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RADIOS! - Here is where we talk radios!  Complete with pictures and descriptions this section of our web site deals with different kinds of radios used for DXing and how they perform and so forth.  Most descriptions are written by fellow ABDX members who actually own or have experience with the radios.  

Mexican Log - a very nice and detailed log of all Mexican stations with phone numbers,  addresses, slogans, power, location and all pertinent data. This log is a Microsoft Word document and is approximately 680kb.  Many thanks to John Callarman for this one.

Mexican Log web interface - This section contains the same contents as the mexican log posted above, but in a web interface.  Click on the frequency you're looking for, and see the mexican stations on that frequency. 

U.S. Grid Squares Map (900kb) - A complete grid of the U.S. and Alaska/Hawaii showing all grid squares.  The file is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.  You need to have Adobe's free "Adobe Reader" installed on your computer to view the map.  PDF's are quite common and chances are pretty good that you already have the reader on your computer.  If you cannot view the map, click the button below to visit Adobe's web site and download the reader
Get Adobe Reader

Skip-Tracer Eskip helper -   This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which contains station information for thousands of stations across North America.  It is useful if you receive E-skip and want to look for other possibilities coming from that same direction.  You put in your coordinates and it tells you where more possible eskip can be coming from and where to listen.  
There are 3 files to make this work.  The 3 files are contained in the ZIP file below. 
The .pdf file  explains what the spreadsheet does and how to use it. The .xls file is the actual excel spreadsheet.  The .xla file is a formula that you plug into the excel spreadsheet to make it work.
NOTE: Microsoft Excel REQUIRED for the spreadsheet.  Adobe Reader (see link above) required to view the .pdf file that contains instructions/explanations. 
Download SkipTracer.zip

CFL (Canadian Football League) team affiliates list - This Microsoft Word document lists all of the teams in the Canadian football league and their associated affiliates.  This can be very useful when trying to identify a station that's broadcasting CFL football.  Download the file HERE.