December 2008 ABDX Journal

Vol 3. Issue 12


Editors Corner:


ABDX membership has reached 200 members!  It has taken from May 2001 until today to get there but it is quite a milestone. I thank all of you for being members of ABDX.


The January CME is all about ultralight radio logs. An ultralight is a small portable radio that will easily fit in a shirt pocket. There has been a lot of interest in this type of DX. It’s a lot less expensive to get started in DX using ultralights and you don’t need a lot of land or a big name receiver.


Christmas came and passed. Some of us were lucky and Santa brought them some new gear. If you were one of the lucky ones, let ABDX have a review of your new equipment and we will put it in the Journal.


We have call sign changes in the Journal this month. The FCC finally released them!


The Rogues Gallery is always looking for new pictures! We enjoy seeing our members who have made it to the “Hall of Fame” for those of us with faces for radio! It has been a very long time since we have had new additions to the Rogues Gallery. If you are a member and want to be in the Rogues Gallery, send your pix to Michael Richard  at We would love to see you in the gallery.


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.


The Broadcast Band

Ira Elbert New III – Watkinsville, GA

Sony ICF 2010 or as listed


IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville - SONY SRF-M37

900 WJTH GA Calhoun - 12/22/08 1735 - Weather Forecast and then Country Music. Decent signal fading in and out of the mix of stations on the frequency. "...WJTH". (IEN-GA)

930 WGAD AL Rainbow City - 12/22/08 1700 - Oldies. Decent signal fading in and out of the mix of stations on the frequency. "WGAD...Oldies". (IEN-GA)

730 KQPN AR West Memphis - 12/26/08 1828 - Sports Talk, BOH ID and an ad for a local athletics store. Good signal with slight fading. "...730, FOXSPORTS.COM". (IEN-GA) 

950 KXJK AR Forrest City - 12/26/08 1850 - Talk of happenings in east Arkansas, ad for a business located in east Arkansas. Good signal with slight fading. "You're listening to KXJK". (IEN-GA)

990 KWAM TN Memphis - 12/17/08 0006 - Ad for a BYOB Party at the VIP Lounge, ID. Decent signal fading into the mix. "The New Voice of Memphis, KWAM". (IEN-GA)

1270 WTJZ VA Newport News - 12/27/08 1802 - Gospel Music and ID. Weak signal all, but buried in the mix. "...The Light from The Lighthouse, WTJZ". (IEN-GA)


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ 180

This is a double CME, X-Band and tube radio over 20 years old (I've owned it for almost 30 years).

1620 WPMW407 San Juan Capistrano, CA CALTRANS HAR with loop by woman about the construction on Ortega Hwy (74), ID during each loop. 12/1 11:53 AM PST.

1630 XEUT Tijuana, BC, Mexico Classical music pgm, ID at ToH, into news in Spanish. 12/1 11:56 AM PST

1640 WPKA209 Irvine, CA City of Irvine Emergency Broadcast Radio System with loop covering local information by a man, ID during each loop. 12/1 11:55 AM PST. (These guys are Hams and sent a QSL card in 2005!)

1650 (KFOX) Torrance, CA Korean talk, sounded like news. No ID heard. 12/1 12:01 PM PST

1670 (KHPY) Moreno Valley, CA Spanish with mentions of the El Sembrador website and Radio Catolica IDs. Into music pgm. 12/1/ 12:02 PM PST

1700 (XEPE) Tecate, BC, Mexico English ads, "San Diego's 1700" slogan, into business talk pgm. 12/1 12:05 PM PST

Parenthesis means I didn't hear the call letters.

1300 KYNO Fresno, CA 12/3 5:16-6:00 PM PST tuned in to Dr. Dean Edell program, some local ads, "1300 kyno" slogan with kyno used as a word and rhyming with rhino. Caught the end of the ToH ID and then into what sounded like Larry King. Poor, in and out. New here, California #172 heard.

1250 KHIL Willcox, AZ 12/8 4:31 PM PST tuned in to Country song, ID as "KHIL AM 12-50" and then faded.

1420 KMOG Payson, AZ 12/8 and 12/9 heard between 4:44 and 5:02 PM PST both nights with call in garage sale type program with male host. Said the program runs at 5:40 MST. ABC news at 5:00. Fades in and out.

1300 XEP? 12/8 5:15 PM PST tune in to Spanish songs, Radio Trece IDs, faded to Brawley at 6:29.

1050 KTCT San Mateo, CA 12/9 5:17 PM PST ads, "KNBR 10-50" slogan, sports fading in and out.

1230 KPRL Paso Robles, CA 12/9 5:23 PM PST Sean Hannity program.

1610 WPFK505 Orange, CA 6:08AM PST (just before sunrise) 12/24 ID loop by woman, "This is WPFK505 Orange. This Highway Advisory Radio is operated by Caltrans on AM 16-10." barely audible but I did record a couple audible loops.

I can't find this on the FCC website so maybe it's new. I will be in Santa Ana near Orange tomorrow and can check to see if I can hear them there.

910 KGME Phoenix, AZ 12/26 5:18 PM PST tune in to network ads, NFL Insider program, local ads including AZ Lottery, pgm promo for Bickley and MJ on Xtra Sports 9-10. No call ID heard but AZ ads and slogan match and finally enough to send a reception report. This station fades in and out and suffers from KECR QRM.

1610 UNID ERS 12/26 9:44 PM PST only heard "city hall" and "AM 16-10" slogan with male announcer. This sounds like a GY channel here at night.

1430 KLO Odgen, UT 12/27 3:31 PM PST turned on the radio to find them in like a local for a few minutes with ads, then faded to local KMRB. Also heard 12/31 3:50 PM PST with ads, Michael Savage pgm. Gone just before ToH ID, maybe pattern change. KMRB was mostly on top.

1250 KHIL Willcox, AZ 12/27 4:13 PM PST country music, ads, Classic Country K-hill slogan.

1340 XEAA Mexicali, BC 12/30 6:38 PM PST tuned in to hear a nice "XE doble A" ID and then into a song and then faded.

1400 KJOK Yuma, AZ 12/28 Oldies station faded in and out very briefly but K-jock slogans heard at 5:06 and 5:43 PM PST.

1400 KKJL San Luis Obispo, CA 12/28 5:13-6:00 PM PST the station that was on top the most with AC songs like Born Free, People, Bridge over Troubled Waters, K-jewl and Fabulous 1400 KKJL IDs.


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 Pro II, Icom R-75, SDR-IQ 35' x 90' flag loop, 300' long wire


1610   CANADA   CJWI, Montréal, QC  01Dec08 1600 - SS music and talk - Fair [Black-MA]

1610   UNITES STATES   Maine Turnpike HAR, Portland, ME  01Dec08 1758 - Highway Advisory - WPKW775 and WPVS949 (both calls given in announcement) - Fair [Black-MA]

1610   UNITES STATES   Connecticut Department of Transportation, Hartford, CT  01Dec08 1845 - Road conditions and construction info - WPML750 / WPQH451 (per FCC) - Fair [Black-MA]

1610   UNITES STATES   Steamship Authority Travelers Information System  03Dec08 1947 - "Thank you for tuning to 1610 AM. Welcome to Hyannis" WQEA969 (per FCC) - Very Good [Black-MA]

1620   UNITES STATES   Middletown Township Advisory Radio, Middletown, NJ  01Dec08 2100 - Operated by the Middletown office of Emergency Management - Local announcements WQIQ629 (per FCC) - Fair [Black-MA]

1620   UNITES STATES   Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce and Regional Development  02Dec08 1523 - News of attractions in Plymouth area. 508 830-1620 - WQHF306 (per FCC) - Fair [Black-MA]

1620   UNITES STATES   WTAW, College Station, TX  02Dec08 0025 - Laura Ingram show - Poor in heavy QRM [Black-MA]

1620   VIRGIN ISLANDS (US)   WDHP, St Croix  02Dec08 0013 - Xmas song in Caribbean accent, then traditional Island music. 0025 woman with Full ID. - Fair [Black-MA]


1630   UNITES STATES   KCJJ, Iowa City, IA  01Dec08 2358 - Ad for collision repair, then Community Motors ad with Iowa City mention, then into ABC news - Fair in heavy QRM [Black-MA]

1630   UNITES STATES   WRDW, Augusta, GA  02Dec08 0031 - Interview with Hockey coach, 0039 "WRDW" mention. RV spot with Augusta mention. 0040 "News Talk Sports WRDW 16-30". - Poor-Fair in peaks in heavy QRM [Black-MA]

1630   UNITES STATES   Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Narragansett, RI  03Dec08 1815 - Highway Advisory - WPWL406 - Poor [Black-MA]

1630   UNITES STATES   Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Johnson, RI  03Dec08 1855 - Highway Advisory - WPKL358 - Poor [Black-MA]

1640   UNITES STATES   Rockland County Radio, New City, NY  01Dec08 0200 - "Keeping Rockland County safe and informed"  WQBN316 and WQBN317 - Fair [Black-MA]

1640   UNITES STATES   WKSH, Sussex, WI  02Dec08 0057 - Radio Disney. promo - Poor-Fair in heavy QRM [Black-MA]

1640   UNITES STATES   WTNI, Biloxi, MS  03Dec08 1316 - Conservative talk with caller, Blair talking about auto bailout. WTNI ID and time check. "Let's communicate 1640 WTNI". - Good, then faded [Black-MA]

1650   CANADA   CJRS, Montréal, QC  02Dec08 0114 - ID in English, "You're listening to CJRS" then into songs in FF. 04Dec 0325 "You're listening to Radio shalom, 1650AM, North America's only 24 hour Jewish radio station" - Fair-Good over/under Radio Disney [Black-MA]

1650   UNITES STATES   WHKT, Portsmouth, VA  02Dec08 0113 - Radio Disney - 04Dec 0528 "Radio Disney AM 16-50 Norfolk" - Fair-Good over/under CJRS [Black-MA]

1660   UNITES STATES   WWRU, Jersey City, NJ  02Dec08 0119 - Xmas song in English, then announcer in Korean. - Good [Black-MA]

1670   UNITES STATES   WTDY, Madison, WI  02Dec08 0134 - Laura Ingram show - Poor in heavy QRM [Black-MA]

1670   UNITES STATES   WVVM, Dry Branch, GA  03Dec08 2233 - SS music - Poor-Fair over/under WTDY [Black-MA]

1680   UNITES STATES   WTTM, Lindenwold, NJ  02Dec08 0137 - SS Rock - Good [Black-MA]

1690   CANADA   CHTO, Toronto, ON  02Dec08 0959 - "You're listening to CHTO AM 16-90 Toronto. Visit our web site," then into Greek music - Fair-Good in QRM [Black-MA]

1690   CANADA   CJLO, Montréal, QC  02Dec08 1002 - Promo for listing local events around Montréal. - Good [Black-MA]

1690   UNITES STATES   WPTX, Lexington Park, MD  02Dec08 1100 - "You're listening to WPTX News Radio 16-90 Lexington Park" - Fair in QRM [Black-MA]

1700   UNITES STATES   WEUP, Huntsville, AL  02Dec08 2355 - Man with ID, "WEUP, 24 hours of gospel power" then gospel music. Re-check 0825[03Dec] man with and "the Peoples Station". - Fair [Black-MA]

1700   UNITES STATES   KVNS, Brownsville, TX  03Dec08 0600 - Man with ID "..that oldies radio KVNS Brownsville on the Rio Grande" Re-check 0759 "What a Day for a Day Dream" and ID "Oldies Radio 1700 KVNS" - Good - Poor in heavy QRM [Black-MA]

1700   UNITES STATES   (presume)WJCC, Miami Springs, FL  03Dec08 0235 - Woman in SS giving presumed address and info for sending donations. American Express, MasterCard and Florida mentions. - Fair [Black-MA]

1710   UNITES STATES   [French Caribbean Pirate] R Soleil Inter, Brockton, MA  02Dec08 1814 - We Wish You a merry Xmas' bumper, ID "Radio Soleil International ... [FF]…" 'We Wish You a merry Xmas' bumper. - Recorded - Fair-Good  [Black-MA]

  Additional information provided by Jeff Lehmann: TIS type antenna located on an old furniture store building at the corner of Center and Main Streets in Brockton. They used to be on 1620 until the city of Brockton put a legal TIS station on that frequency. 

 1710   UNITES STATES   [SS Pirate] R Celestial, Boston area, MA  03Dec08 0026 - Man in SS preaching with ID "Radio Celestial" - Recorded - Good [Black-MA]

1053   ENGLAND (UK)   TalkSPORT, Droitwich  09Dec08 2048 - Soccor match with Chelsea and UnID team. // 909 BBC Radio 5 Live - Good over weak Arabic, presume Morocco [Black-MA] 

909   ENGLAND (UK)   BBC Radio 5 Live, various  09Dec08 2048 - Soccor match with Chelsea and UnID team. // 1053 TalkSPORT, Droitwich - Good, mixing with ESP Radio National 5, Palma de Mallorca sporting event [Black-MA] 

909   SPAIN   Radio Nacional 5, Palma de Mallorca  09Dec08 2048 - Sporting even announcer in SS. -Fair, mixing with UK soccor match, BBC Radio5.[Black-MA] 

909   BOTSWANA   Voice of America, Sebele Pikwe  09Dec08 2100 - End of EE transmission and sign/off with "This is the Voice of America, Washington DC" and Yankee Doodle. - Good under UK soccor match [Black-MA] 

999   MOLDOVA   Voice of Russia/Russian International Radio, Maiac  09Dec08 2032 - Woman in Russian. EMWG shows TWR in Russian - Good [Black-MA] 

756   SPAIN   Radio Euskadi, Bilbao  09Dec08 2026 - Man in SS - Fair [Black-MA] 

Could use some help from some of the domestic Gurus here. 

Last night at 9pm got a fairly clear ID for "News Talk 1330 [WKSA or WASA]" 

The internet shows references to WASA in MD but 100000Watts doesn't show WKSA or WASA on that frequency. It does show a WJSS on 1330 in MD. 

Any help most appreciated,

1296   SUDAN   (presume)Sudan National Broadcasting Corp., Reiba  14Dec08 2032 - Woman in assumed Sudanese Arabic, then plaintive African sounding vocal by man and woman and other Aftican sounding music. - Recorded - Poor-Fair mixing with ESP(COPE) with sporting event [Black-MA]

909   BOTSWANA   Voice of America, Sebele Pikwe  12Dec08 2049 - Lively African sounding group singing and instrumentation. At 2055 more African rhythms and singing. - Recorded - Poor-Fair under BBC. TOH ID covered by BBC fade-up but Mauno Ritola via RealDX located a VOA recording at 2046 with confirming music. [Black-MA]

531   SWITZERLAND   (presume)DRS1/DRS Musigwälle, Beromünster  17Dec08 2039 - German folk music as per EMWG this time. - Recorded - Fair - Also note per EMWG that transmitter to be switched off end 2008 [Black-MA]


got to thinking about the DX test this weekend for WOON in Rhode Island. At first I dismissed it as not much of a challenge for me on the Cape, but then I got to wondering if I could here it (or anything) under the IBOC monster WBUR which I can almost hit with a rock from here. 

So last evening I nulled WBUR as best as I could to see what I could get. I never did get WOON, but got three others as noted below. 

1240  WJEJ        Hagerstown, MD  18-Dec-08 2323 - "Easy 1240"

1240  WWCO     Waterbury, CT  18-Dec-08 2345 - Michael Savage

1240  WSYY      Millinocket, ME  18-Dec-08 2352 - ESPN 

Maybe I'll have better luck this weekend.

 720   GREENLAND: (Denmark)   (presume)KNR, Simiutaq  19Dec08 2207 - Man in Danish with mention of "some political agreements". There has been news of late concerning Greenland severing some ties with Denmark. - Recorded - Poor-Fair in Latin mix. Language verified Henrick Klemetz via RealDX. [Black-MA]

1140   WQBA-Miami FL  22Dec08 0531 - Flute music, then man in SS with "Esta es doubleve-Ku-bay-ah" - Recorded - Poor-Fair in mix [Black-MA]

1290 WWTX,Wilmington DE - 27Dec08 2100 - Recorded - "Delaware's all sports radio 12-90 the ticket and 12-90 dot com WWTX Wilmington" [Black-MA]

850 WFTL,West Palm Beach FL - 29Dec08 2354 - Man with "WFTL News Talk 8-50" then YL with Broward County traffic info [Black-MA]

850 WXGM,Waterloo IA - 29Dec08 2359 - YL with promo for upcoming show on weight loss. "..Join me at 9:30 right here on WXGM" [Black-MA]

850 WTAR,Norfolk VA - 29Dec08 2359 - Man with "..sports ..traffic and weather, AM 8-50 WTAR Norfolk. It's 7 PM". Then fanfare and "CNN Radio, Breaking news from the mideast.." [Black-MA]


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

Drake R8 and LFE M601C or as Listed



Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I'm able to post and DX at the same time in the old home town where I was born, raised etc.

I'm DXing and typing on the laptop - using the SDR-IQ.  My Mom doesn't have internet, but I'm DXing a wireless internet link [just one bar, but it seems to work fine].  I'm also listening to 1010 WINS.

Earlier - about 3:40 p.m. ADT I was listening to 1089 KHz Talksport in England, so the DX capabilities are pretty decent.  The antenna is a loop - 41 feet long, 6 feet high that I installed in my Mom's attic when I was in my early 20s.  I'm using an Erikson Engineering broadband rf transformer to match the loop to some bnc terminated coax.

Earlier, RFI was a big problem - I had to run the laptop on its battery, and the SDR-IQ quickly wore the laptop battery down.  So, I tried the laptop's AC adapter, but the noise was unbearable.  I slapped some ferrite on both the input and output ends of the little "brick" and then plugged the AC plug into an isoblok.  The noise mostly disappeared.


Last night, at about 11 p.m. AST, I was cruising the MW band on the SDR-IQ, listening for and looking for interesting things.  I came upon 560 KHz, with 560 Cuba and 560 WGAN battling it out.  Cuba winning this RF boxing match by far.  I noticed a bizarre warbling sound.  then, I thought to look at the computer monitor and lo and behold, I saw the carrier wobbling back and forth in time to the warble, and with the zig-zag path left in the waterfall display.  The more I watched and listened, the more intrgued I became.

The programming on Cuba 560 appeared to be a political speech, complete with nicely piped in crowd applause.  The sense I got was that there was a deliberate jamming effort going on, using one or more transmitters of roughly equal strength, each significantly off

frequency, but off frequency in different directions or by different amounts.  It was like the transmitters were being cycled in a pattern to create a warble jamming effect.  But for the SDR-IQ, I would have assumed it was a single jammer, broadcasting a warble.  But the dancing, wiggling carrier displayed told a different story.

A little later WGAN became dominant but this jammer was doing a nice job of jamming WGAN.

Did anyone else hear this, or was the jamming efforts concentrated at preventing listeners in PEI from hearing Raul give some big speech ;) ?

I wonder if WGAN will file a complaint with the 'Duke of the Dweebs'  at the FCC :) :) :) ?

Heard December 17, 2008 from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. AST on a Hallicrafters SX-100 fed by a LF Engineering M601C antenna:

555 ZIZ St. Kitts

720 KNR Greenland

940 CINW Montreal QC

970 WZAN Portland ME

990 CBY Corner Brook NL

990 CKGM team 990 Montreal QC

1050 CHUM Toronto ON

1500 WFED Federal News Radio Washington DC

Just a small sampling.  I was particularly pleased to get 720 KNR Greenland, as it is not a catch I get every night.


Heard on a Collins/Teledyne R390A fed by the usual LFE M601C antenna at 9:55 AST:

650 WSM Nashville TN with ID

Haven't heard WSM for months.  I don't particularly like most C&W, but it was nice to hear WSM all the same.

But wait, there's more!

840 WHAS Louisville KY with ID

Once again, same receiver and antenna - time 10:05 p.m. ADT. Normally, 840 is just a mumble-jumble.  Within a couple minutes, it was back to mumble jumble.

1320 WATR Waterbury CT with oldies - 10:20 AST - over and under CJMR.

1422 Germany as usual, over and under CKDY splatter


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E-1 12/1:

690 WIST NOLA 1957 ad for Tulane Medical Center. Talk about UNO. NEW!  #235

710 KEEL Shreveport, LA 2004 Evan McCarty Show. ID and into Michael  Weiner [Savage]. NEW! #236

Heard on an Eton E-1 with 250 foot wire.

670 HJPL Medellin,  Colombia 12/7 2230 with spoken word program in SS and announcement RCN Antena Dos [erray say ennay] and then into music right after the bottom of the hour. Fighting with Chicago and at times over Chicago. Good signal for coming from South America.

Had another SS on 810 but never got an ID.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and whip:

960 WABG Greenwood, MS 0500 12/9 playing some awesome blues music. Muddy Waters and BB King right after. It was just plain hot and a great set. I could leave XM is all radio was this good.

960 KROF Abbeville, LA 0525 12/9 popping up under WABG "The Gator" playing Cajun chanky-chank. NEW #237

Heard on a Sangean DT200V falling apart, held together with tape and sans accoutrement or for rednecks, nekkid:

730 XEX Mexico, DF 12/12 2130 with SS strong for a few minutes until over taken by HSFB and using Estadio W slogan. Kinda strange since XEW uses W.

1160 UNID 12/12 2145 with classical violin concerto. Antenna was directional to receive north and south.

Heard on a Hallcrafters SX-99 and 100 foot wire:

1420 WIGG Wiggins, MS 0530 with news, ad stopset and ID. Running parallel with WABG according to the ID.

Heard on a Sangean DT200V nekkid as the day it was born:

1160 KSL Salt Lake City, UT 12/16 2338 With guy telling a story about a break in at  his home in downtown SLC after talking about a home invasion and shooting of the perp in Ogden. Was strong for about 10 minutes then fade out.

1690 WMLB Avondale Estates, GA 12/17 0000 ToH ID CBS News after a real nice set of Americana featuring Johnny Cash who is always cool and a lot of bluegrass music.

Heard 12/17 on a Kenwood R-1000 and 150' wire:

960 KZIM Cape Girardeau, MO 1405 WX then into ick, Sean Hannity. NEW

1050 KMIS Portageville. MO 1452 ESPN Radio.

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 1525 playing oldies "Old School 1680".

1690 WVON Cicero, IL 1528 with talk about robberies and shootings in Chicago. NEW

590 Radio Musical Nacional Santa Clara, VC, Cuba 2200 with music from the Der Ring Des Niebelungen and classical music. NEW

640 CMBQ Guanabacoa, HA, Cuba 2234 time check at 2334 in Havana and back to music.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire:

760 HJAJ Baranquilla, Columbia [t] 12/17 2045 matched webstream but 

no ID. O/U WJR. Very good sig at times. NEW

910 WALT Meridian, MS 12/17 0650 ads for downtown Meridian 

businesses. NEW

940 WMIX Mt. Vernon, IL 12/17 0658 Christmas carols and ID.  NEW

950 KXJK Forrest City, AR 12/17 0700 ToH ID CNN News and ad for 

Edwards Food Giant NEW

960 WRFC Athens, GA 12/17 0707 ESPN sports o/u WERC. NEW

1120 WTWZ Clinton, MS 12/17 0715 REL under KMOX. NEW

1180 WJNT Pearl, MS 12/17 0721 stupid Rick and Bubba and ID. NEW

1170 WACV Montgomery, AL 12/17 1300 ToH ID, CBS News. NEW

1580 WEAM Columbus, GA 12/17 2100 ToH ID Davis B'cstg ESPN NEW

1520 KRHW Sikeston, MO 12/17 2109 C&W blasting in. NEW

560 WIND Chicago, IL 12/17 2230 BoH ID Brian Rezny Wealth Report promo.

570 KLIF Dallas, TX 12/17 2234 Rusty Humphries interviewing Jackie Mason

580 WIBW Topeka, KS 12/17 2238 KU womens basketball talk.

Heard 12/20 on an Eton E-1 and 150' wire.

660 WXQW Fairhope, AL 0848 with preaching.

670 WYLS York, AL 0900 ToH ID gospel from a local Baptist church.

780 WIIN Ridgeland, MS 0922 Christian country music.

1070 WDIA Memphis, TN 0927 with old school R&B and fighting WAPI

1260 WYDE Birmingham, AL 1108 snake oil informercial.

1530 WDAP Huntingdon, TN 1254 ID // WWDX C&W music.

1260 WSDZ Belleville, IL 12/24 1704 R. Disney, ID 3 minutes before the hour.

580 WKAQ San Juan, PR 12/24 1800 under an XE which I did not identify and EE from Tupelo, MS . The programming matches the streaming audio playing music. Super weak.

630 WUNO San Juan, PR 12/24 1825 very weak and under KJSL with salsa / meringue music. Programming matches the streaming audio.

Note: Both the PR receptions would have been impossible to ID had it not been for the streaming audio on the net. I could barely hear the stations and getting a match really did the trick. I would bet on a real AU day these would be a lot better receptions.

1110  WTOF Bay Minette, AL 1445 a legal ID at this time "WTOF, Bay Minette".

1470 WRGA Rome, GA 1504 ID WRGA into local news.

1520 KRHW Sikeston, MO 1525 ID "Classic Country" and C&W Christmas music.

1570 WIGO Morrow, GA 1526 ID then Christmas music.

1600 WAOS Austell, GA 1532 with MX music and slogan "La Favorita."


710 WAQI Miami, FL 1741 using slogan Radio Mambi.

1140 WQII San Juan, PR 2115 I guess when they come it comes in bunches. This was the best of all PR receptions because clear as a  \bell there was a woman SS announcer talking about George Clooney and  \staring at a goat and then she got to talking about George and the  Chupacabra and got giggly. All US ads but SS versions and SS ad for  \the US Army.


1540 KXEL Waterloo, IA 0845 with Glenn Beckless Program because he was on vacation and had a fill in, then stopset, ID and

Heard on a CCRadio nekkid:

1300 WFRX West Frankfort, IL 12/27 0500 with legal ToH ID "WFRX, West Frankfort - Marion"

Heard on a very yellow Sangean DT-400W, nekkid:

1220 WDYT Kings Mountain, NC 12/27 1615 using the "Think Radio" slogan and with a O'Reilly promo.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire.

1470 KLCL Lake Charles, LA 1712 12/30 with some nice chanky-chank Cajun music. //  1290 KJEF. ID as 1470 and 1290 Cajun Radio.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire.

820 WMGG Largo, FL 12/31 0815 with local conservative talk. Ad by Scott Pelluer for car dealer and into talk about old topic of political correctness. New.

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 12/30.

1570 WTRB Ripley, TN 1230 ID after 1215 Reelfoot Lake report. Playing Hank Williams NOT Jr.  singing about the Lost Highway.


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



21-Dec-08 // 0500 local // 640 khz. // WHLO // 0.5 kw night // Akron, Ohio // Male with "On air, on-line, and on FM at WRQK-FM HD2 Canton, 640 WHLO, Akron. Your news, traffic and weather station." // New. A 328 mile catch.

MP3 clip available here:


Larry Wild – Aberdeen SD

DX396 FRG-7, 90 foot wire antenna


530, Cuban EZL, 12/4, about 9pm CST, weak, but definitely there


Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN

Receiver, Antenna


1220    WLPO    IL    La Salle.  0430 CST. 12-10-2008 Appeared with I.D. & local weather & a few mentions of WLPO.  Gone quickly.  NEW 

1250    WGL    IN    Fort Wayne.  1525 CST. 12-11-2008.  Chistmas music.  "102.9 FM  &  1250 AM--The River."  Relog.


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100



5;50 central  WJR 760 khz Detroit Mich. 780 plus miles away


Yesterday my electricity was off for about an hour 10;00 central(for Mantainance)  So i took the time to do a little static free dx !. Found a couple new things and some strange contacts,

At the start of the band scan i got a very clear KQAG ? I didn't right down the khz but i think it was on the low end. Can't find anything on that one but i'm sure i heard it right ?

KTIC 840 khz 5000w ,AM sister station of KTIC FM 107.9 West Point NE.

Got KXRB 1000 khz ,10,000 W , a more or less local (Souix Falls SD.) but one that i  have'nt heard in a long time.

On 1110 khz i had a clear copy of WLWT ,looked it up later and Wiki say's it's a television station in cincinnati ???

The normal KFAB (Omaha) wasn't there but came back later when i went back to check it.

I even got 1020 Radio Disney  usually only get it at night ?

1660 khz KXTR 10 kw from Kansas City Ks. Classical music

Anyway i almost wished i'd have had more time but it's cold here!!! so it was good the heat came back on after a bit , HehHeh ?


Sry for being a bother on these new contacts; Had some time after the gifts and food to DX ;

1550 khz 'Oldies 1550' 5000 watt class B , St. Joseph Mi. ,coming in like a local at sunset and after  170 plus miles from northern Ne.


550 khz KFYR Bismark ND. 'The voice of the Northern Plains' 5000 w class B My first ND. log

560 khz odd one here? no call signs just a voice (CBS Radio Networks Channel 42 ) then a short tone .Repeat

620 khz CKRM  Regina SAS. CAN 'country format\news' 10,000 W Class B North west of 1190 AM  Close to Moose Jaw SAS.  Great name !

750 khz WSB   News /Talk 750   Atlanta Ga.    50,000 W Class A 770 khz  KKOB  'The Talk Monster' Albuquarqe NM.  50,000 W Class B My first NM. log

800 khz KQAD   'Light Favorites AM 800'  Laverne Minn. 500 W Day/80 W night.

1000 khz  KTOK   News /Talk /Info  Oklahoma City OK.  5000w  Class A

1190 khz  CFSL    'AM 1190'  Country format  Weyburn SAS. 10,000W Day 5,000 Night  Class B


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

JVC KD-HDR1 Mobile


1280 KZNS Salt Lake City, UT 12/24/08 8:00 AM PST - Fair to good.  I've been hearing them the last couple of mornings on the way in to work.  I heard a "Wasatch Beer" ad yesterday, which probably was enough to confirm, had I bothered to Google it at the time, but the mention this morning was the clincher.  Anyone know if their 50Kw CP is on yet? [NEW] BL-CA


Rick Barton – Phoenix, AZ

Drake R-8 and 2 outboard speakers



1460   KZNT  Colorado Springs , CO  1320 UTC with ID by male, break from "Bill Bennett" , wx at BOH  "43 degrees in Colorado Springs", and repeated IDs. "On News/Talk 1460 KZNT". Hrd w/ Palomar loop antenna nulling out Mexican QRM.

1700  XEKTT Cerro Jaramillo y Tijuana , Baja Norte , Mexico hrd with local quality at 1030; nx recap, local tfc and wx and ID by YL  wtih "San Diego 1700" slogan.  (12/23 Barton-AZ)    

1120  KANN  Roy , UT  0930  network nx ,  into traditional Christmas music.   Local quality signal well after local surise (7:30 ish). also heard dashboard radio in GMC pickup yesterday 1500 with near local quality signal with Christmas music pgm. (12/23 Barton-AZ)


John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Car radio or as listed


Two new stations on the morning commute, doing some dashboard DXing with the stock radio in my 2000 Taurus, all on December 26:

1280 WEIM, Fitchburg MA, "1280 The Blend" at 0820

1280 WJAY, Mullins SC, heard "...WJAY..." ID in the mush at 0825. 

Then some new Ultralight logs on my DT-400W barefoot:

920  WPCM, Graham NC with "Thank you for listening to AM 920, WPCM", into oldies at 1615.  A new station for the master log as well as a new ultralight station.

990  WNTW, Somerset PA with Sean Hannity pinch-hitter at 1630

990  WEEB, Southern Pines NC, with call ID and "NCNN News" (North Carolina News Network) at 1635.  These three are new to my Ultralight log. 

Ultralight station count is now at 453.


W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK



12/1 ** U S A. IBOC on WGN-AM?? We did not drop it. We just have it turned off for now while we are evaluating some processing changes that we made. I do not know how long we will have it off but it will probably be turned back on some time in the future (James J. Carollo, Director of Engineering, WGN Radio, 435 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611; Office: 312-222-4701 Fax: 312-222-4192 jcarollo @ replying to an inquiry Dec 1 from Artie Bigley, OH, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Eton E-10


With Jolene on the evening dog walk, E10 in hand.... near Silverstreet, SC

1550 WNZF  FL  Bunnell  time 1705 with news promo and giving of 586 number to call the News Desk  good signal then gone!


Jay Rogers – Taunton, MA

Receiver, Antenna



For @ least 10 minutes, WPRO/630 has been off air.  No carrier detected.  Will keep you posted.


Jerry Lenamon -  Waco, TX

Eton E-1 and sloper



WHAS 840 Louisville KY and XEN 690 Mexico City,both at about 130 pm to central Texas.


Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Receiver, Antenna



Thanks to a tip from Rick Shaftan on one of the DX lists, just logged WJOE 700 Athol MA - simulcasting sister station WXRV 92.5 Andover/Boston, with Traveling Wilburys into a WXRV legal ID ("Boston's  Independent Radio, 92.5 the River") at 1803 logging here in

Rochester, and putting up quite a fight against dominant WLW!


Justin W. –Salt Lake City, UT

Car Radio



Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to this board but figured someone out there knows what this is.

Consistently, every night for the past few nights, a strange woo noise has blanketed 940 here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whatever it is, it is strong enough to block out whatever else I can hear on 940, which is usually CJGX from Yorkton, Saskatchewan. As of this post, I hear CJGX

and a far off talk station, which I presume is KNNZ from nearby Cedar City.

The "wooo" comes and goes. As of this post, I can't hear it, but about an hour ago, while driving southbound on I-15 from Ogden, I could hear it loud and clear.

I have heard it not only in my car radio and my home radio, but in my company's vehicles too, since I drive them often.

Any idea what this is? Is it interference, or something else.

Correction, it wasn't CJGX I was hearing, but KPSZ 940 Des Moines, Iowa. Heard a clear ID, and confirmed the station by listening online. This one is new for me.

The interference still bugs me though....


Kurt McCullum – Santa Clarita, CA

Receiver, Antenna



1360 KWDJ Ridgecrest, CA No Specified Time - The Coyote. Station is only 100 miles from me but they only run 31 watts at night. Faded in and out but the call letters came throguh clear. 

1440 KINF Santa Maria, CA No Specified Time -  News with bottom of the hour call. 

1300 KROP Brawley, CA No Specified Time - Country music. Heard call.


Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN


5 December


kHz    CALL    UTC      LOCATION


206    IIB     1222     IA   Independence

208    YSK     1223     NU   Sanikiluaq

242    CUH     1218     OK   Cushing    NEW       

302    EAG     1226     IA   Eagle Grove

329    YEK     1228     NU   Eskimo Point

362    YZS     1241     NU   Coral Harbour

378    UX      1214     NU   Hall Beach



Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Collins 51J-2, SeaTTY decoder


13 December



518 NMQ 0503UTC tune in to regular broadcast of navigational
warnings, fading in and out. Off at 0514:40UTC.

518 VAEt a faint signal faded up at 0517 UTC as I was saving the NMQ
data and it was weather, Explorer NW and SE, West Coast Vancouver
Island North and South, Explorer Northwestern Half and Southeastern
Half, Automated Reports for 8 locations and Ocean Bouy reports. The
last part didn't decode well:


Ended at 0520:30. The underscores are missed characters. I'll try
again tomorrow.


Ira Elbert New, III – Watkinsville, GA

Sangean ATS909


12/01/08 2200EST TVX 521kHz Greencastle, IN

12/25/08 2330EST BRA 379kHz Asheville, NC



Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

AR7030+/Quantum QX Pro/6Hz audio filter


CLE/Session Report for Jay Heyl
Listening Location: Orlando, EL98gj (28°23'28"N   081°25'45"W)
Receiver(s): AR7030+
Antenna(s): Quantum QX Pro

Report Sorted by Date
YYYY-MM-DD UTC   kHz    Call  mi   New  Location
2008-12-25 17:40 392    VEP   80        Vero Beach, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:41 388    AM    77        'Picny'  Tampa, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:43 408    SFB   29        SANFORD, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:46 417    EVB   55        NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:49 346    PCM   52        Plant City, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:52 338    FJ    85        Luuce, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:52 335    LEE   37        LEESBURG, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:53 329    ISM   7         KISSIMMEE, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:55 275    FPR   90        Fort Pierce, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:56 270    TPF   71        'Knight'  Tampa, FL, USA
2008-12-25 17:59 257    SQT   49        'Satellite'  Melbourne, FL, USA
2008-12-25 18:06 221    OR    8         HERNY, FL, USA
2008-12-28 06:24 206    GLS   809       Galveston, TX, USA
2008-12-28 06:28 245    JYL   294       Sylvania, GA, USA
2008-12-28 06:41 280    MQW   270       Mc. Rae, GA, USA
2008-12-28 06:43 339    OP    353       YATES, GA, USA
2008-12-28 06:56 344    JA    145       'Dinns'  Jacksonville, FL, USA
2008-12-28 07:00 344    ZIY   629       George Town, CYM
2008-12-28 07:01 415    CBC   609       West End  (Cayman Brac), CYM
2008-12-28 07:11 376    ZIN   707       Matthew Town, BAH
2008-12-28 07:16 376    BHC   237       Baxley, GA, USA
2008-12-28 07:30 526    ZLS   507       Stella Maris- Long Island, BAH
2008-12-28 07:39 432    MHP   278       Metter, GA, USA
2008-12-28 07:48 216    CLB   445       Wilmington, NC, USA
2008-12-28 07:48 198    DIW   487       Dixon, NC, USA
2008-12-28 07:54 363    RNB   843       'Rainbow'  Millville, NJ, USA
2008-12-29 05:32 369    ZDX   1469      'Coolidge'  Saint Johns, ATG
2008-12-29 05:59 382    YPL   1657      Pickle Lake, ON, CAN
2008-12-29 06:01 332    QT    1444      Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
2008-12-29 06:25 350    BEP   314       BAY CREEK, GA, USA


Larry Wild – Aberdeen SD

DX396 FRG-7, 90 foot wire antenna


529, NDB: LYQ, near Manchester TN, 12/4, about 9pm CST, weak, 942 miles


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



YMW (Maniwaki, Quebec) and ZLS (Bahamas) non-directional beacons.

MP3 clips available here:


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


Thanks to Kevin for the submissions  this month.


Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe


Survey: Internet Radio Listenership Gaining


Posted by: kevin redding

Mon Dec 1, 2008 5:01 am (PST)

Survey: Internet Radio Listenership Gaining

By Joseph Palenchar -- TWICE, 12/1/2008

Somerville, N.J. — Internet radio listening is gaining in popularity,  increasing the market potential for home audio products incorporating Internet radio streaming, an Edison Media Research study implies.

In 1998, only 6 percent of Americas ages 12 and older had ever listened to Internet radio, but that percentage has tripled to 19 percent in a survey conducted earlier this year by the research company. About 21 percent of people in that age range, or a total of 54 million people, listened to Internet radio in the prior month, and 13 percent, or around 33 million, did so in the previous week, the survey found. All told, 46 percent of people ages 12 and older have listened to Internet radio at some time in the past.

The percentage of people ages 12 and older who listened to Internet radio in the past week is also way up, clocking in at only 2 percent in Edison’s 2000 survey and rising to 13 percent in the 2008 survey.

Although the weekly Internet radio audience skews slightly male, it attracts a broad range of age groups, and the most avid listeners aren’t necessarily the youngest, the survey also found. In fact, the 45 to 54 age group does the most listening compared to other age groups. A total of 27 percent of 35- to 44-year-olds listened to Internet radio in the prior week, as did 18 percent of 45- to 54-year- olds. In the 25 to 34 group, it was 15 percent, and 12 percent of the people in the 12 to 17 group and in the 18 to 24 group listened to Internet radio in the previous week.

Weekly Internet radio listeners were 52 percent male and 48 percent female.

Audio podcasting listening is also on the upswing. Eighteen percent of the surveyed people have listened to an audio podcast, up from 13 percent in 2007. Nine percent, or an estimated 23 million, have listened to an audio podcast in the past month.

Edison also determined that Internet radio is gaining on traditional radio as a medium for learning about new music. In 2008, 49 percent of surveyed consumers called traditional radio the medium "you turn to first to learn about new music," with 25 percent citing Internet radio as the medium to turn to first. In 2002, in contrast, 63 percent said they turned first to traditional radio, with only 9 percent turning to Internet radio.

Among teens, however, "the Internet now leads radio for music discovery," Edison said.

"Users continue to prove that they want to consume radio on their terms," said Tom Webster, Edison VP. "On-demand media and a wealth of portable devices are creating listening occasions that were previously either unavailable or under-utilized, which is increasing the overall demand for audio content."

A total of 1,857 people were interviewed earlier this year by telephone .


Internet Radio, Cheaper than Satellite

Posted by: kevin redding

Tue Dec 9, 2008 4:29 am (PST)

Posted Monday, December 8, 2008, at 12:30 PM

I don't know if I will ever go back to listening to terrestrial radio again after finding Internet Radio. Picture HAM radio from the 50s and then transpose it to your computer. That is the world of Internet Radio.

With so many sites to choose from, seems to stand out from the rest as they have REAL radio shows hosted by everyday people just like you and me! All you need is a high speed DSL or Broadband connection and you are good to go! You can talk about almost anything you like and you even have a soundboard, switchboard, profile page, and a chatroom all at your disposal as you broadcast. Why, you can even make money doing it! The kicker? You only need a common house phone or cell phone to call in on to do your very own show! This site has shows on just about anything and everything and they even supply a LIVE technical support team should you have questions or issues. Go check them out.

Now they are not the only game in town, but they are the most professional. They seem to attract the more adult, intellectual crowd both on air and in their fan base. There are other sites such as that provide young people state of the art media as well as all mentioned above along with the ability to use your webcam while you broadcast live. They too, only require a phone or VOIP program to host your show. Nowlive seems to cater more to the teen and young adult chat crowd of Myspace , Facebook , Fubar and other networking sites and don't really have shows of real substance aired on there (maybe YOU could be their first stand out show of substance!).

These sites run 24/7 and have some very interesting personalities on them. Also check out and even There are so many ways today to express yourself online.

So, if you have ever watched someone on TV or heard someone on the radio and thought "I am wayyyy better than him or her!" Now, you have the way and means to show off that talent!!! If you decide to do a
show, come on back and email me and I will even post it right here on my Blog! NOTHING BEATS FREE ADVERTISEMENT!! Lol. Happy broadcasting!

Stay Tuned…..
Karen Meister can be contacted at:


Posted by: Powell E. Way III

Tue Dec 9, 2008 6:35 am (PST)


This guy's first sentence is the stupidest thing I have heard. NO, it is NOT like ham radio in the 50's or even now. Never will be. I will not ever have Internet radio unless I move into town. I am not going to do that. Satellite radio will eventually go away. But good internet connectivity won't likely come here. It's too expensive to give to folks that live way out in the middle of nowhere and sparse population density. Satellite internet has too much latency for audio unless a miracle happens. And one of the providers is on the edge of failure, and the one with the big name will sell you the service and you'll never see customer service. Good luck if it even works at all.



Radio stations untangle more direct Web connections

Posted by: kevin redding

Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:01 am (PST)

Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:21pm EST
By Ken Tucker

NASHVILLE (Billboard) - Radio companies took a giant step forward in 2008 by embracing online and mobile applications like never before.

Clear Channel, with centralized Web site design services and such innovative Web programing as its "Stripped" concert series and "New" artist spotlight program, has long led the way, but other broadcast
groups also made momentous strides.

No company increased its commitment to the digital space in 2008 more than CBS Radio, which announced a content and advertising partnership with AOL Music in March. Since then, 150 CBS Radio stations and 200 AOL Music Internet stations have become powered by a CBS Radio player. The company also launched, which enables listeners to create their own stations.

On December 3, CBS Radio announced an agreement to power Yahoo Music's Launchcast Radio. Beginning in early 2009, Launchcast's 150 stations and more than 150 CBS Radio stations will be combined, with CBS Radio assuming sales responsibility for the entire portfolio. A newly created CBS Radio player will be integrated into the Yahoo Music site, and Launchcast will be made available to Firefox, Mac and Safari users.


To meet higher royalty payments as mandated by the Copyright Review Board, Internet radio services are under increased pressure to monetize their Web traffic with advertising. Portals like Yahoo and AOL are geared for national ad sales, not the localized selling that radio specializes in.

Greg Thompson, Capitol Music Group executive vice president of promotion for North America, welcomes radio's digital expansion. "There's an old expression, 'Adapt or die,' which I think is very pertinent," he says. "Radio needs to hold onto their audience. People want their audio streams. They're not hung up on if it comes off this or that or whatever."

Thompson adds that Clear Channel's "Stripped" series gave an early boost to singer-songwriter Katy Perry's career. "It quickly helped build the Katy Perry brand so that it's not the 'I Kissed a Girl' song, it's Katy Perry," he says. "Now she's got a couple of No. 1 records under her belt and they've got some great content. We've built the brand together."

Nashville-based Lynnette Garbonola, vice president of new media for Warner Bros., appreciates the one-stop shopping that Clear Channel Online & Music and Citadel Interactive provide. "You can hit all the
stations in one shot," Garbonola says, noting that she's particularly positive about Clear Channel's "New" program. "They're able to introduce newer artists sooner than the radio stations themselves can
because of the shorter playlists."


Another opportunity opened when the latest edition of the iPhone made it easier for broadcasters to make their stations available to mobile listeners. Jacobs Media, a radio consulting company, recently announced the development of an application for the iPhone that lets listeners access stations' streams with the touch of a button.

Doug Perlson, CEO of the advertising company TargetSpot, says that the iPhone will help radio. The company works with advertisers to target pure-play sites like Yahoo Music or terrestrial radio streams
like those of CBS Radio and Entercom.

"The iPhone has had a big influence on radio for mobile devices," Perlson says, "because, a) you've got everyone working on an iPhone app, and b) we're starting to see a proliferation of BlackBerry apps as well."

And while 2008 seemed like a breakthrough year for radio on the Web, Perlson says the best is yet to come. "It seems like a watershed moment, but next year could also be groundbreaking," he says. "I wouldn't be surprised if we went from seeing a proliferation of applications to a proliferation of actual users."




Falkland Islands Radio Service starts Internet streaming

Posted by: kevin redding

Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:39 am (PST)

December 23rd, 2008 - 13:01 UTC by Andy Sennitt


I just saw this message from “rob4aluk”on the Digital Spy website:

“A friend from the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic emailed me to say that the Falkland Islands Radio Service (FIRS) has started to broadcast on the Internet for 6 hours per day (from 1000 GMT). Their stream URL is:

I’ve been told that its a direct link up with their 530kHz mediumwave signal so the audio is not that hot but might be of interest to those who would like to listen to a local service in a UK overseas territory.”

Indeed, I am listening to it as I type this, and it appears to be an off-air relay with some fading. To my ears, it sounds like one of the FM transmitters rather than mediumwave. The stream is only 32 kbps, but the audio quality is quite good.

The schedule through 8 January 2009 is available on the FIRS website. According to the Falklands Government website, the streaming service commenced in early November via the station’s website, but I cannot find a link there.

Penguin News says that in the near future, podcasts of a wide range of FIRS programmes will be available to download. Station Manager Corina Bishop said Synergy Information Systems has been instrumental in ensuring that the streaming could go ahead, adding that it could not have happened without the support and sponsorship of Cable and Wireless. Although Falklands Radio will initially not be online after the Lifestyles Programme finishes each weekday, the plan is to extend the hours in the near future.



Internet Radio: Customize to taste on a budget

Posted by: kevin redding

Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:45 am (PST)

by Virginia DeBolt

You know how when you learn a new word, you suddenly hear it all the time? Well, that's what it's been like lately with the word Pandora. I didn't just learn the word, but I just learned about the internet radio site called Pandora. Now that I know about it, I find all sorts of people talking about it.

The latest comment was from a friend who said she turned her mom on to Pandora so they could listen to holiday music around the house for the holidays. Seems her mom took off with the idea and set up all sorts of playlists.

It makes sense. We're spending more and more time with our computers and less and less with our radio and TV, so why not stream radio broadcasts with your computer? Why buy or collect music to save and store, when music you love can be streamed into your ears all hours of the day and night? I wondered if Pandora was the only Internet radio source, and it turns out there are several great sites for streaming music of your choice. Here are some of them.

Pandora is popular, as I mentioned. It evokes enthusiastic endorsements from listeners. Such as A Mom on a Misson's I Heart Pandora and iVegasFamily, who say Pandora is so good it's "bad ass."

Pandora takes a hint from you in the form of a song or genre or artist that you like. Using that clue, you get a custom playlist of music that fits into that style or type. People often find new music they really like this way. Pandora can also work on smart phones.

Rhapsody is another popular music streaming site, with music around the clock. There's a monthy fee of about $13 at Rhapsody. For that fee, you can find music, artists, albums, artists, even lyrics. Set up a playlist of your own and play the music on your computer, your stereo, your mp3 player, or using a Tivo. Rhapsody will sell you mp3s, too.

At A Second Cup, Carol Taber wrote about sites for Christmas music and mentioned Rhapsody and free music from Karaoke Version saying,

If karaoke is your thing, some Christmas karaoke sites:

Rhapsody and Karaoke Verison You down load the music to your MP3 player. Both these sites say they are free to use. I don't know because that tech stuff makes my head hurt.

Rhapsody isn't free, but if you want to sing, you can find free music at Karoake Version. Anything Said tells a funny tale about drinking a bit too much with friends and using Rhapsody to relive junior high:

On Friday night we drank the aforementioned three bottles of wine while listening to the greatest hits of junior high on Rhapsody. "Poison" by Alice Cooper. "Love Song" by Tesla. The entirety of Slippery When Wet. The husband kept trying to insert Fugazi or The Cure into the playlist. His seventh grader would not have hung out with ours.

Napster started life as a site distributing music free, but illegally. Now you subscribe for around $13 a month and get unlimited music of your own choosing for that fee. Sea Bird Chronicles laments the older version of Napster, saying,

The last time I was truly up on the current music scene was 2000, when Napster was functioning - ahem - properly.

Sea Bird Chronicles will be happy to learn that Napster once again has a free music component. I just enjoying hearing Robert Plant and Allison Krause singing Raising Sand and didn't have to do anything but click to stream it.

Live connects you to radio stations. You don't get customized playlists and you can't search for a particular artist, but you can select a radio station that plays your favorite genre of music and stream it free. The twist for this site is that you can become a broadcaster yourself, and use the site to broadcast music of your own choosing.

An interesting new site that connects you to radio stations that are playing exactly what you want to hear is One Llama. You search by artist, popularity, genre or location and a list of stations comes up that meets your requirements. Just click and you're listening. The location search allows you to listen to radio stations from all over the world. With the location search, One Llama might be a huge hit with people who are far from home and want to hear their native language, or with reporters searching for news from places where events of interest are unfolding.

When you have the urge to hear just one particular song, or see a particular music video, you may be able to find it on Fizy. Fizy has a huge database of music, which you can access song by song. It's available in numerous languages and strives to be accessible worldwide. When you search for a song, you get the option of watching a video if one is available. I just watched Phoebe Snow and Zap Mama sing Poetry Man. Umm, good stuff.

Do you have a favorite music streaming site we should know about?
Please share.
Virginia De


And that’s another month on the Net.


73’s, Martin


The Line of Sight and Beyond


Steven Wiseblood - Boca Chica Beach, TX

Roadmaster VRCD400-SDU AM/FM$ car stereo w/whip antenna atop my trailer!


12/13 MS-Meteor Scatter DX

97.3 2001  M ancr  "... that is your 20 minute weather guarantee on country...."

97.3 2008  Coast to Coast replay w/Art Bell " leading in the polls"

97.3 2015  M ancr " got it right here on the PARTY LINE..."

97.3 2020  W ancr "...the 31st annual...

97.3 2021  M ancr "...deserve a trophy or something too...where's the challenge,  STAPLES?

97.3 2021  W ancr "...and DARRYL and JOHN go to court..."

97.3 2026  M ancr " ...Nebraska and Oregon State now..."

97.3 2035  M ancr  "...escuchen a las lunes a viernes..."

97.3 2047  M ancr  " competition..a complete...

97.3 2054  M ancr  "... touched by Rayford Johnson and then sent out of bounds..."Oregon State.. and Nebraska...."

97.3 2056  M ancr"...'only the world' on K-N-I...B?..."

Tropo  12/17/2008

2220 92.3 KNFM TX Midland;  modern country ,  520 miles!

fades up nicesly with C&W mx, "Lonestar 92"  continuous country favorites. "Wake up with the LONESTAR-92 morning crew"; "KNFM Midland-Odessa. the most continuous COUNTRY MUSIC in WEST TEXAS!" over/under Q-92 VICTORIA w/pop-mix;


Robert Bratcher, Jr. – Houston, TX

Car Radio



Driving to my dads house in Deer Park from northwest Houston I noticed that KJIC was off the air & I heard a few weak stations in there. The only one I remember was an American Family Radio outlet. I'm not sure which one it was though. Perhaps KBAH in Plainview or KXTG in Greenville, The most likely I think would have been KZFT Beaumont as they are the closest station to me. Couldn't stick around for an ID as I reached my dads house soon after turning the radio on & I didn't hear ID's from the other few stations going in & out on the frequency.



The Whole Earth

Neil Wolfish – Toronto, ON

Receiver, Antenna



WTCR ("Twentieth Century Radio") is on right now at 0245 UTC (or 10:45

p.m. AST in PEI) on the unusual frequency (for a pirate) of 3433.


Harry Helms – Corpus Christi, TX

Eton E-5


Was awake this morning from 5:30-6:30 am Central (1130-1230 UTC) and did some bandscanning during that period on 75 meters:

3560 NORTH KOREA Assumed Korean Central Broadcasting Station here at low level with male talk and some louder "warbler" jamming; signal never got above lousy.

3913 SOUTH KOREA Voice of the People clandestine at good level with female and music, no sign of any jamming.

3925 JAPAN Radio Nikkei at terrific level with Japanese talk and music.

3985 CHINA Central Peoples Broadcast Station, listed as Geermu in the divinely inspired and therefore infallible 2009 Passport to World Band Radio, nice level through ham QRM with male and female talk in Chinese.

It was interesting to parallel Mexico's Radio Mil outlets on 1000 and 6020 kHz; the 1000 kHz outlet was loud and dominant on the channel while 6010 was barely in there---I wonder why they even bother with SW, since I imagine 1000 kHz is probably loud throughout most of Mexico.


Peter Jernakoff - Wilmington, DE



9640 khz. // 0200 UTC // 8-Dec-08 // R. Romania International // Bucharest,Romania // 300 kw presumed // Trumpet fanfare and male presumably in Romanian with "Radio Romania International" followed by brief music then female talk. Good signal.

MP3 clip available here:


Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK

Yaesu FRG 7


** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13720, OK in English at 1535 Dec 27, but gone at 1552 recheck, before sign-off time

** BIAFRA [non]. For the record, Voice of Biafra International reconfirmed Friday Dec 26 at 2029 still on WHRI 15665, tho just barely audible with backscatter echo

** CANADA. CBCNQ transmitter out of whack again, Dec 27 at 1326 when 9625 was quite distorted, and also putting out almost constant spurs matching modulation peaks, ranging 9645 to 9660 or so, worst at 9650, this time also bothering IRAN 9660, q.v. At 1333 CBC mentioned Hydro-Québec; 1516 in French and still spurring 9645 now up to 9665; see GUAM [non]. I don`t understand why this stays on the air, unlistenable on fundamental and QRMing other stations

** CHINA. 7220, Dec 27 at 1534, best signal on 41m band with music, Japanese talk, mentioned ``Peking Hoso``. Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not! During this hour only has misleading bars for CAR, RFE/RL, Vietnam and Zambia. EiBi B-08 has the answer, CRI Japanese service, 95 degrees from Jinhua at 1500-1557

** CUBA [and non]. Quite a clash on 11760, Sat Dec 27 at 1343, with Cuban music on top of RHC talk in Spanish! This turned out to be BBCWS which is now on a Cuba-binge celebrating the Revolution`s L anniversary; or as they put it, Cuba Season. This being Charlie Gillett`s World of Music, including Ernesto Lecuona, Pérez Prado and at 1353 BBC had Watermelon Man by Mongo Santamaría, 1962 post-revolution.

But whence? It`s the OMAN relay until 1400, putting a better signal than usual into here far from its target area, but favorable at 310 or 320 degrees. RHC might want to consider abandoning 11760 in the mornings, like it did 9550 due to interference. Fortunately, RHC was mostly talk, but when they too played music it was a royal mess. BBC off at 1359:30 leaving RHC almost in the clear with something weaker under with timesignal, China?

Here`s the BBCWS page for the show, where I went to listen to the whole thing without CubaRM:

** CUBA [non]. WRMI, 9955, Sat Dec 27 at 1335 in Spanish with rambling speaker, long pauses, talking about trabajadores. No jamming audible for a change, and listening for a couple minutes, I could not decide if it was political, but probably so. Sked looked up later shows Radio Cuba Libre at 13-15. Weak signal subject to fadeouts

** GUAM [non]. 9665, Dec 27 at 1516 with S Asian music, QRM from CBCNQ 9625 spur, and also weak het from perpetually off-frequency N Korea. At 1530, giveaway AWR theme and Voice of Hope ID in English, barely audible.

Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not! Only thing listed during this hour is an alleged 24-hour Brazilian. Aoki and EiBi have the answer: AWR via Wertachtal, 1500-1530 in Punjabi, 1530-1600 in Hindi.

CBC shouldn`t bother way over there, but the P`yongyang het must be worse in the target area; could it be that AWR picked this frequency unaware that NK is on it (or rather off it), since that is not in HFCC?

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, Dec 27 at 1337 with news in English, 1340 ID and commentary. Has continuous hum/buzz but not so annoying that one must tune away

** IRAN. 9660, Dec 27 at 1326 in a language with both Turkic and Slavic elements, talking about Ukraine and at 1330 about Palestine. It`s VOIRI, scheduled 13-14 in Kazakh, 30 degrees from Sirjan. With splatter/spur QRM from CBCNQ 9625; see CANADA

** LAOS [non]. WHRI, 11785, with Hmong Lao Radio Sat Dec 27 until 1459, including rustic music we always enjoy, then off the air for a semiminute, foregoing any ID or OCS, back on at 1500 for Hmong World Christian Radio,  Unclear why there would be any break between these two closely related shows from and for Hminnesota; one of them pays for 250 kW and the other for 100 kW? But 11785 is FCC-authorized only for 100 kW at 315 degrees any time between 1300 and 2300. I could not detect any difference in strength before and after 1500

** RUSSIA. Looking for Guinea on 7125, Dec 26 at 2330, heard music, but hopes dashed by Russian announcement at 2333. Most references show Russia starting at 0000. But the B-08 VOR sked from Vadim Alexeyev,

VOR Russian world service DX program editor via Michael Bethge, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews via Wolfgang Büschel shows:

Russian-IRR 2300-0000 7125 Grigoriopol MDA 500 EUR from 01 Nov

IRR is International Russian Radio, ex Russian International Radio.

No trace of Guinea underneath tho it has been reported sporadically active at various times since the coup

** U S A. Area 51 on WBCQ, 5110, Friday Dec 26 at 2350 had R. Timtron Worldwide during the first hour; 0001:30 Dec 27 into latest WORLD OF RADIO 1440; axually on about 5109.8-CUSB

** BRAZIL [and non]. 11855, Dec 3 at 2207, WYFR Spanish with co-channel QRM which I could make out was in Portuguese, and close enough to the same frequency to make a SAH, unlike most Brazilians. Must be Rádio Aparecida, Catholix vs Protestants! Aparecida is listed as only 1 kW, and Aoki says azimuth is 30 degrees, i.e. up the coast from São Paulo. I often hear QRM to WYFR here, so it speaks well for how well Aparecida gets out; if only they had a clear frequency.

The big guns just ignore it, as besides WYFR there are transmissions at various times on 11855 from VOA/Thailand, BBC/Ascension, CRI/Albania, and BSKSA/Saudi Arabia. This WYFR transmission in question is at 222 degrees for CIRAF 11, Central America and Caribbean, so they can pretend it`s not going into South America, or North America, but it still dominates the frequency here

** NIGERIA. 6089.9, no sign of Anguilla at 2247 Dec 3, but instead a strong and very distorted signal with singing/chanting, unseems Arabic, probably Hausa. Also unseems Qur`an, but 2256 followed by brief no-nonsense talk in Arabic, probably sermon. 2257 cut to another announcer, 2259 anthem and off. Already had open carrier 6085 on side from WYFR, and at 2257 QRM from its IS. Also heard DRM noise on 6090, but nothing scheduled co or adjacently, per DRMDX, closest being 6080-6085-6090 10 kW from Ismaning, but closing at 2200. Anyhow, this must have been Radio Nigeria, Kaduna, which WRTH says is 50 kW, Aoki says is 250 kW, PWBR says is 50 kW. I guess we should go with the mode instead of the mean. When Anguilla is on during overlap times, Kaduna furnishes the annoying het

** SPAIN. Surprised to hear news about Spain in Castilian, good signal on 9690, Dec 3 at 2303, but the audio cut off for several seconds at a time, came back, off and on again. Finally cut carrier off abruptly at 2306* REE not scheduled here at this time. Per

the URL of which somehow carries with it the Netscape logo, it`s only for the Sephardic broadcast to NAm UT Tuesdays 0415-0445. Tho 9690 is also used for CRI relays in Chinese and English at 0200-0400.

As soon as I heard 9690 I also checked 9640, 9630 and 9620, but no sign of REE there, nor during the following few minutes. According to same schedule, REE is supposed to switch from 9640 to 9620 at 2300, also switching antenna from N to S America. So I suspect that 9690 was punched up by mistake instead of 9640. Did find REE on scheduled 9535 at 2310 but much weaker than 9690 had been, and still nothing on 9620

** U S A [and non]. Sometimes the first airing of WORLD OF RADIO on WRMI, 9955 is UT Wednesday at 0630, but that depends on getting it ready and downloaded in time. Not so for #1437 Dec 3, but the new edition did appear at the next opportunity 1230, as checked in progress at 1240; at first no DentroCuban jamming audible, but then could hear it building up. Excuse me if I am a bit peeved at my fellow DX program colleague Arnaldo Coro Antich who gets no such treatment from the USA; in fact a DXLD contributor has even been recording his shows and availablizing them so anyone can listen at their convenience

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. 6230-SSB, VMW, announcing its schedule at 1355-1357* Dec 5, but under stronger SSB net involving various cap`ns, which I at first assumed was WHX672 Brownsville, but that`s on 6224, so some other US coastal station blocking it on 6230

** AUSTRIA [and non]. ORF domestic service relay, 6155, Dec 5 with all-too-brief English news segment, and not much about Austria itself, 0709-0712, then into French. This M-F morning news update may be all that`s left of English from Austria on SW after Dec 31, and maybe it will be gone too. It`s conveniently scheduled just after an equally brief English newscast from Croatia at 0700-0704 on 6165, which concludes by listing all their other English times, unlike Austria

** CHINA. 4950, V. of Pujiang, Shanghai, not often audible here, but when it was, Dec 5 at 1424 in Chinese talk and music, I found it to be overmodulated and distorted

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze via Yamata, Japan, is still sticking to 5910, for the 1400-1430 broadcast, and still sticking to English on Fridays, as noted with no jamming, Dec 5 at 1408 with ID in clear American English, then several brief Kyodo news stories about North Korea, read by someone with an extremely heavy accent and could barely understand a word to be sure it was really in English

** PHILIPPINES [and non]. Checking 6105 for signs of Yucatán, I was getting a weak het on a much stronger signal, Dec 5 at 1359, so the het may be all that`s making it from Mérida. But I was quite surprised to hear Radio Netherlands introducing its 1400 English broadcast, with frequencies 5825, 9345, 11520, 12080, 15595, plus IS briefly, before cutting to VOA Chinese, which is what is supposed to be on 6105 at 1400. A feed/switching mixup at IBB somehow put the RN opening on 6105; I don`t know what appeared on 12080, the only correct Tinang frequency for RN at this time

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, again with unscheduled airing of QSO with Ted Randall, UT Fri Dec 5 at 0734 with antenna commercial, music vamping, and eventually 0739 resuming interview with Nelson Cosby(?), Michigan ham. Not sure when this starts or ends or if it`s the entire two hours. Many nights the MUF is way below 10 MHz, but this date good signal and no jamming audible. Several other 9 MHz signals also making it

** U S A. WBCQ is drifting further off 15420, worsening the het with BBC RSA collision on 15420.0; Dec 5 at 1820 I put WBCQ on about 15420.2-CUSB

** U S A. 4517-SSB, Air Force MARS net from Wisconsin, Fri Dec 5 at 1420 apparently starting at 7 am (1300 UT) per mentions, NCS AFF3C the only call copied for certain, saying he would be missing the morning and evening nets until Monday night due to family activities.

According to AFF3C is Frank Miller, Region 3 director a.k.a. AFA3PQ, and here he is:

But watch out for a Zwinky popup from Tripod. He has pictures on the wall of his shack showing train and horses; another of a motorcycle

** ZANZIBAR. RTZ, 11735, Friday Dec 5 at 1805, sounds like English as scheduled, with heavy accent, a few words recognizable, but also distracted by definite warble on unstable carrier, audible in AM mode and certainly with BFO on. Off-frequency Brasilian may also have been in the mix helping to audiblize the warble

** BRAZIL. Dec 6 at 0658, weak and very distorted Brazilian on approximately 11960, seemed to be preacher until 0701, then tentatively heard Globo mentioned and into music. No detectable carrier. This is probably R. Globo, Rio, which has been reported for months by Brazilian DXers way off nominal frequency 11805 with such distorted spurious emissions. Brazilians on 11780, 11815, 11925 were also audible, but Globo`s nominal frequency has been hijacked by CVC Chile at 0000-0800, so one can hardly blame Globo for moving elsewhere, except this is presumably unintentional. Previous reports have found it way above 12000

** CUBA. Another anomaly from RHC: UT Sat Dec 6 at 0706 I was surprised to find English still running on 11760, past nominal 0700 closing. Quickly checked other frequencies and found it // but an echo apart on 6000, 6060, 9550, not on 6140. Recheck at 0716, still running on 6000 only. With RHC you never know whether they are just being sloppy, experimenting or deliberate. I suspect the program feed automatically restarts the English recording every two hours, and if the transmitter operator is dozing, out it goes again until he upwakes

** CUBA [non]. Checking WRMI webcast, Dec 5 at 2240, heard R. República instead of WRN – or rather in addition to WRN, as there was something in English mixing underneath. Not enough clear signal on 9955 to tell if they same thing was happening there, but probably so. Strangely enough, program outro until 2257 was Amanecer, i.e. the wake-up show for the mornings, presumably repeating the one at 11-12 on 6100 via Sackville. By now the WRN clash was gone. Then announced schedule on 11835, which I missed, and Sat and Sun 7-9 pm [0000-0200 UT Sun & Mon; used to be 7 days] on 9785. This may be outdated since R.R. is back on WRMI directly, 9955. Probably at least M-F 22-01 UT, time which had been filled with WRN programming, so the following lose their WRMI relays again, probably without even knowing they were on in the first place: 2200 Ireland, 2230 Romania, 2300 Netherlands, 0000 Russia, 0030 Israel. Break for WRMI`s own ID around hourtop 2300, and then

 at 2302 Patos a la Libertad, I thought they said at first, but it`s Pasos a la Libertad

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9, Dec 6 at 1502 re-opening an English broadcast and soon cut off the air at 1502:30. This is SOP for such an uncoordinated station

** PHILIPPINES. Checked 24 hours later, exactly the same thing happened again, so it must be misprogrammed that way into the automation: Dec 6 at 1359 on 6105, R. Netherlands opening English broadcast, even tho followed at 1400 by VOA Chinese via Tinang. And once again a weak het, maybe Mérida. So until fixed, RNW needs to add to its schedule a one-minute English broadcast at 1359 on 6105

** PORTUGAL. RDP Internacional, 11885, Dec 6 at 1438 with Portuguese music, soon IDed by // 15560, but 11885 much weaker. Had not noticed it before, but it`s scheduled weekends only at 45 degrees

** U S A. A bit surprised to hear a DX program in Portuguese on WRMI 9955, UT Sat Dec 6 at 0634, but after a few minutes there was Jaime Báguena speaking his usual Castilian; I guess these were segments in the scheduled La Rosa de Tokio; no jamming at the moment

** ALGERIA [non]. 7455, Arabic talk at 2150 Dec 6, 2155 into Qur`an; figured it was RTA via Issoudun, FRANCE, quickly confirmed by // weaker 5865 just as scheduled. But 7455 closed abruptly at 2200* while 5865 continued, contrary to sked via DX Mix News claiming that 7455 finishes at 2157. Just as well, as RTTY QRM was building on 7455

** CANADA [and non]. 7335, at 2152 Dec 6, station in Russian under CHU, 2154 ID in passing as R. Svoboda (Note: NOT ``Sloboda`` as some would have it!), i.e. R. Liberty. This is 250 kW, 30 degrees from Thailand to eastern Russia at 21-22 only. Yet more incentive for CHU to hurry up and QSY to 7850

** CHINA [and non]. 5030, definite Chinese at 2146 Dec 6, in the sidebands of Cuba 5025. Commies vs Commies at an unusual time for reception from Beijing on 60m, and not heard after 2200 altho that`s still only 6 am in China. BTW, at 2146, Mauritania was also audible on 4845 with ute QRM, so that made three separate continents at once on 60m

** CUBA [non]. R. República, 11835 via Sackville, Dec 6 at 2204, good with no jamming audible; tho on weekdays when sign-on is not until *2300, I have been hearing lite jamming in standby(?) mode as early as 2200. Programming may or may not be // WRMI 9955 which just resumed R.R. during same time period

** JAPAN [and non]. Since I had tuned in too late for the monthly haiku segment on NHKWNRJ`s World Interactive, on the 1400 UT Saturday Dec 6 broadcast, I wanted to catch it on the next play at 2200, but the only frequency, 13640 was weak and mixed with VOA Cambodian via Tinian! Making a SAH of approximately 8 Hz. If the collision is bad here, it must be awful in SE Asia. It looks like R. Japan just tacked the 20-minute English broadcast onto the preceding hour in Japanese, what the hell if it collides with VOA after Japanese is over.

BTW, PWBR `2009` shows it more like 15 minutes long, as the bar between 2200 and 2300 obviously extends less than one third of the way. So while compiling this report, I listened to the show ondemand, no SAH or anything to make it shortwavy, via

Full name of the haiku guru sounds like Shokan Tadashi Kondo as pronounced both by himself and his co-host; axually about renku this time

** NIGERIA [and non]. 7255, Dec 6 at 2149, heard N6HK asking if anyone is using the frequency? Well, yes! V. of Nigeria in French which was perfectly demodulating your SSB, but I guess you can`t hear them a couple megameters further west: Berman, Stephen D, N6HK (Extra), 24031 Sage Ave, Tehachapi, CA 93561 per ARRL lookup

** PORTUGAL [and non]. RDPI collision with HCJB, 12040, Sat Dec 6 at 2249 making fast SAH. This starts at 2230 when HCJB comes on in German, but at recheck 2302 HCJB was alone

** SPAIN. REE, which is supposed to be on 9640 at 2200, and which was on 9690 past 2300 Dec 3 as in previous report, was instead on 9630 when checked Sat Dec 6 at 2205 with sports, // 11940. Per Aoki and EiBi, REE is not using 9630 at all this season, but in HFCC it`s a duplicate registration with 9640, identical parameters at 19-23, so they can take their pick any given day. Or possibly it`s one of numerous weekend variations which make more sense to REE than to anyone else

** U K [non]. 7445, at 2152 Dec 6, as tuned across, heard station in English mentioning so presumably BBCWS. Yes, this is another of their fragmented 1-hour transmissions, 21-22, 100 kW from Meyerton, South Africa, at 330 degrees to W Africa, and also favoring North America

** U S A [non]. CVC Miami via Chile, A Sua Voz in Brazilian Portuguese on 15410, Sat Dec 6 at 2224 in Sem Limites hour of classical music. Axually there certainly are limits, like 4 minutes max for any single selexion! I listened to most of the rest of the hour, deeply offended by the cavalier treatment given the greatest music. Only excerpts are played, the most recognizable portions. Almost always the DJ talks over the music at open and close, a sign of gross disrespect, and of course fades it in and out since degraded attention spans of their perceived audience must be served and observed. Name of DJ sounds like José António Sesquim, but axually spelt Ceschin as found on website.

Music included Tchaikovsky`s Capriccio Italien which got a full four (4!) minutes at 2224-2228 before a 3-minute commercial break. 2241 Dança dos Marineros by Rimsky-Korsakov, marred further by a semiminute break in transmission; 2245 Assim Falava Zarathustra by R. Strauss got only 2 minutes, and it was the jazzed-up with drumming version, only of the opening, godforbid anyone should hear the entire tone poem. 2248 March of the Siamese Children, by Rogers & Hammerstein II. 2256 wrapping up saying would be back tomorrow, so it`s on Sundays too?

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13720, English to NAm, Dec 8 at 1530 with usual full schedule in English to open each broadcast; fair modulation. This being a Monday and/or a holiday, no news, but immediately into feature about a Moslem holiday and how well the Orthodox, Catholix and Moslems get along in Albania, their customs, etc. What about Protestants and Atheists?

** CANADA. CHU, 7335, Dec 9 around 1430, operations normal, but I expect them to start announcing the frequency change to 7850 will go into effect January 1, and there will also be a leap second at the end of 2008y

** CANADA. R. Canada Internal, 9610, Monday Dec 8 at 1547, surprised to hear them in Portuguese, with program for crianças, then into chanson in French; 1549 RCI ID in English, and back to Portuguese which is actually an English lesson for immigrant children. Now I`m totally confused, since the schedules at


claim at 1535-1604 on 9610, RCI is in Russian on weekdays, Ukrainian on weekends! Have they decided just to throw out all the individual language segments and mix them all up?

** CUBA [non]. 11835 with heavy jamming, Dec 8 at 2327 but could not hear any Radio República. May have been replaced by WRMI direct on 9955

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 11520, under WEWN Spanish heard station in English giving frequencies at 1358 Dec 9. That`s RNW opening hour via Madagascar at 50 degrees, so they assume there will be no collision in S Asian target area. Still, knowing a bit about SW propagation, I would not pick a frequency also used by a superpower station on the other worldside.

The anomaly of RNW opening English on 6105 at 1359 via Tinang, Philippines, was not repeated Dec 7 as the transmitter did not come on until after 1400 when VOA Chinese was underway

** ROMANIA. RRI on new 11970 ex-17745 for the 1300 English broadcast to Europe (and NAm beyond); Dec 9 just tuned in 11970 in time to hear the IS at 1356 but quite poor signal compared to Romanian on 11940 which continued another hour; how could that be?

17745 was 300 kW, 307 degrees from Tiganesti, so 11970 should be too, while 11940 is 300 kW, 285 degrees from Galbeni. 17745 used to come in well on good days, but that leaves // 15105 which should remain reliable. Anyhow, 11970 collides with WYFR until 1345

** U K [non]. 9625, two stations in English mixing with 3 Hz SAH at about equal level, one surely CBC NQ, but at 1428 Dec 8 the other IDed as BBC World Service --- what? Same Dec 9 at 1423 check, quickly confirmed as BBCWS by // 5975 via Thailand, interviewing Jamaican PM. Not scheduled on this frequency; supposed to be Channel Africa in English at 14-16. Meyerton putting the wrong feed on the air? SENTECH has been notified

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, Tue Dec 9 at 0610 in Viva Miami, Jeff & Thaïs White in Spanish about Cusco, Peruvian Xmas music. Good with no jamming but deep fades. S Florida was dominating 31m at this time, also WYFR but not much else. 0619 WRMI into DX Partyline but not the latest edition, dated Nov 29. Did not have these on my DX program schedule, as not on WRMI`s program schedule, just 06-07 M-F miscellaneous repeats of DX and other programs. Viva Miami is sometimes only 7 minutes long now to fill out odd purchased times. Also AWR Wavescan after 0630

** U S A [and non]. 9385, Dec 8 at 1541, usual huge signal from WWRB in Brother Scare service, but now some other preacher in progress, obviously influenced by B.S., accusing the Jesuits of ``dirty work``. More interesting was the undercurrent of co-channel interference in Korean. EiBi and Aoki say it`s R Free Asia via Sri Lanka, while HFCC says Saipan.

What does PWBR `2009` say? Saipan, but language is only ``other`` and jammed. Hey, what about WWRB! NO listing of WWRB on 9385 at all, despite having used that frequency as early as the A-06 season per FCC. WWRB also does not make the cut on page 326 about US stations. If you think PWBR info is comprehensive, you are seriously mistaken; for that you need the World Radio TV Handbook

** U S A [non]. 13700 with talk in S Asian language, Dec 8 at 1512 past 1530; at 1523 paused for a different announcer to mention something about kiloHertz. I`m not going to specify their presumed genders but you have a 50-50 chance of guessing right. Fair signal and would have been OK if not for much stronger WYFR in Spanish on 13695 splattering. What does PWBR `2009` say, stored right next to the radio, and the computer in another room not yet upfired? NOTHING.

Believe me, I don`t have to go looking for PWBR`s shortcomings. They just keep appearing frequently when I try to look up an unID! B-08 online listings, of course, have the answer. YFR in Hindi at 14-16 via Germany, tho which site is contradictory, Nauen or Wertachtal. Family Radio vs Family Radio!

** U S A. WINB is quite flexible about when it switches frequencies. 13570v missing Monday Dec 8 at 1540, so I check 9265v --- yes, still going there, non-Brother Stair preacher. On Saturdays for sure they extend 9265 much later to accommodate the B.S. Sabbath service

** ALGERIA [non]. 5865, weak with Qur`an at 0652 Dec 10; relay via FRANCE. DX Mix News asserted that these relays of RTA via France are no longer the Qur`an program, but we sure hear a lot of it anyway. Can Arabic-speakers please identify which Algerian program is really being relayed, or does it vary?

** GUAM [non]. 11675, Dec 10 at 1500 AWR Voice of Hope ID in English and introducing program in Nepalese; started with nice music but soon overshadowed by bilingual Venezuela via Cuba on 11680. Whence? Wertachtal, GERMANY, per EiBi

** INDIA. Dec 10 may have been a poor morning for Indonesia, but it was a good morning for AIR GOS, 9690, SE Asian service, with ID at 1336 amid news mostly about Indo/Pak situation; still fairly well heard at 1424 check with comments on Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State. Hmm, we don`t hear her maiden name Rodham much any more; why?

** INDONESIA. VOI inaudible on 9526, Dec 10 at 1330 check during English hour, but apparently just poor propagation as it had become audible poorly during Malay hour at 1422 on 9525.9

** KUWAIT. 15110 with good but fluttery Qur`an, Dec 10 at 1505, joined by chorus at 1508. This is R. Kuwait in Arabic to S Asia, per EiBi

** MONGOLIA [non]. 12025, Dec 10 at 1350 with IS I first thought was one of the gospel huxters, but a rather odd time for it, followed by ID in Russian which I first thought was saying ``Radiostantsiya Golos Angoliy`` --- but there is no Russian from Angola! Then I realized it is ``Radiostantsiya Golos Mongoliy``, the relay via Golos Rossii, which has been reported on 13600 at 1334-1359 by Rumen Pankov in DXLD 8-125. Could not hear it there, but I previously noted the two were //. Fair signal with flutter

** PHILIPPINES. Another check of 6105 at 1359 Dec 10 to see whether IBB Tinang has managed to avoid relaying one minute of Radio Netherlands in English: almost; at 1359:55 heard a fragment of RN`s instantly recognizable carillon IS, but then into VOA Chinese. Meanwhile the constant het which is believed to be Yucatán on the low side, and also co-channel, probably Chinese jamming other than Firedrake

** SLOVAKIA [and non]. No luck so far here with reactivated Solomon Islands on 9541.5v; Dec 10 at 1420 all I could hear was Russian on 9540, which is RSI, and worse, QRDRM from DW 9540-9545-9550 via Woofferton UK. Doesn`t Slovakia kind of ruin the DRM reception around Europe?

** U K [non]. Not only Dec 8 and 9, but still Dec 10, 9625 carrying BBCWS in English instead of expected Channel Africa, at 1423 check mixing with CBC Northern, and // a reverb away from BBCWS via Thailand 5975. I check the SENTECH schedule and see that yes, 9625 is still supposed to be Channel Africa:

Kathy Otto replies with monitoring clips from Harare on Dec 8 and 9 during that hour proving that Channel Africa was indeed the programming on 9625. So there must be some other explanation. Rampisham is scheduled from 1500 in BBCWS Russian, so possibly VTC has added an hour of English before that from one site or another. Also Sackville could have a double feed, except that on Dec 8 there was a 3 Hz SAH indicating separate transmitters if not separate sites. And if Channel Africa is still there as usual, I am not hearing a third station in the mix now, tho I have heard it previously colliding with CBC

** U S A. RTI in Spanish via WYFR, 5950, Dec 10 at 0654 was splattering or spurring plus and minus 10 kHz, not usually the case

** CANADA. CHU has started announcing the upcoming frequency change from 7335 to 7850, heard on 7335 Dec 11 at 0723:15 in French, 0724:15 in English, alternating from minute to minute; and the pips are deleted for the duration of each brief message, referring to which leads to this as already quoted in DXLD:

** CUBA. RHC, 12000, Dec 11 at 1429 referring to webcast via said that programming is repeated ``integramente`` at 1500-1900. That`s when SW is off the air, except when they forget to turn off the transmitters at 1500 sharp. At 1453 when I happened to be tuned to 15120, plugging the date`s Mesa Redonda show at 6:30 pm = 2330 UT on 9820, 6000, which would be about --- human rights! What chutzpah!

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, 11860, Dec 10 at 1926 in African language, music, fair. Scheduled 19-20 in Hausa due south from Sabrata

** MEXICO [and non]. Still trying to hear some audio from XEQM, to tell whether it is really in Maya now during daytime, but all I can detect is a het from 6104.8 against 6105.0 stations: Dec 11 until 1459:30 VOA Chinese closing, but Tinang carrier seemed to stay on; then I heard CRI IS, which is opening in Russian, and VOA opening Uzbek via Tinian, both much weaker than Tinang had been, but still way too much for Mérida

** U K [non]. For the fourth day in a row, BBCWS in English on 9625, Dec 11 at 1423 under CBC Northern, and easily confirmed as such by // 5975 BBCWS via Thailand. Again there is a SAH of about 3 Hz, and possibly RSA is in the mix too. Now we have a VTC schedule update showing that it`s Cyprus with BBCWS at 14-15, 64 degrees

** U S A [and non]. 15580 open carrier, Dec 11 at 1450-1458* and covering up a weaker signal, i.e. VOA São Tomé blocked by VOA Greenville-B, which doesn`t modulate on this frequency until 1700

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV via Cuba, 15290, Dec 10 at 1922 somebody other than Chávez giving a speech but big hum; pause for some music without the hum, and resume speech by Jesse Chacón with hum. I should have paid more attention as he was otherwise reported to have announced that RadioSur would begin in the first quarter of `09 --- is that referring to their new SW facility under construxion, or something else?

** ZANZIBAR. RTZ, 11735, good signal Dec 10 at 1927 with hilife music, but the unstable transmitter warbling is getting worse. I was thinking they got a new transmitter only a few years ago, but TDP shows the 50 kW Dole unit started in 1984y, so is TDP not up to date, or was the transmitter refurbished? It was off the air for a considerable period

** ALGERIA [non]. RTA, 5865 via FRANCE, Dec 12 with Qur`an until abrupt cutoff at 0657*. Allah`ll get `em for that

** CANADA [and non]. 9625, CBCNQ seems Inuk, but heavy QRM from FEBC 6 Hz away in listed Khmu language with Aleluya hymn Dec 12 running past 1400 to 1401 Jesus Saves IS and off. Meanwhile, CBC with French ID, then English news at 1400, distorted modulation. As soon as FEBC went off I could hear BBCWS news in English as well, which is via Cyprus.

9650, KBSWR via Sackville, when tuned in Dec 12 at 1405 was just an open carrier, but Korean modulation kicked in at 1406.

But the next morning, Dec 13, no Sackville frequencies heard! Must be the ice storm in the Maritimes downing powerlines, if not damaging antennas too. Does Sackville not have any backup power generating capability? I did not attempt to check all possible frequencies, but these were absent: at 1439, BBC sports via Cyprus in the clear on 9625, no sign of NQ service. 9650, normally a big signal with KBS in Korean, missing. 9610, no RCI at 1510. 13675, no CRI relay before 1600, no Austria after 1600.

BTW, Sackville`s nearest neighboring SW station, WBCQ, was operating normally, heard after 1500 with Brother Scare both on 9330 and 15420+

** CHAD. With RNT reported reactivated on 4905 in the evenings, I have wanted to check for it in the mornings, but haven`t managed to as early as 0430. However, Dec 13 at 0613, there was a weak signal with indistinct modulation, CODAR QRM, presumably Chad

** CUBA. RHC is now announcing that they are playing back their morning programming from 1100 UT on their `audio real` webcast at 1500-1900, as heard Dec 12 at 1430 on 13680. Trouble is, it is not Real Audio, but Windows Media. Poor Real, getting the kleenex treatment as a reward for being the pioneer. Also mentioned Dec 13 at 1457 on 11760, but sign-off announcement included 955 kHz (``novecientos cincuenta y cinco en la banda de 31 metros``) to be used later in day, the announcer not knowing enough to realize that it was a typo in the script for 9550, and RHC could not possibly be on a MW frequency 955 kHz. But then the rest of the frequency announcement for transmissions starting at 0000 was cut off before he could botch anything further, and after another plug for programming continuing on their portal de Internet, off at 1459*

Meanwhile, the DentroCuban Jamming Command pulsing away against nothing at 0615 Dec 13 on 9785, 9825, 7365, frequencies not currently in use for any hostile programming; and also on 9885 QRMing some station other than VOA Spanish, with music --- now it`s VOA English via South Africa. Pulses of a different pitch and different rate at same time on 9955 against inaudible WRMI

** CZECHIA. R. Prague, 13580, Fri Dec 12 at 1425 caught end of interesting feature on The Arts program about Martinu revisited, the composer Bohuslav Martinu, who is getting more respect these days; see  His name actually has a circle over the final u, but that is too exotic for MS Word to handle in a font other than WST-Czec from the symbol archive: $ which also appears to have Braille in it! And no doubt would not survive into plain text conversion. When I copy his name from the above website it just shows up as a plain old u. I am not clear about what fonetik funxion the circle serves, and I seldom see it on other Czech words; is it archaic? But we digress: back to his music!

** ETHIOPIA [and non]. Big mess on 9704-9705, Sat Dec 13 at 1441, somewhat distorted Chinese on 9705.0 and het from 9704.3 or so. Per Aoki, 9705 is VOA Cantonese via Saipan. 9704.3 must be the always-off-frequency Ethiopia, by long path? But per Aoki, their English broadcast at 14-15 is M-F only. Nevertheless the transmitter must have been on; could not pull any audio from it separable from VOA

** NEWFOUNDLAND. 6160, with R. Australia via WRN via CBC Overnight, via CKZN, with Media Report, mid-program ID from National Radio at 0645 Fri Dec 12. Quite good reception

** PHILIPPINES. FEBC, 9430, Fri Dec 12 at 1450, scheduled in Chinese, but a truly bilingual program with M in English, W in Chinese discussing origin of and playing Xmas carols, such as O Come, All Ye Faithful, which they said dates only from the XIX century, not as ancient as it seems with Latin title Adeste, Fideles. VG signal despite 345 degree azimuth from Bocaue; could be mistaken for a North American service. See also CANADA [non], 9625

** PORTUGAL. RDPI, 15520, with silly ballgame in Portuguese, Sat Dec 13 at 1508 // much stronger 15560. What`s the schedule of 15520? Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not! No listing at all for RDPI on 15520. EiBi shows Sat/Sun only at 15-17 to Africa. Aoki agrees, adding the azimuth 144 degrees

** SUDAN [non]. 17745, Sudan Radio Service, via Sines, PORTUGAL, Sat Dec 13 at 1510 with didactic discussion by M&W in English about animals; F-G peaks, but increasingly bothered by splatter from WYFR 17760 English. Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not. No SRS listed there, but Aoki & Eibi have English as daily 1500-1530. At 1529 into Arabic, or some dialect thereof, accompanied by steel drumming

** U S A. WBOH, distorted 5920, Fri Dec 12 at 1345, OM preacher in gringo Spanish, e.g. pronouncing código as codígo, followed by YL with better accent. There is no Spanish shown on the schedule at this time, 8:45 am local:

Sister station WTJC, Dec 13 at 0610 with Joy to the World during Xmas medley not only on distorted 9370 but also splattering as far as down as 9220 and as far up as 9490, but worse the closer to 9370, interfering with many other stations! Not the first time this has happened. // 5920 distorted but not splattering.

Checked again at 1438, 9370 itself had a big het since WTJC is also off-frequency, but VOA Deewa service in Pashto via Sri Lanka is really on 9370.0. And WTJC still splattering, now detectable between 9320 and 9410 again interfering with many other stations. I then tried to notify the FBN chief engineer David Gernoske but got a bounce from the earthlink address I had for him, so resent it to the generic FBN e-mail address

** VENEZUELA [non]. Someone reported RNV during the 0000 hour on 9550, which would be a new time via Cuba, but Dec 13 at 0005, no sign of it, just something weak in Chinese which per EiBi is CRI from domestic site in Hakka to SE Asia. There was another weaker signal under; EiBi also shows RHC itself on 9550 during this hour in French to S America, where, I understand, French is not a major language, but neither is Arabic in the Caribbean. These were both overshadowed by analog German from DW on 9545 which is currently via Ascension at 00-02

** BRAZIL. RNA, 11780, VG signal Dec 13 at 2322, but audio cutting out every few sex. Weakest link syndrome

** CANADA. All RCI/CBC/CRI relay frequencies, etc., still missing Sunday morning Dec 14. Jeff White hears from Sackville that they don`t expect to have power back until 1800 UT Monday. There`s something wrong with the switching at the main power substation; apparently not related to the ice storm in New England

** CUBA. RHC, 11690, Dec 13 at 2323, song in Spanish, VG signal way over DW Rwanda, barely detectable underneath; 2324 RHC said show is ``Sonido Cubano``. As usual their own transmission schedule at

claims this frequency does not start until 0000. Furthermore, their own program schedule at

does not show any programming in Spanish at all in the 23-24 UT hour

** INDONESIA. Glad to hear at least two of the RRI on 60m, 4750 Makassar and 4790 Fak2, Dec 14 at 1409, with talk and music respectively, both bothered by CODAR; and both registering about S9+15 tho 4790 sounded a bit louder. A few minutes later, both with music but not //. No other Indos detected on 60m. Recheck at 1440, 4750 and 4790 still audible but weaker. Sunrises are already getting earlier, tho sunsets are still getting later, to gang up at the Winter Solstice for the shortest day overall

** LATVIA. I don`t often hear the various special programs from Ulbroka, as they are scheduled too early in the morning, but Sunday Dec 14 at 1345 I came upon a signal occupying the usually vacant 9290. A YL was talking about Latvia in English, fair but fading down into noise level; 1349 outroduxion as Latvia Today, Goodbye, but more music filling, still rock music at 1355. I understand this transmitter will be closed down at yearend, so glad I had a chance to hear it this well

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Another previously undiscovered one-minute English broadcast from RN! Dec 14 at 1357 I happened to tune to 9390, and heard a promo in English for ``Curious Orange``, before the transmitter cut off at 1358*. RN is not supposed to have any English until 1400, on other frequencies. Checking the schedules, there is an RN Dutch transmission via Tinang, Philippines on 9390, supposedly at 1259-1357 only. This probably correlates with the RN English introduxion I have heard previously on 6105 Tinang at 1359: transmitter switching is NOT properly coordinated with program source switching. I quickly changed to 6105 again this time, but no RN heard there and VOA Chinese again started a few seconds late after 1400. And again the het, presumably XEQM, a bit stronger than before but still could not detect any Maya

** POLAND [non]. PRES, 9450 via Germany, Sunday Dec 14 at 1351, good signal as Slawek Szefs was interviewing someone about the exhumation of the body confirmed as Gen. Sikorsky`s. BTW, they pronounce his name starting with Sh- even tho it`s not spelt Sz-; why? Googling on the Szikorsky spelling, one gets a very few hits in the Polish language spelling it that way but the preferred spelling is Sikorsky

** PORTUGAL [and non]. The 12040 collision between RDPI and HCJB German starting at 2230 extended longer than ever heard before, Sat Dec 13, still going at 2321. Must have been a rather late-running silly ballgame

** SPAIN. REE, 17595, Sunday Dec 14 at 1435 with two sopranos in song outroed as ``Mi Bien Amor``, which I think the announcer said was recorded in Guatemala; 1444 music from Venezuela sung by the RTVE Chorus. Excellent modulation and usual strong, steady signal. I am as impressed by this service direct from Noblejas as I am unimpressed by the muddy Costa Rican relays. Per program grid I found at

this show is Solo Canciones, Sundays at 14-15. It`s going onto my Monitoring Reminders Calendar

** U K [non]. 6030 is overwhelmed with signals now reducing any chance for CFVP to be heard in the mornings here. At least the DentroCuban jamming is gone by 1400, but the Chicom CNR1 jamming is in full force, against what? Aoki says Ming Hui Radio, Tanshui, Taiwan is on 6030 with 100 kW, 325 degrees at 1300-1400 only, and is jammed. They also show CNR1 from Beijing site #572 on 6030, all the way from 2000 to 1735, 50 kW non-direxional. But Dec 14 at 1404 I was definitely pulling news in Arabic thru this mess, and that is BBCWS via Cyprus, 300 kW at 101 degrees, longpath or grayline shortpath?

** U S A. WEWN, 5755, Sunday Dec 14 at 1406 with two-tone mass in English --- what`s the proper name for that kind of chanting --- a whole string of words `sung` at one pitch, and then the last one at a lower pitch, and why? However, this was getting severe self-QRM from WEWN`s own squealing modulation card, getting worse and worse. Why don`t they fix this problem which has been ongoing for years at varying levels? Do they assume no one is really trying to listen, anyway? Later checked other WEWN frequencies: at 1415, 7555 had much lighter squeal by comparison, not nearly so annoying, as Panis Angelicus was being sung. At 1426, 11520 in Spanish gospel rock, no squeal

** U S A. WTJC, 9370, back in whack without splattering all over the band, Dec 14 at 1350 with preacher talk. Somewhat distorted audio on fundamental, but as long as they keep it within 4 kHz of 9370, we can live with it

** VENEZUELA [non]. Another Sunday without Hugo! No sign of previous frequencies for ``Aló, Presidente`` via Cuba, at 1550 check Dec 14 of 13750, 13680, 11875, 11680

** BULGARIA. No warbling problem on 11700, Dec 18 at 1356 with R. Bulgaria folk music // much stronger 15700. Also OK Dec 19 around 1430

** CUBA. RHC 6000 still on the air past 0700, Dec 19 at 0704 with news in English, as 2-hour program had started automatic replay and transmitter engineer was dozing? However, 6060 was off and 6140 had just gone off after open carrier. Recheck at 0706, 6000 was also off, no doubt frustrating those listeners legitimately expecting to hear a full newscast from Habana. SNAFU. Maybe the webcast keeps running at least until 0900?

** JAPAN. NHKWNRJ, Dec 19 at 0658 not only very strong on 6145 usward, but also on much weaker // 6165 mixing with Croatia, and then in Japanese bothering VOC`s brief English news at 0700. Had not noticed them on 6165 before; 300 kW, 330 degrees from Yamata

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185 often noted with audible hum, estimated 30 Hz or so, such as Dec 19 at 0702. RNA BRAZIL in Portuguese could be heard, but no other audio. I suspect it`s caused by off-frequency XEPPM, Radio Educación, on the air but not modulating

** ROMANIA. RRI, which was missing from 11970 a few days ago, back on Dec 18 at 1352 check towards end of English hour, with football news. So it`s still colliding with WYFR before 1345

** UZBEKISTAN. 6225 with easily recognizable Harold Camping intoning, Dec 18 at 1405. Is PWBR `2009` any help? Yes! Says Family Radio via Uzbekistan, and that is confirmed by HFCC, Aoki and EiBi; during the 14-15 hour only, 200 kW, 131 degrees.

So I will criticize Uzbekistan instead, not exactly a Christian-friendly country, for selling out to the gospel huxters after cancelling its own lamented external service, Radio Tashkent. They probably figure the ordinary listener in South Asia will never know this is coming from Uzbekistan, as there are no announcements, ``This is the Family Radio transmitter leased from Uzbekistan, signing off``

Furthermore, I was hearing a much weaker signal on 6260, some music barely audible, and heavy flutter. The online listings agree this can only be CVC International, another evangelical outfit, in Hindi to S Asia, also via Tashkent, 100 kW at 153 degrees, 1400-2000 and also 0000-0400. Being a land-locked country, Uzbekistan obviously has no respect for the marine band 6200+, as long as the Christians can get blamed for the intrusion

** CANADA [non]. 11895 good and clear Dec 20 at 1505, disgusting sermon in slow English about bringing a female (animal?) without defect as a sin offering, slaughtering and pouring out the blood on the altar, removing the fat and burning it, avoiding unclean stuff; Leviticus V mentioned.

What does PWBR `2009` say this is? AWR Guam is the only bar, but summer-only and language-other, so that would be a bum rap. EiBi and Aoki have the answer as usual: Bible Voice Broadcasting, 90 degrees to South Asia at 1500-1530 when English is only on Saturdays; EiBi says Nauen, Aoki says Wertachtal. The Franco-Germans are always jumping the sites around, presumably for logistical reasons

** CUBA [and non]. RHC, 9550, Dec 19 at 2306 news in English, with clear echo during brief fades. Suspect this was long-path, quite a haul from here at some 38 megameters. SE Asian signals were inbooming such as VOA on 9490, which is Tinang at 200 degrees

** SLOVAKIA. R. Slovakia International IS and ID in English at 1427 Dec 20 on 6055, weak with flutter, 1430 into German as scheduled. Europe on 49m at this time of day is quite a treat, but surely possible at solstice, and just a band away from regular Pridnestrovye at same hour on 7370. Beam of 305 degrees from RSO helps too, exactly the same azimuth used for English to NAm at 0100, still intruding in the 40m hamband on 7230. This being a Saturday instead of a Friday, the usual dominant on 6055, R. Nikkei was already off at 1415

** SOLOMON ISLANDS. Weak signal on 9541.5, Dec 20 at 0730 with talk, seems English intonation; a bit better at 0735, mostly YL talking and occasional bits of music. Just not enough against noise level, but BFO helped and proved it was not drifting. What else could it be on this frequency? Next check at 1407, no trace of a carrier, just something on 9540.0 masked by QRDRM from 9540-9550, BBC/DW Woofferton 100 kW, 114 degrees. I really wonder if SIBC is running 31m 24 hours

** SWEDEN. 9400, weak with umlauty language Dec 20 at 1511. As a -00 frequency, first suspect naturally Bulgaria, but not this time: Radio Sweden in Swedish scheduled from Hörby. An hour earlier I was getting it much better on 11540 as I was confirming Solomon Islands was not being heard on 9541.5, but instead a carrier from something matching 2.0 MHz below on 9540.0. Anyhow, seems Radio Sweden/Teracom facilities survived the earthquake a few days ago

** TURKEY. 11810, weak signal in Arabic, Dec 20 at 1501, pronouncing a website with English letters including .net. I assumed it was Jordan but EiBi and Aoki agree Jordan is off by then, and V. of Turkey is opening Arabic at 1500, until 1700, 252 degrees from Emirler, so that is how I will list-log it, presumably, the .net also a positive clew

** U K. Nice to hear Bow Bells preceding BBCWS transmission on 12095, Dec 20 at 1459, but only until 1459:30 opening, and 1500 into stupid ballgames, this being a Saturday when BBC wastes its vast resources on such Sportsworld nonsense. Good signal from Rampisham, 250 kW at 95 degrees for this bihour. Originally, out-of-band 12095 could be used only from UK sites, but now you never know. At other dayparts, it`s Cyprus or Ascension. Also noticed timesignal on the hour was about 1 second late compared to WWV; so why bother, misleading countless listeners about the correct time?

** ALASKA. Most days KNLS is inaudible or beneath adjacent channel signals, but Dec 22 at 1452 it was coming in well, tho with some deep fades, on 6150 toward end of English program. Unfortunately that was a Creation Moment, favorite mini-show of the gospel huxters dedicated to debunking Evolution. This anti-intellexual nonsense makes me want to puke. 1454 outro with times and frequencies of the four English broadcasts, credit list including Rob Stewart who produces them

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana finally made frequency/antenna adjustments to B08 schedule on Dec 22. Back on 7425 to NAm, which it had used in previous seasons and would have used from the start of this season if Russia hadn`t made a wooden registration for it. At 0001 UT Dec 23, 7425 with sign-on in Albanian giving schedule with several kHz mentions, audio lofi but modulation fairly good. Some adjacent interference from 7420, Prague via Ascension to S America, another recent change, but only until 0030 and can be avoided here by side-tuning slightly. Tirana // 6110, also lo-fi audio but no QRM and less fading. Both read S9+20 on the meter but 6110 definitely sounded better than 7425; SINPO 45544 and 44433 respectively. By 0120, 7425 had faded down considerably and little of it left for English at 0130-0145, but certainly has a better chance over winter night path at solar min than ex-9345. I was out and could not check the other significant change yet, 7435
ex-9345 in Albanian at 2130-2300 to W Europe, C&E NAm

** CANADA. CBC NQ 9625 transmitter at Sackville out of whack again, Dec 22 at 1510 when extremely distorted talk in English(?) was centered about 9645 and covering at least 9640-9650 with no detectable carrier. Still the same at 1540. RCI Russian on 9610 was OK. On 9625 only heard two other weak stations mixing, presumably BBC and Channel Africa. The same thing was happening Dec 21 at 0600, but not at 1410. This time I notified Sackville and Montréal

** CHINA. 9820, Dec 22 at 2352 with open carrier, and het, weak audio which I finally decided was Vietnamese. I first figured the open carrier was Habana, but no audio from it developed; the Mesa Redonda show is quite irregular. If that had been on, nothing of this would have been possible. 

0000 heard music, IS of chimes, electronic instrument, IDs in Chinese and Vietnamese but missed the key words. Aoki shows:

9820 CNR 2 2100-0100 1234567 Chinese 150 290 
Baoji-Xinjie CHN 10710E 3430N CNR2=11845 b08
9820 GUANGXI FOREIGN BS 2300-0100 1234567 Vietnamese 15 225 
Nanning CHN 10811E 2247N GUANG
9820 R.HABANA CUBA 2300-0100 .23456. Mesa Redonda 50 230 
La Habana CUB 08223W 2256N RHC b07

To further confuse matters, WRTH 2009 in the domestic sexion page 153 shows nothing but Xi`an on 9820 with CNR2 until 2400. In the international sexion, page 439, there is Guanxi FBS, Nanning on 9820 with Vietnamese at 2300-0100 // 5050 in winter sked. 

So looks like I had Guangxi for sure, and not bad for 15 kW as Aoki and WRTH agree, aimed oppositely; unlikely the Chicom would really run Baoji-Xinjie on same frequency at same time. 

EiBi doesn`t get into details such as powers and azimuths but does show both Xian CNR2 and Nanning with Guangxi FBS between 2300 and 0100.

This time I check PWBR `2009` last rather than first. It shows both Xian and Nanning on 9820 at 0000, with 50 kW for the latter, which I am afraid is more likely than 15 as well I was getting it. Had to be Nanning as I definitely heard Vietnamese.

The het was probably R. Nove de Julho, Brasil, always reported off-frequency on low side

** CUBA. RHC 9550 transmitter is becoming unstable, showing a slight warble at 2350 Dec 22 in English. This is apparent with BFO on, slightly off-tuned, compared to off-tuning other nearby frequencies

** MEXICO. XEXQ barely confirmed on 6045, Dec 22 at 1459 with traces of classical music, Pachelbel? Traces of Spanish announcement at 1500; heard a couple numbers, as in telephone? And right back to music. Helped that China on 6040 was weaker than usual

** U K [non]. Add another fragmented BBCWS transmission inadvertently making it well to NAm: 9570 at 2300-2400. Dec 22 at 2351 heard surprisingly good signal, no QRM, in interview about Georgia, then Somalia. 2359 closing The World Today, cut off at 2359:30* This is via Thailand, 250 kW at 20 degrees, thus favoring us far beyond the nominal targets of NE China and N Korea

** U S A. Dave Frantz`s home-made WWRB transmitter may have oomph of S9+22, but it has some defects (I toned that down), as evidenced Dec 22 at 1508 when Alex Scourby and then Brother Scare were splattering 9350 to 9420 from the 9385 unit, QRMing several stations, the worst victim being WTJC 9370, which also goes haywire at times. Not surprising, as Dave told me WTJC stole the plans from him at WGTG. Still the same at 1540

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. Altho I haven`t log-reported it lately, I continue to enjoy R. Solh music in the mornings here when I can force myself to suspend the usual bandscanning. One piece they always play at 1420-1426 on 13830 via UK, as heard again Dec 24, is especially captivating, and I wonder what the lyrix are saying. Does it have a political message, or just entertainment? Perhaps Aslam Javaid or Al Muick can enlighten us. I can only hope the psyopped Afghans are appreciating Radio Solh as much as we taxpayers do

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13720, carrier on as early as 1525, then IS from 1528, opening English to NAm at 1530 with full English schedule, including updated 7425 at 0130; she says broadcasts to North America are Monday to Sunday --- but that means from 1525 Monday to 0457 UT Sunday; it`s still six days a week except local Sundays

** CANADA. Further chex of the defective CBCNQ transmitter: Dec 24 at 0555, funxioning normally and nominally on 9625. But at 1318 it was acting up again: distorted Inuk(?) talk on 9625, ``Gloria`` carol, with spurs at modulation peaks audible as high as 9670 but worst around 9640-9645. Doesn`t seem to do it on the lower side. No replies received about this from Sackville or Montréal, to my recent notification about this problem

** CANADA. CFRX, 6070, still holding up with good signal and modulation; Dec 24 at 1336 ad for smart dishwashing machines at Home Depot. Still seems odd to hear a genuine (very) commercial North American station on SW, with lots of spots. CFRB ought to charge a premium on its ad rates now as long as SW is on the air, funxioning properly, and not subject to random overrides for SW IDs. But they would be laughed out of the ad agencies

** CHAD. Paul Brouillette, in IL, reported to DXLD hearing RNT on 6165 until 2233* Dec 22, so I was wondering if they had moved all transmissions back to 6165 after a brief revival on 4905? No, in the morning, Dec 24 at 0601, heard only Croatia on 6165, and good signal from Chad on 4905 with music; 0603 non-French announcement, more music, then YL talking in non-French until 0613 more music, 0615 drumming and 0616 into OM speaking Arabic. Lite CODAR QRM thruout, which would have been worse without the strength of the Chad signal to diminish it

** CHINA. 8400 still with Firedrake after a couple of weeks, so Sound of Hope must be sticking here too, Dec 24 at 1347

** CUBA. The DentroCuban Jamming Command continues to ruin many other frequencies besides the ones they need to. If you`re going to jam, do it responsibly, only against your enemies! That is, only on enemy frequencies, only when they are axually in use, and in Spanish. Incidentally, this would make your operation more efficient and effective against the real targets, without making more enemies!

Dec 24 at 1324, I found the pulses centered on 11930 against R. Martí were extending plus/minus 25 kHz, and thus also marring R. Romania International`s music on 11940. Also similar pulsing heard on 11490-11495 against nothing at 1326, further spur?

** EGYPT. 15710 with constant tone test, Dec 24 at 1406 and for next few minutes. Presumably R. Cairo after closing Indonesian service until 1400, as they habitually run tone afterwards for reasons unknown --- maybe it`s just occupying the audio feed channel and they don`t get around to turning off the transmitter promptly. Would that the clarity of the programming, normally extremely distorted, approached the purity of this tone!

** ITALY. Ham Roberto, I2VRN inbooming on SSB 7162 Dec 23 around 0700, working US hams in English. Not too surprising as Vatican Radio is a regular on 7250, but with somewhat more power and he was rivalling it. says he is: ROBERTO VERANI, VIA PAGLIARI BIVIO 6, I-26049 STAGNO LOMBARDO, CREMONA, ITALY

** KURDISTAN [non]. 7540, Dec 23 at 1455 with rather repetitive chanting, fair, continuing after 1500 with weaker talk; hmmm, what is this? Is PWBR any help? Of course not! Nothing listed on 7540 at this time. O yes, it`s Voice of Mesopotamia = Denge Mezopotamya in Kurdish as in Aoki, 1400-1800, 500 kW at 129 degrees via Ukraine, but this scheduling is to expire at yearend, with 11530 extended another hour until 1500. We usually hear it better on 11530 until 1400*, but only after WYFR closes at 1345

** LIBYA. V. of Africa, 17725, 1442 Dec 24 with a bit of its habitual produxion music, probably off some American service years ago as it sounds familiar, then talking in English about Qaddafi with even more familiar Beethoven`s Ninth in the background. They never seem to tire of this subject; wonder why? Do not assume Ludwig would endorse Muammar

** MEXICO. XEXQ, 6045, less classical and more exmassy, Dec 24 at 1332 with vocal group, 1333 YL solo ``Let it Snow``, 1335 ``Ave María`` --- maybe a medley moving right along. As usual, quite weak signal, and presumed.

This led me to wonder if it ever snows on San Luís Potosí? Searching on its clima I kept getting current and predicted weather pages rather than long-term climate data! Latitude is +22º 16, so snow not very likely, but altitude is 1903m, and at one point the cota de nieve was shown at 3500m, so mountains around may certainly get whitened, and SLP`s own low temp is soon to be 4 degrees; a bit colder and snow is possible

** MEXICO. Looking for XEQMaya, Dec 24 around 1330 could only hear a weak het on low side of 6105 against FE stations, and no het at all after 1400 with VOA Chinese

** RUSSIA [non]. Looking for anything from GUINEA`s only SW frequency, 7125, tuned in Dec 24 at 0600 only to hear Golos Rossii, Novosti opening, but cut off the air at 0600:20, unconvering absolutely nothing. Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brasil, was still hearing nothing from Guinea at 0650-0730.

Russian International Radio, in Russian to NAm, is designed to occupy the 6 hours per night when Guinea is not scheduled on 7125, i.e. 0000-0600; HFCC and EiBi say site is ``Armavir`` but Aoki, PWBR and WRTH say Moldova = Grigoriopol = Pridnestrovye

** U K [non]. 7135 with weak B-B-C chimes, Dec 24 at 1343, poor with QRhaM. At this odd hour figured it must be the Burmese service about to open with that wacky timesignal. Sure enough, 1344:30 began some music, 1345 timesignal which was one second late compared to CHU 7335. Standard complaint about inaccurate timesignals. And then into Burmese. This transmission is a semisesquihour at 340 degrees from Singapore

** U S A [non]. VOA news in English, surprised to hear good signal on 7575, Dec 24 at 1338 as announcer stumbled, blowing pronunciation of Guantánamo. What does PWBR `2009` say? Nothing! No listings at all for this frequency. WRTH, Eibi and Aoki don`t have it either as this is a late IBB change.

7575 just started Dec 21: 12-13 Sri Lanka at 33 degrees, 13-14 Tinian at 279 degrees ex-Tinang 9345 at 21 degrees which was good for NAm; 14-16 Thailand at 280 degrees

** U S A [non]. 13600, Dec 24 at 1456 with instrumental version of ``Away in the Manger``, QRMing CODAR. Does PWBR have it? Of course not! 1458 into YFR theme music, as per EiBi it`s Uzbek at 14-15 via Wertachtal

** ALASKA. KNLS, 6150, with an interesting extended feature report on the Navajo rug market in Crownpoint NM, Dec 25 around 1410, part of a series about stuff near I-40

** ALBANIA. After hearing CFRX at 1905 [see CANADA], I scanned 49m for anything from Europe at that early time, only a semi-hour after low noon here at 1832 UT Dec 25. And I found a weak signal on 5970 talking in French. This fits the CRI relay via Albania, and the only other transmission on 5970 at that time is the Ukrainian domestic relay.

Cërrik has the advantage of being aimed 310 degrees toward France, and incidentally North America far beyond. That azimuth, also used by nearby Shijak for R. Tirana North American broadcasts, crosses near Paris, Montréal, Indianapolis and Texarkana, only 4 degrees away from Enid at 314 from Albania.

R. Tirana`s new frequency in Albanian to Eu and NAm at 2130-2300, 7435 ex-9345 at 310 degrees, had a fair signal with deep fades at 2230 Dec 25; no co- or adjacent-channel interference

** CANADA. I can now confirm that CFRX, 6070 Toronto, makes it this far all day, as just a semi-hour after low noon, Dec 25 at 1905, it was audible, and somewhat readable altho lower into the noise level than at less bright times. The only other significant 49mb signal was 24-hour WBOH, NC on 5920, but CFRX was better. At 2230 CFRX was atop a lot of QRM from Romania, which uses 6070 only at 22-23 in Spanish for SAm

** CANADA. CBCNQ, 9625, in whack when checked Dec 25 at 1505 with Xmas music special, and also around 1915

** CHAD [and non]. Altho RNT was on 4905 the morning before, on UT Dec 25 at 0645 nothing heard there, and instead heavy QRM on 6165 with Croatia. At 0647 I was getting African music mixing with talk. At 0655 Croatian talk was on top and at 0657 a song sung by a mezzo(?) soprano, perhaps the Croatian national anthem? The two signals were making a het on the boundary between audible and subaudible, maybe 20-25 Hz? Rechecked at 2230, nothing on 6165 or 4905; may have just missed the sign-off

** ETHIOPIA. 9556v making a big het on VOA Korean, 9555.0, Dec 25 at 1458 just before VOA closing at 1500, when I immediately heard ``Addis Ababa, Ethiopia`` mentioned. 1501 Arabic ID ``Huna, Sawt ---`` something, and seemingly in other languages including the word ``Demokrasi``. The signal now good and clear with nothing on 9555 to het it; with BFO I could tell it was varying slightly, sometimes below 9556 such as at 1502, but mostly on the hi side, such as at 1504. Also found the other off-frequency Ethiopian transmitter on 9704.2 or so. 


This closely matches Brian Alexander`s log on Dec 21, when R. Ethiopia was varying 9556.04 to 9556.32, but at quite a different time, 0703-0711. This is obviously the same transmitter at Gedja, which had previously been varying much closer to nominal 9560.

But it`s not R. Ethiopia programming at 1500. Aoki says it`s Voice of Democratic Alliance at 1500-1600, which in the first half hour is in Arabic on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; Tigrinya on Tuesday, Thursday [such as Dec 25] and Saturday. There must be a mistake there with both languages shown for day 3 = Tuesday.

WRTH 2009 page 492 clarifies that this is clandestine for Eritrea, with Arabic on M/W/F/Sun, Tigrinya on Tue/Thu/Sat. Confusion probably arises from WRTH starting the week on Monday, Aoki and HFCC starting the week with day 1 = Sunday. The second half of the hour is in Kunama M/W/F, Afar Tue/Thu/Sat, and on Sundays Tigrinya; // thruout is 7165, both 100 kW non-direxional

** U S A. WRMI, 9955, Thu Dec 25 at 1508 with Frecuencia al Día over jamming, unscheduled time, instead of R. Prague. Jeff White tells me their new computer playout system skipped a program, but they hope to have everything straightened out shortly

** TURKEY [and non]. 7205, best signal on 41m, Dec 25 at 1911 was playing ME music. This must have been VOT`s German service at 1830, 310 degrees from Emirler, so carrying on directly to N America. Was also hearing Greek music on 7450 which is the Makedonias service at 323 degrees from Avlis; nothing yet from VOG itself on 7475, not opening until 2000

** U S A. WBCQ, 9330-CUSB, Dec 25 at 1913 with `Sound Body` program from Christian Media Network in southern Oregon, YL pushing colloidal silver. What became of the financial show during this hour? Modulation distorted probably because of Syrian carrier on slightly different frequency. It was hard to tell, but I think WBCQ was now very slightly above 9330. Helped to turn on the BFO for proper demodulation of The Planet

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana, 13720, OK in English at 1535 Dec 27, but gone at 1552 recheck, before sign-off time 

** BIAFRA [non]. For the record, Voice of Biafra International reconfirmed Friday Dec 26 at 2029 still on WHRI 15665, tho just barely audible with backscatter echo

** CANADA. CBCNQ transmitter out of whack again, Dec 27 at 1326 when 9625 was quite distorted, and also putting out almost constant spurs matching modulation peaks, ranging 9645 to 9660 or so, worst at 9650, this time also bothering IRAN 9660, q.v. At 1333 CBC mentioned Hydro-Québec; 1516 in French and still spurring 9645 now up to 9665; see GUAM [non]. I don`t understand why this stays on the air, unlistenable on fundamental and QRMing other stations

** CHINA. 7220, Dec 27 at 1534, best signal on 41m band with music, Japanese talk, mentioned ``Peking Hoso``. Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not! During this hour only has misleading bars for CAR, RFE/RL, Vietnam and Zambia. EiBi B-08 has the answer, CRI Japanese service, 95 degrees from Jinhua at 1500-1557

** CUBA [and non]. Quite a clash on 11760, Sat Dec 27 at 1343, with Cuban music on top of RHC talk in Spanish! This turned out to be BBCWS which is now on a Cuba-binge celebrating the Revolution`s L anniversary; or as they put it, Cuba Season. This being Charlie Gillett`s World of Music, including Ernesto Lecuona, Pérez Prado and at 1353 BBC had Watermelon Man by Mongo Santamaría, 1962 post-revolution.

But whence? It`s the OMAN relay until 1400, putting a better signal than usual into here far from its target area, but favorable at 310 or 320 degrees. RHC might want to consider abandoning 11760 in the mornings, like it did 9550 due to interference. Fortunately, RHC was mostly talk, but when they too played music it was a royal mess. BBC off at 1359:30 leaving RHC almost in the clear with something weaker under with timesignal, China?

Here`s the BBCWS page for the show, where I went to listen to the whole thing without CubaRM:

** CUBA [non]. WRMI, 9955, Sat Dec 27 at 1335 in Spanish with rambling speaker, long pauses, talking about trabajadores. No jamming audible for a change, and listening for a couple minutes, I could not decide if it was political, but probably so. Sked looked up later shows Radio Cuba Libre at 13-15. Weak signal subject to fadeouts

** GUAM [non]. 9665, Dec 27 at 1516 with S Asian music, QRM from CBCNQ 9625 spur, and also weak het from perpetually off-frequency N Korea. At 1530, giveaway AWR theme and Voice of Hope ID in English, barely audible.

Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not! Only thing listed during this hour is an alleged 24-hour Brazilian. Aoki and EiBi have the answer: AWR via Wertachtal, 1500-1530 in Punjabi, 1530-1600 in Hindi.

CBC shouldn`t bother way over there, but the P`yongyang het must be worse in the target area; could it be that AWR picked this frequency unaware that NK is on it (or rather off it), since that is not in HFCC?

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, Dec 27 at 1337 with news in English, 1340 ID and commentary. Has continuous hum/buzz but not so annoying that one must tune away

** IRAN. 9660, Dec 27 at 1326 in a language with both Turkic and Slavic elements, talking about Ukraine and at 1330 about Palestine. It`s VOIRI, scheduled 13-14 in Kazakh, 30 degrees from Sirjan. With splatter/spur QRM from CBCNQ 9625; see CANADA

** LAOS [non]. WHRI, 11785, with Hmong Lao Radio Sat Dec 27 until 1459, including rustic music we always enjoy, then off the air for a semiminute, foregoing any ID or OCS, back on at 1500 for Hmong World Christian Radio,  Unclear why there would be any break between these two closely related shows from and for Hminnesota; one of them pays for 250 kW and the other for 100 kW? But 11785 is FCC-authorized only for 100 kW at 315 degrees any time between 1300 and 2300. I could not detect any difference in strength before and after 1500

** RUSSIA. Looking for Guinea on 7125, Dec 26 at 2330, heard music, but hopes dashed by Russian announcement at 2333. Most references show Russia starting at 0000. But the B-08 VOR sked from Vadim Alexeyev,

VOR Russian world service DX program editor via Michael Bethge, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews via Wolfgang Büschel shows:

Russian-IRR 2300-0000 7125 Grigoriopol MDA 500 EUR from 01 Nov

IRR is International Russian Radio, ex Russian International Radio.

No trace of Guinea underneath tho it has been reported sporadically active at various times since the coup

** U S A. Area 51 on WBCQ, 5110, Friday Dec 26 at 2350 had R. Timtron Worldwide during the first hour; 0001:30 Dec 27 into latest WORLD OF RADIO 1440; axually on about 5109.8-CUSB

** CANADA. CBCNQ, 9625, back in whack, for the moment, Dec 28 at 1458 in Sunday Edition, break promo in French. Could not hear any spurs around 9640, and 9650 occupied by another Sackville transmitter, KBSWR relay until 1459* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHAD. RNT back on 4905, Dec 28 at 0630 with sorta hilife music, 0636 enthusiastic announcer in French

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9526, was inaudible on Dec 27, but Dec 28 just caught it until 1501* ending Malay and opening English

** SUDAN [non]. Sunday Dec 28 at 1506 could only hear VOG in Greek talk on 15650; usually there is a mix with Miraya FM, via IRRS via Slovakia, which has been colliding since the beginning of B-08, and yes, scheduled 7 days a week. So has Miraya moved?

** CANADA. It`s always something awry at Sackville. 9625 remained in whack with no spurs audible, but at 1419 Dec 29, NHKWNRJ relay on 11705 was overmodulated somewhat and splattering 11680-11730

** CHAD. No sign of RNT on 4905, Dec 29 at 0600. Perhaps they were back on 6165, but nothing much there either, poor propagation

** INDONESIA. 9526, VOI, Dec 29 at 1457 poor signal hit by perpetual het from on-frequency 9525, CRI about to start English via Kashi, but Jakarta on top, at 1500 opening its own English, mentioning 11785 which they are not using at this time, 1502:30 into news headlines, but knowing I would shortly be abandoned, to avoid frustration, I stopped listening but left a receiver with BFO on 9527, to detect how long the transmitter would stay on by mistake this time: until 1511* Ron Howard, California was listening at exactly the same time, reminds us it`s really 9525.90

** MEXICO. XERTA, 4800, Dec 29 at 0601, with Mexican national anthem at local midnight. If you are not familiar with it, a good chance to hear it any night, and help locate other stations, especially on MW

** PHILIPPINES. FEBC, 9430, VG signal with unpublicized bilingual broadcast, Dec 29 at 1453 OM in American English talking about grace, another tenuous theological concept, alternating with YL in Chinese, presumably consecutive translation. Bocaue, 100 kW at 345 degrees, but could have been aimed right at US.

Then at 1504 found weaker but sufficient signal on 9400 saying Salaam Aleikum, Turkic language and only recognized an occasional foreign word such as druzhya, Bethlehem, all talk, still at 1518, but 1523 a bit of music; 1525 splatter de Brother Scare/WWRB 9385 worsening as 9400 faded some, wrapping up, 1528:30 mentioned Almatá, Kazakhstan, I think. 1530 Jesus-Saves IS, so it`s FEBC, and off at 1530:30*. Then looked up in Aoki to find it`s Uighur from Bocaue at 323 degrees. No trace of jamming, so the Chicom are not so worried about the gospel huxters as they are about the few secular or Islamic-influenced broadcasts on SW in Uighur

** RUSSIA. 6115, Dec 29 at 1443 with brief Russian axualities into Chinese voice-overs, somewhat distorted. If I were list-logging with PWBR `2009` I would have to conclude this was YFR in English via Irkutsk, but unseems; instead per Aoki it`s VOR in Chinese via Khabarovsk

** SEYCHELLES [non]. Just above big signal from Turkey 12035, found English preaching with British accent on 12045, Dec 29 at 1422, mentioning believers, femininity. S9 +12 on the meter, but quite undermodulated, and flutter. 1428 closing with a P O Box 8700 address somewhere in India, and separate FEBA address. 1429:30 IS and off, but back on a few sex later, much weaker with tone or het.

I had just happened upon one of the rare English broadcasts from FEBA, this one via UAE, on Mondays only, and switching from 110 to 70 degrees for Urdu following, per Aoki. I`d think the UA Emir would be in trouble with his Islamic brethren for broadcasting all this Infidel stuff; but then compared to the debauchery going on in Dubai, this is small potatoes and who`s to know where it is really coming from? Heh, heh

** VENEZUELA [non]. RNV CI, 11680 via Cuba, Dec 29 at 1541-1546 had segment Contacto con los Diexistas: intro and outro in Spanish but body of program by the YL with broken English. She read report from Juan Franco Crespo in Spain (who surely wrote in Spanish), and from someone in Kanagawa, then quick explanation of SINPO and UTC, formerly ``GTM`` -- Like the hoary schedule announcements, RNV keeps running these items over and over too

** AUSTRALIA. RA still not making it on 9590, so have to try 7240 instead, UT Dec 31 at 1512, but an SSB ham was using RA as his precisely tuned BFO, which happens all too often, and would seem to be self-defeating as RA is also modulating both sidebands! Apparently, RA does not want to operate above 7300 so we`re stuck with these collisions

** AUSTRIA [and non]. Listening to the doomed SW broadcasts from here, 13730, Dec 31 at 1356 playing song in English ``There Are No Diamonds in the Mine``, then interview in German to 1400* with ID as O-E-Eins, not O-umlaut; meanwhile bothered by noises from what should be a silent carrier on 13740 as CRI relay via Habana was warming up.

Later caught what is presumably the final English SW broadcast from Austria, via Canada relay 13675, Dec 31 at 1650, all about the late Jörg Heider, to leave us with a bad taste. Sackville cut it off at 1659* sharp before the program was over, so no farewells to be heard!

If Moosbrunn SW transmissions really cease at yearend, and there does not seem to be any certain info about this, people looking for the Vienna New Year`s Concert will be disappointed. It should be live around 1000 UT Jan 1, when 6155 and 13730 have normally been on the air.

Countless public radio stations in the US carry it at a more convenient time for us, 1600 UT, some in the West delay it further, and a few play it back in the evening. See our holiday calendar at

PBS TV carries a different version in the evening as well

** CANADA. CFRX, 6070, Dec 30 at 0708 talkshow interviewing someone who had spent more than a year of solitude in Chilean Patagonia. This was a helluva lot more interesting than CVC Chile itself underneath with its gospel rock crap, and never anything about Chile. Yes, CFRX signal was way over CVC this time, tho when CFRX faded a bit, CVC came up by comparison. For a commercial CFRB show, went quite a while without ad break. Referred to website and the show was Best of Holder Tonight --- ``phones are being steam-cleaned while he`s away, so do not call``, ha ha.

But I copied it wrong, since that website goes to some guy in New Jersey, nothing about solitude in Patagonia, and he is on a book tour. The show site does not have any guest details either: – Peter Anthony Holder is normally on live at 1-3 am ET weekdays = 06-08 UT.

Here`s the guest`s correct site I searched out:

The idea of spending a year of solitude in nature rather appeals to me, altho I might choose a milder climate than Patagonia. From the part I heard, it sounded like he was completely out of contact, not even a 2-way radio

** CUBA [and non]. RHC English dumped off 6000 early, Dec 31 at 0654, while 6060 continued; but it uncovered Harold Camping on WYFR with a poor signal. Per FCC B-08, WYFR is scheduled on 6000 with the 50 kW transmitter at 181 degrees, 0500-1000, switching at 1000-1200 to 100 kW, 160 degrees. I must say I seldom notice QRM to RHC from WYFR on 6000, when they are colliding 0500-0700, but 6000 is not the best signal from RHC, 6060 and 6140 being much better

** TURKEY. VOT, 12035, Dec 31 at 1404 ending a month-by-month chronology of 2008y news events, ``The New Year Special Program``; then various music. The Letterbox normally on Wednesdays never appeared. The Dec 30 broadcast previewed the first-half-of-2009 program schedule, delaying start of Live from Turkey. I hope they now have the program schedule somewhere on the website rather than making us wait weeks for it in the P-mail

** U S A [and non]. More confusion from WRMI, 9955: the last I knew, AWR Wavescan was scheduled at 0630 UT Tuesday, but Dec 30 at 0655 I was hearing Spanish, La Rosa de Tokio hour-long DX program, at the moment mentioning LV de tu Conciencia, then wrapping up with credits; 0658 WRMI English ID, 0659 R. Prague relay in English. Jamming pulses of 3 per second but sounded different than usual, with modulated tones as well; then at least two transmitters out of sync. Lucky Czechia: at 0706 I was hearing another R. Prague relay on 6160, CBC Overnight via CKZN, no jamming.

The next night, UT Wed Dec 31, Wavescan appeared on 9955 at 0600, instead of 0615 Brigade 2506, and WORLD OF RADIO 1441 got its first airing at 0632 as scheduled; fair signal, some fading, good modulation, no jamming audible

** ALBANIA. R. Tirana has good strong signals but the modulation, I am sorry to say, is often awful and this was the case during some checks Dec 31:

7435, new frequency to Eu/NAm in Albanian, Dec 31 at 2130 very distorted, seemed like a public speech. 2208, 7435 during music also with degraded modulation.

6110, Albanian to NAm at 0018 Jan 1, terribly distorted audio and breaking up despite S9+20 signal, both music and talk. Something has to be done with their studio playback and/or studio-transmitter links, to get a clear good-fidelity signal on the air

** AUSTRIA. 6155 at 2148 Dec 31 with novelty song in German about his Weib, ending with `Oy Vey`, thrice! Hmmm, maybe it was Yiddish, and who says Austria is still anti-Semitic? Seems like a New Year`s Eve special show from a cabaret. One might have listened for Jahrwechsel at 2300 UT, except 6155 was off before 2200 in time for BBCWS hour in English.

7325 to NAm was still on at 0015 UT Jan 1, replaying the Jörg Heider retrospective I had heard earlier via Sackville. So maybe this was the final English transmission on SW

** CANADA. CHU observations before, during, and after QSY from 7335 to 7850, Dec 31, 2008:

At 1850, 7335 still running as usual. 2138, 7335 is off and 7850 is not yet on. Keep monitoring the new frequency.

*2227, 7850 carrier comes on. 2235 recheck, has already started modulating with usual timesignals, and still including the frequency change announcements at :15 past each minute. Signal is equivalent to 7335, but NO interference, which around this time had been coming from Vatican. As I outpoint in DXLD, several other utilities have been reported on or around 7850, from France, Georgia, Israel, so, fingers crossed.

2359 monitoring for the leap second, also WWV on another receiver: I had previously synched my watch, so did not need to count the 61 seconds, but sure enough, the 0000 UT January 1, 2009 pip came one second later than 2359 and earlier. Not surprisingly, CHU and WWV were exactly synchronized in this.

This meant I had to miss BBCWS at yearchange, full chime of Big Ben, which used to be a tradition. But they don`t make it easy on SW, and there`s no point in listening to timesignal events on delayed webcasts. BBCWS had been coming in OK on 9570 via Thailand, discussing fireworx in Iceland at 2355 but after 0000 CRI relay via Albania was on 9570 as usual instead, so BBCWS probably was off before 0000 anyway

** CANADA [and non]. 6100, Dec 31 at 2150, RCI in French with a rippling SAH, so maybe a couple dekaHertz away, but no other modulation audible. Most likely de SERBIA [non], also in French during this semihour

** CHAD [and non]. 4905 was active Dec 31, first noted at 2153 with French announcement, and had improved a lot by 2230, its normal sign-off, so decided to stay with RNT for the 2300 Jahrwechsel in the UT+1 zone. Was playing hilife music; 2254 announcement in French that 6 minutes were left, mixed with Arabic; 2257, `trois minutes` until the `nouvel an`, 2259 military band with lots of drumming right past 2300 with no timesignal; finally at 2300:30 to a speech in clearly enunciated French, by the leader? Still going at 2307, but 2309 military band again, 2310 announced the forthcoming `traduction en langue arabe` which lasted about as long; retuned at 2322 to hear the military band once again, probably the national anthem, and off at 2323*. Much better signal than grossly undermodulated Mauritania on 4845: big signal but barely audible with strumming at 2237

** CHINA [non]. 6145, Dec 31 at 2145 good signal with woman speaking Hungarian. I figured this was one of the few remaining R. Budapest broadcasts, but upon uplooking it, no, it`s CRI via France! How many other SW stations still broadcast in Hungarian? More than I had thought, according to the ADDX Ungarisch page: Vatican, TWR, Turkey, Croatia (R. Osijek relay), Russia, Serbia

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command, 11930, blows out a Bronx cheer to the world as it celebrates a semi-century of repression: Dec 31 at 2205 jamming pulses to which tones have now been added, despite being against nothing after R. Martí sign-off. BTW, Pres. Obama`s online advisors are voting on turning off Radio Martí permanently

** EGYPT. R. Cairo monitoring NYE produced the usual frustrations: 6255, Dec 31 at 2156 during English to Europe, YL talking undermodulatedly; 2158 several seconds of ute beeps QRMing almost like a timesignal. Modulation got even lower, but I could tell she kept talking right thru local midnight 2200 as if nothing were happening.

I quickly retuned to the Arabic frequency 6290, which as if to overcompensate, was strongly and distortedly modulated with music, soon giving way to a 10-9-8+ countdown in English! And then a timesignal which was 33.5 seconds late. So R. Cairo misled countless Egyptians [and non] about when 2009y really began. Another surprise: immediately after the timesignal played a few bars of the ``Happy Birthday`` tune, but perhaps with different Arabic lyrix.

Back to 6255 at 2239; now playing Arabic music with good modulation; 2240 undermodulated YL with a heavy accent made a very quick English announcement so I could barely catch a word except ``49 meters``, right back to music, which had apparently been put on a mechanical pause button, because it restarted off-speed rather than cleanly. This continued until 2245, into usual post-transmission tone test.

6850, brief check of R. Cairo`s English to NAm, Dec 31 at 2350, S9+20 signal but talk just barely modulated. O, the futility!

** GREECE. Sounds like the Greeks were having a NYE party too: VOG, 7475, Dec 31 at 2207 piano music punxuated by kazoo, sirens, the latter with an unfortunate connotation these weeks; different program on 7450

** GUINEA [non]. During my NYE monitoring Dec 31, checked 7125 several times. At 2154 nothing there, no carrier audible. 2319 nothing there either altho Russia was audible this early previous days, and now Romania was making it on 7105. 2354 still nothing on 7125, but at 0016 Jan 1 Russia/Pridnestrovye had finally come on with rock beat music

** NIGERIA. VON is another station which might have had a NY celebration at 2300 UT Dec 31; 7255 carrier was still on at 2259, but I had too much else to monitor at the same time

** OKLAHOMA. My local KCRC 1390 Enid has an intermittent harmonic problem. Looking for NYE pirates, Dec 31 at 2314 instead heard distorted ad for Walgreens and ESPN Radio, on 6950, the fifth harmonic of // 1390. But it was gone at next check a few minutes later, nor heard on x 4 = 5560 where I recently had it too

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 6175, Dec 31 at 2146 had Brother Scare mixing with something in French. B.S. is via Wertachtal, 100 kW, 300 degrees to W Europe at 21-22, while French is RFI, 500 kW, 204 degrees to W Africa at 21-22, but The Overcomer increases to 20-22 from Jan 1. No doubt some frequency managers rationalize this as a good share to different target areas even tho transmitted from adjacent countries. We can only hope that Brother Scare is getting the worst of the collision; the 5:1 power ratio should help

** SPAIN. REE NYE monitoring: 9640, Dec 31 at 2211 talking about uvas gordas, rock classics in Spanish; also on // 7275 at 2227. For the 2300 Jahrwechsel, I was going to try to monitor this with one ear and Chad with the other, but 9640 went into sign-off announcement at 2255, saying we could keep listening on Intelsat (sorry, don`t have one handy), and would resume in 3 minutes on 6125, 9620, 11680 and 9535 to America. This hour from 2200 had also been to Africa on 5250, it sounded like they said, but must have meant 7270 per skeds. I then tuned to 6125 and found it already on the air with programming, but fluttery and much inferior to 9640 while 9535 was running the IS.

At 2300 could hear full strike of some clock on 6125. At 2320 I noticed that 7275 was still on the air, so maybe it was unimpeded at hourtop (yeartop) had I been listening to it; also audible on 9620 and better 9535 now with big band music, playing novelty song in Spanish, then sounded like an antique record with `boogie` lyrix, which I take not to be pure Castilian. 2327 ``Mambo Rock`` with English lyrix, 2336 a cowboy love song. 0005 UT Jan 1, 9535 still going with more novelty songs including mock-Hawaiian, Spike Jones? Hawaiian War Chant, 0010 Royal Victorian Calypso; 0020 still calypso, 0028 a cowboy yodel song in English. Mentioned several times that this show was from Radio 3, also on Radio 5 and REE until 3 am local, or was it 2 am. Some quite entertaining music, and not what you expect from Madrid

** UKRAINE. Wondering if RUI is still on the air in 2009? Jan 1 at 0014 good on 7440 in Ukrainian, but inaudible on 9785 if extra frequency to SAm is still airborne; could well be, usually above MUF

** U S A. WBCQ, 15420, Wed Dec 31 at 2220 with new WORLD OF RADIO 1441 in progress; very slightly off-frequency per BFO-stepping but nothing to het it. The 2000 broadcast on 7415 contained an old show from September; perhaps 1441 will appear this week on Thursday at 2000, as well as 0030 UT Friday on 7415

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. 6300, R. Nacional de la RASD, good in Spanish shortly after 2300 Dec 31, and at 2351 recheck during music; intermittent ute pulse QRM. Another one I wish I could have monitored at imminent Jahrwechsel, but trumped by a leap second. Where to find this in the WRTH 2009? Not under ALGERIA, MOROCCO, or WESTERN SAHARA in the domestic or international sexions, but on page 498 of C&OT under W


You don’t Need a Weatherman…


No weather band DX this month

The Visible Universe


No TV DX this month


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN


AM radio goes live in Valley

by Lori Tipton

Friday, December 12, 2008

WASILLA, Alaska -- A new radio station has hit the airwaves in the Mat-Su Valley, much to the chagrin of neighbors who live near the radio tower.

The new, 1,000-watt station -- 1430 AM -- has been up and running since Wednesday afternoon.

Spirit of Alaska broadcasting, which owns KMBQ-FM, has successfully installed a new AM radio tower near Cottonwood Creek. The broadcasting company received its FCC license Friday.

It's the first-ever AM radio station based in Wasilla. But it didn't come easy.

The station's owner, John Klapperich, said he almost missed the deadline to get the license because of a delay building the tower caused by his neighbors.

In mid-October, Klapperich hit a road block when his neighbors built a barricade on the road to his property.

Even though it's a Mat-Su Borough road, the road wasn't built where it was supposed to be and actually runs across private property.

The neighbors say they oppose the tower because it sits on wetlands.

"The bottom line is get your tower up, make your money, it doesn't matter what you do to the people around you," said neighbor Bonnye Matthews.

And both Matthews and Barry Wise fear the health effects of the radio waves.

Matthews says when she expressed that concern to Klapperich, he didn't seem to care.

"His response to me was, ‘If I can't build my tower, then I'll sell it to somebody else who will build one with a stronger signal,'" she said.

But Klapperich said research showed he was not harming anyone's health. So he went ahead with construction.

Klapperich and six others worked nearly two weeks to install the tower.

"The entire project was put in by hand, Flintstone technology, literally," Klapperich said.

The crew manually piled a 750-pound piece of steel into the ground and used a pulley system to get the tower up.

The neighbors say they will continue to fight Klapperich by contacting state and federal agencies.

But because the FCC has approved his license, Klapperich says it's a done deal.

"I'd like to think it was the best for the community, the neighbors, and Mother Earth, if I may," he said.

Whether Valley residents like it or not, KMBQ-FM can now also be heard on the AM dial.

"We're simulcasting KMBQ-FM until we design some new, local-originated programming," Klapperich said.

Contact Lori Tipton at


Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI


While my back was turned (within the last month or so) k-love started a translator on 104.7 from Warwick R.I. . This knocks out WOCN Orleans Mass which would in with ANY slight enhancement and even on most consumer grade equipment. a better choice would have been 104.3 although that is a good open channel for summertime e-skip. Here is the translator ID.

w284ba (WKTL) 104.7 it is repeating K-Love from Dartmouth Mass.


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Federal Communications Commission 

445 12th St., S.W. 

Washington, D.C. 20554 

 News media information 202/418-0500 

Fax-On-Demand 202/418-2830 







Report No. 513 Media Bureau Call Sign Actions December 17, 2008 



During the period from Sep 13, 2008 to Dec 10, 2008 the Commission accepted applications to assign call signs to, or change the call signs of the following broadcast stations. 



New or Modified Call Signs


Call Sign     City State       Former Call Sign 

KXZK FM          LORDSBURG NM      New 


WFIZ FM        ODESSA NY         WFLR-FM 


WJJB-FM       GRAY ME           WLOB-FM 





KMRR FM       REXBURG ID        New

KVSD FM       WASTA SD          New 

WKRI FM       COKESBURY SC      New 


KGNY FM       DIXON MO          New 



WFJS AM        TRENTON NJ        WBUD 


WVVB FM        HOOVER AL         WENN 

WXYP FM        LUDINGTON MI      New 


KPSS FM       BROKEN BOW  NE    New 

KUBJ FM        BRENHAM TX        KBEX 




KHRO AM        EL PASO TX         KSVE 

KMUZ FM       TURNER OR         New 

KSVE AM       EL PASO TX             KHRO 


KCNP FM        ADA OK            KTGS 





WGRH FM       HINCKLEY MN       New 

WIRC FM       ELY MN            New 

WXRN FM       WARREN CT         New 

WZAE FM       WADLEY GA         New 

KLEP FM       DUBOIS WY         New 






WAYU FM        STEELE AL         New 


WPEI FM        SACO ME           WRED-FM 

KHDE-LP       LARAMIE WY        K25IE 


KPVE-LP       CARRARA NV        K30IG 

KYPO-LP       TACNA AZ          K27IJ 

KZAB-LP       ABILENE TX        K46IG 

KBIJ FM        GUYMON OK         KRBG 



KYRT FM        MASON TX          New 






KLOJ FM        GLENNALLEN AK      New 





WFYX FM        WALPOLE NH         WPLY-FM 

WRJJ FM        CENTER KY          New 

WVYN FM        BLUFORD IL         New 




WGZS FM         CLOQUET MN         New 





KVDC FM        DODGE CITY KS      New 


WQMB-LP        COLUMBUS GA        W36DQ 

WQMK-LP       OPELIKA AL         W18CD 

KCKV FM        KIRKSVILLE MO      New 


WANH FM        LACONIA NH         New 

WNMP FM        MARLINTON WV       New 



KWCB FM        GRAFORD TX         New 


KZLS FM        MUSTANG OK         KNID 

KQNY FM        QUINCY CA          New 

KSRL-LP       SANTA ROSA NM      New 

KSVU FM        HAMILTON WA        New 


WLSZ FM        KEY WEST FL        WRTH 



KWYD FM        PARMA ID           KMXM 

KINV FM        ENDERLIN ND        New


WHJL FM        MERRILL WI         New 

KORV FM        ASHLAND OR         New 






WCPY FM        DEKALB IL          WDEK 

WJQS AM        JACKSON MS         WKXI 

WMHU FM        COLD BROOK NY      New 

KBAV-LP        COOS BAY OR        KBAE-LP 

KBSG-FM        GLENOMA WA         New 







WGBQ FM        LYNCHBURG TN       New 


WWWB-LP           LIVINGSTON TN      W25DP 

KGLB AM        ST. PETER MN       KRBI 




WIVL FM        JASPER GA          WNEE 




WRIQ FM        LEXINGTON VA       New 

KHIH FM        HUGO CO            New 

KLXL FM        WHEELER TX         New 


WAVQ FM        AURORA NC          WSTK 

WURN AM        KENDALL FL         WRHB 

KGCN FM        ROSWELL NM         KELT 


KPKO FM        PECOS TX           New 

KUDI FM        CHOTEAU MT         New 




KCBE FM        NAPEAGUE NY        New 

KCBG FM        BROADUS MT         New 

KRKP FM        LEAKEY TX          New 

KXZS FM        WALL SD            New 

KXZT FM        NEWELL SD          New 

KZUW FM        RELIANCE WY        New 






WKTI AM        POWELL TN          WQBB 


WNGY FM        LAYTON FL          WKTT 

WRWV FM        SAINT MARYS PA     New 


KALN FM        DEXTER NM          New 

KHAA FM        ORLEANS CA         New 

KKOO FM        RAYNE LA           KBEB-FM 

WUPN FM        PARADISE MI        New 

KLXM FM        CLAYTON NM         New 

WGRL FM        FREDERIC MI        New 

KMBV FM        VALENTINE NE       New 

KMHB FM        SEWARD NE          New 

KWSR FM        CLE ELUM WA        New 


WSIS FM        RIVERSIDE MI       New 




WRSN FM        LEBANON TN         New 






WCYQ FM        KARNS TN           WMYU 

WRYS FM        GRAYSON KY       New 

KGTD-LP       UVALDE TX          KABC-LP 



KONZ FM        RILEY KS           New 

WLNF FM        RAPIDS NY          New 


KAIS FM        JUNEAU AK          KORB 

KHWD FM        WIGGINS CO         New 

KORB FM        HOPLAND CA         KAIS 

KZWD FM        BENNETT CO         New 

WJBP FM        RED BANK TN        WAWL-FM 






KCWH FM        WEED CA            KNTK 





KYRN FM        SOCORRO NM         New 

KJHL FM        BOISE CITY OK      New 


WGCP FM        CADILLAC MI        New 

WLRI-LP       GAP PA             WRLY-LP 

WRKP-LP       KEY WEST FL        W42DQ 






KLXO FM        BEAVER OK          KOLX 


                          -F C C- 


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