December 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 12



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Testing, Testing… We have an announcement of a DX test upcoming from WGGH!


Its time for High School basketball and just like football the  “FCC STA” for small towns who leave the station on high power and day pattern to get the signal for their HS BKB team to be heard far and wide. For sports DXers, there is NFL playoffs, Hockey, BKB from pro and college are all over the air.


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Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz, the ABDX crew.



Table of Contents


The Broadcast Band – AM                                               2


Down In The Basement – LW                                         15


The Whole Earth – HF/SW                                               19


The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM                              73


The Visible Universe – TV                                                75


Nuthin’ But Net – Net Video and Audio                        75


You Don’t Need a Weatherman – Weather Band       78


Extra, Extra – News                                                           79


Bargain Barn – Sale Items                                               82


Show And Tell – Review of New Toys                          82


Testing, Testing… - Upcoming Tests                           82


Call Sign Changes – From the FCC                              83


I Got The Bird – Satellite                                                   83


The Broadcast Band


Byron Johnson – Roseville, MI

Kenwood TS-450S, indoor 34 in sq Litz loop


MW sure has been great the last few nights: heard:

850 KOA Denver Co S-7 at 0001 EST  12-08-09. also heard them two nights ago from 2350 to 0030. KOA is about 1150 miles from here. as the vulture flys.

the last few weeks have been amazing:

690 WOKV Jacksonville Fl

750 WSB Atlanta Ga

790 KFGO Fargo ND

820 WBAP Fort Worth Tx

870 WWL New Orleans La

940 WCPC Houston Ms

990 CBW Winnipeg Manitoba

1170 KFAQ Tulsa Ok

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City Ok

and the Canadian stations on 530 sound like they've raised their power, should be able to get an ID soon. I'm beginning to appreciate the bottom of the solar cycle i'm up to 30 states heard


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Perseus SDR with 2 Wellbrook ALA1530 Outdoor Broadband Loops



WKRC 550 Cincinnati OH with KRC mentions and local ads into Michael Savage at 0208 UTC.


Bob Carter – Utica, NY

Receiver, Antenna


** U S A. *** NEWSFLASH - WAMC's Mt. Greylock transmitter is is back on the air. WAMC FM 90.3: Was off the air for several hours on 11/30/09 due to a scheduled power outage by National Grid. Power has been restored and so has our signal. Thanks for your patience.

Overnight in the wee hours of 12/03/09 (Thursday), a friend of mine on the way home from work, caught WRUN 1150 on the air again with frequent "WRUN, Utica" IDs and what amounted to automated light adult contemporary and instrumentals.

The new owner is DIGITAL RADIO BROADCASTING, INC. There is a CP to change WRUN from 5kw day 3 tower DA, 1kw night 5 tower DA to 4kw day 4 tower DA, 370 watts night 4 tower DA and change the city of license from Utica NY to nearby New Hartford NY.  The COL change is a result of the change in power and pattern as the present city grade signal will no longer fall over the city of Utica.

WRUN-AM 1150 isn't gone, it is just going through some major changes.


WIZR-930 Johnstown NY still on and has been on day power at night all week.

Playing a mix of Hot AC and Christmas music. Station is IDing as 'B 95 point 5.

WIZR-AM 930 has been dark and is suspected to be on only to preserve the license.

Catch it while you can.


Steve Ponder – Clear Lake, TX

Sangean DT400W


880 kHz  WCBS  NY  New York City - 0004 EST with local news, weather

forecast, several items about the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority),

and a good ID at 0007 EST - "880 WCBS News and Weather."  Surprised to

hear this one, since KRVN Lexington, NE, had a strong signal, too!  I

continue to be amazed by this little radio!


Powell Way III – Silverstreet, SC

2006 Ford Ranger radio or as listed


1540   KXEL   IA  Waterloo  19:30 hours.... bubbled up momentarily over the jumble with "KXEL"  Newberry, SC in 2006 Ranger with aftermarket Kenwood radio  12/02/2009 PEW - SC

Friday morning  December 4, 2009,   woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep.  The new Grundig G3:

1320  WHIE  GA  Griffin,  talking about HS playoff games  7:11 AM

1320  WBOB  FL  Jacksonville,  Talking about USF games up and over WHIE  7:20 AM

690   WOKV  FL  Jacksonville,  doing JAX weather and traffic....   7:26 AM

940  WMAC  GA  Macon local break  7:30 AM

960  WRFC  GA  Athens,  with local Athens Football promo  7:31 AM

970  WVOP  GA  Vidalia,  with talk about Home for the Holidays even Vidalia animal sheter 7:35 AM

1150  WCRK  TN  Morristown,  local news and events around Morristown 7:39 AM

1500  WDPC  GA  Dallas   with PSA for Atlanta Men's  Homeless shelter ....  7:59 AM

1470  WRGA  GA  Rome  with WRGA. COM promo, TOH ID and then ABC news 8:00 AM

1300 WNQM  TN  Nashville,  Love worth Finding.... + WNQM micro ID.   8:04 AM  


John Callarman – Krum,  TX

Car Radio



As I was on my way to a basketball game Friday afternoon around sunset, tuning around the dial, I got a surge from a country music station on 1510 briefly atop dominant WLAC, just in time to hear it identify as "All New Classic Country 1190, (and call sounded like KGTC)." Not sure how I could have heard QQ as GT, but I really wasn't paying that much attention.

 John Tudenham relays a note from Eric Buenaman that the 1190 St. Louis area station has changed CoL to University City, and call to KQQZ, relaying WQQW, Highland IL on 1510, which also plans a move closer to St. Louis. Annct I heard indicates that WQQW relays KQQZ.


Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

Car radio



I have done very little DXing lately, because I am so busy with work, and even DXing from the car is tough due to really bad tire static. 

This morning I figured I'd give it another try on my way in to work, since it was raining (which kills the tire static) and since we're in those short days that seem to produce nice morning conditions. 

I was correct.  KOMO-1000 (a reliable nighttime regular) was in fairly strong, and on 1350, KTIK was in nicely at first, but later started mixing with KSRO, which is usually dominant.  I don't get to hear KTIK very often so that was a nice treat, especially considering that it was after 8:00 AM here, well after sunrise. 

Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Sangean PR-D5



The Dog had us up early this morning, and while laying in bed, with the Sangean PR-D5 sitting on 780, suddenly the frequency went quiet, and then “God Save The Queen” was playing like a local, then a sign on announcement, then after a few prayers on to Christmas music. They were in strong for at least 10 minutes, until WBBM came back and took over. Sign on was at 4:30 am, and that was interesting, but anyway, it woke me up, for sure. 

This is a new one for me. It’s not surprising that I eventually heard them, but how strong it was, made me wake up from my semi-sleepy state. I mean, the frequency got almost silent when they flipped the carrier on. 

I then spun the dial, and heard Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and then went to 740, where Toronto was like a local too. They are not a regular, and even more rare, that they are strong here. 

For sure, a weird, but Interesting morning. Goes to show, you never know what you can hear until you try…..


Bruce Winkleman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 and Quantum Phaser


On a frigid morning drive, found my local 1430-KTBZ off at 0810-0830CST 10DEC09. KRGI Grand Island, NE dominating most of the drive with weather, local ads and comments about community events. During fades, heard a couple of mentions of area code 713 so presume this was KCOH Houston, TX. Not sure when KTBZ went off the air or came back on but

they were back on this evening on the drive home around 1745CST.

Not really a surprise but found a strong OC on 1120 on the drive home as well with only traces of KMOX underneath. Almost surely KEOR.


James Kearman – Stuart. FL

Homebrew solid state regen and indoor ferrite loop



If anyone is listening on 1680 right now -- 0120 UTC -- WOKB is playing Carib-Reggae music w/F ann w/lively Carib-English accent.


The Florida Panhandle is some 400 miles from me, and in a different time zone, so I was doubly lucky tonight.

2352Z 1370 WCOA Pensacola FL Local ads with local area code phone nrs then....

2357Z 1370 KFRO Lakeview TX with ID, then back into the mud.


0140Z 1140 WKCM, Hawesville, KY. Faint C&W music, strong enough at 0140Z to copy ID. New.


0725Z 1170 "Oldies 1170 and 104.9." I assume the FM refers to KBOB. 60s and 70s Oldies format.


Bogdan Chiochiu – Montreal, OC

Sanyo MCD S830


1310 WORC Worchester, MA "Power Trece-Diez" DEC 12 1940 EST - man announcing in Spanish they have the best salsa, merengue, bachata, raeggetón and Freestyle classics (Latin Freestyle Dance Music - Bogdan) of all the time and to come up and party at a nightclub playing the same type of music as on "Power Trece-Diez". Heard while driving toward a help center for becoming a radio jock and overpowering semi-local CIWW in Ottawa, ON. I think CIWW is using their required nighttime pattern, while WORC Massachussets is sending out their 1 kW daytime power instead of their nighttime power which is a lot LESS than 1 kW and which would sent less signal our way and less signal in the way of CIWW too ! (BC-QC) 

1340 unID "WSPJ Storm Center forecast" DEC 21 1540 EST - Heard several call IDs as "WSPJ", but Google makes something on 1400 as WSPG or WSPJ and nothing on 1340. QRMing semi-local WIRY in Plattsburg, NY as the local "graveyarders" are starting to make this frequency a real mess. Any ideas ? I think the minute I will have an AM Stereo receiver I will give North American short-haul domestic DX more attention, as I'm YET to hear FOR REAL something in Stereo on a broadcast band other than the FM one (ultrashortwaves in Romanian or "unde ultrascurte") ! WSTJ St. Johnsbury, VT ? Where are they located ? Are they further than Newport, Burlington or Montpellier for a real not-that-short-skip DX challenge ? Ore are they another run of the mil catche ? Maybe they are in the Rutland area which would be NICE ! (BC-QC)

 1340 WSTJ St. Johnsbury, VT DEC 21 1553 EST - finally IDed. NEW ! Wow ! It's been a long time since I gave up on North American short-skip DXing, but hearing endlessly the same TAs and Latins is certainly making me want to try a new kind of DX, so here it is. This is perphaps my closest unheard ! (BC-QC)

612 MOROCCO   RTM, Sebaa-Aioun DEC 19 2302 (tentative) - Tentatively them with a fair-strength TA het on the high-side of megapest CHNC-610. Too much CHNC splatter to get ANY audio. Unfortunatly, they don't seem to know when to unplug their mediumwave transmitter in order to allow adjacent channel Morocco to get through ! That being said, the rising solar activity probably won't allow our dearly ionosphere to skip through the ever-normal "mid-winter anomaly" either which harms east-west Trans-Atlantic paths. (Chiochiu-QC)

550 VENEZUELA   YVKE, Mundial, Caracas, DF DEC 20 0632 UTC - Px of trad YV mx w/ W host that announced an UN SOLO PUEBLO song was about to begin which is exactly what happened. Played an even mixture of joropos and gaitas. Very good at times, but with flutter due to slightly weaker domestics coming in behind at the same time (mostly WEVD and the Rhode Island Disney station). SINPO 43523-2. (Chiochiu-QC)

 555 ST KITTS   ZIZ, Basseterre DEC 21 0856 UTC - Dude taking call from his listeners and talking with them. He talked with one of them about global cooling saying the temperatures will drop from 20 to 17, to 15, to 10 and then to 7 ! Very interesting chatter... The break in the chatter was used to insert some gospel and calypso mx selections, included a Xmas-related calypso. Huge signal, mostly in, with a nice and clean good signal strength. SINPO 44534 (Chiochiu-QC) 

570 CUBA   CMDC, Radio Reloj, Pilón DEC 20 0502 UTC - clock ticks behind megapest WSYR and semi-regular WMCA. I didn't had the patience enough to wait for the RR morse code IDs though. SINPO 21522. Happily, I found a way to tune the PK passive AM loop in order to totally avoid the computer growl hammering the low-side of this channel. (Chiochiu-580 PUERTO RICO   WKAQ, Radio Reloj, San Juan DEC 20 0503 UTC - a completly different format than the news/time station logged the previous minute on the previous channel. Heard with health issues px, about food and alcohol. Very strong, atop domestics. SINPO 44544. Semi-regular here. (Chiochiu-QC) 

600 CUBA   CMKV, Radio Rebelde, Urbano Norrís DEC 20 0511 - Cuban salsa dura slightly over WICC in CKAT (North Bay, ON) null, but mostly inaudible with WICC (Bridgeport, CT) overwhelmingly strong...and WICC is officially in C-Quam stereo, so since it is often stronger than co-channel Radio Rebelde, its C-quam signal might reach the Montreal area, who knows ? (Chiochiu-QC) 

610 CUBA   CMAN, Radio Rebelde, Bahía Honda DEC 20 0511 - Cuban salsa music under WIP in null of megapest CHNC New Carlisle, Gaspésie, QC. Rare ! (Chiochiu-QC) 

750 VENEZUELA   YVKS, RCR, Caracas, DF DEC 21 2320 - Ad for a restaurant with chicken meals. Huge / very good, totally killing WSB Atlanta also on 750 AM ! (Chiochiu-QC)  

760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ, RCN Cadena Basíca, Barranquilla DEC 20 0248 UTC - Cumbia music sample, followed by a vallenato one, then the follow-up of an interview in Spanish. Good signal, but in a tricky null of megapest WJR in Detroit, MI and a slight amount of splatter from huge WABC-NYC on 770, but more out than in. SINPO 43522 (Chiochiu-QC) 

780 VENEZUELA   YVNM, Radio Coro, Coro, Falcón DEC 20 0628 UTC - an upbeat mainstream merengue song followed by station promos and a brand new canned ID. Fair with some local splatter from overmodulated CJAD-800. WABC-770 was splattering less than usual, even though it was local-like, maybe the structure of its signal was different. SINPO 34322. DEC 21 2249 UTC - fading up with transmitter-site sunset with canned ID "...señal de Radio Coro" then "El Burrito Sabanero" by Hugo Lopez which is a wild blend of tropical cumbia and traditionnal música llanera I've downloaded several years ago. Hugo Lopez was a Venezuelan harp genius, having learned perfectly to play that instrument the day he received it as a gift ! SINPO 33221, but my earliest reception of them ! One of my dreams and favorite hobbies-whithin-a-hobby is/was to hear early fade-ins of Latins or Caribbean signals in the 4PM to 6PM time slot during the winter when sunset is slightly BEFORE 6PM in order to enjoy some highly intriguing challenge ! isn't working right now, so mediumwave DXing is the only way to get in touch with this Venezuelan station. (Chiochiu-QC) 

910 VENEZUELA   YVRQ, RQ-910, Caracas, DF DEC 20 0644 UTC - another one playing música llanera and something I haven't listened to in a big while. Poor, but nice signal, nevertheless and quite clear... SINPO 25532. The Connecticut tropical CHR Spanish station "La Mega" seems to have learned to drop power at sunset, as required by the Federal Communications Commission. No sign of Cuba either, which is dominant on 910 usually (playing cha-cha-cha when propagating here) when and while WTAG La Mega respects his nighttime power pattern. (Chiochiu-QC)


Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

Panasonic  RF-2200 (MW)


1120    KENN  Roy , UT  1555-1605   Christmas music to clear ID by male "KENN Roy-Ogden-Salt Lake City". into SRN News at TOH. interesting that this is pretty late in the day for them - 1600 UT here is  9:00A.  still barely audible at 1630 recheck ; gone after. (  * 12/7  Barton-AZ)

1310     KFKA  Greeley , CO  0930  local spots , 2 clear IDs by male, to Mike Gallagher, more discussion of wot else?....Tiger.  Very strong and alone on the channel.  (12/6  Barton-AZ)

1100   KNZZ   Grand Junction, CO  0300   Heard underneath of local KFNX talk show  , unintelligible at 0250 to TOH. heard ID perfectly at TOH while talk show went on w/o ID on KFNX.  (12/8  Barton-AZ)

1260  KTRC Santa Fe, NM  02:00 / 0900 UTC "1260-KTRC" bubbled up out of the mumble jumble. silence, then signal suddenly ramped up to S-9 with talk host "Jack" interviewing US soldiers re: Afghanistan. Held that level for good half hour. (12/9   Barton-AZ)

1260   KSFB  San Francisco , CA   3:00 / 1000 UTC   Fading in and out much of early morning with local spots and Catholic Programming .   (12/9  Barton-AZ)

1640    KDIA  Vallejo , CA   4:23 AM / 1123 UTC long sermon to ID : "on AM 1640 , KDIA", by male. a non-profit spot where minister introduces "my friend, Dr. Gene Scott", followed by short announcement by Dr. Gene himself.  have heard MORE of him

since his death than before it seems. (12/10 Barton-AZ)

1260  KGIL  Beverly Hills , CA  1629 / 2329 UTC  adult standards and old Christmas music with big-band accompaniment , ID by male " on Retro

1260".  very strong for a moment, then was gone making a few reappearances between 2330-2400, but never strong as at BOH. 1260  KGIL  Beverly Hills , CA  1629 / 2329 UTC  adult standards and old Christmas music with big-band accompaniment , ID by male " on Retro

1260".  very strong for a moment, then was gone making a few reappearances between 2330-2400, but never strong as at BOH. first time heard so early and with this new format.(12/13  Barton-AZ)

1690  KDDZ (p)  Arvada, CO 1030 blasting in with lots of "Radio Disney" IDs, no legal ID. raising meter all the way up. (12/28 Barton-AZ)

810  KGO  San Francisco, CA  1035 Ray Taliaferro show with discussion of Radical Islam. (12.28  Barton-AZ)

640   KFI  Los Angeles,CA  1125 with presumed "Coast-to-Coast" ; discussions of flying "Black Triangles" .  (12/28  Barton-AZ)

820  XEABCA  Mexicali , BN, MEX  1130  several clear BOH IDs by both OM and YL anouncers . Totally covering WBAP (that usually dominates here. (12/28  Barton,AZ)

1000   KOMO  Seattle, WA  1140  "KOMO News Radio" was first thing i heard when i dialed into the channel - so much for waiting for that ID !  KOMO heard here only off and on, so this was nice. (12/28  Barton-AZ)

1140   KYDZ  N. Las Vegas, NV 1150  with R. Disney-ish pgm. About the only thing heard here until a cupola months ago, then 4 or 5 other stations were the usual. Now they're back with huge signal today. (12/28 Barton-AZ)


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

R-390A LFE M601C active omni whip with ground addition – As Listed



A quick spin around the lower end of the MW dial here is showing up a lot of LA [Latin American] activity.  PEI's favourite LA, YVKS Caracas Venezuela, is pounding in.  710 WOR is being trashed mightly by Cuba.  And, who shot WJR?  760 is being dominated by WJR's LA rival for the frequency.


I sprayed the pots on the Quantum Phaser [QP] with Caig Cailube [now called DeOxit fader lube, IIRC].  Now the QP works great!

I just point the Wellbrook 1530 at New York City / Boston, then adjust the QP antenna pots by flicking back and forth between the Wellbrook and the LF Engineering M601C to approximately balance the levels.  Then, put the antenna to A+B, twiddle the phaser control until 1130 WBBR almost dissapears, then wait for 1130 CKWX to pop up.  And, pop up it did, informing me that flurries are falling in Vancouver BC. I tried it on 920 and was greeted with armchair copy not of pesky CKNX Wingham ON but CFRY in MB.  Right now, I'm getting armchair copy of 960 CFAC Calgary AB, listening to the Flames v. the Kings broadcast live from the Saddledome. 1010 CFRB sounds like a local.  WINS?  WINS who?  It is gone.

Earlier I was listening to Feliz Navidad on 1134 Croatia.  All the usual TAs were hammering in, until I flipped to either antenna solo, whereby only some were present and weak.

The combo of a good active whip with the Wellbrook is most impressive.

When I wear out the pots on the QP, I think I'll replace them with really good conductive plastic pots.  The QP is working so well with this antenna combo that there really is no need to upgrade.  

Now, must try for a Sakatchewan station - to work all 9 AM provinces in Canada.

So folks, if you have a QP rattling around, give it a spruce up and try it again.

I got SK!

980 CJME Regina with an ID, then into the news.  First time I've logged them at my QTH [I did get them at Priest Pond 2009 with the DGS EWE.]

Its a sweep of all 9 AM Provinces :)


11:50 AST / 0350 UTC I'm getting rolling pop music on 531 KHz, quite clear and steady.  Tough keeping 530 Cuba at bay.  To keep Cuba out of the mix, I'm using the Icom R-75 on 2.4 KHz bw USB, the R-390A on 2.2 KC bw but tuned to 532 and the Palstar R30A on 2.5 KHz bw tuned to 532 KHz.

11:55 AST / 0355 UTC I'm also getting pop music [for example Boney M Christmas music] on 207 KHz LSB on the R-75 while the two Collins filter receivers hold down the fort on 531 [actually, 532 as noted above].  Its tough slugging keeping the beacons at bay, but the ANF on the R-75 is a big help.

Just to be clear, the music is different on 207 and 531.  Similar format though - rolling pop music.


Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

Receiver, Antenna



CJEU [1670] in Gatineau QC (aka 'Radio Enfant') has finally made an appearance on 1670 today, testing with continuous music (mostly in French, and mostly sung by kids).  No IDs or announcements heard so far.  Monster signal here (transmitter is only 11 miles away, sigh) -

a new one for the log that I'd rather not have!




Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed


Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire on 12/5:

860 KKOW Pittsburg, KS 1600 with ToH ID for KKOW and KJML FM in Columbus, KS. At half time of the Pitt State Gorillas BKB game. Big signal.

1100 WZFG Dilworth, MN 12/6 0900 with ToH ID and slogan "The Flag" then into Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music. NEW!


1500 WKAX Russellville, AL 1209 with ID and into GOS MX of the country style.  NEW

1580 WVOK Oxford, AL 1238 with ID and BJ Thomas singing Precious and Few then The Letter.  

Got skywave from R. Encyclopedia out of Habana on 530 at 1303 today. Its the good DX season!

1100 WSGI  Springfield, TN 1415 with WX and then Rockin Round the Christmas Tree.

1190 WEUV Moulton, AL 1420 with ad for a dance party sponsored by WEUV, UC/Motown stuff

1200 KYOO Bolivar, MO 1418 with a stopset of Missouri ads.

1200 WBCE Wickliffe, KY 1430 with GOS MX and stopset

Heard in a gold 2004 Saturn Vue going to Piggly Wiggly...

540 WAUK Milwaukee, WI 1911 with ID and into Marquette basketball. This definitely is the first time for this one.

540 XEWA San Luis Potosi, SLP, MX 12/10 2240 Monterrey Rayados v. Cruz Azul en la primera division de Mexico futbol. SS all the way and the full 150 kW is on fire with the game. They have every squirrel they can get in the cage to spin the wheel tonight. Cruz Azul is my favorite Mexican futbol team. NEW

1630 KRND Fox Farms, WY 1210 0930 playing regional Mex, a corrido and all SS. Not bad, was listening to it for about 20 minutes until fade at 0933 and KCJJ took over. NEW!

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 12/17:

900 XEW Mexico DF, MX, Mexico 2115 Making it to Tennessee with its 250 kW signal.  Slogan Doublay OO Radio into man and woman SS banter and then fade at 1922. Signal quite loud for a few minutes. NEW


750 WNDZ Portage, IN 1615 signing off and giving station info while playing Semisonic's song Closing Time. Interesting catch because my brother in law lives there. NEW


1060 WKNG Tallapoosa, GA 12/24 1615 with s/o PD and SSB. NEW

1610 XEUACH Radio Chapingo, Chapingo, MX, Mexico 1935 Buddy Holly. Rolling Stones sounds like an FM station from the 60s. Nice music. ID 1940 into G_L_O_R_I_A - Gloria! NEW

Heard in a 2004 Saturn Ion 12/26:

920 WBAA West Lafayette, IN 0800 with no ID at ToH and NPRs Weekend Edition. 0805 with weather and call letters given.

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 12/28:

690 WOKV Jacksonville, FL 0629 ICall letters then into a long stopset.  NEW!

930 WGAD Gadsden, AL 0639 ID then playing Men at Work. NEW!


W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



** OKLAHOMA. 1210, KGYN Guymon signal is still seldom at its `normal` good daytime groundwave level. Bandscan Dec 8 at a hotspot in western Enid on caradio at 1854 UT did find it audible but poorly with country music.

1120, KEOR, Catoosa-Tulsa-Sperry, Dec 8 at 1855 UT with ID only for the station it is relaying, ``KJMU, Hot 1340 The Groove`` and PSA for The 100 Black Men of Tulsa, an interventionist group. Googling that, I quickly see that there are 100 Black Men chapters all over the US and some abroad: This early, no skywave QRM from KMOX audible.

1040, on my caradio at 1857 UT Dec 8 I am getting a clear weak signal from local KGWA-960, instead of IA or TX, with local ads matching during national talkshow. Not sure if a genuine spur. I was not parked in the immediate vicinity of the transmitter site. Nor on the 10-kHz step tuner only, can I be sure it was exactly on 1040, but sounded so (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. On caradio at 2045 Dec 10 noticed steady EWTN Catholic programming on 1090, a frequency normally vacant of groundwave here daytimes, so skywave was kicking in. Call-in with an authority cluing in listeners about doctrine; can they take the Old Testament seriously as inerrant?

By 2053 I had switched to the DX-398 and it was looping NE/SW as a SAH of about 3 Hz was developing, likely caused by Little Rock a hefty acute angle apart. And the Catholic station was running about one second behind WEWN on 15610. During rest of hour, was sometimes // and sometimes not, as it must have been cutting in and out of network feed. 2100 ID as ``KESX, the station that cares``, and shortly The Lord`s Prayer.

So it`s the 3.4 kW daytimer in Excelsior Springs MO, near Kansas City, with a direxional pattern, surprise, surprise, toward the big city, main lobe about 248 degrees, so also favoring Enid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Another quick MW bandscan on the caradio at a hotspot in western Enid the afternoon of Dec 14, times UT!

1200, at 2137, skywave in, something in Spanish atop WOAI, various ads for juguetes, etc., causing slow SAH with WOAI; later mentioned ``Chicago informa … 1,200 AM``. So it`s WRTO, 10 kW, ``La Tremenda`` per NRC AM Log 2009-2010. Strangely enough, per NRC pattern book, its daytime design has a null to the SE, but plenty of signal to the SW. WOAI soon faded up overtaking it, but 1200 is hardly a ``clear channel`` any more!

540, at 2144, KWMT Ft Dodge IA, groundwave, with two or three IDs in passing during info about local events. Usually it`s a mix with KDFT, but no sign of Spanish this time; the latter off the air? If it stays off I may finally have a chance of inpulling KNMX by daytime groundwave, which ought to be possible here.

570, at 2147, usual mix of KLIF with groundwave from WNAX SD, way under but audible with SAH of about 3.5 Hz. Someone was wondering whether WNAX was running usual spex; seems so to me (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Afternoon DXing from caradio, nondirexional whip:

1660, no sign of KXTR Kansas City, but a weak 3-way SAH could be detected at 2015 UT Dec 18, presumably traces of the TX, ND and MI stations. KXTR website has referred to being off the air periodically for antenna work. It currently shows this, now outdated, so they are still not finished:


1250 Spanish and 1090 EWTN from the KC area were in well, so skywave was obviously in play, and KXTR should have been easily audible if on. I hope the `work` does not include diminishing the skywave component.

Talk on 1670 also in, no doubt WTDY Madison WI (I had also heard it Dec 17 around 1800, close to low noon at 1832 UT = 1200 LMT); and no sign of CJEU Gatineau QC.

1210, KGYN Guymon OK still ailing with very weak groundwave signal, but barely audible ``US Country`` slogan at 2020 Dec 18, SAH between two other very weak signals.

1560, at 2015 UT, our nearest groundwave station on that frequency, KOCY, 1 kW Del City (why license to this SE suburb of OKC? It was originally much further off to the SW in Chickasha as KWCO, which stood for Women`s College of Oklahoma; KOCY were heritage calls which should have stayed on 1340); now 1560 is Radio Disney, already getting heavy QRM from a skywave pileup, mainly something with a talk show. And one of them far enough off-frequency to cause a rumbling audible het (such as 30-40 Hz, maybe).

Next check at 2035 it was even worse; besides the rumbling AH, there were also a SAH of 6 Hz, and another faster SAH. So that`s at least three or four stations. At 2100, Houston-orientated sportstalk on top, obviously 50 kW KGOW ``Bellaire`` TX, but no legal ID to be heard. 2101 played PSA for and then at 2102 ID only as ``1560 The Game, happily filling the holes in your life``, which I must say is a distinctive slogan altho it leaves me cold; what holes? Is that any way to talk to a proud listener? Probably played then, since a golf ad was to follow, ha2.

Rather tight major daytime lobe is at 14 degrees, and one of the nulls at 330 degrees; we are roughly halfway between them, meaning considerably off the boresight.

This is the same station that got out widely a few months ago during a hurricane/flood emergency when running day facilities at night, and relaying news from a local TV station, KPRC `2`, as I recall. Low sun now means it gets plenty of daytime skywave propagation.

1370, rechecked again in the afternoons of Dec 17, and 18, still no groundwave signal from KGNO Dodge City KS, which used to be a daytime fringe regular here. It`s still on the books as non-direxional, day power 5 kW, an heritage station, but does it exist any more? It`s now part of a 20-station group all over Kansas, so just another cog. I should phone and inquire, 620-225-8080.

Coverage map at shows the ``0.5 mV/m`` contour extending into OK no further than Alva in Woods county, but it should be audible here over the Ogalalla aquifer with much less signal than that. Er, make that microvolts per meter; what difference does a little factor of three orders of magnitude make? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. X-band scan in the caradio afternoon of Dec 19; it`s harder and harder to find a quiet spot in Enid covering the entire MW band, with all the Xmasdex, powerline and trafficlites, but at 2052 UT I was getting a clear steady signal on 1680 with ad for a jeweler in Vicksburg MS, huh? On 1680? Then another ad for In Style hairdresser mentioning the 318 area code, which is northern LA. At 2053 ``The music you grew up with, Old School 1680 AM``. Has to be KRJO Monroe LA, which NRC AM Log 2009 says is // 1360 KBYO Tallulah LA, but it was silent as of 6/2009 and not cross-referenced to 1680. Address is same for both in Monroe, but different formats.

Tallulah is a lot closer to Vicksburg eastward on I-20. (I made the mistake of driving across LA on I-20 years ago; did they ever get it smoothed out?). Since the slogan heard on 1680 mentioned 1680, yet the 1360 transmitter would (better) serve Vicksburg, is that on the air or not, and which one is the primary station?

FCC shows KBYO with a different licensee, ``FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF TULLULAH, LOUISIANA`` altho the town is spelt Tallulah. It`s not on the 12/1/09 edition of silent AM stations:


** U S A. 1610, the only `open` MW channel in the USA, often has an annoyingly high noise level. This is partly due to the lack of any strong signals to muscle aside splash from 1600 and 1620, as well as whatever local noise sources may be radiating. Forget Anguilla, Mexico, or Canada. At 0733 Dec 21, I decided it was IBOC noise since that was also audible on 1590 despite the pileup of AM signals there. And what was on 1600? Black gospel music, no doubt the dominatrix KATZ St Louis, which runs 5 kW day and night. And yes, NRC AM Log 2009 does show it running IBOC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1120, KEOR, was licensed to Catoosa, NE of Tulsa, but as I found when I tracked down the transmitter site, it`s really in Sperry, N of Tulsa. Yet I was surprised to hear an ID Dec 22 at 2012 as ``Old School R&B, KEOR, Sperry-Tulsa, and Hot 1340, KJMU Sand Springs``. Anyhow it seems to be on the air every day now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1660, KXTR Kansas City back on the air with classical music, Dec 23 at 2039 UT check, some QRM from other skywave stations. Need more checking to decide whether KXTR`s skywave signal has been reduced.

1680, KRJO, seems a regular afternoons here with early skywave kick-in, such as Dec 23 around 2200 UT with ``Old School`` slogan IDs, references to ``The Twin Cities``, TOH ID as pertaining to Monroe-West Monroe-Bastrop, Louisiana --- but no mention of Tallulah or Vicksburg. Is this ``Old School`` stuff something new, a syndication format? I know there are some other stations using that slogan; see OKLAHOMA. Old school could mean practically anything that is not current (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. While bandscanning on the caradio for TA carriers, also happened upon KKOB, 770, Albuquerque NM, Dec 30 at 2349 UT, with 39-degree temp, ad for NYE at a casino, some guy from Oklahoma subbing for regular local talkhost; he`s normally heard on KNML-610. Topic of the moment: ABQ`s DUI policy. Some noise from WBBM 780 IBOC. This is one of the best times to hear KKOB, after sunset here but before sunset there when they go extremely direxional westward.

According to the FCC SR/SS table for KKOB coordinates:

LSS in December is 5:00 pm MST = 0000 UT. In January they gain a quarter-hour until 0015 UT.

Interesting that the *other* KKOB, the nondirexional 230 watt fill-in co-channel relay in Santa Fe, has a different sunset time in December of 4:45 pm:

FCC classifies it as an ``experimental synchronous operation``. But I suppose they don`t turn it on until the primary transmitter goes direxional a quarter-hour later. Even so, at certain places between the two cities the signals interfere with each other, and I believe someone reported they are not precisely zero-beat as one would expect.

While we are there, we see that the sunrise times are 7:00 am MST in Dec, 7:15 in Jan, i.e. 1400 and 1415 UT for both cities, when we should also have a good chance eastward if we are not too far away.

The KKOB ABQ night pattern is a classic two-tower broad cardioid with a deep null toward New York (and Enid, and less precisely, Santa Fe):



Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Perseus SDR IQ and flag / superloop antenna


1215   KALININGRAD (RUSSIA)   Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo  12Dec09 2358 - English announcement "This is the Voice of Russia World Service..we continue our transmission to North America". Frequencies and web site given, then "Great Gate of Kiev" interval signal. - Fair under UK Absolute Radio. [Black-MA]

1215   KALININGRAD (RUSSIA)   Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo  27Dec09 2100 - 2059 with "Great Gate of Kiev" bells interval signal and National Anthem at TOH. Then English announcement, "This is the Voice of Russia World Service broadcasting programs 16 hours every day of the week. You can hear news bulletins every hour on the hour with news in brief on the half hour. We also have daily and weekly features dealing with international and domestic issues. We also have programs which give you an insight to what is happening here in Russia, so tune in to the Voice of Russia World Service." Then news in English. - Fair - Good mixing with UK Absolute Radio [Black-MA]


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100 barefoot, 16” loop or 120’ BOG



Took a little walk around AM tonight, I finished a switching box for my  antennas so i can use one or both ,the BOG is able to be grounded when not in use .

7:50 central

560  WEBC '560 ESPN'  (Another ESPN station! YAWN) 5000 w class B Duluth Minn. 438 miles. It took almost an hour to get this one.

9:03 central

1700  KVNS  'Classic hit's Radio' (many good songs from the 60's- 70's here) 8,800 w day , 880 w night Class B, Brownsville Tex. 1146 miles !

12/3 1650 Khz 8:00-9:00 central

KBJD    'Radio Luz'   Spanish Christian station    10,000W Day 1,000w Night   Class B Denver Colo.    377 miles

KCNZ  'The sports station'  10,000w Day 1000w Night   Class B    Cedar Falls IA.  317 miles

12/08/09 times PM central

6:31 WIND  'News-Talk 560'  5000w  Chicago Ill.   576 miles

7:18 CKJH  'CK 750'   Greatest Hit's of Rock and Roll  25,000w Class B  Melfort Saskatchewan   771 miles  (Good tunes Here!)

8:01 WKY   'La Indonoble'  Regional Mexican  5000w  Class C  Oklahoma City Okla.  489 miles   Wiki say's this was the first station to broadcast west of the Mississippi River

8:29 KVSH  'Heart City Radio'  5000w day   19 w night Class D  Valentine Ne.  101 miles  

8:40 KMA  'Regional Radio'  5000w Class  B  Shenandoah Ia.  205 miles

10:16 KQAQ  'Classic Country Legends'  5000w day  500w night  Class B Austin Minn.  299 miles  confirmed with Web feed

10:50 KMBZ  'News Radio 980 KMBZ'  5000w  Class B  Kansas City Mo.  315 miles

Fri 5:00 central 12/13

KDDZ 'Radio Disney AM 1690' Arvada Colo. 10,000w 1000w  383 miles

Sun 7:19 PM

780 khz UNID with christmas Music ? ,trading spots with WBBM.

8:17 PM 810 WHB 'sports Radio 810' Kansas City Mo. 50,000w  5000w  314 miles

8:23 PM 800 XEROK 'Radio Canon' Ciudad Jaurez Mex. 150,000w  855 miles ,mixing with 2 others WVAL,and KQAD

8:58 PM  580 khz UNID SS


7:30 PM 1600 khz KATZ 'The new Hallelujah 1600 AM '  urban gospel class B 5000w St. Louis MO. 515 miles   Wiki says they are in HD radio

8:16 PM 980 khz  KDSJ 'Solid Gold 98' Class B 5000w 1000w  Deadwood S.D. 287 miles  , Probably on day power ,with a Girls B Ball Game

8:31 PM 1100 khz  WTAM 'News Radio wtam 1100,The big One'  class A 50,000w Cleveland Ohio 874 miles


Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)


Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, PQ – QC

Grundig G5, PK's Shielded Mag LW Loop


177 GERMANY   Deutschlandradio Kultur DEC 23 2216 - man in German saying something sounding like "Auf Wieder Zein" (Goodbye)... Very weak, but partially readable and stronger than Medi 1 which is very threshold on 171 ! Semi-regular, but never really strong ! (Chiochiu-QC)


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Perseus SDR with 2 Wellbrook ALA 1530 Outdoor Broadband loops on rotors 


6 Dec 2009

Time    ID      Location
0751    X       Kodiak AK
0826    C       San Francisco CA
0835    D       Torshavn Faroe Islands


Freq    ID      Location        Time (UTC)
426     FTP     Fort Payne      AL      0031
515     OS      Columbus        OH      0049
521     GM      Greenville      SC      0210

13 Dec 2009


268     UBY     Bayamo  Cuba            12/13/2009      0612
268     S7      Hanover ONT     12/13/2009      0622
271     HXO     Huntsboro       NC      12/13/2009      0610
272     PFH     Philmont        NY      2/13/2009       0535
274     AKQ     Wakefield       VA      2/13/2009       0518
275     BBN     Babylon         NY      2/13/2009       0456


Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 ProII, Super Loop

Results of overnight DGPS activity over the last couple of days.

#811 286kHz - FL USA - Key West 1353 Miles
#804 286kHz - NJ USA - Sandy Hook 216 Miles
#918 286kHz - ON CAN - Wiarton 590 Miles
#942 288kHz - NL CAN - Cape Ray 675 Miles
#809 289kHz - FL USA - Cape Canaveral 1034 Miles
#806 289kHz - VA USA - Driver 472 Miles
#869 290kHz - KY USA - Louisville 840 Miles
#799 290kHz - ME USA - Penobscot 204 Miles
#788 291kHz - PA USA - Hawk Run 419 Miles
#836 292kHz - MI USA - Cheboygan 764 Miles
#778 292kHz - SC USA - Kensington 756 Miles
#841 292kHz - MN USA - Pine River 1260 Miles
#803 293kHz - NY USA - Moriches 147 Miles
#771 294kHz - NC USA - New Bern 583 Miles
#939 295kHz - NB CAN - Partridge Is 321 Miles
#843 295kHz - WV USA - St Mary's 597 Miles
#929 296kHz - QC CAN - St Jean Richelieu 297 Miles
#830 296kHz - WI USA - Wisconsin Point 1132 Miles
#792 297kHz - MS USA - Bobo 1231 Miles
#937 298kHz - NS CAN - Hartlen Point 393 Miles
#831 298kHz - MI USA - Upper Keweenaw 985 Miles
#946 299kHz - NL CAN - Rigolet 1019 Miles
#866 299kHz - OK USA - Sallisaw 1397 Miles
#813 300kHz - AL USA - Mobile Point 1270 Miles
#926 300kHz - QC CAN - Riviere Du Loop 421 Miles
#847 301kHz - MD USA - Annapolis 386 Miles
#822 301kHz - GA USA - Macon 962 Miles
#881 302kHz - CA USA - Point Loma 2635 Miles
#901 302kHz - -- PNR - Miraflores 2331 Miles
#356 302.5kHz - -- ESP - Tarifa 3427 Miles
#824 303kHz - NC USA - Greensboro 644 Miles
#816 304kHz - TX USA - Aransas Pass 1790 Miles
#777 304kHz - WI USA - Mequon 916 Miles
#782 305kHz - TN USA - Dandridge 807 Miles
#772 306kHz - MA USA - Acushnett 37 Miles
#934 307kHz - NS CAN - Fox Island 520 Miles
#825 307kHz - AL USA - Hackleburg 1128 Miles
#834 307kHz - MD USA - Hagerstown 422 Miles
#342 308kHz - -- AZR - Horta 2185 Miles
#927 309kHz - QC CAN - Lauzon 358 Miles
#835 309kHz - MI USA - Pickford 765 Miles
#870 309kHz - DE USA - Reedy Point 319 Miles
#944 310kHz - NL CAN - Cape Norman 958 Miles
#859 310kHz - NE USA - Whitney 1687 Miles
#863 311kHz - IL USA - Rock Island 1031 Miles
#340 311.5kHz - -- POR - Cabo Carvoeiro Lt 3128 Miles
#827 312kHz - FL USA - Tampa(Macdill) 1183 Miles
#935 312kHz - NS CAN - Western Head 321 Miles
#874 313kHz - MT USA - Billings 1890 Miles
#1008 313kHz - VA USA - C2CEN Portsmouth 482 Miles
#808 314kHz - FL USA - Card Sound 1274 Miles
#940 315kHz - NL CAN - Cape Race 912 Miles
#800 316kHz - ME USA - Brunswick NAS 153 Miles
#858 316kHz - WA USA - Spokane 2316 Miles
#858 317kHz - TN USA - Hartsville 929 Miles
#864 317kHz - MN USA - St Paul(Alma) 1110 Miles
#823 318kHz - TX USA - Summerfield 1806 Miles
#838 319kHz - MI USA - Detroit 664 Miles
#936 319kHz - NB CAN - Point Escuminiac 457 Miles
#818 319kHz - GA USA - Savannah 915 Miles
#865 320kHz - AL USA - Millers Ferry 1156 Miles
#882 321kHz - CA USA - Lompoc 2736 Miles
#862 322kHz - MO USA - St.Louis 1054 Miles
#839 322kHz - NY USA - Youngstown 461 Miles
#844 324kHz - NY USA - Hudson Falls 204 Miles
#851 325kHz - ND USA - Medora 1663 Miles

Some fairly good early evening Navtex TAs 15Dec09 


<20:30:06> ZCZC DE60
<20:30:09> 15 1639 UTC DEC 09
<20:30:15> NR
<20:30:16> ROUTINE


<20:58:41> ZCZC LB51
<20:58:43> 152025 UTC DES 09
<20:58:46> LGQ
<20:59:10>   STAVERN - LINDESNES
<20:59:32> NNNN


<21:13:36> ZCZC PA81
<21:13:42> NAVIGATIO_AL WARNING NR. 81=151_48 UOC DEC
<21:13:56> NNNN


<21:28:36> _4._+'6#__ZCZ_ JA47
<21:30:06> 152100 _TC DEC
<21:30:09> SWEDISH NAV WARN 439
<21:30:18> _5__ &433, )8&#5-BUOY IN
<21:30:22> PSN 55-46.0N 012-51.8E
<21:30:26> UNLIT.
<21:30:28> NNNN

<21:30:34> ZCZC JB89
<21:30:36> 151730 UTC DEC


<22:56:25> ZCZC RA28
<22:56:29> 151730 UTC DEC 09
<22:56:32> NAV. WARNING NR 2230/09
<22:56:39> S/V  MOA MOTO , C/S HB-Y4397,
<22:56:49> MMSI 269010000 
<22:56:52> (INM 00870773151091), 
<22:57:01> FUNCHAL, 
<22:57:07> AND IS 


<23:40:11> ZCZC WB95
<23:40:15> GREENLAND 091215 2340 UTC


<23:43:04> ZCZC WA59
<23:43:11> RNW 353/09
<23:43:14> IRELAND
<23:43:15> WEST COAST 


Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA


518 NAVTEX 12/5 1220 UTC NMC Pt Reyes CA, tuned in to a strong signal with wx and notices, off 1230.
518 NAVTEX 12/5 1230 UTC VAJ Prince Rupert BC good signal with wx, off 1240.
518 NAVTEX 12/5 1240 UTC NMO Honolulu HI, wx in fair.
518 NAVTEX 12/5 1245 UTC NMQ Long Beach CA, come on over NMO with wx and notices, tuned out at 1305.


Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

AR7030, Wellbrook 1530


8 Dec 2009

Long wave is jumping tonight.  Morrocco putting good signal into Central Texas on 171.  Others seem to be coming in as well.

Strong French program on 183 Lw.
I shouldn't have skipped that high school French class so much.
Looking for ID, should be Europe 1

I'm hearing stations on 171, 183, 189, 224 Long Wave here in Central Texas.


Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PE, Canada

Icom R75


28 Dec 2009

11:55 AST / 0355 UTC I'm also getting pop music [for example Boney M Christmas music] on 207 KHz LSB on the R-75 while the two Collins filter receivers hold down the fort on 531 [actually, 532 as noted above].  Its tough slugging keeping the beacons at bay, but the ANF on the R-75 is a big help.


The Whole Earth - HF


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

Radio Shack DX-399, Grundig G-8


15 DEC 2009

7455 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Deewa; 1829 phone interview discussion by two Men in Pashto, //7495 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7495 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Deewa; 1833 phone interview discussion by two Men in Pashto, then news and commentary, //7455 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7520 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2111 anmts by M in Farsi, then playing segments of popular Farsi songs, //7580 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7540 UKRAINE, Nikolayev, Radyoya Dengê Mezopotamya; 1837 Turkic-Asian-type instrumental music, 2055  Asian-Turkic type vocal music, 

M in Kurdish 2054 with announcements, 2055 W in Kurdish with ID, clearly heard "Mesopotamia", then gave frequencies, Martial-Instrumental NA to 2100* S/off (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7550 INDIA AIR-Delhi; 2101 EG nx by W, mention of New Delhi, ID "You are listening to the Overseas Service of All INDIA Radio", 2108 commentary by M in EG over INDIA-PAKISTAN relations  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7580 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2111 anmts by M in Farsi, then playing segments of popular Farsi songs, //7520 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

9445 INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; W in EG, //7550 playing Bollywood film favourites, one song sounds like a Bollywood version of  "My Darling Clementine" that I've heard before on Vividh Bharati-9870  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)  

22 DEC 2009

5980 TURKEY VoT, Cakirlar; 2040-2050 Middle-eastern/Turkish vocal music, talk by M in Turkish. Fair-Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)   

6180 INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; 2039 anmts by W in Hindi, Bollywood-type vocals; 2050 M in EG w/anmts, subcontinental chanting w/sitar & sliding drums. Fair-Good //7550 better. QRM from DW-Germany's Russian service (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)  

6200 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria-Plovdiv; 2042 W in GM w/anmts. Very STRONG!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)  

7285 ALBANIA China Radio International-relay, Cerrik; 2011 M in EG w/world news. Fair-Good  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

7550 INDIA AIR-Delhi; 2018 W in Hindi w/anmts, 2050 M in EG,  subcontinental chanting w/sitar & sliding drums. (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

7580 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2021 Farsi vocal music, slogan whispered "Radio Farda" //9925 better . (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

9925 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2025 Farsi vocal music,  //7580  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

23 DEC 2009

5970 ALBANIA China Radio International-relay, Cerrik;1853 M&W in FR w/anmts, playing taped reports from correspondants  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009)  

6180 INDIA AIR-Bengaluru;1844 W in EG w/nx, gave website email address and P.O. Box to send reports; Hindi Bollywood-film vocal music 1845,  Poor-Fair //7550  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009)  

6200 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria-Plovdiv; 1848 W in EG  with talk about the busines climate in Bulgaria. VG  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

7380 IRAN VoIRI,  Sirjan; 1854 M in FR w/talk, 1907 local flute music then W in FR w/anmts, VG  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

7400 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria-Plovdiv;   1857 closing anthem, 1859 "This is Radio Bulgaria"  to 1900*  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

7540 UKRAINE, Nikolayev, Radyoya Dengê Mezopotamya; 1900 M in Kurdish w/remote broadcast. 2036 W in Kurdish w/nx, cmntry. 2043 flute music and chanting by M (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009)

7550 INDIA AIR-Delhi; 2038 M&F Hindi vocalists, 2045 W in EG giving frequencies then M in EG with world news (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

24 DEC 2009

5955 PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1545 W in Vietnamese with English lesson, translating phrases from English to Vietnamese. Fair-Good  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

6195 SINGAPORE BBC relay, Kranji; 1527 Christmas church service, M in EG with sermon "Thank You to god", songs by the choir included "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", //9740 stronger. Fair-good   (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

7520  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1540 M iN EG  ending news in Special English, then "Voice of America Special English Education Report", Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9325  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1444 W in Burmese interviewing another M&W. Good!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9425  INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; 1535 subcontinental vocal music, M w/anmts in Hindi. fair-good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9520  PHILIPPINES  R. Veritas, Palauig-Zambales; M in Tamil w/anmts, brief instrumental music. Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9525.98 INDONESIA  Voi-Jakarta; 1410 news read by W in Malaysian, 1441 flute solo and then prayers القرآن‎  al qur'an. fair-good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9555 PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1442 W in EG with phrases about the Seattle Space needle translated by a M in Korean. very good  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9680  INDONESIA  RRI-Jakarta; 1418 discussion by 2 M in Indonesian, Indonesian vocal music, anmts by M in Indonesian with background music of seashell chimes which sound a bit like a xylophone. strong!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9690  INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; 1407 Hindi vocal music,  M in EG "You have been listening to Film Songs on Listeners Choice" , subcontinental vocal music, then M in EG "This is the Overseas service of All India radio" . Very Good!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9704.2 ETHIOPIA  R. Ethiopia,  Addis Ababa-Gedja; 1435 East  African vocal music,  then talk by M in presumed Amharic.  fair with severe het  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9740  SINGAPORE BBC relay, Kranji; 1432 M in EG with world news, 1536 church service with preacher & choir, //6195. VG (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9760  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang;  1430 ID "Voice of America" W in EG with world news, "Voice of America Special English Education Report" at 1540. VG (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9825  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang;  1445 discussion by two M in CH. VG (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9870 INDIA  AIR, Bengaluru "Vividh Bharati" program;  1495 traditional Hindi vocal music, Film Songs (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)


Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, QC

Sangean ATS818


9575 MOROCCO   Médi Un, Nador DEC 16 0840 UTC - Fair-good, with heavy distorted audio, with news. I think that while 171 is undermodulated, 9575 is overmodulated, not necessarily causing as much pain to my ears as the buzz tonight, but certainly making the sound very low-FI. SINPO 35542. (Chiochiu-QC) 

9935 GREECE   R.S. Makedonias Avlis DEC 5 1420 UTC - Fairly good reception with a few slops from adjacent channel powerhouses, playing contemporary Europops and Eurotrance and man with comments in an unknown indo-European language. SINPO 34343 (Chiochiu-QC) 

9580 GABON   Africa Numéro Un, Moyabi DEC 5 2132 UTC - start of the Africadanse program of contemporary African tropical grooves at an excellent level with minor choppy fadings. SINPO 55544. Better than usually here, especially at such a late time, perphaps due to a short run of solar activity on late November which still improoved shortwave reception above 9000 kHz during the first days of December ! (Chiochiu-QC)

7295 CHINA   CNR1 jammer against VOA DEC 5 1346 - Commercial sounding Asiatic station, talk in CC, never any music and sounded like a never-ending block of commercial ads. Poor-fair with flutter but nothing in the way of really deep fadings, poor overall. Occasional QRM from a ham using a nearby frequency. SINPO 23532. Best shortwave DX in a while ! Thanks to Glenn Hauser on CumbreDX for having helped me to ID these guys ! (Chiochiu-QC)


Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100


12/16 9:18 PM central Fri.

Over in the swl antenna group it was mentioned that last night Radio Cairo was copied on 6270 khz , so tonight i flipped over there and was rewarded with the time of 5:15 AM and a short report about the failed bombing on the U.S. airliner ,In English ,then into music ,not a bad signal but some fading present with a moderate noise floor , I think this is direct from Cairo Egypt? 6507 miles ! 9:30 PM signal gone.


Peter Jernakoff – Wilmington, DE



29-Dec-09 // 2159 UTC // 6180 khz. // All India Radio // Unknown power // Unknown transmitter site, India // About 12 seconds of dead air then male with "You've just heard [unintelligible] by [unintelligible]" then "This program is [unintelligible] to you from the general overseas service of All India Radio." Brief musical interlude then male again with "You're with us on the general overseas service, All India Radio. Stay tuned for the news bulletin coming up very shortly". Into news by female: "This is All India Radio with the news read by...". // Good signal bothered by adjacent channel QRM.

29-Dec-09 // 2200 UTC // 6270 khz. // Radio Cairo // Unknown power // Unknown transmitter site, Egypt // Poorly modulated female in English with news bits followed by brief musical bridges. Several intelligible mentions of Egypt in the bit that I recorded. ID per EiBi. // Fair signal with poor modulation.



Rick Barton – Cave Creek, AZ

Drake R-8 and wire or as listed


6055  SPAIN  R . Ext. d. Espana 12/3 at 00:00  s/on and into nx to 0015 when tx went off. back on 5 minutes later, but off after a minute or so. this went on for rest of what is supposed to be hour of English.  they're def having some sort of problem with transmitter from thier Nobelejas site. (Barton,AZ)

3385   INDONESIA   RRI via Timor 1320 with music pgm and male anncr BOH. vox difficult under lightning static.  (12/7   Barton-AZ)

5735  (UNID/Unknown)  1405-1415  one of Uncle Harry's "raspers" transmitting 7 dot, 1 long dash pattern. (12/7 Barton-AZ)

5875  THAILAND  BBC/ws  1415, and very strong with segment on Nebraska farmer helping Afghans improve food production techniques. (12/7 Barton-AZ)

7235  PHILIPPINES  Voice of America, 1425. female in Korean lang. and ID to news at  BOH.  (12/7  Barton-AZ)

9400   SWEDEN   Radio Sweden Intl. at 1435 and going to familiar interval signal at TOH. Not English after TOH. an exciting event to hear anything from Europe as far west as Arizona and on 31 meters in the (local) morning.   (12/7  Barton-AZ)

3912  KOREA  (p)  Voice of the People  1315  YL ijn KK to music , then male .  (12/6   Barton-AZ)

4460   CHINA  China National Radio  1330  YL in CC.(12/6 Barton-AZ)

6080    AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia at 1404 with YL rounding up regional wx ; "ABC National" IDs . good. (12/6  Barton-AZ)

5855   JAPAN   Radio Japan NHK  1405  "Michelle Yamamoto" wrapping up news, to "World Interactive" program to BOH closeof EG

px. This is better than with the Canada relay, mixing with Japan's direct bx- and the resulting (horrible) echo effect . a better way for any of you interested in casual listening to NHK.  

(12/6  Barton-AZ)

8097 (UNKNOWN/Unid.)  "MCW-5" type number station. noted 1900. have noticed an uptick of these lately . (this is a type of number station that uses modulated tones over the AM carrier, rather than CW , in a similar fashion to how NDBs xmit thier IDs).

(12/6   Barton-AZ)

11975   ANTILLES ISLANDS / BONAIRE  Voice of America (via relay) 1900 with world news. a real blowtorch today. (12/6  Barton-AZ)

3250    NORTH KOREA   KCBS  Pyongyang   1500   ID by YL at TOH and warbling soprano vocal music both before and after the Hour. stron and equal //s on 3320 and 2850. (12/8 Barton-AZ)

6350   (UNKNOWN / Unid.)  JAMMER .  1515   strong jammer tiwttering over barely audible music that is probably Echo / Voice of Hope on nominal.   (12/8  Barton-AZ)

6285    NORTH KOREA   Voice of Korea 1600  with s/on , anthem.. not good enough at this hour to discern language. (refs list it as German).  (12/8  Barton-AZ)

11775   ANGUILLA Carribean Beacon  1100 with Dr. Gene Preachin' .

more DGS overnight than PMS on my band checks, and Carribean Beacon alone on the 25m band.   (12/10  Barton-AZ)

7445   TAIWAN  Radio Taiwan Intl. 1130  Interview pgm to "Instant Noodles" with Charlie and Andrew. SIO 343  with deep fades. not as good as it has been recently, but  much better than the dark days of last year.  SWLs NOTE: this is a funny program for casual listening, recapping bizarre and off-the-wall news from Asia. who knew the Korean courts have upheld the cab drivers rights to watch TV while driving ?  (12/10  Barton-AZ)

5955  JAPAN  Radio Japan NHK   after 1300 to 1315 with opening interval signal reminding me that i had reported it the other day at 5855 in error. Glenn saw it , thank you for the reminder. (12/10  Barton-AZ)

6285  NORTH KOREA   Voice of Korea  very strong at 10:55 concluding EG bx. (12/28 Barton-AZ)

8400   CHINA  FireDrake mx jammer 1105. first of Firedrakes heard here this AM.  (12/28 Barton-AZ)

9580  AUSTRALIA  Radio Australia 1113 with pgm on internet dating. much much stronger than 9560 and 9590 //s.  9560 tx is unusually good here today, tho.  (12/28  Barton-AZ)

13770   CUBA  R. Habana Cuba at 1115 in Spanish. very strong, and alone on this band at 0415 AM (local). morning programs with a lot of "buenas dias".  (12/28  Barton-AZ)

9650  CANADA  (relay) SOUTH KOREA (via)  RKI-World  1203 with news by YL , w/o usual DPRK  QRM. not a peep of Voice of Korea here making for a great listen. (12/28  Barton-AZ)


Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV

Kaito KA1103, KA33 active loop antenna, indoor


Eton Bedside Radio DX - December 14-31, 2009

Monday 14.12.09

9765 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0704 English, OM with Nx. F signal.

11780 R. NACIONAL DA AMAZONIA at 0716 Portuguese, OM playing music. F signal.

11870 EWTN (WEWN, USA) at 0740 Spanish, OM playing music. F signal.

11760 R. HABANA CUBA at 0742 Spanish, OM playing music. F signal.

5875 BBC (via Thailand) at 1344 English, OM reporting. F signal.

6000 UNIDENTIFIED at 1348 Chinese?, OM ancr. F signal.

7255 CHINA RADIO INT at 1354-1357* Russian, OM and YL with lang lessons and Chinese music. F signal.

7410 CHINA RADIO INT at 1404 Chinese, YL ancr. Class music in bg. F signal.

7325 CHINA RADIO INT at 1410 English, OM with the Nx. F signal w/ QRM.

13820 R. MARTI (USA) at 1431 Spanish, YL playing music. F signal.

13780 R. HABANA CUBA at 1435 Spanish, OM ancr. G-VG signal.

13740 CHINA RADIO INT (via Cuba) at 1439 English, OM and YL ancrs with human interest story. G signal. // 13680 (via Sackville), G signal,

11985 V. OF AMERICA (via Germany) at 1449 English, OM ancr reporting Nx. F signal.

11940 R. ROMANIA INT at 1451 Russian, OM playing music. F signal.

11760 R. HABANA CUBA at 1452 Spanish, YL ancr with Nx. G signal.

11700 R. BULGARIA at 1454, Hrd music. F signal.

9650 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA, via Sackville) at 1457 Korean, OM ancr. F-G signal.

9610 R. CANADA INT at 1459 Chinese, OM ancr. F signal.

9455 CHINA RADIO INT at 1500 Chinese, OM ancr. F-G signal.

5055 UNIDENTIFIED (poss R. Jornal A Critica) at 1520 Portuguese, YL ancr. P-F signal.

5875 BBC (via Thailand) at 1534 English, OM ancr with the Nx. P-F signal.

6140 V. OF AMERICA (via Thailand) at 1538 Special English, YL reporting Nx. F signal.

13675 CHINA RADIO INT (via Sackville) at 1556-1600* Chinese, YL ancr. G signal.

12095 BBC (U.K.) at 1602 English, OM ancr reporting Nx. G signal.

Tuesday 15.12.09

5070 V. OF AMERICA at 1101 English, OM with Nx from ARN. G signal.

5960 CHINA RADIO INT (via Sackville) at 1103 English, OM ancr reporting Nx. F signal.

6020 R. AUSTRALIA at 1114 English, YL ancr with the Nx. F signal.

6180 R. HABANA CUBA at 1117 Spanish, OM ancr reporting Nx. F signal.

6165 R. Netherlands (via Neth. Antilles) at 1119 Spanish, YL ancr. G signal.

6285 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 1120 French, OM ancr. F signal.

7290 CHINA RADIO INT at 1125 Russian, YL ancr. G-VG signal.

7325 CHINA RADIO INT at 1136 Japanese, OM ancr. G signal.

Friday 18.12.09

7555 EWTN (WEWN, USA) at 0751 Spanish, Rel programming. 45344.

9765 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0808 English, OM ancr playing music. 45444. At 0907 hrs OM reading Nx. 55444.

9885 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Neth. Antilles) at 0811 German, YL ancr with "In Focus" prgm. 35444.

11760 R. HABANA CUBA at 0819 Spanish, OM ancr. 34343.

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 0839 English, OM ancr with the Nx. 44344.

9825 R. JAPAN at 0851 Japanese, YL and OM ancrs. At 0900 English programming with YL reading Nx. 34343.

9600 R. HABANA CUBA at 0902 Spanish, OM ancr with "Noticias." 45444.

7430 CHINA RADIO INT at 0915 Chinese, YL ancr. 55555.

Sunday 20.12.09

17850 R. EXTERIOR ESPANA (SPAIN, via Costa Rica) at 2235 Spanish, OM ancrs. 55455.

11665 R. JAPAN at 2247 Japanese, OM and YL ancrs. 44345.

9980 WWCR (USA) at 2309 English, OM ancr (Kurt Wilson) with the "Armchair Survivalist" prgm. 54444.

15250 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 2327 English, YL ancr. Talk of Venezuelan independence and its becoming a Republic in 1830. 34344.

Monday 21.12.09

9650 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA, via Sackville) at 1228 English, YL and OM ancrs. Report on various ethnic restaurants in Seoul. 55445.

9560 CHINA RADIO INT (via Sackville) at 1247 Cantonese, OM ancr. 54344.

7260 V. OF RUSSIA at 1309 Russian, YL ancr with the Nx. 55444.

9570 CHINA RADIO INT (via Cuba) at 1321 English, OM ancr reporting Nx. 44343.

Tuesday 22.12.09

6010 R. HABANA CUBA at 0550 English, YL ancr. Hrd music and talk of the Barbados International Film Festival. 54444.

5025 R. REBELDE (CUBA) at 0536 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs. 54233.

5965 R. FRANCE INT at 1015-1030* Spanish, OM ancr with the Nx. 54444.

6150 R. HABANA CUBA at 1033 Spanish, OM ancr. Hrd rap music and later what sounded like Arabic music. 45444.

7325 CHINA RADIO INT at 1056 Japanese, YL ancr. Indeginous instr music concluded Bc. 45444.

9530 V. OF AMERICA (via ) at 1125 Vietnamese, YL ancr. 34242.

9000 CHINA, Firedrake jamming at 1134. SINPO 14232.  

Thursday 24.12.09

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 1715 English, YL with special Xmas music prgm. Hrd rendition of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord." 54344.

9610 R. CANADA INT at 1733 English, YL reports on charity and sharing during the holidays. 44243.

9835 R. JAPAN at 1740 Japanese, OM ancr. Hrd Xmas incl "Happy Christmas" by John Lennon. 55445.

11975 V. OF AMERICA (unk relay site) at 1818-1830* English, OM and YL ancrs with Nx and reports. 54445.

15290 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 1919 Spanish, OM ancr. 44344.

Friday 25.12.09

5965 R. EXTERIOR ESPANA (SPAIN) at 0648 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs playing music. 43233.

Monday 28.12.09

9830 UNIDENTIFIED at 1013 language poss Portuguse, OM ancr. Hrd what sounded like soccer Nx. 55445.

9765 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 1025-1058 English, syndicated prgm "Beale Street Caravan" w/ RNZI host David "Ned" Knowles. Hrd live recorded concert music by Mary Wilson (of the Surpremes) singing "I'll Take You There," "Chain of Fools," and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." Then songs by Michael "The Iron Man" Burks. 45444.

Tuesday 29.12.09

9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 0910 English, OM ancr with talk & music. Hrd "Nights in White Satin" by  the Moody Blues. 54344.

9765 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0917 English, OM ancr. "Summer Report" on cockles and shellfish in New Zealand. 45545.

Thursday 31.12.09

9600 CHINA RADIO INT at 1635-1657* English, OM ancr hosting "Voices From Other Lands" prgm followed by reading of some New Years resolutions. Bc concluded with Chinese lang lesson. 54344.


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

Eton E1 and 150 foot wire


Heard on a Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 12/12:

5900 R. Bulgaria Plovdiv, Bulgaria 0053 EE and into Christmas music.

6020 R. China International 0123 with WX RPT for various cities in China.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire 12/13:

6165 R. Nederland 0300 Bonaire, Netherland Antilles with SS news after ToH ID.

9690 China Radio International  Noblejas, Spain 0345 Chinese news and music at the end of the program. Solid blockbuster signal.

9885 Voice of America Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana 0409 with VoA news. Fair signal with slight fading.


W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



** BRAZIL. On some nights, RHC inbooms on 11760, but not Dec 1 at 0625; instead, hardly any signal to bother 11765, David Miranda evangelical empire, heard him wailing from ZYE726, SRDA/R. Tupi, Curitiba, per Aoki 10 kW at 20 degrees and off the air [not] at 03-09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BURKINA FASO. 5030, RTB is doubtless the reactivated station here, but tough copy against Cuba 5025 splash. Dec 1 at 0622, definitely in French talk, mixed with music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 1 at 1426: fair on 9000, poor on 8400, 10210; possibly a trace on 11300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC Dec 1: at 0630, 6140 in English, usual weak modulation with phone ringing in background compared to loud and clear // 6010 and 6060, the latter also without Spanish mixture which was previously the case (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA [and non]. Checked for further airings of AIR GOS Faithfully Yours, the mailbag on Monday, Nov 30: at 1830, none of the frequencies were audible, especially 9445 only 5 kHz from center of Greenville DRM still running. At 2130, however, most of the frequencies were just barely audible, best, if you can call it that, on 9445; sounds like same program as until 1446 on 9690, 13710, OM announcer speaking directly to listeners, finished at 2135 and on to music. Some days, 9445 is quite listenable around this time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [and non]. 9525.9, VOI, Dec 1 at 1343, S9+18v carrier but just barely modulated and could not even tell if there was yet another Tuesday co-produxion with RRI Banjarmasin. Also yet another Spanish 2-way SSB intruder below it circa 9522.5 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, R. Educación Dec 1 at 0637 with classical string music, bothered by intruding ute bursts on lo side from around 6180, somewhere between tweeting canary sounds and machine gun; alternating three different rates, slow, fast, and faster until 0642. At *0645 sharp onpops RNA Brasília covering up XEPPM with 4:45 timecheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** POLAND [non]. 11675, PRES via AUSTRIA, Dec 1 at 1353 interviews at a noisy party about director of a film ``My Father, the Iron Curtain`` to be on BBC et al. in Europe; was program International Focus, implying it`s always about the cinema? 1357 closing with postal address at 00977 Warsaw, e-mail english.section @ then song in Brazilian until cut off at 1359:30. Portuguese? Did their finger slip on some menu instead of adjacent Polish? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WBCQ uses 9330 only on weekdays at 1900-2000+, so after hearing it on 9333 instead, Thu-Fri Nov 26-27, we had to wait until Nov 30 to recheck it. At 1900: back on 9330.0-CUSB opening Money Talks. Mark Taylor says there was no carrier when he was hearing it on 9333, and we can`t go back to recheck that now, but there is definitely a much reduced carrier now on 9330 as usual. I don`t think that`s coming from Syria, but to be sure checked again at 1956 after Syria is usually off, and same as before. At 2017 neither WBCQ nor Syria to be heard, tho Frecuencia al Día was running on 7415.

After some 14 months of occupying an `available time slot`, WORLD OF RADIO was replaced by something else on WBCQ, Monday Nov 30 at 2300. This leaves WOR on WBCQ only at 2000-2030 Tue/Wed/Thu on 7415; UT Fri 0100-0130 on 5110v (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WTJC, 9370 again putting out noise spurs above and below, but don`t seem quite symmetrical, Dec 1 at 1346 peaking around 9342 and 9398 (Glenn Hauser, OK DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. It`s now 18 days since Bernie LaZar Hoffmann, a.k.a. ``Tony Alámo`` was sentenced to 175 years in prison for child sexual abuse, and he`s still welcome to pretend to evangelize on WINB, easily recognized mumbling Dec 1 during one of his three weekdaily hours, 1347 UT on 9265. Appropriately, in a recording which could be 25+ years old, he was talking about ``convicting you``, altho he may have meant ``convincing`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Missing yesterday from 13845, WWCR was back Dec 1 at 1400 with DGS, only fair signal with no Es help (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 15770 in uncertain language, 1500-1505 Dec 1, mentioned Washington DC a couple times, but did not hear any VOA jingles or ID. Nevertheless, it`s VOA in Hausa at 1500-1530 only, 100 kW, 350 degrees from BOTSWANA. No more collision here between WYFR and RDPI both in Portuguese before 1500 as in A-09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. The Dec 2 cut-on time for RNA Brasília, blasting away drumming played by XEPPM MEXICO on 6185 was: *0637 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 2 at 1351: nil on 8400, poor on 9000, very poor on 10210, just barely audible on 11300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. CNR1 Beijing, 5030, still audible in Chinese as late as 1520 Dec 2 eased by weakening Cuba 5025, and usual fast SAH which I can only assume is Malaysia Sarawak, always underneath. // 4460 CNR1 not audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 12460-12485, OTH radar pulses, presumed from here, Dec 2 at 1410, mixing with CODAR on the hi side (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [and non]. 9525.9, VOI modulation somewhat better Dec 2 at 1356 in English giving website  Fairly weak het from Kashgar 9525.0 cut on at 1457, so could still hear VOI at 1501 transitioning from Malay back to English, program summary for today`s date, 1502 news starting with something about villages in Bali, 1503 cut off, clearing CRI English, the weak signal left (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SWEDEN. What luck, heard R. Sweden on both 9360 and weaker 9400, Dec 2 at 1459 with IS, ID and opening Swedish, both from Hörby, 125 and 100 degrees respectively. And --- both bothered by splatter from WWRB/Brother Scare on 9385, so neither really listenable. In this area you have to be careful to match the spurs/splash with 9385 or 9370 whence WTJC also makes a mess (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9265, `Tony Alámo` still on WINB, 9265, Dec 2 at 1353 as he started to sing ``Mister DJ``. O, how we shall miss him, but when? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BURMA [non]. 17495, weak signal in unID language, Dec 3 at 1433 and still at 1522. Has to be Democratic Voice of Burma, the only thing scheduled, at 1430-1530 via MADAGASCAR. Well, WBCQ is also registered here but has not used this frequency in years; kept as an alternate to 15420 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 3 at 1324: nil on 9000, 11300, JBA on 8400, 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 11640-11665, OTH radar pulses, presumed from here, Dec 3 at 1400, not really bothering any broadcasters audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. AIR National Channel, signing on Dec 3 at 1319 IS, 1320 Vande Mataram announced and that anthem played, poor on 9425 and very poor on 9470, but no blob. Meanwhile, VBS on 9870 from Bengaluru, same transmitter site as 9425 but different azimuth, was a great deal better at 1329 with music, mentioned Masala, 1330 ``Yih Vividh Bharati`` ID by YL, 3-pip TOH timesignal which was 6 sex late compared to WWV! And Akashvani ID, presumed news (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI modulation in English somewhat better Dec 3 before 1400, and even better during the Malay hour following, which 1435-1455 was almost all music, more modern than the gamelan on RRI 9680, with similar signal and modulation. 1457, 9525.9 IDed only in English, not Malay, and immediately cut off air before CRI Kashgar could cut on. Usually there is an overlap as VOI restarts English and a few minutes of that goes out past 1500 before its own very rude and abrupt cutoff (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6104.8, XEQM Mérida, Dec 3 at 1338, conversation in Spanish fading in and out, then music with heavy beat; no het, but splash from Cuba 6110. Made sure it was really not on 6105.0, where it seems we have a one-hour no-QRM window between Taiwan closing at 1300 and VOA Philippines opening at 1400, nominal times. XEOI was also in clear on 6010 with much better signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** POLAND [non]. PRES, cane across 11860 in English at 1345 Thursday Dec 3, so quickly retuned to always better // 11675 via AUSTRIA. Slawek Szefs was talking about the ubiquitous Christopher Lewis, who is going to visit R. Prague next week, and wants a report from him about that. Then clips of Chris on phone edited tightly together about PRES reception in England:

11675 is perfect every day; 11860 has some co-channel interference. 9650 in the evening (1800) is a total washout, a shame since it`s just not listenable, very weak, not worth the expense, due to propagation conditions, and low modulation. Altho two days last week it was outstanding, faded out by 25 past the hour. Suggest change of site for this from UAE to Austria or somewhere better for Europe. France or even UK would be preferable on 3 MHz band, where Skelton is well heard relaying other stations.

This was the Multimedia show, ending at 1349, then promo for Off Sides, a sports-cum-music show on Fridays, repeated weekends, and then today, Letter from Poland, by a YL visitor, or resident from abroad, complaining amusingly about how hard it is to travel by train, due to confusing signage and grouchy ticket agents. 1357 signing off, 1358 filling with a bit of Polish reggae, or so it sounded (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 12035, VOT, Thursday Dec 3 at 1416, fair signal but low modulation and cutting out, distorted toward end of Live from Turkey. Not even worth checking // 15300, colliding as it does with France (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9385, WWRB with open carrier only at 1320 Dec 3, and still 1325, after having moved up from 3185. Next check not until 1435 when Brother Scare had begun modulating madness sometime in the interim (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Almost three weeks after `Tony Alámo` was sentenced to 175 years for child sexual abuse, he`s still on WINB, Dec 3 around 1335 on 9265. I wasn`t going to bother to report this again, but there is something else to outpoint: 9265 signs off at 1400, but other frequency 13570 had still not come on at 1524, which means that on weekdays, they have nothing between the two Hoffman broadcasts at 13-14 and 16-17 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. 6185, RNA, *0631 Dec 4, wiping out XEPPM which was playing some nice Mexican music. The earliest I have caught Brasília cutting on so far. Altho quite different, I might enjoy the Brazilian music too except I resent what they are doing to Mexico, and Radio Educación still has enough co-channel signal to make RNA listening unpleasant (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 4 at 1420: 8400 fair, 9000 poor, 10210 JBA. Dec 5 at 1334: 8400 poor, 9000 JBA, 10210 & 11300 zilch (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 6140, RHC mostly in English in the 05-07 period, but Dec 4 it was back in Spanish at 0612 check, much lower modulation than // 6150, 6120.

6010, RHC, UT Sat Dec 5 at 0609, ``Ed Newman`` with ``Thursday night`` news, but this is Friday night! Stories included Comcast buying NBC, which could be 24+ hours old, and Bobby Woods ``executed last night in Texas``. That occurred at 6:40 pm CST Thursday Dec 3, so it`s Ed who must have been confused about the current day, rather than a 24-hour-old program being played, which certainly could happen at this erratic station (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CZECHIA [and non]. 9845-9850-9855, DRM noise Sat Dec 5 at 1341, not usually heard here. It`s R. Prague via Woofferton Fri and Sat only at 13-14 in German and English per own sked, 35 kW.

Fortunately, R. Prague also still broadcasts in analog which I have no trouble decoding; less than a semihour later on 13580, Dec 5 at 1409, offbeat stories including a goat escaping pursuers into a town named Goat-Eaters, punxuated by Dixieland music. Show might be named ``News of the Weird`` but already taken; instead it is just ``Magazine`` and 1412 into SoundCzech, as described in the schedule: ``Magazine - The show that starts where the news ends - we bring you the stories you might otherwise have missed. SoundCzech - learn useful Czech phrases through song lyrics``. You can hear all this 25 hours later on WRMI, 9955; or not, depending on antenna use and jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. AIR National Channel, Dec 5 at 1318 with IS on 9425 fair, // blobless 9470 poor at sign-on. As usual, VBS on 9870 was much better (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI missing from 9526 and 9525, Dec 4 at 1425 during Malay hour. Wish I had checked an hour earlier for English, but probably the same. No carrier at all detectable now. Don`t think it was propagation, as RRI home service on 9680 was S9+15, fair with dialog in Indonesian. Altho seldom with adequate modulation, 9525.9 had been reliably on the air the last few weeks.

Next day Dec 5 at 1338, 9525.9 had a very poor but detectable carrier, and JBA modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL [and non]. 15560, RDPI with usual big weekend signal, Dec 5 at 1420; during pauses could hear squeal on the transmission. Modulation somewhat distorted, not just, I think, due to selective fading. Program: Hotel Internacional which is really a pop music chart show, nothing to do with the hostelry biz, Sats 1410-1500. Plays same jingle between each pair of songs.

Some of the songs in English so not clear to me just what the parameters are. This page has audio files of last few shows, says based on Tabela AFP:

This page autolaunches the `latest` show, still 11/28 as of three hours after airing new one 12/5

So we have yet more musical choices on 19m Saturday mornings: from 1430 on 15700, R. Bulgaria`s rather more exotic folk music show; on 15410, R. Farda with its mix of Farsi and western pop music; 15330, R. Martí`s music documentary, this week at 1445 on Trio Los Panchos, but that`s mostly narration, with musical clips (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. RRI won`t speak English to us in our mornings any more, but on 11940, Dec 5 at 1353 after kid`s squeaky voice in Romanian, at least played cowboy song in English, ``Wherever You Go, We Go, Amigo``. VG signal here as well as in German on 11970 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** THAILAND [and non]. 7365, at 1314 Dec 5, R. Thailand with English ID in transition from Japanese to Chinese, over co-channel QRM already in Mandarin. In this case I don`t think it is deliberate ChiCom jamming, but a genuine collision which should have been avoided, as CNR1 Shijiazhuang site is also scheduled on 7365 at 1200-1735, 37 degrees. The CIRAF zones even match at #44 for the Mandarin quarter-hour from Thailand, so a red flag, if you`ll pardon the expression, should have gone up at HFCC coordination meeting. Also, the A-09 frequency for these languages, 9455, was not collided or jammed. At 1332, HSK9 had switched to Thai for the rest of the hour, still with Chinese clash (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. VOT English on 12035 is still having distorted modulation problems, Dec 5 at 1352 vocal music; 1400 multi-lingual ID filler for two minutes, then more pop music. Good signal level today, anyway. This is one of the supposedly refurbished Çakirlar transmitters (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 13835, Dec 5 at 1406, Nutcracker Suite playing, but in Dec that doesn`t mean any newfound commitment to classical music, just the must-play most-hackneyed seasonal `favorite`, WEWN slipping into secularity, ooooh, but by 1414 back to sacredarity with organ music; unsolid signal as usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DGIEST)

** U S A [and non]. VOA, 15205, Friday Dec 4 at 1433 with Reporters` Notebook, stronger but echoier on // 11985, and weaker on 9760. I can`t find this show on the VOA A-Z program list, tho there is one with a similar name, Reporters` Roundtable supposedly on the African service at 1730. This was not about Africa; one of the segments in the discussion included Dan Robinson from Capitol Hill. I wonder what the other times for it are, if any. It was revived after cancellation.

Assuming the separate VOA A-Z language transmission schedule is correct, and that all frequencies carry the same English programming during this hour, the entire frequency list at 1430 is: 7575 9760 9930 11985 12150 15205 15580 17650 17715.

7405, somewhat above or equal to DentroCuban jamming level, UT Sat Dec 5 at 0556, surprised to hear VOA jingle and editorial in Spanish about Pres. Obama`s Afghanistan policy, but this is Radio Martí. 0600 back to RM programming with ``Noche de Paz`` Xmas carol. There have been reports that VOA Spanish service would be encroaching on RM territory due to budget restraints, etc., so maybe this is a sign of it.

OR: RM has always run VOA editorials and I just haven`t noticed. However, it had been a long-standing policy for VOA to keep the not exactly objective RM at least an arm`s length away, lest it damage VOA`s own reputation. Makes no diff to the Cubans, who jam both.

VOA Spanish service for sure, 9885, Sat Dec 5 at 1342 with Éxitos Latinoamericanos ``en VOASat e internet`` but no mention of SW! And back to pop music really in Spanish for a change. This Greenville signal was rather weak and AIR VBS, one sesquidekakHz away on 9870 from the other worldside was axually much better.

11635, at 1349 Dec 5, ME music which must have been Kurdish, as shortly IDed as ``Denge Amerike, Washington`` and VOA jingle. It`s 104 degrees from Lampertheim, GERMANY, but uncomfortably close to Arabic on 11630 starting Qur`an, i.e. KUWAIT at 230 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6925, Dec 5 at 1325 melodic unrecognized song, poor signal to 1327* off with no announcement. No doubt a pirate; I think WBNY has been active in the mornings, but not much to go on here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 6 at 1438: 10210 poor with heavy flutter; 9000 JBA; 8400 inaudible; 11300 very poor (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC philately show in English, UT Sunday Dec 6 at 0609 on 6060, 6010; and much weaker 6140 instead of Spanish. UT Sunday Dec 6 at 0708, the weekly RHC Esperanto service in progress, on 6060 only.

WTFK? The RHC Esperanto website

claims this broadcast is on 6000; the Spanish version

omits this transmission completely (it is quite out of date/wrong otherwise too); and the supposedly more correct B-09 schedule e-mailed out and appearing in DXLD 9-081 shows 6010!

Was talking about the Alexander Humboldt Park, where? Chicago, says Google, tho city not heard mentioned. Then on to the Universal Esperanto Congress, which will be in Havano next July 17-24, as also publicized here:

Natch, RHC will be the official radio station for it.

This prompted a cute original song by a guy accompanied on guitar, enumerating the 94(?) cities of the world previously hosting such a congress, including Reykjavik, Kathmandu, Tashkent and Toulouse! With SFX such as Vatican bells.

I retuned to the 1500 repeat on 11760 at about the point I had outtuned eight hours earlier, for more of the song. See also VENEZUELA [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. 11930, R. Martí, Sunday Dec 6 somewhat atop DentroCuban jamming roar, about the Trio Los Panchos, so a repeat of same program 24 hours earlier on Sat morning. Mentioned 6 or 7 names of people who integrated the trio over its career.

Then onto segment incredibly crediting the Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión (ICRT), which is the post-revolution government agency, for clips to follow, originally on CMQ in 1949-1950 of an oldtime comedy show starring Cascarita, a.k.a. Orlando Guerra; Google that for lots more re.

1502 had switched to Resumen Semanal about racism and discrimination in Cuba against blacks and mulattos even today. Someone has been imprisoned since last July for protesting about this. Now there`s something you will never hear about on RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GABON. 9580, Africa Numéro Un, good signal, better than usual, with hilife music Dec 6 at 0651; 0653 ID, ``de Libreville et de Moyabi, au Gabon``. You`d think CVC Zambia on 9430 would also be well-heard, but not tonight; normally it`s better than ANU.

0700, a four-pip timesignal ending two seconds late, compared to WWV! And into brief news in French, soon another ID. Why in the world run a timesignal if you are that far off? A simple announcement of the time should be enough, without a signal implying far more accuracy than in reality (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. 9420, VOG, Dec 6 at 0605 going from news to antiphonal chanting, alternating one monk(?) with a group in response. Heartfelt, but not exactly professional singers. Quite good signal here, better than usual, and not so strong on // 7475. Same at 0650 check, and even at 0707. Is Sunday morning Greek Orthodox service. From John Babbis` translation of the current schedule, it lasts almost 2.25 hours:

7475*  9420  KHz Only

0600-0700 Divine Liturgy (Connect. With NET 105.8)

9420  15630  KHz Only

0700-0815 Divine Liturgy (Connect. With NET 105.8)

*Transmission ends 10 min. earlier

And indeed, 7475 no longer heard at 0704 check, but 9420 still in well (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. 9730 at 1430 Dec 6, ``Govorit Tegeran, Golos Islamikiy Respublikiy Irana`` [pardon my declension guesses], VIRI opening Russian hour, good but fluttery and unusually better than BBC Singapore 9740; anthem, 1431 Qur`an mercifully brief, 1432 already back to Russian announcement. At 1434 came across // 9575, but on the latter, undermodulated and distorted.

9730 is 250 kW, 26 degrees from Ahwaz site, while 9575 is 500 kW, 330 degrees from Sirjan site, the latter closer to USward, but inferior here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [non]. 11705, NHKWNRJ, VG via Canada, Sunday Dec 6 at 1415-1429 with monthly on first Sunday World of Haiku feature, which I always enjoy hearing; it`s a subprogram within World Interactive. And it`s so nice not to have to worry about the pre-echo as this season the // from Yamata direct is on 5955 instead of 11705 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. Propagation favored eastward rather than westward paths on 31m Dec 6 at 0645. On 9840 just Russian from R. Rossii, Moscow-area site rather than VOR English co-channel from DVR site; and nothing audible from Vladivostok on 9855 either. Was also hearing CW time pips on 9996, no doubt RWM Moscow as previously around this hour.

DRM noise 9670-9675-9680, Dec 6 at 1434. Listed as VOR via Moskva site, 100 kW, 260 degrees at 14-18. Obscuring what little signal from Indonesia may be there on 9680 as 9525.9 was JBA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Blessed relief from WWRB, running open carrier again instead of scheduled Brother Scare, Dec 6 at 0637 on 3185. But is anyone paying attention in Walterboro or Manchester? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TUNISIA [and non]. 7335 with big collision between RTT and Vatican Radio, Dec 6 at 0607, Arabic atop some Scandinavian language, with RTT // 7275 and VR // 6185, buried there both by Brasil and México. Vatican runs until 0620 (also colliding with even stronger VOR via GUF until 0600), while Sfax is registered not starting 7335 until 0700, but we know it is on much earlier. This needs to be resolved as Vatican and Tunisia are not that far apart, causing mutual interference all over. And to think, a recent HFCC even took place in Tunis! I wonder if they were confused about timezones in claiming to be on from 0700 instead of 0600? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. While on weekdays, WINB takes a break 14-16 UT between two airings of convicted and sentenced child sex offending evangelist Tony Alamo, on Sunday 9265 still on the air past 1400 Dec 6 with some other preacher; next check at 1514, 13570 already on the air with another preacher. But the transmitter is upacting now, carrier more unstable than usual and also outputting spurs worst at modulation peaks circa 13530-13550 and 13500-13520, interfering with more and more CODAR; also audible around 13600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, WRMI amid WORLD OF RADIO 1489, Sunday Dec 6 at 1630, just barely audible, and with SAH either from residual DentroCuban jamming or more likely YFR Russian via TAIWAN. I conclude that WRMI is still unable to use its NW-aimed antenna which could overcome all this, and must stay on the SSE antenna instead. Daily at 15-17 it`s supposed to be USward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 11805, Dec 6 at 1446 with slow songs, good signal; trying to decide if they are Turkish or Persian; let`s split the difference with Kurdish, for it is the VOA Kurdish service via Biblis, GERMANY (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. Aló, Presidente check, Sunday Dec 6 via CUBA: at 1520, nothing showing on 13750 or any of the other frequencies. But at 1623, 13750 was on with Hugo pontificating; at 1627 also much weaker signal on 12010 and even weaker but detectable on 11690. Seemed to be carriers on 13680 and 17750 but could not confirm them as A,P (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. 7105, intruder in the exclusive worldwide 40m hamband, Dec 6 at 2216 with alternating YL in Chinese, OM maybe Chinese but sounded like a different language. Per Aoki this is a 100 kW Sound of Hope frequency from Taiwan during this hour only, but always jammed and more likely to have been hearing CNR1 instead. Only other broadcaster audible 7100-7200 was Guinea on 7125, in French at 2217 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. En Contacto, the DX program of RHC, Sunday Dec 6 at 2152 on 13790 with mailbag for rest of show until finished at 2157 so must have started at 2142. When 13790 went into brief fades, long-path echo could be heard, some 38 Megameters away.

Checked all the other frequencies and found the other kind of echo, between transmitters not precisely synchronized because they are from the two different sites and/or with different feed routing. Synchro with 13790 were 6110 and 11770. An echo apart from those but synchro with each other: 13770, 11800, 11730, 9660. Meanwhile, 11760 was in separate musical programming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GABON. 9580, Africa Numéro Un, Dec 6 at 2203 in French news of Somalia, VG signal. I also had them well at 0700 as in previous report. I am beginning to wonder if during the last several months they had been running reduced power and have just recently resumed full power, 500 kW per WRTH. We are also still waiting for them to reactivate a second transmitter (WRTH shows three), and bring back daytime frequencies 17630, 15475. BTW, there are no Gabon registrations in HFCC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 7550 // 9445, good signals roughly equal but with polar flutter, Dec 6 at 2157 with what I can only describe as lite music, not Indian, such as Girl from Ipanema at 2159, which had to be cut off at 2200 for ID and news. Could also // them to much weaker 6180. More lite music until all signed off at 2230 after listing frequencies to AuNZ at 1000 and one other target (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. 11560, VOA news in English about Thailand, Dec 6 at 2212, fair with flutter. At 2301 had improved to VG signal but `hollow` sound indicating multipath reverb rather than long/short path which makes more pronounced echo. This is on that 21 degree antenna from Tinang, i.e. along the north coast of Alaska, across Canada thru Sioux Lookout, SW Ontario, Michigan, South Carolina (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAIPAN. 12090, Vietnamese songs at 2254 Dec 6, fair signal aside BBC 12095. At 2258 switched to Christian hymn in English, ``All Hail the Power of Jesus` Name . . . And Crown Him, Crown Him, Loo`oord of All``, making me suspect it was a gospel huxter; brief Vietnamese announcement and convenient English ID for KFBS, Saipan, off at 2300* sharp. EiBi, Aoki and HFCC all agree that the only occupant of 12090 at any time is KFBS at 2230-2300, 278 degrees, so there are 23.5 hours available for some other station needing to escape from interference (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WINB, 13570, which was outputting spurs the morning of Dec 6, still doing so the afternoon at 2150, peaking as before around 13510, 13540 and 13600. Must have switched to 9265 at 2200, since there it was at 2214 but with no spurs and slightly better modulation on this fundamental (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Tried to listen to Marion`s Attic on WBCQ, 7415, Sunday Dec 6, from 2218 tune-in. Fair at first but before the hour was over became unlistenable. DentroCuban Jamming Command against Radio Martí on 7405 was putting out regular noise pulses at plus and minus 10 kHz, as happens very frequently, due to at least one of their multiple jamming transmitters suffering from spurious output.

No, these were not scratches on Marion`s records, which also can occur at a steady repetitive rate! There was also a subaudible heterodyne indicating co-channel broadcast interference. By 2237 WBCQ was losing out to the DCJC noise, and by 2242 the CCI in Chinese had reached WBCQ`s level and soon surpassed it as WBCQ was also fading down. At 2245 there was also a brief continuous tone, and then a few dots and dashes, after which I gave up.

The co-channel interference is sadly to be expected, since someone at HFCC signed off, agreeing for BBC in Mandarin via Thailand to use 7415 during this hour, necessarily requiring ChiCom jamming, which is probably what I was hearing with the CNR1 program, rather than BBC itself. (And during the hours preceding and following, CRI itself is on 7415!)

The adjacent channel interference from Cuban jamming is also to be expected, as any station is just asking for it by operating only 10 kHz away from any Radio Martí or other service jammed by Cuba (VOA, Radio República, WRMI). This could be solved by one or the other moving away, but I doubt that either would be willing to relinquish a longtime familiar and traditional channel. So everybody loses (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. 9675, Brazilian YL musing about some ``senhor``, Dec 7 at 0607, and on stronger 9645 similar YL but not //, with OM discussing copa do mundo. Obviously 9675 was Canção Nova, and 9645 Bandeirantes, both from SP state. Hardly anything else audible on 31m,

worst night in quite a while for the band after 0600: no WYFRs to be heard! Typically they are strong to extremely strong on 9680, 9715, less so but well audible on 9355, 9985. Only other significant signal was regular RA Brandon, Australia on 9660 plus a rippling SAH which could only be Vatican. Checked the other Brazilian frequencies but nothing much on them either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 7: at 1350, poor on 8400, 11300; JBA on 10210, 9000. But at 1521, all four of them were poor at roughly equal levels (Glenn Hauser, OK, DEX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. We can never get enough CNR1 frequencies --- the lucky network which not only enjoys multiple overt SW channels but countless frequencies more, used as jamming. Dec 7 at 1520 I noticed Chinese // on 9430, 9440 and 9450, YL announcer and music. So to investigate in Aoki:

9440 and 9450 have a*terisks indicating jammed services: 9440, R. Free Asia in Chinese via Tinian; 9450, two for the price of one, VOA Uzbek via Tinian, AND Sound of Hope via Taiwan! 9430 has no jamming or CNR1 listed, but FEBC is in Chinese via Philippines as well as Democratic V. of Burma via Armenia --- both of which might be secondary jamming targets by the ChiCom (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9690, AIR GOS, Monday Dec 7, so another edition of mailbag, Faithfully Yours, concluding at 1445 with address airgos @ Fair here, but // 13710 ruined by RHC leapfrog from 13770 over 13740. Why would one of the world`s major broadcasters depend on Yahoo for its e-mail? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. While on Dec 6, VIRI`s Russian from 1430 was better via Ahwaz on 9730 than Sirjan on 9575, it was the opposite on Dec 7 at 1518: 9730 quite weak, but 9575 quite strong, altho still distorted (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, WRMI, Dec 7 at 1516, R. Prague`s English program from yesterday, S9+18, not as strong as it can be, but perhaps indicating they are back on the NW antenna? A fast SAH mixed in, rather than jamming, no doubt YFR via Taiwan in Russian (they cannot use 9955 from Okeechobee because of their Hialeah neighbor, but by God, they`ll use it from Taiwan!). A semihour later, WRMI a bit better during Studio DX in Italian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 9685, VOA Border Crossings music show, poor at 1510 Dec 7; per BDXC-UK`s handy booklet Broadcasts in English for B-09, which I can keep next to the rig while the computer is off, site is Lampertheim, GERMANY. Not // 9760 PHILIPPINES with Spe-cial Eng-lish. If you crave world news, now! during the 15-16 UT hour, from VOA you are out of luck. But we`re fortunate there is anything left in English at all from this nation`s station under extreme mismanagement (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 17680, Dec 7 at 1427, praise song in English instead of usual Spanish. Is there hope for CVC resuming English via CHILE? Transmission then dumped off for less than a minute, probably God dropping a hint that they`d better get back to Spanish as scheduled. In 2010 CVC is reported quitting SW from Australia, and perhaps elsewhere in favor of webcasting (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 11680, RNV via CUBA, routine check Dec 7 at 1539 just as they were announcing their transmission schedule. Yes! It is STILL the one years out of date from their earliest broadcasts, always starting with ``to San Francisco at 11 am on 13740``. This and all the others mentioned have been gone for years, except the final one, ``to Rio de Janeiro at 17 hours on 17705`` which by sheer luck still exists, except the current local time at 20 UT is 1800, and all the times given are local standard, ignoring DST, and never stated as such. Well, the rest matter not since no one can hear them on the frequencies given, anyway. How can any studio be so ignorant of its own broadcasts?? Listened another dekaminute, and it was right back to The Voice of the Personality Cult of Hugo Chávez, all in Spanish. Listening to RNV, you would think that nothing ever happens in Venezuela that is not somehow derived from the revolutionary socialist Bolivarian

wisdom of Hugo (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA. 15700, R. Bulgaria, usual strong signal at S9+18, Dec 9 at 1430, talking Bulgarian over accordion combo, about the EU, parliament, presidency; too bad the modulation is rather distorted (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 9 at 1427: just barely audible on 8400; nothing audible on 9000, 10210 or 11300. E Asian conditions have been quite poor lately (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC missing from 11760, Dec 9 at 1454, but on as usual via 11730 and always-distorted 11800 --- who would ever choose to listen to that frequency voluntarily? 1505, after the transmitter and frequency swapping for mid-day service, active on all 11690, 11730, 11760 and 11800 plus Venezuela relay on 11680 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9425, AIR National Channel via Bengaluru, Dec 9 at 1435 during almost-daily English segment, playing bits of ``Eleanor Rigby`` and lecture about spirituality. Maybe involving the Beatles` fascination with India? But hard to tell due to poor reception and accent.

Meanwhile, for those with more fragmented attention spans, hyper VBS programming on 9870 from same site with usual much stronger signal, Dec 9 at 1444 in Hindi but spelling out URL in English, and also had just given a g-mail address; Hindi pop song with SFX. That URL does not work, but I was wondering since it certainly did not end in .in; perhaps some other similar-sounding suffix. But then no AIR sites were working when I tried (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5985, Sea Breeze, in English Wednesday Dec 9, YL telling story of an abductee in the 1970s. Via JSR, JAPAN. As always, no QRM audible here, fair signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, XEPPM with piano concerto atop rumble from Vatican at 0619 Dec 9, the latter soon vanishing leaving Radio Educación in the clear for the time being (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TUNISIA. 7275, RTT, Dec 9 at 0629 was off the air tho it had been on a few minutes earlier; // 7335 remained on in Arabic, having started at least an hour earlier than scheduled (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WJHR, Milton FL, probably just got program test authority allowing it to transmit on Dec 8. But Dec 9 nothing audible on 15550-incompatible USB at 1430 or 1526. However, it`s a bit too close for reliable reception on 19m with no help from sporadic E (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, WRMI, still weak and not enough to overcome lite DentroCuban jamming pulses, Dec 9 at 1505 during R. Prague relay as they played Moldau theme. Apparently WRMI is still stuck on the SSE antenna only, the NW one unusable (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 10 at 1353: 8400 poor with flutter, nothing audible on 9000, 10210 or 11300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC still running English overtime at 0715 December 10 on 6060 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA [and non]. 13710, AIR GOS for SE Asia, Dec 10 at 1456 with final news summary by YL, not hard to understand; with some flutter, better than // 9690 and inaudible 11620; axually atop the Cuban leapfrog producing a SAH, from RHC Spanish 13770 over CRI English 13740. Mentioned that today is Human Rights Day; sign off gave frequencies for next broadcast to SE Asia from 2045. Off at 1500 clearing frequency for Cuba, as I could hear both RHC IS and CRI English mixing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY [non]. 15410-15460, noise blob centered around 15435, Dec 10 at 1416, half a sesquihour before the BSKSA 15435 blob comes on, different sound, and gradually tapering off to spikes at edges, such as 15410 against R. Farda. Suspected of local origin, especially after I find similar slightly weaker blob 15145-15190 and traces of a third at 15680, roughly equal intervals. What appliances are running now? Oil heater, halfway on. Turn it off, noise goes away! Turn it fully on, noise much reduced. Kinda need it with temps in the lo F teens. It`s a DeLonghi, made in Italy, Type 2507, which has two 750 watt units. I hereby absolve all editors of any expectation of publishing this as a genuine log, altho I was capturing it some 10 meters away, and would be justified in issuing myself a proxy QSL (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5985, Sea Breeze, in English Wednesday Dec 9, YL telling story of an abductee in the 1970s. Via JSR, JAPAN. As always, no QRM audible here, fair signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Glen[n]. What time did you hear Sea Breeze? (Alex Wellner, Australia) Oops. It was 1417 UT. The transmission on 5985 is always 1400-1430 (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) And everyone, please do not hesitate to ask if you spot a mistake or omission in my reports!

** RUSSIA. 6075 via Petropavlovsk/Kamchatskiy, Dec 10 at 1359 with music and final announcement this time, IDing as R. Rossii, before 4-second late timesignal at 1400*. No 8GAL audible then on 6074, nor anything from Taiwan or China on 6075. RR transmitter slightly unstable, but the rumble much reduced (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 9955, WRMI relaying R. Prague, good signal vs DentroCuban jamming pulses at 0710 Dec 10. Per Jeff White, WRMI will only be using the SSE antenna a while longer until the NW antenna can be repaired by mid-December. Unlike some other recent nights, propagation from FL very good this time with WYFR inbooming on its four 31m channels.

Assuming WRMI would be inaudible anyway, did not check 9955 before 0700 for WORLD OF RADIO, UT Thu, but did confirm via webcast the first broadcast anywhere of new #1490 from 0630. So it was probably audible too on 9955 along with the totally uncalled-for jamming. Please direct complaints to Arnie Coro, whose DX program is never jammed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. While I could not hear WJHR between 1430 and 1530 UT Dec 9, it was weakly audible on 15550-incompatible USB at 1745 check with same F&B preacher as the day before. Inaudible at next check 2045, altho WWCR inbooming on 15825 so suspect WJHR was then really off.

Five-degree azimuth puts maximum signal toward Lansing, Sault Ste. Marie, Fort Albany, Thule and Franz Josef Land, tho it`s quite broad.

15550-USB, WJHR, Milton FL, not heard Dec 10 at 1414 at 1455 checks. But audible at 1602 with revival music, preacher. Quite weak signal. FCC tells me WJHR is authorized to conduct equipment tests on 15550 kHz 1400-2200 UT; that`s all. A clip of the ID I recorded Dec 8 is on WORLD OF RADIO 1490 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. 6297, LV de la RASD via ALGERIA, lively chanting and percussing, quite good reception Dec 10 at 0720 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. 7240, RA with Movietime, from Radio National, Dec 11 at 1425 with negative review of ``Nine``, and teaser for next week`s review of ``Bright Star``, a few words from Jane Campion. Show is scheduled Fridays 1405-1434 on RA, also 9590 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GABON. 9580, another good log of Africa Numéro Un, Moyabi, Dec 10 at 2145 with doo-wop music. As I nappily dozed, dreamt I was tuned to 7465 instead where Rock the Universe runs during this Thursday hour on WWCR; but then a French announcement, and at 2150 Ray Peterson`s ``Corinna`` the lyrix of which are primarily ``Corinna, Corinna, I love you so``, pronounced in English, from darkest Africa, no less (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. VIRI, a missionary station, Dec 11 at 1458 amid Russian hour on 9575, quite good while // 9730 was just barely audible: bit of Qur`an recitation, some string music, more Qur`an, Russian commentary upon it. Perhaps they do more of this on Fridays than other days (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, Dec 11 from Vatican clearance at 0620 was enjoying some neat drumming, percussion on XEPPM, but already at *0624:30 blotted by Brasília with song, starting earlier than ever. Grrr! Only three sesquiminutes today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 11785, BuzzSKSA audible Dec 11 around 1440. But not at 1515, nor on 15435 which is normally rasping away after 1500. I made sure to turn off the oil heater QRM during this check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WJHR, 15550-USB, weakly audible at 1930 Dec 10, same F&B preacher as always, but who is this lucky guy with an exclusive SW station? Next check around 2045, not heard, so maybe closed in meantime. Dec 11 at 1500, not heard. At least with SSB one can expect to detect a signal if it be on, tho surely nowhere near the 50 kW equivalent AM power required, bending the rules. OTOH, it`s been so weak so far that poor propagation and unfavorable skip distance could be enough to disaudiblize it here even if on. Still no reply to my 3 e-mails to them Dec 8; has anyone heard from them? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA [and non]. R. Tirana, 7430 with good modulation and free of interference, Dec 11 at 2126 as OM concluded English semihour, no frequency info, 2127 theme music and off. Had also quickly checked // 9895 and it was much weaker.


Scarcely an hour later, BBC World News provided perfect reception via OETA OKLA virtual and RF channel 13.2 including a story on how Albania`s economy is improving unlike most of Europe. Looked for video on website, but only found text with illustrations:

Albania takes strides towards EU accession


** BIAFRA [non]. Have been checking V. of Biafra International almost every Friday, since you never know when they will make a change without notice. This paid off Dec 11 at 1924: no signal audible on 15665, where they had been last several weeks.

If WHRI were on the air, it ought at least to be detectable; WWCR 15825 was audibly poorly, and if it`s in, so should be more powerful WHRI at a further, more favorable skip distance.

VOBI home website has been updated with new look, except the page about schedule STILL shows long out-of-date info, 15280 at 20-21 UT!


It does however, have a new audio file for Dec 11. Possibly a new frequency would be mentioned therein sometime during the hour, but previously they gave up stating any SW frequency at all. If someone has time to monitor that, please let us know.

WHR website, searching on VOBI under specific program criteria, is no better, still showing Fri 19-20 on Angel 1, 15665. But their frequency schedule for all six transmitters shows 15665 used by BOTH Angel 1 and Angel 5 during this hour!

I also checked 15280, nothing; 17520, previously used, nothing; and 17690 where there was only something in French. Quick scan across the rest of 19 and 16 m did not find anything. Possibly they went to 25m which was briefly used last year, or switched the time, and I did not look for it after 2000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 11760, RHC at 2123 Dec 11 had ``Ed Newman`` in English, while all the other 25m frequencies were in Spanish, so at least half the English hour at 2030 was on the air today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. 6030, DentroCuban jamming already underway at 2129 Dec 11, so is R. Martí starting earlier than 2200 now? Don`t think so; O, it`s not jamming, but DRM! --- sounds so much alike, but this extends from 6025 to 6035. Uplooked later, RRI Galbeni, Romania is in DRM at 2100-2130 in French to Europe. English at 2130 goes back to analog but I had already outtuned (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUIANA FRENCH. 17870-17875-17880, DRM noise is back on one of its favourite channels, Dec 11 at 1926. A notice from TDF via DRM honcho Jacques Gruson to Simone via drmna yg via Alokesh Gupta, dxldyg says

``DRM transmissions on 17875 kHz will be performed from Montsinéry (French Guiana) 1300 to 2145 UT towards Brazil from Tuesday 8 December to Thursday 17 December included. In fact, last Tuesday, it actually started at 1700 UT`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY [non]. At 2120 Dec 11, noise blob from my half-on DeLonghi oil heater had QSYed upward ranging 15435-15490, centered about 15465 ex-15435; other like blobs spanned 15170-15220, and 15695-15750, the latter bad news for RNZI 15715-15720-15725 DRM in the WOR HQ area, currently scheduled 2051-2235, I think; noise vs noise! QSY is probably only margin of error in device not designed as RF heater (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15550-USB, no sign of WJHR Milton FL either the morning of Dec 11 nor at 1925 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7465, checking to confirm WORLD OF RADIO 1490 airage on WWCR scheduled Friday 2130, but Dec 11 there was a ``Creation Moment`` (standard disclaimer), and a string of PSAs including Community Coalition = anti-drug (or as the Brits insist on saying, anti-drugS), heart disease screening courtesy of or 1-800-MEDICARE, USDHS, WWCR ID by Dr Plummer, but then opening in Spanish ``hasta 2,300 horas``, and at 2133 Frecuencia al Día a semi-hour early. But at 2135 cut to WORLD OF RADIO, and played to conclusion a few minutes past 2200. Another example to reinforce our advice: if you don`t hear WOR exactly at scheduled time on some of our affiliates, don`t give up (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 12 at 1435: not audible on any of: 8400, 9000, 10210, 11300. Yet CRI English from Chinese sites was doing well on 9460, 9700, 9790 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC Dec 12 at 0613: 6140 in English this time, but very low modulation; at first just open carrier.

Saturday Dec 12 at 1431, nothing but heavy noise/pulse jamming audible on 9955, when WORLD OF RADIO is allegedly scheduled on WRMI. Please direct complaints to Ask him why they jam non-exile programs in English instead of spending that expense on easing food shortages, etc. among the long-suffering dentroCuban people.

RHC Spanish on multiple 22mb frequencies, not all of them intentional, Dec 12 at 1442: 13680, 13710, 13720, 13770, 13780, 13880; plus the CRI English relay on 13740. The odd one is weak 13720 which is not a fundamental and does not compute as a leapfrog (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. 15330, R. Martí, Sat Dec 12 at 1457 after musical documentary show, 5 minutes of upbeat pascual greetings from FueraCubans to DentroCuban familiars. Not clear if these were individual Miami gusanos, or just workers at OCB; 1502 on to Resumen Semanal. Heavy jamming but big enough RM signal to copy easily. Can`t be too careful: some instruxions on blowing up bridges might be included, Arnie fears (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 9660-9685, OTH radar pulses at 1433 Dec 12, presumed from here. Bothered RRI 9680 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. 9420, VOG is audible just about any time of day or night I check, quality varying widely. At 1435 Dec 12, Greek talk with long-path echo, not usually the case (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9690, AIR GOS to SE Asia well-heard in NW Oklahoma, Dec 12 at 1355 with music, 1400 change to another music show called Producer`s Choice, but at 1415 YL with non-English announcement. Reception was good enough to be sure it was really non-English, not English with a pronounced accent. Then 1417-1422 dead air (except for the hum, now clearly heard without interfering modulation). 1422 resumed with talk in English. I think she apologized for the outage, but not sure. I guess the wrong program feed got on, and all they could do was cut to silence. On to a lexure by OM. In the meantime I had checked // 13710, and there seemed to be some modulation there under the RHC leapfrog spur (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LAOS [non]. 11785, Hmong World Christian Radio via WHRI, Dec 12 until 1510 with up-down-up-down tonal singing by YL, then OM in straight talk. This is 1500-1530 Saturdays only, following Hmong Lao Radio at 1400-1500 Sat & Sun, which carries some of exactly the same hmusic. As usual huge signal, overloading with receiver-produced spurs elsewhere on 25m unless attenuated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. What`s heard on WWCR-3, 7465, Saturday mornings, does not match what`s on the pdf schedule altho updated as of Dec 1, at

which shows in CST = UT-6:

7:00A Rock The Universe Rich Adcock

8:00A Country Crossroads Bill Mack

Instead, Dec 12 at 1340 UT there was a Christian/financial show, and at 1425, Musical Memories was being wrapped up by Martha with her address in Illinois, and finally ``Silent Night``, her self-accompaniment on piano not exactly in synch with her singing. This is not the first time she has appeared here instead of Country Crossroads, but too bad that Rock the Universe is off, once or always?

At 1425 I was also noticing rapid fading, seems like a SAH of about 6 Hz, but could not hear any other audio. Normally the WWCR signal is rock-solid, but not so strong today. The only other thing scheduled on 7490 is WRN via Tajikistan until Dec 15, 100 kW at 70 degrees, 1300-1500. Per DXLD 9-081, that`s Radio Free North Korea (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WJHR, 15550-USB: no sign of it Sat Dec 12 at 1444 or 1516, altho there was quite a bit of splash from RDPI 15560 which is on the air weekends only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Esperanto got lost from RHC, Sunday Dec 13 at 1503 when 11760 was in regular RHC Spanish instead, // 11690, 11730, 11800 about an award-winning woman artist (writer?) of some sort, Lucia María ---, and playing an archival interview with her from the early 90s. Might have started later, but could not keep listening.

Rechecked at 0020 UT Monday Dec 14 when Esperanto is also on one version of RHC schedule, altho ambiguous whether UT Sunday or Monday, on 13790, and could hear it weakly and on fadeups verify it was indeed in Esperanto, with its peculiar intonation. see also VENEZUELA [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 4750, RRI Makassar, Dec 13 at 1351 with excited talk, thought maybe sports play-by-play tho a little late in evening for that; but 1352 changed to vocal music, 1353 mentioned Radio Republik Indonesia, Jakarta, so apparently a network program. Besides the co-channel QRM under, presumably China but maybe Bangladesh, there was also some hum on the carrier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 11785, BuzzSKSA, 1459 Dec 13 immediately audible once WHRI Hmong Lao Radio cut carrier, while WHRI was so strong before that not a trace of buzz. At 1505, 15435 with even bigger buzz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA [non] AWR

** TUNISIA. Dec 13 I sat on RTT, 7275 from 0620 or so with its usual good Arab music, to see exactly when it would go off the air: 0627:30* after fading down the music, so at least there is a little finesse involved; continued on // 7335 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15550-USB, another day with no WJHR heard, Dec 13 at 1505 and 1720 chex. Perhaps we`ll leave it at that until it be heard again (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. Shortly after WHRI cut carrier on 11785 at 1459 Dec 13, audiblizing Saudi buzz, another carrier came on with AWR IS, ID opening in English with Turkish to follow. Except this was on 11780; I must have been tuned slightly low from 11785 when it did not matter on WHRI`s super-signal. It`s 1500-1530 via AUSTRIA, I expect the Saudi Buzz was no help in the target area; where strong it probably spread way beyond 10 kHz bandwidth as 15435 does (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. El Hugazo must have been taking the day off; no sign of ``Alo, Presidente`` via CUBA, Sunday Dec 13 when main frequency 13750 was checked at 1545, 1715; nor on 12010, tho 11690 was running as usual with regular RHC at 1715 // 11730, 11760, 11800. Hmmm, why do they need so many // frequencies in a single band? There are also four at once much of the time on 6 and 13 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 11925, R. Bandeirantes, SP, Dec 14 at 0708 with 5:08 timecheck, report on Copenhagen demonstrations with constant music bed indicating they are not serious about purveying news; deep fades but fair peaks, even better than 11780 RNA with 25x the nominal power --- but the latter signal suffering due to desensitizing effect on the receiver by super-strong Cuba 11760 too close to it. WRTH 2010 shows 11925 as *inactive, certainly not the case as we and others have reported it frequently in the past months (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 14 at 1422: very poor on 8400 with heavy flutter; inaudible on 9000, 10210, 11300. Ron Howard in California thinx Sound of Hope has changed schedule to emphasize local morning broadcasts, when he hears lots of FD on several frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. 9955, WRMI jamming against, by DCJC seemed worse than ever, Dec 14 at 0702, not only the usual roar, but additional whiny noise mixed in for a different sound. Possibly ramped up by Arnie in retaliation for being confronted with the jamming issue?

Without embargo, a bit of WRMI Spanish remained audible, same at 0708.

What show is being jammed? Odds are it`s a preacher rather than a FueraCuban. The latest WRMI program grid we have, dated Nov 1, shows English UT Mondays at 0700 = 2 am EST, the Wire Light Infomercial, so something must have changed. Certain other days of the week it`s listed as a Radio Prague bonus but that too should be in English. See also CZECHIA [non].

RHC, Dec 14: Once again I have heard the Spanish DX program ``En Contacto`` at a secret unscheduled time, not mentioned by them or in José Bueno`s weekly publicity about the show on several romance-language DX lists: on 6150 and 6120, ending at 0651 UT Monday, so started at 0636.

Before 0700, 6140 was in English but at 0710 it was in Spanish with music // and in synch with super-strong 11760, while 6150 and 6120 were synched with each other but not 11760/6140, an echo apart. 6010 was off, while 6060 remained on in English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CZECHIA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command was as usual blowing away WRMI with a wall of noise on 9955, during the 1400 UT hour Dec 14. But jamming abated during R. Prague English relay from 1500. WRMI probably still not back on NW antenna but absence of jamming audiblized the SSE antenna, poor and fading but building a bit to S9+15 by 1510 when Prague had a talk for the third Sunday of Advent, about a cleric faking something.

Before that, the Sunday mailbag segment from 1504 (as always 24 hours late on the WRMI 1500 UT relay), at 1507 was answering listeners, Lenfant Lee in China, Yukiko Maki in Japan, Thaddea (?) Nielson (?) in New Zealand, about future of its own SWBC, but could not copy details. So found the audio on demand at

And this is what she said: ``At the moment all we can say is that the status quo will be maintained until February 1, 2010. What will happen after that date is still the subject of discussion between Czech Radio and the Foreign Ministry. We will of course update you on the matter as soon as we know more. In the meantime, thank you for your interest and support.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526v, no trace even of a carrier from VOI, Dec 14 at 1434 during Malay hour, and nothing on 9525 either this hour to block it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. 9575, GIRI, Russian service via Sirjan site, Dec 14 at 1433 had good signal tho fluttery, but just barely modulated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. 3925, R. Nikkei, already audible in Japanese at 0714 Dec 14, i.e. 16:14 JST, tnx to earliest sunsets now. Hams kept away for the moment. Nothing audible on 3945, another Nikkei or Vanuatu frequency, except SSB nearby. 6055 was also audible before 0700, and one might hear it as early as 0600 when Spain closes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA SOUTH. 9640, Dec 14 at 1427, slow notes on vibes (?), interspersed with YL IDs in Korean starting ``Radio Hangkuk. . .``

So I knew it had to be KBS, altho uplooked later on page 454 of the 2010 WRTH, the Korean ID quoted does not simply say that! Poor signal by comparison to KBS Korean via Sackville on 9650 which was slightly splattering. At 1430, 9640 switched to Vietnamese, which chex with WRTH 2010; and in Aoki, this is the only semihour that KBSWR is now using 9640, 100 kW, 225 degrees from Kimjae.

WRTH says the IS is ``Oh Bright Moon``, a children`s song played on glockenspiel. Can`t say I am familiar with it preceding English broadcasts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. Dec 14 at 1455 just as Spain closed 15385, I was hearing buzzes here and there, on and off from 15375 up past 15500, suspected as attempts to turn on the Buzzing Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia transmitter, nominal 15435. But nothing of any of that at 1501. It was sure on at next check 1514, blotting 15410-15450 with horrible ratchety frying noise; as BSKSA reinforces the evidence each day that their engineering is totally incompetent (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. REE Emisión Sefarad, 15385, Monday-only, Dec 14 at 1442 in Castilian at the moment, interview explaining janucá; 1446 back to Ladino for feature about anniversaries, such as the 100th of the death of composer Isaac Albéniz, 1450 guitar playing a tango by another composer; 1452 upwrapping with e-mail address sefarad @ and 1453 sign-off, schedule, back to giving wrong frequency! Claimed to ME/Mediterranean Mon 1425 on 15325! Tue 0115 to SAm 11780 [so colliding with Brasília, or really on 11795 as otherwise announced? I have yet to confirm which]; and Tue 0415 to NAm on 9690. Gave REE 6-digit PO Box address, e-mail again, fanfare and cut off at 1455* before it could resolve.

15385 back on weaker a few minutes later with REE regular Castililan service. Sefarad reception was very good today on 15385 here far from the target area. I always enjoy the music and the `strange Spanish` spoken (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. Big problem at The University Network, Dec 14 at 0656: PMS audio cutting on for a split second, then cutting off with a thumping sound, over and over averaging once per second but irregularly, sometimes on for more than a split second. This was occurring in synch on both Anguilla 6090 and WWCR 5935, so obviously occurs somewhere upstream from either radio station --- could be anywhere from TUN studio in LA to the satellite transponder. This continued thru 0700 with music bits and studio announcer with 800 number, etc. (neither station bothers to insert a local ID at hourtop). Still the same well past 0700. Is no one paying attention in LA, aboard the satellite, at Nashville or The Valley?

Not checked again until 0716 when 5935 had become OK, while 6090 was still upbreaking. In fact, they were no longer //, so someone was paying attention at WWCR, where they must have switched to an in-house backup recording. It all sounds the same, anyway, so it`s remarkable that TUN doesn`t dump the satellite expenses and just play a one-hour CD over and over at transmitter stations! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. The dirty 13845 parasitic from WEWN`s 13835 transmitter, quite strong on the fundamental, was way atop weak PMS via WWCR on 13845, Dec 14 at 1438. This has gone on for years, plus and minus 10 kHz from at least one WEWN transmitter. You`d think the victims such as WWCR and WYFR would raise hell about it. Maybe because they are not without sin? Long ago, when I brought it to the attention of WEWN, they tried to blame it on my receiver, and still haven`t fixed it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WJHR check of 15550-USB, Dec 14 at 1440: nothing. However, at 1501 it was on and heard it weakly with same ID I recorded on first log anywhere six days earlier, then into gospel music and preacher. Compared it to its nearest neighbor geographically and frequencially, WEWN on 15610: that signal was S9+8 with fading, certainly not solid, but incontrovertibly on and transmitting Xmas music.

15550-USB was poor, just barely audible, and at next check 1515 was gone --- cannot tell if it went off the air or propagation resumed being unfavorable after a brief opening. I had thought WJHR was off the air Sunday morning Dec 13, but Brian Alexander, PA, managed to hear it weakly at 1615-1650 between my two chex at 1505 and 1720 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. 6297v, LV de la RASD providing some rollicking good music in the nightmiddle, Dec 14 at 0720, with ululating and wailing, still good signal at 0756 last check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 15 at 1448: 8400 fair, 9000 JBA, 10210 none, 11300 good steady at S9+10 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command against nothing, on 7365 pulsing away at 0623 Dec 15, managing to impede two adjacent frequencies in French: 7370 Romania and weaker 7360 Vatican. The only time jamming is `necessary` on 7365 is when R. Martí is using it, 0000-0500, but hey, close enough for Commie government work.

Much heavier jamming on 7405 which R. Martí is axually using until 0700. But at 0705 check, no jamming at all on 7365 or 7405, instead concentrating on 6030 and 5980. A brief very strong open carrier and tone did appear on 7405 until 0706, Greenville testing? See also USA: WRMI; UNIDENTIFIED 15580.

RHC, UT Dec 15 at 0704* tuned in 6010 just in time to hear English news being cut off the air abruptly four minutes late; continued on 6060, while 6140 in English before 0700 had switched to Spanish, along with 6120 and 6150. This appears to be the nominal pattern for what happens around 0700 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, XEPPM, Dec 15 at 0630 with space music one might have heard on ``Music from the Hearts of Space``; tnx to the eclectic format of R. Educación, you never know what kind of music they will be playing during the all-too-brief QRM-free window, which tonight lasted until *0645 Brasília playing Silent Night in progress in Portuguese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TUNISIA. Monitored RTT on 7275 again Dec 15 to see when it would go off, at 0627:30 like yesterday? Almost: YL started outro to previous music, with cuckoo-clock sounds, but faded her out after a few Arabic words, OC and off by 0627:20; continued on // 7335 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 9955, WRMI, clear of jamming Dec 15 at 0657 ending ``El Camino`` religious program, brief fill music, 0659 IDs and reception report info by Jeff White, 0701 R. Prague relay in English. Back to usual very heavy jamming, no WRMI audible before 1500 UT. Between 1505 and 1510 the jamming noise gradually abated audiblizing another R. Prague relay in English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. OTH radar ranges, approximately, not bothered to log lately, but did so Dec 16, presumed from here: at 1442, 6470-6495, 6870-6915; at 1444, 5430-5480, 5180-5230, and sounding different from the others, 5365-5395: this pulsing had a higher pitch and a somewhat slower rate (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 16 at 1450: poor on 8400, 9000, nothing on 10210 or 11300. At 1608, poor with flutter on 9685, and 8400 = 9000 also still audible. What`s on 9685 to jam? Latest Aoki has the answer:

BBC Uzbek via Singapore at 1600-1630 only. Thus the ChiCom violate the sovereignty of Uzbekistan, butting in to a broadcast from one country to a third country (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. RHC late-night/madrugada Dec 16: at 0744 the Spanish frequencies 6150, 6120 had quite a hum.

6120 also with co-channel under in Dutch which must mean it`s not from Netherlands but is from R. Nederland. During this hour it`s via guess where? Vatican! 266 degrees to SW Europe, NW Africa. RN is on 6120 from 06 to 11, changing sites from Nauen to Santa Maria di Galeria, finally Wertachtal and with a beamshift at 0900. But I digress.

RHC Spanish also audible weaker on 11760. English was on undermodulated 6140 and very good 6060. Both still in English at final check 0813. A secret extra airing of DXers Unlimited had started at 0748. Now there are ``85 ways to enjoy radio``. I assume tracking down all the mistakes RHC makes and all the disruption DentroCuban jamming causes are not two of them. Item 1: IBOC and DRM.

There was no jamming of DXers Unlimited. Yet the first airing anywhere of WORLD OF RADIO 1491 which went on WRMI 9955 at 0800 this UT Wednesday, had equally strong modulated jamming pulses disrupting my every word.

Tnx a lot, Arnie! If I am going to be jammed anyway, to make it worthwhile, I include this week news of an anti-Castro blog run by Huber Matos of La Voz del CID,

I am a bit peeved that some of my fellow DXers/SWLs have criticised me, a victim of excessive Cuban jamming (and they are too whether they know it or not), for not taking it lying down. Bringing up the subject pales by comparison to axually carrying out massive jamming against fellow broadcasters. Yes, Arnie never talks about jamming on DXUL, so that gets him off the hook? Yeah, right (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6104.9, XEQM, Mérida, Yucatán, surprisingly good S9+12 signal Dec 16 at 0745, live DJ with 1:46 am timecheck, telephone number for requests, other chatter over music, a minute later at 0748 giving ``exact time`` as 1:49, back to music only. Modulation a bit distorted, and just a hint of a het from something on 6105.0, nothing scheduled from major broadcasters, so maybe one of the other LA stations. But: about to get blown away by TWR; see MONACO [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MONACO [non]. 9800, S9+10 at 0758 Dec 16, TWR music-box IS, 0800 sign-on in English as ``Trans World Radio, UK on the 31 and 49 meter bands`` but no frequencies given, programme summary, and then the first one is apparently Dick Saunders` Rendezvous which is also in English, starting with a hymn on Hammond organ.

At 0814, rechecking for XEQM, I found instead the other TWR frequency on 6105, but not in synch: 9800 was running 3 or 4 words ahead. XEQM could still cause a het on TWR, which was giving a UK address, had been studying Hebrews, Thru the Bible with Dr J Vernon McGee, then about being on Facebook. Does TWR-UK still have a mailbag show, or is it 100% gospel huxters, with Facebook serving the mailbag funxion? They even had a DX program once upon a time.

6105 is 285 degrees from Nauen, GERMANY; 9800 is 324 degrees from ``Monaco``, really FRANCE (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. 9430, once again one is taken aback by something from FEBC in English, a useless language not officially on its schedule in favor of numerous minolity Asian languages one has never even heard of. Dec 16 at 1453 a kids` Xmas song in English reminding us of something on ``Polar Express`` or ``We Are the World``, but not secular, and OM announcer briefly spoke English, then to YL in Mandarin, the real language on this transmission at 0900-1630 via Bocaue site. It is a bilingual segment we have run across before; she spelled a website and later spelled the word H-E-A-V-E-N. Checked website and Psalty is a cartoon character, a kids` missionary songbook, get it? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. Oh, oh, very distorted FMy spur on 15857.6 as closely as I could measure it without a specific carrier to pinpoint, Dec 16 at 1521 as I started my bandscan down the 19m band. Quickly tuned further for matching audio and found it immediately at 15690, i.e. RDPI. That`s plus 167.6 kHz, so is there a match on the lo side? Yes, more of the same on 15522.4.

The fundamental was somewhat distorted, but S9+12 tho aimed 82 degrees

and enjoyed the programming, so once identified I neglected the spurs. Sounds like a live concert involving violin around 1538. At 1541 I could not believe my ears --- some English on RDPI! A Swedish musician was being interviewed, and English was the compromise language; long live ESL! But soon translated into Portuguese. Apparently there was some Sweden/Portugal cultural exchange ongoing. 1550, harmonica. 1555 mentioned both RDPI and RDP Africa. Then other things to monitor but at 1603 recheck, all three frequencies were off. 15690 is scheduled 14-16 M-F only.


In case you haven`t heard, Isabel Saraiva has died after a long illness, reports Ullmar Qvick. She was a great friend to SWLs, DXers, QSL seekers, going beyond the call of duty to reply in English, send gifts, etc.

A successor has stepped forward, inviting contacts in English or Portuguese, Paula Nunes Teixeira, Email - paula.teixeira @


RDP /Internacional

Intercâmbio e contact

Paula Nunes Teixeira

A. Marechal Gomes da Costa, 37

1849-030 LISBON


``I am available, Thanks,`` she says in a message received by Marcelo Bedene, DX Clube Paraná (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SLOVAKIA. 6055, Dec 16 at 0816 in German. Figured it would be R. Nikkei with another language lesson, but never any Japanese in the mix, and not // 9595, so that`s out. Uplooked later, this semihour is RSI`s German service at 305 degrees. No doubt Nagara would have been audible before and after. Solar flux had soared to 82 the day before, and Europe was making it here in the nightmiddle even on 25m (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. DX Mix News reports that from Dec 15, Miraya FM via IRRS via SLOVAKIA has finally escaped the collision with Greece at 1500 on 15650, by moving to 9825, so I look for it Dec 16 at 1525: all I can detect there is a weak carrier, but at 1526 Greece is indeed free of co-channel on 15650, no SAH tho it too is quite weak (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K. 12095, BBCWS English, Dec 16 at 1515, flutter and long-path echo; site is Rampisham, 95 degrees at 15-17. That`s the trouble with rising solar flux: improved propagation lets signals go the long way round too instead of petering out (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 5935, WWCR-2, Dec 16 at 0810 had DGS in the foreground, but Brother Scare clearly audible underneath, the latter about 3 sex ahead of WWRB 3185. I guess they did not have the BS feed potted fully down, as it intentionally replaces DGS at 15-19 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WJHR check Dec 16 on 15550-incompatible USB: at 1524 something just barely audible, no readability. 1558 had improved greatly, quite audible with usual F&B preacher referencing II Chronicles 26-27. FRG-7 S-meter was not moving at all, steady at S6, i.e. the current background noise level. 1602 usual ID which always seems to come slightly past the hour, and now the steady S-meter shows only S3 or S2, so the signal is so weak it won`t move the meter even tho it is readable. Hans Johnson, Cumbre DX, found out that the power is only 1 kW!

That means what we have here is nothing but a typical ham rig, with a quad antenna, which somehow managed to get accepted as an SWBC station. They can `test` as long as possible with power like that, but for a full license a minimum of 50 kW is required, so will we ever hear that? The FCC probably made a mistake in authorizing this as the SSB equivalent of 50 kW AM is more like 12.5 kW PEP, even that a figure which should be difficult to achieve with a ham rig in a home (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Haven`t checked WINB for Tony Alámo in a while, so was standing by on 13570 as it was about to sign on, Dec 16: 1559 open carrier, 1559:30 ID and contact info including phone 714-244-5360; 1600 right into Tony Alamo with program #764, of which free copies are available on request. Bernie LaZar Hoffman, to cite his original name, was convicted of child sexual abuse, and sentenced to 175 years in prison on November 13. So now it`s more than a month later, and that`s still no problem for WINB, blithely bringing you the scum of the earth --- and without even a disclaimer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 11680, RNV via CUBA, Dec 16 at 1509 English news about V giving Ecuador 5 million ``saving bulbs`` to help the poor during the hydro-power crisis, which had arrived at the port of Guayaquil Dec 14. This was the ``Informative Short News`` segment, then into Spanish ID, 1511 ``Las Líneas de Chávez``, their version of ``Quotations from Chairman Mao``, which nevertheless turned out to be in broken English rather than elegant Spanish.

This reminded me at 1512 to tune 11710 for even more stilted English from V. of Korear, which still has got El Hugazo beat hands-down in the Commie personality-cult business, but they are certainly a rôle model. After a few chuckles there, went back to 11680 but it dumped off the air at 1513, as only the worst Cuban transmitters are good enough for their Vennie pals. This uncovered the co-channel QRM I had been hearing all along, in Arabic, BBC via Rampisham (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. RNA, Brasília, Dec 17 already on at 0636, 11780 // 6185. A few minutes earlier at 0631, 6185 was still clear for XEPPM music, so cut on sometime in the interim (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also MEXICO

** CUBA [and non]. 9955, WRMI, Thu Dec 17 at 0633 with WORLD OF RADIO a sesquihour earlier than it airs on UT Wednesdays. Still with DentroCuban jamming pulsing, but the ratio of WRMI signal to Cuban noise was better this time, and I could axually understand what I was saying; maybe WRMI is using the NW antenna again which has a lot more gain USward.

Same type of modulated pulsing jamming was blaring away on 9810 and 9825 against nothing, frequencies used much earlier in the day by Radios República and Martí, respectively.

At 1228, however, 9955 seemed free of jamming as the Fri 1200 broadcast of Frecuencia al Día was upwrapping, 1229 WRMI ID, and into En Camino, a religious program. I think the jamming is worst at 13-15 UT when Radio Cuba Libre used to be on months ago.

If jamming be absent in the 12-13 period, but don`t count on it, this could also audiblize WORLD OF RADIO Tuesdays at 1200, Fridays at 1230; Wavescan Tuesday and Wednesday at 1230 --- and if the November 1 WRMI schedule we have has not changed in the meantime (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. 6050, HCJB ID at 1159 Dec 17, 3+1 timesignal, continues what sounds like live morning show in Spanish. Fair signal with constant het from Malaysia on low side. Perhaps HCJB is a bit weaker now: it ought to be with lower power and NVIS antenna. We can only assume by now that this last HCJB transmission from dentroEcuador is emanating from the Mount Pichincha site ex-Pifo. Let the jets roar thru what used to be Vozandes airspace (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** HONDURAS. 3250.0, Dec 17 at 1211, ID in passing as soon as I intuned, R. Luz y Vida, announcer over hymn talking about praying and proceeding to do so. God must DX 90 meters. Fair signal and stronger than the only other active Honduran SW, HRMI on 3340 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9525.9 at 1223 Dec 17, VOI in Indonesian, undermodulated with hum, but good enough signal to catch some names such as Kalimantan, Irian Jaya. No het from 9525, but a less-than-5-kHz het against something on 9530.0, always a tipoff to VOI offfrequenciness. Recheck at 1513 found 9525.9 on the air longer than usual, English having restarted with ID and historical item about Wright Brothers` first flight; fair signal still and no het audible tho we know CRI Kashgar, EAST TURKISTAN, is scheduled in English too, 500 kW at 308 degrees.

9680 had similar signal level to 9525.9: 1225 RRI ID also in Indonesian, choral music, good with no CCI. Happened to be listening to their music again at 1455, which cut off abruptly at 1456:45* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DXLISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [and non]. 9790, NHKWNRJ, Dec 17 at 1220 in English with Japanese lesson, music break within Radio Japan Focus program; VG signal comparable to // Sackville 6120; in fact suspected an additional SAC channel, but listed as Wertachtal, GERMANY, 250 kW, 300 degrees to Europe, but also USward.

Encountered another //, 9695, at 1226 more Japanese lesson dealing with kabuki, and lo audible het from what? 9695 is Yamata direct, 300 kW at 235 degrees. The only 9695 listing in Aoki which might be that far off-frequency is R. Rio Mar, Manáus, Brasil. Has anyone measured it?

Unfortunately, Aoki does not deal with split frequencies even if they are long-established and constant. Some stations near 1 kHz off are shown as such, however, but not including Indonesia entered only at 9525. EiBi is willing to publish decimals but none shown on 9695.

HFCC of course deals only with officially registered frequencies, not variants; and not jammers even tho they have a major impact on victims` coverage, unless disguised as real services merely colliding or sharing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 9690, as AIR GOS was closing, Dec 17 at 1459, carrier overlapped from *1459:30, 1500 opening in Korean mixing with music, 1503 YL singing a slow song, solo. Per Aoki, it`s Nippon no Kaze, 1500-1530, 250 kW, 3 degrees via Darwin, AUSTRALIA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6185, R. Educación supposedly runs SW only from 6 pm to 6 am local, i.e. 00-12 UT during standard time. But Dec 18 still on at 1202 with a discussion in Spanish, greatly marred by splash from much stronger RHC 6180, which also had much louder modulation. RHC also on // 6150 and 6120, so they hardly need to be messing up nine 49mb frequencies at once (speaking just of co- and adjacent channels).

I figured XEPPM was just a bit slow to turn off the transmitter, but at 1239 it was still on with talk show mentioning audio-libros, 8-digit phone numbers. So are they intending to run until 1300 now? That would certainly work, if it were not for the Cuban ACI.

If only they would keep 6185 on all day too, as it would have considerable coverage over much of Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Baja EUA, lacking QRM to boot, e.g. Cuba off after 1300, and certainly nothing Amazonic; see also BRAZIL [and non]. On rare occasions in the past we have heard XEPPM back or still on past 1500, so it pays to keep an ear on the frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** POLAND [non]. FRG-7 was still tuned to Brasília`s 11780 as I reactivated it Dec 17 at 1153, hearing good signal on 11785, quickly IDing in Polish as PRES, i.e. as WRTH renders it, ``Polskie Radio dla zagranicy``. This is 100 kW, 300 degrees via AUSTRIA at 1130-1200, exactly same as for English at 13-14 on 11675, so no wonder it too is well-heard. But the only significant signals on 25m at this time were Anguilla 11775, Korea (S, not N; howcome? RCI prefers to relay Red rather than Free China) via Sackville 11795, and PRES (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 9410, BBC Mundo, in Spanish Dec 17 at 1234 via WHRI starting ``BBC Top Ten`` which as the name implies involves a lot of music in English, so why present it in Spanish? This service is M-F only at 1200-1300, starting with new news, then archive stuff until 1234, latest Top Ten on Tue & Thu and unannounced classical music fill on M/W/F. At this time, signal was fair but not solid. It`s 250 kW, 182 degrees from Furman (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9370, WTJC, Dec 17 at 1235 accompanied by noisy spurs approx 9340-9345, 9395-9500, preaching about Jesus, but what would He say about such lax engineering? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA. 15700, R. Bulgaria, Friday Dec 18 at 1448 with hauntingly beautiful choral music, Bulgarian announcement, 1452 to different folk music involving YLs shouting and clapping, accordion-like accompaniment. This semihour is often good for music variety from RB (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 18 at 1426: 8400 poor, 9000 JBA, 10210 zilch, 11300 fair (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 11760, Dec 17 at 2146 RHC in Creole, audio breaking up like a computer problem, while 11770 etc., were in Spanish, more or less OK. This of course does not match the official schedule on website showing Spanish also on 11760 at this semihour.

Following my remarx about why does RHC run so many // frequencies on 49m, one of them has moved to 31m! 9600 ex-6140 at 0649 Dec 18, Prof. Arnaldo Coro in English about the drought in some central provinces. This certainly makes sense propagationally, as 11760 is often audible past local midnight as it was tonight, in Spanish; and 9600 had an excellent signal. It`s called frequency diversity. Final check at 0746 found that had switched to Spanish, probably at 0700.

The `official` sked on website still shows 6140 to ``Chicago`` at 00-05 Spanish, 05-07 English, 07-11 Spanish, so it remains to be seen if its entire span has been switched to 9600, if this was just an experiment, or what. Noel Green in England also heard 9600 this date as late as 1030 in Spanish.

Nothing but DentroCuban Jamming Command`s wall of noise on 9955, Fri Dec 18 at 1420 during scheduled repeat of The Happy Station on WRMI, produced by a former RHC employee; as usual, jamming cleared up after 1500 during R. Prague relay.

In my previous report I referred to Frecuencia al Día being on WRMI Friday at 1200; I meant, Thursday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Here we go again, VOI changing transmission times, by mistake or deliberately? On 9525.9, Dec 18 at 1423 I hear English instead of Malay, so is it one hour late or one hour early? YL was talking about bamboo musical instruments as we heard one in the background. Fair modulation but with hum, and no het audible from anything on 9525.0. 1427 VOI ID. Another talk, and as I was trying to figure out the subject obscured by the accent, when at 1429 it cut off the air for a few sex; 1432-1435 off for a longer period; 1436 off-on-off-on-off; 1437 on-off-on-off-on-off; 1438 on-off; 1440 on, 1441 off; 1442 on-off; 1443 on; 1446 music seems to stay on. I may have lost track of the exact count of offs and ons; by then I was just listening for carriers audiblized by BFO slightly offtuned, as it would have been totally useless to try to follow the program content. 1454 it was off, and on again; 1458 on during CRI Kashgar het but VOI much atop. 1500 VOI

jingle, English ID with frequencies, website, addresses, ``sound of dignity`` and into Malay (I think, not Indonesian) an hour late, still on at 1507, but at next check 1528 was off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5985, Sea Breeze, another Friday in English, Dec 18 at 1403 OM with heavy accent citing numerous headlines from Kyodo dealing with N Korea, not just abduxion stories, always followed by the same newsy sounder. No QRM, and fair with deep fades, via JSR JAPAN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Re 9-083: while my previous log Nov 28 of RNW`s reactivated Arabic service toward North America, 22-23 UT relayed via RWANDA 9895 found it mostly music; on Dec 17 I listened from 2215 past 2230 and it was VG, mostly talk with some music breaks. 2226 something about Islam. Did not hear a ``Huna Amsterdam`` ID this time, but at 2230 they were referring to the country as Holanda, with the H aspirated unlike in Spanish; off abruptly at 2257* before we could hear any mixup with Greenville Spanish. The DW techs habitually close at 3 minutes before the hour whether programming is finished or not (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA [and non]. R. Australia not making it at all on its several 13 and 15 MHz frequencies at 0650 Dec 18, and only two very weak signals audible on 19m, notably 15120, could tell they were in English mentioning Nigeria, so certainly VON as scheduled (and not on 15121v this time). The other was 15205 in Hausa, certainly DW as scheduled via Rwanda. So nothing but Africans were barely propagating (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SURINAME. Following reports of R. Apintie being audible on 4990 (0440-0525 per Rik van Riel, NH, HCDX), I tried again for it, Dec 18 at 0632 --- yes, some very weak music audible there, much weaker than Brasil 4985. Don`t know what else it could be altho someone also reported something in German on 4990, and Rik had co-channel QRM, from India? Surely not at that late hour.

Apintie is always tough here; must be very low powered or unfavorable direxionality. Aoki says it`s 1 kW, 180 degrees due south, obviously to serve the country`s outback, and at 08-03, but there have been many previous reports of it on all-night, which may be quite sporadic. WRTH 2010y agrees on the power but does not give any schedule (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 7535, BBC in Chinese with hardly any jamming! Dec 18 at 1415 with several IDs, website pronounced in English, etc. But by 1417 I could hear music in the background which matched the CNR1 jamming on 7525, 7295. Details uplooked later in Aoki: both victims are via Thailand, VOA Chinese on 7525, BBC Chinese on 7535 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. A quick check of WWCR-1 webcast Dec 17 at 2137 found country music, not what you would hear on Rock the Universe, so its Thu 21-22 UT time on 7465 must also be suspended (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN, 13835 with heavy long-path echo, Dec 18 at 1442. Since it`s one of my closest SWBC stations, scarcely one megameter away, it is necessarily one of my furthest long-path possibilities, 39 Mm away. Call-in show in English giving phone 877-573-7825; to be fair, such calls should also be routed the long way round the world. PMS via WWCR was strong enough on 13845 at the moment not to be too much bothered by the nasty spur from WEWN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. The `personality cult` of Harold Camping is ever-growing. Noticed him droning on some apparent new frequencies, Dec 18: at 1438 on 11995 and about 3 seconds later on 9440, Open Forum taking question from caller who asked if he is on Facebook. He`s not sure, doesn`t seem to know what that is. He does know that Family Radio has a website.

I bandscan just about every morning during this hour and had not heard him on these two before. Confirming my suspicions, neither frequency for YFR is in Aoki yet dated Dec 18, nor in the Dec 4 update of EiBi. There were some YFR schedule updates from DX Mix News in DXLD 9-085, but not these, altho 11995 had been replaced from Nauen at 16-17. So the sites for these are still unknown, evidently not the same since they are unsynchronized (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. As noted last Friday Dec 11, V. of Biafra International was missing from WHRI 15665 at its previously scheduled time of 19-20 UT.

As 1900 approached on Dec 18, I checked the WHR and VOBI websites. At WHR, VOBI is now nowhere to be found; checking the Angel-1 and Angel-5 schedules, other things are shown Friday during this hour (and surely not both of them are really on same frequency at same time!).

Their own website still shows 15280 Fri 20-21 UT which was used only briefly sometime last year.

They do have an audio file for Dec 11 which I belatedly started listening to, in case there be any explanation. After many minutes of anthems and the usual sign-on routine, they finally got to the anti-Nigerian `news`, and at that very point the file started hiccuping, buffering, even backing up and repeating itself. This was on their own clipstream player rather than downloading first for an external media player.

During the first quarter-hour, at least, nothing at all said about any change in their schedule. Or for that matter, anything at all about their schedule, but they gave up on that some weeks ago as the frequency kept being changed. I listened until the same announcer switched into Igbo.

At 1900 UT Dec 18 checked 15665 anyway and it was off the air. Perhaps Angels 1 and 5 cancel each other out? Axually, a great deal of the WHR SW schedule on their website is imaginary. It makes sense only to go on the air when they have paid programming, instead of WHR-produced fill, but why do they claim otherwise?

So are VOBI done for? We might look around for a replacement transmission in the 19-22 UT period this Friday, but if any, they aren`t saying. So far, no reports of it received. And we shall see whether a Dec 18 audio file be forthcoming. Not as the final hour of UT Dec 18 was ticking away, nor at 1617 check Dec 19 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. RNA, Brasília, at 0640 Dec 19, 11780 on the air with open carrier only, so checked 6185 and it was also on but already modulating music atop XEPPM. By 0643, 11780 was // in violin with guitar accompaniment.

During the OC I could also hear Pastor Pete Peters as WWCR 5890 was overloading and making a harmonic in the FRG-7; along with DGS 5935 mixing with WEWN fundamental on 11870. I checked these on the YB-400 and found them much stronger, which doesn`t compute unless they depend on internal receiver circuitries` harmonic-suppression capabilities. There seemed to be a threshold effect on the FRG-7 as the WWCR audio would surge in and out (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 18 at 2211: poor on 9000, not audible on 8000, 10210 or 11300, but might have been on some higher ones had I sought them out.

Dec 19 at 1434: 11300 poor with flutter, 10210 JBA, 9000 zilch, 8400 fair (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Re previous report of RHC expanded schedule on 9600 instead of 6140: later rechecking the `official schedule` sent out by e-mail, it already showed 9600 in Spanish at 23-05; so it`s only after 05 that was new for it. But next night, UT Dec 19 at 0530 check, no 9600, back on 6140 in Spanish // 6120, 6150. This increases the probability that op had neglected to change 9600 to 6140 at 0500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA [and non]. Transpolar signals were good Dec 18, altho fluttery. At 2136 the AIR GOS had music on 7550 // 9445 intended for Europe. At 2138 the National Channel on 9425 was ending a dekaminute newscast in English with sporting items, 2140 into Hindi. For the next icosaminute we had a choice of two different nearby Indian music channels, plus Greek on 9420. At 2200, 9445 went to news in English ending at 2210 after cricket stuff vs Sri Lanka much like a semihour before on the other service, then commentary about a nuclear deal with Russia: the latter segment had muffled and hummy audio, apparently a studio problem.

9690, AIR GOS, Dec 19 at 1415, good signal but always with hum, lecture on Indian classical music. 1425 ending press review mostly about Pakistan, then ``Mainly for Tourists`` about the northern state of Haryana, which we don`t hear much about since it`s dominated by Delhi. Handy map I found:


** INDONESIA. 9525.9+, VOI back in Malay during the 14 UT hour Dec 19, at 1432 check, whilst it had been erroneously in English 24 hours earlier. I thought the frequency had edged a bit higher than previously, and Ron Howard measured it on 9525.96v, Dec 17 at 1505. Now when rounding we should really call it 9526- (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. I have not reported it lately, but RNZI monitoring in our mornings is still a writeoff due to the collision with VOR in Chinese on 6170 due west from Khabarovsk, such as Dec 19 at 1439 talk about Canterbury and Christchurch, mixed with Russian music. VOR is finished at 1500, but by then I have noticed several times there is not much signal left from NZ which is scheduled until 1750 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, Dec 19 at 0635, no WRMI and no jamming audible either. Both of them must have been off as WYFR was inbooming on 9985 and four other 31m band frequencies. Still the same at 1548 check. A truce, or something else wrong? Surely only coincidental. Earlier on UT Dec 19 Jeff White told me:

``Glenn: I think we have the northern antenna fully operational again. It's on as I write this (0100-0300 UT Saturday) with Faith the Dog special 0200-0300. Next times it will be on are: 1500-1700 UT Saturday, 2000-2100 UT Saturday (Faith the Dog again), 1500-1700 UT Sunday, 0500-0530 UT Monday (La Biblia Explicada), 1500-1700 UT Monday (and 7 days a week as usual). Jeff``

I enquired again and Jeff replied at 1611 UT Dec 19: ``Glenn: Well, it was OK for a few hours going north last night, but something got messed up again with the northern antenna, and it was causing problems with the transmitter; we had to shut it down. We've just now gone back on the air (going south) and so far it's OK, but it may be off and on for a few hours yet while they make some adjustments. We're trying to get in touch with our consulting engineer to see what he thinks may be wrong with the northern antenna. Jeff`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 20 at 1423: just barely audible on 8400; nothing on 9000, 10210 or 11300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COSTA RICA. 2859.8, R. San Carlos presumed, 2 X 1429.9, Spanish peaking above the local noise level at a quick monitoring check 0102 UT Dec 20. I moved to what I thought would be a quieter location but by then, 0115 nothing was audible, nor back at the first location (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [non]. 21690, Sunday Dec 20 at 1818, RFI in French via GUIANA FRENCH, good signal. Was checking out Stewart MacKenzie`s Dec 18 report of an unknown station in an unknown country at 1808 in Spanish. Perhaps that should have been unknown language as well; RFI used to have Spanish at 1800 but abolished a few seasons ago (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY. 13730 at 1430 tune-in Dec 20, open carrier except for occasional unID noises, 1431 start up Dr. Kathy studying Psalms CXIX, flutter and echo. This is the weekend-only Bible Voice Broadcasting due east via Wertachtal, GERMANY; I`d rather hear Austria (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE [and non]. 9935, Xmas music in English, Dec 20 around 1415 such as Lennon`s ``Happy Christmas``, but war isn`t exactly over; a jazzy song in English spanned the 1500 hourtop, 1501 ID in Greek for Makedonias station, mentioned FM, 1502 news.

HFCC claims this is a 250 kW transmitter at Thessaloniki, 315 degrees, but it seems to me this was changed years ago to one of the 100 kW at Avlis whence the other ERA SW transmissions emanate, and so shown in WRTH 2010; plus Aoki which lists 1100-1650, 100 kW, 285 degrees. Adjacent to VOA English 9930 via Sri Lanka (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Don`t know about DXing with Cumbre, which some report has been missing for a few weeks, but heard Marie Lamb doing her Saturday morning classical music shift on WCNY, via webcast, Dec 19 including live timechex and current local weather around 1700 UT, and she sounds fine to me (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 15420, Dec 20 at 1817, WBCQ with anapaestic Fence Lake NM preacher, ``Global Spirit Proclamation``, 50 kW, 245 degrees usward, about equal level with BBCWS in English via SOUTH AFRICA, 250 kW at 5 degrees, 1700-1900. If I really wanted to hear the gospel huxter, I would find this an intolerable collision.

I would really want to hear BBCWS, but there are alternatives for that and BBCWS does not want me to hear them. Since WBCQ is on ``compatible upper sideband`` one should get rid of it and hear BBC in the clear by invoking LSB, but that is not the case. Tho much weaker, there is still some WBCQ to be heard on the LSB of the DX-398 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15550-USB, at 1817 UT check Sunday Dec 20, just barely audible, sounds like English intonation, cannot be anything but WJHR Milton FL. One kW may be plenty for a ham station, but not for an audience-seeking international broadcaster except as a DXperiment (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 21 at 1440: fair on 8400, nothing audible on 9000, 10210 or 11300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command against WRMI, 9955: Dec 21 at 0658 some WRMI music mixed with roaring, whines, rather than bubbles, but WRMI losing out. Before 1500 the usual wall of noise, no WRMI audible, but at 1504 jamming abated to pulsing; WRMI still stuck on SSE antenna, too weak to read R. Prague during Sunday mailbag segment.

UT Monday Dec 21 RHC observations: at 0706, 6010 still on the air with English. Normally closes circa 0700, and now there is QRMexico --- way to go, XEOI! RHC English was much stronger and louder on 6060, and much weaker and softer on 6140. As I was listening to 6140 at 0708 it abruptly converted to Spanish, becoming // 6120 and 6150; and 6010 English still on (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA [and non]. VOI was missing on Sunday Dec 20, but it`s back Monday Dec 21 on 9525.95 approx., at 1444 with soft song, Malay announcement; by 1500 the CRI/Kashgar het bothered from 9525.0 until VOI cut off the air for a few sex; 1501 VOI ID in English, ``sound of dignity`` restarting English but off for good at 1502* uncovering CRI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. 17725, Voice of Africa at 1529 Dec 21 in English with long list of ambassadors from various African countries, // much weaker 21695 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6104.8, XEQM, Dec 21 at 0704 with live DJ offering felicidades, fading in and out but no significant QRM. This is a good hour for hearing this weak station, as previously accomplished several times here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also CUBA [and non]

** SPAIN. 15385, REE Emisión Sefarad, Monday Dec 21 at 1450 with lovely music. But I knew something was wrong since at 1453 the YL announcer started a new segment ``España Hoy`` when it was time to wrap. The semihour recording playback must have started well after 1425, and the transmitter site was not about to compensate for that, cutting to open carrier at 1455 and off at 1456*. At least this saved her from another embarrassing reiteration of the wrong frequency 15325 she gives in the schedule at sign-off. 15385 back on with REE IS from *1456:30, weaker after antenna change for next transmission in Castilian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9370, WTJC, still putting out noisy spiky spurs above and below, centered approximately 9395 and 9345 but bothering plus and minus five from those, Dec 22 at 0657 during music. Why do I keep reporting these? Because FBN keeps transmitting them, which they have no business doing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15550-USB, checking for WJHR, nothing audible around 1500 Dec 21, but at 1520 check, F&B preacher fading in weakly and out (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Tho it was way too late for them to be on if reactivated, 0714 UT Dec 21, I checked 4052.5 anyway for R. Verdad, Guatemala, and instead heard a weak US station on 4050, axually slightly on the lo side toward 4049.9. YL announcer, then to long adstring including for computers, 1-800-971-1857; fading in and out. More ads with 800 numbers, no help in local IDing; 0717 call 800-584-1018. 0719 some C&W music; 0726 YL mentioning ugly holiday sweater parties (the latest fad), then OM partial ID as ``1350 KWM-`` and more C&W.

With BFO on I could detect QRM from a two-letter HIFER beacon at 0718, sounded like WP but very weak and tough copy despite the repetitions, not sure about the W. Or maybe it was just P. Don`t find any listed with that call or any around 4050, tho I thought there were in the past.

The broadcaster is KWMO, Washington MO, a bit west of St. Louis, third harmonic reported by others previously. I`ve often tuned around 4052.5 checking for Truth, and this is the first time lately I`ve heard KWMO.

NRC AM Log shows it 500 watts day, 84 watts night. It was also still audible weakly well after sunrise thru daylight at 1432. I suspect that when heard on 4050, it is on day power, which explains why it is not always audible at night. It will be a QRM problem for TGAV.

FCC shows the day pattern (on 1350) with a big lobe toward the SW, OKward, a minor one to the NE, and nulls to the NW and E, meaning it doesn`t really get into the big city, right?

The night pattern is really the same, tho separately shown:


** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 22 at 1517: nothing audible on any of the Big 4: 8400, 9000, 10210, 11300. Should have checked them earlier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC, 6150, Dec 22 at 0614, Coro on Hurricane Gustav damage, in Spanish // 6120, while English was on 6140, 6060, 6010 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also ISRAEL [non]

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 6250, RNGE, Dec 22 at 0612 YL in Spanish, poor with deep fades, newsy sounder. 0621 much better mentioning the estadio in Brazzaville, presidential elexions[?!], phone interview, then ute QRM starts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 5945 at 0610 Dec 22, news in English detectable underneath skirt of RTI Spanish via WYFR 5950; 0611 DW ID, `cello riff, Newslink. This is 184 degrees via Woofferton, UK (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ISRAEL [non]. Now the Cubans are jamming Israel! WRMI has just changed to WRN relays M-F at 05-10 on 9955, with Israel scheduled 0600-0630. At 0606 Dec 22, pulsing over traces of talk, presumed Kol Israel, which thus is again broadcasting in English on SW, tho they probably don`t even know it, FWIW, much less that they are being jammed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA: WWCR

** MEXICO. 4800, Dec 22 at 0617 very weak Spanish talk vying with CODAR, presumed XERTA, which most of the time is totally inaudible. Trans-continental, indeed! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OMAN. 15140, Dec 22 at 1502, talk in Arabic, fair with flutter. R. Sultanate of Oman supposedly runs all the way until 2200, but seldom audible. I might have heard them in English news today if I had intuned at 1430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15435, Buzzing Service of the Kingdom of Sa`udi Arabia, not there at 1500 Dec 22, but came on around 1502, only fair signal, and buzzing too on 11785, which had also been audible before 1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Glenn: Experimentally, we're going to start running WRN from 0500-1000 UT Monday through Friday, beginning tonight (i.e. Tuesday morning). This will mean some programming changes, which I'll try to have defined before long. Actually, WRN will run till 1030, because 1000-1030 is Prague, which we will take from the WRN feed for this transmission (Jeff White, WRMI, UT Dec 22, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Because Wire Light (= Bryne Edwards, Your World Your Way, Cheetah Radio, etc.) is gone. So WRN replaces a number of repeats of R. Prague, DX programs, etc. The current WRN sked shows this lineup:

05:00 Radio Netherlands, Network Europe

06:00 Israel Radio, Daily News Magazine

06:30 Radio Canada International, The Link

07:00 Radio Prague, News. Current Affairs. One on One. Sports News

07:30 Radio Sweden, Radio Sweden Weekend

08:00 Radio Australia, News. PM.

09:00 Voice of Russia, News. This Is Russia

09:30 Radio Canada International, The Link

10:00 Radio Prague, News. Current Affairs. One on One. Sports News

WRMI is still not on SW at M-F 17-01 UT when WRN is also scheduled, but plans to resume that in late January. Among the other changes, WORLD OF RADIO gone from 1630 UT Tuesday. Jeff also explains that the NW antenna is still out of service, at least for another several days (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also ISRAEL [non]

** U S A. A strange new signal aside regular WYFR 9985, Dec 22 at 0607 on 9980 --- it`s Pastor Pete Peters! Therefore, WWCR-4 failed to make the switch to night frequency 5890 at 0200. Nothing on 5890, but quite audible on 9980, tho nowhere near the huge overloading daytime signal. Checking schedules, this collides with Israel`s sesquihour in Persian from 0500 due east on 9980, but no trace of that here. PPP still going at 0628. WWCR-2 was on 5935 as usual with TUN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 11525, at 1505 Dec 22, ``It`s Christmas time`` asserted an American-accented announcer, poor with flutter, later clarified as VOA Border Crossings at 1512. This is 25 degrees from Iranawila, SRI LANKA, on the air this hour only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. After hearing 3 x 1350, KWMO, the night before, I made sure to check 4050 Dec 22 at 0615, but nothing there. Must have been back on night power disaudiblizing the harmonic (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 23 at 1440: good with flutter on 8400; nothing on 9000, 10210 or 11300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. CNR1 echo jamming, Dec 23 at 2323 on 11775, and same on 15430. Aoki shows both are in use that hour by RFA in Chinese via Tinian. At 2329 I was also hearing non-echoing CNR1 on 15550, yet another RFA Mandarin frequency via Tinian, but this one had some weak audio under, which sounded like WJHR. Were they testing overtime? It`s pointless unless the frequency is absolutely clear (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. The DentroCuban Jamming Command is still interfering with Kol Israel via WRN via WRMI 9955, Dec 23 at 0619, pulses about equal level to KI which was concluding a talk program and going into music. Same type of pulse jamming but much louder, against nothing on 9810, 9825. SF hit 82 the day before but propagation still poor tonight with nothing above 12 MHz, and weakish signals even on 7 MHz.

Yet another RHC leapfrog mixing product I had not noticed before: 13570, Dec 23 at 2253, very weak but identifiable RHC talk and music // 13790. That was jumping over the adjacent transmitter on 13680 which was running open carrier before the RNV relay at 2300. Fortunately for WINB, it`s off 13570 by then (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ERITREA [and non]. The Horn-of-Africa trio in the 40m hamband were all in at about equal poor-fair levels, presumably long-path, Dec 23 at 1426 past 1430: 7175 noted first with HOA music when hams relented; 7165 with talk going into music; 7110 with not // talk. 7110 is surely R. Ethiopia, but one cannot be sure whether the others are V. of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, or Ethiopian jamming/clandestines. However, I could not hear more than one audio on each frequency, and no noise jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9470, AIR National Channel via Aligarh, the one which was blobbing all over the place for months, checked Dec 23 at 1443, very weak but music seems // 9425 Bengaluru. With BFO on I can tell this transmitter is wobbly, but fortunately still keeping to its permitted bandwidth. Or maybe it was trans-polar Doppler effect, also fluttery (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI is millimetering closer and closer to 9526.0, Dec 23 at 1446 with music during presumed Malay hour. As I step 1 kHz up and down with the BFO on the YB-400, there is hardly any difference in pitch (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 7790-SSB, 2-way contact in Spanish between YL with stronger signal, and OM weaker, discussing a kilometer marker on the highway to Querétaro. I speculate it`s a trucking company using old-fashioned HF to check in. For clarity in Spanish, they express numbers not only as cardinals but also as ordinals, something which doesn`t work in English, where ``fifth`` and ``sixth`` are hard to tell apart, while in Spanish they are ``quinto`` and ``sexto`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TIBET [non]. 7470 at 1432 Dec 23, talk in tonal language and with ``AIR hum``, so I thought this would turn out to be India; instead, it`s a frequency used long hours for IBB broadcasts, VOA and RFA, in Tibetan and some neighboring languages. During this hour only, it`s VOA via Tinang, PHILIPPINES. Would not expect that transmitter to hum, so perhaps it`s a sign of jamming which is surely applied by the ChiCom to these (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Due to some lost airtime on 9955, WRMI has to do some make-goods instead of complimentary DX programs. A lo-fi preacher was heard instead of WORLD OF RADIO, Tue Dec 22 at 1630, but Jeff White says the program schedule M-F at 15-17 UT has not made any permanent changes.

Then on Wed Dec 23 at 1645, WOR was interrupted halfway thru for another preacher, says Miami groundwave listener Mike Lantz, who wanted to throw something at his radio. That was the first broadcast of new edition 1492, but only a semi-airing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. 6100, R. Tirana, Dec 24 at 0437, S9+5, SINPO 45444, ending press review, into show about Albania and the EU, summary of 2009 efforts to join (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 4885, Dec 24 at 0424, songs in Spanish provoke a double-take, but retracted due to Portuguese announcement between them. Best Brazilian signal on 60m at this time, presumed R. Clube do Pará, even better than its neighbor R. Cultura do Pará on 5045 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. While RCI gets derision from its former fans, making up new meanings for the ``I`` other than International, its domestic-orientated programming attains wider and wider dissemination! ``The Link`` bumped many foreign stations off CBC Overnight, nationwide on Radio 1, and now tnx to carriage on WRN, is also being relayed by WRMI!

On 9955 Dec 24 at 0642 there was Marc Montgomery, an excellent host and a trooper making the best of his assignment, but who needs this via WRMI? Only fair signal but no jamming audible. Furthermore, at 0655 on 6160, I believe he was one of two guys chatting, presumably CKZN with CBCR1 relay; not // 9955, as the RCI version on WRN via WRMI is in half-hour segments at 0630-0700 and 0930-1000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CROATIA [and non]. 3985, only 75m broadcaster audible at 0428 Dec 24 in Croatian, mentioning Hrvatski, 0436 music. S9+5 and a good signal ahead of German relay on 7375. There had been speculation that HRT runs only 10 kW here, but sure sounds to me like 100 now. Also around 0430 and earlier, // 1134 was putting in one of the stronger TA carriers, and many more were detected all over the MW dial at 9-kHz spacings (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check at 0421 Dec 24: only one frequency in English, 6000, and it is only fair; meanwhile there are plenty in Spanish, 6060, 6110, 6120, 6140, 9600, with a variety of strengths and modulations. Also scheduled in Spanish until 0500 are 11690, 11760, 13770, 13790, the higher ones seldom propagating here.

One has to wonder about RHC`s priorities, such a token service during North American prime time; tho 6140 sometimes is in English instead. Hey, I am not complaining, just observing. Only after 0500 do decent strong signals in English start, on 6010, 6060, sometimes 6140.


At 0653 Dec 24, 6150, 6140 and 6120 in Spanish; 6060 and 6010 English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** DJIBOUTI. 4780, Dec 24 at 0426, HOA music, fair vs CODAR. Nice to hear R. Djibouti as I am seldom monitoring early enough to get it. Nominal schedule is 03-21, and eastern NAm also hears it winterly in afternoons. Capture it now before R. Discovery, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC comes on the frequency next year (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ETHIOPIA [and non]. 7165 at 0415 Dec 24, music and noise jamming in Eritrea/Ethiopia radio war, the hams mere bystanders; 7110 R. Ethiopia clear with talk in presumed Amharic. Presumed short-path, better signal than 14 hours earlier via longpath (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUINEA. 7125, Dec 24 at 0649, RTG on the air in the morning for a change, intruding in the 40m hamband, but they`ve got more serious problems than following ITU allocations. Reverby speech from a large venue in French regarding ``la violence``, with interjexions by studio announcer. 0704 recheck considerably weaker in music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH AFRICA [and non]. 7230, Dec 24 at 0416 two stations mixing at equal levels in talk, SAH of approx. 6 Hz. One of them in English, no doubt Channel Africa as scheduled, 04-07, 100 kW, 5 degrees from Meyerton.

But the other? Aoki possibilities, most likely the first:

R. Liberty in Russian via Biblis, GERMANY, 100 kW, 63 degrees

NVK R. Sakha, Yakut/Russian via Yakutsk, 100 kW, 300 degrees

AIR Kurseong, India is also listed here in WRTH, but not this early


** TURKEY [and non]. VOT English to NAm, Dec 24 at 0420: much better via Sackville 6040, even tho it`s two sesquiseconds behind Emirler direct on 6020, weaker and with the perpetual Peruvian het tnx wailing wacko David Miranda and Radio Victoria; major broadcasters using 6020 are oblivious to it. Don`t they get reception reports with low-I SINPOs? Don`t they ever bring up a remote receiver or an IBB file and check it themselves? Seref Isler was as always in too big a hurry to read his script (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** UKRAINE. 7440, RUI, Dec 24 at 0440, VG signal, so much so that I could hear a hum/whine from the generators(?), during English to NAm, quoting Abe Lincoln at the moment. M&W alternating, and the M has one of the most distinctive voices/accents on SW, a pleasure to listen to. Power is currently registered as only 600 kW altho it`s a 1000 kW transmitter at Lviv (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [and non]. Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, annual BBC tradition on Xmas eve, best heard here on Rampisham 12095, Dec 24 at 1508, but hardly necessary as it`s relayed live by hundreds of public radio stations across the USA, including the two closest ones here, which normally avoid duplication, KCSC 90.1 and KOSU 91.7. The US version requires introduxion by an American, the reverent Minnesotan Michael Barone.

Did not scan the entire SW spectrum, but did notice at 1513 that BBC was carrying something else on Ascension 17640, so the Africans were spared this colonial relic, an overt religious service on a public broadcaster. I suspend my disbelief anyway since I enjoy the music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 9625, CBCNQ, Dec 24 at 2305 in CBC World At Six special with reports on the 20th anniversary earlier this year of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Including how only in Hong Kong they managed to hold a vigil in honor of the martyrs, suppressed by police everywhere else, but ``China cannot face its future until it faces its past`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHILE. HCJB via CVC, Calera de Tango, 11920, is *still* accompanied by spurs we and others first reported weeks ago; is no one paying attention at Quito, Calera de Tango, Colorado Springs or West Bromwich? Dec 24 at 2352, tho 11920 in Portuguese sounded OK, it was flanked by distorted, motorboating, mushy spurs with matching audio centered at approximately 11902 and 11938, the latter too close to a legitimate transmission on 11935, presumably CRI in Cantonese via Kunming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. When you hear a ChiCom transmission echoing, it`s a sign of one of their accursed jamming techniques, to degrade their own broadcast so no one will want to listen to it, let alone anything mixed in. However, at 2353 Dec 24, their latest farang/gaijin voice of China, Paul James in Beijing was making secular remarx about the Xmas season just before closing on 11790, and that had quite an echo. In this case it must have been long/short path as echo-jamming is normally imposed only with CNR1 domestic programming, and there is nothing known requiring interdixion at this hour on this frequency, i.e. 190 degrees from Xi`an (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 10000, time pips pitched higher than WWV or WWVH, so knew I had something else, Dec 24 at 2358. Unfortunately it wasn`t PPE Brasil since there were no announcements every dekasecond; but conveniently at 2359 began repeated Morse code IDs in A2 as BPM until 2359:45, on top of WWVH YL complete ID during this minute and at :29 hourly. BPM is at Lintong, a suburb of Xi`an whence I was also getting CRI on 11790 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC Dec 24 at 2322 on 13790 in English, and 13770 in Portuguese, plugging their 50th anniversary philatelic contest. Strangely, both emissions are designated for ``Buenos Aires`` rather than English- or Portuguese-speaking areas. A third language, Spanish, was to be heard on 11770, overrun from supposed 2300 close after European service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RWANDA. Tnx to Steve George tip, heard RRR on extended Xmas eve broadcast. He said 6055 would run past usual 2100* at least until local midnight 2200 UT. I did not tune in until 2226, when Hark The Herald was being sung in uncertain language; 2228 announcement at first seemed Japanese and I feared it was R. Nikkei already, but shortly mentioned Rwanda and I realized it was an African language, presumably KinyaRwanda. Fair signal, no QRM. More music and chat continued, still going at 2257 but at *2258:50 completely blown away by REE cutting on with IS prior to its 2300 French broadcast (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN [really]. 4005, no doubt Vatican Radio the station in German at 2259 Dec 24 with Roman Catholic stuff. Frequency is normally off the air at this time per skeds, but per VR`s special-broadcasts page

this was: ``From St. Peter's Basilica , Eucharistic Celebration presided over by the Holy Father. Live broadcast from 09.50 p.m.`` [= 2050 UT, two hours earlier than usual to give the octogenarian B-16 an extra bihour of rest before he has to make another appearance the next morning; per BBC World News on TV]

Tho it started at 2050, as usual VR did not specify an end time, but should have been over well before 2300 this year; the German-speaker I heard briefly may have been a non-Pope announcer recapping. Sked showed several other special SW frequencies for this, 5885 in Italian, 7235 and 9760 in French, 5900 and 7395 in Chinese, 7305 in Spanish, and 9530 in Portuguese. Per Aoki, 4005 normally carries English, Spanish, Arabic and finally Italian between 2050 and 2250*.

Not scheduled for the convenience of Western Hemispherians, from 1050 UT Dec 25 is: ``The Holy Father's Christmas Message and "Urbi et Orbi" blessing at 12.00 p.m.`` Its special SW frequencies are 5965 in Italian, 9645 and 11740 in English, 7250 in German, 15275 and 17675 in French, 17600 in Spanish and 17715 in Portuguese. No indication of how long it will last, either. This is when the pontiff gets to show off his multi-linguistic skills (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6950.1, Chipmunx singing Deck the Halls and other carols in medley, no doubt a pirate, Dec 24 at 2233; poor signal and not heard at next check before 2300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 25 at 1453: just barely audible on 8400, inaudible on 9000, 10210, 11300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC Dec 25 at 0557: 6140 very lowly modulated with music // 6060 and 6010, ergo English service this time; whilst Spanish was on 6150 and 6120 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, now only a smidgin below 9526.0, Dec 25 at 1453 from music into English promo announcement as ``being the first, being different, being the best`` --- but is it really, when the next thing they do is play Xmas songs by Chipmunx? 1455 another English ID, then Jingle Bells --- it`s hard to imagine a one-horse-open-sleigh in Jakarta! But never mind.

After CRI Kashgar, EAST TURKISTAN het came up at 1457, VOI still on top with Merry Xmas song. I had concluded that VOI was again running the English hour 60 minutes late instead of Malay at 14-15, but at 1459 ID in Indonesian (mentioning Bahasa Indonesia, not Malaya), ending with English slogan ``sound of dignity``. And at 1500 transition announcement from Malay to English, so now we/they are really confused. But audio cut off before English could start, just open carrier with unimpeded hum until 1503:50* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. 9575, GIRI, Dec 25 at 1456, good modulation for a change and also good signal during a Qur`an qlip, Russian comment; JBA on // 9730. No ecumenism here, not a jingle bell to be heard; it is just another Friday, after all (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5910, Shiokaze = Sea Breeze has moved again, from 5985 back to 5910, Dec 25 at 1419, another English Friday, M announcer talking about Kim Jung-Il and other North Korean matters, his accent not so heavy that I could not understand almost every word. So this was a `news` program rather than an abductee-listing program. No QRM, fair signal and 1426 into wrapup by YL mentioning they are originating in Tokyo, Japan. No doubt Ron Howard will be pleased JSR is again away from Myanmar 5985, tho it makes no difference here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. 15110, one of the better extracontinental signals on 19m, Dec 25 at 1511 with Arabic music, announcement; 1600 heavy beat Arabic rock, announcements; altho did not catch ID, it is surely R. Kuwait as scheduled. WRTH 2010 says to S Asia at 1115-1800. I wish WRTH would include azimuths, but they never do --- after all, adding so many three-digit numbers might require another signature (or maybe not: there is still a lot of white space in tabular listings). Aoki shows this as 500 kW, 230 degrees as of A09, which would not be to S Asia; registered as 100 degrees to CIRAF 41, which is indeed S Asia, but this is certainly not in English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, XEPPM, Dec 25 at 0559 with Mexican national anthem, as required at local midnite; atop Vatican co-channel rippling SAH which would not be so fast if XEPPM would get on frequency. Then live ID only for MW 1060 with 100,000 vatios (However, WRTH 2010 shows night power cuts to only 20 kW! No wonder it is seldom heard here on 1060, and always subject to lots of QRM.) No mention of SW, which compared to MW must be inconsequential for the DJ, if he is even aware it exist. 0600 is when separate SW programming ends and MW simulcast begins.

It so happens that 6185 is useless until 0557 when CRI via Sackville closes powerful 6190. That has been expanded to last three hours from 0300. Radio Educación also has co-channel from Brasília until 0300 per Aoki, but does it really stay on that late during DST? And also VOR in Spanish via St. Pete. No longer on the HFCC roster, XEPPM is treated by international broadcasters as if it does not exist. But then 250 kW Radio Nacional da Amazônia is also a phantom to them, accounting for VOR`s self-defeating frequency choice (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. The Media Network newsletter this week pointed out that RNW in English is now relayed in NAm by WRMI since it is carrying WRN at 0500-0600 on 9955 (it`s UT M-F, not Tue-Sat, tho), as previously reported in DXLD. So I checked for it UT Fri Dec 25 at 0547, but nothing was audible other than weak DentroCuban pulse jamming.

The MUF at midnight fluxuates a lot, and sometimes WRMI is just not propagating, if it is not off the air, aimed SSE anyway rather than NW. In reality, RNW reception is much more reliable when in English to W Africa via Bonaire, even Madagascar, when that is not off the air for up to a week due to a fire, as currently the case.

One of the other Florida SW stations, WYFR is always handy for propagation comparisons, and it was not to be heard on its five 31m channels, while often they are inbooming. Hardly any signals were audible between 9.7 and 10 MHz, making me think the band was about dead, but then encountered a strong REE Costa Rica on 9675, VOA Greenville French on 9480, WTJC 9370, weaker but sufficient ANO Gabon on 9580, Zambia on 9430, Greece on 9420 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PALAU. 9965, unusually something between WRMI and WWCR, Dec 25 at 1517, strong signal with American preacher, ``there is a mighty God``. I consulted the B-09 Broadcasts in English booklet from the British DX Club I keep next to the radio instead of defunct PWBR, and hunting thru the 1500 UT listings, soon found T8WH in vernacular/English. At 1535 recheck it had changed to Korean.

Once the computer was on, today`s Aoki agrees it is T8WH, daily in English until 1530, then daily in Korean from 1530 with Nippon no Kaze clandestine; the azimuth switches from 318 to 345 degrees but I did not notice much difference here.

Merchant marine Larry Fields is visiting Palau and tried to find T8WH. The locals had never heard of it, and he did not find it, despite driving toward where it was supposed to be, racking up $75 in taxi fare. Google Earth mapping researched by Wolfgang Büschel shows it on the opposite side of the island from Koror, and Kai Ludwig suggests the antennas may be obscured by trees until you are right upon them. Larry is still on the island for another week and is going to try again (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 6055, Dec 25 at 0609 with hilife music, then continuous discussion in French mentioning Sekou Touré, no doubt prompted by the current violence in Guinea. At first I imagined it would be RWANDA, which had been heard a few hours earlier on extended Xmas eve broadcast, and after all it is scheduled from 0300; but this was no doubt the semi-hour in French from BBCWS via Ascension, another competitor for Radio Nikkei (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)  

** U S A. A wonderful Xmas gift from WINB in the form of convicted and sentenced to 175 years child-sex predator Tony Alámo (he is still entitled to have his pseudonym accented as he wishes), Dec 25 at 1602 on 13570 as he was trashing the United Nations. I can think of another SW station I hesitate to identify which is also still broadcasting this monster, according to its schedule (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International continues to be missing, for the third week in a row from its previously scheduled time of 19-20 UT Fridays on WHRI 15665; nothing there Dec 25 around 1930. Website continues to lack any audio files since Dec 11, which did not get a SW airing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. What`s this, Xmas music on CFRX? Can hardly call it ``NewsTalk 10-10`` any more, at several 6070 chex UT Dec 25, and also 0556 UT Dec 26, with jazzed-up Joy to the World; however back to a call-in talkshow around 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 26 at 1417: very poor on 9000, nothing on 8400, 10210 or 11300; nor 11350 where it`s also been reported recently (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 6250, Dec 26 at 0559, fair S9+15 signal, with self-serving promo, ``Informamos lo que acontece, Radio Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, desde Malabo``. 0600 short ID just as ``Radio Malabo``, hilife music, 0601 repeat the 0559 ID.

Since this is one of the worst, most corrupt dictatorships in Africa, we should take their claim with a grain of salt and perhaps establish a ``Radio Free Equatorial Guinea``. Any takers? Spain? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENINIG DIGEST)

** MOROCCO. 15345, RTM at 1507 Dec 26, good S9+15 signal, but no modulation. Well, almost none --- filling the gap was their transmitter whine (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 15595, RNW in English, 1426 Dec 26 with program promos for Bridges with Africa, European Jazz Stage; contact addresses, 1428 saying goodbye to WRN-Europe listeners, continuing to S Asia on 12080, 15595; 1429 Earthbeat Xmas special. 1506 going from news to The State We`re In, co-produxion with WAMU 88.5.

While 15595 is an erstwhile Madagascar frequency, hearing this reminds me that it has not been audible for a long time. The only reason we are hearing it now is that Hörby, SWEDEN, 350 kW toward S Asia is substituting due to fire at Talata which put the Mad relay off the air.

Details are here, now with a photo added of serious damage to the racks, and updates on substitute transmissions, also concerning Sweden and Vatican relays:

As for 12080, altho it was announced, could hear nothing there but at 1509 a very weak carrier and could not match traces of modulation to 15595, which would not be synchronized anyway. That used to be Madagascar too, but in B-09 is scheduled as Tinang, Philippines before 1500, and UAE afterwards (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. Saturday mornings around 1430 one is faced with multiple choices for good SW music --- including Bulgaria, Cuba, Martí, Greece, Hmong Lao Radio. But from 1420 tune-in Dec 26 I was drawn most to 11815, Voice of Turkey in Turkish, wonderful music on plucked string instrument, male and female singers, and quite good reception on this 500 kW, 320 degree 14-17 UT transmission from Çakirlar toward Europe and consequently USward. 1432-1440 broke for pursed-lipped talk in Turkish, then more music; 1500 timesignal and presumed news. TRT 11815 is best heard on weekends when Spain is not using its Costa Rica relay on that frequency; Japan is always on, but not a problem today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. Checked 5800 for the WRN English football live relays via Mykolaiv, UKRAINE, Sat Dec 26 at 1511, but as expected, nothing heard. Checking the schedule later, in DXLD 9-086, no wonder, as today`s first match was to end at 1445, but there`s another at 1725-1930, Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers; also Sunday 27th December,

1555-1800 Hull City v Manchester United. Axually, I would be surprised to hear 5800 way over here, but this may well be the last chance, on the final weekend of 2009. How do they know each match will last two hours and five minutes? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 27 at 1424: 8400 barely audible, 9000 just BA; 10210, 11300 and 11350 not audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC UT Dec 27 at 0534: DXers Unlimited starting on 6010, but other English frequency 6060 missing, leaving Spain 6055 unimpeded. Spanish as usual on 6120, 6140, 6150 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, VOI still just a smidgin below 9526, not missing this Sunday, Dec 27 at 1426, but very undermodulated, presumed Malay (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SWEDEN. 9400, George Wood opening R. Sweden in English, Dec 27 at 1430, with a retrospective of the Indian Ocean tsunami, which was five years ago already, and Sweden`s involvement with relief; fair with echo, 85 degrees from Hörby; better signal from same site was R. Netherlands on 15595 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15550-USB, not hearing WJHR around 1500 UT, either not on yet or not propagating yet, but Dec 26 at 1747 check it was in well enough with F&B preacher, 1802 same ID recording as originally heard Dec 8, which always seems to be two minutes late. Also Dec 27 with F&B at 1735 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15825, WWCR with good signal for a change, Dec 27 at 1735, indicating some sporadic E has appeared. The winter Es season on VHF TV/FM has been pretty much absent, but this could be a good sign. The VHF DX map

showed there had been a handful of 6-meter contacts in the NE quadrant of the USA, and a few more on 10m, but the current MUF was 39 MHz. No sign of axion yet on channel 2 as of 1800 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. 9810, Dec 27 at 2300, R. República opening ``Barrio Adentro`` show, about equal level with DentroCuban jamming. Wish I had intuned a few sex earlier in case there was a formal sign-on mentioning schedule or frequencies, but doubt it. Signal here usually loses out to jamming not long after starting (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command again pulsing away on 11600 where there are no known opposition transmissions at any time, now or in the past: Dec 28 at 1400 atop R. Prague in English.

Conspiracy theory: guilt by association: since R. Prague is relayed by WRMI, and since the CIA runs WRMI, therefore R. Prague should be jammed even when it is broadcasting direct from Czechia in languages other than Spanish, which have nothing to do with Cuba!

11600 is not even aimed at the Americas, but 107 degrees eastward. R. Prague`s // 13580 to NAm is not jammed, except by the RHC leapfrog mixing product of 13780 over 13680. At 1517 when R. Prague is in Spanish, jamming still going on 11600.

Jamming against WRMI, when relaying yesterday`s Prague English from 1500, was still pulsing atop 9955 at 1509 when often it has receded (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS [and non]. OTH radar, presumed from here, intruding in the middle of the exclusive SWBC 19-meter band, Dec 28 at 1429 covering 15260-15290, quite strong and severely interfering with S Asian language station on 15285.

Victim research: per Aoki, Mondays during this quarter-hour it is:

15285 GOSPEL FOR ASIA 1430-1445 .23.... Sambalpuri 250  90 Wertachtal

But there are numerous other languages we never heard of during other quarter hours and other days of week in this Gospel for Asia block at 1230-1500. Well, if this impedes the gospel huxters from converting numerous minority ethnic groups away from their original religions, and consequently cultures, turning them into good little Westernized Christians, it serves a useful purpose. EiBi`s comprehensive SW language list at

shows: Sambalpuri (dialect of Oriya) (India - Orissa)

Could also detect a carrier underneath the mid-peak of the noise on 15275: merely DW in German via Kigali (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. No trace of VOI on 9526v, not even a carrier, Dec 28 at 1439 check. The previous week, it was absent on Sunday, Dec 20, rather than Monday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also UNIDENTIFIED 4750

** KURDISTAN [non]. 11530, V. of Mesopotamia, good signal Dec 28 at 1403 with chanting and clapping: YL emits a pair of six syllables each, then group of OMs repeats them. They sound almost the same from one iteration to the next, but I think they are changing slightly as time goes on. 1405 YLs ululating as finale, 1406 to other talk over music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 9895, Radio Netherlands` Arabic service toward North America via RWANDA, excellent signal Dec 27 at 2212 with Arabic pop music; 2214 pause for YL ID mentioning ``Idha`at Amsterdam . . . Saut ul-Holanda`` or something like that, again no mention of Hilversum, and right back to music, which kept going the rest of the hour, with another ID break at 2237, this time mentioning  Cut off at 2257* before announcer could complete the final Arabic announcement.

So I am still wondering, 1) What became of Hilversum; does this really originate in Amsterdam instead? 2) What`s the point of sending the West Africans an hour of Arabic music from Holland? Perhaps RN has more funding for this than it knows what to do with. I see the URLs on the website are now a mixture of Roman and Arabic letters. Why is the website apart from ?


15595 missing for R. Netherlands English, Dec 28 during bandscan around 1430. The past few days this had been quite audible here, since moving site from fire-damaged Madagascar, to Sweden, as in my previous report.

Here`s why, from the updated Media Network site: ``Hörby took over the RNW English transmission to India at 1400-1600 UTC on 15595 kHz on 25-27 December. This has now been cancelled due to poor reception in the target area.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. The defective 15690 transmitter of RDPI is still putting out spurs at approximately plus and minus 168 kHz: Dec 28 at 1433 there was RDPI audio // 15690, on 15858 and 15522, mushy distorted FM. Fundamental was not especially strong, but spurs easily audible. Still there at 1522 recheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Last Monday the weekly Sephardic show on REE was out of synch with transmission time, the oddly scheduled 1425-1455, as programming was still in progress when cut off at 1455. So I tune in 15385 earlier Dec 28: 1427 no programming, just open carrier. This continued until 1445! When program opened, now not only with wrong frequency ``15325`` but wrong time, ``1425``. I knew this transmission was doomed, and sure enough, audio cut off after only 10 minutes at 1455 sharp, carrier off a few sex later.

Noblejas is still turning the transmitter on and off at the proper times, but Prado del Rey studios are feeding the playout 20 minutes late! Some operator thinx it is supposed to start at 1445 instead of 1425 (after all, the two repeats UT Tue start at :15 past the hours).

Or, someone misprogrammed the automation. How much longer will this go on? Does the service have any listeners at all at the station or in the world, besides myself? Will any Spaniard reading this in English get word to the powers that be? Tune in next week for another exciting episode (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Tuned in WBCQ 7415 for Marion`s Attic, Sunday Dec 27 at scheduled time 2200 UT, but instead heard ``WGOD`` starting, which is scheduled for 2300. By the latter time, signal had just about disappeared but I could barely detect Marion starting with Xmas wishes; swapped by mistake, or rescheduled?

Before 2200, This Week in Amateur Radio was on, including some sound effects coming perilously close to ``music`` I had also heard the night before on WA0RCR 1860, which supposedly uses a legal amusical amateur-radio version of the show (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BELGIUM. Countdown to suicide: two days left after Dec 29, RTBF, 9970, poor in French at 1415 YL being interviewed by OM, 1416 into music; some echo. Or is it? The Wavre transmitter then becomes available for rent to some gospel huxter; that would suffice for the country-counters to keep Belgium as active on SWBC. Of course TDP keeps Belgium on the map via transmitters elsewhere; see KURDISTAN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 29 at 1412: just barely audible on 8400, not 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COSTA RICA. 2860-, quick check on portable away from some of the household noise sources, Dec 29 at 0130 could detect broadcast audio, presumed R. San Carlos, still harmonicizing 2 x 1430- (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Just like RadioCuba`s RHC transmitters, the DentroCuban Jamming Command transmitters are in dire need of maintenance, putting pulses on extraneous frequencies --- at least, we think they are. But hey, since their purpose is disruption, who cares if there is a little extra?

This reinforces Cuba`s reputation as an outlaw nation, unwilling to behave like a mature, self-confident society, since the government was and is imposed by force upon an unwilling and betrayed populace, who must be `protected` from contrary ideas.

Dec 29 at 1410, DCJC pulses in the middle of the exclusive 40m hamband, around 7140, coming and going. Altho jamming sometimes extends beyond 1400 on 7405 where Radio Martí was, no jamming heard there now or anywhere above 7300, so unseems spurious from that.

Could the DCJC have heard some anti-Castro comments by an exile ham? Possibly, but the regular diatribes we have run across before were on 7210.

More: Dec 29 at 1402, DCJC pulses against nothing wandering around 9900-9915, bothering Arabic on 9915, i.e. BBC Cyprus. At 1524 this was ranging 9870-9895, bothering AIR VBS on 9870. Could be spurs from a transmitter on 9955 where WRMI was still getting sufficient pulse jamming to make Prague English relay unreadable; but then VOA Spanish is on 9885 at totally different dayparts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, Dec 29 at 1424 with ever-present hum which Terry Krueger calculates at 50 Hz, ending Press Review by main announcer who has excellent diction overcoming hum, and into next show India Ahead(?), by another speaker who was undermodulated and with playback problems, incomprehensible. Tsk, as uncharacteristically, this was better signal than VBS on 9870, and much better than NC on 9425 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI missing for the second day from 9526v, Dec 29 at 1420, nothing there tho RRI Jakarta was audible with Indonesian talk on 9680 at 1424. Could not detect VOI on alternate 11785v instead; see SAUDI ARABIA. At least on weekdays that`s the only obstacle, during the 5-day break between Furman FueraHmong inblasts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KURDISTAN [non]. 11530, V. of Mesopotamia, Dec 29 at 1455 with great music, 1459 brief announcement, 4-pip timesignal ending at 1459:50, and off abruptly as frequency via UKRAINE changes to 7540.

Kurdistan must be an advanced society, 10 seconds ahead of the rest of the world, but we wonder if these 500 kW SW broadcasts pervade the country [non], which surely has plenty of local AM and FM stations now (see WRTH 2010 pages 236-238, mixed in with the rest of IRAQ).

Does one hear VOM emanating from every taxi, every shop --- or any of them, since it`s SW [and Hotbird satellite] only? Presumably it represents one particular faxion, so does that lack local transmitters for some reason, requiring this platform? WRTH 2010 page 500 explains:

``Station is licensed in Belgium and is produced by the Kurdish-Belgian media production company Roj NV``. BELGIUM? That fits for this transmission brokered by TDP, which linx to website, but apparently only in Kurdish with Roman letters: (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. RDPI, 15690, Dec 29 at 1457, S9+8 which was strong enough previously to audiblize plus/minus 168 kHz spurs, but those not to be heard today. Perhaps our observation reached engineers who suppressed them. Carlos Gonçalves passed it on, and also heard no spurs an hour later (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. Checking 11785 for traces of Indonesia [q.v.] missing from 9526v, Dec 29 at 1441, heard only BSKSA buzz, but now for a change, some bits of Qur`an also audible underneath it. Progress.

Usual cursory check of 13m, Dec 29 at 1526 found weak and fluttery Arabic on 21460, i.e. BSKSA, which amounted not only to the SSOB but the OSOB (strongest and only station on band) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. 11815, VOT Turkish music ruined by off-channel as usual REE Costa Rica producing not only audio mix but fast, rippling subaudible heterodyne, Dec 29 at 1445. However, Turkey in the clear at 1521 as per Aoki, REE uses 11815 only from 12 to 15 and only M-F.

You would not know this consulting HFCC, where much larger possible spans are woodenly registered: 00-04, 04-10, 10-23; and 18-24 with additional transmitter and antenna. WRTH 2010 agrees that the only time REE is really using 11815 is M-F 12-15, for which we are thankful and so should be the Turx.

SW Asian music is still available in the clear before 1500 on nearby 11805 thanks to VOA Kurdish via GERMANY; see also KURDISTAN [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WTWW, checking for activation of new SW station in Lebanon TN, should be imminent, but nothing heard yet on 5755 or 9480 at 0130 and 1518 Dec 29 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Catholix vs whatever PMS is --- Dec 29 at 1446, WEWN inbooming on 13835, unlike WWCR on 13845, the two about the same distance from here but a geographically selective opening. This allowed the dirty Ave Maria Radio spur on 13845 to impede PMS to the point of unreadability; not that I wanted to read her, an exercise in piety (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ARGENTINA. In the Paraná DX Clube group, Luiz Chaine Neto in São Paulo raises the question, why did RAE take its 25 and 19m band transmitters off the air? Maybe Gabriel Iván Barrera knows. As a matter of fact, this reminds me that I have not heard any trace of RAE on 11711v or 15345v for some weeks. These were very old transmitters, so perhaps have finally died (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1493, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. CNR1 echo jamming running on both 6030 and 6040, Dec 30 at 1303, but different victims underneath. What`s trying to go on here?

Aoki shows 6030 at 13-14 with Ming Hui Radio, 100 kW, 325 degrees from Tanshui, Taiwan, altho that was an A-09 schedule, and *jammed. CNR1 is also scheduled on 6030 from the Beijing 572 site, 1955-0600 & 0900-1735, but the ChiCom ruin their own broadcast in order to drive away listeners to Ming Hui; CNR1 has countless other frequencies so this one is certainly expendable.

What`s Ming Hui? WRTH 2010 classifies it as clandestine/target, on page 497, as Falun Gong-affiliated, a sister station to Sound of Hope, HQ in New York, 24h a day via satellite, but only this one hour on SW.

On 6040, the offender is VOA in Chinese, 13-14, 250 kW, 30 degrees via THAILAND. In this case, CNR1 is not even pretending to have a legitimate broadcast on the frequency; like a spoiled child, yelling so that he cannot hear what anyone is trying to tell him for his own good (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Some frequencies missing Dec 30 at 1520: no RHC 6110, which was good news for Yucatán 6104.7, see MEXICO; and no Rebelde on 5025, which despite the late hour this time of year should have been at least detectable, good news for China/Malaysia 5030, see UNIDENTIFIED. RHC was still going e.g. on 11760, 11800, so only a partial power failure, or antenna/transmitter work at one of the sites? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. 6050, no doubt HCJB the station in Spanish, Dec 30 at 1301, preaching about praying, and hetting always-off-frequency Asian on lo side, no doubt Malaysia. Terry Krueger, FL says HCJB was missing Dec 27, but we hear it back today. Surely this is via the replacement Pichincha site for some time now, but it would be nice to know exactly when the Pifo transmitter left the air (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** HONDURAS [and non]. 3250, Dec 30 at 1255 in Spanish giving phone numbers, then Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo wishes from businesses, no doubt R. Luz y Vida; and with fast SAH of some 15 Hz, no doubt P`yongyang, which was also audible on 2850, 3320 plus the higher jammers; see KOREA NORTH (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Third day in a row with no sign of a signal from VOI on 9526v, Dec 30 at various chex between 1300 and 1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. Juche jammer check Dec 30 at 1256: 3985, noise mixing with Korean; 3480, just jamming, tone-modulated pulses. However, on 4450 music and then assertive Korean talk, no jamming; 4557 just open carrier vs CODAR. Just before that, had detected NK broadcasters on 2850, 3250, 3320 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6104.7, XEQM, Mérida, Dec 30 at 1308, YL in Spanish, vs splash from Cuba 6110 and also squeezed by weaker 6100 signal. No het but confirmed off-frequency by comparing to 15105.0. At 1520 Cuba was off 6110, and 6104.7 detectable, but now a het from something on 6105.0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Re my previous questions about RNW`s Arabic service via RWANDA on 9895 at 2200-2257 --- Andy Sennitt explains that they currently have funding for programming only M-F, but it costs no more to stay on the air Sat & Sun too, thus the music fill. Calling it ``Huna Amsterdam`` was a pragmatic decision since more Arabs would recognize Amsterdam than Hilversum --- and RN did even have an English program, ``Amsterdam Forum`` which was mostly recorded in Hilversum.

I still think it`s a shame that Holland`s historic radio city is so self-deprecating, suburbanly abandoning its legacy to the metropolis (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1493, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. If up early enough, North Americans can hear RRI in English in our mornings: Dec 30 at 1244 an historical talk about the Securitate (Communist-era secret police), and 1245 on to another historical subject, a royal palace. Ran across it first on 11970, where it was the best if not the only signal making it from Europe on the band, and then also on weaker 15105, the two frequencies aimed UK- and US-ward at 12-13 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Still QRXing for the first appearance of WTWW, Lebanon TN: owner/operator/engineer George McClintock told me Dec 29 that the ex-KAIJ transmitter had to be kept in storage longer than expected so some things deteriorated, still requiring repair or replacement, such as rubber parts, beryllium springs holding tubes, etc., so not likely to start this year. Also, despite what Pastor Pete Peters may think and be publicizing, no final commitment on programming has been made, which in any event will only follow after a period of testing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Boldly looking for Radio Symban, 2368.5, tho there were only very weak carriers from the 100 kW 120m Aussies, Dec 30 at 1249, I was hearing instead a beacon with nothing but A2 ID over and over, ``LSA`` --- a beacon on 120m? Could it be an harmonic?

Yes! Searching on that call at we find LSA is in Lamesa TX, on 338 kHz, and SEVEN x 338 = 2366. It had been hard to pin down the exact frequency as it was beating against another (?) carrier producing negative keying, i.e. a tone when there should be silence. Lamesa is S of Lubbock on the way to Midessa, due east of Hobbs NM. It really helps to tune 120m with BFO on, more effective against the noise level, and also upturning signals like this otherwise missed, not a bad substitute for Symban, but also could bloQRM it elsewhere (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WRMI observations on 9955, Dec 30: at 1239 preacher in English, good signal, no jamming audible. Seems it usually starts just before 1300 when Radio Cuba Libre used to air. Wavescan had been scheduled at 1230 Wednesdays, but apparently not today unless I caught them in a devotional break. Pulse rather than wall jamming was still going at 1542 vs something in Spanish, when DX Partyline was previously scheduled. At 1635, could barely detect new WORLD OF RADIO 1493 at its first airing, but no jamming audible. Apparently WRMI is still not able to use its NW antenna during the 15-17 block (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. As I tuned by WYFR, 15210, Dec 30 at 1507, paused for a moment as an Open Forum caller told Mr. Camping, ``If 2011 comes and goes, you`ll be a basket-case`` (implying he is not already). But he replied with absolute certainty: ``May 21, 2011 will be the end of the Gospel --- it absolutely will happen!!`` We can hardly wait for the Rapture to get rid of all the wackos on earth, taking Family Radio with them. Trouble is, he has done this end-of-world date-predicting a few times before with embarrassing results, but ever-optimistic.

15785, Dec 30 at 1615, VG signal in Arabic, this one hour only, as scheduled northeastward from WYFR, despite being northwestward from O`bee. No sign of Galei Tsahal, ISRAEL on or near the frequency, and since it`s not in HFCC, the WYFR frequency manager might not have been aware of it, surely causing a collision in the target area. However, have not heard GZ at any time for quite a while on 19m, so is it inactive? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 13570, Dec 30 at 1613 tuneby, the unmistakable monotone of convicted child-sex-offending evangelist Tony Alamo, good signal on WINB interfering with CODAR, now almost seven weeks since he was sentenced to 175 years in prison, inconsequential for this SW station of the scum (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. 6020, noticed RA singing Auld Lang Syne [all of which get red-lined by the spellcheck, er spell check], a few minutes before 1400 UT Dec 31. But in Vic and NSW they imagined the new year started an hour earlier by setting their clox forward. Only in Queensland UT +10 was it properly almost midnight, so program originating there?

6020 soon went off, but then at 1406 was listening to RA on 7240, with IDs for ABC Local Radio, tribute to Paul Kelly to follow, originally on Triple-J, beware of occasional coarse language (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 6185, RNA at 0700 Dec 31 with full ID claiming 500,000 watts, and ``Bom Dia, Amazônia``. Apparently they are adding the 250 kW each on 6185, 11780. Blasting away XEPPM as usual, and RNA starts considerably before 0700, unnecessarily (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. I keep hoping to hear CBW 990 in daylight now near solstice, even low noon, as it`s the closest full-power MW Canadian, due north. Especially since KTOK 1000 OKC has turned off IBOC leaving 990 more or less clear, but not quite yet: on the caradio Dec 30 at 2310 UT after CBC news, starting third hour of ``Up to Speed``, evidently the local Winnipeg drive-time show (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake Dec 31: at 1407, fair on 8400, nothing on 9000, 10210, 11300 or 11350.

Almost at local noon, 1814 UT Dec 31, good signal in Chinese on 7445, // weaker 7415, these two by far the strongest stations on the 40m band. Both have R. Free Asia via TINIAN during this hour, and consequently jammed by the ChiCom. But I was hearing only one station on each frequency, no echoes either; unsure whether RFA or CNR1 jamming. RFA aims northwestward, while the jamming is usually atop, more likely non-direxional.

Another Firedrake check at 1815: poor on 8400, 9000, 11300, but not on 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 11600 with heavy DentroCuban Jamming Command noisewall, Dec 31 at 1821, no trace of a victim. Is there really something underneath, or are the Cubans super-paranoid? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI apparently back on the air Dec 31 at 1411, as very weak carrier detectable on 9526.0, and could not make out any modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. This year we did not have any advance info on special New Year`s Eve NHKWNRJ transmissions; were there any? Unfortunately, it`s not normally on the air leading up to local midnight 1500 UT. Caught tail of 1400 English on 11705 via Canada, as they were concluding part 2 of 2, top Japanese songs of 2009, and off by 1430 Dec 31.

9535 is on in Japanese USward after 1500, but did not tune in this usual good direct signal until 1502 when it was mostly yak, 3-way discussion involving two genders, some excitement, but no obvious NY festivities (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 6075, Dec 31 at 1400, R. Rossii ID but instead of going off at this hour, kept going with newscast, no 8GAL audible. Must be on late because of NYE, tho 2010y already started there at 1200 UT in the UT +12 zone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 9675, good signal Dec 31 at 1818 talking about Iran, so first suspected that, but all the umlauting pointed to Turkish language. It is BSKSA service in that language at 18-21, 500 kW, 340 degrees from Riyadh, thence USward. No sign of BBC in French, 250 kW, 168 degrees from Rampisham toward Africa, also scheduled during this semihour only on 9675 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** THAILAND. 9725, R. Thailand, aimed SE from Udorn, but fairly good here to the NNE, Dec 31 at 1415 amid English semihour, item about Japan and Indonesia at the Institute of Peace and Democracy in Bali, spoken by YL with accent different than we hear from other Asians; music liner and 1417 into a 2-minute PSA by OM on the policy of the Thai government regarding VAT refunds. Enumerated lots of hoops to jump through, and I sure hope those tourists needing the info were recording or adept at shorthand. 1419 a pro-education PSA from ASEAN, ``ten nations --- one community``.

1420, weekly Thursday feature ``Health Focus`` on the medical benefits of bananas, such as in milkshakes vs heartburn; rub peels on mosquito bites, tnx to high potassium and magnesium content; reduce stroke risk by 40% per NZ Journal of Medicine; four times the protein of apples, and other good stuff, so make it ``a banana a day, keeps the doctor away``. Hmmm, does Thailand export bananas by any chance? Never see any here, but I couldn`t wait to munch a Guatemalan one for breakfast, congratulating myself on all the benefits I was ingesting (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 9565 fair in SW Asian language, Dec 31 at 1455 vs lite DentroCuban jamming. Uplooked later in Aoki, it`s IBB`s Deewa Radio in Pashto, via Wertachtal, GERMANY at 75 degrees; haven`t noticed it before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. I am *still* hearing DRM noise on 9445-9450-9455, such as Dec 31 at 1817, even tho it is not on any schedule I can find: HFCC, Aoki, EiBi, and even which was supposedly updated just today.

We can only assume this prolongs the test from IBB Greenville with HCJB assistance which started in August (?), altho not initially on these frequencies. I can`t find any recent reports of it in the DRM Software Radio Forums; are they even aware of it? And the last mention of this in the drmna yg was November 27 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 11975, VOA English like a local signal, directly off the back from Greenville, report on malaria in Africa, Dec 31 at 1820, but gone after 1830. Unfortunately, GB uses 11975 only for this semihour, tho missing from Aoki probably because it started after B-09 season began. Per EiBi, VOA English on 11975 continues at 1830-1900 but via Thailand, so no wonder not audible here; and 1900-2100 back to Bonaire, whence well heard again (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BELGIUM. Made a point of tuning the very last SW broadcast from this country, as RTBF was previously publicized to be silencing 9970 forever at 2215 UT Dec 31. Tune in at 2205 but signal quite poor in French talk; at least WWCR was not blasting 9980, that fading down quite a bit. I wish I could have made out whether RTBF was saying anything special by way of farewell, but just too weak; at 2214 switched to a different announcer, 2215 still on the air with music, which ceased at 2217 and then the carrier was also gone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA. 9400, R. Bulgaria, where 2010 had already begun, UT Dec 31 at 2241 in Spanish with NY greetings to listeners, march music, audio somewhat distorted, M&W announcers alternating, poor with flutter, eventually mentioning búlgaros. Separate programming on 7400 must have been English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. This is among the UT+2 countries, so I was checking Cairo just before 2200 UT Dec 31 for any signs of celebration. 6270, the English frequency, should have been in an ideal position, as the transmission is in progress rather than starting or ending at hourtop like so many stations, but at 2157 I could barely make out some modulation, sounded like Arabic music. Up to 6290, the Arabic service, which has plenty signal and modulation, but distorted, and nothing special happening; turned out I was tuned to GREECE [q.v.] at hourtop (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GABON. 9580, Africa Número Un, Dec 31 at 2223 in French with phone calls, during their final hour of 2009, and hoped for some NY celebrations by 2300 UT, but at 2254 it was off or outfaded (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. Deutsche Welle should be a good source for Jahrwechsel programming, but I was trying to hear it on 6075, Dec 31 at 2259 when the signal was poor; could only make out a DW jingle and NY greeting at 2300. Instead of 6075 which is Sines, PORTUGAL at 40 degrees, as uplooked later, I should have tried other relays on 11865, 12025 or 15640, altho higher-frequency propagation from eastward was not very good either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. Another UT+2 country which ought to mark the yearchange at 2200 Dec 31: separate programming on 7475 and 7450, the lower one stronger but always with ute het. Music on 7475 seemed to keep going, so shifted to Macedonian station on 7450 at 2200 and was hearing a countdown in Greek, but it was about 10 seconds late! Then applause. At 2224, 7475 V. of Greece was taking some phone calls while 7450 was in music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RWANDA. 6055, like Xmas eve, RRR was on late NY Eve, but reception not quite so good, Dec 31 at 2155 with party talk in presumed Kinyarwanda, perhaps some French inmixed. 2201 a bit of yelling as 2010 had just arrived in Kigali. 2227 excited talk with (live?) music background (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. One can depend on REE for some the best pre-midnight entertainment on NY Eve. 9640 had good signal Dec 31 at 2220 UT with presumably live pop music in Spanish; 2244 amateur singers in Spanish, something about keeping you well-informed with the news, so maybe that was the news department performing. 2250 into English song, ``O Baby, Oops, I Did It Again`` --- no, not Britney, but really retro in the style of a 1930s cabaret.

That was the highlight, and it had just finished when at 2255, 5 minutes before 2010y, REE cut to the frequency-change/sign-off announcement it always runs on ordinary nights at that time, grrr! By 2257 the IS was running on 6055, and more weakly on 6125, but at 2300 6055 opened in French without a live NY celebration. In fact, it sounded like a playback of the original French hour earlier in the evening. So much for Spain. How about another UT+1 land, GERMANY? q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


The Line of Sight and Beyond - FM


Deabn Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100


Found out today 12/18/09

FORMER 106.7 KEXL 'The X' Norfolk Ne.  IS now 'True Country 106 KIX' ,not sure of id  yet

Looks like 97.5 has become 'lite rock 97.5 KEXL '? broadcasting from Pierce ne. 6500 w

this is a new station for me


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN

As listed


Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and CM 3032 amp with FM-6 antenna12/25:

107.9 KFIN Jonesboro, AR 1015 stopset, ad for Ford dealer in Paragould, AR and into Christmas music. NEW #185

92.7 Pirate Hardin County, TN 1200 playing 70s music for hours. On one occasion, they didn't like a Pink Floyd song and yanked the record off the turntable and replaced it. Strong signal. Would like to know where this was because its gotta be pretty close to my house.


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

Sony HD Receiver, Antenna


12/17 times cst

10:23 99.9  WVLC  Campbellsville KY  "big dawg 99.9'' relog 101 miles

10:29  99.5  WKDQ  Henderson, KY   "eastland mall" ment   gov of IN ad about hoilday scams  Evensville ment  then WX  forecast of snow.  relog 120 miles.

10:33  96.1  WSTO Owensboro KY   TI "live your life"   "hot 96.1"   relog 105 miles.

10:41  WLQK  Livington TN  christmas music.  "lite rock 95.9 

10:42   94.5  WMXL  Lexington KY    Koger ad.  st jospeth  job ad.   ads for office deport and Walmart.  a CPR PSA ment lexington  "mix 94.5" NEW!   166 miles farest rep of the day! 

10:46  93.9  WKTG  Madisonville KY    "power rock 93.9"   was takeing over locel.smi locel staion   88 miles.   relog. 


10:53  101.5   "the new espn radio 101.5"  Central KY ment.   who is this? 


Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

Roadmaster VRCD400-SDU AM/FM$ car stereo FM-6 YAGI @ 15ft.


13 DECEMBER 2009  MS

0559 92.3 "Broadcasting LOUD & PROUD" 

0800 92.3 WDEF TN Chattanooga "from the SUNNY 92.3 weather center, I'm......"

0825 97.3 KMDL LA  Kaplan/Lafayette, "97-3 the DAWG" slogan; 440 miles "97-3 the DAWG" slogan in passing

31 DECEMBER 2009 Tr

0405 104.7 KNEK LA Washington, "Magic 104-7", R&B, 440 miles


W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



Blog of media guru from Montreal Gazette paper.

[Gatineau is the metropolitan name for the former Hull, Quebec, on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River from Ottawa]

December 21, 2009 - 4:45 am| Posted in [25]Montreal, [26]Radio

A new radio station has snuck onto the airwaves in Montreal. It's calling itself "Radio Enfant" and transmitting on 106.7 FM.

It's an initiative of two schools, and is operating over the holidays until the beginning of January. It's a low-power transmitter, so the signal is very weak, but I could pick it up for most of a late-night walk downtown after hearing about it on the Radio in Montreal group.

Radio Enfant recently launched a station in Gatineau at 1670 AM, at a CRTC-approved 1,000 Watts of power. It decided, apparently on its own, to start something up on 106.7FM in Montreal, after learning that this frequency was vacated by Aboriginal Voices Radio, which decided to surrender its license for CKAV-FM-10 on that frequency.

The only thing is that, unlike the Gatineau station, Radio Enfant hasn't been issued a CRTC license to operate a radio station in Montreal. It says it's planning to apply for one (or has already applied, but the CRTC hasn't released that application yet), but that's kind of backwards, and means the Montreal stations are technically pirates.

Fortunately, Radio Enfant isn't interfering with any existing stations. Boom FM, a station in St. Hyacinthe on 106.5 FM, still comes in fine (which is good, because it's an Astral Media Radio station,

and Astral is a funding partner in Radio Enfant). There are no stations in the area at 106.9 - but there are in Trois Rivières,

Sherbrooke and Ottawa that basically cancel each other out here. Short URL for this post:  (via Dan Say, BC, Dec 21, DXLD)


Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, QC

Sangean ATS818


106.7 local RADIO ENFANT (c.f. Kevin Redding) DEC 20 2120 EST - as I cameback from the movie theater, heard this one strong enough to knock out another country music pirate (according to Scott Fybush) with no sign of semi-local WIZN. A flea powered RADIO ENFANT (c.f. Kevin Redding) from a neaby school with kids saying poems about Xmas and talking endlessly about their own feelings related to Christmas... They played one song regarding a French legend dealing with the little mouse. Very strong around Le Marché Central area, but lost around the Saint-Laurent suburb to a C&W which was a true pirate ! Logged in car with a friend driver. (BC-car-QC) 


The Visible Universe


Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA




San Joaquin-Sacramento area championship.....Rocklin 21 Del Oro (Loomis)

14.  Watched entire game on Comcast HD Channel 720.  Good picture.


Nothin’ But Net

(Editor – Martin Foltz)


Thanks to three reporters this month. There are two articles on Internet radio including one on Wi-Fi in Ford vehicles and then a couple loggings. Remember to post your Internet radio logs to ABDX!


Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe


Benefitting From Internet Radio Portals

Posted by: kevin redding

Thu Dec 10, 2009 5:29 am (PST)

Benefitting From Radio Portals
by James Careless, 12.09.2009, and just three of the many radio portals on the Web today.
Though each has its own style, all serve the same purpose. They are one-stop-shops for thousands of Internet radio stations, both broadcast and Internet-only.
Some, like and, are designed to provide signals directly to the computer of the end-user. Others, such as, support Web streaming and serve Internet-connected radio receivers to provide classic radio-style tuning without a PC.
Big questions
For broadcasters, there are two big questions about radio portals. The first: "How do I get listed?" The second: "How do I make my station stand out so that I attract the audience I am seeking?"
There are many ways for broadcasters to get listed with radio portals. The most direct way is to go to a radio portal and submit their stations for carriage.
"Third-party broadcasters can add their stations to the SHOUTcast directory by downloading and using the SHOUTcast broadcaster tools, which are available on," said SHOUTcast Vice President Lisa Namerow.
All three radio portals also let broadcasters — and listeners — submit URLs for audio streams.
The portal operator then checks the submissions to see if each stream is actually working — uses software that does this automatically — and reviews them against the existing station line up of the portal to avoid duplication.
"We must get 100 submissions a week for BBC," said Matt Shortt, Reciva marketing director.
Key elements
The stream must also be of sufficient audio quality to win a spot on the portal, said GM Neil Hepburn. "We prefer stations that are streaming at 128 kbps or better."
Format is also an issue. According to Hepburn, despite the claims of device manufacturers, "far too many" streaming formats are not as well supported by hardware and software devices.
"That is why we prefer broadcasters using the MP3 format, as opposed to WMA or Real, because MP3 is compatible with most audio players," said Hepburn.
However, just because a station meets the standards for listing does not mean it will necessarily be chosen. The reason is that radio portals provide value to their users by short-circuiting the need to personally scan through thousands of Internet radio stations.
"People come to us looking for the best stations in each genre and niche," said Shortt. "As a result, we pick and choose from all the listings we receive to provide the best line up we can — this means that many stations are purposely left out."
Genre and niche are key elements of radio portal site layout. Though it is possible to select broadcasts by geographic location, portals tend to emphasize the specific genres and niches that stations fit into.
Fewer competitors
"With so many mediocre broadcasters playing the same kind of music, our mission is to find the best, most representative and distinctive webcasters in each genre," said Hepburn.
"The model is akin to satellite radio, in the sense that we try to provide a wide range of listening options in a limited space," said Hepburn. "Since most people really do not want to search thousands of stations themselves, they like us to do the legwork for them."
So, if you want a radio portal to choose your station, it has to be truly good at what it does. If your station is niche-oriented, so much the better. There are fewer competitors in the smooth jazz category than there are in the CHR/top 40 hit music format.
Once your station has been listed, the next step is to make sure people choose it. This is where promotion comes in.
"SHOUTcast currently ranks stations based on popularity and number of listeners," said Namerow. "The more popular a station, the higher it is in the search results — therefore, the best way for broadcasters to reach a larger set of listeners on SHOUTcast is to promote its station listings on SHOUTcast."
On-air promotion also makes a difference, as does promoting the radio portal listings of your station on your own Web site.
New twist
With its ability to reconfigure all Reciva-compatible receivers on the fly, has added a new twist to forced tuning, Internet style.
"For a fee, we can instruct radios using our software — including receivers made by Acoustic Energy, C. Crane Co., Grace Digital, Sangean and Tangent — to preferentially list whatever stations we tell them to," said Shortt.
"For instance, Clear Channel can arrange to have U.S.-based Internet radios automatically list their stations first by genre or location — the listener still gets to make their own choices, but we can decide what they see first."
Radio portals are a fast, convenient way for listeners to find the kind of music they are looking for on the Web. This is why getting listed on radio portals now is important for webcasters, whether broadcast or Internet-only.
After all, just because your station is not listed does not mean that your competition is not!


Ford brings Wi-Fi to the highway

Posted by: kevin redding

Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:38 pm (PST)

Ford brings Wi-Fi to the highway
By Chuck Squatriglia
December 26, 2009 9:26 a.m. EST
(WIRED) -- Ford is making its cars into mobile Wi-Fi hot spots.
The next generation of the Sync in-car entertainment and information system will use a USB mobile broadband modem to establish a secure wireless connection capable of supporting several devices simultaneously.
The system will be available next year on selected models -- no word yet which ones -- and you won't need a subscription or hardware beyond the modem.
"While you're driving to grandma's house, your spouse can be finishing the holiday shopping and the kids can be chatting with friends and updating their Facebook profiles," said Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas. "And you're not paying for yet another mobile subscription or piece of hardware because Ford will let you use technology you already have."
Several automakers already offer in-car Internet access -- Japanese drivers have been using it since 1997 -- and many others are rushing to bring it to us. Ford's announcement follows General Motors' promise last week to make in-car connectivity available in seven models of trucks and SUVs. They're the latest automakers to bring the infobahn to the autobahn.
Mercedes recently announced it has successfully tested in-vehicle Internet applications -- including web browsing, vehicle software updates and VOIP -- on a prototype 4G network. It follows BMW'sInternet-connected iDrive system and Chrysler's Uconnect Web in-vehicle mobile hotspot. With so many automakers getting in on the action, there's a push to introduce hardware standards.
Ford is taking a decidedly different approach, opting to allow consumers to plug in their own USB modem to get connected.
General Motors, on the other hand, offers a dealer-installed system called Chevrolet Wi-Fi by Autonet Mobile. It creates a Wi-Fi hot spot 300 feet in diameter around the vehicle, and GM claims the 3G network achieves speeds of up to 1.5 mbps. The hardware costs $199 after the $200 mail-in rebate, and the service costs $29 a month.
Given how connected we are, it makes sense for automakers to put the Internet in our cars. The number of iPhones and other mobile devices being used to connect to the Internet jumped 75 percent in the third quarter of this year, according to JiWire Mobile Audiences Insights Report.
Letting people log on from the road will be a big selling point among 20-something buyers, the so-called Millennials who have propelled much of Sync's success. Millennials will make up 28 percent of the driving population next year, a nine-point increase from 2004.
Kids aside, Ford says interest in in-car connectivity is high among the general public, with one-third of people surveyed by theConsumer Electronics Association expressing interest in being able to check e-mail or surf the Web from the car.


Loggings and stations


Streaming KHNC 1360

Posted by: kevin redding

Fri Dec 4, 2009 8:08 am (PST)
If you are wanting to hear all kinds of way out there conspiracy theories streams KHNC 1360 out of Johnstown, Colorado. This bad boy is every bit as good if not better than WWCR for patriots, gold sellers, alternative medicine, militias, you name it its on here.
If this is your thing is your kind of place.


Re: Music on 1680?

Posted by: Stephen Ponder

Thu Dec 3, 2009 8:57 am (PST)


The X-Band list on ...
shows KRJO as being Urban Contemporary/Gospel ...
KRJO Monroe LA uc/gos
Slogans: "Musical Soul Food", "Rejoice 16-80 AM", "Gospel 16-80"
Calls: ex-KYEA, ex-KBJE
Address: 1109 Hudson Lane, Monroe, LA 71201-6003
I heard them last night, too, but since I have already verified
them, I didn't really pay attention to them as I was dialing through the band.
Their website, is really a front for their live feed, not much else.
Hope this helps!
73 and Good DX,
Steve N5WBI
Houston, TX


Re: Music on 1680?

Posted by: Kevin Raper, kj4hyd

Thu Dec 3, 2009 9:19 am (PST)

When you go to KRJO's you get "Old School
1680" and click "Listen Live" and you get KRJO's R&B and Oldies Web Feed.

And that’s another month on the Net. Thanks to Kevin Redding, Steve Ponder and Kevin Raper.


73’s, Martin


You Don’t Need a Weatherman…


Nothing reported this month


Extra, Extra!


Kevin Redding – Crump, TN


Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

By ANDREW VANACORE, AP Business Writer – 34 mins ago

NEW YORK – For more than 60 years, TV stations have broadcast news, sports and entertainment for free and made their money by showing commercials. That might not work much longer.

The business model is unraveling at ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox and the local stations that carry the networks' programming. Cable TV and the Web have fractured the audience for free TV and siphoned its ad dollars. The recession has squeezed advertising further, forcing broadcasters to accelerate their push for new revenue to pay for programming.

That will play out in living rooms across the country. The changes could mean higher cable or satellite TV bills, as the networks and local stations squeeze more fees from pay-TV providers such as Comcastand DirecTV for the right to show broadcast TV channels in their lineups. The networks might even ditch free broadcast signals in the next few years. Instead, they could operate as cable channels — a move that could spell the end of free TV as Americans have known it since the 1940s.

"Good programing is expensive," Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp. owns Fox, told a shareholder meeting this fall. "It can no longer be supported solely by advertising revenues."

Fox is pursuing its strategy in public, warning that its broadcasts — including college football bowl games — could go dark Friday for subscribers of Time Warner Cable, unless the pay-TV operator gives Fox higher fees. For its part, Time Warner Cable is asking customers whether it should "roll over" or "get tough" in negotiations.

The future of free TV also could be altered as the biggest pay-TV provider, Comcast Corp., prepares to take control of NBC. Comcast has not signaled plans to end NBC's free broadcasts. But Jeff Zucker, who runs NBC and its sister cable channels such as CNBC and Bravo, told investors this month that "the cable model is just superior to the broadcast model."

The traditional broadcast model works like this: CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox distribute shows through a network of local stations. The networks own a few stations in big markets, but most are "affiliates," owned by separate companies.

Traditionally the networks paid affiliates to broadcast their shows, though those fees have dwindled to near nothing as local stations have seen their audience shrink. What hasn't changed is where the money mainly comes from: advertising.

Cable channels make most of their money by charging pay-TV providers a monthly fee per subscriber for their programing. On average, the pay-TV providers pay about 26 cents for each channel they carry, according to research firm SNL Kagan. A channel as highly rated as ESPN can get close to $4, while some, such as MTV2, go for just a few pennies.

With both advertising and fees, ESPN has seen its revenue grow to $6.3 billion in 2009 from $1.8 billion a decade ago, according to SNL Kagan estimates. It has been able to bid for premium events that networks had traditionally aired, such as football games. Cable channels also have been able to fund high-quality shows, such as AMC's "Mad Men," rather than recycling movies and TV series.

That, plus a growing number of channels, has given cable a bigger share of the ad pie. In 1998, cable channels drew roughly $9.1 billion, or 24 percent of total TV ad spending, according to the Television Bureau of Advertising. By 2008, they were getting $21.6 billion, or 39 percent.

Having two revenue streams — advertising and fees from pay-TV providers — has insulated cable channels from the recession. By contrast, over-the-air stations have been forced to cut staff, and at least two broadcast groups sought bankruptcy protection in 2009.

Fox illustrates the trend: Its broadcast operations reported a 54 percent drop in operating income for the quarter that ended in September. Its cable channels, which include Fox News and FX, grew their operating income 41 percent.

Analyst Tom Love of ZenithOptimedia estimates that ad revenue at the big networks dropped 9 percent in 2009 and will be followed by an 8 percent drop in 2010 and zero growth in 2011.

A small chunk of the ad revenue is being recouped online, where the networks sell episodes for a few dollars each or run ads alongside shows on sites such as Hulu. Media economist Jack Myers projects online video advertising will grow into a $2 billion business by 2012, from just $350 million to $400 million in 2009.

But that is not significant enough to make up for the lost ad revenue on the airwaves. Advertisers spent $34 billion on broadcast commercials in 2008, down by $2.4 billion from two years earlier, according to the Television Bureau of Advertising.

So rather than wait for the Internet to become a bigger source of income, the networks and local stations are mimicking what cable channels do: They're charging pay-TV companies a monthly fee per subscriber to carry their programming.

Since 1994, the Federal Communications Commission has let networks and their affiliates seek payments for including their programming in the pay-TV lineup. Not everyone demanded payments at first. Instead they relied on the broader audience that cable and satellite gave them to increase what they could charge advertisers.

The big networks also were content to let their broadcast stations essentially be subsidized by higher fees for the cable channels that fell under the same corporate umbrella. A pay-TV company negotiating with the Walt Disney Co., which owns ABC, is likely paying more for the ABC Family channel than it otherwise would, with the extra assumed to help Disney cover its costs for the ABC network broadcasts.

But over time — such contracts generally run about three years — more networks began demanding payments for the stations they own. And affiliates already receiving the fees have bargained for more money.

Some talks have been tense. In 2007, Sinclair Broadcast Group, which operates 32 network-affiliated stations around the country, pulled its signals for nearly a month from Mediacom Communications Corp., which provides cable TV to about 1.3 million subscribers, mainly in small cities.

Mediacom may again lose signals from Sinclair's affiliates in markets as large as Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after last-ditch negotiations on fees Monday failed to produce a replacement for an agreement expiring Friday. Mediacom spokesman Tom Larsen said Sinclair wants a 50 percent hike in fees, though neither company would provide specific figures. Sinclair's general counsel, Barry Faber, said no new talks have been scheduled.

The American Cable Association says its members — mainly small cable TV providers — have seen their costs for carrying local TV stations more than triple over the past three years. The group's head, Matt Polka, says those fees have gone "straight to consumers' pocketbooks" through higher cable bills.

Gannett Co., for instance, which operates 23 stations, has taken in $56 million in fees from pay-TV operators in 2009 after negotiating a new batch of agreements, up from $18 million in 2008. Dave Lougee, president of Gannett's broadcast arm, defends the fees, saying "broadcasters were late to the game in really starting to go after the fair market value of their signals."

Analysts estimate CBS managed to get as much as 50 cents per subscriber in its most recent talks with pay-TV providers that carry CBS-owned stations. CBS Corp. chief Leslie Moonves said such fees should add "hundreds of millions of dollars to revenues annually."

That could be just the beginning. CBS and Fox are also asking for a portion of the fees that their affiliates get, arguing that the networks' shows are what give local stations the leverage to ask for fees.

Over time, the networks might be able to get even more money by abandoning the affiliate structure and undoing a key element of free TV.

Here's why: Pay-TV providers are paying the networks only for the stations the networks own. That amounts to a little less than a third of the TV audience, which means local affiliates recoup two-thirds of the fees. If a network operated purely as a cable channel and cut the affiliates out, the network could get the fees for the entire pay-TV audience.

If forced to go independent, affiliates would have to air their own programming, including local news and syndicated shows.

Fitch Ratings analyst Jamie Rizzo predicts that at least one of the four broadcast networks "could explore" becoming a cable channel as early as 2011.

Any shift would take years, as the networks untangle complicated affiliate contracts. At an analyst conference in 2008, CBS's Moonves called the idea an "a very interesting proposition." But he added that it "would really change the universe that we're in."


W. G.  Hauser – Enid, OK



(Via David Hamilton via Ken Baird, via SW Bulletin Dec 27 via DXLD)

Plus: linx to some stations` websites, but a lot are missing so far

Plus: includes live audio linx for some stations

Plus: includes TIS/HAR stations, many with descriptions of locations by streets or highways. Makes the list VERY long

Minus: TIS/HAR under each frequency in no discernible order

Minus: Broadcast stations in no discernible order under each country

Minus: OMITS states and provinces for all listings. You`d better know your geography for even the most obscure localities.

Or: each place has a googlemap link, but that is hardly quick and easy

Minus: includes powers but no antenna info whatsoever. No indications of differing day/night powers except for an occasional remark

Minus: is it up to date? No: e.g. my local KFXY-1640 is still shown with a very old call used only briefly, KFNY

There are three other lists covering other worldparts, including LWBC.



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Testing, Testing…


WGGH 1150 Marion Illinois, DX Test


On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Paul B. Walker, Jr. <> wrote:

I spoke to the station owner today, and coinciding with some tweaking of our Omnia audio processing, we will also conduct a DX Test!

It will happen on February 6th from 12am to 2am (Friday going into Saturday, not Saturday into Sunday) We will operate at our full 5000 Watts and Day pattern. The test will consist of classic country and oldies music along with tons of various sound effects. It should be fairly easy to identify the station, as our slogan is somewhat unique, "Monster Radio AM 1150". We also have TM Century jingles, including one used every hour for a legal id ( spoken.."Southern illinois Trusted Voice Since 1949, (sung) AM 1150 WGGH Marion" 

The time the test actually starts will be largely dependent on when the last classic country song in the 11pm hour ends. We will remain at low pwoer until the exact moment before our 12am legal id plays. (It has run as late as 12:03am) 

I plan on being in the studio live and "jocking" the test. We may or may not have a contest with a prize to giveaway but a call-in contest. I need to find a prize of interest to people nationwide, if anyone has anything to donate, please let me know. Our studio number is (618) 993-8102. Do NOT call bout anything DX test related until the night of the actual test. I will NOT be in the studio till right before the test.

 I will handle QSL requests, but you MUST send a self addressed envelope with at least 2 stamps, otherwise you will not get a reply. I do not have the time, energy or money to be buying stamps or envelopes. I *PROMISE* to rpely to everyone who sends one in this time!! I will want to know your location, types of radio used, when/what you heard. If you send a CD, do NOT send the entire test, just a few relevant clips. If you send a cassette tape, cue it up to where it needs to be or I won't listen. Our webstreaming will be disabled during this test.

 Also, please be aware our mailbox at the post office is only checked twice a week, so you may not get an imemdiate reply. Make SURE you address the envelope and letter to my attention or I may not see it right away. 

Unfortunately, we have no bumper stickers, pens or anything else to give out. You will most likely get just a letter. If we have coverage maps, I might send those. 

If I have forgotten anything, I will add to it later. 

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

WGGH-AM 1150

P.O. Box 340

Marion, IL 62959 


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No call sign changes released by the FCC this month


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