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Our Discussion List

The American Broadcast DX (ABDX) mailing list is the method we use to communicate with each other.  The list is a private list that is a "by membership only" type list.   Just drop by http://groups.yahoo.com/group/abdx  if you'd like to join us and see how you can become a part of our email discussion list.  We have DXers old and young, male and female, and we all enjoy the same thing....DXing!   We can always use new members from different parts of the country.  Membership, of course, is free!  This is just a fun hobby that we all enjoy.  And we're adding new members all the time!  From hobby DXers to broadcast professionals!  This is where we hang out.  It's a relaxed, fun atmosphere.  Visit our "rogues gallery" to meet some of our members face to face.


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