. So in B-08 we expect English to NAm to be at 0100 and 0200 rather than 0000 and 0100. Indeed, Nov 2 at 0004 I did not find anything on 6190, but at 0028 there was an open carrier, and 0030 opening in Serbian; I think I heard them give the frequency as 6185, which was replaced by 6190 months ago on our suggestion, to get away from Mexico, Brazil, but which they kept announcing incorrectly also in English.

The supposed B-08 schedule on their website is not dated, and also incorrect now, but labeled B-08 when copied at

It is nothing of the sort, showing summer times and outdated frequencies. I have not yet monitored further myself for the English times, but Bob Thomas in CT has, and he says as of Oct 29 they are 0100 and 0200 on 6190 --- except the first one skips UT Sundays

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. WBCQ, 15420-CUSB, another Saturday with Brother Scare at 1405 // 9330-CUSB, tho the 15420 sked at WBCQ website does not include The Overcomer Ministry. Also on WINB 9265. By 1712 recheck, 9330 was off, scheduled until 1600 only; 15420 had switched to the NM prophet; and WINB B.S. was *still* on 9265v, far past its authorized span, not // WWRB 9385, or at least far from synchronized. Sometime between 1712 and 1743, WINB had finally switched to 13570v, still Scary

** SPAIN. 11765 good in Arabic talk interspersed with fiddle tunes, mentioned Hispaniya giving away that it`s REE, confirmed at 1732 by ``Huna Madrid``, scheduled 17-19 at 110 degrees from Noblejas

** TAIWAN [non]. RTI, 5950 via WYFR, Nov 1 at 0600 opening in Spanish, admitting that their news is stale, dated Oct 31. Strange that one of the Okeechobee relays they would keep is the one in the middle of the night to Central America. Axually, it`s 285 degrees to zone 10, which is Mexico, NOT Central America; and in the western timezones of Mexico it`s only 10 or 11 pm, but the great majority of the Mexican population is in the Central timezone = midnight

** TINIAN. After hearing a big open carrier from WRNO on 7505 for several hours the morning of Nov 1, I checked the frequency again at 1715 and could hear a very weak station with music, and announcements in a SE Asian language, i.e. Radio Free Asia in Burmese at 1630-1730, 279 degrees from Tinian. Also bits of RFA Mandarin on 7445, also Tinian; or the Chicom jammer

** UKRAINE. RUI`s unexpected extra frequency, 15635, noted here Nov 1 at 1330 with music akin to that of Greece on 15650; 1340 ID in Ukrainian. 1345-1355 had a talk feature, slowly and clearly enunciated, so one could tell better how Ukrainian differs from Russian. 1359 IS interrupted and off. 15635 is reported as 600 kW to Australia & New Zealand, also for the English hours now shifted to 10 and 12

** U K [and non]. 11665, BBCWS in English with reports about Africa, Somalia in particular; poor at 1719 Nov 1. It`s 16-18, 180 degrees from Skelton.

I wanted to hear the final BBCWS special from the USA, from Minnesota this time, Talking America: the Challenges Ahead, discussing ``tribal politix``, Sat Nov 1 at 1806; the only audible frequency I could quickly locate was 17830 Ascension, but not very strong and aside PORTUGAL 17825, q.v. So I converted myself from an SWL into a web listener for the remainder of the hour

** U S A. 7505, big open carrier first noted at 1250 Nov 1; must be WRNO warming up for another revival; left a receiver on this, but never any modulation, still in at 1341, 1347, 1402, 1425 but not at next check 1711 when I heard something else on frequency. Subsequent check was at 2346, and now VG signal S9+22, gospel music, so WRNO is back in business, on expanded schedule from former 0100-0400 only, unless this is just temporary for testing. Still at 0032 Nov 2; weakening by 0115

** U S A. WBCQ, 15420-CUSB, another Saturday with Brother Scare at 1405 // 9330-CUSB, tho the 15420 sked at WBCQ website does not include The Overcomer Ministry. By 1712 recheck, 9330 was off, scheduled until 1600 only; 15420 had switched to the NM prophet. At 1815 I found 9330 back on, now QSO with Ted Randall, another play of the interview with a YL about the space station, etc., and with lo het from Syria 9330.0 vs WBCQ 9329.9. 

Only had time for a quick webcheck after 2100 Sat Nov 1 to confirm that Marion`s Attic has indeed moved to that new time (2200 from next week), ex-0100/0200 Sundays.

So what has replaced her at 9 pm Eastern Saturdays? TimTron was running a bit late, belch, until 0103 UT Sunday on 7415, and then started up with Star Trek theme, another replay of QSO with Ted Randall interview with YL about space station, which I thought was supposed to be on two hours later. TimTron had said his show was being simulcast on 5110, also not on published schedule, tho I did not check, but at 0135, 7415 was missing, and QSO was on 5110. BTW, 7415 was unusually getting some splatter from VOA 7405 until 0100* In this case, not Martí or DCJC.

BTW, I see on the WBCQ online schedule, a new show has been added to 9330, 7 days a week at 10 pm-mn eastern, 0200-0400 tonight when I was too busy compiling this report to check it, but thence 0300-0500 UT, The Roger Fredenburg Show. What`s that about? Will it propagate that late in the winter night on 9+ MHz from Maine?

** U S A. WWRB transmitter on 5050 is way out of whack: Nov 1 at 2348 all I could hear on 5050 were swishing noises in a cadence resembling talking, but totally unintelligible. Also putting out spurs peaking around 5034 and 5066 as I have heard before, the latter now strong enough to bother its neighbor WWCR on 5070. At 2357, 5050 had settled down a bit, undermodulated but recognizable with choral version of ``Wonderful Words of Life``. At 0000 Nov 2, Dave Frantz`s quick lo-fi legal ID interrupted a preacher titled ``--- Truth Broadcast``.

Brian Alexander in PA had monitored more spurs and measured them 22 hours earlier: 5002.78, 5018.52, 5034.26, 5065.74, 5081.48, at 15.74 kHz intervals --- hmm, that`s very close to the nominal horizontal sweep frequency of black and white NTSC TV --- does Dave have an old TV set hooked into the homemade transmitter somehow?

** U S A. WWCR`s 5935 transmitter for PMS continues to suffer from ``ringing`` spurs of roughly plus/minus 4 kHz, but which beat against the main signal very annoyingly and vary with modulation, as Nov 2 at 0008. Have not noticed this on any of their other frequencies, even the same transmitter when in daytime on 13845

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. I often hear La Voz de la República Árabe Saharahui Democrática after 0600 on 6300, but it`s only in Hassania Arabic then; the final hour is in Spanish, but I only heard the end of it Nov 1 at 2354 with Spanish talk and music, 0001 Nov 2 closing show about refugee camps, sign-off, 0002 anthem by amateur band, 0003 to open carrier

** ZANZIBAR. 11735, RTZ, Sat Nov 1 at 1735 with co-channel QRM and a low het; as I outpointed before, Romania is gone from 11735 in B-08; at first I thought V. of Korea, but not on 11735 at this time. Next thought is the Brasilian, R. Transmundial, likely the source. Fortunately, it had abated at 1800 when Zanzibar began news in English from Spice FM, but still hard to copy with fading: items about DR Congo, attack in Islamabad, 1805 ID amid, ``You`re listening to Spice FM``, more news, 1809 back into Swahili, sounding like the same announcer as in English. Had occasional QRM from DW 11725 splash, which just signed on at 1800, 295 degrees from Kigali. BTW, several others have logged the English news on Thursdays only at 2000 instead

** ZIMBABWE [non]. 11745, new frequency ex-12035 for SW Radio Africa, Nov 1 at 1721 with interview re the Zimbabwe situation; 1734 ending Weekend News Roundup, ``another depressing week``, vernacular ID, back into English with Health Beat; good signal at 152 degrees from Woofferton

** CUBA [and non]. Now WWCR is getting hit by nonsensical DentroCuban jamming, on 5890, which earlier in the evening is used by VOA Spanish. Nov 2 at 0629 could hear jamming pulses under music which was undermodulated rather than overmodulated, in the Pastor Pete Peters service.

RHC, 13760 with unmodulated carrier at 1408 and still at 1425 Nov 2; meanwhile, very strong on 13680, and modulated, but bothered by splash from CRI via Canada 13675 which was stronger. Commies vs Commies! Still no sign of Aló, Presidente

** INDONESIA. VOI, day 17 on 9526 with hum, Nov 2 at 1308, VG with news in English about Bali bombers about to be executed, last-minute appeals

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio via WHRI, confirmed shifted one UT hour later to stay at the same local time in Hminnesota, Sunday Nov 2 at 1402, and still on 11785, referring to Thai newspapers about the political situation there; lots of English names and terms interspersed in the Hmong. A bit later back to the ethnic music we enjoy so much. So presumably it is now both Saturday and Sunday at 1400-1500; 11785 was off the air after 1500, but maybe on Sat it will stay on for Hmong World Christian Radio and at 1530 DXing with Cumbre

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Tnx to hams relenting at the moment, station in Dutch heard on 3955, Nov 2 at 0632; must be RNW and must not be from Netherlands direct. Think this is the first time I`ve heard them on 75m. It`s via Skelton UK at 0600-0657, 250 kW at 121 degrees. Seemed to be // 5955, via Sines, PORTUGAL, but too much from RTI/WYFR 5950

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare, fair on 13810 when I tuned by as quickly as possible, Nov 2 at 1409, just long enough to hear him boast of being on 12 SW stations plus many MW. This is via DTK, Nauen, GERMANY, currently 14-15 UT only, 100 kW at 120 degrees

** TINIAN. 5840, Nov 2 at 1428 with phone-in, a Chinese language, good signal. And 5855 with SE Asian song. These are both Radio Free Asia, Cantonese and Vietnamese respectively, one 279 and the other 280 degrees. Latest RFA schedule I can find on their website

shows them altho dated August 2, apparently still in effect

** U S A. I am never quite sure what will happen to the WWCR 3215 airing of WORLD OF RADIO on DST/ST change dates, as it`s close to the official clock-resetting time in the Central zone. Sunday Nov 2 at 0633 country gospel music was running, so I guess WOR had already been moved to 0730 even tho that is before the 2 am CDT/CST shift

** U S A. WRNO still heard mostly with gospel music on reactivated 7505, and extended to long hours. FCC B-08 schedule shows it available 23-16 UT. At 0637 Nov 2, MUF was falling and signal weak, but still there with two different IDs in a row, back to music; at 1307 back up to big strength with music. I wonder when they will get the daytime frequency going, 15590, available at 14-23, i.e. at 14-16 they could be on either. Oops: still going at 1607 on 7505, contrary to FCC authorization, which doesn`t seem to mean much, as other US SW stations are also heard on frequencies at unscheduled times

** ALASKA. KNLS, 6150, weak but clear at 1436 Nov 3 during final English hour of the day, devotional message and quickly back to music at 1437, the station for limited-attention-spans; some adjacent QRM from 6145

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. 5995 with roughly equal collision between YFR Open Forum via Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy, and Radio Australia, both in English at 1439 Nov 3, making both of them useless

** AUSTRIA. 17610, AWR ID in English at 1430 Nov 3, introducing service in Afar, and I do believe it was, as I could not understand a word of it from afar

** BRAZIL. RNA, 11780, Nov 3 at 0714 with Brazilian songs, S9+22, plus weaker but plenty strong distorted matching spurs centered at 11721.5 and 11838.5. Don`t recall any such spurs reported before from this Brasília transmitter; plus and minus 58.5 kHz

** CHINA [and non]. 7525, Nov 3 at 1441, co-channel between two or three Chinese speaking stations, i.e. VOA Mandarin, 30 degrees from Thailand, and Chicom jamming

9000 still with Firedrake, Nov 3 at 1443 check, as Sound of Hope seems to have settled there

** CUBA. RHC SNAFU report for Nov 3: Tuned in 13760 at 1504 to find Despertar con Cuba announcers talking, so probably once again started replaying the 1100 UT show. Quickly checked all the other morning frequencies, and none of them were on: 11760, 12000, 13680, 15120, 15360, 15370, and finally at 1509, 13760 cut off the air. I suspect the replay is intended for internal listening only at the station during their mid-day break, but gets put on the air when engineers at the site are asleep at the switch

** CZECHIA [non]. R. Prague, via WRN, via CBC Overnight, via CBC Radio 1, via CBN via CKZN St. John`s, 6160, Monday Nov 3 at 0720 with ID, music, fair over QRM. Must be this, but does not match CBC Radio Overnight schedule at which shows R. Prague on weekdays appears as the second of four stations after 5:05 am local time, but 0720 UT would be 3:20 am AST, half an hour later in Nfld, but CBC programming is simultaneous in Nfld; just the clox are wrong. Is this sked now outdated? Of course, the 1:05 am local start means CKZU Vancouver is not into Overnight until 0905 UT

** ECUADOR. Checking La Voz de los Andes, HCJB to see if their timechex are wrong in the morning too, Nov 3 at 1359:30 on 11960 – correct for 9 am = 14 TU, but still announcing long-defunct 21455 frequency between 11690 and 11960, so have entered yet another month perpetuating that error

** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9526 for day 18, Nov 3, quick check at 1318 in English with good but hummy signal; in Malay after 1400 had a lite het from something on 9525

** KUWAIT. R. Kuwait, 11630 with bits of Qur`an interrupted by Arabic talk rather than singing, good signal but fluttery, 1446 Nov 3

** ROMANIA. RRI, 11940 puts a hefty signal into NAm mornings, probably the best on the 25 mb direct from Europe. In Romanian, Nov 3 at 1332 VG with long list of world cities, continent by continent where one may vote for something. Still VG at 1450 recheck but off before 1500. At 13-15 it`s 300 kW from Galbeni at 285 degrees, intended only for France

** RUSSIA [and non]. The unknown site transmitter on 13600 is still buzzy, Nov 3 at 1337 in Russian // 12025 an echo apart. They kept talking about Ukraine making me wonder if it was really Ukrainian language, but not, and not // RUI 15635. At 1350 CODAR QRM starts, more M&W conversation about Ukraine; 1357 music, Golos Rossii ID, Brahms` Lullaby, Russkaya Sluzhba to Australia and New Zealand, 1400 Novosti, and some lite co-channel QRM starts, neither of which is accounted for in HFCC.

After Cuba finally closed 13760, Nov 3 at 1410 heard a Russian song from VOR 13755 and again mentioning Ukraine. This is via Wertachtal, GERMANY

** SAUDI ARABIA. Weak 13m signals from the BSKSA channels known to be active here, assumed Arabic, Nov 3 at 1403: 21460, 21505 // 21640. Far too weak for any of the associated mixing products to penetrate. Spain`s triumvirate, 21540, 21570 and 21610 were equally poor.

Down on 19m, BSKSA had loud and clear signal on 15435, Nov 3 at 1507 with Qur`an, and no buzz during the brief time I monitored, also // weaker 15225

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. I figured Brother Scare via WBCQ 9330-CUSB, would make a 1-hour-later timeshift after DST like all their other programming; had been daily at 14-16 UT, so now at 15-17? No, Nov 3 it was already on at 1432 as B.S. was admitting he had a speech impediment and limited vocabulary ``like Moses``; program was close to // 9385 WWRB, but not 9265v WINB where he was saying the US is ``on the verge of total collapse``. Also ran across B.S. on 13810 via Nauen, GERMANY.

As for WINB, B.S. was on 9265v before 1500 but at 1502 I found it had switched to 13570v with some other gospel huxter.

The WBCQ schedule at

still has not been updated, showing times in EDT / 4 hours from UT and BS at 14-16 UT daily == 10 am to noon, so the question is whether this transmission will stay on Eastern time or UT

** SPAIN. REE, 17595, 1405 UT program is now ``El Español --- un Idioma sin Fronteras``, about the language, its literature, and worldwide impact, VG Nov 3. Seems the madrileños have no problem calling their language ``español`` rather than ``castellano``

** SUDAN [non]. ERT Greece, 15650 in Greek at 1506 Nov 3 over co-channel, no doubt still Miraya FM via IRRS via Slovakia. I wonder how the mix is in Sudan?

** U K. 11955, B-B-C chimes, 1458 Nov 3 with ACI de HCJB 11960, 1500 HCJB gone and BBC opening listed Urdu via Rampisham

** U S A. Surprised to hear VOA Spanish at an unscheduled later hour than usual, Nov 3 at 1326 on 9885. It was the Enfoque Andina program with news about sexual exploitation of children in Perú, then filled out semihour with a rap song, #2 in the Top Ten; said would be back tomorrow at 7:30 am Eastern time [= 1230 UT].

I thought there was no DentroCuban jamming on this frequency for a change, but during a brief pause which followed, I could detect it. Then English outro from ``VOA, Washington``, and I thought they were about to sign off. But re-opening at 1330 UT with Buenos Días, América, giving current time correctly as 8:30 am in Washington, 1330 UT. No frequencies announced.

At 1340 found it on // 13715, item about Vietnamese-Americans supporting McCain as good for business, and he has certain connexions with the home country.

The trouble is, the VOA website B-08 schedule for Spanish, quoted in DXLD 8-115, shows the morning broadcast is at 1100-1230 only! And here we have it running past 1330, presumably until at least 1400.

It seems VOA Spanish is another service which observes local DST changes in Washington, no doubt confusing target listeners all over Latin America where no such changes are happening! How incestuous: programming is scheduled for the convenience of the studio, not the listeners.

Axually, the morning broadcast was at 1100-1230 until Nov 1, but is now registered for 1230-1400 thru B-08 until March 28 (but what about another timechange here earlier in March??) // before and after being 9535 and 13715, unchecked. Note that the total block has shifted one sesquihour later, not just one hour.

Then there is the morning sports roundup M-F at 1400-1415, which I think does not make a DST shift. I was looking for it too, not heard on 17565, but Greenville sometimes does not propagate on 16m altho much further signals do such as Spain 17595. Also supposed to be on 11840, unchecked. I did find that 9885 was still on with open carrier at 1409 but 13715 was not.

Now I wonder how VOA`s evening broadcast in Spanish may have shifted; it started B-08 at 0000-0130, extended UT Sun and Mon to 0200, on 5890, 5940, 9885. And the M-F news roundup should stay at 2300-2315 on 5890, 9885

** U S A. WEWN, The Squeal, getting worse on 11520 in Spanish Nov 3 at 1455, reaching the nails-on-blackboard level. No such problem on // 7555 nor on English 5755

** U S A. WRNO continues running long hours on 7505; Nov 3 at 0716 with the usual gospel rock/praise music, at this hour no longer the big solid signal; still big at 1318, 1530, but weaker in full daytime 1715, 1935, despite supposed break in authorized 7505 schedule between 1600 and 2300. At 2115 I could barely detect R. Tirana on 7510 in the WRNO splash; without WRNO, Tirana may have been better on 7510 than // 9345

** U S A. Skywave at the top end of the MW band is holding up at least to within an hour of local mean noon 1832 UT. Nov 3 at 1728 UT there was sportstalk about Dallas Cowboys on 1700, G signal at peaks but briefly fading completely down, also with weaker station making SAH. No other X-band stations beyond local KFXY-1640 were audible, not even Kansas City 1660. The 1700 is KKLF Richardson TX in The Metroplex, and the SAH most likely from Des Moines` KBGG

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI via Cuba, 11680, Nov 3 at 1501 broken English YL opening this ``International Channel Circuit``; 1512 recheck was back in Spanish, sounds like Chávez himself blustering

** BRAZIL. RNA, 11780, which had distorted matching spurs the night before on 11721.5 and 11838.5, at 0737 Nov 4 heard without the spurs

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 15700 transmitter again putting out modulation spike spurs between 15680 and 15720, Nov 4 at 1423, bothering Portugal on 15690 which at the moment had some Brazilian talking about Carnaval

** CANADA. Two English programs mixing on 6160 at 0738 Nov 4, making fast SAH, from CKZU and CKZN

** CUBA [and non]. I still haven`t found R. República for sure on any frequency, but Dave Yocis, WV reports hearing it on 9600 at 0350 Nov 2. At 0345 Nov 4 on 9600, I could hear jamming and something mixing with it, but both weak. Why would RR go up to a higher frequency in B-season? If it is on 9600, that will encourage the Dentro Cuban Jamming Command at least to turn it off when RHC is using the very same frequency. I had previously heard jamming against nothing on 9600 later in the night, so this explains that.

5745, WYFR in English heard with jamming pulses underneath, Nov 4 at 0734, because R. Martí uses same frequency at very different times; also jamming against nothing at 0735 on 5890, as WWCR-4 was absent, tho present on 5935 with WWCR-2; for the Cubans, 5890 must be jammed because VOA Spanish uses it at very different times. And at 0739 much more serious heavy multiple-site jamming was running against R. Martí axually using 5980 and 6030

** INDONESIA. Day 19 for VOI on 9526, Nov 4 at 1335, lo-fi phone interview, in English, audio dropouts too, with someone at RRI Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan, which used to be on SW, and then playing a song from there

** ISRAEL. Galei Zahal is often reported on varying or jumped frequencies such as 15781, so when I heard Hebrew ads Nov 4 at 1357 I made sure to measure it: 15785.0

** KURDISTAN [non]. On Nov 4 I monitored WYFR Portuguese on 11530 to find exactly when it would go off: 1345, uncovering V. of Mesopotamia, via Pridnestrovye, but its signal only poor with echo

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Checking 1120 again for new KEOR Catoosa/Sperry/Tulsa, Nov 4 at 1530, instead heard KMOX with talk show, ID in passing, so skywave from it was still in and no sign of KEOR. An hour later at 1630, only KEOR was to be heard with music segué tests like the day before

** ROMANIA. RRI in English on 17745, Nov 4 at 1353 about traditional rôle of women, and the ritual of bread wreaths(?); fair signal not heard earlier in morningly bandscans since B-08 began, so believe this frequency has just been turned on. Also on stronger // 15105. Ending at 1355 saying next broadcast to W Europe would be at 1800 on 7250, 9640, .wma format on webcast, Hotbird 6, WRN; address  The IS had just played a couple notes when cut off the air at 1356. Wolfgang Büschel says the new Tiganesti transmitters are finally in regular service, so the nominal B-08 schedule is now in effect

** RUSSIA [non]. VOR, English to NAm on new 7335, totally blotting out CHU, which should hurry up and move to 7850, at 0345 check Nov 4. VOR 7335 is via French Guiana, new relay site for them, and per DX Mix News, Bulgaria, replaces 6100 and 6135 which were used only the first few days of B-08, the former heard with nothing but tones. At this hour 7335 was much stronger than // 7350 via Vatican, which apparently also gave up 7335 to VOR

** U S A. WWCR 15825 was inbooming Nov 4 at 1400, tnx to off-season sporadic E, so I reconfirmed that ``Tony Alamo`` is still being broadcast despite his serious legal problems; opened show #725, probably recorded long ago, about Jude, and offering tapes or CDs of it free

** U S A. WRNO still being heard long hours testing mostly music on 7505, Nov 3 and 4. George Jacobs tells me that once the testing is finished, it will no longer broadcast on this frequency in the 16-23 UT period when it is not scheduled, and even before then will consider concluding it at 2100 due to R. Tirana in English on 7510

** CHINA. Firedrake still reliably on 9000, checked Nov 5 at 1316, presumably against Sound of Hope

** CUBA [non non]. Just because it`s jammed doesn`t mean it`s a Cuban clandestine. Following a report of R. República on 9600, I monitored UT Nov 5 at 0255-0300+ and guess what: it`s Radio Habana Cuba, and it is also jammed! They were ending a 3-hour program, the last part about how Cuban music is popular in Perú, and that could have been a Radio República produxion, but then telltale RHC sounder and ID at hourtop. Also checked 6060 at 0318 and it was //.

The jamming on 9600 is not heavy, but is certainly there. 9600 is on the currently posted RHC frequency schedule as 0000-0500, so it seems unlikely R. República would also be there unless they are really spoiling for a fight. The question remains, why would Cuba jam its own broadcast? Habana SNAFUs are nothing new and this may be just another one.

BTW, Jeff White says the RMI broadcast of R. República is now M-F at 1100-1200 on 6100 via Sackville; and there may be more. I have not yet checked at that early hour

** ROMANIA. North Americans now have another morning broadcast in English available: RRI at 1300-1400 on 15105, 17745, which is intended for Europe, but carries on just fine to OK; well, almost. At first 17745 was not audible, but 15105 was good, Nov 5 at 1328 in program about classical music by Enescu and others inspired by folk music. Usual string of mini-features followed on this Wednesday: 1339, when 17745 was also audible, sports report; 1342 Encyclopedia, about an exhibition of 110-120 radio sets celebrating the 80th anniversary of radio broadcasting in Romania, from Nov 1, 1928; 1347 The Cooking Show, recipe for pumpkin pie; 1349 DX Mailbag starting with a report from Rich D`Angelo, Wyomissing, on 6015. It seems Galbeni is pronounced GAHL-benn, forget the -i. Only two more reports referred to, the last from Dmitri Antonov, Krasnoyarsk.

Then gave English transmission schedule to Western Europe; and to North America:

2130-22 6115 9755

23-24   6115 9610

01-02   6145 9515

04-05   6115 9515 WNAm

Pacific: 0630-700 15135 17780

Meanwhile, the Romanian-language service remains good as well on 11940, and on 15170 colliding with REE via Costa Rica, but Nov 5 at 1341 check I found that the undermodulated signal from REE was on top for a change, with a pronounced SAH of a few Hz

** U S A. Checking for R. Tirana, English at 0245-0300 on 7390, only a weak carrier, next to a strong open carrier on 7385, Nov 5 at 0253. At 0300 VOA Spanish special elexion coverage cut on the air in mid-word, obviously already in progress on satellite, internet. I assume this SW frequency will be gone tomorrow, not a time VOA Spanish is normally on the air. Then checked Kim Elliott`s site and there it is, special elexion-night broadcast 0300-0400 on 7385, 5940 and 9890. 9890 was barely detectable, and 5940 was much weaker than 7385.


If these and some English frequencies cut off at 0400 UT just as President Obama was proclaimed, it was a case of monumentally poor timing by VOA; I was listening to TV but a radio was still on 7385, and noticed the noise level jump at 0407, so that`s when the carrier went off and so may have prolonged modulation too.

Checked retimed morning VOA Spanish service Nov 5: at 1315 on 9885, promo for Enfoque Andino at 7:30-8:30 EST, and Buenos Días, América at 8:30-9:30 --- yes until 9:30, they said, = 1430 UT, so maybe it goes on for another semihour after SW closes? Also said there would be newscasts at 10 and 11 am = 15 and 16 UT, but now apparently referring to via FM relays in LAm cities. At 1326, also heard on new // 15590, very strong and blowing away Spain on 15585, but that`s not to the Americas. Was ending Enfoque Andino segment with Tobey Keith song.

Closing Buenos Días, América at 1359, said next program would be deportivo = sports report at 1700 UT! Is that on SW, like ex-1400 on 17565? At 1359:30, 15590 DCI = dropped carrier immediately, while 9885 went thru the Yankee Doodle sign-off routine. Supposed B-08 Spanish schedule at

is still totally out of date as of Nov 5 at 1520

** U S A. After running 24 hours for several days on 7505 with music tests, including the non-registered block of 1600-2300, WRNO was missing at 2055 UT Nov 4, as we had asked them not to interfere with R. Tirana in English on 7510 at 2100-2130. WRNO was also off when checked around 0300 Nov 5, but back on at 0641 and with jazz at 1317

** U S A. WWRB, 6370, again audible but weak on 2x harmonic of 3185 with Brother Scare, Nov 5 at 0646

** U S A. WBCQ, unlike the days before, missing from 9330 at 1425 check, but was on with Brother Scare at 1517 recheck

** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International, reconfirmed another week on 15665 for the Friday-only 1959-2059 UT broadcast via WHRI, at 2010 check Nov 7, VG signal this time

** CUBA [and non]. Is RHC avoiding colliding with DW on 11690? NO! For B-08, DW is using 11690 not only at 1800-1857 via Kigali in Hausa, but also 1900-1929 in English via Meyerton, and toward W Africa 295 degrees at 2100-2200 in English, and S America 265 degrees 2200-0200 in German; per HFCC.

RHC, representing an outlaw nation, does not participate in HFCC, so DW, never bothering to turn on a radio or consult DX references such as DXLD, may have assumed that 11690 was available! RHC started out on 11680 and collided for months with Spain, then a few weeks ago shifted to 11690, scheduled after 0000, but RHC really on the air as early as 2300.

So Nov 7 at 2318 we find RHC and DW colliding at roughly equal levels and producing a SAH counted at 128/minute = 2.13 Hz. Meanwhile, REE at least was in the clear on 11680; and e.g. 11670 was open and could be used by RHC.

The strange case of 9600: yes, RHC is there as usual, plus DentroCuban jamming, as we noted previously later in the evening, and not by accident, since Radio República is definitely there too, at least part of the time such as Nov 7 2320-2400+ UT when all three were colliding (or all *n* as countless jamming transmitters are piling on, as befits).

At 2320 I could tell there were two stations in Spanish, plus the jamming. One was easily confirmed as RHC, // 11690, mostly music mixing with DW as above. The other was mostly talk, and did mention Cuba now and then. I continued listening carefully to this nasty mixture, and was rewarded at 2329 by a definite Radio República ID, tho on the average, RHC was on top. Checked again after 0005 Nov 8, the same mix continued tho RHC was a bit further ahead, and likewise on 11690 vs DW.

The exact span of Radio República usage of 9600 is yet to be determined, and whether it`s 7 days a week or 5 like some of their previous usage, but the radio war has been stepped up to a higher level, as previously RR avoided using the same frequencies as RHC. Priorities in DentroCuba are made quite clear by this, as the presence of RHC as well does not trump the need to jam!

Of course, AFAIK, this is the only frequency R.R. was using at the moment, while RHC has several alternatives --- but you`d think they would put their own 9600 transmitter to better use elsewhere, unless it too has been demoted defacto to the status of nothing more than a jammer.

Or it could be that the two dentro-Cuban faxions, jammers and broadcasters and/or the fuera-Cubans are simply unaware of what the others are doing, incompetence squared or to the third power.

BTW, this buries even deeper the unfortunate Vietnamese service of Vatican Radio, also on 9600 during the 2315 half-sesquihour, which without all the Cuban stuff, we had been able to hear easily, so far from the target (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, on the air in English, Nov 8 at 1343 check, but modulation was cutting on and off completely every few seconds, more off than on, both during music and announcements, making it unlistenable. Same problem at 1456 in Malay. Standard remark about weakest link.

RRI was doing well on 60m, however and managed not to have modulation cutouts; haven`t heard them past 1400 for months but now our local sunrise is 1302 UT; it will keep getting later until early January at 1344 UT. Makassar 4750 was interfering with CODAR, by playing some slow instrumental music at 1408 Nov 8, S9+13. Similar but not // music on slightly weaker Fak2 4790, but it went to an announcement at 1410 while 4750 did not. Nothing audible on 4870 or 4605. At 1452 recheck, almost two hours after LSR, 4750 was still just barely audible

** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio confirmed at new shifted time of 1400-1500 UT Saturday Nov 8 via WHRI 11785, and no doubt the same on Sunday. Also DXing with Cumbre confirmed at 1530 Saturday. 11785 was also on the air before 1400 with a gospel huxter in English

** NEW ZEALAND [non]. As if running a heavy DRM schedule from its own Rangitaiki site were not enough, RNZI also DRMs a semihour per week via UK, which must have been the source of the DRM I was hearing Nov 8 at 1417 on 9745-9750-9755, but I doubt would have been strong enough to decode here. It`s Saturday only at 1400-1430 via Woofferton, 35 kW at 102 degrees. I wonder what specific program is so fortunate as to get sent to a handful of listeners in Europe this way?

** ROMANIA. RRI in English, G on 6015, and VG on // 6115, Friday Nov 7 at 2335 with talk about wolf- and bear-hunting; 2338 on to Traditional Music Box. 6115 had slight bleedover from DentroCuban jamming against nothing on 6110. With its five new 300 kW Continental transmitters and new antennas to match, RRI has suddenly become a major force in European SW broadcasting, just as some other countries are giving up.

BTW, I try to include the day of week when mentioning specific programming which depends on day of week, and I wish others would too; referencing a report weeks or months later, the non-autistic would have no idea of what day of week was concerned

** U S A. Area 51 schedules on WBCQ have not appeared for the week since Nov 1; we have been trying to find out if WORLD OF RADIO is still scheduled at the beginning of the Friday evening show, which is now 0000 UT Saturdays on 5110. Yes, on webcast UT Nov 8 it started at 0001, but it was not the current 1433; instead, last week`s produxion #1432, which was missing or pre-empted last week for Hallowe`en.

Allan Weiner tells me that from Nov 10, WBCQ 7415 is adding a new Bill-Cooperish show M-F at 2000-2030 UT called Freedom Now, and already has a M-F show starting at 2100, Financial Survival, so that leaves a half-hour to fill at 2030-2100, which he is going to do by replaying recent WORLD OF RADIO shows. This is in addition to our regular times for a new show each week, which remain unchanged. Perhaps one of the 2030 times will also contain the newest show

** CUBA [and non]. Radio República had been missing in the evenings since B-08 began, except for one frequency, 9600, which was colliding not only with jamming but Radio Habana Cuba, as previously reported. Now that has been replaced by a revived schedule:

2200-2400 Sat/Sun 11835

2300-2400 Mon-Fri 11835

0000-0200  daily   9785

as well as, already running:

1100-1200 Mon-Fri  6100

Evening service started Nov 8, and we were standing by on 11835. Huge carrier cut on at 2159:30, then R. República theme music and sign-on with a false start, so repeated, but no times or frequencies mentioned; right into first program, ``Pasos a la Libertad``. Despite the very strong signal, could detect another carrier underneath from 2201, causing a slight SAH, and then traces of talk under R.R.; not jamming, but nothing else scheduled here. Cross-modulation in receiver?

At 2300 a slight mistake at Sackville as República was cut off for several minutes while an RCI Spanish program ran instead, and then back to R.R.

It did not take long for the DentroCuban Jamming Command to find this; at our next check 2352 there was heavy jamming on 11835; at 2356 R.R. was talking about boxing. This cut off abruptly at 2359 without any change-of-frequency announcement. The jamming continued, still at 0002 against nothing.

From 2200, R. Ukraine International is on 9785 with its additional service to S America at 245 degrees. This was quite weak here, and bothered in the 23 UT hour by Sackville TDP QRDRM from 9785 to 9790 to 9795. Fortunately this went off by 2359, allowing RUI to be in the clear very briefly.

9785 came up at *0000 with a brief OC, then a República program called ``Por Cuenta Propia``, way over RUI, but probably a considerable collision where the beams cross in S America, on the air until 0200. No jamming audible by 0007.

I still could not hear any jamming on 9785 by 0100 when R.R. were starting ``Los Protagonistas de la Música``. But the MUF from dentroCuba had dropped, with RHC much weaker on 9820, 9600, etc.

Final check at 0155, found nothing but jamming for the first time on 9785. Either R.R. had already signed off or faded out.

Meanwhile I was also checking RHC frequencies. At 2209, 9600 was free for Vatican in Chinese, no jamming, Dentro- or Fuera-Cubans. At 2353, RHC and jamming were vying for 9600, but nothing audible from República, so apparently 11835/9785 replace 9600. At 2357 I could make out Vatican IS on 9600 under RHC and jamming.

RHC had hurricane preparedness special on 9820 at 2355, VG signal not // other frequencies, talking about embalses (dams) in Santiago de Cuba, evacuating flood-prone areas once again. 9820 is the Mesa Redonda frequency on weekdays. RHC not audible on 11690 at 0002 where it had been colliding with DW Rwanda the night before

** GERMANY [non]. DW`s English broadcast to W Africa, 295 degrees from Rwanda, carries on well to NAm, where DW does not want us to listen on SW, at 0600-0630; Nov 9 at 0620 playing ``Joy to the World`` and asking listeners to send in Xmas greetings and music requests ASAP for pre-Xmas specials

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, screwed up again but at least still on the air, Nov 9 at 1350 with undermodulated music, announcement by YL in non-English, seems Indonesian but could be Malay; modulation also cutting out occasionally but not as bad as the day before. Still no English at 1402 when had QRM from VOA in Korean, maybe spur from Tinang 9555? Next check at 1423, VOI was finally in English, so running well over an hour late, with This Day in History, and then this week in review. Het from 9525 came on at 1427, which would be Turkey`s Bosnian service; 1457 VOI still in English with some modulation cuts, 9525 het starts again at 1458, this time scheduled China Kashi in English; VOI 9526 went off the air sometime between 1510 and 1520

** SPAIN [and non]. REE, sports coverage in Castilian, Sat Nov 8 at 2208 on 9630, not 9640, where we had heard them during the previous week during this time period. It seems that REE made identical registrations for both frequencies at 1900-2300, 250 kW at 290 degrees from Noblejas for zones 4, 7-11 --- so they would use one or the other but not really both. 9640 was published in their original B-08 schedule. Perhaps they found that DentroCuban jamming wastage against former República frequency 9640 might as well be avoided; 9630, after all, is a traditional REE frequency.

There has been a lot of confusion about the scheduling of Amigos de la Onda Corta, the Spanish DX program in the B-08 season. The program grid at shows in the 15-16 UT hour Tablero Deportivo, but with ``duplicidad`` of Amigos de la OC and El Cine. This presumably means that certain frequencies carry the alternative programs, but which? M-F during same hour there is another duplicidad, Africa Hoy, so perhaps these other programs are on the African frequency only, 17755, which I did not check, not having figured this out until afterwards.

I did find that 17595 direct and 15125 via Costa Rica, were running Tablero Deportivo after the 1500 news, and still at 1545, saying a game was about to start a las 5, i.e. 1600 UT. Before 1500, two CR relays were simul 15125 to SAm and 15170 to NAm, the latter quitting at 15. This happens on Sundays only

** SWEDEN. Here`s another chance to hear R. Sweden direct in our mornings, despite deletion of Sackville relays and deletion of Hörby aimed usward: Nov 9 at 1343, fair signal but short/longpath echo on 7465 in interview about how relations with USA would change thanks to Pres. Obama. This semihour is aimed 40 degrees from Hörby, targeting China, Japan and SE Russia

** U S A. VOA Kriyol service to Haiti, Sat Nov 8 at 2206, VG on 15390 and 13725, but missing from listed // 11895, which only had a weak signal with Far-East flutter. Talking about the hurricane hitting eastern Cuba, which may also affect Haiti?

VOA Spanish service features American music at least on weekends; Sunday Nov 9 at 1348 on 9885, ``There`s a Slick Chick a-Waitin` in my Chickasha Home`` by Roy Rogers, which is about the last thing I would have expected to hear on La Voz de América; it was ``el clásico country de la semana en Música Country desde Wáshington``

** U S A. QSO with Ted Randall in progress, Nov 9 at 0628 on WRMI 9955, repeat of the Iraq-troops ham-station interview, mixed with jamming but generally intelligible. Presumably now scheduled 0600-0800 UT Sundays, one hour later than during standard time.

Before 1500 Nov 9, WRMI could be heard at times in Cuban exile program, along with heavy jamming. At 1501, must have switched to NW antenna, as R. Prague relay in English was strong enough, but still some jamming audible underneath

** U S A. So far I have been able to confirm DXing with Cumbre on only two of the several times scheduled on the WHR website: Sat 1530 on 11785, and UT Sun 0230 on 5850. Many of the others are inaudible in the case of T8WH, or obviously not on the air at all in the case of WHRI and WHRA. UT Monday and weekday broadcasts yet to be checked


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL



Perhaps it's the rather chilly weather we've been having of late, but I just did a quick spin of the NOAA WX radio frequencies and for the first time ever I got something on every single frequency. New tonight was:

2008-11-18 00:00EST 162.450 KEC38 Largo, FL


The Visible Universe


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

TV, Antenna


** OKLAHOMA. TELEMUNDO`S SIGNAL GROWS --- On Nov. 30 at midnight [CST = 0600 UT Dec 1], T30 Telemundo will terminate its analog signal prior to the digital transition date of Feb. 17. Starting Dec. 1, T30 Telemundo will only broadcast its digital signal, which is located on channel 30 [sic].

For older TVs, viewers may use a digital TV converter box with an antenna in order to receive the digital signal. Also, $40 coupons good towards a digital TV converter box are available. You may apply online at or by phone at (866) 495-1161. Viewers who subscribe to cable or satellite service will not be affected (Viva Oklahoma, 16 de noviembre via DXLD)

Viva Oklahoma is a bilingual freebee put out by OPUBCO, i.e. the Daily Disappointment. Strangely enough, there was no Spanish version of this story; nor on the KTUZ website page about the DTV conversion, which is also only in English!*qshome=sp&st=291&rec=22&kw=news&parm=59&trec=1&lktype=6&snum=1

This is just general info, and concern about how closed captioning worx. Also not addressed is the issue of why this Spanish-language station and the Telemundo network do not supply any ENGLISH closed captioning of their programming, as multiple captioning streams are certainly possible with DTV converters, or even on analog TV if anyone cared to implement it.

And how, pray tell, is Telemundo`s signal ``growing`` by turning off its original analog? Seems to me it is contracting, especially as no digital sub-channels are in use.

Furthermore, KTUZ` digital signal is NOT LOCATED ON CHANNEL 30 as claimed but on 29, (which remaps to 30, of course). It`s plenty strong here for reliable reception off the rooftop UHF antenna. Its permanent channel will be 29. Despite city of license Shawnee, it tower is right smack dab in the middle of the NE OKC antenna farm.

This is the first OKC station I have heard about jumping the gun to DTV only. I only wish OETA would do so, as their KETA-DT-32 is blocked in Enid by KXOK-32 analog. (You may recall I reported some months ago I was able to get KETA-DT part of the time by careful rabbit-ear positioning, but no longer.) KETA-DT will go back to channel 13.

I was hoping that if the two signals are on the borderline, falling leaves between here and OKC would give a little more oomph to the OETA signal. But less (or no) slight tropo enhancement in colder weather seems to have trumped that

** AFGHANISTAN [and non]. The marker now to confirm whether Radio Solh via Rampisham UK, 13830, is still playing exactly the same music day after day at the same time is an abrupt cutoff of one piece at 1348, few seconds pause, start another one with a hi-pitched soprano, as noted again Nov 6. But no sticking or skipping

** CZECHIA [non]. R. Praga, Spanish on new 7420, UT Thu Nov 6 at 0021 mentioning Praga, fair with quite a bit of fading, but at the moment WBCQ not on the 7415 air. This is a new relay via Ascension, 245 degrees to deep SAm; alternate 15300 where nothing heard. RP is always behind getting its website up to date, especially regarding relays, and early UT Nov 6 it still shows ex-7275 for this relay:

Maybe VTC and/or R. Prague are finally deciding to respect the 40m hamband in the Western Hemisphere

** INDONESIA. I finally missed a day checking whether VOI was still on 9526, Nov 5, so unless I see someone else reporting it, I will have to suspend my enumeration of the days it has lasted, but it has definitely exceeded three weeks with two days off. It was there on Nov 6 at 1312 check, YL news in English, with hum and flutter

** JAPAN. Nikkei Radio, Tampa Hoso, 6055, Thu Nov 6 at 1319 with French lesson presented in Japanese, conjugations of ``coucher``, ``s’arrêter``. Prof has a good Parisian accent except when it comes to ells. ``Ils`` sounds more like ``iru``. 1329 sign-off announcement in Japanese listing numerous JOZ- callsigns, frequencies and kirowatu, with the Z apparently pronounced not zee nor zed, but zeta (or zedu?), and off at 1330*

** ROMANIA. RRI, 15105 and 17745, Nov 6 at 1336 with bio of Enescu and his Romanian Rhapsody on piano, both with good reception in 13-14 English to WEu and consequently NAm

** RUSSIA [and non]. Tho DX Mix News, Bulgaria, says new 7335 via GUIANA FRENCH is in use for VOR in English to NAm at 0200-0600, the first part is axually in Russian, as checked Nov 6 at 0307. VG signal blowing away CHU.

11630 in Russian about US elexion, atop Qur`an from Kuwait, Nov 6 at 1307. VOR Moscow is scheduled 1200-1500 at 100 degrees.

6075, R. Rossii, 6075 via Pet/Kam, has some enjoyable world music during the final hour of the broadcast day until 1400, good for SWLing. Nov 6 at 1326 it was banjo, or balalaika? Fair with some flutter. This frequency is scheduled 20 hours a day, 18-14 UT, 100 kW at 15 degrees. And to cap it off is the CW at 1400; see UNIDENTIFIED 6074.

13600, still with big buzz marring Russian transmission from unknown site, Nov 6 at 1348; also CW QRM on low side

** THAILAND. R. Thailand, 7365, Nov 6 at 1315 big open carrier goes to HSK9 chimes, R. Thailand World Service ID in English, introducing Mandarin service; very good and unjammed

** U K [non]. 6065 weak with ``BBC Radio English``, i.e. lessons for Chinese speakers, Nov 6 at 1318. This transmission does not appear on the seemingly exhaustive VTC schedule in DXLD 8-115, perhaps because VTC has nothiing to do with this relay via KBS in S Korea, 1300-1530 at 290 degrees

** U S A. Tho WWRB came up on 3270 a while ago for Brother Scare in the evenings, I have not found it lately; for example, nothing there at 0230 Nov 6. Is anyone hearing it?

** U S A. WRNO still running music tests on 7505, Nov 6 at 1316, very strong

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 9345, Nov 6 at 2130 with open carrier, 2132 signing-on Albanian sesquihour with usual low and somewhat distorted modulation. Fair to good signal and no QRM. So I was too late to hear how English made it at 2100, but should have been OK, also on 7510 and no WRNO on 7505

** ANGUILLA [and non]. Not only does PMS, 6090 have a constant hum on her own transmitter, but also that het from Nigeria(?), and at 2237 Nov 6, DRM bleeding over from 6085. That`s supposed to end at 2200 per DRM skeds, 10 kW non-direxional from Bayerischer Rundfunk, Ismaning

** AUSTRALIA [non]. R. Australia via Taiwan, 11550, Nov 6 at 2220 in Indonesian mixed with English, perhaps part of lessons; fair. Someone else recently reported this as R. Cairo in Arabic and English, but that has moved to 6255, which I also heard today; see EGYPT

** CANADA [and non]. CFRX has yet more competition for 6070, now that R. Rumanía Internacional is back in full business, as heard Nov 6 at 2235 with ID in Spanish and folk music. CFRX was capable of making no more than a fast SAH with RRI, now scheduled on 6070 only at 22-23, 300 kW, 247 degrees from Tiganesti. It`s about the same fast SAH that off-frequency and undermodulated CFRX sometimes makes with CVC Chile which now doesn`t open on 6070 until 0000 and then runs all-night

** CANADA [and non]. In A-08 HFCC, OTTAWA appeared 24 hours on 7335, so broadcasters would at least know CHU existed, but in B-08 it`s deleted (and not shown on 7850, probably will not be as considered utility), so altho CHU has yet to make its long-planned QSY, the broadcasters have moved in on 7335, as if CHU and its would-be listeners do not exist. Among others, there`s VOR with a big signal via Guiana French to NAm at 0200-0600, but also WHRI is scheduled three hours a day, 12-13 and 22-24. WHRI`s ``Daily Dose`` of gospel rock heard at 2250 Nov 6, very strong. I reject this iatrogenic medicine

** CUBA [and non]. Now it`s Vatican Radio getting hit by the DentroCuban Jamming Command, which pulses and bubbles on 9600 most of the day, even when RHC itself is on it; Nov 6 at 2204, Vatican Radio direct in Chinese was mixing with the jamming. The Chicom themselves don`t bother to jam VR, despite their differences over who owns the Catholic church in China, so, nevertheless, --- Commies vs Catholix!

RNV via Cuba, 11670 was funxioning normally as I scanned the 25m band around 2210 UT Nov 6, but at 2211 an ear-splitting broadband series of whines broke out, ranging from 11640 to 11725, overriding all broadcast signals in this range, such as 11700 WYFR, 11690 DW/Rwanda, 11665 Japan/WYFR. As I tuned across the 85 kHz I could hear not only multiple carriers heterodyning each other, about 6 of them equally spaced per 10-kHz segment, but also the RNV audio in Spanish over the entire range, so obviously the culprit was the Cuban transmitter which went totally out of whack and ruined that portion of the band. This lasted at least past 2230, altho I could not stand to monitor it constantly. At 2243 recheck, 11670 was back in whack and the broadband whine had ceased. I have caught similar outbreaks before from Cuban transmitters, POS.

Typical DentroCuban jamming pulses and with BFO on, bubbling, around 7865, cut off at 2257* and back on at *2258; pulse rate of about 132 per minute; versus absolutely nothing on this out-of-band frequency. Nor could it be a simple harmonic; possibly a mixing product or just an inexplicable spur

** EGYPT [and non]. R. Cairo, 6255, Nov 6 at 2241 after Arab music, YL in English with sign-off announcement. Her thick accent, extremely rapid pace, and low modulation made it impossible to understand more than the gist and an occasional word. Then into tone which lasted until 2245* These people are doing just about everything wrong, preventing Radio Cairo from being even a moderately successful service. She alone could solve one of the problems: slow down and speak as clearly as you can! Your voice has to surmount great obstacles to reach listeners many megameters away. You should take lessons from your nearest neighbor on the dial, Radio PMR, 6240 which was loud AND clear, also ending English at 2246, into French

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. No sign of 15190, R. Africa, Nov 6 at 2157, just YFR/Ascension on 15195. Is its absence just for now or for a long time?

** OKLAHOMA. New station on 1120, still playing same oldies music for testing, but has added IDs; heard one immediately upon tune-in Nov 6 at 1844 UT: ``AM 1120, KEOR, Catoosa``. By 2100 it was mixing with skywave from KMOX with CBS News bong, but KEOR dominating for a bit longer

** U S A. WINB is apparently changing 13570v to 9265v at 2200 UT now, instead of 2100, since before 2200 it was not to be heard on 9265, and at 2203 there it was with some preacher

** U S A. Haiti has not observed DST since 2006, according to

But VOA still keeps shifting its three daily Kriyol broadcasts one hour depending on when DST comes and goes in Washington! Obviously they are more concerned with their own convenience than with the listeners, whom the shifts can merely confuse, and consequently result in a loss of audience. Or could it be that VOA/IBB are so out of touch with their audience that they don`t even know DST no longer runs in Haiti?

Now we hear the evening broadcast at 2200 instead of 2100, on 13725 and stronger // 15390, until closing at 2229. Both played the YDD sequence, and carrier stayed on 15390 until 2232:30, wasting taxpayer kilowatts x 3 including third frequency unchecked, 11895

** U S A [and non]. WRMI, 9955, 2206 UT Thu Nov 6 with Irish accent and discussion of Irish vs EU laws, ergo it`s RTE again, via WRN, on WRMI relay, no more Overnight AM, which a few weeks ago occupied the 21-24 UT period weekdays, and if it had continued would now be 22-01 UT. At the beginning some DentroCuban jamming bothered; at 2300 recheck another European English relay was running, Radio Netherlands scheduled, and now no jamming audible, but a continuous het had appeared from about 9954.8. It had some audio too but unable to separate from WRMI. Most likely source is France via Taiwan, which was there at least in A-08. After 0030 I checked the WRMI webcast and there was Israel Radio again on SW in English. 0102 went into Rick Hash, Bible Pathway, readings in English

** ZAMBIA [and non]. The intolerable collision on 9420 goes on: Nov 6 at 2150, about equal levels from V. of Greece in Greek, music, and 1Africa, CVC Zambia in English; SAH of approximately 4 Hz between them

** AUSTRIA. 13730 at 1355 Nov 7 in English, interview about search engines and their drawbax, with someone who spoke with an Arnoldesque accent, so he must be Austrian too. Still going at 1359 and I feared they would not get finished by end of transmission, but closed Report from Austria just barely in time for 1400* DCI

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 15700 is still putting out modulation spike spurs, at 1409 Nov 7 during Bulgarian bihour, this time evident out to plus and minus 25 kHz

** CHINA. 6155, M&W conversing in American English, turns out to be China Business Radio as IDed in passing at 1320 Nov 7. Badly squeezed by Chinese-language stations on each side.

9000 still with Firedrake, Nov 7 but at 1327 during a quiet passage, which no doubt repeats every hour at this minute, N.B., I could hear a second station underneath and making a SAH, presumably Sound of Hope

** CUBA. Discrepancy report: RHC missing from 12000 at 1343 check Nov 7; on 11760 as usual

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, still active Nov 7 at 1330 during English hour playing some of its favorite background music, Cielito Lindo, in Miscellany program talking about how there are 100 football fields in Jakarta, owned by the government but funxioning as businesses. I hope I got that right? YL presenter outroduced herself as Yuko K-something, so apparently she is ethnic Japanese. 1333 to Music Corner with a YL singer born in September 1965 in Semarang

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5910 with heavily-accented news in English about North Korea, Friday Nov 7 at 1416, fair signal and completely in the clear, no jamming, CCI or ACI. 1420 ID in clear American accent as ``This is Shiokaze, Sea Breeze, from Tokyo, Japan`` and then ``Today`s Editorial``. Unfortunately, everything but the canned IDs was very hard to understand due to the accents of the speakers. No enumeration of kidnap victims by birthyear this time. 1425 another clear ID, and then lengthy sign-off routine spelling out website, addresses, over piano music, concluding with callsign JSR, Tokyo at 1429. An excellent new frequency for them, but they are prepared to jump elsewhere if jammed

** KURDISTAN [non]. 11530, Nov 7 at 1340 could hear V. of Mesopotamia unclearly under WYFR Portuguese, nearly zero-beat. After WYFR 1345* uncovered but now in continuous Kurdish talk I could detect flutter and short/long-path echo. This TDP transmission is registered as SMF = Simferopol`, Ukraine, an imaginary site where as Wolfgang Büschel points out, there are no SW transmitters, and SMF axually means Mykolaiv, Ukraine. We thought this was axually via Kishinov, Moldova / Pridnestrovye, or Samara, Russia, but whence is it, really? FWIW, not much from E Asia was making it at this time on 25m, and Romania 11940 was weaker than usual

** U S A [non]. VOA Chinese, nice to hear for a change without Firedrake or CNR1 jamming, tho there was a trace of CCI, Nov 7 at 1349 on 12040 via Tinian, harmonica riff, discussing Obama, frequent mentions of Mei-Guo, interviewing someone in English about fife-and-drum corps, but they kept voice-overing him in Chinese!

** BRAZIL. Those distorted spurs from RNA 11780 Brasília showed up again Nov 9 at 2300 as I was checking R. República via Canadá on 11835. At 2233 I had noticed slight interference on the hi side and now it had increased to the point of being identifiable, in Brazilian Portuguese, roughly 11838-11839, then confirmed as // 11780, and with a matching spur around 11721-11722, this one also bothering another station in Portuguese on 11720.0 which is WYFR. ID in passing as R. Nacional do Brasil, not ``Amazônia``. The spurs were so messy that I could not pin down exact carrier frequencies for them. Could not hear them one hour later. I had previously logged them after 0700

** CANADA. CBCNQ, 9625, Nov 10 at 1318 in French, distorting on fundamental and putting out modulation peak spike spurs up to 15 kHz away, more so on the hi side. This was while YL was talking; somewhat less when OM started. Must be on borderline, and this transmitter does this from time to time. Back off

** CUBA [non]. R. República, 11835 via Sackville, CANADA, checked the second day, Nov 9: *2159:30 and as I had the BFO on, it seems when they cut the carrier on, at first it is weaker then steps up to full very strong power a second or two later. 2200 sign-on as yesterday, complete with the false start and repeat. Again no frequencies or schedule mentioned, right into different program ``Ni el Tirano ni su Hermano``. Could not hear any jamming before c/on nor in the first few minutes monitored. Recheck at 2233, 11835 had faded down quite a bit but still no jamming audible. At 2300 still no jamming, but bothered by RNA 11780`s distorted spur around 11838; see BRAZIL.

Monitored frequency change: 11835 had an ID but no mention of next frequency and off at 2359. At 0000, 9785 came up, and right into ``Panorama Cultural`` program without ID. Signal on 9785 was also poor; shifting down 2 MHz did not help. Again no jamming audible; RHC could be heard on 9820 but not a powerhouse. 9600 had only some jamming, but RHC carrier may have been coming on as I quit. Another check at 0130: 9785 not audible, maybe faded completely out if really running until 0200. But I expect it held up in the target area.

I hypothesize that the lack of jamming this date could be attributed to Hurricane Paloma (a beautiful dove descended upon Cuba --- do storm-namers realize the irony?) which may have blown off jamming sites in eastern Cuba, normally ``serving`` by single-hop skywave the more populated areas of western Cuba, and beyond, like OK.

However, jamming was back in full force against R. Martí, 11930, 13820, 15330 at 1434 check Nov 10. Another discrepancy: RHC 15360 was unmodulated, Nov 10 1325 in the skirts of much stronger 15360; yet its companion on 15120 was OK. 1402 recheck, 15360 was back in business

** FRANCE [and non]. RFI, 17620, Nov 10 at 1330 with 14h30 timecheck, journal. I see that RFI has this frequency tied up all the way from 08 to 20 UT, first from Issoudun at 185 degrees, switching at 17 to Montsinéry 75 degrees, both serving exactly the same target, everywhere in Africa from Nigeria to the north and west

** GABON [non]. No sign of AN1 on 17630, Nov 10 at 1330, just its colliders, DW in German with news of Goma, DR Congo; and at 1440 and 1505, CRI English also in the clear. CRI is via Bamako, MALI; DW via Rampisham, UK. Too soon to conclude that Moyabi has been driven off the frequency, even tho it was there first, and not HFCC registered

** INDONESIA. VOI timing back in whack on 9526, Nov 10 at 1314 in English, ending newscast; 1423 recheck in Malay, presumed. All logs in this report, 1314-1550 UT Nov 10 were using internal rather than external longwire, due to thunder

** JAPAN [non]. NHKWNRJ, 17735, Nov 10 at 1504 news in Japanese about AIG, running a few syllables behind 9535 direct. 17735 is 152 degrees via Issoudun, FRANCE

** NIGERIA. ``Sautu Nigeria, Lagos`` ID on 11770, at 1525 Nov 10, hilife music; QRM from stronger Anguilla 11775. Another ID in Swahili before 1528* cutoff during music. Time to shift to 9690 for 1530 Yoruba, not checked

** ROMANIA. RRI, 15105, Monday Nov 10 at 1326 in Listeners` Letterbox, responding to reports from Jonathan Murphy, Ireland; 1331 I switched to // 17745 which was better, during folk song break from Moldova ``in eastern Romania``, then answering Kraig Krist, Manassas VA for report on 7185; Li Ming in China; and Albert Muick of Bradenton FL, a broadcast engineer with a one-year contract in Kabul, Afghanistan; Dmitry Antonov, Krasnoyarsk; 1336 another Romanian folk tune, and 1340 next program, Romanian Hits with a bilingual version of Dylan`s ``Blowin` in the Wind``, first verse in English, then in Romanian.

Oh oh, I recognized all but one of the names on the mailbag, evidence as posited by Andy Sennitt to justify RN cancelling English on SW to developed countries, that the SWL community is really minuscule: you keep hearing from the same few people on different stations` mailbags.

Ran across another RRI broadcast at 1500 on 15235, usual theme music, opening Arabic, with list of kHz and MHz, website --- strangely, the letters in the URL were pronounced in English, but the dots had some Arabic word. (I always add the http to make URLs hot even when not so spoken). This is 247 degrees from Tiganesti

** SPAIN. I could hardly believe my ears: REE`s co-official language segment in Basque, Nov 10 at 1350 on 17595, was really in Basque beyond the introduxion. YL spoke Basque for two minutes but then back to Castilian OM for the rest of the 5-minute show. Maybe one of these months they will work up to a full program in Basque.

1443 Monday Nov 10 on 15385, came across some strange Spanish; soon realized it was the weekly Judeo-Español semi-hour, a.k.a. Sephardic, a.k.a. Ladino, a token of Spain`s regret for what was done to the Jews. ``España Hoy`` report titled but subjects also related to Israel, etc. 1450 to classical guitar music and 1454 sign-off with schedule, and I`m pretty sure she said 15385 was on 16 meters, a mistake since this transmission used to be on 16m a few hours later.

This is still too close for comfort to the super-signal from Habana on 15370, making splatter and desensitization. Modulation cut at 1455 before the fanfare theme music had finished, unlike the carrier which stayed on long enough to have accommodated its conclusion. The three Sephardic broadcasts on Monday/UT Tuesday are on one frequency each, so 15385 was not // much stronger REE in Castilian on 17595, but at 1502 I noticed 15385 was back on and now // 17595.

I also checked 17755, the REE frequency to Africa, to see if it had broken away for separate programming during the 15 UT hour, (see previous discussion of the DX program on Sundays) but inaudible in the skirts of WYFR 17760.

The Judeo-Español sked for B-08 is per

Monday  1425-1455 15385 to ME

Tuesday 0115-0145 11780 to SAm

Tuesday 0415-0445  9690 to NAm

Yet the old A-08 sked was still announced, on 11795 and 9650 instead, respectively. Strangely enough, the 1425 transmission is missing from HFCC, and what about Brasília on 11780?

I was going to check the audio file to confirm the frequencies announced, but the large archive accessible at `programas` via which converts to a huge complicated URL, covers January 2007 to September 2008 only, so they delay a month or more in uploading

** SUDAN [non]. Miraya FM, via IRRS via Slovakia, 15650, is still getting overridden by co-channel ERA Greece, at 1503 check Nov 10, but making a fast SAH

** TAIWAN [non]. 15430, Mezhdunarodnaya Radio Taivana, good signal opening Russian at 1400 Nov 10. This is via Issoudun, France, and had not noticed it before. The W in Taiwan was pronounced as an English (or Chinese!) W, not as a V, even tho it is spelt in Russian with a B

** THAILAND. Asian signal holding up longest on 49m was 6140, VOA at 21 degrees from Udorn, Spe-cial Eng-lish news at 1550 Nov 10, one second behind much better // 9760 Tinang, PHILIPPINES. 6140 is in use only at 15-16

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, coming in quite well UT Mon Nov 10 at 0622 during World Baseball Today, a weekly program; must be on NW antenna? Some jamming audible underneath as well as continuous distracting music bed in program. The rest of this quarter hour was about scores from Latin American games; the host needs to brush up his Spanish if he is going to mention so many player, team and place names from there. Outro plugged several other programs on WRMI, including WORLD OF RADIO; tnx

** U S A. WYFR Portuguese, 15210, Nov 10 at 1402 playing jazzed-up version of Onward, Christian Soldiers on Hammond organ, something we are never going to hear on WHR

** BULGARIA [and non]. R. Bulgaria missing from 15700 Nov 11 at 1409, tho other signals from the region were OK, e.g. GREECE on 15650. I hope 15700 is off the air because they are fixing the spurs it was putting out. Neighboring Portugal on 15690, tone test on 15710 were unimpeded; the latter presumably Cairo following Indonesian transmission until 1400; gone a few minutes later.

R. Bulgaria still missing from spiky 15700, Nov 12 at 1411. I wonder if more transmissions are missing one of their two frequency-transmitters, as admittedly happened a few weeks ago

** CUBA [and non]. On weekdays, R. República via Sackville 11835 starts an hour later than weekends, i.e. 2300. But at 2200 Nov 11, DentroCuban jamming was already running against nothing on 11835; it was however, lite. (Why don`t they use dummy loads, when in standby mode? Ha!) Recheck at 2325, R.R. and jamming both on in force.

Jamming was also running at 2325 on 9600, not against RR but against RHC in French, ha ha, // 5965 which was not jammed. BTW, the 2300-2330 French broadcast is supposed to be only on 5965, per

RHC, 12000, reciting evening transmission schedule just before closing in the morning, Nov 12 at 1457, including 6180 at 0200-0500, which reminds me, I have not heard RHC on that frequency in weeks; is it really on?

** CZECHIA. 11600 with fife and drum, Renaissance music had me guessing, Nov 12 at 1427, soon resolved at 1429 by R. Prague IS and off, so that was just music fill after English to S Asia, and presumably // 13580 to NAm

** GABON [non]. Africa Numéro Un still missing from 17630, Nov 12 at 1414 and 1504 checks, just CRI English via Mali in the clear. That probably also eliminates the blockage of Antarctica on 15476 at 1800-1900

** GERMANY. New signal on 15185, Nov 11 at 1443 with South Asian songs, unID language talk concluding with ``amen``, post box address in Orissa. Per DX Mix News, Bulgaria, this is ex-13830 which was colliding with R. Solh --- Gospel for Asia via Wertachtal, 1330-1500 at 90 degrees in ``SE`` Asian languages, but seems S Asian to me

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, Nov 11 at 1357 check in English interviewing someone about music in Banjarmasin. Reconfirmed Nov 12 at 1355 with Indo rap (or monkey rap? Quite a cross-cultural combination), English announcement. This is in the so-called ``music`` segment at the end of each transmission

** PHILIPPINES. Tuned 9760 for VOA News at 1500 Nov 11, but nothing there --- cut on a minute late, news in progress at 1501. Transmitter just switched from 9345, both on the beam USward. O well, the news is just filler until the Spe-cial Eng-lish at 1505. 9345 was also missing after 1400 Nov 12

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare, 17485, Nov 12 at 1502, good signal but crummy internet feed with artifacts in speech, theme music. Then found synchronized // approx. 17540 fading in and out, and likewise on 17430, ergo spurs from 17485, which during this hour only is 160 degrees from ``Jew-lick``, as R. G. pronounces the German transmitter site

** SPAIN. Checking 11780 for scheduled Sephardic weekly broadcast by REE to S America, UT Tue Nov 11 at 0115+ I was hearing continuous pop music, more likely from Brasil. 0135 recheck, yes it`s Brasil, in Portuguese; I can`t really detect anything under it, and Spain is not making it on 11680, poor to nil propagation from Europe. However, it is inadvisable to broadcast on 11780 to South America when there is a South American station on 11780! The final repeat, for NAm at 0415-0445 UT Tuesdays, was confirmed on 9690, not 9650, at 0430 check Nov 11

** TURKEY. VOT, 12035, Wed Nov 12 at 1405 concluding Letterbox by recommending the TRT-4 stream for those who like Turkish classical music. That`s button 4 on the bottom side of the player at since the one at the top labeled TRT-4 is for television. Ah, just brought it up, nice music, except for news on the hour, when they keep playing non-classical music underneath, the news being just too boring to listen to without a music bed

** U K [non]. BBCWS in English, which had been missing from 5975 the last few days due to flooding in Thailand forcing the relay station off the air, was back Nov 12 at 1335, something about WWII, and recheck 1431 in news headlines. Weak but clear, about the same as Thailand had been, so where is this coming from now? Andy Sennitt, Media Network heard from VTC that Nakhon Sawan would not be back until next week. There could be multiple secret substitutions for the idled 4 x 250 kW transmitters, and we hope they were not actually damaged, but the only substitutes we have been told about concern three other transmissions moved to Madagascar

** U S A. KJES, 11715, I rarely hear tho I scan 25m every morning. It was weakly audible with off-key singing, Nov 12 at 1402, with CCI and SAH; slightly better at 1425 check, and more so at 1456 but still poor overall. Per EiBi the other station on 11715 this hour is R. Liberty in Uzbek via Lampertheim, GERMANY. So the question remains: is KJES irregularly on the air, or is it just propagation, as it`s really too close and mostly skips over OK? FCC shows the 3-hour KJES transmission at 14-17 changes azimuths each hour from 70 to 350 to 150 degrees. Most favorable for here is certainly 70, but the later hours with MUF buildup might still make it better here later on the others. No, recheck at 1627, still singing, and still very marginal signal but without the QRM

** U S A [non]. 13645, Wed Nov 12 at 1406, screaming American gospel huxter, suffering from vocalized breathing/gasping, worked himself into a lather with frequent amens; fair signal with some flutter. Per EiBi this is Pan American Broadcasting via Wertachtal, GERMANY, to S Asia. Those lucky South Asians! Or should that be Ban American broadcasting?

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, English to N America check, Nov 12: at 2100 sign-on, via Shijak site 7510 at S9+18, slightly stronger than // 9345 but low modulation on both, hard to understand. At 2110 I could turn the volume way up, but the noise level went up too as the carrier was not strong enough for full quieting as is sometimes the case with undermodulated Cairo.

Meanwhile, the CRI English relay via the Cërrik site on 7285, with China Drive show was S9+20 but well-modulated and easy copy. At 2127, listening to 7510, as announcer outroduced a program of songs for the one hundredth anniversary of something; at 2128, 9345 went to IS, and 2130 signing on Albanian, now with somewhat better modulation. 7510 transmitter switches to 6005 primarily for Europe and not audible here.

The 0330-0400 English broadcast on 6110 is finally free of Cuban jamming, which had stayed on this frequency weeks after and hours after its target Voice of America vacated the frequency. Lack of propagation is certainly not the reason for no jamming being heard, as Arnie Coro on RHC is inbooming on 6140. R. Tirana well heard with adequate modulation at 0333 Nov 13; no jamming, but now I can hear some light co-channel interference underneath, probably Radio Fana, Ethiopia, more likely than Lhasa or Srinagar. Is that QRM bad enough further east or west to consider a frequency change?

The 0430-0500 English broadcast on 6100 is co-channel to TWR Swaziland, but it was hoped in the southern summer a couple hours after sunrise this would not be a problem in North America. And so it was not, at 0431 check Nov 13, but unfortunately the Cuban jamming is still running here. Tirana was more or less on top of it, anyway. The DentroCuban Jamming Command may be less likely to give up jamming 6100 at 0430, since 6100 is still an active Radio República frequency, even tho it`s only used at 11-12 UT weekdays via Sackville. Should we then look for a better frequency for Radio Tirana? And you never know what Cuba will do next, so it`s too early to conclude that the 6110 jamming is gone for good

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria still missing from 15700 at 1450 check Nov 13. Other frequency at 13-15 is 11700, not heard either but maybe still on

** GABON. As previously noted, Africa Numéro Un has been missing from 17630 in the 1300-1500+ UT period, opening the frequency for DW via Rampisham in German until 1400, then CRI via Mali in English. I haven`t checked for ANU`s next frequency 15475, but Raúl Saavedra, Costa Rica, found it missing already Nov 9 after 1600. So is their other frequency, 9580, also off? It`s from a separate transmitter since its schedule was/is 0500-2300, overlapping the others.

Nov 12 at 2034 there`s a discussion in French giving phone numbers before a music break at 2036-2038, but can`t catch an ID for sure. 2102 I find news about Africa in French on 9580, 2108 about football, and finally at 2109:30 ID in passing for Africa Numéro Un. So the station is still going on SW, but one transmitter is down. They would be well advised to find different frequencies to come back on, free of interference, but I bet they don`t; this also applies to 15475 which collides with Antarctica 15476 at 1800-1900 weekdays

** MEXICO. It`s been a few weeks now since I have been able to confirm XEXQ is active on 6045, in morningly 49m bandscans around 1330-1430. About all I can detect is a carrier, which could be from Asia, and the adjacent channel 6040 is getting stronger. Has anyone heard tell-tale classical music at this or other times recently on 6045? Or at least Spanish, excluding KBS via Canada at 0600-0629?

** NEW ZEALAND [non]. RNZI made a sudden frequency change at 11-13, from 13840 to 13660, but showed on their website schedule grid that 13660 ran another hour until 14 (times rounded off). That would have meant two AM frequencies at once along with 6170, which would be unusual but possible since that`s during the break in DRM service and the DRM transmitter can also operate on AM. However, the extra hour was contrary to what Adrian Sainsbury mentioned on Mailbox, and as of 1530 UT Nov 13, that portion of the sked had been corrected to show:

1059-1158 13660 AM 9870 DRM NW Pacific, Bougainville, PNG, Timor Daily

1158-1258 13660 AM          NW Pacific, Bougainville, PNG, Timor Daily

1300-1550  6170 AM          Pacific Daily

Good thing it is not really on 13660 during the 13 hour, because when I checked Nov 13 at 1345 there was a good signal in Russian, i.e. R. Liberty via Lampertheim

** SPAIN [and non]. Altho I had previously heard REE later in the afternoon on 9630 instead of originally scheduled 9640 in B-08, on Nov 12 at 2041 check they were still on 9640, with some co-channel under, so not clear if or when they are switching to 9630. 2030-2100 is when REE needs to be off 9640 because of Poland via French Guiana in German back to Europe

** U S A. Altho the day before it was just barely audible on 11715, on Nov 13 KJES was loud and clear, S9+22, at 1457 with praisinging, 1500 two ``can you hear me?`` IDs, one by adult, another by child, and into catechisms. In English before and after 1500; no break in transmission at hourtop and no perceptible difference in signal, tho they may have rotated the log-periodic in accordance with FCC-scheduled change from 70 to 350 degrees. Huge disparity in signal from one morning to the next could be due to occurrence of sporadic E, or maybe due to extremely low power one day, full power the next day

** U S A. WBCQ, 7415, with its first airing of WORLD OF RADIO 1434, Wednesday Nov 12 at 2030, good here, and repeated at 2200 on weaker 15420-CUSB. This is the new M-F 2030-2100 slot carrying recent WORs from the archives, but on Wed or Thu when the new edition is ready, I expect that one to be played

** U S A [non]. Afrobeat from VOA African service, in the 20 UT hour, checked Nov 12: best from Botswana on 11975, next best from Bonaire on 13710, and also audible from São Tomé on 6080. After 2100 on Wednesdays it`s Classic Rock from VOA Music Mix, this time featuring the Rolling Stones, at 2131 check with Paint It Black, Mother`s Little Helper, and more. 6080 is still on from STP, but 11975 is CRI in French via Mali, and now from VOA, Greenville is best by far on 15580

** VENEZUELA [non]. The numbskulls at RNV CI are still playing that 4-years-out-of-date schedule announcement, starting with San Francisco at 11 am on 13740, just as I tuned across 11680 at 1521 Nov 13, so in disgust, I kept on tuning

** SAINT HELENA. Radio Saint Helena Day monitoring, Sat Nov 15 on 11092.5-USB: 2000 tune-in to ``Life on the Ocean Waves`` theme song, and opening announcements, but too weak to really copy anything said. There was some ute QRM on the side. 2010 some music which sounded like flute and mbira, then drums too, and decided it was Japanese in honour of the current target area. Some more talk at 2018, but lost signal at 2020, as I hear some others did too. A good time to stop until later as I had other things to do, such as watching Nova and Nature on PBS.

Retune 2206: signal about the same as two hours earlier, now presumably toward Europe, with bluegrass music, 2210 ``Back in the USSR``. Then improving somewhat. 2212 taking a call from somewhere it is 3:45 a.m., so must be India. 2228 acknowledging a number of DX clubs, signal grows some more, strong enough to switch in attenuation on FRG-7 with longwire, to diminish `pumping`. 2229 starts announcement in Spanish, but audio breaks up and modulation lost, or barely detectable – what happened? It was time to rotate the antenna toward North America.

I wonder if like on previous occasions, when they tried to do this, the SWR went haywire because the signal was reflecting off some nearby metal object in that direction?! Fortunately, I had backup entertainment, Marion`s Attic on WBCQ 7415 via another receiver.

2247 noticed that RSH was back with music, ``Bridge Over Troubled Waters``; S9+12. 2251 message from the postmistress giving dates of past and future philatelic issues, followed by what may have been an Xmas song.

2300 reading an e-mail from Larry Yamron greeting Dave Valko; giving e-mail address and phone number which could not copy. 2302 song ``Wind Beneath My Wings``; 2307 message apparently from a visitor, did not get his name. 2311 country music; 2314 addresses including one at  2319 ``Joy to the World``, jazzed up; brief QRM from some carrier hets but did not want to detune to locate them.

2322 full ID with SW and MW frequencies, asking for reports; had received 400(?) e-mails. Fax(?) QRM on low side worsens; song by Gene Autry(?). 2330 ``God Save the Queen`` which one would take as a sign-off, but kept on going at 2331 with other music on slide guitar. 2334 mentioning about to rejoin BBCWS relay (at hourtop?), then no more announcements but soft jazz still at 2337, 2341; 2344 started another piece then finally cut it off, that was presumably it, and I stopped listening.

Most of this was on the usual rig, FRG-7 with E-W external random wire, and/or a longer mostly NW/SE random wire which usually picks up more local noise, but I also tried the Sony ICF SW-07, which has tighter selectivity avoiding the QRM on side; it also step-tunes, so hard to get the SSB pitch just right. Signal strength to the ear was about the same on it, using the Sony loop in a south-facing window. Thanks to all involved for another enjoyable RSHD

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 7390, open carrier already at 0241 Nov 18, 0244 IS, 0245 opening English quarter-hour. S9+18 on the meter, but barely modulated and really unreadable vs remaining noise level. Clear frequency, anyway, no ACI or CCI, tho maybe a bit of bleedover from Cuban jammers on 7365 and/or 7405. The 0130-0145 R. Tirana English is supposed to change to 7425, along with the Albanian sesquihour before it, but nothing heard there yet and presumably had not yet moved down from 9345, where I could detect a weak carrier at 0000, but that may have been P`yongyang

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 15700, which had resumed on Nov 15, was missing again on Nov 17 at 1451 check

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, fair signal on 7535, Nov 18 at 0049, but very undermodulated talk, barely recognizable as Spanish, scheduled 0045-0200, and no doubt just as bad in English for the following sesquihour

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, Nov 16 at 1402, modulation cutting out, fragment of ``Voice of Dignity`` slogan; VG signal tho with hum. English must be running late again.

RRI regionals active on both 4750 and 4790, Nov 17 at 1416 with similar soft music, but not // and at 1417 came an announcement on 4790 Fak2

** MEXICO. RASA Mérida is operating 24h on 6105v according to Bob Wilkner in FL, but I haven`t had much luck hearing it here. Until Nov 17 at the unlikely hour of 0721 when I was getting vocal music in Spanish, some distortion, peaking S9+5 between fades completely down, presumably this. A few minutes later I was hearing instead the TWR IS, and English. Looked up later, I see that is via Nauen from 0745 at 285 degrees until 0920, and furthermore WYFR is on 6105 from 0800 to 1045, so don`t expect XE in the clear again until after that

** SPAIN. Caught the closing announcement of REE`s weekly Emisión Sefarad again one week later, Monday Nov 17 at 1453 on 15385, and yes, the YL claims 15385 is on 16 meters, and still gives wrong A-08 frequencies for the other two broadcasts. This one cut off abruptly before theme music finished. Language almost sounded like real Castilian, but e.g. ``zero`` pronounced like a Z in English

** SWEDEN [non]. Rarely try to pick up R. Sweden`s remaining Sackville relay, 6010, since it`s in my busy evenings, but Nov 18 at 0249 I heard George Wood with SAH and a lot of interference from LA, no doubt R. Mil and/or LV de tu Conciencia. If they are going to do this, R. Sweden should at least find a clear frequency. Believe me, LA`s do count if as nothing more than annoying QRM from the standpoint of a trans-Atlantic broadcaster. And R. Mil has tried for years to get Sweden off 6010, the only frequency Mil can use, to no avail

** U S A [and non]. 13650, Nov 16 at 1503 with IRN-USA Radio News (so have the two faux-news networks with thinly-disguised gospel huxter agenda now merged?), 1505 into sermon called Lifetime. This is the Sunday-only broadcast hour of WHRA, which collides with 1Africa, CVC Zambia, to W Africa and U Michigan, which I assume would have been audible without this big signal in the way

** VENEZUELA [non]. No sign of RNV CI, Nov 16 at 1501 on 11680, nor a few minutes later. I believe that this broadcast on Sundays is normally pre-empted by Alo, Presidente, transmitter needed on 11670; except that show is currently on hiatus, back Nov 23 or 30?

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13720, Nov 18 at 1539, fair modulation this date during English semihour to NAm, something about an MP on hunger strike, in press review segment

** AUSTRALIA. R. Australia`s normally loud and clear 9580 and less loud but still clear 9590 have sunk into the noise level, as presumably they are hitting summer/equatorial absorption in the middle of the night at first reflexion point. I.e., Nov 20 before 1400, 9580 quite weak, and at 1436, 9590 was JBA. That leaves us 6020 before 1400 and 7240 afterwards for inferior RA reception

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 15700, Nov 19 at 1433, very strong, but now the transmitter has a big stability problem. With BFO on, continuous rapid warble, much worse than WINB. Some signs of this could be heard in AM, and I was amazed the classical music programming sounded as good as it did, but still undermodulated and somewhat distorted.

The severely ailing R. Bulgaria transmitter continues to be heard with its very unstable warbling carrier: Nov 20 at 0735 on 7400 the warble so bad that it overrides the modulation on AM mode reception, which I think was in English as scheduled. At 1358 check, 15700 was not on the air at all. At 1820 I was again hearing the warble on 7400 (love these almost-winter lower-band conditions), this time messing up their own French transmission.

I am now wondering if I blamed the wrong station in an earlier log on 5900; or possibly BOTH of them on 5900 at that moment were defective.

``Radio Bulgaria`s English broadcast to North America at 0000-0100 is totally ruined on 5900 thanks to that defective motorboating Russian transmitter always operating in B-season from one of the Moscow sites on 5900, as heard 0010 Nov 2. Absolutely nothing was readable either from it or from Bulgaria.

As in DXLD 8-115, 5900 is on VOR`s B-08 Spanish schedule at 0100-0300;

not sure what service is on it during the previous hour. Aside from the QRM they cause to neighbors, waste of electricity and effort, ¿are the Russian engineers sinvergüenza? But we can still hear Bulgaria on 7400``

** CANADA. Another mnemonic for the CBC, Box 500, Station A, Toronto postal code M5W 1E6, as voiced by Matt Galloway, substitute host on The Current, Nov 20 at 1429 via CBCNQ 9625: `Mangle five words, I`ll enunciate six``. But if you wrote it M5W IE6 would your mail go into oblivion? BOH weather break from Montreal dealt with that city and others in Southern Québec, not Northern. Ahem!

** CHINA. Firedrake on 9000, Nov 19 at 1455, mixing with something else, presumably Sound of Hope. Had been reported recently on 8900 instead, but now back here.

It`s nice to receive trans-oceanic signals both from Asia and Europe [see BULGARIA] on 7 MHz just minutes before local mean noon, i.e. on 7385, Nov 20 at 1821 UT, rock instrumental music, fair and somewhat fluttery, then announcement in Chinese and some semi-classical music. Presumably CNR-1 jammer against RFA in Chinese via Taiwan as scheduled per Aoki

** EGYPT. I was checking 15700 for BULGARIA [q.v.], Nov 20 at 1358, and noted the lack of QRM from that on 15710. Trouble is, R. Cairo`s Indonesian service was putting out its usual extremely distorted and lowly-modulated signal, only the peaks poking thru, and cut to tone already before 1400

** JAPAN. NHKWNRJ, 6145, Nov 20 at 0715 with live sports coverage, apparently, in Japanese, yelling in background, but I never heard the crack of a bat, so I guess it`s not beisubaru, at 16:15 local time. Maybe sumo? VG signal on 300 kW, 35 degree beam from Yamata, intended for Kamchatka and the eastern end of Siberia, but onward to Oklahoma

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, 17725, talk on the geography of Senegal, Nov 18 at 1525; then at 1531 ID for Voice of Africa from the Great Jamahiriyah, with frequencies, 21695 to E Africa, and 17860 to C Africa! Another studio which doesn`t even know the frequency in use by the transmitter. Then report on the activities of the Leader of the Revolution. Yawn! 1536, I checked 17860 and found something in Swahili, i.e. Channel Africa, South Africa as scheduled

** MEXICO. Finally able to confirm XEXQ still active on 6045, Nov 19 at 1345 with a few biggest hits of classical music barely audible

** MEXICO. RASA Mérida, 6105, slightly on the low side, but not as low as 6104.9, Nov 19 at 1350 with continuous discussion in Spanish; never could get a definite ID or local mention, so presumed. Obliterated by abrupt *1400 VOA in Chinese which is Tinang at 330 degrees.

XEQM, 6105, Nov 20 at 1344, Spanish, ad for some business in Mérida and other Yucatán cities, which supplies everything from enfermeras to refrigeradores, which means nurses to refrigerators, so possibly I misunderstood as that would be a rather broad range of products and services, but still possible in the enterprising Third World. We`d better enjoy this while we can in Spanish, as when they switch to Maya it will be even less comprehensible. Frequency was very close to 6105.0 compared to RRI on 15105.0

** ROMANIA. RRI`s new transmitters at Tiganesti continue to put amazing signals into CNAm; Nov 20 at 1816 found the English hour for Europe very good on 9640, going from Traveler`s Guide to Song of the Day; at 1840 from folk music to Letterbox, which also included some music; 1852 pan pipe music, 1855 sign off, with frequencies etc., for next English broadcast at 2130, both nothing about the one we have been listening to. 1856 IS and off 1857* Besides the new 300 kW Continentals which we may safely assume are being run at full rated power unlike most aging SW transmitters, the refurbished antennas must be very efficient and high-gain. These are 8 x 4 curtains, but how much gain in the 307 degree boresight?

** U K [non]. BBCWS, Have Your Say, which occupies the 18 UT hour daily, Nov 20 at 1811, fairly good on 15420, no sign of WBCQ. It would have been quite a collision otherwise. BBC is still competing for 15420: 13-14 280 degrees from Seychelles; 14-17 173 from Cyprus; and 17-19 5 degrees from South Africa. And indeed frequency was clear at 1902 check

** U S A. R. Martí, 15330, Nov 20 at 1402, splattering between 15320 and 15345, and somewhat distorted on fundamental, which at least was atop the DentroCuban Jamming Command. Perhaps the Greenville transmitter had not warmed up adequately before opening at 1400

** U S A [non]. Some AWR transmissions to AfroAsia are putting big signals into CNAm, rather inefficiently. Nov 20 at 1400 on 15440, Voice of Hope English ID, next program in Urdu, and so it was. Site? They won`t say but listed Moosbrunn, Austria, 300 kW at 90 degrees.

Nov 20 at 1903 on 15240, VG signal bearing rustic African music with vocalizations, nevertheless talked over by announcer in Swahili-sounding language, at least with ``Sautu``. Transmission cut off for a semiminute within 1904-1905; carrier came back on a few sex before modulation did. At 1910 was giving E-mail address using ``arroba``, the Spanish word for @ and also ``adventist``, a dead giveaway.

But what language is this? PWBR `2009` doesn`t care, just ``other`` and claims Greenville is also on 15240 at this time, obviously wrong.

WRTH, EiBi and Aoki say Fulfulde, 250 kW, 317 degrees from Meyerton, South Africa, which means also toward US

** ASCENSION. Just when we are enjoying reliable reception of Star Radio & Cotton Tree News, 0700-0800 on 9525, they step up a band to iffier 25m, where on 11875 I could only detect some music and flutter at 0700 Nov 23. That`s the NF reported by Kouji Yamada, Japan Premium. Next night, Nov 24 at 0700, nothing audible on 11875 but WEWN Spanish squealer quite audible on 11870

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria`s warbling transmitter was back on 15700, Nov 23 at 1433 check. Gone again Nov 24 at 1400. Alternate day operation? May I suggest that they take it off and keep it off until repaired. Also 7400 warbling at 2209 Nov 24

** CHINA [and non]. CNR-1 echo jammer on 7525, Nov 24 at 1420, // 6040. 7525 is scheduled 14-15 only with VOA Chinese via Thailand

** PORTUGAL. Found extremely distorted talk on about 15858, Tue Nov 25 at 1524, maybe in Russian? Intonation seemed like that, but no, 1526 RDP Internacional ID in Portuguese! Therefore this must be a spur of 15690 which had a loud and clear signal, and likely accompanied by another spur 168 kHz lower --- and yes, there it is around 15522, tho not as strong as the upper one.

1530 into Caixa Postal DX program, continuing an interview with Miguel Andrade. The last I knew, this was scheduled Mondays at 1418. According to the daily online program schedules at

1530 Tue has replaced 1418 Mon, at least this week, but the other broadcast remains UT Tue 0030

** ROMANIA. Besides the usual good signal in Romanian on 11940, RRI also heard on 11905, Nov 25 at 1445 with Russian ID as ``Inter-radio Rumania``, then sport; 1454 closing with Russian transmission schedule, and IDs again as above. Never heard the word ``mezhdunarodnaya`` mentioned, the usual rendering of ``International``, but ``Inter`` is certainly a lot less of a mouthful, and the Romanians do have that Romance influence. This service is via Tiganesti, 52 degrees at 1430-1500

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare is supposedly scheduled 15-17 UT on WBCQ 9330, but Sunday Nov 23 he was already ranting as I tuned by at 1425

** U K [non]. 11915, BBCWS with good signal I had not noticed before, Tue Nov 25 at 1443 amid Digital Planet, item on tantalum. This is yet another example of the fragmentation of international broadcasting on the part of some major players, i.e. instead of establishing one frequency and running it for several hours, it`s on the air for only one hour, in this case plus one more from a different transmitter site. 14-15 it`s Singapore, 100 kW at 315 degrees, then 15-16 Oman, 250 kW at 63 degrees, both for S Asia.

BBC English lessons on 11895, Nov 25 at 1448, heavy interference at about equal level from echoing CNR-1 jammer. The Chicom won`t even let the English teach English to the Chinese! This transmission runs 1300-1530 via Singapore, 100 kW at 13 degrees

** U S A. Dave Frantz notified us that WWRB has a new frequency at 02-05 for Brother Stair, 3145. He also claims that their next newest frequency, 3215 at 22-02 proves once and for all that WWRB`s signal is better than WWCR`s, which is on the same frequency after 02. So I was monitoring the changeover Nov 24: WWRB 3215 went off at 0156* after Dave instructed listeners to retune to 3.145, which he must have mentioned 10 times. Signal was S9+20. WWCR came up on 3215 at 0159, S9+25. Sorry, Dave, you lose. And WWRB 3145 from *0159 was quite a bit weaker than 3185 and 3215, not only signal but considerably undermodulated, and still the case when next checked at 0455. We`ll see if some military/utility user of 3145 objects to WWRB, as someone must have to 3270 which was only briefly in use.

WWCR, 13845, PMS with big crackle on modulation, splattering at least 10 kHz either side, Nov 24 at 1507, but then cleared up at least for the moment. I can imagine that someone was jockeying the dish to lock in on the best satellite signal

** AUSTRALIA. It`s been a while since RA was making it here at night on 15 MHz in English, but Nov 26 at 0655, 15515 was inbooming, stronger than // 15240, 15160; after 0700, 15515 was off. That matches the hard-to-find RA B-08 schedule as in Aoki

** BRAZIL. RNA, 11780, very strong Nov 26 at 0716 UT, when the Brasilians, if not the Amazonians pretend it is already wake-up time past 5 am, so how about those spurs? Yes, there they are, weak but detectable, a bit further from the primary than previously, distorted modulation spikes centered approximately 11715 and 11845, plus and minus 65 kHz

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 7400, still warbling at 0715 check Nov 26. At 1332 found nothing on 15700, but 1439 recheck it was on and OK, no warble! 1454 good with classical music. Then I get word from Ivo Ivanov, frequency manager, that the problem had been fixed as of 1100 UT Nov 26

** INDONESIA. Almost daily check of VOI, Nov 26 at 1317 did not find it on 9526, but recheck at 1400, it was in well outroing English hour, which the YL announcer still claims is ``daily at 0200, 0800 and 2000 hours UTC``. After all these months, she still doesn`t know she is on the air at 1300 when we can conveniently hear her in North America! Then into Bahasa Malaysia

** MEXICO. RASA Mérida, 6105, Nov 26 at 1308 somewhat distorted Spanish programming including 1311 PSA for something the Gobierno Federal does; some CubaRM from 6100 residual jamming pulses against R. República which is only on the air for one hour at 1100 weekdays! XEQM has deep fades, which seems odd for a station so close. I again compared the frequency to RRI 15105 on the FRG-7 and seemed very close to 6105.0, not 6104.9

** NIGERIA. When AUSTRALIA [q.v.] was inbooming on 19m, I tuned around to see if anything else was making it, Nov 26 at 0657; all I found was weak and fadey English on 15120, and 0700 into French. No ID heard despite my efforts, but this has to be VON, as scheduled, per Aoki, not HFCC. I wonder if it was long-path

** ROMANIA. RRI in Romanian usually collides head-on with REE Costa Rica on 15170, but Nov 26 at 1337 I could hear only REE, even during pauses. RRI was audible as usual on // 11940, and also in English on 15105, not as strong as usual, talking about Gypsies [sic]. At 1442 recheck RRI collision on 15170 had resumed

** RUSSIA. 6115, Nov 26 at 1445 Russian choral music, 1447 announcement in Chinese. That`s VOR via Khabarovsk, per Aoki and EiBi; don`t you believe PWBR `2009` that it`s WYFR in English via Irkutsk

** SAO TOME. 11985 with African chants, Hausa announcements, Nov 26 at 0712, good signal. This is VOA at 0700-0730 aimed due north

** SPAIN. REE Basque news segment, Nov 26 at 1350-1355 on 17595, was totally in Castilian, even the axualities, except for brief open and close. Preceded as usual by Catalan at 1340, Galician at 1345

** SUDAN [non]. It looks like IRRS is not going to do anything about the collision with Greece at 1500-1550 on 15650 for the Miraya FM service; already at 1455 Nov 26 the Slovakia open carrier was on, producing a SAH on Greek music

** SWEDEN. Whilst checking out VOI 9526, I noticed R. Sweden theme music on 9530, Nov 26 at 1400, opening Russian. Poor, 350 kW at 55 degrees from Hörby

** U S A [non]. 9990, Nov 26 at 1320, bits of music mixed with declamatory talk, Farsi? This was before WWCR 9980 faded up to full blasting and desensitizing strength. Only thing listed in PWBR `2009` is RFE/RL via Kuwait in unID language, but EiBi and Aoki say it`s really R. Free Afghanistan, via Sri Lanka, in Pashto this hour until 1330

** U S A [non]. 13820, Nov 26 at 1327 with hymn in unID S Asian language, lite jamming from Cuba prior to full bore against Martí from 1400; 1329 ``Know Redeemer Liveth`` theme, heard YL mention Bible Voice, I thought, but Eibi says this is YFR via Nauen, Germany, language missing, and Aoki says it`s Family Radio in Bengali. I wonder if any of the radio war in the Western Hemisphere bleeds over into Bengal as this service overlaps DCJC/Martí until 1500

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 6110 in Albanian checked Nov 27 at 0029, and fair signal, no jamming audible.

Radio Tirana webcasting started Nov 26, apparently carrying all the languages as on SW and MW.

I was out during the afternoon, but checked the webcast at 0120 UT Nov 27, and it was still going in Albanian music, 0130 opening the English broadcast. Audio levels still vary greatly, but now one can easily turn it up without fighting the SW noise and QRM levels. I believe the stream kept running silently after 0145, as there is no programming until the next English broadcast at 0245. Rechecked at 0430 and the final English repeat was starting, much better than on // 6100 which still suffers from DentroCuban jamming

** BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria, 7400 in English Nov 27 at 0030 was OK again without that awful warble that lasted about a week. // 5900 had a big warble, but that`s believed to be from the still malfunxioning Russian transmitter. Even if it were healthy, there would still be a collision.

15700 with open carrier, Nov 27 at 1510, no warbling; presumably R. Bulgaria did not turn off the transmitter after end of transmission at 1500, and before another one from 1600

** GERMANY [non]. That horrible DRM buzz Wolfgang warned us about inmidst the 31m band, is making it over here, especially strong Nov 27 at 1405 on 9540-9545-9550. Per Aoki it`s DW via Woofferton UK, 100 kW, 114 degrees, at 10-16, but the final hour via Skelton instead, a joint venture with BBC

** INDIA. AIR Vividh Bharati Service, 9870, is usually well audible here in the mornings, mostly music, but Nov 27 at 1435 I was hearing a speech in what I think was English, but could barely understand a word due to heavy accent, polar flutter and some distortion. Outro at 1440 as having been the Prime Minister speaking from the Delhi studio; no doubt about the Mumbai terrorist attacks

** MALDIVE ISLANDS [non]. R. Australia`s Rear Vision show was about the Maldives, and the recent end of the two-sesquidecade Gayoom dictatorship. Heard well at 1335-1355 Nov 27 on 6020. Unless it was in the first few minutes I missed, not a word about Minivan Radio`s rôle. Otherwise excellent show; ends with plans to ``buy a new homeland`` for the 300K Maldivians as their islands are drowned tnx to global warming; maybe in Australia. Already there is no fresh water on most islands, except what rain can be caught. Transcript and audio here:

** RUSSIA. Checking again for 8GAL, 6074, but nothing heard at 1400-1402 Nov 27; R. Rossii, 6075, closing timesignal was only 5 seconds slow as I checked it against WWV. Only?? What`s the point of a timesignal with no precision at all?

** U S A [and non]. Whoopee! We get a leap second this year, at 2359:60 UT Dec 31, as announced on 5000 WWVH at 1403 Nov 27, WWV at 1404. So much for our New Year`s Eve plans

** U S A. VOA Spanish, 5940, Nov 27 at 0025 check was loud and clear, no jamming audible; // 5890 also strong, but lite jamming audible underneath. VOA programming now includes shows for the Caribbean, not Cuba in particular

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, Nov 27 at 2105 in English, just barely audible on 9345, and undermodulated too; // 7510 better but also undermodulated. BTW, big news the day before was that Albania has been accepted for NATO membership

** ANTARCTICA. R. Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, 15476, Nov 27 at 2025 definite carrier, bits of music; 2052 was peaking better, music and YL talk, fading S6 to S9+10, average S9; 2057 definite ID as LRA36, and later ``la emisora más austral del mundo`` in sign-off message, 2058 to open carrier. Fade rate here was much slower than the other LRA, 15345; see ARGENTINA

** ARGENTINA. RAE, 15345v, Nov 27 at 2051, heavy flutter, much faster fading rate compared to LRA36, 15476, Antarctica [q.v.], as whenever I get that I compare the signal to Buenos Aires, really not that close but nothing else besides Chile 15410 to compare with in the Southern Cone. 2056 IS and ID routine. Was not hearing any QRMorocco

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Africa, 15190, Nov 27 at 1819 with preacher, somewhat undermodulated and distorted but no QRM at all so good reception, unlike 2058 when badly squeezed by 15185 VOA-Greenville Hausa about to close and 15195 YFR Ascension

** PORTUGAL. RDP Internacional, 12040, Nov 27 at 2021, VG signal with Portuguese announcer going wild over a silly ballgame. Meant to check whether he was still going after 2230, when it would be colliding with HCJB in German

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Pres. Obama is already getting a raw deal from the wacko gospel huxters --- as I tuned by WWRB 9385, Nov 27 at 2037, Brother Scare was repeatedly calling him ``Baruch Obama`` --- is that supposed to be an insult implying he is a Jew?? Or another manifestation of the sheer ignorance of R.G.? And a few minutes earlier on WEWN 11520, Patrick Madrid was excoriating Obama as ``an evil man`` for not being anti-abortion, like a good Catholic. At least we can expect VOA to treat him fairly

**  U S A. VOA Greenville, 11975, Nov 27 at 1822 with news, VG signal until 1829* as African News Tonight. This is another of those needlessly fragmented transmissions, 1800-1830 only, then hitting same target areas from the other side, Thailand, 1830-1900, inaudible here

** U S A. WBCQ, off-frequency again, about 15420.1 and colliding with BBCWS via South Africa, 15420.0, making a low het and audio also mixing, tho WBCQ on top with Fence Lake NM anapestic preacher, Nov 27 at 1816

** U S A. The KVOH triplets make another appearance, Nov 27 at 2047, besides fundamental 17775 with music, S9+18 or so, the matching distorted spurs sounded almost as strong, S9+12, around 17629 and 17921

** ZANZIBAR. RTZ, 11735, Nov 27 at 1821, phone ringing and discussion in Swahili(?); with lo het which might be from the off-frequency Brazilian; RNA 11780 also audible but only fair at this hour. Was going to see if Spice FM news in English would appear again this Thursday at 2000, but not at 2008 recheck, already in music, with the same lo het and beginning to wonder if we have another unstable carrier; sounds like a ripple on it with BFO on, not as bad as Bulgaria was, yet

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, only a trace on 9345, and just barely audible due to low modulation on 7510 despite S9+18 signal level, Nov 28 at 2105 in English broadcast; 2126 recheck with better modulation as they were finishing a show about their 70th anniversary, but it was just ending, 2127 IS and off. Now I can catch the webcast of the semi-hour program at 0430+ Nov 29. It was much too loud and thus distorted even with the volume almost minimised. Anniversary talk, history of R. Tirana, started at 0448, concluding by interviewing their primary YL announcer of the 60s+, then a Marxist/Leninist propagandist, but she sounds quite reasonable now. Her name?

** ANTARCTICA. LRA36, 15476, Friday Nov 28 at 2053 had the carrier cutting off and on continually; if one did not know real Morse code one might have figured it was a CW transmission, but the dits and dahs were gibberish of variable lengths; stopped at 2100* when the transmitter was turned completely off for the weekend. Hope this does not presage another prolonged outage

** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International, via WHRI 15665, again this Friday Nov 28 at 2015, The Orator with usual anti-Nigerian comments; seemed like he was referring obliquely to Nigeria`s bad reputation on the Internet, among other ways. Loud and clear signal at first, but around 2045 propagation dropped out to a much weaker signal, uncovering the backscatter echo

** CANADA. If you love harmonica music, like I do, this week`s Vinyl Tap on CBC is a real treat; listening as I compile this report to the first airing, UT Sat Nov 28 at 0305-0500 on the AT/NT zone feed, so delayed +1/2/3/4 hours on CBC Radio 1 webcasts. Also repeats the next night earlier, 0005-0200 UT Sunday, also on 9625 CBC Northern Québec, +1/2/3 hours. And on CKZN and CKZU 6160 and 6160 at their local times

** ECUADOR. HCJB, 12000, automated ID break in Spanish at 2114:30 Nov 28, still claiming to be on 21455 as well

** KOREA SOUTH [non]. KBS World Radio, via WRN via WRMI 9955, Nov 28 at 2130 opening program of pop world music which turned out to be rap. Note: we do not need KBS to play rap for us by this circuitous route, which anyway was free of jamming for the moment

** PORTUGAL [and non]. Had noted RDPI earlier in the afternoon on 12040, and still at 2131 // 11965. Finally confirmed RDPI colliding with HCJB on 12040 as expected from scheduling, as I was monitoring at *2229 when HCJB came on in German, and RDPI was still going, unseemed in sports coverage, both quite strong. 2255 recheck, RDPI was gone so not sure exactly when it closed, but its transmission is open-ended

** ROMANIA. RRI, English at 2130 Nov 28, best on 6115, also on // 9755 and at 2145 found also on 6030, not yet hit by DentroCuban jamming or Martí. 6030 is Galbeni, as is unchecked 7145, the others Tiganesti

** U S A. WBCQ 7415 with final archive repeat of WORLD OF RADIO, Fri Nov 28 until 2100, to be replaced in December by other programming weekdays at 2030, i.e. Amos & Andy, and the even more racist Herald of Truth, evidently moved from non-propagating 0500-0530 slot. WWCR had new WOR 1436 as scheduled, from 2129 Friday on 15825. Next scheduled airing of latest WOR, via Area 51, 5110-CUSB at 0000 UT Saturday was missing, just music playing on webcast and 5110 seemed absent

** U S A [and non]. VOA, 6080 via São Tomé, Friday Nov 28 at 2108 had talk instead of the Music Mix I was expecting, but must have been introductory interview with artiste. Should be much better on // 15580 via Greenville ---- no, just open carrier! Finally brought up audio at 2109

** ZAMBIA. CVC Lusaka, 9420, Nov 28 at 2133, gospel rock and god-talk in English, way on top of V. of Greece, which was barely detectable as a SAH; website given

** ALASKA. KNLS, 6150, Nov 30 at 1403 playing jazzed-up version of ``If I Were a Rich Man``; is this a Jewish station? Hardly! ID and then to lure in unsuspecting listeners with initially secular segments, brief one about Pres. Sarkozy being exposed as a philatelist, and a longer one, Postcard from Alaska, Mike Osborne interviewing someone from the Alaska State Museum

** AUSTRALIA. R. Australia continues to be very attenuated on the 31m band in our mornings, while for most of the previous year it was loud and clear on 9580 until 1400, and less loud but still useable on // 9590 past 1400. However, Nov 29 at 1401, I found the weak 9580 signal with news, still on the air! Has there been a schedule change here too? 9590 also audible. But at next check 1442, nothing on 9580 tho 9590 and 7240 were audible, very poorly. 7240 also has problems from big VOA Korean signal on 7235

** CANADA. Lately I have not been able to detect even a carrier from CFRX, e.g. Nov 30 at 1355; nor a SAH on CVC 6070 at night. CFRX yahoogroup reported that power was down to 250 watts, and modulation fix was still awaiting arrival of some tech from south of the border, but now I wonder if it is on the air at all

** CUBA. RHC, 11760, Sat Nov 29 at 1406 starting Cartas a la Redacción program, announced as also airing at 10:05 pm hora de Cuba. Audio on this frequency was lo-fi and distorted, quite unlike relatively well-modulated // 12000 with which it was also out of synch. Obviously two different transmitter sites, but 11760 feed route really inferior

** CUBA [non]. Altho I refuted the DX Mix News, Bulgaria schedule for R. República showing 0500-0600 UT Sun, Mon on 6010 via Rampisham, right next to that item as published in DXLD, at least two other DX bulletins have ignored this and published it without question. I have now checked during that hour on five different dates, including Nov 30, and *no* sign of such a transmission. The only way it got connected with República is that before it was supposedly starting, I suggested it *might* be for República as there is little other demand now for that westward azimuth from Rampisham, 285 degrees. Axually it`s for CIRAF Zone 8, which is USA E of meridian 90, not including Cuba. Who knows, something may eventually show up here, so keep checking

** ITALY [non]. 15725, Nov 30 at 1428 good signal with preacher in English discussing Genesis, something which is not there other days of week. Unfortunately I was tuning elsewhere when it must have gone off, if there was any sign-off or ID, as nothing there by 1431. Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not! Nothing shown on 15725 except Pakistan at some other time, and this was no Pakistan. Axually it must have been IRRS/NEXUS-IBA/IPAR/EGR via Slovakia, as scheduled Sundays only 1400-1430 at 95 degrees with ``The Watchman``, per

BTW, PWBR also misses other stations currently scheduled on 15725: T8WH, and DW DRM via Portugal

** JAPAN [non]. NHKWNRJ, 11705 via Canada, Sat Nov 29 at 1410-1429* had their monthly story-telling instead of World Interactive, i.e. Tales of Genji from a millennium ago, intrigue in the palace involving relations with various women. W & M speakers delivered it, and well-produced with traditional music and sound-effects. Pre-echo from Yamata barely audible in background this time

** NEW ZEALAND. Bandscanning Nov 30 at 1356, all I could get on 6170 was an open carrier, maybe RNZI, or have they jumped to a wrong frequency again? But at 1412 recheck, back to normal with coastal weather forecasts

** SOLOMON ISLANDS [non]. Looking for reactivated SIBC on 9541v, not a chance here before 0700 Nov 30, with RHC 9550 music splattering, but still no trace of it after RHC went off without any announcement

** U S A. Air Force MARS net, Sunday Nov 30 at 1416 on 7457.0 SSB, ``calling all stations in Kentucky``, 1419 Mississippi, 1420 North Carolina. Could not catch callsign of NCS beyond AFA-, but probably same as previous log March 16 at 1317 as in DXLD 8-035, AFA2AJ, and DST already having started, net was one UT hour earlier. Much more research on this in 8-031. Now has heavy QRM from broadcaster on 7455 I did not try to ID, but per Aoki would be FEBC Philippines in Hui, or IBB Deewa Sri Lanka in Pashto

** U S A. WHRI supposedly has a new Saturday-only Arabic broadcast at 1500-1600 on 17690, but no trace of it here Nov 29

** U S A [non]. 7165, Harold Camping speaking from the bottom of a barrel with heavy reverb, Nov 30 at 1422; this is YFR via Petropavlovsk/Kamchatsky, 263 degrees

** VENEZUELA [non]. When he suspended ``Aló, Presidente`` a couple months ago, would-be president-for-life Hugo Chávez Frías said he would resume after the elexions which have now taken place Nov 23. But looking for the show via Cuba Nov 30 at 1427, nothing found on previous or listed frequencies 13680, 13750, 17750(VOA), nor at 1440 on 11670, 11690, 11875. Nor at more chex after 1500, 1634. Maybe next week?


Extra, Extra!


W.G. Hauser – Enid, OK


** CANADA. Hello Glenn, Well, the day has come when the frequency of CHU will be changed. The change goes into effect January 1, 2009.

Below is the text that will appear on our web site.


Have a happy holiday. Raymond Pelletier


Frequency and Time

Institute for National Measurement Standards

National Research Council Canada

M-36, room 1026

1200 Montreal Road

Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R6

Tel: (613) 993-3430

Fax: (613) 952-1394

raymond.pelletier @

Government of Canada





After seventy years of broadcasting Canada's official time, NRC's

shortwave station CHU will move the transmission frequency for the 7335 kHz transmitter to 7850 kHz. The change will occur on 01 January 2009 at 0000 UTC.


CHU is a part of NRC's system for disseminating official time throughout Canada, broadcasting 24 hours a day from a location approximately 20 km south-west of Ottawa. Listeners hear tones to mark the seconds, voice to announce the time in French and English, and digital data to set computers.


The atomic clocks at CHU are part of the ensemble of clocks in the time and frequency research laboratories in Ottawa, at the National Research Council Canada. The NRC clocks are used in conjunction with clocks in the time laboratories of other countries to construct the

internationally accepted scale of time, UTC (Coordinated Universal

Time), which is now the reference for official time used by all

countries. UTC is the modern implementation of Greenwich Mean Time.


"Coincidentally, this frequency change comes at a time when NRC is

investing resources to refurbish the aging transmitters at CHU in order to provide clear, dependable shortwave services as part of NRC's mandate to disseminate time to all Canadians." said Ray Pelletier, Technical Officer at the NRC-Institute for National Measurement Standards, who oversees the CHU facility "The shortwave time service is especially beneficial for those in remote locations where there is limited access to internet and telephone communication. CHU also provides a back up against failure of other services."


In April 2007, the International Telecommunications Union re-allocated

the 7300-7350 KHz band from a fixed service to a broadcasting service.

Since then, interference on the 7335 KHz frequency has come from many

information broadcasters around the world.


CHU listeners in Canada and around the world who have for so long

considered the 7335 kHz frequency exclusively for time signals, are very vocal about this interference. We have heard from amateur radio

operators, watchmakers, astronomers, and navigators who use the tones

and voice signals. As well, comments were received from those who use

the carrier as a calibration source at a distance for their equipment.


To give notice to users, CHU will broadcast an announcement in both

English and French. More information can be found at and


Comments about the CHU change can be sent by e-mail to

(Raymond Pelletier, CHU, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


As of Dec 9, nothing at above site about 7850. This NRC website also mentions a leap second to be added at the end of 2008y: (gh)


Monitored around 1430 UT Dec 9 on 7335, no announcements being heard yet about the frequency change or the leap second.


And here`s another website with the history of CHU, etc.:



Bargain Barn


Nothing for sale this month….


Show and Tell – New Toys


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI


Here is a brief Grundig 750 review from my brother - hearsay, but it will have to do for now:

"I have another new radio the Grundig Satellite 750 which is a real cute radio. Works great and quite hot on AM. Its the one with the excellent antenna connections that DXers like. It has a nice sound and AM wide is really wide.  Like all the newer Grundigs when on AC the

dial light can be set to run all the time. The 750 has an f bar antenna that can be rotated I really enjoy that feature. It looks like a little military radio much smaller than the Sat 800."

I suspect brother Peter must have got this from his local The Sourcer by Circus City.

Not to burst my brother's bubble, but it sounds more like a pricey radio for ordinary folks than a true DX machine.


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Call Sign Changes


No FCC report for Call Changes this month…


I Got The Bird!


Nothing other than the completion of the XM Sirius merger. You can find the new channel lineup at and



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