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Shortwave Info

Here is some handy information for short wave or HF (high frequency) listening.
Short wave is an awesome form of DX.  Short wave signals travel literally "around the world".  Therefore, you can pick up signals from other countries easily.  From time to time our CME's include short wave monitoring as well.  

What's out there?  What's there to listen to?  The World Radio TV Handbook (see  www.wrth.com ) is an excellent source for short wave information. The handbook is basically the whole ball of wax....every TV and radio station in the world, short wave included.
The following file is a PDF file containing the summer '05 shortwave broadcasting schedules. (Thanks to fellow DXer Mauno Ritola for providing this to us).

Click to download  wrthsummer2005may.pdf

NEW!  Here is a pdf file from the VOA (Voice Of America) for those that are looking to catch some of VOA's English broadcasts.  This is the full schedule of English broadcasts, with frequencies and times.

Click to download: VOAWorldwideEnglish.pdf

NEW!  Looking for something easy to catch on shortwave?  Here's a document containing all of China Radio International's (broadcast from Bejing) English broadcast info, including times and frequencies.  They're an easy catch here in North America.  This is rich text document, so it can be opened on any Windows computer using Windows "Wordpad" or Microsoft Word if you have it.

Click to download: radiobejingeng.rtf

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